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Fudge by heenie

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,034

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Bill, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 10/17/2007
Last Chapter: 10/19/2007
Last Updated: 10/19/2007

[This time the sweetness reached every bit inside her. It filled her senses and hummed in her veins. She wanted more but she knew that more would never be enough to quench her hunger.]

Ginny eats some fudge and she has an audience... Harry and Ginny...

Chapter 1: one-shot
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She had spent all day making it, and now she finally had the chance to eat it.

As she cut it into bite-sized pieces, her mouth started watering. She wanted to reach out and grab one off the plate, but she had restrained herself. Now, she sat in a room full of people —people who didn’t notice that even the thought of it melting in her mouth was making her crazy.


Just plain and simple fudge.

She loved fudge; she had since she was little. Her mother knew how much her daughter adored fudge, which, the fudge-crazed girl thought darkly, was why the elder had asked her to make the fudge. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy making fudge, it was the fact that she could barely stop herself from eating the treat straight away; yet, underneath her mother’s watchful eye, she couldn’t do a thing.

Now, as she sat there and lusted after the little cubes sitting in a pyramid, she knew she was going to go insane if she didn’t get a piece of fudge soon. Unmindful of who was watching her, she reached across the table and picked a piece. It was a caramel brown, soft, and sticky. She knew straight away that she was going to be in heaven.

She bit into the cube and closed her eyes as the fudge released its wonderful flavour. It sat on her tongue as she sucked at it. She could taste the sugar and she moved her tongue around as it melted in her mouth. She wanted this treat to reach all the corners of her mouth. As she swallowed, she could feel it in her throat, making it’s way to her stomach. She took another bite without opening her eyes. This time the sweetness reached every part of her. It filled her senses and hummed in her veins. She wanted more but she knew that no matter how much she ate, it would never be enough to quench her hunger.

It made her feel sexy. She was in heaven and she give a damn who saw her in her ecstasy. She stretched out as she took another bite and this time she sighed. She smelt the caramel under her nose and she almost gasped as she felt it melt in her mouth once again. It was like an aphrodisiac to her. It gave her all the pleasure that she wanted.

As she chewed, she realised that she was feeling a little warm. She opened her eyes and looked around, everyone seemed to be immersed in their own conversations. The windows were open, letting the warm summer breeze in. She heard the call of the crickets to one another and smelt the honeysuckle in the air. The night was clear and the stars were bright.

Without thinking she popped the first two buttons of her shirt and reached for another piece of fudge. She was ready to start the whole process again. This time as she opened her eyes after a second, she looked around the table and her eyes landed on someone; this someone wasn’t participating in any other conversations, he was concentrating on her. She met his smouldering and hungry gaze dead on.

He had been watching her eyeing the fudge all night. He knew she was practically dying inside as she craved her fudge that she had spent all day to make. He had been watching her because it seemed that no matter how much he watched her, he couldn’t get enough.

Tonight she was wearing a knee-length skirt that showed her slender legs, a white shirt and her hair was done up in a half up half down fashion. He watched her as she reached over and picked up a piece, he watched anticipating as she inspected the piece. As she took a bite, her eyes closed and she sucked the fudge in her mouth.

He nearly groaned out loud as the colour flooded her face when she took another bite.

He wanted to moan as she sighed and he wanted to reach over and spread the fudge over her lips and kiss her.

But he held it in; he didn’t want anything happening in front of her family.

He watched her as she stretched and she opened her eyes as she gazed around the room. He knew that she was going to reach for another piece, but he also knew that if she did what she did again, he would upend the table and jump her.

He held his breath as she popped open the first two buttons of her shirt. As she reached out, her gaze landed on him and she met his eyes with a raised brow. He cocked his head slightly to the side and she parted her lips. His eyes narrowed as he realized what she was going to do.

She was going to tease him. 


His gaze was scorching. It was like being burnt as she gazed into those green eyes that had presently turned emerald. He cocked his head to the side and she nearly gasped at how handsome he looked. She parted her lips as an idea hit her and he narrowed his eyes and she knew that he knew what she was meaning to do.

She smiled as she reached for another piece of fudge. Her shirt parted and he got a nice view of her cleavage – she knew that he had a look but he was more interested in what she was going to be doing than looking down her shirt.

She took a slow and leisurely bite of the fudge all the while keeping her eyes open and fixed on him. It was distracting for her as she felt the fudge melt in her mouth and she felt the heat of his gaze on her. His eyes had turned even darker shade of green. He was clutching the tablecloth with an iron grip as he watched her lick her lips. She watched as he took a deep breath in and out as she took another bite of the fudge.

This time after she had finished chewing, she licked her fingertips. She stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the fudge off her fingertips. She watched as he licked his own lips and clutched the table again. She smiled, it was a sexy come-hither smile and he swallowed. He kept his gaze on her, until she moved her eyes off him and to someone else. Only then did he realise that he was being watched too. Both of them were. She smiled sweetly at her oldest brother and excused herself from the table, snagging another piece of fudge on her way out.

His eyes followed her out and he became aware of the silence around him. Every eye was fixed on him. Some people were looking confused and others were smirking. Her parents were smiling and Hermione was grinning at him.

He looked at her parents and her father inclined his head toward the door. He didn’t move a muscle, but he cursed her for leaving him in an unexplainable situation. Hermione gave a small cough and he looked over at her.

“If you must, go after her…” her sentence was left unfinished as Harry literally bolted off the table toward the open door. Before he crossed the threshold he turned back and grabbed a piece of fudge and walked out the door, closing off all the giggling and hooting.

Now all he had to do was find the woman that was driving him crazy.

He found her. She was sitting by the old oak tree, her back against the thick trunk; she was eating her fudge, her eyes were closed.

Silently he crept up on her and sat in front of her. She sighed as the last of her fudge went down, then she opened her eyes and found those same green eyes staring back at her. She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

They stared at each other in silence. She broke the silence with a yawn as she stretched out.

“So manage to wiggle out of the mess that you created?” She asked as she eyed him.

He snorted.

“The mess I created? More like the mess you stuck me in. What with you all acting like you were in heaven while you were eating that fudge.” He broke off and shook his head as he noticed her smiling.

It was payback time he decided.

This time it was his turn to smile. It was a sly but sexy smirk and it had her alarm bells ringing.

He sat cross-legged on the soft springy grass and carefully unwrapped the small package he carried. In front of her, sitting on a serviette in his palm was a piece of caramel fudge.

Harry grinned as he saw her eyes widen, “It was the last piece too. I was lucky to get it actually…” He trailed off as she leaned toward him.

“Is this the payback you give me? Because that’s not very nice…” He voice was soft and husky and held a lot of promises.

“I have a bargain to make with you.” He whispered and he watched her eyes grow wary as she looked around them.

Her eyes wandered around then finally rested on the fudge in his hand.

“What? What is it? I’ll give it to you, just give me the fudge.” She whispered a little desperately.

He smiled, “I want a kiss.”

She gasped, “You want a kiss?” She asked incredulously, “You want a kiss for a piece of fudge?”

He smiled and brought the fudge to his mouth and heard her gasp with horror.

“Okay, fine. You win. I’ll give you a kiss.” She grumbled and pouted.

He laughed, “I can’t help it if you look so beautiful while eating fudge. All I want is a little kiss and a little bit of fun…”

The next thing he knew he was lying in grass, Ginny on top of him. She was smiling. She lowered her head to his, but something in her eyes changed.

For a while they stared at each other all of a sudden she lowered her lips to his. It was a gentle, but a little timid and he could taste the fudge on her. He was hit with desire that was hot blooded and flowed through his veins. They parted and he gazed up into her eyes and then he flipped her. She parted her lips, inviting him to explore her.

He slanted his mouth this time and gently bit her lip, making her moan. Slowly he ran is tongue over her teeth and she opened her mouth letting him in. Their tongues danced with one another and he tasted the fudge on her as he felt her hands creeping up into his hair.

Soon, breathing was becoming a chore and neither of them wanted to break apart. They broke apart, both breathing as heavily as the other. Staring at each other in silence.

Then he spoke, his voice was hoarse, but it still sent shivers down her spine as she could still feel his lips on hers.

“The best thing about fudge is that, it tastes nicer when you taste it off someone else.” With that he gave her the piece of fudge that had been sitting there, long forgotten. He watched while she sat and looked between him and the fudge and he knew what she was thinking. Would she still taste him when she ate the fudge?

She took a small bite of fudge and slowly sucked on it. And by the look in her eyes, he knew that she did taste him.

He smiled. It wasn’t the last piece of fudge, but she didn’t need to know that.