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Seven Minutes in Heaven by star11rox

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 5,743
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Pairings: James/Lily, Arthur/Molly, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/30/2007
Last Chapter: 01/08/2008
Last Updated: 01/08/2008


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Starting their seventh year, Lily Evans and her best friends, and the Marauders play a little seven minutes in heaven that starts getting everyone confused. Once they get their feelings sorted out, everything goes wrong. Seven minutes isn't going to be long enough.

Chapter 1: Confusing Game!
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Seven Minutes in heaven might not be long enough


By star11rox


“I can’t believe I got roped into this” Lily thought bitterly. Just because her best friend Maria White was, of course temporarily, dating Sirius Black didn’t mean she had to hang out with them with the Marauders with her. But, her 3 other friends Sarah Jenkins, Alice Kessler and Molly Lambert had wanted to as well, so she grudgingly agreed.


            Lily, Maria, Sarah, Alice, and Molly were getting ready in Lily’s Head Girl room to go outside to the Head Common room. Alice and Molly were lucky. They had boyfriends. Well, Alice had a sweet boyfriend, named Frank Longbottom, and Molly a charming fellow named Arthur Weasley. But Molly and Arthur weren’t officially dating, but they were as good as. They flirted every second of every day. Every time anyone asked them if they were dating, they both blushed a scarlet that matched each of their red hair.


            Naturally, neither one of their red hair could compare with Lily’s. Lily Evans had flaming red hair redder than Godric Gryffindor himself. Not only that, she also had emerald green eyes that complimented her scarlet hair perfectly. She knew that, because James Potter told her that daily.


James Potter. Now there was a subject Lily hated. Yet she could go on for hours about him. All her friends used to tell her that she was secretly in love with him, but stopped once she learned how to curse people. Supposedly, she hated him, but the reasons for hating him were growing fewer. He didn’t mess up his already messy hair anymore, he didn’t curse people for fun anymore, he didn’t make fun of Snape anymore, and it was driving Lily mad. She hated him because she didn’t have a reason to hate him anymore.


“Lily, we’re going downstairs now!” Maria called from the door. Lily broke out of her thinking spell and ran outside.




“What do you want to do?” Alice asked, holding hand with Frank. The Marauders, Frank, Arthur, and the girls were sitting in a circle on the floor in the Head Common room. They had played Fanged Frisbee, Exploding Snap, wizards chess, and just about every other game that they could think of.


“How about we pull a prank?” suggested Sirius.


“NO!!!” Lily screamed.


“Jeez, testy woman,” Sirius muttered.


Lily gave him a Lily Look, it was #8 on James’s Lily Look List. One of his favorites.


“I have an idea,” Maria announced.


“What?” Remus asked.


 “I played this one summer with some friends in my neighborhood. It’s a version of Seven Minutes in Heaven. First, you draw someone’s name out of a hat. Then, that person  is assigned someone to have theirs with by there friends, and then the opposite friends, which means they go twice. One time their friends pick and the next the Marauders get to pick.



Everyone agreed, so they started. Maria placed a charm on the closet to be used so you had to kiss in it. Alice drew out of the hat first. “Sirius,” she read.


The girls got in a huddle. “That will be you, Maria, of course.” Lily decided. The girls agreed.


“Are you ready?” Alice asked the boys.


“Yeah,” the boys said. Lily noticed Sirius looked rather like he wanted to club James. Lily was about to egg him on when Sarah began speaking. “We girls agreed on Maria,”

she spoke.


“We guys agreed on Molly,” James said, rather smugly.


“WHAT?” Maria and Arthur shouted.


In Sirius’s face, James said, “In your face.”




After a few shocking rounds and people ready to kill each  other, Lily’s name finally came out.


“James,” All the girls agreed at once.


“What-no!” Lily shouted.


The guys felt the same, so since it was James and Lily twice, it was 14 minutes instead of seven.



Sirius threw her over his shoulder and threw her in the closet. James walked in.


“Lily, I didn’t plan this, I swear.” James said quietly.


“I know.”


“Well, I guess we have to kiss,” James said as he leaned in and met her lips with his.


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Chapter 2: I Never Thought
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                                    Seven Minutes in Heaven

                                   Chapter 2: I Never Thought.




The kiss was long. And serious, Lily thought as she tangled her hands in James’s hair. If an hour ago Lily had known she would be kissing James Potter, she would have beat her head with a stick.


But that was then, this was now. Lily had been kissing James for the last 10 and a half minutes and- dare she say it- she was enjoying it.


NO! Lily mentally kicked herself. She could not be enjoying kissing him, which would mean that she liked him. That would go against everything she believed in.


Oh well. She would worry about that later. She HAD to be kissing him right now, so she did just that.


James wrapped his arms around Lily’s waist. She responded by lowering her hands off his hair and onto his chest.


He opened his mouth and ran his tongue around the bottom of her lip, begging. She obediently opened her mouth and he slid his tongue in.


Sirius walked in. “Okay guys you can,” he stopped when he saw the sight before him. James was now on top of Lily, and kissing her with all the energy he could muster.


“Oh. My. GOD!” Sirius screamed at the top of his lungs. James and Lily sprung apart, panting from the loss of breath. Lily was sure she wasn’t going to enjoy the next few hours.





“YOU WERE SNOGGING JAMES POTTER?” Maria shrieked. “I cannot BELIEVE you!”


“Would you calm down? I was just 7 minutes in heaven. Its not like I would really do it,” Lily reasoned, mostly trying to convince herself.


“But here’s what you don’t know. You were allowed to come out after 14 minutes. Sirius came in after 20 minutes.” Maria replied, triumphantly.


Lily was absolutely gobsmacked. In shock. She was gobshocked. “Oh-Oh”. A single tear rolled down her face and she ran out of the Head Common Room. She came to a stop at her Head Girl bedroom. I need a place to think, She thought, because hr room was a room of requirement. The door appeared and Lily walked in.


The room was extremely peaceful; it was easy to see that. Yoga mats littered the floor and several large couches were scattered around the room. A small bookcase was next to one of the couches. Lily pulled out a book at random and read its title. How To Admit That You’re in Love, by Amelia Smithies. “Are you trying to tell me something?” She asked, and threw the book across the room.


She selected another. Learning to Love, by Julie Hopkins. “Even the books hate me,” Lily muttered. “Forget them, I’ll just think.”


She sat on a couch and let her mind wander. As far as she tried to take it, her mind wandered back to the kiss. Even my mind hates me, She thought.


Molly walked in. “Lily?” she asked tentatively.


“Yeah?” She said absentmindedly.


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I am just thinking. I never thought this would ever happen,”


“What would happen?”


“I never though I would fall in love with James Potter,” She said, and walked out.


Molly stared at her.


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Chapter 3: Every Word
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                                           Seven Minutes in Heaven


                                          Chapter 3

                                        Every Word



Molly ran out after her. “Lily wait!” she called after her. “Come back!” she caught up with her. Molly knew why Lily had chosen to tell her. She was a very understanding person. But even Molly couldn’t handle this one. Lily was being incredible stubborn. Molly had been watching Lily. She knew the look in Lily’s eye when James pulled a prank on her. It wasn’t hate, or loathing. It was love, and admiration. Lily had been in love with James since the first time she had laid eyes on him. But she didn’t know that then. Sweet, immature, first year Lily had thought that feeling was hate, and she went along with it. And now, the Lily of seventh year was too stubborn to see what was right in front of her. Lily didn’t know why she turned down every guy that asked her out, but Molly did; it was because Lily loved another.


            But apparently Lily had finally figured it out. She had been forced to see what was right in front of her. And she had faced the truth. And it had killed her.


            Lily ran through the Head Common Room past the Marauders, Arthur, Frank, Sarah, and Maria and to the door that led to the passageway to the Gryffindor Common Room. Molly ran after her, shooting an apologetic smile to James, who looked about ready to crush someone because Lily crying was #4 on his Lily Look List, his least favorite. Molly followed Lily through the door. Once they were safely inside, Lily collapsed, sobbing. Molly sat down next to her and just put her arms around Lily.


“James- I never thought- I always thought” she hiccupped “I always thought that the feeling I felt around him was – was hate.” (hiccup) “I never knew it was” (another hiccup) was love.” Tears flowed down her cheeks. “This whole time, I was in love with him.”


“You need to tell him,” Molly said.


“I know. But what do I say? ‘Sorry James, it turns out I never hated you, I always loved you, I was just to stupid to know it?’”


“Yes. And if James is really the right guy for you, he will understand!”


Lily leaned back on the wall, not really crying anymore. “And what about you?” she asked smugly.


“What about me?” Molly asked, absentmindedly.


“Are you going to tell Arthur that you love him?”


“WHAT?” Molly shrieked.


“I know you like him, don’t lie to me!” Lily said, rolling around laughing.


“No-stop Lily” Molly stuttered.


“Oh come on Molly,” Lily said.


“Okay! I will say it! I love Arthur Weasley! There, are you happy?”


“Uh, YEAH?” Lily said sarcastically.


“So what do you want me to do about it?”


“Tell him!”


“Okay, lets make a little deal. I will tell Arthur that I like him, when you tell James you like him.”






“Wait what?” Lily said. “I can’t tell James!”


More gently, Molly said “Yes you can. Just tell him. If he loves you like I think he does, he will understand.”


“I’ll do it,” Lily said. “I’ll tell James that I love him.”


And, a few feet away, James quietly shut the door, having heard every word.



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Chapter 4: Collapsed
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                                                     Seven Minutes in Heaven


                                                   Chapter 4




James quietly walked back out to the Head Common room, stunned.

“What’s wrong James?” Remus asked.

James didn’t say anything, he just sat down in stunned silence.

“James what did you hear?” Remus asked gently.

“I need…to talk to Arthur” James mumbled.

“Okay,” Arthur said nervously.

The two went into James’s bedroom. When James went inside he saw it was the perfect place to talk. The room was simply decorated. Large drapes covered the windows and plain lamps were littered around the room on small tables. 2 large chairs were next to one table. “So James, what was it you wanted to talk about?” Arthur asked nervously.

“Well, what I heard was first of all, Molly totally has the hots for you,” James chuckled. “So now you can FINALLY go out now.”

“But how did you know I liked her?” Arthur stuttered.

“Mate, it was obvious.” James said.

“Oh. Well, what else did you want to say that you heard?” Arthur asked.

“Well…” Sirius barging into the room cut off James. “Mate McGonagall says if you don’t go to bed now she will never let you go to Hogsmeade again.”

“I better go then” Arthur said.

“Yeah, good night.” James said.

“Good night."


James could not sleep. It was now 3 o’clock in the morning and still he was awake. So he wandered out of his room and into the Prefect’s meeting room. He couldn’t stop thinking of Lily. What he would say when he told her? He hoped she would make it memorable. But he had to figure out how to act surprised, or else she would figure out that he had been listening in. Wow. A lot can happen when you want to tell someone about a meeting with the Prefects.

He snuck out of his room and went into the Prefects meeting room next door. He decided to write a letter to Lily telling her what he had found.

My Dearest Lily, he began. No, way too corny.

Hey Lily, he tried. No, too informal.

Dear Lily. That would work.

For an hour he wrote, starting over at least ten times. He wanted to make it sound perfect, or it could easily backfire on him. He tried fancy and slang, good handwriting and perfect handwriting, even code. He was almost trying too hard. By about eight in the morning, he had a rough draft, about 3 feet of parchment down from his first try 5 hours earlier.

Dear Lily,

This is really hard to write. I don’t exactly know how to say it, so I will just go straight forward about it. I sort of overheard you when you said that you liked me talking to Molly yesterday. I didn’t mean to listen in, I was going in to tell you about a Prefect meeting. I am really sorry. I am not mad at you at all, I wish you had figured out sooner. You are amazing, Lily Evans and I would never be mad at you.




Sirius barged in. “Man, do you want breakfast or not?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” James said.


“So how about that game last night?” Sirius said, arm around Maria.

“Yeah, it was…. Interesting,” James said, staring off into space, exhausted.

“James are you okay?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, I am fine,” James mumbled.

Just then Severus Snape walked up. “Potter, Black, what did you do to the Slytherin common room?”

“Oh yeah,” Sirius snickered. “James put a charm on your common room so you can all bow down to our amazing selves.”

“POTTER!” Snape snarled.

“Yeah…. Go away… whatever,” James muttered.

“Fine.” He shouted. James didn’t see that Snape slipped a potion into James’s pumpkin juice. Snape walked away.

“James, what is up today?” Lily asked.

“Nothing. I’m fine. Really I am fine.” James said, and downed his goblet of pumpkin juice.

“JAMES! NO!” Lily screamed.

James fell to the floor, unconscious.


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Chapter 5: Gasped
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Chapter 5


Lily screamed as Sirius detached himself from Maria and ran over to James’s unconscious body.


Remus looked at the remnants of James’s drink. “I don’t know what Snape put in there, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good.” He climbed over the table quickly and joined Lily and Sirius in the effort to revive James. Maria looked at Professor Dumbledore and shouted “PROFFESSOR, WE HAVE AND UNCONSIOUS STUDENT HERE PROFFESSOR!”


             Professor Dumbledore ran over to James, faster than Lily would have thought her Professor could have run. He examined James, and told Sirius and Remus quickly, “Take him to the Infirmary,” and cast a Levitation Spell on James’s body. Sirius and James scurried.


            Professor Slughorn noticed the chaos and hurried down to where James’s body had been just a few moments before. He looked at James’s goblet and said, “It was a minor poison, but it was tampered with.”



            Dumbledore seemed to understand, and said “Go to the Infirmary Horace, and tell Madam Pomfrey.” After glancing at Lily, he said, “Take young Miss. Evans with you.”


“What?” Lily screamed. “I don’t care about me, what about James, I am fine!” she struggled in Professor Slughorn’s grasp.


Dumbledore wasn’t listening. “Professor Flitwick?” he called to the Head Table.



“Yes?” Professor Flitwick answered.


“Please attend to Mr. Snape.”


“Right away sir.”


As they were talking, Lily was forcefully carried out of the door.


When they got to the Infirmary, James was already lying on a bed, with several potions next to him. Madam Pomfrey rushed over to them.  She noticed Lily’s behavior, and said “Miss Evans, you can lie down on the bed next to Mr. Potter’s,” she administered.


“What is wrong with you people I am fine!”  Lily screamed again. She finally broke free of Professor Slughorn’s grasp and ran over to James.


            Nothing appeared to be wrong with him, at least until a red piece of cloth appeared in is mouth. Madam Pomfrey rushed over to him and took it. She scanned it quickly, and looked straight at Lily. “It was poison, and what’s worse is that it was also tampered with,” she said, and Lily collapsed on the floor. She started sobbing so loud the people in the Great Hall probably heard it.


            Sirius, who had been standing next to James’s bed, went over to Lily and hugged her tightly. She sobbed into him, and he whispered, “Don’t worry about him Lily, James is a fighter, he is a Marauder,” he whispered into her ear.


            Lily smiled through her tears. She knew that, it was just that she had been ready to tell him the truth, and then, all this happened. She had the WORST timing. It was impossible.


            Maria, Molly, and Sarah walked in then, and saw Lily standing there, crying into Sirius. They rushed over, being the good friends they were, and hugged her. They were all crying now, and Sirius was getting scared. He managed to exclude himself from the group, and joined Remus sitting next to James.


            “Lily, please get in the bed,” Madam Pomfrey said sternly. Lily finally agreed, and climbed in. The girls hugged her, and she quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the last hour’s events.



A few hours later, Lily woke up groggily. She momentarily forgot where she was, until she noticed the unconscious person next to her, and started crying again.

Madam Pomfrey noticed, and said, “Miss Evans, he will be fine, I promise. Now I guess you can go.”


Lily nodded, and, with one final glance at James, she walked out.


She wandered up to the Gryffindor Tower. After saying the password to the Fat Lady,       (centaur hooves), she walked into the Gryffindor common room, where there was a party in full swing. “Qudditch match,” she mumbled to herself. Jonathan Craig walked up to her drunkenly.


“Lily,” he slurred. “Want some firewhisky?”


Normally this was against all of Lily’ s morals, but she was desperate to stop thinking about James.


“Sure.” Lily grabbed the large bottle in his hands, and drained it in one gulp.



Sirius walked back into the Common Room about an hour later muttering things to himself. He noticed the party and stopped dead in his tracks. There, on top of a table, was Lily Evans, in the shortest skirt and tightest top he had ever seen. She was table dancing with some bloke, who looked like he was in shock. Sirius knew the feeling.


“LILY EVANS!” Sirius screamed.


“Wh-wha-What?” she slurred. She climbed off the table, blowing the micro-mini skirt up. Sirius forced himself not to look.  Lily stood next to him, trying to get him to dance with her.


“D-D-Dance with me Black,” she said.


“You aren’t in your right state of mind. How much alcohol did you have?” He said, amazed.


“I-I-I don’t know. I lost count after the third,” she smiled.


Sirius debated his options, and decided what to do. He conjured up his blanket and wrapped it around Lily, covering her nearly naked body up. He then threw her over his shoulder, ignoring her protests. He carried her up to his dorm. He kicked the door open.  Remus looked up from his Potions textbook and surveyed the situation.


“Lily Evans is drunk,” he said, doubtful.


“Yep,” Sirius replied, setting down Lily after locking the door magically so Lily couldn’t get out. Remus nodded, and opened the cabinet and pulled out a potion. He shoved it down Lily’s throat. She gasped, and fell down.


A few minutes later, she woke up. “Where am I?” She asked. “Why am I in the boy’s dorm?” She looked down at her self and her eyes opened, shocked. “What am I wearing?”

“Funny,” Remus answered. “I was going to ask you the same question.”


“What happened?” Sirius asked.


“Well, I walked in the common room, and Jonathan Craig gave me a firewhisky. I was depressed, so I drank it. Then, I wasn’t thinking right, and I drank some more, and I don’t remember anything else.”


“When I got to the Common Room, you were table dancing with that Jonathan bloke,” Sirius said.

Lily’s jaw dropped.  “I think I need to go to my dorm,” she said shakily.


They agreed, and walked her down there.


Once she was alone, Lily walked around the Head Tower. She suddenly remembered about the Prefect meeting the next day, and went to the meeting room to get her notes. She noticed that the meeting room was rather…. askew and sighed, throwing bits of parchment away. She found a letter addressed to herself.


She read it and gasped.

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Chapter 6: Without You
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Seven Minutes In Heaven
Chapter 6
Without You

Lily gasped; eyes wide open and jaw down to the floor. “Wha-Wha-what in the world?” She asked herself. She looked at the letter again.

Dear Lily,

This is really hard to write. I don’t exactly know how to say it, so I will just go straight forward about it. I sort of overheard you when you said that you liked me talking to Molly yesterday. I didn’t mean to listen in, I was going in to tell you about a Prefect meeting. I am really sorry. I am not mad at you at all, I wish you had figured out sooner. You are amazing, Lily Evans and I would never be mad at you.



So. He had known all along. He had known this morning, when he was so tired. He had probably spent all night writing, and that was why he had been that ridiculously tired.
He had known when he passed out.

Lily sighed. My life just got even more complicated, she thought. She read the letter over and over again, getting more and more upset.

Suddenly she remembered the meeting, sighed, and went back to the Prefect Common Room.

Sirius walked back into the Seventh Year dorm. “What is happening to my life? James is conked out in the infirmary, Lily Evans was just drunk, and I am actually…” he paused for dramatic effect, “depressed!”

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius. “Oh get over yourself!” he said, annoyed. “Tonight’s the full moon and James is unconscious, I really need your help. Peter won’t be any use as usual, and a dog can’t exactly help by himself. Do you know any other Animagus?”

“No,” Sirius admitted. “So what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Remus said urgently. “Well, maybe there is something in the library about it.” He sprinted off.

“Yeah, because there is an answer for anything in the library.” Sirius muttered.

Lily Evans walked outside, thinking hard. She had just finished the Prefect meeting and she was exhausted. Fifth years always acted so cocky. Now that they weren’t little kids anymore, they thought they were on top of the world, the coolest people ever. It really got on her nerves.

She heard a strange voice yelling, that seemed to be coming from the Whomping Willow. “Why would anyone in their right mind be fighting the Whomping Willow?” She whispered to herself.

She saw a shadow raise their wand and shout, “STUPEFY!” The Whomping Willow stopped, suddenly. The shadowed figure walked to the trunk of the tree and bent down. He crawled forward and disappeared.

“Lumos.” Lily whispered and light appeared on the tip of her wand. She hurried forward to the Whomping Willow. She timidly stepped under the branches of the Whomping Willow and got down on her knees and crawled to the trunk of the tree. She saw a small opening and crawled through it. She saw a set of stairs, and stood up. She brushed herself off and carefully walked up the stairs.

“This must be a secret passage,” she whispered. At the top of the stairs she found a trapdoor, and pushed it open. She pulled herself through.

She gasped. “I am in the Shrieking Shack, aren’t I?” she whispered. She cautiously went up the stairs.

Suddenly, she heard a large roar. She ran up the rest of the stairs where she found a rickety broken door. She pushed through it.

There, standing three feet from the door was Sirius Black. And, a few feet from him, was
A great, gray, werewolf.

“SIRIUS! WHAT IS GOING ON?” Lily screamed. The werewolf roared again.

Sirius shouted “LILY! GET DOWN!” he ran in front of her. She ducked down.

Sirius changed from a human to a great big black dog. He (in dog form) started charging forward towards the werewolf and attacked him. He barked at the werewolf. The werewolf fell over. Sirius changed back, ran towards Lily and threw her over his shoulder. He ran out the door and closed it. He rushed down the stairs and back through to the Whomping Willow. Finally, he stopped at a tree at least 30 feet from the Whomping Willow and set her down.

“Sirius, what is going on?” Lily said breathlessly.

“That werewolf is Remus.”


“Yeah. In fifth year, the Marauders all found out. So now, we are unregistered Animagi and we keep him from getting too out of control.”

“Wow. Becoming Animagi is really advanced magic! How did the marauders mange to do it?”

“James figured it out.”

Lily raised an eyebrow. Just then, the werewolf- no Remus, broke through the tree, growling and snarling. Sirius and Lily got up immediately.

“Lily, go back to the castle, I can take care of Remus!”

“No, you’ll be killed!” She stood up quickly and drew her wand. As Remus got closer, her eyes got larger and larger. She trembled and Sirius put her behind him. He changed back into the dog, growling. Suddenly, Lily had an idea.

She quickly transformed herself to a great doe, behind Sirius (in dog form.) Lily galloped towards the werewolf Remus and jammed her legs into Remus as Sirius froze in shock. Then, Lily backed off and sped off to the castle steps, where she transformed back into herself.

Sirius ran to catch up with her and transformed back into himself. He panted, “You… are… an Animagus?”

She was panting as well. “Yeah…. I. Am…unregistered….”, looking at Sirius guiltily.

Sirius smirked the official Marauder smirk. “I am unregistered too. But you are a doe?”

“Yeah, why? Lily asked with an eyebrow raised.

“James is a stag.” Sirius said, continuing to smirk.



By this time, Remus had sped off to the forest. Sirius was beat up pretty badly, and Lily was pretty scratched up as well. “We better get off to the hospital wing,” she said, and so they went inside.

Madame Pomfrey, to say the least, was NOT happy to see them. “At such a late hour, and a werewolf! What were you thinking, Mr. Black? And putting Miss Evans in danger too! You two could have been killed!” she exclaimed as she shoved them into bed.

Lily spoke up. “It isn’t Sirius’s fault, about me being there. He told me it was dangerous but I didn’t listen to him. Don’t get him in trouble.”

“Well what was Sirius Black doing out there anyway?”

“The werewolf is Remus,” Sirius confessed.

Madame Pomfrey stared at him. “Oh.” Then, she handed them both a tub of ointment. “Put that on your cuts, and they shouldn’t hurt too much. But Mr. Black will need a sling for your right arm. It is sprained.”

Sirius groaned. “Perfect.” He muttered. He looked three beds down at James. “Wake up Prongs, the world is more boring without you.”

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