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CAFS by kirstie

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 6,777
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)

Genres: Humor, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Goyle Jr., Luna, Pansy, Dean, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/19/2007
Last Chapter: 07/27/2008
Last Updated: 07/27/2008


Hogwarts is now teaching the students in the subject called Communtiy and Family services, just like the muggles have. How will they cope with having unlikely couples and even more unlikely acting kids?

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Chapter 1: The First lesson.
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Hermione Ron and Harry sat in the great hall as they ate lunch before there last class of the day. Ron slowly pulled out his timetable before stuffing more food into his mouth that already contained food.

“Ron, did you not notice that there was already food in your mouth!” Hermione said before going back to her own food. Harry laughed as Ron gave her the look.

“wahhjaiscaf sjdh!” Ron said suddenly still looking at his timetable.

“Clearly not!” Ron stopped and looked at her before swollowing the huge amount of food in his mouth.

“I said, what the hell is CAFS” he said pointing to were it was on his timetable.

“Do you know anything?”

“Well I bet Harry doesn’t know what it is” Harry suddenly felt him shrink in his chair. “What how do you know about it!”

“They’re in muggle schools Ron,” Hermione said before Harry could say anything. “And clearly Harry and I were brought up as muggles”

“Well if it’s from muggle schools, why do we have to learn it?”

“Because Dumbledore thought it would be good for us” Hermione said with the look on her face that told Ron to shut and eat now!

“Fine, stupid Hermione” he mumbled to himself before putting more food into his mouth.

“Who teaches it, Hermione?” Harry said slowly. “And what does it teach”

“Harrison, that’s what is says on our timetable. And as for what is teaches. I guess you’ll find out soon enough wont you.” She said as a blonde girl came and sat next to them. Harry and Hermione looked at her whilst Ron continued to eat. She starred back at them, with a mad look on her face.

“Ginny?” Harry said slowly as she gave him a little smile. “What on earth happened to your hair? Not that I think it looks bad or anything.”

“You’re digging yourself a whole Harry!” Hermione laughed but Ginny didn’t. They sat there in silence until Ron noticed what was going on.

“What on earth happened to you hair, Ginny!” Ron said as food dropped out of his hands.

“No need to shout it Ron.” Ginny said angrily. “It was dean. He did this to my hair.” She said and then went back to grumbling under her breathe.

“Now why would he do that?” Harry said with a smirk as he exactly why he had done it. A couple of weeks ago Ginny tricked dean into drinking a potion that turned him into a girl every couple of days. They had been at war with each other for about a month now and it seemed even between them. As much has Harry was amused Ginny wasn’t she simply smiled and got up and walked away. Harry thought she looked just as beautiful with blonde hair flicking behind her as she did with red.

Hermione soon checked her watched and instructed that they class started soon and they should get ready.

They slowly made there way to class walking as slowly as possible before they walked through the door and sat down at the second table from the front. Soon more and more people began to arrive and the sound became louder. Soon they were so loud that they could barely hear the person next to them.

“What is all this noise” said a small lady from the front. Everyone attention was soon on the small lady at the front. She seemed old but nice as though she had lived with children for her whole life.

“Yes I understand you are excited but that is no excuse for that sort of racket,” she said in an even softer voice so people would have to listen. She slowly walked up to the front of the room and moved the cauldron onto her table.

“Now I am sure that you are all curious on what I am hear to teach, and are itching to read you new books I’m about to hand out.” At this all the students in the room groaned and the Mrs Harrison began to laugh. They students looked up at as though they were the worst teacher they will ever have. What teacher (besides Snape) laughs at children’s misfortunes?

“I was kidding guys. Learn to take a joke.” Everyone suddenly starred at her again still just as surprised as what she said before. She slowly laughed before getting back on track.

“Ok and I am sure you also want to know why you are doing with the lower grade. Well you questions are about to be answered, but first I would like you to get into these groups I call out.” She said as everyone didn’t know how to react. They hoped that they would get in a group with the friend but unfortunately for most people they didn’t.

“Ok first group. Ginny, Collin and Harper!” she said as Ginny and Collin got up and walked towards the back of the room. At that moment Draco’s hand shot up.

“Yes Draco.”

“I’m afraid, Harper and Theodore has a... quidditch accident and are in the hospital wing for the next month and a bit.”

“Thanks you, then i'm afraid if you are in Harper’s or Theodore’s group you will be in pairs.” At that no body was aware of how bad that was and if they had none they would have surely groaned.
“Dean, Ronald and Hannah” They got up and dean and Ron laughed about getting in the same group whilst Hannah looked sadly at her friends.

“Luna, Vincent and Tracey”

“Hermione, Seamus and Gregory” Harry laughed as Hermione gave him a horrid look but she still got up and walked to the back of the room and joined her group.

“Padma, Justin and Lavender”

“Harry, Theodore and Pansy” at this Harry looked at the teacher in shock. How could she out him in the same group as… as pansy. Of all the people, she picked pansy.

“Harry Potter. You were instructed to go the back with you’re group.” Harry looked at her in shock still but slowly managed to get up and join pansy though she looked just as shocked as he was.

“Ok now that we have five groups I am going to explain what is going to happen. The group you are in now will be the group you will be in for the rest of the 3 months.” At tis the students groan extremely loudly and some started to protest.

“Quiet, quiet class there is no getting out of it. Now you will be practicing being parents for the 3 month whilst one will be the mum, another, the dad and the third the child. You will take care of you’re child in special 4 room place like you’re common rooms. Each place has a toilet two bed rooms and a living space. This is where you will spend you free times with your child, getting to know them and at the end you will present a report to the rest of the class.” She paused waiting to hear the kids’ response before giving them the instruction.

“You will take care of you child and they will remember everything so do not scar them. teachers will be able to walk into your rooms at any time so be careful about what you do in there and if there is any mistreating you will be suspended from Hogwarts as if you do not complete this task.”

“Now could you please drink a cup from the potion I instruct you to go to.” She began to walk around the room splitting up the groups to one of the three cauldrons. Harry, Ron and Hermione all got to drink from the middle cauldron. Soon the whole class had drunk the potion she waved her wand and everyone suddenly began to move. Bumps and boils began to show up on there skin and some began to swell but after about. 30 seconds the swelling and boils were going and they were back to normal. Well except the ones that had changed into the infant form. Harry laughed as he saw Hannah tug on his cloak and ask him why she had two daddies. But Harry soon forgot what his was laughing at as a little girl came up and hugged his legs.

“Daddy!” she cried and hugged him tighter.

“Pansy,” he said looking at the little girl with long black hair.

“You haven’t forgotten me,” she said with a tear in her eye.

“Oh course mister Potter hasn’t” said Mrs Harrison as she comforted the child.

“Now to make sure the child doesn’t get distressed you will officially be married tomorrow. OH and for the single parents make up a story about the mother or father.” Harry gave a short laugh as he looked around the room looking at everyone interact with there child but he soon turned his attention back to Mrs Harrison as she began to speak again.

“You’re homes are on the third floor behind the portraits of the men drinking wine. Now there are 5 portraits and each one has been assigned to a student couple. Do not change the pass word or swap rooms. Now go and have fun.” The class stood the dumb founded. None of them new what to do. It was Luna who moved first with little Tracey, the Slytherin holding her hand. Soon more students began to follow until it was just Harry and pansy.

“Come on daddy. Show me my room!” she said in her little 5 yr old voice.

“Umm yer ok. Follow me” he said but pansy grabbed his hand and began to skip next to him. They walked up two flights of stairs before they reached the five portraits were Hermione, Ron and Ginny were talking. Pansy let go of Harry’s hand and ran over to little Collin and tried to play tip with him.

“I can’t believe this.” Hermione said

“At least you’re not the only gay couple!” Ron said as Harry and Ginny nearly wet them selves laughing.

“Shut up Harry. Do you know how hard it was explained to her why she has two dads?”

“Crabbe. Off all the people…” Hermione said again as though they didn’t hear the first time.

“Harry I’m sort of glad now I’m a single parent.” Ginny said with a smile as she flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder and Harry laughed. “Just think we might have been stuck with Crabbe or Draco. Harry was about to speak before pansy came up and grabbed his hand again.

“Show me my room Daddy.” She said with a sweet smile on her face. Harry just looked at her before her he realised that he had to take her into his room.

“Wait where my portrait is.” Harry said looking around

“It the one with your name over it.” Ginny said giving him a dah… how thick are you, look. Harry just smiled before he walked up to the portrait with pansy.

“Umm hello” he said to the man in the portrait.

“Oh I was wonder when I would get my group.” He said looking at Harry “single parent ah... have fun. By the way my name is Fabean Meast The third.”

Harry smiled as he walked into the room and pansy once again ran though the rooms and ran straight to hers. Harry followed her as she raced into her room and Harry found her sitting on her pink quilt on her bed. Harry looked into the room. There were soft toys everywhere and a picture by her bed. Harry glanced and tried to make out what it was of. He moved closer to see it was of him and pansy at the beach.

“Remember that Daddy?” she said but didn’t leave him time to answer.

“It was so much fun. I loved the sand castles.” She said with a small giggle. Harry blinked to make sure that this was really the pansy he knew. She was so nice and sweet.

“I wonder what happened,” he thought

“Will you read me a story she said pointing to the shelves of books. But then pulled one out from under her pillow. “This one is my favourite. Harry looked at her and slowly grabbed the book out of her hands and began to read.

“Once upon a time there was a little witch…” it wasn’t long before pansy was tied and asleep. Harry slowly let out a sigh and took a shower before he finally went to bed. It had been an eventful day. Not only had he got a child but he spent the after noon entertaining her before she got tired. Unfortunately for Harry he wasn’t looking forward to the many days ahead, but soon he would.

Chapter 2: The First Morning.
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Harry slowly opened his eyes as he lay in bed. He slowly grabbed his glasses and looked around to make sense of were he was. Then he remembered what had happened the previous day.

He got out of bed and lent against the side of Pansy’s door. He looked in as he watched her trying to read the book Harry had read to her last night. She suddenly looked up as she noticed the presences of Harry and jumped up and hugs his legs.

“Daddy you’re awake!” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“What oh yer” He said as he rubbed his eyes. “Hey. How are you?” at this pansy did one of her girly giggles and Harry smiled.

“I was just reading. Look, look”

“Nar maybe later, I have to take a shower.” Pansy’s face turned to a frown before she remembered she was reading and went back to trying to read her favourite book whilst Harry was in the shower.

Harry usually had a ten minute shower but today it was less then five. He was not quite sure if he should leave Pansy by herself and he felt a little worried.

As quickly as he got in he got out. He quickly put a towel around his lower half. He slowly walked into the living room where pansy now sat to check that she was ok.

He began to walk back to his room to get changed into his school clothes (because he generally didn’t walk around half naked) right before he heard the voice of Fabean Meast the third yelling to him that there was a visitor at the door.

Harry pushed open the portrait carefully to see who was on the other side. He was surprised to see that Ginny was on the other side. She blushed as she looked at the half naked Harry and Collin began to giggle. Harry blush realising that he was half naked as it slipped his mind once Fabean Meast The third told him that there was someone that wanted to see him.

“Hi Harry.” Ginny said with cheeks still red from blushing.

“Oh hi Gin. I sorta just got out of the shower.”

“I can tell.” she said with a small laugh. “Anyway that’s what I was hear to talk to you about.” At this Harry looked confused.

“About me having a shower.” Harry began to laugh as he could see Ginny’s cheeks go redder. “Are you trying to tell me that I stink?” Ginny laughed before setting her story straight.

“Well no but now that I think about it…” Ginny said with a cheeky smile as Harry pretended to be offended. “No what I was really here to talk about was. Well Collin wants to have a bath and …” At this Harry laughed the most.

“Well what do you do with Pansy?” at this Harry stopped laughing and stopped to think for a second.

“It hasn’t come up yet!” Harry said with a pondering look.

“Well I will make a deal with you.” Ginny said. “I will bath Pansy if you bath Collin!” Harry stood there thinking about it but he didn’t get a chance to reply as Pansy ran up to Ginny with her purple towel that had her name on it.

“Bathie, Bathie, Bathie” she said as she grabbed Ginny’s hand. Harry laughed as he agreed.

“Now pansy this is Ginny. Be good.” He said as he took waited for Ginny to explain things to Collin before letting Harry take him.

Harry walked Collin into the bath room where he filled up the bath and even added some bubbles. It was now about the time when Harry would have been in his first class but he got it off so that the 6th and 7th yrs could take care of there kid.

Soon Collin had been bathed and washed to Harry satisfaction. He dried him and walked him back out side to meet Ginny.

“Thanks heaps Harry.” Ginny said with a smile as she hugged Collin back.

“No worries. I wasn’t that bad.” Harry said with a laugh. Suddenly pansy began to tug on Harry robes.

“Doesn’t she have pretty hair daddy?” Pansy said pointing to Ginny’s hair which was now back to its normal colour of vivid red. Harry laughed as he looked up at Ginny. Yes her hair was pretty even beautiful in Harry’s eyes.

“Yes it is very pretty. Now pansy lets go back so I can get some stuff then we can go down to breakfast.” He said giving Ginny a goodbye wave.

“Yummy. I’m soooooooooo Hungry.” She said exaggerating the so. Harry slowly collected his school things and was about to put his bag on his back but he was interrupted by Pansy.

“Daddy?” she said in an innocent voice.

“Yes Pansy”

“Can I have a piggy back to the hall?” she said quietly and Harry laughed.

“Ok get on” Pansy smiled as Harry put her on his back and began walking down to the main hall. He thought if he needed his things he would come back and get them. He walked out of his room not forgetting to say goodbye to Fabean Meast The third as he walked by.

He finally made it down to hall and Pansy jumped off and ran over to the other kids. Harry watched as she sat by the Gryffindor table next to Collin and Hannah. Hannah was telling them about her Dads whilst Collin was talking about Ginny.

Harry smiled before joining Hermione, Ron, Luna, Dean and Ginny.

“You what we had to do yesterday?” Ron stated frustrated.

“What Ron?” Hermione said

“We had to explain to Hannah which one of our last names she gets” Dean answered quickly. At this they all began to laugh and they noticed Harry presents for the first time during this conversation.

“Well what last did you decide on?” Ginny asked curiously looking for a laugh.

“We decided to mix our names together” Ron said

“Yer it’s now Thomsley. We had no choice Hannah picked it” Dean said half groaning.

“Harry how have you been going with pansy?” Ginny asked clearly looking for a good laugh.

“Well… she’s no as bad as I thought she would be. I started to quite like her. She so funny” Harry said and at this everybody’s faces were in surprised except for Luna's.

“Well Crabbe isn’t that bad either. I was surprised. I thought he wouldn’t want to do this but gosh, I was very surprised when I walked out of bed and found him playing hide and seek with Tracey. But off course I have to watch over things because sometimes he doesn’t no how dangerous something’s are” Luna stated and everybody laughed.

“Wait…” Harry said as he couldn’t control his laughter.

“What?” said Ron

“Do you guys have to sleep in he same bed as your partner.” he said remembering only seeing one bed in his room. At this Ginny face became puzzled as she too had no idea.

“Yes of course we do Harry! What sort of married couples doesn’t sleep in the same bed?” Hermione said.

“Where not married yet Hermione, not for another couple of hours.” Luna interjected. Everybody laughed but suddenly stopped as they heard a thump from Ginny’s direction. Everybody slowly turned around to see Ginny on the floor laughing. At this everybody laughed along and Ginny slowly made her way back up on to the chair.

Chapter 3: The First Kss
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Pansy sat quietly in the corner while Collin ran around like an aeroplane. Harry smiled as he saw her playing with the small daisy in growing in the corner. Harry snapped around quickly as he heard the voice of Ginny who was sitting next to him.

“They’re so cute aren’t they Harry!” she stated quietly into his ear. Harry felt a hot surge run through him and found his as throat dry like dead grass as Ginny whispered into his ear.

“Yer” he said roughly. Ginny soon noticed how uncomfortable he was and soon move away. She slowly sighed and walked over to pansy in the corner.

“That’s a pretty flower, Pansy.” Ginny said to Pansy trying not to startle her. “Don’t touch it, it is magical.”

“Is it really magical?’ pansy said inquisitively.

“Honey, Everything in this castle is magical.” Harry smiled at Ginny’s comment but when she saw him, he felt his face got red so he looked away. Ginny saw this and blushed too. Soon the silence could not be broken by either but it was interrupted by the other students as the flocked into the room like a pack of wild animals as they babbled to each other about the day’s events that were soon to happen.

The students sat down next to the partner and there children as they waited for Professor Harrison to arrive, but as time slowly passed on she didn’t arrive.

“Where do you think the professor is?” Hermione asked Ron slowly as the kids were playing in the corner.

“How am I supposed to know?” Ron said rudely and Hermione shot him an evil glare.

Harry went to speak but he felt he couldn’t break the silence that had just fallen upon the room. He looked around to find its centre and looked as he saw Snape walk in the class room. The whole class looked at each other and Harry could see the smile on Draco’s face. Maybe he thought he could get out of Cafs.

“Now Harrison has… fallen ill, so what ever you have planned for today will be postponed.” Snape said as the children had begun to take notice and they began to look distressed as they parents wouldn’t be getting married.

“Draco take that girl out NOW!” shout Snape as Draco’s child started to cry loudly.

“Um... yes professor,” he said embarrassed and drag his child out of the room trying to calm it down.

“Now,” Snape began to continue, “Today you shall get to know this thing” He said pointing to Colin. “Some more. You will be designated to an area where you will spent the day with your child only returning to the school for lunch and dinner or to retrieve things from your room. Is that clear?” he said and smirk as everyone chanted an effortless yes.

“Now come to the front where I shall assign you your areas”

Everyone slowly began to get up and stand in line as Snape randomly gave groups places to go. At last it was Harry and Pansy’s turn.

“Ahh Mr Potter. I am afraid that we have one place left and two groups!” Snape said with a wide grin. At this Harry turned around to see who was behind him as he knew this is who he would most likely be paired with and hoped it wasn’t Draco. He turned around and smiled as he saw Ginny trying to tell Collin about Hogwarts. Ginny looked up and saw Harry smiling at her and tried not to blush.

“Mr Potter, Ms Weasley!” he said loudly trying to snap Harry back to reality. “You will be paired together down in the...” he began to look at the piece of paper for the last place. “The ground near the quidditch pitch.” At this Harry smirked. Harry loved the Quidditch pitch. It was his second home. But Snape soon whipped that smile away.

“That does not mean, Mr Potter that you can enter the quidditch pitch at all, and if I find that you have you will find yourself suspended and cleaning the dungeons every night instead of dinner for a month” this defiantly whipped Harry’s smile away.

“Now if you excuse me.” Snape said as he pushed past Harry. Harry looked over to Ginny. He smiled knowing that he would be spending the rest of the day with the lovely girl whose hair now shone bright red. Harry smiled at the thought ad looked as Ginny looked at him puzzled.

“What are you smiling at Harry?” she said looking over her shoulder to see if it was something over there. At this Harry shook his head, blushed and looked back at Ginny.

“Err nothing. Shall we go down to the grounds?” Harry said trying to steer the conversation away.

“I think we shall!” Ginny giggled as she and Harry began to walk down to the grounds.

The walked through the halls slowly behind Pansy and Colin as they ran ahead, urging them to hurry up, and as soon as the reached the outside area Pansy and Colin ran off trying to hide from Harry and Ginny. Harry and Ginny walked around talking as they pretend to be looking for Pansy and Colin. They only pretended to make the game fun. Pansy was standing behind a small bush that she could see over and Colin was trying to be a tree. Clearly Colin wasn’t very good at this game.

“Ginny! I can’t find Pansy anywhere! Have you seen her?” Harry said rather loud.

“No Harry I haven’t but I can’t find Colin either I wonder where he could be?”

“It’s seems to be a mystery to both of us!” Harry and Ginny looked at each other and laughed as suddenly Pansy and Colin ran out.

“Don’t worry were here! Were not lost!” they screamed with laughter as they ran into Harry and Ginny’s arms.

“Phew. I thought I lost you!” Harry smirked at pansy

‘Well you didn’t daddy!” pansy said as she grabbed Harry’s hand. Harry looked down at the child, still amazed at how lovely she was. Harry was becoming quite attached to her.

“Good! Because I don’t what I would have done. There would have been nobody to read stories too?” Harry said as Pansy’s face grew into more of a smile and she looked at him wincing for a piggy back. Harry laughed as he picked her up and chucked her onto his back.

They day continued in the same motion, Colin and Pansy playing some game and Harry and Ginny pretending to be very very bad at it. The time passed within seconds, hours flying. Soon it was within time it was reasonable to go into the great hall for lunch, but Harry, Ginny Pansy and Colin were busy playing pretend fight. Ginny was on top of Harry, who was on him back as he tried to grab Colin who was trying to push Colin, who was siting on Harry and Ginny.

Harry quickly laughed as he let go of Pansy which caused her to push over Colin and releasing a bit of load of Harry. So Harry, knowing he was much stronger then Ginny quickly positioned himself and flipped himself over so he was on his back and facing Ginny. He laughed as he heard the scream as he frighten Ginny, and sat up as Ginny clutched to his torso so she wouldn’t fall anymore but to everybody else it just looked like a hug. At this Harry soothed her, until she loosened her grip. She moved her face in front of Harry’s as she blush ferociously as Harry smile and looked at her.

Harry saw her beautiful skin bright red with emotion and could not resist. He slowly felt his lips press softly against hers, he waited until she realised what was happening and she responded, but suddenly they both jumped as they heard a loud “Gross” from next to them. Suddenly Ginny was on her feet blushing again, and Harry remand on the ground. He blinked as he realised Pansy and Colin had been watching and slowly laughed. At the moment nothing could hurt his self – esteem. He slowly got up and followed Ginny’s lead as she waited for them not looking in Harry’s eyes as they made there way to lunch.

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Chapter 4: Weddings and Disagreements
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Chapter 4.

Nothing had gotten better since lunch. Harry and Ginny sat in eat across from each other in a very awkward silence. Pansy and Colin just sat the quietly too thinking they had missed something. It they sat there for about 10 minutes before they were joined by Hermione, Goyle and the little Seamus. Suddenly Colin and Pansy faces grew into a smile as Seamus sat next to them and they excitedly told each other about there day!

Harry and Ginny looked to each other as Hermione came and sat next to them with Goyle by there side. He made little hesitation to sit next to them. Hermione seemed to be getting on fine with him but with Harry there, Goyle had never felt so awkward.

‘So, how was your day Harry, Ginny? Do anything interesting?” Harry and Ginny both looked at each and blushed furiously. Hermione gave them both the impression that she knew something but that was not the case, she was just asking them. Hermione looked at the both suspiciously because they were both acting so weird.

“No, nothing interesting just played games on the grounds.” Harry answered speedily barely leaving a pause between words.

“Yer nothing abnormal!” Ginny answered to and then hit her head against the table realising how stupid they sounded. “What about you Hermione?”

“Yer we just walked around the astronomy tower and showed of the views. We could see the grounds just near the Quidditch pitch.” She said with a sly smile and at this both Harry and Ginny gulped. At this point Ron and Dean slowly followed by a sulky
Hannah followed. Everyone looked at Ron and Dean waiting for them to explain but they just looked at everyone.

“Oh you want to know why Hannah sulky!” Dean said first as he smiled as to Ginny. Harry saw this and disliked the feeling he was getting but he couldn’t place it. He tried to his it but he could tell Hermione saw if anyone.

“Another child was being mean to her and told we can’t get Married because were both boys. So she very upset.” Ron said with a little laugh.

“Why would somebody tell her that?” Ginny said probably trying to imply that it was Draco’s kid.

“Well you could always get committed. It’s like marriage for Gay people.” Hermione said as Hannah’s eyes lighted up and Ron gave Hermione a death glare.

“Good idea Ms Granger, Ten points to Gryffindor!” Everyone jumped as Professor Harrison’s voice boomed fro, the front. At this point the day everybody else was at classes.

“As you all no I was sick this morning, well as you can clearly see, I am better now so I would like to continue with the plans I had for the day! You are all going to take part in a marriage service. You will be married to you partner, in the charms class rooms and each of you will have either a best man or Bridesmaid. If you could please go to your rooms to pick up you dresses girls and boys go to your common rooms. Please take your child of the same gender with you as they will be ring bearers or flower girls. Do you understand?” Everybody just looked at her with shock as the children laughed with glee.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” she said as she was about to step down.

“Wait, what do Ron and I do, Hannah’s a girl and we're both boys!” Dean yelled out as Hannah suddenly realised she wasn’t going to be a flower girl and began to cry.

“Shush Hannah,” Ron said trying to calm her.

“Good Question, Mister Thomas, I’m sure Miss Granger will gladly take your child for you!” she said and Hannah stopped crying and began laughing. Ron gave Harry a look that imply are all kids this emotionally distressed.

“And as for Mister Potter and Miss Weasley could you please make you’re way to transfiguration room 5 with your kids, I have a surprise and I need your help!” she said with a slight smile and began walking towards the doors but as she reached the doorway she turned around.

“Now please!” she yelled as every student quickly took the hand of the child and began walking for the doors.

“Go with Hermione Hannah” Ron said as he picked up Hannah and walked over to Hermione where he put her down. Hermione gave Ron a warm smile.

“Thanks Hermione!” he said softly in her ea, which caused her to blush.

“No… worries Ron! Let’s go Hannah” she said as she picked up Hannah’s hand and walked her away. Ron smiled before he walked out next to Dean and Goyle.

Harry and Ginny both looked at each other, totally forgetting the encounter they had before. They both got up and walked next to each other and Ginny held Collins and who held Pansy’s. They walked up tot the second floor and walked until they found Transfigation room five. They walked in and just stood there wondering what they had to do.

“Harry, I found a piece of parchment on the table, here come read this!” she said with a slight smile as she had already read it. Harry read it slowly and the looked up at Ginny with fear in his eyes. He they re-read it again to make sure he was understanding it properly. Then he re-read it again.

“Geez Harry, no matter times you read it still going to say the same thing!”

“But how are we going to look after like 10 kids. This is bizarre. They don’t need honeymoons; Hermione and Goyle aren’t exactly friends.”

“Well, we will figure it out but first we have to collect things from the broom cupboard on this floor then we can go and watch the weddings.”

“Fine, I’ll go get the stuff and you watch Pansy and Colin, he said with a bit of anger in his voice.”

“Fine!” Ginny yelled as he already left the room. Both Colin and Pansy looked at her with scared looks on there faces, but Ginny didn’t do anything she just walked over to the paper and looked for step two and began getting things out of the draws of the desk!

Harry came back floating in loads of mats and cushions and flicked them over the floor so they made 9 little beds. He gave an apologising look to Ginny but she rejected it and started making the beds neat due to Harry badly performed spell.

“Lets go to the Wedding now!” Colin yelled to Ginny but she just scolded and Colin cowered.

“I’m going now, Colin, let’s let Ginny finish here and we will meet her there all right! Harry said as he took Rubbed Ginny’s shoulder but she still seemed to be mad at him. So Pansy and Colin took both of Harry’s hand and began walking to the Charms corridor.

Ginny was left in the room fixing the beds. She slowly folded the sheets under the bed but this one wouldn’t stay straight so she kept re doing in it until she got it right. It was three quarters of and hour until she deemed the bed perfect, and by this stage she was in tears.

She was so mad at Harry. He was the subject of her crush since she was 11 and he knew that. By the time she was 15 the crush formed something more and they first time they kiss, Harry goes on pretending it never happened. Ginny half wished that Hermione would just admit that she saw then everyone would know and Harry would not have to deny it. She realise that she had been in the room for over and hour and a half and done over 6 steps. Well at least she didn’t have to as many after.

She walked down the corridors thinking about how mean she had been to Harry. She felt like a down right cow and felt like she had to be a bit nicer to him even though she was still very mad at him. If she could live with 6 brothers she could do anything.

Ginny finally made it to the charms room and quickly realised it was the one room at the far end. It wasn’t hard to figure out as it was the one with flowers over and the music coming from.

Ginny quickly ducked in the room and stood next to Harry who was standing at the back, she smiled slightly as he gave her a warming smile. Harry frowned when it was not really returned.

Ginny looked up the front as she saw, Ron and Dean both in tux’s and Hannah in a pretty flower girl dress. She smiled as she saw that they were exchanging rings. Ginny gave a small laugh, wishing she could take a picture to show the Twins.

Next Hermione walked up the isle and everybody stood up as Seamus followed her it a ring. Ginny looked up the front to see Goyle. Even he wasn’t denying how beautiful Hermione looked in a wedding dress. Ginny spied as she saw Ron with a huge smile on is face as he was watching Hermione as she made every movement. Ginny felt like she envied Hermione quiet a bit.

Soon before Ginny realised it, the service was over. She looked around as everyone stood either in gown or suits. Hermione smiled as Ron was talking to her quietly, looking quite flushed. Once again the odd feeling flew over Ginny. Ginny found she quite disliked this feeling and realised it was visible from her face. She looked over to Harry who was starring between Ron, Hermione and Ginny. Harry smiled slightly trying to figure out what was going on, but he was clearly misjudging it.

“Everyone! Please take your child to your room and get the ready, as you will be going on your one night honeymoon tonight. You child will be taken care of through day care. They will spend the whole night there so please don’t forget to pick them up tomorrow morning at 9.” Professor Harrison yelled as she left the room.

Some people began walking through the school but the majority of them just stood there dumb struck. Hermione, Seamus and Goyle joined Ginny and Harry as they spoke nothing to each other.

“I’m so glad you’ll be going Ginny! Otherwise I would have no one to talk to!” Hermione said with a wide smile but it was pulled from her face when Ginny pulled a guilty face.

“What! You’re not going!” Hermione yelled, “W…What about you Harry!” she more then yelled.

“Sorry Hermione, Gin and I are the available day care; we don’t go on honey moons because we didn’t get married!” At this Hermione just stomped out of the room as Harry gave Goyle an apologetic look.

“What is it with girls hating me for no reason today!” Harry said quietly to himself.

“Oh we have reasons Harry!” Ginny said before she and Colin walked out of the door.