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Purple by Kat Tales

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,659

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Humor
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Andromeda, Pettigrew, Ginny, OC

First Published: 10/10/2007
Last Chapter: 10/15/2007
Last Updated: 10/15/2007

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"James you do not look good in purple," said Sirius.
"Neither do you," replied James.

Chapter 1: Purple
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A/N: This is based on a the Colour challenge by Cedrics_gurl


"But, luckily, he kept his wits and his Purple crayon."
    -Harold and the Purple Crayon

    Everything was purple. Purple streamers, purple bows, and purple wrapped presents. Dark purple balloons covered the ceiling. A light purple tablecloth covered the round wooden table. Seven plastic purple plates sat in front of purple cloth covered chairs. Seven plastic purple forks sat on top of purple paper napkins on the left side of each plate, and a purple plastic knife sat on the right side of each plate. Also with the plates were purple plastic cups, filled with some type of liquid. There was also a tall three-layer cake, with purple frosting, and lots of little royal purple roses. On the very top of the cake sat a single purple wax candle, and next to the cake, a purple cake server. Standing in front of the whole scene was an elderly woman. She had on a light purple floor length dress, with purple polka dots all over it.

    James Potter thought he was going to throw up, and it would probably be purple. From behind him he could hear three people clearly trying not to burst out laughing. Glancing over his shoulder he saw his best friends, Sirius Black almost doubled over with silent laughter, Remus Lupin had his hand covering a broad smile, and Peter Pettigrew shaking from laughter. Next to him his wife, Lily, had her mouth hanging open. In her arms his son, Harry, was blowing bubbles, and the bubble wand was purple. James tried to restrain himself from strangling the old woman in front of him.

    “Grandma Evans! I didn’t expect you to go through all this trouble!” Lily exclaimed.

    “Aw, pish-posh Lily! You knew I wanted to have a party for little Harry! Since I couldn’t come to the one on his real birthday!” Grandma Evans replied.

    “Well Grandma, you were in Tahiti.”

    “And it was fantastic! So now I want to celebrate!” And with that, she went into the kitchen to do who knows what. As soon as she was out of sight, Sirius, Remus, and Peter let out their laughter. After a minute or so of laughing, and of James glaring at him, Sirius took a breath and said,

    “Lily, does your grandma have an obsession with the color purple?”

    “Oh hush, she is the only family I have left besides Petunia, and she hates me. So stop making fun of my grandma!” Lily responded, with a snarl.

    “Sorry, Lily. But… wait, what is she holding?” Sirius asked suddenly. Grandma Evans had just walked in with what looked like four pairs of purple pants, four long-sleeved purple button up shirts, and a purple sundress.
    “Um, yes, Sirius, she does have an obsession with purple.” Lily whispered to Sirius. 

    “All right, kids, I had Miss Lily give me all your sizes, so they should all fit. So, these are for Sirius,” she handed Sirius one of the pants and a shirt. “These are Jamesy’s,” Sirius coughed loudly to cover up his laughing. “Let’s see, Remus,” Remus silently took the purple outfit, but he gave Lily a death-glare. “And Peter,” Peter stepped forward and grabbed the last pants and shirt. “And this of course is for my lovely Lily! Now all you! Go get changed! I’ll take Harry, and put on his lovely outfit!” Lily carefully handed her Harry, but not wanting to. Grandma Evans handed her the dress as she took Harry.

    Not even ten minutes later, James descended the stairs, and saw Sirius innocently sitting on the purple free couch.

    “James, you do not look good in purple!” He remarked.

    “Neither do you!” James retorted.

    “I don’t think men are supposed to look good in purple.” Came the solemn voice of Remus. Following him was Peter.

    “Honestly, Peter, when you get married, don’t use any purple, you look like an eggplant, and all you need is to die your hair green.” James remarked.
    “Just go with it, Grandma Evans will just be happy to see you in purple.” Lily informed everyone as she walked down the stairs. As if she heard her name, and she probably did, Grandma Evans came out of the kitchen with Harry in her arms. James looked at Harry, looked at Grandma Evans, looked at Lily, and let his jaw hang open.

    “Oh! He looks, um, nice, Grandma Evans.” Peter said quietly from behind James. Lily shot a thankful glance in Peter’s direction and said.

    “Yes, he is adorable!” For Harry too was wearing purple. However, it was a frilly, purple dress.

    “She does know he is a boy, right?” James whispered to Lily.

    “Yes, I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation!” She whispered back, to Grandma Evans she asked,

    “So, um, where’d you get the dress?”

    “Well, I got it when I heard both you and Petunia were pregnant, I knew one of you must have a girl! But, neither of you did. However, it was so adorable, I had to give to one of you. You can’t always tell if a baby is a boy or girl. So, Harry gets the dress!” Grandma Evans said, joyfully.

    “See Prongs? She does have a perfectly good reason!” Remus whispered.

    “Yeah, and Petunia’s son wouldn’t have fit in it.” Added Sirius.

    “Now, I made this nice cake for all of us to eat! So let’s eat! But, first I have hats for all of you!” Grandma Evans exclaimed. With that, she stepped forward, and put purple party hats with purple pom-poms on top of their heads. They all gathered around the table and Grandma Evans started cutting the cake. That’s when James noticed what the liquid in the purple plastic cups were.

    “Is that purple lemonade?” He asked Peter, who was sitting beside him.

    “Yep, and look at the cake.” Peter answered. Because not only was the frosting purple, Grandma Evans had apparently made the vanilla cake batter purple too.

    “Eat up!” Grandma Evans said, for everyone was simply staring at their purple cake. Slowly, James took a bite; surprisingly it still tasted like vanilla cake, despite the purpleyness. After eating half the cake though, he realized that Sirius had a strange, gleeful look on his face. Without giving it a second thought, he dove back into his piece of cake and didn’t look up until Lily said,

    “Excuse me, everyone, I think Harry needs a potty break.” Quickly, Sirius stood up and said,

    “I’ll take him Lily, he is my godson after all!” And he grabbed Harry and quickly walked upstairs, and out of site.

    “That’s not good, is it?” said James.

    “Nope.” Answered Remus.

    “What do you guys mean?” Lily asked, wearily.

    “Well, Sirius, um, he tends to leave the room when he sets up a prank,” Remus responded.

    “Great.” Lily groaned. They were silent for less than a minute when suddenly; the rest of the cake blew up, followed by all the purple balloons. James covered his head too late and after the explosions had died down, he emerged with cake covering him. Lily, Peter, and Remus looked similar. Grandma Evans, however, had gotten the most of it. She looked like the purple people eater, herself. James, looked around and saw smoke starting to clear out of the room, and parts of balloon falling around from the ceiling. He heard a loud cackling coming from the stairs, he turned to look and saw Sirius laughing at them all. In his arms, Harry was trying to catch the falling balloons. Grandma Evans stood up and said,

    “You know, Tahiti was nice, they have purple flowers.” She got up, hugged Lily, gave a kiss to Harry, leaving frosting on his purple dress, grabbed her purple leather purse, and walked out of the house.  The ones who were left were silent. After awhile, Lily grabbed Harry, and took him upstairs. The Marauders stayed silent till she came back with Harry in proper little boy clothes, the dress in her hand.

    “Does anyone want this?” She asked.

    “Um, I’ll take it,” Remus said. They all stared at him. “You’ll never know if you need it.” Eyebrows were raised across the room, and they started laughing as hard as possible. It took ten minutes till they were all quiet again. Barely catching his breath, Peter said plainly,

    “Did you know, nothing in the English language rhymes with purple?”

Many Years Later

    “Oh, She is beautiful, Ginny!” Andromeda Tonks exclaimed over the little red haired bundle of Lily Potter.  “Where is Harry? Do you know?” She asked Ginny.

    “He’s probably with the boys in the backyard.” She answered. Andromeda nodded and went outside, where she saw Harry watching his two sons, James and Albus, flying around on little children’s brooms.

    “Hey, Harry.” The older women said.

    “Hey, Andy, what’s going on?”

    “Well, I came to see the baby, and also to give you something.” She handed him a package.

    “You didn’t have to get us anything!”

    “Well, it’s not exactly from me, I found it in Remus’s things. It had a note on it saying it was yours as a baby.”  He glanced at her quickly, and tore open the small package. Inside was a purple dress.

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