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Almost Free by Quidditchandhorses

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 979

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: General
Characters: Harry, OtherCanon

First Published: 10/12/2007
Last Chapter: 10/15/2007
Last Updated: 10/15/2007

Harry is ready to start his second year at Hogwarts. He is as excited as ever, but his Aunt and Uncle decide to put their foot down. Will he ever get to return to the place he calls home? Or will he be stuck with the Dursleys for life?

Okay, I did this one waaaaayyyy back (three years ago) when fanfic was nearly nonexistant (at least in my world) and my attempts were feeble at best. So, it's not the best of stories, and I would probably recomend my other story, Jane Clemmons, if you want a good read (I know, not exactly what you usually hear on a summary).

Chapter 1: Almost Free
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      Harry stared at the wall. Only 5 more days until he would be boarding the Hogwarts Express to be whisked off to school. The calender on his wall was no more than a scrap peice of paper with a row of numbers. But, oh, how much he loved the time at night when he could mark off another day on his makeshift calender.

     Harry shifted his glance from the wall to his door, which was now being pounded on by an angry Aunt Petunia. 

     "Come in," he mumbled wearily.

     "Go mow the lawn! Where were you when I told you to go do that before? Its been an hour!" Aunt Petunia shouted.

     "Alright, alright, I'm going."

     After he completed his task of mowing the lawn, he started to gead back upstairs. No such luck, howeer. He was stopped by his uncle. Judging by his pulsating veins and purple face, he wasn't very happy. Come to thin of it, Harry had never seen him really happy before.

     "Come here, boy," Uncle Vernon said nastily. "I've got news for you."

      Harry paused midstep and waited with baited breath. As long as it didn't have any effect on his return to Hogwarts, then he could handle it. If not, well...

     "That magic place you come from," Uncle Vernon said with much more then a hint of loathing in his voice.

     "Yeah?" His hope was plummeting now.

     "Under no circumstances are you to go back to that school." Harry knew it. His hands were clammy and cold already. They were shaking violently. But he forced his voince to remain calm.


     "You can't stop me," he whispered

     "Speak up, boy!"
     "You can't stop me! I'm going back, and that's that!" Harry shouted with much more intensity than he had expected. He shrank back a bit from his own voice, but struggled not to explode again.

     Petunia had appeared at the foot of the stairwell and was wearing one of those all too familier listen-to-your-uncle-or-else looks. Harry decided it would be a wise decision to shut his mouth. Vernon took a raspy breath and sent Harry to his cupboard. 

     After two days without any food and only the company of the spiders, he decided to get out. He woke up extra early the next morning and packed his bags. As he had planned the previous night, he got up when Petunia banged on his door. He silently dragged his bag underneath the spot where he always sat at the table. No one so much as glanced his way. After a good breakfast (with multiple helpings and a little hidden under the table in his bag) he stood up suddenly with his wand. Little sparks were shooting out of it, making it look even more frightening. The Dursleys all cowered back in fear, and Vernon's face had returned to a dark shade of plum.

     "Right. So, I am heading to Hogwarts now. You won't stop me, or I'll hex you all. I've been practicing for you, especially," Harry said as he tuned towards Dudley, who was making a valient attempt to hide behind his bony mother. "Do not look for me, do not stop me, and I'll unfortunately see you next summer." Without a glance back, he strode from the house. 

     Taking the ticket from his pocket, he waited for the next bus to come. He had missed the last one only barely, so it would be another half hour. He decided to finish up some of his homework while he was waiting. He thought it would look rather unusual to be studying wizardry at 9 in the morning on a Saturday, so he huddled under his invisibility quote. He was just finishing up his long essay for Snape when he saw the bus coming. He hastily whipped off his Invisibility Cloak and stuffed his books and quill into his luggage bag. He straightened up to see the bus driver staring at him with a rather unusual look on his face. It was probably something to do with the large snowy owl he was carrying.

     "Er, London?" Harry said as a bit of question. 

     "Just pull on the cord when you want to stop," The bus driver said. Harry moved to the back of the bus and did homework for the next 45 minutes. They arrived a block north of King's Cross and Harry walked the rest. He pulled in at 10:30, and waited for about 15 minutes before he found Ron. 

     "Why didn't you send me any letters all summer!" Ron shouted.

     "Hey mate, stop shouting. Dursleys wouldn't let me." Harry made a face.

     By the time they had caught up with the news, it was 5 minutes to 11. They boarded the train, suffered through Mrs. Weasley's hugs and kisses, and searched for a compartment. They found one at the end of the train with Hermione. The clock had just sounded 11 when the train started to leave. Harry turned around and stared out the back. The train was gaining speed, and the muggle world was moving away. No more Dursleys for a year! Harry grinned at the thought.

     "What are you smiling at," Hermione inquired. 

     "Oh, nothing."

     He turned back to the train. This was his world. Not the Dursley's. This was. And boy, was he glad to be back.