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My Brain and Black by pensiveprincess

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 97,532

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC

First Published: 02/20/2008
Last Chapter: 08/25/2014
Last Updated: 08/25/2014





"Life is a quest and love a quarrel"

sequel "A Bittersweet Song"  is up!

Chapter 1: Of Randomness, My Friends, and Feuding
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 Chapter One

Of Randomness, My Friends and Feuding




“The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them.”-William Clayton





“Potter why don’t you go drown yourself!”




Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, producer of some of wizarding history’s finest and most glorified witches and wizards; and home to some of Britain’s best and brightest young talent. Including this year’s exceptionally gifted Head Girl, who is currently standing on top of the Gryffindor common room’s oak coffee table yelling at the Head Boy.  


“Oh come off it Evans, I was ten minutes late tops!”




“You were eleven! Eleven minutes late Potter! Do you realize how utterly unprofessional…”




May I present to you Lily Evans and James Potter, Hogwarts’ and Gryffindor House’s pride and joy; both exceptionally gifted duelers, extremely powerful wizards and two of my dearest friends.




“Evans, relax I was a few minutes late, so what? We took care of what we needed to take care of! The patrol schedules were distributed without a hitch!”




“Potter you are infuriating!”




“Gee Evans didn’t know you felt so strongly about me, care to join me in Hogsmede this weekend?”




“How many times do I have to say it, No! I will not go on a date with you Potter! I would rather date the bloody squid!”




Despite sharing quite a few qualities, like charisma, charm, and intelligence, all of which make Jimmy and Lils exceptional leaders, the pair get along about as well as fire and ice.  Not that this has ever interfered with James’ plans to one day marry my ill-tempered, red-headed best mate. In spite of the fact that the two have been feuding since our first year welcoming feast (at which James’ ended up covered in tomato sauce thanks to Lily due to his incessant red-head jokes), James is actually quite smitten with the Head Girl. 


Lily, on the other hand, despises Jim with, as she says, “the fire of a thousand suns;” which is why she is currently holding a thick, potions volume in a manner that suggests she is considering using it as a weapon. Despite the fact, that one of their jobs as Heads is to encourage peace and harmony among the students, the two rarely fulfill said edict themselves.




“Potter you are an absolute prat!”




“Yes, but I’m your prat! Or I could be; if you would just give in to the... Bloody hell woman, stop hitting me!”




“Not until you get it through that thick skull of yours that I will never date you even upon pain of death! Jess tell him he’s a prat.”




I, Jessabelle Spring, abhor it when they attempt to drag me into their fights; my position as a friend to both is precarious enough without having to take sides during their daily brawls. Lily, I have known since our very first train ride to this blessed school. I met her shortly before she slapped Sirius Black across the face after he strutted like the ginormous prick he is into the girl’s restroom. James, on the other hand, I have known since my early childhood. Both of us come from pureblooded families and were subjected to attending functions and balls from a very early age because in pure-blooded society parents take great pleasure in showing off their spawn. It was also at these boring conventions that I met Sirius Black, boy wonder and general thorn in my side. I bemoan his existence on a daily basis as he is my own personal poltergeist. 




“What have I told you lot, I am not taking sides.”




Now, before the cogs in your astute little brain begin to turn too rapidly allow me to explain one simple fact- Black and I are not Lily and James. We have a completely, totally, and utterly different relationship than Jim and Lils. James loves Lily, Black loathes me. Lily hates James because he is arrogant and immature, I hate every fiber of Black’s being for the simple reason that he exists. 


“Potter I am going to murder you!”

Someone grab the popcorn, we are in for a show. Over the years James and Lily have fought enough to figure out what pisses the other off most spectacularly. Lily, for example, absolutely loathes it when James does something to her physical being. Which is why James brilliantly just decided to turn it bright neon green, complete with Medusa like tendrils. To be honest, I’m actually quite impressed with the creative effort he put into the hex.




“Potter! You… you…”




“Speechless Lilyflower?”




Truth be told, Lily and James have gotten better since they discovered they would be co-heads together. In light of years past, the fact that they could plan a meeting together without serious injury to one or both parties was quite the serious milestone. But alas, today it seems all the baby steps they’ve been taking over the past few weeks in hopes of moving towards a tentative friendship have gone up in smoke. Which means until they get back on track towards said relationship I will be subject to hearing Lily rant about “that egotistical, idiotic prat” and James moan about how his true love hates him.

“You are so dead!”

Oh the lovely crunch of James’ nose being shattered by a textbook. Perhaps Lily and I taking those muggle kickboxing classes over the summer wasn’t the brightest idea. While our mothers signed us up in hopes it would serve as a sort of anger management, I personally believe all they served to do was instruct us how to maim and injure in new and improved ways. Madam Pomfrey is certainly going to have fun fixing Jim’s face. She really hit him, the amount of blood pouring from it right now is astounding.

“Lily! What? Lily he’s bleeding!”

Enter Remus Lupin, bookworm, werewolf, and one of Jimmy’s dearest friends. I like to think of him as the brain behind the brawn that is the Marauders. He is also generally the one who ends up having to meditate between James and Lily in order to keep the peace. He’s been known to stop Black and I from causing permanent brain damage to one another. The boy could probably mediate peace talks for England. That said Jim and Lils are in good hands. Which means my presence is no longer needed and I can scurry off and take a well-deserved and much needed shower (seeing as I did not get one after Quidditch practice this morning, because a certain messy haired Captain kept us late) before Lily realizes she voluntarily touched James and decides she needs to remove the first three layers of her skin.



I am brilliant. I am also nice and clean and relaxing on my incredibly comfortable bed after a long, steamy shower, waiting for my best friend to finish scrubbing off the top layers of her skin because she touched James. Oh the horror. As I guessed before, only moments after I stepped out of the shower Lily came storming up the stairs and into our darling dormitory fit to be tied. After screeching about James for a full five minutes she stormed off to the bathroom and continued yelling at me on the top of her lungs. Apparently it is my fault she “has been forced inflict pain upon herself for the sake of her health” because it’s my job to keep her from doing “idiotic things that threaten her wellbeing.” Weird girl. She claims the “pain she must now endure” is all “for the good of humanity” though; as James is currently sporting pink hair, polka-dotted skin, and a lovely frilly dress. Apparently James, in his brilliance, decided to counter Lily’s textbook attack by hexing her to squeak “James Potter is a sex God.” He’s in the hospital wing right now getting his nose, skin and hair fixed.

“Nothing like a nice, steamy detox after being contaminated by Potter germs.”




“And you insist that I’m the immature one, merlin Lils, even I know boys don’t have cooties…”




“Stuff it Jessabelle! I’m finished with the shower, you can use it now Jordan.”


Insert a series of convulsions and gags here. Have I mentioned Jordan Sparks? If I had to choose a single person on the face of the planet I abhor more than Black it would be her. My lovely dorm mate is the quintessential example of a superficial, plastic, bitch. 




“Finally, god Evans you took an eternity.”




Like I said, she’s a lovely girl. Did I mention she’s dating Black? I think I forgot, excuse me for my horrid manners. Jordan and Black have been “dating” since it became acceptable for girls and boys to want to shove their tongues down the opposite sex’s throats. And by dating I mean hooking up on a regular basis with the occasional date in Hogsmede.








“Whatever Evans. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to freshen up before I go find Sirikins; he promised me that I was in for a special treat this evening.”




I think I just barfed in my mouth.





“Oh poor baby,” Jessie rolled her eyes. She was leaning against the headboard of her bed with a leather bound book in her lap. Lily cringed as she walked over to her own bed, here they went again, Jordan versus Jessie match number 346.




“Did I ask for your opinion Spring?” Jordan asked haughtily, glaring at Jessie. Jessie narrowed her own eyes and something that sounded quite a bit like a growl escaped from her lips.


There was no lost love between the two blonde, Gryffindor seventh years. The two had never gotten along in the slightest. In Lily’s eyes this was chiefly because Jordan seemed to embody everything Jessie hated. Jordan was girly, boy crazy, and obsessed with her appearance. (A quintessential teenage girl in truth.) In contrast, Jessie was cynical, unladylike and rarely gave a rat’s ass about how she looked. However, the backbone of their never ending feud was really quite simple to figure out- Sirius Black. 


Jordan worshipped Sirius; he was her most prized trophy. Jordan had, had a sort of on again, off again relationship with the boy since their third year at Hogwarts. Jessie, on the other hand, abhorred the eldest Black boy for reasons no one was quite sure of. Lily had heard quite a few rumors over their years at Hogwarts, but she knew they were only speculation. Some ventured that Sirius had broken Jessie’s broomstick. Other said that they were secretly lovers and the whole “I would like to rip your guts out and strangle you with my bare hands” thing was a charade.




Lily, however, had an entirely different theory about Sirius and Jessie. According to Potter, the two hadn’t always loathed one another with such a passion. She truly did feel that there was some sort of story behind the two. You didn’t just hold up a machete to someone’s throat for no reason.


“Must you constantly act like such a bitch Spring?” Jordan flicked her hair over her shoulder. Jessie raised her eyebrows and looked up from her book, “To you? Yes,” Jessie stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


“You’re just jealous because Siri likes me better. Everyone knows you’re secretly in love with him,” Jordan stated matter of factly. Jessie growled and lunged off her bed towards Jordan. In an instant her wand was out and her fist was clenched. She pointed the wand at Jordan’s throat, “Sparks, I thought we’d been over this. Never, ever, ever imply or say that I like Sirius Black. He is a slimy, narcissistic arse, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about how much Black enjoys using you. Now kindly vacate the dorm before I come up with a clever way to permanently maim face.”


Jordan shrieked and jumped away from Jessie, drawing her own wand, “God Evans, haven’t I requested that you keep your bitch on a leash? You have serious issues Spring.” She slammed the bathroom door shut. 




“Jess you can’t just go around and threaten to main people!” Lily scolded as Jessie re-assumed the position she had been in earlier. She opened her discarded book back up and rolled her eyes dramatically, “Says the girl who put the Head Boy in the hospital wing only a few hours ago,” narrowing her eyes Jessie hissed, “I loathe that whore.” 


“That was different and yes dear I know. Somehow over the past six years I’ve gathered as much,” Lily sighed digging through her trunk. The two friends sat in silence for a few minutes.


Said silence was then disturbed by a sickening giggle as Jordan opened the bathroom door and pranced out in all her perfumed, powder caked glory. Jessie gave her a once over and gagged visibly. 


“Jealous Spring?” Jordan said patting her hair. Jessie scoffed at the bint and continued to read the volume in her lap. Jordan grabbed her sequined cardigan from its hook on the wall and smirked at Jessie. Jessie picked her head up and glared back menacingly.”


“I mean I know you want to be me and all but seriously do you realize how ugly you look when you glare? Makes you look at least ten times more hideous. ”


“Go jump off a cliff Sparks,” Jessie groaned, slamming her book shut.


“Why don’t you.”


“Merlin, you’re insufferable.”


Jordan looked taken aback for a moment as she cocked her head to the side, “Sirius doesn’t think so,” she smirked.




“Oh for the love of Merlin, muck off Sparks.”




On the other side of the room, Lily had stopped her search and was staring at the two blondes amusedly.


“Whatever Spring. I’m off to play with Siri”


“You do that. Have fun.”


“Oh I will. Especially since the memory of your jealousy will be fresh in my memory.”

“Whatever Sparks. Tell Black I hate him,” Jessie said waving her to the door.


“Don’t be bitter because I have what you want,” Jordan said matter-of-factly, her nose in the air. Lily groaned, here they go again.


“Sparks aren’t you supposed to be gagging Black with your tongue right now instead of acting like a gnat?”


“Toodles bitch,” Jordan slammed the door behind her. Jessie glared at the door, “I loathe that girl.”


“You’ve already said that at least once in the past five minutes Jess,” Lily said as she went back to what she had been doing before.


Jessie however threw her book at the back of the door. It bounced off and slid across the wood floor the pages ruffling. She let out a frustrated scream, “How did she end up in Gryffindor? What did I ever do to deserve to be cursed with living with that stupid, powder caked bint half a year for seven years. And why must she insist that I’m in love with Black. What planet has she been on for the past six years? Planet blind moron, clearly! I do not want Black in any way shape or form! He is a narcissistic, evil, conceited cretin with the ego the size of a small third world country! I am not jealous of her. Why would I be jealous of her? Never in a million years Lils! Never in a million years! Merlin, I loathe that girl,” Jessie ranted.


“Jess, for the last time I know you do.’’


“I swear one of these days I am going to kill Sparks,” Jessie huffed sliding off her bed. 


“Lovely, I‘ll send you care packages in Azkaban.”


“Who is Jessie killing today?” A tiny brunette walked into the room, her black robes in her hands. She bent over and picked up the book Jessie had thrown and walked over to the blonde. Jessie took the book from her, sat back down on her bed, and commenced pouting.


“Hello Mary, two guesses,” Lily stated waving to their friend. Mary was the third member of the Seventh year Gryffindor girls’ trio. A hopeless romantic with a wicked sense of humor, she was an indispensable friend to both girls. As Lily liked to say, there was no one better to cheer you up.




“Not yet,” Lily replied shutting the lid of her trunk. 


“Oh… Jordan,” Mary said throwing her things on her respective bed. Lily sighed and nodded. 


“Jess you need anger management,” Mary stated matter-of-factly kicking off her black mary jane’s as she flopped down on her own maroon duvet.

Jessie just rolled her eyes and continued pouting. Mary looked up and chanced a glance at Jess, clearly her words had, had no effect on her dear blonde friend; but then again the suggestion of anger management classes never did. Mary cleared her throat, “By the way Jess, I passed James on the way up.” Lily let out a gag as Mary uttered James’ name. 


“He’s out of the hospital wing already?” Jessie asked, raising her eyebrows. Mary switched her gaze from Jessie to Lily, “He was in the hospital wing?” Lily continued cleaning up the wooden floor around her respective bed, her cheeks tinged pink.

“Lily broke his nose with a Potion’s textbook and hexed him. And you lot think I need anger management,” Jess said rolling over and tossing her book onto her bedside table. 


“In my defense he deserved it!” Lily exclaimed throwing a random shoe onto her bed.


“Of course he did Lils, he always does,” Mary said sarcastically, “And Jess, Lily only attacks James. You, my dear friend, attack anyone who slightly annoys you, Mary said shaking her head at Lily. She turned back to Jessie, “Speaking of dear Potter, I’m supposed to inform you that you have practice.”




“Of course we have practice, we only spent the entire bloody morning on the pitch! Did Hitler tell you when this blessed event was occurring?” 




“Well, I believe the words now and immediately were used.”

“What?!” Jessie jumped about a foot, and her book went flying, “He’s finally lost it.”

“He said something about the pitch being open and how you need to beat Hufflepuff. He looked a bit crazy.”

“Bloody wanker! He’s a slave driver! I blame you Lils, you’re no longer allowed to maim him or piss him off in any way until season is over! He has the worst timing, I just took a bloody shower for Merlin’s sake…” Jessie scrambled off her bed. She picked up her dirty clothes from the morning’s practice and began throwing them on.


“So Lily dearest, why did we nearly kill Potter today?”



Stupid captain! I could understand this the day before the game, but not now! The bloody game isn’t for two weeks and Hufflepuff has one returning player- a 5th year! James is insane! Absolutely, one hundred percent insane. The boy has lost it. Officially. I should probably write to his mother and express my condolences that her only son and the heir to the Potter name and fortune is going to need to be locked up in St. Mungo’s for the rest of eternity.


Brilliant I can’t find my bat.


“It’s in your trunk.”


Stupid Lily. Why is she always right? I blame her for this. She pissed him off which means that he’s now going to be taking it out on us. I can see it now- 100 suicides, 50 sprints… Someone kill me now; or at least maim me enough to get me out of practice.


“He was eleven minutes late to that damn meeting! I’ve been telling him all week he needed to be there on time, I went out of my way to remind him! But no he just had to be eleven minutes late! And then he had the audacity to turn my hair into a green snake charmed mess. Green snakes Mar, green snakes! Like I’m a bloody Slytherin.”


Sweet Merlin; obsess over the exact amount of minutes much Lils? Bloody hell, where are my gloves.


“Your gloves are on your bedside table… on top of the charms textbook… you threw them on the floor this morning and I picked them up while you were running about cursing Black to hell and back…yes there you go.”


Thank you mother Lillian.

“Get your ass on the pitch! We have to win the cup this year!”


And everyone thinks Mary’s the sweet one. I beg to differ, she’s just as evil as the rest of us.




Ah, Jimmy-poo is calling. Merlin that boy has a set of lungs on him.


“Get down here now!”


“I’m coming you prat! Keep your knickers on!”


Sometimes I hate him as well.




Truth be told, I love quidditch. It makes me happy. And a happy Jessie is a good Jessie. Nothing can destroy happiness when I’m flying around way up in the big blue sky smacking demonic balls with my precious oak bat!

“Watch it Spring.”

Except that. Sirius Black, bane of my entire existence. Stupid, immature, egotistical, annoying, and repulsive are just a few of my favorite words to use when describing the moron. Sirius, I have sadly know since the tender age of four. Like James and I, he comes from a pure-blooded family and was also dragged about to balls and galas as a child. Unlike James, I hate his bloody guts and if I could murder him without being sent to Azkaban, believe me I would jump at the opportunity. Jim and him are somehow best friends; if truth be told they’re attached at the bloody hip… constantly. Together with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew they form the Marauders. Hogwarts’ favorite group of troublemakers, how one of them hasn’t been expelled yet I know not… 


Are you fucking kidding me? He did not seriously just hit the bludger towards me! 




“Black you absolute idiot! We’re supposed to be aiming for the chasers!”


Somehow, due to circumstances wildly beyond my control, Sirius is my fellow beater on the Gryffindor team. Pairing us together was James’ idea in fact. Little Mr. Quidditch prodigy somehow managed to convince the captain back in third year that Black and I would make exceptional beaters. And for some asinine reason he believed him. Thus to this very day I am stuck with Black as my partner. 




“Sorry darling but you got in the way!”




“I got in the way! You bastard, I know you were aiming for me!”




“Why Spring I would never purposely hit you with a bludger; accidentally, yes, but on purpose? Never.”




See what I have to work with? It really is unexplainable why the female population of Hogwarts thinks he’s bloody Casanova. 




“Sweet Merlin! Is there anything left up in that head of yours? I would hope you would have at least a few brain cells left… Merlin knows most of them were probably suffocated to death by your enormous ego or killed by all the toxins in your bloody hair care products.”


“Like you should be talking Spring. Who melted their caldron yesterday? You.”




“Oh why don’t you go jump off a cliff!”




“Why don’t you…”




“Why don’t you both shut up!”

Why does James always have to interrupt? I mean really, just when it was getting good.  I was just about to deliver the greatest insult of all time! A few more seconds and Black would have been crying in fetal position. Besides, having the two of us on the team playing the same position is technically his fault.

“5 laps both of you! Jessie go clockwise at 200 feet and Sirius go counter- clockwise at 300. Stay the bloody hell away from one another while you’re doing it and I don’t want to hear you exchange so much as a word for the rest of practice. When you’re finished we’re going to start a new drill and I expect both of you to be on your best behavior for it. Now go before I take your bats and beat you with them. ”




James is Hitler reincarnated I swear. He’s like dictator captain dude at practice, it’s really annoying actually. Last year we made a plaque for his locker that said:

Captain James Potter
Quidditch Nazi

He didn’t find it that funny. Let’s just say that practice that day was horrid, I couldn’t walk correctly for days. 





“ Damnit Black would you stop trying to kill me!” Jessie screeched smacking Sirius on the shoulder with her bat as she gave him a death glare 


“It was the only way to get your attention! And bloody hell Spring that actually hurt!” Sirius complained as he massaged the shoulder Jessie had just whacked. 


“Please you could have said, ’Jessie, James is speaking.’” Jessie spat as she put her hands on hips. 


“Like you would have heard me. You were all off in La-La land.” Sirius said mimicking her actions. 


“Would you two shut up!” James roared. Jessie and Sirius slowly turned to him and the rest of the team whom were all either stifling laughter or rolling their eyes. They were all far too used to this display to truly be phased by it. Jessie and Sirius both smiled innocently as James went back to addressing the team in a calm manner, “Now that tweedle dee and tweedle dumb have decided to join us let me begin. Okay chasers we’re going to do a rapid fire shooting drill… Jessie stop making gun motions at Sirius’ head… Jessie and Sirius, you will break out the rebounder. Kerfs, change of direction drill…. Sirius if you don’t stop poking Jessie I will let her smack you with her bat!” 




Sirius grinned and put his arms behind his back,” I’m not doing anything Prongs I promise!” 




James rolled his eyes and continued,” While we are doing that O’Brian I want 10 laps of start stops and do 15 feints. Everyone got it? Okay let’s go.” 






After what seemed like an eternity James finally stopped the drill and motioned for the team to come down.


“Good practice team.” James said as the team gathered around the goalposts clearly exhausted, “Chasers…” he began, but he was quickly interrupted by the loud, resounding smack of Jessie’s hand again Sirius’ cheek.

“I swear one of these days Black I am going to cut you up and feed you to the giant squid! Except for your heart, I will keep that and fry it up with some carrots and eat it for dinner!” Jessie screeched as Kerfs snatched her beaters bat from her grasp in order to prevent a repeat of Jessie’s earlier attack.

“If you really want me inside of you…” Sirius retorted with a suggestive look on his face. 


Jessie slapped Sirius once again and the whole team groaned, with the exception of O‘Brian who shouted, “Yes!” gleefully.




“Kerfs you owe me 3 gallons! That’s the eleventh time she’s slapped him this week and you said it wouldn’t pass ten!” O’Brian said sticking his palm out in front of his teammates face. 


“Shut up!” Jessie and Sirius screamed in unison. 


“That’s it!” James said putting his head in his hands,” Everyone one is dismissed except Jess and Sirius! You two,” he said pointing at the pair who were glaring at one another, “are picking up everything by yourselves.” He gave the two beaters one last look of disgust as he walked towards the showers. 


“Oh look at the time I really must be off!” Sirius said as he began to walk towards the showers as well. 


“Oh no you don’t! Where do you think you’re going?” Jessie yelled as she grabbed his collar and yanked him backwards.


“Unhand me woman!” Sirius yelled wiggling out of Jessie’s grasp. Once he had freed himself he scowled in her direction.

“Call me woman one more time and I’ll turn you into one!’ Jessie yelled pointing her wand at Sirius, who quickly covered the lower half of his body with his hands.


James shook his head as he slammed the locker room door behind him; leaving an irate Jessie and an annoyed Sirius behind him.




I’m bored and exhausted. No really I am. After this evening’s practice session from hell I collapsed on the sofa and haven’t moved an inch. I really should go shower (again), but that would require energy and I have none. After listening to me complain for a solid ten minutes, Mary and Lily abandoned me to wallow alone in my self-pity. They’re currently holed up in the corner playing chess and muttering to one another. Terrible friends those two. they should have stayed and upported me in my misery. That said I’ve decided that I’m going to drown in a never ending sea of boredom, loneliness, and pain. This must be what the ugly shoes you shove in the back of your closet feel like. Poor shoes. I should go give mine a hug. It’s really not their fault their so gaudy. I mean it’s not their fault Auntie Jemimah didn’t know a seventeen year old would have no use for gold platforms with dead fish in the heel and feathered ankle straps. I should get up off this couch and go take them out of the box and tell them empowering things such as “You are winners” or “You are important.” Isn’t that what they say on those muggle motivational tape things? But alas I shall not for that would mean I would be forced to move my lazy ass off the couch and that’s just not happening. 


Truth be told, I really don’t mind laying down on this couch. After nearly seven years at this school I’ve figured out which pieces of furniture in the common room and the most comfortable. And minus my favorite yellow arm chair, this couch takes the cake. Maybe it’s my sore muscles speaking, but this is my favorite couch in the whole entire world. It’s right by the fire and the cushions are so comfortable. They’re so squishy and cozy. And I can actually lie down on this couch, which is quite the feat. It must be at least eight feet long because I’m a good six feet tall and there’s at least another two feet left behind my feet.  It’s a wonderful couch. I wonder if I could take it with me when I graduate…err…back to my point… wait what was my point again… oh yea, thanks to James I’m 99.9% sure that I’m going to die! Or at least pass out for the next century.  


“I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed!”




Oh hark, look who has decided to return, the two betrayers. Regular Judases they are. 




“No, I have to. It’s beyond perplexing. They’ve been beyond nasty to one another so far this term.” 




“Potter mentioned he’s noticed it too.”




Now that’s interesting. Jimmy being observant. I love him, but the boy is the most unobservant person I know. What on earth are they discussing? What on earth could Jim have possibly actually noticed? 




“He said that he noticed before school started. She shoved him into a fountain at some gala. Said they were doing quite well before that too.”




Hold the floo. They are not...




“I still maintain that they’re secretly in love with one another deep, deep down and this is how they express their sexual frustration.”




“I’m not going to even comment, except to say, did you see how he was staring at her in Charms today?” 




“Yes. Funnily enough James stares at you the same way. What do you have to say about that Ms. Evans?” 




“Don’t change the subject Mary! We haven’t even discussed how she dumped itching powder down his pants at lunch.”




They are. They are talking about Black and I. I have been betrayed. 




“Maybe it’s a metaphor to express that she’s ‘itching to get in his pants’.” 




Oh screw how sore I am, they’re dead. 







Hello all! Currently in the process of revamping, rewriting, and resubmitting this story. I will be doing some much needed re-writing in order to streamline the story and better my editing! I'm hoping to tie in the one-shot I wrote after the completion of this story (Gram!) and deepen the plot a bit (Make their relationship more believable so that it streamline's better with the sequel) (Which means that yes, I will be finishing up the sequel eventually!) If anyone is interested in betaing for me please let me know! 




Please note that this chapter combines the original first 3 :)




As always, comments and reviews are well loved!


-Pensive Princess 

Chapter 2: Sugar Rushes and Whipped Cream Dreams
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Chapter Two


Sugar Rushes and Whipped Cream Dreams




“I get by with a little help from my friends,” –John Lennon



Hoggy Hoggy Hogsmede!
Happy happy Hogsmede
Happy happy
Hoggy hoggy
La la la-ee


“For the love of Merlin woman! Shut up!”

No one appreciates my musical talent. One day when I’m the lead singer of a very famous band they will bow at my feet and recall the days when they were the only ones who were able to have the absolute pleasure of hearing my spectacular vocal skills! 




Besides its tradition! We always have sung The Song during the walk to Hogsmede. In fact, I wrote it on this sacred path during a fit of boredom one snowy day. It isn’t my fault some people have decided that since it’s our seventh year they are far too mature to sing the song with me…

But I digress, no use pouting over my best friends’ newfound lameness on such a beautiful winter day. Hogsmede and Hogwarts are their most beautiful in winter. Everything, from the tippy top of the Shrieking Shack, to the dirty firewhiskey covered steps of the Hogs Head, to the peaks of Hogwarts turrets is covered in glittering, white snow. Not to mention the fact that High Street has been dressed in its Christmas best; jingle bells and evergreen wreaths included.






“Oi, Jess.”




The brunette has spoken.







Jessie cocked her head towards Mary, “What?”




“Any ideas about where we should head first?” Mary asked as Lily adjusted the grey scarf around her head and un-tucked her thick red hair from it. Jessie shrugged, “Don’t care as long as we can stop by the Quidditch Shop at some point, I need to get some polish. A certain messy-haired, Quidditch Captain decided to borrow a bit of mine and never returned the can,” Jessie finished loudly as she glared pointedly at the Marauders who were a few feet in front of them and halfway through the doorway to one of the shops.








Lily shrugged, “Shrieking Shack…”




“Boring,” Jessie interrupted.




“Three Broomsticks…”




“Will be packed with midgets and teachers right now,” Jessie interrupted again.




“Honeydukes?” Mary interjected, immediately she regretted uttering the three syllables. She and Lily sighed as Jessie jumped and screamed “Candy!” on the top of her lungs and began to dash down the street towards the candy shop, kicking fresh powder into the air as she ran.




“Should we stun her?” Mary questioned as she and Lily began to walk towards Jessie, who was now laying on her back in the snow in front of the candy shop making a snow angel and yet again singing her “Hogsmede Song.” Lily shrugged, “Eh, maybe if she starts doing anything that could potentially scar the underclassmen for life.”


“You’re doing an excellent impression of a two year old.” Lily snorted as she bent down next to Jessie and scooped up a pile of snow. 




“You wish you were as cool as me Lils,” Jessie stuck her tongue out at Lily and carried on with her snow angel making. In response Lily lent over and dropped her half made snowball on Jessie’s face. The blonde sat up sputtering and frantically began to scrape the snow off of her face with her mitten covered hands, “You bint!” she hissed as she stood up and crossed her arms in annoyance. She huffed dramatically and turned to face the front window of Honeydukes.

“Oh sweet Merlin!” Jessie said airily, her previous anger at Lily forgotten as she stared at the display in the front window of the shop wide eyed; behind the frosted glass stood a giant candy Christmas tree. On its limbs hung peppermint candy canes, strings hung with toffee and chocolate, and licorice wands; there were even chocolate frogs tied onto the branches with strings of red candy floss.

“It’s so pretty,” she moaned as her palms pressed against the glass, “Do you think they will let me buy it?” she asked as she craned her neck to grin at Mary and Lily behind her.

Lily raised an eyebrow, “Highly doubtful as it is only there for decoration. Besides, there’s no chance I’m letting you buy anywhere near that much candy, not only would you probably go into a sugar coma and get sick to your stomach, but you’d probably develop a sugar high and destroy half the school. And as head girl it is my job to make sure Hogwarts stays intact.”






“I am not that bad!” Jessie retorted with a glare. Lily put her hands on her hips, “Do we not remember what happened after the Halloween feast in third year?”

“Yes mum,” Jessie growled as Mary began giggling uncontrollably. Jessie glared at the brunette, “It was not that funny!”






Mary snorted, “Oh no, it really was. I think a first year peed himself,” she said as she pushed open the door to the shop, the bells tied to its handle jingling.










Jessie yelped as she was suddenly ambushed by a blur of black hair and muscle. 






“James you absolute prat!” Jessie rolled her eyes as she hugged him back, “You scared the living shit out of me,” she said as she let go, smacked the back of his head and stepped away.






“Watch the hair!” he replied, ruffling the messy tendrils and poking Jessie’s side with the other hand. 




“Jimmy, your hair is fine,” she rolled her eyes, “looks exactly like the usual rat’s nest you have going on up there. You and Black and your bloody hair, worry more about it that a beauty pageant contest I swear…”




“I do not! I am manly and stuff,” James retorted crossing his arms. Jessie grinned wickedly at him, “Oh really because I do recall that you once asked your mum…”




James lunged at Jessie and slapped a hand across her mouth, “You promised you wouldn’t bring that up! Ever!”




Jessie dissolved into a fit of giggles as James removed his hand, she wrapped her arm around his waist, “Don’t worry Jim, Lils still thinks you’re a manly man, Right Lils?”




“Of course, as manly as it gets,” Lily rolled her eyes. James smirked, “Aw now Evans, I think that was almost a compliment.”




“Make of it what you will Potter,” Lily sighed and chuckled softly as she picked up a box of Watermelon Drooble’s best (Better than the real thing!); she then began comparing it to the box of the company’s newest flavor (Mango Tango, with extra bouncy bubbles!)




James smiled softly (a look that was lost on Lily, but not unnoticed by Mary, who grinned like a Cheshire cat, and Jessie, who rolled her eyes heavenward.)




“So what are your plans for today Muppet?” James asked Jessie as he ruffled her hair.






“Oi! Not the hair you moronic prat!” she shrieked as she shoved James away. James crossed his arms again, “Not the hair! Excuse me who was the one just giving me a lecture on caring too much about hair! Hmm?” 






“It’s different!” Jessie insisted as she yanked a navy blue hat out of her pocket and shoved it over her curls.

“Anyways, “Mary said quickly, setting down the bag of Bertie Botts new and improved Every Flavor Beans (even more realistic and fun flavors for you to enjoy!) that she had been looking at, “Where is the rest of your crew James?”

James frowned and looked over his shoulder. Before he could part his lips to answer, a very disgruntled looking Remus stalked over, dragging a frantic looking, teary-eyed Peter behind him.






“Prongs, I am heading back up to the school with Wormtail. Pete’s tongue now has a galleon sized whole in it because Sirius decided it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to dare him to eat ten acid pops as fast as he could,” Remus muttered as Peter cringed, “Hi girls.” 






James groaned, “Spiffing.”

The girls all nodded in Remus’ general direction as James spoke again, “And Sirius is…”

“It’s a Hogsmede weekend James here do you think he has run off to?” Remus sighed, “As soon as he realized what he had done he slapped me on the back and said ‘Gotta run Moony old boy. People to see, places to go, girls to kiss’ and ran quickly through the door. My bet is he is either telling witty stories to his fan club or snogging Sparks.”

No one noticed the sugar quill in Jessie’s hands crush into dust at the mention of Jordan Sparks’s name. James ran a hand through his hair, “Of course he is. I’ll guess I’ll just head back up with you then,” James smiled at Peter, “C’mon Pete let’s get you to the hospital wing to see Poppy. She won’t ask too many questions.” 






“Jess, if you see Sirius smack him for me and tell him to get his sorry ass back to the castle,” James said as the three began to make their way towards the door.






“My pleasure Jimmy!” Jessie called back as the door clanged shut and the silver bells on the handle jiggled and clanged once again, “Now to find those new carmel filled chocolate frogs Remus was telling me about the other night…”



“Hogsmeade is always so eventful.” Mary commented as the girls walked down high street, their hands filled with bags of candy, new quills and other treats.

Jess laughed, “This is true,” she commented shoving her hands deeper into her pockets as she kicked the snow in front of her causing the three to be showered in a flurry of ice.

“Jessabelle Lufiana Spring, you are dead!” Mary shrieked as she said as she dug the snow out from behind her neck with her free hand.

“Shit,” Jessie hissed as he eyes widened in realization of what she had done. She yelped and began to run away as fast as she could from her two friends who were chucking half formed snowballs at her right and left.

“Stop! Stop it! St…pffh… Stop… quit it… I surrender!” Jess yelled between snowballs as she threw her hands up in mock surrender. Lily and Mary continued to douse the blonde with snow. 




“Oi! You bints… pffftt… I swear,” Jessie dropped her bags and lunged at her friends. All three let out a cry of surprise as Jessie slipped and all three crashed into a nearby snow bank.

“Well, well, well look what we have here.” The three girls picked their heads up from the snow to look up at the voice that had addressed them. Lily and Mary rolled their eyes and waved at the tall, dark haired boy in front of them; but Jessie, on the other hand, scowled and a low sounding noise that sounded a bit like a growl escaped her throat.

“Black” was the only understandable word that escaped her lips as she popped up off the ground and began brushing snow off her outfit taking care to get as much on Sirius’ black peacoat and face as possible.

Mary let out an exasperated sigh in response to Jessie’s actions. She smiled weakly at Sirius, “Hello Sirius.”




Sirius grinned as he brushed the snow Jessie had sprayed him with off his coat and back towards the scowling blonde, “MacDonald. Evans. Beastie.”




“How’s your trip been so far,” Mary asked him as Lily swatted Jessie’s hands away from her coat pocket and wand. 




“It’s been quite splendid MacDonald. Bought some classified merchandise at Zonko’s, won a bet…”




“Yes we heard about that,” the Head girl said icily, hands on her hips. 


Sirius cowered under the glare Lily was sending his way, “Aww Evans…”




“Don’t you dare aww Evans me Sirius Black! Peter is your friend, not a test dummy for your moronic ideas!” Lily snarled pointing her middle finger at Sirius. Sirius held his hands up, “In my defense I didn’t intentionally hurt him, I didn’t know that’s what would happen. C’mon Evans, I’m not a sadist.”




Jessie scoffed.




“Unlike some present company,” Sirius added. Jessie glared at him. 


Lily sighed, “Accident or not, you had better apologize Black.” 


“I will, I will” Sirius moaned, “I’ll head up there now.”




“Awwww is ickle Siri going to leave poor Sparks here all alone.”




At the sound of Jessie’s voice Sirius’ features twisted their way into an angry scowl. He turned to the blonde and sent her a fierce glare, “Go to hell Spring,” he spat, “You know as well as I that she’ll find some other way to occupy her time.”




“As long as you’re not there,” Jessie replied sweetly as she glared back. Lily sighed and slapped her hand to her forehead, “If you two are quite done! Sirius, go find the boys and apologize!”


“Yes Mum,” Sirius said rolling his eyes. 


“Go!” Lily said pointing in the direction of the castle.

“Anything you need me to tell Jimmy for you? Any super secret Head’s business need taken care of? Want me to tell him you said I love you? Nice ass? …” Sirius said laughing as he quickly ran towards the castle dodging the snow balls the now irate head girl was chucking at his head left and right.




“Right I’ll tell him you think his hair is sexy!’ he called back. Suddenly, a rather devilish grin unfurled itself across Jessie’s features, “Oi! Black, wait!”




“Oh this is not going to be good,” Mary muttered as Lily groaned and let the snowball in her hand flop onto the ground.

“What?” Sirius questioned carefully, as the blonde came to a halt in front of him. Jessie had only been addressed him when absolutely necessary- this, coupled with the fact that she had chased after him, and double coupled with the devilish smirk on her face, spelled trouble.

“I forgot,” she bit her lip, “to give you something.”




Sirius looked at her warily, this was either going to end very well or very terribly, “Wha…”


The rest of his sentence was cut off by a resounding smack. Sirius grabbed his jaw and fixed Jessie with a glare that would of killed a normal individual, “What the bloody FUCK was that for woman!”

Jessie shrugged, “Potter asked me to smack you for him when I saw you. I was only following our beloved Captain’s orders. Toodles!”


 Sirius swore as she began to laugh and dashed away from him. 





Once upon a time there was a place called Heaven and it was located in the most amazing spot known to mankind. (It was also known to other creatures as well, but that’s beside the point…) Heaven was located in a very mysterious and secluded location. It went by the cover name of “The Hogwarts Great Hall.” Heaven was known for the ever-changing state of its ceiling and for serving the most delicious victuals that had or were to ever exist. These provisions were the subject to great reverence and worship by the population of individuals whom resided in the castle in which Heaven had made its home; in fact the great feasts that occurred within heavens walls were looked forward to reverently by the population.

From crepes to cranberry sauce, to roast pork, to brownies none could compare. From the succulence of the meat, to the euphoria one experienced simply by taking a bite of chocolate cake, the food it served was unmatched.

But there was one thing that outdid Heaven’s feasts- its’ breakfast.

Have you ever experienced a Hogwarts breakfast? It is the most amazing, spectacular, beautiful thing one can ever imagine. It is truly a blessing. Breakfast at Hogwarts is the shit.


Allow me paint a picture for you. Close your eyes and let Jessie work her magic.

Picture this: The night before you have been harassed to near tears by Sirius Black ( Not that you would actually cry because Black was being an ass…) and due to his incessant moronicness you have been forced to retaliate and hex him so that every time he attempts to say something, “I have syphilis!” comes out in a high pitched, squeaky voice. And as you are exacting you just revenge upon Black  you are nearly caught by your head of house, who, just happens to hold her students up to the highest standard possible and would practically breathe fire on you for 1- being out of bed passed curfew and 2- hexing another student. And thus, due to the fact that you  fear the repercussions of being caught by said head of house and would rather not be killed by the man-whore of Hogwarts, you trip ever-so-gracefully over a suit of amour as you run away; which in turn alerts Filch’s demonic cat of your presence (shrieking as Black tries to stun you didn’t help the situation either) and then just when you think disaster has been averted, you nearly break your nose as  you face plant sprinting up the stairs to your dorm.

If all this was not enough to destroy one’s evening, once you finally arrive in your dorm and collapse on your bed, your best friend bounds into your curtained safe haven of comfortableness on the verge of tears because James called her “Lilyflower” and she found it slightly endearing. Furthermore- after spending an hour coaxing her away from the edge of a mental breakdown, she collapses on your bed and falls asleep. And because there is no way you are sleeping with her in the same bed (Lily kicks… hard!) you are forced to pick her up (with the wrist you broke two weeks ago at practice) and move her to her own, wondering as you throw her onto her bed and tuck her in (because your kind like that) exactly what said friend will be like after she finally gives in and snogs James; only to be slightly grossed out by your own thoughts because Jimmy is basically your older brother.

Then the next morning, which so happens to be a Saturday, you are woken up at 6:30 a.m. because dearly beloved best friend, who was distraught a mere five or so hours ago,  is apparently bipolar and has become as chipper as a sparrow. And thus, in an attempt to recreate her favorite scene from what you believe to be the muggle classic Snow White, she pulls you from your bed and forces you to dance around the dorm with her while she sings. And due to this; the fact that she woke you up from a dream that involved you, a can of whipped cream, and a certain individual; and because she let Mary sleep in, you are in a rather livid mood by the time you reach the great hall for breakfast.

But then you sit down at that long, oak table and get a whiff of the tantalizing goodies awaiting your taste buds and your frown turns upside down- because the slab of wood in front of you is laden with the most delicious delicacies possible. In fact you can almost hear the chorus of angels singing hallelujah in the background because to your right is a plate loaded with pieces of hot, crispy bacon and to your left is a giant bowl of oatmeal and mounds of brown sugar to add to it, as well as a giant pitcher of ice cold pumpkin juice.

And that is why I love breakfast at Hogwarts.

“Jess will you please pass the jam? I’ve asked at least ten times now.”




Jessie glared at Lily, “Get your own damn jam Evans.”


Mary snorted into her pumpkin juice as Jessie pushed the nearest jar of jam away from Lily’s outstretched fingers. Clearly Jess had not yet forgiven Lily for waking her up at the crack of dawn. Lily rolled her eyes as she stood and reached across the table for the jar. Once she grabbed it and sat back down she began applying copious amounts of the purple spread to her toast. 

“Sweet Merlin Evans, would you like some toast with that jam?”




Jessie’s scowl deepened as Sirius, James, Remus and Peter sat themselves down beside the girls. Lily responded to Sirius by tossing the lid of the jam jar at his head.




“Watch the hair woman!” Sirius whined, “It took me a good fifteen minutes to get it looking this sexily disheveled!”




“Fifteen? You were in front of the mirror for at least a half hour Pads,” Remus laughed as he spooned scrambled eggs onto his plate.




“Naw, more like he’s been at it since the crack of dawn Moony,” James said as he took the egg spoon from Remus and began piling eggs onto his own plate.




“You two are just jealous I have the locks of a god.”




“Yea of Narcissus,” Jessie muttered as she chewed on a piece of bacon. 




“Morning to you as well Spring, what’s stuck up your ass today?” Sirius spat as he stabbed his breakfast potatoes.




Jessie brushed her hair out of her face and picked up her goblet, “Go fuck yourself with a tree trunk Black.”




“You’re in a brilliant strop this morning Jess,” James said as he forked eggs into his mouth.




“Yea, it’s like you had an extra order of bitch for breakfast,” Sirius added as he added waffles to his plate. After dousing them in copious amounts of syrup he craned his neck,




 “Any of you lot seen the whipped cream?”




At his words, the gulp of pumpkin juice Jessie had just taken came spraying out of her mouth, her eyes wide.  James, Lily, Remus, Peter, and Sirius turned towards their red, coughing friend. James laughed as he patted her on the back, “All right there J?” 




“Sorry…the juice…it went down… down the wrong…way,” Jessie coughed out. Lily raised an eyebrow as she flicked her wand and cleaned up the mess Jess had made.




“There it is!” Sirius yelled as he jumped out of his seat and swaggered towards the end of the table. After a smooth smile and a few choice words, he snatched the can from a group of first years who were half asleep into their pancakes and strutted back to his seat where he proceeded to empty most of the can onto his plate. As he did so Jessie bit her lip and looked the other way.

“Padfoot, that is disgusting,” Remus stated as Sirius shoved a whip cream covered sausage into his mouth. Even Peter, who had the manners of a caveman at best, looked rather disgusted.

Sirius shrugged and continued to consume the cream covered contents on his plate.

“Can we please have it back?” 


The group, minus Sirius (who continued to shove whipped cream covered breakfast items into his mouth), turned around to face the source of the shaky, quiet voice. Their eyes landed upon a short, mousy haired, first year who looked scared out of her wits.

“What’s the magic word?” Sirius muttered through his latest mouthful, as he squirted more whipped cream onto his plate. (Jess winced and stabbed her sausage with her fork.) 


The little girl’s eyes widened, “Please?” she whispered. Lily shot an incredulous look at Sirius before reaching over and yanking the bottle out of his hands, “Ignore him sweetheart,” she said kindly, “We’re sorry he stole it from you,” Lily glared at Sirius as she spoke. The girl gratefully took the can from Lily’s hands and scurried as quickly as she could from the group of upperclassmen. 




As soon as she was out of earshot Lily rounded on Sirius, “Sirius Orion Black! How many times have I told you to stop harassing the underclassmen!”




Sirius winced and ducked away from Lily’s outstretched palm, “Aww come on Lily, I was only teasing… Not the hair!”




“You are such a girl,” Jessie muttered as she rubbed her temple.




“Someone has to make up for your lack of femininity,” Sirius retorted tossing his napkin at her head. 




“Oh is that why you were dressed in drag last week?” Jessie answered. Sirius crossed his arms over his chest and glared, “That was not voluntary! You,” he said, pointing a finger at Jessie, “are the reason that happened. You bloody hexed and charmed me until I looked like bloody Lolita!” 




Jessie smacked her lips, “And I enjoyed every second of it.”




Sirius smirked, “Didn’t know you swung that way love.”




Jessie threw a piece of sausage at him, “I do not you prat.”




“Could have fooled me. I mean let’s be honest Spring, you’re quite manly.”




James allowed his forehead to bang against the table as Jessie stabbed her fork into the wood of the table, “Take that back!”




“I mean look at you. You have man shoulders!” Sirius laughed. Jessie stood up.




“Sirius,” Remus warned as he and Lily inched their fingers towards their wands.




“And you’re a bloody giant,” Sirius added, “A bloody tall giant with man shoulders and man arms…”




Sirius was cut off as Jessie lunged across the table and football tackled him off the bench. As Jessie’s body collided with Sirius’, James jumped up. He managed to grab Jessie’s arm right before she was able to smash her fist into Sirius’ nose, “Jess…” he said calmly as Jessie began to attempt to rip her arm from James’ grasp, “I’ll show you all about my bloody man muscles,” Jessie hissed, her expression livid.




“Miss Spring!”




Jessie froze and muttered fuck under her breathe. She quickly turned and sent Professor McGonagall an award winning smile, “Morning Professor.”




“I trust to have an excellent reason for knocking Mr. Black off the bench and straddling him in the aisle,” Professor McGonagall said tersely as she tapped her booted foot against the stone floor. 




“Well you see Professor,” Jessie began. Professor McGonagall held up her hand, “Save it Jessabelle, I’m quite certain I don’t actually want to know why you felt the need to attack Mr. Black this time.”




Jessie fell silent.




“Detention Miss Spring,” Jessie nodded as McGonagall side stepped around her and Sirius and began to make her way out of the hall, “That goes for you as well Mr. Black. I’m quite certain you did something to provoke her.”




Sirius groaned as Jessie punched him in the chest, “This is all your ruddy fault you know,” she muttered.




“Bloody bitch,” Sirius hissed, “Would you mind getting off my now? You’re suffocating me.”




If at all possible Jessie’s face grew ten times redder and twice as angry, “Did you just call me fat?” she said evenly. Sirius’ eyes grew wide as Jessie raised her arm again. Luckily, for Sirius, James has foreseen such an occurrence and quickly wrapped both his arms around Jessie’s upper body and pulled her away from Sirius the best he could, “You may want to run Padfoot.”




Sirius scrambled off the floor as quickly as he could. He had only taken about two steps when Jessie wiggled out of James’ grasp and began chasing after him hollering obscenities.


Chaos ensued.




Hi all! Again, this is another updated chapter! Revamped and edited. 




-Pensive Princess





Chapter 3: Quality Life Choices
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Chapter Three

 Quality Life Choices 

Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. - Lily Tomlin


Jessie sighed as the portrait hole slammed behind James Potter. So he had heard about the conclusion of her most recent escapade with Sirius; Jessie sunk lower in to the yellow armchair she was seated in and continued to read, “1,000 New Hexes for Your Enemies” once again.

James stormed up to her chair, “You broke his jaw?” he cried in a high pitched tone. Jessie frowned. What exactly had James expected when he let her barrel after Sirius that morning? For them to chat civilly and make formal apologies to one another? Ha. 

Jess closed her book, marking the page she had been reading with her finger and laid it against her chest, “Technically I did nothing Jimmy. He’s the one who jumped down the stairs, not my fault he’s a moron and landed on his face and not his feet.”

James clasp his hands together over his head and looked heavenward as he clenched his jaw. 

“Oh stop acting like I murdered your pet dragon James,” Jessie said rolling her eyes, “It’s just Black’s face. Worst thing the fall could have done was damage his ego, which,” she said pointing a finger at James, “needed a bit of a pop if I do say so myself…”

“But we have a quidditch game coming up!” James cried. 

“He doesn’t need his face for quidditch!” 

“Yes but he needs his wrist, which he sprained falling down the stairs! And it is your fault Jessie, you tried to hex him,” James growled.

“He called me fat! Besides he was trying to hex me as well!”

James groaned and put his face in his hands, “Where’s Evans, she’ll agree with me on this…”

“You and Lily rarely agree on anything,” Jessie sighed as she flipped open her book once again. The portrait hole creaked open.

“Ah speak of the devil,” James said as his face instantly brightened. He smoothed down his shirt with his palms and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Poppy let the man-whore free? I would have thought she’d have kept him for at least another twenty- four hours of torture. I must be losing my touch. Have to remember to make sure he’s knocked fully unconscious next time,” Jessie spat as she angrily turned the page in her book.

“You will do no such thing Jessabelle Spring! I order you not to as your Quidditch Captain. And it’s Lily you dunce. Hey Evans, come here?” James called as the portrait hole slammed shut and Lily walked into the common room. Lily raised a questioning eyebrow at the pair, but began to make her way over nevertheless. As Lily closed the difference between Jessie, James, and her, Jessie muttered something about barfing and lovesick puppies. Lily leaned against the armchair opposite James, “Yes Potter?”

“I have a proposition,” James said grinning wickedly, his hazel eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Does it involve you asking me out in any way shape or form?” Lily asked narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

“No…” James began, but Lily interrupted, “Does it involve you and I and a broom cupboard and or broomstick?”


“Does it involve you coming within a six inch radius of me?” Lily interrupted again.

“No Evans,” James sighed and ruffled his hair. Lily smiled brightly at him, “Then let’s hear it!”

Jessie snorted into her book. The two of them were unbelievable. 

“Jessie needs to learn that her actions have repercussions,” James said matter-of-factly.

“Potter that was a statement not a proposition.”

James ran his fingers through his hair, “Let me finish Evans. Jessie doesn’t care that she is the reason, in fact she is proud to be the reason, that Sirius is currently in the hospital wing having his jaw repaired and wrist set,” he said gesturing to the tall blonde draped across the arm chair in front of them; who was humming to herself and highlighting a particular hex in her book.

“Jessie,” Lily said exasperatedly.

“What?” Jess asked as James opened his mouth to begin speaking again. “Jimmy’s already given me a lecture, you don’t have to give me another one mother,” she said as she underlined the boldly written BLACK, which she had penned in next to the hex she had just highlighted, “Besides, what did you two think would happen after I went after him this morning?” She proceeded to draw a stick figure next to Sirius’ name and doodled X’s over the eyes. James and Lily exchanged a look akin to one parents give one another when their child is being a stubborn pain in the rear. As they did this, Jessie frowned at the page in front of her and began to doodle a noose around the stick figures neck. She smiled demonically as she bit the end of her pen. Lily began to speak as Jessie began to pen in a vulture above his head.

“Jess we have got to work on your anger management issues! Violence is not the answer.”

Jess snorted, pot calling the kettle black really.

“My point exactly,” James said, “which is why I think that we need to work on her anger management issues before she kills Sirius. I know he isn’t your favorite person Evans; but he’s my best mate and she’s my best mate, and I’m getting sick of my best mates trying to kill one another on a daily basis.”

Jessie shut her book with a roll of her eyes and sat up, “But then your days would be so boring James. You’d have no entertainment!”

“Jess,” James sighed, “I’m serious. You two have got to stop this before one of you loses a body part!”

“I agree.”

“Oh sweet Merlin someone alert the press Lily just agreed with James!” Jessie yelled dramatically, “Write this moment down in the history books folks!”

Lily rolled her eyes and walked around the chair. She grabbed Jessie by the ear and yanked on it, effectively pulling the blonde out of the chair. Jessie yelped, effectively causing the group of first years sitting at the table to their left to dive under the table in fear.  James cracked a grin at the sight of petite Lily Evans effectively rendering his six foot beater helpless. 

“Oww!” Jessie cried as she stumbled up, dropping her book and quill to the floor, “Bloody hell Lils, let go! How dare you remove me from my squishy banana chair! ”

“Are you quite done?” Lily asked as James looked at Jessie quizzically.


Lily let go of Jessie’s ear. Jessie crossed her arms and glared as she straightened up. Bloody Evans.

“Now as I was saying, I’m in agreement with James. You and Sirius need to sort out yourselves. We will start simply. An apology letter for this morning is an excellent start I do think.”

James nodded in agreement as horror crossed Jessie’s face, “An apology letter!”

“Yes,” Lily said firmly, “you will each write one to one another. James you are in charge of Sirius. I will take care of Jessie.”

James smiled at Lily, “Sounds like a plan Evans.”

Lily smiled back, “Excellent,” she turned to Jessie, “Let’s go Jessabelle. Upstairs now!”

“Now?!” Jessie whined.

“Yes, now.”

“But...but I never apologize to that pretentious arse!”

“You do now. Now, Upstairs Jessabelle! March!”

Jessie glared at Lily and bean to stomp away but was stopped as James called out her name. She turned around, “What now?” she glared at him.

He looked at her quizzically, “Squishy Banana chair?”

“Don’t give me that look. The chair is squishy and yellow and I like it. Bananas are squishy and yellow and I like them. So hence I have dubbed the squishy, yellow chair, ‘the squishy banana chair.’ Anything else your highness?” she asked moodily, throwing her hands up in the air.

James tossed Jessie’s book to her, “Naw think that’s it. Have fun J!” he laughed. Jessie and Sirius writing apology letters to one another, golden. If he wasn’t sure she would have slapped him he could have kissed Evans.

“Oh piss off!” Jessie screeched from somewhere up the corridor. James shook his head and looked down at the chair next to him. He frowned as he ran his hand through his hair, “Bloody hell is the same color as a banana,” he muttered as he began walking towards the portrait hole mentally preparing himself to deal with a moody Sirius Black.

 How does one write an apology note to their nemesis? More so, how does one write an apology to a nemesis who does not deserve one? Despite what Lily believes Black does not deserve an apology. His injuries were entirely self-inflicted and I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

I don’t even know where to begin! Lily suggested Dear Sirius, I suggested she go drown herself in the loo.

Hey asshole sounds appealing but I’m quite certain Lily will kill me despite her crusade against violence at the moment. 

Dear Loser? My dearest nemesis? The second sounds like something out of a bad romance novel.

Perhaps Dear Dickhead? Sure it isn’t the nicest phrase but it does use the term dear and it promotes the use of alliteration. 

Dear Dickhead,

“Jessabelle Spring! You cannot begin an apology letter with the phrase ‘Dear Dickhead!’ You are meant to be sincere!”

Just kill my hopes and dreams why don’t you Lils. I wonder if I could just blackmail Black into taking the blame for this entire thing. Then I wouldn’t have to write this damn apology letter. I have plenty of potential blackmail material. There was this one time when we were about nine at one of those idiotic parties our parents used to drag James, Black, and I too… I believe it was the Minister’s Ball… We…  I mean, him and Jimmy got bored so Black came up with the brilliant idea to let niffers loose in the ballroom. 

It was pure chaos. And we… I mean they… they never got in trouble for it, because no one found out who was behind it. Merlin, the Minister was so furious that he offered a reward to anyone who could turn in the culprits in. He even had an arrest warrant drawn up so they could be immediately be taken to Azkaban when caught. Both the reward and the arrest warrant still exist today. Black in Azkaban, what a lovely idea. 

 “Try dear Sirius.”

Jessie looked at Lily horrified, “Oh there is no chance in hell I am addressing Black by his first name!”

Lily parted her lips to speak but Jessie interrupted, “Do not even attempt to argue that I have to. You’re co-heads with James and you never address him by his first name!”

Lily sighed as Jessie bent over and scribbled Black on to the parchment with a flourish. She held it up, “Does that suffice mother?”

“Well it’s the best I’m going to get from you isn’t it?” Lily asked. Jessie nodded, “Too right you are.”

Jessie bent back over and after a few moments of furiously scribbling she held the paper up and passed it to Lily, who raised an eyebrow and began to read Aloud,


So I’m being forced to right an apology to you even though I’ve really done nothing to apologize for. So in order to appease the red haired monster breathing down my neck- sorry.


Lily crumpled up the paper and threw it at Jessie’s head, “Jessabelle that is not sufficient,” Jessie groaned, “Write a real letter and do it now.”

“Fine mum, I’ll write the damn note properly.” Jessie muttered. She bent over once again. After a few moments of scratching her quill against the parchment she picked it up and began to read aloud,


I apologize profusely for the atrocious actions I took against you this morning, which caused immense harm to your person. Please accept my most humble apologies for my horrid actions and my warmest wishes for your speedy recovery from the injuries I inflicted most shamefully upon your person during my period of lack of judgment this morning.


Jessabelle Lufiana Spring

“Is that sufficient mother?” Jessie asked Lily. Lily sighed, “I supposed it will have to do, I’m not going to get much better out of you, am I?”

Jessie leaned back in her chair, “Not a chance.”

As Lily shut the door behind her Jessie allowed her head to fall into her hands. She sighed deeply and stared off, unblinkingly into space for minutes until a troubled expression sprawled itself across her features. She bit her lip as she picked her head up out of her hands and glanced towards her trunk at the foot of her bed. After a few moments of mental deliberation she hoped out of the desk chair and made her way over the foot of her bed, taking care not to step on the creaky floorboard in front of it. She kneeled down on the floor in front of her trunk and ran her fingers over the iron fastenings on it. She took a deep breath and flipped the latches open one at a time. Jess dipped her fingers into the crack between the lid and bottom half of the trunk and carefully raised it up so the lid hit the foot of her bed with a soft thud. A few wrinkled shirts sat on top of the mess that was the inside of her trunk. She discarded them and quickly added her extra set of quidditch braces to the growing pile on her floor.

A half a dozen books were tossed onto her floor, as well as her broom cleaning kit. She sifted through the rest of the trinkets and papers in the trunk until she dug a thick volume from the bottom of the disorganized mess. Jessie bit her lip as she carefully placed it on the floor. She chucked the mess she had just removed from it haphazardly back into the trunk and shut the lid with a bang. After taking a deep breath she turned to the side, picked up the volume she had removed and climbed onto her bed.  

After placing the volume carefully next to her pillows she yanked the curtains halfway shut around her bed; their rings making a shrill noise against the metal bar. She winced as she let go of the fabric.

Jessie leaned back on her pillows, placing the book on her lap. She ran her fingers softly over the worn leather cover of the book and traced the “Jessie” which had been imprinted onto it in silver ink. She bit her lip again as she gazed down at it. The scrapbook was dog-eared and had papers sticking out of it haphazardly. With a deep breathe she opened it up and smiled at the first page. A little girl of maybe two years old waved up at her, smiling and hugging a doll to her chest. Her eyes flickered to the right of the page where a note was etched onto the page in a curly scroll.

Jessie darling,

Here is a place to keep all your memories. Happy birthday my dearest.


Jess smiled and flipped to the end of the book. She chuckled to herself as she looked down at the page. On it was a picture of her and Lily from the train last year. They were both making faces at the camera and occasionally Mary’s arm would be seen shoving Jess away. Mary had refused to be in the photo due to a hair dye incident gone bad a few days prior. She had been attempting to give her brown locks subtle highlights, but the end result ended up making her look a bit like a zebra. Jessie shook her head as she remembered how the ride had ended in near disaster when James attempted to kiss Lily. Poor boy, the curse she had used to tongue-tie him was only lifted four days later by his mother, who had decided upon seeing her son that Lily had every right to hex him. 

Jessie smiled to herself and flipped back to the front of the book. Her smile quickly changed into a frown as she gazed down at the page. Guilt sunk in her gut like a stone and she bit her lip. Crudely spell taped onto the page was a picture of her, James and Sirius from one of the parties they had attended as children. All of them were dressed in their wizarding finest. Jessie’s hot pink dress clashing horribly with Sirius’ dark green dress robes and James’ midnight blue ones. 

In the photo seven year old Jessie was squished between the two boys, who both had an arm wrapped around her. They were all laughing and Jessie had her arms around both of them as well. Her head was leaning against Sirius’ shoulder and in retaliation Sirius periodically put bunny ears on Jessie’s head. As he did this picture Jessie stuck her tongue out at him. James would also occasionally ruffle his hair, foreshadowing the annoying habit he would pick up during his second year at Hogwarts. Jessie chuckled softly to herself as she looked down at the picture, but stopped as her finger brushed across the inscription below the photo. Best friends was written crudely in childish handwriting. Jessie sat paralyzed as blazed themselves onto her brain and her eyes. She bit down hard on her lip as her eyes wandered back up and she watched, seven year old Sirius pull Jessie closer as she yanked James’ hand away from his hair. 

“Where did you go?” she whispered softly her fingertips tracing Sirius’ face as she exhaled a shaky breathe.

Suddenly the dormitory door banged open and Jessie bolted upright. She slammed the book shut, shoved it under her pillows and yanked open the curtains fully. Jessie’s eyes narrowed as Jordan Sparks sauntered into the room.

Jordan’s eyes flashed towards her at the sound of the hangings, “You!” she shouted as she stormed over to Jessie, “You broke Siri’s jaw!”

Jessie rolled her eyes, “Why does everyone keep insisting that I broke Black’s jaw. He did it himself!”

“You think you’re so funny Spring,” Jordan said acidicly, her eyes narrowing, “but you’re not. You’re just an oversized bitch.”

“And you’re an undersized one with a stake shoved up your ass,” Jessie replied sweetly, “Shouldn’t you be by Black’s side taking care of your ickle Siri?”

Jordan glared at Jessie, “For your information Pomfrey wouldn’t allow me to stay. Besides I have other plans.”

Jessie laughed, “Oh that’s right it’s a Friday, shouldn’t you be off shagging Davies already? Yup, I think you’re a little late actually. Better be quick, wouldn’t want Davies to think you’d abandoned him.” 

 “You stupid little bitch!” Jordan hissed storming closer to Jess, “First of all, mind your own damn business. Second of all, I’m not up here to discuss my personal life with you of all people. I’m here because you broke my boyfriend’s jaw!”

“Boyfriend?” Jessie laughed, “Well congrats Spring, I wasn’t aware you and Black had made it official. I just assumed you two were still just fuck buddies. But I guess I was just misinformed. How exciting it must be to be part of the sluttiest couple in the entire school. You two are just a picture perfect romance with the constant breaking it off, random hook ups and weekly cheating.” 

Jordan gaped at Jessie and struggled to find the words to retort.

Jessie hoped off her bed and walked towards Jordan, “I mean, I just thought you used each other for a nice shag after supper and a quick snog between classes and then just dropped one another when you found a new piece of meat to toy with; but I guess I was wrong” she spat glaring at Jordan who glared right back. Jordan scoffed and shoved Jessie. Jessie snarled and shoved Jordan back so hard she stumbled into the trunk at the foot of Lily’s bed, “Picking fights with oversized bitches is a bad move Sparks,” Jessie spat as she ripped open the door to their room, “Go pick on someone who won’t knock you out in a single blow,” Jessie spat as she grabbed Jordan by the arm and shoved her violently out of the room.

Jessie slammed the door shut and took a deep, gasping breathe. Stupid whore. She rested her forehead against the cool wood, smoothed by years of wear and tear. Jess took a few more deep breaths as she shut her eyes, her heart pounding in her chest. Slowly she lifted her head from the wood and turned around. As she did her eyes flashed open and she kicked the pile of clothes next to her bed. 

“Stupid, fucking bitch,” she hissed clenching her right hand into a fist. She turned to hit the door, but refrained and instead flung herself onto her bed. Jessie proceeded to use her pillows as a replacement for the door. She punched them until feathers began to spurt out from the seams and then buried her face in it and screamed until her voice cracked.

“I fucking hate her,” she yelled a few minutes later as she turned over and dug her fingers into her hair, pulling on it in her frustration, “She’s such a stupid...ugh,” she hissed.

She clenched her jaw shut and wiped at her eyes with her palms. She stood up again and began pacing around the floor muttering obscenities. Finally she screamed and turned around towards the door. She raised her fist and slammed it against the wood.  Another string of obscenities followed as she moaned and cradled her hand with her other fingers, “Son of a bitch.”

She looked down at it and winced, the knuckles were bloodied and cut and two of her middle fingers were swelling. She bit her lip and picked up her wand. Jessie muttered a healing spell she had learned because of quidditch. The cuts stopped bleeding and some of the pain subsided.

“That was stupid. So fucking stupid. Perhaps, Lily’s right I do need to work on my anger management,” she hissed as she shook out her hand and winced. 

No sooner had she stated this, than she heard the dull stomp of footsteps coming up the stairs. Lily. Jessie jumped onto her bed (hissing as she brushed her now injured hand the wrong way) and pretend to be extremely interested in the ceiling as the sinking feeling in her gut grew. 

Slowly the door creaked open. Lily Evans calmly shut the door behind her and gracefully turned to face Jess, her school skirt swishing around her knees. 

“Look, you haven’t died yet from apologizing to Sirius,” Lily remarked as she walked towards Jess and sat down on her respective bed, directly to the right of Jessie.  She crossed her legs, leaned back on her arms and cocked an eyebrow at Jess who continued to lay motionless on her back save the slight roll of her eyes at Lily’s words.

“Can I at least have some indication that you’re alive?” 

Jessie grunted in response.

“Oh how I wish I was half as charming as you Jess,” Lily sighed and she reached into the pocket of her sweater and pulled a folded up piece of parchment from it. Lily tossed it at Jessie. It landed on her chest. Jessie removed her left arm from its position underneath her head and picked it up off of her t-shirt, “What’s this?” she asked picking it up gingerly, as though it might explode. She slid her finger into the fold and looked at Lily as she flipped the piece of parchment open.

“It’s from Sirus.” Lily said simply.  Jessie’s eyes narrowed at the mention of Sirius’ name. 

“Come now Jess, I told you he would be forced to write one as well.”

Jessie’s eyes got even narrower as she scanned the page. She crossed her legs and leaned her feet up against her bedpost. Her eyes reached the signature at the end and her angry features twisted into a nasty scowl. She stomped her feet against the post, causing the red curtains to rattle and the bed to make a rather loud creak.

“Arrogant bastard!” she hissed, “Listen to this!”

Lily sighed and rubbed her eyes with her hand as Jessie furiously sat up and cleared her throat.

Jessie darling…” she began, imitating Sirius’ voice (a deep drawl) as she read, “How dare he call me darling! I am not that boy’s darling anything! Stupid, arrogant…”

“Go on Jess,” Lily interrupted airily, picking at a stray thread on her comforter. 

Jess huffed and began to read again, “It is with great humility… I didn’t know his vocabulary actually consisted of words such as humility. Poor soul, probably hurt the cluster of brain cells he has left so much to come up with such a word…”

“Jess, just read the apology,” Lily said as she crossed her legs and leaned her chin on her hand. 

“Fine… that I offer my apologies to you. It was horrid of me to treat you so awfully this morning. Please accept my most heartfelt apologies… heartfelt my ass!” Jessie exclaimed as she crumpled the letter into a ball and flung it across her bed. She glared at the ball of parchment moodily as she crossed her arms and pouted.  The dorm was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

“Err…” Lily said, “Would it be asking too much to have each of you shake on it and accept one another’s apologies?”

Jessie gaped at Lily. 

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Lily sighed. 

Jessie scowled and picked up the crumpled up parchment. Again, she wadded it into a ball with her left fist. She then chucked it onto the ground and hissed as she stood up, “This is what I think of his apologies.” 

“Stupid, bloody, sarcastic, egotistical pureblood,” Jessie stomped on the parchment with each words and then kicked it across the room before flopping back down on her bed.

 “Always one for the dramatics Jess,” Lily walked over to where Jessie had kicked the apology letter. She bent over and picked it up off the wood floor. She un-balled it and smoothed the paper out with her fingers before folding it in half. She walked back over towards Jess and placed it in Jessie’s open desk drawer. The blonde did not see Lily do any of this, as she was far to busy muttering angry words at the ceiling and blinking her eyes quickly. Lily could have sworn she was on the verge of tears. But instead of questioning Jess about it she sighed and sat down on her own bed.  She was quite used to Jess’ rather enthusiastic reactions to anything and everything that had to do with a certain Mr. Black; but the extent of Jess’ hatred for him never ceased to amaze her. Especially this year, Lily thought to herself. In years past the two had bickered, fought, and hexed one another. And while this occasionally got out of hand, it was nothing like this year. This year they’d become down right nasty to one another. More emotional in their attacks, Lily frowned, and more passionate. 

Lily ran her fingers through her hair and pulled her crimson lock into a ponytail.  As she twisted the elastic around her hair she gazed over at Jessie , who had finally stopped reciting every curse under the sun and was now chewing on her bottom lip. She was still sprawled across her bed, but had reverted back to staring at the ceiling once more. Lily cocked her head to the side as her eyes trailed down Jess’ right arm, which was hanging off the side of her bed, to her hand.

“Jessabelle Spring!” Lily cried, causing Jessie to jump, “What on earth did you do!” Lily jumped off of her bed and squatted down on the floor next to Jessie’s hanging arm.

“What?” Jessie grumbled, she sat up and lent against the bedpost. 

“Don’t what me! What on earth did you do to your hand?” Lily sat down next to Jess and cautiously picked up Jessie’s right forearm. She let out a strangled gasp as she got a better look at Jessie’s hand.  Her hand was swollen and the middle two fingers were a deep blackish- purple. The cuts on her knuckles were beginning to scab, but blood was still oozing out from underneath in a few spots. Lily’s mouth made a large O as she looked at Jessie’s hand, “Oh my god Jess,” she said breathlessly, “What… why… how did you do this?” Lily asked as Jessie pulled her arm away, “I leave you alone for what twenty minutes at the most and then come back and you’ve demolished your hand!”

“I...” she began as the door banged open for the hundredth time that day. Jordan Sparks marched into the dormitory. 

Jessie fixed her with a cold glare, which Jordan returned just as icily. Jess clenched her left hand into a tight fist as Jordan passed them and made her way over to her bed. She picked up the lipstick from her bedside table. Lily looked back and forth between the two girls in an attempt to figure out what she had apparently missed.

“Bitch,” Jordan spat at Jessie as she passed by again.

Jessie’s glare became even deadlier, “Thought you were shagging Davies, you should probably hurry that up, never know when Black’s going to be released from the hospital wing,” she said.

Jordan scoffed and flung a rather rude hand gesture in Jessie’s direction, which Jessie returned gleefully, “Make sure you use protection,” she called after Jordan as she walked towards the door, “No one wants Satan’s… I mean your spawn running around!”

Jordan slammed the door in response. 

“You two seem chummier than usual, what on earth did I miss?” Lily asked raising her eyebrows.

“Oh you know, she was born,” Jessie responded as she glared at the door. 

“I’m afraid to ask,” Lily said, “but does that lovely display have anything to do with your hand?”

Jessie kicked the sole of her sneaker against the floor, “Possibly.”

“I can’t believe you’re making me go to the hospital wing!”

Lily rolled her eyes and prodded Jessie in the back with her wand, “Move.”

“Lils, I’m fine…”

“Your hand looks like it was crushed by a train, you’re going. Stop whining and keep walking.”

Jessie glanced over her shoulder and down at the petite red head who in return just jabbed her in the back again. Jessie gulped as she watched red sparks shoot out of it, “Calm down Evans, I’m walking!”

Lily may have been a good head shorter than Jessie, but when she pulled her wand out you knew she meant business. James had once said he would rather face Voldemort than an irate Lily Evans with a wand. 

“You’re not walking, your shuffling,” Lily responded. 

“I am not!”

Lily narrowed her eyes, “Jessabelle Spring, start walking like a normal human being or I swear to Merlin I will tell Black about the time we played truth or dare and you had to run around the castle nude as soon as we get to the hospital wing.”

Jessie stopped all together and turned to Lily, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, “Try me.”

Jessie groaned and picked up her pace just enough to keep Lily from digging her wand into her back again. She’d be damned if Sirius Black found out about that incident. 

“Jessabelle it has taken us twice as long as usual to reach the Great Hall, I am serious if you don’t pick up the pace I will tell him. Why are you stopping?”

Lily cocked her head and walked around the side of Jessie, “Is that Mary?”

Jessie crossed her arms, “I…”

“With Luke Ellington?” Lily interrupted crossing her own arms.

“I do believe so,” Jessie said slowly as the petite brunette came closer. She was currently giggling and holding hands with a tall blonde Ravenclaw that Jessie knew to be in their year and the school Arithmacy prodigy, “She always does seem to go for the smart ones,” Jessie remarked.

Down the hall Mary froze and whispered something to Luke who nodded and after whispering something in return left Mary to walk hurriedly over to her friends, her cheeks red, “Hello!” she called as she walked over.

Both Lily and Jessie smirked at the girl. Mary frowned and put her hands on her hips, “Oh stop it you two, you look like Potter.”

Jessie laughed, but Lily’s eyes bugged and her smirk quickly turned into a frown, “Sorry Mary it’s a byproduct of growing up with the kid,” Jessie smiled.

“So Luke Ellington, eh?” Lily teased. Mary scoffed and flashed her eyes to the floor, “We are not discussing this in the middle of the hallway in the front of the school.”

“Why not?” Jessie asked, “The entire school will know by morning. We go to Hogwarts, everyone knows everything about everyone.”

“Just like everyone knows you and Sirius have been shagging since fourth year and you’re hatred for one another is just a front. I hate you two by the way… What the hell did you do to your hand?,” Mary said grabbing Jessie forearm and staring at the cuts and bruising in horror.

“What is with you people and yanking my arm today?” Jessie asked snatching it from Mary’s reach.

“She punched a door,” Lily sighed, “I’ll explain later. Like you said, some conversations are not fit for the middle of Hogwarts.”

“You’re an idiot,” Mary told Jessie matter-of-factly.

“And I call you people my friends,” Jessie moaned as she looked at Lily and Mary incredulously, “Why on earth did I befriend you lot?”

“Because you love us,” Lily said, “Come on, let’s get you to Pomfrey.” 

Mary sighed, “I might as well tag along. Wouldn’t want you to lose her on the way iLls,” Mary stated as she pulled out her own wand, “Move along Spring.”

“But I don’t want to!”

Far too slowly for Lily and Mary, and far too quickly for Jessie they arrived at the hospital wing. As they neared the doors Jessie took advantage of her Quidditch training  and dashed behind the nearest suit of armor.

Lily’s eyes narrowed as she realized where Jessie was, “Jessabelle get out of there.”

“But Lily,” Jessie whined from behind the metal man. She shrunk against the stone wall behind her as both Lily and Mary advanced towards her, wands drawn.

“Jessabelle Spring get out of there. Don’t make me go get James,” Lily warned.

Jessie rolled her eyes, “Fat load of good that’ll do you, besides when do I ever listen to Potter. And, I’ll have you know, I’m stronger than him anyways.”

“And you know this how?” Lily asked to humor Jess in hopes that it would make her come out on her own. Otherwise she and Mary would be levitating the beater inside.

“Jim’s dad brought home a muggle bench press I think it’s called, this summer. And I might have been over there training a little bit because James may have a pitch in his backyard. And I might have been able to lift more than them. And I might have beaten Black in a fist fight and put James in a headlock at one point.”

Lily shook her head, “It’s a damn good thing your mother stopped trying to turn you into a lady a long time ago.”

“I know, she’s just resigned herself to the fact that I am a failure and concentrated all her efforts on repairing any damage my award winning personality does at social functions.”

“Now come out before I hex you,” Lily said smoothly pointing her wand at Jessie.

“But Lils…”

“You have practice tomorrow and I’ll be damned if I have to listen to Potter complain for hours on end because his star beater is hurt. He was already haing a conniption when it was only one beater.Out. Now.”

Mary nodded in agreement and raised her wand at Jess. Outnumbered and Outwanded, Jessie kicked the armor and squeezed her six foot frame out from behind the suit. She stomped inside the open wooden doors like a petulant child, Lily and Mary (wands still out and ready to charm) on her heels.

“Ms. Spring, what have you done this time?” Madam Pomfrey sighed as she stood up from her seat next to Sirius’ bedside and walked towards her, “And I know it’s not Mr. Black’s fault because he’s been in here.”

“It’s a long story?” Jessie forced a grin as the nurse motioned to see her hand.

“I’m not even going to ask,” Pomfrey said, “And as awful as an idea this is, I need you to take the bed next to Mr. Black’s. I’m still repairing his damage from earlier,” she said raising an eyebrow at Jessie as she opened her mouth to protest, “Not a word Ms. Spring.” 

Jessie shut her mouth and flopped onto the bed to the right of Sirius.

“Oh look it’s my favorite sadist,” Sirius remarked as Jessie came over.

“Damn you can still speak, next time you should find a higher set of stairs to fall down.”

“I didn’t fall, someone forced me down them,” Sirius spat back as Pomfrey came back over with a large yellow tub.

“And you should probably dive head-first down them as well next time,” Jessie responded.

“Miss Evans, Mr. Potter my job is to fix their injuries, you are in charge of shutting them up,” Madam Pomfrey said wearily as she sat the tub down on the tray in-between the beds. She turned around again and made her way back over to the cupboard where she kept her remedies, “I swear,” she muttered half to herself, half to the group, “You would think after seven years they would have stopped…”

“What exactly are you here for J?” James asked, “It isn’t anything that will affect quidditch is it?” his eyes grew wide. Jessie rolled hers, “I’m fine mother! Just hurt my hand a bit.”

“Your hand!” James cried scurrying over.Mary covered her mouth to hide the giggles that erupted from her mouth at the sight of James Potter turning into a full-fledged mother hen. 

“Volume Mr. Potter,” Pomfrey called from the closet.

“You need you hand for beating!”

“James, it isn’t that bad,” she lifted her hand up for him to see. A look of horror crossed James’ face and he slowly sat down at the foot of Sirius’ bed. He started breathing shallowly and rocking back and forth as he put his head in his hands, “Oh Merlin. We’re doomed. Doomed.”

“What’s wrong now with Potter?” Madam Pomfrey sighed as she came back over. 

“Both his beaters are injured,” Lily replied, “He’s having a bit of a mental breakdown.”

Madam Pomfrey sighed as she handed a blue vial to Jessie, “Drink. Should of brought an anti-anxiety potion over for him.”

Jessie sniffed the vial and made a face. Pomfrey swatted her head lightly, “Drink it up Jessabelle.”

Sirius laughed, but shut up as the healer rounded on him, “Let’s see your wrist then. Your jaw is healing nicely though, it’ll probably be swollen for the next couple days but that’ll go down.”

Sirius held out his wrist to her, “Yes you’ll be needing some as well.”

Madam Pomfrey stood up and unscrewed the lid to the yellow tub she had brought over. She rolled up her sleeves and dipped her hands into the dark purple paste inside, “Jessabelle Spring, I told you to down that!”

Jessie groaned and finally downed the entire tube of bubbling blue liquid. It tasted sickly sweet and went down her throat like sludge, “Oh I’m going to throw up.”

“Stop being a drama queen. Now hold out your arm,” Pomfrey demanded. She rubbed the paste over  the entirety of Jessie’s hand and wrist. Jessie winced as she brushed over the particularly sore spots, “There now just wait till it dries and then we shall rinse it off but you’ll nearly be good as new. Mr. Potter stop whimpering, they’ll be fine.”

“James,” Lily said softly as she placed a hand on his shoulder. James’ head whipped up faster than Jessie had ever seen it move. Mary’s eyes bugged out at the sight, nut she kept her mouth shut. 

Lily cracked a grin, “Potter are you crying?”

“I am not!”

Lily laughed and put her hands on her hips, “Merlin, you are!”

“I am not! You take that back Evans!”

Madam Pomfrey stopped her slathering of Sirius’ wrist in the foul smelling purple mixture, “Evans! Potter! I have already had to patch up the end of one fight between Gryffindor seventh years today, I am not doing another! MacDonald you are in charge of those two. Keep them civil.”

James and Lily both looked the floor as Mary rolled her eye heavenward, “Good,” Pomfrey said, “Ahh, I think a bit of this will help your jaw as well,” she thickly smeared the paste onto Sirius’ face.

“That’s a good look for you Black,” Jessie commented.

“At least I look good occasionally, unlike some,” Sirius retorted.

“Oh honestly Black, you do not sound the least bit menacing with purple shit on your face,” Jessie laughed.

“Bitch,” Sirius spat glaring at Jessie.

“Arse,” she replied.

“Spring! Black!” Pomfrey called, “Shut it!”


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Chapter 4: It’s the End of the World as We Know It
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Chapter Eight 

It’s the End of the World as We Know It


If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door. -- Paul Beatty


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“Black is part French and therefore anything French is bad.”

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Oh my freaking goodness Binns, shut up!

You see to day is the last day before Christmas break and I right now I have the attention span of a goldfish on crack! ( you see, I normally have the attention span of a goldfish, but today I’m so hyped up for break I have the attention span of one on crack… get it? )

It should be against the law to have ghosts as teachers. They have no concept of time and so therefore drone on and on and on and on about pointless shit for hours and hours and hours and hours.

I wonder when he died.

It’s hard to tell seeing as he’s wearing wizarding robes. Humm… he does have a vest on and a pocket watch… but Slughorn wears vests and pocket watches and he’s from this century… I think…

Bloody hell, we still have a half hour.

Well if I’m going to die I might as well write my will…

The Last Will and Testament of Jessabelle Lufiana Spring

I, Jessabelle Lufiana Spring (aka- Jessie, jess, bells, bam bam (cough James cough), and jazz), hereby submit the following upon my death to the noted people.

Lily- to Lils I bequeath all the witch weekly magazines I get from that damned owl that wakes us up at four thirty every Sunday morning and all the others I have shoved under my bed because I think they kill your brain cells when you read them. (No offense Gran, it was a nice thought…) She may also keep the ones she has swiped from the stash under my bed and has hidden in the secret compartment in her trunk. She can also have those green heels of mine that’s she’s been eying since our fourth year. Also Lily gets 20 gallons and all my chocolate frog cards. And Lily can also have all my hexing books (as long as she promises to use all the hexes on Sirius Black in the near future and promises not to permanently mutilate James with them.) Yay!

Mary- to Mary I give all the makeup my Gran has bought me for my my birthday, Christmas, and any other holiday. She’ll find it all, from the lavender colored eye shadow to the bright green eyeliner to magenta lipstick, shoved in the bottom of my trunk in the cherry red Christmas bag that has the fuzzy snowman on it that sings “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly”. Mary can also have all my school books, seeing as she is constantly borrowing them anyways. She also gets 20 gallons and my purple sweater that’s already in her trunk and she can steal my hexing books from Lily, if Lily is not abiding by the rules.

James- Jimmy can have all my quidditch stuff, including my play book I’ve never let him look at. He can also have all my quills and ink. And he can have my Miss Witch dolls that we played with when we were younger. They’re in our attic. (But James should already know this seeing as he sneaks up there during Christmas and plays with them…) James also gets my tea set and he can have his snitch sweatshirt back. He can also have Mr. Snuffles, my teddy bear, because he‘s the one that gave him to me.

Remus- Remmy can have my cute, squishy moon pillow ( :] ) and he can have my chocolate stash, provided he locks lily and James in a broom cupboard until they admit their undying love and snog and/or shag.

Mum and dad- you can have the rest of my stuff, and you can have the rest of my money. Love ya!

Last words… someone please kill Black if I haven’t done so already. Lily and James- I demand that one of your 100’s of children are named after me. Remus- get a girl already! And help Mary study for her newts so she doesn’t fail. And someone get Binns fired!



Isn’t it a pretty will? I love it! Lily needs to see this. 


Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend. -- Agatha Christie


“Lily! Pssst! Lily!” Jessie said pocking the red head next to her with the tip of her quill. Lily swatted the offending object away, without taking her eyes off of Binns, who was droning on about the Goblin Wars of 1425 (or something along those lines). After trying, and failing, to rouse her dear friend from her hypnotized state numerous times, Jessie turned to her left where Mary was sitting, her eyes glazed over.

Jessie frowned, bit her lip, and began to wave her hand in front of Mary’s face.

“Mary!” Jessie whispered. As Jessie’s hand passed in front of her eyes for the tenth time, Mary finally jolted out of her daze and turned to Jessie.

“What’s up?” she asked yawning. Jessie sighed and shook her head at her friend.

“So you know how this class is slowly killing us? Well, most of us…” Jessie asked pointing to Lily and rolling her eyes. Mary giggled and turned around in her seat so she was face to face with Jessie. Jess grinned and picked up the piece of parchment that was sitting in front of her. She held it in front of her, using both her hands, and grinned devilishly. Mary slowly put her hand out, and Jessie carefully handed her the parchment.

Mary took the parchment from Jessie and looked at her friend warily, “ Please tell me you didn’t come up with a thousand ways to kill Sirius again.” she said, “ I don’t really like the idea of living out the rest of my life in a dirty cell in Azkaban because I was privy to my friend’s demonic ideas.”

“No, and come on that was one time!” Jessie said sheepishly, using the end of her quill to carve a snitch into the oak of her desk.

Mary raised an eyebrow.

“Fine three times.” Jessie murmured digging deeper into the wood.

“Jessie…” Mary said as she gave Jess a look that clearly said, tell the truth.

“Oh, fine I make a new one every week! But this isn’t a new list of tortures to use on Black! Read it… please… pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?” Jessie said throwing her hands up into the air. Mary sighed and turned the paper right side up.

“And you promise it’s not another diagram of you hacking him into tiny bits?” Mary asked as Jess.

“No, this doesn’t have to do with that prat!” Jessie said angrily crossing her arms, “Just read it!”

Mary looked down at the paper and Jessie began to carve her drawing deeper into the desk, muttering about friends who had no faith.

Mary soon dissolved into a fit of giggles, “James seriously plays with Miss Witch dolls?” she whispered.

Jessie grinned and began to laugh along with her friend, “Yea! He used to insist on dressing them up in frilly, sparkly, pink dresses and matching heels.”

Mary glanced at James and began to laugh harder. James turned around and faced Jessie and Mary, who were collapsed on the desk and turning red from laughing too hard.

“What do you have there?” James said yanking the paper out of Mary’s hands. He turned back around in his seat. As soon as his back was facing them, Jessie and Mary looked at one another and began to laugh harder. Suddenly James made a noise that sounded halfway between a growl and a moan.

“Jess!” James whispered whipping back around, “I do not play with your Miss Witch dolls!”

Jessie raised and eyebrow and crossed her arms.

“That was one time!” James hissed slamming the will down on his desk. At the sound of James’ hand slamming down on the desk Remus and Sirius turned to their friend. Remus looked at him quizzically and cautiously picked up the paper.

Jessie patted James on the head, “Oh come on Jimmy. I know the Quidditch Miss Witch is your favorite.”

“None of my children are being named after you!” James whispered back crossing his arms and pouting.

Jessie grinned evilly and turned to Lily, “Lily the rabbits are after me!” she hissed in Lily’s ear. Lily jumped and turned to face her blonde friend.

“What Jessie. I’m attempting to take notes.” Lily said setting down her quill.

“I was wondering if you would be willing to name any of your future children after Me.’ Jess asked innocently.

“What?” Lily asked, clearly confused. Jessie sighed and took the parchment from Remus who shook his head at Jessie, and gave it to Lily. Lily tentatively took it from her friend and began to read.

“She’s going to murder you slowly.” Remus whispered to Jessie, who just shrugged.

“You know about the secret compartment?” Lily hissed smacking Jessie on the head.

Jess grinned sheepishly, “I found it third year when I was attempting to steal your diary to see if you liked James.”

Lily glared and began to read again, “And James and I are not having children together!”

James pouted, “But what if I want kids.” lily gaped at him and Jessie and Sirius both snorted.

“Shut up Black!” Jessie said glaring at Sirius. She began driving her quill into the wood of her desk. Mary yanked it from her fist and looked at the tip, which was now squashed. She shook her head, “Fifth one this week.”

“Why don’t you shut up?” Sirius retorted, glaring back. Jessie stuck her tongue out and turned back to her desk to begin carving the snitch again. She glanced at the desk and then hopped off her chair and began searching for her quill on the ground.

“Moron.” Mary muttered rolling her eyes at her blonde friend as she climbed under the desk.

“James, you and I are not getting married and therefore we are not having children.” Lily said rolling her eyes at James as Jessie smacked her head on the desk.

“Fuck!” Jessie howled as she climbed back into her seat, “Has anyone seen my quill?” she asked rubbing her head.

Mary held out the quill in question in front of Jessie’s face.

“Oh.” she said sheepishly looking at the bent tip, “Ooops?”

Mary, Lily, James and Remus all shook their heads at Jess as she shoved it into her bag along with the will.

“Why are you packing up?” Lily asked looking at the clock.

Jessie looked at her incredulously, “We have like 10 seconds. 10...”

Everyone looked up at the clock and began shoving their things in their bags.

“5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Yes!” Jessie yelled as the bell rang. She grabbed her bag and bolted from the classroom.

“Freedom!” she sang raising her arms to the sky as she sprinted out the doorway. Lily looked at James who shook his head as he slung his bag over his shoulder, “So who wants to chip in to get Jess that straightjacket for Christmas?”

“Come on Lils you know you love Me.” James said in a sing-song voice as he and Lily exited the History of Magic classroom and met up with the rest of the group.

“You’re pushing it Potter, I said we could try to be friends.” Lily answered rolling her eyes.

“Holy shit!” Jess said gaping at Lily and James.

“You… friends?” she stammered pointing at them.

“Err yea?” James answered uncertainly.

Jessie let out an ear piercing scream and began sprinting away from them down the hallway screaming, “Run! The apocalypse is upon us!”

Lily, James, Mary, Remus and Sirius stared at Jessie as she shoved a first year into the wall, and continued sprinting away shrieking about the apocalypse.

“I think I’ll chip in to get that straight jacket.” Mary said as Jessie bowled her way through a couple Ravenclaw fifth years.

James nodded and winced as he saw a couple students dive out of Jessie’s way and slam their heads against the stone wall.

“Was she dropped on her head as a child?” Remus asked slowly as the crew began to walk to the Gryffindor common room.

“No… I don’t think so…” James muttered quietly.

Sirius cocked his head to the side, “But we did make her crack her skull open at that party at the Jensen’s when we were four.”


So I apologize that it’s not as long as the past few, but it’s better than nothing right? :] plus, I thought that was the perfect line to end it on… I know I’m insane.  and i don't mean to bag on the French or anything, it was just Jessie being Jessie...

So yea, I hoped you enjoyed it, leave me a review and let me know if you loved it, or hated it or whatever. :]


- pensive princess

Chapter 5: Things Are Shaping Up To Be Pretty Odd
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Chapter Nine


Things Are Shaping Up To Be Pretty Odd




Everyone needs a warm personal enemy or two to keep him free from rust in the movable parts of his mind. -Gene Fowler




“Damn it you two stop fighting and hit the damn bludgers!” James screamed at Jessie and Sirius as he dodged one of the said black balls that Dawes, the Slytherin beater, had directed toward his head.


Jessie opened her mouth to retort, but James beat her to it, “I don’t care what he did. You can murder him later.”


Jessie grinned demonically; Sirius, on the other hand, glared at James. He put his hands on his hips and gaped at his captain, “you two can fix whatever is wrong this time later, right now we have a game to play, and we are not losing to Slytherin!” James yelled as he caught the quaffle and passed it off to one of the red and gold blurs on his right.


“I’ll deal with you later!” Jess hissed to Sirius, as she began flying toward the bludger nearest to them. Sirius rolled his eyes and began to zoom off towards the chaser formation, “ I’ll deal with you later.” he said to himself, mimicking Jessie as he spoke, “ I’d like to see her try.” meanwhile Jessie reached the offending ball of doom and smacked it towards one of the Slytherin chasers. It hit his head, knocking him unconscious. He slowly began to slip off his broom and plummet towards the grass.


“Nice hit.” Sirius grumbled, as Jessie blew a kiss to the falling chaser and dove in front of Sirius in order to attack the demonic ball that was trailing their seeker O‘Brian. She hit it and it rocketed towards the Slytherin captain, Nott, who was attempting to steal the quaffle from James.


“And Potter scores! 130 to 60 with Gryffindor in the lead.” Remus announced from the commentators booth, although he could barely be heard due to the noise ebbing issued from the stands because James had scored.


“Wait… ladies and gentlemen… I believe the Gryffindor seeker has seen the snitch.” Remus cried out as O’Brian began plummeting towards the bottom of one of the Slytherin goalposts.


“Go Jeremy go!” Jessie screamed as the Slytherin seeker came up beside O’Brian and elbowed him in the face, “Asshole!” she yelled. The Slytherin seeker hit O’Brian again and Jessie began to dart around looking for a bludger to hit.


“Black!” she yelled finally. Sirius looked up.


“Behind you!” Jess yelled. Sirius whipped his head around. Shooting straight towards him was a bludger. He smacked the oncoming ball towards Jessie, who sent it rocketing towards the two seekers.


Jess crossed her fingers, “Please don’t hit Jeremy…” she repeated like a mantra as she bit her lip.


“If that hits Jeremy, James will murder you slowly” Sirius said as he came up behind her. Jess elbowed him in the stomach and began cussing under her breath as the ball came closer to the seekers.


“Oh fuckity, fuckity, fuck.” Jess hissed as she watched the ball ram into the Slytherin seekers arm. The hit slowed him down enough to give O’Brian just enough time to reach out and grab the snitch.


The stadium erupted into a chorus of ear splitting noise.


“Yes!” Jessie screamed tuning to Sirius who wrapped her into a bone crushing hug. Jess buried her face into his neck and hugged him back. After what seemed like an eternity, Jessie picked up her head and rested her forehead against Sirius’.


“Nice shot.” Sirius murmured


“Nice pass.” Jess murmured and their lips got closer and closer and…



“Jessie wake up!” Lily screamed shooting a stream of cold water from the tip of her wand. It hit the sleeping girl, who had her pillow in a death grip, in the face. Jess sputtered and flung her arms up in front of her face.


“What the fuck?” she murmured chucking her pillow at lily. Jess flopped back down on her bed and pulled the covers over her head.


Lily sighed, “Jess you need to get up. We have to wait for you before we can start and James is about to die.”


“I don‘t want to go to practice and I was having an amazing dream and I don‘t want to get up and since when are you part of the team? I have an idea, why don‘t you go shag the quidditch nazi so the rest of us can sleep in for once, it’ll really make you part of the team… ” Jess moaned into the mattress


“What? Head out of the gutter Jess! It’s Christmas you moron…” Lily said rolling her eyes and throwing the pillow back at Jessie.


“Christmas!” Jessie shrieked. She flung the covers of and sprinted down the stairs. Lily stowed her wand in the pocket of her dressing gown and exited the room. Rolling her eyes she began to descend the stairs, in a much more dignified fashion than Jess.


Jessie flopped down on to the sofa next to James and began to bounce up and down chanting “Presents! Presents! Presents!”


“Shut up Jessie. It’s far too early.” Remus said as he snuggled up against the arm of the sofa and hugged his pillow. Jessie rolled her eyes and continued acting like the energizer bunny gone wild. She bounced up and down on the sofa until James threatened to make her sit on the floor by Sirius.


“Okay, we can start now.” Lily said calmly sitting down on the other side of James. Jessie shot up like a rocket and bounded over to the tree with Sirius, James at their heels. She shoved Sirius out of the way and picked up as many of the brightly wrapped boxes as she could and skipped happily back over to the sofa. When she got there she dumped them on the ground and jumped back into her seat, smiling manically.


“Oh here Lils, this is yours.” Jess said handing Lily a medium sized box wrapped in sparkly blue paper, “It got mixed up with mine.”


“Thank Merlin you actually look at the cards before you begin shredding the package.” Lily took the box from Jessie’s hands and began to carefully unwrap it, taking care to not tear the pretty paper or jostle the contents inside the box.


Jessie, on the other hand, began to rip the paper off of her presents haphazardly. She flung it to the side as she ripped and it smacked James in the face. James picked up the offending paper and turned to Jess. He smirked and shoved the paper down the back of Jess’ shirt. Jessie squealed and dug her hand up her back. She quickly pulled out the paper and jumped on James. She put him in a headlock and started giving him a noogie. James eventually managed to shove her off and after a final shove Jessie went back to the box she had been opening before.


“Oh my freaking Merlin!” Jessie exclaimed as she opened up the box, “James I love you!” she yelled latching herself onto her friend who began laughing at her reaction.


“Do you like them?” he asked sarcastically as he hugged her back. Jess nodded enthusiastically and kissed him on the cheek before turning back to the box in her lap. She dug her hands into the contents and pulled out a pair of hot pink beater’s gloves.


“There are skulls on them?!” she yelled, hugging the gloves to her chest.


“And they have your initials on them, so you don‘t lose them for the hundredth time.” James laughed as Jess gave him yet another hug and kiss. When she finally finished thanking him she flopped back down and held the gloves out in front of her like they were fragile china and stared at them lovingly.


“You do have other presents…” Lily said as she got up to thank a sleeping Remus for the books he had bought her.


“Presents!” Jessie yelled yet again, and pulled another colorful box from the pile. She began humming as she ripped off the bow.


“Oh, Jess, that one is from all of us…” James said as Jessie began to rip the last bits of paper from the box. Jess nodded and continued her ripping and tearing. Mary and Lily looked at one another and everyone braced themselves for Jess’ reaction.


Suddenly Jess let out an extremely high pitched scream.


“Bloody hell woman, could you be any louder? Or higher pitched?” Sirius grumbled massaging his ears. Jessie turned and glared at him, “Shut your gob, or your voice will be that high for the rest of your life.”


Sirus stuck his tongue out at Jessie, who returned the favor and turned back to the box. She shrieked again and pulled out the contents.


“Oh, it’s the straight jacket.” Remus (who had been awoken by Jessie’s shrieking) yawned. He closed his eyes again and attempted to drift back off to sleep.


Jess held up the jacket and began laughing, “I thought you we’re joking.” she said as she held it up for size.


“No he wasn’t.” Sirius said throwing a paper ball at Jessie’s head, “but now that I think about it the money might have been better spent on a muzzle.”


Jessie caught the ball and chucked it back at Sirius, “Funny Black, funny. You’re the one in need of a muzzle.”


James snorted as he opened yet another gift, “You have no idea.” he said.


“Prongs shut up.” Sirius said rolling his eyes.


“You are a bit of a dog by anyone’s standards Padfoot.” James teased sticking a bow on top of Sirius’ head.


“Watch the hair!” Sirius yelled carefully removing the bow from his hair.


Jessie bit her finger to keep from laughing.


“Oh shut up Spring! You care more about your hair than I do about mine.” Sirius said glaring at Jessie, “I do recall a time when you cried for ten minutes straight just because your ponytail got messed up.”


“It got messed up because you put Drooble’s Gum in it!” Jessie said smacking Sirius’ head.


“I was just trying to see if you could fly.” Sirius said rubbing his head. He smacked Jessie back and she raised her hand to slap him again. Sirus put his hands up in the air in order to ward off her attack.


“Go crawl in a hole and die Black.” Jess said going back to her presents. Sirius rolled his eyes and began to attack his pile as well.


“Hey Spring.” he said, pausing his attack upon the mound of glittery boxes in front of him for a moment.


“Yes…’ Jessie said narrowing her eyes.


“Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if you had, had enough oxygen at birth?” Sirius said thoughtfully and he carefully opened the shiny red box in front of him.


“Hey Black.” Jessie said angrily shredding the bright purple paper in her hands into little tiny bits.


“Yea…” Sirius asked warily.


“Are your parents siblings?” Jessie asked innocently. She turned and smiled sweetly at Sirius whose face was darkening with anger. She smiled wider, it was evident she had hit a nerve, exactly like she had intended to. She had always known exactly how to piss of Sirius Black.


“Ya know spring every girl has the right to be ugly, but you’ve abused that privilege.” Sirius said darkly.


“Slit your wrists- it’ll lower your blood pressure.” Jess answered sliding her hand into the pocket in which her wand was stuck.


“Okay. That’s enough.” James said grabbing Jessie’s arm. He shook his head, “Honestly you two. We haven’t even had breakfast yet and you’re already fighting. And it’s Christmas.”


Jessie rolled her eyes and removed her hand from her pocket. She and Sirius glared at one another.


“You know what, let’s go downstairs and get some breakfast.” Lily said standing up, “Don’t you think that’s a good idea James?” she said pulling Jess up.


James grinned, “Yea, come on guys let’s go.”


As they walked out the portrait hole Jess turned to Mary and Remus, “ Bloody pathetic he is.” she said rolling her eyes at James, who was walking next to Lily and grinning like all his dreams had come true.


“It’s nicer than them attempting to kill one another every five seconds.” Remus said sleepily.


“Let’s see do we know anyone other people who feel the need to constantly fight every five seconds?” Mary asked poking Jessie in the side and linking arms with Sirus; she smirked and then grinned at Jess and Sirius. They looked at Mary with horrified looks of upon their faces, showing they had clearly understood the implications of Mary’s comment.


“Oh hell no!” Jessie shrieked angrily. She gagged and began to pretend to hurl.


“You have got to be shiting me.” Sirius said still gaping at Mary in horror, “Spring and I are not Lily and James.”


“Oh, but you’d have such a fairytale like story to tell your children.” Mary said wistfully. She sighed and walked away from the two dragging Remus, who was still half asleep and muttering about pink bunnies.


“I think I’m going tot be sick.” Jessie said to Sirius. She covered her mouth with her hands and leaned her back against the wall. She closed her eyes as she actually began to gag.


“You are not the only one.” Sirius said mimicking her actions, “Bad, bad mental picture.” he moaned, removing his hands from his mouth in order to rub his eyes.


They stayed like that for a few more moments until Jessie broke the silence, “We ought to get to breakfast or they’ll begin to wonder where we are…” she said as she slowly removed her body from its position against the wall. Sirius shook his head, his hands still over his eyes.


“I’m going to kill Mary.” Sirius muttered darkly as they stalked off towards the great hall.


“Oh really? Pray tell how you are going to accomplish such a feat?” Jess said yawning. She pushed the sleeves of her sweatshirt up past her elbows and crossed her arms.


“I haven’t thought about it yet…” Sirius shrugged and pushed open the doors of the great hall. He let it slam shut behind him.


“Purebloods are gentlemen my ass.” Jess said rolling her eyes. She shoved the door open and made her way over to her friends and the giant plate of bacon.




“He'd make a lovely corpse.” -
Charles Dickens (Martin Chuzzlewit, Chapter 25)



FOOD! I love food. It’s so yummy and food-y… yummmm… Bacon! Yummy, yummy dead piggy…


Oh god. He’s touching it again. Oh, fuckity, fuckity fuck. I will not think bad thoughts. I will not think… bad thought… ahhh! Bad, bad mental picture! Make it go away! Frick, I can’t handle this… Ye gods why do you torture me? First the dreams, now this! Why? What did I do? Ahh! Oh I really, really can’t handle this…


“Hey! Spring give me back the whipped cream!”


No Sirius. You may not have the whipped cream. It’s evil. It makes me daydream of you… ahh! Not again! Rodrigo I blame this on you!


“Spring! Did u seriously just vanish the can of whipped cream?”




“Jess are you okay? Banging your head against the table really isn’t healthy.”


Frick, I swear Lily thinks she is my mum! I don’t care if it’s bad for my brain mummy! My brain is contaminated!


“Jess if you don’t stop I will take you to the hospital wing.”


Right-o. No more head banging.


Wow, we’re honestly sitting in the great hall in our p.j.’s. That’s a first, oh wait no it’s not… James, Sirius, Mary and I did it third year when we stayed for Christmas. Then again, not all of us are in our P.j.’s. Lily has on sweats- I know for a fact she rarely ever sleeps in anything more than her underwear and an oversized t-shirt. (you learn these things when you’ve lived with someone for seven years…) and James actually has jeans on and his shirt- hey that’s the shirt I stole from him last summer! How the hell did he get that back?




“Hatreds are the cinder’s of affection” -Sir Walter Raleigh




“James Potter! How on earth did you get that shirt back?” Jessie said crossing her arms.


James grinned sheepishly, “Well you see jess there is this lovely little spell that goes by the name of accio…”


“Jerk. But you said I could have the shirt!” Jessie whined, pouting. Lily snorted into her oatmeal as James stuck his tongue out at jess. Jessie made snipping motions at his tongue with her fingers and James quickly stuck his tongue back in his mouth.


“Bloody hell you are whiny in the morning.” Sirius said setting down his fork and rubbing his ears.


“Oh shut up Black, I wasn’t speaking to you!”


“You’re the one who needs to shut up!”


“Why I outta…”


“I swear on Merlin’s grave if you two do not stop fighting I will lock you in a tiny broom cupboard until winter holiday’s are over!” James said holding Jessie down, “Down boy!” he said to Sirius; who glared at James pointedly, but sat back down all the same.


The crew began to eat in silence once again, although Jessie and Sirius would throw the other a death glare every few minutes.


The silence was broken, however when Mary bolted up in her seat, “Oh snap! I forgot to send Luke his present!” she said scrambling off the bench, “I’ll be back, I just have to… yea… bye” Mary said dashing out of the hall.


“Give Luckie-poo our love!” Jess called out after her friend as she ran towards the doors.


“Shut up Jessie!” Mary called back as she let the doors slam shut behind her.


“You’re so mean.” Lily said twirling her fork through the ketchup on her plate.


Jess shrugged and continued shoving various breakfast items down her throat.


“I can’t wait until you get a boyfriend. Mary and I are going to have so much fun teasing you.” Lily said wistfully as she turned the shapeless blob of ketchup on her plate into a heart.


“What? I don’t need a boyfriend.” Jessie said shaking her head at Lily. She pocked the yoke of the egg on her plate with her fork and it exploded making a goopy, yellow puddle on the dish.


“Not that anyone would date you in the first place.” Sirius muttered quietly to himself, and although he hadn’t intended for Jessie to hear, she did.


“Yah know Black, you are the kind of person who, when one first meets you, one doesn't like you. But when one gets to know you better, one hates you.” Jessie said stabbing her egg viciously and making it spurt out more yellow goop.


“And I'll never forget the first time we met - although I'll keep trying.” Sirius said glaring at Jessie.


“Oh yes, worst day of my life.” Jessie said smiling sweetly at Sirius, who glared back.


“Six fights before breakfast is even over.” James said shaking his head, “That has got to be a new record.”


“It’s not my fault Spring likes to pick on me!” Sirius said giving James a puppy dog face.


“I do not pick on you! You pick on me!” Jessie said glaring at Sirius.


“I take that back, seven fights…” James said pouring himself some more pumpkin juice.


“You still certain you’re going to win that bet?” Lily said teasingly to James as she took the jug of juice from him.


“What bet… oh that bet…” he said looking at Jessie and Sirius (who were still arguing), “Of course I’m going to win. I’m James Potter.” he said proudly picking up his goblet and taking a sip.


“Aww, James did you finally learn your name? Good job. I’m so proud of you!” Lily said patting him on the head.


James rolled his eyes, “Jessie is sure rubbing off on you.”


“Ah yes, her sarcasm is contagious.” Lily said looking over at Jess and Sirius who we’re furiously whispering to one another.


“Oh honestly Black why can’t you just go die!” Jessie hissed. She slammed her fist against the table in her fit of rage.


“Oh shit… oww!” Jessie moaned rubbing the side of her hand. As she began to shake it, Sirius let out a snicker.


“Oh shut up Black it’s your fault anyways.” Jess said as she returned to her breakfast plate.


Sirius raised an eyebrow and looked at Jessie, “My fault?”


“Yes, your fault! If you hadn’t been annoying me I would have never hurt my hand. Who was the moron who decided to make us sit by one another?” Jess said as she looked at her friends. However, no one paid any attention to the fact that Jess was looking at them pleadingly. Remus had fallen asleep on his plate and James and Lily were happily laughing and engaged in pleasant conversation.


“They are disgusting.” Jess said shaking her head as Lily threw a piece of ham at James and he caught it in his mouth.


“At least they haven’t begun feeding one another off of utensils.” Sirius said shoving a sausage in his mouth.


“Oh Merlin. Bad mental picture.” Jess said as her face twisted into a mask of revulsion.


Sirius looked at James and Lily thoughtfully for a moment, his empty fork hanging in the air, “I give them ten days.” he said pointing the fork at Jess, who shook her head.


“No, James will wait until the opportune moment to ask her out. He‘s screwed up to many times before.” Jess said, “Oh Merlin.” Both she and Sirius gagged as Lily fluttered her eyelashes in James’ direction.


“Fine let’s make a bet, I say James will ask her out in about ten days and you say…” Sirius said as his hair fell into his eyes and he folded his arms on the table.


“Fine, I say…” Jess bit her lip and looked over at the pair. She, once again, gagged at the site and turned back to Sirius, “Valentine’s day.”


“Valentine’s day?” Sirius asked incredulously, “Valentine’s day? But that’s far to cliché. Even James isn’t that much of a romantic.”


“No, it’ll be Valentine’s day. Seriously, Black think like James for a moment.” Jessie said resting her face in her hands.


“No thank you.” Sirius said, shaking his head, clearly horrified at the prospect.


Jessie shrugged her shoulders and began twirling her fork on her plate, “ Well, I do know him better.”


Sirus sat up straight, “What? No you don’t! I do! I’m his best friend!”


“No! I know him better, I’ve known him longer!” Jessie said crossing her arms and glaring, “You just wait Black!” she cackled evilly, “I’m going to win this bet!”


“Loser has to profess their undying love for the other in the great hall during breakfast the day after.” Sirius said cockily.


“Fine!” Jessie said her eyes narrowing; “It’s a date!” she shot Sirius a death glare and began to stomp out of the great hall.


“Fine!” Sirius yelled back angrily to her.


“Fine!” Jessie called back.


Sirius began mumbling to himself as he grabbed a bagel from the pile in front of him. Using his teeth he ripped a huge bite from it.


“What was that about?” James asked Sirius, who was sulking and chewing moodily on the bagel.


“Nothing!” Sirius yelled, and he threw the bagel down on the table. It bounced up and smacked him in the face. He grabbed it and chucked it on the floor under the table. After stomping on it for good measure he too stormed out of the great hall mutteringa string of curses under his breath.


Lily and James looked at one another and shook their heads.


“Merry Christmas.” James said and they began to laugh.




I apologize profusely for taking so long to post this chapter! And for the fact that it’s a bit fluffy and lacking true substance- I swear that the up and coming chapter’s will develop the lovely plot more! But on the bright side I gave a little bit of James and Lily action and a little bit of Jessie and Sirius action! (although there was no Rodrigo and I didn’t write that much from Jessie‘s pov… once again, I apologize…)


So yea I hope you liked it, and f.y.i. I did steal the title from “that green gentlemen” by panic at the disco. (it’s a good song…) and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the pig comment- what can I say jess likes her bacon…


Okay, I’m done. Review and tell me what you liked, or didn’t like. And let me know any lines you thought were funny- hopefully there were a few… (Personally I like the “Slit your wrists - it will lower your blood pressure.” one…)


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Chapter 6: Oh The Joys of Hair-brained Schemes, Old Photographs and Memories
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Chapter Ten

Oh The Joys of Hair-brained Schemes, Old Photographs and Memories


"My good intentions are completely lethal."
- Margaret Atwood


Sirius Black is a dead man. He’s dead- with a capital D. I am going to murder him slowly and painfully, and I’m going to enjoy it- immensely. I’ll start off by duck taping his hands and feet together. I won’t gag his mouth, because I want to hear him scream. And then I’ll tie him by his feet (so he’s upside down) to a thin rope and hang him from the ceiling of an empty room with no visible windows or doors. And it’ll be made completely of rough hewn wood. And there will be blood stains on the wall. Yes, blood stains will be a lovely addition. What else? Oh yes, and I will slowly lower him towards a vat of boiling green goop that smells like sulfur. And I will lower him using a crank that creaks as you crank it, just for the chilling effect. And I’ll have bloodthirsty rats scurrying across the floor just waiting to get a taste of his flesh.


I have to work on my cackle as well. It has to be prefect because I am going to laugh as his Adonis-like body slowly has the life sucked from it.




Yea, it still needs a bit of work.


Ugh, I can not believe the nerve of that boy! Actually I can, it’s so typical of that immature prat. (Once again, thank you Lily for the excellent insults) It was a classic Sirius prank. I mean, only Black would be demented and perverted enough to come up with the idea of charming the girls locker’s so that the shower’s don’t work and the mirrors are windows to the boy’s lockers. And did I mention he stuck like a billion stink bombs in my locker? Bastard.


He is going to get it when I get back to the common room! It’s his fault I am now marching back there in my sweaty, mud splattered quidditch robes . And I stink to high heaven. Stupid, narcissistic asshole. I swear if I get detention for getting mud on the floor I will chop black up into tiny bits, while his heart is still beating, and feed him to the giant squid.


You know, maybe I’ll just strangle him with my bare hands. I think I may relish doing that to him more.


I know what you’d really relish doing to him.


Rodrigo! Hello my dear, green, cute, little cricket friend! What do you think, should I strangle him; drown him in smelly, green goop; or go all Sweeny Todd on him and slit his precious throat?


Actually I think you two should just get over your childish grudge and indulge the sexual tension between the two of you by shagging in the nearest broom cupboard.


Rodrigo, why is it every time I speak to you, you insist Black and I need to go fuck one another? Didn’t I ever teach you that if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? Stupid cricket.


Jessie darling, I am just a product of your unconscious thoughts and desires.


I do not want to do Black! I hate him!


That doesn’t mean you don’t want to do him…


Rodrigo! Just shut up and answer the original question!



Good cricket. Now, how shall I murder Black?



Rodrigo! Answer the question!


You told me I couldn’t speak…


Please answer the question. Now.


The goop idea sounds lovely.


Good demonic cricket. Now run along and play nicely with the pink, sparkly unicorns. Hehe.




Life is a quest and love a quarrel. - Edna St. Vincent Millay




Sirius Black folded his hands behind his head and sighed as he closed his eyes. He rested his feet on top of the coffee table and crossed his legs at his ankles. He yawned and let the rare silence in the nearly empty common room wash over him. He was just about to doze off when he was rudely awoken by an ear splitting scream and the sound of the portrait hole slamming shut.


“Sirius Orinion Black!” Jessie screamed as she slammed the portrait f the fat lady closed. She marched over to the crimson sofa by the fire, which was occupied by the sleepy young man in question. She stopped in front of Sirius and put her hands on her hips.


“You rang?” Sirius said yawning. He sat up straight once again and looked up at Jessie taking in her appearance. His fellow beater was still dressed in her quidditch kit, which was soaking from perspiration and splattered with mud from the pitch. Her blonde hair was halfway out of its braids and her face was red from anger.


“Yes I believe I did ring.” she snapped venomously, glaring at him. Sirius gulped. She looked angry enough to kill and quite frankly, despite popular belief, he really rather disliked upsetting the tall blonde. For Jessie tended to become very rash and violent when angered and if truth be told Sirius didn’t really enjoy being pummeled into a pulp or hexed into the next century- especially not by a girl, and especially not by Jessie. He closed his eyes and shuddered as he remembered the last time he had made Jess extremely angry- he had been stuck in the hospital wing and tortured by Pomfrey and he was pretty sure his jaw had never been the same again. He rubbed his jaw and looked back up at Jessie.


“And…’Sirius said politely. He smiled brightly at her and crossed his arms. Her glare darkened even more and Sirius removed his eyes from Jessie’s contorted features and began scanning the room for James or at the very least Remus or Lily or even Mary. But alas James, Remus, Mary and Lily were no where to be found and thus Sirius was left all alone with a very irate Jessie Spring.


Jessie huffed and yanked Sirius up off the sofa by his collar. He flailed about as Jessie pulled him to his feet. Once he was finally back on solid ground Sirius smacked her hand away. Jessie took a step closer to him and pointed her finger at him, “ You bastard! How dare you screw with the locker room! Do you have any idea how idiotic and perverted that was? Because of you I had to walk back up her without taking a shower, covered in mud and fully clothed in my bloody quidditch gear!” Jess jabbed her finger into his chest with every word.


“Aww, come on Spring it was just a prank.” Sirius said tugging on one of Jessie’s braided pigtails. Jess growled and grabbed his collar again.


“Did you just growl at me?” Sirius asked, looking at Jessie like she had grown another head and ten tentacles along with a few extra ears.


“How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my hair! I‘ve been telling you since we were four and I‘ll tell you again- stop touching my hair!” Jessie said clenching her right hand into a fist. She removed her left hand from Sirius’ shirt and grabbed a fistful of his silky black locks and yanked on them. Sirius yelped like a wounded dog and attempted to pry Jessie’s fingers from his hair.


“Get off!” Sirius yelled. He was now attempting to remove Jessie’s fist from his hair with both hands.


“Then stop fucking with mine!” Jessie yelled removing her hand. Sirius clasp both his hand over the spot Jessie had violated and pouted. Jessie rolled her eyes at him, “ Mark my words Black I will get you back!” she spat as she began to walk away.


“No Spring I’m going to get you!” Sirius called after her, grinning evilly, “Say goodbye to your lovely golden hair, it may just be permanently black tomorrow. And say goodbye to you playbook because it just might turn into firewood. And say goodbye…”


Jessie rolled her eyes and made a mental note to have Lily marauder proof the door later. She began to walk up the stairs and suddenly a manic grin sprawled its way across her face. She stuck her head back out into the common room.


“Oy! Black!” She yelled. Sirius turned around took look at her.


“What now?” he called back, “I’m in the middle of plotting your demise!”


“Has James asked Lily out yet?” she said grinning ear to ear. Sirius shook his head, confusion clearly written across his face.


“One day Sirus darling! You better hope Jimmy-poo gets his act together soon!” Jessie said laughing evilly. She flashed him a grin and popped her head back into the stairwell.


“Oh bloody hell.” Sirius said as comprehension dawned across his face. He began muttering a string of curses, but stopped suddenly as he heard a loud bang coming from the girl’s stairway.


“Shit, my wrist!”


Sirius shook his head. Jessie had once again fallen going up the stairs.


Jessie pushed open the door to the seventh year girl’s dormitory as she shook her left hand. As the door creaked open she surveyed the room in front of her. It was quite empty. As she walked over to her bed she mentally calculated where everyone was. Lily was at a head’s meeting with James, Mary was off with Luke, and Jordan had to be off snogging some poor soul. When she got to her bed Jess yanked off her gloves and boots. She kicked her shoes under the bed and tossed the gloves onto the nightstand. As they hit it a piece of paper fluttered onto the floor. Jess leaned over and picked it up. It was a note from Lily.


She turned it right side up and began to read what it said.



I’ll be at the meeting until 8 tonight. After we meet with the prefects James and I have to revise the patrol schedule and report to Professor McGonagall and hand it in.


Be a good girl and don’t kill Sirius!


Love, Lily


Jessie rolled her eyes as she read the last sentence. Lily had absolutely no faith in her. Honestly, just because Black and her had tried to strangle one another on New Years… Jessie shook her head and stuck the note back on her nightstand. She pulled off her socks and after adding them to the growing pile of crap under her bed, hoped of her bed and slowly made her way over to the bathroom.


After shedding her muddy quidditch kit she climbed in to the steaming shower and began humming to herself as she undid her braids and began to shampoo her hair.




Hatred bounces.- E. E. Cummings




“Take a ride on my broomstick baby! We’ll fly high into the sky! Take a ride on my broomstick baby! We’re gonna do it tonight!” Jessie sang as she twirled her way over to her bed, towel drying her hair as she went. She slipped an old worn quid ditch t-shirt over her head and pulled on a pair of sweats, humming to herself as she changed. Jess slipped her wand into the waistband of her pants and began to comb her fingers through her hair.


“Let’s take a ride baby…” she sang as she walked over to her trunk and began to dig through the contents, “…bloody hell this needs organized…” she muttered as she shifted through the stuff.


“Where is it?” she murmured as she began digging again, “Where on earth…” she said to herself as she leaned back and dug her fingers into her hair. She closed her eyes and began muttering to herself, “I know I put it back in here… I know I did… I had it out… yea... Then I stuck it in the bottom…”


Suddenly her eyes snapped open, “Firewood!” she sprung up and flung open the door of the dormitory. She stormed down the stairs and into the common room.


“Sirius Orinion Black!” she screamed as she marched up behind him. Sirius was still sitting in the spot he had been earlier, the only difference was this time he was fully asleep, instead of only starting to doze off. Since he didn’t turn around at her outburst, Jessie marched up to the sofa. Sirius was sound asleep. Jessie rolled her eyes, how on earth could someone so conniving, look so innocent when they were asleep?


She smirked and leaned over so her lips were only a few centimeaters away from his ear, “Boo!“ she said. At the sound of Jessie’s voice Sirius bolted upright, “Wazz gowing ahwn?” he said rubbing his eyes as he turned to face Jessie.


“How on earth do you manage to look like an innocent six year old when your asleep? And where the hell is my playbook!” Jessie shouted, squatting down behind the sofa, so she was at Sirius’ level. Jessie groaned and rubbed her back. She leaned her arms on the back of the sofa and put her head on her hands. Once she had situated herself, she glared at Sirius.


“Huh?” Sirius said yawning. He tussled his hair and turned so he could look at Jessie.


“My playbook Sirius. The one you and James have been attempting to steal since we were fifteen.” Jessie said slowly, as though she was speaking to a four year old. She rolled her eyes.


“Oh, your playbook. I don’t know. I don’t have it.” Sirius shrugged yawning again, he was still half asleep, “Maybe James finally got it and hasn’t told me yet, I dunno Jessie.”



Jessie groaned and banged her head against the sofa, “Your not lying, your sure?” she said.


“I’m not lying. Jessie I’m to tired to lie. Ask James when he gets back. I don’t have it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to bed.” Sirius said standing up. Sirius winced as he stood up to his full height.


“Is your back killing you too?” Jessie said as she walked with Sirius over to the stairs. Sirius nodded, “It was that stupid rapid hit drill. I think I pulled something.” he yawned and leaned against the stairwell opening.


“Bastard.” Jess murmured, “ Please give Hitler hell when he returns to the dormitory. I don’t think I’m going to be able to move tomorrow.” Jess said.


“That I can do.” Sirius said grinning he winced as he attempted to begin walking up the steps, “…maybe… unless I’m dead before he gets back.”


Jessie laughed, “ Night Sirius.” she said shaking her head.


Sirius yawned and smiled at Jessie, “Night Jazz.” he said as he ruffled Jessie’s hair.


Jessie rolled her eyes and smacked Sirius stomach, “Prat” she said. Jessie grinned at him and then began climbing back up to he dormitory.


Jessie reached her dormitory and shut the door behind her. She yawned and began walking over to her bed but she suddenly stopped in her tracks. A look of horror crossed over her face and she laced her fingers into her hair, “Oh bloody fucking sodding hell, I just had a civil conversation with Black.”




Hate is misguided love. ~Author Unknown




The Gryffindor seventh year girl’s dormitory was nearly silent, the only noise that could be heard was the trees rustling outside the open window and the occasional hoot of an owl. Jordan, Mary and Lily lay peacefully in their respective beds; Jessie, on the other hand, was tossing and turning in her sleep. Suddenly she shot up like a bullet. Her eyes flickered open and she began breathing heavily. She wiped the sweat from her forehead off with the back of her forearm and looked around the room. He breathing slowly slowed and she ran her fingers through her hair. The bed creaked as she kicked her covers towards the foot of the bed and swung her legs off. She slowly stood up and walked over towards the window seat. Jessie climbed up and leaned her head against the window frame. The cool night air washed over he face and she wrapped her arms around her knees. Jess sighed and looked up at the stars. And although a faint smile flickered across her face as she found the constellation she had been looking for, her eyes showed her inner pain and turmoil.




It was a lovely garden. Behind the expertly manicured hedges and rosebushes a variety of trees stood, their leaves swaying in the summer breeze. Inside the leafy wall there was a ornate fountain made of the finest marble, the calming sound of it’s water running down the sides added to the peacefulness and serenity of the spot. Behind the fountain stood a large manor. It’s French doors were flung open to allow the breeze from the garden to enter the ballroom inside. Faint music and light trickled out through the doorways and a large sign had been hung from a balcony above. In the night the words upon it were barely visible, but if one squinted they were able to make out the words “ Welcome to the Minister’s Ball” written in dark ink.


Below a young girl around the age of ten came storming out of the French doors. Her blonde hair and the upper half of her dark blue dress were soaking wet. She stomped over to one of the marble benches by the rosebushes and sat down. “Stupid Black” she huffed crossing her arms. She sat there sulking for a few moments muttering about “how she was going to kill him” and “ how he was the devil reincarnate.”


She groaned and turned around to look at the rosebush. She tore one of the flowers from the bush and began ripping the petals from it. She flung the petals up in the air as she tore and they slowly settled on the bench and the ground around her. “Stupid flowers.” she murmured , brushing the petals off the bench. She lay down on the bench and pressed her hot cheeks onto the cool marble surface.


“I didn’t mean for you to get hit with it Jessie.”


The girl’s eyes shot open and she quickly picked her head up from the bench. Standing next to her was a good looking boy of around the same age, with dark black hair.


“Honest Jessie, it was supposed to hit James!” he said sitting down and leaning his back against the bench. He began attempting to rub a scuff of his shiny, black shoes. The girl, Jessie, glared at him and laid her wet head back down on the cool marble.


“He’s acting like a prat tonight, just because he got that new broom before us. And he was driving me insane with his constant “ I got the new Nimbus model!” so I decided to make him stop. But you got in the way of the water and… I’m really sorry Jazz.” he said, rotating his body to look at her, “Really I am.”


Jessie picked up her head and rolled her eyes at him.


“Come on Jessie say something!” the boy begged as Jessie buried her head in her arms again.


“I really hate you sometimes Sirius Black.” she mumbled into her arms. The dark haired boy, Sirius, grinned. He leaned back and blew into Jessie’s ear. She squirmed and swatted at him. He ducked away from her hand and let out a bark like laugh. Jessie giggled and hoped off the bench. She sat down beside Sirius (not caring that she was about to ruin her dress), leaned her head on him and wrapped her arm around his waist. Sirius innocently wrapped his arm around Jessie’s shoulder and they both looked up at the sky.


“It’s really pretty tonight.” Jessie murmured. Sirius nodded in agreement.


“Show me where you are again.” Jessie said quietly as she brushed her wet hair out of her face with her free hand. Sirius smiled, “You see that really bright star there?”


Jessie nodded and Sirius began speaking again, “Now go over two to the left. K, and then go up about ten and over five.”


“Okay.” Jessie said squinting.


“And then it’s the stars right there.” Sirius said pointing to a cluster of stars in the sky.


Jessie sighed and leaned her forehead against her friend’s, “It’s much prettier then you.” she said teasingly. Sirius frowned, “You’re so going to pay for that.”


He smirked and began tickling Jessie. She collapsed on the ground in a fit of giggles, “Stop it Sirius!” she laughed.


“Never!” Sirius said as he began tickling her even harder, “ Not until you say Sirius Orinion Black is much prettier than his constellation.”


“You own the constellation? How do you even know the word constellation?” Jessie said cheekily. Sirius smirked and continue tickling her sides. “Fine, Sirius Orinion Black is much prettier than his constellation.” Jessie gasped out between giggles.


Sirius smirked, stopped tickling her and helped Jessie up of the ground. Jessie began brushing the dirt off her dress, she looked up at Sirius, “Just kidding.” she said smiling at him.


Sirius gaped, “Oh no you didn’t!’ he shouted and lunged at Jessie. Jessie jumped away from him and began running away from him. Sirius however caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her middle. Jessie attempted to wiggle out of his grip, but Sirius held on tight. Jess wiggled around so she was facing him.


“ I won’t let go until you say it and mean it.” Sirius said smirking. Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck and the two swayed to the soft music that was drifting out from the ballroom.


Jessie leaned her forehead against Sirius’ and rolled her eyes, “Fine, Sirius Orinion Black is much prettier than his constellation. Happy?” Jessie asked.


They stayed like that for a few moments until Sirius broke the silence, “ You look really pretty tonight Jazz.”


Jessie bit her lip, “Even though you ruined my curls?” she asked sarcastically.


Sirius rolled his eyes and smiled, “ Even though I ruined your curls.”


Jessie let out a giggle and rolled her eyes, “ I just realized I don’t have nickname for you.” Jess said.


Sirius shrugged, “You call me star boy.”


“Yea, but that’s not a real nickname. I call James Jimmy-poo. That’s a real nickname.” jess said, “How about Siri-bear.”


Sirius shuddered, “Oh please no. Narcissa calls me Siri.”


Jess cringed, “Right, nothing with Siri in it. How about uh… I dunno… uh… speckles… no… sparkles… nah…snapples… no that’s a muggle drink… snooples…”


“Snooples?” Sirius asked raising his eyebrows at Jessie, “How about no?” he said shaking his head.


Jess bit her lip in concentration, “ I got it! Snuffles!”


“Snuffles?” Sirius asked, “Are you serious?”


“No you are, and don’t even think about making me change it! Henceforth you shall be known as Snuffles.” Jessie said grinning.


“You’re crazy Jessie.” Sirius said rolling his eyes.


“But that’s why you love me.” Jessie said sweetly. Sirius let out a short laugh. He wrapped Jessie into a tight hug and murmured into her ear, “ You just keep telling yourself that Jazz.”


“Oh I will Snuffles.” Jess murmured back as she leaned her forehead against Sirius’ again. Her eyelashes brushed his cheeks and both their smiles faded when they realized how close they were. Slowly their eyes closed and their lips met in a tentative kiss.


“Jessie! Sirius! Where are you guys?”


Their eyes flashed open and the hurryingly broke away as James rounded the corner of the bush.


“ There you guys are. I was looking for you! Did I tell you that my new broom can go from zero to sixty in ten seconds?”




“I hate and I love. Perhaps you ask why I do so. I do not know, but I feel it, and am in agony.” - anonymous




Jessie unconsciously brushed her fingertips over her lips as she gazed out at the night sky. She sighed and pushed herself off the window seat. As she stood up to walk back to her bed, she gazed at the constellation one more time- she gazed at Sirius.


Unbeknownst to her, up in the seventh year boy’s dormitory a certain dark- haired marauder was also having trouble getting back to sleep. Sirius was sitting in the exact spot Jessie had been in earlier. But unlike her he was not seeking solace from the stars. Instead he had his arms wrapped around his legs and his head resting on his knees. In his hands he was carefully holding an old photo. It was wrinkled and creased and showed other physical signs of years of wear and tear. Sirius blew his dark hair out of his eyes as he looked at the photo. In it were him and Jessie when they were about six. Jessie’s blonde hair was tied up in pigtails and she and Sirius were hugging one another. Every few seconds the picture Jessie would kiss the picture Sirius on the cheek and the picture Sirius would pull on her pigtail. Sirius smiled to himself as he soaked in the picture, if only things were still so simple.



Wow. Another four thousand word chapter! I’m on a roll. Well there you go folks; lots and lots of Jessie/Sirius interaction! I was just attempting to develop their relationship even more, plus it was fun to write. Hope you liked my version of how Sirius got the nickname Snuffles; even though it was totally corny and barf worthy... And although this seems like this chapter doesn’t develop the plot, believe me it’s muy importante! Hehe… if only you knew what I had planned…oh, and I apologize this chapter wasn’t very funny… sorry guys…


Yea, I know the flashback doesn’t seem like they were ten, but I used my brother and cousin ( who are ten) and how they acted at my other cousin’s wedding as inspiration ( minus the kiss, obviously)…


The next chapter is going to be very interesting. Will Sirius or will Jessie win the bet? And will Jessie ever listen to Rodrigo? And will Jessie ever conquer her fear of whipped dairy products? Stay tuned to find out!


So yea, let me know what you enjoyed and what you hated. And let me know what lines you liked.


- pensive princess

Chapter 7: Valentines Day… What More Can I Say….
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Chapter Eleven


Valentines Day… What More Can I Say….



Chocolate… check.


Wizard wireless… check.


Book… check.


Empty common room… check.


Peace and quiet… double check.


In the past two minutes I have downed two large slabs of Honeyduke’s finest dark chocolate and half a dozen jumbo sized truffles; I have also, finally, finished 1,000 and 1 More Hexes for Your Enemies (The Extra Violent Revised Edition) and it’s only twelve o’clock in the afternoon. Which means I have at least an hour and a half more “me time” until people start to come back from Hogsmede and the little munchkins return from lunch. Which means I only have to wait about two more hours for Lily and Mary to come back and entertain me. Yay! It’s not that I don’t enjoy me time; it’s just that I haven’t really seen either of them since Monday. Seeing as, number one, quidditch has swung into full gear for me. It’s the middle of season and our darling captain (read overly zealous slave driver) has doubled practices. We now have two practices a day, excluding Friday evenings (because he has head meetings with Lily) and Sundays (because it’s against school rules for us to practice on Sunday.) The second reason I haven’t seen my friends is Mary has been out and about with her Lukie-poo all week. They’ve been “revising for newts.” Revising my ass, that’s why Lily caught them eating one another’s faces in the third floor broom closet during her patrols Tuesday night. And finally, my friends have been M.I.A. all week because Lily has been so busy with her head stuff. She offered to take a bit of the load off James’ shoulders seeing as it’s quidditch season and he’s captain (read, she told him she would basically do everything because “even though he’s been doing a magnificent job, she doesn’t want him to get overly stressed out by all the responsibility Dumbledore and McGonagall have placed on his shoulders this year.” So he should just, “concentrate on quidditch and [she] will concentrate on the head‘s stuff and [they] will get through this together”). Yes, I know. The end of the world is coming any day now.


Did I mention it’s Valentine’s Day? Yes, today is the most cliché, boring, lovey-dovey, day of the year- it makes me want to puke. Ugh. There’s pink hearts plastered all over the common room, courtesy of The Marauders, along with red streamers. And I had a lovely wake up call this morning.


Mary decided to wake me up at eight o’clock this morning, so I could help her pick out an outfit for her date with Luke. I still don’t understand why she woke me up, I’m the least fashionable of the three of us and all I really did was mummer and nod. Lily was the one who picked put the outfit Mary ended up wearing.


But, anyways, back to my point…


So I was still half asleep and not very observant or alert when I climbed out of bed this morning. And as I hoped out my head collided with a metal bucket, which doused me (head to toe) in sparkly, pink and red, heart glitter. Guess who the mastermind behind the prank was.




It took me three bloody hours (and a gallon of body wash later) to get the glitter off.




There’s actually still some stuck under my nails and in my hair.


I hate Valentine’s Day.




“We must re-invent love…” - Panic at the Disco, Mad As Rabbits




Jessie sighed and put her feet on top of the coffee table as she picked up another truffle from the box and took a bite out of it. The common room around her was completely void of any other being, living or not. The fire crackled merrily in the hearth and soft music hummed from the speakers of Jessie’s wireless. She licked her fingers and folded her hands behind her head. As she closed her eyes the portrait slammed open.


“Save it Siri! You never think about my feelings!”


Jessie groaned and opened an eye. Jordan Sparks stormed into the common room.




Jessie’s eyes flashed open. Sirius followed Jordan through the portrait hole. He threw his arms up in the air and Jordan turned around to face him.


“I still don’t see what the problem is Jordan. We agreed that…” Sirius said, but he was cut off by Jordan.

“But everyone goes to Madam Puddifoots for Valentine’s Day!” she bawled, pouting.


Sirius rolled his eyes, “Come on Jordan…”


“You never think about my feelings!” Jordan cried. She turned around again and dashed up the girl’s stairs.


Sirius shook his head and marched over to the chair opposite Jessie. He plopped himself down in it, muttering a string of curses under his breath.


Jessie raised an eyebrow at him as he sat down.


“Don’t even start spring!” Sirius said. Jess smirked and picked up another truffle.


They sat in silence for a moment, “Did you not have a nice time in Hogsmede?” Jess said sarcastically. Sirius glared at her. Jess shrugged and stuck the last bit of chocolaty goodness in her mouth.


“What’s with girl’s and Madam Puddifoots anyways?” Sirius groaned. He buried his face in his hands.


Jess scoffed, “You’re asking me?”


Sirius shrugged, “Well despite popular belief, you are a girl…”


“I dunno. Ask Lily. Personally I think it’s revolting. Mary dragged me there when it first opened. I had a panic attack.” Jessie said as she re-crossed her ankles on top of the table.


Sirius leaned back in the chair and blew his bangs out of his eyes, “So what’s up with the lonely hearts club?”


Jess glared at him, “It’s not a lonely hearts club.”


“Spring, you’re sitting here all alone on Valentine’s Day eating chocolate.” Sirius said rolling his eyes at Jessie, “It’s a lonely heart’s club.”


“No! I’m just sitting here waiting for Lily to return, because I refused to go to Hogsmede on Valentine’s Day with her and James because it’s Valentine’s Day and I didn’t feel like being scarred for life by all the happy couples that will be eating one another‘s faces in the alleyways and alcoves. And I’m eating chocolate to entertain myself until she gets back.” Jessie said matter- of- factly.


Sirius rolled his eyes at her and took one of the truffles from the box.


“Oi! That’s mine!” jess said lunging for the precious truffle. Sirius moved it out of her reach and jess crashed into the coffee table. Her book and the rest of her belongings, including the leftover truffles, went flying as her body hit the wood.


“Oww.” Jess moaned as she got up. Sirius began laughing.


“Ass.” Jessie muttered as she stood up, “Give me back the truffle black!”


“No” Sirius shrugged. Jessie jumped at him again. She grabbed his arm that was holding the truffle and pinned it against the back of the chair. Jess went to grab the truffle out of his hand with her other arm, but Sirius managed to pin it to her side with his free hand. Jess squirmed and struggled to get free.


Just as she yanked her arm out of his grasp the portrait creaked open again.


“Bloody hell.” Jessie said, her jaw dropping. Sirius twisted around to see what jess was gaping at.


Lily and James walked through the portrait hole, chatting amicably. James had his arm around Lily’s shoulders and Lily’s arm was slid around James’ waist.


“Well, fuck.” Sirius swore. Jess and Sirius looked at one another.


“Shit.” Jess said as Lily and James walked by them to the entrance to the dormitories.


As they walked past Lily and James paid no attention to the fact that one of their best friends was straddling her arch nemesis- they were to entranced by one another.


“I had a really good time James.” lily said hugging Mr. Potter tightly. She let go and leaned against the wall, “Thanks for entertaining me all day. You really didn’t have to spend the whole day with me if you didn’t want to…”


“There’s no one I’d rather spend the day with Lils.” James said smiling at her.


Jessie gagged.


Lily smiled back at him, “Thanks James.” she said softly. James leaned over and tucked a strand of hair behind Lily’s ear, “Your welcome Lily.” he said.


“Oh honestly.” Sirius said rolling his eyes, “For the love of Merlin, just kiss her already” he whispered to Jessie who had begun gagging again.


Lily stood up on her tiptoes and kissed James on the cheek, “ I guess I’ll see you later.” she said quietly. She smiled at James and began to slowly walk away. James brushed his fingertips against the spot Lily had kissed and looked back at Lily as she began to walk up the steps.


“Bloody pathetic.” Jessie murmured and shook her head. Her blonde hair shook into Sirius’ eyes and he swatted it away as he scoffed, “Grow some balls James.”


James gulped and dashed over to the stairs. He stepped onto the first step and the steps instantly turned into a slide. Lily came flying back and James caught her in his arms.


Lily turned around in his arms and looked up at him. She parted her lips to speak, but her efforts to vocalize anything were silenced as James slipped a hand behind her head and kissed her,


“About bloody time.” Sirius grumbled. He rolled his eyes as Lily slid her arms around James’ neck. Jess on the other hand was once again gaping at the happy couple. She blinked a few times as she took in the scene before her, “It’s the apocalypse” she muttered. Sirius rolled his eyes at raised his eyebrows at Jessie. “What?” she said shrugging as she looked down at him, “You’re quite sure we’re not hallucinating?”


“Yes.” Sirius said as Lily and James broke apart.


“Hi.” James said softly, smiling at Lily.


“Hi.” she murmured back, blushing crimson.


“Go out with me Evans?” James said quietly as he rested his forehead against Lily’s.


“Sure Potter.” Lily said rolling her eyes. The color drained from James’ face at her words. He braced himself against the wall with his arm. He opened and closed his mouth for a few seconds before Lily took pity on him and softly kissed him.


“Then again maybe we are.” Sirius said hoarsely as Lily and James continued to snog.


“Now give me back that truffle!” Jessie hissed lunging for the chocolate again. Her elbow collided with Sirius floating ribs and he let out a yelp of pain. They both screamed as the chair tipped back and they landed on the floor in a twisted mess of limbs.


James and Lily broke apart and looked toward the source of the noise.


“You moron!” Jessie yelled as she freed her right arm. James and Lily walked up behind their friends.


“What the hell are you two doing?” James asked as Jessie and Sirius finished untangling themselves. Sirius glared at Jessie and took a bite of the truffle he had succeeded in kidnapping. Jessie smacked him on the head, “And that’s for dousing me in glitter this morning!” Sirius grinned cheekily.


Jessie crossed her arms and pouted, “He took my truffle.” she said turning back to James and Lily.


Lily sighed and James wrapped his arm around Lily’s waist “For the love of Merlin.” he groaned.


Jessie glared at him and opened her mouth in order to say something most likely profane and rude, but was cut off by Lily.


“How old are you two? Honestly. Jessie you can not go around and attack people just because they have upset you. You must learn to use your words instead of your fists.” Lily said tersely.


“Exactly,” Sirius said basking in the glory of Jessie’s chastisement. Jessie glared at him.


“And you Mr. Black need to mature as well!” Lily said rounding on Sirius. Sirius’ smirk faded and he glared at Jessie.


“You both need to learn some self control!” Lily added crossing her arms.


Sirius and Jessie both gaped at her and glared even more darkly.


“Self control? Self control?” Sirius yelped.


“Lilian Evans!” Jessie said clenching her hands into fists.


“Are you seriously lecturing us on self control?”




“How… why… do you honestly think…”


“How on earth are you of all people lecturing us on self control? When just a few moments ago you were sucking off Potter’s face in the common room! Which is against the school rules and code of conduct, which you should know…”


Lily’s angry stare had slowly grown into a steely death wish as the course of Jess and Sirius’ commentary had gone on. She was frowning and her knuckles had grown white.


“Could you not have made it up to the friggen dorm?” Sirius spat angrily.


“Ugh! Fine! Anything to get away from you… you… ugh!” Lily roared. She grabbed James’ by the arm and dragged him up to the boys’ dormitory.


Jessie stuck her tongue out at Lily’s back and stomped over to the sofa, where she began to gather her things up off the floor. Sirius magicked the chair back into its full upright position and plopped down in it moodily.


“Bloody friends.” he murmured and Jessie jerked her head up, “Hear hear.” she said as she set the box of truffles on the table. Sirius grabbed another truffle and shoved it in his mouth.


Jessie picked up her book and began to place it back on the table, but suddenly she froze. Her jaw dropped and she stared into space with a look of shock across her face. She slowly picked her head up and looked at Sirius.


Sirius threw his legs over the side of the bright yellow chair, “What?” he said sardonically. He glared at Jessie as a bright grin spread across her face. She straightened her upper torso and carefully set the book on the coffee table. She looked back at Sirius, who was now staring at her like she had finally lost it, and began cackling. Sirius’ eyebrows disappeared beneath the fringe on his forehead as Jess began rolling around on the ground holding her stomach and laughing insanely.


Jessie finally stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. With one last chuckle she sat down on the sofa and smirked at Sirius.


“So Black, what’s today?” Jessie said happily as she snuggled into the sofa.


“Valentine’s Day…” Sirius said slowly.


“And James asked Lily out today did he not?” Jess said grinning manically. Sirius opened his mouth to respond, but suddenly he began to comprehend what Jessie had just said. The color began to drain from his face and his eyes grew to twice their normal size. He looked at Jessie horrified.


“Humm…” Jessie said stretching, “I love being right all the time.”


“Fuck.” Sirius wheezed. He looked as though he had begun to go into a state of shock. Jessie smirked and gathered her belongings off of the coffee table.


“Have fun at breakfast tomorrow!” Jessie said cheerily as she stood. Suddenly Sirius sprung back to life.


“No… Jessie please… you’re not really going to make me actually do it…” Sirius said pleadingly. He looked at Jessie with puppy dog eyes and whimpered.


Jessie rolled her eyes, “ Black you should know by know the whole puppy dog pout thing doesn’t work on me, maybe on James, but not on me… and of course you have to go through with it, this whole thing was your idea in the first place!” Jessie finished rolling her eyes.


“For the love of Merlin Jessie… for the sake of what you and I used to be…” Sirius begged, a look of desperation clearly etched across his face.


Jessie’s giddy expression quickly turned dark, “No Black, you ruined that not me.” she hissed. She turned and angrily marched up the steps to the girl’s dormitory, her blonde hair swishing behind her.


Back on the banana chair Sirius was broken. His shoulders slumped and his face was contorted in anger and pain. He shoved his fingers through his hair and glared at the steps to the girl’s dormitories, “Fine spring, you want to play hard ball, then so be it.”


Chucking the remaining half of his truffle into the fire, Sirius stood up and stalked towards the boys dormitories. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and threw his arms up in the air and screamed.


“Bloody Potter!” he cried and staked back over to the furniture and threw himself onto the sofa.




The hottest love has the coldest end. - Socrates





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Chapter 8: Marauder Rule # 285- One Should Always Listen To the Voices In Their Head
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Chapter Twelve


Marauder Rule # 285- One Should Always Listen To the Voices In Their Head





Good morning Rodrigo darling.


What’s put you in such a good mood?


Oh Rodrigo, how could one not be blissful on a morning such as this? Why the sun is shining. The birdies are chirping. Black is going to be groveling at my feet this morning. The snow that’s left over from that heat wave a week ago is glistening. ..


Only you would be in such an exuberant mood this early over the simple matter of annoying Sirius…


Why Rodrigo, you make me sound like a monster! I’m just pleased that he’s getting humiliated today… that’s all…






You’re not going to really make him do it?






Rodrigo, why have you suddenly started sounding so much like Lily?


Because Lily is correct when she says you need to stop acting so immaturely towards…


Oh please, she’s only saying that because she’s in love with Jimmy. Five months ago she would be encouraging me to complete my life’s work!


You’re life’s work?




What exactly is that?


It is my duty to torture Sirius Orion Black to the point of desperation. It is also my duty to break him into tiny pieces. I also get bonus points if I can make him curl up in fetal position and cry.


Right, I think it’s time for you to go see that psychological healer. They have a whole wing of the hospital dedicated to that you know…


Rodrigo, do you have an off button?


I take offense to that Jessabelle. All I am is a creation of you twisted imagination. And you never answered my question Jessie. Are you really going to make Sirius “confess his undying love for you?”


Yes I am. He deserves it. He’s had this type of humiliation coming to him since he told me to lick the ice carving at the minister’s ball when we were six and my poor tongue got stuck and he laughed at me for ages and refused to go get my mum and then…


I get the point. Jessie, have you considered that this whole plan of making him full-fill his end of the bet might backfire on you? Have you considered that this might embarrass you as much as it might embarrass him?



This is not going to backfire on me Rodrigo. Black deserves this humiliation. He lost the bet, he gets to suffer the consequences. So there.


Sometimes you worry me Jessie, you really worry me.




"First love is dangerous only when it is also the last." - Branislav Nusic




Jessie popped out of bed and strode over to the bathroom humming The Wailing Banshees’ new song, “Potion For My Motion” to herself. In her self applied, oblivious state she failed to notice that her broom was still plopped down on the floor between the front of her bed and the door to the bathroom.




“Mother fucking… Oww!”


Mary sat up in her bed and pointed her wand randomly out towards the open room in front of her. She was quite the comical site, what with her bed head and her sparkly eye mask still firmly in place over her eyes. “Wazz goin on?” she managed to spit out in her half dead state.


Jessie paid no attention to her friend, for she was, instead, rolling around on the oak floor; Holding her foot in her hand and muttering a string of curses (that would have made a prostitute blush) while tears leaked out of the sides of her eyes.


During this commotion, Lily had woken from her beauty sleep. In the time it took for Mary to arise and for Jessie to begin screeching about “hippos balls” she had pulled her red hair into a pony tail, donned her dressing gown and removed Jessie’s broom from it’s spot on the floor ( which had been far to close to Jessie’s head, seeing as she was now rolling around on the ground- and Merlin knows the poor girl didn’t need to add a concussion to her list of injuries)


Lily sighed and walked over to Mary’s bed, taking care to steer clear of Jess as she veered to the left. She avoided Mary’s flailing wand arm, and slid the eye mask off her eyes and up onto her forehead. Mary grinned sheepishly and lowered her wand, “Oh it’s only Jess being a klutz.” Lily rolled her eyes and made her way back over to her horizontal friend.


“Jessie.” Lily cooed softly as she squatted down by her friend, “Are you okay?”


Jessie’s eyes flashed open and she glared up at her friend, “Do I look okay Lily?” she moaned and continued her rant.


Lily rolled her eyes and with Mary’s help hauled Jess to her feet…well foot.


“I guess we’re going to have to go to the hospital wing then.” Lily sighed as they helped Jessie sit down on her bed.


“Yet again we miss breakfast due to Jessie’s moronicness.” Mary muttered yawning.


Instantly Jessie stopped cursing and her eyes grew wide, “I’m fine.” she said jumping up on her one foot and hopping over to her dresser. Lily raised her eyebrows and Mary rolled her eyes.


“Whatever you say flamingo girl.” Mary muttered climbing back into her bed and lowering her lovely eye mask over her face once more.



“How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one‘s senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.” - Norman Douglas




“Black I am going to murder you!” a black-haired teenage boy dashed around the corner knocking over a suit of armor as he ran. A jet of red light soared over his head and streaked into the wall on his right.


“Shit, her aim’s getting better.” he hissed as he dodged yet another bolt of light, however this time it was blue. The boy looked over his shoulder and yelped as someone turned around the corner. Behind him a girl of around the same age had her wand arm extended and was shooting various hexes towards his head. The girl was covered from head to toe in green goo.


She shot a particularly large bolt of light out the tip of her wand and it just barely missed the head of the fleeing boy in front of her. He screamed like a girl and shot a hex back at her as he dodged a group of first years.


“Die Black die!” she screamed as the hex he had shot in her direction soared away from her with a flick of her wand.



“What are you two doing?” a prefect yelled as the two dashed down one of the busier corridors in the school, however neither of them paid any mind. Instead they continued cursing one another ( both by word of mouth and hex.)


In their rampage they failed to notice that they had reached the transfiguration corridor.



“Damn you Black!” the girl screamed as they sprinted onward, weaving through the few students that remained in the hall.


The boy, Black, shot a curse at her over his shoulder, but once again missed. The girl on the other hand had better luck.


“Expelliarmus!” she cried. At last her spell hit the boy square between the shoulder blades. She grinned triumphantly as his wand soared into her outstretched hand. Black skidded to a halt as he felt the wood slip out of his fingers. He looked back, “Now Spring don’t do anything foolish.” he said sweetly as the girl walked towards him menacingly. She had a manic grin on her face and had her own wand pointed towards the worried boy in font of her. She finally caught up to him outside the open door of a classroom.


“Spring.” he said hoarsely as she stabbed the wand into his neck. She cackled evilly.




“Mr. Black! Miss Spring! What on earth are you doing? And why is Miss Spring covered in green muck?”


Both students gulped and looked up to their right. Standing in the doorway was Minerva McGonagall. Their head of house. And she was clearly not amused by the situation in front of her.


Black opened his mouth in order to speak, but was silenced by the formidable looking woman in front of him.


“Save it Black! Both of you will come with me now.” she swept out of the doorway and began striding down the hall, her tartan robes billowing behind her. Both Spring and Black followed behind her. They shot glares at the other every couple steps.


“Candy floss.” Professor McGonagall stated clearly to the stone gargoyle in front of the trio. Black and Spring looked at one another and gulped. Surely not…


“Albus, I have brought them up to you.” she said wearily as they walked into a circular room that was decorated with odd gadgets and hundreds of portraits. In the center of the room sat an aging man. Both Spring and Black gulped again- it was the headmaster.








Jessie shook her head and picked up her bag from it’s spot at the foot of her bed. She winced as she put pressure on her foot and hobbled over to Lily and Mary who were standing by the door looking at her skeptically. She smiled brightly and hooked her arms around theirs.


“Come along my dears!” she said energetically and pulled them out the door.


Lily and Mary rolled their eyes at her and followed her down the steps.


“Lils, you know how Professor Flitwick was discussing that one charm the other day…” May said. Lily moved so she was walking beside Mary. “Oh the one for…”


Jessie rolled her eyes and kept walking in silence, trust Lily and Mary to begin discussing newt theory before breakfast. She stared at the ground as she walked and bit her lip. Soon her eyes became misty, and she was once again off in la-la land.




“Please, take a seat. Minerva, you may leave if you wish.” Albus Dumbledore said as the two third years situated themselves nervously in the chintz armchairs in front of the headmaster’s desk. Professor McGonagall nodded to Dumbledore and made her way out of the office, leaving her two students to the mercy of the headmaster.


“Mister Black.” he said nodding his head in the boy’s direction. In return Sirius grinned sheepishly and began toying with the hem of his shirt, which was characteristically un-tucked.


“Miss Spring” he said nodding his head in the girl’s direction. Jessie bit her lip and looked up at the headmaster.


“You seem to have enraged your head of house.” Dumbledore said calmly, his blue eyes twinkling, “ And I assume I am correct in assuming that you both know that hexing a fellow student is against the rules.”


Jessie and Sirius both nodded silently.


“Good, good.” Dumbledore said folding his hands and leaning his elbows on his desk. Sirius and Jessie both looked up at the headmaster quizzically, “ I shall be writing to your parents and you each shall receive a detention. Professor McGonagall will inform you of where and when it shall take place. You are free to leave. All I ask is you refrain from murdering one another on the steps outside my office.” with a nod of his head Dumbledore removed himself from behind his desk and began walking up the steps to the top floor of his office, humming to himself. Jessie and Sirius slowly got up from their chairs and walked out the door. Jessie stopped for a moment at the doorway and looked back up at the headmaster.


She could have sworn he winked at her.




Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid. - Henrich Heine



“Jess are you going to stand there all day? Or are you actually going to open the door?” Mary said waving her hand in front of Jessie’s face.


Jessie jumped, “What?” she said looking at her friends.


“Are you going to open the doors, or are you just going to stand there and act like a brain-dead squirrel?” Mary asked rolling her eyes.


Jessie looked in front of her. About five inches from the tip of her nose were the doors to the great hall, “Oh.” she said slowly. She reached out and shoved the doors open. Lily and Mary followed her inside muttering to one another about Jessie’s strange behavior.


“There’s pancakes?! This morning just keeps getting better and better and better and better and better and…” Jess said smiling manically as they sat down by the Marauders.


“What did you give her?” James asked Lily as she sat down beside him.


“Nothing.” Lily said as she began to pile eggs and sausage on her plate, “She did break her foot though.”


“What?” James said looking back and forth between Jess and Lily confusedly.


“Don’t even try to begin to comprehend James. You’ll hurt your head.” Lily said sweetly as she kissed him on the cheek.


Jessie smiled brightly as she began stacking pancakes on her plate, “So how is everyone this fine morning?” she said as she began drowning her plate in syrup.


“Broke her foot? Are you sure she didn’t hit her head?” James whispered to Lily, as Jess began stuffing her face.


Lily raised an eyebrow at Jessie.


“Phut?” Jess said, her mouth full of pancakes. Syrup dribbled down her chin and her fork and fingers were covered in syrupy goodness.


“Didn’t your mum ever teach you how to eat like a lady?” James asked Jess as Lily scourify-ed Jessie’s face. Jess wiped her face off with a napkin and glared at James, “Yes she did, you would know, you were there as well. Or don’t you remember James…” jess said picking up her goblet of pumpkin juice.


Sirius scowled in Jessie‘s general direction as he stabbed his food moodily.


James let out a nervous chuckle, “Of course I re…”


“Don’t you remember James? You insisted on wearing my frilly pink dress for it. And then you threw a temper tantrum when it didn’t fit because you were too short, so your mum did a spell so it shrunk to fit. “ Jessie said smirking.


James glared at Jess and opened his mouth to speak.


“Oh James.” Lily laughed and ruffled her boy friend’s hair, “Don’t get your knickers in a twist over it. You were what four?”


“ye…” James said scowling, but Jess interrupted him, “No actually we were nine…” she grinned and blew a kiss in James’ direction, “We had gotten in trouble at the last stupid ball we’d gone to because someone had spilled pumpkin juice on my dress.” Jess glared at Sirius who grinned darkly, “So Mrs. P and mum decided James and I needed to learn how to eat appropriately at events like that.” Jess finished shoving more pancake in her mouth.


“As you can see some of us were not as affected by it as others.” James said as he cut a small slice of sausage off the piece on his plate and placed it in his mouth.


“So Black.” Jessie said sweetly smiling at Sirius.


“So Jessie.” Sirius said in a similar tone as he smiled back at her.


“What do you think of Lily finally saying yes to James?” Jessie said taking another bite of pancake.


“Well Jessie darling I think it’s about time they finally got together.” Sirius responded in an even sweeter voice.


“Something is going on here.” James whispered to Lily, who nodded in agreement, “Have your wand ready James.” she whispered back.


“It’s so cute. I was thinking the other day and well actually I was thinking about you Jessie darling.” Sirius said grinning evilly at Jessie.


“And it’s going to end badly.” James whispered to Lily. He mouthed “wand” to Remus, who nodded and whispered in Mary’s ear. The four of them tightened their grips on their wands and cautiously drew them front the various spots where they had been hidden on their bodies.



“Were you really Black? How disturbing.” Jess said dryly. She shot him a look that said get on with it.


“And…” Sirius smirked standing up and climbing on the table, “I’ve decided I have something to confess.”


“Oh no you don’t!” Jess hissed and attempted to pull him down. Sirius bent over so his face was level with hers, “Oh, was this not what you had in mind? Too bad love.” he whispered back. Sirius stood up and Jessie shot him a murderous glare.


“Attention Hogwarts! I have something to confess!” Sirius cried over the noise of the great hall. At the sound of his voice the noise dwindled to whispers and all eyes were on him.


“Don’t you dare!” Jess hissed. Sirius smirked at her and cleared his throat.


“Thank you. Thank you. I have a confession to make!” he cried out, “Some of you may be shocked. Some of you may be amazed and some of you may even faint, but I feel it is my duty to tell you all the truth. To lie to you no longer!” he said, doing an excellent impression of a ringmaster announcing his latest attraction.


“Kill. Death.” Jessie growled.


“I, Sirius Orion Black, am madly in love with…” Sirius said. Jessie scrambled up on the bench, “Jessie Spring.” he finished, as Jess climbed up onto the table (and knocked over a bowl of oatmeal as she scrambled up) and pointed her wand in Sirius direction.


“I’m going to kill you Black!” she screamed walking towards him. Sirius began walking backwards down the table ( knocking over plates of food as he went), “Oh but Jessie darling, I love you!” he said smirking as he drew his own wand.


The remaining marauders along with Mary and Lily and the rest of the great hall (including the teachers) were gaping in disbelief at the scene in front of them.


Jessie growled and sprinted towards his. Sirius began running backwards as fast as he could, but Jessie reached out and grabbed a handful of his collar. She shoved the tip of her wand into his neck, “I’m going to kill you Sirius.” she said angrily.


“No you’re not.” Sirius said smiling as he pointed the tip of his own wand at her chest.


Jess glared at him and opened her mouth to speak, but Sirius interrupted her before she could even begin to spew a stream of curse words in his direction, “ I really do love you.” he whispered. Jessie looked up at him horrified, for once, she was properly speechless. She lowered her wand and began to walk away, for she was to stunned and horrified to do anything else; but Sirius caught her wrist. He smirked.


“Don’t you dare!” she breathed out as she attempted to free her arm, but Sirius was to quick for her. He grabbed the back of Jessie’s head and kissed her.


Jess shoved him off and wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve. Sirius smirked and crossed his arms.


“Oh fuck.” James said as they watched Jessie flick her wand in Sirius’ direction. A jet of blue light shot in his direction. Somehow Sirius managed to jump out of the way, knocking over a pile of bacon and sausage as he moved.


The bowl crashed to the ground and it shook everyone out of their reveries. James, Remus, Mary and Lily jumped up on the table and dashed towards their friends.


Remus and Lily grabbed Jess, and James and Mary restrained Sirius. Remus resorted twisting Jessie’s arms behind her back and making her kneel against the table in an effort to keep her from clawing Sirius into bits and pieces, and James and Mary ended up alligator wrestling Sirius to the ground.


“I think it’s time for us to take this to my office.” Professor Dumbledore said calmly as he walked past the group.


“Come on.” Remus said wearily as he helped jess up and off the table, never releasing her arms from his grip.




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“You know Black, I would tell you that you’re barking up the wrong tree, but that’s just your natural voice.” Jessie said disdainfully.


James snorted into his text book, and Sirius turned and glared at him.


“Sorry mate it’s true.” James laughed.


“I’ll deal with you later.” Sirius growled.


-pensive princess

Chapter 9: Cry Me A River
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Chapter Thirteen


Cry Me A River


** be warned there is quite a bit of cussing in this chapter.**




Dumbledore had lost count years ago of how many times Jessie Spring and Sirius Black had been in his office due to attacking, maiming, hexing, dueling, verbally abusing, and/ or muggle fighting one another. However he was quite sure that although they had stated numerous times in the past that the would like to kill the opposite party, they had never really intended to consummate any such threat. Today however, he was quite sure that when Jessie had announced that she was going to kill Sirius, she had meant it. And he was quite sure that when Sirius had attempted to lunge at Jessie and beat her into a pulp, he most likely would not have halted his attack until said girl was lifeless. Dumbledore sighed and gazed at the party in front of him over the top of his spectacles.


Lily was standing by Jessie with a worried expression on her face. She had her hand on Jessie’s shoulder and was gently rubbing circles, in an effort to calm down the irate girl in the chair beside her. Jessie looked murderous. Her eyes were wild and her jaw was clenched. Her clothing and hair was in disarray, due to the scuffle, earlier. She was breathing heavily through her clenched teeth. To Jessie’s left was Remus. Remus looked weary. Dumbledore mentally calculated the days till the next full moon. A week and a half, he made a mental note to ask Mr. Lupin to stop by the infirmary and take a pepper up potion. Sitting at Remus’ feet was Mary. She was leaning against his legs and her eyes were half closed- the poor girl was exhausted, but then again she did have to help James wrestle an enraged boy twice her size to the ground… well table. Standing next to Mary and Remus was James. His hazel eyes were swimming in annoyance and sadness and they had a twinge of anger in them. He had not let go of Sirius’ arm yet, in fact his grip seemed to be just as strong as it had been when they were exciting the great hall. And then there was Sirius. Cool rage had washed over his features. His eyes were dark and stormy and the muscles in his neck were tense. His normally flawless hair was disheveled, and a bruise was starting to form on his cheek from when his face had smashed against the table due to James.


“Mr. Potter, you may want to release you friend from your vice like grip. It would be a shame to have to send him to Poppy due to loss of circulation.” James wordlessly let go of Sirius’ arm and a sheepish grin crossed his face. Sirius scowled and began rubbing his arm, where James had been holding, with his other hand.


“Now that we have that taken care of I wanted to thank the four of you for being vigilant and stepping in before this fight could become even more serious.” Dumbledore nodded toward the group, “However for the moment your part in this debacle has ended. I wish to speak to Mister Black and Miss Spring alone.” he finished. Mary stood up and Lily looked at Dumbledore warily, “Never fear Miss Evans, I will return your friends to you in one piece.” he said kindly. James wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders and together they followed Remus and Mary out of the office.


Once the door was shut, the light expression on Dumbledore’s face turned stony.


“Well.” he said as he folded his hands together and placed them on the top of the desk in front of him, “Wasn’t your display at breakfast quite the gossip starter.”

The two students in front of him shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Sirius ran his hand through his hair. Dumbledore sighed and continued, “I am more than positive both of you know your behavior this morning was beyond unacceptable. It was deplorable. You are seventh years. Whether you like it or not the younger students look up to you and follow your example. And thus you can not conduct yourself in the manner that you did this morning, under any circumstances.”


Jessie’s blonde hair fell further over her face and she began fiddling with the bottom button on her shirt.


“And now, what to do with you. We’ve tried lectures, we’ve tried apologies, we’ve tried suspending your quidditch and Hogsmede privileges, and we’ve tried detentions and house points. We’ve even tried attempting to force you to talk to one another about the issues you have with the other party, but that one ended with half the tranfiguration corridor blown up. I’m at a loss as to what to do with you.” Dumbledore said exasperatedly, “But I will think on it, but for now you both have detention for a month and fifty house points each will be taken from Gryffindor. I will not suspend your quidditch privileges this time. I feel Mr. Potter would have a breakdown if I took his star beaters from him a week before the Slytherin- Gryffindor match.” Dumbledore said chuckling to himself, “You may leave. I will inform you when I have finished figuring out the details of your punishment. Please refrain from murdering one another on your way back to the common room.”

And with that said Jessie nodded to the professor and dashed out of the office, only pausing to send one last death glare in the direction of a certain Mr. Black.


Sirius glared back at her and slowly got up from his seat. His teeth and fists were clenched in anger as he began to make his way towards the door.




Sirius stopped in his tracks and turned to the headmaster. Only once before in his life had Sirius Black heard the Professor use his first name when addressing him, and that occasion had not been a pleasant one.


Dumbledore looked up at his student. At the moment Sirius looked like a kicked puppy.


“Sometimes we make choices that don’t end up working out for the best, sometimes the simplest choices turn everything upside down.” he said quietly.


Sirius furrowed his brow in confusion.


“You and I both know that you know deep down inside exactly why you and Miss Spring are unable to be in a room together for longer than a few seconds before someone is maimed or the room is blown up. And as long as you know why somewhere inside of you can fix the problem.”


Once again Sirius looked at the professor like eh had just spoken a foreign language.


“Think of it like this, here we will use a metaphor. When you pull weeds from the garden do you just rip off the leaves? No, you dig into the dirt and pull it out from the root.”


Dumbledore chuckled to himself as Sirius attempted to mentally decipher what he had just said to him, “You are free to go Mr. Black. Miss Spring has probably returned to the common room by now, and due to the fact she returned without you or your corpse, Mr. Potter is most likely frantically searching the school for where she has buried the body.”


Sirius nodded to the Professor, still clearly confused about what on earth the Professor had been talking about and walked out the office door.


“Crazy, eccentric old bat.” Dumbledore laughed as Sirius shut the door to the office muttering to himself.




There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.- Henry Kissinger



Death. Kill. Black. Die. Murder. Kill. Blood. Rip. Kill.


The author regrets to inform you that the link to Jessie’s brain has temporarily been disconnected due to incoherent thoughts and blatant bloodlust…






Jessie was pissed. Actually, she was more than just simply pissed- she was irate. She was enraged. She was…


“Jess? Jessie are all right?”


“Bloody hell Lilian! Do I look all right? I’m fucking livid!” Jessie screamed smacking Lily’s hand away as the red head attempted to rub her back in order to sooth her. Jessie grabbed her pillow and clenched it in her fists. Her eyes were bulging and her face had flushed crimson in anger.


“Jessie breathe.” Mary said kindly.


“Shit!” Mary said jumping away as the pillow in Jessie’s hands was ripped in two. Feathers flew up into the air and drifted down, covering Jessie and the bed in a sheet of white.


“Fucking feathers!” Jessie yelled. She began to haphazardly begin brushing them off her self. Her movements became more violent and jerky as she continued.


“Jess…” Lily said leaning over and brushing some feathers off the bedspread. Then, out of nowhere Jessie screamed. She slid on the bed and curled her knees up into her chest. She wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her face in her arms. She began sobbing and her body began shaking erratically. Her fists were clenched so tightly her knuckles and hands were white.


Mary and Lily looked at one another in horror. Jessie never cried. Sure, she got pissed. Sure, she shed a tew tears in first year when Sirius “accidentaly” killed Jessie’s pet toad Snuffles. Sure, at times she could seem a bit bipolar. But she had never, in the past seven years, broken down like this before. Mary and Lily were to astonished to move. Slowly Lily turned her head and looked at Mary, “ I’m going to go get James.” she whispered horsely, her eyes still wide with shock.


Mary furrowed her brow, not taking her eyes off of jessie, “Why?” she muttered as she slowly sat down on the ground across from Jessie.


“Because he’s like a big brother to her and I don’t know… I just… he’ll help… I know it.” Lily said as she crept towards the door. She winced as Jessie’s bawling became harsher and her body began shaking even harder.



“James!” Lily screamed banging on the boy’s dormitory door.


“Coming” was the muffled reply from inside. Lily rolled her eyes and began tapping her foot. Her eyes wandered to the top of the door and she groaned.


“Oh merlin.” she muttered. Carved into the wood above the door were the words, “maurader’s lair.”


“What’s up.” James opened the door as he finished throwing his shirt on.


Lily raised an eyebrow, “What were you doing? Making Sirius feel better?” she taunted smirking at him.


James scowled and crossed his arms, “What is up with you people and saying Sirius and I are lovers? Honestly! Did you coem up here just to annoy me Lilian?” he said exasperatedly.


“No James. Actually, I came up her for a far more serious reason.” Lily said slowly.


“It must be horrid, because you sound like a bad soap opera right now.” James said leaning against the door frame and ruffling his hair.


“Shut up Potter. It’s Jess. She’s…”


“Ready to murder…”


“No… well yes she was… but…”


“What’s the matter with her?” James said seriously his smirk dropping.


“She’s… I don’t know how to explain it. She’s totally lost it… she’s crying… but it’s not normal crying… she’s like convulsing… and…” by the time Lily had finished James had already begun sprinting down the steps. Lily chased after him.


“Why didn’t you tell me that right away?” James asked as he stopped at the steps to the girl’s staircase and pulled out his wand. He muttered something and began storming up the steps, Lily at his heels.


Lily rolled her eyes as James shoved open the door, “You interrupted me.” she said shutting the door behind them. She bgan to walk foreward but ran into James who was staring ahead open mouthed. Lily walked around him and gazed over at where Jessie and Mary had been before.


Jess was no longer moving, instead she was gazing staright ahead, motionless, her jaw clenched. Silent tears were pouring doen her face. She looked catatonic.


“Oh sweet merlin.” Lily breathed. Mary looked up at them, “I don’t know what happened she just looked up all of a sudden and just started doing this.” Mary said gesturing with her hands toward Jessie.


James walked over to Jess and carefully sat down beside her. Jessie made no indication she had seen him. James sighed and tucked one arm under Jessie’s knees and the other around her back. Carefully he slid her onto his lap. Jess stayed in her catatonic position until her wraped one of his arms around her and moved her upper torso so it was leaning against his chest. James sueezed her bicep and Jessie began sobbing once again. She buried her face in his chest and her body shuddered with each breath she took. Mary patted james on the arm awalked over to Lily. They both sent him grateful looks and exited the room.


“Shh…Jess…shhh…”James whispered soothingly as Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck.


“I hate him James. I hate him.” she cried


James raised an eyebrow, “ Are you sure about that Jess?” he said quietly. Jessie picked her head up and looked at him quizzically. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were coated in moisture. Her blonde hair was even messier than it had been earlier and look on her face could only be described as misery. She wiped her eyes and cheeks with the back of her hand, and ran her fingers through her hair.


“What do you mean?” she croaked.


James shrugged and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, “ Well Jess, if you really truly didn’t care about him at all I don’t think you would be this upset.”


Jessie bit her lip and her eyes began filling up with tears again.


“Oh Jess.” James said sympathetically. He hugged her tightly to his chest as she began crying again. James rocked her back and forth in his arms, until Jessie’s crying subsided and she had fallen asleep.


“Hi.” Lily said quietly, shutting the door behind her carefully. She walked over to James and sat down by him.


“She fell asleep?” Lily whispered taking Jessie’s hair out of its ponytail.


“Yup. She cried herself to sleep.” he said softly. Lily sighed and stood up. She took out her wand and wordlessly levitated Jessie onto her bed. She pulled Jessie’s comforter up over her shoulder’s and brushed Jess’ hair out of her face.


James stood up creakily and shook out his arms, “I love her to death, but she’s getting to be a bit to big for me to do that.” he said chuckling to himself. He rolled his eyes and looked down at Lily who was straightning out Jessie’s comforter. On it was the seal of England’s national quidditch team.


“Sirius and I got her that you know.” he said quietly. Lily looked up at him confused, “Her eighth birthday. Even the she said she wanted to play for England when she grew up. We got her a bludger shaped pillow as well.” he trailed off and bent over. James kissed Jessie on the forehead and began making his way to the door. Lily stayed on the bed.


“You coming?” james asked as he opened the door.


Lily looked down at Jessie’s inert form, “ I think I should stay with her…”


“Trust me. She’ll be horrified with herself when she wakes up. The last thing she is going to want is for you to be in here.” james said quietly. Lily sighed and made her way over to James. Together they walked down the stairs and into the common room.




If you can't convince them, confuse them. - President Harry S Truman





Sirius jumped up ten feet in the air as he walked into the common room. In front of him was Lily Evans. And she was clearly not pleased with the black haired boy in front of her. Her face was cross and her hands were on her hips. She was leaning to her left and tapping her right foot.


“Lily…” James warned from his spot on the couch, where he was absorbed in his quid ditch playbook; he began scribbling something with his quill, “Be nice.” he finished.


Lily rolled her eyes and marched over to Sirius. Despite the fact Lily was significantly smaller than Sirius, she managed to grab him by the collar and drag him over to a chair in front of the fire and shove him into it.


“Sweet. If I had known I get a lap dance for…” he began, but was stopped mid sentence by Lily slapping him across the face. James snorted into his book and Lily scowled.


“I guess I kinda deserved that.” Sirius said rubbing his cheek. Lily raised an eyebrow, “Okay I really deserved that.” he said rolling his eyes.


“Better.” Lily said crossing her arms.


“So Evans, if you didn’t drag me over here to entertain me,” Sirius smirked, “Then why did you so forcefully shove me down in this chair?”


Lily huffed, “Because you, James and I need to have a little chat.” she said venomously. Sirius shrugged. Lily looked back at James, “Oi! Potter put down the damn book.”


“Yes love.”


A second year who was sitting at the desks to their right made a whipping sound and called out, “Whipped!”


“Averly, when you’re getting some you can do that! Five points from Gryffindor!” James said setting down his book.


“Then I guess you can’t do that either.’ Lily said crossly glaring at her boyfriend.


“Oh! Pretty boy got told!” Sirius said laughing.


“I thought you were pretty boy…” James said.


“Well I am, but you see…”


“Could you two possibly act your age for five minutes?” Lily hissed sitting down on the coffee table.


“Aye aye captain.” Sirius said rolling his eyes, “So why do we need to have a chat?”


“What do you think we need to chat about?” Lily said sardonically. She glared at him and pursed her lips.


“Err…” Sirius began rubbing his neck.


“Let’s see what could have possibly occurred within the past twenty four hours that could warrant a lecture?”


“Err…” Sirius chuckled.


“Well how about we start with discussing the fact that you made my best friend bawl her eyes out?” Lily said glaring at Sirius even harder. Sirius stopped laughing and his grin dropped. The color began to drain from his face and he seemed to shrink into the chair.


“Oh please Evans. All I did was kiss her. Jessabelle Spring doesn’t cry, especially over shit like that.” Sirius said uncertainly. He rolled his eyes in an attempt to seem authoritative.


“Pads…” James said slowly. He gave Sirius a significant look.


“No.’ Sirius said fiercely, glaring at James and Lily, “ I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it.” He got up from the chair.


“Sit down Black!” Lily shouted standing up.


Sirius rolled his eyes and stayed standing.


“You don’t get it Sirius! Do you? I’m so sick of this thing that’s going on between you and jess! It’s annoying as hell! I either have to listen to her complain about you or listen to her plot your death constantly! Normally I don’t even care, but today… today was the last straw. She had a fucking meltdown Sirius! A meltdown! She was distraught! And it was all your fault weather you like it or not! And therefore you need to fix it!” Lily yelled.


“Why is it always my fault?!” Sirius shouted back, “ Merlin, it’s always my fault! Why can’t you people understand that maybe, just maybe it isn’t always just my fault!”


Sirius shoved past Lily and bolted up the stairs to the boys dorm.


“Well,” James said picking up his book again, “That went well. Excellent job sweetheart.” he grinned cheekily.


“Oh fuck off Potter.” Lily grumbled plopping down by her boyfriend.


“You know if you weren’t so intent on murder you would have noticed what I noticed.” James said in a sing song voice as he turned the page.


“And what O Mighty Head Boy did you notice?” Lily said sarcastically.


“Oh nothing much, just that Sirius’ eyes were bloodshot.” James said nonchalantly. He flipped another page.


“Great, First he begins World War Three, and then he skips off to the greenhouses and gets high.” Lily said bitterly.


“Wrong. Guess again.” James said flipping the page.


Lily sat up and looked at James, “I give up James.” Lily said rolling her eyes yet again, “what on earth was he doing?”


“He was crying before he came in here. In the room of requirement most likely… or maybe at the pitch…”


“Please James, Mauraders don’t cry. Isn‘t that one of your lovely little codes or something?” Lily said rolling her eyes.


James feigned hurt, “ Lily darling how can you say that. I used to cry all the time.” he pouted. Lily raised her eyebrow.


“Yes I did! every time you shot me down.” James leaned over and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek. Lily rolled her eyes again, but was smiling.


“I hate to break up this cute little love fest, but where is Siri-poo?”


Lily and James looked up and groaned. Standing in front of them was Jordan Sparks.


“Jordan.” Lily said with fake excitement.


“Lily. You wouldn’t happen to know where Siri-poo is? Would you? I need to punish him for his display at breakfast.” she said suggestively, flipping her bleach blonde hair over her shoulder.


“No, we don’t sorry.” James said standing up.


“Oh. Well if you see him tell him his love bug was looking for him. Toodles!” Jordan smiled and skipped out the portrait hole.


Lily stood up next to James, “What on earth was Sirius thinking?” she shook her head in disbelief.


“I think his first choice shot him down… literally.” James said as they made their way out of the common room.


“What? You shot him?” Lily said smirking.


“No I… wait… oh would you stop it with the gay jokes!” James said tapping lily lightly on the head. Lily laughed and wrapped her arm around James’ waist.


“Then who?”


“Her name rimes with Nessie…” James said.


“Jessie?” Lily said slowly.


“I am going to win that bet Lils.” James said ruffling lily’s hair.


Lily rolled her eyes, “Prat.”


“You know you love me.”




"Never go to bed mad -- stay up and fight." - Phyllis Diller




“No Peter, you do three counter clockwise circles an then you say the charm and flick up and down.” Lily said kindly as she helped herself to more potatoes.


Peter began scribbling furiously on the piece of paper in front of him and James laughed, “Pete, I would have helped you later.”


Lily raised an eyebrow, “ Really?”




“Then why do I recall you begging me like a dog for me to explain the same exact charm?” Lily said as Peter finished writing and shoved his things in his bag.


James’ smile flipped and he shoved half his chicken in his mouth to avoid answering the question.


“That’s what I thought.” Lily said smirking.


“Hello everyone.”


Lily’s fork was halfway to her mouth, James stopped chewing, the content look on Sirius’ face turned into a stormy scowl, Remus stabbed his fork into the table and Peter let out a squeak as Jessie slid onto the bench between Remus and Lily and began piling food on her plate. Her face held no traces of the breakdown she had, had only hours before; her hair was brushed and was smoothly flowing down her back, her clothes were clean and looked fresh from the laundry- she even had a smile etched across her face.


“Jess.” James said hoarsely as her swallowed.


Jessie cocked her head and threw him a worried look, “Are you okay James? You sound like you’re coming down with something.”


“I’m fine.” James said hoarsely.


Jessie smiled benignly at him and began eating, “So Lily did you finish the potions essay? I had a few questions about the order and such…”


“Yes, I did in fact.” Lily said smiling.


“You are fucked.” James whispered in Sirius’ ear.


Sirius gulped, “Shut up Potter. You don’t know that.” he whispered uncertainly.


James snorted into his potatoes at Sirius’ words, “Dude, she’s more pissed than I have ever seen her. Usually she would just rip out your guts and beat you into a bloody pulp, but she’s acting surprisingly calm.” James retorted as Lily continued explaining potion’s theory to Jessie.


Sirius grumbled and began stuffing his face.


Remus leaned over to Sirius, “ You’re fucked.” he whispered to him.


Sirius slammed his fist against the table, “Would you stop saying that!” he yelled. Instantly five pairs of eyes were looking at him.


“Black, would you please refrain from screaming at the dinner table.” Jessie said in a sugary sweet voice. She smiled demonically at him and flipped her hair over her shoulder.


“Spring darling, could you possibly refrain from living?” Sirius said harshly.


“ Someone woke up on the wrong side of the cage this morning.” Jessie said innocently cocking her head to the side and widening her eyes.


“You know Jessabelle now would be an excellent time for you to become a missing person.” Sirius growled glaring at her.


Jessie glared and began making her way to the doors. Halfway there she stopped and turned around. She walked back over to the table and stopped behind Sirius. She grinned evilly and bent over so her lips were level with Sirius’ ear. Her blonde hair created a shield between the two of them and Remus, who was sitting next to Sirius.


“Next time you shave Sirius, try standing and inch or two closer to the blade.” Jessie whispered softly. Before Sirius could react she was off again walking out of the great hall.


She glanced over her shoulder and smirked as she saw Sirius rubbing the back of his neck and Lily screaming at him.


The last thing Jessie heard before she was out of earshot was the sound of a resounding smack. She smiled to herself and let the doors of the great hall slam shut behind her.


It was good to have friends.




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Chapter 10: Compromising Positions, Broken Jaws and Denial
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Chapter Fourteen

Compromising Positions, Broken Jaws and Denial




Sometimes you gotta smile like nothing is wrong, sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, live like its heaven on earth, & pretend its all a dream.




Jessie Spring was sitting in the Gryffindor common room in her favorite yellow armchair reading when James and Lily walked in from patrols. However, her choice of seating was the only thing that seemed normal about her these days.


Usually when James and Lily would have returned from their nighttime wanderings they would have been greeted by Jessie chasing Sirius around the common room smacking him with a potions textbook, or Jessie lounging in front of the fire eating chocolate and talking to Mary, or Jessie would have normally sprinted up to them the moment they returned and begun shouting about something random like pink unicorns or crickets that wear sombreros. They were used to seeing her greet them in her sweats and with her blonde hair in disarray. They were used to coming back to her after patrols and being forced to, quite literally, drag her back up to her bed so she would go to sleep.


They were not used to coming home to the site of Jessie, still impeccably dressed in her school uniform with her hair neatly brushed till it shone, sitting neatly in her favorite armchair (ankles crossed) reading transfiguration theory. They were not used to her smiling and waving to them as a form of greeting. And they were definitely not used to seeing Jessie completely ignore the presence of her arch nemesis since age 11, especially when he was passing the time by sitting at a desk behind her and staring at her intently with a scowl on his face instead of at the page.


James and Lily collapsed on the sofa opposite Jessie. James stretched his legs and sprawled out over the coffee table, “Hi Jess.” he said yawning.


Jessie finished her sentence and tenderly closed her book. She carefully set it down on the table and smiled at James.


“Hello James. Hello Lily.” she said clasping her hands in her lap. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and leaned back in the chair.


James raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out.


“Jessie,” Lily said uncertainly.


“Yes, Lily?” Jessie said politely.


“What were you reading?” Lily said quickly, in order to hide her astonishment.


“Oh just a book Professor McGonagall recommended last week in class.” Jessie said sweetly. She picked up the book and handed it to Lily. We slowly took it from her friend’s hands. James continued to stare, this was not the same girl he had grown up with. This was not the Jessie he knew and loved.


“Jess…are you feeling alright?” James asked staring intently at the blonde across from him with a confused look on her face.


Jessie smiled serenely at him and smiled, “Of course James. Thank you for your concern.”


James blinked a few times and ran his fingers through his hair, What the bloody hell?” he muttered to himself. Normally Jessie would have yelled at him for being over protective or responded sarcastically- or had some other over the top reaction to his words.


Jessie turned and began to engage Lily in a conversation about the book she had just been reading. While they chatted amicably, Sirius slammed his book shut and stormed over to the group. He plopped down beside James and crossed his arms.


James noted with pleasure that Jessie’s eye twitched as Sirius settled into his spot on the couch.


“So Jimmy old boy, ready for the match?” Sirius said with a false smile. James raised an eyebrow, “Yes Sirius, the team will be prepared by next Saturday.” he said as Jess and Lily ended their conversation.


“Sirius.” Lily said smiling at him. Jessie’s eye twitched again.


“Lily darling!” Sirius said blowing her a kiss.


“Oi! Only I am allowed to do that!” James said shoving his friend. Sirius laughed and Lily rolled her eyes. Jessie’s eye twitched again, but she kept smiling sweetly.


“Spring.” Sirius muttered darkly as he looked at Jessie.


Jessie tossed her hair behind her shoulder, “Mister Black,” she said tersely.



Sirius fixed Jessie with a death glare and Jessie looked back at him, her face impassive.


“So how bout them Cannons?” James said loudly, his voice squeaking. He clapped his hands together and smiled. Lily rolled her eyes, and Jessie and Sirius both slowly turned to look at him.


“Nice James.” Jessie said shaking her head.


“Well someone had to break the tension!” he pouted, glaring at his two friends.


“There is no tension!” Jess and Sirius yelled glaring at him. James smirked- normal Jessie was making a comeback.


“Please you could cut it with a butter knife!” James retorted. Jess scoffed and put her hands on her hips, “ What are you on?” she yelled back.


“Whatever you are on.” Sirius muttered quietly to himself, but Jessie heard.


She whipped her head around and glared at him.


“Oh look she’s nearly back to normal.” Lily said happily as she picked up the text Jessie had been reading earlier. She flipped it open and began to read. James rolled his eyes and looked back at the fighting nemeses.


“Don’t even get me started on you!” Jess said angrily.


Sirius smirked, “You could begin by complementing me on my good looks.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “ Yes you’re tall, dark and obnoxious.”


Sirius scowled, this was obviously not the type of retort he had been going for.


“Aww did Jessie hurt the poor babies feelings?” Jess cooed at Sirius. He glared at her and threw a sign in her direction that Professor McGonagall would have gained grey hair over.


“You know Jessie darling…” Sirius began.


“Do not all me darling!” Jessie hissed.


Sirius smirked and continued, “If we killed everyone who hates you, it would not qualify as murder. It would be genocide.”


“And you’re a lady-killer Black. Girls take one look of you any die from the horror of seeing your face.” Jessie seethed her face growing redder and hair growing frizzier by the minute.


“Yup, she’s back to normal.” Lily commented as she turned the page.


“And you have the compassion of an icicle.” Sirius said glaring.


“And we all know that romance brings the beast out in you- the jackass.” Jess spat bitterly. Her fists were clenched so hard, the knuckles were white.


“Ten gallons she punches him.” James muttered to Lily. Lily looked up from the book and raised an eyebrow, “ We are not betting on whether or not a student is going to attack a fellow student, we are Heads.” she shook her head and began reading again, “Besides, I don’t have ten gallons.”


James grinned and took out his wand, just in case.


“And we all know that you’re just and uptight, prideful, bitch who…” Sirius didn’t manage to spit out the rest of his sentence, for Jess had lunged at him and begun pummeling every inch of him she could reach. Her fist collided with his nose and blood began spurting out. Sirius shoved her and the two of them tumbled to the floor in a mess of tangled limbs and blood. He hit her in the stomach and Jess responded by hitting him as hard as she could on the jaw. There was a sickening crack and with a loud bang the two sprung apart. Above them stood James, who was looking at them horrified.


Lily sighed and set the book down and walked over. She rolled her eyes at James’ face, “Oh please James, like you didn’t see that coming.” she whipped out her wand and marched over to Jessie and Sirius. A few moments later he was blood free and his jaw was no longer broken; and her clothes were no longer sprayed with Sirius’ blood.


“Are you two quite finished.” Lily asked seriously. She frowned and crossed her arms. Jessie and Sirius glared at one another as they scrambled to get up.


Once Jessie was on her feet, Jess stormed over to Sirius and slapped him, hard, across the face. She returned the gesture he had shot in her direction earlier, “Now I’m finished.” she spat and flounced her way up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.


Sirius growled and marched towards the portrait hole. He kicked a book out of his way as he marched away. It slammed against the wall and fell to the ground, its pages scattering everywhere. He slammed the portrait behind him with a bang and Lily and James sighed.


“Oh fuck off everyone and get to bed!” James yelled at the group of Gryffindor in the common room, all of whom had been staring at the scene wide eyed.




You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.”- Julie de Laspinasse



Chocolate is a girl’s best friend. No seriously, it is especially when one is depressed or upset or angry or a mix of all three at one time. It’s comforting.


It’s kind of like an old worn out t-shirt. You know how even though you wear it way to much you never seem to get to wear it enough? Or how it is so comfortable it makes you feel happy and all warm and fuzzy inside? Chocolate is like that, you can never get enough and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even when things are sucking majorly.


And sucking majorly about describes my life right now. I can not bloody believe him! How could he do that? How could he? Seriously? He just had to kiss me didn’t he? And that’s not even the worst part!


Fucking prick.


“ I really do love you."
I really do love you my ass! Ugh! How dare he say that! How could he say that!? Fuck! I hate him so much! He does not love me and that’s final! I swear to Merlin, you can not tell someone you love them after harassing them for seven years after you totally destroy the friendship you had with that person because you‘re an arrogant, pompous, git who is more concerned with looking cool than with staying friends with someone that you’re supposedly best friends with! I mean, James and stayed friends. It wasn’t that hard! Granted, Sirius and I had more shit going on between us than James and I did, but still… 



Why isn’t the chocolate making me happy? Why?


I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.


Please, you won’t cry. You’ll breakdown and ball your eyes out like the other day.


Rodrigo I thought we had agreed to ignore my moment of weakness.


We agreed to no such thing. All that happened was you attempted to repress it.


Gee, I wonder why I did that.


Because it’s like James said, if you hate him so much why on earth did his words affect you so much?


Because I hate him!


Ah, love.


I do not love Black!


You keep telling yourself that…


Oh I will!


What if he was telling the truth Jessie? What if he really does love you?


Would you not say that! Its bad enough that I keep hearing it in my head constantly without having you say it as well!


Isn’t that technically the same thing?




But what if he does?


He doesn’t! He hates me as much as I hate him!


Well then I should start sending out the wedding invitations then, shouldn’t I.


Stupid cricket! No!


Here some the bride, here comes…


Shut the fuck up you idiotic bug!


Err… anyways… I hate my life.


What the fuck?!




“Folie a deux- the madness of two”




The chunk of chocolate Jessie had been nibbling on dropped to the ground as the door to her dormitory slammed shut behind here. Her hands flew to her hips and she glared.


“What the fuck are you doing in here?” she yelled marching towards her bed. She stopped abruptly and a look of horror crossed her face. Not only was Sirius Black standing by her bed but he had a pink, sparkly notebook in his hands- her playbook.


“Black! Put the book down!”


Sirius shrugged and flipped the book so the front was facing him, he smirked at Jessie, “No I don’t think I will.”


“For Merlin’s sake Sirius! Put the damn book down!” Jess said as she walked slowly towards him, terrified he would open it up.


“No.” Sirius said. He flipped open the cover and Jessie screamed. She dashed over to him and dove towards the book. Sirius attempted to move out of the way at the last second, but Jess smashed into him and they went flying onto her bed.


“Give me the damn book!” Jess said socking his jaw once again. Sirius groaned and moved the book higher away. Jess lunged for it, but Sirius shoved her with his free hand and Jessie landed on the bed beside him. Before Jessie could jump on him again, Sirius straddled her and attempted to keep her from smashing his face in. But his efforts were in vain for Jess swung at his face again and got him right where a bruise was beginning to form from the previous attacks. Sirius yelped like a kicked puppy and grabbed his jaw with his free hand. Jess used the moment to her advantage and kneed him in the gut.


“Bitch!” Sirius swore. He grabbed Jessie’s arms and pinned them above her head and flattened himself against her to keep her from kneeing him anymore. Jessie glared at him and thrashed about in an attempt to free herself.


“Damn it Black get off of me!” Jessie yelled as she withered.


“No. Not until we talk!” Sirius said wincing, “Bloody hell Jazz, you sure have one hell of a punch.” he said rubbing the sore side of his jaw against his shoulder.


“Do not call me that!” Jessie hissed in a deadly tone. The glare she was sending in Sirius’ direction became even darker.


Sirius rolled his eyes and looked down at Jessie. Her blue eyes had turned a stormy gray color and he could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. She was clearly livid. Sirius silently thanked whatever deity had so deemed it fit to make him stronger than her at the moment.


“Jess…” he said shakily.


“What?” Jessie spat, “Talk away Black because the sooner you spill your fucking guts the sooner I can get away from you.” She bit her lip and looked up at him angrily.


Sirius gulped, “Okay, just do me a favor.”


“What?” Jessie said acidly.


“Don’t bite your lip and don’t squirm.” Sirius said.


Jessie rolled her eyes and muttered something along the lines of “perverted bastard.” Sirius sighed and looked down at her. Jess was staring up at him crossly and breathing heavily. Sirius attempted to ignore the fact that he could feel her chest rise up and fall down under him and cleared his throat.


“Jess…. I… I… I really did mean what I said the other day.” Sirius said slowly. Jessie kept her mouth shut and continued glaring.


Sirius groaned, “ Come on Jess what do you want me to say? I bloody love you all right?”


Jessie tuned her head to the side and closed her eyes. She clenched her jaw and her fists, “I don’t want to hear it Sirius.” she said icily.


Sirius sighed and lowered his head, “I love you Jess.” Sirius whispered softly in her ear, his lips barely grazing the skin of her cheek. He rearranged their arms so he was holding onto both of Jessie’s with one hand. His other hand slipped down to Jessie’s head. He gently turned it so she was looking up at him. Jessie’s eyes were still a stormy gray color ( a sure sign she was angry), but they were quickly filling with unshed tears. Sirius could feel her body tense under his. He slowly lowered his head so his lips were centimeters from hers.


“Don’t you dare.” Jessie said furiously.


“Since when do I actually listen to what you say?” Sirius said softly.


“I truly, really, honestly do love you Jess.” he breathed out as his lips captured hers. Jessie’s eyes flickered shut and for one moment she actually kissed him back. Sirius let go of her wrists and his arm snaked around her waist as Jessie’s wrapped around his neck.


Then out of nowhere Jessie’s eyes flew open. She shoved Sirius off of her.


Sirius stumbled back and grabbed the post of the bed to keep from falling off, “ Jess…” he began, but Jessie was hearing none of it. She was livid.


“Get out Sirius!” she yelled yanking her wand out of her pocket. She pointed it in his direction. He threw his hands up in mock surrender and got off the bed. Jess stood up and shoved the tip of it into his chest. She marched him to the door.


“Get out Black.” she said quietly glaring at him.


Sirius smirked and grabbed the wrist of her wand hand, “ I love you.” he said as he leaned in and kissed her again. Jessie’s left fist smashed against his floating ribs and Sirius yelped and jumped away.


“See you at practice love! Toodles!’ he said slamming the door shut behind him.


Jessie screamed and slammed her fist repeatedly against the door, as tears rolled down her face. She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and shuddered as the tears continued to fall from her eyes and roll down her face.




“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” -James Baldwin





“Formation Q now!” James screamed at his team. They collectively groaned as they flew into a circle around James, who was holding the quaffle.


“Now, move into formation XY!”


“Fucking a.” Jessie groaned as she flew into her spot. Practice was moving onto its fourth hour of formation practice and James was becoming more dictator-esque as time passed.


“James! James!” Jessie called as James yelled at the team to move faster, “ Potter!”


“What Spring!” he called back, “Formation LE!”


“James we need to take a water break! We’re dying!” Jess said as she rotated to her right and dove under her friend.


She licked her dry lips and glared up at him. James trolled his eyes, “Fine! Water Break Everyone!” he barked zooming off towards the stands.


“I love you.” O’ Brian said as he came to a rest by the rest of the team, all of whom were still sitting on their brooms ( they were to afraid they’d collapse if they got off) and gulping down water like their life depended on it. Sirius glared at the scrawny seeker and took a rather large gulp.


“Love you too.” Jess laughed passing him a bottle from the bench beside her.


Sirius scowled and crossed his arms, “Right, he can say that to her nonchalantly and get her to laugh and say it back; but I say it and mean it and I get hit. Life’s so fair” Sirius muttered to himself.


Jessie rolled her eyes, “Jealously doesn’t become you Black.” she twisted the cap back on her water bottle and set it down.


“Shut up Jessie!” Sirius said glaring at her.


“Aww is Siri in a bad mood? Did the mental hospital test to many drugs on him today?” Jessie said sympathetically. She pulled her hair out of it’s pony tail and shook it out.


Sirius tossed his hair in front of his eyes, “ You know something Spring, any similarity between you and a human being is purely coincidental.”


“And you know something Black if ignorance is bliss you must be orgasmic.” She closed her eyes and leaned forward on her broom to sit in a more comfortable position. The look on Sirius’ face became even darker. Jessie yawned and laid her head down on her arms.


“Hey no sleeping during practice!” Sirius yelled. Jess gave him the middle finger and yawned again. Sirius stuck his tongue out at her and took a sip of water. Suddenly his face lit up and he flew over to where Jess was napping. He twisted the cap off of his bottle and tipped it over her head.


“Black!” Jessie sputtered wiping her face off with the sleeve of her robe. Sirius began laughing and tossed the now empty bottle over to the bench.


“Has anyone tried locking them in a broom closet?” O’Brian said shaking his head.


“Yup. I think you were a first year when we did that. Jessie broke down the door.” James said.


“I am going to fucking murder you!” Jess said as she finished drying her face. Sirius stopped laughing and gulped as Jess came shooting towards him on her broom. Jess jumped off her broom and jumped at him. They both went flying through the sir and landed in the mud puddle that was below them with a giant splash.


The team groaned once again in unison and James buried his face in his hands and said something along the lines of “not again.”


He sighed, “Come on guys.” They flew over to where Jessie and Sirius were brawling like wild animals and hopped off of their brooms.


“You three grab her. Kerfs and I will grab Sirius.” James said. O’Brian let out a whimper as he, Mary McNeil and Luther walked towards Jessie.


About ten minutes later, James and company had succeeded in pulling Jessie and Sirius apart. The whole team was coated in mud and panting from the task. Sirius was once again holding his jaw and Jessie’s robes were torn.


“Bitch.” Sirius muttered spitting mud.


Jessie shook her hair out of her face, “Bastard.”


“That is enough!” James roared, “Detention both of you! For a week! Practice is over! Get your sorry asses in the changing rooms immediately! Not you two!” James said grabbing Jessie and Sirius by the collars. He turned them so they were facing him and he shook his head, “ I am so disappointed in both of you. The Slytherin match is in less than a week! Does that mean anything to you two?” he ran his fingers through his hair, “Despicable,” he said and marched off to the locker room.


Jess hung her head and turned to Sirius who sighed and looked up at Jessie sadly, he opened his mouth to speak but Jessie beat him to it, “Not a word Black.” she spat and stormed off to the locker rooms.




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Chapter 11: Speechless.
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Chapter fifteen






“Hate is often an obverse form of love. You hate someone whom you really wish to love but whom you cannot love.”- Sri Chinmoy












I can not even begin to tell you how much pain I’m in at the moment. I feel as though I’ve been trampled by a heard of threstles. I feel like I’ve been crucioed. It’s as though I have been hit by the Knight Bus… repeatedly.


Actually, I wish I had been hit by the Knight Bus.


Why? No, it’s not because I’ve been attacked and beaten within an inch of my life. And I’m not hobbling around like an invalid because I’ve been hexed. No, the real reason would be due to the fact that James is a sadist. Who gets immense pleasure out of torturing those around him. Pain is his fucking cocaine.




Owwwww. My tummy hurts.


And because the Slytherin match is in three days, 12 hours, fourteen minutes and two point five seconds Jimmy boy decided that it would be a good idea to have an “intense” six and a half hour practice today. Intense was an understatement. Four of us puked. Poor O’Brian fainted (luckily it was during the crunches James had us doing, so at least we were on the ground instead of 700 feet up in the air.) And I can’t raise my arms more than five inches.


I quite literally curled up in fetal position and cried for my mum when it was over.


Don’t get me wrong, I want to beat Slytherin. I really, really do; it’s just… practice seemed like something that had been pulled out of a horror movie. It was cruel and unusual punishment!


This must be what lab rats feel like; but at least they get fed in the end. All we got was a slap on the back (which hurt!) by our energetic captain and an “atta’ boy!” (or in my case, “atta’ girl!”)


I swear to Merlin, James Potter is not a normal human being. He has to be a changeling or something like that. Because there is no way at all a normal human being should still have the energy of the fucking energizer fucking bunny after six and a half hours of long, laborious torture. He was doing cartwheels to the changing room while the rest of us were slowly dragging one another to them while tears of pain rolled down our faces!




“The hatred of those who are near to us is most violent.”-Tacitus




Jessie hobbled up to the portrait of the Fat Lady and collapsed against the wall.


“My word! What happened to you my dear?”


Jessie slowly cracked an eye open and looked up at the painting, her blue eyes were wide and filled with pain. She was unable to keep her eyelids up for more than a few seconds before they drooped down and covered her eyes once again. She moaned and whimpered something along the lines of “quidditch practice.”


“Oh! With young Mr. Potter? And handsome Mr. Black?” the Fat Lady squeaked. She giggled like a school girl.


Jess somehow summoned enough energy to roll her eyes and scowl at the Fat Lady’s words. Deciding she’d had enough of the portrait’s disturbing and sickening comments for one night she slowly removed herself from the wall, “Capricious fate.” she groaned, ignoring the Fat Lady’s question. She had never understood the portrait’s obsession with James and Black, and right now she was not in the mood to even attempt to comprehend it.


The portrait hole swung open and as she climbed inside she heard the Fat Lady grumbling to her friend Violet about “Rude children.” Jess rolled her eyes and stumbled into the common room, each step causing pain to shoot up her legs.


She surveyed the common room for her friends and found Sirius, Lily and James who were sitting in front of the fireplace chatting. She frowned at the presence of Sirius and began to slowly shift her body in the direction of the girl’s dormitory. Unluckily for her, Lily saw Jessie before the exhausted girl had even the slightest chance of escape. Lily waved to her and Jess attempted to raise her arm and return the greeting. She moved it up about five inches and let it fall to her side as she let out a whimper.


“Bloody sadist.” Jess muttered hobbling over to them. However when she arrived at point B, she groaned. If it wasn‘t bad enough she was obliged to socialize with her friends when she would much rather be collapsed on her bed, karma had decided to be even crueler.



“What did I ever do?” she muttered looking heavenward as she plopped down in the only open space available- next to Sirius.


“Jess! Nice of you to finally join us!” James said cheerily, “ I was just telling Lily about how wonderful and fulfilling practice was.”


Jess and Sirius both whimpered at the sound of “practice” and shrunk as far away from James as possible. James seemed not to notice his friends obvious distress and grinned manically. He shoved his glasses back on properly, turned to his girlfriend and continued recounting the lovely torture session in minute detail.


“Make it stop.” Jessie said covering her ears with her hands. The sofa springs squeaked as she leaned over and buried her face into Sirius’ shoulder as James began recounting the defensive drill he had made them do to warm up.


“Hey you’re voluntarily touching me.” Sirius said. He looked down at Jessie with a look of shock across his face, however his eyes were smiling.



“Black I’m to tired to fight with you or even care at the moment. Besides, right now we are united against a common enemy.” Jess mumbled into his shirt sleeve. Sirius rolled his eyes and grinned. He moved his arm and wrapped it around Jessie’s shoulders tightly. Jess yawned and let her head fall against his chest. Sirius grinned even broader and kissed her on top of her head. However, when she felt Sirius’ lips press against her skull, Jessie removed her hand from her ear and smacked Sirius in the stomach.


“Oww. Was that entirely necessary?” Sirius whimpered, tears filling his eyes. He rubbed the spot she had hit and pouted, “Bloody crunches.” he groaned glaring at James. Jessie smiled into his t-shirt, “ Just because we are both in agreement that James is a dictator, does not mean you can do that.”


Sirius rolled his eyes. Jess wrapped her arm around his waist and snuggled up even closer to him.


“However, you’re welcome to do that whenever you want.” Sirius muttered to himself as a sleepy, lopsided grin spread across his face.


Jess seemed not to notice his words, “ Bloody hell, I forgot how friggen comfortable you are Black.” she murmured into his shirt.


Sirius grinned and tightened his grip on Jessie “You know what would be even… more comfortable,” he yawned, leaning his head against the side of the sofa.


“Umm…” Jessie grunted in response, shifting her left arm so it was more comfortably positioned behind her head.






“I can’t remember.” Sirius said as he let his eyes close. They laid there peacefully in complete silence…


“Bloody hell!”


Jessie and Sirius jumped up and swiveled their heads around looking for some sort of disturbance in the common room. They found nothing and looked at James questioningly.


James was gaping at them wide eyed and was pointing his index finger in their direction. Lily sighed and smacked her boyfriend upside the head, “Yes James. Jessie and Sirius were acting like normal human beings. Don’t look so surprised, it does happen occasionally.”


“Oh honestly.” Jessie said icily, glaring at James as she stood up and marched (well, at least doing the best “march” she could due to her strained muscles) up the stairs to the girl’s dorm, wincing with each step she took.


Sirius glared at James as he stretched out on the sofa, “Thanks Prongs, thanks.” He curled up in a ball and turned, so his back was facing James.


“What?” James said looking at Lily innocently.


She pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.


“Sirius!” James whined at his friends back. The only response James got was a faint snore.


“Come on James.” Lily said exasperatedly. She hauled him to his feet, “We have patrols.”




What the bloody hell is wrong with me. One minute I’m contemplating ways to kill him, then next I’m snuggling up to him like he’s a fucking teddy bear. Did I get hit in the head during practice and just not remember it happening? Maybe I’m suffering brain damage from the horror of it and it’s affecting my frontal lobe. Yes, that’s it I have brain damage and that’s why cuddling with Black was so fucking wonderful.


Humm… I like brain damage.


Ahh! Oh fuck. Bad, bad Jessie! Let’s pretend I never thought that. Yes, that’s exactly what I will do. Lalala… repressing… repressing…repressing!


See you do like him!


AHH! Not you!




Don’t you dare what me! You know exactly why I’m not pleased to hear you at the moment!


No, I really have no clue. I was just commenting on the fact you seem to have realized that you’re madly in love with Sirius.


I am not! And I have thought nothing of the sort! All I said is he’s comfortable!


He’s comfortable… I love him… same thing…


No it is not! I do not love him!


You keep yourself that Jessie darling!


Oh, I will! Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ev…


You two are going to have such a lovely wedding.




Yes, it will be brilliant! Let’s see, what colors? Pink and chocolate brown or shall we do Midnight blue and cream with silver trimming?


Black and I are not getting married! Ever!


Yes, I like the blue and cream as well. Now what to do about the ceremony? Humm? Outside? Your Aunt Bethany’s garden would be simply lovely around say May.


There is never going to be any…


No to a garden ceremony then? What about your grandmother’s cottage on the English Channel? In July or August? It would be splendid! In her glass ballroom! With all the French doors open so the lovely sea breeze could come in! And then we could do a pale blue and faint tan as your colors; or we could even keep the cream and just lighten up the blue a bit…






Shut up! Black and I are not in the near or distant future getting married! Never, ever, ever!


Never say never!




And your dress is going to be simply divine! Nothing too sultry. You want to look like a bride, not a whore. We’ll get something simple! Perhaps a corset top and a long, voluptuous, flowing skirt with an extra long train. We can play with your hair as well! It would look so lovely in a half up-do with curls falling down your back!


Rodrigo, shut up- you’re making me nauseous!


And what to do about flowers? Humm? Maybe some orchids and lilies and baby’s breath? Or is that too simple? And speaking of lilies, I’m assuming she’ll be your maid of honor?








I’m ignoring you!




Because your planning my bloody wedding to a boy I abhor!


Ahh, but you see, you don’t abhor him.




Yes Jessie darling?


Shut up!


Of course Jessie darling.




And I don’t love him!




Jessie whimpered into the soft cotton of her pillowcase. She rolled onto her back and kept her pillow firmly pressed against her face. The bed creaked as she moved.


“Bloody cricket.”


Jessie flopped the pillow down behind her head and she rolled onto her side. She propped her head up with her arm and stared blankly at the red curtains that hung around her bed, secluding her from the rest of the dorm.


Jess had never noticed before that the curtains were not in face, just plain red drapes. Miniscule velvet swirls and stars covered them. She bit her lip and raised her free hand. She rested her fingertips on the fabric and brushed them over the design. As her fingers trailed down the fabric, Jessie’s eyes slowly flickered shut.




Eleven year old Jessie Spring stood in front of the floor length mirror in her room. She giggled as she twirled around and smiled happily at her reflection.


Although her parents were dragging her to yet another ball, she was excited. She didn’t care even the slightest bit that the Minister’s niece had been accepted as the new Arithmacy professor at Hogwarts, all Jessie really cared about was the fact that she had gotten a pretty new dress to wear and a lovely new set of dress robes to match, out of it; and the fact that she would be seeing her best friends in a few short hours improved her mood a bit as well.


Her dress was made out of a deep midnight blue velvet. It was long, sleeved and hung down to her knees. Her legs were covered in white, lacey tights and she had on black Mary-Jane’s. Jessie giggled again as she waved her arms up and down. Her robes were made of silk in the same color and she loved how they flew about when she moved. They looked like water gliding through the air.


“Well what do we have here?”


Jessie spun around, her wide blue eyes apprehensive.


“Bethany!” Jessie cried. She jumped and ran towards the teenager that was entering her room. Bethany leaned over and hugged Jessie tightly.


“Well, don’t you look lovely.” Bethany said straightening out the velvet ribbon that was holding back Jessie’s springy, blonde curls from her face. Jessie giggled, “Look!”


She spun around in a circle and let her robes swirl around her. Bethany smiled and laughed as Jessie stopped and grinned up at her again.


“I brought you something.” Bethany teased sticking her hand inside her own silver robes. Jessie began bouncing up and down.


“What is it, what is it, what is it?” she asked anxiously.


“I found this in my room the other day and I thought you might like it.” she said as she pulled an envelope out from her robes. Jessie took it from her with a quizzical look on her face. She turned the envelope over in her hands and carefully opened it.


“Bethy! You’re the best cousin ever!” Jessie squealed happily as she smiled at the contents of the envelope. Inside was a picture of her, James and Sirius. They were around seven years old. James was dressed in midnight blue robes and Sirius in forest green. Jessie’s were hot pink and stood out brightly against the boys. They were all squished together and Jessie laughed as she watched the pictures antics…


“It’s a bit old, but I thought…” Bethany began.


She didn’t get to finish however, because Jessie had once again wrapped her arms around her waist and begun chanting “Thank you!” Bethany laughed and patted her cousin on the back.


“Come on you silly girl, let’s get downstairs.” Bethany said as Jessie detached herself.


“Wait.” Jess said as she bounced over to her dresser. She slid open one of the top drawers and pulled out a big leather book. Jessie ran over to her desk and plopped down in the seat. She flipped open the book and placed the picture from Bethany on one of the crisp vellum pages. She ripped a few pieces of spello-tape from the roll next to her and used them to attach the picture. Jessie smiled at her work and finished the page by writing “best friends” underneath the picture as neatly as she could. When she was finished she tuned around and showed the page to Bethany who smiled.


“There how does that look?” Jessie asked.


“Brilliant.” Bethany said smiling as Jessie set the book back down and bounded over to her. Jessie immediately began chatting about how excited she was to see James.


“And Sirius?” Bethany laughed.


“Yea, Sirius too.” Jessie said, however it didn’t go unnoticed by her older cousin that at her comment a bit of the sparkle in Jessie’s eyes had disappeared.


“Jimmy!” Jessie yelled, letting go of her cousins hand as they entered the ballroom. She flew towards a scrawny black-haired boy standing in front of her. She jumped on him and sent the poor boy’s glasses flying through the air.


“Jessie darling, I know you’re excited to see your friend, but dear, you need to let go before you suffocate him.” Jessie’s mother said as she walked up behind Jessie , tapped her daughter on the shoulder, and handed James his fallen glasses. Jessie let go of James and smiled unabashedly up at her mother.


“How are you James darling.” Jessie’s mum said smiling down at the boy.


“I’m good Mrs. Spring.” James said as he slung an arm over Jessie’s shoulders and Jessie blew air into his ear.


“Good, good, Jessabelle at least attempt to act like a girl.”


Jessie rolled her eyes. “Ah there is your mother James, I must have a word with her about September first. Well, behave you two and look after one another.” Jessie’s mother said as she drifted off towards the punch bowl.


“Come on Jess. Let’s go find Sirius.” James said excitedly.


Jessie bit her lip and huffed okay. James looked at her quizzically but ignored the apprehension in her tone.


“If I were Sirius where would I be?” James said as they walked around the ballroom for the hundredth time.


“Right behind you.”


“Sirius!” James cried turning around. He jumped on the dark haired boy behind him, much like Jessie had done to him earlier. The two boys attempted to crush one another a bit more, before letting go of one another and turning to Jessie. Sirius smiled and waved, “Hey Jazz.“ he said.


Jessie had her arms crossed and glared at the two boys.


“Don’t say hi to me then.” Jessie said as she stormed away from them angrily, her robes billowing behind her.


“What did I do?” Sirius asked confusedly as he and James stared at Jessie’s shrinking figure, “ I said hi.”


As the night progressed Jessie managed to avoid both James and Sirius; and James and Sirius avoided her until about eleven o’clock.


“Jessie!” James said as he and Sirius chased her out of the ballroom and into the hallway.


“What.” Jessie yelled as she turned around and looked at the boys.


“Where are you going?” James asked.


Jessie put her hands on her hips, “If you must know your highness, I’m on my way to the ladies’ room.”


“why have you been avoiding us all night?” James retorted.


“I haven’t!”


“Have to!”


“Have not!”


“Have to and you know it Jessie!” Sirius said glaring at her.


Jessie harrumphed and began storming off again.


“ Go stuff your face, I’ll deal with this James.” Sirius said as James eyed the desert table hungrily.


James grinned as he ran off, “Good luck!” he called back over his shoulder.




Hate is misguided love. ~Author Unknown






Sirius Black was not in a good mood. He stared moodily at the flames in the fireplace as he pouted on the sofa and waited for James to return from patrols. James Potter was in Trouble. Major, major trouble. Not only had he nearly killed his “best friend” at quidditch practice, he had also eaten the last chicken finger at dinner. And then there was issue of him being the biggest drama queen on the face of the planet.


As if it wasn’t already miracle enough that Jessie had actually been within a five meter radius of him without attempting to murder him, rip him to shreds or castrate him; the higher powers that be had decided to give him one teensy tiny shred of happiness and make her not only voluntarily be in his presence, but also cuddle with him. A smile slowly spread across Sirius’ face as the word cuddle crossed his mind, but it soon faded. Honestly, the boy (James) had been attempting to convince Sirius that he and Jessie would be “perfect” for one another since third year. Was it really necessary for James to have a totally unnecessary outburst and wake the two of them up as Jessie had been falling asleep in his arms?


“Goodnight Lily darling!”


Lily rolled her eyes as she walked past Sirius, “Make sure he takes his medication tomorrow,” she muttered to him as she smiled back at her boyfriend, “Please.” With one last wave to the two of them Lily dashed up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.


“Sirius.” James shouted as he plopped down next to the moody boy and swung his arm over his shoulders. Sirius shoved it off, “And why are you in such a good mood?”


“Quidditch practice tomorrow!” James sang happily.


Sirius flinched at the Q-word, “Right…”


“And why are you in such a strop?” James asked, putting emphasis on the word strop, as he ruffled Sirius’ hair.


“Let’s see…”


“Oh you’re not still upset about Jess storming off on you?”


Sirius raised an eyebrow at him.




“Yea.” Sirius said in a tone of finality as he crossed his arms and began pouting again.


“Have you tried telling you, you like her, like a normal person?” James asked thoughtfully.


Sirius gaped at his friend, “Fight in the great hall ring any bells?” he said as he gave James a have-you-lost-your-marbles look.


“Oh yes.” James said thoughtfully again, “but I mean have you tried to tell her you like her normally, you know without bellowing it out in front of 100 people…” he trailed off as Sirius glared at him

They sat in silence for a moment, Sirius pouting and James thinking.


“I have it!”


“Oh Merlin…” Sirius murmured.


“Sirius my friend, you know what your problem is?” James said happily.


“The girl that I love thinks I’m the biggest git in the universe? Or is it that Jessie …”


“No, no, no!” James interrupted slapping his hand over Sirius mouth, “ You have no tact!”




“Yes tact.” James said with finality,


“Please I am Casanova himself.” Sirius said rolling his eyes and smirking.


“Only to whores and pinheads” James shrugged. Sirius’ smile dropped, “ And who are you to “lecture me on how to get the girl?” Humm? It took you what… seven years to get Evans to admit you were human?”


James crossed his arms, “At least I have the girl I want. You on the other hand remain empty handed.”


Sirius rolled his eyes.


“So let’s start at square one.’ James said crossing his legs and perching his folded hands on top of them- a stance that would have done Freud proud, “How did this all begin? Why does Jessie abhor you and for the most part, you her?”


Pain flickered across Sirius’ face, “You know how and why, and when and where for all that it matters James.”


“Personally, I think it would be a good idea for you to talk about the events of that dinner party out loud for once, even I don’t know the whole story…” James quickly shut his mouth when he saw the death glare Sirius was sending in his direction.


James sighed, “Fine, next question- besides the great hall fiasco or GHF, have you attempted to explain to her that you love her any other way?”


“Err…” Sirius rubbed his jaw as a brief memory of the incident on Jessie’s bed floated into his head, “Yea.”




“Let’s not discuss that.” Sirius stated as the image of the look of horror on Jessie’s face after they had kissed drifted into his memory.


“Fine.” James said exasperatedly, “If you will not tell me anything, then I guess I shall just have to give you some tips out of the kindness of my heart.”


Sirius raised an eyebrow, as one of the logs in the fire crackled loudly and split in two.


“Spooky,” James said looking at the fire, he swiveled his head back around to Sirius, “Firstly, do not hire one of the house elves to dress up as cupid and follow her around all day singing love songs and throwing red confetti in her direction on valentine’s day. Second, do not under any circumstances offer to give her a piggy back ride to potion’s and then proceed to pester her about what she smelt after you make a love potion in said class. You will end up in the hospital wing. And finally, do not charm her hair into fire when she is angry- it will make her even more angry and most likely give you nightmares for months.” James finished seriously.


Sirius looked at James worriedly, “Maybe Lily was right about making sure you take your medication daily.”


“What? I don’t need medication!” James scowled.


“Right.” Sirius said standing up.


“Where are you going?” James said as he whipped a little black book out of his shirt pocket.


“Bed. What are you doing?” Sirius said eying the book.


“Quidditch plays!” James said happily, “Wanna join me? I was thinking about creating a few new ones to learn before the gam… hey come back!” James shouted as Sirius dashed off and up the staircase to the dorms.


James flipped open the book as the clock struck twelve, “Someone is clearly not dedicated enough…”


**(just fyi- same flashback continued)


If I love you, what business is it of yours? ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



“Jess, talk to me.” Sirius pleaded as he grabbed a fistful of Jessie’s blue robe. Jessie glared at him, but her mouth remained clamped shut. She shrugged the silky material off her shoulders and dashed down the hall, leaving Sirius behind her with nothing but a handful of material. Sirius scowled and threw the robes onto a nearby bench. He began sprinting after her.


“Jessie!’ he called after her as he ran out the doors into the garden. Jess was no where to be seen.


Sirius sighed and sat down on the fountain. He had always loved this garden. It was so peaceful and quiet. It was where he and Jessie an James had hid from the adults time and time again after they had wreaked havoc upon the ball goers. It was where he and Jessie had hid from James so many times before after they had pranked him. It was where he and Jessie had kissed.


Sirius froze at his last thought. The water in the fountain slowly dripped behind him , and he shivered as the wind blew softly. Sirius groaned, that was the real reason Jessie was mad. Even though the kiss itself was innocent enough, something had changed between them that night last year. He frowned, had it really been a year? Yes it had been, and what a year it had been in deed. First their friendship had been awkward and strained, then Jessie had grown closer to James, and now she was ignoring him completely. That was the reason Jessie was ignoring him. That was the reason Jessie had avoided him and James all night.


James. Sirius frowned, neither of them had ever told him what happened that night. And James himself had never asked.


There was a rustling in the bushes and Sirius’ head jerked up. They rustled again. The noise was to loud to be made by the wind.



Sirius slowly stood up from his seat and silently crept towards the source of the noise. He stealthily rounded the corner and came across Jessie, her back turned to him. She was ripping at the bush in front of her attempting to create what, Sirius imagined, was supposed to be a hole in order to escape. Silently he crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Jessie screamed and withered in his arms in an attempt to get away.


“Get off of me Sirius!” she yelled as Sirius moved her into the corner of the bushes and away from her half-made escape hole. He let go of her, but Jessie was boxed in on all sides by either Sirius or the bush.


She glared at him, “prat.”


“Well it was the only way to get you to look at me, let alone speak to me!” Sirius said glaring back.


Jess just crossed her arms and looked down at the ground.


“Come on Jess, look at me,” Sirius pleaded, giving her puppy dog eyes, “I thought we were best friends.”


Jessie let out a bitter laugh at the words best friends, “right Sirius, best friends. The very best of friends. BFF’s for life!” she said sarcastically in an uncharacteristically high pitched voice.


Sirius’ brow furrowed and he cocked his head o the side, “Jess…”


Jessie looked up at him, “ You don’t get it do you?” she said bitterly as her eyes swarmed with tears. She crossed her arms across her chest and bit her lip.


“No Jessie I don’t. Not one bit, not at all. I don‘t understand why you won‘t talk to me. I don‘t understand any of this!” Sirius retorted.


She looked up at him clearly hurt by the tone of his voice, “That bloody, stupid, foolish, daft, moronic, idiotic kiss changed things between you and me. How can you not see it?”


Sirius opened up his mouth to respond, but couldn’t get out a word before Jessie had begun again.


“It changed our friendship okay? After that night you and I were never able to just be friends again. It was just to weird, to awkward. Don’t you see that?” she said softly, pleadingly.


Sirius looked at her, a pained expression on his face, “Jess…” he said breathlessly.


“Don’t Sirius, just don’t.” Jess said as she ran her fingers through her hair, knocking her blue velvet ribbon out and onto the ground.


“I’ve thought it through all night Sirius. It’s for the best. We can’t be friends anymore Sirius, I’m sorry.” Jessie said quietly.


Sirius was stunned. Jessie shoved past his catatonic figure and began walking towards the ballroom again.


“So that’s just it then?” Sirius yelled at her back. Jessie’s figure froze beside the fountain, “ We can be best friends one minute and then you can cut all ties the next? You are going to throw away over six years of friendship just like that? You’re not going to even make an attempt to fix this?” Sirius asked angrily as he walked up behind her.


“There’s nothing to fix.” Jessie shrugged as she turned around to face him, “our friendship is gone.” she said coldly.


Sirius clenched his teeth and glared at her, “I hate you.” he said under his breath.


“What?” Jessie breathed, looking at him horrified.


Sirius laughed bitterly, “I hate you.” he said louder and more clearly.


Jessie scowled and her eyes turned gray, “Well guess what? The feelings mutual, I hate you as well.” and with that she slammed her hands into his chest and shoved him into the fountain.


Sirius landed with and almighty splash and he came sputtering up. He sat up and wiped his hair out of his face and glared at Jessie. A single tear spilled from her eye and rolled down her angry features. She turned and sprinted away. Sirius stood up and sloppily hopped out of the fountain. He groaned as he looked down at his sopping robes.


“Brilliant.” he muttered looking towards the ball room. His mother would be irate at the sight of him, and that was not something he wanted to deal with a t the moment; and so he walked over and sat down behind the bushes, in the hiding place he had used so many times before. He leaned against the plant behind him and hugged his knees to his chest. He rested his chin on his knees and stared at the grass.


Like a wave, the realization of what had happened between him and Jessie crashed on him as his eyes landed on a dark blue, velvet ribbon lying on the grass in front of him. Sirius wiped his face again with the back of his sleeve, this time for a different reason than excess fountain water, and picked up the ribbon. He stuck it into the inside pocket fo his robes and wrapped his arm around his knees once again.


A few hours later and a couple miles away, Jessie hugged her cousin Bethany goodbye.


“I’m glad you liked the picture.” Bethany whispered in Jessie’s ear as she gave her cousin one last squeeze. Jessie gulped and smiled at her, “yea, thank you.” Jessie murmured back. She kissed Bethany’s cheek and dashed away, before tears began to roll down her cheeks again.




“Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned.”-William Congreve


“Nobody said it was easy; it's such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy... no one ever said it would be this hard.”- Anon.




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Chapter 12: A Quidditch Story
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Chapter Sixteen


A Quidditch Story




“What were you doing in my dream last night Honey? I thought I’d locked that door up tight Baby…”- The Pierces, Kill Kill Kill




The morning had started like any other. The birds were singing. The sun was shining. The wind was softly blowing through the trees, rustling their leaves. And although the air had a bit of a chill to it, all in all, it was quite a pleasant day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Inside the great hall, sleepy students were clumped together with their friends piling jam and toast on their plates while they discussed everything from love potions to the latest potions test to the fact Sirius Black had not been seen with a “hookup” in quite some time.


At the Gryffindor table, seven scarlet-clad students sat huddled together. At first glance, the quidditch team looked like a group of normal students who were enjoying a peaceful, bountiful breakfast of sausage and eggs together. But if one took a closer look they would find quite a different scenario.


“No! No! No!” James shrieked yanking the pastry out of O’Brian’s hands, as though it was possessed by the devil himself, “You can’t eat that! It’ll weigh you down! You need to be light like a feather! Fly like a graceful, soaring swan! But attack like an eagle after his prey! No mercy!” he swiped his hand in front of his throat in a chopping motion as he finished his speech and flung the pastry on the ground with a flourish.


The poor, bewildered seeker looked down at his now empty plate and whimpered. He turned and looked up at Sirius wide eyed. Sirius sighed and patted the younger boy on the back and said, “Don’t worry about him, he’s just finally cracked,” before turning back to his own plate and beginning to shovel sausage down his throat before his fascist captain could confiscate it and declare that sausage caused muscle loss or something equally as contradictory. As Sirius piled more eggs on his plate; James handed, with the pomp and glory benefiting a royal procession, a slice of toast, a bowl of fruit and glass of water to the seeker ands began lecturing him about how this breakfast would appease the quidditch gods.


“They will then bless us and give us their special magic! And using it we will slaughter those slimy snakes and win! Victory will be ours!” James said dramatically stabbing the air with him fork. On the other side of James, Jessie sat staring at her friend of seventeen years with a look that clearly stated oh-dear-sweet-merlin-he‘s-officially-lost-it-completely-and-totally. She raised and eyebrow and shook her head as James began chanting a prayer to the “mighty gods of the quaffle.“ Kerfs, who was next to her, muttered something under his breath about James’ psychotic behavior and mental wards and Jessie snorted into her breakfast. Sirius glared at Kerfs, as the grip on his fork became tighter as he stabbed the sausage in front of him viciously.


“Black! Spring!”


Sirius jumped, and nearly stabbed himself with the fork, as Jessie called out, “What I haven’t done anything to him yet!” and threw her hands up in the air in a “I surrender” position. They both turned and cautiously looked at James. James had removed himself from his spot between them and kneeled on the ground.


“Oh for the love of Merlin,” Jessie muttered rolling her eyes. He clasp his hands and looked at them pleadingly, “Please,” he breathed, grabbing their robes in his fists, “Please, please, please don’t fuck this up.” he begged.


Jessie and Sirius shot one another looks that clearly said has-he-finally-lost-his-marbles? Jessie shook her head, turned to James and bent over. She wrapped her arms around her friends neck and kissed his cheek, “James when have Sirius and I ever ruined a quidditch match because of our loathing for one another? We’re not going to ruin this game because of our petty differences, okay? Sirius and I can get along long enough to knock the Slytherin’s off their brooms and crack a few skulls open. Hell, we’ll even put Avery in the hospital wing for a month if you like,” she laughed as a demonic grin sprawled across her face at the thought of permanently maiming Slytherin‘s captain.


“Swear it,” James begged. Jessie sighed at James’ dramatics, “Of course James,” she said.


“Marauder’s promise Prongs.”


James looked close to tears. He jumped up and wrapped both Jessie and Sirius in a bear hug, “It’s out time guys. It’s our last chance to beat them and… I love you both so much!” he said tearfully.


“James, can’t breathe.” Jessie gasped. James let go of them and smiled happily.


“We’re going to kick some serious ass today mates!” James exclaimed as he skipped to the entrance, where Lily and Mary were walking.


Jessie rolled her eyes and began picking at her food again, “Not only is he a drama queen, he‘s bipolar as well; I thought I was supposed to be the psychotic one,” she muttered as she swirled her cereal around in it’s bowl.


Sirius snorted into his eggs as James and Lily returned to the table. Lily squeezed in between Jessie and the group of giggling third years next to her. James pouted, “But I wanted to sit next to you.” he whined.


Lily sighed, “Sirius, I thought I told you the other day to make sure he took medicine. Jess scoot down so we can make room for the big cry baby over here.”


“Scoot down?” Jessie asked horrified, her fork hung frozen in midair, “You mean as in scoot closer to Black?”


Lily rolled her eyes, “Yes, as in scoot closer to Sirius.”


Jessie groaned and slid down the seat, dragging her plate and goblet with her. Sirius smirked and Jessie began stabbing at her food again, muttering swear words under breath. A giddy James plopped himself down on the bench and sent Jessie flying into Sirius’ side.


“Sorry Black.” Jessie muttered, she glared at James, who was to busy shoving toast and marmalade down his throat to realize Jessie was miffed. Sirius raised his eyebrows at Jessie’s apology.


“What?” Jessie asked glaring at him.


“You said you were sorry.”


“Oh stuff it.”


After a few tense moments of uncomfortable silence James stood up, “All right team. Let’s go!” he bellowed hopping over the bench. The rest of the players groaned and slowly clambered over the benches. Lily kissed James, “Good luck.” she said waving at the team as James grinned dopily and lead them out of the great hall.


“You would think after a few months of dating he’d be used to that by now.” Sirius said rolling his eyes as he followed Jessie out the doors.


“Please, he’ll still be doing that after they are married. And why are you talking to me?” Jessie asked as she straightened the back of O’Brian’s robes, as they hurried down the cobblestone corridor after James.


“I’m sorry your highness are we or are we not supposed to be at least attempting to get along today?” Sirius retorted.


“Touché Black. Un-shun.” Jessie said swiping her hand in an upward direction between their heads.


Sirius looked at her quizzically, “ What was that for?”


“You know shun,” Jessie swiped her hand in a downward motion between their heads, “Un-shun.” she repeated the move, this time swiping upwards.




“Come on Black you’ve never seen that before? Shun. Un-shun.” Sirius shook his head, and Jessie gaped.


“Do you at least know what shun means?”


“Of course I know what shun means!” Sirius said glaring at her. Jessie began laughing at the pouty look on his face, he looked like a six year old.


“Ah, ah, ah no fighting Siri-poo!” Jessie said in a sweet, sarcastic tone. Sirius gave her the finger and Jessie began laughing even harder as they walked down the steps into the locker room.




“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for.” - Maureen Dowd




“Annnnd Potter has the quaffle he swings right, left, right, left and he raises his arm to shoot and he… passes to Luther who passes to McNeil who shoots… McNeil scores 70-20 Gryffindor!”


Jessie swerved around one of the Slytherin chaser and raced towards the black ball that was zooming towards James’ head.


“And look at Spring fly! Seriously ladies and gentlemen, appreciate her form, see how her shoulders are perfectly positioned! It’s no wonder the girl has a horde of professional teams after her! And Spring cracks the bludger away and sends it soaring towards the Slytherin chaser Avery! Damn! That girl is sure sending some rockets off today. And Avery gets hit on the right shoulder! He drops the quaffle! You know folks if Spring wasn’t such an ice bitch I think I’d propose…”



“Mr. Demitri!”


“Sorry professor, just saying…”


“Get back to the game!”


“Yes professor. And McNeil has the quaffle she swerves around… Is that the snitch?”


Jessie pulled up next to Sirius and held her breath as O’Brian Shot towards the ground, the Slytherin seeker on his tail. He made a hairpin swerve to his left.


“Oi! Black, Spring! As entertaining s the past few weeks have been, right now is not the time to be discussing your relationship! There are bludgers to be hit!”


At the sound of Dimitri’s voice Jessie scowled and zoomed towards the nearest bludger. She smacked it towards the Slytherin formation, which was conveniently located next to the commentators stand.


“Whoa Jess! Watch the stands. Concentrate on helping O‘Brian get the snitch. Burns is trying to kill him!” James yelled as the Slytherin seeker, Burns, swung at O’Brian’s head. James caught the quaffle from Luther and zoomed away towards the Slytherin goals. Jessie rolled her eyes and flew off in search of another bludger to hit.


“And O’Brian is gaining on that tiny evasive, speck of gold! Burns is on his tail! Go O’Brian go! I mean… and Burns and O‘Brian are in hot pursuit of the snitch…”


Jessie hit a bludger toward Sirius who dove and sent it rocketing in the direction of Avery who was flying towards the seekers. Avery flew off his broom and fell five feet onto the pitch.


“That had to hurt! Nice shot by Black! Ah, if only Gryffindor beaters had such harmony in the halls of Hogwarts, instead of just on the pitch. It’d save our poor eardrums and possibly our sanity. Although, they never they never cease to entertain, especially since Evans and Potter are to busy snogging in the corners to provide a decent… right back to the game; sorry Professor…”


Jess scowled as Sirius flew up next to her, “Bloody prat.” she muttered.


Sirius laughed, “Come along darling, Avery is trailing O’Brian again and James will have our heads if we don’t save our poor seeker from being sandwiched.” Sirius rocketed off with Jessie on his tail, “I am not your darling Black!”


Sirius smirked to himself at Jessie’s words, and thought about blowing her a kiss, but thought better of it seeing as a) James would murder him for not doing his job, and b) Jessie Spring had one hell of a punch, even when she was flying hundreds of feet off the ground on a broomstick.


“And Black and Spring are off again. Black hit’s a bludger towards Spring who sends it towards Avery again. Hot Damn! That girl has one hell of a swing. Avery is, once again, on the pitch and this time he is not getting up! Spring, I would like to take this moment to announce my undying love…”




“What the bloody hell is up with you people and announcing you love me in front of the entire bloody school?” Jessie yelled at the commentator’s box. Sirius attempted to stifle his laughter beside her, but failed miserably.


Jessie glared at him, “Oh shut up you! You’re the root of the problem! You started it!”


Sirius shrugged, “At least I mean it.”


“Urgh!” Jessie yelled and raised her bat…


“… O’Brian and Burns are neck and neck! O’Brian stretches out… yes! He got it! Gryffindor wins!”


Dimitri’s voice was drowned out by the roar of the stands, as seventy five percent of the student population began screaming and pouring out of the stands onto the pitch.


“Well fuck.” Sirius laughed as Jessie’s arms froze in the air at Dimitri’s words. Jessie looked from her bat to Black to O’Brian and back to Black again. After a few miliseconds of contemplating what action to take, she glared at Sirius and shot off like a rocket towards O’Brian who was standing on the pitch staring at the gold object in his hand, with a look of shock upon his face. She leaped off her broom and wrapped her arms around the younger boy crushing him. She finally freed him and looked up. James was standing next to them, tears of happiness pouring down his face. Sirius, had apparently followed after her, because he was behind James, grinning.


“I love you.” James cried as he picked up the seeker and hugged him tightly to his chest. Sirius rolled his eyes and let out a cough that suspiciously sounded like “Drama queen.” Jessie shook her head, “Honestly.”


“Good job Jess,” Sirius said smiling at her. Jessie rolled her eyes, she’d deal with Black’s moronic I love you jokes later, “Good game Black.” Sirius grinned dopily and Jessie continued giving hugs and high fives to her teammates, as they were swarmed by their friends and the rest of the student population.




3rd year


“Theo Vance, aka our captain, is a bit of a git at the first practice. And you want to make sure you don’t hit on Arabella Steele, Sirius. Not only is she a seventh year, but the dear captain has a bit of a crush on her as well.” James said as he, Jessie and Sirius walked out onto the pitch.


Jessie rolled her eyes, “ Just because you’ve been on the team for a year doesn’t mean you are like all-knowing Jimmy-poo.”


James scoffed, “I’m just telling you! It’s for your own benefit! Speaking of actions that will benefit you…”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Yea? What about ‘em?”


“Well,” James said warily, “You two may want to… you know… attempt to keep from murdering one another at practice…”


“What?” Sirius exclaimed, “I don’t try to kill anyone! Other people try to kill me!” he gave Jessie a significant look.


Jessie scoffed, “Excuse me!’ she glared at Sirius, “ I believe it is the other way around! Who dyed my hair green last week!” She took a step closer to him and balled her hands into fists.


“Hey! That isn’t trying to kill you! You charmed me gold and set Hagrid’s niffers on me!” Sirius yelled, mimicking her actions.


“Because you put beetles in my spaghetti! And newt’s eyes in my pumpkin juice!”


“Well you…”


“Will you two shut up?” James yelled glaring at his friends, who were now barely half a rulers length away from one another. Jessie yelped and jumped back a foot, as she realized how close she was to Sirius. James rolled his eyes, “Seriously…”


“I am Sirius, Prongs, all the time,” Sirius said smoothly as he let out a bark like laugh at his own joke. Jessie looked disgusted and scoffed at the over-used joke.


“Oh, honestly Sirius; anyways, the team is coming.” James gestured wildly to the group of students walking towards them.


Theo walked up to them and smirked devilishly as he tussled his blonde hair, “Well, let’s see what you got.”


Jessie and Sirius gulped.


Theo stood on the pitch and smiled to himself as he watched his two new beaters practice hitting a bludger between them. A dark haired girl flew over to him and landed softly on the ground, the snitch between her fingers, “How are they doing Theo?” she asked as she strapped the snitch back in the tattered ball case.


Theo grinned, “Hey Arabella. Not half bad actually. They’ve got quite a bit of chemistry going on there. And poor Potter was all worried they would use the black balls of death, as he said, to kill one another.”


Arabella laughed, “Well, he had just cause to worry. Didn’t you see the two of them in the great hall yesterday morning? Spring charmed Black’s hair bright orange and Black gave her fairy wings. McGongall had a fit.”


Theo shrugged, “As long as it doesn’t affect their quid ditch playing…” he picked up the whistle that hung around his neck and blew into it. At the sound of the shrill noise the rest of the team flew down and gathered in a circle around Theo.


“Good job team, nice practice. Same time Wednesday. Black and Spring put the bludger away and Potter get the quaffle.” Theo said, “Right then. You’re all dismissed.”


After they had put the balls away James, Sirius and Jessie trudged their way to the locker rooms. Theo trailed behind them a bit, in order to appreciate the view that it gave him of Arabella’s backside. His dreamlike state was interrupted, though, as Jessie punched James in the arm.


“I told you I could go a few hours without killing him!”


Theo had to laugh.




Jessie ran her fingers through her freshly washed hair as she climbed through the hole to the Gryffindor common room. In front of her, her housemates were running rampant in a sea of bright lights and loud music. She found James and Lily who were, for lack of a better term, entangled on one of the sofa’s in front of the fireplace. Jessie gagged and rolled her eyes.


“I really do love you.”


Jessie groaned and wiped her lips with the back of her sleeve as Kerfs, still dressed in his robes, ran up to her, “Jessie!”


Jess smiled as he came to a stop in front of her.


“Dude, where were you? You missed the start of the party! You missed it, Evans and James got in a fight!” Jessie looked over his shoulder at her friends who were still playing tonsil hockey. Kerfs followed her eyes and hurried to explain, “Potter tried to spike the punch. And Evans found out and they started yelling. It was just like old times; I’m pretty sure someone conjured up a bucket of popcorn… anyways, they killed it thought because they started snogging the living daylights out of one another as soon as it got good,” he finished with a disappointed look on his face.


“Right then,” Jess said, “Don’t drink the punch.”


“Oh no,” Kerfs laughed, “Little Miss Head Girl vanished all the alcohol in the room before anyone could do anything with it.”

Jess rolled her eyes and the two of them walked over to the rest of the team, minus James, who were all sitting around the fire laughing and recounting the game.


Jessie plopped down on the sofa next to McNeil and Kerfs sat down beside her.


“Look who showed up!” Kerfs said. The rest of the team, minus James, nodded to her. Jess leaned back on sofa and listened as the team began chatting again.


“No, the best way to shake off a bludger is to change direction right.” McNeil said as she took a sip of her drink.


“No, you go left.” Luther argued back.


Jess shook her head. Only her teammates would be arguing off something as simple as that. Everyone knew that you dove down and then went right then up and down again. Jess yawned and her gaze fell on Sirius who was sitting across from her.


He was draped across the chair, his legs over the arm, and staring at the wall. He had propped his head with his arm. His hair was still wet from the shower and it fell messily into his dark eyes- he clearly hadn‘t gotten a chance to comb it; he’d most likely been dragged out of the locker room by the overeager party animals he (and she) called teammates. Sirius yawned and shifted in his seat. As he snuggled deeper into the chair his shirt rode up exposing a sliver of his toned stomach. Jessie groaned and mentally began scolding herself for staring at Sirius.


Its just Black you moron… See…



She glanced at him again. Her eyes followed the flickers of the firelight on him up to his face and then to his eyes. It was beyond her how someone who was clearly bad news could look so innocent. As if he felt her eyes on him, Sirius looked at Jessie. She bit her lip and held his gaze for a few seconds before looking away and taking a large sip of the glass of pumpkin juice in her hand.


Damn you Lily.


“Right-o, as enlightening as this conversation has been I need some air.” Jessie said as she got up from the couch and made her way over to the portrait hole.


“What’s up with her?” Luther asked. McNeil and O’Brian shrugged. Sirus ignored them and continue staring at Jessie’s retreating figure.


“Oi! Black! Can you get some more of those pastries!”


Sirius broke out of his reverie and jolted up, “Yea!” he called back and got up from his seat, “Be right back.” he said to the rest of his team, and he followed in Jessie’s footsteps out the door.




“I can resist everything except temptation.” -Oscar Wilde




Oh for Merlin’s sake!


Bloody hell Jessie. It’s just Black, the arrogant toerag. You’ve always known he’s attractive.


But you’ve never really taken the time to appreciate how attractive he is, now have you?


Ugh. Shut up Rodrigo.


I’m just saying…


I still hate him! He has tortured me since we were like four! He killed my toad! And he humiliated me in front of the whole school! I. Hate. Him. Period.


But aren’t his eyes “so pretty?”


Umm humm. They ar… Just because he has pretty eyes doesn’t mean I can’t hate him!

I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius fucking Black…


Right, you keep telling yourself that sweetie.


Rodrigo, I have come to a conclusion.


Yes love? What would that be?


Sirius Black is an arrogant, good-looking, egotistical manwhore that I hate.


Anything else dear?


Yea, I hate my life.




“You can't make up your mind about what you love and hate.” The Pierces- Waiting




Jessie rolled her eyes and made her way over to Mary who was chatting with a blonde girl over by the entrance to the dorms. Jessie groaned as she realized who the blonde was.


“Jessie.” Jordan Sparks said with false excitement as she smiled at the beater. Jessie rolled her eyes, “Sparks.”


“Siri played so well today! He was amazing don’t you think so? Do you know where he is? I have to give him his congratulations!” she smirked maliciously at Jessie.


Jess smiled bitterly at the blonde, “Actually I saw him coming in, he was out in the hallway trying to charm Beth Smith out of her skirt.”


Jordan gasped, “ He would never! Siri loves me!” she yelped.


Jessie shrugged, “Only one way to find out.” Jordan dashed off as quickly as her high heels and micro mini would let her.


“Why must you do that? The only reason that Black is out there is because he left a few minutes ago, alone, to get more pastries from the kitchens. A little bit after you left to go get some air.” Mary said crossing her arms and giving Jessie a knowing look.


“What? I didn‘t even know they were dating again.” Jess said innocently as she poured herself a cup of punch from the bowl on the table next to her and Mary. Mary raised her eyebrows, “They‘re not. What did you do?”


“Oh you know… he’s out there… stumbling back to the common room after being hit by a well placed jelly legs jinx.” Jessie shrugged. Mary rolled her eyes, “You two can’t get along for five seconds can you.”


“Hey! We behaved very well at the game! Plus I refrained from killing him when he claimed he “loved me” again! And in my defense, he deserves to be hit with every curse, hex or jinx known to mankind at the moment because he is a confusing, arrogant, pompous git who needs to die!” Jess retorted. Mary rolled her eyes as Sirius sprinted into the common room and hid behind the nearest sofa, “Yes, I know you believe that, but don’t you think setting Jordan on him is just a bit too evil. You and I both know Sirius wants nothing to do with her anymore. And stop using Lily’s old lines. Next thing you know Black will be sprouting love poems to you and proposing marriage at dinner.”


Jess nearly spat out the punch she had just sipped, “Do not joke about that, and are you kidding me? And the boy humiliated me! He deserves all seven circles of hell and more! Jordan is nothing compared to what he did to me... Oh hell.”

Jordan pranced into the common room, “Siri!” she yelled shrilly as she entered. She pushed a few first and second years out of the way as she searched the common room for him. Sirius crawled army style towards the boys dormitory.


“Humm.” Jessie pondered as Jordan knocked over a snack bowl as she skipped after Sirius, “ Maybe he only has six circles left…”


“Siri!” Jordan giggled. She pranced towards Jessie and Mary. Jess swiveled her head around and saw Sirius standing behind them a look of horror on his face.


“There you are Siri bear! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I never got to properly congratulate you after the game!” Jordan giggled as she made her way over to them. Jessie bit her lip and laughed as Sirius groaned behind them. Sirius looked around him as he attempted to find a way to escape from Jordan’s acrylics and bleach blonde curls. He saw Jessie.


“Oh Merlin” Mary groaned as Sirius grabbed Jessie by the shoulders and turned her so she was facing him.


“Sorry,” he muttered and kissed her. Jordan stopped in her tracks and gasped. In fact everyone in the whole room gasped, well except for Lily an James who were still happily snogging completely oblivious to the fact that world war three was about to break out in the common room.


After what seemed like an eternity, Sirius let go of a shocked Jessie and smirked at Jordan. Jordan’s face scrunched up and her eyes began to well up with tears. But Jordan’s impending bawl fest was interrupted by the fact Jessie had found her wits again. With a flick of her wand Sirius went flying across the room. The air in the common room began to swirl around, as though a storm had begun. The Gryffindor backed away from both Sirius and Jessie. It seemed as though Jessie had finally snapped. Somewhere above them thunder boomed as Jessie angrily made her way towards Sirius. Sirius rolled onto his side and shakily got up. He groaned as he saw Jessie’s advancing figure, “Right. That was a stupid idea.” he muttered to himself as he straightened his shirt and pulled his wand out of his pocket.


“Jessie darling.” Sirius said hesitantly.


Somewhere up above thunder boomed again, louder than before. At the sound of the noise James and Lily split apart and looked around bewildered.


“Shit.” James whispered as Jessie glared in Sirius’ direction. Jessie took half a step forward and stopped. She pursed her lips and shook her head as she stared at the ground. She picked her head up and looked straight at Sirius.


“I hate you.” she said softly. She shook her head again, turned and practically flew up the steps to the girl’s dorm.




“Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.”- Heinrich Heine




Jess slammed the door behind her. And leaned her head against it. She sobbed into the wood and her legs gave out below her. She slid down the door and huddled against it. After a few more moments of tears she wiped her eyes and buried her eyes in her hands.


“I don’t love him.” she said angrily. She slid her hands through her hair and dug her nails into her scalp.


“I hate him.”




“How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one’s senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.”- Norman Douglas




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Chapter 13: A Twisted Fairytale
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Chapter Seventeen


A Twisted Fairytale




“How did I become so obnoxious?
What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I've never been this nasty”
- P!nk, Please Don’t Leave Me from the album Funhouse




Hello All. So I, Jessie Spring, have decided that I am going to ignore Sirius Orion Black. I know… The Shock! The Horror!


Why? Hahahaha… well you see Black has officially made me step over that lovely little line between entertaining and psychotic. These are the Facts, and yes, Facts must be capitalized!


1) Despite the evidence to the contrary, Sirius Orion Black does not love me.


2) He is proclaiming his love to annoy me.


3) He hates me.


4) Despite popular belief, coughLilycoughMarycough, I do not love Black.


5) I hate Black.


Aren’t the Facts amazing? And they’re true too! And I’d just like to point out, despite the fact that ignoring Black has not worked in the past, it will work! It will! It will! It will!


Stop laughing Rodrigo.


I’m sorry Jessie darling, it’s just so entertaining! You and I both know what happened last time you “ignored” Sirius.


Be quiet cricket!


He pestered you incessantly. Wasn’t that when he dunked you in the lake and you we’re attacked by grindylows?


Lalalala… I’m not listening to you!


It was wasn’t it? And didn’t he dye to your hair black? And convince McGonagall that you were cutting your wrists with razorblades.


Oi! Shut it! There was a reason I repressed that.


And then McGonagall pulled you out of Defense Against the Dark Arts and attempted to have a heart to heart with you and lectured you about the importance of loving your body?


Ugh. Stupid cricket.


Didn’t you end up blowing your top and nearly sever Black’s head off?


And I got detention for a week, blah blah blah. Are you quite finished making me relieve one of my worst memories?


I thought your worst memory was him kissing you in the great hall?


Urgh! Shut up! Now listen here, this time it will work!




It will! I, Jessabelle Lufiana Spring, am very well capable of ignoring Sirius Orion Black!




Benvolio: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?

Romeo: Not having that, which, having, makes them short.

Benvolio: In love?

Romeo: Out-

Benvolio: Of love?

Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love

~ Act I ; Scene I, Romeo and Juliet, By William Shakespeare





Sirius let out a cat call as Jessie got up from her seat and made her way to the classroom door with Lily and Mary as the bell signaling the end of class rung. Lily raised an eyebrow as Jessie clenched her teeth and walked out the door, paying no attention to Sirius’ actions.


His smile fell as he realized Jessie showed no visible signs of hearing him. Sirius scowled and flicked his wand at the pile of unopened, crumpled notes that were piled around where Jessie had been sitting. They vanished and Sirius stowed his wand away in his pocket. He began haphazardly throwing his books and notes into his bag, taking no notice of the fact that his textbook was crushing his ink vial. Remus was standing to the side of the desk and chuckled at his friends actions.


“She’s been ignoring you all morning. She ignored the dead goldfish you put in her cereal; the charmed, rubber spiders in her bag; and even when you made her shirt flash colors randomly depending on what she said,” he stated as Sirius kicked the chair and slung his bag over his shoulder. He pushed past Remus and stomped out the door of the classroom muttering obscenities under his breath. Remus continued laughing as he followed his temperamental friend out the door and down the hall to where James was chatting with the girls. A demonic smile crossed Jessie’s face at the sight of the young werewolf.


“Remus! I haven’t said good morning to you!” Jessie yelled. She jumped on him and gave him a bear hug. Remus patted her on the back and raised an eyebrow at her as she released him and hopped back to her spot next t Lily. Jess began rocking back and forth on her heels as she hummed to herself and looked out the nearest window, ignoring the glare she and Remus were receiving from a certain Mr. Black.


“Right then, I’ll meet you in the library at eight to start patrols then.” James said smiling at lily.


Jessie rolled her eyes as James gave Lily a quick kiss. Lily giggled and Jess grabbed her throat and stuck her tongue out while she made gagging noises in the background. Mary glared at her and tapped Lily on the back.


“Hummm?” Lily said turning away from James.


“You, me and the poster child for immaturity need to get to charms.” Mary said.


“Oh right.” Lily jumped and gave James another quick kiss. Jess doubled over an gagged again.


Lily frowned and grabbed Jess by the wrist, “Oh come on.”


Lily gave Jessie a look and the blonde shrugged, “What? I just don’t enjoy seeing someone who is practically my sister and someone who could be considered my brother snog!” She said with a look of innocence plastered across her face.


Lily gave Jessie’s arm a particularly hard tug as they rounded the corner.


“It’s like incest!” Jessie yelled loudly. The students in the hall around them stared as the brunette, the blonde, and the red head walked down the hall.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!” Lily muttered as she dragged Jessie through the Charms classroom doorway. Lily let go of Jess’ arm and sat down in her seat. Jess plopped haphazardly next to her and pulled out a sheet of parchment and a quill. She began doodling on it and hummed to herself.


“I don’t understand Jessie.” Lily said out of the blue as she turned and faced her friend. Jess continued doodling, “Why are you acting so immature about James and I Jess? Why? I thought you wanted me and James to start dating. You were the one who was constantly hounding me to say yes! And now that we are dating you have a heart attack every time one of us shows an affection to one another!” Jess snorted.


“No! you do! He gave me flowers the other day and you faked throwing up! Just because you have some huge, overwhelming issue with romance does not mean the rest of us are like that!” Lily hissed as she crossed her arms.


Jess’ head shot up, “I do not have issues with romance!”


“You nearly murdered Sirius for saying he loved you!” Lily retorted. Mary groaned and put her head into her hands.


Jess stood up. The quill in her hand snapped in half, “That is completely different!” she yelled as she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the classroom.


“I take it Miss Spring will not be joining us for class then?” Professor Flitwick squeaked from his desk as the door banged shut behind Jessie.


Mary sighed and turned to Lily, “That was a stupid thing to say Lils.” Lily huffed and muttered something about Jessie needing to hear it.


“I know you were trying to help dear, and as much as I concur with your statement we have to remember Jess is no normal person and she tends to react to this a bit more… err… explosively. Class was probably not the best time to bring up the subject.” Mary said.


Lily sighed, “I know.”


“And Lils, your probably not the best person to be discussing how much the person she hates loves her,” Mary smirked.


Lily grinned sheepishly.


“A wonder if it would help if we took her to Madam Puddifoots next Hogsmede trip…” Mary said offhandedly as Flitwick began to lecture.


Lily raised an eyebrow as she dipped her quill in her inkwell and copied down the notes from the board.


“What?” Mary shrugged, “ And she could read that romance novel I was reading last weekend. It like that muggle therapy thing desensitization or whatever it’s called. What was that book titled…”


“Mary.” Lily sighed. She chanced a look at Flitwick. He was busy scribbling away on the board. Lily turned and shook her head at Mary.




“You know how we were discussing that Jessie tends to fly off the handle when she’s angry?“




“ Doing that will cause a nuclear explosion.”






The wind whips around my eyes and wipes away the film over my eyes

The memories start to flash and I’m drowning in my lies

I hear the noise and see the frames as the tape rolls

Oh my god did I really say that? Oh my god how did I not know?


We were star crossed lovers like Lancelot and Guinevere or Tristan and Isolde

We were Romeo and Juliet

Oh, oh, oh

If you and I were never meant to be, then why does it hurt to breathe?

-Memories, by me…




“Do I have issues with romance? Am I terrified of love?” Jessie yelled at James as she slammed her bag on the desk in front of him. James jumped in his chair and knocked his ink vial over. His glasses slid down his nose as well. All in all he was quite a comical sight.


“Tell me the truth Potter! Am I a loveless, ice bitch?” Jessie screamed, banging her fist on the table.


“May I ask where this curiosity came from? And shouldn‘t you be in class?” James asked cautiously, as he straightened his glasses and began tidying the mess Jess had made up.


Jessie dramatically slid down into the seat next to him and leaned back on its back to legs, “Lily told me I have issues with romance.” she pouted, crossing her arms.


James sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.


“James!” Jessie said demandingly.


“Well, I guess that the correct answer would be… you see… how do I put this…” James said straightening his papers.


“It’s a yes or no question Potter!” Jess seethed.


James shrugged, “Yea.”


“What?!” Jessie exploded.


“Well, sometimes Jess, you can be a bit anti-romance, anti-love…”




“I mean you haven’t always been like this, when we were younger you weren’t. you were all girly and princess-y and all like lalala prince charming lalala…”

“Wha…ahh!” Jess’ chair fell backwards and she landed with a dull thud on the oak floor.


“You okay.” James asked and he looked over the table worriedly.


“Peachy,” Jess muttered as she stood up and brushed herself off. She grabbed her bag and stormed off. She marched past Sirius, who had just entered the library, and ignored him.


He sat down in the seat she had just vacated, “What on earth is going on when her?”


James sighed, “Lily said Jess hates romance and implied she is afraid of love.”


Sirius raised an eyebrow as he began taking things out of his bag, “Well it’s true.” he said bitterly.


James sighed, “If you don’t mind me asking…”


Sirius looked up at him, “You’re going to ask anyways, whether I want you to or not, so go ahead spit it out.”


“Why is she ignoring you? Did you do something else I should know about?”




James crossed his arm, “Really? No secret kisses? You didn’t profess your love again? No chocolates or roses?”


Sirius glared, “Some of us don’t feel the need to quote unquote profess our love every five seconds.”


James grinned, “Ah, yes, but you see it worked in the end.”




“Now may I inquire as to why you’re in the library. I didn’t even know you knew where the library was located.”


“Die stag boy, die.”


James began laughing to himself and leaned back on his back chair legs. Sirius rolled his eyes and walked over to the nearest book shelf and began sifting through volumes.


“Ahhh!” James fell to the ground with a crash. Sirius let out a bark like laugh.




“Shut up Padfoot!”




Jessie was curled up in her favorite banana colored armchair with a quill and a sparkly, pink notebook in her hands. She hummed to herself as she scribbled away. The portrait hole clicked open and Lily, James, Sirius and Remus walked in.


“No, that doesn’t work…”she muttered to herself as she bit the end of quill.


“There you are!” James exclaimed as he made a beeline for her. Jessie was to engrossed with her scribbling to acknowledge him and began scratching the page in front of her again. The couch creaked as James sat down across from Jessie. He noisily propped his feet up on top of the coffee table, “Where have you been all day?” he said demandingly.


Jessie sighed and shut her book, “I took a mental health day Jimmy darling.”


Sirius snorted, “It’s going to take more than a day to fix you.” He and Remus sat down on either side of James; and Lily plopped down in the armchair next to Jessie.


Jessie closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, she turned to James, “How was class?”


Sirius gaped and crossed his arms. He turned to Remus, the couch springs squeaking as he moved, “Did she really just ignore what I said?” Remus nodded and Sirius turned back to Jessie.


“Same old same old.” James shrugged, “In potions we…”


He was cut off by Sirius, “Why are you ignoring me?” he whined at Jessie.


“What was that James I didn’t quite catch the end of that,” Jessie asked smirking.




It’s working! It’s working! It’s working! Take that doubters! I am capable of ignoring Balck! Mawahahahaha! And it’s annoying him! Go Jessie! Go Jessie!


Mental Happy Dance time!


“Jess are you okay, you look demonic…”


Oh I’m perfect Jimmy old boy! If only you knew how excellent I am at the moment. The birdies are whistling! The sun is shining brightly! And Black is annoyed! I love life! Take that Sirius Black; you evil, conniving twit!


“Huh, she does look a bit demon like.”


Question! Why does everyone begin comparing me to Satan’s minions when I’m happy? Honestly, I can’t even smile without at least one person thinking I have an ulterior motive.


“That’s because she’s evil.”


Very good Black, I guess the few brain cells you have left are good for something.




“Jess, seriously. You’re beginning to scare me.” James stated. Jessie continued to smile at the group. Her blonde hair was hanging in front of her eyes and the smirk on her face was quite Grinch-like. Her hands were folded in her lap as well, which contributed to her overall look of sadisticness. Her friends half expected her to begin cackling any second.


“Jessie…” Lily sighed.


“Oh honestly, after seven plus years of knowing her you should all know that there is only one way to fix this.” Sirius muttered as he pulled out his wand, “Aguamenti!” he said pointing his wand at Jessie. A cold jet of water burst from his wand and sprayed Jessie in the face.


Jessie yelped and threw her hands up in front of her face to block the jet of water. Sirius flicked his wand and stowed it back in his pocket, “Tada.” he said as Jessie wiped her sopping hair from her eyes and dried off the face with the sleeve of her robe.




Right then. I regret to inform the world that O.I.P.O.S.O.B. (Operation Ignore and Piss Off Sirius Orion Black) has to be momentarily paused due to circumstances I could not have foreseen.




Jessie glared at Sirius as she finished drying her face, “What the bloody hell was that for!?” she yelled.


Sirius grinned, “Oh look who’s talking to me now.” he said laughed.


Jessie clenched and unclenched her fists a number of times while she muttered a string of curses.


“Now Jessie darling, it was for your own good.” Sirius chided as Jess began turning crimson with anger.


Jessie threw her hands up in the air, “How many times do I have to tell you Black! I am not your darling!”


James cocked his head, “Why does this conversation sound familiar?”


Remus and Lily rolled their eyes, “Because dear,” Lily sighed, “we had this argument weekly. And the two of them have it daily.”


James smiled, “I see, so Lils how are you feeling about our little bet at the moment.”




“Yes dear.’


“Shut up.”


James began laughing, “I love…Holy mother of Merlin! What did you do to him!” James yelped as he looked at Sirius, whose hair was magenta and curly.


Jessie shrugged innocently, “Nothing,” she re-opened her notebook and began scribbling in it again.


“But…look……” James sputtered gesturing at Sirius’ magenta head. Jess ignored his protests and began humming again.


“Jessabelle!” James cried. Lily looked from Jessie to Sirius and sighed. She pulled out her wand and after a few complicated movements Sirius hair was back to normal.


“Thank you.” Sirius said to Lily as he crossed his arms and glared at Jessie. Jess snapped her notebook shut and smiled sweetly, “Well I’m off.” she climbed off the chair and skipped off to her dormitory.


Lily cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. James looked at her, “I don’t like that look.”


Lily smirked, “You shouldn’t, “she turned to James, “Love, I’ll meet you later for patrols. Jessie and I need to have a little chit chat. If Mary happens to come back from her “walk” with Luke anytime soon inform her she‘s needed upstairs”


The boys looked warily at Lily.


Remus opened his mouth to speak as Lily hopped up and began making her way to the steps, “If you’re going to be explaining to her she loves Sirius,” Sirius punched Remus in the arm, “I must say I don’t think you’re the right person to be telling someone that they’re in love with the person they hate.” he called out. Lily rolled her eyes and continued up the stairs.


“This’ll be interesting.” James chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair.




There are three sides of an argument -- your side, my side and the right side.




Lily shut the oak door behind her and flicked her wand at the handle. The lock softly clicked. She tucked her hair behind her ears and began walking towards Jessie.


Jessie was lying on her stomach on her bed. Her scarlet comforter and sheets were kicked to the foot of the bed and she had propped her pink notebook up on the pillows in front of her. Jess was softly singing to herself under her breath as she wrote away.


Lily navigated her way around the piles of quid ditch robes and belongings that were scattered around Jessie’s bed. The mattress creaked as she sat down next to Jess.




Jessie jumped about ten feet in the air and screamed at the sound of Lily’s voice. Her quill went flying as she rushed to slam the cover of her notebook shut. Lily crossed her arms and gave her friend a look.


“Bloody hell you scared me,” Jessie muttered as she stowed her notebook between her mattress and the box spring. She flipped her blonde locks over her shoulder and buried her head into a pillow, “What do you want?” her muffled voice stated.


The bed creaked as Lily laid down next to her, “You and I need to have a little chit chat.” Lily smiled as she heard Jessie gulp.


Jess rolled on to her side and removed her face from the pillow, “How about we just skip the talking part and go down to the kitchens for some cookie dough?” she smiled nervously as she nodded her head up and down.


Lily raised an eyebrow, “No.”


Jessie’s smile fell and she buried her face into the pillow again. She groaned. Lily smirked to herself, “So anything you’d like to tell me voluntarily?”


Jessie muttered something that sounded like hell no and Lily shrugged, “Well then I guess I’ll begin shall I?”


Jessie groaned again and began banging her head into the pillow.


“Why do you and Sirius hate one another so much? Come on Jess, tell me. We’ve been asking you for almost seven years now and you’ve never told any of us why. Not even James gets it; and James has known both of you since forever. It makes no sense.” Lily said shaking her head, “You’re practically the same person. You like the same things. You act the same way. I don’t understand.”


Lily looked over at the blonde. Jessie’s head was still buried in the pillow and her hands were over her ears. Lily sighed and pressed on, “Jessie please. Just tell me what happened. Come on, you can’t keep it all inside forever.”


“Yes I can!” Jessie muttered into the pillow.


Lily raised her eyebrows, “Really?”




“Darling, you forget I am the top potions student in the school and I can obtain some veriteserum one way or another.”


Jessie rolled over on her side, “How are you going to do that? Seduce Slughorn?” she rolled her eyes.


Lily smirked, “But I can sweet talk my way into getting some. I’ll just say I need some gillyweed in order to make potion x...”


“And he’s just going to let you flounce right in there?”


“No. I’ll just say something along the lines of practicing making advanced potions for my newts.”


“That will never work Evans!”


“Really?” Lily smirked and crossed her arms, “Want to find out?”


Jessie looked at her friend warily, “Actually I’d rather not.”


“That’s what I thought.” Lily said sweetly, “Now how about you explain to me how your and Sirius’ relationship became so fucked up.”


Jessie groaned and buried her face in the pillow again, “I don’t wanna,” she whined.


“Veritiserum!” Lily smiled.


Jessie whimpered, “I hate you.”


“I know love, I know.”


Jessie sighed and rolled onto her stomach, she crossed her arms and rested her head on them, “Well I guess I should start at the beginning, yea?”


“That’s always a lovely place to start.”


Jessie glared at Lily, “Black and I met when we were like four at one of the lovely dinner parties he, James and I all attended growing up. We all initially got along and then he “accidentally” looked up my skirt.”


Lily let out a giggle, “Typical Sirius.”


Jessie rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.


“Wait,” Lily asked raising an eyebrow, “You hate Sirius because he looked up your skirt when you were four?”


Jessie let out a bitter laugh, “No, but if only it had begun then. My life would have been so much easier. We both eventually got over it and as we got older the three of us became inseparable at the damn functions. We would wreak havoc upon the poor unsuspecting attendees. One time James and Sirius came up with this great prank to pull on the Minister. We were like nine and they had me go up to him and start talking to him, it was mortifying by the way, and while I distracted him they put a kick me sign on his back. Of course they used some freaky kind of spell-o tape to put it on the back of his robes and prudently stuck to them. No one ever figured out it was us who did it though.” Jessie smiled to herself and bit her lip.


“Right. So you three were best friends when you were younger.” Lily said slowly as she gave Jess a quizzical look.




“Okay, then how did you and Sirius end up like you are now, if you were such good friends?”


Jessie sighed and the corners of her lips turned down, “When we were nine one of his cousins and one of my like second cousins eloped. They escaped to France one weekend and just got married.


My family didn’t really care, they didn’t approve, but they didn’t punish them for it. However Sirius’ family was pissed. They did everything within their power to break them up. It was horrible. My family would always be talking about how awful the Black family was and vise versa. No one really paid any attention to the fact that my best friend was a part of “that damned Black family.” One week our cousins decided to leave and go back to France. They thought that they would be safe there and they could start their lives. They left one night and caught a portkey to Paris; but they never arrived. Their bodies were found a week later in a river in the French countryside. They had been murdered with the killing curse.


That’s when the three of us realized the differences between our families. It kind of cast this invisible black cloud over our friendship. It shouldn’t have affected our relationship, but for some reason it did a little. It was like our awakening to the real world I guess. Besides that we were all still the same- James was the arrogant yet loyal prankster, Sirius was the rebel and I was the “sweet” girly girl.


A year later we were at this ball for some reason I think it was for the minister or something and James’ had gotten this new, top of the line broomstick. He was being a prat about it and bragging the whole night. Sirius finally got sick of it and decided to prank him. He decided to soak him with water, but instead he got me. I was furious with him. I had spent all afternoon curling my own hair, and it looked perfect, but the moron ruined my hair with his lovely little bucket of water. I ended up storming outside and having a fit. I destroyed a few roses in the process. He ran out after me and eventually wore me down and made me forgive him. After that we just kind of sat out there together, avoiding James, and looked at the stars,” Jessie said. Her eyes were misty and she seemed to be far away in her own little world. Lily ran her fingers through her hair and re-crossed her arms. She had always known that Jessie and Sirius had once been friends, but she had never realized just how close the two of them were. There was apparently much more to their story than Lily had ever imagined.


Jessie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “When we were like seven Sirius made up this idiotic nickname for me. This song came on called “Down, Down, Down by the Mermaid’s Palace.” It was by this band called Merlin’s Song. They sound kinda like muggle jazz music. So I attempted to explain this to him and James, but they didn’t really get it. So Sirius, being the moron he is decided he was going to call me Jazz from that night on,” she rolled her eyes, “ Err… anyways… so that night at the ball I decided I needed a better nickname for him, seeing I had a nickname for James and Sirius had one for me. So I came up with Snuffles.”


Lily let out a giggle, “Snuffles? Wait wasn’t that your toad’s name?”


Jessie smirked, “Yea, I only named it that to piss him off.”


Lily shook her head, “Psycho. Okay continue.”


Jessie whimpered and flipped onto her stomach. She buried her head in her pillow.


“Come on Jess.”


“Anf fhin fee fhinda fhisseded.”


“What?” Lily asked, “I couldn’t understand you.”


Jessie groaned and rolled over, “ I don’t wanna say it.”


Lily raised an eyebrow. Jessie whimpered and hugged her pillow to her chest, “We kinda…err… oh fuck it… we kissed.” She threw the pillow over her face and moaned.


Lily began laughing, “Ha! Aww! How cute! You were even in love as ten year olds!”


“Shut up Evans, or I’ll gut you and feed you to the squid.”


Lily continued laughing, “Continue Jessabelle darling.”


Jessie threw the pillow off her face and propped her arms behind her head, “After that… err… occurrence we were totally awkward around one another. Our friendship was totally strained. Eventually we just started distancing ourselves from one another. It all really got fucked up right before we left for Hogwarts.”


“Freeze!” Lily called out, “Let me get this straight. The two of you were best friends up until you were ten. Then due to the differences in your families and the fact that you kissed you drifted apart?”


Jess flinched at the word kissed. When Lily finished she nodded and bit her lip, “Yup. It didn’t really come crashing down until the night of the minister’s party for his niece. It was one of the worst nights of my life. I was already pissed with him because he had been treating me funny. James was to oblivious to notice anything, by the way. So when we started hanging out that night he gave James a hug and just waved at me. And I got angry and avoided them the whole night. Until Sirius cornered me outside in the garden. I had run away from them, but he found me while I was trying to… err… punch a hole through the bush.”


Lily rolled her eyes and Jess continued, “ He asked me what was wrong and I basically ended up telling him that because we had kissed we couldn’t be friends anymore, because it was to weird. And he didn’t understand. Basically we ended up convincing ourselves that we hated one another by the end of the conversation.”


Jessie stopped talking and took a deep breath, “I didn’t really mean it. I was just mad. And he had been being a jerk. And I was scared.” she whispered wiping the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand, “And then a few weeks later we got to Hogwarts and we’ll you know what happened. We just started being really mean to one another.” Jess shrugged.


Lily leaned her head against the headboard, “Except for April of second year, you two started being nicer to one another. But then he started dating Jordan in May, and you started being even worse to one another.” she looked at Jessie clearly confused.


Jessie groaned and rubbed her eyes, “He asked me out.”


Lily opened her mouth and gaped.


“I thought he was joking and said no, never in a million years. And he got angry and bam, next thing we all knew he was snogging Sparks in broom closets between class.” Jessie laughed bitterly.


“He wasn’t joking was he?” Lily asked.


“I… I don’t know.” Jess sighed.


Lily shook her head, “And I thought James and I had a weird relationship.” she muttered. Jess let out a snort of laughter and rolled her eyes, “Oh no- you two definitely take the cake,” she rolled on to her side, “ You’ll even have the cute little fairy tale ending.”


Lily stuck her tongue out and climbed off the bed, “ So I still don’t get one thing. Why won’t you just give him a chance.”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “To do what? Break my heart? I’ll pass thank you very much.”


Lily crossed her arms.


“He doesn’t love me Lily.”


Lily looked at Jessie incredulously, “Are you kidding me? The boy is mad about you! Jess, he‘d rather die than hurt you! Merlin Jess, why are you so afraid of him?”


Jessie sat up and scoffed, “ I am not afraid of Sirius Black!”


Lily shook her head, “Yes, yes you are. And you want to know why you are? Because you love him Jessie. You always have and I’m pretty sure you always will, so deal with it.”


Lily slammed the door shut behind her.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!”


Crack. Crash.


“ Bloody curtains!”


Lily smiled to herself and continued down the stairs. James sat by himself by the fire. he looked up at her expectantly. She walked over to the couch and sat down on the arm, “You want to come to the kitchens with me and hide from Jessie before patrols?” she asked grinning.


James stood up and looked at her warily, “No library then? What did you do?”


Lily sighed and her smile fell, “Let’s just say that I may be losing our bet after all.”


James laughed.




Hello all! I’m sooooo sorry this took me so long to write. I actually ahd to submitt it twice, because i'm brillaint like that, my apologies...Hopefully it all made sense. It was just a bit more background about Sirius and Jessie. Just remember the two of them are both morons, haha. The next chapter will move the story along, this one really doesn’t so my apologizes for that.


So what will lily do with her newfound information? Will Jessie ever stop being thick? And will Jessie ever get over her newfound fear of whipped dairy products? Hopefully you’ll find out soon! Haha! Read and review please!!!! It makes my day!!!!


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Chapter 14: The Road of True Love Was Never Easy
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Chapter Eighteen


The Road of True Love Was Never Easy


My apologies- lots of dialogue and Jessie really truly does have a potty mouth this chapter.




Love is always revolutionary. ~Andrei Voznesensky




Right, well, hello there. So I am confused as hell at the moment. I’m like a cat in water; or a mime trying to figure out what his mime friend is trying to tell him in the dark; or… or… oh for the love of Merlin, I’m to bloody confused to even make a proper metaphor!


Thank god it’s Friday. This week has been exceptionally horrid. First Lily (aka my conniving, evil twit of a best friend) made me spill my guts, then someone (guess who!) has been going out of their way to piss me off, and then to top it all off, like a cherry on a sundae, classes have been absolutely horrid. Ugh. Kill me now por favor. Die NEWTS DIE!!!! Not to mention there has been whipped cream at the breakfast table every morning this week and somehow we always seem to sit right next to it… ahhh! Repressing!


I can not believe I told Lily all of that.


I can not believe it. Nobody knows all of that (with the exception of…you know…), no one at all! And now Lily knows.


Merlin, that thought makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. Why? Because it’s Lily who knows- LILY; and that bitch can be vile when she wants to. Let me let you in on a little secret, after she left, I literally sat there silently and unmoving for hours just staring at the ceiling horrified at myself for spilling my guts and attempting to re-repress all the shit I had just divulged. And that’s all I have been thinking about since then. My dreams, my unconscious thoughts, my daydreams, you name it, have all ended up connecting to our lovely little chit chat.


And then I started feeling guilty. G-U-I-L-T-Y for the way I had treated Black all those many years ago. And then he made my lose half a head of hair in herbology and all those lovely guilty feelings disappeared like a puff of smoke.


I just can not believe I spilled all of that to her. It was like once I got going I couldn’t stop and I just kept saying one thing after another. And it made me remember things that feel like a knife in my chest. It re-opened scars on my heart and made wounds, that I thought had heeled, bleed. Merlin, I sound like James before a quidditch match.


Ugh, fuck my life. I am so confused.


Poor, poor baby.


Hello my precious cricket.


So have you figured it out yet Jessie darling?


Figured out what? And don’t call me darling, you sound like Black.


Right, I forgot, only Sirius is allowed to call you that!




Hahaha! What I meant was have you figured out why your so confused yet?


Uh no. if I had I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be sitting here in the library banging my head against the desk repeatedly.


True, true.


Ugh. I have such a headache.












Jessie picked her head up from the desk and looked around the library. She shook her blonde hair out of her eyes. A lovely red mark was imprinted on her forehead and her eyes looked unfocused. She shook her head again and blinked her eyes a few times before swiveling her head around and scanning the library for a certain redhead.


Although the library was abuzz with students, it seemed that the particular red-haired, head girl Jessie had been looking for was not in the vicinity. She groaned and began hitting her head against the wood again.












“Jessabelle! Stop doing that!”


Jessie looked up and groaned. Lily stood above her with a disapproving look on her face. She had at least four books in her arms and her bag was nearly splitting at its seems from the load it was carrying. The books in Lily’s arms landed on the table with a dull thud. She slid her school bag off her shoulder and it made a rather loud bang as the canvas hit the table. Jessie groaned and buried her head in her hands, “Any chance you have a bottle of headache cure in there?”


Lily raised an eyebrow as she slid into the seat across from the blonde, “If you have a headache it’s your own fault. Merlin knows how long you’ve been slamming your head against the poor desk.”


Jessie didn’t look up, but instead settled for throwing an obscene gesture in her friends direction. A slight smirk crossed Lily’s lips as she turned back to her books. She reached into her bag and pulled out a thick leather bound textbook with Transfiguration Theories stitched into the cover in silver thread, “Here. This is for you to read. Its excellent. I’ve marked the passages that talk about things that are most likely to come up on our NEWTS.” she turned and reached into her bag again, “And this, is another text you may want to check out…”


“Lils,” Jess interrupted as Lily pulled two even thicker books out of her bag, “You honestly think I’m going to read this stuff.”


Lily rolled her eyes, “No, but I feel as though it is my duty as your best friend to at least attempt to make sure you passed your exams.” she smiled and ruffled her friends hair.


Jessie groaned and swatted Lily’s hand away, “Oi! Number one don’t touch the hair and number two don’t touch my head it hurts like hell.”


“So you have been smacking your head against the desk of the better part of the day then?” Lily asked laughing.


“Yes. I blame you.”


“Me?” Jessie gave her a pointed glare and Lily dissolved into giggles again, “Oh honestly! You’re still on about our talk!”


Jessie whimpered and smacked her forehead against the desk again.



“Jessie honey, you do realize that a normal person would not be obsessing over this like you are.”


Jess whimpered into the wood.


“And you do realize that by obsessing over this all you are doing is confirming my belief that you love Sirius.” Lily said teasingly as she opened up one of her many texts and began reading.


Jessie’s head shot up, “What? I do not!”


Lily rolled her eyes and continued reading.


‘I don’t!” Jess repeated.


Lily smiled to herself and continued reading.




Lily turned a page.


“Lillian! I do not like him at all! He’s an evil, conniving git! He’s a womanizing asshole who cares more about his hair than he does about anyone or anything else! He’s a pompous arse and a fag and a jerk and a pretentious showoff and a manipulative bastard and…”


“And if you don’t stop trying to convince me of your hate for Sirius right now you’re going to be late for quidditch practice.” Lily stated without looking up from her book.


Jessie’s eyes got wide as she checked her watch, “Shit!” she yelled and began shoving her things in her bag.


Lily smiled and continued reading.


“Later!” Jess yelled as she slung her bag over her shoulder and sprinted out of the library, bowling over two ickle firsties in her rush.


Lily shook her head and turned the page.


“Jimmy! I’m sorry! The evil, redheaded psychopath kidnapped me and locked me in a cage and started reading NEWT theory to me and I had to chew my way through the metal bars to kill her so I could escape and it takes longer to chew through iron bars than I thought and it made me late! And then I had to figure out how exactly I was going to kill her, and let me tell you, that was a hard decision. I couldn’t decide between going all Sweeny Todd on her and slitting her throat or beating her over the head with a metal pipe. And then, after I destroyed her, I had to escape from her army of enchanted, flying textbooks! They had fangs Jimmy! Fangs! And… oww! Bloody hell Black!” Jessie said smacking Sirus back.


James rolled his eyes, “Jessie, Sirius stop hitting one another! And really Jessie flying textbooks with fangs?”


Jess shrugged, “It was the first thing that popped into my head,” she said sheepishly.


James rolled his eyes, “Of course it was. Anyway, as I was saying before our lovely beater decided to grace us with her presence; practice is cancelled tomorrow, Lily and I have a head’s meeting with the headmaster to discuss graduation.”


The team gaped at him, “Practice… cancelled?” Sirius managed to sputter out.


“What?” James asked defensively, “Its not like its never been cancelled before.”


The team all rolled their eyes at him.




“Jimmy, since you became captain practice has never once been cancelled.” Jessie said crossing her arms.


“Yes it has!”


“Name one time.”


“You know that… err… one time when it rained…”


“No, it wasn’t.”


“Oh right, we used an empty classroom and Minnie nearly killed me. Well what about that time when…”




“Oh, well what about that week when…”




“Well there was that time…No wait… how about when… wait no…err…”


“My point exactly,” Jess smirked. She leaned over and ruffled James’ hair, “But that’s why we love you. You’re our darling, psycho, fascist captain and we wouldn‘t want you nay other way.” she patted his cheek.


James raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, “Right. Everyone up in the air and do ten laps build.”


Jessie laughed and hopped onto her broom, “I wuv you Jimmy-poo!”


James rolled his eyes.





“Jessie! Stop trying to break Sirius’ neck!” James yelled out as he caught the quaffle.


Jessie cracked the ball in Sirius’ direction again, “I’m not!”


“Yes you are!” Sirius yelled back as he knocked it back.


“No I’m not!”


“Drop it you two. Just put the damn bludger away and go do your suicides!”


Jessie whimpered and sped down to the ground. She hopped off her broom and Sirius landed next to her. He stuck his tongue out at her and Jessie returned the favor.


“So mature,” James muttered to himself as both Sirius and Jessie smacked each other with their bats, “And he says I have issues. At least I don’t get into fist fights with the girl I love…”


Down below Jessie and Sirius both jumped for the bludger that was zooming towards their heads.


“Oww! Black get off me!” Jessie shouted. Sirus had conveniently landed on Jessie‘s back when they had hit the ground.


“No. I think I’ll stay here, I’m quite comfortable.” Sirius smirked, propping his head up with his arms.


“Damnit Black!” Jessie hissed as the bludger in her arms slammed particularly hard against her rib cage.


“Did I hear something?” Sirius asked himself sarcastically as he swiveled his head around. The bludger in Jessie’s arms slammed against her chest again. Jess growled and let out a stream of curses.


“For fuck’s sake Sirius! Your fucking crushing me! Despite what your fucking fan girls may have fucking told you, you are not a fucking feather! And the fucking bludger that I so conveniently happened to land on when I hit the ground is about to fucking shatter my fucking rib cage!” Jessie seethed.


“Oh shit!” A look of horror crossed Sirius’ face and he quickly climbed of his irate fellow beater.


“Oh shit is fucking right.” Jessie hissed as she climbed off the ground. She shot Sirius a death glare as she shoved the bludger into the box. Sirius kneeled down and strapped it in.


“Thanks.” Jess muttered angrily, rubbing her chest, she winced as her hand brushed against the right side of her chest, “Fuck.” she hissed through clenched teeth.


“You okay?” Sirius asked worriedly as he clicked the last lock on the bludger case and stood up.


“I’m brilliant,” Jess said sarcastically, “I think the fucking ball broke a rib or two. Come on let’s go do our suicides.”


Sirius looked at her incredulously, “You can’t do suicides with a broken rib!” he shouted. Jessie ignored him and hopped on her broom.




“Fuck me.” Jess hissed as she pulled her broom to a halt and winced. Tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes and she wiped them away with the back of her hand.


“Anytime. And what’s with the overuse of the F-word? What is it your word of the day?” Sirius smirked as he pulled up next to her. Jessie glared at him.


“You okay?” he asked as Jessie wiped more tears away.


“I’m fine Bl…fuck.” she winced and grabbed her side.


Sirius rolled his eyes, “Stubborn witch. I told you that you can’t do suicides with broken ribs.”


Jessie whimpered in response and Sirius turned his head, “Oi! Prongs!”


Jessie’s eyes grew wide, “No! Don’t tell him!” she begged.


“What!?” James yelled back from his spot by the hoops.


“Smarty over here needs to go to the hospital wing!”


James was beside them in a matter of seconds, “What happened? Jessie are you dying? What the hell happened Sirius? I swear to Merlin I will kill you if this is your fault! What hurts J bear? Tell me, please?” he asked worriedly, looking her up and down.


Jessie rolled her eyes at him, “Merlin James, the fucking bludger just broke a couple of my ribs. It’s not the end of the world.”


“Apparently it is her word of the day.” Sirius muttered as James’ face paled.


“What?!” James yelped. Jessie turned to Sirius, “Dumb ass. This is why we don’t tell Jimmy these things. Because he acts like a fucking mother hen.”


“I resent that!” James scoffed crossing his arms, “Take her to see Poppy please,” he turned to Jess, “ And cooperate young lady! Sirius stay and make sure she gets them fixed.”


He flew back to the other chasers and keeper.


Jessie glared at Sirius, “I fucking hate you.”


Sirius smiled as he hopped off his broom, “And I love you.” he ruffled her hair and Jessie punched him in the side, “Stop saying that you‘re beginning to sound like James.”


Sirius pouted, “Meanie. Come on let’s get you to Poppy dearest.”




“Oh Poppy!” Sirius sang as he and a reluctant Jessie entered the hospital wing, “I have a present for you!”


Jessie rubbed her ears as she sat down on the nearest bed, “Never,” she said, “Never, ever, ever go into the singing business Sirius. You sound like a dying troll.”


Sirius stuck his tongue out at her, “How do you know what a dying troll sounds like?”


Jessie shrugged, “Simple. I just listen to you speak every day.” Sirius stuck his tongue out at her and sat down in the chair by her bed.


“Well, what happened this time Miss Spring?” Poppy said as she bustled over to the cot.


“Bludger cracked my ribs.” She winced as she spoke.


“Well then, take off your top and I’ll be back with some potion and a bandage.” madam Pomfrey walked off towards the storage closet muttering about how dangerous quid ditch was and how it should be banned.


“Out Black!” Jessie said pointing towards the door. Sirius simply smirked and folded his arms behind his head.


“No, I think I’ll stay.”


Jessie gaped at him, horror etched across her face.


“Oh come on Jess. Its not like I haven’t seen you without your shirt on before.” Jessie chucked one of the pillows from the cot at his head, “Oi! That hurt! What I meant was…Ah!”


Sirius ducked as another pillow shot towards his skull, “Let me explain myself woman!”


Jessie glared at him.


“You practice in your sports bra every summer with James and I how is this any different?” Jessie glared at him and began shrugging off her sweatshirt. She winced as she tried to pull the thing up over her head. Sirius smiled to himself as Jessie began struggling to get it off. After a few moments of struggling she turned to Sirius, “If your going to stay you might as well help.” she said exasperatedly.


Sirus smirked and walked over to her.

 “Thanks.” Jess muttered as he pulled her sweatshirt off the rest of the way.


“I assume your going to need help with the shirt as well.” he grinned as he tossed her sweatshirt on the chair.


Jessie groaned, “This is wrong on so many levels.” Sirius laughed as he added her shirt to the pile on the chair, “Oh come on you know you enjoyed it.” Sirius wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Jessie’s stomach did a summersault.


Jess mimed vomiting and she smacked his head, “You are sick.”


“But that’s why you love me.”


“I do not…”


“Well Miss Spring, that is a lovely bruise you have starting to form.” Poppy said as she bustled her way over to the cot where the two teenagers were fighting. Jessie smiled gratefully at the healer.




There's no such thing as puppy love. Love is love, no matter what your age. And we all suffer from its loss. ~ Laura Ramirez



“I am going to murder Sirius Black! ” Jessie yelled slamming the dormitory door behind her. Lily and Mary looked up at her from their respective beds and rolled their eyes.


“Why?” Mary asked.


“Because he’s a git and he made me break my ribs at practice!” Jessie yelled; she chucked her broom and sweatshirt onto her bed and began tearing her practice kit off. She threw her gloves and shirt (which landed on her lamp) onto her nightstand and pulled her hair out of its ponytail. She stomped off to the shower and turned on the water. Lily and Mary exchanged a look as she stormed back out over to her trunk, looking even more incensed, with a bottle in her hand, and began shifting through it.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!” Jessie grumbled.


“What are you looking for?” Lily asked cautiously.


“My conditioner!” Jessie yelled. She threw the bottle in her hands towards Lily’s bed. It landed on her comforter. It landed on the bed and Lily picked it up.


“Isn’t that the bottle you threw at Lily?” Mary asked.


“No, oh Merlin.” Lily sighed. The bottle in her hands was indeed not Jessie’s conditioner. The bottle was labeled “troll wash” and someone had signed it by coloring a paw print.


Jessie yelled and slammed the lid of her trunk shut. She marched over to Lily and took the bottle from her.


“Where are you going?” Mary asked as Jessie opened the door.


“To murder Black.” Jessie hissed.


“You do realize all your wearing is a pair of track pants and your sports bra. Nice bruise by the way.” Mary stated.


Jessie glared, “Nothing he hasn’t seen before.” she said imitating Sirius voice as she slammed the door shut again.


Mary and Lily looked at each other.


“Since when has Black seen her half naked?” Mary asked.


“And more importantly, since when doesn’t she care.” Lily smirked, she looked at Mary and they began laughing.




What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose. ~ Henry Ward Beecher




“Sirius Orion Black! Open up the damn door now!” Jessie yelled as she banged her fist against the door.



“I swear Black if you do not open this door this instant I will tell your fan girls about the time you peed your pants at the minister‘s gala because there were strawberries at the buffet table! On hi Jimmy.” Jessie smiled sweetly as James opened the door and gave her a look. She pushed past him and marched into the room, “Where is he?” she hissed glaring at James. James cocked an eyebrow at her, “Where are your clothes?”


Jessie growled, “Freaking a James, just tell me where the mongrel is,” Jess took her time enunciating every syllable of mongrel with great care, “ and I’ll hex him and leave. And then you can marry Lily and we’ll all live happily ever after.”


James gave her a look that clearly said psycho bitch, “He…”


“Prongs am I dreaming or is Jessie actually standing in our dormitory half naked screaming my name?’ Sirius asked as he walked out from the bathroom, towel over his head, drying his hair.


Jessie spun around and glared, “Oh shut up you pompous git. What is this?” she chucked the bottle of “troll wash” at Sirius head, as he threw the towel he had been using onto his bed.. He caught it and smirked. He looked at Jess and shrugged, “I have no clue.”


Jess rolled her eyes and marched over to him, “Merlin you are infuriating! I know you did it. Just give me back my conditioner!” she swatted his head and Sirius shoved her away. Jess glared and punched his arm. Sirius backhanded her stomach and Jess doubled over. She raised her hand to hit Sirius back, but James jumped in between them, “Stop it! Merlin, what are you two five? Wait no I take that back, you didn’t attempt to kill one another at five…”


Jessie crossed her arms, “Fine. I’ll stop hitting him as long as he gives me my conditioner back.”


Sirisu grinned sheepishly, “Well you see… about your conditioner…”


Jessie took a step towards him, “What did you do?”


Sirius took a few steps back and ran into the wall, “now Jess… I just wanted to try it really. I just wanted to see if it would actually make my hair soft as a cloud like the bottle said…and it all kind of poured down the drain while I was in the shower…”


“What!? You Moron! Honestly Black, were you dropped on your head as a child or were you just born this way?” Jessie hollered clenching her fists.


Sirius glared, “Hey! At least I’m not a loveless ice bitch! Did Mummy and Daddy not love Jessie enough when she was a little girl?”


“Sirius!” James exclaimed wide eyed.


“That’s rich coming from you of all people. Who ran away from home again? Oh you did!”


“Jess!” James yelped in horror. Sirius and Jessie were glaring at one another, and if looks could kill they would have both been dead, “How the bloody hell do the two of them go from playful bickering to abhorrence in .5 seconds,” James muttered to himself, shaking his head.


Sirius let out a bitter laugh, “Well darling at least I’m not a preppy little princess who does whatever her daddy wants her to. Even if it means…”


“I do not do whatever my father says!” Jessie lunged at him and both their heads hit the wall with a sickening crack. James skidded over and knelt down beside them. Jessie moaned and held her head in her hands. Sirius slowly propped himself up and rubbed the back of his.


James shook his head, “You two are morons.”


“Shut up Prongs.” Sirius said and looked over at Jessie, “Jess you okay?” he asked looking down at her.


James rolled his eyes, “Like I said .5 seconds” he muttered.


Jessie didn’t look up or speak, but instead settled for hitting Sirius’ leg.


“I’ll go get a bag of ice from the kitchens. If you go back to Pomfrey again today, you won’t get out of there alive.” James hopped up from the ground and strolled out the door.


“Why does everyone always feel the need to leave you with me?” Jessie groaned. Sirius smiled and leaned against the wall next to Jessie, “Because they know how much you love it.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “About as much as I love playing with the whomping willow.”


“Here let me see.” Sirius said leaning over, “Where’d you hit it?”


“Forehead.” Jess stated coldly. Sirius swatted her hands away and slid his under her chin to prop her head up, sure enough there was a bump forming and a few scratches, “Merlin, you are such a klutz sometimes Jess.”


Jessie stuck her tongue out at him and Sirius laughed. Jessie ignored the butterflies in her stomach, and swatted Sirius’ hands away.


“Did you really pour all my conditioner down the drain?” Jessie asked giving Sirius a pointed look. Sirius crossed his arms and pouted, “I didn’t pour it down, it fell and poured itself down.”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Really Black? All by itself?”


“I just wanted to see if it really made your hair silky soft!” Sirius cried throwing his arms up in the air. Jessie snorted and Sirius frowned at her, “Its not that funny Jessabelle!”


“Oh no, it really, really is.” Jessie laughed. She ruffled his hair. Both of them stopped laughing and froze when they realized what she had just done.


“Oh Merlin.” Jessie muttered wide eyed. In a flash she popped up from the ground and hurried to the door. Sirius dashed after her, “Don’t you dare leave Spring!” Jessie jumped, Sirius jumped, and somehow they ended up in a tangle of limbs on James’ bed.


“Get off me Black!” Jessie yelled, Sirius grabbed her arms, “No we are having this conversation.”


Jessie glared up at Sirius, “What conversation.”


“The one where you explain to me what the hell is going on in your head! And tell me what is up with you being nice to me one minute and then attempting to murder me the next!”


Jessie cocked an eyebrow, “You really want to know what’s going on in my head?”


“Err… maybe just tell me why your acting like that instead. Your mind tends to be a scary, twisted place…” he trailed off and Jessie glared at him, “I’m not the only one who’s acting bipolar!“


“Excuse me!?”


“I’m serious Black! One minute you’re telling me you quote unquote love me, the next you’re verbally ripping me to shreds!”


“You do the same thing! What am I supposed to do? Just sit there and take it and pretend everything is all sunshine and daises?” Sirius scoffed, “Just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m just going to sit there and let you insult me.”


“Would you stop saying that!” Jessie yelled.




“That you love me! It’s beginning to get really annoying Sirius! And don’t even try to tell me you mean it. It’s just another little ploy of yours to piss me off!”


“Are you kidding me?”




“Jess, you honestly think I’m pulling your leg?”


“Well right now I’m pretty sure your pulling my hair at least, “ Jessie said and Sirius removed his hand from its position on top of Jessie’s curls, “but yes, I know you’re joking. Its all part of your twisted, little plan to punish me for making you lose our bet about James and Lily. And the sooner you admit that we can go back to torturing one another and I won’t have Lily threaten to poison me with illicit substances unless I tell her things I wish to keep locked up inside and not divulge.”


“What?” Sirus asked confusion etched across his face.


“Lily made me tell her the other day.”


Sirius frowned, “About what? Why the sky is blue and the grass is green?” he finished sarcastically.


“About why we don’t get along one another.” she mumbled softly.


“Oh.” Sirius said in an uncharacteristically high pitched voice as he mentally deciphered exactly what Jessie was referring to. He let go of Jess’ arms and laid down next to her.


“Yeah.” Jess said rolling onto her stomach, “It was horrible really. She threatened me with Veritaserum and shit...”


Sirius rolled onto his side and propped his head up, “What exactly did you tell her?”


Jess let her hair fall in front of her face making a shield between her and Sirius, “Stuff.”






“Like what stuff?” Sirius asked innocently.


Jessie glared at him, “You know exactly what stuff I told her Sirius.”


Sirius picked at the sheet in front of him, “Oh that stuff,” he said looking at Jess.


“Yes that stuff.” Jessie retorted not meeting his gaze. They laid in silence for a few moments.




“What?” Jess asked rolling her eyes, she turned and looked at Sirius who was giving her a look that was a bit unnerving.


“Why don’t you really believe me when I say I love you?” Sirius frowned and Jessie adopted the look of a deer in headlights.


“For the love of Merlin, the two of you could not have at least made it to Sirius’ bed?” James groaned as he marched through the door, a bag of ice in his hand and a look of disgust on his face, both Sirius and Jessie turned and gaped at James.


“You think I would honestly tap that?” Jessie screeched at James as she hoped off his bed as though it had suddenly turned into a bed of nails. She marched over to him and yanked the bag of ice out of his hands. She looked back at Sirius and stormed out the door, scared shitless, after seeing how confused and candid his eyes looked.


James shrugged as Jessie slammed the door, “Yea.” he answered. Outside in the stairwell Jessie let out a strangled yell and stomped down the stairs.




Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood
in its defense. ~ Mark Overby



“Where’d you put the body?” Lily asked as Jessie slammed the door shut behind her.


Jessie groaned and marched back into the bathroom.


Lily and Mary looked at one another, “Did you get your conditioner?” Lily yelled at the bathroom door.


“No, Black spilled it down the bloody drain.”


“Oh. “ Lily said as Jess walked out and grabbed a clean pair of black sweats and an old t-shirt from her trunk, “Speaking of Black…”


“No! No speaking of Black! No discussing Black! No anything Black!” Jessie squeaked as she literally ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.


“Why are you wearing black pants then?” Mary asked smirking. She and Lily looked towards the bathroom door expectantly.


All they received in response was an angry screech and the sound of the shower being turned on full blast.




The magic of first love is our ignorance that it will never end.~ Benjamin Disraeli





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Chapter 15: Why Stalking Is Bad
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Chapter Nineteen


Why Stalking Is Bad




“There is no instinct like that of the heart.” ~Lord Byron



Lily Evans was the epitome of the perfect student, there was no way else to put it. She studied meticulously, practically oozed leadership, was helpful to her peers and could be counted on to be level headed in any situation. However, despite all of this she was at a loss as to what to do with her best friend, Jessie Spring.


“For the love of Merlin Mary, the girl is driving me crazy!” Lily moaned pulling textbooks from her overflowing book bag and piling them on the desk in front of her and Mary, “Its Sirius sucks, Sirius is mean, Sirius is a jerk, Sirius put beetles in my hair, blah blah Sirius blah freaking blah. All we hear about is Sirius did this, Sirius did that; all she does is talk about him! And why? Because somewhere deep down inside she still loves him and cares for him. Could she at least admit she misses being friends with him?” she finished flipping open one of the books from the pile in front of her. She frowned and replaced it with another from the pile on her left.


Mary smirked, “Now let’s see, who does she sound like?”


Lily glared at her and Mary laughed, “In my defense, ask anyone, you were singing the same exact tune a few short months ago.”


Lily crossed her arms and continued glaring.


Mary rolled her eyes and shrugged, “Personally I think she’s absolutely terrified of admitting she loves him. I mean look at it this way,” Lily raised an eyebrow as Mary set down her quill and continued, “Say someone you cared about a lot hurt you really badly, so you hurt them back and the two of you repeat this cycle year after year after year and then suddenly that someone that hurt you realizes, randomly, that what they have done is wrong and that they don’t hate you like they thought they did- they love you. Wouldn’t you be a little afraid to trust that person again? Jessie is afraid that Sirius isn’t sincere, even though everyone and their mother and their bloody grandmother knows he is.” Mary finished. She crossed her arms and looked at Lily.


“Since when are you the voice of reason?” Lily asked and Mary shrugged, “Dating a Ravenclaw seems to be turning you into a regular Confucius.” Mary rolled her eyes.


Lily sighed and began flipping the pages in her book absentmindedly. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders and shut the book, “Its just so annoying. I love her to death, but she’s being so incredibly stubborn. I mean would it really hurt so much to admit that maybe, just maybe she’s wrong.”


Mary let out a giggle, “See that’s the problem. Jessie is as stubborn as a mule and Sirius in no better.”


Lily groaned and laid her head on the table.


“Hello love. How’s the studying going?”


Lily smiled up at her boyfriend. After giving her a quick kiss, James plopped down in the seat next to her and tousled his hair.


Mary smiled at the two of them and pretended to wipe tears away from her eyes, “It’s just so beautiful. Only a few short months ago you were attempting to strangle him while he spurted poems of love and fate in pink dress robes,” she said as Lily and James both raised their eyebrows at her. Lily rolled her eyes and turned to James, “What are we going to do?” she groaned.



James looked at her quizzically, “Do? I can think of a number of things we can do…” he smirked and Lily playfully hit him in the shoulder, “No you moron, what are we going to do about Jessie and Sirius?”


“So now you want them to get together? Wouldn’t that mean you’d lose our bet?” he grinned.


“James,” Lily said exasperatedly, “This isn’t about the bet anymore! Firstly, this is about our friends happiness! And secondly, you and I both know that, that bet was just a ploy to get me to pay attention to you and an excuse for you to speak to me.”


James grinned sheepishly.


“Exactly. Any ideas?” Lily asked. James shrugged, “I dunno… we’ve tried locking them in a broom closet, locking them in the locker rooms at the pitch… we‘ve done that twice, locking them in an empty classroom, locking them in Jessie’s dorm, locking them in our dorm, locking them in my basement, locking them in my broom shed a home over break… nothing seems to work.”


Lily and Mary both gaped at him.


“You’ve locked them up together that many times?” Lily asked shocked. James nodded, “Funny thing is the worst that happened was Jessie blew up an entire corridor of the school and Sirius hexed her hair purple and gave her pussy orange boils. They never came very close to killing one another… the closest they came to that was during Sirius’ little display in the great hall.”


Lily frowned, “Right, because Jessie blowing up parts of Hogwarts isn’t bad at all. When was the last time they were nice to one another?” she asked as she began flipping through a rather large book. Mary looked up at James expectantly.


James scratched his neck and shrugged, “When we were eleven I guess. We were best friends, the three musketeers until this one night at some ministry party…” he trailed off and looked at the girls. A look of dawning comprehension came over his face and he crossed his arms, “You two know something.” he stated grinning at Mary and Lily’s flustered faces. Mary and Lily shook their heads quickly, too quickly.


“Come on Lils tell me,” James asked wrapping his arms around Lily’s shoulders. Lily shook her head and went back to her book, “Lily, come on love, please tell me… please” he begged. Lily looked at Mary who rolled her eyes, “It’s on your head not mine.”


Lily looked back up at James and huffed, “Fine.”


James kissed her on the cheek, “You’re the best,” he sat expectantly and Lily shut her book and turned to him, “ I really hate you sometimes Potter.”


James laughed, “Come on Lils no stalling!”


“Right… well…”




“Stupid men are the only one’s worth knowing after all.” Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 27 by Jane Austen




Let’s just get on things straight, I am NOT stalking Sirius Black. I am following him to get him in trouble; and I do NOT care that he is talking to Jordan Sparks! Not one tiny bit! She just so happened to be talking to him when I decided to borrow James’ invisibility cloak and follow Black around in order to get him in trouble if he does anything.


I am NOT stalking him!


Damn stomach, I think I ate something bad at lunch.


What the hell? Why is he still talking to her? I thought he was over her! Uh hello, Black, assaulting me in the common room to get away from Little Miss Easy ring any bells? Any at all? Ding dong?


I am NOT stalking him! And to answer your next question, I did not enjoy him “assaulting” me in the common room!


Hummm… I think I can hit her with a bat boogey hex from here. Maybe levicorpouse… Slut. Honestly, did she seriously just bat her eyelashes at him? Seriously? Haha, loser. That’s right Sirius, look disgusted.


And I only care that he looks disgusted because its hurting Little Miss Whore. It’s a win, win situation. Sirius gets annoyed, Sparks gets upset.


Well, well, well what do we have here?


Not now Rodrigo! I’m.. err…




No! I’m watching!


Same thing

No, stalking has the connotation that I am obsessed and am enamored with the person. I am watching and spying to get Black in trouble.



Shhh! Your interrupting! That’s right Sparks pout. Merlin she looks like a cow when she pouts…


Your jealous.

Go aw… WHAT?!


Your jealous.

I am not jealous! Jealous of what? There is nothing to be jealous of!


Your jealous of Jordan.

I am not! Why on earth would I be jealous of that easy little… haha that’s right Sirius walk to the door! Away from her!



Denial? Denial! What are you on cricket? Haha, she seriously just stomped her foot! Damn, it’s to bad the heel didn’t break off of her ugly ass stilettos…



Rodrigo, shut up! It is very hard to creep behind Black while I argue with you!


Denial, denial, denial!

Shut up, shut up, shut up! I’m not in denial!




“Jealousy and love are sisters.” ~Russian Proverb



“You have got to be shitting me!” James exclaimed loudly, he gaped at Lily, who just shrugged.


“That’s why they hate one another? That is the most pathetic excuse on the face of the bloody planet! Honestly?”


Lily nodded as she pulled a pile of parchment from her bag.


“That’s why I have had to endure nearly seven years of the two of them attempting to torture the other? That’s why I’ve had to deal with them trying to murder one another with bludgers at practice; with them hexing one another orange, silver and pink; and with having to forcibly take one of them outside at ministry parties so they don‘t cause a scene?” James sputtered as he threw his hands up in the air, “Although their distaste for the Minister’s Palace now makes sense,” he muttered.


Lily nodded again and Mary giggled. Both Lily and James looked at her. She shrugged, “Sorry its just the idea of Sirius and Jessie actually kissing and both consenting,” she looked at both of them, “What? It’s funny!”


“Says the hopeless romantic.” Lily rolled her eyes and Mary shrugged, “It’s okay I’ve accepted it.”


“Merlin, they are just so pathetic!” James sighed, rubbing his eyes, “You‘re right love, it‘s a hopeless cause,” James sighed and began flipping through the pages of his potions textbook.

Suddenly, he grinned, “Wait you know what we could do!” he rubbed his hands together.


Lily raised an eyebrow and shook her head, “No, James. We are not using a love potion.”


James’ smile fell and he pouted, “But…”


“No James.” Lily and Mary chorused.




"My version of falling in love is borderline psychotic. Should be avoided at all costs. Get obsessed. Can't fall in love and function at the same time. All-consuming. Tunnel vision. Euphoric."- Graham Norton




Covered thoroughly by the invisibility cloak, Jessie crouched down behind the ancient teachers desk in front of her. Sirius had just looked directly at the spot where she was standing and Jessie did not like the look in his eye. Besides Jordan was hanging on him again and that was a sight Jessie did not need to see for the sake of both the chocolate cake currently residing in her stomach and her sanity.


“ But Siri! I thought you loved me.” Jordan whined tugging on the front of Sirius’ shirt and opening her black lined eyes as wide as they would go; and although she was attempting to look hurt and innocent, she ended up looking more like a moron than anything else. He shook her off and scoffed, “Jordan I never said I loved you, not once.”


She stuck out her bottom lip and stamped her foot on the ground like a spoilt child, “Siri you need to stop playing this silly little game with the ice bitch and come back to me. Don’t you miss me?” she flipped her hair over her shoulder flirtatiously and giggled, “You know you miss me.”


Sirius shoved her off him and straightened his shirt, “Do not talk about Jessie like that; and I do not miss you.”


Underneath the invisibility cloak Jessie smirked to herself and pumped her fist up in the air; but as she realized what she was doing she stopped and mentally slapped herself.


Jordan giggled again, “Oh Siri you don’t have to keep up your little façade with me.”


Jessie gagged.


Sirius looked at her incredulously and threw his hands up in the air, “Jordan, there is no façade. There is no game, and I am not just fucking around,” he crossed his arms, “I do not miss you. I never loved you, at all. You were just fun to mess around with. I’m over whatever it was we we’re, all right? It’s over. So just leave me the fuck alone. I love Jess and there is nothing you can do about it. So just bug off and go screw Marcus Davies in the third floor broom cupboard, all right?” he brushed passed her and stormed out the door. Behind him Jordan let out a little cry of annoyance and stomped her foot yet again, “Fine. He’s a better fuck than you anyways (Jessie gagged as she peeked over the desk)!” she marched out the door after him, her bleach blonde hair beginning to frizz.


Jessie stood up from her spot behind the desk and shrugged off the cloak. She opened and closed her mouth numerous times before sitting down on the desk. She laid the cloak next to her as she traced the ornate carvings on the edge of her desk with a finger. Her head jerked up as she heard footsteps outside the door. Quickly, she threw the invisibility cloak on over herself and crouched back down. The door creaked open and Sirius walked into the room. He looked around and put his hands on his hips. Jess bit her lip and silently prayed he would just leave.


Ten seconds… twenty two seconds… three minutes passed. Sirius sighed and dropped his arms to his sides, “Or maybe I’m just a delusional moron.” he muttered. Jess stifled a giggle with her fist and silently crept behind him as he walked out the door.


“Sirius Black you are a pathetic idiot,” Sirius muttered to himself. Behind him Jess raised an eyebrow.


“I mean come on, what are the odds of Jazz actually being in the same room with you, let alone her being in the same room with you while you tell Jordan Sparks to fuck off because you’re in love with her.” he said to the empty hallway, “It s about as likely as me walking up to her and saying, “Hey just wanted to tell you I actually never hated you and I’ve actually been in love with since we were like six and I put flobberworms in your hair.” Bloody pathetic.”


Jessie’s jaw dropped yet again and she nearly fell flat on her face.


“I’m going insane.” Sirius groaned running his fingers through his hair. Jessie cocked her head to the side and looked at him incredulously. She gave him one last look of disbelief and turned around. Once she was out of sight, she threw off the cloak, stuffed it in her pocket and began sprinting down the hall. She knocked over a group of second or third years as she rounded the corner and sped off towards the open doors of the library.


“Lily! Mary! I need you!” Jessie yelled as she crashed into Lily, Mary and James’ table. Books and parchment went flying as she grabbed onto the edge in order to keep from fully knocking the desk over. James grabbed her arm to help steady her, “You okay?” he asked.


“Peachy.” Jessie said hysterically, she turned to Mary and hauled her up out of her seat, she then turned to Lily and pulled her up as well, “Flobberworms. Giant ones! They’re eating the furniture in our dorm! You need to come with me before they destroy our bedroom as we know it!” she said hysterically. Lily and Mary both raised they’re eyebrows at her and James just simply gaped, “Come on!” she sang grabbing her friends and dragging them towards the door. Lily shrugged at James and mouthed, “I’ll tell you later” to him as the library doors slammed shut behind them.




“Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.”--Unknown




Jessie dramatically shut the door to the girl’s dorm behind her. Lily and Mary sat down on Lily’s bed and Jessie flopped down on the wooden floor below them. She whimpered.


“So where are these flobberworms?” Mary asked teasingly, crossing her legs. Jessie groaned, “I’m having a bit of a crisis.”


Lily raised an eyebrow, “ Really, we hadn’t noticed. Was that the reason for the dramatics? Care to share why you are acting even more erratic than usual?”

Jessie sighed and rested the back of her hand on her forehead, “I overheard the most awful thing today.”

“What would that be?” Mary asked, “Did you overhear James talking about doubling practice times?”


“Did you hear people talking about how it is mandatory for girl’s to wear dresses to the graduation ball?”


Jessie’s eyes widened in horror, “What…girl’s…dresses…it’s mandatory…” she groaned, “Dresses? Really?”


“Yes.” Lily smirked, “It’s tradition. We‘re going to have so much fun dressing you up!”


Jess banged the back of her head against the ground, “And my day just keeps getting better, and stop smirking like that Lils, you look uncannily like James.”


“He must be rubbing off,” Lily said, “Now tell us about the conversation you overheard.”


Jessie moaned groaned again, “Let me first make one thing clear. I was not stalking him.”


Lily and Mary both crossed their arms and smirked, knowing exactly who “he” was.


“I wasn’t! I was just following him in order to get him in trouble. And I just happened to have James’ invisibility cloak with me. My point is I overheard a very disturbing conversation between him and Sparks. Okay so, I followed them into an empty classroom. Stop giving me that look,” Jessie glared at Lily, who had an amused look on her face and was giggling.


“I’m sorry, Sirius Black… empty classroom… erm…continue…” Lily laughed.


“As I was saying, I followed Little Miss Easy and Sir Manwhore through the door and then they started talking.”


“Oh the horror.”


“Shut up Mary. So Sparks was basically hanging off him the whole time and attempting to convince him that he should and I quote, come back to her. But Sirius wasn’t having any of it. And then he said it.” Jessie sighed and rubbed her eyes, “he told her off and said that, well…”


“Go on.” Mary prodded.


“He said that he…he… loves me.”


“Merlin, its like pulling teeth.” Lily whispered to Mary as Jessie heaved an overdramatic sigh and looked towards them, “ and he was serious when he said it! Sparks even called his bluff and he insisted he was not fucking round!”

“Really?” Lily said in fake amazement. “Oh the horror!” Mary seconded faking shock as she flopped down on the bed in a fake faint.


Jessie glared at them, “It gets even worse though. So I’m sitting in the classroom their after they leave, uncovered by the cloak, and I hear something in the hall. So I whip it over me and no sooner do I shuffle my feet under it than Black creeps back into the room, looking for me because he thinks I am there. But he can’t find any trace of me so he exits and I follow. And here comes the worst part. He starts talking to himself. And then he said something about when we were younger and how he apparently… he apparently loved me even when we were six, or something like that. I mean he said it without someone else being around or with me in earshot, and he sounded so sincere…but he didn’t really mean it- not really. Right?”


Lily and Mary nodded at her and the color began to drain from Jessie’s face. She sat up and scooted towards her bed, “Oh my god.” she breathed as she leaned up against her bed, “Oh my god.” her eyes grew wide and she hugged her knees, “Oh my god.”


“Finally she gets it.” Mary said looking up towards the sky.


Jessie stared at the floor, gaping. She began breathing heavily, “He really…” she bit her lip, “Oh my god.”


Lily tucked her hair behind her ears and looked down at her friend concern etched across her face, “Jessie…”


“Oh my god.” Jessie whimpered, her eyebrows knit together and she knotted her fingers in her hair, “ He was serious. He really…”


“Loves you.” Mary supplied crossing her arms and shaking her head at Jessie.


“Yes that.” Jessie said as she stood up.


“Where are you going?” Mary asked as Jessie tousled her hair and picked up her broom from the foot of her bed. She walked towards the open window across from them muttering to herself.


“Out.” Jess answered as she straddled her broom and shot out the window.


“Sounds like a plan.” Mary laughed. She looked at Lily and the brunette and the red-head began giggling uncontrollably.




“Love is the difficult realization that something other than oneself is real”- Iris Murdoch




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Chapter 16: Drowning in Denial
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Chapter Twenty


Drowning in Denial



"When love is not madness, it is not love.”- Pedro Calderon de la Barca


A few streams of light flooded from in between the dark maroon curtains covering the window and onto the lump of sheets and comforter in the bed across from it. A few steps away a rather thin blonde continued slathering foundation onto her face. Every once in a while she was glare at the lump with pure hatred etched across her features and then turn away and continue primping herself for the day ahead. The lump twitched as the blonde slid a crisp white shirt over her black bra and rolled up the waistband of her skirt so its bottom just barely covered her bum. She began running a brush through her bleach blonde hair, turned towards the lump, and began to (yet again) glare at it angrily.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!” cried Lily as she burst out of the bathroom door, straightening her head’s badge, “Jess! Wake up! Morning Jordan.”


The blonde stuck her nose up in the air and grabbed her bag from her bed. She smacked into Lily’s shoulder as she stormed out of the room as quickly as her stilettos would let her.


“Someone’s not happy camper this morning,” Lily smirked as she continued over to the lump and began to poke it, “Jessie! Time to get up!”


The lump groaned and Lily yanked the comforter towards the foot of the bed, “Jess, up now!” she said in a rather bossy tone as Jessie groaned and hugged her pillow. Her loose curls were sticking up all over giving her a rather wild look. She shut her eyes even tighter against the rays of light penetrating the room, as she curled up into a ball and snuggled into the pillow.


“Jessie! You have approximately thirty minutes to get up, get dress, eat breakfast and arrive to class on time!” Lily said as she picked up a rather thick textbook and deposited it into the bag resting on the top of her trunk. Jessie groaned and muttered something unintelligible.


“I don’t care Jessie and it will not kill you to see Sirius.”


Jessie whimpered and began to attempt to smother herself with her pillow. Lily marched over and yanked it out of her hands, “Get up,” she stated smacking Jessie’s head with it and throwing it on her own bed, out of Jessie‘s reach. Jessie’s blue eyes blinked open and she frowned as she sat up and slid off her bed, “ I hate my life,” she muttered as she walked into the bathroom pouting.

Approximately fifteen minutes later Jess walked back into the room showered and dressed. Her curls were tamed and held back from her face by a headband and to Lily’s excitement she had actually put on a pressed shirt. Lily pulled Jess’ robes off their spot on her bedpost and threw them at the yawning blonde.


“Come on then let’s go get some breakfast.” Lily said holding out Jessie’s bag to her. Jessie took it with a sigh and followed Lily down the stone corridor, taking care not to trip on the steps and fall flat on her face, “Where’s Mary?” she asked yawning and rubbing her eyes.


“Oh she left about an hour ago. Luke needed help on his potions essay.” Lily answered, sighing.


Jess raised an eyebrow and Lily continued, “Which most likely means they’re snogging somewhere.”


“Lovely” Jessie responded dryly as they walked into the great hall. Jess groaned as she realized who they were walking towards.


“Lily!” she whined, stomping her feet like an angry child, “Must we?”


Lily rolled her eyes, “Jessie you are being stupid, the world is not going to end just because were going to sit by the Maurauders. James is my boyfriend and your best friend and we are going to eat breakfast with him.”


“But Black…”


“Don’t you dare but Black me! He’s been in love with you,” Jess let out a rather high pitched sound that sounded like a cross between a yelp and a groan, “Since forever, so his attitude towards you is not going to be any different than it has been for the past week. Now come on, there are waffles.”

Jessie moaned, “Fuck waffles,” and followed Lily over to the boys where she wedged herself between Remus and James and began to pile waffles on her plate.


After trading hello’s and good morning‘s (with the exception of Jessie to Sirius) Lily and James began discussing the graduation plans they were turning in to Dumbledore later that day and the other boys continued their quidditch discussion as they stuffed their faces. Jessie sat quietly (for once) as she stuffed her face with waffles. Every couple seconds she would glare at Sirius.


“You know what you need Jess.” Sirius said suddenly. Jessie looked up from her plate of surupy goodness and narrowed her eyes into slits, “What Black? To slit your throat and drain your body of every single drop of blood?”


“No! Whipped cream!” Sirius said excitedly picking up the can next to him. Jessie’s eyes went from slits to saucers and she smacked the can from Sirius’ hands ( it flew under the table), but not before he had done some damage with the can of whipped dairy product.




Jess looked down at her plate and whimpered, there was whipped cream all over. She banged her head against the table not once but twice, “I hate you Black.”


“What all I did was add a little spice to your breakfast!” Sirius exclaimed innocently eating his eggs.


“Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, I don’t like whipped cream!?” Jessie yelled at him, hands on her hips.


Sirius abandoned his breakfast and crossed his arms, “You do so like whipped cream! You ate a whole can in one sitting at James’ house over the summer!”


“Well maybe I don’t like it anymore!” Jess retorted.


“Yea?” Sirius yelled back.




“Okay five year olds let’s settle down!” James said quickly shoving Jessie back down onto the bench. Jessie stuck her tongue out at Sirius and he returned the gesture. James cleared his throat and the two went back to their plates of food.


“Prat.” Jessie muttered.


“Ice bitch.” Sirius muttered.




“Delay is the deadliest form of denial.”- C. Northcote




Jessie slid into her seat and let her book bag crash onto the table. She hugged her arms around the bag and rested her head on it, shutting her eyes.


“What are you doing?” Lily asked sitting down next to her. She placed her History of Magic textbook on top of the desk and crossed her arms.


“Preparing for class.” Jessie yawned snuggling deeper into her book bag.


Lily rolled her eyes, “Just because it is History of Magic doesn’t mean that you can sleep through the period.”


“Lils,” Jessie said blinking her eyes open, “ I’ve been sleeping through this class for the past six and a half years. What makes you think I am going to stop now?”


“My faith that one day you will mature.” Lily said patting Jessie’s head, “Ah! Nice of you to show up to one class today!” Lily smirked as Mary slid into a seat behind the two girls.


“I’ve only skipped one class today!” Mary retorted indigently, “ And that was Charms; and it was for a good cause.”


“Was Luke chocking and you had to dislodge the item with your tongue?” Jessie murmured, wrapping her robes around her tighter.


“Jess you are disgusting.” Mary said blushing, “For your information I had to finished my Potions essay.”


“Thought you two were doing that this morning.” Lily giggled.


“Oh shush both of you, class is starting” Mary said embarrassedly, busying herself with unpacking her bag for class. Her cheeks had turned a lovely shade of cherry red.

Binn’s began droning on and on about this and that and a bit of the Troll Revolution of 1551; his ghostly form sinking in and out of the chair he sat in. To no one’s surprise he didn’t notice the four boys who had just snuck into the classroom and sat down next to Lily, Mary and a soundly asleep Jessie. Sirius slid into the only open seat available, next to Jess and smiled, “Excellent. Just how I like her- Unconscious.”


The group all gave Sirius looks and he looked at them innocently, “What?” he asked. James smirked, “You like her all the time, conscious or not.”


Sirius glared at him and laid his own head down on his bag, “I hate you lot.”


“How cute,” Mary smiled, “You two look so adorable asleep together!”


Sirius reached into his bag. Without opening his eyes he backhanded a crumpled chocolate frog wrapper in Mary’s direction. It bounced of her forehead and Mary muttered something about “Bloody quidditch players.”


A few minutes later Sirius was sound asleep as well. James smirked and pulled a camera out from his bag. After casting a muffliato spell over the group her leaned over and snapped a few pictures of Jess and Sirius. Lily raised an eyebrow, “James really,” she said as he stowed the camera away again.


“We’ll put them in their wedding slideshow.” James grinned and the rest of the group chuckled.


“Aww! It’s like the ones we have of you and James! They‘re so cute; there‘s Lily chocking James, Lily punching James, James with a broken nose from Lily who is laughing in the background, James in a cupid outfit professing his love to an irate Lily…” Mary said smiling dreamily at them. Remus slapped a hand over her mouth and Mary’s eyes widened.


“What pictures?” Lily asked crossing her arms.


“Golly gee, the Goblin rebellions sure are entertaining!” Mary said hurriedly turning her attention to Binns.


“It’s the Troll rebellions Mary! And I will find them!” Lily said turning back to her notes.




“Optimism is denial, so let’s face facts and move on.”- Anonymous




“Five more minutes mummy.” Jessie muttered swatting Lily’s hand away. Lily sighed and shifted her bag onto her shoulder more, “Jess! Wake up! Class is over!”


At the words class and over Jessie’s eyes blinked open and she stretched her arms over her head, “Oh. So, Lily darling, my dearest and favoritist and bestest friend- what did we learn today during the magical adventure that is History of Magic?” she rubbed the cheek that had been against her bag in order to ride her face of the angry red lines across it from laying on the fabric.


Lily rolled her eyes, “You can borrow my notes to write the essay later.”


“See this is just one of the many reasons why I love you Lils!” Jessie smiled as she stood up. Her bag conveniently collided with Sirius’ head as he sat up.




“Oops! My bad!” Jess said innocently and after grabbing Lily’s arm tightly; she ran pell-mell towards the exit.


“Did she just start a fight with me and then leave before finishing it?” Sirius asked confusedly rubbing his head.


“Yea, she did.” Remus answered as the boys headed towards the door.


When the Marauders reached the common room the girl’s had sprawled themselves out in front of the fire. Jessie was snuggled up onto half of her favorite sofa, yet again, asleep.


“Didn’t she just wake up?” James asked as he sat down on the floor at the foot of Lily’s chair.


“Yup.” Lily said turning a page in the textbook she was skimming, “She didn’t get much sleep last night.”


“Can I ask why?” James said.


Lily ruffled James’ hair, “No.” she said simply and continued reading her book.


“Why?” James whined.


“Because James, it doesn’t matter.”




Lily sighed and leaned down and whispered into James’ ear, “Present company.”




“Merlin, James you are thick.”


“I resent that.”


Lily rolled her eyes, “That’s why I can’t tell you.” she said slowly, as though she was talking to small child.


“Because I’m thick?”


“No James. The reason I whispered to you is why I can not tell you.” Lily said exasperatedly, “Sweet Merlin what do they feed purebloods growing up? Because judging by the way you, Jessie and Sirius act it was obviously a diet lacking in the essential nutrients for brain development.”


The portrait door slammed shut and the awake members of the group turned towards it; Jordan walked in head held high and skirt barely reaching her upper thigh, as she sashayed by the group. She harrumphed at the sight of Sirius and marched up the stairs to the girl’s dorm with a flick of her hair, swinging her hips even more than usual.


“Shit Pads, what did you do to her?” James turned and asked Sirius who was smirking to himself and shaking his head.


“Told her how I really felt.” Sirius laughed, “The words fuck off may or may not have been used.”


“Yes!” James jumped up in the air and pumped his fist. He began doing some sort of jig and kissed Lily soundly on the lips, “Finally!”


“James darling as much as I love you, I do sometimes fear for your sanity and well… what… what was that.” Lily asked.


James scoffed, “ My Sirius- has- finally- seen- the- light- and- told- little- miss- easy- to- go- fuck- herself- dance.” he said proudly.


“If you think that one was bad you should have seen his Lily-said-yes dance.” Remus commented stretching his arms over his head.


James turned to him, “There was nothing wrong with my Lily-said-yes dance! I was excited! Thrilled! Elated! I had to express my joy somehow!”


“Right, because there was nothing wrong with you prancing about the room like a two year old on happy pills screaming Lily said yes in a high-pitched voice and swinging from the bed poles, after you bounced up and down on my bed!” Sirius said.


“I did not!” James cried indigently.


“Sure you didn’t babe.” Lily said returning to her book. James scowled and loosened his tie.


“And if you think his Lily-said-yes dance sounds bad, you should have seen his Lily-loves-me dance” Sirius added grinning at his best friend.


“Do you people only exist to embarrass and torture me?” James muttered as his cheeks turned pink. Lily chuckled and ruffled his hair.


“Yes Prongs, that is my sole reason for breathing. Anyways, moving on from James’ unique expressions of joy and euphoria, why are you lot all so happy I told Jordan to fuck off?” Sirius asked.


James and Remus grinned sheepishly, “Well Sirius.” Remus said, “Jordan is a bit superficial and she tends to… uh…”


“What Remus is trying to say in a mature and non-prattish sounding way is she is a stuck up bitch who cares more about making sure half her ass shows when she bends over than anything else.” James stated.


Sirius rolled his eyes.


Jessie’s eyes blinked open and she yawned, “Hello.” she said to the group as she sat up.


“Here Jess is awake. Let’s take a poll,” James said as Jessie looked at him questioningly, “Everyone who thinks Jordan is a bitch raise your hand.”


Everyone’s hands shot up in the air [even Sirius’] and Jessie waved both of hers around wildly.


“I get two because I hate her most and I‘ve come up with the most ways to murder her slowly and painfully.” Jessie shrugged in response to the entertained looks of her friends.


“So Jess,” Lily smirked (ignoring Jessie‘s rather psychopathic confession), “Did you hear?”


“Hear what?”


“Sirius told Jordan to leave him alone the other day.”


Jess glared at Lily who was smiling at her bemusedly, “No I didn’t have a clue. That is lovely.” Jess retorted slowly, gritting her teeth.


“Don’t you wish you could have heard that conversation, you know been there? Had a front row seat?” Lily asked innocently, her eyes twinkling with laughter.


“No.” Jess said shortly, “I’m going to bed.” she muttered and marched up the steps.


“What was that about?” James asked frowning, “I would have loved a front row seat; I‘d have even brought along some popcorn, maybe even a choclate frog or two. And a comfortable chair.” Across from him, Sirius was staring at the carpet, his brows furrowed. He cocked his head to the side and stood up.


“I think I’m going to turn in as well,” he said brushing invisible dust of his school slacks.


“Correction, you’re going to annoy Jessie.” James smirked.


“I am not!” Sirius cried indigently crossing his arms and pouting like a puppy whose squeaky toy had been confiscated. He turned to Remus, who raised an eyebrow.


“I am not!” Sirius turned heel and left his skeptical friends, muttering about “people who have no faith in me what-so-ever.”




“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”- Mark Twain




Fuck my life. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but seriously- Fuck. My. Life.


He loves me.


Okay, all brain function needs to cease. Well, maybe not all of it, just the thinking bits. I know! I will go to sleep! But how to fall asleep. Let’s count sheep! Yay!

One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep. Four sheep. Five sheep. Six sheep… hey that one is pink! Haha! Seven pink sheep. Eight pink sheep…


He bloody loves me.


Ahh! Brain shut up! I need my mummy…


Hello Jessie!


Rodrigo! Rodrigo make the bad thoughts go away please?


Jessie, you need to accept it.


What are you a shrink? And I have, I just don’t want to think about it. It makes my head hurt.


You can’t repress it, you have to deal with it Jessie.


Yes I can, repress it, I mean.







He bloody loves me!


Told you that you couldn’t ignore it

I hate it when you’re right.


I know, so what are you going to do about this?


Nothing. Ignore it and hope it goes away.


Honey, that is not going to work.


Well then Mr. smart cricket, what do you think I should do.


For starters you should admit you love him as well, and then you should most likely inform Sirius of this mutual love, and then the two of you should probably rid yourselves of the giant cloud of sexual tension that’s been following the two of you for years.


How about no? Because for starters cricket boy, I do not love him! And there is no sexual tension what-so-ever between Black and I!


And Lily and James aren’t going to get married.


Leave the disgustingly cute, fairy tale couple out of this!




Thank you.


You’re welcome.


But seriously Rodrigo, he loves me. I thought he really honestly hated me. I mean I really fucked up and… he… I mean how could eh not hate me? I mean, he fucking loves me, like loves me, loves me.


Because like he said, he’s been in love with you since he put flobberworms in your hair.


I remember that. They got tangled in my hair and some of them fell down the back of my dress. It made me cry. And then I hit him and made him cry. And then James felt left out so he started to cry. It was great.


Jessie stop trying to change the subject; you are really not dealing with this situation properly at all. Ignoring the issue and being bitchier to Sirius are not going to make it all better.


But I can try!


And it won’t work. You want to know something funny Jessie?


What cricket?


Most girl’s are usually ecstatic when they find out someone really truly loves them.


Well, I am not most girls and don‘t talk like that it makes me want to puke.


Very, very true.


It’s so cliché. So, so cliché.


What is?


Black and me. It makes me want to hurl. Boy and girls are friends when little. Boy and girls hate each other. Boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. Ugh, gag me.


The only reason you are refusing to throw yourself at Sirius is because its cliché?!


No reason to sound so horrified Rodrigo. And that is not the only reason, I also simply don’t love him. Plus you don’t fall in love with the first boy you kiss.


Correction the only boy you’ve ever kissed.

Die cricket.


 Yes cricket?

Let me know when you’ve gotten out of this deep, deep pit of denial you’ve made.



“Oh, I have loved him to much to feel no hate for him.”- Jean Baptiste Racine




I know, I know it was short yet again; but I liked ending it there. Thought it was fitting to let Rodrigo have the last word for once. So did you guys like it? hate it? I know it was a bit of a filler chapter, but at least you got to see how Jess handled the knowledge that Sirius loves her [not very well.] So leave a review PLEASE, and let me know you concerns, questions and any favorite quotes. Thanks for reading!


-pensive princess


Chapter 17: Snuffles and Jazz
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Chapter 21


Snuffles and Jazz




“You put my head in such a flurry… what makes you so special?” -Fall Out Boy, W.A.M.S.




If you take a right at the end of the Transfiguration corridor and walk down the left set of steps you will hit a fork in the hallway. If you take the right way you will come to a stone archway carved with runes, whose meanings have been lost for all time. Behind the archway, you will find a row of ancient, unused classrooms covered by layers of dust and a marble statue of a mermaid. If one whispers seashell in the mermaid’s ear she will giggle and move her fins away from a small, old oak door its grain smoothed by years of wear and tear. If you choose to open this door, behind it you will find a small closet lined with oak boards and an empty shelf. No one knows why the shelf is there, but it makes a convenient place to store your book bag when one is skipping class.


Which is what I’m doing at the moment, skipping class and hiding from Black and Lily and well… everyone. I can last for a while in here, I planned it all out. I stocked my bag with chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice, pumpkin pastries and , of course, jelly sandwiches this morning instead of books and I have my wand, as well as my newest hexing book to entertain myself. And I’ve locked the door with charms only Lily and maybe Flitwick can open.


I suppose I should enlighten you as to why I’ve locked myself in here, so here it goes. First of all, I have not done something completely moronic. I have not run through the great hall starkers, murdered Sirius, or accidentally transfigured McGonagall’s head into a carrot. And I have not done something suicidal such as let Voldemort into the castle or set a troll loose on the ickle firsties.


And no, I did not kiss Black. Nothing, and I repeat nothing of the sort has occurred or ever will occur… again. Ever Again.


So why am I locked in here? Well my dearies, it all began at dinner last night. Let me lay the scene for you. After a few long, torturous hours in the library with Lily last night; Mary and I finally managed to convince the red-headed slave driver (Note: when it comes to exams Lilers is just as psychotic as James when it comes to quidditch. Its one of the many qualities they share that makes them sole mates- that and the fact they both are insane sadists. I know, it’s so cute.) that it would be an excellent idea to dash to the great hall and consume mass quantities of food to fuel our brains so we could continue our enlightening discussion on transfiguration theory.


Flashback: the day before in the great hall at dinnertime


“Food!” Jessie said scrambling onto the bench. She grinned demonically as she piled mashed potatoes on her plate, “Yummy,” she stuck the spoon back into the bowl of potatoes and moved onto the dish of fried chicken to her left, “Pardon me Jimmy darling,” Jess sang as she leaned over James and grabbed five pieces and stuck them onto the plate in front of her. She continue to pile food on her plate. After sticking a few broccoli spears in between her macaroni and cheese and the thick slice of ham she had put on top of her rolls, she clapped her hands.


James looked over, “You sure you got enough on there?”


Jessie contemplated her plate for a moment. She picked up an olive and stuck it on the top of the pile, “There, perfect. Tada!” She shut her eyes and breathed in the fumes coming from her plate.


“You are the weirdest girl on the face of this planet.” Sirius stated, shaking his head as he spooned corn into his mouth. Jess rolled her eyes.


There-pause! It was at this point when I realized something fishy was going on. After rolling my eyes at the moron, I looked at him; and he gave me one of his “charming Black boy” smiles. And my heart started thudding against my chest. I dismissed it as the horror of seeing Black’s face giving me a heart attack, and continued with my meal.


James poked Lily in the side, and she giggled.


“What are you eating tonight my darling?” James asked teasingly looking at Lily’s plate.


“Macaroni and cheese, want a bite?” Lily laughed holding out a forkful to James. Jessie rolled her eyes as Lily spoon-fed James food.


“And the winners of the disgustingly cute couple award goes to Lily and James.” Sirius said. Lily looked at Sirius indigently, “We are not disgusting!”


Jess raised a finger, “Well, you both know how much I loathe agreeing with Black, but I must set aside our differences for a moment and say I concur.” She shoveled a spoonful of Merlin-knows-what into her mouth.


“See even Jess agrees with me!” Sirius shouted smirking in triumph. Jessie swallowed, “Don’t get used to it Buck-o.”




“Buck-o!” Jessie laughed, “It’s basically the most amazing word on the planet! Besides helter-skelter, which is fucking awesome…”


“And you using this oh-so-incredible word as a synonym for my name?” Sirius smirked, Jess opened her mouth to speak, “Ah, ah, ah, let me finish before you fume! So you’re basically indirectly calling me amazing? Gee Jessie, I feel so loved!”


“I was not calling you amazing!” Jessie gaped.


“What no witty retort for me darling?”


“I wasn’t!”


“Me thinks the lady doth protest to much.” Sirius said stirring his corn.


“I was not calling you amazing!”


“Yes, that’s what you think, but somewhere deep down inside you think I am the most amazing person on the planet.”


“I do not!” Jessie cried.


“Yes, yes you do love.” Sirius blew her a kiss.


PAUSE! Right then, due to Black’s last action, I am quite possibly scarred for life. You see (this disgusts me to even admit it) as he blew me a kiss (gag.) my stomach erupted into a flurry of (kill me please) butterflies. Once I realized what horrors of epic proportions were occurring in my abdomen, I shooed all thoughts of pretty butterflies away and dismissed my stomach’s actions as a reaction to the fifty trillion types of cuisine I had just consumed.


Jessie blue eyes bugged out of their sockets and she wrapped her arms around her stomach. Sirius looked at her curiously and Jessie shook her head. She looked back at Sirius and gagged, “Eww, Black! Never do that again you’re going to make me hurl!”


“But he wuvs you!” James teased.


“You, of all people, should really not be commenting.” Remus contributed, from behind his newspaper.


“Touché Moony.” James said turning back to Lily. James kissed her on the nose and Lily giggled, burying her head in his shoulder.


“Eww! Remus, they’re being gross again!” Jessie and Sirius yelled at the same time. Both looked rather nauseated.


“Hey!” they yelled looking at one another.


“Stop stealing my words!” Jess pouted glaring at Sirius.


“Stop stealing my words!” Sirius retorted.


“Oh why don’t you two just kiss and make up?” Remus commented.


“Yes, why don’t we?” Sirius asked in mock shock.


“Because I’m rather chew off my own arm!” Jess blushed.


Freeze it right there, please and thank you! I blushed, I fucking blushed. And my head was buzzing. After ignoring the smirk that spread across Black’s lips at the sight of my red cheeks, I took a deep breath and told my self it was due to how disturbing the thought was of Black and me kissing… again.


Lily looked down at her watch and sighed, “Come on James, we have rounds tonight.” she said as she reluctantly stood up. James groaned and slowly clambered out of his seat, “Why so early?”


“Because the Ravenclaw prefect who had them before us is in the hospital wing coughing up butterflies.” Lily said.


“Butterflies are evil.” Jessie announced stabbing her ham.


“So are you.” Sirius muttered and Jessie cocked her head to the side and smiled tenderly at him, “Aww, Black that has got to be one of the sweetest things you have ever said to me,” she said seriously.


What? It was so sweet. He called me evil. If I didn’t hate him so much I could have kissed him. But that would be wrong and entirely uncalled for. And besides its not like I want to kiss him. It just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like how you would feel if you ate a kitten.


Sirius raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak when desert appeared on the table.


“Desert!” Jessie shrieked in a high pitched tone few humans can reach. She piled pieces of pumpkin pie and chocolate cake onto her plate and began eating. Sirius shook his head and put a slice of pie on his own plate. He turned his attention to the plate and began to eat. If he had happened to look up he would have noticed Jessie looking at him with a curious expression on her face. She took a bite and chewed slowly as she continued to stare at Sirius.


I couldn‘t figure out why he‘d made me so happy, okay? Or why I still felt so warm and fuzzy inside. Right shutting up now.


Jess scraped her plate, finishing off the last bits of her pie, “Well I best be off places to go people to kill!”


Sirius gaped at her and Remus even looked over his newspaper with a mixture of horror and amusement on his face. Jess swung her legs over the bench and into the aisle. She began humming to her herself and skipped out of the room.


Later that night, after I brushed my teeth and was safe in bed snuggled under my covers with the curtains closed I began to dwell upon dinner.


Jessie snuggled into her pillow and smiled contentedly to herself. A few minutes later her smiled turned to a frown and her eyes flashed open.


“Oh hell no!” She shot up and buried her face in her hands, he face steadily growing redder, “No fucking way!” she hissed.


You see I had just come to the disturbing realization that there was a reason behind my reactions to Black at dinner, and I did/do not like the conclusion that I would eventually get to. I spent something like three hours staring at my bed sheets in horror after that, attempting to ignore the metaphorical puzzle pieces that had fallen into my hands. Then I attempted to go back to sleep, and after waking up twice due to err… horrifying dreams I decided to hide from the world. I know I’m so rational. And so after making a trip to the kitchens and stocking up my bag I went looking for the perfect hiding spot.


And that’s how I ended up, curled up, in this lovely little cupboard.




You’re appealing to emotions that I simply do not have…” -Fall Out Boy, It’s Hard to Say I Do When I Don’t




“Where is she?” Lily yelled storming down the girl’s steps into the common room. She ran her fingers through her hair as she came to a stop next to James and Sirius. Sirius shrugged nonchalantly, but his eyes clearly stated he was more worried about the whereabouts of his lady love than he let on. James on the other hand was clearly distressed. He was twitching and kept glancing around.


“If Pete hadn’t lost the map,” James muttered as he craned his head towards the portrait hole as it slammed shut.

“Not her.” Sirius sighed shoving his hands in his pockets.


“Why would she do this? Does she ever think? I mean she could be dead!” Lily said, “We’ve checked everywhere! Unless there’s some secret passageway you lot,” Lily pointed at the boys, “ haven’t discovered, she’s disappeared!”


“That’s impossible! We’ve covered the whole castle!” James sputtered, “She doesn’t know more than us!”


“Are you sure there couldn’t be one place you haven’t discovered?” Lily asked.


“No! We‘re The Marauders!”


Lily raised an eyebrow, “Let’s go search again and if we don’t find her this time we have to go tell Professor McGonagall.”


Lily led the way to the portrait hole where she ran into Mary, “Did you find her yet?”


Lily shook her head no, “Where the hell is that demented little girl?” Mary exclaimed. The group shrugged.




“…Not a million fights could make me hate you…”- Secondhand Serenade, Broken




I do not like Black. I mean its bad enough that he loves me. It would be even worse if I reciprocated his feelings. He’s Sirius, I’m Jessie.



“Hurry Mummy! We’ll be late!” cried a blonde haired little girl as she pulled her mother to the open doors of a tall, marble building- Gringotts. Outside the building hung a purple banner with the words “500th Anniversary” inscribed upon it. Her mother let out a tinkling laugh as she slowed the curly haired child, “We have to wait for you father Jessie my darling.”


The little girl let out a sigh and crossed her arms over her black dress, “ I know Mummy. Daddy!” she yelled as a tall blonde man walked up to the group and slung his arm around his wife’s waist, “Daddy you took for-ev-er!” she said throwing her arms up in the air.

Her father laughed and removed his arm from his wife’s waist. He scooped Jessie up and she snuggled into his arms, “ I love you Daddy.” she said sweetly wrapping her arms around his neck, “ I love you to munchkin.”


Jessie giggled as they walked through the open doors; inside the wizarding world elite were socializing. Witches were dressed in beautiful ball gowns and Wizards were decked out in their best robes.


Jess’ father set her down and instantly the little girl stood up on a chair, “Where’s Jimmy?” she asked. He smiled down at her as he patted her curls, “What about Sirius.”


“Daddy,” Jessie said shaking her head, “ Sirius will be wherever James is. They do everything together!” she said emphasizing the everything.


“Mrs. Potter is over there, how about this, I’ll go ask where he is and then come back and tell you; but you have to promise me that you won’t go anywhere.” he said sternly.


“Cross my heart and hope to die!” she made an x motion over her chest, “I promise not to go anywhere with anyone unless its James or Sirius.”


“That’s my girl,” and with that her parents set off in the direction of Mrs. Potter.


“Boo!” Jessie let out a shriek and turned around to find Sirius grinning at her.


“You are a mean little boy Sirius Black!” Jessie exclaimed flicking her friends head, before hoping off the chair and flinging herself at the boy laughing.


“You grew.” Sirius pouted frowning at Jessie who was clearly now at least four inches taller than the black-haired boy. Jessie shrugged, “It’s not my fault you’re a shrimp.”


“Let’s go find Jimmy!” Sirius whined as Jessie climbed back up onto the chair and began waving her hands in the air. After a few moments her mother looked back over and saw the little girl frantically waving. Jessie pointed to Sirius and her mother nodded and waved her hand to indicate Jessie was free to leave with her friend.


“Have you seen James anyways?” Jessie asked climbing down and brushing off her dress.


“No, but I must say my darling, you look lovely tonight.” Sirius said kissing her hand and smiling. Jess rolled her eyes, “ Whatever you say.”


She poked him in the side as they began walking.


About a half hour later they still had not found the elusive James Potter.


“Where is he?” Jessie pouted crossing her arms. Sirius shrugged. Suddenly a wicked grin spread over his features, “ I have an idea.”


“Really?” Jessie smirked, looking at Sirius.


“Prank him!” they both shouted, high-fiving one another.


“There he is, put it on!” Jessie hissed as James began walking down the hallway in front of them. Jess and Sirius had hid in one of the connecting hallways after “borrowing” one of shiny white tablecloths and a pair of scissors from one of the desks. Sirius draped the cloth over himself . Jess giggled and moved it so the eyeholes they had cut were over his eyes. She shook her head at how silly he looked and peered around the corner. James was only a few feet away and completely absorbed in his thoughts. Jessie turned back around and nodded to Sirius, smirking.


“Ahh!” James screamed, reaching octaves Jessie wasn’t even sure she herself could reach. She jumped out from behind the wall and began laughing with Sirius and James sprinted down the hallway screaming, “The tablecloths are haunted!”


Sirius threw off the outfit and Jessie flung her arms around his neck, “That was brilliant!” she laughed. Sirius grinned and they walked down the hall arms around one another’s shoulders.




Fine, I’ll admit it. Black and I were a good team. Actually we were a great team, we made James cry a few times… But he’s Black now- the arrogant, pompous, womanizing bastard. But he used to be the bestest friend ever, back when he was simply Sirius. Note the lack of a list of derogatory adjectives before his name.




Jessie and Sirius stood together outside of a country manor. Jessie‘s curls were pulled back into pigtails and she had on a pink summer dress and white sandals. Sirius on the other hand was dressed in his pureblood finery, wearing black pants and a dress shirt despite the heat. He‘d tried to make the best of it though, by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the shirt as much as he dared.

“Put it back Sirius!” Jessie hissed jumping away from Sirius who was holding out a green frog to the girl with a wicked smirk on his face.


“But you have to kiss it!” he insisted shoving the frog closer to her. The frog croaked and she shrieked loudly.


“Jessie! I want to see if it turns into a prince!” Sirius pouted, he looked at the frog sadly and then looked back at Jessie giving her puppy dog eyes.


“That face doesn’t work on me Sirius Black! You should know that by now!” Jessie huffed, “And just because you want to find your prince charming doesn’t mean the rest of us want to!” she ordered pointing to a murky pond filled with lily pads next to them.


Sirius gaped at her, “I do not want to find a prince charming!”


Jess giggled, her pigtails bouncing, “Put Arthur back!”


“You named it?!”




“But why Arthur?”


“Because Sirius, because,” Jess laughed kicking the grass.


“But I don’t want to put him back Jessie! He looks so lonely!” Sirius whined.


Jess put her hands on her hips, “If you don’t I’ll make you spend all day with your brother!” she sang.


“Bye bye Arthur!’ Sirius exclaimed bending over and placing the green froggie on a lily pad. Jessie giggled and began to walk away.


“Jazz! Wait!” Sirius cried running after her. Jessie looked over her shoulder and began running to the house.


“You evil girl! Wait!”




We really did have fun together. I miss that.


I miss that?


Bloody hell Jessie! What are you thinking? You do not miss…


Oi! Blondie! Stop right there!


What do you want? I thought you weren’t talking to me?


Yes, well I felt I had to intervene.




Because young lady, you are being ridiculous.


I am not!


No you are, and you are being a right pain in the ass by refusing to acknowledge you miss being friends with Sirius!


I don’t!










Say it!


Merlin, you sound like a bad movie.


I wouldn’t have to if you would just admit you miss him!




Jessie, say it!




Go on…


Fine, I miss being friends with Sirius.


There, see it didn’t kill you!


Oww, that hurt.


Hurt what? Your pride?


For starters, yes…


Now what are you going to do?


Go back to the tower.




Hide in the dorm.






I give up.




“Love is a promise, Love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” - John Lennon




Spy style Jessie rolled down the wall to the fat lady’s portrait, “Sugarplums!” she hissed at the portrait.

“Hello? Who’s there?” asked the Fat Lady as she swung open. Jess scrambled inside and slammed the portrait closed behind her.


She let out a sigh of relief as she stumbled into the common room, but her breath hitched as her eyes fell on the figure sitting on the couches by the fire.


“Told them you were alive.” Sirius sighed crossing his arms as Jess sheepishly walked forward.


“Why are you here? I thought everyone was at dinner,” she mumbled.


“It was my turn to Jessie watch.” he stated.


“Jessie watch? Merlin, what am I some dangerous creature?” Jess asked shaking her head.


“Wouldn’t be surprised if you had some troll blood in you.” Sirius smirked.


“Ha-freaking-ha.” Jess said sarcastically rolling her eyes, “You’re so witty Black.”


Sirius grinned, “So where were you all day,” he asked standing up.


“You know, around,” Jessie shrugged, scratching her neck.


“Jessie,” Sirius warned.


“What is this an inquiry?” Jessie exclaimed blushing.


“No, I believe that’s what Lily has planned for you. Of course I could be wrong, she did mumble something about handcuffs.” Sirius said coming closer.


Jessie rolled her eyes and looked away.


“Where were you Jess? We were worried sick.” Sirius said quietly, looking down at her sadly.


Jess bit her lip as she looked at Sirius. The boy in front of her didn’t look a bit like the womanizing prankster she’d grown accustomed to, but rather a very sad version of the bubbly little boy she had befriended so long ago. Jess sighed and shrugged, “ I just needed to think,” she said quietly, looking at her toes.


“About what?” Sirius asked quietly, looking at her.


“About how much I… I miss being friends with you.” Jess mumbled looking up at Sirius.




“A partner in crime, a thief of time, you will always be there for me in the end, you are always my dearest friend.”- Anonymous



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Chapter 18: Jazz and Snuffles
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Chapter 22


Jazz and Snuffles




Previously on My Brain and Black…


“Where were you Jess? We were worried sick.” Sirius said quietly, looking down at her sadly.


Jess bit her lip as she looked at Sirius. The boy in front of her didn’t look a bit like the womanizing prankster she’d grown accustomed to, but rather a very sad version of the bubbly little boy she had befriended so long ago. Jess sighed and shrugged, “ I just needed to think,” she said quietly, looking at her toes.


“About what?” Sirius asked quietly, looking at her.


“About how much I… I miss being friends with you.” Jess mumbled looking up at Sirius.




“I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal.” -Vita Sackville- West



The common room was dead silent. Most would assume this was due to the fact that the whole castle was in the great hall stuffing their faces with various jellies and pies; but those who had just heard the words that had been uttered from Jessie Spring’s lips knew that there was a completely different reason for the eerie quiet and tense atmosphere permeating the room.


Sirius stared at Jessie. His mouth was agape and a mask of shock sat on his face. Jessie’s cheeks were a bright cherry red and she had begun to stare intently at the carpet again. Sirius opened and closed his mouth a few times as he attempted to form a syllable. Jess looked back up at him shyly. Sirius swallowed.


“You what?” Sirius managed to hoarsely whisper.


Jess scratched her neck and looked anywhere but Sirius’ face, “ I… I miss you.”


“I don’t understand? How can you miss me? I’m right here,” Sirius asked walking closer and putting his hands on his hips. Jessie’s head whipped up and she looked at him incredulously, “No Sirius, I miss you, the real you. I miss my best friend! I miss the person you haven’t been in quite a while. For the past seven years you’ve created this persona for yourself. You became the school’s handsome, arrogant, mischievous serial dater!”


“You think I’m handsome?” Sirius’ eyes seemed to lose a bit of their focus and he grinned at Jessie, who rolled her eyes, “That’s all you got out of that speech?”


Sirius glared at her, “Well guess what sweetheart, I have news for you, you’ve changed as well!”


“What are you talking about?!”


“Yes you have! What ever happened to the bubbly, outgoing Jessie who believed in fairy tales? Hummm? Riddle me that Jessabelle!” Sirius scowled, “What happened to my best friend?”


“She found out fairy tales aren’t real Sirius! And she grew up!” Jessie yelled shoving her finger into his chest, “Merlin, I come back here and tell you I miss you and that I’m sorry and you ruin it, just like always!”


“Me! You were always the one ruining things! And you never said you were sorry!” Sirius yelled back, throwing his arms up in the air.


“Well, I’m sorry!” Jessie retorted crossing her arms and glaring.


“Apology accepted! I’m sorry too!” Sirius spat back.






Jessie spun on her heal and marched away, stomping up the steps to the girl’s dorm loudly.


“Stupid, bitchy, mean, little…” Sirius cursed under his breath. He turned and kicked the nearest armchair- repeatedly.


“Padfoot, why are you attacking the furniture?” James asked as he climbed through the portrait hole; Lily, Mary and Remus at his heels.


“Have you seen her?” Lily asked, shoving James to the side and rushing up to the sulking black-haired boy.


“Yes I’ve seen her. She’s being a right cow.” Sirius muttered shrugging Lily off and returning to his seat on the sofa. The springs squeaked as he plopped down on it aggressively, his arms crossed.


“Where is she?” Lily asked threateningly.


“Upstairs,” no sooner were the words out of Sirius’ mouth, than did Lily and Mary flee up the staircase screaming Jessie’s full name.


“What happened?” James sighed sitting down next to his best mate.


“I told you, she’s being a right cow at the moment,” Sirius muttered glaring at the fire.




“Being with you is so dysfunctional, I really shouldn't miss you, But I can't let you go…” -Kelly Clarkson, My Life would Suck Without You




“Jessabelle Lufiana Spring! Get your ass out form behind those curtains this instant!” Lily yelled throwing the door open, her red hair flying out wildly behind her like fire. Jessie emitted a groan form behind the wall of fabric she was being hidden by.


“Now young lady you have quite a bit of explaining to do!” Lily yelled marching over to Jessie’s bed. She ripped the curtains open. Jessie groaned again as she flopped down on her back, “Hello,” she murmured up to Lily and Mary who were scowling down at her, their arms crossed. They both looked murderous, and for that reason Jess decided the coming chit-chat was going to be more like an interrogation.


“Where were you!” Lily asked again forcefully.


“Well you see, I decided to take a mental health day,” Jessie explained not meeting the girl’s eyes.


“Why?” Mary asked icily, Jess looked up at the girls and winced, “Erm… well… my head’s been so jumbled up with stuff that I…uh… felt that I needed to attempt to sort through it… and… and… you’re not buying any of this are you?” Jess sighed.


“Not a word,” Lily stated.


“Joy.” Jess muttered.


“Want to know why?”


“Sure…” Jessie stuttered, not really wanting to hear the answer.


“Well Jess, number one, Sirius is downstairs in quite a strop kicking the furniture,” Jess snickered, “ Number two, you’ve been acting quite off for about a week around him…”


“What she means is,” Mary interrupted, “ the sexual tension between the two of you has increased a tenfold over the course of the week, you two keep staring at one another during class when you think no one is watching, and every time he speaks or someone mentions him you blush…”


“I do not!” Jess blushed.


“Exhibit A,” Lily smirked.


“Oh shut up.” Jessie said her cheeks getting redder.


“Oh my god!” Mary exclaimed jumping on Jessie’s bed like a ten year old who had eaten its weight in sugar, “ You admit it!”


“No!” Jessie exclaimed, her cheeks were now a lovely cherry red color. She pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around them and buried her head in her knees.


“You like him!” Lily grinned.


“No!” Jessie’s head shot up, “ I just…”


“Yes you do!” Mary giggled jumping up and down on the bed.


“I don’t!” Jessie yelled, “ I just miss being friends with him!”


“Friends with benefits!” Mary giggled.


“Oi cow! Shut it!” Jess cried shoving her bouncing girl.


“You miss being friends with him?” Lily asked skeptically, tapping her fingertips on her arm.


“Yes,” Jess admitted, knowing she had been defeated.


Lily snorted, “Right…”


“What?” Jessie glared at Lily, “You don’t believe me?”


“Nope,” Lily shook her head.


“What? I have a downright epiphany, which you‘ve been bugging me to have all year long, and then, when I have it, you don‘t believe me?!” Jess exclaimed her jaw dropping.


“Jess, the two of you can’t just be friends! And that was not the epiphany I was pressuring you to have!” Lily said throwing her arms up in the air.


“Why?” Jess asked crossing her arms and sticking her chin out like a defiant child.


“Because best friends don’t want to jump one another’s bones!” Mary said in a sing-song voice.


“I do not…”


“Don’t make me lock you two in a broom cupboard for a week!” Lily glared, “ Because I will put so many freaking charms on the place that it won’t matter how hard you glare at the door, it will not explode!”


Jessie whimpered and shrank under the irate girl’s gaze. Lily crossed her arms again and looked down at the blonde, “If you don’t figure out how you really feel about him by the end of the week, I will chain you to his bed and let him do as he pleases with you!” and with that Lily turned heel and marched out the door. Jessie glared and called after her, “This is how I really feel about him Lillian!”


Lily didn’t reply and Jessie turned and looked at Mary a mixture of shock and horror across her face, “ She wasn’t really serious right Mary…”


Mary smirked, “Don’t look at me like that!” Jess said her eyes growing wide.


“Just admit you love him and everything will be peaches and cr… Ahh!” Mary dashed out of the room dodging the pillows Jessie was chucking in her direction.


“I don’t bloody love him!” Jessie yelled throwing her last pillow at the back of the oak door.




“When I repress my emotion my stomach keeps score.” -John Enoch Powell




I don’t love him.




You too?


Jessie darling, I’ve been saying that the two of you are destined to be together for forever.


We are not destined to be anything more than friends who occasionally do stupid things and try to kill one another!






Honey, think about it…


We… no… NO!






Jessie, I hate to be the bearer of “bad news” but, you’ve always loved him, as more than a friend.




Jessie think about it, there was always something different about your relationship, in comparison to the relationship you had with James.


I… but that’s because Sirius and James aren’t the same person! So obviously…


Jess, stop attempting to be logical, it doesn’t work well for you. You just need to stop making excuses and face the music!


How do you know anything anyways!


Because Jessie, I’m a manifestation of your unconscious dreams wishes, thoughts and desires.




“Anyone can hate. It costs to love.”- John Williamson



Jess sat on her bed engrossed in her thoughts; she and Sirius weren’t “destined to be.” Stupid cricket. That was utterly ridiculous. They were just different and… her thoughts were obscured by the vision of a boy with wide brown eyes smirking up at her from under a table.


Jess bit her lip and took a deep breath as the memories she had tried to forget flooded her.


Sirius grinning wickedly as he shoved a bright green frog in her face insisting she kiss it.


Sirius and her crawling under the table at the Minister’s ball, tying the shoelaces of the wizard’s together.


Sirius kissing her cheek after they’d let the niffer’s loose in the ballroom.


Sirius tickling her mercilessly until she agreed to help him and James.


Sirius and her walking down the hallway arms wrapped around one another.


Sirius grinning back at her as he ran away after charming her hair into snakes.


Sirius dousing her in cold water after training.


Sirius hiding and whimpering behind James after he’d exploded dungbomb in her locker.


Sirius sticking his tongue out at her as he stole the last cookie at dinner.


Sirius dousing her in glitter on Valentine’s day.


Sirius rolling his eyes as he slowly put the truffle in his mouth.


Sirius begging her and giving her puppy dog eyes.


Sirius ruffling her hair as he called her “darling” or “love.”


Sirius lounging in front of the fire after quid ditch practice, with his wet hair dripping into his eyes.


Sirius dragging her to the hospital wing after she’d broken her ribs.


The way his eyes sparkled whenever he said “ I love you.”


Sirius kissing her at the Minister’s ball in front of the roses.






“And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.” -Erica Jong




“Sirius!” Jessie jumped about a foot into the air and landed rather ungracefully on the tangles mess of blankets on her bed.


“Hi,” he said quietly as he sat down on the bed next to her.


“How do you get in here?” Jessie asked incredulously pushing her hair out of her face.


“That’s for me to know and you not to find out,” he smirked, “You okay?”


Jess rolled her eyes, “Let’s see, other than the fact that you just scared me half to death and the fact that Lily just threatened to chain me to your bed, I’m lovely.”


Sirius eyes seemed to lose a bit of their focus, “What?”


“Oh stop it you perve!” Jess shoved his shoulder and Sirius grinned charmingly at her. Jess rolled her eyes.


“Come to the kitchens with me,” Sirius said pocking Jessie’s side. Jess crossed her arms and Sirius looked down at her with big puppy dog eyes. Jess huffed and stuck her hand out. Sirius stood up. He grabbed her hand and Jess sighed as she reluctantly let him pull her up, “If I must.”


Sirius pulled James’ invisibility cloak out of his pocket with a flourish, “ Look, no one even has to see us.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “Gee, you’re so sweet,” as Sirius threw the cloak over the two of them. Sirius let out a bark like laugh, “That’s why they call me Prince Charming love.”


“You, Prince Charming? Sweet Merlin Sirius what have you been smoking in the greenhouses?”


The cheeky banter trailed off as they walked into the common room. Jess bit her lip, Sirius was far to close for comfort. She attempted to ignore the fact that her stomach would burst into a flurry of butterflies whenever their shoulders would brush and that her heart would begin to thud against her chest every time she felt his breathe on her neck. She could see Lily, plain as day in her mind, smirking at her predicament. Jess gritted her teeth and concentrated on putting one foot in front of another.


The walk took far to long in Jessie’s opinion, and she began thanking every deity to ever exist as they came to a halt in front of the entrance to the kitchens. Sirius carefully folded the cloak and stuffed it in the front pocket of his hoodie as he tickled the pear.


“I love house elves,” Jess sighed as she scraped the bottom of her bowl of chocolate ice cream. Sirius laughed and shook his head at her.


“So why did you drag me down here?” Jess asked licking her spoon.


“Why did you come down here?” Sirius retorted.


“ I was hungry, now answer my question,” Jess said leaning her head on her hand and smiling evilly at Sirius.


Sirius grinned back at her, “Well you my friend, are the one that said you wanted to try being friends again. And I felt it was my duty, as a friend, to respect my friend’s wishes.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “You just used the word friend way to much in a single space of time, friend.”


“Okay, as a friend, I feel its my duty to tell you friend, that adding the word friend to the end of that sentence was unnecessary, my friend,” Sirius smirked. Jess laughed and shook her head at Sirius, “You are such a dork.”


“Ah yes, but now I’m your dork,” Sirius grinned.


“Oh Merlin, what have I gotten myself into?” Jess said dramatically.


Sirius stood up and offered her his hand, “Well love, I’m not sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into myself,” Jess laughed and took his hand.




“Cuz we belong together now, yeah…You got a piece of me and honestly, my life would suck without you…” -Kelly Clarkson, My Life Would Suck Without You




“They’re friends?”


“That’s what Jessie said…” Lily trailed off looking at the fire.


“But… they… I… I’m confused,” James sighed crossing his legs and letting them rest of Remus’ lap. Remus shoved his feet off and glared at James.


“And then I told her that if she didn’t admit she loves him by the end of the week I’d chain her to his bed…” Lily said. James let out a squeak, Remus jumped and Mary started giggling.


“You didn’t!” James moaned.


“I thought you wanted them to get together,” Lily hissed as she raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend.


“Yes, but the quid ditch final is this Friday! And she needs to be concentrating on quidditch, not her love life! Quidditch takes precedence over all! Damn their happiness! We have to win!” James cried, running his fingers through his hair, as he began mumbling about tactics, quid ditch, and bludgers hitting the wrong person.


“You and Quidditch! James Potter stop your whimpering or I will drag you to Madam Pomfrey to get a calming draught!” Lily warned. James shuddered, “I’m calm.”


Lily turned back to the fire and James popped out of the chair and threw himself onto the carpet.


“This is not going to end well,” he sighed and folded his hands behind his head.


“Why do you say that?” asked Mary, “Personally, I think its adorable!”


“The last time Jessie and Sirius were getting along well enough to consider themselves friends I had my pants pulled down in front of the Minister and his wife,” James closed his eyes and shuddered.


Meanwhile, only a few hundred feet away, the subjects of the conversation were sprinting down the hall.


“Shit!” Jessie yelled as the loud yell of a man filled the corridor. Sirius looked back over his shoulder, “he’s gaining on us!”


They looked worriedly at one another.


“Isn’t there an alcove behind that tapestry?” Jessie yelled, pointing to a large tapestry hanging in the wall in front of them, depicting the beheading of Urg the unclean.


“Yea!” Sirius yelled and the two dove behind the cloth.


“Ow, Sirius that’s my head!”


“Fuck Jessie that was my jaw!’




The sound of stomping boots filled the corridor and the two shut their traps quickly. They’re eyes grew wide as Filch let out a cackle, “I’ll get you my pretties!”


Jess and Sirius looked at one another and Jessie raised an eyebrow. Sirius shrugged. The corridor was silent, until a loud crash sounded down the hall.


“There you are!” Filch hissed, sounding very much like an axe murderer who had cornered his next victim.


Jess and Sirius let out the breathes they had been holding, as the sound of Filch storming off down the corridor died out. The two stumbled out of the tight alcove laughing.


Jess smiled up at Sirius who grinned back, “Come on let’s get out of here.”


“I can not believe you hexed the cat!” Jessie said pocking Sirius in the side.


“Hey! It was your idea!” he poked her back.




“The best thing about me is you.”- Shannon Crown



The common room was deserted, with the exception of four lone figures sitting around the fireplace silently. Each was absorbed in their own thoughts. Lily was lounging in the corner of the sofa her legs curled under her and her right hand was tangled in her red hair. Her lime green sweats clashed against the faded, crimson velvet of the sofa. Across from her Remus sat stiffly, gazing at the fire, a frown across his face. Mary was curled up in a chair next to him sleeping. James was lying on his back on the floor, staring at the ceiling worriedly. His hands were folded behind his head and every so often he would flinch. The portrait hole slammed shut and the sound of laughter reached the groups ears. The four jumped and their attention turned to the entrance, where Jessie and Sirius were walking together, doubled over in laughter, poking one another in the sides.


Sirius poked Jess particularly hard and she swatted his hand away, “You prat, that hurt!” she yelled.


“Shut up! You’re going to wake the whole tower you moron!” Sirius hissed slapping his hand over her mouth. Jessie licked his hand and Sirius yanked it away, disgusted, “Gross!”


“You’re the one who put it there!” Jessie retorted sticking her tongue out.


“Don’t do that unless you intend…”


“Are you two drunk?” James asked incredulously. He, Lily, Remus and Mary were standing side by side in front of the fire.


“Erm… no,” Jess shook her head.


“But you… what are you two doing?” James asked ruffling his hair as Jessie and Sirius began poking one another again. They began laughing again.


“Being friends!” Sirius said brightly, and Jessie began laughing even harder.


The four looked at the two warily, but Jessie and Sirius were in their own little world; after all they did have seven years of lost friendship to make up. Jessie yawned, “ I think I’m gonna turn in,” She bounced over to James and squeezed him tightly, “Night Jimmy. I love you!” she ruffled his hair.


“I want a hug!” Sirius complained pouting. Jess rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. She buried her head into the crook of his neck and Sirius wrapped his own arms around Jessie’s waist tightly. Lily raised an eyebrow. Jessie let a smile cross her face as Sirius rested his cheek on her head.


“Goodnight Snuffles, thank you,” Jess whispered in his ear.


“Goodnight jazz,” Sirius smiled kissing the top of her head. They hugged for a few more seconds before reluctantly letting go of one another. Jess turned around to the girls, “Right then, bed? yea?” she smiled and they all went their separate ways.




“True friendship never ends.”- Anonymous



No sooner had the girls door shut than Lily and Mary began attacking Jessie.


“OMG!” Lily yelled smirking.


“Details!” Mary screamed.


“Merlin you two sound like we were on a bloody date. We just went to the kitchens and decided to try to be friends again, and then to celebrate our newly-mended bond of friendship we hexed Mrs. Norris pink and made Filch’s shoes sparkle…” Jessie squirmed under the disapproving glare from Lily, “ And then we had a poke war on our way back up here. Nothing really that interesting.”


“No epiphanies?”


“There are going to be no epiphanies of the nature your suggesting Lily, we’re just friends!” Jess threw her hands up in air.


“Jessie let me explain something to you. People who are just friends do not hug the way you and Sirius hugged tonight. And people who are just friends do not look at one another the way you and Sirius look at each other!” Mary stated shaking her head and crossed her arms.


“Shall we demonstrate?” Lily asked, “Yes? Good. Mary come here.”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, this was going to be entertaining.


“I’ll be Jess and you be Sirius,” Lily said.


“You lot sound like twelve year olds.” Jessie said.


“And you two have the maturity of twelve year olds, so this should be rather accurate!” Lily retorted icily. Jess flinched, this was not going to end well.


“Ready?” Lily asked smoothing down her shirt. Mary shook her bangs in front of her face and slouched. She shoved her hands in her pockets and smirked, “oh Jessie I love you but I’m going to pretend I don’t now because you’re to thick to realize you love me too,” Mary said in a deep voice that was meant to sound like Sirius.


Jessie raised an eyebrow and bit her lip, in order to keep herself from crackling up. Lily threw her arms around Mary dramatically, “Goodnight Sirius, aka the guy who I love more than I will admit because I’m a moron!” Lily rested her head on Mary’s shoulder and Mary rested her head against Lily’s head.


“Okay this is getting awkward,” Lily said and she and Mary jumped apart. Jessie shook her head and began laughing. She collapsed onto her bed, her body shaking violently from the giggles.


Once she was finished she sat back up, wiping tears away from her eyes, “Sirius and I do not act like that.”


Mary and Lily groaned, “Oh I give up,” Lily threw her hands up in the air and crawled under the covers of her bed, “but what I said earlier still stands, I will chain you to his bed!”


Jessie rolled her eyes and flicked her wand at the lights turning them off.




“Don't let the past hold you back; you're missing the good stuff.” - Anonymous




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Chapter 19: Near Misses, Revelations and Tartan
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Chapter 23


Near Misses, Revelations and Tartan




“I want to scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I’m afraid someone will hear me” Fall Out Boy the (shipped) gold standard




Naturally, the news that Jessie Spring and Sirus Black had been seen acting amicable towards one another traveled around the school faster than a wildfire on a dry hillside. Many said that he had imperio-ed her. Others claimed they had hooked up in the Astronomy tower-repeatedly. Some even went as far as to say that it was all an act for an end of the year prank. Minerva McGonagall, however, was in the group of people who refused to believe it until she saw it with her own eyes. After nearly seven years of threatening to expel, torture and suspend the quidditch privileges of the two; she was more than skeptical of this supposed “miracle.”


Which was why she nearly had a heart attack when the two walked into Transfiguration on Wednesday, hunched over a piece of parchment together, whispering. Minerva pushed her glasses further up her nose and blinked. Was it really true? Apparently, seeing as the two had sat down at a desk together, and Sirius had just ruffled Jessie’s hair and instead of hexing him to hell and back, Jessie just stuck her tongue out. The Professor’s quill hit the desk, sending ink flying across the wood and parchment- did Jessabelle Spring just giggle? At something Sirius Black had just said?


The classroom soon filled up and Minerva stood and tapped the chalkboard with her wand, “Read pages 678- 697 in your books. I will be back in ten minutes.”


The class filled with the sound of shuffling books and the hushed tones of friends discussing what on earth the professor had to do. But Minerva ignored this, instead, she bustled out of the classroom. She needed to see Albus, immediately, because there was no way in hell Jessie and Sirius had actually just randomly decided to become friends.




“Love that is not madness is not love.” -Pedro Calderon de la Barca




“Today is the day…”


The day we ride to victory.


“The day we…”


…do what we were born to do, what we…


“…were bread to do, what we’ve…”


…trained to do. One would think James would have come up with a better motivating speech for the final than this. He’s been saying the same thing every year since he became captain. Sirius is rolling his eyes, haha, I agree darling, he needs new material.


“This is it, our pinnacle…”


For the love of Merlin! James, shut up already. I think I’m going to die any second now. Can we please just get in the air and kill some birdies?


“I love you all, now let’s go kick some raven claw ass!”


Finally it’s over. Stupid emotional, dramatic quidditch captain.


“We’re going to win Jess, we have to. I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but your the best beater a guy could ever ask for, I really do love you.”


Erugh, can’t breathe.


“Jimmy, get off.”


“Yea, Prongs you’re going to kill her.”


Sirius, my savior.


“Yea, Jim-jam, I don’t think Lily will be pleased to hear that you’re telling another girl you love her.”




Aww, Jimmy is so adorable.


“Come along then my darling drama queen, we have a match to win!”




“My life has been full of mistakes and regrets for that I know, But without you I feel so cold, I'm an idiot for making the mistakes I did but will you forgive me?” -Kelly Clarkson, Since We’ve Met




“And Potter has the ball, he passes… no wait he weaves around Trotter… he shoots… Potter scores! 110- 30 Gryffindor!”


Jess pumped her fist up in the air as she flew towards the nearest bludger. Crack.


“And Trotter had dropped the quaffle, it’s picked up by Luther, who passes it to Potter who passes it back, look at them weave in and out of the way! Potter has put together quite the show for us today! Potter to Luther, Luther shoots and scores! 120- 30 to Gryffindor! Ladies and gents, it is the apocalypse! Spring and Black just high-fived one another… get out your cameras folks, it’s a… shutting up Professor, sorry… and back to the game…What the hell? Damien Renner just cracked a bludger towards Black! He‘s now here near the fucking quaffle!”


Jessie whipped her head around and let out a scream of horror as the black ball smashed into Sirius’ head. Her bat dropped from her hand as she shot towards his falling body. The stadium was dead silent, to shocked to speak, as they watched one of Hogwart’s golden boys hurtle through the air and hit the quidditch pitch. Jess had never flown faster in her life. In mere seconds she was off her broom and rushing to the spot on the grass where Sirius’ body lay. His maroon robes were crumpled under his lifeless body. His right arm was twisted at an odd angle. Blood pooled onto the pitch from a crack in his skull, where the bludger had hit and it seeped out of his nose and lips. His black hair was matted to his head from blood. Jessie’s eyes pooled with hit tears as her hand hovered inches above his body; she was afraid to touch him. She couldn’t breathe, it hurt to breathe. Her world was spinning and her ears buzzed. She felt sick to her stomach.


“Sirius,” she whispered as Madam Hooch and Madam Pomfrey sprinted toward the scene and the rest of the Gryffindor team landed beside her, looks of horror on their faces, “Oh god, Sirius…” she covered her hand with her mouth as a tear slipped out of her eye and rolled down her cheek. She remained crouched on the ground, her knees digging into the grass, as they levitated Sirius onto a stretcher and towards the hospital wing.


“Jess,” Jessie looked up and saw James standing there, holding out her bat to her, “Come on, we got a game to finish,” Jessie didn’t speak, instead she yanked the bat from James’ hand and kicked off the ground. She wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. Her jaw was set, all she could see was red. Renner was dead. James looked from Jessie to renner, “He’s fucked.”


Madam Hooch blew the whistle, and the game resumed.


“And Jessie Spring is hurtling towards the nearest bludger yet again, damn that girl can fly… Sorry professor, I know, language… And she cracks it towards Damien Renner, who has the quaffle. What a hit! Renner smashes into the stands and Potter catches the quaffle. Well ladies and gentlemen, I guess the rumors are true, Spring and Black no longer hate one another! Remind me to never fuck with one of Jessabelle Spring’s friends- I really don’t want a broken neck… I know professor, language…And Potter scores! Wait Miggs and O’Brian are neck and neck! They’ve definitely seen the snitch! Finally it’s taken them long enough! O’Brian reaches out… he knocks Miggs arm out of the way… O’Brian grabs the snitch! Gryffindor wins!”




“The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.” -Gilbert K. Chesterton




“I mean, Ms. Spring talent like yours is hard to fine. Not only are you a natural flyer, but your form is simply impeccable. It’s like it is all instinct for you…”


Why yes, that could be because my sadistic best friend made me practice my swing in front of a 360 degree mirror three summers ago for seven hours at a time everyday twice a day.


“Why thank you Coach Maguire.”


Fucking James. You all must be wondering why I’m standing her talking to a fish faced old man in a purple suit, instead of in the hospital wing with the rest of the team; it’s due to the fact that James Potter is an imbecile. After Jimmy had made out with the bloody cup, he grabbed me by the arm and twirled me towards the lovely pack of men who were standing, glaring at one another, and waiting for the opportune moment to pounce on me and shower me with business cards and promises of glory, model boyfriends and mullah up the who-hah.


I suppose I should be thankful, I mean I am chatting with the Marcus Maguire. Aka the coach for the premier women’s team, the Holyhead Harpies. But at the moment I really could care less, Sirius is basically dead in the hospital wing! I hope I never, ever have to see someone I lo… A FRIEND in such a state. I couldn’t breathe, I thought he was dead and I was never going to get to tease him or talk to him or hug him or play a joke on James with him ever again. I need to see him, I need to make sure he’s all right. Plus, in all honesty, who wants a boyfriend who struts up and down a fucking runway all day long; I mean come on they spend a more time on their hair than Black, and that is saying something. And as for the money, killing bad guys and spilling blood sounds like so much more fun!


Right, I have issues. I mean just because I’ve been telling everyone since I could barely pronounce quidditch, that I wanted to be a professional player doesn’t mean dreams can’t change, right? Right?




“And your power! Ms. Spring you are indeed one of these strongest female players I have ever seen.”


Try one of the strongest players you’ve seen period you overgrown walrus.


“Oh Coach Maguire, you flatter me.”


Merlin, I disgust myself. Apparently mum’s etiquette lessons did pay off.


“Oh but my dear it is true.”


“Mister Maguire. How pleasant to see you again.”


Thank Merlin for Albus Dumbledore.




“Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you, Can't help it if there's no one else, Mmm, I can't help myself…” -Taylor Swift, Hey Stephen




Jessie looked up at her headmaster gratefully as she tucked her beaters bat under her arm. The short and squat, purple-suited man next to her chuckled, “Professor Dumbledore! How are you?”


Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as he shook the man’s hand, “Superb Marcus. And you?”


“Excellent, excellent. I was just chatting here with your precious student. Ms. Spring is quite the skilled beater.”


Dumbledore let out a chuckle, precious was not a word one usually used to describe the blonde Gryffindor beater to his right, “ Well, I do hate to interrupt, but it seems Ms. Spring’s captain is looking for her.”


“Oh yes, James Potter, quite the player as well. I heard he gave James Jackson a flat out no when he asked him to come to the national team tryouts.”


Dumbledore smiled and looked at Jessie who jumped, “Well I do hate to run; Coach, Professor, but James probably wants me to meet him and the rest of the team in the hospital wing. Sirius took a rather nasty hit to the head.”


“Oh but of course my dear! We must make sure that our teammates recover fully. Especially since it was your fellow beater. Sirius Black is his name isn’t it? He’s quite good. I would imagine the two of you are quite close seeing as you are partners.” He smiled. Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled with amusement. Jessie let out a nervous chuckle and scratched her neck, “Err… you could say that. Sirius and I are pretty close…” Jess trailed off , her cheeks reddening, and kicked a dirt clod. Dumbledore looked at her, clearly bemused.


“Now here is my card,” Maguire said pulling a lime green card from his pocket with a flourish, “It has all my information on it. Just owl me if you need anything. I’m sure we will be in touch!” he said delightedly. Jessie nodded, “Of course sir, it was a pleasure.” she shook his hand and with a nod of her head to Dumbledore took off in the direction of the school.


Jess stumbled through the door of the hospital wing, “I’m here; what did I miss?” she called and looked up. There was not a single scarlet clad quidditch player in sight. She put her hands on her hips, “Hello?”


“Over here Jess.”


Jess looked to her right. Sirius was lying in one of the bed’s with a bandage across his forehead.


“Sirius!“ Jessie sprinted over to the bed, nearly tripping over her own two feet as she flew and jumped on top of him (Sirius winced as she her body collided with his), “You bloody idiot! I thought you were dead!” She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her head under his chin.


Sirius looked up at her, “Hello to you too,” he smiled.


“And I thought that I was never going to get to talk to you or tease you or hug you or torture James with you ever again! I thought you were dead! And I thought I was never ever going to see you again!” Jessie said, with a sad smile on her face. Sirius rubbed her arm, “it’s okay Jess, I’m right here. I’m fine. Poppy fixed me right up.”


Jess bit her lip and blinked rapidly, “ I know, I just thought you were dead,” she let go of him and sat up.


“I’m fine Jess,” Sirius smiled.


Jess pulled her hair out of its messy ponytail and ran her fingers through her hair attempting to detangle it, “Where are the others?” she asked, looking around the room. The only other occupant was Damien Renner, who was lying unconscious on a bed at the other end of the room. Guilt spread across Jessie’s features as her eyes landed on him.


He shrugged, “ I told them to go get the party started. James was getting antsy about being away from the bloody cup as well. Poppy should be back to check me out in a few minutes. Something about a Hufflepuff getting his hand stuck in a door. Ah, I see you are admiring your handiwork.”


Jessie blushed crimson, “I was mad okay…” she muttered attempting to comb out a rather large tangle.


Sirius let out a bark like laugh, “From what I heard you were ready to commit murder…”


“I was not! Did James tell you that?” Jessie pouted, “and speaking of James, guess what he did!”


“What darling,” Sirius asked, smirking at her as he crossed his arms and looked at Jess.


“He tried to kill me!”


“Really?” Sirius said sarcastically.


“Yes,” Jessie glared at him, “He fed me to the vultures after the game! I got attacked by about fifty billion coaches after the game promising me glory, riches, fame and hot model boyfriends. And it was not the most pleasant experience.”


“Shouldn’t you be elated?” Sirius asked, “Last time I checked being mobbed by people begging you to come play for their professional quidditch for team is a good thing. And hot, model boyfriends? Really Jess?”


“I swear to you one of them said that! Why on earth would I want a hot, model boyfriend they spend more time on their hair than you do, and that is an accomplishment. And you‘re right I should have had the time of my life, but it’s not necessarily fun when they pounce on you like starved cannibals on filet mignon,” Jess said. Sirius shook his head attempting to erase the thought of Jessie and pouncing from his mind, “And throw brightly colored business cards at you and call you precious.”


Sirius snorted, “Who the hell called you precious?”


Jessie sighed and began digging through her pocket. She pulled out a pile of business cards from her robes and began shuffling through them. She picked up a lime green card out of the pile and extended it towards Sirius, “Meet Marcus Maguire. Coach of the Harpies.”


Sirius took the card from her hands, “Cute. Was he wearing matching robes?”


Jessie rolled her eyes and began picking at a loose thread from the sheet, “No his suit was purple,” she took the card back, “And why does it matter? Shouldn‘t you be concerned that I‘ve been emotionally scarred by the experience, or be worrying that it has inflated my ego greatly,” she asked stowing it away in her pocket.


Sirius shrugged, “That is an excellent question. Hello Poppy.”


Madam Pomfrey smiled at the two beaters as she walked around Sirius’ bed and waved her wand around his head, it glowed purple and Poppy sighed, “ Mr. Black, I’m sorry but it was quite a hit, give it another fifteen minutes. And Miss Spring, get off the bed this instant!”


Sirius groaned and let his head flop back on the pillows, “Come on Poppy, it’s my last quidditch celebration ever! Jessie can make sure I get safely to the common room” he begged giving her puppy dog eyes. Jess raised an eyebrow, didn’t he know by now that look didn’t work on most people? But apparently it still worked on the nurse, for Poppy’s face had softened. She also didn’t seem to give it a second thought that the individual who would be escorting Sirius back to the Gryffindor common room was actually the cause of most of his injuries in the first place; Poppy sighed, “Well I…” she turned to Jessie, “Miss Spring could you make sure he gets back to the common room and sits down once he gets there.”


Jessie shrugged, “I…”


“Please Jess please!” Sirius begged, giving the nurse and Jessie puppy dog eyes. Jessie looked at him and instantly her stomach erupted in a flurry of butterflies. She grimaced and rolled her eyes, “Fine. And I am not saying that because of the look Sirius.”


Sirius grinned, “Thank you!”


Jess rolled her eyes as the nurse walked away and into her office. “I need my head checked,” Jess muttered to herself.


“Bon voyage Poppy!” Sirius exclaimed hopping up.


“Sirius that’s not what you say…”


He spun around dizzily, groping the air and flopped back down on the bed.


“Nicely done Black,” Jess said standing up. Sirius sat up, “Right that was a bad idea.”


“Very good, see you learn something new everyday.” Jessie laughed as Sirius slowly got up and grabbed her arm. He stuck his tongue out at her and Jessie grinned.


“Sorry,” he mumbled, “Just until we get out of here, so she doesn’t see me fall, and then you can let me fall flat on my face and laugh,” he whispered in her ear. Jessie rolled her eyes, “As much as I love seeing you make a complete moron out of yourself, I must say I think it’s a better idea if you use me as support.”


Sirius stepped on her foot and Jess let out a yelp, “And again I ask myself, yet again, why am I doing this?”


Sirius laughed, “That is an excellent question love.”


“So Jessie darling, learn anything new lately?” Sirius asked grinning as they walked out the door.


Jessie shook her head, “No. Unless the fact that some people consider me precious is something new.”


Sirius let go of her arm and took a few steps, “See this isn’t that hard. Shit!” He fell flat on his ass. Jessie gave him a bemused look and crossed her arms, “Excellent job Sirius.”


“Shut up.” he muttered attempting to get up on his own. Jess smirked, “You did say I could laugh.”


Sirius fell flat on his ass again and Jessie began cracking up. He glared at her from the floor and Jess sighed, “Here,” she stuck out her hand to Sirius, who took it.


“Thanks love,” he said as Jess hauled him to his feet. Jessie rolled her eyes and they continued down the hallway. They walked in silence for a few minutes the only sounds in the empty hall the tap, tap of their shoes against the stone floor. Jessie ran her fingers through her hair and looked back at Sirius, “Hey Sirius.”


Sirius looked up at her and cocked his head to the side, “Yes doll?”


Jessie rolled her eyes at the nickname and twisted her fingers in her hand, “Can I ask you something?”


Sirius shrugged, which made him lose balance, he grabbed Jessie’s arm and steadied himself, “Or maybe I’ll just hold on all the way up to the common room.” he joked linking his arm with hers “Anyways, continue love.”


“Klutz. Anyways, would I be throwing everything away if I chose not to play quidditch next year professionally?” Jess mumbled.


Sirius’ jaw fell to the floor and he froze. He grabbed Jessie’s biceps and turned her to him, “Are you feeling ill?” he asked and Jessie shrugged, “ You’re sure you’re alright. Did you get hit in the head? Are you sure? Shit Jess, you’ve been saying since, well, forever that you were going to play professional quidditch. And you’ve got nearly every professional coaches calling card in your pocket. Plus, you’ve worked your bloody ass off. Why would you not… Why?” Sirius asked.


She shrugged again, “Other things seem more important now.” she muttered, “It’s like, have you seen that dude that has been popping up in the newspaper every once in a while… what’s his name…” she trailed off.


“Voldemort.” Sirius said hoarsely, his features darkened, “Yes, I have heard of that bastard.”


“Yea, well he seems to be getting stronger by the day and I was just thinking I could…”


“Could what Jess?”


“Become an auror, instead of fly around in the air, sending black balls of doom towards people‘s heads. I mean I have the grades and everything and I‘m a pretty good dueler and…,” she trailed off. Sirius looked at her quizzically as she raised her head and met his eyes. Sirius gave her a sad smile and pulled her into a tight hug, “ Do whatever you want to do Jessie. Fight or fly. If fighting seems more important then chose that. Besides you quidditch skills will never go away. Although we may need a good source of entertainment soon.”


“Merlin that was sappy.“ Jessie rolled her eyes shoving Sirius away, only to reach out and catch him so he didn’t fall again. Sirius laughed, “Which is exactly why we will never mention that conversation to anyone ever,” Sirius added and Jessie nodded.


“Thank you Sirius.” Jessie smiled, “See this is why I‘m glad we‘re friends.” she grinned as they walked up to the portrait of the fat lady, “Blueberries.”


The fat lady swung open and Sirius smiled to himself as Jess helped him inside. Jessie walked on ahead of him, “ And that’s why I love you,“ Sirius whispered to himself.


“Oi! You lot look what I found!” Jess yelled into the sea of red and gold students in front of her who cheered and raised their glasses at the sight of the pair. Jessie steered Sirius towards the quidditch team who was sitting by the fire admiring the cup and shoved him down into an empty seat.


“Hey! Get me a fire whisky,” he asked Jess. Jessie snorted, “Yea, because that’s going to totally help your head,” she walked away and grabbed two bottles of water.


“Catch,” she chucked it at Sirius as she walked back up to the group. It smacked him in the face and Jessie smirked.


“Be nice! We just won the cup! And I’m injured! I could have died!” Sirius teased, twisting the cap open and taking a sip, “This isn’t fire whisky!”


“Well obviously, Sirius don’t you want to remember tonight?” Jess asked as she sat down across from him in her favorite yellow armchair.


“That depends…” Sirius said suggestively and Jessie rolled her eyes and threw a chip at him, “Never in a million years.”


Sirius frowned and crossed his arms, “I can wait.” he muttered.


“Hello my loves. How are my oldest and two of my dearest friends?” James exclaimed kissing each of them on the cheek. He had a Gryffindor tie tied around his head. Sirius rubbed the back of his hand against his face and Jessie smirked. James plopped down on the arm of Jessie’s chair and slid into her, “Fab-ulous job today darlings!”




“Friends are like diamonds, precious crystals and pearls, there are only so many real ones in the world…”- Anonymous





I swear on Merlin’s grave, if I didn’t know he was in love with Lily (and if I hadn’t already asked his mum) I would think he was a chick in disguise. He just giggled. He bloody giggled, and flipped the end of the tie over his shoulder. Oh wait, yup. He’s drinking fire whisky. He does tend to act this way when he’s intoxicated. Where is Lily when I need her?


“So Jessie darling, how was your adventure with the coaches.”


Quite the adventure Jimmy dear.


“It was lovely James. I was mobbed for a good five minutes by each beast, got my weight in business card thrown at me, and had to answer the question, ‘You’re friends with James Potter yes? Why isn’t he playing? Here’s my card give it to him later, he may change his mind.’ at least fifty times. And I had to be polite to all the dimwits, Marcus Maguire even called me precious!”


Merlin James get your arms off me. He’s bloody strangling me by hugging me. That’ll be a lovely epitaph- Jessie Spring, cause of death- strangulation via hug. Ahhh! Yes James let go! Merlin, what is it with this boy and hugging today?


“Oh Jess, I is so sorry. I didn’t realize it would be such a traumatizing experience!”


“The cards or you hugging me?”


Jimmy is quite cute when he thinks.


You know who else is cute…


Who Rodrigo?




Shut up Rodrigo! We are friends! And friends do not say things like that about other friends.


Oh come on Jessie, have you seen the boy’s ass?


Shut up cricket!


You just said James is cute!


That is an entirely different matter, I was saying…




Oh shut it!


“The coaches! And I’m sorry that you had to answer that stupid question for me. One would think after you tell the coach of the English national team that you’re not interested, word would spread.”


How sweet James should drink more often.


“Oh no, word spread, I heard that story about fifty billion times as well.”


Yes James, shrug. That is an excellent response. Now get off my squishy yellow banana! Your crushing me!


“You are insane.”


Thank you Snuffles… oh, did I say that out loud?




Apparently I said that out loud as well, excellent job me. Keep the thoughts inside the cranium. Now to save my squishy yellow banana!




“If love is the answer could you please rephrase the question.” -Lily Toulmin




Jessie heaved her shoulder into James’ side and shoved. He toppled off of the armchair with an almighty crash.


“What the hell was that for Jess?” James asked angrily and she sat back up, but Jessie was not listening. Instead the blonde had stood up in her seat and was bouncing around in a circle making Indian noises with her arms up in the air. She bent over and picked up her water from the table. After raising it up to the sky she twisted the cap of and began drizzling it over James’ head. James crossed his arms and stood up.


“That’s it give me the water Jessie,” he too hopped on the chair and Jessie jumped off, shrieking. In her haste she flung the bottle to the side and out of James’ reach.




Jessie stopped fending off James and cringed.


“My hair!” Sirius wailed. Jessie winced and slowly turned around. Sirius face and head were sopping wet. His dark locks were clinging to his forehead and cheeks and tiny drops of water dripped from his eyelashes onto his cheeks. Jessie gulped as her heart hammered against her chest, surely it was illegal for your best friend to look so gorgeous when they were soaking wet and pissed as hell at you. Sirius’ bottom lip jutted out and Jessie had the sudden urge to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him.


Luckily, she was saved from doing exactly that. Sirius picked up his own bottle and twisted the cap off. He grinned and tossed the remaining liquid in Jessie’s face. Jessie sputtered and wiped the water out of her eyes.


The common room was silent, waiting for the impending duel to break out. The girls stood anxiously waiting to throw themselves at Sirius the minute the fight was over. Surely he’d need someone tonight to take away the pain of fighting with that stupid Spring girl. The boys stood, whispering to one another. Danny Ells began scribbling bets down on a spare sheet of parchment. The common room waited with bated breath; they hadn’t seen a proper Jessie/Sirius brawl in weeks.


But instead of reaching for her wand, Jessie leaned over and picked up the bowl of potato chips from the table. She closed the gap between her and Sirius and dumped the bowl over his head, “Prat.”


Sirius grabbed the goblet of pumpkin juice from Mary, who was standing behind them. He smirked and dumped it over Jessie’s head, “Food fight!”


Bits of chocolate frog, cake, turkey slices, butter beer, candy, marshmallow fluff and jelly went flying through the air. A crying first year was covered head to toe in syrup. Lily’s new white shirt was stained with something that looked like tomato soup. The sofa had half of the snitch shaped cake resting on its cushions and the fireplace had a puddle of pumpkin juice in it. It seemed the only thing that had been saved was the alcohol which James had saved and hidden up in the Marauder’s dorm.


“Look what you started!” Sirius grinned at Jessie as they ducked under a table to avoid the mashed potato snowballs someone had bewitched to fly about the room, “ And where the hell did they get mashed potatoes?” Sirius asked as one flew over their heads and smacked Remus in the side of the face. Jess laughed and threw the sandwich lying next to her at Sirius’ head, “Adorable,” she commented as the cheese from it slid down the side of his head.


“I will get you for that,” Sirius grinned, looking around the immediate area for something to return the favor with. He picked up a bottle of whipped cream from the ground. Jessie’s eyes widened in horror, “Don’t you dare!”


“Since when do I listen to what you say?” Sirius asked shaking it, Jessie yelped and began scrambling to get away. Sirius lunged at her, and sprayed her face with most of the contents of the can. Jessie used both her hands to wipe the cream off her face, she looked up at Sirius, who was laying on top of her, and threw the whipped cream at his face. Jess giggled and Sirius looked down at her. Jess’ heart began thudding against her chest as his face go closer and closer to hers.


“What in the name of Merlin is going on here?” Jess and Sirius scrambled off one another, both their cheeks reddening. They, and the rest of the Gryffindor, gulped. Standing in the entrance to the common room was Minerva McGonagall, in all her tartan robed glory.


“Oh shit,” Sirius muttered.


“I want this cleaned up. Now!” The house quickly rushed to find wands; digging into jean pockets, in the waistbands of skirts and down shirts. Jessie sprinted away from Sirius as fast as she possibly could.


Two and a half hours later, the deputy headmistress deemed the common room acceptable and the weary Gryffindors trudged upstairs.


After a nice, long, hot shower, Jessie curled up under her covers and snuggled into her pillow. As she drifted off to sleep, she replayed the days events over in her head.


“Oh fuck no!”


The lights flashed on and Lily and Mary rushed over to Jess’ bed, they threw open the curtains and found Jessie banging her head against the palm of her hand, repeating “stupid, stupid, stupid,” over and over again.


“Jess?” Lily asked wrapping her arm around Jessie’s shoulder. The blonde whimpered, “ I am such a moron.”


Lily and Mary both raised their eyebrows, this was not really news to them.


“How could I be so bloody thick?”


Mary shrugged, this really wasn’t news either.


“Care to elaborate Jess?” Lily asked hesitantly.


Jessie’s cheeks flushed crimson and she looked away from the girls.


“I think I love him.”




“We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes and the flashback starts…”

-Taylor Swift, Love Story




Ow, ow, ow… I can feel the pitchforks now. I know I’m evil. Sorry. I love you all! Review please? And yes i did steal bits of james speech from 300... and sorry to the poor moderators who ahd to deal with my moronicness!!!


-pensive princess

Chapter 20: We Are Peach Cobbler
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A/N-- hey guys, just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read and/or reviewed so far! I really appreciate it! You guys really keep inspiring emt o write more and attempt to write better! Okay I’m done, here you go…


Chapter Twenty- Four


We Are Peach Cobbler




“Cause once I ran away, I love you since the day, the day I broke your heart…It's more than I could take…I love you since the day, the day we fell apart.” -Kelly Clarkson, The Day We Fell Apart




Lily sat down on her own bed, “Finally.”


Mary, on the other hand, was a bit more enthusiastic with her reaction to Jessie’s proclamation. She let out a girlish, high-pitched squeal and threw herself down on the bed by Jessie making the covers and pillows bounce and mattress springs squeak, “ It’s so beautiful!” She wiped fake tears away from her eyes and looked up at the rather pale blonde.


In response Jessie just blinked and continued staring off into space, horror etched onto her features.


“Jess?” Mary poked her leg, but Jessie remained catatonic.


She sat up and waved her hand in front of Jessie’s face. Jess didn’t even blink.


“Bloody drama queen,” Lily walked over and smacked the back of Jessie’s head.


“Fuck! What the hell was that for Lillian?” Jessie rubbed the back of her skull and glared at the red-head who had crossed her arms.


“It was necessary and do not call me that vile name,” Lily sighed and began tapping her foot, “Now can we please begin discussing how you’re going to tell lover boy you…”


Jessie jumped at Lily and slapped her hand over the head girl’s mouth, “Shut up!” she hissed, “Don’t scream it!”


Lily removed Jess’ hand from her mouth, “ As I was saying, how do you plan on telling Sirius that you…”


Jessie slapped her hand over Lily’s mouth again, “Must you say that out loud?”


“Jessabelle you are being incredibly immature about this.”


“I don’t care,” Jessie pouted sinking back down on to the crimson sheets. She wrapped the soft, old, quidditch comforter around her shoulders and lay down, “It’s just a little mental lapse of judgment. If I ignore it, it’ll go away. It’ll go bye, bye like snow on a hot summers day.”


“But snow always comes back when the sun goes away,” Lily rolled her eyes.


“Whatever you say Confucius,” Jessie muttered, “ I can’t actually lo… you know… him. I mean it’s Sirius…”


Mary and Lily simultaneously groaned.


“And here we were thinking we’d gotten somewhere with her,” Mary said wistfully.


“I guess it’s time for Plan B,” Lily said.


Jessie looked at the girls fearfully, “I don’t like the sound of that. Dare I ask what Plan B is?”


“Chaining you to Sirius’ bed.” Mary answered.


“And letting him have his way with you.” Lily said.


“Hope you don’t mind.”


“We did warn you.”


Jessie jumped up and grabbed her wand from her bedside table, “ You’ll never take me alive!”


Lily swished and flicked her wand and Jessie was floating in the air towards the door.


“Put me down you evil witch!” Jessie said flailing as the door opened.


Jordan Sparks was standing outside; hair mussed up, shirt on inside out, skirt hiked up on one side, and red stilettos in hand. The room was silent as the girls stared at Jordan, eyes popping out of their heads (well, Mary and Lily’s were, Jessie’s were beginning to narrow.)


“Sparks,” Jessie spat, her eyes now slits, as Jordan traipsed into the room; her face smug and nose held high, “ Where were you?”


Jordan grinned maliciously at Jessie, “Where do you think?”


Jessie’s face went from sheet white to purple to a brilliant, bright red in the space of a few seconds. Magically she floated to the ground and advanced on Little Miss Walk of Shame, her fists clenched. Lily and Mary grabbed her arms, “Whoa girl!” Mary said.


“Jessabelle stop it! She’s just trying to get you riled up!”


“Jealous Spring?” Jordan asked throwing the heels down on her own bed.


Jess looked like a wild woman. Her blonde curls were frizzing. Her face was red and teeth clenched. Every muscle in her body was taught. Jessie took a deep breathe, “Of you? Never. So where were you doll face?”


Jordan surveyed her Barbie pink talons, “ If you must know I was with Clint Mathers. He needed me to…uh… help him with… something… if you know what I mean; but I doubt you do. I mean its not like anyone would ever touch you. Although we both know that you‘d die to have Black… touch you. Not that he ever would. He is in love with me.”


Jessie’s face turned a shade darker and Lily tightened her grip, even though she knew it wouldn’t help anything if Jessie decided to finally make good on her many threats and finally sever Jordan Spark’s head from her body in a violent and most likely bloody, grotesque manner.


Jordan giggled and tossed her bleached locks over her shoulder, “Well Ta-Ta, I’m off to take a shower.”


Jessie continued glaring as Jordan flew past her.


“It’s just that I feel a little… dirty,” Jordan said suggestively as she shut the bathroom door behind her.


“You can scrub as hard as you like Sparks, but slut doesn’t come off!” Jess ripped her arms from her friends grips and sat down on her bed muttering something about blood, murder, and chocolate frog cards.


“Lapse of judgment my ass. You love him and you bloody well know it,” Lily said.


“Oh shut up Lillian.”


Lily and Mary grinned at one another and descended upon the poor blonde mercilessly.




“Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and
difficult as that.” -Michael Leunig




I’m staying here locked in the dorm forever. I’m never ever leaving, no one can make me! Not even the promise of giant tower of chocolate will move me. Or the newest model of Nimbus. Or the house elves serving breakfast for dinner. Merlin, this must be what it feels like when you’ve just realized you left your brand new broom on the train tracks. And then have to watch it break into a thousand pieces when the wheels steam over it.


My world at the moment is that broom. Everything I knew, everything I thought I knew, everything I refused to believe and everything I refused to believe in has been crushed, smashed, destroyed, broken into tiny shards. And yes, I know that was melodramatic. I know I joke about this a lot, but right now I am dead serious- the Apocalypse is coming… soon; very, very, very, very, very soon…




Rodrigo? Where are you?


I need you!


Oi! Cricket!




Even my twisted subconscious has abandoned me. I can not deal with this. Seriously though, I’m about to start rocking back and forth on the ground while sucking on my thumb and whimpering for my mummy.




Damn. Oh well, at least there isn’t any chance Lily and Mary will be coming to hunt me down and kidnap me. it’s a Saturday, which mean they’re sitting downstairs at lunch assuming I just decided to sleep in. little do they know that when I told them I was sleeping in, what I meant was I was becoming the Gryffindor tower hermit. They’re most likely either studying or off with their boy toys; and there’s no way they’ll leave either just to drag me downstairs.


The two of them are evil. EVIL I tell you. No, they didn’t actually chain me to his bed. Let’s not even joke about that. Just no. Instead they teased me incessantly until slut-tastic came back into the room. Bitches. And they sang the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song! It was horrible. The damn thing was stuck in my head forever!


Jessie and Sirius sitting in a tree… K-I-S-S… ahhh!


Omg, I am such a moron. Un momento, I need to go bang my head against something nice and hard for a few moments. Maybe it’ll make the bad thoughts go away.


FML, it didn’t work.


I… I lo… love him.


I bloody love him.


Stupid, stupid girl! How the hell do you go from hating someone’s guts to being his best friend to falling in love with him within the space of a week? Someone please enlighten me because I am at a loss for words. Incredible, I know.


I am such a moron. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


How could I do this to myself?


I’ve fallen in love with my worst enemy.


I’ve fallen in love with my best friend.


I’ve fallen in love with Sirius Black.


Fuck my life.




“Where every lie reveals the truth…Baby cause I all ever wanted…All I ever wanted was you.” -Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted




“Where is she?” Sirius whined staring at the doors to the great hall. Lunch was on the table and the boy had a large helping of apple pie and mashed potatoes on his plate. However, Sirius’ two favorite foods remained untouched, steam rising off of them. He turned to Remus and began pouting.


Remus sighed as he continued eating his chicken an potatoes. He stuck another forkful in his mouth, ignoring Sirius. He didn’t know where Jessie was three seconds ago, so why on earth would he have any clue now? This had to be the trillionth time Sirius had asked the question in the past five minutes.


“Remus!” Sirius whined.


Remus shrugged and Sirius began tapping his fingers angrily against the wood.


“But where could she be?”


“Sirius, I didn’t know two seconds ago and I still haven’t the faintest clue.”


Sirius frowned, quite displeased with his friends answer. He picked up a roll from the plate in front of him and threw it at Lily, who was sitting across from him with James. It landed on her lap and she brushed it onto the ground.


“Psst! Lily!”


“James what does he want?” Lily asked, not looking up from her transfiguration notes. James swallowed his potatoes and opened his mouth to speak, but Sirius spoke first.


“Where is Jess?”


Lily sighed and turned around, “Apparently she felt like sleeping in today.”


“But why? I’m bored!”


Lily rolled her eyes and turned back around to her notes.


Sirius groaned and stabbed his pie. He demolished the crust and apples with his fork and began to mix them together with the potatoes, grumbling as he played with his food. The group continued eating in silence.


Sirius pushed his plate away from him and began climbing off the bench.


“Where are you going?” Remus asked as Sirius’ elbow bumped his.


“To bug Jess and wake her up.”


“You’re going to wake up Jess?” James asked skeptically as Lily bit her lip and concentrated harder on her notes.


“Yea, she’s been asleep long enough and I’m bored,” Sirius whined standing up.


“Good luck with that,” James said digging in to his food again and Lily covered her face with her hands and dissolved into a fit of giggles.


Sirius swaggered down the walkway and through the doors, winking at a pretty brunette Hufflepuff as she and her friends walked through.


“Why are you laughing Evans?” James smirked.


Lily just shook her head and began laughing harder.




“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes.
Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers' tears.
What is it else? A madness most discreet, a choking gall
and a preserving sweet.”-William Shakespeare




Sirius shut the door to the girls’ dorm quietly and began creeping up to Jessie’s bed. Jess was sound asleep. Unlike her conscious counterpart, sleeping Jessie looked very sweet and innocent. Sirius stopped and a soft smile crossed his lips. Jess hugged her pillow tighter and mumbled something about whipped cream.


Sirius stowed his wand in the back pocket of his jeans and jumped onto Jess’ bed.




The springs of the mattress squeaked and the curtains rattled as his body collided with the bed. Sirus yelped as the comforter slid and Jess’ head collided with the headboard.

One of Jess’ hands flew to the top of her skull and the other flung out and hit Sirius in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He collapsed down beside her clutching his chest.


“I am going to kill you Black!” Jessie sat up rubbing her head and reaching for her wand. Wheezing, Sirius sprang up and dashed out of the room. Jess scrambled off the bed and chased after him. They bowled their way through students, Jessie throwing hexes at Sirius all the while. Sirius ducked and threw his shoulder into one of the doors to the great hall, it flung open, “James!”


Minerva sighed as Jess and Sirius dashed into the room. She stabbed her chicken and flipped a page in the Daily Prophet, “I told you it was to good to be true Albus.”


Beside her Dumbledore frowned and pulled a bright green change purse from the inside of his robes. It was decorated with silver moons,” I believe the wager was five gallons?”


Professor McGonagall held out her hand, “Correct.”


Five gold coins fell into her palm and a ghost of a smile crossed her lips. All over the hall, similar exchanges were taking place.


“She’s going to kill me!” Sirius cried in a high-pitched voice as he hid behind the head boy.


“She’s not going to kill you,” Lily sighed as Jessie came to a stop in front of them, “Jess, leave Sirius alone and sit down and eat.”


Jessie frowned and crossed her arms, “But he made me hit my head!”




“Yes mum,” Jessie began to slide into the open spot next to Sirius, but halted halfway. The color began to drain from her face.


Sirius looked up at her worriedly, “You okay Jess?”


Jessie went from white to crimson, “Peachy,” she managed to squeak out as she piled her plate with peach cobbler.


“You sure?”


“Yes,” She spooned a huge bite into her mouth and swallowed.


“Jess, that’s peach cobbler,” Sirius said frowning.


“So?” she squeaked.


“You hate peach cobbler.”


“Maybe I don’t, maybe I love it!” Jessie glared. Sirius rolled his eyes.


“Just because I claim to not love it one day, doesn’t mean I can’t change my opinion!”


Lily shoved her fist in her mouth and began rocking back and forth in order to keep from laughing.


“Fine,” Sirius said rolling his eyes, “Have it your way.”




“Hot temper with the shortest fuse…You're such a mess with an attitude…” - Kelly Clarkson, I Want You




Did I really just unintentionally compare our relationship to peach cobbler? Wow Jessie, wow, you have serious issues.

I hate peach cobbler! Why am I eating it! Ugh, see what Black does to me! I fall in love with him and I start eating peach cobbler! Normally anything peach flavored makes me vomit, but here I am shoveling peach fucking cobbler down my throat like there’s no tomorrow.


Love makes you do crazy things.


Rodrigo! YOUR BACK! I thought you had abandoned me! Left me to crumble and die like bones into dust! You have no clue how much I have needed you!


I told you so.


Oh shut up.


I told you so.




I told you so!


Okay fine, you told me so.


Now just for my pleasure please say it.


You told me so?


No the other thing…


Oh, that thing…


Yes that thing, go on. It won’t kill you, I promise.


I love Sirius Black.


I didn’t say that out loud, right? Right? No, Lily’s still studying. James and Remus are talking. Sirius is picking at his pie, something I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be doing if I had just screamed that out loud. Pretty sure he would have fainted.


Yes, yes you do love him, don‘t you? Took you long enough to realize it, didn’t it? I, on the other hand have always known you loved him. I’ve known since you were ten and didn’t know what love was. I’m brilliant.


Oh shove it.


Now what are we going to do about this charming new development?




Wrong answer. You are going to tell him.


And how would you like me to do that?


Well, if it were up to me…


Oh please if it were up to you, I would throw myself at him right now and snog the living daylights out of him.


You know, that doesn’t sound half bad.


Not a chance! No way! N-O!


Oh fine, you take the fun out of everything. But you know the thought of doing exactly that doesn’t sound unappealing, does it Jessabelle?


Oh shut up cricket!


It’s not fair! Why does he have to be so pretty? It would be easier if he wasn’t so bloody gorgeous. I mean have you seen Sirius Black? He looks like fucking Adonis.

And the there’s the fact that he’s Sirius. One doesn’t just waltz up to their best friend and say, “Hey I know I’ve been a bitch for the last eight years and broke your heart, but I’ve been in love with you since we were ten!” That would go over well, not at all.


I mean, I’m not going to deny it anymore, I do love him, but still. I can’t just tell him.


But I have to.


Ugh, when did my life become so complicated.




“You call it madness, but I call it love.” -Don Byas




As soon as she was finished with lunch Jess sprinted back to her room and into the shower; putting a hold on all further discussion of her dilemma (verbal or mental) until later that afternoon.


Jess walked out of the bathroom, humming to herself as she towel dried her curls. She threw herself on her bed, “What am I going to do?” she asked aloud.


“Tell him,” Lily replied, “Have you seen my potions textbook?”


“It’s on your bed,” Mary replied blowing a bubble with her gum. It popped and she turned a page in her latest Witch Weekly.


“Thank you.”


Jessie rolled onto her stomach and threw her maroon towel on the floor, “yes, I know I have to, but how?”


“I know!” Mary threw down the magazine and jumped on jess’ bed and began bouncing up and down on her knees, “Smear yourself with chocolate and show up at his door and tell him you love him and you want him. He won’t be able to resist you.”


Lily snorted as she shoved her text into her bag.


Jessie smacked Mary with her pillow, “No! Never in a million years!”


“You say that now,” Mary giggled and ducked as Jessie chucked the pillow at her friend.


“Just go downstairs and tell him,” Lily smiled at the blonde.


Jessie stood up, “Let me get this straight, you want me to walk downstairs into the common room and say ‘Hey Sirius, I wanted to let you know that I love you’ ?”


“Yes, say exactly like that, except you may want to make sure he‘s sitting down,” Lily said throwing her bag onto her shoulder and shoving a horrified Jess towards the doorway.


“Oh this I got to see,” Mary scrambled after them.


Outside the oak door, an infuriated Jordan Sparks hurried down the staircase. Finding a certain dark haired boy before a certain blonde did was the only thing on her mind.




“Kiss me like when I first saw you…Figured out couldn't be without you… I want you…” -Kelly Clarkson, I Want You




Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed torturing Jessie. I know it was kind of a filler chapter, but I couldn’t just have her realize she loves him and then immediately jump his bones after. That’s just not Jess’ style. I know all of you were clamoring to have her chained to his bed, but I thought it worked out better this way. So thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Let me know what you thought, the little, lonely review box is down there waiting for you! Love you all!


-pensive princess



Chapter 21: The Apocalypse is Nigh
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A/N- Are you ready for the cheesiest chapter ever? Oh and this one is dedicated Lemon Drop 616 because she guessed exactly how this chapter was going to play out…

Chapter Twenty-five

The Apocalypse is Nigh


"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." - Douglas Adams


The common room was unnaturally quiet and empty for a non-Hogsmede weekend afternoon. A few first years were hunched over a desk scribbling away on parchment, copying a stolen essay. A group of girl’s sat by one of the windows giggling and drooling over the latest edition of Witch Weekly (One Hundred and One Sexiest Wizards Alive Edition.)The Marauders were in their usually spot by the fireplace warming their bones after their latest escapade in the dungeons. James was slouched in the “squishy banana” and Remus and Peter were building a pyramid out of exploding snap cards on the coffee table. Sirius was sitting on the sofa off in his own little world. He was fiddling with a creased and faded photograph in his lap. He sighed, folded it back in half and stuck it in his shirt pocket. He stood up and dusted off his jeans, “I’m going to take a nap.”

James nodded at him, “Okay, I’ll come and get you when we head down for dinner,” and went back to daydreaming about Lily, flowers and unicorns.

But before Sirius could even take a step towards the dormitory, he was accosted by the anorexic house slut, commonly known as Jordan Sparks.

“Siri!” she shrieked. She giggled and flipped her bleached locks over her shoulder as she sashayed towards him, her hips swinging back and forth in tandem with her hair. Sirius groaned, “Why me?”

Seconds later and annoyed Lily Evans shoved a pale Jess off the stair landing and into the common room. Mary stood behind them giggling and holding a video camera.

“I hate you Lillian. I hate you with the fire of a billion suns,” Jessie crossed her arms.

“I love you too. Now get your lazy ass over there,” Lily pushed Jess forward. Jessie glared at Lily and Mary over her shoulder as she stumbled forward, nearly falling flat on her face.

As Jessie began trudging forward, she noticed that her favorite room mate was walking towards the same spot she was.

“Oh fuck no, there is no fucking way that Jo-ho is fucking this up; that’s my job,” Jessie hissed. She plastered a fake smile on her face, “Oh Jordan!” she called out as she quickly bounced up to the Marauders and said girl.

Jordan turned to her, a false smile plastered on his face as well, “Jess.”

“What are you doing?” Jess asked Jordan sweetly.

Jordan looked at Sirius and then back to Jessie. She smirked, “Well, Sirius and I were just discussing how much we miss being together.”

Sirius’ eyes bugged out of his head, “Wha…”

But he cut off by Jordan who pounced on him and began eating his face.

Not even Jess was sure how it happened, but within a few seconds she had ripped Jordan off Sirius, thrown her to the ground and begun attempting to make Jordan a permanent stain on the carpet by pummeling her with her fists.

“Fight, fight, fight!” the first years began chanting. Lily turned to Mary, who had just clicked the record button on the video camera.

“What are you doing?” Lily asked. Mary grinned, “Filming this for Jess and Sirius’ wedding video. We can play it at the reception in between showing pictures of them as children and their vows.”

“You fucking slut!” Jess’ fist connected with Jordan’s nose and blood sprayed all over the two girls, “I’m going to fucking kill you!”

Jordan snarled and began trying her best to rip out Jessie’s hair, “You’re just jealous that he loves me and not you!”

“I am not jealous!” Jessie twisted Jordan’s hand out of her hair with a loud crack. Jordan screamed and cradled her hand to her chest as Jessie’s fist smashed against her cheek bone.

James took a tentative step forward, knowing it was his duty as head boy to stop Jess; but it was Sirius who finally separated the two girls.

Jordan’s nose was streaming blood and her right eye was beginning to blacken. She whimpered and stood up with the help of her posy. She shot a glare at Jess as they helped her sit down on the sofa.

Sirius turned Jess towards him and glared at her. He was irate, “I had that under control! And What the hell was that about?”

“Oh yes Sirius, I could see, you definitely had that handled, “ Jessie shoved him away from her, “ I knew it. You love her.”

“What?! No! I… I… Haven’t we already had this conversation? And answer the damn question! I repeat, what the hell did you attack her for? Fuck Jess, you could have killed her!”

“Apparently we haven’t had that conversation,” Jess spat back, “Care to explain?”

Sirius threw his hands up in the air, “No, I do not care to explain that again. Seriously Jessabelle, stop avoiding answer the question! What the hell was that about?”

He glared at her. She glared at him. The first years began making bets.

Jessie took a deep breathe, “Let’s see, why on earth would I beat the shit out of a girl I abhor when I walk downstairs and find her practically shagging you in the middle of the common room? Do I really need a reason other than the fact that you’re my friend and I hate her?”

“When you nearly kill the person, yes you need to have a reason other than ‘oh I hate her, she’s a slut!’ Merlin Jessabelle, I know you hate her, but that is not a valid reason! There was no reason to…”

“No reason?” Jessie interrupted

“Yes! No reason!” Sirius screamed at her. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head at her.

Beside them Lily groaned and put her head in her hands. Mary on the other hand zoomed in closer to the couple.

Jessie grabbed his collar and pulled his eyes down to her level, “You really want to know why Sirius?” Sirius gulped and began silently praying to any and every deity that would save him from Jessie Spring’s wrath. Jess took a another deep breath, “Because I fucking love you, you moron,” she whispered and crashed her lips onto his.

Once again the common room was deathly silent (with the exception of James yelling, “Holy fuck,” when Jess had kissed Sirius.) Even the wood in the fireplace had stopped crackling. Everyone in the room stood staring in shock, jaws wide open, at the two beaters (with the exception of Lily who just rolled her eyes and Mary who zoomed in even closer.)

They broke apart and Jess shoved him away. Sirius looked at her with a completely dazed expression. She shook her head, turned heel and dashed out of the common room. A single tear ran down her cheek.

The portrait slammed shut and Sirius promptly fainted.


“There are three sides of an argument -- your side, my side and the right side.”-Anonymous


I did not just do that. Please tell me I did not just do that.

You did.


I’m very proud of you.

Oh shut up. I’ve just completely fucked up my life.

Or made it a billion times better.

I am such a moron. How on earth did I ever let myself believe that he loved me?

Umm… because he does???

I mean, he’s Sirius fucking Black. Hogwarts manwhore extraordinaire; untamable, unmanageable, the boy who has one night stands and digs bleach blonde whores and sluts with huge tits. Merlin, I am so fucking stupid.

You are not seriously doing this…

Doing what? Realizing that it was all a game to him? Don’t tell me it wasn’t. It was all a game he and Jordan created.

What? If I remember rightly, and I do, you and him started all this with your little bet about Lily and James. Jordan has nothing to do with this, other than the fact that she hates you and wants Sirius for herself.

It was all a game. He loves her.

You are impossible.

No, I’m logical.

You logical? The day you are logical is the day hell freezes over.

Rodrigo, I’m pretty sure it just did.

Oh, stop being so overdramatic.

The world is ending. The apocalypse is upon us.

I’m leaving again.

No! I need you!

Come back! Please?



“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” - Albert Einstein


Jessie soon found refugee among the cherry house elves who were more than happy to see Missy Spring. She situated herself and a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough on a table in the corner. She sat down on the tabletop and rested her feet on top of one of the wooden chairs in front of her. Leaning back against the cold stone wall, she licked the dough off of the wooden spoon the house elves had provided her with. She stuck the spoon back in the bowl and closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, the house elves quietly bustled about preparing all sorts of delicious goodies for dinner. One of the younger ones, smiled sadly at Jessie as she tugged her fingers through her hair angrily. He turned to his fellow elf who was cleaning onions beside him and shook his head, his large ears flapping, “Missy Spring very, very sad.”

“Merlin I hate him,” Jessie said to the wooden spoon, “ I mean if he really loved me, like he keeps telling me, he would have actually come after me. He probably just went back to kissing that stupid slut. I had it handled Jessie. Had it handled how? What does that even mean? What the fuck was he going to do? Continue kissing the tramp? Fuck. And then I go and tell him I love him! For the love of Merlin I am a fucking idiot!”

She scooped up another glob of chocolate studded dough and stuck the spoon in her mouth. She put it back in the bowl and put her face in her hands, “Why me?”

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Jessie scraped the last bits of dough from the sides of the bowl and began squishing them together, forming a little ball in the center of the bowl. She stabbed it repeatedly with the spoon and scooped up one of the broken off chunks. She licked it off the rough wooden surface of the spoon and frowned at it.

“I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. I could kill her. Actually I hate them both and the world and peach cobbler and spiders,” she rambled, “I should have known that he was just fucking with me, “ Jess bit her lip and sighed, “Merlin, I am such a moron.”

Jessie licked the spoon again and held it out in front of her, “ And don’t even get me started on how fucking cliché this all is. Boy and girl are friends. Boy and girl hate each other. Boy and girl fall in love. Fucking A. My life has somehow become one of those muggle chick flicks. Has the world like just gone to hell and I wasn’t informed? What do you think Mr. Spoon? Actually I am going to call you Tony. Yes, Tony the wooden spoon.”

“First sign of madness, talking to inanimate objects.”

Jessie ignored him, scooped up more dough and stuck the spoon in her mouth. Sirius tuned one of the chairs around and sat down, his arms crossed over the top. He looked up at her pleadingly. Jess just glared at him and continued eating the dough.


“Don’t even start.”

“Jess, I…”

“Zip it Buck-O! I’m not listening! Shouldn’t you be off with slut-tastic?”

“Come on Jessie…”

“I said shut up! I’m not listening to anything you have to say!”

“Would you please, please, please, please, please, please shut up for five seconds Jessabelle!”

“Fine Sirius. What on earth do you have to tell me that is oh so important? I think we have already covered how you feel. It was pretty apparent earlier!” The wooden spoon clattered into the bowl and Jess wrapped her arms around her knees and looked over to the house elves who were chopping up onions.

“Jazz,” Sirius pleaded standing up. He climbed up on the table and sat down next to her. Jess silently cursed the butterflies in her stomach and scooted away, “Just go away Sirius. The game is over. Congratulations you won. You made me fall in love with you again. Please just leave me alone and go gloat about it with Jordan.”

“Jess,” Sirius shook his head, “You have the worst logic on the face of the planet.”

“No Sirius, I get it. You love her not me. Please just go away. Please? So I can mope in my self pity and come up with ways to kill you both…” Jess begged.

“Is that really what you think?” Sirius laughed, “That I love Jordan Sparks?”

Jess scoffed and turned around to face him, “I think it’s pretty apparent,” she glared and turned away again.

“Jess,” Sirius sighed, “Jazz. Jazz look at me.”

“No,” Jess continued deliberately staring at the house elves.

“Jess, she jumped on me. I was a shocked as you.”

Jessie rolled her eyes.

“And I had a right to yell, you nearly killed the girl for no apparent reason. Well now it’s kind of glaringly obvious, but…”

Jess buried her head in her hands and groaned, “Oh shut up.”

Sirius crossed his arms and pouted, “Hey! Being in love with me is not that embarrassing!”

Jess laughed and sat up, but continued looking anywhere but Sirius. Sirius frowned and poked her in the side, “You’re mean.”

“Jessie, talk to me.”

Jess continued to stare away.

“Please Jessie, I know you‘re mad but could you at least look at me.”

Sirius leaned over and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, “ Come on Jazz, you know it’s only ever been you.”

Jessie reluctantly turned to face him, “You are the corniest person on the face of the planet,” She bit her lip and blinked rapidly, fighting tears as she laughed.

“Oh Jess,” Sirius sighed, “Don’t cry. Please don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying,” Jessie glared as Sirius wiped a tear of her cheek.

“Right, definitely not crying,” Sirius teased.

Jess punched his arm, hard. Sirius yelped and began rubbing the spot she had hit, “Right now is not the time. That fucking hurt Jessabelle!”

“You deserved it,” Jessie hissed through clenched teeth, “Are you done mocking me yet?”

Sirius rolled his eyes, “ I’m not here to mock you Jess. Although I must admit it is fun... Oww!”

Jessie punched his arm again.

“Violent woman,” Sirius muttered. Jessie grinned at him and he reached over and ruffled her hair, making her curls fall over her face. Jess tossed her hair out of her eyes, “Prat.”

“I love you to Jazz,” and Sirius leaned over and promptly kissed her.


Wait a second. Jessabelle, what are you doing? No, don’t give in! He could be lying. I can’t go over to the dark side. But they have cookies and Sirius…and he’s such a good kisser and he loves you. He loves me! He loves me! He loves me! No! you sound like one of those girls who drool over him! Merlin, how many voices are inside my head? Should you really be thinking about this at a time like now?

Oh fuck it…


They broke apart and Sirius gently let go of her face.

“Hi,” he said and Jessie rolled her eyes.

“You did not just say hi.”

“What?! I thought it was perfectly appropriate,” Sirius said crossing his arms.

Jess laughed and shook her head.

“What?” Sirius asked, grinning.

“Nothing, you just look adorable when you pout,” Jess tousled his hair and wrapped her arms around his chest.

“Dork,” Sirius teased putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Yes, but I’m your dork,” Jessie lifted her head and kissed him lightly on the lips.


“Really, really,” Jess smiled, “As long as you promise to never ever break my heart again, because then I will have to kill you slowly and painfully.”

“That I can promise.”

“Come on let’s get out of here before we scar the house elves,” Jess said scooting off the table.

Sirius frowned, following her, “I’m sure they’ve seen and heard worse.”

Jess raised an eyebrow as Sirius wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He smirked, “Lily and James come down here.”

Jessie shook her head and wrapped her arm around his waist, laughing.


“My only love sprung from my only hate.”-William Shakespeare


James Potter was one very, very confused man. There was no way in heaven, hell or any universe Jessie and Sirius had just walked into the common room hand in hand. I mean sure they all joked about Sirius and Jess hooking up all the time, but… no, that was impossible. James rubbed his eyes. No, it was still there.

“Stop doing that James, it’s not a mirage,” Lily sighed setting down her notes.

“But…” James said.

“Honey I love you, but sometimes you can be exceedingly thick,” Lily patted his arm, “Sirius and Jessie have been in love for a very long time. They just never knew it. And you, James Potter, will not go and ruin it because you’re sure it’s either a prank or the start of the apocalypse.”

“But Lils, it is the end of the world…”

“What is it with you and Jess believing its the end of the world whenever something romantic happens?”


“James,” Lily warned.

“Yes dear?”

“Stop it. They’re…Oh for the love of Merlin, get a room before I give you detention!” Lily yelled shielding her eyes.

“Oh shut up Lily, you were the one who made me tell him. And you and Tweedle-Dee are much worse,” Jessie rolled her eyes.

Sirius frowned, “I thought I was Tweedle-Dee?”

“No you’re Tweedle-Dumb,” Jessie smiled at him.

“Well, I will see you all later,” James stood up, “I’m off to write to mum and tell her that the world is ending.”

“Oh please,” Jess retorted, “That started when Evans here said yes to you.”


“You are everywhere inside my head and I'm all tangled up in your web…So surreal, but I like how it feels…” -Emmy Rossum, Falling


Short, sweet and to the point right? Finally the chapter you were all waiting for. Firstly, thanks you for being patient and not attacking me with various instruments of torture after the last cliffhanger. I love you all! And yes I know, this was horribly cliché and corny, but I loved the idea to much to change it… plus I had fun abusing Jordan Sparks. And speaking of that, the story Jordan Sparks is in no way molded after the singer Jordan Sparks. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the singer Jordan Sparks! Just thought I would clear that up! Also, I have decided I shall write a sequel when this is all said and done! Yay? And on that note, it is my sad duty that there are only a few more chapters left… So let me know what you thought, Mr. Review Box is sitting down there, calling your name, waiting for you to scroll down and type away! THANKS for taking the time to review!

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Chapter 22: According To Albus...
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Chapter 26

According To Albus…


“There is only one happiness in life. To love and be loved.”-- George Sand


Not much got past Albus Dumbledore. He knew it was the Marauders were behind the prank that turned the Slytherins into pink kittens. He knew that the surprise the house elves would be serving that night was ten layer chocolate cake. He knew that Minerva owned a frilly, pink bathrobe. He also knew that when Sirius Black and Jessie Spring walked through the doors of the great hall this morning Minerva would be paying him ten gallons. He knew that the two of them had finally (as Horace would say) seen the light and professed their love to one another.

This was also why when two said students did walk through the giant oak doors he sat back and continued eating his eggs, as he silently chuckled at his colleges and students expressions. The first person to react was Minerva, who chocked on her sip of pumpkin juice. Horace was next. He let out a delighted sequel and clapped his hands together in glee. Then Flitwick noticed. His fork hung in midair as he rubbed his eyes and blinked. The students reactions were equally (if not more) entertaining. Jordan Sparks stood up in a huff and ran from the great hall crying. Severus Snape glared murderously at the couple, but then again he did every day. The Gryffindor team’s seeker, two of it’s chasers and keeper all began shoveling coins into one another’s hands. Lily Evans smirked and smacked James Potter’s shoulder when he wolf-whistled at the couple. Quite a few of the Hufflepuff girl’s were bawling into one another’s arms. It was quite a scene, just as Albus Dumbledore had known it would be.

Albus Dumbledore also knew that despite Minerva’s apparent annoyance as she dumped a handful of coins onto the table in front of him, her eyes were twinkling and he swore he saw a smile across her thin lips as she returned to her goblet.

He chuckled to himself as the blushing pair sat down beside their friends and Sirius pulled Jess towards him and kissed her forehead in reassurance; because Albus Dumbledore knew everything and he had always known that this would happen.


“A moment lasts all of a second, but memory lives on forever.” -- Anonymous


Two years prior to this day Sirius and Jessie’s entrance to the great hall had been quite a different scenario.

“You fucking asshole!” Jessie Spring walked through the doors of the great hall, wand raised and eyes full of murder. The room was pretty much empty. There were a few students bumming about and a scattering of teachers at the staff table, including the headmaster (a fact Jess ignored.)

“You insolent, narcissistic, pureblooded git!”

Moments prior Sirius Black had sprinted into the hall and hidden underneath the Gryffindor table and his friends pant legs and feet. Jessie marched up to the three visible Marauders and glared, “Where is he Jimmy-poo?!”

“Jess! What a pleasant surprise!” James grinned at her and held up an apple, “Apple?”

Jessie narrowed her eyes even further, “Toast? Sausage? Banana? Whipped cream?” James asked holding up each item in turn.

“Potter you have five seconds to either tell me where than disgusting dog is or I will tell Lily about the time you got into that makeup kit my Gran bought me and asked your mum…” James slapped his hand over her mouth, his glasses sliding off his nose, “Don’t you dare Jessabelle!” Jess licked his hand and James recoiled and began frantically wiping his hand on the shoulder of Peter‘s robes.

“Five… four… three… two…”

“He’s under the table!” James yelped and slapped his hand over his own mouth. At his words Jessie dove under the table and began crawling after Sirius who was army crawling his way towards the front of the room. Jessie growled, “I’m going to murder you Black!”

Sirius looked over his shoulder, she was gaining on him, “Now Jess… Oi! You did not!” Sirius looked at his rear. A lovely, little donkey tail was sprouting from his ass.

“Look your inner beauty is finally coming out Sirius!” Jessie laughed.

Sirius glared and sent a bolt of red light her way. Jess screeched and clapped her hands over her ears; a pair of floppy puppy ears were attached to her head.

“Bitch ears for the bitch!” Sirius called over his shoulder.

“I’m a bitch? You’re the one who took my broom and covered it in honey and Merlin knows what else!”

Above them their quid ditch captain yelped, “You touched her broom?”

“Yes he did!” Jessie called back up to James.

Jess was gaining on him, apparently she could move faster on all fours than Sirius could dragging half his body. She had finally reached him when they got to the end of the table. She lunged at him as Sirius scrambled out into the open.

“My office. Now.” Minerva McGonagall was not pleased. Sirius and Jess scrambled to their feet and the Professor marched them out the oak doors. Behind them Albus Dumbledore just smiled to himself and sipped his pumpkin juice; how he enjoyed watching true love unfold.


“It’s surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.”-- Barbara Kingsolver


“If Lily finds us she will kill us,” Jessie muttered under her breathe as they slid behind the stone wall stealthily.

“Jess, love, she isn’t going to find out unless you tell her. We’ve been discreet,” Sirius whispered back as he craned his neck around the corner.

“Mark my words, she will. She’s Lillian Evans. And when she does I shall sick her on you. And then I shall run away and leave you to deal with her. She is not a merciful creature. In fact, she‘s quite vicious. Kind of like a pissed off, starving, pregnant dragon. You know James, you of all people should understand why this was a bad idea to piss off Lily; you‘ve experience the consequences far to many times.”

James glared at her, “Jessabelle shut up. You’re killing the stealth of the operation.”

“Oh please Jimmy-poo, stealth is my middle name,” Jessie scoffed.

They inched their way around the corner and into the deserted hall, “Quickly,” Jessie beckoned with her hand. They dashed along the wall and turned another corner. Jess halted and Sirius, James and Remus crashed into her. A ways down the hall was a clearly irate red-headed witch with her back turned to them.

“Lily!” James hissed and they stumbled and shoved their way back around the corner.

“She’s coming this way! I think this is the part where I get to say I told you so,” Jessie glared at the boys. She put her hands on her hips and shook her head, mentally contemplating three bloody, painful murders. They were doomed; Lily was going to find them and Jessie was sure as hell not getting blamed for the little quidditch excursion they had gone on (instead of studying in the library for their NEWTS like they had promised the head girl they would.)

Suddenly, like a light in the dark, James’ eyes lit up, “This way.”

He led them over to a simple, red tapestry and pushed the heavy fabric aside. Jessie hopped in, dragging Sirius behind her. Remus followed James, who waved his wand in a series of complicated ways against the back of the fabric.

“Brilliant job James,” Remus said sarcastically. Not only was it pitch black inside, but there was barely enough room to fit one person; let alone three grown boys, a six foot beater and four brooms.

“If she catches us I will murder each and every one of you slowly. I don’t care that one of you is the only person who rarely mocks me. I don‘t care that one of you is basically my brother. And I certainly don‘t care that I‘m in love with one of you. After she catches us and murders us. I will murder each of you again,” Jessie hissed. Her back was squished into Sirius’ chest and her neck was beginning to ache from holding it to side so Remus didn’t accidentally elbow her in the face, “It will be a slow death and very, very painful. You will cry and beg and plead and I will show no mercy because as we stand here a very angry Lilllian Evans is hunting us down like cows for slaughter.”

“I believe the saying is sheep for slaughter,” Remus corrected her, “James if you could possibly move your broom more to the right…”

“Sorry Moony.”

“Argh! That is not Remus’ broom Potter!” Jess hissed swatting his hand away from her shirt. She jumped and ended up making her head collide with Sirius’ chin.


“Oh shit! Are you alright?”

“Shut up. She could be right outside,” James hissed.

Jessie glared at him, or more correctly, at the spot in the dark where she assumed James’ head might be, “You just made me nearly give my boyfriend a concussion Jimmy.”

“Two weeks ago you would have been congratulating yourself!”

“Two weeks ago I was plotting his murder!”

A series of whispered insults between the two followed, until Sirius interrupted them, “You and I always end up in the weirdest broom closet situations,” Sirius mused wrapping his arms around Jessie’s waist so they weren‘t squished awkwardly in front of his chest. James gagged and Jessie could just picture the look of disgust on his face.

“Oi! Lovebirds! Stop scarring me!” James yelped as Remus’ elbow collided with his cheekbone.

“You can’t even see us you git,” Jessie hissed.

“Still you could save the snogging for a time when we’re not present. I mean, I know you two can’t keep your hands off one another for more than two seconds…”

“We do not! Like you should talk Potter! And we are not snogging!”

“Oh Sirius, I love you so much! I could just eat you up right here, right now,” James squealed in a high pitched voice.

Jessie growled and attempted to launch herself at James, but Sirius refused to let her go. Jess crossed her arms and glared sideways at him.

“Stop glaring Jess, yes I know you’re glaring, you don‘t want your face to stay like that. Besides, there’s not enough room in here for you to murder James and we can sacrifice him to Lily later,” he kissed her cheek, or what he thought was her cheek.

“Sirius you just kissed my elbow,” Remus stated dryly.

“Did you hear something?” Lily’s voice drifted through the fabric and the four froze. They all held their breathe.

“No,” Mary’s voice answered unconvincingly.

“I could of sworn I heard Remus a second ago…”

“Shit!” James hissed.

“Did you hear that?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything Lils... Maybe we should just go check the library again; we probably missed them…”

“No I heard something. It was coming from over there,” They gulped in unison as Lily’s footsteps grew louder. Suddenly the tapestry whipped open and sunlight streamed in.

“Ahhh! The light, it burns!” All four of them tumbled out in a mess of limbs and broom.

“Having a foursome?” Lily commented dryly crossing her arms as they untangled themselves. Jessie rolled her eyes as she offered her hand to Sirius.

“Jealous Evans?” Sirius snickered. Jessie smacked the back of his head and Sirius grinned cheekily at her, “Now Jessie darling, I thought we’d moved past that point in our relationship.”

Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Just because I’ve admitted I love you doesn’t mean I can’t still think you’re a moron and admonish you at the appropriate moments, darling,” she smiled and ruffled his hair.

Sirius looked at her scandalized as he smoothed his hair down. Jess giggled and he attacked her blonde locks, knocking most of it out of it’s ponytail. Jess gasped and--

“Oi! Lovebirds, as nice as it is not having to listen to you two wish death upon one another every five seconds, at least then we could get your attention for two minutes,” James said.

Jessie and Sirius both gave him a look, “I’m just saying that--”

“Where were you!?” Lily accused. The group looked at her. Her face was the same color as her red hair. Her hands were on her hips, and her foot tapping. Her eyebrows were raised and her lips very, very thin.

They gulped in unison. Remus, Jessie and Sirius pushed James forward and dashed down the hallway with their brooms.

James ruffled his hair and looked at Lily sheepishly, “Hi babe…”


“Fun is Good.”-- Dr. Seuss


“Jess,” Sirius whined. He plopped his head down on the dusty textbook in front of him and stuck out his bottom lip. He and Jessie were sitting next to one another at one of the many desks in the overcrowded library. Books of all colors, shapes and sizes were stacked onto the desk in front of them. Jessie set down the thick black book she had been reading and leaned her head against her hand, “Yes dear?”

“I’m bored.”

“And what am I supposed to do about that,” Jess asked raising and eyebrow at the pouting boy.


“No Sirius.”


“No Sirius. We actually need to study. Besides Lily is sitting about five inches from the only exit,” Jessie patted his head and picked up the book again.


“Read Black.”

Sirius sighed and began tapping his fingers against the wood of the desk. Behind her book Jess rolled her eyes. Sirius continued tapping even louder. He looked at his girlfriend. Jessie slowly removed her eyes from the yellowing paper in front of her and looked at him, “Stop.”

“I just want one kiss,” Sirius said giving her puppy dog eyes.

“You are the most immature person I have ever met. And I’ve met myself,” Jess turned back to her book and Sirius slung and arm around her shoulders. He began twirling one of her curls around with his finger.

“Stop touching my hair Sirius,” Jess sighed turning the page.

“I will for a kiss.”

Jess rolled her eyes and set down the text, “Oh fine.”

She leaned over and gave him a light peck on the cheek.

“I thought I told you two to study the books not one another! Merlin knows you do enough of that already…” Lily marched over.

“Your right I know more about Jess than I do potions. If only you were a NEWT subject my love,“ Sirius nodded his head in agreement to Lily’s words and Jess smacked the back of his head. He poked her in the side. Lily cleared her throat and dropped a book onto their table. It was bigger than the three largest textbooks that were piled on the table already,” This is Miranda McGhee’s latest edition on Potion’s theory. I’ve marked the pages with potions that come up on Newts.”

“Thanks Lils,” Jessie gave her a half-hearted smile and Lily walked away. Jess’ head landed with a thud against the book in front of her and a cloud of dust flew into the air. Sirius laughed.


“Some of the greater things in life are unseen; that’s why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream…” -- Anonymous


I’m dating Sirius Black. Do you have any clue how amazing that sounds? Stop laughing, just because I was contemplating his murder three weeks ago… People change their minds alright? Especially when the incentive is kissing Sirius Orion Black.

Oh sweet Merlin, I sound like one of those girls. Ewww. Right now I’d do Danielle Steele proud. Wait that sounds dirty (see what dating the notorious Hogwarts manwhore does to you!) What I mean to say is, I sound like a mushy pile of crap. Like something from those horrible romance novels Mary reads or those disturbing and scaring motion pictures Lily forces me to watch. Disgusting. I repulse myself.

No but in all seriousness, I think we could give Lily and James a run for their money at the moment. We were kind of awkward for the fist few days, apparently it’s weird teaching yourself to kiss goodnight the boy you once loathed instead of knocking him unconscious. But then we just, I don’t know how to explain it. We just fell into place.

As disturbing as it may be, I’d rather kiss him than kill him. And there’s no other place I’d rather be than cuddled up next to him in front of the fire.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t fought since we’ve started going out. Oh no. I wouldn’t speak to him the other day for hours because he woke me up at 10 o’clock on a Saturday using a bucket of water. Who wakes their girlfriend up by dumping water on them? Actually, who wakes anyone up before one on a Saturday? Apparently my darling Snuffles is a freak of nature (not that I didn‘t already know that.) I was quite peeved with him.

James has been quite entreating though. He can’t seem to wrap his head around it. He did actually write to his mum who just metaphorically patted him on the back and told him one day he would understand. James informed her that he still highly doubts this. She also told him that he shouldn’t be shocked that and I quote, “everyone had seen it coming.” How the hell did anyone see this coming? I, for one, didn’t. I mean it’s not like it was glaringly obvious or anything.


“A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this he would not be a stupid person.” -- Muslih-Ud-Dinn Saadi


The common room was filled with the quiet buzz of pages turning and pens scratching. The fireplace had a small fire burning, which gave the room just enough heat. Jess and Sirius were cuddled up on the sofa. Jess buried her head in Sirius’ shoulder, “ I never want to read another word Miranda McGhee has written ever again,” she moaned.

Sirius smirked, “But darling we have a third of it to read tomorrow.”

Jess groaned and sat up, “I’m going to be a quidditch player. Why the hell does my grade for potions matter? Last time I checked the coaches care more about how big my biceps are or how much velocity I can get on a bludger, not if I can brew amortia or know how to turn someone into a liger,” she threw her arms up in the air.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow, “You can turn someone into a liger?”

“Yea, wanna see?” Jess asked grinning evilly as she pulled out her wand.

“On second thought, no.”

Jess chuckled and lay her head against his chest.

“So, you’ve decided then…” Sirius trailed off.

“Humm?” Jess looked up at him confused. Sirius brushed her hair out of her eyes, “You’re going to play quidditch then?”

“Yea, I can’t not. I can’t give it up.” Jess mumbled, “ I mean it’s like you said we’re gonna need some form of entertainment soon…” she trailed off into a yawn.

“Good to know you’re listening to me now,” Sirius teased.

“Oh shut up you prat,” Jess yawned again.

“I think it’s time for someone to go to beddy-bye.”

“Sirius do I look like a five year old?” Jess rolled her eyes.

“No, you were much cuter when you were five. And sweeter too, now that I think about it…”

“Prat,” Jess got up off the couch and began making her way to the girl’s staircase.

“Hey! I don’t get a kiss goodnight?” Sirius pouted giving Jess puppy dog eyes.

Jessie sighed and took two steps towards Sirius, then she stopped, “Actually on second thought, I’m far to lazy to walk all the way back over to you. Night!” Jess waved and turned around. She slowly began making her way to the staircase counting under her breathe all the while.

“You’re mean,” Jessie smirked as Sirius wrapped his arms around her waist.

“No, I’m manipulative. It’s much better than just being mean. Although I do prefer being referred to as evil more and--” Sirius cut her off with a kiss.

“You’re insane,” he said as Jessie playfully glared at him. He kissed her forehead.

“Mmmmm,” Jess rolled her eyes, “You’re the one who turned me into a psycho… Well you and James. I was perfectly normal until you two dropped me on my head at that party at the Jensen’s…”

“That was all James!” Sirius threw his hands up in the air.

“No, I distinctly remember you being the one holding the rope…” Jess trailed off as a look of indigence plastered itself on Sirius’ face. He opened his mouth to retort but Jess continued, “So therefore it’s all your fault I’m the resident Hogwarts crazy lady… not that I’m a lady, but you get the point. I would have been perfectly normal if it wasn’t for you,” Jessie shook her head sadly at Sirius who was now pouting. Jessie laughed and ruffled his hair. Sirius blew the dark locks out of his eyes and scowled at his girlfriend, “ I hate you Spring.”

Jessie laughed and kissed him lightly on the lips, “I hate you too Black, I hate you too.”


“’Cause I Don’t know how it gets better than this. You take my hand and drag me headfirst fearless. And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress fearless.” -- Fearless, by Taylor Swift


OKAY!!! First off I want to apologize for taking forever. Apparently finals and moving out of the dorms are like a living hell… so my deepest apologies. Anyways, I don’t care for this chapter and it‘s corny ending, but I figured I’d let you guys be the judges and decided (I’ve made you wait long enough… yes I see those glares…) because I love you all oh-so-much!

Sadly, this is the last chapter chapter of the story, all that is left is the epilogue. BUT WAIT! Before you tar and feather me, there is going to be a sequel, in which I hope to use the skills I honed/paid for in fiction writing class so I can bring you a bigger and better sequel. As you can tell I am very excited for said sequel. I’ll tell you more after the epilogue I have a few kinks to work out. For now I’ll say that it will take place during the second war, and Jess may just be a bit more mature! Good luck to everyone who is still at school!!!

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Chapter 23: Happily ever Afters Are Overrated
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I Hate You 27

Happily Ever Afters Are Overrated


“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”-- Orson Welles


The last few weeks of our Hogwarts education is a bit of a blur to me now. Although I can recollect that we spent most of it studying; I like to remember it as one of our last happy times. A new Marauder prank occurred nearly every hour on the dot, but the best part was not the boys turning the great hall into a rainforest; no, that would be the fact Minnie ignored the pranks for the most part. Sirius and I spent a lot of time down by the lake together talking about life, the universe, and the physics of roller coasters. We goofed off at graduation practice. The boys made themselves sashes that read “The Maurauders” and wore them proudly at graduation. I relented to the feminist in me and signed with the Holyhead Harpies. Sirius claimed it was because I was a harpy in human form. I said I signed because I liked the feeling of a group of women kicking men’s ass, then I threatened to demonstrate my ass kicking skills on him.

Graduation was a surreal event. Even after it seemed like it hadn’t actually happened. We were the class of 1977.

A few months later James popped the question and a hysterical Lily said yes. Sirius and I both have very mature reactions when we were informed- we waited until James and Lily had turned around before pretending to puke. We were quite proud of ourselves and the progress we had made in the department of maturity. They were married a few months later in a quaint little ceremony at James’ parents house. There was too much tulle and Sirius gave a horribly embarrassing speech at the reception, which ended with Lily threatening to decapitate him with her spoon.

After that everything began to collapse. We could no longer hide from the world behind the protection of Hogwarts ancient stone walls. The wizarding world was at war. Sirius, James and Lily all abandoned their hopes of training to become aurors. They, plus Mary and I, joined the Order of the Phoenix at Dumbledore’s request. The world was a dark place.

Sirius began growing out his hair, an action that caused him more than his fair share of grief from me. I constantly mocked him about it, calling him a “nancy boy.” He insisted it made him look “hot as fuck” and refused to cut it. And so I learned to live with my boyfriend and his long, curly locks.


“Laughter is the way to true love.”-- Anonymous


Mary ended up getting a job with Witch Weekly, and traveling the globe reporting for them. On the side, she recruited for the Order and gathered information. One year and twelve days after graduation she left on a trip to France for a fashion show. She never arrived and her body was never found.

I continued training with Harpies. We went to the championship and lost. I cried myself to sleep in Sirius’ arms that night. I also got my first taste of the limelight. Every once in a while Sirius and I would catch someone following us to dinner, or spying on my apartment. I used my semi-celebrity status to gain information for the Order as well. Due to my “high society” connections I was able to gather data on some of the most wealthy and influential families of the time. Believe me I know more about Lustriana Greengrass’ love life than I ever wanted to know.

Despite the bright lights, the constant threat of torture, and the ever-growing fear that someone you love’s name would appear in the morning obituary; Sirius and I were happy. My thirteen year old self would have been horrified at how in love we were.

Then Lily announced James had knocked her up. I laughed for a good ten minutes and mocked her. Then we cried together because we realized Mary should have been there to explode and begin baby planning the second the miracle was announced.

One night we went back to Hogsmede to escape. We walked down the streets and reminisced about the time I had shoved an icicle down his shirt in the Three Broomsticks and Rosemeta had kicked us out.

And so Lily grew moodier and rounder and spring turned to summer. Lily popped out a mini-James in August. They named him Harry. I decided it was my duty to spoil the poor babe due to his parents horrid naming skills. Lily was not pleased with my lack of love for the name she and James had chosen. I took to calling him Poppet. Sirius called him Prongslet. Lily eventually caved in and let us call Harry what we would.

Then she and James decided it would be a great idea to let Sirius and I baby sit their child. Why? Because if Mrs. And Mr. Potter had, had their way Sirius and I would have been happily married with a baby on the way; two things neither of us was ready for. Let’s just say that night Sirius and I found out the hard way it is a bad idea to give a nine month old a bowl of mashed pees and carrots and leave for a quick moment of silence. If you chose to do this the kitchen will be destroyed. Thank Merlin for magic.

A few weeks after James’ father passed away. His mum followed a few days later. Once again death and destruction ran recklessly across the roads of our lives.

Harry turned one that August. Sirius and I bought him a toy broomstick. James was ecstatic. Lily had a conniption. She informed us quite haughtily she liked Remus’ present much better, a young witch and wizard’s nursery rhyme book (with stimulating sensory materials for growing witches and wizard’s.) Looking back on it now we should have questioned Peter’s whereabouts that day more, he claimed to have had to visit his sick mother. He was actually being branded with the dark mark. Fucking rat.


“Then you should have died! Died, rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!”-- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


There was more death, more destruction, and just when we all thought it couldn’t get any worse it did. Dumbledore informed Lily and James that Voldemort was after Harry, for reasons that were never explained completely to me. On October 24, 1981 I said goodbye to my Poppet, my sister and my brother for the last time. They chose Sirius as they’re secret keeper.

Halloween. I was carving a pumpkin and waiting for Sirius when he apparated into my living room. He was erratic and shaking. I remember the conversation that followed distinctly. “Something isn’t right Jazz,” he had said. “They’re fine Sirius, you’re the secret keeper and Dumbledore did the enchantments and…” I had said as I stabbed the orange rind. “I’m not the secret keeper,” he blurted out and suddenly a chill crawled up my spine, “Peter, he… he’s the secret keeper…”

We arrived at the smoking remains of Lily and James’ house at 10 o’clock on Sirius’ motorbike. I let out a blood curling scream as the wreckage came into site. Sirius and I sprinted into the remains of the cottage. No sooner did we arrive than Hagrid did. He took Harry on Dumbledore’s orders, something Sirius and I were powerless to do anything against. Sirius let him take his bike. I should have known then something wasn’t right with him. It wasn’t till Hagrid and my poor Poppet were off in the distance that I noticed Sirius’ rage. He was shaking with it. Sirius had never had the best temper, but I wasn’t in the best mood either. I myself was hell bent on wringing Peter Pettigrew’s neck with my bare hands. Sirius wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head into his shoulder. We were both shaking. He kissed me hard on the lips and apparated away. I should have known it was a goodbye kiss.

We both searched for Pettigrew through the night. Morning dawned and I had no luck. I apparated to meet Sirius. I ended up in a crowd and nearly falling into a crater. Ministry officials were everywhere. I saw Sirius across the way struggling with some officials and laughing hysterically. He was not laughing in joy, as many who re-tell the story today will say. He was laughing like a man who had lost everything; the empty, hollow laugh of pain. Then I heard the people screaming murderer, I scanned the scene for Peter in shackles. “Once a Black always a Black!” the old witch next to me yelled. It hit me.

“Sirius!” I screamed shoving my way through the crowd. I’m pretty sure I knocked a man unconscious, “Sirius!”

He stopped laughing and looked at me, “Sirius!” I screamed again attempting to get passed the charmed barricade. “He’s innocent! You bastards he’s innocent!” I screamed as they apparated away with him.

I was inconsolable. I wouldn’t speak to anyone. I nearly murdered Remus when he showed up and begged me to accept that Sirius had as good as murdered Lily and James. Dumbledore showed up in an attempt to sway me, I hexed him. Yes you heard me right, I hexed Albus Dumbledore. If you look at some of the newspapers from the week after his arrest you’ll find my name among some of the headlines. I became known as the girlfriend of a death eater. My favorite was “Quidditch Prodigy Or Death Eater In the Making? Jessie Spring, an in-depth review.”

I went over to Sirius flat a few days later. I felt it was my duty to take care of his belongings. I stole a few shirts, his Gryffindor quidditch sweatshirt and his leather jacket. Everything else I either put into storage or donated to charity.

I had been going through his sock drawer when my had hit something that was clearly not a sock. I pulled out a small velvet box. I shoved it in my pocket assuming it was the ring he had inherited from his uncle with the Black crest on it. I decided I’d look at it later when I was finished. Hours later I threw myself onto his bed and after a good cry I pulled the box out of my pocket. Sirius had never worn the ring and my curiosity got the better of me. I flipped it open. Inside was not the black and gold monstrosity I had been expecting to see; instead there was a simple silver band with three small diamond studs on it. I couldn’t breathe. On the inside it read, “It was only ever you Jazz.” I slid it onto the fourth finger of my left hand and cried myself to sleep underneath the sheets that smelled like him. I cried for him, I cried for Mary, I cried for Lily, I cried for James, and I cried for my poor Poppet.


“Tears are the words the heart cannot express.”-- Anonymous


I finally agreed to meet with Dumbledore a week later. I could barely leave my house anymore without being jeered or followed by reporters. He offered me an escape. I arrived at his office and sat down in the same spot I had been in so many other times. The memories of Sirius and James and Lily hit me and a fresh wave of pain washed over. If he noticed the ring he didn’t mention it. Instead he launched into a spiel about this idea he had to help me out that would help the Order as well.

He wanted to stage my death, suicide he said, it would be believable. Then he wanted me to hide away for a year and reemerge on the social scene. I was the only Order member who could to this. I was the only one with any experience with the elite. I would be given a full makeover, no one would recognize me.

“I want you, Jessabelle,” he said, “to become Celestina Warbeck. A singer.”

I had laughed in his face. He wanted me to go from quidditch star to international music sensation. I asked him if he was high. He explained to me he would take care of all the details.

In the end I gave in, I had nothing to hold me back. Everyone I cared about either hated me, thought I was insane, was imprisoned, or was dead.

And so Jessabelle Lufiana Spring died at her own hand, in a pool of her own blood, and reemerged as Celestina Warbeck. An overnight, international singing sensation with a group of backup banshees. A promoter of bettering and embracing relations between witches and wizards and other magical beings. Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea.

But I never forgot or forgave. I grew harder and closed myself off. Secretly I laughed at the songs my producers wrote for me to sing. They were all about love. I pulled off the bubbly, ditzy pop star perfectly; which I attributed to years of living with the queen of the bobble headed bimbos, Jordan Sparks. Who I ended up seeing at one of my concerts, in the front row screaming my name and wearing my merchandise. Oh sweet irony. My career took off in the happy setting that was the post-war period. I graced the covers of magazines and was the paparazzi’s new favorite target. I laughed at it all.

I refused to do one of the things Dumbledore asked of me; I refused to forget about Sirius and accept his “guilt.” I put the ring on an unbreakable chain and wore it as a necklace under every outfit. I wore his leather jacket on the cover of my first album and called it “A Message to the Stars.” Dumbledore was not pleased.

They could take away my name and my identity. They could take away my life and my family. They could change my body and make me sing like a nightingale, but they could never take away my memory. They could never take away the memories of a blonde headed girl, a brown haired boy and their adventures, fights, and love.

Once upon a time a boy met a girl. Once upon a time a boy and girl hated one another. Once upon a time a boy and girl fell in love. Once upon a time their love was destroyed.

Fuck happy endings, they’re overrated anyways.


“Heroes know that things must happen when it is time for them to happen. A quest may not simply be abandoned; unicorns may go un-rescued for a long time, but not forever. A happy ending can come in a middle of a story.”-- Peter S. Beagle


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