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A Little Black Book by White_Owl

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 13,566
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: OC/OC, Harry/Ginny, Draco/OC

First Published: 10/01/2007
Last Chapter: 11/18/2007
Last Updated: 11/18/2007

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Have you ever written a story, wishing that that story was your life? Wishing you could have all your dreams, hopes and wants come true? For Jennifer Roues, a less than average girl, those wishes were a reality. But Jennifer is going to learn that with every guilty pleasure comes an equally guilty consequence. All because writing was just simply her life.

Chapter 1: A Little Black Book
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A Little Black Book 

Jennifer Roués loved to write. She did it every minute of everyday; constantly thinking up situations for herself and imagining a more exciting world for her to live in. She lived through her writing. However sad it seemed to others around her, her stories were her life.

So it's safe for you to presume that on her annual trip to Diagon Alley, a couple of days before term starts, we find Jennifer nose first in her favourite book shop; surrounded by over a hundred different kinds of journals, each covered in a thick layer of dust.

Now I'm pretty willing to bet that most, if not all of you are thinking that she could be no where else but 'Flourish and Bolts' and in which case, if I'm right- which I nearly always am- you would all be wrong. But don't worry; it's completely understandable, as I myself thought that 'Flourish and Bolts' was the only book shop in Diagon Alley as well, until of course Jennifer told me otherwise. For, if you go down the Alley across from Gringotts and next to Mr. Olivander's, you will find a small, old and- if you'll excuse my bluntness- slightly shabby wooden front of a shop that the rest of which disappears into the black of the other buildings encasing it. Creaking in the wind as it rocks back and forth infront of this dilapidated shop, is a board covered in such old dark green paint that it has peeled away so only now a slightly green tinged wood lies beneath the faded red letters of 'Ink Blots'.

And there, within the old shop stood Jennifer, shrouded in shadow from the surrounding towers of tattered books and creaking shelves. Her hands buried within a large pile of journals that stood separate from the other books on a large oak table that looked as old and tired as the rest of the objects that had so obviously been left to fade away out of sight and mind of anyone around. That was, of course, until Jennifer found the shop four years ago and ever since then she had fallen in love with its rustic style. 'The stuff imaginations live for,' I remember her saying as she told me of her fondness for the place.

Now as I mentioned before, there are hundreds of individual books here of all shapes of sizes, enough, I'd imagine keeping Jennifer happy for a life time. However as always Jennifer only needed one to start her new story of the year with, so within her grasp laid a grave decision to make as she had to decide which one to have and which ones to not.

She had been there hours riffling through the books as she filtered out the terrible tacky ones with moving pictures of kittens on the front, from the other slightly more defined journals that were classy and kind to the eye, however still nothing special. The pile to her right of books, in which she had no interest in, had grown so tall over the time I have been talking to you that she had to make a great effort not to topple it over as she placed the most recent silk coated, jewel encrusted journal on top of a particularly over loved journal that looked as though the chemicals from her skin when touching it would make it disintegrate before her eyes.

So as I've given you a general idea of how old this place is, you will understand when I say she was getting increasingly tired and stuffy as the little clean air that lay amongst the dust filled air around her was rapidly being replaced by carbon dioxide, which no book, no matter what they used to be, could exchange. So with another sigh Jennifer paused, taking a break to wipe the sweat from her forehead and examine the two piles in front of her. One pile was prominently larger than the other. This being the one laid to the left, just filled with books she hadn't sorted through yet. As she looked at it in dismay she couldn't help but feel that it was not a good sign as she still had not managed to find the one she was looking for and felt she had no hope to either.

I can imagine now you are thinking that I and especially she are both quite strange to be taking so much time and effort into finding a particular journal which she will only be scribbling in, but as some of you may know from experience yourself, to be able to write well, if at all, you have to be able to feel comfortable in your surroundings, which whether it sounds strange or not, includes the journal you will be pouring your heart, soul and imagination into. So please excuse this long rant, rave and description of what in retrospect will become a vital role in this story as however dismayed she felt, a glimmer of hope had arisen just at that moment of hopelessness. As a flash of gold caught her attention and would not let it go. The little sun light that managed to penetrate the murky windows, was shining brightly on something, revealed by a small crack in-between the covering books.

Without a moment to loose, Jennifer pulled the wedged book from the bottom of the pile with not a single thought to the surrounding books that wobbled and teetered threateningly as she tugged and pulled. And as predicted by yourself and most naturally me, when Jennifer managed to wiggle the book free, so too did many other books that slid down the pile to form an avalanche as it reached the bottom where it landed precariously on the floor with a loud 'oomph'.

"Careful. Please be careful now. Some of these books are older than you." The shop keeper greeted as she emerged from the back of the shop due to the loud noise that had come as an equal party to the heavy falling books.

"Yes. Sorry Mrs. Winters, it won't happen again." Jennifer apologised profusely, fearing to fall into her bad graces.

Mrs. Winters nodded distractedly as she neared Jennifer who had begun picking up the fallen books from the floor as quickly as possible since at a glance Jennifer noticed the disdainful look Mrs. Winters had achieved on viewing the situation.

"Look at this mess Jennifer. Can I hope you have at least found a book to compensate for destroying my shop?" Mrs. Winters said in her broad Irish accent as she surveyed the damage with her hands on her hips as usual.

As Jennifer stood carefully with a well balanced pile of books in her hands, she took a look at the shop around her to see what Mrs. Winters meant, as it seamed it was not just the fallen books she had wreaked havoc with but also the surroundings. The shelves she first acquired the books from were messy and unorganised too, now matching the rest of the shop. Jennifer smiled apologetically as she put the books on the only flat surface she could find in the middle of the table.

"Sorry Mrs. Winters, but I think I finally have." Jennifer replied happily as she walked round the shop keeper to pick up her book and gaze at it happily.

This was it. This was the one she had been searching for. At first glance it seemed like a very ordinary book as it was purely bound in black leather with yellowing pages within. However the reason Jennifer had spotted this book beneath the others was the small scripture threaded simply into the bottom right hand corner, shinning brilliantly in the faint light, reading 'As the imagination of the writer flows from the pen on to the paper, no limits will be held as the consequences will be thought of later.'

Such prominent writing had Jennifer transfixed as she wondered what it could mean. But what ever it meant it inspired her. It inspired her so much she had millions of thoughts and ideas running through her head at once as she held the leather securely within her bony fingers. She had never felt so alive and full of energy and desire to write. It was invigorating to say the least.

"Jennifer?" A strange and what felt distant voice echoed through her thoughts of magical battles with dragons and love affairs that took over her being as she walked among it, watching it play out in front of her eyes.

"Jennifer!" The voice repeated but this time also a feeling of being shaken as her body was brought back to her senses and with it, her mind.

Jennifer looked to Mrs. Winters, surprised to find her standing right beside her, replacing someone else who had previously been standing with her. But as she tried to remember who that person was, the more she forgot, as it slipped from her memory as easily as if she was trying to capture water in a sieve and with it unfortunately went all the inspiration and her need to write as well.

She looked down to her hands to find the book was gone. Jennifer looked around herself in panic, thinking that she must have dropped it in her unusual outer mind experience but she couldn't see it. She instantly dropped to her knees and took to looking about the floor for it instead, ignoring the layers of years old dirt which was now getting ground into her clothes fervently.

"Would you like it in a bag? Or is it okay just like that?" Mrs. Winters voice had interrupted her thoughts once again but this time Jennifer had control of her body to be able to see what Mrs. Winters was holding in her hand.

She held the book, waving it in her direction as she waited for the answer to her question. Jennifer got up feeling confused and lost. How had Mrs. Winters gained the book in the first place? She asked herself as she stood up, attempting to wipe the dust from her knees before walking towards the shop keeper who still held the book in front of her. Now, however, she looked increasingly impatient.

"No. No it's okay. I'll just hold onto it." Jennifer replied as she went to grab the book from Mrs. Winters protectively but as her slender fingers lightly touched the smooth black leather a spark emitted like magic.

Instantly Jennifer was filled with that same wanting desire to write again but as she retracted her hand quickly from shock the feeling once again faded away.

"On second thoughts I think I'll have it in a bag." Jennifer laughed nervously.

Not being aware that anything was wrong, Mrs. Winters sighed in an annoyed manner before getting a brown paper bag from beneath the counter and shaking it open roughly. At this, Jennifer could tell that Mrs. Winters hadn't had very many customers to contend with for a while as all general rules of politeness was quickly flying out of the window.

"That's 11 knuts please dear." Mrs. Winters replied harshly, not bothering to hide the annoyance she was beginning to feel for one of her only regular customers.

Feeling as though her time here had been over spent, Jennifer quickly handed over the money with the sweetest smile she could muster before grabbing the bag, which she was relieved to find, did not spark in anyway and headed for the door. However, when reaching the mound of books still cluttering up the floor and table, Jennifer paused.

"Would you like me to clean that up for you?" She asked politely, but when the sight before her eyes magically put it self to rights she took that as her answer of a definite no and quickly exited the building.

Now, although I, being the omniscient and all knowing author of this book know just how long Jennifer had been trapped within the bookshop, she did not. So I see it as being no surprise that when she looked around, being surprised wasn't the only thing she felt when seeing that the sun was beginning to set slowly. Suddenly Jennifer began to panic as she could only imagine what her mother would say to her when they found each other again. If of course they could find each other, as Jennifer feared the worse that her mother and sister had gone home without her.

Letting her insecurities overwhelm her, Jennifer ran up the alley way as fast as she could to the main street only to bump into her regret.

"Watch where you're going freak."

Lying helplessly on the floor, Jennifer moaned as she suddenly realised she had stupidly bumped into the renowned Draco Malfoy. Hoping against all odds that he would just leave, Jennifer screwed up her eyes in concentration as she tried to imagine a world in which this wasn't a regular occurrence for her. However she wasn't quite so lucky.

"What's wrong with your face? You look like you've just eaten a lemon. And what's this?" Draco asked.

Jennifer opened her eyes quickly to find him reaching for the brown paper bag that had just before fell from her grasp. Without thinking how this might appear to anyone but herself, she swiped it from beneath him and scrambled to her feet, now looking grubbier than before.

"Hands off." Jennifer warned as she attempted to be brave to her school bully; however Draco just laughed at her pitiful attempt.

"You're a bit young to be hiding alcohol discreetly in brown paper bags, but knowing your family's history I'm not really surprised. It must be all you can live on." Draco smirked happily as he joked to her obvious discomfort.

Jennifer tried to ignore the remarks about her family as she had been doing so for the past year and instead contented herself with a glare. Whether or not this glare would have any kind of effect on Draco however was debatable but considering her circumstances, wand less and no witnesses, Jennifer chose not to anger the beast as she was sure he could think of much worse things to do to her than glare.

"Oh look some Death Eaters have come out to play. Would you like to join in?" Draco stated carelessly as he stared obviously over her shoulder.

Being that during this time of war and peril any mention of escaped Death Eaters would make any man or woman's hair stand on end and since Draco's reputation of being close to them was known to be more than just a reputation, Jennifer took no hesitation before spinning around quickly to find no one in sight. However, as her back was turned and her defences down, she felt a quick sharp tug letting the bag slip seamlessly from her fingers.

"What's this?" Draco repeated but this time with the bag firmly in hand to answer his question with.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." Jennifer warned as she didn't want it's secrets of it obviously being something more than just a normal book to be revealed, but Draco just smirked in return as he pulled the book out of the paper bag.

Jennifer waited with abated breath for him to be surprised as the book took effect but as she watched it being pulled further from its protective sleeve she realised nothing was going to happen.

"Oh I should have guessed another book. What are you going to write about this time sniffer? Your memoirs? Or perhaps a sonnet of your undying love? Well what ever it is, I can't wait till the whole school gets to read it again. Nothing beats a good bit of humiliation." Draco smirked maliciously making Jennifer fear his threat even more.

It had been beyond embarrassing when somehow the entire school had gained a copy of her writing last year of which she had poured all her secrets and fantasies into one. This was mainly how they knew about her fathers drinking habits and her parents pending divorce, but this time she'd be prepared, she promised herself. No one will be reading this little book of imagination. No one… she hoped.

"Leave me alone." Jennifer told him with a scowl at his chin as Draco towered above her.

She was never very good at fighting, whether with words or fists, so during her days at school of torment she did the only thing she could do. Bear it or ignore it, just never confront it.

"Yes, well." Draco looked at her with his arms crossed and with a look of disappointment lain plainly on his face from obviously being denied of a fight. "I need to be returning back to the manor anyway. We have important guests arriving soon about my future. I wouldn't want to keep the Dark Lord waiting now, would I?"

With a laugh, Draco dropped her book to the floor, before sauntering away with a swagger and eventually disappearing around a corner from her sight, leaving Jennifer to glare at nothing but the deserted street. Now that he was gone, Jennifer quickly turned her attention to her book to find it lying closed, propped up by a rock in the middle of a shallow dirty puddle with the brown paper bag near it, stuck to the wet ground and fluttering helplessly in the slight wind.

Jennifer went to quickly pick it up as she could almost see the pages absorbing the water like a sponge but paused with her hand mere inches away. She couldn't help but remember what had happened to her the last time she had carelessly touched it. She realised that this would be a terrible inconvenience for her, seeing as though at some point she will have to touch it to be able to write in it, but right now she wanted to avoid the effects the book had on her until she was safe within her surroundings.
Jennifer sighed defeated, until her thoughts then ventured back to Draco before. Some how he had been able to touch it and nothing had obviously happened to him, she thought. So maybe it was just a one off? She frowned as she couldn't help but feel unsure. She was never any good at being persuasive whether with herself or anyone else for that matter.

Jennifer sighed again before standing back up to view it from a distance as though it would shed a new light on things. She knew that if she was at school and had her wand with her then she'd be able to just levitate it to her next destination and so that way would not have to touch it at all. But unfortunately for her, Jennifer was not at school, did not have her wand and was rapidly running out of the little time she had left as the sun was almost gone.

Seeing the bag fluttering in the wind, Jennifer picked it up and began to pace back and forth as she thought about her situation. Why couldn't things just be simple for once? Why can't everything just fall into place? Why can't my life be perfect!? She asked herself as she paced. She tucked her thick gold hair back behind her ear as she continued to pace. The wind was picking up and the stars were beginning to dance in the sky, none of which helped her in this apparent situation but it's always nice to add a little description now and again as she paces, which believe me she will do a lot of.

Finally with a bolt of an epiphany and some help from the wind, which had made the bag flap in her hand, Jennifer realised that she could use the bag to pick the now soggy book up with. After nearly half an hour of wasted time, Jennifer quickly ran down the main street. And as she passed more and more closed shops, she couldn't help but feel worried. She began to make a back up plan if she arrived at the Leaky Cauldron to find her mother and sister was no longer there. If all else failed then she could easily flue home or even take the night bus… if she had enough money, she suggested to herself.

Through all her plans, the trip to the Leaky Cauldron flew past; leaving her standing out side of the back door scared of what she may find on the other side, but with a deep breath to calm her nerves, Jennifer pushed open the old wooden door. She was suddenly hit with a blast of hot air that soon warmed her up as she had not noticed the goose bumps that had begun to rise. Jennifer quickly took to looking around the room, taking her eyes from the bar with a cloaked man sitting at, to the a couple of people sitting at booths to eventually the table situated in the middle of the room which laid occupied with two differently sized women.

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief as she recognised her sisters red coat and her mothers brown hair. Jennifer walked over to them who hadn't seemed to miss her at all as they chatted happily and stood beside them, cutting their conversation short.

"You've missed dinner." Her mum greeted coldly, making Jennifer immediately hang her head in shame.

"I'm sorry." Jennifer muttered quickly as she threw her well thought of speech out of the window in haste.

"Yes I should think so." She replied before pulling out the chair next to her for Jennifer to sit on with a screech on the concrete. "But you're just in time for pudding."

Jennifer looked up in surprise to find her mum smiling beautifully. She always wished she had inherited her mother's good looks instead of her father's bad ones but at times like this, Jennifer was just glad she had her kindness. With a look over to her smiling sister, Jennifer sat down and began in her explanation of where she had been all day; leaving out all mention of Draco Malfoy of course as she never wished to trouble her mum with such things. And anyway it was her new book which was the main thing in all this. This book was definitely not an ordinary book at all. This book was magical, which Jennifer some how knew, that if she taped into it then she would be able to write a story of a life time. All she needed to do now however was to learn how to control it. 

(A/N: Well this was the first chapter to my new story. What did you think? I hope you enjoyed it because I have high hopes for this story and I myself love the concept, if it's alright for me to say.

I hope the new writing technique of the narrator talking to the audiance didn't put you off as it will continue in this fashion for the whole story, however probably not to quite the same extent once the scene has been set.
Now I had toyed with just posting the first chapter but my friend convinced me to post the second chapter aswell. So check it out, after you've written me a nice review of course, and see how you like the way the story is progressing. It is my oppinion that you can never make a good judge of a story by only reading the first chapter, so I hope this will give you a clearer picture of what to expect in the future.

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Chapter 2: A Tree So Real
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A Tree So Real

As Jennifer's home-life was mostly full of her fathers drunken stupors, angry fights and both physical and mental abuse; she couldn't wait to get back to school. And since this story is meant to be a way of escaping all the nasty sides of real life, I am more than happy to comply as we fast forward past Jennifer's escape of the real world and focus on the journey to the magical one instead.

We arrive quite abruptly to the sweet fair wells and good bye hugs at the platform of 9 and ¾ as Jennifer wave's goodbye to her mum and sister, who at that moment was still too young to venture to Hogwarts with her. In this story Jennifer is 15 so this will be her 5 th year at Hogwarts and she didn't expect anything more than what she had received in the earlier years of bullying and humiliation. 'But still', she thought optimistically, 'as least I can escape home'.

Once her family were securely out of sight, Jennifer gave up her position at the door to find a compartment with her trunk and cage in toe. She realised now that she would be hard pressed to be able to find a compartment that was empty or even one in which the people inside were nice enough to share with her, but she knew she could not spend the whole train journey in hall ways. So she slowly trudged past the many compartments filled with laughter, glancing into each one in turn. 'If all else fails, I could just sit in the changing rooms again', she thought to herself when she had past yet another full compartment. This time however, when she looked in she found the famous trio sitting and talking privately. As she passed this compartment at a slower pace then all the rest, she couldn't help but dream about what it would be like to be in their inner circle; to go on their adventures and to witness what they see. But alas, she knew she had no hope of ever doing such a thing as she was more likely to have Draco Malfoy fall in love with her than to be ever considered a friend by those in which only her imagination helped her be close to.

Nevertheless she continued on and to her surprise found a compartment near the end of the train completely empty, however on entering she soon found the reason why as the air smelled of rotting eggs and mouldy cheese combined. However, not taking her chances lightly, Jennifer quickly performed a simple spell and opened the windows to help vent the musty air as the howling wind outside rushed throughout the compartment making her golden hair cover her face and stick to it like glue.

She spat hair from her mouth and peeled it from the little lip gloss she had dared to put on so as not to draw attention to herself. Eventually she shut the old, crusted window with great effort. She could not win, the compartment still smelled- however I must admit, not as much as it had before- but she could not sit with the window open for fear of being whisked away. And however much that idea appealed to her at the moment, Jennifer heaved her trunk to the rack and placed her caged cat, Fidget, on the seat next to her as she sat down and contemplated the package in front of her.

Before now, Jennifer had not dared to try and hold the exposed book within her grasp for fear of something magical happening in her not so magical neighbourhood, so she had patiently waited for the time in which she knew she would have time and space to discover it's hidden secrets by herself. However, now that the time came she could not help but feel apprehensive. As although the feeling that she had felt only a few days ago had been wonderful and inspirational, it had still scared her, as it had gave an indication of the power it may hold within.

She sat and contemplated the brown paper bag before her quietly. It had been an hour now and yet she had still not dared touch what was held within. She laid her fingers on top of the paper and patted it as she would her cat, hoping it would get used to her touch as a stray animal would get used to your scent. 'Come on, what's the worst that could happen.' Jennifer thought to herself, trying to egg herself on but fruitlessly as she only continued to stare at it, willing the paper to remove itself.

Jennifer sighed and looked to her watch to find how the time had passed already. She couldn't wait any longer; she had to do it now. She had no choice. Jennifer told herself strictly and this time it worked. With a deep breath Jennifer picked up the paper bag and held it at the bottom as she tipped it's contents, namely the black leather bound book, onto her lap softly. She narrowed her eyes and with a look of determination that could rival no one else's, she touched it quickly and left go just as quick as though it was on fire.

"Nothing." Jennifer frowned to herself, feeling utterly confused.

She had felt nothing when she had touched the book. No spark, no intense feeling and certainly, no inspiration to write. 'Absolutely nothing,' Jennifer thought to herself again as she looked at the book closely to make sure it was indeed the same one as before. But there, in the bottom right hand corner laid the inscription that had inspired her so much in the first place, 'As the imagination of the writer flows from the pen on to the paper, no limits will be held as the consequences will be thought of later.'

Jennifer furrowed her brow and this time, with more bravery than before as she deemed it would be a failure, touched the book lightly, feeling the soft black leather beneath her skin. This time however wind whipped through her hair and the familiar pulsing sensation travelled throughout her body making inspiration and imagery run through to her finger tips. Jennifer, although had been certainly surprised that the book had worked this time, enjoyed the feeling and closed her eyes to absorb the energy that was flowing from the book more freely.

As Jennifer closed her eyes, she was not met with darkness as one would usually expect when their eye lids shield their pupils from the light outside, but was instead aware of a whole world inside her mind. It was as if it was real, not just a faded image in the back of her mind, but it was there right in front of her. So clear she could almost touch it. An oak tree that was so large its leaves were bigger than her foot as those that had fallen due to the wind were lying delicately on the floor beside her. Jennifer looked up amazed. She could not see the top as it grew in front of her, only feel the bark beneath her outstretched hand; hard and rough. Jennifer continued to run her hand along the bark of the tree trunk as she circled it, amazed at how wide it all had became. However as she quickened her pace in excitement, the bark turned too rough and scratched a deep gash in the middle of her palm.

Jennifer opened her eyes in shock from the pain. It had felt so real. Everything had been so real; the smell from the sap, the creaking from the branches above and the texture of the bark beneath her fingers. As Jennifer thought about how it had felt, she noticed a small twinge of pain as she moved her fingers slightly. She looked down in surprise to find the same gash that she had received before; seeping crimson with blood. 'Impossible.' Jennifer frowned as she examined the cut with her other hand, making sure it was real. However the pain she felt as she ran her hand across it let her know just how real it was.

"Impossible." She told herself again, however the evidence that was before her left nothing to be doubted. Jennifer turned back to the book that had fallen onto her lap in her surprise and touched it lightly, again feeling that overwhelming feeling of inspiration that came with it. However this time it did not over power her and instead just lingered in the back of her mind, filling her with a comfortable warmth and solitude.

Jennifer opened the book with her unhurt hand to the first page, hoping to find something that would explain what was happening to her. However all she found was the same wording that was on the front, inscribed beautifully in gold on slightly darker and tougher leather than before; obviously unaffected by times progress and the suns gaze. Jennifer sighed in confusion as she traced her fingers over the lettering slowly.

"Why are you so special?" She asked herself and the book but received no answer from either. Instead the lamps fluttered on, signalling that the day was getting late and the train was nearing to Hogwarts. So reluctantly she slipped the book back into the paper bag, with the use of one hand and attempted to get changed for her soon arrival at school.


The welcoming feast that came with every start of the New Year was as delicious and satisfying as ever. The chatter was boisterous and the mood light as new students were sorted into their new lives, however Jennifer still sat alone near the end of the table with her thoughts elsewhere. No one had bothered her or wondered why she had been so distant as she faded into the background, only a few small smiles found her in passing in one of the few times she would look up from her plate full of food.

Jennifer was quite relieved when she heard the meal was over from her beloved Head Master- she found he was an extraordinary character to write about- and so she quickly headed back to her dorm in Gryffindor along with the rest of her robust house mates to fetch her things before journeying to her real home.

Now located on the seventh floor, only a short walk away from happy students and lively banter, Jennifer stood outside her favourite room in the whole castle. She was only aware of herself knowing of the location of this remarkable room, as she had found it after a particular bad spout of tormenting and needed desperately a place she could hide and feel safe in. The only negative side was that to get the room to reveal itself she would have to walk back and forth in front of it three times; always with the same image in her head. She had named this room her sanctuary as it depicted just what she needed; a safe heaven for her imagination to develop.

Jennifer walked in once the door had appeared in front of her and found the same picturesque setting that she had seen for the last three years and found it never changed, much to her relief. Right across the room from her stood a grand ornate bay window that at this minute showed the stars shimmering clearly and surprisingly brightly as it seemed the window had a spell upon it to make what ever scene it held within its frame to be twice as beautiful as before. And there, situated before it, stood a large, high backed, cushioned chair, accompanied with a foot stool that had a freshly folded, dark wool blanket laid across it. This however was more for comfort than for warmth as to the right of her stood a large roaring fireplace made of carved stone that matched the window perfectly.

Opposite to it however, was a large Victorian iron bed that she felt was quiet a blessing when she had written herself tired and with not enough energy or care in the world to make herself walk back to her room. And next to that was a simple wooden door that looked exactly like the one she had just entered from, however this time it led to a small bathroom full of everything she would ever need. Jennifer walked in and threw an over night bag onto the bed as she knew it to be more likely than not that she would end up spending the night, especially if the night had half the excitement there had been hours before as the book came to life. She slipped the concealed book out of her cloak pocket, which was still encased inside its bag, and sat in the chair facing the fire but turned to look out of the window instead, preferring the view.

The school grounds were so beautiful at night since the moon's reflection in the lake made it seem twice as bright as it lit its surroundings; the due filled grass and the swaying ever greens looked almost alive as the leaves danced in the wind. She sighed happily as she was very much glad to be back at home where she belonged. Now however there was a more pressing matter that concerned her in the form of a deceiving little book, weighing heavily in her hands; both a blessing and a sin.

Jennifer tore her eyes away from the view long enough to contemplate the book in front of her once again. She was no longer scared of what might happen if she touched the book but still remained apprehensive as anything that had this much power within its pages wasn't something to be taken lightly. So, after she had found the unusual pleasures of the book by once again reading the inscription that somehow worked as a way to activate it, Jennifer now thought about the reason she had bought it in the first place; The story which she was meant to write on these golden pages. She tapped her quill against her chin as she thought hard. She knew how she was going to start it, just not how to word it. After all, the beginning is the most revealing part of the story, as it gives the reader a chance to evaluate the prospects and writing ability of the author, or so she had been told many times by the many books she had read on the subject.

With another glance at the setting around her and a frustrated sigh, Jennifer knew that the best way to get rid of the little writers block she had was to just start writing and hope that the words would just start to flow out of her after a while. However as Jennifer placed her quill point onto the paper to begin she suddenly felt no need to feel nervous or lost as everything she had just been feeling seemed to suddenly disappear and instead she was filled with a calm feeling as she began to write:

Long ago, when magic was still raw and the world was still only young and naive, a heard of centaurs roamed the east on their annual pilgrim; fallowing the stars to their limit and learning of things that still had not past. However as they observed one clear night, all that time ago, a strange alignment had come into affect amongst them. The stars were telling a story, a prophecy of sorts, about a great war in the future. This did not surprise them as they had already read similar things alike, however this time it was different. Instead of being told of a boy-who-lived, this also mentioned a girl of such power that could change the fate of the war forever. Only with her help could good really over come evil, in the second and last war of that century.

The centaurs did not have the means to note this extraordinary discovery but instead passed it amongst their race, along the generations as a tale that had become so familiar to them it was like a fairy tale of the past. No one knew to whom this prophecy talked of, only that they would be born on a magical night when the almighty will fall and the true would be tested…

Jennifer Roués was a popular girl who could not want for anything when it came to her life at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was the bell of the ball and the smartest witch of her age who was constantly admired by those around her. 

Jennifer paused as she watched the ink glisten in the moonlight. She wanted perfection in her imaginary life if she was not to have it in her real one, but some how it didn't feel real; it didn't feel like herself. She reread what she had just written and frowned before replacing the tip of the quill and continuing.

But however much fame and glory Jennifer received from her triumphs with the great Harry Potter and her friends, Jennifer still stayed distant to the world that she held in her finger tips. For she knew that her fame, however pleasurable it was to have, came with the greatest consequence there was, as her life was never out of the watchful eyes and daunting dealings of the power hungry wizard they called, Lord Voldemort. He, the darkest of all his kind, held nothing but hate for her which was only surpassed by the loathing he felt for Harry, as he had thrice defied his hand.

And so due to his great burning heart of a revenge, a great war looms closer to unwillingly over power them and destroy the world they strive to keep alive. However no one knew of the imminent arrival of their destiny just yet as they continued with the normal everyday lives they had become accustomed to live. And Jennifer was no different as she too lived out her life within the walls of her beloved school, blissfully unaware of what was to come. 

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Chapter 3: Uncomfortable Silences and Overwhelming Confusion.
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Uncomfortable Silences and Overwhelming Confusion

Jennifer awoke sprawled spread eagled onto the very large Victorian iron bed still in her clothes and lying on top of the covers as she had obviously not had the energy to go to bed properly in the late of the previous night. The sun, which was shining brightly through the same large bay window she sat by only hours before, shone in her eyes leaving her no chance to sleep for any longer. However as her head cleared and her eyes adjusted, she read the time from the old fashioned ornate clock placed evenly in the middle of the mantle piece and her heart leapt. She was late; unbelievably late as the large hand ticked past nine. She had missed breakfast and was soon going to miss lessons if she didn't at that moment pick herself off the bed and run into the bathroom. 

Although her body was screaming for a shower as her hair was wild and untamed and her clothes were creased, Jennifer knew she had no time so she quickly washed her face in an attempt to feel clean and ran back out, picking up her bag, while stuffing her book within it and heading straight out of the door.

You will probably find that Jennifer has an unusual knack for being late as however much she tries, time just seems to escape her grasp and today, as she ran down the corridors, it was no different. To be truthful Jennifer had no idea what lesson she was missing as she had obviously missed the hand out of the time tables at breakfast but as all previous years had started with a double bout of potions, she had no reason to think it would have changed this year. And fortunately, when she had reached the dungeons, she found her class sitting idly listening to Professor Snape describe and depict what this year had in store for them with the same level of enthusiasm that matched her fellow students. However, unfortunately there was no way in which she could think of entering his class late without being noticed. So, with a deep and yet unsatisfying breath as she felt no better after it then she had before, Jennifer pushed the heavy door open with a loud and untimely crunch from the rusted hinges.

All heads in the room turned to her, giving her the most attention she had received in all her time at Hogwarts; however this was not the circumstances in which she had wanted to receive it as Professor Snape's large dark eyes were amongst them.

"You're late Miss. Roués. Care to explain why?" Snape asked in a dry tone that efficiently absorbed all life in the room with one breath.

"I slept in." Jennifer muttered quietly as she lowered her gaze away from him.

"Well in that case you will not mind loosing sleep tonight for your detention with me after dinner." He stated bluntly, leaving no room for question in his remark.

He folded his arms sternly across his front as his gaze washed over her like poison. Jennifer took this silence as her cue to find a seat, however as she headed to her usual seat at the back of the room in the shadow filled corner, a definite 'pist' caught her attention. 

Ginny Weasley, the famous Ron Weasley's sister was looking directly at her with a smile. Jennifer looked to her confused and furrowed her brow, before continuing on her own path thinking nothing of it. However when she heard it again she stopped a second time. This time however Ginny was waving her over and indicating to a spare seat next to her. Jennifer took no time to hide her confused expression as it showed exactly how she felt. She had never before been offered to sit with Ginny Weasley, so why would she now?

"Please Miss. Roués; we do not have all day. Take your seat before I give you a second detention." Snape surprised her by saying.

Shocked into embarrassment to see everyone was watching her, Jennifer quickly walked straight over to the empty seat indicated to as before and sat hurriedly; feeling her cheeks grow steadily redder. As soon as Jennifer had taken her seat, Snape continued to talk to the class loud enough for Ginny to turn to her with a funny smile. The kind of which, Jennifer couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with as this was a whole new experience for her.

"What was all that about?" Ginny whispered with a half laugh as she looked at Jennifer's full attire and saw how rough she looked. "And what's with your clothes Jen, you look like you've just rolled out of bed."

Jennifer looked to her, surprised. "What?"

Never had she before been called anything by anyone other than her most rude and abundant nick name, Sniffers, which had been allocated to her too many years ago for it to be funny any more. However, at Jennifer's little outburst, Ginny just looked at her as though she had two heads; an expression she was finally comfortable with.

"Are you okay? You're acting really strange." Ginny stated bluntly, giving Jennifer the impression that they were friends, much to her contrary beliefs as none of this situation made any sense to her.

But upon realising she was not going to gain any less attention by carrying on the way she had been, Jennifer tried to relax and force a smile onto her plain face as she turned back to the red haired girl and nodded.

"I'm fine. I just slept in. I'm still feeling sleepy now, that's all." Jennifer told her in her best friendly tone she could muster from the dank corners of her memory; however it didn't seem to work as Ginny still gave an unbelieving look. "Seriously… Gin," Jennifer paused to check whether she had said it right but as Ginny didn't seem to pick up on anything, she continued on. "I'm fine. I'm sure I'll be awake by the end of the class… after a nice doze."

Finally, Ginny seemed to be satisfied with her apparent friend as she gave out a small laugh and a nudge. She then immediately began talking animatedly with her, most of which Jennifer did not take notice of as she could not stop her mind from wandering back to the same question that had plagued her since she first sat down; what's happening? As the name Dean filtered through her thoughts, Jennifer retraced her steps as she tried to figure out how she stepped into an alternate universe, however when the name Harry immediately followed she found her thoughts suddenly clear.

"What?" Jennifer asked Ginny, in hopes of getting a repeat of what she had just said.

"You know. I'm sure I've told you. Why wouldn't I? I'm going out with Harry. Remember?" Ginny looked just as confused as Jennifer felt about the whole situation, but this look soon dissipated as Jennifer took the initiative to smile and nod accordingly.

"Oh yeah, sorry. It had just slipped my mind." Jennifer lied convincingly enough as Ginny smiled in response.

The rest of the two hours were spent with Ginny talking, somehow or other, about Harry, whether he was in context or not, it didn't seem to matter to her. Jennifer tried her best to listen and make her growth potion at the same time but found it increasingly difficult, as Professor Snape noticed on his regular rounds of the room and flourished in her apparent failure. 

Although so far Jennifer had only found having friends a pain and a headache as she heard nothing but chatter in her right ear, she did find one perk as, upon hearing Snape's snide remarks, Ginny took to saying abuse about their current potions teacher with as much vengeance as a dog on heat. And so finally she found a small perk to her new situation, even if the throbbing sensation found in her head only seemed to get worse with every remark she made.

When classes had finished and lunch had arrived, since Jennifer was finding the pressure of having a new friend so difficult, she retreated into the shadows as only she knew how, leaving Ginny talking to herself. And immediately made her way to the library where she hoped silence would once again be her only companion.

At this point, as she's wandering the familiar corridors lined with watchful paintings and bodies of armour, I must make it clear how Jennifer works. I'm aware from my descriptions of her that it would seem as though she is a hermit of all form and character, and in some aspects, that would be a pretty accurate account of her as she has grown accustom to her own company and has, in many ways, grown found of it. So as you can imagine and see, she is taking any contact with people, whether friendly or otherwise, hesitantly and warily as such things of idle chatter and raging rants are somewhat foreign to her. And, as with any normal person, it will take her time to get used to it. However, I only hope she does this quickly as this is only the first of things to come and the rest will be a much greater challenge for her than that of making friends.

Now as she approached the wide stain-glass doors of the library, she had come to the conclusion that something magical had occurred to make the things the way that they were. She had not yet figured out what, but knew that if there was an answer to be found it would be lying within those doors. And so, she entered, carelessly pushing the swinging doors open and immediately bumping into somebody unexpected on the other side.


Jennifer noticed the voice moan first before looking up, as she lay precariously on the floor, to find Hermione Granger- known to be the smartest witch of her age, much to the jealousy of half the students in her year- rubbing her forehead in discomfort. It was only then, as the shock had overwhelmed any other feeling in her body at first, Jennifer noticed that she too had a sore head and much to her sudden displeasure, a sore back side to match.

"Jennifer, please watch where you're going. We've had this conversation one too many times before for it to be funny anymore." Hermione scolded ineffectively as she let out a chuckle at the sight in front of her, immediately contradicting the point she was trying so hard to make.

However, as she was still partly shocked, bruised and embarrassed, Jennifer failed to give a response… well a coherent one at least, as she grunted an apology while she got up; picking up her bag as she went. She stood dumb founded in front of Hermione for several minutes, speechless. She had only ever previously received a few selected words from her, so to see her now smiling kindly and naturally at her as if they were life long friends was surprising to say the least. 

Hermione continued to stare at her expectantly as Jennifer stared wide eyed, then furrowed her brow in confusion before imitating a gold fish in her attempts to construct a sentence together. But still no sound came from her dry mouth. Finally however, after much effort and attempts to say something witty, humorous and friendly, Jennifer came out with:


"Hi." Hermione immediately responded with a chuckle of apparent amusement.

But that was as far as the conversational side of her brain could take her as after that only silence filled the air, leaving Hermione to stare at her with a mixture of confusion and amusement struggling to fight for its rightful place in her expression. After several minutes of staring and once Hermione had finally realised she could not expect anything more any time soon, Hermione took the initiative and started the conversation.

"So. Are you going to the library?" Hermione asked politely, obviously hoping it would stir some life back into her friend.

"Err, yeah." Jennifer responded hesitantly and to almost check that she was right, she immediately looked up to the door and read the red letters of 'Library' within the stained glass above the double doors.

"Oh. I was just leaving." Hermione replied with an uncomfortable smile which Jennifer soon returned with a nod of her head and immediately let silence follow.

After several more minutes of silence between them, to which only the loud repeating thumb of Madam Prince's stamp filtered through, the library door opened next to them, letting a young boy walk in. This fortunately seemed to break their apparent staring contest long enough for a wave of clarity to pass through them.

"Anyway, I better go." Hermione finally said, bringing the short conversation to a close, resulting in relief for them both.

"Yeah, I better go find that book I was looking for." Jennifer said politely while returning Hermione's smile effectively and she nodded.

"Yeah, I'll erm… see you at dinner then?" She asked but before Jennifer had time to give a response, Hermione was already out of the door and walking quickly to her next destination feeling only a fraction of the confusion that Jennifer was feeling as she stood still, watching the door swing back and forth into place, slowly.

Once she had gotten over the initial thought of humility and the awkwardness that was between them, Jennifer only had one question that was running through her mind at that point; what's happening? But she knew the only way she would be able to find the answer to this open question was to venture further into the library and trust her instincts to guide her to the right answer. For she knew that if she waited any longer where she was then she would soon have to start making her way to her next class, Herbology. And so with a long breath out as she tried to clear the residue of the previous conversation from her mind, Jennifer turned on the spot and immediately made her way down to the far end of the library to where she knew all the best books were hidden; dark arts.

But Jennifer soon found that however much interesting and useful she found these books; none helped her in her quest to seek a possible explanation for the strange happenings of the people around her. She closed a particularly large book, with a strange appearance of being nibbled, with a sigh. None of them explained to her why people who had never previously been conscious to her existence were suddenly befriending her. The possibility that she had unknowingly gained a large sum of money, making her undoubtedly popular and be much sort after had crossed her mind several times as she through yet another useless book to one side. But she soon reminded herself how unlikely that would be and came to the conclusion that surely someone would have told her this minor detail before now. And so, Jennifer had come to a loss for a possible explanation and found that all she could do now was guess.

Jennifer leaned back in her wooden chair, pushed her knees against the large table and rocked slightly while she thought. 'Well there is no doubt that this…. What ever this is, is magical.' She confirmed for herself once again. 'It's not just my charm and personality that drove them to me, now that's obvious, but then how? I didn't say a spell; I didn't make a wish, I just….' Jennifer froze and instantly let her front chair legs drop as she reached for her bag and in it, the book. 'No…. it couldn't…. I mean I know… I know it's special….. but… but this? Being able to do this? Just because I…'

Jennifer was speechless. The explanation she had finally came across, although sounded ridiculous, in a way actually made perfect sense. She only wished she was right. To have a book that could effectively grant wishes or make possibilities real would be an extraordinary thing to have indeed. 'But it's impossible. Way too impossible. Completely…' Jennifer was in the middle of thinking but the bell rang and she was as far away from her next class as she could be. So with a pace that could make her mother speechless, Jennifer packed up her bag, left the mess on and around the table and quickly headed out of the door; just as confused as she had been when she had entered.


Yes, Jennifer did arrive late to her class, Herbology, but surprisingly never received a detention and instead only lost Gryffindor ten points. And so to compensate, Jennifer answered all of Professor Sprout's questions correctly. Even if she didn't know she had known the answer, her hand was up in the air first with the knowledge filling her head as she did so. It was quite magical to say the least but not uncommon as Jennifer often found she surprised herself with her intuitiveness…. Whether this theory was relevant or not she was happy with the result.

As time progressed throughout the day, Jennifer was feeling more comfortable with being near and indeed speaking to her new found red headed friend. But still when dinner came and they were emerging from the seventh floor; Jennifer relied on her natural instincts to divert her footing to her sanctuary instead; preferring to use the remainder of her time before her detention that night, to again study the book. Although she had tried to push all thoughts of the book to the back of her mind, the weight it held sank within her making it impossible to do so. The obscure thoughts she had during lunch were still plaguing her. Part of her was convinced that it couldn't be true but another part, however small that was, felt curious to test this theory. Could a book really be that powerful? 

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Chapter 4: The Pain of Detentions
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The Pain of Detentions

Jennifer walked down the deserted hallways of Hogwarts in her own world. She was completely unaware of her surroundings as she let her feet guide her to the Gryffindor common room. As she was about to turn a corner for the last time, only meters away from the fat lady when she bumped into something large, solid and heavily scented.

"You might want to look where you're going next time Roués. That is unless of course you wanted to run into me. You know I can't blame you. It must be hard to wean yourself off something as addictive as me." Draco greeted cockily with his use of his best smirk.

"Shut up Malfoy. What happened in the past is just that, the past and it's staying that way. Okay? No relapses. It was just a kiss, that's it." Jennifer stated clearly as she flattened the newly formed crinkles from their most recent encounter.

"Now you know that's not true, Roués. 'A kiss' implies it just happened the once and not the many, many-"he traced his finger down her neck and along her collar, reaching the undone buttons of her shirt giving him such tempting access and covering her in goose-bumps, "-many times it really was."

"Either way Malfoy, it doesn't matter because it's not happening again." She responded stiffly, flicking away his touch with the same annoyance as if it was just a stubborn fly, hopelessly banging itself against a closed window.

"Scared Potter and your friends might find out? Scared you might be thrown out of their little group?" He laughed. "Don't be, you know I can be discreet."

"You call dragging me into alcoves only feet away from their sight discreet?" She scoffed. "And no. If you must know, I'm just afraid that if I touch you a further time then I'll contract something poisonous and deadly."

"Don't you mean something addictive and invigorating?" Draco said, deflecting the insult easily with his smooth charm, whilst Jennifer brushed it off just as easily with a roll of the eyes.

"No, I mean that if I come within contact of you again, then it could be a risk to both our health. Because if you touch me again-" she quickly swatted away his approaching hand, "then I may be forced to USE force."

Malfoy only smirked, his eyes alight.

"Mmm, you know I like it rough."

Jennifer's eyes widened in disbelief, stumbling for only a second before relaxing once again into the cool stiff manner he was accustomed to seeing her in.

"Well then, how's this?" She asked before pushing him into the wall and walking past him, around the corner.

"Not bad," he smirked. "But I know you can do better."

He approached her from behind and placed a firm hand on her shoulder making her stop, Jennifer was just about to turn around with another well rounded insult when she was deprived of the opportunity as Ron entered the scene, pointing his wand threateningly at Draco as he and Harry advanced.

"Get your hand off her." Ron spat as he quickly assumed the position of the body- guard. He stepped in-between the two and held his wand particularly close to Malfoy's chest.

"Alright, don't get your knickers in a twist Weasley. We were only having a friendly chat." Malfoy sneered with displeasure of being interrupted written all over his face.

"Well that's not what it looked like from my point of view Malfoy." Ron sneered back. "What do you think Harry?"

"Not at all." Harry said with a particularly happy smile at seeing Draco's misfortune. "Jennifer?"

Draco looked directly at her, ignoring the two in front and smirked knowingly as she smiled maliciously.

"He wouldn't leave me alone." She said sweetly and Draco laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Well that settles it." Ron said turning to Harry with a look of fake earnest on his face. "What do you think? Fifty points from Slytherin and-"

"-a detention for harassing an innocent Gryffindor student." Harry concluded determinedly with a bright smile as he turned to Draco happily.

"You can't do that. I'm a Prefect!" Draco sneered, his amusement of being out done by Jennifer loosing all its pleasure.

"Ah, but so am I. So I think you'll find I can." Ron replied with a satisfied smile. 

Jennifer sighed happily as she sat back in her chair, reflecting on what she had just written with satisfaction, but paused suddenly as a horrifying thought hit her. She was late for her own detention. Luckily however, upon seeing the clock on the mantelpiece she saw she wasn't quite… but in a couple of minutes she would be. And so, for the second time that day, Jennifer picked up her things and ran out of the door as quickly as she could. As she feared the worse of the consequences of being found late to her own detention set to her because of her previous tardiness, Jennifer flew quickly down the numerous corridors and flights of stairs –finding for the first time an annoyance for being so high up in the castle- and dodged many people who either successfully got out of her way or clumsily stepped in front, providing an unwanted hesitation as she tried to work out which way he was going to step, so to avoid another collision. Finally, however, with her cloak flying behind her, Jennifer crashed into Snape's dungeon with a bang; utterly out of breath.

"You're late." Professor Snape announced before she could catch her breath.

"Sorry P-Professor." Jennifer breathed heavily as she clutched a stitch- she wasn't used to so much exercise. "It….it wont happen again."

"If only that was true Miss. Rouse." He stated plainly. "But as it's not, ten points from Gryffindor for tardiness and another ten points for lying."

Jennifer looked to him in shock. She was not accustomed to such harsh treatment, which perhaps was the only benefit of her menial existence of solitude. She had become accustomed to being ignored by the students and teachers alike; often finding time at the back of the class for more interesting things like writing or at least day
dreaming. So, to perhaps be known to have a habit of being late for things made the whole ordeal earlier- finding out she had friends- seem almost minor in the grand scheme of things as surely now she would have to pay attention in classes. That is if teachers were going to make a habit of remembering her odd habits and somewhat
random life style of course.

However, Jennifer did not in fact have long to dwell on this, as soon after, Snape continued in saying "Please take a seat next to Mr. Malfoy and I will begin in telling what is required of you this evening."

Once again Jennifer froze, only inches from her last position and with the same expression of shock. She turned to her right quickly to find that Malfoy was indeed sitting idly behind the front row of desks, looking at her with some apparent amusement.

"M- Malfoy?" Jennifer stuttered, making the person in question snigger to her right- immediately filling her cheeks red with embarrassment.

"Yes it seems Mr. Malfoy here can't keep his hands off Gryffindor students." Professor Snape said with a scowl, but this time directed to Draco Malfoy, whom he was apparently not very amused with, and Jennifer had a feeling she knew why.

Obviously Professor Snape wasn't too pleased with his favourite student getting a detention, and for man handling Gryffindor students, no less. However this information made Jennifer's head buzz uncontrollably as a stream of thought travelled throughout her. Was it happening again? Only minutes ago, Jennifer herself, had written of Draco Malfoy receiving detention for 'harassing' herself….. much to her friends amusement. And so, bearing that piece of information in mind, Jennifer now only had one thought running through her head as she approached the desk, stopping seats away from the phenomenon himself; had she been the cause of his detention, in more ways than one?

Jennifer seemed somewhat paralysed by the thought. She found it too hard to comprehend. And although all her mind could now do was to concentrate on this new theory, Jennifer had no wish to allow it to do so. She would have much rather concentrate on Snape's instructions –however rare this may be- as she could see his lips moving but could not, however hard she tried, hear a single word he spoke….. or spat, as was the case most of the time. Things also seemed to be moving in slow motion as she turned her head to Malfoy sitting only a few seats away but found his eyes solely on the Professor; his blinking slowed down to a sultry bat of affection. With finding no help from Malfoy, Jennifer returned to look at Snape and concentrated hard on his lips as they opened and closed slowly, reminding her oddly of a bloated fish as she tried desperately to read his lips.

She had no idea what this strange laps in time and mental health was but whatever it was, was making Jennifer increasingly worried as she seemed to be having some kind of a breakdown….whether rationally or not. Perhaps it was the late nights? Her mind seemed to turn to. Or perhaps it was all the sugar… or lack of sugar? ... Have I had sugar? Have I had food at all? Jennifer tried to recall momentarily before a voice slowly began to break through her clouded thoughts. Starting slow and then speeding up to normal speed with a groan.

"Miss. Roués you will answer me or-"

Jennifer's eyes widened in delight for returning to normal: just in
time of course to get reprimanded for her brief loss of sanity.

"- you will continue this detention for the remainder of the term." Snape ordered sternly with his nose mere inches from her face.

"Sorry Professor. I …err… I" Jennifer tried, as she instantly backed away from his rather large greasy nose distractedly, but found she had no answer. She had no way of describing her strange behaviour, or at least in a way that would sound normal.

"Miss. Roués you have already lost eighty points from your house do not make me take more." Snape threatened, instantly filling Jennifer with guilt, even if she couldn't work out when she had lost the other ten points, making her failing an even eighty,

"I'm sorry sir, but I don't know what happened." Jennifer responded earnestly.

Professor Snape sneered and viewed her from a distance; contemplating her before saying with a sneer, "Well perhaps an extra hour of detention will help jog your memory."

And with that, he left. Leaving a tired and confused Jennifer to collapse onto the desk with a resounding 'umph'; enjoying the cold desk against her flushed cheeks. She remained like this for as long as she could and indeed would have loved to have stayed in this position for the whole detention if it wasn't for the burning sensation she felt in the back of her head as she felt Malfoy's eyes watching her. She tried desperately to ignore the subconscious feeling, but lost all hope when a snigger erupted in obvious amusement.

Jennifer raised her head, along with her now numb cheek, from the desk to view Malfoy from a seemingly safe distance. She had been right; his grey eyes had been watching her closely as they burned with a foreign lust she could not understand. He seemed to be watching her body closely with apparent familiarity, which she viewed was a dramatic difference compared to that of only a week ago upon their unwanted collision. Only a week ago he had reminded her quite willingly of the hate and loathing he felt for her as he taunted her gleefully, but now….. now it was different. And, whether she liked it or not, she had a feeling she knew why… the book. It was slowly becoming apparent to Jennifer that all the strange happenings in her world recently seemed to all be leading back to the very same book. The extent of its power however still remained a mystery. Does everything I write about come to life?

"What?" She asked with her eyes narrowed as he continued to stare at her.

"You're acting a little…. odd. That's all." Draco replied calmly, as if this type of conversation occurs everyday.

"And how would you know whether this type of behaviour was odd or not?" Jennifer asked in defence but with an air of curiosity; knowing that he might hold some answers for her.

But Draco chuckled as he moved closer, slipping from one stool to the next effortlessly.

"I think I know you well enough Roués." He responded with a hidden note in his voice that some how made her shiver uncontrollably.

"I don't know how…" She started but failed as she saw Draco begin to move. "I don't know what… " She stumbled distractedly as she tried to move further away from his advancing form. "…you…" But now she had run out of stools to retreat to, making her body bend nervously away from him. "…. are… erm… talking…" He was mere inches away from her shaking form now and loosing no momentum. "…about." She finished with a squeak as his whole body hovered over her own, being supported by only his strong arms.

"But, perhaps I could get to know you better still." He breathed heavily with a now stronger, more defiant lust flooding his eyes as he slowly leaned his head closer towards her own; stretched out now to its limit.

Jennifer was so close she could see specks of silver within his already beautiful irises; she could recognise the scent at last to be a strong musk that was slowly lulling her towards him. She could feel his warm breath stroke her lips softly. She couldn't resist any longer. It was impossible to resist Draco Malfoy, she knew that and yet she had still foolishly tried to resist the inevitable. Tried to resist the temptation, the lure, the overwhelming want, the heart wrenching irresistibleness of…

But with a wobble, her stool finally lost balanced and crashed to the floor with a dazed and slightly intoxicated Jennifer with it. She didn't know what had gotten into her but the sudden waft of air, bang on the head and pain in her back cleared her head of all previous thoughts of wanting. That and the obvious amusement Draco felt upon seeing her sprawled on the floor as his crisp laugh that filled the air, relieved her of any feelings she might have felt for the boy.

"Watch yourself Roués." He continued to laugh forcefully and with vindictiveness she finally recognised.

Draco leaned himself back carefully onto his stool as Jennifer slowly and painfully hoisted herself up to a sitting position, moving her legs carefully away from the stool. She positioned herself the best she could, in reach of the desk and pulled quickly to a somewhat bent standing position and instantly reached to her back in pain with a gasp. Her whole back throbbed painfully and sparked into life with sharp shooting pains every time she moved. However she had no choice but move slowly as she so desperately needed to visit the Hospital Wing. It was just whether her back would allow her or not. And so in the most undignified position there could be, she easily grabbed her bag –as she was already halfway towards the floor anyway- and wobbled and moved precariously towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going? We've got a detention Roués not just an after school club." Draco spat unsympathetically as he viewed her from on top of the desk so to get a better view.

"Tell him I've gone to the hospital wing." She hissed, partly from the pain she felt, as it slowly became unbearable as she continued, and partly due to the deep loathing she now felt for him. Either way it increased with every step she took to the floor above. 

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