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There's Time For Love by SongBird09

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,407
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/04/2008
Last Chapter: 07/14/2008
Last Updated: 07/14/2008

James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin accidentally went through time to the future and met Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione.
James and Harry were both having problems in love. So, they decided to team up and help each other in capturing the heart of the woman they fancied...
But their teaming up is not only for that purpose, but also to vanguish the Dark Lord...

Chapter 1: Familiar Faces
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The corridors were shaken wildly with loud feet stompings and furious mutterings of a seventeen year old red-headed girl. Her face was scarlet and flushed with anger.

"Why are you following me Potter?" Lily spun around and screeched right into his face.

James grinned and folded his arms across his chest. Chucklings could be heard from behind him. Sirius and Remus were obviously trying very hard to soften their laughs so as not to distract James and Lily in their quarrel.

"Hm... Let me see..." James said as he rubbed his chin with his right hand. "When are you going to go out on a date with me? What about Hogsmeade weekend next week?"

"Date? Hogsmeade weekend?" Lily rolled her eyes and laughed sarcastically. "Dream on Potter!"

Lily continued her way down the corridor again, with the hope that James Potter would stop stalking her. But she was wrong. James never felt tired teasing and followed her closely.

"I don't think she's gonna go out with you." Remus managed a whisper into James' ears.

"Nah! I think she will. I have strong faith in you Prongs!" Sirius tapped James lightly on the shoulder.

James grinned at his best mates and ran forward, catching up on Lily Evans.

"Come on Lily, give me a chance!" James begged, ignoring his friends who were still holding back their laughs.

"I don't give chances to prats like you Potter! Now scram!" Lily gave a murderous glare at her stalker before climbing through the portrait hole into the Gryffindor common room.

James, Sirius and Remus followed, to find the common room very empty - except for the four of them.

"Please Lily. You gotta give me a chance so you'll know who I really am..." James pleaded.

"I already know who you are Potter! You are a git who likes to show off and also likes to throw hexes at anyone you wish! It's brilliantly disgusting!" Lily spat, eyes glaring hard at James.

"Whoa! I bet you're just angry with me 'coz I hexed Snape just now, wasn't it?" James questioned, a glint of jealousy in his eyes. "Why? Is he your boyfried Evans?"

"SHUT UP POTTER! YOU ARE AN INSENSITIVE PRAT!" Lily screamed, not caring if she was going to wake the whole castle up.

"OI!" Remus called out suddenly, causing Lily to stop screaming her head off. "Look at the fire!"

Remus was pointing towards the fire at the fireplace. There was nothing unusual going on with it except that the flames were changing to different colours - from fiery red to orange, to green, to blue, to violet and so on.

Lily gasped slightly and felt herself moving towards the fireplace. James, Sirius and Remus were moving forward as well. All of them had already forgotten about James' and Lily's argument a while ago due to the curiosity. Obviously, they had never encountered this before.

"What magic is this?" James heard Lily asking as the four of them leaned their faces closer towards the fire.

Before James could give an answer to Lily's question, suddenly, he felt himself spinning around in circles, being carried up in the air, before being thrown down onto the hard floor again - with his back facing the floor. He yelped in pain and tried to roll over but before he could, he felt something hit him hard on his stomach and chest. He cried in pain again. He looked up and saw Lily on top of him, straddling his stomach with her face buried into his chest. Automatically, James forgotten about the pain in his back, stomach and chest. Instead, he was grinning from ear to ear, to have Lily so close to him.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Lily cried as she quickly got up, her face blushing furiously.

"Here mate!" Sirius's face came into view and offered his hand to James. Sirius was also rubbing his back and James guessed that he might have fallen down the same way he had.

"You're lucky to have Evans falling on top of you." Sirius whispered. "I had Remus falling on top of me and it was bloody horrible!"

James held back a sneer as he glanced at both Sirius and Remus, both red in the face.

"James!" Lily called out in a surprised tone. James turned to look at her and was indeed very surprised as well. It was the first time ever, Lily had called him with his first name. A feeling of excitement was thundering in his chest.

'Maybe that's for a start!' James though happily.

"Look at the common room!" Lily continued, still wearing the surprised expression on her face.

James, Sirius and Remus looked around and understood what Lily meant. They were still inside the Gryffindor's common room but there seemed to be a little change in the furnitures and their positioning as well. Plus, the furnitures there looked new and quite fasionable.

The four of them stared silently at each other. Each one of them having a blank expression on the face. They were very confused on what had just happened.

Ginny climbed down the steps towards the common room. It was already two a.m. in the morning, but she still could not fall asleep. She decided to sit by the fire at the common room and read her Charms notes. Well, she thought it was better to prepare for her OWLs rather than just stare at her four posters canopy bed.

'It should be empty by now...' Ginny thought as she continued her way down the stairs.

But then, she heard low whispered voices coming from the common room and guessed that she was wrong. Ginny sighed and looked around the common room to see four figures standing by the fire. She shrugged and walked over towards the fireplace. Her appearance there seemed to have silenced the four people from their conversation. Ginny threw a quick glance at them.

"Harry?" Ginny called out looking directly at the raven haired boy who was clustered in between his three companions.

James looked at the beautiful red haired girl who had just call him Harry. Then, he shifted his gaze back to Lily.

'Damn! This girl looks exactly like Lily!' James thought. 'Now I'm having second thoughts. Should I just date this girl instead of Lily? Anyway, Lily seems to hate me...'

"Hey! You're not Harry! Your eyes, it's not his!" Ginny said without taking her eys off the four of them. "I've never seen the four of you before. But to think again, you look oddly familiar."

Just then, Sirius barged forward and took one of Ginny's hands and kissed the back of it, causing Ginny to jump.

"My sweet lady. Let me introduce myself, I am Sirius, your knight in shining armor!" Sirius started, bowing a little.

"Sirius? You can't be serious..." Ginny chuckled, pulling her hand back.

"Oh! It looks like you can't resist my charming looks, can't you?" Sirius wiggled his eyebrows.

"Stop it Black! You're scaring her!" Lily's voice bellowed. She was glaring at Sirius as she came forward towards Ginny. This time round, Ginny's face turned pale at hearing the name 'Black'. And when she combined the name together, Sirius and Black, of course it'll be...

"Sirius Black?" Ginny whispered causing Sirius to grin at her flirtatiously. "Then, you must be James Potter! Lily Potter! And you..." Ginny pointed her finger at Remus who had scratches on his arms due to his werewolf tranformation. "Professor Lupin!"

Ginny managed to let out a sigh, noticing Peter Pettigrew was not there with them.

"Why in the world would you call me Lily Potter? I am Lily Evans." Lily held out her hand to Ginny.

Ginny gasped and dropped her Charms notes onto the floor and ran straight up to the Boys Dormitories. Her departure took Lily and the three friends by surprise.

"Where's she going? Why in Merlin's name did she call me a Potter?" Lily spat out the name as if it was something disgusting.

"Why did she ran up the Boys room?" Remus asked, obviously enchanted by Ginny's beauty. "She's not a guy isn't she? Or he?"

"Shut up Moony!" James glared at Remus. "Look at the curves on her body! Got to be a girl dammit!"

"Hey! Watch your language Prongs! I saw her first and she knows my name!" Sirius pointed out. "She's mine! Your stick to your red head Lily over there."

"WHAT? His red head?" Lily shrieked.

As the four of them continued the squabblings down in the common room, Ginny had already reached the Boys Dormitories where the seventh year students were sleeping soundly. She walked over to a raven haired boy who was smiling in his sleep and at the same time, letting out moans of pleasure which were quite surprising to Ginny. But apart from that, this particular boy might have answers to the problems that is happening right now, in the common room.

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Chapter 2: And Do You Know That...
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Ginny shook Harry's shoulders roughly, trying to wake him up. She did everything she could so that Harry would stir up from his sleep but was very careful indeed so as not to wake his dorm mates up.

Then, she felt Harry's hands snaking up her thigh, rounding up her waist and pulling her on top of him. Ginny managed to support herself with her hands on Harry's chest so that her lips weren't pressed against his. She tried to free herself but Harry's grip was too strong. Finally, when Ginny felt like there was no other choice, she slapped Harry across his face with her right hand and immediately covered his mouth with his left hand. She doesn't want Harry to scream in pain and woke her brother, Ron, from his sleep, to find her and Ginny in an awkward position.

Harry groaned in pain silently and opened his eyes. He saw a pair of brown eyes staring back at him. He noticed that Ginny's body was sandwiched against his. He couldn't help but suppressed a grin on his covered mouth as he looked down to see Ginny's revealed cleavage underneath her night gown. He could feel Ginny's breasts, which he was sure were being covered by a bra and her thin night gown, pushing onto his bare chest and he realised his hands enveloping her slender waist. This position was exactly like the one he just dreamt about a moment ago - Ginny on top of him, but wearing nothing, except for a heart-shaped silver necklace which were bouncing rapidly on her bosoms and kissing him senseless.

"Harry, I need you to come down to the common room with me. You gotta see something!" Ginny whispered into Harry's ears making Harry shivered a little. Her breath hitting his ear lobes had aroused him. Harry gulped down his saliva, trying to control his emotions. He tightened his grip on Ginny's waist.


"Sure." Harry squeaked when Ginny's hand left his mouth. But he didn't move. He was just merely admiring her beautiful face and her glimmering brown eyes. He didn't even realised that Ginny was struggling a little.


"Will you let me go?" Ginny asked frowning. It was a lie if she said she wasn't enjoying Harry hugging her close like that. In fact, she wished that the session could be longer, but there were more important things that needed to be explained and they were waiting in the common roo. Besides, she knew Harry doesn't love her. He only saw her as his best mate's younger sister.


Harry let go of Ginny reluctantly. She slipped down his bed and straightened her nightgown as well as her hair. Harry sat up, trying to stabilize his breathing. He put on his shirt and glasses, everytime his eyes focussing on Ginny. He wanted to capture Ginny's image and store it inside his mind, never wanting to forget this surprising experience. She looked so beautiful in her cream-coloured nightgown which came down to her knees and showing all her perfect figures.


Before Harry satisfied himself in viewing Ginny from head to toe, she had pull him by the collar and soon they were going down the stairs towards the common room. Harry was a little shocked by this sudden reaction but then decided to follow silently. Soon, he could hear the sounds of quarrel coming from the common room.


"Oh! So you're after red heads aren't you?" Lily was screaming at James, tears filling her eyes. "You're sick!"


"Why? Why are you angry?" James asked, confused. "You don't like me right? So what's wrong with me going after her?"


"What?" Lily cried softly, turning away, not wanting to meet James' eyes.


"Oh no James! I told you she's mine!" Sirius barked.


James, Sirius, Remus and Lily looked over at the stairs to the Boys Dormitories and say Ginny approaching. Sirius and James smiled charmingly at Ginny but soon the smiles disappeared when they saw Harry who directly behind her.


Harry gasped when he saw the four faces in front of him - those familiar faces! James looked as surprised as Harry was. Indeed he was looking straight into an exact replica of himself.


"Who are you stranger?" Sirius asked, eyeing Harry from head to toe. "What are you? James' long lost twin?"


"I'm Harry." Harry said looking at James and Lily, his eyes watering. "Harry Potter."


James looked at Harry with an awkward feeling. 'Who is this boy? Is he a relative of mine? He's a Potter! And damn! He looks exactly like me!' James thought.


"Potter? Plotter most likely!" Sirius gave a sarcastic laugh


"Shut up Padfoot!" Ginny howled, glaring angrily at Sirius. This obviously made Sirius quiet. "You never change do you?"

"How's you know my name?" Sirius asked, fear in his eyes.

'Does this mean she knows that I am an illegal animagus?' Sirius asked himself.


As if Ginny could read his mind, she nodded her head, causing Sirus to tumble backwards onto an armchair. His forehead glistening with cold sweat. This was so unexpected!


Lily, who was getting really confused by everything that had happened, stepped forward. She faced Ginny and had her hands on her own hips. There was rage and a glint of jealousy in her eyes.


"Who are you? And who is he?" Lily asked, pointing to Ginny, then to Harry. "And do you know that James wanted to get to know you better?"


Instead of answering Lily's question, Ginny produced a lazy smile on her lips. "You mean you and James are not yet together? Hah! You're jealous Lily!"


Harry and James let out a chuckle causing Lily to grow red in the face. She was very furious with Ginny. "NO! I'm not! And do you know that you look like the kind of girl who likes seeking attention from boys, damn it!"


"Please don't be angry with her." Harry came forward, pulling Ginny behind him. He felt hurt when Lily accused Ginny like that. It made him feel like Lily did not approve of Ginny. "Ginny's not an attention seeker especially towards boys..."


"Yeah right! And do you know that you look exactly like that prat James?" Lily spat pointing her finger at James.


"Yes, I know that I do look like him and I know that he's the biggest prat to you and I also know that I have your eyes and I also know that you love him so much!" Harry spat back, certainly not enjoying his mother's temper.


"What? I don't love him!" Lily denied and her face grew scarlet. "What do you mean that you have my eyes?"


"Because, you're his mother and the prat you just called is his father, your future husband!" Ginny screeched from behind Harry.


"WHAT?!" James and Lily exclaimed at the same time looking at each other, both in horror and excitement.


Silence filled the room as all of them pondered over the situation for a moment. They were all having mixed feelings as they stared at each other. Harry looked at Ginny and smiled, feeling elated as he had never been before. Ginny returned the smile and nodded encouragingly as if she understood what Harry was trying to tell. Lily on the other hand, was a bit surprised with the information, how could she, a seventeen year old girl, had a son who was as old as she was now. James was smiling widely, feeling very proud. He somewhat knew Harry was a part of him and so was Lily. Sirius and Remus just stared at each other, feeling a little fearful of what was going to happen next.

Chapter 3: Flames of Anastolgicia
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Silence that filled the room was too long, making Remus sweat with anxiety. None of his friends were looking worried over how they ended up in a time where they were able to meet their next generation who were almost as old as they were now. There, directly in front of him, was James’ and Lily’s son, Harry. Remus thought that it looked like a family reunion. And with the addition of the red-headed girl, Ginny, it almost looked like Harry was following James’ footstep – in having a red head for a girlfriend. Remus gave a slight chuckle before tuning himself back to his main question – how did he, James, Sirius and Lily ended up here? Suddenly, a wave of thoughts came rushing through his mind as his brain slowly rewinds itself of what has happened the past few hours.

“What year is it now currently?” Remus spoke, attracting attention from the people in the room.

“Um… 1997?” Harry replied glancing at Ginny who nodded. Lily gasped and covered her mouth, while James and Sirius shook their head disbelievingly.

“Wow! We’ve gone so much in time!” Remus squealed. “Guys! We are in the future!”

“Yeah! We know that already.” Lily said, flying an irritated look over at Remus. “But how did we get here?”

“The flames of Anastolgicia brought us here, to the future!”

“Wait! The flames of what?” Sirius leapt up to his feet.

“Anastolgicia. I remembered reading a book on time traveling.” Remus explained. “And one of the things that could bring us back to the future or past is this flames of Anastolgicia!”

“Remember when we saw the flames changing colours back in our common room just now?” Remus asked and James, Lily and Sirius nodded. “That’s the flames on Anastolgicia! It only happens once in a hundred years. That’s why Dumbledore wants us in bed before twelve last night and asked us to stay in out of the common room. He knew this was going to happen.”

“What? When did Dumbledore said that? I don’t remember.” Lily cried.

“Of course, you were too distracted with James and Sirius teasing you.” Remus said and Lily blushed furiously. “Some Head Girl you are.”

“Hey! Don’t blame her! It’s Sirius and James fault anyway.” Ginny, who had been listening attentively, exclaimed. She came to Lily’s side and put a hand on Lily’s shoulder.

“Don’t blame my father Ginny. Remus said so himself, she was distracted. She should ignore them and focus!” Harry replied folding his arms across his chest.

“No. Remus said he heard Dumbledore said that. The question is now, why wasn’t he in bed and wandering around the common room before twelve and had Sirius and your father with him? That means he defied Dumbledore’s orders and as a matter of fact, he’s a prefect, aren’t you Lupin?” Ginny grinned slyly and shot a death glare at Remus. Remus gulped down his saliva nervously. He did not expect Ginny to be so sleek. His first impression on Ginny was, she’s a shy and soft-spoken kind of girl.

“Yes.” Remus squeaked.

“And what were the three of you doing to Lily?” Ginny asked again, coolly.

“Well, um James um wantedmeandSiriustofollowhimcourtLily.” Remus finished in sentence quickly.

“What?!” Ginny, Harry and Lily exclaimed together.

“Okay, okay. Whatever.” James held up his hands wanting to stop the discussion which has nothing to do with their traveling to the future. “We figured it out how we got here. So what proof do you have to show that you are supposedly my son?” James rounded on Harry.

Harry sighed and said, “Okay, if my looks could not make you believe that I am your son, then what about the invisibility cloak? You have one don’t you?”

James nodded and took the silvery cloak out of his robes.

“Yeah! That’s the one. You’ve passed it to me.” Harry said.

“Really?” James said lifting his eyebrows. “What can you tell me about the cloak?”

“Well, it makes you invisible!” Harry replied simply.

“No! What I mean is can you spot anything on the cloak that can at least make me believe that you are having the same cloak.”

“Oh! Well, there is a stitched mark on the bottom right hand side of the cloak and there is a patch of liquid mark just above the stitched mark.” Harry said, making James blushed a little. “You really don’t know how to take care of your things do you?”

“Hey! You can’t blame me!” James defended himself. “I accidentally stepped on the cloak causing it to rip a little when I tried to wipe off the Amortentia potion which spill on the cloak a bit.”

“Amortentia potion?” Ginny gasped. “What were trying to do with the love potion?”

“Well… Um I was trying to um make Lily fall in love with me.” James said almost silently. Ginny winced and shook her head vigorously. Sirius and Remus grinned. Lily, on the other hand, smiled without anyone noticing.

“You are so my dad.” Harry cried, laughing hysterically.

“Okay, then the cloak proves half the fact that you are my son. What else?” James distracted the people in the room with his interrogation towards Harry.

“Yes. There’s the Marauders Map.” Harry spoke.

“What?!” James, Sirius and Remus shouted in glee. Their faces were filled with excitement.

“It lived?” James asked. Harry nodded and earned a pat on the shoulder from James.

Lily looked blankly over at James, then back to Harry, then to Sirius and Remus and finally Ginny. “What does the Marauders Map do?” Lily asked.

“Well, it shows you the map of Hogwarts and all the people that is inside it.” Ginny explained as she picked up her notes which she had dropped hastily earlier.

“Oh! So that’s how you seem to be at all the places I was at. I really thought they were coincident.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“So,” James cleared his throat. “I am your father, and Lily’s your mother. And we’re um husband and wife?”

Harry nodded and this time, Harry caught Lily smiling secretly as she blushed at the word husband and wife.

“Not only that, Sirius is my Godfather. And Remus, you’re a future professor at Hogwarts – Professor Lupin.”

“Wow! Godfather to your son, James!” Sirius gave a one-armed hug to James. “I’m so honored!”

“Professor Lupin. I like the sound of that.” Remus beamed.

“Hm… And what about sweet Ginny here?” Sirius grinned at Harry. “Your girlfriend is it?”

“No! We’re just um friends.” Ginny answered, not looking at any of the boys except for Lily. Lily frowned, giving Ginny a knowing look. “Um I think we should look for Dumbledore shouldn’t we?”

“I guess you’re right. Come let’s go.” Harry replied reluctantly, a sad smile escaping his lips, as he gestured all six of them out of the portrait hole. James, Sirius and Remus noticed Harry’s expression but they pretended not to see.

Harry, James, Sirius and Remus walked up front, leaving Ginny and Lily to walk together behind. They walked along the corridor silently.

“What does Ginny mean that you two are just friends?” Sirius whispered over at Harry.

“Shut up. I don’t wanna talk about it.” Harry replied, whispering as well.

“It looks like you like her.” Remus gave his opinion causing Harry to look up at him before turning away.

“You do like her!” James said gripping Harry’s hands tightly.

“She’s over me damn it.” Harry scowled quietly.

“You mean she used to fancy you?” Sirius frowned and Harry nodded reluctantly.

“Oh…” James, Sirius and Remus nodded back in understanding.

Just behind the boys, Lily and Ginny were having a small and quiet discussion themselves.

“Are you sure you and Harry are just friends?” Lily asked and Ginny bobbed her head up and down.

“Well, it doesn’t look that way to me.” Lily said again.

“He doesn’t like me Lily. He looks at me as a little sister. You see, he’s best mates with my brother.” Ginny explained, looking as solemn as ever.

“But when I look at Harry, he’s seem so protective of you, so caring towards you.”

“Yeah. He’s protective of me like a brother towards a sister.”

“No Ginny. I know he likes you! Trust me, I see it in his eyes!” Lily pat Ginny’s shoulder lightly.

Ginny gave a small chuckle. “Why should I trust your words? I can’t even trust mine when I keep telling myself that there’s a possible chance that Harry might like me.”

“Trust me Ginny. I’m his mother remember? I see it in his eyes.” Lily smiled. “And besides, his eyes cast the same warmth as James’ when he really likes someone.”

Ginny gasped. “You mean you observed James’ eyes when he looks at you?”

Lily smiled again and nodded.

“And there might be a chance that you might like him as well?” Ginny covered her mouth not wanting to squeal so loudly when Lily nodded.

“That’s great Lily!” Ginny squeezed Lily’s hand tightly.

“And Ginny, I’m sure Harry likes you. I just know it!” Lily gave another smile and Ginny nodded reluctantly.

Finally, the six of them reached the spot in the seventh-floor corridor where a single gargoyle stood against the wall.

“Felix Felicis,” Harry said and the gargoyle stepped aside. The wall behind it slid apart, and a moving spiral stone staircase was revealed, on to which the six of them stepped, one step each; so that they were carried in smooth circles up to the door with a brass knocker which led to Dumbledore’s office.

“You must be on good terms with Dumbledore that you actually know the password to his office huh.” James grinned proudly at his son.

“I’ll explain to you later.” Harry grinned back and knocked on the brass knocker lightly. The six of them looked at each other quietly. In a short while, they would be receiving proper answers from the Wizard who knows it all. And there might be a possibility that James, Sirius, Remus and Lily might be sent back to their own time immediately. Harry and Ginny smiled sadly at this thought.

Chapter 4: Harry's Dreamy Desire
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“Professor?” Harry called out, causing an echo in the Headmaster’s office. Then, there were several sounds of muffled groans coming from the portraits of the previous Headmasters of Hogwarts.


“Ai! Disturbing our finest sleep.” A voice from one of the portraits was heard upon.


“Sorry there. Didn’t mean to disrupt your sleep.” Harry croaked, looking around at the rest of his companies. Then his gaze lingered a while at Ginny, who gave him a small grin. Harry shifted nervously on his feet. He did felt something fluttering in his stomach when Ginny grinned at him.


“Harry, look! It’s a bird!” Sirius called out, pointing to Fawkes the Phoenix who was asleep soundly on his perch behind the door.


“That’s a Phoenix Padfoot. Honestly, don’t you know anything?” Remus rolled his eyes, smiling sarcastically at Sirius.


“Oh sorry ‘Mr-Know-It-All’. I guess I’m just too busy to read books unlike you.” Sirius shot back at Remus. “But even so, I managed to pass my O.W.Ls if you hadn’t noticed.”


“Hey! Hey guys! Please!” Harry raised up his hands. Sirius and Remus quietened down when Harry gestured them to the people on the portraits who were now shooting murderous glares at the six of them.


“Oops! Sorry…” Sirius said.


“Where is Dumbledore?” James asked as he brushed his shoulder slightly against Lily’s. Lily gasped and swallowed her saliva nervously. She glanced at James but he wasn’t looking back at her. She wondered if James had done it on purpose.


“Well, don’t ask me. Dumbledore’s been pretty busy lately.” Harry answered, shrugging.


“Why! What do we have here?” A light squeal was heard coming from a certain back room, at the end of Dumbledore’s office and it was Dumbledore himself. He was smiling widely with a knowing twinkle in his eyes.


“Professor!” Harry and Ginny greeted the Wizard.


“Harry, Miss Weasley. How nice of you to drop by to visit me at…” Dumbledore paused and took a look at his pocket watch. “4.30 in the morning. Ah… And I see you’ve brought visitors as well!”


Harry and Ginny looked at Dumbledore with a guilty expression. It was obvious to them that they had disturbed Dumbledore from his sleep, seeing that the old Professor was in his midnight blue sleeping robes with patterns of stars and moons on it. James, Sirius, Remus and Lily, on the other hand, were looking up at Dumbledore curiously. They had never seen Dumbledore in such situations before especially in his ‘pyjamas’.


“Professor! You look bloody old!” Sirius managed a sentence, but unfortunately was hit hard on his head by James. “What you do that for?” Sirius asked angrily as he rubbed the spot James hit.


“Um… Professor, I’m sorry to disturb you from your sleep and well… you see, this is um… well not Harry’s and Ginny’s fault actually.” James started speaking, ignoring Sirius’s glare. “Um… Do you by any chance, remember me? I mean, us?” James gestured to himself and the rest of his time-travel companions.


The six Gryffindors looked up at Dumbledore who was messaging his long white beard intently. Dumbledore was frowning slightly before smiling again. “Well, of course I do remember you, James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin!”


Harry and Ginny smiled with relieve. Of course Dumbledore remembered! Unintentionally, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s and tugged onto it gently. Harry bit his lips, not wanting to make any movement. Afraid that if he did, Ginny will let go almost immediately. Harry could feel his breaths coming in short. He felt his body temperature rising and he silently prayed that Ginny won’t hear his heart beating furiously on his chest. Sirius caught onto this act and smirked secretly.


“James Potter, Sirius Black, you two are the most listed pranksters in Hogwarts! Of course I remember! Been receiving a whole lots of complains from the teachers.” Dumbledore frowned slightly but still the mischievous gleam never left his eyes. “And you Remus Lupin, I’m expecting your older self to come by here in a few days time.”


“You know?” The four time-travelers asked the Headmaster. Dumbledore nodded his head.


“Well, let’s say I knew.” Dumbledore grinned. “And I knew how you get here. If only you had stayed away from the common room for at least a night…”


“We’re sorry Professor. It’s just that we didn’t know…” Lily said, her voice shaky.


“Don’t worry Miss Evans, it’s not like I’m going to punish you or give detentions for this small mistake.” Dumbledore chuckled slightly. “Well, I think we should be able to take care of this mess. Besides, if my calculations are correct, the same event is going to happen soon…”


“You mean the Flames of Anastolgicia is going to happen again? Here? In this time?” Remus asked excitedly.


“Yes Remus. And I am sure, that is the only way to get the four of you back to your own time.”

“And when will that be?” James questioned looking from Dumbledore to his other three friends.


“Soon.” Dumbledore replied. “You will know it when I say it.”


“Soon? You mean in a few days?” Sirius asked, staring blankly at Dumbledore.


“It might be in a few months.” Dumbledore winked at Sirius from behind his moon-shaped spectacles.


“And what do we do for now? Hide in the Shrieking Shack?” Sirius said again, letting a barking laughter.


“No, you continue your classes as per normal. You are going to sit for your N.E.W.Ts papers when you get back.” Dumbledore threw a stern gaze at Sirius who stopped laughing abruptly.


“But where are we going to sleep Professor? And I hadn’t any spare clothes.” Lily asked.


“Don’t worry about that Miss Evans. I’m sure Miss Weasley could lend you some of her clothes. And I’m sure that Molly wouldn’t mind sending over some clothes for you too. Right Miss Weasley?” Dumbledore smiled at Ginny, and smiled even wider when his gaze fell onto the linked hands of her and Harry.


Ginny noticing this, immediately let go of Harry’s hands. Her face was blushing maddeningly as she looked away from Harry. “Yes Professor.” Ginny squeaked in reply.


Dumbledore nodded. “And as for you boys, I will send the house elves to send some clean clothes and robes for you. And James, you can always borrow your son’s clothes if you want to, for I assume you already figure out that Harry’s your son?” Dumbledore asked tilting his head to his left slightly.


“Yes Professor. It was indeed a surprise for me… and um Lily.” James said glancing at Lily.


“That’s good. And as for your beds, I’ve already prepared three more beds up in the Boys Dormitories. And Miss Evans, you will have to share with Miss Weasley. I’ve expanded your bed a little so you two could fit in together.”


“Thanks Professor.” Lily said as she moved in closer to Ginny.


“Well, get moving six of you. It’s already almost dawn…” Dumbledore glanced at his pocket watch again. “I need my sleep myself.”


The six of them muttered ‘thank yous’ as Dumbledore ushered them out his office door. As they walked down the corridor, they were yawning uncontrollably. Harry found himself holding onto Lily’s hands as she led him towards the Gryffindor common room. James noticed this and smiled slightly. There was something truly amiss when he saw this. It looked as if Harry never had any attention from his mother before. James shook that thought off his head and turned his focus onto Ginny. He liked her very much. She looked so much like Lily. And his fatherly instinct told him that Harry loved this girl very much, just like he loved Lily. And he hoped that this pretty red-haired girl had the same feelings for his son.


Suddenly, James felt all his thoughts vanished as soon as he felt his body slumped onto a soft material – a bed.


Early next morning, Harry woke up to see James, Sirius and Remus gathering around his bed. James and Remus were throwing nervous glances whereas Sirius was grinning slyly. Harry looked over at his dorm mates, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean who were still sleeping soundly. Harry grabbed his spectacles by the night stand and shoved it onto his face.


“What’s with you three? And why are you up so early?” Harry asked, eyeing the three friends suspiciously.


“Well, we were disturbed by some awkward noises.” Sirius said, smirking.


“Shut up Padfoot.” Remus hissed warningly at his best mate.


“Well Harry,” James settled himself onto the bed beside Harry. “I don’t know how to explain this to you. Well, I may be your father, but I am still only seventeen myself so…”


“So what dad?” Harry asked again. “Look, we’re both seventeen for now, why don’t we act as friends. So you won’t have to be too formal with me.”


“Well, ya ok!” James scratched his head, at the same time, running his hands through his messy black hair. Harry followed his father’s actions.




James looked at Harry and sighed. “Harry, you were dreaming.”




“Yup and tossing around on your bed and all.” James shrugged.

”Oh! Yeah! I dream a lot.” Harry replied, not paying much attention to this. “Well, with Voldermort having connection with me, I’m always going to have these dreams.”


“Voldermort? He’s in this year too?” Remus gasped and buried his face into his hands.


“Yeah! Maybe I should tell you more…” Harry continued but was automatically cut by James.


“Harry! This dream of yours isn’t about Voldermort, even though I’m surprised that he’s still alive! You were tossing around in your sleep and calling out a name!” James bit his bottom lip, unsure on how to explain further.


“Oh… Yeah… Oh… You’re so beautiful! Oh… Oh… Ginny… Oh…” Sirius moaned, unknowingly to Harry, imitating Harry’s gestures in his dream. Sirius had his hands around himself, rubbing his sides up and down.


“What the…” Harry scowled as he leapt forward towards Sirius but was held firmly by James and Remus. “Let me have him! Let me have him! He’s thinking dirty about Ginny!”


“No Harry!” James said, pushing his son’s body down onto his bed. “You were the one thinking dirty about Ginny! Sirius just imitating your actions!”


Harry froze and gaped at the three friends. His mouth hanging low and his face was turning bright red.


“I… I… didn’t say her… her… name o-out loud loud, did I?” Harry stammered, feeling very embarrassed than ever.


“You were moaning Harry, calling her name out often!” James stared at Harry, who was looking over nervously at his four sleeping friends. James remembered the time he had this kind of fantasies with Lily in his dreams just a couple of months ago. But unfortunately for him, Sirius, Remus and Peter heard him and he became the laughing stock for a few weeks! “Don’t worry, your friends didn’t hear you.”


“Merlin! If this continues every time I sleep, Ron will surely find out and kill me!” Harry shrieked covering his face with his pillow.


“Why would he kill you? Who’s this Ron by the way? Is he Ginny’s boyfriend?” Remus asked looking very worried. “Which one is he?”


“There! The one with the red hair.” Harry pointed. “Ginny’s his sister! Dammit!”


Remus, Sirius and James looked over at the re head, Ron, who was snoring away. Well, it was only 7.30 am in the morning and it was a Saturday, normal for them to wake up later.


“Wo! If I was Ginny’s brother, I would want to kill you too… especially after hearing those horrific things you’re describing about her…” Sirius shuddered, grinning.


“Shut up Sirius!” Harry shot him a murderous look. “At least give me some suggestions on how not to let Ron hear these things that I just can’t help dreaming of!”


“You like her don’t you?” James asked, his eyes gleaming. But, Harry just scowled and didn’t meet his father’s eyes.


“You could use a silencing charm on yourself before you sleep. That’ll help.” Remus suggested and Harry nodded silently.


“Mate, I suggest you go and take a shower. You may wanna go and change your boxers. It might be a little wet.” James grinned and Sirius snorted a laugh.


“I know dad.” Harry replied bluntly as he rolled his eyes at James, Sirius and Remus. He knew he was dreaming about Ginny, but never did he expected the sounds he was making in his dream would be audible. This was absolutely horrible!


“He knows! That means he had one of this dreams before!” Sirius howled. “Poor Ginny…”


“Shut up Sirius!” Harry was getting very impatient with this younger Sirius. “How could you let him become my Godfather dad?”


“You’ll love him son.” James replied smiling as he, Sirius and Remus walked out of the dorm towards the common room.


“Oh ya! I don’t even know why I love him…” Harry shook his head as he headed towards the toilet. Harry decided on taking a cold shower before waking Ron up for breakfast and also to tell him about the special visit.





Chapter 5: Dating Opportunities
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*Thanks to JKRowling for the brilliant stories she wrote!*

“So it’s the flames that caused you to travel all the way here?” Hermione asked, her expression brightening as Lily nodded. “Wow! I used to only read up on the Flames of Anastolgicia, but seriously, I’ve never seen it before.”


“Yeah me too. It’s kind of exciting when we’re reading about it but to experience it, it’s quite scary.” Lily nodded her head.


Ginny looked over at Hermione and Lily who were sitting on the loveseat just in front of the fireplace and were really engrossed in talking about the Flames of Anastolgicia. She wasn’t really keeping track on what Hermione and Lily were talking about. Ginny sighed with boredom as she gave a wide yawn. She was feeling very tired because she can’t get any sleep after their meeting with Dumbledore a few hours ago. Lily was in the same boat as her. Lily was wide awake beside her and constantly kept tossing around. Alas, the two girls decided to get dressed for the morning and went down to the common room. Ginny introduced Lily to Hermione and explained the situation. And as Ginny expected, Hermione was a little taken aback at first before truly accepting the fact.


“Ginny! Is it true what Lily said?” Hermione questioned suddenly causing Ginny to perk up. Ginny widened her eyes which cast a little bit of confusion as she was not sure what Hermione was talking about. Ginny decided to pretend that she was still in tuned to what Hermione was talking about and just nodded her head.


“What?! I think that’s great Ginny!” Hermione squealed as she gave a quick hug to Ginny. Lily was chuckling slightly at Ginny’s expression.


“Wait. Why are you hugging me?” Ginny looked over at Hermione questioningly, then back at Lily.


“I can’t believe it!” Hermione said again, obviously she hadn’t heard Ginny’s question. “I can’t wait to see you and Harry as a couple! Finally!”


“WHAT?” Ginny exclaimed, totally confused and slightly angry now.


“What? Did I say something wrong?” Hermione frowned.


“Hermione! What are you talking about? What is this about Harry and me?” Ginny had her hands covering her face as she talked. She wasn’t really expecting this so early in the morning. She could feel her blush creeping up her cheeks slowly.


“Aren’t the two of you showing your true feelings to each other?”


“No! We’re not. And we never had!” Ginny protested, now looking up and staring at Hermione.


“But Lily told me…” Hermione left her speech hanging as she glanced at Lily, who was now grinning slyly.


“Lily!” Ginny cried. “It isn’t like that ok.”


“Blimey! You should have seen you two yesterday! Believe me Hermione, they almost looked like they were cuddling each other in Dumbledore’s office!” Lily replied.


“It isn’t what you think. I was just giving Harry an assuring ‘pat’. Something you would do too, Hermione.” Ginny said as she cringed her face at Hermione.


“But to give Harry a cuddle, I just wouldn’t!” Hermione grinned.


“Oh! Stop it you two! I’m over him already!” Ginny scowled, folding her arms across her chest defiantly.


“Yeah right. I still caught you writing in a diary, probably pouring your heart out about your endless love for Harry Potter.” Hermione accused causing Ginny to pout her lips.


“No I do not.” Ginny rolled her eyes. Then she caught Hermione sneering before continuing, “Oh ok! I’ve been writing in a diary but only a small part of it is about Harry.”


Ginny could feel herself blushing even more. Hermione and Lily were looking at each other with satisfied smiles. “What about you Hermione, I noticed you can’t take your eyes off Ron this few days. And may I ask you why is that?” Ginny asked, a knowing look in her eye.


“Ron? Who’s Ron?” Lily asked, a little confused.


“He’s no one Lily, don’t listen to Ginny.” Hermione said as she tried to distract Lily.


“Well Lily, Ron is my brother. And Hermione is head over heels in love with him but would never admit it.” Ginny raised her voice a little to get Lily’s attention back.


“Really?” Lily asked, her eyes wide with excitement.


“Stop it Ginny. It’s a lie Lily, don’t listen to her.” Hermione protested. “It’s just a silly crush. We’re always having rows so we’re just not suitable.”


“Yeah right! You practically drool over him. But hey! I just noticed, they’re just like you and James! Always fighting but deep inside the heart, there’s still love… Aww…” Ginny purred as she grinned and Lily gave a scowl.


“What do you mean like me and James? We’re nothing!” Lily said.


“Oh really? Then how do you explain the existence of Harry Potter then? And what about yesterday? You admitted that you might fancy James!” Ginny eyed Lily curiously. Her lips were curled up into another evil grin.


“Ok!” Lily raised up her hands, attracting Ginny’s attention before she got a chance to torment both her and Hermione about their love lives. “I think I’m starting to like James and….” Lily paused a for a while, as she looked around at the other two girls in front of her, “since I noticed, the three of us have problems with our love lives, why don’t we help each other?”

“No need to help me. I’m over him remember?” Ginny said again. She was praying silently that Hermione and Lily would leave her out of this pact.


“Oh no you won’t!” Lily and Hermione shrieked together.


“No Lily, Hermione. I just can’t. It would be really embarrassing.” Ginny explained, hoping the two girls would understand. She could still remember the silly incidents that happened to her when she had her crush on Harry a few years ago.


“Listen Ginny,” Lily seated herself beside Ginny. She placed an assuring pat on Ginny’s shoulder. “From what I observed, there might be a chance that Harry might fancy you. It doesn’t hurt to try right? Besides, what harm could happen?”


Ginny thought for a moment. What Lily said was true. Besides, there’s still a small part of her still hoping that Harry might fancy her a bit. “Um… I guess there’s no harm in trying right?” Ginny nodded her head cheekily as Hermione and Lily cried out excitedly.


“No harm in trying what?”


Immediately, Ginny, Lily and Hermione turned to see James, Sirius and Remus coming down the stairs from the boys’ dormitory. The trio had an amused expression on their faces. James looked over at the three girls and smiled. “Well, no harm trying what?” James asked again.


“Nothing. Nothing in particular.” Ginny replied avoiding James’ eyes.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Sirius said as he walked over towards Hermione before sitting down beside her. “A new friend I see…”

“Please Sirius. Your charms don’t work on me. So, just shut up.” Hermione gave Sirius a small, forced smile.


“Why is it, every time I meet a girl and wanna get to know her, she just knows and will tell me to shut up?” Sirius whined causing James and Remus to laugh out loud. “And what’s your name by the way?”


“I’m Hermione, Ginny’s and Harry’s friend.”


“Bestfriend indeed.” Lily pointed out.


“Oh! Then I guess you already know us then.” Remus said as he too sat on the loveseat, on Hermione’s other side. Soon, Hermione and Remus were engulfed in a conversation, leaving Sirius out.


“See James, girls just don’t appreciate my charming character just yet!” Sirius sighed.


“That’s why you should learn from the expert here!” James gestured to himself as he carelessly squeezed himself on the couch in between Ginny and Lily. The two girls scowled and stared hard at James, but still giving him space to sit down.


“Sorry Ginny,” James smiled at Ginny before turning his head to face Lily. “Hello my lovely wife-to-be.”


“Stop calling me that James. I don’t find it amusing.” Lily said as she folded her arms across her chest. Ginny was just sitting there and had a hand covering her mouth. She was trying very hard not to let her giggles to be that audible.


“Oh sure Lily. But I know that deep down inside, you expect me to call you more than that right?” James wiggled his eye brows at Lily. He had his arms sprawled across Lily’s shoulder and he was moving closer towards her.


“Argh! Get away from me James!” Lily cried as she tried to push James away. She had no idea that her face was turning scarlet by the minute. Besides, she didn’t realize that she was enjoying the way James was trying to hold her close.


“James, you are so much worse than Harry.” Ginny shook her head disbelievingly.


“What? James worse? You should have seen Harry just now!” Sirius howled with his barking laughter.


“Huh? What do you mean?” Ginny asked, looking slightly confused.


“Um nothing, he just had a bad dream.” James smiled nervously, pulling his hand away from Lily’s shoulders.


“Bad dream? What is it about? Where is Harry? Is he okay?” Lily asked in a worried voice. Ginny also had the same expression etched across her face.


“It’s just that he had dreams, it’s not that serious. Don’t worry, it’s nothing.” James said as he stood up, walking away from the prying eyes of Lily and Ginny. “I’m Harry’s father and I know how to handle such situations.”


“Well, if you hadn’t notice, I’m Harry’s mother and I too have the right to know what kind of bad dreams my son had. He needs my care and concern too.” Lily said.


“Well, I don’t think you can do anything about this Lily.” Sirius cut in causing Lily to throw him a murderous glare.


Their attention was then distracted by loud footsteps coming from the boys’ dormitory. Harry was coming down the stairs with Ron following close behind. Ginny looked up brightly as she took in Harry’s form inside her mind. His hair was still wet from his shower and he looked good in jeans and his green sweatshirt with its long sleeves being rolled up till his elbows. Ginny exhaled deeply, enjoying the cute scenery in front of her. Harry shifted his gaze over to her and gave her the most dazzling smile she had ever seen. She returned it with a small grin and soon she could feel the warmness creeping up her cheeks.


“Good morning!” Harry called out to the rest of his companions in the common room. “This is Ron Weasley, my best mate.”


Ron held up a hand and murmured a few ‘hellos’. He looked a bit pale and was cautiously throwing a hopeful glance at Hermione who did not seem to notice him. She was still busy talking to Remus about the meeting with Dumbledore a few hours before. He walked over to Sirius with his head bent low before sliding into an empty chair beside him.


“You look troubled. Care to share with me?” Sirius asked a curious glint in his eyes.


Ron shifted in his seat a little. He wanted to talk to somebody. The first person on his mind was Harry but seeing that his best mate was a little busy in conversation with James, Ron felt as if he had no choice but to talk to Sirius. He started telling Sirius of his crush on Hermione and that he had planned to ask Hermione out next Saturday for the Hogsmeade trip. Once in a while, Sirius would nod in understanding before sharing some tips with the red head on his famous techniques on courting girls.


“Harry? Are you okay?” Lily asked as she touched Harry’s forehead lightly with the back of her hands.


“Lily um mum? What are you doing? I’m fine.” Harry pushed Lily’s hand away. Indeed he actually felt a little odd at having a mother, or somewhat a girl for now, smothering over him like that.


“James told me you had a bad dream. Oh you poor thing…”


Harry stared hard at Lily who was now trying to straighten his messy black hair. Then, he shot James a dirty look before glancing around at Ginny. She was sitting down with her hands cradling her face, not even looking at Harry. The longer Harry looked at her, the faster his heart kept beating until his hands were sweating. James caught onto this and grinned wide. ‘You didn’t tell her did you?’ Harry mouthed over to James, not wanting to let either Lily or Ginny, who was quite close by, hear him.


‘No. I didn’t. Don’t worry.’ James mouthed back as he shook his head.


“Hey! Let’s get some breakfast. I’m starving!” Sirius called out.


“Yeah me too!” Ron chorused, grinning wildly, obviously feeling relatively happy after his short discussion with Sirius. The eight of them motioned out of the portrait hole and walked towards the Great Hall.


By the time they reached the Great Hall, it was still quite empty. Most of the students were still not out of bed yet. But nonetheless, breakfast was already served, which pleased Ron very much. They settled down in the Gryffindor table and started on their breakfast.


“By the way,” Remus started as he scooped out scrambled eggs into his plate. “When Dumbledore said that he’ll be meeting my future self in a few days, does that mean that I can get to see myself in my older version?”


“Um ya. Professor Lupin always visits Dumbledore at least every week.” Ginny said.


“He usually comes to deliver news about the Order.” Harry added, munching ravishingly on his apple pie.


“Oh really? Why didn’t he just send the news through owls? Isn’t that faster?” James asked, frowning slightly.


“Owls aren’t safe anymore James. We’re taking great precautions here.” Hermione answered. “Especially with the Dark Lord rising again.”


“Dark Lord? As in Voldermort?” Sirius, who was suddenly getting on the conversation, asked. Ron groaned at the sound of Voldermort’s name being spoken, but was totally ignored by the rest of them.


“Yes.” Harry, Ginny and Hermione replied in unison, receiving ohs and ahs from round the table.


“So is Voldermort out for the fight yet?” It was Remus’ turn to ask and again Ron groaned.


“Nah. He’s still not shown himself yet. But I could tell you that we are ready for him. Oh I really am.” Harry said without realizing that he was clenching his fists.


Then again, they started to continue eating their breakfast in silence before they heard a muffle of whispers coming over from Ron and Sirius. They were talking in a much too low voices that Harry found himself a little curious to know what the two of them are discussing about. Suddenly, it hit Harry that there might be a possibility that Sirius was telling Ron about Harry’s dreams. A wave of panic started to envelope him. His munching of his breakfast was getting weaker and his face was turning more pale by the minute.


“What’s wrong Harry?” Harry looked up almost immediately to see Ginny leaning closer to his side. As he looked straight at her, he was totally aware that her face was just inches from his. Harry managed to gulp down the bits of food that remained in his mouth, so as to hide his nervousness.


“Um um yeah! I’m just just… fine!” Harry stammered, not taking his eyes off Ginny. He heard a snort coming from his opposite direction, that he was so sure belonged to James.


“Oh ok.” Ginny said and turned away, leaving Harry a little red in the face. At that reaction, Harry silently cursed himself for not acting properly in front of Ginny. How immature Potter! Harry sighed.


“Erm… Hermione, would you like to um go to Hogsmeade um with me next week?” Ron’s voice suddenly filled the silent atmosphere. Harry gaped in surprised at his best mate. He didn’t expect Ron to be asking Hermione out on a Hogsmeade weekend! Harry shifted his gaze from Ron to Hermione, then back to Ron. Harry knew his mouth was slightly opened due to the shocking surprise. Sirius on the other hand, let out a howl while James and surprisingly, Remus wolf-whistled.


“Well? Is it a yes or no?” Ron muttered spontaneously at Hermione’s silence. She was just staring at him with an empty look. Then, she smiled lightly, causing Ron’s heart to flutter with hope, before she turned away from him to talk to Lily quietly.

Ron scowled. “Girls, they’re just mental!” He muttered under his breath before stuffing a croissant bun into his mouth.


“That’s really brave Ron. I’m proud of you.” James whispered. “But there’s something missing. You shouldn’t listen to Padfoot. Let me show you the appropriate way of courting.” Sirius’ grin faded upon hearing James words.


“Well Prongs, I’ll expect you to do better.” Sirius rolled his eyes at his best mate. “But I just think it’ll be worse.” Sirius grinned slyly.


“Shut up you prat.” James remarked before turning away from Sirius. Harry watched his father stood up and walked over to Lily who was on the other side of the bench.


“Lily…” James called out sweetly causing Lily to look up from her conversation with Hermione. “It’s Hogsmeade weekend next week. Let’s go out for a date?” Harry was actually feeling quite proud of James as his father didn’t look nervous at all.


Harry held his breath. He was so sure that Lily would be saying ‘yes’. Of course that’s what Harry thought, especially after her knowing that she and James were going to be married one day and would be having a great son like him, Harry Potter. But Lily’s reaction totally surprised Harry. She just looked straight at James, then back to Hermione and Ginny. Suddenly, the three girls started giggling uncontrollably. James and Ron snorted, obviously not appreciating this. James walked back to his seat, feeling very much heartbroken and embarrased. Sirius sneered and Harry sighed, relieved. He felt lucky that he wasn’t in the same boat as Ron and James – at having rejected publicly. But he didn’t feel lucky for long if it wasn’t for Sirius…


“Hey Ginny!” Sirius smiled sweetly, keeping his charms on. “Harry here, too shy to ask you out for the Hogsmeade trip… So you wanna go with him?” Sirius grinned mischievously.


Without waiting any longer, Harry smacked Sirius on the back of his head, hard. Ginny on the other hand scowled and said, “Shut up Sirius! Stop making fun of it. It’s not funny!”


“Ouch! Harry! I’m your Godfather and you’re hitting me?” Sirius stared at Harry with his mouth hanging open.


Harry ignored Sirius and turned towards Ginny. She looked really angry. Lily and Hermione were trying to comfort her from across the table. Once in a while, they shot Sirius a dirty look. Harry sighed as he peeked at Ginny from the corner of his eye. Harry was not sure what his feelings for Ginny were. Yes, he dreamt of Ginny, often in awkward scenes. Yes, he could feel himself practically drooling just by looking at her and at the point of time, he shuddered as he felt Ginny’s thighs brushing against his. Yes, he longed to just hold her tight and snog her senseless. But he was certainly aware of some things – unfortunately yes, she used to fancy him but he never did give a damn about it. Unfortunately yes, he had always treated her as his best mate’s little sister until recently. And unfortunately yes, he was extremely sure that she was already over him!


Harry sighed again as he saw Ginny standing up and walked away from him, out of the Great Hall, together with Lily and Hermione at her sides. Harry bit his bottom lip so as not to show his disappointment as he poked on his breakfast using his fork, without realizing he was being observed closely by James, Sirius, Remus and Ron.




Chapter 6: Quidditch, Flying and a Bet!
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Hey all! I am sorry for the delay. Been pretty busy with work and reading stories from the different authors here. But here it is, the next chapter to There's Time For Love --- hope you'll enjoy reading it.
JKR is the best!

“How about a game of Quidditch then? I have this excellent Firebolt that you could try out.” Harry suggested looking over to James.

“Firebolt?” James asked looking a little confused.

“Well, it’s the model of my broom…” Harry started before Ron cut him off.

“And it’s the fastest broom you’ll be able to find in the stores nowadays!” Ron exclaimed. “It’s a good use for Harry though because he’ll be able to catch the snitch faster for the Gryffindor team.”

“Snitch? You mean you’re a seeker?” James asked again, this time wearing a proud expression on his face. Harry beamed.

“Yeah! And also the youngest one in the century!” Ron said again.

“Brilliant! Harry’s seeker and I’m chaser, together, we’ll make an excellent team!” James slapped playfully on Harry’s back.

It was after breakfast and Harry and the rest of the boys were out sitting by the lake, enjoying the morning breeze. Although it was early winter, Harry still liked to spend his morning outdoor, much to Sirius’ strong protests. They were getting very bored at just sitting around and so, they started suggesting what activities they could do to fill up time.

“By the way, you’re the one who gave me the Firebolt.” Harry acknowledged Sirius. The illegal animagus just gave him a surprised stare causing Harry to chuckle a bit.

“All right then, let’s go and have some Quidditch!” James said as he stood up.

“Wait, um why don’t we um invite the girls along?” Harry muttered making the rest of the boys frowned.

“Pardon? Ask the girls along?” Sirius cried, laughing hysterically.

“Why are you laughing?” Ron said. He was really confused at Sirius’ behavior. “You’re mental.”

“Didn’t you hear what Harry just said? He wants to invite the girls to play Quidditch with us! Lily can’t even hold her broom properly, how do you expect her to fly and play Quidditch?” Sirius continued laughing, now holding on to his sides. “And I could see that Hermione and Ginny are just too sweet to even play!”

“Shut up Sirius!” Harry and Ron bellowed causing Sirius to shut up immediately.

“Ginny’s a great player! She’s my star Chaser in my Quidditch team!” Harry was so close to hex Sirius over to next week. He just can’t stand hearing Sirius looking down on girls, especially Ginny. Maybe that’s why he’s never married. Girls find him rubbish! Harry snorted.

“Yeah! My sister’s excellent in Quidditch,” Ron added. “But I can’t help agreeing with you on Hermione though.” Ron grinned.

“Okay! I’m sorry Harry. I shouldn’t have said that about your Ginny.” Sirius sneered. Harry who caught on this, just swallowed hard. He didn’t want Sirius to start teasing him again about Ginny.

“Right, let’s go then. We look for the girls first.” Harry started to walk up towards the castle, with James, Sirius, Remus and Ron following closely behind.


It was not that difficult to look for the girls as they were easily found inside the Gryffindor common room, doing their homework. The girls were easily persuaded to join in the game of Quidditch. Ginny was indeed very thrilled to go flying whereas Lily and Hermione were a drag. But alas, they relented and soon the flying and Quidditch begun.

James and Ginny were enjoying themselves as they started to pass the Quaffle to each other. Then, Sirius joined in by intercepting the Quaffle in between their passing. And soon, Ginny and James were flying after Sirius in trying to get the Quaffle back from him. Ron had already positioned himself at the goalposts as he was good at playing Keeper. He was getting ready for Sirius to throw the Quaffle in.

Hermione and Lily on the other hand, were still trying to mount on their brooms. Remus was instructing them on how to sit on the broom properly. Lily was constantly complaining on the broom’s uncomfortability in between her legs. At hearing this, Harry and Remus grinned and soon they were trying to shove off the dirty thoughts out of their heads. Hermione was just scowling maddeningly but shortly later, she was able to fly, alittle too clumsily, towards Ron who had just managed to block the Quaffle from entering one of the hoops.

“Nice save there Ron!” Hermione said, throwing a seductive smile at Ron.

“Yeah thanks Mione.” Ron replied somewhat proudly. Ron grinned as he caught Hermione blushing.

They kept on playing Quidditch for a while, throwing the Quaffles to and fro or into one of the hoops. Harry was having fun himself. He just enjoyed his moment of flying around the Quidditch pitch before diverting his attention towards a certain red headed girl. Ginny looked as if she was having fun herself, intercepting the Quaffle from James and Sirius and flying away from them as she laughed. Harry grinned stupidly. He thought Ginny looked incredibly cute when she laughed like that especially with that cheeky look she had given to James and Sirius. Harry found himself smiling even wider that he didn’t notice another red headed witch flying next to him.

“She’s adorable isn’t she?”

Harry spun around to see Lily looking over at Ginny as well. Harry bit his bottom lip and forced himself to look away from Ginny. He tried his best to look really confused at Lily’s question. “Huh?”

“Ginny, she’s adorably cute right?” Lily asked again. She gave Harry a knowing smile.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t pretend Harry. I know you like her.” Lily said raising her eye brows. “I’m your mother after all and I can see it in your eyes.”

“I really have no idea what you are talking about.” Harry looked away, avoiding Lily’s eyes. He flew away from Lily slowly but she was following him close behind.

“You are hiding something from me aren’t you?” Lily questioned eyeing Harry suspiciously.

“Lil um mum, can you please stop asking me questions which I have nothing to answer to? I have Quidditch to play!” Harry groaned, ignoring Lily for the second time.

“Oh well then, I shall stop. But what I can tell you is that, I might know how Ginny feels for you.” Lily grinned mischievously. “Alright, I’ll be off then!” Lily flew off leaving Harry stunned for a while before he himself followed Lily, wanting to know further. The suspense was killing him. Whatever Lily was trying to say made Harry curious especially if it was about Ginny Weasley.

“What do you mean about Ginny? Are you trying to say that she fancies me?” Harry asked, his voice a little too hopeful.

“No. I will not tell you anything.” Lily replied as she stuck out her tongue at her son. “Ginny’s my friend now and I won’t even breathe a word of her secret to you, even though you’re my son!”

“Mum! You can’t do this!” Harry cried still following Lily as she landed down on the Quidditch pitch. “I’m your son!”

“Yeah, I know that. But too bad, in this life time, I look more like your friend than your mother!” Lily laughed hard causing Harry to scowl. He was still dangling halfway atop his broom. “I’ll need to go to the washroom Harry. And I don’t think I wanna continue with Quidditch. I’ll see you back in the common room later!”

Harry sighed, looking over at his mother who was leaving the Quidditch grounds. He felt as if he was getting so close at knowing something about Ginny, but now, it was back to base one.

“Harry? What’s wrong? Where’s Lily going?” Ginny asked, flying next to Harry. Harry glanced at her, fighting with himself not to blush.

“Um she needs to go to the toilet.” Harry said, forcing himself not to give a second glance at Ginny.

“Oh… Um Harry, wanna fly around the castle?” Ginny asked suddenly.

“What?” Harry couldn’t believe it was Ginny inviting him for a fly! “Yeah! Sure!”

Ginny smiled causing Harry’s stomach to do a back flip. “Right, let’s see if you can catch me!”

Ginny caught Harry off guard by flying away from him so fast. Harry was stunned for a minute before he gave a chase. Harry grinned as he tried to catch on to her. Ginny looked over her shoulder and gave a grin as well which made Harry’s breathing unsteady. He was so amazed at how flawless Ginny’s smile had been and how her fiery red hair was dancing seductively behind her, with the wind blowing distractingly at it. Harry’s breath became even shallow as his eyes traveled down to her body, directly to her hips and bums. Merlin! Those must be a handful. No! Take that back, two handfuls! Harry thought slyly.

“Why Potter! Is that all you’ve got to catch me?” Suddenly, Ginny’s voice echoed through the wind, which made Harry came back to reality.

“Hey! They call me the youngest seeker of the century for nothing. I’ll get you soon!”

Ginny gave a chuckle which Harry thought were like music to his ears. “Yeah right! Bet you on it!”

Harry leaned forward on his Firebolt, increasing his speed. Harry noticed that they were now flying over Hagrid’s hut, but Harry didn’t even care to give a glance. He was so keen in catching the red headed girl in front of him. “Oh yeah? Don’t try to bet if you can’t win Ginny!”

“Try me! What do you want Potter if you manage to catch me?” Ginny asked as she turned a sharp right towards to castle.

A kiss from you? Harry thought, grinning. “Hm… I’ve never thought about this…” Harry lied. “Okay, what if you accompany me everywhere I go, for a whole month?”

“Pathetic Potter! That’s all you could think of?” Ginny glanced over her shoulder again with a sneer.

“Don’t think it’ll be easy Weasley!” Harry said as he increased his speed even more. “What about you? What do you want if I can’t catch you?”

“Your Firebolt for a whole month as well.”

“Alright.” Harry grinned. He knew that Ginny had been eyeing his broom for quite sometime now but he always forgotten to offer her to ride it. It’s not that Ginny’s broom was no good, it’s the Nimbus 2000 but it belonged to Ginny’s eldest brother, Bill. She was just borrowing it for a month.

Ginny was just an arm length away. Of course Ginny’s Nimbus 2000 could not match Harry’s Firebolt which was faster. With one swift move of his broom, he was already flying side by side with Ginny.

“Hello Ginevra!” Harry greeted coolly, giving her his charming smile which he copied from Sirius.

At that moment, Harry noticed that Ginny could not take her eyes of him. His stomach fluttered with butterfly at Ginny’s gaze. It was as if her eyes were stuck on him. Harry grinned but soon it faded as he just noticed that they so near to the Whomping Willow.

“Ginny! Look out!” Harry cried as he grabbed Ginny by her waist and swerved her away from the enchanted tree, towards the Astronomy Tower.

“Wow! Thanks Harry. I was a little distracted.” Ginny said as a blush crept up her neck.

“Nah it’s okay. I quite of enjoyed it.” Harry replied, before realizing what he just said.

“What?” Ginny looked a little surprised.

“Nothing. Um let’s just land here okay?” Harry reluctantly let go off Ginny’s waist and landed on the roof of the Astronomy Tower, Ginny directly beside him.

“So, you caught me huh?” Ginny asked as she twirled her hair into a bun using her wand to keep it in place.

“Oh yeah! It looks like it.” Harry tried to fight a grin as he ran his hand through his already messy black hair.

“Well, it won’t be that difficult to just accompany you for a month.”

“Oh really? We’ll see about that.” Harry raised his brows.

“Well well well, what do we have here? If it’s not Potter and the female Weasel!”

Harry and Ginny turned around to see Draco Malfoy sneering. Directly behind him, stood Pansy Parkinson, a Slytherin girl whom Ginny heartily dislike. Ginny gave a frustrating groan and immediately fold her arms across her chest, staring hard at Malfoy and Parkinson.

“Malfoy.” Harry greeted the Slytherin with disgust. “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Romancing the Weasel?” Malfoy said as Pansy Parkinson gave a laugh.

“Shut up Malfoy. At least Harry’s romancing a weasel, unlike you romancing a slutty COW!” Ginny spat. Harry grinned.

“You!” Pansy marched forward towards Ginny drawing her wand but was blocked by Harry who also had his wand in hand.

“Back off Parkinson!” Harry barked causing the Slytherin girl to retreat behind Malfoy.

“Is that the way you treat a girl Potter? That’s pathetic!” Draco grimaced.

“Well, that’s the way I treat girls who would only date a prat like yourself!”

“Watch your tongue Potter! She’s my girlfriend and you’d better give her some respect!” Malfoy’s face was turning red from anger. A side of him Harry hadn’t seen before, especially when it comes with girls.

Looks like this bloke really loves the girl! Harry thought.

“If you want me to at least respect your girl, then you’d better respect mine! I won’t tolerate you calling her a Weasel every time you see her.” Harry stared hard at Malfoy, wanting him to understand what he had just said. Ginny on the other hand was getting rather speechless.

“Very well Potter.” Malfoy replied, anger gone from his face. Then, he held out a neatly folded parchment towards Harry. “Here. Dumbledore told me to pass this to you. I had it with me since after breakfast, but I couldn’t find you. And I was kinda busy here with Pansy doing uh stuff and heard you talking to the Wea… to to Weasley.”

Harry took a look at the parchment before accepting it. He slipped the parchment into his jeans pocket and decided to read it later in the common room.

“And what exactly were you doing with Pansy in the Astronomy Tower Malfoy?” Ginny asked suddenly, capturing Harry’s interest. She had a knowing smile playing on her pink lips. Harry frowned.

“Shut up Weasley!” Draco spat as he turned towards the exit door, pulling a very blushing Pansy Parkinson.

Harry stared hard, totally feeling confused. “What was that?” Harry asked glancing at Ginny.

“What’s what?” Ginny asked back.

“Did you just tease Malfoy and his girlfriend?”

“Well, it looks like it and I think he knows it!” Ginny said proudly.

“But why? Why must you tease him?” Harry scratched his head.

“Malfoy and Parkinson in the Astronomy Tower? Doing stuff? Together?” Ginny looked at Harry with her brows raised.

“I… I don’t get it.” Harry replied, looking so confused.

“What?! Merlin! You blokes are so back-dated sometimes!” Ginny sighed as she walked out of the door to exit the tower, with her broom clutched in her hand.

“Hey! What do you mean?” Harry followed Ginny from behind. She was laughing very hard at Harry’s confusion.

Merlin’s beard! He really has no idea! Ginny sighed.

“Well Harry, I don’t think I am the right person to be telling you this. Just ask Ron, maybe he knows.” Ginny suggested.

“Knows what? Is there something wrong with the Astronomy Tower that I don’t know about?”

Harry and Ginny were climbing halfway down the spiral staircase before Ginny stopped abruptly. She turned to face Harry, still having a sly smile on her lips. Harry shuddered as he looked at those pink juicy lips. Harry noticed that they were standing very close with each other. If he were to just purposely fall forward, Harry was sure his lips would hit hers!

“There’s nothing wrong with the Astronomy Tower Harry. Don’t worry.” Ginny said as she pat his right arm lightly. Harry froze as he felt a swooping sensation flow in his stomach. “Come on now! Lunch time!”

Harry felt Ginny pulling his hand towards the Great Hall. Harry sighed. He decided to let the matter regarding the Astronomy Tower rest, for now.

As Harry and Ginny entered the Great Hall, they noticed it was already full of students. They moved on quickly towards the Gryffindor table. They walked briefly pass Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan and said a quick hello before easily spotting a mess of red hair sitting across a brunette further down the table.

“Where the bloody hell have you two been?” Ron asked in between stuffing his mouth with a bacon sandwich. Ginny and Harry sat opposite each other, Harry beside Ron and Ginny beside Hermione.

“Language Ron! There are first years surrounding us.” Hermione hissed.

Ron ignored her and muttered a quick sorry. Hermione helped Ginny scooped some chicken stew into a bowl while Harry helped himself to some treacle tarts, trying to ignore Ron’s question.

“Well? Where did you two go?” Hermione questioned this time, looking at Ginny and Harry with a slight frown.

“Um well, Harry and I decided to have a fly around in school. That’s where we’ve been!” Ginny replied, somewhat a little too reluctant.

“Oh… But still, you should have told us where you’re going, so we needn’t have to worry.” Hermione said, producing a fierce expression.

“Sorry.” Harry and Ginny muttered before giving sly looks at each other and grinned.

“Where’s my dad, Sirius and Remus?” Harry asked.

“We came across Dumbledore just now and he called the three of them to his office. I think he mentioned about Lily being inside his office already.” Hermione said.

Harry nodded. “Oh yes! Almost forgot!” Harry slipped his hands into his jeans pocket and pulled out Dumbledore’s message. “I received a message from Dumbledore. Malfoy passed it to me at the Astronomy Tower.”

“Astronomy Tower? Bloody hell! What were you and Malfoy doing up there?” Ron asked in horror.

“What? Ginny and I were there, when suddenly he came up with Pansy Parkinson to hand me this.” Harry waved the parchment in front of Ron’s face.

“You were there too Ginny?” Hermione looked at Ginny who was grinning and wiggling her brows. “And Malfoy’s there with Parkinson?”

“Don’t worry Hermione. Nothing happened. Harry and I just landed there.” Ginny explained, staring hard at Ron with piercing eyes as he looked as if he was about to scream his heart out. Ron caught her gaze and abruptly shut his mouth. “But I think, Malfoy and that Parkinson were doing something before we landed there.”

“Doing what? I didn’t see them doing anything.” Harry said a little too curiously.

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other, giggling madly. Harry looked over at Ron, and he was blushing madly.

“Oi! You guys know something that I don’t! Ron, you gotta tell me what it is. Ginny didn’t want to tell me either!”

“Alright mate, I’ll tell you later, tonight.” Ron murmured. Harry looked satisfied at Ron’s answer.

“Harry, hurry open up Dumbledore’s message! Maybe it’s something important!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Oh yeah!” Harry shrugged the parchment open.

Dear Harry,
I would like to invite you for lunch at my office
at one p.m. later.
You are allowed to bring a friend along.
See you soon!
       Yours sincerely,
       Albus Dumbledore 
       P.S. Get me Chocolate Frogs.
“Bloody hell! What time is it now?” Harry asked as he folded the parchment and stuffed it back into his pocket.

“One thirty. Why?” Hermione said as Harry stood up in a hurry.

“Merlin! I’m late!” Harry ran towards the doors of the Great Hall with his broom in hand. When he reached the large wooden door, he abruptly stopped and ran back at the other side of the Gryffindor table. He came up at his three friends who were still looking at him in confusion. Harry gave a grin as he grabbed Ginny by her arm.

“Let’s go Ginny. We’re very late!” Harry noticed Ron looking rather alarmed a Harry’s actions. “We’ll be back later. Don’t worry.”

“Where are we going?” Ginny found herself practically jogging at Harry’s side. “And why do I have to go to?”

Soon, they were out of the Great Hall and were climbing the steps towards the seventh floor corridor. They were panting hard, tired from all the running and climbing. Harry grinned mischievously when he saw the still confused look on Ginny’s face.

“You, my dear Ginevra, have you forgotten about our bet? The one that states that you have to accompany me wherever I go for a month?”

Ginny smacked her forehead lightly and sighed. “Gee… I’m sorry Harry. I must have forgotten.”

“Oh no worries Gin. I almost forgot about it myself.” Harry smiled as he led Ginny towards the spot in the seventh-floor corridor where a single gargoyle stood against the wall.

“Um are you supposed to meet Dumbledore or something?” Ginny asked as she eyed the gargoyle curiously.

“Yes. I am supposed to have lunch with him.” Harry explained.

“Well then, I don’t think I ought to be here then. He would surely have something very important to talk to you.” Ginny shrugged.

“Nah it’s okay. He told me to bring a friend anyway. And frankly, I’m glad we had that bet, so you could come with me.” Harry gave Ginny a wink which made her weak in the knees. “Chocolate Frogs.”

Soon, the two of them were standing directly in front of a door which led to Dumbledore’s office. Harry gave a knock on the brass knocker and waited patiently.

“I feel as if I’ve just came here.” Ginny mumbled causing Harry to chuckle slightly. Harry thought Ginny looked so cute with her lips pouting and her brows frowning.

“We were here this morning Ginny, with my dad and mum and Sirius and Remus?” Harry grinned.

“Oh right.” Ginny replied, a little too embarrassed.

Suddenly, the door was opened and revealed a very cheerful looking Dumbledore. “Harry!” Dumbledore exclaimed ushering Harry and Ginny into his office. “Glad you could make it. And Miss Weasley, I was just expecting you too to be Harry’s company.”
“Thanks Professor. But you see, it’s kind of a… you see… um…” Ginny stuttered.

“Um Sir, actually it was all a last minute plan to bring Ginny here.” Harry explained.

“Oh Harry. No worries about that. Let’s just say, I had a vision that you’ll be bringing her here with you.” Dumbledore said, with a knowing look. Ginny glanced sideways at Harry, who caught her eye, both blushing furiously.

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Chapter 7: Awkward Feelings
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Ginny shot Harry an awkward glance. “How’d he know that you’ll be bringing me with you? Do you think he can see the future?” Ginny whispered.

“I’m not sure. Um why don’t you ask him.” Harry whispered back grinning playfully.

Ginny smiled sarcastically. “Gee thanks Harry, you’re much of a help.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Harry and Ginny followed Dumbledore towards a room at the back of his office. When they entered the room, they were greeted by a few familiar faces. James, Lily, Sirius and Remus were seated at one side of a long dining table, while Professor McGonagall and a very much older looking Remus sat on the other side of the table.

“Please take your seats. We’ll start lunch soon enough.” Dumbledore motioned for Harry and Ginny to sit. Harry took his place on the older Remus’ right side and Ginny beside him.

“Gee, I could just swear I had a dejavu vision just now Moony.” Sirius started talking, his face showing a hint of mischief. Both Remuses looked up at the same time, looking confused in the face.

“What do you mean?” Younger Remus asked.

“Harry and Ginny.” Sirius grinned.

“What about us?” This time it was Harry who spoke.

“Well, Harry and Ginny. And James and Lily.” Sirius continued. “Don’t you see the similarities Moonies?”

“I have nothing to say, just, he takes after his father!” James said proudly, clearly understanding the joke. Everyone at the table laughed including McGonagall, Dumbledore and Lily who was blushing maddeningly.

Harry and Ginny sat at their seats dumbfounded. Ginny bit her bottom lip, looking down at her fingers which she suddenly found rather interesting. Harry on the other hand shot Sirius a murderous look. He could also feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment. I’ll get you for this Padfoot! Harry thought silently.

“Now that you mention it Sirius, I guess it’s true.” McGonagall said looking straight at Harry with a knowing gleam in her eyes. “There are similarities between you and your parents Mr Potter. Are you currently dating Miss Weasley?”

Now, hearing this question from McGonagall was really awkward. Ginny almost choked on her pumpkin juice while Harry wore a very shocking look on his face. This was the last thing they expected from their Transfiguration teacher. Sirius, James, Lily and young Remus were giggling madly while the older Remus was trying very hard not to burst out laughing.

“Now now Minerva, let’s eat first. Questions and answers later. I’m rather hungry you see.” Dumbledore said giving Harry a quick wink. Then, Dumbledore gave his hands a couple of claps and soon, the dining table was filled with various kinds of food. Sirius wasted no time in looking around, as he immediately grabbed hold of a roasted chicken drumstick and greedily bite into it. Everyone was enjoying their meal and before they knew it, lunch was over and all of Dumbledore’s lunch guests were ushered back into the main office. However, Dumbledore and McGonagall stayed put to discuss some things regarding school matters and promised the rest that they would be out shortly.

“So, how did you get into this side of time anyway?” Older Remus asked as he sat on a couch very near to the fire place.

“Didn’t we just tell you Moony? Just now? Before lunch?” Sirius replied looking a little annoyed. “Seriously Moony, don’t tell me you develop a short-term memory as you get older.”

“Hey!” Both Remuses glared at Sirius.

“Fine fine. I’m sorry.” Sirius mumbled shaking his head. “With two Moonies here, Padfoot can’t win.”

“Well ya, I know you accidentally tripped into the flames of Anastolgicia and suddenly you landed here?” Older Remus asked again.

“Yes. But it’s not tripped.” Lily answered. “We were practically pulled into the flames. It’s somewhat like you’re traveling using the Floo Network, only back in time.”

“And Ginny found us first, didn’t you Gin?” Sirius spoke again, giving Ginny a charming wink. Ginny rolled her eyes at this but still nodded.

“Then she called Harry.” It was James’ turn to explain. After a few more minutes of reminiscing of last night’s events, finally older Remus seemed to understand the situation perfectly.

“Personally I am kind of glad that you guys are here. Especially um mum and dad.” Harry said softly. Ginny smiled and gave Harry’s hand an assuring squeeze.

“Yeah! I’m glad myself! Now I know how my son looks like at seventeen!” James exclaimed. “Just as handsome and heart-throbbing like father!”

“And charming like his Godfather.” Sirius chimed in. “But still you need to learn more on the charming part.”

“Whatever. But I guess he got his cool acts from me.” Lily beamed.

“Um I have nothing to say to you Harry. I guess I don’t know you that well.” Younger Remus said, looking a little ashamed of himself.

“Aww! Don’t worry young one. You helped Harry in a lot of ways.” Older Remus said, looking over at Harry proudly. “You’ll be teaching him how to conjure a Patronus in his third year.”

“Really? Third year? That early?” Younger Remus looked at Harry in awe, so did James, Lily and Sirius. “We only started learning about Patronus when we’re in the fifth. How come you get to learn it earlier?”

Harry gave a slight cough at younger Remus’ question. He was actually not that ready to explain his eventful life to his time traveling guests. “Well, you see, I was kind of needed to learn it desperately, because of the um Dementors um they were kind of chasing me.”
Harry looked down at the ground immediately, avoiding eye contact from the others.

“Dementors? Aren’t they the things that guard Azkaban? The kind of creatures which suck the ‘life’ out of you?” Lily questioned gazing at Harry who just nodded. “But why were they chasing you? Oh my God! Don’t tell me you’re imprisoned! Harry! What did you do?!”

“Lils! Listen out first!” James grabbed hold of Lily’s shoulders forcing her to look at him. Lily had a look of rage on her face. Harry squirmed in his seat as if waiting for his mother to give him an earful of naggings. Then, James turned towards Harry and asked, “Harry, I need you to tell me and your mother why were those Dementors chasing you in your third year?”

Harry swallowed his saliva nervously. “It’s because someone I’m supposed to know escaped from Azkaban. And that the closest person he’s related to is me.” Harry squeaked.

“Harry, you don’t have to tell them if you’re uncomfortable with this.” Ginny whispered soothingly, now intertwining her fingers with his. Older Remus nodded his head in agreement.

“Tell us what? Harry you should tell us, we’re your parents right? It doesn’t matter if we’ll be knowing about this in future, there’s no harm in telling us now. Maybe we could change the future and stop the Dementor incident.” James shrugged. “And who’s that person who escaped from Azkaban?”

“Precisely James, we can’t tell you much more because we’re afraid that you’d change the future.” Ginny said, not giving a chance for Harry to answer.

“Ginny’s right Prongs. There might be even greater problems if you were to change the future.” Older Remus said. His face was stern.

“Oh bloody hell! I just want to know why in Merlin’s name were the Dementor’s chasing my son? And who the bloody hell escaped from Azkaban? Bloody git getting my son into serious trouble!” James shouted. He was getting very mad. Even Lily was surprised at James’ sudden protectiveness towards Harry, making her suddenly feel so proud of him. Sirius and younger Remus were also nodding their heads in agreement, obviously supporting James all the way.

“It’s Sirius okay! Sirius, my Godfather!” Harry said, his voice rising the same level as his father’s tone. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to tell them everything. “And you won’t be around to know that I’ve been chased by Dementors because, because you’re de—dead! You won’t be around to send me off to Hogwarts on my first day of school! You won’t be around to see me playing my first Quidditch match! You won’t be around to sign my permission letters to Hogsmeade! You won’t be around to watch me grow up and see how horrible the Dursleys were treating me! You won’t be around for me to tell you of my first crush! Because you’re dead! Just dead! And it’s all Voldermort’s fault!”

Harry broke down in tears. Ginny moved forward to give him a hug which Harry gladly returned. He was sobbing unceremoniously onto Ginny’s chest, creating a wet patch on the front of her school robes but she didn’t mind. Dumbledore’s office was as silent as a graveyard. James and Lily looked really shocked at this information. Sirius had his face buried in his hands. Younger Remus was dumbfounded.

“We’re dead? You mean we’re going to die?” Lily whispered in horror, not wanting to believe anything when older Remus just nodded his head. “You mentioned the Dursleys? As in Vernon Dursley? Tuney’s high school boyfriend? She married him?”

“Yes mum. I was living with your sister, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.” Harry grunted, his face now buried in the crook of Ginny’s neck.

“Wait wait. Lily, you’re Muggleborn, so your sister’s a Muggle right?” James asked Lily who just bobbed her head up and down. “My son’s been living with a Muggle all along?! Bloody hell! Why didn’t you take care of him Remus? Or why didn’t Sirius? He’s Harry’s Godfather right?” James was looking furious again.

“Calm down James. We’ll explain to you shortly.” Older Remus forced James to sit on a couch beside Lily, at the same time trying to calm him down. James continued staring at Harry who sat on a loveseat across from him with Ginny. He gave a long sigh before looking away.

“Okay Lupin, explain everything.” James said in a very low and serious tone. Older Remus gulped nervously. He knew whenever James called him using his surname, he really meant business and no fooling around.

“Look James, it’s true that you and Lily are dead in this lifetime. And you two have been dead since sixteen years ago.” Older Remus spoke.

“Merlin!” Lily gasped as she quickly glanced at Harry, who was still clinging onto Ginny. Tears were still crawling out of his eyes. “You mean we’re dead when Harry was still a baby?”

“Yes Lily. He was only one when you and James died. But you died saving Harry. Harry’s alive because of you.”

“Who killed us Lupin? Who? Is it the same person Harry’s been telling me that he’s been dreaming about?” James asked.

“Yes James, it’s Voldermort.”

“He managed to kill me and Lily but why is Harry alive? He did try killing Harry as well didn’t he?” James asked again.

“Of course he did James. He wanted to kill Harry. In fact he used the Avada Kedavra curse on him but the spell rebounded onto himself. Harry was left unhurt, except for the little lightning scar on his forehead.” Older Remus continued. “That’s when Harry was called The Boy Who Lived. He sort of destroyed Voldermort at the time.”

“When you said rebounded onto himself, does that mean the curse did not hit Harry but hit Voldermort instead?” This time it was younger Remus who asked. Older Remus nodded.

“Why was I in Azkaban?” Sirius, who had been quiet throughout the conversation, suddenly asked. At this, Harry sat up straight and looked at Sirius. Harry just had to tell the truth to his Godfather.

“You were framed Sirius. People accused you of being the cause of mum’s and dad’s death. It was said that you sold us out to Voldermort by telling him our hiding place. That’s how he managed to kill mum and dad.” Harry answered.

“No. The last thing that I’ll ever do is to betray my best mate.” Sirius said looking at James pleadingly. “I’ll never do that to you James, I swear!”

“Sirius. You didn’t do it. Like I said, you’ve been framed. It wasn’t you. It was somebody else.” Harry told him, in fact, mumbling the last sentence.

“Who?” James asked. His face had turned red, mostly filling with rage and curiousness.

“Wormtail!” Older Remus spat out even before Harry could answer.

“What?!” James, Sirius and younger Remus exclaimed. They could not believe what they just heard.

“Wormtail? Who’s Wormtail?” Lily asked frantically.

“Peter. Peter Pettigrew.” James answered. “He’s one of our best friends. Part of the Marauders.”

“BLOODY SNEAKY RAT!” Sirius banged his fist on the small coffee table. Ginny and Lily jumped a little at the sudden banging.

“What’s with the commotion?” Dumbledore asked as he strolled into his office with McGonagall in tow. The tension in the office seemed to have cooled down a little at his arrival.

“Nothing Professor. We’re just trading stories.” Harry answered quickly, at the same time, trying to erase all his traces of crying.

“Trading stories? As in telling them about their future?” Dumbledore asked again. He gave Harry and older Remus a very pointed look.

“Professor, it’s not their fault. I forced them to tell me the whole story.” James exclaimed. “It’s just that…”

“No need to explain Mr Potter. I understand perfectly.” Dumbledore said as he sat down on a chair just behind his office table. “I know sooner or later, you might be curious to know about it. And no doubt, Harry and Remus, will tell you everything. I have been expecting it nonetheless.

“But one thing you should know, this is a very serious matter. The future is not something you might want to tamper with. Even a slightest change could affect everything.” Dumbledore continued. His expression was in a serious mode.

“I understand Professor. In fact, we all understand.” James gestured to himself and then to the rest of his ‘past’ companions.

“Yes. That’s good to hear. But, we’ll worry about that later.” Dumbledore smiled.

“So, you’re not mad at us for telling?” Harry asked nervously.

“Sure. Why not. They are your parents, and they do deserve to know.” Dumbledore winked.

At this statement, Harry gave a tight smile. Yes, his parents deserved to know the truth. And Harry wanted them to know the truth. Harry sighed when he felt Ginny’s hand rubbing his shoulder, full of warmth and comfort. 


James and Harry settled themselves on Harry’s bed while Lily and Ginny sat on Ron’s. When they left Dumbledore’s office, Harry suggested that they went up straight to the Boy’s Dormitories. Sirius declined the offer and told them that he wanted to take a walk down by the lake, together with Younger Remus. Sirius looked a little sad especially after knowing about most of the things that would happen in his future.

“So um Harry, you could conjure a perfect Patronus huh?” James asked, looking at his son.

“Yup. Thanks to Uncle Moony too.” Harry let out a still laugh.

“What about you Ginny? Able to conjure one too?”

“Um ya. Thanks to Harry.” Ginny blushed.

“Harry?” Lily looked at Ginny in surprised. James shot Harry a questioning look.

“So don’t you want to know what’s the form of my Patronus?” Harry quickly changed the subject.

“What?” James and Lily asked at the same time.

“Well, a stag.”

“Stag? Oh Merlin! A stag? Really?” James was smiling widely.

Harry smiled and nodded to confirm what his father just asked. Ginny beamed at this. She knew about James’ animagus form.

“Wow! You are truly my son! My flesh and blood!” James squealed with excitement.

“Why? Why a stag?” Lily asked, confusion rounding her mind again.

“Oh you’ll know it later Lils. The important thing is now, you should be feeling proud of him. He’s able to conjure a perfectly formed Patronus!”

“Of course I’m proud of him you prat! He’s my son too!” Lily grinned as she got up and gave Harry a hug. James smiled slyly as he too gathered Lily and Harry into his arms causing Lily to giggle so hard. Ginny on the other hand just sat back on her brother’s bed, enjoying the beautiful scene in front of her. She gave a smile, feeling very happy for Harry.

“I feel so complete now.” Harry said, glancing at James and Lily, who were still tangled in the hug.

“But um I don’t think so.” James said, frowning suddenly.

“Why?” Lily asked. “I think we’re complete. You’re the daddy, I’m the mummy and Harry here, our baby. We are complete James.”

“Baby? Mum please, I’m seventeen already and I’m not a baby.” Harry groaned, trying to release himself from his parent’s embrace. Ginny laughed heartily until she was lying fully on Ron’s bed.

“Precisely! You are seventeen and yet, you are missing something son.” James still had his sly smile plastered on his face.

“And what would that be?” Harry asked.

“A girlfriend.”

Harry stared at James as if his father had gone crazy. Ginny too had stopped laughing suddenly. Lily on the other hand was nodding vigorously, her eyes kept drifting from Harry to Ginny and back to Harry again. Harry could feel his cheeks burning.

“You’re mental Dad.” Harry hissed.

“Um I need to go now. Ron and Hermione are probably waiting for me in the library.” Ginny said as she stood up to leave. She quickly ran out of the seventh year Boy’s Dormitories, leaving a gaping Harry, a grinning James and a surprised Lily behind.

“Aww! She’s shy!” James slapped Harry on the shoulder.

“What are you talking about Dad?” Harry said, pretending not to know anything.

“Harry, stop being so thick and please stop acting stupid.” Lily glared at her seventeen year old son. “And stop acting like a git, just like your Dad.”

“Oi! I’m no git.” James pouted.

“I’m not a git!” Harry said.

“Harry, can’t you see, Ginny likes you, and from what I see, you like her too don’t you?” Lily teased.

“Yes Harry, I have a feeling that Ginny has a thing for you.” James wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

“Oh how can you be so sure?” Harry demanded, his face turning redder by the minute.

“Oh dear Harry, I can see it, even James can see it. Whereas you are too blind to see.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Did she told you that?” Harry asked again.

“Well um no. But if you like her too, then I believe you should make the first move.” Lily suggested.

“I’m scared mum. I’m afraid that I cannot take rejections. Especially from Ginny.” Harry practically mumbled his words.

“Be strong Harry.” James patted his son the back. “And by the way, you are actually facing the man who had been rejected a million of times by the same woman over and over again. And now, finally, I think she’s giving me a chance.” James gave Lily a wink, causing Lily to blush a little.

“Yeah Dad. You are brave.” Harry chuckled slightly.

“Thanks son.” James smiled. “And you are going to be brave just like me and go and make the first move. Go to her!”

“Um you really think she um likes me? She had given up on me you know.” Harry said, uncertainly.

“Bloody hell! I don’t think she just likes you Harry, I think she loves you!” James exclaimed.

“Mum, you think so?” Harry glanced over at Lily..

“Don’t worry baby. I know so.” Lily smiled as she playfully ruffled Harry’s hair, causing him to grin wide.

“Thanks Mum!” Harry grinned as he stood up and walked over towards the dormitory exit, before turning around once again to face his parents. “And I am not a baby!”

Lily smiled as Harry left the room. “You’ll always be my baby Harry.” Lily whispered, loud enough for James to hear. James gathered Lily into his arms again and hugged her.

“He will always be our baby Lily, always.” James whispered, silent tears rolling down his cheeks.