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x Life As We Knew It x by S p o r k l i e

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,865
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 01/23/2008
Last Chapter: 02/26/2008
Last Updated: 02/26/2008

Based on the movie: SalaamNamaste

Hermione is a Healer, and Draco a 5 Star Chef. They meet at a wedding, and things seem to overload. What happens when they decide to chance love by living together in a house? They spend 3 beautiful dream like months together. But what happens when an accident happens and Hermione is only one who wants to keep it? Would they forget their once upon a time love? Or would Draco be able to accept it?

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Chapter 1: Of New Jobs, a Wedding, and Thoughts of Love
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Chapter 1:
Of New Jobs, a Wedding, and Thoughts of Love



          The sun was shining through the windows when Hermione woke up in the morning. She got up from bed and walked towards the bathroom. She chanced a glace towards the mirror. She had grown quite right. She got her curves at the right places. A nice toned body, she wasn’t bad for 23. She looked further up. Her hair. She sighed. It was still a mass of ringlets. But it seemed to calm down. Hermione scoffed. Couldn’t it have calmed down earlier when there were actually people to look at her? She groaned and traveled her eyes to the clock. The brunette nearly yelped. She was late for work.


          Scurrying out of her apartment, she arrived a St. Mungo’s around 11 o’clock. She worked as a healer, and she should’ve been here early. She wondered if Ron came early, it was his first job as a healer.

So she reached her office and quickly opened the door, and bustled on her desk, to make it look like she was here early. She looked at her schedule. Wednesday the Ninth it read. Hold a sec, she thought. Was there something supposed to happen today? Yes! Yes, the was something, but what? She sighed in frustration. It might have not been important anyway.


          Then her door suddenly slammed open, her secretary Madison Julie,

(a/n: Referred to as Maddie) hopped in.   


“ uh-muh-guh……” she murmured, “ Miss. Granger, did you just apparate inside or something?!! ‘caz I didn’t see you come through earlier! Well, you should’ve told me Miss. Granger, that you were coming, you see? ‘caz well You have so-o-o-oh! Many! Clients! To-day!!! Did you even properly see your schedule Miss Granger?!! Oh!! Miss. Granger!! Stop gawking at me like that!! Puh-leez! Your first client for today is in Rm. 302!! Well, ta.. OH!! And here is a letter for ya!” And she tossed the letter to Hermione, which smacked her in the face and fell on her lap. And left.


I hate her she thought, and sighed.


She looked down at the letter and recognized it as a wedding invitation. Hermione opened it. It was beautifully decorated. A light bulb lit up in mind. TODAY’S GINNY’S WEDDING!! OMG!! She sighed a shaky sigh as she thought about it. Everyone remembered the day Harry had died killing Voldemort. He did succeed. But failed himself along with it. She sighed more, she couldn’t stop sighing. Would she ever find a proper love life? Ron? NO. He was way too much of a brother. She needed someone. Every one of her friends knew it.. But heck, she might find some one at the party.


Well, that didn’t excuse her from Rm. 302. And off she went, doing the job she loved most.






Draco looked at his new suit. He was certainly proud. He was the new Chef, at the newly opened 5 star restraunt. Who knew? Draco Malfoy could become a chef! But he wanted more he thought. He would own his own restraunt one day. Oh yes. He was saving money. Much money. Even though he lived in the manor, even though, people respected him the most, even though he was the richest man on earth, his dream was still a chef.


He was certainly lost in his own thoughts. He imagined himself going through the halls of his newly opened restraunt. People looking at him with many emotions… awe, jealousy, wide-eyed, open mouthed, amused, wait! What? Amused? He took some of his own precious time to stare at the person. So he continued walking in his own angel self, and-


“ Chef Malfoy! Sir? “ Butler said. Butler was a cook currently in the restraunt. “ Oh, Mr. Malfoy!! I ‘av been trying to vake oo up! Please. Master Leonard is waiting.”


He heard a tap at the window, after Butler obediently left. It was an owl. He slowly opened the window pane. The owl bounced in. To it leg was strapped a letter. To his surprise it was a wedding invite. He carefully opened the delicate envelope. He chuckled. His best man was getting married. He read on:


Blaise Zabini


Ginerva Weasley


He dropped the letter in utter shock. Realizations came in to his mind. The weaslette? Blood traitor? Sister of a one third of the Golden Trio? He started laughing and picked up the letter. He read more. It was on a beach it said. Girls, wear your bikini’s underneath, and Boys, come in swimming shorts underneath.


Well, he might as well go. He might meet old friends. He might even find a special someone. Uhh, merlin knows who wouldn’t want to be with THE Draco Malfoy? He needed someone would he find her today?


All he didn’t know how right he was.

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Chapter 2: Of Weddings, Past, and New someones.
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Chapter 2: Of Weddings, Past, and New someones.



Up, swirl, down, around, and bun!   Hermione sat on her stool, in front of her mirror, trying, just trying to tame her hair. She was trying out the new technique Parvati and Padma showed her. Oh it was just impossible!


The brunette was sitting there for about half hour. Ready, with her light make-up on and formal floral dress that reached right below her knees. She decided to wear a simple red tube top and a jean skirt instead of a bikini.


And as for her hair, she decided to try once more. (A/N: uhh, I don’t know how to describe it but she managed to get her hair to look somewhat like at the Yule ball.) She managed that, and added a special beauty glow charm, to give her self a pretty look. She might as well look nice since she was sure she was going to meet many more people from Hogwarts. Now for shoes, she thought. Since it was at a beach, she thought sandals. It would go nice. But the wedding would be on a platform so she wouldn’t have to worry about sandy shoes. But- oh forget it! It’s the heels!


The doorbell rang… and she was, ready! Ron was here to pick her up. Ron she thought and sighed. They tried a relationship but Ron was just too much as a brother. Ha, imagine going out with your brother! It’s just wrong. The doorbell rang again. She hurried downstairs, but not before quickly looking at her profile in the mirror and winking at her reflection.


She opened the door, and looked a Ron, who was actually trying to fix his hair by looking at his reflection in front of Hermione’s newly watered bird bath. She laughed out loud. This startled Ron. He laughed too and beckoned her over and they both went into his car.




Draco Malfoy was at the party early. He was talking with Blaise Zabini.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?”

“Are you kidding me? I have been ready since the day I fell in love. And there is no     point asking now.”


Draco scoffed. “It sounds like your being forced to do it by her beauty or something fairytale’ish like that.”


“Shuddup Draco. You have no idea, because you have no idea how to fall in love is like.”


Draco raised an eyebrow.


“With a girl.”


Draco lowered his eyebrow.


“Well yeah!?!! I mean apart from your cooking you don’t know how to love!” cried Blaise.


“Get over it.” Stated Draco. And left to help with the chairs.


Blaise just sighed. “You need love Draco, you need a women who can take care of you.”






…… And now you may kiss the bride!


Blaise Zabini took the new Ginny Zabini in to a breathtaking kiss.


Everyone applauded… Right after the ceremony Ginny came running to Hermione and gave her a bone crushing hug.


“Oh Hermione! I am so glad you were able to come!!” she gasped. “I mean well, with all the healer business I am sure you barely have time to read!!” laughed Ginny. “Oh and have you seen Ron anywhere? I haven’t seen him at all during the day. And you look so beautiful, Hermione! Wonderful!”


Hermione laughed. “Calm down Ginny! You’re the real shining star of the party! I am sure Ron’s just somewhere. You tell me about yourself, how does it feel like to be a Zabini?!”


“Oh! It’s great!! Blaise is such a gentleman. I cant believe I actually married now! I feel so wonderful!! !” cried Ginny.


“Im sure Harry would be happy to see how great you’re feeling. Im sure he would’ve wanted this.” Whispered Hermione. Who mentally scolded herself for bringing up the subject.


Ginny’s face became a tad bit sober. But for sure all the excitement was drained.

“Well I know that Hermione. But right now I am in for this new beginning. The past is the past and not with me in this present. And I would not allow this past to interfere with my future. Therefore, Blaise is my present and future, but Harry remains my past.”


“Well said.” came Arthur Weasley’s strong voice. “Both you ladies look stunning. Have any of you seen Ronald?”


“Ron. Well he drove me- OH! There he is!!”


Hermione saw a trace of Ron’s head and followed it.


But stopped in mid tracks when she saw Ron snogging a girl.


“Ron?” she whispered.


Ron’s head jerked up. “Hermione!”

Hermione looked at the girl, it was Lavender Brown. Lavender blushed and mumbled something of some sort and ran off.


Hermione’s eyes traveled up to Ron’s nervous expression.


“Good to know you found someone.” Said Hermione. She smiled.


Ron grinned. “Only waiting for you to find yours.”


Hermione moved up close to Ron. She straightened his tie, which was probably messed up by kissing. Flattened his hair, and while fixing his collar she whispered,

“It would never have worked out between us.”


“Keep telling yourself that darling.” He winked, and went off to fetch Lavender.

(a/n: I know that the quotes from Pirates.)


Hermione chuckled and shook her head. And she went off to see the newly weds first dance.

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