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s + s by lost in wonderland

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 13,106
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC

First Published: 03/07/2008
Last Chapter: 06/29/2008
Last Updated: 06/29/2008

“Serena listen, you’re my friend but Alice said I'm not allowed to talk to you anymore.” Frank tried to explain.
“WHAT?” Serena screamed. Alice turned her head and groaned when she saw them talking.  Remus, James and Sirius watched the situation take place.
“That’s no good.” Remus said.
“What are the rumors?” James asked, curiously.
“Who is she?” Sirius asked, staring at Serena as she stormed off.


Chapter 1: what rumors?
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“REG!” Serena yelled, tears forming in her eyes. “I HATE YOU!”

Regulus Black stood with a shocked look on his face. Parker Zabini and Lucius Malfoy were on either side of him. Lucius sneered at the girl who stood outside 12 Grimrauld Place in a lightweight purple minidress and brown boots. Her blonde bangs had grown out and fell into her purplish eyes, which were filling with tears.

Regulus’ eyes were welling with sympathy and his heart felt like it was being ripped in half. He heard Lucius snicker behind him.

“SHUT UP LUCIUS.” Serena snapped.

“Why?” Lucius sniped. “Upset that everyone is going to find out what a whore you are?” Regulus glared at his friend.

“Shut up Lucius.” Reg said sternly. He looked back at Serena whose cheeks were bright pink. “Serena…”

“Get away from me!!” She screeched, pushing her arms out against him.

It was the day they were all going back to school and Regulus Black had just broken up with Serena Kissel. At his house. Before they had even left for the train station. Serena was screaming outside, she had just spent the last month there. She had slept with Regulus, and she had a feeling that he had told his friends that.

If there was one person who Serena didn’t want knowing her personal affairs, it was Lucius Malfoy. Zabini was an idiot but Malfoy went out with Reg’s cousin, Narcissa and was good friends with Bellatrix Black. While Serena had trusted Regulus with all of her heart, she was beginning to get very nervous about what she had confided in him.

Suddenly she felt a gust of wind behind her and watched Regulus, Parker and Lucius’s faces turn to grimaces. A boy with sandy blonde hair, tan skin and pretty blue eyes was standing next to her. He was wearing khaki colored pants, flip-flops and a faded blue tee shirt. He looked at Serena; giving her a kind nod then turned his face to Regulus.

“Regulus.” He said in a smooth, calm voice.

“What do you want Remus?” Regulus’ face was a frown.

“I’m here for what I’m always here for.” Remus responded calmly. Regulus rolled his eyes.

“I’ll go get his things.” He responded. Suddenly, his face turned serious and cold. “I’ll bring your things too, Serena.”

Serena’s face fell and she felt tears welling in her eyes. While she had originally been attracted to Reg’s cold personality, over the year she had grown attracted to the caring person who he really was. Or at least, she thought he was?

Serena sat in silence next to the mysterious blonde boy outside of the Black Mansion. She gave him a quick side-glance. He was Remus Lupin; they were in the same house. They were in the same year too.

“Hello Serena” Remus said in a warm, friendly tone. Serena looked up at him. She could sense that her eyes were smeared with makeup and her face was all red and blotchy like it was when she cried.

“H…hi, Remus.”

“Are you okay?” He asked, eyes full of concern. She smiled.

“Fine! I’m fine.” She waved her hand around to show that she was “fine.” “Um, if you don’t mind me asking… Why are you here?” Remus blushed.

“IalwayspickupSirius’sstuff.” He mumbled.

“Sorry, what?” Serena cocked her head and looked at Remus with big, blue and purple eyes. Remus blushed. Serena was a very pretty girl, he thought. What was she doing with Regulus and those creeps?

“I always pick up Sirius’s stuff.” Remus repeated. “He doesn’t like to be home much.”

Ah, she should have guessed it. Regulus had shown Serena where Mrs. Black had burned Sirius, the rebellious “blood traitor” off the family tree. Serena never agreed with the Blacks’ creepy pureblood loyalty, but she was also very scared of Mrs. Black, so she just kept her mouth shut. She had seen Sirius at school and in the Common Room, but she had never bumped into him at the Black Mansion. And that was fine by her.

While Remus Lupin was nice enough, and Peter Pettigrew was just pathetic, James Potter and Sirius Black – Serena steered clear of them. Her roommates, Lilly Evans and Alice Franklin were obsessed with them. Every little detail of Marauder life they knew. They were like a private fan club. Serena had to gag every time Alice and Lilly would gossip about how attractive, witty and charming they were. Though, now that she thought about it, it was more Alice’s ramblings. Lilly had more of a love/hate relationship with James Potter, which was quite unhealthy in Serena’s opinion.

“That’s really nice of you, Remus.” Serena said after a moment. Suddenly, the door to the Mansion opened and two trunks were thrown out. The door slammed closed again and Serena felt her eyes watering up again.

“How am I supposed to get to the train station?” She heard herself thinking aloud.

“Come with us!” Remus said then wolf whistled. “Coast’s clear, mates.”

Serena gasped as James and Peter appeared out of thin air. James was smirking and Peter looked increasingly more nervous by the moment. Remus looked confused.

“I said coast is clear.” Remus repeated. James smiled and shrugged.

“Let’s get a move on, Mooney.” James said, pointing to a ministry car.

Serena looked James Potter up and down. She knew his parents were very successful members of the Ministry, and she assumed that’s where they got the car. Supposedly, everyone said when you looked past the pranks James Potter was quite a nice boy. Serena looked at his messy brown hair and the glasses that seemed to make his eyes sparkle. She still thought he was a git.

“Need a ride?” James smirked. Remus rolled his eyes and grabbed her trunk.

“Shut up Prongs.”

As she crawled into the car, she squealed when she sat on something. She looked back at where she was going to sit and didn’t see anything there. Remus looked surprised, James smirked, and Peter giggled. That’s right, Peter giggled like a little girl.

“What the?”

“Hello, love.” She heard a voice mummer into her ear. She felt hot breath on the back of her neck and jumped.

Out of nowhere, Sirius Black appeared sitting in the car. He lifted a hand to touch the small of her back and she gasped. She swirled around to see him face to face. Her stomach tightened at the sight of his expressive grey eyes and tan skin. Wherever he was living they hadn’t made him cut his hair, for it hung care freely into his eyes. Serena felt the color rising to her cheeks and knew there was nothing she could do to stop it and prayed Sirius wouldn’t notice.

“No need to blush, love.” Sirius said, cheerily. He had, of course he had noticed.

She rode the rest of the drive in silence. It was fine; the Marauders were busy catching up. From what she caught of the conversation, Sirius had stayed at James’ house; Remus had done a study abroad program in France studying the aspects of Parisian life, which involved a girl named Antoinette and Peter… Peter had stayed at home brewing potions in his basement while his mother complained to him about the company he kept at school.

Occasionally, Serena felt eyes glance upon her. She looked up once to catch Peter looking away, clearly frightened. At one point in the ride, she noticed James looking at her with confusion. That made sense, she thought, he was probably wondering where she came from. Closer to the station, she caught Remus giving her a half-hearted look, he looked worried that she would start crying again. However, throughout the whole ride, she felt the steady gaze of Sirius Black on her.

She was relieved when she reached the train. She saw Alice Franklin stop making out with Frank Longbottom for about, two seconds, to give her a glare when she stepped out of the car. Alice quickly ran over to Lilly, who at the sound of James Potter’s voice rolled her eyes.

Serena had gone all these years at Hogwarts avoiding the presence of the Marauders. She had learned early on from her brother’s friends to stay away from attractive groups of boys because mischief and trouble usually followed them. She had made the mistake of trusting Regulus, Lucius and Zabini and now looks where that had gotten her? She traipsed up to Frank Longbottom, who was her neighbor at home and smiled.

“Hello Frank!” She said cheerfully. “Good summer?” Frank looked nervous.

“Uh… Serena, yeah. Fabulous summer.” He went silent.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how mine was?” She smirked at him, tossing her blonde hair across her shoulders.

“Serena… listen, you’re my friend but…” Serena’s face fell as Frank tried to explain.


“Alice said I’m not allowed to talk to you anymore.”

“WHAT?” Serena screamed. Alice turned her head at the noise and groaned when she saw Serena and Frank talking.

“See, Regulus Black got here just a few minutes ago and… well he had some things to say about you.” Frank was suddenly grabbed away by Alice.

I’m sorry! He mouthed to her. Serena stomped her foot, raising her middle finger to Alice.

Remus, James and Sirius watched the situation take place.

“That’s no good.” Remus said.

“What are the rumors?” James asked, curiously.

“Who is she?” Sirius asked, staring at Serena as she stormed onto the train.

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Chapter 2: bombardment by blacks
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Remus had to go on prefect duties, leaving James, Peter and Sirius in search of a compartment. They found an empty one and began to sit down and get settled in for the ride. Further down the train, Serena settled into a compartment by herself. She closed her eyes as she settled her belongings comfortably around her. She cracked one eye open when she heard the door slide open.

“Sleeping, as usual?” A cold voice announced its presence.

“Fuck off Regulus.” She said calmly and Regulus smirked. It had mainly been his friends’ influence that caused him to break up with Serena. He regretted it, just as he regretted spreading those rumors about her. But, when one was friends with Lucius Malfoy, they found themselves doing things they normally wouldn’t.

Serena was by far the most gorgeous girl Regulus had ever dated, or done anything with. However, he had what his father deemed “Black characteristics.” Even though they had been going out for almost a year, Regulus regularly cheated on Serena. He couldn’t help it. Regulus and Sirius were alike in their love of the female gender. Regulus couldn’t stand cheating on Serena, and thought it wasn’t right to keep going out with her. His parents didn’t like her that much; he knew he wouldn’t end up with her. There wasn’t any point in furthering the relationship.

So he had ended it. He deserved break-up sex, didn’t he? He thought to himself.

“Serena…” Regulus said in the softest tone he could manage. She glared at him and he softened his eyes as he looked at her.

Serena was gorgeous; her tan, lithe body stretched across the compartment seemed to be begging Regulus to ravage her. At least, that’s what Regulus thought. Serena saw from the expression on her ex-boyfriend’s face where his thoughts were headed.

“No.” She spoke up. Regulus was snapped back to reality and looked into her cold eyes. “No way. When hell freezes over, the answer will still be no.”

Serena shuddered as she remembered the last time that she had been with Regulus. His tan, strong body fit with her’s almost perfectly. Her grandfather was a tennis player, and he had trained Serena to be the best ever since she was a child. Because of all the years of working out, she was incredibly fit – even though she hadn’t worked out for years. Regulus had been playing Quidditch since birth practically, so his muscles flexed in all the right places, his body showing a rejoice of youth.

Now that she thought back to it, being with Regulus had never felt completely right. There was always something missing, the compassion and love that she wanted to feel so badly, she never did. She didn’t need to think about him, she knew he didn’t feel it.

“Serena, didn’t our relationship mean anything to you?” Regulus attempted a wounded look. Serena looked at him with complete hatred.

“Do you want me to leave, because I’ll leave? I hate you Regulus, I never want to speak to you again.” Regulus looked taken aback by Serena’s insult and ultimatum.

“Fine. I’m gone.”


Serena managed to fall into a dreamless nap when she heard the compartment door open again. Seriously? She thought, thinking Regulus was back. To her complete shock, Sirius Black was sneaking into her compartment. It took her a moment to realize that he didn’t realize she was in the compartment. Sirius seemed to be hiding from someone, the smirk on his face spelled out mischief. Serena felt her knees tremble. Really? She thought again, ashamed of herself. She cleared her throat, causing him to quickly turn around.

“Oh!” He exclaimed with delight. “Girl from the car!” Serena rolled her eyes.

“Really…” She questioned. Sirius laughed and sat down next to her.

“How are you doing Serena?” He asked. Serena was shocked; she didn’t realize he knew her name. Well you know his! A little voice shouted in her head. Why shouldn’t he know yours?

“I’ve been better.” She gave a cryptic response. Sirius looked at her curiously.

God, she’s gorgeous. Sirius thought as he gazed at Serena, who was tossing her hair past her shoulders and down her tan back. He was surprised when she got into the car, but he was delighted when she hopped onto his (invisible) lap. The warmth that her body had radiated was unlike anything Sirius had ever felt. He didn’t even try and hide the fact that he was staring at her throughout the drive.

She had wandered off as soon as they reached the station, but not far enough for Sirius to miss the commotion that she caused by talking to Frank Longbottom. While Sirius had interrogated Remus before he had to leave, he hadn’t been able to get very much out of his friend. He found out she was in Gryffindor, in their year, that she was smart but not a prefect and that the house elves always seemed to bring her pink cupcakes at all of her meals.

When he had set off a firecracker in Parker Zabini’s back pocket, Sirius had to dash off to find somewhere to hide. He had ducked into Serena’s compartment for safety and was delighted at his discovery of the attractive blonde who was sleeping soundly. Though it wasn’t hard to pick up that something was wrong. Suddenly the door was slammed open and James Potter appeared breathless and smiling.

“Hello Prongs.” Sirius said calmly to his best friend. James smiled.

“Padfoot.” James replied then turned and nodded to me. “Kissel.” Serena stared at him; she didn’t even know that James knew her name.

“Potter.” Seemed the best response she could muster.

“Padfoot! I just talked to Longbottom,” James continued. Serena blushed. “He was sitting with Alice and Lilly!” He beamed at the mention of the girl. “Anyways, they say there’s a party in the Common Room tonight. It’s a welcome back gathering I believe.”

“Wonderful Prongs, perfect way to ring in the new school year.” Sirius smirked at Serena. James nodded.

”Well I’m off to find Mooney. You know it will take a while to talk him into coming.” James smirked and Sirius nodded understandingly.

The room was silent when he left. Sirius and Serena sat across from each other. She could feel his grey eyes bearing into her. Moments passed in silence until finally Sirius couldn’t handle it anymore. He ushered closer to Serena, who was staring blankly out the window.

“Will you be going tonight, then?” Sirius asked her softly. He hoped to God that she was, he wanted to get to know her, and to see her laugh and while her golden hair glittered in the light of the fireplace in the Common Room. He hadn’t felt like this about a girl before, though there had been plenty. Sirius could tell there was something about Serena, something that was different.

Serena stared back at Sirius, the butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She hadn’t felt so nervous around a guy in ages. Even Reg didn’t make her feel this bubbly. It’s those eyes… She thought to herself. Unreal. It was more then the eyes though, she realized. It was the look behind his eyes that captivated Serena.

“Probably.” She rolled her shoulders, attempting to look bored. “I don’t know.” Her breakup with Reg had made her feel vulnerable.

“I hope I see you then.” Sirius smiled, then stood up and nodding, walked out of the room.

Her breakup with Reg had made her feel vulnerable, and the compliments from Sirius made all those depressed feelings go away.

Chapter 3: common sense and the turquoise dress
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When she saw him enter, she knew that she was in trouble. She had been drinking, and that was why. Usually Serena Kissel was the type of girl who would stick to her morals no matter what. But she had been drinking. When Serena Kissel drank, she kissed all common sense goodbye, bidding it goodnight, telling it she would see it tomorrow.

He walked in with his friends, that messy black hair falling into his grey eyes, which were twinkling at the discovery of the party that was occurring in the common room. She kicked herself, mentally. She should have known those boys would be coming, couldn’t she at least try and make herself look decent?

Her blonde hair was messy and wavy, pins pulled bangs up across her forehead causing a poof in the middle of her head. Her minidress, an old vintage gift from a crazy grandmother, was a turquoise beaded thing that just barely grazed past her butt cheeks. The black tights clung tightly to her legs and the brown boots were the same she wore everyday and old with wear. Her blue eyes twinkled, showing the purple sparks that made them so inviting.

“I need another please, Frank.” Serena ushered at the bottle of firewhiskey in Frank Longbottom’s hand. He looked at her curiously.

“You sure?” He asked, his girlfriend Alice clinging around his waist, looking annoyed at the presence of her gorgeous roommate.

“C’mon Frank.” She prodded again.

“Yeah, c’mon Fraaank.” Serena heard a voice draw out behind her. She swirled around. Her cheeks quickly turned scarlet. Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were standing right behind her. Sirius had that smirk on his face as he mimicked Serena’s voice as best he could.

“Seriously Frank.” She looked his dead in the eye and luckily Alice got what her roommate was talking to. She poured her a shot and everyone watched in amazement as the blonde girl opened her throat and knocked it back. She shuddered and placed her glass down.

“Thanks Alice.” She said after a moment, not realizing that Alice and Frank had already wandered off.

“What’s up Kissel? Were you not going to wait for us to show up?” Sirius spoke up. Serena turned her head to look at him.

“I guess I’m just an impatient girl, Sirus.”

“Obviously.” He replied, smirking while looking her up and down. Serena groaned.

“Did you seriously just say that?” she asked, annoyed. James and Remus laughed. Peter just looked uncomfortable.

“What the matter, Peter? Worried what Mummy would think about all of this?” She snipped. She wasn’t a mean girl; it was just kind of impossible not to be with Peter. He was so… pathetic.

“Oh, snappy Kissel. We thought you might want to hang out with us seeing how much trouble you were having with Longbottom.” James spoke up.

“What do you mean, Potter?” Serena questioned. She suddenly felt very vulnerable, was he addressing the fight they had at the station? James smiled mischievously and tapped the shot glass in front of her with his wand. Firewhiskey poured out of the tip of his wand, filling her glass. Serena gaped, open mouth.

Goodbye common sense! See you in the morning!

She woke up next morning when the sunlight was crashing through the bedroom window. That was unusual since her bed was the farthest away from the windows; the natural light never bothered her.


Serena looked at the blankets and quickly realized they were not hers. She also realized that she was wearing someone’s tee shirt and she peered over the side of the bed to see that her minidress, tights and boots were strewn at the floor. Suddenly she heard a groan and a strong-arm wrap around her waist, pulling her in.


Serena quickly closed the curtains of the bed and turned over.


Sirius Black lay sleeping, gorgeous as ever. He had a smile on his face and his black hair fell effortlessly past his closed eyes, traipsing on the edges of his long eyelashes. Her mouth fell open, but she closed it quickly for her face was mere centimeters away from his. She thought that maybe he would feel her breath escape and wake up.

Serena poked her head out of the curtained bed and took in the sleeping lumps around her. She saw sandy blonde hair sticking out of one, obviously Remus. Glasses lay on the nightstand by one, James. And then there was Peter, a tiny wheezing lump in his bed. Oh, Jesus. It was like being in the lion’s den. The Marauders’ Dorm Room. It was worse then the lion’s den.

Serena brought herself back into the bed. She preformed a quick silencing charm on the bed (with Sirius’ wand, being that she had left hers in her room last night before going to the party) then repeatedly poked Sirius until he woke up.

He yawned then looked at her and smiled. Her stomach was flip-flopping and she could tell that her hair was a mess. Luckily she didn’t wear much makeup, so the chances it was smeared across her face were minimal. Serena prayed that she looked somewhat decent.

“Morning love.” He finally spoke. “So nice of you to spend the night.”

“What happened?” Serena asked. His face seemed to fall.

“You don’t remember?” He asked and she shook her head. “Figures.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Serena asked, fearing the worst. Sirius laughed.

“That’s what Remus said when everyone was leaving the common room and you were making us sit through your story about when you were six and you thought a goblin lived under your bed.” He stated and she blushed.

“Remus said,” He turned on his Remus impression. “’Well I say mates, I reckon she won’t remember any of this tomorrow.’ Then we all laughed and suggested that perhaps you take your leave. Lilly Evans, she’s your roommate right? Well she walked by and offered to take you up. But see, love, you flat out refused. You were sitting in between me and Peter and you said that you wanted to stay and you were fine. Lilly went to bed and we told you that we were going to bed. You told us you were scared of goblins, and Alice Franklin for some reason, and you couldn’t go back to your dorm room. That’s when you looked at me with, I’ll call them “pleading” eyes and asked me…” He paused and Serena felt her whole body fill with dread. “’Sirius can I stay with you tonight? Please? You make me feel safe.’ Remus then reminded me that you wouldn’t remember anything but you just looked so… well… cute that I couldn’t resist.”

She felt her cheeks redden. There went that common sense, Serena thought she saw it on the floor next to the ridiculous turquoise dress.

“We didn’t…”

“Bloody no, love! I wouldn’t take advantage of you!” He smiled. “What do you think I’m some sort of monster?”

“Well I did used to see Regulus.” Serena murmured, softly. Sirius’ eyes grew wide.

“What?” He gasped and she nodded. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. For almost a year.”

“Why? What did you see in that idiot?” Sirius demanded an explanation.

“Well… he’s somewhat attractive.”

“He is not!”

“You could be twins, Sirius. In a way, I’m complimenting you.” Sirius paused to take this into consideration.

“Well are you still seeing him?” Sirius finally asked. Serena shook her head, wondering what she was still doing in her ex-boyfriend’s brother’s bed. “That’s good.”

“Not really, I feel like crap.”


“He broke up with me. Told me that nothing would ever come from it and I wasn’t worth it. He said all his mates made fun of him for dating a loony girl who wasn’t in Slytherin. Reckoned I was crazy, told his friends I was slutty. Now no one really wants to talk to me. You saw how Alice was guarding Frank with her life last night.”

Sirius’ eyes seemed to well with sympathy.

“This isn’t going to make it any better, really.”

“What?” He questioned.

“Me stumbling out of the Marauder’s dorm room early the morning after a big party.” Serena sighed. “I’m an idiot.”

“I don’t think you’re slutty. I don’t think James, Remus or Peter do either. That rumor hadn’t spread to us.”

“Really? Well it will once everyone in the common room sees me come out.” Her voice cracked and Serena lay back down. Next to Sirius Black. In bed.

He pulled her close to him and pushed her hair out of her face. He stroked his fingers through her blonde hair and looked deeply into her eyes. Serena stared back into the deep grey orbs that made up his eyes. His muscular stomach breathed in and out and his tender and slim face really was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen. Serena began to realize why girls were constantly falling at his feet.

“Stay.” He murmured, searching her face for reaction.

”What?” Serena whispered back at him.

”Stay. Stay with me.”

“Why?” She felt her eyes tearing up.

“It just feels like. It feels like you should.” He wrapped his arms around her and the silencing charm was lifted as they closed their eyes and drifted back to sleep.

“Bloody hell, Padfoot what are you going to sleep all… Oh jeez, sorry mate.”

Serena blinked her eyes open as someone threw back the curtains of Sirius’ bed. James Potter stood over them, looking down at the two of them awkwardly.

“Christ Prongs, what the hell?” Sirius muttered, eyes still closed. Serena’s eyes shot open. She was spooning with Sirius, and facing the wall. When she heard James Potter’s voice she froze.

“You missed breakfast, Padfoot and lunch.” Serena heard Remus mutter then walk over to the bed. “Oh.”

“Ever think I wasn’t hungry, Mooney?” Sirius groaned, stretching, and Serena stirred awkwardly sitting up. Sirius’ attention quickly turned to her. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhh…” Was all she could manage.

"Afternoon Serena.” Remus said after a moment. James, as if reading her mind, handed her her tights and boots. Serena blushed brightly.

“Oh Jesus.” Serena thought she was going to hyperventilate.

“Well, I’m off to the library.” Remus spoke up. “I was doing a project for Charms and I wanted to double check some facts so, well, off I go!” He puttered out of the dorm room, while James didn’t seem to take the hint and sat down at the end of the bed.

“Good night last night, mate?” He asked Sirius. “Myself I was a little shocked that they were keen enough to organize something without us but…”

“Prongs…” Sirius grumbled. James cleared his throat.

“Oh! Right! I better go find Wormtail. He never made it back to the common room after lunch. Some Slytherins probably caught up to him or something.” He traipsed care freely out of the room.

“They’re going to tell!” Serena hissed. Sirius cooed at her.

“They’re not going to tell.” He smiled and rubbed the small of her back. “I have bigger secrets on them then they do on me, anyhow. They wouldn’t tell in the first place and in the second place it’s not in their best interest to tell. Who would they tell? James would tell Remus and me. Remus would tell James and me. I would tell James and Remus.” He laughed. “Trust me love, it’s not leaving the room.”

Suddenly Serena felt something nudge her from underneath the blankets. She blushed brilliantly when she realized what it was.

“Um… Sirius.” Serena bumped the nudge back and his eyes widened in shock.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed. “I’m sorry!” It was finally his turn to blush. Serena smirked, he was rather cute. He had kinder, sharper and more defined features then Reg. He was actually much more attractive then Reg. Every girl in school was in love with him.

And his morning boner was nudging HER. Serena Kissel, ME, She thought. The girl who had gotten wastedly drunk and still had the common sense not to hook up with him. Serena threw her tights and boots back on the floor, along with her common sense.

“Now, now baby, not a problem.” Serena smirked and quickly sealed the curtains. Sirius looked at her with a large smile on his face.

“Serena…” He moaned with closed eyes as her hands went to work.

Chapter 4: i didn't mean it that way
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Serena was back in her room that night, after a long steaming hot shower washing last night’s drunken stupidity out of her hair. She sat on her bed, staring at her hands in awe. I had hooked up with Sirius Black. I had soberly hooked up with Sirius Black, she thought. I hooked up with my ex-boyfriends older, hotter brother. She was in shock. Lilly Evans walked into the room with all of her schoolbooks.

“I have a note for you.” She caught Serena’s attention by waving a piece of parchment in front of her face. “Something from some little first year. Are you doing some sort of extra curricular that I haven’t heard of?” Serena shook her head at Lilly and grabbed the parchment.

Love, Spend the night?

“I’ve got to go.” Serena glanced at the clock realizing it was three to ten.

“Okay…” Lilly mumbled. “Hey where were you this morning? Did you get up early or something?”

”Yep…” Serena muttered as she wandered off towards the common room.

When she reached the common room the first thing she saw was Alice and Frank snogging on the couch. Disgusting. Even when she had a boyfriend, Serena didn’t go around snogging him in public. Private, yes. Snogging and loads more. But they saved it for private. That’s what ladies do, Serena thought to herself.

But doesn’t everyone think you’re the school slut? A little voice said inside of her. Serena looked down at her feet, pissed.

I suppose you’re right. She thought. I could start snogging someone in the middle of Potions and people wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

Serena stormed out of the common room and began to wander the halls. Curfew was at midnight, so she had two hours to explore and find something to get her mind off the chaos that was her life at the present moment. She was walking with her head down, thinking about what had happened this morning when suddenly Serena walked straight into someone.


She recognized the voice at its grunt. Shit, shit shit. Serena looked up into the blue eyes of Regulus Black. His black hair was messy and sticking out in all directions. His eyes seemed cold and his tan skin made his intense cheekbones protrude strongly. He was attractive, but goddamn it she hated him.

“Sorry, Reg.” Serena spoke up momentarily. He looked surprised to see her.

“Serena… hi.” He smiled slightly at her and she looked back at him confused.


“What are you doing here?” He questioned, looking around.

“I’m walking.”

“I see that. You look upset.”

“Not particularly more than usual, Reg.” She piped. He looked down, ashamed.

“Listen, Serena..” She interrupted him.

“Really, Reg. Not a big deal, the whole school thinks I’m the biggest slut. It’s okay; you know I’ve only got two more years here. Really, it’s cool.”

”I didn’t mean to say those things about you!” He exclaimed. “I didn’t realize that the other girls that my friends dated were as big of prudes as they were!” Serena stared at him blankly. Was that pathetic statement supposed to be an apology?

“Ok. Well. I’m going.”

“Serena, wait!”

“Um. No. No, I’m going.”

“Please, Serena, talk to me.” She looked back at him; his blue eyes seemed to be pleading with her.

“I slept with your brother last night.” She said looking at his face react with shock. Serena dashed off before he could respond.

Shit. Shit shit. Shit. SLEPT WITH. Oh Jesus. This was a catastrophe. There was no doubt in her mind that Regulus was going to take that naughty little bit of information straight to his Slytherin common room. It would be all over school tomorrow morning with the help of super skanks, Narcissa Black and Patty Parkinson.

Serena sulked through the hallways; picturing how horrible the next few days were going to be. She suddenly hit the softest wall ever.

“Ouch!” The wall grunted and looked up to realize that it wasn’t a wall in fact, but more like James Potter. And next to him was Sirius.

She didn’t even really realize what was happening; she just felt tears crashing down her face. James and Sirius looked at her, then each other, in shock and confusion before each taking one of her arms and quickly leading her somewhere. They took shortcuts that Serena had never even heard of and were suddenly in their dorm room. The Lion’s Den. OH Christ.

Sirius quickly carted Serena inside his covered bed and waved a quick Silencing Charm over them. He looked at her in concern as she continued to sob. The most she could do was curl up in a ball in his lap. He stroked her hair and wiped away tears with the rough yet soft skin of his thumb. Why was I sitting here, crying on Sirius Black’s bed? She thought. Sirius Black is the reason I was crying. I lied and told Regulus I slept with Sirius! She thought to herself. Tomorrow morning someone would confront him and he would deny it, because it wasn’t true! Then I would be the pathetic, lying slut, she realized. The one who wore turquoise minidresses and those brown boots everywhere.

Serena didn’t think she could handle it.

“Please, Serena, tell me what’s wrong?” Sirius ushered quietly. “Serena, please.” She looked up at him, tears welling up in her purple-sparked eyes.

“I didn’t sleep with you!” Serena dragged out through sobs. Sirius looked confused.

“I didn’t tell anyone you did.” He attempted to defend himself.

“I KNOW!” She sobbed, cutting him off. “I did!” Sirius looked at her confused.


“I saw Regulus and he just, he just made me so mad!” Serena spat, looking at her thumbs passing through the blankets. “I told him I slept with you, but I didn’t mean like, SLEPT.” She sighed heavily, lungs shaking with sobs. “He's going to tell everyone I did! And I’m going to be the pathetic girl who didn’t sleep with you.”

Serena looked up to see Sirius grinning at her.

“Serena, love, why would you ever think that you’re pathetic?” He smiled at her.


“What do you reckon’s going on inside, Mooney?” James Potter asked, not taking his eyes off his best friend’s closed bed.

“None of our business I would assume.” Remus said, jotting down notes onto a piece of parchment.

“C’mon mate!” James looked over at his friend. “Aren’t you the least bit interested?” Remus sighed and looked up from his work to speak to his friend.

“Slightly. But I’m sure Sirius will tell us in due time.”

“That girl, Serena, she slept here last night!” James exclaimed with a confused excitement. It wasn’t very often that something went on in Sirius’ life that James didn’t know about. Especially with girls.

“I know Prongs, I was here when you woke them up.”

“Do you think…”

”No. Padfoot said they didn’t.”

“You believe him?”

“I don’t have any reason not to.” Remus said, returning to his work. Suddenly the curtains opened and Sirius stepped out.

“Hello mates.” Sirius said cheerfully.

“What the hell is going on here Padfoot?” James questioned. Remus looked up from his homework.

“Well. Serena’s in there.” Sirius began. Remus and James looked on with dumbfound amazement.

“Yes, I know that Padfoot! I helped you get her settled!” James yelled.

“She used to go out with Reg.”

“WHAT?” James yelled and Remus looked down at his book quickly.

“Yeah, I was surprised too.” Sirius smiled and continued. “But they broke up, and apparently he spread some rumors about her.”

”Your brother is a real git sometimes, I wouldn’t put it past him…” James butted in.

“Well she ran into him tonight.” Sirius continued with his story, interrupting James. Remus listened intently while James bobbed on his heels eager to hear more. “And they got to talking, they had a fight and she said some things about last night.”

“What’d she say?” James butted in.

“Well.. It seems she said… she eluded to the idea that…”

”Out with it Padfoot.”

“She told him we slept together.” Both boys looked at their friend in surprise.

“This would be a good time to talk about what did actually happen between the two of you last night.” Remus spoke up, thoughtfully.

“Did you sleep with her?” James asked. “She’s pretty bloody hot when she’s not crying all over the place.” Remus and Sirius glared at him.

“No. I don’t take advantage of girls!”

Sirius received two blank stares from his friends.

“Um, really mate?” Remus piped up. James looked confused.

“What about those girls from the beginning of the year? And over the summer? And that one time on Christmas vacation?” James began to count on his fingers.

“Alright, alright.” Sirius snapped. “I have been known to take advantage, but the girls were always willing!” He smirked. “I wouldn’t take advantage of Serena though.”

“Reckon you fancy her?” Remus said and James gasped.

“Bloody hell Padfoot! You fancy her?” Sirius shushed them and pointed at the bed.

The stupid silencing charm. Serena couldn’t hear a thing that was going on outside the bed. What the hell were they talking about? They’re probably talking about how much of a psycho you are and how long it will take to get someone to escort you out of their dorm room, a voice said inside her head. She scoffed.

Sirius Black does not want me out of his dorm room. At least I think so. Serena thought wistfully to herself. He seemed pretty pleased that I was there this morning. Though… he was a Marauder, and he was a Black.

Serena sighed, stretching her arms out and yawning. This had been a long day. Though she had slept into the late afternoon with Sirius, she found herself exhausted. Everything that had happened today, what with Sirius, Regulus and even slamming into James, it was all extremely tiring.

Sirius’ blankets were old and worn, but the softest and most comfortable things ever. Serena curled up in a dark blue blanket and let her blonde hair fall onto his pillow. Within seconds she was fast asleep, dreaming of sugarplums and puppy dogs.

Sirius opened the curtains of the bed and to his and his friend’s surprise saw Serena passed out underneath a blanket, snoring softly.

”Rough day.” Remus muttered. “You should take off her shoes.” He ushered to the brown boots on her feet. Sirius nodded and quickly slipped them off. Serena grunted and snuggled deeper under the blankets.

“She is pretty hot.” James mused. “I mean, she’s no Lilly. I think she fits with you though, Padfoot.”

“Thanks Prongs.” Sirius smirked. “Well I guess I might as well turn in. See you mates in the morning.”

Remus gave Sirius a hesitant look and Sirius threw his hands up in defense.

“It’s different this time, Mooney! I swear!”

Chapter 5: star charts and sibling quarrels
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The next morning, Sunday morning, Sirius wandered down to the Great Hall with James, Remus and Peter. Serena was still soundly asleep in his bed, the smile on her face made it impossible for him to wake her. He would bring her some food from the kitchens later on, if she were hungry. Whatever she wanted, he would give it to her. She had been through so much, she seemed so alone, and she needed him. Sirius thought to himself. He would gladly be there for her, whenever she needed him.

When he entered the Great Hall, it was just as Serena said it would be. One could sense the rumors flying. Sirius spotted his brother, Regulus at the Slytherin table. He stormed over, flagged by his friends. Lilly Evans sat at the Gryffindor table with Alice Franklin, shaking her head.

“Did you hear the rumors, Lil?” Alice asked. Lilly shook her head; she didn’t keep up with gossip. “Well, you know Serena, she’s our roommate. She went out with Regulus Black all last year and they broke up this year. Supposedly, now she’s shagging Sirius.”

Lilly snorted. She had been roommates with Serena for five years. Serena was always different, with a more laid back and carefree attitude. It had surprised Lilly when Serena started dating Regulus until she realized that Serena saw him as a boy, not as a Slytherin, not as a Black. He was just a guy, a cute one at that.

Lilly envied the way that Serena had lazily avoided the Marauders for the past five years. It was something that Lilly herself could never do because of James Potter and his stupid OBSESSION with her. Serena was gorgeous; Lilly didn’t understand why one of the boys hadn’t tried to hit on her earlier. Lilly looked over at James where he stood behind Sirius. While he was attractive, and the whole school raved about how charming and friendly he was, there was no way she was going to fall down and kiss his feet any time soon.

Suddenly, Lilly remembered something. Friday night in the Common Room. The party had been fun, but not as fun as the ones that the Marauders usually organized. She was retiring to her bed when she passed James and his friends. Serena had been sitting with them, in between Sirius and Peter. She seemed highly intoxicated. Though Lilly believed the Marauders were all somewhat useless, save for Remus Lupin, she was impressed to see that all of them realized the state Serena had gotten herself into.

While Lilly and Remus tried to get Serena to retire to bed with Lilly, Serena politely but sternly refused, clinging to Sirius’ arm and raving about goblins and Alice Franklin. With a yawn, Lilly wandered off to her bed but she remembered that when she woke up the next morning, Serena was nowhere in sight. While Lilly had assumed that Serena had just gotten up early, something clicked in her mind when Serena awkwardly avoided her questions later that night.

However, Lilly Evans was not one for gossip. She nodded along to Alice’s story but kept her eyes focused on her food. She did scan the Hall quickly to see if she could spot Serena but the girl was nowhere to be found.

“REG!” Sirius yelled. Regulus Black looked up from his breakfast with a grin.

“Hello brother.” He smirked. Sirius felt his blood boil.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Talk then.” Regulus demanded. Sirius felt his face get red; he didn’t want to talk in front of the entire great hall. “Is it about that little slut?” Regulus prodded.

“SHUT UP!” Sirius yelled, pointing his wand at his brother. Regulus didn’t look at all surprised.

“Come on, Sirius. You can’t believe that you can actually have anything with her.” Regulus looked into his brother’s furious eyes, so much like his own. “I mean, from what I saw, she’s basically the female equivalent of you.”

“I didn’t think you were that kind of family, Reg.” James Potter spoke up, smirking. Sirius looked like he was about to kill someone, while Remus Lupin slid into the seat beside Lilly.

“’Ello Lil.” Remus said, cheerfully. Lilly nodded to him with a smile.

“Hello Remus. What’s going on over there?” Alice prodded the conversation. Remus turned to look at Sirius and James. He shrugged.

“Brothers, you know.”

“Serena told me something interesting last night, Sirius.” Regulus spoke up. Sirius glared at him.

“Oh yeah?”

”Yes, yes.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean you have to tell the whole school and ruin her reputation.” Sirius answered quickly. There he hadn’t denied it or lied about it. Regulus smirked.

“Too late.”

“You went out with her for a year, Reg, why are you messing with her like this?” James spoke up. Sirius still had his wand pointed directly at his brother’s forehead.

“Can you put that away, everyone knows you won’t use it.” Regulus said in a bored tone. “What can I say, Potter, I get certain qualities from my brother.” He turned to Sirius and smirked.

Suddenly Regulus was cast back across the hall, and fell to the ground in a full body bind. The Slytherins started yelling while the other houses seemed to cheer. Lilly, Remus and Alice quickly turned to see what the commotion was about. James slapped Sirius on the back, proudly.

“Excellent show of nonverbal spells, Padfoot!” He said cheerfully and dragged his friend to the empty seats near Remus.

“Hello there Lilly!” James smiled at her. Lilly rolled her eyes.


“Hey Alice!” James continued. Alice smiled at him, waiting for them to give her something she could report to all her friends. “Hey Mooney, did you see that over there?”

“I did.” Remus sighed. “But as a prefect, I’m going to pretend I didn’t.”

“What a pal.” James smiled. He looked over at his friend, only to see Sirius staring at the doors to the Great Hall.

“Pads? You okay?” James asked. Sirius continued staring, not speaking.


Serena had woken up to an empty bed, the events of last night flooding back to her. Next to the pillow was a note

Love, I’m at breakfast. I’ll be back soon.

She felt color rise to her cheeks. She quickly dashed out of the room and to her room to jump in the shower then run down to breakfast. She threw on a navy blue satin dress and her brown boots with a moth-holed sweater that once belonged to her older brother, Stephen.

She slowly began to walk down to the Great Hall, and she could hear a commotion inside. As she opened the door she saw Regulus Black fly across the hall in a full body bind while Sirius glared furiously at him, wand pointing. James Potter whooped in delight and Serena thought that Lilly Evan’s head was literally going to spin off judging on how fast she spun her head around.

She watched James and Sirius walk back to their table, while Bellatrix Black quickly, with a bored expression, helped her cousin. Serena shivered. When she had gone to the Black’s for New Years over Christmas Break Sirius was surprisingly not there, but Bellatrix and Narcissa Black were, along with their sister Andromeda. While Andromeda had always been nice to Serena, the other two girls gave her the creeps. Their strange blind loyalty seemed pathetic and weird.

She suddenly felt eyes on her. She looked up and saw Sirius staring at her where she stood in the doorway. She saw Regulus look up and glare at her.

SHIT. She thought to herself, turning around and slipping out of the Hall before anyone else noticed she was there.


“What are you looking at mate?” James asked Sirius, turning his eyes in the direction where Sirius was staring to see a closing door. Sirius didn’t say a word but rose and quickly exited the Great Hall.

As Serena wandered around the castle and found herself at the top of the astronomy tower. She sat there for a moment, thinking about what had been going on the past few days and thinking about what she would do in the next few months. She mused thoughtfully while playing with a frayed edge of her dress. With a flourish of her wand, she caused a small pack of French cigarettes to appear. She placed one between her lips and lit it with a lighter that was in her pocket.

“Ahem…” She heard someone clear their throat. Thinking it was a prefect; she quickly stubbed out her cigarette. Pity, she thought. To her complete surprise, it was one of the farthest things from a prefect.

Xeno Lovegood was currently stuck on the side of the Astronomy Tower. Due to a surprisingly advanced sticking charm. With his frizzy, white blonde hair and thick, brown-rimmed glasses that magnified his peculiar purple eyes – it was quite a sight to behold. Xeno was the “resident nutjob” at Hogwarts, a peculiar Ravenclaw whose two favorite subjects were Care of Magical Creatures and Astronomy. Most students steered clear of him, making remarks about his strange personality behind his back. Serena however, had befriended him when she noticed first year that he had the same color eyes as her. She had stopped hanging out with him when she started to go out with Regulus, the Slytherins were just too mean to him.

“Xeno! What are you doing?” Serena exclaimed, running over to the frazzled looking boy.

“Hello there, Serena! Well, you see, it’s quite a funny story actually. I was up here trying to finish up my star charts…”

“But, Xeno, it’s noon.” Serena stated. “The sun’s out.”

“Yes, I know that.” Xeno shushed her as best he could from his uncomfortable position on the wall. “I came here last night you see,” Serena gasped. “And unfortunately for me, I stumbled upon Bellatrix Black in a compromising position with none other then Lucuis Malfoy.”

Serena thought for a moment to take this in. Lucius was currently dating Bellatrix’s younger sister, Narcissa. And Bellatrix in return was dating a very peculiar boy by the last name of LeStrange. Serena’s head was muddled with a combined curiosity and disgust. And people were saying that she was slutty!?

“Ahem.. Serena, I know that it’s quite a mind-blower, but if – infact, you could perhaps help me down? This sticking charm is quite strong – Bellatrix is rather handy with her wand…” Xeno mumbled as he struggled to free himself. Serena gasped again and quickly ran towards her friend.

“Sorry about that.” She mumbled after she had freed him. Xeno smiled over at her and shook his head.

“Not a problem, if you hadn’t come up here I probably would have been stuck until the next Astronomy class!” He giggled peculariarly.

“Or until the next couple came up.” Serena mumbled, causing Xeno to laugh again.

“I suppose you’re right, one or the other.” He smiled. “Well, I don’t mean to be rude but I think it’s best I retire to my room. It was an awfully long night.” Serena smiled at him and handed him his forgotten star charts, that had fallen onto the ground.

“Hope you feel better!” She called after her retreating friend, who waved her goodbye.


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Chapter 6: dinner dates on display
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The next few days Serena avoided not only Regulus as usual, but also Sirius. The whole entire school was buzzing with rumors of what had happened the past weekend and Serena needed some time off. The school year had started off with a bang – what with her breakup with Regulus and then the whole – whatever it was ! with Sirius. Serena decided it would be best if she kept a low profile for the next couple of days, until something more exciting happened then the Black brothers dueling in the Great Hall.

Keeping a low profile meant that Serena spent most of her time in the Forbidden Forest with Xeno, who was constantly attempting conversation with the centaurs. It never ceased to amuse Serena, who found that spending time with Xeno meant that everyone else pretty much left them alone.  Particularly Lucius Malfoy. No Lucius Malfoy meant no Regulus. Xeno was also pretty good at warding off the Mauraders – his random tyrades about seemingly make-believe creatures frustrated Remus, who was far too logical to listen to such nonsense. The other Mauraders stuck with their friend.

“Don’t you understand, Serena? Their understanding  of the celestial bodies is simply higher than any human! They know about events and things that we haven’t even considered!” A frazzled Xeno attempted to explain his Centaur Seeking to his pretty blonde friend.  They made quite a pair. Serena was slim, elegant and tan – her bright red pea coat stuck out against the dreary atmosphere of the Hogwarts grounds. Xeno was much more peculiar, his purple eyes intensely magnified behind his glasses and his sweater was magically enchanted to represent the atmosphere of the solar system. Meteors flew around his shoulders and seemed to give him a slight shock every now and then.

Serena simply smiled as they trekked from the Forest back towards the castle. Her stomach had been growling so loud that it was distracting the unicorns, so Xeno kindly suggested that they return to grab some dinner. They reached the Great Hall and Serena’s usually pink cheeks seemed to pale a little bit. Xeno patted her on the shoulders.

“Too bad, house rivalries are silly things! Keep your heard up” Serena had filled Xeno in on the situation of events, and he tried his best to help her through the rough patches. This was just another attempt to make Serena smile. She did, slightly and started towards the Gryffindor table – which was abuzz as usual with gossip.

Alice Franklin was chatting up James Potter while Frank sat beside her, seeming to try to apologize to James through eye contact. Lily Evans simply sat across from Potter, trying to look bored by the current conversation. On either side of James there were Remus and Peter, who seemed to be legitimately bored by Alice’s babbling. The only one Serena didn’t spot was…

“Hello there love.”

Sirius whispered in her ear, his breath was warm on her skin and made the hairs on her neck stand up. She quickly spun around to face him, causing her black school kilt to swirl out and around her. She blinked up at him through her large purplish eyes.

“Hello Sirius.”

He stared at her, and Serena felt the pink color return to her cheeks. He didn’t smile or frown, he wasn’t smirking or growling at her. He simply stared at the girl in front of him.

Serena was rather short, he realized as she stood in front of him. In their previous run-ins, she had some how convinced him that she was much taller. Yet, here at the doors of the Great Hall Sirius saw Serena as a small, delicate young girl. Her grey polo shirt was old and faded, with fraying edges that she picked when nervous. Her skirt rested low on her slim hips and her blonde hair fell past her back. She hadn’t pinned her bangs up today, so they fell dangerously low, brushing the tips of her thick, black eyelashes.

She bit her lip nervously, he noticed with interest. It took him a moment to realize the lip bite was because of him.

“Hungry?”  He laughed when her stomach growled loudly. She nodded. “Come sit with us.” He motioned to his friends.

Serena quickly shook her head and pointed to the figures of Alice and Lily. Christ, he probably thinks you’re retarded. Why are you mute? A little voice shouted at her.

“I’m not really in the mood for conversation.” She said, lamely. Sirius laughed.

“I know how that feels, where would you rather sit?” He asked and Serena shrugged.

“Somewhere over in that area.” She pointed to an empty spot between a crowd of first years. The boys sat on one end and the girls another. Sirius couldn’t deny it was the perfect spot for someone to sit if they didn’t want anyone to talk to them.

“Well if we must!” He grabbed her hand and dragged her in between the first years. James, Remus and Peter shot him confused looks, but Sirius waved them off. Alice Franklin actually gasped out loud and smacked Frank to attention. Lily just sighed dramatically and tried to make it seem like she wasn’t interested.

“We?” Serena said after they had sat down and Sirius began piling food onto his plate. The first years on either side gasped, Sirius was sitting near the girls and Serena near the boys. Both sides looked equally pleased and nervous.

“You didn’t think that I would let you eat alone, did you?” Sirius asked as Serena began to gather her own dinner.

“I’ve eaten alone for the past six years and that seems to have done me well.” Serena said carefully in a sharp tone. Sirius chuckled, causing a ripple of girlish First year giggles.

“Has it?” The handsome boy questioned and Serena frowned. Sirius continued. “Honestly, love, you’ve been avoiding me all week. What’s wrong?”  Serena blinked at him again.

“You put my ex-boyfriend in a full body bind in front of the entire Great Hall because of an argument about me. And now everyone knows that. I’ve heard rumors that we’ve had a three way, did you hear those?” She pointed her fork at him. Sirius pouted at the girl and frowned.

“He’s my brother you know!”

“Alice Franklin watched me brush my teeth all week! Morning and evening! Like I was going to either start making out with her or explode.” Serena’s voice was strained. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Alice Franklin needs to get over herself.” He smiled at Serena. “Did I really do something wrong?” Serena sighed, and began playing with her mashed potatoes and gravy.

“No, not really.” She stopped. “Not at all, actually. You were great!” Her cheeks flushed bright pink. “That’s not what I meant.”

Sirius’ loud laugh filled the Great Hall, and the first year boys laughed in the most macho tone they could muster. Serena blushed but continued.

“I just don’t like having a lot of attention on me.” She pointed behind Sirius to the first year girls who were slowly inching closer, eager to eavesdrop. “I was hoping things would die down, then maybe we could…” She paused and rolled her eyes when she saw food drop from Alice Franklin’s fork as she blatantly stared.

“BUGGER OFF ALICE!” Sirius turned and yelled at the girl. She blushed and turned back to Lily to try and hide her embarrassment. He then turned towards the first year girls and motioned for them to scoot away. They all blushed as they slide back in place.

“Maybe we could pick up where we left off?” Serena whispered into Sirius’ ear as she slid out of her place at the table. Sirius’ smile spread from ear to ear as the elusive blonde glided out of the Great Hall, attracting whispers from every corner of the room.

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Chapter 7: crystal ball know-it-alls
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Bellatrix Black was a very pretty girl. Through her years at Hogwarts, she was constantly whispered about – similarly to Serena. The girls were visually polar opposites. Where as Serena’s long blonde hair fell across her back in waves, Bellatrix boasted pitch black locks that hung down her back with pin-straightness. Her eyes were a deep grey, with hints of navy blue in them, and her eyelashes curled in a way that a brave man would deem “darling.” Her lips were small and pouty, perfectly pink without even trying, and combined with the aristocratic Black cheekbones it was practically lethal. Her skin was milky white, adding to the regal air that already surrounded her. She was skinny, with bones that looked almost breakable, but stronger than any girl in the school.

She blinked her way into the Divination tower. Bellatrix’s heavy lids drooped down over sleepy eyes, as she inhaled the incense lit by their crazy teacher – Professor. Troupelle. People were always talking about her, saying that she always looked bored because of her heavy eyelids or that she always thought she was better then wherever she was. Bellatrix slid into her seat between her younger sister’s brother, Lucius Malfoy and Parker Zabini.  Parker was an attractive boy, with curly dark hair and sea green eyes. His tan skin and athletic frame were whispered about through school. Lucius was different, his blonde hair was long and light, his features were sharp and cold. The air of aristocracy dripped from his cold exterior.

Yet, it was Lucius that Bellatrix found herself drawn to. Unfairly, it was her younger sister Narcissa; quiet Narcissa, who attracted Lucius’ attention. Bellatrix knew that her sister was too naïve and immature to have any sort of serious relationship with the older boy. But she saw the looks in her parents’ eyes when they learned of the relationship, and Bellatrix knew that the pair would marry after Hogwarts. Her mind should not be on Lucius, Bellatrix knew this; it should be on her boyfriend – Rodolphus. Rodolphus LeStrange was a quiet boy, who Bellatrix bored with by their second year. Lucius was exciting and dangerous, and Bellatrix couldn’t seem to keep away.

Serena gazed at Bellatrix and Lucius from the back of the Divination classroom. She couldn’t wrap her head around what Xeno had told her, even though she knew that Xeno always told the truth. From next to her, Lilly Evans sneezed quickly.

“Troupelle is ridiculous, this incense is going to suffocate us all.” She grumbled as she pulled out her notes.

“This class is ridiculous.” Serena mumbled as she watched Bellatrix and Lucius pass notes from under the table. “Not very discrete.”

“What was that Serena?” Alice popped up out of nowhere, as per usual. Serena narrowed her eyes at Alice. The girl’s short haircut was blunt and cherry brown. Her petite face gave her appearance a mousey quality, with her features pulled together in the center of her face. She didn’t look like the type of girl who would know everything about everyone but she did, which gave Serena an unsettled feeling in her stomach.  Serena grumbled at her roommate, remembering the wonderful week where Alice was ignoring her completely.

“Alice, don’t you hate me?” Serena asked, bluntly. Lilly raised an eyebrow from her seat but kept her mouth shut. Serena was full of surprises and there was no telling what was going to happen next.  Alice fumbled over her words.

“Serena! No! Why would you think that?” Alice blushed as she tried to cover her social faux-paus. Serena thought for a moment.

“You told everyone I was a slut.”  Serena's purple eyes looked deeply at Alice.

“I didn…” The petite brunette stuttered but Serena contined.

“You wouldn’t let Frank talk to me.”

“But that’s beca…”

“And you stare at me when I brush my teeth, it’s creepy.” Serena pointed out as Lilly giggled in the background. Alice was ridiculous, and she did deserve what Serena gave her.

Serena tussled her hair on her back into messy waves. She picked up her quill and began copying the notes off the board, while Alice sat in shocked silence. Serena had said fewer words to her in their entire career at Hogwarts.

“I think she deserved it.” Lilly whispered to Serena – who replied with a quick, kind nod and returned to her notes.

Class went by slowly, with Professor Troupelle gazing dramatically into a crystal ball for what seemed like hours. When the class finally ended, Serena quickly grabbed her bag and sprinted to be one of the first ones out of the room. She was beginning to feel faint from the incense. She was already light-headed, she didn’t want to risk any more embarrassing moments in front of her classmates.  On her way out the door she bumped shoulders with Bellatrix, causing the Slytherin to drop her books on the floor.

“Whoops!” Serena said, breathlessly. “Sorry about that.” She bent down to help gather the dark haired girl’s things when she noticed that Bellatrix had not moved. The girl was glaring at Serena, her ice grey eyes with a fiery intensity that caused Serena to jump back.

“What are you doing, you stupid skank?” Parker Zabini laughed.

“Oh Parker, you have such a way with words.” Serena smiled sweetly at him. Parker was obnoxious, but Serena knew that she could outsmart him. He was like a dumb puppy.

“What are you doing, slut?” Lucius Malfoy came up beside Bellatrix, Parker quickly trailing him. Serena frowned at him. She wasn’t one for confrontation, especially with stupid Slytherin hotheads like Lucius Malfoy.

“Didn’t your snobby parents teach you any manners?” She snipped at him. “I’m helping clean up.”

“My Pureblood parents,” Bellatrix said in an icy tone “taught me that there would always be someone lower than me to clean up any messes.” Lucius and Parker laughed behind the girl, who stood with her arms crossed on her chest. Serena felt herself getting angry. She had a hand full of quills, which she promptly dropped back on the floor. Bellatrix, Lucius and Parker looked at her in surprise.

“I am not that person.” Serena said, then turned and walked out of the classroom.

“Regulus would beg to differ…” Bellatrix smirked.

“Sod off, Belle.” Serena spat as she made her exit.

She quickly found Alice and Lilly on either side of her. It was a bit creepy; they were walking as a group. Serena was in the middle, her bangs in her purple eyes and Sirius’ bright red sweater from First Year complimenting her black kilt. Lilly followed her uniform guidelines strictly (she was a prefect) but kelley green tights brought out her emerald eyes. Alice had intricately wrapped a hot pink scarf around her neck to keep warm.

Walking together, anyone would have assumed the girls were best friends. With Alice whispering to both girls, Lilly smiling secretively and Serena staring off into the distance – deep in thought.

“Merlin, Serena!” Alice gushed. Serena tried to mentally make the girl stop babbling. “That was just amazing! Bellatrix Black! I mean she’s terrifying! Parker Zabini’s kind of dreamy, isn’t he? Don’t tell Frank I said that! Lucius just looks like he has something stuck up his…”

“You learn to tune it out.” Lilly whispered into Serena’s ear. Serena stopped walking suddenly and the two other girls stopped in their steps to look at her. Why was Lilly being so nice to her? Why was Alice actually talking to her? Serena shook her hair into her face with confusion.

“Got to run.” Serena said, turning in the other direction and dashing off.  She needed to talk to someone.

Chapter 8: dream girls and camp outs
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The person Serena ended up talking to was Xeno, much to the dismay of gossip hounds such as Alice. Serena wasn’t about to rush into the arms of Sirius in the middle of the Great Hall, sobbing about how mean Bellatrix Black was, when she was trying to keep a low profile. Instead, the pretty blonde moped to Xeno and the unicorns in the Forbidden Forest. Xeno, surprisingly, moped back – if only a little.

“It’s that new girl.” Xeno sighed, shaking his frazzled head. The comets swirled across his sweater, which had appeared to have shrunken in the last wash.

“What new girl?” Serena asked from her rock perch as she picked the split ends out of her hair.

“From Beauxbatons.” Xeno replied from deeper in the Forbidden Forest.

“There’s a new girl from Beauxbatons?”  Serena asked, leaning forward from her rock to try and get a clearer view of what her friend was doing. “You’re not, like, blowing anything up are you, X?”

“No, no.” Xeno laughed and kept forging forward until Serena was forced to follow if she wished to keep up the conversation. “Haven’t you seen her? She’s gorgeous.” Serena kept to herself what she thought was “gorgeous” according to Xeno. Instead she tried to rack her brain for any new people.

Later that night, Serena sat still thinking in between Sirius and James in the library. Remus sat several tables over, muttering that he couldn’t think when they were all just gossiping and joking. Serena blew her bangs out of her hair, picking their split ends and contemplating giving them a trim. Sirius watched her out of the corner of his eye as he tried to work on his Potions essay. James seemed off in his own world, staring out the library window into the dark night.

“Your girlfriend has been hanging out with me lately.” Serena murmered to James. Potter looked over at her with interest, subconsciously messing up his hair at the mere mention of Lilly.

“Lillykins?” He whispered. Sirius rolled his eyes at his best friend, but Serena bit her lip in a smiling nod. From across the library, first years were trying hard not to stare at them. As a trio they were somewhat intimidating. Serena’s long hair was messy, and she looked casually relaxed in her black school kilt and faded black Rolling Stones concert tee shirt. It hung loosely off her thin arms, which were covered in bits of colored string for bracelets. Sirius and James were both in fraying polo shirts and black school pants. Their hair hung in their faces, obviously messed up from the mischief of their school days. And with their heads all bent in towards one another, whispering together like they were all in on some big, amazing secret… it made sense that people were whispering about them.

“That means Alice too.” Serena stuck out her tounge to represent her displeasure. Sirius and James both frowned with compassion, and Remus sighed loudly from his table.

“What was that Mooney?” Sirius whisper-yelled. “Can’t hear you from over here.” Remus groaned and, picking up his books, stomped over to Serena, Sirius and James. The whispers from the first years increased when Remus stomped over to the table. His sandy brown hair was falling in his yellowish-brown eyes, which were filled with frustration for the less than studious. However, anyone who knew him could still see the glimmer of mischief behind his serious eyes.

“Shouldn’t you be studying?” He ushered to the first years, who blushed and went back to pretending to study. Remus tossed his tie over the shoulder of his faded red button down shirt as he settled back into his friends’ table. They teased him momentarily about his constant seat changing, until Serena finally changed the subject.

“Remus, have you heard of any new girls from Beauxbatons?” Serena asked lightly. She figured that since James only had eyes for Lilly, and Sirius seemed to be otherwise engaged with her, Remus was the most observant when it came to new girls. Remus thought for a moment before he finally spoke.

“There is Mirabelle Montain.” He explained. “I think she’s from Beauxbatons. She’s in Ravenclaw though.”

“What’s she look like?” Serena said dreamily, imaging Xeno’s dreamgirl. It would be nice for her socially awkward best friend to have a glamorous, forgein girlfriend. Maybe she smoked cigarettes out of long cigarette holders and wore heavy liquid eyeliner and had beauty marks. Serena daydreamed more, imaging brilliant Xeno with a bombshell, French sex-bomb girlfriend. That would stop everyone making fun of him.

“Well… She’s a bit…” A first, Remus fumbled over his words.

“What?” Serena snapped out of her daydream, though her tone was still light and airy. James and Sirius feigned interest in the conversation.

“Well, peculiar looking would be the nice thing to say.” Remus bit his bottom lip.

“What do you mean peculiar looking?” James asked, eyes squinted in confusion. Suddenly, a crash was heard from one of the corners in the library. Serena rushed towards the sound. Bellatrix Black’s retreating back could be seen, but more importantly was the petite girl who seemed to have tumbled from the upper shelves of the library.

“Ohmygosh! Are you okay?” Serena asked, her voice high with concern. The girl stood up and Serena got a full look at her. Her hair was pale blonde, practically white, falling past her shoulders and all the way down her back. Her eyes were a light, bright green – almost neon, and heavily lined in black liquid liner. They popped out at their surroundings. Her skin was delicately pale and her features were small and feminine. Around her head was an intrictately wrapped leather headband with bright red, orange and yellow feathers dangling from it. Serena realized after a moment that they were indeed phoenix feathers. The girl’s lips were a deep, ruby red and parted to display perfectly straight teeth. When the girl smiled that she was alright, Serena noticed that one of her front teeth was shockingly made of gold.

“Mirabelle?” Serena asked. The girl looked at her confused.

“Bonjour?” She smiled at Serena, but with a look of wonder on her face. Her tone rivaled Serena’s in dreaminess. Both girls talked as if they were on cloud nine.

“I’m Serena.” Serena stuck out her hand with a goofy smile plastered onto her face. On anyone else she would have looked like a goofy first year, but (Sirius noted from his seat) on Serena it made her look like a beautiful, friendly  goddess. Mirabelle smiled.

“Bonjour Serena! Je m’appelle Mirabelle.” She laughed. “But you know that obviously.” Her accent was heavy and French, but Mirabelle herself was dainty and sweet. The two girls smiled at each other, as if they shared a secret.

Shortly after, Serena and Sirius wandered out of the library. Their hands intertwined as they walked down the desserted corridors. Serena hummed a tune lightly as Sirius tickled her sides. Their comfortable silence was occasionally interrupted by students running through the halls trying to beat their curfew. Serena and Sirius walked slowly down the darkened halls, not paying attention to the time, or worrying about curfew at all for that matter.

“Want to go to the Astronomy tower?” Sirius spoke up. Serena crinkled her nose, the image of Bellatrix and Lucius flashing in her head.

“Overrated. Let’s find a better spot.” She smiled up at Sirius and kissed him on his tan cheek. “Now!” Sirius laughed.

“Like where, crazy?” He asked and Serena shrugged her skinny shoulders.

“What about outside? On the hills facing Hogsmede?” She suggested with hopefulness. Sirius nodded and quickly led the way.

Once they got outside, they lay down in the tall grass and stared up at the sky. “See!” Serena giggled as she tucked into Sirius’ chest. “This is better than any silly Astronomy tower.” Sirius, with his family’s knowledge of constellations, pointed out the stars to Serena who ooh’ed and aah’ed at all the right moments. She rubbed his stomach and he ran his hands through her hair as they both relaxed in the late night breeze. Eventually, both pairs of beautiful eyes closed as the two fell into sleep. They slept soundly through the night on their soft blanket of grass. The rising sun didn’t even wake them, as they tossed and turned together as if they were on a small bed.

Hogwarts began to wake up and they stayed slumbering. Students began making their ways from their dorms to the Great Hall, when a murmer began to flow through the school about it’s two missing students. Sirius felt something nudge his back, and blinked his eyes open several times. James, Remus and Peter stood above him, all with separate smirks on their face.

“What…?” Sirius spoke sleepily.

“You better get back to the dorms before McGonnagal actually starts listening to stalker first years and realizes that you two spent the whole night outside of the fucking castle.” Remus said sternly but with a smile. James tossed the invisibility cloak down to his groggy friend.

“Classes start in half hour. You’d better hurry.” 

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