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Dragonfly by 2525yasmin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 3,844
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Hermione, Draco, OC

First Published: 08/27/2007
Last Chapter: 09/19/2007
Last Updated: 10/17/2007


All the credit goes to ciararose for this BEAUTIFUL banner!!!! THANK YOU!!!!Mucho thanks to my Best Friend Courtney she helped me out a lot with this one!! =]]
A few years after a horrible "thing" that should have never happened Draco gets an unexpected surprise. Can he handle this surprise all by himself?? Find out here.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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A/N: This story does not follow the stories written by J.K Rowling because I am not her and do not claim to be. Read and review it, please!! =]]

            It was an accident, it shouldn’t have happened. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What’s wrong with me? I can’t tell anyone or—or… That’s just it I can’t tell anyone. She can’t either, but I can’t talk to her again. I have to forget about her. I have to forget about Hermione Granger.


A Year and Two Months Later


        The wooden floor creaked beneath him as Draco made his way to his worn leather chair. It squeaked as he sat down. He rocked back and forth listening to the crackle of the flames before him. His attention was suddenly averted to a slight tapping on the window. “Who could be sending me letters this late at night…" He questioned softly as he stood and strode to the next room. He approached the window and cracked it open just enough for the owl to fit through. He then took the cream colored envelope out of its beak. “Go on” He said as he shooed the owl out the window again. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter.


Dear Mr. Draco Malfoy,

        I am writing on this late night to inform you of Ms. Hermione Granger's visit to our hospital. She is in critical condition and is no longer able to care for her child, Mia Leanne Malfoy, She should arrive shortly.  We are truly sorry.                                                     

                                            ~St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries



      Draco lowered the paper in shock. He just kept staring at the name written on the letter 'Mia Leanne Malfoy' "Could this be…" and his sentence fell for at that moment a loud knock brought him from his thoughts. “Who could that be" He grumbled as he set the letter down on a table and went to the foyer to answer the door. He opened the door and looked out but saw nothing. But then right before he turned to close the door something caught his eye. A basket with pink blankets bundled around something, sat on the front stoop. He glanced to the left and to the right of the door way and found no one who this thing could belong to. He bent down and pulled the blankets away from a pink, round, chubby face. The baby lay quietly sleeping in the basket. He shot back as if the baby had hit him because as he looked into the baby’s face he saw not a baby but a woman, a woman who he thought he would never see again. The baby held much resemblance to her mother, Hermione Granger.

        He grabbed the basket’s handle and took it inside. He set it on the dinner table and stared at the baby within. “What am I supposed to do with you?” he asked hoping that some sort of instruction manual would appear out of the blankets. The baby began to stir and then let out a wail. Draco looked around to see if there was anyone who could help him but found himself quite alone. She thrashed about in her basket as Draco timidly reached in and slid his hands under her arms and pulled her out of the basket. As he lifted her another envelope fell to the floor. The little blond fuzz on the top of her head shined as he lifted her into the light. She had a little button nose, just like her mother and green eyes. She began to cry louder so he slowly brought her to his shoulder and patted her back to calm her. “It’s okay, baby” then he slowly started to rock on his heels to soothe her. Her cry went from a wail to a whimper and then she was asleep again. He laid her back into her basket and covered her up.

         He didn’t understand why he was given Mia. Hermione had family so why him. He saw something shimmer on Mia’s little wrist and as he looked closer he saw a silver charm bracelet with a little blue dragonfly with stain glass wings on it. Then he glanced to the floor and saw the corner of an envelope poking out from under the table. He bent down, picked it up, and flipped it over.




He looked confused, but had hunch as to what it might be. He tore open the seal and pulled the pages out.


Dear Draco,

        I know you probably don’t want to hear from me, but it’s important. You have a daughter. I found out shortly after we separated. Well if you can call it that because we were never together to begin with. Anyway, this letter I am writing is here to help you get to know your daughter better, of course it can’t do it all you have to put some effort into to it also. Well ok starting from the beginning. Mia Leanne Malfoy was born on April 6, 2007. She was three weeks premature, but other than that as healthy as can be .She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and she was 19 and half inches long As I’m sure you have noticed she has blond hair like you, a button nose like me, and green eyes. She is almost five months old now. Well when I first brought her home she was very spoiled by her grandparents, but two months ago they both died in a car crash. So that’s why I made it happen that if anything happened to me she would now go to you. I have to be honest at first I wasn’t even going to let you have her. I know you probably don’t care one or the other but I do. If I’m for some reason  unable to care for her I need to know that you will. I need to know that she will be cared for and loved. Obviously, something has happened to me if you are reading this letter which makes me very sad to think about. That I won’t be able to see my Mia everyday and care for her, but please at least tell her about me as much as you can. I have put some pictures into the envelope for her when she’s old enough so please give her them. I know it’s going to be hard, Draco but I’m sure there are people there to help you. Just hang in there you’ll get the hang of it. Oh and I’m sure you already know, but she already is showing signs of magic. So be careful when she is upset. If I am still alive but like in a coma or something at least bring her to see me every once in a while I know we couldn’t talk but at least her seeing me is better than nothing.

        I understand what’s probably going through your head right now. You probably have no idea what to do with a baby. Well for starters play with her, get to know her. She loves to laugh so play with her and make her laugh. You may have to go and buy all new stuff for her if they (the people who brought Mia to you) didn’t bring any of her things with her.

        You’re probably wondering why she is wearing a dragonfly bracelet; well I bought it for her a few days ago so that she’d have something of mine, just in case. The dragonfly has meaning to it: The ‘dragon’ for you and the ‘fly’ for me because since you’re reading this I’m either dead or in a coma so either way I can’t talk to her because I’ve  -for lack of a better word- flown away from her, but you haven’t, you’re still there and will always be there for her. Her life is going to different then either of ours because she’s going to be growing up without a mother and will need you to play both roles.  Raising a child is not easy, but I know you can do it. Other wise why else would I be leaving her with you.

        Now, your “Purebloods are better than anything” outlook on life is going to have to change because you have a half-blood daughter now. Although I hate those terms: Mudblood, Pureblood, Half-blood as you know, but please be careful if you feel that she will be in danger due to the fact that she is a half-blood please feel free to call her what you will as long as it’s what’s best for her own well being, not your reputation.

        Now as far as money goes I don’t have a lot but the little I do or did have was put away for Mia. For anything she may need, clothes, school supplies, anything. Don’t feel obliged to do so, but if you want to pay for some of her things no one’s stopping you. Just… She’s a little girl who will love her Daddy ,so please… Well you know what I’m talking about so need I say more?

        Well I feel that I am drawing to a close now, but before I close I would like to say one thing. Please make sure Mia knows that Mommy loves her very much and will always be with her. No matter how distant I may be. Thank you Draco I know you will take good care of our daughter. And please don’t let it slip from you mind that Mia is our daughter.


                                                                    Sincerely, Hermione Granger


      Draco pulled out the photographs that Hermione had put in the envelope and looked at them. Hermione was waving and smiling in all of them. A few were with Mia as well, Hermione held her and put her little hand up to wave to the camera.  Draco looked to the baby, his baby and saw for the first time not a baby, but his little girl. His little Dragonfly, Mia smiled in her sleep and Draco smiled too. For the first time in his life he actually loved someone other than himself. He wasn’t sure when it had happened whether it was when he found her on his porch or when he heard Hermione talk about her the way she did, but it happened and there was nothing he could do about it.










Chapter 2: Chapter One
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The little girl sat in her bed flipping through a book in her lap. She stopped on a page near the middle and reached out and stroked the only picture on the page, a woman, her mother swinging in a swing at a child’s park, laughing and smiling. The little girl picked up the scrapbook and kissed the picture before closing it and placing it in a small trunk beside her. The trunk held all the little girl’s most precious possessions, the scrapbook and the silver Dragonfly bracelet on her wrist, the most special. She closed the trunk and stuck the key into the keyhole below the words Mia’s Box and turned it until she heard the soft click of the lock. As she lifted it off her bed and onto the floor her golden locks of curly hair bounced on her shoulders. Then she pushed it back under her bed before going down to breakfast. “Daddy, can we go see Mommy today?” Mia asked her father as she sat down in her chair at the table.

            “Maybe, I’ll think about it.” Draco replied. Mia looked down into her bowl of oat meal not saying any thing more for the rest of breakfast.

            “Mia if your finished let’s go upstairs and get you dressed for the day.” Mia’s nanny said a few minutes later. Mia scooted off her chair and left the room.

            Once Mia was dressed they came back downstairs just in time to see Draco off to work. “Come here, my little Dragonfly” Draco said opening his arms wide to hug Mia. Mia ran into his open arms. “When I get home from work we’ll go see Mommy, ok?” He whispered into her ear.

            “Really?” Draco nodded, “Oh thank you Daddy.” Mia kissed him on the cheek and ran to Nanny’s out stretched hand.

            “Be good for Nanny today, ok” Draco called after her.

            “I will, Daddy” and then she was out of sight inside the door to the playroom. Draco smiled, slipped his cloak on and left for work.


            Mia skipped up the corridors and stairs of St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries later that evening. She led the way because she knew her way around so well, due to visiting so often. Then all of a sudden she stopped outside a door at the top of a set of stairs with a sign hanging above it. She looked up although she couldn’t read it she knew what it said, “Fourth Floor: Spell Damage. Daddy, this is Mommy’s floor right?” She said as she swung around to look at Draco.

            “Yes it is, now in you go.” He said opening the door to a long white corridor. She looked into it. This was when she would start to slow down and stay close to Draco. Draco on some occasions would have to coax her in some how. But today she just grabbed Draco’s hand and walked beside him. Mia stopped and looked up at Draco.

            “What’s Mommy’s number again.” She said with a little voice.

            “Number 3206” He said walking her along again. At the very end of the corridor they found the right room. “This is it, see three-two-zero-six” He said pointing out the numbers on the door. Mia wrapped her little hands around the door handle and turned it.

            The room was suddenly flooded with light as Mia screamed with excitement, “Mommy!” She ran up to the only occupied bed in the room and jumped up onto it. She leaned over and pushed the mousy brown hair out of the face of her mother and kissed her cheek. “Well Daddy aren’t you going to say hello?” Mia asked as her father stood at the end of the bed.

            “Hello, Hermione” He said just to make his daughter happy because he new that Hermione wouldn’t answer back, but Mia held long conversations with her on their visits as if Hermione were really talking back to her. Draco and Mia would sit down there for hours. Mia would sit and talk to Hermione or she would curl up next to her and fall asleep.

            Mia loved these times with her mother she didn’t talk much to Draco and one day Draco asked why this was and Mia simply replied, “Its Mia and Mommy time.”




            Hermione had just put her daughter to bed when all of a sudden a loud bang sounded from the front door. “Who could that be?” She wondered aloud as she left the living room. She unlocked the door and opened it. The only thing she saw was the end of three glowing wands held aloft. “What’s going on? Who are you?” She said as she placed her hand across her brow to cover her eyes from the glare.

            “You dirty little Mudblood” The first voice spat.

            “How dare you have a child with a Pureblood” The person on the end sneered, but said ‘Pureblood’ like it was royalty. Then the middle person came into the light of the entrance hall and pushed Hermione against the back wall. “Now let us see how muddy your blood really is.” The man pressed his wand point into the bottom of her jaw. Hermione had forgotten her wand upstairs in her daughter’s room so she was quite defenseless. By then the other two men had followed the first and were now surrounding Hermione and the first man. Hermione struggled to breathe as the man pushed harder.

            “Wait, don’t kill her, just make her feel so much agony that she’ll wish she was dead.” Said the man to her right, the one who had spoken first in door way.

            “That’s sounds excellent!  Just because the Dark Lord is no longer in command doesn’t mean we can’t follow through with his previous orders. ‘Kill all the those dirty little Mudbloods, but kill the ones who think they are as good as any Pureblood first, the ones who think they can have a child with a Pureblood.’” The man said relying Voldemort’s orders to Hermione. “And do you know who he was referring to?” He added with a smile. “You, Hermione Granger.” He actually spat her name at her. Hermione closed her eyes as the spit flew towards her face. “CRUCIO!!” He yelled as Hermione collapsed to the floor screaming in pain. Hermione curled into a ball screaming and then the pain was gone. “Get up.” The man ordered. Hermione reached for something to grab hold of to pull herself up with, but the man grew impatient and grabbed her elbow and yanked her up instead. “Now, tell me what gave you the idea that it was okay to have sex with a Pureblood? What did you think, that because the Dark Lord is gone that you can just go around doing what you please? Did you think there would not be anyone still following orders given to them before He was killed?” Hermione shuttered as the man now pushing his wand into her stomach looked to her expectantly. “Well?” he said jabbing his wand into her harder. Hermione gasped and struggled to speak.

            “It—was—an—acci—dent--” was all she could manage before he yelled again this time louder than before.

            “CRUCIO!!” Hermione fell again to the floor and tears fell from her eyes as the pain intensified.

            “PLEASE—STOP—I’LL—DO—ANY—THING!!” She screamed. The man lifted the curse and Hermione lay panting on the floor.

            “I don’t know boys what do you think?” the man asked the other two.

            “I say you let her do anything” The men agreed emphasizing the ‘anything.’

            “Ok I got it, how ‘bout you just lay here bleeding to death. SECTUMSEMPRA!!” He screamed. Hermione let out a blood curling scream as cuts broke open all over body. As the blood gushed the three men headed to the door.

            “What about the little brat upstairs?” the man who had been standing to Hermione’s left asked.

            “Aw don’t worry about it. By the time someone finds little Miss Granger here she’ll be dead and there won’t know about the baby upstairs.” They took one look at Hermione crumpled on the floor in her own pool of blood and laughed as they stepped out the door and closed it behind them.


End of Flashback                                                                                                                 


            “We got to go home now Mommy. I’ll miss you.” Mia’s eyes always filled with tears at this time. “I love you Mommy.” Mia leaned over and kissed her mother before pushing herself off the bed and grabbing Draco’s hand. They left the room with Mia never tearing her eyes away from her mother until the door finally closed behind them. Mia sniffled all the way down to the reception area. Draco stepped up to the receptionist’s desk and signed him and Mia out on the visitors list and turned to go.

            “Uhh, Sir? May I give your daughter a Chocolate Frog.” said the receptionist.

            “Sure, Mia do you want a Chocolate Frog?” Draco asked. Mia nodded and took the candy from the witch.

            “Thank you.” Mia said as she turned to leave.

            “Your welcome.” The witch answered as Mia and Draco left the hospital.

            “Hold tight to my arm Mia.” Draco said once outside the hospital. Mia did as she was told and grabbed hold of Draco’s arm with both of her hands. Draco spun on his heal and they disappeared behind the swish of his Muggle jacket.


             “Where are we going daddy?” Mia asked as they walked along in silence. “Daddy’s got someone for you to meet.” Draco said as they strode into the open field. The dried blades of grass swaying in the breeze. A dark creature stood out in the distance its giant wings curled up next to its sides. The breeze soon turned to a harsh blowing wind. The creature’s black mane wisped on his mighty neck, his head held high to the sky as if to be searching for something. It reared its wings expanding to their full length scraping at the heavens. A cry pierced the sky as it lifted off into the sky tearing off through the air. “Wow!” Mia exclaimed watching the equine in awe. “What is it daddy?” Soon the creature’s hooves touched ground with a powerful ground-shaking thud. Appearing next to it approached an exquisite bay equine. Its black mane draped over its neck like a dark comforter. His tail strung out behind him like ribbons in the breeze. A tall blonde girl climbed down from his back. “Good boy bud.” She said patting his warm neck. “Hello!” She said leaving the two winged horses’ sides. “Hi Callista,” Draco replied.

             Callista Riann, a young girl, grew up alone with only the company of her best friend, Apollo. Apollo the tall, majestic, bay, winged equine is all Callista knows and she’s all he knows. It’s not just a horse and rider but a bond, a friendship and a love for one another that they share. Callista trusts Apollo with her life and they never part from each other’s side. For since Callista can remember she’s had a special way with equines thus being she never parts from them.   

            “This is my daughter, Mia.” Draco said motioning to his little girl.

             “It's nice to meet you Mia.” Callista said sweetly. “Want to meet them?” Callista asked following Mia’s gaze to the equines, quietly grazing in the field.  Mia nodded and placed her hand in Callista’s hand and followed her toward the quietly grazing horses.

            “And this is Apocalypse...” Callista said approaching the black equine.

            “Hi Apocalypse…” Mia said stretching her arm out and placing her palm on the horse’s Roman nose. In that moment something new was visible in her deep blue eyes.