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Fading into the Darkness by Winston_SassyGirl

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,640
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 01/31/2008
Last Chapter: 02/27/2008
Last Updated: 02/27/2008

Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley are getting pushed away from their friends and closer to their darker enemies. Starts in fifth year, some events in book 5 and 6 are here. No book 7.

Chapter 1: Introducitons
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Fading into the Darkness: Chapter 1

Hermione Granger stepped through the door of The Burrow expecting Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to come running towards here the minute she walked in. Instead she was greeted by Molly and Ginny Weasley, who gave her each big hugs and told her how glad they were she could make it.

“Hi Mrs. Weasley. Thank you so much for always letting me come here. My parents appreciate it very much.” Hermione stepped further into the house followed closely by Mr. Weasley who floated her trunk up to Ginny's bedroom.

“Hermione, you must come see my new robes!” Ginny exclaimed, dragging her up the stairs. Ginny showed Hermione all of her brand new school robes, Ginny was the only Weasley who did not get hand-me-downs, because she was the youngest and also the only female child of the whole family. “We are going to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get the rest of our school supplies.”

“Gin, where are Ron and Harry?” Hermione wondered.

“Ron is picking up Harry with Fred and George, they should be back soon.” Hermione nodded, knowing they would definitely be back before dinner. Eating was one of those things those boys never missed.

“How was home?” Ginny asked.

“All right. I'm glad to be here. I never really fit in with my parents. It may sound weird but I don't think they love me to much.”

Ginny's eyebrows raised slightly. “Oh, Sounds bad.”

“No, actually not. When I was younger they sent me to live with Aunts, Uncles, Great Great Aunts, anybody really. It was cool because I got to travel so much and be a lot of different places. Then I got the Hogwarts letter and they seemed very pleased for me to be going to school away.”

Ginny nodded and picked up a book from a pile she kept next to her bed. She tossed the book over to her. “You should read that one. Its very good, the main character reminds me of Draco Malfoy.” Arthur Weasley had bewitched some sappy muggle romance books for Ginny so they would play like a movie.

“Gin, I don't want to read a book about Malfoy!”

“Yes you do. He's gorgeous, smart, sexy. And its not even reading. You just watch and listen.” Hermione sighed, defeated. She would 'read' the book to make Ginny happy. “And don't tell me you don't think his is even the tiniest bit of good looking. Everybody thinks he is good looking, I have even seen Ron checking him out once.”

Hermione choked a little, Ron? Ron her boyfriend Ron? “OK Ginny, he is good looking, but I am dating your broth-”

“MUUUUUUUUUUM!!” A loud wail sounded throughout the house. Ginny and Hermione rushed down to the kitchen knowing Harry had arrived. Instead of a normal looking Ron and a normal looking Harry, they found two female versions of them. Ron had long red hair braided into two pig-tails and Harry had long black hair braided into one braid. Hermione and Ginny couldn't hold back any longer and roared with laughter. Mrs. Weasley was trying to keep a straight face while surveying the damage. With a flick of her wrist and some mumbled words, Mrs. Weasley had transformed both Ron and Harry back to normal.

Ron quickly ran out of the room and came back a few minutes later zipping up his pants. “I'm all here. Thanks Mum.”

A few hours later everybody was seated at the table chatting about quidditch, Hogwarts, and anything else that came to mind.

A knock came from the door and Ron got up to open it, his mouth full of food. “Ooh. Halloo Proffethor Dumbdoor.”

“Hello Mr. Weasley.” He walked into the room followed by a very pretty black-haired girl. “Molly, Arthur.” Dumbledore nodded toward each of the adult Weasleys. “Ahh, Miss Granger. Just the person I wanted to see.”

“Yes Professor?”

“This is Mercedes, she will be attending Hogwarts this year, she just transferred from Pigbumps in the United States. Molly has agreed to let her stay here at The Burrow. You should all become very good friends in no time! Now, since Miss Snape is-”

“SNAPE?” Harry choked out. Ron looked terrified of this new girl. Fred and George looked at each other evilly.

“Yes, she is Severus Snapes child.”

“Ewwwwwww...” Ginny couldn't help bursting out. Hermione didn't agree that it was worth saying 'eww' about. Snape wasn't all that bad. He was just... Misunderstood.

“Yes, well. Miss Granger I would be most pleased if you helped Mercedes in finding her classes until she can do so on her own.” His eyes twinkled that weird way they always do. “The castle is a big place.” Dumbledore left leaving Mercedes alone. Everybody stared at her for a few minutes.

“Well child, come in and sit down. My my, you are thin.” Mrs. Weasley pulled a chair for her and heaped a big serving of everything on the table onto the small plate. “Of course Hogwarts will help fatten you up, with all the feasts, and parties, and Hogsmeade trips.”

“I'm Hermione Granger by the way.” Hermione stuck her hand out for the girl to shake. Mercedes shook it reluctantly and looked at her as if she was contaminated with some disease. “That is Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, and Ginny Weasley.”

Ginny watched the girl flirt with her brother, Ron. Who happened to be her best friend's boyfriend. She watched how she flipped her perfect hair with her perfect hand. Whenever she spoke both Harry and Ron watched intently as she pronounced her words with her perfect American accent.

Ginny excused herself from the table followed by Hermione.

Once safely behind the closed door of Ginny's room the girls vented their frustrations with the girl. “She's to perfect.” Ginny complained.

“To... To... I just don't like her.” Hermione stated. “Where is she sleeping?”

“Probably in that bed.” Ginny pointed to a small cot in the corner. Hermione was the one who usually slept in the cot, but Ginny's bed was big enough for two people to sleep comfortably. “We have to deal with her at night!”

“What if she snores? Or talks, or walks around while she sleeps?”

“Or turns into an ugly, hairy, green troll and...”Ginny's voice died down as Mercedes walked into the room immediately followed by Harry and Ron carrying her trunk.

“She gets the cot.” Ginny said rudely. Harry and Ron put the trunk down next to the cot and soon left after a thank you from the girl.

The room became quiet for the rest of the night as the three girls began to feel tired. Tomorrow they were all going to Diagon Alley to shop. Ginny thought darkly, maybe they could get Mercedes lost in Knocturn Alley.

Chapter 2: The Life of Draco Malfoy
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Fading into the Darkness: Chapter 2- The Life of Draco Malfoy


Lucius and Draco Malfoy apparated to a spot right in front of The Leaky Cauldron. Draco walked into Diagon Alley while his father went to meet a friend at the bar. Draco bought every school supply brand new so all his fellow Hogwarts students would know he was a Malfoy, and Malfoys are always wealthy. He finished shopping quickly and went to see the latest model of broomstick.

In the window display there was a very dark brown broom, almost black. Underneath the broom the sign read:



Brand new model!

The wizarding world's fastest broom!

Customizable handle! Display your name in your house or team colors!

The poster went on about more features about the broom followed by safety precautions and the price. 5000 galleons.

He walked back to The Leaky Cauldron to get more money from his father. Lucius barely payed any attention to him, giving him a pouch of money without breaking away from the conversation he was having.

Draco walked inside the broom shop and handed the witch at the counter the pouch. "House?" the witch asked, obviously bored with her job.

"Slytherin." Draco replied. The girl turned from him to another costumer.


“Gryffindor.” Draco turned to look at the other costumer, he knew that voice. He was surprised to see Hermione Granger handing the witch a pouch similar to his.

“Granger?” Draco was confused, she had failed flying in first year. “Buying a broom for you boyfriend?” He smirked, giving himself a pat on the back. Nice one.

"No. I'm buying myself a broom. And Harry is not my boyfriend."

Draco smirked a little more. “I meant the Weasel, he couldn't afford this broom in a hundred years.”

Hermione smirked a smirk of her own. “That's true. But I am trying out for quidditch this year and thought it would be good to get the best broomstick.”

Draco gaped at her, she smirked. And it was a very nice smirk too. She even agreed the Weasel couldn't afford the broom. Normally she would have said some rude remark about his family's wealth. He frowned, puzzled. “What position?” When did she even learn to fly?

"Name please." The witch asked Draco handing him a big broomstick-shaped package.

"Draco Malfoy." he said and turned back to Hermione. “So, what position?”


After purchasing the broom Draco walked back to The Leaky Cauldron. Lucius had finished talking to his friend and lead Draco out to the apparation spot.

“Draco, I wish to speak to you in my study. Put your things away then meet me there.” Lucius spoke coldly to his son. After arriving at Malfoy Manor Draco put his things away quickly. He didn't want to make his father angry.

Draco knocked on the door to the study and let himself in. “Sit.” His father instructed. He sat and noticed Severus Snape, the potions master at Hogwarts sitting in another chair. “Draco, Severus and I have been talking, and he has some news for you.” Draco remained silent while listening to Snape tell his tale. 

An empty compartment was hard to find on the Hogwarts Express. But only if you arrived late because of the big oaf Hagrid needing to give you a letter from the Headmaster. It wouldn't have taken much time if the half-giant hadn't lost it in one of his many pockets.

All Draco really needed to do to find a compartment with some first years and scare them away. He was disappointed when he found an empty compartment near the middle of the train. He really wanted to scare somebody.

Opening the parchment he read what he could. The giant-chicken loving man had gotten the letter wet and some words were no longer visible.


Dear Mr. Malfoy

I wo-ld li-e you to meet me in my office ---er the feast. Also included is a similar letter for Mis- Hermi—ne –anger.

Prof---sor Albus Dumb------Headmaster

Draco sighed, if this was about what Snape had told him this year would be so very different. Dumbledore would want Granger know before he told the whole school. 
Whoosh. The compartment door slid open and Hermione stood in the doorway, fuming. “Sorry. Thought it was empty.” She turned to leave but Draco stopped her.

“Wait. Granger I have a letter for you.” She turned back and sat down across from the slytherin. Holding it out for her she snatched it from his hands quickly. She opened the letter and sighed when she read it.

“So...” He tried to come up with some conversation, it was awful quiet in there. She suddenly grabbed her wand and muttered some spell conjuring a flaming blue circle. She said a few more words and the circle disappeared. Draco was impressed. Granger knows dark magic. 
He knew that spell, his father used it to teach him in the summer. The circle goes around a persons middle and whenever the spell-caster gets angry with them the circle burned into their skin. It was smart to put a invisibility spell on the flames. But it would not cover the marks left when she got burned.

Hermione put her wand away and smirked when a loud yelp sounded from another compartment. Draco had seen her smirk twice and she was good at it. But nobody was better than the great Draco Malfoy.


Chapter 3: The Sorting
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A/N: Hello! This is chapter 3! I hope you enjoy reading it! :)
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Fading into the Darkness: Chapter 3- The Sorting

The headmaster of Hogwarts looked from Hermione to Professor Snape to Hermione again. His eyes held no twinkle, telling Hermione he was about to say something serious, something bad, or something gruesome.

I'm not sure how this will sound Miss Granger," Dumbledore paused. "But you are Severus's daughter." Hermione froze. Unsure of what to do. She wanted to laugh. Or get pinched and wake up from a really weird dream. She did both. She laughed nervously and pinched her both her arms. Dumbledore looked at her oddly and Professor Snape looked different than usual, he wasn't glaring, or sneering.

“It's True.” Snape said quietly. She sputtered and tried to say something coherrent but with the current shock she couldn't produce anything but a few funny noises.

Her mind reeled with questions. How could HE be my father? Whose Mercedes? Why? Is Hermione my real name? I need answers! Her eyes rose and met Snape's. Him? THAT guy? Her father? This is just to ridiculous! Who is Mercedes?

"Who is-" Hermione began but Dumbledore cut her off.

"Mercedes and you were switched at birth." Dumbledore stood up and walked to the door, his purple robes trailing behind him. "I think it would be best if Severus told you the story himself.” After the old man had left. Snape sat in one of the three overstuffed chairs. He moved his hand in a gesture that meant for her to sit down. Hermione sat, her breathing was the only sound heard from the still room.

Snape looked at her intently waiting for the many questions she would ask. He would answer every question she had for him. She needed to know everything.

"Why do I look nothing like you? But SHE does? I don't have to call you Father now do I? Is my real name Hermione? Who is Mercedes?” The Gryffindor girl wasn't angry, just confused. Really confused.

Snape shifted into a more comfortable position and took a breath before beginning answering. "No, you do not need to call me father, you may if you like. This will take a while to explain, so get comfortable in that chair." He shifted again and looked into her eyes. “About 15 years ago I found myself in a predicament. I had impregnated a female death eater. She was never very fond of being a follower of the Dark Lord. She always planned on running away someday. When she announced she was pregnant she told me secretly she would have the child and after it was born she would run away. Lord Voldemort is always fond of children being raised between two death eaters and takes very good care of the ladies while they are on their leave, so you can see why she would stay and then leave.”

Hermione nodded and listened carefully. She knew she was the child in this story and needed to know about her past.

“After she gave birth she rested for three days, handed me the child and left. She was killed shortly after. It doesn't take long for Lord Voldemort to find a missing Death Eater. The child that was born had been female. Since it was a female the Dark Lord did not want to take chances in being defied again. He ordered the girl would be killed.” Snape paused, organizing his next words silently. “I could not let them kill her... You. I told the Voldemort that the child had been killed.”

“This next part will sound cruel, but I took a baby from an unimportant wizard family and cast a powerful spell to look like more like myself. I sent the child to live with a relative in the United States. I gave Voldemort clues that there was a possibility that a child existed. The other child was a girl named Mercedes who, in case Voldemort figured out the child was alive, would be killed.”

Hermione gasped, terrified by this information. Mercedes was a decoy. She still hated the girl but she could ease up a little on the hating. Unless she did something stupid.

"You were hidden from the Dark Lord with a family of muggles. I didn't know much about them except they liked teeth. You were supposed to be given back to me at the age of six. But try as we could Lucius and I could not find the muggle family. It broke my heart. Dumbledore even helped with the search. When you came to Hogwarts I knew who you were, Albus and I talked about when I should tell you since your first year.”

Hermione stared into his dark eyes, they didn't seem cold, or filled with hatred, as she always thought them to be. It was all an act.
"Does anybody else know?” At that moment Dumbledore entered the room followed by Draco Malfoy.

“Yes, Draco knows. Since he is Lucius' son he has always known.” Malfoy sat down in the empty chair and Dumbledore sat behind his desk.

"What will happen now?" She asked looked at the Headmaster.

"You will continue your education here. And while you are here I think it would be wise to tell the whole school. What we didn't expect was for Mercedes to show up. This will complicate things quite a bit but its nothing we can't handle. I believe it would be best if we told them tonight, after everyone has eaten. Draco is here if you need anyone to talk with or just be a friend.”

Hermione snorted. Draco Malfoy? A friend? Yeah Right.

Snape reached inside his robes and pulled out hi s wand. Pointing it at Hermione he flicked his wrist a few times. She suddenly felt different, she looked at her body and saw her skin had paled considerably and she had become quite tall and thin. Almost like Professor Snape. She stood up and walked around the room, stumbling, she would need to get used to being taller. Her hair had changed to a dark brown, still a bit frizzy and unruly but not as much as it had been before.

The next few hours were a blur, she was shocked over everything and being in this new body was hard work. Soon she found herself standing in front of the whole school next to Dumbledore. He had just announced the news and everybody was silent. He continued speaking as she looked around.

She wanted to be sick. Most of the students looked like they wanted to be sick also. Harry and Ron glared at Snape, who sat in his usual spot. Ginny looked as if she could care less about who Hermione's parents were. Most of the Gryffindors looked disgusted, some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws too. Slytherins looked smug and she knew what they were thinking. I knew she was to good to be a TRUE Gryffindor. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes is a Slytherin at heart. Hogwarts smartest witch is a SLYTHERINS daughter!

"...And so she will be sorted by the Sorting Hat once more. Mercedes will also be sorted at this time too." Dumbledore concluded his speech. Sorted? Nobody said anything about being sorted again! Dumbledore took her arm and led her to the stool that was sitting in the middle of the hall. Hermione sat down and waited for the hat to be placed on her head. Mercedes stood a few feet away looking confused and attempting to glare at the same time. She didn't have the glare part down right.

"Hmmm...You've been here once before." The Sorting Hat said when Dumbledore had carefully placed it on her. “Gryffindor was where you were. Maybe a change in scenery is what is needed eh? Ravenclaws are wise, you could have great times there... Slytherin... Ahhhh, I see you have Slytherin in your blood, Severus Snape's child... Hufflepuff is nice, they are loyal to their house and their hearts... Only one house will do, which will it be?” The hat contemplated the choices for several minutes. Everyone was silent. It was quiet and everybody was wondering.

“Yes... I see now, the house for you is...”

Hermione held her breath, and squeezed her eyes shut. This is it. The hat wiggled and yelled “SLYTHERIN!” She opened her eyes and saw, and heard, the whole Slytherin table shout cheers. The new Slytherin girl looked up at Snape and saw him nod. The corner of his mouth turned up, just a little.

She sat down next to Pansy Parkinson, who wasn't that awful of a person. Draco smirked at her and held his hand out to her. “Welcome aboard Gra- Err... Snape.”