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A Step Back In Time by loulou_52

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 4,030
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Crossover, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/14/2007
Last Chapter: 03/28/2008
Last Updated: 03/28/2008

When Ron , Hermione and Ginny return to Hogwarts to visit Harry at his new job they are all forced to take cover in the room of requirement. However when something goes wrong they face one of the biggest problems they have ever come across. The friends are sent back in time and the people waiting for them at the other end may cause emotions to run high. Will Harry finally get to tell his parents everything, or will fate drag them away once more?

Chapter 1: Prologue - Back To Basics
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“Ron! We’ve got no milk! How can I make a cuppa if we’ve got no milk?” Ron stumbled down the stairs looking drowsy and disorientated.
            “Ugh...what?” Harry laughed at his friend’s lack of composure.

            “Milk, Ron, we need milk.” It had been almost a year since Voldemort was defeated, and the wizarding race had returned to normal, including a very content Harry Potter.

             “Ah, get Hermione to get some. I’m going back to bed.” He replied sleepily turning towards the stairs.

            “Hermione has already left for work, and you should have left twenty minutes ago.” Harry reminded him.

            “Shit!” Ron shouted jumping up and heading for his bedroom. Harry laughed as he didn’t have this problem. He didn’t have to start work until the next day and he was hoping to spend the day with Ginny as she also didn’t start her job as a healer until next week.
            He dropped down on the sofa and opened the book he had been reading to help prepare for his first lesson tomorrow but just as he had sat down Ron ran into the room shouting about his socks being missing.

            “On the chair arm” Harry mumbled, helping out his friend. Ron leaped towards the sofa and sat down to hurriedly put his socks on.

            “Right, I’m off” he said before apparating to work.
            Harry sighed contentedly and began reading his book again. He had just about finished a page when a faint pop above his head caused him to look up at the ceiling.

            “Shoes!” Ron indicated before setting off to work for the final time.
Harry had just sat down to eat his dinner when there was a knock at the door. He got up and went to open it, hoping it wasn’t more reporters. Luckily when he opened the door he saw his beautiful girlfriend standing there waiting patiently for him.

            “Hello” he said opening his arms and enfolding her in his grasp.

          “Hello to you too” she replied reaching up and kissing him firmly on the lips. “I thought I’d come and meet you and maybe we could go out for lunch.

            “Sure, I’ll just be a minute, come in.” As Ginny sat down on the sofa he put his sandwich in the fridge for later and set off to his bedroom. When he got there he put on his shoes and sprayed a little aftershave for good measure.

            “Ooh, someone smells nice” Ginny said when he returned downstairs.

           “Well I had to make an effort for you love” He said smiling down at her.

When Harry and Ginny had arrived at The Three Broomsticks and ordered their food the conversation gradually turned to Hogwarts.

            “Are you looking forward to going back there?” Ginny asked him.

            Harry had been awarded the job of Defence Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts after completing his final year at the school. Although the previous teachers hadn’t lasted longer that a year he was adamant he was going to work there for a long time.

            “I can’t wait Gin. That’s been my home since I was eleven and the thought of leaving was awful, but now I don’t have to!” He couldn’t stop the smile from breaking out on his face as he carried on. “And even though I love living with Ron and Hermione, it’ll be nice to get away from them snogging every two seconds. Besides, who hasn’t always wanted to see the teacher’s quarters at Hogwarts?” He smiled as Ginny laughed at his attempt to joke. To see her laughing made him feel queasy. She looked gorgeous when she smiled and Harry couldn’t help but love her when she laughed.

            “What are you looking at?” Ginny asked him with a sceptical look on her face.

            What do you think I’m looking at” he replied laughingly “You! You look so beautiful when you smile.” Ginny blushed as he reached over the table and kissed her softly.

            “Your not so bad yourself” Ginny replied cheekily before returning the kiss.
Harry woke the next day to Hermione banging on his bedroom door.

            “Waddyawant” he mumbled rolling over and sticking his head under his pillow.

            “Esmy is here with a letter for you” Hermione shouted. Esmy was Harry’s owl and he hardly ever got letters unless it was something important.

            “I think you better read this” Hermione said, voicing Harry’s thoughts.

            “Okay, okay, I’m coming” He said grumpily, climbing out of bed and stumbling towards the door. He pulled the door open and took the letter from Hermione’s waiting grasp.

            “Thanks. I’ll come and get some breakfast now seeing as I’m up.” He said before stretching his arms and yawning loudly.

            “I think you’re a bit late for breakfast.” Hermione told him. “It’s already quarter past twelve.”

            “Well in that case, thank you for waking me up”

When Harry had sat down after making some toast he opened the letter that Esmy had brought to him.

Dear Mr. Potter,

                        Although the students will not be arriving to the school until 6pm tonight you are required to attend a meeting for teaching staff in order to receive your timetable and find out any new information you may need for your following weeks. Can you meet in the staff room at 4:30pm.
Yours truly,
Minerva McGonagall 

“What did it say?” Hermione asked him.

            “It was from McGonagall. She was telling me to be at the staff room for half past four so I can get my timetable and some extra information.” He explained.

            “Oh, well I’ve got the day off so do you fancy going into Diagon Alley? I need to get some more quills, I didn’t realise I’d need to take so many notes for work.” She explained.

            Hermione had just started work as an unspeakable at The Ministry. Needless to say she couldn’t disclose any specific information about what her job entailed but from what Harry could gather it was hard, yet interesting work.

            “Yeah, that sounds good. I don’t have any plans. Let me go and get washed and changed. I’ll try not to be too long.”

When they had apparated outside Gringotts they set of down the street towards the shops. While Hermione went to get some quills Harry went to visit George in the joke shop. He had recently bought the branch formerly named Zonko’s and turned it into a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.
            When he opened the door he noticed that the shop was quite empty and there were only a few people inside. This was unusual for Weasley’s but he guessed it was because most kids were at home packing for Hogwarts.

            “Hello.” Elise, the girl behind the counter, welcomed him with a smile. He regularly visited the shop and he was always told the same thing when he got there. “Mr Weasley is upstairs; you can go straight up, as always.” Harry smiled at Elise.

“Thanks” he said before heading through the door behind the counter. “George!” he shouted before heading up the stairs.

“Harry? Is that you? Just come on through!” Harry stepped through the door at the top of the stairs and found George putting new boxes into their packaging. The product was called façade frenzy. George explained that they were little tablets that you ate and they turn you into the person you are thinking about at the time. They only lasted a few minutes but the entertain people all the same. George smiled proudly and explained;

“I put some polyjuice potion in them and cast a permanent preservation charm.”

“That’s pretty impressive magic you know.” Harry observed “I’m sure Hermione would be impressed”

“Well it would be a downright disgrace if Hermione wasn’t impressed at my magnificent magical skills.”

“What skills?” Hermione asked from the doorway.

“Haha” George replied “You know you’re only jealous of my talent.

“Well yes, I must agree these are very impressive” Hermione admitted walking over to them and picking up an already, packed box and looking at the instructions on the back of it.

“Pollyjuice I presume?”

“Yes I’ve just been telling Harry here, a bit of polyjuice potion and a preservation charm. And seeing as you and Harry are the first ones to see my delightful new product, you can have a box each on me.”

“Thanks George Mate, these will come in handy when I have to teach tomorrow.” Harry said.

“Harry! You can’t use these on your students! I can’t believe you would even think to do such a thing!” Hermione said with dismay.

“Hermione!” Harry laughed “I didn’t mean for my students to use, I meant for me!”

“Although that would be quite funny, maybe you should do that sometime Harry. Even though you might get in a lot of trouble” George pointed out while taking two boxes of façade frenzy’s and handed one to each of them.

“Well thanks mate.” Harry said looking at his watch. “Jesus I’ve only got half an hour, I better get going, McGonagall won’t be happy if I’m late.” Harry explained.

“You’re telling me, the amount of times I was late for her lessons, sometimes I still have nightmares about the screaming.” Hermione gave George a look before continuing.

“Well come on then Harry. I’ll help you collect your stuff together before you go”

“See you later then. Hope you have fun at the feast” George said.

“Will do, see you later” Harry replied before he and Hermione apparated back to their apartment to prepare for the forthcoming night.

Authors Notes
Originally this was to be two seperate chapters, a prologue and chapter one but i had to role them into one. Granted this is the first chapter but things move on quickly from here. Find out what Harry gets up to at his new post in the next chapter. Reviews would be apreciated :)

Chapter 2: Behind Staffroom Doors
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Harry stood outside the staff room and he had been stood there for a very long time as he had a problem. A big problem. He didn’t know the password for the staff room and as it was a gargoyle blocking the entrance he couldn’t just knock on the door. Instead he tried talking to the gargoyle. 

“Can you open for me please; I really need to be inside.” He said however the gargoyle didn’t respond. 

“Please?” Harry tried once more, but to no avail. Instead he began to try the passwords Dumbledore used to use to guard his office. It was a stab in the dark but these were the only passwords he knew. 

After what felt like an hour there was a puffing sound behind him and Harry turned to find Professor Slughorn wheezing behind him. 

“Harry m’boy” He said before taking a deep breath and continuing. “Meeting inside…fell asleep…late” 

“Yes sir.” Harry replied indicating he understood what Slughorn was saying. “Can you tell me the password so we can get inside?” He asked attentively 

“The password, of course!” Turning to the gargoyle he clearly stated “gurdyroots” and stepped back to allow the gargoyle to move aside. When they stepped onto the winding staircase Slughorn added “and please Harry, call me Horace.” 

“Okay Pro…Horace.” Harry could tell it was going to be hard to get used to calling his former teachers by their first names. 

The staircase reached the top and Slughorn stepped through the big oak door, followed by Harry. Inside the room Harry could see the staff sat on sofas and chairs around a coffee table. The teachers just stared at him, all except Hagrid who waved knocking his cup of coffee from the table next to him. He hurriedly bent to pick it up and bashed his head on the corner of the table. Harry smiled encouragingly before taking another look around the room. The big arched ceiling above them was bewitched not unlike the one in the great hall, and the only other furniture in the room was a big coat cupboard in the far corner. Harry remembered a time when he and Ron had hidden inside the cupboard and overheard the teachers talking about Ginny. Harry shivered at the memory and turned to look to his left. 

By his side was a large wooden bookshelf. Each section had a name imprinted in the wood above the hole and Harry could only presume that this was for letters and reminders for each teacher. Harry found his name near the middle of the bookcase and noticed that only his, and Slughorn’s, pigeonholes had anything in them. Horace reached up and took his letter before heading to a chair over the opposite side of the room. Harry followed suit and sat in a chair to his left. 

“I’m sorry.” He began to explain. “I’ve been outside for a while and I didn’t know the password so…” 

“No worries.” Professor McGonagall cut through swiftly. “As long as you’re here now. Now where was I… ah yes. This is Tobias Sheldrake. He is going to be our new Muggle Studies teacher. Welcome.” Tobias smiled genially throughout the room and Harry noticed a scar on his pointed chin. He must not have been very old, only around twenty five, however he looked like a man who had wisdom beyond his years. 

“Also, the sheet of parchment in your hand will be your timetable for the next year. Some of you are lucky enough to have a free period first thing tomorrow morning, others are not.” Harry looked down at his timetable and found he was not that lucky. He was however looking forward to teaching his first lesson and he didn’t need any extra time to plan. 

“Finally I will pass a piece of parchment around now, any clubs or out of hours activities you would like to suggest should be written down so I can organise which nights shall be dedicated to which activities. 

By the time the parchment had reached Harry a lot of clubs had already been listed.

Duelling club
First year’s quidditch training
Wizard’s Chess club
Hogsmede Weekends
Herbology club
Divination – broadening the minds

Harry could not think of any activities to add as of yet so he hurriedly passed the parchment on to Professor Flitwick who smiled in thanks and added charms club to the list. 

When the parchment had returned to McGonagall she smiled broadly and rose from her seat. 

“Well, I think that is all for now. If anything else is needed I shall leave a note in your pigeon holes. You may go and settle in to your quarters and I shall see you all at the feast.” Harry had decided to duplicate most of his things instead of moving them all. That way he could either stay at his apartment or at the school. Harry watched as Hagrid stood up and announced that he was going to get the boats ready for the first years. He smiled proudly at Harry before leaving. 

Just as Harry stood up to follow his colleagues Professor McGonagall spoke to him.
“Harry, may I have a quick word?” 

“Yes of course Professor. What is it you needed?” he inquired.
“Call me Minerva, and I was just wondering if you would like to run a club after school hours?” 

“Which club did you have in mind?” Harry asked inclining his head wonderingly and heading over to the seat next to Minerva. 

“Well this year we were not able to find a flying teacher. This is fine for year two and above as they were taught in previous years however many of the first years have never ridden a broom before. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to teach, the ones that are interested, after school. It needn’t be a permanent thing, just until they can fly.” 

“Of course!” Harry stated enthusiastically. “I would love to, It will give me the chance to get back on that old broom of mine. And maybe even show off my skills” He finished playfully. Minerva smiled. 

“You have no idea how alike you and your father are. And I will let you know more about the flying later this week.” She said before sweeping past him to the door of the staff room.

When Harry entered the great hall later that evening it was slowly starting to fill up. He set out down the hall towards Gryffindor table before realising he had to sit at the staff table now and making a sharp turn to his right. He saw Professor Sprout smiling lightly at his mistake before turning to engage in conversation with Professor Flitwick. He sought out Professor McGonagall along the table and she pointed him in the direction of his seat. He sat down next to Tobias and waited for the hall to fill with chatting students so that he could finally see Hogwarts from a teacher’s perspective.

Chapter 3: Begginer's Luck
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Harry got up early the next day in order to sort out his quarters and prepare for first lesson. He had already taken his shrunken bed from his bag the night before, so he had somewhere to sleep, however the remainder of his things had stayed inside the bag. 

His quarters included three rooms, two of which were hidden by solid wall and one that adjoined with his classroom. 

There was his study, everyone could enter that room, and he had a bedroom and bathroom that only he could access, unless he gave someone else permission.
There was already a solid oak desk in the centre of the room, with a armchair stood behind it. Harry had presumed this would be where he sat as on the opposite side there was an old, spindly looking chair, where the students would sit if they were ever required to enter his office. Harry had hastily replaced the hard chair with an armchair like the one on his side of the desk, as he wanted students to feel comfortable when they were in his office. 

Beside from the desk and the two chairs there wasn’t much to look at in the room. The walls were bare stone, as was the cold, hard ground. 

As Harry stood in the centre of the room he critically waved his wand around for a few minutes, changing the actual appearance of the room. By the time he had finished he had decided on the same carpet as the Gryffindor common room had, and some deep red curtains. He had also changed the armchairs to match the curtains. Harry then took out his bookcase from his bag, restored it to full size and levitated it against an empty wall. He placed the few books he had brought on the shelves, and put his dark detectors and other such things in the cupboard below. 

He then went back through to his bedroom. The room was quite large so he decided to start with the bathroom first. He took out his toiletries, shaving foam, razor toothbrush, soap etc, and he placed them on the shelf above the sink. That then left him with the contents for his bedroom. 

Firstly he charmed the bedroom and bathroom to match his office before continuing to put furniture around his room. When he had finished adding furniture he put a sticking charm on the back of his clock before placing it on the wall. 

Seeing what time it was he looked around his room once more before deciding he was happy and leaving for a shower before getting changed into his robes and heading for breakfast. 

Harry had deliberately turned up slightly late for his first lesson as he was putting the plan, he had though up in Weasley’s, into action. Right after breakfast he had returned to his room and eaten one of the tablets George had given him. His first lesson was with a group of Gryffindor sixth years. He had wanted to impress these the most as he had went to school with them all, and he had come up with the perfect plan to do so.
When he entered the classroom he had made himself look like a balding, fifty year old with a weedy posture and raggedy robes. Harry had however left his scar on his forehead and he was still wearing his glasses. 

As he made his way to the front of the class the chattering came to a close as the students stared in awe at him, dumbstruck looks etched upon their faces.
“Hello Class. I am Harry Potter and I will be your Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher this year.” He smiled at the class before him as they each in turn began whispering to their friends. 

“That’s not Harry Potter! It doesn’t look anything like him!” One girl said loudly to her friend. 

“I knew Harry!” Dennis Creevy added “And he didn’t look like that before!” Harry coughed loudly and the class turned back in their seats and faced him with confused looks on their faces. 

“I assure you I am Harry Potter. Look there is my scar” he said pointing to the lightning bolt upon his forehead and raising his voice. “Do you know anyone else who has a scar like this!?” The pale-faced class shook their heads, eyes wide and confused. Harry couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer. Their faces were enough push him over the edge and he threw his head back and laughed vivaciously. This unexpected action had caused the students in the front row to jump back in their chairs. 

Suddenly a peculiar feeling came over Harry as his laughing subsided. He could feel his body filling out and his hair crowing thicker. Looks of realisation fell on the student’s faces as they began to understand what was happening. And they laughed. Harry laughed. The students laughed. And Harry’s first lesson had been a great success. 

Harry’s next few weeks went without any problems. It was true, he was missing Ron, Hermione and Ginny more than he thought he would but on the bright side he could go and visit them on the night times and at the weekends. Word had quickly spread about Harry’s lessons and he was pleased to find that many of his students had mentioned looking forward to his lessons. This was most likely due to the fact that Harry had in fact attended Hogwarts with most of them, and also he was fresh out of school so he didn’t tend to grill on the students as much. 

One Monday morning when Harry was in the staff room he noticed he had post. He took it from his pigeonhole and opened the letter that was addressed to him. 

Dear Harry,
As I mentioned before the first years need to be taught flying as we do not have a teacher this year. I have arranged for you to teach a house at a time, for one night a week. This will result in each house getting taught flying once a month which I think will be enough. Let me know which night will be best for you and I will put a notice up in each common room informing the students that would like to participate.

Yours truly,


Harry picked up a piece of parchment from the coffee table next to him and began to write a reply 

Dear Minerva,
That will be fine, I would love to teach the first years flying and I feel honoured that you would ask me. Wednesday night would be the best night for me as at the start of the week I have homework to mark and I spend the weekends at home.
I hope that Wednesday will be okay and if there are any problems do let me know.

Yours truly,


Harry then picked up the parchment and placed it in McGonagall’s pigeonhole. He couldn’t wait to get back on his broom again.