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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Elemental Mystics (Year Five) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 33,885

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Young Adult
Characters: Snape, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/29/2008
Last Chapter: 07/28/2008
Last Updated: 08/04/2012


Tempest grieves for her loss but she is not left in peace.  Again haunted by her visions Tempest sees four girls with extraodinary power being murdered one by one . . . unless she can stop them.  As she hunts to save the lives of these girls before the murderous hands of Merwick, she finds secrets everywhere around her and tries in all her power not to fall into darkness that threatens to consume her . . .

Chapter 1: Future Plans
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Tempest loved the way his lips tasted. They were sweet and loving. She loved him, completely and truly loved him, she just hadn't told him that...yet. His hands went up her shirt, tickling her spine. She laughed then someone came ad knocked on her door. She recognized the heart beat as well at the scent. It was Vivaldi.

“Tempest, get dressed, Nila and Void are ready.” Tempest opened her eyes. She had almost forgotten. Nila and Void, against her wishes, were about to become servants to the Dark Lord, fellow Death Eaters. She knew their true motive though; they wanted to protect her, keep her safe, and not just from Merwick.

“Okay, I'll be down in minute.” Draco was nibbling on her neck now. She really didn't want to go, but she no choice, she was the favourite of Lord Voldemort.

“Do you have to go?”

“Pining does not suit you, and yes...unfortunately.” She untangled her legs from his and sat up. She really didn't want to leave as she looked down at Dracos' wolfish eyes. Her eyes though began to drift unconsciously to his neck. Tempest licked her lips.

“You're not allowed to suck my blood.”

“I wasn't planning on it.” She sunk down into bed and hugged him, listening to his heart beat.

“Zephyr!” It was Nila.

“Coming!” She quickly kissed Draco and got dressed in her overly large closet. She walked out but not before putting a black rose neatly in her hair. She had to make a quick stop.

Tempest walked down the stairs toward the family room where everyone was waiting for her.

“Edana, what are you doing here?”

“Vayne,” she corrected, “and I'm coming too.”

“No you are not." Tempest stared at Vivaldi. "Vivaldi tell your daughter that she is not coming.”

“I've tried Tempest, she will not listen to me.”

“You're only twelve Vayne, you are not going to become a Death Eater.”

“Too bad, I am.” Her purple eyes glowed with a ferocity like that of Selene.

“You are far too much like Selene sometimes.”

“Right now I'll take that as a complement. Look, you're going to protect me, so I'm going to protect you.”

“Like I have a choice. Fine, come on, lets go.”

They followed Viva out and grabbed their brooms. This was going to be a long night thought Tempest.

Tempest stared solemnly ahead as they all approached the house of Lord Voldemort. It was dark and dreary filled with death it made Tempest sick it made her sad. She hated being his servant, she hated acting like she loved him and everything he stood for. He was no better than Merwick and that thought sent a chill down her spine, he was back and out there somewhere. Obviously though, her mother did have good reasons for swearing her allegiance to Lord Voldemort. She herself lied about visions she did or did have just to please him.

Nila, Edana and Void were to wait in the dining room while everyone else waited for Lord Voldemort. Tempest sat alone sucking on a blood pop when someone suddenly took a seat next to her. It was her mothers best friend, Bellatrix.

“Hello Zephyr.”


“Did you know I knew your mother?”

“Yes, I've seen her memories. I know a lot and I've seen a lot of things I wish I didn't. She really did care about you, all of you.”

“And we all cared about her. It is a shame that she died.” She looked into her eyes. “The purple is knew. Do you even understand, or know rather, how you got that red outline?”

“I haven't gotten to that memory, yet, but I didn't, finally understand how I am able to see invisible things, and the future and invisible objects.”

Bellatrix laughed. “I was there when she cast that spell. Aidan was dating Vivaldi. Your mother loved your father, never dating anyone else.” She got up. “You should see that memory Zephyr. “You look so much like her.”

“Tempest smiled. “Thank you Bella.” She got up and gave her a hug. She may not like Voldemort or his standards, but these people, they were her family. Finally, Lord Voldemort came into the room followed by his snake and Peter Pettigrew. Her mother had been playing around in Misfortune telling class when she had seen his fate. A little fun, her favourite thing. Everyone bowed and Tempest composed herself as he approached her.

“I hear your friends want to join us?”

“Yes, I believe they could be great assets. They are loyal to the end.”

“Hmm, bring them in then.”

Tempest nodded and bowed her head slightly. She bumped into Severus who smiled down at her. She smiled back at him uncertainly.

“Okay you threw, come on.”

They all looked at each other and nodded. Edana grabbed Voids' hand and Nila glared at it. Tempest caught her glance and Nila crossed her arms and followed.

Tempest watched as each of them in turn were branded on their left arm. When all was done, they all sat around and listened as their Dark Lord spoke. She began to wish she could save him when she heard that he had control over Dementors and had them hunting Harry Potter as of that moment. Quickly thought she closed her eyes to see into the future. Harry Potter would live. When she opened her eyes, all eyes were on her.

“What did you see?” demanded Voldemort.

“Harry Potter will survive the Dementor attack.”

“That's not possible,” screamed Bellatrix.

“That is what I saw.” Everyone stood still and silent, yet to everyone surprise, Voldemort began to laugh which frightened Tempest as she feigned a smile.

“Calm Bellatrix, I expected as much. Now, I can put my true plan into action.” Tempest ignored him. She stared into space. Gorx had died, murdered by none other than Merwick who had returned. 'You cannot change the future' Majika had told her, but she was determined to change it at all cost.

Tempest painted a plan of her protected and watching over both Draco and Astrea. Astrea kills Draco with no mercy in her eyes, just a gold glint. Merwick leave her alone, she thought grimly.

As the meeting ended, Voldemort stated that it would continue after the Dementors returned. Everyone except Tempest went back home. She got on her broom and flew to the graveyard by her house.

Tempest placed her broom on the wall and opened the creaky gate door. She walked in and looked from side to side wary of herself as she walked to the graves of her mother and father.

She stared at her parents grave that were covered in flowers. She knelt down between them pulled the rose from her hair and sprinkled some pollen onto each. Their graves suddenly overflowed in black rose buds. She smiled at each and traced her fingers over their names before stroking her hair and heading towards Gorx's grave.

As she approached she stopped suddenly. There stood Entia, Gorxs' twin sisters. Tempest had never known that they were twins. Entia blamed her for her Gorx's death. Tempest took a deep breath and walked over to the grave.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” Entia demanded.

“I came to pay my respects.”

“Didn't you do enough of that at the funeral?”

“Actually no. I think I deserve a chance to say a proper goodbye.”

“Proper goodbye,” she said mockingly. “He died in your arms! You could have saved him, but you didn't! You already said your goodbye.”

“You think I wanted him to die? I wanted to save him but he didn't want to live that life of a vampire! I respected his last wish!” Tempest threw her rose in the grave and turned around and walked out of the graveyard. She grabbed her broom and walked back home. Do they all blame me, she asked herself.

Tempest didn't dwell on that thought for long as someone came out of nowhere and pulled her into an alleyway.

“Thorn you ass! You scared me half to death!”

“Hush you little brat,” said Selene.

“Nice to see you too Blade. Hey where were you two al summer?”

“Oliver doesn't want me to get mixed up with Voldemort, he was quite angry that I neglected to tell him my family was a bunch of Death Eaters,” explained Selene.

“Isolde as well, we tried to explain it to mum, but she never replied to our letters.”

“You two do know we're planning on betraying Voldemort right? That the only reason our parents joined when they were younger was because they were going to betray him right? Of course you didn't. Well that why my mum swore me into his service, to help defeat him.”

Selene and Jason looked at each other.

“We didn't know that,” said Jason.

“Hmm, I guess that's my mu— Vivaldi was acting upset all summer. Well what have you come to tell me?”

“That's right. Well Oliver and I are finally going to get married next summer so I...I wanted to tell you. Tell mum 'kay?”

“I'll tell her, and you Thorn?”

“I'm going to propose to Isolde, and we were both offered jobs in the Ministry of Magic Magical Creatures department.”

“Congratulations, both of you. Well since we're on the subject of magical creatures, do you mind adding Nilas' sevratis to the list of. Now if you two don't mind, I have a couple messages to relay to Vivaldi.” She gave each of them a warm hug an walked down the alley back to the street. As she walked though, Selene called after her.

“What Blade?”

“You almost called her mum.”

“I have no idea what you're talking about.” Tempest turned around and continued to walk away. She just lied on behalf of Vivaldi, but they we're her children and she loved them, she couldn't lose them like she lost her.
Tempest walked inside the house and everyone looked at her as she walked toward the kitchen.

Tempest leaned her broom against the wall and opened the freezer. She pulled out a raw bloody steak and bit into it, sucking out the blood while she watched Vivaldi as she cooked.

“I just ran into Blade and Thorn. Blade wanted me to tell you that it's official, her's getting married next summer. Thorn is going to propose to Isolde and they were offered positions in the Magical Creatures department.” She sucked out the last drop of blood, wrapped the meat back up and placed it back in the freezer.

“Thank you.”

“Don't. They're your children, you deserved to know.”

She walked out and up to her room. Draco was fast asleep in her bed and she smiled. She quietly got undressed and then dressed in her favourite pajamas. The black tank with pants that had a purple fairy on them. She went to her mirror and stared at her seldom seen reflection, where she tied her hear back and walked to bed. Draco woke and she smiled down at him.

“What took you so long?”

“Oldy was just talking about plans.”

“I know, but what took you so long?”


“Oh.” He stroked her face and she leaned close to him, breathing him in. She let him hug her as she quickly fell asleep.

Astrea was stabbing Draco. She jolted up and looked around. Draco was fast asleep, She looked at his left arm. Nothing. She had to make her dream, her premonition not some to pass. It was no longer up for negotiation.

Chapter 2: Mysteries of the Past
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The night was cool and refreshing and a simple cat was perched against a tree.

“Zoltron...” She reached up and shook his paw. Soon he got up and stretched, sat down and started licked his left paw and glared at her. She saw his mark.

“Oh come on, please change back to normal. Besides, it was your choice to become one of us, not mine. If I recall I was against it, besides you know I want nothing to do with that man.” Zoltron stayed as a cat.

“Oldy is going to be mad that you missed the meeting.” Zoltron turned his head to the moon. It was full, he had no choice in his form.

“Lucky, you didn't have to go to his meeting.” The cat jumped down from the tree and nudged it head. Tempest climbed out from her window and followed Zoltron.

Zoltron led her to the portkey where next to it was hole in the ground. Tempest knelt down and sniffed the air from it. Ocean water.

“It took me three some weeks to dig that thing I hope you know.”

“Hello Divina. What do you want?”

“I heard that you let Zoltron, Void, Nila and Edana join the army of Voldemort.”

“No,” said Tempest already knowing what she was about to ask.

“YOU don't get to decide our fate Tempest.”

“Well sorry, Princess, but on this matter I do.”

“Merwick is back, he's out there and he wants your blood. You need us!”

“You're not joining him. Neither you nor Chad! That's final!”

“Then I guess we're just going to have to do this without your permission the,” said a male voice. Tempest didn't need to turn around to know that is was Chad, but she did anyway.

“How the bloody hell did you get here?”

“That's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know.”


“Zoltron if you please would lead us to Voldemort please.”

“You guys are insane, it's miles from here.”

“We don't mind the walk,” they said in unison.

“Why do you tow have to be so difficult!”

“Us! You're the one the being difficult!” exclaimed Divina.

“Bloody hell, you want to join him so badly, follow me then. Not like I have a choice in the matter.”

Tempest got up and Zoltron jumped on her shoulder and purred. Tempest rolled her eyes and walked home.

“Tell me Hydra isn't joining as well. I must have some friend with some common sense.”

“We haven't heard of her joining. Have you heard some sort of whispers.”

“Unfortunately yes. There are rumours that werewolves are joining the army. I'm not sure if they are true or not though.”
“Probably are true, there are very few good werewolves out there,” said Chad.

“Tell me about it,” commented Tempest. She knew a lot of werewolves personally at school and even thought they allowed fights to be settled, on full moon night everyone was required to were a silver necklace to scare away the werewolf.

Tempest walked home and walked in through the front door.

“Vivaldi!” Lights came on and she walked out from her room. Nila, Void, Draco, and Edana leaned over the railing, watching.

“Chad? Divina?” Questioned Nila. “What are you two doing here?”

“That, for once, is not a stupid question Nila,” said Void. Nila smacked him.

“Go back to bed now!” hollered Tempest. They all hurried to their rooms, except Vivaldi who continued her walk down the stairs.

“Living room,” Vivaldi said.

They followed her to the living room and sat down.

“They want to join Voldemort. I tried to deter them but I could do nothing, you take it from her, I'm going to bed.” Tempest took Zoltron off her shoulder and walked up to her room. Draco wasn't on her bed like she expected But she knew where he was even before he closed the door suddenly behind her. She turned around smiled.

“Don't ever startle me like that again, understood?” she said playfully as he took her in his arms and nuzzled her neck.

“I'm sorry, come on lets get back to bed.” He lifted her slender body up in his arms and carried her to bed. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it curling up on her side. Draco hugged her and seemed to breath her in. He pulled the coverd over them both and held ger close.

“I wish you knew how much I truly loved her.” She said nothing as she smiled.

“Go to sleep Draco, we have a big day coming up.” She wrapped her hand wit his and pulled him closer. For some reason he smelled like something she had never smelt before.


Tempest loved how stormy it was/ How cloudy and dark it was. It was beautiful, in her opinion anyway. She wore black on black and nothing more. Tempest walked around the Ministry of magic to see her brother and Isolde. Upon walking, Tempest double backed at the site of Harry Potter/ HS stood a moment and leaned against the wall and watched him. He was in trouble she thought. So what's if she had a harmless crush, at least she was trying to keep him safe. She stopped daydreaming and continued on her way to the elevator. Immediately she was taken to the Magical Creatures department. She stopped at the front desk just a couple feet from the elevator.

“Um hello, can you tell me where I can find Thorn Nyx?”

The woman looked up at Tempest curiously ask asked simply, “who?”

“Huh, oh sorry, Jason Thorn Nyx.”

“Oh, certainly. Down the hall and to your right.”

“Thank you.” Tempest laughed at herself for thinking that her brother would use his nickname at work.

“Hey Thorn!” she exclaimed when she saw him.

“Zephyr!” He gave her a hug. “Hows my little sister?”

“All right. Actually I came here fro a reason; there's something I need to talk to you about.”


“I lied.”

“About what?”

“Mu...Vivaldi isn't planning on betraying...” She looked both sides. “Voldy, but I am. Me and my––“

“Hold on, you lied to me?”

“And Blade. Look, she's your mum, you have to talk to her.”

“That's very sweet of you, anyway continue.”

“Thank you. Anyway, my friends and I have an advantage like no one lese, except Viva and Casca. He made all our marks invisible to all except dark wizards and those we will to see it. We're planning to strike when the moment is right. I've already seen his demise.” She smiled.

“Why do you whisper?”

“Because his spied are inside. Watch what you say brother, Lucius will be watching.” She smiled and sat back in her seat.

“You are very clever little sister.”

“Thank you, it is in my blood after all.” Finally she remembered something. “I have to go, tell Isolde I say hi.”

“Okay and Blade is right, you almost did call her mum.”

“Honestly, I don't know what you are talking about.” She turned on her heels, her big leather jacked flapped behind her and left.

She walked outside back into the Muggle realm where it was finally raining. She stood a moment, spread her arms and tilted her head while she smiled and let herself get soaked. Finally, when she was done enjoying herself, she opened her eyes and walked from the alley way to the middle sidewalk back home, even though it was miles away. She stopped at a corner, waiting to cross and turned her head. Across the street on the opposite corner was the corner where she had first laid eyes on the Merlin Crusaders. If Voldemort had never been destroyed then they would never have gone after her. Voldemort was the cause of everything awful that happened in England. She began to cross the street when a woman shoved passed her. Tempest eyes widened as she recognized the woman as the same one her father had given a foxes tail She smiled and with her finger repeated what her father had done. Sometimes, she loved her fond memories. She ran up to her and tapped her on her shoulder.

“Excuse me miss?”

“What?” she said rudely.

Be happy I don't give you a face to match woman, she thought. “You have a fox tail, did you know?”

“WHAT!” The woman dropped her cell phone and began to scream, “oh god not again.”

Tempest walked on happily until she saw a Muggle wanted poster for Azcaban escapees. The Ministry even had the muggles looking out for them. Tempest continued on her walk, until she came upon a man leaning on a post fence in the open countryside. He was standing as though he was waiting for her.

“Hello Young Tempest.” She quickly pulled out Excaliber and smiled.

“Hello Merwick, nice body. How long have you had it?”

“About three weeks now. You see now I have to take over bodies outside in, and by doing so, well you see, the body in which I posses begins to rot. Not very nice.”

“Well I'm sorry to have caused you such an inconvenience,” she said sarcastically. Excaliber turned back into a dagger by just her thoughts and she put it back in her wristband as she walked up to him. In her high heel boots she was at his eyes level.

“You know I'd suck your blood if it weren't for the fact that you would poison me.”

“I actually welcome the thought of your mouth on my neck, of course anywhere else would be just as good.” Tempest rolled her eyes in disgust.

“You disgust me old man.”

“Thank you Young Tempest, I actually enjoy it.”

“Whatever.” She walked past him and he pulled her back.

“I'll be seeing you around.”

“I hope so old man.” She pulled away and raised her head smuggle as she began to walk away.

“You look deathly beautiful.”

“Go to hell.”

She began to run and within minutes was back home. She walked in and dropped her jacket down on the ground. She walked up the stairs to the attic as if in a trance and walked up to the pensieve.

Her mother was mixing up a potion wearing a black and purple apron. Suddenly a knock came at her door. She looked at it curiously.

“Who is it?”

“Aidan, can I come in, it's quite cold.”

“On come in already she said wiping her hands. Tempest followed her mother to the hallway and standing in the doorway was Aidan, her father, soaking wet and with a suit case. He walked in and gave her a hug after closing the door.

Morganna smiled and then looked at the suit case. “What's with the suit case?”

“Viva and I have...separated.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry. Well come on, lets go sit down and make some tea all right. Here take of that soaking wet coat Aidan, or you'll get sick.” She smiled at him and Aidan did as was told, letting it drop to the floor.

“Of course.”

Morganna led him to the kitchen and looked back at him uncertainly as he sat down. She turned her gaze back to the stove and put a hot pot on it before turning back to her cauldron.

“Well, now that you're here you can help me brew this potion.” He stood up and walked next to her.

“What are you brewing. Tempest looked around like her father and stopped at the Sorcerers Stone.

“Morganna that's the Sorcerers Stone!”

“Hush, I'm going to give at back, after I finish the potion.” She cut off a chunk with her butchers knife and dropped it into the bubbling cauldron.

“What are you doing?”

“Power hungry. Hand me some monkshood please.”

“Here.” He sat back down and she served herself a cup of the finished potion as well as a cup of tea for Aidan.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Just a simple fight and some overpowering differences.”

“Like what? You two have almost too much in common.”

He looked at her. “You.”

“Really, well that's not good. You shouldn't have come here, you should go back home and patch everything up.” She got up and he grabbed her.

“I love you Morganna.”

“Don't say that.”

“If you can honestly look me in the eyes and say that you don't love me then I will leave and go back home.”

“Go back to your children Aidan.”

“Tell me.”

“I can't okay. I love you, I always have and will, are you happy now?” Tempest smiled when her father kissed her mother.

“Purple, for my eyes.”

She smiled. “Come on, lets sit back down.” They did just that and Morganna took one last look at her drink before drinking it down. Tempest watched has her mother ran up stairs and into the bathroom. Her eyes were red in the reflection and then they faded to just an outline. She took out a needle and took out some of her blood.

“Morganna,” called her father distantly.

“Aidan I'm fine can you please just come up here for a moment.”

“Are you all right?”

“Just come please,” she urged. Tempest watched her hide behind a wall as her father came running up the stairs. Out if nowhere she injected her blood into him. He clutched his neck and turned around.

“Hush.” He began to collapse onto the ground and she caught him. Tempest watched as his eyes turned from purple to grey with a red outline. Her mother smiled as she stroked his hair.

“Your eyes Aidan, they're the same as mine.”


“My magic. Hush now, you need your sleep.” Tempest smiled and walked out. She opened the attic window and stared at the lightning stroke. That was one mystery solved, now all she needed to do was solve the rest in her life.

Chapter 3: Perfection
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The Leaky Cauldron was absolutely buzzing with talk about Voldemort. Of course they never said his name, they always reffed to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who. It completely irritated Tempest considering the man they were afraid of was nothing more than a no good psychotic half-blood.

She drank some butter beer and sat in a dark corner. Now and days she loved her dark little corners. Nila looked at her nose piercing in her little mirror. She had changed the stone from fuchsia to green. She closed her mirror and rolled up her sleeves.

“I'm bored.”

“Aren't we all,” said Void.

“For once I can't think of anything to do,” said Tempest.

“Well that is something 'eh” laughed Nila.

“Did I tell you I ran into Merwick a couple weeks ago.”

“No!” Void and Nila shouted in unison.

“Oops, well sorry.” Tempest began to tell them about her encounter with the twisted old man.

“Ew, he actually touched you?” exclaimed Nila. Tempest nodded. “God that's revolting.”

“Did he actually say 'I actually welcome the thought of your mouth on my neck, of course anywhere else would be just as good'?” asked Void.


“Well that's it then, I'm going to go kick his ass.” Void began to get up but Nila put a gentle hand on his arm.

“You wouldn't even begin to know where to find him.”

“I guess but . . . ”

“Just sit down already.” Nila smiled sweetly and he clucked his tongue ring against his teeth then finally sat back down.

“Thank you.”

“Whatever . . . your welcome.” They shared smiled and Tempest let her eyes drift back from one to the other. Suddenly Edana came out of nowhere and jumped into Void Lap kissing him in the process.

“Ugh Vayne, please stop kissing him it's disgusting.”

“Oh hush.”

Nila stood up and Tempest stared at her. “I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back.” She turned to walk away and Tempest took note that Void stared after her. Unfortunately so did Edana. Tempest jumped up and ran to Nila stopping her.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I'm fine . . . oh my god is that Divina and Chad?”

“Huh.” Tempest spun around and looked at a table in a dark corner. Nila was right, there they sat together, laughing.

“Well I wonder what they were up too this summer,” said Nila.

“Yeah, well we'll bother them later.”


They stood there a moment when all of a sudden two arms wrapped around both of their shoulders.

“What are you two up to?” asked Zoltron.


“Really? Hey look it's Chad and Divina. Chad! Divina! Tempest rolled her eyes and walked along with Nila and Zoltron. Chad and Divina waved back at them.

“Come on, let’s go sit back down.” When they got bac, Edana and Void were in a very tentative lip lock.

“Okay that's it, Void we have to go buy our school supplies . . . now.” She pulled him yo and Edana pouted. They all walked in silence and walked staight to Knockturn Alley. People murmured as they passed. Apparently they could see their Dark Marks. Tempest didn't even care or flash her devious winsome smiled. Neither did Nila or Void. They all just walked constantly and in silence. She couldn't help but feel sad inside, but what could she do, she was sworn into his service long before she was even born.

Tempest walked into Cutt and Newt, the Knockturn alley bookstore.

“Void do you have out supply list?”

“Don't I always.” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a patch of parchment.

“Okay, here we go. Hey I just realized that this year we have all our classes together,” remarked Void.

“Yeah, after last year—” Nila paused. “Well you know after last year, we should just stick together.”

“Yeah,” remarked Tempest.

They walked in silenced for a moment before bumping into fours people. Astraea, Cassandra, Heather and Entia.

“Hello Zephyr.”

“Astraea. Entia.” Entia ignored her.

“Tempest . . . Zephyr, may I have a private word with you,” said Astraea. Tempest nodded. Her and Astraea weren't friends but that was besides the point.


“I don't like Entia. She started to write to me over the summer and now she stalking me. I've told her everything that happened but she doesn't care and will not believe anything I say. You have to fix this.”

“I can't bring her brother back fro the dead. Can't you just be cruel to her?”

“No, she's older than me and received a job at the Ministry of Magic, being cruel to her would serve me no purpose.”

“Just don't reply to her letters. Ignore her once school starts.”

“Ugh fine, but I guess that's my only option eh. Huh, what I wouldn't give to be you.”

“Trust me, you don't want to.”

“Good point.” She walked away and Tempest just leaned against the bookcase waiting to Nila and Void to pop out of nowhere. She heard them as they crawled over the bookshelves.

“Have fun?”

“Actually yeah we did,” said Nila. Tempest looked at her a moment and noticed that her clear lip gloss was smeared over her lips. She looked at Void to discourage the thought forming in her head and thankfully for her, his face was perfectly clean.

“Nila, you lip gloss is all over your face?”

“Ugh, stupid book.”

“She was trying to see how close she could get to the books,” said Void.

“So she could what, eavesdrop?”

“Duh,” said Nila fixing the rest of her makeup.

“Well isn't this a coincidence,” came a subtle voice. They all turned around and saw Adrian along with Jason and Isolde.

“Adrian,” yipped Nila. She ran to him and he gave her a big hug.

“Thorn. Isolde. What are you two doing here because this I know is not a coincidence.”

“Something was sent to us by your school for you and Void. They asked me to deliver it for them and wanted to apologize for being late. Tempest and Void looked at each other before taking the two envelopes.

“Adrian do you know what there's are?” asked Tempest.

“Just open them.”

Tempest did so but was more than astonished at what she saw.

“Zephyr?” asked Nila.

“We made house prefects,” said Void.

“I think I'm going to be sick,” muttered Tempest.

“Why?” asked Isolde.

“My dead boyfriend was prefect then House Boy.”


Tempest sat down on the ground. She couldn't believe it. First off, she was not the most perfect student alive. She always skipped class, well most of he time. She basically always broke all the rules and was always running off to go fight Merwick, who proclaimed himself good. Now Void, she could see why he would be prefect but why her, she wasn't.

“Zephyr,” asked Void.

“I don't understand how I made Prefect.”

“Oh come, you are virtually perfection achieved,” began Nila. “You always do your home work, you always do well on test and you are always going off to go save peoples’ lives. Zephyr you deserve this.”

"But I don't want this."

"Well just deal with it already." Nila knelt down and cupped her face. "Zephyr, this is a good thing all right, accept it."

Tempest stared at her then finally smiled. Nila always knew how to make things better for her.

"All right I will, but only if you get your hands off my face."

"Oh sorry." She laughed and held her hand out to Tempest. Tempest was hoisted up, of her own will.

"Come on, let’s go tell everyone the good news." Nila started to skip off and Void just followed, a smile on his face as he kept his hands in his pockets. Tempest rolled her eyes and gave Jason, Isolde and Adrian all warm hugs before she walked.


They walked to the table that sat Divina, Chad, Edana and Zoltron. Zoltron waved at then and with that Edana jerked around and ran up to Void a long hard kiss on the lips. Nila made puking motions directed at Tempest and like always made her laugh.

"Shut up," said Void rather rudely as he walked forward dragging Edana along.

"Oh, I don't think so," said Nila harshly. Tempest stared at Nila and Void and noticed the hostility. Nila was angry as her tone revealed malice, something Nila never was. Nila took a seat across from Void and sat next to Zoltron and placed her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry am I missing something here?" asked Tempest.

"I second that," said Void who was glaring at them.

"What, didn't you all know, I'm dating Nila." He turned his head and kissed her on the lips and she in return held him close.

"Okay enough, what is everyone part of a relationship?"

"We aren't," said Chad and Divina in unison.

"Thank you."

"What about Draco," asked Zoltron as he wrapped his arm around Nila's waist.

"One word. Panzy."

"He hasn't ended it," said Zoltron.

"Yet," said Nila taking a drink of butter beer.

"No yet. Actually I like it this way, but only because I hate her." Tempest smile and so did they. None of them liked Panzy.


Tempest sat on the ceiling of her room above Nila and stared down at her.

"Something’s up."

"With what?"


"You're just being paranoid. Hold on, do you know a spell that will allow me to join you up there. It's starting to hurt my neck talking to you like this."

"I don't know one."

"Good thing I do. Ascendo-Coupa, can you cast is on me? Please."

"Ascendo-Coupa." Nila was lifted up and she positioned herself on the ceiling and looked at Tempest.

"This is fun."


"Do you know what I just noticed?"


“Voids name. If you put an “a” infont of his name you get Avoid.”

“Yeah and if you put a “nil” in front of it of that you get Nilavoid.”

“Ha, you do...hey what are you getting at?”

“Something is obviously going on between you two.”

“You’re insane.”

"What’s your point?" They laughed and hung there for a while longer and Tempest looked at her mirror. Her black hair dangled down and her eyes were colourful. Yup, she was perfection.


Chapter 4: Jealously
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Tempest woke up on the ceiling next to Nila. She looked at Nila who was wide awake. She was standing upside down in front of the mirror.

"Finally you're awake. You know I don't really think this will ever get boring."

"Glad you think so. How long does this spell last?"

"Should be wearing off soon." There came a knock at the door. Nila and Tempest looked at the door then at each other.

“Who is it?”

“Who do you think it is?” Tempest rolled her eyes at the unmistakeable voice of Void.

“Don’t tell him I’m here,” whispered Nila, pulling her hair up to her, holding it close.

“Okay.” Tempest jumped down, landing gracefully on her feet. Nila crawled along the ceiling as Tempest opened the door.

“Where’s Nila?” he asked looking around.

"Obviously not with us."


"Why good?"

"Because I need to talk to you and only you."


"Your sister. Um, I don't think this relationship is working out and it's not the jokes, I don't mind the jokes."

"Then what is it?"

"I . . . I don't know. Whatever, forget I said anything okay. Let’s just see how it goes.” Suddenly Nila fell down on Void and he glared at her.

"Thank you for catching me Void." She laughed and he pushed her off him.

"Zephyr—” he growled.

"Sorry, besides, she won't say anything."

"Yeah. Remember, you're my best bud." She jumped on him and gave him a hug knocking him over. He smiled and Tempest noticed him move his hands closer to her.

"Get off me."

"Never. Zephyr, help me tackle him."

"Thanks but no thanks." Void winked at Tempest and used the distraction to tickle Nila. Nila grabbed his arms and pinned him down.

"Don't you have a boyfriend," asked Void no longer smiling.

"Zoltron? Naw, that was just a joke we played last night. Gotcha didn't we, besides, I'm not supposed to say anything but Hydra likes him."

"Hm, you know I think Zoltron likes her too," said Tempest remembering when they first met.

"I'm sorry am I interrupting something," came a sudden voice. The all looked at the doorway and there stood Edana with her hands on her hips and her face blaring in fury that made Tempest want to laugh.

"Well am I?"

"Actually, yeah you were," snickered Nila.

"Arg!" Edana stalked away and Void shoved Nila off him and ran after her.

"You know, I don't think your sister likes me," said Nila feigning sadness.

"I think you're right." They shared a look and burst out laughing.

"This is going to be a fun year."

"Well now you just jinxed it Nila," said Tempest laughing.

"Oh well."

"What are you two laughing about," said a voice. They both looked up at Divina. She was standing arrogantly with her hair braided.

"Nila was on top of Void and Edana is overreacting."

"You were on top of Void? Aren't you dating Zoltron?"

"No, it was just a joke and what does that have to do with anything?" Divina looked at Tempest.

"Nothing, just curious."

"Yeah right."

"Anyway, we should probably get our school supplies ready and start packing, we leave tomorrow remember?" Nila nodded and walked form the room but not before taking a look in the direction Void ran in.

"Do you think—”

"Let’s leave it Divina, it's not very good to meddle." She looked at Divina who just shrugged and walked off.


Void was avoiding them. Tempest could tell, and she was afraid she would have to sneak him into a bathroom or even follow him into one.

Tempest took the opportunity to talk to him as they page train as the new patrolled the train as the new prefects.

"You haven't been talking much to Nila and me."


"Oh come now, we're just friends."

He shook his head. "Nila."

"So what, she's just jealous of Nila?"


"Okay that's it, can you please stop talking to me in sentences that consist of only one word."

"She's jealous Zephyr, there's not much more to say. Happy now?"

"Is that why you were thinking of breaking up with her?"

He nodded. "She's been jealous ever since Nila made that scene in the Great Hall last year."

Tempest laughed and Void stared at her. "Sorry, that was funny."

"Look I missed you guys last year. Honestly, I don't want to be, I don't know, I just don't want to miss you when I'm right there with you everyday. Bloody hell that has to be the cheesiest thing I've ever said."

She laughed. "Yeah, it was." She grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips. Before she knew what she was doing they, were all over each other. Her hands through her hair and his arms gripped tight around her waist. Finally she pulled away and smiled at him.

"What was that for?" asked Void.

"I do not know. Hm, I always thought you were charmingly cute. Don't worry though I don't think anymore of you than that and that you're my best friend, after all I still love Draco." She stopped in her tracks and pulled away from his as he smiled.

"Did you just say you loved him?"

"Oh my god."

"Have you told him?"

"No!! Oh my god, that's the first time I've ever even thought that!"

"Wow. So, what are you going to do about Panzy?"

"I don't know, maybe I'll give her up to Merwick." They looked at each other and laughed but then when the realization of what she said dawned on them, they slowly stopped.

"That's not really a good thing," remarked Void.

"No, it isn't." They looked at each other and laughed some more.

"You, know, you're a good kisser," said Tempest randomly.

"You too, now I know what Draco's always going on about. He talks about you a lot, even before. Since he was able to like you. Got annoying really."

"Wow, quite funny when you think about it." They laughed and someone joined in.

"Ha, ha, what’s so funny," said Nila walking up to them. Suddenly, out of no where Void pulled her close and kissed her tenderly on the lips as he wrapped his arms around her. He pulled away and Tempest laughed as she looked at Nila's frightened face.

“Who are you and what have you don't to Void Dermot? You know the cocky smart ass?" She smiled and tilted her head.

"I was showing my appreciation of you being my friend and shit like that. If it makes you feel any better Zephyr and I kissed too." He wasn't smiling when he noticed Nila's falter.

"Oh, okay then."

"I'm hungry, what about you two?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry." He looked down at Nila and shoved his hands in his pocket. "What's wrong with you?"

"Huh, oh tired, and a little dizzy."

He smiled. "You need food. Here, I'll carry you."

She looked and him shocked. "What? Wait, no—" But before she could finish he picked her up and she laughed. Tempest smiled and wrapped her arms around Void's shoulders and they began to walk.

"See, now this is what I call the good times."

"Yes, but how long will it last?" said Nila. They stopped walking and looked at each other.

"Nila, shut up or I'll kiss you again."

"Gross, fine, I'll shut up."

They walked on and walked into the dinning cart. Void put Nila down and knelt in front of her.

"What are you doing?"

"Piggy back ride. Just jump on already." Nila did just so and he straightened himself up.

"Hi. We'll get two packs of chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott Every Flavour Beans and liquorice wands," said Void.

"Fifty sickles please."


"You owe me, plus interest."

"Understood." Tempest dug in her back pocket but before she could place her money on the table, someone else did.

"I'll take it," said Louis Morte. He smiled charmingly but Tempest ignored it.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing, just being . . . what’s the word?"


"Yeah." He smiled and walked away. "Oh by the way, Astraea and I made House Prefects."

"So did Void and I." She smiled and picked up her food. Suddenly Louis came back and grabbed Tempest by the waist.

"You know, I always like you."

"Get off me."

"Louis!" Tempest grimaced at the screech of Astraea's voice.


"What the bloody hell is going on!?"


"What, because your boyfriend died you want mine?!" Tempest had had enough, she pushed Louis away and put the food down calmly before punching Astraea, knocking her to the ground.

"Louis, keep a better eye on your girlfriend." She grabbed the food and handed some to Nila to carry some.

"Wow Zephyr, I don't think I've ever seen you so mad before."

"Take it back Nila," said Void.

"Why . . . oh yeah, I forgot about that."

"How can you forget, I almost beat the crap about you last year."

"Yeah, I know."

"Hey toss me a bean Nila," asked Void.

"'Kay here." She tossed him one and he quickly spit it out.

"Gross that was vomit flavor."

"Oh sorry. Here try this one." She popped another one into his mouth. "Better?"

"Much, I love strawberry kiwi."

"I think we all do," commented Tempest.

"Hey, I think I'm better now Void, can you put me down now?"

"Yeah sure." He put her down and she kissed him on the cheek.

"My turn to show you my appreciation."


"Crap," they said in unison before turned around. Edana stood with her face contorted in anger.


"Shut up!" She turned and stalked away. Doors began to open and students looked out to see what was going on.

"Mind your own business," said Tempest as she waved her hand down the corridor, shutting off the doors.

"We should probably go sit down," said Nila.

"Probably," said Void looking down at her. Tempest stared at them a small smile on her face before opening their door carriage door.


Tempest ran off once her feet touched school ground. She put on her ill fitting Slytherin uniform and walked around the school looking for Draco. She stopped when she saw him with Pansy. Her hands clenched her wave and she accidentally broke off a piece of the building.

"Oops." She tossed it against the floor and stood still. She turned once again and looked at Draco. Now he was kissing her. Tempest could feel her jealousy brewing inside her and she hated it. So far, Draco was her only problem, considering Merwick couldn't hold a body for long periods of time. She turned her back and bumped into Snape.

"Oh sorry."

"Zephyr, it's all right. How are you?"

"Fine," she said. A little jealous though, she thought.

"Good. Well you should get off back to school, if Dumbledore sees you here at the beginning of the school year, you will be in great trouble."

"Haven't you heard, I love trouble." She smiled and walked off, deliberately passing in front of Draco on her way. She knew he would follow her so when she turned a corner she waited.


"Right here."

He turned around and smiled. "I thought you were here."

"Of course. So . . . when are you going to break up with Pansy."

He looked at her startled. "Are you jealous?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well one you said her name right, and two, your tone."

"Well I'll let you decide then." She gave him along kiss on the lips before disappearing back to school.

"So how's Draco?" asked Void not bothering to look up from his book as he sat on the sofa in the common room.

"I just realized something?"


"I'm completely jealous of Pansy!"

She heard Nila gasped. "Oh my god. You just said her name right!"

"Yeah I know," she groaned. Tempest fell backwards into the sofa and stared at the fire.


Chapter 5: Secrets of Magic
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          Tempest sat with Void and Nila in the library.  Homework for uncharming class.  They were waiting for Chad and Divina, but they weren’t there yet and it was beginning to annoy Tempest.

“Hey!  What are you three doing here,” called a voice.  They turned and saw Hydra standing with Zoltron.

“We’re doing homework for Uncharming Magic class,” stated Nila.

“And waiting for Chad and Divina.  You two haven’t seen them by any chance?”


“Yes.”  Hydra and Zoltron looked ay each other and Hydras’ eyes widened.

“Hydra dear, where did you see them?” asked Tempest.

“We were supposed to lie if she asked Hydra,” said Zoltron as he covered his face with his hand.

“Shut it Zoltron.  Hydra darling if I have to cast a spell on you I will.”  Sh flashed her vampiric smile and flew up to her face.

“Upstairs.  Don’t tell them I told you.”

“Don’t worry and thank you.  Void, Nila, come.”

“Coming,” they said in unison.

Tempest walked up the corner staircase and snuck around quietly.  Hydra hadn’t specified where they were so she will say that she was just looking for them.  Tempest crept around a corner and stopped to examine a vibrant coloured book that stuck out like sore thumb.  She grabbed the book and continued on her search.

“I smell Divina’s perfume,” stated Void.  “She’s close.”

“I know, I can smell Chad.  Nila your hearing—“

“Down two more stalls on the right.”  They crept silently so as to make a surprise attack.  Tempest smiled along with Nila and Void and she turned around the corner.  Tempest stood transfixed at the scene before her.

“That’s it!  Why don’t you two ever tell me anything?!”  Chad and Divina pulled out of their kiss and stared at Tempest.

“Zephyr—“ began Chad.

“Hush.”  She flew to the seat in front of them and sat there.  “I don’t mind that you two are together.  Honestly, although I am a bit upset that you two just happened to neglect to tell me!  Why?”

“We’re not exactly sure,” said Divina.

Tempest rolled her eyes but smiled none the less.  “You two are idiots, but I’m happy for you anyway.”  She gave them each a hug and got up from her seat.”

“Question, did you already finish the homework?”

“Yeah,” said Chad.

“Give it here, please.”  They laughed.  “I’m serious you two.”  They looked at her and pointed it at the table.  Tempest smiled and took the work and walked back to Nila and Void.

“Come on you two, lets leave these two love birds alone.”  Void and Nila snickered before following Tempest back down the stairs.


Merwick was killing them.  One by one.  First the girl in green, then the girl in red.  Next was the girl in blue and finally was the girl in white.  One by one Merwick was killing each of them, and each time a colourful glow erupted from them and flew to Merwick.  He smiled at Tempest, a malevolent smile and stabbed her.  Now she was dying and he was taking her essences and her power.

Tempest jolted awake and reached under her bed for her vials.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for after that, especially now that she knew her dreams were not just dreams.

Tempest got dressed and crawled from her bed.  She opened the window along the wall.  She thought it was brilliant how even though the doorway was near the catacombs, the tower itself was the tallest tower.  Curled up around the top of the tower was Aidan, he looked up at her.


“Nightmare.  Merwick as planning on killing four girls.  Obviously there’s something important about these girls.”

“Are they familiar to you?”

“No.  I wonder what is so important about these girls, I could sense something about them though.”


“They had remarkable power.  Power like the Lady of the Lake and her sister.  Something about them was pure magic.”

“Do you know why hr might want them?”

“Their power, for his own.  The same thing he’ll take from me one he kills me.”  She laughed aloud bitterly, then stopped abruptly.  That book she found.  It only had those same colours that the girls were dressed in.

Tempest jumped down from the tower and caught herself on the window ledge.  The joy of being a vampire, she thought.  She jumped in and went to her bed and shuffled among the books.  It was gone.  She swore under her breath.  It was like when she had found the fire book.  She was hoping she could avoid the looked part.


“What are you looking for,” whispered Nila above her.  Tempest had heard her coming so she did not more.

“That book I grabbed yesterday is gone.”

“The colourful one?”


“Hmm, I don’t know.  Hey the family books,” Nila whispered.  She grabbed volume one and opened it to the first page.  “Hey, look, the Lady of the Lake and her yesterday.”

“Of course they would be on the first page,” Tempest tucked everything back down under the floorboards.  She told Nila to move over and sat herself next to her.

“Wow, she was beautiful,’ said Nila indicating the mother.

“Yeah, and he was hot,” said Tempest indicating the father.

“Yeah.  Hey look, Mab created Merlin out of magic and put the child in a mortal woman.  So myths are true.  He was the child of a woman with no mortal father.”

“You’ve been reading?” asked Tempest looking at her questionably.

Nila simply shrugged.  “I got bored over the summer.  Hey look Merlin married and had twins . . . you know before Morgan trapped him.”

Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at the tree.  The Lady of the Lake and Tempest linked together with another woman.  Tempest grabbed the book from Nila and looked closely.  Four girls were under them.  Four beautiful girls that were surrounded in a different colour each.

“Oh my god.”

“Why do I hate it when you say that,” remarked Nila.

“I had a dream about these four girls.”

“Dreams are not good.”

“Merwick was killing them, taking their power and then he killed me.  I wasn’t powerful enough to stop him.”

“Crap, so I guess now we know what he’s up to now.”

“Yeah, I don’t like this.”  She got up.  “Come one, lets go talk to Master Vlad and get Void.”



Tempest stood with Void and Nila in front of Mater Vlad’s desk as he looked at the book.

“He killed these four girls?”

“Yeah, would you happen to know who they are?”

He shook his head.  “I am sorry, I’m afraid you are on your own this time.”

“Great,” she said sarcastically.  “Do you mid if we get excused from our classes to research the catacombs book rooms and the library?”

“Do you know what you’re looking for?”

“Actually I do . . . unfortunately.”

“Why is it unfortunate?”

“Because, I’m afraid, to be honest.”

“Understandable.  Okay then, you three should get started.”

Tempest, Nila and Void ran to the library and handed Madam Paper their note to search the Restricted Section.  She laughed and was happy that for once they were not sneaking in.

They were looking for a bok that stuck out like a sore thumb.  Colourful and vibrant.

They had been looking at every shelf, pulling out every book they thought was it.

Tempest smacked Void when she caught him asleep.


“Come on, lets go get some food, we’ve been looking all morning.”

“‘Kay, hey where’s Nila?”


“I’ll carry her.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?  Edana.”

“She’s still not talking to me and frankly I don’t care anymore.  Nila’s my friend and we’re actually saving each other.  Besides there is no way Nila is going to wake up.”  They laughed and Void picked her up.

They walked down and Astrea blocked their path, along with Heather and Cassandra.

“Astrea, I really don’t have the time for this.”

“This won’t take long, I was just curious to as how long Nila and Void were dating?”

“We’re not Astrea,” said Void.

“Really, so that kiss you two shared on the train three weeks ago was nothing?”


“Enough Astrea, it was nothing and you know it.”

“Really?  See in my book when a guy takes a girl and kisses her tenderly on the lips that signifies that something is going on.”

“Okay enough, before I break your nose . . . again.”

“Fine I’ll go.”  She turned and laughed.

“She’s such a bitch,” yawned Nila.

“How long were you awake,” asked Void.

“Long enough.  I thought it best to pretend so as not to give her something more to talk about.”

“Good call,” said Tempest.  Nila smiled and laid her head back down.  Void smiled too and they all soon sat down to each.


They had finally finished checking the library and had found nothing.  Now they were taking a break in one of the book rooms.

“I hate Merwick.”

“We all do sweetheart,” said Nila.

“Ugh!  Come on lets get looking”

They all groaned and got up.  Tempest walked along the wall and looked around.


“You found it?” asked Nila yawning.

“Yeah.  Hey what time is it?”

“Half past midnight,” stated Void.

“Catch.”  Tempest pulled the book out and Void caught it.  Tempest dropped to his side and grabbed the book.

As they walked back to the Slimythings dormitory.  Tempest began to read the as she walked.

When they all got there they sat on the ground near the fire.  Out of nowhere crawled Nila’s Sevratis.  It crawled onto her and like that she looked like a woman of the Earth.

“Found anything,” she yawned.

“Yeah.  Those four girls are the elements.  Like they each have complete control over one element, and over magic.”

“How do you mean?” asked Void.

Tempest smiled.  “Finally for once you’re asking the questions.”

“Get on with it.”

“Well, you know how magic was brought into the world by the ‘Tempest’.”  They nodded.  “Well apparently they both created four girls to watch over one aspect of magic because it was too much for just the two of them.  Broom go’s with Air and Earth.  Potions with Water and Fire and Earth.  Spells take one form from all the Elements.  Without them, magic as we know it would be nonexistence.  Just a mass of chaos.  If Merwick takes their power he will have complete power over magic.”

“So your saying that those four girls basically control magic.”

“Govern it actually.  They allow mortals like . . . you two to be able to control and use magic.  We can’t let him kill them.”

“If he does.  He’ll kill is all and we won’t be able to stop him at all.”

They all looked at each other.  If there was anyway to kill a mortal leave it to Merwick to discover it thought Tempest unhappily.

Chapter 6: Poisoned Mind
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          It was a beautifully cloudy day for Quidditch practice, and a dreary one at that.  They needed a new beater and they needed to decide on a new team captain.  No one wanted the chore, but they were going to have to anyway, they just hoped it would be because he had graduated, not because he was murdered.

“We were going to need to chose a new captain anyway,” said Christopher.  He moved his blonde bangs out of his hazel eyes but they just fell back down again, covering his sad expression.

“Then why does it feel so very wrong,” asked Serena.  Her short green hair was cut in a pixie cut and he blue eyes looked like they were on the verge of tears.  Stella, her twin sister handed her a tissue.  Her blue hair was longer than it used to be.  Serena blew her nose and bit down on her lips with her fangs.

“Maybe because he was murdered,” stated Alex.  He shuffled his brown hair and stared at Tempest with his piercing green eyes.  They weren’t filled with hatred or blame, but sadness.

“Look, we need to choose a captain before we have tryouts,” stated Christopher.

“I chose Zephyr,” said Alex.

“What?” she exclaimed.

“Alex, she’s already a prefect, I think she already feels very uncomfortable,” said Serena.

“Alex is right though,” said Christopher.  “None of us should be captain considering we’re graduating this year.”

“Nila,” said Tempest suddenly.  Everyone looked at her.  “Nila should be captain.”  She’s smart and fearless.”

“Yeah,” continued Void.  “Gorx did say that she is fast.  Nila’s daring and creative, plus when it comes to judging people she’s . . . a pretty good judge.  Also she can be violent when need calls for it.” He smiled in her direction and she smiled back.

“All in favour of Nila say aye,” said Tempest.

“Aye,” they all said in unison.

“Wait, so now I’m captain?”

“Nila, shut up already, don’t make us regret out decision,” said Void.

“So captain Nila, when are tryouts?” asked Tempest.

She looked up at the common room ceiling in thought.  “Next week Friday after classes.  Sound good?”

“You should make a notice and post it up,” said Serena.

“Oh yeah; be right back.”

“Void,” whispered Tempest, “why am I frightened?”

“Because Nila is about to become captain of out Quidditch team,” stated Void.  Tempest laughed.


Tempest stood alongside Nila as they prepared to watch people try out for the position of beater, the position that was once Gorx’s.  First up was none other than Edana.  She barely looked at Void as she passed them.

“Vayne?” questioned Tempest.

“What?  Everyone else is out family was on a Quidditch team, I feel its my right to at least try out.”

“Well I can honestly say that this is going to be wicked,” said Nila.

“Yeah, whatever can I just try out for beater now?”

“Sure here’s your stick.”  Edana snatched it out of Nila’s hand and got on her broom.  “Zephyr do you mind if I release both bludgers?”

“Nila behave.”

“Hey sis,” popped Edana on her broom.  “Did I ever tell you that I think you’re a slut?  Yeah I know you kissed Void too.”  She smiled and flew up.

“How ‘bout now?”


“Go ahead.”

“What he said Nila.”

“With pleasure.”  She kicked the chest open and out flew both bludgers.  Tempest, Nila and Void all stood together amused and slightly angry.  Edana glared at them before hitting one on their direction.  Tempest caught it just before it hit Nila’s face.  She didn’t even flinch.  Edana hit the second one at Tempest and Void beat it aside, embedding it into the building wall.  Edana flew down and slapped her sister across her face.

“What the hell Vayne!”

“I hate you!”

“Oh well join the fucking club!  Astrea has the sign up sheet!”

“I hate all of you!  You’re trying to steal my boyfriend, you don’t mind cheating on me!  AND YOU!!  You’re miss perfect who always gets what she wants with no worries!  I HATE ALL OF YOU!”  Edana threw the club at their feet and stalked off.

“Well then,” said Nila, “who’s next?”


Tempest was eating while reading trying to learn more about the elements and their powers.  She yawned and didn’t even bother to look up when Louis was behind her.

“Go away Louis.”

“Come now Zephyr, lets be nice to each other just this moment.”

“Must we?”

“I heard your sister slapped you yesterday.”


“Astrea’s poisoning her.”

“No duh.”

“I mean literally.  You know I thought you were smart.”

“Go away.”

“Do you even believe me?”

“Yes, amazingly enough.  Why are you telling me thought, that I don’t get.’

“Because Astrea’s a bitch, a hot one, but one nonetheless.  You, you’re hot but not such a bitch.”

“Thank you, I guess, now please, go away I’m trying to eat here.”

“All right.”  He gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek and for once Tempest was completely disgusted and allowed the smile to come on her face.  Nila soon came and sat next to her.

“I’m not even going to ask. Now I’m making Edana beater.  She’s a little brat but girls god a bloody good arm.  Now, what was that about with Morte?”

“I thought you weren’t going to ask?”

“I lied.”  She smiled and took a bite out of a peach.

“Astrea is poisoning my sister.”  She looked at Nila.  Her snake was curled around her arm and shoulders. “Hey what do you know about poisons?”

“Well she’s obviously using one that is poisoning her mind.  Take that into account look at her actions, she using one that makes her jealous and angry and most likely feeding it to her through sweets.  Now all we need to do is tell Master Vlad so that se can get a massive amount of detention.”  She smiled and bit into her peach again.

“Nila, you amaze me sometimes.”


“Edana broke up with me,” said a sudden voice.  Tempest and Nila turned around and looked at Void.  Foe someone who was just dumped, he looked surprisingly relaxed.

“Really,” said Nila.

“Yeah, whatever though, I don’t care.  We talked and she said . . . she said that we would be better friends.”  He smiled and sat down next to Nila, took her peach and took a bite out of it.  “So . . . what did I miss?”


“You’re saying that Astrea is poisoning Edana,” said Void.

“Apparently so.”

“And you’re trusting Louis on this?”

“Scary I know.”

“She seemed like her old self when she broke up with me.  I think the poison wore off by then.”

“Who knows,” said Nila.  “Hey I have an idea.  We let this whole thing play out for a little longer.  Then we catch Astrea in the act.  Come on, how ‘bout it?”  She smiled mischievously and laid back down on the sofa.  She folded up her knees and her red skirt fell back some to reveal her butt cheeks.  Tempest noticed that void was staring.

“You know that actually sounds fun,” said Tempest as she looked down at her foot in the fire place.  It was basically untouched.

“You know, you really bug me when you do that,” said Void.

“Sorry,” she said sarcastically.  She pulled her foot out anyway and stood barefoot on the carpet.  Void was sitting on a chair backwards.

“Anyway how are we going to get Astrea?”

Before Tempest could answer Edana stormed in and stared at them.  Tempest smiled sweetly and Nila sat up and leaned over the sofa.  Void just stared at her.

“Hi Vayne!” yipped Nila.

“Hello whore.  Hello slut.  Hello ass.”  They all looked at each other and smiled.  Suddenly a blast hit Tempest and she fell to the ground all around her, her hair.


“Its already growing back don’t worry.”

“Damn, what a pity.”

“Stupefy!” yelled Void.  Edana flew to the wall.  “Petrificus Totalus.”  She stiffened.

Tempest touched her head.  Her hair was back to its original length minus the purple that she so desperately needed.

“So this is what you look like with just black hair,” commented Nila.

“Yeah.  Crap, I need purple hair dye now.”  She got up and looked at her sister.  “You used magic on my sister?”

“She was starting to piss me off.  Go write to someone who will send yo some dye.  Go on.”

She smiled.  “Yeah, yeah I’m going.”

Tempest went to her bed ad lied down for a moment closing her eyes.  When she opened them again she held her breath.

“Hello Young Tempest.”

“Get the bloody hell away from me!” she hissed.

“Like the new body?  The old one was dying away.”  He smiled his new face at her.  Tempest thought that it weren’t for the fact the he was Merwick and she knew it was, she would have thought he was hot.  Instead she was repulsed.

“I hate you.”

“I heard you’re having a little sibling rivalry with your little sister.  Did you know, I’m actually thinking of making her my next victim.”

That was enough for Tempest.  She slapped him and rolled over him pinning him down.  He simply smiled.

“I hate you.

“Oh I know, but you see, Merlin made me kill all so many people on the name of a false good.  I want my revenge.”

“Well who told you to go intake a part of him in the first place.  Besides, he did that to punish you.  Wasn’t he brilliant?”  She smiled back at him.

“Zephyr!” she heard Nila cry.  Tempest looked up and before she knew it, Merwick was pushing her off the bed and with a single spell he was gone.

“Who the hell was that,” asked Void.


“Ew Merwick!  Gross!”  Nila shuddered and walked over to Tempest and helped her up.

“Anyway, we should probably bring Edana to Master Vlad and Mistress Starlet.   I’ll go get Master Vlad and I want you two to go get Mistress Starlet.”

“All right,” they said.

Tempest dragged her stiff sister down to  Master Vlad’s office and walked in.

“Miss Nyx, what happened to your sister and your hair?”

“Vayne cast a spell on me shaving me bald but it grew back instantly and Void knocked her against the wall and cast Petrificus Totalus on her.  Also Astrea is poisoning her mind making her very, very jealous of Nila and I.”  She smiled sweetly.

Really?  That’s grounds for a years worth of detention.”

“Wicked.”  She gave him a genuine smiled and jumped on a desk. “So I need to have a little talk with my sister.  Could you please and whip up an anti-potion?”

“It would be my pleasure.  It’ll be just a second.”  She nodded and sure enough he came back with a vial.

“I already have a several made just in case.  Teachers are always prepared.”  He took out his wand and waved it at Edana.  She shook herself and glared at Tempest like Selene used to.

“Edana, drink this,” ordered Vlad.  Tempest smiled and Edana obeyed her head of house.  Tempest smiled as she drank the vial.  Edana dropped the vial and shook her head, she looked at her sister.

“Hi sister dearest, how do you feel?”

“What the hell?”

“Astrea was poisoning you against me.  Please, don’t take anymore sweet little treats from that witch anymore.”  She smiled and pinched her little sisters cheek.

“Okay just let go my cheek already.”

“Already done.”  In stormed Mistress Starlet at that moment followed by Nila, Void, Louis and Astrea.

“These two tell me that Astrea poisoned her.  Louis confirmed it.  Now . . . what time of punishment do you propose?”

“Detention . . . three months worth.”  Master Vlad smiled and Tempest knelt before Edana.

“Vayne, jump on.”


Tempest walked by Astrea smiling triumphantly.  Astrea just glared at her, her nostrils flaring.

Once outside th office, Edana spoke.

“Hey Nila?”


“I’m sorry about being such a bitch.”

“No problem.  Hey just so you know, you made the team.”

“Brilliant.”  Tempest smiled.  Yeah this was her little sister she always loved, she thought happily.

Chapter 7: Earth Mystic
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          Void was leaning on Tempest and Tempest was leaning on Nila.  They were bored.  All three of them which was odd.  Normally one was active, but not in tis case.  Suddenly, they all yelped on pain.  They all stared at their left arms.  Voldemort was calling them.  Tempest looked at the cat at her legs and at Chad, Divina and Edana coming her way.

With just a wave of her wand they were at the house of the Dark Lord.  She looked around.  Around the room arriving were her godparents, Bellatrix and fellow Death Eaters.

Tempest walked into the living room and stood against the wall ib the far side, along with her companions.  She hated the half blood who claimed to be a pure blood.  She hated the man with the snake like face and red eyes.  She knew his real name.  It was Tom Marvolo Riddle.  He was the son of a muggle man.  But she dare not say any of this aloud for if she did, he would torture her and make her pay for her insolence.’

Void grabbed her hand and gripped it tightly to reassure her as the Dark Lord appeared in his seat.   Tempest looked at Snape who looked calmly back at her.  He was loyal to Dumbledore, and no one else.  She admired his bravery mire than anything.  After this she would be leaving with him to discuss Harry Potters protection and the plans of Voldemort.  Of course she was also going to visit Draco and probably punch or beat up Panzy.

“Hello my Eaters,” hissed Voldemort.  “I have complete control over the Ministry.  I need the Orb with Harry Potters name on it.  Tempest!”

Tempest tried not to show her anger, So she smiled and walked to him bowing before him life he was some kind of king.

“Yes my Lord?”

“Do you know how the outcome?”

“I see two paths in which this will take.  You will survive in accomplishing your . . . goal and possessing Potter.  The other path, the Orb will become broken, shattered and you will fail.”  She tried not to smiled let alone laugh.  That thought quickly vanished when Voldemort himself smiled.

I think that either path I take the end is inevitable.  Harry Potter will die.  Is that not true Tempest.”

“Harry Potter will die by your hand my Lord.  That is not a question.”  She smiled a sincere smiled and he dismissed her.  She walked back to Void and Nila and stood between them.  Nila leaned on her shoulder and Tempest felt Void hug her around her waist.  She could always count in those two comfort her.

Soon time passed and Voldemort dismissed them all.  Tempest walked away with Snape and they both were back at Hogwarts.

“You must be quiet, the Ministry sent over a woman to govern and keep watch over the school.  A toad like woman named Dolores Umbridge.  Do you have your Slytherin Uniform?”
“I think I’m due for a new one, the old one is a bit . . . ill fitting.”

“All right I’ll get you another.  You will have to charm what you look like so that Umbridge doesn’t notice.  Now come hurry.”

She nodded and they walked up to Dumbledore’s office and sat down.

“Ah, Miss Nyx.  Did you know I knew your parents?  Of course you did I would expect nothing less.  So you are a Death  Eater, quite interesting.  Well, how long will you be here?”

“At least a couple of days, I have use of your library.”  She smiled.

“Hmm, well in any case, what are his plans?”

“He wants the Orb with Harry Potter name on it and he will do anything to get it.  Severus tells me that Harry Potter has become involved with the Order?  Isn’t that a little––-”

Tempest stopped short.  Someone was coming.  She got up followed by Snape.  She cast the cloaking spell on herself and Snape slunk to a dark part of the office.

“Snape.  I want you to sneak to your room.  I will call for you shortly.”

“Of course.”  Snape cast Apparatus and she stood alongside the wall.

Harry Potter came in and explained how Ron’s father was in trouble.  Already Voldemort was trying to steal the orb.  She rolled her eyes at the mans stupidity.  Obviously he was impatient.

Soon Dumbledore summoned Snape and soon enough everyone was dismissed.

Tempest waited by the Slytherin common room for Snape.


“Here Severus.”  She ended the spell and  smiled at him as he handed her a new uniform.  “Thank you for the uniform.  Now what’s the password?”


The portal opened and Tempest walked in.  But before it closed Tempest ran back out and gave Severus a tight hug.

“You’re a brave man Severus.  My mom always admired that about you.  She loved you so dearly and was so sorry.”

“I know.  I remember that talk with her.”  He gave her a kiss on the forehead.  “Go off to bed now.”

She nodded. “All right.”

Tempest walked to the boys dormitory and walked over to Draco’s bed.  She sat down and kissed him lightly on the lips, waking him.


“Hi.  I’ll be here for the next couple of days.  How are you?”

Draco didn’t answer.  All he did, was sit up and kissed her.  Tempest was shocked at his sudden show of affection and couldn’t help but pull away.


“Nothing just, I wasn’t expecting you to kiss me like that.”

He smiled.  “Yeah?”  He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him as he laid down.
She kissed him and rolled off next to him.  She climbed under the covers and kissed him some more. She loved how he tasted.  She loved him.

His arm slipped under her shirt and he rolled on top of her.  He tickled her and kissed her neck.

“I’ve missed you.”

“So have I,” said Tempest.


Tempest was looking for anything on any of the elements.  So far to no avail.  She was on the second floor and looking and she was leaving today.  She needed anything, and not even the Restricted Section held anything.

After hours of searching she bent down at a colourful green book.  She tried to read the title but t had been worn off.  She grabbed it, stood back up and flipped through the pages.  Finally she had found something, she thought happily.  She turned around and Draco out of nowhere pulled her alongside him to the dungeons.

Tempest allowed herself to be dragged to the Slytherin Common Room.  She looked around and noticed that noone was there.  Draco kissed her and she encircled his neck.  She really did love him, she always had.  He stopped kissing her and just held her close.  Tempest noticed that his pasty blonde hair was longer that it used to be as she buried her face in his neck.

“Tempest I just noticed, you don’t have the purple in your hair?”

“Yeah, I’m getting it put in during Christmas.  Are you going home this holiday?”

“I’m not sure yet.  With Voldemort’s return an’ all, I’m not exactly sure.”

“Hmm, well Draco, I have to go now.  My friends they needed me back.  They can’t survive without me.”  She laughed and so did he.  She kissed him on the lips and disappeared with a simple cast of Apparatus.


“Okay wait, this is the only book you found?” asked Void flipping through it.

“Yup.  Did either of you have any luck?”

“No,” grumbled Nila.

“This means we will have to find this one first.  The Earth Mystic.  Ain’t this gonna be bloody good fun year!” exclaimed Tempest sarcastically.

“Anyway come on lets get to reading.”  She sat in the centre and they all began to read together.

Time passes and more than half-way through, they finally found what they were looking for.

“Hey look.  The Earth Mystic, called by many who have met her Cecile, lives in a home of wood and stone.  Always dressed in green or and outfit of Earth gold or green.  Cecile ran upon her skin a triangle to mark her power, her immortality in which she can be discovered.  Cecile, the Mystic of Earth, has brown hair and eyes to match.  To those who want to find her search in the deepest forest North where a village called Martith strives.”

“Wow, well wasn’t that just a bunch of help,” yawned Nila.

“Yeah, now we need to find the place that is called Martith.  How hard could that be?”

“We should go talk to Master Vlad,” said Void getting up.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” said Tempest.

“Yeah,” said Nila.

They all laughed and ran faster than they thought mortally possible.  They stopped at Master Vlad’s door and Tempest told them to take a deep breath no matter what.

“Gwendel you are insane!”  It was Mistress Starlet, they all exchanged glances.

“Tempest is a strong girl with strong friends Bianca.  She has her own prophecy a do most great people of great blood.  Merlins blood flows through her veins as well as that of Morgan and Arthur.  She’s looking for the Elements.”

“The girl is so much like her damned mother.  Sorry for my ill toward the dead.”  She paused and sighed.  “We might as well help the girl, like I said she’s too much like her mother.  So do you know anything about them?”

“Obviously there are four.”

“Stop being arrogant Gwendel.”

“Well I think—–“

“Okay enough,” said Tempest walking in trailed by Nila and Void.

“Ah, Zephyr, I was beginning to wonder if you would ever walk in.”

“You knew she was there!” screamed Bianca.

“I expected as much,” said Tempest matter-of-factly.  She sat on a desk along with Nila and Void.

“What if——“

“What Bianca?”

“Oh never mind.  Miss Nyx, I presume you found something?”

“You presume correct.  Cecile.  That’s the name of the Earth Mystic.  She can be found in a town called Martith.  I presume it’s a wizard village.”

“Martith . . . Bianca I believe you know something of that place.”

“I should . . . I was born there.”  She shifted uncomfortably.  “I have been there since my mother was murdered.  I believe my brother lives there though.  He faced his ghost.” She sat down and stared at Tempest.

“No way, your brother lives there?” exclaimed Nila.  “This is great, Adrian talked to him.  He can give us entrance!”

“He better, I can’t enter a home without permission.  Being a vampire sucks sometimes.”  Tempest stroked her hair.  She missed the purple.

“Anyway we need to find her now,” stated Void.  “Lets move.”

“Then its settled.  Bianca, get a message to your brother.  You three get ready, I have a feeling you may need some stuff and be back in here as soon as possible.”

Tempest smiled and ran back alongside Nila and Void.

“I can’t wait to see Adrian,” stated Nila.

“Yeah, can’t wait.”  Tempest looked at Void.  Whenever Adrian was involved Void always got testy.

Chapter 8: Power of Cecile
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          Tempest watched Mistress Starlet start to squirm in her seat of her once old home.  Her past was a secret to all.  Whatever happened so long was a mystery.  Tempest had to wonder how she even got into the Nightmare Academy considering her fathers side hated dark wizards.

“Bianca, I haven’t seen you si—“

“Go ahead, say it,” she snarled.

“Well since you ran away then.”

“You helped me, you snuck me onto the platform.  Have I ever thank you for that?”

“You lived there didn’t you, at the Nightmare Academy?”

Tempest, Nila and Void stared at her but she ignored them and stared at her brother.  “Yes.”

“Hmm, well how can I help you.  My wife and kids are getting some food for dinner.  I hope you can stay to meet your niece and nephew Biana.”

Bianca squirmed.  “I guess I can stay.  How old are they.”

“They both start school next year.”

“Which school do you want to send them to?”

“My wife fears Hogwarts because of the danger posed by the Dark Lord.  I was thinking the Nightmare Academy.  She is still thinking on it though, I’m sure though that once she meets these three . . . I don’t want to say children.”

“It’s okay, go ahead,” said Tempest smiling.

“All right then, children, she will agree to send them to the Nightmare Academy.  Now if I understand correctly, you are looking for the Earth Mystic?”


“Hmm.  No one has seen her in years.  People have tried calling for her but she has not come.  Usually you could call her by her name and she would appear, but no longer.”

“How do you know she’s still here then?”

“The harvest still grows like always.  I still believe that something is wrong.”

“Well does anyone know where she lives?”

“Yes.”  He looked at his twin sister who glared back at him.

“Mistress Starlet?”

“Why do you think I insisted on coming Young Tempest.  Yes I’ve been to her house.  I ran away often.  One time got lost.  Cecile found me.”  All of a sudden  vines started up the walls.


“Yes Archer?”

“She recognizes you.”

“I can see that.”

A door opened and everyone looked at the doorway.

“Honey . . . oh sorry.  Hello I’m Gardenia.”  She extended her hand towards Bianca.  She stood up and shook it.

“Hello, I’m Bianca.”

“Oh, so you’re Archer’s sister.  It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I was beginning to wonder if my husband even had a twin sister.”  She laughed and finally looked at the Tempest, Nila and Void.  “And whom might you be?”

“Hello I’m Tempest Artemisa Nyx.”

“Nila Cerdwin.”

“Void Dermot.”  They all shook hands and smiled at Gardenia.

“Well it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Adrian speaks so fondly of you three whenever we invite him over for dinner.  Would you like to meet my children?”

“Of course,” answered Bianca for all of them.

“Brilliant.  Luciana!  Luke!  Come here please.”

Two kids with black hair and gold eyes each came into the room and stood on either side of their mother.

“Luciana, Luke I would like you two to meet your Aunt Bianca Starlet.”

Bianca smiled and bent down.

“Hello.  Did you know that I’m your fathers twin sister?”

“You don’t look like it,” said Luke.

“I know.  His white hair makes him look like an old man.  Soon your hair’s going to turn white as well.”  She laughed and so did Luciana.

“I don’t want to turn into an old man!”

“Oh don’t worry, that won’t happen for a very long time.”

Tempest looked at Void and Nila.  Seeing Mistress Starlet this emotional and friendly was odd, if not fightingly creepy.  Tempest coughed slightly.

“Ah yes.  Children these three students attend the Nightmare Academy and you’re aunt is a teacher there,” said Archer.  His wife’s pleasant smile faltered and she quickly looked at her husband.

“Archer, an I please speak to you in private, in the kitchen.”

“Of course.  I’ll be right back.”  They sat down in silence.

“So—–” began Tempest.

“What do you kids like to do?” asked Nila.

“We like to play in the woods,” said Luciana.

“Really?  I like to climb trees and collect flowers.  I always make a circlet of flowers.  Do you do that?”

“She does, I don’t.  I like to climb trees said,” said Luke.

“Cool. What kind of trees?”
“I climbed a Whomping Willow once.  My mum got mad at me because she says that I could have been killed.  I think she’s overreacting.”

“She was not!  You almost got me killed.”

“Hush you two, siblings shouldn’t bicker.  Now Luciana, what type of flowers do you like?”

“Roses.  Violets.  Lilies.  Petunias.  Anything I can really find.  I like drinking the honey out of honeysuckles.”

“So do I,” squealed Nila.

“I like your hair.”

“Why thank you.  My entire family has hair like this, but some don’t have the natural black highlights.”

“Your eyes are pretty,” said Luke.

“Why thank you, so are yours.”  Nila shuffled his hair and sat back and smiled at them all.  Tempest rolled her eyes and Void laughed.

“Dinners ready!” called Gardenia.

“Come children,” said Mistress Starlet.  She stood up and Tempest, Void and Nila followed along with Luciana and Luke.

“Sit please,” said Gardenia.

“Mommy, can we go to the Nightmare Academy?” asked Luciana sitting down.

“You don’t want to go to Hogwarts?”  They  shook their heads.  “Well all right then.  Next year you two will go to the Nightmare Academy.”  She stiffened in he seat and Tempest watched Bianca smile.

“A toast then.”  She raised her glass and ignored her brothers glare.  Tempest, Nila and Void exchanged worried looks but raised their glasses up warily ready to bring them down immediately.  Archer raised his glass and so did Luciana and Luke, and reluctantly, so did Gardenia.

“To the Nightmare Academy!”

“To the Nightmare Academy!” chanted everyone following.

“Brilliant, now lets eat, tomorrow I’ll take you three to Cecile’s house, its far to late now.”

“Uh okay,” said Tempest.  She looked at Void and Nila.  They were suddenly very frightened of Mistress Starlet, more than ever.


They were walking into the woods.  Mistress Starlet was walking calmly, often forgetting that Tempest and her friend were even there.  Tempest ducked under branches and stopped over overgrown roots.

“Mistress Starlet, are we getting close?” asked Tempest.

“Be patient Miss Nyx.  Patience is a virtue your mother lacked.”

“No disrespect, Bianca, but you’re not exactly perfect yourself.”  Mistress Starlet stopped walked and stared at her.

“Follow me Miss Nyx.”  Tempest did so with clenched fist.

Finally after hours of walked they stood at the door of a house with vines growing from it in various directions.  Tempest watched Mistress Starlet walk up to the door and knocked once.

“Cecile!”  No one answered.  “Cecile you’re in danger!  Cecile open your damn door!”  The door swung open and Mistress Starlet took a step back.  Staring at her furiously was a young girl.

“You dare speak to me like that Bianca Aria Starlet!  And people wonder why I don’t go to the village.  No one respects the Earth anymore!”  She finally took notice of Tempest, Nila and Void and looked at them coldly.  “Whom might you be?”  Her eyes went to the necklace on Tempest neck and her eyes flared.  “Where did you get that?!”

“The Lady of the Lake gave it to me.”

“Get in my house . . . all of you.”

“You’ve become angry Cecile.”

“Quiet Bianca.”

Everyone walked into the house and Cecile ordered them all to sit.  They sat on the ground since there was no furniture.

“What do you want?”

“You’re in danger.  Merwick is going to kill you and your sisters,” said Bianca.  Cecile laughed harshly.

“I’m immortal, I cannot die.   Now, did the Lady give you any other gifts?”

“She gave my friend here an emerald ring and my other friend an onyx wristband.”

“What?!  How dare she give mere mortals such powerful gifts!”

“I beg you pardon, but I am very talented when using my ring!” yelled Nila.  “And he uses he wristband resourcefully!  I’ll have you know that we stopped Merwick from releasing Tempest from her prison!”

“You dare speak her name?!”


“Nila enough!” yelled Tempest.  “Look we don’t mean to be disrespectful but what she says is true.”

“It cannot be.  She can only be released by a direct descendant of Arthur who holds Excaliber.  Merwick is not of his blood and Excaliber has been lost in the ages of time since the battle between Mordred and Arthur.”

“Its not lost, I have it.”  Tempest unleashed its power and Cecile stared at her in awe.

“You are a descendant, but how?”
“Mordred had two children.  One good in which the sword was passed down through and one evil in which the carried the essence of Morgan Le Fay.  I carry her essence ass well as that of Merlin, and my mother stole Excaliber from my cousins family, leaving only him alive.  Merwick found him and used him.  We are all that’s left of Morgan and Arthurs blood.”

“I do not believe you.”

“Cecile believe the girl!”

“Why should I?  Just because she can unleash the swords power?  I believe she is a descendant of Morgan but nothing more!”

“I released Merlin from his prison!  I am his descendant and I carry Morgans essence!  You should believe me because I have come to save you!  What has happened to make you so cold.

“Tempest—” warned Bianca.

“How dare you!  People neglect me!  They disrespect me everyday!  I have this right to be cold!”  Tempest stood up and looked around.  The house seemed to be blooming in her rage.  Her power was unmeasurable.

“Talk to your mother then . . . Cecile.  I have seen your death because I can see into the future.  You should listen to me.  Otherwise, this, you, are a waste of my time.”

“Get out and wait for me.  I will speak to both of my mothers.  GET OUT!”

Tempest flinched but walked out calmly.  She sat against a tree with her friends and Mistress Starlet stared at her.

“You are a lucky girl Tempest.  I mean that had anyone else talked to her that way they would have be buried alive.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to count my blessing,” said Tempest warily.  All that screaming had taken a toll on her.


Tempest didn’t know how long she had been asleep when Void nudged her awake.  She looked around as she temporarily forgot where she was.  She quickly remembered when she saw Cecile standing arrogantly.

“I talked to my mothers . . . all you have said is true.  Forgive me for my attitude before Tempest Artemisa Nyx.”

“It’s all right, really.”

“So, if I’m to understand correctly, Merwick wants to kill my sisters and me so that he will have the power to kill you?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” she said sadly.

“Bianca, is there any save place for me?”

“Here.  No one knows you are here, so it  would be best if you stay here.”

“Why are you so sure it is that he will kill first?”

“You were murdered first in my vision.”

“What a pity, its not enough that mere mortals break my heart every time they disrespect me but a wizard wants my life.  I’m sorry to tell you though that I do not know where my sisters are, that is something that was lost to me in the ages, something that you will also have to find I fear.  Veronica though, I may have some idea.  She loves blood bars.  She chose the life of a vampire.  Look around blood bars and you should be sure to find her eventually.

“Thank you.”

She smiled and beckoned then to follow her inside.  Mistress Starlet refused saying that she had to go back to school.  Tempest fell to the  ground and stared blindly around.

“Is something wrong Young Tempest?”

She shook her head.  “I just need some sleep.”

“Sleep then.”  Tempest smiled and closed her eyes wishing for a blissful sleep.

Chapter 9: Blood Taken
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          A couple of weeks passed and but nothing bad had happened.  Tempest walked around, mostly barefoot in the autumn weather looking around, hoping to find Merwick and take care of him.

She walked back into the house and looked at Nila who looked at her questionably.


“Aren’t we supposed to be studying?”

“For what?”

“The OWLs?”

“We don’t have to take them till next year.”


“Every school assigns the OWL for two years before graduation.”


“Yeah, because all schools have different lengths.  Hogwarts has seven years, we have eight, and some schools have less or more than that.  It also makes it a little easier for the Ministry to oversee.”

“Oh.  Wow, I feel stupid.”  Nila laughed.

“You should,” said Void eating a bunch of cheery’s.  He spit a pit into her hair.

“God you’re a pig!”

“What’s new.”  Nila pouted and turned her back to him.  Tempest watched him smile and hold out a strawberry vine over her face.  “I’m sorry.”

Nila turned her head and took the vine.  “You are forgiven.”  Tempest sat down and watched Void as he sat down next to Nila.

“Hey, hand me a strawberry.”

“Okay . . . uh hey . . . wait has anyone seen Cecile?”  They looked at each other then ran out of the house.

“Cecile!  Cecile!”

“Zephyr, we have to separate!” yelled Void.

“Right, first one to find her send up sparks.”  They all nodded and ran off into different directions.

“Cecile!  Come on answer me!  Cecile!  Cecile!  Oh god please be alive!  Cecile! Cecile!”  Tempest looked up into the sky and saw red sparks.  Tempest ran into the direction thankful of her vampiric speed  and soon saw Nila cradling Cecile and pointing her wand at a man.


“Ah Young Tempest, how are you?  Fine I hope.”

“I’d be better if you would just stay dead.  Nila, how is she?”

“She’s still breathing but he tore of her symbol and she’s bleeding badly.”

“Apply pressure to the wound.  Merwick what are you doing here?”

“I think you know the answer to that remarkably stupid question Young Tempest.  Have you had a fun year?  I heard being a Death Eater take a lot of time.”

“You take a lot of time.  I’m lucky I pass the school year considering I blow off half the year trying to deal with you.”

He smiled.  “If you would just let me kill you thinks would be much easier I promise.”

Tempest ears twitched.  “Good luck with that.”

“Stupefy!”  Tempest looked at Void and watched as Merwick was flung against a tree.  Void ran and picked up Cecile.

They ran back to the house and layed Cecile down on the ground.  Tempest stood with her back against Nila with their wands ready as they guarded Void and Cecile.

“Void, have you healed her yet?”

“The spell I’m using isn’t working as well as it should, but it is working.”

“What I don’t get is why he only took her symbol, not that I’m not happy that that’s all he took,” said Nila.

“It’s the symbol of her immortality.  That’s how he plans on killing them.  By taking their symbols then murdering them.”

“Zephyr, she’s healed.”

“Thank god.  We should get her to school.  She’s lost a lot of blood.”

“We can’t though, we’re safe here,” said Nila.

“Not anymore.  Only she and those she invited were.  He carries her symbol so he can now enter, so we’re as safe here as we are at school.”

“We have ro get her to school,” said Void picking her up.  Nila nodded and cast Apparatus and Tempest and Void followed.

They were in the Infirmary and Madame Paper hurried to their sides.

“Oh dear, what on Earth happened?”

“Merwick.  You two take care of her, I’m gonna go get Mistress Starlet.”

They both nodded and she ran to the school grounds.  She was having a class right now and Tempest swore under her breath.  Everyone stared at her as she ran and Bianca looked alarmed.

“Miss Nyx?”

“Cecile . . . she’s in the Infirmary.”  Mistress Starlet ran and she followed.

“What happened,” she yelled.

“Merwick caught us off guard.  He sliced off her symbol.  All he has to do now is kill her.”  Bianca’s eyes flared and she lead the way to the Infirmary.

“The school is very well protected.  Thank you for bringing her here immediately.”
“No problem,” said Nila.  Void glared at her tone and she looked away.

“Well we’ll be in our dorm.  Let us know if she wakes up.”

Tempest sat on Void’s bed with Void and Nila.

“She’s not safe here.”

“Then where is she safe?” asked Nila.

“I don’t know.  Frankly I can’t wait till the holidays arrive, during the holidays we can keep a better eye on her.  Keep her safe.”

“Do you know how freaking hard and stressing it is being her friend,” said Void.

“What’s your point?”

“No point, just stating a fact.”

“Well shut up Zombie boy.”

“Oh come on, you know you I love you.”  Suddenly Artemis jumped onto the bed and  curled up on Void.

“I think your cat is jealous,” remarked Nila.

“Hmm, maybe she is.  But hey I love all of you guys.”

“You sound like you’re drunk.”

“I think I may have eaten a lot of grapes.”  He laughed and suddenly stopped.  Tempest and Nila were staring at him.  “I’m just acting Nimrods.”

“You’re an idiot,” said Nila.  She kicked his leg but he just laughed.

“Anyway, do you think she’ll be safe here,” asked Void.

“I’m not.  Void, Nila, I think Merwick can get to her.”  She bit on her lower lip in anger.  “I bet he’s in her house as we speak.  The thought sickens me.”

“Try not to think about it Zephyr,” said Nila.


“Miss Nyx,” came Mistress Starlet voice.  Tempest looked at her.  “Cecile is awake.”

“Oh, well okay, I’ll be right down.”  Tempest got off the bed and followed after3 Mistress Starlet.

Back in the Infirmary, Tempest walked over to Cecile who looked pale and sickly.

“Cecile?  Are you . . . all right?”

She laughed.  “You didn’t want to ask that did you.  I don’t blame you, that is an awfully redundant question.”

“You don’t like it here do you?”

“I need to live in a forest or someplace . . . earthy.”  An idea hit Tempest.

“What about swamps?”

Cecile looked at her questionably and smiled.  “Swamps?  Well sure, I love swamps if I can’t go back home.”

“Brilliant I know the perfect place then.  I’ll come and get you when you feel up to it, all right.”  Cecile nodded.  “Brilliant.”

Tempest ran of to go find Zoltron and Hydra.  She found them in the Great Hall.  She ran to them and was with them in seconds.

“Hey love birds, I need a favour.”

“What,” groaned Zoltron.

“You know that girl in the Infirmary,” she said whispering so low that only they could hear.


“Well she’s the Earth Mystic and Merwick took away her immortality.  I need to get her to the Swamp.  I need you two to be my fellow eyes and ears.  I mean even though Nilavoid and I are excellent, we have to take every precaution.  So, will you help?”

“You know we will, just one question.  Nilavoid?” said Hydra.   Tempest laughed.

“Yeah, something I came up with.”  She stopped laughing.  “Don’t tell a soul, they’ll kill me, or at least try.”  They nodded.  “Oh hey Hydra, hows studying for the OWLs going?”

“Don’t even mention it,” she groaned.

“Oh don’t worry, you still have the rest of the year to study.”

“That’s the only good part.  Now shoo, go play with Nilavoid.”  They all laughed and Tempest ran back to the dormitory.  Hopefully, everything would work out.


A few nights passed and Cecile was ready to travel.

In the dead of night, they all met in the Infirmary.  All the drapes were closed and the only light came from Tempest wand.  Everyone cast the seeing spell then the invisibility spell.  They needed to get Cecile to safety.

They walked to the forest, careful of the trees.

They were nearing the arc, Tempest could see it.  She knew Demenshia would take care of her.  She trusted Demenshia.  Tempest could almost smell the swampy air  when something hit her.  She flung against a tree and so did everyone else.  Tempest reversed the two spells on everyone and looked around.  Because everyone was flung against trees, the trees were flinging around.

Everyone was dodging left and right.  Tempest looked around for Cecile.  She was crawling toward the arc.

Tempest tried to run to her but she couldn’t go fast enough with the trees swinging around.  When she looked up someone was holding Cecile a type of dagger tipped wand.  No, she thought.  Tempest got up and ran, but Merwick was to quick for her.  He pulled out his wand and blew her back.  When Tempest looked back up, Merwick was gone and Cecile was lying on the ground.

“NO!”  Tempest ran to her and shook her again and again but to no avail.  After everything.  After all the precautions, she had failed.  The trees had finally calmed and she got up and went to pick up Cecile.  She was limp and lifeless and walked from the forest.

Waiting for her back at school was Mistress Starlet.  Tempest couldn’t look up at her, she couldn’t bear to see the pain and anguish in her eyes.

“Give her here Tempest,” she heard her say.  Tempest did so and finally looked up to see Mistress Starlet walking away and the limp head of Cecile bump up and down.  Someone came up and hugged her.  She looked up at Zoltron and hugged him back, crying like a thunderstorm.

Chapter 10: Mystic of Fire
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          Tempest was overly happy that the holidays were coming.  She couldn’t beat to be in the same room as Mistress Starlet.  She felt that she had failed her in more ways than one.

She walked to her dormitory and slumped onto the sofa.  It still bugged her that Merwick knew where they were going.

“Where the hell did he get that wand,” she asked herself.  She sighed in anguish and shook her head.  No purpled, she sighed.

“Hey sis!”  Edana called.


“How are you?”

“Freakin’ pissed off Vayne.  I would be best if you left me alone.”

“Oh come, it wasn’t your fault Zephyr, nothing else.”

“I’ve seen three people die and I held all three of them.  It sure feels like my fault, like I’m to blame for everything.”

“Oh hush already.  Look Christmas is coming up, are you going to spend it in Dogscream or with the family back at home?”

“Here.  I have to find the others.  He’s going after the Fire Mystic next.  Her name is Veronica, and she has taken up the lifestyle of a vampire.  This shall be at least a little more simple considering Master Vlad is a vampire and so am I.  Tell Jason and Selene I said hi, and if their fiances are there tell  them I said hi as well.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”  Edana gave her sister a hug and got up.  Tempest smiled after her and got up.  She walked to the fire place and sat down.  She stared at the fire hoping to be able to stop Merwick.  She would not let another person die.  Not today, not ever.

Tempest tied back her hair and pulled out her wand.  She closed her eyes and willed herself to see into the future.

She saw Merwick kill each Mystic in turn.  She saw the path in which she herself got killed.  She went to another path.  Merwick died at her hands.  Then she willed herself to see farther.  She was standing in the same hallways.  She looked up and saw Draco stabbed by Astrea.  Next she saw herself standing up with tears streaking down her face that was filled with anger and malice and sadness.  Her sword was covered in blood.  Tempest noticed something else.  She was mortal again.  Tempest jerked her eyes open.  She couldn’t tell who’s body it was that layed on the floor at her feet.

Tempest got up and tucked her wand back into her robe.  She walked out and slowly to Master Vlad’s office.

Unlike herself, she knocked on the door and Master Vlad welcomed her in.  He stared at her in mock surprise as she sat down.

“Do you know anyone named Veronica?”

“Yes, actually I do.  I haven’t seen her in a while though.”

“Do you think you’ll be seeing her anytime soon?”


“She’s the Vampire Mystic.”

“Really?  Well I should have guessed.  Whenever she was around, fire would erupt.  It was always nice to have a glass of blood with fire on top.  You should come with me and ask around for her.”

“Hmm, can you describe her for me.”

“Red hair and green eyes.”

“Wow, and she’s a vampire.  I wonder if she’s Carmila Sanguina, oh wait she’s dead.”

“Don’t mock Astrea.”  Tempest laughed and got back up.  “Master Vlad, I need to see if I can find a book about her, just like Cecile.  I need insight on them.  Like can she live outside of her element?”

“Oh I can tell you that.  Fire can be everywhere, she can practically live anywhere.  But her power is mostly derived form blood.”

“Anything else you can tell me?”

“Veronica is sadistic and sinical.  If you tell her that she is going to die, she’ll be okay with it saying something like that is how its meant to be.  Watch she’ll say that.  Now, go, run off, is there anyplace specific you want to go?”

“Where do you think a book on her may reside?”

He sat in thought and looked at her intently.  “Did I ever tell you about the summer your mother spent with Bianca?”

“That’s way off topic Master Vlad.”

“I guess so.  Well, some taverns have bookshelves or two in the owners room, but not all.  You should probably check somewhere where vampires can room.  Alaska would probably be a likely place.”

“You’re kidding right?  Alaska?  How the bloody hell am I suppose to get to Alaska?”

He smiled wickedly and Tempest groaned.  Now she knew what she put her friends though.

“I’ll be helping you.  Or at least alert the tavern owner.   She’s an old friend of mine.  I’ll give you till next week, until then I suggest you Nila and Void should rest.”

“Understood.”  Tempest got up and walked out of the office.  Tempest walked down that stairs that led to the lake.  She needed some quiet time in the snow.

She stood there a moment and looked at the docked boats.  Only four years ago she was in one of those boats entering into safety.  Or so she thought.

The lake was frozen over.  Tempest took off her cloak and dived under the ice.  She swam in and let herself float the water.  She stared up thoughtfully and then closed her eyes.  How will I become mortal again, she asked herself.  She opened her eyes and swam in the icy water.  She broke through a distance away from school and pulled herself out from under the ice.

Tempest sat on the bank and closed her eyes to listen to the air around her.  She wasn’t alone.  Tempest jerked her eyes open and sniffed the air.  The smell was unfamiliar.  She stood up and turned around and was face to face with Merwick.


“Hello Young Tempest, how fare thee?”

“Get the bloody hell away from me.”

“Oh come now,” he said leaning on a tree.  “Is that anyway to treat an old friend, and besides don’t you want to know how I knew where you were headed?”

“We’re not friends, but the question has been on my mind so since you’re here and I know I won’t be getting rid of you, indulge me bastard.”

He sneered.  “Very well.  I listened.  You’d be surprised what advantages being an essence can be.  By the way, do you like the new body?  Usually I can only keep a body for about, two or three days, but her magic gives me power.  Wow, you wouldn’t believe how much she is screaming in here.”  He tapped his blonde headed hair and Tempest could feel herself collapsing.

“She’s still alive?”

“I absorbed her essence Young Tempest.  I thought you would have figured that out considering you can see into the future.”  He laughed harshly and stared at her with him new brown eyes.

“I hope you burn in hell.”

“I think everyone does.  But now, lets enjoy my power.”  Vine’s shot out of the ground and wound up Tempest legs.  She ripped them off one by one and stumbled onto the ice.  Seaweed shot out from below her and caused her to fall.  Tempest crawled back a couple of steps, but seaweed caught her around her waist and even though she unlatched herself form their grasp, she was already in the water being pulled by more seaweed.

Tempest tried to swim up, but it became to perilous for her.  That was when she saw it.  A thick crack between two rocks.  She swerved in and swam as fast ass she could through the passage before Merwick took control of the rocks and tried to crush her.

Tempest soon saw white above her at a distance and swam up.  To her surprise, she realized that she was in a hole.  She crawled up and soon realized that the white was snow.

Tempest poked her hands through and pulled herself up.  Once her head was through she thanked god that for once she was not human.

She pulled the rest of herself and shook off the snow that was on her.

“God, I love Divina so much right now.”  She walked from the spot and ran to the dormitory.

“Password?” hissed the dragon.

“Thestral.”  It hissed but allowed her in nonetheless.  She walked in on Chad and Divina and rolled her eyes.

“Hey love birds, have either of you seen Void or Nila?”
“I sae Void in the Great Hall eating,” said Chad.

“Last I saw of Nila she was sleeping.”


Tempest left without another word to them and walked up to the girls dormitory.  There was Nila, on Tempest bed looking at a family tree.

“You haven’t left.”

“I don’t feel like seeing the love birds making out right now.  It make same sick to my stomach and right now I don’t feel like losing my lunch.”

She smiled and Tempest laughed.

“Well move over.”  Nila moved over and Tempest sat down.  “What are you looking at?”

“Just passing the time really.  Didn’t really have anything left to do.”

“What family tree are you on now?”

“Voids.  I didn’t know him and his family were so pure.  I mean I expected as much but wow.”

“I know right.  I know his mum.  You should meet her, you would like her.”

“Hmm, maybe.”

“Finally, you two, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“Really?” asked Nila.

“Of course,” said Void.  He walked in and sat on the foot of the bed.  “I heard you are going to a vampire tavern in Alaska.”

“Well duh, that’s why I was trying to find you two, to tell you to get ready.”

“Uh, Zephyr, in case you may have forgotten we are not vampires, we aren’t aloud in vampire taverns,” stated Void.

“Well I’m not going alone.”

“I think Master Vlad may be planning on going with you,” said Nila.

“Really, so why didn’t he just tell me?”

“Maybe he wanted it to be a surprise,” said Nila.

“Maybe . . . oh never mind.”

Tempest sat in bed and shuffled her hair.  She was really missing her purple.


The time came when Master Vlad called Tempest up to his office.  She was dressed all in black and red and walked into the office.  Stella and Serena were there on either side of his desk staring at her arrogantly.

“What are you two doing here?”’

“We’re going either you of course,” stated Stella.

“Yes.  We have to help avenge Gorx.  He was innocent and . . . “

“Enough Serena.  Look, you aren’t going alone and we are going to help no matter what you say.  We have to help avenge Gorx.”

“Uh okay.”

“Brilliant, now if you three wouldn’t mind I would like to send you on your way please.”  They nodded.  “All right then, Stella you first, then you Serena, then you Zephyr.  I’ve already informed the owner of your arrival so just say Blood Fire Tavern.”

They nodded and one by one they entered the fire place and slid into the tavern.

Stella and Serena helped Tempest up and she looked around.

“Well, well, Vlad told me three young girls would be coming to see me.”  They are turned around, and at the bar stood a woman with fire-red hair and jade green eyes.  Tempest eyes widened.

“You’re the Fire Mystic.”

“The name’s Veronica.”

Chapter 11: Veronica's Hunger
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          "You seem surprised?  Did Vlad not tell you?”

“Uh no.”

“That’s Vlad, such a vixen in my opinion.  Well come, sit, have a drink.”

“I try not to drink human blood.”

“I know, Vlad told me, I have a . . . special drink for you.  Now you two darlings I have the gold of blood waiting for you.  O positive or negative, which ever suits your taste buds.”  She smiled sweetly and led them over to the bar.  Tempest sat down and Veronica handed them each a goblet with flames atop them.

“Well drink up already.”  Tempest drank up and savoured the blood.  She new what she was drinking.  A mixture.

“What is this?”

“A mixture I concocted for the vegetarian vampires like yourself.  Tasty isn’t it.”

“Delicious.”  Tempest meant what she said and that angered her a little.  She hated being immortal.

“You seem to age, how is that possible?”

“My, uh, mum, she developed a potion.  She’s very talented, of course the Gypsies helped her develop it.  I can walk out in the sun.”

“Really?  Why do you seem so upset darling?”

“I don’t like being a immortal.  I’ll have no one close to me to spend it with.  Who would want immortality when those you love are mortal?”


“You have your sisters, one of which is dead——”

“What did you say?”

“Vlad didn’t tell you.  Your sister Cecile was murdered, I tried to save her but to no avail.  I’m so sorry.”

“We cannot be killed.  We are the elements.  The ones who govern magic.  We cannot die.”

“I held your sister body in may arms.  Her essence, her power, her life, he took it.  As of that moment, she now is inside of him, probably locked away in a cell in his mind, her power his.”

“How do you know this?”

“Because he is Merwick, and he wants me dead.”

“Is it that hard to kill a little girl?”

“Apparently so.”

“Is that all you came to do, to tell me?”

“No.  He’s going to kill you as well.”

“Really.  Well I guess there’s nothing we can do about that.  Vlad told me you could see into the future.”

“If he kills you, then we will kill your sisters one by one.”

“He wants our powers just to kill you?  Well you must be one powerful little girl.”

“She carries the essence of Morgan Le Fey and Merlin,” stating Stella matter-of factly.

“Zephyr, here is way powerful,” said Serena sadly.  Tempest looked at her, she was beginning to wonder why Serena was more than a little distraught over Gorx.

“Hmm, well I guess it wouldn’t hurt, I have to yell at Vlad anyway and besides, I am not getting any business.  During these thirty days of night, the vampires like to prey on the inhabitants of this secluded place.  I don’t blame them really, fresh human blood is so rare and is to sweet to be ignored or forgotten.”  She licked her lips and flames began to erupt everywhere.

“You aren’t truly a vampire though, you can walk in the daylight.”

“I know, and I do.  The head from the sun warms my blood, how cannot I not.”

“Why do you drink blood?”

“Blood warms the body, heats it up.  Its like a power source for me.”

“I know Cecile told me.”

“How exactly did she die?”

“Merwick found where she lived and with knife he tore off her symbol.  While we are trying to move her to a swamp, he found us, and with a metal pointed wand, stole her essence.”

“So do you think he will try to steal my power.  That will be quite difficult considering I can lite things on fire.”

“You shouldn’t underestimate him, he’s . . . someone who can surprise you.”

“Glad to know you think that if me Young Tempest.”  Tempest looked up from her drink and turned around.  Behind her stood Merwick in all his green and gold glory.

“You!!” screamed Stella and Serena in anger.

“You son of s bitch, I should suck you dry for killing Gorx!” screamed Serena.

“Well aren’t you testy.  What’s your name?  Serena correct.  I’ve been watching you.  As I’ve heard, you and Gorx . . . what was it?  Had a magical night together?”

Tempest flinched.  What did she just hear?  Gorx and Serena spent the night together?  What was this?

“Young Tempest didn’t you know.  I watched your dead boyfriend a lot.  It happened last year.  I believe when you were gone once and you and he had been fighting.”

Tempest was angry.  She clenched her fist but stood perfectly still.  So that was why Serena was so heart broken and sad.  It explained everything.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Shut your mouth, I care for nothing you have to say.  Now you Merwick, I outta kill you here and now.”  She unleashed her sword and he laughed.

“Ah Tempest, do you think that that sword can harm me?  I posses the essence of Earth itself.  Your sword is metal, metal is Earth.  You are pathetic.  Gorx didn’t love you.  Your family doesn’t love you and Draco doesn’t love you.”

Tempest ran to him and knocked him down.  She clutched his throat and held him there.  Her vision began to haunt her even in her waking hours.

“You stay away from Draco,” she hissed.

He smiled malevolently.  “You are gorgeous when your angry did you know that?”

“If I didn’t know better, I would suck your dry.  Stella get Veronica out of here . . . NOW!”

“Uh yeah okay.”

Suddenly, vines shot up out of the ground and encircled Tempest pulling her close to him.  She fought hard against the strength of the vines.

“Have I mentioned you look so much like Morgan Le Fey.”

“Let . . .  me . . . go!”

“I don’t think so.”  He kissed her and Tempest did everything in her power to not bite him which was exactly what he wanted.  She struggled and tried to pull away but remained incapable.  Suddenly something hot began to prickle her back and someone pulled her up.  It was Serena.  Tempest pulled her hand way from her angrily and stared her down.  Serena looked away and so she looked at Stella who was clutching her wrist.  Tempest noticed that blood was on her hand and Veronica’s lips.  Fire began to surge around them and the vines began to die.

“I never like it when my sister played her vines against me, what makes you think I like it when you do?”  She looked at Tempest.  “I insist we go, so little blood can only make my fires frown but a bit.”  Tempest nodded and ran to the fireplace alone with Serena and Stella.

“Nightmare Academy!” they all said.
Tempest didn’t know which fire place she had slid out of.  She looked around to gather her bearings.  She was in the trophy room or so she assumed from all the trophies surrounding her.  Tempest got up and looked around.  No reflection greeted her back.  All of a sudden she felt dizzy and fell to th floor.  It wasn’t lack of blood, she just had a drink of it.  Something was dreadfully wrong.

Tempest ran from the trophy room to Master Vlad’s office hopeful.

Thankfully, Veronica was there unfortunately there was an almost gapping wound on her lower back.  She was yelling at Vlad.

“You dare not tell me about my sisters death?”

“Would you rather I did through a message  than in person?”

“I . . . thank you for telling me Vlad, sincerely.”

“If you two don’t minds, I would like to know how he managed to cut off your symbol?”

“Ah Miss Nyx how nice of you to join us, really, now where did you land?” asked Master Vlad.

“Trophy room.”

“Ah, well please take a seat next to Stella and Serena.”

“I would much rather stand if you don’t mind.”

“Let the poor girl stand Vlad, and id you must know, a thorn vine slipped up from under and began slicing at it.  Bloody hell I though I’d tell you, even Cecile never used her power for harm, I think she didn’t even know how to commit violence.”  She laughed and suddenly a great sadness flew over them.  Tempest shook it off and walked over to Veronica, to inspect her wound.

“Why is it healing so slowly?”

“Did my sisters wound heal as slowly?”

“Yes, why is that?”

“I’m assuming it’s because of who we are them.  One time when my sister Laila fell.  She scrapped her arms and legs.  Took almost two days to heal.  We never though anything of it really.”  She laughed and Tempest just stared at her.  She could not believe what was going on.

Chapter 12: Heated Blood
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          Tempest sat in Vampire Tavern uncomfortably, but she knew a regular amount of blood would help her better able to defend herself.  She looked around and drank her pint of blood.  Veronica was laughing along with Master Vlad.  She wondered if they were already drunk off of blood.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Shut it Serena.”

“Look, I’m sorry.  Gorx felt horrible.  I felt horrible.  He was just angry and jealous and . . . look he loved you.  He felt horrible and so have I.  Look Zephyr, you have to forgive him—”

“Excuse me?”  Tempest stood up and stared at her.  “Forgive him?  No, I don’t hate him, I don’t need to forgive him.  Its you I have a problem with.  I forgive Gorx, I don’t forgive you, I don’t give a rats ass about you, that’s all.  Now, get the bloody hell away from my face.”


“Sis, just get away from her already,” said Stella.  Tempest looked at her.  She was staring furiously at her sister.

“Yes Stella.”  Serena walked away and Stella took her place.

“I’m sorry about her, bugging you that is.”

“All she wants is my forgive ness, but you know I don’t think I can give that t her.  This is worse that what Nila did last year.”  She drank a big gulp pf her pint and ordered another taking back her seat.

“I don’t blame you.  You see Serena has always loved him and lusted over him, but frankly he only saw her as just another girl on the team, nothing more.  She always resented him for that.  But then she thought that if she could get him to know her more, she could win him over.  Instead he wanted to keep his distance from her, mainly because she was . . . pitiful and sort of frighting.”

“You two were born vampires correct?”

“Yes, why?”

“I know how I age, but how is it you age?”

“Oh common question, well technically, I’m not at a liberty to tell you.  Sorry, Zephyr, family secrets an’ all.”

“Ah, yes, I understand family secrets all to well unfortunately.”  They laughed and then Tempest yelped in sudden pain.  She growled as she looked down at her arm.

“Keep an eye on her, Voldy calls.”

Tempest disapparated and realized that she was alone with Lord Voldemort.

“Yes my lord?”

“I need you to look into the future.”

“Of course.”

“Wait, don’t.  Someone is in my mind.”  He closed her eyes and smiled.  Tempest tried not to be disgusted, even though she was far beyond disgusted.

“I have a different task for you Tempest.”


“When we infiltrate the Ministry of Magic and retrieve the prophecy, I want you to watch everything.  I want a witness a witness to everything that goes on, understand?”

She smiled reluctantly.  “Of course.”

“You are excused.”

“Yes my lord.”

Tempest couldn’t have left any quicker.  She hated Voldemort almost as much as she hated Merwick, if not more.

Tempest disapparated herself to e candy shop she knew Void and Nila were at.

There they sat eating their candy.  Nila sat crossed legged across from Void.  H e saw her first and se flew next to Nila who didn’t eve flinch.

“Hi Zephyr.”

“Hello Nilavoid.”

“You really need to stop with that stupid nickname,” said Void agitated.

“Oh hush.”

“Shouldn’t you be with Veronica?” asked Nila sucking on a lolly pop.

“Stella and Master Vlad are keeping an eye on her.  So is Serena I suppose.”  She really hated Serena at the moment.  Nila and Void understood, they knew.  She had loved Gorx when he was alive, but she had loved Draco and still did.

There was a moment if silence before Tempest ears twitched.  Something was wrong.

“Zephyr?” asked Nila.

“Something’s wrong.”  Tempest got up and ran for dear life.  She couldn’t help but feel that something was terribly wrong.

She turned the corner of the street and stood furiously.  Merwick stood outside the tavern, staring at it intently.  Tempest looked at the tavern, vines were growing up the sides.  She couldn’t summon her sword not her wand, so now she was going to have to focus her thoughts.

Tempest closed her eyes and focussed on the ground beneath Merwick.   She was going to use her favourite spell on him yet again.

“Bombarda!”  The ground beneath him exploded and she quickly thought of various spells.

“Rhizapoidus!” she heard him yell.

He ducked and cast a spell back at her and she cast Protega and looked through the cloud of dust.  He smiled up at her.  Tempest heard Nila and Void arrive at her sides.

“I feel so useless,” said Nila.

“You’re not, you can try to control the vines.  Try Nila please.”

“Okay.  Terra Vita.”  Tempest noticed the immediate amount of strain over her face.  Tempest promised her she would try to be quick.  Nila just nodded.

“You really think you can stop my Young Tempest.”

“Yes.  I have before, I will until I see you die and if I die in the process, so be it, but I will do whatever takes to stop you.”

“Hmm, so be it.  Bronthyro!”


He summoned a thunder wolf but the sulfur cloud she summoned confused it.


The wolf yelped and left but before it left, it left behind a fire, something he had hoped for.

Fire enveloped them all, Tempest cast a protection charm over Void and Nila.  They stood at her side.  Nila no longer had any control over the vines and she was angry.  Void held a dagger in his hand and was ready to throw.

Finally Serena, Stella, Vlad and Veronica came from the tavern.  Veronica was smiling.

Tempest watched Veronica eyes flares and her hair flowed brightly.  The fire grew brightly and she watched as Veronica burned all the plants.

“Like I said before,” began Veronica, “my own sister was not able to do anything against me, what makes you think you will?”

Tempest didn’t like how Merwick smiled as he said, “Your sister didn’t know how to use violence, I do.”

Time seemed to stop as s thorny vine came  through her.  Tempest stood transfixed by the sight.  Nothing moved.  It was dead silence all around, not even Merwick moved.

Finally the vine pulled itself back out and ever so slowly, like time was in slow motion.  Veronica collapsed onto her knees and stared ahead shocked.

Blood dripped on the ground and Tempest wanted to run but couldn’t force herself to move.  Veronica looked up at her and smiled.

“Must be Young Tempest,” she whispered.

“No!”  Tempest flung Merwick against a building and ran to Veronica.  Veronica collapsed into her arms and Tempest layed her flat on the ground, then suddenly the ground began to shake.

“Earthquake,” whispered Veronica.  Tempest looked down at her.  “Cecile hated causing earthquakes, they only ever happened when she got temperamental as a child.  Our mortal mother would always laugh because the earthquakes tickled her feet.  Her laughter always soothed Cecile.”  She coughed and smiled.  “My death is meant to bo Young Tempest you were not meant to stop him yet.”

“You can’t die, you’re partially a vampire, your wound is already healing.”

“That may be, but he is a monster Young Tempest, nothing more.”

The ground collapsed under Tempest and she fell quickly catching herself against the rock.  The ground was still shaking and debris kept falling on her making it hard for her to focus on anything.  Tempest looked up and above her she saw Merwick walk over the crack.  She saw the lint of his wand.  She couldn’t move couldn’t do anything.

She hung there until she realized that the shaking had stopped.  She looked up and noticed that clouds were covering the sky and thunder shook the air.

She climbed out and on the floor, with a calm placid smiled lay Veronica.  She walked to her and looked around.  The ground was covered in dead leaves and vines.  The floor was scorched and here and there fire still remained flaring.

It started a pour and Tempest was happy that it was, this way nobody could see her cry.

Chapter 13: Water Mystic
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          She couldn’t help herself, she had to see what was going on at Hogwarts.  She walked around as a red head with purple eyes.  Justine as she was known.  She saw Ron walking alone and slipped her arm over his shoulder.

“I think I could pull off as your cousin or something Ron.”  He looked at her and smiled.

“You need to work on your fangs Zephyr.”

“Like I smile half the time.  Do you think it’s weird that I wear a uniform of Slytherin and I’m hanging out with you?”

“You’re not really a Slytherin and Draco is in the Great Hall.”

“Thank you, love you so much right now.”  She kissed him on the cheek and ran off after she gave him a hug.

She ran off and suddenly someone called after her causing her to stop abruptly.  She turned around slowly and approaching her was a toad like woman in disgusting pink clothes.  Tempest wanted to throw up but contained herself.

“Well who are you Young Miss?”

“Me?  Oh I’m Justine.”

“Why have I never seen you around?”

“Oh well . . .”

“Justine!  Hello Professor Umbridge, this is my girlfriend, Justine Nyx.”

“Oh well nice to meet you.  Now run along now.”

“Thank you.”

They walked along and Tempest slipped her arm around his waist and snuggled up to him.  He kissed the top of her head.

“So, will Pansy be joining us?”

“No, she’s not really talking to me.”  He pulled her into an empty hallway and kissed her tenderly.  She removed the illusion she cast upon herself and looked once again like her old else.

“Draco . . .”

“Yeah,” he said as he snuggled up to her.

“I . . . I think we should go to the dormitory.”  He pulled away and looked down at her.  She would tell he was hoping or thinking that she would say something else, and for a moment she herself thought she would.

“Okay,” he said a bit disappointed.  She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around his waist.  She did live him, only right now wasn’t the best time to say it.

She sat down on his bed and crossed her legs.  He laid down and kicked off her shoes.

“I thought you said you were going to dye the purple back into your hair?”

“I didn’t get the chance.  Merwick, he, well he as his usual abysmal self, murdering yet another person.”

“Do you think you will ever stop him?”

“I’m hopeful.”  She snuggled up to him.  “He’s such an abhorrent monstrosity!  I hate him!”

“Shh, Tempest, just sleep.  Take a brake.”  She complied and closed her eyes frightfully.

No longer did sleep bring pleasure of sweet dreams.  Instead they brought terror and fright.  She hated the hallway.  Her sword was down.  She wan running along the wall, but stopped at the corner, the hallway carried with it an ominous sense and she looked around and was overjoyed to see Draco alive.  It quickly vanished when Astrea spun him around and stabbed him.  Tempest screamed and ran to him, catching him before he hit the ground.

“I never liked you anyway,” Astrea said before she disappeared.

Suddenly Tempest stood, her head bowed and herself bedraggled.  Cuts were on her face as well as the rest of her.  Tears streaked down her dirty face.  She lifted her head, and looked up.

“It had to be done.”

“Tempest wake up!”

Tempest opened her eyes and standing over her was Draco.  She sat up and pinched the top of her nose.  Abrasive abominable bitch, she thought as she remembered Astrea.

“Are you alright?”

“Bad dream, nothing more.”

“About me?”  She looked up at him.  She was ambivalent at the moment.  Tell him or not.  Before she could even answer he shook his head and held her hand.

“Nevermind, you’ve already answered my question.”

“Draco . . .”

“Shh.”  He kissed her and that was more that enough.  Tempest laid back onto the pillows and encircled his neck.  Nothing else mattered when she felt his lips on hers.

Suddenly she yelped in pain.

“I . . . am going . . . to kill the Dark Lord.”

Draco wouldn’t let her go and frankly she wouldn’t go.


Viva wouldn’t stop yelling at her.  She had missed but one meeting with the Death Eaters, just one, and Viva started to yell her head off.  Tempest simply rolled her eyes in an aloof manner.

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me Zephyr!  What ever did I do to you to earn such disrespect!”

Tempest looked up at her acridly and the room seemed to grow dark as though a dark cloud was upon them.

“Tell me that that question was rhetorical,” she said angrily.  “I mean seriously!  Tell me that that was damn bloody rhetorical question!  SERIOUSLY!”  Tempest got up from her seat, knocking her chair back in the process.  She was going back to school, she was sick of dealing with that woman.

Tempest stormed from the fire place and turned over the dormitory sofa.  Luckily nobody was sitting on it, because right now she had to regard for anyone else.

Tempest finally looked up at everyone staring at her.

“I’m sorry, do you all have a problem?”

“Zephyr, what’s wrong?” asked Nila.

“What’s wrong?  That woman had the gall to ask me what she did to earn such disrespect!  Can you believe that!  God!”

“Zephyr, relax,” soothed Void.  He put a hand on her shoulder and she growled and glared at him making him stop back.  Tempest hated Voldemort, they all knew that.

“She knows I hate that filthy half-blood!  I should abase that woman!  Put her in her proper place.  Ugh!  How dare she!”

“Zephyr you need to calm down.  You’re acting like . . . well like one of those Death Eaters that enjoy being abhorrent!” said Nila.

Tempest looked at her and went to her face, staring down at her in her high black boots.  Nila simply crossed her arms and stood her ground, raising herself in her brown boots by straightening her back, Nila was sometimes to audacious towards Tempest,  That was why they were friends, they were both recklessly brave and bold.

“Okay enough,” began Void, “we don’t need another repeat of last year thank you.”  Tempest leaned back and watcher her Sevratis climb up onto Nila.

“What did you name it,” asked Tempest, quickly changing the subject.  She always thought of herself as having an anathematic lifestyle.  The way Merwick invaded constantly made it seem that way.

A wave of water hit her back to consciousness.  The Water kept hitting the window.  They all stared at each other.  This was no natural storm.

“That’s not Merwick, I can tell you that.”

“Do you think it’s the Water one.”

“I can’t be sure.  That storm is not natural.”

“He’s watching us isn’t he?” asked Void.

“Most likely.”  She looked at the unbalance weather.  The Water Mystic was close, but that was all she knew, for the moment.

“Nila, I need you to get the book of her family tree, I want to know her name.”

“Oh I can tell you that already, I’ve been looking at the book a lot lately.  Her name is Abigail.”

“You read,” laughed Void.

“Shut up you . . .”

“This is no time to babble.  Void I need to sleep.”

Both Void and Nila looked at her frightened.  They knew what she meant to do.

“You two cannot wake me up, no matter what, understood?”

“Zephyr, began Nila.

“No Nila, this needs to be done.”  She walked up the stairs to the girls dormitory.  “Goodnight you two.”


Astrea was smiling in a callous manner.  Draco was dying. She herself was standing with a bloodied Excaliber.

Abigail was sitting in a pond, twirling it, making a whirlpool.  Tempest saw her eyes, they were a bright blue and clouded in sadness.  Her head stood on a stone dn she was crying.  The place was drenched in water, as the storm clouds cried along with her.

Tempest jerked away.  A pond.  She ran down stairs and sitting there was Serena, and no one else.

“Serena, have you seen my friends, I really need to talk to them.”  She shook her head and continued to stare at the fire blazing at the fireplace.  Tempest walked past her but stopped at the sound of Serena’s voice.

“How can you do it?  I watcher her die, we all did, but you, you’ve seen many more deaths.  You’re father, your mother, Gorx, Veronica’s sister and Veronica herself.  How can you do it?  How do you survive?”

“I don’t get over it, but I don’t forget them.  I try to remember that its their deaths that made me who I am and that this is who they wanted me to be.  And then I remember I’m doing all that is in my power to avenge them, to make it all right.”

“I have to help Zephyr.  You can’t deprive me of that.  I loved him, maybe not as much as you, or like you did, but I did love him, but I have to help.”

“I understand.  Get my friends and everyone else together we are going someplace even Merwick can’t follow.”


Tempest was shocked to see all the people she did see.  There was Nila, Void, Chad, Divina, Zoltron, Hydra, Serena, Stella, Alex, Edana and Christopher, The person that surprised her the most was Demenshia.  Apparently Zoltron invited her.

Divina closed the door to her bedroom and cast a series of spells to ensure their secrecy and safety.

“So, where is she,” asked Demenshia pleasantly.  She had her arm through Zoltron who was enjoying her company but did not like the glare emanating form Hydra.

“A pond with a waterfall and a river.  Do you know of such a place Demenshia?”  A sly smiled came upon her face.

“Not yet, but I can foresee a coming.  In a forest far away, in a land where have been with people you have met, can you guess?”

Chapter 14: Abiail's Dance
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          Tempest sat alongside Exodus eating some cooked fish.  She hadn’t been here in over two years but nobody had forgotten her.  Tempest wondered why Abigail was here of all places.

“So you’ve come to see Abigail? I met her once.  She was gentle and sweet.”  He opened up his pouch and revealed a blue sapphire wrist band.  “She gave this to me, said she stole it from her immortal mother of the Lake.  I’ve never put it on.”  Tempest looked at it.

“May I see that Exodus?”

“Sure.”  Tempest took it and it reminded her of Nila ring.  She called Void over and he looked at it.

“What spell?”

“Nemert Bios, this is water.”

“Abigail gave it Exodus.”

“Exodus do you realize what you have here?” asked Void.  He shook his head and Void looked at Tempest who smiled up at him and gave him the look that told him to not be a smart snob.  “A very powerful object,” he finally said.

Tempest snatched it from Void and within seconds had it strapped onto Exodus’ wrist.

“Say Nemert Bios.”


“Just say it,” ordered Nila smiling.

“Okay.  Nemert Bios.”  Cloud gathered and it stared to rain.  Tempest stood up and looked at Void and Nila.  They all smiling and began to laugh.


They were all running.  Tempest had no idea where she was running only that she was close.  She looked at Nila and Void on either side of her, as usual.

It was still raining and for once Tempest was ahead of Merwick.  She was on cloud nine, but that in itself frightened her because whenever she fell back down to reality, she fell so hard that it was difficult to get back up.

She was following the scent of moisture and the darkening clouds.  Abigail was here, she knew she was.


They were resting.  Exodus had stopped the rain, so it had stopped, but the clouds still darkened the sky.  She looked at Verdina who was staring a her brothers wrist band with distaste.  Tempest knew she didn’t like it.  It was because of Tempest.

Tempest began walking alone, she wondered where Merwick.  She was worried beyond anything else and scared.

She walked amongst the trees but stopped when she saw a stream.  She ran towards the direction it was flowing from.  At the end she halted.  In a small clearing there was a girl with long lack hair and dangling jewellery dancing.  Tempest couldn’t tell that se was crying.  Tempest couldn’t help but stare at her though.  She was dressed in a blue dress, the like ancient Greeks and was wearing blue high heels.  She stopped, her back towards Tempest and it started to rain.

“Hello Young Tempest, for a moment I thought you would never find me.”  She turned her head and smiled mischievously at her.  Tempest walked towards her.
“You know.”

“What?  That my sisters are dead?  Of course.”  She looked at her nails and Tempest noticed that her wrist was covered in bracelets and her fingers in rings.

“How did you know?”

“I just did.  To be quite honest, we weren’t that close.  Cecile and Veronica were closed and I was close with Laila.  You see Cecile was . . . earthy, no pun intended.  Veronica was like a tomboy, always liked getting into fights.  Me, I was eccentric, exotic, narcissistic and materialistic.  Laila, well, she was the most innocent girl alive.  Whoever is killing u, he can’t get to her, that’s why I needed you to find me.  I had to ask my . . . mother for help.”

“Which one?”

“The bitch.”

“Oh, Tempest.”

“No, the Lady.”

Tempest looked ay her startled.   “You don’t like the Lady of the Lake?”

“Ha no.  Sh betrayed her sister, gave King Arthur Excaliber and allowed it to be used against her.  No loyalty whatsoever.  But I really shouldn’t talk about loyalty, all this jewellery I stole from her treasury, so it’s all magical.”

“So you, you’re a thief?”

“Of course, always have been.  My mother used to scold me for I.”  She laughed and walked into the pond.  “I never really got along with my family, except Laila.  We fought alongside Tempest, while Veronica and Cecile fought with Merlin.  I had a bond with them even though we were different.  I felt when Cecile died.  The moisture in the world, around her, I felt it and then Veronica, that’s when I knew something was dreadfully wrong.  Frankly I don’t care about my well being, it’s Laila who I care about.  Without Cecile and Veronica alongside me, I cannot protect her alone.”

“You care a lot about her.”

“Of course I do!  I’m not heartless!  I am many things but I am not heartless!”

“I never said you were.”

“I know but I seem to think I am sometimes so I need to tell myself that I’m not.”  She laughed and let herself fall backwards into the water.  The rain stopped.

“You liked Exodus didn’t you?  That’s why you gave him the wristband.”

“Yes, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed wen he didn’t put it on.”  She lifted her head.  “How is my daughter anyway?”

“Your daughter?”

“Verdina.”  Tempest was taken aback.

“She can’t be your daughter!  She’s almost as old as Exodus!”

She shook her head and smiled.  “No, she is about three hundred years old.  I met Exodus centuries ago and bound his life to mine.  He was one of the child survivors.  When he was eighteen, well I bound him to me and about three hundred years ago Verdina was born.  She looked older because she . . . she isn’t immortal.”  She sat up and shook her head.  “I love my daughter, but she hates me I think.”

“Abigail, you can’t die, I have to protect you and your sister.”

“Who is this man that wants us dead?”

“His name is Merwick.  He created the Merlin Crusaders.  He hunted those who were evil until about four yeas ago.  Now he wants me dead and he wants your power to do so.”

“He seems to be succeeding.”  Abigail stood up and walked over to Tempest.  “Lets go see me daughter shall we.”


Tempest watched Verdina as she stared at her mother acidly.  Tempest really couldn’t blame her.  Tempest looked at Abigail who was dancing up a storm.

“If I die I should probably take off my jewellery.  He shouldn’t get him hands on anything else of mine.”  She laughed.

“How can you be so calm,” chastised Exodus.  “He may kill you!”

“You’re point?  Two of my sisters are already dead.  He has their powers.  Fire I can manage, but plants feed on water.  When it came to Cecile, I stood no chance.  Exodus can you keep it raining, that would be great love.”  She smiled and continued dancing when suddenly out of nowhere Verdina came and slapped her mother.

“You callous bitch!”

“How dare you!  That was my face!”

“Oh shut up mother!  You care for no one but yourself!”

“Excuse me!?!  I am not as cold hearted as you may think!  Two of my sisters are dead!  And my little angle, my little sister, she may be next!  And your father!  He will no loner be immortal!  He will start to age like any mere mortal as will you daughter dear!”

“Enough!” yelled Tempest.  “We need to conserve our strength.  It won’t take Merwick long to figure out where I am, where we are, frankly I think he’s on his way.  So if you all don’t mind, I would like to rest and recover my strength.”  Tempest looked at them and walked away flustered.  She didn’t have the strength to deal with them.

She waited for Nila and Void who she knew would come, in time anyway.  As she waited, she looked at the tree and thought back.  Cecile hadn’t smiled like Veronica had, but there was a certain look in her eyes, the same look in Veronicas’.  She wondered if either would be in Abigails face.

“Have you been waiting long,” came a sudden voice.  Tempest tilted her head back and smiled. At Void and Nila.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to ave her.”

“Don’t think that way Zeph,” said Nila her voice highly pitched.

“Don’t tell us you’ve become ignominious?” said Void.

“Well lets see.  My father was murdered because of me.  My dead boyfriend because of me and Cecile and Veronica because of me.  I’m not sure I can lose anymore self-respect.  I’m pretty sure I’ve hit rock bottom.”

“Oh shut it already,” said a voice.  Tempest looked behind and behind her stood Divina.


“I said shut it Zephyr.  Now I know you aren’t used to being told what to do, but right now, just shut it.  Now listen, you are going to save that impenitent water wench and if you don’t well you tried.  You are going to kill Merwick.  I don’t doubt that, why do you?”

“You’re becoming very imperious,” said Tempest smiling.

“I’m princess, what did you expect.”

Suddenly the air changed and they all looked around.  The air suddenly became hot and the trees began to thrive more.

“He’s coming.”

Chapter 15: Liquid Blood
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          It had been several hours since the ominous feeling had come.  Everyone was silent.  No one moved, no one spoke.  Divina, Tempest, Nila, Hydra, Void, Zoltron and Chad stood all around, their wands ready.  Demenshia stood alongside Zoltron, her wand ready.  Although not a  very special one, it spectacular for one made by hand.  White wood with a dragon fang personally provided by Tempest, so it was very powerful.  Tempest pulled out her sword and held both er wand and her sword.  She wouldn’t stand a chance against that person she called an iniquitous bastard.

He thought she was insidious but that never stopped him from coming back to kill her again and again.  She thought about Draco for a brief moment.  Maybe if  she gave up now he would live.  She was very tempted and was about to put down her sword and wand when suddenly through the fog and mist she saw a figure approach.  All her hatred began to flow back.

He stopped and Tempest looked to see his face again.  Suddenly she lunged at him.  Luckily for her, she was to quick for him.  She landed on him and as she got a firm grip on his neck she began to choke him but he only laughed.  Vines lunged at her and she was thrown against the trees.  Rain started to pour and Tempest looked up.  Instead of walking towards Abigail, he was walking towards her.

“Like the new look?”

“Go to hell!”

“Come now, it took a lot of magic to achieve this look, don’t you like it?”

“That had better be rhetorical.”

“You know I would really like an answer.”  A vine wrapped around her neck and she looked up.  His autumn eyes pierced her and his pitch black hair carried with it eerie darkness.  It was like looking at a malevolent Gorx.

“You want an answer, fine, I hate it.  Incendio!”  The plants around her burned in the blue flames summoned from her hands.  Tempest ran to her wand and sword.  A hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her.  She spun around ready to attack but stopped short when she noticed that it was Zoltron.  He looked down at her his blue grey eyes warm but worried.  He brought her back to reality.  She turned her head and her eyes widened in shock when a wave of fire hit the tree where she once was.  She buried her head in Zoltron’s shoulder as it burst then looked back angry.

“Aguamenti!”  The flame extinguished.  Tempest smiled, she was winning.  Vines rose in a wave and her smile quickly vanished.


Everyone was running dodging vines and other Earthy things left and right.  Tempest was alongside Hydra and Zoltron.  All three of them were jumping and fighting off the vines from the rear to allow he others to get away.  Incendio was the spell of choice, and blue flames were everywhere.  Suddenly hey stopped and everyone huddled together, their back to each other, something wasn’t right.

“Crap,” said Tempest.  “Everyone se——” she was to slow, the ground beneath them caved in and they were all falling.

Tempest landed on her feet along with Hydra and Zoltron.  She helped other land slowly.  Once they were all down, she looked up, expecting to see him.  Instead she saw noone.

“He’s trapped us down here.”

“No he hasn’t,” said Nila in her purest way.  Tempest caught her smile and watched as Nila walked to the side of the whole.  She placed her hand on the wall and the Earth began to quaver and a tunnel opened leading up.

“Come on, before he comes, that stupid rebarbative pompous ass,” Tempest finished under breath as sh began to walk up the tunnel.  Tempest put her wand away as she walked up the tunnel.  It was still raining and Tempest looked behind at everyone.  Even Abigail looked scared and that in itself frightened her.  She would be strong, just like always.

“Come up slowly, understand.”

“Yes,” said Abigail.  Tempest looked down a her and smiled at her.  Abigail smiled back.  Suddenly the ground covered over them, underneath her and screams began to abound.

“Let them go!”

“How about no, unless however you let me kill you.”  Tempest looked up at him and fell to the ground.  She muttered something hopefully Nila and Void would hear.  Her plan was stupid but it was worth a try.

“Fine, just let them go.”  Void you better be ready she hoped.

“Finally, you learn that you cannot kill me.”  The rain started coming down harder.

“Actually no.”  She head Void tell her they were ready and she unleashed Excaliber stabbing Merwick, temporarily immobilizing him.  “I will do everything it takes to stop you, do whatever it takes.”  The ground exploded and a wave washed over them and Void threw a dagger into the ground.  Tempest quickly cast a protection spell over everyone as the tingle of satisfaction as she watched him squirm to the floor.

“I hope you’re suffering.”

“N-not ye-yet Y-young Tempest.”  Something shook te air knocking everyone back.  A strange sensation befell her as she needed to gasp for air.  But then a regular sensation came.  She was hungry for blood, and he smelled it.  She looked up and noticed Abigails’ wrist was bleeding out.

“Oh god.”

“You see Miss Nyx, you can’t stop me.”  It was something she had never heard before.  He had just sounded like Mistress Starlet.

“You know Merwick,” she said getting up with a grin.  “You aren’t that powerful, I’ll always be better.”  She was to quick for him as she cast Levicorpus.  “Void heal her wrist now.”

“Already ahead of you.”

“Good, now get her out of here.”  They nodded grabbed Abigail and ran and Tempest let Merwick drop to the ground.

“Well Tempest I see you have finally grown up.”

“Oh just come and get me already Merwick, I’m ready.”

“Such an insolent girl.”

“I like to think so.”  She smiled and put up her fist.  “I don’t need a wand to beat you; I don’t need a sword, all I need are my bare hands.”

“Oh you think so.”

“I know so.”  She stood for a moment and so did he.

“Avada Kedavra!”

“Orbis!”  The magic that emanated from his wand flew to her hand and glowed there like an orb and as the earth quaked beneath her feet, she kept her balance and shot pieces of his killing curse at all vines killing each plant one after another.

“You’re wasting your time Merwick.”

“I believe not.”

“You’re beliefs are in vain.  Tempvaison!”  She clapped her hands together and the spell escaped her hands in a wave.  She smiled triumphantly when the earth around him grew bare and he himself was knocked down to the ground.  She walked over to him and lifted his face to hers.

“Merwick, I must say, you disappoint me.”  She knocked him to the ground and pit her foot on his throat.  “You truly and honestly disappoint me.”  She began to choke him them stopped.  The vision of her holding a bloodied sword popped into her head.

“What’s wrong Zephyr.”

“I won’t become a killer Merwick, I won’t become you.  I’ll figure out a way to defeat you without killing you.”

“Oh I had such high hopes for you.”

“I don’t give a crap what your hopes were, all I care about is finding a way defeat you, no matter what the cost.”

“Are you so sure about that?”  An air splitting scream woke Tempest from her fury.  It was Nila.

“Tempest Artemisa Nyx!!”  It was Demenshia’s voice.

“Zephyr!”  They were all calling, her friends.

Tempest ran as fast as possible and within seconds she was at Void and Nila sides.  Creatures of Earth and Fire were around them.

“What the bloody hell . . .” said Tempest.

“We can’t kill them Zeph.  Incendio fuels them and Aguamenti does the same.  Tell me you know something, anything,” pleaded Void.

She shook her head sadly and defeated.  “No Void, I know nothing.”

“Time to admit defeat Young Tempest,” came Merwick’s voice.  Tempest slowly turned her head and faced him.  She should have killed him while she had the chance, she thought angrily.  She gripped her wand and Excaliber fiercely.  Tempest was about to lunge when suddenly Abigail spoke.

“Enough!  I am no longer immortal so you can take my life at any time.  Young . . . Zephyr,” she finished with a smiled, “I appreciate all that you have done but I am tired of being hunted like I am a mere dog.  Verdina, take care of your father, and Exodus I will always love you.  Zephyr save Laila.”

“No, you can’t . . .”

“Not another word do you understand.”  She turned her attention back towards Merwick.  “I insist we get this over with and you all, I insist you leave at once.”  She smiled mischievously and her blue nails seemed to glow a bit, as though they were sharpened.  Tempest put her wand down and replaced Excaliber in her wrist band.

“Zephyr, you can’t be serious!” exclaimed Nila.

“Hush Nila.”

“Do not tell me that you are actually going to just stand there and watch her die!”

“I said hush Nila,” said Tempest calmly.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Nila, leave it be,” said Void.

“But . . .”

“No more,” said Divina.

“These are her last wishes, we should respect them,” said Chad.

Tempest stood with tears down her eyes.  Only she should have seen this.  Suddenly Demenshia spoke.

“So what should I tell my mother when I see her Aunt?”

“Tell her to run and hide, Demenshia.”

“As you wish.”  Tempest looked in shock at Demenshia and for her first time she took into account the whiteness of her eyes.  She looked back at Abigail, she knew and had planned everything since she had first seen Demenshia.  No wonder, thought Tempest.

“Well Merwick, what are you waiting for.”  She approached him and stroked his face, cutting his cheek with her nails.  Tempest watched as a drop from her nail flew to Demenshia.  Merwick didn’t even notice as he stabbed her and cast his evil spell.  Abigail kept her face placid.

As Abigail fell to the ground, and Merwick absorbed his newly ill gotten power, Tempest caught her before she hit the ground.  Merwick began to scream in agony as the power was overwhelming.

“Zephyr, it would be best if we left now with him temporarily incapacitated,” said Demenshia.

“I agree with my cousin,” said Verdina.

Tempest looked at them.  Demenshia’s eyes turned back to their normal honey colour.  She nodded and carried Abigail body away.  Exodus took her and held her body close to his own.  They would bury the body, Tempest knew and looked at Verdina who had tears down her eyes.  Her mother had done at least one good thing, she had sacrificed herself for all of them.

Chapter 16: Air Mystic
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          Tempest lay on her bed stroking Zoltron, it was just something about stroking a cat that both calmed and soothed her.  She listened to his soft purring as well as the little trickle of rain that hit her window at a steady beat.

Three mystics had died, and now only one remained.  Then one who needed her sister in order to stay safe and alive.  Nothing was going as Tempest had planned, but then again nothing went as planned.  She reached under her bed and summoned three vials of substitute blood.  She was hungry, and more than ususal.  She needed to hunt, she needed blood.

Tempest jumped off her bed and crawled to her windows and took a breath of air.  A hand grabbed her arm.

“What Zoltron,” she hissed.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.  Anywhere but here.”

“Zephyr . . .”

“I’ll see you later.”  She jerked her arm away and leaped off the tower.  She smiled as the wind swept around her.  Tempest landed dexterously on the balls of her feet.  She took in a breath of air and smiled as she licked her fangs.  She smelled food.

Tempest ran faster than she thought was possible, the blood she smelled she had to find.  It tainted everywhere she went, every breath she took.  Soon enough she found herself at the tavern in Dogscream.  She scrunched up her eyes in confusion but walked in anyway.

It was empty.  The bar stools were organized and the tables and chairs were neatly fixed.  It was eerie, thought Tempest, she did not like how clean it was.

“Hello,” she said in a normal voice.

“Zephyr?”  Tempest turned around and behind her stood Stella.

“Stella?  What are you doing here?”

“My mother owns the place.  What are you doing here?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Oh, well have a seat.  Now let me guess you want a pint of blood?”


Stella nodded and walked to the bar.  “She is sorry,” she said as she filled a pint.

“I don’t care.”

“Zephyr, you can’t be mad at her forever.”

“Watch me.”

“You can’t blame her Zephyr.”

“She was there, so I can blame her.”

“Gorx was there too.”

“Yes, but he’s dead.”

“So is Stella, figuratively speaking.”

“She’s still walking around, Gorx isn’t.”

“Whatever.”  She handed Tempest her pint and she drank it down within seconds.  Stella gave her another and again she drank it down in seconds.  She hared herself.  She hated how much she loved blood, but beyond that, she was angry at herself.  She had been kissing Draco the moment Gorx was kidnapped.  If she couldn’t forgive herself how could she forgive Serena.

“Why are you truly angry at her.”

Tempest swore.  She hated that Stella was extremely perceptive.

“It’s really none of your business.  Thank you for the blood, it helped calm my hunger.’

“You cheated on him didn’t you?”

“I’m leaving.”  But before she reached the door, Stella was there.

“Answer the question.”

“Get away from the door.”

“Not until you answer the question.”

“The night he was kidnapped . . . I kissed Draco.  That was all I did, we did, clothes weren’t stripped, taken off, nothing like that!”

“You can’t take out your anger on her!”

“Watch me,” she hissed.  Tempest disapparation and was someplace she needed to be.  Stella was right, she couldn’t tale out all her anger in Serena.

It was pouring where she stood.  She opened the creaky black gate and walked in.  The cold wet ground turned to mush under her feet ass she walked.  She passed her parents graves but didn’t stop to look at them.  Tempest stopped at Gorx’s grave.  She stood a moment her anger fuming, then she finally collapsed.  Tempest pounded on the earth and tore at it as she cried.  Before she knew it she was lying there crying.

“You should have let me save you.”  But then, she didn’t know if it was her mind playing tricks on her or if magic was playing.  I couldn’t, I needed to let you go, I couldn’t hold onto you.  I loved you to much to keep you like that.

“Gorx . . .”

Remember Tempest, I’ll always love you . . .

She looked around to see if she saw his ghost, of course, maybe it was a mind trick or possibly it was magic but she forced herself to get up and wiped away her tears.  She would forgive Serena eventually, after she forgave herself.


Tempest walked around looking for Draco as Justine.  She saw Ron and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  He turned around and gave her a hug.

“Hey, how are you?”

“All right, and yourself?”

“Lets see, my entire family are a bunch of Death Eaters, I’m forced to be one, but I sneak secrets to Dumbledore.  Merwick is gaining power and I’m at the edge of the pit of despair.  So . . . everything is normal.”

“Oh, well . . .”

“Look Ronald, don’t worry I hate Voldemort as much as Merwick, if not more.  Do you trust me?”  She looked at him pleadingly and he smiled.

“Of course I do Zephyr, don’t worry.”

“Good.  Now have you seen . . .”  Suddenly his face grew grave and she knew.  “He’s with Pansy isn’t he.”

He nodded.  “Maddox and I have tried to talk to him but . . .”

“But he’s Draco.”  She sighed.  “Do you know where my cousin is?”

“Astronomy tower I think.”

“Of course.  Sometimes he and I are to alike.”  She laughed and gave Ron a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Tempest removed her illusion and walked to her cousin who stared blankly out side the castle.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Nothing in particular, just staring.”

“Hmm, well the scenery is nice.’

“Yeah . . . you shouldn’t bother with Draco, Tempete, he’s not worth your time.”

“I know, trust me, I know I talked to Ron.”

“So why do you still love him?”

“Now who said I love him?”

“Oh come on Temp, it’s completely obvious.”

“Then why hasn’t Draco said anything?”

“Because he’s an oblivious idiot who doesn’t deserve you.”

“I know, but then again does any guy?”

He looked at her.  “Good point, you’re too good for this world.”

“Tell me about it.”  She wrapped her arm around his waist and he put his arm over her shoulders.

“So how are you?”

“Fine, three people have died in my care, but that’s to be expected with my luck.”

He laughed.  “You are too much cuz, really.  Now come on lets go see if we can find Draco.  Time to put in that illusion Justine.”

“Of course.”  She waved a finger over her face and suddenly her face changed slightly when her eyes turned purple and her hair red.  She smiled at herself as her fangs disappeared.  Now if only they would stay that way, she wished.

They found Draco in a lonely corner with Pansy.

“Malfoy,” said Maddox, forcing them out of their kiss.

“What do you . . . Justine?”

“You’re quick,” she said and she meant it.  He hadn’t stuttered or made the mistake of calling her Tempest.

“Oh Justine . . . Maddox, I want you to give your pathetic cousin something for me,” snarled Pansy.  “Tell her that she better keep away from my Draco.”

He smiled and so did Tempest.  “Don’t worry message delivered.”

“Good, I’ll leave you three alone.”  She looked Tempest up and down and Tempest just stared at her as she walked on by.

When Tempest was sure she was gone she stared at Draco who still had not moved.

“You know one of these days I am going to seriously punch her.”

“Temp . . .”

“Hush Draco, Maddox if you please wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course cousin.”  He walked away and Tempest sat on the windowsill as she removed her illusion.

“Tempest . . .”

“Draco, just shut up already.  Look, I don’t mind if you date her, I actually enjoy being the other woman, very much so.”  She smiled.  “But that’s not what I came to talk to you about.”

“Then what about?”

“The night of the Yule Ball.”

“What about it?”

“You kissed me . . . we kissed each other and then, all the while, Gorx was kidnapped.”

“So what, you wish it hadn’t happened?”

“Yes . . . and no.  Look Draco it still haunts me.  All of it, I feel guilty and I hate it.”

“Tempete, look, you didn’t know, so it’s not really your fault.”  He sat down next to her and rubbed her back.

“So why do I feel like it’s all my fault?”

“Because you always feel like that.  Look, Temp, just take a couple breaths.  Man, you really just need to kick back and relax.”  She laughed and laid her head on his shoulder.  Suddenly a whiff of blood hit her nose.  She jerked up and shook her head.


“What’s wrong?”

“I smell blood.  Uh, I keep . . .”  Whenever she was calm, a blow of blood flew to her nose.  She finally realized that she had to follow it.  “I have to go,” she said full of enthusiasm.


“Laila, the air mystic.  She wants me to find her.”  She kissed Draco then ran off.


Her Slytherin clothes were dirty but she didn’t care.  There was mud and other stuff in her shoes, but she didn’t care.  Tempest followed the smell of blood joyfully.

As it got stronger, so did the breeze in the air.  She stopped for a moment and sniffed the air.  She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she had been running for a while.  She closed her eyes and stopped at a familiar scent.

“Demenshia?” she called.

“Yay, Tempest is here.”  Tempest didn’t mind that Demenshia called her by her name, she had lived in the swamp her whole life, she knew no better.

“I knew I recognized your scent.  You’re mother?”

“She’ll be here soon.”  Tempest stared at Demenshia.  Something was different about her.  Then she saw it.

“Where did you get that necklace?”

“My mother, ages ago.  She gave it to my father who gave it to me on his death bed.”

“It’s beautiful, does it . . .”

“What?  Posses the same power as my mother?  Yup, see watch.”  Demenshia took two fingers and swiped them over the crystal choker and then twirled her fingers.  A sudden breeze blew around her and she smiled.

“You were the one sending the scent of blood to me.”

“I knew you would catch on sooner or later.”  She smiled and sat down on a decent sized boulder.  Tempest leaned against a tree and closed her eyes.  A gust of wind arrived, along with a new smell.


Tempest jerked her eyes open and stared at the woman who was hugging Demenshia.  She looked like her sister and smiled warmly towards Tempest.

“Hello Young Tempest, I believe you already know me.  I am Laila, the Air Mystic.”

Chapter 17: Eyes of Laila
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          Tempest stared in aw at the woman.  Her blonde hair was wrapped in a braid that nearly touched the ground.  Her eyes were a glossy white that had Tempest not know, she would have thought she was mind.  But still she marvelled at the fact that she looked like Demenshia’s sister.

“Hi,” said Tempest awe stricken.

Laila laughed and Tempest smiled.  She couldn’t let this one die.  She had promised Abigail she would not.

“Tempest, we should probably get her to the Nightmare Academy,” said Demenshia suddenly.  Unlike Verdina, she loved her mother.

“Right, yeah we should.”

Tempest pulled out her wand but before she could cast a spell, her wand was whipped from her hand.

“Merwick,” she hissed.

He came out from the shadow.  His hair was white and his eyes were a brilliant gold.  This wasn’t just a body he had possessed, this was his own body, shaped from someone else’s and magic from Cecile, Veronica and Abigail.  This was him, not someone else.


“Such powerful magic they posses, really.”  He smiled and walked over to Tempest she cringed but did not waver.

“You are beautiful you know.”

“This is quite sickening I hope you know.”

“Ohm I’m glad it is.  You know had I grabbed her first I would not have needed to deal with you at all but why would I deprive myself of seeing your angelic face.”  He stroked her cheek again and Tempest took the opportunity to use a nonverbal spell on Demenshia and Laila sending them to the Nightmare Academy.

“I hope you die.”

“Not before you Zephyr.”  Tempest looked at him when he called her Zephyr.  There was fear as well as well as admiration in his eyes.  It made Tempest sick to her stomach.

“Get away from me, I hate the way you smell.”  In truth he smelled like Jasmine, but it was his essence that stunk.

“Oh stop being so crude.”

“Stop being so malevolent and I’ll stop being so crude.”

“You see that’s never going to happen.”  He grabbed her neck and sneered.  “You see Merlin drove me mad and made me do horrible things in his name Young Tempest.”

She smiled.  “Now who’s fault it that.”  She punched him, knocking him against a tree.  “You had to take his power, it’s your own fault.”  And with that she left him and was on the school ground.  Tempest looked around as sudden strong breeze knocked her off her feet.

Laila stood at the graves of her sisters and her eyes were smoky and glossy.  Tempest looked at Demenshia who’s necklace was growing, she seemed to be trying to tame the winds but to little if no avail.


“I know, I don’t seem to control it.  Her grief is to overwhelming!”  Tempest summoned her wand and as it came to her over the great distance Tempest could feel something shift and change.

Tempest looked back at Demenshia, she had gained control over her mothers power.

“Ventifin!” said Demenshia.  The wind die down.

“I thought you only needed to touch it,” said Tempest walking to her.

Demenshia smiled.  “You don’t, but it helps.”  She walked over to Laila and hugged her.  “Come mum.”  Demenshia led he mother into the Academy and Tempest looked around.  Some trees had been uprooted and one of Divina’s holes had been uncovered.  Divina wasn’t going to be too thrilled about that, thought Tempest as she walked into school.


Nila had Cecile’s ring, Exodus had Abigails wrist band and Demenshia had Laila’s choker.  So who had the something that contained Veronica’s power?

“Veronica kept it with her, it’s probably even at her bar, which is probably closed now that she is gone,” said Laila.

“No it’s not,” said Stella.  “My sister bought it and is taking over.”

“Serena,” snarled Tempest, “she doesn’t deserve that place.”

“Like you’re any better,” hissed Stella.

“I’m much better than she is, and anyway I’ve come to terms with it.  Besides, Gorx forgives me.”  She smiled and Stella just glared at her.

“How do you know he doesn’t forgive me,” said a sudden voice.  Tempest turned around and leaning there was Serena.  Tempest flew to the wall next to her head and stared down at her.

“He never said anything about you, but he was guilty, now hand it over.”

“Hand what over.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll give it back, I lied when I said you didn’t deserve it.”

Serena stared at her shocked.  “Does this mean you forgive me?”

“Don’t make a big bloody deal about it, I officially detest sentimentality.  Now let me see it.”  Serena smiled and walked to a chair, lifted her leg and lifted her skirt up to her thigh.  On it was a shiny ruby band that glowed like fire.

“It summons a dagger, like Voids’ only fire, and it also has a spell, it’s Infernita.”  A dagger was summoned and the chair was suddenly on fire.  She quickly put the fire out and smiled at them.  “It can also summon a fire wherever you want as you just saw, all you really have to do is think.  Finiferno.”  The dagger disappeared and Serena, let her skirt fall back down, and looked back at Tempest.  “Thank you again for forgiving me.”

“Please don’t get so worked up over it, please.”  Serena smiled and Tempest just looked at Laila who was staring intently at the fire.  She looked at a calender, school was nearing an end.  If she could protect Laila till she killed or defeated Merwick, everything would be all right.

All of a sudden, her left arm began to pulse.  She looked at Void and Nila.

“You two come, the rest of you protect her.”

Tempest was in a room with the Dark Lord.  She looked around, so was everyone else.  She listened as Voldemort explained his plan.  He would make Harry Potter think that he was torturing Sirius Black, his godfather.  Tempest wanted to scream that this was wrong, that they were all mad and deranged but held her tongue.

Voldemort selected a few to deal with the children.  As he dismissed them all her called Tempest, Nila and Void to him.

“Where are your companions?”

“Keeping a problem of mine safe.”  He stroked her face and she fought the urge to jerk away as she forced a smile.

“I promise that once I deal with Harry Potter I will deal with him.”

“Of course.”

“I want you to watch over them.  I want to hear what you see of things.”



They waited for Potter and his friends to arrive.  She stood next to her godfather and listened.  They would come soon, she could already hear them in the other rooms.  But as were her orders, she was to wait till they were at the prophecy, at Harry’s prophecy, Finally the moment came.

“They are hear, at the prophecy.  Make haste.”  Lucius smiled down at her and stroked her.  She smiled up at him warmly.  He may be just as insane as the rest but he was still her godfather.

They left and Tempest put her foot on the side of the stands and was about to walk up when she remembered Nila and Void, Nila smiled up at her knowingly and Tempest cast the spell on them.

Nila, Void and Tempest walked swiftly to the top till suddenly Nila stopped.

“Nila?” growled Void.

“Hush, Tempest this one has your name on it and look here, behind it, Blake Phoebus Malfoy.  I didn’t know he had a relative named Blake.”

“He doesn’t.”  Prophecies could only be picked up by their namesakes, she knew, so she picked up hers and looked at the one that said Blake.  “I wonder.”  She touched it and it rolled nicely into her hand.

“Wicked,” said Nila.  Suddenly her ears twitched.  “We need to hurry, the battle——”

“Huh, oh yeah, run up now.”  They ran and she clutched the orbs in her hands.

When they reached the top, they watched from a distance.  She was to keep tabs on Potter and that was enough since he was running her way.  Suddenly Ginny Weasly cast a spell and everything was falling.


“Run, but you guys better trust me.”

“You know we do,” said Nila.

“I know but I had to hear it.”

“Why,” asked Void cautiously.

“Cause I don’t trust me.”  She shoved the other orb into her pocket and jumped ahead against the wall, ready.

“Jump when I say okay?”  She nodded and waited anxiously.

“I feel like I’m above a bloodsucking vine.”

“That was interesting wasn’t it,” said Void.  He looked at Tempest.  “Do me a favour, don’t break my wrist.”

“I’ll try, now jump!”  They jumped and she caught them by their wrist as everything came crashing down.  They weighed nothing.  Nila was laughing and Tempest smiled.

“Nila stop laughing, she’s going to drop us.”

“I’ll catch you.”

“I know but there is still that chance.”

“Nila, I’m going to drop you first,” she began ignoring Void, “then I’m going to drop you Void.  That should give me enough time to catch each of you, are you ready?”

“Yup,” Nila giggled.

“You would think that she was in the giggling room,” said Void.

“Hush, see you in a second Nila.”  She dropped her counted till ten, then dropped Void.

Tempest was fast and she caught Nila as she fell gracefully and then Void, suddenly Bellatrix spun Tempest around, with a crazy look in her eyes.

“Bella calm yourself, I know where they went,” she said as she looked into the mad eyes of her mothers friend.

“Where?” She gripped her shoulder and pulled her to her face.

“The Archway, through the door, hurry.”  All the Death Eaters followed and Tempest, Nila and Void followed as well.

They watched on the wall like flies.  Tempest was doing everything in her power to restrain herself.  She wished the Order would hurry up.  Nila gasped and Tempest looked at her.


“Ronald, he looked at me.  Oh no I hope——”

“I talked to him don’t worry.”  Suddenly bright white appeared and Tempest smiled.  Finally, she thought.

They watched the battle.  Her godfather along with a fellow Death Eater against Potter and his godfather.  She watched in enjoyment till a spell caught Sirius off guard and knocked him through the dark veil at the archway.  Bellatrix laughed and Tempest wanted to run and cradle the boy who didn’t even know her.  She felt his pain, his anguish and a tear fell down her cheek.


“Zeph, snap out of it, he’s running after Bella,” stated Void.  That got her attention.  Bellatrix was beyond deranged but she was a connection to her mother and father.  She was family, they all were, she couldn’t lose them.

Tempest ran of their pace with Nila and Void close behind her.  Then the chase was over.  She watched and soon Voldemort appeared.  She smelt him before he appeared.  The stench of death was unmistakable.  After that everything happened faster, Bellatrix left and Dumbledore came.  Tempest took a quick look into the future to see how this would play out.  She quickly put a protective charm over Nila and Void and they asked no question.

Glass shattered the place cutting at her clothes, not harming her cold hard porcelain skin.  She watched the battle rage on and soon Voldemort was gone.

“Is that it, is it over?” asked Nila.

“No, far from it.”

Harry Potter was possessed.  Voldemort was inside his head.

“Fight it Potter.  Fight it.”  She clenched her fist.  She wanted to run down and kill Voldemort herself for his horrendous intrusion on Potter, but she knew that his life was not in her hands.


“I can’t do anything Nila, and trust me I wish I could.”

She heard everyone running.  She recognized Ron by his scent along with his friends.

“Fight it, fight it, fight it.  Fight him.”

Suddenly it stopped and Voldemort was back.  Tempest watched and jerked her head at the suddenness of the Ministry appearing.  She grabbed Nila and Void and disapparated with them back to school.  Outside she heard strong winds pounding against windows.  She looked around.

“Where’s Laila,” she growled intensely.

“Girls dormitory,” said Chad who was hugging a frightened Divina.  Tempest looked away envious of their relationship, but now wasn’t the time to fret over it.

She walked up to the dormitory and on her bed with her back to her was Demenshia.  At the window stood Laila.

“We are in the eye of a hurricane Tempest.  The winds around us are going fast enough to keep Merwick out but the are keeping us in.  We are trapped by her grief and anger.”  Tempest walked up next to Laila and looked out the window.  A thick sheet of white covered her right.

“When we were children my sisters were constantly protecting me.  I never got angry, so I could never really protect myself.  But there was a time when I did, just once, during the war of Merlin and Morgan.  When Veronica got angry fires would erupt; when Cecile got angry earthquakes shook the ground and when Abigail got angry floods came.  When I got angry, a hurricane came and stopped everything.  My winds put out Ronnie’s fire, tore out Celi’s trees and absorbed Abby’s water.  They had to protect me a lot because I was innocent.”  Finally she looked down at Tempest and Tempest couldn’t help but stare back at her eyes awe struck.  They were swirling a stormy grey.

“I may die Young Tempest but I will fight him to the very end.”

“He’s at the edge of the forest, he’s waiting for us.”

“Then we shall go to him.”

Chapter 18: Merwicks Power
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          Out of nowhere Demenshia handed Tempest a vial.  It had within it a single drop of blood suspended in air.  She knew what it was and smiled.

“I was wondering when you would give this to me,” said Tempest.

“It’s one drop Tempest, use it wisely.  If you are able to destroy his body that will even help you find his essence.  Remember use it wisely.”

“Thank you, I will, are you ready?”

She nodded.  “Exodus and Verdina are here.  Nila and Void managed to cast the spell, we all are ready.”

Tempest felt exhausted.  “I had a dream last night.  It was raining and it was th same street my mother was running on when she died.  I was running and then I suddenly stopped and I was crying looking around wildly.  I kept saying ‘please god don’t let it be so’.  Then I heard his voice.”  She shook her head.  “I don’t think that I will be able to defeat him Demenshia.”

“Breath Tempest, just breath, one should never give up.”

Tempest smiled weakly.  Demenshia was right.  One should never give up but Tempest was growing weary.  She got up and walked down stairs.  Everyone was waiting for her.  Nila stood along with Void, Exodus, and Serena.  Chad, Stella, Chris, Alex, Edana and Verdina stood along with everyone.  She hadn’t been able to persuade them that this was her fight.  But not, Gorx’s death had fuelled their anger.  She was about t open her mouth when the dormitory opened.  Master Vlad and Mistress Bianca walking in.

“I’m going and nothing you say or do will change my mind,” said Tempest quickly.

“Oh we know, we gave up on trying to control you,” said Bianca.  “It’s a waste of breath to be honest.”

“I actually find it quite enjoyable,” snickered.  “But as vines are starting to claw up the side of the school, this must end.  We are here to help, Zephyr, do accept it.”

Tempest smiled.  “Of course I do.  Shall we go now.”


“Incendio!”  The vines that covered the doorway were demolished.  Only a little flame existed at the edges, but it was quickly blown out by the strong winds.

Tempest pulled out Excaliber and cast Lumos to illuminate the darkening land.  The winds blocked out the radiating light of the moon and the cold seemed to make even Tempest shiver.

“Are you all ready?”

“Yes,” they all said different intervals, sounding an echo.

“Okay.  Laila, call off your winds.”  The winds stopped disappearing as though they were never there.  She saw him immediately.  He was leaning against a tree and the vines began to move ti him.  She looked at Nila who was furious.

“Earth is in agony Zephyr.”

“Then we should save it.”  Tempest walked ahead but stopped suddenly at the sound of a distant growling.  Oh god, she thought.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chad.

“His creatures,” said Void, Nila and Tempest in unison.

“From all around them came his creatures.  Tempest wanted them dead.  Nila, Void, Stella, Exodus and Demenshia surrounded Laila and Tempest.

“Nila can you do anything?”

“Very little Zeph.  He has the power of Earth itself.  It takes a toll.”

“Void, can you do any damage?”

“About as much as Nila, unfortunately.  I assume I can stun them but they heat and fire it will make will fuel it’s fire.”

“Exodus you will work with Void.  Demenshia work with Nila.  The rest of you have your wands ready okay.  Laila and I will deal with him.  Stella keep everyone safe.”

Tempest pulled out her sword and wand.  She was ready.  She quickly looked at Laila out of the corner of her eyes.  She looked angry, like Cecile, but she also looked like Veronica and Abigail.  A little fright was there as well but it couldn’t be helped.  She was not used to battle, Tempest knew.

She tied her hair back and looked straight ahead at Merwick.  He had his wand ready for her.  She took a step and earthquake started.  Crap, she thought.  A strong wind followed and everyone was thrown to the ground.  Tempest looked up at Laila and looked around.  Everyone was still on the ground while Merwick and his pets were in the air spinning.

“My god,” muttered Tempest.  The earthquakes ceased as his focus was shifted to trying to get down.  Tempest got up and stared in awe.  Out of nowhere Aidan landed behind her.


“Something’s wrong Aidan.  He can easily get out of there, I know he could but something is wrong.  He’s up to something.”

“What do you think he’s up too?”

“I don’t know.”

“Zephyr——” The voice was low.  It was real and not in her head, very much alive, but distant.

“Zephyr . . . Tempete . . .”  She shook her head.  Only four people called her Tempete, two of whom happened to be dead and the other two were in a different part of England.  Whoever was calling her was not real.

“Merwick, what are you doing to me?”

“What do you think.”   She turned around.  Behind her wasn’t Aidan, but Merwick.  He stood smugly behind her and knocked her against a tree with a spell.  An illusion, nothing more.

“Where’s my dragon?!”

“Oh don’t worry, he’s alive and well, but I made sure to immobilize him though.”  He laughed.  “I guess my magic is greater than that of my dragons.  Purely brilliant really.”

“By the way, say goodbye to Laila’s immortality.”  Merwick had only revealed himself to her, she could warn Laila, if only she could move.  Tempest was immobilized like Aidan.  She couldn’t scream, she couldn’t move, all she could do was sit there as she watched Merwick pull out a knife and inch his way to Laila’s leg.

Laila scream shook the air.  The creatures fell back to Earth and Tempest was still paralysed.  She watched as Laila, leg bleeding, stumbled backward.

“You know I wish I were a vampire right now, I would so like to suck you dry.  Also it would be much easier to kill Young Tempest.”

“Mother!”  Tempest was as Demenshia came running but was tackled to the ground by a pet.

“Demenshia!”  She hard Zoltron scream.  Zoltron ran to her and got the creature off her.

“Petrificus Totalus!” he screamed at the creature.  It froze in it’s tracks.  “Aqua Eructo!”  It’s flames blew out but it grew into the ground.  “Avada Kedavra.”  The creature died instantly and Tempest smiled inside.

She looked over at Void and Exodus.  She watched at the Earth burned away.  Suddenly Exodus poured water over it.  Nothing but ask remained.

Her eyes wandered to Nila who was standing with Serena.  They were separating their elements away from each other.  From there she saw Chad, Divina and Hydra destroy the new creature.

Tempest heard a roar and looked up.  It was Aidan.  He got free, she thought happily.  He ate two creatures whole and looked around.  Next came Nila’s Sevratis.  It wasn’t her familiar, but Nila was it’s mother and it knew that.  Finally, Lestat and Artemis came running and flying.  Tempest needed to break free, but she couldn’t, she was paralysing.  As the battle raged on, everyone was protecting Laila.  She looked up at Nila and Void who were running towards her.

“Zephyr!  Void hurry up, use that big brain of yours!”

“It’s kind of difficult.  I don’t know which spell he used!”

“Well think dammit!  We don’t have time for this!”  Her ears twitched and Nila spun around.  “Lashempus!”

“Quick aren’t you,” commented Void.

“Just hurry up.”

“Let me think first Nila.  Zephyr, was it nonverbal?  Move your eyes for either eyes or no?”

Tempest indicated a yes and he swore.

“What’s the problem . . . Incendio! . . . Void?”

“Do you know how many nonverbal spells there are?  Nevermind, obviously you don’t.  Look if I use the wrong counter spell I could possibly kill her, vampire or not.”

“We don’t have time for this Void.  Look, are there any potions you can make quickly, or already have ready?  Please say yes.”

He shook his head.  “Unfortunately no.  Look have to just give it a try, if she dies you are more than welcomed to kill me.”

“I’m sure Draco will take of that for me.  I have no intention of killing you, and I don’t intend to let her die Void, I trust you and I’m more sure Temp . . . Zephyr, does as well.”  She smiled at him warmly and he returned the gesture.  Tempest wanted to smiled as well because this was all very sweet but frankly, she really wanted to move.

All of a sudden a wave of magic knocked Nila and Void down.  Tempest watched as Laila was pinned against a tree.  Merwick was keeping everyone down, and fighting off the pets.  But he was too strong.  He disabled them with an element or two and moved to Laila slowly.  No, no, no screamed Tempest in her head.  She watched Merwick stroke her defeated face them stab her.  Tempest was angry and distraught and enough was enough.

Chapter 19: Raging Tempest
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          Tempest broke through the spell.  She got up and summoned Excaliber and her wand.  She didn’t care anymore.  Her mission had come to past but if she was to die, she would not die without a fight.

“I’m too powerful Young Tempest.”

“Damn you.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“I can try.”

“You will fail.”

“We’ll see about that.”  She dropped her sword and wand and he stared at her dumbfounded.  “I don’t need a wand to kill you Merwick.”  She flew and grabbed his throat, sinking her nails in.  “O don’t even need my sword, all I need our my bare hands.  Impedimenta!”  He flew back but she caught him in a head lock.

“You’re just like me Zephyr,” he coughed.

“Wrong, I’m worse.”  She bit into his neck.  He couldn’t possess her because he was alive, he would suffer through all the pain.

Tempest would have sucked him dry, if something hadn’t hit her hard on the back, knocking the air out of her.  She rolled to a poise and looked up as she licked  her lips.  It was Aidan.  He was growling at her and protecting Merwick.

“No Mister, I will not let you destroy yourself.”

“Let me kill him.”

“If you kill him you kill them and the human part of yourself.”

Tempest fell back on her butt and stared up into the sky.  She wasn’t human anymore, but Aidan was right, a piece of her was, and if she killed him now like that, she would kill them.  She would kill Cecile, Veronica, Abigail and Laila.  But her hunger kept blocking her vision.

“Zephyr——” Nila said as she grabbed her arm but Tempest wouldn’t let her.  She pushed her away knocking her to the ground a good distance away.  No one could talk to her, there was no one that could bring her back.

“Zephyr——” Voids voice rang out to her but it was quickly quieted by her hunger.  No one could help her, but the only voice that could penetrate her lustfulness was Zoltron, but only he could help her from jumping at Merwick and the rest of them.  She heard the whisper and the teachers left.

She was not aware of the time, nor did she care for it.  She was immortal, she had all the in the world.  All she cared about was him, staring back at her through heated eyes.  She could smell his blood but only Zoltron was able to retrain her.



The pair of voices rang out at her.  She looked up and standing together were Maddox and Draco.  Tempest shook her head and pulled at her hair.  An arm stopped her.

“Temp.  Tempest look at me?”

Tempest looked up into her cousins eyes.

“Maddox!”  She wrapped herself around his neck and sobbed.  “I can’t . . . I can’t fight it any longer!”

“Shh, it’s going to be all right.”

“He’s right Tempest,” said Draco.  She felt Draco wrap his arms around her waist and suddenly her hunger vanished.  Replaced by sobs she cried unendingly.

“Weak and pathetic,” cried a voice.  Tempest looked up at Merwick.  “All of you.”  Tempest wasn’t hungry anymore, but she was still angry.

“You’re wrong Merwick,” she said shaking her head.  Maddox and Draco let her go as she stood up.  “You are the weak and pathetic one.”  Tempest flew to his side and healed the wound she created.


“No, not pathetic, merciful.  I’m saving your life to save their.  They are not dead, you and I both know that but they are trapped.”  She gripped the collar of his shirt.  “Now, how do I save them Merwick.

“I will not tell you Young Tempest.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll have to do this without your help.”  She summoned Excaliber to her hand and pointed North, just above his head.  “Terra.”  The symbol of Earth appeared and glowed green as it embedded itself into the ground.  She pointed East and said, “aqua” and the symbol of Water glowed blue and embedded itself into the ground.  She pointed South and said, “inferno” and the symbol of fire glowed red and embedded itself into the ground.  Finally she pointed West and said “aero” and the symbol of Air glowed white and embedded itself into the ground.  She stared at the four different symbols that gave them their immortality.

“Nila!  Serena!  Exodus!  Demenshia can you all please stand behind your respected symbols.”  They did.

“This is very old magic you are about to perform, Tempest, are you sure you can do this?” asked Demenshia.

Tempest nodded.  “I’m sure.  Can you please place a you all place your items on the symbols please.  Thank you.  Okay lets see it I can do this,” she muttered under her breath.

Tempest stood over Merwick and bent down to Merwick’s ear.

“One last chance Merwick, how do I set them free or I’ll destroy this nice new little body of yours and we both know that you don’t want that.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“Well I’m going to try not to.”

“In the old days, spells like this were chants, not simple words,” said Demenshia.

“From Earth to Sea, from Fire to Air.  Four children were born from magic both pure and dark.  But ass their bodies lie in dust and there shells are destroyed, their powers must reign free to control what they were created to do.  Unseal the mind, un trap their power.  Power of Excaliber release the four Mystics of the elements and place them safely where they belong.”  She knelt down and lifted Merwick up by the collar of his neck again and smiled at him.  “I hope you feel this Merwick, but trust me, I’m not going to be done with you yet.”  She dropped him bak to the ground and stabbed him with Excaliber straight through to the ground and pulled it back out quickly scattering his blood off her sword and over the symbols.  She listened and watched as he screamed and thrashed but she held him down with her foot to his throat, her favourite way.  A green glow flew from him and into Nila’s ring.  A red glow flew into Serena’s band.  A blue glow followed and flew to Exodus’ band and finally a white glow followed and flew to Demenshia’s choker.

Tempest watched as Merwick rolled from under her foot and stood up, clutching his wand and wounded stomach and glared at her.  His blood dripped to the ground and she knew he would pass out soon.

“You will pay for this Young Tempest.  Your weakness lives close to your heart.  One day I will kill you.”

“I highly doubt it . . . you old fart.”  She laughed and heard Nila start to laugh likewise.  He disappeared and Tempest just let him leave.  As long as he was in his own body, he wouldn’t be able to possess Astrea and kill Draco.  Draco was here, she finally remembered.  Tempest turned around and ran into his arms.


“Shh, like I’ve said before, I love you.  Always have, always will and I know you, you can fight this.”

“Thank you for coming.”

“What I don’t get a thank you?”  She quickly let go of Draco and embraced her cousin.

“Maddox, there aren’t enough words to express how I feel.”

He hugged her back.  “I know you Temp, you’re not a murderer. You let him go rather than hod him down and let him bleed to death.  You aren’t like him.”

“I know, thank you for coming, I can always count on you.”

“You bet your bloody ass you can.”

“I owe you my life.’

“Stop being so overly dramatic . . . I’ll accept a life of servitude.”  Tempest smacked him lightly on the shoulder then remembered Laila.

She turned around and stared at Laila.  Her body laid on the ground.  Suddenly her anger cam rushing back.

“We need to burry her,” said Nila.

“Yeah.  I’ve got her you just get ready.”  Nila nodded and Tempest walked over to her and grabbed the body.  She carried Laila over to the grave of Veronica and laid her down next to it.  Vines overlaid here body and pulled her under.


Tempest spent her last day of school on top of the tallest tower.  She stood staring out with her dragon.  She let him get away, wounded and near death.  She knew he would come back as a vampire, but right now, she closed her eyes and listened to his far cried of pain and smiled.  She pet Aidan who was smiling with her.

“Well get him Mistress.”

“I know.”  She looked up into the setting sun.  Come back Merwick, we have unfinished business to attend to.