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MALUM by Sexysami2hot4u

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,131
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Cho, Ron/Lavender, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/12/2007
Last Chapter: 09/02/2007
Last Updated: 09/02/2007


Everything she was ever told was a lie. but now she knows everything, but is what they tell her really the truth. Its all behind the name. thank you so0o0o much silv3r_ic3 for the beautiful banner 

Chapter 1: The Truth and What Comes With It.
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Hermione replayed that scene over and over again in her head as she was stepping of a train... To well, she had no idea where. All she knew was that everything she was ever told was a lie. Stepping of the train, she took a look around there was only one person on the platform, a tall skinny female. She was striking. She had long straight blonde hair, with chocolate brown eyes. She saw Hermione and her face light up. Hermione realized that this beautiful women must be her mother, she started for her. The women almost ran over to her, taking Hermione in a large hug.
“I’ve missed you so much I’m so sorry about all this. I have waited so long for this moment.” The women said drawing back to take a good look at her daughter.

“Wow they really picked a… different look for you didn’t they.” Hermione was in shock. What was she doing in some strangers arms. She just wanted to run back on the train and go back home.
“Well I guess that isn’t home anymore” she thought
“Here let me get Hank to get your trunk. HANK!” Who Hermione presumed was Hank, came around the corner and grabbed her trunk. He had to be 8’12 with muscles in his forehead.”
“Umm.. I don’t mean to be rude. But who are you and what is going on. I mean I got very little detail from my parents. I don’t understand.” Hermione said with tears daring to fall.

“Oh! Honey I know. I’m so sorry about this. I am your mother. Your father will explain everything when we get back to the manor. And I will change you back to your beautiful self then, too. But lets get to know each other I want to know everything about my daughter.” she was so nice and friendly Hermione couldn’t help but instantly love her. Then just as she was thinking that she suddenly felt guilty. What about her other parents. The ones that raised her.

No they lied to you. don’t get all upset about them. If they really loved you they wouldn’t have done this. That way you wouldn’t be in this big mess. Hermione thought to herself.

“But lets wait till be get into the limo. There are ears everywhere.” she said in a whisper. Hermione looked around but she saw no one.

In the limo with her new mother Hermione felt a little awkward. But her mother didn’t seem to fell it. She just kept the questions going.
“What is your favorite color?” She would ask. Then Hermione would answer.
“Red” and on it went.
“do you have a boyfriend?”
“Who is your best friend?”
“I have three. Harry, Ron, and Ginny”
“How are your grades? Are you a genius like your father”
“I guess… I’m first in my class”
“So how do you like Hogwarts? Is it nice? I never went there, your father did.”

“I love its like my second home.” Hermione was going to ask a question but just as she was going to they pulled up to the house. Or should I say Mansion. Even that was a understatement. This was a castle. The driveway seemed like a mile long. Hermione’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“Home Sweet Home. Don’t you love it?” Hermione’s mum asked all Hermione could do was gawk at the house before her.

“This is were I will live.”

“Oh. Of course. But this is only the summer house. Its so small I know. But you father just loved it. Reminded him of his childhood.” she said like it was nothing.

“Small this is the biggest house I have ever seen. Do you mean there is another one that is bigger?”

“Oh. Yes dear I forgot you grow up poor and you don’t know.”

“I don’t know what?”

“Well you see honey. We are the oldest and riches family in the wizarding world. This house is nothing.” Oh. Was the room spinning or was that just Hermione.

“You mean to say that my last name is Malum? I have read about them since the day I entered Hogwarts but I thought that they had no heir?”

“Aw see that is were you come in. No one knows about you. You are the sole heir that is why we put you in hiding. People were after you. They wanted you dead. With out you the money would go to whoever we left it to. So we figured that it would be safer if we told everyone that you were kidnapped. But we really left you in the hands of friends. They knew about everything and they promised that they would keep you safe. It was hard to do. But that is all I can say, I have said way to much already. Your father will have to tell you the rest.”

“So that means that my father is…”

“Yes I am Isabella Malum and your father is Bradley Malum. Now lets go and get you settled.”

As the door swung open and Hermione stepped out. A large hand was place in front of her to help her out. The hand belonged to Hank. He smiled at her and his teeth were so white that they were blinding. Hermione got out of the Limo and made her way up to the mansion.


Inside the giant house. Hermione was greeted by a handsome older gentlemen. He had brown curly hair with blue eyes that would put Draco Malfoy to shame. Eww.. Why did she just think of him. They were an electric blue. He was well toned for his age.

“Hello darling oh how I’ve missed you, so.” he said while weeping her off her feet into a large bear hug.

“This must be my dad.” Hermione thought

“Hello Dad.”

“Oh you are quick. You have know idea how hard it was without you.”

“Umm… I’m still confused about everything will you please tell me everything.”

“Oh. Yes of course dear. Well you see me and your mother always wanted a child. We tried and tried but the healers told us that we could not have a child. So when your mother found out a year later that she was pregnant, we were so happy. We didn’t think of the danger. You were born 3 weeks early and there were complications in delivery. We thought we would lose you. But you pulled through. You were are miracle child. But then when you were around 9 months old. Weird things started happening. You would get very ill. And you had many near death experiences. We found out that every one was out to kill you. With you dead the money would go to anyone we were to chose. So we finally agreed it would be safer if you did not live with us. But we couldn’t just make you disappear, everyone knew about you. So we made a plan to make it seem like someone kidnapped you. But we actually put you with a squib family, the Granger’s. They were the only people we could trust. Mrs. Granger was you nanny and Mr. Granger was are chief. They couldn’t have children so when we ask them they were honored. So we changed your appearance and off you went. They told care of you for almost 17 years. But then someone found us out. How I have know idea, but they knew who you were. So we decided that it was time for you to come home. No more hiding.” He explained slowly for her. She was shocked.

“I’m so sorry but it was for your own safety honey I know its hard.” Hermione’s real mother said.

“What is my real name?” Hermione said quietly.

“Sabrina… Sabrina Malum.” Hermione sucked in a breath. She had read about the disappearance in The Greatest Wizarding Families. She had always loved the name, but never knew why. Now here it was. She was the riches witch of her time.
“Its beautiful. I have always loved that name and now I know why.” Hermione said warming up to the idea of her new family.

“That’s not all. As I said we put a charm on you to look like your other family. Would you like to see your real self.” Mr. Malum asked. All Hermione, well I guess Sabrina, could do was nod. With a flick of his wand Sabrina started to tingle all over. She felt her self grow. Then it stopped.

“Oh. Honey she is beautiful.” Mrs. Malum said to her husband. Sabrina turning to the mirror behind her that she noticed when she walked in, she gasped.
“Oh Bradley she has your eyes and look my hair color.” Isabella spoke with tears in her eyes.

“Yes, Izzy and she has my hair and your beautiful lips.” Bradley said with pride

“Holy Crap…” was all that could escape her mouth.

“Yes Sabrina. You are beautiful. I would have to say that you are going to turn some heads when you get back to Hogwarts. Oh dear did I tell you that our little Sabrina here is number one in her class. Just like her father.”

“Well, I knew you would do great things. So let us show you around the house.”


After Sabrina saw the kitchen (which she can have anything she wants at any hour of the night, the chief is there 24/7), the living room(were all the seventh years at Hogwarts could be seated comfortably), the movie room(where you can watch every movie ever made and can be expanded to as big as you want), the library(which is bigger than Hogwarts), her very own Quittage court (Harry and Ron were going to freak!) and final the biggest swimming pool she has ever seen. It had a water fall, a diving board and a waterslide. Then there was a steam room and lets not forget the tanning bed because sometimes you just don’t have time to tan for longer than 30 minutes. Hermione was so over whelmed. She forgot that she was getting her new room.

“And now what you have been waiting for…” her father said as they came to a door.

“Your room!” with that he opened the door to the biggest room Hermione had ever seen. It was a deep shade of crimson. With white, black and red sheets for the bed.
She walked in with her mouth hitting the ground. She had a bed bigger then two king size beds put together. The bed was four-post made of dark wood. She touched the covers. It was made of a soft fur. And the sheets her silk.

“We got the silk from China right away when we decided that it was time for you to come home. Do you love it?”

“Words can’t explain. I love it so much. Thank you, thank you !” Sabrina said throwing her arms around both her parents.

She then noticed there was some thing in a dark corner of her room.
“What is that?”

“Oh. That is your new pet. This is Rasha.” just as her dad said her name a white tiger emerged from the darkness.

“What the hell is that! It’s a tiger. Oh Merlin we are going to die!” Hermione screamed jumping behind her father for protection.

“No sweetie. You got Rasha as a birth gift from a close friend. Who had a son around the same time. Rasha has been waiting for you. We had her put under a spell so she will only listen to us. Well now that you are back she will only listen to you.”

“Holy….” was all she could say she had a freaking pet tiger. Great.

“Rasha, come here.” Rasha obeyed and came to her owner.

“Cool. Thanks Mom, Dad. I love all this. Its amazing.”

“Well we are going to let you get settled. I’m sorry we can’t have a big dinner tonight but I have to go to a business meeting in Bangkok.” Mr. Malum said
“ Oh. And I have to go and meet a friend. But if you want us to stay we will” Sabrina could see that they really would stay even though there meetings were very important.

“Oh. No please go I don’t want to interfere. I will just get the chief to make me something. Don’t worry I will find something to do. If I don’t get lost.” She said with a giant smile on her face, she really meant it.

“We couldn’t ask for a better daughter.!” Mrs. Malum said. “We’ll get back late she don’t wait up. Oh I have a great idea I will send over a old friend of yours. You guys used to play together before you left. It will be like a little reunion!” Mrs. Malum said clapping her hands together. She walked away before Sabrina could asked who this mystery play mate was.

Shaking his head Mr. Malum said “Merlin knows I love that women but she can be a handful. Now for any reason you think you need to change back to Hermione Granger the spell is “Mei Reproba Facies” and to turn back to Sabrina you say “Mei Verus Facies.” Do you have that?”

“Yes its Latin. I understand completely. I can speak Latin almost better than English.” 

“Alright be a good girl and oh yes all your new clothes are in your closet. If you do not like them or want something that is not in there hit the red button. Then I’m sure you can handle it from there. Bye honey.” 

Hermione was well speechless she could only remember be speechless a handful of times. So this was a rare occasion. Opening the door to what she thought was her clothes, but she was very wrong. It was her own bathroom. It had a shower and a Jacuzzi bathtub. She had always wanted one. She turned the water on and got in. Thirty minutes later after a very relaxing bath, Sabrina went once again went closet hunting. This time she opened a door next to her window which looked out onto the font yard. 

Upon opening it she saw the biggest closet, ever. It was a walking that when on for ever, it had to be enchanted, then the clothes were on spinning racks. 

“How may I help you?”

“Umm.. I am looking for a dress.” Sabrina said hesitantly. No sure what that was. Then the room shifted and only dresses were left. 

“Umm.. How about something with sparkles?” the room again shifted to where there was only sparkly dresses. The dresses came in all shades and designs. 

“Only short dresses.” again a shift. She was beginning to like this. 

“Nothing to fancy.” 

“Something to match my eyes.” With that the room shifted and there was only one thing left a short dress, that came to about her mid thigh, that was an electric blue. The dress was sparkly but only at the breast area, the rest was silk. Sabrina picked it off the rack and slipped it over her hour-glass figure. It was snuck on her breast. Turning again to the talking closet, 

“I would like a pair of shoes that would look good with this.” 

The room shifted and a pair of shoes appeared under were the dress had been. They were strappy black heels. Not to high. Hermione would never wear these but. She wasn’t Hermione any more. She was the richest witch of her time. She could dress how she wanted. 

Walking out of the closet and in to her room. She saw Rasha sitting at the end of her bed. She looked so sad. 

“Rasha, oh I have missed you even though I can’t remember you there is this longing feeling that I miss you.” She walked over to the tiger and started to pet Rasha. Rasha seemed to love this. 

She was sad because she miss me “Good girl Rasha.” At this Rasha turned over on her belly so that Sabrina could rub it for her. Sabrina began to laugh. 

“Ferus, loves when I do that to him. Rasha has missed you.” Startled by the sudden noise of someone she didn’t know. She turned around. There standing in the doorway was none other that Blaise Zabini. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” Hermione couldn’t believe it. She had her wand at her ready. 

“Well, hello to you to. Put that away your going to poke someone’s eye out.” Hermione did not put it away. 

“How do you know Rasha?” Just as she said these word a blond boy came around the counter. 

“Blaise what are you doing. We are looking for Sabrina. Her mother told me she was on the third floor. I swear to god if she I ugly I am so out of here. Or weird.” he turned to were Blaise was staring the hole time he was talking. 

“Malfoy?!” Hermione screamed. 

“Well I see that you know who I am. Are you Sabrina?” Draco said with a smirk. 

Oh yeah he doesn’t know who I am!“Yes I am. Why are you here?” Answered Hermione. 

“My mum sent me. Are families go way back.” Draco said 

“Oh. And Blaise?” 

“I was at Draco’s before we heard the news.” Blaise answered still not taking his eyes off her. 

“Who is Ferus?”
“That would be my pet tiger. Rasha’s Brother.” Draco answered coolly. 

So Malfoy gave me Rasha. I see and my mother must be friends with Narcissa. And we were friends when we were younger. Eww... Did it have to be Malfoy. Why couldn’t it be someone else? Gay!“So who kidnapped you?” Draco asked walking in to the room and sitting on the chair in Sabrina’s bedroom. 

“What…t-” was all Hermione could answer.


*Author’s Note *
Ok I though of this when I was at camp( that is why I have not added a new chapter in the other stories). So I wanted to try out a Hermione not a Granger. I hope you like it. And PLEASE, PLEASE REVIEW!!!!