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Lust is my Sin by Zacharias_Smith

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,909

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Snape, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/27/2007
Last Chapter: 07/28/2007
Last Updated: 07/28/2007

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All three of them were beautiful, all in very different ways ... Yes, any one of them would be worth the effort.

How Rodolphus Lestrange became a Death Eater and how he came to marry Bellatrix Black.

Chapter 1: Lust is my Sin
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Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate,
Hate of my sin, grounded on sinful loving,
O, but with mine, compare thou thine own state,
And thou shalt find it merits not reproving,
Or if it do, not from those lips of thine
That have profaned their scarlet ornaments
And sealed false bonds of love as oft as mine,
Robbed others' beds' revenues of their rents.
Be it lawful I love thee as thou lov'st those
Whom thine eyes woo as mine importune thee.
Root pity in thy heart, that when it grows
Thy pity may deserve to pitied be.
If thou dost seek to have what thou dost hide,
By self-example mayst thou be denied!

Sonnet 142, William Shakespeare.

All three of them were beautiful, all in very different ways. Andromeda - so natural, a classic beauty, with her wavy chestnut hair and calm smile. Narcissa - the purest silvery hair and porcelain features, so graceful and innocent. And Bellatrix - coal black hair and piercing eyes, fierce and above all, indescribably sexy. Yes, any one of them would be worth the effort.

He tucked the picture back into the drawer by the bed and turned over to look at the girl beside him. Dorothea Parkinson. She wasn't beautiful, that was certain. She was plain, really, with a pug-like face and mousy brown hair. She was slim and shapely - that was all that could be said in her favour. But she wasn't a great conquest, or particularly interesting to find lying beside you at three in the morning.

He nudged her rather roughly. She snorted unattractively and opened her eyes.

'Is it morning?' she asked groggily.

'No,' said Rodolphus. He stroked her naked form under the covers.

'What is it?' said Dorothea, looking a little worried. 'Is it my husband?'

Rodolphus sighed, but moved closer to her, fondling her breasts and entwining his legs in hers.

'No, of course not,' he said. 'He won't be home for another few hours and he won't be coming here even when he does. I just wanted to spend time with you before that.'

'Oh,' said Dorothea, placated. She began to respond to his touch inexpertly. She was inexperienced, only married a couple of weeks. Rodolphus might have felt guilty about this -- he dimly realised that he should - but he didn't truly care. She had wanted him, it had been her choice. She would never even have considered doing this if he hadn't advanced upon her, but she certainly hadn't refused when he did. And it wasn't his responsibility to worry about how her husband might feel if he ever found out.


He didn't sleep properly afterwards, but drifted into a half dream about blood and Dark Magic and the Black sisters. Coming back into full consciousness at around seven o'clock, he reflected angrily that he should stop spending time with wizards who were so hell-bent on war and uprising. He wasn't necessarily opposed to their cause, but when their enthusiastic sermons on the so-called Dark Lord transfered to his unconscious as gory dreams, he decided it was quite enough.

He got up and dressed in brand new, navy robes. His mirror reflected a young man content with himself, particularly with his body. His chin was chiseled and his hair dark and slightly curled - a boyish touch that improved his masculine looks. He was pleased with himself. He shouted at Dorothea to wake up and leave.

'Go home to your husband,' he commanded, fixing his hair in the mirror. 'You don't want him to come home and find you missing. I don't particularly want the bother of it, anyway.'

Dorothea got slowly out of bed and began to dress. Her hair was a mess and not a little greasy. Rodolphus wanted her out as soon as possible. But she was stalling, he knew that deliberate slowness in putting her bra on too well - not just from her.

'I don't know if I care,' she said. 'He can't control me. He doesn't own me. Wouldn't you like to have breakfast together?'

'No,' Rodolphus said shortly, picking up her robes and throwing them to her. 'I have a lot to do.'

She sighed but dressed and combed her hair obediently.

The truth was, of course, that Rodolphus did not have a lot to do at all. He did have a job, as a barman at the Hog's Head, but he worked only evenings there, and consequently had completely free and leisurely daytimes.

After he had walked Dorothea silently to the Apparition spot outside the building, he whiled away a couple of hours reading the Prophet and smoking Muggle-made cigarettes, for which he held a guilty love.

At around nine o'clock, he left the flat to call on Lucius Malfoy. It was a Saturday and Lucius would probably be at home and certainly would be awake at this time. Lucius slept little these days, being so wholly absorbed in "business matters".

The mansion was cold and imposing in the morning sunlight. Rodolphus disliked its empty vast grandeur somewhat. But he knew that it reflected his friend's tastes perfectly and liked the spacious grounds.

When he knocked on the oak door, Lucius himself, rather than the house-elf, answered.

'Rodolphus,' he said with a thin smile, 'I'm glad to see you. Have you had breakfast yet?'

'I've already had breakfast, but I could do with another coffee or two,' said Rodolphus, grinning and sitting down on a chair near the window. 'Mind if I smoke?'

Lucius looked dubiously at him.

'You and your Muggle connections,' he said darkly. 'It's unwise, you know, to buy off them. But go ahead.'

Rodolphus lit up, conjuring an ashtray, which he placed on the arm of his chair. Lucius handed him a black coffee, one sugar, as usual, and sat opposite him. His blonde hair was slightly damp and his pale face looked shiny and scrubbed. He was donning fine, expertly made black and green robes.

'Who are you trying to impress?' Rodolphus asked, smirking. Lucius looked defensive for only a second, then said openly:

'Well, as you know, I have been pursuing Narcissa Black for a while now. I think a marriage between the Malfoy and Black families is a very good idea, especially in these times. It shows unity, it would be empowering to all of us.'

Rodolphus raised an eyebrow.

'But that's not it,' Lucius said quickly. 'Of course it isn't. Narcissa is - well, you've seen her yourself. She is stunning, absolutely perfect. She is everything one could hope for in a wife. I -' He looked measuredly at Rodolphus, then his face softened. 'I love her. Truly, I do. I would not speak so openly to anyone else about this, Rodolphus.'

'I'm flattered,' Rodolphus said, taking in the vulnerable look on the normally immaculately composed face. Lucius was in love - Rodolphus was close to being touched, but slightly closer to being amused. 'I presume you'll have to marry her before you allow yourself to - erm - enjoy your love for her.'

Lucius' face returned to its imperious normality.

'I am not you, my friend,' he said. 'Of course I'll marry her. Well, that is the plan, at least. Tonight there is going to be a gathering at Goyle's. Just us, you know. And I am going to invite her. There, I hope to take her aside, for a walk perhaps, and speak freely to her.'

Rodolphus nodded and smiled. 'Will I be invited then?' he asked wryly. 'Seeing as it's just "us". I presume you mean...'

'Those loyal to the cause,' Lucius interrupted. His eyes glowed as the subject most dear to him arose. Rodolphus regretted mentioning it. 'It's good to build up relations, strong connections between us. It'll just be a low-key affair, of course, but we are gradually needing to be less and less low-key. Times are changing rapidly. We need not hide in the shadows much longer. I do wish you would be more active, though, Rodolphus. I am fully aware that you are no enemy to our cause. But what's the use of passive agreement? We need active support, people to fight, do something. You're wasted, working at that seedy bar and fraternizing with black market dealers and whores. You should be using your talents, making a difference.'

'Yes, well...' Rodolphus trailed off. He had never deemed that Lucius and his "business" friends had much fun, living for their master. Perhaps he was mistaken, of course, but he rather liked being a free agent. He answered to no one important and did what he enjoyed. Why change that?

'Maybe one day,' he said. 'But I don't know if I'm prepared to be - erm - active yet. Just get back to me in a couple of months, maybe things will have changed then. Who knows?'

Rodolphus passed another hour with Lucius, then his friend was ready to pay Narcissa a visit to invite her to Goyle's house that night. Rodolphus returned home and passed the time listening to the Wizarding Wireless and absentmindedly practicing his Summoning Charm with the picture of the three Black sisters.


The Hog's Head was busy that night, with a large party of Warlocks gathering there and a number of black market traders were lurking in the shadows. Rodolphus was friendly with all of them. He liked working at the ill-reputed pub. He knew that the job was a little below what the Lestrange family might have expected from him and that soon he would have to explore more respectable career options, but for now, he enjoyed it immensely and conversed wholeheartedly with every client.

Near closing time, when the bar was still nowhere near emptying, Rodolphus looked up from pouring a Butterbeer to see his brother sitting on the other side of the bar, cloaked and hooded.

'Rabastan,' said Rodolphus, only mildly surprised to see him there. His brother visited quite frequently, but he had assumed that he would be at Goyle's that night.

'Hello, Rod,' said Rabastan, not removing his hood. He wasn't as handsome as Rodolphus - that was commonly agreed. He was bulkier, with less refined features and more unruly hair. His small eyes looked fixedly at Rodolphus.

'Thought you'd be at Goyle's,' said Rodolphus, automatically pouring his brother a double firewhiskey. 'You're inseparable from them these days.'

'I've just come from there, actually,' said Rabastan. 'Come to get you. Once you've finished work, you're invited to come along.'

He gave Rodolphus a dark smile. Rabastan did not approve of Rodolphus' life. He had always been the more serious, dedicated brother.

'I'll be finished soon,' said Rodolphus. 'Anybody interesting there?'

'Everybody worth knowing,' Rabastan said quietly. He was rubbing his left forearm with a sensual tenderness that Rodolphus would have reserved for a particularly beautiful woman. Rodolphus was about to ask if there would be any interesting females amongst those "worth knowing", when he noticed a head of shimmering chestnut hair move at the other end of the bar.

'Back in a second,' he said, walking swiftly towards the figure, who had sat alone at the bar. 'Andromeda Black, never thought I'd see you here again.'

'That's not my name,' she said rather coldly. Her lips were full and heart-shaped, her nose small and slightly upturned and her eyes heavily lidded.. Underneath her deep red robes, her body curved like an hourglass - a perfect, Eve-like form.

'I heard you got married,' said Rodolphhus dismissively. 'I suppose you're blasted off the family tree?'

She bit her lip.

'Yes,' she said, still in icy tones. 'I'm disowned. I never existed. My cousin is about the only one who'll still speak to me now.'

'Sirius?' said Rodolphus. 'Well, he's a little blood traitor too, so I hear.'

'Have you joined them yet?' Andromeda asked bluntly.

'No,' said Rodolphus, 'I haven't gotten too involved. Not yet anyway.'

She scowled.

'But what in Merlin's name are you doing here?' Rodolphus asked. He genuinely couldn't understand why Andromeda would show up in the Hog's Head, where she might bump into any of her enemies.

'Actually, I came to see you,' she said flatly. 'I haven't seen many wizards lately, I've been lying low. I suppose I got lonely. I wanted to know if you were involved with him. I wanted to see if any old friends might consider still speaking to me.'

'Haven't you got new friends, amongst the Mudbloods and Dumbledore's pawns?' Rodolphus said scathingly. She was insufferably good. She always had been and it was slightly sickening. But it also made the idea of possessing her even more tantalizing.

'Not really. I think it will take time. I don't want to be too involved on either side,' she said. 'It's too dangerous. I'm no warrior.'

'Well, I suppose that's best,' said Rodolphus. 'Lie low with your Mudblood. But you must get pretty bored. You must be frustrated, or you wouldn't have come.'

'Frustrated?' Andromeda frowned warily. Rodolphus leaned over the bar and took in her irresistible scent of flowers and nutmeg.

'He can't give you what you want,' he said softly. 'I don't blame you at all. You need somebody else, someone who...'

She jerked away. She was self-righteously offended.

'How dare you, Rodolphus?' she said, biting her lip, inadvertently seductive in her indignation. 'I came for companionship, someone to talk to. I love Ted, or I wouldn't even have considered losing my whole life for him. We've known each other since school, I thought you'd understand!'

Rodolphus couldn't help smirking. Of course he understood, better than she did herself, perhaps. But she wasn't ready to admit it. She was regretting her foolish, rebellious elopement already. How could that pathetic Muggle born, Ted Tonks, satisfy a high-born witch like Andromeda Black? Andromeda would never have risked her life just to rekindle a barely existent friendship. He had just advanced too quickly.

She walked out of the bar without another word. Rabastan had been watching in muted disgust.

'Stay away from filth like her,' he said warningly. Rodolphus shook his head with a smile.

'She means nothing to me,' he said. 'She's just wanted me for a long time, I guess. She can't help herself. And I won't say no, of course, when she gives in to herself. She's way above the ordinary sluts that fall about drunk at my feet.'

Rabastan looked like he'd just swallowed stink sap, but said nothing.


Goyle's house was large and old, in the tradition of an ancient Pureblood family. The gardens almost rivaled those of Lucius' mansion in size and beauty. It did not look like the home of such an ugly fool as Goyle, who was nothing but a mindless thug in Rodolphus' eyes. Goyle did like to entertain guests with drunken, unruly parties at his house, and had done ever since school.

This party was not exactly how Rodolphus had remembered the teenage gatherings, however. Everybody was indoors, even though the night was starry and warm. People were congregated in the roomy basement.

A central group of people - including Macnair, Nott, Avery and Goyle - were sitting standing together, discussing something animatedly. Several times, Rodolphus heard the words 'Dark Lord' chime out above the rest.

Rodolphus joined Lucius, who was sitting on the outskirts of the group, alone, leaving Rabastan to join Severus Snape in a corner of the basement.

'Ah, you came,' said Lucius. He looked pensive.

'Couldn't resist the free drinks,' said Rodolphus, summoning a firewhiskey from a table in the centre of the large basement. 'Is Narcissa here?'

'Yes,' said Lucius. 'She just arrived. She's up in the bathroom with her sister. Rodolphus - ' he hesitated, pursing his lips.

'Hm?' said Rodolphus.

'Do you think you could speak to her first? I have heard rumours since this morning about Narcissa. She is apprehensive - her sister told me. She cares for me, as I knew she did, but all of this - ' Lucius motioned around the room - 'makes her nervous. She's like you, not an enemy to our cause, but not directly a servant of the Dark Lord. So I thought you could ease her mind...Make her feel that there is nothing dangerous about becoming my wife. You are charming enough, you have away with women. I do not mean to you seduce her - ' he smiled knowingly - 'but just relax her about all this a bit. Show her you have faith in us and our work, even though you're not necessarily involved.'

Rodolphus took in Lucius slowly. He was actually anxious about the whole matter. He was reaching out for a kind helping hand from an old friend.

'Of course I will have a word with Miss Black,' Rodolphus said. 'I'll catch her before she comes down here.'

He got up and made to leave, but felt Lucius' hand on his arm.

'You know,' said Lucius, 'you don't have to be an outsider forever. I know we have spoken about this already, but tomorrow night I will be visiting the Dark Lord personally, and anybody willing and loyal enough would be welcome to - sign up, so to speak, tonight, to come along tomorrow.'

'Not now, Lucius,' said Rodolphus calmly, pulling away. It was becoming uncomfortable now. He climbed the stairs to the more brightly lit entrance hall. The two other Black sisters had just appeared from a door to the left. Bellatrix was hooded and he could not see her face, only a flash of deepest red lips which quickly vanished into shadow. She passed by him as though unseeing and walked straight down the stairs to the others. But Narcissa was more hesitant and caught his eye as she began to pass him.

'Are you leaving?' she asked. There was none of Andromeda's self-righteous defiance in her voice or face. She was unimaginable. His wildest dreams could not have conjured such an immaculate, swan like woman. Her silver hair collapsed over her shoulders like a fountain, her skin was the colour and texture of white rose petals. Even as Rodolphus took in that pure beauty, which he had never had the opportunity to see up close before except in pictures, he thought irresistibly of defiling it. He wanted to ruin that innocence and purity, throw the straight hair into disarray, bite and touch and own the white skin.

'I'm not leaving,' he said smoothly. 'Actually, I came to speak to you. You know who I am?'

'Lestrange, isn't it? You're a friend of Lucius?' Her voice was clear as water. He took her arm in what he hoped was a chivalrous manner.

'Rodolphus, please,' he said, leading her out of the house. 'Shall we walk around the garden?'

'If you like,' said Narcissa.

The air outside was fresh and warm, and he led her at a slow stroll around the path that encircled the garden.

'Why did Lucius send you to speak to me?' Narcissa asked, after a minute of silence.

'So you guessed,' said Rodolphus.

'I know my sister spoke to him today,' said Narcissa. 'She told him about my fears and doubts. She is trying to trick me into her. She thinks Lucius will convince me, that he'll have more luck than her. Because I love him. It seems Lucius thought that you would fare better.'

'Lucius thought someone who doesn't actually wear the Mark might have more influence,' said Rodolphus.

'Oh,' she said quietly, 'I see. So you're not working for him?'

'No,' said Rodolphus. Then the usual lines began to spill automatically, as he stopped walking and turned to face her. 'And I can help you, Narcissa. There's no need to be scared of everything that's happening. There are people who can protect you, guide you. I can do that.'

His hand touched her pale cheek and he moved closer. Her eyes glistened, wide with surprise and that familiar look of preparation to give herself up to him.

'You don't need to worry,' he whispered. 'I know you don't know me, but you can trust me. I want to help you.'

'I - I should probably go in,' she said, her clear voice faltering. 'Lucius might be waiting for me.'

They were blocked from view of the house by a far-reaching willow tree. He leaned closer, so that he could feel her breath on his face. She pulled away, but her eyes were soft.

'I am just so scared,' she said. 'There are so many deaths. I know what they do. Doesn't it frighten you?'

Rodolphus paused, contemplating this. It didn't. He disliked it interfering with his own life, but he did not seriously feel scared of what was happening. But he had to be tactful.

'Yes, it's frightening,' he said. 'We need to stick close to each other these days, protect each other, from all the hatred and violence.'

She bent her head, shaking it slightly. Strands of shining blonde hair fell over her face. Rodolphus seized the opportunity. He pushed some hair back behind her ears, allowing his fingers to rest on her neck, stroking the soft skin. She shuddered.

'Lucius...' she breathed. 'I don't even know you, Rodolphus.'

Rodolphus was seized by another idea. He would have her, a helpless nymph in his hands. It was as easy as it always was. He would give nothing of himself and take all he could of her, taint another innocent body while he remained, in his view, unchanged. It would be as easy with Narcissa Black as with those countless others like Dorothea Parkinson. The only difference was that she was significantly more beautiful than the average conquest.

Lucius did not even cross his mind. He was a good friend, but so were the husbands and lovers of many others.

'You don't know me?' he said. 'I can show you what's important to know about me, I can make you trust me.'

He pulled up his sleeve with a melodramatic gesture and raised his arm in front of her face.

'I'm clean,' he said simply, but with a dash of the passion that he knew had proved irresistible in the past.

Narcissa's fingers played along his arm. She let out an audible sigh of surrender.

'I don't know what to do,' she said tearfully.

'I do.' Rodolphus pressed against her and lowered his lips to hers.

'Lestrange!' A cold, commanding voice rang out from behind him. He broke away from Narcissa, who gasped and covered her face with her hands. Rodolphus turned around to see a cloaked figure leaning against the tree.

He felt, rather than saw, Narcissa run past him, back towards the house.

'She's a stupid girl,' said the dark figure, unmoving. 'Confused and naive, but she's got the Black blood in her. She'll turn out right in the end.'

It was a woman's voice, with an icy, high-pitched tone. Rodolphus knew who it was.

'What are you doing out here, Bellatrix?' he said. 'You're the third Black sister I have had the pleasure of speaking with today.'

Bellatrix snorted, still leaning against the tree, in a pose that was masculine and confrontational in its mock casualness.

'There are only two of us,' she said, a sneer apparent in her voice. 'So I don't know what you're talking about.'

Rodolphus had rarely spoken to Bellatrix Black before. She was elusive, mysterious, unlike Andromeda. He had only ever guessed at what she might be from pictures and passing her by in corridors at Hogwarts.

'Ah,' he said. 'I understand.'

'Do you?' she jolted out of her position and was suddenly right in front of him. She pulled his bare arm into her cold, long fingers. 'We need to stick close to each other...protect each other from all the hate and violence! You don't believe any of that shit, do you? I'm clean. You're a coward, more like.'

Her fingernails dug into his arm deliberately, then she let go. He could see her face now. She was pale, her skin translucent in the moonlight. Her eyes were heavily lidded, like Andromeda's, but this was where their similarities ended. Her dark eyes had a fierce clarity that he had never seen before. Her nose was prominent, but this gave her a proud, aristocratic look. Her lips were painted crimson and contrasted dazzlingly with her raven hair and black robes. She was almost as tall as he was, which surprised him, and it meant that her wild eyes looked straight into his. She did not have to look up into his eyes like most women did.

'Don't presume things about me,' Rodolphus said carefully. 'I say what I want, to whomever I want.'

'Not to my sister,' Bellatrix hissed. Her eyes burned into his. 'She's marrying Malfoy. You aren't good enough for her. Perhaps you would do well to be more like your brother. I don't even know what you're doing here. You've never shown any true loyalty to the Dark Lord.'

'How would you know that?' Rodolphus said, his blood heating rapidly.

'You're clean aren't you?' Bellatrix said, her face contorting in disgust. 'Your type makes me sick. You're too scared to do anything useful. Too lazy to bother. Just stay away.'

She turned around and stormed back to the house. Rodolphus only waited a moment before following her, though at a slightly slower pace. When he reached the door to the house, he met Lucius, who was leading Narcissa outside. The girl looked worried and guilty. Lucius gave Rodolphus a questioning glance, which he did not return.

He returned to the basement, but Bellatrix was not there. Downing two drinks rapidly, Rodolphus left and walked up to the ground floor. She was nowhere to be found there, so he ascended the stairs to the first, then second floors. He was determined to find her. There was nobody else quite as interesting around.

He found her on a balcony off a small bedroom on the second floor. She was alone.

'You want to fuck me, do you?' she said. She hadn't turned around, but was facing the garden, leaning over the balcony. Rodolphus walked through the open doors and stood beside her.

'I never said that,' he said.

'But you followed me,' said Bellatrix.

'Mind if I smoke?' asked Rodolphus, taking out his cigarettes. Bellatrix let out a bark of a laugh.

'Why should I care?' she said. Rodolphus gazed at her closely again. He wasn't sure how to speak to her. None of his usual lines seemed as though they would work on Bellatrix Black.

Without warning, she drew her wand, and he was about to draw his own, ready for a duel of some sort, when she conjured two large glasses brimful of firewhiskey.

'Drink,' she said commandingly. He took it and sipped it wordlessly. Rodolphus was well able to handle his drink - he prided himself about it - but he was shocked to see Bellatrix chug almost the entire glass of powerful spirit in one.

'So you didn't mind my coming up here to fuck you?' he said, unable to come up with anything else to say. It didn't seem as though she wanted to get rid of him, at least.

'I didn't mind your coming coming up here,' she said, laughing harshly again. She paused, as though thinking hard, and wiped her hand across her mouth, dragging a thick smudge of red lipstick over her face. 'You can't have my sister. You're not going to defile her, as I'm sure you have done to plenty of other women. I've heard about you. You shouldn't be allowed around innocent girls.'

Rodolphus couldn't help laughing at this. His reputation preceded him.

'So why are you allowing me near you, then?' he said. 'I guess that's not really a problem.'

'No,' she said, her chin jutting imperiously, 'there's no problem there. But don't think that I'd have you. You're worthless to me. The Dark Lord does not recognize you so neither do I.'

She was irresistible. The smudged lipstick simply added to the affect of pure, vicious sexuality that radiated from her. Her hips didn't curve like Andromeda's, her form wasn't slight and girlish like Narcissa's. She was straight-backed and skinny, but this suddenly seemed much better to Rodolphus. Her dress was ill-fitting around her chest and she wasn't wearing a bra. Rodolphus could feel a constriction in his chest and his whole body was burning. He had to have her, there was no question about it, nothing else was important.

'Don't worry, Bellatrix,' he said, moving closer to her, exhaling cigarette smoke in her face and inhaling her powerful smell of firewhiskey. 'I'm as pureblood as you are, you're no better than me.'

She kissed him. It felt as though he had been hit by a Stunning Spell, and his fiery blood rushed like a waterfall in reverse to his head. Then she bit his bottom lip unmercifully and pulled away. He could feel the metallic taste of blood in his mouth but he grabbed her arm as she turned to walk away.

'Let go, coward,' she hissed.

'What do you want?' Rodolphus said. He couldn't let her go now. He had never failed before and she was not going to be an exception - particularly not her.

Bellatrix wrenched her arm out of his grasp.

'What do I want?' she said, her eyes glittering dangerously. 'You're clean, right?' She pulled up her sleeve and threw out her left forearm, mimicking his earlier move. The Mark was illuminated by moonlight against the chalk white skin. 'I want you to be dirty.'


Lucius looked composed and arrogant. Back to his usual self, then. Narcissa had said yes. Rodolphus couldn't have cared less. He stroke through the crowd of increasingly drunk people and pulled Lucius into a corner.

Rodolphus was not thinking. There was nothing to think about

'What is it?' said Lucius.

'Take me with you tomorrow,' said Rodolphus.

Lucius looked warily at him.

'You've changed your mind? What's happened?'

'Nothing,' said Rodolphus. 'I just want to do it. No questions. I'm coming to see him with you.'

Lucius nodded. He said nothing.


She was waiting for him afterwards, on the wall outside his building. How she had found out where he lived, he did not question. She wore a short, black dress with ripped stockings.

He said nothing, but pulled her legs apart and stood between them kissing her forcefully, biting her lip almost as hard as she had done to him last night.

'Don't you want to go inside?' she said, as he released her.

In his bedroom, he lay on the bed immediately. She hesitated, standing beside him.

'Don't you feel better now?' she said. 'You're his now.'

No I'm not, Rodolphus thought. I'm yours. But he did not say it. His arm burned like ice might burn if it could take light. There was a small hole in the depths of his stomach, which seemed to be sucking out a part of him. But his blood was burning still with something that consumed him more fully, shadowing the other feelings. He was entombed in lust, unadulterated desire.

She pulled off her tattered stockings and sat over him, legs on either side of him. She moved very slightly, back and forth, as though it was just an extension of her breathing. He scratched her thighs and pulled her into a fierce kiss, ripping her dress off as he did. She was completely naked underneath.

She undressed him with a relish that sent his mind into disarray. His thoughts were dissolving completely, as he bit, kissed, sucked, scratched her body. There was only one thought left in his mind - that he had her, he had Bellatrix Black. And somewhere, dissolving into sweat and blood as she kissed his left arm with wild lips, the thought that she had him too.