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The Shadows Within by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 5,308
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Angst, Young Adult
Characters: OC
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First Published: 03/16/2008
Last Chapter: 04/21/2008
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Scarlet was taken from her village when she was fourteen.  She now finds herself in a world she does not know; a world of rulity and rules.  As the years pass by, Scarlet learns more about herself, and her husband.  Can she convince the King that witches and wizards aren't all bad?  Or will she be doomed with them?

Chapter 1: The Beginning
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The sun broke through the horizon, sending a golden hallow across the land.  Dew fell from the leaves, and flowers opened up.  Rabbits darted across the wide open fields and squirrels scurrying through the branches in search of food.  Villagers strolled through the village main street, preparing themselves for a hard day of work.  While on their way to their stools, they stopped and talked to many of their friends, greeting them with a friendly hello.

Though it didn’t seem like it, but this village was different.  The villages weren’t your average farmers, or even your average soldiers.  They were witches and wizards.  They were able to complete their harvest in one day, and grow what they need in a couple of days.

The villagers thought it was best not to display to the people of England about who, or what, they were.  It scared them to think what they would do, because it was well known that witches and wizards were not welcome.  They were thought to be a bad omen, or evil.  Although, this prohibited them from moving their cargo quickly, it didn’t stop them from living.  There were special schools set up by the women for the children of the village to get an education on how to control their magic and use a wand.  They were also taught the stories of past villagers and how they once defeated the greatest threat they had ever faced; themselves.

There was one girl that loved these stories more than anything else in the world.  She was adventurous, and wanted to be like the past villagers, and fight evil.  She was determined to be like them.  Some said that she should have been a boy, since she could beat boys older than her in a sword fight.  Her name was Scarlet.  

Even though Scarlet acted like a boy, she was still a girl who enjoyed her father’s company.  She rarely got to see him since he spent days away on business trips.   Scarlet was left with her mother and little brother.  She resented the times her father was away, it made her life at home unbearable and she would often spend her days out in the fields, practising sword fighting with the boys.  The village elders didn’t like her being taught in the art of war, but they couldn’t deny she was stronger than half the grown men.

“Scarlet Cross! Stop this day dreaming at once,” shouted the teacher.  Scarlet’s head shot up.  She was in class with the rest of the village children.  Since she was the oldest, she was always asked question and half the time, she didn’t hear them. 

“Sorry miss.  I was thinking about sword fighting again.”

“Scarlet, get your head out of the clouds.  We all know that sword fighting is your life, but at the moment, I am going to make school your life.”

Scarlet mumbled and turned back to her slate, resenting the very thought of school.  On days her father was home, he forced her to go to school.  She loved him very much, but when he was home, life was unbearable for her.  She was energetic, and needed to release her pumped up energy.

Scarlet was in deep thought.  So deep she didn’t hear the teacher ask her a question.  Her friend, Emily, nudged her in the ribs.  “Idiot, you need to answer Mrs. Harp, or she’ll know you haven’t been listening.  The question is who defeated the great wizard who ruled us for years?”

“Scarlet, are you with us!” the teacher shouted, her temper flaring.

“Yes miss, I’m with you.  I was just thinking.  The answer is...” 

But Scarlet was never able to answer, for at that moment a loud, echoing trumpet sounded through the village.  From a young age the children had been taught that the trumpet meant a great power was heading towards the village.  The teacher beckoned for the children to follow her to the forest, where they would be safe until the visitor had left.  Emily began to follow the teacher to the door, but stopped when she saw Scarlet running past her, heading for the other door.

“Scarlet, what in Merlin’s name are you doing?” Emily hissed.  Scarlet ignored her and open the door.  She headed out into the street, where the men were congregating.  Her father recognized her immediately.

“Scarlet go back to the forest where you’ll be safe,” he ordered her.

“No father.  If the men are destroyed, they’ll search for the women and children.  No one would be safe.  And you know me.  I’d rather die fighting than running.” She was not one to disobey an order from her father, but she could tell he understood her need.

“Stay by me,” he warned.  Scarlet nodded and took the sword that was offered to her by one of the many men.  She placed it on her belt.  Her hand glided down to the sword hilt, ready to pull if it was needed.

The sound drew nearer.  By now all the men and Scarlet could hear the hooves of a hundred horses.  Scarlet shot a look over in the forest where she knew all the women and children should be waiting, hoping for their loved ones to return.

Soon the sound was upon them.  A hundred men on horses came trotting into the village, protecting a single man.  The men of the village backed back in fright, but Scarlet stood her ground.  She wasn’t scared. Well, at least not that much.  The man the soldiers were protecting dismounted off his horse.  The soldier in charge ordered a couple of the villagers to take his horse to the stable to rest and drink.  He then ordered his men off the horses.

“Lead them to the paddocks and let them refresh,” he grunted.  He turned to look at the remaining villages.  His eyes fell upon Scarlet, and the sword in her hand.  “There’ll be no need for that.  We come here in peace unless we get what we want.”

“There, there Brunose, don’t be so hard on this young lady,” a voice piped up from in between the soldiers.  It was the man they had been protecting.  He wore a crown filled with jewels on his head.

A scribe in between the soldiers came forward.  “Introducing His Majesty, the King of England, King Edward the IV.”

The King walked, or rather waddled, over to Scarlet.  He brushed her fringe out of her face.  His face came awfully close to hers, yet she didn’t flinched.  His smelly breathed caused her feel faint.  Her father in the crowd stepped forward, and stepped in between his daughter and the King.  “I ask you to please step away from my daughter,” he asked politely, though it was more of a command.

Brunose stepped forward and seized Scarlet’s father by his cuff.  He threw him roughly to the ground.  He whimpered in pain.  Scarlet rushed to his aid.  She kneeled in beside him, and tried to help him up.  “Be safe,” he whispered.  His eyes closed and he fell back down.  He never got back up.

Scarlet cried.  “Father,” she cried into his shirt.

A rough hand grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to her feet.  The soldier looked to his Commander, who nodded.  The King stepped forward.  “We thank you for this short welcoming.  We shall now leave.”

The soldier holding Scarlet dragged her towards the King’s horse which had just been brought out.  He lifted her up and placed her on the horse.  The soldier tied Scarlet’s hands together, and then gave the rope to the Queen.  His face was pale.  He didn’t like what was happening.

Scarlet’s eyes grew wide.  She knew what was happening and she began to kick and scream.  One of the other soldiers came forward and tied her feet together, before gagging her.  It didn’t stop her.  She still tried to shout nasty things at the soldiers and King.  The King came forward and mounted the horse.  He laughed, “My dear, you’ll wear yourself out before we get back to the castle.  We don’t want you falling off the horse do we?  There is only so much I can do to stop you falling off.”

The soldiers and the King began to move away from the village, riding up the hill.  They passed where the women and children were hiding.  Emily and Scarlet’s mother and brother were at the front.  They gasped in shock at Scarlet.  Her eyes pleaded with theirs to be silent, to not follow them.  Scarlet tried her best to turn around to see her village one last time.  

The King saw this, and turned his horse around. 

Scarlet looked back into the village.  She gasped in shock.  The village was being burnt down.  The village men tried their best to stop the fire, but it was a one in a million chance of saving it.  The King turned the horse back around and urged it to gallop with the other horses.  Scarlet knew she had no chance of getting out of it.  For now, she was stuck, going to somewhere she knew nothing about.

Okay, so this is a new series that I am writing.  I hope ti get a few more chapters completed by the time we can submit our stories again.  I know that at this time in history King Edward the IV was not a King, I just made him up.  Reviews will be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and I'm the new author on this account.  My cousin lost her passion for writing, so I said I'd take over.  I also know this chapter is kind of short, so sorry for that

Chapter 2: Shocking News
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“Miss, please, you must get up.  My Master wishes to see you,” pleaded a young female voice.

Scarlet opened one eye.  A girl her age was busy moving around the room, picking up Scarlet’s dirty clothes.  It was Scarlet’s third day in the castle, and she was still not use to having a servant girl waiting on her.  She groaned as she sat up; a hammer beating a thousand times against her head.  The servant girl turned around.

“C’mon on now Miss, His Majesty is expecting you in the dining hall for breakfast.  Do you need some help getting into your dress, m’lady?”

Scarlet nodded her head.  She suspected she would never get use to wearing a corset under her dress.  She found it hard to believe.  The servant girl came forward and helped Scarlet out of her bed.  She then walked Scarlet towards the closet.  Scarlet gasped in amazement.  Although she had been in this room for three nights, she was yet to choose her own dress.  And she had a big choice to make, for there were over a hundred dresses.

She took a step forward, and brushed her fingers over the silk.  Scarlet ran her finger tips over the dresses two more times, before stepping back.  She observed all of them.  She then stepped forward again and took out one dress.

“Good choice my lady,” said the servant girl.  Scarlet has chosen a yellow dress.  The servant girl beckoned for Scarlet to follow her to the dressing screen where she could get changed.  The girl turned Scarlet around so that her face faced the window.  “This won’t hurt much, just try to breathe normally,” she said.

Scarlet nodded.  She was about to say thanks for helping her when she found it hard to breath and began to gasp for breath.  She looked down at her stomach to see something placed around it, with the girl pulling on strings which tightened it.  “Ow,” Scarlet whispered.

“Begun your pardon ma’am. “

She pulled one last strong, tied it, and then released.  Scarlet took deep breaths, but soon found it was worse to do that than to breath normally.  The servant girl then put Scarlet’s arms up into the air, and pulled the dress over her head.  It fell to the ground.  The girl went around to the back again and pulled on some more strings to tighten the dress.  Scarlet was then turned around to face the girl.  The girl smiled.  

Scarlet looked down at her dress.  She wore a yellow dress with long sleeves to her wrists.  It was different to what she use to wear in the Village. She was use to wearing pants and her father’s old top.    

“If you don’t mind me asking, but who are you?” Scarlet asked slowly, talking causing her more pain.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss, where did my manners go?  My name is Anne.  I ‘m a servant girl here and I will be most likely me looking after you.” She smiled.

Scarlet nodded, not daring to talk again.  “You’ll get use to that sooner or later.  You’re most likely to be here for a while, and well, you’re not a servant so you’ll be wearing these dresses for a while.” She smiled again.  And again, Scarlet nodded.

Anne led Scarlet over to the dresser and sat her down on the chair.  She began to brush Scarlet’s hair softly.  She talked about all the wonderful things in the castle, from the wonderful forest lining the grounds to the kitchens where glorious food is cooked.  “You’ll be eating a lot of that food while you’re here I suspect.”

Once she’d finishing brushing, she took her time to pull the hair into a bun.  She took some pins to pin it up and a veil to keep it in place.  “If you go outside,” Anne said, “You’ll need to wear this special hat, for protection.”  Scarlet nodded, this time only gaining a little bit of pain.  She was slowly getting use to the corset.

Scarlet waited patiently while Anne looked through a wooden box.  Suddenly Anne stood up and held out her hands to show what she had in them.  Scarlet gasped in shock.  Diamonds.  I was a diamond necklace.  She’d never seen anything so amazing in her life.  Anne placed the necklace around Scarlet’s neck.

Anne stood in front of the mirror and smiled.  “Perfect.  I think it’s time for you to go to breakfast.”  She tugged on Scarlet’s hand.  Scarlet stood up and followed Anne out of the room.  She was soon awed by the sight of the castle.  Large paintings lined the room, servants scurried from room to room, and a knight’s armour stood by each door.

Scarlet lingered behind Anne the whole way to the Dining Hall where breakfast would be hosted.  Anne bowed to Scarlet.  “Goodbye miss.  I must be getting back to my other jobs.  The scribe will announce you and welcome you in.” 

She began to walk down the hall, before turning down another corridor and going out of sight.  Scarlet felt alone.  She found it quite fun to be around Anne.  

For what felt like hours, Scarlet stood there waiting for the scribe to announce her.  And then finally, the doors opened and the scribe’s loud voice echoed across the hall.  “Presenting, Scarlet Cross.” The guard at the door shifted his head to show that she should go in.  She mouthed thankyou and headed into the Grand Hall.

The moment she was in the hall, she was amazed.  It was over two-hundred feet in height and the roof had a golden chandelier hanging down.  The walls were lined with paintings of past Kings and Queens, and framed in a gold frame.  At the far end of the hall there was a large table, able to fit over fifty people, although only ten or so seats were at the table.  At the head of the table sat the King.

The Prince stood up from his chair as Scarlet approached.  He stepped away from the table and headed towards her.  He bowed when he was near and offered her his hand, which she took, even if she had to strain herself to.  The King led her back to the end of the table, and pulled a chair out for her.  He ushered her into the chair and pushed it underneath her.  He then went back to his seat at the top of the table.

“I’m glad you agreed to eat with me this morning.  I know you are still angry about you being taken against your will.  I’m sorry about it too.  If I had been there, I would have stopped my father.  It is however, sad that your father had to die.  Brunose is very protective and he saw your father stepping between you and my father a threat.” 

Scarlet looked into his brown eyes.  She saw he was sorry.  “I understand.  Why was I taken though?” she asked politely.

“You weren’t meant to be taken.  My father saw courage in you when he first met you.  He was going to ask you to be his fifth wife.  But then when your father stepped in between you and my father, and Brunose struck him and killed him.  You were taken against your will because my father saw it fit for you to get a better life than you had in your village.  Does that answer your question?” he asked kindly.

Scarlet nodded.  

“How do you know all this?”

“ I have a few people who were there that told me.  I knew my father was after a wife because his latest wife died during child birth.”

Scarlet was about to ask more questions when another set of doors opened and five servants came out carrying food on silver plates.  They placed the food on the table, bowed and left the room silently.  The King looked over at Scarlet.  “You must be hungry Scarlet.  I suggest you begin to eat.  You’ll need it.”

For the next hour Scarlet sat with the Prince in the Dining hall, talking about what was to happen.  “You may return home if you wish,” the king said to her, “But you must understand.  After my father set fire to the village, the Villagers set out to stop the fire.  When they were unable to, they left with whatever possessions they had.  By every day I lose whatever respect I held for my father.  This last deed took away that remaining respect.”

“There’s nothing left for me out there.  My mother and brother are out there, but without my father I don’t fit in.”

The Prince nodded his head.  He enjoyed her company.  She was lively and loved to talk.  He slowly felt himself falling in love with her.

He was about to reply when the doors at the far end opened up.  A man in armour walked in and bowed in front of the Prince.  “Please, your Majesty, the Captain wishes to speak to you immediately.”

“Stand up Tinhorns.  Send word to the Captain I will meet with him in the Throne room in a couple of minutes.” The knight left.

The Prince turned back to Scarlet. “I am sorry Scarlet, but the Captain is not a patient man.  I must depart; but I wish to have dinner with you tonight.  Please come to dinner when the sun leaves the sky.  I have something to ask of you.” He bowed to her, and kissed her hand.  Scarlet blushed.  He smiled and walked out of the hall.

When the sun left the sky, Scarlet made her way down to the Dining Hall.  She was nervous, and couldn’t keep her hands from shaking as she approached the door.  The knight that had been on the door earlier that morning, smiled at her.  Good luck, he mouthed to her.  She smiled back and approached the door, which swung open.

Scarlet stepped into the hall.  The curtains were closed and the only light source came from the fire.  Candles around the room were being lit with every step she took.  This time instead of only one person sitting in the hall, over thirty people sat in different spots.

The Prince was once again in his same spot.  Upon seeing her, he stood up and bowed to her.  He led her to the same spot she had sat in earlier in the day.  “I’m glad you could make it,” he whispered in her ear.  She smiled.

The Prince turned back to his seat, yet he did not sit down.  “My fair ladies and gentleman, may I introduce Lady Scarlet, who has taken residence in the castle.  Since my father has other business to attend to, he asked me to say sorry that he is unable to be here.  Now, please eat.”

All the people turned to their food and began to eat like vultures, but Scarlet didn’t.  She turned her attention to the Prince.  “Your majesty, you wished to speak to me?” she asked.  


Scarlet turned her attention back to her food.  Chicken and pig sat in front of her.  She picked up her knife and fork and began to eat.

After the dinner was over, the Prince took Scarlet for a walk in the castle’s gardens.  When they approached a bench, he led Scarlet over to it.  “Please sit.”

Scarlet sat and looked up into his eyes.  He soon joined her on the seat.  

He took one of her hands into his.  His brushed his finger tips over her palm.  Scarlet squirmed.  She was ticklish.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to discomfort you.”

“No, sire you didn’t.  I’m just ticklish.”

He began to brush her hands again.  He soon began to tangle his fingers in hers.  Scarlet closed her eyes.  She liked this, just his touch.  Just her and him.  Since when do I feel like this? She asked herself.

“Scarlet, I have something to ask, but I’m afraid to.  We’ve known each other for a day, yet it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.  I think I’m in love with you.  My heart feels like it will break when I’m away from you.  Somehow you’ve caught me in your web.”

Scarlet gasped.  Whatever she thought was going to happen, she never suspected this.  Not in a million years would she have guessed he’d say those things.

“From the moment I saw you returning on my father’s horse, my heart pined for you.  From the moment you walked through those doors this morning, I knew it was certain.  When you refused to meet me when you first came here, I felt like I was dying.  So I guess what I’m saying is...”

Author Note: Another chapter. I guess this story is taking off as much as I would have liked, but I'm hoping it will soon

Chapter 3: The Dream
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“From the moment I met you in the Village, my heart pined for you.  From the moment you walked through those doors this morning, I knew it was certain.  When you refused to meet me when you first came here, I felt like I was dying.  So I guess what I’m saying is...”

“Your Majesty,” a voice yelled from up the path.  “Your Majesty, Lady Jane wishes to see you.”

The Prince hung his head low and sighed.  “I’m coming Mathias.”

Mathias turned around and headed back the way he came.  For some reason he wanted to get out of there as quickly as he could.  The Prince turned towards Scarlet.  His face was sad.  “Please, meet me again at breakfast.  I hope we can be friends; even after everything has happened.”

Scarlet nodded.  However, something bothered her.   “Sire, what did you wish to ask me?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

He took one last look at her, before willing himself to get up from the bench.  He bowed to Scarlet and followed after Mathias.  Scarlet sat alone for a minute before following him into the castle.

It took her much longer to return to the castle than it had to get to the garden in the first place.  She had a thousand questions running through her mind.  She was eager to find out what the King wanted to ask her, yet she was afraid at the same time.  Knowing he loved her scared Scarlet.  She knew she loved him too, but she wouldn’t let it show because of her being a witch.  This she had decided after rumours of the King’s Captain was going on Witch Hunts, and burning them alive.  Whether or not she knew if the King was involved was a mystery to Scarlet.

Finally Scarlet found her way back to her room.  It was late in the night and for once the castle wasn’t buzzing with noise.  It scared her actually.  She had always known sound at night, seeing as she used to live on a farm with animals.

She was about to enter her room when the door opened up and a young girl poked her face out.  She looked into Scarlet’s eyes and shrank back.  Scarlet was confused.  This was her room wasn’t it?  It was then that something struck her from within.  It couldn’t be true, she thought.  She can’t possibly have the same eyes as me.

Scarlet was about to enter to find out  who the girl was when Anne came around the corner and caught sight of her.  “Oh miss.  Why are you standing out here in the cold?” Anne asked.

“I thought I was in the wrong room.  I saw a little girl in there.”

Anne looked at her puzzled.  She opened the door and stepped into the room.  She looked around the room, and then under everything a little girl could possible fit under, or into.  Anne soon returned.  “I’m sorry, but no one is in there m’lady.  Perhaps you are tired and your eyes played tricks on you.”

“I suppose.  Thank you Anne.”

Scarlet entered the room.  It was just as she left it, except for the odd thing out of place, which she suspected was caused due to Anne looking for the girl.  Scarlet headed over to the dressing screen.  She soon found that taking off the dress was going to be harder than putting it on.

“Anne, would you please help me?”

“Of course miss.”

Anne headed over to the dressing screen.  She began to loosen the strings on the dress.  Soon, Scarlet found it a tiny bit easier to breath, yet she knew she would only breathe better when the corset was off.

The suddenly, Scarlet felt a tug.  She turned her head around as far as she could to see what had happened.  Anne was down on her knees, untying the remaining strings.

“Step out please miss.”

Scarlet did was she was told.  Now she wore only her under garments and her corset.  Soon, the corset was off too.  Scarlet took in deep breathes.  Finally she was able to breathe normally.  Scarlet turned around to thank Anne.

“It was nothing miss.  I will be here tomorrow to help you into another dress; I personally don’t know how hard they are to wear, but my mother said they are awful.”

Scarlet grinned.  “Your mother was a smart person.”

Anne grinned back.  She then left the room, taking away Scarlet’s clothes as she did.  Scarlet yawned.  She headed over towards the bed and gasped in shock as she neared it.  For some reason, it looked bigger than it had on all the other days.  Maybe I was just so depressed I didn’t notice it all that much, she thought to herself as she snuggled down into the covers.

Soon, Scarlet found herself drifting off into an uneasy sleep.

Scarlet looked around the Village.  Dark shadows kissed themselves up against the hedges.  The sun casting a hallow of light across the mountains in the distance.  It was early morning.

Off in the distance a voice was laughing.  Scarlet recognized it. 

“It can’t be possible,” Scarlet whispered to herself.  Yet sure enough, down by his usual stool, sat her father laughing at something the man next to her said.  Scarlet walked towards him, but soon found herself running.  She was filled to the brim with joy.

“Father!” Scarlet yelled.  He turned around at the sound of father.  His face filled up with more joy.  He began to make his way towards her, but as he did, Scarlet found herself running more.  She wasn’t getting any closer.  In fact, she was getting further away.  She looked at her father in puzzlement.  She stopped running.

“No, it can’t be true!” she yelled.

He was no longer laughing.  Nor was he her father.  Instead he was the Captain.  The man who caused her all this pain.  Scarlet fell to the ground.  He came closer.  With every step he took, Scarlet felt a surge of hatred, yet she knew she could do nothing about it.

He was almost upon her.  Yet for some reason he stopped.  Scarlet felt a hot breathe on the back of her neck.  It warmed her.  Strong arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders, pulling her head towards the heat of their body.  Scarlet looked up into their eyes.  They were a perfect shade of brown.  She couldn’t believe it.  The Prince.

“Back away Brunose.  She is not yours, nor will she ever be.”

Brunose laughed.  It wasn’t the warm one he’d used when impersonating her father, but instead it was cruel.  He drew his sword and held it near the Prince’s head.  Scarlet gasped.

Her hand flew to where her sword use to sit, but instead found only dress.  The Prince stood up and faced Brunose.  He too drew his sword.  The Prince helped Scarlet up, but was unable to take her to safety.  He instead pushed her lightly, to tell her to get away.  Scarlet didn’t leave completely.  She headed over to the shadows and watched the sword fight.

For some time it looked like the Prince’s younger body would win, but soon he began to tire.  Brunose, after years of training, didn’t tire.

In one shocking flick, the Prince fell to his knees, his sword falling to the ground.  Brunose circled him, totally distracted by what Scarlet was doing.  She had raced towards the sword, which had fallen feet from her.  

Brunose laughed cruelly down at the prince.  He brought his sword over his head, and slashed it down into the Prince’s stomach.  The Prince fell sideways in pain, his body searing in pain.  Scarlet screamed.  She felt tears falling down her cheeks.  Brunose laughed again.  Scarlet held up her sword, ready to strike.

Brunose turned around.  He caught sight of Scarlet.  He pulled his sword from the Prince’s stomach and twirled it around.  Scarlet knew she’d only get one shot.  She rushed forward, sword ready to strike him.  It hit home.  It struck him in the shoulder, centimetres from his heart.  His face twisted in pain, and he fell to the ground, never moving again.

Scarlet raced towards the Prince.  He was seconds from death.

“I’m sorry.”  He took his final breath looking into her eyes.

Scarlet held his head in her hands.  Tears fell from her eyes onto his face.  She felt a stabbing pain rush through her body as she continued to look at his life-less body.

Scarlet awoke suddenly.  Her body was soaked in sweat and her sheets tangled around her body.  She closed her eyes, trying to even out her breath.  It was once they were closed that the image of the Prince dying returned.  She quickly opened her eyes.

Tears began to fall onto the sheets.  Scarlet sighed and got out of bed.  She headed over to the mirror on the dressing table.  She looked into the mirror.  He face was streaming with sweat.  Scarlet looked closer, but backed away immediately.  Her eyes.  They were no longer the deep blue as they use to be.  They were instead red.  A fire burnt inside of her as she saw this.

What has this dream done to me?

Holidays just started where I am, so I'll be working more on this story. Reviews are appreciated.