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Adventures as Newlyweds by SunDevil05

Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 148,488
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 09/01/2007
Last Chapter: 09/27/2009
Last Updated: 09/27/2009

Harry and Ginny are embarking on a new adventure; marriage. Sequel to Adventures in Courtship.

**Higher rating just to be safe.

Chapter 1: Chapter One - I've Got You Under My Spell
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A/N: Hi all and welcome to the sequel to Adventures in Courtship! While it is not necessary to have read Adventures in Courtship, it may help in understanding a few things. I hope you all enjoy and please leave a review!

DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I am not making money off of this. Just having fun!

Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter One – I’ve Got You Under My Spell


Ginny Weasley-soon-to-be-Potter, watched in amusement as her fiancé Harry Potter, quickly rid his small dining room table of several rolls of parchment. He looked up at her with wide eyes and clearly surprised that she had just Apparated into his flat. She had obviously interrupted something and wondered what he was up to.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, his eyes darting around the table as if he was making sure there was nothing else there.

“Hello,” she greeted him and dumped a basket of food on the table. “Mum sent me over with this since she knows you never have anything edible here and wanted to make sure you were eating properly.”

She walked around the table and pecked him on the cheek. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing,” he said quickly and stood up. He managed to maneuver around her and escaped into the kitchen. “Food, huh? Did you want to share it with me?”

Ginny shook her head and watched as he reached up for a plate noticing that his small radio was tuned into a local wizarding network and a rather loud song was playing. “No. I ate before I came over. Now, what are you hiding from me?”

“Why would I hide something from you?” he asked somewhat nervously.

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time, would it?” Ginny shot back and watched as he sat at the table again and dug into the basket. It really wasn’t the first time he had kept a secret from her. His behavior was reminding her of his secret nature when they had got back together over three years ago.

“You know why I was hiding them back then,” he said distractedly and grinned into the basket. “Excellent! I love your mum’s Shepard’s Pie.”

“Don’t change the subject,” she admonished him and sat down at the table. “You were working on something when I got here.”

Harry didn’t answer. He was already shoveling food into his mouth and trying to look innocent. He had devoured at least a third of his plate before replying. “I have no idea what you are talking about. I was merely cleaning up a bit. You did after all say I had to keep this place looking decent if I ever wanted you over and that’s exactly what I was doing.”

“You’re impossible, you know that?” she sighed and crossed her arms, deciding to drop it for now. She’d wheedle it out of him eventually. “An impossible, incorrigible git and for some unknown reason I want to be married to you.”

Harry swallowed. “You could still change your mind you know. We’ve got what, another five weeks until we’re bonded for life right?”

Ginny snorted in a very unladylike fashion. “There’s no way I’m backing out now. Not after what we’ve been through. I thoroughly intend to walk down that aisle with or without your impossibility and incorrigibleness.”

She sighed, thinking about what their journey had been like since Harry proposed to her in Godric’s Hollow nearly two and half years ago. They had intended to be married in March of 2001 but their plans had to be postponed. Puddlemere United had had a great season that year, putting them up for the National Finals, which meant that wherever the starting team went, the reserves were to follow and every weekend that March was full of matches. But that wasn’t the only thing that had prevented them from their happiness; Ginny had accepted a position in the Charms Research and Experimentation Department at the Ministry of Magic after about a year of working for the twins in their shop. While Ginny had been very excited to get the job, it also meant she had to endure eighteen months of training which involved a lot of traveling. Though Ginny was excellent in Charms, earning an ‘O’ in her N.E.W.Ts, she had a lot to learn to work in the department. Her job involved examining the blueprints of newly invented Charms, evaluating commonly used Charms and helping out the Aurors and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at crime scenes. Due to all the traveling she had to do along with Harry’s matches, it made it impossible for them to marry when they had planned. Now, however, Ginny’s training was over and Harry’s team was not doing very well at the moment due to a significant injury to their star Keeper, they were able to finally set the date for their wedding. On March 23, 2002, Ginny and Harry would finally begin the first day of the rest of their lives.

If all the delays in when they would finalize their nuptials weren’t enough, they had to once again endure the press. Harry and Ginny had managed to keep their engagement quiet for a few months after announcing it to her family, but a sneaky photographer had snapped a shot of Ginny’s ring at one of Harry’s matches and all hell had broken loose. No matter where they had gone, the press was there waiting for them. It had gotten so bad that for a while, Tonks and Mad-Eye Moody had been assigned to be their body guards until it had died down.

Still, regardless of it all, Ginny was very happy she was going to marry the love of her life. She smiled, lost in her thoughts and looked down at her ring. She sighed softly, remembering when Harry had proposed to her and how happy and giddy she had felt. She had been waiting for that particular day since before she could ever remember and when it had finally happened, it had been as if all her dreams had come true.


She blinked and looked up remembering that she was at Harry’s flat.

“You all right?” he asked with concern laced in his features.

Ginny nodded. “Just thinking about everything,” she sighed. She smiled at him.

They remained silent, Harry eating his meal while Ginny pulled out the bread pudding her mother had sent along. Ginny had made sure there was enough for both of them to share.

“And now it’s to Keira Wells, our Wizardry Celebrity Expert! Take it away Keira!” the voice of the announcer on the wireless rang bringing both Harry and Ginny’s attention to it. They glanced at each other as guitars wailed on the wireless, signaling the start of the small segment.

“Thank you, Michael! This is Keira Wells and now it’s time to find out what’s hot in our celebrity lives! Not much going on today, Michael, as it seems like most of our celebrities have been keeping to themselves. But we did manage to spot one fiery redhead in the posh section of Diagon Alley. Ginny Weasley, the fiancée of the famous Harry Potter, was seen entering Fabiano Bianchi London branch of his famous clothing designs. Witnesses say they saw her having a private conversation with the designer himself. This is the fourth time Miss Weasley has been seen in the shop, which confirms many suspicions that she has in fact, chosen to wear one of Bianchi’s original designs for her wedding. Now when that wedding will be, we still don’t know but if Miss Weasley is choosing her dress then it appears that it is sooner than we thought. In other news the Weird Sisters lead guitarist. . . .”

Harry grinned at her as he turned down the dial. “Tonks again?”

Ginny nodded feeling rather proud of herself. “Of course. I was meeting with Neville and Hannah about the flowers while Tonks was sauntering around in there. Definitely threw people off. That designer bloke really thinks he’s designing a dress for me. Tonks keeps changing things to his design. I told her to go in there one more time before she’s to storm out of there in a tiff, shouting that he’s ruined our wedding and threatening to send you over to take care of him. I told her to make it really good. That ought to take care of the git. Honestly, thinking that he can go around saying that no wedding dress will ever make me look good, that I’ll look nothing more than a fat cow and he was the only one who could make me look stunning.”

“You,” Harry began and leaned over to kiss her, “are the most brilliant witch I know. And I think you will look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding dress.”

Ginny grinned, sitting up straight in the chair. She had come up with a very cunning plan to throw the press off and keep them away from what was actually being planned for the Potter-Weasley nuptials (and apparently the wedding of the century). Ginny and Harry were sure to enter any extravagant shop they could think of and pretend to be making plans with the shop owners. Tonks had joined in on the fun, often appearing as either Ginny or Harry and visiting one trendy shop with someone in the family while the real Harry and Ginny were safe to do their real planning. No one could ever really guess what it was that the couple was planning for their wedding.

They had also tried the best they could to make sure that anyone that supplied services to the wedding were trusted and would keep everything a secret from the press. Colin Creevey of course was handling the photography. The flowers were to be taken care of by none other than Harry’s groomsman, Neville Longbottom who worked part time for Abbot’s Alluring Flowers. The shop was owned by his long time girlfriend, Hannah Abbot who inherited the shop from her mother after Death Eaters killed her back in their sixth year. Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet had their own catering service and agreed to provide the food, refreshments and cake for the reception with a promise they would keep the twins far away from the preparations through what they termed “girlfriend strategies”. Entertainment for the reception was being provided by Lee Jordan who along with working for Fred and George did independent music services using some tweaked Muggle devices. As far as music for the ceremony went, Ginny had discovered that Padma and Parvati Patil along with Lavender Brown and her cousin were all trained in strings and the quartet had agreed to provide the processional music. Everything else that was needed had been through various Muggle shops with the help of Hermione and Mikayla.

The tiny fireplace roared into life, causing Ginny to snap away from her thoughts and look at it. She saw her mother’s head sitting among the flames.

“Ginny? Harry? Oh, there you two are. Are you enjoying the food, dear?” Molly Weasley asked and smiled at them.

“Yes. Thank you very much, Mrs. Weasley. It’s excellent,” Harry replied politely.

“Good. Now, listen, I’ve had some thoughts about the flowers. If it’s not too much trouble for Neville and Hannah, perhaps they can whip up some arrangements for each of the guest tables. I just thought it would be lovely to have one on each table so the guests could enjoy them the whole reception and perhaps if he could manage it, wreaths to weave around each of the chairs. Oh, and I put in some more ideas for table settings in the basket I sent with you, Ginny. There are several samples of lace overlays to go over the tablecloths that Fleur and I narrowed down. They’ll look simply darling! Pick the one you like the best for us to use. Ginny, mind that you don’t stay there too long, dear, you do have to be up early for work.”

Without giving either Harry or Ginny a chance to say a word, Molly disappeared and the flames vanished.

Ginny slowly turned her head towards the basket and peeked inside. Sure enough, on the very bottom were scraps of lace.

“She’s not bloody serious?” Ginny whispered as she pulled them out and set them on the table. “Tell me she does not want to add more lace to the bloody wedding!”

“I wish I could,” Harry sighed and picked one of the samples up. He pulled a distasteful face.

“Aren’t the stupid pink lace bows enough?” Ginny muttered and glared at the pieces of fabric. “Fleur’s got all the chairs for the ceremony and the reception covered with them and she wanted to add them to the dais!”

Harry stared at Ginny in horror. “She wants to put those horrid things on the dais? Is she bloody mad?”

Ginny sighed and slumped back in her chair. She was very fed up with all the planning and details. Ever since she and Harry had announced their engagement it seemed like the only thing they had any control over was the date and even that took a lot of effort to work out. The only other parts of the wedding that had been up to the bride and groom had been the wedding clothes and the rings; everything else was out of their hands. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t tried; every time they would try to take over, her mother would somehow twist things around with the help of Fleur (who Ginny still didn’t know how she had got involved) and make it the complete opposite of what they wanted.

Now their wedding was full of every shade of pink, way too many flowers, and very frilly things and not at all what they wanted but there didn’t seem to be much that they could do about it.

“We should have eloped,” Ginny muttered grabbing a sample of lace and staring moodily at it. “We would have been married by now and not have to deal with any of this.”

“So now you listen to me,” Harry grumbled and threw the sample he held on the table. He stood up and went to fetch Ginny a fork for them to share the bread pudding. “I told you a hundred times before we should have eloped but you were so worried about hurting your mother’s feelings—”

“I didn’t think she would get like this, though,” Ginny interrupted and took the offered fork. “I wanted her to help, but blimey, Harry, it’s like we’re not even a part of this wedding.”

She picked up another sample of lace and thrust it at him. “Say we want this one – even though you and I both know we don’t want any lace whatsoever – Mum and Fleur will reject it immediately and pick one out that they like instead. I’m surprised she even let me get the dress I wanted. You should have seen the poof ball she wanted me to wear. I looked like I was drowning in it and I couldn’t even move with all those layers of lace and those blasted puffy sleeves!”

“So what does your dress look like?” he grinned, bringing a forkful of the dessert to his mouth. Ginny raised an arched eyebrow at him. He merely gave her a cheeky grin.

“You know you’re not allowed to see it,” Ginny said primly and took a bite of the dessert as well. “It’s bad luck.”

“So says Hermione,” Harry grumbled. “Stupid Muggle superstition.”

“Well I want to see the look on your face when you see me in it walking down the aisle in five weeks,” Ginny replied.

“Not even a little peek?” he pleaded.


“Are you sure I can’t persuade you?”

“No. You have to wait just like everyone else.”

Harry sighed and sullenly finished his helping of bread pudding. Ginny smiled slyly and put her fork down as an idea popped into her head.

“You know,” she said huskily, “you’re cute when you pout.”

Harry’s eyebrows shot upward as he looked at her. “I am?”

She nodded and stood up. “You’re very cute when you pout.” As smoothly as she could pull off, she slid in-between him and the table and attempted to sit on his lap. She settled on his lap, making sure to wiggle a little and stifled a giggle when his hands swiftly came up to hold her in place. Harry merely watched her, his jaw slack and his eyes slightly glazed over.

Slowly, she cupped his face in her hands, letting one of her hands drift towards the nape of his neck while the other gently caressed his cheek. She noticed his eyes had darkened slightly. Ginny leaned forward, her forehead brushing against his and the tops of his glasses felt cool on her skin. She let her hand stray up into his hair and softly ran her fingers through the jet black locks.

“You really want to know what my dress looks like don’t you,” she whispered softly. He nodded slightly, letting out a shaky breath that mingled with hers. She felt his fingers dig slightly into the small of her back and his breathing had increased slightly.

Cocking her head slightly to the right, she lowered her face so her lips were even with his watching as his eyelids slid shut hiding the emerald orbs she loved to stare into. Glancing down at his lips, she noticed his lower one was quivering slightly as if it was trying to reach out and meet hers. Smiling, she barely brushed her lips against his with a kiss that promised much more. She pulled back very slightly.

“Too bad because I’m not going to tell you.”

Harry’s eyes burst open and he pulled back giving her a very incredulous look.

“You bloody minx!” he cried, feigning a hurt expression. “You seduced me and then you . . . you . . . minx!”

Ginny was laughing merrily at the look on his face. She tried to detached herself from his hold before he could retaliate but it was too late; Harry had attacked her with tickles.

Shrieking in laughter, she tried to bat his hands away and slide off his lap, but he had a tight grip around her waist while he continued his tickle attack with the other.

“I’m sorry!” she cried in-between her laughter. “St-stop! Ha-r-r-ry!”

Quickly, her laughter was stopped as Harry had pulled her into a rather pleasant and deep kiss. When he pulled away he had a lazy smile on his face and brushed her hair behind her ear.

“That was a dirty trick,” he said quietly. “You don’t play fair.”

“Neither do you,” she quipped. “You and that tickling of yours. That really isn’t fair play.”

He gave a short laugh and smiled happily at her. He lifted his hand and ran it through her hair. “Five more weeks.”

She nodded, her lips forming a half smile and she felt her heart flutter and a swooping sensation in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t wait until they married.

Harry sighed before his features took on an exulted look. “You were in Witch Weekly today.”

“What?” she asked and frowned at him. “Why on Earth was I in that rag again?”

Harry merely smiled at her before picking up his wand from the table. “Accio Witch Weekly!”

A magazine soared through the air and Ginny caught it in her hands. Sure enough there was a small picture of her in the corner, surprisingly the one from the disastrous Order of Merlin Ceremony years ago and a headline that read:


“That’s flattering,” she snorted. “Where did you get this?”

“Aine gave it to me after practice,” Harry explained. “She thought you might have a laugh at that.”

Ginny grinned. Aine Lancaster was a reserve Chaser for Puddlemere United. The moment she and Ginny had met, they had hit it off and became instant friends. She never believed a single word printed in papers and magazines about them and whenever she found something she was sure to pass it on since Harry and Ginny still didn’t take most papers and Aine knew they would have a laugh about the most ludicrous ones.

Shifting around in Harry’s lap to a more comfortable position, she thumbed through it as Harry adjusted his hold around her. She found the page in a matter of moments that had a large picture of her from the Quidditch match in which her ring was spotted. She was cheering and wearing Puddlemere colors and her ring winked slightly in the light. A bold headline was at the bottom of the picture:

By Miriam Nosebury

“Ah, such a clever headline,” Ginny mused allowed. “I don’t think I’ve be called deranged yet by her.”

“Not to my knowledge,” Harry agreed and motioned for her to continue reading.

We all know the story of Harry Potter; the tragic loss of his parents at a very young age, his battle throughout his school years and finally the defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the age of eighteen. We all hold Mr. Potter in our thoughts. Several of us, however, would even like to give Mr. Potter our hearts but it seems like that will never be for Mr. Potter’s heart has already been taken by one Miss Virginia Weasley.

“She still hasn’t figured out that my name isn’t Virginia after all this time!” Ginny cried, smacking the page with the back of her hand. “It’s Ginevra you twit!”

“It’s Miriam Nosebury. What else would you expect from our favorite little reporter? Go on, love, it gets better.”

Sighing, Ginny read on.

Of course, many have questioned this particular choice. After all there is nothing remarkable about Miss Weasley that would attract Mr. Potter and yet this so-called relationship continues to the point that they are now engaged. The question is how exactly has this seemingly in love couple held out for so long? Certainly it is not because Mr. Potter truly has feelings for Miss Weasley; we all know this is false. Miss Weasley must be keeping Mr. Potter under some sort of enchantment in order for them to still be together after all these years.

What sort of enchantment you may ask? There is the possibility that Miss Weasley has been secretly slipping Love Potions to Mr. Potter without his knowledge.

“I wouldn’t put it past her,” Romilda Vane, 19, says. “Personally, I would never even dream of giving anyone a Love Potion. I bet she’s been slipping them into Cauldron Cakes.”

While Love Potions do seem like a prime suspect, I should note that sometimes they tend to lose their touch over time if they are used repeatedly and there is a possibility that overdose could lead to death. Miss Weasley must have known this after slipping them to Mr. Potter for so long that she switched tactics. When you ask? Why it was when their engagement was announced, of course. The effects of the Love Potion must have begun to wear off and it must have become obvious to Miss Weasley that she no longer had control over Mr. Potter and he quickly lost interest in her. She must have become desperate at that point and had to take drastic measures. And what more drastic of a measure could she take but the Imperious Curse.

Yes, it seems preposterous that Miss Weasley would even think of using an Unforgivable Curse, but knowing how infatuated she was in school with Mr. Potter, not to mention curious events involving a Basilisk in her first year at school suggests that she would do something like this. I implore the Ministry of Magic to look into this as it is well known that the use of any Unforgivable is illegal. However illegal this action is, Miss Weasley’s attempts must have been very strong for an engagement to arise. But, is her attempt at the Imperious Curse weakening?

Since the announcement of their engagement, there has not been any word of when a wedding will take place nor what it will entail. The couple has been spotted at several different places but nothing seems to have blossomed from it. If this “couple” is so very much in love as they appear, why is it that after two years of being engaged they have not tied the knot? One would think that they would want to be married at once, but obviously they have not. Could it be that Mr. Potter is fighting back?

One could only hope that Mr. Potter has finally been able to break this enchantment Miss Weasley has kept him under for so long. He has been involved in so many horrible things in his life; it would be tragic for him to be stuck with a desperate and deranged witch who has obviously lost her mind. I personally hope that Mr. Potter will be able to break free of the dangerous web Miss Weasley has spun and finally be able to find the true love we all know he needs.

“She never gives up, does she,” Ginny sighed and extracted herself from Harry’s lap. “But we can make good use of this.”

She made her way across the room where Hedwig’s cage sat. It was empty, as it seemed that the owl was out hunting and the door was left opened. Pointing her wand at the mess at the bottom of the cage she muttered, “Scourgjfy!” and the owl droppings disappeared. She then Vanished the old paper clipping that was lining it and happily slid the magazine inside to replace it.

“That’s what I think about Miriam Nosebury,” she announced and turned to find a grinning Harry still sitting at the table. She rolled her wand between her fingers and sighed tragically feeling a little playful. “I’m afraid she’s right you know.”

Harry raised his eyebrows at her and crossed his arms. “Is she?”

Ginny nodded, giving Harry an apologetic look but her eyes were full of mirth. “I am keeping you under the Imperious Curse.”

Harry gave a mock gasp of surprise. “I knew you had me under a spell!”

“Yes,” Ginny said. “I have. I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing you after all that hard work making those Love Potions and slipping them into your Cauldron Cakes. I’m so sorry, Harry!”

She raised her arm, placing the back of her hand on her forehead and faked a sob. “Forgive me, Harry!”

She pointed her wand menacingly at him and fought back the giggles as he rose from his chair and jerkily staggered towards her.

“No!” he cried, grinning as he continued to stagger forward. “Must . . . resist . . . gorgeous . . . witch!”

Ginny couldn’t help it and burst into laughter. “You look ridiculous!”

Harry had reached her by then and pulled her into his arms, a wide smile on his face. “That article was ridiculous. I’ve been able to throw off the Imperious since I was fourteen. Besides, I’m under a much different spell.”

“Oh are you?” Ginny asked, slipping her arms around his waist and peering up at him.

“Oh yes,” he nodded solemnly, looking very serious. “It’s a dangerous spell. It’s very enchanting and alluring and very sexy.” He said the last word with a growl in his voice that made her tremble pleasantly. Harry raised a hand and entangled it with her hair. “It draws you to this unbelievably smooth red hair and these gorgeous big brown eyes and this smile that just lights up everything and let’s not forget these very nice kissable lips that are very hard to resist.” He extracted his hand from her hair and cupped her chin gently in the palm of it. “And this spell, well it’s really feisty and passionate. It has this fierce independence and definitely knows when to put me in my place. It’s got this incredible spirit that cares for who it loves and helping others and it’s just amazing in everything it does.”

Ginny couldn’t suppress the huge smile from forming on her face. She stood up on her tip toes and gave him a soft kiss. “You like this spell then?”

“I can’t live without this spell,” he replied.

Ginny giggled slightly. “You know, I wonder what your friends would say if they knew half the things you said to me.”

“How do you know I don’t tell them the same things? I could say the same thing to everyone I know,” he retorted.

She raised her eyebrows in interest. “You tell all your friends that they are alluring and sexy and have kissable lips. Is that what you lot do at these monthly night outs? Whisper sweet nothings to each other and snog?”

“I – that’s not – I meant to say – bugger!” Harry stammered and looked abashed.

Ginny threw her head back and laughed at his embarrassment. She looked properly at him again and skimmed her fingers across his cheek. “Don’t worry, love. I’m not jealous. You can go snog Ron if you really want to as long as we still get married.”

Harry muttered something under his breath about her being a tease. She briefly wondered what he did tell his mates about her whenever they got together at their monthly “boys night” as Harry had termed it. She decided right then and there that she didn’t want to know and only hoped Harry kept the more intimate details of their relationship private.

The arrival of Hedwig pulled Ginny away from her train of thought. She watched the snowy white owl as she passed through the enchanted window, which only allowed her to pass in and out of it without it being opened. She soared through the living room and to her cage. She was clutching something small and furry in her beak.

“Let’s clean up and watch a bit of the telly,” Harry suggested. Ginny glanced back at him and nodded.

Ginny found herself sometime later cuddled up with Harry on the sofa, wrapped in an afghan her mother had given them last Christmas as a very early wedding gift. They ended up watching a Muggle film that Ginny had fallen in love with during one of her early visits to Harry shortly after their engagement. It was about a man who owned a travel bookshop and a famous actress and how they fell in love. She had found it endearing and utterly romantic. She knew Harry only watched it with her because she loved it so much and often complained about it being such a girly film, but Ginny did find him smiling at times while they watched it and she knew he secretly enjoyed it.

Ginny sighed, laying her head on Harry’s shoulder. She loved the ending of the film with the couple sitting on the bench in the park. Sometimes, she imagined herself with Harry sitting on that bench like that and with rising excitement she realized that it could become a reality very soon.

She glanced at the small clock on the wall and noticed it was half past ten. She frowned knowing she needed to get home before her mother Flooed and lectured her in front of Harry about being home at decent times.

“Stay with me tonight,” Harry said quietly as the credits rolled. Ginny shifted her head and peered up at him curiously.

“I can’t,” she sighed. “Mum hates it when I stay over on ‘work nights’.”

“Please,” he pleaded. “I really want you to stay.”

Ginny smiled at the look on his face. He looked so adorable when he begged and she couldn’t resist the urge to tease him at the moment.

“Harry James, we agreed we were going to wait until our wedding night for that.”

Harry’s eyes went wide in horror and he pulled away from her. He opened his mouth to protest, but suddenly his lips curled into a smile. He leaned forward again, a hand on either side of her and trapping her between him and the cushions.

“That was not what I meant Ginevra Molly,” he replied. “You are a terrible little minx.”

She grinned, giggling a little and fingered the collar of his shirt. “But you love me right?”

He closed the distance between then and kissed her slowly. “Always,” he whispered once he pulled away.

Ginny sighed, letting her hand slide onto his shoulder. “Why do you want me to stay?”

Harry dropped his head slightly for a moment. When he looked up at her again, he was chewing on his bottom lip. “Because I like sleeping next to you. It’s . . . nice to wake up and see you there.”

He sat back again, holding her left hand in his and toyed with her ring. “Sometimes it feels like this is a dream. I feel like I’m going to wake up at any moment and find myself out on the cold hard floor, hunting Horcruxes and not knowing if I would live to see you again. When I open my eyes and see you next to me . . . it’s reassuring.”

Ginny felt a slight twinge in her chest listening to his words. Even after all this time he still had these thoughts. She wondered if he would ever stop having those thoughts but something told her that he probably wouldn’t.

“Oh, Harry, love,” she whispered, leaning forward and sweeping his fringe out of the way with her free hand. “Harry, none of this is a dream and I promise when you wake up tomorrow we will still be engaged and I will still love you.”

He took the hand he held and turned it. He brought her wrist up to his lips. He pressed a soft kiss to the inside of it and gave her a lopsided smirk. “I know. I’m just being a little silly I suppose.”

Ginny smiled. “Do you want to do lunch tomorrow?”

He shifted slightly, averting his eyes from hers, and shook his head. “I can’t. The coach wants us to spend some time at the club gym tomorrow.”

“Oh,” she replied. “Well, how about I leave work early tomorrow and we go do a bit of shopping? We need to liven this place up a bit and make it our own.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “Yeah. All right.”

“Good,” she sighed and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll come round about five or so,” she said and stood up. She made her way back to the table to pick up the basket she had brought over. She turned and smiled brightly at him. “I’ll bring an overnight bag then, too.”

He waggled his eyebrows at her and quickly made his way across the small room to join her. He put his hands on her waist.

“Love you,” he murmured.

“Love you more,” she replied, smiling up at him as they engaged in their recently developed take on a covertly overhead conversation between Ron and Hermione whispering about who loved whom more. While Ginny had found the conversation nauseating it was sweet at the same time and had been rather hilarious to overhear. Harry and Ginny had tried their best to keep from laughing at it and later where they could not be overheard, Harry had suggested the more simplistic take on it which they now used in private.

With a final kiss, Ginny Apparated back to the Burrow.

Upon entering the kitchen, Ginny was not surprised to see her mother sitting at the table, wearing her dressing gown and drinking a cup of tea.

“Mum, you didn’t have to wait up for me,” Ginny said as she shut the door behind her and internally rolled her eyes. Even though her mother acknowledged that Ginny was an adult and treated her like one, she sometimes had the tendency to dig in her heels a bit and cling on to whatever overprotective mothering she could.

“I can hardly sleep when both you and Ron are out on work nights,” Molly replied as Ginny put away the basket.

“Where is Ron?” Ginny asked and turned to look at her again.

“He was having dinner with Hermione at her flat,” Molly explained, wrapping both hands around her mug and sighed. “He said he would be home by ten on the dot. I think I’ll give him another ten minutes before I make a Floo call. Did you and Harry pick an overlay?”

Ginny frowned for moment wondering what her mother was talking about. “Overlays . . . Mum, what – oh!”

They had completely forgotten about the scraps of lace they were supposed to look through.

“I take that as a no, then,” Molly replied snippily, shaking her head.

“We forgot,” Ginny admitted. “I’m staying over tomorrow. We’ll pick one then.”

“Ginny, when are you going to start getting more involved with this wedding?” Molly admonished. “I mean, really, dear, this is your wedding and you don’t seem to want to get anything done.”

“Yes I do,” Ginny argued, feeling herself start to become angry with her mother. “I do want to do things for my wedding.”

“Then please show more interest when Fleur and I narrow down something for you. We’re just trying to make the decisions easier for you.”

“More like make them for me,” Ginny muttered under her breath with her arms crossed moodily.

“What was that?” Molly asked looking sharply at her.

“Nothing,” Ginny quickly replied really not in the mood to start arguing with her mother right now. “I’m gong to bed. Good night.”

Without waiting for her mother to reply, Ginny hurried her way up the stairs and into her room.

Fuming, she went through her nightly routine wondering why her mother was acting this way over the wedding. She hoped it wasn’t because she was her last baby, but if that was the case, wouldn’t she want her daughter to have her dream wedding and not a . . . pink and lacy one?

Sighing, Ginny sat in front of her mirror and brushed out her hair. Five weeks. In five weeks she would be Mrs. Harry Potter. She stared at her reflection for a moment before leaning forward and whispered, “Hello, my name is Ginny Potter.”

She felt a thrill shoot through her as she heard the name roll off her lips. It sounded strange yet wonderful at the same time.

“Ginny Potter,” she said again.

“It does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it, dearie?” the mirror stated back and Ginny beamed.

“It does,” she agreed and stood up, a wide smile on her face. She turned, imagining herself in her wedding gown and greeting people.

“Hello,” she said again, curtseying at thin air, “I’m Ginny Potter. It’s lovely to have you here.”

Giggling to herself she held her arms out, pretending that Harry was there with her and leading her into their first dance. As she moved around her room, she said her soon-to-be name aloud loving the sound of it.

“What in Merlin’s name are you doing?”

Ginny glanced over her shoulder in mid-twirl and saw Ron leaning in the doorway, smiling at her. He had one hand shoved in his pocket and the other hanging loosely at the side.

“Dance with me,” she commanded and danced her way towards him.

“Why?” Ron asked with a frown as she pulled him into her room and forced his arms into a dancing position.

“Because I need to practice,” Ginny explained. “And as Harry isn’t here to dance with me, you’ll have to do.”

“Why do you need to practice?” Ron asked, reluctantly leading her around to non-existent music. “It’s not like you and Harry have never danced together before.”

“This is different,” Ginny explained. “This will be our first dance as husband and wife and it has to be special.”

“That’s weird,” Ron commented. “Thinking of you as a wife.”

Ginny stuck her tongue out at him before she beamed in delight. “I think it’s lovely. I get to spend all my time with Harry and finally do all the things I want to do with him.”

“What things?” Ron questioned cautiously.

“Very fun things,” Ginny sighed. “Things that involve me and Harry and very little clothing. Actually, with no clothing really. That’s the big thing.”

“Ugh!” Ron groaned and spun her. “Ginny, I do not want to know about that stuff.”

“You asked,” she pointed out when he pulled her back. “If you didn’t want to know then don’t ask.”

“But do you have to say it like that?” Ron whined. “It’s like you’re telling me every detail of all the shags you two have had without really giving me the details.”

“I didn’t say we shag, Ron,” she clarified. “I said we finally get to do that.”

Ron stopped leading her and stared at her, his arms frozen in their position.

“Hang on,” he said, pulling away and sitting on her bed. “You’re telling me that you and Harry haven’t . . . well . . . you know.”

“We are adults, Ron,” she sighed, crossing her arms. “You can say sex to me.”

“I don’t want to say that word to my baby sister. Just answer my question.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and sat next to him wondering if he would ever mature out of the big brother phase. She stared down at the floor. “Harry and I decided shortly after we got engaged to wait until our wedding night to fully give ourselves to each other.”

“So you’re saying you’re still . . . pure?” Ron asked.

“I’m a virgin, yes,” Ginny replied formally. “And so is Harry.”

She turned to look at him, frowning slightly. “I thought Harry would have told you this. After all, you two are best mates.”

Ron scratched the back of his neck, avoiding her eyes and slowly turning red. “We may be best mates but when it comes to my sister’s physical relationship with my best mate, it’s not something I particularly like to talk about. I just sort of assumed that you two had taken things to that level since you do spend a lot of time over there.”

“I just sleep in his bed with him, Ron, I don’t really sleep with him,” Ginny replied. “Harry respects that.”

“He better respect that,” Ron grumbled.

“Will you stop with the over-protective brother bit?” Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes at him again. “It gets old and you should know better then anyone that Harry does respect me.”

Ginny stood up and held her hands out to her brother again. “Now come on and dance with me again.”

Ron shook his head at her in disbelief. “You’re bloody mental. You and Harry.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows and him as she grabbed a hold of his hands and forced him to his feet. “Why? Has Harry been forcing you to dance with him like this?”

Ron looked horrified at the thought. “There is no bloody way I would dance with him like this! No, I meant he can’t stop talking about the wedding and how much he can’t wait to marry you. He’s always going on about how he wants to see you walking down the aisle and sharing your first dance and –”

Ron suddenly froze and he stared at her in some sort of state of awe. He looked as if he were really seeing her for the first time.

“You know,” he said quietly, sinking back onto her bed and still staring at her, “I’ve never realized how happy you make him. I mean, I know you make him happy but I just didn’t realize how much until now. Now that I think about it, he’s happiest whenever you’re around or when he’s talking about you. I mean, completely and utterly happy.”

He took on a very stern look and stood up, advancing on Ginny and pointing a finger threateningly at her. “Ginny, you better make sure you keep him happy. He’s my best mate and he deserves his happiness after everything he’s been through.”

“Don’t worry,” Ginny replied. “I’ll keep him happy. Now, let’s get back to dancing.”

Ron laughed at her and held his hands out to her again.

* * * * * *

Harry lay in his bed; staring up at the ceiling and hoped Ginny hadn’t seen what he was working on when she unexpectedly arrived. Usually she let him know when she was coming over and she would use her key to get in. At least that gave him warning and he knew when to stop working on his project. But ever since he had added her to get past the Apparition wards he no longer had that warning which meant he now had to be very careful.

He had been working on her wedding gift and had hoped it would be completed before the wedding but things had been taking much longer than he anticipated. For now, he just had to try to keep it a secret from Ginny and figure out a way to get it done without her becoming too suspicious. He didn’t want it to be ruined. He was looking forward to the look on her face.

Harry sighed, thinking of his fiancée and wishing Ginny had stayed over. He really did like just having her next to him, knowing that she was near. He loved to hold her close and feel her warmth next to him. It was comforting to know she was there and his forever.

Forever. In five weeks he would start his forever with her and it seemed to be so far away. He really could not wait to call Ginny his wife.

He grinned, thinking of earlier in the evening when she was over. Would all their nights be like that? Jokes and laughter and lots and lots of kisses? What would their mornings be like? She hardly ever stayed for breakfast whenever she spent the night. But soon, in five weeks, he would get to spend all his mornings, days and nights with her for the rest of his life.

He closed his eyes, allowing images of Ginny to waft through his mind as he slipped off to sleep and let that spell he loved to be under called Ginny to claim his dreams.

Chapter 2: Chapter Two - Wedding Details
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Two – Wedding Details

Ginny sat at the kitchen table of her childhood home examining the ring on her finger, which had become almost a daily habit. She couldn’t wait for her wedding; then she could add examining her wedding band as well as her engagement ring every day. Two weeks were left until the big day and it seemed to be taking forever to come.

She glanced at the scrap of parchment on the table in front of her where she had scribbled out what her new name would be. She remembered how she used to doodle that very same name on the margin of her notes during classes when she was bored. Back then it was just a dream, a fantasy in her mind but now it would very much be a reality. She smiled and looked back at her ring.

“No, no, no! Zat weel not do!”

Fleur’s voice broke through Ginny’s thoughts. Looking up from her ring, her mind was slammed back to the reason why she was sitting in the kitchen at the Burrow. Once again, Fleur and her mother had dragged her into another endless session on wedding plans.

Ginny blew out a frustrated breath. Harry had fled the house almost at once earlier that day, leaving Ginny by herself to deal with her mother and sister-in-law. In fact, he seemed to be doing a lot of disappearing lately. She was going to give Harry exactly what was coming to him once she saw him again.

The bloody coward! she thought savagely.


She shook her head, blinking several times and realized she had zoned out again.

“What?” Ginny asked looking at her mother.

“We asked you what color you preferred for the serviettes, dear,” Molly explained, showing her two swatches of fabric. Ginny glanced between the two wondering why her mother was showing her the exact same shades of color.

“They’re the same,” she mused allowed. “I don’t know what difference it would make.”

“Zey are not the same,” Fleur chastised. “One iz ivoree and ze ozzer iz ‘eggzhell.”

“They look the same,” Ginny said slowly looking between the two women.

“There’s a difference,” Molly insisted. “Pick one.”

Ginny stared back at them blankly. Sighing she motioned to the one on the left.

“Ginny, the ‘eggzhell will look ‘orrible with ze centerpieces! Ivoree iz a better choice,” Fleur exclaimed and turned suddenly at the sound of footsteps. She stood from the table and began speaking in rapid playful French.

Little Adrian, Fleur and Bill’s nearly three-year-old son, toddled into the kitchen with his stuffed dragon clutched in his hands. Bill was following him. Fleur picked up the small child and pecked Bill on the cheek before she made her way back to the table and sat Adrian on her lap. “I insist on ze ivoree,” she said at once without missing a beat.

“I don’t like the ivory, Fleur. The eggshell will match the tablecloths much better,” Molly said sternly. She looked at her grandson and smiled at him. She too stood from the table and went to the counter where two trays of biscuits were cooling. She returned with a chocolate biscuit and handed it to Adrian. “Tell your mother, Adrian. Don’t you agree with Nana for your Auntie Ginny’s wedding?”

Adrian’s eyes went wide with glee. He was never allowed sweets before dinner and obviously this delighted the small boy. He nodded enthusiastically at his grandmother and took the offered biscuit. Ginny rolled her eyes at her mother’s tactics. Apparently a three year old had more say in her wedding than she did.

“You are wrong,” Fleur insisted. “And do not try to bring Adrian into zis! Bill, take Adrian outside to play.”

Bill picked up Adrian from Fleur who was happily munching on the chocolate biscuit. Bill gave a sympathetic look to Ginny as he hoisted Adrian on his hip and carried him out to the back garden where the rest of the men were busy setting up the tables for Peter’s, Charlie and Tabitha’s son, second birthday party.

Ginny felt a headache starting to form just behind her eyes and squeezed them shut. It was always like this. The three of them and on occasion Harry (when Ginny forced him into it) would sit and discuss the wedding plans and an argument would ensue between the Weasley matriarch and the French woman. It usually ended in bringing the bride and groom into it, whose opinions didn’t really matter anyway. Nothing Ginny said was taken into account and she often wondered if she was the one who was actually getting married.

“Who cares what color serviettes we have!” Ginny cried, slamming her fist on the table.

Molly and Fleur looked surprised by her outburst.

“Ginny, you know that every decision is important. I just want to make sure that your wedding is perfect,” Molly said soothingly. She smiled softly at her daughter and stood up to check on the several pots on the hob.

“What does it matter what color the serviettes are or if there are bows tied to every chair or that the tables have lace on them or not. No one is coming to see what kind of things we have; they are coming to see us get married,” Ginny fumed.

“Zey weel talk, Ginny. Every de’tail iz important,” Fleur insisted with an air of superiority in her voice.

“I don’t really care,” Ginny snapped.

“I really wish you would take more of an active role in this, Ginny,” Molly sighed shaking her head as she worked on the hob. “This is after all your wedding day.”

“Really?” Ginny growled and stood from the table. She felt her anger rising very quickly and finally she snapped. “My wedding, is it? Are you sure about that, Mum, because it seems like anything I say doesn’t mean anything. In fact you two have been acting as if this was your own weddings. You’ve both had your days, why can’t you just let me have mine?”

Without another word, she tore out of the kitchen, up the stairs, into her room and flung herself on her bed in tears. In retrospect, she knew what she had said, especially to her mother was harsh as she had never got to have a real wedding ceremony, but Ginny was frustrated beyond belief.

She just couldn’t take this anymore. All she wanted was a nice, simple wedding and her mother and Fleur were making it out to be a huge production. It was supposed to be a special day for her and Harry but it seemed like she had no hope of that.

An ache began to form in her chest and she knew the only one who could ease it was Harry. She needed him right then to tell her it was okay and the wedding was going to go well but he had ditched her.

Ginny growled in frustration. She was upset with her fiancé but needed him at the same time. Rolling over, she buried her face into her pillow and let the tears flow.

There was a knock on the door and Ginny lifted her tearstained face to see her visitor. Tabitha was standing in the doorway. Two year old Peter who had inherited his mother’s curly brown hair and blue eyes, was on her hip and looked very excited to see his aunt.

Ginny was very glad to see her sister-in-law. Out of her sisters-in-laws, Ginny got along well with Tabitha the best. Fleur was . . . well she was Fleur and while Ginny accepted her and tolerated her, there was just so much she could take of the French witch. Penelope was very sweet, but quiet, shy and conservative and overall the perfect match for Percy. Tabitha was fun to be around and joked with Ginny just like they were really sisters. She was always up for poking fun of Charlie and never treated Ginny as if she was a silly little girl. She made Ginny feel like an equal and always talked to her about everything and anything under the sun.

Unfortunately, since she and Charlie still worked on the dragon compound in Romania they weren’t there every week for the weekly family dinners, which meant Ginny, hadn’t been able to see a lot of Tabitha. They exchanged a lot of owls though, Tabitha keeping her up-to-date on little Peter and Ginny with the on-goings of the rest of the family. Charlie and Tabitha tried to visit at least once a month and when they did Ginny had a wonderful time talking with Tabitha. She had been very excited when they had told the family they were taking a month off from the dragon compound and staying at the Burrow to be there for Ginny and Harry’s wedding. It meant that Ginny and Tabitha had plenty of time to spend together.

“Hey,” Tabitha said quietly. “Peter wanted to see his favorite aunt.”

Ginny wiped the tears away and sat up. She smiled at her nephew. “Come here, my little dragon,” she cooed at her nephew.

“Inny!” Peter cried, toddling his way across the room and landed in his aunt’s outstretched arms. Ginny picked him up and kissed his cheek in greeting.

“You okay?” Tabitha asked, taking a seat next to Ginny on her bed.

Ginny shrugged as Peter babbled in his broken speech to her. “You heard?”

Tabitha shook her head, running a hand through her son’s hair. “Bill came out and was telling Charlie and I what was going on and I figured you might want a little company.”

Ginny nodded, continuing to watch her nephew in her lap.

“You do know they mean well, right?” Tabitha asked, placing a comforting hand on Ginny’s shoulder.

She looked up at the brown-hair witch and nodded. “I know. I just wish they would back off. Nothing is how I wanted it to be and you know how they keep changing things around to suit their tastes.”

“Molly just wants you to have a special day,” Tabitha explained. “She wants it to be something you’ll never forget.”

“But that’s just it,” Ginny frowned and set Peter on the floor, “It is my special day and it’s not at all how I pictured it and they won’t listen when I try to change things. Harry won’t back me up because lately every time we get to discuss things he suddenly has something to do and most of the time he can’t make an excuse for it! In fact, he seems to go off a lot recently and I’ve no idea why.”

“Ginny, Harry is a man. That’s how they are,” Tabitha rolled her eyes and watched Peter as he sat on Ginny’s floor and pulled an old stuffed animal towards him. “Charlie is the perfect example of your typical man. He won’t discuss any details on anything with me. When I was pregnant with Peter and tried to talk him into getting the nursery together he suddenly had to go out with his dragon-handling friends. It got to be really annoying actually.”

“What did you do?” Ginny asked.

“I threatened to alter his bits without the use of a wand then feed them to a Hungarian Horntail, and if he were smart he would be a man and help me out before I made sure Peter was the last child he would ever get a chance to create,” Tabitha said nonchalantly. “Worked pretty well. He stuck around after that, I assure you.”

Ginny laughed feeling grateful for her sister-in-law. Tabitha smiled at her.

“Just talk to them, all right, preferably with Harry. I’m sure if you sat down and explained how their taking charge is making you feel, they’ll back off,” she sat and patted her knee. Ginny gave her a strained smile and nodded. Tabitha stood up. “Why don’t you come outside and play with Peter and Adrian for a bit?”

“I’d rather just be alone right now,” Ginny declined. “I’ll come down later.”

Tabitha nodded and picked up Peter. She brought him over to Ginny. “Give Aunt Ginny a kiss.”

The little boy complied, giving her a rather sloppy kiss on the cheek and giggled when Ginny ruffled his hair. Ginny watched as Tabitha carried Peter out of the room, singing to him a silly song before lying back on her bed and burying her face in her pillow.

* * * * * *


The wanker is back, she thought murderously half an hour later. Tabitha’s talk had helped, but she was still quite angry with Harry for leaving her. She lifted her face slightly and turned to look at the door.

Harry stood in the doorway, a paper bag in his hands and looking very unsure of himself.

“Oh, look who decided to show up,” she snapped and sat up on her bed. She stood and stalked toward him, pleased to see the fear in his eyes. “Mr. I’m-The-Savior-Of-The-Bloody-World yet runs out of the house the moment wedding plans are discussed!”

He looked properly abashed but Ginny wasn’t quite done with him yet. Oh no. She needed to let out her frustrations and he was the perfect victim.

“This is supposed to be our wedding, Harry. Do you remember that? We are supposed to be planning this together, to make our dream wedding and you ditch me!” she shouted, poking him roughly in the chest to make her point. “Do you know what you left me with? My mother and Fleur forcing me to pick the color of our serviettes. Serviettes! Who cares what color the serviettes are? People can wipe their mouths on their sleeves for all I care!”

Harry was obviously speechless. He cautiously entered the room, never letting his eyes leave her and placed the bag on her bed. She was sure to keep her eyes glued to him and let him know that she was definitely not happy with him. She saw him glance at her bedside table clearly trying to see if her wand was there.

Ha! she thought viciously. My wand is the last thing he should be worrying about right now! I’ll do far worse without my wand than with it!

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly and held his hands up when he saw her take a breath ready to berate him again. “But I was working on things for the wedding.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms stubbornly. “Oh really? And what exactly were you working on that involved the wedding? What could have possibly forced you to leave me alone with my mother and Phlegm like that?”

He visibly swallowed and reached into the paper bag. He pulled out a small black box.

“I was getting our rings. The jeweler said they’d be ready by today.”

Ginny stared at him, her anger deflating slightly. Her eyes flickered to the small box and back up to his face. “Really?”

He nodded and took a cautious step toward her. He opened the box and let her peer inside.

Two white gold bands sat inside. One was thicker and bigger in size while the other was slender and had six small princess cut diamonds set in a row. Both were also engraved on the inside. They glinted slightly in the dim light of Ginny’s room. They were simple and were part of a wedding band set that went with her engagement ring. There was nothing really fancy or extravagant about them and that was what Harry and Ginny wanted; simple.

Ginny reached out and gently touched the bands. They felt cool under her fingertips. She glanced up at Harry as the realization that this was really happening hit her.

“We’re getting married,” she whispered in awe. “We’re going to be husband and wife.”

“Yes, we are,” Harry said with a lopsided grin. “That’s what being engaged means, love.”

Ginny smacked him on his shoulder. “I know what being engaged means, it just hadn’t hit me that this is real until now. We’re going to be wearing these rings for the rest of our lives.”

“We better for the amount of gold we paid for them,” Harry muttered. He caught Ginny’s glare and smiled uncertainly at her. “Err . . . can’t wait.”

“That still doesn’t mean you’re forgiven for leaving me with them,” she growled. She folded her arms again and glared at him.

“Ginny, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “Really, love. I should have taken you with me. I shouldn’t have left you with them like that.”

“And yet you did,” she replied. She sat on her bed and crossed her legs, never letting up her glare.

“Oh come on, Ginny, you can’t stay mad at me forever,” Harry moaned and kneeled in front of her.

“Oh I can’t, can I?” she replied. “Get used to the sofa, Harry.”

“Not even married yet and already you’re condemning me to the sofa?” he asked.


He sighed and looked away. He quickly looked up at her again this time with a sly grin on his face.

“I know how to make it up to you,” he whispered huskily. He grinned and raised himself to one knee, placing a hand on either side of her.

“What are you doing?” she asked, trying to control the gasp of surprise when he suddenly descended on her neck with his lips. Her eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered closed. Damn him and knowing how to dissipate her anger!

“Making it up to you,” he whispered against her ear. His hand traveled up her thigh and along her side. He slowly lowered her onto her bed and balanced himself above her. “Is it working?”

“Not yet,” she whispered, letting out a sigh as he kissed along her jaw. She reached up and took off his glasses, which tended to get in the way most of the time. “You’re going to have to do a little more making up.”

“Gladly, my minx,” he murmured against her lips before kissing her.

Several minutes later, Ginny felt that Harry had more than made up for his little disappearing act. She gently pushed him away before he became a little more daring in making things up to her.

“We better stop,” she said at his confused look and trying to control her breathing.

Harry groaned and rolled off of her. He lay next to her, reaching around him blindly for his glasses.

“I’m really beginning to regret that decision,” Harry grumbled as he slipped his glasses on again.

“You can wait for two more weeks,” Ginny sighed and rolled to her side. She propped herself up on one elbow. She laid her free hand on his chest. “Remember we want it to be special.”

He sighed and covered her hand with his. He grinned. “But we can do that other stuff still, can’t we?”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Not here you prat. Do you want my mum to catch us doing that stuff under her roof?”

“Well maybe,” he said, sitting up and pulling her with him, “you can come over to my flat tonight for a little while.”

He raised his eyebrows at her. Ginny merely rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I don’t think so. Not tonight,” she replied and glanced at the bag that was still sitting at the end of her bed. She nodded towards it. “What else is in there? Too big for just the rings.”

Harry let her go and reached for it. He pulled out another box, similar to the one that carried their rings but more of a square shape and bigger.

“I overheard Hermione talking about you needing something blue for the wedding,” he explained and held the box in his hands. He kept his eyes on it as he spoke. “She said it had something to do with this rhyme about you needing certain things for the ceremony.”

Ginny nodded. “Yes. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver Sickle in your shoe.”

He chuckled and looked up at her. “That’s cute.”

She shrugged.

“Right, well, I was looking through my family vault and I found this,” he continued and handed her the box.

She took it and opened it. She gasped. Inside was a necklace made of a thin white gold chain. Attached were four blue sapphires with three diamonds set between each one and shaped in a curve. The stones ranged in size, the top ones being the smallest and the ones on the bottom being the largest.

“Oh, Harry!” she whispered and carefully touched the gems that gleamed up at her. “This is beautiful.”

“My mother wore it on her wedding day,” he explained. “And my grandmother wore it on hers and my great grandmother and my great, great grandmother.”

She glanced up at him, curious at how he knew that.

“Remus told me,” he went on as if reading her thoughts. “I saw it in a picture of my mother on her wedding day and I asked him about it. It’s a Potter family tradition. Every woman entering into a Potter marriage or who is already a Potter wears it on her wedding day. I thought that maybe we can try to keep one of my family traditions alive since they’re aren’t many left or that I know of.”

“Of course I’ll wear it,” she whispered. She closed the box and set it on her bedside table. She turned to Harry and hugged him. “Thank you.”

She kissed his cheek and let go, smiling happily at him.

“I, uh, I’ve got one more thing for you,” he said and reached into the bag again. This time he pulled out a much larger box that was wrapped in shiny pink paper.

“What’s this?” she asked, taking the package and immediately set upon opening it.

“It’s something else for the wedding that I thought you might need,” he said, “for one of the more well known traditions.”

She frowned and raised her eyebrows at him. “And what would that be?”

He merely shrugged and motioned for her to continue. She looked at him for a moment longer before continuing on with opening the package.

Once the paper was off, Ginny examined the white box that was revealed and took note of the swirling imprinted writing.

“Kelly’s Closet for Witches,” she read and glanced at her fiancé. “You went into Kelly’s Closet for Witches?”

“I sure did,” he confirmed and his cheeks tinged red. “I don’t think I could ever go in there again by myself though. Merlin, Ginny, I think I’ve adapted the Weasley family blush!”

Ginny giggled and took off the top part of the box. She brushed away the tissue paper and revealed something white and made of silk.

“This is for me, then?” she asked and lifted it out of the box. It surely didn’t leave much to the imagination but it was pretty and classy she had to admit and there appeared to be a matching dressing gown with it. At least he had good taste.

“Well, yeah. I figured you might need something nice to, err, well to sleep in on our wedding night.”

“Right, to sleep in,” she repeated and looked at him with mirth in her eyes. “Or rather not sleep in?”

Harry’s cheeks deepened in color and he rubbed the back of his neck. She was amazed at how easily embarrassed he could be when their conversation wandered to such topics at times. Earlier, he was inviting her over to engage in such activities without any hint of embarrassment and now he was blushing profusely at giving her lingerie. It seemed like he couldn’t really talk about being intimate with each other out loud unless they were engaged in some sort of physical activity. He blushed as soon as anyone mentioned their wedding night or hinted towards it. It was adorable actually and it only made Ginny love him even more.

She smiled and kissed his cheek. “It’s lovely. Thank you.”

He cleared his throat and nodded. Ginny put the garment back in the box and hid it in the bottom of her wardrobe so her mother wouldn’t see it.

There was creak, an indicator that Harry had stood from her bed. She felt Harry wrap his arms around her waist and he pulled her against him. She sighed, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. She placed her hands on top of his and let out a contented sigh. He placed a gentle kiss on the side of her neck and laid his head on top of hers.

He ran his finger around her engagement ring and said quietly, “I can’t wait to call you my wife.”

She smiled and turned in his arms. She clasped both of his hands in her own and held them at her sides.

“And I can’t wait to hear you introduce me as that,” she replied. “Have you been practicing the Oath?”

“I have,” he confirmed. “I can do the whole ceremony in my sleep I think.”

“Impressive,” she replied with a grin.

“But you know,” he sighed and squeezed her hands gently. “I’m having a little trouble with one part.”

“Which part?” Ginny asked, hoping that he really did know the whole ceremony and could perform it flawlessly.

The ceremony was rather lengthy, involving family blessings, the Oath of Souls, Gifts of Three and the wedding vows especially since courtships were no longer done. All the ceremonies involved with the old custom of courting were part of eternal bonding. It was actually a very beautiful ceremony and it had to be done perfectly in order for the bonding to be complete.

“That part at the end, you know, the part where I get to kiss the bride,” he explained. “I don’t know if I got that kiss down. I don’t want to kiss my bride the wrong way in front of all those people. Care to help me work it out?”

“Hmm . . . I think I can help you with that,” Ginny replied. She let go of his hands and held his face in her hands before kissing him tenderly.

Soon the kisses turned from tender to passionate and Ginny found herself pressed up against her wardrobe and didn’t mind the door handle digging into her back. Harry was doing some very lovely things to her neck.

“You two can’t wait two more weeks for that stuff!”

Both let out a disappointed groan. Harry stepped back and looked at the source of their interruption. Ginny peeked around her wardrobe to see Ron standing in the doorway and looking disgusted.

“What do you have, radar or something tracking us?” Harry asked in annoyance.

“What’s radar?” both Ginny and Ron asked in unison.

Harry glanced between them and shook his head. “Never mind. Muggle device. What do you want, Ron?”

“Mum sent me up here to get you two for Peter’s party. Says she can’t start it without the whole family. Oh and she wanted to know if you prefer eggshell or ivory for serviettes, Harry,” Ron explained.

Ginny growled in frustration.

“That’s it!” she cried and kicked her wardrobe. “We should have eloped! I am so sick and tired of this!”

“Blimey, Ginny, it’s only serviettes,” Ron remarked. “Don’t get your wand in a knot.”

“No, Ron, it’s not only serviettes,” Ginny hissed and bore down on her brother. If she wasn’t so angry she would have thought it quite amusing to see her brother who was much larger and taller than her cower in front of her. “It’s colors, it’s flowers, it’s stupid lacy things on everything, it’s archways and seating covers and cake choices and none of it is what I want! Nothing I want is even considered! I don’t want fancy! I want my wedding with me getting married to the man I love without making it a bloody world wide affair!”

Ginny started towards the door, intending to march downstairs and give her mother and Fleur a piece of her mind. Harry it seemed knew what she was intending to do and grabbed a hold of her.

“Let me go, Harry,” she demanded. “I’m not going to let them control our wedding anymore!”

“I think it would be best if you didn’t go charging down there in all your fury and start hexing everyone,” he replied calmly. “Just settle down first and we will both go down there and talk to them. Remember, this is Peter’s birthday and we don’t want to cause a big scene.”

“I hate it when you’re right,” Ginny grumbled. She blew out an irritated breath and tried to calm down.

“We’ll be right down,” Harry said quietly to Ron.

Ginny heard her brother take his leave and it was quiet for a few moments. Harry sighed and kissed her on her forehead.

“You okay, now?” he asked.

“No,” she muttered and sighed. “But I suppose I can go down there and be civil about it.”

“You know, Ginny, these are only details,” Harry said as they made their way out of her room and down the stairs.

“I know,” she replied. “I know that, Harry. All that really matters is that we get married. I could care less about anything else. We could get married wearing rags and have bread and water for our reception for all I care. It’s just . . . this is supposed to be something we enjoy, planning our wedding, the start of the rest of our lives together and we don’t have a say in anything. I don’t understand why my mother is acting like this. Fleur, well, that’s just her, but my mother? I never expected her to be this involved and this controlling over it.”

Harry did not respond since they had entered the kitchen. Molly was just finishing icing a freshly baked cake on the counter.

“Oh hello, dears,” she greeted them acting as if Ginny hadn’t stormed off in a fury earlier. She wiped her hands on her pinny and hurried over to the scrubbed table, which was littered with all sorts of samples. She picked up the swatches of fabric she had shown Ginny earlier and shoved them at Harry. “Here, Harry, which one? Fleur and I can’t agree on one.”

He glanced between them then at Ginny. She pursed her lips and clenched her hands into fists.

“Mrs. Weasley,” he said and put his hands on Ginny’s shoulders. He squeezed them lightly, “we need to talk to you.”

“Of course, dear, just pick one first,” she insisted. “I prefer the eggshell. It would accent the tablecloths perfectly! Of course, Fleur thinks the ivory is better but I personally think that’s over done. You need something different for your wedding.”

“The thing is, Mum, this – this is our wedding. Harry and I are getting married and yet it doesn’t feel like that,” Ginny cut in and stepped away from Harry. “It feels like I’m involved with someone else’s wedding. I don’t feel like I’m the bride.”

“What in Merlin’s name are you taking about, Ginny,” Molly frowned. “Of course you’re the bride. This is your wedding, dear.”

“No, you don’t get it,” Ginny sighed and ran her hands through her hair. “Harry and I don’t want eggshell or ivory colored serviettes.”

“Well this is what we decided on,” Molly huffed and put the swatches down. She returned to the counter.

The back door opened and Arthur entered.

“Molly, dear, what’s taking so long?” he asked and paused when he saw his fuming daughter, his somewhat irritated wife and his brave soon-to-be-son-in-law between the two of them.

“No, Mum, this is not what we agreed on. It’s what you and Fleur agreed on. In fact, almost everything in this wedding is what you and Fleur picked out. Harry and I have no part in it and I can’t understand why you won’t let us have any say in anything,” Ginny rebutted.

“I’m asking for your opinion now, Ginny, about the serviettes,” Molly replied. She looked over at her husband. “Arthur, will you please explain the importance of these decisions to your daughter?”

“Can you just stop about those bloody serviettes already!” Ginny cried.

“Ginevra Molly Weasley!” Molly shouted and turned to look at her daughter. “I did not raise you to use such language and I really wish you would just make up your mind on what you want for your wedding!”

Ginny was shaking with anger now. She felt Harry place his hands on her shoulders and rub them lightly, obviously trying to calm her.

“Breathe, love, just breathe,” he muttered. “Just explain it to her.”

“Mum, you are really missing the point,” Ginny grinded out. “When Bill and Percy got married, you didn’t go all control crazy with everything. Even when Charlie and Tabitha had their ceremony you weren’t like this. Why are you all the sudden trying to make my wedding into a huge production when all we want is a quiet, simple affair?”

Molly regarded her and Harry. She glanced out the window where Ginny knew the rest of the family was waiting for dinner and the party to begin.

“Your father and I have six boys out there,” she said quietly. “Six sons, three married off already and the other three . . . well they best be getting their acts together soon enough, those poor dears they keep stringing along. That’s beside the point; the point is I have six sons and one daughter. I get to plan and marry off six boys but I only get to marry off my only daughter once. I’m not saying that your wedding is more important than any of your brothers. All of your weddings are special to me. But you, Ginny, I only get to be the mother of the bride once and I want it to be a memorable and very special occasion. I only want the best for you so that you and Harry can have a beautiful wedding. I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve controlled it all. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I just want you to have a perfect day and not have to worry over anything. I’m so sorry, dear.”

Ginny closed her eyes and let her mother’s words sink in. She could understand where her mother was coming from and wished she had known that months ago. All of this could have been avoided if her mother had just explained her feelings.

“Mum, okay I get it, but could you please let us do it the way we want? I want your help, of course, but I want our wedding the way we envisioned it,” Ginny said quietly.

Molly sighed. “Well, I think we can change some things this close to the wedding.”

“No lace, no frills, no bows and no pink,” Ginny immediately replied and hugged her mother.

“But pink is such a lovely color,” Molly protested as Ginny pulled away.


“All right, no pink,” she relented. “We’ll discuss the rest later. We’ve got a little one out there turning two years old today.”

She picked up the main course of the dinner and instructed her husband to pick up another smaller dish.

“Mum?” Ginny called.

Molly stopped and turned to look at her. “Yes, dear?”

“White serviettes would be nice,” she said and looked at Harry. “Sound good?”

Harry nodded and looked at Molly. “Yeah, we’d like to have plain old white serviettes.”

Molly smiled and nodded at them. “Come along, Arthur, before the boys start chewing on the tables out there.”

And soon enough, Arthur and Molly left through the back door of the kitchen.

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” Harry said once the door closed.

“If only I had stood up to her a long time ago, none of this would have happened,” Ginny sighed and laced her fingers with his. “Well, at least we get to partially have the wedding of our dreams.”

“I’ve got the bride I wanted, that’s dream enough for me,” he replied, leading her through the kitchen and to the back door.

“True. Well it’s like you said,” Ginny sighed and went through the door first, “the rest is just details.”

Chapter 3: Chapter Three - Party Time
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Three – Party Time

Wedding plans were going much smoother for Ginny now and, while still stressful, they weren’t making her go as mental as before.

Ginny had to endure a monstrous row with Fleur, however, before things went her way. Fleur had insisted on keeping everything the same, but Ginny had put her foot down. The two had nearly pulled wands on each other and it had taken Bill to calm Fleur down and explain to her that it was Ginny’s wedding and not hers. Fleur had agreed to back off but acted rather stiffly towards Ginny, and that hadn’t bothered Ginny one bit.

As Ginny wanted, lace, frills and many of the bows were dropped from the decorations. Pink was replaced by midnight blue so now the decorations matched the color of the bridesmaid dresses, which pleased Ginny immensely. The cake had been changed from an elaborate design of flowers and bows made of icing, to simply white icing with fresh strawberries and blueberries sprinkled on each tier. The centerpieces for the tables were stripped to simply floating white and midnight blue candles in bowls and white rose petals sprinkled around it. Tablecloths were changed to midnight blue and the table settings were plain white (including the serviettes). All in all, the wedding was now what Harry and Ginny pictured or at least close to what they wanted.

The only thing now that Ginny knew couldn’t be changed was the amount of guests. Her parents had gone all out and seemed to have invited everyone they had ever met and of course everyone was coming. Her entire extended family had replied with positive answers not to mention all their friends and co-workers. The small, intimate wedding was no longer that.

Ginny sighed, stretching her arms above her head and pulled her mind away from the changes that had been made in the past week. Now, she had to concentrate on finishing nearly two hundred guest favors. They were small white boxes, engraved with their names and the date of the wedding and filled with a few pieces of Honeyduke’s finest chocolate. Midnight blue ribbons tied around them completed the favors.

“Ginny, why don’t you just charm them to tie themselves together instead of doing this by hand?” Mikayla suggested.

She looked at her friend sitting across from her at the table.

“We tried,” she explained, “but it didn’t stay so we opted to it do it by hand and place Sticking Charms on the bottom of the box to keep the ribbon in place. Besides, you’re lacking in your maid-of-honor duties.”

Mikayla stuck out her tongue at Ginny who was giving her a teasing smile and picked up another box and piece of ribbon.

Of course Mikayla had been a huge help to Ginny the moment she had asked her to be the maid-of-honor. Ginny was grateful for it all and was impressed by her friend’s dedication. Her Healer training kept her busy all the time, especially since Mikayla had chosen to pursue the recent addition of mixed magical and Muggle medical branch of obstetrics. Ginny knew all the demands that were on her friend so she had let Mikayla know early on that it was okay if she couldn’t help with something for the wedding; after all Healer training was tough and Ginny knew that. But Mikayla had merely pushed her words to the side and dove right in saying that her friends were important and there was no way she was going to let her best friend plan her whole wedding by herself.

At the moment, Mikayla was threading a piece of ribbon through her fingers. “So the whole keeping you sane the past two years, helping you pick out your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses, planning your engagement party, arranging your bridal shower and let’s not forget your hen party tonight –”

“See? You’ve been no help at all,” Ginny teased and ducked when Mikayla threw some ribbon at her. “Oi! Don’t waste that! We still need it for the wreaths.”

Ginny motioned to the pile of flowers that had been charmed to stay fresh. They were going to be woven into wreaths for the bridesmaids to wear.

“At least there are only two of those,” Mikayla muttered. She sighed and worked on tying another box. “Where’s your groom? I thought he would be here to help.”

“Harry’s checking on our honeymoon reservations,” Ginny replied. She frowned when she realized that Harry had been gone for much longer than he needed to be. Ginny sighed, figuring that it was probably busy at the International Portkey Station before picking up an empty box and filling it with the chocolate. She closed the box and picked up another empty one.

“I can’t believe you’re going to Hawaii,” Mikayla sighed dreamily. “It sounds so romantic.”

“I can’t wait,” Ginny replied excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to go there you know. Can you imagine what the beaches are going to be like at this time of the year?”

Ginny nicked a piece of chocolate and popped it into her mouth. It was extremely cool since they had been charmed to stay cold and fresh until the wedding. She savored the bittersweet taste of it and let it melt in her mouth.

Mikayla gave her a withering look as if telling her off for stealing the treat. Ginny smiled innocently and offered one to Mikayla.

“We shouldn’t waste those you know,” Mikayla warned and took the chocolate.

“We got extra on purpose. Harry loves this stuff. So do I, actually,” she giggled.

“Don’t you go eating all those now. You need to make sure you have enough for the favors and you need to save room for tonight.”

Ginny glanced up at the voice and saw that Molly had entered the kitchen followed by Hermione. Both were carrying paper bags filled with food as they had gone out to get last minute items for the hen party.

“Really, Ginny, those are for the wedding,” Hermione frowned. “You’re as bad as Ron sometimes.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and popped another chocolate in her mouth while her mother wasn’t looking. Hermione frowned distastefully at her and set her bag on the counter.

“Mrs. Weasley, you didn’t have to cook for tonight,” Mikayla said. “I was going to take care of it myself.”

“It’s no problem, dear,” Molly said and began unpacking the bags while Hermione joined the others at the table. “You girls know I love to cook. Besides, you girls will be helping me to make sure all the food is ready for tonight once you’ve finished that.”

“What exactly is planned for this party tonight?” Ginny asked, filling another box with chocolate.

“Nothing much since we’re having it here,” Mikayla replied nonchalantly. “Just normal girl things. Talking, music, dancing, a nice evening with the girls.”

“You’re sure?” Ginny asked and raised her eyebrows at her friend.

“Of course, I’m sure,” Mikayla insisted. “I promise it’ll be a nice, quiet party with just your friends.”

Ginny narrowed her eyes slightly. She trusted Mikayla but somehow she thought her friend had a little more than that planned. She looked at Hermione who appeared to not be paying any attention to the conversation. She was helping Mikayla tie the ribbons on the boxes and applying the Sticking Charms to the bottom of them. She sighed, hoping that tonight would be a calm and quiet affair.

The three girls continued with their tasks while Molly finished making the food for the evening.

Within the next hour and a half, the girls had finished the favors and the wreaths, making sure that they had the proper charms on them to keep them fresh for the wedding and helped Molly complete the food for the hen party that night. Once they were finished, Molly went up the stairs to change and make sure Arthur was ready for the stag party while the girls set the food in the sitting room. They had just finished and were relaxing on the sofa waiting for the other guests to arrive when the front door opened.

Harry walked in, hanging his cloak on a hook near the door and smiling at the gathering of witches.

“Hello, ladies,” he greeted. He walked over to them and kissed both Mikayla and Hermione on the cheek. He leaned down and gave Ginny a tender kiss on the lips and smiled at her. “How are you, my lovely fiancée?”

“Fine,” she replied. “We finished all the favors.”

“Really?” Harry grinned and sat next to her. He put his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into him.

“Thanks for all your help, Harry,” Mikayla scoffed teasingly. “Honestly, what sort of husband are you going to make for Ginny if you can’t even help make favors for your own wedding?”

“I did some of them,” he defended himself. “Besides, I had to go check up on our reservations.”

Ginny glanced up at him and frowned. “Why did it take so long? You just needed to pick up our passes. Was it busy?”

His eyes quickly darted around the room and he appeared to be looking at everything except her. He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.

Ginny sat up, turning to face him and letting his arm drop to the cushion. “Harry, everything is set for our honeymoon, right?”

“Of course,” he assured her but Ginny couldn’t help but notice he was still avoiding eye contact.

“So why do you look like you were caught nicking biscuits in the kitchen?” she demanded and crossed her arms.

Harry nibbled on his bottom lip and turned to look at her.

“Well, I went down there,” he began and motioned vaguely with his hand. “And I got to the counter and gave the clerk our names.”

He paused and scratched the top of his head. He was obviously very nervous to tell her what happened.

“So you gave them our names and you got the passes?” she added helpfully.

He glanced at her and shook his head.

“You didn’t get the passes,” she said in disbelief. He had to be kidding, hadn’t he?

His silence told her everything.

“Harry!” she cried and stood up, hands on her hips and glaring down at him. She saw Mikayla and Hermione out of the corner of her eye slipping out of the room obviously not wanting to be present when Ginny blew up entirely. “You told me you were going to take care of the entire honeymoon on your own so I wouldn’t have to worry about it! Hermione even helped you! Now what are we supposed to do?”

“Let me finish!” Harry jumped up and grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

She pursed her lips and glared up at him now. “Fine,” she ground out.

“Of course Hermione helped, but only with finding the hotel. Apparently, I didn’t finish something while making the Portkey reservations so they didn’t have passes for us and I’m sorry about that, I am. But I worked things out and I was able to get us passes to Portkeys that leave at the same time we were going to. I had to pay a lot more for it, but I got it fixed,” he explained.

Ginny blinked. If Harry had worked things out, why was he worried?

“So if you got the passes, what’s the problem?” she asked in confusion.

He sighed and reached inside the pocket of his robes. He pulled out a folded piece of parchment and handed it to her.

“This is our itinerary. I managed to work it out so we didn’t have to change our reservations at the hotel,” he said as she took it.

Ginny’s mouth dropped at what she saw. She looked sharply up at Harry.

“We have to take six different Portkeys!” she cried.

“Look, I tried the best I could, all right? We still leave here at the same time and still get there the same day, just a little later,” he explained and took the parchment back. He folded it again and shoved it back into his pocket. “We’re still going on our honeymoon. The details just changed a little.”

She deflated at the sincere look on his face. He had made a mistake and had managed to fix it and she was being stupid. She sighed and hugged him.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” she said and pulled away. “We’re still going to be there so the details don’t matter.”

“Just like the details of the wedding don’t matter just as long as we get married,” he said quietly.

“Well, we did manage to change a lot of those,” she sighed and ran her hands down his arms. She sighed and smiled at him. “One more week.”

He grinned and pulled her to him. “One more week and you are mine forever.”

She giggled and kissed him softly on the lips.

“So, you girls ready for this party tonight?” he asked, letting her go and glancing around the room.

“I suppose,” Ginny sighed. “Mika claims it’s just a girls’ thing. Chatting and eating, that sort of thing, but I think she’s hiding something from me. I know she’s got something else planned for tonight and whatever it is better be appropriate. Mum’s going to be here.”

“Well your dad is going to the stag party tonight. So I hope Ron had some sense in him,” Harry replied, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“What are you blokes doing then?” she asked.

“Ron’s reserved a private room at the Leaky Cauldron. Said he didn’t want any uninvited guests,” Harry explained.

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him. Her eyes flickered to the top of the staircase where she knew her brother was getting ready. “A private room?”

“It’s your brother,” Harry reminded her and rolled his eyes. He removed his hands from his pockets and put them on her shoulders. “I don’t think he’s going to do anything horrible with the rest of your brothers and your dad around.”

“The fact that your best man is my brother is what worries me. Don’t do anything you’re going to regret,” she warned.

“Don’t worry, love,” Harry said and kissed her cheek. “I won’t and I’m sure it’s not going to be too bad.”

“Promise me you won’t get pissed,” she requested quietly. She hated the fact that his stag party was going to be in a pub with her brothers and his friends all around.

“I won’t,” he promised. “Just a few drinks.”

Ginny grimaced. She knew Harry wasn’t one to drink heavily; he usually had a few drinks and stopped at that. She just hoped he wouldn’t be too influenced by her brothers and his friends. She remembered the last time the twins had purposely got him drunk and what he had spilled to them then; she could only imagine what sort of things he would say now, especially after she had finished school and they had spent large amounts of quality alone time.

“Oi! Harry, you here, mate?”

Harry glanced at the staircase and shouted back to Ron, “Yeah, waiting for your sorry arse to get down here!”

“Boys, stop yelling up and down the stairs like that!” Molly’s voice joined the shouting and she appeared on the staircase. She smiled when she saw Harry and descended the rest of the stairs. “Hello, dear. Things all ready for your trip to Hawaii?”

“All set,” Harry replied and kissed her on the cheek in greeting.

“Good, good. Now you boys have fun tonight, mind you don’t come home too late though. You’ve got your final fitting tomorrow morning,” she said.

“I remember, Mrs. Weasley,” he replied. “I’ll be there, I promise.”

“Hmm, there’s something else I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, young man,” she said sternly and set a steely glare on Harry.

He blinked in surprise and glanced at Ginny. She shrugged. She had no idea what her mother was talking about.

“Harry, you’ve known us for nearly ten years,” she began. “Don’t you think it’s high time you call me something other than Mrs. Weasley? Molly, perhaps? After all, you are marrying my daughter in a week.”

Ginny covered her mouth with her hand to keep herself from giggling out loud at the surprised look on Harry’s face. He looked at her, obviously wanting her help.

“She’s right, love, you can’t keep calling her Mrs. Weasley for the rest of your life. Is that what you’re going to say every time she Floos or sends an owl?” Ginny teased and linked her arm with his.

Harry gave her a dirty look and pinched her side, causing her to squeak in surprise. He turned his attention back to Molly.

“You’re right,” he agreed and smiled at her. “I should call you something different. But I don’t think it’s going to be Molly. Is that okay with you, Mum?”

Molly’s momentary frown melted into a smile.

“Oh, Harry, dear!” she cried and flung her arms around his neck.

Harry chuckled and dropped Ginny’s arm to hug his future mother-in-law. They let go and Molly held his face in her hands. Ginny noticed the slow stream of tears coming from her mother’s eyes and quickly gave her a tissue.

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you call me that,” she said, dabbing at her eyes with the tissue. “I’m so glad you are finally joining the family.”

Their tender moment was interrupted by the sound of pounding footsteps, followed by Ron’s loud voice.

“Harry, mate, let’s get a move on! You are in for a spectacular night! You’re going to wish you were staying a bachelor and regret proposing to – oh, err, hi, Ginny.”

Ron had come to a halt at the bottom of the stairs upon seeing his sister and her disapproving look. His ears had turned red rather quickly and he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“I was just kidding,” he murmured and moved closer to them.

Molly merely gave him a warning look before excusing herself and retreating to the kitchen.

“Now you listen here, Ron,” Ginny hissed once her mother had left and stood in front of him, pulling her wand out of her back pocket and pointing it at him. “If you do anything tonight to Harry to cause him any sort of embarrassment or something he will regret I will –”

“Threaten me within an inch of my life and hex me into oblivion?” he finished for her.

“Worse,” she ground out, gesturing her wand below his waist. “Do you understand?”

Ron’s eyes widened slightly and he gulped, nodding vigorously.

Ginny smiled sweetly at him. “I’m glad we have an understanding.” She turned, storing her wand again and faced Harry. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. “Have fun, love.”

Harry smiled and kissed her back. “You too, yeah?” he replied, pulling her against him and kissing her deeply.

Ron made a gagging sound, which was followed by a throat clearing that sounded nothing like her brother. Ginny pulled away from Harry and saw her father coming down the stairs.

“Hi, Dad,” she greeted him and felt her face flush.

He returned her greeting with a smile and looked at the two boys. “Well, ready to go then?” he asked.

The two nodded. Harry gave Ginny a chaste peck on the cheek and promised he would be good before following Ron and her father to the kitchen to Floo over to the pub. He left Ginny in the sitting room all alone, hoping that the night would go well for both of them.

* * * * * *

Ginny knew her face was permanently stained red two hours into her hen party, not from the small amount of alcohol she had but from the constant teasing from her friends and sisters-in-law. It seemed like now was the perfect moment for everyone to remind her of her “wifely duties” on her wedding night. Most of her friends and sisters-in-law were even giving her pointers and tips. Even her mother had thrown in her two Knuts, making Ginny utterly mortified and wishing the Earth would just open up and swallow her whole.

“Not that you really need all this advice, Ginny,” Tonks said, slapping Ginny on the knee. “I’m sure you and Harry have had loads of practice. You know what he likes.”

Most of the women present nodded in agreement and giggled, with the exception of Molly who merely kept her lips pursed and watched her daughter with slightly narrowed eyes.

“Actually,” Ginny said quietly feeling like she had to set everyone’s minds right after that statement, “Harry and I haven’t had any practice.”

The giggles immediately stopped and all eyes were on her, many of them surprised.

“I mean, we’ve done things together and we’ve almost gone that far a fair few times,” she added at the shocked looks on everyone’s faces and avoided looking at her mother, “but we haven’t done that yet. We, err, we decided to wait for our first time to be on our wedding night. We wanted it to be special and we thought what better time than our wedding night, right? And I really do mean our first time, for both of us.”

Molly led out an audible sigh of relief and to Ginny’s surprise, took a large sip of her brandy.

The silence was broken by the numerous sighs and awes from everyone in the room, and Ginny heard several comments of how romantic that was.

“Well,” Mikayla sighed once everyone had settled down and glanced at the clock that actually showed the time. “It’s just about time to liven this party up.”

“What does that mean?” Ginny demanded and glared at her friend.

“You’ll see,” Mikayla sang and smiled mysteriously at her.

Ginny narrowed her eyes and she suddenly knew what her friend had planned.

“Mikayla, you didn’t!” she cried in protest but her shout was broken by a small cry.

Tabitha jumped up and hurried up the stairs to check on her son. Mikayla went after her, leaving Ginny to fume silently in her seat and think of how to get her friend back.

“Well, it looks like the boys are having fun,” Hermione said and nudged Ginny’s arm. Ginny turned to frown at her friend who waved towards her mother’s other clock.

All the men’s hands (including Harry’s, which was added two Christmases ago) were pointing at You don’t want to know.

“As long as Harry’s hand doesn’t point to jail and he comes back in one piece and still wants to marry me, I don’t want to even think about what they’re up to,” Ginny muttered.

“Ron assured me it was tasteful,” Hermione replied. “Though, by the look of where those hands are pointing, I think he was lying to me, and if he knows what’s best for him, he better stay far away from my flat if he wants to live to be in the wedding.”

Ginny smirked and glanced at her mother who was talking to Penelope, more than likely trying to convince the poor girl it was high time she and Percy produce a grandchild. Ginny turned back to Hermione.

“So have you two given it any more thought?” she asked.

“What?” Hermione replied, taking a sip of her pumpkin juice. She had refused earlier in the evening to have any alcohol, claiming she didn’t touch the stuff. Ginny had to stop Mikayla from spiking the juice earlier in the evening when her mother’s back was turned. She didn’t want anyone to end up with a hangover unexpectedly like that.

“You know, your plans with Ron that you’re much too afraid to tell my mother about,” Ginny reminded her nonchalantly.

Hermione paled slightly and sat her drink on the table again. “Oh, that.”

“Yes, that,” Ginny smirked. “What is going on with that?”

Hermione cleared her throat and sat up primly, placing her folded hands on top of her knees. “Well, we’ve decided that we are going to go through with it. Ron doesn’t want to say anything until after your wedding. He said he doesn’t want to ruin yours and Harry’s big day.”

“It’s not like you two are getting married or anything,” Ginny sighed and glanced at her mother, torn between relief that she wasn’t paying any attention to her and Hermione and pity for Penelope who it seemed was indeed getting the I-need-another-grandchild lecture. “You’re just moving in together.”

“Yes, well remember the grief she gave the twins for moving out and that was just because they wanted to be close to the shop. This is different,” Hermione whispered, her eyes darting around the room as if someone were listening in.

“She might be a little upset over it, but she’ll get over it,” Ginny replied in a lowered voice.

“How do you know?” Hermione said somewhat nervously. “What if she hates me for it?”

“She won’t,” Ginny soothed. “She loves you. You’re the perfect match for her little Ronniekins. Besides, if anything she’ll blame Ron for leading you astray.”

Hermione sighed in exasperation and sank back in her chair. She cast a worried look at Ginny. “Just don’t tell anyone about it, please? Ron and I only just decided and the only two who know about it are you and Harry.”

“I promise, I won’t say a word about it,” Ginny assured her. “Have you decided when you’re going to do it?”

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows in thought, examining her fingernails. “We’re not sure yet. Not for at least a month or so. We’re going to look for a bigger place. My flat is plenty for one person, but with Ron we’ll have no room.”

Ginny nodded in understanding. She knew what Hermione was talking about as she and Harry had very similar conversations since their engagement. His flat was good enough for the two of them at the moment but just barely. Sooner or later they would need more room and the sooner they found one, the better.

“So you and Harry really haven’t gone all the way?” Hermione asked quietly with a smile on her face.

Ginny flushed and swatted Hermione’s arm.

“No, we haven’t. Why does everyone assume that we have,” she sighed. She brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“This is really going to be your first time?” Hermione questioned as if it were some hushed secret.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Yes, why is that so hard to believe?”

“It’s not. I mean, even Ron and I –” Hermione slapped her hands over her mouth and stared wide-eyed at Ginny. Clearly, she had not meant to let that slip.

Ginny stared at her friend, her mouth dropped open in utter surprise.

“Hermione!” she whispered incredulously. “I can’t believe you!”

“Now that can’t be that hard to believe,” Hermione blushed and picked at a spot on the armchair she sat in. She glanced up at Ginny with devious eyes. “Even we bookworms have our wild sides.”

“Obviously,” Ginny muttered, still in shock from finding out this tidbit of information about one of her best friends.

“So you’ve never been with Michael or Dean in that way then?” Hermione asked.

“No, of course not and before you ask, Harry was very honest when I asked him about Cho. He assured me that he had never done more than that one kiss with her,” Ginny replied quickly. She looked down at her engagement ring and fiddled with it. “Something like that is just too precious to do with just anyone; it should be with someone you really care about and who you love very much, like how I feel about Harry.”

Ginny felt Hermione place her hand on hers, causing Ginny to look up at her.

“I’m sure it’s going to be very special for your both,” she said quietly and smiled at her.

Ginny returned it and looked back at her engagement ring. She smiled at it, still finding it a little hard to believe that she was going to marry the love of her life.

Looking up again, Ginny watched her guests. Everyone it seemed was having a good time, talking and laughing with plenty of food and drink. There was one guest, however, that seemed a little forlorn and not as enthusiastic as she usually was.

Alicia was sitting away from the crowd of witches and chewing on a carrot stick. She looked as if she wasn’t into the party at all. Ginny excused herself from Hermione and made her way across the room to her.

“Hey, Alicia,” Ginny greeted her brightly. Alicia turned and smiled at her.

“Hi, Ginny,” she replied and forced a smile on her face. “This is a great party so far.”

“Yeah, it is,” Ginny agreed. “So why are you looking like you just lost a match against Slytherin?”

Alicia gave a small laugh and shrugged her shoulders. “Oh it’s nothing.”

“Well nothing seems to have sucked the life right out of you,” Ginny replied. “I know there’s something. You never look like this.”

She looked at her and Ginny could see in her eyes that something was definitely bothering her.

“It’s George,” she said quietly, glancing around the room. “We broke up.”

Ginny had to admit that she wasn’t very surprised by this. She and George had had an off again on again relationship for a few years now.

“He’ll come to senses and the two of you will be back together in no time. You know my brothers are right gits at times,” Ginny replied and smiled at her. But the other witch didn’t smile back.

“No, Ginny,” Alicia insisted. “We broke up for good. We’re not going to get back together again.”

This time, Ginny stared at her in shock. Broken up for good?

“Oh, Alicia,” Ginny sighed and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry. When?”

“It’s been a few weeks,” Alicia explained, staring down at the worn out carpet. “Neither one of us wanted to really say anything since we’ve wanted to stay focused on your wedding. It was a mutual agreement though. We both decided that things weren’t really working out and we weren’t happy and decided it was better to just end it.”

“Are you okay?” Ginny asked in concern.

Alicia nodded. “I’m fine. I really am. We’re better off as friends and we’re both a lot happier. I just got a bit lonely for a few minutes listening to everything. I’ll be fine.”

Ginny bit her bottom lip. “If you need anything, you just send me an owl or something. I’ll even rough up George a bit for you if you want.”

Alicia laughed and smiled at her. “Thanks, Ginny.”

She returned the smile and tried to move the topic into other things that didn’t deal with George.

“They should be fine with that as long as Fleur and I can hear them.”

Tabitha’s voice carried across the room and caught Ginny’s attention. She snapped her head towards the staircase and watched as her sister-in-law and friend descended the stairs, giggling with each other.

Ginny muttered an excusal to Alicia and nearly flew to the stairs ready to throttle the truth out of her best friend and confirm her suspicions.

“Mikayla,” she demanded, crossing her arms and glaring at her.

“Why if it isn’t the beautiful bride!” she gushed sharing a mischievous smile with Tabitha before both of them set their smiles on Ginny, who was not amused whatsoever. She knew Tabitha was in on whatever it was that Mikayla had planned.

Just as Ginny opened her mouth, there was a loud banging on the front door. Immediately all conversations ceased and everyone’s attention turned to the front door. Whoever was out there banged again and Molly hurried out of her seat to answer it.

“No, no, Mrs. Weasley!” Mikayla cried. “Let Ginny get it.”

Ginny turned from her mother to Mikayla who gestured with her hands toward the door. She narrowed her eyes at her friend before turning to answer the door.

Slowly and cautiously, Ginny opened the front door and peered outside. Two tall and burly wizards in Auror robes stood outside with grim expressions on their faces.

“Can I help you?” Ginny asked, stealthily placing her hand on her wand.

“We’ve have reports of disturbances coming from this dwelling. We’ve been sent to investigate,” the wizard standing in front of her with blonde hair and holding onto a bag said in a deep voice.

“Disturbances?” Ginny frowned. “But we have no neighbors.”

“Please, Miss, allow us to do our jobs,” the second wizard who had a dark complexion and wiry dark hair said. He looked down at a notepad in his hands and looked back at her. “You are Ginny Weasley, are you not?”

“Yes,” she replied slowly. “I’m still not sure why you’re here. I’ve done nothing to have Aurors turn up on my door like this. I’ll have you know that my fiancé is Harry Potter and –”

“Gentlemen!” Mikayla’s voice cried from behind her. She turned up at Ginny’s side and opened the door wide enough for them to enter. “Don’t mind my friend here; she’s a little mental lately with planning her wedding and all.”

Ginny looked sharply at her friend.

Mikayla ignored her and pushed her out of the way. “Come in, please.”

The two wizards entered the house and Ginny threw Mikayla a very nasty look.

“You can’t just let them in here like that!” she hissed. “This is my house after all, Mikayla.”

“Let them do their job and then they can go,” Mikayla insisted grabbing a hold of Ginny’s hand and leading her to one of the empty chairs that had been placed in the sitting room before the guests all arrived and moved numerous times. She gently, but firmly, pushed Ginny onto the chair while the rest of room looked on with interest.

The two Aurors paced around the room, seeming to examine the place.

“Right, then, I suppose we should get this investigation going,” the blonde haired one said loudly to his partner and set his bag down. He opened it and pulled out a wireless, set it on the ground and it immediately began to play.

“MIKAYLA!” Ginny screeched at once, her voice drowned out by the bass thumping music that had suddenly filled the air and the two “Aurors” began to dance. She jumped out of the chair once the dancers began to surround her and immediately rounded on her friend who was laughing madly at her.

“Have you gone bloody mad!” she demanded and ran to the other side of her friend when the dancers approached her again. “How could you get strippers like this?”

“Oh come on, Ginny!” Mikayla laughed, grabbing a hold of her and pushing her in front of her. “It’s just a little fun. You only get a hen party once!”

“My mother is here!” Ginny cried and once again, ran to the back of her friend.

“She looks like she’s enjoying the show,” Mikayla said lightly.

Ginny looked and to her horror saw her mother standing up and clapping along to the music.

“Mum!” she shouted. She ran to her side, avoiding the dancers once more and grabbed a hold of her arm. “What—what are you doing?”

“Just because I’m not as young as I used to be does not mean I can’t have my fun too. Gentlemen, here’s the bride!” she called shoving Ginny in front of her and in the middle of the room.

Ginny covered her face with her hands in complete and utter mortification. She sank into the nearest chair and prayed for the whole evening to be over.

* * * * * *

A few hours later, Ginny found herself laying face first on the sofa in the sitting room while Hermione and Mikayla cleaned up. She had just helped her father (who had shown up about two hours ago, just after the dancers had left, and remained mum on what was going on at the stag party) get her mother to bed. It appeared Molly had a little too much to drink and was a bit tipsy by the end of the night. Her mother wasn’t a big drinker, so the three brandies she had were a little too much for her, hence her behavior with the dancers. Ginny had never seen her mother act like that before and hoped she never would again. After all, she had practically thrown her only daughter at two dancers against her own will!

All of her friends had left, except for Mikayla and Hermione who offered to help clean up. Her sisters-in-law had also offered to help, but Ginny insisted the three of them could do it on their own and, after some protest, Fleur and Penelope left. Tabitha however returned once she had checked on Peter and helped with the clean up.

Now that everyone was gone and Ginny had got most of the cleaning done with the help of her two friends and sister-in-law, she was now hoping to suffocate herself in the sofa cushions after the embarrassment of her hen party. She couldn’t believe she was subjected to that sort of thing, and by her best friend nonetheless.

“Ginny, can you please get over it? It was just a little innocent fun,” Mikayla sighed.

Ginny felt a soft thump on the back of her head and jumped up a little. She found a cushion on top of her and grabbed it. Noting Mikayla across the room, she threw it and hit her mark.

“It was bloody brilliant!” Tabitha agreed and sank into the armchair. “Makes me wish I had one of my own.”

“Do you know how embarrassing that was?” Ginny moaned and sat cross-legged on the sofa. “I’ve never even seen my fiancé completely starkers all at once and you parade two nearly naked unknown men in front of me! My mother was here!”

“Your mother was enjoying it,” Mikayla pointed out. “She didn’t seem to have any objections to it.”

“That was only because of the alcohol. She doesn’t drink very often so what else did you expect,” Ginny replied.

“You have to admit, that was rather fun,” Hermione giggled. “Very enjoyable.”

Ginny, Tabitha and Mikayla stared at Hermione for a good long moment before the four of them burst into laughter. After they calmed down, they returned to tidying up the room.

“Well,” Mikayla sighed, glancing at the clock which showed it to be nearly half past one in the morning, “I should get going. Dress fitting at ten, right?”

Ginny nodded and collapsed onto the sofa next to Hermione. “Be on time or Fleur will have your head.”

Mikayla rolled her eyes and waved at the three of them. She approached the kitchen door but paused. Grinning, she motioned for the other girls to join her.

“What –” Hermione began to say but Mikayla quickly held her finger to her lips to quiet her. She pressed her ear against the door and Ginny, Tabitha and Hermione followed.

There was movement in the kitchen, clinking of plates and the scuffing of chairs on the floor. The men had just returned and found the leftover food from the hen party. If they were silent enough, they could hear the muffled voices from the other side.

“I didn’t know girls could bend like that,” one of the twins said.

“I did,” the other twin replied.

“Now, this I got to hear!” the first cried and there was a round of chuckling all around.

So, Ron was just as bad as Mikayla was. Hermione is going to hex him, all right! Ginny thought to herself. One glance at her friend told her that her thoughts were correct.

“Poor, Neville though. He looked like he was going through shock,” Charlie’s voice commented.

“I cannot believe you actually did that, Ron,” Harry grumbled.

There was a chorus of laughing and mumbled teasing after Harry’s comment.

“Come on, mate, you can’t say you didn’t enjoy that. It was just dancing,” Ron sighed.

“With barely any clothes on!” Harry replied. “The only witch I ever want to see with little to no clothes on is Ginny!”

“I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or hex you for it, Potter,” Bill said somewhat threateningly.

That’s a very good thing! Ginny thought in her head. Despite Ron obviously hiring dancers for Harry’s stag party, Harry had not been pleased about it or enjoyed it much from the sound of it.

“I’m sure Ginny won’t mind you looking just as long as you don’t touch which you didn’t,” Ron said. “But, come on, mate, you have to admit it was very nice to look at!”

Hermione seemed to have had enough of listening and glanced at Ginny who in turned shared a look with Mikayla and Tabitha. In silent agreement the four of them pushed the door open.

All of Ginny’s brothers, including Percy, and Harry were sitting around the table and into the leftovers from the hen party. All looked up at the four women who had entered and Ron looked especially nervous at the sight of a very irate Hermione Granger.

“Ronald Bilius Weasley,” she said softly yet in a very dangerous tone. “Outside.”

“But look at the time. It’s nearly two in the morning!” he protested.


She marched towards the table and grabbed Ron by the ear. He yelped in pain, muttering apologies as she hurled him out the back door.

A stunned silence followed. All that could be heard was Hermione’s yelling from outside and it was very clear that Ron was not in good graces with his girlfriend.

“Right, well, I’m going to go now. See you at the fitting, Ginny,” Mikayla said, breaking the silence. She gave everyone a merry wave before Flooing back to her own flat.

Ginny decided to have a little bit of fun with her fiancé before turning in for the night. She set an unnerving glare on him and crossed her arms threateningly. It had the desired effect she wanted; Harry was squirming in his seat and refused to meet her eyes.

“I believe some of you have wives and girlfriends to go home to,” Ginny said without taking her eyes off of Harry.

Almost immediately, her brothers jumped from their spots at the table and either Flooed or Apparated away as quick as possible. Charlie had jumped up as well and followed his wife out of the kitchen, clearly thinking he was in trouble. However, Ginny caught Tabitha’s whispered and excited voice telling him she had quite the story to tell about his baby sister.

Slowly, Ginny made her way across the kitchen and stopped just in front of Harry once they were alone. He looked up at her, fear clearly in his eyes and Ginny tried her best to keep herself from laughing.

“Girls?” she asked sternly.

He nodded.

“Dancing? With hardly any clothes?” she continued.

He nodded again and visibly gulped.

“And did you enjoy all this dancing?” she questioned, not letting her act drop. She wanted to make him think she was furious with him for as long as possible. “Watching all those strange witches nearly starkers?”

“No!” he said quickly and stood up so fast he knocked the chair backwards. “I didn’t enjoy a moment of it, I swear!”

Ginny couldn’t help it any longer and she howled with laughter. She flung her arms around his neck and kissed him in apology when she saw the confused look on his face.

“Love, don’t worry about it,” she giggled. “Mikayla did the same to me and let me assure you it was a very embarrassing moment.”

Harry grinned and sat in another chair, pulling her into his lap.

“Other than that, did you blokes have a good time?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was fun. We played cards, had some drinks, talked about . . . things,” he said leaving the end of his sentence vague.

“Yeah, things,” she echoed. “We talked about things, too.”

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the back door. Hermione’s voice could still be heard. He glanced back at her and smiled before planting soft kisses on her neck.

“You want to come over to my flat and get up to some things,” he suggested quietly in her ear.

Ginny sighed and slowly stood up from his lap. His disappointed sigh wasn’t very hard to miss.

“You’ve got your fitting at eight,” she reminded him and hauled him to his feet.

“I thought it was at ten,” he frowned.

Ginny shook her head as she entwined her fingers with his.

“No, yours is at eight and mine is at ten,” she corrected and brought their clasped hands up to her lips. She kissed his knuckles. “Don’t you remember?”

“Why are they at different times?” he asked watching her as she pulled on his hands, letting her tip backwards on her feet. He held onto her hands firmly to keep her from falling and seemed to be amused by her antics.

“Because, silly, you can’t see my dress yet,” she said teasingly and righted herself again.

“I don’t think that’s fair though. You’ve seen my tuxedo, why can’t I see your dress?” he asked.

“Its bad luck,” she sighed and lowered their hands so they swung loosely between them.

“Come on,” he whined. “Can’t you at least describe it to me?”

Ginny scrunched up her nose then smiled at him. “Sure, love. It’s white and . . . oh yes, it’s a dress!”

“That’s not much of a description, Ginny,” he sighed in exasperation.

“That’s all you’re getting, Mr. Potter,” she replied. “You’re going to have to be a good little groom and wait until I walk down that aisle to see it and don’t you dare try to sneak a look at it before then.”

“But what if I don’t want to be a good little groom and wait?” he asked, letting go of her hands and held her around her waist.

“Then I suppose you’re going to be awfully bored in Hawaii,” she sighed in mock sadness. She put her hands on his shoulders.

“Fine, fine,” he gave in and pulled her a little closer. “I’ll be good and wait.”

He rested his forehead against hers and Ginny closed her eyes, letting herself become lost in being so close to him.

The back door opened and Ron and Hermione entered. Harry and Ginny looked up at them but didn’t move from their embrace.

Ron marched right by them, not saying a single word and left the kitchen. Hermione huffed angrily as the door swung shut before looking at the couple. She muttered a good night and quickly Flooed to her flat.

“Those two will never change, will they?” Harry murmured.

“Nope,” she sighed. “But can you ever imagine them to be any different?”

“Nope,” Harry replied and smiled at her. He kissed her tenderly and sighed. “I should go.”

“No,” she whined and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Stay, please. I don’t want you to leave.”

“I’ve got to be at that fitting in six hours. I don’t want to upset Mum or anything like that,” he reminded her and gently pulled her arms away.

Ginny pouted and crossed her arms. She glanced up at him hopefully. “Let’s do lunch then at noon. I should be done with my fitting by then and maybe after we could go to your flat?”

“I can’t,” he sighed and rubbed her arms soothingly. “I’ve, uh, I’ve got to get in some extra time at the club’s gym since I won’t be practicing for two weeks. The coach isn’t very happy about it and wants me to get in as much time as possible before we leave.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “You’ve been spending a lot of time practicing and working out.”

“I know, but I have to if I want to stay on the reserves,” he said. He kissed her one last time. “I love you.”

“Love you more,” she murmured and watched as he reluctantly made his way to the fireplace and Flooed away.

Ginny watched the empty grate before sighing and cleaning up the mess the boys had made. Once it was cleaned up, she made her way up to her bedroom thinking to herself, One more week and we’ll never have to be apart again.

Chapter 4: Chapter Four – With This Ring. . . .
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Four – With This Ring. . . .

Something was tickling her nose.

Ginny swatted it away and rolled onto her side, snuggling into her pillow once more, hoping to get a little more sleep.

The tickling returned and it was starting to irritate Ginny. She just wanted a few more minutes of sleep.

“Stop,” she grunted.

“Ginny,” a voice sang.

“Go away,” Ginny demanded sleepily and buried her face in her pillow.

“Ginny, wake up,” another voice sang in an annoyingly chipper way.

“I said to go away,” she said into the pillow, her voice muffled but the threat behind it was not lost.

“Fine, if she’s going to be like that, then it’s my duty as the maid-of-honor to take her place. I’ll marry Harry if she won’t wake up.”

Ginny’s eyes snapped open and she lifted her head, looked blearily around her room.

“Wh-what?” she asked, shoving her hair out of her face and sitting up fully in her bed. She blinked several times before making out the figures of Mikayla, who was dangling a left over piece of ribbon in her hands, and Hermione sitting on her bed both of them wearing amused smiles on their faces.

“Finally,” Mikayla sighed. “Come on. Your mum’s got breakfast ready. She gave you a fifteen minute lie in before sending us up here to fetch you.”

“What time is it?’ Ginny mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes before standing up and stretching.

“Half past five. We’ve been here for about an hour,” Hermione explained and stood up.

“Are you mad?” Ginny asked and yawned. She blinked several times again. “Why are you here so bloody early?”

Mikayla and Hermione exchange amused looks.

“Did you forget that you’re getting married today?” Mikayla asked, grabbing a hold of her arm and hauling her out of her bedroom.

“No,” Ginny replied and followed her friends down the stairs. “The wedding isn’t until eleven.”

“But there’s so much work to do if we want everything to start right on time,” Hermione sighed. “Don’t you remember Bill’s wedding and Percy’s and Charlie’s?”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Ginny groaned not wanting to hear Hermione’s ranting this early in the morning.

She followed her friends into the kitchen noticing that it was packed with red heads, nephews and sisters-in-law. For a moment she was amazed at how easily everyone fit in the kitchen now with plenty of room to move. Her parents had decided shortly after the arrival of Peter to expand the kitchen to accommodate more people as they had realized their family was expanding at an alarming rate. Arthur and Molly had the money since they no longer had to care for seven growing children and in only a few short weeks after they had made the decision, the Burrow’s kitchen had been enlarged to nearly three times its original size.

Ginny shook her head of her thoughts and focused on the scene in front of her. Everyone was talking at once and the table was filled with food. Molly was busy putting food into a basket all the while talking to Ron who was standing next to her and yawning widely. The moment the door closed behind Ginny, everything stopped. All eyes were on her and it made Ginny feel self-conscious. She folded her arms across her chest and shook the hair out of her eyes. She could have at least run a brush through her hair. She was sure it could rival Harry’s at the moment.

Fred and George grinned at each other before getting to their feet and meeting Ginny at the kitchen door. Each seized one of her arms and together took one giant step forward, both humming the Wedding March rather loudly.

“The bride, everyone! Please rise!” Fred drawled loudly, forcing her forward with another giant step.

“Yes, please rise for the bride has arrived!” George added in the same dignified voice.

Bill and Charlie actually jumped up out of their seats and saluted her. Ginny rolled her eyes and shrugged the twins off of her.

“Bugger off,” she muttered grumpily and sank into a seat next to Charlie who was still standing. She peered up at him with narrowed eyes and found him grinning madly down at her. “Oh sit down, you big prat.”

“Looks like someone didn’t get their beauty sleep. I wonder if Harry knows what he’s in for tomorrow morning. I better warn him,” Ron teased. He immediately sobered up at Ginny’s menacing look and growl. He held his hands up in surrender. “Or I’ll just send him your love instead, yeah?”

Ginny folded her arms on top of the table and nestled her head upon them. She was too tired to eat or even to keep her head up.

“Ron, you’ve got everything right? And Harry’s all set? Make sure that the two of you are here by ten on the dot,” Molly lectured. “And make sure he eats a good breakfast, Ron. I’ve got everything here for you two, except for tea. Oh I do hope he has some at his flat. He’s going to need his strength for the day and we want to make sure he’s got the energy for it. He is up, isn’t he? You two didn’t stay up too late, did you? And those wards, he did let them down a bit so we can Apparate over for the day? It will be a nightmare if we have to Floo to the Leaky Cauldron and then walk there all day!”

“Yes, he’s up, Mum and no, we didn’t stay up late. We went to bed early last night, yes he’s got tea and we both have everything. He adjusted the wards just before I left this morning so only family and the wedding party can Apparate into the sitting room if they need to before the wedding. Don’t worry, he’ll be here on time and he’ll be ready,” Ron assured her. “Believe me, he’ll be here. For some reason he really does want to marry Ginny.”

“Git,” Ginny called from the table, lifting her head to glare at him again.

Ron ignored her and kissed Molly on the cheek. He walked around the table and gave Hermione a chaste kiss. (Ginny was internally grateful that they had made up after the stag and hen parties. She didn’t want to endure their rowing at her wedding.) He waved a good bye to everyone else and with a crack, he Apparated away.

“Ginny, dear, don’t sleep at the table,” Molly scolded her daughter as she got a plate together for her.

“I’m tired, Mum,” Ginny whined feeling like she was a child again. She lifted her head and sat her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her hands. “It’s too early.”

“Didn’t you get any sleep last night?” her mother asked, setting the plate in front of her along with a strong cup of coffee.

“Yes,” Ginny sighed and groggily reached for her coffee. She took a sip, wincing briefly at the bitter taste and reached for the sugar. “It’s just too early.”

“We have a big day ahead of us,” Molly sighed, settling in a seat next to her husband with her own plate of food.

“And you got to have a lie in, too. Didn’t make much of a difference,” Charlie teased and nudged her in the ribs.

Ginny swatted his hands away and glared at him.

“Really, Charlie, don’t do that right now. I’m still not awake and I can’t be held accountable for hexing your face off,” Ginny muttered.

“Go right ahead, Ginny, I won’t mind. Besides, if I miss his face, I’ll just look at Peter. He’s cuter to look at anyway,” Tabitha goaded from the other side of Charlie causing him to turn and scowl at his wife.

Charlie turned back to Ginny and grinned at her.

“You look like you’ve spent too many hours in Potions class, Firecracker, with your hair looking crazy like that and the bags under your eyes,” he mocked.

“I have not got bags under my eyes!” Ginny growled

“Yeah, you do little sis, and you don’t look alive either,” Bill chided.

“Actually, Ginny, you don’t look your best this morning,” Percy added.

Ginny blinked in slight shock. Even Percy was getting in on the teasing this morning?

“Poor, Harry. He’s in for a real nightmare in the mornings,” Fred sighed tragically.

“He’s condemning himself to a life of living with her. Poor, poor bloke,” George added, shaking his head sadly. “I don’t think he’s ever had to really endure her monthly!”

Ginny rolled her eyes, taking a sip of her now sweetened coffee which tasted better to her now. She felt herself starting to perk up a bit.

“What is this, Pick-On-Ginny Day?” she asked and finally began to tuck into her food.

“Yes,” responded her teasing brothers.

Ginny scowled and savagely attacked her eggs as if they were her annoying brothers and not her breakfast.

Breakfast continued with conversations taking place left, right and center, most of them revolved around the wedding. Ginny remained quiet throughout most of the conversations and only spoke when directly asked something. She didn’t want to really participate, and she was still attempting to fully wake up.

Ginny looked around the kitchen, taking note of how full it was. Not only was her family present but the countertops were filled with boxes containing the guest favors as well as several gifts that still needed to make their way to Harry’s flat. Out the window the tent where the reception was to take place stood tall against the old house, and she could see the tables and chairs that still needed to be arranged. That was also where she would begin her walk down the aisle.

She tore her gaze away from the window, allowing herself to listen to the conversations taking place.

“I can’t believe today is finally here,” Molly sighed. She looked at Ginny with a mixture of sadness and pride. “I’ve been waiting for this day since you were born and now it’s here and I just . . . oh, Ginny! You’re all grown up now!”

“Mum, she’s been grown up for a while now,” Bill pointed out.

“Oh, I know that,” Molly waved off. “It’s just today marks a true beginning for her as an adult. After all, she is taking on marriage.”

And suddenly it hit Ginny. Really hit her.

Her mother was right. Marriage was the epitome of being an adult and there was no turning back. There was no more depending on her parents for everything. She was the sole provider for her own well being. Everything would change now.

In five hours she was getting married and her entire life would change.

There was no more waiting, no more planning. This was it. She was now to be responsible for everything in her life. She would have to do everything on her own without her parents there to help her and she was scared. It was here and she never felt more afraid in her entire life.

Ginny dropped her fork. It clattered loudly against her nearly empty plate and drew the attention of everyone in the room.

“Ginny, dear, are you all right?” her mother asked in concern from across the table.

Her wide-eyed gaze was fixed on her plate and she found it difficult to breathe. She couldn’t do this, she couldn’t. She wasn’t ready for something this life-changing and she was feeling herself start to really panic.

“Ginny?” her mother called again, worry evident in her voice.

Slowly, Ginny raised her head, glancing around at the looks on her family’s faces and turned to her mother.

“Mum,” she whispered somewhat fearfully. She swallowed hard. “Mum, I’m getting married today.”

“Well, yes, dear, you are,” Molly replied soothingly.

“No, no. You don’t understand,” Ginny insisted as panic quickly rose within her. “I’m getting married today. There’s no more waiting or counting down or planning. It’s here and I – I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Ginny pushed her chair back, dimly noticing that Mikayla and Hermione had risen from their seats and were watching her carefully. All Ginny was really aware of was her rising panic.

Shakily, she ran her hands through her hair. “I’m not ready for this. I’m not, I’m not. My whole life is changing; what were we thinking? This is a huge step and I’m no longer just Ginny Weasley I’m – I’m Harry Potter’s wife!”

She stood up, pacing back and forth, her heart beating rapidly and her breathing shallow as a million horrible thoughts ran through her head. She knew she was being irrational and a tiny voice in the back of her mind was telling her to quit acting so stupid but she couldn’t help it right now. It never occurred to her how big of a thing marriage was.

“Ginny, it is okay, just calm down,” Mikayla’s voice said calmly but Ginny ignored it. “Just breathe and you’ll get over this panic attack.”

How could she be calm? She was supposed to be getting married!

Looking up, she saw Mikayla was right next to her and peering at her anxiously. Without thinking, she grabbed a hold of Mikayla’s shirt and felt herself shaking slightly.

“What if he doesn’t come?” Ginny said in panic. “What if he just leaves me at the altar? What if he decides I’m not worth it all? I mean, he’s Harry bloody Potter! Any witch out there would jump at the chance to be with him. I’ll look like a huge fool standing there in a wedding dress with no groom!”

“Arthur, get the Calming Draught!” her mother called somewhere in the distance.

“Okay, Ginny, listen to me,” Mikayla said slowly and took hold of Ginny’s shoulders. “Harry loves you and he will be here. There’s no need to worry about it. He will be here.”

But Ginny was no longer worried about that. Her eyes went wide with fear as another thought stabbed her mind roughly.

“Oh, Merlin!” Ginny whispered. “I’m supposed to-to perform my ‘wifely duties’ tonight!”

Somewhere in the back of her sane mind, Ginny could hear her brothers snorting in laughter, but she paid no mind to it.

“We’ve never done it before! What if I’m horrible at it and he hates it and decides to leave me over it!” Ginny continued to whisper.

“Arthur, hurry please!” her mother shouted from behind her.

The sound of her mother’s voice changed gears in her head and she quickly turned and grabbed a hold of her mother.

“Mum, I can’t cook as well as you and I have to clean and do his laundry and do all that stuff that you do,” she whispered. “What if I – I turn all his laundry pink? His Quidditch robes! He can’t go to practice in pink robes! And he’s going to end up eating out all the time because I know I’m going to burn everything and nothing will be edible. I’m going to be complete rubbish at this.”

Suddenly, a glass was pushed in front of her. Ginny stared at it, wild thoughts still running through her head.

“Come now, Ginny, drink this,” her mother cooed and closed Ginny’s hand around it. “It will make you feel better.”

With some effort on her mother’s part, Ginny drank the contents of the glass and immediately felt the effects. Her breathing returned to normal and her heart beat slowed. She closed her eyes for a moment as her rationality returned. When she opened them again, her face felt like it was on fire and she sank to the floor of the kitchen feeling absolutely humiliated for having a panic attack in front of her family like that. She had no idea why she panicked like that. Perhaps reality finally took a hold of her brain and she lost all common sense for a moment.

“Well that was entertaining,” one of her brothers muttered and a female voice reprimanded him quickly.

“How about we get you upstairs, and you can take a long, hot bath?” Molly suggested.

Ginny merely nodded into her hands, unable to look anyone in the face.

“Girls, why don’t you take her upstairs then and get her settled,” her mother said.

Hermione and Mikayla helped Ginny to her feet, neither one saying a word about her panic attack and Ginny was very grateful for it.

“Now don’t you worry about a thing, Ginny,” he mother said soothingly. “We’ll take care of everything here. You just relax and get yourself ready. I’ll send someone up with a cup of tea for you in a bit.”

As soon as she left the kitchen, Ginny heard her brothers burst into laughter and her mother shouting above them about their inconsideration and rudeness. Ginny merely closed her eyes and ignored it, letting the Calming Draught work on her and relax her body.

A few hours later Ginny was feeling very cool and collected. A strong cup of tea and a very relaxing bath helped to settle her nerves immensely, not to mention the Calming Draught had done its job. She was now sitting in front of her vanity mirror while Tabitha and Mikayla worked on her hair and makeup. Hermione had left to take Ginny’s last bag over to Harry’s flat for her.

“Is the makeup really necessary, Tabitha?” Ginny whined with her eyes squeezed tight as she felt a brush against her cheeks.

Her sister-in-law had volunteered to help Hermione and Mikayla get Ginny ready for the wedding and Ginny was glad for it. When she had come up earlier to help and give a report on the preparations for the wedding, she had brought a box along with her and insisted that Ginny should wear some makeup. Ginny had flat out told her no. She never wore makeup and she didn’t want to start now. Tabitha simply would not take no for an answer and Ginny found herself forced into a chair, unable to move as Mikayla immediately set to work on her hair and Tabitha situated herself right in front of her.

“Just a little to enhance your natural beauty,” Tabitha replied, brushing whatever it was on Ginny’s other cheek. “I promise it won’t make you look like a tart unless you really want to look like one. I mean if that’s what Harry goes for.”

“Ugh, no,” Ginny groaned. “I’m taking this stuff off as soon as the ceremony is over.”

“No! You have to wear it the whole day,” Tabitha insisted. “You do want to look uniform in each picture don’t you? And if you won’t do it for me, do it for Peter, your adorable little nephew who adores his Auntie Ginny very much!”

“Don’t drag Peter into this!” Ginny laughed at Tabitha’s pathetic attempt. “And I don’t care if I look uniform in each picture. That’s a ridiculous reason!”

“That reminds me,” Mikayla said from somewhere behind Ginny, “Colin said he’s going to be here at ten with an assistant to help set up.”

“Who’s his assistant – not too much, Tabitha!” Ginny’s question turned into a whine.

“Stop being a baby about it and hold still,” Tabitha replied and took a firm hold of Ginny’s chin.

“Ouch! Are you trying to bruise me?” Ginny cried in slight pain.

“Yes, so I can cover it up in more makeup,” she deadpanned. “Quit squirming! You’re worse than Peter when I try to dress him.”

“Dennis,” Mikayla answered as if Ginny’s side conversation with Tabitha wasn’t taking place.

“I didn’t know he took pictures, too,” Ginny mused allowed as Tabitha slightly released her grip on her.

“He’s helping Colin out for a while until he figures out what to do with his life. He’s actually really good at it. I don’t know why he just doesn’t stay on with Colin,” Mikayla explained.

Ginny merely listened as Mikayla went on about Colin’s studio and let Tabitha do whatever she wanted to her face.

About an hour later, Ginny stood in front of the mirror marveling at how she looked.

Despite her protest, the small amount of makeup looked rather nice on her. There was just a splash of color but otherwise it looked like she was wearing none at all. Mikayla had put her hair up in a French twist with three blue butterfly clasps holding it in place. Her veil came down to her fingertips and was attached to a simple pearl studded comb that was placed just above the twist. There was a blusher veil attached to it as well. That one came to just about her shoulders and would cover her face throughout the ceremony as was tradition. She would remove it once the ceremony was over.

Her dress was something she always dreamed about. It was a strapless satin A-line gown. There were no decorations on it, except for the small beaded cluster in the shape of a rose that sat at the opening of a side split that revealed a tulle inset below the satin. There was no train as Ginny had decided she didn’t want to drag it, and the skirt fell just barely above the ground. The only downside to the dress was the tiny pearl shaped buttons on the back. There were at least two dozen of them and it took forever for Mikayla to do them up. Her friend had a grand time teasing Ginny about how fun it was going to be later when Harry undid them.

“Well, what do you think?” Mikayla’s voice broke Ginny out of her thoughts. She was the only one left in the room since. Tabitha had left to get ready herself and tend to Peter while Hermione had been recruited in helping set things up once she herself had got dressed.

“That’s me?” Ginny whispered, stunned at her appearance. She turned her head slowly and admired the pearl earrings she had borrowed from her mother, which was also a family heirloom. She gently touched the Potter family necklace she wore around her neck. It rounded out the look and complemented her dress very nicely. The other piece of jewelry that she wore was the Thinking-Of-You necklace that Harry had got her for their first Christmas as a couple. She had wrapped it around her wrist and could feel the familiar warmth and beating of wings. The only item left was her bouquet, which lay on her desk, made of white lilies and tied with a sheer midnight blue ribbon.

“Yes,” Mikayla giggled and stood behind Ginny. She put a hand on either shoulder and smiled at her in the mirror. “You look gorgeous, Ginny. Really.”

Ginny covered one of Mikayla’s hands with her own and looked at her friend.

“Thanks,” she whispered. “I don’t know what I would have done without you this whole time.”

“Just expect to pay me back whenever Colin decides to pop the question,” Mikayla sighed with a roll of her eyes and removed her hands from Ginny’s shoulders. She began to walk around her, tugging her dress in various directions as to make sure it wasn’t bunching up anywhere.

“So, in ten years?” Ginny replied smoothing out the front of her dress.

“I think that’s about right, knowing Mr. Creevey,” Mikayla nodded and gently smoothed Ginny’s veil out. “I think I’d actually go into shock if he did propose in ten years. By the time he does get around to that I’ll have to take a walker down the aisle.”

“You’d be so lucky,” Ginny teased and they shared a laugh. But as soon as the laughter died Ginny took note of the slight frown on Mikayla’s face.

“Hey,” she said quietly. “Is everything okay?”

Mikayla glanced at her and nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Ginny asked and moved her hand from her veil.

“Yes,” Mikayla replied quickly and went back to fixing her dress and veil. “There,” Mikayla announced with a flourish, a clear sign that whatever it was that was going on she didn’t want Ginny to push. “Now just don’t move and you’ll look perfect all day.”

Ginny rolled her eyes, letting it go for the moment then glanced at the midnight blue dress Mikayla wore. It was a satin gown with a chiffon drape neck and held up by spaghetti straps. The dress and color looked wonderful on both Mikayla and Hermione as Ginny was not going to be like previous brides she had dealt with in the past who insisted on forcing their friends into horrible outfits and colors. The flowered wreath sat on top of her head and her hair was let loose and fell in natural curls around her shoulders.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” Ginny commented. “The dress looks great on you.”

Mikayla turned to her side, looking at herself in the mirror and smoothing her hands over the fabric of the dress. She glanced up and brushed a few strands of her curly hair out of her eyes.

“I look rather ravishing if I do say so myself,” she sighed. “I think Colin’s going to love it. You made a good choice, though now I can’t force you into a hideous gown when I get married.”

“As long as it goes with my walker,” Ginny said somberly.

They looked at each other before launching into a fit of laughter. It lasted for several long moments before silence overcame them. It was quiet enough for them to hear the activity going on downstairs. Her mother’s shrill voice could be heard over it all as she commanded several orders. Ginny could just picture her brothers running back and forth to do as told.

Ginny sighed, hoping that everything was going well. There was a sudden knock on the door, grabbing both witches’ attention followed by a muffled and very familiar, “Hello?”

Ginny gathered her skirt in her hands before dashing across the room to her door, but Mikayla beat her to it. She gave Ginny a stern look and cracked the door opened.

“Hi, Harry. You can’t come in here,” she said, peering out into the hall.

“Mikayla, this is really ridiculous. Let me see Ginny,” he replied in a very annoyed voice.

“As much as I would love to, I can’t. It’s bad luck for the two of you to see each other before the wedding,” Mikayla persisted.

“That’s a stupid Muggle superstition that Hermione has forced you all to believe! I just want a few words with her. Come on, Mikayla,” Harry said in what sounded very much like a whine.

“No!” Mikayla ordered. “Go downstairs and talk to her after the ceremony.”

“Through the door!” Harry cried desperately. “Please. I just want to make sure she’s okay. Do you know what I had to do to sneak up here? Is everyone determined not to let me be anywhere close to my fiancée? Come on, just really quick before someone finds me up here and drags me away. I need to talk to her.”

Mikayla sighed irritably. She glanced behind her and beckoned Ginny forward. “Fine, but don’t try to get a look at her. You’re not the only one who knows how to use a wand.”

She leaned against the wall, leaving the door barely ajar and watched Ginny like a hawk as she stood in front of it.

“Ginny?” Harry’s voice called.

“Hi,” she replied, feeling breathless all the sudden. She pressed her palms against the door and looked down at the ground. She could barely make out the shadow of his feet through the bottom of the door.

“Everything okay? Hermione said you had some sort of panic attack earlier when she dropped off your things,” he inquired, sounding very concerned for her.

Ginny lightly banged her forehead on the door wondering why Hermione said anything in the first place. That was a tidbit of information she was hoping to keep from him. “I’m fine. Just lost my mind for a few minutes, but I’m fine, I promise.”

“You know, I feel a bit silly talking like this,” he said with a slight laugh in his voice. “Talking through a door.”

Ginny reached through the crack, offering her hand for him to take. She peeked at Mikayla to see if she would snatch Ginny’s hand back but she just gave her a soft, understanding look in return.

She felt Harry’s large and slightly rough hand clasp hers and she felt a warm sensation sweep over her. Whatever left over nerves she had were gone once he touched her.

“You’re ready then?” he asked. “Dressed and everything?”

“Yes. All that’s left to do is to walk down the aisle,” she replied.

“I’ll be waiting for you at the end of it,” he said softly. “It’s going to be one of the best moments of my life you know, watching you walk towards me and beginning our lives together.”

Ginny caught a smile on Mikayla’s face and saw her mouth the words “how sweet” to her. Ginny matched her smile and squeezed her hand around Harry’s.

“I should go,” Harry sighed. “I’m going to see if there’s anything I can do to help.”

“Good luck,” Ginny snorted. “They won’t let me out of this room let alone do anything.”

She heard him chuckle and he squeezed her hand. “Love you,” he said quietly and she felt him kiss the back of her hand.

“I love you, too,” she replied.

With a muttered goodbye, he let go of her hand and she listened to his footsteps as they faded away.

Ginny sighed, leaning her back against the door and fiddled with her hands. She looked up and spotted a small box sitting on her bed.

“Oh no!” she cried. She hurried across her room and picked it up. “These were supposed to go out!”

“Wait,” Mikayla stood in front of her before she could make it to the door. “Is that Harry’s gift?”

Ginny nodded and Mikayla took the box.

“I’ll do it. You stay in here and don’t let Harry in,” Mikayla assured her and without letting Ginny reply, she hurried out the door and let it shut firmly behind her.

Ginny was finally alone. She was starting to feel like a princess locked in the tower. She imagined herself to be guarded by several fire-breathing dragons (consequently all with red scales) and trying to keep her prince from rescuing her.

Ginny sighed feeling irritated with everyone for forcing her to stay in her room and sat on her bed. She was bored. There was nothing for her to do as she was not allowed to help downstairs and she was already dressed and ready to go. Sighing again, she looked around her room.

All that remained were her childhood possessions. Toys and trinkets that she had outgrown were trickled throughout the room and would remain there until her parents decided to pack them up and store them away. Everything else, her books and clothes and personal belongings had been packed up and taken to Harry’s flat, which would now be her residence. It was then that she realized that this was the last time she would be in her childhood room. The next time she stepped foot into it, she would be married and things would be different.

She stood and began a slow walk about her room, reliving memories in her head. She smiled at small cracks and stubborn marks, the stories behind them replaying in her mind. She picked up stuffed animals, remembering who had given it to her and what occasion it was. Finally, she stood in front of her window deciding to have one last look out of it and gazed out at the back garden, which was busy with activity.

The normally overgrown garden had been worked on in detail over the past few weeks. Everyone had helped to get it ready for the big event. Now it looked like gardeners had been in every week to tend to it and to her relief, there wasn’t a gnome in sight.

From her viewpoint, she could see the edge of the tent that was attached to the Burrow on one side to allow easy access into the kitchen and the washroom. A stone path led from the visible entrance of the tent that she could see and down through rows of chairs. It ended at a large stone circular dais that contained the altar. It was atop that dais where she and Harry would finally be married.

It seemed like all the chairs were filled, except for a few here and there and the front two rows on her side where her immediate family would sit. It was difficult for Ginny to make out who was who from where she stood, except for the bright red heads of her extended family and Hagrid’s large form at the back of Harry’s side and unless she was mistaken it seemed like he had brought along Madame Maxime. She was also able to spot Colin and Dennis milling around with cameras hanging around their necks and already hard at work. At the very back of the chairs were Parvati and Padma Patil, Lavender Brown and her cousin, Matilda. All were playing their instruments to entertain the waiting guests.

The door opened, causing Ginny to look away from the window and at her visitor.

Her parents stood in front of the opened doorway, both seeming like they were rooted on the spot.

Her father wore a splendid Muggle tuxedo. He had been very excited when Ginny had told him they were going to wear Muggle clothes for the wedding and had decided he would join them. His were black with a grey vest and tie and he, like her immediate family, the groomsmen and Harry, wore a white lily attached to the chest.

Her mother on the other hand wore a new set of dark green dress robes trimmed in gold, courtesy of Harry who had insisted that his future mother-in-law show off her beauty. Her robes shimmered slightly in the light, as the material was made of glittering silk. Her hair was done in soft curls and fell around her head.

“Oh, Ginny!” her mother wailed, rushing to her daughter’s side and gushing over her. “Just look at you! Arthur, look at her!”

“A vision of beauty,” Arthur said, joining his wife and daughter. “Seems like it was only yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time, now she’s standing in a wedding dress and moving on in her life.”

One look at her father and Ginny could see he was fighting back tears. Her mother was already openly crying in front of her.

“Mum, please don’t cry,” she begged.

“I can’t help it,” Molly sobbed and sniffled. “My little girl is all grown up and getting married. Oh, darling you look so lovely, and Harry, he looks so handsome in his tuxedo. We’re so proud of you!”

Molly flung her arms around Ginny and hugged her tightly. She kissed her on the cheek and let her go, looking her over once more. She stood to the side, letting Arthur hug and kiss his daughter as well.

“I hate to break this up – wow!”

Ginny looked over her father’s shoulder and saw Bill standing in the doorway wearing black dress robes. He smiled as he walked in the room and stood before Ginny.

“Wow, you look so grown up,” he whispered, fingering her veil in his hand. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, still smiling. “You really do look beautiful, little sis.”

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“Right, well everything’s ready downstairs. Mum, the twins are going to escort you down the aisle. Charlie is taking Grandma Prewett and Percy is going to bring Grandma Weasley,” he explained and turned to Ginny. “I’ll be at the tent telling people when to go, if that’s okay with you?”

She nodded and he continued.

“It’s almost eleven,” Bill went on consulting his watch. “All the guests have arrived and just about seated. Are you ready to go in a few minutes?”

Ginny nodded. “Just hand me my bouquet and I’m set.”

Bill picked the bunch of flowers from her desk and handed it to her. “I’ll send Mikayla up when we’re ready for you in the tent.”

He left followed by Arthur and finally Molly who gave her daughter one final kiss before leaving.

It seemed like in no time at all that Ginny was inside the tent, her right arm linked in her father’s left and waiting to take her turn down the aisle. She could hear music playing as each person took their trek down the stone pathway and caught glimpses of guests every time the flap opened. She had yet to see Harry, as Bill had made sure he was already at the altar before she entered the tent. Bill had also made sure Ginny stood far back so that no one could see her whenever someone else left the tent. He had insisted it was purely for a dramatic effect when she finally did start her descent down the aisle.

Waiting, she looked around the tent. Dozens of tables were set up, decorated just as Harry and Ginny had wanted. To the left of the dance floor was a mixed Muggle and magical DJ station where Lee Jordan would man the music for the night. In front of the dance floor was the bridal table where she, Harry and their attendants would sit throughout the reception. Towards the back of the tent and next to the actual wall of the Burrow were long tables where the food would be set upon for the evening.

Ginny had already seen Dobby and several other house elves on loan from Hogwarts setting up the tent and place settings and were no doubt finishing up the food for the reception. Professor McGonagall, who insisted she had to help in some way with the wedding of two of her favorite students, had allowed Dobby and his friends to help for the evening. Angelina and Alicia were happy to have the help, as they did not want to miss the actual ceremony. Hermione had been appalled and Ginny had to lie and say there were paying each house elf for their work to keep her placated.

The flap opened, drawing Ginny’s attention back to the processional. A stream of mid-morning light flooded inside and quickly left once Hermione made her way through out the tent.

Mikayla turned around and quickly looked Ginny over making sure nothing was out of place. She straightened out the blusher veil.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the ring,” she said and gave her a quick smile before turning around again and facing the flap. In what seemed like a flash, the flap opened, Mikayla disappeared through it and it closed again.

Ginny and her father took a few steps forward, waiting for the cue in music. Neither one spoke to the other as there was nothing more to say. Ginny merely leaned her head against her father’s shoulder. She heard him sigh happily and she knew that he was very proud to be giving her away.

Deciding that she should say something, she lifted her head and looked up at him.

“Dad?” she said quietly waiting for him to look at her. Once he faced her, she took a deep breath and spoke. “Dad . . . Daddy, I just want to say thank you for everything. I know you and Mum did everything you could to make sure we were well taken care of and I just want to let you know that I appreciate it all.”

He smiled warmly at her and sighed. “I wouldn’t have changed a thing, Pumpkin. You’ve become a wonderful person and I couldn’t be prouder.”

She smiled, willing her tears to keep from falling. She tugged her arm out of his and hugged him fiercely. After several long moments, they let go.

Bill’s hand reached inside the tent and he beckoned them forward. Arthur offered her his arm again and she took it. As they walked forward, Ginny glanced down to make sure she didn’t mess anything up. There was a change in music and the scuffle of people standing from chairs.

“Ready?” Arthur asked.

“Since I was ten,” she replied.

“Let’s get you married.”

The flap opened and together they walked into the late sunlit morning.

Chapter 5: Chapter Five - . . . . I Thee Wed
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A/N: Hello all and sorry for the delay! Please keep in mind that both myself and my beta are teachers and trust me when I say, it's not a very easy job. And please do know that this was written long before Deathly Hallows. Also know that I do have up through chapter 14 written.

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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Five – . . . . I Thee Wed

For a moment, Ginny was blinded by the morning sunlight. Her eyes quickly adjusted and she took in the sight of her friends and family gathered together to watch her marry the love of her life. With a tug from her father, they began the most memorable walk of her entire life.

There were gasps from all around as everyone watched Ginny and her father slowly make their way down the aisle. Ginny could not help but smile at them all. Flashes of light told Ginny where Colin and his brother were and several more came from the audience. Once she was halfway down the aisle, she looked straight ahead and saw the one person she wanted to see all day.

Harry stood atop the dais with Mr. Curtis, the officiator who married her brothers and parents, on his right. To Harry’s left were Ron and Neville. Harry looked dashing in his black tuxedo, midnight blue vest and matching tie, with a white lily pinned to his chest. She was very happy to see that he hadn’t touched his hair, letting it be its normal messy self that she loved so much. His mouth was dropped open and he seemed to be in complete awe at the sight of her. She smiled brightly at him and the sides of his mouth curled up into an opened mouth smile.

Ron leaned forward, muttering something in Harry’s ear and she heard him take an audible breath. She fought a giggle that wanted to escape as he had obviously stopped breathing for a few moments. Instead, she smiled and focused her attention on him and only him.

“Nervous?” her father muttered out the corner of his mouth.

“No,” she whispered truthfully. How could she be nervous about marrying the love of her life?

“Good,” he whispered back. “You two are going to have a great life together.”

“I know,” she whispered and turned her head for a moment to smile at her father.

Arthur matched her smile and looked ahead of them again. Ginny followed suit and locked her eyes on Harry once more.

Ginny and her father reached the dais just as the music ended. Harry quickly descended the two steps of the platform and met them while their guests sat in their seats again.

Arthur released Ginny’s arm. He carefully lifted her blusher veil and kissed her cheek before letting it fall again. He turned and faced Harry, shaking his hand firmly and gave him a warm smile. He then took Ginny’s hand and placed it in Harry’s opened palm.

“Take care of her,” Arthur whispered to Harry. “She’s the only one I got.”

“We’ll take care of each other,” Harry whispered back.

Arthur smiled once more before joining his wife in the front row who was already dabbing profusely at her eyes with a handkerchief.

Ginny stood in front of Harry with her hand clasped in his, beaming up at him. She couldn’t believe that this was finally happening.

Both continued to smile brightly at the other and it wasn’t until Mr. Curtis cleared his throat loudly that they remembered they had to stand on top of the platform. Several stifled laughs rifted throughout the crowd, many coming from where Ginny knew her brothers were sitting.

Once they were in place, Harry and Ginny turned away from each other, their hands clasped tightly together and faced the officiator.

“Welcome, friends and family!” he called to the entire audience. “On behalf of the bride and groom, we thank you for coming to witness and celebrate this joyous occasion!”

He cleared his throat and focused his attention on the young couple in front of him. He smiled before speaking. “Marriage is more than spending your life with each other. It involves commitment, perseverance, sacrifice, understanding and most importantly love. It is an eternal bond between two people that can never be broken. It is filled with joy and sadness, and is a grand adventure you will both embark on together. You will become a part of each other for the rest of your lives. By presenting yourselves today in front of your family and friends, you are showing that you are ready to take this on. Before we begin with the bonding, I must ask you both, are you here today under your own sound judgment and willingness to be bound together in matrimony for the rest of your lives?”

“We are,” they answered together, each of them stealing glances of each other and smiling widely.

“Very well,” Mr. Curtis replied. “Let’s begin with the family blessings.”

He beckoned her parents forward and Lupin and Tonks who would represent Harry’s family. They stood on either side of Harry and Ginny.

“Who blesses this couple in their journey together as one in the name of Potter?” Mr. Curtis asked.

“We bless them on behalf of the Potter family name,” Lupin and Tonks said together.

“And who blesses this couple in their journey together as one in the name of Weasley?”

“We bless them on behalf of the Weasley family name,” Arthur and Molly replied in unison, ending in a loud sniffle from Molly.

“Thank you,” Mr. Curtis said and motioned Ron and Mikayla forward while the others returned to their seats. “With the blessings given, we shall begin then with the Oath of Souls. Please face each other, kneel and join your hands.”

They did as directed, kneeling on pillows Ron and Mikayla had placed between them and faced each other. Mikayla took Ginny’s bouquet and she and Hermione quickly fixed Ginny’s gown. Once her hands were free, she linked them with Harry’s. He pulled them to his lips, twisted them slightly and kissed each one all while keeping his eyes on her and a small smile on his face. She smiled.

“By kneeling before each other, you are showing that you are equals. Marriage is a joint effort that requires both of you working together,” Mr. Curtis explained. He took out his wand and pointed it at their joined hands. “Please recite the Oath of Souls.”

Ginny took a deep breath and looked squarely at Harry hoping that neither one of them would forget it. This was the part of their ceremony that was once separated by the outdated courting ceremonies and the most important. They had to say it together and mean it for their bond to truly take form.

Harry gave her a small nod of his head indicating that they should start. Together, they opened their mouths and recited, “I give to thee my mind, to share with thee my knowledge and thoughts. I give to thee my soul, to share with thee my spirit and being. I give to thee my body, for thee to hold and comfort. I give to thee my heart, for thee to have and love freely. I give these to thee to share forever more.”

As they spoke each line, white ribbons of light shot out of the officiator’s wand and wrapped around their hands. Each of them was barely aware of the floating lights as they could not take their eyes off each other.

“Do you each accept this Oath of Souls and solemnly swear to take it in love and compassion?” he asked.

“We do,” they replied in unison.

“Please continue.”

Harry raised his eyebrows very slightly and Ginny smiled in response. Together, they spoke the last part of the Oath, “I give this Oath and take it in love and compassion. I promise to cherish it for all my life. With this Oath, I bond myself to thee.”

The white ribbons of light shone brilliantly and floated faster around their hands. Quite suddenly they stopped and made one single golden band. It vibrated very slowly and suddenly shot out into a thousand different beads of light. It surrounded them, shrouding them in golden light, and just as quickly as it began, the beads returned and formed a single gold band, hovering around their hands for a moment before sinking into their clasps hands.

Ginny gasped quietly in surprise and closed her eyes as a new feeling overcame her. It was as if her whole self being was filled, as if she was now complete. It was overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Harry had his own eyes shut and had an awed and blissful expression on his face. When he opened his eyes, he smiled widely at her and she matched it.

“Did it work?” he whispered very softly.

“I think so,” she replied just as quietly and it took all her willpower to keep herself from launching herself at him and kissing him in joy.

“It did,” Mr. Curtis interjected in the same soft tones they had been using. He smiled at them before speaking loudly, “The Oath has been given and received; the bond has been made and sealed. Now who will bestow the Gifts of Three upon this couple kneeling before each other?”

Ginny was very anxious and slightly nervous waiting for those who would give them their Gifts of Three. She glanced at Harry and saw he looked the same.

The Gifts of Three were unique to each and every couple. The couple never knew what they were until they were granted upon them let alone who it was giving it to them. It was kept secret and discussed among those who were close to the couple. All they did know were that the Gifts of Three were given to them by people who were close to them and represented each individual one and it was often more than one person.

Mr. Curtis stepped back and allowed those who would give them their first Gift to take his place.

Arthur and Molly stood before them, each with their wands out and pointed at the couple.

“We bestow upon thee the gift of Love,” they said. “May you both continue to love one another for the rest of your lives and may it grow and deepen each and every day.”

A stream of red shot from their wands and engulfed the couple for a moment before disappearing. Each kissed Harry and Ginny on the tops of their heads before returning to their seats.

Next were Ron and Hermione who were both grinning ear to ear. Ginny was surprised to see tears in Ron’s eyes. Ron reached up and wiped a tear away before he joined his wand with Hermione’s.

“We bestow upon thee the gift of Friendship. May you both be each other’s companion and partner for all your days as husband and wife.”

As Arthur and Molly’s wands did, red light shot out and surrounded Harry and Ginny as well. They too kissed the tops of their heads, Ron even patting Harry on his back before they returned to their own spots.

As the final people who would give them their last Gift stood before them, Ginny found herself turning to Harry in horror. He had a very similar look on his face and gave her a nervous smile.

“Bet you weren’t expecting this,” Fred grinned.

“Don’t worry, we won’t do anything too embarrassing,” George added and turned to his twin.

Together they turned back to the couple and together they said, “If you’re lucky!”

Ginny glared up at them, biting back a rude remark. This was something she was afraid was going to happen.

The twins pointed their wands at them and shared a look with each other.

“We bestow upon thee the gift of Laughter. May you both find humor in your everyday lives and smile each and every day!”

They gave each of them loud smacking kisses on the tops of their heads. George slapped Harry merrily on his back, “Don’t worry, mate, she’s almost all yours!”

“Yeah, thanks, mate! Thought we’d never get rid of her! We almost took up an ad in the Daily Prophet to see if we couldn’t sell her off to some poor old chap,” Fred chimed, earning a dangerous glare from Ginny and a round of laughter from the guests. Before Ginny could do anything in the form of a comeback, they were back in their seats and Mr. Curtis was standing in front of them again.

“Let’s continue shall we?” he suggested. “You have been given your Gifts of Three. Do you accept these Gifts and vow to be true to them throughout your marriage?”

“We accept,” they replied.

“Please rise,” Mr. Curtis directed.

Together they stood. Mikayla and Hermione hurried forward to adjust Ginny’s dress and gave her bright smiles before returning to their spots once more.

“Face each other and please recite your vows,” Mr. Curtis said.

And so they did, facing each other and making their promises to be true and faithful, to be there for one another no matter what came their way and to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Their ceremony was finally coming to an end and Ginny felt her heart beating very fast. In a few short minutes they would be husband and wife.

“Harry, if you would,” Mr. Curtis said and gestured towards Ron.

Harry turned and took the ring Ron held out. He faced Ginny then and gently took her left hand in his own. Taking a deep breath, he looked up at her gazing directly into her eyes.

“I give thee this ring, as a symbol of my everlasting love and affection for thee and only thee,” he said and placed the ring at the tip of her finger. As he slid it next to her engagement ring he said his final words to her. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

“And now, Ginny,” Mr. Curtis nodded towards her.

Ginny took the ring from Mikayla and faced Harry. She let out a shaky breath and looked up at him as she took his left hand.

“I give thee this ring, as a symbol of my everlasting love and affection for thee and only thee,” she whispered as a sob tried to escape from her. She choked it back down and continued, sliding the ring on his finger. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

They smiled widely at each other, Harry squeezing her hand in his.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride,” Mr. Curtis announced.

Harry took a step towards her, the smile never leaving his face. He lifted the blusher veil, flipping it over her head and rested his hands on the back of her head. He took another step forward, letting one hand rest on her waist and the other under her chin. Slowly, he lifted her face upwards just a bit and leaned forward, brushing his lips across hers in a soft, tender and loving kiss.

Cheers and applause erupted around them as their kiss lingered. Ginny slid her hand through his hair as he brushed his lips softly against hers once more and she felt pure elation.

He pulled away but kept his forehead against hers. The cheers and applause were still going and his eyes sparkled in mischief.

“Want to give them something to really cheer about?” he suggested.

Ginny gave him a curious look. He merely waggled his eyebrows at her before turning her on the spot, swinging her around him and dipping her. Ginny was taken by complete surprise and somehow managed to keep her balance. She laughed and Harry quickly kissed her again, this time deepening it just a bit. The applause grew and she vaguely heard several catcalls and whistles.

Mr. Curtis cleared his throat. Harry righted her and they turned to face the officiator once more.

“Let me be the first to congratulate you both and I wish you well,” he said quietly. “Now, please turn and face your guests.”

They did as told, Harry quickly entwining Ginny’s hand in his own.

“It is my pleasure to present to you all for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter!” Mr. Curtis announced.

Harry held up their clasped hands in triumph, a permanent bright smile on his face. In waves, their guests rose to their feet and clapped loudly for the couple as they walked off the dais and stopped in front of her parents. Hugs, handshakes and lots of kisses from Molly were exchanged between them. They were just about to make their way back up the aisle to the tent when Harry paused. Ginny looked up at him and followed his gaze.

His eyes were fixed upon three empty chairs in the front row. Each had a rose and a lily tied together with ribbon upon them and a separate picture frame containing pictures of Lily Potter, James Potter and Sirius Black resting next to the flowers. It was Ginny’s gift to Harry as a wedding present.

Those that were close by seemed to have caught on and fell silent. Ginny placed a comforting hand on his arm and he turned to look at her. Harry’s eyes were glistening slightly.

“I know they’re watching,” she whispered. “They’re with us and I know they’re proud.”

He released a shaky breath and nodded. “Thank you,” he muttered.

He offered his arm to her. She linked hers with his and together made their way back up the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

* * * * * *

“All right you two just act natural,” Colin directed and looked up from his camera. “No, Ginny, natural. Move your arm . . . but pull him closer!”

Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes at him. She pulled Harry’s arms around her closer.

“Really, Colin. ‘Do this, but be natural’,” she asked in annoyance. “How can I be natural when you’re telling me how to do it? What does that mean anyway?”

“It’s natural, Ginny, what do you think it means? Just do whatever it is you two do when you’re alone,” he said, disappearing behind his camera and aiming it at them.

Ginny glanced over her shoulder at Harry who gave her a very amused smile.

“I don’t think you want us to do that, Colin,” Ginny replied.

Colin lowered his camera and stuck his tongue out at her.

“Look, just be playful, you know all that kissing you two do that makes me want to gag,” Colin explained. “I want to get some un-posed pictures of the two of you together.”

“Let’s give the man what he wants,” Harry said and turned Ginny in his arms. He twirled her around before pulling her against him and kissing her softly all the while Colin was snapping madly with his camera.

For nearly an hour after the ceremony, Harry and Ginny were locked in pictures. Colin and Dennis had ushered them, the family and the bridal party to the other side of the tent to take dozens and dozens of pictures in numerous poses with different people. Once Colin had got what he wanted with everyone, he had kept Harry and Ginny to take individual pictures of just the two of them and separate ones. Dennis had followed the family and bridal party back into the tent to take candid pictures of guests.

Ginny had to admit, once all the posed and directed pictures were taken, she was having fun. She and Harry were simply being themselves, from chasing each other around the area (in a very careful manner so to not to get their wedding clothes dirty) to sweet embraces and kisses. Colin seemed to be happy with what were they doing and it seemed like there were steady flashes coming from him every few seconds.

“At least pretend you’re enjoying that, Ginny!” Colin called to her as Harry had her locked in a very passionate kiss

She moved her arm just enough to send a rude gesture at Colin.

“Oh that’s really classy! You’ve got yourself a great one there, Harry! That’s double the price now, you know,” Colin cried.

Ginny pulled away from Harry and looked at Colin. “Who said we were paying you to begin with?”

Both Colin and Harry laughed.

Harry buried his face into her neck and peppered light kisses on her skin. “You’re horrible, you know.”

“I do know,” she sighed and lifted his head with her hands to kiss him properly. He wrinkled his nose at her and they continued to “be natural” as Colin had asked.

“Right, well I think I’ve got plenty,” Colin announced after snapping a sweet picture of Harry kissing Ginny tenderly on the forehead and holding her close. “I’ll let Lee know to announce you both in say, five minutes?”

They nodded and for the first time in what seemed like days, they were alone.

“What if we just left now?” Harry suggested walking next to her as they made their way to the tent.

“Like skip the reception and just go?” she clarified.

“Yeah. Just go. The car’s around the front. We can just sneak off without them knowing,” he continued, grabbing her hand and starting to lead her the other way.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that since we’re the guests of honor and all,” she sighed and tugged him back towards the tent. “Everyone is sort of expecting us to be gracious and actually be there. Don’t you want to show me off as your bride?”

Harry pulled her to him and nuzzled her nose against hers. “You’re beautiful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.”

She smiled up at him. “And you look very handsome too.”

“Is this really happening?” he murmured, running his hands gently up and down her sides.

“Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?” she replied, snaking her arms around his neck and linking her hands together behind his head.

They stood in that embrace, neither one saying anything more and just enjoyed being close. They broke apart only when they heard Lee’s muffled introduction from within the tent. Once he announced their names, Harry opened the flap, allowing Ginny to enter first and they were greeted with loud cheers and applause. Each wore a smile as they weaved through the tables, giving polite waves and finally reached their table in the front.

“Welcome, welcome and congratulations!” Lee said into the magical microphone that seemed to work solely on charms modeled after Muggle electricity. “I think I can speak for everyone here when I say you both make a beautiful couple and we’re all very happy that you’ve both decided to take that final step in your relationship!”

The crowd applauded. Harry and Ginny couldn’t help but smile.

“Harry, you look great. You clean up nicely, old chap, and Ginny might I say you look absolutely beautiful in that dress. Why don’t you stand up and take a spin, show off that dress of yours?”

Their guests cheered their approval. Ginny glanced at Harry for his opinion. He shrugged and gestured toward the crowd.

“Give them what they want I guess,” he said with a grin. Ginny rolled her eyes and stood. She went around the table and stood in front of it. Feeling silly, she spun around and quickly headed back to her seat next to Harry.

“Better get started on those buttons, Potter!” one of Harry’s teammates shouted from across the room and several people laughed.

Harry turned bright red and he gave Ginny an apologetic look. She placed a hand on Harry’s arm and squeezed it gently.

“All right, all right,” Lee’s voice rang over the laughter and cheers, “Let’s get to the food before the Weasley boys start hexing me for taking too long!”

“Too right you are!” Ron shouted from next to Harry.

“Harry and Ginny, after you!” Lee announced. The couple stood and made their way to the buffet table.

The night wore on. Ginny and Harry made sure that they talked to each and every person there and made sure everyone felt welcomed. She had introduced him to several family members and friends he never met and he had introduced her to some of his teammates and other Quidditch players he had gotten to know. They were pulled into several conversations that ranged from how they met to some political views to their plans for their honeymoon. It seemed like everyone was having a great time.

Speeches were made throughout the evening. Her father’s had made her burst into tears, Ron had made her laugh and then cry after he described how much of a brother Harry had become to him and Mikayla had said a few words which once again made Ginny cry. Even Harry had made another speech about how they had fallen in love and how happy he was to have her in his life. That had earned him a very passionate kiss that the whole crowd had applauded enthusiastically.

A few hours in, Ginny fell into her seat sighing in relief. She had just finished what seemed like the hundredth dance that night, this one a rousing number with the twins who seemed set on making her permanently dizzy. Several of the dances that evening were shared with Harry, who had surprised her by leading her into a perfect waltz during their first dance and admitted he had been taking lessons so he didn’t ruin it for them. But she also had several with her brothers and father, cousins and uncles, grandfathers and friends and even one with both of her nephews. She was tired and her feet were aching despite losing her heels just after the reception began.

Harry took his seat next to her and watched her as she massaged her feet. He had gotten rid of his jacket early on as he too was roped into lots of dancing and his face looked flushed. Obviously he had just finished a dance as well.

“Aine should stick to Chasing,” Harry groaned. “She’s not very graceful on her feet. Much better in the air.”

Ginny laughed. “She knows that. She’s having fun. I’m so glad she came! We had loads to catch up on.”

Harry smiled at her. “Feet hurt?”

“I think they’re going to fall off,” she moaned and put her foot down. She glanced up at him and gave him a sweet look. “Want to be a good husband and give me a foot rub tonight?”

Harry leaned forward and gave her a very sly smile. “I’ll give you something better than that tonight.”

Her face flushed. Before Harry noticed her embarrassment though, he stood up and offered his hand to her.

“Come on. Let’s go for another go around the floor. That is if your poor feet can take it,” he said.

“A dance with you?” she asked and smiled brightly up at him. “I think my feet can take a little more abuse.”

She took his hand and they joined the other couples as another slow song played.

Harry held her close as they rotated on the spot. Ginny laid her head on his chest, listening to the steady thud of his heart. His arms felt strong and comforting as he held her and it made her happy to know that he would always hold her like this.

“Oi, Harry. Trade you girls.”

Ginny lifted her head and saw Ron and Hermione next to them in a similar embrace.

“One beautiful girl for another?” Harry asked, earning dazzlingly smiles from both Hermione and Ginny.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Ron replied. Ginny glared at him and Hermione smacked him hard on the shoulder. “Ow! What did you do that for?”

Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at Ginny. “Trade me and take this git off my hands for a little bit.”

Without waiting for a reply, Hermione had switched spots with Ginny and she watched as her friend took off with Harry.

“You really are a git sometimes, you know that,” Ginny sighed and allowed her brother to lead her around the floor.

“She didn’t let me finish,” Ron muttered sullenly. “I was going to say gorgeous girls but she had to go and smack me like that and take off with Harry.”

He looked dejectedly at the floor. It made Ginny feel sorry for him.

“Oh, Ron,” Ginny sighed and lifted his chin up to look at her. “You’re sweet.”

“I thought I was a git,” he replied with a smirk on his face.

“That too,” she smiled. “But you’re a sweet git.”

He chuckled and pulled her into a brief embrace. He let her go and they resumed their dancing. “Ginny?”


“Do you remember when we were kids and Mum made us learn to dance?”

Ginny looked up at him. He had a soft smile on his face. She nodded. “I had to dance with all of you.”

“And Mum forced me to take your place because Charlie stepped on your toes too hard. You cried for a good hour after that.”

“It hurt!” she cried with a smile. “And besides I was five. It hurts when a fourteen year old boy steps on your foot like that, especially someone with Charlie’s build.”

“He didn’t step on them tonight, did he?” Ron asked and as one they located their older brother across the tent playing with Peter.

“No,” Ginny sighed watching him. “He’s much better at it now.”

“Things were different back then, weren’t they?” Ron continued and sighed serenely.

“Yeah, they were,” Ginny agreed wondering why her brother was taking a trip down memory lane.

“Why did you grow up?” he asked and looked down at her.

Ginny frowned. This was a rather strange question. “I don’t know, Ron. It just sort of happened. It’s that annoying little thing called puberty. Don’t worry, you’ll hit it someday.”

Ron smirked at her and twirled her around. “Yeah, well maybe you’ll hit your growth spurt someday and then you can really call yourself a midget.”

Ginny gasped. “You can’t be mean to me today. This is my wedding after all.”

“Really?” Ron asked and pulled her back to him. “So that’s why you’re running around in that gown. I was going to Floo St. Mungo’s and have someone haul you off to the loony bin.”

She rolled her eyes and smacked his shoulder.

“Oi! First Hermione, then you. What’s with the smacking?”

“You’re a git.”

“But you said I was a sweet git.”

“Well, I changed my mind.”

“I wonder if Harry knows how violent you can be.”

“Keep it up and he’ll get a front row view of it.”

Both were grinning throughout the exchange of words. Ron chuckled and pulled her into a tight hug.

“You look beautiful, Ginny,” he whispered.

“Thanks,” she replied and kissed his cheek.

“I can’t believe my baby sister is married,” he muttered quietly to her.

“I’m hardly a baby anymore, Ron,” she said and pulled away. “And you’re not that much older than me.”

“I know,” he sighed. “But you’ll always be my baby sister no matter what.”

He glanced behind her shoulder. He looked back at her and cleared his throat nervously. “Err, listen, Ginny. I had a talk with Harry.”

“About what?” she asked suspiciously.

“Well about tonight,” he admitted and looked down at the dance floor.

Ginny didn’t know what to say. She kept her gaze on him. “I thought you two didn’t discuss those things.”

“We don’t,” Ron said quickly and looked up at her again. “But I got to thinking. Harry’s my best mate, right? And even if you are my sister I should be able to talk to him about those things to a certain extent. I just offered him some advice to make sure things went well tonight.”

“So you gave him tips on how to shag your sister?” she asked with a sly grin on her face.

Ron grimaced and pulled a sour look. “Don’t put that actual image in my head! I had to pretend you were some other witch to even give him advice to begin with. I even gave you a fake name and turned you into a blonde!”

Ginny laughed and hugged him again before engaging him in a fast paced dance.

It was when she finished her dance with Ron that she noticed Mikayla standing off to the side of the tent. Her arms were crossed protectively around herself and she was watching something. Ginny followed her gaze and found Colin on the other side of it. She had noticed throughout the reception that her two friends seemed distant with each other and only shared one dance. They didn’t speak to each other and it worried Ginny. She excused herself from Ron and made her way to her friend.

“Hey,” she said quietly once she reached Mikayla. She glanced up and smiled at Ginny.

“Well if it isn’t the beautiful bride,” she greeted Ginny warmly. “Things are going well, aren’t they?”

“Yeah,” Ginny agreed. She touched Mikayla’s arm in concern. “Mikayla, what’s going on with you and Colin?”

Mikayla’s happy look disappeared and she looked off in another direction. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“Don’t lie to me, Mikayla,” Ginny said warningly. “There is something up. You two aren’t yourselves and I want to know what’s going on.”

“We’re fine,” Mikayla insisted. “We’re just having a few problems.”

Ginny opened her mouth to reply but Mikayla was quick to cut her off.

“Don’t you worry about us. We’re fine, okay? This is your day and you will enjoy it and not think about me and Colin.”

Ginny sighed and nodded. She knew nothing was fine between them but from the look on Mikayla’s face she knew Mikayla was not going to talk about it now. Instead, Ginny suggested they get a drink and the two of them took off talking about everything except Colin.

Ginny had barely sat in her chair again, hoping to get some sort of a reprieve for her poor feet when yet another suitor offered his hand to her for a dance.

“Let’s take another round on the floor, Gin-Gin,” George grinned and waggled his eyebrows at her.

“Don’t call me Gin-Gin,” she snapped and took his hand. “No one’s called me that since I was seven and I don’t want you to start now.”

“Aw, but it’s just the cutest nickname for our ickle Ginny-Winny. How’s that one?” George teased and led her into a dance.

“You do realize who my husband is now, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yep. Can’t say I’m all that afraid of a skinny kid in glasses,” George replied.

“Oh, trust me,” Ginny sighed and grinned mischievously up at him, “Harry’s no skinny kid.”

George pulled a face of disgust. “Oh, don’t say things like that! You’re my baby sister.”

“And married,” she added.

His look of disgust quickly turned into one of awe. He smiled. “Yeah, you are.”

He looked wistful for a moment, much like Ron had earlier. Ginny glanced behind him and saw Alicia by one of the buffet tables and flirting with one of Harry’s teammates. She looked back at George, wondering how he was fairing with the break up. She hadn’t had much time to really talk with him about it since she was so busy with everything else.

“I’m fine,” George said before Ginny could open her mouth. “I’m happy and I’ll find the right one sooner or later. It just wasn’t Alicia. You don’t need to spend your wedding day worrying about me or anyone else. Just be happy, okay?”

“Are you sure?” Ginny insisted.

He nodded. “I’ll let you know when I think I found her, okay?”

Ginny smiled softly up at him and allowed her brother to lead her into another rambunctious number.

Nearly an hour and a half later, Ginny was beginning to feel rather tired but kept up her cheerful demeanor. She stood apart from the rest of the crowd, feeling as if she needed a little time to herself from everyone else.

Sighing, she looked around seeing the happy and smiling faces of the guests that were still there. Half way across the tent, Ginny spotted Harry talking to some of his teammates and other Quidditch players. From the way they were howling with laughter and the embarrassing way Harry was scratching the back of his head she knew what they had just said to him and she swallowed a nervous lump.

Her stomach fluttered wildly and she grew more and more nervous as the night went on. She knew she and Harry would be leaving soon and that meant that their wedding night would begin. She should be feeling excited and happy but she was almost dreading it.

Throughout the night it seemed like nearly everyone took it upon themselves to tease and remind Ginny of her “wifely duties” as it had been termed and offered tips and advice of all kinds. Ginny was sure she had developed a permanent blush an hour into the reception. It was relentless and it was starting to make what was supposed to be a special night with Harry into nothing more than a forced duty.

She looked up and saw Harry making his way towards her, a plate of cake in his hands.

“Hey,” he greeted her and kissed her cheek.

“Hey,” she replied quietly.

“Looks like everything’s going great,” he said. “Everyone’s having fun and you look absolutely beautiful.”

He grinned down at her but she took no notice of it. She was eyeing the piece of cake in Harry’s hands. She looked up at him with raised eyebrows. “Harry, that’s your third piece.”

“Fourth,” he corrected and took a bite.

“Fourth?” she repeated in surprise. “Didn’t you save any for the guests?”

“Of course I did,” he said in defense. “There was some left over. I couldn’t help it. It’s fantastic, love! Angelina and Alicia did a marvelous job on it. Here, have a bite.”

He held his fork up to her and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Ginny sighed and ate the piece to amuse him.

“Happy?” she asked after she swallowed. “Quit eating that. Too much isn’t good for you.”

She crossed her arms and stared moodily at the ground.

“We’ve been married for what ten hours now and already you’re nagging me on my eating habits,” he joked.

Ginny glanced up at him, clearly not amused.

“Sorry,” he muttered in a hurt tone and put the plate down on a nearby table.

She sighed and immediately regretted her sulky mood. She gave him an apologetic look and touched his arm. “No, I’m sorry. I’m just tired. It’s been a really long day.”

“I know,” he said and rubbed her arms soothingly. She rested her forehead against his chest and allowed herself to relax in his arms.

“Do you want to go now?” he asked.

Ginny’s head snapped up and looked into his concerned eyes. Her heart began to beat faster and her nervousness returned full blast. She glanced around the room that was nearly empty. She knew that she couldn’t put off leaving much more and that eventually they would end up at Harry’s flat. She pushed away her nerves and nodded.

“Let’s say our goodbyes,” he replied and led her to her parents.

As they said goodbye to her family, her mother adamantly reminded them that they had to be by for breakfast at nine the next morning. She claimed that just because they had a wedding didn’t mean it replaced the weekly family gatherings. She had only let them go once the newlyweds promised they would be there on time.

Within fifteen minutes, they were in Harry’s car. It was quiet except for the soft music playing on the radio and Ginny felt a rare awkwardness that she hadn’t felt since they had resumed their relationship.

“Have I told you how beautiful you looked today?” Harry asked and broke the silence.

“Yes,” she replied noticing that they were closer to the flat. “Several times in fact.”

“Just telling the truth,” he said with a smile. “Everything went well, didn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “It did and I didn’t hear anyone say anything horrible about the serviettes or lack of frills or anything!”

He laughed heartily. “Yes, my love, it seems like no one cared about the color of our serviettes and if they matched the tablecloths.”

She smiled and felt comfortable once more.

Before long they were standing outside the door to the flat Harry just opened. He turned and smiled at her.

“Trust me?” he asked.

She nodded and without warning, he lifted her in his arms and carried her across the threshold. Harry kicked the door closed and didn’t put her down until they reached the bedroom.

Ginny looked around, taking in the differences in the room. It was much cleaner and more organized since she had begun moving her things in and not a single piece of clothing was on the floor. She averted her gaze from the bed and instead focused on the small window. She stood in front of it, looking at the street below and began undoing her hair.

She tensed when she felt Harry’s hand sliding up and down her sides and running across her stomach. He began placing light kisses on the back of her neck and lifted one hand to unravel her hair then pushed it to the side.

“You’re so beautiful, Gin,” he whispered in her ear.

She shivered as her eyes slid shut. He had begun calling her that shortly after she had finished school and they had the opportunity to spend time together. He only used that particular nickname in two instances though; when they were around other people and he wanted to get her alone, or when they were already alone together in private and he was very into the moment. Sometimes he would say it casually or teasingly, but other times, like now, he was say it in a way that made the very tips of her toes curl. She leaned back into him.

His hand came up again and tangled in her hair. “Today’s been amazing,” he whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her outer ear lobe, “and it’s just going to get better.”

That little statement caused her to pull away from him. Her previous unease returned. She turned to face him, “Err . . . I better change first.”

He was wearing a soft smile on his face and it seemed like his eyes were drinking her in. She gave him a quick smile and began walking toward the door. She picked up a bag and hurried into the bathroom directly across the hall.

Once inside, she reached behind her and tried to undo the buttons but had no success. They were too tiny for her to do it on her own. Sighing, she opened the door and peeked outside. She spotted Harry still standing in the bedroom with his tie already gone and unbuttoning his vest.

“Harry?” she called.

He looked up and made his way to the washroom. “Yeah?”

“Could you help me? I can’t get these bloody buttons undone,” she sighed in frustration and opened the door further.

“Sure,” he replied and she turned her back to him.

Very slowly, he undid each button, letting his fingers drag across her skin sending both pleasant and nervous sensations down her spine. Ginny felt her breath catch and she shivered as he reached the lower buttons.

“Cold?” he whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her earlobe.

Not trusting her voice, she nodded and swallowed. Once he had undone the last button, she quickly turned around, holding on to the front of her dress and smiled at him.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’ll just take a moment.”

She closed the door, briefly catching the bemused expression on his face. Once she was alone again, she leaned her back against the door. She allowed herself a moment to collect herself before pushing away from the door to change out of her dress.

Once changed, she looked herself over in the mirror. Her hair was hanging loosely around her shoulders and she had washed away the makeup from her face. She was wearing the lingerie Harry had bought her, noting that it came down to around her mid-thighs. The matching dressing gown, she was happy to see came down to at least her knees.

Her nerves had returned again. She felt hot and turned the faucet on to splash some cool water on her face. She turned it off and patted her face dry with a towel.

A knock startled her and she jumped.

“Ginny, is everything all right?” Harry’s muffled voice called through the door. “You’ve been in there for a while.”

“I’ll be out in a tick,” she replied loudly and looked at herself in the mirror. She gave herself a firm nod, collected her dress and opened the door.

Harry was standing just outside the door with a worried look on his face.

“Anything wrong?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Everything’s fine.”

She stepped around him and walked into the bedroom to hang her dress up in the wardrobe. She heard him enter the room and caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye. She noticed he was wearing just his boxers and her heart rate picked up a bit. She took more time than necessary smoothing out her dress. Once she was sure she couldn’t pull it off any longer she closed the door and looked at him shyly.

Harry’s eyes looked her up and down as if he was studying her.

“That looks even better on you than I thought it would,” he commented.

She let out a nervous laugh and fiddled with the hem of the dressing gown. She noticed that his eyes were fixed there and she realized she was showing him more leg than she wanted to at the moment. She stopped and folded her arms across her chest.

“Nervous?” he asked.

Ginny stared at him and nodded her head slightly.

Harry smiled and walked towards the bed. “Me too.”

She watched as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Really?”

“Yeah. Just a bit,” he admitted and looked up at her. “Come here.”

Timidly, she took a few steps toward him until she was standing in front of him. Harry took her hands and squeezed them lightly. He turned her right hand so her wrist was facing him and began to press light kisses to the sensitive skin.

Ginny closed her eyes, trying to enjoy the sensation but she found it difficult. She kept thinking of what she should be doing as all the advice everyone had given her flew in her head. This wasn’t comfortable at all and she found herself becoming incredibly nervous. She racked her mind for some excuse to hold the inevitable off for just a little big longer.

“Presents!” she cried out the first thought to come to her. Harry stopped and looked up at her.


“Presents, didn’t you see all the gifts we had in the sitting room?” she asked and took a step back. “Dad arranged Portkeys to send them over here. We really shouldn’t leave them unopened like that. Why don’t we start opening them?”

Without giving him a chance to reply, Ginny hurried out of the room. She looked over the piles of gifts and picked up the nearest one. She brought it back to the bedroom and found that Harry was still sitting on the bed. She smiled and sat next to him, holding the gift in her hands.

“This one is from,” she checked the label, “Great Aunt Winifred. She always gives really practical gifts,” Ginny explained as she began to rip off the wrapping paper. “It’s probably a cook book or how to take care of household pests or maybe. . . .”

Her voice trailed off as her eyes took in the title.

One Thousand and One Magical Nights: Keeping Intimacy Alive in Marriage,” Harry read in great mirth. “That’s a very practical gift all right!”

He took the book and began flipping through it. “Page thirty seven looks very interesting indeed,” he said and to Ginny’s immense embarrassment, he dog-eared it and turned to the next page. “This page is good too. Oh, look, pictures too! We can follow those easily.”

Ginny jumped off the bed. Perhaps opening gifts wasn’t the way to go.

“Oh come on, love. I was just joking,” he said and put the book down.

She looked around the room and spotted the pieces of his tuxedo scattered on the floor. She picked up his tie and brandished it at him. “Harry, you couldn’t just hang this in the wardrobe?”

She gathered other pieces of clothing and brought them over to the wardrobe. “Really, Harry, I thought you’d care more about your wedding clothes.”

As she hung them up, she heard the bed creak and his footfalls as he came closer to her. She quickly threw his tie on the hanger and stepped away from the wardrobe.

“We need to finish packing,” she said, spotting their bags next to the wardrobe.

“We did finish,” he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her close to him. “You insisted yesterday that we finish so all we needed to do was pack the essentials.”

“Oh. Right. I did say that, didn’t I?”

He leaned forward to kiss her. Ginny placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away slightly.

“Are you hungry?” she asked and quickly ducked around him. “Maybe I could make a few sandwiches or something?”

Harry blocked the door before she could get there and stood in front of it with his arms crossed and gave her a penetrating stare.

“Do you mind explaining what is going on with you?” he demanded. “This is more than being just a little nervous.”

Ginny sighed and backed away from him, sitting on the side of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized and buried her face in her hands. “I’m being ridiculous.”

She felt him sit next to her and he put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quietly and rubbed her shoulder with his hand.

Ginny lifted her head and put her hands in her lap. She sighed before speaking. “I feel so . . . pressured.”

Harry’s hand stopped. “Ginny, I don’t mean –”

“No!” she cried and faced him. “No, Harry, not you. You never pressure me into anything. It’s just that everyone kept making remarks about tonight. It started to feel like this was something I was required to do and not something I wanted to do. This was supposed to be special, you know, our first time and it’s like it’s lost that special meaning.”

She growled in frustration and rubbed her temples when she began to feel a headache coming on. “I don’t make any sense.”

“Darling,” Harry said quietly, placing his finger under her chin and turning her face toward him. “Sweetheart, if you don’t want to do this tonight, we don’t have to. We can wait.”

“I do want to do this,” she sighed. “I’m ready I just don’t want it to feel like it’s a chore because it shouldn’t be like that.”

“All right,” he said and brushed her hair from her face. He stood up and held his hand out to her. “Come on.”

Curious, she took his hand and he hauled her to her feet. He led her out of the bedroom and into the sitting room.

“What are we doing?” she asked, watching as he moved several of their gifts from the sofa and put them on the floor.

“We are going to relax and watch a bit of telly,” he explained and picked up the remote control. He handed it to her. “Here, you sit and find something to watch. I’ll find us something to snack on, yeah?”

He kissed her cheek and went into the small kitchen, leaving her standing in the middle of the room with the Muggle device in her hand and watching him. She smiled as he opened the freezer and began looking through it. Ginny turned and switched on the television set and flipped through the channels until she found a film they had watched before and it seemed like it was just starting. It was a rather funny parody about Robin Hood. At the moment, the actor portraying Robin Hood was fighting another actor playing Little John with sticks over a small creek. She laughed when the sticks broke in two.

Glancing at the kitchen again, she saw Harry was looking through cupboards. She put the remote down and decided to join him.

“Need help?” she asked. He turned to look at her, pulling out a box of chocolate chip biscuits.

“Feel like a sundae?” he asked and set the box on the counter.

Ginny smiled and felt very grateful to have him. They had made sundaes many times before when she had visited and knew he had plenty of things laying around for them. They would make them and sit on the sofa eating and watching television. It had always been something fun they did together and rather relaxing. He was doing something to get her to relax and feel comfortable.

She nodded and began helping him find different things they could use.

Soon they had several ingredients sitting on the counter for them to work with. Besides biscuits and obviously ice cream, they had gathered sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, caramel, a banana and to both of their delight, the Honeyduke’s chocolate they had used for their wedding favors.

Harry reached into a cupboard and pulled out two small bowls.

“No,” Ginny shook her head and took them from him. She put them back and pulled out one larger bowl. “Let’s share tonight. We can make one big messy one.”

He laughed. “Okay. One big messy one it is.”

Together they filled the bowl with ice cream, crumbled biscuits and the rest of the ingredients. They had fed each other some of the treats and attempted to toss the marshmallows into each other’s mouth. That had only resulted in a short fight between them, flinging the soft confections at each other.

Now they were sitting side by side on the sofa, Harry’s left arm around her shoulders while Ginny held the bowl they ate from. They watched the movie, laughing together at the funnier parts of it and enjoying their sundae. When they had finished the sundae, they left the bowl on the coffee table deciding to deal with it later.

The movie had ended and they were watching the local Muggle news. Ginny was snuggled up to Harry, his arm draped over her shoulders. She looked up at him. He was focused on the television set and seemed mildly interested in what was going on.

She sighed, feeling much more relaxed and slid her hand across his bare chest and let it settle on his shoulder. She kissed the nearest bit of his skin and murmured, “I love you, Harry.”

He turned and pressed a kiss to her hairline. “I love you, too.”

She looked up at him and as if some force were pulling them together, their lips met.

Things progressed and Ginny started to feel herself. It felt so natural and she was doing things on instinct instead of thinking about what she should be doing.

This was what it should feel like; natural and beautiful and loving. This felt right just like all the times they had spent together, but this time she had no intention of stopping it. Without knowing it, she was straddling his lap, their kisses constant and loving and hands exploring known territory that they had marked long ago.

Ginny broke away from him just slightly and smiled against his lips.

“I think I’m going to go bed now,” she whispered and removed his glasses. She stood up. “You coming?”

He sighed as she walked away and Ginny thought she heard a hint of disappointment. “I think I’ll watch a little more telly first before I go to sleep."

Ginny paused, grinning inwardly and took off her dressing gown that was already hanging off her shoulders.

“Oh, I had no intention of sleeping,” she purred and threw the gown on him just as he reached for his glasses. “But if you insist on staying here, be my guest. I’ll be waiting in the bedroom . . . possibly with nothing on.”

Without waiting for him to reply, she continued on her way to what was now their bedroom. She had barely taken a few steps in the room when she heard his hurried steps and a door slam.

She turned and saw a predatory look on his face. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against him.

“Minx,” he whispered before pulling her into a very promising kiss and everything fell right into place.

Chapter 6: Chapter Six - The Morning After
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Six – The Morning After

Ginny was startled out of her sleep and she blinked sleepily for a few moments unsure of what had woken her up.

Her eyes darted around the darkened room, noticing the absence of her wardrobe that should have been directly across from her and the window on the wrong side of the bed. She frowned. Her window was on the left side of her bed, not the right. This wasn’t her room.

She shifted slightly and winced at the slight ache she felt between her legs. She frowned again, trying to figure out why she wasn’t in her room and why she was aching . . . well, there. Her eyes went wide as she realized that she was completely naked.

The sight of the rings on her finger settled in and she sighed in relief. She was in Harry’s bedroom – no, their bedroom now and yesterday had been their wedding. Images of last night danced through her head and she felt a blush coming. A smile, however, spread on her face. It had been awkward and clumsy and really hadn’t lasted too long, but at the same time it was beautiful and loving. It was definitely a night she would not forget.

Ginny snuggled back into the bed, intending on trying to get back to sleep but a sudden movement next to her made her frown.

She turned, propping herself up on her elbow and found Harry tossing and turning. He was muttering, his eyebrows were furrowed and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. He looked tormented and began kicking his legs and jerking his head back and forth.

It had been a long time since Ginny had seen him go through a nightmare and it scared her.

“Harry,” she called and shook him. His hands knocked her away.

“Harry,” she said much louder this time and grabbed him firmly on the shoulder. “Harry, wake up. Please wake up!”

His eyes flew open and he sat up, staring around wildly. He was breathing rapidly and didn’t appear to know where he was.

“Harry?” she called quietly.

He turned towards her and he looked as if he didn’t know why she was in bed with him. His eyes drifted up and down her and it finally looked like he was relaxing.

“Ginny,” he said, reaching forward and caressing her face with his hand. “Ginny.”

He pressed his face next to hers, his breaths still coming quick but not as urgently. Ginny reached up and caressed the back of his neck before running her hand through his hair and holding him to her.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, bringing her other arm up around his back. She lay on her back, bringing him with her and held him. “It’s okay, love. It was just a nightmare.”

Her heart began to ache when she felt his hot tears on her neck. Whatever it was had obviously shaken him to his core.

Harry was sobbing against her neck now and the only thing she could do was rub his back and hold him tightly. She had rarely ever seen him cry especially great wracking sobs like this. She turned her head slightly to kiss the side of his head and muttered comforting words hoping this was helping.

“Gin - Ginny,” he whispered brokenly in her ear once his breathing slowed. He lifted his head and looked at her. “Don’t ever leave me. I can’t live without you. I can’t.”

Ginny fought her own tears as she caught a glimpse of the anguish in his eyes. They were red and shining with tears. His lower lip trembled as he stared down at her. Very rarely had she ever seen him look so vulnerable.

“I won’t leave you,” she promised, moving her hand from the back of his head to brush her fingers gently across his face. “I promise.”

He swallowed and pressed a hard, bruising kiss to her lips. He laid his head on her chest, his arms wrapped around her.

Ginny let out a shaky breath, keeping her arms around him and holding him to her. After some time, she felt his breathing even out and she knew he was finally asleep. She looked down at the top of his raven colored messy haired head and pressed a soft kiss against it.

She lay there with Harry nestled against her hoping and wishing that these nightmares would be few and very, very far between. Eventually, she fell into a fretful sleep.

* * * * * *

When Ginny woke for the second time, it wasn’t because of a sudden movement. In fact it was rather pleasant and she couldn’t help but smile as it seemed Harry’s nightmare was long forgotten and he was being very playful indeed.

She was on her side and a heavy weight on her waist told her Harry draped his arm across it. He was currently trickling feather light kisses on her shoulder and upper back and combined with his breathing, it made something stir in the pit of her stomach.

Ginny shifted slightly as he moved up to her neck and she felt him grin against her. She bit her bottom lip to keep herself from wincing at the slight pain she still felt.

“Good morning, Mrs. Potter,” he whispered in her ear, nipping her earlobe with his teeth.

Her smile grew and she snuggled back against him. “Morning, my husband,” she whispered in return feeling rather giddy at the thought that she could now call him that.

He resumed his kisses again and it seemed rather systematic, as if he were making patterns. She giggled when he hit a sensitive spot on her neck and was immensely happy to see him in this playful mood.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Ah, well you see, my love, when one presses their lips on someone else it’s called a kiss. It’s actually a lot of fun to do,” he explained in a semi-serious tone.

“I know that you git,” she replied and reached over awkwardly to smack whatever part of him she could find.

“Don’t do that. Hitting isn’t nice and violence never solved anything,” he admonished and grabbed her arm. He placed it back in front of her and kept his arm on top of hers. “You’re messing me up.”

“With what?”

“I’m kissing your freckles,” he sighed. “Now stop talking. I lost my spot.”

“Why are you kissing my freckles?” she asked, utterly perplexed.

“I thought I told you to stop talking,” he said in mock exasperation. He pulled on her shoulder, forcing her to roll on her back and look up at him. She smiled at the annoyed look on his face but his green eyes were twinkling merrily.

“Make me,” she replied in defiance.

A feral grin appeared on his face and he leaned down until his lips were just a breath away from hers.

Ginny’s eyes fluttered closed in anticipation of a kiss but after a few moments of no contact with his lips she got curious. She opened her eyes again and saw he was still just as close with a lopsided smirk on his face. He cast his eyes downward and instead of kissing her lips he moved down to her shoulder once again, she assumed, kissing her freckles.

“You didn’t answer my question,” she sighed and let her hands run idly through his hair which seemed even messier that morning. “Why are you kissing my freckles?”

“I like them,” he explained. “And I especially love this little patch you’ve got on your right hip that I discovered last night.” He grinned and propped himself up on each side of her. “In fact, I think I ought to pay some attention to them.” In a flash, he ducked under the blanket, his fingers skimming over her skin and causing her to giggle at the contact.

“Harry!” she cried and grabbed a hold of one of his hands. She tugged on it and he slowly emerged from beneath the blanket.

“Honestly, love, you need to stop doing that. This is very important work, you know,” he insisted and propped himself up on his elbow next to her. “Besides I promised to cherish you.”

“I don’t think it meant that you had to cherish my freckles.”

“Your freckles are a part of you so I say it counts. It’s like a packaged deal.”


“That may be true, but I still love them.”

Ginny sighed as he leaned down and continued his task. “I hate them. They’re ugly.”

Ginny never did like her freckles. Harry on the other hand loved them and she had no idea why he did. He had told her that on several occasions, saying that it was one of his favorite things about her. This was the first time though that he had taken to kissing them.

“I think they’re sexy,” he replied and kissed the side of her mouth. “I think I could stay here all day and kiss every single one of them.”

“I bet you would,” she replied and watched as he propped himself up on one elbow again and brushed the hair away from her face. She briefly glanced at his chest, her eyes continuing downward and she noticed that the sheets didn’t cover too much. She blushed and looked the other way, pulling the sheets higher up once she realized that she was exposing herself somewhat to him.

“What?” he asked gently turning her face back to him.

“You’re naked,” she muttered quietly knowing she was stating the obvious.

He chuckled. “So are you, love.”

“It’s . . . strange,” she replied honestly. “I’ve never been in a bed with a naked man before.”

“I hope you’ve never been naked in a bed before with another man until last night,” he murmured and began to play with the ends of her hair. He seemed fascinated with it.

“I assure you, you’re the first and the last,” she said in earnest.

They fell silent and merely looked at each other with soft, happy smiles on their faces basking in the joy of finally being married.

Harry’s smile broke. “I’m sorry for waking you up like that last night.”

Ginny reached up and caressed his cheek frowning at the anguished look on his face. “You don’t have to apologize for that. I still get them too every once in a while.”

He fell silent, looking at the wall and appeared to be annoyed with something.

“Was it – was it the same one? With Voldemort?” she asked cautiously knowing it would be helpful for him to talk and hoped she wasn’t pushing him to tell her anything.

He gave a curt nod and refused to look at her. “He had you and – it was horrible. He didn’t even use the Killing Curse this time. It was just inhuman and sickening.”

His voice was hard and harsh and she knew it must be agony for him to be retelling it. He sighed in frustration and sank back on the pillow. Ginny turned to face him, clasping her hand with his.

“It’s not fair,” he said hoarsely. “It’s over. It was a long time ago and I can’t get away from it.”

“You can never truly get away from your past,” she replied. “Like a wise wizard told me once, it’s a part of you and you can’t change that. You just have to learn to live with it the best you can and go on.”

He gave her a lopsided smile. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“You’re in luck,” she sighed. “Now you get to live with me for a very, very long time.”

He laughed and propped himself up again, his playful mood returning. His hand slipped beneath the sheets and her skin tingled as it made contact with the bare skin of her stomach.

“I’m still sorry for waking you up,” he apologized and the sides of his mouth curled into a suggestive smile. “I want to make it up to you.” His hand went further down her body and as he reached his goal she gasped in pain. Harry froze and he looked at her in concern.

“I’m . . . um, sore,” she admitted bashfully.

“Oh,” he said, pulling his hand away. “Sorry. I, um, I didn’t mean to hurt you last night.”

“It’s fine,” she assured him but he looked skeptical. “Really, it is. I knew it would. It’s only supposed to hurt the first time. It gets better after that. You just need to be . . . err . . . well, be gentle for a while I suppose. We just have to, err, keep at it.”

Harry still looked doubtful.

She sighed. “Harry, it’s okay, really.”

“You’re sure?” he asked and she nodded. “So you’re okay if we . . . .”

“Yes!” she cried in exasperation. “Please don’t feel like you’ve done something wrong, Harry, because you didn’t. Nothing we did was wrong, okay?”

He nodded but he didn’t dare touch her. He glanced down at her. “Do you want to –”

He never got to finish his sentence for Ginny had jumped up and proceeded to show him exactly what she wanted.

* * * * * *

“Mum is going to hex us,” Ginny sighed as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing out her hair. She had been able to take a quick shower and get dressed after Harry had made things up to her – twice – and now she was rushing to get over to the Burrow. “We were supposed to be there twenty minutes ago!”

“We’ll just calmly explain to her that we lost track of time because we were shagging each other senseless,” Harry called teasingly over the water of the shower and the music playing on the wireless.

“Sure, that’ll go over well,” Ginny snorted and rolled her eyes. “Tell her you were too busy defiling her daughter again and couldn’t be bothered to check the time.”

“Do you have any better ideas?” he asked and poked his head from out of the curtain. “Besides, she’ll probably be happy we’re working so hard on a grandchild for her. Could you hand me a towel, love?”

Ginny put her brush down and pulled one off the rack. She held it out to him as he opened the shower curtain. She turned, feeling her cheeks burn knowing that he was sans clothing. Even though she had grown up with six brothers, knew she had taken baths with Ron and had seen her brothers at some point in their lives starkers (learning in the process to always knock), it was different with Harry. For so long she had wondered what he would look like naked, had several daydreams of various incidents with him with no clothes on, and now it was all a reality. She wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it.

“Do you always play the wireless that loud when you take a shower?” she asked as she studied the tile on the floor..

“Yeah. It helps me get going for the day,” he answered.

“Oh.” She held out the towel to him. She never remembered him doing anything like that when she had spent the night before. Perhaps he was trying to be courtesy with her then and now that she lived with him, he was doing whatever he would normally do.

“This would have been quicker if you had just taken my suggestion and showered with me,” he sighed, reminding her of his earlier suggestion when they had realized they were late. His comment pulled her mind back to their tardiness. He took the towel.

“No it wouldn’t and you know that,” she replied and glanced up at him once he had the towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of him emerging from the shower, droplets of water running down his slightly tanned skin, wearing nothing more than a fluffy white towel was very tantalizing to her. She felt a little mischievous at the moment and was seriously contemplating skipping breakfast with her family and dragging him off to bed again.

“Hurry up,” she said instead, knowing they had to get to the Burrow before her mother sent a search party for them. The mischief inside her was still at large though. She gave him a sultry look before she turned, swaying her hips suggestively as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Minx!” he cried after her and she broke into silent giggles in the hallway.

While Harry finished in the shower and dressed, Ginny made the bed, packed the remaining items they would need for their honeymoon and cleaned up their sundae escapade from the night before. She was just finishing up at the sink when Harry showed up behind her, kissing her cheek in greeting.

“Have you seen my glasses?” he asked.

“On the coffee table,” she replied and turned to face him.

He advanced on her, placing a hand on the either side of her on the counter and trapping her in.

“Why don’t we just skip the breakfast with your family and stay here?” he suggested.

“Very tempting,” she replied and put her hands on his chest, pushing him away slightly, “but we can’t.”

“Come on, Ginny,” he whined as she managed to escape his trap and went into the sitting room. “They know we’re newlyweds. They’ll forgive us. Besides, you know your mum is going to start bugging us for grandchildren soon enough; we can get an early start on it.”

“You’re addicted,” she replied and picked up his glasses. “A few tastes of it and suddenly you want to forgo everything else and shag me all day.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he countered and met her in the sitting room. “I’ve always wanted to shag you all day long; I just didn’t know what I was missing until now so that urge has increased . . . a lot.”

He caught her around her middle and pulled her close. She squealed in surprise. “And I know you were enjoying it too.”

Ginny smacked his arm. “You’re incorrigible,” she rolled her eyes and shoved his glasses at him. “Here. Go get Hedwig’s things. I’ll meet you at the Burrow and if you’re a good little husband while we’re there I might let you indulge in your urges when we get back.”

Ginny gave him a quick kiss on the nose and wasted no time in Apparating away.

She landed in the back garden and didn’t need to wait long for Harry to appear. He had Hedwig’s cage with her things inside of it as she was going to stay at the Burrow while they were away on their honeymoon.

“They cleaned up fast,” Harry commented lightly as he glanced around the back garden.

Ginny took in the sight. Everything from the night before was gone and it seemed like no wedding had taken place there.

“I’m sure Mum put everyone to work,” Ginny reasoned. “Come on.”

They made their way across the grass towards the back door of the lopsided house. As they got closer and Ginny continued to study the house, memories washed over her and a new realization hit her. She no longer lived here. She was now a guest and it saddened her.


Ginny glanced at Harry who looked worried. She smiled gently and took his free hand in hers. “It’s nothing.”

They hadn’t even reached the door when it flew open and the figure of Molly Weasley took its place.

“There you two are!” she cried and marched towards them. “I was beginning to think something happened to you both.”

She pulled them both into a bone-crushing hug, kissed them on their cheeks and then hauled them into the house.

As soon as they entered the kitchen, they were pulled into more hugs and greeted by the rest of the family.

“So you finally decided to grace us with your presence,” Fred said in mock indignation once Harry and Ginny took seats at the kitchen table between him and George.

“She’s gone for one night and already she’s forgotten about her dear old family,” George shook his head sadly. He gave an exaggerated sniff. “I see how much you care about us now.”

“Her last name changes and the rest of us are just dust to her,” Fred sniffled. He wiped away fake tears and threw himself on top of Ginny. “Oh, dear sister of ours! How could you forget us like that?”

“Get off, Fred!” Ginny cried and tried to push him away.

George had thrown himself on Harry and was faking a hysterical cry. “Harry, how could you take her from us like that? She doesn’t even know who we are anymore!”

“Boys!” Molly cried and snapped a kitchen towel at the backs of their heads. “Leave them alone!”

The twins pulled back and shared one of their mysterious twin looks before returning to their breakfast.

Molly placed plates of food in front of both Harry and Ginny and sat down herself.

“Well, dears, what did take you so long this morning?” she asked curiously. “I was going to Floo and see if you two were all right but your father wouldn’t let me.”

“Molly, I didn’t want you to wake them up. They had a long day,” Arthur replied tiredly. He shot the couple an apologetic look.

“So, why were you late?” Molly reiterated, clearing ignoring her husband.

Harry looked determinedly down at his plate and seemed too enthralled with his eggs.

“We, err, we slept late,” Ginny answered.

“Or something in bed which I highly doubt had to do with sleep,” Fred muttered from beside her.

Ginny elbowed him and smiled innocently at her mother.

“You two didn’t stay up too late, did you? What did you do when you got to the flat?” Molly asked in concern.

“Made sundaes,” Ginny replied semi-truthfully.

“Is that what you call it?” George commented nonchalantly. “Interesting way of putting it.”

“We did,” Ginny insisted and glared at her brother. She glanced at Harry who was still facing his food and felt annoyed that he was letting her take the brunt of it all. “Harry, didn’t we make a sundae?”

He looked up and cleared his throat. “Yes. We did and we watched a bit of television as well. Kind of relaxing.”

“Oh, well that’s a marvelous idea. Merlin knows the two of you needed to relax after a big day like that,” Molly replied.

“And what did you do after watching some telly?” Fred muttered slyly.

“None of your bloody business; now drop it,” Ginny hissed.

Fred gave her a sinister smile that showed her he had no intention of stopping.

Ginny narrowed her eyes at him slightly, spearing a banger on her fork and thinking which part of his anatomy she could shove it into.

“Don’t you dare ruin something that meant something to me,” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, little sis,” he replied and cut into a banger on his plate. “My only aim is to tease you immensely for it”

She huffed angrily at him. A glance at Harry told her that George was giving Harry the same treatment she was getting from Fred. She knew they had intentionally left the seats between them open.

“Did the gifts arrive?” Arthur asked, bringing Ginny’s attention to him.

“Yes, they did. Thank you for the Portkeying them over, Dad,” Ginny replied.

“Did you open any of them yet?” Molly asked and passed the butter to Bill who was sitting next to her.

Harry glanced at Ginny and she smiled uncertainly at him. She shrugged and took a sip of her tea forcing him to answer this one.

“Just one,” he answered. “We were too tired to open more than that.”

“From what exactly,” Fred murmured out of the side of his mouth.

Ginny elbowed him roughly in the ribs.

“Oh, what did you get?” this time Tabitha asked. She smiled warmly at them.

Ginny took another sip of her tea at Harry’s glance again. No way was she answering this.

He cleared his throat and turned to face Ginny. “It was a book, wasn’t it, love? From your Great Aunt Winifred, was it?”

A strange reaction took place after Harry’s reply. Tabitha and Charlie shared sly smiles. Bill muttered something in French that made Fleur giggle and say something back in French that made Bill’s face turn a brilliant shade of red. Percy nearly choked on his tea and Penelope patted his back with a slight blush on her face. Obviously they knew exactly what the book was all about.

Ginny looked around the rest of the table. No one else seemed to realize what was going on and Ginny was devoutly thankful for it. She smiled at an amused Tabitha. “Yes. A book on, uh, common household charms.”

“Very useful information in it,” Harry added, fighting a smile, and refilled his teacup. “I’m sure we’ll make good use of it.”

“I bet it’s– OW!”

Ginny had stepped on Fred’s foot before he could comment.

The entire table fell silent at Fred’s outburst and looked at him in bewilderment. Ginny however was very proud of herself.

“Ginny, whatcha do that for!” he cried in pain.

“Sorry, Fred,” she said sweetly. “I thought it was a woodlouse. A big ugly one.”

There was a sharp tapping on the window causing everyone to shift their attention. Ginny turned and saw Hedwig on the windowsill. Harry stood and opened it, letting the owl fly in and settle on his shoulder. She nipped affectionately on his ear and hooted.

“Hey, girl,” Harry greeted her and walked over to the table. He picked up a bacon rind and held it up to her. She promptly took it in her beak and flew off across the kitchen. She joined the very old Errol and the new post owl Sebastian, who Arthur and Molly had received as a joint Christmas gift from all their children last year.

“Thanks for taking her while we’re gone, Mum, Dad,” Harry said as he joined the table again. “She’d be terribly lonely if we left her at the flat. I hope it’s no trouble.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all, dear. She’ll bring all your post here, right?” Molly replied kindly. Harry nodded.

“We told Colin to send the photos here if he’s finished with them before we get back,” Ginny reminded her mother.

“I can’t wait to see those,” Tabitha interjected. “Everything was so beautiful!”

Fleur gave a small noise of disagreement. Ginny simply rolled her eyes at the French witch, not understanding why Bill was so crazy for her and smiled at Tabitha.

Talk geared into the details of the wedding, and the twins, Ginny was very happy to see, did no further teasing. It was during the recap of the wedding when Arthur and Molly announced that they would renew their vows on their anniversary that year and would have the ceremony they never got.

Once breakfast was over, nearly all her brothers left except for the twins and Ron. They, along with her father, ushered Harry into the sitting room to talk. There was no doubt they were going to interrogate him on the previous night’s events. They left Molly and Ginny to clean up. Once they had finished, Molly convinced Ginny to have a cup of tea with her.

“I think it’s romantic that you and Dad are renewing your vows,” Ginny sighed dreamily.

“I used to tell him all the time when you lot were younger how much I would love to have a real ceremony. But we never got the chance since we were so busy with all seven of you and then later with the war. I thought he had forgotten all about it actually,” Molly replied. “But he’s been bringing it up ever since Bill’s wedding was being planned but it wasn’t until your wedding that he really got me thinking about it all over again. He even got down on one knee and proposed to me a few weeks ago.”

Ginny giggled. “Oh, Mum! That’s so sweet!”

“I thought so, too,” Molly sighed with a soft smile on her face. It was quickly replaced with a frown. “Of course I did have to help him stand up again. Your father isn’t as young as he once was, you know. His knees have been bothering him lately and the fool knew better than to do that. Of course, it was romantic but having to haul him up again, it definitely lost that romantic touch.”

Ginny laughed and drank from her cup. She wondered if Harry would ever be sweet enough to propose to her again and suggest they renew their vows years down the road.

“We’ve been talking about it,” Molly said. “Your father wanted to have all your brothers as his groomsmen but you know that could be a bit expensive even if we are a little better off these days.”

Ginny nodded in agreement.

“So,” Molly continued, “I convinced him that his sons wouldn’t be offended if he just had one of them as his best man. He still had a hard time narrowing it down to one but he’s finally chosen to ask Bill.”

“I think Bill will be thrilled about it,” Ginny replied. “He and Dad always seemed to be really close.”

Molly nodded and looked at her. She reached out and placed her hand on top of hers. “Ginny, I want you to be my maid, well, no, you’re no longer that, I suppose, my matron-of-honor. Would you do that for me, dear?”

Ginny stared at her mother in slight surprise. “Me? Really?”

“Yes, really,” Molly laughed and patted her hand. “I would love it if you were standing at my side while I renewed my vows to your father.”

“Of course, Mum!” Ginny agreed and leaned forward to hug her mother. “I’d be happy to!”

“Good,” Molly sighed and set her cup down. “Now that’s taken care of, back to something else I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. How were things after the sundaes and a bit of that Muggle box, what’s it called again? A television?”

Ginny felt her cheeks heat up at the abrupt change in the conversation. She really did not want to discuss this with her mother.

“Mum,” Ginny whined, staring into her nearly empty cup.

“Now, now, Ginny,” Molly said calmly and patted her hand soothingly. “I do know what occurs on your wedding night, I did have one of my own too you know. Where else did you think you and your brothers came from? I just want to have a little witch-to-witch talk with you and make sure things are going okay. I don’t want to embarrass you. I want you to be able to talk to me about these things. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s completely natural. I’m not asking you for details and frankly I don’t want the details. I just want you to be happy about it and feel comfortable mentioning these things to me and discussing it if you ever have to.”

“Well,” Ginny muttered feeling uncomfortable at her bluntness but understood where her mother was coming from. “It was . . . nice.”

“Nice?” her mother repeated. “Oh, Ginny, dear, surely you can elaborate more than that.”

Ginny gave a small nervous laugh and wrapped both hands around her cup. She found that focusing her attention on the tea and not her mother made it a little easier.

“Okay. It was,” she tried again and sighed happily, “it was wonderful. He was very sweet and we took our time and, um he, uh . . . well he was caring.” She found a small amount of courage to look at her mother. “It was beautiful – I mean it wasn’t perfect because we were both so nervous, but it was like I imagined it.”

Molly patted her hand and smiled at her. “So you enjoyed yourself?”

Ginny nodded. “Immensely and he felt terrible for, um, well for me being sore.”

Molly chuckled and raised her eyebrows at her daughter. “And this morning? I know you two weren’t sleeping in late.”

“We were in bed,” Ginny muttered, “but no, we weren’t sleeping. He wanted to make things up to me.”

“For what?” her mother frowned.

Ginny sighed, glancing at the kitchen door when she heard a roar of laughter coming from behind it. She drank from her cup again and finished it off.

“He woke me up in the middle of the night,” she explained. “He had a terrible nightmare about the War.”

“Oh, that poor boy,” Molly sighed.

“Mum, I’ve never seen him look so scared,” Ginny continued and blinked back the tears that had suddenly formed. “He was terrified and wouldn’t let me go.”

Molly sighed and shook her head. “He’s been through so much and at such a young age.”

They fell silent, each lost in their own thoughts. After some time, Molly stood up and collected their empty cups. “Well, I didn’t expect those awful nightmares to leave him, but I suppose it’s something you just have to handle.”

Ginny sighed. “I suppose.”

They fell silent again until Molly cleared her throat. “So, when are you two going to have children?”

“Please don’t start,” Ginny sighed but was very thankful for the change in subject. She didn’t want to dwell on Harry’s nightmare or the horrors of the war he had faced. “We just got married, Mum. Can’t you wait for a least a few months before you start pestering us.”

“Well, if you two keep at it the way you have been, I’ll have a grandchild from you by the end of the year,” she replied.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “I doubt that,” she replied. “Don’t worry though we’ll give you a couple in the years to come.”


Ginny smiled inwardly at the name. She glanced at the door and saw Harry peering inside. He smiled at her but seemed embarrassed. It confirmed her suspicions of her brothers’ interrogations. The gits.

“We need to go, love. Our Portkey leaves at one and we need to finish packing,” he said.

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him. She herself had thrown the last needed items in their bags this morning. His significant look combined with his recent use of her nickname, however, made her smile up at him, and she knew exactly why he was anxious to leave.

“Right,” she replied and stood up. “We’re due in Hawaii aren’t we?”

“Oh yes,” Molly said quietly after Ginny kissed her on the cheek. “You’re staying for two weeks, right? Plenty of time to work on a grandchild for me.”

“Mum!” Ginny protested.

She turned and walked away from her daughter and to her new son-in-law.

“You have fun,” Molly said as she hugged him. “And we want to hear everything about it when you two get back. Be sure to take plenty of pictures. I’ve always wanted to see if it was really as beautiful as people say it is.”

“Sure thing, Mum,” he smiled. He glanced up at Ginny and held his hand out towards her. “Ready to go?”

Ginny walked towards him with her arms crossed. “Let me say goodbye to the boys and Dad.”

As she passed him, she leaned in close to his ear. “Eager to indulge in those urges, are you?”

She let her hand trace across his back as she headed into the sitting room to say goodbye. As soon as she had done that, Harry had grabbed her arm and quickly Side-Apparated them away.

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven - Honeymoon Headaches
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Seven – Honeymoon Headaches

“Attention all passengers,” a female and perky voice echoed throughout the terminal. It rose and fell in a highly annoying way and was grating on Ginny’s nerves, “route number 533 from San Diego to Kahului has been delayed. Please stand by for further information. Thank you and have a pleasant day!”

Ginny watched balefully as the announcer, a blonde witch who looked her age, removed her wand from her throat at a nearby counter. She wore a bright smile on her face and seemed to be much too cheerful. It was the fourth time she had made that announcement in the past hour and quite frankly Ginny was sick of it.

This was the third time their Portkey had been delayed. From London to New York was fine, but their Portkey to Atlanta was delayed, and it nearly made them miss their next Portkey to Tulsa. Once in Tulsa, however, they were delayed again but made it with plenty of time to catch their next one to Phoenix. The last one brought them to San Diego a little early, and it had brought their hopes up a bit until that blonde witch had begun making those announcements.

Ginny groaned, burying herself further into the uncomfortable plastic chair. She was exhausted and yearned for a nice soft bed. All she wanted to do was sleep, but she was stuck in an international Portkey station and had no other option.

“Here, this should wake you up a bit.”

Ginny glanced up at Harry who was standing in front of her and holding out a cup of coffee. She took it and sipped, savoring the flavor as Harry sat down next to her.

“Thanks,” she sighed. “I still want to sleep.”

“Hopefully it won’t be too much longer,” Harry replied tiredly. “I’m knackered myself.”

He put his arm around her shoulders, holding his own cup of coffee in his other hand. Ginny tried her best to snuggle next to him but the plastic chair was making it difficult. She yawned and put her head on his shoulder. She let her eyes close.

“Looks like you two have had an exhausting day.”

Ginny opened her eyes and saw an elderly witch sitting across from them. She was smiling gently at them from behind square glasses. She wore a long floral skirt and a matching top beneath a pair of lavender robes.

“A bit,” Harry replied, letting his hand rub up and down Ginny’s shoulder. “This is our sixth Portkey in the last ten hours.”

“Oh my,” the witch gasped. “Where are you two coming from?”

“London,” Ginny replied and lifted her head. “We’re on our way to Hawaii. Maui, actually.”

She smiled again. “Maui is just beautiful! Let me guess, you’re on your honeymoon?”

Ginny blushed and glanced at Harry. His cheeks had a tinge of red.

“Yes,” Ginny confirmed. “How did you know?”

“Oh, the love between you two is very obvious,” she explained and sighed wistfully. She stood up and took the empty seat next to Ginny. “Reminds me of myself and my John. Oh, we were quite the lovebirds when we were young. We’re on our way to Hawaii as well though we’re only taking one Portkey as we live here in San Diego. We go every ten years for our anniversary.”

“How long have you been married?” Ginny asked.

“Fifty years now. Our youngest son lives out there now, he’s training for the American Auror League and just got married a few months ago to his school sweetheart. They live on the Big Island and offered to let us stay with them during our trip – oh, here I go sputtering on and on about my life and haven’t even properly introduced myself; Alice Bailey.”

“This is Harry Potter,” Ginny said, sitting up straight and gestured to Harry, “and I’m Ginny Wea – err, Potter.”

She blushed at the slip. It would certainly take some time getting used to introducing herself as a Potter and not a Weasley.

Alice smiled at them but then seemed to realize something. Her eyes flickered to Harry’s forehead and she gave a gasp of surprise.

“Harry Potter?” she whispered. “You’re really Harry Potter?”

“Yes,” Harry replied gruffly. He appeared to have lost his warmth towards the elderly witch. Ginny squeezed his arm.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I never expected to meet you one day. I’m sure you get enough of people hanging all over you at home and I promise I won’t be asking for your autograph or a picture, but could I just say thank you.”

Harry stiffened and gazed at Alice in slight shock.

“We weren’t affected as much as you were, but we did have our fair amount of Death Eaters running around. The government had no idea what to do until you came along and destroyed that awful man. After that, they seemed to get into gear and got a lot of them behind bars. Amazing how the actions of an eighteen year old can change the whole world, isn’t it? Anyway, I know you didn’t have to do anything, even though there was that prophecy, but really you always have a choice when it comes to those. After all you were just a teenager and should have been enjoying your youth, but you didn’t. You put yourself out there and did something everyone else was too cowardly to do. Just . . . well thank you.”

It was clear to Ginny that Harry was in complete shock. She knew no one had ever said anything like that to him. People thanked him yes, but they treated him as a hero and immortalized him and he hated it. People goggled at him and pointed him out in crowds; they asked for autographs and begged for pictures and tried to send all sorts of things through the post.

“Thanks,” he whispered, staring at the woman in awe. She smiled gently in reply.

“Well, I think I should go see where my husband went off to. It was nice meeting you both. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!” she said and took off, her robes swishing around her.

“That was different,” Harry murmured with a look of awe still on his face. “Why couldn’t more people be like that?”

Ginny smiled and patted his hand, taking a sip of her slightly cooler coffee. She glanced around the terminal, noticing that people were keeping to themselves and didn’t seem to have noticed that the famous Harry Potter was in their midst. She was grateful for it; she didn’t want Harry to be bombarded with people during their honeymoon. Still, it was a little unnerving that not a single person in any Portkey station they had been in had approached him.

“You realize no one’s come up to you,” Ginny commented, turning in the uncomfortable chair to look at him. “You haven’t had a single mob of witches after you.”

“I want it to stay that way,” Harry muttered. “I didn’t make it publicly known we were spending two weeks in Hawaii or anything. I don’t want to be interrupted by reporters.”

Ginny privately agreed. She was looking forward to a reporter-free honeymoon.

She knew that if the word had got out about the Potter-Weasley nuptials, they would have been bombarded the moment they stepped into the Portkey station in London. Her plans to keep the press guessing about every aspect of their wedding had worked exactly as she thought. She wondered, though, how long it would take the press to find out that they had got married the day before. For now at least they were able to live in some sort of anonymity and peace.

But it seemed that the anonymity was coming to an alarming close. Two witches, slightly older than Ginny, wearing clothes that left nothing to the imagination and caked with makeup were approaching Harry. The blonde one whispered something to the dark haired one and they both giggled. They stood in front of Harry and were clearly ignoring Ginny.

“You’re Harry Potter!” the blonde one said excitedly.

“Err, yeah,” Harry replied, glancing at Ginny nervously. She merely gave him a tight smile. She was used to woman flaunting over him in front of her, but it seemed that these two were going to be something she had never encountered before.

“You’re much cuter in person. Your pictures hardly do you any justice,” the black haired one added and flipped her long hair behind her shoulders. “I’m Allison and this is Bobbie,” she giggled as she introduced herself and her friend. “We’re on our way to Las Vegas for a little . . . fun. What about you, are you heading anywhere fun?”

Ginny did not like the looks the witches were giving him. She found her free hand itching towards her wand. Even if she was used to this it didn’t mean she liked it.

“Err –”

“Would you mind signing autographs?” the blonde one, Bobbie, interrupted. “Allie, you’ve got a quill on you, don’t you?”

Allison searched through her bag and produced a self-inking quill and handed it to Harry. To Ginny’s utter disbelief, they both pulled the fronts of their robes down to expose more of their cleavage and leaned forward. They had clearly crossed the line and it was taking all of Ginny’s willpower to stop herself from hexing them in the crowded Portkey station.

“Sorry,” Harry said at once and shoved the quill back at them looking highly affronted at their daring. “I don’t think my wife would like that.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Ginny snarled and glared at the two witches. “I would not like that at all.”

“Oh!” Allison cried with fake surprise on her face. She clasped her hands in front of her mouth and looked at Harry. “So it’s true then? You really did get married.”

“Oh, Harry, baby,” Bobbie cooed and put her hand on Harry’s shoulder. Ginny’s blood boiled. “That’s so disappointing to hear. When we saw you, we were really hoping to get to know you better. And I mean really get to know you.”

“Well you were wrong,” Harry said firmly and pushed her hand off his shoulder. He put a restraining hand on Ginny’s arm, clearly knowing she did not like this one bit and she was very close to hexing them. Usually, witches backed off but this pair clearly did not know when to quit. Harry gave her a warning look and looked back at the witches. “It was nice to meet you ladies.”

It was obvious that this encounter was over. The two witches looked at each other before smiling sweetly at Harry.

“That’s a shame,” Bobbie pouted. “We wouldn’t have disappointed you. Not to show off or anything, but we are very talented in our abilities. Many wizards have benefited from our talents.”

“All of them very pleased with what we have to offer and I assure you we could offer you quite a lot. We would have really made it worth your time,” Allison added. They each picked up their bags. Allison, quill still in hand, leaned over making sure Harry had a plain view down her front and wrote the name of a hotel on his arm. “That’s where we’re staying if you change your mind and want to have some fun.”

“Bye, Harry, baby,” Bobbie purred and they each took off, swaying their hips and casting suggestive looks behind them. Bobbie stopped not too far from them and called out, “I hope you take us up on our offer, Harry, baby. We’ll be waiting for you when you ditch the red head.”

“That’s it,” Ginny stood up. Her wand was already in hand, her coffee in the other hand and spilling over the sides. She watched as the two witches found seats in the next leaving dock.

Harry was on his feet in a blink of an eye and pulled her wand arm down. “Don’t.”

“What do you mean don’t? Let me go! I am going to teach those brazen hussies a lesson!” Ginny hissed.

“Let it go,” Harry said harshly and forced her into her seat. “They aren’t worth it.”

“They went too far, Harry,” Ginny cried. “What am I supposed to do, let them get away with it?”

“Don’t do anything that’s going to land you on the front page of tomorrow’s papers,” he warned keeping himself firmly planted in front of her.

“I’ve been there, remember? Several times in fact and on every other bloody page. It won’t make a difference,” she reminded him, her wand still out and held up threateningly. No one was going to turn on the charm like that on her husband right in front of her and get away with it.

“Ginny, my sweet loving wife, put your wand away,” Harry asked, eyeing her wand uneasily. “Please put it away and let it go. I beg of you. I want us to spend our honeymoon together and not with you locked up in some American wizarding jail for assault.”

Ginny glared up at him before sticking her wand back in her handbag. She shook her hair out of her eyes and smiled sweetly at him as an idea formed in her mind. “Could you be a dear and get me another coffee?”

Harry gave her a suspicious look. His eyes were narrowed and they darted back and forth as if he were studying her motives. “Ginny –”

“I won’t do anything,” she said innocently. “I just want another cup of coffee, that’s all.”

He still had look of distrust on his face and Ginny tried her best to give him the most innocent and sweetest look she could muster. His eyes shifted to her handbag, and she had a brief moment of panic. She thought quickly of a way to distract him and get him to step away for just a few moments. Ginny tugged on the hem of his shirt knowing she would have to take things to a drastic level. She still kept her innocent look upon her face while she slipped her hands under his shirt and onto his bare skin. His stomach, she had found out long ago during late night visits to his flat, was a big weakness for him and all Ginny had to do was glide a finger over his bare skin and he was putty in her hands.

She felt his muscles jump at the contact. She was fairly certain she got him where she wanted him. She slid her hands up and down his sides letting her fingers brush delicately along his skin, pleased to see his eyes flutter close for a moment. She was tempted to move her hands to his chest and really tease him, but she knew it would be pushing the limit. Instead, she gently moved her fingertips up in a curve on his sides and slowly brought them back down. She leaned closer to him and peered up at him.

“I really think that another cup of coffee will wake me up more and that means that when we get to our hotel, well, I may not be so keen to take a bit of a nap. I just might want to partake in some more rousing activities if you know what I mean. In fact, why don’t you get me one with extra espresso in it?”

Harry’s face lost some of his doubt and he seemed to be struggling with his breathing. He sighed and extracted her hands from below his shirt. Slowly, he leaned forward, placing a hand on either side of her head on the back of the chair until his face was very close to hers.

“Fine. I’ll get you a coffee with extra espresso. Don’t you dare move from this chair and do something,” he said quietly yet firmly.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Ginny gushed and nodded. “I’ll stay right here.”


“I promise.”

Harry gave her one last warning look before giving her a quick kiss and taking their nearly empty cups and walking away. Ginny watched his progression making sure he was clear out of the way before striking. He paused and looked at her from the end of the row of chairs. Ginny waggled her fingers at him in a wave and smiled happily at him. He rolled his eyes and continued on his way.

Ginny turned in her seat, watching as he walked further down the terminal to the small coffee shop. Making sure he wasn’t going to check on her, Ginny twisted around trying to locate the two witches who had pissed off the wrong wife.

“All right,” Ginny whispered to herself, grabbing her wand and resuming her search, “where are you two wenches? I’ll teach you both to hit on my husband in front of me like that. You have no idea what you’re messing with.”

She found them walking together, and to Ginny’s horror, towards Harry standing in line at the coffee shop. He seemed to have ordered them another round of drinks already and was waiting by the counter as Allison and Bobbie approached him again. Ginny watched with narrowed eyes as they continued their flirting, tossing their hair unnecessarily. She was glad to see that Harry wasn’t paying any attention to them, but Ginny was going to make sure they learned their lesson.

“All right, ladies, time to face my wrath,” Ginny muttered under her breath.

She slid her wand between an opening between seats, thought of a few good hexes she could use and aimed it at the two witches. She waited as a family passed by before she muttered several incantations under her breath rapidly in a row.

Screams from the witches echoed throughout the terminal. Bobbie’s teeth suddenly began to grow at an alarming rate, her skin erupted into thick purple boils and her hair began to fall out in large chunks while nose hair was sprouting from her nose. Allison on the other hand, was waving at enormous bat bogeys in front of her face as her skin turned into green scales with a tail emerging from the back of her tight skirt and her ears grew to three times the size of her head and began flapping feverishly.

Ginny stifled a laugh, quickly stowing her wand. She pretended to be just as surprised as the rest of the travelers in the terminal. She watched as Harry tried to reverse the effects of the spells as two medi-wizards rushed to their aid. In no time the witches were back to normal but clearly shaken and at once moved away from Harry. Ginny turned around before Harry spotted her. She quickly pulled out a Muggle romance novel Hermione had lent her and pretended to be reading it. She only looked up when Harry’s shadow blocked the light of her book.

“Oh, thanks,” she said closing the book and slipping it in her handbag.

Harry said nothing. He was looking very angry and glaring down at her.

“Ginny,” he said sternly.

“That was quite a commotion, wasn’t it?” she said gesturing over her shoulder. “I wonder what happened to them.”

You happened to them,” he accused.

Ginny arranged her face in a hurt expression. “What? I did nothing of the sort. How could you just accuse me like that? I’m your sweet loving wife, remember?”

“That was your Bat Bogey Hex, Ginny. No one can produce one that good. Don’t even try to wiggle yourself out of this one,” he continued.

“Harry, it wasn’t me,” she cried in defense. “I swear, I was just reading my book when I heard them screaming. I could never do something like that.”

Harry snorted in disbelief. “Right, like Fred and George would never pull a prank on anyone and Umbridge was just as sweet and innocent as the kittens on her blasted plates. Ginny, you promised.”

“I promised I wouldn’t move from my seat and do anything,” she said coolly and stubbornly crossed her arms. “I didn’t promise I wouldn’t stay in my seat and do something. You weren’t specific enough.”

Harry groaned and sank into the seat on her right, handing her a drink. “Merlin, what have I got myself into with this woman?”

“It’s no different than you going after some bloke who’s been chatting me up,” she insisted and took the coffee. “What would you have done if you saw someone hitting on me like that and touching me and writing on my arm right under your nose?”

“Decked him and threatened him within an inch of his life if he ever breathed in your direction again,” he muttered under his breath apparently no longer angry with her but clearly still did not approve of her actions.

“See,” Ginny said haughtily. “At least I didn’t harm them that much and there was no blood involved. Besides, I had to protect your honor.”

“My honor?” Harry repeated incredulously. “I thought I had to protect your honor.”

“We’re equals, remember?” she sighed and took a sip of her coffee which caused her to blink several times at the strong taste. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and saw the hotel name still on his arm. “So are you planning on going to meet them there, then?”

“Of course not,” he snorted. “I’ve got all the fun I want with you waiting for us in Hawaii, don’t I?”

“Then erase that from your arm, dear, if you want to still have that fun,” Ginny replied coolly. Harry swore under his breath and quickly pulled out his wand to rid himself of the writing.

They sat in silence. Harry had slid his arm over her shoulders again and was playing with the ends of her hair while Ginny had decided to really read her book this time, each of them sipping their coffee as they waited.

Thankfully, no one else had approached them. She was still surprised that no photographers were around and she hoped it would stay that way. Still, even if there were none here and even though very few people knew where they were going, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t be tracked down in Hawaii and be the next big headline.

Harry’s hand stopped playing with her hair and he rubbed small circles on the top of her shoulder. Ginny glanced at his hand, smiling softly at the white gold band on his finger. She felt him nuzzle her neck with his nose and he pressed a gentle kiss just below her ear.

“Love you,” he muttered into her ear softly. Ginny turned towards him, letting her book close and smiled.

“Love you more,” she whispered.

He grinned and brought up his other hand to her face. He gently held her chin with his thumb and forefinger.

“Excited?” he asked. “About going to Hawaii?”

She nodded. “I can’t wait to see the beaches. Can we go swimming?”

“Everyday if you want,” he replied. He dropped his hand and placed it on top of her right hand. He squeezed it.

“Maybe we can do some shopping?” she asked, turning her hand over in his and linking their fingers. “We have to get souvenirs anyway but I want to do a little shopping for us.”

“I don’t see why not,” he replied.

“And I want to take a tour or two you know to learn about the history and stuff. And maybe see the volcanoes? Oh, and can we go to a luau? And it would be so romantic to take a walk on the beach at sunset, wouldn’t it?” Ginny shot question after question and began to feel rather impatient in having to wait so long.

Harry laughed. “We can do all that and more.”

“Harry,” she said as a new thought struck her, “this hotel we’re staying at, how private is it?”

The last thing she wanted was pictures of their honeymoon in every wizarding newspaper on the planet.

“I used my ‘celebrity’ status for this since I don’t want anyone to interrupt this for us,” he began and she smiled at him. She knew he hated using his fame for anything but was glad he did decide to use it for something important in their lives.

“I spoke personally with the head manager,” he continued squeezing her hand gently in reassurance, “and he assured me that no press would be allowed anywhere near the hotel or the beach as its hotel guests only. He said he wouldn’t make it publicly known to his employees that we would be there. We’re using a fake alias to check in and we’re going to stay on the Muggle side.”

“The Muggle side?” she echoed.

He nodded. “It’s a split hotel for both wizards and Muggles. Apparently it’s rather popular in America. Half the hotel caters to Muggles and the other half is for wizards. Muggles have no clue about the other side of it since magic is only allowed in the rooms and the house elves they have there are well hidden. We shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

Ginny nodded and smiled at him but there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that told her that their privacy was going to be limited. She pushed it away and continued to drink her coffee and read her book, waiting for their route to be dispatched.

It was nearly two hours later when Ginny found herself hurtling through a whirl of colors; one hand glued to a long circular pole and her other tightly clasping onto Harry’s arm that was around her waist. The swirling colors were making her dizzy and her stomach churned unpleasantly. She closed her eyes.

It was by far the worst Portkey they had taken that day. The other trips had been smooth, but this one was rather shaky. She kept bumping into the witch in front of her, whose four-inch heels kept kicking her in the shins. She was sure she would have a bruise.

Finally she landed ungracefully on a cold hard tiled floor with Harry on top of her. She groaned in pain and noticed that nearly everyone else was flat on the floor and the four-inch-heel-wearing witch had broken one of her heels.

“Welcome to Hawaii! We hope you’ve had a pleasant journey!” a cheery voice sounded around them.

Ginny swore under her breath as she picked herself off the floor. Pleasant, their journey was not.

“We’re here,” Harry announced unnecessarily. “Only took us . . . fourteen hours.”

“Don’t you dare complain,” she replied, brushing off her jeans and wincing at the pain in her shins. “It’s your own fault, you know. You didn’t do things properly.”

“Yes, dear,” he muttered. “Come on. Let’s find a shuttle to get to the hotel so we can really get this honeymoon started.”

He shot her a sly grin and raised his eyebrows suggestively as he took her hand and they made their way through the terminal. Ginny snorted in response.

“Well I suppose you’ll have to get on without me. I’m going right off to bed and sleeping,” she emphasized the last word and gave him a stern look. “I’m way too tired to do anything more than that.”

“Aw, come on, Ginny,” he begged with such a pitiful expression, it made her laugh. “Why do you think I got you that coffee with extra espresso?”

“Really, Harry, that’s pathetic,” she pointed out.

“Well it’s only pathetic because you’re making me beg,” he grumbled. “It’s our honeymoon for Merlin’s sake.”

“And unless you want me to be an irritable banshee the whole time, you will be patient and let me get some sleep when we get to the hotel.”

He muttered something about women under his breath and Ginny choose to ignore it. Instead, she took in the surroundings of the busy Portkey station noticing the long line at the baggage claim area and was glad they had decided to shrink their bags and carry them in Ginny’s handbag. She assumed they would have to enlarge them before getting to the hotel especially if there were Muggles around, otherwise it would look rather scandalous for them to enter a hotel with no baggage.

A bubble of excitement stirred up inside her as the thought of them finally being in Hawaii hit her. She looked out one of the large windows, ready to see the blue skies and lush green landscapes and brightly colored flowers, but found herself disappointed at the grey skies and rain falling in heavy sheets.

“I’m sure it’ll let up,” Harry said from next to her seeming to have read her thoughts. He squeezed her hand reassuringly. Ginny smiled softly up at him.

It didn’t take them long to find a shuttle to take them to their hotel. The shuttle was similar to the Knight Bus except it was only one level and the driving was a hundred times worse. It swerved dangerously through the roads, nearly hitting several items as the rain pelted hard on the windows. When it came to a halt, all the passengers flew forward, smacking into the seats in front of them and loose luggage was strewn everywhere.

Once they had located their recently enlarged luggage, they carefully picked their way around loose bags and passengers thrown into the aisle and got off the shuttle. The bus had parked nowhere near the pavement, forcing the pair to walk through an ankle deep puddle. By the time they were under the canopy of the hotel entrance, they were soaked to the bone and feeling uncomfortably sticky.

“Well, this is off to a wonderful start,” Ginny sighed as she shook her wet hair out of her eyes.

“Trust me,” he muttered as he shifted a bag on his shoulder. For once his hair was lying flat from the rain. “I’ve been through a lot worse.”

Ginny shot him an apologetic look but he waved it off and opened the door to the lobby of the Aloha Suites Hotel.

The walls of the lobby were a cream color and had several paintings of tropical beaches. Two long aquariums filled with all sorts of fish species sat off on either side of the lobby. Next to each aquarium were grand staircases and several lifts. Palm trees and other plants were scattered through the room, finishing off the tropical look. In front of them on the other side of the lobby was the check in desk and off to the side of it was a smaller counter with a sign indicating it was information and tourism. To the right of the check in desk was a long hallway with a sign next to it indicating restaurants and meeting rooms. To the left of the counters was a large automatic door that led to the beach.

“Right, well let’s check in, shall we?” Harry asked and they made their way inside.

They approached the desk and using the fake aliases Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Sparrow they were given keys and made it to the lifts on the left side of the lobby. No one seemed to pay much attention to them, though the clerk was a bit flustered at first. Within minutes they were on the fifteenth floor where the honeymoon suites were located and walking down a corridor with similar decorations as the lobby. Their room was halfway down the corridor. Harry opened the door allowing Ginny entry first.

“Wow,” she whispered walking into the room and taking it in.

There was a reasonable sized sitting room, with a loveseat and armchairs arranged around a television set. The walls had cream colored wallpaper with tiny palm trees on it trimmed with mahogany wood and paintings of beaches were hung sporadically. The coffee table and other furniture were made of mahogany wood and looked very comfortable. On the same side as the door was a mini bar complete with a small refrigerator. A window was directly across from the door and had heavy curtains that were currently tied to each side of it.

Excited and curious, Ginny scurried through the sitting room into an opened doorway which led to the bedroom. In the middle of the room there was a large four-poster bed with a fruit basket sitting atop it. The walls were done in the same manner as the sitting room, except light blue, and the furniture was made of the same mahogany wood. A writing desk stood next to a glass sliding door with a set of heavy curtains tied off to the side. Outside the door was a balcony, and a wardrobe stood in a corner next to the opened doorway. A door was on the opposite side of the room which led to the washroom.

“This is some room,” Harry mused out loud from behind her. Ginny turned to look at him, grinning.

“It’s wonderful!” she sighed. “This is beautiful.”

The bags she was holding fell to the floor with a dull thud and she hurried to the sliding door.

“Didn’t the clerk say we have a beach view?” she asked with her hands and face pressed against the cold glass. Her breath fogged up the glass door, not that it mattered much; she could barely make out an outline of a tall palm tree next to the balcony through the thick rain. She hoped it would be gone by the next day.

“Yes,” Harry replied from directly behind her. He slipped one arm around her waist and was pushing her wet and tangled hair away from the back of her neck. “But I think I have something better than a beach view right in front of me.”

He began placing soft kisses on her skin. She shivered.

“Don’t start,” she sighed. She managed to step away from him and turned around. She was determined to get some rest and deter herself from Harry’s advances. “I am going to take a quick shower and go right to bed.”

Harry looked rather disappointed and glanced at the clock sitting on a small table next to the bed. “It’s barely half past one in the afternoon here.”

“Then it must be around midnight back home,” Ginny shrugged and made her way to one of her bags. She pulled out a black silk nightdress and a small bag containing her toiletries.

“I suppose I’ll unpack then,” Harry sighed dejectedly.

She glanced up at him, watching as he heaved a bag on the bed and unzipped it. Ginny stood for a few moments watching him as he took out his clothes and started packing it in the wardrobe.

Ginny bit her bottom lip and took a glance inside the washroom. There was a shower and a separate tub, which looked as if it could easily fit two people. Maybe she wasn’t that tired. . . .

Making up her mind, she walked across the room and put a hand on top of Harry’s shoulder. He looked down at her curiously.

“You know, I think I have a better idea,” she said, dropping her lingerie on the bed and pulling on his arm. “Unpacking can wait.”

He glanced at the washroom door and back to her sweet smile and grinned to himself.

“I think I’m going to like your idea,” he replied happily as she led him into the washroom.

* * * * * *

“I really – (kiss) – really – (kiss) – really – (kiss) – love being married.”

Harry was talking to her between kisses causing Ginny to giggle. She had never giggled so much in her entire life but she certainly didn’t mind the reason for it.

“Best decision – (kiss) – I – (kiss) – ever made.”

Ginny sighed, running her hands through his hair as he nibbled on her collarbone. It was their second night in Hawaii and the rain was still falling very heavily. Ginny had suggested that they take a stroll throughout the hotel and see what there was to offer, but Harry claimed he had better ideas and pulled out the book they received from her Great Aunt Winifred.

Now it was late into the night and the book had been put to good use and it appeared that Harry was ready for more, not that she was complaining. She too loved being married and was enjoying reaping the benefits.

Harry lips were now attached to hers and all coherent thoughts were pushed out of her mind.


Ginny pulled away and frowned at Harry.


“What’s that?” Ginny asked. She glanced at the small table next to the bed and saw a Muggle device she had seen in her Muggle Studies class and tried to remember the name of it. A small red light was flashing from it.


“The telephone,” Harry explained and leaned over her looking rather disgruntled. “Who in the bloody hell would be ringing us at this time?”


“Who do we know who can use one let alone have one besides Hermione?” Ginny asked, remembering that her friend had one that she called a mobile and used to keep in touch with her parents. Harry didn’t answer her. He picked it up and spoke into the machine.

“This better be important as I have my gloriously naked wife in bed with me and was about to shag her senseless – oh, um, hello, Mum.”

His face had turned bright red. Ginny stared at him in surprise. She looked around at the clock and quickly did the math putting the time back home at around ten in the morning.

“Err – no, no, you didn’t wake us,” Harry continued to speak into it. “Nope, not interrupting anything . . . Trip was fine, yeah, err, not too many problems . . . Uh, no, haven’t been outside yet. Loads of rain . . . Ginny? Yeah, um, she’s right here. Just a moment.”

Harry held the device out to her. After he corrected her hold on it, he sprawled out across her stomach, banging his forehead with his fist and muttering about being an idiot under his breath.

“Err, hello?” Ginny spoke into the piece feeling quite strange by doing so.

“Hello, Ginny, dear. How are things?” her mother’s voice rang in her ear.

“Good,” Ginny replied, grabbing the pillow away from Harry after spotting him trying to suffocate himself under it. “Things are good.”

“Having fun?” Molly asked sounding nonchalant.

Ginny’s quick look around at the state she and Harry were in told her that things had been good until her mother’s interruption. “Uh huh.”

“That’s nice to hear, dear.”

“Mum, where are you? How did you get a hold of us?” Ginny asked genuinely curious.

“Oh, well Hermione is such a dear, you know,” Molly explained. “She had the day off from the office and invited me to join her and her mother in a shopping trip in London. We’re in Mrs. Granger’s car right now, which is ever so slow, I mean I don’t know how Muggles get anything done, but that’s beside the point. Hermione let me use her fellytone since she knew how to contact the hotel you were at. I thought I’d just check up on you two and see how things were going so far. Harry said it’s been raining? I hope you two aren’t too terribly bored.”

“No, far from it,” Ginny answered truthfully. “We’ve found a few ways to keep busy.”

At that, Harry looked up at her with raised eyebrows. She shrugged and watched as a sly grin formed on his face and he moved to his previous position, kissing her collarbone. His embarrassment from his greeting to her mother seemed to have vanished and by the way he was acting, he didn’t seem to care at the moment that Ginny was still talking to her mother. She tried to push him away but he seemed determined not to let her go.

“That’s good. Well, dear, I wanted to ask you about something,” Molly said.

“Wh-what?” Ginny asked, trying hard to keep her voice even as Harry moved from her collarbone to her ear that was currently free of a Muggle device. He blew lightly on it. She smacked his arm but he didn’t move.

“Well you see there was this article in the paper this morning. Apparently Harry was spotted at the International Portkey Station in San Diego – was that it, Hermione?” (Ginny could hear Hermione in the background confirm it and swore she heard a trace of amusement in her friend’s voice.) “Yes, San Diego. It said two witches were talking with him and they suddenly appeared as if they had been cursed but no one could figure out how it happened. What’s even more curious is one of the girls was suffering from what sounded remarkably like a Bat Bogey Hex. Would you know anything about that?”

“Nope,” Ginny said, biting back a moan that threatened to release from Harry’s ministrations. He was making this conversation very difficult. Once more, she had no idea that the incident had appeared in any paper since she had not seen any reporters anywhere.

“The thing is, Ginny, well that hex is uncommonly used and it is a very difficult one to perform and, well, since I know you are an expert at it, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something you had done. Was it?”

Ginny had enough of Harry’s distractions and sat up. She pushed him away and pulled the sheets with her. She hoped he would stop if only for a little bit so she could get through this conversation with her mother. “Of course I didn’t. Like I told Harry, I was innocent.”

“Like hell you’re innocent,” Harry’s voice murmured very softly into her other ear. Apparently, instead of getting him to stop, he was encouraged to continue. Ginny elbowed him in the gut, but that didn’t seem to stop him.

“There’s no need to be defensive,” Molly said sternly. “I just wanted to know if you had anything to do with it. I didn’t raise you to hex people on the spot for no good reason. Not that I’m saying it was you, it’s just that if you were going to do something like that, you should have a very good reason for it. But that hex did sound awfully close to yours.”

Ginny had enough and let out an exasperated sigh. “Okay, fine, it was me, all right? I hexed them.”

“Ginevra,” her mother warned. It was amazing that even half way around the world, her mother could still lecture her like this. “I cannot believe you would do something like that! You’re lucky you weren’t caught and that they didn’t say anything to the authorities! You know they could lock you up for that and charge you for assault.”

“Mum, what did you want me to do?” Ginny cried, now standing up and shooting a glare at Harry when he tried to grab her arm.

“What exactly did they do to warrant you hexing them?” Molly asked.

What did they do?” Ginny repeated incredulously. “Mum, what didn’t they do? They were offering themselves to Harry right in front of me! They were shoving their breasts into his face and no one is allowed to shove their breasts into Harry’s face except for me!”

Harry was nodding vehemently at that statement and Ginny shouted, “Stop that you randy git or else you won’t see them ever again!” Harry immediately sobered up at the threat. She glared at him and continued, “What would you have done if some witch was doing that to Dad? Would you have sat there and let it go or would you have done something to make sure they knew not to mess with your husband like that ever again?”

There was silence on the other side and for a moment Ginny thought her mother had died of shock from her tirade.

“That’s my girl. Just be a little more subtle in the future, won’t you?”

Ginny was speechless. Was her mother proud that she defended Harry by hexing two strangers?

“Well, that’s all I wanted to know. Have a lovely time, dear, and don’t forget to work on those grandbabies,” and quite suddenly there was a click and silence on the other end.

* * * * * *

Ginny had told Harry exactly what her mother had said right after her conversation with her and he had found it hilariously funny. He had looked rather pale, however, when she mentioned her mother’s statement about working on getting her grandbabies.

On the third day of their stay, the rain had finally let up, but the clouds were still dark and grey and there was a light rain. While they could now see out their windows, they decided against going outside and instead Ginny had pulled out the book Tonks had given her a few Christmases ago as a joke and made good use out of that.

On the fourth day, Ginny found herself next to a softly snoring Harry, sleeping on his back with his arms spread out and his bare chest exposed. She watched as he slept thinking of when was the best time to wake him up.

The remains of their breakfast were sitting out in the hallway and almost immediately after, they had gone back to their favorite indoor activity. Shortly after a little bit of cuddling which Ginny was happy to find Harry loved to do, he had fallen asleep. Ginny had felt slightly offended when he had nodded off but she couldn’t exactly blame him; she was rather sleepy herself. But the blue skies and sunshine she had seen outside the sliding door when she had taken the breakfast tray outside had pushed all thoughts of sleep away and she was anxious to finally get out.

Reaching out with her hand, she began to trace gentle circles on his chest and he stirred slightly. His hand came up and held hers to his chest. He rolled to his side, pulling her forward and went on sleeping.

Ginny rolled her eyes and pinched his side with her free hand.

“Stop,” he muttered sleepily.

“Wake up,” Ginny sang in his ear. “Come on, Harry, love, wake up.”

“I’m tired,” he replied. “Go back to sleep.”

Ginny sighed and pinched him harder.

“Woman, stop that. I’m tired because of you so let me sleep,” he grunted.

“Me? You’re the one who’s been keeping me in this bed for the past four days,” she replied and sat up. “Come on and get up you git. It’s nice outside. We should get some fresh air.”

He finally rolled over and faced her. “I’d rather stay here all day if you don’t mind.”

“Fine,” Ginny huffed and threw her legs over the side of the bed, wrapping one of the sheets around her. “I suppose I’ll go outside and you can sleep your lazy arse away.”

She stood up and watched in amusement as he sat up and reached out to her.

“Ginny,” he whined, looking like he had lost his favorite toy. “Come back to bed, sweetheart.”

“No, Harry. I want to go out there. What are we going to tell everyone back home when they ask us why we look like we haven’t seen the sun after spending two weeks in Hawaii?”

Harry snorted. “I think it would be rather obvious what we were doing instead. I mean, it is our honeymoon.”

Ginny scoffed and walked towards the sliding door. “You are really pathetic, you know that?”

“Love you too, Ginny,” he muttered.

Ginny sighed and looked outside. From where she stood, the beach could be clearly seen and the water looked just as blue and inviting as the pictures showed it to be. Off to the right, the land rose into large hills with green landscaping. She couldn’t wait to actually be out there and experiencing it.

She glanced to the left intending to watch the beach-goers below but saw something strange in the tree. She snuck a second glance and could have sworn she saw a man sitting in the palm tree – with a camera.

Trying to appear as if she didn’t notice anything, Ginny stood there for a little while longer watching the beach before backing away and turning back to the bed. She found Harry face down in a pillow. She sat next to him.

“Harry,” she said, shaking him. “Harry, I think there’s someone in that palm tree out there.”

He turned his head to look at her. He looked confused. “What? Ginny, we’re on the fifteenth floor. How could someone be in a tree outside the window?”

“I don’t know but there is, and he’s got a camera, Harry!” she said urgently.

That seemed to have sparked something in Harry. In one fluid movement, he sprang out of the bed, grabbing his wand and holding another sheet around his waist. He hurried towards the sliding door and before she knew it, he had shouted a Full Body Bind.

He marched over to the telephone looking furious. Ginny sat on the bed, watching and wondering how long that man had been out there and what exactly he had pictures of. Harry sounded very angry as he talked on the telephone. After a few minutes he slammed it down and went to the wardrobe, pulling out some clothes.

“Here,” he said roughly holding out some clothes. “Get dressed. The manager is coming up here with security.”

Quickly and quietly they dressed. Harry was still quite angry, swearing under his breath, and had nearly ripped the zipper off his jeans when he put them on. He sighed in frustration once he had finished and ran his hands distractedly through his hair. Ginny watched him carefully knowing full well of what he was capable of doing when he was angry. He seemed to have caught her wariness and tried to give her a reassuring smile.

He gripped his wand tightly in his hands, his knuckles going white and marched to the sliding door. Ginny stood back, her own wand in hand just in case she needed it.

A man stumbled inside the room. He had sandy hair and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts. Two cameras slung around his neck, and he looked dirty and unkempt. Harry had his wand digging into the man’s back and had a firm grip of the man’s hands. He forced the man inside, shoving him into the writing desk chair and quickly produced ropes. Ginny held her wand at the ready.

“Who are you,” Harry demanded, his wand pointing directly at the man’s heart.

He remained silent, white faced and shaking at the sight of Harry Potter in all his fury standing before him.

There was a dull rattling sound. It took a moment for Ginny to realize the furniture was shaking. Harry was slowly losing his control and seemed like he would snap at any moment.

“I won’t ask you again!” Harry roared. “Who are you!”

“Stanley!” the man cried in fear. “St-Stanley Weber! I’m a-a-an independent cel-leb-leb-brity photographer.”

“Why were you spying on us?” Harry demanded. The furniture shook even more.

“My co-cousin works here a-and she tol-tol-told me what room you were in,” Stanley choked out. “Sh-sh-she checked you in. I’ve be-been in the tree for tw-two days. I’ve been u-u-using my broom and my uncle’s invis-invisibility cl-cloak.”

Harry swore profusely.

“I didn’t mean any harm!” Stanley cried his voice no longer shaking yet still looked frightened of Harry. “I thought I could make a few bucks with some pictures of you! Money’s been tight and I’m desperate for cash—”


Harry’s wand was digging into the man’s throat and he whimpered. Harry lowered his face next to his and whispered harshly, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rearrange your limbs right now and feed you to the sharks out there!”

There was a sharp knock from the other room. Ginny hurried out, stowing her wand in her back pocket and answered the door.

A bald man wearing a sharp Muggle suit stood outside the door with two large men in dark uniforms standing on either side of him.

“Hello,” the bald man greeted her kindly. “Are you Mrs. Potter?”

Ginny nodded unable to say anything. She was shocked at what she had just found out and not even being addressed by her new name was able to force her out of it.

“My name is Matthew Long. I’m the head manager and owner of the Aloha Suites Hotel. Your husband called. I understand that you’ve discovered a man outside your balcony in a tree?”

She nodded again. “Yes,” she managed to say.

“Your husband requested that we come to investigate. These gentlemen are members of our American Wizardy Law Enforcement League the Hawaiian Chapter who we contract with for security here at the hotel. Do you mind if we come in?”

Ginny merely opened the door wide enough for them to enter and watched as they walked through the suite.

Once she closed the door, Ginny sank into the sofa not wanting to be near that photographer. She couldn’t believe someone would be so desperate for money they would park themselves in a tree for a few days and take pictures of people in their most intimate moments. She knew what it was like to have very little money, but she and her family learned to make due and they would have never stooped so low to exploit people for monetary gain.

She felt dirty and exposed and vulnerable. All the happiness she had felt from being a newlywed and being with Harry had been sucked out of her like a Dementor was hovering over her. She had been violated beyond belief; even being possessed by Tom Riddle’s soul didn’t make her feel like this.

Ginny curled into a ball on the sofa, feeling like she needed to protect herself. She could hear deep voices in the next room and Stanley’s weak voice explaining his actions and every now and then Harry’s angry tones. All she wanted was a nice honeymoon with Harry and so far all they had was one headache after another.


She sat up, looking at the doorway to the bedroom and saw Harry standing there. He still looked furious but his features softened at the sight of her. He took a few steps towards the sofa and leaned over the back of it, pushing her hair away from her face. “They want to know if you want to press charges.”

Ginny shook her head, feeling her eyes beginning to burn with tears.

“I want nothing to do with that – that horrible man,” she whispered fiercely. “I just want every damn picture he took burned.”

He gave her a quick nod and returned to the bedroom. Within a few minutes, Harry re-entered the room followed by the two guards with Stanley between them and Mr. Long bringing up the rear. Harry stopped and rounded on Stanley, standing very close to him.

“If a single picture pops up in any newspaper, if you ever come near us again I will make sure what Voldemort did looks like child’s play. Understand?” Harry threatened. Stanley gave a feeble nod and was escorted out of the suite by the guards.

Mr. Long stayed behind and sighed dejectedly.

“Mr. Potter,” he said and turned to Ginny with a little bow, “Mrs. Potter, I am so sorry that something like this happened. I cannot even begin to fathom how he got up there in the first place. I will personally take care of that employee for her actions. I’ll make sure that the wards have been reinforced –”

“Actually, Mr. Long,” Harry interrupted. “I’d like to set up some of my own wards if that’s all right. Now, if you don’t mind?”

“Certainly, Mr. Potter,” Mr. Long replied and the two of them moved back into the bedroom. Ginny remained on the sofa, hugging her knees and trying hard to keep her resolve. It wasn’t much longer that Harry and Mr. Long returned.

“Is there anything I can do for you both after this incident?” Mr. Long asked as Harry walked him to the door.

“No, I think we’ll be fine. Thank you for your help.”

The two exchanged goodbyes and Harry shut the door firmly behind him, locking it. Harry made his way across the room and pulled the curtains shut, dimming the light considerably in the room before sitting next to Ginny on the sofa.

“You okay?” he asked softly, touching her shoulder. He rubbed her arm soothingly.

Ginny shrugged and wiped away the few tears that had managed to escape.

“If it makes you feel any better, those guards found some sort of a Muggle cooler concealed in the tree with food and water so he hadn’t left it. No pictures are going to turn up anywhere. I demanded to get the film and destroyed it right away so no one will see them,” he explained.

Ginny sniffled and within a blink of an eye, she had launched herself on Harry, knocking him onto his back on the sofa and cried openly into his chest. He muttered softly to her and rubbed her back in comfort.

“Someone was watching our most private moments,” she said thickly. “He was going to sell pictures of us in bed together for money. I feel so . . . so –”

“Violated? Exposed?” he finished for her. She nodded into his chest. “I know, love, I know. Don’t worry, sweetheart, I made sure no one else can do something like that.”

He sighed and kissed the top of her head. “I’m so sorry. I can never catch a break, can I? I thought having a room on a top floor would stop things like that from happening, but I guess . . . sick people.”

Ginny sniffed and lifted her head to look at him teary-eyed. “We are never making love with the curtains opened ever again.”

He gave her a lopsided grin and nodded. “Yeah. I’m okay with that.”

She gave him a strained smile and sat up again, feeling determined. “I’m not going to let wankers like that get in the way of our honeymoon. I won’t let anyone ruin this for us because we get this only once in our lives and we are going to have some good memories of this trip.”

Harry smiled up at her. “That’s my Ginny.”

Ginny stood up and held her hand out to Harry to pull him on his feet. “Let’s go shopping.”

“Anything you want,” he agreed.

Ginny wiped away the remainder of her tears and marched into the bedroom, determined to get this honeymoon turned around.

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight – Surf, Sunburns and Stupid Sheets
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Eight – Surf, Sunburns and Stupid Sheets

It looked like things were looking up for Ginny and Harry on their honeymoon. They had kept the curtains in their suite firmly shut and had no further encounters with reporters or photographers, which made them both breathe a little easier.

They had spent the last few days visiting shops near the hotel, buying trinkets for their family members and friends and picking up a few things they liked here and there. The day before they had gone on a tour taking them around the island, learning all about the culture and history of the Hawaiian people, and that night they attended a luau that had taken place at the hotel.

Today Ginny had woken bright and early as she had planned on spending the day on the beach with Harry. She had taken a quick shower hoping that the sound of the water would wake Harry up but when she reappeared in the bedroom, he was still in bed clutching the pillow she had been sleeping on. She rolled her eyes and sat on the side of the bed.

“Harry,” she called, rubbing his back. “Harry, get up, lover boy.”

He grunted in response. Ginny sighed. She was quickly discovering that her new husband was not a morning person. Neither was she but at least she didn’t act like a troll unless it was at an ungodly hour, and she was being annoyed. “Come on and get up.”

He turned his face to look at her. He looked sleepy and squinted at her. Poor dear was blind without his glasses. He had complained the night before that he wished he could see her properly whenever they were intimate and was determined to find something to keep his glasses in place and fog-free. He yawned widely. “Why?”

“Because,” she replied.

He looked her up and down, noticing her dressing gown. He grinned stupidly. “Have you got on that red lacy thing again?”

“No,” she replied as a smile crept onto her face. “Said red lacy thing and all its parts are still on the floor since last night no thanks to you.”

“Well,” he sighed, shuffling over so he was next to her, “when you walk into the room wearing something like that, you can’t very well expect it to stay on for very long, can you?”

“Harry, you nearly ripped it in half,” she reminded him.

“You didn’t seem to mind,” he shot back and waggled his eyebrows at her. “So what do you have on under that?”

Ginny scoffed. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Oh, I do,” he whispered and grabbed her around her waist, pulling her onto her back. Ginny shrieked in surprise at the sudden movement and glared up at him as he pinned her beneath him. He held himself above her grinning happily. “Seeker reflexes, love.”

He lowered himself, kissing her full on the lips and slipped a hand under her dressing gown. He pulled away, looking gleeful. “Now this is much better than the red lacy thing! Saves me a step at least.”

He leaned forward and kissed her again. Ginny gave in for a few moments and stopped him when he showed signs of taking things further.

“None of that this morning,” she said firmly. “We are going to get up and go to the beach today.”

She managed to wriggle away from beneath him and stood up. Harry scowled up at her.

“What if I don’t want to go to the beach?” he asked as she walked across the room to the wardrobe.

“Then I suppose you’ll stay here and I’ll go to the beach in my swimsuit where all those other men can see me in it,” she said loftily. “You won’t mind, will you, if I get gawked at and run off with someone else?”

“Tease,” he muttered under his breath. “Can’t we go a little bit later and have a lie in together?”

Ginny shook her head. “I am going to gather our things. I expect to see you downstairs and ready to go to the beach in fifteen minutes. We’ll have breakfast in one of the hotel restaurants.”

Muttering under his breath, Harry threw the sheets off of him and made his way moodily into the washroom, slamming the door behind him. Ginny smiled to herself as she pulled on her swimsuit and a cover up dress.

Once dressed, she admired herself in the wardrobe mirror. It was a new suit she had bought a few weeks before the wedding. Mikayla had insisted that Ginny had to buy a new one just for Hawaii claiming it would surprise Harry to see her in a new one. Her old suit was a one piece and plain black and rather old and Mikayla had pronounced it to be completely unsuitable for a honeymoon. When Mikayla had dragged Ginny off to get a new one, Ginny had begun browsing through the one pieces but Mikayla had put her foot down and dragged her away.

No, Ginny. You can’t wear a boring one piece. You’re going on your honeymoon and you need something else to entice Harry other than lingerie. He won’t be expecting it. Trust me,” Mikayla had told her. When Ginny had questioned her friend on how she knew that, she had turned red and said something about trying it out on Colin.

A fierce hushed argument had ensued after that as Mikayla had wanted Ginny to get a bikini that really didn’t cover much up at all and Ginny had wanted something that would let her hold onto some of her modesty. They had settled on something Ginny found to be called a tankini; a tank top and separate bottoms. The one she found was a halter top that tied at the neck and had bow tied bottoms. Mikayla had insisted Ginny get it in green “to match Harry’s eyes”. They had also found a matching white and green floral cover up dress at Ginny’s insistence to go with the suit.

She smoothed out her cover up dress and hoped Harry would like her new suit. Sighing, she turned from the mirror and focused on getting ready. Ginny packed a beach bag she had bought at one of the shops two days ago. Making sure she had everything they would need on the beach, she applied two Sun-Shielding Charms on her body. She really hoped they would protect her as she didn’t want any more freckles, and she certainly didn’t want her skin to burn. She called out to Harry, letting him know she’d be waiting for him in the lobby before picking up the bag and heading out the door.

Once downstairs, Ginny lingered by the information and tourism counter, waiting for Harry to come down. The lobby was packed with guests arriving and leaving, couples young and old and families all around. It seemed like all sorts of people stayed there.

“Aloha kakahiaka!”

Ginny turned and saw a young man who looked about her age smiling at her. He had short spiked black hair, icy blue eyes, tanned skin and was wearing the hotel uniform. Ginny had to admit he was rather cute. She pushed that particular thought out of her head immediately. She was a married woman after all.

“Pardon?” she frowned.

“I said good morning,” he explained and smiled again. “It’s Hawaiian.”

“Oh, well, then good morning to you,” she said.

“Going to the beach?”

“Yes,” she replied and smiled at him. “How did you guess?”

“Oh, well, you know. At first look, I thought you were dressed up for the opera. The beach was my second choice,” he teased.

Ginny laughed. “I don’t think a swim suit would be acceptable at an opera.”

“Probably not, but you never know out here. Everything’s pretty casual,” he replied.

She smiled at him and nodded. “True, but I’m still not entirely sure swim suits would be the best attire for attending the opera.”

He grinned and shrugged. “Probably not, but it’s great for the beach!”

“Well I suppose I’m perfectly dressed for that then,” she laughed.

He grinned and nodded again. “It looks like a great day to be out there today,” he said and looked wistfully out the automatic glass door. “The waves look perfect.”

“Well that’s good to know,” Ginny replied. “I was hoping for a good time out there.”

“Oh yeah, it looks like a lot of people are having a blast. You chose a great day to go out there,” he nodded and smiled at her. He held out his hand towards her. “I’m Francisco by the way. Born and raised Hawaiian.”

“Ginny,” she introduced herself and shook his hand. “Born and raised in England.”

“I haven’t seen you around. Is this your first day here?” he asked, leaning on the counter with his arms crossed.

“No,” Ginny said slowly, feeling herself blush profusely. “Actually I’ve been here nearly a week. I’m on my honeymoon.” She held up her left hand to show her rings.

“Ah,” he said in understanding. “Ho'omaika'i 'ana.”

Ginny gave him a puzzled look and he laughed.

“I said congratulations,” he grinned.

“Oh. Thank you,” she smiled. “Do a lot of people come here for their honeymoon?

“Oh yeah. We get a lot of honeymooners coming through here. Maui is a nice mix of fun and relaxation, you know. We get families, too. Lots of stuff to do with the family around here. Actually, lots of different people come through here now that I think about it. College students on Spring Break, friends coming together for a bit of relaxation; it’s just a great place for a good time.”

“We’ve been having a great time,” Ginny said, “a few incidents here and there but otherwise, we’re having fun.”

She glanced at the staircase and lifts and sighed. Harry was late.

“So,” she sighed and looked back at Francisco, “is there anything fun we can do out there besides swim?”

“Oh, sure. Lots of stuff! The ocean is full of possibilities!” Francisco grinned and pulled out a light blue sheet of paper. “Here, let me show you what we have at the rental huts.”

For the next few minutes, Ginny listened as Francisco explained the different activities they could do on the beach and what lessons were available. Ginny listened intently, trying to remember what each thing was and seeing which ones interested her the most. Francisco was just handing her a few slips of gold paper when Harry finally appeared wearing a short sleeved button blue and white pinstriped shirt and a pair of dark blue swimming trunks with three white vertical stripes on either side. He was holding a straw sun hat with large bright pink flowers all along the brim and swinging it in his hands. Ginny’s eyes widened in horror; she thought she had left that hideous thing at home.

“Forget something?” he asked when he approached her.

“No,” she replied stiffly.

“Yes you did,” he teased and placed the hat on her head. “Your mother insisted that you bring it. Don’t you remember that row the two of you had?”

Ginny glared at him. How could anyone in all of the United Kingdom not remember that row over the stupid hat? A few days before the wedding, Molly had insisted that Ginny bring a hat with her to Hawaii to keep the sun off her face so she wouldn’t get burned. Ginny, however, had not wanted to bring it as she was not fond of wearing hats, especially this one that her mother had bought for her. It had turned into a huge yelling match between them and Ginny had thought she had gotten her way, but it turned out that Molly Weasley was determined to make her daughter look ridiculous in the thing.

“I look silly in hats,” she frowned and yanked it off her head and shoved it back at him. “Especially in that one.”

“I think you look adorable in it,” he replied and put it back on.

“You wear it then if you like it so much,” she grumbled and pulled it off again. She threw it into his chest and smiled inwardly at the small grunt he gave from the force of her hand. She turned and smiled at Francisco. “Thank you for your help.”

Harry it seemed had just noticed Francisco and his teasing manner stopped at once. He stepped closer to Ginny, placing his arm around her waist and held her firmly to him.

“Oh, no problem. Let me know if you need anything else,” he replied and smiled warmly at her. “I’ll be here everyday next week.”

“Great,” Ginny said and with a wave and a goodbye, Ginny strode pass the check-in counter and to the other side of it to get to the restaurants.

“I’m hungry,” Ginny said, pulling Harry along.

“Who was that?” he asked suspiciously.

“Who?” she asked. They turned down a hallway and passed by several meeting rooms.

“That . . . cabana boy back there,” he said and jammed his thumb in the direction they had come from.

“He’s not a cabana boy,” Ginny sighed and turned into a restaurant. “He works at the information desk. We were just talking.”

Ginny spoke to the greeter and requested patio seating. In a few short moments Ginny was following the greeter with Harry trailing behind her still carrying that stupid hat.

“I don’t like the way he was looking at you,” he muttered in her ear.

“Like what?”

“Like . . . like . . . what does it matter? I didn’t like it,” Harry frowned.

“Relax, Harry,” she sighed and put a reassuring hand on his arm. “We were only talking and I told him I was married. He was telling me what we could do out on the beach.”

They were seated outside and given menus. The sun was shining brightly, and a cool breeze was blowing by granting them a slight reprieve from the humidity. Ginny could smell the seawater from her seat. She couldn’t wait to take a dip in that big blue ocean. Harry on the other hand was still looking disgruntled.

“How do I know he wasn’t offering more than beach activities?” he asked.

“He wasn’t,” Ginny insisted and glanced at the menu. “Stop being so twitchy.”

“I’m not being twitchy,” he replied hotly. “I just don’t want other men looking at you like that.”

“You have still failed to tell me how he was looking at me,” she sighed. “Hmm, Hawaiian style omelet. That sounds interesting, ugh, I can’t eat pineapples though. I had an allergic reaction to a piece of pineapple Muggle candy when I was eight. Mum nearly killed Fred and George for it since they gave it to me and were more interested in the way my tongue was swelling than my health. But they did rush me into the house once they figured out I couldn’t breath, and I was turning blue. They didn’t know it was going to do anything to me, and they had thought it was a clever Muggle trick at first. They apologized for it. I think that’s where they got the idea for the Ton Tongue Toffees, actually,” she mused aloud and hoped Harry would drop his jealously act. It didn’t seem to work as he hadn’t heard a word of what she said and was glaring at her.

“You know how he was looking at you,” Harry insisted his menu still on the table and untouched.

“No,” Ginny replied feeling exasperated with him. Clearly, he was not going to stop. “I don’t. Explain it to me.”

Harry crossed his arms and sunk in his chair sullenly. “Like the way I look at you sometimes.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him noticing how moody he was acting. He was jealous and it was definitely showing. She put down her menu and leaned forward, crossing her arms on the table. “And what look would that be?”

He refused to meet her eyes as he sat up and mimicked her position. He leaned his head close to hers and lowered his voice considerably, “When you look so bloody gorgeous and all I want to do is, well, things that are not appropriate to mention down here in public. You know, whenever I call you Gin.”

Ginny grinned and gave him a tender kiss on his cheek. “Love, I would never let another man look at me like that. You’re the only one who gets to do that and if someone else does, I’ll hex him so that he never can look at another woman like that without it being really painful.”

Harry let out a loud laugh and gave her a quick kiss. He was in much better spirits now. “You are something else, Ginny Potter.”

“Ginny Potter,” she sighed dreamily and leaned back in her chair. “That sounds so . . . so. . . .”

“Perfect?” he offered and finally opened his menu. “I agree. The name suits you very well.”

She gave him a warm smile, and they focused on figuring out what to order and talking.

Breakfast had been filled with them talking about what everyone was doing back home and what they would do with their last week on the island. Ginny still wanted to see more the island, especially the Haleakala volcano and Hana to see all the waterfalls. They decided to find out when the next guided tours to those areas were when they went back up to their room. Harry had tried to get Ginny to wear the sun hat insisting she looked lovely in it, but Ginny was flat out determined not to wear the silly thing. She had even considered dumping it in a rubbish bin somewhere and telling her mother it got blown off her head and she couldn’t find it.

“Harry James Potter, I swear if you put that hat on my head one more time you will be very lonely for the remainder of this trip,” Ginny threatened under her breath once they had paid for breakfast and got up from the table, “and for several weeks after we get home.”

“If you hate it so much, why did you bring it?” he asked as they wound their way around other tables and towards the patio entrance of the restaurant.

“I didn’t. Mum somehow snuck it back into my bags without me knowing. She can be very sneaky you know. I think that’s where Fred and George get it from,” she explained. “In fact,” she muttered spotting a large rubbish bin just along the railing of the patio. She grabbed the hat from his hands and dropped it happily inside. “Now that’s over with. Mum will never know.”

Ginny grabbed Harry’s arm looking at the watch that she had given him for his last birthday that was attached to his wrist. “Come on. You’ve got about ten minutes before it starts.”

“Before what starts?” he asked, following her onto the sandy beach, amused at what she had done with the hat. Ginny merely rummaged through her bag and pulled out a slip of gold paper and handed it to him.

Harry frowned as he took it and looked up at her in surprise. “Surfing lessons?”

Ginny nodded. “I heard you telling Ron about it a few weeks ago and I remembered you saying you wanted to try it out if you could. Now, why you want to ride on some plastic board on top of water I don’t know, but when Francisco – Cabana Boy to you – mentioned they had beginner’s lessons I thought you might enjoy it. So, what do you think?”

He grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, this is great. Thanks, love.” He kissed her on the cheek in thanks.

They scanned the beach until they found the rental hut where the surfing lessons were being offered. As Harry joined the instructor and the other students, Ginny set off to find a spot to settle down and watch.

The stretch of sand had several lounge chairs and umbrellas sprinkled throughout many of them already being occupied. She found one close to where the surfing lessons were taking place and settled their things nearby. She took out Hermione’s book and a camera Harry had brought along and watched from afar as Harry was instructed on the proper way to surf. After about half an hour she watched in mirth, camera clicking away, as Harry trod out into the open water with the other hopeful surfers. He failed several times to stay on his board and got knocked over by a few waves. He had one successful attempt to actually stay on the board and managed to ride on a wave before crashing spectacularly.

Once Harry had trooped back up to the rental hut, she settled back on the chair and read from the book before Harry rejoined her.


Ginny glanced up to see her grinning husband holding out a Muggle photo of him standing next to the surfing board he had used. She took the picture from him as he picked up his towel and dried himself off.

“You looked like you were having fun,” she commented and slipped the picture in the bag.

“I was!” he nodded. “The waves hurt though, but it was worth it.”

He froze suddenly, staring down at her. Ginny squirmed, feeling self-conscious under his gaze.

“Is that a new suit?” he asked, his eyes looking her up and down as if he were studying her. She had taken off her cover up before settling in the chair.

“Yeah,” she confirmed and glanced down at her outfit, noticing that her top was rising slightly and showing him a little more of her skin. “Do you like it?”

Harry plopped down into the sand next to her and nodded happily. Leaning over her, he nudged her neck with his nose, one hand clasping hers and breathed softly into her ear, “Bloody brilliant.”

Ginny laughed and kissed him quickly.

They spent the morning on the beach, each taking turns at spending time in the water and even having a little splashing contest between them. After lunch at a snack hut on the beach, Ginny had hauled Harry off to another section of the beach, close to where they had attended a luau a few nights before and told him she had signed them up for a couple’s hula dancing lesson. Harry had protested, refusing to be caught dead in a grass skirt and shaking his hips. Ginny had tried her best to convince him it would be fun. In the end she had resorted to purring into his ear how sexy she thought it would be if he dressed up in a grass skirt and did shake his hips around for her, and if he did she promised to try out page thirty seven like he so desperately wanted to. He had willingly strolled into the lesson after that and eagerly pulled on the grass skirt, earning several strange looks from the other men who appeared to have been dragged there against their own free will.

The lesson had gone rather well and was highly amusing. Harry had repeatedly muttered under his breath ‘page thirty seven’ as if to remind himself why he was doing this. He had turned out to be very good at it, even to the point where the instructor had asked him to come to the front of the small class and demonstrate a few moves. Ginny had their camera out in a flash.

After their lesson, they had spent more time lounging on the sandy shores. Harry had talked Ginny into building a sandcastle, something he admitted he always wanted to do since he was a small child. The look of pure joy and elation he had on his face doing something so simple and mundane tugged at Ginny’s heart and she felt a wave of hate towards the Dursleys for denying Harry his right to a childhood and simple joys like this.

The day dragged on and they had decided to remain out on the beach. Ginny had spent some time reading Hermione’s book and Harry had fallen asleep on his beach towel for a few hours. Ginny had a fleeting thought of playing a trick on him by covering him up in sand. But the peaceful look on his face had stopped her and she had decided to leave him for the time being. Only when the Sun had sunk so low that she could no longer read the words on the page did she wake Harry up. That was when they had discovered he had horrible sunburns covering his torso and the front of his legs.

Once back in their room, Ginny had ordered up some dinner and something to help relieve Harry from his pain after instructing him to try and sit in cool water in the bathtub for a little while. It hadn’t taken long for the food and ointment to arrive and by then Harry had been out of the tub and was whining over his pain. Ginny had forced him to lie on the bed so she could help him. But it turned out that Harry had not wanted to do so quietly. He had begun to complain about his pain and had been very uncooperative with her. Now Ginny found herself scowling down at him and feeling rather annoyed after a few minutes of trying to help him.

“Ouch!” he hissed when Ginny tried to slather the ointment on his chest. “That really hurts!”

“Stop being a big baby,” she admonished and continued to spread it on his burns. “Why didn’t you use a Sun-Shielding Charm?”

“I don’t know any. It’s not like I use them all that often,” he grumbled and cried out in pain when she touched a particularly red spot.

“Bloody hell, Harry! You’ve survived how many Quidditch injuries now? Broken bones, dislocations, missing bones, falls—”

“That’s different,” he interrupted. “Those can be mended easily. A quick wave, a potion and it’s done and over with.”

“Unfortunately this takes a little more work and it would be much easier if you would hold still and let me help you,” she growled with gritted teeth. She tried to touch him again but he recoiled and whimpered pathetically.


“I’m having a really hard time seeing how you stood up to an evil dark wizard with a thirst to kill you, and dozens of Death Eaters, and came out of it as a war hero when you’re crying over a few sunburns here,” she muttered and grabbed his arm when he tried to push her hands away and squirm away from her. “Stop moving, Harry! Do you want to stay like this?”

“It just really hurts,” he moaned pathetically. “Skin should not be this red and I’m not sure if you’re making it any better,” he snapped.

Ginny had enough of his squirming and whining. She quickly picked up her wand and in a few short movements, she had bound his arms and legs to the bedposts with strong ropes and cast a Silencing Charm on him. Harry stared at her in shock, mouthing soundlessly at her.

“I am really getting tired of your whining right now,” she said waspishly and she continued to spread the ointment over his sun burnt skin. “I know they hurt, but it’s not my fault you didn’t use a Sun-Shielding Charm on yourself or any sort of Muggle cream so there is no reason for you to be snapping at me like that. I am trying to help, and you’re making it harder. If you want these to go away quicker and with no peeling, then I need to put this stuff on you first before I perform any Healing Charms on you otherwise they’ll take a long time to heal. This helps to speed up the process and it makes it difficult when you keep moving and moaning like that. It’s irritating. I have no idea how Madam Pomfrey dealt with you knowing how often you were in the Hospital Wing.”

He moved his lips and looked frustrated that he couldn’t say anything. He scowled at her briefly before changing it to an apologetic look. Ginny didn’t pay him any attention as she worked. Looking sorry was not going to let her release him. Once she had got the ointment on him, she pointed her wand at his sunburns in small sections and recited several different incantations each time she moved her wand. His skin glowed bright blue then to white before retuning to a slightly less red color after each set of spells.

“I’ll have to repeat the spells in about half an hour and then three more times before they are completely healed. Sunburns are not very easy to treat in the first place and they take a long time to heal properly, especially for those as bad as yours. Normally, you would need two sets of charms but yours is severe so you need more sets,” she explained and placed her wand on the small table next to the telephone. She caught Harry’s inquisitive look as if to ask her why she wasn’t reversing the spells she had put on him.

“You have to stay still for at least five minutes in order for the Charms to work properly and heal, and since you’ve shown me you can’t stay still for a few minutes don’t even think I’m going to release you until I’ve done all four sets and they’ve had a chance to work. Now,” she picked up their dinner tray and sat next to him on the bed, “are you hungry?”

He merely set a menacing glare on her and she was sure he was going to get his revenge on her but she didn’t really care all that much. She put on a large smile and picked up a fork, spearing a piece of steamed carrot on the end and holding it up to his mouth. “Open wide for the Quaffle, Harry.”

He looked balefully up at her as she fed him his dinner, and she knew she was going to get it. It was quite comical watching one of the most powerful wizards ever to live bound and rid of all speech, being fed his dinner as if he was an infant. She was sure he could probably break her charms if he really tried. But the fact that he seemed compliant and wasn’t even struggling made her think that maybe he was actually enjoying her taking care of him like this and his glares was just an act.

Between each set of Healing Charms Ginny had to apply to Harry’s sunburns, she penned a letter to her parents letting them know they were fine and having fun and promised she would have lots of stories to share when they came home. She had found out the day before that the hotel had a post service for the witches and wizards that were staying there. All they would have to do was dial a code on the telephone in their room and a bird would be sent up to their window. When she finished her letter, she did just that and returned to attending to Harry’s sunburns.

Ginny was about to do the last set of charms on Harry when a loud tapping sound came from behind the curtains of the sliding glass door. Making sure she was decently dressed, just in case, Ginny peered through the curtain, letter in hand, and saw a large brightly colored parrot perched on the floor of the balcony. Ginny slid the door opened, and held the letter out to the bird. She quickly gave the address and the parrot took off at a high speed. She watched it for a moment before returning to Harry.

“Right then,” Ginny sighed once she completed the last Healing Charms. “I am going to take a quick shower and no I will not lift the charms until I’m done.”

With a cheeky smile she picked up a set of pajamas and sauntered into the washroom.

When she had finished her shower and was dressed for bed, she leaned in the doorway, watching Harry still bound and silence. He looked rather bored and his chest rose and fell in a silent sigh. Ginny chewed on her bottom lip as she walked lazily across the room and picked up her wand. She thought she rather liked seeing him like this. She had complete control over him at the moment and she wanted to prolong that for as long as possible.

Something alerted Harry to her presence. He turned his head and gave her a very hopeful look. She merely smiled in return.

“I suppose you want me to undo the charms,” she sighed, swatting her wand against the palm of her hand. He nodded. “Well, I suppose I could do that.”

She stood at the end of the bed and continued to pat her wand on her palm. She smiled mischievously at him. “Though, I do quite enjoy having you like this. Bound and in my control.”

He raised his eyebrows at her in amusement. A thought seemed to have struck him for he grinned stupidly and waggled his eyebrows at her. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Not like that, you git,” she sighed. Shaking her head, she climbed on top of the bed and straddled his legs. Harry looked confused but interested. Ginny ignored him and continued with her explanation. “I’ve got control of you right now. You can’t move, can’t speak, can’t do very much of anything like this. Only when I lift my charms can you regain control of yourself again, but I don’t have to do that. I can keep you like this for a very long time.”

Harry looked worried at her words and seemed to be listening intently. She smiled sweetly down at him.

“However, if I do keep you like this I would get really bored and that’s no fun. So I have to let you go at some point. Right?”

He nodded.

“I’m glad you agree,” she replied. “But, before I lift my charms you have to promise me something. You have to promise you won’t act like a spoiled little baby the next time you get burned and will let me help you with no complaining. Can you promise me that?”

He nodded again and gave her a look of apology.

“Good because the next time you act like that, you’ll find yourself facing something much worse than being bound and silenced,” she warned. Ignoring his inquisitive and slightly frightened look, she removed the charms and tossed her wand back onto the bedside table. Harry immediately began to rub his arms and grimaced slightly.

“Do your arms hurt? Are they stiff?” she asked, slightly apologetic for keeping him motionless for so long.

“Oh no,” he replied sarcastically, “only had them bound for what almost three hours and no ability to move them? Not stiff at all.”

“Sorry,” she murmured, examining his skin. “You’re skin looks a lot better, just a bit pink now. Does it hurt?”

Harry shook his head and settled his hands on her thighs. “I’m sorry for being a pain in the arse. I deserved it.”

Ginny shrugged, her eyes downcast as she lightly walked her fingers up his stomach then gently ran her fingernails back down. Her mind was no longer fixed on his behavior earlier and what caused them to be in this position. She was interested in other things now. She smirked inwardly at the small grunt he gave and his stomach muscles twitched.

“I was just trying to help,” she sighed, continuing to move her fingers up and down his stomach in the same pattern. She was amused by the changing expression on Harry’s face and knew he was enjoying this immensely. She leaned forward, careful not to rub her shirt too roughly on his skin and kissed his pulse point.

“Oh, Merlin,” he groaned and his hands immediately went to her hips. She smiled as his breathing suddenly became ragged. “Th-thanks for helping me heal.”

Ginny trailed her soft kisses from under his jaw, to the side of his neck and paused just outside his ear. “Oh, I haven’t even begun to heal you, love.”

* * * * * *

Sleep seemed like a fantastic thing to do right about now. While Ginny was rather sleepy, she had a hard time doing that since her heart was still hammering in her chest and her breathing was still slightly shallow. She reached up and pushed her hair away from her forehead, which was damp and plastered to her skin, and let her arm drop limply to the side. She could hear Harry next to her, his breathing ragged like her own. Evidently, he had enjoyed their love making just as much as she did, and she was fairly certain it was the most intense and beautiful thing they had experienced to date.

Harry shifted next to her, pulling the sheets slightly as he moved. He leaned over her, his eyes still dark and his face flushed and sweaty like hers. He squinted slightly at her in their darkened room. A ghost of a smile drifted onto his face, the corners of his lips lifting upward. As he moved his face closer to her, his warm breath drifted across her skin. It felt like a loving caress that was only meant for her. He had such a relaxed and tranquil look on his face, something she hardly ever saw, and it made her heart melt.

His left hand entwined with her right and she felt the cool metal of his ring between her fingers. He lifted his right hand and gently brushed his knuckles against her cheek as she stared up at him, transfixed by the tender look in his eyes.

“Beautiful,” he whispered softly, his green eyes sweeping across his face, taking in her features as if he were seeing her for the first time. Slowly, he raised his index finger and dragged it down her face. He began at her hairline, down her forehead then the bridge of her nose, continuing past her lips and ending at the bottom of her chin. Harry’s eyes drifted back up to hers and she saw the depth of emotion he felt for her; it made her slowing breath quicken once more and she felt like she was falling in love all over again.

“Just beautiful.”

Ginny knew that this was a rare moment indeed. She had seen these moments on very rare occasions when there were engaged, always like now when they were alone and when no one could disturb them. She had caught brief glimpses of it on their wedding day, just before he kissed her as his wife for the first time and for a split second as they shared their first dance. The last time she had seen him like this, completely and utterly at one with himself was on their wedding night, after they had made love for the first time. He had looked at her then just like he did now, and it had nearly brought her to tears.

But these moments, as few and rare as there were, did not mean that Harry was cold and heartless to her. It wasn’t as if he never showed his affection for her, because he did all the time. Ginny knew he loved her deeply and didn’t need him to show it to her all the time. He showed his affection for her in private and through small gestures. She didn’t like grand displays of love and sappy romance and Harry knew that. She would probably have ditched him if he was sappy all the time and professing his love for her every second of every day.

Regardless of how Harry showed his love for her, it was clear to all how Harry felt about her. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see that Harry was madly in love with Ginny, and no one but her could ever make him that happy. He was always very caring and loving with Ginny. In public, it was a squeeze of her shoulder or a quick peck on the cheek or just a look and smile that made his feelings known. In private, it was displays like cuddling together and whispering words of love that had real meaning to them. But then there were times where he let his whole guard down, where Ginny could swear she could see right into his soul and he allowed himself to truly speak his heart. His touch was just a little bit more loving and gentle, his voice a little bit more tender and soft but his heart was open and full and he didn’t hold back. It was as if he could really be free from everything and just . . . be.

Even after all these years since the end of the War, he was never fully relaxed or himself and unless you knew him well, it was not an obvious trait. Harry Potter may have appeared easy going and not to have a care in the world, but Ginny and a select few others knew it was just a façade.

When Ginny had finished school and began spending large amounts of time with Harry, she noticed things about him that she knew were the after effects of being in a war for so long. Whenever he went somewhere, he would sweep his eyes throughout the area, his pupils slightly larger and alert as if he were watching for something out of the ordinary. He walked with a quick yet stealth like gait when he was out and about, and he would unconsciously flex his hand towards his wand like he was always excepting to be under attack. There was also the guarded expression on his face that he wore at all times except, Ginny noticed, when she was around but even then he wouldn’t drop it completely unless they were completely alone. He was never relaxed, never fully relaxed but he had developed a way to trick people into believing that he was just so they wouldn’t bother him about it.

So when she was granted these moments, moments that no one else got to see like now, she embraced them and held onto them. Those free, relaxed moments when he was truly his own being, when he was truly happy. She never told anyone about them, not even Harry. She was afraid that if she did it would disappear and she couldn’t see it again. It was far too precious and private for her to share with a single soul. It was like a secret that she wanted to keep all to herself and indulge in when no one was watching.

Harry’s fingers glided smoothly across her face again, bringing her thoughts back to the moment in hand. He briefly touched the tip of her ear, before skimming his fingers back to her mouth and gently tracing the tip of his index finger along the outline of her lips. He lowered his lips to hers, giving her a delicate kiss and whispered, “I love you so much.”

Ginny lifted her left hand and gently tugged his away from her face. She turned it, kissing him softly on the inside of his wrist then on the bottom of his palm and ending at the inside of his fingers. She gazed up at him, placing his hand on top of the sheets, settling it on her stomach. She reached up and traced his lightening bolt scar that looked almost nonexistent in the dark room.

“I will always love you,” she said quietly. “Always.”

He sighed contently and moved to his side. Ginny shifted so that she was facing him, entwining her legs with his and threading the fingers of her left hand in his right. Harry pulled their clasped hands to his face, turning them so he was looking at her wedding band and engagement ring. Ginny pulled herself even closer, tucking her head under his chin, intending to drift off to sleep with the memory of this beautiful and tender moment in her mind.

“Ginny,” Harry’s sleepy voice murmured from above her. She felt the vibrations of his voice and she sighed happily.


“Well I was just wondering about something,” his said voice sounding a little more awake.

“What’s that?” she asked, yawning and snuggled deeper against his chest.

“What happened to page thirty seven?”

Ginny pulled away and frowned up at him. The beautiful and tender moment was gone in a flash, not that she expected it to last forever. Still, he could have said anything but that.

“You’re joking, right?” she asked in disbelief. “We just made love and it was the most wonderful and beautiful time that we’ve had in our short physical relationship, and we even shared this moment between us that was so utterly perfect, and you just asked me what happened to page thirty seven?”

He looked like a trapped animal and shut his eyes. “And I’ve just come to the realization that was the wrong thing to say right now.”

“Very wrong,” she agreed and rolled over to her other side, losing all contact with him and shuffling over to the furthest edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” he groaned and she felt his hand on her shoulder. He dragged himself over so he was against her back. “Really, I am. It’s just that you said if I did that lesson with you . . . I put on a skirt and danced for you because I thought that we’d—”

“Keep going, Harry,” she snapped refusing to turn to look at him. She climbed out of the bed and clutched the sheet around her. “You’ll have that hole so deep you can have it as your grave and I won’t hesitate to bury you in it.”

“Where are you going?” he asked, clearly surprised that he had chased her out of bed.

“I am going to sleep on the sofa since you are being an incorrigible insensitive git right now,” she scoffed and turned on her heel, intending to march angrily out of the room but her plans failed her.

She hadn’t noticed, nor could she see, that the sheets were tangled together in the bed. Therefore, her march was halted immediately and she stumbled forward, one foot stuck in the tangled sheets. Ginny twisted around, trying to pull her foot free, only to slip on the floor and fall onto her back with a shriek of surprise.

The lights flared on suddenly and unexpectedly, blinding her for moment and she blinked several times before staring up at the ceiling, groaning in pain. She heard Harry frantically calling her and clambering out of the bed, but in his haste to see if she was okay, he too got caught in the sheets and tripped over her legs. He landed on top of her, knocking the air out of her lungs and they both hissed in pain.

“Stupid sheets!” he growled and pushed himself onto his arms, holding his weight off of her with his hands. He peered anxiously down at her looking very sorry indeed. “Are you okay? Ginny, I’m really, really sorry. It’s entirely my fault. If I didn’t say anything and just let you go to sleep, this wouldn’t have happened. You didn’t break something did you?”

Ginny’s head had cleared slightly and she begun to find their situation quite hilarious. She burst into giggles.

Harry stared down at her, alarmed. “Great, she’s hit her head and lost it. This trip just gets better and better.”

Ginny smacked his chest, continuing to laugh.

“I’m not touched in the head,” she managed to get out. “Don’t you think this is a little bit funny?”

He frowned and sat up, pulling her into a sitting position with him. “No,” he replied, feeling the back of her head for any bumps, “I think you’ve gone a bit funny though. Do you feel dizzy or anything?”

“I’m fine,” she insisted and pushed his hand away. She slumped back onto the floor, sighing and let out the occasional giggle. Harry still looked unconvinced. “I swear I’m okay. I just, well that was not a very graceful fall, was it?”

“Not particularly your best moment, no,” he agreed, still looking anxiously at her, “but you could have rivaled Tonks in that fall.”

He finally cracked a smile and began to chuckle along with her. “I wonder if she’s ever done something like that. March off in an angry pout and trip over the bed sheets.”

Ginny shuddered. “Ugh! I do not want to think about Lupin and Tonks in bed together.”

Harry grimaced and groaned. He squeezed his eyes shut. “Merlin, I just got a mental picture of that.”

All thoughts of why they were in a heap of tangled limbs and sheets on the floor of their suite left her mind as she laughed with him. After some time, Harry had picked himself off the floor and hauled her to her feet. They were settled in bed again, Ginny snuggled into his side with her hand on his chest and Harry with her arms around her waist.

“Ginny,” Harry said after a few moments.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m really sorry I said anything about that lesson–”



“Shut up.”

“Yes, dear.”

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine - Leaving Paradise
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Nine – Leaving Paradise

Ginny sighed as she checked her appearance in the mirror of the hotel washroom. She was wearing a simple strapless pale yellow cotton sundress. It was fitted from the bodice down to her waist, before the skirt of it flared out ending at her knees. Usually, light yellow was not a color she would wear, but, for once, it looked quite nice on her. Ginny had a bit of a tan now due to the time she had spent under the Hawaiian sun. She was rather proud of her newly acquired tan, but with it came the appearance of more freckles. Needless to say, Harry was very delighted at the appearance of new freckles for him to kiss.

She brushed out her hair, deciding that she was going to let it hang loosely around her shoulders for the evening. She put her brush on top of the counter and made sure her hair was how she wanted. Her eyes swept over her own image and she caught the sad look on her face that reflected back at her in the mirror.

She shouldn’t be sad, but she was. It wasn’t as if she was having a horrible time in Hawaii. It was quite the contrary; Ginny was enjoying every moment of her stay with Harry. What made her sad was the fact that it was their last night in Hawaii. Tomorrow morning they would have to catch an early Portkey back to San Diego and then straight on to London so they would have time to recuperate before going to the Burrow for Sunday night dinner.

Ginny did not want to leave. She was having a marvelous time on the tropical island with Harry. She had fallen in love with everything Hawaii offered and she knew Harry had too.

A fleeting thought crossed her mind. What if they didn’t leave? What if they found a place of their own and lived here instead of going back to England? The weather was immensely better for one thing, and the atmosphere was much more relaxing and casual. It was a nice getaway and Ginny was sure they would have privacy. Perhaps she would bring it up later.

She sighed and thought about what they had done with their time in Hawaii. They had seen and done so much and it was all thanks to Francisco. He had been a big help in planning the rest of their days on the island, and Harry and Ginny got to know him very well. It turned out that he, like all the employees at the hotel, was a wizard and had been born on the island. He had a love for Quidditch and voiced his outrage at how it wasn’t a big sport on the islands. He had even admitted to them that he was working over time because he was planning on buying his girlfriend an engagement ring. After Harry had heard that, he had been more pleasant to him, but that still didn’t stop his green monster from popping up every time Francisco was “too friendly” with Ginny.

Francisco’s suggestions had lead to Harry and Ginny exploring and enjoying the island so much more. It started with another fun-filled day on the beach partaking in other beach activities the day after their first day out there. (Harry had refused to leave their suite until Ginny had performed several Sun-Shielding Charms on him.) The next day they had gone to see the Haleakala volcano, which had been very crowded with families and visitors, but they hadn’t minded too much. The day after that they had gone on a guided tour of Hana, where they had seen breathtaking waterfalls and the most beautiful landscape they have ever set their eyes on. The rest of the days had been spent doing various activities, from horseback riding to taking a boat ride along the coast (where Ginny had spotted some dolphins swimming along side). Now they were leaving, their fun was over and they had to go home tomorrow.

Now on their last day, they were still trying to soak up whatever fun they could still get before they left. They had spent a few hours on the beach that morning before deciding to head inside and pack up their things. Harry had told her after lunch that he had plans for them for dinner but refused on telling her where. He had simply said to dress nicely yet casually and be ready by half past six.

“Oi! Ginny, are you ready yet?”

Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes before appearing in the bedroom of their suite. She spotted Harry standing at the foot of the bed. He was packing some souvenirs in one of their bags. He was dressed in a long sleeved white cotton button up shirt and a pair of khakis.

“You don’t have to yell like that,” she said snippily as she sat on the bed to put on her white heeled sandals. “I wasn’t that far away.”

“I know,” he said and glanced at his watch. “I just don’t want to be late.”

Ginny finished buckling her sandals and glanced up at him. “Late to where?”

“Never you mind,” he grinned. “Are you ready?”

She stood up and twirled on the spot, showing off her outfit. She stopped and faced him, hands on her hips. “Is this nice yet casual?”

Harry smiled and nodded approvingly. “It’s perfect, now come on, my goddess.”

“Goddess, am I?” she replied, following him out of the room. “Hmm, I like the sound of that. Are you going to build me a shrine and worship me everyday now?”

“Thought I did that already this morning,” he muttered under his breath obviously thinking she hadn’t heard him. Ginny, however, did hear him and pushed roughly on his shoulder. He stumbled slightly and caught himself on the doorframe.

“You can be violent sometimes, did you know that?” he asked as they headed into the hallway and to the lifts.

“You try living with six older brothers and see if you can come out of it without learning how to throw a punch or two,” she replied.

“Well I do have to live with six older brothers-in-law who, may I remind you, are much taller than I and have much bigger muscles and will beat me to bloody pulp if I so much as make their ickle baby sister shed a tear,” he countered as they waited for a lift.

She blinked and turned to look at him. He was watching the doors of the lift, bouncing slowly on the balls of his feet.

“Did you just call me ickle?” she inquired with a frown.

Harry looked at her and gave her an uncertain grin.


“So what did you call me?” she asked, taking advantage of the situation and teasing her husband. She gave him a formidable look.

“Err. . . .”

“Because ‘ickle’ implies little, sort of babyish and I’m clearly no baby. You know I hate being referred to as the baby.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“So what do you mean?”

“Um . . . I love you?”

Ginny’s face softened and she smiled. She giggled and stepped into the lift when it opened. “You do realize you can’t wiggle yourself out of everything by saying that, right?”

Harry seemed to be speechless and she laughed at him again, wrapping her arms around his neck once the door to the lift had closed and she had selected their floor. “So is my Dark-Lord-Arse-Kicking husband afraid to face my big brothers if he dares to cross me?”

“Yes,” he replied promptly. “Deathly afraid of them.”

“Well,” she sighed, “I suppose I’ll just have to protect you from them, won’t I?”

Harry shrugged as his hands came to rest on her waist and he grinned. “Yeah, you might. I’ll just hide behind your skirt when you do like the coward I am.”

Ginny matched his grin and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“Ah, the hero of the world is a coward,” she murmured against his lips as he quickly pulled her into another kiss. “You know, the press would have a field day if they found that out. I bet you I could get a hefty pay off in gold if I sold them that tidbit of information.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Harry cried in mock horror.

“I just might,” she sighed tragically and gently ran her hand the length of his shoulder. She lifted it and ran her fingers through his hair. “I can just see the headlines now ‘The-Boy-Who-Lived, Frightened of His Brothers-In-Law’.”

“But you’re my wife,” Harry replied with a grin. “You can’t do that to me and expose the hidden coward in me.”

“You’ll just have to figure out a way to persuade me to keep my silence, then,” Ginny said gravely.

Harry’s grin widened. He stepped forward, forcing her to take a step backward. He continued to advance toward her until her back hit the wall of the lift. He leaned his face very close to hers; placing his hands on either side of her head and gave her a sultry look. She felt her heartbeat quicken at the look in his eyes. Very slowly, his lips met hers in a chaste yet searing kiss. Ginny’s eyes fluttered closed and she melted against him.

Harry pulled away very slightly. She kept her eyes closed and wished he would come closer again. She would do anything at the moment to keep his lips on hers.

“Did I persuade you?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Kiss me again.”

He chuckled and she sensed him move away. She opened her eyes and pouted at him.

“You’re not going to keep kissing me?” she asked. “I would have hit the emergency button and we could have gladly stayed here.”

Harry laughed. He cupped her chin in his hand and kissed her quickly on the forehead.

“We have plans,” he reminded her.

“We can make new ones,” Ginny begged and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled innocently up at him. “It would be a lot of fun.”

He raised his eyebrows at her. “We can save that fun for later. This is a different kind of fun. Trust me; you’re going to like this.”

The doors of the lift opened. Harry stepped away from her and hooked his arm with hers. Together, they walked out of the lift arm in arm and into the lobby. They saw Francisco at his usual station and they waved at him.

“Have fun!” Francisco called out and winked at Harry.

“Yeah, thanks, mate!” Harry shouted back and steered Ginny outside before she could ask Francisco if he knew what Harry had planned.

“Does Francisco know where we’re going?” she asked Harry once they stepped onto the patio.

“Of course he does,” Harry answered.

“Why does he know and yet you won’t tell me?” she demanded.

“First of all,” Harry began and took her hand, “this is a surprise and if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Second of all, he helped me plan it.”

“When did you plan it?” Ginny asked. She was determined to figure it out before they arrived to wherever they were going.

“When you were taking a shower yesterday,” Harry replied. “I snuck out and talked with him.


Harry chuckled. “You are full of questions aren’t you? Are you sure you shouldn’t have been in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor?”

“Naturally curious, love, and I want to know why you planned . . . whatever you planned and what it is,” she shrugged.

“Why I planned a surprise? Because I wanted to surprise you?” Harry explained with a quizzical look at her. “Is that okay?”

“But why?”

Harry glanced at her, a half smile on his face as he led her across the beach. He seemed amused by her questions.

“Because tonight is our last night here and I wanted it to be special. And since Francisco had been a big help the whole time, I thought he would be able to suggest something romantic for tonight,” he replied and looked ahead of them again.

“Harry,” she said tentatively, “you didn’t plan some over the top romantic thing did you? You know I hate that sort of stuff. You don’t have to do extravagant things to show me you love me.”

“I know that,” Harry assured her. He gently swung their hands between them. “And besides, when have I ever done something like that? I keep it all low key.”

Ginny was silent for a moment and took in the information. So he had planned something special for tonight that involved them looking nice yet casual. She sighed when a conclusion came to her.

“We’re going to dinner, aren’t we?” she suggested and rolled her eyes. “Harry, you didn’t have to keep that a secret. We go out to dinner all the time. Nothing special.”

“Oh, but this is special,” he insisted and stopped walking. He looked at her again and grinned. “It’s better than just dinner. I think it fits perfectly in your definition of romantic.”

He held her jaw briefly before he started walking again. Ginny’s curiosity peaked. She was very confused now.

“So where are we going?” Ginny asked trying to put on the best sweet and innocent look she could muster.

“You’ll find out,” he replied teasingly and laughed at her. “Use that non-existent patience of yours.”

“Harry!” she pouted. “Come on.”

“You don’t have to wait much longer,” he explained. “In fact, if you look over to your right, you’ll see where we are going.”

Ginny did as told and saw a small cruise ship, similar to the one they had taken the other day along the coast, docked on the pier. She could make out several people boarding the ship and lantern lights were twinkling into life.

“We’re going on a ship?” she asked. “But I thought we were going to dinner.”

Harry simply nodded but said nothing more. If she was confused before, it was nothing compared to now.

It didn’t take them too long to reach the pier and they joined the queue waiting to board.

“Harry, what is this?” she asked, noticing there was a greeter standing at the bottom of the ramp, letting people on in twos.

“This is a dinner cruise,” Harry explained. “We’ll go along the shore and have dinner on the ocean.”

Ginny’s eyes lit up in excitement. It sounded rather romantic and it did fit in with her definition of romantic. It seemed intimate and low key and a perfect ending to their stay.

“So is this acceptable in the romance department?” he asked.

Ginny tore her eyes away from the ship and beamed at him. “Harry, this is perfect.”

She stood on her tiptoes and pecked Harry on the cheek. He grinned, looking rather proud of himself and slid his arm around her waist.

Within minutes they were next in line. Harry gave their name, Ginny blushing when the greeter called her Mrs. Potter. She was unable to contain her giddy smile. A second greeter escorted them to a table. They were seated next to the railings of the ship.

When they were seated, Ginny took in her surroundings. Each table was spaced out so that each couple had their own privacy. Lanterns hung over their heads casting a dim yellow glow around them. Their table was small allowing them to be close to each other while having just enough room for their plates. It was covered with a white tablecloth and in the center there was a small gathering of brightly colored flowers, flanked by tall white candles. Two glasses of chilled water were already on the table for them.

A waiter came by a few minutes later wearing dark khakis and a dark blue Hawaiian shirt. He greeted them warmly and lit the candles on their table before offering to take their drink orders. As Ginny was considered underage while in Hawaii she settled on a fizzy drink Colin had introduced to her some years ago, which she found very delicious but highly addictive. (Colin appeared to live off the stuff much to Mikayla’s chagrin). Harry ordered some white wine and muttered to Ginny once the waiter had left he’d let her have a sip or two.

When their drinks arrived the ship started to move. Ginny was entranced with watching the blue water ripple as they slowly chugged along. She took in the saltwater scent and listened to the distant crashing of the waves on the shore feeling relaxed at once. The ocean water reflected the glow of the sinking sun as it disappeared below the horizon. At first it was a light yellow glow and slowly changed to a pleasant orange.

As the night wore on they feasted on their dinner reliving their favorite moments of the past few weeks and what they were going to miss the most. The sky turned darker, the sun sunk lower and eventually they found a clear star-filled sky twinkling above them. Music began to play about half way through dinner and couples got up to dance to it. Harry and Ginny joined the couples at one point sharing a few dances together before returning to their seats and ordering dessert.

Halfway through dessert Ginny sighed happily and gazed out at the now dark ocean. “This is so beautiful.”

She turned her gaze on Harry and saw him smiling lazily at her. He reached out and placed his hands on top of hers. She never got tried of the thrill that shot through her whenever he touched her.

“So you’re enjoying yourself?” he asked. She nodded.

“This is one of the most romantic things you have ever done,” she admitted. “Do you know how jealous my friends are going to be once I tell them about this?”

He chuckled and squeezed her hand gently.

“I wanted our last night here to be special, you know. Francisco suggested a lot of things, but this seemed to be right up your alley. I was hoping you would like this,” he said.

“I love it!” she gushed. “This is the perfect ending.”

He sighed in relief and smiled at her. He picked up her hand and kissed it before settling it back on the table and keeping his own on top of it. She smiled at him and looked out at the ocean again.


She turned back to look at him. She found him looking back at her with a nervous expression. His cheeks were tinged with a faint color of pink, and he seemed slightly embarrassed.

“Thank you,” he said quietly, “you know for marrying me.”

She gave him a small smile. “Someone had to take pity on your poor soul. I guess I was just the person to do it.”

He rolled his eyes and squeezed her hand. “You’re a comedian aren’t you?”

“I try,” she grinned. He laughed quietly then sighed.

“I mean it though, Ginny,” he continued. “I guess, well, I’m really happy you agreed to spend your life with me.”

He looked down at the table and kept his hold on her hand. She waited, knowing he was trying to tell her something. He never was very good with expressing his feelings verbally but he had become better over time.

“I know I’m not the perfect guy, and I definitely don’t have a very stable past. I think most women would be frightened off if they knew even a fraction of what I’ve been through, but not you. You’re different. You’re strong and brave; I doubt many other women would be able to handle the things you’ve gone through.”

He paused again and looked up at her. “Ginny, I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you. You always tell me I could have any girl I wanted because I’m the Great Harry Potter, but you know the same goes for you. You choose me over all the other guys out there and you knew everything. You knew exactly what I’ve been through and yet you decided to stick with me. I don’t get how I got so lucky.”

Harry licked his lips and swallowed nervously. He shook his head. “This feels like I’m telling you I love you for the first time again, except we’re not on a cold rooftop, and Malfoy hadn’t just threatened you and we haven’t just left the Ministry after the Minister’s attempt to use me as his poster boy. Come to think of it, that wasn’t a very romantic way to tell you that. I really should apologize to you about that. I should have done something to make it more special.”

“It was special, Harry,” she quickly interrupted. “It doesn’t matter where or when you said it for the first time. All that mattered was that you meant it and you did. Don’t start beating yourself up over it. And if you’re really worried about it, I think you’ve redeemed yourself over time.”

Harry stared at her. His eyes were narrowed slightly as if he were studying her. “You always know what to say.”

“I am wise,” she replied with a grin.

He matched her grin and nodded. He leaned forward. “And beautiful,” he whispered, “and mine.”

He sat back and fixed his eyes on the candles. He grew serious again. “I tell you this everyday but I love you. You have brought such joy and happiness to my life. It’s such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and see you next to me and know that I get to spend the rest of my days like that. I’m really happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I just wanted you to know that.”

Harry looked rather embarrassed by his small speech. His cheeks had turned a bright shade of red now and his eyes were making determined contact with one to the dwindling candlesticks. Ginny reached across the table and touched his face, bringing his attention back to her.

“Oh, Harry,” she sighed. “I know and I feel the same. I love the fact that I get to be with you for the rest of my life, and I would never trade that for anything in the world. I’m just as lucky to have you.”

He smiled at her. He leaned forward, raising himself out of his seat and kissed her softly.

“That wasn’t too sickening sweet was it?” Harry asked when he sat back down again. She laughed and shook her head.

“Maybe on the edge of too sweet,” she teased and looked out at the ocean again. “It’s been amazing here, hasn’t it?”

“A dream,” he agreed.

“I think we should buy a house out here,” she blurted out before she realized it. She looked at him again to see his reaction.

Harry blinked in surprise. “A house? You want to move out here?”

She nodded and decided to go ahead and tell him her thoughts. “We could just stay here and never go back to England. It’s gorgeous here and so relaxing and Merlin knows the weather is a thousand times better. Nothing like back home. But if you don’t think we could afford a house, maybe we could find a flat or rent a place for a while?”

“Actually, we could probably afford our own private stretch of beach,” he replied.

Ginny stared at him in mild surprise. She knew he had inherited a large amount of gold. She had been in his vault and seen the numbers when she had been added to his vault. But she never really thought about it until he said things like that. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that she never saw Harry as being rich; he was always just Harry to her. Money just wasn’t part of her attraction to him.

“You really have enough gold for that?” she whispered in awe.

Harry sighed and let go of her hand. “Probably. And actually, love, it’s our gold now. Your name is attached to my vault. Remember all that paperwork we had to go through?”

“That’s right,” she said and realized for the first time that she had all the access to his gold. The thought was very daunting since she knew how much he had in his inheritances. She never had that much money before. She cleared her head and smiled at him with the intention of returning to their conversation. “It would be nice, wouldn’t it though? Be on the beach everyday, seeing the sunset.”

“Yes, but I don’t think your family would be very happy if I whisked you away to Hawaii like that,” Harry replied. “And what about our jobs? We can’t just up and leave those.”

“We could get new ones,” she suggested with a shrug. “Or just live on your inheritances.”

Harry gave her a pointed look that told her that he still didn’t think it was a very good idea.

Ginny sighed. “I suppose you’re right. But it was a good idea, don’t you think?”

He chuckled. “A very good one but I’m afraid it just won’t work for the time being.”

“Way to ruin my daydream,” she sighed in mock exasperation.

“Sorry,” he replied with a grin. “You could ruin one of mine later if it’ll make you feel better.”

“I will definitely take you up on that offer,” she quipped and smiled at him.

She gazed out at the open ocean again, watching the reflection of the stars in the water.

“Well, instead of moving here, we should come back,” she suggested again and looked back at him. “Like that woman we met at the Portkey station, the elderly one who said she and her husband come back every ten years. I want to do something like that.”

“I think that is a brilliant idea,” he nodded.

All too soon the ship had docked on the shore again, and Harry and Ginny joined the other dinner guests in departing.

“We have to go home tomorrow,” Ginny sighed as they were walking towards the hotel again.

“Yeah,” Harry replied. “We do.”

“I don’t want to,” Ginny said and glanced at him. “It’s so lovely here.”

Harry sighed and slid his arm around her shoulders. “I know. We’ll come back one day. I promise.”

Ginny nodded and let her head lay on his shoulder. She looked around the darkened beach. Palm trees scattered throughout the beach swayed with the gentle wind and waves crashed against the shore. She would miss this.

Harry stopped suddenly. Ginny looked up at him in curiosity.

“What is it?” she asked.

Harry smiled down at her and gestured toward the shoreline. “Fancy one last stroll out here? One more memory of Hawaii?”

Ginny beamed and nodded. “I’d love that.”

He let go of her shoulder and entwined his fingers with hers. Together, they set off along the shoreline under the moonlit sky.

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten – Home Again
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A/N: First off let me apologize to everyone for taking so long to update. I honestly never meant to take this long and really it was out of my hands. I've said before and I shall say it again, my beta and I are both teachers and our jobs are not just bell to bell not to mention we have end of the year stuff to do and I've been dealing with getting prom together (which is NOT an easy job). Besides that, not only did my beta's computer crash on her (and she lost her data including the latest chapter) but literally a week later mine did. We were left with no way to email each other and had to use Facebook to communicate and different methods of getting to a computer. We are now both up and running and hopefully there are no crashing computers anymore. I really hope everyone understands that.

With that said, onward!


Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Ten – Home Again

Harry and Ginny arrived home much sooner than they expected and spent their time unpacking and opening nearly all their wedding gifts before they turned in early for bed. The next morning, Harry scrounged around the kitchen to find something for breakfast as Ginny finished opening the last of the gifts. He was able to produce toast with marmalade since there wasn’t much more in the kitchen and helped Ginny with the gifts. That afternoon Harry offered to pick them up some lunch and get their film developed so the family could see the pictures they took in Hawaii that night at dinner.

While Harry was gone, Ginny set upon sorting out souvenirs for the family. The sitting room and dining room table were covered with gifts and wrapping paper and she didn’t feel much like moving it all quite yet. So she chose to finish them in their bedroom where there was some room for her to work. She sat crossed legged on their bed with gifts all around her.

For the first time in two weeks she was alone and away from Harry. Some part of her was missing him. She knew it was silly to be missing him like this when he only planned on being out for a little while after spending two straight weeks with her, but she assumed she had become used to having his presence always around her. She had a sense of longing now that he wasn’t here.

Her heart leapt when she heard Harry’s footsteps down the hallway. He appeared in the doorway, grinning with four fat envelopes in his hand.

“Got them,” he announced, walking across the room and sitting next to her on the bed. “I didn’t realize we took so many pictures.”

“Well there was a lot to see,” she replied. She held up a plastic lei of pink flowers and showed it to him. “Was this for Fleur or Penelope?”

“Um, Fleur, I think?” he frowned and tossed their pictures on the bedside table. He ran his hand up and down her back for a moment before reaching up and gently running his fingers through her hair. “What are you doing?”

“Sorting out gifts,” she replied. She shivered when he began to kiss the side of her neck. She knew exactly what sort of thoughts were running through his head and was very keen on helping him realize those thoughts, but she wanted to get this done first before she lost her concentration. Merlin knew Harry was a big distraction at times . . . well most of the time right now. “I’m almost done.”

“Oh,” he murmured, continuing his distraction. He pulled her collar away from her shoulder and kissed her there. “Hurry up, will you?”

“Why?” she asked breathlessly trying to pull away from him. She very well knew why he wanted her to hurry.

“Because,” he muttered against her neck. “There’s something very important I want to do before we head out and we have plenty of time for it. Not to mention I really missed you.”

“Oh?” she mused, finding it incredibly difficult to keep her concentration any longer and knowing what he deemed to be so important. She was actually rather anxious if she were honest with herself. She cursed the power he had over her and his ability to make her melt by the merest touch. She pushed the bag of gifts to the end of the bed and turned to face Harry, already working on removing his shirt. “What’s so important?”

He grinned wickedly, disappearing for a moment as she pulled his shirt over his head. She tossed it somewhere behind her and pushed him on his back. She pulled hers off next, throwing it behind her so it joined Harry’s and gave him a flirty smile.

“I think you’re already attending to it, actually,” he teased and in a flash flipped them over, crushing his lips on hers.

Ginny pushed him back slightly breathing hard and trying to stay in control for a few moments longer. “What about lunch? It’ll get cold.”

“Sod lunch,” he muttered, his hands making quick work of riding her of her jeans and he effectively pushed all thoughts of food from her mind.

* * * * * *

It was ten minutes after six that night when Harry and Ginny had finally arrived in the back garden of the Burrow. They had lost track of time and had hurriedly dressed and gathered their gifts and pictures before Apparating, stomachs growling in hunger. They were very close to the back door when Ginny glanced at Harry out of the corner of her eye and caught the big satisfying grin on his face that told the whole world what they had just gotten up too.

“Will you stop smiling like that?” she hissed and pulled him to a halt. He turned to look at her.

“Like what?” he asked innocently.

“Like you just got lucky and shagged me?” she whispered, peering at the window behind him and making sure no one was keeping a look out for them. She saw a silhouette that could only belong to her mother but it looked like she was concentrating on preparing food.

“But I did just get lucky and shagged you,” he replied wryly, “twice, and if I recall correctly, you were the one who initiated the second round.”

“Rather proud of yourself, aren’t you?” she grumbled. His smile widened and she growled in frustration. “Stop smiling! I don’t want to give my brothers any more ammunition to tease us mercilessly tonight like you know they will.”

Harry held up his free hand in defeat and the smile instantly left his face. Satisfied, Ginny strode up to the back door and knocked.

In an instant, her mother swung it open and cried at the sight of them, pulling them into hugs and ushering them inside.

“Oh it’s wonderful to have you back home!” Molly cried and beamed at them. “How was your trip? Oh, you both look wonderful! I hope you brought pictures and speaking of pictures, your wedding pictures arrived a few days ago. We haven’t looked at them since we all thought you two should see them first. Now into the sitting room, dears, everyone’s waiting for you two.”

Before they had even had a chance to return a greeting, she pushed them out of the kitchen and into the crowded sitting room.

For a moment it seemed like no one was paying any attention to the new arrivals. Bill, Percy and her father were talking while little Adrian was being bounced on his grandfather’s knee and seemed to be having lots of fun. The twins were conversing in hushed tones near the fireplace, a long piece of parchment between them, each with quills in their hands no doubt discussing their thriving business. Ron was drinking from a bottle, actually looking bored as he stood next to Hermione who was discussing the on goings of her department at the Ministry with Penelope who she worked with. Ginny heard footsteps and glanced up at the stairs, spotting Charlie with little Peter in his arms. Surprised, she looked around the room once more and saw Tabitha and Fleur talking together and they seemed to be in disagreement about something.

“You know,” Harry muttered in her ear, his hand on the curve of her hip and stroking it lightly through her shirt, “I bet you anything we could have another go at it in the loo and be back before they even noticed we were here.”

Ginny slowly turned to grin at him. “I like the way you think.”

Wrapping her free hand around his wrist, she stealthily pulled her delighted husband behind her, making their way to the washroom and hoped they could get away with it. They made it to their destination with the door opened, Ginny gripping onto Harry’s shirt with one hand and locked into a deep kiss. Her other hand was trying to undo his belt buckle while both of Harry’s hands were working on her own jeans when a voice interrupted them.

“And where do you think you two are going?”

Harry jumped back in surprise. His footing failed him, and he stumbled backwards over an old rug that was in front of the door. Since Ginny had a hold of him, she was thrust forward, falling to the ground and landing on top of him.

We seem to do a lot of falling, she thought humorlessly in her head. A roar of laugher was coming from all around and she felt immensely embarrassed at being caught like this.

“Maybe not such a brilliant idea,” Harry murmured quietly from beneath her. Groaning in pain, they both looked up as a shadow passed over them and saw Bill and Charlie’s cheeky smiles above them.

“I didn’t think they’d try something like that until at least dinner was over,” Charlie teased, offering a hand to Ginny to pull her up.

“I don’t want to think about our baby sister trying things like that at all, Charlie,” Bill added, helping Harry up once Ginny had managed to get off of him. “I like to think she’s innocent.”

Harry snorted in disbelief. “She’s far from innocent.”

All three siblings turned to him. His face turned to a spectacular shade of red as he realized his comment was made in front of her eldest brothers. Ginny turned to her brothers and smiled up at them, trying to think of something to say and take the heat off of Harry. “Hi,” she said lamely. “Err . . . the rug’s a bit slippery I think.”

Both were smirking at her and holding back their laughter. As one they swooped down on her each kissing her on her cheeks. They stood straight again and resumed their smirks.
“No worries, everyone,” Bill called to the gathering of family behind him and slung her arm over Ginny’s shoulders, “the bathroom hasn’t been defiled by the newlyweds.”

Ginny resorted to little sister tactics and kicked him in the shin. He shouted out loud and hopped on one leg looking disgruntled at her. Ginny put on a sweet smile and brushed by him, tugging on Harry’s hand and pulling him with her.

Her family greeted them more or less the same way her mother did. She got hugs and kisses from everyone and was asked a million questions at once.

“What are you doing here?” Ginny asked after hugging Tabitha and picking up her squealing nephew who was very excited to see Aunt ‘Inny. “I mean, not that I’m disappointed in seeing you, but it’s a bit of a surprise.”

“Molly insisted we had to be here for your return. She said the whole family had to be here to welcome the newlyweds home,” Tabitha smiled and took Peter from Ginny’s arms. She set him on the floor and watched as he toddled off to his older cousin. Tabitha looked at Ginny again and grinned wickedly. “Though the newlyweds seem like they want to be alone. Two weeks in a hotel room not enough for you two?”

Ginny went pink and she sheepishly scratched the back of her neck. She gave Tabitha a guilty look. “That was Harry’s idea.”

“Didn’t seem like you were against it,” Tabitha commented lightly. “In fact you looked like a willing participant.”

Ginny tossed her hair behind her shoulders and decided to take Tabitha head on. “Seems more like I perform my wifely duties fairly well if he’s already trying to get into my knickers the minute we get here don’t you think?”

Tabitha laughed and nodded her head in agreement. “It seems so!”

Ginny allowed herself a laugh as well and grinned at Tabitha.

“So the two of you had a good time?” Tabitha asked.

“Fantastic!” Ginny gushed. “Harry and I are planning on going back one day. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing there. Oh, Tabs, you and Charlie should really go one day.”

Tabitha snorted. “That’s never going to happen. Not until Peter goes off to Hogwarts like Charlie wants him to – Peter, no!” She muttered an excuse to Ginny and ran after Peter before he and Adrian succeeded in knocking things off a crooked bookshelf.

Once her sister-in-law took off, Ginny settled onto a small sofa with Harry next to her, his left arm draped comfortably around her shoulders. He was talking with Ron about the recent Quidditch news. Ginny noticed that he had his right hand on her thigh and was rubbing soft circles with his thumb. Harry didn’t seem at all embarrassed by it nor was he really fully aware that he was doing it. He was too deeply engrossed with finding out how his team did in the last match he missed. Ron, however, was very aware of the way Harry was touching her and while he kept up the conversation, he didn’t seem very pleased.

Looking around she noticed that everyone was still in their conversations and weren’t paying much attention to her. It was unnerving really, that besides Bill’s little comment that no one else was making comments or teasing them like she had been sure they would do. Perhaps they were going to be nice to them and leave them alone about it.

Molly popped her head inside the room and looked around anxiously.

“Arthur, Percy, the Ministry just called. There’s some sort of raid going on in Knockturn Alley and they’ve got a load of things that belong in your department. They need you both right away,” she explained and sighed. “Of course it had to be on a night we had the whole family together.”

“Don’t worry, Mother,” Percy said after he stood up and kissed Penelope on the cheek. “We’ll try to be quick.”

With a few quick goodbyes he and Arthur Disapparated.

Molly sighed. “Well, girls, would any of you like to help with dinner?”

One by one, all the women in the room volunteered to help out and Ginny realized that she would be left completely alone with Harry and her brothers.

“I’ll come, Mum,” Ginny offered, as a funny feeling overtook her. She didn’t like the fact that her brothers were now watching her and Harry beadily.

“Oh, no, dear,” Molly shook her head. “You stay here. I’m sure you’re tired from your trip. Why don’t you keep an eye on the little ones then?”

She disappeared behind the kitchen door with her sisters-in-law and Hermione in tow.

Suddenly it fell silent in the room, and Ginny noticed that everyone was looking at her and Harry. She cleared her throat and tried to look not too uncomfortable from their stares.

“Well, it looks like they’ve got some sun,” Charlie commented lightly. “So they must have left their room at some point.”

“Either that or they weren’t sure what went where,” Bill offered, clasping his hands behind his head and settling back in the armchair. He frowned at Ginny. “I thought you both had the talk so surely you’d know the mechanics of it.”

“Oi, Harry, what’s wrong?” Fred asked frowning at him. “Aren’t you happy to see us?”


“Why haven’t you smiled at all? I haven’t seen this scowling no fun Harry for years,” Fred cut his off and continued.

“Err . . . Ginny told me I wasn’t allowed to,” Harry explained awkwardly. Ginny poked him roughly in the ribs and glared at him, noticing that while he reacted to her poke, he still did not move from her and his hand had slid further onto her thigh.

“I said nothing of the sort! You know what I meant!” she cried indignantly. She lowered her voice to whisper, “I said you couldn’t smile about that, you twit.”

“About what, sister dear?” George asked, waggling his eyebrows at her. Evidently, Ginny’s whisper was still clearly heard.

She sat up straight and held her head up in defiance despite the dull flush that was quickly springing to life in her cheeks. “Never you mind, George.”

“Now I’m curious, little sister,” George continued. “What is it that Harry isn’t allowed to smile about?”

“Bet it had to do with what they were trying to get away with in the bathroom earlier,” Ron chimed. “Oi, Harry, mind keeping your hands off my little sister’s leg?”

Ginny narrowed her eyes dangerously. She was not going to let her brothers take the mickey out of them the whole night.

“Harry can put his hands wherever he pleases,” she replied loftily.

That however seemed to have opened up a floodgate for all her brothers were pulling out more jokes and remarks about her and Harry. Ginny was not enjoying it at all. While she had expected them to tease somewhat, she didn’t expect it so soon and she sure as hell wasn’t going to sit there and take it. She wanted to nip this right away and decided to be a little blunter with her siblings. Perhaps a little shock and awe was in order.

Ginny stood up, pulling her wand out and tapped it against her leg. Her brothers immediately stopped, five pairs of eyes fixed on her slightly bouncing nine and a half inch, unicorn hair bearing, and willow piece of wood that they all knew very well can pack a punch.

“Right, let’s get some things straight here,” she announced and began pacing around the room. “Harry and I did have sex because that is what couples in love do,” she pointed her wand at her brothers in turns as she spoke. She held it up and tapped it gently on the palm of her hand. “Now, I was expecting you lot to tease us for it and embarrass us and even be somewhat defensive of me, and I have half a mind right now to drag Harry upstairs and shag him senseless,” she stopped, spotted Harry and sauntered toward him, “or maybe just to spite you lot, right here on the bloody sofa in front of all of you.”

Right in front of her flabbergasted brothers, she sunk right into Harry’s lap, wrapped one arm around his neck and gave him a long, deep, sensual kiss. He was shocked at first, but quickly played along, running one hand up the back of her shirt and the other on her leg. Distantly, she heard Ron saying something about his best mate and little sister, but his words were lost on her ears. Harry wrenched his lips away from hers and quickly reattached them to her pulse point. He seemed to have forgotten that they did have an audience and that Ginny had initiated this just to shock her brothers. She stifled the moan she wanted to let out. She had to keep in control to finish her point. Ginny raised her hands to Harry’s face and gently pulled him away. He looked up at her, clearly enjoying her act and appeared to have wanted to continue despite her older brothers around.

“Later, my love,” she whispered. She extracted herself from him and stood up again, brandishing her wand and resuming her pacing.

“Now, unless you want a reduction below the belt, I suggest that all of you stop it right now. We don’t mind the occasional joke, do we, sweetheart,” she turned and smiled dazzlingly at Harry, who looking highly amused gave a short nod, “but,” she rounded back at her brothers, “we do mind your continuous teasing, your insults and attempts to humiliate us, and your remarks of how wrong it is. If you do have more to say about it, keep it to yourself or I will definitely make sure the fool that does talk never gets to indulge in the particular pleasure of physical intimacy ever again.”

Satisfied that she had taken care of her brothers, she put her wand away and settled next to Harry again with a look of pure innocence on her face. “Any questions?”

The result was better than Ginny could have expected. Bill and Charlie had swept their sons up in their arms, both suddenly needing a bath at the same time. Fred and George tore up the stairs with their piece of parchment calling they had business to discuss. Ron, however, remained in his seat, his butterbeer titling to the side and staring at the two of them as if he had never seen them before.

“I think they’ll lay off us now,” Harry mused aloud.

“I hope so,” Ginny grumbled. “Honestly, ‘not know what went where’.”

“Oh I most certainly do know what goes where, very well if I do say so myself,” Harry grinned, kissing her sweetly. When he pulled away Ginny grabbed a hold of his shirt and brought him back to her, initiating another kiss and giggled when his hands skimmed her sides.

“No! No! Please stop!” Ron cried his hands clamped over his eyes. His nearly empty butterbeer bottle fell from his hand and rolled on the floor near his feet. “It’s bad enough that I know the two of you . . . do things together, but I really don’t want to see any evidence of it!”

“Sorry, Ron,” Harry apologized and sat back.

“Sorry?” Ron snorted and picked up his butterbeer bottle. “You didn’t look very sorry when you were so enthusiastically snogging my sister a few minutes ago. Looked more like you were enjoying it.”

“Of course he was enjoying it, Ron,” Ginny exasperated.

“But did you really have to do that?” Ron moaned and pulled a disgusted face.

“I was trying to make a point,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Looked more like you were trying to get leg-over right in front of us,” Ron grumbled. He shuddered. “I think I’m scarred now.”

Ginny picked up a cushion and threw it at her brother. “Keep it up and I’ll really scar you.”

* * * * * *

It was nearly eight when the family finally settled down for dinner in the kitchen and Arthur and Percy arrived shortly after.

The Weasley brothers seemed to have got Ginny’s point rather well and hadn’t made a single comment about her intimacy with Harry. Instead, conversations were centered on what they had done in Hawaii and everyone was eager for details.

“It’s beautiful there,” Ginny gushed. “It’s so relaxing and tranquil. And everyone was so nice and friendly and really welcoming.”

“Sometimes too friendly,” Harry interjected.

Ginny rolled her eyes and reached over for another roll. “You liked Francisco and he did have a girlfriend.”

“He was looking at you wrong,” Harry maintained. “And he was still looking at you all wrong even after he said he had a girlfriend.”

“Who’s Francisco?” Tabitha asked curiously and grinned widely at Ginny. “Ginny, have you already taken up a lover on the side?”

“No, I have not,” Ginny replied tartly and glared at her sister-in-law. “He was merely an employee at the hotel that we got to know a bit and very helpful.”

“Cabana boy more like it,” Harry muttered under his breath. Ginny glanced at him and saw the slight teasing glint in his eyes.

“He was not a cabana boy,” Ginny huffed. “He just worked at the tourism desk and you liked him! He helped us have a great time!”

Harry merely grunted in response and returned to his chicken. Ginny rolled her eyes and shoved at him slightly.

“Oi, keep your hands to yourself,” Harry replied and nudged her back.

“I thought you liked my hands on you,” Ginny teased and ruffled his hair with her hand.

“Oh I most certainly do, Mrs. Potter,” he grinned. He leaned down and kissed her softly. Ginny turned in her seat so she could return his kiss properly. It melted into another, deepening slightly and she giggled when Harry gently ran his tongue along her bottom lip. She was just thinking of climbing into his lap and progressing things further, when a throat cleared. They broke apart and turned very red at the assembled family. Apparently it had slipped their minds that they were having dinner at the Burrow.

“We are trying to eat you know,” Charlie said from across the table.

“I think it’s sweet,” Tabitha gushed.

“Only because she’s not your little sister,” Charlie added.

“Oh, will you stop with the big brother attitude,” Tabitha sighed and glared at her husband. “She’s allowed to grow up.”

“Sorry,” Ginny apologized and broke the small argument between Charlie and Tabitha. She dug into her steamed vegetables. “We got a little carried away.”

“No need to apologize,” Penelope smiled from down the table. “You’re both newlyweds and in love. It’s natural to show it.”

Ginny’s face was still flushed and she glanced at Harry out of the corner of her eye. She and Harry exchanged shy grins and she felt him reach out and squeeze her hand.

“So, what did you two do while you were there?” Arthur asked smiling gently at his daughter. Ginny glanced at him and noticed the slightly misty look in his eyes.

“Loads of stuff,” Ginny replied and tucked back into her plate. “We spent a lot of time on the beach.”

“Did you wear the hat, dear?” Molly inquired, gazing intently at her.

Everyone at the table exchanged nervous looks with each other, all of them clearly remembering that particular row.

“She did,” Harry answered for her. “But unfortunately the first day we were on the beach it was really windy. It blew it right off her head and straight into the ocean. We couldn’t find it.”

Ginny nodded. “Harry tried to go after it but it was way out there and it would have been too dangerous. It was a Muggle beach so we couldn’t use our wands.”

“I see,” Molly said slowly. “Are you quite sure that it got blown off your head?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes.”

Before Molly could question her even further, Adrian was squealing in delight. He had picked up his bowl of pasta and sauce and dumped it all over his head. It drew the attention of both Molly and Fleur and Ginny was saved.

“You chucked it, didn’t you?” Ron whispered from the other side of Harry.

“Damn right I did,” Ginny muttered.

“In the first bin she saw,” Harry added with a grin.

Once Adrian had been cleaned off and given less messy food, Molly returned to her seat and set her eyes on Ginny once more.

“Well, I do hope you used Sun-Shielding Charms,” she said. “Your skin burns so easily, dear.”

“I did,” Ginny assured her. She gave Harry a crooked smile. “Though that can’t be said for Harry, here, right, dear?”

Harry gave her a warning look, clearly not wanting everyone to know about that little incident. “Sweetheart, why don’t you tell them about the dolphins you saw?”

She stifled a laugh and launched into the story of the dolphins figuring she’d hint at the incident at another time.

“Well, it did look like you two were having a good time there from that picture we saw. It’s nice to hear that you both really had a pleasant time,” Penelope said quietly after Harry and Ginny had told a few more tales of their times in Hawaii.

Ginny frowned at her. What picture? They hadn’t shown their pictures to anyone yet.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, frowning at the curly haired witch sitting across from them. “We didn’t show you any pictures yet.”

“There was an article in a few papers,” Hermione explained from next to Ron. “I mean, besides the incident in the Portkey station. You two were spotted in Hawaii.”

“What?!” both Harry and Ginny exclaimed at the same time.

Ginny suddenly lost her appetite and felt like she might lose her dinner at any moment. She stared in disbelief at Harry who looked murderous. Had that photographer really got some pictures past Harry and sold them to the press to “make a buck” as he had put it?

“Harry, I thought you destroyed those,” she whispered fearfully. All the feelings from finding that horrible man outside their suite returned and before she knew it, tears were springing to her eyes and threatening to fall.

“I did,” Harry replied clearly at a loss of what to do. “I’m going to murder that bastard! I’m going to Apparate there right now and take care of that sorry excuse for a human being.”

“Calm down, mate,” Ron said from beside him and grabbed a hold of him as Harry jumped to his feet. “It was just a picture of the two of you in some shop. Nothing to be violent over.”

“In a shop?” Ginny asked, her voice coming out in a squeak.

Molly had risen to her feet and was rummaging through a stack of papers on a nearby counter. She pulled something out and hurried back to the table, handing it to the couple. Ginny held it in her hands as Harry placed a hand on her shoulder and looked on.

It was a newspaper clipping showing Harry and Ginny browsing around a flower shop and Harry picking one up and tucking it behind her ear. The headline said something along the lines of them being in Hawaii and speculating them being on their honeymoon.

Harry let out an audible breath squeezing her shoulder gently in the process. Ginny released a sigh of relief feeling slightly better. “Thank, Merlin!”

“What were you expecting?” Ron asked with a frown on his face. The newlywed couple glanced at him as he continued. “Aren’t you used to seeing yourselves in the paper like this?”

“This, yes,” Harry replied and gestured vaguely at the article in front of them. His hand slid down Ginny’s back and he softly caressed it as she stiffened next to him. “It’s something . . . just . . . never mind.”

Ginny glanced at him and saw his cheeks were tinged red and his eyes were fixed determinedly on the table. His jaw was set and she knew he was trying hard not to let himself think about the incident. Ginny had pushed it to the back of her mind since it happened and now it seemed to have struck her full force again. She knew her family was curious about what happened to make them react the way they had. She had not wanted them to know about the situation at all, but now it seemed like she no longer had that choice.

“What happened?” Bill asked in a harsh tone. Ginny looked at him finding his face hard with anger but a hint of worry for her in his features. She hesitated, unsure of how to phrase it and wondered how her family would take it.

“Ginny,” Bill said gently and the anger disappeared from his face at once. “Please tell us what happened in Hawaii. You two don’t act like this to press things.”

Ginny stared back at him, unsure of how to explain what had happened. She felt so dirty now thinking about it, as if what she had done was immoral even though she knew nothing about it was wrong. It was that blasted photographer that had twisted something so beautiful into something horrible. How could she tell them? Either way, the kneazle was out of the bag now and she had to say something.

Harry, however, seemed to have made the decision for her and leaned forward, his hands clenched into fists and set firmly on the table.

“Bill, I don’t think—”

Ginny put her hand on Harry’s shoulder to stop him. He turned to look at her, his face contorted with anger, embarrassment and concern.

“It’s okay,” she said quietly. His features took on a look of surprise. “Just tell them and get it over with. They were going to find out anyway.”

His eyes darted around the faces of her worried and curious family members seated all around them before setting his eyes on her again. He leaned forward, unclenching his right fist and gently placing his opened hand over her left one. “You sure?” he whispered.

Ginny nodded, and as he began the tale she kept her eyes downcast and fixed on her half empty plate.

She listened as Harry explained the story from the measures he had taken to ensure their privacy to how he had destroyed the pictures. No one spoke when he finished, and the only sounds came from Peter and Adrian who appeared to be comparing their dinners in a mix of real words and babbles.

It was obvious no one knew what to say or how to react. Never had it been so awkward or silent among the Weasley family. Ginny’s brothers looked rather angry that someone had violated and demeaned their sister like that. Her sisters-in-law and Hermione appeared apologetic toward the couple. Her parents looked completely horrified that someone would do that to their little girl during what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life.

Everyone seemed like they wanted to say something, anything at all, yet no one could get the words out. Hating the discomfort that had descended upon them, Ginny decided to break the silence and take the matter into her own hands.

“It’s over and done with, all right?” she said, sitting up straight and set her jaw in determination to move things along. “Let’s just not think or talk about it. Harry, why don’t you get the gifts and the pictures? They’re still in the lounge and I’m sure everyone would like to see what Hawaii actually looks like.”

Harry immediately complied hurrying out of the room as if his shoes had suddenly caught fire. He returned a few minutes later with the bag and pictures in hand and began handing things out.

Soon enough, things had gone back to normal and conversation picked up as the previous tension evaporated. The family seemed to love their presents and eagerly passed pictures around as they listened to Harry and Ginny’s descriptions and stories behind them. Some time later Ron burst into hysterical laughter. Once again the room was silent and all eyes were on Ron as he beat a fist on the table while his other held a picture. His entire face was bright red and he seemed like he couldn’t breathe due to laughing so hard.

“Ron, mate, you all right?” Harry asked thumping him on the back a few times and clearly confused on what had been so funny.

Ron didn’t respond or rather he couldn’t respond due to his laughter. It was a good full minute until he sobered up enough to wipe tears away from his face and grin widely at Harry.

“Mate, why in the bloody hell are you in a grass skirt?”

Harry snatched the picture out of Ron’s hand and stared at it in horror from the sight of seeing himself in the hula class Ginny had begged him to take with her dancing in a grass skirt. His cry of outrage at Ginny was drowned out by the explosion of laughter. He rounded on her, eyes wide in surprise and disbelief. Ginny put on her best innocent face and smiled at him.

“Ginny! I – but – why?” he stuttered completely speechless.

“You looked so cute!” she exclaimed and giggled at his horrified expression. “And you were so good at it, too, love!”

Harry groaned, slumping in his chair and hiding behind his hands. The photograph fluttered to the table and George made a dive for it.

“How in Merlin’s name did Ginny get you into a grass skirt like this?” George hooted in glee and eagerly shared the photo with Fred.

Harry uncovered his bright red face and peered above his fingertips. He glanced at Ginny before clearing his throat. “Ginny’s can be rather persuasive when she wants to be.” He seemed to come to some sort of realization and turned to look at her. “You still owe me!”

Ginny smiled sweetly at him, ignoring the curious looks they were receiving. She straightened out the collar of his shirt and sighed. “Love, is that really something you want to discuss right this moment?”

For a moment it seemed like he was going to drop it but a feral grin spread on his face and he leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head and seemed like he had no idea anyone else was in the room.

“Well, you do owe me still,” he said. “And I already tried to get my payment from you once but that only resulted in you –”

“Unless you really want to spend the rest of your nights on the sofa you won’t finish that statement!” Ginny threatened.

“You were laughing about it!” Harry teased, dropping his arms and leaning forward again. He placed one elbow on the table and turned toward her. “You thought it was funny.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him amused. He was deliberately trying to tease her in front of her family and if that was the game he wanted to play, she was going to play right along with him.

“Speaking of funny,” Ginny countered and decided now was the perfect time to bring up his sunburn incident, “wasn’t it just hilarious when you being the silly boy you are forgot to use Sun-Shielding Charms and when I tried to make it feel all better –”

“Did I tell you lot about the tours we took while we were there?” Harry interrupted her and turned to address the family.

Ginny gave an internal cry of triumph. She sat up straight, listening to Harry as he fumbled through explaining what they had learned from the few tours they had taken in Hawaii and felt proud for winning his little game. Once he had finished his story and the family had gone back to looking at pictures, Ginny leaned very close to Harry’s ear and whispered.

“I win, Potter,” she whispered giddily. “And for your information, you were going to get your page thirty seven when we got home tonight but since you wanted to play your little game you’ll just have to wait.”

Without letting him reply, Ginny stood and offered to help her mother clear the table and serve dessert.

Harry looked thoroughly put out the rest of the night and seemed to have adapted a permanent pout on his face. Ginny knew why he was pouting and thought he was being rather childish about it. She tried to ignore him the best she could and talked with her family and even tried to get him to stop being such a baby when they returned to the flat.

“You know, everyone thought you were terribly romantic in Hawaii,” Ginny said after rinsing her mouth of toothpaste. She looked at him through the bathroom mirror. He was furiously scrubbing away at his teeth with his toothbrush. Ginny put her own toothbrush in the holder and picked up her hairbrush. “They really loved the dinner cruise we went on. I think you’ve made all my brothers get an earful about being more romantic.”

Harry spit into the sink and rinsed his mouth out. His toothbrush joined Ginny’s in the holder and without a word he left her in the bathroom brushing out her hair.

“Oh honestly, Harry!” she called. She put her brush down and marched after him. “Stop being so immature.”

“I’m not being immature,” he replied stiffly as he entered their bedroom.

“Yes you are,” she shot back following him and watched as he pulled the bedspread off the bed. “You are being an immature child right now.”

“Am not,” he grumbled and sank on the bed.

“You’re doing it right now. Why are you so persistent about that stupid page anyway?” she replied and kneeled atop their bed watching him. He lay on his side, facing her.

Harry blinked at her. “You think I’m hung up on that?”

Ginny shrugged and crossed her arms. “Well, aren’t you?”

“No,” he laughed. He propped himself up on an elbow and settled his cheek on the back of his fingers. “It’s got nothing to do with that.”

“Then what?” she asked. She mimicked his position and waited for him to answer. He sighed and reached out with his other hand toward her. He caressed her cheek but averted his eyes to the sheets beneath them.

“You were embarrassing me,” he mumbled.

“What?” she huffed. She pushed his hand away from her cheek and glared at him. “Don’t you dare accuse me of that when you were doing the same exact thing to me!”

“I wasn’t doing it on purpose,” he frowned.

“Well neither was I,” she replied crossly.

“Yeah, but you succeeded with that bloody picture,” he muttered. He lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling looking rather dejected. Ginny suddenly lost her will to argue with him as she looked at him. She moved closer to him, snuggling up against his side and placed a hand on his chest.

“I’m supposed to be the Savior of the Wizarding World, Ginny, and look like a hero, not a pillock in a grass skirt. How do you think that makes me look like to your brothers? I’m supposed to be the man who promised to take care of you and protect and take over their job – I know, I know, you don’t need that,” he added quickly when she swelled up ready to argue with him on that point. “Just listen, all right? Regardless of how you feel about being treated like a trapped princess and you know I understand that, your brothers still have this need to protect you and were damn clear about it before the wedding. They made sure I understood I was to take over and what would happen if I ever failed to be your protector. What do you think it makes them think when they see a picture like that?”

“That you love me and would do anything for me to make sure I’m happy?” she offered. She let her comments about her brothers entrusting him with their “job” slip. Gits.

He snorted and slid his arm under her. He rubbed her back in small circles. “More like my wife has me wrapped around her little finger and I’d probably do every last foolish thing in the world if you asked me to.”

“And that’s a problem how?” she grinned. “I like having you wrapped around my finger. You don’t think I don’t have each and every one of them like that? That’s how I operate, love. I bet you anything I could get all six of my brothers to put on grass skirts and go on a world tour together with you as the headliner.”

Harry laughed heartily at that. “I have no doubt of that. But that isn’t the point.”

“So all the pouting you’ve been doing is about your image to my brothers?” she inquired.

She heard as well as felt him sigh. He shifted his arm and pulled her closer to him. “Yes.”

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh. She felt him pull his arm away and noticed he was scowling at her.

“Thanks for the confidence, love,” he grumbled moodily.

“Oh, Harry, this is silly,” she sighed and pushed herself up. She looked down at him. “You shouldn’t care that they laughed at the picture. None of them can pull off a grass skirt quite as well as you can, love.”

Harry snorted. He reached up and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. “Not very comforting.”

“Harry,” she said softly. “You don’t have to prove anything to my brothers. All you need to prove is that you love me and you took care of that ages ago. Don’t let a stupid little picture hurt your pride.”

He sighed in resignation. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right,” she quipped. She smiled coyly at him. “Besides, you’re rather sexy in a grass skirt.”

He matched her smile and sat up. “You know, I thought the same thing when you were wearing a grass skirt.”

He reached for her hair again. Ginny grabbed his arm and pulled it away. “Did you?”

Harry nodded. He leaned forward and brushed his lips gently against hers. “Unbelievable sexy,” he murmured against her lips. He moved forward slightly and began planting feather light kisses on the underside of her jaw. His hands found their way to her waist and he pressed his palms tenderly against her.

“Harry,” she whispered as a shiver ran down her spine. She instinctively brought a hand up to hold him closer to her. He pulled away slightly and looked at her questionably. “Get the book.”

His eyes narrowed slightly but he didn’t pull away. “Really?”

Ginny nodded. “I think I ought to seal my end of the deal for forcing you into a grass skirt.”

“Ginny –” he began but Ginny quickly cut him off with a kiss. She knew he was going to protest and ask her if she was sure, but she didn’t want to hear it from him. She pulled away. “Just get the book, Harry.”

She laughed as he scrambled away from her to locate the book. He returned to the bed a few moments later with a triumphant smile on his face.

“Page thirty seven?” he asked hopefully.

She nodded. “Page thirty seven.”

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven - Maybe I Should Wear Scarves?
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Eleven – Maybe I Should Wear Scarves?

Ginny had become accustomed to wearing either something really comfy or very little at all. She felt slightly strange wearing a collared light blue pinstriped blouse and a conservative straight black skirt. Not to mention she was not looking forward to shrugging on her plain black work robes. She wished she could dress a little more casually to work. She briefly wondered what would happen if she showed up in a tee shirt and jeans or even one of her silky numbers Harry absolutely loved to see her in.

She grinned into the mirror when she thought back on the events of the night before and early that morning and how quickly Harry had rid her of one of her silky things. She had to admit, page thirty seven was rather fun and she wondered why she had put it off for so long. Grinning to herself, she tucked her hair behind her ear and strolled out of the bathroom to join Harry in the kitchen.

The sight that met Ginny’s eyes made her smile. Harry stood barefooted in the small kitchen loading toast onto a small plate. He wore only his pajama bottoms which hung low on his hips and his hair looked exactly as it had when she had left the bed earlier to take a shower and get ready for work. His glasses appeared to be slowly slipping down the bridge of his nose and the light of the kitchen made his ring gleam slightly as he moved his hand. He was humming along to a song playing softly on the radio and tapping his foot to the beat.

Ginny had never seen him like this before in the morning. When she had spent nights with him before they had gotten married she usually left just after they woke and if she did decide to stay for the rare breakfast with him, he was already fully dressed. During their honeymoon they either ordered food or went down to one of the restaurants for breakfast. Watching Harry work in the kitchen in the state he was in seemed like an intimate moment for her and she was happy she would get to see this for the rest of her life.

Harry turned with the plate of toast in his hands and spotted her watching him. He grinned. “Morning.”

“Hi,” she replied, feeling silly at her simple greeting. She stood rooted in her spot and watched as he left the kitchen and set the plate on the small kitchen table.

“I’m afraid it’s just toast again,” he said and looked up at her. “Mind getting the marmalade?”

Ginny nodded and quickly fetched the jar. She joined Harry at the table.

“Maybe we should have gone shopping yesterday,” he said as she sat across from him.

“Yeah, maybe,” she agreed as a strange feeling overcame her and she couldn’t quite place what it was. It was like she was expecting something.

“Oh, the tea,” Harry muttered aloud and stood up. He glanced at her and it seemed like he too was feeling the same awkwardness she was. “Did you want anything other than tea to drink?”

“Is there anything else?” she asked. “There wasn’t anything yesterday.”

“Oh, err, right.” He looked slightly pink in the cheeks and smiled bashfully at her. “Water then, too?”

She nodded and with another shy smile at her, he took off for the kitchen again. Ginny busied herself with spreading marmalade on her toast and trying to figure out why things were feeling so strange suddenly.

Harry reappeared with two glasses of water and two teacups floating in front of him. He gently flicked his wand, and the small ensemble of drinking devices settled on top of the table. He took up his seat again and took the knife Ginny had just set next to the jar. He, like Ginny, spread marmalade on his own slice of toast. Ginny watched him, munching on her toast with a slight frown on her face. Harry noticed her look when he put the knife back down.

“Anything wrong?”

Ginny shrugged, finishing the bite she had just taken. “I just feel like something’s missing . . . like I’m expecting something.”

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed together slightly in thought as he nibbled on his toast.

“Like there should be someone else with us?” Harry suggested after a few moments of silence between them.

She nodded in agreement. That was exactly it. “Yes! I feel like Mum or Dad or one of my brothers should be joining us for breakfast at any moment but I know they won’t. It’s just us. I suppose it’s something I need to get used to.”

“We’ve been alone for two weeks now, Ginny,” Harry pointed out. “You do remember Hawaii don’t you? Or have you forgotten about our honeymoon already.”

“I haven’t forgotten,” she rolled her eyes at him. She waved her toast in his direction just as he took a huge bite out of his. “And Hawaii was different. We weren’t really in reality, you know? It was like some dream we were living for a while. We’re home now so it just feels different. It’s just the two of us in this little flat.”

“It won’t always be just the two of us,” Harry replied once he swallowed.

“What does that mean?” Ginny asked with a frown.

Harry cleared his throat, casting his eyes down on his plate of toast. She caught a faint shade of red spring to his cheeks. “You know, when we, err, when there will be more than just us around.”

Ginny was confused for a moment longer before she understood him.

“Oh. You mean children,” she clarified unnecessarily. Harry nodded, taking a large bite of his toast.

Children. For some reason the thought of them having a child made her blush. It wasn’t like they hadn’t discussed this before. They both wanted children. But, she realized, they had never said anything more than that. Having children didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but now that they had said their vows, it seemed like they should have discussed it in more detail. How many kids did they want? When? Did they want to wait or start right away or did they just want nature to take its course?

This was an important topic and something they should have put more thought into before they got married. Ginny felt that they needed to talk about it to some extent before they found themselves with a little one on the way unexpectedly.

“Harry?” she said tentatively. “About having kids . . . how many do you want?”

He looked at her, his glass of water in his hand and shrugged. “Dunno. A fair few I suppose.”

“What’s a few?” she asked and ran her finger along the rim of her teacup.”

He said nothing for a few moments. For a moment she thought he wasn’t going to answer or maybe even tell her that he really did not want any children at all and he only said a few to please her. He looked up.

“Three?” he suggested and gave her a sincere look then quickly added, “I mean you know if you don’t mind since you are the one who is going to be actually having them.”

“Three,” she repeated slowly, glancing down at her half eaten plate of toast and thought for a moment. She glanced up at him and smiled. “I think three children is a good number.”

He grinned. He looked as if Christmas had come early. “Really? You want three then?”

Ginny nodded. “I’ve always wanted a somewhat big family, not as big as my own. I suppose it’s because I came from one and couldn’t imagine just having one child around.”

Harry’s smile grew and he reached out and grabbed her hand. He had a hopeful look on his face. “So if I say I might want more than three . . . .” His voice trailed off and his hopeful look brightened at her smile.

“I think I might be happy with that. But I will not become my mother. I will not bear children every other year or what have you,” she replied and squeezed his hand. He seemed to be happy with the fact that she wanted a somewhat large family, but one fact still remained. “When do you want to start having these more than three children of ours?”

He frowned for a moment and kept his hold on her hand. “Well, I do want you to myself for a while but I don’t want to wait for too long. A year?”

Ginny nodded in agreement and felt happy that they had some of this discussion done. There was more for them to discuss; finances, work, housing. Financial she knew they were able to support a child, but how long would she have to take off work? And the flat they were in right now was fine for the two of them, but when they decided to have a baby, they would have to have a lot more room than this. They had talked about rebuilding the house in Godric’s Hollow, Ginny had even gone into details on what she wanted it to look like late one night when they were alone, but with the wedding plans and their jobs, they hadn’t been able to get all the details together on it. Perhaps now they could reconsider it especially if they were planning on having more than three children.

Flames erupted in the small hearth, drawing their attention away from each other and thoughts of children.

“Hello? Harry? Ginny? Merlin, that girl better be up.”

Ginny rolled her eyes at the sound of her mother’s voice and stood from the small table. She made her way towards the fireplace, Harry in her wake.

Molly’s head was sitting among the flames and her eyes were darting around the room anxiously.

“I’m awake, Mum,” Ginny announced as she sat on the sofa with Harry next to her.

“Good. I just wanted to make sure you were up in time to get to work,” Molly sighed and looked directly at Harry. “I meant to tell you this last night, but it simply slipped my mind. Harry, dear, she can be a bit difficult to wake sometimes so make sure you get her up in time. You might want to make sure you set some extra Alarm Charms to make sure she’s up.”

“Mum!” Ginny cried in shock that her mother was talking about her like this right in front of her. “I am sitting here you know and it’s not like I can’t get up on my own.”

“Of course you can, dear, it’s just that I know that sometimes you can have trouble and Harry should know so he can make sure you get to work on time. Now, did you eat breakfast yet? Would you like me to Floo something over?” Molly continued.

“No, Mum. We’re fine. We had some toast,” Ginny ground out, feeling rather unhappy with the mothering that was taking place. Ginny was after all a grown married woman and could handle waking up on her own and managing breakfast.

“Toast?” Molly repeated her eyes wide in shock. “Was that all you had? Now really, that isn’t enough for a good meal. Breakfast is important, you know. Maybe I should send over some eggs and bangers for you two. I made plenty this morning.”

Harry opened his mouth to reply but Ginny was too quick for him.

“No thank you,” Ginny immediately replied. Harry turned and gave her an inquisitive look. “We just need to go shopping later today. We’ll be fine. I’ve got to get going soon. Bye, Mum.”

Ginny rose from the sofa and strode back to the small dining table. She heard her mother whispering something to Harry before the sound of the flames went out and Harry rejoined her at the table.

“Can you believe that?” Ginny grumbled, tearing her last piece of toast into shreds.

“She’s just worried about you,” Harry pointed out.

“But did she have to act like that?” Ginny cried and threw the last shred on her plate. She shoved it away from her. “She’s acting as if I don’t know how to take care of myself. I’m not a child anymore!”

“What did you expect, love?” Harry asked as he stood up again and took the seat next to her. “You’re her only daughter and her youngest. She’s going to worry about you the most.”

“She doesn’t have to,” Ginny whined. “I can take care of myself and I have you, don’t I? What’s to worry about? She’s raised me to be a functional adult who can make my own decisions and look out for myself.”

“I suppose we won’t understand until we’re parents one day,” Harry sighed. He brought his hand to her chin and turned her head to face him. “Don’t pout over it, okay? She’s just being her normal motherly self. Give her some time and she’ll back off.”

Ginny nodded and he kissed her softly on the lips. She pulled away and sighed.

“I think I really should get going,” Ginny said and glanced at the small clock in the room. It was still early but she figured showing up a little early might get her some sort of a head start on the work she missed. She stood up and made her way to their bedroom to put on her work robes.

“Now?” Harry’s voice asked from behind her.

Ginny glanced behind her shoulder and found him following her, a disappointed look on his face. Ginny turned and faced him.

“Can’t you stay for a little while longer?” he asked, slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him.

“I wish I could,” she muttered, letting her hands settle on his bare chest. She felt him shiver slightly at her touch, and his hands slid down her back. She remembered what they had felt only a few hours ago on her bare skin. “I really wish I could.”

“Then stay,” he whispered. He kissed her forehead then moved down to her nose and finally the side of her neck. “I’m sure they won’t mind if you’re a little late.”

Ginny groaned, trying to fight the urge to wrap herself around Harry and allow him to take her right there in the hallway. Her neck was her weakness and he knew it.

“I can’t,” she breathed. Her eyes closed as his hands moved up and down her back. His lips continued to plant her neck with delicious kisses. He moved to her pulse point, making her gasp in pleasure. “Merlin, Harry, you’re going to make me late!”

“That’s the point,” he muttered and chuckled quietly in her ear. He pulled away from her neck and moved up to kiss her lips. “Please?”

“Don’t beg,” she replied and tried to push him away, but he kissed her again and she couldn’t help but melt into him. If he kept this up, she would never get to work that day or the next or even the next. . . .

“Harry,” she said firmly and grabbed a hold of his wondering hands. He whimpered slightly.

“Lunch?” he asked, raising his eyebrows hopefully at her.

She shook her head. “I promised Mikayla I’d have lunch with her today.”

“Reschedule,” he muttered and went back to kissing her neck.

“Harry, she’s my best friend. I haven’t seen her in two weeks,” she said. She managed to step away from him and gained control of herself. “I’ll make sure I get off by five and come straight home, all right?”

“Fine,” he gave in. “No later?”

“No later,” she promised and smiled at him. She kissed him and continued to the bedroom. She put on her work robes, picked up her handbag and the picture frame she had put together the night before and Disapparated.

The Ministry wasn’t as crowded as it should be on a Monday morning, but it was still a bit early and soon enough workers would be pouring in. Ginny straightened her shoulders and headed across the Atrium toward the lifts. As it wasn’t crowded, the chance of running into someone was slim. She thought it was safe to look down at the pictures she had chosen to take with her to work from the wedding.

It was a hard decision, picking out which wedding photo would sit on her desk at work. She loved all the pictures and had to thank Colin and Dennis profusely for the marvelous job they had done. Since she had picked out a double frame, Ginny was able to choose two pictures. One was of just Harry in his tuxedo and looking very handsome and happy. He was leaning against a tree, hands in his pockets and smiling at the camera. Every once in awhile he would shake his hair out of his eyes and shift his position. The other picture was of the two of them, foreheads leaning against each other as they held onto each other. They barely moved in this one, their attention focused on each other and too busy sharing soft kisses to pay any attention to anything else.

Smiling, Ginny clutched the frame to her and looked up. A lift was just closing. She picked up her speed.

“Hold the lift, please!” she called out. A hand poked out of the nearly closed doors and forced them open. Ginny hurried inside, her hair covering her face. “Thanks!”

“Perhaps if you weren’t too busy playing wifey you wouldn’t have had to hurry.”

Ginny pushed her hair out of her face and found Ron’s grinning face in front of her. To the left was Percy and to the right was her father.

“Oh shove it, Ron,” Ginny said and immediately turned her attention to Percy. “Hey, Perce.”

“Hello, Ginny,” he greeted her. “Good to see you here early.”

“I thought I should come in a bit earlier and get a head start on what I missed,” she explained. Percy beamed in approval of her work ethic. Ginny turned and faced her father. “Hi, Daddy.”

“Hi, Pumpkin,” he replied and kissed her on her cheek. “How are things?”

“Good,” she replied.

“I’m sorry about your mother this morning. She was adamant about checking up on you. She’s having a bit of a time trying to adjust to not having you around,” he explained and sighed. “It’s been harder on her since you are our only daughter and you’re on your own now.”

“That’s what Harry said,” Ginny muttered. “It’ll pass, won’t it?”

He smiled at her and nodded. “Give her time.”

Ginny nodded and hoped her mother would stop her intrusions and soon.

“You know, Ginny, I’m surprised to see you here at all,” Ron said after a few moments of silence.

“Why?” Ginny frowned and glanced at him.

“Well,” he sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets. “You and Harry are newlyweds after all. I thought you two would be too involved with each other to be bothered to come to work. Did you suddenly realize you had other obligations in the middle of your love fest?”

Ginny smacked him on the shoulder, not caring that her father and Percy were present.

“That is none of your business,” she replied loftily.

“In other words, you couldn’t keep your hands off him,” Ron grinned.

“So what if we were,” she answered as nonchalantly as possible. Why were her brothers so set on her embarrassment? “It’s not a crime.”

“Ah, so then you were engaged in newlywed activities,” Ron replied.

“I didn’t say that,” Ginny refuted.

“But that love bite on your neck does,” Ron pointed out.

Ginny gasped and was going to retaliate, but the doors of the lift had opened. Ron bolted out before the cool female voice could finish reciting what floor they were on.

“You just wait, Ron!” she called after him. Ron turned and grinned at her from halfway down the corridor, which walls were littered with Quidditch posters.

“I’m not the one giving you love bites!” he teased. “That would be dear old Harry!”

Ginny drew her wand ready to hex her brother into oblivion, but a hand came up and gently pushed her wand down.

“Ginny, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Arthur said, smiling gently at her. “Let your brother be.”

She felt embarrassed. She forgot about her father and Percy still being in the lift with her. The urge to curse Ron increased at the embarrassment he had just put her through by pointing out the evidence of her love life with her husband.

She lowered her wand and pulled out a small mirror from her handbag. Trying hard to hide herself from her father in particular, Ginny used her wand and the mirror to hide the love bite Harry had so enthusiastically left on her neck from that morning’s escapades. She briefly wondered how she had missed that while getting ready.

The lift stopped again. Percy was quick in his goodbyes and promised Arthur that he would be up to their department as soon as his meeting with the Department of International Magical Cooperation was over. The doors closed after him, leaving Ginny alone with her father for the first time since her wedding.

“You know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Arthur said soothingly once Ginny had put her mirror and wand away and broke the silence. One glance at him though told Ginny he was a little uncomfortable talking about the matter with her. Ginny couldn’t blame him; she didn’t exactly fancy discussing love bites with her father, nor the possible activities that went along with them.

He cleared his throat and looked determinedly down at the ground of the lift. “It’s good to have a healthy, err, well, let’s just say it’s healthy, shall we?”

Ginny nodded, unable to look at him. She tapped her fingers on the frame she was still clutching onto and quickly showed it to her father in an attempt to ease the awkwardness.

It wasn’t much longer until Ginny bade Arthur goodbye and was walking down the corridor that lead to her own department. The only person who was there was an elderly witch, Gretchen, who was the department’s secretary. Her grey, flyaway hair was tied back into a loose bun, and a pointed purple hat stood upon her head. She wore matching robes and was directing several rolls of parchments into different piles. She smiled warmly at the sight of Ginny.

“Well look who it is! Miss Weas – oh no, that’s not right anymore, is it? Mrs. Potter now!” Gretchen beamed and came around the desk to hug her. She pulled away still wearing her large smile. “Oh, Ginny, the wedding was simply lovely! Thank you so much for inviting us!”

“I’m so glad you were able to come,” Ginny replied and smiled at her.

“How was Hawaii?” Gretchen asked as she returned to her side of the desk. “Marvelous, I expect?”

“It was great,” Ginny replied. “I’ll have to bring the pictures in and show you.”

“That would be wonderful, dear!” Gretchen exclaimed. She sighed happily and glanced in the direction of Ginny’s cubicle. “I think you ought to get back there, dear. There’s a new one on your team starting today. Looks to be about your age and very eager to get started. Seems like a very nice young man.”

Ginny nodded. “Thanks, Gretchen.”

She quickly continued on her way, curious to see who her new co-worker was. There had been talks before she left on her honeymoon about someone new joining the team Ginny worked with in the department. Besides herself, there were two other witches about fifteen to twenty years older than her that worked with her; Martha Gibbons, who was their team leader, and Beatrice Stanley. The three of them worked well together but an increase in their workload made it necessary for another person to join their team.

Peeking inside the cubicle area she shared with Martha and Beatrice, Ginny saw a young blonde haired man setting up a desk in the corner across from hers.

“Hello,” she greeted him warmly and stepped inside. He turned and looked at her. Ginny smiled and strode purposefully toward him. “Welcome to our team. I’m Ginny Weasley –” she paused and laughed at her slip, “I mean Ginny Potter.”

“Jeremy Crick,” he introduced himself and smiled at her. “So is it Weasley or Potter?”

“It’s Potter,” she laughed and headed for her desk. “I just got married.”

“Oh, well, then congratulations,” he said.

“Thanks,” she smiled and set the frame on her desk. She noticed a pile of paperwork that had not been there when she left and sighed. “Well two weeks away and this is what welcomes me.”

“Honeymoon?” Jeremy asked from behind her. Ginny glanced behind her shoulder and nodded.

“Yes. Hawaii. This was what I was afraid of,” she said and gestured toward the pile. “I suppose that’s what I get for enjoying myself for a few weeks.”

He smiled and glanced at the pile of papers. “So, what exactly is all that?”

Ginny beckoned him forward and began to explain the procedures for each form she held in her hand. She realized about ten minutes into her explanation that Jeremy was no longer listening.

“Well I know the paperwork isn’t the most exciting thing,” she sighed and put the sea green form she was holding down. Jeremy snapped out of his trance and smiled bashfully at her.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help looking at your pictures,” he admitted and pointed at the nearest one. It was one of her and Harry standing in front of the Eiffel Tower during a surprise weekend holiday he took her on for her last birthday. “Is that Harry Potter?”

Ginny nodded. She watched Jeremy carefully for a moment trying to gauge what his reaction would be.

“Wow. That must be something to know him? So I guess you went to Hogwarts, too?” Jeremy asked and looked at her.

“Yes,” she confirmed and sat in her desk chair. “I take it you didn’t.”

He shook his head and leaned against her desk. “I was going to, but we were living in France. My parents are liaisons between this Ministry and the French one so I ended up going to Beauxbatons.”

“My sister-in-law went there. Fleur Delacour,” she said.

“Fleur Delacour?” he repeated in awe. “Your brother married her? Lucky bloke.”

Ginny kept her mouth firmly shut. Apparently they had a different viewpoint on that particular French witch.

“So are you and Harry Potter close?” he asked and glanced at another picture.

She was beginning to wonder if all Jeremy knew was Charms; either he steer cleared of the tabloids or he was really slow on the uptake. One would think that the Eiffel Tower picture would say it all since Harry was holding her a bit too intimately if all they were was friends.

“One can say that,” she replied and picked up the frame she had brought with her that day. “Really close.”

“What’s he like?” he asked quietly as if asking was taboo.

Ginny smiled as a million words to describe Harry came to mind. Her finger traced the frame in her hands. “He’s really down to Earth and caring and easy to get along with,” she explained and glanced up at Jeremy. He was looking at a picture of Harry in his Quidditch uniform. “Oh, and he’s an excellent kisser.”

Jeremy head swiveled around to stare at her in shock. His eyes were wide and his jaw was slack. He mouthed wordlessly at her clearly unable to form any words. His eyes took in her wedding ring to the pictures on the desk and he flushed.

“Ginny Potter . . . Harry Potter . . . blimey, this is embarrassing,” he muttered and pushed himself away from her desk. He rubbed at his eyes for a moment before looking at her. “I’m sorry. I don’t keep up with papers and rumors, and I’m nervous you know since this is my first day. You must think I’m one Knut short of a Sickle.”

Ginny laughed. “Don’t worry about it. You’re lucky Martha and Bea aren’t here yet; they would have strung you along for hours.”

He grinned sheepishly at her and quickly the pair of them jumped back into the explanation of paperwork.

Hours later Ginny found herself standing impatiently outside a small café in Diagon Alley. She had finally left her cubicle and coworkers after a busy morning of playing catch up with her work and was very anxious to see Mikayla. She couldn’t wait to tell her all the details of her honeymoon.

“Well look who we have here. Mrs. Potter, I presume?”

“I think that’s Mrs. Potter. But her lips aren’t attached to Mr. Potter’s so I can’t be too sure.”

Ginny closed her eyes and wondered why she had to be plagued with so many brothers. She turned and smiled tightly at her twin brothers.

“Can’t you two give it a rest?” she sighed in annoyance.

“Nope,” Fred replied.

“Not a chance,” George added.

“What are you two doing here anyway?” she asked and looked around the crowded streets hoping that Mikayla would come and rescue her. “Don’t you have a shop to run or something?”

“Good old Verity and Lee are holding it down for us while we grab some grub,” Fred explained. “So here we are, scavenging around for some food.”

“Well then go back to that and leave me alone. I’m waiting for Mikayla,” Ginny suggested and crossed her arms.

“Oh come on, Ginny-Winny. Don’t you want some company?” George asked and put his arm around her shoulders.

“No,” she replied and shoved his arm off. He put it back around her shoulders and she craned her neck to the side and tried to get away from him. “Can’t you annoy a different sibling besides me? Like Ron or Percy maybe?”

“As much fun as that sounds, you’re a lot closer and a much easier target at the moment,” Fred explained. His eyes caught something and they lit up. He glanced at George and it seemed as if he too had seen the same thing.

“Much easier,” George agreed and grinned.

“Well, we should go, shouldn’t we Gred?” Fred sighed and rubbed his hands together.

“Yeah, we should. We have a few errands to run,” George agreed. They quickly said their goodbyes and took off with their heads bent together. Ginny barely had time to think about what they were up to when another voice called out to her.


She turned and smiled as Mikayla sauntered her way toward her through the busy streets. She was wearing her lime-green Healer robes, her long dark hair thrown up in a bun and smiling brightly at her friend.

“Mika!” Ginny cried and engulfed her in a tight hug. She pulled away and smiled. “Oh, it’s so good to see you!”

“Oh? I thought you would have been too busy with that husband of yours to even think about me,” Mikayla teased and laughed at the blush on Ginny’s face.

“I managed to squeeze in a thought or two about you when Harry gave me a breather,” she replied. She gave her friend a mischievous smile. “Not that he allowed that to happen too often. Harry’s very selfish sometimes.”

Mikayla laughed as they walked arm in arm into the café. They were seated and ordered drinks and food before taking up conversation again.

“How are things at St. Mungo’s?” Ginny asked and picked up her glass of iced tea.

Mikayla let out a groan and allowed her forehead to make contact with the table. When she picked up her head again and sat up, Ginny noticed that her friend went from looking cheerful to utterly exhausted. Now that she was really looking at her, Ginny could see that something was off.

“Busy. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pregnant witches we have going into labor these past few weeks, and I’ve got my intern exams coming up in two weeks,” she replied tiredly. “Not to mention Colin feels like he’s being neglected and the stupid git doesn’t understand how stressed out I am right now.”

“Men are always gits,” Ginny said. Merlin knew she had Harry had their fair share of rows where he was being a git.

“We had a huge row the other night, Ginny,” Mikayla admitted and stared into her glass worriedly.

The state of happiness that Ginny had been set in for the past two weeks diminished somewhat at the look of distress on Mikayla’s face. She had almost forgotten about the troubles couples had at times, and it appeared that Mikayla and Colin were having a rough time. She knew something was aloof at her wedding but the moment she stepped foot in Hawaii, it had flown her mind. For a moment Ginny felt awful for having such a wonderful time with Harry while her friend was going through a rocky patch.

“What happened?” Ginny asked.

Mikayla sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. She seemed to be trying hard to keep her resolve. “I’ve been called out a lot to assist in deliveries, especially since one of our Healers has been out sick, and I don’t come home until really late. And when I do come home I have to study for my exams, but Colin has other things on his mind. I hardly get any sleep as it is without him bothering me for sex. He’s angry at me because I’m never home and says I’m the reason we haven’t had slept together in over a month. Anyway, one thing led to another and we shouted at each other and I ended up leaving him in our flat and went to Angelina’s. He doesn’t understand that my exams are important and that I can’t control when witches go into labor. I even told him he couldn’t understand because I have a real career and he just plays with a camera all day.”

“And all this has been going on since before the wedding hasn’t it?” Ginny asked.

“Yes,” Mikayla admitted. She had a gloomy look on her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me anything?’ Ginny sighed and reached across the table. She squeezed Mikayla’s hand in sympathy.

“I didn’t want to ruin your wedding by burdening you with my problems, and I didn’t want you to dwell on me during your honeymoon,” she said and squeezed Ginny’s hand back. She let out a shaky breath. “Ginny, he even accused me of sneaking behind his back with other guys. He doesn’t believe that I’ve really been at the hospital all this time, and he won’t believe that with obstetrics, nothing is predictable. Ginny, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want this to end.”

Her eyes were shining with tears and it scared Ginny. She never saw her friend like this before. She gave Mikayla an encouraging smile. “Have you tried talking with him since the fight?”

“No,” Mikayla shook her head. “I haven’t seen him in a few days.”

“Do you want me to try and talk some sense into him?” Ginny offered.

Mikayla’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Could you try? Please? Maybe he’ll listen to you.”

Ginny nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Mikayla smiled tearfully. She cleared her throat and picked up her glass. She drank from it and studied Ginny. “You got some sun, I see. So you must have figured out there was a beach outside your hotel room.”

“At some point, yes,” Ginny sighed and knew that Mikayla wanted to move her thoughts away from Colin. She decided to go right along with the teasing. “But that doesn’t exactly mean we changed our activities once out on the beach.”

Mikayla froze and stared at Ginny in shock. She glanced around before leaning in close. “Did you really do that out on a beach in the middle of the day?”

Ginny’s cheeks flushed slightly. She had been asked that very question the night before by Tabitha but Ginny had been saved by Peter’s refusal to be carried off to bed. She bit her bottom lip and leaned closer to Mikayla.

“Well, not in the day time,” she admitted quietly. Mikayla’s eyes grew even wider.

“Ginny! That’s so – I can’t believe you actually did that!” she whispered scandalously. Her eyes darted around the café before settling them on Ginny again. “I’m shocked!”

“It was Harry’s idea,” she whispered quickly and looked down at the table. She could feel the tips of her ears burning. “See, he took me on this dinner cruise on our last night there and afterwards he suggested we take a walk on the beach one last time. We sat down on the shore and one thing led to another and we. . . .”

She trailed off, gesturing with her hands. She looked up to see Mikayla’s shocked face still looking at her. “Oh, stop staring at me like that.”

“I can’t help it,” Mikayla admitted and sat back in her chair. “Two weeks of shagging and already the two of you are doing far more adventurous things than Colin and I have in the two years or so we’ve been dating.”

“What can I say,” Ginny sighed with a sly grin. “We’re newlyweds.”

Mikayla shook her head and smiled at her friend. She crossed her arms. “I told you he’d love that suit. And you wanted to go with a one-piece.”

“And I humbly thank you for your advice,” Ginny replied. “You are useful for something after all.”

Mikayla’s response was cut off by the arrival of their food. She merely gave Ginny a glare, and the two dug right into their meals.

Throughout their lunch, Ginny described as much as she could about Hawaii and what she and Harry had done there. Mikayla hung on her every word and shot off question after question. She sighed over all the romantic things Harry had done and laughed at all of Ginny’s funny stories and even giggled over Francisco.

“I’m so sorry I don’t have any pictures to show you,” Ginny sighed and pushed her nearly empty plate away. “I forgot them this morning.”

“I can see that,” Mikayla replied. Her eyes were fixed at a point just above Ginny’s shoulder. She smiled. “Harry’s a big distraction isn’t he?”

Ginny frowned. “What makes you say that?”

The dark-skinned witch merely continued to smile and tapped at a spot on her own neck. “That.”

Ginny grabbed an unused spoon from the table and angled it to peer at her neck. Sure enough her Charm had worn off and the love bite was clear as day again. She swore under her breath and quickly pulled out her wand. She hoped the twins hadn’t noticed it.

“He’s enthusiastic, isn’t he?” Mikayla teased. Ginny glanced at her and saw the mirth dancing gaily in her dark eyes. “Or does he just like to mark his territory?”

“Keep up the comments and I’ll revoke your title as godmother,” Ginny threatened. She glanced at her neck again, using the spoon and saw that they mark had disappeared. When she looked up at Mikayla again she saw her friend looking back at her with wide eyes.

“What?” Ginny asked.

“You’re pregnant already?” she whispered.

Ginny shook her head vehemently. “No! Heavens, no! I just always thought you’d be the godmother of my children whenever I have them.”

“You want me to be godmother of your children?” she asked in surprise.

Ginny paused for a moment and smiled gently at her friend. “Of course I do. Who else do you think I would ask?”

“Ginny,” Mikayla said breathlessly. “I’m honored. I just didn’t think you’d be thinking of such things so soon.”

She had a point, Ginny realized. She wasn’t entirely sure where her words had come from and thought that maybe it had stemmed from her conversation with Harry that morning. After all choosing godparents was an important issue when it came to discussing children, wasn’t it?

“Well, why not?” Ginny replied and watched as their empty plates disappeared. “I’m sure Harry would agree with me. We were talking about having kids this morning.”

“You were?” Mikayla asked still looking shocked by this information.

Ginny nodded. She grinned as she thought back on the conversation. “We both want at least three kids.”

“Three?” It seemed like Mikayla was stuck in a permanent state of surprise.

“It’s not like discussing how many kids you want is a taboo conversation, Mikayla. Don’t you think it’s something you should be talking about before you actually have one? It’s important; at least I think it is. Is it so surprising that I would talk with my husband about that?” Ginny sighed.

“No,” Mikayla replied and seemed to have realized how Ginny had perceived her reaction. She smiled in apology. “I’m sorry. It’s just strange you know? Talking about having children hasn’t really been something we discussed together like this. It certainly isn’t at the forefront of my mind right now.”

It hit Ginny then that what she considered important now had suddenly changed. To her and to Harry, talking about having children was something they had to discuss, where before it was just a fleeting comment every now and then. To Mikayla it wasn’t something she had to really think about, not now at least.

She looked at her best friend and realized that things would be different between them. They would always be friends, of course but Ginny was married and Mikayla was single.

“Ginny?” Mikayla’s voice broke Ginny’s thoughts. “Hey, you okay?”

Ginny nodded and smiled at her. She glanced at the clock and sighed. “I ought to head back to work now. I think I’ve outdone my lunch hour.”

“Merlin’s beard!” Mikayla cried and stood up. “I’m late! Oh, Healer Mathis is going to be so angry. I’m sorry, Ginny, I’ve got to go!”

She threw a few Galleons on the table and hurried out of the café. Ginny soon followed Mikayla’s lead and Apparated back to the Ministry.

She hurried through the Atrium and into a lift which seemed to be taking much too long to take her up to her floor. She finally arrived and quickly made her way back to her department. Ginny smiled at Gretchen and finally arrived back in her cubicle. Jeremy was the only one there.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly and sank into her seat. “Lunch took longer than I thought. Where are Bea and Martha?”

“They were called to a crime scene just after they got back from lunch. They don’t know how late you are,” Jeremy smiled at her.

Ginny sighed in relief. She knew what would have happened if they had been here. She did not want to endure anymore teasing.

“A package came for you about ten minutes ago,” Jeremy said and gestured towards her desk.

She looked at it for the first time and saw a wrapped box sitting on her desk. She looked at it warily even though she knew all packages were screened before it arrived to anyone in the Ministry.

“Who sent it?” she asked and picked it up carefully. She shook it but heard nothing.

“Some red-headed bloke,” Jeremy frowned. “He said he was a brother of yours.”

Ginny groaned. She knew the twins were up to something.


She looked up and saw Jeremy holding out a small envelope. “He said to give this to you first.”

She took the envelope and ripped it open. She unfolded the note and read:

Dear Ginny,

It was so lovely to see you today. We always enjoy a nice chat with our favorite sister. We decided to send you this little gift since we think it would be very useful for you. There’s a second one for dear Harry. We thought he might need one too. Oh, and let him know we’d love to book him for our next party to show off his hula dancing skills for everyone to enjoy. Grass skirts are really his thing!

Love Your Favorite Brothers,

Forge and Gred

Rolling her eyes at the note, she set it aside and cautiously opened the package. She squeezed her eyes shut and shoved her chair back. Once she was sure nothing was going to explode, she opened her eyes and looked at the package. It lay perfectly still and looked rather normal on her desk. She knew Jeremy thought she was acting a little strange and decided to explain it later.

Moving closer she opened up the box and looked inside.

Two scarves lay inside. A dark green one was marked with her name and another one the same color as her hair with Harry’s name. A small note was on top of them. Ginny picked it up and read it:

Thought you could use a scarf. Useful for those love bites!

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve – The Wrath of Femininity
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Twelve – The Wrath of Femininity

“What were they thinking submitting this? And this is for a toddler’s broom? The braking sequence would throw the child off! The Comet Broom Company must be desperate for sales if they are trying to pull something like this off.”

Ginny hastily wrote out the adjustments that needed to be made and tapped the form with her wand. It folded itself up and squeezed into an envelope. Another tap and the envelope soared into the post pile to go out the next morning.

She sighed and looked at the clock hanging on the wall of the cubicle. It was already half past five. She had promised Harry she would be home at exactly five but she had so much work to catch up on and she didn’t want to put it all off until the next day.

“Why don’t you just go home?”

Ginny turned in her chair and blushed at the knowing look Martha was giving her. Jeremy and Bea had left about twenty minutes ago leaving Ginny and Martha. Martha looked like she was getting ready to leave herself. The light brown haired witch smiled warmly at Ginny.

“I really should get this done,” Ginny sighed and turned back to the somewhat diminished pile of papers. “I’ve been gone for two weeks. I need to catch up on it.”

Martha shook her head and tutted.

“And it will still be here tomorrow. I know you like to do a good job and want to get things done but you need to go home to that husband of yours,” Martha insisted.

“I’m sure he won’t mind if I’m a little later than I already am,” Ginny replied and pulled another piece of parchment from the top of her pile. A hand however landed on top of the parchment. Ginny looked up and saw the sky blue eyes of Martha twinkling at her.

“He’ll mind,” Martha said and picked the parchment up. “I remember what it’s like to be a newlywed and he will mind and so do you. You can’t sit here and tell me you honestly don’t miss him and don’t want to be with him right this moment, can you?”

“But it’s my first day back, Martha,” Ginny sighed.

“Like I said, the work will be here tomorrow,” Martha persisted and picked up Ginny’s handbag. She shoved it at her. “Besides, if my husband looked like yours, I wouldn’t be wasting my time sitting here when I should have been home by now. Go. Now.”

Ginny smiled in embarrassment at her coworker and nodded. “Fine. I’ll go home to Harry.”

“That’s a good girl,” Martha encouraged her and watched as Ginny pulled on her work robes and picked up the scarves the twins had sent her. “Oh and Ginny?”

Ginny paused just before the entrance to the shared cubicle. She placed one hand on the wall and turned to face Martha.

“As your team leader, I do not want to see you here until nine thirty.”

“Martha, I just took a two week break.”

“Nine thirty.”

“But –”

“Nine thirty, Ginny, and not a second sooner!”

“Yes, Martha.”

With a smile, Ginny left the cubicle and made her way to the official Apparition point.

In no time she was back at the flat and shrugging off her robes.

“Harry?” she called out, looking around the sitting room and finding no one. She did notice, however, that the living room was free of any gifts they had opened and several foil take out trays were sitting on the dining table. The delicious smell of noodles, chicken, vegetables and rice wafted to her nose and she breathed in deeply. She smiled. Harry had gone to one of their favorite Muggle restaurants, Happy Garden which was an excellent Chinese place for dinner.

“Ginny? Is that you?”

Harry emerged from the hallway and stood there staring at her. He wore a pair of jeans and a simple white tee shirt. One hand was on the back of his neck and his other was shoved in a pocket. His hair was slightly damp and she could smell his soap from where she was standing. “Bit of a stupid question, yeah?” he grinned sheepishly and looked down at the floor. “Seeing that you live here with me and all.”

She smiled in return. “Hi,” she greeted him and threw her work robes over the back of the sofa.

“Hey,” he replied and stood in the same spot. “You’re late.”

“I know,” she sighed and put her handbag on the sofa as well. She threw the scarves on top of it. “I’m sorry. I had so much work to catch up on and I’m still not done. I missed you.”

He gave her a half smile. “I missed you, too.”

“So how come you’re all the way over there?” she asked and raised her eyebrows at him.

His half smile turned into a sheepish one. His hand dropped from his neck and hung at his side. “Well I really want to touch you right now but I thought it would be a bit silly of me to run and jump at you.”

“I see,” she said slowly and made her way across the room. “So you want me to do all the work then?”

“Well, not all the work,” he corrected her. “I mean, I would gladly do some of it as well.”

She reached him and slid her hands from his chest to the back of his neck. She hooked her hands together and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. As if on signal, Harry’s hands rested on her hips as he kissed her back, intensifying the kiss. Neither one of them seemed like they wanted to pull away, not that Ginny minded much. She waited all day to kiss him and was going to take full advantage of it.

Ginny pulled away slightly, but Harry quickly pulled her into another kiss. His hands slid up her back, pressing her to him. She felt his response to her and a bubble of excitement and anticipation filled the pit of her stomach. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue sought entrance and one of his hands slid over her backside. That simple noise from her opened the floodgates. Within moments, hands and lips were everywhere. Breathing was rapid and shallow and she couldn’t tell which one of them was making what noises, and it only made her eager to move into the bedroom. Her back suddenly made contact with the wall and she was sure Harry had ripped off a button or two from her shirt. She really didn’t care either; her shirt was too much of a hindrance right now.

Their sudden explosion of passion came to a very abrupt stop when Harry’s stomach growled loudly. He pulled away and grinned bashfully at her.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “Killed the mood, didn’t I?”

She sighed. “It’s all right. I’m hungry, too.” she said and brushed his fringe away from his face. “Why don’t you go take care of the food and I’ll,” she glanced down at her half un-tucked shirt and several opened buttons, “finish changing?”

She gave him a chaste peck on the cheek and hurried into their bedroom. It only took her a few moments to locate a clean pair of jeans and a shirt and change into them. She brushed out her hair and joined Harry at the dining room table.

Harry was already digging into a tray of Kung Pao chicken. He was chewing on it happily and his eyes were closed as he savored the flavor. He swallowed, smacked his lips together and took another bite.

“Good?” she asked and took a seat next to him. He glanced up at her and nodded. He picked up a set of chopsticks and handed them to her. Ginny took them and he offered her the tray he was eating from. She dug right in and was soon savoring the flavors of her favorite Chinese cuisine.

For a few minutes they shared the foil trays of food; fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and beef and broccoli. It was silent except for the sounds of their chopsticks scratching the sides of trays and chewing. Harry picked up the container of sweet and sour chicken and looked up at her.

“How was work?” he asked, sticking his chopsticks inside and pulling them out a moment later with the scrumptious food. He popped it into his mouth and began chewing, waiting for her response.

“Busy,” she replied and moved her chopsticks around inside the tray of beef and broccoli. “We got a new member for our team.”

Harry had taken another bite and gestured at her to continue.

“His name is Jeremy. He went to Beauxbatons. Nice bloke but it took him a few minutes to figure out that I was your wife. He was bit nervous since it was his first day,” she explained. “So in addition to all the work I had to catch up on I had to help train him in the paperwork. I think he’s going to be a great addition once he gets used to everything.”

“I see,” Harry replied looking rather suspicious. “Jeremy, huh?


“Jeremy what?”

“Jeremy Crick.”

He grunted in response and took a rather vicious stab at the beef and broccoli.

“So he didn’t know you were married?” Harry asked in a failed attempt to sound casual.

“Of course he did,” Ginny replied. “I told him first thing since I introduced myself as Ginny Weasley and had to correct myself. He just didn’t realize who I was married to.”

She knew Harry’s green monster was striking again and she didn’t want to feed it anymore than she had. She stood up. “I’m going to get us some drinks.”

Without letting him continue to question her about Jeremy she left him at the table in search of drinks. But her search turned up nothing for when she opened the fridge; it was just as bare as it was that morning. She filled up two glasses of water and returned to the table with them.

“You didn’t go shopping?” she asked and set a glass in front of him.

He frowned up at her. “Was I supposed to?”

Ginny sat down next to him again. “Well I thought you were going to seeing as we have no food.”

“That’s why I went to Happy Garden for dinner,” he replied as if that was the solution for having no food in their flat.

“Harry, love, we can’t eat out every night. Is that what you did while you were single?” she asked and took a sip from her water.

“Most of the time yeah, unless your mum sent something over,” he admitted and poked around in one of the containers. “You know I don’t cook that much.”

Ginny chewed on her bottom lip for a moment and thought of what he’d said. Any time that she visited him before they’d got married she would have food that her mother sent along or they would go out to some restaurant. Even though he had cooked while living with the Dursleys, Ginny knew the extent of his cooking knowledge didn’t go past a fry up and he had to work hard on making anything beyond that edible. The few times he had cooked dinner was for her birthday two years ago and on their anniversary last year, and both times, he had admitted, he had spent hours on making sure the food was perfect. Ginny, on the other hand, knew a thing or two about cooking. After all, being the daughter of Molly Weasley meant you had to learn to cook and to cook well. (She had to admit her mother was far better at it and she had a long way to go.) Though she had been trained to cook the magical way but she was fairly certain she could cook just as well the Muggle way.

“After we eat, we’re going to go grocery shopping,” she announced. “We can’t eat take out every night, love.”

“That’s how I survived before you,” he replied.

“And somehow you lived,” she teased and grinned when he stuck his tongue out at her. “But now you have me so you don’t have to worry about how to survive.”

“I’ll let you know once I’ve had your cooking,” he shot back.

“Lousy git,” she grumbled and threw one of the fortune cookies at him.

“Oi! What did we say about you being violent?” he cried and retaliated by throwing it back at her.

She smirked and picked up her chopsticks again. “Weren’t you the one who enjoyed being tied up and begged me to do it again?”

He flushed and quickly occupied himself with eating again.

“I’ll make a list once we’re done and we’ll go,” Ginny announced and stole a bite from the tray he had just picked up.

True to her word, Ginny armed herself with a quill and parchment and went around the flat, making a list of things they would need. She made sure to include food as well as cleaning supplies and other general things they would need. Once she finished, she sought out Harry and found him sprawled out on the sofa, his eyes closed and in a light sleep.

She sat on the arm of the sofa and looked down at him. “Harry,” she called quietly and nudged him slightly on the shoulder. “Get up. We need to go.”

He mumbled something incoherent and slowly opened his eyes. He gave her a half smile and reached for her hair. “You’re just as beautiful upside down.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes again and sighed contently.

“Come on,” she urged. “It’s eight. We better hurry if we want food in the flat.”

Harry shook his head slightly, his eyes still closed and a content look on his face. “I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t have practice.”

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied and sat up. He stretched his arms above his head and yawned. “I’m knackered.”

Ginny sat on the sofa next to him. As if on instinct, he draped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him.

“What did you do all day to make you so exhausted? You didn’t have practice today,” she asked, slipping her arms around his middle and squeezing him slightly.

“Oh, this and that,” he said vaguely. “I put away all the gifts as you can see and wrote and sent all the thank you cards out.”

“Ah. I see how tiring that is to do,” she teased.

“Well I did spend a few hours at the club gym,” he explained. “Guess two weeks away from practice and work outs took a bit too much out of me. I’m a bit sore actually.”

A wicked grin spread on her face. She wiggled out of his hold and sat up on her knees. “You poor, poor boy. Do you want me to make it all better?”

He raised his eyebrows at her and for a moment seemed very interested. But it quickly disappeared and he yawned widely. “As much as I would really enjoy that, I think I should just turn in.”

He stood up and gave her an apologetic look. “You coming?”

Ginny nodded. “In a minute. I want to double check the list I made for you.”

Harry nodded and leaned down to kiss her. He whispered a good night and left her alone in the sitting room.

After a few moments, Ginny got up and went through the list she had made. She added a few more items before heading off to the washroom to get ready for bed. Once she was finished, she made her way to the bedroom and joined Harry.

Almost immediately, Harry turned toward her, draping his arm across her waist and pressed a kiss to her hair.

“I love you,” he muttered sleepily into her ear.

“I love you, too,” she whispered back, smiling to herself.

“Hey, Ginny. Where did those scarves come from?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “A gift from the twins.”

“But it’s not cold enough for scarves.”

Ginny grinned. “Oh it’s not because of the weather, love. It’s because someone just can’t keep their hands off of me and my Concealment Charms keep failing me.”

He was silent for a few moments and Ginny thought he had fallen asleep until she felt him shake with laughter behind her. He squeezed her and began kissing her neck.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I just can’t help myself.”

“Oh I wasn’t complaining about it. Just in the future, let me know if there’s a big glaring sign on my neck that you’ve been having fun.”

“Isn’t a scarf around your neck in the middle of summer sort of a giveaway already? I’m not planning on giving up having fun with you anytime soon.”

“Then you ought to find some other place to leave your marks.”


* * * * * *

When Ginny awoke, she felt something hot on her neck and realized it was Harry’s breath.

And it was very irritating for some reason.

Usually she liked to feel his warm breath tickling her neck, but this morning it was far from it. Irritated, she carefully extracted herself from his grip and got out of bed.

Despite having a good night’s sleep, Ginny felt tired and her lower back was aching. A glance at the calendar on the bedroom wall, however, told her why and she sighed in exasperation. Her monthly was going to start soon.

Grimacing, she made her way into the washroom. She opened up the medicine cabinet and fumbled around for her potion and the Muggle medicine she had to use.

Unlike most witches, potions for this type of thing had very little effect on Ginny. While it helped, in order for her to feel any relief from the “joys of womanhood”, she had to rely on Muggle medicine to ease her symptoms and to settle her mood. It was a slight inconvenience, but she had no choice in the matter. It had been a nightmare to deal with while in school until Madam Pomfrey was able to keep the Muggle medicine in stock for Ginny and the few other girls at school who needed the same thing.

She took a swig of her potion and closed her eyes for a moment as it took its small effect on her body. Once she was sure it was doing all it could, she opened the medicine cabinet again and took out the Muggle remedy. Upon opening the small bottle, Ginny was slightly upset when she found it was empty. She angrily threw the empty bottle into the bin and went to add that, plus some other items that she was going to need now to the list she had made last night. She knew she was not going to be easy to deal without her medicine.

Ginny decided to take an extra long shower, allowing the warm water to cascade on her sore back for a while since she had nothing else to help it. It helped a bit but she was still sore and she knew it was only going to get worse.

She returned to the bedroom to get dressed, finding it void of Harry. She quickly threw on whatever was comfortable, yet professional enough for work and headed for the kitchen.

“Good morning, my love,” Harry greeted her cheerfully. He approached her and kissed her on the cheek. “Mum Flooed again. I told her you were up and in the shower and I promised that I’d make sure you’d get to work on time.” He turned back to the toaster. “Toast again.”

She snorted in response and snatched a cup out of a cupboard. She slammed it on the counter. “Yes, well we wouldn’t be having toast again if you weren’t such a bloody baby last night and went shopping with me.”

Harry looked slightly taken aback at her attitude but Ginny showed no remorse for him. It was his fault after all that he hadn’t gone shopping yesterday and they had no food!

“You could have gone without me, you know,” he pointed out and grabbed the toast that had just popped out of the toaster.

“No, I couldn’t,” she snapped and poured hot water over her tea bag in her cup. “You know very well that all the shops in Diagon Alley that even cater to grocery needs closes at eight and there is no way I am going to go into one of those ridiculously gigantic Muggle shops by myself.”

“You don’t have to get all snippy at me,” Harry replied and sounded irritated. “I’ll go today, okay? Here.”

He held out the plate of toast towards her. She pulled a disgusted look and pushed it away. “I don’t want toast.”

“That’s all we have right now, dear,” he responded in annoyance.

“Don’t take that tone of voice with me,” she growled. It was not at all the loving tone he usually took with her.

“What tone do you expect me to take when you’re snapping at me for no reason?” he replied and frowned at her.

“Perhaps because of your lazy arse we have no food!”

“We have toast!”

“I don’t want bloody toast!”

“Then you’re out of luck, I suppose!”

Ginny growled in frustration and glared at him. “Men!”

Leaving her untouched tea on the counter, she marched out of the kitchen to grab her work robes and handbag, figuring she’d just pick up something before heading to the Ministry.

“What is with you?” Harry asked, following her down the hallway. “You were fine when we went to bed last night and now all the sudden you’ve turned into a screaming banshee and honestly, Ginny, it’s not very becoming of you.”

Ginny rounded on him. “Excuse me? Out of all the inconsiderate things you’ve ever said to me, this tops it all! You’ve been spending too much time with Ron!”

“I just want to know what your problem is,” he cried and crossed his arms.

“My problem right now is you, Harry James,” she hissed and marched past him. She went into the sitting room and turned on her heel to glare at him. “When I get home you better have done all the shopping on that list or so help me, you won’t be able to sit properly for a month!”

And with that final note she Disapparated away from their flat and into the midst of Diagon Alley.

Ginny had a quick bite at the Leaky Cauldron, brooding over the argument she had with Harry, before going to the Ministry. She had spent the morning feeling angry at herself and at Harry. But as time went on all her anger towards Harry faded and instead she focused her anger on herself.

Harry hadn’t known why she was suddenly moody but at the same time, he should have had a little more tact. She had known that Harry had never really been around her while she experienced her monthly cycle. And if he had been around, she had already taken her potion and the Muggle medicine. She had been so used to her brothers who knew better than to provoke her during that time of the month but it hadn’t really clicked in Ginny’s mind that Harry hadn’t the slightest idea. And once that thought had hit her, she felt awful for her behavior.

During lunch, Ginny had rushed back to their flat to apologize but it was empty. She had spent her entire lunch hour waiting for him but he hadn’t shown up and she had to return to work feeling miserable and hungry.

The atrium was packed full of employees hurrying back to work. She caught snippets of cheerful conversation and it only made her mood worse. She crossed her arms as she headed towards a crowd of people waiting to get on the lift.

“Ginny!” a familiar voice called.

Ginny turned at the sound of it and managed a smile. “Hi, Colin.”

Colin Creevey happily joined her side. He had a large flat black satchel thrown over his shoulder. He gave her a short hug in greeting.

“Hawaii agreed with you I see,” he commented with a grin. “You look great.”

Ginny was tempted to disagree with him but she did not think another male needed to deal with her wrath. Besides, she wasn’t exactly happy to see him at the moment, not after her lunch with Mikayla. She smiled. “Thank you.”

They were silent for a moment. Ginny glanced at him. “So,” she sighed, “what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’ve got a meeting with someone who wants to hire me to take photographs for his granddaughter’s wedding,” he explained with a grin. “I’ve brought my portfolio along to show him.”

“That’s nice,” Ginny replied lightly.

“Business has been booming,” he added as they hurried onto a lift. “I’ve been so busy lately.”

Ginny gave him a strained smile. “As busy as Mikayla has been?”

He glanced at her, his smile disappearing at once. He looked straight ahead at the closed doors.

“I see you’ve been talking with Mikayla,” he said stiffly.

“Yes, I have!” she hissed and grabbed his arm. She pulled him so he was facing her and registered the shocked look on his face. She ignored the looks they were receiving from the other people in the lift. “I can’t believe what you said to her!”

“It’s not like she didn’t say anything to me,” he argued.

“She didn’t accuse you of cheating on her!” she argued back. “Really, Colin, what makes you think she would ever do something like that?”

“I don’t know,” he said coldly and crossed his arms. “Why don’t you ask yourself that?”

Ginny stared at him in surprise. That whole fiasco back in her seventh year with Harry being “caught” cheating on her slammed to the forefront of her mind. How could he just slap that incident in her face like that?

He appeared to realize what he said and looked apologetic. “I didn’t mean that, Ginny. I’m sorry.”

She glared at him and resisted the urge to slap him as the lift stopped and everyone got off, leaving Colin and Ginny behind.

Colin sighed. “Look, this isn’t any of your business.”

“It is my business, Colin,” she replied instantly. “You and Mikayla are my best friends and I will not sit back and watch you destroy your relationship.”

Colin was silent and looked down at the floor of the lift. “I don’t want to discuss this.”

“Well I’m going to whether you want to or not,” Ginny insisted and poked him roughly in the chest. “Mikayla is working her arse off for the career she had dreamed about since she could talk and it’s hard, Colin. Healing is difficult and unpredictable, especially the field she chose. She has no control over when a woman goes into labor. She can’t help it and you have no bloody right accusing her of sneaking behind your back and pressuring her into doing things she doesn’t want to because she’s exhausted! You’re her boyfriend and you’re supposed to support her and be there for her right now. She’s about to take her intern exams and all she can think about is how screwed up things are between the two of you. You hurt her and you need to fix this because if I ever see her like that again you will be very sorry you ever heard my name!”

Without letting him reply, Ginny stormed out of the lift as it opened to her floor and left a stunned Colin behind her.

Ginny’s foul mood continued throughout the day and her encounter with Colin did not help. She still felt awful about how she treated Harry that morning. She really wanted to make things up to him and explain to him why she reacted the way she had that morning. So when five o’clock hit that evening, she had raced out of her cubicle and to the Apparition point.

“Harry?” she called once she landed in the sitting room. She quickly disregarded her work robes and handbag. “Harry?”

His head poked out of the entrance to the kitchen. He looked rather apprehensive at the sight of her. Cautiously, he stepped outside the doorway.

“Err, hi,” he said quietly.

“I’m sorry,” she replied and immediately ran to him. She flung her arms around his neck, taking him by surprise. “I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean to go off like that and I’ve spent the day thinking about it and oh, Harry, I’m sorry!”

Slowly, he put his arms around her and hugged her back. “It’s all right. I shouldn’t have said those things to you.”

He let her go and moved his hands to her shoulders. He peered in concern at her. “Is everything okay?”

Ginny nodded and looked down at the floor in shame. “Yes. It’s just that . . . my monthly is coming in a few days and it’s always terrible for me. I’m one of those few lucky witches that have to take both a strong potion and Muggle remedies. If I don’t have both my potion and Muggle medicine my hormones and everything really get to me and the tiniest thing can set me off. Apparently I was out of the Muggle stuff this morning so no matter how strong my potion is, I’m still going to feel all the physical pain and my emotions are high strung.”

“Oh.” He looked slightly uncomfortable but didn’t let go of her shoulders. He glanced down at the floor for a moment, his ears looking a bit red, and returned his gaze to her. “Err . . . so how long does this last then?”

“About a week or so,” she replied.

He nodded but didn’t appear to look very happy about it.

“I’m only horrible and what was it that you called me this morning, a banshee, when I haven’t taken everything I need to otherwise I’m your perfectly wonderful wife that you know and love,” she smiled and leaned up to kiss him chastely. “Did you get the shopping done?”

Harry nodded. “I just got home and was putting things away.”

“Good,” she sighed and squeezed by him to get into the kitchen. “I’ll help then and get dinner started.”

Together, the two of them worked to put the groceries away into their proper places. It wasn’t until they had finished that Ginny had noticed a few of her last minute items she added that morning were missing.

“Harry, love,” she said sweetly and turned to face him. She watched as he put away a bag of crisps (which coincidentally was not on the list she had made last night). He glanced over his shoulder. “Are you quite sure you picked up everything on the list I gave you?”

He frowned for a moment before fully facing her. “There were a few things I might have missed.”

Ginny pursed her lips into a thin line and tried very hard to keep her control. She knew exactly which items he had “missed”.

“And why, dear husband of mine, did you not get those particular items?” she asked, still maintaining her sweet tone but managed to throw him a very dirty look at the same time.

“I couldn’t find them,” he answered and avoided her eyes.

“You couldn’t find them?” she repeated and he quickly nodded. She raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. “Even with the signs telling you what’s in every aisle?”

“That Muggle place is a confusing shop,” he replied with a shrug. He chanced a glance in her direction and quickly looked away when he found that her glare was not disappearing. Clearly he knew he wasn’t going win this one.

“And what exactly prevented you from asking an employee to point you in the right direction?” she demanded and took a step closer to him. “Or are you going to tell me there wasn’t a single employee there.”

He looked at her again. “Err, it was busy and I didn’t want to be a bother?”

Ginny had enough of his tiptoeing around her question and her anger with him kicked into full mode. “Why don’t you try telling me the truth because right now is not the time to lie to me!”

His eyes flickered to the floor and his face went red. He shoved his hands in his pockets and began tracing patterns on the floor with his foot.

“The truth is . . . I . . . I couldn’t,” he began to admit quietly, “they were,” he looked up at her with a pleading expression, “you can’t send a man down that aisle!”

“My brothers and my dad never had a problem buying those things for me when I needed them to!” she shouted, marching towards him. Her eyes were blazing with anger and her nostrils flared. Harry flinched and avoided her gaze. “I am your wife!”

“And I love you very much, sweetheart, but I can’t –”

“What are you going to do when we have a daughter and she hits that age where she needs those things and I’m not around for her?” Ginny cut him off and poked him roughly in the chest. “Are you just going to tell her that you can’t do it because a wizard can’t go down that aisle?”

“Ginny, look, I’ll take you down there and you can get them,” he offered and held his hands up in a peace offering.

“Oh no, you were the one who was supposed to go shopping and you were supposed to get everything on that list. You are going to have to get used to doing things like this because you are stuck with me for the rest of your life and this is not going away any time soon. I know you have very little experience with living with a woman, but you’re going to have to get used to it because believe it or not, Harry, I am a woman! You go back there and get them for me, Harry James, or I’ll . . . I’ll. . . .” she had run out of words to say and instead pulled out her wand. Harry eyed it warily and with a muttered response, he left the kitchen and a few moments later the front door slammed shut.

She stared at the closed door for a few moments and said aloud, “You have a lot to learn about the wrath of a witch, Harry Potter.”

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen - Wifely Woes
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Thirteen – Wifely Woes

Satisfied she had caused enough fear in her husband Ginny turned back towards the groceries and took a few deep breaths to calm down. She knew that she had lost control and thought she might have been rather harsh, but he had no idea what she was going through, not to mention he had given her several excuses as to why he didn’t buy her the things she needed. Harry had no idea what sort of physical pain she had to deal with nor did he understand how her hormones completely controlled her moods. Granted, he had very little experience when dealing with her at this time of the month, but he had to learn and fast. After all, he had promised to be with her for better or for worse and this was one of those worse times he would have to deal with.

A headache was starting to form and her back was aching again. Ginny groaned. She really needed that Muggle remedy. She sighed, deciding to take another drink of her potion for now and then begin dinner.

But, dinner proved to be rather difficult. Looking at the now full kitchen, Ginny realized that she had no idea what to make for dinner. The list had been random and rather basic. There was nothing really around to make a meal that she could wow Harry with and show off her cooking skills. She was used to living with Molly Weasley and had ample use of her well stocked kitchen. She made a mental note to think about what she would really need to cook dinner with in the future. For now, she would have to scrounge around for food to make a decent meal.

She surprised herself with what she did find. She managed to gather enough ingredients to make a salad and even found noodles to make pasta and some chicken breasts. However, all she had for seasoning was salt and there was nothing to use to make any sort of sauce.

“At least it’s something,” she sighed and looked at her assembled ingredients. “I’ll just have to pick up some other stuff tomorrow.”

She set to work. The salad was easy enough; Harry’s knives responded rather well to her magic. The chicken and pasta served to be a bit trickier. None of the appliances in the flat worked with magic and she knew making any attempt to use it on them could be a disaster. This also meant she would have to keep a watchful eye on the hob since she was used to working with magical appliances, which kept the time and temperature right for her and left her free to do other things in the kitchen.

Once the pasta was bubbling in the water and the chicken was starting to sizzle in a pan, Ginny turned her attention back to the groceries and wondered if there was anything to make dessert with. She found some vanilla ice cream and strawberries and it looked promising. She remembered her mother had taught her how to make a delicious strawberry sauce to use for desserts and finding the other ingredients she would need, she decided to try it out on her own.

As she washed the berries and cut them up, Ginny felt proud of herself for pulling a meal together for the first time as a wife. She really hoped Harry liked it. When the strawberries were prepared and Ginny had finished the syrup on the hob and turned over the chicken breast (a little overcooked but edible), she pointed her wand at the berries to start the puree process but stopped herself. The rest of the meal was being prepared the Muggle way so she might as well prepare dessert the same way. She turned to face the food processor and stared at it.

Ginny had seen pictures of the contraption in her Muggle Studies class but had no idea how to use one. She peered at the device and looked at each one of the buttons. It seemed simple enough so she removed the top and filled the food processor with the chopped strawberries and the syrup. When the entire container was filled to the very top, she set the lid on top again and selected a button, ready to stand back and tend to the pasta again.

She never got to the pasta as the lid to the food processor soared off and landed in the pan of sizzling chicken.

Strawberries shot out of the top of it, splattering everywhere. Ginny shrieked in surprise and threw one hand up to cover her face and tried to reach out to turn off the appliance with the other. She fumbled around blindly in an attempt to find the off switch. She hit several different ones, but they only made it worse. Finally, in what seemed like hours, she hit the right one and it stopped leaving the kitchen and Ginny covered in blended fruit.

She reached to pick up her wand so she could clean up the strawberry mess but stopped when the pot of pasta started to bubble over and splash violently on the hob. Startled, Ginny tried to reach for the dial but the hot water was preventing her from getting to it. As if that wasn’t enough, the chicken in the pan started to smoke, a mix of burning chicken and plastic filling the air. She coughed violently at the horrible smell of the burning plastic and forced the sudden urge to be sick back down. She pinched her nose tightly and breathed through her mouth. Risking the boiling water, Ginny plunged her free hand over the hob and succeeded in shutting it off at the expense of burning her wrist in the process. Sighing in relief and ignoring the pain, she removed the smoking pan but not before a sudden high pitched beeping sound joined in the mayhem and scaring her even further. The pan dropped with a loud clang onto the tiled floor, sending the burned chicken and melted lid clattering around her feet.

Ginny surveyed the scene, her breathing was shallow and she had a permanent look of shock on her face, and still the screeching sound continued. She sank to the floor in defeat, hugging her knees to her body and resisting the urge to cry. Cooking the Muggle way wasn’t as easy as she thought.

“Ginny!” Harry’s panicked voice cried moments later. The high pitched sound stopped and Harry suddenly appeared in the kitchen. He dropped the plastic bag he was carrying and hurried towards her. He fell to his knees in front of her and looked her over. His face was etched with worry and concern, a look she had seen so many times before but this time it made the tears she was trying so hard to keep in escape. “What happened? Are you okay?”

She stared at him, still in shock at how her attempt at dinner had turned into a disaster so quickly. She swallowed the lump that had begun to form in her throat.

“You’re okay, aren’t you?” Harry prompted again. She nodded and he sighed in relief. “What happened?”

“I . . . I was trying to make dinner and . . . and then I wanted to ma-make something for dessert,” she explained tearfully and angrily rubbed at her face. “And . . . and everything just fell apart! I’m no-not used to cooking the Muggle way.”

Harry sighed and reached for a kitchen towel hanging from a nearby drawer. He used it to wipe off the strawberry mess on her face and arms. She winced when he ran it over her burned wrist. He pulled the towel away and looked closely at the angry red mark. “Burn?”

She nodded, wiping her eyes with her free hand as he pulled his wand out of his back pocket. He pointed it at her injury and muttered a Healing spell. Her skin glowed for a moment and cooled before returning to her normal skin tone.

“Thanks,” she whispered, unable to look him in the eye. She felt like a small child again and embarrassed. Harry kissed her on the forehead and held his hands out to help her to her feet.

“I’ll clean this up and pick up a pizza or something down the street. Why don’t you go take a hot bath or something? Relax a bit, yeah?” he suggested. He looked down at the messy kitchen floor, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. “Oh and, err, I got your stuff. I got you something else, too. I ran into Hermione on my way there and she suggested I bring you some. I’m . . . I’m sorry about not getting you the stuff in the first place. I’ve never really dealt with, you know, women things before.”

“It’s okay,” she said quietly. “I shouldn’t have assumed you knew how to handle it and I know I can be a complete nightmare.”

“I reckon I’ll learn,” he chuckled quietly.

She watched him as he bent down to pick up the upended pan, feeling terrible for causing such a mess. She bit her bottom lip nervously. “Harry?” she ventured.

He looked curiously behind his shoulder at her. She quickly darted across the small kitchen, mindful of where she stepped. “Harry, I’m sorry. I –”

“Ginny,” he quickly interrupted and took a hold of her hands. “Love, it’s all right. Don’t worry about it. Go on and relax while I take care of this.”

Ginny managed a small smile and nodded. She began to leave, picking up the bag he had dropped and peered inside. Along with the other things she needed, there was a large chocolate bar and she made a mental note to thank Hermione for taking pity on Harry.

She paused at the doorway, looking back at him as he cleaned up the disaster she had created. Sighing internally, she left the kitchen.

* * * * * *

A few days later, Ginny was still completely rubbish at making food the Muggle way. She tried to keep the recipes simple for now as she was adjusting to the Muggle equipment, but she seemed to always run into trouble. Most of the food was edible (barely), but Ginny knew she could do a much better job at it and voiced her frustrations to Harry the day before.

“I promise I’m a good cook!” Ginny had cried and angrily threw the burned beef into the rubbish bin. “I’m not this lousy.”

“I know you aren’t,” Harry had soothed and rubbed her shoulders. “You’ll get used to it. Let’s go to that Indian place down the street.”

Yet while Harry was encouraging and supportive of her, it didn’t make her feel much better about ruining half their meals.

She dwelled on her thoughts as she set about cleaning up the flat. She sighed as she picked up Harry’s discarded shirt from the day before and dropped it in the now full and overloaded laundry basket. She picked it up and hauled it out of the bedroom, catching the shrill sounds of Harry’s voice outdoing the wireless. She rolled her eyes; she didn’t mind him playing the wireless when he showered, it was just getting slightly annoying at how loud he played it and his awful singing.

Ginny passed through the small sitting room taking great pride in having cleared the small coffee table, and Harry’s usually cluttered desk shoved in a corner of the room, earlier that morning. She had even given Hedwig’s cage a good scrubbing. Smiling to herself and proud that she had gotten something right in the whole housekeeping thing, she entered the kitchen and set the basket on the counter next to the small washer and dryer that sat in a corner. Her good mood diminished somewhat now that she was in the one room that was wreaking havoc on her adjustment to married life. She cast a disdainful look around the kitchen as if it had personally insulted her before separating the laundry into different loads.

“Stupid Muggle kitchen,” she murmured angrily under her breath. “It’s making my life miserable!”

“Did you say something?”

Ginny looked up from the pile of clothes and she found Harry, fresh from his shower, standing in the entrance to the kitchen. He wore a pair of jeans and a simple black shirt.

“Just talking to myself,” she sighed and tossed a pair of his socks into the dark pile.

“And you do this often when you’re doing the laundry?” he teased and entered the kitchen. She rolled her eyes at his grin.

“You’re a prat,” she grumbled and threw one of his socks at him. It landed on his shoulder. “And your socks smell.”

“They do not!” he protested and peeled the offending garment off his shoulder.

Ginny grimaced. “Sorry to break it to you, but they do.”

“So do yours,” he retorted and added his sock to the growing pile. He came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“No, mine smell like roses and daffodils,” she insisted and continued to separate their clothing into piles.

Harry snorted. “Yeah, dead ones.”

She elbowed him roughly and was rewarded with a loud grunt.

“You’re violent,” he whined.

“And you’re a git,” she replied loftily.

“This is becoming a familiar conversation isn’t? Besides, you’re the one who insulted my socks,” he responded and planted a kiss on her shoulder.

“I didn’t realize your socks had feelings,” Ginny said loftily. She felt him nod his head. She laughed.

“So,” he sighed and planted another kiss on her neck, “are you playing housewife today? Seems so judging from our suddenly clean sitting room.”

“You mean am I forced to clean your dirty clothes all day long and clean up after you?” she asked. “Then yes, but I wouldn’t call it playing housewife. Playing implies fun and this isn’t my idea of fun.”

Harry chuckled, squeezing her gently. He let go of one arm and picked up one of her silky numbers that he loved to see her in. “I wouldn’t mind handling this.”

“Stop it,” she said and smacked his arm. He dropped the garment. She turned to face him, dropping a few of his undershirts in the process and glared at him. “You’re awful.”

He gave her an adorable smile and cupped her face in his hands. He kissed her sweetly, practically making her melt right then and there. He pulled away slightly.

“I have a team meeting to go to,” he said quietly. “I should be back for dinner.”

Ginny scowled at the mention of dinner and turned away from him, bringing her attention back to the laundry. “Just pick something up. I’m tired of wasting food because I can’t cook it properly.”

She felt his arms around her waist again and he rested his chin on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, love. You’ll get it. It just takes practice.”

“I suppose,” she sighed. She hoped that it wouldn’t take too much more time.

“I ought to go,” Harry said after a few silent moments. Ginny turned in his arms to face him. “Err, anything in particular you want for dinner?” he asked delicately.

Ginny shrugged. “Curry sounds good.”

He nodded. He gently held her chin in his hand and kissed her chastely. “I love you.”

She kissed him back. “Love you, too.”

He left her in the kitchen. Within moments she heard the telltale sound of Harry Disapparting.

Ginny finished separating the laundry and loaded the dark clothes into the washer. She frowned at the knobs, trying to figure out what they all meant. If she were at the Burrow all she had to do was tap her wand in different combinations and the right amount of water at the correct temperature would pour out of her wand and soap was added instantly. But this was a Muggle machine. Like everything else in this bloody kitchen, she thought savagely in her head.

She tried to remember Harry’s instructions to her the day before when she had announced she was going to do their laundry the Muggle way. She should have paid closer attention to his actual words and not the way his lips moved and imagining how to put those to good use. He had said something about turning the knobs to certain settings and the temperature of the water and pushing a button. Whatever he had told her, sounded very similar to the way the laundry charms worked; she just needed to make sure she was turning the knobs to the right settings.

Tentatively, Ginny reached out and began turning knobs. She pushed the start button and soon the small kitchen was filled with the sound of rushing water. Ginny peeked inside and saw the machine was slowly filling with water. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she picked up a box of soap sitting atop a shelf above the washing machine. She glanced at the clothes piled inside and decided that it was a rather heavy load so she would need more soap. She carefully poured some into the small drawer.

A sudden sound startled her, making her jump and look behind her shoulder. She pulled her hand away quickly to see Hedwig atop a counter and the post in front of her. Seeing the owl, Ginny set the detergent back on the counter and shut the drawer.

“Oh, Hedwig,” she breathed in relief and walked away from the machine and toward the owl. “You scared me.”

Hedwig hooted and flapped her wings as if giving an apology. Ginny opened a drawer and pulled out a small package of owl treats. She placed some in front of the owl. Hedwig gave another hoot and hopped over to the treats. Ginny smiled and gently ran her hand over the white feathers a few times. “Now, what did you bring us today?”

Ginny shifted through the few envelopes Hedwig had brought. There was a postcard from Luna who apparently was backpacking in Sweden with her father in search for the White Crumple-Horned Snorkack, the cousin of the one she used to talk about in school. There was also a bank statement, a letter from Aine and a letter from her mother.

Ginny sighed as she eyed the letter baring her mother’s writing sitting innocently on the counter. She wondered if her mother was now resorting to writing letters to check up on her and Harry. Today was the first time Molly hadn’t Flooed to see how they were doing and Ginny knew it was because she had snapped at her the day before. She didn’t need her mother checking up on her everyday like she was. She understood why but it was getting tiring and she couldn’t take it anymore. She had told her mother exactly how she felt and had stalked off, leaving her mother’s head floating in the small fireplace and a baffled Harry.

Picking up the letter, she tore it open and began to read.

Dear Ginny,

I hope this letter finds you and Harry well. Send him my love, will you, dear? I want to apologize for the why I have been acting. Your father and I had a rather lengthy conversation about you yesterday and I have come to realize that I have not been treating you as the adult you are. I have been a tad overbearing and I do apologize for it. It isn’t necessary for me to Floo every morning to make sure you are up for work and taking care of yourself. I should have more faith in you and in Harry; after all you are both adults.

It has not been easy for me to see you leave at such a young age and know that you are a married woman. I still think of you as my precious little girl and wish I could keep you like that forever. But, I realize now that you can’t be my little girl forever. You’ve been grown up for a very long time and while I’ve known that, I don’t want to believe it. It’s difficult to see my youngest as an adult. It was difficult to see Bill and Charlie leave the country when they just finished school. I worry about you, all of you, and I just want to make sure you are all right. You’ll understand when you have a child of your own. It is never easy to let go of your babies.

Hope to see you and Harry tomorrow.



Ginny folded the letter and blew out a breath. She hoped her mother would keep her promise and back off. Tossing the letter on the counter, she decided to leave the statement and picked up Aine’s letter. Upon opening it, she found a folded page torn out of a magazine and a short note accompanying it. She grinned as she read the note.

Ginny – Thought you’d get a kick out of this. You would think after seeing the pictures of you and Harry being all sickeningly sweet in love and making eyes at each other all the bloody time Miriam Nosebury would take the hint. The hag. On another note, I want to hear all about this honeymoon of yours. All I can get out of Harry is that it was nice and a red face which says nothing yet everything at the same time! What did you do to the poor bloke to get him to shut up? Usually he can’t stop talking about you, but mention the honeymoon and all he does is smile. We must meet for lunch, darling!

Much Love – Aine

Ginny laughed and set the note down. She unfolded the magazine page and rolled her eyes. Once again, Miriam Nosebury was up to her old tricks. Thankfully, though, she had not found out that they were married already. The so-called journalist had used an old photo of them at the Ministry fiasco a few years back. Someone had altered the picture so that it appeared it was torn in half between them. The article, like always, accused Ginny of being a horrible choice for Harry and a number of ludicrous ways she was keeping Harry. She went on to say that Ginny was only going to ignore each and every one of Harry’s needs and that he needed someone who could take care of him the way he deserved to be. She even had the audacity to claim that an anonymous source close to them told her that they were cold and distant with each other and refused to discuss the wedding with each other. She concluded the article with giving their marriage a time frame of less than a month and a plea to Harry to open his eyes and rethink the wedding. When she finished reading it, she balled it up and chucked it into the rubbish bin.

“Right,” she sighed. “I suppose I’ll just toss that out with the other garbage.” She tied the bag and went to retrieve the rest of the rubbish to throw out before finishing in the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, Ginny was just cleaning the last of the breakfast dishes when she heard a crack followed by hurried footsteps.

“Harry?” she called with a frown on her face. She left the kitchen and found him rummaging through the small desk. His back was to her and he appeared to be looking through a drawer of the desk. “Harry, what are you doing? I thought you had a team meeting.”

“I do,” he answered distractedly. “But I forgot my playbook. I left it here last night. Did you see it when you were tidying up?”

Ginny frowned and joined him. “No. I don’t think I did.”

Harry sighed in frustration and opened another drawer. “Are you sure? It isn’t hard to miss.”

Ginny merely shrugged. “What did it look like?”

“Dark blue,” he described. “And sort of messy inside. I didn’t really keep it in order like I should have. Most of the logo got scratched off.”

Ginny clasped a hand over her mouth as her eyes grew wide. She had seen it when she was clearing off the desk. . . .

“Ginny?” Harry asked warily upon the look on her face.

She turned apologetic eyes toward him and slowly dropped her hand.

“I thought it was rubbish,” she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Harry swore and dropped to his knees. He reached out for the small rubbish bin that sat next to the desk but froze. He slowly turned his head and looked up at Ginny. “Don’t tell me you took the rubbish out already.”

She gave him a feeble nod. Harry jumped to his feet at once and tore out of the flat, the door slamming behind him and without a word to Ginny.

Ginny stood sill for a few moments before deciding to go after him. She hurried out the door and down the stairs. She burst through the door of their small building and headed toward the large dustbin. Harry was already inside it, doubled over and throwing scraps of paper over his shoulder.

“Let me help,” she offered, grabbing onto the edge of the dustbin and trying to lift herself over. She ignored the pungent smell of it.

“No,” he called.

“But it’s my fault,” she insisted and tried to pull herself up. “I feel bad.”

“Don’t get in here, Ginny,” Harry replied. “I don’t want you rummaging around in here. It’s disgusting.”

Ginny glared at his bent over back. “And you think I want you inside this thing.”

“I don’t have a choice,” he retorted and glanced up at her.

“I’m the one who threw it away, let me help,” she nearly growled.

“I said I don’t want you in here,” he snapped.

“Don’t tell me what to do, Harry,” she spat and succeeded in getting one leg on the edge of the large dustbin.

“I’m not telling you what to do!” he shouted. He stood up, the book clutched in his hands and a hard look on his face. “I told you I didn’t want you in here because I don’t need your help. And I wouldn’t need to be in here if you didn’t throw my bloody playbook away.”

Ginny dropped back to the ground. She crossed her arms and glared at him. “Well perhaps if you kept your playbook in better condition, it wouldn’t look like it was rubbish and I wouldn’t have chucked it.”

“You should have asked!” he cried. She watched as he stepped up onto the edge of the bin and jumped off. His knees bent slightly as he landed but he quickly straightened up.

“How many times do I need to apologize? I’m sorry about the bloody playbook!”

He stalked off toward the door without a word to her. He held it open with his head bowed and stood waiting for her. Ginny let out a frustrated growl and stomped toward him. She stood watching him, her lips pursed together and her arms crossed. He shouldn’t be so angry with her; she didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t as if she threw the stupid book out on purpose. But he should have kept it in better condition or at least had it somewhere else where it wouldn’t be mistaken for rubbish. Really, they were both at fault and there was no need to snap at each other.

“Look,” she sighed and dropped her arms. “I didn’t throw your book out on purpose, Harry. I honestly didn’t know what it was and I should have asked you before I just tossed it. But you should have kept it in better condition. Who keeps a playbook looking like this?”

He looked up at her. He gave her an apologetic look and appeared to come to his senses on the matter. “I know. We both made mistakes so there’s no reason for us to be arguing. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

She gave him a half-smile. “I’m sorry I threw out your playbook and made you . . . dig through a dustbin. I can’t believe you did that.”

He chuckled and looked down at the ground. He held the book up and grinned at her. “Well, you were insisting on joining me.”

“Because I wanted to help, then you go and pull the whole I’m-A-Hero card and the Must-Protect-Ginny-At-All-Costs act on me,” she countered and entered the building.

“Hey, garbage is no laughing matter,” he replied with a mock-serious tone as they hurried up the stairs. “You never know the dangers that lie within it.”

“Life endangering, is it?” she asked.

Harry nodded solemnly. “I never thought I’d live through it.”

Ginny sniffed and crinkled her nose in distaste. “Well you seem in tact, but you don’t exactly smell as fresh as a daisy, love. I actually prefer your socks over it. At least those didn’t make me want to lose my breakfast.”

“Hey!” Harry cried.

Ginny merely laughed merrily and ran up the rest of the stairs. She heard Harry’s footsteps hurrying to catch up with her. She made it to the door of their flat and quickly opened it. Once inside, she meant to shut the door behind her and lock him out for a few minutes but the sight that met her eyes made her stop in her tracks.

“Ginny – what in the bloody hell?”

Harry was at her side and she had no doubt his eyes were as wide and round as hers, both of them watching as a massive mountain of bubbles flowed out of the kitchen.

For a moment, they were both frozen, watching the bubbles slowly enter the living room. Harry regained his senses first, dropped his playbook on the floor and plunged through the mass of white.

“Harry!” Ginny cried and hurried after him. She stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, the bubbles engulfing her up to her knees and watched as he slammed his hand on the stop button of the washing machine.

“How did this happen?” she asked, her eyes slowly taking in the bubble filled kitchen. Her eyes snapped back to Harry and watched as he picked up the soap box. He frowned.

“I just opened this before we went to Hawaii and didn’t use a lot. This is nearly half empty, love,” he explained.. He turned to look at her. “You put too much in.”

Ginny slumped against the wall with her eyes closed. “The stupid post distracted me! I’m sorry, Harry.”

She heard him sigh. “You don’t have anything to be sorry about. This is easy to clean up.”

She opened her eyes and saw he had his wand out and was making the bubbles disappear in sections. Slowly, she reached for hers that she left on the counter when Harry had returned and helped him. Within moments the mountains of bubbles were gone.

“Well,” Harry began as he pushed himself off the tiled floor where he had been inspecting the bottom cupboards, “I don’t see any damage to anything.”

Ginny made a noncommittal sound as she pulled the wet clothes out of the washer and threw them angrily into the small dryer.

“Ginny,” she heard him say consolingly. “Love, don’t beat yourself over this. It’s not your fault. You were distracted.”

She merely nodded her head and began piling the white clothes into the washer. This time she made sure she didn’t over load the tray with detergent. She turned around and leaned against the dryer with her arms folded and avoided looking Harry in the eyes. Why was she so horrible at this? Miriam’s article floated to the front of her mind and for the first time she thought the hag was possibly right about something. Was she really taking care of Harry the way he deserved?

“You okay?” he asked softly. Ginny lifted her head to look at him. She nodded.

Harry sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “I’ve got to get back to the clubhouse. I was early for the meeting, but it’s supposed to start in about ten minutes.”

“You should shower again,” Ginny suggested. “I don’t think you want to show up smelling like you’re been crawling through a dustbin.”

“That’s because I was crawling through a dustbin,” he reminded her with a smirk. Ginny smiled half heartedly in response. He licked his lips and gave her a hopeful look. “Want to shower with me?”

Ginny shook her head softly and looked down at the floor. “You don’t want to be any later than you are.”

Harry merely nodded and left her alone in the kitchen. Once she heard the pipes rush into life, Ginny dropped her face into her hands and let out a frustrated growl. Was she ever going to get something right?

Pushing away from the dryer, she set to finish putting away the breakfast dishes. When she had finished she began to make her way out of the kitchen but her eyes caught the bank statement sitting on the counter. She picked it up and tore open the envelope. Once opened, she unfolded the parchment and skimmed the deposits and withdrawals for the month. Looking at the balance of their vault surprised her still. She never had that much money before and it was still a slight shock to see. She frowned, however, when she saw a rather large withdrawal of gold that she didn’t remember them making.

She heard footsteps and looked up to see Harry enter the kitchen, looking fresh from his second shower of the day and wearing different clothes.

“I’m leaving,” he announced as he walked toward her. He kissed her quickly. “Still want the curry?”

She nodded and reached out to him as he turned to leave. “Err, Harry, just a moment.”

He stopped and looked at her inquiringly. “What?”

She handed him the bank statement. “What’s this withdrawal right here? I don’t remember taking out three hundred Galleons. That’s a lot of gold.”

Harry stared at the parchment in his hand for a few moments. He finally looked up at her and smiled. “That was for table settings.”

“I thought it was less than three hundred Galleons,” Ginny frowned. “A lot less, actually.”

“It was,” Harry explained and set the statement on the counter, “but when we made the changes, they had to charge a fee.”

“But didn’t we pay that in advance?” Ginny asked. She didn’t remember anything about a fee for the changes they made.

“I don’t think we did,” he replied.

“Are you sure?” she frowned. “Three hundred Galleons seem like a lot of gold for just table settings. How come you didn’t tell me?”

“I thought you knew,” Harry shrugged. He bounced up and down on the balls of his feet and scratched the back of his neck. He looked nervous for some reason.

“Obviously I didn’t if we are having this conversation,” she replied testily. She crossed her arms.

“It’s not a big deal –”

“Three hundred bloody Galleons is a big deal, Harry!” Ginny cried. “Look, you may be used to having a disposable income, but I’m not. I do come from a family who could barely afford second hand supplies for school or have you forgotten?”

Harry appeared stunned for a moment and clearly at a loss for words. He sighed and stared apologetically at the linoleum floor.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t forget,” he apologized.

She sighed in frustration. She rubbed her temples feeling the beginning of a headache forming. “Harry, we’re supposed to talk about things like this.”

Harry looked up at her again. “I know and I’m sorry I didn’t say anything. Really, this isn’t a big deal.”

Ginny was about to reply but he cut her off with a deep kiss. Momentarily distracted, she didn’t realize that Harry was quickly moving toward the kitchen door. “I’m late. Don’t worry about it, yeah?”

Without letting her reply he Disapparated on the spot and left her alone. Ginny growled in frustration. Harry was hiding something (as if that wasn’t anything new), but this time it involved money, their money. What was so important that he felt it was necessary to spend three hundred Galleons without telling her?

Unable to come up with any reason she tried to push it out of her mind for the time being and went about her day.

Ginny’s day seemed to be going better. She had no further incidents as she continued to clean the flat. That was until she took out their dark clothes from the dryer and began folding them to put away. She somehow managed to shrink their dark clothes including Harry’s practice robes. She managed to resize most of the clothes but Harry’s practice robes didn’t seem to want to respond to her magic. Instead of enlarging, they shrunk even more and it made her mood darken.

She found herself hours later, sitting on the sofa with her knees tucked under her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs. The stupid article kept echoing in her head and it only made her feel worse. Harry’s much smaller practice robes lay on the other side of the sofa as if they were mocking her and telling her how much of a horrible wife she was. For the first time since she got married, she was starting to regret it.

Harry’s crack of Apparition didn’t even startle her out of her state. She continued sitting there, staring at his practice robes and wishing she could turn back time.

“Hello, love,” Harry called. She heard him placing a bag on what she assumed was the dining table. “I got the curry,” he announced. He appeared on the other side of the sofa and noticed how she was sitting. He sat next to her and touched her shoulder. “Ginny? You all right?”

She shook her head and she was surprised to see that she was near tears. Harry didn’t say anything. He merely sat in silence next to her with his hand on her shoulder. It offered a small amount of comfort and she drew it in. She was grateful that he wasn’t pushing her and was waiting for her to talk in her own time.

“Are these my practice robes?” his voice pierced the extended silence. Ginny watched him out of the corner of her eye as he reached out with his free hand and picked them up. “Err . . . why do they seem smaller?”

At that, the hot tears that were threatening to spill won over. She buried her face into her knees and began crying silently, her shoulders shaking slightly as she did. Harry patted her awkwardly on her back and made shushing sounds in an effort to soothe her. Ginny lifted her head and looked up at him. He looked somewhat lost on what to do and at the same time concerned for her. He pulled his hand away and opened his arms to her.


Ginny unfolded her legs and crawled into his open arms. She buried her face in his shoulder, winding her arms around his neck. Harry maneuvered her so she was sitting in his lap. He cradled her as if she were a small child with his arms around her and keeping her close to him. Slowly, he rocked her and let her cry. Ginny didn’t know why she was crying exactly. She supposed that it was a combination from her terrible day, the stupid article and the fact that she just ended her monthly and her hormones were still a little high strung leading her to be a bit weepy over this.

She wasn’t sure how long they sat like that, but she was glad Harry was there to comfort her. Once she was sure she had stopped crying, she lifted her head and looked at him. She knew she looked a mess. Her eyes were aching from crying and she was sure they were red and swollen. Why did she have to be an emotional mess like this and over something stupid?

It’s not stupid. You’re his wife. You’re supposed to take care of him. How are you supposed to do that when you can’t even cook a decent meal and do the bloody laundry? Some wife you’re turning into, a scathing voice that sounded just like Miriam Nosebury whispered viciously in her head.

“I’m a terrible wife,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Who told you that?”

“No one,” she replied quietly and wiped at her eyes. She decided not to mention the article to him. She did not want to get into another discussion about the press. “I just came to that conclusion on my own. I’m horrible at this.”

“At what?”

Ginny sighed and laid her cheek on his shoulder. Harry rubbed small soothing circles on her back. “At being a wife. I can’t do anything right.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that,” he muttered under his breath. “You’re amazing at some wifely things.”

“Harry,” she laughed and smacked him in the chest. His hand came up and covered her hand, holding it against his chest.

“Sorry,” he apologized. He picked up her hand and kissed her palm lightly. He held it against his chest again. “I couldn’t help it. What’s bothering you?”

Ginny smirked, but it faded quickly. She sighed. “I can’t help but think that I’m no good at this whole wife thing.”

“And what makes you say that?” he asked. “Because as far as I can see, you’re brilliant at being my wife.”

“I can’t cook, I can’t do laundry. I threw out your playbook. I even shrunk your practice robes by accident and I can’t fix them,” she huffed in frustration. “I should be able to do all this stuff right and I can’t. This is my job. I’m supposed to take care of you and –”

“Hang on,” he interrupted her and placed a finger to her lips. “First of all, we take care of each other. This marriage isn’t a one way thing here. We do this together.”

“I know,” she groaned and laid her head back on his shoulder. Harry’s arms came up and he squeezed her. “It’s just been one disaster after another and it’s discouraging. I don’t think I’m ever going to be the wife you need. You deserve better than this.”

“Where did you get a ridiculous idea like that?” he asked. Ginny, however, remained quiet and only shifted her face so it was fully pressed into his shoulder. She felt him move slightly. “Ginny.”

Slowly, she lifted her head and bit her bottom lip. “Aine sort of sent us another article from our friend Miriam Nosebury about how I’m am incompetent choice for a wife and you shouldn’t marry me.”

“Sodding hag,” Harry growled. He looked at her with a fierce expression. “Ginny, you know nothing she has to say has any merit. I thought you never took those to heart.”

“I don’t,” she sighed. “I guess with how things have been going and how I’m feeling it just stuck.”

Harry pressed his lips together for a moment before leaning forward and kissing her on her forehead. “Don’t let it get to you. This is a Muggle flat. You will get used to things so don’t worry about it, okay?”

She nodded and kissed him softly. “So, how did your meeting go?”

Harry groaned. “Fine, I guess. My captain wasn’t exactly happy with the state of my playbook and wanted to know what the smell was.”

Ginny laughed and snuggled against him. “What did you say?”

“Mumbled some excuse about a bad prank your brothers pulled. I was not about to admit I jumped in a dustbin to get it back. Aine was suspicious though and cornered me after the meeting and nagged me until I talked. She thought it was riot and is now calling me the Smelly Savior,” he explained. It only caused Ginny to giggle more. “Err, there’s been a change in our matches too.”

“Oh?” she looked up at him with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Yeah,” he began nervously. He looked down at his lap. “Err, the match against the Harpies isn’t going to be here. It’s going to be held in Wales, which means I have to be gone for a whole weekend.”


They were silent. Ginny wasn’t sure how to respond. Harry had away matches in the past, most of the time it was only for a day, but sometimes he would have to be gone for a few days. Once he had a series of away matches in a row and he had been gone for two weeks. Ginny didn’t like them in the past but she was fine with them and made do without him for the time. But somehow it seemed different now. She didn’t want to be separated from him for any amount of time.

“It’s just for a weekend,” he broke the silence. She knew he was trying to reassure her but it sounded more like he was trying to reassure himself. “Really, when you think about it, it’s just for a night and I’ll be back as soon as the match is over.”

Ginny nodded. “Right. A weekend isn’t for very long.”

“Exactly,” he agreed. “Just a weekend.”

And yet, Ginny knew, just a weekend was going to seem like a lifetime. She decided to push it away for the time being. “Sorry about your practice robes. I managed to fix everything else but those just wouldn’t respond.”

He sighed and picked them up again. “I think they’d fit you now . . . in fact. . . .”

He gave her a wolfish grin and waggled his eyebrows suggestively. Ginny rolled her eyes at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking. She extracted herself from his lap. “How about we eat our curry first and then I’ll think about it?”

Harry sighed and looked hopeful at her. “Promise?”

“I promise I’ll think about it,” she said and held her hands out to help him out. He took them and she hauled him to his feet. “Curry first.”

“I think I can live with that,” he smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Ginny obliged and slid her hand into his and together they headed to their dining room table where their chicken curry was waiting for them.

* * * * * *


Molly looked up from the hob where she was busy preparing the family dinner for that night. Ginny was wiping her hands on her pinny after finishing the dough for biscuits.

It was the day after the housework disaster and although Harry had made Ginny feel better she was still having doubts about whether or not she was a good enough wife for Harry. She volunteered to help her mother in the kitchen the moment they arrived at the Burrow intending to talk to her, but Fleur had also volunteered her help along with Penelope. Ginny didn’t want to say anything in front of them but had noticed her sisters-in-law kept giving her odd looks. She waited until they finished their part in helping prepare dinner and volunteered to make biscuits for afters so she could finally talk to her mother.

“Is everything all right, dear?” Molly asked, a look of concern on her face. Evidently she had seen the worry on Ginny’s face.

Ginny shrugged. She looked away from her mother and studied the sticky dough still stuck on the wooden spoon she had been using to mix the dough.


She looked up at the sound of her mother’s voice. Molly was watching her looking rather worried, her brow creased. “Ginny, are you and Harry having a row?”

Ginny shook her head. “No, we aren’t.”

“Then what is it, dear?” Molly urged. “Something’s bothering you otherwise you’d be with the boys instead of helping me and making biscuits and doing it the Muggle way.”

She blinked. She looked down at the sticky spoon and realized that she had been doing everything the Muggle way. She gave a humorless laugh. “No wonder Fleur and Penelope were looking at me as if I’d lost it.”

Her mother simply looked at her, waiting for an explanation. Ginny sighed.

“Harry’s flat is all Muggle so I can’t really use magic in the kitchen,” she began. “I’ve gotten used to cooking like the Muggles do, but I’m terrible at it, Mum. I can’t get anything right and I end up having to throw almost everything I make out so we end up having to eat out.”

Before Ginny knew it, she was recounting her first attempt at cooking, relying every detail to her mother.

“And then yesterday I was cleaning up the flat and I threw out Harry’s playbook by mistake –”

“You threw out his playbook?” Molly interrupted and frowned at her daughter. Ginny nodded solemnly.

“I thought it was rubbish, Mum, since the git didn’t take good care of it. It looked like it was junk so I threw it out. He was crawling through the dustbin to get it back!”

“Oh my –” Molly began but Ginny wasn’t done. She seemed to be a roll now rehashing the day before.

“And if that wasn’t enough, I overfilled the soap drawer and filled the kitchen and sitting room with water and soap! And I somehow managed to shrink most of our clothes and now his practice robes are much too small because I couldn’t resize them with my wand!”

Ginny slumped into a chair at the table, burying her face in her free hand. She sighed. “I just . . . Mum, I don’t think I’m ever going to be a good enough wife for him.”

“Nonsense!” Molly cried at once. Ginny heard the scraping of a chair next to her. She dropped her hand from her face and saw her mother sitting next to her. “You’re a wonderful wife for Harry.”

Ginny snorted. “How do you know? You don’t live with us. I can’t seem to do anything right. I can’t cook, I can’t do the laundry, I throw out important things. Maybe all those articles are right about me. Maybe he does deserve a wife that knows how to take care of him.”

“Ginevra Molly Weasley –”

“My last name isn’t Weasley anymore, Mum, it’s Potter,” Ginny pointed out humorlessly and waggled her left hand. “You do remember the whole wedding part we had here, don’t you?”

“Ginevra,” clearly her mother was in no mood for jokes whether or not they were meant with humor, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you. You are exactly what Harry needs and you know it. You’ve never let those articles get to you before and you certainly shouldn’t let them now.”

“But I keep screwing up!”

“Do you think you’re the only newly married wife who has problems like that?”

“But you were always perfect at everything.”

At this Molly laughed. She shook her head. “Oh, Ginny, dear. To you I may have seemed perfect but it took years of practice. I started out just like you and I was younger. I did all the same things. Why the first time I cooked for your father, I burned the whole thing!”

Ginny blinked in surprise. It was hard to believe that Molly Weasley had ever done anything like that. She was an expert at what she did; she thrived in the kitchen and prided in the meals she made. Ginny was sure her mother could cook in her sleep and still make a delicious meal.

“You?” Ginny whispered in disbelief. “You ruined dinner?”

Molly nodded. “I did indeed.”

Ginny couldn’t help but let out a laugh at that. She glanced around the kitchen she had known since she learned to crawl and couldn’t believe her mother ever burned anything in here. “I can’t believe it. You never ruin dinner!”

“Believe it,” Molly sighed wistfully. “I’m sure your father remembers it clear as day. We had just eloped and spent our first weekend together in a hotel. We came here the next day and it was the same day your father was starting his new position at the Ministry. I remember I wanted to impress him with my cooking skills since my mother had taught me well, but this was the first time I had ever cooked on my own. Before my mother was always there keeping an eye on me and fixing mistakes for me. I was so focused on trying to make it perfect that your father scared me when he came home. I lost my concentration and then . . . well,” here, she blushed the familiar Weasley blush and Ginny was torn between giggling and gagging at her mother’s pending admission, “let’s just say I got distracted. Before I knew it, the hob was on fire along with the curtains and some of the cupboards. Thankfully your father put it out before it could spread any further, but the dinner I was working so hard on preparing was ruined.”

Ginny gaped at her mother. “You almost burned the kitchen down, too? You?”

“Yes,” Molly nodded with a smile on her face. “I laugh at it now thinking about it, but at the time I was a mess and blubbering to your father about how horrible a wife I was. Your father assured me that it was all right and we could fix it.”

“That’s what Harry did,” Ginny said softly and stared down at the old wooden table. “He made sure I was okay and said he’d fix it and I shouldn’t worry about it.”

Molly patted her hand. “He’s such a sweet boy. Have you talked about this with him?”

Ginny nodded. “He said that I shouldn’t worry about it and I’ll get used to the flat.”

“And he’s quite right,” Molly agreed and stood up. “Besides, it’s not like the two of you plan on spending the rest of your lives in that flat do you?”

“No,” Ginny answered and stood up as well. She made her way to the counter and began measuring out portions of her biscuit dough to place on a cooking sheet.

“Any idea on where you might want to live?” Molly asked as she resumed finishing dinner.

“Not really,” Ginny admitted. “We had talked about rebuilding on the land in Godric’s Hollow.”

“Godric’s Hollow?” Molly repeated and Ginny could hear the frown in her tone. “Isn’t that a bit far from here?”

“London’s far,” Ginny reminded her. She glanced behind her shoulder and looked at her mother. She was moving things off the hob and into serving plates. “And we can’t travel by Floo where we are now. If we do decide to go to Godric’s Hollow we can. It won’t make much of a difference.”

Her mother was silent. Ginny turned back around and continued portioning out the dough.

“Well I suppose it doesn’t really matter where you and Harry decide to go,” Molly finally said. “Just make sure you two are set before your first comes along.”

Ginny frowned and picked up the tray. She turned and faced her mother. “First what?”

“Your first child of course.”

“Mum! We’ve barely been married three weeks.”

“It’s never too soon to start,” her mother sang. “Children are such a joy!”

“You just want another grandchild,” Ginny muttered as she slid the tray into the oven.

Molly’s retort was lost as the kitchen door swung open and Fred, George, Ron and Harry trampled into the kitchen.

“Need any help, Mum?” George asked.

“Well it’s about time some of you volunteered to help,” Molly bristled as she waved her wand at the cupboards where the plates were kept. “This isn’t just a job for the women in this family you know! Where’re Bill and Percy?”

“Getting nagged by their wives,” Fred answered. “They can’t escape.” He located Harry and grinned. “But that one volunteered to go to his wife to get nagged. Mental!”

Making sure her mother wasn’t looking Ginny returned to the bowl she’d been using, scooped some left over dough into her hand and lobbed it at Fred’s head. It hit him right in the middle of his forehead and slowly slid down the length of his nose. George and Ron burst into laughter. Harry merely chuckled and made his way over to Ginny while Molly simply gave orders to her sons on setting the table.

“You all right?” Harry asked softly once he reached Ginny. “Fleur and Penelope said you were doing everything the Muggle way and thought something was wrong.”

Ginny shook her head with a small smile on her face. “I’m fine. Just got used to do everything the Muggle way I suppose.”

He kissed the top of her shoulder while sliding an arm around the small of her back and resting his hand on the curve of her hip. “Told you you’d get the hang of it. So why did you stay in here for so long?”

Ginny sighed. She glanced at her mother who was shoving a stack of plates at Ron. “Just talking to Mum about stuff.”

Harry’s brow furrowed slightly but he seemed to know what ‘stuff’ she was referring to. “I see.”

She turned around, his hand skimming the small of her back as she did and rested on her other hip as she faced him. She looked up at him gleefully. “Did you know Mum almost burned the kitchen down when she cooked for Dad for the first time?” she whispered.

Harry snuck a glance at his mother-in-law and grinned widely. He looked back at her. “Really?”

Ginny nodded.

“Well at least you just made a big mess,” he teased. “But you did set off the smoke detector.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “That scared me you know.”

“And I, being the hero that I am, saved you from it,” he proclaimed proudly.

“You merely shut the blasted thing off,” Ginny snorted and wrapped her arms around his middle. “Hardly heroic.”

“I thought it was,” he said, playfully miffed. She giggled at the pout on his face and kissed him tenderly.

“What is with you two and this kitchen!”

Ginny glanced over Harry’s shoulder and spotted Ron putting the last plate on the table and shooting them dirty looks. “Shouldn’t you two be helping here and not snogging.”

“Ron, leave them alone and come take these potatoes!” Molly scolded her youngest son. She set her eyes on the young newlywed couple. A soft look appeared on her face and she smiled gently at them before motioning to the serving platters next to her. Ginny had a feeling her mother was imagining what her future grandchildren would look like.

Harry and Ginny followed her unsaid instructions and picked up the platters.

“What was that look for?” Harry muttered in Ginny’s ear.

Ginny rolled her eyes and carefully set the platter of dinner rolls on the table. She looked at her curious husband. “She’s going on about giving her grandchildren again. I’m almost waiting for her to shove us up the stairs and order us to get started on it.”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly but soon a grin spread on his face.

“Does that mean we can have sex again?”

Unfortunately, he chose the exact same moment to ask his question when the rest of her family entered the kitchen and it was a rare silent moment in the Weasley household.

Harry turned pale and stared wide-eyed at the red heads around him.

“I – I, err, see, Ginny – um, she had her, err, oh bollocks!” he stammered.

For the rest of the night, and despite Ginny’s warnings the week before, the Weasley brothers took great pleasure in taking the mickey out of poor Harry. His face was permanently red by the end of the night. When they left that night, Ginny sent several Bat Bogey Hexes on her brothers before saying a sweet goodbye and Disapparated home with Harry.

He threw himself on top of their bed and buried his face in a pillow once they returned to their flat.

“I can’t believe I said that,” he moaned. Ginny sat next to him and placed a comforting hand on his back. He lifted his head and peered up at her with a gloomy expression. “Your brothers are ruthless.”

“They’re gits and now they get to deal with flying bogeys,” she said. “And they better learn their lesson.”

He rolled over on his back, still looking put out. Ginny sighed. “Stop pouting. And besides I do have an answer to your question.”

He raised his eyebrows and watched as she straddled him and quickly rid herself of her shirt.

Harry’s mood went from sour to intrigue. He sat up and took a hold of her waist. “And you call yourself a bad wife. I happen to think you’re brilliant.”

“Oh?” she questioned, running a hand through his hair. She squeaked in surprise as he rolled her onto her back. He leaned over and grinned mischievously down at her.

“I do.”

“Show me then.”

And he did.

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen - Lunch Date
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Fourteen – Lunch Date

As days passed, Harry and Ginny settled into some sort of a routine. They went to bed together and woke up at the same time each morning. Harry would make breakfast as Ginny showered and got ready for work then they would spend the morning together before she had to leave. Ginny tried to get home at the same time every day, often long before Harry, and would attempt to cook dinner.

But the thing was Ginny was not so sure she was going to get any better cooking Muggle style, nor did she think she was going to get used to marriage. She had known when she accepted Harry’s proposal that marriage took work. She had known it was not going to be easy, but she had not expected things to be like this.

All the fears that had fueled her panic attack the day of their wedding seemed to be coming true. She continued to have problems cooking Muggle style and still had not managed to make a decent meal. She had far fewer problems with their laundry but they were still occurring. And it wasn’t just housekeeping and kitchen duty. Those weren’t the main things that bothered her anymore. It was the whole idea of marriage. Of course she loved Harry and was happy he was her husband, but she was still adjusting to the fact that he was always going to be around. Regardless of the fact that Ginny had come from a big family and was used to having others around, it was different with Harry. He was everywhere she was, not that she complained about it; it was just strange to see him everywhere she was all the time.

And while Ginny was having trouble adjusting to their new life, Harry appeared to have no problem at all. It seemed like Harry was comfortable having her around all the time and went about his day without a second thought. He would often enter the bathroom while she was still in the shower or brushing her teeth. Sometimes, he would startle her by entering the washroom or the bedroom completely starkers usually after taking a shower, talking to her about mundane things. He also didn’t have a problem dressing and undressing in front of her whereas Ginny felt shy at having to do so, despite the fact that he had seen her naked countless times before. She knew it was silly, but she didn’t want him to see the scar on her shoulder that was a reminder of the War they lived through. Despite the conversation they had long ago about their scars, she still didn’t like it and she didn’t want him to see it in the bright light. She was fine with it being visible when she wore something strapless. As for when they made love; it was usually rather dark, Harry never wore his glasses so things were fuzzy for him, and his focus was on things not associated with her shoulder. There was just something about him seeing it so clearly while she changed that was unnerving. She either made sure she changed in the washroom or made Harry close his eyes. He had laughed the first few times but now she knew he was beginning to get annoyed by it but she could not bring herself to feel comfortable doing it yet, nor tell him why it was hard for her.

She also noticed that there were certain things that at one time she wouldn’t have given much thought to, but were now starting to annoy her. He tapped his fingers whenever he read something, he wasn’t very good at getting any of the dishes done and he snored. He had a habit of simply leaving his clothes all over the bedroom floor or in the washroom. Whenever he took a shower, he liked to play the wireless loudly and would sing along to some of the songs. Harry, it appeared, was living his life the same way he had before she had moved in with him. It was as if he was still living as a bachelor and Ginny was just an added bonus. Ginny knew that she would get used to it all; it would just take time and she hoped it wouldn’t take too long.

And as if getting used to married life wasn’t enough, Ginny and Harry had to endure the press once again. Word had gotten out about their nuptials and they were bombarded with questions. Ginny had been ambushed while going to work one morning as the press had been waiting in the Atrium to question her, with Miriam Nosebury in the lead. Thankfully, Percy and Ron had been there as well and helped her to escape the demanding reporters and photographers. Arthur had gone straight to Amos Diggory and had a ban instated on uninvited press inside the Ministry. At least that had given Ginny some sort of a reprieve at work; being in public was a different story. But that was nothing they had not dealt with before. They would just have to wait it out.

It was Tuesday and exactly one month since she and Harry had married. That thought made her happy except for one thing; she hadn’t even seen her husband today. When she woke up that morning she found that Harry’s side of the bed was empty and there was a note for her in his place. He had said he had an early morning practice and that he would see her later. She had been somewhat disappointed and arrived at the Ministry earlier than usual.

Ginny sat at her desk, partially paying attention to the paperwork she was going over. Her eyes kept wandering from the parchment in front of her to the few pictures of her wedding on her desk. She couldn’t concentrate on evaluating the new sequence the Comet Broom Company had resubmitted. She knew her co-workers, Bea and Martha in particular, were cottoning on to her behavior but neither had said anything about it. Jeremy on the other hand was oblivious to the sighs she kept emitting and the long periods of silence where her quill had stopped scratching on the parchment.

“Well, well, I know that doe-eyed look anywhere,” a voice suddenly filled the shared cubicle. Ginny spun around in her chair, the photo of Harry in his tuxedo in her hands, and saw Tonks standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Tonks,” Ginny greeted her with a smile. She hadn’t seen much of her friend lately and was happy to find her in her office.

“Wotcher, Mrs. Potter!” she grinned. She strode into the cubicle, saying greetings to the others before perching herself on top of Ginny’s desk. She swung her legs back and forth like a small child would and nodded her head toward the picture frame Ginny held. “Pining after Mr. Potter?”

A faint blush spread on Ginny’s cheeks but she didn’t let go of the picture. “Sort of,” she admitted quietly. She smiled up at her friend. “Today’s been one month since we got married.”

Tonks gave her a knowing look and picked up the picture of Ginny and Harry together on their wedding day. “Ah yes, I was the same way when Remy and I hit our one month anniversary. Pretty sure I looked just like you.” She studied the picture and sighed. “The wedding was really beautiful you know.”

“Thanks,” Ginny grinned.

“Never seen him look so happy,” Tonks continued and set the picture back on Ginny’s desk. She waggled her eyebrows suggestively at Ginny. “Also looked like he wanted to rip that dress right off you, too!”

Ginny’s light blush turned into all out Weasley red. She heard Martha and Bea laughing quietly from their desks and Jeremy cleared his throat rather loudly.

“Tonks,” Ginny muttered in embarrassment.

“Oh come on, Ginny,” Tonks rolled her eyes and picked up another picture frame of Harry in his Quidditch uniform. “It wasn’t like you weren’t giving him the same looks.”

“I was not!” Ginny protested quietly.

“I know what I saw,” Tonks maintained and set the frame down again. She spun to face Ginny. “Any plans to celebrate your one month anniversary?”

Ginny shook her head and carefully set Harry’s picture back in its place. “No, I don’t think it’s really necessary to do anything.”

“You should do something,” Tonks urged and smiled brightly.

“I should?” Ginny questioned.

Tonks nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! It’s your first anniversary as a married couple. You should do something to celebrate. Of course, it’s just a month, but an anniversary just the same! You can make him a really nice dinner and wear something sexy!”

Ginny frowned and shook her head. “Have you heard anything about my cooking skills lately?”

“I’ve had your cooking before,” Tonks replied. “Almost as good as your mum’s.”

“Harry has a Muggle flat therefore a Muggle kitchen and I’ve been having . . . issues,” Ginny explained dejectedly. “I’ve barely improved.”

“Well I’m sure if you worked really hard on it you can pull it off,” Tonks encouraged. “Besides it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? At least that’s what Remy keeps saying after he puts out the flames in the kitchen. . . .”

Ginny snorted in laughter and shook her head at her clumsy friend. She sighed. “So what brings you here? I know you didn’t come for a friendly chat?”

“I could’ve!” Tonks protested and attempted to look offended. It quickly left her face and her shoulders slumped slightly. “Well I did partially. I’ve got a case and need your help figuring out the Charms used and since we haven’t seen each other since your wedding I thought you’d be a dear and help me out.”

Ginny glanced at Martha who she knew was listening in on the conversation. She waved her hand back at her. “Go on. You’ll probably get more done that way. Give me those papers you’re looking over.”

“Brilliant!” Tonks exclaimed and jumped off Ginny’s desk. She managed to knock over an ink pot and several photo frames. “Oops! Sorry!”

Ginny smiled and shook her head as she set the frames back up and Tonks siphoned the spilt ink. Ginny gathered the papers and gave them to her superior before taking off with Tonks.

* * * * * *

Harry looked at the badge on his chest and smirked at it as the door opened. Harry Potter, Lunch Date, it read. It was more of a surprise lunch date as he had wanted to catch Ginny off guard. He knew it was silly; he never really bothered with small milestones like this before, but he felt like them being married for exactly one month today was special and he wanted to do something with her to celebrate it. He even bought her a bouquet of flowers and a small gift.

He stepped into the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic and took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light. It was busy with witches and wizards of all kinds rushing back and forth. No one seemed to notice that the hero they all adored was standing in their midst and Harry was grateful for that. The less attention people paid the better.

But as he began walking toward the security desk he noticed people eyes suddenly glued to him. At least no one was rushing at him, wringing his hand and singing him praises. He attempted to flatten his fringe over his scar with his free hand hoping it would disguise his identity. He knew it wouldn’t help since he’d already been spotted but it made him feel like it hid him somewhat. He stared determinedly at the floor and picked up his pace hoping to get to the security desk and into the lifts as soon as he could.

“Why, hello, Harry!”

The familiar voice stopped Harry in his tracks. He groaned.

“Sod off,” he grunted and began walking again.

“Oh come now, Harry,” the voice trilled. A figure appeared in front of him and forced him to stop.

Miriam Nosebury was grinning widely up at him. Her blonde hair was curled and bouncing around her shoulders. She wore bright yellow robes, forcing Harry to blink several times at how blinding they were.

“My, aren’t you looking handsome, Harry,” she cooed.

Harry began to walk away from her, but she was too quick for him. She reached out and grabbed his upper arm. She squeezed it and a giggle escaped her. “Oh, and might I say you are rather strong.”

Harry brushed her arm off brusquely and glared at her. “Hands off.”

Miriam didn’t seem to notice his displeasure with her; either that or she did and was pointedly ignoring it. She was giving him an almost predatory look. He’d seen it on Ginny dozens of times, and while that look was remarkable and sexy on her and led to many fun times, it repulsed him to see the same look on Miriam’s face.

“So, Harry,” she sighed, pulling out a familiar acid green quill and sucked on the end. It flew into the air while a scroll of parchment zoomed out of her robes and accompanied. “Tell me, what are you doing here at the Ministry?”

“Why can’t you take a hint?” Harry growled. He was getting angry with her and if he wasn’t such a gentleman, he would have already cursed her all the way to the Himalayas.

Of course, if Ginny was here she would have already done it and go on her merry way. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Ginny’s book.

“Flowers, I see,” she noted, her quill scratching wildly on the parchment. Her eyes focused on his badge, and he swore her face brightened like a chandelier. “Lunch date! Oh, dear sweet, Harry, have you finally come to your senses and gotten rid of that Weasley girl? Tell me, who’s the lucky lady that’s stolen your heart?”

Harry was beyond furious. He ripped the badge off his chest and shoved it in his pocket. Perhaps he should abandon being a gentleman. . . .

“I’ve had enough of you and your ridiculous articles. In fact –”

“Uninvited members of the press are not allowed in the Ministry,” a familiar and very much welcomed voice said from behind him.

Arthur Weasley stood next to Harry’s side. He stood tall, looking rather formidable, his eyes boring into Miriam. He looked like he was scolding one of his sons for doing something they ought not to. “Surely you know that.”

Miriam’s confidence faltered and she cleared her throat nervously. She put on a smile and held out her hand toward him. “You must be Arthur Weasley. I’m –”

“I know who you are,” Arthur cut her off none too politely. He ignored her offered hand. “You’re the reporter who keeps having a go at my daughter and son-in-law.”

“I have a pass for the conference with the Minister,” she said quickly. She dropped her hand and pulled out a badge from the inner pocket of her robes. She shook her hair behind her shoulders, seeming to gain her stride again. “I was just having a friendly chat with–”

“Miss Nosebury, I’m a father of seven children and have heard all sorts of lies in my day and I assure you, I am not in the mood to hear yours,” Arthur interrupted quietly yet firmly. “I’m going to ask you politely to stop harassing my son-in-law and be on your way to the conference. I’m sure Harry here has nothing to do with the Minister’s plan to improve the situation for house elves. I suggest you interview Hermione Granger as it is her project and I’m sure she would be delighted to discuss the matter.”

Arthur’s tone of voice left no room for argument. Miriam did not reply. She simply smiled and took her leave.

Both wizards watched her walk away. Once she was out of earshot, Harry turned towards Arthur.

“Thanks,” Harry sighed gratefully.

“My pleasure,” Arthur chuckled. “I’ve been wanting to give her a piece of my mind for a while now. Molly read what she wrote in that Witch Weekly article. Desperate woman.”

Harry nodded in agreement. “I’m afraid she’s never going to go away.”

“Probably not,” Arthur agreed. He sighed and placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “So, feeling better?”

Harry frowned for a moment, wondering what his father-in-law was talking about.

“Err . . . I feel great,” Harry answered.

“Good, good,” Arthur replied. “Molly was worried when you both left so early on Sunday.”

“Wh – oh!” Harry’s mind kicked into gear. He had convinced Ginny during the family dinner to leave early. The dress she had worn had driven him crazy and he was afraid to even look in her direction let alone touch her after the ribbing he received the week before from her brothers. He had pulled her aside and with a few choice words and a bit of Fever Fudge Ginny managed to find in a storage box in the twins’ old room, the two of them headed home early with a promise of having her parents over for dinner some time.< br />

“Err,” he scratched the back of his neck and prayed his father-in-law didn’t notice how red his face had become, “Yeah, I feel a lot better.”

Arthur patted Harry on the shoulder. “Ginny took good care of you then did she?”

Harry fought the enormous grin that threatened to spread across his face. He faked a cough, covering his mouth with his fist and muttered, “Yeah, she did.”

“Good!” Arthur exclaimed. “Well, I ought to be going. Molly’s been working hard on the wedding and wants me to meet her today to look for dress robes. She’s rather enthusiastic about this whole thing.”

“I remember,” Harry replied, remembering exactly how his mother-in-law had been when he and Ginny had been planning their own wedding.

Arthur chuckled. “Ah yes. I’m sure you do. Well, shall I be seeing you this weekend for the family dinner?”

“Perhaps,” Harry sighed. He thought about the match and being away from Ginny. He didn’t like it anymore than she did but there wasn’t much he could do. It was in his contract and he was required to be at every match regardless if he played or not. “I’ve got an away match this weekend. If the match ends early enough I’ll be there.”

“Ah, right, well, give Ginny my love then,” Arthur said and with a wave he took off toward the fireplaces.

Harry had barely taken a dozen more steps toward the security desk when a hand suddenly clapped him on the back. A figure in the shape of Ron Weasley appeared at his side wearing a wide grin.

“Well if it isn’t Harry Potter,” he cried. “Can I have your autograph, Mr. Potter?”

“Shut it,” Harry grumbled as he joined the queue at the security desk.

“What are you doing here, mate?” Ron asked. He spotted the flowers in Harry’s hand and grinned. “Why, Harry, you shouldn’t have!”

“They aren’t for you. They’re for Ginny, you git,” Harry replied, offering his wand to the guard after being scanned by a golden rod. The guard took his wand without a second glance and placed it on the strange looking scale. A strip of parchment spit out and the guard picked it up.

“Phoenix feather core, eleven inches, in use for eleven years, that yours?” the guard grunted.


The guard returned his wand, finally looking up. His eyes widened as they settled on Harry’s familiar lightning bolt scar.

“Thank you,” Harry replied quickly and took off with Ron before the security wizard could say anything.

“So,” Ron picked up their conversation again, “what did you do to hack off Ginny?”

“Who said I hacked her off?” Harry frowned. He stopped in front of the lifts and waited for one to arrive at the ground level.

“You’ve got flowers and you’re personally bringing them to her at work,” Ron pointed out.

“I didn’t hack her off,” Harry replied, staring down at the floor to avoid looking at Ron. “It’s – err, well I just wanted to surprise her.”

For some reason he felt a little embarrassed admitting that he wanted to celebrate this small milestone in his marriage with Ginny, especially to Ron.

“Celebrating?” Ron asked point blank.

Harry’s head snapped up and his eyes locked onto Ron. He was grinning knowingly at him.

“How did you know?”

“Mum was going on about it this morning,” Ron explained. “She was getting all weepy over it, actually, talking about her baby girl being a grown woman and all. So what are you doing then besides bringing her flowers?”

Harry looked around making sure no one was listening in on their conversation. They seemed to be the only two waiting for the lift. He leaned in close to Ron anyway before speaking, “I sent an owl to her supervisor asking if it was all right for Ginny to take the afternoon off a few days ago. She said it was fine so I’m going to take her to lunch and make a day of it in Muggle London.”

“Why in Muggle London?” Ron asked.

Harry sighed, running his hand through his hair. He knew it was sticking up even more than usual. “I don’t want the press to be trailing us the whole time and have the whole thing plastered in the papers. I just want it to be me and her and not be bothered by reporters and photographers. I just want some sort of privacy.”

Ron nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I get it. Don’t blame you. Does Ginny know?”

Harry shook his head. “No. It’s a surprise. I wanted to recreate our first official date actually, but the ice rink we went to isn’t opened right now so it won’t be exactly the same but I’m taking her to the same place we ate at and down the same road.”

“Why do you have to be so bloody romantic?” Ron shook his head, his tone of voice tinged with a tiny bit of whine. He groaned and rubbed his face with his hands. “Hermione always nags me about it especially if she’s been talking to Ginny. She wouldn’t stop for at least a week after the two of you got back from your honeymoon, talking about how romantic it was that you did all those things with Ginny, especially with that dinner cruise and that moonlit walk on the beach! Wait until Hermione hears about this. I’m never going to hear the end of it from her!”

The golden grilles of the lift opened and they both boarded it. The door shut and after selecting their floors, the lift began to make its descent.

“Maybe you ought to try being romantic every once in a while,” Harry suggested. “Then she wouldn’t get on you about it all the time.”

“I’d just mess it all up and we’d end up rowing with each other like always,” Ron replied. “Though that usually leads to us making up and that’s always fun!”

“You know I’m starting to think that all that arguing you two do is some sort of strange form of foreplay,” Harry suspected and grinned. “Not my idea of it, I prefer the teasing and innuendo and slowly getting Ginny–”

“Oi! I do not need to know what you and Ginny do before you shag, let alone that you do, all right?” Ron shouted his hands clasped over his ears. He suddenly groaned and shut his eyes tightly. “Oh bloody hell, now I’ve got that image in my head!”

Harry laughed and shook his head at his friend. Ron dropped his hands and snuck a look at Harry.

“Don’t look so smug,” he muttered. “I love that you and Ginny are married and happy but I don’t want to know about that aspect of your marriage.”

“This coming from the same person who gave me advice the day of my wedding,” Harry reminded him.

“That was different and you know it,” Ron argued. “Look, can we not talk about this. It’s going to give me nightmares if you keep going.”

“All right, all right,” Harry backed up and held up his free hand in peace. He changed the subject. “So what we’re you doing down in the Atrium? Weren’t you supposed to be stuck in your office all week helping to organize the finals for the league?”

Ron suddenly looked nervous and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Well, I was with Hermione. We signed the papers for the flat.”

Harry grinned and slapped Ron on his back. “That’s great! The two of you are going through with this then?”

“Yeah,” Ron confirmed. He looked at Harry, a hint of fear lingering on his face. “Mum still doesn’t know. We’re going to tell her and Dad this weekend.”

Harry gave him a sympathetic look. He knew Ron was afraid of how his mother was going to react and Harry was pretty sure she wasn’t going to like the idea. “Well, I wish I could say I’ll be there for you, mate, but I’ve got that match this weekend and I’m not sure I’ll make it in time for dinner.”

“I’ll be fine,” Ron shrugged. “Maybe I should make sure her wand is far away from her though before I say anything.”

“Might be a good idea,” Harry agreed.

The lift came to Ron’s floor. He looked at Harry. “So, see you Friday night at the Leaky Cauldron for bloke night?”

Harry rubbed the back of his neck. “I think I should check with Ginny first.”

“Why?” Ron frowned. “She never had a problem before and she knows we all get together once a month.”

“True,” Harry agreed. He nodded. “Yeah, see you Friday at six then.”

Ron grinned and with a wave he took off down the corridor and the grilles closed leaving Harry alone in the lift.

It wasn’t long before Harry was walking down towards Ginny’s department. He said hello to Gretchen and made his way to Ginny’s cubicle. He smiled widely as he came closer, suddenly excited to see her and hoping she would be pleased with his surprise for her. His smile, however, vanished when he stood in front of her cubicle and found it empty except for a wizard he did not know.

The wizard looked up, his eyes widening at the sight of him.

“Sorry,” Harry mumbled. “I think I might have the wrong cubicle.”

“No, you don’t!” the wizard cried and shot out of his seat. He hurried towards Harry. “You’re Harry Potter, right?”

“Yeah,” Harry replied trying to remember if Ginny mentioned a change in her cubicle. “Sorry, I was looking for my wife.”

Harry intended to turn around and go back to the entrance to ask Gretchen but stopped when the wizard spoke again.

“Ginny, right? You’re married to Ginny.”

Harry froze and slowly turned towards the man. It dawned on him who the man was and the little monster in his chest that he kept at bay barred its teeth.

“Yes,” Harry replied slowly. “You must be her new co-worker.”

“Yes!” the man grinned and held out his hand toward Harry. Harry took it and the wizard shook it vigorously. “Jeremy Crick and might I say it’s a tremendous pleasure to meet a hero like yourself!”

“Err, thanks,” Harry replied and managed a small polite smile.

“Ginny is helping out an Auror with some Charms work. She should be back soon if you want to wait for her,” Jeremy explained and gestured toward the desks in the cubicle.

Harry made his way inside and headed straight to Ginny’s desk. He spotted the two pictures from their wedding and smiled.

“Would you like something to drink?” Jeremy offered staring at Harry. “Or something to eat?”

“No thank you, I’m fine,” Harry replied. He couldn’t help but notice the look of awe on Jeremy’s face and it found it somewhat annoying. He fished around his head for something to say. “Err . . . so do you like it here?”

Jeremy nodded heartily. “Oh yes. I love it here so far and Ginny is very helpful!”

If Harry didn’t know any better he could have sworn there was some sort of twinkle in Jeremy’s eyes when he mentioned Ginny’s name.

“Yes, well she’s very good at what she does,” Harry said and watched the man carefully.

“She’s brilliant!” Jeremy added. “Absolutely splendid with a wand!”

He was smiling brightly and sank into a chair which Harry assumed was at his desk. It was next to Ginny’s and he found he did not like that at all. “I hope you don’t mind me saying but Ginny is amazing,” Jeremy continued, “She’s unlike any other witch I’ve ever met. Always smiling that one, and she’s beautiful. Why, if you didn’t catch her first I would have definitely tried myself!”

Harry’s little monster that always growled pleasantly whenever he thought of Ginny was roaring with displeasure and he was confident he did not like this Jeremy bloke one bit. His free hand clenched and he suppressed the urge to grab his wand.

“But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about,” Jeremy sighed and chuckled to himself. “She’s special, isn’t she? One of a kind.”

The monster in Harry’s chest was clawing at his insides, threatening to burst out. The urge to hex the man increased somewhat. His free hand twitched toward his wand.

“She’s got a nice smile, too. Brightens up the room! And her laugh, wow, it’s a nice sound,” Jeremy continued.

Harry placed the flowers on Ginny’s desk and slowly turned toward Jeremy.

“Seems like you’ve taken a liking to my wife,” Harry said trying to keep his tone even and indifferent. He failed but he was sure Jeremy did not notice.

“Well she is wonderful and has been a great help to me,” Jeremy replied.

“I’m sure,” Harry smiled sardonically. He removed his wand from his pocket and examined it. “She is very helpful when she needs to be. But I just can’t help but noticing the way you talk about her. Almost seems like you’re a bit smitten with her.”

Jeremy seemed to realize how he had been talking about Ginny and a trace of fear graced his features. He swallowed nervously.

“I just . . . I was only complimenting her,” Jeremy explained, his voice shaking slightly as his eyes watched Harry’s wand. “You’re really lucky to have her.”

“Oh I know that,” Harry agreed. “I know I’m lucky to have her and I’m very grateful that she is in my life. I’d do anything for her. In fact, I’ve been through a lot more than you probably realize to be with her.”

“I-I can only imagine,” Jeremy nodded.

“Can you?” Harry asked, his eyebrows raised in skepticism. He knew he was overdoing this but he wanted to make sure that Jeremy knew what he was messing with.

“I didn’t mean anything,” Jeremy apologized, his eyes still fixed on Harry’s wand. “I don’t fancy Ginny like that. I couldn’t – I mean I know she’s married –”

“I think you ought to remember that little fact about her being married,” Harry said quietly. “And it might do you some good to remember who she’s married to. I’m not the Savior of the Wizarding World for nothing you know.”

Jeremy nodded and stood up abruptly. “I – I, err, I think I’ll take my lunch now.”

He took off as fast as he could leaving a smirking Harry in his wake.

Harry sat down in Ginny’s chair feeling satisfied, tucking his wand back inside his pocket. He picked up a picture on Ginny’s desk and waited for his wife’s return.

* * * * * *

Helping Tonks had been fairly easy. It was a simple matter of breaking and entering but the Charms used were difficult to figure out. It hadn’t taken very long and after just over an hour Ginny was re-entering her department. She spotted Jeremy hurrying toward her.

“Hey, Jeremy,” she smiled warmly at him.

He looked up at her, his eyes wide with fear. He quickly looked away and gave her a wider berth.

“H-hi,” he stammered and picked up his pace.

Ginny stopped and turned to watch him hurry out of their department as if his trousers were on fire. She frowned and continued to make her way back to her cubicle wondering what had gotten into him.

Her frown turned into a look of surprise when she entered her cubicle and saw her husband sitting at her desk.

“Harry!” she cried.

He grinned and stood up. “I’ve been waiting for you,” he said and held his arms open for her to step into.

Ginny began to step into his arms but stopped suddenly. She glanced over her shoulder, back at Harry and then to Jeremy’s empty seat. It clicked in her head and she crossed her arms, arranging her features into a glare.

“What did you do to Jeremy?” she demanded.

Harry’s grin slipped and he shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do!” she insisted and found herself marching towards him, her hands on her hips. “What did you do to scare him off?”

“I didn’t do anything to him, Ginny, honest,” Harry replied with a slight pout on his face. “What makes you think I did anything?”

“Because I just saw him and he looked at me as if I suddenly had snakes crawling out of my head. I’m asking you for the last time, what did you do to him!”

Harry avoided her eyes and stared down at the ground. He shoved his hands in his pockets. He was silent and clearly did not want to fess up to anything. After a few moments he mumbled something completely incoherent.

“What was that?” she said sharply. Her tone of voice caused him to look up at her and she saw a slight look of guilt in his eyes.

“I said I might have said something to him,” he admitted quietly.

Ginny groaned and turned away from him. “Merlin, Harry!” She quickly turned back to him, startling him slightly. “Did you threaten him?”

“Not really,” he replied sheepishly.

“Then what did you say exactly?” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest again and pegging him with a dangerous look.

Harry looked at her, his eyes wide. He attempted to look innocent obviously thinking this would make her back off. He seemed to think of something as gave her a half smile. “You know, you’re awfully pretty when you’re angry. Your cheeks –”

“Harry James Potter,” she nearly growled.

He quickly held his hands up in surrender. “All right! All right! I told him it would be a good idea to remember who you’re married to.”

“And why would you say something like that?” Ginny asked maintaining her stance and look.

“Because,” he sighed and ran both of his hands through his hair several times. His shoulders sagged and he looked as if he was a small boy throwing a fit. “He was saying stuff about you that I didn’t like!”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Oh Merlin forbid anyone say anything about me to you!”

“I didn’t like what he was saying!”

“Oh? And what was he saying that was so terrible?”

“He . . . he said you were talented!”

“How dare he.”

“And he said you were beautiful!”


“And he said you had a nice smile and he liked your laugh!”

“Oh, what a horrible thing to say.”

“Ginny, you’re not taking me seriously.”

“That’s because there’s nothing to take seriously, Harry.”

Harry slumped into her chair and looked sullenly at the furthest wall of the cubicle. “He was practically telling me he fancied you, Ginny!”

“Harry, you’re being ridiculous,” Ginny sighed.

“I am not,” he argued. “You should have seen the look on his face when he talked about you. I don’t like you working with him, Ginny.”

“Really, Harry, this is nothing to get worked up over,” Ginny replied. “This is just like Francisco.”

Harry sat up straight, clutching the armrests of her chair and narrowed his eyes. “What if he is Francisco and he’s using Polyjuice Potion?”

Ginny stared at her husband for a long moment, wondering if he had been hit with a Bludger during practice that morning. She processed the absurdity of his claim and promptly burst into laughter.

Harry frowned and looked offended. “This isn’t funny, Ginny.”

“Oh, Harry,” she sighed and shook her head. She sank into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I don’t know why you’re so worked up over this. You’ve got nothing to be jealous about. You’ve got me and no one is going to take me away from you.”

She leaned forward and pecked him on the lips.

“I know,” he grumbled. His arms circled around her waist and he held her to him. “I just don’t like it when other men show interest like that.”

“Don’t pay any attention to it,” she said. She kissed him softly again. “I’m not paying attention to any of it so you shouldn’t either.”

He let out a sigh and nodded his head.

“I want you to apologize to Jeremy for the way you acted,” she announced.

“What?! But –”

“Either you apologize or you don’t get to see naked Ginny for a very long time.”

That seemed to shut him up. He nodded once but didn’t say anything.

“Now, explain to me why you’re here in my cubicle,” she changed topics and laid her head on his shoulder.

His arms tightened around her. “I wanted to surprise you for our one month anniversary.”

She sat up and pulled back from him. She stared at him in disbelief. It had been her experience in the past that Harry never remembered the small anniversaries like this, only the yearly ones. He had caught her off guard with his explanation and definitely surprised her.

“You . . . you know what today is?” she whispered, afraid that if she said it too loud it wouldn’t be true.

“Of course I do,” he smiled. “I actually made plans for us today.”

“You did?” She perked up suddenly, excited about whatever he had planned.

Harry laughed at her enthusiasm. He began running a hand up and down her back. “Yes, I did.”

“What?” she asked excitedly.

“Oh no, not telling you yet,” Harry teased. “You’re going to have to wait and find out.”

“Please?” Ginny begged and leaned forward to kiss him. “Pretty please?”


“Oh come on, just a little hint,” she pleaded and kissed him again, hoping if she drugged him with her kisses he’d give in.

“You know,” he said, pulling himself away from her lips, “I’m quickly learning to never tell you I have something planned. You’re relentless.”

“Just persistent,” she grinned. “Now tell me what you planned.”

“You don’t give up, do you?” he laughed.

“Nope!” She threaded her fingers through his hair and gave him a sensual smile. “Are you sure I can’t convince you to give me even a tiny hint of what you planned?”

“Not at all,” he replied. “But I did I bring you flowers,” he said and nodded with his head toward her desk. Ginny peered around his head and saw a beautiful bouquet of red and white roses with a few pink orchids. She stood up from his lap and picked up the bouquet.

“They’re beautiful,” she breathed and smiled brightly at him. “Thank you.”

She pulled out her wand and transfigured the empty ink pot Tonks knocked over earlier into a glass vase. She filled it with water and placed the flowers inside. When she finished she turned and saw Harry was standing and smiling at her.

“So now will you tell me what you have planned?” she asked innocently.

Harry shook his head and held his hand out to her.

“No,” he said as she took it. “But I will tell you that Martha gave me permission to take you out of work for the rest of the day.”

“Oh?” she said curiously.

Harry nodded and picked up her handbag for her. He handed it to her. “Yes. So first let’s make a stop at the flat so you can change your clothes and then we’ll be on our way.”

“Why do I need to change?” she asked as they strolled out of the cubicle and toward the entrance of Ginny’s department.

“It has to do with my plans,” he replied.

“The plans you won’t tell me anything about,” she grumbled.

“The very same!” he grinned and squeezed her hand.

“Don’t you love me?” she asked sweetly.

“Very much so,” he answered and quickly kissed the top of her head.

“Well then, if you love me like you say you do, you would tell me what you have planned,” she reasoned and looked up at him hopefully.

“Not going to happen, Ginny,” he sighed.

Ginny pouted. “I hate you, you know.”

“I love you too, dear.”

* * * * * *

“You are possibly the most romantic man ever,” Ginny sighed a half an hour later as she strolled hand in hand with Harry down the streets of Muggle London.

“Ron hates it,” Harry laughed.

“That’s because he wouldn’t know romance if it bit him on that long nose of his,” Ginny replied. “Hermione’s always moaning how he never does anything romantic.”

“So he tells me,” Harry replied. “But I’m really not in the mood to discuss Ron and Hermione’s love life right now.”

“I’m not either,” she giggled and stopped him. She stood up on her tip toes and kissed him chastely in the middle of the busy pavement. People bustled by them, some paying attention to the couple and others pushing past in a hurry to get to their destination. Ginny ignored them all and smiled lovingly at Harry. “I’m more interested in our love life.”

Harry grinned against her lips and rested his hands on her waist. “Me too.”

They shared another kiss. Harry pulled away and took her hand in his.

“So you like this idea then?” he asked as they continued walking.

Ginny nodded. “I love it! Recreating our first date, it’s so sweet, Harry.”

“Even though it’s not exactly the same?” he asked sounding a bit unsure about himself.

“It’s wonderful,” she sighed and pulled herself closer to him. “So where to first since the ice rink is closed?”

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Famished,” she replied.

“Well then on to the hamburger place we went to,” he grinned and steered them in the right direction.

The restaurant wasn’t very far from them but it took a while for them to reach it. Harry kept stopping them every so often to give Ginny a kiss or two, not that she minded much. She felt like they were embarking on their relationship for the very first time. When they finally got to the restaurant they waited for only a few moments and were promptly seated at a cozy booth.

Ginny watched Harry as he slid in next to her and thanked the hostess for their menus. He comfortably put his arm around her shoulders and sighed happily.

“Is there a reason why you’re sitting next to me and not across?” she asked and opened the menu.

“I want to be close to you. Is that all right with you?” he replied and looked at her.

Ginny scrunched up her nose in thought and shrugged. “I suppose if you must.”

He laughed and nuzzled her neck before turning back to his menu. Ginny rested her head on his shoulder, snaking an arm around his waist and turned her attention to her own menu. A waiter came and took their drink orders. After he left, Ginny looked up, taking in her surroundings. In the corner of her eye, she saw the door to the restaurant open. She didn’t pay much attention until she saw a flash of red. She turned and was shocked to see George in the front of the restaurant with a brunette on his arm.

“What is George doing here?” she whispered aloud.

“George?” Harry repeated and looked up at her with a frown. Ginny merely nodded in the direction of the door. He looked and quickly looked back at her again. “Who’s that girl with him?”

“No idea,” Ginny replied, her eyes on her brother. She was rather curious about who the woman was and what George was doing in Muggle London with her. She watched as he whispered something in her ear and the woman threw her head back in laughter. The woman said something to him and left his side in the direction of what Ginny assumed was the toilets.

“Harry, do you mind if I ask him to join us?” Ginny asked glancing at her husband. She saw that he looked rather puzzled his eyes still on the doorway. Harry shook his head at her question. Ginny bit her bottom lip and called out loud, “George!”

George looked around. When his eyes landed on Ginny and Harry they went wide. Ginny waved him over, putting on a warm smile. George slowly started toward them, glancing in the direction of the toilets and looking rather nervous. He smiled when he reached the table.

“Hullo,” he greeted them, shoving his hands in his pockets. He eyed Harry having spotted his arm draped over Ginny’s shoulders. “Must you always have your hands on my sister like that?”

“Yep,” Harry replied. He turned toward Ginny with a wicked grin and waggled his eyebrows. Before Ginny knew it, he was kissing her a little too passionately for being in public but she didn’t mind all that much. He broke away and peppered her neck with a few kisses.

“Harry,” Ginny giggled. She was glad to see he wasn’t preoccupied with showing affection for her in front of her brother. “My brother is standing right there and we’re in public.”

“I can’t be affectionate?” he asked bringing up his free hand and brushing her cheek with the back of his fingers.

“It’s not that you can’t, it’s that I don’t want to see it,” George answered.

Ginny looked up from Harry and saw George frowning at them with disgust. She smiled up at her brother and snuggled closer to Harry. “So, who’s your friend?”

A slightly dazed look crossed George’s face followed by a small smile. He seemed to realize that he had a small audience before him and suddenly looked nervous. He quickly glanced behind his shoulder. He seemed to have made up his mind about something and hurriedly slid into the empty seat across from Harry and Ginny.

“Her name is Natalie,” he said quietly. He leaned forward. “I’ve been dating her for about a month.”

Ginny was about to reply when George quickly cut her off.

“She’s American.”

“Bringing in another foreigner to the family, eh?” Ginny teased, grinning ear to ear.

“And she’s a Muggle.”

She wasn’t expecting to hear that.

Ginny leaned in closer to her brother, shocked by his words. She caught Harry doing the same out of the corner of her eye.

“How in Merlin’s name did you meet her?” Ginny whispered.

A dreamy look crossed George’s face. Ginny couldn’t recall a time when he ever looked like that, not even with Alicia whom she was sure he was going to marry one day. The closest she’d even seen to his current expression was when he was remembering a particular spectacular prank, usually pulled on Percy. Even those paled in comparison to the look on his face now.

“I was going to meet a Squib we do business with to discuss expanding our Muggle tricks,” he began to explain. “I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and before I knew it I ran into someone, turned out to be Natalie. I had knocked her coffee out of her hands. I offered to buy her another one as an apology and one thing lead to another and, well, I never made it to that meeting.”

He shook his head at the memory and leaned back a bit. “She works at that bookstore near the Leaky Cauldron and she’s going to school to be a Muggle nurse.”

Ginny glanced at Harry and found him staring at George in complete surprise. She knew he was thinking the same thing as her. It wasn’t that George dating a Muggle was horrible; it was the fact that she never imagined George to ever date a Muggle. It was a complete shock.

She glanced at the direction of the toilets, waiting for Natalie to emerge and wondered just how much she knew about George. She looked back at her brother intending to ask when Harry beat her to it.

“Does she know about us?”

George shook his head. “Not a clue yet. I don’t think it’s the right time for that. But it’s turning serious really fast so I’ll have to tell her sooner or later.”

“Why haven’t you said anything about her?” Ginny asked. She glanced at the toilets again and saw the door open. This time Natalie emerged and appeared to be talking on a mobile.

“It’s all new,” George whispered quickly. “No one knows except Fred and I’d appreciate it if you two keep it to yourselves for now. I don’t fancy having Mum on me about it, not when she’s bound and determined to marry each one of us off as quick as she can.”

Ginny nodded in understanding. “We won’t say anything, right, Harry?”

Harry nodded his agreement just as Natalie made it to the table.

“. . . . okay, Mom. Love you, too. Bye.” She snapped the mobile shut and smiled at George. “Sorry about that. It was my mother again. Always checking up to see how I’m fitting in here.”

“I’d say you’re doing quite well,” George smiled. Natalie returned the smile and slid into the seat next to George. She pecked him on the cheek and turned her smiling face towards Harry and Ginny. She was about to speak when the waiter returned with Harry and Ginny’s drinks and new menus. He took George and Natalie’s drink orders and left again.

“So, who are your friends?” Natalie asked her smile returning full blast. She furrowed her brow and a sudden look of excitement flooded her features. “Hold on,” she turned towards George again, “George, is this your sister?”

George nodded. Natalie let out a laugh and turned toward Ginny.

“Oh it’s so nice to meet you, Ginny!” Natalie exclaimed. She reached her hand across the table. Ginny took it. Natalie glanced over at Harry once she dropped Ginny’s hand. “And this is your husband, um, Harry right?”

Harry nodded a warm smile on his face. He too shook Natalie’s hand.

“You’re the newlyweds, right?” Natalie asked, beaming at the couple.

“Yes,” Ginny replied. She turned to smile at Harry. “We’re actually celebrating our one month anniversary today. Harry surprised me by taking me to some of the same places we went to on our first date.”

Harry flushed slightly but accepted Ginny’s kiss without hesitation. George gagged from across the table. Natalie swatted George’s shoulder and quietly scolded him.

“I think it’s very sweet,” Natalie said primly. She was glaring at George. “I’m sure Georgie thinks it is too.”

Ginny suppressed the urge to snort at that. Georgie? Oh she was going to have fun with this!

Natalie seemed worried. “We aren’t interrupting anything, are we?”

She seemed generally concerned that they were imposing on Harry and Ginny’s day. Ginny smiled warmly at her.

“Not at all,” she assured her. “We love having company.”

George shot her a grateful look. Ginny gave him a smile in return.

The waiter returned with Natalie and George’s drinks and took their orders. Once he walked away, Ginny turned back to Natalie. “George tells us you’ve been dating for a month.”

Natalie nodded excitedly. “Yes. He’s absolutely wonderful! Who knew that a spilt coffee could turn into something so great?” She smiled at George. “You know I always felt like I belonged here. As soon as I got the opportunity I took it. I knew it was more than just going to school here and then I met George and . . . it’s like destiny.”

Ginny watched her brother in awe as he stared lovingly at Natalie. She was absolutely certain that he had never looked at another girl like that and she was quite sure they would be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

“So, what is it that the two of you do?” Natalie asked. “George is pretty secretive about everything, especially about his family. All I know is there’s seven kids and you’re the only girl, Ginny.”

Ginny hesitated as she tried to think of the Muggle equivalency to what she did.

“Patents,” Harry answered for her. “Ginny works for a patents office and I’m a footballer.”

Natalie’s eyes went wide with excitement. “Really? Wow a real athlete. Who do you play for?”

“Err . . .” Harry glanced at Ginny for a moment. She gave a tiny shrug of her shoulders. She knew nothing about football despite dating Dean Thomas back in her fifth year. He looked back at Natalie. “Leyton Orient.”

Natalie frowned. “I’ve never heard of them.”

“They’re not in the big division,” Harry explained. “Our home ground is Brisbane Road.”

Ginny stared at her husband in surprise wondering where he had acquired his knowledge of the Muggle sport. George was giving him the same look. Natalie didn’t seem to notice. She seemed fascinated with Harry’s so-called career and grilled him. Harry did an amazing job responding to each and every question and it made Ginny wonder if he wasn’t living another life.

It didn’t take long for their food to arrive and they spent their lunch getting to know Natalie. Ginny really liked her and she hoped she’d get to know more of her.

After lunch, Harry and Ginny spent some time wandering around the busy streets. When they arrived back at their flat, Harry informed Ginny that he was taking her to dinner as well and told her to wear her best dress as where they were going was a very upscale place.

It took Ginny nearly an hour to find a suitable dress. She finally settled on a light blue, slim fitting, floor length dress with a gathered bust and spaghetti straps. She took the gown into the washroom to change and left Harry in the bedroom to get ready on his own. Once she finished changing and fixing her hair into a French twist, she left the washroom and headed toward the bedroom.

“I like Natalie,” she said, leaning against the doorway. Harry was standing next to the bed with his back to her, wearing a sharp Muggle suit and appeared to be putting on a tie.

“She seems nice,” Harry agreed. “George looked really happy with her.”

“He did,” she replied. “I have to admit, Harry, I was a bit surprised with your knowledge of football. Are you leading a double life that I don’t know about?”

He gave a laugh and shook his head. “It’s from all those bloke nights. Dean never falls to educate us about it.”

He had turned to face her as he spoke. When he turned he had a smile on his face but when he fully faced her, his smile slipped at he stared at her in awe.

“Ginny,” he whispered. His smile returned. “Love, you look stunning.”

She blushed and stepped into the room. “Thank you. You look good yourself.”

He grinned and finished tying his tie. “I’m nothing compared to you. How did I get so lucky?”

Ginny’s blush deepened. “Could you help me with my zipper?”

“Sure,” he replied. Ginny turned around and felt Harry do up her zipper. When he finished, he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her close to him.

“You really do look amazing, love,” he whispered and placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck. He moved slightly and placed another kiss on her shoulder. “Really amazing, Gin.”

“Hmm, if you keep that up we’ll never make it to dinner,” she sighed. She felt Harry pull away and she turned to face him.

“All right,” he groaned. “But don’t be surprised if I rush you through your food.”

She laughed.

Harry grinned and kissed her on the tip of her nose. He pulled back a bit. “I have a present for you.”

“Oh, Harry,” she sighed. “You’ve done so much for me today. You didn’t have to get me a present too. I didn’t even get you anything.”

“You didn’t have to,” he assured her as he went to his bedside table.

“You didn’t need to either,” she replied and watched as he pulled open the drawer. “You know you don’t need to shower me with gifts.”

“I know,” he sighed. He picked up a small box and held it gingerly in his hands. “I just wanted to get you something. That’s all right, isn’t it?”

She nodded, wondering why he felt the need to buy her things. Perhaps he thought it would make her happy, but he should know that receiving gifts all the time wasn’t the key to her heart. He already had her heart and all he had to do to keep it was be with her.

Harry held out the small box. “Here you go.”

Ginny took it and turned it in her hands examining the shiny wrapping paper. Carefully, she slit it open and within moments, she had revealed a dark green jewelry box. Ginny popped open the top of it and peered inside. She found a pair of earrings inside. They were gold with a triangle-shaped peridot and a small round diamond accent on top.

“Harry,” she breathed and looked up at him, “Harry, they’re beautiful!”

She hugged him and kissed his cheek in gratitude.

“So you like them?” he asked.

Ginny nodded enthusiastically. “I love them. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. He picked up her handbag and handed it to her. “We better get going. We don’t want to be late.”

Ginny set the earrings down on top of Harry’s bedside table and took her handbag from him. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going for dinner?”

He shook his head as he exited their bedroom. “Nope!”

Ginny rolled her eyes and followed him. “Why not?”

“Because I like surprising you,” he replied and picked up the car keys from a peg on the wall. “Your chariot awaits you, milady,” he bowed to her and gestured for her to go in front of him.

Ginny laughed and walked in front of him. “Why thank you, good sir.”

“Would it be too bold of me if I were to say you look ravishing, milady?” he quipped as they made their way to the door.

“You are too kind,” she giggled and stepped onto the landing. She heard Harry close the door behind them. “Though I’m certain my husband would find it too bold. He is easily jealous by even the slightest interest shown in me by another.”

“Too right he is,” Harry growled in her ear, sneaking an arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to the back of her neck. “I think I have every right to be especially since you’ve got this dress on. I think I may have to hex a few people.”

“I didn’t wear it for other people to see me in it,” she said loftily as they descended the stairs. “I wore it for you, love.”

“Why? To drive me crazy?” Harry questioned.

She paused on the staircase and turned to look at him. Ginny gave him a sly smirk. “Is it working?”

Harry quirked his eyebrows as his eyes travelled down her body. He met her gaze and grinned. “Very well.”

Ginny merely watched him for a moment before turning around and continuing down the stairs. “To what point?” she asked without looking back at him.

Suddenly he was right next to her on the step, squeezing so close to her that she could feel his body heat and hear his breath. She shivered slightly and the desire to get even closer to him slowly spread throughout her. He cocked his head toward her ear. “To the point where I want to skip dinner altogether.”

Ginny kept her cool and slightly picked up her pace. She was two steps ahead of him and nearly at the bottom of the staircase when she spoke again. “Mission accomplished.”

She heard him stop. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she turned around again to face him. “You promised me a fancy dinner and I’m hungry. So you’re just going to have to wallow in your mental state until after I’m well watered and fed.

He stared at her then slowly licked his lips. “You are such a little minx.”

Ginny threw her head back in laughter. “You love it.”

“Yes,” Harry sighed and hurried down the rest of the stairs. “I most certainly do.”

He kissed her on the forehead and smiled adorably at her. She shook her head.

“That smile isn’t going to work. Food first, ravishing later.”

And with that, she strode out of the front door of their small building leaving Harry to mutter under his breath.

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen - Mum and Dad Made It Look Easy
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Fifteen – Mum and Dad Made It Look Easy

Harry had ended up taking Ginny to a very high class French restaurant as her last surprise on their one month anniversary. The food had been exquisite and delicious and the atmosphere had been elegant and intimate. Harry hadn’t taken his eyes off of her the entire evening and when they had arrived home they had barely stepped back into his flat when Harry had shown Ginny exactly how crazy she had driven him with her dress.

Ginny had been floored by what Harry had done for her; and it was only a one month anniversary. She was curious to see what he would do for their six month or even their one year and if he could top what he had done.

It was the Friday after their one month anniversary and Ginny was nearing the end of her work day. She was anxious to leave and get home. She felt guilty for not doing anything for Harry for their one month anniversary. She had taken Tonks’ advice and decided she was going to surprise him with a delicious dinner. She was determined to make a perfect meal tonight, and not just because she wanted to do something for him for their anniversary. Harry was leaving the next day for his first away match since they got married, so she wanted to spend as much time as possible with him before he left.

Ten minutes to five, her desk was clear of work. She hurriedly packed her things and muttered goodbyes to her coworkers before hurrying to the Apparition point.

Ginny found herself in between two buildings somewhere in the midst of Diagon Alley. She needed to pick up a few things before heading home. As quickly as she could she made her way around the alley, thankful that no reporters were hassling her. She had just made the last of her purchases when she spotted the twins’ shop just across the way and decided to say a quick hello to her brothers.

Upon stepping inside the shop, Ginny found that there were very few customers. In fact she only saw a group of three young boys lingering over the trick wands and whispering excitedly to each other. She smiled at them and strolled around the shop ultimately stopping in front of the display of patented daydream charms.

“What’s the matter? Harry not living up to your daydreams?”

Ginny rolled her eyes at the sound of George’s voice. She put the box she was holding back on the shelf and turned to face her brother. She smiled. “Quite the contrary, he’s the inspiration for many, many more and consequently much racier daydreams.”

She held up a small pink bag from Kelly’s Closet for Witches and grinned mischievously. “Want a peek at what my latest daydream inspired me to buy, Georgie?”

“No thanks,” George muttered and rubbed his forehead. “As much as I take joy in taking the mickey out of your love life with dear old Harry, I don’t need to see what exactly is involved in it. You’re my little sister for Merlin’s sake!”

Then he added as an afterthought, “And don’t call me Georgie.”

Ginny laughed. George gestured toward her bags.

“So spending Harry’s gold, are you?”

“I’ll have you know that it was my own gold I was spending,” she replied stiffly. “I had a few things I needed to pick up for tonight.”

George’s eyes lingered on the bag from Kelly’s Closet for Witches. “Yeah I bet you did. What’s tonight?”

“Oh nothing much,” Ginny sighed and followed her brother to the tills where the three boys were waiting eagerly to make their purchases. She waited until he was done with them before continuing. “I wanted to do something special for Harry tonight especially after everything he did for me on Tuesday.”

“I remember,” George sighed and leaned casually against the counter. “It’s all I’ve been hearing.”

Ginny smirked. “Is your new lady love badgering you?”

He shook his head. “Angelina was just in here whining about how Fred should be more romantic and all that tosh. He actually took off about an hour ago to appease her and get her to shut up.”

Ginny frowned. “I only told Hermione and Mikayla about it. How did Angelina find out?”

“Word travels fast. She must have heard if from Mikayla. They’re cousins, aren’t they?” George explained. He smirked at her. “I still can’t believe him. First Hawaii, now this, you’ve really got that poor bloke wrapped around your little finger.”

“I can’t help it if Harry’s romantic,” she sighed happily. “He likes keeping me happy.”

“You did something to him,” George accused.

“It’s called love,” Ginny replied. “You should try it sometime.”

A look crossed over his face and a small smile graced his lips. They quickly disappeared. He nodded toward the bags again. “So what do you have planned for him?”

“Not much,” Ginny shrugged. “A surprise dinner and dessert.”

“Clearly dessert is on the menu,” George muttered.

“Oh, you can definitely count on that!” she grinned impishly.

“By the look on your face, I’d say you’d be willing to skip dinner all together and get straight to dessert!”

Ginny laughed. George chuckled quietly before sighing.

“It’s weird,” he said and stared down at the floor. His sudden serious tone surprised her slightly.

“What’s weird?” she asked with a frown.

“You being married,” he explained and actually looked serious for once in his life. He actually was the more serious one between him and Fred and it was seen when he wasn’t with Fred, which was a rare event to begin with, but it was an even rarer occurrence to see him this serious. He pushed himself away from the counter and looked intently at her. “I still remember you being this little girl in pigtails, running around the house and announcing to everyone that you were going to marry Harry Potter one day.”

“Didn’t think it would ever happen, did you?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Honestly, no. Not until Ron became friends with him did I think you could be right.”

He was silent and seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. He sighed heavily. “Well enough of this sentimental tosh, I’ve got work to do now that Fred’s left me here all alone and Verity left half an hour ago.”

“I better get home before Harry does,” Ginny announced. She glanced down at her bags and hoped she’d be able to turn out a decent meal for once. She looked back up at George. “See you this weekend then.”

With a smile, Ginny strolled out of the shop and Disapparated.

Fifteen minutes before seven, Ginny had finished a perfectly made meal; spicy chicken penne, a strawberry and spinach salad and for dessert, Harry’s favorite, treacle tart. She felt extremely proud of herself and, after taking a few tastes, she was giddy with excitement that she had succeeded. Her excitement continued as she set the table and she couldn’t wait for Harry to come home. Once everything was done, she headed off into the bedroom to change into something a little more comfortable and that would drive Harry crazy at the same time.

The dress she had picked out was short and black with spaghetti style straps, a V-neck line with a jeweled trim under the bust line and was very low cut in the back. It was comfortable and classy, yet a little sexy, and she knew that when Harry saw her in it he would lose all control. She smiled as she surveyed herself in the mirror. With her red hair falling over her shoulders in soft curls and a pair of sexy strappy black heels, she had to admit she looked gorgeous and hoped Harry would agree. All there was left to do was to wait until Harry came home.

An hour later there was no sign of Harry, and Ginny had begun to worry. He was usually home much earlier than this. Perhaps she should Floo call the clubhouse and see if he was there still?

She knelt in front of the fireplace, igniting it with her wand and threw the powder in. She stuck her head inside and shouted her location. After a few moments of her head swirling throughout hundreds of hearths, the entrance to the Puddlemere United Clubhouse came into view.

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Potter!” a tall, lanky sandy haired wizard said. His name was Michael Cornwell and was the night time security for the clubhouse. He smiled warmly at her. “Thanks again for inviting me and Nadine to the wedding. We had a great time!”

“We were glad you could come,” Ginny replied and managed a smile. “Listen, Michael, is Harry still there?”

“No, sorry. He left hours ago. No one here but me,” Michael replied. “Everything all right?”

Ginny nodded and tried to smile at him. “Everything’s fine. Thanks, Michael.”

With a goodbye, Ginny pulled out of the fireplace and frowned. If he had left hours ago, then where was he? Did he stop by a friend’s and had forgotten to tell her?

Worried, she began make Floo calls to anyone who she thought might know where he was. All her attempts however, gave her nothing; either the person hadn’t seen him or there was no answer.

She began to pace up and down the sitting room, trying to figure out where Harry could be. He had mentioned picking up some more owl treats from Eeloyp’s Owl Emporium . . . perhaps he was still in Diagon Alley? But then again, Harry was not one to simply roam around a shopping area. He got what he needed and left. Had he stopped by the twins’ shop for a chat after she had?

Ginny glanced at the clock; it was nearly half past eight. He was Harry Potter after all and she knew he could take care of himself, but that did not stop her from worrying about him. She needed to look for him and decided to start with Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. She was about to turn on the spot when she heard the fireplace roar to life. She spun on her heel and faced the fireplace. Her spirits sank when she saw George peering at her from among the green flames.

“Were you expecting Harry?” he asked.

Ginny nodded vehemently. “I’ve tried everywhere. I was just about to go looking for him myself. Have you seen him?”

“No,” George replied.

Ginny’s heart sunk.

“But Ron was just in here,” George added. “Asked me to spot him a few Galleons.”

“What does Ron have to do with Harry missing?” Ginny huffed.

“Perhaps because he mentioned he was meeting Harry and the others at the Leaky Cauldron.”

Ginny frowned. Harry hadn’t said anything to her about that. She sighed. “Mind if I Apparate in the shop?”

George shook his head. “Give me a minute to take down the ward.”

Ginny nodded and her brother disappeared. She waited, rather impatiently, for a few minutes before Disapparating.

The sensation of being squeezed through a tube came to abrupt end when she landed inside the back room of the twins’ shop.

She turned and saw George standing in front of the desk, pulling on a coat. He looked like he was getting ready to leave.

“Does Harry know you leave the flat looking like that?” he asked.

“Harry doesn’t have a say in what I can and cannot wear,” she replied and rolled her eyes. “Leaky Cauldron you said?”

George nodded.

“Right then,” she said. “Thanks for your help.”

She turned towards the door and marched out of the back room and into the main part of the shop. She left the shop and began making her way down the nearly empty street.

“Oi! Wait up, Ginny!” George called after her. She turned and saw George hurrying after her. He finally caught up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Merlin, Ginny, you sure do walk fast for someone with short legs.”

“Acquired habit,” she muttered in reply. She glanced at him and frowned. “Is there a reason why you’re tagging along?”

He shrugged and kicked a pebble out of his way. “Maybe I want to see you lay one on Ron. After all he did say Harry needed to get away from the personal hell he put himself into with you.”

“He said what?!” Ginny cried. “Why that little tosser! Oh wait until I tell Hermione.”

“That’s a low hit, Ginny Winny,” George whistled. “You can’t just pull in a bloke’s bird like that.”

“Oh shut up,” she hissed.

They fell silent as they walked. Ginny was still curious as to why her brother was with her and noticed that as they walked, he was glancing around. He seemed like he was waiting for someone to pop out of nowhere and attack her.

“George, I can handle walking down Diagon Alley at this time of night and protect myself,” she sighed in exasperation. “You don’t have to come with me.”

“What?” he said and glanced up at her. “Oh, no. That’s not why I’m coming with you. I was going to head in this direction anyway.”

“Oh,” she replied and frowned at him. “You weren’t meeting our insensitive brother and joining him in rescuing Harry from his personal hell with me were you?”

George smirked and shook his head. “No. I’m just passing through.”

“Passing through?” She gave him a quizzical look. George merely nodded. Something clicked in her mind and she grinned. “As in passing through to go to the Muggle side?”

“Considering we are on the Wizarding side and the other side is the Muggle side, and there are only two sides to the Leaky Cauldron then I would say yes, Ginny, I am passing through to the Muggle side.”

She glanced at her older brother out of the corner of her eye, watching as he straightened out the front of his coat.

“Why are you going to the Muggle side?” she asked, linking her arms with his and hoping that the baby sister card would play in her favor to get information out of him. She was fairly certain she knew why. She gave him an innocent smile. “Especially looking as dashing as you do.”

George glanced down at her and smirked. “I’m one of two who trained you. Your tactics aren’t going to work, little sister.”

Ginny let go of his arm and pouted. “Come on. You can trust me you know.”

“That’s true,” he replied and stroked his chin, “but I’d rather keep this to myself.”

“You’re no fun,” she grumbled and crossed her arms.

“I am the epitome of fun, Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny snorted. “I have a few things you are the epitome of and fun’s not one of them. Annoying comes to mind though.”

George laughed and pulled her to his side.

“Would this have anything to do with a certain Muggle girl I met the other day?” she tried again. She caught a smile springing up on her brother’s face and she nearly squealed in excitement. “I knew it! You’re meeting Natalie!”

“So what if I am?” he said defensively. “Anything wrong with that?”

“No,” she answered. “In fact I quite like her.”

George glanced at her. “You do?”

Ginny nodded. “I think she’s great for you.”

His grin widened. He suddenly looked nervous. “You haven’t said anything to anyone yet, have you?”

“Of course not,” Ginny replied. “We’ve stuck to our word.”

“Good,” he nodded. They fell silent and continued their way to the Leaky Cauldron.

When they reached the brick wall leading to the pub, George pulled out his wand and tapped the correct sequence. The bricks shifted around to form the entrance and they stepped through the small space and into the pub.

The Leaky Cauldron was packed and loud and rather smoky. Clearly, many people were winding down after a hard week of work. Conversations floated in and out of Ginny’s ears, ranging from complaints about bosses to political matters to Quidditch standings.

A table full of wizards stared unabashedly at Ginny as she and George passed by. One of the leering men stood his intention of chatting up Ginny clearly on his face but George stood before him before the man had a chance to even take a breath. He whispered something and the man immediately backed off.

“Perhaps I should stay with you until we find Harry,” George offered, his eyes darting around the pub and obviously looking for any other bloke who could potentially look at her the wrong way.

“Don’t worry about me,” Ginny waved him off. “I can take care of myself. You go off and see Natalie.”

“Are you sure?”

Ginny gave him a withering look before motioning with her hands to leave. George hesitated for a moment before heading out the front entrance.

It didn’t take long for Ginny to spot Harry and his friends. They were seated at a table in the middle of the place, each of them with a large mug in front of them and laughing hysterically at something. She approached the table, arms crossed over her chest and a fake smile on her face.

“Hello, Harry. Fancy seeing you here,” she greeted her husband loudly.

The laughter stopped and several reactions took place. Seamus, Dean and Neville stared at her with their mouths wide opened. Each one glanced at Harry for a split second as if they were hoping he hadn’t caught them gawking at her. Harry looked rather surprised to see her there and when his eyes took in her outfit, his eyes nearly bugged out and he licked his lips. Ron, however, was sputtering incoherently and she knew he did not approve of her choice in clothing.

“What in the bloody hell are you wearing?” Ron cried predictably.

Ginny ignored him and set her eyes on her husband. “Well, good to see that you’re still alive and well and not dead in a gutter somewhere.”

Harry scrambled out of his chair and quickly went to her side. He pulled her away from the table and turned her back to his friends. He smiled apologetically at her.

“I thought you knew I was here,” he said quietly, keeping a hand on her shoulder and his voice low. “This is my night out with my friends.”

“Obviously,” she muttered and glared at him. “But you didn’t mention that little detail to me, Harry.”

“I thought you knew already so I didn’t think I had to. You know I go out with them at least once a month,” he replied.

“Do you expect me to read your mind and know exactly when you’re supposed to be having drinks with your mates? I know you have these outings but you need to tell me where you’re going to be,” she scolded quietly yet firmly. “Do you have any idea how worried I was about you? I thought something horrible had happened! I was close to sending a search party after you if I didn’t find you myself!”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I just assumed that you knew.”

“You can’t do that,” she sighed. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. She opened her eyes again and looked at him. “You’re going to need to get used to me being around and telling me these kinds of things ahead of time. How would you like it if I took off with Mikayla and Hermione without telling you where I was?”

“Can we not do this here?” he asked quietly. He glanced over her shoulder and she knew his friends were listening in on their conversation. “I don’t want to argue with you in a pub and end up seeing it on the front page of every newspaper.”

She glared at him, keeping her arms crossed and taking deep breaths to help calm her mood.

“Just wait here,” he requested and left. She heard him saying goodbyes to his friends.

“Ginny, what are you wearing and why are you wearing it in public?” Ron’s voice called from behind her.

She whirled around and glared at him. “It’s a dress, Ron. Get over it.”

“You shouldn’t be wearing things like that. Harry, tell her she’s not allowed to wear dresses like that!”

Ron grew silent immediately for Ginny’s wand was point blank with his nose.

“Is there anything else you would like to say?” she asked sweetly. “Because if you do, dear brother of mine, you are going to experience first-hand the personal hell that apparently Harry is in because he married me.”

Ron swallowed and slowly shook his head.

“I happen to think you look incredible in that dress, Ginny!” Seamus called from across the table with a large grin on his face. “Brilliant, really! Why don’t you come over her and let me get a better look?”

“Watch it, Finnegan,” Harry threatened. “Pissed or not, don’t cross that line.”

Seamus’ grin was wiped off his face immediately. He looked away from Harry and stared into his mug. Harry left some Sickles on the table and picked up his jacket. He returned to Ginny’s side and grabbed her hand.

They left the pub and made their way down the Muggle streets. They were silent as they walked. Harry seemed too afraid to say much and Ginny was a little too angry to say anything at all.

The streets were fairly busy. People were finishing their last errands for the day and groups of friends were walking along merrily on their way to pubs. Several men that passed the couple took interest in Ginny and her attire. Most would just stare at her as she passed with Harry and a few would actually call out something to her. It was after the first two comments that Harry slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

“It’s a little cold,” Harry commented casually. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. “Do you want my coat?”

“No,” Ginny replied. “If you’re cold, you wear it. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I don’t want you to get sick or anything.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “You just don’t want anyone to look in my direction. You do know that I’m perfectly capable of handling any man that tries to hit on me.”

“I know,” he grumbled and glared at another man who took interest in Ginny. “I just don’t like it.”

“Well,” she sighed and shrugged his arm off of her. “If you don’t like it, then perhaps you should have told me where you were going to be instead of making me worry like that and go out looking for you.”

She picked up her pace and left him to hurry after her.

“I’m sorry,” he called after her. It didn’t take him long to catch up with her. He grabbed a hold of her hand, but she tried to yank it away. Harry only strengthened his grip. “Will you stop that and let me talk?”

Ginny glared at him but did as asked. She set her eyes on the street in front of her. She was thankful to see that they weren’t very far from his flat.

“I shouldn’t have assumed you knew,” he said quietly. “I’m used to be living on my own and doing things my way. I should have told you. I’m sorry.”

She was silent and felt bad for making him feel guilty. She leaned into him slightly, letting him know without words that he was forgiven.

“I guess I need to get used to this whole marriage thing,” he sighed and slid his arm around her shoulder.

“What?” She looked up at him in surprise. “What do you mean? You seem to be getting along just fine.”

Harry snorted and shook his head. “No. I’m not. Your mum and dad made this look easy. It’s not.”

“But I’m the one who keeps messing things up,” Ginny replied.

“And I haven’t?” Harry asked and looked at her in surprise. “I didn’t exactly handle your monthly very well, not to mention this evening. I’d say that’s making some big mistakes.”

“Oh I agree on that,” she said and looked straight ahead again. “But that’s not what I’m talking about, Harry.”

Harry frowned at her as they arrived at their building. She opened the door and he followed her inside.

“So what are you talking about?” he asked as they slowly ascended the stairs.

Ginny sighed and paused on the stairway a few stairs above him. She turned and looked down at him. For a moment, she was surprised to find that she was slightly taller than him. Surprise aside, she found him looking at her in confusion.

“I guess I’m not used to living with others,” she said.

The corners of his mouth tugged upwards into a smile. He was trying hard not to laugh. “You aren’t used to living with others? With six older brothers and roommates throughout school and you’re not used to living with others?”

Ginny rolled her eyes at him. She crossed her arms and ran the toe of her shoe on the carpeted stair. “I didn’t word that right. Of course I’ve lived with others, it’s just . . . it’s living with you and it’s different.”

His forehead creased and he bit down on his bottom lip. Something occurred to him and he looked at her with wide eyes. “Ginny, am I making you uncomfortable?”

She shook her head and stepped down a step. She took his hand. “No. It’s hard to explain.”

“Try to,” he replied and squeezed her hand.

Ginny looked at him for a moment before sighing. “Even when living with someone I had a small amount of privacy and I was able to keep some secrets to myself. But with you it’s like it’s gone now, everything is out in the open for you to see.”

“Ginny, if you need your privacy –” Harry interrupted, but Ginny put her finger to his lips to stop him.

“It’s not that,” Ginny continued. “You’re not invading on me or anything like that. I guess . . . I just have to get used to having you around me all the time and knowing every tiny thing I do. It’ll just take some time.”

Harry was silent for a moment. He looked down at the ground then back up at him. “I think I get it. It’ll just take us some time get used to this whole thing.”

She nodded. She was happy he understood her.

“Come on,” he sighed and stepped around her on the stairs. “Let’s get back to the flat.”

Ginny followed Harry up the stairs. She never intended the evening to go the way it did, but she was glad for it. It was nice to know that she wasn’t alone in thinking she was having a hard time adjusting to marriage.

They were standing just outside the door when Harry glanced at her. He looked as if he seemed to have noticed something for the first time.

“You look fantastic,” he commented, looking her up and down.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I was wondering when you’d notice.”

“Sorry,” he apologized and pulled out his keys. He fiddled with them and looked up at her again. “Why are you all dressed up? Were we going somewhere?”

Ginny shook her head. “No. I just wanted to celebrate.”

Harry frowned and opened the door. “Celebrate what?”

Ginny blushed slightly as she entered the flat. “I wanted to do something for you for our one month anniversary since you did all that stuff for me.”

He smiled. “So it’s my turn for a surprise?”

She nodded and smiled as he slipped his arms around her waist. “It is.”

“Well then, I’m a lucky bloke,” he grinned and bent his head to kiss her softly.

She sighed as his first kiss turned into another. She put her hands on his shoulders and responded to his kisses. She stopped though and pulled back with a frown on her face.

“What?” Harry asked with an amused grin.

“Your shoulders feel different,” she stated and looked him in the eye. “They feel more muscular.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

Ginny shook her head and allowed her hands to run up and down his shoulders. Harry wasn’t what one would call a well built man; he was still lean like he had been at school with just a little bit more muscle. She wasn’t sure why she had not noticed this before. Perhaps it was because she was usually much too busy trying to touch him everywhere and draw all her attention to other things that she hadn’t noticed his slight increase in muscle mass in his shoulders.

Quickly she ran her hands down to his biceps and was surprised to find they too had gained some mass. She wondered if this was the result of his intense training. “Just how much do you have to work out at the club gym? I don’t remember you having to do nearly as much working out in school.”

Harry shrugged. He moved his hands to her hips and ran his palms up and down the curve of them. “It’s professional Quidditch. Things are different for us.”

Ginny contemplated his explanation and let it slide and nodded. She grinned up at him. “Ready for your surprise?”

He laughed and squeezed her to him for a moment. “All right.”

Ginny stepped away from him and stood next to the table. She held her arms opened wide and gestured toward the food still waiting for them. She hoped the Warming Charms she placed over them held. “Surprise!”

He stood still, his eyes darting to and fro. He frowned. “What’s the surprise?”

“Dinner,” Ginny answered excitedly. “I thought it would be lovely for us to have a romantic meal with wine here at the flat and spend some time before you had to leave for the weekend.”

“Oh.” He gave her a strained smile. “Sounds like a nice evening. Well, the food smells good at least. I think I should get my packing done first.”

Ginny watched as he took off. She crossed her arms and frowned. She knew he was expecting it to be another disaster and that she was just able to make it smell good this time. She found it somewhat offensive that he was already writing her cooking off before giving it a try.

“Harry, I worked really hard on dinner,” she said.

“I’m sure you did, love,” Harry called and disappeared into the bedroom. Ginny sighed in frustration. She picked up one of the plates and a fork, glad it was still warm, and followed him. She found him rummaging through the wardrobe and his knapsack on the bed.

“I really did try to make a good meal,” she insisted from the doorway. She began twirling the pasta around the fork as she watched him.

Harry straightened up and turned toward her.

“I know you tried. You’re getting better all the time,” he said, obviously thinking he was being sympathetic. “I know it’s been hard on you with using only Muggle appliances.”

“Maybe you should try it,” she suggested and held up the fork, “instead of being quick to judge it.”

Harry stared at the fork wearily and cleared his throat. “I’m not very hungry actually.”

“Fill up on mead and chips?” she asked and advanced towards him.

“And peanuts,” he added. “Typical bachelor food.”

“Except you’re not a bachelor anymore,” Ginny replied. “You’ve got a wife who cooks for you and wants you to have a taste of the dinner she made.”

Harry glanced back and forth between her face and the fork. He seemed torn on what to do.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to help you along,” she announced, and without letting him throw in another excuse she shoved the fork into his mouth.

Harry hesitated for a moment, a predetermined look of distaste already on his face, but seeing Ginny’s expression seem to have hurried the process of chewing for him. Within moments, however, his expression turned to one of enjoyment. He swallowed and looked at her in awe.

“You made that?” he asked.

“Of course,” she replied stiffly. “I did tell you I worked really hard on it, but you were already writing it off as fit for the rubbish bin.”

“Sorry,” he apologized. “Looks like you’re getting used to it now.”

“Perhaps,” Ginny said and turned her back on him. “I think I’ll just go throw this away since you’re not hungry.”

Harry’s hand was on her shoulder in a flash. She glanced at him. “Err . . . I think I have room for that.”

“What about all that scrumptious bachelor food?” she asked dryly. “Surely you’re stuffed with it.”

“Stale chips and salty peanuts aren’t exactly filling,” he muttered. He pointed at the plate in her hands. “And that stuff is delicious. Forgive me for being an arse?”

“There have been far worse things you’ve done this evening that I’ve forgiven you for. I think I can let this slide,” she replied. She smiled brightly at him. “Come on, I made a salad to go with this and treacle tart for dessert!”

Harry laughed at her excitement and followed her back to the dining table.

They sat at the table and settled in to enjoy their meal. Harry was very impressed with the food and praised her every chance he got. Ginny thought he was overdoing it but she knew he was trying to make up for his initial write off of her cooking.

Ginny watched in amusement as Harry leaned back in his chair, hands on his stomach and smacked his lips in satisfaction.

“That was the best treacle tart I’ve ever had,” he said and smiled at her. “You, my love, are a really good cook. Your mum taught you well.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and stood up. “You can stop with the comments now.”

“But I mean it,” he insisted and watched her pick up her empty plate. He stood up. “I’ll do that. You sit and relax a bit.”

Ginny sank back into her chair and smiled at him. “All right then.”

It didn’t take him very long to get the dishes done. Before long, he plopped himself down next to Ginny who had moved to the sofa and was watching some television.

“You did a brilliant job with dinner, love,” he said as he put his arm around her shoulders.

Ginny rolled her eyes as she snuggled into his side. “Thanks.”

“I told you you’d get the hang of it.”

Ginny nodded. “You did.”

They fell into a comfortable silence. All too soon though, Harry was sighing and standing up. Ginny looked up at him curiously.

“I ought to finish packing for tomorrow,” he said quietly.

Ginny merely nodded, not sure what to say. She wanted to plead with him to stay but she knew he couldn’t do that. He had to go.

With a small smile, Harry left her alone and headed for the bedroom.

She watched him walk away. A sense of loneliness washed over her once he was out of her sight and she wondered how she was going to survive the weekend without him.

Sighing, she stood up and switched off the set before following Harry into the bedroom. She found him rummaging around in their wardrobe again. For a moment she had the urge to push him inside and lock it. That way, he would miss the match and stay home with her. But she knew that was an irrational thought so instead she slipped out of her shoes. She made her way to their bed and sat in the middle of it with her back against the headboard.

Harry heaved his bag on top of the bed next to her. He went to their chest of drawers and pulled out some clean undergarments. He returned to his bag and shoved them inside. He frowned.

“Funny. Packing for a few days is much harder than packing for two weeks,” he commented lightly and looked up at her. “Strange, huh?”

She merely grimaced back at him and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He watched her for a moment, his eyes darting back and forth over her face. He sighed and set his bag on the floor. He crawled onto the bed and kneeled next to her.

“You’re pouting,” he pointed out. He put his hand on her knee and rubbed it soothingly.

“I am not,” she insisted.

“Yes, you are. What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she replied and looked away. She picked at a stray thread on the bedspread and tried to look nonchalant. “I’m fine.”

“Ha. I know better than to believe that act,” he said and settled next to her. “You’re not fine.”

“Just because you fooled everyone back in school doesn’t mean I’m trying the same thing,” she said defensively and looked at him. “What if I’m just tired? I had a long day at work and went through nearly every emotion you could think of since I got home.”

“Including sulking over something you won’t tell me about,” he added. His hand moved up to her thigh and back down to her knee. “What’s wrong, Ginny?”

She refused to meet his eyes and ignored his hand on her knee. She picked up a picture frame sitting on the bedside table and studied it. It was one from their wedding. She traced it with her finger, watching photograph Harry spin photograph Ginny on the dance floor.

“Would it be completely selfish of me if I said I didn’t want you to leave,” she said quietly and kept her eyes on the picture in her hands.

She heard Harry sigh and he moved to sit up against the headboard next to her. “Ginny —”

“Well, I don’t!” she protested. She put the frame down and continued to avoid looking at him. “I don’t want you to leave for the weekend. Is that so horrible?”

“I have to go, Ginny, you know that,” he explained quietly and took her hand in his.

“It’s not you like actually get to play at these games,” she replied and finally turned to face him. He looked at bit shocked at her statement. She pressed on. “You don’t, Harry, and you know it. You only get to play in the reserve games and not once have you had to fill in for Mills in the two years you’ve been on the team.”

“It’s in my contract. I have to be at all matches even if I don’t get to play,” Harry explained.

“But you don’t play!” she cried and reached up with her free hand to caress his cheek. She wracked her mind for something to convince him to ditch the game and stay with her. “Why waste your time sitting at the sidelines watching a match you don’t get to play in when you can stay here and engage in some very entertaining matches with me?”

She smiled coyly at him hoping he would listen to her. He groaned and pulled her hand away from his face. He held it against his chest.

“Ginny, you know I would like nothing more than to, how did you put it, engage in entertaining matches with you? But, sweetheart, you know I can’t do that. I have to be there and you know very little gets me out of those matches,” he replied. “This isn’t the first time we’ll be apart, Ginny, or did you forget we spent over a year apart from each other and I was doing something much more dangerous than waiting to play in a Quidditch match. It’s only for two days.”

She sighed. “I know. It just seems different now. We haven’t spent a day away from each other since we got married, and despite me trying to get used to this whole thing and having you around I’m really going to miss you.”

Harry sighed. He leaned toward her, nuzzling his nose against her cheek. “I’m going to miss you, too, you know.”

She turned to face him, closing her eyes in the process and reveled in the feel of having him near.

“I’ll Floo tomorrow night from the hotel,” he promised. “Would that be all right?”

She nodded and felt him press a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled away slightly. “I promise, as soon as the match is over on Sunday I will come home straight away. I won’t even unpack when I get there tomorrow.”

She giggled and opened her eyes. She found him staring at her with a look of intensity in his eyes that she knew all too well.

“You know,” he whispered, one hand trailing down her arm, “you really do look amazing in that dress.”

“So you’ve said,” she replied. She raised a hand and ran it through his hair.

“I think that maybe you should take it off so we can make the most of what we have left before I leave,” he suggested, leaning in for a kiss. He pulled away and grinned at her. “Or could I have the pleasure of doing that for you?”

She smiled and lowered her hands to hem of his shirt. “I think you can have that pleasure.”

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen - Late Nights and Morning Rows
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Sixteen – Late Nights and Morning Rows

Something woke Ginny out of her sleep but she wasn’t entirely sure what it was. She remained where she was with her eyes still closed and snuggled deeper into her pillow. She felt Harry’s arm tighten around her waist and he pulled her closer to him. For a moment she felt a tightening in her chest knowing that he was leaving for the weekend. As silly as it sounded, she was going to miss him even if it was for just one night.

There was a loud noise that made Ginny open her eyes and push any thoughts of missing Harry out of her head. She frowned into the moonlit room.

“Harry?” she called quietly.

“Mmm?” He tightened his grip on her.

“Harry, did you hear that?” she asked.

“Hear what?” he grunted.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Then why did you ask? Go back to sleep so I can wake you in another hour or so and we can continue to make the most of what we have tonight,” he muttered.

Ginny sighed and pulled herself out of his grasp. She turned to face him and found him sprawled out with his eyes closed.

“Git,” she muttered and she smacked his arm for good measure.

Harry’s eyes sprang open and he glared at her. “What was that for?”

“I really did hear something,” she said angrily.

“Well you failed to tell me what it was you heard so there’s no need to hit me,” he replied and turned over so his back was to her. She glared at his bare back.

“I hit you because you’re being an insufferable git. I really did hear something,” she insisted.

“What then?” he asked heatedly.

Ginny was about to reply when she heard it again. Harry sat up and looked at her. For a moment he looked like he was going to spring out of bed, wield his wand and charge out of the bedroom ready to defend them.

And her analysis of his demeanor was spot on.

Harry was halfway through pulling his boxers on with one hand when the noise came again. This time Ginny was able to place it as someone knocking at the door. She relaxed. Harry only tensed.

“It’s someone at the door,” she muttered. She frowned. Who would be at the door at this time at night?

Harry appeared not to hear her as he quickly and stealthily made his way to the bedroom door. He paused and looked at her. “I’m going to lock the door behind me. Keep your wand at the ready.”

“Where are you going?” Ginny asked. She got out of bed, keeping the bed sheet wrapped firmly around her naked form.

“I’m going to answer the door,” he explained. He gripped his wand tightly in his hand and glanced at her. “Stay in here, Ginny.”

“Why?” she demanded.

“Because it may not be safe,” he sighed in annoyance. “It could be a Death Eater or maybe even Malfoy coming back to finish you off!”

Ginny stared at her husband for a moment before bursting out in giggles.

“Harry,” she sighed between giggles. She heard the knocking again, this time more insistent. She watched as Harry instinctively held his wand higher and snapped his gaze back into the dark hallway. “Harry, you’re being ridiculous!”

Harry looked back at her, his face solemn and serious. “I’m ridiculous for wanting to protect you? We don’t know who that is and what they want.”

“Think about it, love, would a Death Eater knock on the front door?” she asked and turned toward the wardrobe for a dressing gown. She glanced back at Harry and saw that he was still holding his wand. The muscles in his back were taunt and tensed. She rolled her eyes as she pulled the first dressing gown she saw out and shrugged it on. “It’s probably someone we know.”

“Then they would Floo or send us an owl, not bang on our door in the middle of the night,” Harry insisted. He looked at her and looked surprised that she was still out of bed and had a dressing gown on. “I told you to stay here!”

The knock came again, this time sounding more insistent. Ginny rolled her eyes again at Harry and shoved past him in the doorway. “And I told you that you were being ridiculous. You aren’t listening to me so why should I listen to you?”

She was halfway down the hallway before she heard heavy footfalls and Harry’s frantic voice.


He was suddenly in front of her and blocked her way. He glanced behind his shoulder and looked furious. “I’m not letting you go out there!”

Ginny’s annoyance was quickly turning into anger. What was his problem? Did he really think she was incapable of answering the front door in the middle of the night? Was she really some sort of helpless damsel in distress that needed his rescuing every second of every day? He was pulling his absurd must-protect-Ginny-at-all-costs-because-I’m-Harry-Bleeding-Potter-and-that’s-what-I-do card and quite frankly, she was sick of it.

Without saying a word to him, she shoved past him yet again and strode determinedly into the sitting room and to the front door.

“Don’t open the door!” Harry demanded.

“Stuff it, Harry,” Ginny growled and whirled around to face him. “Stop being the hero and for Merlin’s sake put your wand away!”

She turned toward the door again and without hesitation, pulled it open. Her anger swiftly turned into surprise.


The dark skinned witch stood just outside the hallway looking nervous and exhausted. Dark smudges were under her eyes and her forehead was creased in worry. She carried three heavy books in her arms and a satchel on her back looked like it was ripping at the seams.

“Ginny, I’m sorry to bother you so late,” Mikayla said hurriedly and stepped inside. She glanced at Ginny and her look of worry changed to a look of guilt.

“Oh Merlin, I interrupted something, didn’t I?” she moaned in embarrassment.

“No, no, you didn’t,” Ginny reassured her.

“I should have known better! You’re newlyweds after all and it’s only natural –”

“Mikayla, it’s fine,” Ginny cut her off. “Don’t worry about it.”

Mikayla opened her mouth to say something but was cut off again; this time by Harry’s fierce bellow.

“Identify yourself!”

Harry had grabbed Ginny and shoved her behind him faster than Ginny could blink. His wand was clenched tightly in his hand and pointed directly at Mikayla’s heart. She stared back at him, her eyes wide with surprise and fear.

Ginny couldn’t blame her for looking fearful. Normally Harry was a sweet and amiable guy, but once he went wielding his wand and shoved it in your face after the slightest hint of a threat towards him and the ones he loved fiercely, you’d be incredibly stupid to show anything but fear in front of him.

“I’m – I’m Mikayla,” she stuttered. Her eyes went to Ginny’s, a questioning expression on her face.

“Harry!” Ginny hissed and tugged on his wand hand. “Stop it!”

“Prove it,” Harry nearly growled and ignored Ginny completely.

Mikayla hesitated, her eyes flickering back and forth between Harry and Ginny.

“Maybe I should just go,” Mikayla whispered and made a move to leave.

“Don’t move!” Harry bellowed.

Poor Mikayla froze on the spot, staring in horror at Harry.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, Harry, it’s Mikayla!” Ginny cried and succeeded in getting past his protective stance.

He kept his gaze and wand on Mikayla.

“Ask her something then,” Harry insisted without looking at Ginny.

“Really, Harry, you’re being ridiculous.” Ginny rolled her eyes for what seemed like the umpteenth time that night.

“Ask her!” Harry demanded.

“Stop being such an idiot!” Ginny retorted.
“Just ask her a bloody question, Ginny!” Harry snapped, “Stop being so trusting of everyone!”

Ginny was way passed being annoyed with him; she was downright furious. Where did he get off acting like this? The overprotective act was getting old and he knew she hated it. She was fully aware of how the War had affected him; Merlin knew she was the only one who understood his behavior at times the best, but this was going too far.

He demanded she ask Mikayla, did he? Well, she’d do exactly what he wanted.

She stole a glance at Harry before turning her eyes on Mikayla and giving her a kind look.

“Mikayla, what happened on the beach on the last night of our honeymoon?” Ginny asked sweetly.

Mikayla looked very wary and unsure if she should answer.

“Go on, “Ginny encouraged her.”

With a look of trepidation on her face, Mikayla took a deep breath and answered.

“Harry took you for a walk and then you two sha-”

“You told her that!” Harry finally dropped his wand arm and stared at his wife in disbelief. “Do you go around telling all your friends about our sex life?”

Ginny refrained from snapping at him. After his behavior she was not going to acknowledge him in any shape or form

“Mikayla,” Ginny said softly and focused all her attention on her friend. “What’s going on?”

“I’m so sorry,” Mikayla apologized quickly. She stole a glance at Harry before looking back at Ginny. “My exams are tomorrow morning and I don’t feel ready at all. I can’t get anything done at Angelina’s since Fred came over and there’s nowhere else for me to go. Could I please stay here for a bit? Maybe you could help me out?”

Ginny was about to ask her why Colin wasn’t helping when she remembered their conversation a few weeks ago. Apparently Colin hadn’t done anything after Ginny’s “talk” with him.

“Sure,” she replied and gave Mikayla an encouraging smile. “It’ll be just like we’re back at Hogwarts.”

“Thanks, Ginny,” Mikayla grinned and took it upon herself to sit on the small sofa. She looked up at her friend. “I really appreciate this.”

“What are friends for?” Ginny smiled. “You get your things together. I’m going to change.”

Without looking Harry, she went back to the bedroom to change. She had barely walked through the doorway when she heard the door close a little too loudly behind her. She turned and faced an annoyed and confused Harry.

“Why are you helping her?” Harry demanded before Ginny could even take a breath to speak.

Ginny frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. “Because she’s my friend and friends help each other. I helped her all the time back at Hogwarts before exams.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Ginny, we aren’t at Hogwarts anymore,” Harry pointed out scathingly. “This is our flat, not the dormitory in Gryffindor Tower.”

“What’s your point?” Ginny snapped. She had had it with Harry. Her temper had risen well above her boiling point with him by now and she was not in the mood to row with him. It appeared, though, she wouldn’t have that choice right now.

She tapped her food impatiently on the floor now. “I’m not allowed to help my friends out, is that what you’re saying?”

“I’m saying that you and Mikayla are adults now. Can’t she study on her own?” Harry replied hotly. “Why does she need your help to study for an exam that you know absolutely nothing about?”

“She’s going through a tough time right now, Harry,” Ginny huffed. “She’s my best friend. Wouldn’t you do the same thing if it were Ron or Hermione?”


“Right, sure. You wouldn’t help out two thirds of the Golden Trio in their time of need late at night,” Ginny scoffed. “You’d leave them during an emergency.”

“Not in an emergency situation, no, but this,” Harry gestured wilding toward the door with one hand, “this is not an emergency. It’s a bloody exam! An exam you know nothing about!”

“You’ve said that,” Ginny growled.

“That’s my point! You don’t know anything about whatever it is she’s studying, why do you need to help her?”

“It’s the most important exam of her life!” Ginny cried. “I can’t just leave her to fend for her own, not when Colin is being a complete and utter arse!”

“What about us then? What about making the most of tonight?” Harry demanded. “I’m leaving for the weekend, Ginny!”

“After the way you’ve acted I don’t even want to breath the same air as you!” Ginny countered. She threw her hands up in the air. “You’ve completely overreacted tonight!”

“Pardon me for making sure you’re safe,” Harry argued.

“Safe?” Ginny scoffed. “Safe from whom? Merlin, Harry, you scared Mikayla half to death!”

“I had to make sure she was who she said she was!” Harry cried. “You can’t believe people are who they say they are without making sure!”

“You have trust issues,” Ginny replied sharply.

“I can’t imagine why I would have trust issues! Why would the great Harry Potter have trust issues?” Harry shouted sarcastically. He ran his hands through his hair in obvious frustration.

“You didn’t have to react that way!” Ginny pointed out. “You couldn’t have answered the door like any normal person?”

He glared at her and held an accusing finger in her direction. “You of all people should understand why I reacted that way!”

“The War’s been over for years! Don’t you think you should have gotten over it by now?” Ginny shot back without thinking.

And once she realized what she said, she clamped a hand over her mouth and immediately regretted it. How could she say that to him?

“Harry,” she breathed, the fight quickly fleeing her, “Merlin, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

Harry didn’t reply. He merely stared at her, shock and hurt clearly displayed on his face.

Ginny watched him carefully. Merlin, how in the world could she say that?

Harry remained unresponsive. Without a word he turned his back on her and climbed back in bed.

“Harry, I’m so, so sorry,” Ginny pleaded. “Harry, you know I didn’t mean to say that. I got caught up in –”

“Mikayla’s waiting for you,” he interrupted her. He pulled the bedclothes over him and kept his back toward her.

Ginny was rendered speechless. She didn’t know what to do or say. She didn’t mean what she said, surely Harry knew that?

Knowing there was nothing more she could say to him right now, she shuffled her way out of the bedroom and back into the sitting room, her shoulders slumped in regret and defeat.

She found Mikayla still standing by the door. She looked remorseful and worried.

“Oh, Sweet Merlin, Ginny, I didn’t mean to cause all this trouble,” Mikayla said quickly. “I shouldn’t have come.”

“It isn’t your fault,” Ginny sighed wearily. It was true. It wasn’t Mikayla’s fault that she and Harry just had the biggest row of their entire marriage. It was building up for a while and the arrival of her friend was the final catalyst, the breaking point. “It’s just . . . this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.”

Mikayla adapted a look of sympathy. She sighed. “Relationships are never easy. But if you love one another, you’ll get through it.”

She laughed a sudden harsh laugh and shook her head. “Listen to me, giving out relationship advice when my own love life is hanging by a thin thread.”

Ginny sighed. “Let’s just not think about all this right now. Come sit down and I’ll put on a pot of tea and we’ll get going on your studies.”

“No,” Mikayla shook her head. She gave Ginny a small smile of apology. “Harry’s right.”

Ginny frowned. Had she heard everything they were arguing about?”

“We aren’t at Hogwarts and it isn’t your job to help me out with studying for exams. It never was,” Mikayla continued. “You were just such a good friend to deal with me and my last minute studying freak outs. And if it weren’t for me coming here tonight, you and Harry would have been able to enjoy your night.”

“Mika, we would have rowed without you even coming here,” Ginny reiterated. “It was bound to happen.”

Mikayla watched her intently for a moment. She reached out and placed a hand on Ginny’s shoulder. “Is everything all right?”

“Yes,” Ginny replied at once. “No. I . . . it’s just been a lot of stuff lately and we’re not handling it well.”

Mikayla squeezed her shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?

Ginny shook her head. As much as she would like to talk to someone about the problems she was having with adjusting to marriage and the rows she was having with Harry, she thought she should talk to her mother first. “Another time.”

Mikayla nodded in understanding. She sighed and let go of Ginny’s shoulder. “I should go then. I’ll just throw up a few Silencing Charms to block out Angelina and Fred.”

Ginny shuddered at the thought. She squeezed her eyes shut at the image that came to her mind. “Oh really, Mikayla, not an image I need.”

Mikayla gave a short laugh. She quickly said a goodbye and left.

Ginny stared at the closed door for a few moments, the night’s events floating through her mind. She never thought that tonight would have gone the way it did. She never wanted to row with Harry like that . . . but like she told Mikayla, it was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time before things began to snap.

Shaking herself from her stupor, Ginny ensured the door was locked and headed back to bed.

She stood in the door frame and watched Harry’s form. He was faking sleep, she could tell right away. He looked too tense and his breathing wasn’t deep enough.

Ginny slowly made her way to her side of the bed and settled herself under the blankets. Almost immediately, Harry turned his back toward her. Ginny felt a stab of pain in her chest at his movement. Never in their short marriage had he slept so far from her. He was always spooning her and refused to sleep away from her.

You couldn’t keep your mouth shut, Weasley. You had to let your temper get the best of you and spew whatever verbal rubbish came to your mouth, she thought viscously.

Ginny cast a glance at Harry and noticed that he was as close to the edge as he could get without falling off.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” she said loud enough for him to hear.

He didn’t respond.

Choking back a sob that threatened to escape her, Ginny turned her back on him and buried her face in her pillow.

My marriage is ruined.
It was that thought running through her mind that caused her to fall into a restless sleep.

* * * * * *

Ginny had barely been able to sleep for a few hours. She found herself wide awake well before Harry and spent the time until he woke staring up at the ceiling and thinking over the horrible events of the night before.

When Harry finally woke, he didn’t even look in her direction. He was completely ignoring her and it only made Ginny feel worse. She wanted to talk to him but how could she if he wouldn’t even look at her?

My marriage is ruined.

That horrible thought ran through her head yet again. She shook her head of it and tried to go on with her morning.

She watched stood from the bed and decided to wait until he was out of the room and into the shower before getting out herself. She expected him to keep his back toward her and leave the room, but he didn’t. He looked behind his shoulder and his eyes held hers.

Ginny stared at him, afraid of what he would do or say. She’d give anything to take back what she said last night to him, and before she knew it she was blurting out an apology.

“I’m so, so sorry,” she whispered. Traitorous tears sprang to her eyes and she blinked furiously to keep them from falling. “I swear I didn’t mean any of it.”

“I know,” he replied softly. He sighed and ran a hand through his wild hair. “I’m sorry for acting the way I did.”

Neither one of them spoke after that; they merely stayed locked in their positions staring at each other. There was a still a thick tension hanging between them even though they apologized to each other. Ginny knew that they would have to do more than apologize. They had to talk and talk soon before things got completely unfixable between them.

Harry moved first. He knelt on top of the bed and leaned down to place a kiss on Ginny’s forehead.

“You know I love you, right?” he asked quietly. “Just because things aren’t perfect between us right now, my feelings for you won’t change.”

Ginny nodded, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“I know,” she replied hoarsely.

Harry nodded once and climbed off the bed. He left the bedroom quickly.

Ginny found herself standing in front of the mirror as she brushed her teeth a few minutes after Harry left. She was happy they were speaking to each other again, but she didn’t like the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew they didn’t have time to talk before Harry left and she hated the fact that he was going to be gone all weekend. She didn’t want to leave things like this.

Along with the tension and unease Ginny felt, she was starting to get annoyed. She glanced at the wireless sitting on the counter where music was blaring out of it. She winced when Harry tried to sing along to the song in a very off key tone. Clearly, singing was not one of his talents. The music was way too loud and Ginny was surprised the neighbors hadn’t been knocking on their door and demanding they lower it.

At first, Ginny was amused that he listened to the wireless as he took his shower. But now, four whole weeks of listening to it and she was getting tired of it. It wasn’t that she minded him listening to it, it was the sheer volume plus the terrible singing, and now she couldn’t take it anymore.

She spit the toothpaste out of her mouth and rinsed with water. She glanced at the wireless again and decided to take matters into her own hands. She reached over and lowered the dial considerably.

Harry’s horrid singing stopped immediately. The shower curtain opened and he peered out.

“What’d you do that for?” Harry demanded squinting at her.

“Because,” she replied nonchalantly. She wet her face with some water, “it was a little too loud.”

“I play it loud so I can hear it over the shower,” Harry explained forcefully. “You know that.”

“Harry,” she said as she picked up a small bottle. She poured a little of the cleanser into her palm and rubbed it vigorously, “the entire city can hear it. It wouldn’t hurt for you to turn it down just a bit.”

Ginny began scrubbing her face with the cleanser.

“It isn’t that loud, and it helps me wake up in the morning,” Harry replied defensively.

The volume of the wireless increased again and this time it was even louder than before. Ginny cracked open an eye slightly and glanced at the wireless.

She quickly rinsed her face and turned the dial down once more. She heard the shower curtain being pulled back again.

“Ginny,” Harry’s voice said sternly. “Stop doing that. You’re going to make me late.”

“And you’re going to make us deaf if you keep that up,” she shot back and patted her face dry with a towel. She reached for another bottle and went through the same regime as before. She heard Harry muttering under his breath as he got out of the shower.

“You know, if you keep scrubbing your face like that every morning your skin is going to peel off,” he said.

Ginny looked at him in the washroom mirror and glared.

“This is part of my morning regime that helps me wake up,” she explained in annoyance. She reached for a third bottle and gave a cry of shock as Harry snatched it out of her reach.

“Well if you interrupt mine, I interrupt yours,” Harry sang annoyingly and shook it in his hand. Ginny turned around to glare at him but quickly squeezed her eyes shut.

“Merlin, Harry, could you please put something on!” she cried.

“Once again, I reiterate, it is not like we have not seen each other naked,” he ground out.

“While that is true, dear, you do not need to parade around like that,” she replied, her eyes still squeezed shut.

“It’s my flat and I can walk around starkers if I want to,” he argued childishly.

“Put something on!” she demanded.

Ginny heard him grumble under his breath and the rustle of a towel being yanked off a hanger. She cracked one eye open. Harry had put a towel around his waist and he was still holding her bottle. She opened her eyes fully and reached out for it. Harry lifted it higher.

“Harry, give me that!”

“Why?” he asked. “You wouldn’t let me do my morning the way I wanted to, so why should I let you do yours.”

Ginny let out a slow breath and crossed her arms. “You’re not a husband, you’re an overgrown child.” She turned back around and tried to continue getting ready for the day.

“Yeah, well I used to have a counter in here, but ever since you moved in, it’s been covered with all sorts of stupid bottles. What in the bloody hell do you need all this stuff for?” he replied and looked at her questioningly. “What would you look like if you didn’t use all this stuff?”

Ginny gasped and turned towards him. She did not have that many bottles on the counter. Just enough for basic skin and hair care. He was lucky she wasn’t one of those witches that spent two hours every morning masking their faces and using nearly every product available for their hair and skin. “For your information, Harry James, I do not use anything that completely alters my appearance because I am not that sort of girl. And second of all, it is not a crime to be hygienic.”

“I didn’t say there was anything wrong with being hygienic,” he retorted and mimicked her voice. “I just want to know why you have to take so long in the washroom every morning and use all this stuff.” He shook the bottle in his hand. “What exactly is all this?”

Ginny took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She faced the mirror and avoided looking at him. “I don’t take that long in the washroom! Would you prefer a wife that spent half her morning in here alone?”

“Fine. Longer than I do, but I still don’t get why you need all this stuff.”

“Like I tried to tell you, it is basic hygiene and I don’t use nearly as much stuff as any other girl I know, so you should consider yourself lucky. And that,” she pointed at the bottle in his hand still, “is my birth control potion and unless you want another annoying replica of you in the near future, give it back.”

In a flash, Harry shoved the bottle back at her and wiped his hands on his towel. Ginny stifled a laugh and took a swig of her potion as she watched him hurry out of the washroom. Ginny quickly finished up and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She frowned when she entered the room.

Harry stood in the middle of the room pulling on a shirt with several items of clothing around him on the floor. All of them, she knew, were clean as she had done the laundry two days before and had personally put them away for him. She was actually surprised at how quickly he could cover the floor with clothes when it had been clutter free only an hour ago. She pressed her lips firmly together and tried to keep her temper at bay.

“Why are your clothes all over the floor?” she asked and picked up a shirt.

“Because I decided not to wear them,” Harry explained. He looked over himself in the mirror and frowned. He pulled the shirt off and dropped it to the floor before going back to the wardrobe.

“Harry,” Ginny sighed in annoyance, “I just washed these the other day. They’re all clean. You can’t just throw it on the floor like that.”

“I’ll pick it up when I’m done,” he replied distantly.

Ginny snorted and snatched up another shirt. “Oh sure you will, just like Umbridge will be friends with werewolves and centaurs.”

Harry paused and turned to look at her. He frowned. “What does that mean?”

“Nothing,” she said stiffly and hung his clothes up once more. She pulled out a shirt of her own. She felt all the anger from the night before bubbling up again. “I just thought you might want to maintain some sort of cleanliness around here.”

“Do you want everything spotlessly clean?” he asked.

“No,” she snapped and went to the chest of drawers. She pulled out a pair of jeans. “I just thought you’d at least try to be somewhat tidy. I can’t pick up after you all the time, you know.”

“First you’ve got a problem with me listening to music as I take a shower, now you’ve got a problem with my clothes on the floor,” he said in a very strained voice. He smiled in a falsely sweet way, “Is there anything else you’ve got a problem with, dear?”

Ginny titled her head and narrowed her eyes at him. Her anger was back full force and it seemed like his was as well. Suddenly everything, every tiny little detail that had been nagging her combined with the events of the night before suddenly became too much to handle.

“You tap your fingers when you read and it’s really distracting,” she finally said.

Harry rubbed his chin and stared at her with the same narrowed eyes.

“I see,” he sighed and crossed his arms over his bare chest. “Well, it’s really annoying that you make me close my eyes while you change. For Merlin’s sake, Ginny, I’m your husband! You’ve got to get over it! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Oh, really? What else is there, Harry? What else about me drives you crazy?”

“You snore,” he accused.

“I do not!” she cried and stamped her foot.

“And you act like a child sometimes,” he added.

“Me?” she asked in surprise. “What about you? What was that back in the washroom?”

“You started it!” he shouted. “You wouldn’t let me listen to my music.”

“See? You’re doing it right now,” she laughed mockingly. “Just like a little boy.”

“Right, and who was making a huge fuss over me being gone all weekend?” he reminded her.

“Oh, and you weren’t? Who was the one getting possessive last night?” she shot back.

“Possessive? I was merely pointing out the fact that you were choosing your friend over your husband!”

“She didn’t stay after she heard you shouting all those things last night! You scared her off!”

“I told you I was trying to protect you!”

“I don’t need your bloody protection!”

“No, you’re right, you need cooking lessons!”

Ginny’s mouth dropped open in shock. “Oh, so last night was a fluke, was it? What happened to all that praise you were giving me last night?”

“I was being nice after your little panic over me not being home,” he snapped.

“So am I not allowed to worry about you now?” she asked.

“I didn’t say that,” he replied. “You just don’t have to march down to the pub while I’m with my friends and pull the whole ball and chain act, especially wearing what you wore!”

“You didn’t have a problem with my dress last night,” she reminded him. “And you definitely didn’t have a problem with it when it was off.”

He smirked. “I never have any problem when anything is off of you.”

Ginny threw her hands up in defeat and let out an aggravated scream. She ignored the clothes she dropped on the floor.

“You are impossible to live with!” she shouted.

“You’re not so easy to live with either!” Harry cried.

“If I’m so hard to live with, then why did you marry me?” she demanded.

“Because I didn’t know it was going to be so bloody difficult!” he replied. “Voldemort was much easier to deal with than you!”

Ginny glared at him, barely controlling her urge to grab her wand and hex him beyond recognition. She shook her hair behind her shoulders, wanting to hurt him and get the last word on this argument. “Why don’t you just go to your stupid match? And you know the only reason they even put you on the reserves is because all you are to them is a name. It had nothing to do with talent. It’s all because you’re Harry Bloody Potter. A good marketing strategy. That’s all you mean to them.”

She caught the hurt expression on his face and immediately regretted what she said. Twice in less than twelve hours she managed to say something to hurt him.

They stared at each other, each breathing hard and neither one taking the next step. After what seemed like an eternity, Harry’s shoulders sagged. He shoved his hands in his pockets and shuffled out of the door. Ginny listened to his footfalls as he walked down the hallway. She flinched when she hurt the front door slam shut.

Why did she have to open her mouth like this? Why did she have to let her anger get the best of her? She had done the same thing to him twice without thinking. What kind of wife was she?

Unsure of what to do with herself Ginny left the bedroom and decided to get breakfast ready.

She felt like she was on automatic. She went through the motions of making breakfast without really thinking. She burned the bacon and charred the bottom of the eggs and the top of the toast but she found herself not caring. That was nothing compared to what she had done to Harry.

She wondered where he went and what he was doing. Was he rethinking their marriage? Was he trying to figure out a way to get out of this with her?

Ginny didn’t have to wonder long; the front door opened and she heard Harry’s familiar steps again as he moved throughout the flat. She felt him enter the kitchen.

“Are you hungry?” she asked quietly, busying herself with arranging the burned bacon on a plate.

“No,” he replied softly.

She flinched. The pain in his voice torn at her heart. She was the one who made him sound like that.

“Do you want some tea?” she offered.


They fell silent. The tension from earlier was thicker than ever. Ginny loathed it.

She turned around to face him. He looked exactly as he had before; slumped shoulders, hands shoved in his pockets and eyes downcast. The only difference was his bag was next to his feet.

“Harry –”

“I got to go,” he immediately cut her off.

“Oh. Okay.”


“I’ll Floo you later,” he said.


Without another word, Harry had Disapparated and Ginny was left in the still silence of the kitchen.

She stared at the spot he had just occupied and the tears that had wanted to spill earlier finally found release. She nervously twisted her wedding ring with her hand as the tears fell. The only thought that haunted her since the night before sprang back into her mind.

I’ve ruined my marriage.

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen - The Things We Do For Friends
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A/N: Finally, something new! I'm really sorry about the long wait. The end of the school year was hetic with everything going on and then I was out of the country for 10 days. And now here's the next part. Keep in mind, just because they have a little talk does NOT mean all is well with our favorite couple. It's going to take more than a few minute convo through the fireplace to really fix things.

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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Seventeen – The Things We Do For Friends

Half an hour after Harry left, Ginny thought of herself as an extremely pathetic person. One, she felt awful about the arguing she had done with him, and the fact that he had left without them talking things through did not sit well with her. Second, she was missing Harry terribly despite the row they had had.

Ginny did not know why she was missing him this badly; after all they had been separated for much, much longer than this. She literally felt an ache in the pit of her stomach and knew it would not go away until Harry was back and they had talked about their argument and whatever issues they seemed to be having. She knew the part of her missing him so much had something to do with them being newlyweds, but knowing why did not make it any easier. She had to get her mind off of missing him, so she put herself to work.

She spent the day cleaning the flat from top to bottom the Muggle way. The manual labor kept her mind busy all right, but it hadn’t taken her very long; by four in the afternoon the entire flat was spotlessly clean. Ginny decided to have some dinner and after that she set to work on organizing their wedding photos and putting them together in an album.

She sat on the sitting room floor making sure she had a clear view of the fireplace. Pictures were spread out everywhere along with other small mementos from the wedding. She studied each picture as she put them into the album, remembering the wedding that took place over a month ago. For a few hours, she was working hard on it and making progress, but the more she worked on it, the more it turned out to be not such a good idea. The happy memories seemed so long ago, a distant memory compared to the recent ones of the two of them arguing. Not to mention it was making the ache she felt in her stomach worse.

“Stop being stupid, Ginny,” she said firmly out loud to herself and wiped away a tear that had somehow escaped. “This isn’t like him going off to find parts of Voldemort’s soul. It’s a stupid away match, which he has done before, and just because you’ve gotten used to sleeping with him every night does not mean you need to be a baby over this. And it’s your fault he left angry so suck it up.”

The fireplace roared into life suddenly, causing Ginny to drop the picture she was currently holding. She crawled on her hands and knees until she was in front of the fireplace and suddenly felt a mixture of giddiness and nervousness. Her giddiness was short lived as the head floating in the hearth was not that of her husband’s.

“Oh,” she sighed dejectedly and sat back on her knees and settled her hands in her lap. “Hi, Mikayla.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome,” Mikayla snorted. “Who were you expecting?”

“Harry,” Ginny replied and glanced up at the clock. It was nearly nine o’clock. “He has an away match this weekend and he promised me he’d Floo tonight.”

“Oh, right,” Mikayla nodded. She looked apologetic. “Ginny, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for the two of you to get into that row. I feel awful.”

“I already told you it wasn’t your fault,” Ginny assured her. She looked down at her hands and twirled her wedding ring around her finger.

“Is everything all right now?” Mikayla asked.

Ginny nodded. She didn’t want to burden Mikayla with details of how their row continued this morning and how things seemed to be even worse. She looked up and managed a small smile. “We’re fine.”

Mikayla nodded in understanding. She grinned merrily, but Ginny could tell she was forcing it. “Well that’s good then. Listen, I was wondering if you would like to come out and celebrate with me. I’ve finished my exams and I think I did wonderful on them.”

“What did you have in mind?” Ginny asked. She wouldn’t mind having a drink with her friend or having her come over. It might distract her for at least a little while.

Mikayla’s grin widened. “Velvet.”

Ginny blinked. Velvet was a well known wizardry dance club that many people her age frequented. Most of her friends had gone on a few occasions, but Ginny had stayed clear of it. It wasn’t something she was into and Harry wasn’t much of a dancer. Mikayla, she knew, went to dance clubs every so often, but she never mentioned going to Velvet. The only person she knew who went there regularly was Seamus. It wasn’t a place Mikayla seemed interested in going to. In fact, she had even told Ginny she thought it was too posh and uptight and that most of the people who went there were not anyone she wanted to associate with.

“Velvet?” Ginny repeated. “Are you serious?”

“Of course!” Mikayla replied. “It’ll be fun!”

Ginny did not think that it would be anything that remotely resembled fun. She sighed.

“Look, even if I did say I’d go with you, I have nothing to wear to a place like that,” Ginny said.

“Don’t worry,” Mikayla assured her. “We’re the same size, aren’t we? I’ll bring a few things over for you to try on. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. We are going to have a great time!”

“But I’m –” Mikayla’s head disappeared and the flames died down, cutting off Ginny’s reply.

Ginny groaned. She did not want to go out to some club, but apparently it was important to Mikayla that Ginny come with her. She didn’t have much of a choice, and really it would distract her from the awful feeling in her stomach. She stood up and began clearing the sitting room of wedding pictures, hoping Harry would Floo soon.

Less than fifteen minutes later, a knock came on the door. As soon as Ginny answered the door, Mikayla rushed inside with a bag fit to burst in her hand. She wore a very short and very low cut red dress with matching high heels.

“Come on,” Mikayla ordered and hurried across the room. “We need to find you something fabulous to wear.”

Before Ginny had a chance to say anything, Mikayla had disappeared into the bedroom. Grudgingly, Ginny followed.

Half an hour later, Ginny was standing in front of the mirror in the washroom and wondering how she had let Mikayla talk her into this. Her hair was let loose in curls and fell nicely over her shoulders. She wore one of Mikayla’s tops, a sparkly silver halter top that showed off too much of her back. A pair of her own so-called “sexy” jeans and the black heels she wore the night before completed her look.

“Don’t you have a top that doesn’t show this much skin?” Ginny called as she left the washroom. She found Mikayla in the bedroom shoving clothes back into the bag she brought.

“Ginny, we’re going to a club. You’re supposed to wear clothes like this,” Mikayla said patiently. She looked up at Ginny and smiled. “Besides, you look sexy!”

“And I need to look sexy why?” Ginny question and put her hands on her hips. “The one person I want to look sexy for isn’t here right now, and who isn’t even talking to me right now,” she mumbled the last part quietly.

“You don’t have to just look sexy for Harry,” Mikayla sighed. “Come on, it’s fun to get dressed up like this.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Fine. But we are not staying for very long.”

“All right, all right,” Mikayla agreed. She grinned widely. “Let’s get going then!”

“Now?” Ginny asked and followed her friend out of the room.

“Yes, now,” Mikayla replied. She glanced behind her shoulder. “If we leave now, we can get in the place by eleven.”

Ginny stopped when they entered the sitting room. She crossed her arms and glanced at the empty fireplace. Mikayla was nearly at the door when she noticed Ginny was no longer following her.

“Come on,” she encouraged. “An evening of fun awaits us!”

Ginny bit her bottom lip and looked between her friend and the fireplace. “Can’t we just wait for a little while?”

“Why?” Mikayla asked. “I want to celebrate!”

“I know, I know,” Ginny sighed and sat on the sofa. “It’s just that Harry said he’d Floo and. . . .”

An understanding look graced Mikayla’s features. She smiled softly at Ginny and made her way to the sofa. She sat next to her.

“You really are head over heels in love with him, aren’t you,” Mikayla said softly.

“No, Mika,” Ginny said with a hint of sarcasm, “I married him because I can’t stand him.”

Mikayla laughed and leaned back on the sofa. “So you miss him?”

Ginny nodded. “A lot and it doesn’t help that we had a stupid row this morning either.”

Mikayla raised her eyebrows at her. “This morning? You rowed again? Over what?”

Ginny sighed and launched into an explanation of everything. When she finished, Mikayla shook her head at her.

“You married couples row over the stupidest things,” she commented.

“I’m well aware of the stupidity of it all,” Ginny sighed in annoyance. “I feel awful for it. We didn’t really make up. And I said some things I shouldn’t have. He couldn’t even look at me when he left . . . I really hurt him.”

“He knows you don’t mean any of it,” Mikayla reassured her. “You’re both stubborn and sometimes your temper gets the best of you – don’t give me that look, Ginny, you know it’s true!”

“What if I ruined everything?” Ginny groaned. She rubbed her face in her hands and peered at Mikayla.

“You know wizarding marriages are for life,” Mikayla reminded her.

“What if he finds a loophole?”

“He won’t.”

“What if he decides he can’t stand the sight of me anymore and decides to find another woman on the side?”

“He won’t.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t blame him if he did –”


Ginny stopped in the middle of her tirade and looked at her friend.

“Harry isn’t going to find a loophole to get out of marrying you and he isn’t going to leave you for another woman. He loves you and you both will work this out and everything will be all lovey dovey newlywed life for you both soon. He’ll be home tomorrow, won’t he? You both can talk this over then,” Mikayla said and glanced at the clock. “We should get going soon.”

Ginny frowned at her friend. “You’re rather impatient about this whole thing,” she pointed out. “In fact, if you wanted to go why didn’t you Floo me earlier and ask instead of waiting until an hour ago?”

Mikayla merely shrugged and avoided looking at Ginny.

“Mikayla,” Ginny said sternly. “Why are you so anxious to go to this place? You’ve never shown interest in going to Velvet before. Why now? ”

“No reason,” Mikayla replied and stood up. She picked up a picture off the mantle place and studied it.

Ginny watched her friend and noticed how anxious she seemed. She was tapping her foot impatiently and kept sighing softly. She looked at the clock again and sighed. “When is he going to Floo so we can go?”

“I don’t know,” Ginny sighed and stood up. She decided to take a stab at it. “How long is Colin going to be at that club tonight?”

Startled, Mikayla jumped and nearly dropped the picture she was holding. Ginny caught it.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to smash my wedding pictures,” Ginny teased and put the frame back in its place. “Now, why don’t you explain to me what’s going on?”

Mikayla sighed and made her way to the sofa. She sank into it and stared forlornly into the fireplace.

“Angelina took me out for some drinks to celebrate my finishing the exams and I saw Dennis there. He told me that Colin was going to Velvet tonight with some friends of his who are trying to help him forget about me,” she explained. She looked up at Ginny with a look of fear. “What if he meets someone there? I don’t know what I’ll do without him. I’m already losing it and I just . . . I have to do something.”

She looked so desperate and lost. Ginny took a seat next to her. She took Mikayla’s hand in her own and squeezed it in reassurance.

“I take it he hasn’t talked with you yet since I yelled at him,” Ginny sighed.

Mikayla shrugged. “Sort of. He showed up at Angelina’s and we had a civil conservation and he sort of apologized, but we haven’t really worked things out. I think his friends are trying to convince him he’s better off without me and he hasn’t talked to me since. And I’m just so tired of waiting, Ginny. I’m going to take matters into my own hands and try to fix this.”

“Don’t worry,” Ginny assured her, “once he gets a look of you, he’ll come crawling back.”

Mikayla gave her a strained smile and nodded. Ginny was about to say something when the fireplace roared into life again. This time it was Harry’s head among the flames.

Rather unladylike, Ginny scrambled off the sofa and kneeled in front of the fireplace. She ignored Mikayla’s snort of laughter from behind her.

“Hi,” she greeted him stupidly.

“Hi,” he replied. He looked down at the grate. “I’m sorry about this morning.”

“I’m sorry, too,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t Floo earlier. I was waiting for my roommate to leave. I really miss you,” he said and looked up at her again.

She gave him a small smile. “I miss you, too.”

Ginny was fully aware of the silliness of their conversation but she didn’t care. She was just happy to see his face and hear his voice.

He was silent for a moment then seemed to have noticed something. “That’s not your top, is it?”

“No,” Ginny confirmed and glanced behind her shoulder. Mikayla was standing by the door seemingly to give Ginny privacy with Harry. “It’s Mikayla’s. She’s making me go to Velvet with her tonight.”

“Velvet?” he repeated in surprise. “That’s that club where Seamus goes every weekend to pick up women. Ginny, I don’t think –”

“I’ll explain it to you later. She needs me to go with her,” Ginny cut him off. “She’s my friend.”

“While that may be, I don’t know if I like you going to a place like that,” Harry replied with a frown.

“You don’t trust me?” she asked in slight offense.

“I do!” he cried. “I do trust you. I just don’t trust the blokes that go to places like that. Too many single men roaming around and looking for a quick shag.”

“Seamus goes there.”

“Exactly why I don’t trust blokes that go there.”

Ginny smiled reassuringly at him. “Don’t worry, love, any bloke that tries anything will be meeting the other end of my wand.”

Harry’s smile was unsure, but he nodded. “Be careful, yeah?”

“I will,” she sighed. “I should get going.”

“All right. I’ll see you tomorrow night then,” he said. With a few goodbyes, Harry’s head disappeared and the hearth was empty once more. Ginny stood up feeling slightly better to have spoken to Harry and knowing that they still had a lot to talk about, and joined Mikayla.

* * * * * *

Velvet was located not too far from the Leaky Cauldron on the Muggle side of London. No Muggles took note of the club. To them it looked like an old abandoned restaurant with a dark, shabby looking alley next to it and the people who went there never drew any attention to it. Everyone who went there were young and their attire was strictly Muggle. For all the Muggles knew, the people heading to the club were just dressed up young people looking for some fun.

Ginny stood in the long line to get in with Mikayla. Two burly guards stood at the front of the line, letting people inside in small groups and it seemed to be taking forever. Mikayla was not one for much conservation. Ginny knew it was because she was anxious to get inside and try to patch things up with Colin. Instead, she settled on looking at her surroundings. She watched as Muggles passed right by them without knowing a line of people were standing in the alleyway. She studied some of the choice of clothing people in line were wearing. Some of the dresses she saw looked a lot like the silky numbers she wore to tantalize Harry with at night and left nothing to the imagination. She also noticed how several of the men waiting in line looked at her and she found her hand twitching towards her hidden wand. Finally, after half an hour, Ginny and Mikayla were allowed inside.

The pair made their way along a dark corridor, lined with a velvet red carpet. As they ventured further inside, Ginny could feel the bumping music thumping through her body and could only imagine how much louder it would get once they were fully inside. Her nostrils were assaulted by the thick scent of sweat, smoke and heavy perfumes and it made her want to gag. She pinched her nose shut.

“Do all clubs smell like this?” she asked Mikayla in a strangled sort of voice.

Mikayla merely shrugged. “You get used to it. Be sure to look for Colin.”

The corridor ended and they were confronted with different colored bright lights. She noticed there were two levels to the place. The ground level contained an overly large dance floor which was currently packed with swaying, sweaty bodies all moving to the same beat. A DJ station stood on a tall stage against the furthest wall and looked like the one Lee had used at Ginny’s wedding. Large tubes that came from the ceiling to the floor and filled with what looked like bubbling water were placed throughout the place and changed to different neon colors. Around the edges of the place stood plush sofas and small, spindly tables, each of which were surrounded by either couples on the verge of going from snogging to shagging or groups of people laughing and flirting. The walls were adorned with several colors of heavy velvet drapes. Several winding staircases were set round the room and led to the first level of the club where she presumed the bar was.

Ginny had barely taken a few steps when she heard her name being called over the loud music. She turned and saw Seamus making his way toward her. He engulfed her in a hug when he reached her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked when he pulled away from her. He spotted Mikayla and grinned widely. “Why, hello my fair girly!”

“Hi,” Mikayla said distractedly and turned her back on them, her back stock straight and her arms crossed.

Seamus looked rather miffed by Mikayla’s behavior. He leaned close to Ginny. “She all right?”

Ginny sighed and shook her head. “It’s complicated.”

He nodded once and his jovial expression returned. “So, what brings you to a place like this?”

“Mikayla made me,” Ginny rolled her eyes. She glanced at Mikayla and saw she still had their back to them however she was standing on the tips of her toes, her neck straining to see over the crowd. She sighed softly and looked back at Seamus. “Trust me, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here.”

“Which is why I’m wondering why you are here,” Seamus pointed out. “This isn’t exactly your scene.”

Ginny gave a short laugh in response. “Way to point out the obvious.”

“Does Harry know you’re here?” Seamus asked and looked rather concerned for her well being.

“Yes,” Ginny sighed with a twinge of annoyance. “He knows.”

“And he let you come?” Seamus asked in surprise. “He should know better than to let you go to a place like this without him.”

“First of all, Harry doesn’t have a say in what I do, and you know that, Seamus. I don’t need his permission to go somewhere without him. And besides, he’s in Wales for his away match against the Harpies this weekend. Not much he could do about it from there,” she explained a little on the defensive side. Must everyone treat her as a fragile princess? She shook her hair from her eyes and decided to see if Seamus could help. The sooner they left this place, the better. “Listen, Seamus, can you help us with something?”

Seamus still looking abashed nodded. “What can I do you for?”

“Have you see Colin anywhere around here?” Ginny asked.

“Creevey?” he asked and she nodded. He shook his head. “Haven’t seen him. I didn’t think he’d be into a place like this.”

“He isn’t,” Ginny agreed and shook her head. “It’s a long story. If you do see him, can you let me know?”

Seamus glanced at Mikayla who was still scanning the crowd. A look of understanding crossed his face and he nodded.

“Thanks,” she smiled. “Good seeing you.”

Ginny was about to take off when Seamus pulled on her hand. She looked at him curiously. He leaned down so he was close to her ear.

“Ginny, please be careful,” he said loud enough for her to hear.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “You sound just like Harry. I did survive Voldemort twice and a kidnapping. I think I know how to watch out for myself.”

“Yeah, I know all about you and your heroic husband,” he sighed. He looked at her seriously. “I know I go here a lot but I’m not like the other blokes around here. They will do anything for a shag, Ginny, and when they have a girl in their sight they will do anything to get her. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. I don’t want to see anything happen to you. Not to mention Harry will skin me alive if something did.”

They both smiled at that. Seamus grew serious again.

“Please be careful,” Seamus pleaded, genuinely concerned for her.

Ginny gave him a soft smile. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re a good friend, Seamus. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

He nodded and with a wave he disappeared into the crowd, his eyes on a blonde that just passed them by.

“Do you see him anywhere?” Mikayla asked anxiously once Seamus left. She had remained entirely quiet throughout Ginny’s conversation with Seamus.

Ginny looked around the crowded place and knew it was hopeless to find him from where they were standing. She glanced up and noticed the railing around the upper level and saw people leaning against it.

“Let’s go upstairs. We can see better from up there,” Ginny suggested. Mikayla immediately grabbed her hand and hauled her to the nearest staircase. They hurried up the steel steps and quickly spotted a small empty table next to the railing. Ginny barely register similar decorations as the ground level before Mikayla pulled her toward the railing.

“This should work,” Mikayla said and leaned over the railing. Her head moved back and forth rapidly as she scanned the dance floor from above. Her shoulders sagged in disappointment when she could not find Colin. She sank into one of the chairs. “Bugger. Where could he be?”

Ginny sat in the chair opposite her and drummed her fingers on the table. She glanced around and saw two men had taken notice of them. They were standing at the bar, talking with each other and watching Ginny and Mikayla with interest.

“Ugh,” Ginny shuddered. “We’re being leered at.”

“That happens often in a club, Ginny,” Mikayla explained distractedly as she looked around.

“I don’t like it,” Ginny muttered.

“Harry does it all the time,” Mikayla commented lightly. She looked directly at her. “You should have seen the looks he was giving you when you weren’t looking at your wedding reception. It looked like he wanted to throw you on a table and take you right then and there.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. Tonks had said more or less the same thing earlier in the week and briefly wondered if Harry had truly looked at her like that and she just hadn’t noticed. “Harry’s allowed to look at me like that. He’s my husband.”

“Husbands don’t exist here,” Mikayla replied and glanced at the two men who were still staring at them. “They’re pretty dishy if you ask me.”

“Mikayla,” Ginny said sharply, “we are not here to pick up strange men.”

“Well if things don’t go right with Colin, I will be,” Mikayla snorted and craned her neck to see behind Ginny. “I hope he’s here and hasn’t left yet.”

Ginny privately agreed. The sooner they found Colin, the sooner she could get out of there.

And then it seemed as if someone was listening to her thoughts and making her wishes come true. Just further down the bar was Colin surrounded by a group of his friends and a brunette wearing a very short and strapless gold dress trying to gather all his attention.

“Mika,” Ginny whispered and leaned forward. The other witch glanced at her. “He’s behind you.”

Mikayla made to turn around, but Ginny reached out and grabbed her arm. “No!”

Mikayla frowned at her. “What?”

Ginny bit her bottom lip and tried to figure out the best way to phrase this. “Err . . . he’s with his friends and . . . well—”

“There’s some witch hanging all over him, isn’t there?” Mikayla whispered at once. Her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared slightly. “Tell me what’s he doing?”

Ginny glanced at Colin again. He looked as if he had no idea how to act with a girl. “Acting like a bumbling idiot.”

“Good,” Mikayla said with triumph in her voice. “That means he doesn’t know how to chat up anyone else because he’s been with me for so long.”

“You do remember that he didn’t even know how to chat you up in the first place, right?” Ginny pointed out.

Mikayla simply glared at her. She took a deep breath and glanced behind her shoulder. Her head whipped back around and she looked highly offended.

“Does that wench have her hands on his shoulders?” she whispered harshly.

Ginny took another look, and sure enough the brunette had her hands on Colin’s shoulders and was standing on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. He looked completely flabbergasted. Ginny gave Mikayla a quick nod.

Mikayla let out a soft growl and she looked as if she was going to start hexing the girl at any moment. Ginny couldn’t blame her; if it had been Harry, she would probably be thinking the same thing or worse. Then again, she did hex those two hussies back in San Diego for propositioning Harry right in front of her. She had no regrets about that!

“What should I do?” Mikayla asked, her anger replaced with fear and bringing Ginny’s attention back to the situation at hand. “That girl is ten times prettier than me.”

“Just go over there and give him a piece of your mind,” Ginny suggested. Mikayla looked rather unsure, but Ginny wasn’t going to have any of that. Her friend was stronger than this and she would not let her friend give up the love of her life. She grabbed her hand and gave her a fierce look. “Mikayla, you know how hard you fought for him in school and there is no way you’re giving it up now. You both said really stupid stuff, him more than you, but you are not going to give up. You two belong together. Now go over there and fix this with Colin.”

And still, Mikayla looked like she was defeated. She looked up at Ginny with tears in her eyes. “Ginny, I shouldn’t have to do this. He’s the one who screwed up.”

“Be that as it may, he’s a man and they are thick beyond belief,” Ginny sighed. She glanced at Colin again and the brunette was still pawing at him. “And from the looks of it, he doesn’t seem like he’s interested in any other girl right now despite having one climbing all over him.”

Mikayla took the chance to look back at Colin but that was a mistake. The brunette had taken the opportunity to kiss Colin full on the lips.

When Mikayla looked back at Ginny, she looked fit to kill again. Ginny watched her friend carefully and tried to figure out what she was going to do. She even placed her hand on her hidden wand, ready to stop Mikayla just in case she needed to. But instead of Mikayla reaching for her own wand and cursing the brunette, she did something completely unexpected; she turned and gave the two men who were staring at them earlier a very flirty smile and a wink. Ginny’s jaw dropped in shock.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ginny whispered harshly.

“Trying to get Colin to realize what he’s missing,” she replied without looking at her. She kept her eyes on the two men, who to Ginny’s horror were walking toward them.

“I’m married!” Ginny whispered.

“What Harry doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Mikayla whispered back and glanced at her. “And I’m not asking you to invite one of them over for a shag or anything. Just talk to one of them while I get Colin’s attention with the other. Dance with him if you must.”

“Mikayla, if you weren’t my best friend I would murder you right here and now,” Ginny muttered under her breath. “Harry isn’t going to like this when he hears it.”

“Which he won’t,” Mikayla insisted.

“Oh, you expect me to keep mum on this when you know it’s going to end up in half of tomorrow’s papers,” Ginny argued. “He’ll hear about it long before I see him again!”

“I thought you didn’t care what the papers said about you and Harry,” Mikayla replied.

“I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I need to give them more ammo to attack us with,” Ginny answered heatedly. “Why do I let you bring me into these things?”

“Because I’m your best friend and you would do anything for me just like I would do anything for you. Now shut up and smile.”

Mikayla turned away from her and shot a flirty smile as the men reached them. Both were blonde and blue eyed, one however was shorter and stockier and seemed into Mikayla.

“Hello,” Mikayla greeted them and tossed her hair behind her shoulders.

“Why hello there,” the shorter one said, smiling at Mikayla. “What are two lovely ladies like yourselves doing sitting all alone?”

“Why waiting for some men like you to come and show us a good time,” Mikayla replied in a very flirty voice which did not suit her at all.

Ginny kicked her beneath the table. She didn’t let on to it at all and instead continued to give coy looks to the men. Oh, she was going to pay for this.

The two men exchanged looks with each other. The shorter one leaned on top of the table and smiled at Mikayla. “The name’s Roger. And this here is Mark,” he glanced at Ginny and grinned roguishly, “he’s got a thing for red heads.”

Ginny refrained from gagging. She gave him a tight smile in return.

“I’m Mikayla,” Mikayla introduced herself, “and my friend here is Ginny.”

“Such beautiful names for beautiful girls,” Roger replied.

Mikayla let out an uncharacteristic giggle. Ginny stared at her in surprise.

“Who are you and what have you done with my friend?” Ginny hissed across the table. She yelped when Mikayla kicked her under the table. Ginny shot her a glare. Mikayla gave her a look that plainly told her to just play along but turning back to Roger and giving him a dazzling smile.

“Well, Roger,” Mikayla nearly purred and stood up. “I’m a bit thirsty. Care to buy me a drink?”

“Certainly,” Roger replied and followed her to the bar.

Ginny watched as Mikayla led him towards Colin and the brunette and wondered how this would all play out. She caught a glimpse of Seamus standing next to the bar with the blonde he had his eyes on, who Ginny was rather surprised to see was Lavender Brown. At the moment, however, he was watching Ginny intently no doubt watching her carefully.

“So,” Mark’s deep voice brought her back to the fact that he was standing next to her, “would you like a drink?”

“No thank you,” Ginny said stiffly and crossed her arms. She looked away from Seamus who was watching Mark with a certain glint in his eyes and for a moment Ginny was glad she had him looking out for her. She looked back at Mark who had a predatory look in his eyes, the same look Harry had in his eyes whenever he wanted to exercise certain martial activities.

So that’s the look Harry’s always going on about, she thought to herself. Looks so much better on Harry. Just plain scary on this git.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked and took Mikayla’s empty chair. “A hot girl like you could use a drink to cool down.”

Ginny was devoutly thankful that Harry never used ridiculous lines like that. While he was never the best at sweet talking her and only marginally improved over the years, he certainly didn’t say anything like that. She wondered just how many girls fell for something like Mark had just said.

“No,” she repeated and brought her attention back to the bar. She briefly glanced at Seamus, noting him saying something in Lavender’s ear. She turned to look at Ginny and gave her a smile small before turning back to Seamus and nodded. He moved somewhat closer to her. She tried to give him a reassuring look before putting her attention back on what was developing with Mikayla and Colin.

It seemed like whatever scheme Mikayla had just cooked up was working. Colin was staring at her in shock and ignoring the brunette. Mikayla was ignoring Colin completely and sipping on a drink Roger had bought her. She laughed and put her hand on Roger’s shoulder.

“You know,” Mark’s voice broke through to her again. She found him leaning across the table toward her and he seemed like he was trying to look down her top without getting caught. Ginny pushed her chair back. “I’m very fond of redheads. They tend to be passionate and fiery.”

“Oh really,” Ginny replied and stood up and hoped she could get rid of the git. She caught Seamus standing just within her peripheral vision. “Funny. That’s what my husband says.”

“You’re married?” Mark repeated. Instead of turning him off, he seemed even more interested in her. He stood up and took a step closer for her. “Naughty housewife you are, going to a club like this.”

Ginny pulled a disgusted face and tried to step around him.

“Now, now, sweet thing,” Mark sang and grabbed a hold of her arm. He pulled her against him, causing Ginny to gasp in surprise.

“Get your hands off me,” she demanded. Her eyes flickered in the direction of Seamus. He was much closer to her and had his hand on his pocket which she assumed was where his wand was.

“You don’t mean that,” Mark said and leaned in close to her. “If you did then you wouldn’t be here. Now come on, I bet you I can show you a really good time. Better than that husband of yours.”

“I said to get your hands off me,” Ginny spat between gritted teeth. She was going to murder Mikayla all right.

“Playing hard to get,” he chuckled under his breath. “I like that. Let’s go have a dance and then I’ll take you back to my place.”

Ginny looked up at him and gave him a sweet smile. She surreptitiously pulled her wand out from its hiding place and pointed it at him below the belt. With a whispered incantation and a twist of her wand, Mark had let go of her immediately and shouted out in pain.

“Now you listen to me you chauvinistic pig. When a girl says no, she means no,” she said and gave a sharp twist of her wand. Mark gasped and fell to his knees. He looked as if he had tears in his eyes now. She knew she had attracted a crowd but she didn’t care. She caught Seamus in the corner of her eye but couldn’t tell what he was doing. “She’s not playing hard to get, she’s just not interested and you certainly won’t get a girl by acting like a complete arsehole.”

She let up her wand and watched Mark fall to the ground taking great gasping breaths. She stood above him, one foot on his chest and stared down at him. “By the way, the husband whose wife you were just hitting on and forcing yourself onto is Harry Potter. He doesn’t exactly like it when other men try to chat me up like that. Very jealous man. And trust me, when he finds out about this little incident, you’re going to wish you were facing Voldemort instead.”

Ginny took a moment to savor the look of fear in his eyes. Then with an innocent smile she strode off in the direction of Mikayla.

She felt a familiar hand on her shoulder and laughing in her ear.

“Well you certainly know how to take care of yourself!” Seamus sniggered.

“I told you I could,” she replied loftily. “Why do you think Harry’s so afraid to cross me?”

That only caused Seamus to laugh harder. “You sure are something else.”

Ginny stopped in her tracks and turned toward Seamus. She smiled softly at him. “Listen, thanks for keeping an eye out for me.”

He shrugged. “What are friends for, right?”

She hugged him briefly and stepped back. She glanced behind his shoulder and saw Lavender making her way towards them. She turned her eyes onto him again. “Lavender, eh?”

He grinned. “I’ve always had a thing for her, just never acted on it. I think now’s the right time for that.” He nodded in the direction of Mikayla and Colin. “I think you better get over there before that gets out of control.”

Ginny nodded. They made quick goodbyes and Ginny hurried to see what had transpired between her friends.

What she found when she got there was that her friends was attracting a small crowd of their own. Both Mikayla and Colin were arguing heatedly with each other and Roger was sitting on a stool, nursing a black eye and the brunette in the gold dress was cooing over him.

“. . . I might as well do what you’re accusing me of then!” Mikayla shouted.

“Oh, so you were sneaking around my back?” Colin replied with a snarl.

“You stupid prat! I would never do anything like that to you!” Mikayla snapped and marched up to him. “Don’t you get it? After everything I went through to get you, you still think I would do something as idiotic as that.”

She seemed to have lost the fight in her and looked dejectedly at the floor. “Colin, you have no idea what it’s been like for me these past few weeks. And now I find you here and I just . . . I just guess I should give up hope of us ever working this out. I thought after we talked we could get past this, but I guess not.”

Colin looked properly abashed and pulled Mikayla into his arms. He made shushing sounds as she cried. “Oh, Mikayla. I’m so sorry.” He lifted her chin so she could look at him. “Let’s go home and talk this out.”

Mikayla nodded and the two of them made their way out of the crowd leaving a stunned Ginny behind. Ginny hurried after them and caught up with them once she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Leave me behind, why don’t you,” Ginny muttered under her breath.

Mikayla glanced at her and gave her a sheepish smile. “Sorry.”

Ginny shrugged. “Just know that you owe me big time.”

Just as they were leaving the club, Ginny felt a sudden warmth on the hollow of her neck and glanced down at her necklace. She hardly noticed the warmth the charm constantly emitted, but the intensity she just felt made her thoughts go to Harry and she wondered what he was doing.

* * * * * *

Somewhere off on an island in Wales in a hotel room, Harry Potter laid on a bed, hands behind his head and having a very hard time sleeping. His mind was on Ginny, like it always was. He wondered why exactly she had to go to Velvet with Mikayla. He didn’t like the idea of his wife in a place like that but trusted her to watch out for herself if she had too.

He sighed and placed his hands on his stomach. He lifted his left one and stared at his wedding ring which glinted slightly in the dim moonlight.

Being married to Ginny was definitely an experience but he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She probably had no idea the effect she had on him. She emitted this power over him that he was more than happy to succumb to if it meant he could just be near her for a moment longer.

And while Harry was deliriously happy to be with her all the time, he had no idea how to actually live with her. He never had to live with a girl all the time (Aunt Petunia didn’t count and his summers with the Weasleys didn’t exactly count as living with them in his opinion). So, he opted to just live life like he usually did. But it seemed to be driving her crazy as the day before had shown him. She was just as nervous and unsure as he was on how to go about being actually married and it made him feel a little bit better that he wasn’t the only one. She seemed to share the fears as he did and he had tried to reassure her, yet he couldn’t help but still have those fears. How did one go from being single to married? Why was it so hard to get used to living with the one you loved all the time? Why were the tiniest things getting to them? Harry didn’t have the answers to those questions and had a fleeting notion of perhaps talking to his father-in-law and hoped he could shed some light on it.

Harry’s thoughts strayed to the fights they had recently and wondered if they were a result of their inexperience at marriage. He really hoped there was an answer to it. He did not like to fight with Ginny like that, especially over the dumbest of things.

The harsh words she had said to him rang in his ears again. He knew she didn’t mean them and she had only said them because she was angry and it was in the heat of the moment, but that didn’t stop it from hurting. Whatever was going on between them needed to be fixed. They needed to talk and the sooner, the better.

The door to the room opened suddenly and it filled with light. Harry heard the loud voice of his roommate, Graham Baker, one of the Beaters for the starting string of the team. Apparently he had just gotten back from a night out with most of the team doing Merlin who knows what.

“Oi! Potter! Don’t tell me you’re already asleep?” Graham guffawed as he slammed the door shut behind him. The lights in the room switched on.

“I was trying to,” Harry grumbled and sat up in the bed. “Sort of had an exhausting night and morning.”

“Trouble with the missus, eh?” Graham asked with raised eyebrows. “Or was it that you were too busy keeping her tied up in bed?”

Harry frowned as he laughed heartily. Graham was a nice guy but when it came to women, he thought of himself as a ladies’ man and thought a rich and fulfilling life was to have a different bird every week. He had been the one making the remarks about Ginny’s dress at their wedding and taking the mickey out of Harry every chance he got. Harry hadn’t wanted to invite him, but Ginny insisted and claimed it would be rude to invite the entire team except for him. At least he had kept it at comments and hadn’t done anything; that would have probably ended with Harry spending his wedding night being interrogated by the MLES for hexing Graham and turning him into frog spawn.

Graham gave a heavy sigh and sank onto his own bed. “Don’t know why you bother with it at all, Harry. Marriage just doesn’t sound like much fun.”

“It has its ups and downs,” Harry replied, “but the ups far outweigh the downs.”

Graham shook his head. “But it doesn’t beat the single life. I mean, why settle for one bird when there’s dozens out there ready to throw themselves at you. Now, that’s life!”

Harry knew better than to argue on that subject. Graham liked the single life and Harry was set on monogamy. There was no changing Graham’s mind on that.

“But I must say, you’ve got something with Ginny,” Graham said and made Harry blink in surprise. “You’re a lucky bloke to get a girl like that. Merlin knows I could never snag something that good.”

Harry stared at him, trying to figure out a reply to that when Graham stood up again and went to his bag.

“She must be good if you’re leaving so quickly after practice every day if you know what I mean,” Graham said with his back turned to Harry. He made some sort of motion with his hips and laughed. He glanced behind his shoulder with a roguish look on his face. “No wonder you’re moping about it.”

Harry had enough. “Oi! I’d appreciate it if you’d stop talking about my wife like she’s a trophy. Ginny means a lot more to me that a shagging partner, got it?”

Graham looked at him and seemed apologetic. “Sorry, mate. I’m just joking around with you.”

“Joke with me all you want,” Harry continued, “but leave Ginny out of it.”

Graham gave him a short nod and went back to digging inside his bag. Harry turned around and faced the other way. He was already having a hard enough time dealing with being away from Ginny and he was not about to deal with Graham.

Harry sighed and punched his pillow with his fist in an effort to get comfortable. The lights switched off and he knew Graham had finally gone to bed. Harry rolled onto his back and let his mind wander back to Ginny.

He couldn’t quite believe that they had been married for over a month. He was pleased with himself for taking Ginny out and recreating their first date. She had enjoyed herself and she absolutely adored the earrings he had given her. Though, he had to admit that those had not been his original plan; his wedding gift to her was supposed to be completed by now and he had wanted to surprise her last Tuesday with that instead, but there were a few things that were still preventing him from getting it done.

Harry had been leaving practice immediately after it was over, but it wasn’t to spend hours lounging in bed with Ginny as Graham had thought. Harry was trying desperately to get his gift finished for her and to cover up what he was doing, he told her he was spending extra time in the club gym and had long practices. So far she didn’t seem suspicious, but he could only pull this off for so long. Sooner or later she was going to demand to know what he was doing and he hoped he could finish before that happened. She’d already noticed the large withdrawals from their vault and he was running out of excuses for those.

With a final sigh, Harry closed his eyes and allowed himself to dream of Ginny as he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 18: Chapte Eighteen - The Fun of Family Gatherings
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A/N: I'm SO SORRY I've taken so long. The new school year started and I've been SWAMPED! It's insane lately and I'm barely staying afloat with everything.

So here it is. Enjoy!


Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Eighteen – The Fun of Family Gatherings

Ginny Apparated well away from the Burrow for Sunday dinner deciding that she wanted to take a bit of a walk first. She had had a somewhat eventful morning so far and wanted to be alone for a little while before dealing with the mayhem that was her family.

She hadn’t slept well the night before, finding it nearly impossible without Harry. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had gotten used to having him next to her. She had only fallen asleep once she had clutched onto his pillow and breathed in his scent all night.

During breakfast she had listened to the wireless, which was a huge mistake. Apparently her appearance at Velvet was the top celebrity news story. The segment had made it seem like she was coming on to every guy in the place and dragged some bloke off into a dark alleyway. As soon as Ginny had heard it she headed out of the flat into Muggle London before her mother could Floo over and demand an explanation.

Her time in Muggle London had been rather peaceful as she ran some errands. When she had entered Diagon Alley to finish her errands she had to endure looks, no doubt wondering what exactly she had gotten up to the night before, from other patrons, but Ginny was no stranger to that sort of thing. She had promptly ignored the looks and whispers and went about her business.

When she had returned to the flat, Mikayla had paid her a Floo call, running through everything that had happened between herself and Colin when the three of them had left Velvet. Ginny had a hard time keeping up with her friend but she had gotten the gist of it all; all was well and it appeared Colin had proposed. Despite being happy for her friend, Ginny had let Mikayla know exactly how she had felt about being left alone with that git Mark. Mikayla had apologized and thanked her for her moral support and promised she would make it up to her. Before she had left she asked Ginny to be her matron-of-honor which Ginny had happily agreed to.

The rest of the day Ginny had put away her purchases and worked some more on putting her and Harry’s wedding album together before heading off to Burrow to listen to the match on the wireless with the family, which they always did when they couldn’t all go to a match together.

So now Ginny found herself walking towards her childhood home. She wrapped her arms around herself as a slight wind picked up. The jacket she wore was rather light as it hadn’t seemed like it was very cold outside. She wore her other pair of make-Harry-go-crazy jeans and a white buttoned up shirt she had nicked from Harry’s side of the wardrobe. She had tied the front shirt tails of it together so the shirt fit her better. She chose the shirt because it had Harry’s scent on it and she wanted to engulf herself in it since he wasn’t around. She knew it was silly but she missed him so much, even wearing his shirt would help to ease her loneliness.

Her necklace flared with warmth suddenly; it had been going in and out of intensity all morning. She wondered what Harry was doing all day to make him think of her with that much intensity. Was he angry and upset with her or was he missing her as much as she missed him? Sighing, she looked into the horizon and continued on her way.

As she came closer to the lopsided house, she made out several figures standing in the back garden. The most noticeable one was a small figure running after a Toddler Toy Snitch as it fluttered through the air. Ginny smiled at the sound of her nephew’s gleeful laughter. She was very happy that Adrian enjoyed his Christmas gift from his Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny. Harry had wanted to get the toddler a toy broomstick. He had almost succeeded until Ginny reminded him that he would have to suffer both Molly and Fleur’s wrath if he made the purchase and that she would blame it entirely on him. Harry had settled on the Toddler Toy Snitch, a very large, rather slow and soft version of a Snitch.

Adrian squealed in delight when he caught the Snitch. He jumped up, throwing his arms out and allowing the toy to take flight again. He chased after it with just as much enthusiasm as he had before. When Ginny got closer, Adrian spotted her and broke into a huge grin before running toward her in delight.

Tante Ginny! Tante Ginny!” little Adrian shrieked happily and reached Ginny in no time. He threw his arms around her legs and smiled up at her. “Tante Ginny!

“Hello, my sweet,” she cooed and picked him up. She gave him a big kiss on his cheek. Adrian returned the gesture and squealed when Ginny tickled him. “Are you having fun?”

Adrian nodded and looked around as if expecting something. “Où Oncle Harry?

“Uncle Harry has a match today, my sweet. We’re going to listen to it on the wireless and cheer for him. He’ll come later, okay?” Ginny explained patiently as she continued to carry him. She wondered why her nephew was only speaking French to her. She didn’t know much of it and was thankful that his current knowledge of the language was simple. She looked up at the others present and noticed that it consisted of four of her six brothers. She knew Charlie and Tabitha couldn’t make it this month and Percy and Penelope weren’t coming either as they were having dinner with Penelope’s family that night.

“Hello,” she greeted her brothers while shifting Adrian to her hip. She kissed each of them on the cheek and they muttered greetings back to her. She looked at Bill. “Is Adrian going through a French phase?”

Bill grinned and took his son from her arms. “He’s been mixing his English and French, but right now he seems stuck on French only.”

Papa, où Maman et le bébé sont?” Adrian asked his father. Ginny blinked in surprise at his words. Her knowledge of the French language was limited, but she was fairly certain she knew enough to understand the question Adrian had just asked Bill.

Ginny watched her eldest brother’s face turn bright red and his ill-attempt at hiding his smile. He said something in French to Adrian before the little boy ran off to chase after his toy.

“So, did I just hear my nephew let it slip that he is going to be a big brother?” Ginny asked with a giddy smile when Bill offered no explanation.

Bill gave her a sheepish smile. His scarred face did not distort the pure happiness his features took on. “Yeah.”

“Oh, Bill!” Ginny squealed and threw herself at him. She hugged him tightly and he returned the hug. “I’m so happy for you! How’s Fleur?”

“She’s fine,” Bill answered. “She’s not as sick as she was with Adrian so it came as a bit of surprise. But we’re both happy.”

“When is she due?” Ginny asked excitedly.

“November 28,” Bill replied.

“Wow. Happy almost birthday to you,” she laughed and hugged him again. She pulled away and looked at her surrounding brothers. She noticed they were rather silent throughout the exchange and it made her suspicious. “Right, so are you gathered out here to tell Bill good job at being a man and all that tosh?”

Fred and George exchanged looks and Ron studied the ground beneath their feet. Ginny frowned and turned to Bill. “What’s going on?”

“Well,” Bill sighed and glanced at the house. If Ginny listened carefully, she could hear the banging of pots and pans and the muffled sound of her mother’s voice.

Not good, she thought to herself.

“We’re sort of staying out of Mum’s way right now,” Bill finally answered.

Ginny sighed and crossed her arms. “All right, who did what?”

“Actually, Ginny,” Ron spoke up and gave Ginny a look of discontent, “it started with you.”

“Me?!” Ginny exclaimed and dropped her arms to her sides. She put her hands on her hips and glared at Ron. “What did I do? I just got here so how could I possibly start anything?”

“Does Velvet mean anything?” Ron accused bitterly.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me Mum believes all that rubbish,” Ginny scoffed and crossed her arms again. She knew her mother had been listening to the wireless that morning.

“What were you doing there, Ginny?” Ron demanded and mimicked her position. “And why did you go when Harry was gone for the weekend?”

“First of all don’t you dare accuse me of cheating on Harry,” Ginny growled and poked Ron roughly in the chest. “You of all people know I would never do that to him. And second of all, why do you believe what other people say, especially people who weren’t even there!”

“Why were you there?” Ron asked again. “That’s not a place I would expect you to go.”

Ginny took a deep breath and refrained from grabbing her wand. She looked at her other assembled brothers and saw them wearing the same mixed looks of curiosity and accusation. “Look, Mikayla needed me to go with her because she was having issues with Colin. I didn’t have much of a choice. Some idiot tried to pick me up so I taught him a lesson and before you ask, Harry knew I was there. He knows I would never do anything like that behind his back. He trusts me unlike you lot.”

Her brothers were silent and wore various expressions of guilt. Ginny however was determined to steer things away from her. “You can’t honestly tell me that the reason the four of you are hiding out here had to do solely with me? This stuff happens all the time. And I know it doesn’t take four of you to watch Adrian, so someone explain to me what else is going on before I walk into that kitchen and get attacked by Mum because one of you idiots decided to do something daft again.”

The four of them looked reluctant to say anything else. Getting tired of it, she looked at Bill and waited for a response. He sighed.

“Right, so it started with you then I told her my news and she pretty much forgot about you being on the wireless, then Fred tested out a new product on the chickens she was preparing. She wasn’t exactly expecting them to suddenly begin singing at her,” Bill explained.

“Sensational Spices,” Fred interjected with a wide grin on his face, “get a new kick out of your meals! Though, it was supposed to do a dance number while singing Greensleeves.”

He pulled out a scrap of parchment from his pocket along with a quill and began scribbling on it, completely engrossed with his work.

Bill shook his head at Fred and sighed. He snuck a glance at George before looking back at Ginny. “Mum swears there’s something going on with George and has been trying to get it out of him all morning.”

At that, George took off to play with Adrian with Fred shouting out suggestions to improve their latest product after him. She watched as George walked away.

“You got to admit,” Bill said quietly, his eyes fixed on his younger twin brothers and son, “he’s not the same. Something’s changed. He’s different.”

Ginny was not about to admit that she knew what was going on with George. She made a promise to him and intended to keep it. He would tell the family in his own time.

“George being different would not force you lot to hide. And neither would Fred pulling a prank on Mum. All that can’t possibly be the reason why you four are cowering out here. What’s going on?” Ginny asked again. She looked between her two remaining brothers and found that the tips of Ron’s ear were bright red and his hands were shoved deep into his pockets.

“Ah, well, Ronnie here takes the cake,” Bill sighed with a wide devilish grin. He threw an arm around Ron’s shoulders and pulled him to his side. Ron shoved him away. “Apparently he and Hermione got a flat together and he is moving in tomorrow morning. So now according to Mum, he’s living in sin and dragged Hermione with him.”

Ginny was torn between happiness and pity for Ron (and a twinge of anger still for his accusations). She knew that he and Hermione had wanted to do this for a while and she was happy that they finally decided to go through with it. She felt sorry though because she knew their mother did not approve of her children living with significant others and not even being engaged. Ginny was sure her mother still wouldn’t have approved of it if she and Harry had moved in together before they got married. They had pushed to where she would spend the night sometimes and she had known the only reason her mother hadn’t flayed them alive was because they were engaged. As far as she knew Ron and Hermione had no plans to get married any time soon and that probably had a lot to do with why her brothers were seeking refuge out in the back garden from their mother.

“So you finally told her,” Ginny asked in what she hoped was a soothing voice.

“I knew she wasn’t going to take this well,” Ron moaned and rubbed his face with his hands. He cast a fleeting look at the house. “And I’m sure Hermione’s angry with me now too.”

Ginny frowned but caught on rather quick. “Don’t tell me you left her inside to deal with Mum while you escaped.”

He nodded and kept his eyes fixed on the ground. “Mum didn’t really seem that upset with her though. She seems to think this was all my doing. She thinks I lured Hermione into the idea.”

“Oh, Ron,” Ginny sighed. She hugged him briefly. “She’ll get over it eventually.”

Ron looked hopefully up at her. “Yeah?”

Ginny nodded. “Of course, but I don’t know how soon Hermione will forgive you for leaving her like that.”

Ron groaned and smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand. He turned to Bill, looking for some brotherly advice. Ginny made her goodbyes and cautiously entered the house.

There was a tension in the air and Ginny knew better than to break it. She surveyed the scene as she peeked inside. Fleur was sitting at the table, peeling potatoes by hand while Hermione was mixing something in a bowl at the counter. Both looked up at Ginny when she entered and gave her polite smiles. Ginny returned them and carefully closed the door behind her. She watched her mother slam the oven door shut and tried to be as quiet as possible.

“Now really, what is that boy thinking?” Molly ranted and shook her head. She turned and looked at Hermione. “Not that I’m blaming you, Hermione, dear. You’re wonderful for Ron, I just wish that both of you were thinking about this before doing it. Has he even mentioned marriage? It would be different if you were engaged, but even then it isn’t proper for two unmarried people to live with each other until after you’ve been married. It just seems silly to me that you two want to do this.”

“Mrs. Weasley, Ron and I love each other and want to be together,” Hermione explained timidly. It amazed Ginny that her strong and often opinionated friend would be so shy like this. Then again it was Molly Weasley the poor girl had to deal with, and a rather angry Molly Weasley at that. No one could stand up to an angry Molly Weasley and come out of it unscathed unless you had a death wish.

“Be that as it may –” Molly stopped when she turned and spotted Ginny standing in front of the door.

“Hello, Mum,” Ginny greeted her warmly and strode across the room. She kissed her on the cheek. “Need any help?”

“Hello, dear. Why don’t you help Fleur?” Molly suggested and watched her daughter carefully.

Ginny nodded and took off her jacket. She draped it over a chair next to Fleur and promptly washed her hands. She hoped her mother wouldn’t question her right away and decided to act like nothing happened. She glanced at Hermione and thought that maybe she should try to distract her mother’s attention. She focused on Fleur and smiled.

“Congratulations, Fleur,” Ginny said politely and kissed Fleur on the cheek. She hoped her mother would take the bait and focus on the newest pending arrival. Grandchildren were her weak spot after all. “Adrian sort of spilled the news to me.”

“Thank you, Ginny,” Fleur smiled. “Bill eez ever so ‘appy about it.”

“We are all very happy for you and Bill,” Molly said. “Another grandbaby! It’s wonderful news!”

For a moment Ginny thought her mother was going to leave her alone and lay off Hermione and focus on the news of another grandchild. She let out a silent sigh of relief and retrieved a knife to help Fleur.

“As I was saying,” Molly sighed and turned back to Hermione. “I still don’t think you and Ron should be doing this.”

So much for distracting her with talk of grandchildren.

“We’ve already signed the papers,” Hermione explained. “We can’t break the contract. And we’re going to be in separate bedrooms.”

Ginny stifled a snort of disbelief. She knew her brother and Hermione were not going to do such a thing. Not after hearing Hermione’s admission at her hen party.

“But you two aren’t married! You’re not even engaged,” Molly continued woefully. She looked at Ginny. “Ginny and Harry didn’t move in together before they were married and they were engaged.”

Hermione met Ginny’s eyes briefly and they both wisely kept their mouths shut. Ginny had told Hermione on countless occasions that she and Harry had wanted to move in together before their wedding. She never ventured into that particular topic with her mother knowing that she would never hear the end of it.

“If only you two were at least engaged—”

“Molly, will you please drop it. Ron is a grown adult and can make his own decisions. If he and Hermione want to live together just let them be.”

Arthur had entered the room and seemed to have stopped Molly in her tracks. He approached her and kissed her on the cheek. “Leave them alone.”

“Arthur, are you condoning this?” Molly asked with narrowed eyes.

“Molly, I’m not saying I agree with them, but you need to realize that if both of them want to do this, nothing you say is going to stop them. More and more young witches and wizards are unmarried and living together. Things have changed since we were their age. It wasn’t acceptable back then but you knew people wanted to do it. Would you have done the same thing when you were their age if you had the opportunity?”

“Of course I wouldn’t,” Molly huffed and turned toward the counter. “I would have done exactly as my parents wished.”

“Ah,” Arthur sighed and stood behind her. “I seem to remember a certain young red headed witch who was always set on not doing as her parents wished. In fact if she did do as her parents said, she wouldn’t be standing here right at this very moment.”

To Ginny’s complete surprise her mother blushed profusely and muttered something inaudible to her father. Ginny glanced at Hermione who shrugged but seemed relieved that she wasn’t being harassed by Molly any longer.

Arthur turned after kissing Molly on the cheek again. He spotted his daughter and beamed. “Ginny! When did you get here?”

“Just now,” she replied. He kissed her on the cheek.

“Any idea if Harry is going to make it tonight?” he asked.

Ginny shrugged and ignored the twinge of pain at the mention of Harry. She was missing him more than what was considered healthy. Trying not to look too forlorn, she forced a smile on her face. “No idea. I spoke to him briefly but he didn’t say anything about making it.”

“Ah, well, if Harry doesn’t make it back tonight, could you tell him I want him to see something out in my shed? I’ve got a new Muggle device I want to show him. Something called a compact disc. It’s completely mind-boggling. Muggles listen to music on it and I can’t figure out how.”

“I will, Dad,” she smiled. She shook her head slightly at his excitement over yet another Muggle invention.

“Very good,” he nodded. He turned and addressed Molly again. “Well, I’ll leave you ladies to it.”

He left the kitchen and left the Weasley women and Hermione to themselves.

“So, Ginny,” Molly began as soon as Arthur left. She began to wave her wand over two uncooked chickens, but stopped. She poked one cautiously with her wand and when nothing happened she continued the wand movement. “What’s this I hear about you going to some dance club last night?”

Ginny hoped she could put this off for a little longer but her mother had other ideas. She took a calming breath. Perhaps the best thing for her to do was to tell her mother the truth. After all, it wasn’t like she had done anything wrong. She picked up another potato and began to skin it. “Mikayla needed me to go with her. She had some problems with Colin and needed me for moral support. Don’t believe a word of whatever magazine or radio show tells you.”

“Well they did mention something about another man, in fact I seem to recall hearing you were spotted with two different men,” Molly added in what was supposed to be a nonchalant tone. Her look, however, told Ginny otherwise.

“Someone tried to make his moves on me and I taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget,” Ginny replied. “Nothing more to it. And the other so-called ‘man’ was Seamus. He would never try anything with me. Harry would never let him get away with it if he did. I wouldn’t let him get away with it.”

The kitchen was quiet. Ginny was well aware of Hermione and Fleur watching her but she stuck to her task. She had nothing to hide and was telling the truth.

“Ginny, I don’t think that going to a club like that is proper behavior for a young married witch like yourself, especially when your husband is as famous and well known as Harry.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and looked up from her work. Her mother was directing bean sprouts to cut themselves in mid-air. “Mum, I was helping Mikayla and Harry knew I was there.”

Molly paused in her work and turned to look at her daughter. “And does Harry know what happened at that club?”

Ginny momentarily thought of just staying with the truth but did not like the look her mother was giving her. This, she thought, was a good moment to give a small lie. So putting on her best nonchalant look she nodded. “Of course, I Owled him the moment I got home last night.”

Molly kept her eyes on her daughter. Her eyes softened and she sighed.

“Just be careful about the things you do when Harry isn’t home,” Molly said.

Ginny nodded. “Of course, Mum. I always am.”

Silence fell in the kitchen of the Burrow. There was nothing but the sounds of a meal being prepared. It seemed like a comfortable silence, where everyone sitting within it was able to enjoy the moment of peace. But for Ginny it only allowed her to think on what had occurred between her and Harry in the past few days.

Why didn’t she insist on them talking about this before he left or even during the Floo call the night before? She wasn’t sure how things had become so rocky between them. Ginny had no idea what to do or what to say or how to fix this mess.

Is this how my marriage is going to be from now on? Are things going to be awkward like this? Did I really ruin my marriage?

She didn’t see Harry at fault for anything. Not really. She was the one who opened her mouth spewed those mean-spirited words. She had caused the hurt in his eyes.

Thinking of what she saw in his eyes before he left caused a great deal of pain to rip in her chest.

The door opened suddenly, breaking Ginny out of her self-loathing thoughts. She looked up from her task to see Bill enter with a very muddy Adrian on his shoulders.

“Bill!” Fleur cried and jumped to her feet. She snatched her son from her husband and began speaking rapidly in French to him.

“Fleur, he was just having fun. He’s not hurt, just in need of a bath,” Bill sighed. He pulled a face at Adrian which made the little boy giggle at his father.

“Zat eez besidez zee point!” Fleur shouted and began stomping out of the kitchen with a grinning and giggling Adrian in her arms.

Bill watched Fleur for a moment as she left. He had a look at his face that Ginny had seen countless times on Harry’s face. Despite her being angry with him, Bill still had a look of complete and utter love on his face.

Would Harry ever look at me like that again?

A sob threatened to tear from Ginny’s throat. She held it back and instead felt the prickle of tears that were waiting to fall. She was so caught up in her thoughts and trying to hold back her pain, she hadn’t noticed that Bill had followed Fleur out of the kitchen, nor did she notice her mother tactfully asking Hermione to gather some fresh berries and eggs out in the garden.

“Ginny?” Molly’s soft voice asked gently.

Ginny was startled by hearing a voice that she snapped her head up too fast and winced at the twinge she felt in her neck. She noticed that the kitchen was empty except for her and her mother.

“Is everything all right?” Molly asked.

Ginny hesitated. “Yes. I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine,” Molly sighed. She sat at the table and watched Ginny carefully. “Something’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong, Mum,” Ginny insisted. She tore her eyes from her mother and went back to her task.

“Ginny, I’m your mother and I know when something is wrong,” Molly replied. She pulled Ginny’s hands away from the potatoes and took the knife from her hand. “You can talk to me you know.”

Ginny merely nodded. She knew she could talk to her mother and she wanted to. She was the only person she knew of that could help her figure out what to do and ease her fears. However she was afraid of voicing her fears aloud and what her mother would say.

“Are things going well with you and Harry, dear?” Molly asked gently.

Everything that had happened, everything she had been thinking about since a few days ago swam around her head at a dizzying speed. The rows, the harsh words, the feelings, all of it was becoming too much and before Ginny realized what she was doing she burst into unexpected tears.

“Mum, I think I ruined my marriage!” she cried and buried her face in her hands.

Ginny was dimly aware of her mother moving to sit next to her, the soothing circles she rubbed on her back and the muttering words of comfort to her. She sat there sobbing, something that was very unlike her, but at the moment she couldn’t help it.

After what seemed like ages Ginny lifted her face from her hands and peered at her mother. Sometime during her minor breakdown her mother had set a cup of tea out in front of her, and a few biscuits she had obviously baked earlier that day for afters. Ginny muttered a thanks and picked up a biscuit, shoving it into her mouth she allowed herself to be lost in the sweetness that met her tongue.

“Feeling better?” Molly asked after Ginny had a few moments to calm herself and finish half the biscuit.

Ginny shook her head and ran the pad of her thumb along the rim of her cup. She stared determinedly at the steam rising from the cup instead of her mother. She had already cried in front of her and was ashamed of that as it was. She didn’t want her mother to see the fear and hopelessness in her eyes.

“Do you care to elaborate on that?” Molly encouraged.

Ginny bit her bottom lip and tried to figure out how to phrase what she had been feeling. She blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

“I’m terrible at marriage.”

And with that Ginny confessed everything she had been feeling about her marriage with Harry to her mother. She told her about how all her fears were coming true and the rows she and Harry had and all the thoughts that kept cropping up in the back of her mind, a few traitorous tears escaping as she ended her tale.

“I knew this was going to be hard, but I didn’t think it would be this hard,” Ginny finished and sniffled. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Oh Ginny,” Molly sighed. She reached over and patted Ginny’s hand in reassurance. “Every newly married couple goes through this.”

“So this is normal?” Ginny asked and hoped her mother would say yes. She hated to think she and Harry were the only ones who were dealing with issues like this.

“Perfectly,” Molly nodded.

“So what do I do?” Ginny asked anxiously. “How do Harry and I make all this work? I mean, we were arguing over how loud his music was and how many bottles I have on the bathroom counter. I can’t believe how stupid that was and yet we were so angry with each other and yelling. And I said those awful things to him!”

“The solution is quite simple,” Molly replied and took a sip from her cup. “Compromise.”

“Compromise,” Ginny said slowly.

“Yes,” Molly confirmed. “You have to learn how to live with each other and find a middle ground. You can’t exactly live with each other and go on doing your own thing. Harry is not a flatmate that you can just kick out or take refugee from in your own room. He is your husband and you have to figure out how to balance your lives. If you don’t, you’ll end up feeling like this every day and that’s not a way to live. It’ll take a while but you’ll eventually get it.”

Ginny looked at her nearly empty cup and frowned into it. She wondered what she had to do. This didn’t sound very easy.

Molly placed a comforting hand on Ginny’s arm and caused her to look up. She must have sensed Ginny’s anxiety. “Tell me, sweetheart, what have you and Harry done so far? Have you got some sort of a routine?”

Ginny shrugged. “I suppose. We wake up at the same time together and Harry makes breakfast, I make dinner and we go to bed together.”

Molly smiled. “See, you’ve got a start. Now you just have to go from there. Start with small things, little changes and work your way up.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Ginny agreed and finished off her cup.

“And it wouldn’t hurt if you two took the time to sit and really talk about everything,” Molly added. She stood up and collected their cups. “How often do you two talk to each other?”

“Every day,” Ginny replied and frowned.

“I mean, really talk, Ginny. About your feelings, things of that sort,” Molly clarified. She set the cups in the sink and waved her wand over them.

Ginny furrowed her brow as she thought about it. They always talked about how they felt about each other, but other than that, never. They had that one conversation on the stairwell after she had dragged him out of the pub but there hadn’t been any other conversations like that.

“Never,” Ginny answered. “We don’t. Do you think that’s part of the reason we ended up like this?”

Molly nodded. “Oh, definitely, dear. You have to communicate with each other. That’s one way to make a good marriage. Talk to each other. Tell each other what’s on your mind, what’s bothering you. Maybe you’ll row about it, but in the end it’s a good thing. You won’t end up where you are now.”

Ginny nodded. She was feeling much better about everything. She would take her mother’s advice.

She stood up and approached her mother who was busy arranging the chickens in a pan. Standing next to her, Ginny leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks, Mum,” Ginny said sincerely. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“I’ll always be here for you, Ginny,” Molly smiled. “Now,” she opened the oven and slid the chickens inside, “we have a meal to prepare. Start cleaning the potatoes.”

Ginny was feeling lighter and happier than when she arrived. She knew what to do now and knowing that she began to enjoy her time with her family.

Around four, everyone was gathered around the wireless, talking and joking with each other and waiting for the match to begin.

There was an advertisement for some new brand of cleaning supplies and no one had any interest in listening to it. The family chatted casually, no one really paying any attention the wireless. Ginny sat in silence, her eyes fixed on the wireless and absently twisting her wedding ring around her finger.

She wondered what Harry was doing right now. Was he sitting in the locker room and listening to the pep talk for the starters? Was he dressing in his uniform for a match he wouldn’t play in? Was he thinking of her?

Ginny’s necklace flared suddenly causing her to reach up and touch it. That at least answered her last question. She still wondered why he was thinking of her as much as he was today. She hadn’t felt her necklace warm up so much since she finished up her final year at Hogwarts.

Her thoughts broke when she heard the Quidditch announcer’s voice on the wireless. The chatter around her died away and soon everyone was concentrating on the small box sitting on the table.

“— in a few moments. Now, if you’re just tuning in, folks, let’s catch you up with the latest change in Puddlemere’s line up,” the announcer’s voice rang out in the kitchen. “If you haven’t heard yet, Puddlemere’s Seeker Patrick Mills suffered a serious injury after falling off his broom during the team’s practice early this morning. He reportedly was distracted and slammed into the announcer’s stand. As a result, Puddlemere is putting in their reserve Seeker Harry Potter.”

There was a collective shout of surprise and everyone began talking at once. Ginny sat at the table, staring at the wireless with her mouth slightly opened. The words she had said to him yesterday morning, about him being on the team, came back to her and she felt even worse for saying them.


A voice broke her from her self hatred and she blinked owlishly for a few moments before realizing that her mother was addressing her and her whole family was staring at her.


“Did you know Harry was playing?” Molly asked. She was wringing her hands nervously and looked anxious.

“No,” she replied honestly. “I would have gone if I had known.”

Talk resumed immediately. Ginny tried to tune her family out and concentrated on the announcers’ voices on the wireless. She was straining to hear what the announcers were saying.

“Puddlemere isn’t doing very well this season and needs at least a 400 point win in order to continue on towards the finals. That puts a lot of pressure on Potter and quite frankly, I don’t think he is up to this.”

“OI!” Ginny shouted over the noise of the kitchen. The room fell silent at once. “They’re talking about Harry.”

Silence reigned over the Weasley family and the only voices in the room were of the wireless announcers. Even Adrian was silent.

“True, Potter has never actually played in an official professional match,” the other announcer stated. “You’ve got a point there, Nigel, however I have seen him in some reserve matches and he’s a sight to see in the air. He’s a natural born flier.”

“Natural born flier or not, you still need talent in order to play,” the announcer, Nigel replied. Ginny glared at the small box. She had a few choice words for the Nigel person who clearly had something against Harry. Several of her brothers were even muttering them now. “You know, Liam, many fans out there still think Potter got signed on to Puddlemere United based on only his name.”

Once again, Ginny felt the guilt from her statement toward Harry. She was going to make that up to him the moment he came home.

“Unless you’re blind, I don’t know how anyone can’t see that Potter has talent. He was a marvelous Seeker when he played at Hogwarts and he continues to show that talent even now as a reserve player – and I think the match is about to begin here. Ladies and gentlemen tuning in at home, next up, Puddlemere United versus Holyhead Harpies.”

For the next two hours, the Weasley family sat around the wireless, listening attentively as the match was relayed. Ginny was nearly bursting with anxiety and wishing she was at the match instead of sitting at the kitchen table at the Burrow. At least being at the match would allow her to keep an eye on Harry. It was agony listening and not knowing what he was doing except for the occasional mention of his name. She kept her left hand wrapped around her necklace.

The match itself was intense and fast paced. Ginny had never heard teams scoring so quickly and so much as she listened. Puddlemere was in the lead, surprisingly, and struggling to stay there.

Suddenly there was a roar of sound of the crowd at the match coming over the wireless. Cheering that loud usually meant one thing; the Seekers were chasing the Snitch.

“— spotted the Snitch! Potter and Keller are neck and neck! Potter pulls ahead and – OUCH! Potter takes a Bludger straight to his arm and by the way he’s holding it, it seems like it’s broken. Keller has taken advantage of Potter’s injury and is trying to pull ahead – wait! Potter isn’t giving up. He’s holding on tightly to that broom and trying to stay on top of Keller! They’re taking a dive together! My goodness, those two look like blurs heading after that Snitch! If they don’t pull up soon, they’re going to –”

A shocked and stunned silence fell over the wireless. Ginny glanced up at her family and their anxious faces did nothing for her nerves.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer said solemnly, “both Potter and Keller have crashed. The mediwizards are heading out on the pitch.”

Harry James Potter, you better get off your arse and be okay or I swear I will kill you myself she threatened silently in her head and hoped he could hear her thoughts.

“Folks, there appears to be some movement coming from both Seekers on the pitch and it looks like . . . yes . . . they’re both sitting up, a good sign!”

Ginny let out a sigh of relief but was still going to let her husband have a piece of her mind when he got home.

A roar from the crowd sounded again and the announcer’s excited voice was hard to hear over it, but his words were very clear. “Potter’s got the Snitch! Puddlemere wins 480 to 310!”

Cheers erupted all around Ginny and she joined in. She was very happy that his team won, even though they didn’t have the lead they needed, and after she kissed him in apology, smacked him for his stupidity for crashing she was going to kiss him for winning.

“All right, all right,” Molly’s voice rang out above everyone else. “Let’s get this dinner together. I think a little change in plans are in order.”

At once, the family chipped in to help transform the usual family dinner into a victory banquet for Harry.

Ginny was just putting the finishing touches on the treacle tart for dessert when she heard George hissing in her ear.

“What?” she demanded angrily and rubbed her ear.

“I want to talk to you,” he muttered.

“About what?” she asked and turned to face him. She crossed her arms and looked up at him expectantly.

He glanced around the kitchen and grabbed a hold of her arm. “Not here.”

He pulled her out of the kitchen and into the sitting room as discreetly as possible. Once in the sitting room, George glanced at the door before leaning close to Ginny. He looked nervous and was bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet; he was not at all his usual prank-pulling, always laughing self. It was easy to see why her mother was suspicious.

“Are you going to tell me why you look like a first year caught sneaking into Snape’s dungeon and facing McGonagall’s wrath?” she said impatiently. He gave her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to say anything in front of the others outside earlier,” he mumbled. “I reckon I am a bit different lately.”

“Could have fooled me,” she snorted and looked at him pointedly. “Explain.”

George took a deep breath. “Natalie is it.”

It took Ginny a moment to realize what he meant. Her eyes went wide and a slight gasp escaped her. “You think she’s the one?”

George nodded. “I’m sure she is.” He grinned brightly. “This thing with Natalie is so much different than anything I’ve experienced before, you know? I feel different. I think I finally understand that whole thing you and Harry share. That whole lovey dovey thing that Ron complains about all the time that you know he does with Hermione when they’re alone.”

Ginny laughed and nodded. She leaned up and kissed her brother on the cheek. “I’m really happy for you. Keep me posted, yeah?”

George nodded and together the two of them re-entered the kitchen to continue helping prepare dinner.

Chapter 19: Chaper Nineteen - Outbursts
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Adventures as Newlyweds

Chapter Nineteen – Outbursts

Nearly an hour later, the entire family was sitting around the table and enjoying the meal everyone had helped to make. Barely twenty minutes into dinner, there was a quiet knock on the back door. Molly jumped to her feet and hurried to answer it.

“Harry!” she cried and ushered him inside. “Good heavens, why in Merlin’s name are you knocking? You know you can just walk right in, dear.”

Without letting Harry reply, Molly engulfed him in bone-crushing hug. Once she let go, Harry was finally allowed to enter the kitchen. He wore a wide smile on his face as the family began to crowd around him, shouting out words of congratulations for playing in the match. Ginny hung back in her seat and watched as her husband was welcomed with open arms. For a moment he looked like the small little twelve year old boy he once was and being accepted into her family with no questions asked. His smile radiated his joy of being accepted, of being a part of a family and she was grateful that he was able to be that happy.

And if it were even possible, his look of joy intensified when his eyes landed on her. Ginny was momentarily shocked after everything that had happened between the two of them. Wasn’t he still upset with her? Hadn’t he been thinking over everything like she had? If anything, he should be sending murderous glares in her direction, but he wasn’t. He was looking at her as if she were the most precious thing in the world to him (which deep down, she knew she was just that to him). Neither his eyes nor his face showed any hint of anger with her, only love. So despite Ginny’s own mind was screaming out to her that she shouldn’t allow him to look at her like he was, she wasn’t going to let it come between them at this moment in time. Instead, she returned his smile.

Slowly the family went back to their seats and left Harry with Molly fussing over him.

“Mum, we’ve got a really good Healer for our team. He’s already taken care of me. I’ll be fine,” Harry said as Molly flexed and extended his arm from his elbow back and forth.

“That’s wonderful dear, but let me look you over. I don’t trust a Healer who has twelve other people to look over,” Molly insisted. She yanked the sleeve of his shirt up and eyed his elbow critically. “We were all so worried when you crashed. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

Harry gave in and let his mother-in-law do her own evaluation of him.

“Walk,” Molly ordered once she completed her examination of his arm. Harry gave her a strange look.

“Err, what?” He glanced at Ginny with a pleading look on his face. She merely shrugged in response. She knew her mother wouldn’t be satisfied until she was convinced he truly was fine and nothing she could do could stop her.

“Walk. Walk across the kitchen,” Molly repeated and motioned for him to move.

Harry sighed and did as told. He grimaced slightly as he put his weight on his right leg.

“You’re limping!” Ginny cried and leapt out of her seat. Her chair fell over in her haste to get to him.

“I’m fine,” he insisted. He tried to wave her off but Ginny was having none of it. Her protectiveness over him had kicked in at the sight of him limping.

“You bloody well aren’t fine,” Ginny argued as she knelt on the ground and took his knee gently in her hands. He hissed in pain. She glared up at him. “See!”

“I said I was fine, Ginny,” Harry growled.

“Why are you limping then?” she stood up.

“I’m not,” he insisted.

“You’re a terrible liar.”

“I said I was fine!”

“I’ve never believed that in the past, why should I believe it now?”

“Because it’s the truth!”

“Harry James Potter, why can’t you admit that you’re hurt?”

“I’m not hurt!”

“Then why in Merlin’s name are you limping!”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I’m your wife and I care about you!”

“Didn’t seem that way yesterday! Not after the things you said to me!”

A rare moment of complete silence washed over the kitchen of the Burrow. Everyone was staring at the feuding couple wearing various expressions of shock and surprise. Ginny couldn’t blame them for looking like that. No one knew the problems they were having aside from Molly. She was sure everyone else firmly believed they were the perfect happy couple.

All of Ginny’s insecurities flooded her at once while her shocked family looked on. Not just the rows she and Harry had been having, but the feelings of not being a good enough wife for him came back. If only she were a better wife, none of this would have happened. If she were a better wife, they’d be perfectly happy right now. Those reporters were all right; she could never be good enough for him.

Ginny closed her eyes and took a deep breath to keep herself from losing it. She couldn’t take the staring and silence. She had to leave. She took off through the door that led to the back garden.

She heard Harry swear loudly before the door closed behind her. Soon she heard it opening and she knew Harry was following her. She kept going, picking up her pace and not entirely sure she where she was heading only knowing she needed to get away.

It was much colder out now, an unusually cold evening for this time of the year. Ginny ignored the cold. She dimly noted that the sun was just now setting over the horizon. It gave her enough light to see where she was going.

“Ginny!” Harry called after her. “Ginny, wait!”

She stopped at the fence and found herself clutching it tightly in her hands.

“What?” she snapped. She spun suddenly and faced Harry. “What else do you want to say to me? That I’m awful and terrible and I don’t deserve you. I already know that! I already know I’m an unfit wife for you! All those reporters are getting it right! You deserve so much better than me! I can’t care for you like I should. All I do is argue with you and say horrible things to you! I know that I’m ruining our marriage!”

Harry froze in shock. Obviously he wasn’t expecting her to blow up like that, and if she were honest with herself, neither was she. She hadn’t meant to say any of that, but once it was out she kept going and she couldn’t stop. Harry’s surprise was short-lived. A look of intense anger sat on his face. Ginny cringed. This wouldn’t be good.

“Don’t you ever say that again,” he nearly snarled. He gripped her arms tightly and pulled her to him. She winced slightly at his grip. “We’ve already discussed this, Ginny, and I will not have you think that about yourself any longer. I hate what that hag Nosebury has done to you. She’s got you believing the lies! Stop believing them! Stop thinking those vile things about yourself because they aren’t true! They aren’t!”

“Harry,” she whimpered. “You’re holding my arms too tight.”

He immediately released her, looking apologetic. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, love. It just makes me so mad that she’s got you believing these stupid things still.”

Ginny rubbed her arms where he had held her, but Harry quickly batted her hands away and did it for her.

“Kind of difficult when you got them being shoved in your face all the time,” Ginny replied and looked down at the ground feeling ashamed of herself. She was trying so hard not to let the lies invade her thoughts, but it was hard. All those reports and articles and the looks she got from complete strangers. She was strong, but sometimes even the strong start to break.

“I wish you’d stop thinking I don’t deserve you,” he said quietly. He let go of her right arm and used his free hand to lift her chin up. “It’s utterly absurd that you’re still thinking this way. Even if that were true, which you know isn’t, that’s not the cause of our problems. It’s both of us . . . I love you so much, Ginny. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably still be moping about and feeling guilty for everything that happened in the War. It’s because of you I’ve been able to move past things and deal with what I went through. You are such an amazing person, Ginny, and absolutely perfect for me.”

She knew what he was saying was true. She hated feeling so insecure. It had to stop, these feelings of being unworthy. Still, it didn’t change the fact that they were still having problems and that needed to be fixed.

“I’m so sorry for everything I said,” Ginny quickly apologized. “I was so stupid to let my temper get the best of me. I didn’t mean a thing I said, Harry. I know you have talent – I’ve played with you, I know how good you are and –”

Harry cut her tirade off with a kiss. Momentarily shocked, Ginny wasn’t sure what had happened until she realized his lips were pressed against hers. When she came to her senses, she began kissing him back, letting her apologies flow to him in the form of her lips.

When they pulled apart, their foreheads were pressed against each other and Harry was still rubbing her arms.

“I know you didn’t mean to say those things,” he murmured to her. “I know you would never say those things to me if you weren’t so angry with me. That’s what happens when you argue. You say things you don’t mean.”

“I’m still sorry,” Ginny sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt him nod against her as his hands came down to rest on her waist. “Harry, we need to talk about what’s going on between us. If we keep this up we’re going to end up unhappy and hating each other.”

He pulled away a bit from her and nodded. “I know. Merlin, I know. I’ve been thinking about this all weekend – probably been making your necklace go crazy. I’ve been stupid with the way I’ve been acting. I don’t know what to do with you around all the time. You drive me absolutely mental.”

Ginny frowned. “I’m not sure if I should take that to mean a good thing or not.”

Harry chucked and quickly kissed her. “It’s a good thing. I feel so lucky to have you around me all the time. I don’t feel like I deserve you half the time. Some mornings I’m taken by surprise to see you next to me. Whatever did you want with someone broken like me?”

“Harry, I love you,” Ginny interrupted. “We’ve had this conversation before. Nothing about you can change how I feel about you. We belong together.”

“So why are you still sprouting this rubbish about you not deserving me?” he questioned and smirked at her. “You should start listening to the things you tell me, love. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess like we are now.”

Ginny sighed. She knew he was right. She wasn’t listening to herself. They did belong together, they did deserve each other. It wasn’t so easy to remember that when the press was printing stories left and right about her and when she allowed everything to build up like she had.

“Did you want to talk now?” he asked after they were silent for a few moments.

Ginny shook her head. She placed her hands on his chest and looked up at him. “I’d rather wait until we get back to your flat. We won’t be interrupted then.”

Harry nodded in agreement. “Probably best for that discussion.”

Ginny sighed and looked up at Harry. She slid her hands onto his shoulders, momentarily enjoying the feel of his muscles hidden beneath his shirt.

“We should head back inside before they send a search party for us,” Ginny suggested.

Harry nodded. But when Ginny tried to step back, Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“Harry?” she questioned and looked up at him puzzled.

He was gazing down at her, a soft smile on his face. “I haven’t properly greeted you yet.”

Ginny grinned. “No, I don’t believe you have. We were both a little busy trying to outshout each other.”

Harry chuckled lightly. He squeezed her slightly and sighed with content.

“Hi,” he breathed his soft smile turning into a full out ear to ear grin.

“Hi,” she replied and matched his grin.

Harry leaned down, his eyes fixed on her lips. A flash of pink appeared between his lips as his tongue licked along them. Ginny felt her heart beating faster, knowing that he was about to kiss her. Despite the fact that they had shared thousands, maybe even millions of kisses, this felt like it was the first time all over again.

His lips made contact with hers. It was tender and sweet. It almost felt as if this kiss was the beginning of something new between them and maybe it was. Maybe after this they’d be able to get past this bump in their relationship.

After several moments (and after things heated up between them), neither one of them seemed like they wanted to stop. At least Ginny was sure she didn’t want to. She could happily skip dinner and go back to the flat with Harry right at that moment.

“Mmm,” Harry hummed against her lips. His hands had explored lower and he pulled one of her legs up to wrap around his hip. “Suddenly, I’m not so hungry for dinner. What do you say to skipping and going home?”

Ginny giggled and kissed him again. “My thoughts exactly.”

Harry growled low in his throat, surprising Ginny yet sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine. She gripped the front of his shirt tightly in her hands as she continued to take part in their impromptu snogging session in the back garden of her parents’ house.

“One minute they’re shouting at each other, the next they’re all over each other! OI!”

Harry pulled back slightly but didn’t let go of Ginny. He burrowed her face into the crook of her neck. “I hate your brothers.”

“I do too,” Ginny agreed and glanced in the direction of the Burrow. Two figures, one in the shape of Ron and the other in the shape of Hermione, were walking quickly towards them.

“Potter,” Ron snapped unexpectedly once he reached them.

“Yes?” both Harry and Ginny answered. Harry smirked at her, a look of extreme pleasure floated over his features at her response. Ginny merely shrugged her shoulders.

Ron glared at each of them. He settled his look on Ginny.

“What was that all about back there?” he demanded. He continued to glare at her. “Are you two rowing?”

Ginny raised her eyebrows at her brother, baffled by why he would be angry over this. It wasn’t any of his concern if she and Harry were going through a bit of a rough time.

“We were,” Harry answered slowly. Ginny glanced at him and saw he wore the same confused look she did.

“Why?” Ron demanded again.

“Ron,” Hermione hissed. “Leave them alone.”

“No, Hermione,” Ron refused and turned on her. His glare intensified. “They aren’t supposed to row and end up like that!”

“Everyone rows, Ron,” Hermione replied with annoyed patience. “We row.”

“We aren’t them. They’re not supposed to do it,” Ron argued.

“For Merlin’s sake, Ron, they’re human! They’re bound to have an argument or two!”

“They can’t!”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“It is not!”

“It is too! You’re being unreasonable!”

“I am not being unreasonable! Harry and Ginny aren’t supposed to be yelling at each other like that!”

“Why not?”

“They aren’t like us! They don’t argue!”

“It’s going to happen!”

“It can’t!”

“Why not!”

“Because they’re supposed to be happy! They can’t be happy if they row!”

Hermione stared at him for a moment, a look of intense anger and a hint of understand on her face. She clearly wasn’t done with this discussion with him.

“So according to your logic, since you and I row, we aren’t happy? Is that what you’re saying, Ron?” she snapped.

“No, we’re perfectly happy. We row and we’re happy about it, because that’s just who we are. We don’t mean anything by it. Everyone expects us to row and we’re perfectly fine in our relationship. But they aren’t us. If they row then it’s . . . it’s not . . . right,” Ron argued, finally losing steam towards the end of his statement.

Harry and Ginny stared, stunned by what was happening before them. Hermione on the other hand looked as if she completely understood what was going on in Ron’s mind, and well she was probably the one who actually did understand where he was going with his tirade.

“Ron?” Ginny called quietly after a few moments of silence.

He looked at her, a pained expression on his face. “What was that back in the kitchen?” he asked again.

“We’ve sort of been rowing the past few days,” Ginny explained.

“Why?” Ron demanded. “Aren’t you two happy with each other?”

“Of course we are, mate. We’ve just been having a few problems,” Harry answered and stepped toward Ron. Ginny couldn’t help but notice he was putting himself between her and Ron. She caught his hand twitch towards where he usually kept his wand.

Ron stared at Harry, a hard expression on his face. “Why?”

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Look, it’s hard to explain. But we’re working it out.”

Ron appeared to be thinking Harry’s words over. He frowned and glanced at Ginny before looking back at Harry. “Well, finish sorting it out then. The War’s over. You’re supposed to be happy. You deserve to be happy and I don’t want to see the two of you rowing like that. Ever.”

Harry nodded solemnly in reply. Then, in complete surprise, Ron engulfed Harry in a brotherly hug. It took Harry a moment to recover, but he responded in kind and the two of them shared a few quiet words with each other.

Hermione had joined Ginny by her side and was staring at the pair of men in front of her. She looked utterly bewildered by the exchange between her boyfriend and best friend.

“I have no idea what’s gotten into him,” Hermione whispered. “He just all of the sudden shouted ‘This isn’t right’ and took off. I thought he was going to run after Harry and hex him. I understand where’s he’s coming from, but I haven’t the slightest idea why he suddenly shot off like that.”

Ginny thought over the events of the last few moments as she watched her husband and brother let go of each other. They slipped back into their easy friendship as Ron pelted Harry with questions about his match. As she watched her brother and husband talked enthusiastically with each other, a conversation she had with Ron over two months ago floated to her head.

“I think I understand where he’s coming from,” Ginny said quietly and turned to face Hermione. Once Hermione focused her attention on her, Ginny explained. “Before we got married, Ron and I were dancing in my room and talking. He told me to make sure I kept Harry happy, that he deserved to be happy after all he’s been through. I think seeing us argue like that hit something with him. We never row like that, so it made him think neither one of us were happy anymore.”

“That makes sense now that I know where it’s coming from. I know he wants you two to be happy, but he’s never reacted like this before. Clearly the two of you being happy means much more to him than he lets on,” Hermione replied. She smiled softly. “His emotional range has definitely grown since school.”

Ginny matched her smile. “It has. All thanks to you. He’s become much more perceptive I think.”

Hermione’s cheeks flushed a faint pink in the waning light. She shrugged her shoulders and nodded towards her two best friends. “Should we get them back in the house? I’m sure your entire family thinks there’s a massive dueling session going on out here and are just waiting until they think it’s safe to come out here.”

Ginny laughed and together they grabbed their respective men and began pulling them toward the house.

“Ron’s gone around the bend, don’t you think?” Harry asked once he and Ginny were walking back to the house, swinging their clasped hands between them. Ron and Hermione were several paces ahead of them and seemed absorbed in their own conversation.

“No,” Ginny replied with a shake of her head. “He just wants us to be happy. That’s all.”

“We are,” Harry said and looked at her. “Even though we’ve been rowing like crazy lately, I’d give anything to be with you.”

Ginny smiled and stopped them to give Harry a kiss. After a moment, they continued on their way. It was then that Ginny remembered Harry’s limping.

“Are you going to tell me what happened to your knee or do I need to drag it out of you again?”

Harry sighed. “When I fell I hit the knee I injured in the War. I’m fine – don’t start with me – I am. I just need to take it easy, that’s all.”

He stopped them not too far from the back door leading to the kitchen. He turned to face her and tugged on her hand to pull her closer.

“Though, you know, I may need some special attention,” Harry suggested. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

Ginny smirked and shook the hair that was falling into her eyes out of the way. “Really? What sort of special attention?”

“Oh I think you can come up with something special enough,” Harry drawled. He grinned wickedly at her. “You are rather good at coming up with ideas on ways to heal me. I seem to recall you were very talented in my recovery of that nasty sunburn in Hawaii.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him. She remembered that day quiet well. “Oh? I remember someone being very childish that day. I’m not sure if I want a repeat of that.”

“I promise that this time I will behave as the grown adult that I am,” he replied in a formal tone.

Ginny grinned. “Oh? And how exactly does one behave as a grown adult?”

Harry leaned in close and began kissing a path from just beneath her ear to base of her throat. “It’s much easier to show it than to explain it.”

“Mmm,” she sighed, trying to focus on the conversation. “Well in that case I may be able to think of something to help ease your pain.”

Smiling innocently, Ginny leaned up and whispered a few suggestions in his ear.

Harry let out a low growl and grabbed her around the waist. “Merlin, I missed hearing you talk to me like that.”

Ginny laughed. She was quickly silenced by Harry who had pressed his lips against hers again.

It started out as a heated kiss but quickly cooled and turned into a sweet, loving one. Slowly, Harry pulled away and looked down at her.

“I really did miss you,” Harry muttered. “And I hated leaving the way I did. We should have talked.”

Ginny sighed and buried her face against his chest. “I did too. It was terrible.” She pulled away and looked up at him. “Promise me we’ll never do that again. Promise me that we’ll talk instead of letting things get like this.”

Harry nodded. “I promise. We have plenty of time to talk about all this after dinner, but I promise.”

He kissed her again. This time it was tender and he poured his promise into it.

“Oi, newlyweds, quit with the prelude to shagging there!” Ron’s voice broke their kiss.

Ginny pulled away and rolled her eyes. She really did hate her brothers.

“And there’s the Ron we all know and love,” Harry muttered murderously under his breath. “If he wants us to be happy, he shouldn’t interrupt our happy time like that.”

Ginny snorted at his use of “happy time”. She snuck in one last kiss and faced the open door.

“Ron!” Ginny shouted and marched into the kitchen. She noticed her family looking warily between her and Harry who had followed her inside. “Must you insist on interrupting us like that?”

“Yes,” Ron said smugly from his chair. He had jumped right back into his dinner as if the last fifteen minutes had never happened. Ginny shot Ron a very nasty glare.

“If you don’t want to see it, then don’t watch,” Ginny replied primly and marched to her previously occupied seat. Harry limped after her and took the empty seat next to hers.

“I can’t help it when you’re doing it in plain view!” Ron cried. “Don’t you two believe in any sort of privacy?”

“A bit difficult to come by that when you’re always around and snapping at us! We don’t need a chaperone!” Ginny argued.

“I never said I wanted to chaperone you!” Ron retorted.

“Then drop the big brother act,” Ginny hissed.

“Then don’t snog like that in front of everyone!”

“Ron!” Hermione hissed, interrupting the sibling argument and smacked him on the shoulder. “Leave them alone.”

“Pardon me for not wanting to see my best mate and my little sister going at it while I’m eating,” Ron argued.

“They aren’t going at it,” Hermione shot back. “They missed each other.”

“It’s not like they were separated for years or anything,” Ron replied hotly. “It was just a few days, actually barely over a day!”

“Well to them it could have felt like a few years.”

“Rubbish. There’s no need for them to be like that in front of everyone.”

“Just because you can’t display any affection whatsoever doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everyone!”

“Don’t bring us into this, Hermione!”

“I can do whatever I please, Ronald Weasley!”

“Harry!” Arthur suddenly shouted, effectively ending the feud between the couple. Harry, taken by surprise, jumped in his seat and banged his knee under the table. Judging by the barely contained swearing he released Ginny knew it was his injured knee.

“Yes?” Harry hissed painfully through his gritted teeth. Ginny slipped her hand underneath the table and gently rubbed his knee.

“Sorry, son,” Arthur apologized. He smiled before continuing on. “Why don’t you tell us how you ended up playing in the match today?”

After Harry took a few moments to recover from his pain he launched into the story. It had the desired effect Arthur intended; Ron and Hermione had stopped arguing, but still wore furious expressions, and no one bothered Harry and Ginny about what had happened when Harry had arrived.

Ginny was grateful to her father. He didn’t know what was going on between her and Harry, and Ginny was sure her mother hadn’t said a word to him about anything they had talked about earlier in the evening. Yet he seemed to have sensed something was wrong and steered the family away from questioning the couple. She’d make sure she’d thank him before they left.

As Harry finished his story and the family enjoyed their dinner, Ginny felt a little hope rise within her. Things were not fixed between herself and Harry. She couldn’t expect their conversation in the back garden to reverse the damage they had done. No, she would have to make sure once they got back to Harry’s flat that they would talk to each other, really talk to each other like her mother had said. She knew once they did things would be better, not perfect, but they would be on their way back to being the happily married couple she knew they could be.

A/N 2: Again, things are not fixed between them. Jut a bit better. And I hope you all understood where they are coming from with their outbursts and reactions. When so much is being kept inside with no outlet things are bound to break loose.