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The Moment by birdie01

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,615

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione
Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/17/2007
Last Chapter: 11/07/2007
Last Updated: 11/07/2007


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After seven long years, Hermione has finally realized the inevitable...she has fallen for her best friend, Ron to be exact. Now all she has to do it tell him. But for Hermione it’s never the right moment, there's always something more important going on when her heart is telling her to say something. To act purely on impulse for once in her life. Will she ever be able to tell him?

Chapter 1: The Moment
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A/N: This is the sequel to my one-shot I'd Lie. I really hope that it lives up to everyone's expectations or at the very least pleases you. Enjoy. Oh...and review please. Thanks.

Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall. -unknown

“Stay close you two,” Harry whispered into the chilly night air as the three of them trampled through the Forbidden Forest. They listened to every crunch of leaves beneath their feet and every howl of the wind in their ears. Silently they walked unknowingly into what would be the final battle. Into what would be the deciding fate of the entire wizarding world. Their world. Hermione whipped her head around at every inkling of sound that wasn’t the raspy breathing of Harry and Ron. Her paranoia taking over her body, her minding spinning. She looked at Harry, her brave and courageous best friend. Then she looked at Ron, the best friend that was so close yet so far away.

“Almost there, keep going,” Harry egged on as the castle came into sight. “Almost there,” Hermione thought, “We are always almost there. Never there. I’ve never had that moment with him, with Ron.” Hermione shook her head and kept low to the ground, she could feel the leaves brushing up against her elbows as she walked. Then they were there, the Hogwarts castle windows twinkling in the moonlight.

Harry, Ron and Hermione held hands and walked through the darkness and up the castle stairs, navigating their way through the darkness. Harry knew what he was searching for, the diadem. That’s what he needed. Quickly they began marching up staircase, their footsteps barely resounding off the walls. The rest of the castle lay sleeping, not knowing of their presence.

Hermiones eyes darted around the paintings on the walls as the stairs shifted around. There on the right was the portrait of the maiden in a white dress she had passed on her first day at Hogwarts, Hermione smiled. Hermione looked to her right, down the hallway was the girl’s bathroom. She remembered that faithful day in the girl’s bathroom. Her life had changed so much since then.

“Hermione,” Ron whispered to her questionably. He stared directly down into her hazel and she stared up into his blue ones, swimming in their beauty.


“Sorry, I’ve just got a lot going through my mind.” Hermione shoved past Ron on her way up the stairs, trying her hardest to shake the cold chill that had been sent through her spine when their eyes connected. The sensation traveling down her back and down to her toes, making her cringe a bit. She could sense his eyes on her but with much effort tried to disregard it. Harry was in front of her; they were standing in front of the Room of Requirement now. Harry paced back and forth, the patter of his feet echoing off the walls. Finally a door appeared and Harry motioned for them to follow him. Hermione and Ron walked in tow of Harry and through the door. Harry look wildly around the room.

“Hermione, Ron. I need you two to go and find something to break the horcrux with. I’ll stay here and keep looking,” Harry said to them while bending over a pile of items.

“Harry are you sure…”

“Hermione we don’t have time for this, please just go and do it. Your brilliant, I know you and Ron can figure something out. Please, just…hurry,” Harry shouted from the opposite corner of the room. Hermione turned to Ron and nodded, together they headed out the door.


“Okay. What do we know that can destroy the horcrux,” Hermione asked as they walked down a flight of stairs. Ron and Hermione stopped and looked around for a moment. Ron ran his fingers through his hair. Ruffling it even more than it had been. Then his eyes lit up and he began to walk.

“Hermione, follow me.” Ron grabbed Hermione’s hand and together they ran down the stairs. Hermione took long strides to match his longer ones as they made their way down a dark corridor. Hermione stepped quietly until she heard a sloshing sound from beneath her feet. She look down and in the slight reflection from the moon outside she could see the water on the floor.

“Are we going to Moaning Murtle’s bathroom Ron?” Ron squeezed her hand to let her know that they were and he kept walking, his pace not changing until they had reached the bathroom. Ron led her over to a sink; it was dirtier than the rest. Hermione gently fingered the faucet and ran her fingers over the serpent engraved in it. Ron began hissing in a strange way, his tongue clicking the top of his mouth as he stood in front on the sink. Looking straight at the snake on the faucet.

“Ron, your not a parseltongue.” Hermione looked at him as he finished his final hiss. He watched the sink but it didn’t budge. Ron furrowed his brow and then straightened up.

“Ronald what in Merlin’s beard what are you doing?” Hermione stared at him in slight confusion. Ron slouched and walked over to Hermione, grabbing her shoulders roughly.

“Hermione, please, just have faith in me,” Ron said pleading. Hermione nodded and Ron released, walking back to his spot in front of the sink. Once again he hissed and clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Hermione watched the delicate movements of his lips and watched intently as the sink began to move. Ron stepped back, pride showing across his face. Hermione gazed at the sinks as they moved outward, the sink with the snake on it moving underneath the floor. She slowly walked forward and looked over the edge into a black hole that had appeared in the middle of the sinks. She whirled around to look at Ron.

“This is the Chamber of Secrets isn’t it,” Hermione asked. Ron smiled at her and then he grabbed her hand and jumped. Pulling Hermione down with him. Together they slid down the long tunnel. Hermione screamed, her fear of darkness overcoming her. The rough tunnel grinding against her backbone as they slid down, Ron squeezed her hand tightly. Trying his hardest not to let her go. He finally released it as the tunnel ended he tumbled onto a pile of rats bones. Hermione followed shortly, stumbling and falling on top of Ron.

“Oh Ron, I’m sorry,” she said as she got up. She dusted herself off and looked around. The place smelled strongly of decay and sewage. Dust and grime littering all of the walls. Ron pulled out his wand. Hermione followed the suit.

“Lumos,” she said and immediately her wand illuminated their surroundings.

“Lumos,” he muttered. They began walking out of the mess rat’s bones and into another area of the chamber.

“To answer your question Hermione yes, this is the Chamber of Secrets. Now follow me. I think it’s this way.” Ron and Hermione silently walked through the mess cobwebs. Ron jumped and knocked Hermione to the ground, his whimper echoing throughout the chamber.

“What is it Ron,” Hermione asked as he helped her up.

“There was a spider on my foot,” Ron announced. His cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

“You got it off then right?” Ron looked down at his feet quickly and then nodded furiously. They continued down the chamber. “I wonder why he’s so afraid of spiders,” Hermione thought as they walked on. It remained silent for a good bit. Hermione stumbled every once in awhile and her squeak would ring out but other than that the two remained silent. Ron stopped abruptly.

Hermione gasped as she laid eyes on the gigantic snakeskin lying in the middle of the room. Ron turned to look at her.

“It’s dead Hermione.” She nodded and they kept walking.

“Why are we down here Ron?”

“Remember in second year when you were petrified and me and Harry rescued Ginny,” Hermione nodded and Ron continued, “Well I remembered reading somewhere that Basilisks fangs can destroy anything. If I’m right then we can break the horcrux with the basilisk’s fang.”

“So we are going to take the fangs from the dead basilisk?”

“Basically,” Ron replied back.

“I bet this is it, stand back Hermione.” Hermione took and step back and Ron straightened up again. The door was the shape of a circle, with snakes carved all over the rough stone exterior. Ron hissed again, the same clicking erupting from his mouth. Slowly the door creaked open.

“Your brilliant Ronald,” he beamed at the comment as he led Hermione through the door that led into a larger room. The heads of snakes lined the hallway as they walked down it. Each lighting a fire behind it pearly white fangs as they passed it.

“You have been here before right Ron?”

“No, in second year when me and Harry came down here I got stuck behind a rock wall with that prat Lockheart. Harry was the one that came down here.” Ron and Hermione continued to creep down the walkway until the reached a pool of water. There lying in the silvery water was the body of the once living basilisk. It’s body now slightly decaying; it’s teeth lying on the floor. Hermione grimaced as the two of them walked closer. Ron smiled and went to grab one of the fangs. Carefully he picked up the end of the massive tooth, examining it in his hands. Hermione began fiddling through her bag, searching for something. Ron looked up just in time to see her pulling out a long piece of string. Hermione grabbed another tooth and then snatched up the one Ron was holding. Hastily she tied the two together.

“We don’t want to lose them now do we.” She handed them to Ron and began looking in her bag again, reaching her hand inside of it. After a few moments she pulled out cup they had just rescued from Bellatrix’s vault. Hermione placed in on the ground. Staring at for a second before looking at Ron.

“Go on Ron, do it,” she encouraged but Ron shook his head.

“I’ve already done it, you should do it.”

“Ron just do it we don’t have the time for this.”

“HERMIONE I TOLD YOU TO DO IT,” Ron loudly persisted. Hermione sighed heavily and then slowly took the fangs from Ron; she then stood directly over the cup. Hermione’s breath became shaky as she looked down at the cup. Ron stepped a few inches back.

“Hermione you can’t hesitate, you have to just get it over with,” Hermione raised her shaking hand high in the air and looked into the cup. Slowly it began filling up with a clear liquid, Hermione gazed down into it fixedly. Slowly the liquid began to swirl around, that’s when she saw it. Lavender going over to Ron in the Gryffindor common room, she tapped her fingers on his shoulder and he turned around to kiss her. She kissed back hungrily, wrapping her bony fingers around his back tightly. He pulled her down next to him and began caressing her back as Hermione watched the two of them from the near by chair. The one Ron himself usually occupied. Hermione eyes began tearing up as she watched the scene that was unfolding within the cup. The Ron in the cup stopped kissing Lavender and turned to look at a now sobbing Hermione.

“Why would I ever choose a filthy mudblood like you? What have you to offer other than brains?” Ron smirked as tears lit up the Hermione within the Goblet’s eyes. Then the scene went back to Ron and Lavender shagging on the common room couch. Hermione sat alone in her chair, Ron’s eyes lit with joy over the depressed state of Hermione. Lavender’s eyes showing the same joy.

Hermione stood over the cup and raised her hand higher still, her hand now furiously shaking. So many emotions welled up from within her. Then an eerie voice began whispering in her ear, “Why would Ron like you or even possibly love you? You’re not pretty like Lavender. Why should Ron love and ugly girl?”

“Hermione stab it,” Ron yelled from behind her. Her eyes welled up with tears at the sound of his voice.

“Why should he care about a bossy, know-it-all, mudblood like yourself?” Hermione’s eyes began emitting tears, each one trailing down her cheek. She raised her hand higher still.

“Hermione hurry up,” Ron persisted from behind her once more.


“HERMIONE!” With one swift move she threw all of her weight into the powerful motion. The tooth sailed right through the image of Ron and Lavender. The water from within the cup vanishing. The cup squirted out jets of black liquid, the liquid running across the dirty floor. Hermione’s hair flew behind her as the cup finally exploded. A bright light and a piercing scream emitting from it. When she was done she threw the fangs aside and sank to the ground, burying her face in her hands. Ron ran over to and wrapped his arms around her.

His touch was comforting and sweet. She turned and embraced him as well. Now burying her face in his shoulder. She cried for several long moments before standing back up and wiping away her tears. She sighed heavily and began walking back out of the chamber.

“Hermione are you okay?”

“I’m fine Ron,” Hermione replied quietly.

“What did you see in the cup? I mean you were looking at it for a long time.” Hermione stopped dead in her tracks. Many thoughts racked her brain. If she told him then he would know. He would know how much she honestly and truly…loved him. She was in love with Ron but she was too stubborn to admit it to anyone but herself. She bit her lip as she thought harder about the situation.

“Nothing Ron. We need to get back to Harry.” Quickly Ron and Hermione lit their wands and traveled back through the Chamber. Running over all of the dust and dirt that was sprinkled across the floor. Hermione watched Ron run, his arms swinging lighting beside him. His short ginger shining in the light from his wand, his stammered breaths reaching her ear. She smiled as he continued to run.

“Why do I do this to myself? We could have had a moment, the moment that we needed, back there and what do I do. I be a stubborn, bossy, know-it-all prat and say nothing.” Hermione shook her head, remembering the disturbing scene from within the cup. Ron came to a sudden halt in front of her, she stumbled a bit. Ron was looking into the long spiral tunnel that they had slid down earlier.

“Hermione, how do we get out?” Hermione looked at him quizzically and raised her brow.

“We could just get out the same way you, Harry, and Ginny did last time,” Hermione said as Ron shook his head.

“Last time we had Fawkes.” Hermione’s eyes lit up as she remembered this.

“Ugh…how are we going to get out of here?” Ron shrugged and continued to look up and down the walls. Searching hopelessly for a set of stairs or something that would help them be able to climb out with ease.

“Of course,” Hermione’s soft voice chimed, “ how could I be so stupid? Accio broomstick.” Hermione strutted over to the opening where Ron was standing. Immediately a sound of air being thrown aside echoed throughout the chamber. Ron marched over to Hermione and began listening as well. Hearing the distinct echoes of each turn the object made. Ron looked inside the tunnel, there he saw a Clean Sweeper speeding towards them. He tackled Hermione to the ground as the broom soared past her head and hit the opposite wall with a small thud. Hermione winced as Ron landed on top of her, his arms digging into her stomach. Ron flashed and apologetic smile and got up. Extending his hand to Hermione was smiled and gratefully took.

“You didn’t have to do that Ron,” Hermione pointed out.

“I know,” Ron said in an abnormally high voice, “ I just didn’t want it to hurt you is all.” Ron turned around and went to go and fetch the broom, which was lying in the corner of the room. Hermione watched his delicate footsteps patter against the stone floor. “Here it is,” she thought to herself, “there goes another moment without me making my move.” She sighed heavily, which caused Ron to turn around. He looked at her quizzically but she didn’t notice. She was walking away, to the other side of the room. Ron watched her. Her graceful struts, full of elegance so great only Hermione’s perfect feet could keep the time. 

“There she goes,” Ron thought as he watched her, “ There goes the one girl who can sink my heart without even knowing it. The girl who completely controls my emotions. The only girl that makes me stare at her, that beauty of her’s is just incomparable. She’s the only girl that’s ever made me fall completely in love. So why is I can’t tell her this?” Ron shook his head. There was a war going on right now. Now was simply, not the moment. He snatched up the broom and dragged his feet over to Hermione. Slowly he climbed on while Hermione just looked at it.

“I hate flying,” Hermione muttered disdainfully. Reluctantly she climbed on the back. Hugging Ron tightly. Ron took off, the two of them speeding up the tunnel. Hermione squeaked as he sped up. Hugging him tighter as he smiled. She buried her face into his back as they exited the tunnel. Ron slowed down a bit as they flew through Hogwarts; all of the remaining paintings the hung on the walls watched them and waved. 

Some of them chose to just shake their heads and turn away from the site. Ron rolled his eyes at these pictures. “Did they not know that there’s a war going on?” Ron chuckled to himself and flew straight up. Counting the floors as they passed him. When at last they reached the seventh floor he turned the broom abruptly to the right and landed it softly in front of the Room of Requirements door, or rather where the door would appear. Ron and Hermione waltzed in front of it. After much concentration the door appeared and they quickly walked in. Hermione’s pack swinging limply at her side as she marched.

That’s when it hit her. They were in a war. They were imbedded into what might the final moments of their lives. What was she doing just standing there waiting for something to happen when more than obviously someone had to give for it to begin. Hermione, the know-it-all bookworm, stood there with Basilisks teeth as all of this went through her mind. But only one thought made it’s way out.

With a thud the fangs tumbled from her hands and hit the floor. Hermione looked at them only for a split second before running to Ron, flinging her arms around him. Their eyes connected for a second and then it happened. That moment that she had longed for, the moment they both had needed. That little push in the right direction.

Their lips connected with a crash, Hermione pressing her’s hard against Ron’s. He smiled into her mouth as she wound her arms around his neck. He licked her top lip, immediately she responded and he slowly slipped his tongue in. She sighed slightly as he wrapped his arms around her back. She sank into him. There it was. She lifted her feet off the floor and cupped his chin as she kissed him more hungrily than before. He responded by helping her in her attempted flight. Once more he smiled into her mouth and she sighed delicately.

 "Oi, were in a war here," Harry yelled from beside them. Hermione instantly felt her cheeks warm and she let go of Ron. Her feet crashing back down onto the floor. Her face aglow as she looked back at Ron who was still holding her close. He smiled radiantly at her with his cheeks reddening profusely. "There it was...there was the moment," Hermione thought to herself as they made their way out of the Room of Requirement.