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Hermione Granger's Strange Locket by pinkdevil012

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,671
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Mystery
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/30/2007
Last Chapter: 11/08/2007
Last Updated: 11/08/2007

Hermione discovers she's adopted,but cannot seem to remember her past before she started Hogwarts.It was like a part of herself was missing.Eventally she gets a letter and a locket.The locket was a link to her history.But people is questioning her,being conrcened becayse she has a slytherin heirloom.But later,she finds out about a girl named aurora rose.But strangely enough Draco Malfoy is involved and won't leave her alone.

Chapter 1: The discovery and questions
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Intro to the story..
The most weirdest tihng i thought i'll never expect to be the truth of my life.But its the truth,and no one else knows about it yet! I never remembered my past when i was younger and i dont get it. Usually i know everything because i'm a know-it-all girl,plus I'm Hermione Granger!!

What do i know so far? Well it keeps on getting more stranger. I'm adopted,no big deal right? Mainly i found out about it in the middle of my sixth year at Hogwarts.Plus at that time,I was never the same.My looks changed quickly.No curly thick hair.No bucky teeth.No weird thick eyebrows.All i got now was straight shiny long amber hair but with goldlike streaks,bright white straight teeth,and more um womanly curves.Its weird,it happened so quick,right after my 16th birthday!

When i got the news from my parents,there was much more interesting thing i got bysides the letter.There was a bold red box,i opened it.It was a locket,one of the rarest ones in the wizarding world.Did it mean my parents was witches? It was sliver,engaved a snake and a letter S in green.I realized it was like a slytherin's heirloom.Oh well if it belonged to my birth parents,as well I'll put it on! I started to get dizzy for some reason,closed my eyes.My mind went to some world I wasn't aware of. The surroundings was blurred,but I heard a yound child crying out a name,"Aurora Rose! Aurora Rose! Come back! you're scaring me! Where are you??"



.The Beginning of this weird mystery for me to solve.I ended up on the floor. I was back to reality. Harry Potter found me,shaking me to wake up. He stood up,pulled me up and calmly asked me,"Hermione,are you alright?" Then he took a peek at my new locket,and concrenly spoke,"um where did you get that locket?"

I replied,trying not to make him mad,"Its a locket from my parents,something they say that its from my birth parents..which means I'm adpoted.."

Harry nodded and sighed,"huh. it looks familiar though. Well i dont like the colors. You're adopted? wow..very interesting.."

Then I strugged my shouders,grabbed the box,plus the letter from my parents.Running to my dorm since I passed out in the common room.Hmm looks like tomorrow is gonna be a drag since we had all classses with the slytherins.

next day

What do I think about right away when i get out of bed? It doesn't have to be the hard way facing this crappy long day havig classes with the slytherins. The first class was Potions,my least favorite. Professor Snape assigned partners today for today's lesson making love potion. Aww man I hate those days when he'll always assign me to work with Draco Malfoy. I was already in a bad mood since i overslept this morning.Hmm today's lesson to complete a love potion with your partner.I stood up,did the directions,mixing them into the chatron.Draco Malfoy was observing making sure I'm doing it right.

But nearly the end of class.Ifelt uneasy.Why did I feel so weird,I questioned myself in thought. Draco whispered in a harsh voice,"Granger,move it!!"

I mumbled,"If you're not happy with my work,do it yourself!"

He rolled his eyes them noticed my locket,and smirked,"Why do you have that heirloom? you're a MUDBLOOD..Granger.."

I hissed,ingoring his remark and said back,"Whatever Malfoy. Its mine. you ferret.."

Class was over.But i was not in the mood to explain things to Harry or Ron.My attuitude wasn't like me. Common room,The Dorm,there was the letter from my parents,but something else.Huh? It was a stack of old worn out letters.But between two people.Whoa..Draco and somebody I never heard of? Interesting,I thought,then decided to read them.

The first one was...


i need to say some little things about me. you won't see me anymore. It's bad news. My mom and dad are dead. They got killed from very bad two mans. The locket will be hidden.

your best friend,

aurora rose

Then the second one..

A. rose,

where are you? i cant find anything at your house that tells me where you are. dont say that! I'll wait for you to come back! Make sure no one finds the locket.

Draco Malfoy.

Third letter...


I dont know for sure. Its like prison..But i always have to work so hard like a slave. I always get punished for no reason by those evil men that curse me.The food is yucky and I cant seem to live without real food. But I keep praying that I will be free.

A. Rose

4th letter..

A. Rose,

Prison? Wow,working like a slave,getting cursed at. That is painful. Someone will set you free somehow. Trust me,we'll meet again for sure!! Keep hope,and don't forget the locket of the bond we have.

Draco Malfoy.

LAST LETTER..but nearly burned,so it was hard for me to read.


This will be the last letter you'll ever get from me. I must thank you for your friendship and your help from all of this.I'm happy in this new life now. But I won't be returning in my past life at all.I am living with two nice people who is muggles named the Grangers.Good luck with you now.

Aurora Rose.

Chapter 2: confusion
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Author Note: i'm having trouble how long this chp. should be. so if its too short,please let me know...


Then I thought,why doesn't this make sense? I looked at the locket.But there was no key.There has to be a clue somewhere.I couldn't just ask my paretns,either Harry or Ron to help me.Oh wait,my parents!!! All of this meant love,friendship!!! I took out one of my things from the trunk.A gold hearted key,which was a charm for good luck.I should have known in the first place!The locket popped open.There was voices,a mini moving picture.I was appalled what I was seeing.


A young blond haired boy who must have been Draco Malfoy,whom spoke out loud,"Aurora? Do you know what the lcoket means??"

Aurora nodded no with her head,saying," it a secret??"

"It's one of my family heirlooms. I want you to have it. It will mean to us. That this locket is passed on to people with foribben bonds." Draco replied.

The young girl frowned,"you mean this locket is a bond for us?"

"Yes. our friendship will last for life. If we lose each other ever,we always face again.."

"Wow! Friends forever!"


I didn't believe it at first. Then I realized what this locket meant. Draco spoke about something like a heirloom. I wondered name Hermione was just a cover up from the past. My adopted parents wouldn't tell me my real name.I had to do this on my own to discover the truth.

Not again..My head got dizzy,and I fell into a strange dream,A weird unusual dream.

The place seemed to be very gloomy,no familiar surroundings,it was dark.The large doors boomed,there was a young girl nearly dead from being badly beaten in heavy chains on her from the duegons.The two death eaters pushed her down roughly having her face on the cold rough floor.Suddenly a green light appeared,it was the dark lord.The girl weakly cried out with all of her energy being annoyed,"Let me go! I wanna go home now! Home!"

THe lord laughed evilly,spoke harshly,"why should i? you're just a stupid GIRL!"

The girl tembled for fear.She knew she wasn't going to get out of it soon.All she was praying for the helf her best friend of two years Draco would get.Then the lord took out his wand,"Why should i let you live,stupid Girl? No one cares about you! Your parents are dead! Dead i shall say! They was murdered by my people."

"No no no. thats not True!! What do you want? let me go! let me go!" The girl cried,and crying so hard for the death of her parents.

The dark lord laughed,"your secret locket. Where is it! where is it! I know you have something! Your blood burned with it!!"

The dream was over.But it didnt make things clearer enough.I was still confused like ever in my life.But two things clicked,I had the locket which matched in the dream,and strange dreams.It wasn't normal.I neeeded Harry and Ron to help me understand these dreams.Suddenly I realized in the dream,the girl had a scar on her forearm,a circle one but a swollen red color.Then I looked at my own,which was in the exact spot from the dream but in pink,same mark.I thought in my mind but crazy to admit it.I was her.But why I couldn't remember my past? This is scary and a weird mystery I had to solve.