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Let's go back and then fast forward by Magic_Melody

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 22,551
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 04/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/17/2010
Last Updated: 06/17/2010

A story of Lily/James story:

...she knelt by James Potter and ripped his shirt open, he let out a low throaty groan…


Let’s go back

Chapter 1: oNe
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I do not own Harry Potter, this is just a bit of fun :)

Have you ever had a moment in your life when everything you ever thought or believed in just unravelled before your very eyes?

We’re not talking about the values your parents put to you, we’re talking the opinions you formed yourself.


That just so happened to be happening to a certain red head today, as she knelt by James Potter and ripped his shirt open, he let out a low throaty groan…




Let’s go back


Let’s go back a month or so



‘What do you mean Potter’s head boy?’ an attractive blonde questioned

‘I asked the very same question Rosie,’ Lily replied

‘But I don’t get it, how did he land it after all he’s done?’ Rose Redmond, Lily’s fellow class mate and very good friend asked

‘Again with the same asking of the questions I asked,’ Lily replied shifting her trunk in the overhead compartment.

‘But I’m confused, how does that work?’ Rose asked sitting herself heavily in the compartment  

‘Rose I’m telling you, I’m just as lost as you are love,’ Lily said

‘But…’ Rose began

‘Rosie,’ Lily laughed impatiently


The compartment door slid open

‘Autumn,’ Rose said excitedly


Lily turned to look at her other very good friend and fellow class mate, Autumn Collins.


‘Hey, how’s my favourite season,’ Lily asked sitting herself down

‘Good thanks and how are my favourite flowers?’ she asked flipping her long brown hair over one shoulder as she dragged her trunk in

‘Potter’s head boy,’ Rose blurted out

‘I’ll take that as ‘well thank you Autumn,’’ Autumn said standing with her hands on her hips

Lily laughed

‘Oh well, I pity the poor girl whom has to put up with him,’ Autumn said with a shrug

‘I thank you for your pity,’ Lily replied

‘Oh no,’ Autumn said empathetically

 As she put her trunk up and sat down she flipped her hair and looked at Lily with a cocked eyebrow

‘How…’ she began

‘Don’t ask,’ Lily replied


Now Fast Forward Two Weeks From A Month Ago….


‘What do you mean Potter’s different?’ Rose asked as the three girls made their way to a study session in the library


‘I dunno, he’s just not the same. He’s responsible and all “Mr. Take Charge” and not as trouble maker as he used to be. I actually caught him being nice to someone the other day,’ Lily said mournfully


‘How…’ Rose began

‘It’s kind of odd don’t you think, like a little suss?’ Autumn butted in

‘What? Like you think it’s a prank?’ Lily asked and Autumn nodded

‘Maybe its building up to something; like he’s lulling you into a false sense of security and then BAM!’ Autumn said loudly causing Rose to jump

‘Maybe he’s just grown up, maybe he’s all responsible like because of the badge,’ Rose suggested

‘Maybe,’ Lily replied with a shrug, unconvinced by both her friends


The girls walked into the library and to Lily’s shock there sat Potter next to Remus as casual as though he did this every week.

‘What the…’ Rose began but with a quick jab in the ribs from Autumn she shut her open mouth and the three girls made their way over to some vacant seats


 Lily placed her books down opposite Potter, which caused him to look up

‘What are you doing here?’ Lily asked not unkindly

‘Audrey asked if I’d help out,’ James replied with a slight smile

‘Mean while I’ve been asking him to come for 7 years and as soon as someone in a skirt asks he’s all over it like white on rice,’ Remus said with raised eyebrows, causing the girls to laugh

‘Thanks for the insight Remus,’ James said in mock annoyance


Fast Forward An Hour…


As the session progressed Lily watched in wonder of the new James Potter that explained things patiently and clearly, Lily knew James was smart but she didn’t know he actually listened in class, the smart she regarded him in ended in A double S. Every time Lily looked up she expected to find Potter watching her as was the norm, but he never was.

In fact he had caught her watching him three times already.


This was… what was it?

What’s the word for it?

Oh that’s right…



Her watching him instead of the other way around, his sudden behavioural change, his willingness to help his fellow class mates and younger students with work when he used to avoid the library like the plague…MERLIN!!!

That was it!

He’s sick, that has to be it!


Lily’s head shot up and she looked at him as this realisation struck her.


No, he looked perfectly healthy.

Lightly tanned skin from years of quidditch

Clear hazel eyes behind his rectangular specs

Strong looking hands and forearms she noticed as he rolled up his sleeves

His belted school trousers hugged his hips handsomely

His broad shoulders…


Okay! Since when do “strong looking hands and forearms” and “hip hugging belted trousers” have to do with preliminary ailment diagnosis?


She looked to his face only to find him looking right back at her. Damn, he’d caught her again she cursed under her breath.


‘Are you okay? You look confused,’ he said standing up straight for he had been leaning over to assist Audrey (who by the way didn’t need any help because she was equal first in charms with Lily)


‘I am,’ Lily said


James picked up his quill and looked as though he were about to make his way over to help her.


‘No I’m okay, not confused,’ Lily said stopping him in his tracks

‘Good,’ he said with a small wink


Lily found herself smiling coyly before she snapped herself out of it and looked down at her work


Fast Forward Two Days…


‘What do you mean you weren’t giving him the once over?’ Rose asked as they walked to lunch from transfiguration.

‘I wasn’t Rosie,’ Lily said dismissively

Lily turned to Autumn to share a look but met Autumn’s cocked eyebrow and pouting lips face, Lily clicked her tongue

‘You two,’ she said shaking her head.

She gripped the strap of her book bag and pondered.

Had she really been checking out James Potter?


Well, she did, in a cavalier manner; notice how he was casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed looking at his feet and smiling then looking back up and talking to Sirius and Remus as they waited for Peter who was talking, or being talked to rather, by Professor McGonagall.


She also nonchalantly couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes locked on hers as she glided passed. Casually took note of how he held up a finger to his friends to indicate that they should wait a moment for Lily was walking past and then she got an odd sensation in her tummy.


‘Lily,’ he called 


He was going to ask her out again, she knew it. But what was this feeling of anticipation, this feeling of…joy?


No that wasn’t right, She was simply confusing the feelings of boredom and dread with those of anticipation and joy.




Easy mistake to make…


Lily stopped and turned to look at him with her, no-I-will-not-go-out-with-you-and-you’re-wasting-my-time-so-get-this-over-and-done-with-quickly…-please face already on.


‘About tomorrow night,’ he began

‘What’s tomorrow night?’ Lily asked in a bored tone

‘Patrol,’ James said casually

‘Oh, uh right, what about it?’ Lily asked she certainly wasn’t expecting that and she shifted her weight from one leg to the other

‘I have to go see Slughorn about a student or something, so I might be a little late, do you mind waiting for me in the common room, I shouldn’t be too long,’ he said staring straight in her eyes


Must he look at her so intently, and with such a handsome aroma coming from his person?


Lily looked him up and down, taking in his appearance. His belt still hanging on his hips ever so nicely, his shirt tucked in for a change, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and his tie hung loosely with the top button undone.

‘Yeah, that’s fine,’ she said with a faint smile, before turning around and walking away.


Oh right.

She did give him the once over.



‘You just remembered you did, didn’t you?’ Rose asked as they sat down for lunch

Lily looked at her friends in the eyes.

‘It wasn’t intentional,’ Lily said quickly as a flush appeared

She couldn’t lie, but her friends evidently had no problem laughing at her.


Fast Forward To The Next Night.


Lily came down the dorm stairs at 5:30 thinking she’d have some time to relax but as she reached the bottom she noticed that he stood next to the window with the setting sun hitting his hair making it look gold and black.


As her foot hit the hard stone he turned to look at her as though she’d tumbled down instead of walked.

‘Are you ready?’ he asked standing up straight.


Sirius, Remus and Peter all sat on the couch and turned to look at whom James was addressing.


‘Yes,’ Lily replied zipping up her jacket now that she was aware that everyone was looking at her.


What had possessed her to borrow Rose’s figure hugging green t-shirt, who was she trying to impress anyway?


‘After you,’ James said indicating she should lead the way.


Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!
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Chapter 2: TwO
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don't own Harry Potter


Lily and James had to do a quick before dinner sweep just to make sure everything was in order. After a short walk around the most inhabited parts of the castle they figured everything seemed fine, James turned to her.

'Can I walk you to dinner?'

Lily took in a breath her usual biting response about to shoot out when she studied his face and realised he was being genuine

'Yes, thank you,' she said

James smiled first in relief and then a second real smile.

Fast Forward Eight Steps…

‘So, how’s Remus’s grandmother?’ Lily asked into the silence

‘Uh, she’s okay this week but she’s always up and down one week she’s fine and within the next couple she’s worse for wear,’ James replied

‘I’m sorry to hear that,’ Lily said looking to her feet

‘OI,’ James yelled suddenly

Lily jumped and looked at him startled, was she not meant to feel badly for Remus and his sick grandmother? She then noticed that James wasn’t looking at her but rather down the hall they were walking down.

Lily followed his gaze and saw two third year Slytherin's were levitating a first year Hufflepuff by the ankle. 

Both Lily and James broke into a run, the third years had looked up when James had yelled and started to make a run for it, to Lily’s horror the small girl fell to the floor like a sack of potato’s.

Lily skidded to a halt and dropped next to the girl.

‘Are you okay? Where does it hurt?’ Lily asked her eyes searching for any signs of blood

The little girl didn’t reply, she just looked at Lily like she was an alien

Lily looked around for James but he had kept running, he was chasing the boys and his footsteps were now fading away, Lily looked back to the young girl again.

‘Does your head hurt?’ Lily asked

The young girls chin started to tremble and she burst out into sobs and sat up

‘Oh love,’ Lily said rubbing her back

The little girl continued to sob

‘My names Lily, can you tell me yours?’ Lily asked brushing the girl’s hair out of her face; the strands were wet from sticking to her cheek with her tears

‘E-E-Emilia,’ the girl managed through sobs, clutching her arm to her chest

‘Emilia, can you tell me where it hurts?’ Lily said in a soft voice

This made the small child cry even harder though she managed to make odd indications to the arm she was holding close to her

‘Okay, now Emilia I’m going to have to take you up to the hospital wing can you walk?’ Lily asked

But Emilia continued to cry, at this point James came around the corner breathing heavily, Emilia spotted him and began to cry even harder

‘No, it’s okay, this is James, he’s my friend he won’t hurt you Emilia,’ Lily said consolingly she was too busy with the injured child to notice the look James was giving her, firstly at being called James and secondly as being introduced as a friend.

‘We need to get her to Pomfrey, she’s hurt her arm and this ankle doesn’t look to healthy,’ Lily said softly looking at James for help

James nodded and squatted down

‘Hey there, Emilia isn’t it?’ James said in a deep smooth voice

Emilia stemmed her tears for a moment when James had spoken for his voice had become so enchanting, she gulped and nodded

‘Well I’m James but my friends call me Prongs, you can call me Prongs if you like,’ He said in the same voice that sounded like melted chocolate

‘Why do they call you Prongs?’ Emilia asked in between hiccoughs

Lily turned to look at him, this was a very good question; one she had wondered herself and she wanted to hear the answer

‘You know, that is a very good question,’ James smiled

‘Do you have a nick-name?’ he asked

She nodded ‘Milli,’ she said shyly

‘I like it,’ James said with a nod of approval and a smile

Milli Blushed

‘So Milli, me and Lily over here are going to take you up to the hospital wing, is that okay?’ he asked

Lily had been watching James most of the time and it awed her how gentle he was being.

'My ankle hurts too,' Milli said clearly now that the tears had stopped

‘That’s okay, I’ll carry you, are you ready?’ James asked slipping one of his arms under her legs and putting the other on her back and in one fluid motion he scooped her up and began walking.

Lily stood too and caught up with them, now having stopped crying out loud the only sounds coming from Emilia were her little sniffs, Lily saw that the tears still fell though silently and Emilia rested her head on James’ shoulder, still holding her arm to her chest.

Half an hour later, Lily and James were advised to leave and have some dinner for Emilia would be staying the night. James and Lily said goodnight to Milli and then left heading to dinner.

‘What happened to the boys?’ Lily asked remembering what had put Milli in the hospital in the first place

‘I chased them around the corner and right into McGonagall, they got a serious scolding, points deducted and triple detention with Filch,’ James said

James and Lily walked into the great hall to find it empty of people and food

‘Darn, I’m really hungry,’ Lily muttered

‘Yeah me to, let’s go down to the kitchens,’ James said leading the way

They walked in and were instantly swarmed by house elves, Lily watched again in awe as James gentle and friendly manner came out as he addressed the house elves and had them prepare a delicious dinner. Some ran around setting up a table and chairs for them to eat at.

‘Thank you,’ Lily said to a particularly small elf that looked at her and giggled before departing quickly.

‘How was your summer?’ James asked picking up his fork and knife and starting on his plate

‘Alright, Petunia was horrid for a change, but mum and dad were really good thank you, they took me out for a fancy dinner when I told them I was head girl, it was really sweet, and they gave me a present, which was completely unnecessary but lovely all the same,’ Lily said starting on her own plate

‘Is that charm bracelet the gift,’ He asked his eyes flicking to her wrist and then down to his plate as he brought the fork to his mouth

‘Yes,’ Lily said amazed that he’d even noticed it

‘May I?’ James asked putting his cutlery down

Lily nodded and extended her arm to him, he grasped it just above her wrist and studied the bracelet, Lily meanwhile studied his tanned hand on her pale wrist, his hand was warm and dry.

‘It’s beautiful,’ he said letting go of her and picking up his cutlery again

‘Thank you,’ Lily said looking to her plate

‘How was your summer?’ Lily asked picking up her glass of pumpkin juice and sipping from it

‘Good thank you, Sirius moved out into his own place so we were mostly getting him settled,’ James said

Lily nodded and then silence fell over them, they ate and drank for a while until Lily couldn’t take it anymore.

‘So, uh, what was it that Slughorn ended up wanting?’ Lily asked

‘I have to help Gloria Goldman catch up with some potions work, she was sick for a while or something,’ James said with a shadow of a shrug

‘Gloria Goldman, she’s a prefect this year isn’t she?’ Lily asked

‘Yes, for Ravenclaw,’ James replied

‘Isn’t she one of the girls that have a crush on you?’ Lily asked before she could stop herself

James looked up at her, Lily thought the kitchen got a little hotter

‘I certainly hope not, that would make things awkward,’ James said smiling

 After dinner their dessert came and the conversation started to flow smoothly.

Fast Forward Two Hours

Lily found herself laughing endlessly at James’ tales of mischief as they left the kitchens and made their way back to Gryffindor tower.

‘…and I won that’s why Sirius wore the girls uniform to transfiguration and Remus had to go for a swim with the giant squid in all of his glory,’ James said chuckling himself ‘Do you remember when he had that terrible cold last spring when he went to that prefects meeting about people who sneak out to the grounds at night?’ James asked

‘He had that cold because of skinny dipping?’ Lily laughed

James laughed and nodded

'The irony, right?' he said with a chuckle

 Lily smiled broadly.

As Lily settled into bed she thought of the nights she would be patrolling with James and hoped he would share some more of his stories with her because she found that she liked them very much.


This chapter is kinda boring and i do apologise, it is mostly filler but it is needed.
Hope you keep reading the rest of the story.
Lots of Love

Chapter 3: tHrEe
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fast Forward To The Next Morning

Lily sat eating her breakfast when Rose and Autumn had come to join her

‘What happened last night, you came in really late,’ Rose said

‘Well,’ Lily said putting down her cup of tea and launching into the story, she was near the end when loud boys laughter entered the hall along with the boys that were supplying the noise, Lily found herself sitting up straighter

‘Anyway,’ Rose said loudly

‘Yes, anyway he came back scooped her up and carried her to the hospital wing,’ Lily finished

‘Lily I think,’ Autumn began tentatively as both Rose and Lily turned to look at her

‘I think,’ she tried again

‘Well spit it out,’ Rose urged her

‘I think you’re becoming a James Potter fan,’

Lily’s face turned white

Oh for the love of Salem!

Rose on the other hand scoffed

‘ Course she isn’t,’ she said simply

‘I can’t Sirius, I’m telling you,’ James laughed

After hearing his voice and what Autumn had just accused her of Lily’s body felt funny

‘Fine I’ll ask her,’ Sirius said standing and walking over to Lily, Rose and Autumn

‘Morning girls,’ He greeted and Lily saw that James heaved a sigh and got up and made his way over to retrieve his friend

‘Lily,’ he began after the girls made no reply

‘Padfoot, I can’t ignore my duties, I’m head boy,’ James said coming to a stop behind Lily

‘Exactly, head boy you pompous prat, you’re not King,’ Sirius replied

‘What do you want?’ Autumn said loudly, Sirius annoyed her beyond measure

‘James was wondering if he could change Friday with one of the prefects,’ Sirius asked Lily though he was giving Autumn a dirty look

All eyes were suddenly on Lily, why were they on her? Why?

‘Uh,’ Lily began and she noticed that Autumn seemed to be watching her the hardest

‘You’ll have to find the replacement,’ Lily said

‘Great thanks,’ Sirius said smiling broadly grabbing James’ upper arm and dragging him away, Lily watched for a moment and saw that he looked back at her as though disappointed that she had agreed.


After that Lily found that she was trying to avoid James, but she saw him the next night at the head’s meeting with Dumbledore…

Lily found herself thoroughly distracted in the meeting. She spent most of the time trying to ignore James and the other precious little time thinking of all the things she was starting to like about him.

For example, she used to hate the way he messed his hair but now she found she liked the way he ran his fingers through his hair.

Or the way he rubbed his jaw, and the sound it made.


‘Miss Evans?’ Dumbledore said calling her back to attention ‘You wouldn’t mind doing that would you?’ he asked

‘No Sir,’ Lily replied immediately

Oh no, what had she just agreed to? For all she knew she had just promised away her first born.

James seemed to notice she hadn’t been paying attention

‘Well it’s not like I can scout out the girls bathroom because I distinctly remember last time I did that I was put in detention,’ He supplied for her the vital information she had missed.

Dumbledore bowed his head and allowed a little chuckle to escape him, Lily took this moment to mouth a ‘Thank you’ to James to which James responded with a wink

‘Now after tomorrow’s patrolling I was hoping you two could hold a meeting with the other prefects to figure out a schedule for patrolling, I can hardly expect you two to keep doing it,’ Dumbledore continued

James and Lily nodded

‘Excellent, now off to bed you go,’ Dumbledore finished with a smile

‘It’s 6:30 sir,’ James said

‘Oh well onward with homework I presume,’ Dumbledore continued to smile with the all to familiar twinkle in his eye

Lily and James smiled back, James stood first and assisted a Lily in pulling out her chair.

‘After you,’ he said letting her walk in front and then held the door open for her

‘Uh, thanks,’ Lily said with an unsure smile on her face.

'Have you found a replacement for tomorrow yet?' Lily asked as they walked together down a deserted hallway and she noticed that her tone was harder than she intended it to be
James gave her an amused smile

‘I knew you weren’t happy about that,’ James said

‘Oh no I didn’t mean…’ Lily began

‘It’s okay, I’d be annoyed if you skived head girl duties to go on a double date,’ James said

‘A double date?’ Lily questioned

That's what he was going to do? Well if she had of known that she would have never of agreed to it

‘Yes but it turns out I couldn’t get anyone else to fill in,’ James said putting his hands behind his back

‘Oh well, I mean if you really want to go I could… I dunno do it myself or … take Rose and Autumn with me,’ Lily offered though she didn’t really know why because she didn’t really want him to go

‘No that’s okay, thank you anyway, but just between me and you I didn’t actually look for anyone,’ James said with an innocent shrug

Lily nodded, why was she relieved?

‘Who were you going to double with?’ Lily inquired ingenuously

‘Sirius,’ James replied

‘I know that,’ Lily laughed ‘who were the girls?’

‘Autumn and Rose,’ James said

‘What!’ Lily blurted out looking at him incredulously

‘Just joking,’ James said with a charming cheeky smile ‘The Fulsome twins in Ravenclaw,’ He finished

‘Really? they don’t seem your type,’ Lily said as the relief washed over her

‘Why? because they’re not you,’ James laughed

Lily's face grew hot, why was she blushing? she hardly ever blushed before 

‘No,’ Lily said composing herself ‘What makes me your type anyway?’ Lily questioned innocently

James looked at her and cocked an eyebrow

‘What makes the Fulsome twins not my type?’ he countered

Lily smirked, she’d been got

‘I just meant that you seem very opposite, they’re very shy and somewhat reserved and you and Sirius… aren’t,’ she finished carefully

‘Well your type obviously wasn’t working for me so I thought I’d see what was at the other end of the spectrum,’ James explained

‘Lilac wine,’ Lily said as they had approached the fat lady, she found that she was inwardly annoyed at not having gotten a straight answer from James.

James placed a hand on her lower back and guided her forward to show her she should enter first, Lily felt a small smile grace her face before she made it through to the other side and was swarmed upon by Sirius

‘Where’s James,’ He asked rather urgently

He had evidently been waiting for them Lily concluded by the way he jumped on their arrival so quickly

‘Uh,’ was all Lily had managed to get out before James appeared filling the vacant spot behind her

‘Did you find someone?’ he demanded instantly

James looked bombarded

‘Well I wouldn’t say she was lost,’ James stammered making odd indications to Lily

‘To cover, did you find someone to cover?’ Sirius said impatiently

‘No mate, I told you I couldn’t’ James said

‘What!’ Sirius exclaimed ‘but she’ll think you’re not interested,’ he said throwing his hands in the air

‘I’m not,’ James laughed

‘Either is she,’ Sirius replied angrily pointing at Lily

Lily’s core body temperature rose, heating her from the inside out

‘You have to give her up as a bad job, she has no interest in you,’ Sirius said hurriedly

‘‘She’s’ standing right here,’ Lily said

‘Look Evans,’ Sirius began putting his hands on his hips ‘ don’t get me wrong you’re a swell chick, and yeah James is right, you are cute when you’re angry (James clapped a hand over his eyes and let it drag down to come to a stop over his mouth) but you’re not interested in him are you?’ Sirius asked

Lily opened her mouth, she had no idea what she was going to say but there is was in all its gaping glory

‘Being an arse as usual are you?’ came Autumn’s voice from behind Sirius

She gave an intrusive smirk, grabbed Lily’s wrist and dragged her away

Fast Forward To The End Of The Night

Lily sat in front of the dying fire putting the finishing touches on her assignment, she was ready to give it up for the night and she put her quill down when the portrait opened and in walked James Potter

‘Hello there,’ he said making his way over to her

‘Hi,’ Lily said as he plonked himself down next to her

‘What are you doing up so late?’ James asked pulling out his wand and directing it at the dying fire

‘Homework,’ Lily said throwing her parchment and quill on to the table

‘Ah,’ James said knowingly

‘What are you doing up so late?’ Lily asked

‘I had to go break the news to Erica,’ James supplied

‘Who’s Erica?’ Lily asked

‘Wow for a smart girl you ain’t…’James began

‘Watch it,’ Lily warned with a smile

‘Erica Fulsome,’ James said with a slight laugh

‘Oh and?’ Lily asked tucking her feet under her and turning to him thoroughly interested

‘She blamed you,’ James said with a laugh

‘Me, what did I do?’ Lily asked putting a hand on her chest

‘Nothing, but everyone does seem to be blaming you for this, don’t they,’ James said loosening his tie in the most handsome way

Lily let her hand fall to her lap and sighed

‘They all seem to think I’m still pining after you,’ he said casually

Lily cleared her throat lightly and tucked some hair behind her ear, she didn’t exactly know how to go about it, but she wanted to know more.

‘Well I suppose it all just leads back to my unanswered question doesn’t it?’ Lily asked softly

‘Oh it does, does it?’ James asked kicking off his shoes and putting his feet up on the table, Lily nodded

‘And which question is that?’ James asked further loosening his tie and taking it off completely

‘What makes me your type anyway?’ Lily asked

James bit the inside of his cheek and undid the first two buttons of his shirt as he contemplated her question

‘My dad once told me,’ James began

Lily tucked her legs in tighter and rested her elbow on the back of the couch as she held her head in her hand, she really liked his stories, so she made herself more comfortable

‘That he’d meet my mother at a ball when he was about thirteen, fourteen and the moment he saw her he knew that was the girl he wanted to share his broomstick with,’ he said in all seriousness

Lily let out a throaty laugh and James looked at her

‘Not that broomstick Missy,’ James grabbing the cushion between them and throwing it at her

‘Anyway,’ James pushed on ‘I asked him how he knew that mum was the girl for him and he said when she walked in, the air tingled and he was sold, he was hers from then on,’ James smiled into the fire

‘Mum on the other hand, had no interest in dad for the first four years after they’d met, sound familiar,’ James laughed with a friendly wink

Lily smiled warmly

‘That has to be one of my favourite stories,’ James said more to himself than to her

‘That is a nice story,’ Lily agreed watching him as he stared into the fire

‘Evidently he did share that broomstick with her because here I am,’ James laughed

Lily let a little giggle escape her before she next spoke

‘That didn’t that answer my question,’ she said

‘I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that,’ James said rubbing his face and letting his head fall to rest on the back of the couch as he looked up at the ceiling

‘The first time I took full notice of you, because I had a crush on you from day one, but the first time I took full notice of you was in our third year and you were standing outside charms holding your books to your chest and you were laughing with Autumn and Rose and the air around you seemed to shimmer gold and you were just glowing. After that day I knew I wanted to be the one to make you glow like that,’ he said still looking at the ceiling

Lily didn’t know what to say. She felt funny like she was happy and sad at the same time; it was an odd sensation, like one of those feeling you don’t really know if you like or not, though she suspected she didn’t

‘It’s not about types Lil, because I didn’t actually know what you were like, nor did my father with my mother, it’s just… something else, something you know from in your guts,’ he said putting a hand to his stomach and clenching at the fabric, finally looking at her

Lily tried to swallow the mysterious lump in her throat

‘Okay, I’m off to bed,’ James said collecting his discarded clothes

Lily thought she saw a shadow of a blush in his cheeks as he walked past her to get to his staircase he stopped at the first step however

‘I guess I just wanted to share my broomstick and make you glow,’ he said with a cheeky grin and a wink before he turned and continued up the stairs

James slept like a log that night, for he had gotten everything off his chest.

Lily on the other hand slept horribly, she tossed and turned all night, her head was full and heavy with thoughts of James Potter and she didn’t know if she liked it.

Sorry guys I don't know why it's all so spced apart, it wont let me put it any closer together but anyway please feel free to leave a review and thank you for reading xo

Chapter 4: fOuR
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Fast Forward Three Nights

Lily sat tapping her quill to some parchment in an unused classroom and checking the time.

She didn’t want to be here, she didn’t want to see James, he did things to her that she didn’t know if she liked or not, like he made her laugh and he made her pay attention and he saved little girls and he told her stories. Three nights ago he had spilled his guts and now she couldn’t sleep.
Sure he felt better but what about her?

She had avoided James at all costs, even going as far as to put Gloria Goldman on patrol with him, which four days ago, she would have avoided that at all costs. It was of course common knowledge that Gloria fancied James and had now for years and it gave her a funny twinge in her tummy when she thought that maybe right now James would be telling Gloria all the stories she liked hearing so much herself, the glimpse into the private James Potter with his private friends and private family, she bit the inside of her cheek and checked her watch again.

They were three seconds late.

‘Hey,’ said a deep male voice from the door
Lily looked up her heart jumping to her throat and then it sunk right past her navel
‘Hi Remus,’ she said and indicated that he should sit by her.

Soon after Remus had turned up so did all of the rest bar James and Gloria.

‘What are we waiting for?’ Andrew the other Ravenclaw prefect asked fifteen minutes after arriving
‘We’re missing a prefect and a head boy,’ Lily pointed out
‘Oh right, Gloria said she couldn’t do Wednesdays or Fridays,’ Andrew said
‘Okay well, why don’t we wait for Gloria to get here and then we can all figure it out together,’ Lily said trying to keep her voice calm and sweet
She was tired and now in a bad mood that James was keeping her waiting
‘She’s with James Potter, she said not to wait up,’ Andrew said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world and in it being the most obvious thing in the world Lily should have known this already.

Lily’s jaw clenched and her bad mood increased ten fold
‘Fine, who can do Monday’s?’ she said stiffly

Fast Forward 1 Hour And 30 Minutes

‘Gloria can’t do Friday’s,’ Andrew argued
‘Well neither can anyone else, but unlike Gloria every one actually has something on, Gloria just wants the day off,’ Lily said frustrated
‘But can’t you do it, because Gloria said…’ Andrew began
‘Look Andrew, Gloria isn’t here to speak for herself so if she has a problem with it she can she can come see me,’ Lily said sternly
‘But…’ Andrew began angrily
‘Andrew,’ Remus said softly and shook his head to indicate that he should drop it
Andrew huffed and crossed his arms 

Lily was sure if James was there he would have stuck up for her, her jaw clenched. If James was here I wouldn’t need sticking up for, Lily thought

Lily cleared her throat and gave Remus a thankful look before she made a copy of their schedule for everyone before they all departed.

Fast Forward Five Minutes

Lily and Remus were walking back to Gryffindor tower very slowly
‘Are you very angry with James?’ Remus asked casually

Lily looked to him, how had he known that she had been thinking of James at that very moment? Was she so transparent that Remus could see right through her?
He was giving her a kind knowing look and she knew she was safe in discussing James with him.

‘No, just … annoyed, he seemed to be taking the heads position really seriously and now...’ she trailed off as Remus nodded with a hint of a smirk on his face ‘I suppose I wouldn’t be half as annoyed if Dumbledore hadn’t specifically asked us to hold this meeting,’ Lily said throwing in a shrug in what she hopped was a casual way
‘Well I’m sure there is a legitimate excuse, I know for a fact that James has been wanting to talk to you for a few days now,’ Remus said
‘Really ‘bout what?’ Lily asked through a yawn
‘He wants to know why you’ve been avoiding him,’ Remus replied frankly 

Lily looked at Remus in mild surprise; he smiled to show that her reaction wasn’t wasted on him 

‘So why have you been avoiding him?’ Remus asked Lily innocently
‘I haven’t,’ Lily said
‘Lily you put Gloria Goldman on patrol with him, that’s avoidance and punishment,’ Remus smiled
‘I’m not punishing him,’ Lily said patiently
‘Is this because you asked what made you his type and he told you the ‘Lily glows’ story?’ Remus asked
Lily turned to him, her mouth hanging open slightly
‘We tell each other everything, well the important things anyway,’ Remus said with a shrug
‘You are such women,’ Lily laughed
‘Sometimes,’ Remus agreed laughing with her ‘But I don’t think it’s fair you punish him, you’re the one that asked remember,’ Remus said looking at her as though a teacher surveying a favourite, yet cheeky, student.

‘I’ve just been busy,’ Lily said as they approached the fat lady

Remus had said the password and allowed Lily to ponder what he had said, after all it was true, she had asked.

Lily climbed through first she saw someone sitting in front of a fire with his feet up on the coffee table in front of him looking transfixed, into the fire with his arms crossed over his chest. Lily knew who he was instantly and she stood up straight. James had turned around to see who had entered and his face lit up slightly when he saw her and then seemed to dim down as he saw Remus climb in after her

‘Where have you two been?’ James asked in what would have been a casual tone
Lily raised his eyebrows at him
‘We could ask you the same thing,’ Remus said
‘I’ve been here, and you?’ James asked with a shrug
‘At the heads and prefects meeting that Dumbledore asked us to hold, you know the one where all the leaders were meant to figure out the patrolling schedule,’ Lily said hinting heavily at her disappointment in him
‘What?’ James asked confused
‘The meeting James,’ Remus said
‘Gloria told me it had been cancelled,’ James said uncrossing his arms and setting his feet down
‘Gloria?’ Lily asked
‘Yes she said she was filling in for you on tonight’s patrol because you were ill and that the meeting was cancelled because you didn’t want me to run it on my own so you pushed it back till tomorrow night,’ James explained now standing 
‘Oh,’ Lily said her tone still disapproving ‘she lied,’
‘I can see that,’ James said slightly irate ‘I’m sure if you weren’t avoiding me I would have been there tonight,’ James muttered 

Lily opened her mouth to reply but Remus cut across her 

‘Anyway,’ he said
‘Yes well we figured it out anyway here’s your copy, if there’s any problems let me know,’ Lily said handing him the parchment as she made her way to the girls staircase ‘Good night boys,’ Lily said continuing on her way
‘Uh Lily,’ James said studying the schedule
Lily turned to look at him
‘Almost every time you’ve put me down I’ve got quidditch,’ he said looking from the parchment to her
‘Darnnit,’ Lily said sighing heavily she was tired and she didn’t want to have to figure it out now
‘Never mind, James and I can swap,’ Remus replied looking at his own copy
‘Thanks mate,’ James smiled
‘Yes thank you,’ Lily agreed turning around again and heading up to her bed

As soon as her head hit her pillow she realised she had partnered herself with Remus on almost all her patrolling duties and now she would have to do them with James. She let a little groan escape her, then her brow furrowed.

Remus would have known about James’ quidditch schedule but he let Lily go on. Could Remus have foreseen the problem and planned that he and James would need to swap, thereby forcing Lily and James together?

No, Remus wouldn’t do that, Lily thought as she rolled on her side and fell asleep.

Remus went to bed with a smug smile on his face, a smile that clearly stated “what a clever boy am I”

Fast Forward To The Next Morning

Lily sat herself at the breakfast table and picked up a cup of tea, she was still in a foul mood even though she knew that James and Gloria hadn’t spent the whole time together, she was now annoyed at herself for being annoyed that James being with Gloria annoyed her. 

‘Hey Lily,’ Rose said happily from behind her
Lily smiled her hello as she brought her tea to her lips
‘Hey girls,’ came Autumn’s chipper voice as she approached them
‘Morning,’ Lily replied bringing the tea to her lips again
‘Lily,’ someone demanded behind her
Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath before putting down her cup and turning in her seat
‘Yes Gloria?’ Lily asked calmly
‘You’ve put me on for Friday’s,’ Gloria said brandishing her copy of the timetable
‘Yes I know,’ Lily said calmly still
‘But I told Andrew to tell you that I can’t do Friday’s,’ Gloria said
Lily saw James approaching them from the corner of her eye
‘You’re the only one that was free for Friday’s Gloria, the rest of us have clubs or teams they must attend to,’ Lily continued
‘But I didn’t want Friday’s that the only one I didn’t want,’ Gloria huffed
‘You also told Andrew to tell me that you didn’t want Wednesday’s either, so I gave you Wednesday off in exchange for having to do Friday’s,’ Lily said her voice less calm and more stern 

‘Morning, what’s going on?’ James asked coming to a stop near the two girls
‘Lily won’t change the timetable,’ Gloria turned appealing to James and batting her eyelids
‘Lily’s not unreasonable; she changed them for me, what’s the problem?’ James asked
‘I specifically asked not to be put on Friday’s and she put me on,’ Gloria said smiling that she’d gotten James on her side
Lily jutted out her bottom jaw and closed her eyes
‘Here then, we’ll figure something out,’ James said grabbing the parchment and sitting next to Lily, Lily could smell him and she opened her eyes
‘No we won’t,’ she said sternly
‘I’m sure there is a simple solution,’ James continued looking at Lily
‘stop trying to be the voice of reason,’ Lily whispered 

James looked at her and raised his brow, Lily felt instantly guilty 

‘Look Gloria I’m sorry but no one else can do it,’ Lily said with a tone of finality
‘What about the Hufflepuff’s?’ James asked buttering some toast
Lily’s eyes shot to James, why was he undermining her?
‘Gobestone and chocolate card clubs,’ Lily said
‘Okay what about the Slytherin’s?’ James asked biting into his toast as he studied the parchment
Lily watched his jaw muscle as he chewed, he turned to look at her when she hadn’t replied
‘Oh uh, potions,’ Lily said
‘I didn’t know they had a club,’ James said with a bit of toast on his lip
‘Slughorn asked you to be president,’ Lily pointed out still looking at his mouth, his tongue slid out and collected the stray bit of toast
Lily watched almost hypnotized
‘Well what about you?’ Gloria asked 

Lily turned slowly to look at her as though Gloria had just demanded her to strip off all of her clothing 

‘If you care to look at the time table you will see I’m on four nights a week, plus I have study session on Friday’s,’ Lily said in her best how-dare-you tone
‘Well what about...’ Gloria began
‘Don’t bother asking James he has quidditch and then study session same as me,’ Lily said now thoroughly frustrated 

James looked at Lily, the corners of his mouth twitching

This is your own fault anyway, if you hadn’t of lied causing not only you but Potter here to miss the meeting then we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but no you had to create some fallacy so you could have some alone time with perfect Potter, I had to do the best with you two gone Merlin knows where doing Morgana knows what,’ Lily said heatedly 

Gloria had gone silent and turned slightly white, staring at Lily as though she were mad 

‘you’re not the only one that’s been inconvenienced you know, because you ensured he pulled a no show, I put him on for all the times he was busy and now I’m stuck with him,’ Lily said hurridly
James looked at her a little confused
‘Had you of just shown up I would of happily of put you two together and you might even of gotten Friday off,’ Lily finished turning her back to Gloria and picking up her cup of tea

Out of the corner of her eye Lily saw James pass Gloria her parchment back with a shake of his head, Lily waited till she heard Gloria’s footsteps fade away before she brought the cup to her lips again, she saw, once again, out the corner of her eye that James was watching her, she turned her head to look at him
‘What?’ she asked innocently
James just continued to look at her
‘I know it wasn’t your fault I made it very clear that I thought it was hers,’ Lily said
Rose and Autumn shared a glance and an unseen smirk
‘Right well transfiguration it is,’ James said grabbing Lily’s cup out of her hands and taking a sip to wash down his toast and then putting it back into her hands
‘Ta,’ he said with a wink and then departed

Lily watched him leave and then turned back to her friends smiling and shaking her head
‘What?’ she asked when she saw their faces
‘You read his looks and share tea now?’Autumn asked coking an eyebrow
‘Not to mention knowing when he’s free,’ Rose added
‘I know his schedule because I have to I’m sure he knows mine,’ Lily said simply
‘Yeah since second year,’ Rose snorted
‘Third,’ Autumn corrected
‘Are you sure?’ Rose asked cocking her head in thought and they began discussing between themselves, Lily rolled her eyes 

‘If either of you were actually listening you would of noticed I know all the prefects schedules not just James’,’ Lily said smugly
‘It’s James now is it,’ Rose said just as smugly
‘Every one reads looks, it’s body language, everyone takes notice it’s how human beings communicate silently and if you two could read it you would know what I’m thinking right about now,’ Lily said putting her cup down and standing up
‘And you were right Autumn, it was third,’ Lily said with a wink and left
‘She’s even winking like him,’ Rose muttered
‘I heard that,’ Lily called back as she kept walking
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Chapter 5: FiVe
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Fast Forward Two Nights

Lily ran to her common room, she bustled through and vaguely saw James sitting in an armchair
‘Sorry be right there,’ Lily said as she dashed past
She bolted up to her dorm, threw everything she was carrying on to her bed and began undressing at breakneck speed
‘Lily?’ Rose asked
‘I’m late,’ Lily said pulling out her jeans some shoes and a top out of her trunk
‘Just two minutes,’ Autumn yawned from her bed looking at her watch
‘What?’ Lily asked distractedly pulling on her jeans and picking up the top
‘This isn’t mine,’ Lily said looking at the small top
‘Hey I was looking for that,’ said a brunette
‘Oh sorry Claudia,’ Lily said passing it to its rightful owner
‘Here,’ Rose said throwing a top at her
Lily caught the white material flying at her and pulled it over her head and putting her shoes on at the same time
‘That’s skill,’ Rose muttered to Autumn as she joined her on her bed and Autumn nodded in agreement

Watching Lily rush was one of the girls favourite pass times
‘Got to go bye,’ Lily said tearing out of the room and picking up a jacket on the way out
‘7 for speed,’ Autumn said
‘7?’ Rose asked
‘She stopped to realise it wasn’t her top and she spoke to Clauds and asked me a question,’ Autumn explained
‘That’s fair I say half a point for clothes coordination, the other half was deducted for the first top not being hers,’ Rose said
‘Mm,’ Autumn agreed
‘Don’t forget that she put her shoes and top on at the same time,’ Claudia said
‘That’s true, what do you say, 8 and a half?’
‘Sorry,’ Lily said skidding to a halt in front of James’s chair
‘It’s okay,’ he said standing, Lily surveyed him
Something was wrong.

They made their way slowly around the castle, it had been almost ten minutes and not a word passed between them
‘So?’ Lily said
‘So,’ James repeated glancing down an empty hallway
‘Are you okay?’ Lily asked
‘Yep,’ James said shortly with a curt nod
‘just figured I better not talk, might be an inconvenience,’ He said
‘Oh?’ Lily asked
‘Oh,’ she repeated coming to the realisation and she looked to James
‘I’m sorry about that, but I was in a foul mood and she just got to me,’ Lily said genuinely apologetic
‘Did you just apologise to me?’ James asked smirking
‘Ha ha,’ Lily said dryly
He continued to smirk
‘I really am,’ Lily said

At the sincerity in her voice James who was standing a little away from her locked his eyes in to hers, she looked up into his and then her eyes flickered down for a shadow a second to his mouth, he caught this and one corner of his mouth curled up.
It was here that Lily realised if she were to walk up to him his mouth would be level with her eyes.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a piercing scream, Lily and James broke their gaze and stared down the hall.
‘What the...’ Lily muttered
‘Come on,’ James said grabbing Lily’s elbow and running with her for a bit before he let go and rounded the corner

‘Milli,’ James said looking at the first year who stood in the middle of the hall way drenched to the bone
‘Peeves,’ Lily thundered at the poltergeist who was floating above the small girl, with the bucket still poised in the position of being tipped with another bucket next to him
Peeve’s hand twitched in its direction
‘Don’t even think about it,’ James laughed
‘Peeves you better leave her alone or I’ll tell Dumbledore,’ Lily threatened walking up to the small girl and put her arm around her and began to guide her away
‘Old Albie won’t do much of nufink,’ Peeves cackled and then grabbed the next bucket and flung its contents after Lily and Milli

‘Care-,’ James began reaching a hand out to the girls, but too late, the water cascaded over them like an isolated waterfall ‘-Ful,’ James finished as Lily shrugged into her own shoulders and opened her eyes, she gently pushed Milli to James turned to Peeves took a deep breath
‘BARON!’ Lily bellowed

Peeves zoomed away faster than a fire cracker. Lily turned back around and walked to Milli and James who was smiling broadly
‘Not funny,’ Lily muttered to him
James continued to smile and then looked down to Milli
‘Are you okay?’ Lily asked Milli
‘Just wet,’ Milli muttered
‘Not to worry Milli,’ James said getting down on one knee
‘James,’ Milli breathed and began to blush
‘Look at you,’ James said smirking and touching her wet hair that hung in clumps, at this Milli blushed harder
Lily smiled as James pulled out his wand
‘Let’s get you dry,’ he said pointing his wand at the blushing girl and she was instantly dry
Lily copied him, pulling out her own wand and drying herself
‘Thank you,’ Milli said softly
‘Pleasure,’ James winked causing Milli to turn tomato red and she let out a little giggle
‘Lets get you back to your common room then shall we,’ James said standing and putting a hand on her upper back because that was as long as his arm was and she was a small girl, with his other hand he collected Lily on the way, placing his hand on the small of her back and they began to walk

Fast Forward Ten Minutes

Lily and James bid Milli goodbye and watched her enter before they turned around
‘We’re near the kitchens, you hungry?’ James asked Lily
Lily nodded

Fast Forward Twenty Minutes

James and Lily walked out holding their stomachs for they had ate and laughed the entire time and they made their way back to their common room.
‘POTTER, MUDBLOOD,’ a male voice called from behind them
‘Beg your pardon?’ James asked indignantly turning around to the voice that belonged to one of the two 7th year Slytherin’s walking toward them
‘You heard me,’ said Octavious Greystone angrily
‘Yeah that's the problem,’ James said equally as angrily
‘You and your mudblood girlfriend got our little brothers into trouble,’ Kane McMillan said
‘You’ll stop swearing if you know what’s good for you,’ James warned

Lily had done nothing, these boys were the two meanest boys out of the whole lot
‘What are you going to do about it?’ Octavious asked
James grasped his wand and pulled it out in one fluid motion
‘Don’t,’ Lily said grabbing his wrist
‘Oh look your mudblood lover is sticking up for you,’ Kane mocked
James eyes narrowed and the arm that Lily was holding twitched so she grasped it even harder
‘Tell me Potter what does it feel like to have a mudblood turn you down, not just once but for years?’ Octavious teased
James opened his mouth and his arm shot up, but Lily pushed it back down
‘Ten points from Slytherin,’ She said simply
‘Ooo, scary,’ Octavious said turning to her ‘Stupid mudblood,’ he spat
‘Another ten, keep calling me that and let’s see how fast it takes for Slytherin to lose all its points,’ she said a lot more coolly then she felt

The Slytherin’s looked at her, eyes narrowed and nostrils flared, suddenly Octavious was pointing his wand at her, but James had mirrored him in action pointing his wand right in the fat Slytherin’s face
‘Try it,’ James threatened in a whisper
Octavious beady little eyes shot to him
‘Try it, see what happens,’ James said in such a deadly whisper that it sent shivers up Lily’s spine
‘Just you wait,’ Kane said
‘Yeah,’ Octavious agreed ‘just wait, we’ll get you both, just you wait,’ He said and they both walked away
‘What gits,’ Lily said letting go of James after Kane and Octavious turned the corner and disappeared from sight
‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ James said still looking after the boys
‘Wasn’t your fault,’ Lily said
‘Come on,’ James said placing his hand on her lower back and guiding her back to Gryffindor tower, they said good night in the common room and departed up different staircases.

Fast Forward Two Mornings

Lily was exhausted as she plunked herself down at breakfast
‘You don’t look so good,’ Rose commented
‘Sorry we all don’t have the same genetic gifts you do,’ Lily said pulling a cup of tea toward her
‘You know what I mean,’ Rose said with a click of her tongue
‘Yes I do and yet I thought it clever to retort with some of my lovely morning wit,’ Lily said lifting her cup and taking a sip
‘What’s wrong, you’re not coming down with something are you?’ Autumn asked
‘No, I’m just tired, I’m suddenly very popular and everyone wants a piece of me,’ Lily said
‘Who’s got the gifts now?’ Rose asked smartly
Lily who was in the middle of a yawn, cut it short smiled and poked out her tongue
‘Morning Girlies,’ said a chipper voice from behind them

Lily turned to see James standing all happy like
‘Did I forget a meeting?’Lily asked
‘No but I came to tell you I’m filling in for Remus,’ James said
‘O-kay,’ Lily said not quiet understanding why he was telling her this
‘You’re filling in for Bjorn,’ James said
‘What, since when?’ Lily asked
‘Since she asked you yesterday at lunch,’ James said eyebrows raised
‘Damn it,’ Lily muttered
‘I can get Gloria to cover for you if you like,’ James said leaning over her to pick up a muffin
‘No,’ Lily said suddenly and she could feel Autumn and Rose watching her ‘she’ll just complain,’ Lily added as a waft of James’s body and clothing filled her nostrils.

Merlin he smelt good

‘What time again?’ Lily asked bringing the cup to her lips and trying to fill her head with the smell of English breakfast and not with the smell of James Potter
‘After curfew for an hour,’ James said eyeing her cup
‘Alright, I’ll meet you...’ Lily began then James took the cup out of her hand and took a large gulp ‘in the common room at nine,’ Lily finished watching him
‘Done,’ James agreed putting the cup back in her hands ‘see you tonight,’ James said before departing
Lily watched him go and then turned back to her friends to see they were watching her

‘He’s been doing that a lot,’ Lily said putting down the cup and picking up a new one
‘Everyday for four days now,’ Rose nodded
‘Thanks for keeping track Rosie, some might call it obsessive but I’d be lost without you,’ Lily laughed
It was now Rose’s turn to stick her tongue out at Lily, who laughed
‘So another night with Potter,’ Autumn said trying to sound casual but failing
‘It seems that way,’ Lily said
‘so what do you two get up to?’ Autumn asked
‘We walk around the castle, punish those that need to be punished and sometimes we get some food and I don’t know, talk I guess,’ Lily said with a shrug
‘Oh really, what about?’ she asked in a higher voice then normal
‘Stuff and things mostly,’ Lily said looking at her friend suspiciously
Autumn nodded
‘What is it she wants to ask?’ Lily asked Rose
‘she wants to know if you like James,’ Rose said simply
Lily rolled her eyes
‘Not the like where you want to rip his clothes off in a fit of passion, or the like where you’d like to share a soft lingering kiss, it’s more the like where he’s actually starting to grow on you,’ Rose further explained
‘Ah, well, he’s not too bad, I mean he has more words in his vocabulary now when he talks to me, as opposed to “will you go out with me” which I had to suffer with for a few years,’ Lily said
‘Uh huh,’ Autumn said still acting oddly
‘What are you trying to get at?’ Lily questioned
‘You’re a f-,’ Autumn began
‘I’m not a fan,’ Lily interrupted
‘Then what are you?’ Autumn demanded
‘A friend,’ Lily said
‘A friend?’ Autumn questioned
‘Yes he’s my (Lily swallowed) friend,’ she finished
‘How friendly are you?’ Rose laughed
Lily picked up the cup of tea James had drunk out of and saluted the girls with it
‘Friendly enough to share a cup of tea,’ Lily said challenging her friends and then they all began to laugh.

Fast Forward To Nine O’clock

Lily sat in the common room, next to the fire, waiting for James and as though he heard her thoughts his voice came out of the boys staircase.
‘Don’t try, last time you tired on Peter he sprouted antlers, it’s okay I’ll pop into the hospital wing on Patrol,’ James said

Lily stood and turned to see James with his back turned to her trying to shoo a worried looking Sirius away
‘And don’t you lot try to stick up for me either,’ James called up the stairs after Sirius to his other friends that were in their dorm Lily supposed

James turned around and Lily gasped...

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Chapter 6: SiX
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‘Oh my God what happened to your face?’ she asked walking over to him


He was sporting a bruised eyebrow and jaw and a fat lip with a large gash in it, he instantly looked guiltily at her


‘Octavious Greystone and Kane McMillan,’ James replied

‘God, when did this...’ Lily began outstretching her hand

‘They cornered me after dinner,’ James said sheepishly ‘ they decided to bypass the hexes and jinxes and went straight for muggle violence,’ suddenly he looked a little taken aback and then grimaced in pain as Lily’s hand made gentle contact with James’ bruised jaw.

‘My God,’ she whispered ‘ Did you report them?’ Lily asked now moving to his fat lip and touching it so fleetingly James might have imagined that she had touched it

‘Who is this ‘God’ you refer to so frequently?’ James asked

Lily looked away from his mouth and looked into his eyes, suddenly her hand made its way to his purple eyebrow

‘God,’ she muttered again and as she muttered the name she realised he had asked who that was

‘Oh, God is...’ Lily began but James was smiling

‘I know who God is, Lil,’ He smiled lopsidedly for the gash in his lip was undoubtedly hurting

‘James we should go tell McGonagall,’ Lily urged faintly registering the little nanosecond flutter she got in her tummy when James called her ‘Lil’

‘Nah, not to worry, I’ll just get Madam Pomfrey to do that voodoo she do,’ James said grabbing Lily’s hand and taking it away from his face ‘Come on,’ he said giving her hand a squeeze before letting it go all together and leading the way to the portrait hole.


Fast Forward Fifteen Minutes


Leaving the hospital wing with James’s face newly healed, James insisted on doing their rounds, while Lily tried to convince him to go to someone and report the attack.


Lily had since dropped the subject and James and she were now making their way slowly around the corner, walking in silence as both contemplated the events of that night

‘James I really think we should report them,’ Lily said softly

‘Look Lil,’ he began patiently


It was funny, two months ago Lily would of scolded James for calling her ‘Lil,’ but now it didn’t bother her, in fact, she kind of liked it.

‘Normally I would, but this is a guy thing, we’re even now, we’re done,’ James said with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

‘I’m not so sure I’m as forgiving, I don’t even want to imagine what they’re going to do to me if that’s what they did to you,’ Lily said

‘Why would they do something to you?’ James asked

‘They said they were going to get me too remember?’ Lily asked


James frowned as they rounded another corner, apparently recalling the memory

‘Well you’re just not allowed to go anywhere by yourself for a while, just while I figure things out’ James said

Lily laughed

‘Am I under the Potter Protection Program?’ Lily asked

‘No you’re under the P.B.L.P protection program,’ James said

Lily turned to James giving him a quizzical look

‘Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew,’ James explained

‘Ah, the M.P.P,’ Lily said nodding

Now it was James’s turn to look quizzical

‘Marauder Protection Program,’ Lily said

James let out a loud laugh

‘I believe we have a winner, I like that, M.P.P.,’ James said still chuckling


From then on the conversation stayed light hearted and fun, she allowed him to let her forget what had happened, something she would of never have let happened two months ago.


‘... so that’s when Autumn and Rose ran out of the bathroom, clutching at their towels, squealing about a tap dancing mouse, you should have seen McGonagall’s face, I almost imploded from trying not to laugh,’ Lily laughed

‘A tap dancing mouse, are you sure it wasn’t a rat?’ James asked smiling broadly still from the story

Lily found this an odd question and she looked at James

‘Uh, I’m not sure, all we saw was a fury little thing,’ Lily giggled


‘You two,’ someone called down the corridor

They turned around to see who it was, but it was too dark. James pulled out his wand and tucked Lily behind him at the same time

‘Don’t you point your wand at me boy,’ said the grouchy old voice


James let out an annoyed sigh and put his wand away and stepped out from in front of Lily.


It was Filch


‘What are you two doing out so late?’ he asked as his cat wove figure eights around his legs

‘We’re patrolling, we are head boy and girl,’ James said as though he thought the man daft.

‘It’s Remus Lupin and Bjorn Underwood tonight, so tell me now, what are you too both really doing out so late?’ Filch demanded

‘We’re patrolling, covering for both Remus and Bjorn,’ James continued

‘Then you won’t mind if we go see Dumbledore,’ Filch said

‘Mr. Filch, if I may, we are filling in for Remus and Bjorn, and we promise that next time there is a change in schedule we will let you know immediately,’ Lily said

‘And no we don’t mind following you to go see Dumbledore,’ James finished


Fast Forward Fifteen Minutes


James, Lily and Filch walked out of Dumbledore’s office the first of the former looking very well pleased with himself.

‘Is that all?’ James asked ‘May we continue on with our rounds now?’ he asked smugly


Filch said nothing but turned on his heel and left

‘There really was no need to humiliate him like that,’ Lily said though she had a smile on her face

‘But he looks so pretty when he pulls that face,’ James said pulling an ugly face to Filch’s back

Lily let out a giggle


‘Stop that giggling, you’ll wake the whole damned castle,’ Filch said turning around and yelling at them

‘I, Sir, do not giggle,’ James said in a high indignant voice holding his index finger aloft

This caused Lily to let out a snort, James laughed quietly and grabbed Lily’s elbow

‘Let’s go,’ he said


Fast Forward To The Next Morning


Lily joined her friends the next morning with the smile from last night still plastered on her face.

‘And why are you all smiley?’ Rose asked upon seeing Lily’s expression

‘Dunno, I just feel good I guess,’ Lily said with a shrug and grabbed a cup of tea


Lily then looked to Autumn who hadn’t even uttered a greeting or acknowledged her presence. She found out why straight away, upon following the line of Autumn’s gaze her eyes rested on Sirius Black, who sat with Remus and Peter, talking and laughing normally.


‘What did he do now?’ Lily asked bring the cup to her lips

Ever since day one, Sirius and Autumn just rubbed each other the wrong way, from the get go, without even saying hello to each other they just didn’t like each other. It was a mystery to Rose and Lily as to why Autumn disliked him so.


‘Nothing, other than that whole, he breathes, thing,’ Autumn said every syllable dripping with dislike

‘Yes he really should stop doing that shouldn’t he?’ Rose said in mock seriousness, rolling her eyes.

Lily laughed as she picked up some toast, buttered it and bit into it, picking up her cup of tea again so both her hands were occupied

‘Smug bastard,’ Autumn muttered finally looking away from him and turning instead to her porridge


‘Is James skipping?’ Rose asked suddenly and both the other girls turned to look to see that James was indeed skipping down the aisle; they continued to watch as he came to a stop in front of his friends and sung


‘I know something you all know,’ Before continuing to skip toward Lily

‘Morning girlies,’ he said smiling broadly

They all just looked at him

‘Lovely morning, isn’t it Autumn?’ James asked

‘Yeah it’s okay I guess,’ Autumn replied slowly

‘What have you girlies got planned for today?’ He asked looking around at each of them ‘Autumn?’ He nominated

‘Nothing special,’ Autumn replied looking to Rose and Lily for an explanation

‘That’s a shame, so you’re not studying or anything?’ he asked and smirked as the colour drained from her face

‘Why are you picking on Autumn?’ Lily asked not unkindly

‘No reason,’ James said

‘Why are you smiling like that?’ Lily asked, his smile causing her to smile

‘Like what?’ he asked and then not waiting for her answer asked ‘can I have some of that?’

‘Like you have a secret,’ Lily said not batting an eyelid as James took her toast and tea from her, he looked at her and smiled like the Cheshire cat before he bit into her toast

‘Probably because (and he sang) I know something you don’t know,’ he said giving her toast back.

‘Oh really, and what’s that?’ Lily asked taking the toast from him and putting it on plate behind her.


James smiled again before he took a big gulp of her tea and then pulled a face like he’s just downed a swig of fire whiskey

‘I love it when it burns as it goes down, don’t you,’ he said in a strained voice that sounded chipper all the same as he handed her back her tea again and winked at her

‘Thanks,’ he said as she took the cup from him, he turned on his heel.


‘What was that about?’ Rose asked to James retreating back

At this he turned back around and came back

‘I’m glad you asked,’ he said to Rose

‘May I have some more?’ James asked Lily pointing to her cup

Lily laughed and passed it to him

‘Being Head Boy and you being Head Girl, it’s only right that we share information concerning the student body, would you agree?’ he asked Lily taking a tight sip from her tea, his pinkie standing to attention

‘Yes,’ Lily smiled

‘And of course being the one and only member of M.P.P. it’s important that I should keep you in the loop, am I right?’ he asked taking another tight sip and then giving the cup back to her

‘Sure,’ Lily said obligingly, taking the cup once again

‘M.P.P. what’s that?’ Rose asked

‘In joke,’ Lily said waving away her question, she was too interested in what James was taking so long in trying to get out.

‘They have in jokes now?’ Rose asked Autumn

‘Just one more sip,’ James said taking the cup out of her hands and taking a large gulp but this time he placed the cup on the table causing him to bend over and he turned his head and whispered so close to her ear that his lips brushed against her tragus he breathed

‘Sirius and Autumn were in the library last night researching foreign tongues, mostly each others,’


 The shivers that ran up her spine as he partly kissed and breathed in her ear were cut short as the full impact of what James had just said hit her.

Her mouth fell open and leant away from him so she could turn to look at him, James smirked and nodded, his face was awfully close.


Lily’s limp jaw became a smiling gaping jaw as she laughed, she covered her mouth with her fingers

‘No,’ she said still smiling

‘Yes,’ James said smiling himself

‘I-I just.. I can’t...’ Lily stammered dropping her hand and looking at him

‘I know, me neither,’ James said nodding

Lily turned to look at Autumn disbelievingly though still smiling and pointed at her


The little colour that was remaining disappeared completely, Rose who had been watching James and Lily now turned to look at Autumn as though why Lily was pointing at her would become apparent, it didn't.

‘What?’ Rose asked as Autumn’s breathing became shallow

‘SIRIUS!’ she yelled making every one turn to look at him


He choked on his tea and looked to Autumn and then to Lily and James and then to Remus.

‘REMUS!’ Sirius shouted through clenched teeth

Remus looked from Sirius and then to Peter

‘Peter!’ Remus exclaimed

Peter then turned to James

‘James!’ he said snapped

‘Lily,’ James said in mock outrage putting a hand to his chest

Lily laughed

‘What is going on?’ Rose asked as Autumn dropped her head into her arms

‘Autumn and Sirius,’ Lily mouthed and then puckered her lips and tapped them with her index finger

‘WHAT!’ Rose laughed

Autumn let out a groan of despair

‘leave you to it then shall I girlies,’ James said with a wink and walked over to his friends who were whispering amongst themselves


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Chapter 7: SeVeN
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Lily turned back to her friends after she watched James sit down and start to laugh. 

‘Care to explain?’ Lily asked picking up her tea and bringing it to her lips, her bottom lip felt wet before she even sipped the amber liquid, she put the cup down and saw that she had taken a sip right from the place James had put his lips to drink from, upon this realisation she got the feeling of an ice-cube being dropped to her tummy, a feeling she noticed she rather liked.
She licked her bottom lip, another ice-cube, she smirked. 

‘We were arguing,’ Autumn said bringing Lily out of her reverie
‘For a change,’ Rose muttered
‘And then I don’t know, we were just... making out,’ Autumn said lifting her head
‘Yes that happens to me all the time, remember that time we argued Rose?’ Lily laughed
Rose chocked on her muffin and laughed
‘Yes that right, laugh at my anguish,’ Autumn said solemnly
‘Oh love,’ Lily said reaching across the table and putting her hand on Autumn’s arm, she felt some one watching them and she turned to see that James was in fact watching them, or rather her. He gave her a wink and a slight nod and she returned the nod.

Fast Forward To Dinner

Autumn was still moping about.
‘It’s not that bad,’ Lily said with her arms around Autumns shoulders
‘Not that bad?’ Autumn said looking at Lily like she was mad
‘Lily, he was the best kiss I’ve ever had,’ she said incredulously
Lily and Rose shared a look, maybe it was a little unpleasant, Autumn let out a groan when she saw the look her two friends were sharing.
‘Do you want some chicken?’ Lily asked
‘I’ve dedicated the majority of my school career to disliking that prat,’ Autumn said as Lily put the chicken on her plate
‘How about some spag? Lily asked
‘You don’t understand, this is equivalent to you turning around and screaming ‘I like James Potter,’ and then doing a little dance,’ Autumn said

Lily’s stomach did a little flip

‘She does, they’re friends remember?’ Rose said spooning mash potato’s on her plate

Lily said nothing but glared at Rose.

‘Do you want some salad?’ Lily asked Autumn
‘What do I do now, do I continue disliking him or do I have to be (she gulped) civil?’
‘Do whatever feels natural,’ Rose said
Autumn looked up from Rose to Lily
‘Lily,’ she said as though that were the answer
‘Me?’ Lily asked
‘Can you talk to James, find out what’s happening?’ Autumn asked
‘Er,’ was all Lily came out with
‘You are friends aren’t you?’ Rose questioned
‘Yes, but we don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,’ Lily said now piling food on to her own plate
‘Please you must, you’re my only source,’ Autumn begged
Lily looked to Rose, Rose frowned and nodded as though to say ‘Don’t torture the poor girl,’
‘Yes of course I will,’ Lily said
Autumn smiled as did Rose but Lily looked to her plate and wondered, how exactly was she meant to go about this?

Fast Forward To Patrolling That Night

James and Lily were wondering around the castle like it was them that had kissed instead of Autumn and Sirius, meaning they walked in silence and when they caught each other’s eye they would hastily look away and clear their throats.

After a while Lily found this unbearable, she wanted to talk with him, laugh at his stories have an innocent reason to watch his mouth move, watch as his eyes glitter behind their rectangular wire rimed encasing.

‘So,’ Lily began clearing her throat as his eyes shot to her
‘Sirius and Autumn huh?’ she continued innocently though she felt spectacularly uncomfortable
‘Merciful Merlin,’ James said with such relief that Lily had to smile
‘Did Autumn ask you to talk to me about Sirius?’ James asked

Lily nodded

‘Good because Sirius asked me to do the same thing with you about Autumn,’ James said rubbing his face.
‘So do you , uh, want to tell me what’s happening on Sirius’s side?’ Lily asked
‘Sirius’s side is simply, why did she do it?’ James said

Lily stopped in her tracks, James continued on without her for a few until he realised she wasn’t with him anymore, when he did realise this he turned to look at her

‘Autumn kissed him?’ Lily asked in disbelief
‘Yes, why didn’t she tell you that?’ James asked
‘No, she left that part out,’ Lily said walking to where James stood
‘Are you sure it was her?’ Lily asked again as they began to talk once more
James let out a laugh that caused Lily to look at him
‘Oh come on Lil, it was so obvious that she likes him,’ James explained
‘No she doesn’t,’ Lily said indignantly
James looked at her
‘Come on Lily as if she doesn’t, they way she always ignores him, and goes out of her way to argue with him, as if that wasn’t her flirting, she may as well have rented a billboard and pasted it up,’ James said still laughing
‘That’s what you boys think is flirting?’ Lily asked a little disgusted
‘No,’ James said hastily noting her tone ‘I mean I know now that when you flat out ignored me to the point where I may as well have been a suit of armour in a deserted corridor, you weren’t playing hard to get, you were repulsed by me,’ James said as though proud he had figured this out

Lily looked to the floor guiltily, she felt terribly, she only realised now how horrible she truly had been, but in her defence she didn’t know he was a nice normal guy, rather charming actually; but then again to her own prosecution she never did give him a chance.

‘I was never repulsed by you James,’ Lily said softly
James started and looked at her
‘You weren’t?’ he asked
‘No you weren’t repulsive, you were just... persistent’ she said faltering in search for a nicer word for “annoying”
‘You’re just being nice aren’t you?’ he asked knowingly
Lily smiled
‘Tell me the truth then,’ he urged gently
Lily’s heart began pound against her rib cage and her face grew hot
‘Well I really never was repulsed by you, you were just so up yourself, walking around like you owned the joint, just because you’re so smart, hexing who ever because you could. And then the whole quidditch thing,’ Lily said chancing a glance at him and he grimaced
‘I mean don’t get me wrong you are very talented in that field (James stood up a little straighter) but I don’t think,’ she paused and reworded ‘ I’m not sure that the compliments helped you in the sense of modesty and the fact that there is a James Potter fan club, well personally I don’t think that that is such a good thing either,’ Lily said
‘Don’t hold back,’ James muttered
‘I’m sorry,’ Lily said hastily realising how horrid she must sound
‘No don’t apologise, I did ask, and I suppose I always knew it, but hearing it, especially from you it, it kind of hits the spot,’ James said rather deflated

The look on his face touched a chord in Lily, she knew now that he never meant any harm and the fact that he wasn’t such a bad guy, well it pained her to know she was causing him grief, so she did the only thing that she thought might fix it.

She reached out a hand and grasped his arm
‘I’ve told Autumn and Rose we’re friends,’ she said hoping this would cheer him up
‘You told Emilia too,’ James said with a small smile
‘I think she fancies you,’ Lily said
James let out a laugh and picked his head up
‘What makes you say that?’ he asked
‘The fact that she joined the James Potter fan club,’ Lily said at this he laughed louder and she squeezing his arm
‘Is there really a club?’ James asked amused
Lily let her hand drop and started walking
‘Well no, but the amount of girls you and your friends have pining after you there might as well be one, but I’m not sure even Dumbledore would approve,’ Lily said with a cheeky grin
‘Well speaking of girls pining after my friends,’ James began
‘Ah yes, what to do about Autumn and Sirius,’ Lily said
James shrugged
‘Well we seem to be able to talk fine, I mean we’ve even progressed to being on a first name basis,’ James said
‘Yes I agree, I think we should let them figure it out,’ Lily said
‘Figure? You mean fight,’ James laughed as did Lily
‘I just can’t believe firstly that they kissed and secondly that Autumn instigated it,’ Lily said
‘Why, don’t you think a girl can make the first move?’ James asked with a wink
‘Of course they can, it’s just that she’s been against him for so long, and then she snogs him, it just doesn’t add up,’ Lily said
‘You were against me and now look at us,’ James said
‘Yes but we’re not snogging yet are we’ Lily pointed out
James turned to look at her the single most enticing simper on his face
‘Yet?’ he asked stopping dead

Lily could of sunk into the floor, she stood there looking at him not knowing how to fix the slip of the tongue, she stood rigid her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water and a flush that started at her feet rose all the way to her scalp.


He was walking toward her! He was getting closer with that handsome, what? No! stupid. That stupid smile still displayed on his face, he was very close now.
Oh yes please, Lily thought
I mean no, lord no, a whole world of no.

‘There they are,’ came a booming male voice from down the corridor
James’ head turned to the interruption

Not now! Lily thought angrily and then shook that thought from her head
Yes now! Ecstatic that we’ve been interrupted now, she forced herself to think.

She turned her head to the male as well and was shocked to see Octavious and Kane making their way toward them with their wands in hand.
James and Lily reached for theirs simultaneously

‘You got even what do you want now?’ James asked in a low and dangerous voice
‘To get even with ginger there,’ Kane said eyeing Lily almost hungrily
‘What for, she had nothing to do with it, I ran your brothers into McGonagall Lily wasn’t even there,’ James said lazily
‘That’s not what we heard,’ Octavious said
‘Listen here, I gave you me for free, I told no one about it but you try to hurt her and fair play is done, you’ll have me and my family to deal with,’ James said threateningly
Kane and Octavious sneered at him
‘Don’t both your fathers work for the ministry?’ James questioned
‘Your father doesn’t work at the Ministry,’ Kane said smiling as though James were daft
‘No,’ James agreed then he took a slow step forward ‘But my Aunt does, I think you might know her, she’s the Minister,’ he said in a whisper
‘Are you threatening our fathers?’ Octavious glared
‘No, I’m threatening your dogs,’ James replied sarcastically rolling his eyes

Lily stood next to James her hand tight around her wand. Bullies usually never bothered her all that much, but these two boys families were rumoured to be affiliated with Death Eaters and now not only had their brothers gotten into trouble but James threatening their fathers probably wasn’t the best course of action, Lily thought.

‘Well now we’re going to have to get you again,’ Octavious said angrily
‘Or we could just get his little girlfriend twice as bad,’ Kane said menacingly
James’s mouth opened to respond
‘Problem gents?’ came the calm voice of Sirius Black from behind them
‘Yes is there any way we can help?’ came the voice of Remus Lupin

Lily turned to look over her shoulder and saw Sirius, Remus and Peter making their way toward them with their wands hanging loosely as their sides.

Octavious and Kane eyed all the boys and their wands as they surrounded Lily, clearly outnumbered the Slytherin's smartly decided to back off and they started to walk away, but Octavious turned
‘We will get her, you can’t always be with her,’ he said slowly before turning and continuing on his way.

As the boys turned the corner, James let out a thoughtful sigh.
‘And what was that about?’ Sirius enquired
‘Bullies nothing more,’ James said dismissively
‘James,’ Remus probed
‘Remus,’ James replied

Lily watched as the dance progressed as Sirius tried and then Peter and then Remus again but when Sirius went to try again it was here that James got annoyed and cut them off
‘Enough,’ he laughed exasperatedly
‘Lily,’ Remus and Sirius said in unison turning to her
James hand shot out in front of her stomach grabbed her waist and pushed her behind him
‘No,’ James warned as Lily looked at his back
‘Lily,’ Remus said again

At the sound of his voice Lily poked her head from around James’ shoulder

‘Yes?’ she asked timidly
‘Don’t look them in the eye,’ James whispered to her
Lily looked at him
‘That’s how they always get me,’ James continued
Lily’s eyes shot to the interwoven fibres of James’ jacket
‘Lily Evans,’ Remus said in a teacher like tone
‘Fight it,’ James whispered loud enough for all to hear and Lily laughed
‘James I thought we could tell each other the important things,’ Peter said
‘Women,’ Lily muttered and James snorted
‘We do mate, so this obviously isn’t important,’ James replied reassuringly
‘Some one threatening Lily doesn’t fall under the “important” category in your books?' Sirius said paradoxically
James gave Sirius a disapproving look
‘I know,’ Lily said now stepping away from James

All eyes turned to her

‘Yes they know that (James said pointing at his friends) and we (James indicated at both of them) are trying to kept them out of detention by not telling them,’ James said as though he were explaining the situation to a three year old
He turned to his friends
‘It’s a good thing she’s pretty,’ he said rolling his eyes
Lily punched him in the arm
‘Ow, it was Sirius,’ he said his arms flying to shield his head, he lowered them immediately and cleared his throat
‘Sorry, force of habit,’ he said sheepishly
‘I meant I know what’s going on and as we’re friends we don’t need to tell anyone else,’ Lily said smugly
‘You two are friends?’ Sirius questioned

Lily nodded

‘Tell them James,’ she encouraged
‘Best of friends seeing as you’re already demanding things of him,’ Peter said sarcastically
‘You lot were demanding things of him just before,’ Lily replied piqued putting her hands behind her back
‘Plus Autumn...’ Lily began
‘Autumn?’ Sirius demanded
‘Yes Autumn always says...’ Lily began again
‘What did Autumn say? Was it about me?’ Sirius asked rather desperately

They all looked at him

‘I mean, that's cool,’ he said trying to sound blasé
‘Lily,’ Remus began in his I’ll-appeal-to-your-better-nature tone
‘No that’s enough you lot get to bed before I give you all detention,’ James said sternly

‘Is that how you repay the friends that just saved you another trip to the hospital wing?’ Sirius asked
‘You have till the count of five,’ James said
‘Oh no he’s going to count,’ Peter said as though he were scared
‘One,’ James said holding up his index finger
‘James,’ Sirius said in a tone that showed he clearly thought this was stupid
‘Two,’ James said his middle finger joining his index in the stand
‘Prongs,’ Remus said
‘Three,’ James said warningly as his ring finger joined his index and middle finger
‘So not fair,’ Peter grumbled
‘Four!,’ James said loudly
‘We’re not going you prat,’ Sirius said defiantly
James sighed heavily
‘Don’t you remember the countdown rules’ James asked
‘Uh, yeah,’ Peter said
‘And?’ James asked
‘The rules don’t apply here,’ Sirius said lazily
‘How do they not apply? I’m counting down aren’t I?’ James asked
‘The rule in null and void when it’s repercussions are that an innocent might be harmed in so leaving,’ Sirius argued
‘No one is in harm’s way, in fact harm passed us not to long ago, avoided us like a bad one night stand,’ James said and Lily couldn’t help but smile
‘Lily is the innocent you prat, the threat was against her,’ Remus said
‘Fine, we’ll walk you back to the common room,’ James said
Sirius smirked in a self satisfied way
‘After that we have to continue with our rounds,’ James said and that wiped the smirk off Sirius’s face

By the time they got there James and Lily’s rounds were over, she had never laughed so hard in her life, the boys told her stories that had her doubled over and holding her stomach for the pain of laughing so much.

They even stayed up in the common room for another hour talking and laughing before they called it a night and went to their respective dorms. 


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Chapter 8: eIgHt
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Fast Forward To The Next Morning

When Lily reached the breakfast table Autumn and Rose were already seated

‘Can I ask now?’ Autumn mumbled out the side of her mouth to Rose

Rose put down the newspaper and rolled her eyes

‘I told you not to ask her last night because you would look eager, she just heard what you said and now you look desperate,’ Rose said to Autumn as Lily pulled a cup of tea toward her and grabbed some porridge

Autumn sighed and crossed her arms and began jiggling her leg so hard that her whole body shook, Lily smiled to her bowl and Rose turned to look at her

‘Well go on then, you’re certainly not doing yourself any favours now,’ Rose said wisely

‘Did you talk to James?’ Autumn blurted out leaning against the table
‘Yes, we talk often,’ Lily said looking at Rose who rolled her eyes
‘About Sirius,’ Rose offered
‘Oh, right,’ Lily said a little uneasily
‘Well?’ Autumn asked

Lily put her spoon down and looked seriously at her friends
‘Yes, James and I spoke about you two because Sirius wanted to know about you too,’ Lily said
Autumn was on the edge of her seat and Rose looked interested
‘But before I tell you anymore I want to know why it is you didn’t inform us that it was you that kissed him,’ Lily said
‘What?’ Rose asked

Autumn look ashamed and sad

‘I always thought he looked cute when he was angry,’ Autumn said as though it left a bad taste in her mouth
‘So this whole time you’ve been picking fights because you secretly fancied him?’ Lily asked astonished that James was right
‘I know I’m going to burn in hell,’ Autumn said sadly
Rose was laughing
‘No you’re not love, Sirius is a good guy,’ Lily said
Rose looked at her
‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you just said that,’ Rose said
‘Look I spent some time with him last night, and he’s actually really nice and he’s funny and you’re right he is good looking,’ Lily said encouragingly
‘So, you think...’ Autumn began
‘Shh, here they come,’ Rose interrupted urgently
And the girls busied themselves with their breakfast
‘Hi girlies,’ said James
‘Morning,’ Lily said offering him her cup
‘May we join you?’ Remus asked
‘You are more than welcome,’ Lily said happily as James took her cup with a wink and sat next to her.
‘Hi Autumn,’ Sirius said sitting next to her
‘Hi Sirius,’ she said shyly
James and Lily smiled they shared a secret low five under the table.

They had planned this ten minutes before in the common room when James was waiting for the other boys, little did Lily know that Sirius and Autumn getting along fell perfectly into James’ plans as well.

As the seven of them sat enjoying their breakfast Lily and James would secretly sneak looks to see how Autumn and Sirius were getting along, the fore mentioned were talking quietly and on Autumn’s behalf, blushing quiet frequently, Rose on the other hand was watching Lily and James as they talked out the sides of their mouths secretly planning other situations in which they could get Autumn and Sirius together. James had placed the cup of tea between them and Lily would pick it up and drink from it, placing it between them only to have James pick it up and drink from it.

Rose felt some one watching her and looked out the corner of her eye to see that it was Remus and he wasn’t so much watching her as he was watching James and Lily.

‘I’m surprised they haven’t run out of tea,’ Rose mumbled
Remus smiled and looked at her.
‘Not pleased with their new found friendship?’ Remus asked
‘No I don’t mind their friendship, it’s their feelings that are annoying me,’ Rose said
‘Their feelings?’ Remus asked
‘Well it’s well known that James has a thing for Lily,’ Rose said with a small smile
‘He did do well to get the word out,’ Remus laughed
‘But look at Lily,’ Rose said

They both turned to look at James and Lily who were laughing and fighting over a piece of toast that Lily held in her hand, James had grabbed her wrist and was trying to guide it to his open mouth, as Lily tired to guide it to hers.

‘That’s annoying you?’ Remus asked
‘No, what annoying is what’s going to happen when she figures it out,’ Rose said
‘Figures what out?’ Remus asked
‘That she likes him,’ Rose said simply
‘What’s going to happen?’ Remus asked still watching Lily and James
‘Something annoying I’m betting,’ Rose said as James finally won and bit into Lily’s toast
Remus turned thoughtfully to Rose.

Fast Forward To Charms

Lily, Rose and Autumn had just turned the corner into the charms corridor when Sirius came running around the corner.
‘Hi there,’ Sirius said skidding to a halt and falling in step with them
‘Hi,’ the girls replied
‘On your way to Charms?’ he asked
‘Uh, yes, where are you heading?’ Lily asked
‘Same place,’ He said happily

Lily and Rose looked at each other and smiled, Sirius had obviously been in a hurry to catch up to walk with Autumn so they fell back a step or two. Sirius kept looking back over his shoulder Lily thought in hope to see whether he had lost the other two, but was sorely disappointed.

As they entered the class Sirius headed for one of the larger desks at the back and stood aside
‘Ladies first,’ He said
‘Uh, I think we’ll sit at the front,’ Lily said grabbing hold of Rose’s elbow and steering her away

Fast Forward To The End Of The Class

Lily was packing her bag and Rose was waiting for her when James, Remus, Peter, Sirius and Autumn came to join Rose in waiting for her. Lily thought this kind of odd but let it slide, as the seven of them made their way to transfiguration Lily noticed that the boys seemed to be looking behind and around them a lot.

Fast Forward The Next Day

Lily, Rose and Autumn found that James, Sirius, Remus and Peter had been with them for almost every moment of the past two days. She found that one of James’ friends or James himself was always with her even to the point where James and Remus just ‘happened’ to be near the girls bathroom that Lily started to get really sus.

The final straw was when Autumn came stalking up to Rose and Lily and announced that Sirius had no interest in her and that he was actually interested in Lily.
‘What?’ Rose and Lily asked in unison
‘He likes you not me,’ she said sourly
‘Why? What makes you say that?’ Lily asked
She simply didn’t believe it
‘He doesn’t shut up about you, ‘When Lily goes to study group who’s with her?’ ‘Are there any clubs that Lily is a part of that we don’t know about?’ ‘Does Lily ever go out at night by herself?’ I mean get a freaking room,’ Autumn said spat
‘Autumn I don’t think...’ Lily began
‘I do think, I think it’s been happening for the past two days,’ Autumn snapped at Lily
‘I’m sorry, I just...’ Lily began
‘No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of snapped at you, it’s not your fault he doesn’t like me. It doesn’t matter, it was stupid to think...’ Autumn interrupted her only to be interrupted herself

‘Lily, there you are,’ someone called from behind them
The three girls turned to see, to Lily’s horror, Sirius Black running toward them
‘I need to use the bathroom,’ Autumn announced and departed before Sirius reached them
‘Hey where is Autumn heading?’ Sirius asked finally reaching them
‘She seems to think you have a thing for me,’ Lily said bluntly
‘Pff,’ was Sirius reply
Upon seeing the look on Lily’s face his smile faded
‘What you’re serious?’ he asked
‘She said you kept talking about me, whatever you’ve done I suggest you go fix it,’ Lily said pointedly and Sirius looked around nervously
‘Well go on what are you waiting for?’ Lily asked
Sirius bit his bottom lip and looked around as though searching for some one
‘Sirius?’ Lily urged
‘Yeah alright, but stay right here,’ Sirius said tearing off after Autumn
‘What is wrong with these boys?’ Rose asked as they watched him disappear
‘Something isn’t right is it?’ Lily asked thoughtfully
‘What’s wrong?’ came a voice behind them
Lily turned to see both Remus and James standing there
‘Where’s Sirius?’ James asked looking around
‘He’s taken off after Autumn,’ Rose said hitching the strap of her bag into a more comfortable position
‘What?, but he wasn’t...’ James began but Remus elbowed him in the gut
‘Shall we get going then?’ Remus asked looking around
‘What is going on with you boys?’ Lily asked
‘What do you mean?’ James asked placing a hand on her lower back and applying a slight pressure so she would start walking
‘The lot of you are acting oddly, constantly looking around, what is going on,’ Lily asked allowing him to guide her
‘Nothing, you’re imagining things,’ James said and then looked over his shoulder
‘You just did it again,’ Lily said annoyed stopping dead
‘We should really keep moving,’ Remus muttered to James
‘What? Why?’ Rose asked
‘Because, we’re... uh... holding up traffic,’ James said

Lily swatted his hand away
‘We’re in an empty corridor you idiot,’ Lily said thoroughly annoyed
‘Right, well, let’s get going then,’ Remus said
‘I’m not moving till you tell me what is going on,’ Lily said folding her arms
James and Remus looked around
‘We’re alone,’ Lily said thinking that the boys didn’t want to be over heard
‘We don’t know that for sure,’ James said
‘huh?’ Rose asked
‘Look at least just come into this empty class room and then we’ll know we are alone and we’ll explain,’ James said opening the door a few paces in front to him and holding the door open.

Lily sighed and walked in first, followed by Rose and Remus, James looked down the corridor once more before closing the door.

‘Well?’ Lily asked
‘They got me,’ James said
Lily just looked at him, waiting
‘I looked them in the eye,’ He said
‘What?’ Rose asked confused and annoyed
‘Argh, his friends found out, he has this thing where if he looks them in the eye he can’t lie,’ Lily explained

Rose looked at Lily suspiciously
‘They found out about what exactly?’ she asked
‘ During one of our patrols we ran into Octavious Greystone and Cane McMillan, the older brothers of the boys that got put into detention because we busted them picking on a first year Hufflepuff,’ Lily began
‘They didn’t take to kindly to their brothers having to serve detention so they came looking for us and they made some threats, anyway I didn’t take them seriously but they got James, beat him up...’

‘They didn’t beat me up, they threw a few punches, and I let them,’ James interrupted
‘Yeah, now’s the time to be egotistical,’ Lily muttered sarcastically
‘So what’s this got to do with you?’ Rose asked
‘The threats were against Lily as well,’ Remus supplied
‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ Rose asked
‘Like I said I didn’t take it seriously,’ Lily said
‘So you and the others found out and that’s why you’ve been following Lily around?’ Rose asked Remus, who nodded
‘And that’s why Sirius was asking weird questions about me,’ Lily said coming to the realisation, and then another one hit her
‘Oh my God, you actually started up the M.P.P didn’t you?’ Lily asked James who looked sheepish

‘Yes but only because after all our joking I realised that maybe it was a good idea, think about it Lil, they made threats against you too yeah? What could be safer than actually being in the M.P.P,’ James asked
‘You’re insane,’ Lily said putting her hands on her hips
‘It will keep you safe,’ James said
‘Safe?’ Lily questioned ‘James I would be safe if you just had of listened to me in the first place and reported them,’ Lily finished
‘Well why doesn’t he do it now?’ Rose asked
‘There’s no evidence, the bruises are gone,’ James said looking at Lily as though disappointed

‘What about Madam Pomfrey, she can account for them,’ Lily said
‘We told her I got into it with the whomping willow remember?’ James almost snapped
‘Hey, don’t take that tone with her,’ Rose snapped
‘Oh I’m sorry,’ James said sarcastically ‘I suppose I just don’t take too kindly to being told I’m the reason she’s in danger,’
‘No one said that,’ Lily said patiently
‘You’re the one that said it,’ James said
Lily could tell that his frustration was growing
‘When?’ she asked
‘Oh I don’t know, maybe when you said ‘I’d be safe if you just had of listened to me and reported them’,’ James said irritated
‘That’s not how I meant it,’ Lily said dismissively
‘Then how did you mean it?’ James asked folding his arms

Lily stared at him, he stared right back

‘I just meant...’ Lily began and then she sighed
‘So you do blame me?’ he asked
‘No! No James I don’t, I just... look they’re the ones that are putting me in danger,’ then Lily shook her head like she was trying to get rid of an annoying fly
‘I’m not in danger,’ she said frustrated

They all looked at her

‘They’re just bullies looking to get us in a state and they have, there is no need for the M.P.P., there is no need for you boys to be following me around everywhere,’ Lily said in a tone of finality

James opened his mouth

‘Look, I don’t mind if you boys want to sit with us at meals, or if you want to join us in the common room, but I draw the line at you boys waiting for me outside the bathroom,’ Lily said
James looked her up and down
‘Fine,’ he agreed
‘Fine,’ Lily agreed nodding

She looked to Rose and Remus, they seemed to have agreed as well

‘Good now let’s go save Sirius and Autumn,’ Lily said walking to the door
‘Uh...’ James said making Lily turn to him
‘Maybe I should go out first,’ James said
‘Maybe you should stay right where you are,’ Lily threatened as she pulled open the door and walked out of it, before James tore after her
Fast Forward To Dinner

Lily had in total, lost the boys for fifteen minutes that day, she was convinced that they had her bugged, for she would lose them and before she knew it one of them would pop out from behind a tapestry or a suit of armour.

‘James,’ Lily said exasperatedly
‘yes?’ he asked innocently
‘What are you doing?’ Lily asked
‘Joining you for dinner, you said I could,’ he said
‘Yes I know that, but when I said you could join us, I meant you could join us under the pretence that you wanted our company, not to sit not eating and having your beady little eyes dart to the Slytherin table every few seconds,’ Lily said
‘My eyes are not beady,’ James protested
‘They are when they do that little jerk,’ Lily said
‘I beg your pardon,’ James said indignantly
‘Here have some pie,’ Lily said slapping a piece on his plate
‘No thank you I’m not hungry,’ James said pushing his plate away
‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Lily said pushing his plate back in front of him
‘I don’t want it,’ he said pushing the plate away
‘Fine well since you’re not eating, there’s no reason for you to be here,’ Lily said
James looked at her
‘Pass the chops,’ he said pulling his plate back toward himself and picking up his cutlery
‘You’re far too easy, practically laid down for that one ’ Lily muttered as she passed him the plate full of chops
James cocked a brow suggestively
‘Aren’t we in that era, make love not war, free love and all that jazz?’ he said in a deep smooth voice
‘how free are we talking?’ Lily retorted seductively in spite of herself lifting her fork to her mouth.
Upon realising what she had said her face went blank and she felt her cheeks grow hot, her mouth hung open ready to receive the food that hung, paused in action James saw this and let out a laugh
‘Relax,’ he said placing a hand on her leg

The simple friendly gesture sent a shock wave through Lily, her entire body burst with Goosebumps and she sucked in a tiny breath. She closed her eyes for a fleeting second so she could regain her composure.

When she opened them, she stared straight at her plate but she could see from the corner of her eye that James had been watching her, she began to panic so she put the food in her mouth and pretended like nothing had happened.

Fast Forward To The Common Room That Night

The three girls and the four boys sat around the fire that night, talking and laughing.
James and Lily sat in armchairs opposite each other across a coffee table, Sirius and Autumn sat at one end of the long couch facing the fire, Remus and Peter sat at the other and Rose sat on the floor in front of Lily’s armchair.

A few student walked in, James looked up at them and then looked back to his group, Sirius and Remus were recounting a funny story but Lily wasn’t paying attention, she was thinking of dinner tonight and when James had put his hand on her leg, much like Sirius was doing to Autumn now.
Someone else entered through the portrait hole and Lily watched as James’ eyes flicked up and then back down to Sirius, a nanosecond later his eyes went up again and this time they lingered on someone and he let a coy smile grace his face. Lily’s eyes immediately followed his gaze to see that three girls had walked in, and while two of them were conversing the third was ‘making eyes’ at James, and he was playing along with it.

What was he playing at?

Lily looked back to him

‘I saw that,’ Sirius said

Lily’s body stiffened, oh no, had he seen the jealously that flashed through her?
Lily’s eyes shot up to look at him, But Sirius was looking at James
‘Saw what?’ James asked innocently
‘You playing ‘flirty eyes’ with young Faith Pollard there,’ Sirius said
‘I was not playing ‘flirty eyes’,’ James said dismissing him
‘Oh please you practically undressed her with your eyes,’ Sirius insisted

Lily shifted in her seat and Autumn’s eyes locked on hers, Lily looked down and her knees and tried to suppress the urge to yell at them both
‘I was doing no such thing, and if I was could you blame me, she’s grown up very nicely,’ James smirked

Lily’s breathing began to quicken, she could feel Autumn’s gaze burning into her but she tried to remain casual,
‘Don’t you encourage him, or we’ll have another Gloria Goldman on our hands,’ Remus commented not looking up from his book
‘Excuse me but I did not encourage Gloria Goldman,’ James said his brow narrowing
‘What did she do?’ Rose asked
‘Nothing,’ James said not looking at anyone, least of all Lily
‘Don’t lie,’ Peter said
Lily’s heart was growing steadily faster
James shot Peter a glare and the timid boy sank into his chair
‘They made mouth music,’ Sirius said
Lily’s heart stopped and then began to beat slowly
‘They did what?’ Rose asked amused at Sirius’s term.
‘Snogged,’ Sirius smiled
Her stomach dropped
‘Great Scott man is there nothing you can keep secret?’ Remus asked
‘Why should I?’ Sirius asked
‘He’s just jealous Rem,’ James said smiling thought it didn’t reach his eyes.
He was trying to make an awkward situation comfortable
‘Don’t worry Sirius my lips belong only to you,’ He finished with a wink

Lily was upset and she knew why and now that she knew why it meant that somewhere in the depths of her soul she finally registered it.

‘When did this happen?’ Rose asked
Why was she asking these questions? Why did she want to know?
Lily was hating every minute of it, she didn’t want to hear anymore, but she could hardly get up and leave.

‘On patrol last week sometime,’ James said with a shrug

Hadn’t they almost, not even nearly, kissed last week?
And Oh Merciful Merlin, they’d been sharing tea!

‘You were on patrol with me last week,’ Lily said in a calm and steady voice
Everyone turned to look at her.
‘Yes, I uh... had to cover for one of the other prefects,’ James said his eyes bore into hers
‘Oh,’ Lily said in a monotone, nodding
‘How did the kiss come about?’ Rose asked
‘Rose,’ Lily said her brow knitting
‘What?’ Rose asked
‘It’s his private life,’ Lily said
‘No it’s okay,’ James said
Lily’s nostrils flared
‘She pinned me to a wall and planted one on me,’ James said
‘You make it sound as if you had no part in it,’ Autumn said
Lily shot her a look
‘I didn’t, she kissed me,’ James shrugged
‘That’s it? She kissed you and that’s all?’ Autumn asked
‘Yes, that’s all,’ James replied
‘You didn’t kiss her back? You weren’t flirting before hand? You didn’t do anything at all to lead her to think that maybe you wanted her to kiss you?’ Autumn probed
Lily rubbed her forehead and sighed
‘No,’ James replied simply
‘Are you sure?’ Autumn continued
‘As far as I know we were having a very platonic conversation about charms next thing I know she’s pushing me against the wall and kissing me,’ James explained shifting in his chair
‘And what did you do?’ Rose asked
Lily looked to James, this she wanted to know. To her surprise he was looking at her as well, Lily’s eyes shot to the fire.
‘I broke it and let her know it wasn’t appropriate,’ James said diplomatically
‘She just kissed you out of nowhere?’ Autumn asked disbelievingly with a little bite
‘Yes Autumn, you would know about kissing someone out of the blue, I’m sure you understand the concept of Gloria’s train of thought it that particular situation,’

Every one turned to look at Lily, unable to believe it had just come out of her mouth.
She was hardly able to believe it was her that had said that. She swallowed and cleared her throat.
‘Are we all done discussing James’ romantic life?’ She asked
No one said anything but they continued to stare at her
‘Good, shall we move on then?’ she asked

Fast Forward To The Girls Dorm Later On That Night
Lily was pulling her pajama’s on when Autumn spoke
‘I’m sorry about earlier on tonight Lily, I didn’t realise it was a sore spot for you,’ she said
Lily turned to look at her
‘What’s a sore spot?’ Lily asked
‘James and Gloria,’ Autumn replied
‘There is no “James and Gloria” and it’s not a sore spot, though I must admit I never realised how interested you were in James’ love life, who’s the fan now?’ Lily said jokingly

On the inside she was seething, she wanted to yell at Autumn.
She wanted to yell at her because it was true and she had the audacity to point it out in front of everyone.

‘I’m not, you’re the one that’s sticking up for him,’ Autumn said neutrally though her brow was knitting slightly

‘You were the one asking about his love life,’ Lily pointed out
‘I was doing it for you, I thought you might like to know,’ Autumn replied
‘You thought wrong,’ Lily said pulling back her covers and hopping into her bed
‘Why won’t you admit...’ Autumn began
‘Why won’t you drop it?’ Lily snapped
Autumn looked taken aback
‘Why can’t you accept that I’m not a fan, James and I are friends, nothing more,’ Lily said
Autumn went to open her mouth but Rose cut in
‘Drop it Autumn,’ she said her brow furrowed
‘And don’t think I don’t blame you either,’ Lily said to Rose before she closed the hangings around her bed and settled for another sleepless night.

Fast Forward To The Next Day

Lily woke and got dressed and down to breakfast before anyone else had awoken.
She sat at the table, playing with her porridge but not having the heart to eat it.
She was angry at Sirius and Autumn and Rose and now she was angry at James.

How could he let Gloria Goldman kiss him?
Was it because she was pretty?
Was it because she was willing?
Was it because she was easy?

Lily’s thoughts were turning nasty so she decided to busy herself with her cup of tea.
As though this called to him, James was suddenly by her side, sitting himself and getting busy eating his food.

‘Morning,’ he said grabbing some toast and biting into it
Lily said nothing but spooned some porridge into her mouth instead.
He looked at her in her silence and made to grab her tea, her hand shot out and grabbed it first, she lifted it to her mouth and took a sip, making a show of holding on to it so he couldn’t have it.

James looked at her and picked up his own cup and took a sip watching her the whole time.
They finished their breakfast in silence and by the time they were done the others had come to join them.
Lily excused herself and got up and left the rest of them

‘What’s that about?’ Remus asked the group in general
‘Remember that annoying thing I said was going to happen?’ Rose whispered to him
Remus turned to look at her
‘Oh,’ was all he said

Fast Forward To That Afternoon

Lily was walking down the charms corridor, her arm folded across her chest. She had been wondering around the castle for the past fifteen minutes for no particular reason. She was frustrated that Gloria kissing James annoyed and hurt her so.

Why did James have to change?
Why was he a good guy now?
Why was he funny and easy to talk to and why did she like his stories and his smile and the way his tongue poked out from his lips when he concentrated really, really hard?
How he ran his hand through his hair and drank her tea and rubbed his jaw, and cleaned his glasses?

She rubbed her face in frustration and sighed
‘Hey,’ someone said from right behind her causing her to jump in fright

She spun and came face to face with the cause of all her problems
‘You scared me,’ she said her brow furrowing
‘Sorry,’ he said
She crossed her arms again and looked at him expectantly, he in turn just stood looking at her
‘Well?’ she asked with a shrug
‘Well what?’ James asked
‘Did you want something?’ Lily asked
Now it was James’ turn to furrow his brow
‘Am I back to needing an excuse to be around you?’ he asked
‘James what do you want?’ Lily asked impatiently
‘I thought you’d might like some company, no one’s seen you today,’ he said putting his hands in his pockets
‘Well I’m fine,’ Lily said shortly
‘What’s wrong?’ James asked
‘I just told you I was fine,’ Lily said looking at him like he was dumb
‘Yes I heard that, and now I’m asking for a second time, what’s wrong?’ he asked ignoring her tone

Lily stood looking at him for a long time, he did nothing but look right back

‘Nothing’s wrong,’ she said finally
‘I don’t believe you, but fine,’ James said matter of factly, then turned on his heel and walked away

‘What do you mean you don’t believe me?’ Lily said flaring up

James stopped and turned around again

‘You can’t tell me you don’t believe me,’ she said annoyed

‘Why can’t I?’ James said patronizingly

‘Because saying you don’t believe me the way you did implies that you do know what’s wrong with me,’ Lily said putting her hands on her hips

James folded his arms over his chest and sighed

‘And you don’t, because there’s nothing wrong,’ Lily finished reading his look

‘Then why are you getting upset?’ he asked

Lily saw red, what a bastard, how dear he point out such things and be right in doing so

‘I’m not getting upset, I was already upset,’ Was the best Lily could come up with

‘So there is something wrong?’ James asked letting his arms drop

‘No,’ Lily shot back feeling stupid

‘You’re not making sense,’ James said shifting his body weight from one foot to another

‘I am making perfect sense,’ Lily snapped

‘Lily,’ James said calmly, like an adult talking to an over emotional child

‘Don’t ‘Lily’ me,’ she said

James let his head drop, looking at her the whole time

‘Don’t look at me like that either,’ Lily said turning away from him

‘Why are you upset?’ his voice reached her ears like melted chocolate
Smooth and warm, like he had used to speak to Milli

She realised now how calming it was

‘Because I didn’t think you were that kind of a boy,’ Lily sighed frustrated

‘What kind of boy?’ he asked confused

‘The kind to kiss random girls in hallways,’ Lily said

James stayed quiet for a long while, Lily almost thought that he had left, she turned suddenly to see if she had indeed been deserted, but there he stood, smiling.

Lily looked at him, her heart beating furiously

‘You’re jealous,’ He said looking nothing short of smug and putting his hands back in his pockets


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Chapter 10: NiNe
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Great Scott!

‘What?’ Lily spat

‘You’re jealous, that’s what’s wrong, you’re jealous that Gloria and I kissed,’ James said walking toward her

‘No I’m not and I thought it was just Gloria that kissed you, the way you told it you didn’t partake in that night’s activities,’ Lily said

‘You are jealous, otherwise why would you be reacting like this?’ James asked coming to a stop in front of her

‘I’m not jealous, I’m just upset that you would let Gloria think you like her therefore leading her to kiss you and you turning around and letting her down, it’s not fair; she likes you and you let her,’ Lily said walking away from him

‘How was I meant to stop her from liking me, I didn’t make her like me in the first place,’ James argued following her

‘You should have let her down,’ Lily said stopping and turning to face him
‘I did, that’s what you’re upset about remember,’ James smiled

Lily looked all around the corridor before she folded her arms

‘Why are you pretending to care for Gloria all of a sudden?’ James asked
‘I’m not pretending,’ Lily said irked
‘You don’t like Gloria, you never have and now I know why,’ James smiled

Lily stood there looking at him she wanted to hit him and kiss him at the same time

‘You like me,’ James said his smile broadening

‘God, don’t flatter yourself,’ Lily said abhorred turning around again

‘You do,’ James half laughed

‘No I really don’t, not anymore not in any way shape or form, you’re tainted,’ she spat with as much venom she could muster

James’ face darkened

Lily watched in satisfaction and then she felt guilty.

‘Well, look what we found,’ someone said behind her

She turned to see Cane and Octavious, she sighed and rolled her eyes

‘Bugger off the both of you,’ she said pushing through them

But before she even got two steps away Octavious’ hand shot out and grabbed her upper arm roughly and pulled her back, the force with which she was grabbed shocked Lily and she didn’t move

‘Get off her,’ James said stepping forward and pulling out his wand and pointing it at Octavious who suddenly let go of her like he’d been burnt

James stood there his wand still pointing at them, he reached out a hand and grabbed Lily’s wrist and pulled her back toward him

‘You hexed me,’ the Slytherin said his eyes mad

‘You touched her,’ James replied now pushing Lily away from them and near a suit of armour

Before she knew it the three boys were duelling, two against one and James was doing pretty well for himself

‘STOP IT,’ Lily heard herself yell as the boys continued to throw hexes at each other, blowing each other off their feet and progressively moving down the corridor

Lily pulled out her wand and shot a stunning spell that got Cane square in the back and he fell to the floor, as she ran toward them James and Octavious turned the corner out of her range of vision

‘Go get a professor,’ Lily ordered a painting of a monk who looked slightly stunned
‘Now! go get one now!’ she yelled to the floored painting, who nodded and then ran out of his frame

Lily tore after the duelling boys and by the time she’d turned the corner they were already at the other end, as she ran toward them she saw Octavious shoot a spell at James with such force that it threw him against the wall and he fell in a heap on the floor.

Octavious looked at what he had done and then upon hearing Lily’s footsteps he turned, looked at her and bolted in the opposite direction

Lily stood looking at the crumpled figure on the floor

‘James,’ she whispered
‘James?’ she called a little louder to no response

She ran toward him, she saw drops of blood seeping through his white shirt and she dropped to her knees and ripped his shirt open, he let out a low throaty groan.

There was an angry welt across his chest that was barely bleeding...

So here they were, Lily letting herself fully register that she did care for James in more than a friendly way, that she had judged him and wrongly so, that she now had feelings for him, one’s that she had tried to suppress and had obviously just over flowed.

‘I may be tainted but you still couldn’t wait to get my shirt off could you?’ James said looking up at her

Such relief flooded through her that she fell from her kneeling position to sitting against the wall

‘He got me good,’ James said looking down at his chest and then looking at Lily

She was already looking at him her heart still racing from the revelation she had just had, she began to lean in
She was going to kiss him she was so relieved. James saw the look in her eyes and was moving toward her as well.

‘What happened here?’ came the crisp voice of professor McGonagall

James and Lily sat back.


Lily sat next to James’ hospital bed tediously explaining what had happened, Professor McGonagall stood tight lipped and looking livid.

‘I’m going to get Professor Slughorn and Professor Dumbledore,’ McGonagall said turning

Lily turned to look at James, he was already looking at her smiling slightly

‘How are you feeling?’ Lily asked placing a hand on his forearm

‘Tainted, you?’ he replied

Lily smiled sheepishly

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I was just angry,’ Lily explained sheepishly still

‘Lily Evans? Angry? Never!’ James said sarcastically

‘Won’t you stop, I feel terrible,’ Lily said with a sad smile

‘Oh love,’ James said with a laugh reaching out and taking her hand and pressing it to his cheek

The small and unexpected gesture made her feel funny again and they locked eyes, he had a look that she could quiet place but it made her wriggle in her seat

‘Mr. Potter you have some visitors,’ the Matron announced

Lily let her hand drop from his face and she went to pull her hand out of his but he held fast and placed their hands on the bed at his side and turned to see who was coming.

Remus and Sirius appeared around the curtain Sirius hand holding on to Autumn’s who rounded the curtain a second later.

‘Anything to get out of class,’ Sirius said

James and Lily both smiled as Autumn and Remus’s eyes skimmed over James and Lily’s clasped hands, Autumn’s hand squeezed Sirius and he squeezed back to show that he too had noticed.

‘Where’s Pete?’ James asked

‘We sent him to go get Rose, she’s the only one that didn’t know,’ Remus explained

Later that night in the Common Room
Rose sat on the floor playing wizard’s chess with Remus as Peter watched, Sirius sat in an armchair with Autumn in his lap as they flipped through a magazine and James and Lily sat next to each other still holding hands.

The talked amicably on all things as the common room slowly filtered out it was one in the morning when Remus and Rose went to bed Peter had left at eleven thirty and
Autumn and Sirius left a short while later to take a walk around the lake leaving a lightly dozing James and an awake Lily alone as she read from the charms text book.

‘How do you read a text book?’ James’s whisper interrupted her flow
She turned to look at him

‘The same way you read any other book,’ Lily replied

‘No, any other book has a plot and sub-plots and witty dialogue, a dashing leading man and his virtuous leading lady’ James said readjusting his position

‘You must stop reading trashy romance novels,’ Lily said with a smile

He smiled in return and then sat up a little straighter

‘How are you feeling?’ Lily asked

‘A little tired,’ James answered honestly

‘Did you want to go to bed?’ Lily asked a sudden onset of butterflies erupted in her belly

‘Well I’m not allowed in the girls dormitory, the stairs won’t let me up and I doubt highly that you would survive the stench of my room,’ James said

Lily sat stock still, the butterflies gone for her stomach had fallen to the floor but her heart was beating so hard she was sure James could see it palpitating through her shirt

‘Joking Lil’,’ James said squeezing her hand and laughing

Lily let out a long breath but not in relief it was the long exhale of the realisation that she was in fact considering it

‘You looked like a gnome caught in wand light,’ he said still smiling and turning to look at her, he caught the look on her face and his brow furrowed lightly

She still sat like a statue her heart continued to pound and a fresh wave of butterflies erupted. She didn’t understand they were just sitting there, staring at each other

‘Lily?’ he asked looking at her

She opened her mouth and then closed it again, just staring at him.

And then she swallowed

This seemed to be a sign to him and it was and she was so elated that he had read it correctly.

He licked his lips slowly and swallowed himself before he sat in toward her and began leaning forward, she let out a sigh of relief as she saw him coming toward her, his head to one side and she closed her eyes.

It felt like a century before his lips lightly touched hers, just once. She kept her eyes closed, it was like he was testing the waters, seeing if this was truly what she wanted.

Still with her eyes closed she licked her lips, her breathing shallow, she waited but nothing happened, She had thought it felt amazing and that was just a shadow of a touch. She could still feel that his face was very near and she could hear that he too was breathing heavily. He was waiting for her just as she was waiting for him.

She let out a little sigh...

James fully pushed his lips to hers, one of his hands cupping her head as her hands moved sinuously up his arms and one rested on a shoulder as the other touched his neck. As they deepened the kiss the room grew hotter and the air scarce.

They pulled apart finally still holing each other, their foreheads resting together, their breathing laboured, and their they stayed for a moment, collecting themselves.

The next morning as the seven sat at the breakfast table, Autumn and Sirius opposite James and Lily. Remus next to James and Rose opposite him with Peter of his left, they spoke again Sirius’ hand on Autumn’s leg as she fed him bacon. James and Lily holding hands under the table, Rose and Remus discussing the effects of belladonna, Peter happily read a comic.

Lily watched as James quickly and casually injected a joke into Remus’ and Rose’s all of a sudden intense conversation. Both Remus and Rose shot James a look and then both reluctantly smiled and dropped their conversation.

Lily smiled into her tea and looked over to James to find that he was already looking at her. He too was smiling and she put her cup down, James leant in and gave her a small peck on the lips that she readily received. James took the cup of tea from her hands and had a sip himself, Lily watched him and then they both turned back to their friends to see them staring at them.

‘This is new,’ Sirius said casually as the rest gaped at them

‘Nah, I told you I’d get her one day,’ James said with a smile bringing their entwined hands up to his mouth and kissing her hand.

‘I said it was new, not unexpected, after last night we were all placing bets to see when you’d actually get together,’ Sirius explained pulling out a galleon from his pocket and flicking it in James’ direction.

James caught it and looked at Lily in turn looked at him with an eyebrow cocked

‘I didn’t bet,’ James said more to Lily then the rest

‘No but the earliest bet was made by Rose and she bet two days from tomorrow so the money is yours,’ Sirius continued as the remaining four pulled out a galleon each and threw it at James.

‘Three days that’s all you gave me?’ Lily asked Rose in disbelief

Rose looked up, tucked her chin in and cocked an eyebrow

‘At least I gave you three days Missy, you’re the one that jumped the gun not me,’ She said in a rather self-satisfied way

Lily pursed her lips though she was still smiling

‘Alright, next bets are on when they get married and then when they have a kid,’ Sirius called.


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