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Padfoot&Prongs by Miss Haggan

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 23,663

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, James, OtherCanon

First Published: 04/05/2008
Last Chapter: 03/20/2011
Last Updated: 03/20/2011


Thanks to NevillesSoulmate from the DA for the fantastic Banner. Harry James Potter is about to go into his 3rd year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he will meet Proffessor Lupin, notorious mass murder Sirius Black and the unforgettable Peter Pettigrew, but he will also meet someone he thought he'd never meet but who? Edited!

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Authors Note: I do not own Harry Potter and co; I just borrowed them for fun. This story is a mixture of the 3rd book, the 3rd movie and my own Imagination so I hope you enjoy.

A man was sitting, waiting for them things to come and give him what they called dinner. He was rather eager for these things they called Dementors  to come and give him his meal, although it was not the meal that was making him eager, no quite the opposite, he was eager because this was the night of his great escape.

The said man was none other than the mass murderer Sirius Black. He was a scarily thin man, with long matted hair that fell down to his shoulders and dull grey eyes, that where once full of life; now lay sunken in his eye sockets. He was sitting on an extremely uncomfortable slab of steel with a thin, old, mouldy mattress placed on top inside a dark, damp, dingy cell of Azkaban.

The reason that he was put in this hole, was because he supposedly killed his two best friends, Lily & James Potter, another friend Peter Pettigrew and blown up no less than twelve muggles. This however was not the case no, it was Peter Pettigrew who killed Lily & James Potter, Peter Pettigrew who blew up twelve muggles and faked his own death.

For Twelve years Sirius sat in Azkaban, taking the blame for something he didn't do, he had no choice he didn't know where Peter was, until now. Yes Sirius had no idea where Peter  was hiding until a few days ago, he was given a copy of the Daily Prophet with Pettigrew on the front of it in his animagus form perched on the shoulder of a boy called Ron Weasley, as Sirius scanned the article he found out that the said boy was at Hogwarts heading into his third year, which judging by the date on the paper and his memory was the same year as his godson, son of Lily and James, saviour of the wizarding world Harry Potter was in.

This made Sirius panic, his godson was in danger from the person who murdered his parents and he didn't even know about it. So Sirius being a marauder came up with a plan, a plan to escape. It had never been done before and he wasn't sure he would manage it, but he had to try for Harry. His plan was to turn into his illegal animagus form, which he done whenever the Dementors got near, which saved him from going insane and slip past the scabby skeletons which sucked life from everywhere.  He was then going to swim across the sea, and then travel to Hogwarts in his animal form.

As he nervously waited for the Dementors to come he went over the plan in his head, just as he was going over the finer details he felt the cold, dread and despair that usually came with the Dementors presence wash over him. Nervously he stood up and waited for that scabby skeleton like hand to appear at the bars of his door. When they did, he turned into his animagus form and crept past it, when it opened the door.

With baited breath Sirius, or Padfoot as he was known in his dog form, crept past the other Dementors and security guards making sure he stayed in the shadows. Soon enough he was at the front doors which were conveniently open, once out side he bolted towards the sea and dived in, breathing in the fresh air that he missed, as he swam to the shore.

He felt like he swam for hours before he finally arrived at the shore, he slowly crawled up the land and collapsed in amongst some trees hidden from anyone who might be looking for him. After an while using his sense of direction  that he had whenever he transformed into a dog, he headed north for the long journey to Hogwarts, but before he headed there he promised himself to go and visit his godson first.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Fallin'
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Authors note: I do NOT own Harry Potter, I wasn't smart enough to invent him lol. P.s the lighter writing is a memory.

Harry was lying on his bed in his small bedroom, where he lived with his very muggle aunt and uncle and his whale of a cousin, thinking. He was thinking about how different life would be if he had his parents were alive, would he have siblings? Would he have a scar? Would Voldemort's powers still have diminished? He had been thinking about these questions all day, he didn't know why but his mind just started mulling over these questions, then with a final thought of his father he drifted off to sleep, not noticing the shooting star in the distance.

It had been many days and nights since Sirius Black's great escape, he was feeling very tired and lethargic having to go to sleep in the dead of night in a secluded area, then get up before dawn and relocate so the guards of Azkaban couldn't find him. Today he was feeling particularly tired as he had been chased out of three different villages because he looked too scruffy, so because he was so tired, he allowed himself just this once to rest in broad daylight. Settling himself down in a clear patch surrounded by thick trees he began to relax until he heard a loud thump followed by a loud groan.

Sirius bolted up into a stance, he watched nervously as the dust settled around the man, the stranger sat up and groaned again, this is when Sirius' eyes widened to the size of saucers. In front of him was the person he thought he would never see this close, the person had black raven hair that stuck up oddly, he had wire rimmed glasses and was tall and skinny, even though he was sitting, as he took in the persons appearance his heart leapt it couldn't be, but yet here in front of him was none other than his godson Harry Potter. Although the scent that he picked up as a dog was not a new one, but one that he recognized, as if on cue the stranger turned around taking in his surroundings, spotted the dog and gave a huge grin. As Sirius looked closer at his appearance his eyes, if possible, went even wider, instead of the bright, astonishing green that were Harry's eyes, he was met with equally bright hazel ones that gleamed with mischief.

But no it couldn't be, it just wasn't possible. Fearing for his sanity he started to growl and bare his teeth at the man.

"Calm down Padfoot, it really is me, you're not going insane" Laughed the man. At the mention of his nickname he changed back to human form and started stuttering at the man.

"Bu-but how?"

"I'll tell you in a minute, but first…" He dug into his jeans, pulled out his wand and walked around in a circle putting up charms so that they couldn't be found. Once he finished he transfigured two tree stumps into more comfortable chairs.

"Transform," Sirius blurted out before the man had a chance to sit down. He done so at once without hesitation satisfied he leapt forward and embraced the man in a brotherly hug.

"How?" Sirius asked again "James, Harry is the only one known to have survived the killing curse, so how can you be here".

"Well I defiantly died I remember that. Once we both died we were able to watch Harry grow up, which wasn't pleasant those Dersley’s are B*****ds, anyway after about a year or two of me and Lily watching Harry a sort of arc angel came to us saying that we have to make the most of the time we have got left together, because I was going to be called on by Harry because one day he would need me. When I asked her why Lily couldn't be called on as well, she said that because like Harry I had someone die for me and even though my protection has worn off I could still come back when my son called on me, but it had to be without his knowledge. So naturally I waited for many years until finally without knowing Harry called on me." James replied with a tear in his eyes.

"What about Lily?" Sirius asked

"Well the years we had together were some of the best, but she understood that Harry needed me, but she is still able to watch over us."

"Well you’re in luck Prongs, that's why I escaped from Azkaban, to find Harry, he's in danger at Hogwarts, I was going to head his way tomorrow"

"I know that Pettigrew is at Hogwarts, but I also know that Remus is to become his DADA teacher this year."

"No way! A marauder is a teacher at Hogwarts?" Sirius laughed a bark like laugh.

"I know crazy isn't it, anyway we got to get some sleep and we want to be awake for seeing Harry tomorrow."

"When are you going to tell him?" Sirius asked

"Same time as you Padfoot." he replied rolled over and fell asleep within minutes, excitement building in him.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Harry
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A.N. I do not own Harry Potter. Conversations between Sirius and James will be in a different style of typing.

Harry was lying in his bed dreaming about his parents. He was dreaming about life without Voldemort, about how it would be if he wasn't the boy who lived. He had gotten to a particularly nice part where they were celebrating his thirteenth birthday when a shrill voice came screeching through his dream.

"Harry get out of your bed at once and make us some breakfast, you lazy boy." Screeched his aunt Petunia

"Right…" Harry snapped back, then groaned (he was going to pay for that)

He got up and slumped over to his wardrobe and flung the doors open, he gazed at Dudley’s old clothes for ten minutes before deciding to put on a pair of blue faded jeans and a red t-shirt that he had actually grown into, and now looked good on his toned Quidditch body.

Harry stomped moodily down the stairs and into the kitchen, to find an already purple faced Vernon glaring at him.

"Breakfast boy, then the dishes, then the front garden, got it." He snarled.

Harry nodded his head in acknowledgement and then proceeded to cook the breakfast; however he had no intentions on doing the front garden but every intention of going to the park. Once he had finished the dishes he got the hedge clippers out of the cupboard under the stairs and proceeded to the front door, where he quickly looked into the front window to make sure he wasn't being watched, threw the clippers away jumped over the fence and strolled towards the park.

James looked up sharply as he heard the front door of number 4 Privet Drive, he and Sirius had been waiting for days but still there was no sign of Harry. But his heart seemed to stop as a tall, skinny, raven haired boy stepped out. He nudged Sirius beside him, who turned and smiled widely. James felt overwhelmed when he realised how much Harry was like him. They stood and watched as he looked through the living room window before roughly throwing a pair of hedge clippers to the ground. He then jumped over the fence and started to stroll towards the park.

"Yeah, he's your son alright prongs" Sirius laughed as they began to follow Harry, under an invisibility charm.

"I know, class isn't he?" he replied beaming from ear to ear.

"Doesn't look like we'll have to train him much, looks like he's already a rule breaker" Sirius said

"Of course he's a rule breaker he's my son, and by the way his top half is slightly bulky, it looks like he's a Quidditch player"

"Wonder what position?" Sirius thought loudly

"Seeker…" James replied immediately

"I bet a gold galleon that he's a chaser"

"You’re on, prepare to lose Padfoot" James grinned.

They stopped suddenly when Harry was attacked by a rather bushy haired girl.

Harry was walking along Magnolia walk when he was suddenly ambushed by a girl with rather busy brown hair.

"What- Hermione what are you doing here?" he cried out, once he got over the initial shock.

"My aunt has just moved into the area, so I thought I’d come and give you your birthday present." She said as she released him and handed him a neatly wrapped square shaped present.

"Thanks Mione, um well I'm on my way to the park want to come with?" He asked stunned.

"Sure." She replied and liked her arm up with Harry's and began to walk with him.

Once they got to the park they found a spot on the grass under a tree lay down and began naming the funny shaped clouds.

"...that one's called Planet bighead Potter." Hermione giggled

"Hey I'm not a bighead, I'm a fighter." he exclaimed

"Troublemaker, more like." Hermione giggled again

"Hark who's talking, you’re the one who's always right behind me helping." He stated

"No I'm always helping Ron, you don't need help you could start trouble all on you own."

"I do not start trouble; trouble just seems to be everywhere I go." he laughed

"Maybe this year will be quiet." She stated, Harry snorted with laughter. "What? Maybe it will. It needs to be anyway I've got too many classes to be doing anything else." She stated matter-of-factly

"Hermione, you are best friends with me, saviour of the world, biggest trouble maker of the school, this year won't be any different from the other two." he laughed.

"Well then what do you think will happen?" she asked getting up

"Um, a mass murderer will come hunting for me…"

"Oh you heard, how did you know he was a wizard?"

"The day after it was on our news Dumbledore sent me a letter telling me to be careful and not to go out anywhere." He shrugged walking off.

"It will be alright Padfoot, come on lets walk him home" James said and they started following Harry back to his house. Sirius did so with a heavy heart, he would never hurt Harry.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Blown up
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Authors Note: I do not own Harry Potter, I’m not that smart.
"They treat him like a slave" James muttered angrily as he and Sirius watched Harry mow the front lawn. "He's not a house elf and have you felt the heat out here, he's going get sunstroke" he continued

"James they are muggles they don't have house elves, and I don't like it any better than you but Harry can take care of himself, and anyway he'll be gone tomorrow. Sirius muttered back

They stood and watched as Harry and his Uncle Vernon argued. Vernon handed Harry a glass of murky water, and went back into the house, meanwhile Harry took one look at the glass of water, poured it out and smashed the glass on the wall shattering it into millions of pieces.

"He's got some temper on him." Sirius commented.

"Just like Lily." James muttered sadly as they continued to watch Harry's temper rising.


Harry was made to do the housework all morning, because Dudley's aunt Marge was coming, he could feel his temper rising, as he mowed the front lawn in the blazing heat, he also felt that he was being watched, but put the feeling down to the heat of the sun.

His bad mood only worsened however when Marge arrived. She was a beefy woman, with several chins, a purple face and a moustache, much like uncle Vernon.

"Here…" she growled thrusting her wet umbrella and coat into Harry’s arms, there had been a thunder storm earlier. She waddled into the living room as Harry hung up here coat and umbrella crying out "Where's my neffy poo". Harry suddenly felt like this was going to be the worst night of his life, trudged in after her and watched her, trying to suppress a grin, smother Dudley with hairy kisses.

A while later they were sitting down to their dinner, well Harry was tiding up, when Aunt Marge started on Harry again.

"You mustn't blame yourself for the way this one turned out Vernon, it's all to do with blood, bad blood throughout."

"What is it his father did Petunia?" she asked. Aunt Petunia paled visibly.

"Nothing, he did nothing, he didn't work." she squeaked

"And a drunk to no doubt." she barked

"That’s a lie." Harry felt himself say before he could stop himself.

"What did you say?" Aunt Marge asked surprised that Harry had answered her back.

"My dad wasn't a drunk…" he growled trying to supress his anger, but at that moment Aunt Marge's glass exploded in her hand.

Aunt Petunia let out a shriek of surprise and began fussing over Marge, but she just shushed her with a wave of her enormous hand, and ordered Harry to clean the mess up, which he did so not wanting to cause any more trouble.

"Actually it's nothing to do with the father, Its all to do with the mother, you see it all the time with dogs, if there's something wrong with the bitch then there's something wrong with the pup" she slurred

Harry couldn't take it any longer and his anger exploded "SHUT UP " he screamed the lights around him flickered as his temper rose.

Marge, who looked rather purple, turned and pointed a large purple finger at him.

"Right let me tell you…" she began but got no further as her rather large finger was growing even larger. Soon her whole body was blowing up her shirt burst open no longer able to take her weight and her tweed suit began to rip at the seams. She floated up in the air, with the chair stuck to her ever expanding fat bottom before it too exploded.

Shocked and before anyone could stop him, Harry raced from the kitchen to the cupboard under the stairs, where it magically burst open. He grabbed his trunk and as quickly as he could and raced up stairs and threw everything into his trunk and raced back downstairs to be faced with a very purple faced Vernon.

"Bring her back, bring her back and put her right". He shouted spraying spit all over Harry

"No she deserved what she got." He yelled back. His uncle lunged forward and tried to grab Harry.

"Keep, away from me." Harry said thrusting his wand at his uncle, who backed away.

He came down the last few steps and walked out the door dragging his trunk and Hedwig’s cage behind him. He looked up and could see his 'Aunt' bobbing along in the distance; he smirked and headed towards the park.

"What the bloody hell?" Sirius exclaimed. He could hear shouting coming from Harry's 'House'.

"What?" James asked as he returned from his outing to the shops, disguised as another wizard.

"Something’s going on over there, I can hear a lot of yelling" he said rummaging through the bags, and pointing to number four privet drive.

James paled and started pacing about, wondering whether he should go over there as James, Harry's dad or just a concerned neighbour, but just as he came to a decision Sirius broke his train of thought.

"Will you stop pacing; he'll be coming out soon." James turned 'round and gave his friend a quizzical look, who merely pointed to the sky.

He wiped around just in time to see a rather large blown up woman floating away from the Dursley’s. Stunned he turned back to Sirius who was rolling around on the ground laughing hard.

"That kids got some nerve." he managed to choke out,

"I know that’s why I want to talk to him." James said seriously. This made Sirius stop laughing and jump up from the ground.

"Are you mad? You'll scare him." Sirius exclaimed.

"I know I would that’s why I'm going to talk to him in my disguise." He explained calmly. Even though his nerves were eating him up inside.

 "What about me?" Sirius asked sceptically.

"You are going to be my dog. Now hurry up and change here he comes."

James said as Harry come storming out of the house and headed over to the park. Sirius pawed at him to show that he was ready; he took a deep breath as he followed Harry as he headed towards the park.

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: A Stranger and A Bus
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A.N.  I own nothing but the Plot

As Harry walked he was vaguely aware that he was being followed, but he did not care. The said person was a man who was a couple of inches taller than he was, he was very muscular and strutted rather than walked and with him was a tall, thin, black, scruffy dog, who kept running up to Harry and circling him as if he knew who he was.

Without further thought Harry sat on a bench outside the park and was surprised when the dog bounded over towards him and started trying to lick his face.

"Get off him you, you idiot." The man said as he pulled the dog off Harry

"Sorry about that, he gets a bit over excited sometimes. Hello, my name is Jamie Porter." He said extending out a hand, which Harry took, noticing now that the man had light blue eyes, and light blonde hair.

"Harry James Potter." he said shaking Jamie's hand.

"That was quite a bit of magic, you done back there" Jamie said. At the mention of magic, Harry's head whipped 'round stunned at what the man just said.

"Don't worry I am a wizard to." He said laughing.

"Well the old hag deserved it." Harry said getting over the shock of meeting another wizard in a muggle town.

"You sound just like you father." Jamie said laughing again.

"You knew my dad?" Harry asked shocked, again.

"Well I didn't know him personally, we were in the same classes together, along with Sirius, Remus and Peter" he said the last name with a scowl, which Harry noticed.

"Who are Sirius, Remus and Peter?" Harry asked confused.

"They were your dad's best friends in school." He replied bitterly.

"What’s your dog’s name?" Harry asked after a moments silence.

"Erm... Snuffles…." Jamie said caught off guard and thinking quickly. Harry snorted with laughter and ran a hand through his hair, as 'snuffles' cocked his head to one side.

"So where do you plan on going?" Jamie asked Harry who once again ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"No idea, I thought someone would've been here by now, since I done under age magic".

"Well, how about the Leaky Caldron?" Jamie asked

"How am I going to get there?  I can't fly in this place."

"We can get a bus." Jamie replied as he stuck out his wand.

There was a deafening BANG and a sudden blinding white light, he looked up to find a violently purple, triple decker bus had pulled up out of nowhere.

"This is the Knight Bus." Jamie said, as a small teenager who was only a few years older than Harry with a fair few pimples opened the doors, he tried to speak but Jamie just silenced him and handed the conductor some money, he then turned to Harry and said ‘come on’ before walking on and levitating Harry's trunk on board.

"How much?” Harry asked as he got on board.

"Depends on where 'cho wanna go 'init." The boy said.

"Leaky Caldron." Harry replied.

"Eleven sickles 'den." Replied the young man, Harry kicked open his trunk and extracted his silver sickles, handing them to the young man.

The man took them, and put them in his pocket and started to look Harry up and down as Harry closed his trunk, and taking a seat next to Jamie.

"Oh my gawed your Harry Potter you are…" He squealed delighted making Harry flatten his hair.

"Pleased to meet ya I'm Stan Shunpike" He said shaking Harry’s hand.

"Oy Shunpike, any chance of getting this bus moving, this century?" Jamie asked saving Harry from further embarrassment. Stan slumped to the front annoyed, gave the window a tap and shouted.
'Take her away Ern'. With another loud bang the bus leapt forward with such speed that Harry was thrown backwards into Jamie who put out an arm to stop him from falling.

The whole way to the Leaky Caldron, Stan kept staring at Harry as if Harry would suddenly burst with magic. Harry who was getting more and more annoyed with this Stan guy couldn't take it any longer and his temper got the better of him he exploded.

"What?" he shouted, Stan blushed and looked away while Jamie gave him a sort of worried look. It was a few minutes later before Stan attempted to do something again.

"Erm Mr...Mr Potter, c...can I have Erm an autograph" he stuttered, looking hopeful.

"I don't do autographs." Harry replied in a low growl and Stan backed off immediately grabbing a copy of the Prophet as he did so, and something on the front caught his eye".

"Let us see that paper a sec." Harry asked the conductor who passed him the paper eagerly.

Harry unfolded the paper and scanned the article vaguely aware that Jamie was reading over his shoulder. So this is the person who's after me Harry thought as he read the article under the photo. Suddenly he froze as he read over a piece of the article that stood out to him.

"Believed to be the reason Lily and James Potter are dead.....gave them to the Dark Lord"

Harry couldn't believe it this guy was the reason he was parentless, feeling angry Harry flung the paper back at Stan and muttered 'Bastard' under his breath which Jamie heard. Jamie himself looked rather pale but Harry paid no attention as he continued to brood.

A short while later Harry and Jamie got off the bus, rather eagerly and headed into the pub. Harry took a deep breath ready for what was going to happen.


A.N  I know this chapter and all the other ones are short and boring but it gets better I promise. R&R

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The Leaky Cauldron and Attacks
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A.N. I own nothing but the plot
"Ah Mr Potter we've been expecting you" Tom the bar man said as Harry entered the bar, at the mention of his name the whole bar turned there attention to him. Harry just rolled his eyes and followed Tom to were ever he was leading him to.

Tom took Harry up a pair of rickety stairs, down a narrow passage way and into a small privet parlour where he found Fudge the minister of magic sitting at a desk in the back of the room . He clicked his fingers and a fire lit at the grate. He offered Harry an assortment of food and some tea which he declined before bowing himself out of the room.

A while later found Harry back outside the room feeling very relived. Just as Harry was about to find Tom to check to see of there was a room free Harry ran into Jamie.

"Hey Harry how did it go" he asked as suffles tried to lick his face once again.

"Erm.. great accuatly, I erm.. got let off no warning or anything just said that they had found my 'Aunt'--" he said this using air quotes.---" And that they had puntured her and modified her memory"

"Great I bet your pleased"

"Yeah pleased that for once my fame has done me good" Harry chuckled amuseidly.

 Just then Tom the bar man appeared. He told Harry that room eleven was free. So he lead him back down the narrow passage way and up more rickety stairs, along another narrow passage way and into a large room. Inside was a very comfortable-looking bed, some highly polished oak furniture, a cheerfully crackling fire and perched on top of a wardrobe was Hedwig. Harry thanked Tom crossed over to the wardrobe and coaxed Hedwig down. He sat stroking Headwig on his bed before falling asleep fully clothed.

The next day, Harry went into Diagon Alley in the morning, and spent all day there. Visiting Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour and Quality Quidditch Supplies which were his two favourite shops, he also visited the other shops from time to time but Quality Qudditch Supplies is where he spent most of his day.

It had been a really peacefull day, he was sitting in the corner of the shop reading 'Hogwarts Quidditch Through the Ages', he hadn't even noticed the shop keeper bringing in the new broom untill he was suddenly swamped with masses of people, shouting,scratching and hexing eachother to get a closer look. Agenst his better judgement Harry struggled to the front of the crowd without getting hexed, but he did get pushed and got a few scratches. He immeadiatly saw what all the fuss was about, sitting right there in front of him on a newly erected podium was the newest broom out.

                                                     THE FIREBOLT

This state-of-the-art racing broom sports a streamlined, super-fine handle of ash, treated with a diamond-hard polish and hand-numbered with its own 'registration number. Each individually selected birch twig in the broomtail has been honed to aerodynamic perfection, giving the firebolt unsurpassable balance and pinpoint precision. The Firebolt has an acceleration of 0-150 miles an hour in ten seconds and incorporates an unbreakable braking charm. Price on request.
It was the most magnificent broom he'd ever seen and with words like

'Price on request' few people would be able of afford it and he didn't dare ask how much it was ( he was to young to have a heart attack). Anyway his Nimbus 2000 had never failed him yet, so with that thought he struggled his way out of the shop.

As soon as he stepped out of the shop a wave of coldness and dispair passed over him, confused he looked around everywhere and found people frozen to the spot and staring at the sky, looking up his insides froze floating above him was cloaked figures with thier faces completely hidden beneath their hoods, as they glided forwards hands started protruding out of their cloaks, they were unlike anything he had ever seen before, the hands were a glistening, grey-ish colour and were slimey with scabbes all over. It reminded him of something that had died and decayed in the water.

However he had no time to dwell on how horrible it looked, because suddenly one swooped down on him and began drawing a sharp raspy breath. Harry began to hear woman shreak and began to feel sick at the smell of the breath coming from the thing, as it breathed in again Harry felt his own breath catch his chest as he fell to the ground, he barely registered someone scream out his name as he fell into blackness.

"I wonder were Harry is" James said as he and Sirius walked about under the invisablity charm.

"There" Sirius said pointing towards Quality Quidditch Supplies, James turned towards where Sirius was pointing to find a raven haired boy reading what looked like the plaque of a new broom, they watched for a few moments untill he stuggled his way out of the shop. As soon as he stepped out of the shop a wave of coldness and dispair passed over them.

"Come on" Sirius said pulling James' arm knowing full well what the reason for the coldness and dispair was, and not wanting to stick arround for too long, but James wouldn't move.

"Prongs move"he whined trying again to move his friend with no success. He managed to drag his friend to an alley way before he snapped out of his trance and stopped again.

"Harry" he wispered, reversing the invisability charm and applying a glamour charm.
Sirius done the same but instead of doing a glamour charm he transformed into padfoot, knowing what James ment. Once Sirius was ready he and James dashed out of the alley way and started searching for Harry. It wasn't long untill James shouted out Harry's name, turning to look at where he was running Sirius' eyes widened Harry was lying slumped on the ground with a dementor floating above him. He saw James blast the dementor away with his Patronus and scoop his son into his arms. He ran after James who headed toward the pub praying that Harry would be alright.

Harry woke up a few hours later felling exausted but oddly warm. He tried to sit up but he was roughly shoved back down by a pair of cold boney hands. His glasses were shoved onto his head and a bit of chocolate was shoved into his mouth. Looking arround he noticed that he was back in his room in the pub.

"Glad your awake Mr Potter, nasty bit of work thoes dementors" A woman Harry reconized as one of the housemaids said as she plumped his pillows.

Not wanting to ask what dementors where for fear of knowing he sat quietly eating the chocolate as she fussed over him.

"..You've caused quite a stirr mind, all your friends are down stairs, waiting for you to wake up, you can go and see them as soon as you eat that chocolate.

"Who brought me here" Harry asked suddenly remembering someone call his name as he fainted.

" A, Mr Jamie Porter, the guy who arrived the same night as you, quite worried he was stayed with you untill a healer arrived from St Mungo's, bless" she said as she plumped his pillows and cleared the empty chocolate wrapper. She then left the room without another word, Harry changed into clean clothes and followed her out prepared for whatever was instore for him.

"Harry, thank god!" Hermionie squealed as Harry came down the stairs, she ran forward and threw her arms arround him. He brefly saw Jamie look at him before he went back to his news paper. "We were all so worried" she said releasing him.

He was then engulfed into a bone crushing hug from Mrs weasley, and a few pats on the back from the rest of them. For the next two hours he was told to recount his story step by step to several people. After he finnished the weasleys bar Ron all went to bed so he, Ron and Hermionie all sat on a sofa near to where Jamie and his dog where sitting.

"Are you alright Harry, you look rather pale" Hermionie asked sitting down beside Harry and placing her hand on his.

"Yeah" Harry muttered distractidly

"No your not, there's something else you not telling us isn't there" she said looking to Ron for backup.

"Yeah mate, you do look terrible" Ron said nerviously.

"Okay, do you promise not to tell a sole" Harry asked desperatly looking between the two of them, they both nodded he took a deep breath and began explaining. "Before I passed out I-I heard a woman screaming"

"Harry thats normal Demen..." Hermionie began but Harry cut her off

"It wasn't just anyone Hermionie, it was my mother.. before she died." He heard a faint clatter behind him, he turned 'round sharply to see Jamie and his dog rush up the stairs before Hermionie engulfed him into another hug.


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Chapter 7: Going Back
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Harry woke up the next morning felling very tired, he rolled over wanting to back to sleep but looking at the clock he realized that he had to get up as it was 7:00 and he was going back to Hogwarts today so with a rather big sigh he trailed himself out of bed, got dressed and he went down stairs and was surprised to see all the Weasley’s, Hermione and Jamie huddled together talking, going against his better judgement he hid in the shadows listening to their conversation.

"...We can't let Harry know it would kill him" Mrs Weasley said.

"We can't keep this from him, he's going find out somehow and I would prefer it if it came from us, people he trusts." came Hermione's firm voice.

"I agree with Hermione, I don't see why we can't tell him, he needs to know." Jamie said

"How would you know what he needs? You don't even know him; you are only a stranger that found him." Snapped Mrs Weasley

"Be thankful that I did, otherwise he would be dead." he replied angrily. Harry wondered why he was acting like this; it's not as if he knew him although he did seem familiar.

"I still think we should tell him…" Hermione repeated, Harry choose this time to intervene.

"Tell me what?" he asked, everybody jumped and looked down. "Hermione?" he asked making her lift her head and look into his pleading eyes. At the same moment Mrs Weasley and Jamie reached for the paper on the table, luckily Jamie was quicker. He handed the paper to Harry with Mrs Weasley glaring at him. Harry took the paper unfolded it, shocked at what it said.

James Potter Alive?

Last night suspicions were raised, after a Dementor attack in Diagon Alley, caused a mysterious patronus to appear. This said patronus had not been seen in twelve years and belonged to James Potter, father of the famous Harry Potter, the patronus which is a stag was used last night when Harry was attacked by a Dementor and the person used it to save Harry's life. The person in question is believed to be James Potter, but has not been seen since the attack so is currently unavailable at the moment.

The article went on but Harry didn't want to finish it, instead he hastily tore it up and threw it into the fire. He then rounded on Jamie.

"Care to explain?" Harry asked him trying to keep calm but failing.

"My patronus is a reindeer not a stag, I've already wrote to the prophet to tell them this, I'm sorry for the confusion." He replied lamely.

"It’s okay it's not your fault…" Harry said calming slightly, he then looked at the clock and excused himself, so that he could finish packing, but stopped before he reached the stairs.

"Thank you" he said to Jamie.

"For what?" Jamie asked confused.

" For saving my life and for telling me." Harry replied, he turned and walked upstairs before Jamie could say anything.

Harry came down a while later still in a bad mood, although he pretended that he was alright they could tell he was really angry.

Once everyone was ready they piled into two loaned ministry cars and set off for the station. They arrived there soon after and headed for the train Harry still hadn't said a word throughout the journey and Hermione planed on asking him why.

They boarded the train and searched for an empty compartment, but all were full except for one at the end, it only had one occupant, a man sitting fast asleep next to the window. The stranger was wearing extremely shabby set of wizard’s robes which had been darned in several places. He looked ill and exhausted. Though he seemed quite young, his light-brown hair was flecked with grey.

"Wonder who he is?" Ron whispered, taking a seat furthest away from the man.

"Professor R. J. Lupin" Hermione whispered back.

"How do you know everything?" Ron asked Hermione then turning to Harry he asked "How is it she knows everything?"

"It’s on his suitcase Ronald." she said exasperated pointing to the man suitcase. Once they all got seated and comfortable Hermione turned to Harry.

"I've got a bone to pick with you Harry" she said

"I didn't do it" Harry said automatically. Ron snorted and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"No I didn't mean that" she sighed. “I meant what’s going on with you? I mean yesterday we get an owl to say that you've been attacked and you’re in the Leaky Caldron and once we get there we've found out that you've been there for a few days and that you had a visit from the minister of magic. Now what’s going on?"

Harry had been expecting this, he looked at Hermione and then at Ron who looked nervous and he closed the compartment door and checked that the professor was asleep before he began his explanation.

"At the start of the summer when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban I got a Letter from Dumbledore telling me to be careful, because Black was one of Voldemort’s top men and black lost everything when Voldemort met his downfall, so he told me that because I caused Voldemort’s downfall he might come after me, but he wasn't expecting him to find me so he was just warning me to be careful." Harry explained to a stunned Ron and Hermione.

"OMGOSH that’s awful" Hermione said shocked.

"What are you going to do about it?" Ron asked dumbly

"What can I do Ron? I've already blown up my Aunt…." He put his hand over his mouth as soon as he said this. The reactions of the other two were priceless. Ron snorted and promptly fell of his seat and Hermione shrieked and nearly woke up the teacher.

"Harry you blew up your Aunt how could you?  You could of been expelled, or arrested, or thrown out" Hermione rambled on like this until Harry clasped a hand over her mouth to stop her.

"I didn't mean to blow her up I lost control, she was winding me up and I lost it with her, I wasn't expelled or chucked in Azkaban I didn't even get an official letter, and I wasn't thrown out I walked out" he said as he took his hand away from her mouth.

"You walked out of your Aunt and Uncles house when there is a mass murder on the loose, are ya mad?" Ron exclaimed.

"Possibly Ron, I was angry and wasn't thinking, anyway what is life without a little risk is?" Harry replied, Hermione rolled her eyes and he could've sworn he heard the professor give a little snort.

A while later they arrived at Hogwarts, they piled off the train without waking the professor as he seemed to wake himself. They jumped into a carriage with Ginny and the Weasley twins, and took off up to Hogwarts wanting nothing more than to go to bed.

Chapter 8: Another Dementor Attack
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A.N. The changed writing is Harry's POV

It had been weeks since James had seen Harry and he was getting anxious. Sure he had seen glimpses of him in classes he wasn't lucky enough to see him flying on his broom yet.

"Hey Prongs guess what I've just seen" Sirius exclaimed excitedly as he arrived back at their camp.

"What did you see?" James replied unenthusiastically

"They’re setting up the pitch for a match and there is a ton of students on the stands and guess who's playing." he said almost jumping up and down.

"Who?" came James' short reply

"Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff"

"What? Harry's playing, cool, hang on I thought that it was Gryffindor versus Slytherin in the first match." James replied excited and confused.

"I don't know come on were going to miss the match." Sirius said sprinting flat out toward the stadium.

By the time the teams came out the sky was pouring with rain. James could just about see Harry as he came staggering out onto the field. An hour into the game and the snitch still hadn't been caught everyone was flying like first years and Harry was nearly knocked out by two bludgers. James could now see properly as he had put a spell on his glasses to repel water.

Half time was called and James could see Hermione do something to Harry's glasses, and they were back up in the air, James could now see how well Harry flied and thought he was better than himself.
He watched in amazement as Harry ducked in between players, dodged bludgers easily and zoomed after the snitch.

Harry had nearly caught the snitch when Dementors swooped onto the grounds. James' insides froze as he watched them fly after Harry, Harry ducking and diving between players and trying to out fly the Dementors. Horrified he watched as suddenly Harry fell from at least 150 feet, his back arched, his arms and legs were flailing about. He fell at an unbelievable pace and was feet from the ground when Harry slowed down and hit the ground with a soft thud. James wanted to rush forward but Sirius held him back, and dragged him off to their camp

"What were you thinking James? You could've blown our whole cover" Sirius shouted

"I wasn't thinking, I had just seen my thirteen year old son falling from a 150 feet, and I was powerless to do anything, I just wanted to help him." James said solemnly. Sirius was slightly surprised to see that James had tears in his eyes and was shaking.

"I know, I wanted to help two but imagine how he would feel if his father who had been dead for twelve years suddenly appeared when he was in danger."

"Confused, angry I know but I’m sorry it was just my fatherly instincts kicking in".

It was a further week before James saw Harry again and it was in a lesson with Remus that he saw him. It was a sunny day and James and Sirius were lying under a tree watching Remus teach the third year Gryffindor’s about Gryndilows. Remus was standing watching the third years trying to catch them when he suddenly looked into the distance and started smiling. He called Hermione's name and pointed toward the hill. James looked in the direction he was pointing and smiled. He nudged Sirius and pointed him in the same direction as Remus, Sirius also broke into a smile, walking down the hill was a fully healthy Harry.

James watched as Hermione gave Harry a hug and Remus filled him in on what he had to do and he watched as Hermione caught a Gryndilow and they headed for the tree in which they were sitting. James and Sirius moved out of the way just in time as Harry's bag landed on the place James had been.

"So Harry how are you feeling?" Hermione asked concerned

"I’m fine just a little tired." He replied trying to sketch the Gryndilow

"The Quidditch team will be pleased your back they were wetting themselves." Ron said smirking.

"Ron honestly is that all you think about?  Harry needs his rest" Hermione replied shrilly.

"Mione I'm fine, stop worrying, anyway my nimbus was smashed when I fell, so I will be on one of the school brooms and there’s no chance of me getting very far on one of those." He said he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, got up and went towards Remus leaving Hermione blushing.


"Did you see that James? He's just like you" Sirius laughed as they went back to their hideout.

"Yeah, I was thinking what if we tell him soon?" James replied.

"What are you mad how do you think you are going to do that?" Sirius shrieked.

"Maybe, but I think it's time for you to make yourself known to Wormtail." James replied

"Ok we are going to have to plan this carefully, but after Christmas."

"Ok" James sighed. "Oh I want to get Harry a Firebolt for Christmas."

"That kid is going to end up spoiled by you isn't he?" Sirius said

"Of course I have twelve years to catch up on." James chuckled then he suddenly frowned.

"I wonder what he'll think of me returning, I can hardly believe it myself never mind a thirteen year old trying to."

"James he's going to love you trust me, he'll be a little scared and angry at first obviously but I think that given a little time he'll come around to the idea." Sirius said reassuringly.

James smiled as they settled down for a bit of rest when they heard the snapping of a twig.

"What was that?" they said in unison.

They then heard voices, unmistakeable voices. Panicked they scrambled to their feet and vanished their stuff; they put invisibility charms on themselves and hid behind the tree.

"Professor?" Harry said.


"You know the way, Dementors keep attacking me?"


"Well can you teach me how to fight against them?" He asked.

"Harry, I don't pretend to be an expert at this sort of stuff, and the defence spell is at a level most grown men can't even master." Lupin replied.

"Please I've got to try." He pleaded sitting on a large boulder. "I... I'm sick of hearing my parents pleading for my life." He said softly looking at the ground trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to leak from his eyes.

"You hear them?" Lupin asked astonished.

"Mostly my mum bu...but last time they attacked I....I heard my dad" He stuttered trying desperately to keep his voice form wavering.

"You heard James?" Lupin asked in a whisper.

"You knew him?" Harry asked slightly excited.

"Yeah we were good friends at Hogwarts"

"He died first didn't he?" Harry asked.

"Unfortunately" Lupin replied.

"He was always fiercely protective of you, and your mum but with you he wouldn't let anyone he didn't trust near you and they both always came to you when you called”

"I would've like to of known them, especially dad since everybody says I'm so like him."

"You are in many ways, especially in looks department you've inherited everything apart from his eyes, you're like a carbon copy of him but you are also a lot like your mother in the sense of personality." he replied smiling.

"So will you help me?" Harry asked again.

"Alright but after Christmas, I need a bit of rest." Lupin replied as they walked off.

"Looks like they've bonded well..." Sirius said as he and James fixed their setting.

"Mmm..." James replied.

"Prongs what's wrong?" Sirius asked concerned.

"I can't believe he heard us dyeing" he replied weakly.

"I can't understand how hard that must be for him but we will make it better, I promise.”

"You know all through the time Voldemort was attacking us I only thought of him." James said.


"Yeah, I always thought about Lils and always tried to protect her but I knew she could defend herself but Harry was a defenceless baby and all I could think about was protecting Harry, and that he must not kill my baby boy".

"Look you did your best and Harry will see that when the time comes…" Sirius replied and they settled down once more letting sleep overcome them.

Chapter 9: Christmas and Another 2 Attacks
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Christmas came in no time at all, it was a cold but beautiful day and the snow was lying unspoiled and two foot deep. It was 8:30 before Harry got up, he went to the common room to find Hermione reading and Ron sitting whinging about not being able to open his presents, as they were the only three Gryffindor’s Hermione made Ron wait for him which he thought was sweet. Ron was whining at Hermione to open a present sensing that Hermione was losing her temper and was likely to hit Ron at any minute he choose this moment to make his presence known.

"Hey Ron, hey Hermione, Merry Christmas." He said

"Thank Merlin Harry, I thought you were never going to wake" Ron exclaimed as he dove for his first present.

"Ronald Weasley where are your manners, Good morning Harry Merry Christmas" Hermione said blushing, which Harry noticed she did ever since he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Harry sat beside Hermione and opened his presents, he received a scarlet jumper with a lion knitted on the front, dozen home baked mince pies, some Christmas cake and a box of nut brittle from Mr and Mrs Weasley, A homework planer and a box of HoneyDuke’s finest Chocolate from Hermione, Quidditch Through the Ages from Ron, A mysterious package from the Weasley twins which came with a caution not to open in front of Hermione, a toothpick from the Dursley’s and another mysterious package with no name of who it was from. He hastily opened the package to find that it was the latest broom out the Firebolt.

"Holy baloney who is that from?" Ron exclaimed wide eyed.

"I have no idea, there was no note.' Harry said

"Who could've sent you that?" Ron asked in awe.

"Maybe you should get it checked out." Hermione said worried.

"Are ya mad?" Ron shrieked.

"Leave it Ron, come on lets go outside we can decide to what to do with it later." Harry said he ran upstairs and put on some heavy layers; Ron followed but didn't wait for Harry. When He came back down he found that Ron and Hermione had already left, he grabbed his broom and raced out the door to be stopped by Dumbledore.

"I think it would be best if I took that Harry don't you think." Dumbledore said taking the Firebolt form Harry.

"But Sir how did you know?" Harry asked confused.

"Ah you see Harry all the mail delivered here is checked and so was this and because it had no name on it, it was to be taken to be checked further but somehow it was mixed up with the other parcels.” Dumbledore said and left leaving Harry confused. Harry raced down to the grounds to find Ron and Hermione sitting under their tree arguing.

"Hey guys" he said glumly

"Hey Harry what’s up?" Hermione asked worried.

"Dumbledore confiscated my Firebolt." he replied

"Bummer mate" Ron said.

"Hey let’s have a snowball fight" Hermione exclaimed and threw a snowball at Harry.

"I can't believe Dumbledore confiscated Harry's broom, I mean what does he think you’re going to do to Harry, kill him?" Sirius ranted.

"Of course he wouldn't think I would kill Harry but he doesn't know I sent it remember."

James replied as they sat watching Harry, Ron and Hermione play in the snow.

"What's up with you? You seem a bit depressed." Sirius asked

"It's just seeing Harry on Christmas and not being able to spend time with him, I mean I look at him laughing and joking with his friends and I can't help wanting to join in with that." James sighed

"I can't even begin to imagine how you feel sitting yards from your kid and not being able to talk to him, but I promise after Christmas we can make are presence known".

It wasn't until two weeks after Christmas that Sirius decided to do something, he waited until the feast before he crept in as Padfoot and up to the Gryffindor dorms he tried to get past the fat lady but she would not let him in he tried to reason with her but she would not budge feeling angry he slashed her portrait.

"What happened?" James asked as Sirius came back empty handed.

"I couldn't get him she wouldn't let me in so I slashed her portrait." he replied angrily.

"You what are you mad?" James shouted.

"I was at the time but it'll be alright we can come up with a new plan."

"What’s happened?" Harry asked Ginny as he Hermione and Ron came up the stairs to find the whole of Gryffindor outside the room.

"It’s the fat lady she's gone." She replied

"Move out of my way." came Dumbledore’s voice. "My dear Lady who did this to you?" he asked

"It was him master, the one they all talk about, here in this castle, Sirius Black".

That night the whole of Gryffindor spent the night in the great hall, most of them were talking about Sirius Black and who he could be after everyone but Harry, Ron and Hermione that is. Hermione and Ron didn't talk about it much they just slept well apart from Harry who lay thinking that nowhere was safe now.

"Harry what are you doing here? It's not safe." Hermione asked as she found Harry skimming rocks over the lake.

"Is anywhere safe anymore?" He replied.

"Yes the castle-" she started but he cut her off.

"The castle is not safe anymore Hermione last night proved that"

"But Dumbledore…"

"Dumbledore cannot protect me. The only people who can are dead." he half shouted.

"You really miss them don't you?”

"I find myself wondering more and more what it would be like if they were here". He whispered he then turned and walked away.

"This next plan better work Padfoot, Harry can't spend another moment like this" James said as he walked off.

Harry lay in his bed tossing and turning, tonight for some reason he could not sleep. He kept jerking awake thinking someone was in their room only to find that it was either one of his dorm mates or their pet. He had no idea why he felt that someone was in their room but he could not get rid of the feeling that something bad was going to happen tonight. Just as he got into a peaceful sleep he was shrewdly woke by Ron's frantic screaming.

"What?" Harry asked sitting upright.

"Si-Sirius Bl-Black there" He stammered pointing a shaky finger at the bottom of his bed.

Ron didn't need to say anything else Harry jumped out of his bed stuck his trainers on and ran out of the dorm and straight into Hermione.

"Harry what's going on was that Ron I heard screaming?"

"Yes, Have you got your wand?" he asked.

"Yes, I, why?" she replied confused.

He didn't answer however he just grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the portrait hole and down the stairs careful not to run into any teachers on the way they made it to the front doors and Harry pulled out his wand he ran it down the door muttering something, once it opened he and Hermione ran out and headed toward the forest.

"Harry would you please tell me what the hell we are doing and how you learned how to open that door." Hermione said breathless.

They hit the edge of the forest and lit their wands, once they got a bit deeper into the forest Harry began to explain what was going on.

"The reason I got through the door was this." He said handing her a map.

"It's called the Marauders map, the Weasley twins gave it to me at Christmas they nicked it from Filch, It's a map of Hogwarts, it has all of the tricks and secret passageways of Hogwarts." he explained

"This is some advanced magic, but could be very useful in the wrong hands." she said. "But that still doesn't explain why we’re here…" she questioned.

"I am looking for Sirius Black." Harry said moving on and avoiding Hermione’s eye.

"What are you mad? You could get killed, I could get killed, Black is a mass murderer do you think he wouldn't kill a couple of kids." she screeched only stopping when Harry put a hand over her mouth.

"Will you shut up the teachers or worse still the Dementors will hear you" he hissed.

"Harry there's something over there." She whispered frantically glancing over his shoulder. Harry drew his wand and grabbing Hermione's hand he hid them behind a large tree. After a few seconds he looked around and breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's okay it's just a stag." he said moving away from the tree

"I didn't know there were stag's living in the forest" Hermione said.

"Right now a stag is the least of our problems" Harry said. Hermione turned around to find Dumbledore smiling at her.

"Harry saw me." James said to Sirius when they had both returned to their hiding place.

"What?" he shouted only to be shushed by James.

"I wasn't in my human form I was in my stag form, the point is that he was out looking for you, which means that he's growing more wary , he must know that there is some connection between you me and Lily, otherwise he wouldn't be as keen to kill a mass murder."

"You recon he would kill me?" Sirius asked in a whisper.

"If he was given the chance, yes, which is why we need to be more careful, make sure that the opportunity doesn't present itself." James answered before busying himself with his makeshift bed.

"Was he alone?" Sirius asked suddenly.

"No Hermione was with him."

"Anyone else?"

"No but Dumbledore found them as they spotted me. Why?" James asked as he continued to fix his bedding.

"Because Dumbledore has just found us" he replied in a whisper. James stopped dead.

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Qudditch Finals
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James slowly got up from his position and slowly turned, hoping that Sirius was playing a trick or that if by going slowly Dumbledore would disappear, but as James turned around he found that it was true. Standing before him was an unsmiling Dumbledore.

"We can explain." James said automatically, as if he had been back in school again and had just be caught rule breaking.

"I'm sure you can James, and I will look forward to hearing it but not here, kindly follow me" He replied before swiftly turning around and heading off, without acknowledging Sirius.

James and Sirius looked at each other before following Dumbledore, both thinking the same things, Dumbledore was being far to calm after having seen a supposed mass murderer and some who has been dead for the past twelve years. They all walked silently through the castle, James and Sirius both feeling thankful that all the students were in bed. Suddenly they stopped outside the statue to Dumbledore’s office.

"Acid Pops" Dumbledore said and the stone gargoyle move out of their way. They ascended the steps to his office and entered the magnificent place. Dumbledore pointed to two seats in front of the large desk before sitting in a large cushioned chair that sat behind the desk. James and Sirius sat themselves in the seats and waited with baited breath.

"Right, you first James, please explain…"

"How many more detentions do we have to do?" Hermione complained as she and Harry sat beside Ron.

"Another two." he replied solemnly. They were outside sitting in the sun under their favourite tree.

"I still can't believe you went looking for Sirius Black." Ron said

"I still can't believe we got caught" Harry grumbled.

"No what amazed me was the Stag in the forest, even Dumbledore seemed amazed by it he has been at this school for centuries and he never even seen a stag in the forest before". Hermione said.

"Wonder why he was so shocked" Ron commented. Harry was just about to reply when they heard someone shouting on Him.

"Oy Potter scared about the match." Malfoy shouted as he strode forward with Grabbe and Goyle at each of his shoulders.

"Not a chance." Harry replied standing up to face Malfoy.

"I can't wait to see your face when Slytherin lift the cup, triumphant Slytherin beat saint Potter in Quidditch, what would his parents think of the looser now?" Malfoy taunted. Harry angrily stepped forward to punch him but Hermione beat him to it and thumped him in the mouth.

"I can't wait to see it when Harry beats you in the match considering he has a firebolt." Hermione said smugly.

"What, Potter doesn't have a firebolt" Malfoy said thickly, trying to stop his lip bleeding.

"Oh yeah, he got it as a Christmas present. It's sitting up in Dumbledore's office as we speak." Ron said.

"Your lying…" he began but was cut off by Hermione

"Why are we lying? Is it because you are so thick that you can't understand how Harry has something better than you?" she said.

"What did you say mudblood?" Malfoy snarled.

At this point Harry whipped out his wand and shouted the first thing that came to his head which was Bombarda unfortunately Malfoy was too quick and ducked out of the way and the spell hit a tree and blasted a hole in it. Malfoy then shot a spell at Harry and a snake shot out of his wand.

"Got a short memory Malfoy?" Harry said and then started speaking in Parsletounge. The snake stopped dead suddenly, turned and started making his way back to Malfoy.

"Ahem, Mr Potter, Mr Malfoy you are needed for the quidditch finals" Dumbledore said suddenly making everyone jumped and scramble he then banished the snake and followed everyone back up to the castle.

James and Sirius were sat in a large room that resembled the Gryffindor common room, except this room was called the room of requirement. Sirius was sitting in a large, dark red; squishy sofa whilst James was currently pacing the floor.

"James will you sit down you’re making my head dizzy" Sirius said in a tired voice.

"I can't, how are we going to tell Harry now, now that Dumbledore's got us locked up in this room, keeping tabs on us." James snapped back.

"Harry will find out, I'm sure of it" Sirius replied.

"How, how can he-" James began but was cut off.

"Have you forgotten whose son he is?" Sirius shouted. James fell quiet for a few moments, he was about to say something when the door opened and Dumbledore stepped in.

"Good morning and how are the terrible two today?" He asked a smile spreading across his face.

"I'm fine Sir..." Sirius said "…but James is worried about Harry."

"Naturally" Dumbledore said.

"I want to know when we can tell him." James said angrily.

"All in good time, James." He replied. James turned away from him. "Do you wish to see Harry?" Dumbledore asked the men. James faced him again.

"Yes" he said eagerly.

"I thought so; Harry's team is playing the last match of the season against Slytherin, would you two like to see it?"

"Yes" they both answered.

"Good now I assume, you both know that you have to be disillusioned?" Dumbledore said. James looked a little disappointed but nodded anyway. At least he was getting to see Harry again, even if it was from a distance. "Good, I thought that would be the answer, right it starts in fifteen minutes so I shall be going I trust you still know your way" Dumbledore said winking before closing the door.

They arrived at the stands and when to the very top where no one would step on their invisible forms. It was a few seconds before Lee Jordan announced the players.

"And here's the Gryffindor team Bell, Johnson, Spinnet, Weasley, Weasley, Wood and Potter" he announced but the rest was drowned out by the cheers of the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws all chanting GO GO GRYFFINDOR! None heard him announce the Slytherins as he was drowned out by boo's. "What a line up, we can see who's the better team there." He said and was scolded by McGonagall as Madame Hooch blew the whistle. "…And there off with Gryffindor in possession and… Wait a minute is that a Firebolt Potter's got? My Merlin it is." He said awed as Harry zoomed passed the Gryffindor stand. "Right back to the game and it seems that Spinnet of Gryffindor with the Quaffle, heading straight for the Slytherin goalposts, looking good, Argh no… Quaffle intercepted by Warrington, Warrington of Slytherin tearing up the pitch… WHAM! Nice bludger work there by George Weasley, Warrington drops the Quaffle, it's caught by Johnson, Gryffindor back in possession, come on, Angelina… nice swerve round Montague … duck Angelina, that's a bludger! SHE SCORES! TEN-ZERO TO GRYFFINDOR!" The crowd was in uproar as Angelina circled the pitch.

"OUCH" she suddenly screamed as Marcus Flint went smashing into her.

"Sorry!" said Flint, as the crowd below booed. "Sorry, didn't see her"!

Next moment, Fred Weasley had chucked his beaters club at the back of Flint's head. Flint's nose smashed into the handle of his broom and began to bleed.

"That will do!" shrieked Madam Hooch, zooming between them. "Penalty to Gryffindor for an unprovoked attack on their chaser! "Penalty to Slytherin for deliberate damage to their chaser!"

"Come off it Miss!" Howled Fred, but Madam Hooch blew her whistle and Alicia flew forward to take the penalty.

"Come on, Alicia!" Lee yelled into the silence that had descended onto the crowed, "YES! SHE'S BEATEN THE KEEPER! TWENTY-ZERO TO GRYFFINDOR".

Soon it was Seventy-Ten to Gryffindor. The Gryffindor crowd below were screaming themselves hoarse… Gryffindor were sixty points in the lead, and if Harry caught the snitch now, the cup was theirs. Harry could almost feel hundreds of eyes following him as he soared around the pitch, high above the rest of the game, with Malfoy speeding along behind him. And then he saw it. The snitch was sparkling twenty feet above him.

Harry put on a huge burst of speed, the wind roaring in his ears; he stretched out his hand, but suddenly, the firebolt was slowing down… Horrified, he looked around. Malfoy was holding on to the firebolt, but his eyes where sparkling maliciously. He had achieved what he wanted…the Snitch had disappeared. Gryffindor were able to score another ten points through a penalty shot thanks to Malfoy.

Harry had to dive at the Slytherins as they all chased after Angelina, scattering them he zoomed toward the stands he skidded to a halt in mid-air and turned around to find Malfoy diving, a look of triumph on his face… there a few feet from the ground, was a tiny golden glimmer.

"Harry has finally spotted the Snitch and is hot on Malfoy's tail." Lee announced as the game came to a standstill and the Gryffindor crowd chanted 'Harry'.

"Go! Go! Go!" Harry urged his broom. They were gaining on Malfoy

"…Potter flattens himself on his broom as he dodges a Bludger sent by Bole, he is now level with Malfoy he throws himself forward knocking Malfoy off course and YES! POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS THE QUIDDITCH CUP". The Gryffindor supporters exploded with cheers as they raced forward and lifted him up chanting 'Potter Is Our King'.

After they collected the Quidditch Cup the Gryffindors headed for their common room for a massive party.

"That kid is a damn good Quidditch player." Sirius said happily, as they entered the Room of Requirement.

"Of course he is. He's the legendary James Potter's son." James said ecstatic.

"Well I think he could beat the legendary James Potter any day." Sirius said cheekily.

"I agree." James said boldly.

"What James Potter admits someone is better than him, I am shocked, you must really love him." Sirius said dramatically.

"I do and that’s why I'm so anxious to tell him" James said as he sat beside Sirius.

"I know mate, we'll tell him soon yeah."


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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Finding Out
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Everyone’s euphoria at Gryffindor winning the Quidditch cup lasted all week. Even Ron and Hermione falling out didn't dampen Harry's spirits, although it did get on Harry's nerves a bit as they were constantly arguing.                              

It all started when a few days ago the night of the Gryffindor party, Scabbers went missing. The trio put it down to too much noise and the rat got scared, but when the rat didn't turn up the next day Ron started getting anxious, it wasn't until he and Ron searched the boys dorm that they found on Ron's bed, spots of blood on the pillow that Scabbers slept on, and on the floor next to the bed was some ginger cat hairs.

The ginger cat hairs came from Hermione's cat Crookshanks, the cat in which Ron always hated. So putting two and two together Ron had an argument with Hermione over her cat eating Scabbers, which Hermione denied. Today was no different.

"Ron, I keep telling you that Crookshanks has been in the boy’s dorm plenty of times, the cat hairs could've been from then." Hermione screamed at Ron.

"Yes and I keep telling you that, there was blood on my pillow, Scabbers is missing and that cat hasn't been up to our dorm since scabbers went missing." Ron shouted back.

"Enough!" Harry shouted

"Ron, yes it is a little suspicious that there was blood on the pillow and ginger cat hairs on the floor next to your bed, but as Hermione pointed out those cat hairs could've come from the cat when it was in our dorm one of the many times he was.” Harry said voiced raised. "And if you really want to I'll ask Dumbledore if after classes could we search the grounds for scabbers OK?" he added.

Ron and Hermione just nodded in agreement and they went for breakfast, once they finished they were given their timetables for their exams, as they started next week. After they went over their timetables, they left for their first class ready for a boring revision packed day.

"Right what do you know?" Sirius asked James as he came back from the kitchens.

"Only that Harry's friend Ron has lost his rat Scabbers and he's going to ask Dumbledore if he, Ron and Hermione can search the grounds." James replied,

"What it's the full moon?" Sirius shrieked.

"Yes but Harry doesn't know about Moony, anyway the whole time we've been here we haven't seen or heard him once." James replied calmly.

"How are we going to tell Harry now that the rat has escaped?" Sirius asked regaining calmness.

"I'm going to go looking for him tonight, when everyone is in bed" James said with a gleam in his eyes.

"Well?" Ron and Hermione asked Harry as he came from Dumbledore’s office.

"He says we can't, not with Sirius Black still loose." Harry replied.

"What am I going to do now?" Ron complained.

"There's nothing we can do Ron, Dumbledore's right Harry's safety comes first." Hermione answered angrily.

"Look its OK Ron I can use the map tonight, and tomorrow after classes we can search the grounds OK?" Harry said to save argument.

Later that night Harry was lying in his bed scanning the map whilst eating some nut brittle. He saw Dumbledore pacing in his study, with Lupin. All the other habitants of Hogwarts were asleep or so he thought. He scanned the seventh floor finding nothing interesting at first he continued looking, but his eyes did a double take and a name popped out at him. 'Sirius Black'…Bu-but how? How could Sirius Black be back in the castle, his palms started to sweat and his heartbeat quickened as he thought of a mass murderer in the castle. He thought about telling Dumbledore but that thought quickly disappeared when he remembered that Dumbledore didn't know about the map.

He looked at the map again and this time he was sure his heart stopped beating. Standing there with Black were two other men. 'Peter Pettigrew and James Potter'.  No it couldn't be, he was seeing things and as if to convince himself he fiercely rubbed his eyes and looked at the map again. But it was still there, the name James Potter was still there, he didn't even care who the other man was or that the fact Sirius Black was standing beside his 'dad', but the fact that his dad was in this castle made his heart soar. Then his heart sank, his dad had been dead for twelve years but yet as he stared at his father’s name his heart dared to believe. Was he going mad? 'No' a voice that sounded a lot like Hermione said sternly. Then what he had to be seeing was true. Suddenly Harry jumped out of his bed eager to see his father, if it was him. He put on his trainers grabbed his wand and as quietly as he could he left the dorm and common room, his heart pounding in his chest.

Harry, reached the seventh floor to find it completely empty, his heard sank. So I was imagining it then, Harry searched the floor again with his lit wand but there was nothing. He sighed heavily as he slid down the wall. How could he have been so stupid to believe that a very old map of Hogwarts was showing him that his father was alive, it was impossible. He sighed again but stopped half way through, had he heard a door creak. But looking about again he saw nothing. He lowered his wand and sighed dejectedly, what the hell is wrong with him?

Suddenly a door banged open to the left of him and a tall, muscular man stepped out with him he dragged a short squat man who looked frightened.

"I mean it one move, Pettigrew and you won't even get a chance to plead your case to Dumbledore." The tall man hissed, but the squat man wasn't paying attention to the man in front for he had spotted Harry sitting on the floor.

Realizing that the short man wasn't paying attention to him, the taller man turned around to see what he was looking at, upon seeing Harry he released the other man and turned his attentions to Harry.

Harry, upon seeing who the man was jumped to his feet immediately, his heart was beating erratically, his hands and forehead has become sweaty and he felt dizzy.

The man standing in front of him looked identical to him, only he was taller, muscular and had hazel eyes. Then it hit him the man who stood before him was his dad, but no it couldn't be his dad was dead.

"Prongs!” A man suddenly shouted. The man called Prongs shifted his gaze from Harry to the door that he'd just come out of.

"Prongs what the…" A tall, skinny man suddenly appeared from the room they were in and like 'Prongs' he froze when he spotted Harry. "Holy Shit, James your son." he said.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." James snapped back. Harry started stepping back at this point; his eyes were wide and had a confused look in them. James took an attentive step toward him, but this frightened him and he bolted for it.

"Harry!" James shouted and ran after him.

Harry POV
Running as fast as I could I soon gave my 'dad' the slip, despite my heart pounding in my ears and my erratic breathing I kept running pushing my legs to go faster, I rounded the corner and collided with something solid propelling me back a few feet making me land on my butt.

"Harry!" the voice said surprised. I looked up and into the eyes of my Professor, Professor Lupin. "Harry, are you okay?" he asked concerned holding out his hand to help me up. His eyes widened slightly as he took in my sweaty appearance and my short, sharp gasps for air.

"Fine, you?" I ask as I notice his puffy red eyes and sickly appearance.

"I'm alright; it's you that I'm worried about." He said, I looked down and blushed slightly.

"Who where you running away from?" He asked curiosity in his voice. Just then my 'dad' came running around the corner, he stopped at the sight of us.

"Him…" I whispered to Lupin and then I ran for it again this time with both Lupin and my 'dad' hot on my heals. I was almost on the ground floor when I almost ran into Professor Dumbledore, you can imagine my shock at that. "Sorry Professor." I whispered completely out of breath.

"Mr Potter not in any kind of trouble are you?"

"No." I lied trying to sound innocent. Just then my 'dad' and Lupin came around the corner.

"Bloody hell…" I muttered.

"Now what are you doing out of bed so late at night?" he asked not paying attention to the men behind me.

"I couldn't sleep…" I thought up  "So I decided to go and see if Hedwig was back yet and I didn't take my cloak because I didn't think anyone would be awake at this time of the night." I invented. I thought I heard my 'dad' and professor sniggering but I could've imagined it, I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.

"And you ran into James and Remus on your way".

"No, he ran into me and Sirius first, then we ran into Remus two floors up" James said.

"Care to elaborate Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"I was on my way up to the owlery and I took a detour, I was on the seventh floor when out of nowhere a door opened and umm he…” Harry said pointing to James “…came out followed by another guy and then finally Black, feeling confused I sort of ran for it with him following me. I ran into Professor Lupin when I wasn't looking, he was asking if I was okay when umm he turned up again and again I ran for it and now I'm here." I said in a rush.

"Well, Mr Potter I'm sure you’re very tired so you may go to bed now and we shall discuss this matter tomorrow night. Professor Lupin, will you be so kind as to escort Harry to the hospital wing and ask Madam Pomfrey to give him some dreamless sleep potion and then escort him to the Gryffindor common room please." Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, Sir" Lupin said. "Come on Harry." he added to me.

"Oh and Mr Potter" Dumbledore said, I stopped and turned around. "No more running away."

"Yes, Sir" I replied. Turning around and walking with Lupin passing my ‘dad’.

"Good night Harry." He whispered as I passed making me freeze.

"Night" I replied turning my head slightly to do so. He smiled at me before I turned back around and walked toward the hospital wing with Professor Lupin.

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Chapter 12: Confrontations.
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Harry woke up feeling groggy, he sat up and rubbed his eyes and tried to remember last night’s events, what happened? He thought hard leaning his head back to rest on his headboard hitting his head slightly as he did so, groaning and rubbing the back of his head Harry suddenly bolted upright, he remembered.

Seeing his dad on the map, running from him, running into Lupin, running again and then finally running into Dumbledore and being taken to the Hospital wing for some dreamless sleep potion, he remembered it all, but then.

Holy merlin his dad was alive, Harry jumped out of his bed barely noticing that he was the only one in the dorm. He put on his school uniform and raced down the stairs into the common room, almost knocking Ginny over he muttered a quick apology before racing out of the portrait hole.

He searched the halls for either Lupin or Dumbledore just to confirm that he wasn't going crazy and he definitely seen his father last night. Just then his prayers were answered when he once again ran into Lupin and once again falling on his butt.

"You seem to be making a habit of doing that." Lupin said extending out a hand to help Harry up; he took it with a small smile.

"Sorry about that, I was actually looking for you." Harry muttered. Lupin raised an eyebrow.

"Go on…" He prompted gently.

"I just wanted to make sure that last night was real and that I didn't dream it."

"It was very real Harry, how do you feel about it?"

"Confused, when did you find out about them?"

"Last night, I actually wanted to tell you then but Dumbledore convinced me to leave you until today" Lupin said Harry was surprised.


"Yes I knew it would mean a lot to you to know something like that.” Remus said and Harry smiled.

"I'd better go or Hermione and Ron will be sending out a search party for me" Harry said, he then said goodbye to Lupin and walked down to the great hall.

Harry walked into the great hall looking at the Gryffindor table for Ron and Hermione he quickly spotted them half way down the table smiling he made a beeline for the table but was stopped by Dumbledore.

"Harry, I was hoping I would see you this morning." he smiled.

"What is it Sir?"

"The meeting with your father will be held at eight o'clock tonight, Ron and Hermione may also come along for support"

"Oh ok" Harry replied

"Oh and one more thing I have asked your father to watch over you today and he will be doing so under the invisibility charm" Dumbledore said before walking up to the staff table. Harry glanced around the hall before setting off to the Gryffindor table where Hermione and Ron were sat.

"Morning Harry, you don't look to well." Hermione said as he sat down.

"Yeah" Ron said through a mouthful of toast, Hermione gave him a disgusted look before turning back to Harry, who hadn't touched a thing.

"Harry…" she said quietly, he looked up.

"What?" he asked.

"Are you ok?" she asked gently

"Not really, look there’s something really important that I need to tell you guys, but It's going to have to wait until lunch." He replied taking a sip of his pumpkin juice.

"Why lunch?" Hermione questioned.

"Because breakfast is almost over so there isn't enough time to do so before classes." he said then he got up and left without another word.

"He's not taking this to well." James stated to Sirius as they followed Harry as he made his way to his class.

"He'll be fine it just takes time he-" Sirius stopped mid-sentence as Harry yet again bumped into Remus and went flying back landing in front of them.

"I really got to stop doing that." Harry said as Remus gave him a hand up.

"Yes, are you ok?" he asked

"Not really…" Harry replied.

"What’s wrong?" The professor asked immediately worried.

"It's just this whole thing with my ‘dad’." He whispered the last word. "I don't know what to do, I'm confused" he added.

"Come on, come to my office, I'll send a note to your professor telling him where you are."

An hour later and Harry left Lupin’s classroom feeling a whole lot better, he had talked to his professor about all his worries and about the questions that had formed in his head to only find out that his professor had similar concerns. Harry walked down the corridor toward his charms classroom but was stopped suddenly when a rather angry looking Hermione stepped in front of him.

"Hey Hermione, what’s up? You look kind of angry." He said timidly glancing at Ron who looked frightened.

"ANGRY!" she screeched "Off course I'm angry what do you think you’re playing at, telling us that you had something important to tell us then you leave without eating anything and then you don't turn up to class.”

"I do have something important to tell you, I wasn't hungry this morning and I was with Professor Lupin during Potions." Harry explained.

"Well what’s the important thing you have to tell us?" she asked.

"Nothing ill-"

"It's not, nothing if you say it's important."

"It is important, but I can't tell you out here." Harry said.

"Why not?" Hermione pestered, Harry didn't answer. "If it was really that important…"

"It is important!" Harry roared "I just can't tell you about it out here. Now leave me alone." he shouted and then stormed off leaving Hermione with tears at the corner of her eyes.

A while later Harry was walking down a deserted corridor when he was grabbed by someone and dragged into an empty classroom.

"What the hell?" Harry said as he struggled free only to come face to face with his dad.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." James said.

"What’s going on?" Harry asked taking a few steps back.

"Nothing Dumbledore asked me to check on you because, you and Hermione had a bad argument."

"We didn't have a bad argument I just lost my temper with her." Harry said looking anywhere but at his dad.

"That’s what worried her. Dumbledore told them everything"

"What? I was supposed to do that" Harry said getting angry.

"Calm down son." James said reaching out to touch Harry's shoulder, but Harry flinched and moved away.

"Sorry but I have to go now." Harry said and he rushed from the room. He rushed through the corridors not really knowing where he was going until he bumped into Hermione knocking her flying. "Sorry Hermione, I wasn't paying attention" he said pulling her up. Once she steadied herself she leaped on him crushing him with a hug. "Whoa, steady Hermione." he said, she then released him blushing.

"I'm sorry, I've just heard, how are you feeling?" she asked in a rush.

"I don't know to be honest, very confused and I've just run into my dad and it didn't go to well." Harry explained.

"Well do you fancy a walk before you have to talk to him?" Hermione offered.

"Yeah that would be great." Harry said smiling, and they headed off toward the grounds.

All too soon Harry and Hermione headed back to the castle in silence they traipsed up the stairs to the seventh floor where they met Ron.

"Where have you two been?" He complained

"Out for a walk." Hermione replied shortly

"Is there no one there?" Harry asked

"Don't know haven't checked."

"Oh for goodness sake" Hermione said impatiently, she shoved Ron out of the way and knocked the door. They waited for a few seconds before James answered the door.

"Oh you’re here." James said more to Harry than anyone else.

"Yes are Dumbledore or Professor Lupin here yet?" Harry asked looking at the ground.

"No but I'm sue they'll be here in a minute, come in." James said in a less than cheerful tone.

They all entered and Sirius muttered a hello to them, with them replying with a polite hello back. Harry, Hermione and Ron sat at one end of the room whilst James and Sirius sat at the other end. Nobody spoke but Harry kept catching James looking at him when he thought he wasn't looking.

"I'm bored." Ron said in a whisper

"There’s a surprise." Hermione muttered

"Well I am, I thought being in the same room as a mass murderer and a marauder would be more fun." Ron said which made Harry snort; James and Sirius both looked up with smiles on their faces.

"Ron you seriously are deluded if you think something this serious would be fun." Harry said which in turn made Hermione giggle. James and Sirius looked at them amusedly before James spoke.

"Care to share what’s so funny?" he asked a slight smile on his face.

"Just Ron being his usual deluded self." Hermione giggled

"Hey I'm not deluded!" Ron exclaimed which made Hermione giggle even more. Suddenly there was a knock at the door which made everyone jump.

"I'll get that." James announced getting up and answering the door.

"Hello Professor Dumbledore, Remus" he said shaking their hands as they entered.

"Hello Harry, Ron and Hermione." they both greeted. "How are you Harry?" Lupin asked.

"I'm alright now professor, thank you." Harry smiled.

"Well now I suppose you would like an explanation now Harry" Dumbledore asked and Harry nodded his head. "Right then I'll leave it for James and Sirius to explain" he continued.

"Ok, well it all started a few weeks after you were born, Professor Dumbledore came to me and your mum and told us that Voldemort was after you and another child born on the same day, so in order to protect you, your mum and I went into hiding to protect you but Voldemort found us, three times and nearly killed all of us, so after the third time Dumbledore put us under the Filidus Charm and we choose Sirius as our secret keeper but three hours before the charm was performed Sirius came around to see you and came up with the idea of changing the secret keeper to Peter." James explained.

"Peter was the secret keeper?" Remus asked astonished.

"I thought it was the perfect plan." Sirius said bitterly.

"Sirius thought that Peter would be perfect because he was the weak one of us, wasn't much of a fighter and we thought that it would be too obvious if I choose Sirius, so against my better judgement I agreed, a week later Lily and I were dead." James finished. Everyone sat dumbfounded for a minute until Hermione spoke.

"O, My, Gosh" she whispered softly.

"I made the worst mistake of my life when I made that decision Harry, you lost everything and I caused that." James said slightly above a whisper.

"You didn't, Voldemort did." Harry replied. "But this still doesn't explain how you're here." he added.

"When, we died we were able to watch over you, watch you take your fist steps, say your fist sentence, everything. Then one day we got this visit from an angel of sorts and she told me that I was going to be given a chance to see you, I was so ecstatic, at first I thought me and Lily were going to be able to see you, but then she said that it was just me because like you my parents died to protect me and although the protection wore off when I was seventeen for some reason I could come back whenever you called on me but it had to be without you knowing it, it was one of the hardest things that I had to do, leaving your mum behind but I did it for you.” James explained.

"How long?" Harry asked in a slightly warmer tone than before.

"Since July."

"July?" Harry shouted. "It's the end of May, you've been alive all this time and you've hidden from me!" Harry exclaimed.

"I'm sorry I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how." James said. Harry scoffed. "It's true, it was so hard being that close to you and you not knowing who I was, like at the Dursley's, when you were attacked, at Christmas when you were on the firebolt, I was there for all of that and you didn't know and it was killing me inside."

"That was all you?" Harry said dumbfounded.

"Yes and I regret not telling you sooner but I didn't know how.” James explained.

"So what now?" Harry said after a few minutes silence.

"Well, Mr Black has been given a full pardon, Mr Pettigrew has been sentenced to the murder of Lily Potter and the now attempted murder of James and James has been given sole custody of you Harry." Dumbledore explained.

"Sole custody, that means that I don't have to back to the Dursley’s?" Harry said a grin spreading across his face.

"Not unless you want to" James said uncertainly.

"Are you crazy? Of course I don't want to go back there" Harry said. "I get my own home." he whispered.

"It's really great Harry." Hermione said hugging him.

"Yea mate it's really good." Ron said patting him on the back.

"It will be good to get to know you." Sirius said shaking his hand. Harry then turned to his father.


"Don't it's all right." Harry said and then he did something James wasn't expecting. He hugged him.

"God, I really missed doing that and I missed you" James said.

"Well get used to it because I don't plan on going anywhere." Harry chuckled


A short while later found everybody asleep in their rooms, James and Sirius were in the Room of Requirement all exhausted from the day's events but still excited about what the future holds.

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Breaking News.
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The next morning found the whole school gossiping over the Daily Prophet. Harry who had woken up felling rather happy after last night’s events, walked into the great hall with Hermione and Ron to find it buzzing with noise which abruptly stopped once they noticed his presence. Trying to remain indifferent Harry calmly walked to his seat and started to scoop eggs onto his plate. He found that once again the whole hall had burst into a series of loud whispers about the morning paper and how he was sure to have a fit at what it said. Only when Harry finally picked up a copy of the paper that Hedwig had left him did the whispers die down again. Harry, who was having fun at keeping the whole hall in suspense, took his time at reading the three articles that were on the front and first two pages.

            'Mass Murderer Sirius Black Found Innocent and Cleared of all Charges'

Was on the front of the first page, with a large paragraph of how Sirius Black was in fact innocent of all charges including leading 'You- Know -Who' to the Potters, and that the real culprit was on page two, which prompted people to turn for the rest of the story.

'Peter Pettigrew Found Alive and the Killer of the Potters and Twelve Unknown Muggles'
'Also charged for being an unregistered Animagus and found Guilty of faking his own Death'

This was followed with a very long detailed interview of how Pettigrew fooled all of his friends into thinking he was a nice quiet boy who would do anything for his friends, which in fact he was a Death Eater who was close to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. While this was slightly far from the truth Harry found himself rather pleased with both articles. But once he got to the bottom of the article the fun started. It said: 'We were able to catch Pettigrew with the help of a few people at Hogwarts' for a list of those People turn to page Three.
Harry turned the paper over to find a picture of him and His dad that was taken last night and under it was a heading that said:

                                                  'James Potter is Alive'.

This was followed about how James, his son, along with friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin whom is a professor at Hogwarts, all captured Peter Pettigrew after hearing that James' son Harry, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley whom are all in their third year of Hogwarts, were all in danger from this mass murderer. Now how a Mr James Potter came to be alive remains hidden as is to where he and his son will live. Reporters who chase them for information or interview will have their employment terminated and will receive a sentence in Azkaban... 

More followed but Harry couldn't be bothered to read anymore so he calmly folded the paper and resumed eating his scrambled eggs. The whispers reached new levels as Harry failed to react to the articles the Daily Prophet had printed. However the best part for Harry was when after about five minutes the chatter had died down, and just as Harry was starting to get peace the hall doors swung open with a bang and Professor Lupin strode in with his dad and Sirius at either side, the hall at that point froze and everybody’s eyes followed the 'Marauders' as they walked calmly into the great hall. As they greeted Professor Dumbledore and sat down at the table the hall burst into a fresh wave of whispers. Harry found some of this whispers very funny and wondered where people got these rumours from some were saying 'James Potter was captured by You-Know-Who and escaped with the help of Sirius Black.' while this is a very good possibility it was very far from the truth and therefore a load of bull. Another one was a group of girls that stood behind Harry who were having a 'privet' conversation but were talking very loudly. One girl said in a sickly sweet voice. 'Well my mummy told me that she dated the James Potter in her fifth year.' This obviously made her instantly popular. Harry, who had heard the comment loud and clear, smirked and couldn't resist a comeback.

"Well" he said turning to the girls who seemed in shock that Harry Potter was talking to them. "I can do one better than that my mother was actually married to him and he's my father, so beat that" he said smirking once more.

The girl who took offence to what Harry said promptly turned on her heel and stalked off, with her minions following close behind. As soon as they were out of earshot Harry, Ron and Hermione burst out laughing and gave each other high fives.

James found himself not being able to listen to the conversation that he and his friends were having, it wasn't like he didn't enjoy being with his friends he was loving it but he was finding all of his attention focused on, a raven haired boy who was currently sitting half way down the Gryffindor table, laughing with his friends, the said boy chanced a glance at the table and gave a huge smile at James before being pulled into a conversation with identical twins, who James assumed were Ron’s older brothers.

"..Prongs" James sat their unaware of Sirius talking to him. Remus followed James' stare and found himself chuckling at what had James' full attention. Sirius did the same and he sighed loudly snapping James out of his trance.

"What?" he said casually.

"You've not even been back a full day and he already has your full attention." Sirius replied.

"So." was his simple reply.

"You know, this is the happiest I have ever seen him." Remus said trying to change the subject slightly.

"Really?" James asked surprised.

"Yeah, he's got good friends but he never really seemed happy."

"Speaking of his friends does Hermione remind you of anybody?" Sirius asked, looking towards the girl who was now yelling at the twins for something.

"Lily" Remus said instantly.

"Do you think?" James asked.

"Of course, Hermione is the bookworm of that group, she's the one who keeps them on the straight and narrow, although she is not afraid to get into trouble, she'll do anything for Harry." Remus said.

"Looks like Harry’s got a girlfriend." Sirius teased.

"No way he's too young." James said stubbornly.

"Says the guy who had his first kiss in third year." Sirius retorted and James glared.

"Look James before you get all defensive, I don't think they are at that stage yet, but I know that they are close" Remus said reassuringly.

They quietly watched as Harry went from talking to Ron to giving Hermione his full attention, they could just about make out Harry's eye roll before she smacked his arm playfully, she then walked out of the hall with a few of her girlfriends. Harry watched her as she walked out of the hall before turning his attention to Ron.

"He got it bad." Sirius muttered.

"Shut up Padfoot." James and Remus said in unison.

Suddenly the hall went quiet as Dumbledore stood up. "I am pleased to announce that we are at the end of a very fun and busy for some year. Now as you may have noticed that the hangings above us display the Gryffindor symbol and colourings because for the third year running Gryffindor has won the house cup." There was a loud cheer that erupted in the hall coming from the Gryffindor table and most of the staff table. "Yes, yes and also thanks to Mr Harry Potter--"The hall went deadly silent when Dumbledore said his name---" Gryffindor have one the Quidditch cup for the first time in eight years so congratulations Gryffindor you've had a splendid year" he finished and most of the hall erupted into cheers once again.

A while later found Harry, Ron, Hermione, James, Sirius and Remus were all in his office talking and laughing, well Ron and Hermione were arguing.

"What are you two arguing about now?" Harry said.

"Nothing." said Hermione but Ron had other Ideas.

"We were debating about who bought you that firebolt.” He said and Harry rolled his eyes.

"That was me." James said.

"Really? Cheers." Harry replied. Suddenly Hedwig swooped in through the open window and dropped a parcel and letter onto Harry's lap, curious he opened the letter first, scanning it a smile played across his face.

"Read it aloud." Ron said.

           You left these in behind the other night, I have no idea where you got the second one and I don't want to know but I decided to give them both back to you as I know how useful they can be. Just ask your father and his friends.

At everyone’s confused looks Harry opened the paper to find his invisibility cloak and an old piece of parchment.

"Harry give me that a sec." James asked him pointing to the parchment.

"Where did you get this map?"

"Some friends, how did you know it was a map"?

James didn't answer immediately but instead taped it with his wand muttering the indication.

"Because Sirius, Remus and I created it, were the Marauders".

"Wicked." Ron said.

"So that’s how you've been getting into Hogsmede?" Remus asked.

"No." Harry lied looking away.

"It's alright son, Moony won't punish you because he used to do the same and that would make him hypocritical and I will sign you permission forms so that you can go next year, although sneaking in is more fun." James said with a wink.

"Prongs don't encourage him…" Remus said exasperated.

"You sound like Lily." James muttered back earning a hit from Remus.

"Don't worry Professor Harry doesn't need encouragement to break the rules." Hermione said.

"Hey!" Harry exclaimed, throwing a scatter cushion at her while the others laughed.

They continued their banter into the night causing Harry, Ron and Hermione to sneak to Gryffindor tower under Harry's invisibility cloak.


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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Going Home.
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Before anyone knew it, it was the end of their third year. Exams had passed and the trio had finished packing and now were traveling to Hogsmede to catch the train. Once they got settled in the compartment, Harry began to feel nervous and excited. He was excited because he was finally leaving the Dursley’s to live with his dad, Sirius and Remus but that also made him very nervous of a new home and a new life, Hermione who was sitting beside Harry sensed his nervousness and gave his hand a little squeeze.

He got even more nervous as the train started to slow and the station came into view knowing what was lying ahead was making his stomach churn, his dad had went home early with Sirius to get their new home ready, he was looking forward to seeing what the home will be like but it was the confrontation that was sure to happen between him, his dad and the Dursley’s. Even though he was positive his dad could handle the Dursley’s it didn't stop him from dreading the conversation. Putting the feeling of unease to the back of his mind for now Harry jumped of the train and straight into the Weasley’s.

"My, My Harry haven't you grown." Mrs Weasley said pulling him into a bone crushing hug. "Now Harry we know that you have a bit of trouble with the Dursley’s so we were wondering if you wanted to travel with us" Mrs Weasley said once she release him.

"Erm thanks but I already have transportation." He said embarrassed. Just then James and Sirius appeared.

"Sorry I'm late son got caught up in traffic." James said as he hugged his son.

"It’s ok I was talking to Mrs Weasley" Harry replied. James turned to Mrs Weasley who was eyeing Sirius wearily.

"Don't mind him he won’t bite." He said gesturing a thumb towards Sirius who was pulling Harry's trunk of the train.

"Ha, Ha Prongs, so are you ready to go Harry?" He asked. Harry nodded and said goodbye to the Weasley’s taking a deep breath he passed through the barrier.

On the other side Harry was met with all sorts of muggles coming and going a just a little ahead of him he spotted Vernon looking highly annoyed at having to come and pick Harry up. Harry took a deep breath and moved forward but stopped suddenly when he heard an all too familiar voice call his name. Turning around he dropped his bag that he was carrying and prepared for the hug his bushy haired friend was going to give him.

James and Sirius both turned around at hearing someone call Harry's name. They watched as Harry dropped his bag and easily caught Hermione who launched a hug upon him.

"See, what did I tell you, our prongslet's got himself a girlfriend" Sirius said in a singsong voice. James didn't even register what Sirius had called his son, as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

"I didn't think you were still here Hermione." Harry said once she had released him.

"Didn't think I'd go without saying goodbye did you?" She said raising her eyebrow.

"Of course not." He lied, the famous Potter smirk playing across his lips.

"Well I just wanted to say have a good summer and you better write to me." She said.

"I will, you can have a personal invitation to see my new home once I settle in OK?" he replied.

"I would love to, but that better not be the only owl I get from you." She said.

"Aww you know me Hermione." He replied.

"All too well." Was her reply before she hugged him again and then ran off to where her parents were standing waiting on her. He watched her for a second before turning back to his father and godfather, who were standing there with odd looks on their faces.

"What?" Harry said innocently.

"Prongslet has got himself a girlfriend." Sirius burst out before he could stop himself.

"Hermione's not my Girlfriend." He replied shortly before lifting his bag and walking off smiling at what Sirius had nicknamed him. His happiness was short lived when he heard the angry tones of his 'uncles' voice.

"Your late boy." He growled.

"So." Harry replied shortly.

"Wh-what" his uncle stuttered surprised at Harry's answer.

"So…" Harry said slowly as if talking to a very small child.

"Get in the car." He growled pointing a large sausage like finger towards the car.

"No, I don't have to do what you say." Harry retorted.

"Who says?" he growled taking a step closer to Harry.

"Me." Came his father’s voice as he stepped in front of Harry.

"James Potter, Harry's father, I know I am supposed to be dead but I'm not, none of you business how all you need to know is that Harry will be living with me from now on. Got it." he said before Vernon had a chance to answer, he had gone a deathly shade of white which made a change from his usual purple. Without saying another word James grabbed his sons shoulder and steered him away from Dursley and into the car park.

"You don't need anything from their do you?" his dad asked him as they weaved in and out of the cars.

"No, Why?" he asked

"So we don't have to go back there." He replied. Harry chuckled.

"No, everything I own is in my trunk."  He replied, as they reached car his jaw dropped.

"Like it?" James asked him smiling slightly.

All Harry did was nod as he looked at the brand new car that sat in front of him. It was a red Ferrari California that had a light cream interior and impressive 17" Alloys. He saw his dad lean forward and press a button in the front and with a loud click the roof started moving back making the car topless, he then moved his seat forward to allow the back passenger to get in.  Putting his bag in the back he was about to climb in when Sirius stopped him.

"Ah, you get the honour of riding in the front with your dad Prongslet." He said climbing in and pulling the seat back leaving no room for an argument.

"My goodness, you’re giving up the front seat Padfoot." James said disbelievingly.

"Well Prongslet is a special kid." he said moving forward and ruffling his hair. "..But it's a once of" he added, causing Harry to laugh.

As they were pulling out of the car park Harry caught a quick glance at the Weasley’s who all had their mouths open slightly, Harry felt a pang of guilt as he thought of how poor the Weasley’s where but he quickly pushed that aside not wanting to spoil the good mood he was in, it's not his fault he was richer than them.

The journey was quiet and Harry found himself slightly bored as he hung over the left side of the car, sometimes he would steel a quick glance at his dad who he always found to be looking at him with a slight smile on his face.

Harry soon found himself in the outskirts of Surrey in the complete opposite direction of the Dursley’s. They were now diving deeper and deeper into the countryside about 4 miles from any shops. They passed large houses that Harry thought all looked beautiful and elegant surrounded by trees and large bushes. Suddenly Sirius called his name snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Harry mate." He called over the wind that was rushing past them. Harry turned around and looked at him expectantly. "Your owl is getting restless." He said pointing to the cage that was behind Harry's seat. Hedwig who had been put on the floor of the car behind his seat so that the muggles couldn't see her was currently trying to fly in her cage hooting madly.

"Can I let her out?" he asked his dad.

"Yeah sure, it should be safe enough." He nodded. Sirius bent down and snapped open the cage door, Hedwig quietened but made no attempt to move.

"Come on girl…" Harry said softly holding out his arm for her to fly onto. She slowly came out and flew gracefully on to Harry's out stretched arm.

"Good girl" Hhe said and dug deep into his jacket pocket and found some of her treats and handed her them. She took them gratefully before launching herself off Harry's arm digging her claws in slightly as she did so to show that she was thankful for the treats. Harry watched her go as she climbed higher and higher up blending with the fluffy clouds that resided in the bright blue sky. Harry turned his attention back to the greenery on the left side of him when he could no longer see his owl but was sure she could still see him.

Not fifteen minutes later his dad suddenly exclaimed that they had arrived at their destination. Harry snapped his gaze up to see large golden gates swing open to reveal a short gravel driveway with fountains on either side. Harry looked around in awe as they drove slowly up the driveway, there was neatly trimmed rose bushes leading the whole way up with tall elegant looking trees that surrounded them. Harry's gaze slowly adverted to what was in front of him when he felt the car slow to a stop his jaw dropped a second time as he saw what his new home was.

It was a large home that was not quiet big enough to be a mansion, but large anyway. It was three stories high and painted white with red roses growing everywhere, the door and window frames were painted a pale yellow and the door had what looked like a Lily painted on it.

Turning the handle that was on the door Harry gasped as it swung open. Inside was painted pure white; there was the stairs in front of him and four separate doors on either side of him. He also noticed as he stepped further in that on the walls hung pictures, not just any pictures no. They were pictures of him, his mum, his dad, their school days, his childhood and they were all black and white muggle ones.

"Where did you get these?" Harry asked his dad breathlessly as he came in through the door.

"I had a secret house that no one new about, it's gone now I've sold it but when we had to go into hiding me and your mum stored things there, like photos and such, hoping that at least if one or both of us came out alive then we would have something to remember the other by." James replied as he stood by his son. Harry felt a tear escape his eye and he hastily wiped it away, but James noticed.

"Are you ok?" He asked wrapping an arm around him.

"Yeah I'm fine." He lied.

"Look why don't you go and explore the house ok and I'll make us something to eat." his dad offered. Harry nodded in agreement and proceeded to the light lemon coloured door on his left.

He soon found that this was the living room; it was painted cream with the chimney breast one painted red. There was a brown leather three and two seated sofa and an arm chair that sat on a plush red carpet. Walking in he found to his immediate left was the three seated sofa, next to it was a small coffee table and next to that along the window was the two seated. On the opposite side of the door was the hearth which had loads more photo's on it although these ones were wizard ones. And above the hearth mounted on the wall was the biggest flat screen that he had ever seen. To the right of the hearth in the corner was the armchair with another small coffee table beside it, to the right of that was two large double doors that he assumed led to the next room.

Opening them he soon found out that he was right, and he entered the large dining room, where he found a large mahogany table that sat twelve people, he assumed this would only be used for entertaining purposes. The walls were painted a dark cream colour and the walls were bare Harry supposed this was for future photo's. To his right was another door and ahead of him was another set of double doors. Guessing the one on his right led to the hall, he made a beeline for the double ones.

Opening them he found himself in the kitchen. To say it was big was an understatement. In front of him was a four seated oak table, behind that was yet another set of double doors only this time they were glass, looking through them he saw what was the garden. Deciding to explore that later he turned to his right to find the largest kitchen he had ever seen. It was painted the same light lemon as the outside, with black granite worktops that matched the tiled floor. The cupboard doors were white and the fridge, cooker microwave and such were chrome which all stood out. There was a unit that held two sinks and was filled with pots and pans that sat in the middle of the kitchen. Going up the three steps that led to the kitchen (which he only noticed seconds ago) he soon found that there were another three doors that led of it. The one on the left in the corner led to the garden, the one in front of him he found that it led to a rather large garage which had two cars in it, the red Ferrari and a black people carrier. After closing the door and turning to his right he found two single doors, curious he opened the one that was further from him he found that leading to the hall where he saw his dad and Sirius enter the living room.

Going to the one that was closer to him he found himself in one of the largest library’s he had ever seen the walls were the shelf at which the books were sitting upon, on each book case the books started at the bottom and went about half way up. Looking around he found several study tables and another two single doors, heading for the one ahead of him, as he knew where the other one led, he found himself in what he assumed was his dads study. Not wanting to intrude he had a quick look around before exiting the door on the right.

Finding himself back in the hall, which he noticed was laid with hardwood flooring he descended up the large stairs. At the top he found a longish corridor that had three doors at each end. Turning to  the left he opened the first door that he soon found was the bathroom, it was rather large with white tile floors and mint green tiled walls, the sink and toilet was on the right hand side and on the left was a shower and a large enough bath. Closing the door he turned around and found two doors that had name plaques on them. One said 'Remus (Moony)' the other said 'Sirius(Padfoot)', not wanting to invade privet space he turned to his right and walked to the opposite side passing the second flight of stairs on his way. The first door he opened he found it to be a small cupboard filled with spare bedding and towels. The one next to it was a bedroom that said ‘James (Prongs)' and opposite that was the bedroom Harry had been looking for reading the plaque that said 'Harry (Prongslet)' he chuckled slightly before entering.

It was a large room with light blue walls and white furniture which sat upon a dark blue plush carpet. His bed was like the one at Hogwarts only white and twice as big. His trunk sat at the foot of his bed which was covered with light blue attire. He walked over to his wardrobe which was to the right of his bed he found it full of new clothes. Smiling at the thought of clothes that would actually fit him he left his room and continued to the floor above.

He found another four doors that turned out to be a small bathroom and three guest rooms that were decorated with neutral colours. Sighing and tired after his long journey and exploring of the house he made his way back down the stairs into the living room only to find it empty. Sighing again he continued through the sets of double doors until he reached the kitchen, where the smell of eggs hit him up the face.

"Hey kiddo." Sirius said as he spotted him, his dad who had his back to him turned around at the mention of kiddo.

"Hey Harry, do you like the house?" he asked.

"It's big." Harry replied nodding.

"Only the best for the Potters." He replied laughing. "Come sit down the omelettes will be ready in a few." He added pointing to a chair facing Sirius.

"Well Harry, if you think the house is good just wait until you see what’s out the back." Sirius said.

"After, dinner he can." James cut in setting out three plates of ham and mushroom omelettes and taking a seat in between Harry and Sirius at the head of the table. They sat around talking for a while until Remus came back. They then went to bed early for some much needed rest.

Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Harry's Fourteenth.
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Harry's first few weeks of the holidays for him were heaven. He had been absolutely spoilt by his Dad, Sirius and Remus. He was still getting used to having a teacher living with him plus having his father back in his life. All he needed now was his mum but that was impossible, even his dad being alive now was nothing short of a miracle.

Harry slowly got up out of his bed after another nights peaceful sleep and walked over to his door, opening it he walked to the airing cupboard and lifted out a towel and proceeded to the bathroom where he had a quick shower.

Back in his bedroom, Harry put on a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue striped shirt which he left open. Today was his birthday and since Harry no longer lived at the Dursley’s, Harry knew that this would be the best birthday that he ever had so he decided to look nice, ruffling his hair a habit which he had picked up from his dad, he finally deemed himself presentable and headed down the stairs.

Following the scent of fried eggs, bacon and sausage, Harry headed to the kitchen, he opened the door to find his dad standing cooking.

"Hey happy birthday, son." He said giving Harry a hug. Sirius and Remus both wished Harry a happy birthday with a hug, turning to the small dining room that was attached to the kitchen and gasped, on top of the small table was a large mountain of presents.

"Dig in." James said and pushed Harry forwards slightly to the mound of presents that awaited him.

It took Harry at least a half an hour to open all of the presents that he had received. He had gotten another huge amounts of clothes, a couple pairs of trainers a new set of wizards robes, a new set of Quidditch robes, a new chess set several new books ranging from 'Defensive Spells' to 'Favourite Quidditch Teams' and three tickets to see 'Ireland versus Bulgaria Quidditch World Cup'.

"We've also got tickets but those one are for you, Ron and Hermione." James told him.

"Wow, cheers for all of this by the way, I've never gotten so many presents." Harry said still in awe.

"Don't mention it Harry, what the point of having only one child if I can't spoil him?" James replied winking.

"Oh and why don't you owl Hermione and Ron and see if they could come over and stay for a few nights."  Harry ate his breakfast, thanked his dad again and raced upstairs to invite Hermione and Ron to stay for a couple of days.

A while later whilst Harry was having his lunch, Hedwig arrived baring two letters; she swooped through the window and dropped the letters beside his plate before zooming back out again.

"Thanks" Harry called after her, picking up the letters. Recognising the handwriting that belonged to his two best friends, he opened Hermione's first.

        Thank goodness you wrote I was starting to worry. Your invitation arrived just in time as my parents were trying to convince me to go away for a week but I didn't want to go, so when your invitation arrived I had to beg my parents to go they know all about you of course and how this is the first time you've ever been able to invite some friends over so they finally gave in. So in answer to your question yes I'd love to come and stay for a few days, I'd be ready to leave a 2pm so I'll see you then.

P.s I live at 33 Greenway Terrace, Dorset.

                                                    Love Hermione.

"Oh love Hermione." Sirius said reading over his shoulder.

"Shut up Padfoot." Harry replied turning slightly pink. Harry then, still slightly pink, he opened Ron's letter. It was quite a bit shorter.

          It will be absolutely wicked to come and stay for a few days, I’ve never stayed over in a friend’s house before. Pick me up anytime.


"Pads where's my dad?" Harry asked.

"In his study, make sure you knock." He said as Harry exited the kitchen and into the hall. Seconds later he knocked on his dad's study door, he waited a few seconds before there was a muffled 'Enter' and Harry opened the door.

"Hey son what’s up?" James asked as Harry opened the door.

"Hermione and Ron have written back and they both say that they would like to stay over" Harry replied with a smile.

"Good did Hermione say where she lived?"

"Yep 33 Greenway Terrace, Dorset and she said she'd be ready by two, Ron said he'd be ready anytime."

"Great well it's ten to two now so do you want to go and put your trainers and a jacket on.”

"I can go?" Harry asked excited.

"Of course." James smiled.

"How are we going to get to Dorset in ten minutes?”

"Apparition, now go get ready or well be late." Harry exited the study and raced upstairs, threw on a pair of black dc's that he'd got for his birthday and a black leather jacket that he'd also gotten for his birthday, he checked himself in the mirror quickly then dashed down the stairs again.

"Looking good kid are you ready?" James asked Harry when he spotted him. Harry nodded.

"Right we have to walk to a spot about half a mile up the road to apparate OK?”

"Yep how are we going to manage getting back?" Harry asked as they left the house.

"Erm... I can apparate you and Hermione first then I'll follow with Ron and the bags sound good?" James replied.

"Delightful…" Harry replied shuddering, he had been told all about apparition and was not looking forward to it. James laughed.

Soon they arrived at the apparition point, James grabbed Harry's arm tightly and turned they both disappeared. It was unlike anything Harry had ever felt, he felt as if the whole world had suddenly closed in on him, he could barely breathe, his eyes were surely popping out of his head and he couldn't see his dad which panicked him making him grip tighter, suddenly as soon as it had started, it was over. The world felt like it had been put back to normal and he could finally breathe.

"Are you ok?" James asked worried as he saw his son pale form.

"I defiantly prefer flying." He said with a slightly shaky laugh.

"Right it's just over there." James said pointing in front of them. Harry had just noticed that they had arrived in a field opposite a quaint little village.

They both Jumped over the little fence and started to stroll in the same manner, toward the entering street of the village. Once the entered they turned left and into Greenway Terrace, they walked three quarters of the way down until they stopped outside no: 33. What stood before them was a large detached house with two floors. It was easily the biggest house in the street with its large oak double doors and balcony's on either side, Harry would bet that if you went around the back that you would find not only a very large garden but also another balcony.

James stepped up the three steps and knocked the large brass knocker. They heard bustling about before Harry heard Hermione, shout that she'd answer the door and then they heard her shouting at her cat and a loud mad hiss. Then the door opened.

"Hey Harry, Mr Potter." Hermione said.

"Please call me James.”

"Well are you ready?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, Harry did you get new clothes?"

"Yeah when I came home and for my birthday, do you like?"

"Yes, you look different. Crookshanks no!" Hermione suddenly shouted, for he had made a bid for freedom but he didn't get very far before Harry caught him.

"Thanks." she said as Harry handed him to her, Crookshanks emitting a loud hiss as he did so.

"Oh, where are my manners, come in." She said and opened the door wider. They stepped in to the hall, whilst Hermione ran upstairs to get her bag. The hall was painted a pale lemon with lots of flower portraits there was a living room to the left and a large dining room to the right. Seconds later Hermione came down the stairs with a holdall.

"I'm ready."

"You travel light." James said.

"Really? I thought I had packed too much" Hermione replied blushing.

"Right, ready to go and get Ron?" James said. They both nodded, Hermione said goodbye to her parents and they left. Minutes later they were in the field hidden behind trees to apparate.

"Right now, I'll apparate you first Harry so that you can get Ron ready then I'll apparate Hermione, then on are way back I'll take you and Hermione then me and Ron with the luggage OK?" They both nodded and James grabbed hold of Harry and they disappeared leaving Hermione alone, she started to feel uncomfortable when James appeared in front of her.

"Ready?" he asked and she nodded. A minute later Hermione found herself in front of the burrow, they saw Harry had only entered and they made a beeline for the door.

"Hermione, Mr Potter, do come in." Mrs Weasley said as she opened the door.

"I'm Molly and this is my husband Arthur"

"James, Mr Potter makes me sound so old." He replied.

"How old are you?" asked a girl from his right.

"Ginny!" Molly scolded. "Don't be so rude."

"It's alright." James said laughing. "I'm thirty-four."

"Wow your young." she replied. James laughed.

"Yeah Lils and I were both very young when we had Harry".

"What about me?" Harry asked.

"Nothing son are you ready to go?"


"Right Ron I’m going to head with Hermione and Harry first, so you can say goodbye and meet me at the apparition point with both bags OK?" James said Ron nodded. "Right, It was very nice to meet you all." James said shaking their hands. He left with Harry and Hermione where they apparated to their apparition point. Harry who had been through apparition four times now wobbled a bit on landing.

"Whoa, are you OK?" James said worried.

"Yep, don't worry."

"Right I'm away to get Ron stay here until I get back." He warned them and then disappeared. Seconds later he reappeared with Ron who seemed to be panting heavily.

"Bloody hell." he said.

"Right this way." James said as he headed down the road.

As the arrived at the gates Ron and Hermione both gasped. James punched in a code and the golden gates swung open, James walked in first followed by Harry, Ron and Hermione, Ron and Hermione both looking around in awe.

"Welcome to Potter Manner." James said when he opened the door.

"Right Harry why don't you show these two around but leave the kitchen to the last that's where we'll be ok" He waved his wands and the bags disappeared to the rooms upstairs, then he went to the kitchen.

"Right living room first then." Harry said and opened the door to the left of them. Hermione and Ron gasped.

"Wow, Harry this is beautiful." Hermione breathed.

"Nice TV" she commented spotting the massive television that was mounted to the wall above the hearth.

"How does that work?" Ron asked pointing to it.

"I'll show you later."

"I didn't know you had so many photos" Hermione said looking at the many photos of Harry and his parents.

"Neither did I, my dad told me that he had hid them along with other things in one of his secret houses, so that they wouldn't get destroyed in the war."

"How many houses does your dad own?" Ron asked.

"Only this one now, but he owned three others, his parents mansion which he inherited but has now sold it, the secret house which he has now sold and the house in Godrics Hallow which was destroyed thirteen years ago."

"Wow you must be rich." Ron said in awe, Harry felt uncomfortable, he didn't want to tell his rather poor friend that his small fortune had now tripled in size and they had to move to a bigger vault because of it.

"What's behind there?" Hermione asked sensing the building tension and pointing to the double doors.

"Ah, this…" he said going to the double doors… “Is the second room.” He finished opening the doors, again the others gasped.

"I like the photos." Ron commented.

"Yeah these are recent ones, that one's my favourite." Harry said pointing to a photo that had him and James standing back to back, both with arms crossed over there chest and with the famous Potter smirk on both of their faces.

"I like this one." Hermione said pointing to a portrait which had all of them in it. Harry was standing in the middle with James behind him, hands on both of his son's shoulders and Remus was to the left of James and Sirius to the right all four were grinning broadly.

"Yeah that’s my second favourite. Right on to the third room, it's across the hall."

They exited the door on the right and came into the hall way, they walked around the Grande stairs that were sitting in the middle of the hall. They came to another small door and Harry opened it and Hermione squealed.

"O, My, Merlin, it’s huge." She said excited and she dashed in. Just then James came out of the kitchen.

"Did someone just squeal?" He asked.

"Yeah don't worry Hermione had just found are library." Harry reassured him, James rolled his eyes and went back into the kitchen, Harry and Ron went into the Library.

"It's just a library Hermione." Ron said exasperated.

"Does every room have double doors?" she asked ignoring Ron.

"Yeah the whole ground floor is connected by double doors."

"What this room?" Ron asked to walking to the other double doors and reaching for the handle.

"Don't." Harry said quickly. Hermione and Ron both gave him a curious look "It's my dad's study, but it's got heaps of protections on it and only someone with the Potter blood can enter it." He added.

"Wow." they both said.

"Right bedrooms." He said and led the way upstairs. "Right to the left we have the main bathroom, Sirius' and Remus' room, and to the right is mine and my dad's." He said then led them up the last flight. "This is where the guest bathroom and bedrooms are, to the left is the smaller version of the main bathroom and Ron's guest room, and to the right are Hermione’s room and a spare room." Harry commentated as they had a look.

"So there are seven bedrooms in all?" Hermione asked. Harry nodded.

"Wow." they both said.

"Harry." Came a voice suddenly.


"Come down to the kitchen son.”

"K" he replied and they made their way down. They entered the kitchen to find it in total darkness, confused Harry flicked on the lights.

"Surprise." he heard people scream.

"Holy Merlin." Ron shouted whilst both Harry and Hermione screamed and jumped.

There in front of him, were all the Weasley’s plus two he'd never met, and his dad, Sirius and Remus. The whole kitchen was decorated in banners and balloons; one of the banners he saw was of him playing Quidditch, where he'd won the Quidditch cup.

"Happy Birthday son, do you like?"

"Wow." was all he said.

"Happy birthday Harry." said Molly Weasley.

"How did you get that banner?" He asked his dad.

"From memory." He replied. Harry smiled.

"Hi Harry, I'm Bill and this is Charlie." Said one of the two Weasley’s that he'd never met. Bill had long hair that was tied up, he had a pierced ear, which had what looked like a fang that hung from it and he was short compared to the twins and Ron and was bulky. Charlie looked almost identical to Bill except he had short hair, no piercings and a lot of burns.

"This place is nice." Bill said.

"You still haven’t seen the back yard, full size Quidditch pitch." Sirius said and then walked off.

"We'll have to play later then and then maybe I can play against Harry and see how good he is." Charlie said.

"He's the best." James said as he walked up to them.

"There are more presents for you to open on the table." He told Harry.

Harry walked to the table to see that indeed there was more presents all from the Weasley’s and one from Hermione. He sat down and began to open them, once finished he thanked them all Hermione and Ginny blushing furiously as he did so. Soon they were playing games and having fun, they had played a game of Quidditch which was fun. It was a close call but when it came to it Charlie just could not beat Harry.

"He's one good Quidditch player." Harry overheard Charlie saying to James as they sat in the kitchen talking and laughing.

"Yep, he got my gene's in fact I think he's a better player than I am." James boasted. Harry turned to look in his direction, and caught his dad's eye. James winked and him and Harry smiled back, he turned back to the conversation thinking that life couldn't be any better than what it was.