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What? I Just Came To See Her Off by crazykicker

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 19,038

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Romance
Characters: Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC

First Published: 07/29/2007
Last Chapter: 04/25/2008
Last Updated: 04/25/2008


Victoire Weasly is overwhelmed at the thought of going back to her last year at Hogwarts. She is studying to become a healer, and what she has to do for N.E.W.T.S. seems like its a daunting task.  Teddy Lupin, finds himself in the same situation following in his god fathers footsteps, and becomming an Auror. But the three year training program is very demanding. There stresses are soon added when a certain cousin of Victoire announces he saw the two snogging on the Hogwarts Express..

Chapter 1: Shell Cottage
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“Hey, Victoire,” said Teddy Lupin ever so casually, while walking up to the cliff where she sat.   

“Oh hey,” replied the 17-year-old blonde bombshell, starring back at him. 

“What’s up?” he asked, while sitting down. 

“Really nothing, I was just out here thinking for a little bit,” Victoire still looking out into the ocean.

“About what?” Teddy asked.

“Basically my seventh year coming up,” she replied 

“What can’t wait to get back or something, I know its soon but come on-”

“Gosh no- I’m just… it’s scary thinking of how much work I will have to do this year if I want to become a healer,” she said. 

“I’m sure you can handle it,” said Teddy.

“Well were not all going to become accomplished Aurors, Ted,” she said giving him a slight nudge.

Ted looked down at his feet, “It just takes work, plus I grew up with Uncle Harry. He has been really good teaching me all the ropes and helping me with my studies.” 

Victoire did not reply back right away instead she just looked off into space. Ted took this time to remember the last time he saw Victoire; it must have been about two years ago. Right after he finished Hogwarts. As much as he liked Bill and Fleur he didn’t really make it an effort to come to the little cottage. Plus he has been very busy with his Auror training. He looked back and Victoire he did not remember her being this pretty. She definitely grew up a bit… actually a lot since he last saw her. She took after Fleur in every way. Although she did have the same honey eye color as her father. 

“What are you thinking about?” She asked softly.

“Oh…um nn-nothing really,” he said while running his fingers through his thick dark hair. Victoire knew he got this habit from Uncle Harry who always had ruffled hair. Ted also grew a bit from the last time she saw him, she was sure that he was thinking the same about her. But Teddy was tall, and very muscular. In fact, if she saw him on the street and struck up a conversation with him she would have not guessed that he was only 19, he seemed a little more beyond his years. 

“Hey lovebirds,” called James Potter with a grin from ear to ear. “Come inside dinner is almost ready,”

 Ted rolled his eyes, and Victoire cheeks flushed a little bit.

“We’ll be right there” he yelled. “Shall we,” he asked while extending a hand. 

“Alright lets go.” Replied Victoire

They walked into the crowded little house and Teddy found a seat, whole Victoire went into the kitchen to help out her mom and Ginny. Victoire walked in on Ginny and her mom talking about the latest gossip.

“’ello princess,” replied Fleur, 

“Hey mom, Hi auntie it’s nice to see you again,” She said while giving Ginny a hug. 

“Vell you do me a favor?” asked Fleur, her English was almost perfect now that she had been speaking it for so long. 

“Sure mom, what?” 

“Vell you check on your ‘isiter and brother for mee please.” She asked

“Alright,” Said Victoire as she left the room. 

She walked in the living room and all the kids were being entertained by teddy transforming his noses. The kids were giving request and he would happily oblige, making sure they laughed every time.  On one occasion when he did this, Victoire heard Ginny and Harry talking about his mother used to do that at dinner as well. 

It was tragic what happened to his parents really. From stories she has heard, they seemed like they were wonderful people. She never actually talked to Teddy about this; she could not imagine living life without her mom and dad. But Ted’s parents were brave; they fought so that he could have this life, the life that they both knew was possible. 

Shrills of giggles pulled Victoire from her thoughts, “Alright everyone go wash up its time for dinner,” she called making sure her voice was heard.

Ted immediately stopped and there were cries of protest, “You heard the girl,” he grinned and pointed to her.

“But Teddy,” groaned Lily.

“Ooh- Lily Potter not another word from you missy,” 

About ten minuets later the whole family was sitting down enjoying dinner, James (who was sitting across from Albus) was flinging food at him and it had hit Ginny in the head. Bill and Harry were reminiscing about the time when Uncle Harry broke into Gringott’s. Bill had huge smile on his face. Victoire found herself in a deep conversation about Quidditch. She did not really follow Quidditch but Teddy had been so enthusiastic about the topic, she had no other choice but to listen. 

“… So anyways then the beater from the Cannons hit the ball directly in Wood’s direction… I’m not boring you with this am I?” he asked. 

“Oh no, not at all go on,” she said as politely as she could

“Good,” said Teddy while he continued to talk, about the game.

Victoire just gave one long sigh. 

By the end of the night everyone was pretty tired, especially Fleur and Ginny who cooked dinner. 

“Don’t forget about next week,” said Ginny to Fleur

“What about ‘ext week?” she asked

“Were all going over to Molly’s to have a dinner, you know how she is, all lonely with her and Arthur, the house is definitely quieter that’s for sure. Anyways Ron and Hermione are going to be there. It should be fun.” Ginny said. 

“Oh zat zounds wonderful,” said Fleur while giving her a bear hug.

Victoire turned around sharply and ran into Teddy. He caught her fall just in time, and helped her to her feet. 

“Thanks,” she said while looking at her feet

“No problem,” he said

There was an awkward pause for a moment and Victoire decided to fill it, “Well thanks for coming, its been a while it was nice talking to you,” she said politely while giving him a brief hug and turning around to say goodbye to Albus and Lily.

“Wait Victoire,” Said Teddy.

She turned around again to face him, “Yes,” She said

“Well, I am going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, I really have to go to Flourish & Blotts bookstore to get some studying materials, you are more then welcome to come, I was thinking that we could maybe go to the Leaky Cauldron or something. Or maybe go to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor ” 

Victoire gave it a little bit of thought, the offer did not sound that bad at all, “Okay,” she said, “That sounds great, how about we meet in the leaky Cauldron tomorrow around…noon, is that okay?”

“Perfect,” Teddy said. 

“Alright then I will see you tomorrow,” she said while turning her heels and walking over to Ginny to say goodbye.

Chapter 2: Flourish & Blotts
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Teddy arrived in his flat right above the three broomsticks. Although it was late and he was tired, there was a party ragging downstairs. Teddy placed a silencing charm on the walls and took of his robes. He was so tired he just jumped into bed, falling asleep even before his head hit the pillow.

He woke up the next morning at around ten. He pulled a pair of blue jeans on and a Weasley sweater and went into the kitchen. He opened up the prophet and read it as he ate his toast, there was nothing in there that he found interesting. So he decided that he was going to glance over the potions book Harry told him to know.

He skimmed through it, it was incredibly boring, and he found his thoughts float to Victoire. He was really looking foreword to his afternoon with her, as much as he tried to convince himself that he was doing her a favor. Ted soon forced himself to concentrate on the book, and before he knew it, it was noon. He stood up, grabbed his wand and cloak, glanced at himself in the mirror for a second, and set of to the Leaky Cauldron to meet Victoire.

When he arrived he dusted himself off (he had traveled by floo powder) and looked in the pub. It wasn’t so busy at this time; he thought for sure he could spot Victoire out. After looking thoroughly he concluded that she was not there yet. He went up and ordered himself a butterbeer as he waited for her.

It wasn’t a long wait, in less then 5 minuets Victoire had showed up. Teddy finished his butterbeer and walked over to her. He could tell she was looking around the area for him, and when her eyes finally spotted him a smile creped onto her face.

“Hello,” Teddy said while giving her a quick hug.

“Hey, Teddy” Victoire said while looking up to him, her warm eyes seemed to sparkle in the dimly lit pub. “I hope you weren’t waiting to long for me,”

“Oh no, not too long,”

“Okay good,” she said

There was an awkward pause, “Umm, shall we,” Suggested Ted, while opening the door.

“Thank you,” Victoire said sweetly as she made her way out from the pub, “So let’s go to Flourish & Blotts first, that way you can get what you need.”

“Aright let’s go,” said Ted pointing in the direction.

They walked up to Flourish & Blotts and entered the bookstore. Victoire already seemed to stray away from Teddy and was looking at a book about different ways repel memory charms, probably a book that would help with her dreams of becoming a healer.

Ted went off in a different direction making sure he got what he needed. He had to get a book on complex dark art spells and how to prevent them. Once he found what he was looking for he bought it and went to find Victoire.

It did not take him that long, her brilliant blonde hair stood out in any crowd. She had her nose in a book and when he went to tap her on the shoulder she jumped slightly.

“Hey there,” She said.

“Are you almost ready?” Teddy asked

“Almost I just have to buy a few things…” she trailed off. Ted looked over at her stack of books. Goodness there was at least a dozen.

“Do you need help carrying those?” He asked sincerely.

“Oh lord, I’m not getting all of those, I only brought 2 galleons, I think I am just going to get this one,” she said while pointing to a book on how to cure magical bugs and diseases.

“Are you sure I mean I can pay for them if you want,” Ted offered.

“No, I have it,” she said while strolling over to the clerk.

As she was walking Ted could not help but stare at her, she was beautiful. He has to admit that much to himself. He still remember how awkward she was growing up, she was short a stocky, but now she seemed tall and lanky. He remembered that she used to walk like an elephant with its shoe laces untied. Now she was as graceful as a swan…

“Where to next?” she asked, interrupting Ted from his thoughts.

“How about ice cream?” he asked

“You read my mind?” Victoire chuckled.

They merrily walked to the ice cream shop and ordered, with much protest from Victoire, Ted paid. They sat outside both enjoying the beautiful weather, and their ice cream.

“So…” Victoire started

“So…” Ted replied.

He had never been much for small talk. He had always been more on the reserved side. Ginny told him that he had more of a personality like his dad rather then his mother, who was loud and outgoing.

“What made you want to become and Auror?” she asked. Her honey eyes intently gazing intently into his.

“Hmm… that’s an odd question,” he started, “I guess it was to make a difference. I like the thought that someday maybe- just maybe, some kid will be able to have his parents around because of me. It’s a foolish thought, but it’s what drives me. I mean since my mom and dad weren’t around because… well yeah.” He said with such compassion it made Victoire look at him in a whole different light.

She reached out and grabbed his hand. She never realized how his parent’s deaths affected him.

“Anyways,” Ted said desperate to try and change the subject.

“Yeah…” said Victoire trying to think of something to say, “Did you read the prophet today?”

“I just skimmed it why?” he asked.

“Your favorite team the Falmouth Falcons beat the Holyhead Harpies, in yesterdays match” she said grinning.

After they broke the ice both Teddy and Victoire to have a lot to talk about, they had almost nothing in common, and disagreed on a lot of things, but time flew by and before they knew it dusk was setting.

“Well I better get home” Victoire said while getting up, “I just wanted to tell you I had a lovely time,”

“I did too. Will I see you at Molly’s coming up?” Teddy asked

“Yes, yes you will,” She said kissing him on the check. “Well goodbye,”

“Later,” Ted called but wasn’t sure if she heard because she had just disapparated.

Turning his heals to head back to the Leaky Cauldron he was rubbing his cheek where she had kissed it.

Chapter 3: The Burrow
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            “Victoire” shouted Bill.

            “Yes dad,” she said while coming down the stairs. 

            “It’s almost time to go, are you ready?” he asked, the way the light was hitting his face seemed to have made the scars on his face stand out a bit more. 

            “Yeah, let’s go,” She said in a bored tone. 

            “Hey brighten up you get to see, Lily and James again,” he said, “and I heard a strapping young man by the name of Teddy Lupin will be there.”

            “Oh Bill, cut zat out, zey are jus’ friendz” Chimed Fleur. ” Let’s go,”

            Since they had Victoire younger brother and sister they all traveled by floo powder. When they arrived at Molly’s, everyone already seemed to be there.  

            Victoire instantly went to go and help Molly, her mother, Ginny, Penelope (Percy’s wife) and Hermione out in the kitchen, it seemed like everyone was so flustered that no one was really interested with her help, she stepped out into the living room where the rest of the adults seemed to be watching a Quidditch match, it was definitely a red head reunion, everyone was there. 

            So she went outside to watch the Quidditch match that was going on between the kids.  Ted was there laughing along with Rose. She had just scored another goal against James who looked muddled as ever.  Victoire watched in amusement as everyone around her looked to be having a great time. 

            About a half an hour later the game was still raging. Victoire found her eyes wonder wherever the ball was. She was just about to go inside when someone asked. 

            “Can I sit down?” 

            She turned around and saw Ted. His usually dark brown hair was now red and Victoire smiled slightly. 

            Ted seemed too noticed and ran his fingers through it. “What?” he smiled, “I just wanted to fit in…”

            Victoire chuckled slightly, “I thought you were playing, what happened?”

            “The game got to intense for me,” he said sternly

            “What all those 9 year old giving you a run for your money?” she asked while raising an eyebrow.

            “You know, it’s harder then it looks.” He said

            “I don’t doubt you, I mean little miss Lily over there, well she is a tank” Victoire joked. 

            “You have no idea; I heard she can kill a person with her stare.” Teddy joked. 

            “And Albus over there, I heard that he is wanted in Albania, for beating a guy with a bludger,”

            “You, know I think that one might actually be true, I mean don’t tell him I told you this,” Ted said moving a bit closer to whisper in her ear, “But, he has a tattoo of a blasted-end skrewt”

            Victoire let a shrill of laughter and Teddy looked pleased at himself. 

            “Teddy,” cried Lily, “Hugo is pulling my hair again,”

             Teddy let a groan escape him as he said, “I’ll be right back,”

            Victoire took it as an opportunity to go inside and talk to some more of her family members.            

            She walked into the kitchen and there was Molly, looking flustered while talking to Ginny. 

            “Hey Aunt Ginny, Grandma Molly, is there anything I can help you with?” She asked

            “Oh no deary, we are just chit chatting- really everything that needs to be done, well is… so why don’t you just go and call everybody in for dinner.”         

            “Yes ma’am,” Victoire said while walking into the living room to tell the remaining adults it was time for dinner.

             After she wrangled everyone up Victoire found a seat wedged between Albus and James, which was a match made in hell. They kept bickering, and yelling, arguing over who was the better Quidditch player. Victoire was caught in the cross fire and all she could do was just sit there listening to there petty arguments and made sure that no food was flying between the two of them.

            The dinner was wonderful, Molly did another great job cooking for everyone, but afterwards Victoire had a headache the size of Texas from sitting in between Albus and James. So Victoire decided that she was going to outside to collect her thoughts, inside there was nothing but screaming kids and adults alike. She sat out by the garden that overlooked the area where her mom and dad were married on.

            “Trying to get rid of the commotion?” said Teddy.

            “Yes, actually,” she said looking up into his now green eyes. 

            “Well do you need company?” he said while sitting

            “And would that be your company?” she asked

            “Well, I-I… was planning on it,” he said with a smile.

            “Then, no,” she smile. And Ted grinned back at her.   

            The moment was filled with silence, both looking out into the open, it was a very nice contrast to what seemed to be chaos going on inside. 

            “Whatcha thinking about?” asked Teddy

            “Oh, it’s nothing really, but if you look over there-“she said while pointing to an empty field. “That’s were my parents got married.”

            Ted took a long look almost as if studying it  “Wow, I bet Molly had a heart attack, while making sure everything went smoothly”

            “Oh gosh- I can only imagine,” chimed Victoire. She looked up at him, and studied his features closely. As the moonlight hit his face he almost seemed to glow. Victoire couldn’t help but thinking about how good looking he was. 

            Teddy turned to her, interrupting her thoughts, “You know you’re beautiful, right?”

            Victoire replied with a kiss. For a moment there she was so caught up with how nice his lips felt pressed against his she didn’t realize how foreword this was. 
            She pulled away, starring straight into his eyes. “I’m sorry... That was really stupid of me; I shouldn’t have done tha-”

            But she was cut off by Teddy cupping her cheeks and pulling her into another kiss.  After what seemed like a few seconds… well actually it could have been a few hours, or several long weeks. Ted finally pulled away.

            And with out taking his eyes off of her he smiled and said, “Now what were you saying?”


Chapter 4: Diagon Alley
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Ummm…” Victoire trailed off. The power of speech lost her. “We should get back inside”
Even in the darkness Victoire could tell that Teddy was blushing, that apparently was not what he was expecting “Yeah you’re right,”
  With that he got up, and then he helped her up.  They walked back in silence neither of them knew how to break it other then the screaming that was going on inside of the burrow.
  When Victoire got home her mind was going a mile a minuet. She knew that she should have not kissed him; I mean they were practically cousins.  Of course not blood related, but still either way you put it, she kissed Teddy Lupin… Victoire hit her head in frustration. What was she thinking doing that… 
       She went to bed that night with a heavy sigh, only to wake up the next morning to the screaming of her brother and sisters.  Victoire still was in desperate need for solitude, so without saying a word she went outside and sat on the cliffs looking out into the ocean.  Looking out into the ocean made her mind calm down, and instead of thinking about how foreword she had been, she found her thoughts wonder to Teddy and how he was a really good kisser.  A smile soon crept upon her face. Then her thoughts wondered to how much she enjoyed his company. 
       She valued the time when they just talked at Diagon Alley. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she was looking foreword to dinner at Grandma Molly’s just to see him. Actually when she put deep thought into it she liked a lot of things about him, much more then she was willing to let on. They disagreed on a lot of stuff, for example he loved Quidditch, he was the captain his last year of school for Gryffindor, and she- well she could care less about Quidditch. She admired him for his dreams and hard work, and yet she was still contemplating what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. In Hogwarts he always seemed to strive to be the best in every aspect, she, to put it plain and simply, didn’t. It still struck her as odd that she was in Ravenclaw.
  Ted felt stupid as he woke up the next day. His thoughts raced back to last night and he cringed. Not about kissing her but about her reaction. She seemed so regretful of that one little kiss. 
    “Man, oh, Man,” he thought, “I really blew it this time,”
     She was beautiful, he could not deny that. Every aspect of her just seemed elegant to him. He would almost go as far to say he did have a slight crush on her.  He liked the way her eyes sparkled whenever he mentioned something she was interested in. He liked how easy she was to talk to. He liked the way she seemed wiser then being in her last year at Hogwarts.
    He looked in the mirror; his red hair really wasn’t doing anything for him today, so he decided to turn his hair color into an electric shade of blue. It was off to another days work for him.
    Victoire went inside to eat breakfast where she merrily laughed along with her family. 

“Today is a day like any other,” she said, “a day without Teddy Lupin,” instantly the thought left her mind and she thought about the next time she was going to see him. It wasn’t like he stopped by here a lot, and even after that little scene she made, how was she suppose to talk to him after that? What would she say?

Then finally the idea almost hit her like a sac of bricks. She got out a piece of parchment and scribbled a few words on it.  Called the owl and told it to give this to Teddy Lupin. The owl nibbled at her fingers affectionately and then went off on its merry way. 

Ted was in his office when an owl pecked on his window. He retrieved the letter from its leg, and thanked it. The owl chirped and went on its merry way. Ted opened the letter and read it, smiling to himself-



-          Victoire


That’s all the entire letter said. Ted let out a sigh of relief. He was glad that it would not be awkward between them, and this letter was all the proof he needed. He sat back down into his office, and instead of concentrating on the important training he had to do to become an Auror, he thought about Victoire and when (and where) he was going to see her next. 

 A week passed and Victoire was getting ready for school; she was making sure she packed her trunk. Now all she needed was the new books she was going to need for school. Victoire was waiting for the next day she was going to take Albus, to Diagon alley. She had the privilege of helping him choose his wands, and she also had to make sure he got his books, and his robes. 

 Putting together a check list for Diagon Alley, she apparated to the Potters house. There she was greeted warmly by Ginny, getting many praises for doing this for her and Harry.

 “Oh, it is no problem Auntie, really-“she said, but Ginny interrupted making sure she was really okay with the situation.

          “Oh and one more thing, well James needs some books and stuff for potions, so Teddy has agreed to take him, so we figured you guys can just meet up there or something.”

            “Umm great,” Victoire said trying to mask the distress in her voice. 

            Albus and Victoire went to Diagon Alley by floo powder. They landed in the Leaky Cauldron with a big thump. They both got out of the fire place and dusted themselves off.

            “Were to first?” Victoire asked looking down at Albus. His face was plastered with a huge grin. 

            “I want to go to Ollivander’s first, I want my wand first and foremost” he said while grabbing her hand. They walked side by side to Ollivander’s.  Albus was a kid in a candy store there, and Ollivander himself was pleased to help him. In the end the wand that choose Albus was a twelve-in-a-half inch elm with Dragon heartstrings.

            “Perfect, for transfigurations my dear boy,” Ollivander said with a smile.

            Victoire paid him, and they were off on there way. 

            “I have to go to the bookstore,” Victoire said, “I have a list of books I need for my seventh year too,”

            “Alright let’s go to Flourish & Blotts,” Albus said.

            “Actually I think we will save that for last, I mean there are a lot of books on the list, for the both of us, I was thinking we could take you to get your first set of robes.” And with that they were on there way to the robe store. 

            The day went by fast, Victoire smiled at Albus’s excitement for his first year. She could only imagine that she looked like that too.  Victoire pulled out her list; she got Albus’s robes, wand, and ingredients for potions. 

            “Alright,” she smiled, “Last stop Flourish & Blotts,”

            “Look Victoire, James and Teddy are in there,” Albus said while pointing to the Quidditch shop. 

            “Oh, I don’t see any Quidditch supply on the list, we better make sure you tell your mom that Teddy took hi-” but she was interrupted

             “Can we go in and say hi?” Albus stated rather then asked. Before she could even protest he was pulling her inside the Quidditch shop. They walked up to the area where Teddy and James were. 

            “Hiya, everyone,” he said enthusiastically making sure everyone saw his new wand that he was holding. 

            “Hey Albus-” Ted started but then stopped as he saw Victoire doing her best to avoid his eyes. 

            This was just way to awkward for Victoire taste, “We were just about to go to Flourish & Blotts, to get Albus, and my school books,” she started, “So we really don’t have time to talk-”

            “Victoire, can’t Teddy and James come, I wanna show James all my new stuff.” Albus said sincerely, he wasn’t picking up on how much Victoire wanted to get out of there. 

            “Umm-” She said

            “Yeah we will go with you,” James said while running out the door with Albus, leaving Teddy and Victoire walking side by side… awkwardly.

            They were both walking side by side in silence, until Victoire spoke up, “I’m sorry,” 

            “Yeah, me too I shouldn’t have kissed you…” Teddy trailed off not really meaning a word that he said. 

            “No, I am not sorry about that, I am sorry that I reacted so badly.” She smiled turning towards him.

            Victoire smiled inwardly to herself too, she knew what she had just said had been bold. She felt a sense of accomplishment.
          “Well then in that case I am not sorry that I kissed you,” Ted smiled. 

             She studied his face, his dark eyes shifted to a color of blue right in front of her own honey eyes. His hair, which had been cut short and black grew out instantly and changed color to a chestnut brown. When Victoire thought about him this is how she pictured him, handsome in every way.

            “And there is one more thing I want to say too,” She said looking down at her feet.

            “Mmhmm,” He replied

            “I think, you’re beautiful too,” She chuckled. 

           Ted gave a slight chuckle and took her hand, and they walked hand in hand down to Flourish & Blotts.

Victoire could not help but feel a blush creep upon her cheeks as she walked down to the bookstore following James and Albus. She was happy, Teddy and her joked like the old friends they were.

At Flourish & Blotts everyone got what they needed for the upcoming year at Hogwarts.  Victoire, Teddy, James, and Albus all went back to the leaky cauldron and went by Floo Powder back to Harry and Ginny’s house. Albus was eager to show his mom his wand, and all the other stuff they got for Hogwarts. 

“Thank you so much Victoire, you truly helped me out a lot,” Ginny said with a smile. 

“Oh it was no problem, Auntie” She said

“Well you should probably get home deary, I told Fleur that you would be back before dinner time. Enjoy your last day of freedom before school starts.” She smiled

 Oh gosh, your right I never realized that school was so close,” Victoire cringed. 

“Yup it’s tomorrow!” Albus said enthusiastically.

“Well you better get going,” Said Uncle Harry.

“Kay, bye everyone,” Victoire said while making sure she hugged everyone individually. 

Last but not least she reached Teddy, “Well I will see you later,” he mumbled while he gave her a feeble kiss on the cheek. 

“Yup,” she said half-heartedly she really enjoyed his company today and she wasn’t sure if she would get to see him again for a while. “Thanks for being my buddy today,”

 “Anytime,” he smiled 

And with that she disapperated into thin air.  

Chapter 5: Hogwarts Express
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“’Urry up, Victoire, your ‘oing to bee late,” Shouted Fleur
            “I’m coming mom,” she yelled back while levitating her trunk down stairs ((hey she was 17)) 
“”lrite Bill iz, taking your brotherz and your zisters, so you and ‘e can disapperate,” Fleur said with a smile.
  “Alright what are we waiting for,” Victoire said with a loud POP soon following behind her. 

            When she arrived at the platform it was hectic as ever. Everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Parents saying goodbye to kids that clearly just wanted to be left alone. 

          “Okay, ‘oney you have a ‘ovely time at zchool, make Bill and I Proud,” Fleur said while kissing her daughter on the cheek. “I am going ‘o meet up wiff Bill and everyone else, ‘oodbye darling have a lovely time at Hogwarts.” 

            “Goodbye mom. I love you,” Victoire said with a wave goodbye. She took her trunk and found an empty compartment and sat down. She took out her latest Herbology book and started to read it, while she waited for her friends. 

            There was a knock on the compartment door and it opened. Victoire looked up at her book and to her surprise she saw Teddy looking back at her.

            “Hello?” she said skeptically. 

            “Well, I came here to say goodbye and-” he did not finish his sentence; instead he leaned down and kissed her. Victoire welcomed his warm embrace and hugged him tighter as the two of them kissed in the compartment.  

            Victoire pulled away and looked into his now green eyes, “So your really gonna miss me, aren’t you,” she giggled.

            “How’d you guess,” he said while leaning down and kissing her once again only this time the kiss seemed deeper. Victoire was so caught in the moment she didn’t realized James outside looking at the two of them in astonishment. 

            “What are you two doing? Ewww disgusting,” James said with a shudder causing Teddy and Victoire to pull away from each other, “You guys were snogging. Ooohhh wait till I tell everyone about this…”

            “What? I just came to see her off” Teddy said with a grin.

            Apparently James was not satisfied with this answer, “Teddy and Victoire sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” he started to sing.

            “Don’t you have anything better to do with yourself?” Victoire asked.

            “Your right,” James said in a near dead sprint. 

            “Now where were we?” Teddy asked with a childish grin spread upon his face.

            “You, my dear, were just about to go, the train is about to leave,” Victoire replied with a sigh.

            “Oh goodness I forgot about that,” he said while running his fingers through his now blonde locks. 

            “Listen I am really going to miss you,” Victoire said honestly.

            “Yeah… me too,” Ted said while looking down at his feet, “Well, I did put some thought into the next time we can see each other,”

            “Oh really now?” Victoire said with a smile.

            “Well I live right above The Three Broomsticks, so I was thinking the soonest Hogsmeade trip you and me could maybe meet up.”

            “And don’t forget, I will Owl you every other day… or when I can” Victoire added

            “Yeah, you can!” Teddy said with a smile. 

            “I am really going to miss you Ted,” Victoire said while pulling him into another hug

            “I’m already counting down the days to the next Hogsmeade.” Ted replied while giving her a kiss on her forehead afterwards.

            “Goodbye Teddy,” Victoire chimed softly.

            “Goodbye,” he replied still not letting go of her embrace.

            “You can let go now,” she smiled

           “Oh right,” he said while taking a step back.

            “I will Owl you as soon as I can,” She said as he walked out of the compartment.

            “I’ll be looking forward to that,” he replied and hustled out onto the busy platform, purposely trying to avoid the Weasley/Potter clan. He thought he was just out of the clear when all of a sudden a daft voice called for him. 

            Teddy cringed and the voice grew closer. 

            “OY! Ted, I reckon you better get over here,” shouted Ron, followed by Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Hugo, and Lily. 

            “Oh, hey Ron, Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, I didn’t see you guys there,” Teddy said as casually as he could. 

            “Teddy are you going to marry Victoire?” Lily asked wide-eyed. 

            Ted was taken aback, “Umm- No were just friends.” He replied. 

            Ron gave a smudge look, “See, Hermione, I told you that that would never happen,” triumphantly punching the air.

            “Honestly Ronald, you can be so daft at times,” she said while rolling her eyes. 

            “James said he saw the two of you kissing,” Lily chimed. 

             “Did he now-” Teddy started but Lily cut him off. 

            “It’s perfectly alright, I mean I wouldn’t mind having you in the family, and James said you can have his room, and he and Albus can share a room-”

            “That will never happen-” Teddy laughed
            Lily looked flustered, “Well it was just an idea-” she complained. 

            “Thanks Lily, but I’m good living in my apartment, and anyways you see me so often, you must be sick of me,” Everyone seemed to giggle at his last comment. He laughed as well feeling the satisfaction that he successfully dodged a twenty-questionnaire about him and Victoire.

            “Listen guys I have to go, I really need to catch up on this book that I really should have started a while back, I just never got around to read it…”

            “Alright goodbye Teddy,” Ginny waved him off. 

            “Goodbye everyone, I will probably see you guys tomorrow, I heard aunt Ginny is cooking Kidney Pie, so I will definitely be around for that.” He said with a grin. 

            “Teddy go,” Harry smiled

            And with that Teddy Disapperated from platform nine and three-quarters, and back to his apartment where he caught up on the book he was suppose to read, although he did find it difficult to concentrate with the butterflies floating around in his stomach. 


             Victoire sat in anticipation in the great hall, Albus’s name had just been called for the sorting hat. He timidly got up to the chair and took a seat, almost instantly the hate screamed out Gryffindor. Victoire watched intently across the hall as Albus smiled from ear to ear and quickly ran and took a seat in between James, and a first year-looking girl. 

            Soon the sorting hat had finished and the headmaster had made a long speech about how great this year is going to be. Victoire found it extremely boring now that she had heard the same one for seven years. Plus she could hear her stomach rumble with the idea of all the great food. 

            Just as she was thinking it food appeared on the table, and she could not wait to dig in. After she was stuffed to the gills with all the wonderful food she ran upstairs and wrote her mom and dad, telling them about what house Albus had been placed in. She changed out of her school robes and then crawled into bed, images of a certain someone fluttered throughout her dreams.

Chapter 6: Hogwarts
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The next morning Victoire woke up with the sounds of rain pitter-pattering on the windowsill. She groggily got up and looked around; all the girls in her dorm were still sleeping. She peered over to her left and saw Delilah Finnigan, still in deep slumber. Delilah was one of Victoire closet friends, and Hogwarts. She was a very pretty girl with sandy hair and big brown eyes. They met there first year of Hogwarts on the train and instantly bonded over how cute they thought Collin Wood (a fifth year Gryffindor) was. Now it seemed like they hardly had a chance to talk ever since she was attached to the hip with her boyfriend, Jonah Davies, who was the captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

Victoire sat up and stretched, she was not tired anymore so she got up and showered, put on her robes, and went downstairs to the Ravenclaw common room. She looked at the time, classes didn’t start till nine and she would get her schedule at breakfast, so she took out a sugar quill and some parchment and began to write to Teddy.

Hey there-
Well, let me start off by saying that I miss you already!
Let’s see what else, oh if you haven’t already heard Albus was sorted into Gryffindor!
Umm yeah that’s about it actually. Umm… I will write to you when something more exciting comes along.
Bye, Victoire

She let out a sigh, I mean it wasn’t an award winning piece of parchment now was it?

“Victoire?” some asked while walking down the stairs.

“Mmhmm,” she replied turning around to see Delilah

“Who are you writing too?” She asked looking at the piece of parchment.

“Oh, Teddy Lupin” Victoire replied.

“That’s cute,” she replied not really caring. “Can we go and eat I am starving.”

“Yeah, on the way lets stop off at the owlery though so I can send these letters” Victoire said while pointing to the two letters she had written for her mum and dad, and Teddy.

“Alright, Jonah is already in the Great Hall, talking with Weston Corner,” Delilah replied, rolling her eyes.

This came to no surprise to Victoire, both Weston (who was Jonah’s best friend) and Jonah loved Quidditch. As for her, she never really got into it, yeah she would go to the games, but other then that she really didn’t care all that much about it, same with Delilah, although she would act interested sometimes, just to make Jonah happy. It was funny how close they were, you would never see Delilah without Jonah and vise versa. That’s actually how Weston and Victoire became such close friends, because they were always around one another. Victoire considered these four her best friends at Hogwarts.

“Okay are we ready to go then?” Victoire asked

“Yup, let’s get a move on it,” Delilah replied.

The two walked through the hallways on there way up to the Owlery. Victoire quickly tied the letters onto a school owl and they flew away into the horizon. Afterwards they eagerly walked to the Great Hall.

Delilah found a spot by Jonah, and Victoire took the spot opposite to her sitting right by Weston.

“Hey guys,” Delilah said cheerily.

“Hey babe,” Jonah said while kissing her cheek.

“Supp D,” Weston replied with a nod, going back to what seemed to be mountain of pancakes.

“Hey Jonah, hey Weston,” Victoire said too while digging into the heaps of food that was on the table in front of her.

“Hey Victoire,” they both replied.

“I heard you guys were already working on your Quidditch plan,” Victoire said.

Instantly there two heads bolted up, “Yeah were going to be amazing this year.” Weston said with pride.

“I’m sure,” Delilah said while rolling her eyes. “When are we going to get our schedules?”

“I donno, soon-” Weston started but noticed that they were being passed around.

Victoire took hers eagerly and looked around. She had an vast amount of classes but to be a healer she had to. She did do pretty well with her O.W.L.S in her fifth year.

“I have Herbology first,” she said while glancing at her schedule.

“Yeah me too,” replied Delilah.

The four of them compared there schedules and finished their breakfast. Victoire and Delilah said there goodbyes to the guys and eagerly walked to Herbology with Professor Longbottom.

“Morning Class,” he said while bring out what looked like a red vine… but more dangerous. “Can any one tell me what this is?” he asked sweetly.

Victoire’s hand shot up, “Professor it’s a Venomous Tentacula,”

“Very good Miss Weasley, five points for Ravenclaw, now can anyone tell me what special qualities this plant has…”

Victoire dazed in and out of the lesson, as Professor Longbottom was talking. It was hard for her to concentrate on anything in particular. After the bell rang everyone got up in a hurry and went to their next class. The day seemed long and by dinner time Victoire found herself about to fall asleep in her plate of food.

“You okay?” Weston asked

“Yeah I’m just really tired,” she replied with a yawn.

“Well I’m ready to head back to the common room are you?” he asked

“Yeah, lets go.” She said while getting up.

The two of them walked back, catching up on the summers (or added details they didn’t mention the day before in the compartment). Victoire remembered that when she told her mom about her friendship with Weston she laughed, apparently Aunt Ginny had dated his dad when they were in Hogwarts. It was an awkward thought thinking about aunt Ginny dating other people except for Uncle Harry.

“So I saw you yesterday kissing some guy,” Weston said with a grin

“Oh, you did?” She asked looking down at her feet.

“Yeah, who was it?” he asked

“Teddy Lupin,” she replied earnestly

“Anything there?” he pried


“Is there anything there? Like is it going to get serious?” He said a bit slower for her to catch

Victoire shrugged “Hopefully, not to sure,”

“Oh well, I mean your at Hogwarts, and he is out in the free world.” Weston giggled at his own joke, “So anyways, back to my summer, The Quidditch cup was AMAZING-”

Victoire just rolled her eyes, she knew that this was coming he had told her in the compartment that he went to the Quidditch world cup, that definitely had to be a highlight for him.

They walked to the door and Victoire knocked it once the aged lady said “Which came first the Phoenix or the flame?”

“What do you think?” Victoire asked Weston

“I have no idea you knocked,” Weston replied

Victoire gave a sigh “well then, I think that it’s a circle, one could not have come first without the other,”

“Well reasoned,” replied the voice and the door opened.

Victoire slowly walked in, the amount of homework she had for her first day was already piling up. She just could not bring herself to do it, so with that she left Weston in the common room with Jonah and Delilah, while she headed up toward bed.

Chapter 7: Shrieking Shack
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The proceeding month Victoire fell into the routine that Hogwarts had to offer. She and Teddy would send each other letters whenever they got the chance. Although she found the pressures of becoming a healer hard to manage at some points she always could talk to Delilah about it. It also helped that Ted was going through the same thing (even though he was not at Hogwarts the three year training program was just as tedious). So Victoire always had some one to vent to.

It was late in October and Victoire was looking foreword to one thing for the last week. It was the first trip to Hogsmeade. She was so excited she could hardly wait!

Instinctively she woke up at nine o’clock and showered. After she changed she went downstairs and made sure that she caught up on some homework. When Delilah came downstairs to the common room, they left to go to the great hall. Victoire quickly ate breakfast and eagerly urged everyone else to finish theirs.

“Okay is everyone ready?” she asked

“I’m scared of what would happen if I said I wasn’t ready,” Jonah murmured to Weston causing him to have a slight chuckle.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “Let’s get going,”

“Why are you so eager to go?” Weston asked

“Cause, I just want to, now lets get going” she said and walked outside that castle.

The wind blew in her hair; it was a surprisingly warm day for being the end of October. There was a slight chill in the air, but the sun was out showing the glistening tones of the now orange leafs.

She eagerly walked down the path with the other three and when they got to Hogsmeade everyone went in different directions.

“I want to go to Honeydukes,” Delilah Chimed

“Yeah me too,” Jonah replied, turning to Weston.

“Well I really need to go to Dervish & Banges so I can get my cauldron fixed…” he said while looking down at his feet. It was a funny story actually how he did it. It was partially Victoire fault though, they were making the aging potion and Victoire accidentally added a billywig fly to his potion at the wrong time thinking it would help him… it didn’t burned a hole straight through the cauldron and through the table.

“And, I’m going to the three broomsticks,” Victoire replied

“Okay then, how about we go to honey dukes and you can go with Weston to Dervish & Banges, and then we all meet up at the Three Broomsticks,” Delilah offered

“Ummm,” Victoire said

“What?” She said raising her eyebrow

“I’m actually meeting a friend there,” she said hopping that they wouldn’t press the subject any further

“Oh what friend?” Jonah asked.

“Umm, just my friend Ted,” she said while looking at Weston, hopping he wouldn’t open his mouth.

“Okay then, I will go to Honeydukes with you two, and then can you guys come with me to get my cauldron fixed?” Weston asked, and Victoire shot him a smile, she was very thankful that Weston didn’t say anything.

“Sounds perfect.” They all agreed and went there separate ways.

Victoire eagerly walked to The Three Broomsticks and went up the stairs to Teddy’s apartment. She had butterflies the size of elephants in her stomach. She knocked on the door three times.

She didn’t mention that they had a Hogsmeade trip coming up in her last letter to him. She figured she would surprise him, and when he opened the door you could see the shock on his face. He had his toothbrush still in his mouth and he was shirtless.

“Victoire?” he said looking at her skeptically.

“Hey Ted,” was all she could think of saying, he just stared at her.

“Ummm, give me one sec,” he said while opening the door and invited her in.

She walked in awkwardly as he went to spit out the toothpaste that was in his mouth. She just stood there for a moment until Ted came out this time fully clothed and no toothpaste in his mouth.

“I didn’t know that there was a Hogsmeade trip today,” he said

“Umm, well… I just didn’t tell you, I kind of wanted to surprise you,” she replied earnestly.

“And don’t get me wrong it’s a great surprise,” he smiled.

Victoire studied his face again, and looked into his now Honey colored eyes. “Good, I’m glad,”

“Me too, Sorry my apartment is so messy, if I knew you were coming I would have spruced it up a bit,” He said while motioning to the empty Butterbeer bottles on the coffee table, and dirty dishes in the sink.

“Yeah this is unacceptable.” Victoire said while rolling her eyes.

Ted raised his eyebrow “Oh yeah?”

“Mmhmm,” she replied. A soft smile crept upon her face.

“Then you can leave,” he said while pointing to the door.

“You don’t mean that,” she smiled

“Oh yes I do,” he said

She chuckled, “So what do you want to do?” she asked.

“Hmmmm,” he replied, looking at the wall.

“I don’t really have an idea… My plans went as far as seeing you,”

“Well, I actually have something in mind,” Ted said while grabbing her hand and leading her outside the door.

They quickly walked down the path to the shrieking shack. Teddy jumped over the fence that enclosed the small little cottage.

“Teddy?” Victoire said sternly, “What are you doing?”

“Come on, just follow me,” he replied.

“You know how many school rules I would be breaking by doing that, plus this place is haunted,” she said while sitting on a rock.

“Well it’s a good thing that I’m not in school anymore,” he said while smiling, this did no cheer up Victoire’s mood. She stayed put on her rock.

“Come on, Victoire, its harmless, I swear,” Ted urged as he jumped the fence to go and get her.

With some effort on Ted’s part she finally agreed and jumped the fence with him. They walked hand in hand to the small little shack.

“Now what?” Victoire asked.

“Were going inside,” he replied.

“Wait Why?!” she asked dropping his hand.

“It’s really not that bad at all stop being a baby-” he teased resorting back to second grade tactics.

“Tease me all you want, I’m still not going in…” she jeered.

Ted let out a muffled humph, and picked Victoire up and threw her on his shoulders, just like a sack of potatoes.

“Teddy Lupin, if you don’t put me down now I swear-” Victoire complained, but it was too late they were already in the shrieking shack.

The Shack gave off an eerie presence as they entered it. The curtains were tattered, the floor croaked, there were cob webs everywhere.

“What are we doing in here?” she asked

“Here come with me,” Ted said while grasping her hand and pulling her up the stairs.

“Teddy don’t you know this place is haunted?” she asked while the stairs creaked beneath her.

“Actually, no it’s not,” he replied taking her into the room where there was a big piano.

“Huh?” Victoire asked.

“It was built right around the time my dad went to Hogwarts” he said casually.

Victoire wasn’t sure if she wanted to press the conversation. The topic of his parents seemed like a foreign concept to her, because she grew up with loving parents that wanted her to excel in everything. Ted, to put it plan and simply didn’t. Sure he had his grandmother and Uncle Harry, but it wasn’t the same.

She let out a silent oh, and decided to press the subject. Why else would Teddy bring her here?

“I don’t think I am quite following,” she said.

“Well, this place isn’t haunted, people think it’s haunted because they took my dad here when he transformed into a Werewolf… they took him here so he wouldn’t harm another student.”

“Wow,” Victoire replied while taking a seat on the bed.

Teddy soon sat next to her, “So those shrieks people heard were actually my dad struggling with his transformation… I guess, I mean that’s what Uncle Harry told me,”

“Oh gosh- I had no idea,” Victoire said reaching out to hold Teddy’s arm, as if to comfort him, “Your parents sounded wonderful, from what I hear at least. I don’t know if that comforts you at all.”

“I donno, sometimes I cant help thinking badly about them, I might sound like a cruel person for saying this, but it seems to me they had a choice to fight in the war, and for example uncle Harry, well- his parents didn’t. I just think that it’s unfair that they left me all alone.”

“Well think of it this way-” Victoire started, “They fought to give you a life that they knew would never happen if well you know- they died so that you and me could have a better life in the wizarding world.”

Ted looked like he was in deep thought for a moment, “I mean I know your right, every word you just said is very true, it just seems so unfair to me. Like when I was little and my grandmother used to take me the park, and I would always see a little kid getting pushed on the swing by his dad, and the mom sitting on the bench smiling at the two of them… I guess I just always envied that,”

“That’s perfectly understandable.”

“It’s just frustrating at times…” he openly admitted.

Victoire squeezed his hand, she really could not help him, she had never been in his position, she never knew what it was like to never know your parents.

Ted obviously felt reassured by this and dropped her hand and wrapped his arm around her. Victoire leaned her head against his chest, she let out a sigh.

“I’m really glad you took me here,” she said

Ted lifted her chin and kissed her.

Chapter 8: Honeydukes
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Victoire and Ted fell asleep in each others arms upon the rickety old bed, both completely content with one another’s company. Instinctively Victoire woke up and snuggled into Ted’s warm embrace, until a startling thought crossed her mind. She bolted up foreword looking at where she was.

“Shit-” she said, shaking Ted to wake up

“What is it?” he said groggily

“Ted I have to get back to the school- I’m going to be in so much trouble,” she said while pacing around the shrill room.

“Is that what you’re worried about?” Ted ask nonchalantly

“Why yes actually- its not like I could get in a lot of trouble for missing the hogsmeade curfew- or being in the castle after hours. Really none of this is a concern at all…”

“Shh…” said Ted while placing his finger over Victoire’s mouth

“What?” she asked becoming more and more frustrated by his attitude.

“Follow me,” Ted said while grabbing her hand

She took it and he lead her down a dark and dismal passage way, “Ted where are we going?” she asked while looking at the damp interior of the pathway.

“Victoire, I’m getting you back to the school,” he replied

“How do you know where this will take us—actually how do you know this was even here?” she asked thoroughly confused.

“Well- When my dad and his friends were little; they made a map that had all the secret passage ways that lead to the castle.”

“Umm-” Victoire replied still confused.

“So when I first started Hogwarts, Uncle Harry gave that to me- as sort of a gift. Since I won’t be needing it too much anymore I passed it on to James--”

“That’s why he always has Honeydukes candy- even though he was a second year last year-” She started

“Exactly- this just happened to be one of the passage ways that’s on that map, this was the one that they took my dad to, to help him with his transformations,”

“Wow I can only imagine what kind of mischief you got into, Teddy,” Victoire said with a grin

“I can assure, it came into good use, every now and then.” He replied, “But, it seems like James has found bigger and better uses for the map.”

Victoire let out a soft giggle, and squeezed his hand, she really didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts quite yet, she had too much of a fun time with Ted, to go back.

“Alright- where here,” Ted said while crawling out of the whole to the whomping willow. “I hope you don’t mind if I don’t walk you in- oh shit” he said just realizing that Victoire still had to enter through the main doors, causing her to get into even more trouble.

“Oh no!” Victoire said.

“Don’t worry my dear I have one more idea,” Ted said while crawling back into the hole.

“I guess this is a blessing in disguise-” Victoire started, “I really didn’t want to go back- I’m having to much of a fun time being her with you,”

“Victoire- as much as I don’t want to argue this- we have to get you back,” he said while walking foreword a bit, “I have one more idea,”

“Oh and what’s that?”

“There is one more secret passageway that leads from the Honeydukes cellar, to the third floor corridor.”

“Let’s go!” Victoire said,

They walked out of the shrieking shack and to Honeydukes, it was closed but Ted knocked on the door anyways.

“What?” said someone angrily behind the doors. Her soft features were plagued with exhaustion and annoyance.

“Hey Mrs. Flume,” Ted said in his most polite tone, “I’m so sorry, but I really wanted some candy- and I’m so sorry for bothering you this late, but she just got here from Romania, and I really need to get her some chocolates- for a special cure… Dementor stopped her from having a peaceful travel…”

“Oh poor thing- here come in,” she said while turning her back, “Ted I am only doing this because I have known you for so long.” With that she went upstairs to get some of those chocolates.

“Okay now make a break away for the cellar, I will owl you tomorrow,” he said while kissing her.

“Bye Ted-” Victoire said with haste as she made her way to the cellar.

She followed the small passage way until she reached what appeared to be a dead end.

“What do I do now?” Victoire said silently to herself.

She pushed against the small statue, and t opened miraculously, “That was too easy,” she thought. She peaked around the corner to make sure the coast was clear and made her way up to the Ravenclaw Tower.

Victoire was almost there at the Portrait, a couple more steps and – “Excuse me?” some said into the distance.

Victoire cringed and looked back, standing there was Weston.

“What are you doing?” Weston asked.

“What are you doing?” Victoire asked dumbly,

“Finishing up our Head boy” he replied coldly, “Victoire are you just getting back from Hogsmead?”

“No, I fell asleep in the library reading a book for potions,” she said thinking on her toes.

“Why didn’t Madame Pince wake you up?” he asked skeptically

“Oh she did, but then I fell back asleep, and when I woke up again it was past curfew,” she said knowing the story sounded really stupid.

“What ever,” Said Weston, “Just don’t let this happen again?”

Victoire answered the question to get in, and without saying another word to Weston she went upstairs to her dorm.

Victoire just collapsed on her bed, thinking about how good her day was with Ted, and maybe she would go see him the next weekend now that she knew all about the secret passage ways.

She was just about to fall asleep until someone shook her awake.

“Where were you?” the voice said angrily,

Victoire looked up at an Angry Delilah, scowling at her, “I’m sorry I’ve been here…” Victoire trailed off snuggling up to her pillow.

“Victoire, you know that’s not what I meant, now tell me, where were you?” Delilah demanded.

“I was with Teddy Lupin, and we lost track of time alright?” Victoire said honestly.

“You’re an idiot, Victoire, you realized you could have gotten expelled because you lost track of time?” Delilah said

“Yeah I know, you don’t need to tell me how much of an idiot I am okay Delilah,” Victoire replied.

“What’s going on between the two of you anyways-” Delilah asked.

“Well-” Victoire replied but realized that she couldn’t answer the question. “I donno- actually”

“You know I heard in the Great Hall today? That you and him were involved, and then I thought hmmm… Victoire has mentioned a lot about him recently, and she went to see him. That’s when I put two and two together,” Delilah said, “Your like involved with you cousin practically, and you didn’t tell me,”

“I don’t really know what we are-” Victoire said honestly. With that realization Delilah stopped pressing her about the subject, and Victoire’s good mood was ruined.

“Wait, so what’s the big deal anyways?” Victoire asked, trying to blink back the tears.

“I over heard someone talking to Weston about how you and Ted were owling each other a lot lately, and how you two were snogging at the train station.”

“It must have been James-” Victoire said under her breath

“Excuse me?” Delilah asked

“It was James that told Weston- that little git,” she said louder

“That’s not the point Victoire- I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me?”

“Because, there isn’t to much to tell yet, really honestly, if it was worth telling you then I would have-”

“I just don’t like hearing from James about your love life alright-”Delilah said

“You’re right- now can I please go to sleep?”

  I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to get this out, I had something completely different, but i was one of those- wow teddys ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture cliches. It definitely started to make the story sound corny. So please forgive me and I will give you a couple really good chapters comming up.

Chapter 9: Three Broomsticks
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The next day Victoire woke up just as content, as the previous night. She lazily walked into the bathroom and showered. Then she went downstairs to the common room. Weston was in there reading a book, but as soon as he saw her he stopped and looked up.

“Hey-” she said half heartily

He just gave her a stern look, feeling his eyes gaze upon him she turned her head, she couldn’t take someone else yelling at her.

“Where were you all yesterday?” Weston asked

“With Teddy-” she said

“That’s what I thought, do you realize how lucky you are, that you only ran into me and not-”

“I don’t need another fucking lecture, Weston- Delilah already gave one to me last night”

Weston’s expression seemed to soften, “Listen I just don’t want you to get in trouble for this boy-”

“Your right Weston, now drop it-”

“Alright- let’s go to the Great Hall, I’m hungry and then I want to go play Quidditch,”

They sat down in the Great Hall, and Victoire was helping herself to a nice big plate of bacon and eggs, when the mail came in. Victoire watched as Teddy’s owl came swooping down dropping a letter right in front of it. Nonchalantly she dropped it in her bag so she could read it later.

After she ate breakfast she went back to the common room so she could catch up with the mounds of homework that she had due for Monday.

As she opened a book for Herbology, she looked outside on the Quidditch Pitch there she saw the entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team practicing. She really did want to go outside to be with her friends, but they seemed pretty upset at her for what could have happened and how irresponsible that was.

While looking through the herbology book it struck her that she had yet to read the letter that Teddy sent her. She opened the piece of parchment and read it silently.

Hey Victoire-
I wanted to tell you how much I miss you already.
And that I cannot wait till I see you again, it’s pretty much what gets me through the day with all this pressure to become an Auror.
Well anyways, I was thinking that maybe next weekend you could come visit me again.
Seeing how you know where the secret passages are now.
Alright well- I hope to see you soon

Victoire gave a deep sigh, she was already so conflicted. She was just about to re-read the letter when a first year walked in.  She contemplated going out and seeing him today, but with all her homework she had to catch up on, and she did want to go out and talk to Delilah- but another lecture was almost guaranteed. Victoire really didn;t want to listen to her friend yell at her again...

“I'm gonna go…” She muttered to herself, and made an effort to finish her homework in no time flat.

It took her another good hour until she had finished most of her work. With that she went to the third floor, and found the statue and tried to push is open… but it would not budge.

“Open!” she shouted in frustration, but it still would not budge. “Alright then, Plan B.”

She went outside, instantly feeling the cold chill of the October weather. Wishing she had but a warmer jacket on instead of her Weasly sweater, Victoire made her way to the whomping willow.

She sprinted to the base and narrowly escaped the branches wrath. Then she pressed the knot that lead straight for the shrieking shack. Once she was in the shrieking shack, she smiled to herself.

Victoire walked out and casually walked through the streets of Hogsmeade, until she reached The Three Broomsticks. She stepped inside, and walked up to the second floor. Then she knocked on the door.

Teddy opened it, looking peeked, his face was flush, his hair was a mossy brown color (very out of the ordinary for Teddy Lupin), and he had a bag of ice across his left (now green) eye.

“Victoire-” he said while brining the ice down from his face, showing a big black, swollen eye. Victoire took a step back and studied the rest of his body. There seemed to be scratches all over his arms, and legs.

“Teddy? What Happened?” she asked

“Here come in,” he said

She did and he took a seat on the couch, and she followed.

“So what happened?” she asked

“Oh nothing just got in over my head today at Auror training, really nothing for you to be alarmed at.” He said while placing the bag of ice down.

Victoire rubbed her fingers pass the wound. Ted cringed at her touch, “Oh Ted, what were you doing that was worth this?”

“Victoire, you know that I can’t tell you that.” He said stern;y.

“Alright I’m sorry for even mentioning it,” she knew that he wasnt allowed to talk about his training it just seemed to slip her mind.

“What passageway did you go through?” Ted asked

“Well I was going to go through the one on the third floor but I couldn’t get passed the statue-”

“That’s because you need to know the password Victoire-” Ted said pulling her into his embrace on the couch.

“Well why don’t you tell me for future use?” she asked sweetly, laying her head on his chest.

“All you have to say is Dissendium, and the passageway will open right up.” He said while stroking her check, “You’re so pretty, do you know that?”

“You’re not so bad yourself-” she said studying his eyes green eyes.

“Victoire I mean it, you’re a gorgeous girl- inside and out” he said genuinely

“Thanks Ted,” she said sweetly

He leaned down and kissed her hair, then her forehead. “I just thought I would mention that, I don’t feel like I tell you enough, that I do really care about you,”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me, I figured as much,”

“Mmhmm, but it’s always nice to hear it,”

“You’re right,” she said while sitting up, “Since where talking about this, I had a question?”

“Mmhmm,” he replied

“What are we?” she asked looking down at her feet.

“Excuse me?” he asked

“What are we?” she said again, this time she turned a brilliant shade of red.

Ted cupped her cheeks in his palms, and looking into her eyes, “I haven’t made that clear to you?”

“Well not really-” she started

“Victoire- Will you be my girlfriend?”

She responded with a kiss.

Chapter 10: Common Room
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“Alright, I should get going back,” Victoire replied.

“Victoire, how about five more minuets?” Teddy asked.

“No, I really should get going,” she said while getting up from the couch.

“No, I don’t want you to leave-” he said trying to pull her back into his embrace.

“Teddy, seriously- you don’t want me to get into trouble do you?” she said sternly.

“No you’re right.”

“I will talk to you later, goodbye darling-”

“I’m already counting down the minuets until I can see you,” he replied with a smile.

Victoire walked to Honeydukes and took the passageway back to Hogwarts. She walked into the common room and continued to do the rest of her homework until Delilah walked into the common room.

Victoire gave a soft smile, and Delilah came and sat down next to her.

“Hey- homework?” she said

“Yeah, I feel like I haven’t been doing anything,”

“That’s because you’ve been with Teddy,” Delilah said nonchalantly.

“Yeah- you’re right,” she replied.

“Well- if it makes you feel better, he is pretty cute. And to be honest Victoire I was being really harsh on you last night. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I realize that if I was in that same situation, like with Jonah and everything, I probably would do that same thing.”

“Oh Delilah, thanks for that, I’m sorry that I was so irresponsible, but it won’t happen again.” Victoire smiled.

“Alright, I want to go upstairs and take a shower before dinner, Jonah and Weston should be coming in soon, then we can all go to dinner, sound like a plan?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I just want to finish up my charms homework, ”

“Yes- Definitely, I will see you soon.”

“Alright-” Victoire replied.

Over the next couple of weeks, the days got colder, and Victoire’s stress level definitely went up. Victoire made an effort every weekend to sneak out to visit Teddy, it was gradually getting harder, with the work load that she had to prepare for her N.E.W.T.S. it was becoming such a daunting task. Every class, every night she had to do some type of essay, or figure out what effects moonstone has on werewolf’s… her frustrations were definitely getting the best of her, although she always had Delilah, Jonah, Weston and Teddy to talk to. Teddy was surprisingly understanding toward everything (since he had already been through it two years ago) and offered to help. It was refreshing that he knew what the process, it also helped that he passed all his N.E.W.T.S with flying colors. Winter break was just around the corner and Victoire could not be more appreciative that it was up and coming.

“Ahhh! I honestly don’t think I can read one more thing on the terrors of the toenail growing hex, I think my brain is going to explode!” Victoire gasped.

“Sucks,” Weston replied, while reading over the Quibbler.

“Why are you reading that?” Delilah asked.

“Cause, its entertaining as hell,” Replied Weston incredulously.

“Guys, all this work is exhausting me I think I am going to go up to bed,” Victoire replied.

“I’ll meet you up there in a few,” Delilah said whole curling up on Jonah’s lap.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed too,” Weston said shrugging, while putting down his magazine.

“Haha, I don’t blame you,” Victoire smiled

Delilah just shot Victoire a stare as Jonah kept kissing her neck.

“I think that’s our cue to leave, Victoire,” Weston laughed

“I think your right,” she said.

“Well goodnight,” he smiled.

“Goodnight Weston, bye Jonah,” Victoire giggled, as he seemed to semi-wave goodbye.

Victoire walked upstairs, and got ready for bed. After she did her nightly routine, she realized that she wasn’t as tired as she thought she was. So she decided to write Teddy a letter.

Dear Teddy,
Well- I don’t think that I will get the chance to see you again this weekend.
I am Terrible sorry, and I definitely make it up to you.
Winter break is coming up in less then a week! I just want to make sure that I tie up all my loose ends at school, plus there is a Quidditch match this upcoming weekend (Gryffindor vs. Slytherin). Well anyways- I’m not sure if you have any big plans over the break, but hopefully some of them still include me. I miss you a lot, and I cannot wait to see you soon.

With love- Victoire

With that she put the letter in her drawer and rested her head on the pillow, she was just about to drift off to sleep when Delilah came in the dormitory.

“Victoire…” she said barely above a whisper

“Yeah,” Victoire said

“Goodnight,” She said.

“Goodnight, Delilah” and with that she drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning so woke up to the sound of many kids scrambling to get ready and down to breakfast. She instantly bolted up from her bed and went to take a shower. Then she went downstairs and into common room and made sure she got all her books for the day. After that she walked to the owlery and attached a letter to an owl. After that she met up with the gang at breakfast.

“I’m starved,” Victoire said flopping down next to Delilah.

“Well good thing your at breakfast, then,” replied Jonah.

“I feel like I just had the most hectic morning, already, I just cannot wait for the break,” Victoire said while biting into a pancake.

“Tomorrow is the big day!” Weston said

“Oh yeah!” Victoire replied enthusiastically.

“Well, I’ve been thinking Weston that if we play you towards the left side a bit more…”

Victoire rolled her eyes they were lost in Quidditch talk once more, “Anyways” Victoire said while turning to Delilah.

“What’s the function of fluxweed in a polyjuice potion?” Delilah asked.

“Oh god, was that due today?”

“Yeah, better run to the library, you still have some time before we have to go to our next class, and afterwards you have a free, so you should be fine if you start now,”

“Alright, let’s get going…” Victoire trailed off. 

Chapter 11: Hogsmeade Station
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The next day Victoire, was packing her trunk getting ready to go back to shell cottage to see her family. She eagerly threw close in her trunk. She could not wait to go home and have this well deserved break, away from all the stress. Once she was done packing (it was Saturday and the train left the following Sunday morning) she went down stairs and to the great hall where everyone was enjoying lunch. Victoire took a seat next to Delilah who was sitting alone.

“Where are Jonah and Weston?” She asked?

“OH, you know them, today is the big day they wanted to go out to see the teams practice,” she responded. “When we get back from break, the Ravenclaw team is going to have to play the Slytherin team…”

“I can’t wait for the game, I was talking to James earlier, and he has never been so nervous,” Victoire shrugged

“Well I don’t blame him, first of all it’s his first truly big game, and second of all he has a lot to live up to being seeker and all…” Delilah replied.

“Yeah, your right, I think Teddy had that same problem,” Victoire said.

“Well isn’t Harry Potter his godfather, I don’t know what it is with you guys, it’s almost like Quidditch runs in your blood.” She laughed.

“Well, not me,” Victoire smiled

She was just about to bite into her sandwich when a familiar looking owl dropped a letter on her lap. She placed her sandwich back down on her plate and opened the letter.

She glanced over it and instantly her heart sank.

“What’s it say?” Delilah asked

“Here-” Victoire said while tossing the letter away toward Delilah’s lap.

She took the liberty to read it out loud,

“Dear Victoire,
I am sorry to inform you that I will be away in Albania, for the entire Christmas break… I am very sorry that I won’t get to see you, but I will be thinking about you frequently. I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Years.
Miss you already- Teddy…

“It’s not that bad-” Delilah said

“I donno, it’s hard enough to see him already, with everything that is going on, its just getting even more tough.” She sighed, “I guess I was just really looking foreword to seeing him.”

“It’s alright babe, some how, some way you’ll get through this,” Delilah smiled, Victoire just shrugged.

“C’mon let’s go watch the game!” She said cheerily.

“Ugh- I donno…”

Victoire groggily got up from her seat and followed Delilah out of the Great Hall. They walked up to the Quidditch pitch where they found Jonah and Weston, each took a seat by them and they all wait in anticipation.

“Hellooooooo, everyone.” The voice of Fred Jordan came on the loud speaker.

The crowd just roared in anticipation.

“Here comes the teams-” Fred’s voice rang through out the stadium…

The game was amazing; Gryffindor beat Slytherin, in a game that was definitely considered to be a nail biter.

“James Potter is quite a good seeker,” Weston said to Jonah.

“Yeah, I agree” Jonah replied.

“A perfect way to end our day, that’s for sure,” Victoire smiled.

“Exactly,” Delilah replied

“Alright well I have to go and pack,” Victoire said while entering the common room.

“Sucks for you Victoire-” Jonah said.

“Wait you guys aren’t going home for the break?” Victoire asked

“Nope, Delilah and I are staying her for the break, but we are going to go home for Easter break,” Jonah replied with a grin.

“So I guess it is going to be me and Weston in the compartment together?” Victoire said

“Ohhh,” Weston replied

“Ohh, what?” Victoire asked

“I’m sorry Victoire but, remember there is a head boy and girl compartment,” Weston replied.

“Oh Weston, don’t give us that, we all know your hooking up with the head girl,” Jonah replied.

Weston must have turned a violent shade of red, reminding Victoire of the color of a cherry tomato. “Am not-” he mumbled.

“What’s that Weston?” Delilah heckled.

“Nothing guys,” he replied while looking down at his shoes.

Victoire let out a soft smile, “Alright I’m gonna, go and pack,” she said

“I’ll come and help you,” Delilah replied as they walked upstairs.

The next day Victoire woke up relatively early, she got dressed, and went downstairs and sat by the common room fireplace for a little bit, waiting for one of her friends to come out.

Jonah was that first one out of the common room.

“Hey,” Victoire smiled giving him a nice hug.

“Victoire, I’m starving do you want to go down to the Great Hall?” He asked.

“Yeah, I was actually waiting for someone to come out of the dormitory so I could walk with them,” she smiled

“Alright let’s go then,” replied Jonah.

They walked side by side to the Great hall and sat down and talked about the latest thing in Quidditch (of course) until Delilah and Weston came down. They all laughed and joked, until it was about time for Victoire and Weston to board the train.

“Alright guys,” she said. “It is about time that Weston and I get going,”

“Oh, you’re right Victoire, my trunk is already out there, what about yours…”

“Mine is already at the station too,” She replied

“Alright, well I guess we will say our goodbyes.” Weston said while give Delilah a Hug and Jonah a half hug (those male bonding type of hugs).

“Try not to have too much fun while I’m away,” she smiled while giving both of them hugs.

“Alright, bye guys,” they replied as Victoire and Weston left the common room tower and walked down to the carriages.

They arrived at the platform, both eagerly excited to go home.

“Victoire,” said Weston.

“Mmhmm,” she replied.

“I think someone is here for you,” he said while pointing a finger into the crowd.

“What?” she asked skeptically, her eyes were grazing over the crowd.

“Look right over there,” Weston said while moving her head slightly to the left.

Victoire’s eyes scanned the crowd one more time to see what he was talking about. In the distance she could see a vibrant shade of red hair. It was Teddy; he was walking up to her right now. Victoire’s stomach had butterflies the size of elephants.

“Baby,” she said while running to him and jumping into his embrace, “What are you doing here?” she asked

“I couldn’t bare the idea of not being able to see you Victoire,” teddy smiled while kissing her on the forehead.

“Teddy, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” she smiled.

“You know what’s cuter?” he asked

“What?” she replied?

“I picked this hair color out because I knew that you would notice it.”

“Oh Teddy,” she laughed and then came into his warm embrace once again.

Chapter 12: Platform 9¾
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“I can’t stay long, you know that,” Victoire said as Teddy kissed her once again.

“I know, I know,” he replied. “But even seeing you for 2 minuets is worth it to me,”

“I’m so sorry; I wish I could stay for longer, actually no, I wish I could see you over Christmas,”

“I’m so sorry about that, trust me there is nothing I want more then to spend Christmas with you, but since I can’t- I got you a little something,” he replied while holding out a box.

“Oh Teddy, you didn’t have to-” she started

“No, but I wanted too- but you got to promise that you wont open it until Christmas day.” He replied

“Alright I promise-” she said.

The horns of the train started to roar, and Weston poked his head out of the “Victoire the train is boarding you need to get going,” he said

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she said, ” Alright then I guess this is goodbye for now,”

Teddy cupped her cheeks and kissed her again, “I will miss you so much” he said

“Likewise,” she replied while pulling away from his embrace, and walking to the train. She looked back and saw that Teddy had already turned his heels and was walking back to his apartment.

“Teddy- Wait,” she said and he turned around, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms and kissed him with all the passion she could muster.

“See you later,” she smiled, leaving teddy dumbfounded and she boarded the train.

The train ride was uneventful; she ended up sitting with Rose (her cousin), Albus, and James, though Victoire was struggling keeping up with her sanity. She pulled out a book when she didn’t have to mediate the situation between Albus and James though.

When they got to platform 9 ¾ Bill, Fleur, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and all of Victoire’s brothers, sisters, and cousins, were waiting for them with smiles spread across their faces.

Victoire stepped off the train and hugged them all, she was so very thankful to be home again.

“Hiya,” Lily Potter said as she was giving Victoire a big hug, “Victoire I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, Lily,” Victoire replied back.

“James tells us that you and Teddy are dating, I hope that you two get married, and then we can be officially like sisters!” Lily said with a smile.

Victoire almost choked on those words. She felt her checks getting hot, “Oh well, Lily- umm, yeah…” she trailed off.

“Victoire-” Fleur called.

“Yes mom,” she replied.

“Are you ready to get going?” She asked

“Yes!” She said eagerly, as she went with her mom and dad back to shell cottage.

Once they arrived Victoire took her trunk upstairs and started to unpack, “Victoire Dinner-” Her dad Bill cried.

“I’ll be down in one second.” She replied while closing everything in her trunk.

“So how has school been going for you honey,” Ask Bill

“Good Dad, Professor Longbottom says hello,” She replied

“And how is he doing?” Bill asked.

“As good as every, although his N.E.W.T. class is almost impossible,” She replied.

“So school iz ‘eeping you busy?” Fleur asked.

“More then ever mom,” Victoire said with a groan.

“Well that’s what we told you would happen, Honey,” Bill said.

“Yeah- I know, I know” she replied.

“Vell, Christmas iz coming up, ‘ave you gotten all your ‘hopping done?” Fleur asked.

“Most of it, I am going to apperate tomorrow to diagon alley, so I can finish getting a couple more gifts- because you know how its hard sometimes to find people presents in just Hogsmeade alone.”

“Alright,” Fleur said

“Then that leads me up to Christmas- what exactly are we doing?” Victoire asked

“Vell,” Fleur started, “We are going to ‘ollys for Christmas eve, and then we are spending the night so everyone will share a Christmas,” Fleur said.

“Sounds good,” Victoire replied

“Vell why don’t you go, and get some ‘leep,” Fleur started, “Tomorrow you have a big day-”

“Alright I will,” Victoire said while clearing her plate and going back upstairs to finish unpacking.

After she was finished with packing she decided that she would write a letter to Teddy.

Dear Teddy,
Miss you already, and I hope you’re enjoying where ever you are. Its almost Christmas and I will be sending your present tomorrow to you. You just have to promise me that you will not open it until Christmas. I hope you’re thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about you.

With love, Victoire

Victoire went downstairs and took out the family owl and gave him the letter, with that he was off flying into the sky.

She went back upstairs and fell asleep. The next morning she woke up and lazily went down stairs where her family was all eating breakfast.

“Good Morning Darling,” Bill said while not putting down the Prophet

“Morning, Dad” Victoire said while grabbing a piece of toast.

“When exactly are you planning on going to Diagon Alley?” He asked

“Well, I don’t really know, I was just going to do it as soon as I was ready,” Victoire said, “What time is it now?”

“It’s almost noon,” Replied Bill, “Fleur went over to Molly’s to help her prepare for all the meals tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Victoire said while heading back upstairs.

“Victoire,” Bill shouted

“Yeah dad” she replied

“Just make sure you tell me when you are leaving alright”

“Of course,” she said while she went upstairs to shower, and then get her robes and cloak on.

She came back down a half an hour later; Bill was no longer in the same spot. “Alright Dad, I’m leaving-” Victoire shouted

“Okay, Victoire be safe.” He replied

Victoire apperated to Diagon Alley, although Diagon Alley was normally busy, today it was absolutely scary how many witches and wizards were walking around trying to find last minuet Christmas Gifts. Victoire took out her list

James-- New Goggles for Quidditch in the Rain
Albus-- Daydream charm for school
Rose-- Honeydukes Candy       ♦check
Lily-- Honeydukes Candy           ♦check
Hugo-- History of Hogwarts
Mom-- New Robes for the winter time
Dad-- A book on Arthimacy
Weston-- New Goggles for Quidditch…
Delilah-- lovely Unicorn horn necklace  ♦check (her and Weston Pitched in)
Jonah-- New goggles for Quidditch…
Teddy-- ???

Victoire first decided to go to The Quidditch shop to get James, Weston, and Jonah the same present. After that she went to Flourish & Blott’s to get a couple new books for herself and the book for Hugo. The she was off to Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, afterwards she went to Weasly Wizarding Wheezes. She ended up chit chatting with her uncle George for a while. After she bided Uncle George goodbye, she walked around Diagon Alley, for the perfect present for Teddy.

“What should I get him,” She thought to herself as she paced around, she walked in and out of shop. Every time she came up empty handed, she really just could not think of something to get him.

She was walking by the Quidditch shop for about the hundredth time when it hit her, she knew what to get Teddy, She ran back the other way and walked into the shop, after she purchased it, she disapperated to Shell cottage.

“Hey Victoire,” Fleur called out from the Kitchen.

“Hi mom,” Victoire replied

“An owl came for you earlier today, I put the letters up in your room,” She called

“Alright, I am just about to head up there to put away all my gifts-” Victoire replied

“Okay, dinner will be in about forty-five minuets, I expect you downstairs for that,” Bill shouted

Victoire went upstairs and unpacked her bags (she hid all her present in the closet until had time to wrap them accordingly) she looked on her nightstand and there were three letters. She opened the one on the top, it was from Weston-

Dear Victoire,
I got home safely, and just wanted to make sure you did too. I picked out your Christmas present today, I will give it to you the next time I see you at Hogwarts.
P.s. don’t forget to watch the Quidditch game on Christmas; I know Jonah and I will be watching it.
Later, Weston

Victoire smiled and picked up the next letter, it was from Delilah-

Hey girl-
Want to tell you that my break has been okay so far. Hope you are having a good time back at your house. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and I Will send your gift to you tomorrow so it will get here exactly on Christmas. Oh, Jonah want to tell you hi ( he wont stop bugging me) and that he hopes that you will be watching the Quidditch game, cause he knows that he will… Umm yeah… that’s my boyfriend for you.
Alright well love you and see you in about a week… or two.

The last letter was from Teddy-

Hey love-
It’s been a full twenty four hours and I miss you more then ever. I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, and how much I wish I was with you, right now. Remember what I said about your Christmas gift; do not open it until Christmas. Firstly, I will know if you did, and secondly I will be really mad if you did… anyways wanted to just tell you how much I miss you, and maybe emphasize that I miss you more.

Victoire hugged the letter close to her heart, and looked over on the nightstand where the tiny box laid right next to her bed. She wanted to open it so badly, but she fought the urge, and just went downstairs to eat dinner with her family.

Chapter 13: Albania?
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“Victoire- let’s go, we are going to Grandma’s now!” Bill shouted

“I’m coming dad.” She replied while putting some chap stick on.

“How long does it take you to get ready… let’s go!” Bill said again.

“Just for that I’ll be another ten minutes.”

“Victoire- I’m am zure that you ‘ook beautifull, come on, pleaze hurry up, you brothers and ‘isters are getting impatient,” Fleur said.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Victorie said while walking down the stairs

“Alright are we ready?” Bill said

“I’ll apperate there,” Victoire said.

Before anyone could protest she arrived at Grandma Molly’s with a loud thump.

“Victoire darling, I am so glad you’re here?” Molly said while giving her a big hug and a kiss. “Here open this present-”

“Okay Grandma-” she said while opening the wrapping. It was a Weasley sweater, yellow with a big white V in the middle of it.

“Thank you grandma, I love it.” She said while putting it over her white t-shirt.

“Good deary- I am very glad you like it.”

“Where is everyone else. Lily is getting impatient she wants to open her presents.”

“They’re on there way grandma.”

“Alright, come, and sit by the tree with Lily,”

Once everyone arrived and got settled, it was onto opening presents. Victoire got a bunch of daydream charms from uncle George, lily got her a book, Sonnets of a sorcerer, Albus and James pitched in and got her a new cloak. Her mom and dad just put more galleons in her Gringott’s account.

“Thank you everyone for such a wonderful, Christmas.” Victoire said nicely.

“Victoire, I ‘eft Molly’s present at home, vould you bee a dear and get it pleaze,”

“Sure mom I will be back in a quick minuet,” Victoire said apperating home.

Victoire opened the door to shell cottage and got her grandma’s present off of the dinning room table. After that she remembered that Teddy’s present he had given to her was still sitting on the nightstand next to her bed. She went upstairs and started to untie the bow on the tiny little box.

“Teddy did tell me to wait for Christmas,” Victoire muttered to herself as she took the wrapping paper off.

She opened up the tiny black box, and inside was a beautiful necklace.

“It’s beautiful,” she said to herself.

She went down to touch it, and just as her fingers grazed over it, she felt a tug at her navel. Before she knew it she was spinning around and around. The floor moved away from her feet and she felt like she was falling, and falling, and falling.

She landed on the ground in one big thump. She got up and dusted herself off.

“It was a portkey,” she said to herself. She looked around her surroundings. Where was she?

“I actually thought you would be here sooner-” said a voice in the distance.

Victoire turned around to see Teddy’s smiling face looking back at her. “Teddy you did this all?” she asked.

“Yup, it’s funny because this is exactly what I wanted for Christmas…”

“What’s that?” she asked

“Victoire all I wanted for Christmas is you.”

“Aww, Teddy that has to be the cutest thing ever,”

“Here come with me.” He said while grabbing her hand

“Where exactly are we?” Victoire asked

“Albania, I thought since I can’t be with you, that I will bring you here.” He smiled

Victoire gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You’re wonderful,” she said

“Oh and also, after you go back, you can still wear the necklace that was the portkey… I put some thought into this Victoire.” Teddy smiled

“Teddy- I don’t have the gift that I bought for you…” Victoire said

“That’s alright” he replied.

“Teddy- no it isn’t, I’m really bummed right now.” Victoire said

“How about when you get back from Hogwarts you can give it to me-” He offered

“Teddy- it isn’t the same.” She whined

“Victoire-” he said sternly


“Nothing you could give me would be more special then having you here right now.”

“At those words she melted into his embrace. Teddy just held her close whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

“Teddy?” Victoire said looking up at him with her big blue eyes.

“Yeah,” He replied looking down at her.

“I think it’s safe to say that I love you,” Victoire said turning her eyes away from his. She couldn’t bear to see his reaction; you never take those words lightly.

Teddy lifted her chin so that there eyes met.

“Do you mean it?” he said

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” she said longingly.

“Victoire- what we have is so special, but I don’t know if I can say the same thing-”

“And why not?” she asked pulling away from his embrace.

“Listen- we are both very young. We have never been through anything to actually test our love.”

“What exactly are you saying Teddy?” Victoire could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

“I donno- listen I don’t want this ruin our day, can we just talk about this later?”

“No- I want to talk about this right now,” she said while turning her head away from him.

“Victoire, stop it, can we please just drop the subject,”

“I’m sorry Teddy, your right; we definitely should drop the subject. It isn’t a big deal or anything. God sometimes I wish-”

“Victoire you’re acting like a child right now.”

“Well I am young Teddy…”

“Victoire drop it. It was wrong of me to say-”

“No, it was wrong of me to say.” She said now completely turning her back toward him. She scanned the room looking for the necklace she knew that it was the portkey to bring her back to shell cottage. Unfortunately she could not find it anywhere. So she just decided to disapperate back to shell cottage without even saying goodbye. She knew that, that would be more dramatic.

As soon as she got back to her house she cried, on her bed. For what it seemed like hours. Suddenly she realized that she was supposed to get the gift for molly, it was still sitting on the floor of her bedroom, right by the nightstand that had a small tiny box on it. Victoire picked it up and threw it, she felt so stupid. She picked up her grandma’s gift and went back to the burrow.

“Victoire- Vhat took you so ‘ong?” Fleur asked

Victoire just shrugged, “Sorry mum,”

“Victoire, how about you go outside and make sure that James and Albus aren’t killing each other?” Bill said.

“Sure thing,” she softly said as she walked outside.

“Victoire! Victoire! Come here!” Lily shouted as she saw her favorite cousin walking over. “Look who came!”

Victoire eyes followed to where Lily was pointing. In the sky, James, Albus, and Teddy were playing Quidditch.

“I can’t fucking get a break.” Victoire muttered under her breath.

“What?” Lily asked.

“Nothing Lily- Listen I am not feeling very well I think I am just going to go home, and rest and come back for dinner, please if anyone asks tell them that for me?”

“No problem, want me to come help you? We can read, and watch television…”

“No thanks Lily, I just need to go and lie down.”

“Kay, Goodbye Victoire. I love you!” Lily shouted.

“At least some one does,” Victoire thought to herself.

Chapter 14: far away
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Victoire went to bed as soon as she got home. She was exhausted from the day and her head hurt just as much as her heart did. She was so frustrated for putting her heart out on the line like that. It bothered her so much that he couldn’t return the same feelings. She screamed into her pillow once or twice just to let out the frustrations.

Over at the Burrow Victoire’s absence almost went unnoticed by everyone. Everyone except for Teddy, he was so upset that he screwed everything up. He needed to go and apologize to her, hold her and try to make things better. Teddy never really had any idea on what love was. He didn’t understand Victoire’s feelings when she said it. They have only been dating three months. I mean how can you truly love someone in three months?

The more he thought about it though he realized that maybe instead of her being the immature one, he was. Then he started thinking about how great she was. How gorgeous she was. How much he wanted to be with her, even after he just saw her. Every time they had to part, he would rush home and think about owling her that same night. Maybe that was love. He had no idea, though.

He thought about it for a while after she left in a storm, and then realized that he had to see her, and that’s where he found himself at the Burrow. James was the first to spot him and he quickly convinced them to play Quidditch. It was nearing dinner time and he hadn’t spotted Victoire anywhere.

When they all sat down at the dinner table there was still no sign of Victoire.

Teddy turned to Lily and asked, “Hey, Lil- have you seen Victoire,”

She took a bite of her green beans and chewed it over for a little bit, and then she replied, “Teddy- she said her head hurt her, so she went home,”

“Oh, okay-” he said, “If you excuse me I will be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Lily asked

“Taking a walk,” he replied.

Teddy went outside and apparated out to shell cottage. He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He paced outside for a little bit, before making the decision just to go inside.

“Hello Victoire?” he said while sticking his head through the front door.

No answer-

“She must be upstairs,” he said out loud and he went upstairs to see. He found her in her room sleeping, he almost didn’t want to wake her up but he just had to. He lightly placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Victoire-” he whispered

She slightly opened her eyes, and then all of a sudden her eyes got really big.

“What-” she said pulling herself away from his touch.

“I really need to talk to you-” Teddy said

“I’m not very interested on listening-” she replied coldly.

“Alright- I’m still gonna say, whether you listen or not-”

“No I think you should leave,” she said while cutting him off.

“Victoire you’re being a baby right now,” he replied

“Well, I’m young, Teddy.” She said bringing up what he told her earlier

“Victoire!” Teddy said raising his voice. He looked mad, and her eyes got wider. “I thought about it, I have no idea what love is, absolutely no idea. But then, I was thinking about it, and believe me I thought about this long and hard. I miss you as soon as you leave me. Like, I want to go home and owl you as soon as possible after you leave. I think you’re beautiful inside and out. The way you laugh makes my heart do a flip, and I love that…”

“What are you trying to say Teddy?” She asked

“Victoire- I think that I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” He replied

She looked even more hurt, “You came all this way to tell me that you love me as a person, but nothing else?”

“Well- yeah, I thought that’s what you wanted to hear…” he said scratching his head.

“What I wanted to hear… Really, Teddy? You are only saying all this because that’s what I want to hear? ”

Teddy bit his tongue he just made it ten times worse,” Well, no… I mean everything I said was sincere,”

“Teddy, when I said I love you, I meant it. Not because that’s what I thought you wanted to hear. And I’m in love with you, not just as a person. I would do anything for you. And maybe I’m just naïve, but Teddy, I still know that that’s how I feel… God, I can’t believe you. I can’t fucking just have you love me as a person, that’s not enough.”

“Victoire- I had no idea.”

“And I don’t think you ever will Teddy.” She replied

“What are you saying?” he said holding his heart.

“It’s for the best,” she said barely above a whisper, to convince herself.

“Victoire, what’s for the best?”

“We’re done, Teddy.” She replied holding her head up high. Teddy could see the tears streaming down her face.

“Victoire- please don’t…” He replied

“No! If I can’t have all of you I don’t want you,” she responded

“But, your breaking up with me because it takes more time for me to fall in love with you. Don’t you think that that’s irrational, and unfair to me?”

“Don’t you think it’s unfair that you told me you loved me as a person, because that’s what you thought I wanted?”

“I meant what I said though…” Teddy said trying to stop back the tears himself.

“I mean what I say too,” she replied looking away.

“Fine!” Teddy said walking toward the door.

“Just leave, Teddy!” She shouted

“Victoire, you don’t mean that. You don’t mean any of this!” he said running his hand through his hair.

“Yes! I do, I’m not just saying this.” She shouted.

“Then I was right, how could I love someone as immature and unreasonable, as this. God sometimes I wish-”

“Wish, what Teddy?” she asked her voice getting madder

“I wish I could take this all back.”

“It’s too late now,” she responded wiping away her tears.

“Fine, whatever.” Teddy said while walking out of the room.

Teddy went outside and disapparated to Albania. He was in his room, pacing back and forth thinking about everything that happened. He was so mad. He wanted to yell at Victoire, he wanted to yell at himself. He felt weak, and vulnerable. He couldn’t believe that Victoire just broke up with him, even though less then 12 hours ago, she told him she loved him.

Teddy Lupin was heartbroken, and for the first time he truly knew what love was. Not to love someone as a person, but actual love. He understood what it feels like.

He only hoped it wasn’t too late.

But little did he know, Victoire already had her mind made up. She was done, and she was surprised that she actually had the strength to do it. She knew Teddy would owl her in the morning apologizing.

So she went to bed. She woke up to the tapping on her window. She knew him to well. She took the letter off of Teddy’s owl and read it. She read it over and over again. Soon she ripped it up.

Her eyes were brimmed with tears; she was over with Teddy Lupin. She couldn’t be with someone who would say something so powerful just because he thought it was what she needed to hear. She had no question that she loved him, but she had no question in her mind that she didn’t want to be with him.

She let his letter go unheard. Same with the next one he sent, and the one after that. She didn’t even read the letter that came to her a week after the fight. Or the one that came after that, or the one after that.

She let everything go unsaid, just like she should have that day.

She knew that she wouldn’t regret it as much as he did.