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The Wait (In Lily Potter's eyes) by RavenclawAtHeart

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,453

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains Spoilers, No Warnings

Genres: General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/Tonks

First Published: 02/11/2008
Last Chapter: 02/15/2008
Last Updated: 02/15/2008


Prequel to "Tears In Heaven" (formerly called Life After Death).

As the final battle commenced the already dead gathered, waiting for loved ones to return but also praying they wouldn't.

This is Lily Potter's recount of that day.

Chapter 1: The Wait (In Lily Potter's eyes)
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We just kept walking and walking, but I had no idea why. I kept asking James and Sirius why but each just kept muttering "must keep going." Going where excatly - I'd love to know. Well! Very easy for them to say, seeing as they are both animagi! Sirius has been a dog for the last 2 hours; apparently he feels less hungry like that. Typical - that man, (or now should I say dog?) is always worrying about his stomach. Trust, I don't know why I do but it's trusting these two morons that has made me walk for the past five hours. They never listen! Honestly, I told them we should pack, but no – let's do things the Marauder way and rush off with no thought whatsoever, just like our Hogwarts days. People thought that I, Lily Potter would have drummed some sense into them. But no, in all these years James and Sirius have not matured an inch from when they were seventeen and that age in itself, well their version was not mine of mature. It still isn't! Fair enough, you may say, if they were only twenty, or maybe thirty. But for goodness sake they're nearly forty! That means I'm nearly forty as well. It seems so old. It was a shock to both James and I when we saw how much Sirius had aged on the outside. It is different for us, I have not aged a day since when I died, neither has James but well, unlike him, I've changed inside.

It is time for them to get a grip. I'm probably angry. Actually, thinking about it, I'm furious with the two of them. Maybe I should not be so impatient - whatever is going on might just be important. Then, thinking about all that I've had to do in the past five hours, I am a very, very patient person. Then again, seeing the determination in their faces – last time I saw this kind of strength in James' eyes was the night we both died. I remember it vividly, as if it was only it was only yesterday, however many years have passed. After all, being murdered by the most evil wizard of all time is not something you forget easily. I have heard from others that somehow it was our deaths and Harry's miraculous survival that saved the Wizarding World from Lord Voldermort. At least temporarily it did. The memories that come with that night are terrible - I am just glad that people were helped.


James and I were playing with Harry, both unarmed. Our first mistake of many during the night, you would have thought that after so many conversations we have had over the years with Alastor Moody that we would have thought better. We probably just thought he was paranoid, Then James heard something inside the house and of course, he had to run straight out of the room and check…without his wand. Just your average Gryffindor, desperate to be courageous and stop anyone that tries to cross their path or that of their family. But what am I saying? I'm a Gryffindor too. I was about to roll my eyes and call him an over-dramatic fool. For he had not been coping well with being in hiding, but then I heard James shriek in terror and a body fall to the floor. It was then I knew we were in a deadly situation.


James must be dead, or with at least very seriously hurt, though serious hurt is a fools' hope and I know it. His possible killer is dangerously close by, of course it's dangerous, he's just killed your husband! I think to myself before that thought hits me, a single tear escaped but then I heard footsteps and re-focused on trying to get Harry to safety. I picked Harry up, now my hands were to full to carry a wand. I ran into the connected kitchen and started desperately searching for a way to get out, only to find the locked door and shut windows - the keys safely stored away upstairs.


Then I heard a cold voice calling my name - this could only be the voice of Lord Voldermort, for no-one else could sound so heartless and cruel. I walked back into the living-room, placed Harry in his cot and turned to face my nemises. I would never run and leave Harry. He realised this, but instead of being sympathetic and leaving us to grieve for the loss of James (as a human with any true emotion would) he pointed his wand at me and uttered the curse that would end my life forever.


I saw the unavoidable flash of green light and lost sight of the Living World forever. My last thoughts were of my son. Will he survive? He has too. I cling on to this last hope and enter death, James with me. For we could never be seperated. Not from sixth year, however, that is a different story.



I don't like to go over that memory. But it keeps resurfacing, I try and forget about it always keep it just out of my mind. Usually I can push it away. Even if I do think about it, I try to keep it as short as possible. Though recently that is becoming longer and longer. Shortening the memory is my attempt tin taking away the pain a little. According to something I heard from a traveller Harry was now living with 'Tuney, her husband and their little boy. For they are his only remaining relatives. James keeps saying how he really didn't deserve that punishment, for he has done nothing wrong. I can't say I disagree, however it was Dumbledore's idea, Dumbledore knows best. Besides, taking Harry in might mean that my bitter sister has finally accepted me for who I am, a witch, not the freak she me into in her head. Unlikely, I know – but it's always good to hope.


We had kept on walking this time, James and Sirius slightly ahead of me. I now realised that several people were walking with us. In fact, many large groups of people. I then started listening into people's conversations, rude I know, but my own company was blatently refusing to talk. A few words kept cropping up "battle," and "Voldemort," but my heart beat fastest when somebody said "Harry Potter,". I caught the gist of what was going on. A battle is being fought at Hogwarts, good versus evil. No wonder James and Sirius were in such a hurry, and everyone else by the looks of things. We all wanted to see who the casualties were, and if they were anyone we cared about.


Finally we arrived, people popping up everywhere, but apparently a wizologist (the wizard equivalent of a scientist) predicted that in the state of battle people would arrive at this point.


The battle mustn't have started yet, I met people I hadn't seen in years waiting for loved ones. We talked and got to know each other again, remembering the good times. It was extraordinary how many friends could be lost with time.


We waited for hours and hours sitting on apple green grass. Some people took longer than others to pass through to this side. For instance, if you has strong ties on to the world. Remus, I heard, had gotten married and had recently fathered a child! Who his wife is I have no idea. But imagine...Remus! So scared to settle down because of his disease – with a family! It's a lovely thought. Though thinking of all the risk they must be at... no, not think, remember. I wonder if they went into hiding? After all, many people did when James and I were with Harry. Oh, I hope Harry is alright. He doesn't deserve to die, not after all he's been through.


Finally the first person came through. After being recognised they, were scooped into tearful hugs. A young adult, female I gathered. She seemed shocked, not really that surprising, considering the circumstances.


Many, many people followed, none were Remus though, who was who we were really looking for. Sirius found out that he was leading the attacking party in the ground. I hope he's alive. Oh, please, let him be alive.


But it was getting late. We crossed the forest and went to our home, which to us, who knew this area best, only took around an hour. The sun was going down. Hopefully Remus is alive. That's all we have left now.



A/N: I have tried to make this story longer many times recently but HPFF seems utterly incapable of letting me extend it! >:( ...not encouraging.