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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Black Fire (Year Three) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 31,303

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Characters: Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Oliver, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 11/02/2007
Last Chapter: 11/02/2007
Last Updated: 06/24/2010


Tempest faces conflicts with her friends and soon enought finds that there is a thing called a Black Fire created to give anyone immortality.  When someone close to her is kidnapped Tempest vows to take things into her own hands . . .

Chapter 1: Mixed Feelings
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          Tempest stood examining her dragon. It was huge now. Void stood at her side along with Nila who was still brushing off the remnants of the ash and soot from the fire place. Tempest examined the spines and climbed up to see how people could now sit on it. A fair four people.

"Okay, so, do you think I can fly him to school?"

"Ha! No," said Nila who was now un-ruffling her long brown skirt.

"I thought as much." She looked at Aidan sideways, she needed a way to talk to it. "Void, Nila, come over here, please." They obeyed and she dropped between them.

"Yes," they both said in unison.

"So do either of you know a spell that will allow me to talk to it?"

"No," said Nila.

"Why did you even both asking her? Nila never knows anything." Tempest ducked as Nila smacked Void on the back of his head. He just laughed.

"Anyway . . . Void?"

"The only way is to make it your familiar. Mind you, that's very dangerous, should anything happen to the familiar, you will fell it and if it dies and you don't release your hold, you yourself will die."

"Isn't that nice," mocked Nila. Tempest gave her a look and she just smiled.

"Anyway . . . we're going to need some ingredients for this. Hopefully we can make this potion, first we're going to need to know how to make it and if there are any spells involved."

She watched Nila and Void give each other a look. She went back to petting her dragon. Suddenly, they heard a crash from inside and ran inside.

Tempest picked up the broken remnants of her mothers' crystal vase. Zoltron and Edana held their hands behind backs with their eyes cast down in guilt.

"Okay, this is virtually no problem. I know a spell that can fix this."

"Yay!" said Edana.

"First I want to know how this happened."

"Edana took my private journal and started running around because I began to chase her."

"Then I tripped over Artemis." The cat looked up at the sound of her name then went back to sleep.

"All right then." She pointed her wand at the broken remnants. "Reparo!" The pieced stuck together and she carefully picked it up and placed it back on the pedestal.

"Zephyr, it's almost midnight, can we please go to bed already I'm tired," wined Nila.

"Void show her to my room, I'm gonna make sure all the doors and windows are shut."

He nodded and they all went off to bed. Tempest was still wary, about everything. Even though Merwick was possibly, and hopefully, a dead fish, she felt that he might still be out there, watching, plotting.

She blotted the doors shut and made sure all the windows were closed and locked. She closed the curtains and lowered the drapes. Tempest looked around. Without her family, the place seemed barren, forlorn. Her mother was at Diagon Alley with her sister shopping for her seventh year school supplies. Her brother no longer stayed because her sister no longer beat her up even though she was still rude and treated her horribly.

She walked up the stairs and as she walked down the hallway to her room she saw Void sitting on a tree in front of the hallway window.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Nila sent me out here while she changed."

"Come on, get inside." He crawled in and Tempest knocked in the door. Nila opened the doors and sat on Tempests bed cross-legged. Her overgrown T-shirt sipped off one shoulder and her shorts revealed her newly tanned legs.

Tempest leaned against the panel of her bed with her legs laid out before. Her black tank top clung highly to her curves and her baggy black shorts hung low beneath her navel. Void lay on the bed and ruffled his blue tipped hair.

"So . . . what exactly do we do?" asked Nila.

"About what exactly?"

"I don't know, your dragon I guess."

"We already figured that out. When my mother sends for us, we will go to Diagon Alley and so what we need to do." She laid her head against the wall and stared at the ceiling.

"Come on, lets go to bed."


The owl knocked at the window startling everyone as they ate breakfast.

"Stupid chicken," muttered Zoltron.

"Be nice," said Tempest getting up.

She fetched the mail and she noticed that the owl was asleep. Dear god, she thought. She looked at the Daily Prophet. Sirius Black, a wizard and supposed supporter of Voldemort had escaped from Azcaban and was noted to even be on the Muggle news.


"Vayne," she corrected getting up.

"Turn on the Muggle news."


"Just do it."

Edana rolled her eyes and went to the living room. Tempest beckoned everyone to follow. They saw on the sofa and stared ta Tempest.

"Muggle's are so stupid. Why do you have this contraption anyway Zephyr?" said Nila.

"My brother got bored, and so did we all. Now shh, listen."

They paid close attention and watched in utter confusion. Sirius Black pictures covered the screen. Was this man actually that dangerous? thought Tempest. No, she thought looking at his eyes. They weren't filled with murderous hatred she was so familiar with. Instead, they were filled with sadness, sorrow and anger.

"Turn it off Vayne. I think we've all had enough." Edana nodded and complied.

"Anyway, what did your mother write," asked Void.

"We are to catch the Midnight But and go to Knockturn Alley. She has rooms set up for us at the Leaky cauldron, but she wants to make sure out robes are fitted. Vayne, you're coming along, she doesn't want you home alone."

"All right."


Tempest sat on Draco's bed waiting for him to come home. She had hardly seen him this summer which was extremely unusual. She went through his photos as she got bored. Mostly with Crabbe and Goyle, but some were with a girl that she didn't even know.

She went through letters. Some were from Void. She skimmed those quickly. He had told him about Chad and Gorx. She didn't really care that he told, but she had thought that she should have been the one to tell. Others were from Nila, and those she suspected were about Chad and Gorx as well. She was right. A lot were from the dumb twins Crabbe and Goyle. She was astonished that they could write. Quite a few were from some girl named Pansy.

She heard a door slam and stuffed the letters she had in her hand in her sweater pocket and jumped on his bed.

"Hello Draco," she said as he walked in. She smiled as he jumped.

"To what do I owe this untimely pleasure." By the tone of his voice he didn't sound completely thrilled to see her, and that, amazingly enough, stung her.

"What? I can't see my favourite person in the whole world?"

She got up to hug him and felt his body stiffen, hurting her even more. She took a step back and stared at him.

"Why are you here?"

"To see you before school starts."

"Well you saw me, are you going to go soon?" It came out coldly, like he was intentionally trying to hurt her. It was working too, she thought with hatred.

"Fine. I'll go now if that what you want. I'll see you around." She turned her back to him and began walking from the room. She looked at him one last time before climbing out, hoping he would recant and say it all didn't mean the way it came out. But he didn't, not even his eyes said sorry.

She ran home and slammed the door behind her. Void and Nila ran to her.

"What's wrong?" asked Nila.

"I hate Draco Malfoy!"

"What happened?"

"He acted cold and callous toward ME!"

"You're joking right?" commented Void.

"I wish I were." She pulled out the letter and looked up at Nila and Void flashing her 'mind at work' smile. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes.


"We, or rather, I am going to break into Dracos' room, and steel all the letters from this girl."

Nila sighed before taking the letter. "We'll go pack your stuff. Just go and be back by the time we have to leave."

"All right." She smiled and went on her way.


Tempest hid high in the trees waiting fro Draco to leave for dinner. He was sitting at the edge on his bed, elbows propped on his knees, hand clutching his head.

He jerked his head up when he heard his mother call and when she was sure he was down stairs, snuck in quietly.

Tempest took every single piece of parchment with her name in it. There were a lot of letters from that girl that talked about her and that made her a little more than jealous.

She closed the drawer and slipped out before something caught her eye. It was a picture of her at school reading with the red earrings that Draco had given her for Valentines Day. The picture Void and Nila had taken. The picture sat perched on his bedside. Suddenly she felt awful about sneaking into his room and stealing his stuff.

"Too late for second thoughts," she said climbing out.

She ran home and everybody was waiting for her at the side walk.

"Are we all ready?" she said pulling out her wand.

"Of course. Did you get what you wanted?" asked Void.

"Of course." She smiled mischievously. She pointed her wand out and out of nowhere came the purple triple-decked trolley known as the Midnight Bus.

Chapter 2: Secret Bonding
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          Tempest sat calmly on the incredibly fast moving trolley. On the third deck she sat on a bed as Edana slept. She looked at the letters trying to tell which one this girl Pansy had sent first.

"Okay, I think this is the first letter she sent him."

"You're jealous Zephyr, admit it," said Nila.

"I have no comment for you. Now look here and help me read these."

They sighed and obeyed without question. They knew that once she had her mind set on something, there was no point in argue in with her unless they just wanted to lose breath. As Zoltron had once said, she was a very adamant person.

She read the first letter. They really didn't talk much she acest. Finally after three letters her name was mentioned. Apparently she had told Draco to forget about her, and she repeated that same statement in every letter, which really began no annoy her.  Her fist clenched in anger and Nila had to pry the last letter from her hands.

"Calm down Zeph," said Void. He couldn't move from his seat because Edana was sleeping on his lap. She could sense thought that he wanted to get up. She could read his eyes. It was her speciality.



"Did you write to Draco?"

"Of course. The letters I received from him are in my case."

"Great, can I see them later?" He nodded and the bus suddenly came to a halt, waking Edana. Tempest, Nila, and Void looked at each other and walked to the centre to see who was boarding the bus.

Her necklace dangled in front of her face and she saw a flash of Nila's emerald ring and Voids band. They had grown very wary from past experiences. Tempests' eyes widened when she saw who it was. Harry Potter entered the bus and from what she could tell, under false pretences. She sat back against a bed and smiled to herself day-dreamingly.

"Look Void, someone's got a crush," whispered Nila so that only they could hear.

"Shut up."

They spent the duration of the trip in silence until they reached Knockturn Alley.

"I absolutely love Knockturn Alley," said Nila.

"I think we know that Nila. Calm down now," said Void irritably.

"Just shut it you two," ordered Tempest. They all walked close at her heels with their luggage.

They entered the Leaky Cauldron and walked to their rooms.  As Tempest walked up the stairs, she took note of everybody staring at her friends and herself and their pets.

When she reached the room her mother was in she turned the knob and walked inside.

"SURPRISE!" She looked around. Her mother, sister, brother, godparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and Draco all stood around.

"What's all this for?"

"Your birthday of course," said her cousin Maddox holding his three-year-old little sister Silvias' hand. Tempest dropped her stuff and picked her up. Silvia reminded her so much of herself when she was that age.

"How are you both?" she asked giving Maddox a hug.

"All right. Hogwarts is quite hard, it would be more fun if you had come, I wish you had."

"So do I sometimes." They all had purple eyes, a trait of the Merlin bloodline that was always dominant. Her father carried more Morgan thought because of his mother whom everyone thought not to talk about. She ruffled Maddox's sandy brown hair.

She stuck out like a sore thumb compared to her family. All of them had dark purple eyes except for her and Zoltron. He had a greyish-blue like herself, the only difference was that her eyes were more grey than blue and they were highlighted by both red and purple outlines.

Tempest put her little cousin back down and messed up her dark black hair. Silvia just laughed and that laugh brought a smile to her face.

Tempest grabbed a piece of cake and sat down on the ground with Nila, Void, Zoltron, Maddox and Draco.

"Finally, I'm thirteen, just like the rest of you."

"Wait, but I'm fifteen."  Realization glowed darkly on his face as everyone just looked at him.  "Do not bloody tell me that I am the only fifteen-year-old year," said Zoltron.

"Sorry, but you are. See, my sisters are ten and seventeen, my brother is twenty and little Silvia is three." They all laughed except Draco. She took a bite out of her strawberry cake and looked at Maddox.

"Maddox, what house did you say you were in again?"

"Ravenclaw. I think I'm the only person who's not a Slytherin that Draco here talks to. I just realized that, like my mom, I'm in Ravenclaw."

"My dad was in Slytherin and my mom was in Slimythings. It's funny how we end up in a house like our parents.  Take us and Draco for example."

Draco ignored her completely and continued eating his piece of cake. Fine, she thought, if he's going to ignore me, I'm going to ignore him.

Tempest slumped against the wall in anger and continued eating her food in silence. When she finished, she stormed off outside. It was raining, but she didn't really care as she pulled back the urge to cry on anger. Suddenly a comforting hand was placed on her shoulder. She jerked her head around shocked at whom she saw.


"Are you all right?"

"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" she remarked noting that fact that Selene was acting nice and not getting angry at being called her real name.

"Answer the question." Yup, this was her sister all right, she thought.

"Define all right," she said turning back around and slumping against the rain-drenched wall; Selene stood next to her.

"All right, what's going on exactly, between you and Draco?"

"He's being a complete ass toward me. Completely ignoring me when I just wanted to talk and well be with him. He's such a complete asshole."

"Calm down Tempest. Look, during the school year you see him what, for a few days. He's thirteen now, you're thirteen now, you guys aren't exactly children anymore." Tempest huffed and slouched to the ground.

"What is his problem exactly? I can't get over it if he doesn't tell me everything in full detail. I can't help get rid of the problem if I don't know it!"

"Have you thought that maybe its already been made plain to see?"  Tempest ignored her and listened to her sigh.  "Like I said before, calm down." Selene sat down next to her. "You know last year Oliver said that one day he's going to ask me to marry him. It sucks that Slytherin and Gryffindor hate each other. Do you really think he'll ask me?"

Tempest was happy that she had changed the subject. "Probably. I think the real question is, are you going to say yes?"

"I'm not sure. I love him, but I'm just not sure. I mean look at this family it's . . . well you know."

"Dangerous for people to get involved in considering we're, well I'm getting hunted which puts everybody in this family in trouble."  She paused.  "You know we're all going to want to meet him, and that alone might scare him away."  Tempest slightly laughed and Selene groaned and fished in her pocket pulling out her wallet.

"Look inside," she said throwing the wallet at Tempests' head. Tempest just laughed and looked inside. There was a picture of her in the arms of a guy she believed to be Oliver Wood.

"Is this him?"

"What do you think," she asked rhetorically.

"You should say yes if . . . when he asks. You two look very happy together." She gave the wallet back and hugged her knees. "Do you think . . . I don't know."

"No what?"

"Well that me and Draco will ever be the same, like we used to be?"

"Honestly?" Tempest nodded. "All right then, no, I don't. Your relationship will probably evolve or two could stay the way you are at this moment."

Tempest groaned and stood up. She paced for a while back and forth thinking about what her sister just said. Can I stay in this state with Draco forever? she asked herself. No, but what will happen if we evolve? How will that relationship affect us?  Worse, what will happen to us if it doesn't work out?  She stopped pacing and looked at her sister.

"Come on, we better get back in, you know how mom starts to worry if we're out at night for a while."

"I know," Selene said standing up. "One more thing though, this whole bonding we just did, between us, I don't think it would be prudent if we involved our family, then they'll begin to . . . expect things." Tempest laughed while Selene glared at her with her cold purple eyes.

"Blade, I think we should get going, don't you think?" she said mockingly.

"Just move it already."

"Aye, aye captain." Selene rolled her eyes and she pushed Tempest forward as she laughed her way down the hall.

Chapter 3: Trickery
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          Tempest shook Nila and Void awake at three A.M. She was fully dressed and ready to go. They grumbled as they got up and got dressed.

They snuck out of the inn and into Diagon Alley. She sent Nila and Void to the Knockturn Alley bookstore as she went to the one in Diagon Alley.

She walked around the empty place and stopped to look around. She climbed to the top of the stairs to the second floor. She stopped briefly as she remembered that just last year Draco stood at the banister and stared vehemently down at Harry Potter. She had laughed and mocked him then. Now, everything was different. She sighed and looked around the bookshelves. No one was here except the bookkeeper, who was fast asleep. She snuck around and when she heard the sound of foot steps fell to the ground silently.

"Zephyr," she head someone whisper. She looked up and saw Nila and Void. She scowled and rolled her eyes as she stood up.

"Could you two be any louder? What are you doing here?"

"We found a book, and we bought the necessary supplies. Did you find another book?" asked Void.

"No, I was looking around. So . . . how did you find one so fast?"

"We asked the bookkeeper for help. Then we bought the ingredients. Not really that hard when they're open all day and night," said Nila. "Way betta' than sneaking in and sneaking around."

"Ha, ha, funny." Nila smiled innocently and then jerked her head around. Tempest walked up next to them, and also listened intently. The bookkeeper was awake. They all looked at each other and Tempest began climbing the bookshelves dexterously.

"Get up here you two!" she hissed. They looked at each other and complied. They all knelt down perfectly still, careful not to make a noise. The bookkeeper came in and looked around the room. Tempest put of fingers to her mouth and with the other carefully slipped a book from off the bookshelf and threw it far across the room. The man jerked his head around and hurried in that direction. Tempest climbed back down from the bookshelf, followed by Nila and Void.

By the time they reached the bottom they all smiled knowingly. Their faces fell when a book fell at Nila's feet.

"You're such an idiot," hissed Void.

"Enough! Just run," ordered Tempest not even bothering on keeping her voice down.

They clambered down the stairs and ran out the door, throwing it open with full force. Down the street they hid in the alleyway to Knockturn Alley.

"Well that was fun," said Nila once they were safely under full cover.

"Oh shut up. We wouldn't have to run if you hadn't pulled out that book when you climbed down," said Void clearly more annoyed then angry.

"Oh quiet. I stole a book on familiars."  They stared at her blankly.  "The book I dropped." Nila smiled and pulled out a book from under her shirt.

"You stole it?" remarked Tempest smiling.

"What, I can be bad when I want to." Void burst out laughing and was soon joined by Tempest and Nila.


The trip to platform 13 2/3 was hectic. Tempest murmured every time she bumped into a person about how much she hated people and crowds, and she swore up until she sat cosy in her cabin.

"This is weird," commented Nila.

"What exactly 'is weird'?" asked Void.

"Chad and Divina, they're not here."

"Maybe Zoltron will find them along with my food."

"All you ever think about is your stomach."

"What are you, my wife?"

"You wish."

"Hmph, sure I do." Nila laughed and sat next to the grumpy Tempest that had a very vague smile on her face.

They sat for a moment and Aidan, poked it's head in through the window from where it laid on top of the train. Voids panther lay at his feet and Nilas' bat was perched upside down above their heads.

"I really wish I could read his thought," commented Tempest to no one in particular.

"That would be wicked wouldn't it," began Nila, "to know what our pets are thinking. Don't you think Void?"

"Right now, I'm only thinking about my stomach," he said smirking. She smiled right back and Tempest laughed.

"To think, you two started out hating each other. Watch, one day, something going to happen between you two.  I can just see it now Mr. and Mrs. Dermot." Tempest joked.

"Ugh, don't even joke like that," said Nila.

"Agreed," said Void.

The door swung open and in walked Zoltron, red faced with laughter. Behind him walked Divina with her hair covered and scowling and Chad, smiling charmingly. Nila moved over next to Void and gave Chad her seat next to Tempest. Divina sat next to him and Zoltron took a seat next to Nila.

"What are you smirking at?" asked Tempest as Zoltron handed out the food.

"Divina." Everyone looked at Divina and her face flushed with either anger, embarrassment, or both, Tempest couldn't tell.

"Come on Divina," nudged Chad. She scowled and unleashed her hair. It had grown longer but was no longer white. Now it was blue-green,

"Divina . . . " muttered Tempest.

"Don't laughed, I got enough of that from him here," she said pointing at Zoltron.

"Hey, I like it, I'm just used to seeing you with white hair," he smirked.

"We all—," but before Tempest could finish, the train came to a halt. She jerked up and opened the windows. The wind hit her face like blistering ice. She looked up at her dragon. It was barring it's teeth and growling.

Excaliber was in her hands within seconds. Something's coming, she thought. The train jerked again, knocking her backwards.

"Aidan!" The dragon poked it's head in and she pointed her wand. "Sorry boy." She cast the spell and he flew in.

Tempest locked the window and ordered Zoltron to lock the door. He did and they all stood together. Nila had a seed in her hand that was already growing in her hand, encasing it in vines and Void had a dagger. Chad, Zoltron and Divina had their wands up and ready. She didn't know what to expect, but was hoping it didn't have gold eyes and white hair. The place suddenly grey fridged and cold as if they were in the dead of winter. A figure approached the door and the glass door fogged and froze. The door opened slowly and she unleashed her swords' power with just a thought. In front of her stood a Dementor looking around the cabin. She looked at her sword which radiated a bright light; she stared at the Dementor a moment before smiling. The swords' good magic was protecting her, she realized.

The Dementor let the door close and began on it's way. She let out a breath and looked at her friends. She knew what they were thinking. They had all thought Merwick had returned, somehow. She smiled and replaced her sword before sitting down.

"Well, that was rather entertaining."


Tempest was bored at the beginning of the new year feast. She looked around to find Astrea, hoping that she would entertain her. Astrea was sitting straight backed and proper with her hair in a lose bun. Cassandra and Heather sat on either side of her and were examining their nails. Maybe they'll leave me alone for once, she thought.

"Attention," bellowed Master Vlad. Head Mistress Majika stood up and smiled.

"Dementors are looking for Sirius Black as you all know. They also search for dark magic users." She snapped her fingers and on everyone's empty plate there was a necklace. "Wear these at all times when you are not in classes or in your dormitory. The Ministry of Magic sees fit that they will not harm anyone, but I would rather not take any chances, considering what we teach here."

Everyone put on their necklaces soon food erupted everywhere.

"May the feast begin." Tempest shared a look with her friends. Yup, none of them really trusted the Ministry.


When they were dismissed, the Slimythings household followed the prefects' Gorx and Entia. They had both become prefects their fifth year and Tempest wondered if she would become a prefect in two years. She looked up and finally noticed Gorx smiling at her. She flushed and looked around for Nila and Void.

"Why are you red?" asked Nila.

"No reason. Where's Void."

"I don't know. Probably off flirting with some girl." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Finally you two," said Divina. Tempest looked at her. She had finally let her hair lose and the blue-green colour looked darker than it did before.

"Where's Chad and Void?"

"I don't know, somewhere. Now come on, lets go."

Divina dragged her and Nila along with her after their house classmates. Tempest walked fast to keep up with Divina until finally Divina let go of them.

They entered the Common room and before she could even ask where Void and Chad were again, someone grabbed her around the waist and kissed her on the neck.

"Hello, Princess," said Chad in her ear.

"Why did you just call me Princess?"

"I'm your Knight in Shining Armour, remember?"

"Of course." She looked around. Gorx was staring at her while he hung out with Entia and the rest of the seventh years. Someone coughed and she looked at Divina who was staring at her intently.

As everyone started to head to bed, Tempest pulled away from Chad.

"I'm going to bed now," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Okay then. Goodnight Zephyr."

"Good night Chad."

Up in the girls dormitory, Divina scowled at her, and Tempest stared at her a bit frightened.


"How exactly do you plan on getting around all these guys and making this familiar potion of yours?"

"That same way I do everything else."

"Which being?"

"Through trickery of course." She smiled eloquently and Divina and Nila each hit her with a pillow.

Chapter 4: Familiar Making
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          Tempest looked at her class schedule as she sat in her Defence Against the Good Arts class. She had dropped both Herbology and History of Horrors and replaced them with Mythology and Flying.

Defence Against the Good Arts had yet to begin so she sat with Nila and Void. The people all around them were about last years trips to Dogscream Village.

"Why didn't we go last year," wined Nila.

"Because we were to busy trying to get my sword back. We're going this year though, unless something happens o' course."

"True. Hey Void, when is the next trip?"

"In two weeks. That gives us plenty of time to make a certain potion fo ours."  Void smiled his devious smile.

"Do you people even try to stay out of trouble?" Tempest turned around and smiled.

"Astrea Sanguina. What a pleasure to see you again. Honestly," she finished in a groan. She turned around on her seat and sat on the desk top.

"Like I said before, do you enjoy getting into trouble?"

"No, not really, but it finds it's way to us and since I'm so bored all the time it provides a suitable amount of entertainment." She smiled and heard Void and Nila snicker at her sides.

"Just so you know you pure-blooded bitch, I'm watching you. Nothing you do will get passed me."

"Wow, I'm so scared," she said in monotone.

Astrea huffed and stalked off, taking her seat next to Louis. He smiled toward Tempest and she rolled her eyes in disgust before getting off the desk and going into her seat.

Madam Jacquilina came into the room and it fell into silence. She looked at each and everyone of them in turn before addressing them and beginning the lesson.


Tempest sat on he broom and waited for her flying teacher Mistress Fanato. She hovered lazily on her broom and looked toward the sky.

"I'm bored," she groaned.

"Have you noticed today that all the teachers have been late to class," said Nila.

"So you think something's going on?" asked Void.

"Of course something's going on, I go to school here if you've forgotten."

Half the class was over when Mistress Fanato finally arrived. Tempest jumped off her broom and her face flushed.

"I don't see why you're taking this class Young Tempest. You look as though you already know how to fly."

"Yes, well, I thought I'd take a class in which I'd enjoy." Madam Fanato just stared at her before refocusing on the class as a whole.

"Anyway students, lets try some basic flying." She blew her whistle and they all mounted up. Tempest flew high and Void and Nila flew next to her.

"Zephyr, why did you fly this high. The rest of the class is over there."

"So we can talk privately of course."

"Oh."  Void began laughing and Nila kicked him.

"Anyway you two, later tonight we'll sneak into the bathroom. Bring your pets as well."

There was a loud roar and everyone turned around. Tempests' dragon was flying towards her. Tempest swerved and spun herself upright. Dammit, she thought, what's going on with him. She looked at Nila and Void. They couldn't wait till nightfall, they all realized, but they didn't have a choice.


The fiasco with the dragon got her into a lot of trouble. She stood alone with her hands behind her back in the office of Headmistress Majika. A door slammed making Tempest flinch. Majika's blood-red hair cascaded down her shoulders and surrounded her scowling face. Tempest began rubbing her arm that was bandaged after she scrapped it against a wall when she was chasing Aidan. The rubbing seemed to calm her.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you could be in right now?"

"I'm gonna go out limb here and say a lot?"

"That dragon stunt you pulled could have hurt many . . . for a lack of a better word, innocent children."

"It wasn't a stunt," Tempest screamed as Mistress Majika glowered at her. "Look, I was just flying and talking with Void and Nila when he came roaring out. I was just as startled as everyone else!"

"Calm down Young Tempest."

"One more thing. I hate being called Tempest, especially Young Tempest."

"Then what would you rather be called?"

"Zephyr. Everyone calls me Zephyr, everyone that is except you and the staff that is."

"Fine. Now, Zephyr, can you explain why your dragon is acting the way it's acting?"

"No," then under her breath she added, "not yet anyway."

"Did you say something?"

"No." Majika looked at her skeptically and Tempest smiled innocently and was dismissed. She walked down the stairs and the black glossy wall turned to liquid for her to pass.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that."

"Zephyr!" Tempest turned and saw Void and Nila running toward her. They bombarded her with questions of it she were in trouble.

"No, I'm not in trouble . . . yet anyway. We have to do that spell tonight. No questions. We must." They nodded in agreement and walked swiftly to the dormitory before their next class.

They hurried on and looked around. Tempest ran downstairs and looked around to see if anyone was there. She nodded to the, and they snuck downstairs. Tempest ran upstairs and looked around. No one.

Tempest gathered the ingredients and books and ran back down stairs. Void and Nila were already setting up the cauldron.

"Question, why are we making the potion now?" asked Nila.

"Because now no one is here you nitwit and by dinner the potion should hopefully be done," said Void.

"No need to me a smart ass."

"You know what . . . "

"Enough you two. Now Void how exactly does this potion work?"

"Well you have to cast a spell on in right before you drink it. Also, you have to find a way of making the familiar drink it as well."

"Well that's not hard as all." Void shrugged at the comment and began to add the ingredients. They rushed the making, missing their Poisons class.

"I actually love Poisons class, I can't believe we're missing it," said Tempest.

"Agreed, that's why Master Vlad sent me to find you."

They all looked down at the ground and saw Count Stitch with his ghostly cape on. Tempest blew at her bangs and knelt down from her standing position.

"You're not going to snitch on us are you?"

"Only if you tell me what it is your doing exactly, then I'll have no need to."

She sighed. "We're making a familiar potion. If you haven't noticed, my dragon isn't doing so well."

She watched his head bob up and down like the Muggle toy called a bobble head. Suddenly he jumped on her head.

"Did you get all that Master Vlad?" Tempest jerked up and around and was suddenly staring at Master Vlad. He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Well now, I must say, I'm glad your mixing a potion, but really, you know there is no more need for secrecy . . . anymore."

"Ah, well, you see . . . " Master Vlad shot his hand up and Tempest clamped her mouth shut. Just like there was no use arguing with her, there was no use with Master Vlad.

"Quiet," he said calmly. Tempest starred at him and looked back at Nila and Void. They were still mixing and making the potion. She looked back at Master Vlad, his face was still fixed in thought. Licentiously, his eyes widened and he smiled.

"How 'bout this, I'll keep my mouth shut about this and excuse you from the rest of your classes and let you finish and prepare . . . on one condition."

Tempest winced and looked at Void and Nila. They stared at her, then looked at each before nodding in agreement.

"Okay, we agree. What's the condition?"

His wicked smile grew. "Never keep secrets from me and I'll help you in whatever it is you need, and considering who you are, Zephyr, you will need it."

She smiled and agreed again. He left them and she sat on the ground in shock. It was official, Master Vlad was her favourite teacher.


They left the potion to cool when they went to dinner. Tempest waited at the doors to the Great Hall when someone grabbed her from the waist and kissed her cheek. She elbowed the guy and spun around to smack the guy. Her arm was caught in midair.

"Hello," she said holding back her disgust.

"Hey, Zephyr, how are you?" asked Louis.

"What do you want?"

"Oh come now," he said putting his other arm around her. "The way we look at each other . . . I see the way you look at me."

"Oh god you're delusional." She tried to pull away, but he grabbed her. She gritted her teeth and tried to twist away.

"Let go of her Louis." Tempest turned around at the voice and smiled with relief. Gorx stood beside her within moments. She felt Louis loosen his grip and she pulled away from him quickly.

"Fine. See you later . . . Zephyr."

He walked away with his hands in his pockets. His platinum blonde hair made it easy to see him in the crowd. Just like Draco, she thought. She shook away the thought of him and looked toward Gorx.

"Thank you Gorx. That was most appreciated."

"Don't mention it." He stared at her intently and she began to blush.

"Zephyr, finally." Divina popped out of nowhere and grabbed her arm. "Hey Gorx, I need to talk to Zephyr for a breif moment."

"Okay."  He looked back down at Tempest intenlty.  "See you around."

"Okay, bye Gorx." They walked away and Tempest sighed. "Thank you for pulling me away Divina."

"Don't thank me just yet. You have a choice to make Zephyr, and sooner or later you're going to have to make it. Lets just hope you don't hurt anyone in the process."

She let go of Tempest and walked away. Tempest stood alone a moment before slumping down in confusion.

"Hey Zeph." She smiled at Void and Nila a they say down. "The potions done, by the end of dinner we should all be able to . . . well you know."


Master Vlad had let them leave early from dinner, but only a few minutes. They ran down the stair and through the portal. They flew down the stairs to the boys dormitory.

Her dragon was already waiting for her. She sat next to him and began to pet his scales.

"Void hurry."

"Yeah, okay, hold on, I'm done serving. Time to say the spell over your of glasses and bowls." He sat down a bowl in front of each of their pets.

"Unimpetus!" they all said in unison.

The potions glowed and they looked at each other as their pets sniffed the potion and began to drink.

"Bottoms up," said Tempest. They all downed down the potion and waited a few moments till their pets finished. They got up and cleaned when all of sudden they all collapsed to the ground. Tempest clutched her temples as she began to hear thoughts that were not her own.


She looked up at her dragon and smiled.  "Bloody hell, this is brilliant!"

"I suppose so. Now tell me, why did you just do what you did?"

"To talk to you. Something's wrong, I know it. Tell me."

"I feel
"This is so wicked," said Nila and they all laughed wholeheartedly.  She laughed and sat something wrong. You're not safe and I feel I need to protect you. Also that spell, it constricts my body, like I can't move. Can you please modify it?"

"Of course."

"As do I." 
"This is so wicked," said Nila aloud, and they all laughed, wholeheartedly.  

Tempest sat against the foot of her bed with her knees up and Aidan jumped on them. "I like talking to you Aidan." It flew up the stairs and she looked at her friends who were smiling brilliantly.She looked up and around. Her dragon was looking at her. She reached out to talk to it.

Chapter 5: Tryouts
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          A few weeks past and Tempest grew to know her dragon. She sat on his back and pet his scaly flank. Sharing thought with her dragon was exhilarating.



"What's it like to, you know, to just open your arms and to just fly?"

"I can't really explain it really. It's difficult

"I understand."
And in a weird way she did.  For the remainder of the time they sat in silence till they heard a cats growl. Tempest turned her head and saw Void and Nila coming up from the bottom of the hill. She saw Artemis come up next to Void and Lestat fly onto Nila's shoulder.

"Hello Zephyr," said Nila. "Lestat said you were here."  She giggled.

Tempest glared at the bat playfully. "Big mouth," she said. She slid off her dragons back and starred at her friends. Just tell me what you want already, she thought annoyingly. Aidan laughed and she smiled.

"What was that?" asked Void.


"Okay, well anyway Zeph, guess what," exclaimed Nila.


"Gorx saw us flying around school and asked us to tryout for the team since most of the team graduated last year."

"What positions?"

"He needs a seeker, a beater and two chasers."

"I'm going to try out for the beater positions since I can't feel any pain." He smiled and brushed his hand through his spiked hair.

"Unless you have a limb cut off with a bolt of lightning––oops, oh my god, I'm so sorry Void."

"Nila," hissed Tempest.

"It's all right, I know she didn't mean anything by it. I just wish she would try to control that big mouth of hers better."

"I said I was sorry."

"I know." He smiled and she pouted. Tempest rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around their shoulders.

"Come on you two, lets get back to our dormitory."

They nodded in agreement and began walking to the school ground. She stopped them right in front of the doors and jerked them back.

"Hey," they said in unison.

"Oh hush. Come on lets go get some flying practice in."

They all smiled and ran off with their pets' close behind. Tempest looked around the field. No one was there. Brilliant, she thought. They all grabbed their brooms and flew into the air flying faster and faster with each breath.

Tempest halted at the towed of school and climbed off her broom. She was followed by Void and Nila ho perched themselves next to her.

"I love flying," remarked Tempest.

"Yeah, I guess it's fun," remarked Void.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, Artemis is your pet and she doesn't fly," said Nila.

"That–––" Void broke in mid sentence and jerked his head to the school grounds. She knew what he sensed. She sensed it to through her dragon.

"Dementors," they all muttered. Suddenly she felt Nila run past her and climb higher to look around.

"Zephyr, we're not supposed to be out on the grounds this late. We don't have our necklaces. We're gonna get in trouble, if we're not attacked first that is."

"She's right Zeph, we not suppose to be out after sunset." Tempest knew and looked around. The Dementor's were coming from all around. They sensed her.

"Aidan . . . "

"Coming . . . " 

"Tell your pets to get inside, no questions and grab your brooms." They nodded and soon enough the air rew cold. She looked at the steam emanating from her mouth.

Tempest huddle with her friends. It was deathly cold, thought Tempest. She suddenly felt pity for everyone in Azcaban if the all had to live like this everyday of their lives.

Suddenly a gust of warm air shot at her and she smiled at her dragon as she climbed on it.

"Brace yourself." She smiled as Nila hands tightened around her waist.

They dove downward and Tempest looked behind her. The Dementors were preparing to follow. Her dragon flew faster and faster. Aidan twister around and dodged a Dementor. Tempest began laughing and looked behind her. Nila and Void looked like hell. Suddenly a Dementor come out of no where and struck at Tempest and the scene of her father dying right before her eyes filled her vision.

Her head rolled to one side and she could feel herself falling. She felt someone grabbed her and hold her close. And just like that, the flying stopped and she was propped onto the ground.

"Zephyr," she heard Nila say. Tempest looked around. She was in the school grounds and behind her stood Divina, Void, Chad and Gorx who was holding a broom. She looked up at Nila who was kneeling down next to her.

"I'm fine, just a little weak."

"We should take her to the infirmary," said Chad.

"We can't do that!" exclaimed Nila.

"She's right," began Tempest. "Were not supposed to be here and if the teachers find out, well I'll be in more trouble then the rest of you."

Chad crossed his arms disapprovingly and leaned against the wall. Tempest sighed and began to walk when she collapsed onto all fours.

"Zephyr," everyone screamed.

"I'm fine!"

She forced herself up and brushed off her pants. Everybody's eyes were on her, which after ten years of having eyes on her, began to annoy her.

"Bloody hell, stop staring at me! I hate it! You all know I hate that." She turned around and walked into the building and once she turned the corner she ran away.

Tempest kept running. She hated it when people saw her when she was in a weak state. She stopped running and walked backwards a few steps to clear her head. Sluttishly someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her into a secret corridor. Tempest bit at the hand over her mouth and looked at her holder. It was Gorx.

"Nasty bite you got there," he said smiling.

"Where are we?"

"Isn't that obvious? A secret passage way. There are several all over the school."

"Great! Do you know one that can bring us to out dormitory."

"Actually, yeah I do." She smiled and was about to exit when Gorx pulled her back. She clung to his chest when she heard her friends call her name.

"Well she couldn't have gone far," she heard Divina say.

"Probably, but I bet that Gorx probably got to her first and is . . . I don't know, you people think what you want," she heard Chad stutter in anger and jealously.

Tempest listened to them talk and separate into groups. She listened till their footfalls vanished. When she saw sure they were gone, she looked up at Gorx who was still holding her. He looked down at her and smiled and she blushed briefly.

"We should get going."

"Yeah I guess so."

They snuck out from the secret corridor and Tempest looked at it. It just looked like a plain wall.

"Gorx how did you this was here?"

"Fell through while playing a prank four years ago. Memorized where it was."

"Oh, okay then."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her along after him. She held his and looked at him through the corner of her eye. He was smiling.

Gorx led her along to the second floor and stopped at a statue of the sorceress Circe. She watched as he pushed one of her eyeballs in. The statue revealed a passage behind it.

"Hurry in," he said.

They walked in and he led her down one flight of stairs. He stoped at a smooth wall and he looked at her.

"Be very quiet, understand, this is a portrait."

"All right, I'll be very quiet."

He opened up the wall and peeked outside. He jumped out and ushered her forward. She walked toward him and he lifted her out. Just around the corner was the entrance to the Slimythings dormitory. They walked in and Tempest sat on the sofa.

"Guess now I'll have to postpone tryouts," said Gorx suddenly.  Tempeset looked at him.


"Because I want you to tryout, and it's not fair."

"No it's okay——"

"Nonsense, I'll wait till next week. See you then." He walked to the board and posted the new notice before going off to bed.


Tempest stood with Nila and Void along with five other Slimythings students. Tempest was the first to tryout so now she was sitting on the ground and was watching Nila ad Void as they played. Nila was fast and could dodge things with ease. Void could hit hard and use himself as a human shield considering all he had to do was fix the bone back into place which was easy for him. Three more people tried out for the chaser position and one two people tried out for seeker. When the last person tried Tempest could barely watch.

"My god he's . . . he's ——"

"Horrible I know," said Gorx.

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

"Great, now I'd like to put something in your mouth." She flushed and looked back at the last flyer.

"Honestly, I think you should be seeker."

"Why?" she asked rhetorically.

"Your fast. I timed you. The seekers that played, they were slow compared to you. Also Cristina there, she's fast, your faster, and the seeker is well slower than both of you. It only seems right."

"I guess." He blew his whistle and called everyone in a tight circle.

"Okay, now you all did your best, I understand, so now, later today the results will be posted before dinner."

Everyone smiled and changed into their regular attire. Tempest already had an idea of who had made the ream by her conversation with Gorx but chose to keep it to herself. Void grabbed Tempest and Nila and pulled them aside.

"Do you two realized were we're going tomorrow?" he asked them excitedly which made Tempest smile.

"Where?" asked Nila.


Tempest and Nila looked at each other and smiled. Dogscream was the village between the Happy Grounds and the Neutral Grounds, the forest and tiny villages that maintained Neutral to the light and dark lords.

"Well I have to say, this is going to be a very fun year," remarked Tempest.

"Lets hope anyway. I'm sort of getting tired of being scared. I'm a naturally unafraid person."

"After knowing you this long, we know," remarked Void while rolling his eyes.

They spent the rest of the day in the Slimythings Common Room. Tempest kept snug in her bed and just laid there half asleep, thinking.

"Damn you Draco. Just write to me and talk to me dammit."

She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Scenes flashed in her mind. Divina was in the water and looked scared and weak. Chad had his lips on another girls. Void was lying on the ground unconscious and Nila was huddled in a corner crying. In the centre of all these pictures was a fire that glowed black.

Tempest jerked her eyes open and beside her sat Nila, her fushia eyes glowing in worry.

"Hey, you all right? You looked like you were having a bad dream."

"Yeah, I was."

"What about?"

"I can't remember." Tempest watched as Nila looked at the ceiling in thought.

"Well that is a shame. Now, do you think I could make a spell ———"

"Don't even try."

"You don't even know what my idea was!"

"I have an idea and knowing you, it's probably dangerous."

She smiled sweetly and sat very proper as she said, "you know me to very well."

"Got that bloody right. Now, What's the main reason you came here?"

"Gorx said he's just about to post the results of the tryouts."

Tempest jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Everyone stared at her in confusion. She flushed in embarrassment and quickly looked around the room. Void stood with Chad as the far side of the room along withe Divina who was reading a book. Tempest walked over to them and Chad smiled at her warmly.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she replied back.

They all jerked their heads around when Gorx called for their attentions. He smiled toward Tempest and she blushed. He put a piece of parchment on the wall and walked away. Nila, Void, and Tempest looked at each other and ran to the board.

"I knew, I'd make Chaser," said Nila arrogantly.

"And I made beater," remarked Void calmly.

"And I seeker. Bloody brilliant I say."

They smiled at each other when suddenly a letter dropped on her head. She looked at the owl which stood perched on the fireplace.

"Who's it from?" asked Nila.  Tempest looked at them in shock.

"My sister."  She turned around and faced her friends.

Chapter 6: Dogscream
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Tempest sat on her bed and looked at her sisters letter. She needed Tempest to come immediately. Nila looked at her and Void.

"You can't go tomorrow. We're going to Dogscream tomorrow."

"I know. Look, I'll write back to her saying that minute I get back 'll go."

"Good," jumped Nila.

Tempest rolled her eyes and looked down at her neck. The necklace that the Lady of the Lake had given her still hung around her neck.

"I'm going to bed now, you two should probably do the same."

"Yeah, all right," agreed Void.

"Fine," whined Nila. "Although I don't see how I could fall asleep. I'm far too excited!"

"Oh calm down already. Look just relax and count sheep if you have to. I wonder what could be so urgent."

"Who knows. Well goodnight you two." Void got up and walked from the room. Tempest watched him leave before turning to Nila. She sat upright in her bed, her shirt and shorts revealing her tan body.

"Nila, you still haven't talked about your trip to America."

"Huh, oh yeah I guess I haven't. We'll talk about tomorrow or sometime this week. I'm sort of tired now."

"Uh, okay. Goodnight."


Tempest furrowed her brows and just shrugged and went to bed. I wonder what that was all about, thought Tempest.


"Void hurry up," said Tempest.

"Hold on."

"What's going," asked Nila who was buttoning her shirt. Tempest took a second glance at Nila. She was wearing a grey button halter and a black knee length skirt.

"Why do you look so nice today?"

"What I'm not allowed to look nice?," she said hotly. "Now, what's going on?"

"Void lost his permission slip."

"I haven't lost anything. I just misplaced it."

"Hence the lost part." She and Nila laughed and Void glared at them.

"You both know what . . . Accio Permission Slip!" A paper sip flew from under Voids bed and into his hand.

"Wow, it took you this long to think of that," mocked Nila.

"Shut up." Nila laughed some more and he stalked ahead of them. Tempest and Nila ran to either side of him. They ran up the stairs to the entrance of the school and looked around. More than half the students were there.

"Zephyr!" she heard someone call. She turned around and saw Chad, Divina and Zoltron walking toward her.

"Hey cousin, haven't seen much of you lately," said Zoltron.

"Yeah I guess so."

"What have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, I've just been flying around." The all smiled knowing full well what she meant.

Chad came up to her and wrapped his arm around Tempest and they all hung together, waiting. As they all talked, Tempest kept losing her focus as Gorx kept walking by secretly, taking her focus with him.

"Attention," said Majika. Everyone turned toward her. "Now, every action you do will reflect on this school. So, I'm advising you to cause as little mischief as possible." She smiled and they all turned their heads to a whistle. Mistress Scrub stood next to the staircase.

"All of you follow me closely. There are two ways to go to Dogscream. One is a tunnel form school which I the way we will be using today and another is down the road over a troll bridge. We will be using that one later in the year. Now follow me."

Tempest and her friends looked at each other with their eye brows raised.

"Do you think she gets tired of saying that every year?" asked Divina.

"I would," said Tempest

They walked through a wooden door behind the staircase. Down a spiral staircase they went, they way lit by torches high on the walls. At the bottom of the staircase there was a wide tunnel and the ground seemed to slope upward.

"Come on everyone, stop gawking at the tunnel." They looked at each other and began the short trek up the slope. Mistress Scrub stopped in front of them and smiled brightly turning her back to them.

"Welcome to Dogscream," she said throwing tow doors open.

Everyone smiled and walked through the doors. Once through the doors Tempest stood with her friends and looked around.

"Well, I'm off," said Nila.

"Huh," said Void.

'What? You people think you're my only friends. Please, I do have other friends." Tempest and Void looked at each other then back at her as she walked away.

"Do you know what's going on with her," asked Void.

Tempest shook her head. "Not a bloody clue."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," said Divina. "Can we please just fine a pub and hang around it?"

"Hey! I want to check out the Shrieking Shack. I heard that It's closed off and is like a portal to Hogsmeade," said Tempest.

"So?" asked Chad.

"So, it's supposed to be haunted and besides I have to see my sister. Now I can do two things at once." She smiled and grabbed Void and pulled him along.

"Don't you think we should follow Nila?"

"We will later. She'll be fine. Remember, she's not afraid of anything."

"I know but people, like us, should be afraid for her."

Tempest spun around and stared at Void. "She'll be fine," she said turning her back to him yet again.

They walked along taking in the sites. She saw three pubs. One was called the 'Malevolent Eye' another was called the 'Snakes Lounge' and the last was called 'Dragons Breath'. Tempest smiled and told Void that they should go there sometime. He agreed and they began again on their trek.

Tempest stood at the door of The Shrieking Shack and smiled as she put her hand on the doorknob.

"Now lets see if you're really haunted." She opened the door and walked onto the creaky floor. They looked around the place and Void looked at her as he asked her how they were supposed to get to Hogsmeade. She smiled at him arrogantly.

"Through the back door of course." He rolled his eyes and smiled back as they walked to the back. Their feet clicked on the creaking floor. The dark damp wood gave off an old smell that made her a little more than dizzy. They bother jerked when they heard something claw from above. Their pace quickened as they walked outdoors. The sunlight stung their eyes as they closed the doors behind them.

"Bloody hell this place is bright," complained Void.

"Well what did you expect? People here aren't naturally dark like us," said Tempest.

They walked along the walking along the walkway and circled their way around. Tempest looked around for her sister and when she turned a corner bumped into someone.

"Watch it –––"

"Sorry –––" Tempest eyes flashed in anger as she stared at Draco.

"Oh its you. Well hello Crabbe. Hello Goyle." Her eyes narrowed at the girl at Draco's side. She smiled mischievously as she said, "and who might you be?"

"My name's Pansy," she said as she extended her hand. Tempest ignored it and crossed her arms.

"What the bloody hell happened to your arm?" asked Draco.

"If you bothered writing you would know now wouldn't you." Tempest slanted her eyes and they all stood there for a moment.

"Zephyr?" Tempest yanked her head around and smiled at her sister.

"Hello Blade, I thought I'd surprise you."

"Well I am surprised."

"Good. Now come, lets go talk. Void!"

"Yeah I'm coming," he groaned.

Tempest flashed Draco a fake smiled and twirled around following her sister into the gathering crowd.

"See Draco, she's not worth it," said Pansy. Tempest stopped mid-step and clenched her fist.

"Zephyr don't even think about tackling her. This is a school field trip and your not even supposed to be here." Tempest looked at her sister and smiled as she unclenched her fist.

"I'm fine. Beside . . . HE'S NOT WORTH IT EITHER." She turned around and stared at his face. It was full of anger and shock. "Come on lets just go."

They all walked away and walking into a pub called the Three Broomsticks. Selene got them all butter beer and pulled a spare seat up for someone.

"Who's the extra chair for?"

"You'll see."

A couple of moments passed and Tempest watched as her eyes brightened and she smiled slightly. Tempest stared at Oliver Wood as he sat in the spare chair.

"Oliver this is my sister. Don't call her Tempest though, like I prefer Blade, she prefers Zephyr."

He extended his hand as he said, "pleasure to meet you."

"Please, the pleasure is all mine," she said shaking his hand. "Now, What's the emergency."

Selene smiled brightly. "Oliver asked me to marry him and I said yes. I wanted you to be the first to know."

"Bloody hell. This is brilliant. You do know that mum will kill you right."

"I have my ways for dealing with mum. Now what have you been up to?"

"All right. Well there's this guy . . . "

"Chad," interrupted Void.

"Wrong Void. Gorx. He's a seventh year and well I don't know. Whenever I'm around him I lose all focus and I can't think."

"Hold on. What about Chad?" asked Void. "He still liked you . . . a lot I hope you know."

"I know but . . . I like Gorx more. It's strange I know. Look, I will talk to Chad, don't worry."

"Zephyr he's seventeen and your thirteen," said Selene. "It seems wrong to me, considering I'm his age. Look, I won't be fond of it, but before you do anything, think about it and do what your heart says feels more right, all right?"

"All right, I promise." She wanted to give her sister a hug but new better then to do it in public. "I better go now. Goodbye Blade. 'Bye Oliver."

She walked away withe Void and as they neared the Shrieking Shack they saw someone running away. They looked at each other skeptically.

"Who do you think that was," asked Void.

"Who knows. Probably just some stupid Hogwarts student who got scared." They snickered and walked in the way they came.

When they closed the door and fell into silence they heard someone crying. They shared a look of worried and began to creep up the stairs.

"You go down that way and I'll go down this way." He nodded and they separated checking the many rooms. Finally at he third door, as Tempest peeked in she heard someone crawl away.

"Hello?" She walked in and looked around. In the corner sat huddled and crying was a girl clad in grey.

"Oh my god . . . VOID!" She heard him running down the hall and looked at his shocked face as he stood next to her.

"Nila?" he asked.

Tempest and Void exchanged glances and looked back at Nila. Tears were streaming down her face and her hair was all dishevelled. Tempest shook away the Déj vu feeling and walked over to Nila.

"Nila w hat's wrong?"

"I'm scared."


"My cousin."

"What happened?" Nila choked down some tears and looked at Tempest and Void.

"We used the Unbreakable Vow when we were kids by accident. We swore that we would do everything the other asks. But lately, when we went to the family reunion in America, he asked me and keeps asking, and threatening and hurting . . . " She broke down and began to cry again. Tempest looked at Lestat up above and looked at Void.

"What does he want?"

Nila looked up at them and swallowed hard. "He wants Excaliber."

Chapter 7: Bloodlines
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They huddled together in the ladies' bathroom of the Snakes Lounge pub and inn. Tempest soaked a rag and placed it on Nila's lip. She jerked her head away and swore.

"Can't you use a spell?"

"Not at the moment! Besides I don't know any healing spells. I know poisons, uncharming and charming. That's it."

"You know more that just that. You're very talented. Especially in Defence." Tempest smirked and dabbed again.

"Arg! Void do you know any spells?"

"Yes, but we need to show this to the staff and let them know about this."

"Void's right Nila. After then we can heal it. I promise."

"Ugh. Fine."

Tempest smiled victoriously. She cleaned the wound and looked around at the door.

"Crap. Zephyr this is the ladies' bathroom. I'm not supposed to be in here."

"Stand still. Cloakous-maximous." She cast the spell and looked straight at Void. She could still see him. She turned around and stared at the women as she passed. All she did was smile and nod toward Nila and Tempest as though she couldn't see Void. Tempest looked back and forth between Void and Nila before pulling them outside of the bathroom and outside the pub. Once outside Nila and Void both stared at Tempest.

"Nila, do you see Void?"

"No, isn't that a good thing?"

"I can see him!" she said exasperated.

"What," said Void.

"I. Can. See. You!"

"Can you please use the reversal spell. I'm sure he and I want to share a shocked look."

Tempest jerked up her wand and de-cloaked Void. She stared at him as though nothing had changed and Nila jerked her head around.

"There you are."

"So you really couldn't see him."

"No. Now can we please go have some fun to distract me from my slight fright attack."

"All right. Void did we pass a candy store?"

"Yeah we did. Actually we passed a lot of places, including a joke shop full of dark spells and tricks. We should check that place out, i'm sure that would cheer up Nila."  He laughed and she smiled.

"We should," snickered Tempest, "we could probably play a lot of tricks on Astrea and all her little friends."

"Along with everybody else at school," said Nila mischievously. Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at Void who was already walking away.

"Void, wait up," they yelled in unison.

As they walked Tempest began to hum a tune that came out of nowhere. Nila and Void looked at her and she blushed.

"Zephyr, were you just humming?" asked Nila shocked.

"Yeah, so?"

"What's the song?"

"Just something I made up."

"Sing it," said Void.

"Fine," she said giving in. It wasn't lie she had a choice anyway. "A girl so sad she fell asleep as darkness came upon her skin. Despair flew upon her eyes and covered them so thin. Death crawled upon her bloody skin and cause the darkness to fly lie the wind. Decay it came and clawed at her skin as her cute bleed so thing..."

"That's very depressing, beautuful but depressing" commented Nila.

"Have you seen the life I live?"

"True." They walked along and stopped at a tavern that smelled of strong incense. Jasmine, she thought, and . . .

"God that's blood," she said aloud.

"Of course it is. It's a tavern for vampires only. No one else is granted access," said Void.

"We didn't pass that before?"

"I know. I took a detour." He looked at Tempest and Nila. "Don't worry, it's not like a vampire is going to pop put of nowhere and suck out blood."

"That us one thing you can never be too sure about," said a seductive voice.

"Do you enjoy popping out of nowhere Master Vlad. No disrespect meant, just curious."

"Actually, on occasion I do. Now as I was saying, sometimes you can't be to sure. When vampires leave the tavern, the blood rushes to their heads and their hunger grows." He smiled and began to walk away. He stopped a moment and stared transfixed at Nila. "What happened to you Miss Cerdwin?"

"Uh, well I was at the Shrieking Shack."

"Her cousin that attends Hogwarts hit her," said Void harshly.

"He wanted my sword and is trying to get Nila to obtain it for him."

"How does he know you even have that swords Zephyr?"

"I'm not sure . . . Nila?" She glared at her angrily.

"I don't know, over the summer he just brought it up and I tried to deny it but he just grew angry.  I didn't tell him, not a word."

They all stood on worried muteness when finally the light bulb lit up in Tempest head.

"Master Vlad, I was wondering if I could make a scrying potion first thing when we get back to school?"

"Of course. Now off you go and be careful."

They all nodded and smiled and walked off. But before Tempest turned the corner she saw Master Vlad walk off into the tavern. They lights turned on and she noticed that the glass was blood red.

"I don't even wanna know," she said turning her back.

They walked for a while till Nila jumped with joy and ran into a candy store.

"I swear, she's like a bloody child," said Void.

"I guess that's why we love her."

"You maybe. I tolerate her," he said smiling. Tempest shook her head and followed Nila,

When they entered they expected to see Nila looked. Instead they saw her sitting down stuffing her face with Bertie Bott Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs and Licorice wands. She looked up toward them and waved them over.

"God you're a pig," said Void. Nila looked at him and in mid-chew opened her mouth wide. "God that's disgusting."

She swallowed down and glared at him. "Well that's what you get. I've had a pretty rough day if you don't mind. Or have you forgotten?"

"It's not my fault you were a stupid child."

"Void," hissed Tempest.

"No Zephyr," said Nila putting her hand down. "He's right. I was a stupid child. Now I'm a smart teenager," she said finished with a smile. "According to Void anyway. Thank you for the compliment."

He looked away and began chewing on a licorice wand. Tempest picked up a Bertie Bott Every Flavor Beans and chewed on it. Yum, roasted marshmallow, she thought before eating a vomit one.

Time flew by slowly as they hung around. They bought some pranking games and knew who their first victim would be. Tempest, Nila, and Void sat around a tree and just stared off into space.

"I feel tired," said Tempest.

"Well that was random," giggled Nila.

"She also likes Gorx more than she likes Chad," stated Void.

"Really? Well Chad will be sad."

"Sad about what?" someone asked. Tempest, Nila and Void all sat up and regarded Chad and Divina with fake calmness.

"I'll be sad about what?"

"If I died," said Tempest calmly.

"I think we all would," said Divina.

"How very enthusiastic you sound," remarked Tempest sarcastically.

Divina smiled innocently and flipped her long blue hair. Tempest stared at her in confusion. Divina seemed differed and angry in a way.

"Anyway, we're leaving now," stated Divina turned back to the road. "We just came to get you."

"All right, come on you two." Tempest got up and felt Chad place his arm around her shoulder and pull her close.

"Yeah, I would be sad," she heard him whisper in her ear.

"Yeah, I know." She swallowed down the guilt and wrapped her arm around his waist and snuggled up to him.


Tempest prepared the potion on the Poisons classroom. Master Vlad stood upside on the wall above them supervising the whole concoction. Nila stood calmly waiting for her part in the experiment to come. Nothing scares her except this, thought Tempest sneaking a glace at her.

"What?" Nila said irritably noticing Tempest gaze.

"Now you know how I feel everyday," said Tempest turning back to the cauldron.

"Yeah, I guess I never know how you felt completely."

"I guess, but I do have one question for you."


"Why does your cousins' violence scare you and nothing else? I remember our first year. You laced her legs over the boat and basically taunted the underwater creature. And when we went to get my stone, you were basically calm. The only time you get remotely scared was when Void . . . well you know."

"Losing family and very close friends. That's what scared me. I don't know why, it just does. Now, is the potion ready?"

"Yup. Come and cast the spell."

"All right." She closed her eyes ad pointed her wand. "Scopeventous."

The potions showed a boy in a bathroom looking down at his hands.

"I hit her," he said. "I hit her and hurt her. I caused her fright, shes . . . "

"You only did what I told you to do," said a sudden voice.

Into the picture came a young looking man with grey hair and gold eyes. Tempest felt her body stiffen and tense in anger. He was one of the men Merwick had sent to kill her ten years ago.

"But why? She's innocent, relatively speaking anyway." He stopped and looked at his hands again. "The only reason we bonded ourselves was to stay close!" He was beginning to yell.

"You have no choice in the matter. I have you under Imperio. You are mine to control boy. Now what is it you're going to do?"

"Retrieve Excaliber," he said solemnly. The scene faded and Tempest stared at Nila and then looked at Master Vlad.

"Master Vlad, may I be excuse? There's someone I need to talk to."

He looked at her knowingly and nodded.  "But be careful Zephyr, she can get very temperamental when you talk about her family."

"All right. Thank you." She turned to Nila and Void. "You two go to the Common room and wait fro me. I'll be there in a minute." They nodded and she ran off.

Tempest walked up the stairs slowly and took a deep breath when she reached the third floor. Tempest walked slowly to the office of Mistress Starlet. She knocked on the door and heard Mistress Starlet allow her in.

"Hello Mistress Starlet," she said closing the door.

"Miss Nyx. What can I help you with?"

"There is a matter of which I need to talk to you about. It's a very delicate matter as well."

"Is it now, well then take a seat." Tempest sat down and looked up at Mistress Starlet directly in her golden eyes.

"I know, it was your brothers that attacked my when I was three. I know my parents killed two. But the third . . . I know he's still alive."

"Yes, yes he is." She laughed and looked out the window. "He used to be the god one. My twin brother. He used to cal me his little golden-eyes raven." She paused and looked at Tempest. Her smile faded. "What is it that you want."

"He has Nila's cousin, who attends Hogwarts under the imperious curse. He's using him to try and steal Excaliber."

Mistress Starlet laughed. "The men in my family are so pathetic. The only people capable of using tit are you and Zoltron." She paused and stared at Tempest coldly. "Let me tell you this though. He's not stupid. That why he's still alive. He knows all about how Excaliber works. So why he would want it, is beyond me."

Tempest thanked Mistress Starlet before leaving. She stopped at the door and looked back at Mistress Starlet.

"Mistress Starlet, I hope you won't take offense by this but I don't think I can completely trust you. Three of your brothers tried to kill me when I was three."

"I know Miss Nyx. I have nothing against that. You are one of my favorite students to be frank, but your blood also give me something to harbor. In time you will know what."

Tempest walked out of the room and down the wall to the Common room. Bloodlines suck, she thought, so much hatred is harbored.

Chapter 8: Festivities
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Tempest stood with her back laid against one of her bedpost. She looked at Divina who was wearing a vampire costume. They were waiting fro Nila to finish changing into her costume. She was behind her black curtains surrounding her bed. Bother her and Divina jerked when they heard Nila fall.

"I'm all right," they heard her say. "Just stay where you are."

Tempest and Divina shared a worried look but stayed put on their beds. Tempest rolled her eyes and went to her mirror. She fixed up her hair and replaced her hellish halo. Tinkerhell. That's what she was. She looked down at her red fishnet stockings and fixed the back of her red heels.

"Divina can you please come over here and adjust my wings?"

"Sure, not like I've got anything better to do anyway." Tempest looked at her through the corner of her eyes. Divina was sulking her way toward her very slowly. When she reached Tempest she crossed her arms.

"What exactly is it you want me to do?"

"Just re-adjust my wings."

"All right."

Tempest felt Divina pull and tug them then turned her around.

"Is that good enough?"

"Yeah," she said looked at the mirror.

"All right then." Divina sat on Tempest bed and Tempest watched her. Her eyes revealed anger and sadness. And her attitude suggested that she was taking most of her anger out on everyone.

"Ta dah!" jumped Nila making Tempest lose her focus on Divina's eyes. Nila laced one leg after the other over the foot of her bed.

"What the bloody hell are you," asked Tempest staring at the pink and black costume.

"A graveyard fairy." She fixed her pink fishnet stockings as she fixed her feet into her black heels.

"You're wearing pink," remarked Divina.

"Yeah so? Like I've ever cared what people think of me."

"Well maybe you should!"

"Divina What's the matter with you?" exclaimed Tempest.

"Everything! I hate everything!" She stormed from the room and Tempest and Nila ran after her in there thick heels. They feet hit hard against the stairs.

"Divina," they both yelled in unison.

"Just leave me alone!"

She ran off and Chad and Void borage watched her go. Tempest walked to the middle of the room and looked at the closing entry way.

"Do either of you what going on wither her?" she demanded.

"No," they said. There was a pause as they all fell silent not knowing what to do.

"Look," began Chad, "I'll go find her and talk to her."

"She said she wanted to be alone," said Nila.

"Just leave it all to me," he said agitated. He walked form the dormitory and Tempest picked up her dagger.

"Lets just get to our classes."


They all sat in Defense Against the Good Arts. Tempest looked around the classroom for Divina and Chad. They weren't there. Tempest Void and Nila all exchanged worried expressions.

"Attention students," said Madam Jacquilina. "Now today I have a special treat. Behind these doors are many gnomes. Can anyone tell me about knows?"

"They are the most annoying creatures in the world. They cause mischief and take things. Especially food, particularly sweets like candy," said Nila.

"Good Miss Cerdwin. Fifteen points to Slimythings." Nila smiled and Void and Tempest stared at her in shock.

"Hey, I might not be bloody smart in everything, but I do have my specialities," she smiled secretly and turned back to her paper.

"How exactly did you know all that,"asked Void.

"During my trip America, we went to the beach through like door that is almost like the door in the Shrieking Shack. Gnomes came out of nowhere and covered the place. They had to evacuate. It was hilarious, you know, after it blowed over." Tempest and Void laughed and Nila just sighed exasperated.

"So, that the only way she could know anything," remarked Void. Nila let out a gasp and threw her book at him. Tempest fell over laughed.

"Well I didn't hear you answer!"

"I raised my hand you nitwit. You just answered first," said Void.

"If you two haven't noticed the whole class is staring at you," said Tempest.

Tempest watched them both flush in embarrassment. Madam Jacquilina smiled a think you toward her and called back for everyone attention.

"Lets get back to the lesson if you don't mind. Now as I was saying, behind each of these doors are at least a dozen gnomes."

"That like six dozen gnomes," said Void.

"Shut up smart mouth," remarked Nila.

"Now," continued Madam Jacquilina, "in that big crate over three, there is an enormous amount of candy. Let the lesson begin. Ahlohamora!"

She sat at her desk and out of the door came a dozens of little gnomes. Nila acted fast and stood on her seat. Void and Tempest began to kick at their legs as they jumped on the desk. Tempest pulled out her wand and looked around the room.

"Eek," she heard someone scream. She turned around and smiled. Astrea was being attacked by gnomes.

"Hilarious." She pointed her wand at the gnomes and listened one last moment to Astreas' voices creaming fro the gnomes to get off her. "Flipendo," she finally said. The gnomes knocked off of Astrea and she jumped on her desk showing no gratitude whatsoever.

"That's it," began Nila standing up from her crouched position. "I've had enough of these pesky creatures."

She stood up and walked from her seat to another desktop. She repeated that three more times till she finally stopped.

"Bombarda!" The casket exploded and the candy fell everywhere on the floor. Nila smiled in the direction of Tempest and Void.

"Brilliant job," said Void. "Now kneel down and on my mark both of you Petrificus Totalus on all at them. All right?" The nodded. "One...two...three!"

"Petrificus Totalus!" they all said in unison. The gnomes fell stiff to the ground and Tempest ears jerked at the noise that was not from a student. She jerked her body around and stared at a gnome that was running toward the candy.

"Nockturals Infinis," she muttered.

Nila stood back up and jumped to the ground. She walked back to them stepping over gnomes on her way.

"Well," she said leaning against the desk, "that was fun." They laughed but were quickly silence by an applause. They turned around and Madam Jacquilina was applauding them.

"In all my years as a teacher not one student has actually used their brain to unleash the candy. Not one student has even stopped s single gnome let alone all of them in a single wave of magic. I must say, you three are very promising students. I am awarding each of you twenty points. Class dismissed." She smiled and Tempest placed her hands on her hips.

"I must agree, we do kick ass." They all left the classroom calmly and out in the hallway was Zoltron.

"Hello cousin. You know I barely see you anymore. Isn't it a shame?"

"Oh yes. Now what is it you want?"

"I wanted to know if you've heard the news?"

"What news?"

"That Astrea is the seeker for Dufflebaggies."

"She's what?!"

"I'll take that as a no you didn't know."

"No I didn't. How long have you know?"

"Just since today. I wanted to know because your first match against her is tomorrow."

"They were waiting till that last minute to see if they could psyche Zephyr out," remarked Nila.

"Has anyone ever told you that you talk to bloody much," asked Void.

"Just shut up."

"Anyway are you ready?" asked Zoltron.

"Of course. Oh, by the way, have you see n either Chad or Divina?"

"Yeah. They were in the library. Divina looked pretty upset."

Tempest, Void, and Nila looked at each other worried. Tempest asked Zoltron to lead them to where he had seen them. He complied and they all ran, skipping their next class.

"At least we lasted this long without skipping classes," said Void as they ran.

Tempest laughed. "Yup, I guess nothing last forever."

They crept slowly into the library and Zoltron led them slowly to the back. Deep in the back they heard voices and Tempest told them all to stay quiet.

"It's just not fair," said Divina.

"Just calm down Divina. Everyone getting worried. I lied to Zephyr. I don't like to lie to her."

"Like she even cares, and why are you calling her Zephyr? She's not even around, so call her anything you want!"

"Stop it! She's your friend!"

"So?! She's the reason that I'm be-throned! If my sister hadn't sacrificed her life for hers, she would be the one be-throned! Not I!"

"It's not her fault she carried Morgan essence. She didn't cause any of thus! She didn't even cause your mother to fall ill. None of it is her fault so stop being so angry with her."

"NO!" They heard her sit down. "I wish I could save her."

"Don't worry, everything will be all right," they heard Chad sooth. Tempest gripped her fists and circled the bookshelf quietly. She stared at Divina sitting on Chad's arms.

"So you're be-throned?" They jerked around and stared ta her. She smiled and crossed her arms. "Why is it, I'm always the last to know these things? Oh well I guess I'll just have to do my own screaming."

"Tempest . . . " began Chad. She glared at him then turned her attention back towards Divina.

"You really think you're life is so much worse?"


"Shut up! Your sister may have died, but I had to witness my father die before my eyes! I was three years old! You at least had your sister and got to know her! My father died! His death stopped nothing! I am wanted dead Divina! So top being a bloody bitch! At least your mother is dying and not dead!"

Tears dripped down her cheek and she walked away. She slammed the library doors in her wake and heard the echo of them closing in the hallway.



"Are you all right?"

"I will be, just alert me of they come to find me. Would rather be alone for the day."

"All right."


"All right."
There was a pause but she knew he was still there. "Are you going to the secret passage way?"Tempest laid down of the floor of the secret corridor. No one knew she was here so she's didn't more. The whole day had past and she was beginning to grow hungry. She sat up and dusted herself off. The word spun as she looked around. She had spent the whole day there sleeping and crying. It wasn't fair how Divina was blaming her she thought. It just wasn't fair. She leaned against the wall and looked up at the ceiling. She wanted to move but she could force her body to move an inch.

"Need help." She turned and stared at Gorx. He was dressed as Master Vlad ad in her opinion looked hot.

"No I'm all right, just, uh, sit down with me."

"Already way ahead of you." He sat down and she laughed. "What's so funny?"


"No tell me."

"Only you would think to look for me. Especially here."

"Well I am the only one that knows you're here, that is, unless you told someone of this place.

She shook her head and smiled. "No I think I'll just keep this place to myself."

"Good thinking. That's usually what I do. Only you know of this passage. I haven't told anyone."

"Good," she agreed. Se turned to him and noticed he was staring down at her. "Why did you come looking for me?"

"I heard you screaming in the library. I thought I'd give you a while to relax and cool down, as well as bring you food."

He brought out some pumpkin pasties and candy corn. She grabbed it from his hand and without any regard for how stupid she would look, stuffed it in her mouth.

"Wow, you were really hungry weren't you?"

"You have no idea," she said swallowing the last of the food. "Thank you by the way."

'Don't mention it." He stood up and offered his hands. "Come one I'll sneak you back to the Common room."

"Thank you." She took his hand and he helped her up. She took his hand and he helped her up. She dusted herself off and when she looked back up at him, he was staring down at her.



"I like you, a lot, ad I think you know that already."

"Well I . . . "

"Just close your eyes for a moment, I have a present for you." Se agreed and closed her eyed tightly. Suddenly she felt a pressure against her lip. Then came a body pushing her up against the wall. She circled her arms around his neck and let herself relax. As soon as she let herself relax she felt Gorx pull away and look at her.

"We should go."

"Not yet." She kissed him back and he held her tightly. Soon, what was supposed to be a short peck on the lips turned into a long passionate one.

Chapter 9: Déjà Vu
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Tempest fixed her quidditch uniform and tied her hair tightly behind her head and grabbed her broom. The latest in flying, a gift from her godparents, the Fireboat. Nila and Void stood by her side and just stared a her, their Nimbus 2001's in their hands.


"Well, we haven't talked about what happened yesterday," said Nila.

"Yeah so?" she said ignoring their faces.

"Well we were looking for you. We wanted to now if you were all right."

"But when we found you, you were already asleep.

"Well I was tired," she snapped.

"Well were sorry for caring," Nila snapped back.

"Enough you two," yelled Void. He turned he attention back towards Tempest. "What's going on Zeph?"


"You know we don't believe that," said Nila.

"Do I even look like I care?"

"Tell us what's going on," demanded Void.

"Divina blames me for why her life is turning out the way it is and to tell you the truth, if I were in her position, I would probably be doing the same. And second, I'm confused. Why? Because Gorx kissed me yesterday and honestly, I enjoyed it. The bloody problem is I don't exactly know how to tell Chad, and I like Chad, a lot, just not as much as Gorx."

She gave them a fake smiled and they stared at her with mouths wide open. Tempest watched as they looked at each other and then returned their attention back towards her.

"Gorx kissed you?" asked Nila.


"Are you going to tell your sister?" asked Void.

"Of course. I have to. During the Christmas holiday thought. Now...lets fo kick some Dufflebaggies butt."

They smiled and went to go meet the rest of the team. Gorx stood with his beater stick and smiled toward Tempest winsomely.

"Okay, now that we are all here lets just make this quick. Alex, Christopher, keep and eyes on Nila, lake sure they don't try anything. I know you're fast Nila, but they are brutally unfair."

"Got it," they said in unison.

"Serena, watcher them all closely like you always do. I'll cover you against any bludgers that they send your way."

"What, they actually hit bludgers in the keepers direction," said Void.

"Yup, and the chasers. You need to cover the chasers all right?" Void nodded. "Tempest . . . uh sorry."

"It's okay, I don't mind."

"Okay. Well I want you to watch Astrea. Knock her off her broomstick if you want. I don't care."

"All right," she said with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Good. Come on lets go."

They walked to the field and mounted on their broomsticks. Tempest, Nila, and Void flew to the top of the field and looked down.

"Think any Dementors will come onto the field?" asked Nila.

"Not if everyone wearing their necklace, they won't have any need," said Tempest.

"Hopefully anyway," finished Void solemnly.

Mistress Fanato blew her whistle and they flew down forming a circle. Tempest hovered above her team and stared at Astrea straight ahead of her. Her red hear was fixed in a tight braid and her green eyes radiated hatred.

"Now," began Mistress Fanato, "I want the most non-violent game you can promise me played. If I see any use of wands, that whole team will be disqualified and will not be allowed to play for the rest of the year. Keep your fights on campus." She blew her whistle once more and threw the quaffle up into the air. Nila caught the ball first and spun around a Dufflebaggies. She threw the ball to Christopher who scored it threw a hoop. Alex caught the ball and out of nowhere a bludger came at him. Tempest whistled in joy when Void sent it careening out towards the Dufflebaggies stands. She laughed when she noticed it almost hit Heather and Cassandra.

"Looks Louis, it's our favorite person in the world."

Tempests turned her head around and glared through slanted eyes at Astrea and Louis.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here Louis?"

"I'm a beater, didn't you notice?"

"No, and frankly, your not a very good one to be frank." She  laughed at her redundedness, hoping that she was clear enough for him to see.

"And why do you say that?"

"Cause there's a bludger coming your way." He turned around and swung hard at the oncoming bludger. She took that opportunity to dice at the Golden Snitch that was just below them. She swerved around players and followed it closely.

Astrea kicked at her side and she kicked back. They both flew up and over the heads of Growl kittens.

"Come on Zephyr," she heard someone yell. She looked down and saw her cousin waving at her. He was the only non-Slimythings student allowed in the Common room on account of his sneakiness.

Tempest returned her attention back towards the Snitch. Astrea tried to punch her but she ducked her head. Tempest reached forward to grab the Snitch, but Astrea pushed her aside. Tempest felt herself hit Astrea right before she grabbed the Snitch.

Tempest heard a whistle blow signaling the end of the match. She looked around for Nila and Void. Nila stood clapping and applauding. She looked around for Void and gasped when she finally saw him. Void laid unconscious on the ground.

Tempest flew down toward him with her team close behind. She threw aside her broom and knelt by Voids' head.

"He was hit by a bludger," she said standing up.

Nila ran to Voids' side and lifted his head onto her lap. Tempest turned around and stared at Louis and Astrea. Apparently Tempest had broken her nose. Tempest clenched her fist and started her way towards them.

"You stupid bloody ignorant sore losers!"

"I don't believe we know what you're talking about," sneered Louis.

She clenched her fist and punched him hard in the guts and as he bent forward to clutch his stomach, she punched him in the face.

"Well," she panted, "now you two look like twins." She smiled towards Astrea's bloody face and walked back towards Void. "Come one Nila, lets get Void back to the infirmary."

Nila nodded and propped him up. Gorx went down to his knees and they put Void on his back. Tempest couldn't help herself at his sweetness so she gave him a quick peck on the lips. He smiled slightly and blushed. She blushed as well and looked at Nila who couldn't stop smiling.


"Nothing, that was just cute."

"Glad you think so."

Nilas smiled faded. "I might, but I'm sure he doesn't." She nudged her head forward. Tempest looked back, half expecting so see what she thought she would see. Behind her was stood Chad, along with Divina who was glaring at her.

"I'm going to the dormitory," said Tempest.

She walked in the opposite direction off the field. After a while of walking she noticed a cat besides her.

"Zoltron, can you please turn to normal?" The cat shook his head and she sighed. "Fine. But one of these days people are going to complain about your being in the Slimythings dormitory."

Zoltron simply jumped on her shoulder and curled against her neck.

"You're insane cousin, I hope you know that." The cat just licked her neck and began purring.

They walked into the Slimythings Common room and Zoltron jumped down from her shoulders. She told him to wait there while she changed.

Tempest was tying up her boots when she heard people yelling for her. She ran downstairs and Zoltron, Divina, and Nila stood staring at her approach.

"I'm going to ask what you're staring at and I want a straight answer."

"Gorx and Chad got into a fight in the infirmary," stated Divina with her arms crossed.

"Who started it?"

"Chad," said Nila.

"Where's Chad now?"

"No one knows," said Divina. She was clutching her right arm in pain.

"What happened to your arm?"


"Chad pushed her away when she went to calm him. Her elbow fell out of place."

"Come on follow me."

Tempests ran from the Common room and ran down to the catacombs and once there opened the first door.

"What are you looking for?" asked Divina.


"Well that's obvious, but what?"

"Can you just shut up fro one moment please," Tempest snapped. They all fell quiet and she grabbed a book and flew through the pages. She threw the book down to the ground and grabbed another. She flung that one down to and grabbed another. She finally stopped at a page and pointed her wand at the ceiling.

"Findiento!" The room glowed brightly and suddenly Chad's face appeared in the ceiling. He was talking to someone they couldn't see.

"Can't we hear them?" asked Nila.

"No, I can only see him and his surroundings. Where does it look like he is?"

"The library probably. Look at where he's sitting," pointed Zoltron.

"Get there fast. I don't like the way this feels." They nodded and ran fast up the stairs. Tempest thought in her head id she knew a passage way then thought against it. Those were their secret hideaways, she thought.

When they reached the library, they slipped up. She walked around the first floor and stopped when she turned a corner. She stood stunned as she stared at the unholy scene before her eyes.

"Chad?" Chad and Astrea pulled away from their kiss and stared at Tempest.

"You're kidding right? Her? Astrea Sanguina? You're fucking kidding me right?!"

"Oh honey, calm down," mocked Astrea. "You technically brought this upon yourself."

"You! You shut up! You have absolutely no say in this! NONE!"

"Wow, you are a jealous one aren't you."

"If another word comes from your mouth, I swear Astrea I will snap that pretty little neck of yours." Suddenly out of nowhere her dragon appeared and grew to it's full size.

"Aidan . . . "

"I though I should come to provide the proper protection."

"You're not comfortable, are you?"

"The tables and bookshelves are digging into my sides."

"Well hopefully this won't take long."
"I'm leaving," said Chad. He tried to push past her but she dug her nails into his arms and jerked him back.

"Just let me go," he pined.

"No. Now I know your hurt, I understand that, but Chad really, Astrea. I mean, bloody hell Chad, she hates me!"

"I know and right now so do I!"

"You cannot be serious? Look, I still like you, but Gorx, I don't know, It's a strange and stupid feeling. Like confusing."

They both stood there before Chad punched a table. She flinched a little and he slumped down into a seat. She sat down next to him and rubbed his shoulder.

"I just thought that maybe . . . I don't know."

"Look, do you just want to start over and just focus on being friends?" He nodded and she smiled and extended her hand. "Hi, you may already know me by status but I'm sure we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Tempest Artemisa Nyx, but everyone calls me Zephyr."

He smiled and took her hand. "Pleasure. I'm Chad Callfrink."

She smiled and gave him s hug and a peck on the cheek then bent down to his ear. "I'm still counting on you to be my knight in shining armor."

"Don't worry, I will." They both sat there for a while till Tempest got up and stared at Chad.

"This is odd."

"What is?"

"Everything. This whole day. I feel like I've already seen the day happen. Void lying unconscious on the ground and you kissing someone. I feel like it's already happened."

"Strange. Like Déj vu."

"You know I always wondered which language that is anyway or if it's just made up jiber jabber."

"Actually," said a voice, "it's French." They turned around and behind them was Divina, Nila, and Zoltron.

"How do you know that?"

"I have a cousin that goes to some French wizarding school. Déj means already and vu mean saw. So Déj vu means already seen. Like I've said before I do know some things." She smiled proudly to herself and walked toward them taking the seat next to Chad.

"Anyway, as I was saying, I feel like I've already seen these events taking place, like in a dream or something."

"Don't worry, I'm sure the whole feeling will pass sooner or later," said Divina.

"Glad to see you're talking to me again."

"For now." She met Tempest gaze before leaving pushing Zoltron aside. They stood in silence as Zoltron walked to them.

"Wow, what's got her hair all tangled?"

"A lot of things," Tempest, Nila, and Chad said in unison.

"Uh, all right then."

"Come on already. Lets just go check on Void. And make sure he's awake."

They all nodded in agreement and Tempest began walking behind them as she traced her fingers on the book bonds. Her dragon flew to her arm causing her to accidentally pull a book out. The book opened up on impact with the ground and she reached for the book.

"You guys keep going I'll be a sec." They obeyed and she picked up the book. She looked at the pages and stared at it in confusion.

"Mistress, what is it,"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'll just come back and look at it later."

"All right."
She placed the book back and memorize the title: Mystic Fires of the World, be leaving.she heard Aidan hiss. She crossed her arms and watched in amusement as Astrea backed against the wall and ran from them. "I must say that was funny."

Chapter 10: Truth of Matters
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Tempest walked along Dogscream keeping Nila other side. Nila stopped every couple of steps and then stopped, forcing Tempest and Void to pull her alongside them. Tempest fixed her ski hat and fixed her cut gloves back into place. Gorx called her and she smiled at him. He caught her hand as she ran to him and snuggle up to him. They were off to go meet her sister and Nila's cousin. They walked to the Shrieking Shack and walked through.

"Do we have to go talk to my cousin?"

"Yes," they all said in unison. She groaned and walked with her head down through the back door. Void picked up a snowball and threw it against the back of Nilas deep blue jacket. She gasped and jerked around. Her brown boots kicked snow at him and her deep blue corduroys caught snow on them. Tempest looked at Voids soon to be wet forest green sweater.

"God Void, I'm already stressed enough."

"Sorry, I just thought we could have some fun." He smiled winsomely. She fixed her hair back in place and ran after Void.

"I sweat you two are like children." Suddenly a snow hit her head and a sly grin crept across her face.

Everyone suddenly began rolling around in the white snow. Tempest jerked her head up from play at the sound of a familiar arrogant voice.

"Zephyr . . . " began Void.

"Wait here, I'll be right back."

She dusted herself of the snow and walked down the slope and crossed behind some trees. She stood and smiled to herself as she watched Draco mock the mudblood and the Weasly.

She turned her head around when she heard a twig break. She stared in awe at Harry Potter. He was under what appeared to be an invisibility cloak. She watched him make a snowball and launch it through the air hitting Draco. Tempest watched in amuse man before running to head off Draco. When she heard him approach she climbed up a tree and waited.

"Draco, do you have any idea how funny that was to watch?"

He looked up and gave her one of his rude sneers instead of one of his charming arrogant sincere smiles. "Hello Tempete."

"Honestly, do you know how funny it was? I'll tell you . . . HILARIOUS!"

"Shut up."

"Oh come now, be the old you and get Potter back, that's what I would do."

His head jerked upward and she waved at him. "What did you just say?"

"Harry Potter was the one throwing snowballs at you. He was wearing an invisibility cloak."

"So how are you able to see him."

"I'm not exactly sure, all I know is that I can see anything that is invisible."  They stared at each other before Draco finally asked her what she was doing there.  "I came to introduce my sister to by boyfriend."

"You're boyfriend?" he asked in shock. She smiled at his jealousy.

"Yup." She jumped down from her tree branch and bid him goodbye.

Tempest walked back to Gorx and he hugged her tightly. I feel like he never wants to let go, she thought. She looked around and when she didn't see Nila or Void, she lifted herself and kissed Gorx. He led her tightly and she wrapped herself tighter. Suddenly she heard someone cough and she puled away, face flushed. Nila and Void were staring at them smiling.

Tempest walked past them and said, "shut up."

They walked fro a while till Tempest looked for the small pub where they were supposed to meet. Tempest stopped a moment and rolled her eyes. Nila had stopped walking and was staring happily at the candy store in front of her. Her eyes were as lit as a child's.

"Nila . . . "

"Oh come on."


"Why not?"

"Because we have to meet my sister so come on and stop acting like a child.

Nila pouted but followed anyway alongside Void. Tempest smiled and opened the pub door. Someone called her name and she turned around. Oliver Wood waved at her and she waved back.

"Come on follow me," she said to her friends." She led them over to the table and they all sat down.

"Hello Zephyr. Selene...I mean Blade," he smiled and she smiled back. "She went to use the bathroom. She'll be back in a minute or two."

"All right."

They waited a moment and Oliver got them all some drinks. Tempest looked out the window and stared blankly at the falling snow. She picture her and Draco laughing on the steps of a building. She smiled at the vivid picture in her eyes. No one had to know, she thought.

"Zephyr," she heard Gorx say.


"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing. Just some mental picture popped into my head."

"Of what?"

"Of me with . . . you."

"Doing what?" he asked slyly.

"Just laughing." He smiled and she smiled back. Where had theat picture come from, she thought. She looked down at her necklace and traced the intricate designs. She looked up at her sister who smiled slightly before sitting down.

"So," began her sister, "is this the famous Gorx I've heard so much about?"

"I guess." He looked uncertain at Tempest but she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Okay, now let me tell you thin straight forward. I'm not exactly thrilled my little sister is dating someone three years older than her." She cast a stare at her sister. "But I'm willing to overlook that on account that you make my sister happy." She smiled and Tempest smiled back.

Time in her eyes flew by and she looked back outside. Harry potter was running under the cloak. She wondered what would make him do so. The thought quickly left her mind as another popped in it place.

"Blade, we have to go now all right? I'll write to you later." She gave her sister and future brother-in-law a future hug and left quickly.

"Where are we going?" asked Nila.

"Have you forgotten already," remarked Void.

"No," she pouted, "but I was hoping you did."

"Sorry, nope," said Tempest.

Nila too the lead and lead them to a little cave near the Shrieking Shack. Tempest got her wand ready.

"Adrian?" Nila called.

"I'm here," called a voice.

Nila walked in and they all followed close behind. Inside the cave a wand was lit and they stared at Adrian who was staring back at them shocked.

"I'm sorry Adrian. Terra Vita." Vine came up from the ground and blocked the entryway.

"I'm not," began Tempest. "Forcefintos!" An invisible barrier laid upon the wall of vines.

"Neither am I." Void summoned a dagger and threw it at the barrier, imbedding it in the invisible wall.

They encompassed him and he grabbed his wand. Tempest quickly placed her sword at his neck.

"I don't think so."

He dropped his wand and crossed his arms tightly over his broad chest. How old is he exactly, thought Tempest.

"Adrian, stop this," begged Nila.

"I wish I could Nila, but I can't." He paused and looked at her. "I'm sorry for hurting you."

"I know you are." She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry too."

Vine came from the wall and pulled his to it. Nila turned her back to him and stared at Tempest and Void.

"Okay, I haven't been completely honest with you two."

"Explain," demanded Void and Tempest in unison.

"Adrian is a family friend. He comes to all our reunions. We're not related at all. Plus, um, we sort of like each other, and he's dating my sister."

"You're kidding right?" exclaimed Tempest.

"No. I wish I were though."

"You're a bad sister," said Void.

"Shut up!" She turned back to Adrian and kissed him lightly on the lips. "And I can't give you Excaliber Adrian. I'm sorry."

"You have no choice."

Tempest stared at them before turning to Void who nodded solemnly. Tempest turned her sword back into a glass dagger.

"Release him Nila.

"What?" Nila stared at her in astonishment.

"Just do it."

Nila's ring glowed as the vines sunk back into the wall. Tempest grabbed a glass dagger and threw it at Nila.

"Zephyr . . . "

"Give it to him. Maybe without it I won't be plagued as much as I used to."

"Zephyr . . . "

"Just do it already!"

Nila took one last look at it before handing it to Adrian. He took it and kissed her.

"Void, do grab your dagger."

"Accio dagger." The dagger vanished when it touched his hand. Tempest cast a reversal spell on the invisible wall and the vines sunk back into the ground.

"Thank you," Adrian said to Tempest.

"Don't thank me, I'm doing this for her, not you."

He walked away and Nila watched him leave. Void put a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

"Bloody hell you're mental," he said. "He's not worth your time."

"Just shut up." She walked out the cave and they all followed.

"Don't you think you should tell her," whispered Gorx in her ear when she was outside. He had waited for her outside.

"At school. Right now I'm afraid she'll do something stupid."

"You're probably right."


Tempest watched Nila sulk in a armchair in the Common room. She twirling a piece of her blonde hair. Tempest looked at Tempest and she nodded at him. He closed his book and stood and she did the same. Nila didn't acknowledge them as they hovered over them.

"Nila . . . " they began.


"Bloody hell, just listen. I have Excaliber."

Nila finally looked up and her eyes flashed brightly. Tempest stared down into the fuchsia colored eyes.


"I gave you a regular glass dagger. They'll never the difference unless they can unleash the power. But by my knowledge only my family can."

"So I didn't give him Excaliber?"

"No, you didn't."

Nila smiled and sunk back into the seat. "Thank god."

"God you've gone completely mental," said Void.

"Oh for goodness sake, shut up already." She got up and grabbed a book. "I'm going to bed now."

"What's the book for?" asked Tempest.

"To put me to sleep. School books are that boring you know." She smiled and walked off. Tempest followed and said goodnight to Void before grabbing Excaliber and tucking it back into her wristband.

Chapter 11: Discoveries
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Chad cam out of nowhere and picked Tempest up from her seat. Valentines day was in two days. She had a boyfriend, an official one. It still felt strange to her, but in a good way. Tempest still couldn't help that everything felt like a dream, and in a good way.

"Chad, can you please put me down, I'm in no moos to play games."

"Sorry, but as your knight I am prohibited from following that order as I have to save you from the fire breathing dragon."

She laughed and he finally put her down.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Making me laugh. I've been having a rough couple of months."

"Glad I could be of some service. Now . . . what are you reading?"

"Re-reading actually. The most recent book that my godparents sent me. I learned a new spell on how to deflect Demetors."


"Yup, not that I need it though. I have my sword."

"True, but it never hurts to have a backup should anything happen."

"True. Anyway how have you been these past two months?"

"Bored out of my retched mind to put it simply."

"Of course, haven't we all." She laughed again.

"Zephyr, everybody wants you to come down fro dinner. They're all getting worried about you. Well all except..."

"Divina," she finished for him.

"Yeah. She's still . . . "

"Acting distant to everything and everyone, especially me."

"Aren't you very observant."

She smiled. "I try."

He pulled her up and she reluctantly let the book fall to her feet. Chad dragged her glass from the chair and led her to the Great Hall.

Everyone was waiting for her as if expecting her to come down. Gorx kissed her lightly on the lips and then on her forehead.

"Honestly Temp, it's felt like you haven't been around at all."

"Sorry, but I've been a bit distracted."

Tempest wasn't bothered when Gorx called her by her real name. On the contrary she enjoyed it.

Her distraction though was caused not by anything to do with Valentines Day. It had to do with the fat that a book she had seen and held was gone, or rather according to Mistress Paper, didn't even exist.

"You seem as though you're not completely here."

"I guess I'm not. Can we talk about it later?" She looked into his warm eyes and smiled. He smiled back and held her hand tightly.

"Well don't go running off." He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "at least not without me."

She laughed and let him lead her towards the Great Hall. She looked around and saw four eyes zero in on her. Louis, Astrea, Heather, and Cassandra. Tempest rolled her eyes and wrapped herself tightly around Gorx.

Dinner was as pleasant as always, but as Tempest scanned the table she noticed that Divina wasn't there.

"Do any of you know where Divina is," she asked worried.

"No, why she's . . . " began Chad looking around.

"Chad, I have a bad feeling about this."

"So do I."

She paused in thought and looked around, finally setting her eyes on Master Vlad.

"Master Vlad," she whispered. Suddenly he was right next to her.

"Yes Zephyr?"

"Divina I not here, I would like to go and look for her, with the company of my friends of course."

"Two friends, now hurry."

"All right. Nila. Void." They nodded and they all ran out of the Great Hall. Tempest looked around and thought quickly for a moment.

"Zephyr, what's going on?" asked Nila.

"I don't know. Just follow me."

Tempest ran to the school grounds and straight towards the forest. She ducked under branches and ran over rooted roots. She heard her friends call for her to slow down, but she couldn't, for some reason she couldn't stop her feet from moving. Finally though, she did stop. At the edge of the vast lake that looked like an ocean she finally stopped.

"Zephyr," she heard Void pant before she hushed him. She listening intently as the sounds the winds brought up. Many were coming for under water.

"Cast the bubble charm and follow me," she ordered. She ran into the water before diving on. She pointed her wand at herself as cast the spell non-verbally. Behind her swam Void and Nila.

"Took your two long enough, what were you doing swapping spit?"

"Eew," she heard Nila exclaim.

"Shut up, not you're any better," he retorted.

"Quiet the both of you!" She hissed.

Tempest swam deeper in the water till she could barely see in front of her face. How deep is this lake, she thought..

"Lumos," she said. Suddenly her eyes gave way to amazement and shock. All around her was an underwater city.

"Oh my god," Nila said.

"Come on." They all swam deeper into the lake and towards the city. Suddenly she felt something sharp and cold placed at her neck.

"Who are you," a female voice asked. She cringed at the knowledge that she would have to state her name.

"I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx . . . carrier of the essence of Morgan Le Fey." The Drowmaid swam to the front of her and studied her eyes.

"The red and purple are unfamiliar, but you are who you say you are." The woman removed her trident from Tempests neck and stared at her friends.

"Who are these people?"

"My friends. We're friends of a girl who most likely probably lives here."


"Divina, she has . . . "

"You know the Princess?"

"Princess?" the all said in unison. Tempest looked at Nila and Void. Their eyes were wide in confusion. She thought the thing that was probably going through all their minds. Did Chad know?"

"Yes the princess," said the woman distracting their thought. "Do you know her?"

"Apparently we do," said Tempest exasperated.

"All right then. Follow me."

Tempest let out and angry sigh. She followed the Drowmaid along with Nila and Void.

They swam for a good time till they stopped at a coral gate. Tempest felt her eyes blink several times at the sight of the palace. Coral of every colour shined brighter than her wand.

"I'm gonna kill her," muttered Tempest.

"Calm down," said Nila.

"Yeah, she must have had a good reason for not telling us all . . . this," he ended with an exaggerated gesture.

"You two cannot be saying that you're not mad at her?"

"Oh no, we're mad," they said in unison.

"We're just giving her the benefit of the doubt," finished Nila.

"Yeah well she better have had a damn good reason for not telling us."

All three of them were lead up a trail and towards the brilliant palace. The Drowmaid let out a shrill sound that forced Nila, Tempest, and Void to cover their ears. When they looked back up the great doors were opening and opening them was Divina.


"You have guest my lady." She back away and revealed Tempest, Nila and Void. Tempest smiled at Divina's expression.

"Hi there Divina, or rather Princess Divina," said Tempest smirking arrogantly.

"What are you doing her?" Tempest took note that her voice trembled.

"Well you know, we got worried and thought we would come to find you."

"Fine. Come in."

They swam in and followed Divina. Divina closed the door behind her. Her eyes glared at them and leaned against the doors. Void and Nila backed behind Tempest as Divina went nose to nose with her.

"How dare you!"

"Ever heard of personal space."

"What are you doing here?"

"Seriously, personal space and like I said before we were worried about you."

"Well you didn't have to be. Now go!"

"You've got to be bloody kidding me right? Not until you give me a damn good reason for not telling us you're a princess!"

"I don't have to explain anything to you. Now if you don't mind I have to go tend to my mother. Follow if you must."

"They did just that. Divina swam through a hallways and into a room. On a seaweed type bed lay a woman. That must be her mother, she thought. The woman was covered in many pearl type blankets and looked like she was on the verge of death.

"Divina why didn't you tell us?" asked Nila.

"Cause I thought you guys would have made a bigger deal out of it than you needed to."

Suddenly the doors opened and in swam a male Drowmaid.

"Divina, nice to see yore back." Divina seethed in disgust and rolled her eyes.

"Hello Erasmus, what are you doing here?"

"I heard you had guest. I thought I';; come by and meet the friend of my future wife."

"I am not your wife!"

"Yet darling. You will be eventually." He swam to her and touched her cheek gently. She snapped herself away and stared at him her eyes shooting daggers.

"Get away from me you egotistic pompous jerk."

"All right, I'll go . . . for now." He turned to Tempest, Nila and Void. "It was a pleasure to meet you, no matter how brief." He bowed and swam from the room.

Tempest exchanged glances withe Nila and Void who looked at each other then at Divina. Tempest followed their gaze. Divina was floating calmly in the water with her knees tucked up to her chest. A sad expression covered her face as she stared down at her mother.

"Divina . . . " began Tempest.

"Don't, just don't. I know none of this is your fault, it's just––"

"You're be-throned to a complete ass," said Nila.

"Exactly! God I hate him. Even when we were children I hated him. He's just so obnoxious."

"We could tell," said Tempest. She swam over to Divina and rubbed her shoulder. "Is there no way to save her?"

"Only one way."

"Which being?"

"Sand from the Black Fire."

"What's the black fire?" asked Void.

"Finally, something he doesn't know about," laughed Nila.

"Shut up."

"Divina just tell us what the Black Fire is before these two go at it."

"All right. The Black Fire is a fire created by Morgan Le Fey."

"Of course," remarked Tempest irritably.

"Anyway, the fire grants any being immortality. The sand and ash around it health and life. Only one catch, the sand and ash can't be touched, only the carrier of Excaliber can touch it. The same goes with the fire. The fire is at the bottom of the deepest ocean. The fire snatched the sword and climbs onto it and then onto the bearer. The sand magnetically attaches itself to the sword."

"And you didn't tell me all this because?"

"Because I didn't want you to overreact or offer pity help."

"Well I'm going to help you anyway. Why? Because you're my friend and you're thirteen and I'm not agent o let you harry that jerk."

Tempest smiled and gave Divina a hug. Soon enough it became a group hug.


Tempest walked swiftly back to the school., her skin dripping wet. Nila and Void were keeping close at her sides. Tempest shivered every time her hair dripped water down her back.

"Zephyr, how exactly do you plan to help her?" asked Nila. Tempest began to walk backwards.

"A book I found."

"Name please?" demanded Void.

"Mystic Fires of the World. It fell out of place that day when Chad was kissing Astrea. Now according to Madam Paper, it doesn't exist. I think it might be in the catacombs. We are going to find that book."

"How do you know it'll have something about the Black Fire," asked Nila.

Tempest began twirling her necklace in her hands. "Just trust me all right." She began walking forward again and clutched her dagger. Now she had an idea of why Bianca's brother wanted her dagger.

Chapter 12: Nightlife
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Tempest woke by the fire of the Slimythings Common room. Three weeks. The pressed the heel of her hand against her forehead. She had still found nothing. She had looked for three weeks in almost every book room and that was the problem. There were just too many and her friends were not enough. She looked around yet again and at her side, with his arm wrapped around her waist asleep was Gorx. She smiled and slipped herself from underneath his grasp. Tempest smiled when he just rolled over and curled into a little ball.

She slunk from the Common room and walked down the corridor that lead to the catacombs. Tempest was os used to coming down here, she knew the place like the back of her hand. She tip toed down the cold stone steps and walked past the first seven doors. She took a deep breath hoping and wishing that this door held the book she was looking for.

Tempest started with the easiest place to look, the first shelf. She laid on her stomach and read each binding. She sat up and crawled around while she looked on the next five shelves. After some time of looking she stretched herself and cracked most of her bones. This daily ritual was becoming annoying. She decided to cast a spell in hopes that the book was there.

"Accio book of mystic fire." Nothing. She searched through her mind to see if she needed to add words. Sh tried again.

"Accio book Mystic Fires of the World!" Something flung at her hitting the side of her face. She cried out in pain and happiness. Finally, she had found the book.

Tempest laid there a bit to allow herself to recover from the blow. She touched the side of her face and wined at her stupidity. She was bleeding. Who knew a book could do so much damage, she thought. She looked at her side and stared at the book. It was enormous. She picked up the book and flipped through the pages. Groaning escaped from her mouth as she realized the book was over six hundred pages long.

She crawled up on her hands and knees and used the bookshelf to hoist herself up. She closed her eyes and clothe her head till she was sure the room had stopped spinning. She walked from the room and touched her head at a soft click. Someone was there.

Tempest began running, no longer caring who it was. After some time her instincts taught hr something. If someone was up and walking where your skulking, they can't be up to any good. So she ran. Good thing I left my shoes in the Common room, she thought.

She ran up the stairs and into her dormitory. She smiled sweetly at her scowling friends.

"Hello friends, how are you?"

"Fine, and yourself," asked Gorx.

"Oh fine. Just this book hit me on the side of my head and I was almost caught by someone down there. Good news, I finally found the book I was looking for." She smiled and held the huge book up.

They kept scowling and she rolled her eyes and sat down. She ignored her friends as they stared down at her as she carefully examined the book. No contents page or index she swore.

"Oh will you all just sit down already, you're starting to annoy me." She heard them sigh and she herself smiled in triumph.

"Your head looks pretty bad," said Nila.

"Don't care. Now this book has no index or table of contents like I'd hope. That means that I am going to have to rad this book word for bloody word. Isn't that bloody brilliant," she ended in sarcasm.

She looked outside the window at the stormy night. She was to tired to do anything for the next couple of days.

"That's it. I'm missing this whole week of school. Good night now." She grabbed the book and held it close to her chest as she walked off to bed.


Tempest woke in the mid afternoon with a pounding headache. She lifted herself up and looked around.

"Mistress . . . "

"Ah Aidan . . . "

"Flying. Your cousin was here to see you earlier. I saw him leave you something. It's under your bed."

"Thank you, now go enjoy your flight."
She looked around. "Where are you?"  Tempest looked under her bed and stared at a box. She sighed and pulled it out. Inside of the porcelain white box was book of Jumping Beans. Chocolates filled with massive amounts of caffeine. She laughed to herself and put them on her dresser. She would eat some later.

Tempest got dressed and grabbed the book. Better get cracking, she thought. She looked around as she kept losing her focus. Tempest laid down on the coach ad fell into a deep sleep.


Tempest woke with a note plastered on her forehead. She pouted in annoyance. Idiots, she thought as she smiled.

Dear Zephyr, it read, she noticed that it was Nilas' handwriting. We came and saw you asleep, thought it best not to wake you. Anyway we WANTED to say hi, but this will have to do because well, you already know. Look, if were not awake when you are we're warning you, no demanding that you stay put and read. We mean it Zephyr. Love Gorx, Nila, Void, Chad, and Divina.

Tempest lifted her eyebrows in amusement. She decided that she would do the complete opposite of what was demanded by her friends. She threw the note in the fire place and took of her shoes before leaving with a mischievous smile on her face.

Tempest strolled the corridor when she accidentally bumped into something. She didn't have to look to notice it was person.

"Zephyr," said Zoltron. She looked up and smiled in relief.

"Oh thank god it's you. I almost thought I would . . . "

"Get into trouble. If you haven't noticed I'm the Growlkittens prefect." He tapped his robe and she groaned.

"You're not going to turn me in right cousin dearest?"

"No, but you're lucky I'm on duty tonight. Now where are you going?"

"I was going to explore the school grounds. Of course you want to join," she said rolling her eyes.

"Of course, come on, I think I can get us both out without anyone noticing."

"Uh, I think I know a quicker way, but you have to promise not to tell a soul."

"Uh, okay I promise."

"Good, now follow me."

She grabbed Zoltrons arm and pulled him along as she felt along the walls. Tempest found the passage and looked side to side before pushing him inside.

"Wow, where are we?"

"Secret passage way, where Gorx pulled me after my incident with the Dementor. This is where I hide. Only Gorx and you know of this place. Don't you dare tell anyone, understand?"

"Of course. Now, this leads outside?"


"Uh huh."

They walked in silence. Tempest stopped him short and put her finger to her lip. She listened then pushed Zoltron ahead of her.

"Hey . . . "

"Quiet! Do you see anybody?" He looked around.


"Good." Tempest walked from the passage way and walked onto the cold marble floor. She walked toto the forest and stopped next to a tree.

"Something wrong?" she asked leaning on a tree and smiling.

"What do you think?"

"Oh come now, the trees won't hurt you. You were born on the good side of the family tree. Your eyes are more blue than they are grey. Trust me, they will recognize you as a descendant of Author and only Arthur."

He sighed and walked in tracing his fingers over the bark of the trees. No reactions occurred

"Told you so."

"Shut up."

They waled through the forest calmly and stopped when they past under an arc of branches. Tempest and Zoltron looked around in confusion.

"Zephyr, where are we?"

"Uh, I have no bloody clue."

They heard a little giggle and jerked around. Behind them was a swampy bog new to their eyes. They heard the giggle again and turned around.

"Who's there," demanded Tempest.

"Just us swamp fairies." They turned around and on a rock next to the swamp. On the rocks at two little fairies dresses in leaves.

"Wow, I didn't think they really existed."

"Shut up. Swamp fairies are very helpful as well as very troublesome. Don't insult them."

"Uh okay."

"Good." She turned her attention back towards the fairies. "Can you tell us where we are?"

"The Swamps of Mischief. Created by Merlin to cause Morgan Le Fey's warriors to get lost." They laughed.

"Okay. Do you know the quickest way out."

"There are actually two ways. One that way," they pointed left. "And one the other way." They pointed right.

"Do you know which is safer?"

"Well we'll leave that decision to yourself." They jumped up and upon landing on the rock blinded both Tempest and Zoltron. Tempest opened her eyes and looked around. Zoltron was gone.

"Zoltron!" she yelled. "Zoltron!"

Tempest swore silently under her breath and looked up at the sky. She was in a whole different part of England.

Tempest walked around and called for Zoltron as she did so. Suddenly, she tripped and fell into a fixture of moist ground. She groomed as she rolled her and noticed her knee was bleeding. She swore again and stood back up.

Tempest walked for w while and stopped to rest against tree.

"Having fun darling?" came a sultry voice.

"Huh." Tempest looked around hoping it wasn't another faery

"Up here sweety." Tempest looked up and stared at the pixie.

"You're a pixie right?"

"Uh huh and you look lost. Wanna have some fun?"

"Actually I would much rather get out of here."

"Oh come now, all us pixies are having a party. No fun ever hurt anyone."

"Well I guess. Wait, do you think you could help me find my cousin?"

"Only if you promise to have fun." Tempest agreed. "Okay then, follow me now."

Tempest followed pixies till they reached a clearing. Her eyes widened in shook. Around a bon fire stood people young and old and talking to a young girl was Zoltron.

"Zoltron?" He jerked his head around.

"Oh hey Zephyr. Fun party isn't it."

"Zoltron do you know these people?"

"No, actually I just met them right now. They are the descendants of the people who got lost and found their way here. Pretty funny really." He laughed at him astounded.

"Are you drunk?"

"Oh god no, I just had some food and some swamp water."

"What food?"

"Oh just some mushrooms with some meat and . . . oh eggs too!"

"Okay that's it, you're acting weirder than normal. We're going."

He stood still. "And if I don't want to go?"

Tempest went nose to nose with him. "Then I will petrify you and drag you."

"Okay the." He turned to the crowd and she rolled her eyes in impatience. "Uh hello, do you people know the way out."

"Oh Zoltron why would you even want to leave," said the girl he was talking to earlier.

"Well I have to go!"

"Please don't. Come, have some more food and drink!"

"I can't really."

"Yeah he can't. Now tell us the way out if you know it and let us leave."

"Oh hush sweety, we know the way out. Everybody knows."

"Really, then..."


"Excuse us one minute princess," she pulled Zoltron aside and away from eavesdropping ears.

"Zoltron, the solders, they didn't get lost."


'Okay look, maybe at first they did get lost but then, as time progressed they stopped caring. Why you ask? Because of the food and water ere. They have some sort of magical abilities. That's why Merlin chose this place. Only one exit in and a different out. But by the time they found it, they no longer cared."

"Wow. Hey do you think them being descendants of loyal solders to Morgan they might know where the fire is?"

"Maybe . . . I can't believe I didn't think of it."

"I'm smarter than you of course."

"Oh shut up, no your not. Now seeing as you are on better terms than I, you should ask." She turned him around dn pushed him into the arms of the girl.

"Zoltron! You stayed!"

"Uh yeah. Um, you wouldn't happen to know anything about something called the Black Fire?" They girl stopped moving in joy and looked at him fright.

"How do you know about that?" A smiled crossed Tempests face when Zoltron looked at her.

"Well you see, me and my cousin here," Tempest waved when Zoltron pointed at her, "we're direct descendants of Morgan Le Fey. All we need to know is where to find it."

The girl looked around carefully then knelt closer waving Tempest closer.

"I shouldn't tell you but I like you, both of you. Now you can find it at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean." She looked around again. "Quickly follow me, I'll show you the way out."

She grabbed them and pulled them after her quickly. Tempest and Zoltron quickly began running after the girl as she began walking faster and faster. Suddenly she stopped causing Zoltron to bump into Tempest. She glared at him.

"This is the doorway out. I insist you go." She smiled and they returned the simple gesture.

"Wait, what's your name," asked Zoltron.

"Demenshia." Her honey eyes sparkled.

"Nice name," said Tempest.

"Thank you. Now go, hurry."

Tempest grabbed Zoltron with rolling eyes as he stared at Demenshia. She pulled him farther and farther away from the doorway ad deeper into the forest.

They walked for a while then froze in their tracks when they heard a wold howl.

"That didn't sound too good," remarked Zoltron.

"Ya think." They began walking backwards. "Lets keep the whole swamp thing to ourselves shall we. I'm sure you like me, do not want to die if we survive this."


"Good . . . RUN!!!" They both ran for their lives till they reached the school grounds and hid inside the secret corridor.

Chapter 13: Letters
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Tempest let her head drop on the table. She was sick of reading. Completely and utterly sick of it. She had spent the past four weeks reading it while trying to also focus on her school work, in which case meant, too tired . . . must copy off Void. After a moment she began banging her head till someone sat next to her.

"I think you've finally lost your bloody mind Tempete."

Tempest stopped and turned her head. Sitting next to her was none other than Draco Malfoy. She blinked her eyes and moved her eyes up and down the body making sure it was really him. It was.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"Well maybe I should leave seeing as how you don't particularly pleased to see me."

"Maybe I'm not."

"Then I will go." He stood up and began walking away. Her mind said one thing while her mouth said another.

"No. Stay. I'm sorry, but I've been under a lot of stress lately. Also, these past couple of months you haven't exactly been treating me very well."

"I know, that's why I came here. I came to apologize as well as deliver something for your sister."


"Yeah, here. She said that it is something pertaining to Adrian." He held out an envelope ad she snatched it away tearing it open. She felt Draco lean over her shoulder.



"Everyone at Dogscream village. I'll have to wait to show them this."

"Well then while we wait can you show me around the school." She looked up at him and he smiled down at her. The same smile he used to show here.

"Sure. Let me just leave this on Nilas bed. Come."

Tempest turned and walked toward the staircase headed down. She kept turning her head back to make sure Draco hadn't run off. He hadn't. Instead, his eyes were constantly on her, unwaveringly. For some reason that seemed to frighten her.

She finally reached her dormitory and opened it up. The dragon glared at Draco but let him pass none the less.

"You can stay here if you like."

"No. I've never seen you bead area. I wonder if it's is as dirty as it is back home." She slapped him lightly on the shoulder and he laughed.

Her bed area was a mess. Her trunk was open and her books were scattered open and closed.

"I was right, your bed is always a mess." He laughed and jumped on her bed.

"I thought you wanted me to show you around."

"In a bit. Now come sit with me, we haven't talked in a while." He smiled.

"Who's fault is that," she said not smiling. She watched in satisfaction as his faded.

"I know, but I want to make it better at least. Can we at least try? Lease." He flashed her his trademark smiled and she fell into bed.

"You're an ass I hope you know."

"I know and I enjoy it." She glared at him. "Okay, when it comes to you I don't, it's just . . . I don't know, can we please just forget it ever happened?

"No, and don't even try to change my mind. You know it never works."

"It's always worth a try."

"Anyway what do you want to talk about?"

"Well Void said you made the Quidditch team along with Nila. Enjoying yourself?"

"Immensely. My boyfriend is the team captain and beater." She felt him shift uncomfortably.

"Ah yes, I seem to recall Void mentioning that."

"So . . . you write to Void but not to me. Especially over the summer. I repeat my earlier statement, you're an ass."

Suddenly he sat up and jumped off the bed.

"What? Do you want me to get on my bloody knees and beg for forgiveness?!"

"It would be a start. But I know you won't. You forget my dear Draco, I know you and I have known you for ten years."

"You really don't think I will?"

"I know you won't. Begging is so low level. It's beneath us, beneath you. If anyone even heard a whisper, they would begin to insult you bu calling you a mudblood, or a half blood. You know this." She lifted her head and smiled. His eyes were wide with anger as well as his nostrils. Suddenly he shrugged angrily.

"You know what, I don't need this. I'm leaving. I came to apologize and I did. It's not my fault if you chose to ignore it or rather push it aside. I'm leaving. I'll see you around."

Draco began walking from the room and she sword at her own stubbornness and bluntness. Even though he deserved it, she could have been more polite in going about it.

Tempest ran down the stairs and yelped in pain when she hit her knee on one of the legs of the railing. Draco stopped walking and looked back to her.

"Are you all right?"

"No! Ugh bloody hell, this is what I get isn't it. Stupid fairies." She looked up not realizing Draco was till there. He was staring at her curiously. "Don't even ask Draco. It's just . . . oh never mind, just don't ask."

"All right. Here let me help you sit down."

"No I can . . . hey!" Draco picked her up and carried her in his arms to the sofa.

Tempest glowered at him but he simply ignored her. Something he was becoming to good at. She watched as he examined her knee then looked up at her.

"You are a very clumsy person."

"I know that already, didn't you?"

"Oh stop being such a bitter brat. It doesn't become you."

Tempest looked up at him and for the first time noticed how close he was. She stared at his eyes never truly seeing how grey they were. Their noses were touching and she wanted so badly to kiss him.



"I truly am sorry."

"I know. I forgive you."

"Good I was hoping you would."

They sat like that for who knows how long till he kissed her. She didn't fight it and leaned backward. He leaned with her. Her eyes did however jerk open when she heard the dormitory door open.

She forced herself away and sat back up. Her sister was right, things were going to change.

A group of first years stumbled into the room and ran ro the boys room. Tempest and draco sat on either end of the long sofa no longer touching. Time passed and finally Draco stood up.

"I should go."

"No! I mean I haven't showed you around."

"It's okay, you don't have to. But I really think I should go."

"But I don't want you to." She stood and took his hand quickly regretting it. His hand held hers tightly and she smiled warmly.

Remember Gorx, she said in her head. Gorx who? asked her little devil. Gorx, you know, your boyfriend! yelled her little angel. Round one of morals went to her devil.Tempest kissed him again and he held her tightly. Stop, she yelled in her mind, but she couldn't. Finally, and fortunately, he pulled away.

"I should really go."

"Yeah I guess you should."

"Yeah but you know, you did promise to show me around so I guess I'll go later." She smiled despite herself and lead him away and out of the dormitory.

"Okay, we'll start with my favourite place."

"Which being?"

"The Astronomy tower."


Tempest and Draco sat on the steps outside watching the sunset.

"So earlier, what are we going to do about it?"

"I was sort oh hoping we could just forget about it, but I guess the right thing would be to talk about it." Round two to the angel.

"So what now, since we're talking about it."

She laughed. "Draco you know I care about you . . . a lot, but––"

"I hate buts."

"But I'm dating Gorx and after the summer things have changed. We especially have changed. You and me, it's difficult. We both like each other and care a lot about each other. But––"

"You were practically oblivious to my feelings. I mean ever since I first met you I have liked you. You on the other hand, you flirt never truly understanding the effect you have. You are beautiful Tempest and you know everyone thinks so." Words from her past flew back to her. You are the fairest of them all, the mirror had said.

"Is that what you think?"

"No, I think I love you but honestly you don't even acknowledge it. So maybe we should just pretend like it didn't happen. I won't take my anger out on you."

"Who will you take it out on?"

"Potter and his friends." He stood abruptly. "I should leave now. Tell Void and Nila I said hi okay."


"'ll write this time, I promise."

"Okay," was all she could say as he kissed her forehead.


Tempest was running. Everything Draco had said still burned in her head. Void and Nila should be back by now. She had seen Chad and Gorx but evaded them by doubling back. Right now, flames past and present were not something she was in the mood for.

She heard someone call her name but she didn't stop. She slowed her pace and began running backwards to wave at a concerned Divina and a curious Zoltron. She turned back and began running faster and faster to the Slimythings dormitory.

Tempest stormed in there and there they sat, Void and Nila doing what they do best, arguing while playing wizards chess.

"I say that that move was a legitimate move," yelled Nila.

"Honestly you two are ridiculous," stammered Tempest out of breath. "Now . . . tell me . . . you read the letter . . . I put on . . . your bed."

"Oh yeah I read it. So what about it?"

"God you're an idiot," said Void.

"Oh hush."

"Nila. Void. Listen up. I was reading . . . and I discovered . . . where the Black Fire lies."

"Oo where?" jumped Nila.

"In the bottom of the Pacific ocean. The very bottom of the Pacific to be exact."

"Uh huh."

Tempest slapped her forehead in frustration. "Seriously, didn't you read the note."

"Well here's the thing."

"No she didn't. She looked at it quickly and put it back down."

"That's it." She pointed at Nila. "You go read the note and you," she pointed at Void, "go get every letter you received from Draco."


"Because first of all I never got around to reading the ones from the summer."

"Oh yeah, but what about the most recent letter?"

"He came over and we kissed," she said quickly.

"You did what?" yelled Nila.

"Just go and read the bloody letter already and you go get the letters."

"Okay," they both said in unison. Tempest rolled her eyes and slouched in front of the fire place. She wanted so much to be in Draco's arms again kissing him.

Void came back with the letters and lucky for her he had everything organized by date.

Tempest read on after another completely ignoring Nila's distant ranting and Void's soothing. Draco in every letter said he loved her. Sometimes once, sometimes several times. Draco, she thought, why didn't you ever tell me how you felt.
"Zephyr!" she heard Nila yell.


"This says that he was seen sneaking off into the lake followed by a man. They know Zephyr. They know where it is."

"No they don't."

"How do you know?"

"Just trust me all right! He doesn't know he's just mindlessly searching around!"

"Zephyr! When he finds out he'll hurt Adrian!"

"That's not my problem! Finding the fire before him, that's my top priority!"

"You egotistic bitch!"

"Enough!" screamed Void. "Both of you shut the hell up before you each say something you'll regret. Understand?" They nodded silently.

"I'm going to go talk to Mistress Starlet. Don't expect me back soon. Tell Gorx and Chad I said hi."

She walked from the Common room and stared a glass vase. It was looking very tempting. She stopped when she heard some sniffling. Down the hall at the corner was Nilas' sister, Samantha, crying.

"Samantha are you all right?"

"Huh, oh hi Zephyr. Yes, yes everything's all right don't fret. My boyfriend, whop attends Hogwarts, just broke up with me and worse yet, through a letter. No doubt the coward didn't want to face me. Completely a waste of my time. But shh, don't speak a word of it. I don't want the whole school to know I was dumped by a Hogwarts student." She smiled and stalking into the dormitory. Tempest sighed deeply. She knew why, she always knew.

Tempest walked into Mistress Starlets office and sat picking her nail. Everything was going so fast. It felt to her that just yesterday she wan on the train meeting Nila for the first time.

"Hello Miss Nyx. What can I do for you today?"

"Does your brother know where the Black fire resides?"

"How do you know about that?"

"I know a lot of things, unfortunately. Now, answer the question please."

"No, he doesn't know where it is, but he wishes to find it."

"Why? For immortality? For Merwick?"

"Miss Nyx, my brother hates Merwick just as much as I myself. And he doesn't seek immortality. He has a wife and two children." Finally the lightbulb went of in her head.

"Mistress Starlet, would any of his family members happen to be ill?"

"His wife but . . . "

"Thank you my dear Bianca you have been great help."

Tempest jumped from where se had been sitting. He didn't seed immortality, he searched for it's sand.

She ran back to the dormitory and halted in the hallway. There was a crowd looking in."

"Oh god."

She ran and pushed and shoved people out of her way as she moved through the gathering crowd. Void was clutching his arm as well as a dagger. Chad, Divina and Gorx had their wands ready and Zoltron was hissing in his cat form. Her eyes went over all of their faces but finally set on Nila. Adrian was holding her with his wand out ready to cast.

"Give me Excaliber!"
"Zephyr don't!"

"Shut up! Give it to me now!" Nila laughed but he just grabbed her tighter causing her to look around anxiously.

"Let her go!" demanded Void.

"Give me the true Excaliber and I will!"

"Enough!" yelled Tempest. Everyone was suddenly looking at her as she walked toward him. "I'll give you Excaliber if you promise to let he go."

"I promise."

"Swear it!"

"I swear on the Unbreakable Vow." He smiled.

"Tempest no!" Tempest ignored her and pulled out Excaliber. She released it's power no longer needing to wave it out since she took Merlins essence. She took one last look at it and handed it to him at sword point.

"Take the damned thing." She knew what would happed as she threw it at his feet.

He reached down and picked it up. "Much obliged. Now, me and Nila should be going now."

He cast a spell and walked through a dark hole. Tempest clenched her fist and swore. She was hoping against hope that that would not happen.

"NILA!" yelled Void. "Arg! Dammit!" He dropped to the ground and began punching at the ground.

"Void! Enough! I have a plan." She knelt by his side. "Don't worry, we'll get her back."

"We better. We're her friends, we're not suppose to abandon friends!"

"All right! Shh, don't worry, I have a plan."

Suddenly Tempest noticed a sudden silence that had befallen them.. She looked up and finally noticed Headmaster Majika along with Mater Vlad and Mistress Starlet standing over them.

"Follow me . . . all of you."

Tempest helped Void stand and as they walked, she gripped his hand. Don't worry, she said with her eyes, well get her back. Void stared back at her and nodded slightly as he gripped her hand tighter as well.

Chapter 14: Rescue Plan
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"Do any of you know the seriousness of this? We have a young girl kidnapped and being held my some . . . some common Muggle to the insult in a proper place!" Tempest saw Mistress Starlet stiffen. "Not to insult you though Bianca."

"Of course, it's all right."

"You should've come to us with this knowledge before hand."

"We did. We informed Master Vlad." This time it was he who stiffened.

"Oh really? Master Vlad is this true? Be mindful of your response, I would not like you to insult my intelligence.

"All right They did inform me. It was I myself who made the fake Excaliber anyway. I had no idea her brother would discover it was a counterfeit this soon. I thought him more stupid."

"Don't you dare insult my brother again!"

"Silence! Now, this has become a very dangerous day. Who knows who else he'll kidnap."

"He only wants Nila," said Void suddenly.

"And what makes you so sure?"

"Because supposedly he loves her and she has do everything he says."

"Why is that."

"Because when they were children they cast the Unbreakable vow, add that to the fact that they are stupid."

Tempest bit down on her lips. "Not anymore." Everyone looked at her.

"Please elaborate Miss Nyx."

"He swore on the Unbreakable vow that he would let her do. He didn't, therefore the vow is no longer Void." At least something good came out of the giving of the sword, she thought.

There was silence then they were all dismissed but not before they were all ordered to stay inside their dormitory. They complied.


Void was punching the wall next to his bed causing Tempest to clench her hands each time his hand made contact with the wall. She watched as the guys winced and Divina flinch.

"Dammit Void! Stop it!" screamed Tempest. Everyone stared at her. "I said I had a plan and I do! Now sit down and stop punching the damn wall!" She was seething with anger and finally she herself lost it. She knocked over everything on Voids dresser and kicked at the wall several times. Finally she regained her composer and stared ta her friends. She was having a very bad day.

"Divina I need you to find anything that will allow us to breath under water for a long period of time. Zoltron, Void, Chad, Gorx come with me, we're going to do some research in the library."

"You four go," said Gorx. "Someone has to cover for you while you're gone." He smiled and she kissed him on the cheek. Who needs Draco, she thought.

They sat in the darkest corner of the library. They were looking in all the spell books. They kept coming across the bubble charm.

"We have to find something better than that," said Void.

"We will, just keep looking," comforted Tempest.

Later at dinner Divina came and they had found nothing. She said she might know something but if they used it they would have to stay close to the surface and not abuse it. They huddled there heads close and listened

"It's Gillyweed. A plant that will give you gills and fins and what-not. But . . . "

"I don't like buts," said Void.

"Hush," said Tempest.

"Anyway, it's suppose to last about an hour. I suggest we use the bubble charm at first, then while we search for the fire we use the Gillyweed. Agreed?"

"Agree," they all said in unison. Tempest looked at her meal at the familiar sense that someone was staring at her and only her. Her eyes widened. Master Vlad had been listening and so had Mistress Starlet. They both smiled at her. Crap, she thought.


Back in the dormitory Divina showed them how much Gillyweed she had gathered. It was a lot.

"Tempest, do you remember that potion you made last year?"

"Which one?"


"Yeah. You want me to go make some." She nodded. "Okay I will while you find an island in the Pacific. Either that or we scry for Nila." They nodded and she cast the invisibility spell on herself.

She snuck around and kept her heart calm. He probably already knew that she was near, but anything was better than nothing.

Tempest crept in and looked around and up. As of yet, there was no sign of Master Vlad. She uncloaked herself and searched around in the cabinets. She soon began to prepare the potion.

"Master Vlad, if you're going to do something can you do already, you're sort of starting to annoy me." She watched Master Vlad come from the corner of the room and walk towards her.

"How did you know I was here?"

"I am familiar with the sense of eyes boring into the back of my head. It's very uncomfortable so I have a tendency to notice," she smiled and turned back towards the cauldron.

"You could get into serious trouble."

"I know but she's my friend. I can't abandon her. She wouldn't abandon me or Void, so we can't abandon her."

"All right, but you'll need far more potion."

"I intend to use the entire cauldron."

"I am aware but that still will not be enough to sustain you. You will need food."

"We'll roast fish." She heard hin sigh as she began filling tiny vials.

"Very well, if you insist on going. Here's a picture of an island on the Pacific. Go there first they scry for her and save her."

Tempest turned and starred at him suddenly. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because you're like your mother, so that's means it futile to try and argue with you." They both smiled and she turned and began filling up more vials.

"Gorx is staying behind to cover for us so now you can help him..I guess." She smiled and continued on recurrent task.


All the vials were jingling as she ran to the dormitory. All this running was beginning to wear her down, she thought. She'd need one vial earlier that assumed. She ran in and looked at her.

"Hello friends, how fare thee? My, I am exhausted. Oh and by the way Master Vlad knows and gave me a picture of an island in the Pacific. Completely abandoned, rather uncharted."

"Repeat," said Void shocked.

"No, you already know what I said. Now I think they would go there eventually. It's hard to day. So come on, lets go, we have to do a repeat of last year." She smiled and turned on her heels.

When they entered the bathroom Master Vlad was already mixing ten cauldrons simultaneously. He didn't smile.

"Where's your dragon?" She pointed at the window. "What about Nilas bat and your cat Void?"

"Huh, oh well I thought I wouldn't need him."

"Good thinking. Your senses are already heightened so you no longer need your cat anymore." He smiled mischievously. "Now, you'll need her bat to help sense her, do you have it?"

"Right beside my dragon."

"Good, now the potions ready so come up all of you and Tempest focus. I'll be grading you by the way." He smiled.

"Joy, that makes me feel so much better." She pulled out her wand and watched as Master Vlad with a single flick of his wand, dumped all the contents into the huge basin.

"Quickly now." She close her eyes and formed the picture in her mind


The scene erupted and first went in her dragon, Lestat, the herself and her friends.

Tempest landed on soft sand with sunlight blaring at her. She looked around the beach and stared at the crystal blue ocean. It was beautiful.

"I'll go and find food," said Divina.

"Uh, oh okay. Void!"


"Go find some dry wood for a fire."

"What? No, we have to go get Nila."

"She'll come to us, trust me all right." She stared at his clenching hands. "Why are you so adamant on saving her?"

"What, your not?"

"That's not what I meant. We all our, but we understand that's she's not here and that she would want us to live.'re...I don't know how to explain it, you're attitude is just different."

"Yeah well, it's difficult to explain."

'Try." He nodded.

"Remember what happened to my leg."


"Nila, she pulled me through every constellation patter and then when we were back at the vines again she reattached my leg. I remember she looked around till she found a sharp needle like rock and tore at the hem of her clothing. She sowed it back together enough and use a piece of my pants to stop the bleeding. Nila found a secret passage back down and brought me back. I passes out soon after but I remember she was still by my side. She never abandoned me, never."

"Okay I understand, and don't worry, we will save her. I promise." He smiled and nodded. "Good, now go get he fire wood."

Time flew by slowly as they ate roasted fish and shrimp, courtesy of Divina's excellent fishing. The air began to chill as the sun began to set. No one could fall asleep being as they were worried, so they began to tell stories to lighten the mood.

Void began first with a story about a Knight. Tempest couldn't help but smiled as she knew the story. Supposedly they Knight was his father, but Void never believed it.

Chad was next. His story was of a boy who was just a farm boy, until he came upon a dragon egg. Tempest laughed as Aidan grew fond of the story never wanting it to end.

Divina passed her turn and Tempest smiled. "All right," she had said before going serious. She looked at Void who had his ears back like a cats. He looked at her.

"They're here," they both said in unison. Tempest grabbed her wand and pointed it at the fire.

"Aqua Eructo," she hissed. It went out and she called everyone together.

Chapter 15: Compromise
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Tempest looked at Void. So far the plan was going good. They were walking barefoot making sure not to make a sound. They stopped at the sound of a voice.

"Tell me Nila," they heard Adrian say.

"No," they heard Nila say unwaveringly.

"I demand you tell me!"

"Over my dead lifeless corpse!"

"Ugh! Damn you!"

"You know you love me."

"And that shall be my doom." They head him sigh." Don't make me so what he'll make me do."

She huffed. "Whatever, do your worst."


"I no longer care. I will not tell you where to find the fire, no matter what."

"Then you leave me with no other choice. Crucio!"

Tempest and Void looked at each other before sprinting towards them. They stopped at the edge of a circle and Tempest nodded at Void. He smiled satisfied and clenched his fist. Tempest leaned against a tree and watched Void. He simply tapped Adrian on the shoulder and punched him square across the face. The spell ended and Nila gasped regaining herself. Tempest ran to her and looked at her. Carefully.

"Zephyr?" Nila said dazed.

"Yeah. Void is here as well."

"You shouldn't have come."

"Why must you always care more about other than yourself?"

"You're one to talk."


"Nila . . . " said Void.

"Hey Void. How are you Zombie Boy?"

He laughed. "All right. Come on I'll carry you. Adrian's unconscious so we better go before HE comes. Oh and here."

He handed Tempest Excaliber and she smiled. They walked along through the beaches jungle. Chad, Divina and Zoltron greeted them with concerned looks on their faces. Tempest got Nila some food along with a vial.

Nila was sleeping on Tempest lap near the fire. She had a slight smiled on her face and a calming loo about her.

"We should keep the fire out," Void said. "It'll make it harder for them to find us."


"Yes Aidan?"

"I do not like this. It all seems to easy."

"I know, it just feels..."

She was interrupted by Nilas' sudden screaming. Tempest jerked up and knelt by her head. Nila punched her. Tempest swore under her breath. Nila was thrashing around and screaming chaotically.

"Hold her down," ordered Tempest.

She saw Divina dive under the sand and hold a leg. Chad grabbed another leg and held it with all his might. Tempest and Void each grabbed an arm and Zoltron tried to cover her mouth to shut her up.

"Void, if we don't figure out a way to shut her up they will find us."

"I know!"

"TRAP!" Nila jerked upright and was staring at everyone on mass confusion. "Why are you guys holding me down? Oh my god Zephyr, your lip is bleeding. What happened?"

"You went mental on us that what happened," said Divina with only her shoulders above the ground.

"Elaborate please?"

"You started screaming and thrashing around. You busted my lip. Don't worry, right now, worry about being able to run because you just gave away our position."

"Oops sorry."

"Quiet," hissed Void. Tempest looked at Void he had his eyes closed and had himself perched like a cat. He was listening she concluded. Her senses were stronger than his and Nilas were equal to his.

"Void there's nothing yet. Now get over here and pick up Nila."

"Fine. Come on Nila, hop on and hold on tightly."

"All right."

Void bent down and Nila wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. He hoisted her up and Tempest grabbed her bag with all their supplies.

"Come on you guys."

They walked along the beach and Tempest made Aidan keep a lookout from behind. He complied. She looked at Nila who had her eyes closed. Tempest pinched her neck.

"Hey that hurt."

"Don't you dare fall asleep again."

"Yeah well I'm trying. Void can you put me down now, I'm sort of getting tired."

"Okay." He dropped her to the ground and kept walking.

"That hurt you jerk."

"Yeah but it woke you up. Plus that was also for falling for your sister boyfriend who is also a jerk."

"Actually ex-boyfriend. Samantha said he broke up with her through a letter," informed Tempest looking down at her. Nila pulled her knees up to her chest and looked away towards the ocean.

"Get up Nila," said Void walking away. Tempest looked after him. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets and his blue tipped hair was spiked and unruly.

"Come on Nila, we don't mean to be well mean but it's all true. Now come on get up." Tempest ran after Void and looked at him.


"Are you jealous?"

"Jealous of what?"

She shook her head. "Nothing, never mind." They walked some more till finally Tempest haunted

"Void," she hissed."

"I know I sense it too."

"Run!" Tempest and Void ran followed by Nila, Chad, Divina, and Zoltron close at their heels. Tempest and Void came to a halt. He stood in front of them ad by his side Adrian. Adrian walked towards Void and punched him hard against his jaw. Void fell to the ground and his jaw fell out of place. He looked up and all he did was smiled as he fixed it back into place.

"Void don't taunt him," warned Nila.

"Yes don't. Now give me back Excaliber!"

"Fat chance of theat ever happening again," said Tempest.

"Give it back!"

"Even if I did give it back you wouldn't be able to use it. Only the wielder, meaning me if you didn't already know, can use it and extract it's power. So, ha, ha I win."

"Not yet you don't. Crucio!" He pointed his wand at Adrian who then fell to the ground.

"NO! Stop it! Just stop it! Zephyr!"

"How do you think your wife would feel is she saw you right now! What about your children!"

He ended the spell and looked at Tempest in the eye. They both ignored Nila as she ran to Adrian cradling him.

"How do you know about them?"

"Your twin sister. Your gold-eyed raven. She told me although even if she hadn't I would have been able to figure it out. You both have a strong bond, the only bond twins have."

He laughed. "You are a smart girl Tempest. Did she ever tell you why we hated Merwick?"


"We were six. Our older brother were out with our father when he came. Our mother yelled and told im to get out. He didn't. She got her want but before she could even utter a single spell, he killed her. We stayed quiet and watched as he left calmly. He told our father and brothers that an evil wizard must have come and killed her. All we could do was agree. That is why I didn't try to kill your family or you. In fact I was the one that alerted them, days before I alerted your father."

"So, you tried to save me?"

"Yes." Tempest thought deeply. Because of his she was alive she acknowledged. She pulled out Excaliber and pointed it at him unleashing it's power.

"I'll make a deal with you. I'll get the sand for your wife and you let go of the hold you have on Adrian."


"One more thing, if you betray me, or my friends I will shove this knife through your heart, family or no family."

There was a slight hesitation before his response. "Agreed."

"Good. Adrian get up your coming along."

"Huh?" said Nila.

"Yes Nila he is coming with Void and Divina and I. You are staying here and Chad I want you to keep and eye on them and Zoltron, I want you to help him with that. Don't let either of them out of your site."

"Okay," they said in unison.

"Good." She began walking back to the beach and looked dup at the full moon. She hoped that that would be a good omen.

Chapter 16: The Black Fire
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Tempest thought the gills looked weird. What she though looked more unusual were her feet and hands. She looked at Void who was by her side. He sill looked angry. She looked at Divina next. Her legs were just one fin so right now she really looked like a mermaid. She was leading the way down and had told them to swim angled. Adrian had asked why and Divina had simply said. "Lets just say, it a little more than cold down there."

They were swimming fast thanks to their fins and gills and from that point had swam in silence till Adrian stopped swimming. They turned one by one and looked at him.

"Why did you stop," asked Void.

"I thought I saw something."

"Oh please . . . "
"Void hush. I think he's right, were not alone. Divina!"

"Already a thought ahead of you." Divina took off and began swimming around. Tempest scanned the area for a place to hide if need be. Thankfully she saw a cave.

"Divina!" She popped up next to her. "Can you check that cave?"

"I already did. It's an air-pocket. Now I insist yo go to it and hide behind the rocks on the outside till the Gillyweed ears off . . . now!"

"Uh why," they all asked in unison.

"Oh no reason really just you know a bunch of sharks coming along with some eels!"

"Oh okay then."

They swan quickly and entered the bottom part of the cave and hid behind rocks till the Gillyweed wore off.

"Divina," whispered Tempest.


"How long have we been swimming?"

"Almost and hour. The Gillyweed should be wearing off soon. Hopefully anyway."

They sat in silene for a while and watched in silence as sharks and eels swam around them. Tempest looked at her hands at the sudden tingling sensation.

"Divina." She looked at her and saw her eyes widen.

"I'll create a distraction. You have to swim quickly, understand?"

"I'm not a child?"

"True but it's my responsibility to protect you. Now to Void and Adrian."

Tempest nodded and swam to Void and Adrian who were deeper in the cave She explained what was going to happen and she looked back at the opening and watched as Divina pulled out her wand.

"Bombarda!" Rock began to fall and Tempest knew that she had aimed at the side of the cave wall. Tempest, Void, and Adrian swam and gasped in relief at the fresh air.

"Are you guys all right?" asked Tempest as she pulled herself from the water.

"Yes. Well I know I am," said Adrian.

"What a pity then," said Void. He pulled himself gracefully fro the water and stood looking around.

"Void . . . "

"I think I'm going to see how deep this ave is and if there is another exit." He walked away and she looked back at Adrian.

"You can't blame him."

"Trust me I don't. If I were him I already would have tried several attempts on my life with or without regard to Nila."


"Yes." He sighed. "We should probably stat a fire to bad there's no firewood unless you know a spell?"

"Sorry I don't." She crawled to him and lifted his face back towards her. "I can see why she likes you."

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because Nila is in love with you and I know have she feels anyway. What can I say life is difficult and beside you need the pity." She laughed and sat against the wall. She shivered and sat closer to her.

"Bet you wish you could cast a fire now don't you?" She nodded and he laughed. He may be a jerk, but truly, it wasn't completely his fault, s realized.

They say for a while ad neither Divina nor Void returned. Tempest was beginning to get worried when Adrian stood up.

"We've been waiting for a while, do you think they are okay?"

"I hope. Voids probably still wondering around and Divina is still probably keeping an eye on those sea creatures."

Suddenly as Tempest was saying this, Divina popped out of the water and scrambled onto the cave floor. Tempest stood up and ran over to her. When she got closer she realized that her leg was bleeding.

"Divina . . . "

"I'm all right." She tried to stand. "I just can't walk." She feigned a laugh.

"Here, I can help. I learned some healing spells at my school," said Adrian. Divina looked at Tempest with uncertainty. She nodded and Divina reluctantly agreed.

Adrian pointe his wand at Divina's leg and cast a spell.

"Thank you," said Divina.

"It was my pleasure."

"Well I see you all are getting along," came a sudden voice. Tempest rued around.

"Enough Void, you're acting like a child."

"I don't care, now if you people would please follow me ,I think I might have found another way out of here."

He turned on his heel and they followed down a long narrow tunnel. Tempest slipped on the cold stone floor and would have hit her head if Adrian hadn't caught her.

"Are you all right?"

"Uh huh."

"Good." He lifted her back up and she smiled a thank you. She continued walking but not before meeting Voids angry gaze. She simply rolled her yes and crossed her arms. He's acting like such a child, she thought.

They continued on in silence. Tempest suddenly halted and looked at Void.

"Void! What have you done?" They all stopped and stared at her confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"You, what have you done?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Tempest grew angry and went nose to nose with him.

"Don't you dare lie to me Void. I've known you for far to long. Now I'll ask once more and only once more, what did you do?"


"You liar! You awoke the Guardians of the Fire! Ugh how could you be so stupid! So ignorant."

"I was trying to ensure our safety."

"Ah ha, so you did!"

"Oh shut up."

"What exactly did you do and tell me everything. Don't you dare leave out a single part."

"Fine." He sighed. "I was just walking around. I needed some air and space. Now I was just walking when I sort of fell and well came upon a little pool of water. I looked at it and it suddenly turned red like blood. Then out popped a dolphin, but it looked....I don't know how to explain it."

"Did it look purple with like lack on the belly?" Divina asked.

"Yes. You know what creature it was?"

"A war dolphin. Ruthless and cruel they will kill anything or anyone regardless of who or what they are." She looked at Tempest who ignored her while pretending to be in thought.

"Isn't it's proper name a Phairwol?"

"Let me guess, you learned that from the book." Tempest nodded. "Well anyway, yes, that is their proper name."

"Now Void, is that all that happened?" asked Tempest.

"No. The Dolphin, it didn't seem to see me. It's like it was looking through me. Then it sort of hissed and disappeared. After that the water turned completely clear."

Tempest and Divina looked at each other before sprinting down the rest of the way. They stopped and looked down at the clear blue water.

"I think this is lie a sort of magical passage way to the fire," said Divina.

"Be careful," ordered Tempest.

"Aren't I always." She smiled and dived down.

Tempest waited and turned to Adrian and Void as they appeared next to her. Divina appeared back.

"We are going to have to be careful understand? Good. Now come on eat your Gillyweed." They obeyed and dived in after Divina.

They were weary as they swam quickly. They stopped for a couple more times as they needed to eat more Gillyweed. Finally, after an immense number of hours swimming they reached the bottom. Tempest blinked a couple times to wake herself from the long swim. She looked at both Void and Adrian. They too were sleepy fro the long travel. They could have swam for what could have been an day, maybe two. Tempest no longer knew, she stopped counting her intake of Gillyweed after a while.

Divina nudged them all and they looked at her.

"I found the fire. But be careful, I thought I also saw some Phairwol as well."

They followed after her and Tempest handed both Void and Adrian a potion for their stamina. They put the potion in their mouths and bit the cork off and swallowed the vile potion down quickly.

Tempest drew out her dagger and swam next to Divina.

"Don't release it's power, it might attract them."


They all swam close together till Tempest saw the fire. She stared transfixed at it and took in all the brilliance. It glowed blue and silver but she could see that it was. Tempests mind began to get cloudy. Her thoughts began to fill with the thoughts of immortality.

"Zephyr!" she heard Divina yell. She turned and saw Divina, Adrian, and Void with their wand out. Around them were dozens of Phairwol.

"Oh crap," she muttered under her breath.

"Zephyr," began Adrian. "Divina wants you to hurry. She sent me here t guard you."

"All right come on."

They swam as fast as they could and stopped at the edge of the fire. She began once again to become transfixed.


"Huh, oh yeah." She unleashed the true form of Excaliber and swiped it through the sand. Suddenly the ocean grew still and she looked around. All the Phairwol were staring at her and were completely still They stayed for but a moment before swimming away into the darkness.

"Okay, hat was weird," stared Tempest.

"Well I suggest that we leave before they change their minds and kill us," said Void.

"Agreed," said Divina.

They swam quickly back to the cave and waited there for a while till they gained their strength back.

"How long do you tink we've been gone," asked Tempest as she laid down to sleep.

"Who knows probably a couple or some days. Couldn't have been that long," relied Void.

"Huh I guess we'll just ask when we get back on land."

"Yeah, now sleep Zephyr, you're tired as well as the rest of us."

"Okay, goodnight guys."

"Good night," they all groaned in unison.


Tempest blinked at the blinding light of sunlight as she crawled back onto the beach.

"I'm blind," she joked as she collapsed onto the ground.

"Oh come, it's only the sun," said Void.

"I hiss at it. Besides I think all this bloody time in the sun is making me get a sunburn."


Tempest jerked her head around and smiled at Nila, Chad and her cousin. They waved at her and ran as fast as they could upon the soft sand. Tempest stood up and hugged them, dropping her sword.

"Um, how long have we been gone?"

"Almost four days," said Chad.

"We were beginning to get worried," said Zoltron.

"Oh you shouldn't have, really, nothing bad even happened. Actually it was rather fun." She laughed and soon enough Void, Divina and Adrian joined in. Yeah right, no trouble at all, she thought. Nila and Chad looked at them confused but soon enough they shrugged it off.

Tempest followed them down the beach and she stared intently at the man staring out into the ocean.

"Hey Monsieur Starlet!" yelled Nila. "Loo who finally returned." He turned around and smiled at all of them.

"Glad to see your back alive Miss Nyx."

"You have no idea how much you sound like your sister when you call me that," said Tempest.

"I guess I do. Now, shall we take leave now?"

"How do we do that exactly."

"Just hold onto each other and whatever you do don't let fo of each other." They nodded and watched as he cast a spell.


Tempest let little bits of sandal into the mouth of the wife of Mister Starlet. She watched as the colour quickly began to return to her skin.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. No really don't."

"All right then I wont. Down by the fireplace, there is some floo powder." Everyone left the room but he called after Tempest.


"Can you give this letter to my sister and this one to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. I don't want Adrian to get into much trouble."

"All right."

Tempest hid the letters in her shirt and walked down the old wooden steps that seemed to creek with every step she took. Everyone stared at her as she walked down.

"What do I look like, bloody Cinderella?" They laughed and she walked to the fireplace and took a handful of floo powder. "Well, here nothing. I say we make a grand entrance." She winked. "Nightmare Academy Great Hall!"


Tempest and everyone else she knew was in trouble. Detention for months, but Tempest didn't care anymore, she understood that the teachers just cared.

She had delivered the letter as asked and healed Divina's mother who was now at full health and power. She still laughed whenever she remembered the looked on Erasmus' face. There was still something, one little problem she had to deal with.

It had been almost a month since she had been face to face with the fire and the thoughts of immortality still haunted her. She opened her hand and stared at the little lack flame in her hand.

"Zephyr! Hurry up we're ging to be late for detention!" yelled Nila. Tempest laughed and stared at the doorway.

"I'll be there in a minute!" Tempest got up from her bed and took one last look at the fire in her hand before throwing it to the ground. "Aqua Eructo," she said extinguishing the fire. A life without her friends was not a life she wanted to have, she thought.