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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Castle in the Sky (Year Four) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 44,093

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Characters: James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/25/2008
Last Chapter: 01/25/2008
Last Updated: 06/24/2010


Tempest faces off her year  trying to deal with what she had become but not all is black and white any longer.  Secrets from the past hidden by lies are revealed and hatred is sprung.  As a friends betrayal comes to pass Tempest begins to see that everything has changed.  The future is soon seen and a dark haunting secret is fortold and by then end and old enemy will return with a hunger the same as Tempest and she will fail as well as prevail . . .

Chapter 1: Vampirism
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Tempest hated looking at her refection.  Her mother had bought her the magic mirror over the summer when they were in Romania.  She clenched her fists and glared at herself.  She didn't want this.  If she did, she would have taken the first gift a year ago.  But she knew she would have to come to terms with that she was.  She was a vampire.

Tempest stared at her fangs.  They stood out against her creamy pale complexion.  She studied her eyes and she could see the colours were brighter.  The deep purple that outlines her pupil stood out more vibrantly as well as red outline of the sorcerers stone trait.  She looked at her bed stand ad stared at the letter from Draco, then at the one from Gorx.  They both laid unopened.  She turned her head to the sound of something outside her window.  God Void, she thought, can't you just leave me alone already.  She waved her fingers and closed the curtain.  One of the very few joys of being a vampire, her magical abilities seemed to have been multiplied by ten.  She smiled until she saw her fangs, then she punched her mirror.  Her wounds healed instantaneously and she turned her body towards the door at the sound of footsteps running toward her.

“People are ridiculous.”

“They only care about you Zephyr,” she heard Void say.

“Yeah Tempete, we can't help it if we care a lot about you.”  Tempest inhaled at the sound of his voice.

“Hello Draco.  Void.  Nice to see you,” she said with her back to them.

“How can you see us if you have your back to us,” said Draco.  She ignored him for she already knew the sight behind her.  He was on her window sill, his left leg in and his right leg on the sill with his body seated arrogantly and sexily.  And Void was leaning against the wall playing with his new tongue ring that for nay other per would have hurt like hell.  She remembered that day.  They had met Nila as a muggle piercing parlour.  She had gotten her belly pierced and Nila her nose.  Right now she really missed Nila. If she were here she would get them out of there and calm her.  Finally, as expected her family burst through the door.

“Zephyr!” yelled her little sister.

“Hello Vayne.”

“You all right you little brat?”

“I'd be better if everyone got the hell out of my room!”

“Zephyr,” began her brother.

“Don't even finish that thought Thorn.  Just don't, okay, I'm warning you.  Just get out, all of you!”

Tempest turned on her heels and laid on her bed and snuggled herself in her pillow.  She listened to them walk out and the door close.

“I thought I said get out Draco.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Your heart beat and the way you breath.”

“Enhanced abilities, aren't you happy?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?”  She lifted her head and stared at him.  Was it just her or had he gotten sexier.

“Tempest you need to relax.”  Tempest stared at him angry and used her fast reflexes to get up in his face.  He flinched.

“Get out.”

“No.”  They stared at each other and Draco brushed away a strand of hair form her face.  “I'm not going anywhere.”  They stared at each other before she turned away letting his lips brush against her cheek.

“Leave Draco.”

“Why didn't you read my letter,” he said changing the subject.

“I haven't actually felt like it.  My mothers potions only sustain me.  Although I have to admit, her run-repellent one tastes a lot like lemon-lime.”  She faked a smile.

“Tempest . . . ”  He took her hands and pulled her towards him.  She felt his breath on her neck and shut her eyes tightly.  “You know how I fell, just . . . ”

“Am I interrupting something.”  Tempest tore away and within seconds was on her bed.

“No you didn't.  Now, what do you want?”

“I wanted to know if all vampires are as moody as you?"


“Come on Void, lets leave her alone.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.”  Void shrugged and walked out of the room.  “Goodnight Tempest.”

Tempest stared at the door before crying herself to sleep in anger, once again.


Tempest was sitting on her couch reading the Daily Prophet and drinking a cup of coffee.  She was home alone ad she liked it that way.  She was sitting with her knees curled in towards her chest.  The only thing she was wearing was a black lace bra and shorts.  She had her hair clipped back in a pony tail when someone suddenly came knocking at her door.

“Who the bloody hell could that be?”

Tempest went to the door and opened it.  She recognized the face immediately.

“Hello Zephyr.”

“Oliver Wood, what are you doing here so early.  You weren't expected till late tonight.”

“Your sister told me to get here early.  Is she here?”

“No.  She and everyone else went out to go buy supplies for your engagement party.'  She smiled and the it faded.  He was staring at her mouth.  “Please come in.”

She flew back to the couch and turned on the television.  She was getting very aggravated with people staring at her fangs.  Like they have never seen a vampire before, she thought.

“So Zephyr, what have you been up to?'

“Nothing what about you?”

“Didn't Selene tell you, I made a Quidditch team.  So I'll be travelling.  She said she was going to come along with me.  We're going to the World Cup as well.”

“That's brilliant Wood!”  For once she was happy.  “My brother Romanian girlfriend will be coming to the party as well.  So will my aunt and uncle, cousins, my boyfriend and the Malfoys.  Juts so you have an idea of who is coming.”

“The Malfoys?  Why are they coming?”

“They're my godparents.”

“Oh, I completely forgot that, sorry.”

She waved it off.  “It's all right.”

“Anyway how are you?”

“All right, all things considered.”

“Understandable.  Hey look on the bright side.  At least you don't have a face on the back of your head.”  They laughed.  Suddenly there was a crash near the fireplace.


“Yeah!  Can you come help me please!”


Tempest was at her side in seconds and helped a coughing Nila up.  Nila looked the same as when she left to visit her brother in Romania.  Her strawberry blonde and black highlighted hair encircled her shoulders and her fuchsia coloured eyes were still the same as always.

“Hello Zephyr, how are you?'  Nila, the one person who always forgot she was famous and recognized her as just a regular person.  But for some strange reason, she couldn't shake the feeling that Nila was hiding something.

“Nila, I'm so happy to see you.”

“Me too.  Oh hi, your Oliver right?  Names Nila Cerdwin.  Pleasure to meet you.”  She stuck out her hand and shook his like a child.

“Nila, I think he wants his hand back.”

“Huh, oh sorry.”  She let go of his hand and smiled.

“Nila do yo want to go take a shower?'

“Oh bloody hell yes.”  Tempest laughed and directed Nila to her bathroom in her room.

Tempest cooked some food for all them to eat.  Eggs, bacon with some hash-browns.  They all sat and talked and for the longest time since she could remember, she was happy.  That quickly changed when the door opened and the voices of her family filled the house.

“Hey food,” said Void picking up a strip of bacon off Nilas plate.

“God you're a jerk.”

“Void!”  Tempest watched her little sister run to Void and lean on him.  “Void have you told her yet?"

“Told who what?” asked Tempest.

“I got a letter from booth Hogwarts and the Nightmare Academy!”  Edana jumped up and down and Tempest stood up and gave her a hug.  Edana squirmed and looked up at her.  “You're scary when you get all sweet and gushy.”

“Whatever you little squirt.”  Edana laughed and ran happily from the dining area.

“Oliver!”  She watched as Selene ran happily into Oliver's arms.  Tempest stared a them in envy.  She leaned against the wall and looked at Draco who was staring at her intently.

“So you're the famous Oliver,”said her mother.  “Hello I'm Blades mother Viva.  Nice to meet you.”  They shook hands and Tempests brother came in and gave him a hug.

Tempest turned back to Draco and stared at him.  He no longer was staring at her but at her earings. They were the ones he had gotten her for Valentines day.  She let down her hair and walked from the rom.  She heard Nila and Void follow.

She walked up to ger room and darkened the room.

“I hope you don't min but I'm a little light sensitive.”  She smiled and pulled the covers over her.

“Well, mind if we join you.”

“No, go ahead.”  Nila and Void crawled in and she looked at them.

“You're no different than you were before Zeph,” said Void.

“Yeah don't fret.  Everyone will see that you're still the same you,” finished Nila.

They laid in bed together in silence for a while till someone came knocking.  She closed her eyes and listened to the heartbeat of the person.  It was her mother.

“Zephyr there's someone here to see you.”

“I don't care.”

“I told him that and he told me to tell you his name was Gorx.”

Tempest flew from her room and passed her mother.  She halted at the top of the stairs and looked down.  Her mother hadn't lied.  Gorx stood at the bottom wearing a tight black T-shirt and dark jeans.  His black hair was spiked and he hadn't seen her yet.  She took a deep breath and walked down.  He turned to her and smiled warmly.

“Hey Tempest.”

“Gorx . . . ”  She ran to him and he lifted her off the ground.

“I've missed you too.”  He kissed her cheek and she blushed.  They looked at each other then her hugged her tighter than before, At least he didn't look at me any differently, she thought.

“Tempete, don't you think you should put some clothes on,” said a cold voice.  She turned and stared at Draco.  She had to admit, he was right.

“He's right.  Void, Nila, can you please show Gorx to the living room.”


Tempest left him and ran back to her room this time without using her enhanced abilities, and went though her closet.  She finally decided on a light blue tank top and put her fishnet blouse over rit.  She pulled on her jeans and slipped into her sneakers.  Tempest took one last look at reflexion and decided on one more thing.  She took off Draco's earings.

Tempest walked downstairs and headed to the living room.  She halted in the hallway.  They were talking about her.

“It's a difficult transition, but we're all pulling through,” she heard her mother say.

“This is horrible.  What have you decided,” said her aunt.  When did they get here, she thought.

“I will not kill my daughter if that's what you're hinting at.”

“Then what will you do,” she said as though death were the only option.

“Help her.  She's my daughter and as her mother I will try to find a way to make her human again.”  Tempest had, had enough.  She flew to the middle of the room and stared at everyone.

“Has anyone ever told you people that I do not like being talked about behind my back.”  Everyone just stared at her, silent.  “If anyone wants to talk to me, I'll be in the attic, it needs to be cleaned anyway.”

Tempest began walking up the stairs and listened for them to follow.  They didn't.  She clenched the banister in and anger broke it.  Oh well, she thought, they could afford another.

She hid in the back behind a bunch of boxed.  The door creaked open.  She knew who it was.

“Go away Draco.”

“Come out already.  Everyone sorry.  Well especially your aunt and mother.'

“Go away Draco.”

“From now one I am going to call you Echo because you always echo everything you say.”

“Go away!”

“See there you go again 'Echo'.”

“Ugh, bloody hell, do you have any idea how annoying you're being?”

“Do you hae any idea how childish you're being?”

Finally Tempest came out from her hiding place.  She leaned against the wall and they both just stared at each other intently.  Tempest gave up.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to talk about it.”

“Fine.”  She let loose a deep heavy breath.  “I'm angry all right.  I'm angry that I got so sick I had to go to a Gypsy camp for the cure; and I'm angry that I had to go and get myself bloody bitten by a bloody Vampire!  Are you happy now?!”

“Are you?”

“She smiled.  “A little.  Can I hit something?”

“Go ahead, it's not my house.”  She looked around and stared at a pillar.  It had always annoyed her.  She walked toward it and wither her full strength.  Her hand went right through the wall and she almost stumbled forward.  She caught her self and looked at Draco then returned her gaze back at the fake wall.

“Reveal your secrets.”  They very few joys, she didn't really need her wand to cast spells.  She took a couple steps back and bumped into Draco.

“Tempest is that a––”

“A Pensieve, yeah it is.”

Chapter 2: Heritage
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"Tempest come, we shouldn't be messing with this.”

“No.” She moved closer to it puling Draco along. “I wonder who it belongs to.”

“We can ask later, come on.”


“Fine Echo.”

“Oh hush.”

They both walked hand in hand to the edge of the pensieve and looked in. The scene changed and they were suddenly diving in. Tempest landed on her feet and looked at Draco who had landed on his back.

“You all right?”

“Do I bloody look all right.” Tempest laughed and helped him up. Once she did, she looked around. “Where are we?”

“Headmaster Dumbledore's office.”

“She belongs in my school and you know it Albus!” Draco and Tempest turned around. Behind then were Headmistress Majika who looked the same as she did now and Headmaster Dumbledore. Sitting in a chair was a young girl who looked exactly like Tempest.

“This should be her choice."

“She doesn't have one. Her grandmother passed Morgan Le Fey's essence to her. The pack between all school is theat Merlins blood line will come here as well as Morgans, except those who carry Morgans essence. Morganna belongs to the Nightmare Academy!”

Tempest watched the girl. Morganna, she thought, that was the name of her aunt that disappeared.

“Tempest, she looked exactly like you.”

“I noticed, now shh.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Very well. Morganna, go to your room and begin packing your luggage.” The girl nodded and stood from her seat.

Tempest looked around. Her and Draco were still holding hands. She pulled him next to her and watched Morganna, maybe if she watched her memories she would discover what happened to her.

Morganna was walking with her head held high and full of haughtiness. The same walk Tempest herself had.

“Hello Morganna.” She stopped in her wake and slowly turned around, a satiric smile on her face.

“James Potter. Hows my not-so-favourite person?”

“I heard you're going to the Nightmare Academy.”

“Wow, news travels fast.”

“Does Aidan know?'

“If you do, then he probably does as well.”

“Well at least I'll be able to pick on Snape more now.” She watched as Morganna jerked her whole body around in anger.

“Don't you dare hurt him!”

“Oh why not.” Suddenly she watched as Morganna did something shocking. She pushed James against the wall and kissed him.

“Okay, that's disgusting. I don't not want to see my aunt making out with Harry Potters dead dad."


She pulled away and stared at him with her hands on the wall in either side of his head.

“I leave my shadow, shrouded in darkness here to curse your life and those close to you. I leave it here to follow you till you learn to play nice and till you die.” She leaned away from him and smiled. “I'm marking you for death if you didn't already knew. Ta ta for now James.” She walked away and Tempest watched her as the sun bounced off her; no shadow was with her.

Tempest gripped Draco's hand. She had come to a realization. Her aunt was dead. The scene faded and they were swept into the Slytherin dormitory.

“Lucius, Severus, have either of you seen Aidan.”

“No.” They both said. There was a pause as Morganna began packing.

“So you really are leaving?” asked Snape.

“I'm afraid so Severus. I'm gonna miss you.” She cupped his face and kissed his forehead. “Keep writing your spells and send them to me.”

“You know I will.” They both smiled.

“And you Lucius, stay with Narcissa, don't keep going about playing hard to get.”

“Whatever.” He came over and Morganna gave him a warm, hug.

“I'll miss you Lucius.”

“Yeah, how 'bout a kiss?”

“Oh god I do not want to see my dad kiss your aunt.”



“God Lucius, you're such a jerk.”

“Oh come on.”



“Because she needs to talk to me.” They all turned around and looked at the doorway. Tempest let go of Dracos' hand and took a step forward.

“Draco, I think that's my dad.” She took another step forward and stared at him. He had black hair like she remembered, but his most striking feature that she found most unnerving were his purple eyes.

“Yes, I do. Lucius, Severus, could you please leave us alone?” They nodded and Morganna turned back to her packing and Aidan walked to her.

“Don't leave.”

“I don't have a choice.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don't!” Morganna turned and stared at him.

“Morganna I don't want to say what you'll force me to say.”

“Then don't say it.”

“I don't have a choice. Morgana if you leave than that's it, you and I will be no more.”

Morganna gripped the foot of her bed and stared at him suddenly she walked toward him and stared at his face.

“Aidan . . . I love you, I always will.” She kissed him and Tempest eyes widened.

“Oh my god.”

“Tempest . . . ”

“Draco, she's not my aunt . . . she's my mother.”


Draco was walking just one step behind her. Tempest had her fist clenched and her head down. She was angry, furious actually. It was night. Her and Draco had been in the attic. Tempest had to calm down, even now she wasn't sure she had calmed down.

She entered the dining room and kept her eyes cast down.

“Zephyr honey,” began her mother, “ we were beginning to get worried about you.”

“Why didn't you tell me?”

“Tell you what sweetheart.”

“That a girl named Morganna was my mother.” The room went silent and Tempest looked up. Everyone was staring at her.

“Tempest . . . ” began her mother again.

“Don't call me that!” The room grew silent again. “Why didn't you tell me?'

“Zephyr, it's difficult to explain.”

“You know, people always say that, and do you what my response to that is. Try.”

“I can't.” She sighed. “Go back to the Pensieve.”

“Why can't you just tell me?"

“Because it is too difficult to explain.”

“I repeat . . . try.” Her mother sighed and looked down at her.

“Fine, I'll explain, then I want you to go back to the pensieve, all right?”

“Under consideration.”

“I guess that's all I can expect form you.” She smiled. “You are so much like her.” She paused again. “Your mother was transfer student from Hogwarts. Her full name was Morganna Le Fey Lennox, everyone just called her Morgan though. Now, she was a very talented girl, and she, like most of the people you know joined Lord Voldemort. Your mother had special gifts she granted upon herself. Over time your father and I grew apart.   I knew he still loved her and I knew she still loved him. I moved out of the picture and I set him free to go to her. He arrived while she was turning a piece of the Sorcerers stone into liquid. She injected it as you know, then injected him, along with some of her blood. Soon you were conceived and aster you were born she killed Zoltron family and stole Excaliber. It was on that same day that she died.”



Tempest was taken aback. It dint seem real. She knew that Morganna was dead, but she didn't think it was suicide. A more horrible death than any she could imagine. Tempest shook her head. She couldn't believe this was real and that ti was happening. She couldn't and she wouldn't.

“Selene, Jason, did you know?”

“Tempest . . . ” began her brother.

“Answer the question. Did you know?”

“Of course we knew. We were kids, we remembered. For heaven sake I was four and Jason was seven. We weren't that young Tempest. We were there and we remember everything,” hissed Selene. Tempest looked at her sister and then out of nowhere, back-handed her. There was silence and Tempest looked around. Everyone was staring at her more scared than shocked.

“I'll be in the attic.”

She sat in the attic in her little corner. She had a perfect view of her pensieve. Her mothers to be exact. That's you, she though again and again. Pictures of her mother flashed through her head. Her smile, her walk, and her eyes.

“No, she can't be my mother. She can't . . . ”

“God your such a little brat, All you ever think or care about is yourself.”

“Leave me alone Selene.” Selene bent down and gripped her arm pulling her up.  “I could snap your arm so easily right now.”

“Then why haven't you already?' Her sister raised her eyebrows and pulled her along with herself towards the pensieve.

“Selene get off me.”

“Not until you see something.”

“I don't want to see anything.”

“Too bad.”

Selene shoved Tempest against the edge of the Pensieve. Tempest shut her eyes tightly. She felt Selene pinch her.

“Open them Tempest."


“Open them you little brat.” Tempest complied. Suddenly they were falling and without even trying, Tempest once again landed on her feet. “Show off,” muttered her sister.

“I love being a showoff sometimes.”

“I know, now look.”

Tempest turned around and stared at a woman running down the street.

“This is dads me memory, he somehow knew that you would find this.”

Tempest turned back. Morganna had Nila's wand in one hand and Excaliber in dagger form in the other. She ran through a door and into a house. Tempest's house.


“Morganna? What's going on?”

“Take care of Tempest. One day she will know about everything. Tell her I had to for her what I'm about to do.”

“Morganna . . . ”

“Viva, take him back, you both love each other, you deserve each other.”

“Morganna . . . ” began Viva.

“Shh don't either of you. I have to go now.”

Morganna kissed Tempest on the head and kissed Aidan before running, and Aidan holding Tempest and Viva followed after her. Tempest watched as a young Selene and Jason followed curious.

Tempest followed alongside Selene and watched the sad spectacle. Morganna had barely made it from the house to the street when she was suddenly encircled by police and the Ministry of Magic.

“Morganna Le Fey Lennox, you are here by under arrest for the murder of the Crick family and are suspected for being in league with the dark lord!”

“You will not arrest me.” She dropped her dagger and stuck out her wand.

“Morganna!” yelled her father.

“Forgive me.” She brought her wand out then pointed it at herself.


“Avarda Kadavra.”

Green light emanated from her wand and encircled her body. Tempest stared wide eyes at the dead body of her mother. He looked at her father. His grey eyes were wet with tears.

“Aidan give me Tempest,” said Viva. Tempest looked at her. Her blue eyes were oceans as they began to fill with tears. She watched as Aidan handed Viva her baby self and ran to the body of Morganna. He hugged her and as he did so, fingered the single purple strand in her hair.

Tempest blinked away tears and as she did so was back in the attic.

“You can either chose to be our mothers daughter of her daughter Tempest. But you are someone's daughter and no matter what, you will always be my sister, as well as Edana's and Jason's.” Tempest shook her head.

“As far as I am concerned,” she began as she backed away, “I'm an orphan.” With that she ran from the room with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Chapter 3: Death Eaters
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Tempest was sulking. She had spent the past three days sulking. She didn't need food. She needed nothing. All she needed were the vials that the woman she had thought was her mother had concocted for her. She had the covers pulled over her head and had all the shades drawn. The door opened and Tempest knew who it was by the scent that flowed in and wasn't in the mood.

“Go away Nila.”

“You've been in the dark for three days straight. My god, don't vampires even use the bathroom?”

"Go away.”

“Nope.” Nila pulled the covers off of Tempest and Tempest glowered at her. She watched as Nila made her way to her windows. She jerked open the shades and Tempest hissed as the light fell upon her. Tempest jumped on the ceiling and hissed some more.

“Oh hush. Now get down from there. You need to be social, plus Gorx is worried about you and Edana wants to talk to you.” Tempest let herself drop in front of Nila.

“Happy, I'm down?” she asked sarcastically.  Nila just smiled.

“Yes. Now come and stop sulking around.”

“Do I have a choice?"

“Not really.”

Tempest rolled her eyes and allowed Nila to drag her downstairs. Once downstairs Tempest looked around. The place was quiet even for her. She knew Void, Gorx, and Edana were there but not everyone else. She felt as though everyone was hiding from her.

“Come on were all in the living room.”

“Where is everyone?"

“Oh they already headed off to the World Cup.”

“Without me?”

“That's what you get when you practically lock yourself in your room.”

“So Draco left as well?”

“Yes, but he did leave you something.” Nila pulled an envelope from her pocket and gave it to Tempest. “I thought I should give it to you when Gorx wasn't around.” She winked and walked towards the living room. Tempest opened the envelope and inside was a piece of paper and a silver bracelet. She opened the letter and read it.

Dear Tempete, it read, here is the location to the port key near your house, although knowing you, you'll probably find another way. I'll be sitting in the Ministers Box your family will be sitting in a row on the dame level. Please come, silking doesn't become you, honestly. Love, Draco.

She put the letter under a vase and put on the bracelet. It seemed to shift colours.

Tempest walked into the living rom and both Void and Gorx looked at her.

“Finally, our favourite vamp has come to join us. Look how she graces us wither her presence.” Void sardonically got up and bowed. Then he flashed her his infamous winsome smile.

“Void, be nice to my sister,” said Edana.

“I am. See I put a smiled on her face.” Tempest was in fact smiling. Void always had a way of cheering her up.

“You all are idiots, just thought you should know that.” She planted herself on an armchair and fingered her hair.

“Hey guys, what time does the World Cup start?”

“You're going?” asked Gorx surprised.

“Of course, I've been waiting for it all summer. I'm not going to let a small think like being turned into a vampire keep me down.”

“Funny, because you practical did all summer,” muttered Void.  She glared at him and Nila slapped him across his shoulder.

“As I was saying, yes I'm going.”

“Yay,” began Nila. “Now come on lets go get dressed, we've already missed a lot anyway.”

“All right. You know you can be completely mental sometimes.”

“You know you love me.”

“Shut up.”


Tempest was rummaging through her closet at lightning speed, literally. She wanted some colour today, but she had nothing. She began to bite her lip when she remembered something. As long as she used magic without her wand, the Ministry of Magic wouldn't know that the magic being used was coming from an underage witch. She grabbed a strapless green corset and a black fishnet shirt to pull over it. She cast a spell and turned the fishnet shirt white, after all her favourite team was the Irish one. She grabbed her favourite, and only, white denim mini skirt and began rummaging again. Once She found her black fishnet stockings and against turned them green. Once dome she ran into her mothers closet and grabbed her white high heel sandals. She checked herself out in her magic mirror. In her opinion she was almost perfect. She went through her makeup. White and green and maybe a little black. She grabbed her clear lip gloss that had a tint of green. Next she grabbed her black eyeliner and then her white mascara, white eyeliner and green eyeshadow. Now she was perfect.

Tempest walked down the stairs. She looked at Nila. Her hair was pulled up and was neatly down. She wore jeans and a plain white halter top as well as brown high heel shoes. Her fuchsia eyes were more penetrating with just as outline of blue and white eyeliner. She only wore nude makeup. Tempest though she looked more radiant with barely no make up at all.

“Took you long enough,” muttered Void.

“Ha, ha.”

Void had his hair down and over his eyes. He wore a black and red shirt along with black jeans ad sneakers.

“Bulgaria will kick Irish's cute green little ass,” said Void arrogantly.

“Over your dead red ass.” She came over to him and gave him a warm hug. “Thank you for making me laugh again.”

“Anytime Zeph.” He returned the hug and they separated.

“Now where is my little sister?”

“Here, I'm here.”

“Good, hurry up.” She started walking then stopped in remembrance. “You guys start heading to the port key, I have to go check on something.”

She ran to her backyard and looked up at her dragon.

“The World Cup?”

“I'd love to fly you there but I don't think that would be very smart.”

“You're worried, I can tell.”

“Well of course you do.” She bit down on her thumb. “I just...I feel like something bad is going to happen.”

“Hmm, well, call me if you need me.”

“Trust me, I will, but hopefully, it wont come to that.”

“Hopefully, now go run along mistress.”

She laughed and did just as she was told. She began to walk out when the sun burned her hand. She swore under her breath and ran to her bedroom. She went to her dresses and stared at her eyes. She couldn't remember the last time she took any of her potions. She pulled three vials out from under her bed. She took the blood substitute first. Next she took her run-repellent one. Finally she grabbed her favourite potion. She looked at the contents inside the vial. The potion was clear and had a little glow in the centre. She didn't know how it worked exactly, but she didn't care. It allowed her to age like a normal human.

Tempest decided to take a short cut out of her house. She jumped out her window and landed gracefully on her feet. She walked for a while till she decided it would be a fun to surprise her friends. She was at the port key in seconds. She laid down on the ground and waited, falling into a blissful sleep.

Tempest was on a bench on near the school gates reading a book. People all around her were whispering and running through the walkway that connected to the grounds. Tempest finally got fed up and followed the crowd. She pushed her way through to the front and looked toward where everyone else was staring at. A castle in the sky. She didn't like it for it carried the stench of death.

Tempest jerked her eyes open. That was a weird dream, she thought. She suddenly smiled when she heard her friends She stood up and crossed her arms. She waited, smug and arrogant, as they walked up the hill.

“What took you guys so long?”

“Ha, ha,” said Nila.

“I know, I'm hilarious.”

“Oh stop it you two,” said Edana. "Now come on, let go already.”

They all nodded in agreement and lied flat on their stomachs. Soon, they were spinning through the air. Tempest let go of the boot first and flew away to the ground. She was poised like a cat when she landed. Tempest caught her sister as she fell to the ground. Soon everyone else followed.

They walked for a while till they heard the sound of music. They all looked at each other then ran.

“Void, keep an eye on Vayne, I'm gonna go have some fun.” She kissed Gorx on the cheek and smiled at him. “Take care of them okay.”

“Yeah, just go have some fun.”

“Thank you.” She ran off and looked around. Everything looked so fun. She bought some candy and a sandwich. She loved her bacon, ham, and cheese sandwiches.

She was licking her fingers when she saw him. Harry Potter. She stopped in mid-step and stared at him. She looked at hm and thought about going over to talk to him. But what could she possibly say. Hi, I'm Tempest Artemisa Nyx, my mother is the real reason your family is dead. No she couldn't say that. He probably didn't know who she was unlike everyone else. She liked the thought of there being someone who didn't know her name. He walked out of her sight and she quickly regained her composure.

She walked around some more till she spotted Draco. She flew behind him and placed her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” He jerked from under her hands and stared at her.

“You're here.”

“Yup I'm here.”

“I didn't think you would come.”

“Yet here I stand. Now Draco instead of sitting with my family, can I sit with you?”

“I don't know, I mean I'm not sure you'll be allowed.”

“What if I sneak in.”

He smiled. “I would love to see how you plan on pulling that off.”

“I have my ways. Just go to your seat, I'll be there soon.”

“You promise?”

“You know me. I always keep my promises and I never leave anything unfinished.” She smiled wickedly and began skipping backward. “I'll see you later.”

She ran and his behind a tree. “Cloakous-Maximous.” She smiled to herself and walked back slowly. No one was staring at her and not one person even acknowledged her. Sometimes she wished she could stay invisible forever.

She walked up the stands and saw her family. She quickly bent down between Void and Nila and whispered where she would be. They made incomprehensible movements that only she knew were nods.

Tempest searched for Draco in the Ministers Box. She quickly caught herself as she was about to bump into someone. Her eyes widened in shock as she was face to face with Harry Potter. His eyes were an emerald green that she had never seen before. She stood mesmerized until she heard Dracos' voice. She slunk to the back of the room and watched in amusement as he acted like a regular arrogant pure blood. She waited until he sat down before kissing him on the cheek. He didn't make any movements, but she smiled when he blushed.

The match started and went well. Ireland was winning. Every time Ireland scored she had to control herself from jumping up and down in joy. Instead she just gripped Dracos' hand. She was happy she was invisible because then he couldn't see her blush.

They day past in fun amuse man and soon she was face to face with her family. She aid them no heed and sat quietly reading a book. She did notice however her godparents talking to Vivaldi, and she did notice as Lucius Malfoy and Vivaldi Nyx left the cozy tent. She also noticed when her little sister was standing at her side.



“You're still my sister right?”

“Yeah, only know I'm your half-sister.”

"I don't care, just as long as you're my sister.” Tempest put down her book and gave her sister a hug pulling her on her lap.

“Okay, now Nila said you wanted to tell me something?"

“Ah huh.   I decided to go to the Nightmare Academy instead of Hogwarts.”

“Yay!” They both laughed. Just then, when Tempest was about to talk, there was a loud noise outside. Tempest slid Edana off of her and stood up. She shared look with, Void, Nila, Gorx and Draco and slid to the curtain of the rent. She tried to focus her hearing but it was no use, there were to many voices.

"I'm gonna go see what's going on.”

“No,” began Narcissa.

“Narcissa, you know what's going on, I know you do. My mother and Lucius are involved with this, and by the looks and sounds of it I knows it's not something good.” She left without another word and followed the crowd. She stopped atop a hill and stood there to get a better sight of what was going on. She saw a crowd gathering. She couldn't tell what it was that they were crowding around. She walked slowly down so as not to draw attention to herself and worked her way through the crowd, shoving people aside here and there. Finally, after much shoving, she discovered what it was that caused the mass amount of chaos. Death Eaters. She knew her mother was around and she knew her godfather was one of the Death Eaters tormenting Muggles. She snuck into the forest and when she saw her mother, gripped her arm . . . hard.

“Tempest, let go of me."

“Fine, but now tell me, why are you doing this?”

“Excuse me?”

“You work for the Ministry of Magic, in the same department as Lucius. Why are you both risking your lives, careers and family for something so stupid?”

“You don't understand Tempest.”

“I may not, but I do comprehend at least on thing in all this madness. Death Eaters are no different than Merlins Crusaders. For instance, they enjoy committing genocide for the sake of an opinions, like fanatics. They are no different that the people that killed my father, your husband.”  With that she stalked off back towards the camp. She felt a little bad she had to admit, about yelling at her mother, but her anger won her over. Her mother deserved all this whiplash, especially for lying to her. She officially no longer cared, about anything.

Chapter 4: Edana's Soul
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Tempest was angry. She sat curled up on the train surrounded by all her friends and her little sister. Divinas' hair was back to normal. If it weren't for the fact that her skin shimmered she would have thought she was an albino. Tempest put her hand out the window and pet her dragon. Everything was different and once again, she wondered where she belonged. Everyone around her was talking as thought she wasn't there, and she had finally had enough.

“Can you please stop talking about me like I don't exist. I mean for heavens sake I do have heightened hearing you know.” They all stared at her till she finally rolled her eyes. “You know what, never mind.”   She stood up and opened the window. She climbed dexterously and sat with herd rang. She could still hear her friends, but at least it was better than sitting with them as they talked. Suddenly Tempest jerked her eyes open and she slunk back into the cabin.



Tempest want over to her and gripped her wrist. “Don't you ever talk like that again!”

“Let go of me.”

“Do you think it was fare what those Death Eaters did to those muggles?! Do you?”

“I just thought it was funny.”

“Well it's not! It's not funny! They were innocent people! The Death Eaters Edana are no better than those genocide committing Crusaders!”

“No they not!”

“Yes they are! They would have killed those people because of what they are! Just like the crusaders!”

“Shut up! You're not mum!”

“Someone has to be! After all what if it was mum being tortured! Well!”

“But it wasn't!” She was beginning to cry.

“But what if it was!” Tempest let go of her sister and shoved her back. “Why don't you just get it. They were innocent people . . . just like dad.”

“I didn't know him.”

“I know, that's where the fault lies. Innocent people Edana, they don't deserved pain.”

With that she stormed from the room and left her crying sister in the hands of her friends.  She couldn't be around anyone.

She walked to the dining cart and sat with her legs up to her chin. She had ordered a hot fudge Sunday. It didn't satisfy her hunger, but then again, nothing ver did, and at this point, she was afraid of tasting what did.

She ate another ice cream Sunday and another till someone sat in front of her. It was Void followed by Chad. Tempest was growing tiresome at everyone trying to talk to her. So this time, she wouldn't even bother with talking.

“Zephyr, you have to calm don,” said Void. She continued to eat.

“He's right Zephyr. I mean she's your little sister,” said Chad. She ignored him and continued eating. So what, she thought, my sister treated me worst than that.

“Temp . . . ” She glared at Void and he smiled. He Finally had her attention. “Zephyr she doesn't know any better. I mean, for goodness sake, your family is just like any normal pure blood family. You all hate muggles. But you understand compassion, sympathy, and empathy.”

She put down her spoon and pushed away her bowl.

“Go . . . AWAY!” She stood and walked away but not before Chad grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of me.”


“I swear Chad, let go of me or I will break your hand.”

“If you really wanted to you already wold have done it.”

“Don't tempt me to hurt you. I am already in the aching for that pleasure at this point.  Now, leave me alone.” She pulled her arm and Chad flew to the ground. No smiled crept on her face as she just stood there. For someone who was against causing pain to the innocent, she was doing that a lot lately.

“Zephyr,” began Void.

“Don't, just don't all right. All I want is to be left alone. Please.” Void nodded and after helping Chad up, left. She ordered another Sunday and say in the welcomed silence.


Tempest squeezed into a carriage with Nila, Void, Chad, and Divina. No one had bothered talking to her, which was good, but they were staring at her a lot. She wished Gorx was her, but he was with the other eighth year students, he was really the only person she felt understood her at this points.

The ride stopped and she got out. Master Vlad was waiting for them clad in his usual red and black. She stared at him and he looked bak at her in pity. So the teachers know, she thought. Of course they should know, they knew everything about her. She clenched her hands and looked down at the water. No reflection stared back at her. Master Vlad walked them in and directed all the students to their tables. Tempest sat but did on stare blankly around, but instead held an intend gaze at the veiled mirror. She kept that gaze until the new students were welcomed in. She watched her sister standing alone and shy, something she normally was not. Then she looked at Zoltron. His face looked warn and sad, and when he looked up at her, she knew what he was thinking about. Her mother had massacred his family. She finally turned away and began to listen distantly to Master Vlad call out names.

She quickly turned her attention towards the front when she heard her sisters name called.

“Nyx, Edana!” Tempest carefully watched her sister step forward to the mirror and place her hands upon it. She then watched as it stared at her confused and pulled her in.

“No!” screamed Tempest.

She ran to the mirror and pounded till she was out of strength.

“Let her go,” she muttered under her breath. Again she looked at the mirror. No reflection stared back at her. She placed her hands on the mirror and leaned close.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . . ” Hands gripped her, “Who's the fairest of them all.”  She felt herself pulled into darkness.

“Miss Nyx, it's so wonderful to see you again.” She changed into Morganna. “I can see into your mind Miss Nyx.”

“Why have you taken her?”

“Her mind in empty. Her heart is empty. She is just a shell with a trapped shell.”

“Let her go.”

“I am trying to find a propre place to put her! If I do not, she will be possessed if not now, later.”

“What do you mean by that?"

“There are wolds within world Tempest. There are places within places Tempest. Mirror that can help bring the darkness toward us. Mirrors that travel. Mirrors that speak. Mirrors that help one see into the future. Mirror that hold secrets untold to anyone.”

“One more time, let her go.”

“I will, in minute.” She knocked Tempest to the ground and dug her nails into Tempests temples. “But first I will have to see your sisters actions.”

Tempest yelped in pain and when finally released clutched her head against the ground. Tempest looked at Edana and for the first time noticed that her purple eye were cold and dead, yet she herself was very much alive.

“Slimythings,” said the reflection. She picked up Tempest and pushed her out of the mirror followed by Edana.


No one applauded, instead they stared at both Tempest and Edana in fright and confusion. She looked back at the mirror once more. It smiled at her briefly than vanished.

Everyone at the Slimythings table stared as they sat down. Edana was still staring blankly ahead of herself.

“Edana,” began Void, “are you all right?”

She nodded and smiled. “Yes, I'm all right.”

“Good, now come here.” She laid her head on Void and he hugged her. Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at Nila. She was picked her perfectly dark blue nail. She looked angry, but when she looked up at Tempest, she smiled and her eyes were filled with happiness. She turned away and continued picking at her anil as thought nothing had happened. That was one thing Tempest loved most about Nila, she always had a habit of making Tempest forget her problems.

Time passed and soon they feats began. Tempest ate her fill until someone tapped her shoulder. It was Master Vlad. He directed her to follow him and as she got up she noticed that Mistress Scrub had done the same to Zoltron. They followed them into the back room. Tempest and Zoltron stood while a girl was brought to them.

“Tempest, Zoltron, I would like you to meet my niece. Hethena Croxford,” said Mistress Scrub.

“Acantha, you know I hate that name. Call me Hydra.” She stuck out her hand toward Zoltron.

“Zoltron . . . Crick. Zoltron Crick."
“Nice to meet you, and I already know you. Your . . . ”

“Don't call me Tempest. Just don't. Nobody calls me Tempest. Just call me Zephyr.”

“All right, I will.”

"Zoltron and Zephyr are cousins Hydra, and her little sister is just starting here.”

“Excuse me, but how old are you exactly?' asked Tempest.

“Fifteen. I was sorted earlier. I'll be in Crowingraves.” Her sea-green eyes sparkled in excitement.

“Why are you attending the Nightmare Academy?” asked Zoltron.

“Oh I sort of got expelled from my last school.”

“What did you do?”

“Attacked another student.” She flashed her werewolf teeth and Tempest and Zoltron looked at each other.

“I'm vampire and he's a were-cat. You don't scare us.” Zoltron smiled and put his elbow on Tempests shoulder.

“She's right you know. You don't scare us. As a mater of fact we don't scare easily.” He looked at Tempest. “But I think I know someone who might scare easily.”

“Really, who?”

“Her names Nila Cerdwin.”

“She's my bets friend,” said Tempest. “She's the easiest person yo scare in the whole world.”

Hydra smiled and then turned and gave her aunt a hug. After that she turned to them and told then to lead her to this Nila character. They did and while they walked, smiled secretly at each other. This is going to be fun, thought Tempest.

They walked to the Slimythings table. Tempest rolled her eye when she saw Void and Nila arguing about something.

“What I think is you're a pretentious jerk!” yelled Nila.

“So! I can't help it if you're incredibly brainless! For heavens sake Nila, he kidnapped you and practically tortured you!”

“We're just friends! We talked over everything, I no longer have any feelings for him!”

Tempest finally understood what they were talking about. Adrian. Tempest herself liked him, but she could understand the hostility Void harbored for him.

“Enough you two!” she yelled silencing them both. “I swear you two are ridiculous. Now I would like you two to me Mistress Scrubs niece, Hydra. Hydra the bickering couple are Void and Nila.

“Hello,” they said in unison before slinking back down into their seats. Void went back to picking at his food and cradling Edana, and Nila went back to filing her nails. Hydra went up to and bent down to her.

“Hey Nila?”


“How are you?” She flashed Nila a toothy grin. “By that way, I'm a werewolf and I got expelled for attacking another student.”

“Okay . . . um are you trying to scare me or something, because let me tell yo something, I'm not scared of anything.” Nila smiled and went back to filing her nails. Tempest looked at Void. He was smiling.

Hydra stood up and turned to Tempest and Zoltron.

“You said she was scared of everything!”

They shrugged and looked at each other. “We lied.” They smiled and so did she.

“You two are very sneaky.”

“We know,” they said in unison.

“Hmm, well I guess I'll be seeing you around.”

“I'll walk you to your table,” said Zoltron,”I have to go your way anyway. I'm in Growlkittens.”

“Oh okay. Well I guess I'll see you all later.”

“See you around cousin.”

“Same here . . . cousin.”

He smiled and walked with hi head down to his table. Tempest stared after Zoltron. He was alone for years because of her mother, she thought.

She sat down and stared at Nila. Nila looked up at her and smiled. Soon her smiled vanished and worry crossed her face.

“What's wrong?” she whispered.

“The mirror. I have to tell you and Void something that I found out, or rather what I discovered.” She looked at Edana and Nila followed her gaze.


They were standing over her bed. All of them. Tempest by Edana's head. Void next to her followed by Nila, Chad, Divina and Gorx.

“So let me get this straight, Edana is empty,” began Void.

“I know I don't fully understand it myself.”

“How is that even possible?” asked Nila.

“I don't know. I keep thinking back. I was holding Edana and Jason was holding me. Selene was against the wall. That day we all changed. Jasons' eyes became softer, Selenes' became angrier. Mine, became sadder, but I guess I never really noticed hers. She I guess was to young to understand. But now, I'm not so sure. My father gave us all so much joy. I think back and she was always happy. When I looked at her eyes in the mirror, she looked dead.”

“So the mirror . . . ” began Chad.

“Reflection,” corrected Tempest.

“Reflection then.   Now as I was saying, the reflection said that she can become possessed,” finished Chad.


"What do you want us to do then?" asked Divina.

“The only thing we can do?”

“Which being?” asked Gorx.

“Protect her and watch over her. That's all I . . . we can do.”

Tempest stroked her sisters hair and kissed her forehead. She knew what she was afraid might posses her, she just hoped that he was finally gone.

Chapter 5: Vlad's Words
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Tempest was half asleep half awake as she laid in bed with her curtains down around her bed. She opened her eyed had looked through her dishevelled hair that covered her face. Suddenly she was thirsty. Tempest sat up and leaned against the wall. She could smell blood everywhere. She brought her wrist to her mouth and bit down. The blood tasted sweet against her lounge. Finally, with force, she pulled away. She'd burn if she left the vicinity of her dark bed. She needed Nila and she needed her fast.

“Nila,”she said barely above a whisper. Hopefully, she would hear her considering her familiar was a bat and they had excellent hearing. She was right.

“Zephyr are you all right?”

“I need my vials . . . quickly.”

She listened as Nila began to shuffle underneath her bed and then get up. Three vials suddenly dropped into her lap. Tempest quickly drank her vials and kicked off her covers.

"Can I join your fortress of solitude?”

Tempest smiled. Come in.”

Nila popped her head in and climbed in closing the curtains behind her. She sat crossed legged in front of Tempest. For someone that just got out of bed, she looked perfect. Tempest would have thought that she would be the fairest, but no, the mirror never lied and it had said that she was the fairest of them all.

“So Zephyr, what classes do you have?”

“Poisons, Astronomy, Misfortune Telling, Defence, History, Mythology and Transformations. You?”

“Poisons, Defence, Flying, Mythology, Misfortune Telling, Astronomy and Transformations.”

“What are you, taking all of the elective?” she asked rhetorically. 

“Basically yeah.”

“It was a rhetorical question dumdum.”

“Hey!” Nila grabbed a pillow and hit Tempest atop her head. Soon a pillow fight broke out. The curtains were suddenly drawn open with Divina standing on the other side.

“And you people don't include me! How rude.” She smiled and jumped in closing the curtains behind her. Soon an all girls pillow fight broke lose.

Tempest fell out fo her bed and landed flat on her butt. Everyone paused but soon enough Tempest, Nila, and Divina were laughing.

“You guys are idiots,” said Edana who was fully dressed and ready.

“Oh hush Vayne,” began Nila, “we were only having a little fun.”

“I think you all should get ready.”

“Vayne,” began Tempest before Divina interrupted her.

“No, she's right, we should get dressed.” Tempest and Nila looked at each other and smiled.

“Yes your majesty,” they said in a mocking tone.

“We'll do everything you ask of us,” said Nila.

“Oh yes your majesty, we will obey your every command,” finished Tempest. Both Nila and Tempest curtsied and laugh. Ever since she hadn't told them that she was a princess, they teased her about it nonstop since they found out.

“Ha, ha very funny you two.” But against her better will, Divina smiled and laughed along with them.

“You are all so stupid!” yelled Edana. Tempest, Nila, and Divina stopped laughed and stared at her. She was angry. Suddenly someone coughed and they all looked toward the door. Gorx, Void, and Chad stood handsomely there.

“Is something wrong,” asked Void.

“Void!” said Edana enthusiastically. “No, nothing going on,. Come on though, I wanna leave.”

“Uh, all right.” Tempest stared at Void and smiled apologetically as Edana wrapped herself around him and pulled him away. Tempest didn't get to spend as much time with him as she used to and she was beginning to miss him and knew that Nila was too as she shuffled among her belongings. Tempest understood her little sister had a crush on him like so many other girls, but she didn't have to be so possessive about it.

“You guys go wait downstairs while we change,” ordered Tempest.

“Yes Mam,” saluted Gorx.

“As you knight I must obey,” said Chad. He walked away followed by Gorx who stared longingly at her.

Tempest began rifling through her trunk till she finally decided on what to wear. An indigo tank top, black jeans with silver on the seams and her favourite black sneakers. She looked at Nila who was wearing a to big dress shirt and a thigh length blue miniskirt. She added to that knee length socks and her high heel dress shoes. Her hair was in a lose pony tail. Completely out of character.

Nila must have noticed Tempest staring at her for she said, “what's wrong?"

“Huh, oh nothing you just look . . . different.”

“I agree with Zephyr, Nila you do you look different,” said Divina.

Divina had her long hair braided while she wore a black corset, long black shorts and sneakers. Tempest thought it looked familiar.

"Hey you got that rom my trunk!”

“I couldn't find anything good to wear. First of a new year I wanna make a good impression.” She smiled and they all began to walk to their classes. Tempest thought kept drifting. She felt that something was amiss wither her friends. Someone was hiding something, she just didn't know who.

They separated to their different class. What a perfect way to start the day, she though sarcastically. Astrology, her favourite class with her least favourite teacher.

She walked to the school grounds alone. She thought back to the last time she was alone. She had faced Merwick, but then again, even then she want alone. At this moment thought, she felt more alone then ever before.

Tempest walked up yo her class. Great she though, it was full of Dufflebaggies students. They all stopped talking and stared at her. They all began to whisper like she knew they would, and at the end of the pack the queen of them all. Astrea Sanguina.

“Hello Zephyr,” said a sudden voice. Tempest jerked her head around and next to her was Chad. She smiled.

“I take it we're the only non-Dufflebaggies students here?”

“Yeah pretty much,” he laughed. “This is going to be a fun year.”

“Quick, do we ever just have fun year?"

His smiled widened. “I guess you're right.”

She rolled her eyes and walked along with him at her side. The Dufflebaggies crowd seemed to split just for them as though they were afraid they wold contaminate them. A smug smiled appeared on her face and she showed just one fang. People took steps back. Tempest simply rolled her eyes and continued on her walk to her tree. The spot she always sat at during this class.

They all waited or a good twenty minutes before Mistress Starlet showed up. She was wearing a black cloak with gold at the bottom and along her sleeves.

“Everyone settle down please. Today I would like us to being to learn a spell that will allow you to see the stars during the daylight hours. Now, put your wands away please and just repeat after me. Stelalumosa.

“Stelalumosa,” repeated everyone.

“Good, now please grab your wands and follow my wrist movements. Point up and flick. Now I want all of you to cast the spell.” Tempest fingered her wands. She loved it but at the moment she was in the mood of trying something different. She summoned her dagger, pointed and flicked as she cast the spell.

“Stelalumosa!” Her sight grew hazy for a moment then she saw the sky grow a little dark and the stars grow brighter.

“Miss Nyx, hows your sight?” Tempest jerked around and looked at Mistress Starlet.

“It's fine, hows your brother, keeping out of trouble I hope.” She smiled and then turned her attention back to the sky.

“Yes well, how are you holding up?”

“All right all things considered.” She looked at Mistress Starlet curiously. Were they bonding?

“Good, if Morganna were here, trust me you would be a completely different person.”   The name hit her like a ton of bricks. Of course the teachers know. They've always known. She held down her anger.

“Yes well, don't you think you should go back to teaching?”

“I should shouldn't I.” She turned and walked away then stopped and looked back at Tempest. Ten pints to Slimythings.”

Tempest stood transfixed next to Chad and said, “okay that was beyond weird.”

“You're telling me.” He laughed. “Told you it was going to be an entertaining day.”


They spent the rest of the day studying non-verbal spells that could be used during the highpoint of a constellation.

Poisons was entertaining as always Tempest sat with Void and Divina.

“Tempest,” hissed Divina.

“Princess,” Tempest hissed back.

“Ugh, don't call me that.”

“Don't call me Tempest. Now what do you want?”

“What are you doing in Astronomy?”

“Why do you even care, you don't even have that class.”

“Call it curiosity.”

“Fine, we didn't really do anything. All we did was learn a spell to see the stars during the day.”

“Huh, cool, maybe I should have taken that class this year.”

“Ha, ha funny.” Divina glared at her.  "Oh god you're serious.”

“What's so funny, and not so serious about it.”

“It's Astronomy. I'm only taking it because I love staring up at the sky and stars.”

Divina shrugged and opened her notebook. Tempest strained her neck to see what Divina was writing. Suddenly a voice popped into her head.

“Mistress leave her be.”

“Oh come now, let me snoop a little.”

“No Mistress.”
 She pouted but listened unwillingly to that little voice in her head that had become her concious.

Master Vlad calmed everyone down and drew their attention with his damnably sexy voice. Like most days he wore a his black suit only this time no tie and his indigo shirt was loosely open.

“Everyone hush. Today I would like us to start on a very dangerous poison concoction. Can anybody tell me what I'm talking about?”

“Void raised his hand. “The Limbitious Activation.”

“Correct. Five points to Slimythings. Now, can anyone tell me the ingredients? Someone other than Void please.”

“Master Vlad don't you already know, I know more than everyone.” Void laughed along with Tempest and Divina.

“Yes well, I would like to hear other voices another than you three. So for every house that does not at least raise their hand it will lose fifteen house points.” Hands shot up into the air and Tempest, Void, Divina and the rest of the Slimythings laughed.


“Don't you like this new program,” he snickered and they nodded. This is fun,  thought Tempest. Master Vlad called on Patricia Silver bucks from Crowingraves.

“I think the ingredients are wormsworth, eye of newt, and unicorns blood.”

“Correct, see that wasn'tso hard was it? Now come on lets fix up this delicious poison potion.”

Class resumed and Tempest and Void finished at the exact same time earning thirty house points total.. They highfived each other and sat down happy. She simply loved poisons.

Class ended and Tempest began gathering her stuff.

“Zephyr, I'll meet you outside all right."

“All right, oh but be wary of my sister, she knows your schedule...I think."

“Ha, ha very funny.”

“Just go wait for me outside.”

He did and she resumed her packing. Master Vlad's hands shot out of nowhere and grabbed Tempest wrist. She stood wither her eyes wide open and her eyebrows slanted down.

“Calm down Mis Nyx, just follow me to me desk.” She did as she was told and stood. “I know you feel angry Miss Nyx. All vampires do at first. Even I was, and I asked for it.”

“I don't care, I just want to go back to being a mortal human instead of what I am!”

“Do you know what covered my desk?”

“Do I care?"

“A magic mirror, much like the one your mother gave you. Look.” Tempest unwillingly cast her eyes down upon the desk. Grey eyes stared back at her. Her breathing became faster and she grew angry. Her nostrils began to flare and she punched the mirror.

“You know nothing of how I feel.” She summoned her bag and slipped in on her shoulder.


“Don't even try to talk to me about anything. If wanted to be immortal I would have accepted the gift last year. No, don't try because I hate this and if my friends and family would let me, I'd already be dead.” She stalked from the room and walked past Void to their next class, and as though reading her thoughts, he kept quiet as they walked.

Chapter 6: Voids Family Secret
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Tempest was on the ceiling of the Slimythings dormitory. She was above her friends as they did their homework, homework she had already finished. She was bored. Boredom for her usually equalled trouble. Trouble soon enough led to fun. She looked at her watch, dinner would start soon, so she had a little time to have fun. She jumped from the ceiling and landed in front of the fireplace.

“I'm bored.”

“On your part that usually equals trouble,” commented Void.

“Like you never lived getting into trouble.”

“That was before I became a student, dumbnuts.”

“Ha, ha funny . . . dumbass.”

“I know I kick ass.”

“God you guys are so incredibly boring.”

“You're kidding right,” said Nila. “Please are lives are rarely every boring.”

“That's why you love me.'

“Oh go get into trouble already.”

Tempest smiled and went on her way. The catacombs. She hadn't been in here a while. Books of magic. But not just any magic, ancient magic filled the rooms from top to bottom. The floors were covered with pillows and cushions. I guess it come with the territory of this place once being Avalon, she thought. She layed down on the grounds and smothered herself in the pillows. The door opened and Tempest sniffed the air and smiled.

“Hello Gorx.”

“Let me guess, my scent?"

“What can I say, you smell nice.”

He laughed. “You're utterly hilarious.”

“That's why you love me.”

“Yeah.” There was a pause which caused Tempest to look up. He was leaning against the bookshelf looking at a spell book.

“What's wrong?”

“Oh you can't read minds.” The sardonic dripped from his lounge like a vile acid.

“You know I can't,” she said a little more than hurt.

“Hmm, I always thought you could.” He slammed the book shut. “It always seems like you know what people are thinking.”

“I guess what they are thinking. I never truly know what people are thinking.”

“I guess so. Well Quidditch practice will begin in a couple days, just thought you should know.” He began to leave but Tempest flew to the door to block his exit.

“What is really going on here Gorx?'

“You and I. Us. Ever since you got sick while in Romania nothing has been normal.”

“If you haven't noticed, I'm not completely normal!” She didn't mean to yell, but she couldn't help it, everyone was making everything frustrating for her. She sighed and moved away from the door.

“You're letting me leave?” Tempest said nothing as she began rummaging through the books. She listened to the air till she was sure he was gone. Tempest began throwing books across the room. Soon, the bookshelves were completely empty and the floor was covered. The last book she threw landed atop all the others open. She stared at the spell through the corner of her eyes and finally swore as she picked it up and began to read the spells. The Apparatus Charm. She knew where she wanted to go. She shut the book.


The pensieve was before her glowing with an eerie light. She flexed her fingers and took a deep breath before looking in. She wanted to know who her mother was and since she was dead this was the only way. Tempest looked around. She was outside on the grounds of Hogwarts. Morganna was walking towards her in the same arrogant fashion as always. “Morganna!” Someone yelled. Tempest watched as her mother stopped and turned around. Two girls were walking her way.

“Bellatrix and Narcissa, I assume you two have come to not wish me a good bye.”

“Morganna, you can't leave us,” wined Narcissa.

“She's right you know. School wont be the same without you.”

“Oh please, you guys will get into as much trouble as you did before me.” They all laughed and so did Tempest. This woman was so much liker her, she thought.

“Morganna please don't leave,” said Bellatrix.

“I wish I had a choice, but I don't. Now, how 'bout a hug, I leave tomorrow for heavens sake.” They all exchanged hugs and Tempest was suddenly at the Nightmare Academy, in Poisons class.

“Everyone, I would like to welcome a transfer student,” began Master Vlad. “Now we were all expecting her so lets giver a round of applause. Morganna Le Fey Lennox.” Everyone clapped and Morganna smiled and blushed. “Morganna please take a seat next to Michael here.” Tempest looked at the guy who was holding his hand high. Morganna sat down and soon the class began.

“Who can tell me the true nature of the Fimplixis Poison?” A girl raised her hand. “Yes Miss Starlet."

“The Fimplixis poison numbs the senses and makes you no longer able to feel.”

“Wrong.” Morganna raised her hand. “Yes Morganna.”

“It paralysis the body for hours making you unable to move or scream while you are 

“Correct. Fifteen points to Slimythings.” She smiled and Master Vlad continued on with the lesson.

When he dismissed the class, as Morganna was beginning to put her stuff away the one and only Bianca Starlet went up to her.

“You think you're better than us don't you?"

“Not really, I just think that I'm like always right.” Morganna smiled and Bianca, like a familiar Astrea, knocked her books and bag to the ground before stalking away. Morganna bent down to pick up her book when a girl ran to her side to help her.

“Here let me help you,” said the girl. Tempest stared at the girl who looked so sweet with her bright blue eyes.


“Don't mention it, and don't worry about Bianca either, she's just a sore know-it all."

Morganna laughed. “Thank you again," she said as the girl handed her the last fallen book.

“Don't mention it.”

Morganna stuck out her hand. “I'm Morganna.”

“My names Vivaldi,” she said shaking her hand. “But all my friends just call me Viva.”


Tempest was angry. Actually she was beyond angry. She walked into diner late with eyes staring at her. She didn't care. It was bad enough that her family had lied to her, but they had lied to Void as well.

She looked over at her dear friend and like always he was stuffing his face with food. She stood next to him and waited for him to look up.


“What's wrong?”

“I need to talk to you later.”

“I take it you want this to be an alone conversation,” stated Nila.


“It's okay, juts please fill me in when you feel like you want to.”

“Don't worry, now scoot, I'm hungry.”

Nila laughed and moved over creating a space between her and Void. Void kept staring at her so she feigned ad smiled and continued on eating.

Dinner past slowly and Tempest kept eating and drinking without a break. The curse of being a vampire, she thought. She felt people staring at her but no longer cared.

Dinner couldn't be over fast enough, she thought. She needed to talk to Void, urgently. He was her oldest and dearest friend and deserved to know the truth about everything. She looked up at Gorx who she was wrapped around. She looked up at him and leaned to his ear. She told him everything. He looked down at her and loosened his grip.

“When are you going to tell him?"

“I was planning on getting him away. I just don't know how, a year ago it would have been easier. But now, everyone is watching me intently.”

He smiled deviously. “Leave the distraction up to me.”

“What are you going to do?"

“Something completely out of character.” He slipped away from her and continued to walk straight ahead. She watched as he took a deep breath and pulled down his pants. Tempests eyes widened in both delight and shock. She shook her head and ran to Void, pulling him into the darkness. They stopped once they had reached the catacombs.

“Did Gorx do what I think I say him do?"

“Yup,” she giggled remembering his butt. “Man I did not see that coming.”

“I don't think anyone did.” The looked at each other and laughed, then Void sighed. Tempest looked at him curiously. He looked at her and traced his fingers through his hair.

“What's wrong?"

“Uh, I don't really know how to tell you this but, uh, Draco has a girlfriend.”

Tempest eyes flared and her fist clenched. “It's that Panzy girl Isn't it?'

“Heh, yeah.” He paused. “Look I know how much you care about him, hell I think even Panzy knows, but I don't think you and him should be ready to be together, not yet.”

“Yeah, whatever.” She smiled. “Thank you for caring about me.” Tempest went up to him and give him a warm hug and sighed. “You know I care about you too right?”

“Yeah,” he said uncertainly.

“Good. Void my family didn't just lie to me...they lied to you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“You're half zombie because your mother was a zombie, not your dad.”

“What are you talking bout?'

“Just grab my hand and just don't let go okay.” That was a demand not a request.

Tempest stood in her living room. Everyone was asleep so hopefully no one would hear them as they crept up the stairs to the attic. She walked barefoot upon the newly fixed hardwood banister. Void walked next to her like a cat. They walked by a window and Tempest looked at him. His onyx wristband glistened in the moonlight.

They entered the attic and walked towards the Pensieve.

“Don't let your mind wander, understand?"

“Just show me.”

Tempest grabbed his hand and laced her finger through his. He squeezed and she squeezed back before looking in.

With ease, they both landed on their feet. They were in the classroom and her 'mother' was helping her mother.

“My names Vivaldi, but my friends call me Viva.”

“Viva, hurry, we're gonna be late fro class,” said the boy Tempest knew to be Michael.

“Coming Michael,” she said. She stood up and held her hand to Morganna. “I believe we have out next class together.”

Tempest gripped Voids hand and followed after them.

“Morganna, this is Michael and . . . ” She paused and looked around. “Michael, where is Casca?”

“Hiding. After the accident . . . you know how she is.”

“Is the potion I made for her working at least?”

“She loves it, now more than anything.” He looked solemnly ahead.

“Morganna, out friend Casca,” she sighed. “She is of Roman blood and well she's a pureblood. Well this past summer there was an accident and...'

Michael interrupted her. “And some stupid moronic asshole conjured some zombies and they completely turned her parents.”

“Why wasn't she completely turned?' asked Morganna.

“They found her in time and did a sort of blood transfusion. She's still a full blooded Zombie in terms of things ut she's also still human, also in terms of things,” said Viva.

“Oh my god, that's horrible.” Tempest looked down at her mothers feet. No shadow.

“The sort part is that she's still beautiful, only she no longer thinks she is,” said Michael.

“He looks like me,” said Void after a time of silence.

“Yeah he does. Look there's your mother.” Out of the bathroom came a girl with long blood red hair that almost touched the ground even in a braid. Bangs hung on either side of her face and highlighted her ultra pale face and her crystal blue eyes. She stopped short and stared at Morganna.

“Casca this is Morganna Le Fey Lennox.”

“Hi, pleasure to meet you Casca.”

“Enchanté.” The shook hands and the scene changed. All of a sudden they were in Voids living room and people were screaming.

“He will not die Casca!” yelled Michael.

“Look at me! Zombies cannot give birth! You know this!”

"No you look at yourself!  You're not even a full Zombie, can't you see that!"

“Enough!” yelled Morganna. Tempest still could not help but stare at her mother in awe. Her long black hair simply flowed over her shoulders like waves of an ocean.

“I agree with Morganna,” began Viva. “I don't want you to wake my children.”

Someone coughed and Tempest looked at her father who stood next to Morganna.

“Look, I know how you can save the baby, but it's difficult and has only been performed once.”

“I don't care if I die,” began Casca.

“Oh it will not be you who will die Casca.”


“The spell I talk of was used by Merlin himself to save the life of a person and install it in another willing person. That person will die.”

“I'll become a zombie and I'll die,” said Michael.

“I was actually suggesting we use an innocent person not you Michael.”

“No, it will be me.”

“Michael I cannot let you do that,” said Casca.

“I have already made my decision.” He looked back at Morganna. “Well Morganna, whenever you are ready.”

“Take me out!” cried Void.

Tempest did so quickly and held him close in her arms while he cried. She brought them back to the common room and once there held him as he cried and pounded the ground. Nila awoke and stared down. Tempest waved her down and Nila ran down quickly. She held his hand as he cried. That's when Tempest noticed something about it. It was bleeding and cut and Nila was holding it close as Tempest held him close.

Chapter 7: Distrust Among Friends
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Tempest watched over Void as he slept. They had all fallen asleep on the ground in front of the fire place. Gorx had come ti waken her so she could see the hilarious sight. Void had his head between Nilas breast and his hand up her shirt as well, and Nila had her legs tangled in his. Tempest stifled ad laughed and within seconds had a camera and her hand. She walked onto the ceiling and took a picture of the tangled duo. She jumped back down and sat herself on the sofa and kicked Nila lightly in the stomach then Void. They both begin to wake up and upon waking jump from each other. Tempest and Gorx burst out laughing.

“It's not funny,” shouted Nila and Void in unison.

“What's not funny,” came a voice. They all stopped laughing nag looked towards the staircase. Edana stood rubbing her eyes.

“Nothing Vayne,” said Void. “Just go get dressed so I can take you to breakfast.”

“All right.”

“Wow, I guess you're little girlfriend is really attached to you.”

“She's not my girlfriend!” he hissed under his breath before stalking off to go get changed.

“Don't tease him Nila,” scolded Tempest.

“Sorry, but you have to admit it is trés funny.”

“You were in France this summer weren't you?'

“Uh huh and guess what my cousin who attends Beauxbatons wrote me.”


“The Triwizard Tournament is taking place with that school, Durmstrang and Hogwarts.” Tempest eyes lit up and she turned towards Nila.

“Don't we know people at Hogwarts?'

“Adrian graduated remember,” she pouted her lips and raised her eye-brows.

“Yeah, guess I forgot.” She turned to Gorx and kissed him on the lips lightly before leaning to his ear. “By the way I never got a chance to tell you last night, you have a cute ass.”

"Thanks, maybe you can see more of it some other time.” She blushed and them ran off to go get dressed.

A feeling of dread came over her as she pulled her hair back. Something bad was going to happen she could feel it. Underneath that floorboard were the books she had grabbed her first year at the Nightmare Academy. She hadn't grabbed him to touched them for two years now. They must be covered in dust by now, she thought. She was about to pick up the floor board when someone called her name.

“Tempest,” started Nila, “have you taken your vials already?'

“Huh, oh god, thanks for reminding me.”

“You should watch yourself Zephyr,” began Divina, “we wouldn't want you to burn now would we."

“Ha, ha funny.” As she began to reach for her vials she Finally noticed something. Nila had called her by her name. Tempest jerked her head back up but Nila was already gone. Over the past four years Tempest had noticed something about Nila. Her calmness had a tendency to change. She would become worry some, scared and vastly nervous. She drank her vials and quickly got up.

“Where are you going?” asked Divina.

“Breakfast of course.” She began to walk out the door but then stopped. “Divina, if you see Nila, tell her I'm looking for her.”

“All right, see you later then.”

“Yeah later.”

Tempest felt the feeling grow stronger with every step she took. She stood and collapsed against the wall and clutched her head as a scene flashed through her mind. A room filled with people with gold-outlined eye. Tempest blinked her eyes in confusion and shook her head. What was she seeing, she asked herself.

Tempest forced herself to get up and continued on her walk. Something was going to happen, she could feel it and she didn't like it. Whenever that feeling came into play in her life, bad things happened. It was like an omen.


Tempest sat in the Great Hall. It was mid-day and she still had found no sign of Nila. It was like she was avoiding her, or rather, hiding from her. Finally she saw Zoltron. She ran to her cousin and gave him a great big hug. For some reason she felt as though she hadn't seen him in years.

“How are you?”

“Fine, actually I came looking for Hydra. Have you seen her?”

“No. Hey have you seen Nila.”

“Yeah actually I have, and in the oddest place imaginable. The library.”

“No way. Are you sure you have the right person. Nila Cerdwin. The girl who reads school books to fall asleep.”

“They very same.” He laughed. “Isn't it funny how she always passes everything without studying.”

“She's smart, she just acts stupid.”

“Yup, well she's in the creature section.”

“'Kay thanks.” She hugged him one last time and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before running off.


Nila was doing the most odd thing. She was reading and jolting down noted like there was not tomorrow. Tempest stood transfixed as she kept writing and writing. Tempest tip-toed behind Nil and waited. Nila still hadn't taken notice of her existence. Finally she got fed up and decided to make herself known.

“I wondered where you were.”

Nila shot up from her seat and slammed her book shut. Partial relief filled her face as she clutched her chest.

“Zephyr?! Oh my god, you completely freaked me out.”

Tempest took note that she her Zephyr without hesitation.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to. So . . . what are you doing here of all places. You have to admit that it is a bit odd.”

“I know but I'm kind of working on a free lance project.”

“Really, and you didn't include neither me nor Void. How rude.” Tempest made a fake hurt face them quickly smiled. Tempest crossed her arms and walked to the side of Nila. Tempest opened the book that Nila had so quickly closed. It was a snake creature book and was open to the Basilisks.

“Nila what exactly are you trying to do?”

“Um well you see, I'm trying to figure out a way to cross breed the Basilisk and the Veriserite.”

“Do you even know the proper charms to use for that kind of magic?”

“Yeah, but it's in German.”

“How many languages do you know exactly?'

“A lot.” She grabbed her book and began to place them back in order. While Nila was collecting her vast number of note, Tempest couldn't help but be memorized by her commitment to this project.

“So, Nila, did you know that you called me by my name earlier today?”

“Really,” she said not looking up. “Sorry 'bout that, I'll make sure to watch myself all right.” She simply smiled and walked on past Tempest.

“Uh huh,” she said as she began to follow Nila closely.

They left the library and returned to the common room. That's when Nila snapped her hands in recollection.

“I knew I forgot something,” she said beginning to run towards the door.

“What did you forget?”

“A chicken egg and a toad. Basilisk remember. I'll see you later though at dinner all right, but if you need me before then I'll be with the animals.” She smiled and continued on her run.

Tempest rolled her eyes in amusement and began to loo through Nilas notes. She knew that she was very talented but not this much, she had even invented some successful spell.

“Wow, she must have been working on this since the summer.”

A sudden purr hit her ears and she looked around. Voids pet panther, Artemis, was walked toward her, only for some reason it's posture frightened her. The panther lunged at her and she hissed and flew to the ceiling. Tempest knew that she could evade it long enough for Void to come back, but she herself knew that ti wasn't hungry. It was angry.

“Mistress!” called her dragon.

worry, I'm fine.” She began to think of a spell that would not cause Void any harm, but none came to mind. Even the Petrifying Charm would harm him. All of a sudden the passage way door burst open.

“Down Artemis!” yelled Void. It didn't respond. “I said down!” The panther hesitated for a moment than returned back to th e boys dormitory without a second glance toward Tempest. She jumped down and glared at Void.

“Care to explain what all that was about,” she snapped.

“I don't know. I had not control over her at all. It was like another voice was blocking mine and . . . ”

“Wait, did you say another voice?”

“Yeah, it was weird. I couldn't understand it at all. Zephyr, do you have any idea of what's going on?”

“No, but I might. Look, I'll be here for the time being and I'll meet you later.”

“All right, but be careful all right.”

“Don't worry, now go, leave me for the time being.”

He nodded and left the room followed by Edana. Tempest simply smiled at her little sister who smiled back and then mouthed 'be careful'. At least part of her sister was still there.

Tempest ran to her bed and pulled at the floor board. No longer was it lose like it had been once upon a time. She examined the floor boards more closely and found that a spell was used to make sure the floor boards were kept shut.

She ripped the floor boards from the floor and threw them across the room. She reached down and grabbed the books now covered in dust. How time passed by so quickly, she thought. She opened the book with her family tree and flipped to her families page. Her mothers picture was beside her fathers and her name was underneath them. Tempest let the book drop from her hands in the realization of something.

Tempest began shuffling around old pages. Finally she found what she had been looking for. Two years ago she had given Nila a simple task. To find out more about Zoltron. Tempest continued to shuffle among Nilas belongings. She sat for a while with all of Nilas papers around her in a circle. Thunder shook her from her trance. It was dinner time. She gathered all the papers and clutched them all in one hand.


Tempest walked slowly down the stairs and calmly so as to not draw attention to herself. She stopped in front of the Great Hall doors. With all of her might she threw the doors open. Right now she wanted people to see her fury. Heads turned towards her and walked straight ahead. She watched Nila stare at her frightened. She continued to walk towards her and Void. As she got closer, Void and Nila stood up.

“Tempest are you all right? I heard about what happened in the dormitory.”

“I bet you did.” She smiled slightly and then back-handed Nila hard across the face.

“Zephyr!” yelled Void.

“You knew!” she said grabbing Nilas shirt collar. “You knew Morganna was my mother! You knew she was the person who killed Zoltrons family! You have know for two years!” Tempest threw her onto the ground and knelt over her.


“Shut up Void!” She turned her attention back to Nila. “I never knew how good you were ay lying Nila, nor did I know how talented you were with animal charms. It was you, you were the voice Void heard when he was trying to talk to Artemis.”


“For once don't lie to us Nila!”

“Fine! Yes I knew, but your family swore me to secrecy! I'm sorry! I wanted to tell you so much, honestly I did, but I couldn't! I am so sorry!” Nila began to cry and Tempest just got up and threw the paper down at her. Void didn't help her up. Tempest watched as Nila just sat there crying. She turned around and began to run. Anger fed her speed as she ran faster and faster.

Chapter 8: Agreements
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Tempest walked down the stairs of her brothers house in Romania. His girlfriend, Isolde, was cooking breakfast. Tempest welcomed the creak of the wooden stairs.

“About time you woke up little sister,” called her brother.

“Ha, ha very funny.” She sat down and rubbed her eyes. She still could not believe that she had ran here from school. A plate was placed in front of her and she looked up. Isolde smiled down at her and went back to the stove.

“Don't you think you should go back to school Zephyr,” began Jason.

“No . . . at least not yet. Look I just need some time okay.”

“Jason, let her stay, She's good with dragons so let her help in. We can introduce her to all our friends.” Isolde smiled and winked towards Tempest. She was already beginning to like her, she thought.

“Fine, but go get dressed now, we have to leave soon.”

“I'll be back faster than anything,” she smiled and ran up the stairs. Suddenly she remembered that she had run away with nothing.

“Zephyr,” called Isolde. “You can go into my closet if you need anything to wear. I don't mind.”

“Thanks.” T was official, Tempest really liked her. She went into her brothers room and went through the closet. She pulled out one of her brothers shirts and a pair of sweat pants from Isolde closet. Thankfully, her and Isolde where the same size.

When she came back downstairs she stopped at the kitchen door.

“She should go back to school,” said Jason.

“Oh hush. After everything she's been through, all the lies and deceit, and in such a short time, I believe she has a reason to be mad and that the last thing shr needs is to be around people she is angry at. Besides, she ran here, to you Jason, that shows that she still loves you as her brother.”

“Hopefully she will return to school soon.” She heard him sigh. “She does have a reason to be mad. I'm glad she still sees me as her brother.”

“I know you are.” Tempest ran back to the room and bit her thumb. She smiled and then snapped her fingers. She needed her vials.

“Crap,” she muttered. “Thorn!” She heard him come running to her.

“What is it?”

“I need my vials.”

“You didn't bring any?”

“It was the middle of the night and I wasn't even planning on running away, it just sort of happened.”

He sighed. “Did mum ever tell you, teach you rather, how to make the potions?”

“She's not my mother and yes.”

“Go down into the basement and mix them quickly.”

“Ugh, that takes to much time. I'll be back in a minute.” She performed the Apparatus Charm and before she knew it she was on her bed. The punched a whole in her bed and reached down and pulled out vial after vial from under her bed. She stood up and cast Reparo on the bed then got down from her bed. Suddenly she realized her mistake, she want alone.

“Everyone's worried about you Tempt,” she heard Gorx say. She drank her vials quickly then dropped them onto the floor before turning around.

“Right now, I don't care okay.”

“You didn't know I was here did you?”

“No, had I known I would not have left my bed.”

“Why is that?”

“The potions. They make me like any other mortal three hours after I take it and three while it's wearing off. It's a sort of safety measure to know I've taken it or that I need to.”

“Uh huh. So are you all right?”

“Tell me that was a rhetorical question.”

“It was. Look, when are you coming back to school?”

“When I feel lie it Gorx.” She turned around. There in front of her stood Nila. Tempest hissed the spell before Nila could begin to mouth what she was going to say.

“Okay, lets go,” she said to Jason and Isolde.

“All right,” said Isolde.

“Okay then, lets go.”


Tempest sat in her brothers “office”. In reality it was jus a little tent outside. Dirt floors and a bunch of chairs and a desk She was flipping through a book on dragons. Now that she herself knew what a dragon thought she could write a freakin' book. She placed her bare feet on the ground and went up to the bookshelf. I should write a book, she thought. But about what, she did not know. The flat to the tent opened and five people, not including her brother and Isolde, walked in.

“Zephyr theses are our friends. This is Irene McKlien, Timothy Alexander, Annie Carcarof, Adrian Williams and Charlie Weasly.”

Tempest eyes widened at the sound of Adrian's name.

“Bloody hell is that really you Adrian!”

“The one and only. How are you?”

“I'm all right, all things considered anyway.”

“Oh yeah I've heard. Nila wrote me a letter. I heard Void still doesn't like me.”

She flinched at the sound of Nilas name. “Yup, he doesn't...Well don't just stand there, give me a hug.”

He walked up to her and gave her a warm hug.

“Anyway, what are you doing here?”

“Huh, oh I came to visit my brother and meet his friends.”

“Really? Cool. Well you rememberer that wizard, you know gold eye?”

“Yeah, what about him?”

“Well he and I are sort of friends. I mean I guess I sort of get where he is coming from. After all I know I would do anything to save the person I love.”

“I guess. Hey wait, Weasly! I think I know your brother. Isn't he best friends with Harry Potter?”

“Huh, oh yeah. It's nice to meet you. So you go to Hogwarts I presume.”

“No actually I go to the Nightmare Academy. Bad blood you know.” She smiled.

“Then how do you know him?”

“Oh, um, my godparents out the Malfoys and their son, Draco, attends Hogwarts, He's my best friend there besides my cousin.”

“Malfoys huh. My brother tells me about them, Draco especially.”

“Yeah he's arrogant, obnoxious...very much like me sometimes Although alone, were actually not so arrogant.” She smiled and walked passed them withe her head held high.


Tempest sat alone eating a ham and cheese sandwich Isolde had made for her. She was flipping through the pages of a dragon catalogue.

“You're not like them,” said Charlie suddenly.

“What do you mean?”

“You and the rest of those pure blood that are like, well you know.”

“Voldemort. No, I guess I'm not. I actually respect life.”

“That's funny you know.”

“I don't think it is.”

“It's true, and that fact that you acknowledge the piece of information makes it funny, in a very sad way.”

“Huh, I guess so, when you think about it that way.”

“Do you even like me?”

“As a person . . . yes.”

“Would you consider being my friend?”

“Maybe, but I'll have to get to know you better.” She finally looked up at him and smiled. Soon, everyone came to sit down next to her.

“Zephyr, guess what?” exclaimed her brother.


“All of us have been chosen to gather the four dragons for the Triwizard Tournament.”

“Four, why four?”

“Come on Zeph, surely you must know about Harry Potter competing.”

“Huh, oh that, guess it slipped my mind. So what are the four dragons?”

“A Welsh Green, a Chinese Fireboat, a Swedish Short-Snout and a, uh, Hungarian Horntail.” 

Tempest couldn't help but laugh at the last. “Oh sorry, but good luck with catching that one.”

“Actually . . . ” They all stared at her and she took a bite out of her food.

“No,” she began with her mouth full. “No freakin' way! I am not going to let you people 
use my dragon!”


“Don't call me that!”


“No bloody way am I letting you people use Aidan.”

“Zephyr please.”


“No harm will come to him.” 

“You don't know that.”

“I promise no harm will come to him.”

“And if harm does come to him?”

“He's just a dragon.”

“No he's not, he's my familiar also!” To late to notice her mistake. Making familiar was a dangerous thing. People had to get permission from the Ministry.


“Nothing. I didn't say anything.”

“Your familiar.”

“Do you have any idea of what you just did.”

“Actually I did it about two years ago. Either last year or the year before. I can't quite remember.”

“Last year mistress,” said her dragon.

“That's it get over here.” Tempest looked around them flew to one of the rods holding up the tent. “Actually I like it better up here.”

“Get down.”

“Let me think a moment . . . no.”

"Get down or I'll tell Vivaldi that you quit school.”

“I did no such thing! I'm just taking some time off.”

“That's not what I'm going to tell her.”

Tempest growled and hissed before jumping down. “Give me some time to think.”

“You have till dinner.” She growled and stalked off.

“Just let me compete,” said her dragon.

“It's the Triwizard Tournament! People have died. That means that people are willing to kill to stay alive.”

“Then I will let you decide.”

“Much obliged.”

Tempest sat crossed legged on the ceiling of the guest bedroom, contemplating on what to do. She could refuse and have Vivaldi spring her wrath upon her, or the second, have her not know she ran away from school and let them use Aidan who wasn't just her dragon, but who was also her familiar and friend. Well, she thought, they are using him for the first task, how dangerous could it be?”

Tempest couldn't think anymore. She flew down to the fridge and made herself a sandwich. She added bacon, ham, mustard, mayonnaise, onion, lettuce and some jalapeno pepper. Tempest loved spicy food she couldn't help it.

She was eating on the sofa next to the door when come on threw it open.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” she asked with her mouth full.

“Running away doesn't become you Zephyr.”

“Answer the question.”

“You need to forgive Nila.”

“Please I don't have to do anything. By the way, how did you get here?”

“Well . . . um Divina sort of dug a whole here then cast a spell on us and we were suddenly here.”

“Divinas here too?”

“So is Chad.”

“I'm gone, not even a full day, and you guys - UGH!  I can't forgive her, I don't think I ever will, can you understand that? Can all of you,” she yelled. Chad and Divina walked in through the door and stared at her.

“Zephyr,” began Divina, “we understand what she did was beyond horrid, and we understand that you are angry. Honestly you have every right to be.”

“But she's sorry, truly and completely sorry. She's your best friend, you should forgive her,” said Chad.

“How did you find me?”

“We'll tell you only f you come back to school...tomorrow.”

“I've been gone for barely even a whole day.” She rolled her eyes. “Beside, you used one of those scrying spells. I know you people, don't think you can fool me.”

“Fine, don't come back, but I'm warning you if you don't Headmistress will expel you.” A sense of good judgement finally popped into her head. If she was expelled she would not be able to hide fro that woman.

“Fine, I'll be back tomorrow.”

“Good. We'll see you tomorrow then.”

They walked out the door and Tempest rolled her eyes. Everyone this day was beginning to get on her nerves, which were very sensitive now and days.

She fell asleep on the sofa and dreamt. Tempest was in along hallway holding Excaliber. Down the hall was Draco, but he looked different. He was looking around curiously and Tempest sighed. She began to walk towards him when out of nowhere a girl cam from behind Draco and spun him around. Tempest stood stunned as Draco was stabbed. Tempest began to scream and run towards him.

Jason shook her awake and everyone was staring at her. Tempest sat up and rubbed her eyes. Draco was dying in her dream. Why would suck a horrible dream pop into her head. Finally she looked up at everyone.


“You were yelling for Draco. Did you have a bad dream about him Zephyr,” asked Jason concerned.

“It's nothing. Don't worry about it. By the way I've mad my decision. I am going to let you use my dragon on one condition.”


“I have to be there to watch him and you'll need my help to transport him.”

Her brother smiled. “Agreed.”

“Hey Zeph, how long are you going to stay?” asked Adrian.

“Actually, I was thinking I might bo back tomorrow.”

“Really why,” asked Charlie.

“No reason in particular,” she smiled.

Chapter 9: Sevratis
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Tempest stood in the office of Headmistress Majika. She was in trouble, but she didn't care. She knew the consequences of her actions. Void was right, running was beneath her.

“Zephyr, do you have any idea of how much trouble you are in right now?”

“About a months worth of detentions worth.”

“You've got that right. One month of cleaning both the girls and boys bathroom on every floor every morning and night, understood?”

“Yes, but um, I have a little favour.”

“What is it?”

“My brother is using my dragon for the Triwizard task, I mean tournament, first task.”

“Let me guess, you want to go to Hogwarts to witness this tournament?”

“I was hoping . . . ”

"As long as you do your detention like a muggle, granted.”

“Thank you, um, I better get to class.”

“Yes you should, your detention starts tonight by the way.”


Tempest waled down to her Defence Against the Good Arts class, calmly. Luckily there were no students in the halls to talk behind her back as she passed them by.

Tempest walked into the class. To her dismay it had already started.   Everyone was silent as she closed the door. Tempest took a breath every time she passed a person, murmurs began. As she walked by Astrea, she heard her begin to open her big mouth.

“They say she's angry at Nila because Nila knew that Gorx was cheating no her with Divina. Doesn't she have such loyal friends?” Astrea began to snicker with her friends and within seconds Tempest had Astrea against the wall, choking.

“My friends are just stupid you stupid heartless bitch.”

“You're one to talk,” she croaked. Tempest tightened her grip.

“Tempest enough!” yelled Mistress Jacquilina.

Tempest growled and let her go. She turned but after she took one step she turned and punched Astrea in the face breaking her nose.

“Hey would you look here. You bleed. And What do you know, I'm hungry. Well not that I know that you have blood circulating in your system and you not just full of shit I can dream of drinking your blood because trust me, I would never do that in real life. You see your blood is foul and most likely poisonous.”

Astrea stared at her, her eyes lit ablaze with anger. Tempest licked her lips and smiled as blood dripped down Astreas chin. Astrea ran out of the class room followed by Heather and Cassandra. Louis met Tempest gaze. For someone who was supposed to be Astreas boyfriend he was smiling. Tempest ignored his smile as she herself smiled. Some loyal friends she has. Already rumours were circulation. It was funny how a lot could happen in a day.

She took her usual seat next to Nila. And leaned back into her chair.

“Zephyr . . . ”

“Not now, just not now.”

Class began an dit went on as though nothing had happened. Already things were back to normal.

Outside her classroom Gorx stood waiting. Tempest could not help but run to him and hug him with all her might. As first he stood shocked before hugging her back will all his might.

“Glad you're back.”

“So am I . . . a bit anyway.” He laughed and she looked up at him. Suddenly a sight of him lying dead popped into her head. His smiled vanished.

“Temp are you all right?”

“Yeah, my stomach just hurts that's all.” It wasn't a completely lie after all. That sight had made her stomach a bit queasy.


“Here you go then.” He handed her an apple and she bit into it hungrily. Something wasn't right. She could feel it.


They day passed and ay the end of classes she decided to look for Void. She went to the first place she could think of. The Great Hall, considering he thought with his stomach.

Tempest walked into the Great Hall but to her great demise the only person she knew was Nila. Tempest sighed and rolled her eyes. Tempest sucked in her pride and anger and walked to her.


“Nila have you seen Void?”

“He's probably with his new girlfriend.”

“Okay enough, what problem do you have with him hanging out with my little sister?”

“I just have a problem.”

“You are acting completely mental, do you know that!”

“I don't care!”

“God will you two ever stop,” cam Voids voice. They both looked at him

“Sorry Void, Nila's just overreacting.”

“So what if I am! All he ever does is hang out with his new little brat of a girlfriend.”

“Watch it Nila, that my sister.”

“Oh calm, she's just jealous.”

“I am not jealous! We're your friends Void! We have save your life and I guaranty we will be doing that forever. Sometimes Void I fell that you and I shouldn't even be friends. Bloody hell Void, we miss you.” They all stared at each other in shocked silence. Nila was right although all this coming from Nila made everything sound strange and awkward

“Looks like someone's got a crush,” cam two mocking voices. They were Heather and Cassandra. Plates were pushed and Tempest just watched as Nila lunged at them


To late was Tempest to catch Nila. She had both Heather and Cassandra pinned to the ground. Tempest couldn't move. She stood transfixed as Nila both of their faces together. Nila punched Heather then Cassandra. All of a sudden Void grabbed Nila by her arms and pulled her away. Nila shook him off and began to turn around. Tempest watched in amazement as Nila pulled out her wand.

“Pleamentios!” Both girl turned into two hideous swans.

“So Nila, have fun?”

“Actually yeah. Hey do you know what I love about swans? They are completey hedious as children.” They laughed and walked out of the Great Hall.

“I take it you two are better now?”

“Not completely, but we're getting there.”

“Good, now, I'm sorry I haven't been hanging out with you.”

“You should be. The anger you have caused me made me take it out on Heather and Cassandra.”

“That was brilliant by the way.”

“I know, I guess I'll be starting detention with you tonight.”


“Nila, tell Zephyr about your snake.”

“Oh yeah I had completely forgotten with all the madness going on. Well I'm almost done, I have a chicken egg and a toad. Now, all I need is the potion to feed the toad and a Veriserite egg.”

“Nila, do you have any idea how hard it is going to be to get a Veriserite egg?”

“Well we do know the Lady of the Lake.”

“We haven't seen her in over a year.”

“So I think we should visit her anyway. She was awfully helpful after all.”

“True. Okay later tonight we will go and visit her again.”


Tempest couldn't help herself. It was like she had no control over herself. Well only partial control anyway. She stood at the door and watched him with his smug smiled all full of arrogance with his pure blood attitude. Only she knew the real him. Her and Void but then again they have known Draco ever since they were children. 

Her sisters old Slytherin unison fit her a bit snug so the skirt was a bit short. Her shirt was a bit too tight so the top button wouldn't button which showed off more than enough cleavage,

She stared at him with jealous envy. Pansy wrapped herself around Draco and kissed him on the cheek. Tempest dung her nails into her arms. Unlike everyone there she wore no sweater vest now robe, only her skirt, shirt, socks and shoes.

“Zephyr?” said two voices. Tempest turned around. Crabbe and Goyle stood behind her.

“Hello Crabbe. Hello Goyle. How are the both of you?”

“Fine,” they both grunted in unison.

“I heard about the happenings here. Pretty exciting isn't it? Anyway I better go, I'll see you all later.”

“People are in the Common room, you can't leave just yet.”

Crap, she thought as she put on a fake smile. “No matter, I'll just wander.”

Tempest turned and began to wander. She stopped at the sight of an old family friend.

“Severus!” The tall hooked nosed man turned and looked at her. A type of pain filled her eyes something she knew she would have to look up. She ran to him and gave him a hug.

“Well, your no . . . Vivaldi wrote to me and told me everything at least now I can say this with all honesty. You look much like your mother.”

“Thank you. So did you hear about the World Cup?”

“Who hasn't. Was Vivaldi . . .”

“Yes, unfortunately. Do you mind if I do some misbehaving, after all I'm not a student here so . . . ”


“Go ahead. Be quick though.”

Tempest jumped up and down and gave Severus a quick peck on the cheek and turned. Down the hall was Harry Potter. She was still infatuated with him but staring at him made her fill with dread. She shook it off and ran off to the forest.


It was dusk as she sat on the ground. Her ears twitched at the very sound of a heart beat. She recognized it immediately.

“I know you know it's me,” stated Draco.

“So what if I do?”

“I saw you, while I was in the Great hall.” Tempest stood up and looked at his piercing grey wolf like eyes.

“Good for you.” She walked over to him and smiled.

“Everything was simpler when we were young wasn't it,” he said.

“Yeah, if only we could go back in time.” He took a step close to her and flashed his most arrogant smiled. Tempest rolled her eyes.

“Please, you know you love me, more than all those pure blood half wits at your school.”

“And you know you love me more than Panzy.” She leaned up towards his face and let her lips brush against his face.

“I've got to go now Draco.” She took a move out of her cousins book and flipped backwards landing like a cat. “See you around Draco.”


Tempest was swimming with Divina towards the Lady of the Lake. Considering she was dead, she didn't need air. If Nila wanted the egg, she would get her the bloody egg.

"Okay you know this is as far as I can go. I'll wait for you here.”

“All right.”

Tempest went back to swimming and walked into the home of the Lady of the Lake.”

“Hello Tempest.”

“Hi, um, I have a bit of an odd request.”

“Really? Well then what is it?”

“I need a Veriserite egg. Nila she's trying to cross breed the Basilisk and the Veriserite.”

“Ah, yes Nila, how is she?”

“She wanted to come but I don't know, she changed her mind. She says hi thought.”

“Tell her hello for me. Now a Veriserite egg, your friend will be famous you know.”

“Yeah I know, but that's Nila for you.” The Lady of the Lake smiled and her hand glowed.

“Here you go Tempest, I hope I'll see you soon.”

“Yeah, I'll try to visit more often.”

Tempest smiled and she ran off. She met Divina and they swam back to school like lightening.

Waiting on the bank back at school was Nila standing directly under the light of the full moon.

“Hurry Zephyr, I need that egg now.” Zephyr ran to her and handed her the egg. “Thank you, now all of you please stand back and watch.”

Nila placed the chicken egg with the toad jinxed on it next to the Veriserite egg.

Cleamento!” The egg became one with the chicken egg and under the light of the moon as the frog jumped off the egg, it hatched and out slithered a silver and black snake.

“Wow,” said everyone in unison.

“What should I call it?”

“Anything you want,” said Void. Nila smiled and bit down on her lip.


“Wicked,” said Tempest.

“I know.”

Chapter 10: Shadows
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Tempest threw off her covers and walked down to the common room. She was sad and felt lie crying and she didn't know why. She wiped angrily as the tears and stared at the fire. Finally, filled with too much anger, Tempest shoved her hands into the fire. Someone pulled her back and saw herself in Gorx's loving eyes.

"What are you doing? What's wrong?”

“I don't know. My body aches and I haven't slept in nearly two weeks.”

“Are you all right?”

“Relatively, I'm just a little frustrated.”

“Hmm, so anything new?” he asked obviously trying to change the subject.

She laughed. “I wanna go home and check out some more memories of my mother.”


“I saw an old family friend and something about him was a bit . . . odd.”

“Okay, but I'm coming with you, her memories are very dangerous to you.”

“I know.” She grabbed his hand and cast the Apparatus spell. Suddenly she and Gorx were in the attic of her house. She laced her fingers through his and walked towards the pensieve.

Down and down they fell till they landed on their feet. They were in Hogsmeade during Christmas time. Morganna had a show bottle of Fizzy Newt, the strongest wizard beer alive. She had her feet on the table with a book in her hands. Tempest looked closely at her to see how old she was. She was about fifteen.

“Morganna,” someone yelled. It was Narcissa, followed by Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus and her father. Morganna stood up and gave them all a hug in turn slightly pausing at Aidan.

“It's good to see you all again. Wait where's Regulus? Oh never mind, anyway how long has it been, a couple of months?”

“Feels like a bloody lifetime,” said Bellatrix.

“Glad to know you all miss me. I have a friend coming by the way. She is someone I met at the Nightmare Academy. She spending the Holiday with me. So, Severus how are you?” Her mother smiled at him secretly.

“All right, but something happened at school.”

“What did James do, I swear I'll kill him.”

“He did nothing except save my life. Everyone at school keeps going on about it and what-not. He only saved me so that he could save his stupid friends. People say he's trying to date Lily now.”

“Oh what's wrong Snape, you aren't jealous are you? Especially over that Mudblood. I mean Evans is a sweet girl and all and I think the only Mudblood I will ever come close to liking but really. Besides, she wont date him, she hates him, and even if she did, it wouldn't last, I marked James for death.”

“You did what?”

“Marked him for death with my blood. Oh don't worry, I'm sure Lily will be all right as long as she doesn't date him or marry him anyway.” She began to laugh and even Aidan cracked a smile. It was only Snape who stared at her.

“Morganna! I've known her for almost all my life. What if she does fall for him? Remove the curse off him!”

“NO! I hate James and I always will! He deserves his fate!  Besides, Snape, you should be thanking me, I tried to save your sorry pathetic half-blood ass from that pureblood bastard!”  Everyone was silent till a little giggle came.

“Bloody heel Morganna, you are so violent,” said Vivaldi.

“Viva, thank god you're here. Everyone this is Vivaldi, but don't call her that, call her Viva, thats what her friends call her.”

“Hello. So what's this I hear about marking someone for death?”

“I just marked some pureblood bastard for death. Said phrase I made up on the spot. Worked brilliantly.”

“Morganna . . . ”

“Give it a rest Severus.” She looked over at Aidan and Vivaldi. Tempest noted the pang of jealousy that hit her mothers eyes, as well as the sincere smile.

“I see you two are talking a lot? Aidan, here's something you and Vivaldi have in common, you both are gifted in potions.”

“I'm not that gifted.”

“You're too modest Viva, every potion you make, you accomplish at first try.” She smiled and took a big gulp of her drink. Suddenly Severus walked from the table. Morganna rolled her eyes and got up and followed him outside the pub.

“What the bloody hell is your problem?”

“You shouldn't have done that. What if Lily does get hurt?”

“She's a smart girl who hates James. Besides why do you care?” They stared at each other. “Oh god, don't tell me you actually love her and all this time I though you loved me.” She laughed and began to turn around.

“I though I did too.” Morganna stopped walking and turned around.

“Pining doesn't become you Sev. Now lets get back inside.”

Tempest watched them. Scene changed and Tempest as her mother was walking alone down a street in Hogsmeade. Four guys encircled her. It was James Potter who wouldn't even look Morganna in the eyes.

“Morganna what the bloody hell are you doing here,” said a black haired boy.

“Hush Sirius. Ah, your Animagus form does suit you. Don't forget I still I know.”

“We know stuff about you too Morganna,” said a pudgy little boy. Morganna jerked around and glared at him.

“Well that's mighty brave of you Pettigrew.” She walked over to him and leaned to his ear. “This especially from the person that is going to betray his friends.” Pettigrew took a frightened step backwards. Sirius grabbed her by the arm and spun her around.

“What did you say to him?!”

“Wouldn't you like to know. Oh trust me Sirius you will find out. All in due time Sirius, all in due time.”

“Let her go Sirius,” said a rather good looking one.

“Ah Remus, my favourite person in this whole little clique.”

“Shut up Morganna. Sirius just let her be.”

“Yes Sirius, listened to your little wolf boy.” She laughed as Sirius' grip only got stronger. Out of nowhere someone punched Sirius in the jaw. It was her father and behind him, Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Vivaldi and Severus.

“Let go of her.”

“Fine, but one day Morganna.”

“Ha try never Sirius. Now, ta-ta for now I do after all plan on paying you special little visits in the night.” She turned and began to walk away while Narcissa and Bellatrix stood behind.

“Wow, cousin, you are more like us than you think.” Morganna stopped and watched in amusement.

“I am nothing like you!” screamed Sirius before stalking away.

Morganna left and Tempest also cracked a smiled. Her mother may have been cruel but at least she was cruel with class.

Tempest and Gorx were back in her attic and she finally realized why she felt like crying. Her mother was this girl who, even though she was cruel, cared about those closest to her and that was why everyone loved her, even if they hated her.

“Tempest, we should go back to school.”

“Yeah, I guess we should.” She cast the Apparatus charm and was back at the common room.

“Crap, I have to go clean the bathroom. Part of my detention. I'll see you later okay?” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran upstairs. She got dressed quickly and went to Nila's bed.

“Wake up,” she hissed shaking her up.

“Ugh, let me be,” groaned Nila.

“It's detention time sleeping beauty.”

“Oh all right, I'm up, I'm up.”

“Good, I'll wait for you downstairs.”

Tempest went downstairs and alone only with her shadow beside her. She stood still when a shadow flew by her. She turned and the shadow moved again. Tempest spun around. It moved again. She knew she wasn't alone.

“Who's there?”

“Me Zephyr.” It was Nila. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing. Come on, let go clean the bathroom like muggles.”

“Ugh, fine, I guess this is my punishment for beating the living crap out of Heather and Cassandra.”

“Hey wait for me,” came a voice. They turned. It was Void.

“Don't you have to wait for your girlfriend?” asked Nila abrasively.

“Look, I want to spend time with you guys, is that such a crime?”

“No, just get your arse down here already,” said Tempest. He smiled and ran down the stairs. As they walked out they heard a sigh. It was Edana. They exchanged looks before running off.

In the bathroom waiting for them were two buckets of water, as well as a couple of rags and brushes. Void began to snicker and laugh and they both glared at him.

“Shut up Void,” they both said in unison as they dipped they brushes into their buckets and began to scrub the boys bathroom. Tempest scrubbed and scrubbed and finally she was done. Nila and Tempest leaned against the wall and laughed. One bathroom down and only fifteen more to go. They grabbed their buckets and in the girls bathroom of the dungeon were another pair of buckets.  They dumped the buckets of water from the boys bathroom into the floor and scrubbed.

The morning began and followed that same way.

On the Seventh floor as they were finishing, Void brought them some muffins. Finally they were down.

“Finally,” they sighed. As they were leaving a toilet exploded and they all stood stunned. Nila and herself were more than upset and angry.

“Zephyr . . . ”

“Go tell Master Vlad I'll be a little late okay Void.” She groaned and went to the stall. She summoned a plunger and began to do her work when all of a sudden one after another all the other toilets began to erupt, including the one she was at. Soon, the sinks started to overflow. Tempest ran out the bathroom. She leaned against the door when she thought it safe to go back in.  She peeked in and a shadow flew by her vision. Tempest flew to the middle of the room and looked around. Someone was there with her, she just didn't know who.

“Who's there?!” she demanded. No one answered, just a very faint laughter. “Who are you? What do you want?” The laughter continued.

Tempest stormed from the bathroom soaking wet and walked quickly to her Poisons class. She was glad that this morning, she did not have Astronomy. In fact lucky for her she didn't have that class all day. Unfortunately Void and Nila did. It was sad how she was separated from her two best friend in her not-so-favourite class.

The hall was empty except for herself and her feet clicked against the floor.

As she turned the corner she stopped for a brief moment.  She was being followed. She turned back into the hallway and before her was a cat.

“Zoltron!” He turned into his normal self. Lucky for him, he had partial free will when he changed, unlike werewolves.

“Sorry god. What's the matter wither you?” He sniffed the air. “And why do you smell like toilet water?”

“Someone's watched and following me and all the toilets on the seventh floor exploded!”

“And you didn't bother to clean yourself up?”

“Shut up.” She looked at his prefect badge.

“Take a picture, it'll last longer.”

“Ha, ha. It's kind of funny, your prefect and I'm dating Head Boy.”

“Yeah, lets just hope you don't become either in the future. That would be very dangerous. Just think of all the damage that would cause.” They laughed.

“I know. Look I'll see you later . . . ”

“Wait I was hanging out with Demenshia last night.”


“Hush. Look, she wanted me to tell you something.”


“She wanted me to tel you to beware of your necklace and your blood. Look she was in some sort of a trance so I think you should head her warning.”

“Don't worry I will. Hey can you go tell your head of bouse about the bathroom on the seventh floor?”

“Sure. See you around cousin.”

“Bye.” Tempest began on her way and as she walked down the stairs the footsteps behind her began again.

“Zoltron . . . ” She turned around but no now was there and footsteps were still coming. A shadow looked at her and Tempest took a step backwards. It flew to her right and grabbed her arm. It flew to her feet and grabbed at her. Suddenly it began to claw up. Tempest fumbled with her wand, but it knocked it out of her hand. She waited till it was near her face. She closed her eyes and cast the first spell that came into her mind.

“Lumos Maxima!”

The hallway filled with light and Tempest fell to the ground. Something bad was going to happen. Tempest got up and walked to class. Everyone stared at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Miss Nyx?”

“Please don't Master Vlad, someone just jinxed the bathroom on the seventh floor after Nila and I just cleaned it. Really it's no problem.” She sat down next to Void and Divina. They stared at her and she glared at them. Right now was not the time.

Chapter 11: Nightmares
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Tempest was tired. Completely and utterly tired.  Almost three weeks of no sleep, and her dreams were becoming more and more vivid. She waited for Nila and Void to hurry up and get dressed. Today was the day she would help transport the dragons to Hogwarts. Joy, she thought. Tempest grabbed her floo powder and was ready to go and drag them to the fire place when they both came. Nila from on top and Void from below. Finally, she thought.

“Took you guys long enough.”

“Sorry, can we just go now,” said Nila.

“Come on already.” Nila grabbed her share of floo powder. “Good, now say Romanian Academy of Dragons, all right?”

“I know people that go there.”

“I know.” She smile and Nila laughed.

“Romanian Academy of Dragons!” Green fire enveloped her. Void was next and he grabbed a handful of floo powder.

“Romanian Academy fo Dragons!” Quickly, so as not to miss the expression of Voids face when he saw Adrian, Tempest went into the fire place.

“Romanian Academy of Dragons!”

They were fighting when she flew out of the fire place. Nila was yelling for them to stop but they wouldn't. Adrian may be older but it changed nothing, there was nothing that could make Void fo down for the count. Tempest knew his Achilles though. She walked toward them and twisted Voids knees. Te only place he could be hurt considering it was once cut off. It didn't hurt a lot, she knew, but it did just enough to stop him and get him off of Adrian.

“Void enough,” she said as she pinned him to the wall. He struggled against her grip but she had him down in place with just one had.

“Void!” screamed Nila.

“Have you two conveniently forgotten what he did last year?” he yelled.

“Have you conveniently forgotten that we forgave him.”

“Whatever.” Tempest let him go and turned toward her brother.

“Hi brother dear.” She ran to him and hugged him dearly.

“When's Aidan coming?”

“Hell be here soon and don't worry. He's flying high in the sky.” She laughed and walked over to the window and stared out. It was still dawn. Her hand went to her pouch she had. Her vials were there. Enough for about a weeks worth of travel.

“How long is it gonna take go us to be to Hogwarts?”

“About five days. We'll be flying with the dragons. Transporting them each,” began Charlie, “we wont be able to stop anywhere so we will be flying nonstop.”

“I've made us all some coffee so that can stay awake,” said Isolde handing everyone a bug jug. "Only drink if you are extremely tired, if you're tired now, there's a fresh pot in the kitchen down the hall.” Nila quick as ever was already done followed by Timothy, Annie and Irene.

“Okay, we'll leave when your dragon comes,” said Charlie.

“Yeah, Okay, I'm hungry anyway down the hall?”

“Yes, sweetheart,” said Isolde smiling. Tempest smiled back at her and followed after everyone else.

“I'm hungry too,” said Charlie and Adrian in unison. They looked at each other and Tempest laughed. She began walking with both of them on either side of her and looked around. Portraits of dragons hung around the walls.

“Adrian, are you all right?”

“I hate that he's half zombie, he can't feel any pain I try to inflict so fighting him is a bit futile.” She laughed.

“It is. So Charlie hows your brother?”

“You'll be meeting him soon, he'll be there on the grounds to keep secure the dragons.”

“Wicked, so I guess he has red hair just like you?”

“My whole family does.”

“How many siblings to you have?”

“One older brother, four younger brother and one little sister.”

“That's a big family, almost like Nila. Over the summer I met her family.   She's the youngest. She has two older sister and five older brothers. A group were triplets. All have fuchsia eyes and blonde hair. Some have black highlights.”

“Yeah, they all have beautiful eyes,” said Adrian.

Tempest looked at him. He smiled at her. She had almost forgotten that Adrian had dated Samantha and both Nila.

“Anyway, what do you have to eat in the kitchen exactly?”

“Egg and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese omelettes. Breakfast foods basically, and quick ones too,” said Charlie. Tempest continued walking in silence till sh reached the kitchen. Nila was already eating an egg an cheese sandwich.

“Hi Zephyr,” she said with her mouth full.

“God you're as bad as Void. Maybe worse. You think with your stomach.”

“I'm hungry, I can't help it all right. Now here eat something. You know you want to.”

“Yeah, yeah, hand me a sandwich.” Nila smiled and handed her one gladly. They all sat in silence and ate till there was a giant roar from outside. Tempest smiled, her dragon knew how to make an entrance.

“Is that Aidan,” said Nila.

“Yup, so I guess were going to leave soon,” she asked Charlie. He nodded.

They all got up and walked back toward the main fire place. Aidan let out another magnificent roar. Tempest leaned her head out the window. There he was, on the roof.

“Come on, lets get to the roof,” said Jason.

“Thorn,” began Tempest, “I'll meet you up there. I think I'll go this way.” They smiled at each other and she crawled out and planted her feet up on the wall.

She reached the top in not time and sat with her dragon. In front of her, were cages with three dragons. Tempest stared in awe until is the backs he saw an empty cage. Tempest fuelled with rage. Jason came through the door and she went to his face.

“A cage!” she yelled in outrage.

“What did you expect, we can't exactly fly him.”

“I could, and you know I could!”

“People would start to ask questions Zephyr. It is a heavy price to pay when you make a familiar without going through the proper channels! We have to put him in a cage Zephyr, I'm sorry.” Shw looked at Aidan, then back at Jason.

“Fine, come on Aidan, get in the cage.” He growled his way toward the cage and crawled in. “Sorry,” she thought.

“You did not know mistress.” He growled even louder as they crossed the door. She laughed and smiled. She looked back at everyone else and noticed that Void and Nila were smiling as well.

“Okay everyone on their brooms,” said Jason. He gave Tempest a broom with a bow on it. She looked at him confused. “Happy belated birthday little sis.”

“Thanks Thorn.”

“Don't mention it little rut, remember I'm always there to hug you and protect you.” He smiled and she gave him a warm hug.

Everyone got on their brooms and spells were cast on the cages, at a safe distance of course. Nila rode by Adrian, and they talked while keeping their wands steady. Most of the dragons were asleep, Except Aidan, but he was calm and content.

As they flew Tempest watched the sunrise. She couldn't remember the last time she had actually watched it. She did however remember that her father was alive. That was long ago, she thought. She finally looked ahead of her at the ocean beneath her. She wished she could go back in time and make things right, bet then again, maybe this was how life was meant to be.

They were flying until Isolde cam to a halt. Tempest watched her converse with her brother. She looked at Void and Nila. Adrian also shared in the exchange. Tempest knew that Adrian still cared for Nila. That look Tempest he gave Nila, she knew that look. Her father gave her mother that loo as well as Sirius, Snape, Lupin and James. Words hit Tempest. We know stuff about you too Morganna, the pudgy boy had said. It was like whenever she thought she knew her mother, something came and opened up new mysteries. She sighed in frustration.

“You all right,” came a voice. Tempest recognized Charlie's hair immediately if not his voice.

“I'm all right, a little frustrated, but that to be expected.” She smiled securely. “Do you know what they are talking about?” she asked pointing to Jason and Isolde. Right now she didn't feel like eavesdropped with her heightened hearing.

“I think were gonna set down somewhere, although I thought we weren't going to.”

“Oh.” She squirmed uncomfortable. Charlie was giving her that look. Charlie was cute, she had to admit, he was cute and sweet but frankly Gorx had him beat. Suddenly she felt other eyes upon her. They were Adrian's. She smiled and waved to him.

“What's the deal with Adrian and Void? When Void came out he just lunged at Adrian.”

“Oh Adrian was sort of dating Nila while also dating her sister, Samantha.” He nodded. “Well anyway, he and Nila swore Unbreakable vows, stupid children. Also last year, he was sort of under the Imperious curse. He kidnapped Nila because he needed my sword. Nila saved Void, and he felt obligated to to save her.” She simply shrugged and looked back at Isolde and Jason.

“Why wont your brother let anyone besides Isolde call him Jason?”

She shifted uncomfortable. “Because of our fathers death. I took a nickname and he thought that if we all chose different names we could hide.”


“For what?”

“For bringing up a soft subject.”

She smiled sincerely. “It's all right.”

“Okay everyone,” called Isolde. “Come on, lets go! And don't forget, stay awake.” Everyone ate half a sandwich and drank some coffee before flying off again.


They were flying for about two days. Right now they were catching up on some lost sleep. Tempest was lying next her brother, in a deep slumber.

Gorx, Void and Astrea were lying dead with their bodies lying bloodless. Tempest knelt by them and examined their wrist. No veins. Tempest cupped her mouth and mouth and stumbled backwards. A body was behind her. It was Nila, but she wasn't Nila. Two hands let go of and she fell down limp. Tempest opened her mouth to scream but a hand came over her mouth and held her.

“Time to finish what I started,” said a voice. Two fangs bit into her neck and Tempest began to thrash.

“Zephyr!” Tempest opened her eyes and holding her down were Jason and Void. Everyone was hovering over her. She hated when people hovered over her. Tempest shook them off and scooted back.

“What?!” she asked aggravated. They looked at each other stood back.

“Nothing, we just wanted to tell you that it's time to go.”

“Okay, do you think you could let go of me now?” Jason and Void let go of her and she reached for her vials. Even in the middle of nowhere sho could get no sleep. She went to Aidan cage and pet his spiky head.

Everyone mounted up an their brooms and began their flight. In the distance, as they flew, Tempest saw a castle. She smiled when she recognized Hogwarts.

They landed near the forest and on the ground near the forest, was a giant man and a red headed boy. As she got closer she recognized it as Ron Weasly. 

They landed and set a dragon cage down. They awoke and everyone ran from the cages. Tempest jumped as a dragon blew flames. Being a vampire made her act more like a cat, she thought as she examined her cat poise.

“Aidan,” she called.


“Give them hell.”

He growled. “It would be my pleasure.”


Tempest stood alone and watched in amusement as the people tried to handle the dragons.

“So your Tempest Nyx.”

Tempest turned wondering when he would talk to her. She smiled to him.

“And you're Ron Weasly. Don't call me Tempest please, I prefer Zephyr.”

“Sorry. Nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure. I feel that it is my obligation to apologize for my god family behaviour toward you and your family.”

“I don't know what you mean.”

“The Malfoys. They're my god family.”

“Oh.” She watched as distaste came over his face. She couldn't really blame him. But as soon as it had come, it faded. “Don't worry about it., I don't really take any real offense to it. It's like pureblood like them to insult people they think are lesser than them.”

“Yeah, I guess.” They stood in silence and watched the dragons from afar. Suddenly Nila, popped out of nowhere.

“Zephyr, look what I found.” She opened her cupped hands and showed her the Daddy Long Legs spider in her hand. Ron took a step back and Tempest looked at him. He had gone completely white and pale.

“Ron are you okay?”

“I . . . spider.”

“Oh come now, Daddy Long Legs are the most gentle spider you could ever find. Plus, They're adorable.” She took his hand and held it firm while the spider fell asleep in his hand. Tempest smiled when he relaxed.

“See, and besides they eat other spiders...I think. Also they are not poisonous.”

She smiled and so did he. She looked back at Aidan. He was still thrashing. Good boy, she thought.

Tempest was back at school. She didn't even get chance to say hi to Draco. Gorx gave her a giant hug. Divina and Chad also did too. Tempest smiled sweetly like she had no feeling of dread inside of her. Something was going to happen, she hoped that for once she was dreadfully wrong.

Chapter 12: Conflicts
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School was boring yet hectic. Everyone was in an uproar because of the Triwizard Tournament. The Nightmare Academy had once participated. They had won second place. Luckily for Tempest she had the chance to be there in persons along with Nila and Void of course.

Tempest was running around in the library. She was look in for Gorx. She wanted to say goodbye before she left, because she knew she would be gone for the whole day, maybe even a couple. She finally found Gorx, in the place she should have looked in the first place. The hallway. He was standing like he expected her. She smiled at him.

“Took you long enough.”

“Sorry, I don't know why I didn't look here first.”

“Well who cares, you're here now.” He walked over to her and kissed her tenderly. She kissed back and soon enough they were up against the wall. Tempest hugged him over his neck. Suddenly, his kisses were becoming rougher. Tempest thought nothing of it until hand started up her skirt then she had had enough. She pushed him away and then pinned him against the wall.

“Gorx what is going on with you?”

“Nothing.”  He shook her off and walked past her. Tempest watched as his stood, back to her, and moved his hands through his hair in frustration.


“Tempest, look, there is no secret about how you feel about Draco and I know you, you will be spending a lot of time with him.”

“So? Look, he has a girlfriend . . . ” Tempest bit her tongue knowing that that was not the best way to start this argument.

“So? I know you, you always get your way.”

“That doesn't mean I'm about to do anything.” Tempest was growing angrier by the minute. How dare he, then she thought, as she finally realized that she was angry because he was right. Last year they had kissed. She was angry because he was right, and she hated being wrong.

“I have to go.” She walked from the passage and walked to the Headmistress' office. She was stopped short.

“Hello Zephyr,” said Louis Morte. His blue eyes were only thing that differed him from Draco.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing really, I just wanted to tell you how brilliant you looked punching Astrea.”

“Aren't you supposed to be her boyfriend?”


“You're scum.”

“Thank you.”

Tempest tried to push passed him but he held her back.

“Don't make me hurt you Louis.”

“I'd like to see you try.” He laughed and she smiled. Within seconds she had him pinned against the wall with his arm twisted behind his back.

“I'll brake it, I swear I will.”

He laughed. “Go ahead.” Tempest began to but stopped short.

“You want me to, too badly Morte. What are you up to?”

“Astrea wants revenge.”

“And this is her way of getting it? How pathetic.” Tempest let go and stepped back. “Tell her I said hi.”   She walked away and them looked at her watch. Crap, she thought, she was running late. It was one of the times she was actually happy she was a vampire.

“Sorry, I'm late.”

“Zephyr, we've been waiting for like forever,” wined Nila.

“Sorry! Now, where will we be going Mistress Majika?”

“To the headmaster's office. The old man wants to explain some feeble frivolous rules. Good luck.”

They all took their handful of floo powder and where soon at Hogwarts with the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress.

“Hey there Dumbledore. Hey didn't you teach my parents?” she asked smugly.

“First there is to be no jinxing, so spell casting, no potion making and no transfiguration of any of my students understood?”

“Of course Master Dumbledore.” She saluted and walked right on past them with a smug smiled. There was no rule to not disrespect the authority figure.

Tempest walked down the stairs followed by Nila and Void. They were all smiling. The arrogance of pureblood.

“You two, go meet me at the thing, I'm gonna go find Draco.”

“All right,” they both said in what she could tell was unsure unison.

She walked around and began to search for Draco. Crowds began o arise and Hogwarts students stared at her oddly. Yes, she was wearing a white tank top with only a fishnet over it and high heel boots. While everyone would freeze she would not. Being a vampire did her it's perks.

Out of the blue, someone grabbed her and pulled her aside into the shadows. Tempest was about to punch whoever it was before seeing who it was.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too Draco. Did I ever tell you that with that attitude you sound like my sister?”


“Aidan is one of the dragons in the first task.”


She nodded. “So since I partly assisted to this competition, I am allowed to be here.” She smiled then it quickly faded. “Where's Panzy?”

“Pansy Tempest, and she's with her friends.”

“Oh well that's just to bad fo her now isn't it.” She smiled at him and so did. They both stood there for a while longer until Tempest looked at her watch.

“Crap, come on, we have to go, everything's going to start soon.”

“Huh, oh yeah, I guess we better go.”

They walked side by side in their arrogant fashions. Their hands brushed against each others often and every so slightly they would lace the tips. Tempest finally decided to cross her arms and walked alongside him.

“Zephyr! Draco!” they heard someone call. It was Nila. She was waving them down and was sitting with Crabbe, Goyle, and Void.

“Hey Nila. She anyone you know?”

“Bloody hell yes! I know people at Durmstrang, Beauxbatons and well, I forgot I don't know anyone that attends here anymore.”

“Yes well, you just saw him a couple weeks ago anyway.” Suddenly to of nowhere, someone put their hands over Tempest' eyes.

“Hello cousin!”

“Maddox!” Tempest tuned around and gave her cousin a warm heartfelt hug.

“I heard your dragon is one of the dragons in the tournament. Aren't you lucky.”

“Define lucky?”

“Oh all right, don't feel lucky. Anyway I'll see you around okay?”

“Of course, I will only be here for two days thought.”

“Why only two?”

“I have to transport the dragons back to Romania and then I have a Quidditch match.”

“Wicked. See you around then.” As he walked off Nila jumped up.


“Oh god Nila, what the bloody hell.”


“Oh never mind.” Void began to laugh and Tempest turned her attention towards Ron. He was walking towards her.

“Draco, please be pleasant for once.”

“Not to that disgrace of a pureblood.”

“Draco . . . ”

“Fine.” She smiled and looked at Ron.

“Hello Ron. How are you?”

“All right, hello Nila. Um, I still have the spider.”

“Brilliant, see there's nothing to fear.”

He smiled. “Of course, well it was nice to see you again.”

“Wait!” yelled Nila. He stopped and looked at her. “Here's my address, write to me sometime all right. You and I have a lot in common. You know big families and all.”

They both laughed and Tempest looked at Void. His expression was completely placid.

“Anyway,” began Tempest. “It was nice to see you again.”

“Same. Goodbye Nila. Zephyr. Void.” He gave Draco a nasty look then walked past them.

“Thank you for being pleasant Draco.”

“Only for you.” He stroked her face and she blushed. Thankfully someone coughed. It was Void.

“So Draco, howes Pansy?”

“Fine I guess.” Music started and the Head Master began to talk. Everything was quiet as she ignored everything while she stood next to Draco.

She watched as the dragons came and went and the student each got their golden egg. Tempest became dreadfully frightened when Cedric Digory played. Something about him was frightful. Tempest was scared for him rather than of him. Finally she saw her dragon and smiled. She knew who was about to face him

“Aidan please be nice to Potter.”

“Of course.”

"This is going to be very entertaining,” said Tempest aloud. Draco laughed and looked at her.

“I'm sure it will.”

Horns blew and within second came out Harry Potter. Tempest stared at him like she always did.

“Looks like someone has a crush.”

“Oh hush Draco,” she said over the crowd. “Wow, it looks like everyone really likes Potter.”

“Yeah, and to think they've all been giving Potty grief.”

“Ha Potty. Did you think of that yourself Draco?”

“I won't say.”

They both turned their attention back towards the tournament and watched in amuse man. Harry Potter had fear in his eyes.

“Give him hell Aidan.”

“All right.”

Tempest watched as Harry hid behind ad boulder. She really wanted to jump on Aidan and strike fear as the dragon lady. She laughed at the thought but then became startled as the image of her standing with a bloodied sword and a Death Eater mark on her arm came into her mind.

“Tempest are you all right?”

“Huh, oh yeah, don't worry.”

She turned her attention back to the match. Harry Potter was on his broom and had finally grabbed the Golden egg. No wonder the crown was cheering, she thought


Tempest was on top of Draco holding him down on the ground. Right now she wasn't completely thrilled that she was wearing a skirt. Void and Nila were laughing at the hilarious sight. This is what he got for tickling her.

“Get off me Tempete.”

“No not unless you promise to behave.”

“Like that's ever gonna happen.” She laughed and put her nose on his and for a moment they sat like that.

“Draco!” They both looked up. Standing over them was none other than Pansy. Tempest growled under her breath and continued to hold Draco down.

“Pansy, um Tempest get!”   Tempest did as he asked and stood glaringly. Draco pulled Pansy across the room and they began to talk in whispers. Please, she thought, I'm a vampire, if I can hear your heartbeats what makes you think I can't heart what your saying. Tempest looked at Void and Nila and smiled before twitching her ears.

“You know I don't like her Draco.”

“We're just friends Pansy.”

“Bullshit. I know both of you. You two have something between each other and it just cannot be ignored any longer.”

“So what the bloody hell to you expect me to do about it?”

“Not be her friend any longer.”

Tempest clenched her fists and turned her head towards Draco. Pansy and Draco both looked at her.

“Draco, don't you dare,” she mouthed under her breath. He turned his attention back towards Pansy.

“Fine.” Tempest eyes widened and she turned around so that her back to him and Pansy. She held the tears that were threatening to run down her face and walked from the dormitory. She heard people call for her, but she ignored them as she continued to walked her steady pace.

“I'm sorry Tempest,” she heard Draco say. Tempest didn't care at once she was out of the dormitory, she ran.


The rays of sunlight spread across her eyes as she woke. Aidan nudged her and she smiled. Yes, she could hear the foot steps urging themselves to her.

“Zephyr! Oh my god, have you been out here all night,” she heard Nila say. Tempest in response groaned.

"How long did it take you to find me?”

“Oh, we already knew where you had gone, so did Draco. But knowing you, you probably wanted to be alone.”

“Yes actually, I did.”

“Draco feels awful.”

“I don't give a damn how Malfoy feels. He's pompous, foul, evil, spoiled conceited bastard of a brat.”

“You called him Malfoy. You've never called him Malfoy,” stated Void.

“Well I am now.” Tempest rubbed her eyes and wiped away the dry tears. “Is it time to leave yet?”

“No, we're not leaving until nightfall. Maddox wants to hang out with you though. Oh and before I forget, Maddox punched Draco this morning.”

“Good, he deserved it; him and his little Panzy Wanzy.”

Nila laughed which in turn caused Tempest to smiled. Finally, she got up and went to find her cousin. She knew he would be in the same place she loved.

“Heard you punched Malfoy,” she say standing next to him on the Astronomy tower. “Good work.”

He laughed. “It was the least I would do for you Zephyr. Hey, why is it that whenever I see you and Malfoy there is always tension between you two?”

Tempest shrugged. “O don't know. It's like as we get older, our feelings for each other change and get in the way, I hate it. Sometimes I wish we could go back to being children again.”

“Yeah, things were simpler back then weren't they.”

“Hows you little sister Maddox?”

“All right. I can't wait till the holidays, soon the whole family will be together.”

“That includes the Malfoys. Joy more conflicting fun.” They both laughed and spent the rest of the day together until nightfall came.

Tempest, Nila and Void waited for Jason, Isolde, Adrian, Charlie, Annie, Irene and Timothy. Tempest had already decided that she was going to fly Aidan back home by herself while everyone else was going back to Romania. Good, she thought, maybe some alone time would be good.

Tempest lay on the back of Aidan as her flew over the ocean when suddenly Aidan thoughts intruded.

“Mistress, you really care about Malfoy don't you?”

 “You already know the answer.”

“What is it about him that makes him so appealing to you?”

“Wish I Knew. I'm going back to sleep now.”

Once fast asleep Tempest dreamt that she was once again running down a narrow passage. Draco was at the end and she stopped and felt a wave of relief wash over until suddenly Draco was spun around and stabbed. Tempest screamed and began to run.

Tempest jerked up and was covered in cold sweat.


“It's all right, don't worry, it was nothing more than a bad dream.” She laid back and stared into the sky. She hated the boding feeling approaching her.

Chapter 13: Castle in the Sky
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November was near closing and Tempest was tired. She had collapsed at least several times since her return from Hogwarts half a week ago, and she was sure she was about to again.  Something was wrong with her. She collapsed against a wall and let herself fall to the ground. Something was seriously wrong with her. Someone was standing over her and she tried to get up.

“God you look pathetic,” Astrea said.

“Get the bloody hell away from me.”

“Oh my god, give me your stupid hand, I'm taking you to the Infirmary.”

“I don't want your help.”

“Too bloody bad.”

Astrea knelt down and wrapped Tempests' arm over her shoulder. It was a good thing no one was around, if they were they would not be like this; they would be at each others throats as well as biting each others heads off.

Once in the Infirmary, Astrea dropped her on one of the beds.

“Guess Mistress Purenot isn't here.”

“Yeah . . . why are you being so nice, no offense but you are starting scaring me.”

“Your weakness is a reflection onto me. If I have a weak mortal enemy what does that make me? Pathetic.”


“Self-serving bitch.”

“I never said I was other wise.” Astrea smiled and Tempest just rolled her eyes. Astrea leaned herself against the wall and Tempest collapsed on herself and closed her eyes. Maybe some sleep, she thought. She closed her eyes.


Tempest was siting down reading a book. Snow was falling down on her and everywhere else. Everyone around her was whispering to one another then walking toward something. Finally Tempest put down her book and got up to see what all the commotion was over. Everyone was looking up and so did she. Up in the sky was a sort of cloud like castle carrying with it the stench of death.


Tempest jerked awake. Three nights in a row she had, had the same dream and three nights as well was she stuck in the infirmary. The dreams at first she thought were just caused by her lack of blood, stress and her stay in the infirmary but something else told her that they were much more. She looked from side to side. There was no one. Thank god, she thought. She stopped her blood transfusions and got up. She hated that she loved the taste of blood more than she would want but her body was officially calling for it.

Tempest walked from the infirmary and walked to the Astronomy tower. The cold air whipped around her and she smiled. She decided to climb the wall to the tallest tower. Tempest stood on top one of the gothic spikes and closed her eyes and she took breaths of fresh air from the icy winds that came to her. Suddenly her eyes jerked open and she sniffed that ait to make sure that this was not a dream. She wasn't dreaming she thought regretfully as the smell of death filled the air.

Suddenly the Great doors opened and all the students that came out Tempest recognized as either a werewolf or a vampire. She looked around the crowd, Zoltron was there as well. They smell it too, she thought. At the head were Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub. Whatever the smell was coming from, it wasn't good.


Tempest was out of the Infirmary two days after that night. Finally, she thought,  five days could drive a girl mad.

She was running around looking for Zoltron and Hydra. They were both there that night when the deathly smell came and she wanted to know their theories. Finally she found them.

“I have been looking everywhere for you.”

“You smelled it too,” asked Zoltron. She nodded.

“What do you think it means,” asked Hydra.

Tempest sat down. “I don't know. There have been no reports about any massacres. I don't think of anywhere it might be coming from.” They all sat in silence until Tempest finally got up.

“Where are you going?” asked Zoltron.

“There's something I have to actually check out. Be back in a flash.” She smiled and ran off.

She was standing outside her house. Hopefully her “mother” was out at work at the Ministry. She creaked the door open.

“Vivaldi? Hello? Anyone home?” She smiled. “Guess not,” she said to herself as she walked in. Tempest went to the kitchen to garb an apple before going to the attic.

“Seriously, it's like watching a freakin' muggle program,” she said to herself. “Now mother dearest what is it that the all knew about you.”

Tempest looked in and fell on her feet. Her mother was staring up at the moon on the Hogwarts school ground. She looked at her age. She looked just like she did when she left. She looked around at the weather it was still early in the year and she knew her mother would be leaving soon.

“Do I even want to know,” she said as she took another bite of her apple. Tempest looked at her mothers' eyes, they had a tint of blue like Zoltron.

“What are you doing here?” Morganna turned around at the growl. It was Remus.

“Hello Remus, coming out to howl at the moon?” She laughed.

“Funny, really, why aren't you with Aidan?”

“We got into another fight. I came out to give him some space.”

“You two fight too much.”

“You're telling me. Come over here and sit with me wolf boy,” she smiled a genuine smile and so did he.

“Finally you're pleasant.”

“Ha you know I only am for you.” She laughed and he sat on the ground.

“The night is beautiful isn't it.”

“Yeah. Hey Remus what happened to us.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we used to be such great friends.”

“We still are.”

She laughed scornfully. “Yeah, that's only over the summer when you aren't hanging out with Potter and those other idiots.”

“Morgan be nice to them their my friends.”

“Why should I? I know that they aren't.”

“Yeah and I yell at them for that!”

“Of course you do, I have no doubt in that, you are such a loyal friend! You stand by Potter and those other when he torments Snape!”

“Well I don't like what he does.”

“You don't really do anything to stop him though. No you leave that to me. See while everyone thinks that's he's the hero just because he's a bloody Gryffindor everyone thinks I'm such a horrible wench because I'm in Slytherin!”

“Morgan . . . ”

“Wait I'm not finished yet Remus. Look I don't trust them especially Pettigrew.”

“What is it now?”

“Don't you give me that look. Look Black is as loyal as the dog he is so I'll give him that, but there's something about that fat pig of a worm that I just don't trust. He's going to hurt you Re.”

“What do you care if I get hurt or not?”

“What do I care? Who was the first to find you when you were bitten this summer? It was me!!! Who sent letters to your pathetic friends saying is was an emergency? Who carried you back home? IT WAS ALL ME!! What do I care? If I didn't I would have left you to die and frankly right now I think I should have!”

“You don't mean that.”

“Oh no? Look just be careful okay. Wormtail, such a just name for him really.” There was silence before Remus turned Morganna to face him.

“Morganna what happened to us?”

“We grew up and got separated that's what happened to us. Oh Re, I miss you I and all those horrible things I just said about you I didn't mean.”

“I know.” She gave him a hug and he held her tightly suddenly they slowly pulled away from each other and just stood staring at each other. Suddenly Remus kissed Morganna and she kissed him back hungrily. Tempest needed to go when she saw Remus' hand start up her leg.

Not quick enough, Tempest was out. She cringed and stood up.

“Okay, I never, ever want to see that again.” She got up from the ground and dusted herself off. She walked around her house staring at the decorations and pictures. The young girl with her father with the grey eyes was her mother not her aunt. And the boy with the purple eyes was her father, her mothers boyfriend. Good he wasn't completely lying, she thought.

Tempest walked out and ran to Draco's house. She didn't know how she felt about Draco but he was hers first and when something was here's she likes to keep it that way.

His room was comforting and warm. She remembered spending time here when she was younger, when things were simpler.

“Sleep, all I need is some sleep.” She snuggled into his bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

She and Draco were kissing. She was wearing a long black and purple dress. Her hair was fixed up nicely and her shoes were not her regular gothic heels, instead hey were nice and classy. Draco himself was in a dress robe and it was snowing.

Her eyes jerked open. What was with her and snow dreams. Whatever, she thought. She looked around, Draco still had the picture of her on his desk. He obviously cared, just not enough.

Tempest wrote a quick note to her godparents and took some floo powder.


Back at school all the werewolves and vampires were called to a not-so-secret meeting. If it weren't for Zoltron, Hydra and the few Slimythings there she would have felt lonely without Nila and Void. Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub called or everyone to quiet down.

“Attention,” Said MASTER Vlad quickly silencing everyone.

“We all know you all smelled the death,” began Mistress Scrub,” but we would greatly appreciate it if you would not tell the other students and alarm them. As you all know the stench seems to be coming closer and we will deal with it when the proper time arises. Understood?”

“Yes,” they all groaned as one.

Everyone walked from the room and Tempest pulled Zoltron and Hydra into the shadows. They both looked at her confused.

“Come on.”

“What are you planning Zeph?”

“I want to know what it is that is causing that most distasteful smell and I'm bringing you two with me, whether you like it or not.”

“Fine, we'll go,” said Hydra. “I want to know where that smell is coming from as well so I have no problem coming.”

“Yeah I guess I'll come too,” said Zoltron. “Besides you two aren't really leaving with any other option.”

Tempest smiled and walked with them silently. Oh course they were holding their shoes in their hands to be even more quiet than they already were. Once outside, they all dumped their shoes in the shadows and ran off into the night.

North, they went following the smell of death. They all halted at the edge of a forest.

“Zephyr, the stench is unbearable,” cried Zoltron.

“He's right, we can't go any farther.”

“We don't need to. Listen and look around, just beyond the trees.”

There was a fresh frost everywhere and it was too early for snow, but the snow only affected the small little village, nowhere else. Tempest took a step forward onto the snow on her bare and felt a familiar sense of evil that cause her to take a couple steps away from it. Tempest listened to the people. They were crying over loved ones. Loved ones who were gone, missing, dead.

“This is darker that dark magic,” said Zoltron.

“Even I must admit that this is horrible,” said Hydra.

“Something, or someone cause all this. I just hope it wasn't cause by . . . ”

“He's a fish Zephyr, he can't do much harm as a fish.”

She feigned a laugh. “Yeah I guess so.”

They all ran back to school and snuck back indoors. As quickly as ever they ran to the great hall to eat dinner and not look suspicious. Luckily people were just starting to head un now. She ran to Void and Nila and jumped on their shoulder like she always seeing them.

“Zephyr, how was the meeting?”

“All right, sorry but we can't divulge anything, and trust me, I want to tell you everything. Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub don't want us to and for once I agree with them.”

“Now we know it's something bad,” said Void clicking his lounge ring against his teeth and shaking his long hair out of his eyes. Of course the tips were electric blue.

They all took their seats and waited for their food to appear. Soon after they began eating, Master vlad came up to her. Suddenly he wasn't as fast as she remembered.

“Miss Nyx, can I please speak to you?” Dammit he knew, she thought.

“Not like I really have a choice.” She looked around. “I see that you already grabbed Hydra and Zoltron.”

“Please follow me.”

“Like I said before 'like I have a choice', but thank you for acting lie I do.” She smiled and so did he.

They walked to the Trophy room and standing there already was Zoltron and Hydra.

“Isn't it funny how he knows all and see all.” No one smiled.

“What did you three learn?”

“Not much really,” began Zoltron.

“Only that the smell is strongest in a village and that it's well snowing there,” continued Hydra.


“Snowing? It's much to early for snow.”

“We know, but it was and only over theat place, everywhere else is is not. Also, people were missing,” Tempest.

“We believe that they may be dead. Who ever is doing this, is murdering innocent people,” said Zoltron.

“And by the smell, a lot of people.”

“Okay then, back to your seats.” They nodded and walked out.


Almost two weeks had passed and the smell kept growing stronger and stronger till it filled Tempest mouth and nostrils. She awoke with Nila jumping on her bed.

“Wake up!”

“Ugh, why?”

“It's snowing!”

Tempest jerked up. “What did you just say?”

“It's snowing!”

“It can't be. It's too early for snow.”

“Well is is. Come, look.” Tempest let herself be pulled from her bed and walked toward the window. Sure enough, Nila was right, it was snowing.

“I don't like this,” she growled.

“Oh come now. Look, since it's so cloudy you can stop taking the sun repellent potion for a while.”

“Yeah I guess you're right.” Tempest came away from the window and decided to get dressed. She put on grey sweats and a black sweater.

“I think I'm going to go the library. I'm kinda in the mood of reading.”

“Okay.” She gave Tempest an evil smiled. “I'm going to go throw snowballs at Void.”

“Better get a hold of him before Vayne does.”

“Yeah, I guess I should.” Nila ran from the window and downstairs with her boots at hand.

Tempest rolled her eyes and grabbed her robe.


She walked toward the library and went looking fro a book about anything relating to what was going on outside. She finally grabbed a book she thought would help and went outside to sit.

Outside she watched Nila and Void throw snowballs at each other. She laughed at them and then continued on her reading but as she read she kept losing her focus as the feeling of dread kept crawling upon her growing stronger and stronger each passing moment.

As she read and read, out of the corner of her eyes she noticed students whispering in each others ears then run off. Finally Tempest cautiously put down her book and got up. She followed everyone slowly to the big crowd gathering. Tempest shoved her way to the front in her most arrogant fashion. When she reached the front people were staring up and she followed their gaze. What she saw took her breath away. Up in the sky was a cloud like castle and emanating from it was the undisputable stench of death and decay.

“Oh god,” she said under her breath.

Chapter 14: Premonition
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Tempest sat with all the students in the Great Hall. Apparently the castle in the sky was a danger, and to Tempest that was all to obvious. All the werewolves and all the vampires were saying that the “smell” was emanating from it. Like Tempest hadn't already figured that out she thought in fright.

“Attention students,” said Headmistress Majika. “I would quickly recommend that no student travel around alone and in saying that I would like Miss Nyx to explain.”

Everyone turned their attention toward Tempest. Why me, she thought as she got up and walked to the front of the staff table.

“Whatever is in that Castle takes people and kills them, or so I would assume considering that it smells like death and decay. But lets not worry so much, we all have a tendency to travel in pacts, as whatever it is seems to take those that are alone.” Tempest smiled and went back to her table. This is to weird she thought. Everyone stared at her and she just quickly took her seat next to Gorx who wrapped a strong arm around her waist.


About two weeks passes and Tempest didn't like her dreams any longer. They were coming true. Something was beyond not right and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

After Misfortune Telling class Tempest went up to her teacher to ask a question that was bugging her and hopefully since he did teach a sort of fortune telling he should be able to help her.

“Professor Horsh?”

“Ah Miss Nyx, how may I help the daughter of my favourite student?” He smiled.

Tempest smiled at the remark, but then reminded herself of why she was here.  “Um, I was wondering, can people have the ability to see the future in their dreams?”

“It depends good or bad?”

“Uh, both I guess.”

“Hmm, well, as far as I know there are only spells for one not both because it's a very bad thing, can drive a person mad.” Great as if I don't have enough o worry about, she thought. “Is something wrong Miss Nyx?”

“Huh, oh no, I was just curious that's all.”

“Hmm, well you'll also be happy to know that the gift of foresight is also inherited.”


“Of course, but it can be obtained through magic, but only if one is of powerful ability. I bet you yourself could perform the spell and see into the future.”

“Thanks but no thanks Master Horse, I'm perfectly fine not knowing what's going to happen next; I like surprises.”  She feigned a smiled but she knew he didn't believe it.

“Hmm, may I see you hand?”

“Of course.”

Tempest handed him her free hand and watched as he put some chamomile oil on it and looked at it. After a couple of minutes, he smiled.

“You are going to have a very adventurous life Miss Nyx.”

“Even I could have told you that,” she smiled and hugged her books tighter to her chest. At the doors she stopped and turned around. “What was it that you saw?”

Master Horsh smiled.  “I thought you liked surprises, besides I cannot tell you yet, but what I can tell you is that if you don't act fast on all your decisions, someone more that dear than anything to you will die Miss Nyx.” He gave her a solemn look. “Not everything in the future is tied to one event. You can change one thing but that doesn't mean you can change the course of what already is. Keep that in mind you'll need it.” He turned his back to her and Tempest clutched the books tighter before running off. She felt someone watching her and had she looked she would have seen Gorx looking after her slowly.

Tempest went to the library to search on the gift of good foresight. Starting off with something pleasant may not be that bad. She went to the desk and asked Madam Paper for help on the type of books she was looking fore. She smiled kindly and handed her two on the spot.

“How . . . ”

“Master Horsh. I also have three on dark foresight if you would like those now?”

“That would be most appreciated.”

“Such a polite girl, just like Viva, Morganna was ruthless, yet truly loyal.” She smiled and handed her three more books. Tempest took a seat on the second floor in the darkest of dark corners, her favourite spot.

Tempest sat there reading and only reading not letting her focus drift away. In fact she cast a spell ton her thoughts to keep them focussed.

She sat there for hours on end. Nothing in the first two books could help her. Finally, she looked in the third book. She highly doubted that she had anything that could give her the ability to see the future but then again she never expected that she would be in possession of Excaliber.

After reading the first hundred pages she stopped and stared at the pictures of the magical items. It was her necklace. Her necklace that was given to her by the Lady of the Lake herself. She tore the necklace from her neck and compared it to the picture she saw to assure herself that it was the same. It was. She clutched it, she was going to have to have a little conversation with the Lady of the Lake later, she thought. She fixed the necklace and put it back on. Well that's one mystery solved, she thought.

She opened the first book, about Magical items. She had more she discovered. She looked through the pages and stopped when something caught her eye. A simple potion that when used gave the person the ability to see the future and their children as well.  Damn you mother, she thought, you had better have had a good reason for what you have done.

Tempest knew this was the potion her mother had used. Maybe it was the necklace, but she just knew. Tempest cast Apparatus and was in the attic.

Morganna was gathering ingredients along with Casca, Michael and Viva. She looked at them all, they were about a year older that the last time.

“You're insane,” muttered Casca.

“Oh hush.”

“It's true. You heard what Master Horsh said, it's dangerous to see both, it can drive a person mad.”

“Yes well I'm not going to see both per say.”

“Then what are you doing?” asked Viva.

“I'm going to see both paths of a persons life. The decisions they make; it's difficult to explain.”

“All right then don't explain.”

“I'm glad you said that Casca because I need a massive amount of your blood.”

“What?” She hugged herself wide eyed. “That's it you have gone completely mental!”

“Oh come now, you won't even feel it.”

“I don't know.”

“Just hold your arm over the cauldron already.”

Casca rolled her sleeve up and Morganna pulled out a knife. She went to the top of Cascas' arm and slit down to the wrist.

“I don't even know why you want my blood. I'm not even fully human,” she said sulky.

“That's exactly why.”

"Aren't you afraid you might go mad?”

“I contain Morgan Le Feys' essence, I'm pretty sure she will keep me safe.”

“What about your children?”

"That's if I have any and if I do I'm equally sure that she will keep them safe as well. Okay that's more than enough blood. Viva can you hand me a unicorn horn and a jar of un of unicorns blood.”

Viva did and Morganna added the blood and began to crush the horn. When she finished she added the crushed horn and began to stir the potion six times clockwise. The potion turned bright pink,

“Hey had me some monkshood.”

“Okay.” Viva handed the jar over and Morganna sprinkled a handful into the cauldron. The potion blew smoke and they all coughed and Morganna waved her hand to get the smoke out of her face.

“Yes, the potion is my favourite colour, purple.”

“Why do you love that colour so much,” asked Viva.

Morganna looked at her and moved her purple strand of hair out of her face. “I just do.” She looked back at the potion. “So hows Aidan?”

Tempest watched Viva's face brighten. “He's all right, we're spending a lot of time together.”

“That's good. I don't usually see him anymore or write.”

“You to should,” she yawned.

“And you should go to bed. Casca you too, don't worry Michael will help me finish up.”

“If you're sure . . . ”

“Oh bloody go already. You need your sleep.”

“All right, goodnight.”

“Yeah, 'night,” yawned Casca.

“Good night you two.”

As they left Morganna bent down to the potion cupboard and pulled out three jars.

“Are you ever going to tell her,” asked Michael.

“Tell her what?” She poured the contents in and mixed.

“That you and Aidan dated and that you are still in love with him.”

“Because she doesn't need to know, now help me finish this.”


She mixed in a couple more ingredients. The potion puffed smoke again and turned silver. She filled a vial.

“Here's to the future,” she said as she lifted the vial to her lips. She drank it down, then fell to the ground.

“Morganna!” Michael ran to her side and lifted her up.

“I'm fine.”

“What happened?”

She groaned. "A just saw my life pass before my eyes, literally.”


“One thing I can tell you for sure is that I'm a power hungry ambitious bitch.” She laughed then stopped and looked at Michael. “What can you tell me about something called the Sorcerers Stone?”

“Uh, a lot . . . why?”

“Like I said, I'm ambitious and power hungry.” She smiled and so did he.


Tempest wasn't as upset as she thought she would be. In fact she wasn't upset at all. Here she was trying to be careful and obviously she had seen a lot. There were so many things she wanted to know.

Back at school, she returned all the books and went to go eat dinner. She had no idea how much time she had spent reading and researching.

Tempest went to bed and quickly changed and what dream she would have tonight.


Tempest was in a graveyard in her pajamas. She hid behind a tombstone when she saw a flash of light. Harry Potter and a young man who Tempest recognized as Cedric Digory were suddenly there. Tempest looked at the tombstone that Harry Potter was focussed on. The name engraved said Tom Marvolo Riddle. All of sudden a door opened and a rat like man came out carrying something.

“Kill the spare,” said a voice that made Tempest spine crawl.

A green light came from the wand and struck Cedric. Tempest gasped, as he fell to the ground dead. Harry Potter was help against the Riddle tombstone. The thing that the man was holding was dumped into the cauldron along with a bone, his hand and blood from Potter. The potion began to bubble and Tempest left arm began to throb. She clutched it and watched as the one and only Lord Voldemort came into being. Tempest looked down at her throbbing arm and her eyes widened in shock and fear. The mark of the Death Eater started to appear upon her skin. Tempest began to wipe erratically at it hoping that it would go away.

“Oh Tempest I'm so sorry; you were sworn into his service long before you were even born . . . ”

Tempest began to turn around when she suddenly jerked awake.

“Mother what did you do.” Tempest threw her covers off her bed and went to the fire place. Back in her attic she was in front of the Pensieve.

Morganna was kneeling in front of Voldemort looking at his had and obviously pregnant.

“I see death, rebirth and power,” she said.


“Your body will be destroyed and for years you will fight to regain it. You will succeed. The Potter child is your key.”


“Lord Voldemort, when you are gone many of your minions will die or be captured. I ask that you hide the mark from people who are not death eaters on my arm Aidans' and Vivaldis'.”

“I will . . . on one condition.”

“Anything my lord.”

“Swear your childs' allegiance to me.” Tempest saw her mothers' body flinch then stiffen quickly as a forced smile crept over her mouth.

“Of course my lord.”

Morganna was suddenly walked up a drive was. She stopped at the door and knocked. A woman with red-brown hair and green eyes opened it. The woman jerked her wand at Morganna.

“What do you want Morganna?”

“Hello Lily, I need to speak with you and James. It's a matter of great urgency.”

“And why should I trust or believe you?”

“Because if you don't, our children will become monsters.” Lily put her wand down and welcomed her into the home.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here Morganna?!”

“Hush and sit down Potter. Now listen and only listen. Lord Voldemort knows where are you are, it s of no secret to him. He will come for your son. There are two paths that your son will follow. He will be his fathers son and become ruthless and cruel, but that is only if you do not die. Use old magic Lily Potter, it will keep him safe.”

“What should we trust you?”

“Because, my child, when I go to Azcaban, if I follow that path in life, will grow to be ruthless on the day of her fathers demise, she will become immortal, kill the dark lord and take his place. No one will be able to stop her. If you both die you will allow your son to follow a good path, and he will die at my daughters hand. If you do not die and I don't either your son will become her right hand and help her cause pain and suffering. If we all die, my daughter will have empathy and sympathy and will not be evil like her mother and she will, on countless times try to save your son and help him destroy Voldemort once and for all. That's why I swore her into his service, to be better able to help him.”

“Is there nothing we can do,” asked Lily.

“I am sorry, I wish, but I can't help but feel responsible.”

“Lets see, you marked me for death ages ago.”

“Again, sorry James,” she said scornfully before turning her attention to Lily once again. “Remember Lily, old magic, he will not see it coming.”

She nodded. “Thank you Morganna . . . for everything.”

“I wish I could've been of some more help.”

Everything faded away and Tempest just sat on the ground stunned. She needed to talk to her mother and as she looked at a mirror, she finally knew how.

Chapter 15: Kisses and Kidnapping's
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          Tempest laid on the ceiling of the girls dormitory. Nila, Divina and herself were talking about their dresses for the Yule ball.

“You two are lucky you get to go,” said Divina.

“Please, you're a princess, you've probably been to more than enough balls,” said Tempest taking a glance at her left arm.

“Something wrong?” asked Nila.

“Huh, oh nothing. I already have my dress thought up, do you Nila?” she asked quickly changing the subject.

“I was thinking something icy blue with maybe some silver.”

“How exactly fo you two plan on getting your dresses.”

Tempest jumped down. “Vivaldi of course.” She feigned a smiled and walked from the Dormitory. She stopped at the bottom of stairs and looked at Gorx.


“Hi,” she said as she walked over to him.

“Have a apologized?”

She laughed. “No, but don't worry, Malfoy and I aren't even friends anymore. To many differences.”

“Really?” Gorx went to took two strides to her and embraced her. Tempest was shocked at the sudden burst of emotion but welcomed it nonetheless. “Well I never wanted you to stop being friends, but I can't say that I'm not happy.”

She finally hugged him back and closed her eyes. “I'm glad.”

“So, what are you doing?”

“I was going to go home, talk to Vivaldi and go and by a dress for Nila and myself.”


“Didn't Void tell you?”

“Tell me what?” She could hear the tension already building inside of his as he pulled away from her. Tempest looked at him and hated the hatred that was boiling just beneath his iris.

“All three of us are going to the Yule Ball,” she said finally.

“You're going back to Hogwarts?”

“Yes, I think I might dance with my cousin, Maddox.”

“Okay. Hey where were you the day before yesterday?”

“Library, researching the gift of foresight for Master Horsh.”

“Oh, okay. Last night at dinner I thought you were kind of . . . I don't know, out of it I guess to put it in lament terms.”

“Yeah, I guess it was because I was really tired or something.” She laughed. “Well now I don't even know.”

“Well go on, go buy your dresses.” He lifted her chin up and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Tempest ran off happy to Headmistress Majikas' office. She stopped at the passage way and searched through her head for the password. She placed her hands on the black glass when she remembered.

“Henry Dufflebaggies.”

The glass turned into liquid and she walked through as it chilled her to the bone. She never thought she would ever get over the feeling of walking through liquid glass.

“Hello Zephyr, how are you?” greeted Mistress Majika as she entered her office.

“Uh all right.” She stared amazed at how young she looked even after all these years.

“How can I help you this gloomy cold beautiful day?”

“Nila and I need to buy some dresses for the Yule Ball. So I need to go home and get some money. Can I have a pass to excuse me from all my classes today.”

“Certainly.” She turned away and Tempest snuck a glance at the covered mirror. “All right Tempest, here is some floo powder for you and Miss Cerdwin.”

“Thank you.” Tempest smiled sweetly and ran from the office.

She went back to the dormitory and smiled when she saw Chad. She quickly jumped into his lap and he stared at her shocked which made Tempest worry.

“What's wrong?”

“Huh, nothing, so hows my princess?”

“All right my knight. I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages.”

“Maybe because we haven't.”

“Zephyr cone on, the dance is in three days. I would like to buy my dress and shoes today if you don't mind,” wined Nila.

“Oh all right.” She turned back to Chad. “You and I need to talk later.”


Tempest followed Nila to the fire place and went first.

“House of Vivaldi Nyx!”

Tempest erupted into her living room and fortunately landed into her sofa. Unfortunately Nila landed with her knees in her back.

“Get off me!”

“Sorry.” They got up and dusted themselves clean. “Hey do you know any self clean spells?”

“Ha, no, you should probably ask Void one of those.”

“Damn him for not being here, and right when I needed him the most too.” Nila pouted and went to the kitchen. Tempest followed and they both wiped any visible piece of skin clean. Hastily as well they changed into a pair of clean clothes.

They walked through the Muggle street in the cold windy weather to the Leaky Cauldron. One there, they quickly went to Diagon Alley.

“I hate that Madam Minka doesn't like it when people try on her dresses.”

“She hates returns even more. Oh, did you know that everything she buys to makes her clothes is bought from Muggle companies?”

“Really?” said Nila ashtonished.

“Yup, apparently one of our galleons can buy more than enough.”

“Wicked,” said Nila. They both arrived at the doorstep of Madam Minkas' and took a deep breath hoping the witch would be in a good mood.

“May I help you girls?” she asked in a very pleasant tone. Thank god, thought Tempest. She heard Aidan laugh.

“Huh, oh um, we actually need two dresses to the Triwizard Tournament Yule Ball,” said Tempest.

“Really? Well come in, come in, let me take your measurements.” They obliged and followed Madame Minka into a back room.

“Lift up your shirt so I can measure your waist.” They did as they were told. “Okay twenty-four inches,” she said to Tempest. “Twenty-six inches,” she said to Nila. “Okay, you can put them down now. She measure their chest next followed then by their height. Tempest discovered that barefoot she was about an and inch and a half shorter than Nila who stood and five feet five inches but had a bigger bosom of 36 inches.

“May I ask what colours you would like?”

“I want . . . ” Began Nila but stopped as Madame Minka glared at her. Nila laughed nervously. “I would like an icy blue colour with some silver.”

“Any design in particular?”


“What kind of cut dear?”

“Strapless, long.”

“All right,” she wrote in a book on her desk then turned and looked at Tempest. “What about you dear?”

Tempest was ambivalent. She was frightened actually at the thought of the dress from her dream kissing Draco popped into her head. She wanted that dress but did not want that vision. Hopefully, she thought, she would be able to have her cake and eat it too.

“I would like a black and purple dress. See I want the purple to fade into the black.”

“Okay, now would you like any cut in particular?”

“Halter top with a revealing cleavage open yet classy and seductive back. Oh and a slit up the leg. Left side,” she added quickly as she looked down at her left arm.

“Anything else?”

“Long flowing sleeves. Tight, but I wold like them to flare out at the bottom in an elegant fashion and something else, I just don't know how to describe it.”

“Try deary.”

“Um okay. On the sides I would like them to be cut open. Can I draw it for you?”

“Of course.” Tempest took her pencil as it was handed to her and drew her ideal dress, the dress she has seen before. When she saw Madame Minka look at it she saw her intrigue while all she saw was fear.

“This is what you want?”

“Yes, if it's not to much trouble.” Please say that it is too much trouble, please don't make it, she thought as she smiled.

“Oh no, not at all. Your dresses will be ready by nightfall. Cost estimation for both would be two thousand sickles.”

“Okay thank you.” Nila ad Tempest went off to Gringotts and grabbed their money and all the while Tempest could not stop thinking about her dress, what had she done. She knew what would possibly happen in three nights, but why was it becoming harder and harder for her to fight it, she asked herself minute after minute.

Tempest feared entering Madame Minkas' shop but she needed to see it.

“Would you like to try on your dresses. I want to make sure they fit.”

“Okay,” said Tempest and Nila in unison. They changed into their dresses and Tempest stared at herself, amazed.

“Zephyr, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Tempest couldn't help but stare at her reflection in Madame Minkas magic mirrors. She loved how she looked and hated it at the same time.


She tried to hold still and not scream but she couldn't help it; Divina was doing their hair.


“Hold still!”

“Now you know what she put me through,” said Nila as she slipped into her dress and shoes her mother had sent her. They matched her dress perfectly.

“There, I'm done.”

“Thank god.” Tempest quickly got up and went to get her dress. She skipped into it and then into her shoes.

“Wow, you do look beautiful.”

“I guess I'll have to take your word for it.” Tempest smiled even though she wanted to scream. She had no desire to see herself at all and for once was grateful that she was a vampire.

“Go down stairs and show the guys.”

Tempest and Nila walked calmly down the stairs. Everyone stared at them mesmerized. Tempest had on some black eyeliner along with purple eyeshadow along with some shimmering lilac lip gloss. She wanted to look calm, hoping no one saw the fright in her eyes. She looked at Nila who was usually perceptive but she just smiled at her. Her eyes were covered in blue eyeliner and light silver eyeshadow and her lips shone brightly when the light reflected off her clear lip gloss. Tempest looked at Void, Chad and Gorx hoping someone saw her fright and anguish. One vision came true but a more dreadful feeling came creeping onto her telling her something bad was going to happen, something that would cause undescribable pain and sorrow.

“You look beautiful Tempest.”

“Thank you Gorx.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“Uh, I don't mean to be rude but the ball is starting soon,” said Void.

“Oh all right, I'll see you later okay?” The awful feeling grew in the pit of her stomach telling her to stay.

“Yeah,” he kissed her like he never wanted to let go and or once she hoped he would yell at her to stay, but he didn't.

They all walked arm int arm with each other and went to Majikas' office.

“All right you three, we found a quick way to get all three of you to Hogwarts without getting your pretty handsome little selves dirty,” laughed Majika.

“Follow me children,” said Master Vlad. They did and he stopped them in front of the mirror of Meladora Grimm.

“You three are going to be going through the mirror.”

Tempest already knew what to do. She placed her hands upon the mirror and her hands gripped hers. She walked in and looked around. Nila and Void followed and the mirror image took the form of Seriah Slimythings who looked more than oddly familiar to Tempest.

“Follow me and be quick about it.”

They all looked at each other but followed without question though the cold emptiness. Finally they stopped at a window. It lead to a bathroom.


Void went first, then Nila. Tempest was about to go through when she heard a faint female voice call her name.

“Tempest . . .” She jerked around but the reflection grabbed her arm.

“No Tempest, you cannot venture there.”

“But . . .”

“No! Go Tempest you must go.” Tempest nodded and crawled out the opening. She was on a sink and Void helped her down.

They all ran down and people were talking. They walked down the stairs and all of a sudden, people were ushered into the Great Hall. They all stood together and Tempest noticed Nila looking around.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Ron. He wrote me a letter saying that he was sent this most horrendous dress robes. I'm sure he was overreacting.”

“No he wasn't,” said Void. They looked at him, he was pointing ahead. Nila ran to Ron but Tempest who was quicker was at his side in seconds.

“Ron?” He turned around and blushed. “Oh dear, I thought you were just overreacting. I take it you're not going to dance,” said Nila.


“What a shame and I was hoping we could share a dance.”

“Well I hope all of you have fun, I have to go find my date. Maddox Perth, my cousin. Very sorry for you Ron, but please, do try to have some fun.” Tempest gave him a hug and began looking for her cousin until she bumped into someone.

“Oh pardon me . . .” She stopped short and glared at Pansy who was glued to Dracos' arm. “Ugh, never mind.” She stalked away and when she saw her cousin, wrapped arm through his.

“Hey cuz,” she said.

“Hey, finally, I thought I would have to dance alone."

Tempest laughed.  “Please I would never let you down. Not now not ever.”

“Glad to know I can count on you.”  Tempest smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

The music began and the Triwizard players lead the dance first. Soon other people came in and so did Tempest and Maddox. Tempest looked around and soon she saw Void and Nila dancing elegantly. All of a sudden two people bumped into them. She recognized them by their poisonous scent.

“Can you watch where you're dancing,” said Maddox. Tempest didn't even bother to turn her head.

“Oh shut up Perth,” said Pansy. Tempest finally turned and stared her down; as quick as a snake she snatched her arm and began to twist it.

“Now listen her Pansy, keep your foul mouth shut, understand?”

“Zephyr.” Crap, she thought. She let go and sighed.

“Hello Severus.”

“Follow me please.”

“Understood.” She turned and walked after him, but not before stomping on Pansy's toes, hard.  Severus led her to Dumbledore who stared at her.

“You have broken rules Miss Nyx.”

“Point? My parents did all the time.”

“One more step and I will have you banned from my school.”

“Go ahead, see if I care. Best whilst I'm here, I guess I might as well warn you. I've seen the future, old man. Four will venture in alive, but one will not come back. Two will venture to the grave of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but one will die to save the other. HE will return. The Dark Lord, and all who served him will come.”

“Who will die?” Dumbledore asked frightened.

“I cannot tell you and even if I did, you would not change his fate.” She turned around.  ”He must die to save the other.” She walked away and went to the punch bowl. Someone grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“What the bloody hell Tempest.”

Tempest jerked her arm away from Draco's grasp. “Don't you dare call me by that name! You lost that right when you forsake our friendship . . . Malfoy.” She walked on by him and outside. Great, she thought it's snowing. She began to walk back inside but Draco blocked her path.

“Malfoy, let me pass.”

“No Zephyr.”

“Don't make me hurt you.”

“Like you could.” He flashed her his best smile.

“What do you want?”

“I just want to talk to you, is that so bad.”

“Apparently, to your girlfriend it is . . . Draco.”

“I take it I am forgiven.”

“Not yet,” she said as she smiled. He walked to her and leaned against the pillar next to her.

“Have I said I'm sorry?”

“No, but I'll accept it.”

“Thank you.” Tempest turned her head and a stray strand of hair came out and went in front of her face. Draco brushed it out of her face and she blushed.

“Thanks.” Music began to play and Tempest noted it's soft beat.  No, not now.

“Want to dance?”

She looked at him unsure.  “Huh, oh, uh sure.” He wrapped both his arms around her waist so she had no other choice but to wrap her arms around his neck. She placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“So hows school?”

“All right except for the minor cloud castle of death. So far whoever is inside it has not kidnapped anyone . . . yet?”

“I guess that's good.”

“Yeah.” She opened her eyes and looked at Draco. What did make him so appealing? He leaned his forehead on her and they both smiled.

“No matter what Pansy says I'll still care about you more. Always have, always will.”

“That's good.” Suddenly Tempest was up against a wall, but she said nothing.

“Always Tempest. I'll always care about you.”

“Good, so will I.” Finally he kissed her and she kissed back. She wrapped her arms tighter like she never wanted to let go and he pulled her closer. Tempest felt his hand push up her dress but she said nothing. Instead she leaned into him harder. Their kiss was passionate and she loved t. Finally they separated slowly. She kept her arms around him as he caressed her face. She smiled.

“Tempest . . . ”

“Uh are we interrupting something,” came a familiar voice. Tempest and Draco both turned their heads. Standing together were none other than Void and Nila. Draco and Tempest pulled away from each other.

“No, what is it?”

“Something has happened at school. Divina swam up here. She told us to get back to school. She said Headmistress Majika told her to get us.”

“Okay.” She turned to Draco. “I'll see you around.”

“Hope so.” He kissed her forehead and she walked away with Void and Nila.

Back at the mirror Tempest placed her hands on the surface.

“You know we saw,” stated Nila matter-of-factly.

“I know, now keep you mouth shut. She closed her eyes. “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Hands gripped hers and she walked through quickly followed by Nila and Void.

“Can you bring us to the closest mirror to the Slimythings common room?”

“Yes, now hurry.” They followed quickly and where at another bathroom. They went out and Tempest looked at the reflection. She was going to have a talk with it later.

As they walked into the Common Room Divina and Chad stood up and stared at her. She knew just by their faces that something bad had happened.

“What?” she asked frightened.

“It's Gorx. He's, he's . . . ”

“He's what Divina?”

“He's been kidnapped Zephyr,” finished Chad.

Those words stopped time. Tempest collapsed onto the ground and began to hyperventilate. Nila knelt by her side.

“Zephyr calm down or you're going to pass out,” said Nila.

“I . . . don't . . . care!!” Oh god, she thought, this isn't happening.  Her breath became calm. No, this cannot be happening. He can't die.

“Don't worry Zephyr, we'll get him back,” said Void. She looked up at him and Nila. She wanted to say something, she the words were stuck in her throat. They're all going to die. She looked at the fire and clenched her fist till her nails drew blood. She had to alter the future, no matter what the costs.

Chapter 16: Double Dare
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The news about Gorx spread like wild fire. Tempest was furious with everything and soon enough, she began to lash out at anyone that crossed her path. The only person who wold even dare talk to her was Astrea Sanguine, but even Tempest wasn't in the mood for her.

Tempest pulled herself together on the morning of the second task, for appearance purposes only. Tempest stood at the fire place and was suddenly in the Slytherin common room. Nila and Void followed and Void pulled out his wand.

“Come on, lets get cleaned up. Voco proluo prolutuon,” he cast. They may have been clean but Tempest didn't need a mirror to know that she looked like hell.

“Come here Zephyr,” said Nila. Tempest went over to her and Nila pulled out her makeup. Nila dabbed some under Tempest eyes to conceal the purple circles. Finally she looked like she had gotten sleep.

“There, now you look decent.” She helped Tempest up and pulled Void behind them. Tempest shook her hair and quickly pulled herself together again.

“Okay lets go.” They walked from the dormitory and headed to the lake.

It was a chilly day and Tempest hugged herself. She hear two people called for bets and turned. They were none other than the Weasly twins.

“I'm going to go place a couple bets.”

“Uh okay,” she heard Void and Nila say in unison as she walked to the Weasly. They stopped in their tracks and stared at her in awe.

“Can I buy a couple.”


“I say Cedric Digory will place first. Harry Potter second, Krum third and Fleur forth.”

“That's a pretty specific bet,” said one.  Tempest didn't know which but she didn't feel bad about it, justy a sniff and she would know who was who.

“I'm feeling lucky today.” She smiled and handed them a couple sickles.

“Thank you,” they said.

“Don't mention it.”

She grabbed her receipt and ticked and walked to lake. Someone out of nowhere pulled her into shadows and kissed her. She didn't pull away, but she knew it was the right thing to do. Tempest pulled her face away and him highly. If one vision came true that means his future she saw would as well.

“Hey, what's the matter?”

“At school. Something happened. Something bad.”


“Gorx was captures and now his life is in grave danger.”

Draco lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes that made Tempest feel like her world would fall apart, but there was also the feeling that if she fell in defeat, he would catch her. “Are you all right?”

Tempest shook her head in defeat. “Draco, I can see the future. If I don't do something, he will die. The future isn't set in stone, I can change the future if I try hard enough.”

“Shh, don't worry just yet. I know you, you would never give up on anyone.”

She looked up and she he smiled down at her lovingly. Tempest couldn't help herself, she had to kiss him; and they did until Draco placed his hands on her shoulders and moved her away.

“Not yet Tempest, but trust me, everything will be okay.” He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. “Come on lets go watch Potty lose.”

“He's not going to lose,” she said finally and genuingly amused.

“Have you told Nila and Void that you can see the future?”

“Not yet, but I will have to soon enough. I don't really have a choice in the matter, they're my best friends.”

“I guess.”  She took into account his tone that suggested that she didn't have to tell them, that she knew that fact,but that in all her evil there was good.

They walked toward Nila nd Void. Their expressions were mixed with joy and slight disapproval. Tempest couldn't blame them, and from the expression on Draco's face, neither could he.

“Hey Nila, Void.”

“Hey Draco.”

“Hi Draco.”

“Come on guys, lets go watch the competition.”

They followed and settles down. Tempest didn't pay attention, she already knew the outcome.


They were under Draco's covers. Alone and fully dressed. All she wanted was for him to hold her, nothing more. They just laid there staring each other grey's eyes. He began to stroke her face and she smiled.

“Tempest I don't expect you to say anything I just hope you will or might eventually and I know this is a very inopportune time to say this but, I love you, I always have and I always will.” She kissed him, she knew she couldn't say it now, they both knew it. She put her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

“There was something else I wanted to tell you.”


“You looked beautiful at the Yule Ball.”

“You didn't look half bad yourself.”

They laid there till the covers were suddenly pulled off them. Nila and Void stood over their heads.

“Panzy is coming,” they said in unison.

Tempest was at the door of the boys dormitory within seconds. They turned top go and walked to the fireplace.

Back at school Tempest sat outside and stared at the castle in the sky. She had to find a way without Nila and Void. She walked down the side of the tower and followed the crowd into the Great Hall.

“So Zephyr, how fair thee,” called a snobby voice.

“Not now Astrea, I'm not in the mood.” She continued on until Astrea grabbed her and spun her around.

“Do I look like I care if you're in the mood or not?”

“That's right, you didn't, sorry I must have confused you with someone human.”

“Enough! Look I have something to say to you.”

“Then say it already.”

“I think I'll wait until Zombie boy and Barbie girl come. Oh would you look here, there they come.” Tempest turned her head and watched as they came up to her, the crowd parting in their wake like they did for her.

“Zeph, you 'kay?”

“She just wanted to tell me something.”

“Actually, I want to dare you to do something.”

“You are such a child.”

“Fine them. I double dare you to go to the scary little castle up in the bloody sky.” Tempest stared down at her. She really didn't like her use of words.

“Zephyr, you can't,” said Nila.

“Oh come now, the Great Zepher isn't scared now is she?”

“No, I'm just not stupid.”

“Fine, don't do the dare. I must say though, I am very disappointed in you. You could have rescued Gorx.” Tempest clenched her fist then unclenched them. Maybe this was her chance to save him without including Void and Nila.

“Fine, I'll accept your dare. What is it specifically?”

“Stay up there for a whole night. You can come back at sunrise. Oh wait I forgot to mention you have to go alone.”

“Deal.” They shook on it and Tempest walked over to her table and sat down. Void and Nila sat in front of her and stared at her unwavering.

“Zephyr . . . ” began Nila.

“No, don't even. I have to do this, and you two cannot come, understand?”

“We're not going to leave you alone Zeph,” said Void.

“Too bad. I'm going up alone whether you two like it or not.”

“We're coming.”'

“No you're not.  I'll make sure Aidan keeps you here if I have too, or rather, I'll just use the same spell I used on Divina and Chad first year and make you sleep in each others arms ad when I get back, with Gorx, I'll just take another picture.” She smiled and once the food appeared she turned her attention to the great bundle of food that appeared under her nose.

“Zephyr . . . ”

“You know, this is the perfect time when it would be best that you be pigs and think with your stomachs for once.”

“Stop it Zeph.”

“That's it, I don't want to hear another word about this from either of you again.”

Finally that shut them up and she grabbed a chicken breast and bit into it, accidentally biting through the bone and down to her lip. It bled for just a second before healing. She took that as a bad omen.


Tempest had her wand and broom to get her up there. Something about the air, other than the sickening smell, told her not to use her abilities whilst up there. She trusted her instincts as she mounted her broom, just in case Nila and Void decided to do something stupid, she jinxed their brooms.

She began to fly on her firebolt and stuck her wand in her hair like a chopstick. She looked at the castle and hoped that wasn't about to fall through the sky. Tempest closed her eyes and jumped. Her feet hit solid ground. She let out a sigh of relief and walked up to the castle doors. They opened upon their own accord and Tempest didn't like that at all. She walked in and looked around. The floor was of marble and finally she knew what was living here.

“I must say, it took you long enough.” Tempest turned and out from a shadow came a vampire, who's face Tempest recognized to vividly.

“You! What do you want?”

“Ah, I see you remember me, but lets see, do you really. Who do you think I am?”

“The vampire Gustave that tried to suck my blood and kill me!”

“You're partially right. Come on think.” Out of no where, like lightning, he came and struck her across the face, knocking her against the wall. He put his foot on her throat and knelt down.

“Really, you disappoint me . . . Young Tempest.” Tempest stopped struggling and opened her eyes as fright dawned on her.

“Merwick?! It can't be! No! You're . . . you're—“

“I-I'm what? Supposed to be a dead fish?” He laugh and it seemed to sting at Tempest from every side. “Ah this is a funny, would you like to hear it?”

“Get the fuck off me,” she spat.

“I'll take that as a 'yes Merwick, I would love to'," he said disdainfully as he pushed his foot down harder on her throat.   "Well, do you remember when you took my essence and put me in a fish? Of course you do. Well you see, turns out that in a body I can eat away it's essence and make it my own. So I consumed it, let another fish eat me, consumed that one and went looking for a couple more fish. Well, then I cam upon a muggle fishing and do you what I did them? Let him eat me, took over, and travelled. Wel, this is where it gets really funny. 

“Since I was in a muggle body I couldn't use magic, then I thought, how to I get out of this body and into another?   That's when it came to me. Vampires and werewolves. So I went to Romania, specifically Transylvania and who should I see but a fragile sick little girl fighting for her life in a Gypsy camp. Oh and do you want to know something else. Up in the trees was a vampire staring down at you full of pity. So later on I found him and told him I had the power to save you but not the means in which to use it. He didn't ask many questions, a poor decision on his part which I was counting on. So then I offered him my blood and he took it willingly believing everything that came out of my . . . how would you describe it?”

“Vile, evil foul mouth,” she croaked as she still fought to get her throat out from under his foot.

He laughed. “Yes that sound about right. Well anyway, he sucked my blood and that was the dn of him. So then I went around sucking peoples blood, just so I got the hang of it, and then snuck into your cabin. I almost succeeded in killing you but no, you had to go and scream and wake up. Well, you were lucky, because if you hadn't been those vials of vampires blood you would have died. Pity me.”

“You are a pathetic, worthless . . . ” Merwick stopped her by pressing harder on her throat.

“I'm not finished yet. Well anyway, I remember hearing your scream of agony as the transformation began and as the essences absorbed it. It was a beautiful sound.

“Now I have your precious Gorx, he's somewhere, and I will give you until dawn to find him, if you don't, well too bad for you now isn't is.” He smiled and let her go. She coughed and slowly got up. “You have ten seconds before I go get him and suck him dry in front of you.” She stood still. “Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . ” Tempest ran through a pair of double doors.


“Sorry Tempest darling, that won't help you,” echoed Merwick.

“Where is he?!”

“Sorry Tempest, that's for me to know and you to find out.”

Tempest punched the wall again and again before collapsing onto the floor. She closed her eyes and focussed her senses on Gorxs' scent and heart beat. She got up, with her eyes still closed and followed her instincts. She walked for a while till the smell of death overpowered her. She opened her eyes and covered her mouth in disgust.

“Did I forget to tell you, I like to play with my food,” breathed Merwick down her neck. Tempest turned around and he was leaning against a wall with her broom.

“You're sick! You just make them run for their lives in this stupid maze then suck their blood! You are a foul, evil, detestable sick old man!!”

“And you are out of time.” He threw her, her broom. “You might want to brace yourself, the floor beneath you is about to turn into just plain moisture.”

Tempest collapsed onto the ground with her her head down. “Just give me back Gorx,” she implored.

“I don't think so.” The next thing she knew she was falling through the air. Tempest landed on her feet, sat on the ground and closed her eyes. She focussed on the future and the path. Nothing was in sync; it was just a jumble of mess.

Enough was enough, she had to talk to her mother, urgently. She had to learn how to use this gift and curse bestowed upon her if she was going to save anyone.

Chapter 17: Dead Reflection
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Tempest walked into the Slimythings common room the following morning of the acceptance of her dare. Chad, Void, Nila and Divina were waiting for her, as expected, already dressed. Tempest couldn't sustain herself anymore, so she let herself collapse onto the floor.

The next thing she knew she was in the Infirmary with Void, alone.

“Are you going to tell me what's going on?”


“Thank you, it only to you for bloody ever.”

“Sorry.” Void sat down and his hair fell into his eyes. “Well, you know how I can see things while they are invisible?” He nodded. “Well I can also see into the future, the good and the bad. I'm going to go ahead and guess they are both from my mothers search for power.”

“Okay . . .  I'm still lost.”

Tempest sighed. “I knew Gorx would be kidnapped. I knew, and I didn't do anything. You nor Nila can go up there understand?”

“What exactly have you seen?”

“I was up there, in my dream, even before it ever came. You, Gorx and Astrea were lying on the ground dead. Then I turned and saw him sucking Nila dry. Then he was behind me and began to suck mine.”

“Him? Who's 'him'?” She looked up at him finally and solemnly.


“That's not possible,” said Void irefully aghast.

“I know, but I ran into him yesterday in the castle. He told me a very, very long story. To sum it up, his essence ate away other as he moved his way up the food chain to the very top. Lucky us huh.”

“So it's really him huh. This isn't good. I thought we had seen the last of him.”

“So did I.” She sighed. “We need to protect Astrea.”

“Do we really?”

“Yes, unfortunately.” Suddenly the door burst open and in came Nila holding a case of Tempest vials. She placed them at the end of the bed.

“You're missing vials Zephyr.” Void and Tempest exchanged look that Nila obviously saw as she asked, “okay what did I miss?”

Void began to tell her the whole story while Tempest made a count of how many vials she was missing. About ten blood supplements and fifteen sun resistence ones. Finally when Void had finished Nila was speechless for once.

“Okay,” she began after a few moments. “So how do we plan on kicking this old fart's ass this time.”

Void laughed. “Old fart, you know I never get tired of that.”

“Glad to know so, now shut up.”

“Hush the both of you. You two aren't going up there.”

“Oh I know, but how can we help from down here I meant since I know you are not going to let us up there.”

“Well first I need you two to make a big enough distraction so that I can sneak up to Majika's office.”

“Why do you need to do that,” asked Void.

“I need to get to the mirror. I need to get in and talk to the dead. Specifically my mother and father.”

“Seriously?” asked Nila.

“Yes. Now I want you two to go to the library, I need to know how I can reverse this snow spell.”


“Have you noticed that I don't need to take my sun-repellent potions anymore since it became winter? The clouds are too dense to let the sun rays pass through. It protects him. But see he's becoming smart. He took fifteen sun repellent potions, so he knew I was already planning on reversing his spell. He's prepared. We just have to time everything perfectly.”

“Oh, well that shouldn't be that hard,” remarked Nila.

“Another thing. When are we going to reverse the spell?”

“At the last minute, when he doesn't suspect it. Particularly at night. Oh and also keep an eye on Astrea. Nila, keep tabs on Void.”

“All right.”

Void groaned. “Yeah, I guess.”

They both left and Tempest slouched onto her bed. Lack of blood again. Tempest looked out her window. Gorx was still up there, she had failed.


Tempest, Void, Nila, Chad, Divina, Hydra, Zoltron and Edana were sneaking around. They were all looking for the perfect moment and time to make their distraction. Nila, Void and the others would start the distraction whilst Tempest, Edana and Zoltron headed up to Majikas' office. They all needed to do this together.

They turned the corner and Tempest finished the last of her Blood Pop and stood in the darkness.

“Are you guys ready?”

“We have our brooms,” said Void.

“And our spells,” finished Nila.

“You owe us,” said Divina smiling.

“Don't I always.” She picked up Edana and ran off followed by Zoltron.    Up on the fifth floor, Tempest, Edana and Zoltron waited.

“Would they hurry up already,” said Edana.

“Hush Vayne, I think I heard them start already.” They all stood up and waited. They saw Mistress Starlet ran to the glass wall and walked in and within a few minutes she came out followed by Headmistress Majika.

“Come on, follow me.” She stepped up to the black glass wall and placed her hands on the cold glass. “Henry.” It became liquid and they walked through.

Tempest ran up the stairs at a human pace to that Zoltron and Edna could keep up with her. Finally at the top, Tempest walked into her office and pulled off the velvet cover. No reflection stared back at her. She placed her hands on the mirrors and stared at the black mirror.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.” She was pulled in followed by Edana and Zoltron.

“You are taking a dangerous path Miss Nyx.”

“Tempest . . . ”

“Let me see them.”

“The land of the dead is a dangerous place to tread. They seek life. Even you with your immortal soul are not even safe.”

“We have to see them,” said Zoltron.

The reflection stared down at him and looked at him thouroughly.  “Fine them. I will lead you to the portal from that point on, you are on your own. My advice is to find them quickly.”

Tempest nodded and grabbed Edana's hand. Zoltron grabbed the other. Edana was the one who was at risk the most. Black darkness surrounded but slowly as they continued to walk, a misty cloud began to crawl up their feet.

“Tempest . . . ”

“This is where I must stop. Keep an eye on her,” she said pointing at Edana.

“I plan to.” She lifted her little sister up and carried her. “She's my little sister and I don't plan on letting anyone or thing posses her.”

“Yeah,” said Edana smiling.

“Now, if you don't mind, we have a couple of dead people to talk to.”

Tempest and Zoltron walked close together. They held close together as they became clouded in mist.

“Would you look how you're grown my little Tempete.” Tempest stopped walking and slowly turned around.


“Of course.”

Tempest ran to him with Edana in her arms.

“I'm glad to see you too my little Tempest.”

“Where is she? Where's my mum?”

Her father looked down at her happily yet sad at the same moment.  “She knew you would come, she's seen your entire life.”

“Aidan, you always did talk to much.” Tempest turned around. Walking toward them was a woman with a purple strand in her hair and grey eyes.


“I'm so sorry I had to leave you the way that I did, but I had to. The Malfoy's, yes they are one of my best friends, but neither you nor Draco would be the people you are today if you had grown up with them; and Zoltron, there is nothing I can say, but maybe a meeting with your family can do something.” From behind her came a group of people with blue-grey eye.

“Zoltron, come and talk to us.” He looked at Tempest.

“Go on, they'll keep you safe.” He nodded.

“Give me Edana, Tempete, you need to talk to your mother alone.” She obeyed her father and sat down with her mother.

“You knew I would find out the way I did. You knew all that is happening would happen.”

“It had to, for you to be the person you are. A sweet, caring, loving person. A person who shows both empathy as well as sympathy. Vivaldi is a good mother, I would not have be.”

“But still . . . ”

“Hush, hush, we haven't much time. To see the paths in proper order you have to keep your mind focussed on either the good or the bad. To accomplish that you must learn how to meditate.”

“What about Gorx?”

Morganna sighed and cupped her daughters face. “I was trying to avoid that. I'm sorry, I cannot tell you anything concerning him. Knowing the future is a dangerous thing Tempest.”

“Can I save him?”

“I cannot tell you. I am sorry for this burden my daughter.”

Tempest looked down then towards her father.  “Will I ever see you or my father again?”

Morganna smiled and hugged her. “In time my beautiful child, in time.” Tempest hugged her back. “I am so proud of you Tempest, you are everything I ever hoped you would be and much much more.”

Tempest hugged her back and smiled sadly.  “Thank you . . . mum.”

“Go say goodbye to your father.” Tempest got up and walked over to her father; his eyes were purple, not grey like she remembered.

“My little Tempest is all grown up.”

Tempest hugged her father tightly and the tears were beginning to burn her eyes.  She didn't want to let go fo him again.  “Dad, I've missed you so much. I wish I didn't have to go.”

“But you do.”

“Tempest,” began her mother, “watch for the night of the dark mark, when that dream is strongest. On that day you will know what to do.”


“Good, now go, we can no longer keep those who would try and take your at bay for much longer.”

“I love you dad. Thank you mum, for everything.”


Tempest held Edana close and looked at Zoltron. He finally didn't look so lost. He smiled at her and they all ran off, toward the darkness and away from the mist.

As the mist began to fade Tempest took one last look back. Her mother and father were looking after her in the arms of each other.

The reflection pulled them and Tempest asked for a mirror close to the third floor. It was the Boys bathroom. Once there Zoltron checked to see if the close was clear. It was.

They all crawled out when suddenly Louis Morte came in laughing with a couple of friends. They stopped and gawked at Tempest.

“Oh god. Nocturnal-Finis.” They all dropped down to the ground unconscious. Tempest and Zoltron shared a smile.

“Edana, go wait outside,” said Tempest.  She winked at her little sister who smiled back.

“Okay.” Edana skipped out.

“Now who should we start with? I say Louis?”

“I agree 100% Zeph.” They grabbed him and began pulling him toward the last stall.


Tempest and Zoltron waited in the Common room. As of yet, no one had returned. Abruptly the door opened and in came Nila, Void, Chad and Divina.

“How much detention?” asked Tempest casually. In response, they all groaned.; Tempest supressed a smiled, they did it for her after all.  “Wow, that bad.”

“We're not allowed off school grounds,” began Nila.

“No Quidditch, but them again without a captain, we can't play anyway.” Divina smacked Void upside his head.


“Sorry Zephyr.”

“It's all right. In fact I think I'm going to bed.”

“All right,” said Chad. “Are you sure you're okay?”

“Never better.” Tempest walked up to her bed, and walked over to her window.

“Gorx, I wish you could hear me. I will save you.”  She stood there a moment longer and looked at the sliver of the moon revelaed from behind the castle before turning in.

Chapter 18: Future Told
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Two months passed ant they were all stressed. So much time passed that they didn't even know when or how they would initialize their plan. On the bright side, at least they had all the spells they needed.

Tempest stood on top of a railing along with a very balanced and carefree Nila and a stern Void. Nila in fact was doing back flips along the slippery railing.

“I will laugh if you fall,” said Void.

“I won't fall idiot. Besides, the only reason people fall is because they think too much . . . ”'

Void interrupted her. ”And we all know you don't think.” Nila kicked him.

“No, I was going to say they think too much about their fears. Duh, moron.”

“You both are idiots.”

“Oh come now Zephyr,” said Nila.

“Yeah, we're your best friends,” finished Void.

“Hush already, I see Astrea.” She crouched down and Nila and Void jumped back on the landing and watched Astrea. The stupid idiot was alone. Tempest looked around Chad was down there reading by his favourite tree. Astrea walked right up to him. Tempest twitched her ears.

“Hello Chad, how are you?”

“You know you're not supposed to walk around alone.”

“I could say the same to you.”

“What are they talking about?” asked Nila.

“She's just flirting, well come on now, at least someone is watching after her now.”

They all walked away but Tempest was looking at Astrea. She had her arm wrapped through Chads'. Tempest rolled ger eyes. I cannot believe I'm trying to protect her, she thought.


Tempest needed someone to talk to. Someone she knew who cared. Luckily for her, she had wrote to Draco so they were going to be alone.

“I'll see you guys later,” she said walking down the stairs in her Slytherin uniform.

“You're leaving?” asked Void.

“I have to use their library if I want my plan to fully succeed. If anything, and I mean anything happens, come and get me, understand?” They nodded.

Tempest grabbed her wand and walked into th fire place. Draco pulled her up and kissed her immediately. She guessed that there was no one there. Finally she pulled and began wiping away all the soot.

“Are you going to kiss me every time you see me?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?”

“I guess it is. Hold on let me clean myself up.” She pointed her wand at herself. “Prencete.” All her clothes and skin were soot free withing a matter of seconds.

“Now you look even more radiant.” He kissed her again. “I've got those books you wanted, for some of them I needed Professor Snape's permission because a couple of them were in the restricted section.”

“Okay, well I learned a spell yesterday just in case Pansy did stumble in. It allows me to change my appearance for a shirt time.”


“Yes. Now, come on lets sit down.”

“What exactly are you looking for?”

“A spell that will lower my power and abilities temporarily.”

“Your going to try and fool Merwick.”

“Yes, but mainly I just need to stall for time. Once I cast the spell in the night and it has to be before dawn, I have to get up there and fight him, this spell is to make him think that I don't stand a chance against him, so he will let his guard down. Everything needs to be timed out perfectly thought.”

“Well don't worry, you're smart you can do this, you will save Gorx.”

“I hope so.”

He handed her a book and grabbed one himself. They began to read. Every time the door opened, Tempest cast a spell on herself making her hair red and eyes purple. Always a false alarm. Tempest was halfway through with her second book when Draco closed his book, placed it on the table and looked at her.

“I'm hungry, what about you?”

Tempest looked at him and thought, I'm always hungry. But she didn't say that instead she said, “yeah, me too.” She closed her book and cast the spell on herself again.

She walked out of the Slytherin Common Room and Draco followed. They walked together talking about past memories.

“Remember when we first met Draco?”

“We were three and at the Leaky Cauldron.”

“We ran off into Knockturn Alley. My god, we were mental or something.”

“No, just a little stupid and foolish.”

“It all began back then, everything. I even remember looking on my dads arm and seeing the dark mark on his left arm. I never thought anything of it back then.”

“So in you dream, that are now prophetic, who dies in the third task?”

“Cedric Digory.” Draco stopped walking and down at her.

“Digory? You mean to tell me that HE kills him?”

“Yes, but you cannot tell another soul, living or dead.”

“Okay, I won't."  He looked at her curiuosly.  "Anything else besides that dream?”

Yes, you die, she thought. “I kill someone and no not Merwick, this person bled. The look at my face, I look different, older I guess, but the look, it's a look of pure exhaustion, pity, sadness and malice. I don't ever want to kill someone unless it is Merwick.”

“Don't worry so much about the future Tempete.”

“All right, I . . . ” Tempest was suddenly interrupted by none other them Panzy Parkinson.

“Draco! Oh, what's wrong?” She looked at Tempest. “Who the bloody hell are you?”

“Pansy this is my friend, uh . . .”

“Justine. Pleasure to meet you Panzy, Draco has told me so much about you.” Tempest stuck out her hand for a shake but Panzy ignored it.

“Pleasure. May I ask, why are you hanging out with MY Draco, and why have I never seen you?”

He's not yours yous tupid wench, thought Tempest.  “Uh, well, we were just doing research for Professor Snape. Usually, I'm alone, I don't have many friends.”

Pansy looked her up and down. “That's hard to believe. Well then, I'll leave you two alone them. See you later then Draco. Will I be seeing you later?”

“Probably not.”

“Good.” She kissed Draco hard on the lips and walked away.

Tempest watched her leave and clenched her fist as she gritted her teeth.  “Can I please punch her?”

“No, look, I'll make it up to you later, promise. Now come on, lets go.”

“Frankly, to be blunt, I would much rather like to sink my teeth into her neck.”

“Come on.” Draco pushed her to the Slytherin table and she bit into an apple. She ate a sandwich and drank a goblet when suddenly she saw Nila. Tempest looked around. Pansy as her friends were nowhere to be seen. The reversed her space.

“Draco, look at the door do you see Nila?”

He looked and shook his head.  “No.”

”She must be invisible then.”

“I still don't get how you can see things while they are invisible.”

“Probably a gift from my mother, but that is a mystery for another day.” She turned her head. “Nila over here dimwit,” she muttered. Nila jerked her head around and ran over to her and sat right in front of Tempest.

“Void and Astrea! Merwick took them both!!”

“What?! No, he couldn't have.”

"He did. Majika wants us in her office immediately.”

“Uh okay.” She turned to Draco who had obviously heard everything.

“I'll write to you later on anything I find.” Tempest up running alongside as invisible Nila. In the common room Tempest swore under her breath as Pansy saw her and glared at her.


“Not now, I don't have time. Nila go first.”


“Who said that?”

“The stupid little voice in your head.” Green fire erupted. “Tell Draco I said hi darling.” She walked into the fireplace.  Nila pulled her up.

“I've reversed the spell. Come on, Majika wants us in her office now.”

They ran up to the fifth floor as quickly as humans could and waiting for them at the passage was Master Vlad.

“Follow me.” They walked to Mistress Majika office, already waiting were Chad, Divina, Heather, Cassandra, Louis, Hydra and Zoltron.

“Now I want all of you to listen to me. None of you is to venture up to that castle. I will make an announcement later stated that all students are to always be accompanied by an adult. No one, and I mean no one Miss Nyx, is to go up there, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress Majika,” there all said.

“Good. Master Vlad would you please escort them to their houses.”

“Of course. Come children.”

They all followed and Zoltron hugged his cousin.

“Don't worry,” he whispered. Tempest nodded then looked at the ground. How can I not worry, she thought, if I don't do something, they will die. She looked at Nila, she knew what she was thinking.


The teacher said they were going to do something. Tempest tried not to sarcastically laugh. She had to do this. It was her battle, and it had just gotten even more powerful. She was happy though that dead chickens were found around school. That meant that he hadn't killed them, and wasn't planning on it  . . . yet.

Back in the Slimythings common room, everyone was quiet. No one talked, no one did anything everyone just sat around, quiet. Suddenly an owl flew in out of nowhere and dropped a letter into her lap. It was from Draco. He had sent her a list of spells and their description. She read the list them finally knew which spell to use. Once cast, it last for on an hour. Finally she had a full proof plan she just hoped that it wasn't too late when she put it into action.

Chapter 19: Message From Above
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Almost a month past and Tempest had finally walked out all the kinks of her plan. Nila kept a count of all her vials. She was missing more of her blood supplement potions. He wanted to keep them alive, he was toying with her.

Tempest lay out on the grass, she was going to have to miss the third task as much to her dismay, but Merwick came, as he always did. She closed her eyes for a slipt second. The dark mark appeared on her left arm. Tempest jolted up. That vision was the strongest lately, and she hated it, more than anything.

Nila was reading one of Tempest magic books. Tempest slouched in the chair and Nila looked at her.


“Soon, and you're not coming, how may times do I have to say that?”

“I'm coming.”

“No you're not.”

“What are you two talking about,” asked Divina suddenly. They both looked at her then at each other.

“Triwizard Tournament,” they said in unison.

“You can't go anyway,” began Divina, ”considering that stunk we pulled.”

“I was just hoping that Zephyr could sneak me in.”

“Which I'm not.” Tempest glared at her and put her hand in the burning fire place, to quickly change the subject.

“Zephyr!” Yelled Divina, she ran over to her and yanked her hand out of the fire place. “What on Earth are you doing?”

“I'm bored.” Nila laughed and Tempest smiled.

“You both are insane.”

“We know.” Dinka rolled her eyes and walked away. Nila and Tempest exchanged sighs of relief. Tempest looked at the fireplace. Something flashed at her eyes.

“I have to go.”


“I'll we back, I'm going down to the Poisons storage room. Then I'll be down in the catacombs.”

“Uh okay. See you later then.”

Tempest didn't know what she was doing. She just hoped that she was smart as everyone thought she was.

Tempest grabbed almost everything there along with a small cauldron. She didn't both looking up she already knew Master Vlad was watching her. Tempest knew he would keep quiet, he usually did.

She walked down to the catacombs and stopped at the first door. The Volumes, those are the books she needed. Old magic.

Tempest set everything up and the five books that talked about potion. She cast a search spell for anything that concerned the future. Nothing in the first book at all. Nothing in the first book at all as well as in the second. Third times a charm. Tempest found there potion that helps see into the future. She decided to use the second potion.

Tempest mixed wormsworth and bat wings together after crushing them. She was tired and exhausted. She had to save them all. After three turns she added a bit of unicorn horn and crushed a giant amethyst stone. She mixed the potion up and sat upright over it. She breathed in the potion and closed her eyes.

“Show me what I need to do.”

She needed to save them all, Astrea included. She opened her eyes. Only a date that's all it showed her. Finally she knew the exact day to implement her plan.

Tempest cleaned up her mess and walked back to the Poisons room.

“Thank you Master Vlad for the use of your supplies.”

“Anytime,” she heard him say as she closed the door behind her.

Tempest walked into the common room. Only Chad was around. He closed the book he was reading and looked up at her, sternly. She smiled and raised her eyebrows, then she looked at the book, her eyes widened.

“You can see into the future? Hmm, tell me, why did you forget to tell everyone besides Nila and Void, this little thing?”

“I can't believe you read my journal.”

“Sorry I couldn't help myself.” He picked up the book and began to flip through the pages. “Just like you couldn't help but kiss Draco. Wow, you've been busy lately.”

“Shut up and give that back to me.”

“Fine take it, I've no more use for it.”

“Oh stop acting like a pompous jerk. What is wrong with you anyway.”

“Do you remember when you and I first met? I was “clumsy adorable” according to you. Oh and you drew me as a knight in shining armour.”

“So what? You've read all of my journals?”

“Yes, actually, I have. You're stupid code was easy enough for a “clumsy adorable” boy like me to figure out.”

“You are overreacting.”

“Don't tell me I'm overreacting!” he screamed.

“Chad what the hell has gotten into you?!”

“How the bloody hell should I know.”

“Enough!” someone screamed. It was Nila. “Chad tell her how you really feel and give me that book right now or I swear I'll put a German jinx on you. And let me tell you, those aren't pleasant.”

Chad rolled his eyes and threw the book at Nila you caught it easily. She smiled triumphantly and walked away.

“So are you going to tell me what is going on or do I have to get Nila back down here?”

“Zephyr, I like you, I always have. I grabbed you're journals to see how you really feel about me.  Apparently, you like me, just not enough which means that I have to get over you of I want a chance with anyone. Understood?”

Tempest smiled. “Of course I understand Chad. Man, it took you this long to say that?” She laughed. “Look, don't you ever let me hold you back okay?”

“Yeah.” Suddenly out of no where there was a blinding white light from outside Tempest and Chad exchanged worried glances.

“Nila?” She came to the door at once.

She ran to the top of the stair case and looked down at them frightened.  “Something landed outside.”

Tempest ran as fast as she possibly could and stood where the object had fallen. It was a magical lightning strike. She waved her hands to clear the smoke that obscured her vision. Lying on the ground was a message. She flexed her fists as she read and re-read it. It was directed to her.

She walked back to the common room and sat in front of the fireplace.

“Zephyr . . . ” said Nila.

“Merwick left me a message.”

“What did it say,” asked Chad.

Tempest kept her intent gaze on the fire as she said, “They're running out of time . . . Young Tempest.”

Chapter 20: Triumph & Tragedy
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Tempest was biting her nails, and she never ever bit her nail. Fortunately they grew back instantly. She was beyond furious and frankly she wanted blood and was hoping it came from Merwicks' neck.

On the day of the third task, Tempest stayed at school.. Tonight was the night she had hoped for. Ass she had to do was followed it through.

“I'm going to bed Nila, remember wake me up . . . ”

“I know when to wake you up, don't worry, just go get some rest you're going to need it.”

Tempest put on her pajamas and went to bed.


Tempest was in the graveyard again in her pajamas. She walked over to the tombstone and examined the name tracing her fingers over the name Tom Marvolo Riddle.

She ran behind a tombstone when she saw a flash of light. Harry Potter and Cedric Digory were suddenly there. Tempest focussed back on the tombstone that Harry Potter was focussed on. Lord Voldemort. All of a sudden door opened and a rat like mad stepped out carrying a bundle of some sort.

“Kill the spare,” said a voice.

A green light emanated from the wand of the rat like man and killed Cedric Digory. Tempest gasped as he fell to the ground, eyes wide open, dead. Harry Potter was suddenly held against the Riddle grave. The rat like man dropped his bundle into the cauldron that Tempest had not noticed before, along with a bone from the grave, his own hand that he cut and blood from Harry Potters arms. She hld back as he screamed in agony.

The potion began to bubble and as it did Tempest arm began to throb unbearably. She clutched it and turned her attention back to the scene. The one and only Lord Voldemort came into being. Tempest looked down at her arm as the pain became worse. Her eyes widened in disbelief and fright. The mark of a Death Eater began to appear on her arm. She began to wipe furiously at it hoping that it would disappear.

Tempest jolted awake. No, it couldn't be happening, not now, she thought. Tempest got out of bed and grabbed her wand. Finally she noticed her pajamas; they were the same ones as in her visions.

“Bloody hell!” She ran downstairs, Nila looked at her watch.

“Zephyr you're not supposed to be for another hour.”

“I have to do something, I'll be back don't worry.” Tempest cast her Apparatus spell and entered into the Graveyard.

Tempest looked round. Everything was exactly like in her dream. She walked around wit her wand at hand. She walked to what she knew as the Riddle Tombstone and traced her fingers over the eerily cold letters. A light came and Tempest flew behind the closest tombstone. Harry Potter and Cedric Digory were there. Harry began to examine the tombstone before warning Cedric that they should leave.

“Heed his warning, leave.”

A door opened and Tempest just watched as her dream became reality.

“Oh god.” Cedric was killed within an instant and Tempest fell against the ground. Tempest clutched her throbbing arm. Lord Voldemort came into being. Her arm began to throb even harder and she looked down, the mark began to appear. She began to wipe furiously at it. She would not serve someone like Merwick.

“Oh Tempest I am so sorry. You were sworn into his service . . . ”

“I know, long before I was born.” She turned around slowly and looked at Vivaldi.

“Tempest . . . ”

“I don't want to kill anyone.”

“Listen to me, you have to go, before he knows you're here. Run Tempest, go back to school.” Tempest felt tears well up in her eyes and nodded. She ran over land but stopped at running water. She cast Gladius over the rives and streams on her way and collapsed at the school entrance when she arrived. Tempest looked at the Dark Mark on her arm and looked up. Gorx . . .

Tempest flew into the dormitory and Nila stared at her, fully dressed.

“I don't supposed I can say anything to convince you that you're not coming?”

“I'm coming wether you like it or not. Besides I think I've proven over the years that I can take care of myself.”

“You better get your broom.”

“Oh boy . . . Zephyr what that on your arm?”

“I'm a death eater, sworn into his service by my wonderful birth mother.” She smiled weakly.

“Oh Zephyr.”

“Don't worry about me, we have a couple of people we need to save.”

Tempest and Nila snuck outside and summoned their pets. Tempest climbed on Aidan and Nila on her broom.

They both flew up and Tempest and Nila looked at each other and cast the reversal spells nonverbally. They could already see that clouds start to separate.

Tempest approached the door. This time, they didn't open. Tempest didn't like that, Tempest quickly cast the spells on herself and pushed the door open. She tried to hear Void's voice as well as Astreas. Nothing but she still could smell the faint fragrance of Astreas perfume.

“Nila, this way, quickly.”

They both ran down a narrow passage. They turned right twice them stopped/ Iron doors lined the hall.

“You wouldn't happen to know a spell of some sort would you.”

“Get behind me, I think I may know something that will help us.”

“Uh okay.” Tempest touched her wand and sword on either side of the passage.

“Glacius.” The hallway began to freeze up.

“How . . . ”

“Shh listen.” Someone was pounding against a door and yelling.

“Hey you stupid son of a bitch, let us out!” Tempest and Nila looked at each other, it was the one and only Astrea. They ran down to the hall and Tempest pressed her ear against the door.

“Will you sit down.” It was Void.

Tempest kicked down the door. Astrea and Void looked at her.

“Where's Gorx.” Astrea and Void exchanged glaces.

“He took him,” said Astrea solemnly.


“Merwick took him Zephyr. Not that long ago.”

“Yeah. He came in here leaned on the door frame and asked “how can Young Tempest live off those blood potions? See me, I miss the taste of blood' then he took him,” said Astrea.

Tempest ran, she ran far away. She knew were Merwick had taken him. He liked to play with his food. Tempest ran as fast as she could but the stupid spell she cast on herself was slowing her down.

She felt like she was already too late. She kept running and stopped at the end of the passage. She was to late, Merwick was sucking on his blood.

“GORX!!” She ran to him and pulled Merwick off him, knocking him into the wall with her strength. Gorx was ghostly pale.

“Tempest . . . ”

“Shh, don't talk. Gorx, please don't talk.”

“I love you.”

“Gorx let me save you, I can save you.” Tempest was crying now, she could no longer hold in the fountain of tears that had been growing all year inside her  any longer.

“No. I see what this does to you. Please just . . . let me die.”

“Gorx . . . ”

“Go left, just keep going left.” He closed his eyes and Tempest listened intently to his heart beat.

“Gorx, I love you so much.” Tempest had never said those words to anyone, but she meant every word. Finally, his heart stopped. Tempest put him down. She looked up at Merwick who was licking his lips.

“You . . . why do you have to take everything, everyone I love away from me!!”

“Because, those essences have done nothing but cause me pain. I think I should repay the favour.”

“You are pathetic.” She went after him, but he threw her up against the wall.

“You are nothing compared to me, do you understand that. I will kill you, and everyone you love.”

“Over my dead lifeless corpse.”

He smiled wickedly.  “That can be arranged.”

Tempest looked back at Gorx's body and remembered what he had said. He had found that way out. Keep going left, he had said. She looked at her watch, in this room, the sunlight would not be able to break.

“Hey Merwick, if you want me, come and frigging get me.” He knew he would let her run, she just didn't know how far he would let her. She kept turning and turned left till she finally entered a circular room. She quickly drank her vials that she had carefully his and crushed them turning the sharp shards invisible.

“Well I see you want to fight now Young Tempest.”

"You know, you really have to stop calling me that.”

“No actually, I don't.” He came out of nowhere and grabbed her by her wrist. “You know, if I weren't out to kill you I'd actually think you were beautiful.”

“Trust me, I'm glad you don't.” She broke his nose and punched him in his gut. She wouldn't ne able to tricked him with her wand but maybe if she tried a nonverbal spell with her sword she would be able to strike him. She pulled out Excaliber and unleashed it's true form and thought of a spell. She realized that she would have to strike at the Pires.


“What's wrong Young Tempest? Have a problem?”

She looked him dead in the eye and smiled. “No not really, just thinking.”

“I dug your grave for you, right next to your father.” Tempest smiled was replaced by fury. She attacked but he threw her against the wall. He sword flew from her hand. Not like she needed her sword or wand anyway, but without them, her power wouldn't be channelled.

She began to get up, but he kicked her back down.

“You are pathetic.”

“Wrong Merwick. Stupefy!” She blew him across the room and followed him. “Bombarda!” The ceiling began to collapse around her and she walked to him. She kicked him back down and placed her foot on his throat.

“You're times up Merwick.” She grabbed his neck and lifted him up against the wall. “Accio Excaliber!” It flew to her hand and she held it. “I don't care how many times have to kill you, but trust me, I will enjoy each and every time.” She impaled him and walked backwards. He began to laugh.

“You think that will kill me?”

She looked at her watch. “No but I think that might.” The rays of the sun began to slowly fill up the circular room. He stopped laughing and glared at Tempest.

“This isn't over.”

“Oh I hope not. I enjoy this far too much.” She smiled triumphantly and watched as his body began to burn and turn to a statue of ash. She pulled out her sword and all the remained was an essence.

“I will defeat you.”

“You keep telling yourself that old man.”

He disappeared and Tempest ran back to Gorx's body. She carefully lifted him and carried him back to the front where Nila, Void and Astrea were waiting . . . alive.

Tempest saw them waiting for her. She looked up at them then collapsed onto the ground. They all ran to her.

“I could've save him, but he wouldn't let me! I could've save him!!”

“Zephyr,” began Void.

“I saw, I knew he would die. Why couldn't I save him?! Why couldn't they tell me I could see into the future?! It's my fault he died, all my fault."

“Not it's not,” said Astrea. Tempest looked up at her, tears flowing unending down her cheeks.

“It's not your fault. You didn't know your mother wasn't your mother. You didn't know you could see into the future. It's not your fault. Gorx died, because he chose to, and he obviously didn't want to become a vampire, all you did was respect his wished, nothing more. And you know coming any earlier would have resulted in all of our deaths. Nothing was your fault. You saved our lives, and your won, you are not all powerful Zephyr, you can't save everyone.”

“Why are you being nice?”

“Because right now you saved my life, you deserved to be treated like this.”

“Thank you.”

Nila gave her broom to Astrea and rode along with Tempest and Void on Aidans back. Tempest clutched Gorx and once on the ground laid him down, stood straight looked at the castle and spread her arms out.

“BOMBARDA!!” She yelled. It broke into a million pieces and rained down. Tempest collapsed onto the ground.


“I think I spend more time in the infirmary than I do in classes,” remarked Tempest.

“It can't be helped, I mean Merwick after all does to a lot of damage against our better efforts,” said Nila.

“Hmph, I guess so.” They all sat there and Tempest stared at the covered up body of Gorx. Suddenly Headmistress Majika came in and gave Nila and Void a look.

“We know, you would like a private word with Tempest,” said Void.

“Please.” They walked out and Majika sat on Tempest bed.

“Have you told his parents?”

“A sent a letter, they are . . . distraught to say the least.”

“I don't blame them. He was their perfect son.”

“Miss Nyx, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry you failed, but sometimes the future cannot be change.”

“I thought that if I could save him, I could change the future.”

“What you have to understand is that not every event in the future is tied to one event, and actually you did chance something's; you gave life back to three people.”

“Knowing the future is a horrible thing.”

“Even someone as powerful as yourself cannot change the future.” Tempest looked up at Majika hatefully.

“But I can try.”

“And you can fail . . . or prevail. The future Young Tempest is not set in stone.” She walked away and Tempest sat alone with her thoughts.


Tempest was at the end of the hall watching Draco as he was stabbed from behind. Finally, she recognized the girl that stabbed him.

“I never liked you anyway.” It was Astrea. She pulled her sword from Draco and let him fall to the ground.

“Draco!” Astrea looked at her and smiled a vampiric smile along with a gold glint in her eyes.

Suddenly Tempest was looking at her bloodied sword and looked up.

“It had to be done,” she said.

She jolted wake. Draco, she thought. Tempest got out of bed and quickly went to Hogwarts. No one was in the Slytherin common room whish is want she was hoping for. She quietly waited for Draco to come.

She was hugging her knees and crying when he arrived 

“Tempest?” She looked up at him. “Gorx is dead Draco. I couldn't save him.” He ran to her and hugged her as she sobbed.

“Draco, he's back! Lord Voldemort is back and I'm one of his servants!”


“I don't want t-too kill anyone Draco, I don't want to be his servant! I don't want to kill innocent people!” She sobbed and sobbed and couldn't stop. Draco would not let go of her.

“I don't want you to die.”

“Shh, don't worry I don't plan on dying.”

Tempest opened her eyes and looked outside as the full moon reflected the dark mark. Voldemort.

“Draco, p-promise me, promise me you will never become a Death Eater.” She looked him in the eyes.

“I promise Tempest.” He kissed her lightly and pulled her close. “Don't worry, I promise.”