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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne K

Format: Short story
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 9,144

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Hagrid, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 12/11/2007
Last Chapter: 12/22/2007
Last Updated: 12/22/2007


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

What happens when you mix Hagrid's fascination for magical creatures with the traditional Christmas Carol The Twelve Days of Christmas?
A Menagerie of Magical Mayhem!

Come join Hagrid this Christmas as he tries to woo his one true love the only way he knows how. And have a wonderful Christmas.

Chapter 1: A Fwooper in a Star Tree
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The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
A Fwooper in a Star Tree.

“Bong joo-er, Olympe,” Hagrid greeted Olympe Maxime with a huge grin on his face.

“Bonjour ‘Agrid,” Olympe replied kissing Hagrid on both cheeks, “I am ‘onoured you could join me ‘ere at my ‘ome.”

Olympe took Hagrid’s arm and they walked together up the snow swept drive of her magnificent home. It was a white two-storey house with blue awnings. The roof was topped with a layer of snow, as were the branches of the cherry trees that lined the drive, giving the appearance that everything had been dusted with a layer of fine white sugar.

Olympe led Hagrid through the glass double doors that led inside her house and offered him a seat on one of the large blue sofas in the sitting room. Hagrid made himself comfortable and looked around the room. Everything was of giant proportions, well suited to Olympe’s half-giant figure. Hagrid noted that Olympe was a woman of fine tastes, her walls were line with exquisite antiquities and the couches were draped with fine silks.

“Thanks again for inviting me to yeh ‘ome fer Chris’mas,” Hagrid said, smiling like a school boy with a crush.”

“But of course,” Olympe replied, “Zair ees no one I would razzer spend Chreesmas with, zan you, ‘Agrid.”

Later that night, after Hagrid had settled comfortably into Olympe’s home and when the moon was hanging high in the sky, Hagrid took Olympe by the hand and led her outside.

“Where are you taking me, ‘Agrid?” Olympe asked, curiously.

“I ‘ave a surprise fer yeh,” Hagrid smiled.

Hagrid led Olympe into the pine forest behind her property, carrying a lantern to light their way.

Olympe gasped in astonishment as they reached a clearing in the middle of the forest.

“Ees zat a star tree?” she asked Hagrid, her eyes wide in surprise.

“I planted it this afternoon an’ fed it some quick-grow fertilizer,” Hagrid beamed proudly.

“C’est magnifique!” Olympe exclaimed stepping closer to admire its beauty.

The star tree stood three metres high and every branch was alight like the night sky, glittering and sparkling as though it were lit with a thousand stars.

“There’s more,” Hagrid said, leading Olympe closer to the sparkling tree.

Hagrid reached his arm between the diamond-like branches and pulled out a silver bird-cage. Inside the cage was a majestic looking bird with feathers of every imaginable colour. The bird cocked its head to the side in curiosity as Hagrid handed it to Olympe.

“Why ‘Agrid, ‘ow beautiful,” Olympe cooed, “What ees eet?”

“It’s called a Fwooper,” Hagrid said, pleased that his gift seemed to be impressing Olympe.

“But eesn’t the song of a Fwooper bird supposed to drive ze listener insane?” Olympe asked Hagrid, alarmed.

“It’s alrigh’,” Hagrid laughed, “I’ve put a silencing charm on it, so yeh don’ need to worry.”

Olympe relaxed again.

“Zis ees truly a wonderful gift you ‘ave given me ‘Agrid,” Olympe said.

Olympe placed the cage gently on the snowy ground and wrapped her arms around Hagrid in a warm embrace. Hagrid’s face turned bright red under the sparkling lights of the star tree.

“Tomorrow,” Hagrid thought to himself, “I will give Olympe her second gift, I just hope she likes it as much as this one.”

Olympe broke apart from Hagrid and together they walked hand-in-hand back to Olympe’s home, with Hagrid holding the lantern to light the way and Olympe holding the cage with her new Fwooper bird.

Chapter 2: Two Jabberknolls
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The Second Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Two Jabberknolls
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

The following morning Olympe took Hagrid for a walk around her expansive grounds. It was a beautiful clear winter morning. The sky was blue with only a hint of white fluffy clouds and the winter sun shone down upon their faces (just strong enough to warm their cheeks) and glinted against the white snow that blanketed the ground.

“This place is ‘uge,” Hagrid commented as Olympe led him around the grounds, “Imagine the creatures yeh could keep ‘ere.”

“Eet ‘as always been tradition for ze ‘eadmaster or ‘eadmistress of Beauxbatons to ‘ave a large property to live during the ‘olidays,” Olympe told Hagrid, “Eet ees supposed to be a sign of respect to ze postion zey ‘old.”

Halfway through their walk Hagrid began picking something from the bark of the trees, Olympe watched him curiously, and when he returned to her side, shoving his hands into his large pockets as he did so, she asked,

“What are you doing, ‘Agrid?”

“Collectin’ Twitchety Beetles,” Hagrid beamed, “Fer yeh Fwooper. Fwoopers love beetles, an’ Twitchety Beetles jus’ ‘appen ta be their favourite.”

“Oh ‘Agrid, you are so sweet,” Olympe smiled.

After their long walk, in which Hagrid actually gained the courage to hold Olympe’s hand, they returned to Olympe’s home and sat down with huge mugs of hot cocoa.

Later, while Olympe was busy preparing lunch, Hagrid took the opportunity to sneak out of the house to collect Olympe’s second gift.

Hagrid reached a group of trees and fumbled around inside his large furry jacket. He pulled out a tiny golden bird-cage and placed it upon the ground. Then he reached inside his pockets and pulled out some of the Twitchety Beetles he had collected earlier. He placed a few beetles inside the golden cage then made a trail of beetles to the trees. Hagrid then stood back and waited.

It wasn’t long before Hagrid’s bait had the desired effect. Several tiny blue speckled birds disembarked from the tree they were hiding in and started hopping around on the snowy ground, picking up the Twitchety Beetles in their beaks. With each beetle they hopped closer and closer to the little golden cage. The first bird hopped into the cage without even realising it had done so. It picked up a Twitchety Beetle from the cage floor and started eating it contentedly.

Hagrid waited patiently, he wanted two of these tiny birds for his gift. Soon enough, a second bird hopped over to the cage. It stopped at the door and peered inside curiously, with its head cocked to one side. The bird seemed indecisive, torn between its desire for a delicious snack of Twitchety Beetles and its uncertainty of entering the cage. Finally hunger won over uncertainty and the little blue speckled bird hopped through the door. Hagrid gave a flick of his wand and the cage door closed upon the two little birds.

After hiding the cage inside his furry coat, Hagrid returned to Olympe’s house, where she had prepared a feast of French cuisine for lunch. Once they had eaten their fill Hagrid confessed to Olympe that he had another gift for her.

“Oh ‘Agrid! You are too much,” she said blushing slightly, “You ‘ave already given me a gift, you needn’t ‘ave brought me any more.”

“Now, now, Olympe,” Hagrid replied with a smile, “’Tis Christmas time after all.”

Hagrid reached inside his jacket and pulled out the golden cage containing the two tiny blue speckled birds.

“’Ow sweet!” Olympe exclaimed, “Zey are Jabberknolls, are zey not?”

Hagrid nodded his shaggy head in confirmation.

“Ees eet true zat zey make no sound zair entire lives until ze moment zey die?” Olympe asked, “And zen zey let out a scream zat consists of all ze sounds zey ‘ave ever ‘eard?”

Hagrid nodded again.

“They’re dead useful, too,” Hagrid said in an excited tone, “Their feathers can be used for making powerful memory potions.”

“Oh ‘Agrid, you are ze sweetest man,” Olympe said, kissing him on his cheek, “Whatever will you surprise me wis next?”

Chapter 3: Three French Parps
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The Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

The next day Hagrid accompanied Olympe to the French wizarding village known as Valensort. Olympe left Hagrid to browse the many stalls and shops that lined the streets while she entered Boutique de Madame Amelie to be fitted for new robes.

Hagrid examined the various magical trinkets sold at the various stalls and gazed through the shop windows. Really this village was not much different to Diagon Alley, Hagrid thought, except that all the shop signs were in French.

Hagrid got a slight smile when one particular shop caught his eye. The sign read: l’Animalerie Magique and in the display window were several various strange looking creatures. In one cage were several yellow fluff balls that Hagrid recognised as Puffskeins. There was also a Diricrawl bird that kept vanishing and reappearing inside its cage. A third cage held a type of creature that Hagrid had never come across before. They were about the size of a grapefruit and the colour of honey. They bounced up and down in their cage emitting a low humming noise. The sign on their cage read: Ambieré.

Hagrid entered through the door of the shop and perused the various creatures within. He stopped when he found what he was looking for. In large cage against the far wall were a dozen or so birds resembling hens. However, these birds had several differences to the average chicken. For one thing they were lilac coloured and had a small horn on their foreheads. For another thing, every now and then they would let out little ‘parp’ noises. Hagrid read the sign on their cage: Les Parpes Françaises

Hagrid approached the wizard behind the counter. He was a short, portly wizard with a toothbrush moustache and he wore lurid green robes with a nametag that read: Jean-Bob. Hagrid couldn’t help but think he looked like an oversized frog.

“Est-ce que je peux vous aider ?” The wizard named Jean-Bob asked.

“Er…” Hagrid stammered, not able to understand what the French wizard had said.

“Parlez-vous Français?” Jean-Bob asked, with raised eyebrows.

Hagrid stared at him blankly.

“I WOULD LIKE THREE FRENCH PARPS,” Hagrid said loudly and clearly.

“Eet ees alright, I speak Eenglish,” Jean-Bob replied, “Come zis way please.”

Jean-Bob led Hagrid back to the French Parp enclosure and opened the cage door. With three flicks of his wand Jean-Bob caused three of the French Parps to rise into the air and float out the open door. After closing the door behind him, Jean-Bob then floated the three parps into a smaller cage upon the counter. After closing the door of the smaller cage he made to hand the cage to Hagrid.

“I was wonderin’ if I could ‘ave it delivered later this afternoon?” Hagrid asked.

“Certainly,” smiled Jean-Bob, “What ees ze address?”

“Er… it’s the big white house on that hill near the forest,” Hagrid explained, having no memory of what the French named street was called.

“Ah, Madame Maxime’s home?” Jean-Bob said, with a knowing smile.

“Yes,” replied Hagrid, “Bu’ don’ let ‘er know what I bought, it’s a surprise, see.”

“But of course,” Jean-Bob smiled, “I will bring ze parps zair zis afternoon, would three o’clock suit you?”

“That’d be perfect,” Hagrid replied, “Thanks a bunch.”

Hagrid found Olympe as she was just leaving the robe shop.

“I ‘ope you ‘ave not been too bored,” Olympe said to him.

“Oh no, jus’ bin admirin’ the sights,” Hagrid grinned.

Olympe apologised to Hagrid on their return to her home, saying that she had some work to do regarding her school. Hagrid took the opportunity to find a nice shady part of yard to start building a pen for the parps that would be arriving that afternoon. He put a silencing charm on his hammer so that Olympe would not hear him banging in the nails.

Hagrid surprised Olympe in her study with some roast meat sandwiches for lunch. Olympe was polite enough not to ask what sort of meat it was.

At three o’clock exactly, the wizard named Jean-Bob, from l’Animalerie Magique, delivered the three French Parps. Hagrid released them into their new enclosure, and after making sure they had a bucketful of fresh water and some grain to feed upon, Hagrid went to find Olympe.

Olympe was still in her study, her quill scratching away on a ream of parchment.

“I am nearly finished, I promise,” Olympe said as soon as she noticed Hagrid’s presence in the room.

Olympe wrote the last word with a flourish of her quill and arose from her seat.

“Come with me for a walk outside,” Hagrid urged.

“Zat would be lovely,” replied Olympe, taking Hagrid’s arm, “I could do wis some fresh air.”

Hagrid knowingly led Olympe to the shady part of the yard, where she immediately noticed the new parp enclosure.

“Why ‘Agrid, what ees zis?”

“I bought yeh some parps,” Hagrid said.

“Did you build zis yourself, today?”

“I did.”

“’Agrid, you are so amazing wis your ‘ands,” Olympe said, admiring Hagrid’s workmanship on the enclosure.

Hagrid’s face flushed red.

“Hey, look at that!” Hagrid exclaimed, partly to divert Olympe’s eyes from his red face, “One of the parps ‘as already laid an egg.”

Olympe looked where Hagrid was pointing and indeed there was a deep purple coloured egg in the corner of the pen. Hagrid entered the enclosure to retrieve it.

Olympe happily cooked the egg for their tea, along with another egg that was laid that afternoon. As they ate their eggs they smiled at each other.

“Tell me again ze properties of parp eggs, ‘Agrid,” Olympe asked.

“Well for one thing yeh’d never starve with parp eggs, one egg is enough te fill yeh up,” Hagrid said, “They ‘ave good healin’ properties too, they cure ‘eadaches and tummyaches.”

“You know ‘Agrid, I’ve ‘eard zey are sometimes used in love potions,” Olympe said, “Do you love me ‘Agrid?”

Hagrid’s face was in danger of turning into a tomato it was so red.

“I do,” he replied, “Olympe, I love yeh so much.”

“I love you, too, ‘Agrid,” Olympe replied.

A/N: Thank-you to all the lovely French speaking people on the forums who helped me with the translations in this chapter, particularly Rayne23 for picking up on my mistakes with the translations, ElissandrAnne for translating the name of the Animal Shop and suggesting the village name and Phoenix Flames for giving me a link to a great French translation site.

Chapter 4: Four Salamanders
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The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Olympe and Hagrid were up early the next morning, it was the day of Beauxbaton’s annual Christmas party and there was much to be done.

Hagrid brought Olympe’s powder blue carriage, drawn by large winged horses, to the front of the house and helped Olympe inside.

The view of the French countryside was magnificent from high in the air. Though Hagrid seemed to be looking more at Olympe than at the view.

“Now ‘Agrid,” Olympe said, a serious look on her face, “You must not reveal Beauxbaton’s whereabouts to anyone, eet’s location must remain secret.”

“Don’ worry,” Hagrid replied, “Me lips are sealed.”

The carriage began descending over the Pyrenees Mountains on the French border. The horses expertly pulled the carriage through a narrow fissure in the mountainside and brought them into a hidden valley.

It was the perfect hiding place for Beauxbatons Academy, it was surrounded by mountains on every side. The castle itself was elegant in its exterior beauty. Spires and turrets reached into the sky with little blue flags, carrying the Beauxbatons coat of arms, flapping in the breeze. Tall windows lined every wall; at least half of them were made of stained glass, depicting great French witches and wizards.

The carriage landed smoothly on the perfectly manicured grounds and Hagrid helped Olympe out onto the soft green grass.

The inside of the castle was even more beautiful than the outside. The entrance hall housed a gigantic golden fountain that was three tiers high and contained a golden mermaid statue in the centre. Beautiful marble staircases ascended to the upper floors of the castle.

Olympe led the way to the hall where the Christmas party was to be taking place later that evening. The hall of Beauxbatons was slightly smaller than the Great Hall at Hogwarts, but it was much more elegant. Beautiful draperies hung from the walls and the stained glass windows reached right up to the ceiling. The ceiling was not bewitched like the ceiling in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, but several ornate candelabras hung down instead.

Soon Hagrid and Olympe were joined by several other teachers and the decorating of the hall began. Wreaths of icicles were hung from the windows, garlands of blue and silver were artistically place above each of the tables and the candelabras were bewitched to have blue flames. Each table housed a bowl of blue flames in the centre, much like the flames in the candelabras. A layer of magical snow was spread across the floor and magical snowflakes were suspended in the air giving the whole hall the appearance of a winter wonderland.

At eight o’clock that evening the students of Beauxbatons began piling into the hall, each chatting excitedly as they admired the decorations. The students had all dressed in their best robes for the occasion. Hagrid had worn his jacket made of hair and a lurid yellow tie. He had attempted to comb his hair back, but had given up on it.

“Yeh look beautiful!” He exclaimed when he first saw Olympe in her dress robes. She wore light silvery robes and a silver pendant around her neck. Her hair was loose about her shoulders, rather than up in a bun. Hagrid could not take his eyes off her.

After everyone was seated trays of food were brought into the hall by legions of fairies. Once the meal was over, students were allowed to mingle or to dance to the songs of the nymphs who sang Christmas carols on a stage made of ice.

Hagrid and Olympe remained at their table and chatted about themselves.

“Before I became ‘eadmistress, eet will interest you to know zat I taught Charms,” Olympe told Hagrid.

“I was never too good at Charms,” Hagrid admitted.

“Per’aps I could teach you sometime,” Olympe said with a warm laugh.

“I would like that,” said Hagrid, “And maybe I could teach yeh a thing or two abou’ magical creatures.”

“Like what?” Olympe asked, teasingly.

“Well, did yeh know that Salamanders love te bathe in fire?” Hagrid asked.

“I did know zat,” Olympe replied.

“Bu’ did yeh know that there were Salamanders in this fire?” Hagrid said, mysteriously, indicating the bowl of blue flames in front of them.

Olympe looked confused for a moment then directed her gaze towards the blue flames. She gasped as she noticed for the first time the small six-legged lizards crawling around in the flames.

“I put ‘em in there especially for yeh, Olympe,” Hagrid said.

Olympe watched the salamanders crawling around, enjoying the flames. She counted four altogether.

“You are always full of surprises, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said to him, “You spoil me too much. I never know what you will surprise me wis next!”

Chapter 5: Five Unicorns
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The Fifth Day of Christmas

One the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

While Olympe slept late following the party of the night before, Hagrid arose early to prepare his next gift.

He had arranged to meet his friend John Perseus at he edge of Valensort at seven-thirty. John had arranged to use a portkey from England.

Hagrid arrived at the chosen spot only a few minutes before John appeared with a large crate. Inside Hagrid could hear the sound of stamping and whinnying.

“How’d everythin’ go?” Hagrid asked, pulling his collar up against the crisp morning air.

“Oh fine,” John replied, “There was no problems at the Ministry, you just have to sign here.”

John handed Hagrid a piece of parchment and a quill. Hagrid signed it with his heavy-handed scrawl and handed it back to John.

“Are you sure they will be okay here?” John asked.

“Don’ worry, they’ll ‘ave plenty o’ room to run around,” Hagrid grinned.

“So who’s the lucky lady I keep hearing so much about?” John asked with a wink.

“Who ‘ave yeh been talkin’ to? Hagrid asked, going slightly red underneath his beard.

“Let’s just say I’ve heard a rumour,” John replied.

“Oh yeh ‘ave, ‘ave yeh?” Hagrid said suspiciously.

“So who is she?” John asked again.

Hagrid thought a moment before answering, not sure if he wanted to share his private life.

“’Er name’s Olympe an’ tha’s all I’m tellin’ yeh,” Hagrid said.

John refused to give up.

“So is she pretty?” he asked.

“Olympe is the most beautiful and refined woman yeh’d ever meet,” Hagrid said, “Now I’m not answerin’ any more o’ yeh questions!”

John laughed heartily.

“Well I can see you care deeply for this ‘Olympe’,” John said, “I hope she likes her gift.”

“Who said anythin’ abou’ a gift?” Hagrid said defensively.

“Hagrid, you forget that I’ve known you for over ten years,” John laughed, “And you’re not the sort of bloke who’s into raising Unicorns.”

John took a hold of the portkey and vanished again, leaving Hagrid alone and with a very red face.

Hagrid conjured some wheels and a rope for the crate and proceeded to pull the cart along the snow swept path back towards Olympe’s estate.

He had already made up a pen before he had left for Valensort, and once he had arrived back at Olympe’s home, he released the animals from the crate into their new home.

Hagrid crept back into the house and made Olympe a breakfast of parp eggs. He knocked gently on her bedroom door and surprised her with breakfast in bed.

As Olympe ate her breakfast, Hagrid sat by her bedside and chatted. Eventually he carefully steered his conversation to the topic of Olympe’s childhood.

“Do yeh remember how yeh were tellin’ me abou’ yeh firs’ year at school?” Hagrid asked.

“Of course,” Olympe replied, “I was telling you ‘ow we had gone on a field trip to ze Forest of Amoiré.”

“Tha’s righ’,” Hagrid said, “Yeh said it was the mos’ special day o’ yeh life.”

“Mmm,” Olympe agreed, as she finished her parp eggs, “We were deep een ze forest identifying ze magical properties of Elder wood, when a curious young unicorn came up to us. We just stared at ze beautiful golden foal een awe. And zen ze most amzing zing ‘appened.”

Olympe’s eyes had lit up in excitement as she remembered the special moment.

“Ze baby unicorn walked right up to me. I reached out my hand and eet let me touch eet’s shiny coat before eet turned and dashed away into ze dense trees.”

Olympe sighed in remembrance of the happy memory.

“Well we’d better feed them parps,” said Hagrid, arising from his seat.

Hagrid waited in the kitchen while Olympe got dressed, then they both made their way to the parp enclosure.

After the parps had been fed Hagrid asked Olympe to walk with him. Olympe didn’t notice the new pen until they ten metres away from it.

“Oh ‘Agrid, you didn’t!” she exclaimed when she realised what the pen held.

As they came right up close to the pen, the five golden unicorn foals walked curiously up to the fence to meet Olympe and Hagrid.

“But ‘ow?” Olympe asked in amazement.

“Me mate John works with magical creatures that ‘ave been orphaned,” Hagrid explained, “They found these poor mites huddled together in a cave after a werewolf had attacked their parents. So I’ve adopted ‘em fer yeh.”

“Oh ‘Agrid, you are ze sweetest man alive!” Olympe threw her arms around Hagrid and kissed him.

Chapter 6: Six Skrewts a-Blasting
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The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Olympe invited Hagrid to be a special guest professor at Beauxbatons for the second last day of term. Hagrid was delighted to take a special lesson with the third year Care of Magical Creatures class after lunch.

Madame LeBelle, the Care of Magical Creatures professor, greeted Hagrid enthusiastically before the students started arriving.

“I must warn you, ‘Agrid,” said Madame LeBelle, “Not all ze students speak Eenglish, but do not worry, I will translate for you.”

Hagrid nodded nervously. He wished Harry, Ron and Hermione were with him to give him a bit more confidence. But of course they were all back in England.

Slowly the students started filtering down to the open part of the grounds where Hagrid and Madame LeBelle stood waiting. The students looked at Hagrid curiously wondering who he could be. Some of them whispered to each other, causing Hagrid to go slightly red behind his bushy beard.

Madame LeBelle introduced Hagrid to the students and explained that he was a special guest professor.

“Zey are all yours,” Madame LeBelle then said with a smile.

Hagrid looked out at the sea of expectant faces and cleared his throat.

“Er… Good afternoon class, I’m Professor Hagrid,” Hagrid said. Madame LeBelle immediately began translating rapidly in French, causing Hagrid to become slightly distracted.

“Er, so fer today’s lesson I’ve brought somethin’ special. It’s somethin’ yeh’ll ‘ave never seen before.”

The students simply stared at Hagrid with expressionless faces.

“Yeah, so in these crates I ‘ave some creatures called Blast Ended Skrewts.”

Hagrid went to each of the crates and opened them. There were three crates altogether and each crate held two Blast Ended Skrewts.

“So yeh can all gather ‘round an’ ‘ave a look at ‘em,” Hagrid said with a nervous smile.

The twenty Beauxbatons students milled around the three crates and peered in at the Blast Ended Skrewts. Several of the girls jumped back away from the crates with a squeal when one of the Skrewts let off a small blast from its end.

“Don’ worry, these ones are still fairly young, nothin’ to be scared of,” Hagrid said, “Now the ones with the stingers are the males and the ones with the suckers are the females.”

“But what are ze point of zem?” asked a blonde-haired boy, in a bored tone.

“Er…point?” asked Hagrid.

“What are zey used for?” the boy asked, “Do zair stingers ‘ave magical properties or something?”

“Er…well…” Hagrid stuttered.

Thankfully Madame LeBelle stepped in and said something angrily in French to the boy. After that the boy remained quiet and didn’t ask any more questions.

At the end of the lesson Madame LeBelle asked the students to thank Hagrid for showing them the Blast Ended Skrewts. Then she escorted Hagrid to the castle to meet with Olympe.

“Are you ready to return home?” Olympe asked him.

“Ju’s gotta pick up me Skrewts,” Hagrid said.

“So you showed ze students some Blast Ended Skrewts?” Olympe asked, as they walked back to the crates.

“Yeah, only hatched ‘em a couple weeks ago,” Hagrid said proudly.

“And did ze students enjoy ze lesson?” Olympe asked.

“T’ be honest, they seemed a bit bored by ‘em,” Hagrid admitted.

“I fear ze students at Beauxbatons are not quite as lively as ze students at Hogwarts,” said Olympe in a comforting way, “Zey ‘ave been brought up to show restraint and reserved politeness.”

“Well, anyway, I want to thank yeh fer allowin’ me to share me Skrewts with yeh students,” Hagrid said, with conviction.

“Why ze pleasure was all ours, I am sure,” replied Olympe.

“Well I want to give yeh a gift,” Hagrid said.

“Anuzzer gift!” Olympe exclaimed.

“Olympe, I want yeh to ‘ave these Skrewts.”

“But ‘Agrid…” Olympe began.

“It’s the least I can do fer letting me teach yeh students today,” Hagrid said.

“Why zank-you, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said with polite smile that hid her true feelings about the Skrewts. In her mind Olympe was thinking that the Skrewts were nowhere near as nice as her previous gifts, but she knew they meant something special to Hagrid and were a gift from the heart.

Chapter 7: Seven Plimpies Swimming
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The Seventh Day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

In a way Hagrid realised that Olympe may not have been all that taken by the Blast Ended Skrewts, though she tried her best to convince him they were “truly wonderful creatures”. So Hagrid set about to give Olympe another gift, one that she would truly enjoy.

He waited until Olympe had left for Beauxbatons, then took a shovel out to a sunny part of the lawn and began digging. It took him a good part of the morning to dig a decent sized hole. Hagrid hoped Olympe wouldn’t mind too much about all the changes he was making to her backyard, but he knew once he gave her the next gift it would be worth it.

Hagrid cast a waterproofing charm over the soil in the bottom of the hole then scattered some various sized rocks in. By the edge of the hole he planted a sapling willow and placed some quick-grow manure around its roots.

Hagrid then built a small wooden bridge over the hole, with a little bit of magic to help him. He also made a two-person bench seat to place by the edge of the hole. Once this was done Hagrid had only two more things to add.

Aguamenti!” Hagrid said with a swish of his wand. A jet of water immediately began spouting from the end of his wand and gradually filled up the hole to create a pond.

Hagrid then took a net and walked down to a stream that flowed nearby, about five kilometres down the road. Hagrid cast the net into the stream and settled himself down on the mossy ground to wait.

Within half an hour seven fat plimpies had found their way into Hagrid’s net. He scooped them up happily and plopped them into a bucket of water to carry them back to his newly built pond.

When he arrived back, Hagrid noticed the willow tree had grown nicely while he had been gone. Hagrid tipped the bucket gently, allowing the plimpies to slide into the water of the pond. They flicked their small tails and kicked their long rubbery legs, pushing through the water gracefully with their webbed feet.

Hagrid could hardly contain his excitement when Olympe returned home that evening. He took her by the arm and escorted Olympe to his newly made pond. Olympe was speechless. Her breath was completely taken away.

“Eet ees so beautiful!” She finally exclaimed when she got her breath back, “How did you do zis?”

“A bit o’ magic an’ a bit o’ hard work,” Hagrid said modestly.

“Eet ees seemply wonderful.”

Hagrid escorted her to the seat and they both sat down on it together. The sun reflected off the surface of the pond and the plimpies swam about contentedly.

“Zis ees so romantic, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said cuddling up to Hagrid.

Hagrid really was in danger of turning into a tomato the amount of times his face had turned bright red in the past week, and this moment was no different.

As Olympe and Hagrid huddled up together on the seat, snowflakes began gently falling from the sky. The grass was turning from green to white and the plimpies in the pond swam to the surface trying to eat the snowflakes that landed on the water as if they were white insects.

“Do you sink ze pond will freeze over?” Olympe asked, concerned.

“Not to worry,” Hagrid said.

Hagrid waved his wand and cast an Anti-Freezing charm over the pond. Then, brushing the newly fallen snow from their clothes, Hagrid and Olympe made their way back inside, arm-in-arm for large mugs of hot cocoa by the fire.

Chapter 8: Eight Knarls for Milking
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The Eighth Day of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Hagrid was constantly admiring Olympe’s extensive grounds during his stay there. He kept commenting that it was shame to have so much room for Olympe all by herself. Olympe agreed that it was shame letting so much room go to waste. So while Olympe attended Beauxbatons for the last day of term, Hagrid returned to Valensort to find a creature that would not only make use of some of Olympe’s grounds, but that would also be useful.

Hagrid arrived at Valensort admidst the hustle and bustle of the early morning trading. Witches and wizards filled the streets, hurrying this way and that, trying to finish off their Christmas shopping. And though they spoke to each other in French, Hagrid could imagine what they were saying.

“There’s only five days left until Christmas, and I still haven’t bought a gift for my Aunty June!”

“I thought I had bought enough food for everyone, but now Carol said she’s coming with her husband and kids!”

“I’ve bought something for Molly and Michael and Jill and Henry and Rueben and Daisy and Gwen… I can’t help thinking that I’m forgetting someone…”

It was the same everywhere at Christmas time; the country may have been different and the language different, but the last minute shoppers at Christmas time were always the same.

Hagrid zig-zagged between the shoppers carrying piles of parcels. Luckily his massive figure made it easier to get through the crowd; people seemed to step out of his way when they saw him coming.

Hagrid came to a stall in a side street that was selling an assortment of creatures. Hagrid looked in each cage at the stall trying to determine which creature would be most suited to life at Olympe’s home. He looked at the large green-feathered birds with the long orange beaks called Poppinaries. Hagrid knew that Poppinaries were flightless birds famed for their beautiful songs, but he really wanted to get Olympe something that would be useful. Besides, Hagrid thought, he had already got Olympe so many birds already and he didn’t want to overdo it.

Hagrid considered the small rodent-like creatures known as Driggers. The fur of a Drigger was very soft and when they shed their hair it could be collected and sewn into garments to enhance mental agility. However, Driggers were extremely active creatures and could be quite hard to manage. Besides, Hagrid thought, Olympe was already extremely clever and really did not need anything to enhance mental agility.

Finally Hagrid found exactly what he was looking for, a cage full of Knarls. Knarls were creatures that resembled hedgehogs, and Hagrid knew that the milk of a Knarl was especially rich and wholesome, not to mention extremely delicious.

The sandy-haired witch at the stall did not seem to speak English, but somehow Hagrid managed to convey to her that he wanted eight female Knarls for milking. It involved a lot of acting on Hagrid’s part. He pointed to the cage of Knarls, then held up eight of his sausage-like fingers, he then tried to act out milking, which had the witch completely confused at first. Eventually, though, she worked out what Hagrid wanted and handed him a cage containing eight female Knarls for milking.

Hagrid took the Knarls back to Olympe’s house and began work constructing yet another new enclosure in her yard. Hagrid had to make sure that there was no way the Knarls would escape their enclosure, as they were well known for wreaking havoc in gardens.

Olympe didn’t know what to say when she first saw the Knarls.

“’Agrid, you must stop spoiling me wis gifts!” she exclaimed, “Or soon my home will be turned into a menagerie!”

“Don’ worry,” Hagrid said, “A home without pets is not a home at all.”

“I must admit,” said Olympe, “Zat eet does get quite lonely ‘ere all by myself een zis big house.”

“And now yeh can ‘ave fresh Knarl milk whenever yeh feel like it,” Hagrid said jovially.

“I do love Knarl milk,” Olympe said smiling at Hagrid, “But I am afraid I do not know ‘ow to milk a Knarl.”

“Let me show yeh,” said ‘Agrid leading her inside the enclosure, “It’s real easy. Yeh jus’ tickle it until it rolls over onto its back.”

Hagrid demonstrated.

“Then yeh jus’ gently encourage the milk out of its teats into this jug,” Hagrid explained, using a jug he had brought with him.

“May I try?” Olympe asked.

Hagrid switched positions with Olympe as she began tickling one of the other Knarls.

“Who would ‘ave sought zat one day I would be milking a Knarls,” Olympe laughed as the rich yellow milk flowed into the jug.

“Well yeh are one amazin’ woman, Olympe,” Hagrid replied.

Chapter 9: Nine Fairies Dancing
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The Ninth Day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Now that Beauxbatons had closed for Christmas, Olympe had much more free time to spend with Hagrid. They spent their morning walking Olympe’s extensive grounds. They fed grain to the parps and collected the purple eggs. They milked the Knarls and fed them their favourite food (licquorice). They fed the unicorns some hay and brushed their silky golden coats. They sat by the pond and watched the plimpies swimming about while chatting non-stop about everything and nothing.

It was the perfect morning, and Olympe was determined to make it a perfect evening. She wanted to cook Hagrid a French banquet to thank him for all the gifts he had given her.

They started out with an entrée of Bouillabaisse. Hagrid tried his best to eat it like a gentleman, but he somehow still managed to drip it down his beard. Olympe leaned over and gently dabbed his sopping beard with her napkin. The Bouillabaisse was followed by a Soufflé au Fromage. For main course Olympe had prepared a Fricassée de Mer. This was followed by a platter of assorted French cheeses, including Camembert and Brie, accompanied by a salad with a French vinaigrette and some crusty French bread. Finally they retreated to the living room for a strong cup of coffee and a dessert of Crème Caramel.

“This dessert is superb!” Hagrid exclaimed.

“Eet ees my grandmuzzer’s special recipe,” Olympe commented, as Hagrid took another huge mouthful.

Needless to say, both Hagrid and Olympe were quite full and content by the end of the meal and were happy to rest in each other’s arms by the crackling fire.

After a while Hagrid said to Olympe, “I’ve got another surprise for you.”

“But ‘Agrid,” Olympe protested, “You ‘ave given me so much already! Tonight I was supposed to be spoiling you.”

“I know,” said Hagrid, “But when we were out walking earlier I noticed something flying around amongst the branches of the willow tree, so I caught some for you.”

“What are zey?” Olympe asked.

“Jus’ wait ‘ere and I’ll go get ‘em,” Hagrid replied.

Moments later he returned with a large lantern, but instead of holding a candle inside, the lantern was lit by nine fairies dancing about.

“Fairies!” Olympe exclaimed.

“Cheeky little things, too,” Hagrid commented, “One of ‘em bit me when I was putting it in ‘ere.”

“Why zey are absolutely delightful,” said Olympe, as she watched them dancing about within the lantern.

“I thought they might look good on yeh Christmas tree,” Hagrid said.

“But of course! Want a novel idea.”

Hagrid and Olympe carefully extracted the little fairies from the lantern and arranged them on the Christmas tree. The fairies seemed much happier with their new home and began showing off within the green branches surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

“Only three days ‘til Christmas,” Hagrid said.

“I am looking forward to Christmas very much zis year,” Olympe told Hagrid.

“Why is that?” Hagrid asked.

“Because I get to spend eet wis you.”

Chapter 10: Ten Porlocks Grazing
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The Tenth Day of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Ten Porlocks grazing,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

During the holidays the large winged palomino horses that pulled the powder blue Beauxbatons carriage were housed in the large stables at Olympe’s estate. Hagrid took it upon himself to take care of them. Everyday he would give them a single malt whisky and a nice bundle of hay to eat. He would brush their coats and groom their long tails. Then he would take them out into the large paddock out back so that they could have a run around in the winter sunshine and stretch their wings a bit.

As Hagrid stood leaning on a fence post, watching the horses, Olympe walked over to join him. They stood together silently admiring the large beasts as they trotted around and flapped their wings every now and then.

“I mus’ say these ‘orses ‘ave bin trained well,” Hagrid commented in an impressed tone.

“I trained zem myself,” Olympe said, “My muzzer trained horses when I was young.”

“Well yeh’ve done a fine job,” Hagrid said, complimenting her.

They stood in silence for a moment longer, both patting the nose of a horse that came over to greet them.

“I don’ ‘ear yeh talkin’ about yeh mother very often,” Hagrid commented.

“She was a lovely lady ‘oo was taken from me too soon,” Olympe said, a tear welling up in her eye.

“I know ‘ow yeh feel,” said Hagrid, “It’s jus’ like me Dad. What about yeh dad, I never ‘ear yeh speak about ‘im.”

“My fazzer was never part of my life,” Olympe said, in a tone that made it clear she did not wish to talk about the topic any further.

After standing in silence again for several moments, this time an awkward silence, Hagrid tried to bring the conversation back to a lighter topic.

“Yeh know yeh ‘ave so much room ‘ere, yeh should let the ‘orses out more often,” Hagrid said.

“I totally agree wis you, ‘Agrid,” Olympe sighed, “But I fear zat zey will be ‘armed by ze wild animals zat inhabit ze forest. We ‘ave ‘ad problems wis zem in ze past.”

“Well tha’s easy fixed, isn’t it,” Hagrid said smiling, “I know jus’ the thing to ‘elp yeh.”

Hagird returned later that day with a large crate. He brought it over to the paddock and opened it. Olympe peered inside to see what it held. Curled up sleeping in the hay were ten big piles of dirty white wool.

“Get up yeh lazy overgrown powder puffs,” Hagrid said, patting each pile of wool roughly.

Gradually each pile of wool uncurled itself and stood up. Each one was two feet tall and stood on two cloven-hoofed feet. Protruding from their shaggy mass of wool were two small arms, each with four fingers. They had long necks and elongated snouts. They shook their shaggy heads, causing their floppy ears to flap around, and then they looked around curiously with their large eyes. Hagrid encouraged them out of the crate, and they began grazing amongst the horses.

“I got yeh a ‘erd o’ Porlocks,” Hagrid grinned, “They’re brilliant at guardin’ ‘orses. Usually for a ‘erd o’ this many ‘orses yeh’d only need one or two Porlocks, but ‘cause o’ the size o’ them I thought yeh’d be better with ten Porlocks. They mightn’t be very big, bu’ they do a good job.”

“Oh ‘Agrid, you are so soughtful,” Olympe gushed, “Eef only you could be ‘ere all ze time.”

Hagrid just smiled back at her with a goofy grin.

Chapter 11: Eleven Mokes a-Shrinking
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The Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eleven Mokes a-shrinking
Ten Porlocks grazing,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

It was the night before Christmas and Hagrid and Olympe were sitting under the Christmas tree watching the fairies dancing amongst the branches whilst sipping on mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Outside it was snowing, turning everything white. The winged horses were warm in their stables, accompanied by the ten Porlocks, who were curled up in the hay. The Knarls were sleeping peacefully in their warm box beds. The Plimpies were swimming happily in their pond, which still had Hagrid’s charm to prevent it from freezing over. The five baby Unicorns huddled together in the shelter of their enclosure, while the Blast Ended Skrewts randomly let off blasts of sparks in theirs. The French Parps were all nestled snugly in their nesting boxes, with their heads resting under their wings.

Inside the Fwooper and the Jabberknolls were perched silently in their respective cages. And the four Salamanders were playing happily amongst the coals of the crackling fire in the fireplace.

Olympe and Hagrid huddled up together, as those in love do, and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

“I love spending Chreestmas wis you,” Olymped sighed.

I love spending Christmas with yeh too, Olympe,” Hagrid said.

“You know it is a tradition in my family to open one present on Christmas Eve,” Olympe said.

“Tha’s good, ‘cause I’ve bin wanting to give you a present today anyway,” Hagrid said.

Hagrid reached under the Christmas tree and pulled out an elongated gift wrapped in green wrapping paper and handed it to Olympe. Olympe gently removed the wrapping paper to reveal the gift inside. It resmembled a Muggle lava lamp, except that inside were little lizards.

“They’re Mokes,” Hagrid said, smiling, “Jus’ watch ‘em.”

Hagrid and Olympe watched the lizards inside the tall glass tube. All of a sudden one of them began to shrink. Olympe gasped in surprise. One by one the little lizards all started shrinking until they were the size of ants. Then just as suddenly they began to grow again until they reached their normal size.

“What eenteresting creatures!” Olympe exclaimed.

Olympe carefully placed the lizards on the side table and reached under the tree for a gift for Hagrid. She handed him a small gift wrapped in red wrapping paper and tied with a gold bow.

Hagrid tore off the wrapping paper to reveal his gift. Inside was a black velvet box. Hagrid opened the lid of the box to find inside a large gold watch with hands that resembled the moon and the sun.

“I ‘ad eet specially made,” Olympe said, as she took the watch from Hagrid and put it on his wrist for him.

“Eet’s beautiful,” said Hagrid, examining the watch in awe, “I’ve never owned anythin’ as exquisite as this in me life.”

“I am glad zat you like it,” Olympe smiled.

Olympe leaned over and kissed Hagrid on the cheek as Hagrid’s watch gave a small chime to indicate that it was midnight.

“Merry Chreestmas, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said, nuzzling her head against Hagrid’s chest.

“Merry Christmas, Olympe,” Hagrid replied.

Chapter 12: Twelve Flutterbies Flying
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The Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Twelve Flutterbies flying,
Eleven Mokes a-shrinking
Ten Porlocks grazing,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Christmas day dawned bright and sunny; the sky was a beautiful clear blue. Hagrid and Olympe both slept late. Hagrid awoke first and silently went about feeding all the various creatures so that Olympe could continue to sleep. On his return inside the house he found Olympe in the kitchen cooking French omelettes made from Parp eggs.

After breakfast they both retreated to the living room and sat beneath the towering Christmas tree, where the fairies still danced and showed off amongst its branches. First they unwrapped the presents that had been sent to them by their many friends.

Hagrid had received a book about dragons from Hermione, a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Ron and a new hairy jacket from Harry. Hagrid tried it on immediately.

“Fits perfect!” Hagrid beamed.

Olympe had received a pair of beautiful earrings, a powder blue muff and some French perfume.

“Who sent yeh tha’ perfume?” Hagrid asked, a little suspiciously, and with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Eet ees from my good friend, Magarette,” Olympe replied, “She ees quite wealthy and likes to buy extravagant gifts to show of ‘er wealth.”

Hagrid relaxed.

“Shall we exchange our gifts now?” Olympe asked.

She reached for a small gold envelope with Hagrid’s name on it. She passed it to Hagrid and he opened it curiously. Inside was a small gold card with Olympe’s curly handwriting. It read two simple words:

Walk outside

Hagrid looked at Olympe with a curious expression. Olympe nodded, a small smile playing on her lips. Hagrid walked outside, wondering what to expect, and Olympe followed him.

As Hagrid walked out the front door he was accosted by a giant furry animal leaping onto him.

“Fang!” Hagrid said excitedly as his faithful boarhound licked every inch of his face, “But ‘ow? ‘Arry was looking after ‘im.”

“I know,” smiled Olympe, “I arranged wis ‘Arry to send Fang ‘ere for Chreestmas. I knew ‘ow much you were missing ‘im.”

“Olympe, yeh’re the best,” Hagrid said, smothering Fang in gigantic hugs.

“Ah, but zair ees one more part to zis present,” Olympe said, cryptically.

Hagrid calmed down Fang and looked at Olympe, wondering what more there could be.

“Look at Fang’s collar,” Olympe smiled.

Hagrid looked at Fang’s collar and found hanging from it was an elegant looking brass key.

“A key?” Hagrid asked.

“Eet ees ze key to my ‘ouse,” Olympe said, “I want you to be able to come ‘ere whenever you please.”

“Olympe!” Hagrid exclaimed and smothered her in a gigantic hug.

They walked back inside with Fang walking along at their heels. They settled back under the Christmas tree and Fang found a cozy spot by the fire. Hagrid reached for the last present under the tree, it was small enough to fit into the palm of his large hand and was wrapped in shimmering white wrapping paper and topped with a silver bow. Hagrid handed it to Olympe. Olympe unwrapped it carefully and found inside a small glass box filled with little creatures with many-coloured butterfly like wings.

“Flutterbies,” Hagrid explained.

“Zey are beautiful,” Olympe commented, “But aren’t zey supposed to be poisonous?”

“Yeah, they are,” Hagrid said, “ But yeh should see ‘em when they’re released into the air, it’s amazin’.”

Once again the couple moved outside. Fang chose to stay in his comfortable spot by the fire. Once outdoors, Olympe released the catch on the glass box and released the twelve beautiful flutterbies that were inside. Hagrid had been right, the effect was amazing as the colourful flapping wings carried the flutterbies high up into the air.

“Look at the box,” Hagrid said simply, as the flutterbies disappeared into the distance.

Olympe looked down into the glass box that had recently held the twelve flutterbies. She had expected it to now be empty, but instead she found herself looking at a magnificent diamond ring. The band was white gold and the diamond set in the middle was the size of an apricot. Several smaller sapphires surrounded the main stone. Olympe looked up at Hagrid with her mouth open in shock; she was speechless.

“Olympe Maxime,” Hagrid said, taking the ring from the glass box, “Will yeh marry me?”

Tears of joy began filling Olympe’s eyes.

“Yes!” Olympe said, “Of course I will marry you, ‘Agrid!”

Hagrid slipped the ring onto Olympe’s finger; it was a perfect fit.

As they walked back inside again, with their arms wrapped around each other, Hagrid commented, “At least now you won’t have te worry about who’ll look after all the animals while yeh’re at school.”

“You would live ‘ere in France, wis me?” Olympe asked.

“But o’ course,” Hagrid replied.

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