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The Tail of Moony by WereWolvesAreReal

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,162
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/21/2007
Last Chapter: 12/05/2007
Last Updated: 12/05/2007

This is the tale of Remus John Lupin, know to his closest friends as Moony. This is the story of his life going through the hardships of a werewolf. The hardships of a child, a teenager, an adult in the first war of Voldemort. It is a story of many things, happiness and friendships and joy, but beware, for it also a tale of a dark time and era, and a story of great betrayal.....

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Ok, First of all JK Rowling made the characters, setting, all that, except the ones i made. I own nothing but the plot.



The sun slowly sank down beneath the trees, the magnificent golden orb only half seen, sending a beautiful orange light flooding through the air, gradually growing darker. Some sounds normally heard through the foliage were steadily disappearing, replaced by the sounds and noises of the nocturnal creatures that prowled. A small trickling stream looped around rocks, bubbling and foaming merrily. None of was noticed, however, by four year-old Remus Lupin. 

      An odd looking man had told Remus that on the night of a full moon, special creatures would go to this little stream. Remus knew, with his father being a wizard, that some magical creatures liked the full moon, though he didn’t know why. And Remus had always liked animals. So, he had come.

But he did not know what kind of creatures came out on the full moon.

Remus glanced up, gazing at the beautiful moon. He did not know this would be the last time he would gaze at it with his dark brown, human eyes. Nothing had ever led him to believe he would, even could, hate the wonderful moon, which he had always admired. But he would learn to hate it. He would learn to hate it very, very quickly.

He looked at the trees curiously, trying to peer through the thick foliage as he heard twigs snapping and rapidly. He heard his parents calling for him in the distance, but he ignored their pleas. He wanted to see the animals.

So mesmerized was young  Remus that he didn’t even notice the clamorous sounds of the forest quiet, a blanket of silence creeping upon it with the mysterious dark creature. His young mind knew nothing of fear because he had lived through none. Not yet.

He tensed as he saw a pair of golden eyes flash behind the bushes, not out of fear, but of excitement. He hardly dared to breathe, lest he scare the creature off.

The twigs continued breaking and the leaves still rustling, but slower this time. The creature slunk forward with a predatory grace, and the young boy felt a terror born of instinct, a feeling that he had to run as the creatures muzzle came through from the bushes. The head with the feral golden eyes next, then the body which crouched low as it stalked him. He realized all too late his mistake. This was no cute, harmless little creature to watch. This was a creature was only known to him in stories, a creature he had never believed he would see. This creature would kill him if it could. It was a werewolf.

A scream of pure terror rose and exploded from his throat as he realized this, and what happened next seemed to go in slow motion. Remus automatically put his arms up to cover his face and the beast snarled with rage, crouching to spring. There were hurried, loud footsteps and yells from his parents, close now, at his yell. And then the werewolf jumped at him, scratching his side and closing its strong jaws on his shoulder, and Remus knew only darkness.





As Remus slowly came to his senses in the warm bed at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries he also became achingly aware of the shots of pain coursing through him, particularly his side and arm. With an effort, he opened his eyes, and then promptly shut them again against the light.


Remus gave a yelp of pain as a blurry figure hugged him tight. The person, his mother, quickly jumped away as though burned at his yelp. “Healers! He’s awake!” She called in delight. His dad and a young lady dressed in a plain white outfit walked in.

“H-how are you feeling, Remus?” Asked his father nervously. He seemed almost afraid, though Remus wasn’t paying attention close enough to notice. His mother shot his father a deathly glare that caused John to hide his anxiousness.

“My arm and side hurts,” He said, looking at them sadly. “What happened Daddy?”

The healer busied herself with a few potions, feeling like she was intruding. John Lupin bit his lip nervously. “Son, do you now what creature hurt you?”

“A werewolf, Daddy.”

“Do you know what happens when a werewolf bites someone?” Remus shook his head with a frown and his mother clutched him tighter, if possible. “They turn into a werewolf themselves.”


Chapter 2: The WereWolf Registry
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“What are we doing here, Mom?”

Remus Lupin looked up at his mother innocently, his shining amber eyes with flecks of gold sparkling with youthful exuberance. It made his mother, Rose, shiver as she looked at him, forcing her to think of how he had gotten those eyes, both beautiful and horrifying at the same time. The injury on his shoulder was completely healed, though it had only been two weeks since the attack. The healers said he would heal very quickly now, and could survive and go through more than others because of his new werewolf blood. It was bittersweet news.

“Now, you do remember how your dad and I said some things might be… different… after the ‘accident’, don’t you?” He nodded. “Well, the Ministry of Magic decided that werewolves like you have to be registered. That just means that we need to tell them your name and a bit about you and stuff, okay?”

“But why do have to be registered?” He asked, his face scrunching up in thought. Rose searched her mind for an answer.

“They like to know who the werewolves are.”

Thankfully, he questioned no more. Barely able to hide her relief, she walked into the entrance to the ministry.

“Rose and Remus Lupin, going to the Werewolf Registry.” She pinned on the two badges that slid out  and, signaling to Remus to stay silent, walked out into the Ministry.


Rose and Remus followed down a dirty hallway. The wallpaper was peeling and the windows were dusty. It wasn’t very inviting.

Remus shivered as an old, shabby looking man glared at him over the top of his copy of the Prophet. He didn’t understand why everyone here looked so angry. They had been okay until his mum had said they were here to register him.

Remus didn’t know it, but he would forever remember that man.

The three walked through a large, intimidating metal door.  When it shut behind them Remus couldn’t help but shiver. The sound of it shutting seemed to echo around them in the cold room. The women barely spared him a glance as she questioned his mother.


“Remus John Lupin.”

“Date of Birth?”

“March 10, 1959.”

“Date of Bite?”

“Is the werewolf who bit him known?”

“…. Fenrir Greyback.”

The women’s eyes flickered up to Rose, and then to Remus. A flash of pity went through her eyes for the briefest of moments, a flicker of humanity and sympathy for the young boy. Remus missed this as he stared at the ceiling, swinging his legs. She cleared her throat and continued uneasily.

“Parents names…”


Awhile later the two women finally stood up, and Remus quickly scrambled to his feet as well. His mother gently put her hand on his shoulder, giving it a small, reassuring squeeze. Remus looked up at her curiously. “Remus, she’s going to put a spell on your arm, okay? It might sting a little.” Remus nodded, not thinking much of it. The Registry worker took his right arm gently and pressed her wand to it, mumbling a string of words he didn’t really hear, nor understand. Remus gave a small yelp of pain and surprise as his lower arm seemed to burn, and he clutched his arm tightly. And then, just as quickly as it had come, the pain was gone. Remus slowly uncovered his arm and looked at it shakily. Seven large numbers flared on his arm, a bright blood-red, with two dashes.


“What’s that, Mom?” asked Remus nervously. She was trembling slightly, he noticed with apprehension. 

“T-that’s so people know you’re a werewolf, honey.” She told him shakily.

“So everyone will know I’m a werewolf?” He asked with a frown. Why would everyone need to know he was a werewolf? It wasn’t like it mattered, did it…

“No!” She said quickly. “It will be hidden with a spell, unless someone uses the counter-curse, and then it will only be visible temporarily. You’ll be taught the spell, in case you’ll ever need it.” The Ministry worker nodded and waved her wand. The numbers instantly disappeared. “See?” Asked his mother, trying to smile but failing miserably. Remus nodded anyway, and they went home.



Three days later…


Remus and his mother walked up to the house of one of Remus’ friends, Todd, who came from a wizarding family as well. Todd himself was a squib, and an only child. His parents had been very disappointed. Remus was ecstatic that he could finally see one of his friends. He was looking forward to feeling like everyone else. The past two weeks had been very odd.

He and his mother walked up to the door and Rose knocked on the door politely. They waited as the doorknob turned, and the door opened. Todd’s mother stood in the doorway, but as soon as she saw them her normally kind face became flushed, and then furious. She glared at them, an angry rage in her face

Out!” She hissed. “No half-breeds will go near my children!” She slammed the door in their faces before either of them could react. Face bright red, Rose Lupin grabbed her son’s arm and dissapparated.





Rose’s head snapped toward her confused son, and her face softened. She had been about to owl John, but she had forgotten that Remus did not understand exactly what happened. Remus looked at her with wide eyes, shining with unshed tears, his bottom lip quivering. “Why was Todd’s mum angry?”

Rose knelt down next to her son and hugged him. “Hon, some people… well, they have silly fears of certain things that they don’t understand. Werewolves are considered to be ‘half-humans’ and some people don’t like that. A ‘half-breed’ is a mean name for half-humans. That’s why you never tell anyone you’re a werewolf, okay? We don’t people to be angry.”

“But, why are they angry?” He looked confused and scared. It broke his mother’s heart as she tried to sugar-coat what she was telling him. 

“Well, a lot of people get angry about what they don’t understand. Most people don’t like werewolves because they think they’re bad. So you can’t tell anyone you’re a werewolf or they might be scared.” Then again, Lupins never had much tact…

A few tears coursed down Remus’ cheeks, and in a moment Rose was holding her sobbing son to her, wondering why he had to have been given this curse as tears slowly fell down her own face.

Chapter 3: Hogwarts?
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A certain wizard visits the Lupin household, and remus first meets sirius... Please R&R, and no, the characters and all that belong to JK Rowling.

Eleven year-old Remus Lupin sat curled up on his bed, staring at a thick tome with frayed edges. He had read and re-read the book, Hogwarts, A History ever since his mother had told him, at age nine, that he would never be able to go there. The Headmaster, Professor Dippet, had owled them and said so. He couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if his life was different. He rested a rough, scarred hand upon it and sighed. He was about to open it to read, for the ninth time, when his mother called for him.


The young werewolf jumped and, urged by the ecstasy of his mother’s voice, bolted out of his room. To his amazement, there was an old man sitting at the table. He was wearing dark blue robes, his long white beard trailing down. He was smiling at Remus, his eyes twinkling happily over half-moon spectacles. Remus saw a wand sticking out of his pocket. This man was a wizard.

A feeling of dread washed over Remus. A wizard. No wizard would be around him, not when they knew what he was. That was why they never had company over. There was the chance that they could find out about Remus, and the Lupins refused to let that happen. But instead of seeming nervous, his mother seemed completely elated.

“Remus!” She said excitedly, trying but failing to hide her complete joy. “This is Professor Dumbledore! He’s from Hogwarts!”

“”Nice to meet you sir,” said Remus automatically. As he thought about his mother’s words, however, he was completely bemused. Why was the Headmaster at his house? And to see him, no less? Was he there to tell Remus that he couldn’t come to Hogwarts? He already knew that. His mother next words, however, made him freeze and wonder, for a moment, if he was dreaming.

“Remus, Professor Dumbledore said that you could go to Hogwarts…”

Remus stared at her mutely. Surely she was wrong? Or joking? He was a werewolf, after all! They would never let him into Hogwarts… would they? He briefly considered pinching himself to see if it was a dream or not.

“Would you like to go to Hogwarts, Remus?” Asked the old man kindly as he gazed at the young boy.

“Yes!” Remus blurted despite himself. Dumbledore and his mother smiled, but his mother’s smile dropped a moment later and she looked troubled.

“But Albus, where would he go to… transform?” She was understandably uncomfortable talking of his transformations. It was not something they talked of, if they could help it.

“It has been taken care of. A house been built in Hogsmeade, and the villagers have been warned that it is haunted by rather violent ghosts. A tree, with a tunnel under it, has been planted on the grounds. Unless you know how to enter it, the tree will stop anyone from going near it. The teachers have, of course, been informed of his condition.” His mother nodded slowly, her eyes wide. “You do want to come, of course?”

“Yes sir!” said Remus quickly, not bothering to hide his eagerness. Dumbledore smiled and, turning to his mother, handed her a thick envelope.

“This is Remus’ letter. If you’ll excuse me then, I must get back to the school.” He nodded to Remus. “I’ll see you on September 1st.” With a large crack, their visitor departed.

Remus turned to his mother wide-eyed. He opened his mouth to say something, but he found that he couldn’t speak. He wordlessly pinched his arm as he had seen in a muggle movie. He was supposed to wake up now, right? His mother laughed at him.

“You’re going to Hogwarts,” She breathed, sounding dazed herself. After a moment she shook her head, as though to clear her thoughts, and walked into the other room, a large smile on her face. Slowly, Remus went forward to the table and gazed at the letter his mother had left there. This really wasn’t a joke. He was going to Hogwarts! His fingers trembling, he opened the envelope and read it slowly, savoring every word.

                                                 HOGWARTS SCHOOL

                                         of WITCHCRAFT and Wizardry


                                             Headmaster:Albus Dumbledore

                          (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

                           Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards.)



Dear Mr. Lupin,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all
necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no
later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore



He quickly grabbed the next piece of parchment.




   First-year students will require

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for daywear.

3, One pair of protective gloves (dragon-hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak…







“Come on, Remus! Get up!”

Remus spent a few seconds inwardly groaning at being forced to wake up, but in the next second he was bolting for his door, fumbling with the handle. Today was not an average day. Today was the first time ever he would be going to Diagon Alley. And the reason he was going was his favorite part. He had been accepted to Hogwarts!



His mother rolled her eyes and shook her head in dismay as the normally polite boy wolfed down his breakfast. He seemed to be inhaling it rather than eating. After a probably a minute or two-or less- he was finished, and sped up the stairs. His father, who had nearly been flattened by the excited boy, mumbled something about kids being too hyper.


Remus was nearly vibrating with joy as his mother handed his the floo powder. Unfortunately, running into a fireplace... well, that's not exactly the smartest thing to do.  He stumbled and banged into the back of the fireplace, hearing his parents snicker behind him. Coughing, he managed to choke out his destination… Or he thought he did…

    “Digon alay…” He coughed. The last thing he heard before he was thrown into the swirl of green was his mother groaning.



Remus coughed as he shakily stood up, dusting off his already tattered robes absent-mindedly. An ugly couple at a table near the fireplace snickered at him. He glanced around warily. His mother had warned him about mis-pronouncing things, and this definitely didn’t look like the right spot.

He brightened slightly as he saw a dark-haired child, probably his age, staring at the window moodily. He didn’t exactly look very happy, but he was his own age. He would be much more comfortable asking someone his own age than an adult.

He walked up to the boy timidly. He was always a shy boy. “Er, excuse me, but do you know where this is? I think I got lost in the floo…” His quite voice trailed off as the boy turned to look at him.

The gray eyes stared at him for a moment, and Remus felt very self-conscious. He knew he probably did look pretty odd. His lycanthropy had given him some gray hair, one of the physical traits of being a werewolf. He guessed it was because his wolf form had gray fur. With his bright, amber-gold eyes and slightly tattered clothes added to this, he wasn’t quite sure how he looked to others. But the seemingly stony boy surprised him after a moment by giving a warm smile.

“Trying to get to Diagon Alley?” He asked, cocking his head to the side, much like a dog. Remus nodded slowly. “You’re in the wrong place, right enough. This is Knockturn Alley. Dodgy place honestly, though my parents love it.” The boy rolled his eyes. Then he stared at a menacing-looking couple for a minute before standing up. He jerked his head to the door.


Remus cautiously followed the mysterious boy. He wrinkled his nose at the odd place he found himself on. A pale figure was carrying a bag of what looked like blood and walking by. The man, obviously a vampire stopped and narrowed his eyes at them. Vampires and werewolves didn’t exactly get along, and Remus had to fight down the wolfish urge to bare his teeth at the vampire. Thankfully, the pale man simply turned on his heel and walked away, and the wolf part of Remus’ mind howled in triumph at what it viewed as retreat.

He glanced back at his escort, and was relieved to see he had noticed little or nothing. He seemed intent upon finding his way back. He gave a rare smile as they saw a set of stairs leading up. He quickly pattered up them, and they ignored the suspicious glance people gave. The boy smiled exultantly at his accomplishment.

“Here we are!” He said happily. Suddenly he smacked his head, and Remus jumped in surprise. “Sorry, I forgot! I’m Sirius Black. You?” He cocked his head to the side again.

“Remus Lupin,” Said Remus happily. But before Remus could say another word a figure embraced him tightly.

“Remus! Where did you go?” Cried his mother. His father rolled his eyes at her and smiled at his blushing son. A look of envy crossed Sirius’ eyes, but it quickly left. A moment later Rose noticed him.

“Oh! I’m sorry, dear, I’m Mrs. Lupin.” She smiled at him and waited for his name.

“Sirius.” He replied simply, though with a charming smile. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I should go. My parents won’t be happy when they notice I’m gone… Well, if they notice.” He muttered the last part, though with his sharpened hearing Remus heard it well. But the smile was still stuck on the handsome boy’s face. “Well, see you at Hogwarts, Remus!” And with that, he bounded off into Knockturn Alley.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: A Train Ride and A Talking Hat
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Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. Nothing belongs to me.
Please R&R!

“Er, Mum?” 

“Yes, Remus?” 

“Um, where exactly is the train?” 

The three Lupins were at King’s Cross, getting pushed slightly every now and then as muggles hurried through the bustling crowd. Remus was scanning the area carefully, again and again, but could not for the life of him see any Platform 9 and ¾. His parents laughed. 

“It’s not a normal train, Remus.” Said his father lightly. “Muggles would be quite confused to see a big train that said ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy’ on the side, now wouldn’t they? Here,” he gestured to a blank wall. “Run into it.” Remus gave him a look as though he had just said to jump off a cliff. He laughed. “Just trust me. It is magic, after all.” Still slightly doubtful of his father’s sanity, Remus nonetheless shrugged and, bracing himself, ran at the wall. 

He automatically closed his eyes, all instincts believing that he would hit it. A second later when he didn’t, however, he opened his eyes. 

People milled around frantically, shoving other and pushing their luggage around, but this was different than before. Now many people were wearing robes- they had probably side along apparated- and the hoots of howls came from every direction. A few cats hissed at him as he slowly walked, not going to fast, as he still had to wait for his parents. Their owners eyed him suspiciously. It was rare for normal animals to be around a werewolf without being wary of them, though magical creatures would come to them more easily than others. 

He hugged his tearful mother goodbye. (“Don’t forget to owl, at least once a week… no, once a day, remember, always be sure to…) He hugged his father as well, who was rolling his eyes at his mum. He carefully picked his way through the crowds then, and up to the gleaming scarlet train. 

The compartment at the end of the train was, fortunately, empty. He sat down in the corner, hunched against the glass, and then flipped open his book, Transfiguration for Beginners. Before he could even finish one page, however, he was interrupted by the door sliding open. 

Two boys, both looking to be first-years too, were standing there, looking quite out of breath. One he recognized as Sirius Black, the boy he had met in Diagon Alley. The other boy was slightly taller, with messy black hair and large black glasses. Both were grinning madly. Sirius’ grin seemed to grow-if that was possible- when he saw Remus. 

“Remus!” He cried happily. The werewolf was slightly surprised he had remembered his name. “Mind if we sit here?” 

“Not at all,” Said Remus politely, though to be honest he would have preferred to remain alone. 

The two boys hastily shut the door and plopped down. Sirius smirked. “Remus, James, James Remus.” The boys nodded at each other. Despite his shyness, He could not help but ask a question. “Er, Sirius, why does it look like you two were running?” 

“Well, Remy,” (Remus nearly cringed at the nickname. Remy???) “Me and Jamesy-boy here,” James smacked Sirius on the back of the head, who pretended not to notice. “Saw my lovely cousin and her friend outside, and they looked much too cheerful. So, we used a nice spell to change the clothes around of her and her friend, Lucius. He really doesn’t look good in a skirt, you know…” 

Remus blinked for a moment, shocked that anyone would do such a thing. After a moment, though, he just rolled his eyes and bent his head over a book again.
The other’s in the compartment shrugged, and quickly dived into a conversation that had something to do with Sirius’ aunt, a house-elf, five pounds of feathers, and a tub of pink paint… Remus decided he really didn’t want to know any more than that… 


With relief, Remus realized that the train was slowing down. He quickly followed James and Sirius with the milling students. The older students, he noticed, were going toward carriages pulled by skeletal creatures. The first-years were going toward a giant of a man, who was shepherding them to boats. With a shudder, he realized that the creatures pulling the carriages were thestrals. He had read about these, too. 

‘Thestrals are called ‘dark’ creatures by many, but this is not entirely true. Though it is commonly thought that they bring death, it is, in a way, the other way around. Only those who have seen death first-hand, and remember this death (for example, a young child might forget, or one who is obliviated) may see these creatures-except muggles, of course. But despite the misconception, they are rather tame creatures, and they have excellent navigation skills. They are uncommon, however, as many witches and wizards who see these creatures kill them out of fear. The only known tame colony of thestrals is currently located at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…’ 

Remus shuddered. One sentence of that always struck him more than the rest. ‘Only those who have seen death first-hand and remember this death may see these creatures…’ 

Only those who have seen death first-hand, and remember this death…
Seen death… 

Remus remembered perfectly…


“Aw, come on, Remus! You know nothing will happen… I bet there’s nothing in the lake, anyhow, probably just made to scare us...” 

“I don’t know,” replied Remus doubtfully. “There might be, and we could get in trouble…” 

“Only if someone finds out,” his friend, Jonas, pointed out, rolling his eyes. 


Remus, despite his reluctance, backed down and went along with Jonas. Jonas was his only friend, mainly because his family had known beforehand that Jonas’ family accepted werewolves. Jonas’ uncle was a werewolf, after all. 

Remus could not help himself from grinning as well, however, as they swam through in the lake. It was a hot day, and the water felt good. For a reason he didn’t understand, however, he felt a feeling of dread, a chill, a warning that something would go wrong… 

Probably just his imagination… 

Suddenly, Jonas looked at him with a smirk. “Bet you can’t touch the bottom,” he taunted. The water was probably a bit over twenty feet deep. But they were good swimmers, always had been. 

“I bet I can before you,” Remus bet. They both took deep breaths, and they dove down. 

The two boys kicked their legs hard, pushing their arms through the tangled mess of sea weeds. A dark blur raced past him, then another. Remus felt his heart quicken as sharp claws grasped him. Grindylows! 

Panicked, Remus yanked himself away quickly. The brittle claws fell away. If there was one part of being a werewolf he liked, it was the strength. 

He shot through in the direction Jonas had been. Why, why hadn’t they believed the rumors…? 

A blurred, wriggling mass was above him, and he swam to it quickly. The two grindylows and Jonas were maybe five feet below water. He grabbed a grindylow, yanking it off of his friend. He saw only red… red. 

Red stained the water around, wisps of red, traces of red. His wolfish mind picked up the scent, though he would not breathe in. But he smelt it, he sensed it. It was blood. And there was a lot of it… 

He frantically jerked the grindylow off of his friend, and it swam away. But he knew it was over. Even as swam to the surface, and then to land, and then, half-blind with tears, found his way to Jonas’ house with sobs for his only friend to wake, that there was no hope. Jonas was dead. 


He jumped, startled out of his reverie, as the boats finally stopped. He slowly got out of the boats, keeping pace with James and Sirius so as not to fall behind. His mind wandered, however, and he did not gasp and drink in his first sight of Hogwarts. 

Even Remus, however, could not be untouched by the Great Hall. 

Remus, like the other first-years, gaped openly at the huge hall. The older students watched them, looking slightly amused, and he heard a few ponder if they were ever that tiny. A few people were predicting who would be in what house. Up at the staff table, he saw the Headmaster watching him, and smiled. The wizened wizard returned it, eyes twinkling madly. 

Remus watched, entranced, as the old hat on the stool sang. As it sorted the students, however, he could not help but feel wary. What if he couldn’t go to any house? What if the hat decided that a werewolf had no place at Hogwarts? He had heard whispers, already, that the house of Slytherin was known for its dark wizards. Would it become a house for dark creatures, too? 

“Lupin, Remus.” 

Calmly as possible, Remus walked up to the stool. He was used to odd looks with his appearance alone, and his parents had taught him to never be ashamed. He would not shake and look fearful, even if he was. 

He carefully sat the hat on his head. 

::So, what house is for you, eh?:: Remus did not jump as the house talked to him. 

::I believe I’m waiting for you to tell me that,:: Remus pointed out. The hat chuckled. 

::True, true… Now let’s see here… You possess fierce loyalty, a thirst for knowledge, bravery and courage, and a fierce desire to prove yourself… To prove that werewolves are truly people… Now where to put you…:: Remus saw Sirius watching him from the Gryffindor table. ::Somewhere where I can have true friends..:: 

::Very well, then...:: 

Relieved-though admittedly surprised, as he had expected Ravenclaw-he hastily put the hat on the stool and walked to the Gryffindor table, next to Sirius. Sirius greeted him enthusiastically. For once, he truly felt he belonged. He looked up at the staff table, and Dumbledore nodded with a wink, his eyes twinkling more than ever. This was, by far, the best day of Remus’ life.

Chapter 5: Chapter 4: professor; a ghost, a kitty, a dwarf, and one prejudiced git...
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Chapter 4:  Professor; A Ghost, A Kitty, A Dwarf, And One Prejudiced Git...

Disclaimer; I own nothin but the plot, however much I wish I did.

       Upon waking Remus felt a brief moment of panic. As he realized he was no longer in his own bed at home, the werewolf bolted upright. He sat stiffly, trying to remember why he was here. A moment later he relaxed, allowing a grin to slowly spread across his face. Hogwarts. He was finally at Hogwarts.

He glanced at his watch and noted that it was six-thirty. Classes started in and hour and a half. He looked over to his roommates and decided that he should wake them up.

“Sirius? James? Peter?” Peter had introduced himself to his dorm mates the night before. Remus was still slightly wary of him- he could have sworn the wolf didn’t like him.

Remus waited a moment. But after a minute he rolled his eyes. “Guys?” HE asked, slightly louder. No response. “OI! WAKE UP!”


Wonderful. He gets stuck with the three who can sleep through earthquakes…

He contemplated a moment, then pointed his wand to his throat, saying a charm his father had taught him. They had thought that Remus wouldn’t go to a school, so they had taught him a bit already…



The three fell out of there beds, heads snapping around to look for the source of noise. Remus turned his face to one of innocence, and Sirius narrowed his eyes. Apparently that wasn’t going to work. “Quietus,” He muttered, discreetly waving his wand. “Yes, Sirius?”

  Sirius glared for a moment, and then his face slowly changed to a smirk, a mischievous gleam coming to his eye. Remus gulped. He had a feeling he was going to regret his moment of fun sometimes soon…



Within the hour Remus and his newly found friends were eating at the Gryffindor table (they had gotten directions from Nearly Headless Nick- though new, they had at least been wise enough not to listen to Peeves) and they were watching anxiously as their strict-looking head of house passed out time-tables. The four scanned theirs’ quickly.





8:00 am:   Tranfiguration-Slytherins


9:00 am:   Double Charms-Ravenclaw


11:30 am:  Lunch


12:45 pm:   History of Magic-HufflePuff


1:45 pm:   Double Defence Against The Dark Arts-Ravenclaw



The first years stood and took their bags from under the table. “McGonagall teaches Transfiguration, right?” Remus asked distractedly as they walked.

“Yea,” Said James with a yawn. He wasn’t used to waking up this early. “My mum said she’s really strict.” Peter looked worried. Sirius noticed this.

“Yeah, my parents said for detention they shackle you down in the 
dungeons,” said Sirius with a straight face. Peter paled, though James just rolled his eyes. Remus beat them both to an answer, though.

“Physical harm in detentions was outlawed in 1454, when Lucius Toyuinicklr died after a caretaker got injured and went to the hospital while Lucius was shackled to the ceiling. He died after four days.”

The other three stopped walking and stared at the werewolf. It took Remus a moment to realize they had stopped. He paused and looked back at them. “What?”

His friends slowly started walking again. “How did you even know that?” asked Peter, with a bit less fear now that he knew he wouldn’t have any punishment similar to what Sirius had said.

“It’s in Hogwarts, A History, Self-Updating,” Said Remus absentmindedly, still trying to memorize where they were going.



The four came into the transfiguration classroom less then a minute before the bell rang. Sirius, James, and Peter glanced around quickly and then sighed in relief as they didn’t see the teacher in the room. The Gryffindors laughed, minus a red-headed girl with startling green eyes who narrowed her eyes, though the Slytherins glared. Remus, however, quietly went to a seat in the bag and took out his things. He quickly glanced at the front of the room, flashed a brief, knowing smile to the surprised cat, than waited mutely besides his oblivious friends, amusement dancing in his eyes. The red haired girl seemed to notice this, however, and sent him an inquiring look. He just held a finger to his lips when his friends weren’t looking in a gesture to stay silent. She seemed to accept this, nodding and opening her book.

“Ah, bet the old bat’s going to miss her own lesson. Shame,” said James sarcastically. A few students smiled. Lily and Remus, as well as the Slytherins, stayed silent. Remus glanced again at the cat.

The stiff tabby cat, who some hadn’t even noticed, suddenly shifted. It walked to the middle of the desk, and the students paused to look at the cat. Remus didn’t bother to hide his smile. The cat suddenly jumped forward, her body shifting to a human’s. The glass automatically leaned back and gasped in shock. Lily smiled and glanced at Remus, laughing quietly to herself.

“Thank you, Mr. Potter.” Said the professor stiffly. She turned to Remus curiously. “If I may ask, how did you realize that I was not a normal cat, Mr…”

“Lupin,” Remus supplied. The teacher’s eyes widened for a second as she realized he was the werewolf, though she quickly hid the surprise. She obviously knew that, as a werewolf, he would sense the difference between her and normal animals. Also, there was that she hadn’t fled him. He answered quickly enough, however. He had to lie a lot. “It was your posture, ma’am. Cats have a more relaxed posture, and probably would have looked around a bit more.” The professor looked relieved that he had found a good excuse.

“Good eye, Mr. Lupin. A point to Gryffindor.”

The Gryffindors beamed at him while the Slytherins rolled their eyes. He was starting to dislike the Slytherins.

      Charms lesson had been quite interesting. A tiny professor standing on a pile of books had explained what they would be doing for the year. He had actually fallen off the chair when he read Remus’ name, much to the class’ amusement. He had spoken a bit about what they would be doing this year, and some different spells they would be learning. Thankfully, neither he nor McGonagall had treated him any differently, which he was glad for. Both Transfiguration and Charms seemed fairly interesting.

History of Magic… Not so much.

‘Everyones nearly sleeping in their seats-scratch that, I think Pete and that Hufflepuff are asleep…’ he thought. James and Sirius had amused themselves by joking about the professor to each other, to Remus’ irritation. Although even he had to admit that Binns’ droning was boring.

Defence Against the Dark Arts was perhaps the worst of his classes, much to his dismay. He had always loved Defence, but this teacher didn’t seem to like him so much.


The Professor swept into the room, glaring at them. “I am Professor Olliot,” he said icily. “You will not talk in this class unless I specifically say you may… And don’t get your hopes up.” He was quickly making himself unpopular. “Listen for your name. You miss it, that’s your problem, and you’ll be put down as absent, and all marks from the day will have a zero.”

The class shifted nervously. “Sirius Black?”


As the professor called out a few more names, Sirius whispered quietly to the others. “He’s friends with my parents… I’d advise you not to make him mad.” The three shot inquisitive looks at them, but said nothing.

“Remus… Lupin…”

The professor stiffened, his neck snapping to Remus as he meekly stated that he was there, which all of the students noticed. “I do not agree with the Headmaster, boy!” He barked, much to the confusion of the class. “You’ll be out of here within the month,” he muttered, more to himself. He snapped his attention to the list again. 

For the rest of the class, Professor Olliot seemed to be much harsher to Remus than any other student, which everyone had noticed. ‘How could he accuse Remus of not doing well enough when all they were doing was listening to his lecture so far,’ Sirius had said quietly to his friends. No one could answer. The class was tense and silent, other than the professor’s speech. When the bell finally rang, the class made a bolt for the door.

“Lupin! A word!”

His friends gave him sympathetic looks, before leaving to wait outside the door. As it softly closed, the professor eyed him, looking furious.

“I am going to be clear now, werewolf.” He spat. “I do not think you belong here. I think that you are a dangerous beast which needs to be put down. Don’t try for pity from me.” Remus winced. “You had better tread carefully in my class, Lupin.”

He dismissed Remus, who hurried out to join his friends. So much for a nice day…

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