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All's Fair In Love and War...right? by Hogwarts Cupid

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 15,310
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OtherCanon
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC

First Published: 07/27/2007
Last Chapter: 11/15/2009
Last Updated: 11/15/2009


In their 5th year of Hogwarts, the Marauders and the Witches 4 battle it out, literally. After an unforgivable prank that the Marauders play on her, Lily Evans convinces her friends to wage a prank war against them. They accept the challenge, but will something more than a winner come out of this?  All we know is that both teams won't play fair. But hey, All's Fair in Love and War...

Chapter 1: Alarm Clocks
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Chapter 1: Alarm Clocks


            The new semester of Hogwarts had started just yesterday and the old castle was bustling with activity. Especially in a particular Gryffindor fifth year girls’ dormitory. The alarm clocks had been mysteriously turned off and the four girls were running late.


            “Lily, get up.” Jessilyn Kale prodded the sleeping girl impatiently. She was perched on Lily Evans’ bed with a never faded sparkle in her robin’s egg blue eyes. A dark redhead was soundly asleep with a peaceful smile on her face.


            “She’s still sleeping?” said Helena Maple, coming in from the lavatory. She was roughly towel-drying her blonde hair and surveying the room with her brown eyes.


            “She could sleep through a tornado,” Jessilyn said, passing Helena to take her turn to shower.


            “She’ll be so stressed if she’s late on the first day back.” Brittney Sprouse bit her lip in concern. She had been the first to get up and her light brown hair was already dried and combed. Both she and Helena were dressed in the Hogwarts uniform. Now she was hopping on one foot and trying to put her other ballet flat on.


            “Wake up, Lily! Potter’s here,” Helena smirked, knowing that little comment would work. And sure enough, it did.


            “Potter, you’re not allowed in here.” Lily immediately sat up. She realized he wasn’t really here and scowled at her friend.


            “Sorry I had to do that. There wasn’t any other way you would wake up and we’re running a little late,” Helena explained.


            “How are we running late? I set my alarm clock an hour early...” Lily scrunched up her eyebrows in confusion. Realization came over and she scowled again. “Potter,” she muttered in disgust.


            “Someone call me?” came a voice any girl in Hogwarts would recognize.  The infamous James Potter. The incredibly handsome fifth year Gryffindor with unmistakable hazel eyes and signature messy raven black hair. He threw them all a cocky grin. And right on cue his best mate strode in after him.


            “Prongs? We should leave them alone. They’re running a little late,” he said teasingly. It was none other than Sirius Black. He and his measuring grey eyes were enough to melt anyone’s heart. He was slightly taller than James and extremely handsome too. The two were the leaders of “The Marauders”, a group of four trouble makers.


            “Hey guys,” Helena said breezily. Before Lily could bark an insult or yell at them to get out, the lavatory door swung open.


            “Sorry, I left my robes there--ah!” Jessilyn was saying until she bumped into Sirius. She hadn’t heard them enter and was dressed in only a towel. Her dark brown hair was down and flowed past her bare shoulders. She grasped her towel securely and glared at them.


            “Jamesie, Sirius, I hate when you do that,” she complained. Being Sirius’s next door neighbor and James’s close childhood friend, she was used to them. Jessilyn grabbed her robes, skirt, and wand lying on her bed and started toward the lavatory.


            “Sorry, Lyn Lyn,” James said.


            “Here, let me help you.” Sirius grinned and tried to follow Jessilyn into the lavatory.


            “Good-bye,” she said, pushed him away, and closed the door.


            “Potter, Black, get out! It’s your fault we’re late.” Lily got out of bed and glared at them again.


            “Not until you go out with me, Evans!” he smirked.


            “I wouldn’t ever.” Lily narrowed her eyes.


            “Why not?” he asked arrogantly.


            “Because you’re an arrogant idiot!” she shot back.


            “I’m not leaving then. You’re going to be late,” he tormented.


            “Leave Lily alone,” Jessilyn scolded, coming out fully dressed.


            “Aw, don’t ruin the fun,” James teased.


            “Lily’s going to be late. Leave,” Jessilyn commanded, and James frowned.


            “Fine, but only for you,” he gave in and ruffled her hair. Sirius gave her a wink and left with James.


            “Thanks, they’re so annoying.” Lily frowned.


            “It’s only because he fancies you.” Brittney giggled.


            “I know. You’re so lucky Lily, it’s James Potter,” Brittney gushed.


            “What are you talking about.” Lily scoffed


            “Oh Lily, you’re so clueless.” Jessilyn smiled, “Now get dressed!”

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Chapter 2: The Unforgivable Prank
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Chapter 2: The Unforgivable Prank



            The two girls strode down the Hogwarts grounds, whispering and trying to muffle their giggles. It was past curfew and they were sneaking down to the lake. It was their four year tradition to swim in the eerie lake, past curfew, on the first day back. In their first year, Jessilyn had snuck out and Lily followed. They ended up in the lake and had decided to do this all seven years.


“What if someone finds us?” Lily asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.


“Then we will use my bracelet to get out of there,” Jessilyn replied patiently.


“You brought it?” Lily asked, relieved. Jessilyn had an enchanted bracelet that could apparate you to whatever destination you wanted. Only another Kale could track you down. Of course, you couldn’t apparate out or in of Hogwarts, only within.


“Yes, I’ll keep it on,” Jessilyn answered reassuringly.

They reached the lake and stripped to their underwear.


“You first.” Jessilyn nudged Lily.


“Why me?” Lily complained. “You go.”


“Fine, I’ll do the honors.” Jessilyn quietly slipped into the cold water and shuddered. Lily followed after a minute of coaxing.


“You should see the lake underwater,” Lily whispered.


They both dove underwater to see. When they reached the surface they both had the same wonderstruck look on their faces.


“That was gorgeous,” Jessilyn breathed.


“What was that?” Lily whispered urgently.


“What?” Jessilyn asked.


“Did you hear that rustle?”


“It’s probably just a dog.


“Go check!”


“Fine.” Jessilyn climbed out of the lake and fumbled around for her wand. “Oi, I can’t--ah--mmmphhh.” Silence. Her sentence had been cut off with a stifled scream.


“Jessilyn?” Lily whispered anxiously. “If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not funny.” Lily scowled as she climbed out and squinted into the darkness.


“You don’t think it’s funny?” a mock offended voice whispered in her ear. Lily jumped and was going to scream but her mouth was covered. Next to her, Sirius was holding Jessilyn around the waist with her mouth covered too.


“Shush! You’ll give us away,” Sirius warned. Lily squirmed away to confront James.


“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked in a deadly voice.


“Asking you out,” He replied. Lily slapped him and he flinched. She fumbled around for her robes, as she was only dressed in her underwear.


“I‘d take that as a no, James.” Jessilyn smirked, having slipped out of Sirius’s grip. James narrowed his eyes at her.


“Where are my robes?” Lily muttered to herself.


“Looking for these?” James piped up, holding both of their robes up.


“Give those back!” Lily whisper shouted.


“Go out with me!” he shot back arrogantly.


“You’re insufferable, Potter!” Lily hissed.


“It’s part of my charm,” he said cheekily.


“There is no way in hell that I’ll go out with you!” she said furiously.


“I guess you’ll just have to go back looking like that,” James said coolly.


“Relax, Lily, we’ll just use my bracelet,” Jessilyn said quickly before Lily exploded. She gestured to the bracelet hanging from her wrist and smirked again.


“Oi, we forgot about that,” James muttered, looking lost for a moment.


Suddenly, Sirius grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards him, and snogged her. She was so taken back she didn’t notice him unclasp her bracelet. He broke away before she could respond, holding up her bracelet gleefully.


She stared at him, still shocked.


“Looks like you’ll have a bit of a trouble without your wands, robes, or the bracelet.” Sirius grinned.


“You--I--my bracelet--that‘s not fair!” Jessilyn sputtered.


“All’s fair in love and war.” Sirius winked at her.


“Have fun walking back, unless of course you want to go out with me.” James raised his eyebrows expectantly.


“No way,” Lily snapped.


“Fine, it’s your choice.”


The two walked away, leaving two, hysterical, half naked, furious girls in the night.






“Lily, please calm down. It’s not that bad if you really think about it,” Jessilyn said a-matter-of-factly. Lily was laying face-down on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. “I mean, it was only Severus and he let us go, probably because of you. I’m sure Filch was absolutely delighted...ew, that’s weird to think about.”


They had bumped into Severus after just entering the castle. He was too embarrassed at the sight of two half naked girls, both whom he was friends with, to question them. He too, was out of bed after hours. After a lot of mumbling from all of them, they quickly left. Then came Filch. The caretaker had caught sight of them right when they were about to enter the common room. He had shouted in surprise and fury as they scrambled through the portrait hole. They could still hear him demanding entrance.


“It--hic--was soo--so embarrassing! I--h--hate--P--Potter!” Lily sobbed.


“Filch probably thought he was dreaming. Who would believe him anyways?” Jessilyn reassured her.


“I--I--w--want--”Lily started to say through her sobs.


“What do you want?” Jessilyn asked anxiously. Lily brushed her tears and calmed herself down. After a few minutes she calmed down.


“I want revenge,” she said confidently with such a blazing look of determination in her eyes, that Jessilyn knew her decision couldn’t be thwarted.


She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.” Jessilyn thought. No one pranked against The Marauders. But, she felt a grin spread across her face. As risky as it was, she would never enjoy a better challenge. It was definitely something new for Jessilyn Kale, The Marauders’ girl, to prank against them.


“I think we just might be able to fix that,” Jessilyn said thoughtfully, before climbing into bed herself and falling asleep.



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Chapter 3: The Witches 4
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Chapter 3: The Witches 4


Lily cleared her throat after telling them everything. It was very early in the morning and Lily had woken Helena, Brittney, and Jessilyn up. 

“So are you guys in?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t we get in trouble?” Brittney asked, slightly worried.

“Of course not, I’m a prefect after all. We’ll prank without breaking any rules,” Lily said hastily.


“Oh...well, I guess that’s alright then. I’m in,” Brittney declared.


“Fabulous. What about you Helena?” Jessilyn raised her eyebrows.


“Oh, all right! I’ve always wanted to get back at them for what they did to my dress robes...” Helena was still sore about the incident last year when they soaked her dress robes with Permanent Pink Wizard’s Ink at the Yule Ball. It had been an accident, meaning to end up on Snape. It was also on of the pranks where Jessilyn had stubbornly refused to take part in, which she claimed was why it was unsuccessful.


“Great! I think we should come up with a group name,” Lily announced.


“How about ‘The Witches Four’?” Brittney suggested.


“That’s perfect,” Jessilyn agreed.


“Now let’s go declare war.” Helena grinned.





“Bloody hell! Oi, Prongs, get over here!” Sirius shouted, still examining the bulletin board as though if he stared enough, the tinted pink parchment would disappear.


“What is it?” James asked a little annoyed. He was in the middle of his horribly long Potions homework and was in a bad mood. He read the piece of parchment and his face expressions changed several times, from boredom to disbelief to shock to awe and finally to...happiness.


“This is fantastic! Quick, call Jessilyn. We need to plan!” James almost burst out into a dance. “She could help us.”


“Err--Prongs, I’m sure you’re ecstatic that you can now prank on Lily, but they’re on the same side.”


“Who is, Padfoot?” James asked, confused.




“What? That’s absurd! She’s a Marauder.” James shook his head and scanned down the parchment again. “Blimey! You’re right! So we’ll just have to prank against her?”


“Against who?” Remus Lupin, the other member of The Marauders interrupted, coming down from the boy‘s dormitories. His sandy-colored hair was short and kept unlike James and he was slightly shorter than him. His face was strangely slightly scared, but otherwise, he was very handsome.


“Jessilyn,” James said, looking as if he didn’t believe himself.


“What? I thought she was a Marauder,” Peter Pettigrew asked, appalled. He was the last Marauder and didn’t really fit in with the rest. He was short and stocky and wasn’t as handsome as the others.


“Yes, but look.” James handed over the parchment that he had unpinned from the bulletin.


“Huh. I guess we will just have to prank against her,” Remus finally said after examining it thoroughly. Peter still looked unsure.






“Lyn! We got your message!” James called gleefully as he entered The Marauder’s headquarters.


The Marauder’s headquarters took the appearance of a room full of chamber pots. A password was required for the room to reveal its true form. Sirius, James, and Jessilyn had discovered an empty room one night. The three of them came back the next day and put many charms and enchantments on it.


A long conference table where The Marauders discussed and planned took up most of the room. Along one wall was a huge bookshelf filled with the books they needed to learn spells, hexes, charms, and for the pleasure of reading. Above that five signed pledges that each of The Marauders took were framed and hung proudly. On another wall a group picture of James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter was stuck on. Opposite of that was a framed picture of Jessilyn with “The Marauder’s Girl” engraved on the bottom. It swung open after a password was given to reveal the Marauder files containing the details and plan of every prank they ever played.


            Jessilyn looked up from the essay she was writing at the table. Tucking a loose strand of chestnut colored hair behind her ear, she widened her eyes innocently.


“Whatever are you talking about, James?” she asked with mock surprise.


“I’m talking about this!” James held up the parchment that all four girls had signed, declaring war with The Marauders.


“Oh that!” Jessilyn grinned. James sat down across from her.


“Did Evans really agree to this?” James asked suspiciously.


“She was fuming,” Jessilyn explained. “We bumped into Severus on the way back.”


“Snape? I don’t know why you bother with him,” James said with disgust.


“You should leave him alone,” Jessilyn retorted in a hard voice. James frowned at her fierceness in defending his arch enemy.


“Well this is going in the files. And you’ll have to sign this too.” James showed her the contract that they came up with. It said she couldn’t reveal any Marauder secrets.


“I expected you to have more trust in me.” Jessilyn pouted. “You made it a rule, remember?  It is considered a great crime to mistrust another fellow Marauder. In doing so you are insulting the Marauder pledge,” She recited.


“It’s just in case,” James said handing her a quill. Jessilyn shrugged and signed.


“Here, do you want me to put them both in the files?”




Jessilyn hopped up and approached the large framed picture of her. She said the password and it swung open to reveal a vault. She opened a drawer and filed the two documents.


“By the way, there are Quidditch tryouts tomorrow morning, nine o’clock sharp,” James told her.


“Great, I’m sure you’ll give me a wake-up call. Well, I’ve got to start planning for this war. Tell Sirius I want my bracelet back, will you?” she said over her shoulder as she walked towards the door.


“He’s still sleeping.” James called after her.


“Perfect.” Jessilyn smiled lightly and left.







Jessilyn quietly tiptoed into a particular boy’s dormitory. All of the beds except for one were empty. The occupied one had its curtains closed. Jessilyn spotted the nightstand next to it and hurried over. She opened the drawer and fumbled around, searching for a glint of shining metal. It wasn’t there. Cussing quietly, she looked in the trunk lying at the foot of the bed. It wasn’t there either.


“You could just ask me you know.”


            Jessilyn didn’t even jump. She straightened up and tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear. The curtains had parted and Sirius Black was smirking at her. Jessilyn tried to disregard his air of casual elegance.


“You wouldn’t have given it to me,” Jessilyn retorted.


“No I wouldn’t have…” Sirius admitted. Jessilyn scowled.


“Give it back!” Jessilyn said childishly.


“You’re extremely amusing when you’re irritated.” Sirius chortled as Jessilyn narrowed her eyes.


“I am going to curse you into oblivion if you don’t give it to me now!”


“Good luck without your wand!” He snickered. Jessilyn opened her mouth angrily but no words came out. She had forgotten that they took her wand. Just then, James strode in. Hope flashed across Jessilyn’s face.


“James! Make Sirius give me my wand back so I can curse him.”


“Sorry, but I think I’ll side with Sirius for this one.”


Sirius laughed in the background while Jessilyn scowled.


“I’ll tell Lily about that one time…” Jessilyn let her threat trail off, knowing James knew what she was referring to.


“Fine. Sirius, give her her wand back.”


“I’ll give you your bracelet back. You’ll have to find another way to get your wand.” Sirius pulled it out from his pocket and reached for her wrist. He fastened it on and Jessilyn let it go. She sat down at the edge of his bed, satisfied for now.


“Whose Quiddich captain now that Oliver’s gone?” Jessilyn asked James.


“Spencer Fields, so you’ll have no problem getting onto the team.”


“What’s that suppose to mean?” she demanded.


“It’s obvious he fancies you,” James replied.


“The reason I’ll make the team is because I’m the best damn Seeker out there.” Jessilyn snapped defensively.


“Kind of full of it, aren’t you?” Sirius raised an eyebrow.


“That’s what happens when you hang around the cockiest guys in Hogwarts.” Jessilyn rolled her eyes.


“POTTER!” the sudden shattering scream of Lily Evans caused James to jump several feet.


“I’ve got to go,” He said hastily to Sirius and Jessilyn’s amusement.


“She must have remembered he took her wand,” Jessilyn giggled.


“I’d like to know where James is running to,” Sirius laughed.


“Now, where did you say you put my wand?” Jessilyn asked casually.


“Oh its right here.” He drew the nine inch, mahogany, unicorn hair wand out of his pocket and held it up.


Jessilyn lunged for it, trying to wrestle it out of his hands. After a minute of struggling, Sirius had Jessilyn pinned down on the bed. She unsuccessfully tried to squirm out from under him. Both of them were breathing heavily. Her wand was still in Sirius’s hands. Jessilyn pouted.


“Can I please have my wand back?” Jessilyn breathed. Sirius blinked, lost in her robin’s egg eyes.


“Alright, it was a nice try,” Sirius agreed.


“Ahem.” Remus standing in the doorway cleared his throat. Sirius hastily got off of her and handed her her wand.


“I got my wand back!” she called gleefully, jumping up. “Oh, I have to meet Lily and the others. See you guys later!” Jessilyn disappeared out the door, missing the look Remus gave Sirius.

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Chapter 4: Quidditch Tryouts
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Chapter 4: Quidditch Tryouts


            “Jessilyn! Wake up!” James bellowed into the sleeping girl’s ear. Jessilyn sat up so quickly she tumbled off the couch and hit the floor with a thud.


“Whaayaadoin?” she mumbled, squinting up at James.


            “You fell asleep in the common room. That makes things easier actually. Wouldn’t want Evans to see me,” James explained.


            “Go away.” Jessilyn closed her eyes and curled up on her side.


            “No can do! Quidditch tryouts today. We wouldn’t want our star Seeker not making the team,” James said cheerfully.


            “What time is it?”


            “About six, but we have to get to the pitch early so we can practice.”


            “You’re insane. Go away,” Jessilyn moaned and buried her head in her arms. Suddenly, jet of cold water hit her.


            “James!” Jessilyn sputtered angrily.


            “Rise and shine, love!” James grinned cheekily.






            Ten minutes later Jessilyn was sitting in the Great Hall, ignoring James.


            “Remus, lovely weather today, don’t you think?” she pointedly asked Remus, who was looking very amused.


            “Yes, great for flying!” James answered her enthusiastically. “Come on, Lyn, you can’t ignore me.”


            “You’re right. But you have to agree to never ever wake me up at six o’clock again.” Jessilyn glared at him.


            “Fine, fine, but you’ll thank me after you make the team,” James said defensively.


            “I didn’t need to get up this early,” Jessilyn grumbled.


            “You didn’t need to wake me up this early either. I don’t play Quidditch,” Remus pointed out.


            “You’re here for moral support. Where’s Sirius?” James said.


            “Sleeping, the lucky tike.” Remus yawned. “Do you mind if I go back to bed?”


            “Oh…if you must,” James said, dramatically disappointed. Remus grimaced and got up to leave.


            “Don’t leave me with him!” Jessilyn yelped desperately.


            “Sorry. Good luck!” Remus practically ran out of the Great Hall. Jessilyn glared at James again.


            “Wipe that smile off your face.”


James’s smile dropped off his face, replaced by a sincere look. Jessilyn raised an eyebrow, finally gave in, and cracked a smile.


            “Alright, let’s go practice.”




            “Stop smiling.”


            “Sure thing!”






“Alright, I want everyone to get in groups of the position you’re playing. Chasers, over here!” Spencer Fields called to the large crowd of hopeful students.


“That’s me! See you on the team.” James patted Jessilyn’s back and skipped over to the group of Chasers. Jessilyn joined the group of Seekers.


            “Oh, you’re trying out for Seeker?” said Laura Bloom, a fellow fifth year sneered.


            “Yes, considering I was Seeker on the team last year,” Jessilyn replied curtly. Laura had never gotten along with her.


            “I shouldn’t even bother trying out then. We all know Spencer fancies you.” Laura glared at Jessilyn as if that was her fault.


            “It’s only because she hooked up with him,” Jenny Hastings, Laura’s best friend, whispered loudly to Laura.


            “I’m not deaf, you know? And believe that if that’s what makes you feel better,” Jessilyn said irritably.


            “Spencer wasn’t captain last year and I don’t think Oliver, my boyfriend, fancied her,” Ciara Johnson, a seventh year and one of Jessilyn’s friends, said. Jessilyn shot her a thankful look.


            “That’s what you think.” Laura snickered. Ciara rolled her eyes.


            “Just because your boyfriend fancies her, doesn’t mean everyone else’s boyfriend does,” Ciara retorted. Laura glared, but couldn’t think of anything else to say. She turned around and marched off with Jenny tailing her.


            “Thanks,” Jessilyn said warmly.


“My pleasure. Don’t let them get to you, they’re so jealous,” Ciara told her.


“Okay, we’ll start with Parker as Keeper and Johnson as Chaser,” Spencer announced.


“What about Seeker?” a bold second year asked.


“Oh, right. Let’s see…Jessilyn! Good to see you here. You’re up.” Spencer beamed and Jessilyn returned a half-hearted smile. She mounted her broom and kicked off.  The Snitch was released and on Spencer’s signal, she tore after it. She flashed like lightning, diving and weaving through the other players. James gave her an enthusiastic thumbs-up.






“Okay, I’m reading the names of the team. The ones who made it, congratulations! The ones who didn’t, try again next year,” Spencer said to the crowd. Tryouts took all morning and it was almost lunch.


            “Chasers: Ciara Johnson and James Potter. Keeper: Ben Parker. Beaters: Sam Montgomery and Henry Lamington. And of course, Jessilyn Kale as Seeker.” Spencer winked at Jessilyn after he finished. Suddenly Sirius’s arms were around her.


            “Best damn Seeker out there!” he shouted as he hugged her tightly, almost lifting her off the ground. Jessilyn giggled.


            “Good job mate. That was no surprise.” Sirius thumped an ecstatic James on the back.

            “I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it. Saying Ciara’s name first, what was he playing at?” James shook his head.


            “Just trying to scare you,” Spencer laughed, coming up from behind them. “Great job, Jessilyn.”


            “You’re lucky to have her on your team.” Sirius slung his arm around her and grinned widely.


            “Yeah, I am.” Spencer’s eyes flickered from Sirius to Jessilyn.


            “I’m starving,” Jessilyn said loudly.


            “Jessilyn!” Lily squealed sprinting down from the stands. She ignored Sirius and James, carefully avoiding looking at them. The two girls hugged. “I knew you would make it.” Brittney was right behind Lily, walking with Remus and looking quite flustered.


            ‘Err, I’ll see you later,” Spencer mumbled and shuffled away. James and Sirius exchanged glances while Jessilyn waved.


            “Congrats,” Remus said, smiling.


            “I see you caught up on your ‘sleep’,” James commented. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, looking at Brittney. Remus and Brittney blushed.


            “So you left me with Mr. Overdone Cheering Charm to have a conversation?” Jessilyn demanded.


            “Well, I slept a little first…” Remus said sheepishly.


            “Ah…a little sleep,” Sirius noted, starting to smirk. Their faces reddened.


            “Oh, sod off, Black,” Lily said hotly.


            “Touchy are we, Evans? Could it be because of a little midnight meeting with our dear Snivellus?”


            “Don’t call him that,” Jessilyn snapped before Lily could.


            “I don’t know what you see in him.” Sirius complained. They all started walking towards the castle.


            “You’ve never taken the time to actually talk to him,” Jessilyn interjected.


            “Snivellus and I talk loads,” Sirius said sarcastically.


            “James! Sirius! ”


Peter was running towards them, his face turning slightly pink during the process.


            “Peter, it’s nice of you to join us. You’ll be eating lunch we us, right?” Lily asked sweetly.


            “H—hello, Li—Lily,” Peter stuttered, turning red and a bead of sweat appeared at his temple. James narrowed his eyes.


            “What are you doing here, Peter,” he said, bluntly.


            “I—I —thought—you said to meet you for lunch,” Peter answered timidly.


            “You could have waited for us in the Great Hall,” James said, ignoring Remus’s quizzical stare, Sirius knowing look, and Jessilyn’s disapproving face.


            “I—I’m sorry,” Peter mumbled, looking away.


            “You’re despicable,” Lily said fiercely.


            “What?” James said dumbly.


            “Beating Peter up just because he came to find you? I didn’t think you could sink lower to bullying your friends.”


            “I…” James’s explanation trailed off.


            “Let’s go, Jessilyn.” Lily turned her heel and started to march away. Jessilyn gave James a rueful look and started after her.


            “Dunno what that uptight prefect’s going on about,” James muttered darkly, kicking at a few leaves on the ground. Remus sighed while Sirius looked concerned. Poor Peter was confused and a bit scared.





            Lily sat cross-legged on her bed, biting her thumbnail. Brittney was chewing a piece of her light brown hair while Helena’s eyebrows mashed together as she concentrated on painting her nails. Jessilyn was lying across from Lily, still deep in thought.

            “So?” Lily finally demanded impatiently.


            “I don’t know.” Helena shrugged.


            “Maybe we could mess with their wardrobe,” Brittney suggested wildly.


            “Well, I suppose so,” Lily said, although looking very doubtful.


            “What do you think, Jessilyn? You’re the expert on pranking.” Helena painted another red streak on her pinky nail and held her hand up to examine it.


            “Yeah, something must rub off from them,” Lily remarked, scowling lightly at the thought of them.


            “I’ve got it!”


            Jessilyn scrambled into a sitting position and smiled widely.


            “What?” Lily said, a little suspicious.


            “We can’t break any of the rules,” Brittney reminded her. Helena started painting her other hand but nodded in encouragement.


            “Here’s what we’re going to do…”


Soon, all four girls were grinning wickedly.







            “What are we going to do?” Peter asked.


            “I’m thinking,” James reassured him. Sirius nodded his agreement and closed his eyes again. Peter watched them both eagerly. After what seemed like a long time, Sirius’s eyes popped open.


            “I’ve got it!” he exclaimed. James sat up and Peter’s eyes lit up. Remus turned his attention from his very interesting book to Sirius.


            “I was thinking we should…”


In a while, the identical wicked grins were stretched on their faces.


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Chapter 5: The First Prank
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Chapter 5: The First Prank


            The Marauders crept into The Witches 4’s dormitory and snatched the school bags lying at the foot of each bed. They hurried back to their own dormitory and dumped the books on the floor.


            “Alight, get started. You all remember the spell?” James asked.


            “Yeah,” Remus replied and tried to ignore his conscience.


            “Moony, they’re going to do something horrible to us too. We’re actually just fighting back.” Sirius patted Remus on the back.


            “Yeah, and they declared war first,” James pointed out.


            “I know.” Remus half-smiled and pulled out his wand.


            “Err—James, I don’t think I’m getting it right.” Peter had turned the book cover purple instead of taking the cover off.


            “Here, it’s like this, Peter.” Remus waved his wand and the cover came off.


            “Excellent. Switch them with the classes they have in the afternoon,” James reminded them.


            After they were done, they stuffed the books back in the bags and placed them back in the exact spot they found them. The Marauders didn’t make mistakes.





“Evans! I don’t need this from you too. You’re a prefect!”  Professor McGonagall thundered. Lily’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth desperately. The words “It’s Potter’s fault!” were at the tip of her tongue.  “All’s fair in love and war.” The annoying voice in her head whispered jeeringly. She bit her tongue and couldn’t do anything but hang her head in shame. The Marauders sniggered quietly in the corner.


            “Now, get an extra book from the cupboard or look on with someone else!” she snapped.


Professor McGonagall had heard three—now four, cries of disbelief when each of the Witches 4 opened their textbook and found that the content was not what the cover promised. Their supposed Transfiguration books contained the pages of their Astronomy book. All of their book’s covers had been switched. They couldn’t switch them back because they were all mixed up coordinately to their schedule. The pages of Transfiguration were probably in their Astronomy books, which they didn’t need until the afternoon, therefore, were in their dormitory. This had been going on all morning in Charms, Potions, and now this.


            “Yes, professor,” Lily mumbled and shuffled over to the cupboard where the shabby extra Transfiguration books were kept. She exchanged glances with Brittney, Jessilyn, and Helena, who were all getting extra books.


            “I can’t believe it!” Helena huffed.


            “I can,” Lily said darkly.


            “You’ll get used to it,” Jessilyn whispered.


            “Maybe this was a bad idea,” Brittney worried.


            “Our revenge will make up for it,” Lily promised.


            “Take your seats or you’ll all have detention for a week!” Professor McGonagall barked. They rushed to their seats.


            Class ticked by while they struggled to transfigure a book into a teapot. It finally ended with the assignment of a three page essay. 


            “Honestly, three pages?” Jessilyn complained, already forgetting about the book mishap.


            “Looks like the little prefect finally got in trouble,” Jenny Hastings jeered as she walked by with Laura.


            “Was it your work, James?” Laura asked admiringly.


            “We never boast about our work,” James answered with a smirk.


            “Oh please, Potter. Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be modest?” Lily said scornfully.


            “Modest? No, I just don’t like to show off. Unlike you,” James said coolly.


            “We should go fix the rest of our books.” Brittney tugged on Lily’s arm.


            “Yeah, we have Potions next and I left my other books in our dormitory,” Helena added, also sensing a Lily vs. James dual in the corridor. Lily allowed herself to be tugged away.


            “Hey, wait! Jessilyn, we’re going to be in the headquarters today to work on The Plan,” Sirius told her.


            “I’ll be there.” Jessilyn nodded and took off after the others.








            “We can do it tonight,” Jessilyn announced triumphantly when they were all settled into their dormitory.


            “Perfect. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces!” Helena cried.


            “Are you sure it’ll take at least an hour to grow back?” Brittney asked, pulling out the pranking checklist.


            “Always trust Penelope’s Perfect Permanent Hair Removal,” Jessilyn answered.


            “Lily, is the camera ready?” Brittney asked.


            “Of course.” Lily held up the camera.


            “Good.” Brittney checked it off from the list.


            “Now, what?” Helena said after a minute.


            “Now, we wait.” Jessilyn flopped back on her bed and pulled out the three page essay they were assigned. The others followed and waited.








            The door of The Marauder’s lavatory creaked open as Jessilyn stuck her head in. She gave the signal to the others and soon they were all crowded around the shower. They took the bottles of shampoo and added Penelope’s Perfect Permanent Hair Removal.


            “Alight, let’s get out of here.” Brittney placed the shampoo bottle back inside the shower.


            “Wait.” Jessilyn pointed her wand at the bottle and muttered under her breath. “Just in case they decide to check,” she explained. Lily nodded approvingly and did to the same to the other bottle. Then they all filed out and retreated back to their dormitory, waiting for the cry of surprise in the morning.

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Chapter 6: The Marauder's Mistake
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Chapter 6: The Marauders’ Mistake



“Ahhhhhhh!” The entire Gryffindor house woke up to the ear-splitting yell of four very bald boys.


“Blimey! Sirius, look at this!” James shouted at his best mate. Sirius didn’t seem to hear him, as he was too busy gaping at his reflection in the mirror.


“It’s gone,” he uttered, rubbing his bald head in surprise. Peter’s face drained of color.


“Remus, surely you know the counter curse,” Peter said hopefully.


“No, Jessilyn would have used something that didn’t wear off until a few days,” Sirius said. Remus nodded his agreement grimly.


“What am I suppose to do?” James moaned.


“Wear a wig, mate. It’s time to get up.” Sirius patted James on the back and left to go get dressed. Peter followed him uncertainly.


“It’s not that bad,” Remus reassured James, who was still staring in disbelief at his reflection.


“Not that bad? My hair is gone!” he yelped.


“Well, you asked for it,” Remus pointed out.


“Whose side are you on?” James demanded.


“Apparently the losing side.”  Remus then left James to agonize over his non-existent hair.





“It worked!” Lily yelled gleefully. The girls exchanged high-fives.


“I think we might actually have a chance of winning this,” Brittney mused.


“Of course we do,” Jessilyn said confidently.


“Oh yeah, where were you last night?” Helena asked.


“With you?” Jessilyn answered, confused.


“No, before that,” Helena said.


“I was with The Marauders.” Jessilyn admitted. The others grew quiet.


“Shouldn’t you be spending less time with our ‘opponents’?”


“I’m tutoring Sirius in Potions. You know they’re all rubbish at it,” Jessilyn lied smoothly.


“Oh.” Helena let it drop.


“I wonder if they’ll show up for class,” Brittney said thoughtfully.


“I know they won’t miss breakfast.” Jessilyn laughed as the tension disappeared as soon as it came.


“Only one way to find out.” Lily grinned as she held open the door for them.






The entire Great Hall burst into laughter as the boys walked in. Even Professor McGonagall cracked a smile. They strode proudly to their normal places at the Gryffindor table. Several students got up to get a better look. Peter was sweating buckets and Remus was very amused, although a tad nervous.


“If you do it proudly, it’s not as embarrassing,” James had said back in their dormitory.


“Right, imagine it as a fashion statement,” Sirius had added.


Remus chuckled at his friends’ attitude and slightly envied their confidence.


            “Lovely hair, boys,” Helena commented.


            “Thank you,” Sirius replied generously.


            “Erm, you’re welcome,” Helena said, slightly confused.


            “Do you like the new hair, Evans?” James asked,


            “I do. Although it’s too bad you can’t mess it up anymore,” Lily said sarcastically.


            “I’m sure it’ll grow back soon enough,” James replied.


            “Actually, no, it won’t,” Jessilyn corrected as Brittney giggled into her palm.


            “You know you love it.” Sirius lightly elbowed Jessilyn and grinned. Jessilyn rolled her eyes.


            “It’s going to be pretty hard for you guys to find a date for Hogsmeade,” Helena remarked.


            “Isn’t it the day after the first Quidditch match?” Sirius asked,


            “Yes it is. You better catch the snitch, Jessilyn. We’re playing Ravenclaw.” James said this so seriously and looked so strange with no hair, it was hard not to burst out laughing. James scowled as everyone, including the other Marauders, chortled heartily.


            “You’d better have your hair back by then or else you’ll lose your windswept look,” Lily taunted.


            “Yeah, yeah, we’ll see.” James swallowed the last of his breakfast and motioned The Marauders and Jessilyn.


            “We’ve got work to do, au revoir.” Sirius and the others got up to follow James.


            “I’m sorry, I’ve got to run,” Jessilyn grimaced as if tutoring was the last thing she wanted to do.


            “Right.” Helena looked away. Jessilyn shot an urgent pleading look at Lily, meaning “Will you say something to Helena?” She nodded, communicating in their silent language.


            “Go, we’ll see you later,” Brittney said warmly. Jessilyn smiled at her and followed the rest.


            “Do you honestly think she’s tutoring Sirius? I mean, I’m not trying to be paranoid and I do trust Jessilyn, but wouldn’t it be better if she hung out with them less?” Helena reasoned.


            “They’re her friends…” Brittney said.


            “And besides, the more time she spends with them, the more things she can get from them. We’ll need the help,” Lily added.


            “Okay, just mention something to her about not spilling all our secrets,” Helena said in defeat.


            “She wouldn’t do that but we’ll say something anyways. Come on, we’ve got a free period.”






            Jessilyn agilely slipped into an empty seat at the long conference table without disturbing James’s lecture.


“Good, you made it,” James said, pausing in his speech.


            “You didn’t miss anything important, just something about nicknames,” Sirius filled her in.


            “Nicknames?” Jessilyn repeated, arching her eyebrows at James.


            “Yes! We all need nicknames. Of course, Remus has already got his: Moony. We don’t know ours yet until we’ve transformed,” James explained.


            “We’re doing pretty well. We can all turn a non-living object into a living animal without wands. Jessilyn, James, and I can do it silently and Peter’s almost there,” Sirius said enthusiastically. “We’ll be able to join you in now time!”


            Remus frowned and bit his lip.


            “It doesn’t matter that we’re unregistered. It’s not like we’re going to commit crimes or anything,” Jessilyn reassured him, reading his mind.


            “Won’t it be dangerous?” Remus asked again.


            “Moony, we’ve been over this before. No, it won’t because we’ll be animals and werewolves don’t bite animals,” James said.


            “Hmm, I think the name Moony is growing on me,” Jessilyn mused.


            “I think it’s growing on me too,” Sirius agreed.


            “I told you. Ok, back to work!” James dismissed his meeting and the five of them spread out around the room, practicing the spell.




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Chapter 7: Fiftieth Time
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Chapter 7: Fiftieth Time

            On the full moon of October, four cloaked figures met under the oak tree by the lake.


            “Well, who wants to go first?” James asked, breaking the silence. Though they wouldn’t ever admit it, they were all nervous. The thousands of books warning them on how Animagi transformation could go horribly wrong didn’t exactly help.


            “I guess I’ll go,” Jessilyn said bravely. The others nodded encouragingly. Jessilyn squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself. The next moment, an ocelot had replaced her.


            “Aw, you’re so much cuter,” James teased, trying not to show how relieved he was that the transformation had not gone wrong. The large cat blinked her unmistakable robin’s egg blue eyes.


            “You’re next, Peter.” Sirius nudged the now reassured Peter.


            “Alright, here I go.” Peter squeezed his eyes shut just as Jessilyn had done, hopefully imagining himself as a fierce dog, or lion, or something. He transformed into a gray rat.


            “Together, mate?” James asked Sirius.


            “On the count of three,” he replied.


            “One, two, three!” James transformed into a handsome stag as Sirius transformed into a giant black dog. They exchanged satisfied glances and then led the others to the Whopping Willow.







            “Look sharp, Kale,” Spencer Fields, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team told her as they walked out to the field.


            “It’s okay, we’re going to win this,” James said. They were still all tired from last night’s adventure. Then in the morning they had come up with nicknames. James was Prongs, Sirius was Padfoot, Peter was Wormtail, and Jessilyn was Kitty. She had muttered something along the lines of “stripper name”.


            “Always so confident,” Ciara Johnson, the other Chaser, mused.


            “The Quidditch Cup is going to have our name on it!” Henry Lamington, one of the Beaters, punched the air energetically.


            Gryffindor was playing Ravenclaw on a clear, sunny, day; perfect for Quidditch. Everyone mounted their brooms and on the whistle, took off! Blurred figures dressed in rich red and blue cloaks whizzed around. Lily had volunteered for the commentary job until they could find someone else, who actually understood Quidditch.


            “And they take off! Johnson gets the ball—sorry! I mean Quarffle and passes to Potter. Oh, Braver steals it and Montgomery beats um, another Quarffle at him. Wait, is that allowed?”


The crowds groaned and Professor McGonagall sighed. 


            “It’s not a Quarffle! And since he’s a Beater, yes, it’s allowed!” someone shouted. Lily turned red and blushed.


            “She’s doing her best,” James said from his broom and winked at her.


            “Oi! Potter, what are you doing chatting? Get back in the game!” Spencer shouted, clearly annoyed.


            “Evans, go to Hogsmeade with me?” he asked charmingly.


            “For the fiftieth time, NO I WILL NOT GO TO HOGSMEADE WITH YOU, YOU PRICK!” Lily shouted. Unfortunately, the entire Quidditch pitch could hear her. As soon as she realized this, she turned a brighter red.


            “Hey, fiftieth time is the lucky charm,” James joked.


            “Potter, if you don’t get back in this game, I’m kicking you out!” Professor McGonagall threatened.


            James whizzed back into the game, immediately stealing the Quarffle from Matt Braver, a Ravenclaw Chaser. Matt chased him to the other end of the pitch and knocked the back of his broom into James, stealing the Quarffle and sending James flying into the goal post. With a sickening crunch, James’s head hit the metal goal post. Several girls from the Gryffindor side screamed. Matt scored, tying up the game. James was just barely hanging on to his broom. Jessilyn flew over quickly.


            “James! Are you okay?” Jessilyn asked


            “What are you doing? Get the snitch and I’ll be fine!” James roared. Jessilyn obeyed and rounded the pitch, searching for a tiny golden walnut shaped ball. As the true Seeker that she was, she grasped it tightly in the next minute.


            “Okay, Fields blocked that one. And now…oh! We’ve won! Gryffindor’s won.”


The stands erupted into cheers.


            “Party in the common room!”






            Moments later, the Gryffindor common room was filled with Butterbeer and food from the kitchens. In a corner, Jessilyn and James were arguing.


            “He knocked me off my broom! Illegally!” James protested.


            “Oh, come on. It was Quidditch!” Jessilyn said, exasperated.


            “So? Shane Michaels dumped him. She must have had a reason.”


            “What? She dumps everyone who loses a Quidditch match.”


            “You’re not going to Hogsmeade with Matt Braver,” James insisted.


            “I can go to Hogsmeade with whoever the hell I want to.” Jessilyn glared.


            “Prongs is right. Remember last year? Michael Corner, ring a bell?” Sirius said, joining them.


            “Oh, stay out of it, Sirius! Look at who you date,” Jessilyn retorted.


            “That’s different,” he said defensively.


            “Kit, don’t go with him. Anyone but him! Blimey, go with Kevin Abbott,” James said.


            “Look, I go on one date with him and see what he’s like. If he’s not nice, we end it.”


            “Fine,” James gave in.


            “Thank you!” Jessilyn said and then left to get another Butterbeer.


Just then, Lily walked up to him, looking quite flustered.


            “Um, Potter? I’m sorry I called you a prick in front of the whole school.” Lily took a deep breath and then braced herself.


            “What? Did you just apologize?” James said mockingly.


            “Don’t ruin it, Potter.” Lily glared.


            “How about you make up for it by going to Hogsmeade with me?”


            “What? No!”










            “Make up your mind, Evans!”


            “Stop it! And for your information, I’m going with Jared Freedman already!” Lily stormed away.


            “Women.” James rolled his eyes.


            “Say, Prongs. I don’t trust this Matt Braver guy. I heard they’re going on a double date with Evans and this Freedman guy,” Sirius said evilly.


            “Right, it would be such a same if their cloaks caught on fire…” James agreed.







“That went well,” Lily said sarcastically.


“Oh, well. I don’t think I like Matt very much anyways.” Jessilyn kicked off her boots and settled into her bed.


“To tell you the truth, I didn’t like Jared much either.”


“Then why did you go with him?” Jessilyn cocked an eyebrow.


“Oh, Potter was being such a prick. I…thought…it would get on his nerves,” Lily admitted. Jessilyn giggled.


“What?” Lily demanded.


“You were right. It did get on his nerves, and, Lily Evans, using someone?” Jessilyn mocked.


“Shut up,” Lily mumbled, embarrassed. “I wonder how their cloaks caught on fire…”


“Err, maybe the humidity and the Butterbeer…you know? The Three Broomsticks is quite a flammable place. I’ll be right back, Lils.”


Lily scrunched her eyebrows together, confused. What was Jessilyn talking about? It wasn’t humid outside at all. And since when was Butterbeer flammable?






Jessilyn slammed The Marauder’s dormitory doors open.


“James Potter and Sirius Black! You want to tell me how Matt and Jared’s cloaks suddenly caught on fire?”


Remus laughed and looked up from his book to watch the show.


“Well, the humidity and the Butterbeer. Sometimes, it’s just too much and…boom!”  Sirius said in his best convincing voice. James quickly nodded his agreement. Peter tried to stifle his laughter.


“Humidity, my ass,” Jessilyn said, but wasn’t able to keep from giggling.


“Don’t tell me you weren’t relieved,” James said.


“Yeah, he talked about himself for a whole hour,” Sirius added.


“Alright, fine. But you shouldn’t have done that. And, it was nice to get to know him,” Jessilyn admitted.




“Really!” she insisted.


“Sure, Kitty.”


Jessilyn scowled lightly at the nickname.


            “I better get back to Lily and distract her before she figures it out.”



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Chapter 8: Taking a Little Break
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Chapter 8: Taking a Little Break



            Two pieces of parchment bounced off James’s head. One was a hastily written, crumbled up note and the other one was a charmed paper airplane. James eagerly opened the crumbled one first.




I will NOT go to Hogsmeade with you! I don’t care if I didn’t go to the last one with you even though you won the Quidditch match. I STILL won’t go with you if you win the upcoming Quidditch match. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL, POTTER!

-L. E


James shook his head and wrote a reply.


Hey, Evans, it was just a question.

-“Big Headed Git”


He balled it up and aimed it at Lily, who was pretending to listen to Professor Binns. He watched her slowly smooth it over and read it. She rolled her eyes and pushed the note under her notes.


James smoothed the paper airplane out and read it.



Marauder’s Headquarters tonight. DON’T TELL KIT.



He grinned, eager to plan the next prank.


            “Alright, class dismissed. I’m expecting those essays for next class,” Professor Binns said. Everyone dashed towards the door, eager to get back to their dormitories and relax.


            “Hey, Evans! How about we make a little bet?” he called to the redhead.


            “A bet?” she repeated slowly, turning around.


            “Yeah, if The Marauders win the prank war, you go out with me,” James said.


            “And if The Witches 4 win, you’ll never ask me out again,” Lily challenged.






The two of them shook hands, determined.


            “We better win this, Padfoot,” James muttered when Lily was out of earshot.


            “We will.”






            Two weeks later, on a Monday morning, the entire Great Hall was covered in head to toe in food. A huge food fight had broken out after The Witches 4’s pumpkin juice glasses exploded, soaking them. The Marauders started laughing until their pancakes smashed onto their faces.


            “Stop!” an enraged Professor McGonagall commanded. She waved her wand and all the food froze in place. She pointed at The Witches 4 and The Marauders.  “To my office, now!” Brittney’s eyes widened and she gulped nervously.


            “I cannot believe this! Two prefects! All in my own house, too! You should have your badges taken away. Such behavior!” Professor McGonagall ranted.


Lily felt a great sinking feeling in her stomach.


            “I don’t know what’s gotten into you! I knew you didn’t exactly get along well, but resorting to flinging food at each other like five-year-olds? Mr. Potter and Miss Kale, I ought to remove you from the Quidditch team!”


            “No, Professor—” James tried to protest.


            “Quiet, Mr. Potter! A hundred points from Gryffindor and detention for two months! And it’ll be in pairs! Miss Evans with Mr. Potter, don’t give me that look! Miss Kale with Mr. Black, Miss Sprouse with Mr. Pettigrew and Miss Maple with Mr. Lupin.”


            “Yes, Professor,” they all chorused.


            “Now back to your common rooms!”


They all hurried out, eager to get away.


“I think this is going too far. We should end it,” Lily said.


“Are you surrendering?” James asked, raising his eyebrows.


“No, we’re not. We’re just saying…we should lay off until our detention sentences are over. Then Professor McGonagall will cool off,” Jessilyn explained smoothly.


            “She’s right. It’s not going to do us any good if we get expelled,” Remus agreed.


            “Fine, let’s call it a two month break,” Sirius agreed.


            “Good, I don’t have to watch my back all the time.” Brittney sighed in relief.


            “Then we’ll start again after the winter holidays, right?” Peter asked.




They arrived at the common room and they all parted to get their bags and finish up the week’s assignments.


In a while, the conversation of The Marauders plus Jessilyn turned to their holiday plans.

“Where are you going, Moony?” James asked after getting tired of his Transfiguration essay.

“I might stay at Hogwarts,” Remus said quietly, closing the book he was reading and putting it aside.

“No, you’ll be staying with us,” James corrected. “You know how my mum loves company.”

He can’t because of his furry little problem,” Jessilyn interjected, also tossing aside her essay.

 “Oh,” James said, feeling guilty about his slip.

“But you got a letter from your mum saying she insists having you home for Christmas,” Peter protested.

“I forgot all about that,” Remus admitted.

“Hey, then you’ll be able to visit!” James exclaimed, immediately brightening up.

“What about you, Jessilyn?” Sirius asked.

“I nearly live at James’s house but we have Malfoy’s New Year’s party to attend.” Jessilyn bit her lip and frowned, her mood darkening. Sirius made a face somewhere between a frown and a scowl.

“I’m going to the Potter’s ball,” he declared firmly.

“Dad’s making me go. You have to come with me,” Jessilyn begged.

“My mum will probably make me, too. Maybe we can leave early and go to the Potter’s,” Sirius suggested hopefully.

“You can always sneak out, mate.” James grinned.

“Lily! You’re staying with me for Christmas, right?” Jessilyn called to the other side of the common room.

“I’m not sure. My mum wants me home,” Lily said, biting her lip thoughtfully. Last Christmas, Lily had Owled Jessilyn asking to stay over. She had had enough of Petunia.

“You’ll be coming for some of the time, right?” Jessilyn pressed.

“Of course.” Lily beamed.

“Great!” Jessilyn beamed back. “The favors I do you…” she teased James while he grinned cheekily back.




            December arrived with a shower of snow. The teachers, even Professor McGonagall, reduced the regular amount of homework. There wasn’t a weekend when the students wouldn’t run outside blissfully and wage a snowball fight. It was the peaceful months where no one had to constantly watch their backs. Before long, trunks were packed and owls were stuffed into cages. The Marauders and Jessilyn had snagged a compartment all to themselves. Lily had huffily refused to share a compartment with a “big headed toe-rag” and found another one with the others.

“Bye, Minnie!” Sirius called out the window with a cheeky grin. Professor McGonagall surprisingly smiled...but just a little.

“We all know you love Professor McGonagall.” James rolled his eyes and pulled his best mate out of the window.

“More than you should,” Jessilyn smirked.

“You’re going to make Cara jealous,” Peter joked.

“There she is,” James muttered as Cara Smith entered.

“Hi, Sirius,” Cara said. She flipped her blonde hair and sat down. Cara Smith was a sixth year Ravenclaw and Sirius’s current girlfriend of two weeks. Unfortunately, she and Jessilyn had a bit of…history.

“Hey, Cara,” Sirius said breezily.

“I’m going to go find Lily,” Jessilyn stated and got up.

”Alright, I’ll see you later, Lyn!” Sirius called as she got to the door.

“Bye, Kale.” Cara smirked but Jessilyn didn’t turn back. The compartment door slammed behind her.

“So, what are you doing for Christmas?” Cara asked everybody.

“I’m hanging out at James’s for most of the holiday. Then I might have Christmas dinner with my family,” Sirius replied.

“You guys don’t ever separate,” Cara commented.

“Well, I’m having a lot of people stay over. My mum’s always thrilled when the house is packed.” James explained. “Remus, Peter, Lyn, and Lily Evans are coming over near New Years,”

“Lyn?” Cara asked her face flushing just a bit.

“Jessilyn,” James said.

“Looks like she hasn’t changed at all, still trailing after you guys.” Cara rolled her eyes.

“She’s not trailing after us,” Remus spoke suddenly.

“Yeah, she’s our friend,” James added. Sirius shifted uneasily and was suddenly very engaged with looking at the clouds through the train window. Peter was lucky enough not to have to engage in the conversation as he was asleep, or pretending to be.


            Cara opened her mouth just as the door banged open and Jessilyn strode in, adding to the tension. She was already dressed in Muggle clothing.

“Hey,” Sirius said somewhat uncomfortably.

“We’re almost there,” she told them, shaking Peter awake.

“Oh, right. We should get changing.” Peter yawned and blinked, looking drowsy.

“Yeah, I’ll show you to the door, girls.” James nodded pointedly to the compartment door. Jessilyn and Cara filed out. Cara scowled as soon as the door shut. Before Jessilyn could head off to The Witches 4 compartment, Cara grabbed her arm, jerking her back.

“Listen, Kale, I know you’re staying at James’s house with Sirius. Try not to be the complete slag you are, alright?” Cara said, her voice dripping with honey.

“Why so threatened?” Jessilyn asked innocently.

“Shut up!” Cara dropped her sugary tone.

“Make me.”


The two girls glared fiercely at each other.


“You’d better watch it. Remember what happened the last time?” Cara said.

“Yeah, I do. Sirius ditched you after your little show.” Jessilyn replied.

Both girls whipped out their wands and with a flash of light both, they were thrown backwards. The two compartment doors slid open. Brittney gaped and Sirius eyes widened at the scene. Before anyone could stop her, Cara cried “Confringo!”

“Protego!” Sirius cried quickly, cutting in, and the hex bounced away harmlessly.

“Scourgify!” Cara tried again. Jessilyn’s mouth filled with bubbles.

“Diffindo,” Cara screamed desperately. Jessilyn blocked it with a flick of her wand.

“It’s changed since five years ago. Densaugeo!” she shouted and Cara’s teeth started to grow longer and longer.

“Nice, Jessilyn,” James smirked.

“Thanks,” Jessilyn replied and with one last glare at Cara and a look at Sirius, she stormed away. Lily, Helena, and Brittney rushed after her.


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Chapter 9: Surprise, Surprise
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Chapter 9: Surprise, surprise


            When the train screeched to a grinding stop, there was a rush to get out. Compartment doors slammed shut and trunks were yanked off the racks. Jessilyn hugged her friends good-bye and promised to Owl them.

“Bye Lils. Owl me if Petunia’s bothering you,” Jessilyn said.

“I will.” Lily smiled at her friend and went her separate way. Jessilyn scanned the crowd for her mum.

“Jessilyn, over here!” James shouted. Quickly, Jessilyn weaved her way over to James, hauling her trunk.

“Hi, Mrs. Potter.” Jessilyn smiled at the kind, elderly, woman next to James.


“Jessilyn, it’s nice to see you,” Mrs. Potter said kindly. A slender woman emerged next to her and held her arms out expectantly.


“Mum!” Jessilyn hugged her tightly.


“Hello, dear, your father’s still at the Ministry. You’ll be staying at the Potters’ tonight.  We have some business in Paris,” Mrs. Kale informed her.


“Sure.” Jessilyn nodded.


“Yes, let’s hurry, dinner’s waiting,” Mrs. Potter said.


            The four of them Apparated with a Pop! to a beautiful mansion.


“Race you upstairs!” James called as the house elf helped herself to the trunks.

“You know you never win.” Jessilyn laughed as they dashed upstairs. Jessilyn was about two feet ahead of James.

“You’re cheating!” James protested as Jessilyn opened a bedroom door. He grabbed her around the waist to hold her back.

“No! I beat you!” Jessilyn shrieked with laughter and tried to kick free. Finally he let go, but not before he was in front of her.

“I still beat you.” Jessilyn shrugged and giggled as James opened his mouth to protest. They both glanced around the familiar room.

“Home away from home!” Jessilyn exclaimed and plopped onto the bed. Her room was a rich purple and decorated unlike a guest room. It looked exactly like her bedroom at home. Moving pictures of her friends hung on one wall and Quidditch posters hung on another.  

“ Lily coming?” James asked casually.

“You called her Lily,” Jessilyn smirked.

“So?” James asked, not meeting her accusing eyes.

“You never call her Lily. You call her Evans,” Jessilyn pointed out.

“I forget sometimes,” James mumbled lamely. Jessilyn laughed.

“You should call her Lily. She’d like that,” she said thoughtfully.

“Is she coming?” James asked impatiently.

“I’ll Owl her,” Jessilyn reassured him.

“Sirius is coming for the ball on New Year’s Eve,” James told her.

“Great. What about Remus?” she asked.

“I’m not sure when he’ll be ready. Full moon, remember?” James explained grimly. “He’ll be okay without us,” he said quickly when he saw Jessilyn’s anxious face.

“Helena’s on vacation but she’ll be here for the New Year’s ball too. Do you think--” Jessilyn was cut off by a pop! Jessilyn and James exchanged glances and hurried towards the noise.

















James and Jessilyn arrived downstairs just in time to see Mrs. Potter rush over to the sound.

“You must be Mrs. Potter! I’m so sorry to drop in unexpectedly,” said the one and only Cara Smith.

“Oh! Sirius! We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow,” Mrs. Potter exclaimed but smiled at seeing her second son. Sirius was grim-looking, but his face immediately split into a glowing smile. Everyone noticed how shaken he looked but no one said anything.

“I’m sorry I should have told father...” Sirius started looking very uncomfortable.

“It’s nothing, Sirius! You’re always welcome here,” Mrs. Potter said warmly.

“I hope you don’t mind...uh...Cara Apparated with me...” Sirius said sheepishly nodding at Cara.

“Oh! Would you like to stay? The more the merrier!” Mrs. Potter asked kindly.

“Sure! Thanks so much, Mrs. Potter. I just want to be here for Sirius,” Cara gushed.

“Alright then, James, Jessilyn, show Cara to the guest room.” Mrs. Potter said, clapping her hands.

“But that’s Lily’s room,” James interjected.

“Then one of you will have to share,” Mrs. Potter pointed out.

“I’ll share with Sirius,” Cara said shamelessly. Mrs. Potter’s mouth opened in surprise and Sirius blinked.

“Well...I--” Mrs. Potter stammered.

“Great! Thanks again, Mrs. Potter,” Cara said sweetly and sauntered off with Sirius.



            The next day James was in very high spirits as that was the day Lily said she was visiting.

“Where is she?” James groaned.

“It’s only nine. She’s supposed to arrive at ten,” Jessilyn pointed out.

“It’s nine forty one!” James retorted.

“Whatever you say, Prongs,” Jessilyn muttered. The clock read 9:14 A.M.

“Where is Padfoot at my time of need?” James demanded, ignoring Jessilyn.

“He’s probably off snogging that...that...”Jessilyn struggled.

“Ogre?” James offered.

“Yes,” Jessilyn said, satisfied.

“Well, go get him,” James ordered.

“Whatever you say, your majesty,” Jessilyn said mockingly. She grudgingly got up and started up the stairs, away from the fireplace where James was waiting. She reached Sirius’s room and cautiously opened the door. No one. Sighing, she assumed they were out in the garden, enjoying a romantic stroll or something. She retreated back to her room, not wanting to listen to James complaining again. Jessilyn plopped down on her bed and gazed at the framed hand-drawn picture on her nightstand. Sirius had given it to her on that one day five years ago…

            Eleven year old Jessilyn was walking down an abandoned corridor in the dungeons with a newspaper in her hands. On the cover was, “Bertha Jonkin’s”.

“What rubbish,” she was muttering. Just then a shadow fell over her and she glanced up. Cara Smith, as a twelve year old, stood expectantly over her.

“Jessilyn, hi,” Cara said sweetly.

“Hi, Cara, I don‘t really have time to talk,” Jessilyn said smiling weakly.

“Why not? Are you off to snog my boyfriend?” Cara snarled, losing her sweet tone.

“Cara, you know Bertha, she’s like that,” Jessilyn said exasperatedly.


 “I don’t have a reason not to believe her,” Cara snapped and Jessilyn sighed.

“I promise you, there is nothing going on,” Jessilyn insisted.

“Then why is he always talking about you? And why are you always together?” Cara demanded.

“Because we’re friends,” Jessilyn insisted.

“Sure, “just friends”. But here’s a little something to make sure you stay away,” Cara spat. With a jerk of her wand a deep gash sliced through Jessilyn’s cheek. Jessilyn winced and touched her cheek.

“Sirius is my friend and a little cut’s not going to change that,” Jessilyn said coolly.

“I guess I’ll just have to do more than a little cut,” Cara sneered.

“Try that,” Jessilyn said sarcastically. Cara didn’t catch the sarcasm. Luckily Jessilyn was prepared and she blocked the hex. The next one was stronger and Jessilyn was lifted off the ground by her ankle. Then she fell…and everything went black.



When she woke up she was in the hospital wing with James and Lily at her side, bickering of course.


“Do you think she’s going to wake anytime soon?” James whispered

“Shut up, Potter. If you keep talking she will,” Lily snapped.


“I’m not the one who got her a singing card,” James retorted.


“It’s better than yours. Honestly, who gives someone a Quidditch card with Bludgers knocking people in the head?”

Jessilyn opened her eyes and sat up. She winced at the sudden sharp pain in the back of her head.

“You’re awake! Remus was so worried he almost wet his pants. Madam Pomfry sent him out,” James explained. Peter nodded next to him.

“Are you ok?” Lily asked, concerned.

“I bet it was Snape,” James growled.


“It was Cara Smith,” Jessilyn said quietly and closed her eyes. She lay down and wondered why Sirius wasn’t there.


Jessilyn sat out by the lake at Hogwarts.  Her long chestnut colored hair hung down, partly hiding her face.


“Hey, are you ok?” Sirius asked carefully, sitting down next to her.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied.

“Jessilyn... I didn‘t know. You should have told me.” Sirius furrowed his eyebrows in concern.

“I know.” Jessilyn sighed.


“I wouldn’t ever go out with someone that would hurt you,” Sirius said gently.

“Really?” Jessilyn asked, gazing at him in wonder.

“Really, I promise,” Sirius said solemnly. “Here, I made this for you.” He handed her a drawing of Jessilyn and him riding flying motorcycles together with “best friends” scrawled at the top. It was sloppy and as good as an eleven year old’s drawing could be, but it was special.

*End of Flashback



            Jessilyn sighed and then glanced at the clock. It was nine twenty. Suddenly, an owl swooped in and dropped a note on her. She read it and then frowned. Petunia was speaking to her again and Lily didn’t want to leave just yet. The bed springs creaked as she bounced off and fled down the stairs to tell James.


“Lily’s not coming yet.”


“What? Why?”


“She wants to spend some time with her sister.”


“I thought she hated her sister.”


Jessilyn shrugged, not feeling like explaining to James. She retreated back to her room again. When she flung open her door, she saw Cara basically eating Sirius’s face on her bed. In her room.


“Blood hell, Sirius!” she shrieked. “So much for your promise.” Jessilyn slammed the door and charmed it with the strongest door locking charm she knew.




Sirius blinked in surprise.


“What a drama queen.” Cara rolled her eyes.


Sirius gave a frustrated sigh and backed away from Cara. He bumped into the nightstand and the framed drawing wobbled and fell on the floor facedown. Sirius absentmindedly picked it up and froze when he turned it over. He thought she had tossed it or maybe placed it in some trunk somewhere and forgotten about it. Instead, she had framed it and kept it with her all this time…


“Sirius?” Cara said, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was giving him that seductive pout again. Sirius groaned inwardly. Cara stepped closer to him and yanked the drawing out his hands. Sirius opened his mouth to protest but her mouth was already pressed on his.


Jessilyn’s words rang in his head like an echo. So much for your promise!


Gently, he pushed her away and cringed when he saw the hurt in her eyes.


“Sorry,” he muttered.


“It’s okay.” Cara bit her lip. “Look, I’m sorry Jessilyn and I aren’t getting along and the duel…I was just defending myself. I’ll settle things with her, okay? Turn a new leaf, like I said I would.”


“Thanks, Cara.” Sirius felt relieved.


“Now, if I could only figure out how to get this door unlocked…”


Sirius chuckled and pulled out his wand. “We’d better start trying or else we’ll be here all day.”


“I’m fine with that.” Cara fluttered her lashes and pulled her wand out too.





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Chapter 10: Lily Arrives
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Chapter 10: Lily Arrives



Lily Evans shuffled up to a deserted spot on a street with her trunk. She stuck her hand out, feeling very stupid. She was pretty certain nothing was going to happen and Jessilyn was merely pulling her wand. To her great surprise, a big purple bus screeched to a sudden stop and the doors opened to reveal an average looking boy only a few years older than her.


“You would be Lily Evans?” he said, gazing at her.


Lily opened her mouth but nothing came out.


“Yep, that’s her.” A familiar face appeared behind the boy and grinned. Lily immediately relaxed. The boy stepped down and grabbed her trunk.

“For a minute there I thought you were pulling my wand.” Lily followed the boy onto the bus and stared at the rows of armchairs inside.


“As hard as it is to believe, there really is a Knight Bus,” Jessilyn laughed.


“Of course there is,” the boy said seriously.


“Oh, we know, Jerry,” Jessilyn reassured him. Jerry looked confused but decided to dismiss it.


“Welcome to The Knight Bus. The charge is—”


“I’ll handle it. Thanks, Jerry.” Jessilyn smiled and he blushed furiously.


“You’d better sit down,” the old driver warned before pulling the door shut.


Jessilyn sat down on an armchair and pulled Lily into one. The bus yanked forward violently and Lily gasped in surprise.


“Don’t worry we’re not going to crash and Muggles can’t see it,” Jessilyn reassured her when the street immediately disappeared and towns whizzed by.


“That’s good,” Lily said faintly, still startled.


“It’s just a short drive. Anyways, how are you and Petunia?”


“Well,” Lily began, “we were getting along alright so I decided not to pull any…err…‘witch visiting’ on the second day back,” Jessilyn nodded for her to continue.


“We were talking about her new boyfriend and then Severus showed up. He wanted to show me something. Petunia started sneering and called us freaks, the usual.” Lily sighed, looking down.


“Oi! She shouldn’t be calling you guys freaks.” Seeing her upset face, Jessilyn added, “I’m sure she’ll come around.”


“No, it’s alright. I’d rather be hanging out with you.”


“How’s Severus doing?”


“I don’t know to be honest,” Lily admitted. “The people he hangs out with…they’re just evil.


“You haven’t seen evil,” Jessilyn said darkly. “You should see some of the wizards my father hangs around with. They’re all talking about some ‘dark lord’ who people won’t say his name. My mum’s getting upset about it.”


“I’m sorry. I’ve heard about that too. Supposedly he’s gaining a few supporters that call themselves ‘death eaters’.” Lily said sympathetically.


“Let’s talk about something else. This stuff is getting me down,” Jessilyn said. “Don’t look out the window, by the way.”

“Why?” Lily started to turn her head when the bus halted abruptly.


“We’re here!” Jessilyn jumped up and pulled Lily with her. She all but pushed Lily down the steps and onto the sidewalk. She pulled a stack of silver coins out of her robes and gave them to Jerry. Throwing him a smile and a wave, she stepped off.

“Where are we? I thought we were going to your house,” Lily said ogling the mansion and groomed lawn.


“My parents had some business in Paris. Come on.” Jessilyn dragged Lily up to the mansion and greeted the phoenix door knocker. Lily’s eyes widened again.


“Jessilyn and guest. This is Lily,” Jessilyn spoke pleasantly.


“Good to meet you! Admitted,” the phoenix replied cheerfully and the double doors swung open.


“Where are we?” Lily asked again.


“Well, you see, I’m sort of staying at James’s.” Lily’s jaw dropped and Jessilyn started to explain. “I knew you wouldn’t come if you knew so I just thought it’d be…a surprise?” she finished sheepishly.

“Jessilyn Kale you are in so much trouble!” Lily fumed.


“Oh, hello there, I suppose your Lily Evans?” Mrs. Potter stepped into the foyer and smiled kindly at her. Jessilyn tried to stifle her giggles at Lily’s embarrassed face.

“Hello, thanks for letting me stay here,” Lily said politely.


“It’s a pleasure! Do make yourself at home. Why don’t Jessilyn show you to your room and Izzy will get your trunk.”


A house elf appeared and took the trunk immediately. “Welcome Miss Evans!” she greeted merrily. “I’ll take this to your room.”


“Come on,” Jessilyn giggled and dragged a speechless Lily up the stairs.


“You are so dead!” Lily hissed. “Living in the same house as Potter! The nerve!”


Just then, James opened the garden door from downstairs.


“Lyn, where have you been? I’ve been going insane with those two lovebirds!”


“Um, James, I went to go get—” Jessilyn tried to warn him but it was too late. He already emerged at the foot of the staircase…dripping wet in his swim trunks. James blinked in surprise and Lily flushed.


“This is a surprise. Jessilyn told me you were coming tomorrow. Too eager to see me, Evans?” James hastily regained his cool.


“You wish, Potter. I had no idea I was coming here,” Lily scoffed and looked accusingly at Jessilyn.


“Have you been swimming, James? That’s exactly what I feel like doing now. We’ll join you soon!” Jessilyn ignored their shooting daggers look and once more dragged Lily down the corridor and flung open the door to her room.


“I’m not going to swimming with him,” Lily stated stubbornly.


“You are too! Don’t make me hex you because I will,” Jessilyn threatened. They stared each other down until Lily finally gave up.


“I honestly have no clue why you’re my best mate,” Lily muttered, searching through her trunk for her swim suit.


“Because you love me,” Jessilyn said cheekily.







The two girls slipped through the garden doors and padded across the wooden deck and through the garden. There, in a little clearing, was a sparkling clear lake. They found Sirius and Cara splashing around with no sign of James. Cara’s swim suit looked like it was missing pieces of material.


“Where’s James?” Jessilyn asked Sirius, her eyes hard. The question was unnecessary because at that moment Lily was lifted up bridal style and thrown into the lake. She resurfaced looking shocked as her attacker was no where to be seen.


“James, I know you’re great at the Disillusionment Charm but let’s not push Lily any farther,” Jessilyn called, twisting the truth just a bit while Sirius laughed. James walked out from behind a couple trees with an innocent expression.


“Whatever are you talking about?” 


“I can’t believe I’m spending a week here,” Lily muttered.


“Lighten up, Evans! It’ll be tons of fun,” Sirius winked.


“I’m sure,” Jessilyn muttered sarcastically.


“Oh, hey there, Lily,” Cara beamed. Lily stared at Cara as if she’d grown another head, clearly surprised by her hospitability.


“Your turn!” James sensed the tension and chose to break it by lifting Jessilyn up by the waist and throwing her in the lake…right at Sirius’s surprised face. There was a great splash and ruckus as they tried unsuccessfully to untangle themselves from each other with as little interaction as possible.


“That’s enough,” Cara snapped and yanked Jessilyn off of Sirius quite violently. Jessilyn glared angrily at James and he shot her a look that said ‘now we’re even’. She responded to that by sending him a look that said ‘we are far from even, you inconsiderate git!’ Which he responded with a shrug. 


“I’d like a private word if you will.” Cara indicated to Jessilyn.


“Well, I—I don’t—” Jessilyn stammered, looking trapped.


“It’ll only be a second,” Cara reassured her and Jessilyn gave in.  Cara led her into the woods out of ear-shot.


“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Jessilyn asked, glancing around uneasily.


“I know we haven’t really gotten along well,” she began. “Face it, we’ve had quite a history, usually involving Sirius. I mean, the duel on the train and you locking us in the room. But now, I understand everything. It’s alright, Kale. I get it.” Cara finished and looked sympathetically at her.


“Get what?” Jessilyn asked, dumbfounded.


“That you’re jealous of me!” Cara said simply. Jessilyn’s jaw dropped.


“Excuse me?” Jessilyn raised her eyebrows and her voice had an edge to it.


“You’re always trying to break us up and you have all these fits. You’re jealous,” Cara stated.


“I’m not the one who accused the other of having a thing with Sirius. And then if you remember, you hexed and tormented me, leading to why ‘we haven’t really gotten along well’! There’s also the fact that our friendship was more important to Sirius so he broke it off with you—leading to you getting all pissed! ”


“Exactly! I knew you had a thing for Sirius from the beginning and he was going out with me. You would have done the same thing!”


“I do not have a thing for Sirius and I wouldn’t torment someone just because I had a theory!”


“Oh, please! Everyone can see right through that little act! The evidence is all there. It’s because of you that he can’t date who he pleases. He’s always been too soft-hearted for the pitiful. You fancy him and you can’t bear it that he likes me and won’t ever like someone like you!”


“I don’t fancy him,” Jessilyn replied, her face like stone.


“Then you wouldn’t ever go out with him, right?”


“Right,” Jessilyn said slowly.


“Good. I’m so glad we sorted this out. We better get back to everyone else.” With that, Cara looped her arm through Jessilyn’s and walked back to where the others were with Jessilyn in tow.












That night, Jessilyn and Lily were sprawled across the floor, looking at magazines and chatting.


“What was with Smith? You guys seemed comfy,” Lily said, flipping through her Teen Witch magazine.


“Yeah, well, turn of events,” Jessilyn answered, trading her Teen Witch magazine in for Quidditch Weekly.


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know. Things are complicated.”


“Such as…”


“She accused me of being jealous.”






“Jessilyn, you know how much I don’t like the Marauders, right?” Lily said and Jessilyn nodded. “So you know how much it pains me to say this: I think you fancy Sirius Black.”


“I don’t! Why does everyone seem to think that?” Jessilyn said exasperatedly.


“Just think about it. You guys have so much in common and—”


“I don’t and never will fancy Sirius!” Jessilyn cried.


“Alright, alright,” Lily said, taken back.


“Sorry, it’s just it’s bad enough with Smith. I just…” Jessilyn tried to explain.


“I get it. Really,” Lily said earnestly and Jessilyn smiled.


“Thanks. You know, there’s the Potter’s Ball coming up. You’ve never gone to one and it’s quite formal. We should go shopping for dress robes and Christmas gifts tomorrow.”  


“Oh, right! I haven’t even gotten started on Christmas gifts,” Lily said, already trying to figure out what to get everyone.


“I’ll check with Mrs. Potter tomorrow. We should probably get to bed.”


“Right, goodnight, Lyn.” Lily picked herself up and gathered her stuff.


“Goodnight, Lils.” Jessilyn grinned and started to gather her things too.


As her bedroom door shut, Jessilyn turned the light off and crawled into bed. She couldn’t get Cara’s words out of her head. “You fancy him and you can’t bear it that he likes me and won’t ever like someone like you!” Shuddering, she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. A little voice in her head whispered, “you’re crazy about him…


Meanwhile, Sirius Black lay in bed…thinking about what he heard on his way to get a glass of water…












The next day they all went Christmas shopping. Everyone was so absorbed in their shopping that not much conversation took place. Jessilyn and Lily paired off in search of dress robes while Sirius, James, and Cara visited the joke shop much to Cara’s dismay.


Cara had sighed impatiently for the seventh time before James had had enough and shot Sirius a meaningful look.


“Cara, could I talk to you?” Sirius asked.


“Sure, what is it?”


“I’m not sure this is working out.”


“What? Sirius, you’re not breaking up with me, are you?”


“Well…I just think—”


“That we should just get a bit of space between us, right? I completely understand.”


“You do?”


“Of course! Listen, I have to get back home anyways. We’ll go to the Potter’s Ball together just as planned. I’ll see you then,” Cara said smoothly.


“What? Wait I think you misunderstood—” Sirius started to protest but Cara was already gone.


“How’d it go, mate?” James asked, coming up to him.


“I honestly don’t know what just happened,” Sirius replied.


“It seems that Cara just invited herself to the Potter’s Ball and made herself your date when you were going to dump her,” James said smartly.


“Ahh…well then, Prongs. I guess you’ll have to unfortunately forget to add her name to the guest list .”


“It seems so, Padfoot.”














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Chapter 11: What to Wear?
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Chapter 11: What to Wear?



Thousands of owls had littered the dark sky on Christmas Eve. Presents had been delivered and Christmas dinners had been held all over England. The jolliest time of the year, where there was laughter and smiles around every corner, was now. New Years was just around the corner. The Potters Ball was on everybody’s mind. It was probably the biggest event of the season. What to wear? What to bring? There was much preparation for such a fancy event—especially for Miss Cara Smith.


Endless hair, skin, and body products were strewn all around the counter in a large bathroom. Cara was fingering her wand as she sat facing the mirror. Her nose was buried in a book titled A Witch’s Guide to Beauty. A sudden knock made her head jerk up.


“What do you want?” she snapped at the little boy who had knocked. He gave a start and scampered away. Making a noise of annoyance she turned her attention back to the book.


“Don’t talk to your brother that way,” said a steely voice from the doorway. Cara’s features were similar to the woman who had spoken. Her blonde hair was piled on top of her head in a fashionable bun with a pen sticking out.


“Sorry, Vivian,” Cara muttered, not looking at her.


“Look at me when you’re speaking to me,” Vivian scolded.


“I’m sorry, mother,” Cara shot back, staring her in the eye.


“I’m not going to put up with that attitude.” Vivian narrowed her eyes dangerously. “And your skin is looking dry. It’s a miracle you’ve still got that boyfriend of yours.” Vivian scanned her daughter up and down and shook her head in disgust.


            “I—I’m working on it.” Cara faltered for a second but pulled herself together. They were not broken up. Over her dead body.


            “You certainly need to. Isn’t the ball just five days away?”


            “Yes. I’m doing my best.”


            “Hm. I’m taking Brock out. I’ll be back by nine this evening.”




Cara murmured “Good-bye” just as Vivian left, leaving behind the scent of her perfume.


Sirius read and reread the letter in his hand.



Me and Cara are over. I thought she changed and I was wrong—again. I know, I’m a git. But I make mistakes, we all do. I know I hurt you and I’m sorry… I’m hoping you can forgive me and trust me like that again. I know it’ll take some time. I’m willing to wait. Merry Christmas.






He was bad at writing apologies. Jessilyn had helped him compose a letter apologizing to his girlfriend in fourth year. It was very long, full of details and ‘I’m sorry’ s over and over. Very overdone and cheesy, Jessilyn had told him so. Tabby Elken, the girlfriend, had loved it. She’d shown the letter to all her friends and anyone who would see it. Sirius broke up with her shortly after.


The drawing on the back was the same, the two of them with flying motorcycles. He carefully folded the letter and put it inside an envelope. Then he gave that and the package that contained a pair of snow white gloves and a matching scarf with a shimmering black lining to his owl.



Her Christmas gift, handsome leather beater gloves, laid neatly on his bed along with his other presents. Remus had gotten him a quill that changed color while you wrote. Peter had gotten him a funny Muggle hair product called ‘mousse’... James gifted him with a large Muggle poster of girls in bikinis and a big bottle of Permanent Sticking Glue. Speaking of James…he wondered what James got Lily…








“Jessilyn! I don’t know what to do! It won’t shut up!” Lily squealed into her phone. It was times like these that she was glad she had given Jessilyn a cell phone for her birthday.


“Drown it.” Came her best friend’s reply.


“Drown it?” Lily said disbelievingly. 


“Yes,” Jessilyn insisted.




“Think about it. Doesn’t it seem reasonable?” Jessilyn asked.


“Well…I…yes, I suppose it does,” Lily admitted.


Someone sent her a shrill singing Christmas card that couldn’t be destroyed. She tried cutting, shredding, ripping, crumbling, even setting it on fire. Nothing worked. The card only repaired itself and sang louder and shriller than before. Why didn’t she think of drowning it? Jessilyn’s logic sometimes amazed her.


“So, any other problems?” Jessilyn asked.


“Err…no, I think the fairies disappeared,” Lily replied. Jessilyn chuckled. Oh yeah, did she mention the thousands of fairies or pixies or whatever that had exploded out of the envelope and filled her entire room. They spelt out a message: Dear Evans, Merry Christmas!


“They’re not real fairies, Lily,” Jessilyn said earnestly.


“Right,” Lily said faintly. “I’ve got to go…drown the card…”


“Have fun!” Jessilyn said cheerfully.


“Not as much fun as I’ll have ripping Potter’s head off,” Lily responded, the opposite of cheerful. She hung up to Jessilyn’s tinkling laughter. That girl could find humor in everything.






“Prongs, there’s ruffles on that,” Sirius stated, looked revolted.


“I know that,” James said, studying himself in the body length mirror. What he was wearing did indeed have ruffles. It was very fancy and a yellowish color.


“It makes Snape look lovely,” Sirius said. James frowned.


“It’s that bad?”


“That bad,” Sirius confirmed. James sighed and started looking through the rack.


“How about something…green? It’ll match dear old Evan’s eyes.” Sirius held up elegant emerald colored dress robes.


“You’re a genius, Padfoot!” James exclaimed, looking delighted.


“I do have an eye for color.”


“So, what do yours look like?”


“They’re dark blue. No ruffles,” Sirius described.


“Good choice.”




















Lily,” Jessilyn said sternly. Lily sighed and flopped back on Jessilyn’s bed. After their search of dresses proved fruitless, Jessilyn had dragged Lily back to her house and insisted she borrow the gold gown Jessilyn was going to wear originally.


“I can’t borrow something that cost—” Lily tried to read the price tag but with one quick movement, Jessilyn tugged it off and ripped it into pieces.


“It was made for you, Lily.”


“But, it’s gold.”


“Exactly!” Jessilyn squealed.


“She’s right,” Came a voice from the doorway. Both girls screamed excitingly dashed toward the door.


“Britney! Helena! You guys are finally here!” the girls overwhelmed Britney and Helena with hugs.


“Uh huh. And we say the gold one,” Helena said, grabbing the other simple black dress and tossing it carelessly on the bed .


“Really? What do you think Brit? Not too much?” Lily asked uncertainly.


“It’s perfect!” Britney grabbed the gold dress and shoved it at her. Lily grimaced but changed into it nevertheless.


“What?” she asked, looking self-consciously into the mirror when three pairs of eyes gaped at her. “I told you! It looks horrible, I know.” Lily started to unzip it.


“No!” Britney shouted, looking horrified.


            “Lily. It’s perfect,” Jessilyn said solemnly.


“You think?” Lily bit her lip. She’d never tried gold before…it’d always seem too…bold.


“I know.” 


“Okay.” A goofy smile suddenly lit up Lily’s face as she giggled and twirled, causing the dress to fan out around her. Come to think of it, Lily had always wanted to wear gold. It made her feel like a princess.


“Well? What are you guys wearing?” Jessilyn asked her other two friends.


“This!” Helena pulled a garment bag out of her charmed purse and unzipped it to reveal a sleeveless red bubble dress. Her friends oohhed and ahhed over it as Helena signed blissfully over her perfect dress.


“Well, Brit, what about you?” Lily asked. Britney blushed before pulling out a garment bag. It was a strappy, lilac, floral patterned dress.


“Oh! It’ll look amazing!” Jessilyn said and Britney blushed again.


“If I’m wearing the dress you bought, then what’re you going to wear?” Lily asked Jessilyn, looking concerned and guilty.


“Hmm…we’ll have to wait and see,” Jessilyn said mysteriously.


“What do you mean?” Helena demanded.


“I don’t know what I’m wearing yet,” Jessilyn explained.


“But the ball is tomorrow!” Lily exclaimed, looking flabbergasted.


“I know. My mum said she bought me a dress in France that she really wanted me to wear…except it’s not here yet. It’s suppose to arrive the day of the ball actually.”


“But…what if it doesn’t get here in time?” Lily asked.


“Then she has a million back-ups.” Helena pulled open Jessilyn’s closet door to reveal rows and rows of dresses.


“I can’t believe it but I think your closet got bigger!” Britney exclaimed.


“I have a billion benefits and launch parties to go to during the summer…” Jessilyn said, looking uncomfortable.


“I always forget your mum is the editor of Witch à la Mode.”


“Uh huh, well, we’ve got exactly twenty four hours until the ball and we’ve got work to do.”


And with that, the four girls started preparing for the night of their lives tomorrow.






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