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Facade by Forever_More

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 28,309
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/16/2008
Last Chapter: 10/26/2008
Last Updated: 10/14/2011

After a terrible incident, Rory Lupin is brought to the Potter home for her own safety but is it really safe for the others around her ? She has many secrets, and is having difficulties keeping up her facade all the while keeping her brother trust, her friend, and falling in love. But she knows that in the distance of time, she will fall to the darkness.. REWRITING!

Chapter 1: Chapter One
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Sirius stood in the back of the crowd, a bystander. A nobody. The cold night breeze sent chills up his arms and a shake through his body, it was definitely too cold to be summer. But the cold night air went well with the sombre scene that lay ahead of him. The large red brick house was surround by neighbouring families from the small wizarding village of Ellington, the home of his best mate, James Potter, who stood at the front of the crowd. Mr. Potter was speaking to his colleagues, aurors who had shown up no less then an hour ago , while Mrs. Potter and James were talking to the old Mrs Weeterbird, a widow who lived outside of town. Watching this group, Sirius began to wonder what the old women was doing so far away from home. How was it possible she had heard about the accident?

Was it really an accident though, Sirius asked himself. He turned his attention back to the Bensen’s house, where aurors were walking in and out the front door. He didn’t know the details, but that didn’t matter, all that really mattered was that the Bensen family was dead. No, murdered.  No matter what the ministry said, or the papers wrote, Sirius knew that this was linked to Voldemort.  It had to be. Voldemort was a dark lord that had suddenly started murdering muggles, muggleborns and halfbloods for over two years now, almost every murder had been linked to him and his followers, they called themselves Death eaters.

That wasn’t the only clue that led him, and the aurors, to believe that this was an attack by Voldemort. Looking up his grey eyes shone green, reflecting the emerald snake that slithered in and out of the skull amongst the cloud.  It was dark magic, a spell that had been found above the rest of Voldemort victims, it was like his signature. The image in the sky made him feel sick to his stomach, shaking his head he averted his eyes.

Sirius turned his gaze back towards James, his dark hair messy, square rimmed glasses covering glossy eyes as he spoke to elderly woman, pink curlers in her white hair, wearing a yellow night dress. She must be freezing, he thought.  For the first time Sirius noticed the couple that stood a little ways behind Mrs. Weeterbird, apart from the crowd, going unnoticed.  Sirius had spent every summer since his second year at Hogwarts with James, and had recently moved into the Potters home after his parents had disowned him, blowing his face off the family tree.  After all those summer months in Ellington, he began to recognize everyone in the neighbourhood, he was sure this couple were strangers to the small town. 

The woman had long, curly, vibrant red hair that reminded him of Lily Evans, a Gryffindor in his year that James had been head over heels for since their third year, her eyes were a dark brown and were looking at James and Mrs. Weeterbird sadly. He could clearly see the sympathy in her large eyes, unlike the man next to her, stony faced, his black hair had specks of silver, his eyes dark and cold. He was searching the crowd, looking for something, or someone. But who? Sirius was following the directing in which the creepy man was staring, he spotted only one person he didn’t recognize, who stood away from the crowd.

It was a girl, she couldn’t have been any taller then five feet, her arms crossed over her dark purple tank top, making her look angry, she had the palest skin he had ever seen which made her black hair stand out dramatically. Suddenly, Sirius found himself walking towards her, a nervous feeling in his stomach. Why was he nervous, he asked himself, maybe he was mistaking hunger for nerves, he reasoned. He seemed to pass by unnoticed, until he was several feet behind her, suddenly she spun around, want at the ready.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”  Sirius said, hands up, slightly frightened. Was she a loon?

“Sorry.” She said, pocketing her wand.  Sirius inspected her face, there was no doubt that she was a stranger. He would never forget someone so remarkably beautiful, with full pink lips, a long, skinny nose, pale, flawless skin and large, dark purple eyes, she was a one of a kind beauty. Wait, Sirius stopped himself. Purple eyes? Could that be a trick of the light? But no, he saw deep set purple, that almost came across as dark blue, brown.

“Wow” Sirius mumbled. The girl gave him an odd look, clearing his throat, he covered up, “  Did you know the Bensen family?” He asked. She shook her head. 

“That’s a bit odd? Ain’t it?”

“ I can ask you the same question? You don’t seem to be as emotionally attached as everyone else.” She said, turning towards Sirius, who simply nodded. “My.. Parents and I are staying with Mrs. Weeterbird.” The girl informed. The two mysterious people must be her parent, Sirius reasoned. Weird.

“Why are you here? Weeterbird lives way out of town?”

“I don’t think its much of you business - “

“Defensive much? What’s got your knickers in a twist? It was just a question. Seems a bit suspicious, actually.” Sirius turned to her, his infamous smirk across his face, she glared back at him.

“Who are you to be interrogating me?”

“I’m just saying -” She was suddenly cut off by the stone faced man, apparently the girls father.

“Hey! Cut the chit chat. Lets get a move on. Cameron and Alana are already on there way back.” He told her, not even sparking Sirius a look.

“Dammit! Ace, I’m coming, and who’s Cameron with?”

“Alana..” He said, as if it was obvious. “Weeterbird. Say goodbye to your friend and meet me down the road. And hurry.” He glared before turning his back to them and walking away. She rolled her eyes at his back.

“Do you usually call your parents by there first names?”

“Are you usually this annoying?”

 “You are quite the suspicious one aren’t you?”

“Well you sure are a bloody arsehole.”  She sighed loudly. Sirius whistled. “Whoever you are, I’d rather never see you again. Thankfully I have to go.” Turing around, she started walking down the road where the man was waiting. Suddenly I ran after her.


“Dude, are you stalking me now?” She asked angrily.

“Just wanted to ask you name… Defensive?” She groaned, clearly annoyed.

“I don’t think that matters much, I won’t be seeing you ever again. Thankfully.”

“Then who will it hurt?” Rolling her eyes, she stuck out her hand.

“Rory. You are?” He took her hand, his infamous grin plastered on his face.

“Sirius, Black.” She stopped mid shake, quickly letting go of his hand. As if he had burnt her.

“You’re a Black?” She muttered, Sirius barely able to hear. “I really have to go.”  And with that she hurried through the crowd, passed James, and his father, Edward Potter, consoling a sobbing Amelia Potter.


She had apparated before, but not at such an early hour in the morning. Once her feet had finally touch the ground, she was sure breakfast was going to be spilt all over the pavement.  But Ace simply ignored her complaints, as the three of them walked  the rest of the way to the leaky cauldron. Rory had been complaining all morning, her mood growing worse with every passing hour.

“Why did we have to leave so early?!” She asked for what felt like the hundredth time. And why couldn’t I have warm, delicious eggs, she asked herself. And where were her darn, fuzzy pink socks? Lastly, why did they have to leave so early?

Finally, they entered the rundown pub, where droopy eyed wizards and witches sat drinking early in the morning. Looking at them, Rory had the sudden desire to scream at the top of her lungs. She smiled at the image of the slitting head aches they would receive. Knowing Ace would be furious with her sudden outburst, she held back, she wasn’t supposed to do anything that brought attention upon herself. Ace and Cameron, her alleged parents, had taken a seat across from a man who looked over a hundred years old, his long, gray white beard reached past his leather belt underneath his periwinkle blue robes.  Rory took a seat at the table, the old man beside her, his light blue eyes held hundreds of years full of knowledge, the twinkle in his eye and the grandfatherly kind smile made her like the man instantly.

“This is Albus Dumbledore,” Cameron introduce, “Headmaster at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Albus, this is Rory.” With a bright smile, she allowed the older man to talk.

“Rory, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Your brother attends my school, does he not?” She nodded, her eyes downcast. She hadn’t thought about her brother for weeks, she tried not to. “I’m sure he will be just as excited as I am for you to be joining our 7th years during the upcoming year.” I smiled kindly, this time forced, the thought of my brother lingered on my mind. He continued talking, keeping his intense gaze on Ace and Cameron. “I’ve heard what has happened to the Bensen’s. Though I feel extreme remorse and sadness, I am glad the three of you made it back to London safely. I sent several members of the order to clean up your tracks, hopefully nobody realises you were there during the attack. We must always be on our guards, Rory’s safety is top priority.” The group sat in a silence of sadness for a moment, before Dumbledore began to speak once more. Rory found his voice oddly appealing, as she listened to him intently.

“Summer has only recently began, the next school year wont start for another two and a half months. I understand that Mrs. Weeterbirds home it hardly big enough for the three of you, I’ve contacted a close friend, an auror, to take in Rory for the summer, along with one of you, while the other stay with Mrs. Weeterbird. He is a trusted friend, a part of the Order of the Phoenix.” His gaze fell upon Rory, who nodded kindly. “ He and his family are excited to meet all of you.”

Rory turned her gaze upon Ace and Cameron, both who sat in silence, thinking over this proposition. In truth, Rory didn’t mind where she stayed, as long as she didn’t have to return to the old, dusty and tiny cottage home of Mrs. Weeterbird. The prospect of seeing new faces sent a jolt in her stomach. Nerves or excitement, she wasn’t sure. Rory wasn’t good with meeting new people, but her only company had been solemn Mrs. Weeterbird, angry Ace and overly sweet Cameron, she needed different, she needed real people that didn’t know about her past. In a couple of months she would walk through Hogwarts doors and come face to face with houndreds of students, she needed to get used to meeting new people.

“I think I should stay with Alana, the house is filled with ancient books, I think it’d be best for me to be in a quiet environment where I could do my research on.. Well, yes, I think that would be the best choice.” Cameron said, her gaze avoiding Rory’s. She knew what the other women meant by research, so did Ace, and she guess Dumbledore.

“Indeed, I agree this is the best decision. While Cameron is with Weeterbird, Rory and I will stay with this trusted friend and his family. It would be much more security, then only us, Mrs. Weeterbird isn’t the best defensive witch.” Dumbledore nodded. Rory stared at Ace with odd look in her eye, this was the kindest she had ever seen him, he was usually rude and angry, but he talked to the old man as if he was his superior.

“It’s settled then. Cameron will apparate back to Mrs. Weeterbirds, and I shall accompany you to the Potters.”

“Potters?” Ace questioned. “They were there, yesterday. At the Bensen’s.”

“They also live in Ellington village. I thought it would be smart to keep you close. Plus, Voldemort wont suspect you to stay in the same town after he’s already attacked.” Ace nodded, standing up, Rory took this as a sign to do so also.

“Rory? What are you doing?” Ace asked, confused.


“I’m just going to the loo…”

“Right.. And I was just going to ask if I can get a butterbeer.” Giving her an odd look, he nodded, fishing change out of his pocket before leaving the table. As she also turned to leave she heard Dumbledore say, “Good save.”

While Rory finished her drink Cameron bid them farewell as she headed off to the bookstore in Diagon Alley, Rory had never been there but had heard from her brother how simply odd and wonderful it was, but those were old days when they actually spoke with one another. Moments after she left, Dumbledore instructed us to follow him, leading us back outside into the grimy streets of London. They walked down old several blocks, receiving many odd looks from muggles, he suddenly turned down a dark alley. Confusion enveloped both Rory and Ace, until the old man picked up a newspaper. A portkey, they realised. Seconds after they both held onto the paper, they were hurtled out of muggle London, and soon landed roughly on a lawn of dark green grass in front of a large manor, its brick covered in vines. After dusting themselves off, they walked up to the front door, Dumbledore grabbed the lion knocker, he knocked.  As if the family within the home had been expecting them at that moment, the door flew open and a smiling women with flaming red hair, unlike Camerons bright hair, stood in the doorway.  Behind her was a dark haired man, a big smile on his middle aged face, square rimmed glasses covering his light blue eyes.

“Albus! Always a pleasure.” The woman greeted, gesturing for them to enter the home.

“As to you, Amelia and Edward. I thank you once more for this doing me this favour. But I’m sorry to say I must take my leave.” With that he shut the door.

“Edward Potter.” The man said, holding his hand out to Ace and Rory, “and this is my wife, Amelia.” The two guest shook hands with the kind couple.

“Ace, and this is Rory.”

“I’ll show you to your rooms so you can get settled.” Edward said, leading the up the large staircase. “Albus has told me that you would most likely use your room for researching,” He said, speaking to Ace. “We set up a room for you next to the library. “ At the top of the stairs the corridor split into three ways. He told Ace his room was down the west corridor, the last door to the right, and then informed him that the library was directly at the end. “Rory, follow me. We’ve set you up across from my sons room and his best friend, who happens to live with us, is next door to you. Their friend from school will be spending most of the summen, so I’ve asked James, my son, to also invite a girl from Hogwarts. We didn’t want you to be alone all summer.

“Thank you, Mr. Potter. I really appreciate it.”

“Edward, please. You’ll be living with us all summer, no need for formalities.” Rory smiled at the kind man. “This is you. My son and his friend should be here within the hour, you know where the library is, there’s a pool out back and a lounge at the end of this corridor. The kitchen is downstairs. I know it may be confusing, I myself get lost. But you’ll be fine. Albus informed us that you left you home in a hurry, so Amelia bought you some things, clothes and such. Well I hope your rooms alright, see you at dinner.” With that he walked off. Rory took a deep breath and walked into her new room.

Chapter 2: Potter Manor
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It was rather obvious that the Potters were rich by just looking at there three story home in which was directly outside of downtown London and rather close to Mabory Falls, where Mrs Weeterbird lives. Walking in my room i had to stop out of shock, it was big and beautiful. At the far end there was a fireplace which had a sitting area infront of it, on the opposit side was my large bed with dark purple silk blankets, the walls were a cream color and the carpet dark purple also, there was a walk in closet filled with clothes, a bathroom i shared with the room beside my own and vanity. Closing the door i danced around the room happily which caused me to notice the two large windor doors which led to the balcony that went all around the third floor.

After getting over the shock of how beautiful the house and room was, i quickly went into the closet to look at the clothes Amelia had picked out for me. Relief filled me when i noticed all the jeans and shirts, everything exactly her style. She found the bathing suits in the back of the closet by the stilettos and converse, yes plural. She had a choice from every color of the rainbow and it was only natual when she picked the light purple, it being her favorite color and all. Slipping on her tank top and shorts, grabbed her ipod and left her room in search of the pool. Like Amelia had said there house was rather difficult to move around in, but finally she had found the main floor which quickly led her to the kitchen where the back doors were situated.

"I see you've decided to go swimming. " She turned to the owner of the voice, by the stove was Amelia cooking. " I'm just starting lunch, i've always liked to do it the muggle way. James and his friend our out by the pool,don't be shy" and with a convincing smile i left the lady to her cooking and went outside. There was no wind in the air and the sun was beeting down hard, a perfect day to go swimming. As she walked along the path she spotted two boys in the pool and froze as she recognized one of them.

"You ?  I though you said your name was Sirius Black. " Fear and anger pulsed through her as she stared down at the gray eyed handsome boy, who happened to be grining at her.

" I am!"

"Then who's James?"

"That'd be me. " Said the second boy with messy dark brown hair and square rimmed glasses which covered his brown eyes. He resembled his father encredibly, accept his eyes which was his mothers. " You must be the girl staying with us. "

"Billie Wilde isn't it" I nodded to Sirius. " Well are you gunna come swimming? "

"No, i'm actually going to go tan" i said motioning to the chairs off to the side of the pool, without another word from the boys i took out my ipod and layed on one of the chairs enjoying the sunshine. Closing my eyes while i listened to the great escape by boys like girls i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

"Whaa!!" i called out opening my eyes to reveil Sirius. " What do you want? "  he held out a bottle of sun tan lotion.

"You'll burn like that, with how pale you are and all. "

"Right, thanks" simple and quiet, i took the bottle from him expecting him to leave, no such luck. " Wheres James ? "

"He's gone inside."

"Well run along then - "

" Maybe i can help you with that lotion? " he said cutting me off.

"What about your back" he added smoothly with a smirk that could break a thousand heart, but not a cold one like my own.

" I'm not tanning my back at the moment am i ? "

"But when you do who will be here to help you ? " Sly and cunning, i wonder if he's in Slytherin, most likely being a black and all.

" I was wondering if you were in slytherin, you know being a Black and all ? " His face turned stony, eyes darkened and he glared at me making me ten times more scared of him though i was good at not showing it, without a word he stood up and left me there.  " Emotional or what ? "

After tanning i went inside, my face etched in pain. The boy was right, i had burnt my back badly and it hurt whenever i touched it, growling at my stupidity i walked upstairs to find my way to my room. I had passed by Ace who was walking out of the library, he looked like he was in a foul mood so i decided not to talk to him. Ever since we had come to London Cameron and Ace had been researching, all i know about it is that its about me and i don't know why, each time i ask Ace gets all grumpy and sends me away. Jerk.  Cameron and Ace weren't my parents like i had told Sirius and many others, but they were my guardians and i was to listen and agree to what ever they told me no matter how much i hated it. 

Reaching the third floor i was surprised when a large hand met my back between the shoulders, i let out a scream filled with pain. I turned around to scream the idiot who put me in pain ears off. There leaning against the wall was Sirius grinning maniacally. My face was red with rage and my eyes were glowing.

"What was that for ?" i asked touching my back which caused more pain, i winced.

"Just giving you a friendly pat of the back. I told you you'd burn. "

"You did that on purpose, you knew i was sun burnt. You evil little git. You really are a Black aren't you. " I said angrily before turning around and entering my room. I quickly got changed into jeans and a white tank top. Walking into the washroom i lifted my shirt to inspect my burn, my skin was blotchy and as red as a tomato, Sirius's slap had only made it ten times worse. I moved over to the cupboard and took out a bottle of lotion, i sighed out of happiness as i pulled out a bottle and returned back to the mirror.  I sat on the counter and lifter up my shirt while i tried to spread lotion on myself, which turned out harder then it sounded. I figured out that my shirt was causing me the most trouble so i quickly got ride of it, sitting there in jeans and i bra trying to spread lotion on myself while looking at my back in the mirror, i didn't notice the door opposit mine open until i heard a chuckle.

"Black! You perv. "

"Hey, i needed to go pee. Next time lock the door. " he said closing the door as i staired at him shocked.

"Well leave you stupid git!"

"Like i said i have to pee" and right in front of me he turns to the toilet and pulled it out, thankfully i turned my now red back so i wasn't able to see what he was doing.Once i heard him flush i turned back, just then remembering i wasn't wearing a shirt. Damnit. I quickly rapped my arms around myself looked around for my shirt.

"Looking for this ?" there in his hands was my shirts.

"Yes please, give it here !"

"What after you acted the way you did, i dont think so. " Sigh angrily looking away from him and turning back to the mirror to try what i was doing before i was disrupted but without succeeding. I let out an angry growl and threw the bottle across the room. " What the heck did it do to you ?" Sirius asked picking it up. Pouring cream into his hand he walked up to me and started spreading it all over my back.

"What are you doing? " i asked jumping off the counted, i noticed how tall he was compared to my 5,2.

"  Helping... Just turn around " with hesitation i obeyed and shivered and winced as he spread the cold lotion over my burnt back but once again i jumped away as i felt him unhook my bra. 

"What the hell! "

"Well i need to get under it, don't worry do you actually think i'd try something on you" he said highly amused, glaring i grabbed my shirt and left.  'How rude can he be ?' i asked myself while i pulled my top over my head, i quickly turned hearing the bathroom door open but before i could yell at Sirius he told me supper was ready.  Sighing i quickly made my way to the dinning room were i stopped midstride, everyone was dressed so nice, Amelia in a evening dress, Edward, Sirius and James in dress pants and button up shirt, even Ace had dressed up while i stood there in jeans and a tank top totally embarassed. Without a word i took my seat beside Ace and across from James, Mr and Mrs Potter on each side of the table.Dinner was anything but silent, Edward asked how Aces research was going and with a quick glance at me he said he was fine and explained how much information he was finding in his books, we all praised Amelia for her cooking, James and Sirius talked about ther quidditch game and Amelia asked how my tanning went. Which was when Sirus added that i had burnt, i told her that i'd be alright for i had covered it with lotion in which she said was a rather bad idea only making my burn worse. Glancing at Sirius i instintly knew that he had already known of this fact, as he was chuckling silently into his napkin.

I had eaten half my dinner and quickly excused myself for bed seeing as i was exhausted and didn't think i could stay without falling into my soup bowl. Saying good night to everyone i quickly made my way upstairs to my room, every time i walked into the room it still took my breath away. After my momentary pause i walked over to the closet and pulled out a baggy shirt and shorts to sleep in, turning to the open doors which led to the balcony i noticed the  sunset. Quickly i grabbed the purple silk blanket and went out on the balcony, sitting on a chair i watched the sun set until i felll asleep.


Sirius was walking upstairs to his room with James who was talking animately, but Sirius hadn't heard a word. He was thinking of Billie Wilde. ' What a weird name. Who names the daughter Billie, seriously. ' Ever since Sirius had met the girl he instantly hated her, there was something inside the girl, maybe the things she said, the way she looked at him or just plainly her that made him want to through her off a balcony. He walked into his room without much of a 'night to james and quickly got dressed in pajama shorts and walked out to the balcony. It was already dark, he usually loved watching the sun go dark but as he looked at the stars appearing in the sky it was obvious that he missed it. He turned around looking for the chair he liked to sit in, finding it not far off occupied by another body. He glared angrily at the sleeping form of Billie Wilde, her black wavy hair messy, pale skin glowing in the moonlight, she looked rather peacefull which pissed Sirius off even more.

"my damn chair.... " he muttered, thinking quickly he picked up the small, girl who wasn't heavy at all as he expected of her skinny figure and walked into her dark room. After bumping into several things he finally found her bed.

"Black .. " he heard her sleepy voice but when he looked down at her he noticed her eyes closed shut, with a disgusted look he put her down but unexpectedly the sleeping girl wrapped her arms around his neck. He growled, he was getting tiered and just wanted to go to bed at the moment, wishing he had left her out on the balcony to freeze.

" Wilde... Wilde? Wilde!!!" He called her name, but tried not to call to loud he truly didn't know why. Growling for what seemed like the millionth time that day he layed down on the bed, the girl still wrapped around him and the covers pulled over them. His face stone and eyes dark he glared down at the girl that he found himself hating more and more each passing minute but finally he unwillingly fell asleep in her bed.


We were simply having dinner as a family, the first in the month because dad had been working almost everyday all day. Why was this happening to us, to my family, we haven't done anything to anyone. We had never gone and gotten ourselves mixed up in the war which was happening right outside our door.  But still on that spring night, i had been home for spring break, our door was blown off its hinges. I can still remember the screams, curses and the spells being  shot at one another. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, i didn't know what to do. I was a 16 year old girl, confused and scared and there was deatheaters in my living room batteling my parents. Finally coming to my senses i took out my wand and fired curses at two death eaters who unexpected of my presence froze in place.

I looked around me for my parents, freezing another death eater, i walked over to the kitchen and fell over a heap on the floor. Looking at what i had tripped over i froze in place but not because a freezing curse which had been thrown my way. No, because the heap i had tripped over was a body, the body of my father. I let out a terrible cry as i flung to my father holding on to him as tears pour from my eyes, i must have caught someones attention with how loud i was being for a curse was shot at me missing my by an inch and shattering a vase behind me.  With one last teary eyed look at my father i ran into the kitchen and down the hall away from the death eaters who were hot on my tail. Turning into a room i stopped noticing my mother, wand raised and pointed at a woman with long curly black hair and dark gray eyes.

"Black" my mother said, the woman  sneered and as quick as lightening shot a curse that neither me nor my mother knew.

"Mom!" i screamed and ran toward her, the blue curse passed by me cuting deep into my shoulder and hitting my mom straight in the chest. I was flung to the floor, my shoulder bleeding and my faced scrunched up in pain. I didn't even hear the Aurors arrived or the death eaters leave, all i seen was my mother. But it wasn't her, my blonde haired, brown eyed, tanned mother who i looked so much a like had changed dramatically. Her hair was limp and black, she was pale and her eyes were so blue they were almost white. The woman who i resembled completly, the woman who looked like an angel had transformed into death itself. I cried as i watched the aurors take away the limp form of my mother, and i continued to cry as Ace and Cameron my parents best friends came and took me away.

It was when i passed by a mirror that i noticed my reflection. My bouncy blond hair, glowing brown eyes that usually sparkled and my lovely tanned skin i had all year round was gone and was replaced by a black haired, pale, blue eyed girl. A complete stranger.

Chapter 3: Images
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It was early in the morning, i could feel the sun shining threw the window as i lay on my soft bed, the blanket covering the top of me and a nice soft pillow at my side. Scrunching up my face it hit me that it wasn't a pillow beside me, it was a hard muscular chest, i gasped and jumped back falling off the bed and hitting my head on the side table. With my legs still on the bed i let out a moan of pain, i had fallen on my burnt back and had hit my head rather hard. Looking up my face met the grinning one of a Sirius Black, if it was possible my face whitened and my eyes opened in shock.

"What are you doing here ? " i practically shreiked at the half naked boy in my bed who simply wiggled his eyebrows. As my face grew red i stood up and reached for Sirius to pull him off my bed, but obviously it wasn't the smartest for the boy was ten times stronger and faster then i was. He grabbed my elbows and pulled me on the bed moving like a snake, i found myself underneath him.

"Get off me you pevert! " i screamed hitting him.

"Pervert! Your the one having dirty dreams about me !" I stopped fighting and looked at him oddly.

"Excuse me ? "

" ' Black, oh Black ' and then you through yourself on me so that i can't leave! And really i was only being nice by bringing you back inside. " He was now holding my arms down so i couldn't continuously beat his chest. I was about to starts yelling at him once more when my bedroom door opened to reviel an angry looking Ace. This so doesn't look good. Sirius quickly got off from ontop of me and stood awkwardly by the bed, red in the face i walked up to Ace who quickly grabbed me by the arm and pulled out into the hall. He didn't say a word until we had arrived in the library where he turned on me angry as ever.

"What the hell do you think you were doing ? " he shouted.

" I didn't do anything !"

"It sure didn't look like much. You met this kid one day and your acting like a whore " My jaw fell and i looked at him thinking that i was still dreaming. " He's a Black, Billie, a Black! Don't you get it , you were the one who told us that it was a Black. You were the only witness!"

"I know - "

" But you still go and do - do this! "

" I didn't do anything! I fell asleep out on the balcony and Siri - Black brought me inside. It isn't my fault he's a complete perve! " Glaring at him with teary eyes i turned around and left the library but quickly stopped as the door shut behind me, there standing flushed was Black himself. I couldn't get words to leave my mouth so i simply glared at the boy and ran back upstairs to my room and locked all the doors. I stood in the middle of the room still in my pajamas, i couldn't move, i couldn't breath, i just felt numb as clips of my life since that day passed by me.

" I love you dad... '

"Black"  "Mom!"  "Billie get away - "  "Like mother, like daughter. "

"Ace where are you taking me ? "  "Somewhere safe.... somewhere safe. "

" Why am i different ! "   "This is who you are, this is who you've always been , your going to have to deal with it.  "

" I'm a monster. "

I heard a knock at the door, it must have been hours that i've been standing there going over everything. They knocked again.

" Billie! Please open the door.... It's me James !" Silently i opened the door to reveil the boy that i've only known a day, his unruly hair seemed ten times worse, with a crooked smiled he walked into my room.

"What do you want ? "

"My mom told me to come check up on you.... You haven't left your room all morning...." He turned to me his smile gone, " Are you alright.. I know we've only recently met and all but i can still be worried. "

"I'm fine!"

"Mhmm.... and do you usually block people out, man its hard to imagine you with friends. " he continued talking as he approched me and the door. "  You know were just trying to be friendly  - "

"Who? You and Black? Are you as perverted as he is ?" he let out a chuckle and left the room, i locked the door behind him.

"Whats happening to me  ?"   " Your sick thats all "

" Who are these people? "  " There the Bensens, Weeterbird says they can help us... "   "Are you sure.."  " Don't worry."

"Deatheaters. BILLIE RUN! "

"There dead.... its all my fault "   " none of this is your fault. "   " I'm a monster."

" I'm a monster...."  monster .... monster.... monster.... monster....

" I'm a monster...." tear fell from my eyes and leaked down my cheek leaving a mark of black makeup. I probably look like 10cent whore.

"He's a black.... "  " your acting like a whore.. "

"What's happened to me.. why do i look like this ? "    " It was the spelll "

"Somethings wrong? "   " Billie what is it... "     " There here.. "  "Who?"  "Death eaters. "

"The Bensens have died "  " This is all my fault.. " No it wasn- "   " They were after me.. "

There was a knock at the door as i lay in the bathtub. How long have i been there ? It didn't matter, i turned my music up higher and closed my eyes blocking everything out.


We were all sitting at the dinner table silently waiting for Billie to come and join us.  Neither me nor James wanted to point out the obvious, we all knew she wasn't coming down, i sighed loudly as my stomach groaned hungrily.

"Would you like me to go get her? " James asked his mother politely. She didn't respond, instead looked to Edward Potter then back to Ace who was clearly angry with the girl.

"Do you mind if i bring her some food ? " He asked Amelia Potter, with a small smile she simply shook her head.  I watched as Ace, who mysteriously had no last name grabbed a silver tray and put a plate pilled with food on it, a cup of water and as everyone started eating there supper i watched as he went into his pocket and removed a blue pill and placed it on the tray. Why would Billie be taking pills? I knew there was something wrong, i should say something but i knew it wasn't my place to ask so i stayed quiet and filled my hungry stomach with Mrs. Potters delicious food.


I walked out of the washroom, a white towel drapped around my soaked body. I walked to the closet and pulled out a clean pair of jeans, tanktop and bra and underwear. I was about to get changed when the door opened, wasn't it locked ? Ace barged in with a tray of food and placed it on the vanity, he looked even more angry then this afternoon. I stood there still in my towel, too afraid to speak first but Ace just growled and left the room.  I quickly got changed into the clothes and walked up to the door and looked out into the hall. No one was there, they were probably all eating supper.  A small smile appeared on my lips as i imagined the sort of embarassment he had to go through, well he deserved it.  I grabbed the stray and walk out to the balcony to eat my dinner, i loved eating dinner as i watched the sunset it always reminded me of my parent.

A little girl at the age of eight was laying outside on the wet grass looking up at the pink,red and purple sky. Her blonde hair was spread out around her, he brown eyes sparkled as she turned her head to the man beside her. Her fingers were playing with the material of the pink summer dress her mother had pick out for her, her mother was working late and her father said he had something to show her which is how they arrived outside late at night watching the sunset.

"Its beautiful ain't it daddy?"  she asked the fair haired man with dark green eyes, a large smile appeared on his aging face as he turned to his only daughter.

"It is baby.... Almost as beautiful as you " The girl smiled and looked back up at the sky " Did you know i asked your mother to marry me during a sunset. "

"Really, was it romantic!" she beamed. Both her and her father hadn't noticed the blond haird woman with caring brown eyes standing behind them.

"It was...We were in her parents backyard and i was pushing her on the swing her father had made for her and then i stopped her and i said 'Britney will you marry me ' and guess what she said. "

"What did she say ?" his daughter asked excited.

"She said 'Danny Wilde why would i marry you when i'm only 8 years old' " The little girl giggled as her father laughed and the woman behind them smile while tears escaped her eyes.

I let a giggle escape my lips as i finished my dinner, standing up i walk over to the door and left the tray in the hall for whoever to pick it up and bring it to the kitchen, i was in no mood to talk to people. I closed the door not bothering to lock it, what should i do? A sad smile appeared on my lips as i reached under my bed and pulled out a box, i sat on my bed for more then a half an hour before opening it but just as i was about to the door opened.

" I knew i should have locked it." i muttered as Sirius walked it, his face rid of emotion which scared me a bit. "Hello Black is there anything i could do for you" I removed the lid from the box, gently placing it at my side as i looked at what it contained not sparing Sirius one more look. I pulled out several letters that i didn't bother reading,  i knew they'd only bring me to tears and i didn't want to show any signs of weakness infront of the boy. Looking in to the box i took out several other things, two of  which was a small crown and a necklace.

"Just checking up on you.." he took a seat infront of me.

"Are you sure you didn't want to choke me in my sleep" i said without thinking.

"Excuse me ? " i looked up at him, my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide.

"Eugh.... never mind. "  I pulled out a picture from the box and grimace, i put it down on the side as i put the rest of the things back in the box and then replaced the box under my bed. When i was about to grab the photo i noticed that it wasn't there but instead in Sirius's hands.

"Excuse me Black but thats personal. " i took it back before he could see it and with one last glare walked out to the balcony. The sun had set and the sky was growing darker, soon the stars would be out and so would the moon, i hoped on to the ledge of the balcony and sat down allowing my legs to dangle over the ledge. I looked down at the photo in my hands and sniffed back my tears, the picture was of a woman with long curly blond hair and brown eyes her smiled seemed to go on forever, the man had light brown hair and green eyes which seemed to be looking at his wife in admiration, there was a  sixteen year old girl who looked identical to her mother and beside her was a boy the same age as the girl, twins and he was looking at his sister with a large smile on his face.

"Did you know them ? " I jumped and almost fell off the ledge but Sirius caught me around the middle " Be careful there, a little jumpy are we"  He helped me down from the ledge and i soon as he let me go i backed away fearfully, i thanked merlin i could hide my emotions. I didn't want Sirius to see that i was afraid of him.

"I didn't mean to startle you, i was just curious. Were they your friends?  " he asked walking closer, i didn't move.

"Eugh... i used to know them.. from back home."

"Back home.. .and where is that ? I noticed you weren't british."  he said grinning slyly at me.


"Hmmm, and these were your friends. That girl is like the complete opposit of you." he said pointing to the teenage girl. " She looks all nice and carring and stuff, like an angel and your kinda like... well not her " he left out a chuckle and i just glared at him.

"You insufferable git!" i said i pushed him into the wall and walked into my room throwing the picture to the floor and jumping onto my bed. The lights soon turned off and i turned around not really caring if he could see my fear. " What the hell ? "

"Are you seriously going to sleep -"

"Black just leave, i'm not in the mood for your perverted mind. " even though it was dark i knew he was grinning and it freaked me out. " Just please Black. " I watched at he left through the window doors in which he left open and walked out onto the balcony where i watched him from the light of the full moon.

"Its a full moon " i said, Black turned around confused.

"What? "

"Nothing" i quickly replied turning around in the bed and going to sleep.

Chapter 4: Marauders & Lily
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It had been three weeks since Billie had arrived at the Potter Manor and since then she had gotten the chance to hang out with the guys more, they went flying, swimming and played pranks. James had become a good friend almost like a brother figure which made her wince inside, she still didn't trust Sirius and was sure to show it around him. Ever since her and Aces row she hadn't talked to him, he was usually in his room, the library or aff tell the odd hours of the night but this didn't face Billie she was used to him leaving.

It was monday afternoon and James and Sirius were in James room awaiting the rest of the 'Marauders ' to arrive, which was rather odd. James,Sirius and their other two friends had a groupe called the Marauders and they all had these odd names that Billie had completely forgotten. One night while the three of them were laying on the balcony James was trying to explain to her there groups and the pranks they pulled but it was late at night and the next thing she knew she was asleep.

Seeing as the guys were being all secretive Billie put on a bathing suit under a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt, she grabbed a towel and went outside. The sunburn she had had faded away eventually and it was now all gone, she walked into the kitchen where Edward was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper at the table and Amelia was cutting vegetables, the woman seriously never stops cooking.

"Billie, are you going out for a swim ? " The mother like woman asked.  Amelia Potter reminded her  so much of her own mother, she was kind, caring and was exactly like a mother should be. Ever since Billie had arrive at the potters home she had treated her as her own and she was thank ful for the kind gesture.

"Yea, the guys got all secretive seeing as there friends are coming over"Bille said with a small smile.

"Well don't worry, this weekend were having a party. Just a little fancy and i had invited James friend Lily Evans over to keep you company for the rest of the summer, she had exepted, such a kind girl, anyways you two can go  and get dresses this thursday." she nodded and walked outside to the pool. She decided that it would be best not to  tan seeing as she couldn't anyways, she could tan for hours but she would still be as pale as a ghost, so she took off her  jeans and shirt and folded them beside the towel. Dipping her toe in the pool she checked if it was too cold, a shiver went through her body but she ignored it as she dived into the pool

I dipped my foot in the pool to see how cold it was, i shiver went through my body. Taking a deep breath i dived into the pool and stayed under for a minute or so before coming up on the other side. For reasons unknown i looked up to the balcony only to see Sirius looking down at me while James was laughing with two other guys, they were all to far from me so i couldn't see what they looked like but i did know that the Marauders were here and learning stories from James it didn't seem like the best thing.


There was a loud knock on the door and before Sirius or James could reach it a short blond boy with blue eyes walked in followed by a tall fair haired green eyes boy with a smile on his face. Sirius and James soon greeted the two and brought them upstairs to the balcony where they could talk.

"How has your summer been ?" Remus asked the question directed to his friends.

"Well we had some unexpected visitors, this real jackass Ace and this girl, she's are age you'll meet her later. She's pretty cool - "  James was cut off my Sirius snorting. " What?"

"She is not cool, she's a total bi - "

"They don't like each other very much "

"The chick bloody hates me just because im a Black - " Sirius ranted.

"You aren't sure of that " James said exasperated. James turned back to Remus and Peter and asked how there summers went and as James and Remus laughed as Peter explained his terrible summer , Sirius moved over to the Balcony. Looking down at the pool her noticed a small, pale body in a black bathing suit which made her stand out even more. Oh, how much Sirius despised the girl, he smirked wickedly as he thought over all the ways he could prank her for the rest of the summer.

"My parents are throwing a party this weekend in which we all have to go to but the good news is Evans is coming and i know for sure i could work my charm. " James was saying happily.


" Foul git " i muttered under my breath as i grabbed my towel and clothes and started my way back in the house. I walked into the kitchen as i tried putting my pants on causing me to fall flat on my face. Mr Potter who washing him cup bursted out laughing causing me to turn red and also start laughing my head off, he helped me up  and with a pat on the back left me feeling quite embarassed. I let out a chuckle and tried to dry my hair with the towel as  i made my way to the third floor and back to my room where i wouldn't have to deal with the guys.  But to my unluck as i was about to pass Sirius's door it opened and four guys who were taller then myself walked out laughing.

"Oh, hey Billie" James called happily. " I'd like you to meet the other two Marauders, Wormtail, Peter and Moony - "

"Remus!" I shouted recognizing the boy in the back, his eyes grew wide and he pushed past Sirius and ran up to me giving me a large hug and lifting me up in the aire. Tears poured from my eyes, i didn't care who was watching as i hugged the taller boy.

"Billie i didn't even recogniz you.. What happened to you. " He was holding me at arms length, i bowed my head. "Billie, why are you here ?"

"Somethings happened. "

"Remus you know her?" Sirius asked furious, i turned to the other two guys and could see that they were also confused.

"Eugh guys, i'd like you to meet my sister. " Both Peter and James gasped and Sirius screamed "WHAT!"

" Remus you've never mentioned a sister before?"  James said walking over to his friend.

"I know, it just...... its confusing - "

"You'd better give us a damn good explanation moony ! " Sirius said, Remus sighed and led his friends and sister into Billies room where they all sat on her bed.

"Well, i really don't understand it either but when i was younger i lived in Canada with my parents and twin sister.... At around the age of five me and Billie were out in the forest in the back of our house, which is when i had gotten bit and thats when our family first learnt of death eaters.  We hadn't really bothered ouselves with the problems in Britain  but our mother would call my aunt once a month to get updates after i was bitten. When i turned eleven the school in canada wouldn't take me, we were going to move to London because Dumbledor was the only one to take me but it would have meant that my father would have to quite his job so i simply moved in with my aunt. During every holiday i'd come back home to visit." he finished not looking at his friends.

"Why didn't you tell us mate?" James asked.

" I don't no, it was one of those things. Before i left for London my dad made me promise not to tell a soul, so i promised and took up my aunts last name." he looked at me and i looked at my hands  guitily, i had an idea why. " Billie are you okay. "  i shook my head, Remus furrowed his brow.

Whats happened ? " he asked but before i could answer the door was opened to reveil Ace.

"Remus? What are you doing here?" Remus glared at the man.

"I"m visiting my friends and sister, why haven't you contacted me and said you were here? "  he asked angrily.

" It isn't any of you business, this is all about Billie kid not you. " he through Billie a white bottle and left.

"Whats that ?" Remus asked worried.

"Nothing " Remus grabbed a hold of my arm, it seemed he had forgoten who was there.  "Its just medication i need to take. "

"Why ? "

"Remus - "


" Somethings happened " he looked at me, signalling me to go on. Tears poured from my eyes. " There dead Remus "

A family of three was seated around a neatly placed table, they were all smiling.

"Dad, when is Remus arriving ?"

"Sorry darling, he owled this morning and said he'd be staying at Hogwarts, you'll see him during the Summer Darling. " the teenager girl nodded a little broken hearted that her brother rather stay with his friends then her.  All of a sudden there was a large bang and the front door was blown off its hinges and  a large groupe of death eaters entered there home. The mother and father quickly got up and started fighting the death eaters.  Everything was going by too fast and the girl was confused, finally coming to her senses she took out her wand and froze two death eaters about to throw curses at her. She looked around for her parents when all of a sudden she tripped over a heap on the floor, looking at what she triped over she noticed a body, the body of her father. She touched his cold face, eyes wide open and kissed his cheek, she would have stayed there forever but a death eater came up and as he was about to shoot a curse at her she froze him and ran off into the kitchen and down the hall.

Wheres mom ? she wondered, she kept running she could here the death eater behind her but she didn't stop until she heard voices in the next room. She walked in and spotted her mother, her wand out pointed at a woman with taned skin, dark black hair and gray eyes. She was sure she'd never forget the face.

"Black, what a pleasure. "

"Not really" the woman, she quickly muttered a spell under her breath.

" Mom!" she called running over to her.

"Billie get back !" her mother yelled. The blue jet passed by the teenage girl, scraping her shoulder and going straight into her mothers chest.

"Like mother like daughter, both stupid. " with a pop the woman apparated and at that moment Aurors arrived. But they arrived to late. The young girl looked at her mother, but it wasn't her, the woman had dark black hair, white blue eyes and as pale as ever. Her blonde hair, taned skin and brown eyes were gone. A red haired woman and dark haired man grabbed the girl and took her out of the room and as they passed a mirror she seen her reflection, the one of a devil.

"Its all my fault" Remus said but i shook my head.  " Yes it is if i wasn't a werew- "

"They were after me Remus... They've been after me ever since, i don't no why. I wasn't hit by the spell but it still touched me, it killed mom and it changed me.... i aint the same person and for what ever reason they're after me. " I closed my eyes as more tears fell.

"Who was it.. the woman, you said mom said her name what was it ? " Remus asked frantic. I sighed and looked up at Sirius with cold eyes.

"Black.. Walburga Black "

They all gasped.

After that Sirius had retired to his room and James went to see if he was alright, Peter sensing that the siblings wanted to be alone left to go ask Mrs. Potter if supper was ready and most likely tell her what had just happened. I was in my closet, i grabbed a shirt and pulled it over my bathing suit before joining Remus on my bed.  As soon as  i sat down he wrapped his arms around me and i cried in his chest.

"I hate this Remus..... i feel like a monster..... Why do they want me so bad ?"

" I don't know Billie, but we'll find out. My friend Lily's coming over, you'll love her. " and then he went on talking about the hate relationship  Lily had with James even though james says she loves him on the inside and for the rest of the night he talked about school, friends and basically his life until they were called down for dinner.


I had left supper early not feeling that hungry, Amelia had seemed delighted about me and Remus being twins and didn't mention our parents death but i could see it in her eyes. Sirius hadn't been at supper and as much as i didn't want to i went to see why he wasn't. I stopped at his door and argued with myself, maybe he'll be a jack ass and wont talk to me , sighing i knock but there was no answer. I opened the door and peeked inside, he was no where in sight, sighing i walked in and closed the door behind me. Sirius's room was identical to mind accept his bedding and carpet were blue and  it was much dirtier with his clothes everywhere.

A door opened at the far end of the room and Sirius walked out wearing only a towel, gasping i turned around red in the face. I heard Sirius groan from behind me and i heard shuffling, he was most likely looking for clothes. When i finally turned around hesistantly he was on his bed, wearing only jeans and reading a magazin, taking a closer look i remarked that it was one of 'those' magazines, i grimaces.

"Bla-  Sirius ? "  i called walking over to his bed.

"Your blocking my light. " i notice that i actually was and sat down at the end of his bed, he still didn't say anything.

"Why weren't you at supper? "

"Like your one to ask, are you anarexic or something." I gasped, how rude.

"Whats wrong with you ?" i asked exasperated.

"Me! Whats wrong with me! Your one judgmental bitch you know that,you think your all perfect, your an attention seeker thats what you are! " he angrily flipped the page causing him to rip it, he growled.

"Sirius - "

"Are we on first name basis now? " he glared coldly at her.

" Can you just liste - "

"No! I wont, leave me alone i don't like whores in my room!"  He threw the magazine and rolled over. I had completely lost my breath, i didn't know why i was acting in such away but i was hurt by the boys words. " Would you like me to throw you out like the skank you are " harsh. I shook my head, not saying anything and left threw the  bathroom in which we shared. Closing the door i  started the shower, once it was nice and hot i got in fully clothed and as i sat in the tub, my clothes soaked i cried.

I must have fallen asleep. for i woke up ( duh!) still in the bathtub, the shower pounding coldly against my skin as i shivered. Sighing i turned the water off and left the bathroom, i felt like crap and where did i usually go when i felt this way..... The pool. Changing into a blue bathing suit i left my room only in that, i made my way to the kitchen in the dark where i spotted Peter in the fridge causing me to giggle.

"Sorry, i didn't think anyone was awake" he said eyeing my wet hair and visible body.  " Why are you wet?"

" Fell asleep in the shower. .. "

"Why are you going swimming its like 12:30 at night ? "  he asked visibly confused.

"Why are you eating. " with a small smile i left threw the back door, out side was freezing even though it was summer, there was a strong wind in the air and as i diped my toe in the water  a vilent shiver went through my body. I am so going to catch a cold.  Going against my better judgment i dived into the pool, when i came back up i spotted somone sitting on the diving boared.

"Your going to get sick you know that ?'  Sirius said his face glowing blue from the lights in the pool.

"Oh, so now your all talkative. "  i said swimming over to him as i glared daggers. If looks could kill.... or at least blow stuff up Sirius would be in a million peices.

"Well, i felt sorta bad after i heard you crying and then you were in the shower for so long, i thought you drowned. "

" I was not crying! and i fell asleep. "

" what ever you say. Why don't you get out your gunna catch a cold. " he said offering me a hand, with a grin on my face i took his hand and pulled him in. After coming back to the surface he glared at me. " What was that for!"

"For being a wanker and a unsuferable git!"  he growled and quickly swam over to me, grabbing my shoulders he dunked me under water.

"What the hell!"  i choking on water. " Trying to drown me. "

"Thats for being a stupid whore . " i glared at him and swam to the side of the pool, but before i could get out he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back in. " I'm sorry for being a jack ass... i really don't think your a whore or skank.... i couldn't think of anything else and well.. eurgh .. thats what it said in the magazin and ya.. " I let out a giggle at his awkwardness.

"I'm sorry for being judgmental, for you being a Black and all  you aren't that bad. "

"I'm not like them you know - "

"James told me about the blood traitor and running away thing "  he nodded and looked down at himself, he took off his shirt and pants.  "What the hell dude! What are you doing. "

"Well you know the only way im going to get any action is by getting naked. " i shook my head and smacked him gently across the head.

"You perve. "

" No, i'm totally kidding, its easier to swim without the heavy clothes and i guess i wasn't as prepared as you " he said checking me out.

" Ugh" i pushed him away and started swiming to the diving boared where i pulled myself up.  He got out also and joined me on the diving boared and grabbed my hand. " Sirius? "

" Jump!" giggling i jumped at the same time as him, the water twirled strongly around us but he kept a tight hold on my hand. Coming back up to the water we were both laughing.

"So the family in the picture is yours? " he asked as we floated on our backs.

"Yea... "

"But i caught a glimpse of the photo, the girl... your total opposits. "

"The spell that your...... mother hit my mother with scarred me " i said rubbing my shoulder " my mom died but before she did she changed just like i did. " smiling sadly he turned to me and grabbed my hand once more.

" The dark type are always the kinkiest " i giggled and slapped his arm but our laughter was short lived for we heard someone clear there throat. Looking up we spotted Peter with a sandwich in his mouth, James laughing and Remus red in the face.

"Err.. .Hey guys, wanna come for a swim  " I got out of the pool and walked over to Remus. " Come on Rem, we haven't caused mahem in a long time -"

"WHAT!" we all turned to James. " You've been pranking without us! I am appauled. " we all laughed, James, Remus and Petter went down to there boxers like Sirius and all at once we all Jumped in the pool.

That was the first night when me and Sirius's friendship started.


Lily Evans had arrived Thrusday afternoon, she was the total opposit girl of what i had imagined. Instead of a whorie bimbo who wouldn't stop staying 'Like', Lily was beautiful with long red hair and bright green eyes. She reminded me of me before ... before i turned into a monster...Not to be conceited or anything but i knew i was beautiful but i didn't flaunt it like a idiot like everyone made out like i did. She was also very kind and smart causing us to click instantly. When Lily arrived we had went to my room seeing as i was still in my pijama's, seeing my huge closet she couldn't resist going through it.

"Lily, we're practically the same size accept in the.. eugh bust area" it was true i had a rather small chest. " but if you want you could wear something" Lily nodded happily and we both picked out killer outfits to go shopping in.  Lily chose a floral spaghetti strap dress with faded jeans and her pink runners while i wore a white lace dress with black converse. Smiling i grabbed my gringotts key and me and Lily left my room, unlucky for Lily she triped and fell landing on none other than James Potter. Red in the face she got up with me and Peters help.

"Lily, you look hot! " i snorted and shook my head, this guy totally didn't know how to sway Lily and i could see that after meeting her only an hour ago.

"sorry to bust your bubble but me and Lily are going shopping, cya James" and with that we both left a smiling James. We arrived in the sitting room and grabbed a handful of green powder which was in a can beside the fire place, we both stepped in at the same time and dropped the powder before yelling " THE LEAKY CAULDRON". In a matter of minutes we had arrived at the grubby pub filled with drinking witches and wizards. After Lily said hello to the barman ' Tom was it ?' we arrived at a brick wall, i was completely confused until Lily started tapping random bricks which starts to move, it soon created  and entrance to Diagon Alley. I gasped at the sight of the wizarding town filled with witches and wizards shopping, smiling at Lily we quickly raced to Madame Maulkins.

"Hello Dearies what can i do for you? " An older woman with curly blond hair asked, she had on way to much makeup which kinda freaked me out.

"We're going to the Potters party tomorow and we're in need of dresses " Lily informed her with a polite smile but i could see the same thoughts were going through her head.

"Ah, i've heard about it. Follow me, i have something perfect!" She grabbed a green dress and a animal pattern one and handed them to me and Lily. Once we both go out we fell to the ground laughe receiving a glare form Madame Maulkin, lily was wearing a strapless emerald green dress that went exageratedly pouffy after the waist and had big embroidery around the bust emphisising her already big chest. I had tried on a halter top dress that went to low and was animal print, it also had a cut that went up all the way to the thight, i looked like a cheetah. Glaring at us the woman took the dresses and came back with several more, most of them terrible. Lily had tried on a bright yellow silk one which reminded me of a banana and i tried on a green sequined mini dress obviously for a club. After trying on atleast ten each Madame Maulkin gave up on us and decided to help another costumer, we giggled as we looked at more of the outragous dresses in the store and only found ours atleast an hour after. I was walking around tieredly, it was taking so long to find a decent dress when i spotted two perfect ones for me and Lily right the hands of a blond skank around my age, one was brown  and white the other silver they were both silk. Smiling i quickly grabbed it from the girl who shrieked and handed Lily the brown one, we went to try them on.

Lily came out in a silk  deep v-neck brown dress with thick straps, it had a white corset and went out to the floor gracefully. I wore a silver silk strapless dress with a scrunched bodice and gently draped out after the chest. Smiling at each other we quickly paid with the money we had gotten from gringotts and left the store. Lily brought me into a very expensive looking jewelery store where we bought matching jewelery for our dresses.

Before leaving Lily wanted to go to the bookstore and buy a book, i kindly joined her in the book searching. I had already bought three books and i was waiting for Lily who was now at the register. I was looking out the window at the people outside, shopping and talking, i smiled at how happy everyone was and thats when i noticed from the corner of my eyes i person in a black cloak hidden in the alley way.

"Billie i'm ready. " Lily said coming up from behind me but i kept my eyes glued on the cloaked figure, i soon as it turned around i gasped for the person was wearing a silver mask. Death eater. Keeping my eyes on the death eater i spoke to Lily urgently.

"Lily, when i say run, run!"  The death eater made a gesture with his hand.

"Billie - "

"RUN!" Without question she fallowed me out the door and down the street of diagon alley, we passed people who looked at us rudely and only noticed what we were running from when they noticed the large groupe of death eaters. Everyone in the town was running and screaming, shop owners were locking there doors and hiding, people were grabbing there kids and apparating and some were fighting. I grabbed Lily's hand and stopped her as a Death eater walked out from a alley way right in front of us.

"Wilde, we've been looking for you !" Said a feminine voice coming from behind the death eaters mask "and with a mudblood. "The deatheater hadn't notice Lily take her wand out and silently she cast the freezing charm, without looking if the spell hit its target i grabbed Lily's hand and pulled her behind me. I heard several shouts of ' theres Wilde, after her!' but i kept going making sure neither me nor Lily got hurt.  Finally i stopped infront of the brick wall.

"Do your thing Lily!" i yelled and she frantically started tapping bricks . " Hurry!"

"Got it!" before they were completly out of the way we ducked into the pub and ran to the front, Lily was about to go to the fire place but i stopped her.

"They could follow us" she nodded and we left out the front door and kept running passed muggles until we were atleast ten blocks away in an alley. "Do you think we lost em" i asked her but we soon heard shouts and both of us went wide eyed. " Lily you've read about apparation right? "

"I haven't got my licence yet!"

"Well i think this is a case your gunna have to excuse the rules, hold my hand and think of the Potter manor " I pictured the potter mansion clearly in my mind and right as i spotted the deatheaters me and Lily disappeared with a deafening 'pop!'. Looking around us we were in some kind of forest.

"Thank god we have all our limbs, now where are we?"  i pointed to the clearing up ahead which showed the Potter manor not to far off. "Pretty close " Lily said as we began running toward the house.

We barged in and slammed the door behind us before collapsing on the floor in a heap. We heard shreiking coming from the kitchen and in know time Mrs Potter was there looking down at us worried.

Chapter 5: Party
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Mrs. Potter ran up to us and made sure we were all right, she was frantic. But thank merlin me and Lily were okay. Amelia brought us to the kitchen and fixed us up some soup to calm our nerves and her own.

"Edward it over there right now, they should get it cleared out soon. I can't believe you girls apparated, you should be proud you got out there safely." We smiled up at her and before we retired to my room she hugged us both.  We entered my room and went out to the balcony were we spotted the guys playing quidditch not far off.

"Billie ?" Lily called from the arm chair beside my own, turning to her with a smile i asked 'what?'  " They were after you.. The death eaters. They were weren't they?" i saddly turned away.

"Yea Lily they were "

"But why, i don't get it your a pureblood ? "

"To tell you the truth Lily i don't no" I looked at Lily and i knew that from then on we'd be great friends so with a sigh i told her the story that i had told the guy a couple days earlier.


The next day me and Lily were running around my room frantically, last night we had told the guys about the attack at Diagon alley and they went bizurk, now as they calmly sat in James room me and Lily were trying to get ready for the ball that would be starting in an hour. We were still in our sweats and tank tops, i was sitting at the vanity as Lily did my hair and makeup and when she was finished i'd do hers. Lily had left my hair down with gentle curls and pulled back some into a fancy knot at the back of my head, she added diamond bobbypins to make it pop out.  My makeup was simple, thick eyeliner and light sparkly lipgloss.  Smiling, i nodded and we switched places, her sitting infront of the vanity and me working on her hair and makeup.  I had pulled Lily's curly scarlett hair into a knot at the base of her neck and let the rest hang like a loose pony, she had two curly strands on each side of her face. For makeup i had put light brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and a skin tones lip stick which i added gloss to make it shiny.

We admired ouselves in the mirror until Lily noticed we were already ten minutes late, shreiking we were litteraly running around my room putting our dresses on and trying to find our shoes and jewelery, by the time we were done we were a half an hour late. I turned to Lily with a smirk.

"Well, were going to have to make an entrance" with a giggle she nodded and we hooked arms and left my room.

We walked all the way down the third and second floor where we stopped at the top of the stair, i winked at Lily before we made our grand entrance. It seemed there was a magical spot light that had quickly turned to us causing everyones attention to turn to the two young ladies decending the stairs. I spotted Amelia Potter talking to Cameron and Mrs Weeterbird all three woman were smiling at us, Edward was also smiling at us but Ace who was beside him was simply looking as stony faced as ever. I spotted the girl who i stole the dresses from and when i told Lily she said " you took these dresses" before laughing. As we reached the bottom of the stairs we found the Marauders waiting for us, Peter looked dumbfounded but rather cute in his tux, James was gaping like a gold fish which Lily laughed at and Remus and Sirius smiled up at us.

"Ladies, lets get this party started "Sirius said hooking his arms threw ours and led us off to the bar, we were soon fallowed by Peter , Remus and James.  We all ordered a glass of champagne from the barman and he handed us six glasses. We all stood in our group, me and Lily receiving complements on our dresses.

" Well it was obviously someone with good tast who picked them !" Said a blonde girl who pushed between me and Lily and walked directly to James and Sirius.  She was wearing the short green club dress i tried on, skank, i thought and with one look at Lily i knew she was thinking on the same lines.

" Melissa, how are you ?" Lily asked the girl.

"Fine Layla"

"Its Lily" Lily said angrily as the girl smiled up at the four boys who ,being guys ,were all checking out her rack and legs.

"Would any of you boys like to dance" the boys stuttered, i rolled my eyes and grabbed Lilys arm.

"Lets go somewhere not littering with skanks. " Lily nodded and we walked off.  "Who is she?" i asked

"Melissa Bradley, we used to be good friends but she pretends she doesn't remember. We fell apart when she found out  i liked J- eugh someone at the end of sixth year. She was dating him then. She's rather the skank she also dated Sirius... several times. "  i big smile came across my face as i looked at Lily, she just gave me and odd look.

"James.... I can't believe it, you almost pulled it off but after that slip its totally obvious."

"What is ?" she asked trying to act like she really didn't know.

"That you like james " i said all smiles,  she finally broke down.

"Please don't say anything  - "  she said flushed.


"First off he's dancing with Melissa " she said, i turned to where she was looking and discovered that she was right. James was dancing rather inapropriately with the skank. " and well i don't know. "

"Fine  i won't but i think you should. "  After a while of  sitting there looking pathetic Sirius and Remus came by. "Wheres Peter? " i asked.

"Food bar" Remus said with a knowing smile. "Say, Lils seeing as James isn't breathing down your neck and instead dancing with -- ya wanna dance" Lily smiled and nodded.


Lily walked out to the dance floor with Remus and they began dancing to the slow song. Remus had always been Lily's best friend out of the Marauders and especially after Melissa ditched her last year. She smiled up at him before turning her head and saddly looking at James and Melissa.

"You know you really should tell him. " Remus said , Lily turned to him shocked was it that obvious she liked James.

"Tell him what?"

"That you like him" she nodded.

"He's with Melissa - "

"You know he really isn't , just trying to make you jealous is all "

"Well it worked " she said crestfallen " Remus thanks for being a good friend. You know i've become good friends with your sister as well. "

"How did you - "

"She told me the  whole story yesterday" he nodded.


I smiled at Lily, i was glad that we had become good friends so fast. Smirking i turned to Sirius and nudged him.

"So i hear Melissa has been going around your group a lot, especially with you. " i said.

" It didn't really mean anyting"

"I also hear  your a player, guess im going to have to watch out for that charm after all " i smiled teasingly.

"Hey, im no player... im... a ladies man" i giggled and hit him in the arm.

Later on that night we were all standing in the ball room, laughing. Both me and Remus had convinced Lily to tell James about her feelings tonight and we were extatic. Lily tapped James shoulder and he turned to her with a big smile, her cheeks were flushed. She was about to ask if they could speak alone when Melissa came up and grabbed  James by the arm.

" Oh, hey Lily did you hear. Me and Jamsie- poo are back together. " the girl said tauntingly as Lily glared at her.

"Sorry, i haven't"

"I guess you know now. Oh! James this is my favorite song, dance with me!" with a bye to Lily he was pulled along to the middle of the dance floor by Melissa. Lily turned to me Remus and Sirius.

"Are you alright Lily?"

"She hates this song.... This is my favorite song" and with that Lily ran off.

"oh god I"m gunna go after her." i left the two boy there and ran after Lily, i found her out by the pool, her dress pulled up ,she had her feet in the pool as she sat there and cried. The Lily Evans cried over the Big headed James Potter, the world must be at its end. " I"m sorry for making you do that Lils" she shook her head and leaned on my should as i wrapped my arm around her.

"It alright, i wanted to do it for so long it was just to late. "

"Boys suck!" i said

"HEY!"  i heard from behind me from a sarcastic Sirius, Remus hit him upside the head.

"Mate, be nice!"  both me and Lily giggled.

"You ladies wanna take a dip?"

"Sirius we're in our dresses?" i said to him in a duh fashion.

"Well Lily can do that changing clothes thingy.." i turned to Lily and  as she wipped away her tears she nodded and motioned for me to stand up. Turning to Remus and Sirius she swished her wand which was in her purse and soon there tuxes become swimming shorts, both me and Remus burts out lauging as lily giggled. Remus was wearing blue short while Sirius was wearing bright purple.

"My favorite color" i said with a large smile. This time lily turned to me and did the same thing, changing my gown into a silver bathing suit and then she turned on herself changing into a brown one. Smiling we all jumped into the pool. I don't know how long we had been swimming and we didn't care we were having to much fun laughing and swimming, the party going on inside the manor hadn't bothered us and i don't think we bothered them. Both me and Lily, with the help of Peter who didn't want to swim, got out of the pool, smirking we were about to jump back in when i felt big arms wrap themselves around my stomach unexpectedly. I shreiked and laughed at the same time as Sirius twirled me around before throwing me in the pool almost landing on Remus. As Sirius wrapped his arms around Lily, about to throw her into the pool he stopped at we spotted two people walking our way.

"Sirius, what are you doing !?" James practically screamed, he was red in the face and his eyes were burning with anger as he looked at Sirius's hands still wrapped around Lily's waist.

"Swimming mate, wanna join us ?" Sirius asked, not completely noticing how angry James really was.

"Join you !"  he said exasperated " Why in the hell would i join you !? " he grabbed Melissa's arm roughly and pulled her away but before they could get to far she turned around with a smirk and looked directly at a teary eyed Lily. Sirius pushed Lily in and we all decided to call it a night and get out of the pool.  I was sitting outside  on the balcony, still in my wet bathing suit to lazy and tiered to get changed at the moment as i sat in a rather comfy chair. Lily walked out from her room in pajamas looking terrible.

"Billie i'm not feeling to well, i'm going to hit the sack, 'night. See ya Sirius" As lily retired to her room i turned around to see a smirking Sirius behind me, i was about to say Hi when i was roughly pushed off the chair.

"What the hell!" i shreiked looking up at the boy who was now in my chair.

"Why do you always say that, 'what the hell this and that !' and you say dude a lot too. " i rolled my eyes at his idiocy and stood up.

"Why did you take my chair? "

"well thats easy, this is the most comfortable chair on the balcony .. " he motioned to the chair, once again i rolled my eyes before smirking. Looking back at Sirius i jumped on him and he let out a groan of pain as he held his.. valuables.

"There goes the children " i laughed as his face scrunched up in pain, i moved on his lap trying to get comfortable. " You gave the boniest ass ever" he whispered.

"dude, i'm so damn cold "

" Your from Canada i thought you were used to it!" I looking at him idiotically and hit him over the head.  " Why are you still in your bathing suit, your going to get sick "  i expected Sirius to laugh and check me out but instead he took out his wand and conjered up a dark blue blanket and rapped it around me. " My favorite color" he muttered causing me to giggled.

"Thanks Siri.. " i said tieredly but was instantly woken up by Sirius shouting.

"SIRI ,What the hell!"

"Hey thats my line and its only a nick name "  i said poking him in the chest where there was a long scar " Where did you get that ?"

"Full moon , you know " i nodded, i knew that the guys were illegal animagi, i yawned tieredly.

"Remus's got worse.... "  We sat out there for who knows how long, i was falling asleep but instantly woke up when Sirius started humming.

"Whats that?" i asked wide eyes, he smiled.

"When i was little, its was like a week before my first year at Hogwarts. Me and my mom were visiting my aunt who lived out in the country and i remember passing by this man. He had a guitar in his hands and he was sitting on a trunk, a little girl with long blonde hair was dancing around him, i never forgot that hair. Then he started singing it, i forgot the words by now but it was about his daughter. Beautiful song. .. My mom pulled me away before i could listen any more. I've always wished for a family like that. " he was smiling up at the moon, i nodded and closed my eyes and as he sung the song i feel asleep, dreaming about my family.


Sirius smiled as he looked down at the pale, dark haired beauty. It was early in the morning and he didn't want to move just incase he woke her up. Why am i here, he asked himself. Sirius felt completely idiotic for sleeping in the girls bed. Looking down at her he noticed her blue eyes flicker open.

Wait! Blue eye?

He heard yelling from down the yall, why was Remus yelling? Next thing he knew Remus barged in the room and started a row. The last thought to go through his mind was ' i though she had purple eyes ? ' .

A young blonde girl at the age of eleven was smiling up at her father, oh how she loved him, he was her hero.  He took out his guitar, the one he was teaching her how to play with and settled it on his knee as he played with the strings. She was wearing a purple summer dress with a silver crown on her head, the one her father had bought for her birthday the week before.  Her mother and brother had gone shopping for school supplies and her and her father decided to stay at her aunts but when they arrived aunt Ellie wasn't anywhere to be found. For the longest time her and her father just sat on the trunk her brother had brought his stuff in, after a while of bordom her father had taken out his guitar and started playing random toons.

Soon he started playing a song that she knew to be her own, her father had written it three years previous and when she was sad or angry he would always sing it to her. The song was stuck in her mind forever, she knew that it would be impossible for her to forget the song and its words.  And so he began singing with his beautiful voice and the sun set, she knew there were people who had passed by them, most likely thinking them crazy but neither of them cared. They were in there own world.

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's
daddy's little girl.

She started dancing around her singing father and the trunk, she always loved dancing when she heard her song. Cause thats what it was it was her song, her and her fathers. She was daddy's little girl and no one could take that from her.

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;

She knew the words by heart and started to hum its rythme  as she slowed her dance down. She didn't notice the strict looking woman pass by giving them a disgusted look or her son stopping right in front of them admiring the bond the daughter and father had.

She couldn't wait for her dad to bring her to her first year of school next week, she'd miss both him and her mother. Miss her mothers cooking and her fathers songs, the trips they took together at random, she was going to miss her brother who would be in a different country.  She spread open her arms and glided around as if she had wings of her own, she couldn't wait for her next birthday, even though it had just pass. She wanted to have another special day with her daddy. But she knew deep down that every day was special when it was her and her family.

She couldn't wait to get her first boyfriend only so her father could get defensive or her first letter home so he could mail her back with a warning which she knew would have a P.S saying ' good prank darling, you'll always be daddy's little girl '. She began singing with him, she couldn't wait to get married so her daddy would be there to walk her down the isle as tears escaped his eyes, she'd turn to him and say ' i'm always daddy's little girl' . The little girl stopped dancing and starting singing along with her dad.

When he finished his song, the little girl walked up to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"I'll always be daddy's little girl"

"Promise" he asked with a large smile.

"Pinky promise"

Chapter 6: One bad day & One Wild Night
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It had been a hectic morning for the residence at the Potter Manor.Bille had just woken up to find herself beside Sirius, again! But before she could get a word in her brother had brust threw the door in all his glory.. ahem.. he was rather pissed.

"Sirius!! What the hell are you doing to my sister " Remus shouted his face growing red the madder he got at his best mate.

"My line people " Billie muttered before getting out of the bed. "Remus calm down, whats got your panties in a twist - "

"Maybe the fact my best mate was sleeping with my sister!!" Billie rolled her eyes, her brother was over reacting.

"Geez, we only slept together " Remus gasped. " NO! not like that... eugh... i was having night mares and couldn't sleep so i kind of asked Sirius to come lay down with me. Seriously nothing happened, he just fell asleep. " Remus was fuming.

"If i find you in here again mate, well lets just say you will never be getting with chicks for the rest of your life " Sirius paled, growling Remus left with a laughing Peter behind him, she glared at the blond boy and shut the door behind him before turning to Sirius.  With a smile on her face she grabbed the wand off her vanity.

"So Sirius, care to explain ?" 

"Alright,you see last night you  fell asleep so i put you to bed . " The boy was clearly scared as his glance went between her and her wand.

"That doesn't explain why you were there ? "

"Yea well.. eugh " she grinned.

"The next time i find you in my bed, Remus wont be the only one kicking your ass "

"What if im invited ?"

"Out!" she pointed to the door and he quickly left, giggling Billie walked over to the closet to get dressed for the day.


Lily had been woken up from shouts coming from Billies room. Why is Remus screaming? To tiered to find out she walked over to the shower she shared with Remus, thanking god it wasn't Peter. She didn't have a problem with the blond haired marauder, he wasn't the hottest but he was pretty cute but also known to be quite the perve and Remus wasn't. Locking both doors she  turned the water on and had a long, hot shower trying to get rid off her ever growing head ache. She had had the worse sleep, memories of her rejecting James, his heart broken face, Melissas grin, him angry the night before had all plagued her dreams.

Getting out of the shower she unlocked the doors and wrapped a towel around herself before reentering her room. Going through her clothes she decided to wear a pair of white jeans and a white tank top with a green sweater on top. She brushed and dried her hair before putting it up in a pony tale and added eye liner and green eyeshadow to her newly woken face. Smiling she grabbed her book and left her room at the same time as an angry Remus and smiling Peter left Billies room.  A little to frightened of Remus, Lily stopped Peter to get the morning gossip.

"What happening ?"

" Remus caught Sirius in Billies bed " Lily paled and gaped at the boy. " Well im going to go comfort him, cya Lily. "  with a small wave the short boy ran off the the next room. ' Surely they hadn't done anything? She hadn't mentioned having feelings for the boy' Lily thought and decided to find out once her new friend was dressed and downstairs for breakfast. She passed Billies door and was about to pass Sirius's when she looked to the opposit side, James room. Sighing she decided that this would be a better time then any, especially seeing as Melissa wasn't around to ruin it. Taking a large breath Lily walked over to James door and knocked, there was a silent shuffle from behind the door and as she was about to knock again a flushed James opened the door.

"Lily!?  What are you doing here? " he asked taking a quick look behind him before turning back to her. She noticed he was only wearing boxers but shook the thought from her head.

"Good Morning James, i actually wanted to speak to you about something. " she said, she knew that this was the time, her confidence was at a once in a life time high and there wouldn't be another chance. 

"Oh really, whats that?"  As she was about to answer the door opened wider to reveil Melissa with a white sheet wrapped around her and Lily had a feeling that was all.

"Hey Lils, whats that you were saying ?" Melissa asked in a sickly sweet voice.

"Melissa, oh! I  eugh... forgot... I-I'll see you guys around. " She couldn't believe it, without one last look at the boy she had hated for five years and had only started liking the previous year she walked off not too sure where she was going. At least anywhere but there.


Ace had woken up in the middle of the night. Was it a nightmare that had woken him up, he would never be sure. All he knew is at the moment he had awoken, thoughts and ideas had been poking the corners of his mind. Smiling, he knew he had it, he knew he'd find it soon. He quickly pulled on jeans and a shirt and hurried next door to the library.  He passed the red haired teenage girl, not sparing her a moment and quickly went to the desk where he had left all his papers the previous night.

Where is it! He knew he wouldn't be able to figure it out without it. He hit the desk with his fist and growled receiving an odd look from the teenage girl. Looking once more threw the messy papers her left the library in a hurry. He needed to find cameron quick!


Billie got dressed in ripped faded jeans that were worn out and a long sleeved blue shirt, she tied her messy black hair in a loose pony tale and put eye liner on before leaving her room. She had to talk to Remus, that was for sure, her brother needed to stop being over dramatic. She barged into his room like he had done to her.

"Peter, i'd like to speak to my brother alone!" Nodding Peter left, once gone all hell was loose. "You idiot git, dumbass toe rag. Aren't you a little dramatic!"

"Dramatic! Me, your the one craving for attention, sleeping with my best mate thats low. How do you think dad would feel about his little girl, huh!" Remus stood up and looked down at his sister, who was way shorter them himself.

"Like i said before i didn't do anything! and don't start talking about dad, i was the one there, you weren't!" Billie pushed him back in the chair, his face turning red.

"You didn't do anything ,sure. Billie i'm not stupid i remember that night, you might not be the whore type of girl but you are persuaded easily. You remember that night don't you !"  he taunted standing up.

"Shut up! SHUT UP! You promised" tears started pouring down her face" You promised to keep it a secret! Never speak of it again, pinky promise, rememeber you never break a pinky promise!" she was yelling at him as tears fell from her eyes like water falls, Remus looked at his sister guiltily.

"Billie i'm - "

"Don't even say it cause we both know you aren't sorry Remus. No, your only one thing! You are a MONSTER!" Remus paled and took a step back, Billies face was red and she was breating heavily.

"Me, a monster ?" Remus smirked " Don't play dumb with me sis" she looked at him, fear in her eyes 'how did he know?'. " I guess i know more then one of your deep dark secrets and one more stupid thing like you did last night i'll tell everyone!" He walked over to his door and opened it, Billie ran out tears escaping.

As Billie entered her room she let out a ear peircing scream.


Tears poured from Lily's eyes, of coarse he was over her, why wouldn't he be when he had Melissa. Beautiful, experienced Melissa who had never broken his heart. Lily walked into the library, there was the shouting again, she tried to ignored it as she rummaged through the books. Her book seemed uninteresting and every time she picked up a new one so did that one. At the far end of the library she spotted a desk, it would have been clean if it didn't have hundreds of papers thrown all around it. Looking toward the door to make sure no one was there, when she was sure no one would come she started going through the papers.

Lily was never the sneaky type and she would never go through others things but she had a feeling that there was some importance to the papers. She picked a pile up and started reading them. Diseases, unknown killing curses, dark & light, mesopotamian mythology. Lily stopped, why where they looking at mythology, she realized that the papers didn't really have anything to do with each other, raising her brow she took all four peice of parchement.  As she was walking toward the door it opened to reveil Ace, wide eyed she hurried to the couch where she picked up her book and read, unbeknownst to Ace that she was sitting on the papers.

She heard him shuffliing through the papers and then hit his fist agains the desk. Angry? Growling he left, still not taking a look from her. After making sure he was gone Lily stood up, folded the papers and put them in her pocket before leaving  the library. She was extremly hungry and needed breakfast.


No one was having a good day, Mr Potter was called into work on his day off, Mrs Potter burnt supper, Petter got sick, Lily was afraid Ace would find out about the papers she stole and heart broken over James and Melissa's relationship, Sirius was wondering if he had imagined Billies eyes and was dealing with emotions he couldn't figure out, Remus was angry with himself and his sister, James felt sick with himself, did he like Melissa or Lily? and Billie who would soon be in the middle of it all as everything got worse was afraid hoping Remus wouldn't say a word about her secrets, wondering how he knew them she had locked herself in her room for the rest of the day not replieing to no ones calls.


It was the middle of the night, i was sitting at my vanity looking at my hair, i had decided to add a drastic touch. I had streaked my hair purple, not that drastic but enough. After it was dry it looked amazing and i briliant idea had come to mind, i grabbed my wand and left my room through the balcony door and entered Lily's the same way.  I walked around her bed and sat beside her, i prodded her shoulder gently.

"Lily, wake up!"  Lily's eyes fluttered open.

"Billie, its midnight what are you doing up? "  She sat up, her hair a mess and her eyes blotchy, i could tell she was crying.

"I couldn't sleep so i died my hair" i showed her and she nodded " and i was wondering if i could do yours ?"

"Billie, come on its late" i prodded her again.

" Please Lily, just get your bathing suit on under some warm clothes and meet me outside. " I prodded her one last time and left the same way i came in but this time i was stopped  by Sirius.

"Billie ? " he called concerned, i hadn't been out of my room all day.

"Hey Sirius.... I"m going to go in my room.. " i quickly walked into my room but before i could close the door Sirius grabbed my shoulder.

"Are you angry with me ?" he asked, looking into his eyes i don't no if i could see concern or sadness, why would he be either. Maybe concerned about me not leaving my room, sleeping and eating but there was no sadness that needed be involved.

"Why would i be ?"

"I just thought - "

"Its not all about you Sirius " with that i closed the door. After making sure he wasn't looking through the doors i got changed into a bathing suit which i put sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt ontop. Grabbing my wand i left the room.  At night the manor was pitch black, as i walked along the hallway, my hands leading the way as they feel against the wall, i was to scared to conjure Lumos. Pathetic, i know, ever since i was a little girl i had always been afraid of the dark. I'd usually turn my lamp on and when i woke up in the morning i knew my father had turned it off, it was somewhat a ritual. I remember, a week after he died i had gotten really scared even though i'm 17, Cameron and Ace were sleeping in the next room, we were somewhere in America,i turned my lamp on and in the morning it was still lit. I had cried for hours, it hit me that no longer would i see my parents, ever.

Not  long after i found myself decending the stairs and after that made my easy way to the kitchen, the only light coming from the patio doors. I had walked into the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen, clutching my stomach i walked outside where Lily was sitting ,her feet in the water.

I died her hair, soft pink streak circling the red hair. During the night we talked  about anything imaginable, our families, friends at home and school, ex boyfriends, movies we've seen, parties we went to and basically anything major that happened in our lives, anything that found its way to our memory.

"I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to tell James, what a bloke!" i said, anger flooding me.

"It alright, i'm more hurt about the fact that she was there and they had.. Have you ever - "

"Nahh. " i muttered knowing she'd be embarassed to even mutter the word. "I'm guessing you haven't "  she shook her head.

"It hurt, i know he's done it with a lot of girls but actually seeing her there knowing they were just at it. "

"We'll get back at her, James still loves you sweety we all know it." i put arms around her shoulders  and hugged her as she cried, when i pulled away we started laughing, the sappy-ness was to much.

"What about you" Lily said as she pulled her messy hair into a pony tale, our feet were still in the pool cooling us off even though it wasn't that warm of a night. All around us was pitch black, the only light coming from the glow of the pool causing our skin to glow blue. The stars in the sky were as bright as ever, i turned away from them to look at Lily.

"What about me ... ?"  i asked, i didn't know what she was getting at. There was no one special in mind, who would ever - i  was about to ask myself but stopped mid sentence knowing i shouldn't be thinking of such frightening things.

"I don't know i thought for a bit that you and Sirius - "

"No " i said quickly, it was to quick for Lily smiled knowingly. What did she know, i didn't like Sirius, did i? If i did he would never like me, not in that way. We were friends and that was it but as i told myself that i had a slight hope for more. Was i crazy , Remus is right, Sirius is a player and we are only friends and that was that. " There isn't anything between me and him, Sirius doesn't go for the freaks like me " i said nudging her playfully, though she laughed and looked at me with a glint in her eye.

"I never asked if Sirius would go for you, Billie its ok to like him. He doesn't have to know" she added reasuringly, i smiled sadly and put my head on her should as she stroked my hair.  " You never know Billie, Sirius might like the kinky type" i pushed her over playfully as we began laughing in hysterics.


As the moon Kindles the night


As the rain fills every ocean

" I love you "

Your heart will kindle my heart

"Daddy don't leave me "

Take my heart

"You will always be my little princess"

Kindle my heart


"I promise"


I woke up with a sudden jolt, i looked around me fear rising in my throat like bile. I was outside by the pool, Lily was right beside me, her eyes fluttered opened as a yawn escaped her lips. I remember i had retreaved her from bed last night, i wanted to spend time with a friend and i knew i could trust Lily, we had talked about everything and she had caused me to realise something. I liked Sirius. My brothers best friend. Hogwarts player. My bathroom buddy. And my friend. How could this be, i made a promise to myself that i wouldn't explore these feeling, not with what was coming. I wouldn't allow it, not for me nor him. I don't wont him to get hurt, no if anyone its me.

Lily smiled tieredly at me, yawning we grabbed our wands and walked into the kitchen where Mrs. Potter was cooking breakfast and a tiered looking Mr. Potter had just walked into the Kitchen. He hadn't noticed me and Lily taking a seat at the table next to him, poor man worked to hard, he deserved a rest. Mrs. Potter looked at us oddly before placing a plate of bacon, eggs and toast infront of each of us, me , Lily and Edward Potter.

"Had you two fell asleep outside? "  to tiered to explain we nodded as we dug into our food, it seemed as if Edward had finally noticed us, he looked at us oddly before shaking his head and enjoying his breakfast. Both me and Lily let out tiered chuckles. Not to soon later the marauders all entered the kitchen all looking roughed up, Peter white in the face was still sick, he took a seat at the end of the table and dug into his food, i grimaced how could the guy eat so much so quick. James to a seat beside me, Sirius on the other and Remus beside Lily, it was awkwardly quiet.  Edward looked up from his plate, eye bloodshot and face pale from little sleep he looked at all six of us oddly wondering why the loudest kids in england were so quiet.

"What a nightmare.. " he muttered before grabbing his plate andgoing to the sink to wash them, before leaving he gave us one more look before leaving, a worried Amelia Potter behind him. All that was heard was the clinks of our silverware on our plates, i couldn't stand it so i spoke up but it turned out to be the worst thing to do. Especially in a situation like this.

"So, how is everyone this morning?" i asked looking down at my plate.

"Fine - where did you go last night? " Sirius asked quietly but was obviously over heard by Remus who took it the wrong way entirely.

"What!? Last night - you were with him again, what the fuck Billie i warned you  - " Remus said pointing his finger at me, i glared.

"I didn't do anything, i was outside with Lily all night you git! Why are you always thinking i'm getting it on with everyone ?" I practically yelled , everyone was looking down at there plates accept me and Remus.

"Unlike some people " Lily muttered, a disgusted look on her face. I knew who she was talking about and so did James as he turned to her.

"Pardon ?"  he called looked at her in disbelief, we all turned to them.

"Well its disgusting how you and Melissa get it on like bunnies and we are only across the hall  - " Lily said glaring, i could see the hurt in his eyes.

"Your just jealous - "

"Jealous!? " she screamed angrily

"Yea, that i picked Melissa over you! You jealous that i'm not flattering you every second, you angry that Melissa took me away. At least shes nice enough not to lead me on, i knew you liked it when i said those nice things but you never said yes!"  James had stood up and was know leaning over Lily, his face red, Lily looked as if she would burst out into tears but she kept her hard exterior, i was proud of her.

"James leave her alone!"  i yelled, i couldn't stand there while he treated my friend like rubbish.

"Billie stay out of it .. " Sirius said a hand on my shoulder, i roughly pushed it away,

"No,you marauders are all the same!" Peters mouth flew open showing his chewed food, wondering what he had done to get included in Billies rantings. " You choose a girl, not matter if she's the quiet book worm, a preppy bitch or your own sister and you know what you do. You take there hearts and shatter them  and you don't know how much it hurts! " I was yelling know looking at Remus, i turned to Sirius and James, tears pouring from my eyes and as i turned to Lily i noticed she was crying also. "You guys don't know how much your killing us, little by little." Walking around the table i took Lily's hand and we left the kitchen stopping outside the doors as we noticed both Mr and Mrs Potter standing there looking solem.  Amelia nodded at us and we walked upstairs.

I don't know if it was the fight,our anger and sadness against the guys or maybe it was the numb feeling in our hearts but we had decided to out dancing at a club in muggle London. Lily had grabbed a bunch of her clothes and met me in my room where we started trying on different thing, we wanted to wear the perfect thing, this was going to be the night that we'd get smashed and hopefully didn't do anything to stupid. Lily picked a short jean skirt, beige ballet flats and a beige silk halter top that cut into a low v, her hair in a ponytail with her bangs pinned back, she had gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and pink lipgloss. I smirked looking into the mirror, i chose to wear a mini skirt with a dark gray vintage t-shirt and black converse, i wore my hair straight down my back and my bangs to the side. I had applied lots of black eyeliner and black eye shadow then sparkly lip gloss to finish it off.

We weren't leaving tell 10:30 and it was only 9, getting bored and hungry we went downstairs to the kitchen where we met Amelia who was cleaning up.  Both me and Lily had skipped Lunch and Supper and had stayed in my room all day and brooded. Seeing our outfits she raised an eyebrow.

"Partying eh?" she smirked.

"We need a stress relief " she nodded as she took out four peices of bread and started making me and Lily a sandwhich.

"Don't worry i understand, i was about to go upstairs and tell you the great news " i could see a sparkle in her eye and my curiousity got the better of me and Lily and we moved in closer. " Well seeing as Edward has been working way to much we are taking a  vacation to an exclusive island just the two of us, for a week. " he smilled.

"How romantic" Lily said smiling at James mother, Amelia smiled and kissed the tops of both our heads.

" Girls i know it seems like the misery never ends but believe me when i say, it will"  After our sandwhich we help Amelia pack her and Edwards clothes and it was around 11 when he came home from work, grinning ear to ear. Saying goodbye to the Potters both me and Lily left the manor, Edward had allowed us to drive the mercedes , happily i hopped into the drivers seat and we drove away. It was already dark outside and we could hear the loud beats of music from five blocks down, excitment pulsed our bodies. After parking we walked up to the front of the line were the bouncer was, the others giving us disbelieving looks as the large bald man let us pass. Everyone who was smart enough knew that those who dressed right and had the attitude always got into the best clubs. Smirking we ran over to the bar and order different kinds of drinks not caring what it was only if it had alcohol.

We soon ditched our drinks and ran out to the dance floor, the club was huge, as neon lights danced around we flung out hands over our heads and danced to the rythme. I could feel the people next to me dancing, i felt there sweat and i knew they could feel mine, though the matter was sort of gross both me and Lily kept dancing only thinking of relieving ourselves of the misery.

I don't know how long we had been there, what time it was or how many shots both me and Lily had downed and i don't think we cared much. We drank and danced more, the more we forgot the more energy we had and it was such a good feeling ,we laughed and danced more. Both me and Lily had drank before, we knew how to handle it even if we had drank five times more then we usually did but drugs was a whole different story we didn't know the feelings, the affect and we didn't know if we could controle it. But as an unknown person next to me passed something that resemble a homemade smoke and i heard them tell me to take a puff i listened without hesitation before passing it on to Lily who didn't even ask.We had added a new substance to our list and as we sat laughing with a groupe of people we didn't know we drank and smoked pot without a care in the world.


The marauders were sitting in James room, no one talking instead thinking all about the fight that had happened that moring. None of them knew that as they reflected sadly and angrily on the fight that the girls were out partying the night away. There was a soft knock on the door and  Mrs Potter walked in with a large smile on her face she expained the trip her and James's father would be taking, as she kissed the top of each boys head she told them she'd be back in a week.

" Can you guys please make sure the girls don't get home to late, i really don't want to worry " she said opening the door.

"Where did they go ?" James asked curious and confused.

"A party i think, they left me the address just in case ,its on the counter. I'll see you soon, love you" with one more kiss on James's cheek his parents left, turning toward his friends he stared at them in disbelief. They all quickly made there way down to the kitchen where they found a peice of purple lined paper, Billies bubbly letters spelled the street where they had gone.

"Thats not a house party mate" Sirius said.

"Where is it ? " Remus asked worried, hoping his sister was fine and safe.

"Thats a club - "


As the girls danced, unbeknownst to them the Marauders were walking through the door and down the stairs to the dance floor, looking for the girls. They were angry that they were at a club, most likely dancing with strange men.They searched the bar before moving on to the dance floor where the girls were quickly leaving to find a place to sit, they found an empty bench and quickly took it and Billie soon started hitting her head against the table.

"Woo hoo, earth to Billie!" Lily called giggling, they were both out of there minds, there was no doubt they'd forget the night in the morning but they will always remember there killer head aches. As a waitress walked pass they ordered another round of shots, the lady had given them weird looks and left off to get the drinks. The girls paid her and downed the drink, as they finished there last shot each the Marauders walked out of the crowd, anger and surprise litered across there faces as they watched the girl.

"Remmm - What " Billie hicuped before continuing " what are you doin' here" she pronounced the words with a slur and slight stutter and the guys noticed Lily did as well once she opened her mouth to try and form words.

"You guys are wasted" James shook his head disappointed, the guys grabbed the girls by their elbows and led them outside where it was raining down hard, giggling both Lily and Billie grabbed hold of each other and dance along the streets. James grabbed Lily and brought her over to his car, which the guys had drove in and put her in the passenger seat as Peter took the back and he quickly drove off telling the guys he'd meet them at the  house.  Sirius and Remus grabbed a giggling Billie and took her into the car her and Lily had driven, Remus hopped into the driver seat and drove off.

"There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl." Billie sung happily not noticing the shocked look she was receiving from Sirius who was holding her down from jumping out the door.  They finally arrived at the manor and with the help of Remus, Sirius carried Billie out of the car and into the rain, she wiggled out of there grasps and started to dance in the rain. Remus grabbed for her but she swung her fist and hit him in the face, all of a sudden angry with him.

"Don't touch me!" Remus nose was gushing blood, Sirius snuck up behind her and held her arms to her side as he brought her into the house. They walked up the stairs as Billie screamed at the two of them, they finally stopped infront of her door. Remus grabbed her shoulder but she pushed him off.

"Remus, i'll take care of her go fix your nose mate - "

"She's my sister, Sirius and i'll take of her" Remus said angrily grabbing at Billie once more but she swung her arm hitting him in the face once more, anyone could visibly seen Remus was beyond pissed.

"Mate, i'll take care of her, go get fixed up and make sure Lily's all right. Ok" angrily Remus walked off and Sirius struggled but succeeded in bringing Billie into her room and into the washroom where he sat her on the sink. He turned the water on, testing it waiting tell it got to warm but he didn't notice as Billie fell from the sink.With a startling cry he turned around to see Billie on the floor.

"Be care ful" he told her all of a sudden angry, he didn't no why but the more he watch the girl in her state the angrier he got.

"Be careful " she mimick him. "You guys are a real pain in the arse, always ho- hov- hoverin' over my head and all i want is freedom, i don't need you. " she said, it was as if she was unaware of her blabble and unaware of Sirius's glare. He roughly stood her up.

"Well you aren't a ray of sunshine yourself" he said taking off her shoes.  "Its always about you - you never think about anyone else, only youself. Its always Billie, Billie - about how much we are hurting you but did you stop for a minute to think about us, me!" he was almost shouting as he tugged her shirt and skirt off leaving her in her undies and bra.

"Take the rest off, i'm going to get you pajama's "  She wasn't even looking at him, just standing still and Sirius didn't look at her and he walked back into her room and into her closet which was a  mess. Most likely from the girls trying to find outfits for there outting to the club. He grabbed a  pair of shorts and a tank top and walked back to the washroom. She was no longer standing in the middle of the washroom instead in the shower, he picked up  her clothes and put it in the wash before folding her towel and pajama's on the counter and leaving into his own dark room.


Billie got out of the shower and even though her drunken state hadn't worn off she got dressed, which took a good fifteen minutes before walking into the room opposit hers. She knew what she was doing and she knew she had controle over it. If she had been sober she would have been to afraid but the drunken Billie walked into Sirius's room and went under the covers.

"Sirius  - "

"Go away Billie "

Chapter 7: Making choices
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"Have you ever had the urge to scream even though you knew nobody would listen?” I turned to Lily, we both had tears in our eyes, we were laying on my bed locked up in my room. I had had a killer headache in the morning, i had woken up in the bathroom but lucky Lily didn’t wake up with any pain at all, only a little groggy. I turned to her, she was looking at me, we must have been a pitifull sight.

“ You have know idea”

“ More then you think “  Lily reached over and hugged me tightly. When we had gone down to breakfast the boys had starts a yelling match, them against us, it was completly unfair. We were practically crippled and didn’t have Ms or Mr Potter there to defend us, whats worse is that Ace had came down and also started yelling at us.  We had gotten out of there and had locked ourselves in my room, it was now around 2 in the afternoon. We hadn’t gotten much sleep and hadn’t eaten a thing all day, we were starving. Lily suggested we go down stairs. We silently walked down the hall, still in our pijamas, which i don’t remember changing into and down the stairs to the kitchen. When we walked in we stopped in our tracks noticing someone at the counter but sighed noticing it was only Peter.

“Hello Peter” I said with a smile moving to the fridge.

“Good afternoon Peter” Lily said coming up behind me. Peter looked at use oddly, we must have been the sight, he walked out of the kitchen quickly most likely going to get the other Marauders. I grabbed out some strawberries, blackberries, raseberries, grapes, pinapple and made me and Lily a fruit smoothy which she made us each a salade, we decided on having a healthy day. Once we were done we grabbed our things and walked back upstairs, we didn’t want to come face to face with the guys which was the reason we were going quietly but it was hard to avoid when all of them were standing in the hall. Sirius was leaning against the wall, James sitting down, Remus leaving his room , Peter red in the face stood there awkwardly and Ace was about to retreat into the library when he heard us.

All eyes were on us.  We stood there, more awkwardly then Peter, we wouldn’t meet there eyes. I nudged Lily with my foot and we walked silently the rest of the way to my door, which was between Sirius and James.

“You know who helped you last night”  We stopped right before the door as Remus spoke.  “ We did, we took care of you while you were wasted. We took care of you. “  I was shaking, i didn’t know why, i wasn’t angry with Remus i knew he had a point and i was rather saddened but not enough to cry or get me rattled up. I wasn’t shocked, embarassed, nervous, i wasn’t grieving. But still i shook, as if i was standing in the middle of antarctica in a bikini. Lily turned to me.

“ Billie ? “ My eyes fluttered.

“Lils, i’m tiered “ I turned to Ace, his eyes filled with alarm “ I’m going to go to bed”  He hurried into the library. Sirius looked at me oddly.

“Need help”

“I’m fine!” i moved away from his hands. Lily nodded and i entered my room, placing my food on the vanity before collapsing on the ground. I was shaking even more and sweating, i was exhausted and felt as if i had a fever. Ace burst in and i could hear the protests of  everyone outside my door.

“ Here! Take it, Billie take them!!!”  He shoved two blue pills in my mouth and handed me a glass of water he had hurriedly gotten from the washroom. It was Sirius’s rinsing glass he used after brushing his teeth but this wasn’t a time to protest, i gulped down the water. Ace picked me up and placed me on the bed.

“You need to rest. Why didn’t you take your pills, you know you should have. That was close - you could’ve - “

“  I know ... I know Ace”  I turned my sweat soaked face from him, not wanting him to know i was crying. I was only aware of him getting off the end of my bed and the door closing before my eyes fluttered shut and i fell into a deep sleep.


I heard the door open, i turned around and spotted Sirius standing awkwardly by the door. Smiling sadly i waved him over, he shut the door silently most likely not wanting Remus to be aware of him in my room and took a seat at the end of my bed. I was laying on my back looking at the ceiling.


“Yea, Billie “  I looked at him, he looked like normal ego Sirius, in ripped jeans and a black t-shirt, his feet dangling off my bed.  He wasn’t looking at me, i looked horrible with streaks of black makeup down my cheeks, white as ever and my eyes shining with tears.  “ Have you ever trusted someone so much, that you thought they’d never deceive you?”

“Yea, i guess you always trust your family. “

“I mean besides your family ?”  i knew everything about how he was disowned, i knew it was horrible and i was glad i grew up with a loving family.

“Well, i know i could trust my mates. “  I nodded.

“Can i tell you a story. “

‘ I love you B ‘

‘ Really ‘

‘ Yea, come on you love me too don’t you ? ‘

 ‘ y-yea ‘

“Sure” tears were escaping my eyes and Sirius hadn’t noticed, was this the right thing to do, maybe i should tell Lily instead. Sirius must have caught on to my hesitation because he turned to me, a look of confusion washed over him as he noticed my tears. “ You can tell me..” and i knew i could.

“Two years ago, i was sixteen and it was the end of grade ten - kinda like 5th year. I was the blond bomb shell, miss it, cheerleader.  I was populare and everything.  Thats when i was happy. I had met this guys two years older them me, he was in his last year of highschool - its like 7th year here - and he had asked me out, i remember being the most happiest girl in the world. I had dated him for the rest of the year up until august. “ i turned away from Sirius and looking out at the sun which would be setting in several hours. “ We were invited to one of his friends parties, i was excited. Well we ended up drinking and somehow ended up upstairs in a bedroom. “

‘ If you love me, then you should trust me , alright’

‘O - uh - okay. ‘

‘I love  you ‘

“ I guess one thing led to another  but i decided i didn’t want to do it, i hadn’t done it before and i knew i wasn’t ready “

‘I’m not ready ‘

‘ What ? ‘

‘ I’m not ready ‘

‘ But we love each other, your ready ‘

“ I guess he really didn’t care about me or anything, i remember i kept saying no “

‘ Please stop, no, please ‘

“ I was crying and he still wouldn’t stop, it was horrible. Remus and Ace  found me a couple hours later, i had told my friend where i’d be and she told them. I didn’t want them seeing me like that, i didn’t want anyone seeing me like that. I made them promise not to tell my parents and i wouldn’t tell them who the guy was. “ I turned back to Sirius, he was stony faced and i wanted to turn away but i couldn’t. “ Remus promised never to speak about it again.... he pinky promised. “

“Why - why would you tell me this ? “ he asked, almost in disbelief.

“ I needed someone to talk to i guess.. “  He shook his head, letting out a chuckle, i looked at him heart broken. Here i was telling him my deepest darkest secrets and he was laughing at me. “ I was right, everything is always about you. Merlin, Billie how about trying to think about others for a change. “ He stood up and walked out of my room, slaming the door behind him.

That wasn’t the reaction i was going for, then it hit me, i was digging for others sympathy, i wanted them to feel bad for me. Maybe Sirius was right. All i thought about was myself, but it was so hard not to when everything around me was crumbling while everyone walked life happily.

 " You don't know how much i do for those around me " i muttered.


Later on that day me and Lily walked down stairs, both in a glum mood, all the marauders were sitting around the table looking extra happy. To tell you the truth i was frightened, Lily quickly started interogating.

“What are you guys up to ? “ She asked quickly in her superior, mother like tone.

“Planning. “ James said, neither of them took the trouble to turn to us.

“What ?” i asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“ A party of course” Peter said all smiles as he turned to us, finally and for a moment there i though i was wearing an invisibility cloak. “ We just finished inviting everyone. “

“ Oh, when is it ?”

“ Tonight “  i looked at them in disbelief.

“ Isn’t that a little late ?”

“ We are the marauders , this place will be packed. “ We both rolled our eyes and left for my room.  Seeing as there was a party we decided we should go shopping and also to get away from the house where we weren’t wanted.

We got dressed, grabbed our money and flooed to diagon alley, we quickly went to the clothing store and  quickly bought an outfit not wanting anothing incident like the last time to happen. As soon as we walked into the store we grabed a handful of clothes and rushed into the change rooms, quickly trying to find an awesome outfit. We ended up buying tons of fabulous clothes before going to a muggle cafe and having coffee and cookies, anything to stay away from the Potter Manor and its occupants. We were laughing about all different sorts off non sense, the coffee and being away from the marauders must have made us giddy,but it soon started to rain and we decided to quickly floo back home.

"POTTER MANOR" we yelled together and not minutes later we arrived in the Potters sitting room. The welcome home wasn't so welcome , we were flung against the opposit walls, our bags flying in different directions and are laughter disappearing. Peaking over the couch, where we had landed i noticed the four laughing marauders, Lily's face had turned a deep shade of red and i simply glared as i grabbed our bags and retreated to my bedroom.

" I hate them, i hate them , ERRR!"  Lily grabbed a vase and flung it across the room , i looked at her fearfully. "Er, Sorry" Taking out her wand she repaired the vase and placed it back where it belonged before joining me in trying on clothing.  We went through the clothes not reallry caring what we were pulling out.

"So, whats happening between you and James ? " I asked the question that has been burning inside my chest.



"He's with Melissa. He loves her. They are perfect for each other" She said this with no emotion displayed on her freckled face. " How about you? You and Sirius, you and Remus? "

"It seems ever since i got here Remus has found one thing or another to be mad at me about and Sirius.... Well there isn't a Sirius. " she nodded in understandment. She understood what it felt like to not be wanted, by her sister, by her friends and by James, we had more in common then we had thought.  Lily crawled across the pile of clothes and hugged me tightly, we both needed a hug from a true friend and i felt a little bit of the stress and anger leave me.   We were trying to temporarily forget about everything as we went through the clothes and tried them on, we were trying to forget about all wrong we had in our lives. The party would be starting in no more then three hours and we had outfits to pick and a party , that we weren't wanted at, to go to.


"Yes Pincess" Said a man with fair hair as he pushed his young daughter on the swing he had recently made that morning, it was now sunset. The father and daughter had a ritual, every night while the mother was gone to work and her brother to a friends and  they were home alone they would rush outside before the sun sets and watch it until darkness covers the sky and sometimes they'd stay there watching the shooting stars until they fell asleep. But she'd always wake up in her comfortable, warm bed with the smell of wet grass in her hair. 

"  If i wanted to become a butterfly, what would i do ? "  The little girl with tangled blond hair, flowers she had picked from the garden tucked behind her ear. She looked beautiful in a white summer dress, her father noted as she looked up at him with rosy cheeks and a large smile.

" Now, why would you want to do that ? " He stopped the swing to get a better view of her father.

" I don't know - Freedom... If i could i'd turn Remmy into a butterfly, just so he wouldn't have to go through the pain  and then i'd change me you and mommy, because we can't be one without the other" She looked completly serious and thats what he loved about her, she could be talking about the most nonsense but still add meaning.

" Love, if you want to  see the rainbow you must go through the pain.. " The little girl nodded, she had not a clue what her father was telling her but she knew it was important, she reminded herself to write it down in her care bear diary when she got to her room.

" Still, how could i become a butterfly ?" She looked back out to the sunset, with a small smile so did her father.

" Well, my little princess. You must want to fly so much that you'd give up being a caterpillar" Looking down at his daughter he could tell she was trying rather hard not to laugh but she simply couldn't hold it in. She jumped from the swing as she giggled and ran around the garden as her father chased after her.

" How about this " Lily's voice shook me out of my memory, startled i turned toward her and thought about the outfit she was wearing. She wore a dark blue purple tunic that ended at her hips with a jean skirt and dark blue flats, her hair was pulled to the side in a ponytale and she wore light blue eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipgloss. The outfit looked ravishing but it was missing something, i lifted up a finger telling her to wait a moment as i walked into my wardrobe, not seconds later coming back out with a large dark blue diamond flower clip.

"Here, now its perfect. "  I smiled as i placed it in her hair, she swept her bangs to the side but i moved them back to were there usually were and smiled. " Perfect"  With a large smile she took my place on the bad and i went about putting an outfit together. I put on a white fancy summer dress, it had a corset bustier with a diamond studded waist and ended above my knees and paired it with white converse, diamond earings and a pearl knecklace. My hair was up in a messy bun with two thin white head bands pulling my hair back as my bangs hung in my face, i wore a lot of eyeliner and eyeshadow and a bit of lip gloss. I turned to Lily for her approval, noticing she was staring off into space like i was moments ago i cleared my thoat, with a small shocked jump she walked over to me and looked over my outfit.

" Good?" i asked, with a smile she nodded.

"Perfect. "

Arm in arm we walked down the hallway, we could hear the loud music from the party downstairs, smiling as we reached the winding stairs we walked down them together knowing the Marauders would be annoyed with our arrival as all eyes were on us.  We stopped at the top of the stairs, i could spot James, Sirius, Remus, Melissa and other girls fauning over the marauders accept Peter, he probably had gotten pushed aside. Everyone stopped shouting, everything was quiet except for the music.

"Are you ready to party" I grinned, a loud wave of cheers went through the crowd.

"Lets get this party started !" Lily yelled as we decended the last stair well and joined in the yelling, dancing ,drinking and partying.  We were in the middle of the dance floor dancing with drinks in our hands in which someone had passed over to us, we were drinking, laughing and dancing with the people around us, all in all having a good time when we were stopped as strong hands grabbed a hold of us.

"Whats up with you two ?"  It was Remus, the marauders were angry and it didn't take an idiot nor a drunk to tell. Sirius and James wouldn't let go of us, i felt like a child as Melissa and her skanky friends glared at us as if they were superiour which they most likely thought they were. I turned back to Remus, my grin still etched on my face.

"Dancing, drinking , partying. Just like every other low life, miserable teenager here"  I grabbed Lily and walked off, i stopped at the bar and ordered drinks. " Thanks" i said to the young and cute bartender and handed a large glass to Lily who imediatly gulped down its continents. After momentarily shock i did the same and we ordered two more. We were on our third round when the marauders found us this time with out there fallowers of skanks.

"What! Whats this ? " James started taking our drinks away but Lily punched him, taking the drinks back and handing me mine, by this time i was giggling and spilling alcohol all over myself.  "What? Lily! What the Fuck did you do that for?!"  She simply started giggling which caused me to catch it also and start giggling myself.

"Don't touch my drink you ass hole" I snorted taking another large gulp.

" I Potter and I Evans, we are at a tie here, who will win the round!" i slurred in a mans voice.

"I didn't do shit to her!" James protested, Sirius and Remus stood back glaring. Where the heck was peter? Most likely drunk in a corner, poor boy his a-hole friends most likely left him.

"Uh, Yes you did you  - "

"No! I did not!"  we were beginning to sound like children but Lily stopped us with a wave of her hand. She gulped down the rest of her drink before handing her glass to Eric, the cute bartender and ordering more for the both of us, when we finally got our drinks she started talking.

"Infact James you did, but its all right your big ego takes up to much of your brain to notice. For over four years you've been humiliating me infront of the entire school,  i lost friends and boyfriends because of you but  i don't care about that anymore. The thing that hurts and pisses me off the most is that you ran off with Melissa, skanky whory Melissa who is only going out with you to piss me off. " She put her drink down and pushed him hard in the chest. " But then again i can't blame you, i've rejected you how many times and you've only rejected me once and without even noticing it! So i guess its James 0 and Lily 1, because someone as perfect as you is never in the wrong" She grabbed her drink and walked off, i was about to fallow her when Sirius and Remus stopped me. Turning to James i noticed he had tooken up Lily's spot at the bar and had his head in his hands, i turned back to the other two marauders with a glared.

"What is it? I don't have time for your nonsense shit i got to go find Lily!" Once again i tried pushing past them but they were stronger and kept me where i was.

" Why are you always putting your problems on everyone? Do you really want them to feel sorry for you all the time ?" I looked at Remus confused. " Why would you tell Sirius such a bull shit story, i told him you lied to him! Why would you tell him you were rapped? " Remus was fuming.


"I was pissed off at you for thinking for yourself but now... I can't believe you'd lie about something like that. Like i said several times before, it isn't all about you. "  Sirius yelled in my face, i looked at them in confusion.

"But.. I didn't lie.. I didn't.... what? "  Why would i lie about something like that, i knew what happened to me it was like a memory i couldn't erase from my brain.  " I didn't lie! Remus, you knew.. You were the one that found me, you promised, you pinky promised, remember!"  i yelled getting the attention of the people dancing, Melissa and her friends walked ahead of the crowd joining the marauders.

" Attention seekers, you and Lily need to find a knew crowd" Melissa said, nor Remus, James or Sirius protested against her.

"Pinky promised, Remus. You can't break a pinky promise" I noticed Remus's slight nod and it hit me, he was angry at me for telling his friends such horrible things, he had promised not to say a thing and he didn't and never would. I turned to Sirius.

"Sirius - "

"No, Billie!" One of Melissa's friends came up behind Sirius, she had dark brown hair, light eyes and was the picture of perfection. She reminded me of how i used to look, tears welled up in my eyes as watch him take her hand in his.

"Sirius, please ." tears escaped my eyes, from the corner of my eye i noticed James look at me with a pitying look before turning back to his hands.  " You got to understand.... You were the only one i trusted, i didn't know why but.... But know i do..." I grabbed my glass which was filled to the brim with alcohol and with a sad smirk i turned to Melissa and poured it over her head.


I left through the crowd who were know laughing at cheering, the party was starting once more. I couldn't find Lily in the crowd so i made  my way upstairs to our rooms, Ace was just leaving the library.

"What are you doing ?"  He asked, i glared at him.

" Whats up with the interrogation? You aren't my father, i could do what i want when i please!" I pushed passed him and rushed into Lily's room. The light was off and i could see her laying on her bed, slight sniffles could be heard as i walked closer to her. I sat beside her and placed my alcohol soaked hand on her shoulder, i could feel her shake under my grip as well as the power flowing through my body, i slightly let a bit leak out into Lily and soon her sobbing stopped and she lay there looking sadly off into space.

" Sometimes i which i could just escape this life... " Lily said.

" Turn into a butterfly" i muttered, she turned to me questioningly. " Something my father used to say.. " she nodded.

" I wish we could just leave.... " Thats when it hit me, like a strike of lightning. I grabbed Lily by the shoulders and shook her happily.

"We can,get dressed,  pack your things and meet me out on the balcony in ten minutes. Hurry!" I left through the window doors and entered my room, turning on my light i conjured my trunk and started folding clothes into it, all my bikinis, skirts, shorts and jeans, shirts and sweaters and all my converse and makeup. I grabbed the box from under the bed and shrunk it to fit in the trunk. I took off my party dress and got dressed in a simple white summer dress with a light purple cardigan over top. There was a slight knock at the balcony door, turning around i spotted Lily in a blue long sleeved summer dress, her trunk at her side.  I closed my own trunk, locked it and brought it out onto the balcony.

"Alright, now we need a rope ... " Lily's eyes grew wide and she took a quill from her trunk and turned it into a rope, i smiled my thanks at her and tied my trunk to one end as i grabbed the other and heaved it over the balcony and on the grass, i did the same to Lily's before tying the rope to the balcony edge.  " Now we climb down and steal James real cool SUV " i said with a smile, at first Lily looked shoked but nodded. I climbed down first, i threw my legs over the balcony edge and then let my feet slide of the balcony as i sliped down the rope with difficulty. The rope soon came to an end a good ten feet from the ground, i let go and hit the ground with a wince. Lily came down soon after doing the exact same thing as i did previous, grabbing our trunks we sneakily walked around the front and into the garage, i still had James car keys on me from me and Lily's night out so we hopped into the SUV and sped out of the drive way leaving the manor, the party, ace and the marauders behind.

"Where are we going ?" Lily asked after a while of driving.

" Canada" The sun  started to rise and a bitter smile came across my face.

Chapter 8: Don't Let Go
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Mr and Ms Potter arrived home around two in the afternoon the next days, Peter had left the previous night so it was only Sirius, James and Remus left to clean up the mega mess. Thank merlin for wands. The girls hadn't left there room for breakfast, lunch or dinner, after dinner Amelia Potter went upstairs to give them the jewelery her and her husband had bought them on there trip. She entered Billies room to find it empty, closing the door behind her she went on to the next room, Lily's but the girls weren't there either. Confused she checked the library and the pool but neither girls were there, going down to the kitchen she was about to ask the boys if they knew where they were when Edward walked in.

" James wheres the SUV ? " He asked his son who paled wondering if someone had tooken in last night during the party.

"That odd " Amelia said " The girls are gone to, maybe they went shopping .."  she suggested but was doubting it, she didn't think they'd be gone all day.  She turned to the boys and told them to finish up and get to bed.

"What if they don't come back ?" James asked looking solemn.

" If they aren't here in the morning your father will go out looking for them. " She kissed each boy on the cheek before sending them upstairs. All three boys walked up stairs, neither looking happy with all the same thought going through their minds. The girls won't be back, they left. Remus was about to enter his room when he was stopped by Sirius's voice a couple doors down.

" We all know they left" He said leaning against the wall, Remus turned around and stared at his friend while James simply stood infront of his closed door. Sirius slid down the wall, they knew the girls had left the night before and where ever they were it was far from there.

"They aren't going to be back... Atleast not until school starts, Lily wouldn't miss school " James said turning around, head bent looking at his feet.

" I know where they are " Remus said suddenly, it had hit him like a rock. The only place Billie would go, the place she felt safe and with lily wouldn't hesistate. " home" All three boys rushed into there rooms packing all there belongings into there hogwarts trunks. When they were all done they packed there things in the back of James car and got in, James came out not long after with the keys, he had written his parents a note telling them they were going to get the girls and would be home before hogwarts started.  They drove off, out of london, england , on there way to Remus's home town in Canada with his directions.


Lily and I had stopped the SUV on the side of the road, after paying for the boat ride we had been stuck in the car, two days of diving was tiering us out. We decided to stop and stretch out legs. I pulled on a sweater and locked the car doors before running up to Lily who was making her way over to a lake that wasn't far off the watch the sun set. Smirking i picked up my speed and jumped on her back making her collapse under my suprise weight.

" Ah! Billie you horse " We giggled as we stood up and brushed ourselves off. Walking i grabbed Lily's hand with a large smile on my face i stopped her. " What is it Billie ? "

"Thank you Lils, for coming with me... " she shruged with a smile. " You know your like the only actual friend i've ever had. One that isn't bakcstabbing or a whore. Your my best friend Lils" Lily smiled and pulled me into a big hug. Giggling we let go of each other and raced to the lake where we splashed each other until the sun was down. For the rest of the night we slept on the hood of the car after watching the shooting stars.From then on we kept driving, past meadows, field, lakes, cities and small towns until we arrived back home, the place i thought i'd never be able to return to and didn't think i'd want to.

" Lily, welcome to White Rock BC. Famed for its natural beauty. " We giggled as we entered my home town. We passed through the city, which we became giddy with excitement once seeing the shops, but once we got to the forest side of white rock it was unbelievable. Even after living here my whole like the country side still took my breath away and i could tell it took Lily's as well.  We stopped at a gas station on the way to my old home, i stepped out to fill the tank as Lily went in to pay and get us some drinks, as i was leaning against the car i heard a gasp from beside me.

Turning i spotted a blonde haired girl running toward me.

"Billie? Is that you ?" She hugged me and i silently wondered if it turned out it wasn't me, how she'd be embarassed.  "Oh.. My...God! What did you do to your hair - are you wearing contacts - oh my have you lost weight. " I wanted to hit her but i restrained myself.

"Brit, how are you? Err, yes i died my hair and got contacts - "

"I'm good" she said cutting me off, it took all my will not to hit her. " Oh my! I heard about your parents - so sad, like who would think someone from the city would rob us country folk. " I averted my eyes from her own, Lily was at the cash register talking up the girl behind the counter.  "Where are you staying now?"

"In Britain with Remus - "

"Remster - i totally miss him - "  trying to stay calm i cut her off.

"Well i got to go, me and my friend are going to pick up some stuff from the old place. " I could tell she was about to talk but i closed the tank and got in just as Lily did.  Turning on the engine i drove out quickly. I was angry at Britany's rudeness and at her simply and i was terrified of being back.

"Who was that ? "

"A bimbo" She nodded with a silent snort and we continued on our way.

We had been driving for no more than an hour when we arrived in front of a large white house, i parked in the driveway and we got out.Lily wasn't far behind me as i picked up the extra key from its hidding place under the faux rock and unlocked the door. Inside had been kept just like it had been when  i had left. Broken wook nad mirrors layed across the floor from the fight that had broken loose. It was like looking into a story of hell and death. The memory his me like a brick. Lily stayed by the doors as i explored the house. I picked up a picture frame from the ground and looked at the picture, tears threatening to spill. It was of me and my father, my mother had taken the picture while Remus was off at school,i was swing on a swing in our back yard and my father was behind me pushing.

I took a shuddered breath and walked up the winding stair case the the second floor where all our rooms were situated. Hurrying to my own room i collected things i hadn't been aloud to bring, packing them in a army bag i kept in my closet i left the room. I passed Remus's room which was rather plain and the bathroom, stopping at the last door. My parents room.Walking in i didn't let my eyes wander, i glided over to the closet and thrusted it open wanting to get out of their quickly. I took a deep breath and stood on my tippy toes as i reached for a small box at the top of the closet. I shreiked as boxes came tumbling down on me. Gaining my composure i picked up the box and ran from the room, only stoping when i reach Lily, who was still standing in the doorway.

" Have you got everything?" She asked quietly as if the house we stood in was a sanctuary and it was forbidden to talk louder than a whisper. I nodded and we left the house closing and locking the door behind us. Instead of replacing the key i stuck it in a small pocket in my bag which i threw in the pack of the car to accompany our trunks.

"Theirs this amasing diner in town, it had the most delicious food. " Lily nodded, agreeing that they needed something to eat.

They had been driving for twenty minutes, in know time would they arrive in town and be able to eat the amasing food Billie had told Lily about. Billie rubbed her eyes with her free hand before grasping the wheel once more, her eyes were becoming blurry and her head hurt, as if someone had hit her with a bludger. A wave of nausea hit her as she shook violently. Lily sent her a worried glance.

"Billie - " She didn't have time to asked concerned questions for the car swuved, Billie had fainted. Lily reached over to grab the wheel but it was to late, the car spun and flew off the road and into a tree.


"She's not here " Remus said getting back in the driver seat.

"Well where else could they be?" James asked, he had quickly become worried for the girls and was overly annoying his two friends in the front.

"In town, maybe they went there to get a place to sleep or some food. " Sirius huffed, he hadn't said a word all trip and was simply staring out the window. Remus sent him a glance before driving away from his home and toward town. They hadn't been driving for long when Sirius gasped.

"Remus- " He was pointing toward the feilds where there was James SUV, smashed against a tree. James let out a shreik as they stopped. They all go out of the car, for a moment they thought their friend was cursing over his car but once they fallowed his line of vision they spotted a red haired girl leaning over another. They quickly ran towards the girls.

"Lily!" James called. She turned around immediatly, he brow wet with blood, as well as her lip.

"What happened, Lily what happened ?" Remus asked kneeling beside his sister.

"I don't know, we were driving and she started shaking, she passed out and we crashed. Oh my god, is she going to be alright." Tears came down her face furiously and James grabbed a hold of her allowing her to cry in his arms. Sirius stood back, staring at the scene infront of him.

"I got to get Ace" Remus said and before anyone could say anything he apparated back to england.

Sirius was shaking, his eyes blurred but he willed himself  not to cry. What for, it was only Bilile. Billie. He sat down beside and rested a hand on her forhead, she was extremely hot, her white dress has spots of blood, she was injured. There was a loud pop, Sirius looked up along with James and Lily. Ace stood paniced with Remus by his side. Lily started exlpaining what happened, she was stuttering and whinning but Ace understood.

"Can't you give her those pills ?" Remus asked, Sirius sent him a questioning glance. what pills. Ace shook his head.

"Its to late, i'm not sure what we could do with her... We must go, get away from her -"

"You want us to leave her here!" Sirius yelled. "We aren't leaving her!"

"Why do we have to leave her ?" James asked, confused and worried.

" She's sick -

"Then we shouldn't have to leave her, Remus?" Sirius pleaded.

"Its a different sickness - not like being a were wolf " Ace said sending a glance toward Remus. " Your born with it - "

"But-t-t-.. "

"She's a Lilith Sirius. " Remus said and Lily gasped. She knew what it was.

"What , whats a Lilith?" He asked.

"Like werewolves and vampires they are known as beasts. Born with it though, only females and its only in one bloodline.That we no of... Billie is filled with amazing magic that differs on her emotions and mood. She's very powerful. I heard a story about a lilith who , on her wedding day cured a whole village of disease and sickness. It works both ways, with happiness and distraught. Billie here is clearly unhappy. " Ace took a deep breath. " She could kill us all, as well as everyone in town and maybe further." Sirius stared dumbfounded.

"Will she - " Ace nodded, he couldn't allow her to die. " We've got to do something , now!"

" Cameron and i, had an idea, but its risky it might not work- "

"Anything!" Sirius said, Remus nodded.

"Anything" He pleaded to Ace, wanted to save his sister.

"Memories - if we could somehow remind her of happy memories than maybe it could be reversed. " The four teenagers nodded. Lily pushed James away and crawled over to Billie.

"Billie, don't die. I love you. Your my best friend. Remember the Potters party, how much fun we had, or when we fell a sleep by the pool. We only knew each other a short time but - i feel as if we're like sisters. Please." Looking at Ace, he nodded and Lily backed away. Taking a shaky breath James leaned forward.

" Billie, we've never really hung out or talked much. Really only when you first arrived, i knew something was different about you but i didn't care, you were different and amazing and somehow with one look brought happiness into all our hearts. Don't take it away. "

Remus walked over to his sisters motionless body, he moved her hair out of her face. What would he remind her of, her parents? Would she quickly think of the bad  time instead of the good. Looking at his sisters face he sighed, she had changed so much and it hurt her each time she looked in the mirror, remembered the day she saw their parents die.

"Billie, it me , Remus. You- you can't go okay. You - You've got to stay, to be strong for both of us. You were always strong... I don't blame you - i pinky promise.You got to get through this , we're all here for you. Just break your shell, become a butterfly. It what mom and dad would have wanted. Oh, how much they loved you, dad especially. Billie, remember... You are always and will always be his little princess." Tears were streaming down the boys face as he stared at his sister, her cheeks were red and tears of her own were coming out.

"I think its working " Ace said, he seemed over joyed. Maybe for not going to die or for having a breakthrough. Everyone turned to Sirius, he was expected to say something but what could he when all they did was fight, they didn't have a memory to relive, to be happy about. Maybe she doesn't need a memory, he thought. He swallowed the lump in his chest, tears finally making their way down his cheeks he bent over until his lips were an inch from her ear. He whispered something, not known to his friends nor Ace, when done he lifted his head but stopped to peck her cheek.

"Whats happening?" Lily asked as Billie started to glow, before anyone had the chance to answer she started levitating in the air and with no time a blinding light spread across the feild, the town and British colombia. The old felt young again, the new came out healthy, the sick and dying suddenly became well, it was a miracle. Billie was a miracle.