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Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity by Lopie

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 77,764

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence

Genres: General, Humor, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Tonks, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 11/12/2007
Last Chapter: 12/12/2012
Last Updated: 12/12/2012

Sequel to Harry Potter and the Final Countdown. What would you do if you had to chose between enjoying your life with the ones you love, or returning to the others that you love as well? Could you make a decision? Is it possible for anyone to make the right decision? More importanly, what will Harry chose?

Chapter 1: Last Chances
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Chapter One
Last Chances


She walked down the street with her hood of her black robes up looking carefully around the dingy street. She saw derelicts rummaging through the trash and the buildings all looked abandoned, with broken or boarded up windows. But she knew behind some of those boarded up windows people were there, living in the shadows.

She couldn’t figure out why anyone would be here. It was really bothersome to place the people she was looking for to be willing to hide in a place like this. The only thing that kept her walking through the dark and shadowy streets of this place was that she’d never been led wrong before. She trusted them well enough to know they weren’t lying to her.

She saw the building she was looking for. She’d felt nervous for the past hour or so. She kept feeling eyes following her movements through the dark but she couldn’t see anyone. When she got to the building she opened the door quietly. They would be waiting for her. She knew it. She just had to wait for the right moment.

She barged into the room boldly and tossed back her hood as she did. She flashed her award winning smile at the group standing before her as they looked shocked that she came. Their looks made her laugh.

“What’s wrong?” Rena asked brightly. “I bet you didn’t expect to see me come through those doors. Is that it?”

“You!” Said a death eater who’d just removed his mask.

“You’re Rabastian Lestrange aren’t you?” Rena asked. “I’ve spent a lot of time looking for you. Do you know how hard it was to track you down to this dusty old building?”

“Then you are in for a treat.” Rabastian told her. “All your hard work will be rewarded. Linden, please kill this pathetic girl for me.”

Avada Kedavra!” Linden yelled and his spell hit the place where Rena had stood seconds before.

“Harry used to tell me to just be fast when fighting you guys.” Rena said from behind the large group while still smiling. “Do you think that was fast enough?”

“Get her!” Rabastian yelled angrily.

Rena remembered all her training well. Before the first spell had gotten close to her she transfigured a metal shield in front of her and apparated to the back of the crowd again. I could really use your help guys! She thought, hoping Jen would hear it.

Just then she noticed a spell in her one unguarded second. She moved to dodge but the spell hit something a few feet away from her and a blue flare, like a shield, shot in four directions, making the ghostly impression of a person. Rena just stared at this in shock before she transfigured another metal shield. Then she heard it.

Be careful! They can’t help you now.

Her eyes widened at the voice that echoed through her head. “It can’t be.” She whispered to herself. She had no time to think on the fact because she knew that if Kei and Jen weren’t there the voice was right. Rena used the blinding light spell and followed it up with the twins newest invention, the stunning suppressor. She quickly hid behind the metal shield as red streaks of light flew in every direction possible. When she looked back she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

“At least I can tell them that works well.” Rena said. “Now where the hell are Kei and Jen?”


Kei and Jen were supposed to offer Rena assistance. They were told the building they were going to take wouldn’t have a strong force of wizards and in that they were told correctly. However, no one mentioned the werewolves that they were dealing with now.

Kei had already killed five and Jen was on her third, but they had a good ten more to deal with at the least. Kei was nervous and Jen picked up on this quickly. It did not set her at ease in the slightest.

“Didn’t you and Harry kill about thirty werewolves once?” Jen asked as she just managed to dodge an attack and plunge the knife into the werewolf’s heart.

“Two things were different from then and now.” Kei replied. “We didn’t take them all at once, and the full moon wasn’t about to show itself.”

“Aaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” They both heard.

“Oh shit.” Kei said. “It might be a good idea to run.”

“If we run how many muggles will they kill?” Jen asked as she got prepared to fight.

“It we stay they’ll kill us.” Kei told her.

“That’s the price we pay for what we do.” Jen said. “Harry wouldn’t stop now.”

Kei nodded slightly and his eyes set in a grim look as he made to reach for the second katana, Harry’s first katana. “Then lets do it.” He said. But then he looked toward his hand that couldn’t grasp a handle.

The force which had to have moved the sword was so light that Kei hadn’t even felt it, but he saw the katana fly through the air and plant itself in one werewolf’s chest. Just after that two of Jen’s knives did the same. The knives danced through the transforming werewolves hitting them in the heart with each pause in the dance. They flew and landed at Jen’s feet when they reached the sword and the sword killed three more of them. Then it flew slowly towards Kei and placed itself in the sheath it had been in before.

Kei looked over at Jen and became confused. She had a look on her face he’d never quite seen before. It made him nervous to see it now. He wondered if she was the one who did that.

“It wasn’t me.” Jen said. “But we have to go help Rena.”

Kei nodded and apparated as quickly as she did. They found Rena waiting impatiently while tapping her foot on the ground. “And just what were you doing while I had to test that damn stunning item of the twins? What if it had a defect? Where the hell were you two?”

“We were dealing with werewolves.” Kei said. “And something else.”

“Something strange but familiar?” Rena asked.

“Did you feel it too?” Jen asked her quickly.

“No, I heard it.” Rena told her.

“Did it feel like…” Jen started.

“Yeah.” Rena replied.

“What am I missing?” Kei asked. “I just see ahead so you two have better senses of the here and now. What’s going on?”

“Whatever it was that helped us,” Jen began. “and did whatever it did for Rena, it felt like…”

“Like what?” Kei asked impatiently.

“Harry.” Rena answered.


“How did it go?” Salazar asked him.

“Very tiring.” Harry answered as he fell in front of him. “Why do I feel like I’m about to drop into a coma after I do that?”

“Because you are doing something you are not supposed to.” Salazar told him. “You are not a poltergeist, or even a ghost, yet you are focusing your entire spirit on using yourself in a physical sense. That is no easy feat. Indeed, it is so rare that few have ever achieved such a skill.”

“How hard is it for you?” Harry asked.

“Nearly as difficult.” Salazar told him. “I only have the benefit of experience to concentrate my energy on specific tasks instead of having to treat the entire action physically.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“When you tried to act physically you tried to shift your entire body into existence, am I correct?” Salazar asked him.

“Yes.” Harry replied.

“I would use only a hand where a hand is good, only my magic when that is needed, and so forth.” Salazar said. “It is less draining by far. But to shift my entire body I would be as weak as you.”

“I see.” Harry said with a nod.

“But now that I see you protecting your loved ones once more, it is time we called a meeting with the others.” Salazar told him. “There is something you must now know.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“The time for that is later Harry.” Salazar replied. “Even us long passed spirits need sleep at times. The same is equally true of those only dead for months.”

“All right.” Harry said as the world around him shifted into his bedroom. “I’ll talk to you later Salazar.”


“So you’re saying a ghost helped you?” Kingsley asked them.

“Harry isn’t a ghost.” Jen said. “He accomplished his goal, even if he didn’t get everything he wanted. His… spirit, his essence, whatever it was that made Harry who he is. His soul helped us tonight.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Kingsley asked.

“Does it sound plausible that Jen and I managed to defeat more than ten werewolves who were nearly completely transformed?” Kei asked. “And that Rena somehow miraculously summoned a shield without even thinking about it?”

Kingsley look thoughtful. “What do you want me to do about it?” He asked. “Why not report this to Tonks?”

“Are you that stupid?” Rena asked. “She still tears up at his name alone. How do you think she’d act if we go telling her his spirit is acting out from beyond the grave?”

“We were hoping to speak to the Unspeakables to see if anything like this has happened before.” Jen said. “If they have maybe we can learn something about what is happening.”

“I’ll talk to the head of their office and tell them that you all have some questions.” Kingsley said. “They’ve been highly interested in you three since you reappeared. They want to ask you what happened and how you managed to do it.”

“We’ll tell them if they’ll help us.” Rena said with a nod to her friends. They nodded their agreement quickly.

“Very well.” Kingsley said. “I’ll send word when I know something.”

“Thank you Kingsley.” Kei said. “I’m going to get some sleep guys. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Kei apparated back to the manor and stood there quietly as his mind thought through what he’d just been told. Harry had helped them. Regardless of the fact that they all knew he had been dead for months he’d come when they needed him the most. Kei sighed and went to his room.

The last months had been some of the hardest of his life. He managed to explain to Ryo and Takeshi why he had to go to the founders and left them in Remus’ care. By the time he’d returned he understood why Harry was so confused during his sixth year. The thought that you’d lived a year and only remembered a few months was nearly maddening.

He laid on his bed lost in the thoughts of the last month. Ryo and Takeshi had already returned to school and were doing well from what he’d been told by Eileen. Everyone worried the most about Ginny, who still seemed like she’d go mad at times. No one truly knew what to do about it was the worst part of it all.

Ron and Hermione were both studying to follow their chosen paths. This meant that both of them were seldom seen doing anything but study save for Ron’s training. It seemed that they’d both strengthened their resolve to do what they could for the wizarding world. Kei always thought of how proud Harry would be of them if he could see them.

As that thought came to him he realized that it may not be that Harry couldn’t see them, but that he couldn’t tell them. He thought again about the nights events. As he let the memory of the dancing knives run through his head again he did have to admit that they moved much like when Harry used knives.

As he became frustrated at the thought again he stopped thinking and finally drifted off to sleep.


“What the bloody hell?!” Harry exclaimed as he sprang straight up in the bed, drenched in water.

“Welcome to fantasy island.” Sirius said with a barking laugh.

“Did you have a good sleep?” James asked with a grin.

“Why am I soaking wet?” Harry asked them with a knowing smile.

Sirius showed him a huge bucket. “We thought you might like a nice shower.” He replied.

Harry laughed as he pointed his wand between them and the two became drenched as water poured down on them. He laughed harder when the buckets landed on their heads. “Well, now that we’re all clean.” He replied.

Sirius and James laughed with him after removing the buckets. “You’re a chip off the old block Harry.” James said with a laugh.

“Not much of a compliment there.” Sirius said with a grin. “He never was the best one of us.”

“And who would you say was better?” James asked curiously.

“I think Remus beat us James.” Sirius told him seriously. “He’s still alive after all.”

“Good point, that.” James said with a nod. “Okay, Moony won.”

Harry stood up and laughed. “Are you two going to compete for eternity?” He asked them.

“Most likely.” Sirius said with a nod. “We always were rather competitive.”

Harry nodded. “Right.” He said. “So what do we do today?”

“Does that mean you’re ready for an adventure?” James asked as his eyes brightened. “You’re done with your studying?”

Harry grinned. “Of course.” He said as they walked into the dinning room for breakfast. “What else would I do now that I’ve finally learned how to interact with the physical world? I can protect my friends again. What else is there to learn?”

“Have you really learned it Harry?” Salazar asked him. “Or are you just able to do it because you are strong?”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked. “You and Godric taught me. You know that. What are you playing at now?”

Salazar shook his head. “No Harry, we merely showed you what you could do.” He said. “You already know we can’t teach your family how to do it. How is it that only you learned?”

“Maybe I’m the only one who has the right willpower for it.” Harry replied. “Sirius and Dad would just run around playing tricks on people and Mum has stated that she had no reason to act in the physical world now.”

Salazar smiled. “Exactly.” He replied. “You have the right will to succeed. You’ve always had that will. Which is why I can now tell you of an adventure for you to take.”

“Adventure?” Harry asked curiously. “What adventure is that?”

Salazar smiled knowingly. “The adventure to get what you’ve lost.” He told Harry.

“What is that?” Harry asked.

“The ability to protect.” Salazar told him. “To help the world once more.”

Harry looked at Sirius, then at James. “What do you think?”

Sirius grinned. “When do we begin?” He asked.

“I wonder if Lily will come along this time.” James said thoughtfully.

“Lily will most certainly be coming.” Lily replied. “I do wish you’d pay attention to whether I’m in a room or not.”

James smiled. “I knew you were there.” He replied. “I just didn’t want to invite you along. I figured it would be better if you invited yourself along.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “You are still a very immature man James.” She told him. “You should be grateful I took hold of you.”

“I am Lily.” James said with a smile. Then he turned to Harry. “We’re in.”

Harry laughed and turned to Salazar. “I guess we’re ready then Salazar. What do we do?” He asked.

“Come with me to see the others.” Salazar said as his smile grew.


Rena laughed as she’d passed by a group of men stared at her as they walked by. Ever since that magazine gave her an award for most charming smile and best looking bachelorette in the Ministry she’d get that response from men. She thought it was a load of crap but that was okay. Considering there were very few who actually admitted to working for the Ministry since Voldemort had died and his death eaters had broken into many different groups it was a very short list of names.

She knew she’d changed a lot since she’d returned from learning from the founders. Rowena and Helga were the cause of most of it. They told her that her vanity could be looked at as a useless ideal that would end up getting her killed or a valuable weapon for disarming her enemies. She just chose the latter. It seemed to work as well since most seemed to think she was incapable because she took time to take care of how she looked. She always made sure to make them pay for that mistake.

However, she would always freely admit that she felt proud of those two awards regardless of the fact that she wasn’t completely absorbed by them. At least, she’d admit it to herself. She’d never told anyone exactly how happy she was when she won those awards. The only other person who knew that was Jen, and that was only because she’d been right next to Rena when she was told.

Pushing those thoughts away, she walked through the doors of the Ministry and made her way to the aurors office. She looked around as she walked through the main hall, making sure there were no signs that anyone had tampered with anything. This was a habit for her and, while she didn’t truly know whether anything had been tampered with, she always felt safer after doing this.

She made her way quickly to the aurors office after that. Tonks had sent them a message to get there as quickly as possible. She was running behind as she hadn’t woken up till the call came. She sighed at the thought that Jen had left her to finish the paperwork by herself after Kei left. She walked into Tonks’ office to see Kei and Jen sitting with Tonks already.

“What was the emergency?” Rena asked.

“Your report doesn’t make sense.” Tonks replied.

 “What do you mean?” Rena asked.

“How did you know Kei and Jen weren’t coming?” Tonks asked.

“I just assumed since they hadn’t shown up that they weren’t coming.” Rena replied.

“And why didn’t you two make it there in time?” Tonks asked them.

“Werewolves.” Kei replied. “Just like it says in the report.”

“It was a full moon last night.” Tonks said sternly. “Why didn’t you just escape?”

“We didn’t exactly know they were werewolves until we were fighting them.” Jen answered.

“How did you manage to handle that situation after they turned?” Tonks asked.

“We got them while they were in the middle of turning.” Kei said.

“You three realize that there are tremendous gaps in your story that make no sense at all, don’t you?” Tonks told them.

“Yes Ma’am.” They replied in unison.

“Then why don’t you tell me what really happened?” Tonks asked.

Rena’s head fell at that. “Because we really don’t know Tonks.” She answered. “As soon as we do we’ll let you know.”

“What do you mean?” Tonks asked.

“Something helped us” Kei said. “We just don’t know who or what it was.”

Tonks nodded. “Something, huh?” She said. “It sounds like you three have a good idea what helped but you’re not talking.”

“We don’t know, we just have a feeling.” Rena said. “When we know something definite we’ll tell you. I promise Tonks.”

“You’d better.” Tonks said. “Kingsley said to meet him at the Department of Mysteries in an hour. Any idea what that’s about?”

“Yeah.” Jen said. “They want to ask about the founders.”

“I see.” Tonks said, still not sounding completely convinced. “Well, you should get some breakfast since you won’t have much time if the Unspeakables are still as weird as they were last time I saw them.”

“Got it.” Rena said. “Any work we can pull off in an hour?”

Tonks laughed. “No, but I’ll find something for you three to do after your meeting.” She answered.

“Great!” Rena said with a smile before turning to her two friends. “Come on, lets go eat.”


“I heard you managed well Harry.” Godric said with a smile.

Harry nodded. “I managed to make it through about a half hour.” He said.

“Good.” Godric said. “How tired were you afterwards?”

“Exhausted.” Harry replied. “But it felt good to help them again.”

“Please sit down, all of you.” Rowena said with a motion to Harry, James, Sirius, and Lily. When they sat she smiled at them. “Harry, have you been keeping up with things in your time?”

“Yes, it’s a mess there.” Harry replied. “Death eaters spread out but didn’t stop. I wish I knew why.”

“They have never stopped doing that Harry.” Godric said. “The difference is that they now know they must take action on their own. You’ve only forced their hand in that way.”

“Its my fault?” Harry asked sadly.

“No, not your fault.” Salazar said. “Your actions merely influenced them to believe that they had to fight for what they wanted on their own.”

“What do I do?” Harry asked. “I can’t fight them like this. What can I do to fix all of this?”

“That is why we called you here.” Godric said. “We have something to tell you.”

“A most interesting thing Harry.” Salazar said. “We have known for quite some time of a way to help you to continue, but we wanted it to be your choice.”

“What is it?” Harry asked curiously.

“It will be one of the greatest adventures you’ve ever had.” Salazar said with a large smile. “One you will likely never forget.”

Harry looked at the three sitting around him. He saw his Dad and Sirius smile brightly at the thought of adventure, while his Mum had a determined and thoughtful look. He nodded to himself. “Then tell me what we have to do. We’re all ready for another adventure.” He said.


“Hello Kingsley.” Kei said as they walked up to him.

“Good morning Kingsley.” Jen said.

“Morning.” Rena said.

“Good morning to you all as well.” Kingsley said. “They have a lot they want to ask you.”

“Will they answer our questions?” Kei asked.

“They wanted to ask theirs first, but they will answer any questions after they ask theirs.” Kingsley said.

“That’s fine.” Jen said. “Where do we go?”

“Just follow me.” Kingsley said.

He turned and began leading them through the unfamiliar hallways of the Department of Mysteries. It was said that if you weren’t told how to walk through the halls by an Unspeakable you could travel for days without finding the right passage. Even more amazing, if you weren’t permitted you could never truly find the most important of items or the Unspeakables themselves. The department’s area seemed to have so many charms set up as countermeasures that you could get lost walking only a few feet.

This wasn’t the case today however. Kingsley knew exactly where to take them and within a matter of minutes they were standing in front of two very relaxed looking people. Rena took the time to take in their dazed looks before looking at Kingsley.

Those two are Unspeakables?” Rena asked in an astounded tone.

“Yes, we are.” The tall one said.

Rena looked them over again. The tall one had brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a remarkable tan compared to most of the people she’d met. He frame was a bit like Ron to her thinking, though this man obviously had a bit more weight than Ron did. She nodded and turned to the other one.

This one reminded her of the boy Kei had a few run ins with before Harry showed up at Hogwarts. She also knew that was the same one that Harry killed to save Snape. The same platinum blonde hair was evident though his hair was not slicked back but grown wildly, looking as if he’d just woken up. He also seemed to have a bit of muscle to him based on his build and the way he seemed to hold himself. She would have sworn it was Draco Malfoy a few years older if it had not been for the warm brown eyes that seemed to make his lazy expression seem rather cheerful. She shook her head for a moment and turned back to Kingsley.

“I believe introductions are in order Kingsley.” Rena said with a slight smile.

“We know who you are.” The taller one said.

“But we don’t know who you are.” Kei answered calmly. “Trust is fleeting with people who have faced as much as we have.”

“Or else we’re just jaded.” Rena added. “Either way, we would like to have names to call you by.”

“There’s no need to keep up that cool demeanor Jacob.” The blonde one said with a nod. “It is going to be very hard to talk if they refer to us as you and pointing to the one they refer to.”

Jacob nodded. “Of course.” He said. “I am Jacob, and this is my partner Alexander.”

“A pleasure.” Rena said with a slight nod.

“Nice to meet you.” Kei said.

“An honor.” Jen said.

“Good.” Alexander said. “Now that the introduction have been handled, come, let us sit and talk.”

As they walked Rena again scanned the area around her. The room wasn’t that large and was rather blank. Not so much as an unusual artifact around. The only thing in the whole room was a large mahogany table with ten chairs. They were offered seats by Jacob and Alexander and sat with Kingsley joining them as the other two men sat across from them.

“You know by now that we want to ask you our questions first.” Alexander said. “That is because our information may not be up to your standards and you may want to restrain some things from us after that fact. I hope you understand our lack of trust, but we do deal with some very questionable people.”

“We understand.” Kei said. “Ask us what you want and we’ll tell you what we can remember.”

“Can’t you remember everything?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Not at this moment.” Rena replied. “We have about three months of memories out of a years worth of study.”

“So you fold the time?” Alexander asked. “You compress the amount of time you’re gone in our time and triple the amount of time you are gone for.”

“The founders explain it differently.” Kei told them. “We could come back to our time and have a day pass, but the memory would be all but gone and there would be the chance that we wouldn’t remember what we needed to. So, instead of compressing time, they compress our memories.

“When we came back to this time all of the things we learned were pushed to the front, while our memories were pushed to the back. To keep the knowledge in our heads. We gain a little memory of the events every day for the next nine months and when we are through with it then we will know everything we did in that time.” Kei finished.

“What did you learn in your time away?” Jacob asked.

“Spells to help us fight, how to use muggle weapons, and how to mix magic and muggle fighting to help us as much as possible.” Jen answered. “A bit of addition to auror training basically.”

“How did you manage to go a thousand years backwards in time?” Alexander asked. “Is there a spell you know?”

“It was an artifact given to the Potter family and left to me.” Kei said. “It will allow a guardian to go back to the founders to learn what they need to know in times of great darkness.”

“Could you bring this item in?” Jacob asked.

“No.” All three said in unison.

“Don’t you believe that artifacts of the Founders of Hogwarts belong to Britain?” Jacob asked with an air of superiority.

“The items the founders left the guardians belong to guardians.” Rena said. “Harry said to make sure it went this way. If you try to go against Harry’s wishes you’ll deal with us.” She added in a menacing tone.

Alexander put his hand up in a calm and atoning manner. “Jacob, the Ministry does not hold claim to items in someone’s private collection. As Mr. Potter willed the items to Mr. Mori, the Ministry has no claim. We can only ask if they would allow us to see them, not force them to turn them over.”

Jacob looked angry but nodded. “Very well Alexander.” He said.

“Is there any way we could look at the item you speak of?” Alexander asked.

Rena looked at Kei with a curious look. Kei nodded and looked at Alexander. “I guess that depends on how pleased we are with your answers.” He said with a slight smile.

Alexander laughed. “I see.” He said. “So we are weighing each other by the information we receive from the other.”

“I guess so.” Kei said.

“Why are you three listed as having used the unforgivable curses more than any other auror and yet none of you have fallen to the dark arts yet?” Jacob asked curiously, though anger still flared through his eyes.

“The secrets of Salazar Slytherin are the cause of that.” Jen said.

“What are these secrets?” Alexander asked.

“I’m not sure if we should give this kind of information.” Kei said. “Salazar said it was kept out of modern history for a reason.”

“What if we tell you that the research of the Unspeakables is only given to others if it proves beneficial to society?” Alexander asked.

“That depends on if it’s the truth.” Rena said and gave Jen a curious look.

“He’s not lying Rena.” Jen said. “Every Unspeakable takes an unbreakable vow to only reveal information when it can benefit society. What Salazar taught us wouldn’t benefit society, but help it collapse.”

Rena nodded. “Only the first time you use the killing curse do you have to use hate and anger. After that any negative emotion can power the spell if its strong enough.” She said.

“What do you mean strong enough?” Alexander asked.

“It has to be a sadness so bad its painful.” Kei answered. “If you aren’t using anger or hate, the sadness or pain has to feel so bad as to nearly be able to affect you physically. If it can’t, it won’t work.”

“I see.” Alexander said to himself. “Now comes the intrusive questions. What are these skills people always say you three, and even Mr. Potter, seem to have?”

“I can find anything, anyone, and any place I need to just by letting my feet do the walking.” Rena said. “It will seem like I’m wandering but I end up finding whatever I’m looking for. Its good for death eater tracking as well.”

“I can see small things about the future while trying to plan something.” Kei said. “It’s not perfect, and I don’t always get all the information, but what I get does help.”

“I can read just about anyone’s mind, and sense certain emotions.” Jen said to Alexander before moving her eyes to Jacob. “Which means you should keep a tight reign on those murderous feelings and angry thoughts around me Jacob. If I feel that any of us are in danger I will take you down quick. Got it?”

Jacob paled visibly at the remark. “I- I- I- I understa- stand.” He said quickly and averted his gaze to the table.

Alexander laughed. “You’ll have to forgive him.” He said. “He’s got a bad temper but he’s not a bad guy really. Just a bit stuck in thoughts that the Ministry controls everything.”

“We’re used to it.” Jen replied. “Do you have any other questions?”

“What could Mr. Potter do?” Alexander asked.

“He could feel things.” Kei said. “He could sense when something was wrong, and feel when people were happy. He could tell when spells were coming and could dodge them most of the time. I honestly only know of two times when he couldn’t feel a spell, and the last one killed him.”

Alexander winced. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to bring that up.” He said. “You understand that we are just trying to research the mystery concerning you. We are the only ones truly interested in the guardian legend, but everyone in the department is interested in you three and Mr. Potter as well.”

“We don’t know much ourselves.” Rena said. “We only know our families fled after the guardians of the founders time died. The Potters carried on the legacy from that time forward. We found out about the legend separately, then found out about Harry. We traced our roots and found that we all traced back to England at that time and came to help Harry beat Voldemort.”

Alexander sighed. “You don’t know any more than that?” He asked.

“None of us knew about the guardians till we started searching them out.” Jen said. “I had to tell Rena who her descendant was. Kei had a slight grasp on it, but even he didn’t know about the guardians and founders. I found out about it when I did a report on famous wizards and just kept searching after the guardian legend to find out if it was true or not. None of us have any real family knowledge passed down about it.”

“I see.” Alexander said. “Would you all be willing to come down here every few months to share your memories with us? To help us understand the times of the founders better?”

“If Kingsley gives us a day or two off to talk to you we will.” Rena said.

“Its done.” Kingsley said quickly.

“There’s your answer.” Rena replied.

Alexander nodded. “Good.” He said. “For now we have no more questions. You may ask yours now. I promise you that we will tell you all we can and we’ll look into anything you truly need to know.”

“Has a spirit ever been capable of acting out in the physical world?” Rena asked.

“You’ve all seen ghosts and poltergeists.” Jacob said. “They run the halls of Hogwarts.”

“But what if there was no ghost or poltergeist?” Rena asked. “Just a spirit.”

Alexander looked thoughtful. “There have been reports that people have been protected by outside means before and the feeling of loved ones comes to them.” He said.

“Could such a thing interact with physical objects and block spells?” Jen asked.

Alexander nodded in understanding. “If we are to talk about this subject we must tell you that most of it is theory. We’ve met no such spirit to see if it works.” He said.

“Then tell us what you know of.” Rena said quickly.

“Well, there are ghosts who have said that spirits that contain a strong will to affect the living can master the power to do so.” Alexander said. “It is said that it can drain a spirit almost completely.”

“Harry always did have a strong will.” Kei said. “If it is possible he could do it if no one else could.”

“Definitely.” Jen said.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about spirits like this?” Rena asked.

“Well, it is assumed by ghosts and poltergeists alike that most of them will eventually seek the same item.” Alexander said.

“What is that?” Rena asked.

“The one item in the afterlife realm that can bring them back to life.” Alexander said. “The Heart of Eternity.”

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Chapter 2: Harry's Last Visit
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Chapter Two
Harry’s Last Visit

“So, what you’re telling me is all I have to do is go to this Temple of Eternity and steal the heart?” Harry asked. “That doesn’t seem too hard.”

“Yeah, we could do that in about an hour and still have time to spare for a few jokes.” James said.

“That’s because you don’t understand the problems you will face inside.” Salazar said. “And you don’t know about them.”

“Them?” Harry asked. “Who are they?”

“The forsaken, Harry.” Godric told him. “Creatures so terrifying few have the strength to face them.”

“What are these forsaken?” James asked. “I’ve never seen them in all the years I’ve been here.”

“And you won’t see them anywhere else.” Rowena said. “They inhabit the temple and the area around it.”

“What do they do that makes them so difficult?” Lily asked curiously.

“If you lose to these creatures, you will no longer exist.” Godric said. “These creatures don’t fight to defeat an enemy, but devour them.”

“So if we lose we die?” Harry asked. “Wait, how could we die if we’re already dead?”

Salazar shook his head. “You misunderstand.” He said. “These creatures would be most commonly thought of as the spirit world’s dementors. They will take your soul inside them and cause you to cease to exist.”

Harry nodded. “I’ve got a strong patronus so that won’t be a problem.” He said.

“A patronus charm won’t work on them.” Salazar said. “You have to fight them, and destroy them. Anything else will erase you from this world.”

Harry looked worried. “So if anyone loses then we can never be seen again?” He asked.

“That’s right Harry.” Godric said. “This is a most dangerous adventure.”

Harry nodded. “I’ll go alone.” He said. “I won’t risk my parents or Sirius for this.”

“If we don’t go, you don’t go.” Sirius said in a demanding tone. “We’ve taken on worse than creatures that can steal your soul before.”

“Yeah, we’ve fought Snape before he used all that grease.” James said with a grin. “We’re going with you Harry. I’ll take no argument from you about it either.”

“But, I can’t let you all risk yourselves for me.” Harry said softly. “That’s why you’re all dead now.”

“Is that what you think Harry?” Lily asked. “That we all died for protecting you so you are to blame?”

“Its true.” Harry said.

“Its foolish!” Lily exclaimed. “We chose to save you. All three of us. We love you, Harry, and we are willing to put ourselves in jeopardy because of that. Now I know my family was never that good to you so you don’t understand that as we hoped you would, but you have to now. We would all die for you, again and again. It’s not your choice to make! Now, we need to find out what we can so we all survive this so you can do what you feel you have to.”

Harry smiled and hugged Lily. “Thank you Mum.” He said. “I love you too.”

Lily smiled warmly. “That’s the proper response. You are learning.” She said. Then she turned to the founders. “What should we do to prepare?”

“Harry is without a doubt already prepared magically.” Salazar said. “What we ask him to do is to see those he wishes to return to while we explain the rest of the things you three will need to know.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“What more can we teach you Harry?” Godric asked. “You were the strongest guardian we ever taught. You truly learned everything that we could teach you. You need to see those you left behind, to strengthen your resolve even further.”

“I understand.” Harry said. “I’ll go see them now.” With that said Harry walked out of the room and made his way to the living world while James, Lily, and Sirius stayed behind with the founders.

“What is it you all wanted to teach us?” Lily asked.

“There is nothing to teach.” Salazar said. “If you fight with a brave heart you can defeat the forsaken. I am sure of this. But there is something that we didn’t want Harry to hear.”

“We’re to keep secrets from him?” James asked suspiciously.

“I don’t like that idea.” Sirius told them.

“It is a secret because it will hurt him to chose.” Godric said.

“Chose what? He already wants to return.” James said. “The choice is made.”

“But would it stay that way if Harry knew that you three cannot return with him?” Rowena asked. “We know he would be torn in two by this decision, for he wants to be near you as much as he wants to help his friends. We only asked his choice and hide the pain of the consequences.”

“We can’t go with him?” Lily asked. “That will break his heart.”

“Exactly why we don’t want him to know.” Godric said. “We don’t want to hurt him any more. We feel he’s suffered enough.”

“Why can’t we go with him?” Sirius asked.

“There are many reasons,” Salazar started. “The main one being that none of you can interact with the physical world. Worse, you’d have to find three more of the jewels. Do you three think you could do so without Harry?”

“If that’s the only way we’ll have to.” Lily said in a determined voice. “I can’t let him be hurt by us again.”

Salazar smiled yet again. “Then after you have helped Harry, you need to return here immediately.” He said. “There are a few people you all simply must meet.”


“Ginny, could you help me?” Takeshi asked her quietly.

Ginny smiled slightly. “Of course.” She said as she put her transfiguration book down. “What do you need help with?”

“the Riddikulus spell.” Takeshi replied. “I still can’t do it right, and I have a test tomorrow.”

Ginny nodded. “What is the problem with it?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Takeshi said and pulled out his wand and pointed it at a vase. “Riddikulus!” The vase did nothing and Takeshi sighed. “See?”

Ginny laughed. “You can’t practice that spell on something like that.” She said. “You need a boggart.”

“How do I get one?” Takeshi asked.

“I’d assume you ask the Professor.” Ginny said. “Come on, I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you Ginny.” Takeshi said as he followed her out of the common room.

Takeshi had taken a liking to Ginny immediately the year before because of how cheerful she was. Takeshi noticed that since Harry died she wasn’t as cheerful anymore, but she was still a good friend. Ginny was always willing to help him with school if he couldn’t find Ryo, who was very busy since he was made a prefect, and she reminded Takeshi of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who he looked up to now as big brothers and sister.

She was also one of the few people who would still talk about Harry, though no one brought him up around her. Remus had told Takeshi that he shouldn’t speak of Harry around Ginny, but Ginny brought up Harry as soon as they got on the train. She would often talk to Takeshi about Harry, though Ryo refused to talk about it as Remus made them promise to do. As they were walking a thought came to Takeshi.

“Ginny, weren’t you a prefect too?” Takeshi asked.

“I was last year.” Ginny answered.

“What happened?” Takeshi asked.

“I needed more time to myself.” Ginny told him. “Being a prefect took too much of my time away so I asked Dumbledore to let me quit.”

“Oh.” Takeshi said with a sad nod. “And now I take up your time too. I’m sorry Ginny. You don’t have to help me.”

Ginny laughed at this. “What kind of friend would I be if I ignored you when you needed help?” She asked. “What would Harry think of me then?”

“Harry would still love you, I think.” Takeshi said.  “I’m sure he still does.”

Ginny smiled sadly. “I hope so.” She said.

“How come no wants us to talk to you about Harry?” Takeshi asked.

“Because I almost did some very bad things to myself when Harry died.” Ginny answered. “They are afraid if I remember him too well I’ll do it again.”

“Oh.” Takeshi said. “You won’t, will you?”

“No.” Ginny said, and the sad smile returned to her face. “I plan to make Harry proud of me. That way he’ll be glad he had to wait so long for me to catch up with him again.”

Takeshi smiled. “Okay Ginny.” He said. “I’m glad you’re around. You remind me a lot of him, you know? You’re very much like Harry was.”

“Thank you Takeshi.” Ginny said as they made it to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. “I hope I can keep that up as time goes on.”

“I’m sure you will.” Takeshi said. “You’re strong, like everyone else. I hope I can be strong like you all are when I’ve grown up.”

Ginny remembered Harry’s words well then. “Just be as strong as you can be. That’s enough for anybody.” She said as she knocked on the classroom door.

“Yeah.” Takeshi said. “You’re right.”

“Hello.” Eileen said with a slight smile as she opened the door. “To what do I owe the pleasure of such company tonight?”

“We were hoping you had a boggart that Takeshi could practice on for tomorrow.” Ginny said. “He’s a little nervous about the test.”

“Certainly.” Eileen said as she let them into the room. “Its in the wardrobe at the back of the classroom. Do you want any help?”

“I think I can manage to help him out.” Ginny said. “I learned the spell well enough.”

“Okay then.” Eileen said. “I’ll be in my office if you two need me. Let me know when you leave so I can lock up the room again.”

“Okay.” Ginny said before leading Takeshi to the back of the class. “Okay, let’s see you try the spell again. I didn’t watch you as carefully as I should have.”

“Okay.” Takeshi said. Ginny stood back and waved her wand at the wardrobe door to open it. “Go ahead Takeshi.”

Ginny gasped as she saw what was in front of Takeshi. Kei was sitting hunched by the wardrobe much as Harry was before he died. “Run Takeshi!” Kei said as strictly as he could. “Run!”

Ridiculous!” Takeshi said quickly.

Ginny nodded as she watched and heard him then pointed her wand at the boggart. “Riddikulus!” She said quickly and pushed the boggart into the box while laughing as the boggart transformed into a dancing bunny. Then she closed the door. “Would you like me to  help you now?”

“Yes please.” Takeshi said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Okay.” Ginny said and sat him down at one of the tables and took the other seat. “You’re saying the spell wrong when you face the boggart. Its not ridiculous, its Riddikulus. Also, you have to remember that what the boggart shows you isn’t real. You know Kei isn’t hurt. You saw him just last weekend. Don’t let it scare you. Okay?”

“Okay.” Takeshi said. “Riddikulus.

Ginny smiled. “That’s right.” She said. “Ready to try again?”

“Yeah.” Takeshi said with a nod. Ginny opened the wardrobe again and again Kei appeared before Takeshi and screaming for him to run. Takeshi closed his eyes and aimed his wand. “Riddikulus!

They both watched as the boggart began dancing hysterically and looked to be very much like a cartoon character. When Ginny and Takeshi laughed the boggart looked confused and Ginny again forced it into the wardrobe.

“I think you’ve got it Takeshi.” Ginny said with a smile. “Just do that tomorrow and you’ll have no problem passing your test.”

“Thank you Ginny.” Takeshi said. “I appreciate your help.”

“Its no trouble.” Ginny said. “That’s what friends are for.


Ron had just finished his training session for the day when he saw Kei and Rena waiting for him outside the training room. He waved at them as he walked over.

“Long day?” Rena asked with a smile. “You seem a bit slow in the training room.”

“I just haven’t been feeling well.” Ron replied.

“I see.” Rena said. “You should deal with that. No good to work yourself sick.”

“I’ll be fine.” Ron said. “What’s up with you two? Its not normal for you to wait on me.”

“We figured you might like to take a break for a while.” Kei said. “We are friends you know.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Ron said. “But its not as easy for me as it was for you. The auror academy is hell to go through, even with all of the training and help Harry gave. They expect us to know a lot of things Harry never talked about.”

“Oh, the laws, rules, and what not?” Rena asked.

“Exactly.” Ron said.

“We never went through any of that till the week before we went to see the founders.” Kei said. “The most boring week of our life.”

“I believe it.” Ron said.

“Are you managing to stay awake at least?” Rena asked with a grin.

“Every day.” Ron said. “It’s a challenge, but I do it.”

“Good.” Kei said. “It will be good to have an auror like you around Ron.”

“Thanks.” Ron said. “But right now I just wish I could shake the feeling that we’re being watched.”

“What do you mean?” Rena asked.

“I just have this odd feeling.” Ron said. “I’ve had it for a few minutes now. But there’s no one here. I’m always the last to leave.”

Rena nodded. “Maybe its just your nerves.” She said with a glance at Kei. “But how about it Ron? Want to hang out with your auror buddies or are you too good for us now.”

Ron laughed. “I guess I could use a little time to relax.” He said. “Fred and George have started saying I’m turning into Percy.”

Rena threw an arm around his shoulders and began leading him out. “We can’t have that now, can we?” She said. “Percy is a bit to stiff for my liking.”

“Mine too.” Kei said. “I prefer to have you be the same person you always were. Besides, not even Harry devoted his life to being an auror.”

“You’re right.” Ron said with a nod. “Let’s go have some fun.”

“Good.” Rena said. “We’ll just have to meet up with Jen and Hermione where ever they managed to get off to.”


Hermione stood next to Jen uncomfortably. “Why are we here?” She asked.

“Because all work and no play has never helped anyone.” Jen said.

“But I’ve got loads of homework.” Hermione countered.

“That you finished in the three hours you were in the medical library.” Jen said with a half smile. “You need to relax Hermione. No good to become a nurse at the cost of having a life. We’re going out tonight.”

“I really can’t.” Hermione said. “I’m supposed to help Ron.”

“He is currently being kidnapped by Kei and Rena for the same reason.” Jen said with a laugh. “So no worries there.”

“But why-“ Hermione started.

“Just come on.” Jen said as she dragged Hermione behind her.


Harry observed the large crowd of his friends and smiled. He’d seen them all often enough, but rarely were so many of them together. Seeing this he stayed close and watched them for a while. He laughed when Ron did, smiled when Hermione talked in her usual know-it-all voice, and could only shake his head at Rena comments.

“So Ron, do you have that feeling of being watched often?” Rena asked a bit too curiously.

“Not really.” Ron said. “Sometimes I’ll be finished after everyone else and alone like I was today. Then I’ll feel it. Its not scary though. I feel safe when I feel those eyes on me.”

“How about you Hermione?” Jen asked with a raised eyebrow. “Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?”

“No, but like Ron said I do feel really safe at times.” Hermione said. “Like when I’m heading to school alone sometimes I’ll get this feeling that nothing will hurt me. Its like I’m invincible.”

Kei nodded. “Its good to feel that way sometimes.” He said. “But you don’t feel like you two will be hurt do you? We can check it out if that’s the case.” He added, and Harry noticed his tone was a bit too helpful.

Harry understood immediately what was going on. His three newest friends had figured out what happened the day before. Harry was again amazed at how quick they were. He decided then that they would be well till he returned and made his way to Hogwarts.

No one really knew how a spirit traveled in the living world, not even Harry. He didn’t walk and he knew it wasn’t apparition. He just thought of a place and he was there. It didn’t even take the few seconds that apparition did. He did always enjoy it though. Especially when he stumbled upon more people that he cared about.

He laughed as he saw Takeshi asleep on the couch of the Gryffindor common room with Ryo doing homework on the floor in front of him. Occasionally Ryo would look up from his work to take a look at Takeshi before returning. Harry laughed as he realized that Ryo was just keeping an eye on Takeshi like he always did. Then he made his way to the seventh year girls dorm.

Harry wouldn’t lie to himself, or anyone else, and say he didn’t feel uncomfortable doing this, but most times it was the only way for him to see Ginny. Even as a ghost he was as respectful as he could be. He’d look first at the floor and slowly move his eyes up so as to give him a chance at realizing that any girl was changing and leave till they were finished.

Harry walked in as he did every time, but heard the sounds of sleeping and a quill scratching quickly over parchment and looked up to see Ginny writing in a book. He smiled as soon as he laid eyes on her. He always did that too. He walked over slowly and sat down by her on the bed. Harry couldn’t help but grin as another thing he grew accustomed to happened as he did. Ginny raised her head to look around curiously.

“I see you can still feel when I’m around.” Harry said softly.

Ginny laughed quietly and shook her head before returning to her parchment. Harry became curious and looked at what she was writing and was shocked to see it was a letter to him.

Dear Harry,

I know its only been a few days since my last letter, and that you can’t really see it, but I wanted to write to you again. I’m still doing well of course. All those hard times from before your funeral have been going through my mind again. I can’t help but cry when I think of how disappointed you would have been with me if I had managed to do it.

But don’t worry Harry, I won’t kill myself. I promise. I’m going to make you proud of me like your parents and Sirius are proud of you. Its hard sometimes though Harry. I keep expecting you to show up at school and ask me how its going like Ron, Hermione, Kei, Jen, and Rena do so often now.

I’m writing today because I wanted to ask you a question. If you could come back to us, would you? Would you leave your parents and Sirius behind just for us? I know its selfish, but there are times I want you to say yes. I know you didn’t have much time with them at all, but you didn’t really have much time with us either, and we all need you. Even Fred and George, if you can believe that.

None of us have really been the same since you died. Ron doesn’t joke around as much anymore, and no one really sees him. He’s devoted his life to becoming as good of an auror as you were. He keeps saying we won’t have to lose another friend if he can just remember what you taught and keep on trying to be as strong as he can. It makes me happy to hear him say it that way though. It reminds me of what you always said. Just be as strong as you can be and that’s enough.

I’m trying to do that too. Me and Brianna are learning from Ryo and Takeshi how to fight muggle style so we can be stronger. We both still meditate too. Brianna says if we keep on like we are by the time we get to the auror’s academy we’ll be strong enough to fight the teachers and take over the school and then teach the aurors like you taught us. She says it’s the most Slytherin thing to do.

Ryo and Takeshi have changed a lot too. They worry more and more each day about Kei and the others. Kei promised to come see them every other day just to prove that he was okay. It doesn’t seem to help them much though, as the day he doesn’t come they seem like a nervous wreck.

Hermione seems the most stable of us all. She studies like she always did, but she never seems to stop and just talk to people like she did before. She’s very busy as well. Since everything you had was handed over to Remus, he decided to fund her hospital and she’s been ordering things and setting it up on the weekends and studying through the week. I’ve only seen her twice since I returned to school.

Mum, Dad, Tonks, and Remus seem to do the best, although Remus is the only one who can actually say your name without tearing up. Tonks is doing a lot better than she was, but she still can’t hear your name without crying. But she hasn’t been on a drunk in months.

Fred and George miss you too. They haven’t created any new jokes since you died. Instead, they work on a lot of defense items for Kei, Jen, and Rena. They say if you just had the right items you wouldn’t have died.

I just think we all blame ourselves a bit. We all wish we could have done more. Maybe then, if we’d just each done a little more, you’d still be here. That’s what I think. But I’ve gone on long enough about us. I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your time with your Mum and Dad, as well as Sirius. We all miss you and we all love you as well. I love you, Harry. Goodbye.


Harry fought back tears as he read the letter. He never knew it was that bad for them. Then he thought about Ginny’s question. Would he give up his parents and Sirius to return to his friends? He shook his head. I don’t have to think about that. He thought to himself. Salazar and Godric would have told me if that was the case.

Then Harry had a thought. He didn’t want everyone upset because of him anymore. He went to his room at the manor, found that it hadn’t been touched and that there was still a quill and a some parchment on the desk. He was grateful for this and just hoped it was enough. He quickly scrawled a few notes, using the knowledge Salazar had given him to use only his hand in the physical world, for his friends and sealed them. The last note written was to Dobby before he projected his voice.

“Dobby!” Harry called. When the house elf appeared looking very cheerful Harry dropped the note for Dobby in front of the elf and it landed in his small hands. Harry smiled as Dobby opened the note and went back to see his parents and the Founders. He knew he had little time to act and he wanted a chance to rest before his next adventure began.

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Chapter 3: The Next Adventure Begins
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Chapter Three
The Next Adventure Begins


“Master Lupin! Master Lupin!” Dobby exclaimed as he appeared in front of Remus with a pop! Remus saw him holding an armful of parchment and looked at Dobby curiously.

“What is it Dobby?” Remus asked.

“Master Potter has given me letters for his friends Master Lupin.” Dobby said. “You and Mistress Tonks is also having letters for you as well sir.”

“What are you talking about Dobby?” Remus asked, sounding slightly angry. “Harry is dead.”

“I is knowing this very well sir.” Dobby said. “But I is hearing Master Potter being calling for me tonight. When I is going to his room where he called me from I is having this-” He gave Remus the letter from Harry. “is falling right into my hands sir. It is saying I is to use Master Potter’s phoenix to being sending all these letters, but I is not knowing how to find Blueblaze sir. Is you please being helping me in finding him?” Remus looked at the letter after this wild explanation.


I thank you for helping me so much while you were at the manor. I am also grateful that you continue to keep working here. I have a favor to ask of you Dobby. Please use Blueblaze to send these letters to my friends. There are two that belong to Remus and Tonks. As they’ve got ownership of the house, please give their letters to them for me. Thank you Dobby, and I hope to see you again one day.


“Dobby, let me see this letter you have for me.” Remus said before a letter was thrust into his hands and he opened it quickly.


Hello Remus. I guess this hasn’t been the best time for you. I know it can’t have been easy for you to lose another friend. I wish I could sit down and talk with you so you would know that I’m perfectly fine but its very hard to be heard when your not a ghost. It took a lot for me just to call Dobby so he could find the letters. So I guess a conversation would be very much impossible in my current state.

I want you to know I am happy. I’ve gotten to know Mum and Dad, and we three and Sirius are already planning a huge adventure. We’re going to start after a good rest, though I can’t say a good nights rest as time is very different here. What may seem like a few minutes to you could be hours, or even days, for us. But we’ll begin once we’re rested.

You don’t have to worry about us though Remus, we’re all very accomplished wizards and witch. We’ll be fine. What we want you to do is to smile, laugh, remember us all, and keep being the man you are. If you can do that we’ll be happy for you. But I’ve got to keep this short for now. I love you Remus. You have been family for longer than I’ve known. Take care of yourself and Tonks. Bye for now Remus.

Your friend,

Remus looked at the letter confused as tears started to fill his eyes. “I don’t understand.” He said. “How did he do this?”

“I is not knowing Master Lupin.” Dobby said. “But he is doing it not long ago. I is only just getting the letters now sir.”

Remus nodded and whistled shrilly. Blueblaze appeared in the room with a bright blue flash. “Please take the letters Dobby has to those who need to see them.” He asked of the bird, who only nodded in reply. Remus read through the letter again before  he heard Blueblaze disappear and looked up at Dobby. “I wonder what they are going to do now.”

Dobby looked confused. “Master Potter is always being protecting people sir. I is thinking he is doing it again sir.” He said. “But don’t being worried sir. Master Potter is saying he is hoping to see me again, so I think he is being coming back one day.”

“But Dobby, nobody can come back from the dead.” Remus said to him sadly.

“If anyone is coming back from the dead, Harry Potter is.” Dobby said with a stern and scolding look. “I is going to finish cleaning now sir.” And with that he disappeared with a pop!

Remus couldn’t help but laugh at what the elf said. “But if he does, I fear we’ll have even more of the dead returning.” Remus said. “Because I can’t see him leaving anyone behind.”


Ron had just fallen on his bed after the long hours of school, training, and then hanging out with everyone. He’d forgotten how good it felt to talk to all of them. He’d given up most of the things he used to enjoy just so he could keep on trying to be the best auror he could. He cringed as he realized he’d not even kept up with quidditch scores in the last few months.

He looked around his room and sighed. If not for the house elf Harry had bought for his parents his room would be in utter chaos. His desk was proof of that. His parchment was strewn all about the desk and quills were everywhere. He thought to clean it up but decided to do it the next day instead.

He’d just found a comfortable spot in the bed and was almost asleep when he heard and saw a burst of blue flame. Ron sat up quickly as he saw the phoenix. He knew it well. He still remembered Blueblaze well, and knew it was Harry’s phoenix. The phoenix dropped a note and then disappeared in a flash.

With all thoughts of sleep pushed aside in an instant Ron stretched and picked up the letter left by Blueblaze. He saw the writing and felt very confused. He knew the writing well but couldn’t figure out from where it seemed so familiar. He opened the letter and began reading.


Well mate, I see you’ve got yourself sorted. It is good to see you’re on the path to becoming one of the greatest aurors of all time. I think you’ll even surpass Mad Eye Moody some day. But do remember to calm down on the training before you become just as mad as well.

You have to remember who you are Ron. Only spending a little time to laugh with your friends and enjoy yourself is not a good thing. You are the person who taught me how valuable friendship really is. Don’t throw it all away now that I’m not around. Be the man you are, and forget the obsession to be the perfect auror. Just be who you are and everything will work out in the end mate.

Well, its time for me to end this letter. I’ve a few letters more to write and another adventure to get on with. Don’t worry about me Ron. We’ll meet up again when you least suspect it. Take care of yourself, and Hermione as well.

Your best mate,

A tear fell from Ron’s eye as he read the letter. When he finished he set it on the desk and laid back in the bed. “Being who I am wasn’t enough to save you Harry.” He said to himself. “How can I expect to keep people safe if I’m not strong enough to do it?”


Hermione was pouring over her textbooks at a feverish pace. She’d been telling herself for the past hour that she’d just read one more page. She barely noticed as the sight of Blueblaze bursting into the room. The only thing that caused her to glance up was the sight of a letter falling to her table. She grabbed it as she finished the paragraph she was reading before opening the letter and reading it carefully.


I see you still study just as much as you always did. Its good to see someone still acting the same when so many people are different. I do hope you’re not studying as much because you’re trying to distance yourself from everyone as Ron is doing with his auror training though.

I wish I was there to help you with your hospital, but I am honored at the title you chose. I just want to remind you that you still have friends around and you should spend more time with them Hermione. If you don’t then you’ll end up alone in the end, you and Ron both.

I just wished you’d both not do so much just trying to do things for me. I only asked that you two lived your lives like I wanted to. I never wanted to work myself to death, so why are you? Start living Hermione, because we both know living is something you can’t do forever.

Now that I’ve said what I need to, I’ve got to be off. I’ve still got one last letter to write. Take care of yourself Hermione. I miss you all. Goodbye.

Your brother,

Hermione looked at the note with a confused look for a second before looking for a book she hadn’t looked at since the summer. When she found it she began turning pages till she found what she was looking for. When she did she started reading, all thoughts of just one more page and class the next morning far from her mind.


Tonks stared nervously at the letter on her desk. She’d yet to even pick it up, but she saw what had delivered it. The blue phoenix that she recognized well. She’d been staring at the letter on the desk since the phoenix disappeared. After thirty minutes she slowly reached for the letter on her desk. When she opened it and turned her eyes to the page tears started to fill her eyes.


Why have you been so off lately? I’m not going to bother asking if you are doing well because I can tell you’re not quite well. Why are you so sad Tonks? You know that death isn’t the end. I promise you it isn’t.

You need to get yourself sorted because you are still the boss of one of the strongest auror teams. I’m not sure if you know it or not but soon something is going to happen with the death eaters. You all need to be on top of your game, even you. Now its time for you to stop moping about and get back to the Tonks I remember, the one who could make me feel like a loved little brother before yelling at me to get my head on straight. That’s who you are and that’s who you have to be again, regardless of the fact that I’m not there right now.

Now get back to acting like yourself, and spend some time with Remus as well. You are newlyweds after all. I’ve got to go for now Tonks, there’s an adventure waiting on me. Sirius and Dad are already in a hurry because I’ve spent so much time looking after you all. Besides, I’ve still got loads more to write to the others. Tell Kingsley I said he’s doing a brilliant job and that I said hello please. Goodbye for now Tonks.


Tonks had tears flowing quickly down her cheeks as she finished the letter. She set it down on her desk and leaned back in her chair, wiping the tears away as she read. It was the first time she’d cried since the honorary burial of Harry. But now that she’d read that letter she was certain of two things. She was sure that Harry wasn’t lying about the fact that death wasn’t the end, and that Harry could still see what was happening even if he wasn’t alive.

With those thoughts on her mind she went home to see Remus. In the morning she’d corner everyone and ask if anyone else got a letter like this as well, but for the moment she knew Harry was right. She needed to be a wife and check on Remus to make sure he was okay. She’d put that off for far too long. Tomorrow, she thought to herself,  tomorrow I’ll be what Harry expects me to be.


Ginny woke up in the morning and stretched lazily before getting dressed. Before she made her way downstairs she noticed a letter on her bedside table and picked it up. She carried it with her to breakfast wondering what it was and who could have sent it. Even more confusing was why it wasn’t just sent with the post in the morning. In the end it was Takeshi who made her rush to open it with one comment.

“That looks like Harry’s writing.” Takeshi said. “Did he leave you a letter?”

Ginny looked at the writing as her eyes widened with shock before she opened the letter in a flurry of speed and began reading.


Hello my love, how are you? It seems like ages since we last talked though it has only been a few months. I know I don’t write to you much now, but its hard work to write a letter when you’re not a poltergeist.

I’ve read what you said in your last letter. I apologize since I know I was never supposed to see it. I have to tell you that thinking about you even having a thought of killing yourself breaks my heart. Please never think like that again. If you do that everything I’ve been working so hard for since I’ve died is wasted.

I’m glad you are doing well though. You seem to be doing the best of everyone. I’m glad you kept your head about you. Its even better that you, Ryo, and Takeshi are getting on well because I have a favor to ask all three of you.

I need you three to restart Dumbledore’s Army. The death eaters aren’t gone and the students will be able to use all the defense and offence they can. Just don’t teach the slashing hex. Never teach it to anyone. Ask Ryo and Takeshi to keep my secret about it as well.

I have to stop writing now Gin. I’ve got an adventure that’s very important coming up. It could change everything. I just wanted to write to let you know I’m still here for you. I love you and I don’t want you hurt. Please be careful Ginny. Protect yourself till I can protect you when you need it again. Goodbye for now Ginny.

All my love,

Ginny finished reading with a warm smile though she had no idea what some of the letter meant. She knew that Harry was still looking out for her, and that he still loved her. That was enough for her.

“Guys, Harry asked you to keep his secret about the slashing hex.” Ginny said. “He also asked us to start the DA again since the death eaters are still around. You up for it?”

“If I can help I will.” Ryo said.

“I want to help.” Takeshi said. “But what can I do?”

“Self defense.” Ginny said. “Don’t worry, lets just do what Harry wants. He said to be careful, so we have to.”

“When did we stop?” Ryo asked with a slight grin.


Dumbledore sat looking at the letter that he’d received as well as the blue phoenix currently perched next to Fawkes. His current manner was completely abnormal to the headmaster and any who knew him would definitely be worried about him.

Dumbledore was a very modest man but most knew that he was rarely confused by anything that had ever happened. However, this current situation had left him so perplexed that even he himself was amazed. He laughed softly as he remembered that this confusion had started only hours ago after reading that letter.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

Hello sir. How have you been lately? I must admit I’ve spent quite a deal less time checking on you as you seem to be the strongest of everyone. I decided to write because I have heard on a few occasions that you are not quite your old self anymore. Many say you have finally started to act your age and this saddens me greatly.

Now you know sir, many might think you a hypocrite for telling us not to be sad because death isn’t the end if you yourself have become saddened since my death. I can assure you most easily that death is not the end. This letter should be proof of that.

Sir, you need to begin working out how to protect the school again. The death eaters aren’t going to stay quiet much longer. The students have to be safe. The founders beg for it, they beg for help. Please help us since I can’t right now.

Also, I’d be grateful if you could help everyone to get over what happened to me. Its not as bad as everyone thinks. I can do anything here, be anywhere, and I’m with my parents and Sirius. Things could only be better if we were all together adventuring through the afterlife, but that has to wait for now.

Please Professor, stop being upset about me. I’m well. Its all of you I worry about now. You have many students that look to you to keep them safe. Don’t let them down just because you lost as many students as you did last year. It wasn’t your fault then. You were surprised. You won’t be this time if you are prepared. So please be prepared.

I must stop now Professor. Doing this is very tiring and I have a hard adventure ahead of me now. Take care of yourself sir. Remember, its really not the end. Just a new start for me, and all the others from last year. Goodbye sir.

Your extremely grateful student,

Dumbledore shook his head again. There was no mistake that the letter was from Harry. He could not mistake that handwriting for anything. To add to the confusion Severus came to him earlier in the morning to say that he also received a letter from Harry, thanking him for all the work he had done to help promote wizard equality. Severus didn’t understand how this was possible and Dumbledore didn’t either. He knew, however impossible or not, that it had happened. Again he laughed at his confusion.

“Harry, dear Harry.” Dumbledore said with a slight smile and a twinkle returning to his eyes. “You always did have a certain flair for stirring things up. I always did admire that about you.”


“What’s that you have there?” Rena asked Kei as she walked into the office.

“A letter from Harry.” Kei said. “Its addressed to all three of us.”

“Well?” Rena asked.

“Well what?” Kei asked.

“What does it say?” Rena exclaimed.

“We were waiting for you to come so we could all read it.” Jen told her.

“Well, I’m here so open it up.” Rena said as she leaned over Kei’s shoulder as he opened it and they all began reading.

Rena, Kei, and Jen,

Sorry for only writing one letter for you three, but I’m not that good at this yet and I have a lot of letters to write at the moment. I know you three will understand. I hope you three are doing well since you’ve come back from the founders. I haven’t seen you much except for that night with the werewolves and those death eaters.

Anyway, on to more important things. The death eaters seem to be up to something important. They arranged a meeting together. If you can find out where you can take them all out in one move. I couldn’t find out any more than that however. I suppose it’s a start though. Be careful, as I won’t be around to help you lot for a while.

I’m heading out for something that’s very dangerous with my parents and Sirius so I won’t be able to look after you. I know you three are incredible witches and wizard, but I do worry about you. You are my friends after all. Please be careful.

If everything goes as planned I will send word to you all again. If not, I fear you’ll never see me again. Its one of those situations, you know what I mean? I hope to see you all again one day. I have to go now.

Your fearless leader,


“Yeah, that’s Harry all right.” Rena said with a nod. “So, when are we going to hunt for the mysterious place the death eaters are planning to use?”

“I’d say lets go as soon as possible.” Jen said.

“We won’t have time right now.” Kei said. “Tonks is coming to see us in a few minutes. She has a lot of questions about the letter Harry sent her.”

“Where is she now?” Rena asked.

“Heading to her office to send word to us.” Jen replied.

“Lets go see if we can answer any questions.” Rena said. “I think this might be a long day.”

“Why does Harry never make things easier for us?” Kei asked.

“That would be too simple.” Rena answered with a grin. “I wonder what he’s planning on doing now.”


Harry awoke refreshed and went to the kitchen to see his parents and Sirius eating breakfast with jokes being passed between Sirius and his Dad. He sat between them with a grin.

“You two never stop.” Harry said. “Who’s winning today?”

“I am, of course.” James said.

“I think you’re very mistaken Prongs.” Sirius said. “I’ve had today won since we started.”

Harry looked at Lily with a raised eyebrow. “Tied?” He asked.

“Basically.” Lily replied with a smile before returning to her breakfast.

“So, are you finally ready for the big adventure?” James asked.

“Of course I am.” Harry said. “But Salazar said he needed to see me before I leave.”

“Well, hurry up and eat so you can do that and we can get started.” Sirius said. “I don’t really want to wait another day.”

Harry laughed. “We aren’t waiting anymore.” He said. “We leave today.”

“Finally.” James said with an exasperated sigh. “I was getting so bored.”

“I feel we’ll be having more fun than you want quick enough Dad.” Harry said with a laugh. “Have no fear of that.”

Sirius laughed. “Exactly.” He said. “The kid has a way of attracting danger to him like metal to a magnet.”

“I’m not that bad.” Harry said with a smile.

“No, of course not.” Sirius replied. “Every boy who is seventeen has fought Voldemort six times or more, searched out a dangerous criminal, fought off dementors to protect the criminal, helped a criminal escape, cured a friend of being a werewolf, destroyed the strongest dark wizard ever, and managed to do it all with a smile.”

“Exactly.” Harry said with a laugh. “I told you I was a normal person.”

“You’re as normal as I am alive.” Sirius said with a barking laugh.

Harry smiled. “True.” He said. “For now at least.” With that said Harry went back to breakfast but wondered why everyone had gotten quite after he said that.


“So that’s all you know?” Tonks asked.

“Why would we know more?” Rena asked. “We’re guardians, we don’t speak with the dead.”

“At least not when they are dead.” Jen said. “We only know what the letter told us.”

“But how did he do it?” Tonks asked.

“We think he’s using the magic in him, as well as his determination and willpower, to force physical objects to do what he says.” Kei said. “At least, that’s what the Unspeakables said.”

“Do you think that’s what this adventure he was talking about is?” Jen asked Kei. “Harry going after the Heart of Eternity?”

“Its possible.” Kei said. “I don’t see why he wouldn’t if he felt he had to come back.”

“But he said if it didn’t work he would never be able to see us again.” Rena said. “What the hell can kill a dead person?”

“I think we might want to talk to the Unspeakables again soon.” Kei said with a thoughtful look. “I think they know more than they are telling us to keep us coming back.”

“Then let’s go.” Tonks said. “I’ll go with you. If they know anything we’ll find out about it.”


“You wanted to see me Salazar?” Harry asked as he walked into the man’s room and sat in his normal chair.

“Yes, and I must tell you of something of grave importance.” Salazar said. “It is about your quest.”

“What is it?” Harry asked as he sat forward in his seat.

“When a wizard dies he has magic with him.” Salazar said. “This magic goes with him in part. However, the body of the wizard was also attached to the magic it had in it, so some is stuck with the body.

“As the body decays so does the spirit become more powerful in magic. The problem is this.” Salazar continued. “Your body has yet to even begin to decay because of the magic that is still sustaining it. This means that you are, at most, only half as strong as you were when you were alive. You can be just as fast and strong as you were in life here, even stronger and faster as you already know, but your magic is not as strong. If you were to wait a hundred years you might still not have that same strength of magic as you did when you were alive.”

“So what are you telling me?” Harry asked. “I’m useless now because my magic is weaker?”

Salazar shook his head. “No, and you know better than to think that.” He told him. “I just wanted you prepared. You are going to need to remember this as you will need to use more of your magic than before to power your spells correctly. But please Harry, I beg of you, do not use dark magic unless you do as I taught you. The price here is much more severe.”

“What will happen Salazar?” Harry asked curiously.

“You could call on almost any wizard who ever died here and you would learn from them.” Salazar said. “You know this, you’ve spoken to Merlin himself. But to try calling on a dark wizard would summon the ones you must fight to get to the Heart.”

“The forsaken?” Harry asked.

Salazar nodded. “All the anger and hate corrupted their souls.” He said. “They are no longer human. To use dark magic as dark wizards do, you too will become one of them. Remember this well Harry.”

“I will Salazar.” Harry said. “Is there anything else I need to know?”

“As soon as you get the Heart of Eternity you must will yourself to your burial place.” Salazar said. “Wrap the two cords around your neck, both physical and spiritual, and you will be whole again, and in the same shape as before you went into that last battle. But you must do it immediately. If one of the forsaken manages to get the heart it could start a darkness even you couldn’t fight Harry.”

“I understand.” Harry said.

Salazar smiled. “Good, now go Harry. Be safe and be quick.” He said. “Your friends will need you sooner than you expect.”

“Thank you for all your help Salazar.” Harry said and went quickly back to his home in the ways of this new world.

“You’re back!” Sirius said. “That was quick.”

“What did the old snake have to say?” James asked.

“To take it easy so you two don’t get bored.” Harry said with a grin. “He has no doubt I could walk into the temple and destroy every one of the forsaken without even getting a hair out of place, but he worries that you two would hold a grudge against me if I did.”

“We would.” Sirius said. “We’ve been itching for some action.”

“Are you ready dear?” Lily asked Harry.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Harry replied.

“Good, lets get a move on then.” James said. “I suspect we should have a nice lunch after the morning stretch and all.”

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Chapter 4: The Returner
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Chapter Four
The Returner


“Tonks! Calm down! Nothing’s going to get solved this way.” Kei said quickly.

“These arrogant prats just need a little roughing up to know when they have to open their mouths is all.” Tonks said before using another stunning curse on the closest standing Unspeakable.

“But if you stun them all we’ll have no one to turn to for the information we need.” Jen said calmly. “If they screw with us any more then go back to doing it this way, but for now lets try to get this done in a calm and relaxed manner.”

Tonks put her wand away while she grumbled under her breath about ungrateful children while Rena sat in one of the few chairs left standing. “We don’t feel like waiting for you guys to tell us everything we want to know as you can tell so we’d be very pleased if you just told us everything you know about this condition that Harry is in and the heart of eternity. Does anyone have any problem with that?”

“What can we tell you?” Alexander said. “We aren’t that well versed as only one ghost ever told of this, and said it was a legend among the dead.”

“What is the legend?” Kei said in a curious tone.

“We were told that there are dead spirits with the power to affect the mortal world without being poltergeists. These souls had the opportunity to do something few could ever do; achieve reaching the heart of eternity and return to the world again as they were when they died. That is all we really know.”

“So Harry is trying to find a way to come back is what you’re saying.” Rena said with a laugh as she looked at Kei. “Just like our fearless leader to screw with death itself to come back, isn’t it?”

“Who else would be that reckless?”

“Only Harry.” Jen said. “He’s the only one who has it in him to do it.”

“But will Harry be willing to return if it’s only him who is returning? With his parents and Sirius there he may not return without them.” Tonks said.

“Then why would he say he’s planning an adventure if he wasn’t going to go through with it?” Rena said.

“He is planning to go through with it.” Jen said. “What would happen if he failed to get the heart of eternity?”

“That depends on whether he meets his end with the forsaken.” Alexander said. “If that is the case than he will die in death and never be able to find the peace that death offers.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Kei said. “Harry can beat anything he faces if he has to, but how is he going to make a choice he doesn’t even know about?”

“What are you talking about?” Jen asked. “What decision doesn’t he know about?”

“Harry has no idea that his parents and Sirius cannot return. He thinks they are coming with him. That is the only way he’d agree to it. If he finds out he won’t come back.” Kei answered.

“He’s not stupid enough to not figure it out.” Rena said.

“Harry will be blinded by his love for them.” Kei said. “He won’t think it’s possible for them to keep something like that from him.”

“What are we going to do?” Rena asked him.

“We’re going to hope that we’re wrong, and that they can all come back together.” Kei said in a soft voice. “I don’t want to think of the pain he’d have to suffer losing them twice.”

“None of us do.” Jen said before turning to Alexander. “Is there anything else you can tell us?”

“I’ve told you everything we know. I’m sorry.” Alexander said.

“Me too.” Tonks said. “Let’s get out of here you three. We’ve got a lot of work to do if those letters are right, and Harry has always been right as far as we know.”


Remus was sitting beside his friends graves with Harry’s letter in his hands. He didn’t know why he had come to the cemetery till he arrived, and then he wondered why he had been gone so long. He sat between James’ and Sirius’ gravestones and sighed.

“I do hope you two are taking good care of him.” Remus said. “I’ll be right pissed off if you let something happen to him.”

“How long have you been here?” Tonks asked from the gate.

“I don’t know.” Remus said with a sad smile. “I find myself unable to leave today.”

“Well maybe some company will help the time pass for you.” Kei said as he walked in and sat by his father’s gravestone.

Jen went to her parent’s gravestones and sat. “We’ve all lost a lot in the last year haven’t we?”

“More than we know.” Rena said as she sat next to Harry’s mausoleum. “I didn’t lose my parents but Harry was so much like a brother to me. I’ve never had anyone who was willing to stand beside me through anything like Harry did. He was truly one of a kind.”

“No better person in the world if you ask me.” Ron said as he walked up. “Harry was the best friend you could ever ask for, even when you had a row with him.”

“Yeah, he was.” Hermione said. “Who else would try so hard to help protect an annoying little know-it-all like me from a troll when they were only eleven?”

“Hey, I was there too you know.” Ron said defensively.

“Honestly Ronald, you were only there because Harry felt a need to warn me. If not for him I’d have been eaten by the troll and you wouldn’t have batted an eyelash.”

“That’s not true.” Ron said. “I would have been devastated when I heard that Gryffindor no longer held the smartest witch this century.” He added with a laugh.

Jen laughed. “I was amazed that you beat me in academics Hermione. I still can’t believe you beat me with only one more NEWT than me.”

Remus laughed. “I’m surprised you all managed what you did.”

“It was Harry.” Rena said. “He pushed me into studying more than an hour a day, studied with me, Ron, and Kei, and helped anyone who needed it with potions.”

“Mr. Potter was always quite remarkable with how he managed his time.” Dumbledore said as he walked up. “I suspected him of having a time turner more than once.”

“That would make a lot of sense.” Tonks said. “Especially with the way he always seemed to appear just when you needed him.”

“All these months later and Potter can still interrupt the flow of my daily life.” Snape said as he walked up to the mausoleum and placed a hand on the door. “Damn fool boy.” He whispered softly with a shake of his head.

“I didn’t think you still hated him Severus.” Remus said.

“Hate him?” Snape asked. “I never hated the boy. I was annoyed that he chose to take more after his father than his mother is all. I’d have rather had him study more and cause a scene less is all.”

“He could never take more after Lily.” Remus said. “All of her compassion went into Harry. He couldn’t have gained a better part of Lily if he tried.”

Suddenly a scream broke through all the words spoken as Kei, Jen, and Rena looked at each other in shock. “He’s back.” They said in unison.

“What the bloody hell is that?” Ron yelled.

No one bothered to answer and Rena quickly opened the door to Harry’s mausoleum and ran in followed closely by Kei and Jen. They all stopped as they looked at Harry and saw his face twisted in agony as another scream burst from his throat. They moved to calm him but stopped as they saw something that made no sense. Harry seemed to have four arms and legs and seemed to be blurred as if they were seeing him in a fog.

“What the hell do we do about this?” Rena asked.

“Children, stun him.” Dumbledore said. “You must calm him body and soul. I would suggest you do so quickly.”

Stupefy.” Kei said as quickly as his wand was aimed at Harry. Immediately Harry seemed to return to what he normally looked like and lay breathing silently. “What the hell have you done Harry?”


“So this is our great plan Dad?” Harry asked. “We’re just going to walk up and start attacking anything that gets in our way?”

“Do you have a better idea for getting in there?” James asked.

“Just think, weeks of traveling and all we have to do is just level the place.” Harry said. “It’s a bit anticlimactic.”

“We always pride ourselves in a big finish.” Sirius said. “I don’t think its going to be that simple.”

“Finally, something we agree on.” Lily said. “Harry, I’m going to stay close to you. Your father and Sirius work well together. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Harry said. “Its good to know someone serious will be watching my back.”

Sirius laughed. “Your Mum is the best to have. I wish she was working with me instead. I’d have a better chance of survival.”

“Padfoot, you know I won’t let you die.” James said before a thoughtful look crossed his face. “Unless you were going to die in a way that would make the lot of us laugh.”

“Good to know I’ll only die if it’ll make you laugh.” Sirius said before turning to Lily and Harry. “You two ready?”

“I’m always ready to risk my afterlife for a good adventure.” Harry said.

“I’m ready Sirius.” Lily said.

“Good, because we move on three.” Sirius said.

“One.” James said.

“Two.” Sirius said before taking a deep breath. Then he looked at Harry and smiled. “It’s been fun working with you kid.”

“It will be good working with you when we’re all back with everyone else.” Harry said with a large smile.

Sirius looked saddened for a moment before he nodded. “Of course. Let’s do it kid.”

Harry nodded. “Three.”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Harry screamed as his eyes shot open. Pain coursed through his body as if he’d been thrown off the astronomy tower.

“Drink this quickly Master Potter.” Dobby squeaked quickly. “It will be helping the pain sir.”

Harry slowly drank the pain relieving potion and then lay his head back on the pillow. “Did they come back Dobby? Are they back too?”

“I is not knowing who you is looking for sir. I is bringing Master Remus and Mistress Tonks right away sir.” Dobby said before disappearing.

“Why are you three taking so long?” Harry asked with his eyes closed. “You said you were right behind me.” Then he fell back into a deep sleep.


“Run for it Harry!” Sirius yelled.

Stupefy! Stupefy! Grandis Osephix!” Harry shouted stopping one of the forsaken with every spell. “Run where? They are everywhere!”

“Run for the door there!” James yelled and pointed to a door a few yards away from them. “It’s got to be in there. We’ll clear a path for you and keep them off you.”

“But what about you three?” Harry asked as he stunned five more of the forsaken.

“We’re right behind you kid, I promise!” Sirius yelled. “We’ll work our way over and be back in our bodies before you can even get settled. Now go!”


Sirius looked at him sadly then. Harry felt he would always remember that look on Sirius’ face. “Go kid, we can’t hold them forever. We’re right behind you. You’ve got to go now. This was all for you, so don’t waste it now that you’ve got it. Run like hell and don’t look back.”

A tear fell from Harry’s eyes as he realized what this really meant. “I love you, all three of you.”

“Good, then listen to us.” Lily said with a happy smile. “We love you too. Now its time for you to go. We’ll follow as quickly as we can sweetheart. Go.”

“Run Harry.” Sirius said. “Please run.”

In the end it was James’ final words to him that spurred his actions. “There’s a redhead down there waiting on you Harry, and let me tell you now that a redheaded woman hates waiting.”

“It’s true.” Lily said with a laugh before stunning another of the forsaken.

“Dad, I-“

“I know.” James said. “I love you too.”

Harry ran for the door and was shocked as all of the horrid rotting figures that were the forsaken standing in front of him began to fall or were thrown out of his way by the force of Sirius’ and his parents spells. Harry flung the door open and grabbed the crystal jewel in front of him before willing himself back into his body.


“Dad! Mum! Sirius!” Harry yelled and he sat straight up in the bed.

“You know that they-”

“So they really couldn’t come back.” Harry said softly. “I thought they were going to risk sacrificing themselves to save me. I’m glad that they just couldn’t return then. At least I’ll get to see them again.” He continued, though his voice lacked the conviction to prove he felt that way. “They’ll make it back to their home all right, won’t they?”

“I bet they will.” Kei said. “After all, because of you they’ve got friends like my Dad and Jen’s parents.”

“I just lost them all over again, didn’t I?” Harry asked sadly.

“No Harry,” Hermione said as she draped an arm around his shoulders. “You finally got them back. You had the chance to really get to know them. Isn’t that what you always wanted?”

“You’re right.” Harry said in a sad tone. “But now that I got them I feel a bit greedy. I want them to be here with me now. They promised they were right behind me.”

“Would you have really gone through with it if they hadn’t?” Kei asked.

“I don’t know.”

“That’s why they told you that Harry. They wanted you to have the chance you deserved.”

Harry nodded. “You’re right. They were always talking about me going back. They never said us or we when we talked about it.”

“You know you are going to see them again one day Harry, and you’ll have brilliant stories to tell them.” Hermione said.

“They always did like hearing about my adventures.” Harry said. “They listened to me for weeks when I told them about what happened. They acted like it was the coolest thing they’d ever heard.”

“I’d be willing to put a bet that it was well up there.” Rena said as she came in and set a drink on the table beside Harry’s bed. “Jen said you were thirsty.”

“She’s right, as usual.” Harry said as he took the drink and drank heavily. “So how has everyone been since I last saw you?”

“We only got your letters yesterday. That was a very quick trip wasn’t it?” Hermione asked.

“No, it took weeks to get there and it felt like days before we made it to the chamber.” Harry said before he looked at Kei. “I told you time was different there.”

“Harry!” Tonks called as the sound of stomping footsteps made their way to the room. When Harry saw Tonks he smiled slightly before he felt her attached at his neck. “I’m so glad to have you back.”

“Well, at least I know I was missed.” Harry smiled.

“You are the biggest git I ever saw.” Ron said. “You were a hundred times stronger than Voldemort and you just let him kill you.”

Harry sighed. “I had to leave myself open to an attack for the chance to get him Ron. It was the only way to get him to let his guard down. I didn’t think he would use the slashing hex. I didn’t even think he’d have time to attack me at all.”

“You should have planned ahead.” Ron said. “You went to all the trouble to teach us that and didn’t listen to your own advice.”

Harry laughed. “You’re right. But I also told you all that I was teaching you that stuff so that you would all be better than I was.”

“Than you are.” Hermione said.

“Was.” Harry said. “Aside from sitting up I’m not so sure I can even move.”

“What do you mean Harry?” Hermione asked nervously. “Are you okay?”

“I just feel so heavy.” Harry said in strained voice as he tried to lift his arms.

“Ah, I see a price for returning has arisen.” Dumbledore said as he entered. “You feel heavy because you are no longer merely a spirit, but a spirit with a body attached to it again.”

Harry nodded thoughtfully before trying again and managed to lift his arm even though it dropped seconds later. “Why was this so easy when I was alive before?”

“You were well used to your body before.” Ron said. “You haven’t had it for a while. Maybe you just need some practice.”

“You mean physical therapy Ron.” Hermione said. “I can actually help you with that Harry. I’ve set a place up in the hospital for physical therapy. It’s going to revolutionize medicine in the wizarding world as they don’t really do much in the way of helping you physically in St Mungo’s.”

“I’m still a bit nervous of the idea of the Harry Potter Memorial Hospital.” Harry said with a smile. “It’s not the best name. I’d have gone more for the Granger Institute of Medicine.”

“Hey, that would be the Weasley Institute of Medicine.” Ron said with a stern look.

“You two got married?” Harry asked. “You don’t even live together!”

“We got engaged over the summer, but we’re waiting to finish school before getting married.” Hermione said.

“Oh, well in that case congratulations.” Harry said with a smile.

“Thank you Harry.” Hermione said.

“Children, I believe we should let Mr. Potter rest a while before we continue with such a long visit. What he has done cannot have been easy and he is beginning to look exhausted.” Dumbledore said.

“He’s right.” Tonks said before she patted Harry on the head. “You sleep in. We’ll all come to check on you tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” Harry asked. “I just got back. I thought we could all catch up.”

“There is time for that now Harry.” Dumbledore said with a smile. “I have no fear that you will not be here when we return. Concern yourself with rest and getting used to being one of the living for the moment.”

“Yes sir.” Harry said before laying his head back on his pillow.

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Chapter 5: Reunion
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Chapter Five


“Okay Ginny, we’re going to start you off a bit slower than we think Harry was trained because you’ve never had much physical training before.” Ryo said. “In some ways it will be better for you and in some ways you’re going to feel a lot worse than Harry did until you’ve gotten yourself straightened out with it all.”

“Okay.” Ginny said. “I’m still practicing from that book that Harry assigned to us in the auror class if that helps at all.”

“That’s great.” Takeshi said. “It will save us a lot of trouble without having to push you into a lot of exercise if you’re already doing it.”

“Are you sure you want to do this Ginny?” Ryo asked. “You learned enough from Harry to easily fight against dark wizards and you should have no trouble being an auror.”

“Harry said the school will need us.” Ginny said. “I can’t just rely on what I know. I have to keep learning everything I can. I can’t let him down again Ryo.”

“You’ve never let him down Ginny.” Ryo said.

“You’re wrong Ryo. I let him down once, and it was a very big disappointment to him. I won’t do it again.”

Ryo looked confused for a second before shaking it off and then giving a stiff nod. “Okay then, on to the basics. Do you know how to punch and kick like Harry and Kei?”

“Yes, Harry and Kei showed us a lot of martial arts moves.”

“Good, then we just have to teach you how to pull them all together and turn it into the proper fighting style.” Takeshi said. “This is going to be a little difficult. We’ve never trained anyone without a good deal of training before.”

“We’ll do it Takeshi. We promised we would help her and we’ve never broken a promise.” Ryo said.

“Thank you two.” Ginny said. “I couldn’t do this without you.”

“Of course not.” Takeshi said with a smile. “Without us you’d have no one to train you.”


“So how long is it going to be till our fearless leader is back on his feet and fighting the noble fight again?” Rena said as she took a seat near Harry’s bed.

“I don’t know.” Harry replied. “It’s been two days and I still can’t see.”

“Damn!” Kei said as he pulled a case from the desk and handed it to Harry. “I meant to give them to you when you woke up. We put them back in the chest when we buried you in case someone in the future would need them.”

“Good plan that.” Harry said. “I bet you weren’t planning on needing them this early.”

“We should have known you’d come back.” Rena said. “You’re too hard headed to stay dead.”

“I don’t think death wanted me just yet. There were plenty of times when it could have been over for me trying to get the heart but something always happened to work in my favor. It was scary the way it happened.”

“You have a blessed spirit.” Kei said. “The light shines on you and keeps you safe.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough with that stuff. When are you going to get out of that damned bed?” Rena said as she tapped the footboard with her hand impatiently. “We could really use some help and you’re just sucking up valuable time we could be using to catch death eaters.”

“Or winning your next award.” Harry added. “Congratulations on that.”

“Please feel free to faint at the sight of me any time you wish.” Rena said with a grin. “Now get up out of that bed and at least come downstairs. I’ll even help you if you need it.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try but I promise nothing. It still kills me to lift my arms up at times.”

“That’s our fearless leader.” Rena said as she stood next to the bed to help Harry. Harry made slow movements in edging himself to the side of the bed. After a few moments and with the help of Kei and Rena he finally got out of bed.

“This is not as easy as it looks.” Harry said.

“No one said being a corpse wouldn’t take a toll on you.” Kei said. “You should have thought of that before hand.”

“Come on Harry, just take a few steps. We’re here to help you if you fall.” Rena said. “You’ve got to start somewhere and this is it.”

Harry took five of the slowest steps he’d ever seen before nearly collapsing. “Why can’t I do this?”

“You will Harry, you just have to get yourself back to normal.” Kei said.

The two must be one.

“What did you say?” Harry asked.

“You just have to get back to normal.” Kei repeated.

“No, after that. The part about two needing to be one.”

“I didn’t say anything like that Harry.”

Harry looked thoughtful a moment. “Do we have any snakes in the house?”

“Not that we’re aware of.” Rena said with a confused look.

“Great, then I’ve finally gone and cracked. That’s just what I need after coming back from the dead.”

“Let’s get you back in bed Harry. You might have just over stressed yourself right now.” Kei said as he and Rena helped Harry back to the bed.

“Maybe you’re right. I think I’ll just get some sleep now.”

“All right Harry. Sleep well.”

With that Kei and Rena made their way downstairs without saying a word. When they got to the dining room they saw everyone sipping tea or coffee and sat down to join them.

“How is he today?” Jen asked.

“He thinks he’s gone crazy.” Rena said.

“I know that much. I mean physically.” Jen said.

“He’s hell on a bad day.” Rena said. “It took him five steps before he collapsed. If it wasn’t for Kei and I he would be on the floor struggling to get up.”

“Then he heard that voice and now he’s really shook up.” Jen said.

“You heard it too?” Rena asked.

“I heard what Harry heard, but I can’t make any sense out of what it said either.” Jen said with a shrug. “Maybe he is going crazy, or maybe he just hasn’t figured out what he’s doing yet.”

“Or maybe…”


Ginny fell on the chair that Harry always sat in when he was in Gryffindor tower.

Ryo and Takeshi laughed at the exhausted look on her face which wasn’t making her feel any better. “You two don’t have to laugh just cause I’m not as good as you.”

“That’s not why we’re laughing. Harry used to make us wait last year when we first started helping him because he looked just as bad as you do now. He even starting conjuring a twin of that chair to sit in so you all wouldn’t think he was pushing it.” Takeshi said.

“It’s been a week and I haven’t gotten any better. I actually think I’m getting worse as the days pass.”

Ryo shook his head. “You are just trying too hard. You may have learned a few things but you cannot progress as fast as Harry did. Harry was different he had an entire year of training with fighting before learning from Kei. All Kei taught Harry was how to move as he fought. You’ll get it all in time Ginny, just be patient.”

“You must be like water.” Takeshi said before he and Ryo began laughing and leaving Ginny wholly confused.

“You two are really pathetic with the kung fu jokes, you know that right?” Rena said as she came in and sat in the chair near Ginny. “And how is the lovely young redhead finding her days?”

“I’m getting through them.” Ginny said softly.

“Not easy though huh?” Ginny shook her head. “Well, I can understand that. I mean, you just lost the person you loved. That’s not an easy thing. But…”

“But what Rena?” Ginny asked with a slightly fierce tone in her voice.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Do you still have Harry’s cloak?”


“Good get it and come with me. Its time for a proper girls night out.”

“But I have classes tomorrow.”

“Then we’ll get you back early. Look, the boys will cover for you because they owe me for not telling Kei I found in the couch after we got back.”

Takeshi laughed. “You mean Ryo owes you. I’ll just help if you ask.”

“See Ginny, all taken care of. Get your cloak and come with me.”

“But I’m tired Rena.”

“Drink this.” Rena said as she tossed a small vial. “You have to see what I’m about to show you. You won’t believe it.”

Ginny nodded and drank the potion. “Fine, I’ll get the bloody cloak.” She returned a moment later and was handed a piece of parchment.

“Get under the cloak now. Stand still when you get there if you can. I’ll show you where to go from there.”

Ginny did as she was told and shortly after felt that uncomfortable tug behind the navel and found herself in a very familiar setting as she just beside the main door to Harry’s home.

Rena appeared a few seconds later and looked right at Ginny then turned and went up the steps. Ginny followed as quickly and quietly as she could but worried it wouldn’t be enough when she saw that Jen was following them. She immediately starting using the occlumency tricks that Harry had taught and tried to force an image of nothingness to the front of her mind hoping that it would work to keep Jen from noticing her but knew it failed when she heard Jen laughing softly under her breath.

“Is this all part of your master plan Rena?” Jen asked.

“Can’t hurt can it?”

“Depends on what happens in there. It isn’t a normal situation. This whole thing could blow up in your face if things don’t go exactly right.”

“Then it’s a good thing you’re here to help me keep them going right then.”

“I hate you Rena. I really do. If this plan goes to hell I’m leaving you holding the ball on this one, got it?”

“No problem. Now let’s get this plan into action.”

They continued walking quietly and when they stopped Ginny was facing a door that she’d never seen before. She was curious about what was going on when she heard Rena speak.

“Is he awake?”

“Yeah, for a few minutes now, just too depressed to tell anyone.”

“He’s alone?”


“Good. Come on Ginny, its time for your surprise.”

Ginny followed closely as Rena opened the door with Jen following right behind her. When Ginny looked at the bed it was all she could do to keep herself standing, but the cloak managed to slide off her head and hit the floor as she saw the figure laid up in the bed in front of her.

“Harry?” She said in a weak voice.

Harry’s head jerked in her direction instantly. “What are you doing here? You can’t see me now. Not like this. Please.”

“Harry, is it really you?”

“It’s me Gin, but I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“But you’re alive!”

“But I’m not well. I can’t move, can’t stand, I can’t even hug you right now.”

“I don’t care about any of that!” Ginny said as she rushed to him and threw arms around and nearly pushed him out of the bed. “You’re alive! What more do you think I want!”

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Harry said in a downtrodden voice. “I want to be who you remember, not the broken image of what I was that I am now.”

Ginny looked at him sadly. “But you’ve come back Harry. I’ve been hoping to see you again for so long and now here you are. How did you do it? Have you been well? What is wrong with you now?”

“No one knows exactly what is wrong with him right now. The best we can come up with is that Harry has to learn how to use his body again since he’s only been a spirit for so long. But I’m beginning to think that voice knows more about what’s been happening to Harry than we do.” Jen said.

“That voice?” Ginny asked.

“I’ve heard a voice twice now that says the two need to become one. I have no idea what it means and that is all it will say.”

Ginny nodded. “How was it? Did you finally get to meet them?”

“Yeah, I did Gin. They were wonderful just like everyone said. I’ve never seen anyone use charms like my Mum, and my dad was better with spells than I’ll ever be. But they were also people I wish I had spent my entire life with instead of just the last few months.”

Ginny had tears streaming down her face as he spoke. “I’m sorry Harry. You shouldn’t have come back, not for me or any of us. You belonged with them, not with us. I’m so sorry Harry.”

Harry looked at her with a hurt expression. “You don’t want me here? I came for all of you because I missed you all terribly. Nothing was the same away from you all, and they promised to come back too. It was all supposed to finally be perfect, but they didn’t, or couldn’t, come back. It’s all my fault. I’m always so selfish, always wanting everything. Now I’ve truly hurt everyone. I’m sorry Gin.”

When Harry finished speaking he stood, slowly, and trudged his way out of the room at a pace slow enough for anyone to stop him but no one knew what to say to him then. No one spoke for a long time after Harry left the room. No words seemed to be right for this moment. When the door opened once more Rena and Jen turned quickly and were facing Dumbledore, Tonks, and Remus all wearing expressions that no one wanted to see.

“What did you do to him?” Tonks said in an icy fury that ran chills up Rena’s spine.

“I was trying to help him.” Rena said.

“So you brought Miss Weasley to see him?” Dumbledore said. “Did it not occur to you that there was a reason I had not informed her myself the very instant he returned? Did you think that I had no motive for refusing to speak a word of this to anyone outside of those who were here to witness his return?”

“I thought if he could just see her then he’d start fighting to get better instead of just sitting around wallowing in his misery.” Rena said.

“Rena, think about how Kei and Jen felt after their parents were taken from them and see if Harry still seems to be just wallowing in misery.” Remus said in a carefully restrained voice. “He just lost Sirius again, and the chance to speak with his parents once more.”

“He shouldn’t have come back for us.” Ginny said. “It’s not fair for him to not be with them after he got his chance. He should have the chance to be happy.”

“He came back because he is happy here.” Dumbledore said. “Very much so I believe. Few would leave a place they were happy unless they were happy in the place they planned to go. Harry is only unhappy because he came here with the thought that those he loved were coming with him only to find that they were not able to take this journey with him.”

“Why don’t you want anyone to know he’s back?” Jen asked.

“For much the same reason as what happened tonight. We placed him in his room after collapsing on the stairs. He nearly killed himself trying to get away from this house because the weight of the loss from one side of him grew heavier from a feeling of loss on the other.”

“What do you mean?” Ginny asked.

“Harry is torn in two at the moment.” Remus said. “He wants to be here and with his parents. The effect of that in his current state is that he cannot fully gain control of his body.”

“Think of it as the spirit and the body fighting to be in two different places children. His spirit is longing to be with his parents in the world after this, while his body is fighting to keep him in this world with us. The balance between the two is the heart of eternity. If Harry cannot control his urges to be in both places the crystal will shatter and he will be lost to us again. This is why we kept his visitors to only those who knew, in case he could not control them. We did not wish to cause anyone more pain that was absolutely necessary.” Dumbledore said.

“But that’s not like Harry. He’s a fighter.” Rena said. “He’s never given up before and I won’t let him start now!”

“What choice do we have Rena? We can’t make this choice for him.” Tonks said.

“We can help make it easier for him.” Jen said. “All this hiding him around here like he’s some government secret is a load of shit! Let’s go Rena. Come on Ginny, its time to get Harry back to normal. We’ve got to talk to Kei before Harry wakes up.”


“Why do you suffer so child?”

“I’ve made a mess of everything. They were starting to get over me dying and then I come back only to feel like I don’t belong.”

“Does anyone ever truly belong who were dead among the living?”

“Then what do I do?”

“That is a choice only you can make child. Allow love to lead you where it will. I will protect you regardless of your choice. Have no fears child. Love always leads us well.”

“Thank you, whoever you are.”


“So this is your plan?” Kei asked. “To go against the advice of the person even Harry looked up to as the greatest wizard of our time.”

“You have to admit it is a very Slytherin plan.” Jen said. “I’m amazed a Hufflepuff could come up with it.”

“So we are supposed to do this quietly?” Kei asked. When Rena nodded he only shook his head. “How are we supposed to pull that off?”

“We’ll do it because we have to!” Ginny yelled heatedly. “Are you in or not?”

Kei sighed. “You should never have brought her. I knew it wouldn’t help Harry yet.” He said to Rena. “I planned to get her as soon as he managed to start walking without help. He never liked anyone to see him weak.”

“Look, its way too late for all of that now. I did it, that’s the end of it. What we have to do now is remind Harry why he came back so he can get a firm hold of his life again. Are you with us Kei? He’s your brother too, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“How could I forget?” Kei yelled, shocking all three of the girls across from him. “What do you know about it Rena? Are you the one who is almost always there with him, helping him eat, getting him something to drink, trying to calm him down when all he can do is cry because his misses them so much its killing him? No, because I am. I am taking care of him as if he was Ryo or Takeshi, and you have the nerve to ask if I’ve forgotten.”

“I’m sorry Kei, but you always seem like everything is fine.” Rena said. “It kills me to see him like that. He was always the strong one for us and now its time for us to be strong for him. He needs this and you know it. Now you can help us or you can stay by his side. Both are important but what we are doing right now is even more important for him than helping him with everything else right now.”

“She’s right Kei, we have to do this. If we don’t Harry won’t win this fight and we’ll all be the ones who pay the price for it this time.”

Kei sighed in frustration and pounded both fists on the table before walking out of the room. He returned a few minutes later hold two rolled up pieces of parchment and handed them to Ginny. “I don’t blame you for what came about Ginny. Don’t think that I do. I just knew that he wasn’t ready to see you yet. He told me more than once that as soon as he could walk around again he was going to see you even if he had to walk all the way to Hogwarts to do it. Do me a favor and think of how much that means in his current condition before you say he shouldn’t have come back again.”

“I will Kei. I won’t say it again. It just hurt to see him in so much pain because he was here.”

“I know. Rena, get her back to school.” Kei said. “Would you give those letters to Ryo and Takeshi please? It will explain everything to them. We’ll get to work on Rena’s plan here. And bring Brianna with you next time okay?”

“I will Kei. Be careful guys, this isn’t the easiest plan you’ve ever thought up.”

“We’ll be fine Ginny.” Rena said as she slid a piece of parchment to Ginny. “As soon as you touch that you will be taken to back to Gryffindor tower. Try and get some sleep, and remember about Harry.”

“Not a word to anyone.” Ginny said. “I know.” With that she grabbed the parchment and disappeared from sight.

“I hope this works.” Kei said.

“It’s time to get to work on getting everything ready now. We won’t have much time before he wakes up and tries to run out on us again.” Jen said.


“Did you have fun last night?” Ryo asked as Ginny came down to the table for breakfast.

Ginny handed Ryo and Takeshi their letters before sitting next to Brianna at the table. “It was an eye opening experience. Those are from your brother. Kei said you should come with me next time I have to go to the manor Brianna.”

“Sounds fun. I’m always ready to get away from here.”

Ryo looked up from the letter. “Tonight?”

“That’s what they said.”

“This can’t be real. How is it possible?” Takeshi asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” Ginny said.

“Tonight it is.” Ryo said before burning both the letters and returning to breakfast.


Harry opened his eyes and quickly found his glasses. Seconds later he gave up on wearing them and closed his eyes again when his arms felt heavier than they were before. Instead he lay there thinking about his last dream. It was the most vivid he’d ever had. The message was just as clear as the dream, let love lead you where it will.

What he couldn’t figure out was where love was leading him. He thought he had let his heart lead him this far only to find that he didn’t know where he truly needed to be. Did anyone really need him here, in this life? They were all surviving well without him since he’d gone. But his parents and Sirius genuinely seemed eager to have him around.

The proof that no one was happy to see him was how everyone acted and how few people actually visited him. Aside from Tonks and, at least in the beginning, Ginny no seemed happy that he was back.

He had depressed himself so much with these thoughts that when he heard Kei come in he couldn’t even bring himself to look up.

“Another one of those days Harry?”

“Did I make a mistake in coming back?”

“Did you? That’s a question only you can answer Harry. Do you think coming back here was a mistake?”

“I didn’t when it all started. I’m beginning to think that I just managed to screw things up by coming back though. No one really acts like it’s a good thing.”

“Of course we don’t Harry. Look at you. You are only half of the person we knew. If it was something physical, an illness that just couldn’t be treated, we could accept it. But that isn’t what the problem is. Your problem is emotional and it hurts all of us that you are trying to figure out if you should be here. It hurts to think that all of the people who love and care for you here aren’t enough for you to want to stay even though we all understand your reasons.”

“I just never expected to feel so alone without them Kei. It feels like I’m not really alive.”

“Are you really alive now, or are you just a dead spirit with a body you can’t control?”

“I don’t know what I am anymore. I’m not even sure if I’m sane half of the time.”

“Then let me show you what alive is Harry. If you still feel that you aren’t when I’m through I’ll kill you myself to keep you from any more pain and suffering.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Just hold still a second. I’ve never done this to someone else.” Kei said as he used the spell to summon clothes to a person and had Harry dressed in an instant and seconds later a chair floated a few inches off the ground next to Harry’s bed. “It’s time for you to join the world of the living Harry.”

“So I’m to be pushed around like an invalid?”

“Think you can handle all the walking yet?”

Harry looked thoughtful for a moment. “The chair it is.”

Kei helped Harry into the chair before moving the chair with his wand. Kei stayed next to Harry the entire time and the chair followed by what seemed its own volition. Harry was quiet during the trip and kept waiting for something to go wrong with the plan. As they reached the steps Harry was hit but a sudden flood of depression and gasp painfully.

“Are you all right Harry?”

“Where is all this sadness coming from all of a sudden?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“What is happening?”

“I want you to stay quiet. We’re going to listen in to the conversation in the living room. Then, when everyone is through, we’re going to go in so you can see what it truly means to be alive again. How’s that sound for a brilliant plan?”

Harry looked heartbroken. “I’ll do it, but please stop all of this depression Kei. It hurts so much.”

“It is not my depression you’re feeling. I have my brother back, I don’t think I have the right to ask for more. Besides, I know my parents have to be happy now that they are together. I would wish them to be separated just for my need to see them. Remember to be quiet.”

Kei continued walking next to Harry and stopped at the foot of the steps. Harry was confused by Kei’s reasoning and couldn’t figure out what this had to do with being alive. When Kei set Harry’s chair on the floor and motioned for Harry to stay and listen, Harry closed his eyes and hoped to hear anything over the sadness that continued to wash over him.

“We all called you here today to talk about Harry.” Hermione said. “We know it isn’t the best subject for any of us but it is time we did, especially since the letters came to a few of us nearly a week ago.”

“What are you talking about Hermione?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Miss Granger, I beg you not to do this to these people. It could hurt them all if this has adverse effects.” Dumbledore said. This confused Harry as he had no idea what adverse effects a talk could have with anyone.

“Let her talk, or I’ll arrest your ass for attempted murder.” Rena said sternly. This also shocked Harry and he looked quickly at Kei who only shook his head and kept his finger to his lips as he sat on the bottom step.

“Mrs. Weasley, a few of us received letters from Harry nearly a week ago.” Hermione went on. “But these weren’t like letters willed to a person before their death. They had knowledge of things that Harry couldn’t have known when he was alive, like how I nearly refused to talk to anyone, Ron giving up everything in pursuit of being the perfect auror, and what almost happened with Ginny. He even knew about Tonks going on a drunk and not spending much time with Remus. There was no way he could have known any of this before his death, and the timing was just too much of a coincidence.”

“But how? Has he become a poltergeist?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“No, he’s gone and been our fearless leader once more and did something the department of mysteries can only theorize about but we’ll get to that soon enough.” Rena said.

“To continue, in Rena’s, Kei’s, and Jen’s letter it mentioned that he was going on a dangerous adventure. He told them that if it failed he would never be seen by the living or dead ever again, but if it worked something even more miraculous would happen.” Hermione said.

“How miraculous?” Mr. Weasley asked.

“More miraculous than anything we’ve ever seen him do before.” Hermione said. “And we think he has almost accomplished it, but he needs our help now.”

“How can I help him Hermione?” Mrs. Weasley said with panic in her voice. “I’ll do anything! Just tell me what I can do!”

“You have to love him now like you all always did.” Hermione said. “It’s the only thing any of us can do to help him now.”

Harry looked at Kei with shock and Kei nodded. “That is what it means to live, my dear brother. It is time for you to say hello to your family.” Kei then once more levitated Harry’s chair and led him into the living room. When Harry saw the faces in front of him, the faces of almost everyone he’d ever come to love in his entire life, tears began to stream down his face.

“It can’t be…” Mrs. Weasley said in a shocked tone.

“It is Mum.” Ron said. “We saw him when he came back. He came out of the mausoleum nearly a week ago.”

“Harry?” Mrs. Weasley said. Harry could only nod. “My dear Harry.” She rushed to him quickly and made to hug him but Kei stopped her quickly.

“It’s not really best for him to have a lot of physical interaction yet Mrs. Weasley. The process he went through didn’t quite go as he planned.”

“What happened to him?”

“It was his parents and Sirius.” Ginny said. “They didn’t want him to stay behind for them so they told him they’d follow right after he made it through. He hasn’t been able to keep himself wanting to be here because he misses them too much to want to be here completely.”

Mrs. Weasley kneeled down beside him. “Oh Harry, is that what’s wrong dear?”

“I couldn’t see it. I shouldn’t have left without them. I’ve never left without anyone before.”

“Harry dear, I didn’t always get on well with Sirius but I’ve never known him to lie, and especially not to you. If he said he was coming then I’m sure he will be here as soon as he can manage it.” Mrs. Weasley said with a warm and motherly smile. “You do have to remember that not everyone can pick up such strong magic as quickly as you dear.”

Harry felt something inside him snap in that instant and hugged Mrs. Weasley. “I miss them so much!”

Mrs. Weasley hugged him gently and patted him on his back. “I know you do dear. I’m sure they’ll be back before you realize it.”

Are you ready now child, to stay this course or do you wish to return to the other side?

Harry continued to cry as he’d never done before. Unable to speak the words and know they weren’t necessary he thought of his answer and knew it was truly the choice he’d come to accept.

I will wait for them. They have never lied to me before and they won’t start now.

I am glad child. Love has led you to a home that is full. If I find others of your line I shall do all in my power to bring them to your door.

Thank you.

Now is the time child. Now, two shall become one.
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Chapter 6: The Pain of Living
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Chapter Six
The Pain of Living


As soon as the spoke its last word Harry felt as if his stomach was on fire and began to scream.

“Mrs. Weasley get back!” Jen said quickly.

Mrs. Weasley jumped back quickly. “I didn’t do anything to him Jen. I swear it!”

“No, he did it.” Jen said. “I think he finally made his decision.”

Harry heard this but couldn’t comprehend it as the fire that started in his stomach quickly began spreading throughout his entire body. He fell to the floor and began writhing in the agony as he felt as if every nerve was being stabbed by red hot needles. He prayed for the pain to die down, begged for it, and hoped that death wasn’t the answer he received.

“What’s happening to him?” Kei asked.

“Two must become one…” Jen said in sudden realization. “So that was the third thing I felt when I first started feeling his mind.”

“What are you talking about?” Kei asked.

“We stopped him from fully coming into his body when we stunned him. Because of that he had to make a choice. He was constantly split in two because he was two. He was in both worlds. But there was something else there. I think it was the heart of eternity.”

“Well what the hell is happening to him now?” Rena asked angrily.

“He’s being forced into being one person again.” Jen said. “His mind isn’t split anymore, and the third presence is disappearing altogether.”

“Then why is he screaming in agony?” Kei asked.

“Because he finishing what he started a week ago!” Jen said. “Did you expect him to be able to come back to life with a smile and wave?”

“What can we do to help him?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“The hard part is over.” Jen said. “It’s all over but the pain. He has to handle that on his own.”

This was the last thing Harry heard before the pain dropped him graciously to unconsciousness.


“Child, I am very proud of you. Do you know how few people actually survive returning from death even with my power?”

“Have I survived?”

“You have child. You will live for a long time to come. I offer you a message from the other side child. Do you wish to hear it or do you feel it would be too painful for you?”

“I can handle it if it is painful. What is the message?”

“They did not lie to you child. Those you love needed the reason for them to return. Your recent heartache has been the spur they needed. Even now they are preparing for their own journeys, and you know that time is never the same between the two worlds. If they can gain the strength to come they will. That is their promise to you now child. They hope it offers you comfort.”

Harry smiled at the thought. “I will wait for them. They haven’t let me down yet.”

“Now go, and live as you always should have.”


Everyone sat in the dining room eating dinner and thinking through what they had just saw not an hour before. Many thoughts floated around those who were there when Harry returned and what Jen had said just before Harry stopped screaming and passed out.

“So Dumbledore stopped him from coming back fully.” Ron said with a questioning glance at Jen.

“Unintentionally. He was trying to help Harry by putting him at ease. He was only after Harry’s best interest. I wouldn’t have let Kei stun him if I thought otherwise.”

“So what happens to Harry now?” Ginny asked.

“Now we help him get back to normal.” Kei said.

“That shouldn’t be too hard should it?” Ron said. “He doesn’t look like he’s changed a bit from before the battle with Voldemort.”

“Who knows what he’ll need help with.” Hermione said. “No one has encountered anything like this before. It’s not in any records and no one seems to have any information about it. For all we know we might well have to teach him how to walk again. We’re going to have to wait and see what condition he’s in when he wakes up.”

“One thing is for sure though; he’s going to fight for it now.” Rena said. “No matter what problems he’ll have he can make now because he’s going to work for it.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Ron said with a large smile.

“That’s something we can all celebrate.” Hermione said.

“He’s back.  That’s the best thing to celebrate.” Ginny said.

“Truer words were never spoken Gin.” Ron said with a nod.


Harry woke up with a pounding headache and could barely open his eyes. He knew something had to be done immediately. “Dobby.”

“Yes Master Harry?” Dobby said as he appeared with a pop.

“Could you please get me some pain relieving potion?” Harry said. “And please try to be as quiet as you can right now. My head feels like its going to explode.”

“Yes sir, right away.” Dobby whispered so softly Harry could barely hear it. Harry smiled as Dobby returned a minute later and actually helped Harry to drink to potion before giving Harry his glasses.

“You don’t have to do everything for me Dobby, though I do appreciate it.”

“Dobby is being very happy to serve Master Harry Potter once more sir. I is being at your service anytime you is needing me sir.”

“I thank you Dobby. In that case would you come downstairs with me? I’m not sure how well I am at walking and moving just yet.”

“Yes sir, is you wanting your chair from earlier sir?”

“No thank you Dobby. I would prefer to walk if I can.”

“Yes sir. I is staying by your side as long as you is needing Dobby sir.”

Harry stood slowly and started walking. He noticed immediately that this wasn’t going to be easy. His legs were wobbly and the kept feeling like the floor was tilting. He found himself leaning on the walls and noticed that Dobby used a cushioning charm on the floor in case he fell. Harry laughed at the look of terror on Dobby’s face when he reached the stairs.

“Are you sure you is being okay to being going down the stairs sir?”

“I think I’ll be okay. With your amazing charms I’m sure I won’t feel a thing even if I do fall.”

Dobby nodded and Harry smiled as he saw the house elf charm the steps, wall, banisters, and the floor at the bottom of the steps before letting Harry continue. When Dobby was done Harry made his way even more slowly down the steps.

“Where is you wanting to be going Master Potter?”

“Where is everyone at right now Dobby?”

“They is being eating sir.”

“The Dining room it is.”

“But Master Potter, there is being nothing for you to being holding on to sir.”

“Then we will have to trust to my feet alone Dobby.”

“Wait sir!”

“Dobby, what is the problem?” Remus asked as he came to investigate. “Harry, what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get to the dining room.” Harry said breathlessly. “Would you mind giving me a hand?”

Remus rushed to Harry’s side and helped him stand straight and led him to the dining room. “I swear you are going to give me a heart attack one day Harry.”

“I hope not. I’d miss you terribly.”

“I’m not going anywhere yet Harry. We’ll have many more times for you to scare me yet.”

Harry smiled slightly. “Thanks Remus.”

“Harry!” Ginny said as she jumped up and rushed to his side to help him. “You shouldn’t be out of bed yet!”

“I’ve been in bed for a week. I miss my family. I want to sit with them.”

“Then you should have asked someone.” Ginny said defiantly. “You know we will help you, you git. Now come on and sit here. We’ll get you some food right away.”

“I is going now Miss. I is just making sure Master Potter is getting here safe Miss.” Dobby said before he disappeared with a pop.

“I swear Dobby is more overprotective of me than anyone else. He cushioned every step I could take.”

“That’s what a good house elf does Harry.” Mr. Weasley said. “They care for their master to the extreme. A good house elf would sacrifice their own life to protect their master, and I feel that all of the house elves here would do that for you in an instant.”

“But I’m not their master anymore. Remus owns the house now.” Harry said.

“The elves choose who they follow, and they follow you Harry. The house can never be mine if you’re alive. It is Potter Manor for a reason Harry.” Remus said.

“I didn’t come back for any of that. I just wanted to be with you all again.”

“I’m afraid it’s a package deal.” Kei said. “There could be serious trouble for Remus if he kept everything that was yours.”

“I hate all this legal stuff. If I have to own everything I used to own then I will but I’m more in a hurry to be able to move without feeling like I’ve run a marathon.”

“I can help you there Harry.” Hermione said. “We can start tomorrow if you’d like.”

“That would be great but are you sure you have time?”

“Someone dear to me said I needed to remember to put the books down and live a little more. I think I can handle helping you to get back on your feet.”

“Anything else you’re waiting to do?” Ron asked.

“I’d love to take your sister on another date, but unfortunately in my current condition I can’t very well do that.” Harry said with a grin. “But with Hermione’s help I should be good by Halloween.”

“I don’t think you’ll be ready that fast Harry but I’ll have you back to normal before long.” Hermione said.


“Now, now children that’s enough talk. Let Harry eat. I swear that boy wastes away more every day.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“Being dead does have that effect I feel.” Harry said and began to eat.


“Have I ever told you that I hate portkeys?” Harry said.

“Well you aren’t trusted to apparate yet and floo travel might just kill you in your condition so a portkey is the safest way at the moment.” Hermione said.

“Okay, portkey it is. I can’t wait till I can apparate again.”

“I believe it. I remember how happy you were the day you learned. I’d only seen you smile that much when you were with Ginny, and that was almost a year later.”

“That was more because it was kind of a father and son moment with me and Remus. He spent an hour just talking to me about how hard apparition could be and what the best way to apparate was. It was a great day.”

“Then you should be grateful. I was taught by a woman who reminded me terribly of Umbridge.”

“I feel so sorry for you.”

“It’s time to get to work Harry. We’ve got a lot get through with and I’m hoping to have you at least able to walk well by the end of the week.”

“Okay, what do I do?”



“You walk. Physical therapy isn’t that complicated. You need to walk to get used to walking again.” Hermione pointed to a long mat with a hand rail on either side of it. “Use the hand rails in case you need support and just walk back and forth. It’s the only way to get you used to walking right now. Your legs aren’t weak, they’re just not used to the work anymore.”

“Walking it is. I did think this was going to be somewhat more difficult.”

“I’ve seen you walk. This will be no easy task after an hour.”

“Great. You have horrid bedside manners, did you know that?”

“Well I plan to devote myself more to the research end of medicine so I think that will be fine.”

Harry laughed as he began walking. “How long will it be till you have this place up and running?”

“I should be finished by the end of the year. Then I’ll just have to hire a competent staff to run it and help people until I can take a more active role.”

“That sounds great.”

“Thank you for giving me the chance to do this Harry. Without you this would still just be a dream of mine.”

“As long as the hospital is put to good use I’ll never have a complaint. There isn’t any way you can set up a few private rooms in case I manage to get hurt once I start working as an auror again is there?”

“St. Mungo’s holds all ministry contracts.”

Harry looked thoughtful. “I think I’d like you to have more to do with my health then. Does your hospital offer insurance?”

Hermione laughed. “For the person whose money is responsible I’ll say you get free medical service forever. I’ll even be your healer.”

Harry smiled. “That could work. I trust you more than anyone at St. Mungo’s. Only person I’d trust more is Madam Pomfrey.”

“How could you not. You’ve been to see her so often she knows your body better than you do.”

“So painful, yet so true.”

“Is it getting any harder for you to walk Harry? I need to know as soon as you start feeling any pain.”

“It just feels like I’m working out a little of the stiffness. Not what I’d call pain at all though.”

“All right, but be sure to tell me the first time you feel any pain.”

“I will Hermione. I promise you.”

Harry walked for nearly half an hour before he began to feel the dull ache in his thighs. This immediately had him set down in a chair and had him receive a glass of water from Hermione. Harry could only laugh at the speed which she handled all of that with.

“Hermione, I’ve been though a lot worse than sore legs before. You’ve been right beside me through a few of them. You don’t have to act like I’m a fragile piece of glass.”

“Harry, this is something new for me. I’ve read up on it a lot over the past few weeks when I decided to get this area set up but I’ve never actually had to help someone recover from something like this. Every book I’ve read said that you had to make sure the patient didn’t overexert themselves. You’re supposed to rest as soon as the aches come up so that you don’t push too hard and only make it worse on yourself.”

“I never knew that.” Harry said and looked lost in thought. “All this time I’ve been destroying my progress by trying to rush things haven’t I?”

Hermione smiled. “Not with your magic of course. I don’t think you could be any stronger in that area. But everything you pushed yourself to physically was held back by how far you always tried to take it so fast.”

“I didn’t have a lot of time. I was always rushed to be better.”

“But you don’t have to rush anymore. Voldemort is dead now and the other death eaters will never be as much of a fight as he was. You have the time you need to get yourself healthy in the proper way. You don’t have to be in such a rush to get to that bloody training room.”

Harry smiled. “I do don’t it? Have time, I mean. There isn’t a rush anymore. I have control over what happens with my life now don’t I?”

“Yes. You’re free now Harry. No more shadows or prophecies to worry over. All you have left to do is live if that’s what you wish. You don’t even have to be an auror if you’d prefer not to be.”

Harry shook his head. “I’ll always be an auror Hermione. It’s as much a part of me as anything else. Even if I never managed to get back officially I’d always help anyone in trouble. I think it’s in my blood. Did you know that every member of my family fought dark wizards even if they weren’t a guardian?”

“No I didn’t know that, but how did you find that out?”

“My Dad told me. As far back as the Potter line can be traced they always fought dark wizards, even before our family became one of the guardian lines. My Mum even used to train aurors. How can I not be an auror Hermione? I don’t really know how to do anything else anyhow.”

Hermione laughed. “Then we’ll have to get you to pass the NEWTs after your better and start training you up on the legal part of being an auror as well.”

“There’s a legal part?”

“Of course there is! Aurors are law enforcement after all.”

“I just thought we followed orders and let others deal with the legal side of things.”

“You and Ron both apparently. Do you have any idea how hard that all is for him?”

“I can imagine very well. It looks like the two of us will be struggling through another class together.”

“Don’t worry I’ll help you both as usual.”

“What would we do without you Hermione?”

“Fail miserably most likely. Now its time to get you walking again. Come on.”


“So how did the therapy go?” Ron asked as Harry and Hermione walked into the dining room.

“I’m very pleased with how Harry is progressing.”

“I’m not really progressing am I?”

“You managed to extend your walking time by five minutes.”

“He can only walk for five minutes?” Rena said with wide eyes.

“No, he can walk for thirty five minutes straight. I bet he could probably go for forty if I’d let him progress a bit quicker.”

“So then get faster!” Rena said with a distasteful look.

“Hermione wants me to do this right Rena.” Harry said. “She wants me to heal not force myself into moving right.”

“Force is a very good thing at times Harry.” Rena said.

“He is my patient and I will decide exactly how quick he progresses. If you have any problems with that then you can go and become a healer and take over if he’ll trust you to.” Hermione said in a shockingly stern tone.

“Whoa, Hermione is serious about healing Harry Rena. I wouldn’t push her too much.” Jen said. “She is a very powerful witch when she feels a need to be.”

“I just don’t see why he doesn’t get a little shove here and there. It’s bad enough he got screwed out of a week of life because of Dumbledore’s stupid idea.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked.

“The reason you didn’t come back to life completely was because Dumbledore wanted to help you relax into your new body. He asked us to stun you to calm you down and we did. We think that’s why you got stuck in between.” Jen said.

Harry shrugged. “That’s a pain, but it happens. Anyway, I’m following Hermione’s plan which is basically revolving around how I feel. As I get strong I’ll be able to do more. I can’t any more than that.”

“I told you, it’s not strength you need. You just need to get your body used to moving again. For all we know you could just be suffering the effects of a body that was stuck in rigor mortis for so long.”

“I am kind of an interesting case study.” Harry said with a grin.

“I was thinking of asking if I could write my thesis on you once you decided to announce to the world that you’re back.” Hermione said.

“If it can help you then do it. You’d better start taking notes now though. I always did heal quickly.”

“I already have been taking notes. Thank you for letting me write about all this.”

“Remember that when I’m knee deep in legal papers and need your help with it all.”

“Well, I haven’t seen you look this lively in a while.” Kei said as he walked in. “You seem to be doing well. How did you do?”

“Only thirty five minutes.” Rena said in a depressed tone.

“Thirty five straight?” Kei asked. Harry nodded. “Good. At least you can move around the house without a problem then. You could even go and eat dinner with Ginny and not tire yourself out. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a start.”

“But he only increased the amount of time he could walk by five minutes!” Rena said.

“It’s better than if he walked for an hour today and couldn’t move at all tomorrow.” Kei said. “This is going to take Harry a little time. You can’t expect him to be running around with us tomorrow. Did you forget what his body was like when we put him in the mausoleum?”

“I will never forget but I definitely don’t want to remember.” Rena said.

“What was so bad about it?” Harry asked nervously.

“We could have levitated you without a stretcher and you still wouldn’t have moved.” Kei said quietly. “It wasn’t a pleasant thing to deal with.”

“Well,” Hermione said quickly in an effort to change the subject. “Tomorrow we’re going to have to try and figure out how to work out some of the… the stiffness that you keep complaining about.”

“Don’t muggles have medicines to deal with stiff joints? I saw a lot of commercials for them on tv.” Jen said.

“Not for the kind of problem Harry has. He isn’t suffering from arthritis just stiffness from not bending the joints for nearly six months.”

“I might have something that can help some of that.” Kei said. “Would you come with me a minute Harry? We’ll test it out and if it works then we will have something sorted out for you at least.”

“Okay.” Harry said before Hermione put a hand on his shoulder to stop him from getting up.

“What exactly are you planning Kei?”

“I’m not going to make him do anything physical.  I got something to help me work out the stiffness I get when I can’t work out for two hours a day is all. I promise I won’t let him get hurt.”

“I’ll be okay Hermione.” Harry said. “I promise I won’t push myself. Any pains at all and I’ll stop. I promise.”

“If you get yourself hurt so you can’t do anything tomorrow I won’t be around to help you anymore.” Hermione said. “And you can forget your private room at the hospital too.”

“Serious threats you have.” Harry said with a smile. “I promise I’ll be as careful as I was with you today.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Harry stood and followed Kei to the room Kei set up for exercise and training last year. Harry saw a few new machines and grew very curious. “What are the new things over there?”

“What you’ll be working with.” Kei said. “That one will help you with stiffness in the hips, that one will help your knees, that one will help stretch your back, and that one will help your shoulders. This stuff is what I use when I have a busy day. Thirty minutes with these is about the same practicing for two hours without all the exhaustion. In other words just what you need right now.”

“Sounds like an interesting time. Let’s get started.”


“So how was Kei’s torture chamber?” Rena asked when Harry and Kei sat down for dinner.

“It was like being shoved in a meat grinder.” Harry said with a grin.

“You had better not have overworked yourself!” Hermione said.

“Relax Hermione, I was just joking. I actually feel a lot better. I don’t feel as stiff anymore.”

“You should try to use that stuff every day as well as working with Hermione. The exercise will compliment each other.” Kei said.

“How do you know so much about physical health?” Hermione asked.

“My father went to great pains to show me what I needed to do to stay healthy. I guess after so long you just remember it all.”

“So how long do you suspect Harry will need to recover Hermione?” Rena asked.

“I really don’t know. Yesterday he couldn’t walk from his room to the dining room without sounding like he’d just run a marathon and today he walked for over two hours total not to mention all the walking he’s done around here. Who knows what he’ll be feeling up to tomorrow?”

“Do you think our fearless leader will be working with us again soon?” Rena said.

“I want at least a week before I even think of that kind of evaluation. That’s not the decision I can come up with in a day.”

Rena sighed. “I guess I’m stuck without a partner till you get better.”

“I’ll be back around before you have time to regret being alone.”

Hermione gave Harry a stern look. “I thought you weren’t going to rush things this time.”

“I didn’t say I was. I’m just saying that with such a wonderful healer it would be impossible to be unable to perform my normal duties for too long.”

“That better be what you meant.”


“So what are we going to do about this?” Tonks said. “We can’t keep hiding him away from the world. He will eventually want to get out of the manor.”

“I agree. He doesn’t deserve to be kept a prisoner regardless of whether he is just coming back from the dead.” Remus said.

“This is not the case Remus.” Dumbledore said. “I am not trying to make him a prisoner in his own home. I merely wish to ask him to stay out of the public eye until he is ready to defend himself again. In his current condition he would be the easiest target for death eaters. It is dangerous for him to be out in public at this moment in time. I will not force him to stay in the manor and I will ask no one to do any such thing but I will ask him to stay until he is able to take care of himself. I do wonder if asking such a thing of a person who has been through such an ordeal is overstepping my bounds but I admit that one of my faults as Harry’s headmaster is caring, maybe more than I should, about his safety in and outside of Hogwarts.”

“We should also volunteer to help him if he does want to go out.” Eileen said. “I would have no problem going anywhere he wished to go and I would happily slaughter any person who wanted to harm him. Remus and Tonks are no different in that respect Albus.”

“Yes, that might be best. His friends will be willing to help as well I’m sure. I do hope you all understand my reasons for this. I do not mean to meddle in his affairs but we can all admit that Harry is reckless in regards to his own life at times, and this is one time where his recklessness could cost him more than he is ready to pay. Certainly the price is too high for any of us to be willing to pay.”

“The question is truly will he go along with it.” Remus said. “He has always expressed his longing for freedom. He was never happy with how he was treated before.”

“This time will be different Remus. We are not going to force him to stay away from places or arrange detailed escorts for him when he travels. Instead we are only asking that he has a friend or two with him when he travels out until he is completely recovered.” Albus said.

“We are all getting ahead of ourselves.” Tonks said. “We should talk to Harry, tell him what concerns us, and explain our reasons for wanting to look out for him. He has never refused to listen to a sound argument but he will rebel if he thinks we are forcing this on him after we’ve already decided something for him.”

“She’s right. He won’t like it if it seems planned out before we come to him with everything. We just have to be honest with him and hope that he agrees with us.” Eileen said.

“Well, if we’re going to do this we don’t have long to wait. Dinner is in about an hour.” Remus said.


“How am I coming along Hermione?”

Hermione looked over her papers silently for a few minutes. “After a week you have showed a very high rate of improvement. It is truly leading to my hypothesis being correct and your major problem was having your body recover from the stiffening effects of rigor mortis.”

Harry looked at her with an arched eyebrow. “Does any of that mean I’m doing well?”

Hermione laughed. “It means you’re coming along perfectly. I honestly expect you to be able to start your martial arts and dodging training within a few weeks, and based on your performance there I would be able to recommend you for active duty within two months providing you pass your NEWTs as well as everything needed to finish whatever auror training you have left.”

“Two months? Are you sure that’s not rushing it?”

Hermione shook her head. “Not with the way you’re coming along. You have been doubling or tripling you rate of activity every day. In one week you’re already running for five miles a day as well as going through various exercises for your legs. We’ll have to start working on your arms to get some work going with them. We might need to consult Kei on how best to work out the stiffness in your arms to help you there as well.”

“At least that’s one concern I don’t have to worry about. How long do you think it will take for me to able to go on a date?”

Hermione laughed. “I would suggest you be strong enough to fight off the three hundred reporters that will hound you once it’s found out that you’re alive.”

“You make a very good point. We should go Hermione. We’ll be late for dinner.”

Hermione nodded and handed Harry the portkey before touching it herself. Seconds later Harry felt his feet touch the floor of the manor. “Home sweet home.”

“I bet you can’t wait to go out into the world and have fun again.”

“Actually I’d be happy just to take a walk around the grounds and visit with Bane. I just wish I knew whether they would understand about me coming back. I wish I was better at reading the stars.” Harry said as they walked into the dining room. Harry smiled as he saw Eileen, Dumbledore, and Tonks sitting with Remus. He hadn’t gotten the chance to see much of any of them. “Hey everyone.”

“Hello Harry.” Eileen said. “How are you holding up?”

“I’ve been doing a lot better since I accepted it all. I’ll see them again one day. Knowing Dad and Sirius like I do now I probably won’t even expect it.”

“You still think they’ll make it back?” Eileen said in a curious tone.

Harry smiled. “They never lied to me before. What would they have to gain from starting up now?”

Eileen smiled. “You’re right Harry. Lily would never be able to lie to you.”

“Have you found it in you to forgive me yet Harry?” Dumbledore asked.


Harry looked confused. “Have I blamed you for something sir?”

“I am to blame for what happened when you first returned Harry. I was the cause of all those days of suffering.”

Harry shook his head. “You meant well sir. You hoped to ease my transition. You didn’t know what would happen. Who could? Even Salazar and Godric couldn’t be sure what would happen. You have nothing to be forgiven for so I can’t forgive you sir.”

“I have never been more please to not be forgiven. I must admit to a small ulterior motive for coming aside from checking on you. I would like a chance to speak with you of a concern of mine if you don’t mind.”

“It’s a concern of all of us really Harry.” Remus said.

Harry sat down next to Eileen and motioned for Hermione to join them. “I think I may need my doctor’s advice.”

Dumbledore nodded. “I understand Harry. There is one concern we all share at the moment and it is your safety. We would all like to talk to you about you leaving your home.”

“You’re kicking me out of the family manor?”

“No Harry, quite the opposite. We want to ask you not to travel outside the manor without at least one friend of yours who is capable of using magic until you are well once again.”

“Are you trying to keep me locked in the manor?”

“No Harry.” Eileen said quickly. “No one will tell you when you can or can’t go. Remus has even said he will gladly stay at the manor all the time just in case you decide you’d like to go somewhere. We’re just worried that in your current condition you make a very easy target for any death eaters that might see you. None of us want to lose you again Harry. We’re just worried about you.”

“Oh, so you guys just want to look out for me is all then.”

“Yes Harry. We want to take care of you till you can do it on your own again.” Remus said.

“You should have just said that from the beginning. I’ll agree only if Remus take me to lunch tomorrow.”

“Then it’s a deal.”

Tonks laughed. “Always so agreeable if you just get a meal. You really do have a bit of Weasley in you.”

“I suppose the Weasleys have rubbed off a bit.”

“Hermione, how is Harry getting on in his sessions with you?” Tonks said.

“He is doing tremendously. I think he needs to start practicing his magic again. As far as I can tell he should be ready to get back to his old way of life in two months at most.”

“Have you even used magic since you’ve come back?” Remus asked.

“All the wands are in the mausoleum and I haven’t been able to go there yet.”

“That’s easily fixed.” Tonks said and apparated away and came back into the dining room a few seconds later and handed Harry two wand sheaths with the wands in them. “Now you can never say I didn’t do anything for you.”

Harry laughed and fastened the sheaths to his arms and thought of the wands. He grabbed them quickly and smiled. “I feel better already.” Then he moved his wand to make a cup levitate and stopped.

“What’s wrong Harry?” Hermione said when she saw the look of shock on his face.

“I think we have bigger issues than my physical health now.”


“I can’t levitate the cup.”

“But it’s a simple spell Harry. Swish and flick.”

“I know how to use the spell Hermione. But the cup won’t move.”

“Headmaster?” Hermione said with a nervous look at Dumbledore.

“What’s happened to me?” Harry asked in a broken voice. “Why can’t I use magic?”

Chapter 7: Wizard no More?
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Chapter Seven
Wizard No More?


No one had seen Harry since ‘the incident’ as it was now termed around the manor. Not even the house elves could say they had seen any sign of him. The worst moment was when everyone saw Bluebelle, Ginny’s phoenix, appear in a burst of flames and fly around the house for nearly and hour before landing on a perch in the living room as if waiting for someone. No one knew what to say as everyone knew who the phoenix was waiting for.

The worst of the situation was that there was still no answer as to what happened to Harry and they were no closer to any than they had been before. No one doubted the strain this caused Harry as none could even imagine how difficult it would be to suddenly never be able to do magic again. What made everyone feel uncomfortable about it was that no one knew what to do to console him in any way. It was as if Harry had come to the one problem in life that no one had any answers for.

In the end no one approached Harry at all no matter how much they wanted to comfort and help him. They all feared hurting him and in his state they all assumed it would take even less than normal to upset him. The only thing they knew for certain was that this current situation seemed to be one of the hardest things Harry had dealt with.


“Not even floo powder.” Harry said with disappointment flooding over him. He had been trying to find something, anything, from the wizarding world that would work for him. The only thing he discovered was that any magical clothing still worked. He knew he should feel happy that it was something but to think that the only benefits he saw from the magical world was he could be better protected from spells and use an invisibility cloak didn’t set well with him.

There were many things he’d marked off the list available useful items. His broom no longer responded to him, wands were the first thing to be ruled out, and even Hedwig seemed distant. He was unable to use portkeys, any form of apparition, or floo powder to travel. The worst part of it was he couldn’t even send a letter to Ginny because Hedwig wouldn’t let him close and Blueblaze wouldn’t come anywhere near him.

He began to feel like he no longer had a place in the wizarding world. He couldn’t protect anyone from a serious attack because at best he’d need to be within a few feet of his enemy to do anything, and he’d never stand a chance at fighting more than one wizard. Harry had accepted the hard facts of his return. To the wizarding world he was useless.

Harry sat at his bed that night trying to decide what he would do since things seemed to take a turn for the worst. He knew he could live as a muggle if that were to be the way of things but he didn’t know if he could live as a muggle around other wizards. He began to see what he needed to do and decided to start on his plan before everyone woke up. He did the only thing he could.


Dobby appeared instantly with a pop! “Yes Master Potter?”

“I need you to do something very important for me. You’re the only one I can trust with this. Will you help me?”

“Of course I is helping you sir. What is you having me doing?”


“Master Remus sir, something terrible has happened.” Tinky said as he woke both Remus and Tonks. “Master Potter is being gone sir.”

“He’ll be all right Tinky. He’s probably just taking a walk.”

“No Master Remus, he is being gone!” Tinky said. “He is leaving in the night and is taking his motorcycle and Dobby is going too.”

“What do you mean Dobby went?” Tonks asked.

Tinky just shook his head. “He is saying he is not caring if it is making him bad elf, Miss, he is following Master Potter where ever he is going even when Master Potter is saying Dobby is not being happy where Master Potter must go.”

“Where did he go Tinky?” Remus asked with a nervous look on his face.

“I is not knowing sir. I is only knowing that the elfs is saying they is not sure what they is to be doing. Not one is sure if they is being following Master Potter or if they is staying here sir.”

Remus sighed. “I don’t know what to tell you about that Tinky. I don’t even know if Harry was only planning on leaving for a short time. I think that is what we have to find out first.”

“Sir, I is not thinking he is being coming back sir. He is taking his clothes and swords sir.”

Remus felt his heart break with that news. “Then we have to figure out why he left and try to bring him back.”

“I’ll get the kids together.” Tonks said. “Maybe they can help us.”

“I hope so because I don’t think I can handle loosing him again.”


Ginny had just finished with her day of classes and went to Gryffindor tower. She went to her room to get out of her robes and saw a very familiar house elf sitting on her bed.

“Hello Dobby. How are you today?”

“I is being good Miss. Is you being well?”

“I’m doing very well today thanks. How can I help you today?”

“Master Potter is asking me to being delivering you a letter. Master Potter’s owl and phoenix is not being listening to him now that he is being not able to being using magic.”

“What do you mean Dobby?”

“I is not knowing Miss. I is only knowing what is not working Miss. Here is being your letter.”

“Thank you Dobby.”

“You is welcome Miss. I is being going now. Dobby is being very worried about Master Potter.”

“Wait! Why hasn’t Harry answered any of my letters?”

“No owls or phoenixes is being going near Master Potter. He is not being able to be getting mail Miss.”

“Then how can I send him a letter?”

“If you is calling me I is coming if I is coming right away Miss.”

“Thank you Dobby.”

“You is welcome Miss. Goodbye Miss Wheezy.”

Ginny smiled as Dobby disappeared. She tossed her robes on her bed and changed before opening Harry’s letter. As soon as she did she wished she understood what Harry was talking about.

Dearest Ginny,

I’m sorry for not answering your letter but I have no idea what it says. I haven’t had a chance to read it. I do hope you’re well love.

I have to tell you something that is very serious at this moment in time. I have found that I can no longer use magic. I can’t even get Hedwig or Blueblaze to take a letter for me anymore. Because of this I’ve come to the decision that the only place for me is in the muggle world.

I love you and I hope you feel the same for me but for right now I have to get used to the possibility that I’ll never be able to use magic again. I have to be able to accept who I am, and I can’t be a lot of things I used to think were my destiny.

I can, however, love you whether I am a muggle or wizard. That is one thing that can never change. That’s why I’m telling you everything now. I may never be a wizard again, and I can live without having to use magic. I don’t want to go on living without you. I would very much love to marry you one day.

I know you have a way of understanding things, but please forgive me if I don’t write to you again for a while. It’s not easy on me to no longer have magic in my life. I have to figure out what I’m going to do and where I truly belong now. I promise that I will keep in touch with you Ginny.

I have to go now. It’s time for me to go. I do hope you understand why I’m doing this. I’ll send you word as soon as I have a chance. I love you Ginny. Goodbye for now.

Love always,


Ginny found this letter happy and confusing. She didn’t understand how Harry could no longer be a wizard anymore. She was always told you were born a wizard and that didn’t change for anything. All she really know was that the letter made her more happy than ever before because now she knew that Harry wanted to marry her eventually. She didn’t care whether Harry was a wizard or a muggle. All she cared about was that he was Harry, the person she’d been in love with as far back as she could remember. She couldn’t care less about anything else as long as it was him.


“Where would he go?” Ron asked.

“He would go where he felt normal.” Hermione said.

“Why can’t he just do that here?” Ron said with a confused look.

“Harry didn’t feel normal here anymore.” Jen said. “You can’t really blame him there. I mean, he went from being a strong wizard to a squib. That can’t be an easy thing for a person to deal with.”

“I feel sorry for him. He had to overcome only he knows what to come back to help us and stay with us only to find out he can’t help in any way he’s used to and left to feel like he’s an outcast from us because he isn’t a wizard now.” Kei said.

“But that’s not true. None of us care if he can’t use magic anymore.” Ron said.

“But does he?” Rena said. “For all we know he might hate that he can’t use magic anymore. He might even be jealous of us for being able to now that he can’t. I don’t think he would be jealous but it is a possibility.”

“It seems more likely that he finds it harder to accept that he can’t use magic when he’s surrounded by so many who can.” Kei said.

“You’re right. That does make a lot more sense than jealousy.” Rena said.

“Where is he is all I want to know.” Ron said. “I just want to make sure he’s all right. He wasn’t doing too well last time we saw him.”

“I have a feeling that he’s doing just fine where ever he is.” Kei said. “Just because he couldn’t use magic doesn’t mean he’s wholly without defense.”

“I just hope he sends us news soon.” Hermione said.

“He’ll tell us what’s going on as soon as he gets a handle on them himself.” Jen said. “We just have to give him some time.”


Harry had finally moved the last of the things he bought into his new house. He was grateful that the elves allowed dobby to gain access to the vault that used to belong to Harry. He reasoned that it was his money even though it was currently in Remus’ name. Setting down the chair he’d just moved in he closed the door and fell into it and sighed comfortably.

“We’re finally finished Dobby.”

“Yes Master Potter. You is now being having you new home sir. Is you being happy now sir?”

Harry smiled. “Dobby, I didn’t leave because I was unhappy, I left because I have to be able to accept myself as I am. I can’t do that around everyone right now.”

“What is you meaning Master Potter?”

“I’m not a wizard anymore. At best I’m a squib. But I can’t much understand the difference between a squib and a muggle. I think I’m a muggle now and that’s okay. I can handle that really. It’s just a bit hard to be around everyone right now.”

“I is staying by you side Master Potter. If Harry Potter sir is a muggle than I is acting as muggle as I is able.”

Harry laughed. “Don’t do that to yourself Dobby. Just be who you are and everything will be fine.”

“Yes sir. I is making you now sir. I is bringing it right away.”

“Thank you Dobby. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Dobby could only beam with pride and disappear with a pop!


Remus was pacing in the living room as had been his manner since a few days after Harry’s disappearance. Tonks grew more worried about Remus by the day and also found herself wondering if it was because Harry left or because he left without saying anything. One thing was clear in her mind however, whatever reason Harry had left two weeks before it must have been serious.

Despite that Harry had been gone as long as he had no one truly worried for his safety. No one had even reported seeing Harry which led them to believe he was where no wizard would find him. This only caused everyone to turn to Hermione for help as she knew the muggle world best.

What everyone who was in the house when Harry disappeared worried about was what exactly was going to happen when everyone else who cared about Harry found out he was gone. The two who were now facing the most troubling time were Rena and Ron who were informing the Weasley women.


“Mum, do you have a minute?” Ron asked nervously.

“Of course dear, what do you need?”

“Well, I don’t really know how to tell you this. You see something happened with Harry that we can’t figure out. Not even Dumbledore had any idea what to do about it. We can’t even figure out what happened.”

Mrs. Weasley looked panicked. “What is it Ronald?”

“Harry can’t use magic anymore.”Ron looked down.

“Oh that poor boy! I’ll go see him straight away.”

“That’s the real reason I’m here Mum. When Harry found out he couldn’t use magic he left. Remus said he took quite a large amount from his vault, or at least Dobby took it with orders from Remus according to the goblins. Remus agreed with them but he knew that Dobby was doing what Harry asked. The real problem is that we have no idea where he went.”

Mrs. Weasley fell into the chair closest to her. “So he’s gone again? We only just got him back.”

“He’s not gone Mum. He just couldn’t handle it, being surrounded by wizards and witches and not feeling like one of them. He’ll come back. I know he will. If it was that easy to keep him away forever he’d never have bothered to come back at all.” Then Ron hugged Mrs. Weasley as tightly as he could. “I promise you Mum. He’ll come back.”

Ron knew this was going to be very hard on his Mum and knew exactly what he had to do. He stayed there hugging his Mum and letting her cry for as long as she needed to.


Rena and Kei walked into the Great Hall and saw Ginny, Brianna, and Kei’s brothers sitting at Gryffindor table talking amongst each other and sighed. “This isn’t going to be easy is it?”

“I have a feeling it won’t be. But if anyone can understand this it’s Ginny.”

“Yeah, I guess. Think you could get Brianna, Ryo, and Takeshi away from her while I tell her?”

“Of course. I have to tell them too after all.”

They walked to the table and Rena sat down. “So Gin, what have you been up to?”

“Waiting to see him again.”

Kei looked to his brothers. “How would you two like to come with me and Brianna for a few minutes? I need to check up on your skills while I’m here.” They both nodded quickly and stood up as Kei looked at Brianna. “Would you be willing to help me a bit?”

“Sure, I get bored around this time anyway. See you later Ginny.”


When they left Rena turned to Ginny. “I wish they picked Jen for this. She’s more tactful than I am so I’m just going to say it.” Then she leaned closer to Ginny. “Harry’s gone.” She whispered.

Ginny had a curious look. “So how is he?”

Rena looked confused. “We don’t know anything except that he’s not dead. He left a few weeks ago and didn’t even tell anyone.”

Ginny smiled. “So he didn’t tell any of you that he was leaving?”

“He didn’t say a word about it to anyone.”

“No, he didn’t say a word to anyone. He did, however, send a letter to someone.” Ginny smiled again.

“You knew he was gone?” Rena looked shocked. “Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I assumed you’d all knew. I didn’t think I’d be the only one he told.”

“Oh my god! How did Jen miss that one?”

“I guess she never expected him to leave. Is there any way to know if he’s all right? I haven’t heard anything from him in weeks.”

“We have no reason to suspect that he’s dead. He’s only got to worry if he’s in the wizarding world and we know he isn’t or someone would have seen him. We know he’s somewhere in the muggle world we just don’t know where.”

“How would he hide Dobby in the muggle world though? It seems like it would be impossible.”

Rena grinned. “Yeah, I agree. But this isn’t any normal person. This is Harry. He can do anything if he sets his mind to it.”

“Anything but magic now.” Ginny shook her head. “He’s a bit thick running off like that with such a stupid reason. It’s almost like he thinks our feelings will change now that he can’t use a wand.”

“He can’t use anything according to what Remus found in his room but we can talk about that later. I’ve already talked too much around too many people. We’ll talk more this weekend. I’ll take you someplace very interesting.”

Ginny smiled. “Okay Rena. I’ll see you then.”


“So he left?” Ryo asked.

“Yeah, and we don’t know how to find him.” Kei said.

“Harry will be fine Kei. I won’t even pretend that situation is easy. Wouldn’t you need some time if your entire world was just turned upside down and a part of you was erased?” Brianna said.

Kei sighed. “You’re right. I’m just worried that he won’t take it well.”

“Of course you’re worried about him. He’s one of your best friends. What you have to remember is that he is a very capable person even without magic. Magic didn’t make him able to figure out how to calm his mind or make his body stronger. He’ll find another path to take and be fine.” Brianna said before she shook her head. “You’d swear that being a muggle was the end of the world the way you act about him leaving.”

“He wasn’t happy when he left. I just worry he might be more reckless than he used to be.”

Brianna laughed. “He will always be reckless to a Slytherin perspective. You’ve just got to remember that Gryffindors think of that as bravery.”

Kei laughed. “You make a good point. I just wish he’d exercise a bit of cowardice sometimes.”

“He’ll never be able to.” Ryo said.

“Harry is too much like you, and Father.” Takeshi said.

“You’re right.” Kei said. “But that still doesn’t stop me from hoping it.”

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Chapter 8: Some Things Never Change
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Chapter Eight
Some Things Never Change


Harry smiled and nodded as the customer he’d just been helping left the shop. He had only been working in the shop for a week but already he felt at peace with it. He knew his job well already and was rather happy with it. He met new people every day and they all seemed rather cheerful with him.

“Harry, how are you doing today?”

Harry smiled again. “I’m okay Miss Smyth. How are you today?”

“I told you that my name is Sabrina. I’m only two years older than you.”

“Sorry Sabrina.”

“That’s better. Now tell me, have you gotten anything for me?”

Harry nodded and picked up the package marked for her and handed it to her. “It just came in this morning.”

Sabrina smiled as she took the package. “Now how much do I owe you?”

Harry checked the list quickly. “Fifteen pounds, ten pence.”

“Okay, here you are.”

“Thank you. Anything else I can help you with?”

“That would depend on if you’re still refusing to have dinner with me.”

Harry laughed. “I’m sorry, but I’m still unavailable.”

Sabrina nodded and smiled. “Maybe next time then. Goodbye Harry.”

“Goodbye Sabrina.”

“How long are you going to string that poor girl along Harry?” Mr. Anders, Harry’s boss, asked as Sabrina left.

Harry shrugged. “I told her when she first asked that I was involved with someone. I wasn’t lying about that.”

Mr. Anders nodded. “I know that, but I’m not sure if she’s worried about that.”

“Trust me Mr. Anders, if Ginny felt she was even close to having to worry about someone trying to get too close I fear that Sabrina would be very, very anxious to leave me alone.”

Mr. Anders laughed. “Ah, I see you have a good woman then. The good ones are always willing to fight for what they want.”

Harry smiled. “Even when they don’t have to.”

“That’s very true. Now go on home Harry. You’ve done all you can today. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay sir. Goodnight then.”

“Goodnight Harry.”

Harry walked down the street feeling very relaxed. He’d grown used to the feel of the area. He’d found that the one thing he did keep from the wizarding world was his sixth sense of feeling the good and bad around him. This area was generally good, but he could feel the troubles resting beneath the surface, just waiting to arise.

It was this that set him to training himself within two days of moving to the small terrace house. He had a feeling that his life would be safe but that he’d have times when he’d have to rely on his strengths and knew that his main strengths were his knowledge of how to fight and his previous experience in dealing with it.

He had nearly pushed himself back to the same amount of exercise he had before he died and was back to practicing martial arts as well as his knife work and swordplay. The first few days felt like he was killing himself but he grew used to it again quickly. As the days passed he began to feel more and more like his old self regardless of the lack of magic.

He was also beginning to get used to not being able to use magic. Dobby still used it to clean the house and cook, which he did every night, but always tried to avoid Harry seeing him do it. Harry took this fact to heart. It meant a lot to him how far Dobby kept going to keep Harry from being upset about not being able to use magic.

One thing he had begun to find out was that not being around his friends and family had left a hole in his life that seemed almost physically painful at times. He missed seeing them all and just enjoying his time with them. He even missed how Jen and Rena would crush his confidence before every date he’d ever had.

The one person who he missed most was Ginny. He missed the way she could light up a room just by entering it. It was almost like everything stopped when he was around her and the only thing that mattered was the two of them. It was then that he decided he was finally ready to tell her that he had finally found his place there.

Harry finally made his way back to his home and found Dobby in the kitchen with a slight grin as he saw the elf quickly begin to switch to doing everything by hand.

“You don’t have to spare my feelings Dobby. I told you before I understood that you used magic.”

“I is not being cruel to Master Potter sir. I is not having problems being doing work without magic sir.”

“Okay, but I was wondering if I could ask you a favor Dobby.”

“What is you needing sir?”

“I was wondering if you’d deliver a letter for me.”


Ginny screamed as Dobby appeared right in front of her bed just as she sat down. Dobby jumped back quickly and covered his head. “I is being sorry for scaring you miss.”

Ginny took a deep breath. “Its okay Dobby, I was just surprised. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I is not thinking I is coming today Miss. Master Potter is asking me to be delivering something to you Miss, if you is having it.”

Ginny smiled and nodded. “Of course I will, but could you take a letter back to him for me please?”

Dobby smiled brightly. “I is being happy too. Master Potter will being very happy to be hearing from you as well.”

Ginny quickly found the letter to Harry in her trunk and handed it to Dobby after taking Harry’s letter. “Thank you Dobby. Is he okay?”

Dobby looked confused for a moment. “He is being safe, but he is also not being Harry Potter sir. He is being very quiet at most times Miss, and I is knowing he is being thinking of you much.”

Ginny nodded. “Is there any way I can go see him Dobby?”

Dobby looked worried. “I is not knowing Miss. I is not being able to speak of Master Potter sir’s new home. I is only speaking of it if you is already being there. It is the ways of house elfs Miss.”

“I understand Dobby. I wasn’t asking if you’d tell me where it is but if it would be any way I could visit.”

“I is asking Master Potter when I is going home Miss.”

“Thank you again Dobby.”

“You is being welcome Miss Wheezy.” Dobby smiled and bowed low. “I is going back now. I is still needing to being cooking dinner Miss. Goodbye.”

“Bye Dobby.” Ginny said while she was opening the letter from Harry. She was already worried about him herself and was wondering what kept Harry from writing for so long.


Sorry it has been so long. I didn’t mean to go over a month without sending word to you but I’ve been very busy. I’ve managed to get myself back to my old self physically and I’m meditating again. None of that is the reason I wrote to you though.

I miss you Gin. I miss everyone really. I know I’ve probably hurt everyone by leaving like I have but I had to. I couldn’t get over not having magic until I was away from it. I had to find a new way of life and I have.

I have a job in the muggle world now. It’s not very glamorous but I’m happy with it. As the days go by I get more comfortable without magic. But I can’t be comfortable without all the people I’ve grown to love and you especially. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get up enough courage to visit you all over holiday but if not I’ll try at least to see you.

I think I should go for now. I’ll try to tell you more over the next week to see exactly when a good time would be. I need to do some exercise before Dobby weighs me down with his normally overloaded meals. I’ll talk to you soon I hope.

Love Always,


Ginny smiled as she read the letter and began writing her own as soon as she finished and sent it to Rena to let everyone know that Harry was well and that he was the same as he ever was. As soon as she sent BlueBelle she hoped that everything was going to work out well. She knew she couldn’t wait to see Harry.


“Master Potter, you is getting a letter from Miss Wheezy sir.”

“Thank you Dobby.” Harry took the letter and opened it quickly.


I was so glad to hear from you about you leaving. Rena told me a few days ago so I decided to write you this letter. Dobby said I could call him anytime but I’d figure it would be better if I waited for you to send me another letter so you had time to get yourself settled before I gave you this.

Everyone seems a bit put off that you left like you did. I know you weren’t trying to hurt them but you should at least write them a letter to let them all know you are well. I’ll send them a letter when I get yours as well.

However, if you ever bring up the idea of marriage to me again Harry Potter you had better be meaning you plan to propose and have a ring. You had also better be prepared to do it right. I’ll have no more of these veiled ideas from you. Either do it or don’t say anything. It’s wrong of you to get a girl’s hopes up and then do nothing with it.

The next thing I’m going to say I’m very serious about Harry. I’m sorry that you can’t use magic anymore. I know it has to be hard on you to feel cut off from the life you’ve lived for so long but you’re not. Just because your magic isn’t there it doesn’t mean that the people who love you aren’t. We’re all here for you Harry. We all want to see you and spend out time with you. You being a wizard or not makes absolutely no difference. So when you’re ready please come back to us. We’ll all be waiting for that.

I’m going to stop now before people start getting curious as no one is supposed to know that you’re alive. I’ll try to write you later but could you ask Dobby not to mention your name the next time he comes so that no one asks questions that I’m not allowed to answer please? I miss you Harry, and I love you so very much. Goodbye for now.



Harry saw Dobby still standing next to him and smiled. “Did you need something Dobby?”

Dobby nodded quickly. “Miss Wheezy is asking if she is being able to be visiting you sir. I is telling her I is asking you right away and is telling her as soon as I is able.”

“Ah, I see. Ginny can visit anytime she likes Dobby. I’ll send her the apparition coordinates if I can figure them out. But would you be so kind as to not refer to me by name in Hogwarts? It could cause Ginny to be asked questions about me that aren’t able to be answered yet.”

Dobby looked scared for a moment. “I am sorry sir! I is not thinking it is being bad for you to be alive again sir. I is calling you only sir from now on when I is in the school sir.”

“Thank you Dobby. You are truly a great friend. I’m very glad you’re with me.”


“So Harry is only talking to Gin?” Ron asked.

“No, he just doesn’t write to any of us just yet.” Rena said. “He’s just letting Ginny knows he still loves her Ron. He just thinks the rest of us will handle it all better than she would if he didn’t say anything to her is what I think.”

“Is there any way to figure out where he is?” Remus asked.

Rena shook her head. “No owls or phoenixes will go to him. For some reason they all drop the letters at the cemetery or here. It’s almost like he’s unplottable. Harry actually has to get Dobby to deliver letters for him which we all know Dobby does as fast as he can. That elf’s eagerness to help Harry is way beyond normal.”

“Dobby has his reasons for that.” Hermione said. “It’s because of Harry that Dobby is no longer treated like a slave. Harry tricked Lucius Malfoy into freeing Dobby in his second year. Since then Harry has never avoided the present of socks for Christmas.”

“I always wondered why Dobby gave him socks.” Jen said.

“It was the first article of clothing Dobby ever received. One of Harry’s socks. To Dobby socks are the most precious clothing there is.” Hermione said.

Jen laughed. “That explains so much.”

“And not enough at that.” Ron said. “Harry did that despite that Dobby had nearly gotten him killed, almost got him expelled, and had the muggles lock him in his room. It was not a really pleasant experience. Harry said he made Dobby promise to never save his life again after Dobby was freed.”

“I don’t think Dobby would listen to that if he felt he could save Harry. He seems too fond of him to listen to that order.” Kei said.

“That’s one thing that makes me rest easier at night.” Remus said. “Dobby would die before letting anything happen to Harry. I have no doubt that Harry’s safe as long as Dobby is with him.”

Tonks laughed. “Even when Harry leaves the entire wizarding world behind he still cannot escape the ever helpful hands of Dobby the house elf.” She said jokingly. “That really says something in a house full of aurors and an ex-werewolf.”

Ron laughed. “It would figure that only Dobby would be able to tell that Harry wasn’t planning on returning anytime soon. He’s also the only house elf I can think of who would brave the muggle world for his master.”

“We’ve all got something else to figure out now.” Rena said. “How are we going to convince Harry that he’s still a part of our lives regardless of his condition magically?”

“We’re going to do as we always do.” Kei said. “We’re not going to judge him for anything. We’ll show him that we are no different towards him now than we were when he had the world of magic at his fingertips.”

“That is the best thing we can do.” Jen said. “He may have needed the time away to accept it but he has to feel we still care about him as much as we did before or else he won’t want to come back.”

“Nothing to fear there.” Remus said. “We all know the only real change in him is magic. I don’t give a damn about that. I just miss seeing him and knowing that he’s safe.”


Harry sat down and looked over all his shopping. He felt he’d done as well as he could considering he wouldn’t let himself be seen in wizard areas. Everyone was right about that one thing. Without magic he was at risk in the wizarding world.

He laughed as he looked at Dobby to see him struggling very hard with the idea of wrapping presents without using his magic. “Dobby, would you like me to show you how to do this since you refuse to use magic around me?”

“You is knowing how to being wrapping presents Harry Potter sir?”

“I was living as a muggle long before I became a wizard if you’ll remember Dobby. My aunt and uncle used to make me wrap my cousins presents. I learned how to do it perfectly.”

“Is Harry Potter sir showing Dobby to wrap a present this way sir?”

“Of course I will Dobby.”

Harry spent the next hour wrapping presents with Dobby. He had wrapped presents many times before Hogwarts but never expected that it could be as fun as it was. Harry and Dobby talked as they’d never done before. Dobby told him of his life before becoming the Malfoys’ servant and was surprised to find that he had a family that he’d never been able to see since he was given to the Malfoys.

This led Harry to think of something brilliant for Dobby. He knew he’d need someone with a bit more resources than he had but assumed it could be done easily enough. He was so lost in thought that he was shocked when Dobby alerted him to the time.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can Dobby. I’ve got to go to work.”

“Be careful Harry Potter sir.”

“I will Dobby.”

Harry rushed to the shop as quickly as he could. He managed to arrive five minutes before he was supposed to be there. He worked as well as he did every day but when the shop was empty he would write a letter to the one person who could help him without letting Dobby know. He was finished with the letter by the time he had to go home. He quickly got it prepared and mailed it straight away before heading home.

As he was on his way he heard a muffled sound and grew curious. He moved towards the sound and as he got close he felt the urge to leave and knew something was wrong. He moved closer as quietly as possible. He’d never been happier that he still chose to wear the shoes from the guardian robes.

What he saw shocked him. A man about Harry’s age was holding a knife to Sabrina’s throat. Harry walked a little closer to come up with a safe plan of action.

“Give me all your money and you won’t get hurt.” The man said to Sabrina, who only squirmed and screamed as well as she could with a hand holding her mouth closed.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” Harry said as he got closer as he hoped this was the best plan.

“Stay out of this or I’ll be going after you next errand boy.”

Harry grew serious quickly. “Why don’t you try it then?”

The other man responded by turning to Harry and moving to stab Harry with his knife. As the knife came towards Harry he moved quickly to grab the man’s wrist and push it down while bringing his knee up just under the man’s elbow and heard the sickening crack that told him the arm was broke. Reacting on instincts alone he grabbed the knife as it fell out of the man’s hand and moved quickly stopping only millimeters from plunging the knife into the man’s chest before he realized what he was doing. Then he dropped the knife and broke the man’s nose with a quick, hard punch. The man fell to the ground and held his nose as it began to bleed.

“You won’t get away with this! You’ll pay! Do you hear me?”

Harry shook his head. “Not the first time for me to hear. Now get out of here before I finish what I started.” He then watched as the other man got up and ran away before turning to Sabrina. “Are you all right?”

She nodded but kept shaking. “I’m fine. Thank you Harry.”

Harry nodded. “Let me walk you home to make sure you get there safe.”

“Oh, okay.”

Harry walked her home quietly the whole way. When they got to her house he said a quick goodbye before heading back to his own house. On the way he wondered why he suddenly felt that same feeling he used to have before as soon as he saw Sabrina being mugged. He was sure that he only felt that way before because he was always surrounded by people who were attacked just because of him but this was different. He didn’t cause Sabrina to be mugged yet the same urge to protect came to him in an instant.

He felt very confused when he finally walked through the front door to his house. He went straight to his room and began to meditate on what had happened that day. He wasn’t sure why but he felt like there was a deeper reason for him to do what he did.

He wondered if being a guardian meant he was to protect anyone but that didn’t fit with what Salazar told him. Salazar always said a guardian was only needed to fight the great darkness that could destroy the world. At best that would refer to the death eaters as they were the biggest threat he could actually stop. He knew better than to think he could convince everyone in the world to stop fighting and creating wars and the only war he knew how to fight in had become a war that he would never survive in.

So why did I protect her today? Harry thought to himself. He wasn’t sure if he’d come up with an answer anytime soon so he let all the stress go and just relaxed into his own mind. He didn’t even realize that he fell asleep in the middle of his meditation.

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Chapter 9: Happy Return
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Chapter Nine
Happy Return


Ginny was rushing madly about the manor with her wand out desperately trying to make the large home as cheerful as possible since Harry sent a letter saying he would return there in the afternoon. Dobby was helping her and also begging her not to use magic when Harry returned at the same time. Harry asked him to wait there and to bring the presents with him so Harry wouldn’t have to rent a car and explain why he’d yet to get a license.

Most of the people in the house could only laugh at the frantic nature in which Ginny and Dobby were working and even more so with Dobby’s constant pleading. None of them could figure out why Dobby was so adamant about people not using magic around Harry. They understood it could be a sensitive issue but they began fearing Dobby might actually cause harm if they did what he asked them not to.

Around lunchtime there was a knock on the door and everyone froze for a moment. It was such an unusual act in the house that they all seemed to forget what to do for a moment. Dobby was the first to act by quickly plucking Ginny’s wand from her hand before rushing to the door with Tinky, Clank, Winky, and Bin not far behind as he opened the door.

“You is being welcomed home Harry Potter sir.” Dobby said with a low bow.

Harry laughed. “Thank you Dobby, and all the rest of you as well. How have you four been?”

“We is being very well Master Potter.” Tinky said. “We is missing you here sir.”

“I’ve missed you all as well. If I didn’t fear I’d leave you all with nothing to do where I’ve been I’d gladly ask you all to come.”

“Being bored is not being a problem sir!” Clank said. “If you is asking we is going right away.”

Harry knelt down and smiled. “Thank you Clank but I believe you are all doing a fabulous job here, and I’d hate to see everyone running about lost without your help. But I promise you all if Dobby is ever in need of a vacation you will be the very first I shall call.”

“Thank you sir.” Tinky said. “You is being most kind.  We is taking your bag and finish being preparing your room sir. Winky and Clank is bringing you lunch with the others as well sir.”

“Thank you.” Harry said before he noticed Dobby holding something. “Dobby, who does that belong to?”

Dobby looked and then hid it behind his back. “It is being Miss Wheezy’s. I is holding it for her.”

Harry laughed. “I believe she will want it back when she notices Dobby. I’d be quick to give it back. She is dangerous with that bat bogey hex you know.”

Dobby nodded. “Yes sir, I is taking it back right away.” He said before rushing off.

Harry followed behind him and saw most of the people he left behind sitting there nearly gawking at him and looked confused. “Do I have something on my face?”

“Where the hell did you learn to dress?” Rena asked.

“You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s great Harry! Who helped you?”

“I’ll have you know I found these clothes myself thank you.” Harry said with a smile. “I had quite a lot of free time to learn something of fashion. I actually work at a clothing shop now.”

“Really?” Rena asked with wide eyes. “I thought you hated to shop.”

Harry laughed. “I do, but I don’t have to shop to work there. There were two rather wise people who said that clothing was a very necessary part of life and that it was a person’s way of expressing themselves. I just thought it was a good part of life to help with.”

Jen nodded. “It does seem a very different side of you Harry. Quite shocking to tell you the truth.”

“I know, but I’m happy with it.”

“That’s all that matters.” Ginny said. This caused Harry to turn to her immediately and smile brightly.

“Hey Gin.”

“Hello Harry.” Ginny said as she walked up and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug quickly and closed his eyes to just enjoy that moment. “I guess you really are doing as well as you said in your letters.” She said as she pulled away from him.

Harry nodded. “I do try.”

“I’m glad you came back.”

Harry shook his head. “Did you think I wasn’t going to?”

“I just worried you’d only come for a short visit. I didn’t think you’d come to stay for this long.”

“Well, I couldn’t not spend Christmas with my family now could I?”

Ginny smiled. “I’m glad. Now will you please ask Dobby to stop stealing wands?”

Harry laughed. “He is afraid seeing magic will upset me. He won’t use any magic if I can see him so I suspect he doesn’t want any of you to either.”

“That is a point he made abundantly clear.” Eileen said as she walked up to Harry.

Harry smiled and hugged her briefly. “He means well really. I hope he hasn’t cause you all too much trouble worrying after me.”

“No more than can be expected from Dobby.” Remus said. “It’s good to see you again Harry. I’m glad you came back.”

“Thank you Remus. You know I left to-”

“I know you needed to find a place where you could find out what you were going to do. That’s not the reason I was or am upset. Next time have the courtesy to at least tell me that you’re leaving. I would have liked to say goodbye at least, maybe even help you out.”

“I promise Remus.” Harry said before hugging him.

“I was worried about you.” Remus said as he hugged Harry.

Harry smiled as the hug ended. “I worried you’d worry more if I told you I was leaving to find answers that I didn’t have.”

“I would have but I’d have been comforted by the fact that I knew you were going. Did you find your answers?”

Harry shook his head. “Just more questions.”

“Well, get over here.” Tonks said to Harry. Harry walked over to quickly. “Well, you don’t look like you’ve not had a lot of trouble. You don’t look like you’ve been starving yourself either. You don’t appear sick.”

“I’m all right Tonks.” Harry said.

Tonks then slapped him in the face and everyone gasped at the sight. “Don’t you ever do that again!” She said before she hugged him. “Tell me when you leave like that. I would have taken you anywhere you wanted to go. You’re like my little brother damn it! Don’t run off like that anymore. Next time I’ll hex you to oblivion!”

No one knew how to react, especially when Harry just hugged her and gently patted her on the back. “I’m sorry Tonks. I just didn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.”

“You aren’t a burden Harry, your family.” Tonks said.

“I guess families do a lot of the hitting then.”

“A real sister will always hit you if you do something as stupid as you did.”

Harry nodded slowly. “Then I guess I more than deserved that one. I didn’t mean to upset you or anyone. I just worried everyone who was here would think I was leaving for good if I said goodbye.”

Tonks slowly pulled away from him and nodded. “Say it anyway next time. It will do me some good at least.”

“I actually planned on giving you all my address before I left this time. This way you could all come and visit me if you’d wish to.”

“We’ll be by to visit you often then.” Remus said.

“Okay, but its not quite as large as it is here so I don’t think I can really offer you all a place to stay.” Harry said with a smile.

“That’s okay; you already offered us places here, so we can just visit you then take a room here.” Rena said with a laugh.

Harry laughed. “So where is everyone else?”

“Hermione and Ron are trying to get the Weasleys here without telling them why they need to come.”Jen said.

“And Dumbledore said he’d come if you didn’t feel put off by his coming. He said he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” Remus said.

Harry sighed. “I’m a squib now Remus, I know that. I’m not uncomfortable admitting it and will not burst into tears at the sight of too many people with a wand. Will you please go get him?”

Remus nodded. “I’ll go right now.”

“Thank you.”

“Hey Harry, what’s it like living in the muggle world?” Takeshi asked.

Harry looked thoughtful. “It’s quiet Takeshi. No one tries to kill me every day, no one really knows who I am except that I work in the shop and my name is Harry. In a way, I’ve kind of gotten exactly what I wanted.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m free. I don’t have people hunting me down and I don’t have the fear that everything is my fault anymore. I have the chance to live a normal life without the constant black shadow that used to hang over me.”

“Don’t you miss it sometimes Harry?” Takeshi said.

Harry nodded. “Quite often, but I cannot live in the past. I have to keep myself firmly rooted in the present. Otherwise I’ll just start wondering why. Life is too short to wonder about the past.”

“I understand.”

Harry smiled. “Good, because now that all the hellos are done I can show you and Ryo something you might find entertaining.” He handed them the bag that was slung over his shoulder. “Provided that you are interested of course.”

Ryo opened the bag and his eyes widened. “Is this for us?”

Harry nodded. “Just something for you two to pass the time.”

Takeshi smiled brightly. “Thank you Harry!”

“It’s no problem Takeshi. I’m glad you like it. Now go ahead and set it up and maybe you two can show Ron how to work it when he gets here. I know he’d love it just as much as you.”

“Okay Harry.” Ryo said. “Thank you.”

Kei saw what they pulled out and began to hook up and shook his head as he looked at Harry. “You bought them a video game? They’re never going to want to go back to school now.”

Harry smiled. “Hide it the night before they go back and say they can play again over the summer.”

Kei laughed. “I might have to but I fear even Ron will be upset by that.”

Harry laughed and nodded. “You make a very good point.”


“Harry, where are we going?” Ginny asked.

“Someplace private and wonderful.”

“It had better be.”

Harry smiled as he walked with her hand in hand. He had decided to take her to the lake as it was one of his favorite places and he’d never shown it to her before. He had also asked Dobby to help him out later in the day.

He showed her the lake and smiled before he motioned to the ground. “Would you mind casting a warming charm? I’m not so good with them.”

Ginny laughed and cast the warming charm. “Never to fear, they’re my new specialty.”

Harry smiled before sitting down when Ginny did. “I hope that it doesn’t bother you to ask things like that.”

Ginny just shook her head. “It’s not a big deal Harry. There isn’t anything to stop me from being here with you. If you think magic is needed I’ll gladly do whatever spell you say, just stop worrying that I’ll be bothered by such little things.”

“I’m sorry about that Ginny. I just feel so helpless sometimes.” Harry shook his head. “I see things that used to be so easy and now they’re impossible. I’ll never be able to just get on a broom and fly, never have that feeling of peace while I’m up there, I’ll never again be able stand next to all of you in a fight and know I’m fighting for the right reasons, and I’ll never know that I can protect you all if I need to.”

Ginny placed her hand gently on Harry’s face. “But you get to be free from all the things you’ve hated in the wizarding world and get to keep the family you love and who loves you very much. Harry, you have to stop thinking about what you lost and look at what you still have. We’re all still right here, I’m still here, and always will be.”

Harry leaned forward and kissed her briefly before he spoke. “I do see it Gin. I see it all. I just worry that I won’t be able to help you all with everything that’s coming and it scares me Gin. I’m scared for all of you.”

“Don’t be.” Ginny smiled and shook her head. “You trained me and Ron to be perfect, and everyone else either trained you or with you. We’ll all be fine Harry. None of us are exactly in the middle of a war right now either. You have to trust us like we trust you.”

“I’ll try to Gin.”

“Good.” Ginny said. “Now why did you want to come here?”

Harry smiled. “I love this place. It’s so peaceful right here that you can’t imagine there are any problems in the world. I used to come here all the time before. I like it here. I just wanted to show you.”

Ginny leaned against Harry and he put his arm around her. “You always take me to the most interesting places.”


“Hey Harry.” Hermione said as he walked into the library. “What are you up to?”

“Just wandering about the house. It feels like something’s different since I left. I’m just trying to figure out what it is.”

“It doesn’t feel like home anymore does it?” Harry shook his head sadly. “That’s because it isn’t. It hasn’t been the same house since you left. Its like there’s an emptiness that you used to fill just by living here.”

“I guess.” Harry shrugged.

“How do you like living in the muggle world now? And I mean really, not the happy Harry front that Ron and I are used to.”

Harry sighed. “Some days are better than others. Generally I enjoy it but some days I long for a broom.” He laughed. “I guess I’m still a bit attached to the wizarding world. The other day I thought to try and get a copy of the prophet for the quidditch scores.”

Hermione laughed. “You’ve really got to have a talk with Ron. He’s finally caught up on them now.”

Harry smiled. “He still seems a bit uncomfortable around me.”

“He just doesn’t want to say something idiotic around you.”

“Instead he just makes me feel like he doesn’t really want to talk.”

Hermione shook her head. “He wants to talk to you more than anything right now Harry. He just worries if he says something like ‘Everything’s going to be okay’ that you’ll counter with something about you not being able to use magic. He doesn’t know how you do it Harry. You have to remember that to him magic is a natural part of life. He hasn’t seen what life is without it.”

“You’re right, but it’s still an uncomfortable situation. I wish he would say something as thick so we could both laugh about it and then get back to normal.”

Hermione smiled. “That’s easy to do and you know it Harry. Just catch him doing something that would make him the most uncomfortable right now and call him on it.”

Harry laughed. “That is a brilliant plan. I guess I should go see if I can embarrass Ron.”

Hermione laughed with him. “Okay, but don’t be too hard on him Harry.”

“Just enough for it to sink in.” Harry said before he went in search of Ron.

Harry found him easily enough but after a few hours he began to suspect that Ron wouldn’t do anything like what was needed. When Harry finally saw it he felt as if he’d achieved the greatest victory ever. Ron had begun putting his presents under the tree and was levitating them to the tree. Harry acted as soon as the presents touched the ground.

“Now Ron you know you aren’t allowed to use magic in front of a muggle. What are they teaching you in auror academy?”

Ron met Harry’s eyes with a look of shock. “I’m sorry Harry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Do what Ron? Put your presents under the tree? I do hope that was your plan or else you’re in the middle of a very troubling set of events.” Harry smiled.

“I didn’t mean to use magic in front of you Harry.” Ron looked down.

“Why not Ron? Don’t you usually use magic to do that? I know you did last year.”

Ron looked uncomfortable when he spoke. “But, I mean…”

Harry shook his head. “You are being a git about all this Ron. Yes, you used magic in front of me. So what? As you can see I’m not in the middle of a breakdown and I’m not even the slightest bit sad. I’ve seen people apparate to work, school, and anywhere else they go and haven’t been bothered. I even asked Ginny to cast a charm the other day. So why is it that you, my best friend, aren’t allowed to use magic in front of me? Does me not being able to use magic bother you that much?”

Ron shook his head quickly. “No Harry! It’s not like that. I just don’t want to be the reason you run off this time. I know you left because all of us can use magic and you can’t so I don’t want to be the one you see using it and decide you need to leave again.”

Harry looked at Ron in shock. “Is that why you think I left?” Ron nodded slightly and Harry sighed. “I left because I couldn’t see a future for me in the wizarding world without magic. There was no job I could do and I’d only put everyone in danger if I went out in public. I couldn’t very well hide here for the rest of my life. I went to live in the muggle world because I couldn’t live here. I’d have been a prisoner and I need more than that Ron. I need to be able to walk outside without fear, to be able to work to earn my keep, and I can’t do that the way I used to. I left for me Ron, not because of all of you.”

“Then why didn’t you tell us you were going or where you were?”

“Because I didn’t want to hurt you all more than necessary. I didn’t know I was going to find a place where I could fit in so quickly and I didn’t want you all constantly expecting me to pop in through the door. And if I’d told you all where I lived I’d never have been able to put magic behind me. I’d have kept dwelling on the fact that I couldn’t use it and I’d always feel incomplete. Now I know I can live without magic which I didn’t know before really. It was such a huge part of me that I felt like I was going to die without it Ron. Can’t you understand that I left so that I could figure out who I am and let go of what I was?”

“What do you mean Harry?”

“I grew to be so dependant on magic that I let it define me Ron. I let myself believe that a wizard was who I was instead of what I was. What I used to be was a very capable wizard. What I am now is a very capable muggle. But neither of those says who I am Ron. I am Harry Potter, the boy who made great friends in his life, the boy who found a family to love and be loved by when his own was ripped away from him, and the boy who found out what love is and knows what it means to fight to hold onto it. That’s who I am. What you seem to need time to figure out is if you were the friend of who I am or what I was.”

Ron looked hurt by the words. “I am your friend Harry. I always was.”

Harry smiled. “Then stop acting so bloody uncomfortable around me and be a friend you git.”

Ron again looked shocked by the words Harry spoke. “I’m sorry mate; I didn’t realize I was being so thick. I guess I ended up hurting you worse trying to not upset you didn’t I?”

Harry laughed. “Yes you did. It hurts to think your friends can’t be your friends anymore.”

“Never worry about that Harry. I’m always on your side whether you’ve got a wand or not.”

Harry smiled cheerfully. “Good, then help me with getting my presents down here. Put that wand of yours to good use.”

Ron laughed. “How is it being friends with you always means having a lot more work?”

Harry grinned. “I guess I’m just a very busy person and I seem to drag others with me.”

Ron nodded and clapped Harry on the shoulder. “I really am glad you’re back Harry.”

“So am I Ron.”


“So what are you planning to get Harry this year?” Rena asked Ginny with a grin.

“Definitely not what I did last year.” Ginny said with a laugh. “I don’t know what to get for him that he could use.”

“I don’t know.” Rena said. “He’s learned to dress himself now so he doesn’t need clothes. Maybe a watch?”

“A watch? I’ve got to do better than a watch.” Ginny said.

“Just find something you think he’ll like and I guarantee he’ll love it.” Eileen said.

“Why do you say that?” Ginny asked.

“Because he’s in love you. You could give him a knut and he’d be just as happy as if you gave him everything in the world.” Eileen said with a smile.

“Well that makes it easy for Ginny.” Rena said with a grin. “The rest of us really have to do some shopping though.”

“What do muggles get though?” Ginny asked.

“Lots of things Ginny.” Hermione said. “Books, movies, music, all kinds of things. I’ll help you shop for something.”

“Thank you Hermione.”

“I think she should just give him what she did last year.” Jen said with a grin at Rena. “I think she actually wants it now.”

Rena laughed. “More than he does probably.”

Jen laughed hysterically. “I couldn’t agree more.” Ginny grumbled and stormed off with Hermione rushing to keep up while Eileen just laughed.

“You are never planning to let her live that down are you?”

“Never.” Rena said.

“It’s all in good fun.” Jen said.

Eileen continued laughing. “Just remember that when she curses you in good fun.”

“We’re already expecting it.” Jen said with a laugh.

“Always be prepared.” Rena said. “Never let your guard down, especially around an angry Weasley.”

“I guess Harry taught you two well also.”

Jen shook her head. “It was when Harry got banged up that we found out. If not for Hermione Ron would have hexed Kei to oblivion and back again. That taught us to always be cautious around an upset Weasley.”

“And Ginny scares me more than Ron.” Rena said.


“Harry, how come you won’t come shopping with us?” Takeshi asked.

“Because it would be dangerous for you if people knew I was alive. I couldn’t protect you well enough if someone attacked.”

Kei nodded. “What if I promise you that you won’t be recognized? Would you come to Diagon Alley then?”

Harry nodded. “That’s the only way I could.”

“Do you mind Remus?” Tonks asked him. “I’d do it myself but I’d be a bit uncomfortable with the thought of what he could do if I did it.”

Remus laughed. “You owe your friends a great deal Harry. Kei suggested we make this as a way to meet with you if you wouldn’t come back here.” He said as Tonks handed Harry a potion. Remus pulled a few hairs from his had and dropped them in. “Disgusting of course, but you already knew that didn’t you?”

Harry looked at the potion. “Will it work?”

“We have no idea, but it should. A muggle can use potions Harry, we just don’t give the potions to them.” Tonks said.

Harry nodded and gulped down the potion quickly. He was shocked when he changed and realized that his clothes weren’t exactly to uncomfortable on him. “Hey, this is a lot better than Goyle. At least I don’t have to wear clothes three times too big.”

“I agree.” Tonks nodded. “You might want to take Remus shopping Harry. He’d look good in those.”

Harry smiled at Remus. “I’m not sure if she just complimented me, insulted you, or did both at the same time.”

Remus nodded. “I find myself confused about that also. I agree with her though. You do have a pretty good style going for yourself and me apparently.”

Harry laughed. “Thank you Remus. I’ll have to take you shopping then.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Maybe after Christmas.” Remus said.

“Thanks, but can I ask you a favor Remus?”

“Of course Harry. What do you need?” Harry leaned close and whispered to Remus who only nodded a few times. “I see no problem with it. Take Dobby as well to confirm that he is allowed access if you ever need it in the future.”

Harry nodded. “Dobby, please come here.”

Dobby popped in quickly. “Yes Master-” Dobby looked around. “Where is Master Potter?”

“I’m right here Dobby. I’m disguised so I can go to Diagon Alley. Remus would like you to come with me for a few minutes if you don’t mind.”

Dobby nodded quickly. “I is following immediately sir.”

“Okay Harry, grab my arm and pocket that potion in case you need more of it.” Tonks said. When Harry grabbed her arm she grinned at him. “Harry, if you’d only looked like that in the beginning it might have been me and you instead of Remus.”

Harry laughed. “I guess that’s just the way of things. I lost my shot because I wasn’t old enough. Whatever will I do?”

Remus laughed. “Take care of him Tonks. Please don’t let him get hurt?”

Tonks look hurt. “How could I let anyone hurt my darling husband?”

Harry just grinned. “I’ll make sure Kei has a wand on hand at all times. We just have to worry over Tonks tripping and getting in the way of one of his spells.”

Remus laughed. “Have fun, all of you.”


“I can’t believe they are still going on about that after a year!” Ginny said, still fuming at what had happened earlier. “It was their fault I did it and I felt horrid after it. I couldn’t even look at Harry for days and they never even apologized for it!”

Hermione shook her head. “Why are you so angry over it all? They were just joking with you today. You know they both always do that to you.”

“Because they’re right.” Ginny said as she slowed her stride. “I just don’t know how right they are.”

“Oh.” Hermione looked worried. “Maybe we should go back and talk to them then.”

“Why?” Ginny said with a horrified look. “Can’t you help me?”

“Have you gone mental? It took your brother nearly seven years to kiss me. He still turns bright red if my shirt is too short. Do you really think I can explain what you should do?”

“Maybe I should just talk to Fred and George. They seem to like Harry even more than Ron does.”

Hermione’s eyes widened. “You want to ask your brothers what you should do because you want to have sex with your boyfriend? Think about what you just said very carefully. Even Fred and George wouldn’t handle that one well.”

“I don’t want to ask Rena and Jen. They would never let me live it down.” Ginny said. “Do you think Tonks would help? Maybe Eileen?”

Hermione shrugged. “Either of those is a better choice than Fred and George.”

Ginny then looked at Hermione curiously. “So you and Ron really haven’t-”

Hermione shook her head. “The closest we ever came was me changing while the school was here. He woke up just before I’d taken my shirt off and realized what I was doing. I’ve never seen him run so fast to get out of a room before and we were close to each other in the department of mysteries. Get my point?”

Ginny laughed. “Poor Ron, he’s so in love he’s terrified.”

Hermione nodded and laughed as well. “Or he’s so terrified he’s in love.”

“What are we going to do now Hermione?”

“I’m going to show you a few muggle shops to help you with shopping for Harry.”

Ginny hugged Hermione quickly. “Thank you!”

Hermione laughed again. “It’s really no trouble.”


Harry had been with Tonks, Kei, Ryo, Takeshi, and Brianna for over an hour and was still completely enjoying his time. He’d managed to find a few presents for his friends to go along with what he’d already bought. Brianna, who had just gotten her license to apparate before starting Hogwarts was happily taking everyone’s things back to the house as soon as she thought their arms were full, which meant that every time they left a store Brianna was apparating away. Kei and Harry laughed about this and Tonks seemed amused though the youngest two seemed put off by it.

“Kei, she has to stop doing this.” Ryo said. “It is taking us twice as long because we have to keep waiting.”

“You will be just as eager to apparate when you get your license so stop complaining and let her enjoy it while she has the chance.”

“But she can apparate forever now. Why do we have to wait for her to have fun?” Takeshi said.

“Because out own happiness is not always as important as others. You two must learn to enjoy the happiness of others as well as your own. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.”

“It just takes so long.” Ryo said.

“I know, but it will be fine. We have time Ryo.” Kei said. “You don’t always have to rush.”

“Okay, but if I have to skip anyone because this is taking to long it’s you and her that are getting cut from the list.” Ryo said seriously and Harry laughed.

“Kei why don’t Tonks and I take Ryo and Takeshi so you and Brianna can have a few minutes to yourself?”

Kei nodded and looked at Tonks. “Can you handle all three of them?” He said with a smile.

“I suppose so.” Tonks said in an exasperated tone. “If anything I can always just stun them all and take them back to the house.”

Kei nodded. “Feel free.” He said with a look at Ryo and Takeshi. “I guess that means you’ll be on your best behavior then right?”

“Yes.” Ryo said with a shake of his head.

“Fine.” Takeshi said.

Harry shook his head and followed Tonks while walking next to her as the younger two joined them. “So, where do you two need to go?”

“Anywhere really. We were just trying to get away from Kei and Brianna for a while so we could get their presents.” Ryo said with a look at Harry. “You did teach us how to avoid Christmas suspicion last year you know.”

“Ah, so it was you who taught them that not knowing anything about presents was the safest way to survive Christmas. I thought Kei would have told them.” Tonks said.

Harry shrugged. “I guess he just didn’t have a chance.”

“Tonks!” Ginny yelled and rushed over to the group from the Leaky Cauldron. “I really need to talk with you alone for a minute.”

“But Ginny, I’m watching Ryo and Takeshi right now. I can’t really run off with you.”

“But Remus is right there. They’ll be fine.”

Harry nodded. “Hermione, could I speak with you about something while they’re talking. It might help with your hospital.”

“Of course Remus.” Hermione said with a curious look.

“Hurry back when you’re finished Tonks. We’ve lots of presents to get and we still haven’t managed Harry yet.”

Tonks looked nervous. “Are you sure?”

“We’ll be fine. Just hurry back when you’re finished.”

Tonks nodded then turned to Ginny. “We don’t have long Ginny, so come on and let’s be quick.”

Harry looked at his watch as the two left and took another drink from the flask Remus gave him. “What are you drinking Remus?” Hermione asked.

“Just something to make sure I stay who I am.”

“Why wouldn’t you stay who you are?”

“Because he is not what he appears.” Ryo said.

“What?” Hermione said. Then she turned to Harry. “Is it you?”

Harry nodded. “Of course. Why else would Tonks be worried about leaving them with me?”

“Maybe we should go get her back.”

Harry shook his head. “I trust you Hermione. We’ll be fine.”

Hermione looked worried. “I hope so.”

They walked around for another hour before Tonks and Ginny showed up again and Tonks looked to be in a rather cheerful mood as Harry thought from the smile. Tonks walked over and grabbed Harry by the arm in a very loving fashion. “Sorry Remus, just needed a bit of girl talk.”

“I do hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Tonks winked at Harry. “Greatly. We should get out of here if you’re ready.” She then ruffled his hair and gave him a serious look. “I know the day has been draining on you.”

Harry nodded. “Yes, we should get back. I’m almost out of strength today. I don’t know why I’m so under the weather today.”

Hermione smiled. “You should get back then. We’ll take Ryo and Takeshi back with us now since I’ve got to drop off these presents anyway. You take Takeshi Ginny.”

“Remus and Tonks can take them Hermione.” Ginny said with a confused look.

“Please help me out Gin.” Tonks said.

Ginny nodded. “Come here Takeshi.” Takeshi grabbed her hand and Ryo too hold of Hermione’s arm.

“Hang on Remus.” Tonks said with a glance at Harry just before they all apparated back to the manor.

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Chapter 10: Shocking Events
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Chapter Ten
Shocking Events


Harry sat in his living room staring at the box on his table. It had been three days since Christmas and he was still obsessing about it. He had been trying to build up the courage to ask Ginny but after she came to his room Christmas night he couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t the right time. He felt that something like he had prepared required much more romance.

He sighed. “Maybe I’m just afraid.”

“Afraid of what Master Potter?”

Harry smiled. “Afraid of asking her.”

“I is being more than happy to being helping sir.”

Harry laughed. “No, I don’t think that would be the proper thing to do. I just have to find the right time.”

“If you is being sure sir.” Dobby said as someone knocked on the door.

“Dobby, hide in your room for now and lock the door. I’ll call you when you can come out.” Dobby disappeared immediately and Harry went to the door. He was shocked when he opened it and found Sabrina standing there.

“Hello Harry. Can I come in?”

Harry stepped out of the way and closed the door behind her. “Hello Sabrina. Please, have a seat.”

Sabrina nodded and sat in a chair. “Thank you.”

Harry sat across from her. “No problem. Anything I can help you with?”

“I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. I tried to come before but you weren’t here.”

Harry nodded. “I was visiting my family.”

“And your girlfriend?”

Harry nodded. “Yes, I visited her as well.”

“You aren’t going to tell me anything about them will you?”

Harry smiled. “I didn’t know you were interested in my family.”

Sabrina shrugged. “It’s just that you are here all alone and yet you look so happy when you talk about them. I just wonder why you aren’t with them instead of here.”

Harry nodded thoughtfully. “Well, I used to be a very active member of the family business but I just needed a change. I love them all very much but sometimes you just have to make your own way.”

“Do you have a big family?”

Harry nodded. “My family is huge.  I have two sisters and loads of brothers. We could fill a football team easy.”

Sabrina laughed. “Wow. What are they like?”

“They’re great. It’s the best family I could have ever found.”

“What do you mean by that Harry?”

Harry sighed. “My parents died when I was one. My aunt and uncle took care of me for quite some time, but once I went to the private school I was at I found the most wonderful people. They loved me, cared for me, and brought me into their home like I was one of their own. Since then my family just keeps growing.”

“What about your girlfriend? Why didn’t she come with you?”

Harry laughed. “She would have in a second. She’d have never even questioned it. She’s still got one more year of school left is the only reason she isn’t here now.”

Sabrina looked curious. “You love her don’t you?”

Harry nodded. “More than anything.”

Sabrina smiled. “I understand. Look Harry, I know I may have come on really strong before and I apologize, but I would like to be your friend.”

Harry nodded and stood. “Very well then, how about we go get something to eat and talk? I can’t really offer you anything here. I simply must go shopping.”

Sabrina laughed. “So you ask all your friends on dates then?”

Harry smiled. “I was just about to go get something to eat myself. I just get tired of eating alone.”

“Okay then Harry, let’s eat.”

Harry nodded and went to the back, whispering to Dobby through the door that he could come out but would need to hide again when he came back unless Harry called him. Then he grabbed his coat and back to the living room. “Where would you like to eat?”

“Anywhere you pick is fine.” Sabrina smiled.

Harry nodded and they both made their way to a restaurant a few blocks from Harry’s house. The two laughed and talked about random things. Harry learned much about Sabrina over the space of dinner. He found that she was going to university to become a lawyer, that she had a brother and a sister who were both older than her, that she hadn’t visited her family this year because of a lack of funds, and that she loved spending time with her family. He also learned that she had few friends and none that lived near her. This saddened Harry as friends were truly what filled Harry’s family.

When they were done Harry walked Sabrina back to her house and said goodbye before heading home. When he opened the door he called to Dobby and smiled as he came into the room. “Is you having fun Master Potter?”

“It was fun. Its good to have a friend close by.” Harry said with nod. “I’m going to sleep Dobby. I just wanted to let you know I’m okay.”

“Be sleeping well sir.”


Rena finally saw her chance after four days and took it. She knew she only had one chance to get this right or the window would be closed forever. She saw her target and attacked quickly. In the fastest movements she ever used she grabbed the girl and pulled her into a room and locked the door.




“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Rena smiled. “Ginny, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about but if you want me to spell it out for you I saw you leave Harry’s room the morning before he had to leave. Come on, dish.”

Ginny blushed deeply. “I really didn’t want you to know that. Can’t you pretend you didn’t just this once?”

“Hell. No.” Rena said. “You and Harry are my soap opera. Now come on and give up the goods.”

Ginny sighed. “Well, I went to see him that night to talk.”

“Talk?” Rena arched her eyebrow. “You went to his room to talk and stayed there all night?”

“Well, we didn’t only talk.” Ginny looked uncomfortable.

Rena eyes widened excitedly. “Oh my god! You seduced Harry didn’t you?”

“Shut it!” Ginny said and clamped her hand over Rena’s mouth. “My Mum, Dad, and brothers are only a door away from you!”

Rena moved Ginny’s hand easily. “But you did.” Ginny nodded with her head down. “How was it?”

“Amazing! I’ve never felt like that before.”

Rena laughed. “Well, at least it was good. I’m glad you made your own choice this time Ginny.”

Ginny smiled. “He actually knew I had. I just wish I knew why he looked so frustrated when we were through.”

Rena shrugged. “Maybe it’s just a Harry thing. I’m surprised he didn’t ask you to marry him the way he kept looking at you Christmas day.”

“What do you mean?”

“He kept giving you these looks like he was waiting for something. Honestly you two having sex for the first time feels a little anticlimactic.”

Ginny grinned. “Well I’m sorry I can’t be full of more entertainment for you.”

Rena laughed. “That’s okay, just try harder next time. How did you get the courage up? I figured you’d come to me or Jen first.”

“I went to Tonks.”

Rena became angry instantly. “What? One of the most important things in your life and you choose Tonks! I cannot believe you!”

“I just couldn’t handle you two picking on me about it. I knew you would have helped but you would have joked and made fun of me and I could not deal with that when it came to this.”

Rena sighed. “You’re right. I hate it, but you’re right. Trust us from now on though okay? I’ll tell Jen we should not pick on you if you need something sensitive dealt with.”

“Thank you Rena.”

“But first, I want all the details.”


Kei sat next to Brianna laughing at his brothers and Ron talking heatedly about the video game they were playing. “Those three all seem to be the same age.”

Brianna nodded. “Yeah, all of them seem to be thirteen.”

Kei laughed. “I miss being in this house with everyone.”

“You’ve got most of us.”

Kei nodded. “It still doesn’t feel the same without Harry.”

Brianna nodded. “This house doesn’t feel the same without him. It’s weird but I feel like the house itself is unhappy that Harry isn’t here.”

“That’s not weird.” Remus said from his chair. “This house felt the said after Harry’s grandparents died. James said he couldn’t live here without them. He decided he would give the house to Harry when he turned seventeen when Harry was born. This house has been Harry’s since then. I suspect the magic of the house is attached to the people who own it and, much like the house elves, is saddened when the master is not here.”

“That makes this some house.” Brianna said. “It seems rather interesting.”

Remus smiled. “If only you knew half of the stories about this house.”


Harry had just returned home from work and opened the door to see Tonks sitting on his couch looking at the box on his table. The difference to Harry’s past looks to this box was that it was open. Tonks smiled at Harry when she saw him.

“So, this is a lovely ring.”

“Um… You weren’t exactly supposed to see that.”

Tonks nodded. “I should have. It definitely suits her, but it’s too small.”

Harry looked confused. “How do you know?”

Tonks laughed. “Are you kidding? This ring is so small it wouldn’t fit her pinky.”

Harry smacked himself on the head. “Bloody hell!”

“What happened with it then? She shag you then turn you down?”

Harry was shocked. “How did you know about that?”

“She did turn you down?”

“Not that.”

“Oh.” Tonks nodded. “That’s what she wanted to talk to me about in Diagon Alley. It seems Ginny needed a bit of pep talk.”

“A pep talk?”

“She needed to know how best to handle it since she said she bollixed it all up the first time she tried it.”

Harry sighed. “She didn’t bollix it up, she just looked too nervous for it to have been her idea the first time. This time she looked a lot more ready to do what she meant to.”

“And about the ring?”

Harry shrugged. “I just couldn’t find the right time to ask her. It didn’t feel right to do it after that. I didn’t want her to think that was why I asked. She told me that if I mentioned marriage I had better be prepared to do it up right and I plan to do that. I just have to figure out how.”

“No, you need to get her a ring that fits her then figure out how.”

“How the hell am I going to do that?”

Tonks smiled. “That’s very easy.” She apparated and Harry was left confused until she popped back up a few minutes later holding a ring in her hand. “Its called resizing Harry and it’s all the rage among confused lads like yourself.”

Harry smiled. “What would I do without you Tonks?”

“Probably the same thing Ginny would have done. You’d have turned to Rena and Jen.”

Harry shook his head. “I’ve got the good sense to turn to Hermione first.”

Tonks laughed and picked up the box with the ring it. “Come on you git. Let’s get this ring looking proper.”


“Oh my god, you can’t be serious!” Eileen said.

“I’m completely serious.” Tonks said. “I had to help him get it resized.”

“Never have I been more grateful that Ginny is back in school.” Remus said. “No one could not hear the two of you.”

“I’m just glad Tonks asked me to stay. I’d never imagine Harry ready to be married so young.”

Remus looked at her with an arched eyebrow. “You have forgotten who his father was haven’t you?”

Eileen rolled her eyes. “Harry’s different. James was always remarkably impulsive. Even Lily thought he asked her on a whim. Harry thinks things through and doesn’t seem to rush into anything.”

“Are you mad?” Tonks said. “He rushes into everything. Kei does all the thinking and Harry follows his plans. I’m just glad he’s at least rushing into this with someone who loves him.”

“That boy isn’t rushing.” Remus said. “If he were he would have asked last year. This is something that you two can’t understand.”

“Oh, is it a man thing?” Eileen asked sarcastically.

Remus shook his head. “No, not at all. I say that you two can’t understand only because you don’t know what its like to suddenly see that you a second chance at life. I know that feeling well. Do you remember exactly how long it took me to propose Tonks?”

“All of five seconds.” Tonks said with a nod.

“Now that was rushing into something. Harry is just finally living the life he has instead of struggling with what was forced on him.”

Eileen nodded. “I feel like I missed my chance to help him with all these important things. I missed so much.”

Remus nodded. “Me too. We have the chances to come though. After all he has no idea of anything to do with marriage.”

“I guess so, but I feel like I’ve missed so much.”

Tonks just smiled. “We all feel that way at times. Harry’s too much for any one person to keep up with. It takes all of us and still we miss things at times.”


Harry was sitting on the porch talking with Sabrina. However, Harry’s mind kept going back on how to make the perfect evening to propose. Try as he might he couldn’t figure out what to do. He noticed Sabrina staring at him curiously and wondered what he’d missed.


Sabrina laughed. “I asked you what was bothering you so much. You look right out of it today.”

Harry winced. “Sorry, I’m just trying to figure something out.”

Sabrina shook her head. “What are you trying to figure out? Maybe I can help.”

Harry nodded. “Okay, I have to create a perfect date with Ginny and I have no idea what to do.”

“Why does it have to be perfect? Did you do something wrong?”

Harry shook his head. “I want to ask her to marry me.”

Sabrina nodded slowly. “I see. So you really do need the perfect atmosphere.”


Sabrina looked thoughtful for a moment. “You have more money than what you make at the shop right? I mean, with your family having their own business and all.”

Harry nodded. “I can get as much as I need with a letter to them.”

Sabrina nodded. “Okay, then bribe one of the hosts at that restaurant on Broadway. You know, the real posh one. Then make sure to let her know to dress well, and take her there. Have a brilliant dinner and if it isn’t extremely cold take her for a nice walk and then spring a ring on her. That should do the trick nicely.”

Harry smiled brightly. “Thank you. That’s perfect.”

“Glad I could help Harry, even if it does mean I don’t stand a chance with you.” Sabrina said jokingly.


Dobby was moving his feet back and forth while sitting on Ginny’s bed when she walked into the dorm that night. Dobby brightened quickly upon seeing her. “Miss Wheezy, I is having a letter for you.”

Ginny smiled as he handed her the letter. “Thank you Dobby.”

Dobby nodded. “He is asking me to being waiting for you to be reading Miss.”

Ginny nodded and opened the letter quickly so she didn’t keep Dobby waiting too long even though she had no idea how long he’d already been waiting.


I know it has been a few weeks and I promised I’d write sooner. I’ve just been trying to sort some things out and haven’t wanted to say anything too soon. I hope you can forgive me.

I wanted to ask you if you would like to go out this weekend. I know there is school and all, but I have a plan for that. If you want to just tell Dobby yes, but I understand if you can’t. I know you’re busy with your NEWTs and normal class work.

I hope to talk to you soon Gin. I’ve got to go now. I’m late for leaving for work. I love you Ginny. Bye.

Love Always,


Ginny looked at Dobby. “How long have you been waiting Dobby?”

Dobby looked confused. “I is not knowing Miss. I is not having a watch. But it is being daytime when I is coming.”

Ginny looked shocked. “Dobby, you can feel free to find me if I’m not in my room. I just can’t be disturbed in classes or I’ll get in trouble. You can tell him I said yes.”

Dobby jumped off the bed cheerfully. “Master is saying proper dress is being required. He is sending you something if you is being needing it.”

Ginny laughed. “I’m sure he’d do it even if I told you I have a hundred things to wear. Just tell him if the dresses he has already bought for me aren’t good enough he can do whatever he wants.”

Dobby nodded and bowed low. “I is being seeing you this weekend Miss. I is going. Master is giving me much to being doing while he is gone today.”

Ginny nodded. “Very well Dobby. It was good to see you again.”

“It is being an honor miss.” Dobby said before he disappeared.

“I wonder what he has up his sleeve this time.”


The rest of the week flew by in a rush for Harry. Sabrina was turning out to be quite a friend as she helped him choose a dress for Ginny as well as pick the perfect place for a walk. She also made sure to boost his confidence instead of destroy it as was Rena’s and Jen’s way.

When the day of the date came Harry was a nervous wreck regardless of the lack of discouraging comments. He was dressed and ready three hours before the date was to occur and sat in his chair which he kept thinking was extremely more uncomfortable than it was the day before.

“Please don’t let me screw this up.” Harry said to himself.


Ginny was a flurry of speed after Dobby arrived as she began to get dressed and prepare herself. She didn’t know how Harry managed to get her a portkey but suspected that it was a woman among the friends who had done it. Ginny assumed it was Hermione but didn’t let that worry her too much.

With ten minutes left till the portkey activated she grabbed it and rushed to the common room quickly to find Ryo and Takeshi. “Hey I need you two to help me out today.”

“You aren’t feeling well and are not to be disturbed.” Ryo said with a nod. “Dobby already spoke to us for you.”

Ginny laughed and sat down. “I wonder if it was his idea.”

Takeshi nodded. “He didn’t mention his master. He only said that you might need help for your little side trip.”

Ginny nodded. “He’s right. If I get caught I’ll be in detention for a year after I finish NEWTs.”

“We’ll cover for you.” Ryo said. “You’ll be fine. Go and have fun. It won’t do you any good to disappear from the common room though.”

Ginny nodded. “You’re right. See you two later.”


Harry had just moved everything out of the center of the room with Dobby’s help. He didn’t know where the portkey would stop but he assumed it would be inside and didn’t want Ginny to crash into anything. He looked at his watch and waited. As the alarm on his watch went off he quickly turned it off just as Ginny appeared in his living room.

Harry smiled as she made sure her white dress wasn’t dirty. “Hello Gin.”

Ginny smiled as she turned and saw him dressed in the most fashionable clothes he’d ever worn. “Hello Harry. You look brilliant.”

“Thank you. You look great.”

“So, what is this wonderful date you have planned that no one can talk about?”

Harry smiled. “No one can talk about it because I’m the only one who knows.”

Ginny laughed. “So that’s why it’s so secret.”

Harry nodded. “That’s the only way I can do something nice for you without you knowing about it.”

“That’s true. Well, lead the way Harry.”

Harry nodded and led her out to his motorbike. They got on and made their way quickly to the restaurant. Harry made sure to order wine with dinner and Sabrina told him that would help with the romantic mood. They sat there a while and talked and enjoyed their meal comfortably.

When they finished dinner Harry led her out and just started walking slowly. “It’s a beautiful night.”

“Yes, it is. I’m glad you took me out tonight Harry.”

Harry nodded. “Me too, but I should admit I did have a more purposeful reason than just wanting to spend time with you.”

“Okay, what is it Harry?”

Harry sighed. “I wanted to ask you during Christmas but I just couldn’t find the right time to do it. I had it all planned out but nothing seemed right so I figured I’d just try something else.” Harry said as he pulled the small box from his pocket and opened it before showing it to Ginny. “What I’m trying to say is will you marry me Ginny?”

Ginny’s eyes widened as she looked from the ring, to Harry, back to the ring, and to Harry again. “M-m-marry?”

Harry looked uncomfortable. “I understand if you don’t want to, but I love you Gin and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Ginny smiled and kissed him. “Yes.”


“Yes Harry, I’ll marry you.” Ginny smiled. “I just can’t believe you asked.”

Harry placed the ring on her finger and smiled. “It took longer than I planned to. Sorry to make you wait so long.”

Ginny laughed. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t in a rush.”

Harry sighed deeply. “You have no idea how nervous I was.”

Ginny laughed. “I believe that. You don’t have any reason to be nervous Harry. I’ll always be here, and I’ll never be anywhere but by your side.”

Harry smiled and kissed her. “Thank you Gin.”

“Now, how long do we have before I have to get back?”

Harry shrugged. “As long as you want. The portkey at my house will take you back as soon as you touch it.”

“Okay, then lets enjoy the evening.”


“So she said yes?” Sabrina said.

Harry nodded. “Worked perfectly. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It was no trouble Harry.”

Harry shook his head. “It meant a lot to me. I mean it. Thank you.”

Sabrina smiled. “You’re welcome Harry.”

“Hey, errand boy!”

Harry turned and saw three people staring at himself and Sabrina and noticed that he’d already seen the one in the middle before. He got even more nervous as he saw what was in their hands. “What do you want?”

“To finish what I started.” The one in the middle said. “Kill the bitch first, then the kid.”

Harry’s eyes widened in that instant. He had to help Sabrina, he couldn’t let her die. He didn’t know what he could do but he knew he needed to do it quickly. He cursed himself for not having a wand and acted purely on the instinct of wanting one in his hand.

Accio wand!

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Chapter 11: The Question Answered
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Chapter Eleven
The Question Answered


Harry suddenly felt an intense burning flow through his arms as he heard a window break in the distance. Shortly after he heard the three in front of him laugh as he screamed in pain and saw them aim their guns at Sabrina. Seconds later Harry felt his wand in his hand and acted without thought and still suffering intense pain.

Stupefy! Incarcerous! Petrificus Totalus!” Harry yelled and watched all three react to his spells before falling to his knees and holding his arms close to his body.

Sabrina looked from the three people all laying on the ground; one with ropes around him, one frozen stiff, another unconscious, and at Harry’s shaking body in a heap before running to him. “What’s wrong Harry?”

Harry shook his head. “I don’t know.” He said before he stood up and grabbed her hand. “This might be unpleasant but hold on tightly.” He then apparated them both to his house before collapsing on the couch. “Oh god this hurts so much.”

“Master Potter! What is being-” Dobby started before seeing Sabrina and stopping. He seemed to fight the urge to hide for a second before rushing to Harry’s side. “What is being happening Master Potter? You wand is flying out the window sir and now you is being hurt. What is I being doing to help.”

Harry responded by handing Dobby his wand shakily. “Dobby, get Hermione. Tell her I need something to help with pain. Please go quickly.” Dobby nodded quickly and disappeared with a pop.

“What is going on here Harry? What the hell did you do to those three?”

Harry looked painfully at Sabrina. “I’m sorry, but I’ve already destroyed the entire secrecy act with you. I can’t tell you anything more than that they are alive and if I didn’t get you away from there when they could move again they would have killed you.”

“What are you talking about? What secrecy acts have you violated? What are you?”

Harry sighed shakily. “Ask Hermione when she comes if you really have to know. I can’t think let alone answer you well at the moment. Please don’t ask anymore.”

Sabrina nodded. “What can I do to help you?”

Harry shook his head. “I don’t think anyone can.”


Tonks flew through the house and straight at Remus. “We have to get to Harry’s house now.”

“Why?” Remus said worried.

“Harry used magic.”

“He what? But he can’t use magic.”

“Well apparently he can because his wand was used to cast the stunning spell, a binding spell, and a petrifying spell. The trouble is that not only does Harry now show up on magical devices but his magical essence is soaring higher every second. No one has ever seen that before and we don’t know what’s happening. Now we have to go and figure this out.”

Remus nodded and apparated quickly after Tonks.


Hermione had just arrived at Harry’s house and saw something she wasn’t expecting; a woman a few years older than herself sitting on a chair looking worriedly in Harry’s directions.

“Please, Miss, help Master Potter.” Dobby said quickly and snapped Hermione back to the situation at hand.

“What happened Harry?” Hermione said.

“Used magic, wandless, got wand, my arms are on fire, my body feels like it’s about to explode.” Harry said each word between gasps. “Help.”

Hermione nodded and lifted Harry’s head up and held a potion vial to his lips. “Drink this Harry.” Harry nodded and drank the whole thing before she laid his head back down. “Who is your friend?”

“Sabrina.” Harry said before he winced. “She’s a muggle and has quite a few questions.”

“Oh god Harry, what did you do?”

“Saved her.”

Hermione nodded slowly before turning to Sabrina. “What questions do you have?”

“What did he do?”

“He used magic to save you.”

Sabrina shook her head. “Magic isn’t real.”

Hermione shook her head. “I used to agree with that until I went to the same school as Harry. We both only knew what we were told of it and lived a life much like you probably did before then. Now we know the truth. Magic does exist and there are people who can use it. Harry is one of the more interesting ones.”

“But he said he came here because he didn’t want to be in the family business. Why did he say that if he was just talking about magic?”

Hermione sighed. “We’re not allowed to tell people that magic exists. However, he did have to leave the family business in a way. His family hunted dark wizards, and he was no different. However, until today, he hasn’t been able to use his magic for quite some time.”

“Why not?”

Hermione shrugged. “No one knows, but we know that he can now and it actually hurt him to do so. We have to figure out why. We are going to need you to stay here for a while as you’re the only witness besides Harry. Would you be willing to do that?”

Sabrina nodded. “Okay. Is he going to be all right?”

Hermione looked at Harry and smiled. “He’ll be fine. Death has a way of not taking Harry, or keeping him when it has to.”

“What do you-”

“Harry!” Remus yelled as he appeared in the room before Hermione used a silencing charm on him.

“He’s sleeping Remus.” Hermione said before she removed the charm. “He seems to have had a severe reaction to using magic.”

“Or the amount of magic.” Tonks said. “His magical strength keeps rising Hermione. It’s getting higher all the time.”

“Why would it do that?”

“Why would anything that happens to him happen?” Remus asked.

“He is such a bother. I hate having him as a patient sometimes. He’s so hard to diagnose.” Hermione said in a frustrated tone.

“We have to get him to a hospital.” Tonks said.

“And tell them what?” Hermione said. “That the boy who lived, who just happened to die about seven months ago, is alive and is suffering from overexertion due to increased magical possession? Who is going to be able to deal with the fact that he isn’t dead let alone that he’s stronger than he was before he died.”

“He died?” Sabrina said. “What rubbish is that?”

“Who the hell is that?” Tonks asked.

“The reason for Harry’s return to the magical way of life.” Hermione said.

Tonks sighed. “He would have to save a muggle and ruin the secrecy act wouldn’t he?”

“He would have done it if she was a witch and you know it.” Hermione said.

“We’re going to have to put him on a leash or something.” Tonks said with a laugh before she turned to Sabrina. “Now, what did you see so far?”

“Harry said something about a wand, did something to the three people who were going to shoot us, and then somehow got us here without moving. I also saw a very strange creature, Hermione gave him something to drink, and you two just appeared out of nowhere. Could someone please explain this all a little better than by just saying its magic?”

Remus nodded. “This is a dream. You passed out from fright when those men pulled the guns on you. Harry managed to stop them and brought you back here, but he tired himself out and needed a rest.”

Sabrina nodded for a second. “So you’re the one Harry says is his new Dad.”

Remus looked shocked. “How well do you know him?”

“We’ve become friends recently but we talk about our families a lot.” Sabrina said. “He said Remus, who I suspect is you, could come up with an answer for almost any question in a matter of seconds.”

Tonks laughed. “Harry’s got you there.”

“This isn’t good. We’re going to have to take her to the ministry.” Remus said.

“I know, but let her at least find out that Harry’s tougher than he looks.” Tonks said.

“Personally I believe he is a fair amount stronger than he used to be.” Hermione said.  

“What do you mean?” Remus said.

Hermione replied by moving Harry’s sleeves up. The marks that used to be no more than scars were clearly defined black lines drawn into two shapes, the shapes of a lion and snake.

“When did that happen?” Tonks said confused.

“I believe about three seconds after he summoned his wand.” Hermione said.

“Why do you think that?” Remus said.

Hermione smiled. “He didn’t feel pain till he did that.”

“But why would that cause him that much pain?” Tonks said.

“How would you feel if your magic suddenly swelled back into being along with the magical essence of the charms used by two of the founders?” Hermione said.

“Good point that.” Tonks said. “What are we going to do about him?”

“Leave him to me.” Hermione said. “I’ll take care of him. You can’t let anyone else know. Tell whoever you found out from that you investigated and it’s a mistake. I’ll cast a charm on the house to hide his magical presence for now. He has to at least wake up before he gets thrown into the spotlight again.”

“What about me?” Sabrina said.

“The way I see it we have two choices.” Tonks said. “Either you were never here to see any of this and you know nothing, or we alter your memories so you were never here and know none of it. Which way would you like better?”

“I’d like some answers.” Sabrina said.

“Can’t help you unless you help me.” Tonks said. “If Harry gets caught having used magic around a muggle a lot of people will want him to be punished as it is against our rules. However, if you were never around you could never have seen the magic. If you were we have to erase your memory of the event.”

“Will it keep Harry safe if I don’t say anything?”

“If you also point me to the people he used magic on yes.”

“Okay, I’ll help you.”


Harry opened his eyes slowly, expecting pain to come with every second. When he felt none he sat up slowly before he noticed two people sleeping on the chairs in his living room. He also saw his wand on the table and smiled. He really had used magic. He picked up his wand and thought to try out his magical ability and transfigured the chairs into beds and went to the kitchen where he saw Dobby cleaning by hand.

“Dobby, don’t worry over cleaning the muggle way anymore okay?”

“But if master is not using magic I is not either.”

Harry smiled and waved his wand lazily and the kitchen sparkled in cleanliness. “Who said I’m not using magic?”

Dobby beamed brightly. “Harry Potter sir! You is being back to normal again sir!”

Harry nodded. “That I am Dobby, but we should be quiet as Hermione and Sabrina are sleeping. I just wanted to ask you if you could make breakfast for the three of us while I have a shower.”

“I is fixing it right away sir, but please don’t being doing my job anymore sir. It is making me feel not important.”

Harry nodded. “I apologize Dobby. I won’t do it again.”

“Thank you very much sir.”

Harry apparated to his room and grabbed his clothes before apparating to the bathroom to wash up. He couldn’t believe he had forgotten what it felt like to use magic. He felt as if he’d finally come home. Also he no longer felt at him in his house. He finally longed for Potter Manor again after all this time.

Harry showered quickly before returning to the living room. He sat down and tried to decide what to do about the sleeping women. Dobby told him a few minutes later that breakfast was ready and Harry nodded and woke up Hermione first before pointing to Sabrina. “Has she had her memory removed?”

Hermione shook her head. “Tonks said if she didn’t talk she could keep it.”

Harry nodded and walked over to the bed and shook Sabrina gently. “It’s time for you to wake up. Breakfast is served, and Dobby gets upset if you don’t eat while it’s warm. He says it ruins the flavor.”

“Who’s Dobby?” Sabrina said sleepily.

“The bravest house elf I know.”

“What’s a house elf?”

Harry smiled. “Wake up and you can meet one.”

“You really are a wizard then aren’t you?”

Harry nodded. “I am. Are you hungry?”

Sabrina nodded. “I didn’t get a chance to eat yesterday.”

“We can’t have that now can we? Come on, out of bed you go.”



“How did I get into a bed?”

Harry smiled. “I turned the chair into a bed when I woke up so you could rest more comfortably. You ask a lot of questions for someone who just woke up.”

“A lawyer is taught to ask a lot of questions.”

“Well, I was trained to be an auror and they are taught never to answer questions unprepared. So let’s have breakfast and allow me to collect my thoughts first. Okay?”

Sabrina got out of the bed. “Okay, breakfast first, then questions.”

Harry laughed and led her to the table and she looked at Dobby curiously. “Is that a house elf?”

Harry nodded. “He is a house elf, and his name is Dobby. Dobby is the bravest house elf I ever met. He went against his previous master’s orders to save my life. Dobby, this is Sabrina.”

“It is being nice to being meeting you miss. Is you liking tea with breakfast or is you liking juice as Harry Potter sir?”

“It is nice to meet you Dobby. Either one is fine.” Sabrina said as she sat down.

“I notice that your magic wasn’t a one time thing.” Hermione said as she sipped her tea.

“No, I’ve been doing magic almost non stop since I woke up.”

“Any idea why it suddenly just came back like it did?”

Harry nodded. “I wanted to protect someone again.” Harry shook his head. “No, I didn’t feel like I had to protect her. This wasn’t caused by me really. I just felt that I wanted to protect her. I’m not making any sense am I?”

Hermione smiled. “To most people probably not. You don’t feel like it was your fault that you two were going to be attacked but you wanted to protect her all the same.”

Harry nodded. “It’s the first time I ever felt like that. I’m always used to it being my fault that everyone around me is attacked.”

Hermione nodded thoughtfully. “Maybe that was why it didn’t come back right away. Maybe you felt you didn’t need it since everything you had to do with magic was done.”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe, but I know that it feels great to have it back.”

Hermione nodded and smiled. “I really didn’t think you could handle being without it after all that time. But we do have problems now.”

“What problems do I have?”

“You are hidden here, but your magic let out a charge high enough to be tracked by the ministry, as well as the fact that you used your wand. Tonks smoothed it over for now but you’re going to have to reveal yourself to the minister as well as the wizarding world again soon.”

“So he’s going to have to leave?” Sabrina asked.

Hermione nodded. “I’m sorry but he has a place in the wizarding world that no one can fill. He’s our hero. Harry has done things for our world that no one else ever had the power to do.”

Harry smiled. “That doesn’t mean that we aren’t friends Sabrina. I showed you yesterday that I can be anywhere I want to be in an instant.”

“You can go anywhere you want to that way?”

Harry nodded. “I’ve been to Brazil, Japan, and France that way. I’ve also traveled to various parts here. If you can apparate you can go anywhere you want to.”

“How do you learn all of that?”

“We go to school.” Harry said.

“They have a school to teach you magic?”

Hermione laughed. “Of course they do. They have quite a few of them. Harry and I went to the best school for wizards and witches.”

“So you two were smart and knew about this stuff?”

“Hermione was smart, I just had connections.” Harry said with a smile.

Hermione laughed. “Harry was actually a lot smarter than he lets on. He was just a bit more adventurous than was good for someone in school.”

Harry laughed. “You’re one to talk. You always came with me.”

Sabrina looked confused. “I thought your girlfriend was named Ginny?”

Harry looked at Hermione and smiled. “Of course she is. This is Hermione, the one I said was like my sister.”

“Oh, now I get it.”

Hermione laughed. “Maybe we’ve just been around each other for so long we seem a bit more comfortable with each other than we are supposed to.”

Harry shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. You’re one of my best friends and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

“Master Potter, you is getting mail sir.”

Harry looked confused at Dobby. “I can get mail? I didn’t know that was tied to my magic.”

“Of course it is Harry. Why do you think muggles can’t use owls?” Hermione said with a shake of her head.

“I just figured they hadn’t thought of it.” He said before he looked at the letter. “It’s from Dumbledore.”

“What does it say?” Hermione said. Harry shrugged and opened the letter.


I am most excited to hear of your current well being. I’m glad your magic has returned to you. I need to see you as quickly as possible though I do ask that you make the visit as discrete as possible. Charm yourself as needed and then come to the school. We shall talk more here.

Albus Dumbledore


“He wants to see me, but I need to stop by the manor first.”

Hermione nodded. “I’m going to stay here today, maybe try and help Sabrina with all her questions if you don’t mind.”

Harry shook his head. “The keys are on the table. I won’t need them.” Then he apparated to his room in the manor where he quickly found the wands of both Slytherin and Gryffindor still in their sheaths and fastened them to his arms. Then he grabbed the familiar trench coat and pulled it on as well as a pair of gloves and apparated to the headmaster’s office where Dumbledore was sitting patiently. “Hello sir. How are you today?”

Dumbledore smiled. “I see you can still apparate onto the school grounds.”

Harry nodded cheerfully. “I can do a lot of things I used to be able to do again. Apparition is just the most fun of them.”

Dumbledore chuckled. “We need to speak of something now that your magic has returned.”

“Are you going to say I have to show myself to the wizarding world again?”

“I fear you must Harry. They need to know that you are alive.”

Harry nodded. “Very well then.” He walked over to Dumbledore and grabbed his arm and apparated the two of them to the room outside the Scrimgeour’s office and Harry smiled at the secretary. “Hello, Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore to see the minister.”

“Ha-Harry Potter?” The secretary asked.

“Yes, tell him and I’m sure he’ll see us.” Harry said with a warm smile.

No sooner had she announced Harry Potter to the Minister had he burst through the door and stared at Harry in shock. “Harry?”

Harry raised his hair to show the scar on his head. “How is that for proof? If its not good enough maybe these can prove it.” He said as Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s wands flew into his hands. He smiled as he showed them to the Scrimgeour. “I’ve been back for quite a while, I just haven’t exactly been myself.”

“Come into my office and let’s have a nice talk then. Alice, I do not wish to be disturbed till I finish this meeting.”

“Yes sir.” Alice said.

Harry spent hours telling the story of what happened after his death till his return to magic, minus Sabrina being involved, to a very shocked and confused Rufus Scrimgeour. When he was done he sat quietly and allowed this all to sink in to the minds of both Scrimgeour and Dumbledore. When they finally looked at him with understanding Scrimgeour was the one to speak.

“A lot will have to be done now Harry. I do hope you are prepared.” Scrimgeour said.

Harry smiled. “Since I woke up I’ve felt ready for anything.”


Ginny sat at the Gryffindor table and looked at the paper sitting beside her. “I don’t order the prophet. How’d I get this?”

“Kei said we all have them because there is an important announcement in them according to his letter.” Takeshi said.

Ginny shrugged and reached for the paper only to have it flip over her head and land on the floor behind her. She turned around confused and went to pick it up only to have it slide ten feet from her. She stood up angrily and stalked over to the paper only to have it slide away from her again. “I’ll kill whoever’s doing this.” She muttered. She finally got the paper after it had left the Great Hall.

“Hello love.” Harry said with a smile as he stepped out of the shadows.

“What are you doing here?” Ginny asked as she looked around.

“I wanted to be the one to tell you what everyone is about to find out.” Harry said.

“What are they going to find out?”

“Well, they are about to find out that on our wedding day you’ll be marrying a wizard.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Harry sighed. “I guess I’ll have to be more specific.” Harry held Gryffindor’s wand in his hand. “Lumos.” The end of his wand lit brightly and he smiled. “I’ve found myself again.”

“Oh my god! Harry I’m so happy for you.” Ginny hugged him tightly. “Congratulations love.”

Harry smiled and hugged her back. “Thank you. It’s good to be back. Do you mind if I join you for dinner?”

Ginny smiled. “Come on then. Gryffindor table isn’t the same without you.”

Harry nodded and followed her into the Great Hall with his hood still up. People watched him carefully and were shocked when he sat at Gryffindor table. He smiled to himself. “Hello Brianna, how is school going for you?”

“Harry?” Brianna said.

“Of course.” Harry said and took off the hood. “You really should read the prophet more often.”

“Wait, what does the prophet say?” Ginny asked.

“You have it in your hands. I don’t exactly know what it is going to say about me, just what I said.”

Ginny looked at the Prophet curiously.

Harry Potter Lives!
Startling events find the-boy-who-lived alive once more.


Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, has proven himself more than capable of living up to his title time and again. While it is true that Mr. Potter was reported dead last year it is now come to the attention of everyone that this was false. He was merely trapped in a stasis due to being cursed by an unknown spell that was irreversible at the time. None suspected Mr. Potter would survive this ordeal in our lifetime so the ministry wished to allow us all to mourn his loss.

However, Harry Potter is not such a soul that can be held down for long. His long time friend Hermione Granger, began to research Mr. Potter’s health status immediately and began working on a cure as well as balancing her career education in health care. It was due to the brilliant mind of Miss Granger that Harry Potter was cured of the still unknown curse and was returned to us.

Mr. Potter will be returning to his old profession within the week while he must take his NEWT exams with the current seventh years and must study all of the standard law practices of aurors till then. We at the prophet wish Mr. Potter well and hope he succeeds at all he puts his mind to.

More on the news of Harry Potter as it is brought to us.


“That’s entirely false!” Ginny said.

Harry leaned closer to Ginny. “It’s better to give a lie than try to force them to accept the truth of it. Those who need the truth know it, those who don’t shouldn’t really have to.” He whispered.

“Whatever you say Harry.” Ginny said. “I’m just glad you’re back.”

Harry nodded. “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

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Chapter 13: Dificult Decisions PT. 1
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Chapter Thirteen
Dificult Decisions PT. 1

Harry was wandering around the school with curious looks here and there. He couldn’t explain the deep feeling of regret he had but he knew it was there. He knew he was certain of his new choice but something else nagged at his mind, something that was refusing to become clear to him. Harry knew it was only a matter of time but he wondered what it was.

He didn’t worry much about the things on his mind anymore as he began to see Ginny every day. During their time together they began to plan out wedding dates, places, and other various arrangements that made Rena giggle and listen in on every time she was around them.

However, Ginny had a full day and so Harry was left to these thoughts. Harry found himself struggling to find the answers to why his mind was so troubled and was more shocked when he saw where he was. He knocked on the door in front of him knowing what he came to do. When he was called to enter he walked in and sat across from the man he’d trusted for the least amount of time.

“Hello Professor. I need your help.”

Snape gave him a confused look. “What is it you would like Mr. Potter?”

“I need you to use legillimency on me. I want to know if you can find out why I feel so worried lately.”

“You have no need to worry of someone breaking into your mind Mr. Potter so I see no need in testing your skills.”

Harry shook his head. “I’m not testing them, I need to know why I’m so worried. I keep feeling like something is going to happen but I can’t figure out what it is.”

“Legillimency doesn’t work that way. If you don’t know then I won’t be able to find out. I cannot help you with this problem.”

Harry nodded. “Is the school defended again?”

Snape pointed his wand to the door and closed it before placing an imperturbable charm on it. “The school has not been as well defended since the dark lord broke the wards. No one can recreate what the founders did Mr. Potter. You, above all others, should know exactly how true that is.”

Harry nodded and stood. “Sorry for wasting your time sir.” Snape nodded as Harry turned and walked out of the office.

Harry decided to return to the manor to try and calm his thoughts. He hadn’t been there much and found himself missing it terribly. He also decided it was time to face what he thought was really bothering him. This was made much easier when he saw that no one was at the mansion.

He quickly apparated to the graveyard and sat in front of the three graves he’d always gone to when he was there. He sat in front of his Dad’s gravestone and sighed heavily. “I wanted you all to come with me you know. I would have put the necklace around your necks myself if that would have done it.

“I know why you did it though. You all knew I wanted to come back and that I would never have come if I knew you three couldn’t. In some ways it feels worse now than it did before. Now that I’ve spent time with you all it still feels like it was entirely too short.” Then Harry smiled. “But I’m not going to rush to you three like I did last time. I plan to live a very long life if I can.

“I’m getting married this summer. Ginny said yes Sirius, though I’m sure you knew she would already. I decided to stop being an active auror and instead I’m going to train students who wanted to be an auror. I’m also going to protect the school. I feel like that is the best thing I can do now. No one really understands it all that well, not even Remus.

“To tell the truth I don’t really know why I feel that way myself. I just know I don’t have it in me to fight time after time anymore. Doing that before made me feel so old and I made a lot of people worry about me. I just don’t want anyone to be hurt because of me anymore.” A tear fell from his left eye. “I don’t want to see Ginny cry anymore. I want to have a family and be with them. I want to live the same life you wanted to Dad. I hope all that makes sense, but even if it doesn’t the thought makes me happy. I just wanted to tell you all that I still miss you, love you, and really wish you were here. I’ll see you all again one day and I promise to have a lot of interesting stories for you.” Then Harry stood. “Goodbye. I’ll bring a few flowers to brighten up the place next time.”

“So that’s why you quit Harry?” Remus asked and Harry turned quickly to face him before he nodded. “Come with me back to the manor to talk for a bit would you?”

“Of course.” Harry said and apparated after Remus had. Harry then followed Remus to the living room and sat in the chair he favored most.

“Which is the strongest reason you don’t wish to fight anymore? The feeling you get or fear of hurting those close to you?” Remus asked.

“I can’t watch you all suffer like that again Remus. I can deal with the feelings I got from fighting but the pain you all felt when I died was worse than anything that happened to me.”

Remus sighed. “You can’t do this Harry. You can’t live a life based on not wanting to hurt people. You’ll grow to resent the very people who you were trying to protect.”

“What else can I do Remus?”

Remus smiled and shook his head. “That is the one problem you always had Harry. Everything is always black and white with you. You haven’t lived long enough to know better yet. I want you to think of something very carefully, and then I’m going to ask your answer when I feel you’ve had the time to think it all through.”

“Okay, what’s the question?”

“Knowing the death eaters as you do, knowing how they feel about you, and likely how their children feel about you,  do you really think that no longer trying to catch them is going to keep them from coming after you and the ones you love?”

Harry sat still as he thought of this. The death eaters hated him because he destroyed their master. They weren’t after anyone while he was dead because of that alone. Now that he was alive again there was no reason for them to not devout their lives to destroying all those that he loved and held dear to him. Harry nodded slowly. He understood exactly what Remus was saying and at the same time understood why Salazar had wanted him to return. His job wasn’t finished yet, couldn’t be finished until the death eaters weren’t around or at least hiding their true intentions and selves again.

“So you understand why I don’t understand your decision now. No one is safe just yet. We still have to fight to protect those we love. That was why your father and Sirius fought, why your mother taught at the auror academy, and why Tonks and I fight even now. There is no shame in wanting to leave the fight now Harry, but it isn’t the way to stop those you love from facing the danger coming because of who you are. The only way you can stop that danger is to fight and hold on to the people you are protecting with every ounce of strength you have.”

Harry nodded. “I suppose it is. I never thought of it that way before. I guess I am still a bit young for all this.”

Remus laughed. “It has happened to the best of us Harry. I’m sure even Dumbledore was naïve at some point.”

“Now that would be something to see.”

“I agree.”

“Well, I’ve loads to do now that you brought that to my mind Remus. I’ll see you after I handle all of it.”

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Chapter 14: Difficult Decisions Pt. 2
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Harry appeared back in the school and was immediately furious. He had no idea how this always managed to happen. He’d come to the decision that he couldn’t leave the school alone for a second without someone finding a way to attack. He was grateful that he saw none of the chaos he had the year before.

Instead of the battlefield he saw less than a year ago he was happy as he realized that this time it was very evident that the people of Hogwarts won this battle. He saw the usual signs of a fight but when he saw the wounded wearing masks instead of children’s faces he felt a pride in the students and teachers of Hogwarts that surpassed anything he ever thought possible.

He found the teachers in the Great Hall and immediately asked after Ginny, Brianna, Ryo, and Takeshi. He quickly rushed to the hospital wing faster than he ever imagined possible. Bursting through the door he saw all four of them talking about what had happened while sitting on the beds he assumed they were forced to be on.

“Can’t we ever get a break?” Brianna said in a frustrated tone. “Just once I’d appreciate something not happening in Hogwarts.”

“I agree. It’s been hell since I’ve been here too.” Ginny said.

“I should have stayed in Japan.” Takeshi said.

“Maybe we both should have.” Ryo said. “We are where we are supposed to be though, Takeshi. If not more people could have gotten hurt.”

“I know, but I hate having to fight like that.” Takeshi said. “There is no honor when we have to do those types of things.”

“Where the bloody hell was Harry is what I want to know. Wasn’t he supposed to be protecting the school now?” Brianna said.

“I was.” Harry said as he came fully into the room. “However, a very wise man told me today that hiding from what I felt was right just to protect the ones I love is a very foolish move.”

“Harry!” Ginny said as she rushed towards him and hugged him tightly. “Where have you been?”

“Preparing to do what I was always meant to and trying to figure out a way of apologizing to you for doing it.”

“What do you mean Harry? What are you going to do?” Ginny said with a curious look as she pulled away from him.

“I’m an auror Gin. We both know it. I thought if I just stayed out of the rest of this war we could be happy and live a good life. Remus was right though, they won’t stop coming after me just because I’m not hunting them. They’ll keep coming after me, you, and everyone else I love until I manage to deal with them all.” Harry sighed. “I have to be who I am and accept that there are consequences that come with it.”

Ginny slapped Harry in the face. “You were trying to protect me?! I thought that you wanted to teach! I don’t give a damn about who comes after me and what they think they can do! You bloody bastard! How dare you do something so stupid! Are you happy as an auror?”

“Yes.” Harry said quietly, unsure of what was happening but rubbing his now stinging cheek.

“Then be a damned auror!” Ginny said with a fire in her eyes that shook even Harry’s confidence. Then she took a deep breath and shook her head. “I don’t need a guardian angel anymore Harry. I will always love that I know if I need you urgently you’ll be there in an instant but I have no desire for you to give up everything that makes you happy just so you can try and protect me.

“You just be exactly who you are and I’ll always be right beside you. Nothing will make me worry about you more than you being unhappy with the life you’ve chosen. Now you get your head on right and come to your senses. Do what makes you happy and I will be there to cheer for you when you succeed, comfort you when you fail, and love you regardless of either.”

“I guess I should apologize then.” Harry said.

“You do and I’ll slap you harder than before.” Ginny smiled. “Just do what you do best. Be the auror I always look up to and come back to show me that you’re safe when everything is all over.”

Harry nodded slowly. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you.”

Brianna shook her head. “Don’t be sorry, just go get the rest of the bloody bastards we didn’t manage to.”

Harry nodded again, though his face looked very grim this time. “I’ll make sure to do just that.” Then he turned to Ryo and Takeshi. “Are you two doing okay?”

“We’ll be fine.” Ryo said. “Tell Kei to be careful. We still expect him to visit us often.”

“I’ll tell him.” Harry said then he turned. “I’ll be back when I can everyone.”


“What did you say to Harry?” Tonks asked.

“I told him exactly what he needed to hear.” Remus said.

“And what was that?”

“That he needed to do what he felt was right as opposed to following what he thought the safe route was.”

Tonks shook her head and laughed. “It worked. He came in and asked to join the other three again and immediately asked for all the information we had on the death eaters. They are planning to make the first attack tomorrow night.”

Remus could only smile. “That boy never believes in taking time does he?”

“If he does he’s never shown it in the least.”


“So what’s the plan?” Harry asked once Kei seemed to come out of the long process of thinking up a plan.

“We’ll have to split up and hope we survive.” Kei said. “None of us will be able to do this is we stick together. There are just too many. They need as many targets as possible so we can always leave them guessing where the next attack is going to come from. We’ll also have to work together to keep the attacks as random as possible for as long as we can.”

“Apparate and attack sounds like a good maneuver for that.” Harry said.

Kei nodded. “Yeah but we’ll still want them unsure of anything just in case. We aren’t really that accurate when we do that.”

“So we’re going to attack as quick as possible and hope everything works out for the best?” Rena said.

“That sounds like the best chance of survival.” Kei said. “We’re still going to need a lot of help with this. There’s no way we can get all of them with just the four of us.”

“Okay, so we have to get some help. No big deal there.” Harry said. “I bet more than a few would be willing to come along.”

“The main thing to know is when we’re going to attack.” Jen said. “If we attack when everyone is alert we’ll die quick.”

“We’ll attack at three in the morning.” Kei said. “That will probably be the best time unless they’ve all gone about acting like vampires all the time.”

“Great, so we act like vampires today and attack in the night.” Harry said. “I’m going to need a coffee if I’m going to stay up all night.”

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Chapter 15: Buried Inside
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Chapter 15
Buried Inside


Harry stood outside prepared for whatever may happen. He was already preparing to dredge up his saddest memories in case something went wrong. While they continuously talking of killing the death eaters. Harry knew that they had to be taken alive, if at all possible. They needed all the information they could get if they were going to be able to move forward at all.

Kei was watching Harry with a confused look on his face. Harry noticed and raised an eyebrow curiously. “Is there a problem?”

“Are you sure you’re up to this?” Kei asks.

Harry nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Kei shrugged. “No reason. I guess I’m just having trouble with seeing clearly today.”

Harry nodded but still looked curious. “What can you tell us?”

“You’re going to have a hell of a time with a distraction,” Kei said. “The ones awake are alert. You’re going to have to be quick. Even if you are faster than you used to be everyone will be awake within seconds.”

“Can anyone tell me why Harry has to go in alone?” Remus said.

Kei nodded. “If anyone goes with him there will be problems. I don’t understand it myself right now but I know it has to be him alone.”

“You’ve never been unable to explain something,” Harry said.

“Like I said, I’m not seeing right today,” Kei said. “Remus, Tonks and the rest of us will be waiting to join you if you have any problems though Harry. Don’t worry about that.”

Harry nodded. “I can handle it. Are we all ready?”

“We are,” Jen said with a nod to Kei and Rena.

“We’re all right behind you Harry.” Tonks said.

“Wait for Jen’s mark and then go in strong,” Harry said. “Well, it’s time for me to go to work.”

Harry Apparated into the building and quickly stunned and bound the first guard he saw. He quickly stunned three more before the fifth made a loud cry and everyone was alerted. Harry quickly hid under a stairway and thanked his aunt and uncle for the first time for removing the idea of claustrophobia from his head at an early age.

Harry jumped out from the safety of his hiding spot to blind the death eaters before calling for an attack when he saw something he never expected.


Harry’s eyes widened as he heard the spell that killed him before quickly tossing down an obsolete obstacle harder than he ever had before and pressing his back against the newly formed wall. He shook his head to clear it quickly. It can’t be Voldemort. He thought to himself. I killed him. I tore him to pieces. Not even Voldemort could come back from that!

Try as he might to make himself believe it he couldn’t force his hands to stop shaking. He slid down the wall, feeling utter terror for the first time in his life as one thought flew threw his head; I don’t want to die again.


Jen’s face grew worried quickly. “It’s time for us to go. Somethings wrong with Harry.”

“He’s scared isn’t he?” Kei said with a nervous look of his own.

“He thinks he’s gonna die,” Jen said.

“Everyone move it!” Tonks said as soon as she heard that.

Everyone sprang into action as fast as possible. Kei, Jen, and Rena Apparated to various parts of the building and attacked quickly while looking for where Harry was. Jen was the first one to spot his hiding place but couldn’t feel any thoughts that truly felt like Harry.

“Kei, figure out what’s wrong with Harry,” Jen said with a nod towards the stairs.

Kei nodded and Apparated quickly to Harry while Jen gave the same thought to Remus. Then she returned to the fight without a second thought about what she was doing.

Rena was more worried about Harry than she pretended to be. She kept stealing glances towards the area where she knew he was hiding with the most confused thoughts she had. She’d never seen Harry afraid of anything except that ceremony that Voldemort started.

“Come on Harry,” Rena said, “we need you now.”


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Kei said as he examined the strength of the obsolete obstacle.

“I saw him.” Harry said. “Voldemort’s here.”

“Where? I haven’t seen him in any part of this.”

“He tried to kill me again Kei.” Harry shook his head quickly. “I don’t want to die again. I can’t come back if I die now.”

“Harry?” Remus said as he Apparated next to the two. “What’s wrong?”

“He said he saw Voldemort,” Kei said. “He’s terrified Remus.”

Remus pulled Harry up to a standing position and looked him in the eyes. “Voldemort’s dead Harry, you killed him. We all saw his remains. They were destroyed. Now I want you to get hold of yourself. We all have a lot of work to do.”

“But I don’t want to die Remus. He’ll kill me again and I won’t be able to come back and...” Harry was cut off by a quick slap to his face.

“Come to your senses Harry!” Remus said after the slap. “Voldemort is dead! You’re imagining things!”

Harry looked at Remus shocked. “He really not out there?”

“No Harry,” Remus said. “We’d have seen him by now and you know he’d have started gloating long ago if you were hiding from him.”

“I’m scared Remus,” Harry said.

Remus smiled. “That’s a normal reaction in the face of so many enemies but you have to remember that you are Harry Potter, the hero who defeated Voldemort. You’ve never been afraid of a fight before and there is no reason to start now.”

“We can beat them Harry,” Kei said. “But we have to act now or things will start getting bad.”

Harry nodded slowly and held his wands up with his eyes closed. “He’s not here, he’s not here, I killed him and he can’t kill me now because he’s dead.” Then he looked at Remus. “I guess I’m ready now.”

Remus nodded. “We’ll be with you Harry.”

Harry shook his head. “No, you’ve got your own positions. I’ll be fine.” Then Harry moved to the edge of the wall and peered out to examine the situation.

Harry was shocked as he looked in the direction he swore he saw Voldemort and instead saw a very thin bald man. Harry laughed at himself inwardly before taking in the rest of the room.

He saw small groups of two and three Aurors fighting against the death eaters. He knew immediately that an anti-apparition ward was cast beforehand as all of the groups forced the death eaters together in the center of the room. The mass building was being laid to waste as each spell that missed someone cause some form of damage to the building. Harry glanced to see Kei and Remus in the midst of the attack and a smile grew on his face.

“There’s nothing to be scared of Harry.” He told himself. “Voldemort’s dead. Time for you to get to work.”

Harry sent out three of the fastest stunning charms he’d ever used before Apparating near Rena and dropping two more. “I do hope I didn’t miss the good part.”

Rena stunned two death eaters and smiled sweetly at Harry. “Of course not dear, it’s never a party without you.” Then she looked at him seriously as they both stunned death eaters at the same time. “Are you okay now?”

Harry nodded. “Better than ever.” Then he looked around. “We do have a lot of work to do tonight.”

“All of them alive?” Rena asked.

“As many as we can until they hurt someone.” Harry said.

Harry returned his full attention to what was in front of him. There didn’t seem to be as many death eaters as they were expecting. Harry guessed at there only being fifty death eaters in the building, though the mass of black robed figures wasn’t allowing him to figure anything definite out. Harry hoped that was the case as it meant that this fight wouldn’t last long since they had over twenty Aurors helping them as well as Remus.

As Harry fell back into his old routine of trading jokes back and forth with Rena while in the middle of a fight he began to notice the tightness he felt in his chest before start to ease. As his breaths came easier so did his fighting. When he finally felt completely calm he noticed that the fight was nearing its end. Harry kept up till everything was through before his head fell.

“Are you okay now?” Kei said.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Harry said.

“Let’s get back and we’ll try to figure it all out.” Kei said.


“What the hell were you doing Potter?” Tonks yelled furiously. “Hiding behind a wall and waiting for everyone else like a first year? Give me one good reason why I should kick your arse out of here and make sure you can’t even find a job protecting Quidditch matches?”

“I don’t have one.” Harry said softly.

“I see. I suggest you get one damn quick then! I will not tolerate that kind of action, not even from you!”

“There’s no need to be so hard on him Tonks,” Remus said. “He just needed a minute to get his head in the game.”

Tonks glared at her husband. “A minute? We don’t have minutes in times like that! We need quick action and decisive moves.”

“Leave him be,” Remus growled.

“Stop it!” Harry said firmly, looking from Remus to Tonks. “Remus, she’s right. There is no excuse for what happened. I am to blame. Do what’s in your best judgment Tonks. I understand even if I do get fired.”

Tonks took a deep breath and sighed. “Everyone out!” Then she looked Harry in the eyes. “Sit.” Harry sat down as everyone filed out. “What the bloody hell got into you today? That’s not like you Harry.”

Harry looked at the floor. “I got scared. I don’t know why it happened but when I was in there I could have sworn I saw Voldemort. When I saw him I just snapped. I couldn’t think of anything other than how terrified I was.”

Tonks nodded. “Okay, now that we can deal with Harry. You need to talk to someone about this. We’ll get someone approved by the ministry who can know everything about what happened to you and get you talking. It might just be that you’re finally showing that you’re human and not some god like everyone expects you to be.”

“So I acted like a god before?” Harry asks, trying to recall his past behavior.

Tonks laughed. “No, you just never showed that you had any fear before. Maybe all those years of facing things and forcing the fear down is finally getting to you Harry or maybe you just had a small lapse in your sanity for some unknown reason. We have to get you going right again though Harry. It won’t do anyone any good if you go into a fight and this happens again. You understand?”

“Yes Tonks.”

“Good, now I want you to go home and get some rest.”


“Need a drink?” Remus said.

Tonks nodded and sat down. “Next time you undermine my authority I’ll lock you in Azkaban Remus.”

“He was terrified Tonks. You wouldn’t have believed it if you saw it. He was just sitting there with his knees pulled up to his chest and shaking like a leaf. He wasn’t listening to anything at first. All he would say was ‘I don’t want to die.’”

“It doesn’t matter Remus. You can’t act like I don’t have authority when I’m at work. I can’t be there just to hold Harry’s hand and tell him everything will be okay no matter how much I want to. I have to be tough on him and he expects no less.”

“It just wasn’t the right time Tonks.” Remus said. “I know what you have to do but you have to understand that he still doesn’t have all the answers himself. It’s not right to give him trouble for something he had no control over.”

“No, it’s the perfect thing for him. I’m one of the few people who don’t treat him like he’s a fragile little boy and that’s just what he needs. He knows I’m only tough on him when I have to be and he’s given me very few reasons to be that way. I can’t switch on him now just because he had a bad day. He won’t get help if I stop treating him like everyone else.”

Remus handed her a drink and sat beside her. “He scared the hell out of me today. I never expected Harry to ever look like that and I hope I never see it again.”

“He told me what happened after everyone left,” Tonks said. “We’ve got to find him someone we can trust to help him deal with this. I don’t blame him for being scared at the thought of you-know-who still being alive after he fought him, but we can’t have him slip like that again. Who knows what could happen if that comes at a time where he could save a life and can’t bring himself to move. Worse, how would he handle it if that happened?”

Remus nodded. “You’re getting him the help he needs then.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t once I found out?” Tonks asks rhetorically.

“I’m glad you’re his boss. I’ll always know he’s safe as long as you’re there to look out for him.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Tonks said. “But he’ll be as prepared as he can be before he gets into anything.”

“Do you think you’ll get anything from them?”

Tonks sighed. “I have no idea. I hope so, I really do. Maybe we can stop all this before it gets too far gone to avoid something bad happening.”


“Hello Harry, what is it that brings you in to my office today?” Dumbledore said as Harry sat across from him.

“Tonks said they had to find someone we could trust with everything for me to talk to but you already know everything. I was just wondering if you would be able to help me a bit if it doesn’t take too much of your time.”

Dumbledore nodded. “What is it that you need to speak about?”

Harry looked down, feeling embarrassed, before he spoke. “I had a job to do last night. It was a simple thing considering some of the things we’ve had to do, but last night I just couldn’t do it. I saw him there, and I just couldn’t make myself fight. Remus had to talk me down from it but I was too scared to do anything on my own.”

Dumbledore sat quietly with his eyes closed for a long moment. “Did you fear that he had returned as you did?”

“No, I feared that he’d manage to survive when I died,” Harry said as he shook slightly. “Just the thought that I couldn’t beat him with everything I had terrified me.”

“Before you died did you know it was possible to return to life?” Harry shook his head. “And now you know that you cannot do this again, correct?” Harry nodded. “I see.”

“What is it sir?” Harry asked with a confused look.

Dumbledore smiled. “Harry, your biggest advantage in the past has always been your trust in your own abilities. You quite simply always believed in yourself enough to force yourself to be strong and survive through any possible outcome. I myself have been amazed at some of the odds you’ve faced. However, now you are faced with something that we have all had to overcome at one point in time.”

“What is it?” Harry said curiously.

“Mortality.” Dumbledore said. “We all face it, you just had to do so much younger than most. You see Harry, I do not believe you were afraid of Voldemort. I believe you were afraid of what happened the last time you fought. I assume that he also used the same curse that killed you when you became afraid.”

“Yes, he did. How did you know?”

Dumbledore smiled. “I sometimes forget that you do not know of the specifics of what happened with Grindelwald. I was brought face to face with my own mortality there as well.”

“How did you deal with it sir?” Harry asked, curious.

“Much as you were going to.” Dumbledore said. “My plan was to be away from the fight. I still saw the times when I was almost killed by the same man I cared for so much in my youth. It was not until I saw Tom following in the footsteps I remembered so well that I knew I could do it no longer.

“I won’t pretend that I faced my mortality in a brave way, much as I can’t say I was proud of your decision in that way. Take no offense Harry, as I was still quite proud of you following your own decision, but I knew that the life of a teacher was never in your path. You would never be happy that way. What saddens me most is that you were a child that was born and very much raised on a battlefield. Knowing this as I did, I knew you could never truly hide from the fight as I had. It is that reason why I couldn’t be as proud as I wanted to be to hear you had left it. In a way it is all that you know of and, regardless of what many may think of this, you feel the most alive when in those situations.”

“Well, how do I deal with it now? I can’t let myself get into that state again. It could get someone killed if it happened like that in a situation worse than last night,” Harry said.

Dumbledore nodded. “What you must remember is this Harry; You did die, but not because you were unable to do anything else. You died because you saw an opening that no one other than you could take. Your only mistake was one of a person who wanted to stop someone that only you could stop. That was not a mistake but a bold move, and one that most likely shocked Voldemort enough that he acted on instinct. Few can say they have done that, making Voldemort act on instinct alone, and only you have done it by making a move he was unprepared for.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that it killed me,” Harry said.

“But it does say something,” Dumbledore said. “So long as you remember all that you were taught and have no fear you will always fight to save others. If you remember those with you, you will always fight with everything you have. Though if it makes you feel better I will tell you something else; No matter the fight or the odds I would have no fear ever standing by your side in a battle. That is something I’ve said to very few Harry, and I mean it completely.”

“Thank you sir,” Harry said with a smile.

“You are most welcome Harry. Please come if you need to talk again.”

Harry nodded as he stood up. “I will sir. Goodbye.”

“Farewell,” Dumbledore said as Harry flooed home.

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Chapter 16: Remembering to Live
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Chapter 16
Remembering to Live


Harry found Ginny in the library and sat down next to her. He smiled as he saw that she hadn’t even realized it but instead continued reading. He wondered briefly if he should be doing the same since he had to take the NEWTs soon before deciding he’d do better to study on his own after remembering Hermione the year before.

“Hello Gin, how’re you doing?”

Ginny jumped before seeing him. “Harry!” She said as she hugged him quickly. “What happened with you? You disappeared that night and we didn’t hear anything until we saw in the prophet that you went after a group of death eaters.”

“Yeah well, you said to get back to work right?” Harry smiled. “I had a problem I had to sort out though.”

“What happened?”

Harry shrugged. “I got a little worked up is all. I’m feeling better about it all now after I had a talk with Dumbledore.”

“You’re okay though, right?”

“Never better, just a little confused. I’ll get back on track soon. It won’t take me long. Everyone says I have a way of bouncing back. I guess its time I prove them right.”

Ginny smiled. “That’s the Harry I remember. You were always trying so hard to help everyone. Just remember to take some time for yourself.”

“Actually, I was thinking of taking some time for us. Are you busy right now?”

“Not terribly so. I’m just doing some revision.”

Harry looked thoughtful. “How would you like to get out of school for a while?”

Ginny shook her head. “I can’t. McGonagall threatened to expel me if I disappeared again.”

Harry nodded. “Then how about we go and sit by the lake? It’s a very peaceful place to be and we’d be able to talk.”

Ginny began putting her things away. “Sounds like a great idea. Let’s go.”

Harry and Ginny made their way to the lake and sat down. Neither of them talked for a bit and instead chose just to enjoy each others company. When a thought came to Harry he turned to Ginny with a curious look on his face.

“I just realized we were planning on getting married soon.” Harry said.

“You’re just now realizing that?”

Harry shook his head. “No, I mean that the wedding is supposed to be soon. I have no idea how we’re going to handle all of it with everything else we’ve got to do.”

Ginny laughed. “You say that like we don’t have anyone to help us. Mum is helping me by finding a place for the wedding and the invites. Dobby, Tinky, and Winky are eagerly trying to find the right food for the wedding, and we’re trying desperately to find the right dress for me. The problems we’re having are with the things that you have to do.”

“And what is that exactly?”

“You need to get the rings, find yourself some proper wedding attire, and get yourself a best man and all that.”

Harry nodded. “I’ve done that already, except for the best man. That’s a hard role to pick someone for.”

Ginny laughed. “Just pick Remus. He makes the best choice anyway, and then you won’t have to worry about offending Ron or Kei.”

Harry looked thoughtful for a moment. “How did you know that was the problem?”

“What else could it be? Could you have been worried about anyone else’s feelings? Maybe Dumbledore, Snape, or Remus would get offended?”

Harry laughed. “You know me so well.” He said.

“Well, since you’ve got clothes and rings you have everything done. Maybe you can help Mum with the invitations if you have the time. A little help with the place I want could help as well.”

“How could I help with that?”

“Are you kidding?” Ginny asked. “You’re Harry Potter you know. All you have to do is go and ask for the place and they’d give you the building outright.”

Harry laughed. “I’ll see if I can help but it’s not as easy as you think it is.”

“Sure it isn’t.” Ginny said as she rolled her eyes. “And you aren’t the mythical hero Harry Potter either.”

“Everyone thinks it’s really easy for me. In reality, I just do what the really rich people are terrified of doing.”

Ginny arched her eyebrows. “And what is that exactly?”

Harry shrugged. “I treat people as nice human beings and explain to them how much I’d like something to happen. Then I offer them obscene amounts of money to make it possible.” Harry smiled at the end.

Ginny laughed. “Ah, so that explains it. Nice first, then polite, then you explain, then you offer the obscene amounts of money. I see. I thought you just asked and they listed a price. I didn’t know you just offered high to begin with.”

“Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want but do not deny that it works.” Harry said.

“I know. I’ve seen all the amazing things you manage to pull off. Very shocking most times if I do say so myself.”

Harry nodded. “It surprises me too most of the time. A lot of times most people will refuse the money and that’s when I get the most uncomfortable.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine Harry. Mum really could use your help because no one is taking her seriously when she says she’s planning a wedding for us.”

“Okay Gin, I’ll help her out today. As soon as you head back to the castle I’ll go.”

“Then we have a little time so let’s enjoy it.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”


“Good afternoon Rufus.” Albus said as he strode calmly into the office. “I trust you are well.”

“Very much so. I trust you are here for something important as you’ve never come to my office without something to say.”

“That is very true. I have just spoken with Harry a few hours ago and he told me of what happened last night.”

“I see. Have you come up with anything from what he said?” Rufus said with a very curious look on his face.

Albus sat gracefully across from Rufus. “Harry is perfectly fine though he finally came face to face with the knowledge that he is not immortal. His fear was paralyzing only because he’d never dealt with fear such as that before. I have no doubt he’ll be much better the next time he has a job to do.”

Rufus laughed. “I never would have thought of that. I often times forget that the boy must have acted as he did in the past because he was still so young. I can see his surprise about that as he’s been facing such things for so long.”

Albus smiled. “That is quite true. Few have faced death as many times as Harry and walked away from it and I only know of one who ever walked away from death as he has. We all knew that he was going to suffer some adverse effects from such a thing. I am only grateful that it is something that we have all suffered from at one point in time so that he could be easily helped.”

“I take it that you are helping him now.” Rufus said.

Dumbledore shook his head slightly. “The rest of this battle is up to him. He has to face his fears if he is to move forward with his life.”

“You expect me to allow him to work without being in perfect condition?”

“I do. Harry has never failed to overcome his fears before and I doubt he will now that he realizes them for what they are.”

Rufus ran a hand through his hair. “You are asking me to take a big risk here. Do you have anything that might make me feel better about this?”

“Yes; I am only asking you to do what you did once before. I only ask that you take another chance on a boy who seems the most unlikely auror.”

Rufus gave a half smile. “I see. I guess I have no choice when you put it that way.”

“I am glad you agree.”


Harry found himself trapped in a most enjoyable day. He’d gone to ask if he could help Mrs. Weasley and found himself captured by the twins to ‘test out their newest idea’. Harry was nervous for a moment till they got him out of the house and smiled.

“Right then, time for some male bonding.” George said.

“Does that mean we’re going fishing or something?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

Fred laughed. “No, it means we are going to just go out and have fun. We’ll grab the other men as well.”

“And why are we doing this?” Harry asked.

“Because once you are married you may never have the opportunity again.” George replied.

“I doubt Ginny would refuse me to ever see my friends again.”

“Have you ever seen Dad in the company of other people besides the order?” Fred asked.

Harry looked thoughtful. “Now that you mention it I can’t say I have.”

“Exactly, and that is why you should come out with us tonight. Who knows how many times you’ll have the chance after.” George said.

Harry raised his hands in defeat. “All right, you win. What are we doing today?”

“First we collect everyone and then we have a proper go at having fun since you actually have the time to do so.” Fred told him.


“Hello Ginny, how are you today?” Hermione asked as she sat beside Ginny.

“I’m okay but why are you here? It’s not normal for you to come and visit.”

“Fred and George have taken every man they come across out for a night of male bonding, saying it may be Harry’s last.” Hermione replied. “I figured I should come since it’s the first time in quite a while that I’m not working on the hospital or doing schoolwork.”

“Wait, Harry was supposed to be helping Mum get the place we were looking at. Why is he suddenly with Fred and George?” Ginny asked.

Hermione laughed. “I’d bet they got to him before he made it to your Mum. He could use a day of fun with all of them though. He’s had very few times where it was just Harry and a large group of men. They said they were going after Remus next unless, as they put it, Tonks didn’t let him out to play.”

“Oh god, they’re terrifying him.” Ginny said. “I bet you anything they’re telling him once he gets married he’ll never be able to spend time with any of them ever again.”

“Most likely, but Harry will know better.” Hermione said with a laugh. “However, you couldn’t blame him if he did believe it considering the few married couples he’s seen.”

“What do you mean?” Ginny asked.

“Your Mum and Dad are rarely without the other and the same is true for Remus and Tonks.” Hermione said.

“If he calls off the wedding because of those two I’ll kill them.” Ginny said.

“Relax, he won’t go that far. At most I figure it will just delay him getting to see your Mum for a day or two. After that everything should be fine.”

“He better not wait too long.” Ginny said.

“I’ve never seen Harry put off anything that was important. You just have to remember that he ends up having very few days where he can have fun because he believes he has to be strong and ready for anything all the time. It’s going to take a while for that to go away.”

“I know I just worry sometimes he takes things a little too seriously.”

“Of course he does. He has been like that as long as I can remember.” Hermione said. “But he has gotten a lot better about it all. He’s finally learned that he doesn’t have to take care of everything, and its only taken him almost eight years.”

Ginny laughed. “He never said he was a quick learner, only a quick healer.”

Hermione laughed with her. “Yes, but with the trouble he’s always a part of he has to be.”


“Why don’t we count as one of the guys?” Rena asked.

“Because we’re women.” Tonks answered. “Why would you think otherwise?”

“I know we’re women, but we’re not unpleasant to be around. I figured that good friends would just be considered ‘one of the guys’.”

Jen laughed. “You are insane. We’ll never be one of the guys. We’re friends, but they all have the common bond of testosterone. We can’t compete.”

“It’s just not fair that they all get to go out and do whatever they want while we get stuck with all the slow work.” Rena said.

“What slow work? We’re only here in case something happens. We’ve done less today than we ever have.” Jen said.

“Yeah, but we’re also supposed to be setting up that damned attack plan without Kei.” Rena replied.

“We were only asked to come up with a few entrances to attack from since there is an anti-apparition ward. We are the best ones to come up with that plan if you want to be honest about it. With your feet and my mind we seem custom made for this.” Jen said.

“Why can’t you ever just agree with me?” Rena said. “I just needed to blow off some steam because we don’t have anything to do.”

Tonks laughed. “You two are pitiful! When are you going to get lives away from the auror office?”

“We haven’t really had time since we’ve come back.” Jen said. “It’s hard to find someone who likes a woman who can handle her own also. You should know that Tonks.”

Tonks shook her head. “I have my clumsiness to keep me balanced out. It makes it easier when they think you’d be ten times tougher if you could just keep your balance.”

Rena laughed. “That’s your trick then. I wonder if people would buy it if I started tripping over my feet and getting my wand stuck in my robes.”

Jen laughed. “Other people might believe it but I wouldn’t do it around Harry and Kei. Those two would quickly bring up your normal movement and you know they would.”

“I’ve got to find a better group of friends.” Rena said.

“You mean friends that would help you lie?” Tonks asked.

“I mean the kind who wouldn’t know they were lies.” Rena laughed.

“That would mean strangers.” Jen said.

Rena nodded. “Best friends to have.”


Harry had been laughing at Fred and George, who still seemed to him to be completely incapable of being serious for a minute, when suddenly they stopped all of their jokes and held their glasses as high as they could.

“In honor of a great friend who is about to face his most difficult challenge.” Fred said.  

“One we fear may truly claim his life if he isn’t careful.” George said.

“I quite agree.” Fred said.

“Many may wonder why we fear for him so after all he’s done, but none know of the truth of the journey he is about to take.”

“So we mourn for him on this day. Dear Harry Potter, giving up on the many women who stalk him constantly in order to swear his life to only one.”

“A more saddening moment we may never know.”

“To Harry Potter, a man above any other.”

“May he find peace in the next life.”

Harry laughed when he heard this toast and even more when Remus and Ron lifted their glasses and lowered their heads as if in respect. “Oh come on, it’s not like you’ll never see me again!”

“But you’ll never be the same Harry.” Ron said. “You’ll never be able to just leave and hang out with us anymore. You’ll have to ask Ginny, and probably bring her everywhere with you. Never again will it be just us guys.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Are you forgetting it has never really been just us guys before tonight Ron? We used to have Hermione with us all the time.”

“Fear not young Harry, for you will not be alone in this suffering for long. Ron will not be far behind you if I know him.” George said.

“Me?” Ron said with a nervous look. “Why do you say that?”

Fred grinned. “We saw you go to the jeweler.”

“Bloody hell.” Ron said as he slapped his head.

“Congratulations Ron.” Harry said with a grin. “Perhaps we should mourn your loss as well.”

“Seriously though Harry, things are going to be different for you now.” Remus said. “Not as drastically as these three make it out but there will be changes. I just want you to know that you can’t get married and continue on acting as if you have no one waiting on you back at home.”

Harry smiled. “I know that Remus. I’m ready for it all. Dad and I had a long talk about all this when we were working on our way back.”

“And what did James have to say?”

“That Potter men have a rather odd disposition for picking redheads and that we have an odd way of managing to deal with their tempers.” Harry smiled.

Remus laughed. “That is true. He always could turn the tables and keep Lily from being angry. It amazed us that even when she hated him he could still calm her down if he went too far.”

“So you see, I’ve got it all worked out.” Harry said. “As long as I keep myself from letting work take over my life I should be able to handle it and if I don’t then Ginny will beat the lesson into me.”

“That she will mate.” Fred said.

“Most definitely.” George added.

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Chapter 17: Part 1 of Chapter 17
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Chapter 17
Facing Forward


Harry had been pacing for an hour. He’d heard everything that had been planned and none of it sounded right. He could walk through the holes in the plan. This didn’t set well with him at all. He especially didn’t like it when he heard it.




Two Hours Earlier


Harry looked around the table and saw what he wasn’t expecting. No one looked confident and well prepared. Instead he saw that everyone wore nervous looks and kept stealing glances at one another. This did nothing to settle his worries but managed to lower his self confidence as he thought they were worried he would have another breakdown.


“Look everyone, I’m sorry for what happened last time. I didn’t know it was going to be like and I promise you all that it won’t happen again.”


Kei nodded. “I understand Harry. We knew it wasn’t easy on you but we also know that you handled yourself well considering. Don’t worry about that.”


“Yeah, if we were worried about that we’d just ask Tonks to leave you out of it.” Rena said. “We’re worried about something bigger.”


Harry looked curious. “What is it?”


“The death eaters are trying to build an army.” Jen said. “We don’t have any more time to wait. If we take any longer things will get out of hand. We’ve got to do this soon.”


“What makes that so bad?” Harry asked.


“That we are all waiting to hear Kei’s brilliant plan and we hope it’s better than anything we’ve thought up.” Jen said.


“Then we’ve got nothing to worry about.” Harry said. “Spit it out Kei, the suspense is killing them.”


“You’re not going to like it Harry.” Kei said.


“Why not?”


“Because I can’t come up with anything good.” Kei said. “I have no information that could help. I have no idea how many people are there, where they are, or where most of them gather at. I wish we could send you to check it out but there are so many guards there we can’t get anyone close enough to find out without letting them know we’re looking.”


Harry bit the corner of his bottom lip as he thought. “What do you have for us Kei?”


“Four entry points so I figure four groups of ten ought to be able to do it, but we should have four more groups to back us up if necessary.”




“That’s it Harry.” Kei said.


“That’s it? No, there has to be more than that. We’ve had better plans with no information at all.”


“But we’ve always pulled out more information as we went along.” Kei said.


“So the basic part of the plan is to make it up as we go along?” Harry said.


“I’m sorry Harry.” Kei said. “I can’t think of anything else.”


“This is just bloody great!” Harry said and pounded his fists on the table. Then he sighed and took a deep breath. “Okay, so all we’ve got is that. Let’s make the plan a bit stronger then.”


“How?” Jen asked.


“The backup teams help us take out the guards then hold back and wait for the order to come in. We’ll go in apart from the other four teams to try and figure things out and hopefully come up with something of an idea before they do.”


“Okay, so that’s our great plan?” Rena asked.


“It’s the best we’ve got.” Harry said.


“We’re boned.” Jen said.


“Yup.” Rena said. “Hope we make it through this one.”


“We will.” Harry said. “That is not optional.”

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Chapter 18: Chapter 17 part 2
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The four guardians slowly made there way to cover. They were not happy about the situation they saw at all. There were easily a hundred death eaters gathered, and Harry knew this couldn't be the entire mass of an army. This did, however, give them an idea of what they were up against. Harry immediately nodded to Kei and they all apparated out to the other aurors.

"Well, that is simple enough to deal with." Rena said. "We could do this ourselves."

"And rush headlong into death screaming about how they can take our lives but not our freedom?" Harry asked.

"What?" Rena asked.

"Sorry, its a muggle thing." Harry told her.

"Unfortunately, we don't inspire people that easily Harry." Jen said with a laugh.

"So what are we doing Kei?" Harry said, returning to the point immediately.

Kei smiled slyly. "Harry, what do you bet that those death eaters are the ones who act as leuitenants?"

Harry was confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'm saying what if they are the ones who take the orders to the people who fill this soon to be army as a whole, or that they are going to be." Kei said.

"Could be. I don't know. That's neither here nor there. What are we going to do?" Harry said.

"Stun as many as we can." Kei said. "Use the suppression stunners, and I do mean all of them, before we attack in full force. If they're standing we take them down any way possible. If not then we sift through the bodies afterwards and find them and question them."

Harry nodded. "Simple, sweet, and very little room for error. How many do we have and how many do they take out?"

"We have eight and they take out about as many people." Kei said.

"That evens the odds out if they take out eight each." Harry said. "Well toss them just before the attack, Hopefully the surprise will let them go at their maximum."

Kei nodded. "Exactly. Also, lets increase the teams from ten to fifteen. We'll need more numbers than they'll have if what I think is right."

Harry nodded. "Lets get to it then."


Harry sat in the manor with the other three guardians and relaxed for a moment. The fight was easier than expected. The surprise attack managed to take half of the death eaters out and with that left the rest fighting at odds of one to one at least. Harry smiled as he realized that he didn't panic once through the entire, short, situation.

"Well guys, that was really easy." Harry said.

Kei shook his head. "That was just the beginning. It's going to get a lot worse soon. I can see that already. This fight has only just begun."

Harry nodded. "Then we'd better be ready to finish it like we did the last time."

"Of course we will. How else would we do things? I refuse to leave things half done."

"Me too." Harry said. "Let's get some rest. Tommorrow is going to be the start of a whole new war for us to guard against."

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Chapter 19: Chapter 18 (FINALLY!)
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Chapter 18 

Harry again sat across from Dumbledore after his newest mission, though this time a smile was on his face. Dumbledore understood immediately. “Am I to take it you had a successful mission last night?”

Harry nodded. “You were right. I didn’t panic last night. I didn’t even lose my calm. Thank you sir.”

Dumbledore smiled at him then. “You are most welcome Harry. I am most pleased to have been able to help.”

Harry nodded. “You’ve always been there for me sir. Even when you thought I was going dark when I first came back, you were trying to help me. I see that now even though I didn’t then. I just didn’t look at it from your side back then or I’d have explained it all to you back then. I admit I was a bit of a git about all of that. But you were there for me when it counted again as always. I appreciate it sir.”

Dumbledore smiled proudly. “Harry, you will always find me beside you in your times of need. Now, however, I will have to take a few steps to the side because I fear your future wife would not take well to me being the first one you talk to about your problems. But I assure you, if ever you need council, I will never be too busy to lend you an ear.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you sir.” Then his smile faded. “Oh no, she’s going to kill me!”

Dumbledore’s face changed to one of shock. “Who and why?”

“Ginny, because I’d forgotten that I needed to help Mrs. Weasley book the place for our wedding until just now.” Harry’s eyes were wide.

Dumbledore began to laugh then. “Then go, Harry. I assume you don’t have work to do today. Your life calls to you and now you must answer to your responsibilities to your family.”

Harry smiled for a moment. “Finally, a responsibility I don’t feel burdened by. Goodbye headmaster.”

“Goodbye Harry.” Dumbledore said as Harry apparated. Then he shook his head. “That boy will never change. He will always be moving to the next thing in a such a hurry.”


Harry knocked on the door and when Mrs. Weasley answered she smiled. “Hello Harry dear. How are you?”

Harry smiled. “I’m a bit nervous. I promised Ginny I’d help you a few days ago, and then Fred and George decided I needed a day out, and then I had work, and I forgot until this very minute. I’m sorry Mrs. Weasley.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “It’s okay Harry. While you did need to get her quickly, it is fine that you’ve not been till today. Ginny will understand you work, and if Fred and George were involved and she knows, she’ll be amazed it only took this long till you got here.”

Harry laughed. “I guess you’re right.” He said. “Ginny said you were having trouble getting the place she wanted the wedding to be. She figured I’d be a good help there. She was also talking about my part in things. I’ve gotten rings, I think I’ve got good clothes, and I’m going to ask Remus to be my best man.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “How long did it take you to pick Remus dear?”

Harry laughed. “Till Ginny said to just pick him so I didn’t hurt Kei or Ron.”

Mrs. Weasley laughed. “She knows you well, she does.”

Harry nodded. “That she does. But I figured I’d ask your opinion on the things I’ve done after we book this place Ginny wants, if that’s okay with you.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded. “Its fine dear, but shouldn’t that job go to Eileen or Tonks?”

Harry’s eyes widened. “I don’t know. Should it?”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “You have no idea how special it would be to them for you to ask their opinions. You have to start remembering that the Weasleys are not the only ones to care about you, or about this wedding. There seems to be lines forming to help you in any matter you seem to have. Please remember that Harry.”

Harry nodded. “I understand Mrs. Weasley. I just still don’t know exactly how all of it works. I get confused by it all. I wasn’t trying to keep this just among the Weasleys, its just aside from Sirius, you were the only ones who I always felt had time for me. Everyone else has work, and responsibilities that seem like I’d bother them if I interrupted. But you always just smile and hug me and tell me to come in like its no bother.”

“That’s because it isn’t a bother Harry, but a happy part of my day when I see you. You have to know by now that they all feel the same way though Harry.”

“Yeah, but its hard to escape all those feelings I had when I was a child. I’ve improved greatly since then, but I’m still getting used to all my new family.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “It will take time, but you will have to take that time Harry. You don’t have call to ignore it and let it wait anymore. Don’t miss your chances anymore.”

Harry nodded. “You’re right. I’ll talk with them later. Now I need to work on making Ginny happy though. So where are we heading to?”

Mrs. Weasley shook her head quickly. “Oh dear you’re right. Come Harry, I’ll make a portkey and we’ll get this settled. This will teach them to laugh saying I’m preparing your wedding it will.”

Harry smiled at her words and followed her.


“Hello Eileen. How are you today?”

“Harry! What a pleasant surprise. I’m doing well thank you. How about yourself?”

Harry smiled. “I’m feeling wonderful. I’m back to normal and I’m getting married soon. I was wondering if you were terribly busy or if you had some time?”

Eileen set down her quill. “I’ve got all the time in the world for you, Harry. What do you need?”

“Please meet me at the manor in a few minutes. I need to pick up someone and then I’ll meet you there. I need your help.”

Eileen nodded. “I’ll get this all put away and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you.” Harry said before apparating to the aurors office. He then walked into Tonks’ office. “Hello boss.”

Tonks looked up and smiled. “You don’t have a job today and I didn’t call you. So this is your first social visit to my office. How are you today?”

“I’m great, but I need your help and it’s important. Do you have time?”

“Of course I do.”

Harry nodded and grabbed her hand and they apparated to the manor. “Sorry, I know you can apparate, just wanted to get her quickly and quietly.”

“What’s going on?” Tonks asked.

“If certain people knew what was going on I’d never be able to get away from them.” Harry said seriously. “Excuse me for one second. I have one more person coming but I need to ask Remus something quickly.”

Harry walked to the kitchens and asked Tinky of Remus’ whereabouts before going to the man’s study. He smiled as he saw Remus pouring over all the information in front of him. “Planning an attack on someone?”

Remus looked up and smiled. “No, looking into becoming a bounty hunter. Jose says I have a knack for it. I figure it’s something to keep me busy during the day. It does get kind of boring with nothing to do.”

Harry nodded. “I understand that. Just be careful Remus. May I ask you a question?”

“Of course Harry.” Remus said.

Harry smiled “Would you be the best man at my wedding?”

Remus looked shocked. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather ask someone else?”

Harry shook his head. “With anyone else someone gets hurt, and I can’t choose between Ron and Kei. They both stand equal in my mind. But you stand out. Will you?”

Remus smiled. “I’d be honored.”

Harry tossed Remus his mirror. “Good, your first job as best man is to call Kei and Ron and ask them to get here as fast as possible. We’ve all four got work to do for this wedding. If they say anything tell them they have no one to blame but Kei, because he’s the one who always says we must have a strong, united front.”

Remus laughed. “I’ll get on it now.”

“Thank you Remus. I have to go consult a couple women on a few things and then I’ll be back.”

Harry went back downstairs and to the living room to see who he was trying to avoid as well as those he asked to come. “Who told them?”

“I had to Harry.” Tonks said. “When I saw Eileen was the other person you invited I knew you wanted a woman’s opinion and these are two very much women.”

“Great.” Harry said. “I didn’t invite them because they crush my confidence when dealing with anything involving a relationship.”

Rena shook her head as she stood up. “Not anymore we won’t Harry. With dates before we worried about you getting nervous. This is marriage. If you get nervous you might not do it, and that would hurt you and Ginny. We aren’t cruel.”

Harry nodded. “Okay then. You can stay.”

Rena smiled. “Good, but since you didn’t ask Ginny we decided there was still one more person. She’ll be along in a second.”

Harry shook his head. “I wanted this to be a small dealing. Now it seems that will never happen.”

Tonks laughed. “Harry, Eileen and I talked when I helped you with the ring. We both agreed from that moment forward that we didn’t want to miss anything else. So if you invite one, we’ll invite everyone. Just so they all have the chance to be involved.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “You aren’t taking anyone from something they really need to do are you?”

Tonks shook her head. “We’re all unattached to anything specific right now.”

“Tonks, I’m here.” Hermione said from the main hall. “Dining or living room?”

“Living room Hermione.” Harry said. He smiled at her when she came in. “Looks like I had a meeting with all the men, and now all the women.”

Tonks laughed. “You need a woman’s mind, and now you have five. So what do you need?”

“I need all of your opinions on a few things. If you’d all follow me.”

They all followed Harry as he walked up to his room and he pulled a few things from his closet before turning to them. “I need your opinion on the clothes and the rings.”

Rena smiled. “And why didn’t you think to ask immediately before doing these things? You know you’ve already gotten them wrong.”

Harry looked down. “I’m still working on asking for help when it’s not related to work.”

Eileen looked at him sadly then. “I didn’t do a good a job as you needed did I? They really did destroy you in that way.”

Harry nodded. “I’m getting better. I just need to keep remembering I can ask for help.”

“Now I’m really confused. What are we talking about?” Rena asked.

“Harry’s muggle family.” Hermione said. “They forced him to have no one to turn to till he was eleven. He never really did turn to people much after that unless it was related to stopping Voldemort.”

Rena nodded slowly as she turned to Harry. “You’ve got a good family now though Harry. We want to help you any way we can.” Then she smiled at him. “Unless I could break a nail or ruin my clothes that is.”

Harry laughed. “I know. I just haven’t managed to break the old habits just yet.”

“Work harder at it.” Jen said. “You just need more practice. Now show us what you got so we can see how much help you need if any.”

“Okay, well these are the clothes I picked out.” Harry said as he showed them his new dress robes.

“Um, Harry, those aren’t proper wedding clothes.” Eileen told him.

“Why not?”

“They’re too… informal.” Tonks said.

“Not to mention whether they match the wedding theme or not.” Rena said.

“Wedding theme?” Harry was even more confused now. “Is this like a dance or something?”

Hermione laughed. “Not that kind of theme Harry. They’re referring to wedding colors and such.”

“I don’t know about that at all.” Harry said. “I haven’t been able to help Ginny or Mrs. Weasley much because of everything I’ve had to catch up on.”

Rena laughed, Jen sighed, Tonks and Eileen shared a look and Hermione just shook her head. “Okay, after we finish here, we’ll go talk to Mrs. Weasley, and then we’ll have to get your groomsmen together and get all your wedding clothes at once.” Hermione said.

“Okay.” Harry said before opening the box holding both the wedding rings. “How are these?”

Rena smiled. “Ginny is still planning on becoming an auror right?”

“Yes.” Harry said questioningly.

“And who would she be able to hit without breaking her finger wearing that?” Rena asked.

Harry’s head fell. “The adverts on telly say diamonds are what you get for marriage.”

Hermione started laughing again. “True, but that is nearly an entire mines worth of diamonds rolled into one. Also, you have to remember Ginny, her career, and the size of her hand.”

“It’s not a horrid ring Harry.” Tonks said. “You just need to scale it back quite a bit.”

Harry nodded. “Will you all help me?”

Eileen beamed at him. “I’ll make sure you have one of the best rings there is for her Harry.”

“Me too.” Tonks said.

“So will we.” Rena said as she put her arms around Hermione and Jen.

Harry smiled. “Thank you. I owe you all a lot.”

“We’re always here for you Harry.” Eileen said. “We’re just happy you asked us to help.”


The ladies were now torturing most of the men as three of them saw it. Custom made robes were not normally a problem, but all the necessary things they kept saying were needed took forever to arrange. Not even Remus was looking comfortable with everything happening.

“Remind me to never offer to be in your wedding again Harry.” Ron said.

“Do you think there will be another one for me Ron?” Harry raised his eyebrow curiously.

“I hope not, but if there is I’m not going to be in it.”

Harry laughed. “I guess it will just have to be the one time then. I believe I can be happy with that.”

Kei laughed as well. “I do hope so. If not I think you may have to rethink the wedding altogether.”

Harry nodded. “I’m sure. I don’t have any urge to get married again.” He said. “And even if I did, this process would beat it out of me easier than Ginny ever could.”

Remus laughed then. “So, just the preparations are enough to make you say you only need one wedding. I’m sure Ginny would find that inspirational.”

“Too bad I’ll never say it in such a way to her then.” Harry said with a smile.

“A wiser decision I’ve never heard.” Remus said.

“More wisdom in that answer than I can ever hope to have again.” Harry said with a laugh.

“Hey, after all this we should have another male bonding experience, just to get all this out of our heads.” Ron said. “Otherwise I see nothing but nightmares coming out of this with us.”

Harry smiled. “Maybe we can talk to Fred and George again. I think I could use more of their condolences after this myself.”

Kei laughed. “It would be entertaining.”

Remus just shook his head. “Trying to have as much time as you can with just the men before marriage might make Ginny worry you think they’re right.”

Harry shook his head. “No, I just enjoy everyone’s company. Fred and George are great to have around because you can never be truly serious around them.”

Remus smiled. “They remind me a lot of Sirius and James.”

Harry nodded. “That’s even more reason I like to have those two around now. I’ve seen them and I know that myself. They always wanted to laugh all day. Most times that’s all we did.”

Remus smiled sadly. “I’m sorry I brought them up Harry. I didn’t mean to upset you if I did.”

Harry smiled. “No, you didn’t. I’m happier when I think of them now. Sirius and Dad were always making jokes. Some days Mum and I would just sit and watch it all and laugh till we couldn’t anymore. Other days I’d even join in with them. It was a great time with them.”

Remus smiled “I’m glad you had such a good time with them.”

“Me too.” Harry said. “I forgot. They said you won Remus.”

“Won what?”

“Their competition. You won because you’re still here.” Harry said. “I never knew what the competition or stakes were, but I know they said you won it.”

Remus was quiet a moment and then began laughing. “They were always competing to figure out who the better marauder was. If I won then I can’t get the prize anyway.”

“What was the prize?” Harry asked.

Remus smiled. “The winner got the opportunity to have the others be his servants for a month.”

Harry laughed. “Well, you could. Just wouldn’t really help you at all.”

Remus laughed as well. “I would never accept the victory of that. I don’t think I’d survive them helping me by always doing something to make themselves laugh.”

Harry laughed then. “You could always say they were still ahead because they got the Order of Merlin first.”

“I could always say you won because you have two.” Remus said.

Harry shook his head. “One doesn’t count. I’d just say you won as the first ex werewolf to get one.”

Remus sighed. “Yeah, that would make me win. Being the first to get something you normally can’t would always beat getting more than one.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “Exactly. So pin it on one of them, or take it yourself. I don’t need that much trouble. I’ve got enough as it is.”


Harry walked up to Ginny at the Gryffindor table and sat beside her heavily with a sigh. “Today was a long day.”

“What happened?” Ginny asked.

“I got new wedding clothes because everything, even the color, was wrong. I also had to get new rings.”

Ginny smiled. “Who said everything was wrong?”

“Eileen, Tonks, Hermione, Jen, and Rena.” Harry said with a nod. “Also got clothes for the groomsmen now too.”

“That’s great. Did you talk to Mum?”

Harry nodded. “We managed the place you wanted. All the house elves are eager for you to come by to sample their food to decide which you’d like best at the wedding. Tinky and Bin have a large picture of the wedding cake they’d like you to look at as well.”

“Did you bring it?” Ginny asked.

“I would have except I have no way to show it to you. The picture is life sized and bigger than I am.” Harry said with a laugh. “They are very excited about it.”

Ginny laughed. “I imagine so. Did Mum see it?”

Harry shook his head. “No, she didn’t come to the manor today. She said she’d see it with you.”

“Oh, well at least it won’t be much longer till I’m out of school and then I can see to everything I need to handle.” Ginny said.

Harry smiled. “Actually, Your Mum sent a note to Dumbledore for you. You can stay at the burrow this weekend. She says there are a few things that you have to do immediately. Seeing to the dress is one of them.”

“I see. And what will you be doing this weekend?” Ginny asked.

“I was told unless you came to the manor I was not to get around you. Bad luck to see you in your dress and all.” Harry said with a slight smile. “I’ve been threatened by a number of people to make sure I don’t.”

Ginny laughed. “I guess I’ll have to come by as often as possible then.”

Harry smiled. “I’ll try to be there Gin, but I can’t guarantee it. We’re working to deal with the next part of the attack on the death eaters. Tonks is trying to get some information out of the ones we caught a few days ago. She wants me to do it because of how serious the situation is.”

Ginny smiled at Harry. “I’ll understand if you can’t be there when I drop by. Just promise me if you have a mission you’ll come to let me know you’re okay when it’s all over. If you do that I’ll be fine with not being able to see you. If not I’ll have to use my bat bogey hex.”

“Strong threat that.” Harry said with a slow nod. “I’ll make sure you always know I’m okay.”



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Chapter 20: Chapter 19
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Chapter 19

Kei, Harry, Jen, Rena, Remus, Tonks, and Kingsley were all sitting in the situation room of auror headquarters. They’d been in a deep discussion about the information gotten during the last mission. None of them seemed to agree completely about any of it.

“So why can’t we just clear them all out quick and easy?” Rena asked.

“Because we don’t know if that will be all of them or not. We need more information after this to make a new plan.” Tonks said.

“So get them quick and easy for a while then start trying to catch them alive.” Rena said. “Do we have to catch them all?”

“We also don’t know which ones are important to keep alive and which have no information.” Harry said. “If we kill the wrong ones we’ll be in a serious situation.”

“Okay, so we have to try taking them all alive. How about the stunning suppressors? They work great.” Rena said.

“Until they get used to them then they shield themselves.” Jen said. “We need more than that.”

“How many people will we have?” Kei asked.

“Twenty to thirty aurors, and a couple of bounty hunters.” Tonks said.

Harry nodded slowly. “And we’ll be facing at least three to one odds.”

“We’re going to need a diversion that takes out half of them at least.” Kei said.

“Okay, so I need to talk to the twins and see if they have anything right for a job as reckless as all that.” Harry said.

“I don’t want you going in alone Harry.” Tonks said. “There are too many in there for you.”

Harry shook his head. “I won’t go in alone, but I’m always the diversion.”

“But we also need you to be careful.” Kei said. “You are one of our strongest fighters. We need you in good shape.”

Harry nodded. “I know. That’s why I want to talk to the twins. They may have something that can handle everything we need and keep us completely safe at the same time.”

“I doubt anything could keep you completely safe.” Rena said with a smile. “If you even think you are you’ll do something insane, like fall eight floors onto a werewolf.”

Harry sighed and shook his head. “One time. One time I try skydiving without a parachute and you never let me live it down.”

Rena smiled. “Of course not, if I did it would be too easy for you.”

“Great.” Harry said with a smile before turning to Kei. “Have you figured out any bit of planning yet or do you need more information?”

Kei looked uncomfortable. “If I knew what you were going to use from the twins I could figure it out easily. You figure that out and then I’ll plan something brilliant.”

Harry looked thoughtful. “What about those stunning suppressors and midnight madness together? That could do exactly what we need.”

“Problem is that you’re the only one who can see through it still. The twins never found a way for anyone else to use it. So we’d have to wait till it cleared and then we’d have to rush in quick.” Kei said.

“Would that be a problem? You are all rather fast.” Harry said.

“We are, but it would mean you’d be going in by yourself.” Kei said.

“But with the midnight madness I’d be the safest person involved in this plan till it clears. Jen can just listen in to my thoughts and get you all moving as soon as it starts to clear.”

Kei nodded slowly and stared into the distance for a moment. “If we’re to do that we’ll have to be quick. We can’t let them get a warning by the ones we arrested not showing up. We’d have to move tonight.”

“What do you think Tonks?” Harry said as he turned to her.

Tonks sighed. “It’s a great plan even though it goes against the first order I gave you. Going alone with that plan might actually be safer for you than anything else. You’ve got a go from me.”

“Me too.” Kingsley said.

“Can you really do this Harry?” Remus said cautiously. “Last time you went alone into a situation you got a little rattled.”

Harry nodded. “I finally had to face my own mortality. Not an easy thing when you’ve never dealt with that before. I’ll be fine because I know you will all be ready to help me as soon as the powder clears.”

“I’ll be there as quick as I can appear.” Rena said.

“Same here.” Jen said.

“I will be there before them.” Kei told him with a nod. “I’ll just go when I feel the timing is perfect.”

Harry nodded. “Good, then I know I’ll have four people with me immediately then.”

Remus shook his head. “You are never going to do something the safe way are you?”

Harry just smiled. “I wouldn’t be me if I did. If I did that I’d be no better than that day I hid from the death eaters. That’s not me, and I won’t let myself be that way anymore. I’ll just be who I am, and those who like it or love it, that’s great, but those who don’t can jump off a pier.”

Remus laughed. “You really have spent quite some time with Lily and James.”

Harry nodded. “A few years it seemed, when I was there. Time is always different there. A minute here could be days, even months. Time moves as fast or as slow as we chose. I believe it must have been a ghost who learned that time flies when you’re having fun.”

Remus smiled. “Good, then hopefully they taught you how to be even more careful than you were.”

Harry laughed. “No, but they taught me to enjoy a good joke, a happy life, and all the people around me.”

“Good, then as long as you remember that you’ll be safe so you can get back to it all.” Remus said.

“That can be said without a doubt.” Harry nodded.


“So, did Harry do everything you wanted yet?” Hermione asked.

Ginny nodded. “He handled everything the day you guys helped him with what he needed. I still don’t see how a ring can be wrong though.”

Eileen laughed. “Your hand was smaller than the diamond.”

Ginny’s eyes widened. “How is it possible that Harry would think I wanted something like that?”

Hermione was fighting a smile. “He was listening to adverts on telly. They always talk a lot of rubbish about how the bigger the diamond the more the guy loves the woman. If that is true no one has ever loved a woman as much as Harry loves you from the size of that first ring.”

Eileen laughed. “Or ever will.”

Molly laughed with them. “Poor boy is so lost as to what he should do, I feel bad for him.”

Eileen shook her head. “Don’t bother, he has more help than he could ever ask for.”

“More than he did ask for as well.” Hermione said. “He only asked for two of us and got five.”

“What caused all that?” Ginny asked.

Molly smiled slightly. “I may have reminded him to look to the rest of his family.”

Eileen laughed. “I thank you for that then.” She shook her head and her laughter stopped. “I tried so hard and still didn’t manage to do what I meant to.”

Molly waved that thought away. “Nonsense! Look how far he has come in the past few years. He just needs to stop feeling like he’d be a bother to people. Once he breaks free of that I’m sure he’ll be just fine.”

“I’m working on that already.” Ginny said. “He knows he’s never a bother to me, as much as he knows the first time he thinks he is he’ll face a bat bogey hex like I’ve never given.”

Hermione laughed. “That’s the Ginny I know so well. If at first you don’t succeed, hex till they learn the lesson.”

“Bloody well right.” Ginny said with a laugh.

“And where are the rest of your bridesmaids?” Eileen asked. “You might need to start hexing.”

Ginny shook her head. “They’re working right now. No hexes unless Harry gets hurt.”

Hermione smiled. “Now that is how you protect a husband. I might need to do that when Ron gets a partner after auror training.”

Eileen laughed. “No, let Ginny do that for you as well, then threaten to make sure its incurable until they agree to keep Ron safe after that.”

Ginny laughed. “I’m not even pregnant and already I’ll be cursing for two.”

This caused them all to laugh.


Harry sat in front of the three most important gravestones to him. He did this more often than before he died and he knew why. He felt he was closer to them all when he was there, in front of those graves, than he was anywhere else. He also felt this was the one place he could admit how much he missed them, even though it was only to himself.

He also knew days had passed when he still wished he were there with those three most wonderful people again, despite how much his life had improved. Some days he just longed to see his Dad and Sirius making jokes about the whole house while he and his Mum laughed about it all. He refused to rush to them, or let the pain of them not being there with him show to anyone else, but it was still there. He just couldn’t stand the pain of hurting them all if they knew how he felt on those days, especially Ginny.

“That bloody heart said you lot were on your way, so I wish I knew what was taking you all so long. You’re too strong not to be able to do it all right away Mum, and I know you two aren’t going to give up and let me be the only one who manages it, are you Dad, Sirius?” He said with a sad smile.

“I know I’m not being fair to you all, asking you to give up the afterlife for me. It’s just that you all promised we’d come back together. You haven’t lied to me before, and I know you won’t start. I know you are all coming, I just wish you’d all hurry it up a bit. If you don’t you’ll all miss my wedding, and I won’t be doing it again just for you lot.

“Sirius, Dad, I think Remus could use you two here as well. He seems different since I came back. He seems to hope you two are just around the corner as well. You too Mum, I’m sure of it. Eileen seems to miss you as well.

“I also know I shouldn’t be selfish and ask only after myself. If you lot happen to stumble upon my friends parents on the way could you lead them to the founders so they could come back too? I think it would help them all a lot. No one knows their pain like I do, so I know they’d all appreciate it as well. I do hope you three can hear me.

“I have to go now though. I’ve got another job, and as always I’m the distraction. I can’t wait for you all to get back so I can hear how it was for all of you, because I’m willing to bet you lot had an easy time without me around to worry over. I’ll see you lot soon. I love you all. Bye.”


“Are you ready Harry?” Kei asked.

“As I’ll ever be.” Harry nodded with a slight smile. “Are all of you ready? I can’t save you from Ginny if I get hurt.”

“No nails are getting broken on my part.” Rena smiled.

“We’re all ready Harry. You more than us though.” Jen said with a knowing look. “Good way to inspire yourself.”

Harry nodded again. “Just keep thinking happy thoughts. It helps me with everything now. Think about that kind of stuff before I do a job. It gives me a reminder of why I have to fight harder than the day before.”

“Then go fight.” Rena said. “We’re right behind you.”

Harry nodded and apparated before immediately tossing the midnight madness out, followed by five stunning suppressors. As he did that he changed his glasses to allow him to see through the blackness, and knew he was in trouble. They might not have been able to see him but they were all alert and shielded. Harry threw the rest of the stunning suppressors and hoped they would hit someone but he knew they wouldn’t.

This is going to be a tough one, they were prepared for this already. Harry thought, knowing that Jen would hear it and pass on the message. More than we thought as well. Tell Kei to plan something great in the next minute or two and catch me up as soon as possible.

Harry began to take in as much as possible, hoping Jen would keep reading my thoughts and giving the information to Kei. The only thing he really knew for sure about the entire situation was that it wasn’t going to be easy to deal with all those death eaters with only the few aurors they had with them.

Harry sighed to himself before he began to hear a lot all at once. Harry, stay up top and Rena will join you with six aurors once the powder starts to vanish. You guys just shoot as many spells down at them as possible. Start using the giant stunning curse now though. Try to help our odds as much as possible. When Rena shows up all of you are going to try to get the death eaters as close together as possible so they’re easier to hit for everyone else, who’ll be on the lower section. That will also give them a harder time sending spells out. That’s Kei’s plan, now get to work on it. He heard from Jen and just grinned.

Harry began using the giant stunning curse, his most powerful spell that wasn’t dark magic save Slytherin’s parseltongue stunning curse, as fast as he could cast it. He kept moving around the top level so that they didn’t get used to the sounds coming from one place and figure out where he was. He had been at this a few minutes before he nodded to himself. It’s about time for you lot to show up and help save the day. The midnight madness is lifting.

Harry saw people appear at places surrounding the death eaters on the top level with him. He looked to his left and saw Rena with a serious look aimed down and knew she couldn’t see yet. He moved over to her while still stunning the death eaters and whispered as he came up next to her. “So, come here often?”

Rena smiled and suppressed a laugh. “All the time, of course. A really cool guy I know always takes me to the most interesting places.” She whispered back.

“Good to know. Get ready, it will happen in five, four, three, two, now.”

As soon as Harry said now the fighting exploded and Harry immediately saw a problem. As soon as the midnight madness lifted there were more than just the twenty or so cracks of apparition, many more. Harry realized that they were already too late to surprise them and that this was a trap.

He was shocked as he realized that there were now twice as many death eaters as there were before. Harry also figured out what his biggest mistake had been. He allowed himself to think to highly of himself, and gave them a huge warning by trying to be a distraction. Harry silently cursed himself for not preparing for this properly and thought so Jen could hear as he continued to send spells as quickly as he could. We’re in big trouble. We might have to retreat.

Kei said no. If we do then they will only get stronger. We have to stop them now. Even if this doesn’t stop them completely it will have to put a very big dent in their numbers. It could even lead to their new leader. Jen thought back to him a few minutes later.

Harry began his normal style of fighting, quick and precise, while trading comments with Rena. He slowly started to smile as he remembered the first time he did this. “Hey Rena, I just remembered why they made a big mistake setting this trap.” He said as he sent ten spells at the mass of death eaters.

“Really?” Rena said as she sent three of her own spells. “I wondered why it seemed so easy. How was this not a mistake on our part?”

Harry smiled and sent a few more spells. “Simple. Don’t you remember the acromantula nest?”

Rena nodded. “I don’t see what that has to do with anything.”

Harry laughed then. “If we can beat thousands, then a few hundred should be nothing with all this help.”

Rena laughed. “I agree, but none of them down there are Ron, Hermione, or Ginny.”

Harry nodded slightly as he sent a few more spells. “True, but that means we don’t have a know-it-all or a screaming lunatic also.”

Rena nodded and turned to him as if he just made perfect sense. “You make a very good point Har-”

“Rena, look out!” Harry said before casting a banishing charm and sending her flying back as the floor they stood on collapsed.

Harry jumped and did a forward flip in the air and landed as Kei had taught him to. I can’t believe that worked and I survived. Harry then realized he might not manage survival much longer if he didn’t work fast. He began stunning and kicking any enemy around him as quickly as possible.

Soon he felt overwhelmed and realized why. As the death eaters saw him in their midst they all began trying to kill him. Harry understood in an instant. If someone claimed to kill Harry Potter than no one could challenge him to be their leader, as he would have done what Voldemort hadn’t. He pushed that thought aside and began to dodge and fight as quickly as he could, letting his instincts take over more than anything.

Then he heard it. Harry look- but Harry already knew it was too late as darkness surrounded him and the words cut off so abruptly. I screwed up again Gin. I’m so sorry.


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Chapter 21: The End or a New Beginning?
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Chapter 20

The End or a New Beginning

Suddenly Harry saw a light at what seemed the end of a tunnel. The light began to get larger and he felt nervous. This isn’t like before. Where is everyone waiting on me? Are they still after the hearts? I hope not. How did this happen? Then Harry began to hear more noise than he remembered from the last time he died.

“Hey kid, what are you waiting on? An invitation? We have some work to do you know.” Sirius said.

“What are we doing this time?” Harry asked, still not understanding what was happening.

James laughed a little farther away. “We don’t know. We just got here. I think stopping all these death eaters is the plan though. Don’t you think you should do your job?”

Harry was completely lost. “But, I died. I can’t go back and fight them now.”

Sirius laughed. “Died? Again? I thought you were alive and well. You should thank your Dad for that stone encasing spell and then get to work.”

Harry shook his head. “I’m not dead?”

“You will be if you don’t start working. We can’t do everything for you.” Sirius said with a smile. “You’ll lose all of that reputation you worked so hard for if we beat you now.”

Harry then realized exactly what happened as he finally let his mind absorb everything. He was trapped in stone. The light and the tunnel were just the spell melting away to release Harry, partially. He was still mostly encased in stone. It was then he smiled at Sirius. “You might want to move over by the aurors.” Then he raised his voice a bit. “Thanks Dad! Glad for your help.” After this he aimed both wands in his hands to away from him as Sirius moved to stand by James. “Reducto!”

Bits of stone exploded around Harry and when the dust cleared Harry moved his neck back and forth a bit then noticed his Mum and smiled. “Good to see you again too. So, back to work?”

Sirius and James walked up next to him as Lily moved to be closer as well. “We’ll take the hundred on the left, you and your Mum take the hundred on the right. Remus and the rest can surely handle the dozen or so in the middle.” James said before he and Sirius apparated to the left of the crowd of death eaters and Harry started sending spells to protect him and his Mum.

“They do have a flair for drama.” Harry said to his Mum. “I bet they waited for that exact moment to announce your arrival.”

Lily laughed as she sent a few spells of her own. “No, it just took us a while. We’ll talk later dear, we should move to the right so the aurors have a clear shot.”

Harry nodded and grabbed her arm and immediately apparated after she sent one last spell. They were opposite Sirius and James and Harry smiled as he saw the death eaters were shocked the two disappeared without a sound. “I love doing that. I have to thank the minister for that again.”

Lily smiled. “It is an amazing trick.” Then her faced hardened. “Let’s get to work now, Harry dear. I hate that these fools are ruining what should be a lovely reunion.”

Harry nodded and his face became serious as well. “You make a very good point. Its time for me to show you what I can do with all my magic in place. Time to get to work.”

Harry got to work immediately stunning as many death eaters as possible before thinking for Jen to hear. How is Rena? Where is she? Harry became nervous without an immediate answer and his spells grew stronger. The giant stunning spells flew from his wand with so much force that the death eaters were flying across the room and smashing into walls and beams. Each second that passed his spells grew stronger. Rena is pissed. She said you saved her life at the cost of two nails. She says you will be cursed as soon as she finishes with the death eaters. Jen thought to him after what he felt was an eternity.

With that known Harry’s tension eased to a normal amount for the situation. His spells flew faster but without the same force, and he would often push his Mum at times he felt that she needed to be somewhere else. Each time he did she just missed being hit with a spell. When it was finally over and Harry was standing by James and Sirius with Lily, she couldn’t figure out how he had done that.

“Normally I would be upset that you are the type of man to push his Mum around.” Lily said with a slight smile. “But seeing as every time you pushed me you saved my life I can’t. I’ll say thank you instead.”

“You’re welcome.” Harry said with a smile. “I figured I owed you for all the spells you sent as I was running out of the temple. I knew Dad and Sirius were waiting to see if something funny happened before I got to the doors, just waiting to laugh. At least my partner saved me.” He added with a laugh, and Lily joined.

“I’ll have you know I sent my fair share of spells.” James said with a huff. “If not for me you’d have died just as you reached the doors.”

“And without mine you’d have died a few seconds before.” Sirius said with a nod and smile as he clapped Harry on the back.

Remus was walking up to Harry as this scene took place. “Harry, who are you… talking……too?” He stopped and stood stunned as he stared at the three Harry was speaking with, which caused his friends and Harry to laugh and Lily to walk to him and pat his shoulder gently.

“He’s talking to his parents and his godfather Remus.” Lily said with a small smile. “Though after all you’ve done for him, I feel you and Sirius should have shared that role. Thank you for taking such good care of him Remus.”

Remus was still shocked. “But, but, but, you’re, you’re”

James laughed and clapped Remus on the back. “Alive and kicking after a little work. We can explain at home.”

“Harry! You broke my nails!” Rena yelled as she stormed over to Harry with her wand drawn. Sirius, James, and Lily were on guard immediately but Harry waved it off.

“I know Rena, but it was an accident. I thought you would stop well short of breaking a nail or ruining your clothes. I couldn’t do anything else to save you.” Harry said calmly.

Rena crossed her arms and huffed. “You will pay for the most expensive manicure there is, because that’s what I had done before you ruined my beautiful nails. Is that clear?”

“Of course Rena, but please take Ginny with you if she wants to go.” Harry said. “I wouldn’t want her to think I was pampering you and not her, now would I?”

Rena laughed at that. “You’re forgiven then.” Then she hugged him. “Thanks for saving me Harry. I owe you one.”

Harry waved the thought away. “You’ve saved me before, just returning the favor. Find Kei and Jen for me, will you? I want you all to meet some people.”

Rena nodded and left as Harry turned to Remus and smiled at him. “They did take their sweet time coming back didn’t they?”

Remus was still shocked to see the three in front of them and nodded. “It’s been years since I’ve seen them.”

Harry nodded. “I know Remus, but they’re here now. Shouldn’t you stop acting like you don’t know how to speak.”

Remus shook his head as if to clear it. “It’s just such a shock. I know you said they were coming, but I really never thought they could do it. I had given up even hoping about it after a while.”

Harry smiled. “They never lied to me Remus.” He said as he put his hand on his shoulder. “Just like you.” Then he looked around. “You’d better start claiming your bounties or else the aurors will take everyone.”

Remus nodded before looking at his friends. “Will you be with Harry later?”

“Where else would we be Remus?” James asked. “We’ve missed enough time with him.”

Remus smiled. “Yes you have. I’ll see you at his home later then.”

James nodded. “Only if we don’t see you first.”

Sirius smiled. “If that happens I hope you’re ready. We’ve missed you Remus. We missed you a lot.”

Remus shook his head. “Maybe I won’t show up.” He laughed. “I’ll see you all later.”

Harry looked around and finally realized the situation. “Much as I want you three to meet my friends here, I think it might be better for you three to go to the manor and wait there. I don’t know how to explain all this just yet, and we might have to talk to the Minister about it all.”

Sirius nodded. “After going to the cemetery. I need to pick something up from what you say.”

“I think I do too.” James said with a mischievous look in his eyes as he turned to Sirius. “Bet I get mine first.”

“You’re on.” Sirius said and they both apparated, leaving Harry and Lily laughing.

Lily shook her head. “Those two will never stop being children, I swear it.” Then she smiled at Harry warmly. “I’ll see you back at home dear.”

Harry nodded. “Bye Mum. I love you.”

Lily’s smile grew. “I love you too Harry.” She said before apparating.

Harry shrugged off who he wanted the other three to meet when they finally came up and said it would have to wait. They finished up their work of getting all the death eaters out of the building and into cells with no wands. Then they finished up their reports and headed back to the manor. Harry smiled when he heard three men talking loudly in the dining room.

“Would you guys like to meet a few people?” Harry said.

“Who are we meeting?” Jen asked.

“A few people who’ve saved my life repeatedly.” Harry said as he walked into the dining room with his friends behind him. “Kei, Jen, Rena, I’d like you to meet my parents and Sirius Black.”

Kei, Jen, and Rena stood shocked as they saw the three sitting and happily talking with Remus. Harry laughed at the three as Lily stood up. “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I know who you all are as Harry told us about you and described you all perfectly.” She walked to Kei and Jen and put a hand on each of their shoulders. “I know it must be late, but I have to ask you to bring your brothers and sister here as soon as possible.” Kei and Jen looked confused and she sighed. “I have something all five of you must hear, but I must tell you all. I promised.”

Harry nodded to Kei and Jen. “Do it please. It must be important if she’s asking.” Then he turned to Rena. “Please check on Gin and bring her here if she’s willing to come. Keep this a surprise though please.” Rena nodded. “And wake my git of a best mate and get him to get Hermione out of the library and over here as well.” Rena laughed and nodded again before she apparated.

“Planning a lot of introductions are you?” Sirius said with a grin.

“Of course, but its easier to introduce the younger people before the older ones. I think I’d be here a week waiting on everyone if they act like Remus did.” Harry said.

James laughed. “I believe you are right.” He looked at Remus. “By the way, why a bounty hunter and not an auror? You’d be a good auror, and I wouldn’t have to worry about Lily if she had to go in the field and had you as backup.”

Remus laughed. “Tonks would be just as good, if not better. She trained Harry, Kei, Jen, and Rena up to be the best team there is.”

James’ chest swelled with pride. “Remus, that is because my son is a part of that team. That easily sets them at the ninety nine meter mark in a hundred meter race.”

Remus laughed. “That is true, but all four of them are spectacular James. You have to see them work as a team. They remind me of ourselves when we were all together.”

“I’m so glad.” Lily said with a sigh of relief. “That means he’ll always be safe.”

“He wasn’t once.” Kei said as he walked into the kitchen with Ryo and Takeshi. “I let him down once. I just didn’t know then.”

Harry’s head fell as he shook it. “I told you before. That wasn’t because of you. Truth is that Voldemort acted unlike himself. He stopped acting superior and it cost me.” Harry looked at Kei with a grin then. “It cost him so much more though.”

Kei smiled. “I’m glad for that.” Then he turned to Lily. “These are my little brothers.”

Lily smiled. “Ryo and Takeshi right?” They both nodded and looked at her curiously. Lily went over to them and kissed each one of them on the side of their foreheads. “That was from your mother. She wanted you to know that she loves you as much now as she did when alive. She promises that she’ll meet you all when it is your time, and begs you all not to rush to them. Your father said he is glad to see you all becoming such great men.” She looked at Takeshi. “He said you asked him for forgiveness once, but you shouldn’t have. Everything you did that day was protect yourself, your brother, and as many children as you could. There is no shame in that to be forgiven. He said he is proud of how strong you have become and how far he believes you will go.”

Takeshi smiled as tears began to roll down his cheek. “How do you know that?”

Lily smiled. “He told me when he was helping us to get to the items that brought us back.”

“She is Harry’s mother Takeshi. You should listen to her, as you would Harry. She would not lie, especially not for something as serious as this.” Kei said.

Takeshi continued to smile as tears fell from his eyes easily. “Thank you Mrs. Potter. Is he happy?”

Lily looked at him with sadness in her smile. “He is happy in the way James and I were happy. He is happy you three have a long life ahead of you, that you can go so much further than he managed to see, and that he is not separated from his wife, but he is sad that he can’t be here to watch over you anymore. It is hard for a parent to leave a child, especially a young one, because they feel like they left before they could prepare you for the world outside of their protection. It makes your parents very happy to see the new family you have formed in their absence though. They don’t worry so much now as they know you will always be safe and have a place to call home with those around you.”

Takeshi nodded slowly. “I will wait to join them. I learned from Harry, Kei, and father how to be strong. I will protect myself so he doesn’t have to worry that he didn’t protect me enough.”

Lily placed a hand on his cheek and smiled brightly. “That is what a parent who leaves hopes for the most, so you will make them even happier that way.” Then she turned to Ryo and put a hand on his shoulder. “Your father says you are the strongest of his sons in a way that not even Kei can match.

“When your family was at its worst two years ago, you brought it back to the best of all times. You saved your older brother, took care of your little brother when Kei couldn’t, and always remembered what it is and means to be family. When Kei couldn’t take what had happened you did, and that is something he is most proud of. Even now he sees that you still look after Takeshi in school since Kei can’t. He wants you to remember that your family is not just the three of you but all the people who live in this house. When they have to fall down like Kei did, you will have to remember that strength and be there for them the same way.”

Ryo bowed to Lily. “I promise I will never let him down.”

Lily nodded. “He knows you won’t. He has faith in you.” Lily went to Kei and hugged him. “Poor boy, I know how much pain you’ve suffered from talking to Harry as well as your parents. Your Mum says thank you for continuing to bring your brothers to see the lights, and honoring her by telling them stories so they know her in some way. Your father wants you to know that you should stop feeling the way you do. He knows you feel you dishonored him many times in the year he died. He says most of your emotional problems were his fault, as he hid from you all that he himself had to see someone after your mother died.

“He felt that if you knew he was weak then that you would all get weaker, but now he realizes that he made you weaker by not admitting that he was. Had you known you might have seen the councilor and made progress the right way. You didn’t dishonor him by not avenging him, he is sad that anyone had to. He is grateful that Harry took your place because he didn’t want you to take a slippery path in the darkness.

“What happened with Harry was an accident, and you cannot be blamed for an accident. Also, no one could have known what would happen with Harry. Even we, the dead and gone, could see no sign of the outcome. When no one can see what will happen, one person can’t take the blame. It was not your fault. Your father says instead of the dishonor you’ve thought you brought, honor is what came to the family name. For many years people will speak the name of Mori with pride and honor because of the shining hero Kei.”

Kei began to cry silently. “Thank you Mrs. Potter. You have no idea what that means to me.”

Lily shook her head. “I do, because your father told me how important it was for all of you to know these things. He also wanted you all to know that if any of you were near as torn as Harry was he would have come himself, but he could see his sons standing bright in the dark and he knew he didn’t have to protect you any longer. When he saw that you could accept what happened to him and still stand tall he knew he did everything he could for you no matter what anyone might think. He told me he could only have been more proud if he could have seen you three fight side by side himself, instead of just in a memory of Harry’s.”

Kei smiled sadly. “I would have felt a lot better if he were there too, but I’m glad he’s happy.” He turned to his brothers. “You can go upstairs and sleep. I’ll take you to school tomorrow. I won’t leave your emotions bare to your schoolmates tonight. Just remember that we have to make sure to keep on making Father proud and Mother happy.”

Ryo nodded. “I will Kei.”

“Me too.” Takeshi said with a nod.

Kei smiled at them. “Good. You know where your rooms are so go ahead and get some sleep you two.”

Ryo nodded and looked at Lily. “Thank you again. Goodnight everyone.”

Takeshi hugged Lily. “Thank you Mrs. Potter.” He pulled away from her and followed Ryo.

Kei waited till they were out of earshot before he turned to Lily again. “You have no idea what it means to me what you’ve said to us three. If you ever need anything I’ll be there.”

Lily smiled and went back to sit by James. “Of that I have no doubt. If you were not an honorable person you’d never have been the friend, then brother, of my son.”

Kei nodded. “Thank you.” He said as he sat near Harry.

“He told you just what you needed to hear all this time, didn’t he?” Harry said.

Kei laughed. “He always could, no matter what the problem. No matter how hurt, in pain, or scared any of us were, Father could always make everything better with a few words or the right training.”

“He is a good man Kei.” James said. “He protected Lily when we were in the second temple. He risked everything to save her. I owe Setsuna my world, and that is something I can never pay back.”

Kei smiled again. “I’m glad he is still the man he was here. That gives me even more reason to drive myself to be better. I have to show him I earned the right to use the sword of our family, and didn’t just take it because he couldn’t keep it anymore.”

“I’m sure you already have by the way he speaks of you.” Sirius said. “I’ve never seen a more proud parent in my life, save James.” Then he smiled. “You have to expect that though. Your father doesn’t have half the over inflated ego of that one.” He nodded to James with a laugh. Sirius was surprised when Kei spoke next.

Kei shook his head. “You are wrong. For having a son like Harry he deserves more pride than any other in existence. If not for Harry every one of the people we care about would have fallen apart. Even Rena’s parents are only alive because of Harry’s quick thinking. Me and my brothers are only able to stay together and keep what was my parents’ with his help. Jen’s sister would have had to go back to America because no one would hire her, and then Jen would have no family here. Jen herself might not have survived through her parents’ death without Harry. All the Weasleys are safe because of him as well as Remus getting a second chance at a happy life. Your very own cousin is happy because of Harry’s actions.

“That doesn’t even mention that the world itself is only safe because of Harry and his sacrifice.” Kei continued. “To say a person has an over inflated ego for being his friend can’t even be true. For one of the people responsible for bringing him into this world I would say there is no other way than for a person to burst with pride. I, myself, have nearly the same pride just because he came to trust me so much as to call me brother.”

Sirius was speechless at the statement. “Kei, you are a most wonderful man.” Lily said. “I am proud my son knows you.”

“Me too.” Harry said with a smile. “He is one of the best brothers you could have, and the rest of the best are mine as well.”

Remus laughed and nodded. “I would say you are right. The boys and the Weasleys are the best family you could have Harry.”

“Hello Harry. Who are your friends?” Anna said as she walked in and sat at the table with Jen.

“Anna, these are my parents, Lily and James, and my godfather Sirius Black.” Harry said as he pointed to those he introduced. “Guys, this is Anna, Jen’s sister.”

Lily nodded. “It’s an honor to meet you both. I have a message from your parents.” She said as she leaned forward and looked Anna in the eye. “Your Mum and Dad want you to know they are proud of you, and they’re very happy you chose to stay close to your sister. They are also happy that you two haven’t changed a bit from who you are.” Then she looked met Jen’s eye. “They are happy you managed to go back to school when they died. As Kei’s parents’ said they would have come back but they worried they’d hurt you both worse. They said as much as they told you both to be careful they rarely were and if they were to come back there was a chance they might die quickly, and they worried you would blame yourself because you’d feel they were helping you in your job. They both know you wouldn’t survive that kind of sadness. You or your sister. But they promise that when your time comes they will wait for you as we were waiting on Harry.”

Jen smiled. “Then they’re happy and safe? Harry said what he was doing was dangerous.”

James nodded. “It was. We never realized how hard it would be without Harry till we were there. If not for your parents and Setsuna we might have disappeared. In return we made sure everyone got back safely before we got back in our bodies. That’s why Lily has the messages. They asked us to pass them on to you all and we couldn’t do enough to thank them.”

“Is that what took you all so long to get here?” Harry asked curiously.

Sirius snorted. “No, we had to wait on Godric and that bloody snake of an old man to figure out how to throw my body out of the veil of death so I had a body to wrap the cord around. It took them forever to do it too.”

Lily smiled. “Also, James and Sirius took longer learning how to do what you did than you and I. In that we learned you get your willpower from me Harry dear.”

Harry laughed. “So I got your eyes and your willpower.”

“And her compassion.” Remus said. “Your father was never a very forgiving person.”

“I forgave you for lying to me for two years.” James said indignantly.

“After pranking me for a month.” Remus said seriously, though he was smiling. “You never even paid attention to the fact that Dumbledore said I had to tell everyone, even you and Sirius, the same lie so I could go to Hogwarts.”

“That should never keep the truth from a true friend, Dumbledore or no.” James said, before he grinned. “That was a fun month too. You never saw the pranks coming.”

“Speaking of the past, where is the rat?” Sirius said with his face showing his anger.

“Peter Pettigrew?” Harry asked his friends.

“Dead by the cutting curse you gave him at the last battle.” Jen said. “It was in the prophet for days since no one really believed the Minister that Sirius wasn’t lying until then.”

“Fudge finally admitted he was wrong?” James said. “I’m amazed.”

Harry sighed. “Did you forget I told you Fudge was kicked out of office? Rufus Scrimgeour is the Minister now. Bloody good one if you ask me too.”

James shook his head. “I did forget that.”

They talked like this a while longer before they heard Ron grumbling about being woken up and Ginny and Hermione talking about having important business the next day. Harry couldn’t help but laugh as he heard all of that and began smiling as they walked into the kitchen and Ginny came into view.

“Mum, Dad, I would like you to meet my fiancée Ginny.” Harry said as he motioned his hand toward her. “Ginny I would like you to meet my parents. You already no Sirius though, so no introductions needed there.”

Ginny stared at Lily and James in shock as Lily and James walked over and hugged her. “Welcome to our family Ginny.” Lily said.

“If you are anything like my darling wife Harry is lucky to have you.” James said and smiled at her.

“She is very much like Mum, and I am luckier than you can imagine she’s willing to deal with me being very much like you.” Harry said with a laugh.

Ginny nodded to all this dumbly before she finally found her voice. “I’m pleased to meet you. Sorry for the shock but, I mean Harry said you were coming, its just that I couldn’t, after all Harry was the only one who ever, well now there’s you three, but before, I mean,” Ginny sighed. “Never mind.”

James laughed. “You couldn’t imagine anyone but Harry managing to come back.” He said. “We can understand that. After all the time it took I’m surprised we managed it myself.”

“How long did it take you to learn to affect the living world?” Harry said curiously.

“It took me fifteen years.” Lily said. “You know how time is there. That wasn’t much fun.”

Harry smiled. “And you two?” He said to Sirius and James. They mumbled something and Harry looked curious. “What was that?”

“Thirty five years.” They whispered in unison.

“What? I didn’t quite hear that.” Harry said with a smile, enjoying teasing them after so long.

“Thirty five years, all right?” James said as he looked Harry in the eye.

Harry laughed. “I can’t believe it! Thirty five years!” He said. Then he looked at his Mum with a smile. “I would have thought seventy easy.”

Lily and Remus laughed as they saw what he was doing. “I am quite surprised myself Harry. I thought they were going for a century of learning.” Lily said. “I thought that even with them having constant training they wouldn’t drop below the eighties.”

Harry laughed a moment then suddenly stopped. “I just realized it. I finally got my perfect life.”

“What do you mean Harry?” Ginny said, with a slightly pained look in her eye, which Harry noticed.

“This isn’t to do with you at all Gin.” Harry said. “All my life I wanted my parents, later Sirius as well, a woman who I loved more than anything, and a huge family all around me.” His smiled brightened then. “I just got everything I ever wished for. It’s like all the horrible birthdays with no cake to wish on finally decided I could have all my wishes.”

“A better wish I could never imagine.” Remus said.

“Me either.” Harry said as he leaned back in his chair with the largest, brightest smile he ever had. “After all the trouble, all the darkness, all the pain, I can’t imagine a minute of it not being worth it now. I don’t have the weight of the world on me, no Voldemort hunting me, I have a wonderful family, my parents, my godfather, and very soon a beautiful redhead, who has yet to make her way to me tonight, is going to truly make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife. There is no past after tonight. Tonight shows me that finally, life is perfect.”



A/N: Okay, This chapter may be pretty much fluff but its needed. I couldn't figure out a way to bring back every single person who died, and knew there had to be a reason for the others not to try at least. So now the answers are explained. There will be more questions and answers in the next chapter of course, because I didn't answer all the questions. The rest just didn't fit with this chapter, and it was already over 5000 words. I hope you like it and, as always, reviews are well appreciated. 

Chapter 22: Chapter 21
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Chapter 21

Harry sat at the table that morning happily. It had been three weeks since his parents and Sirius returned and things were beginning to shape up in interesting ways. Harry could hardly believe how it was all shaping up himself.

Sirius, James, and Lily were working with Remus to become a team of bounty hunters since they were told that they would have to receive new identities as no one would believe they had returned to life by the Minister. They had begun talking of opening a business and already they were planning to revolutionize bounty hunting. Sirius announced it was better than being an auror after they were all paid three thousand galleons for each death eater they caught. Harry laughed and told them in one night they made more than he thought was in his vaults already.

Sirius received the house on Grimmauld Place though he agreed with James and Lily. They were given back their house in Godric’s Hollow but told Harry they didn’t want to be far from him for quite a while. It was on that day that two new rooms were permanently set in Potter manor.

The bet for the best marauder was given to Remus, and Harry changed the prize to being the best man in his wedding. He decided this when an argument broke out over whether Sirius or James should receive the role instead. They all agreed to this when both Lily and Ginny stood behind Harry at either side with their wands drawn.

The best thing that Harry learned in those few weeks was that they were pretty much finished with fighting death eaters. There was only a small group left and they were planning how to finish them off quickly and easily while still offering the four bounty hunters the biggest payoff without making the aurors look bad. On the weekend before Harry was to take the NEWTs they decided a sixty-forty split would make it reasonable and prepared their attack.

The death eaters never knew what hit them. Within ten minutes they were all easily captured, due to a hundred stunning suppressors going off all around them at once before hails of giant stunning spells rained down on them. None of them would have ever suspected that only ten people were responsible for the capture of over two hundred death eaters.

When this was over Harry was order to rest as he was off until after the NEWTs. Harry spent more time with his family as well as Ginny as well as studying. He knew he had to pass the NEWTs so he could continue with his job, even though Sirius and James said he should work with them as it would give him more money than working as an auror.

“Come on Harry, we need to make this a family business.” James said. “Marauders’ and sons is just a very strong sounding name. It would cause us to get better bounties with you around as well.”

“Yes, but you only have one son among all of you so far.” Harry replied with a laugh.

“We are willing to adopt Kei, Ryo, and Takeshi if needed.” Sirius said. “We already told their parents we’d look after them as if they were ours anyway.”

“But what if they don’t want to be bounty hunters?” Harry said curiously.

“Well then we can just win them over with the thoughts of daring and adventure. Who wouldn’t want that?” James said with a grin.

“You only want to be a bounty hunter because you can’t be an auror.” Lily said with a shake of her head.

“I want to be a bounty hunter to look after Harry if he needs it since I can’t be an auror.” James said seriously. “However, the money is good and I’d be able to help him a lot better if we were all together.”

“So you want me to join you to protect me?” Harry said, not truly believing this.

“No, I want to be able to spend time with you, doing something we both excel at, and allows us both to make a great deal of money doing so.” James said seriously. “What could be better for the two of us? We both excel at fighting dark wizards, we’re both trained guardians, and even better, we would never be bored or alone doing it.”

Harry was shocked into silence. He knew his father was being completely serious and he found himself agreeing with the argument. He also realized that this wasn’t something he could decide on his own. “Ginny-“

“Harry, before you ask me what you are going to ask, let me ask you something.” Ginny said with a smile. “Would you be happy running around arresting people for improper cauldron thickness, stolen goods, or something like that, or did you want to be an auror for the reasons you’ve been an auror so far?”

“For the reasons so far I believe.” Harry said.

Ginny nodded. “Then quit. Become a bounty hunter like your Dad, Sirius, Remus, and your Mum. Be a damn good one too.” Ginny then turned to James. “I only ask that if I find I want to be an auror for similar reasons you allow me to join in the family business.”

James smiled. “Any wife of Harry’s is a future bounty hunter in the waiting at Marauders’ and sons.”

“So I’m welcome in a few weeks then?” Ginny said with a smile.

Sirius grinned. “Definitely, as long as you take the plunge. Remember, the one you’ve got stands a chance at growing into one of those.” He said, pointing to James at the end.

Ginny sighed as her head dropped. “I guess it’s best to get used to it now then.” She said sadly before looking up at Sirius with a grin.

Harry laughed when he saw the look on James’ face. “She got you that time Dad.”

James looked at Ginny for a second before laughing himself. “That she did. Damn fine choice in women you have Harry, damn fine.”

Harry nodded. “Very true, and she has an excellent point. I’ll put in my notice with Tonks today and when it’s done I’ll join your company.”

“Our company.” Sirius said. “We wanted you to join once we decided, even Remus. We’d happily take Kei, Jen, and Rena too if they’d join up, but we really want you with us.”

“I’ll talk with them. Rena may like the idea best, but I don’t know about Kei and Jen.” Harry said. “However, I won’t be able to join for a month.”

“Why so long?” James asked.

“Two weeks notice, wedding, and honeymoon.” Harry said. “If you tell me I can’t have a honeymoon with the woman who waited for me to come back to life, then I can’t work for your company.” He smiled at his Dad then. “And I demand Christmas off every year.”

“Done” Lily said with a smile. “The business will be closed for the week of Christmas every year.”

Harry nodded. “Then I believe I will love the family business.”

“How could you not? It’s your family.” Ginny said with a smile as she took hold of his hand.

Harry smiled. “I know.”


“So you’re quitting?” Tonks said with a shake of her head. “For the right reasons?”

Harry nodded. “I’m joining the family business Tonks. I’ll still be doing good, but only what I do best and none of the trouble that comes with it as an auror.”

Tonks smiled. “Then I’ll take your resignation. Do I have to suspect the rest of your team quitting as well?”

Harry shook his head. “Don’t know yet. I’ll tell you after I talk to them.”

Tonks sighed. “Do that now while I file the paperwork for your resignation.”

Harry nodded and made his way to his team’s office. He saw Jen look up as he walked in and she looked thoughtful. “Go ahead, if it sounds as good out loud as it does in your head I’m in.”

Harry laughed at that and spoke. “Guys, I just gave Tonks my resignation. I’ve found a job that fits my skills perfectly and it isn’t being an auror. I’m going to join the family business.”

“What family business?” Rena asked.

“Marauders’ and Sons bounty hunting.” Harry said.

“Is there another son somewhere, or is it just wishful thinking on Sirius’ part?” Rena asked with a laugh.

“Well, as for other sons they promised Kei’s parents that they’d all look after Kei, Ryo, and Takeshi as if they were their own children. So of course Kei is asked to come along, and Ryo and Takeshi are welcome after they graduate Hogwarts. They told your parents the same thing Jen, so they welcome you if you’d come. Rena, honestly, who else could watch my back better than you while not breaking a nail?”

“Why a bounty hunter Harry?” Kei asked.

“My skills don’t make me a good auror. I could never be happy tracking down stolen cauldrons or something like that. Dumbledore said it best when it comes to me. I was born and raised on the battlefield. I was made for it, taught and trained for it, and know nothing but that. Bounty hunting just makes the battlefield a little smaller. I can’t speak for you three, but it’s just who I am. I’m only asking now if you would be interested in joining. I’m not trying to force or persuade you.”

“Is the money as good as Papi gets?” Rena asked.

“Considering our skills we could get more as we are known to have high level skills. We could get sent after the highest paying targets.” Harry said.

“I’m in.” Rena said with a smile.

“You’re right.” Jen said. “Being trained as we were makes it very hard to feel useful on anything that isn’t an all out war. I’m with you Harry.”

“Is there honor in the job?” Kei asked.

Harry nodded. “Our job will be to find dark wizards that no one can find and catch them because no one else can. We’ll be making the world safer each time we collect a bounty. Every person we catch means that others will keep loved ones they might lose otherwise.”

Kei nodded thoughtfully for a few seconds. “Father would see that as a job that earns honor and give him reason to be proud. I’ll do it.”

Harry nodded and smiled at them. “Then you’ve just got telling Tonks left. I’ll see you all at the manor tonight. I’ve got to study for the NEWTs”


Two weeks later saw Harry standing in front of a large crowd with Remus, Ron, and Kei on one side of him, Tonks, Hermione, and Rena on the other. Coming up the aisle was Ginny. He swore he had never seen anything more beautiful than her. He was so struck by how beautiful she was that he only heard enough to respond during the ceremony. With their first kiss as husband and wife only one thought filled Harry’s mind.

I love my life.


A/N:Okay, so the story finally ended. I'd lost where this story was going long ago. I finally read it and decided it at least deserved an ending if I couldn't figure out the rest. So I give you the best I could. I'm sorry to any who've been looking for this story to be finished. I wish I had something better to say about taking so long but I just didn't have it to write it.