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Love So Powerful by 2525yasmin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 8,897
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 07/20/2007
Last Chapter: 11/03/2007
Last Updated: 11/22/2008


All the credit goes to ciararose for this TOTALLY AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL Banner!!! Thank You So Much!!!! Can love protect something so precous to you and yet you, yourself can't protect it? Can love be so powerful that it can save the unborn from death? Find out all these answers in my new story Love so Powerful. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Chapter One: The Unknowing Love
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A/N: Hey!! Thanks for reading!! This story also does not follow the series it is of my own creation!! YAY!! =]]

The Room of Requirement had so willing given Harry and Ginny the perfect place; the perfect place where no one would find them. When Harry and Ginny came running hand in hand up the corridor they didn’t realize where they were at the moment. Harry gently pushed Ginny against the wall beside where the Room of Requirement’s door materialized out nothing and kissed her. When they reluctantly pulled away from each other slightly out of breath they finally noticed where they were and what they had been wanting. They looked up and down the corridor to make sure it was clear and then Harry led Ginny across the threshold. They looked around the room it was no bigger than their dormitories upstairs. It was darkened with only candles to supply light. There before them was a bed just like the beds in any other dormitory, but this one was special because Hogwarts had offered it to them for this. Ginny turned toward Harry and slowly walked backwards toward the bed pulling Harry along with her. With her other hand she was very carefully unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom, up. By the time they reached the bed they both were done to nothing, but their undergarments. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny and kissed her again unbuckling her bra as he did.

The next morning in the Great Hall Ron and Hermione hadn’t seen Harry and Ginny since the night before when they said they were going to the library to get some extra studying in before their N.E.W.T.s. While Ron was wolfing down his fried egg Hermione looked up from her Daily Prophet to see Harry and Ginny walk into the Great Hall hand in hand and walking toward Ron and Hermione. Dumbledore who was sitting at the head table was watching them come in over his half moon spectacles. He watched them sit down then he went back to his conversation with McGonagall. Harry and Ginny started to fill their plates when Ron asked after washing down his breakfast with the rest of his pumpkin juice. “Hey, guys when did you come back last night I didn’t hear come in Harry?”
“Oh it was really late Ron you wouldn’t have heard us anyway.” answered Ginny before putting her folk in her mouth.
“Yeah, neither would you have heard Ginny, Hermione.” Harry said to Hermione as she folded up her paper and slipped it into her bag at her feet. When they were all finished they all made their way to their classes. Before Ginny went off to Herbology and Harry to Transfiguration, the two of them kissed long and hard. “There I think that should tie you over until we see each other again.” Ginny said after breaking their kiss with a smile on her face.
“I don’t know…I don’t think I want to leave you.” replied Harry as Ginny tried to pull away to head to class Harry gripped tighter.
“Harry, I’ll be late…” Harry finally loosened his grip only letting her slip out of his hand after a little pulling. She smiled as she headed up the corridor and he smiled back. Harry just barely made it to class before the bell rang. He sat down and opened his book as instructed on Professor McGonagall’s board.
Ron leaned over to Harry’s ear and whispered, “Harry, where were you? You were almost late. Well Hermione was the one worried about that one she just asked me to tell you.”
“Harry leaned over and replied, “With Ginny.” Then McGonagall glared at the two of them so they pushed their noses back down into their books. Later the four of them met up again at lunch.
“I don’t feel very well maybe I shouldn’t eat anything. My head is just killing me and my stomach is all in knots.” Ginny said rubbing her throbbing head.
“Maybe you should go up and see Madam Pomfrey, Ginny you don’t look so good.” Hermione suggested. “I’ll even have Ron go and tell McGonagall what you’re doing to get you excused from your classes and I’ll walk you up stairs.” Hermione added.
“Ok thank you that sounds good.” Ginny winced as another pound from her head came and went.
“I’ll be up to check on you Ginny after my classes are over, ok?” Harry said helping Ginny get off her seat and standing good before letting go of her. He kissed her rosy cheek and said in her ear, “Get well Ginny, I love you so much I hate to see you in this much pain.” Ginny smiled weakly and kissed Harry on his cheek before leaving with Hermione. As they left Dumbledore watched them as if making note of where they were going as to follow them later.

After Ginny had been in the Hospital Wing for a week she was finally released saying she just had a harsh case of the Flu. One night Ginny was asleep in Harry’s lap as he stroked her forehead by the fire, he heard a House Elf come into the room. The House Elf trudged over to Harry and Ginny and handed Harry a note written in Dumbledore’s slanting scrawl. Ginny awoke when she heard the rustling of the parchment.

Harry and Ginny,

Please come to my office immediately.

~Professor Dumbledore

P.S. I like Chocolate Truffles

Harry and Ginny looked to one another then stood up and marched out of the portrait hole and headed to Dumbledore’s office. As they walked down the corridors the moon shown in through the windows, a few lone birds were flying around in the sky. When they reached the gargoyle that led to Dumbledore’s office Harry said, “Chocolate truffles.” The gargoyle sprang to life and jumped aside letting Harry and Ginny walk up the stone steps. They knocked on the solid oak doors and heard from inside, Dumbledore say, “Come in.” They pushed open the door and saw Dumbledore gesture for them to sit down opposite him. They walked over to their seats with Dumbledore watching every move they made. They sat in silence for long time before Ginny broke the silence, “Uh… You asked to us come immediately. What was so important that it couldn’t wait until the morning?” Harry and Ginny were holding hands across their arms of their chairs and Dumbledore seemed to be studying them very closely.
Without even looking up he began to talk without even such as a preamble. “You will need to guard Ginny with your life, Harry. She is vulnerable now, more then ever.” Dumbledore’s gaze was now moving from Harry’s face to Ginny’s without any kind of emotion to help Harry and Ginny decipher his meaning. “You already know that Voldemort will do everything in his power to hurt Ginny or even worse…” Ginny shuttered and Harry stood up and walked to her chair and pulled her up and sat down with her in his lap his arms wrapped tightly around her. “Also that baby…” His sentenced trailed off as Harry Ginny looked towards him puzzled. “Yes, that baby…your baby.” He paused as Harry and Ginny looked to Ginny’s stomach with shock written across their faces.
“But… how would you know… if we didn’t… even know?” stuttered Ginny. Harry reached over and cautiously touched Ginny’s stomach where he now knew is unborn child reside.
“I’ve been watching you, and it has come to my knowledge that you made love in the Room of Requirement.” It was strange to hear Dumbledore talk about stuff like this. It seemed to be so foreign to him and yet he knew so much. “Now back to the topic at hand; now that you are bearing this child Ginny and now that Harry knows the Prophecy you at a greater risk then ever. And this child will need your utmost protection. Unborn or not Voldemort will do everything in his power to destroy it because now it and Ginny are the things you care so deeply for, Harry.” Dumbledore finished abruptly and then added, “Protect this two people with your life or it will be theirs taken away.” “You may go.” Harry and Ginny stood and left, they walked down the so familiar corridors yet so foreign to them now. They seemed to be in a daze as they both whispered to the fat lady, “pixie wings” and entered behind the Fat Lady.

Chapter 2: Chapter Two: The Love That Was Always There
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Ron and Hermione sat opposite Harry and Ginny at breakfast the next morning. Harry and Ginny hadn’t said anything or even looked up from their plates during the whole time that they sat at Gryffindor table. Ron and Hermione would curiously look to Harry and Ginny then to each other. When Ginny finished her breakfast she leaned over and kissed Harry quickly on the cheek as if embarrassed to do so and then left for her classes still not saying a word or even looking at Ron or Hermione. Harry didn’t even seem to notice that Ginny had left, but simply swallowed the last of his juice and left too. Ron and Hermione looked at each other, but Hermione was the first to speak, “That was rather awkward…” Her sentence trailed off as she watched Harry disappear around the corner in the Entrance Hall.

The day continued to go on with Harry and Ginny isolating them selves. By lunch time they still had not talked or even been near each other. As soon as the bell rang for lunch Ginny got up from her seat in her Potions class and ran up the stairs to the Entrance Hall, but instead of going to lunch she ran straight to the bathroom. She pushed open a stall door and didn’t even have time to lock it before she grabbed her stomach and retched all over the floor beside the toilet. She sat down on the toilet seat and pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face now streaming with tears in between her knees. Her shoulders shook and in between sobs she was whispering to herself, “Why?! Why did we have to do it? Why did we think we were ready?” She continued to sob as she heard someone open the door to the bathroom. Ginny didn’t even notice when someone pushed open her still unlocked stall door and was standing there in front of her. That someone reached out her hand and began to pat Ginny’s shoulders.
Ginny sniffed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve and looked into the worried eyes of Hermione. “Why didn’t you tell me…? I can help you and I’m your friend I’ll always be here for you.”
Ginny cut into Hermione’s stream of words as if they were never said, “Hermione, I’m sorry I-we didn’t tell you. We didn’t tell you because we were just shocked…scared actually...” Ginny wasn’t sure what else to say. Then she gave a great shutter and sobbed louder than before and in between them Ginny said, “You-Know-Who wants to kill me and the baby!”
Her shoulders shook and Hermione patted her once more, “It’ll be ok, Ginny we-Harry, Ron, and I- will protect you and your baby…we won’t let anything happen to you or your baby.” Hermione tried to stifle her tears as she helped Ginny off the toilet and out of the bathroom. Once out in the corridor Ginny wiped her now red and puffy eyes again and gave a weak smile before Hermione hugged her tight, “are you ok, now?” Hermione asked.
“Yeah…This is the third time today I’ve had one of these meltdowns following me getting sick. I know it’s just-” and she lowered her voice so that only Hermione could hear the last part of her sentence, “-morning sickness, but I still get worried because of what Dumbledore told Harry and I.” Even though Ginny had said she was alright Hermione was yet to be convinced.
“Well, it’ll get better, I’m sure. I think lunch is just finishing up so I don’t think we’ll have time to eat are you ok with that?” Hermione asked noticing a few people trickle out of the Great Hall.
“Yeah my stomach still isn’t settled so if I ate something now I’d just be asking for trouble.” Both girls laughed as they walked back down the corridor.
They had just reached the stairs when from behind them they heard Harry and Ron calling them, “Hermione and Ginny wait up, we’re coming.” Hermione and Ginny turned around to watch the boys come up the stairs to meet them. “Hey, why didn’t you come to lunch?” Ron asked Hermione once they were moving up the stairs again.
“I was with Ginny.” She looked to Ginny as if to ask if it was ok that she said that and Ginny gave a little nod.
“Ginny? Did you get sick again?” Harry whispered with concern, in her ear so as not to let Ron and Hermione hear.
“Yeah and Hermione knows about it and I don’t care if Ron knows.” Ginny said looking at Ron.
“Ok well… Um, I guess, but not here, not with all these people around.” Harry said determined not to let this bit of information slip into the wrong ears. “In the Common Room tonight after everyone’s gone to bed then we’ll tell them both the whole story, ok?” Harry asked to make sure Ginny was ok with his plan.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” Ginny breathed. Harry noticed for the first time that the usual sparkle that inhabited Ginny’s eyes was gone and she seemed as if she hadn’t slept the night before. Well Harry hadn’t been sleeping well either, but this was different it was almost as if all her energy was being sucked out of her. “Are you ok, Ginny?” Harry asked.
“I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” Ginny smiled reassuringly, but didn’t say anything else until they reached her class, “I’ll see you after class.” And she walked into Professor McGonagall’s classroom. Harry, Ron, and Hermione continued on to Defense Against the Dark Arts.
“Ginny does seem a little off. I wonder what’s bothering her.” Ron said as they walked into Snape’s new classroom.
“Ron, they said they would tell us about it tonight, now be quiet about it.” Hermione snapped as they settled into their chairs for a long lesson with Professor Snape.

Ginny was the first back to the common room because Professor McGonagall excused her early due to that fact that she had gotten sick again. She sat in one of the big squashy armchairs staring into the fire. She was supposed to be up with Madam Pomfrey, but she didn’t feel like talking to anyone and was afraid that she would find out about the baby. She looked down at her belly that was a little bigger, but not much and whispered, “I don’t know if I can be a good mother to you. I’m only fifteen. I would love to know if I could even handle having a baby…having you.” She moved her hand from her lap and placed it on her stomach. “Sometimes I worry that You-Know-Who’s already hurt you without me knowing it. I get so scared when one minute I hear your heartbeat and the next it seems to have stopped.” She hadn’t even noticed that tears were welling in her eyes as she spoke. She sat staring at her stomach with her hand still it for a long time. She heard people clamber through the portrait whole, but didn’t look up.
“Ginny what are you doing back so early?” Harry asked after reaching her side. Ginny still didn’t look up as she spoke.
“I got sick again and McGonagall sent me to see Madam Pomfrey, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. So I just came here instead.” She paused for a little while and then finally looked up to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione huddled around her. Harry looked around to make that they were the only ones in the room.
“Should we tell them?” He asked after concluding that they were alone.
“Sure.” Ginny was staring into the fire again. She was stroking her belly now and watching the flames bounce and wave. So Harry told them. During the time that Harry talked Ginny occasionally would look up and join the conversation, but only for a few moments before returning to gazing into the fire.
“Oh my God, Ginny!” Ron exclaimed when Harry finished. Ginny was looking at her stomach again and tears welled in her eyes again.
“Ron, what will Mum think?” She shuttered and her tears fell onto her cheeks.
“I would hope she’d be happy for you, but honestly I really don’t know.” Ron answered wishing he knew a better way to answer the one and only question Ginny had asked him in a long time. Ginny sighed and wiped the new tears from her eyes because the old ones had already dried leaving a watermark down her cheek.
Ginny looked to Ron with fear in her eyes and said, “Ron I don’t want to die.” Ron was using all his energy not to brake down and cry too that he didn’t answer. He hated seeing his only sister like this and he couldn’t imagine what was going on in Harry’s mind.
“I know and you won’t I promise we will protect you.” Ginny scanned all three faces in front of her all sharing one thing: their emotion, whether they were actually crying or trying really hard not to they were all connected even if for just that brief moment.
Ginny got up and hugged Hermione and said, “Thank you, you’re always there when I need you the most.” Then she moved to her brother and wrapped her arms around him and didn’t speak for a long time just sat there in Ron’s arms like she did when she was child. When she finally spoke her words were muffled against his robes, “Ron I love you so much, I’m so glad you’re my brother your always there to protect me.” Ron tried to speak, but had wasted his energy trying to hold back his now bustling tears. Ginny pulled out of her brother’s arms and smiled weakly and then she finally reached Harry. They just stood there staring at each other for a long time before Harry brought her into his arms.
Ginny rested her head on his shoulder and nestled into the crook of his neck. Harry squeezed tighter and said to her, “I will never let you go.” Ginny looked up and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. It was late and the sun had gone down hours ago, but Harry was wrapped in a bright light, it was as if the fire had flown out of the grate and enveloped him and Ginny. This was all that left of the world him, Ginny and the bright light. There was no Ron and Hermione, there was no Hogwarts, and there was no baby. Just him and her in a world of peace nothing could or would go wrong here. Then Ginny broke away and Harry was reluctantly pulled out of that peaceful place and pulled back into the world where he belonged.

Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Love Can Hold On
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Ginny couldn’t sleep; she knew what she had to do. She grabbed her wand off her bedside table before she quietly crawled out of bed and reached for her school bag sitting on her trunk at the end of her bed. She pulled out the packet of parchment she had been saving for her Defense Against the Dark Arts essay and her quill. She then walked out the door and down the stairs to the common room. The few embers left in the fireplace glowed slightly while long shadows stretched the length of the room. She found her way to a chair before whispering, “lumos.” She wanted to make sure that there wasn’t light bouncing about while she maneuvered through the maze of tables and chairs. She placed her wand carefully on the arm of her chair so that its light shown clearly on her lap. She unfolded the pages she had brought with her and placed the tip of her quill to the surface. She knew she had to do it but how? How was she supposed to explain to her mother what had happened, why it had, and how had?


            The next morning Harry and Ron found Ginny sleeping soundly in one of the large lounge chairs in the common room. Harry approached her wrapping his fingers around her hand lying lightly on the arm of the chair. Ginny stirred and blinked, she looked around disoriented before looking into Harry’s eyes and realizing where she was. “Ginny did you sleep out here all night?” Ginny stretched and yawned.
          “Oh- well- I guess I did” She had almost forgotten why she was out here and that she had finally told her mother about the baby.
            “Are you feeling alright?” Harry asked noticing the dark circles beneath her lower eye lids.
            “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m going to go shower and get ready, ok.” Ginny stood and gave Harry a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before leaving for the girls’ dorms. A few minutes later Hermione was making her way down the stairs to meet Harry and Ron.
            “Ginny told me to tell you guys not to wait for her, just to go ahead and go to breakfast. She said she’d be down shortly.”
            “That’s good, I’m starving.” Ron didn’t even bother to wait for the others before clambering through the portrait hole and heading to breakfast.
            “I can tell…” Hermione replied and led Harry, who was reluctant to leave, after Ron. Hermione and Harry had finally caught up with Ron right as they were entering the Great Hall. “Oh the mail’s here.” Hermione hurried forward to retrieve her Daily Profit from the grey and brown screech owl. Ron and Harry had barely came into view of the owls when two owls came hurtling toward them. Harry’s snowy owl, Hedwig stopped abruptly, inches from Harry’s nose and pecked repeatedly on his forehead while Ron’s owl, Pig did the same.
           “Ok, ok jeez hold up I’m getting it. Calm down Hedwig.” Harry fumbled with the beige envelope in Hedwig’s beak. After releasing the letters to Harry and Ron the two owls zoomed out the tall windows and off to the owlery.
           “What the bloody hell was that all about?” Ron asked looking at his beige envelope. 
           “I don’t know, but I think we should open these in privet.” Harry looked worriedly at the envelope with his name on it and then at Ron who slowly understood what Harry meant. The boys quickly ran out of the Great Hall and down the corridor to the left to find an empty classroom or some room that they could be alone. “Ron, in here.” Harry pushed open a solid oak door similar to the ones leading into the Great Hall but they were not as grand and a lot smaller. Ron followed Harry into the room that seemed to be used for storage because there were desks and chairs lying all the around the room in disarray. Harry was already breaking the seal of his envelope when Ron looked up at him. Harry pulled out his brief letter from Mr.Weasley although what he had previously thought about what the letter contained was wrong.


“’Harry- I have to make this brief. We got Ginny’s letter, but we think it has been intercepted. Hedwig was a bit ruffled but all-in-all she is ok. We have informed Dumbledore of our suspicions and he says he will keep a close eye out for your safety. Please keep us updated on yours and Ginny’s well being. We love you and hope you are safe. ~Arthur and Molly’”


            “What does yours say?” Harry began but before finishing Ron had begun to read his aloud.


“’Ron- I thought we would just inform you of what is going on I’m sure Harry will tell you but we wanted to make sure you knew too. Someone may be after Ginny, the baby, or Harry. Of course we suspect You-Know-Who’s behind this, although that is just a hunch. Please help Harry in any way possible and I have asked Harry to update us on all of you and your well being. We love you and hope you are safe. ~Dad and Mum ‘”


            “We need to tell Ginny and Hermione!” Harry replied to Ron after finishing his letter. They shoved their letters into their robes and bolted out the door and down the corridor to the staircase.
            “Whoa! Where are you boys of to in such a hurry?” McGonagall asked as she was leaving breakfast and heading to her office.
            “We-have-to-tell-Ginny!” Harry wheezed as he clutched his side.
           “’Tell Ginny’? Tell her what?” McGonagall questioned. There wasn’t time for this they had to get to Ginny.
           “Professor, please we have to hurry she could be in danger. Ginny could be in danger of Vol-”
           “Potter, don’t say that name. Why is she in danger of You-Know-Who?”
           “Professor, there’s no time we have to hurry I don’t know when Mr. Weasley wrote those letters so we have to hurry. Come with us if you must, but we have to go.” They didn’t even wait for a reply before they began to sprint up the stairs with McGonagall walking swiftly behind them. When they finally reached the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room they found the portrait of the fat lady empty only a blank canvas and the antique frame remained. The party came to an abrupt stop and looked at the canvas with shock.
            “What, wait? What is going on? Where is she?” Ron looked puzzled as he stuttered these questions out of his mouth. Harry had seemed to have lost all ways of communication except his fists. He had charged at the frame and was pounding as hard as he could to try and make Ginny hear him on the other side. All was silent on the other side of the blank canvas. How were they supposed to warn Ginny if they couldn’t even get to her?
            “Please McGonagall; please tell me you know another way to get in. We need to get in to warn Ginny.” Harry had found his voice again.
            “I’m sorry, but without the fat lady there is no other way. Now would you please tell me what’s going on and why it is of the utmost importance to warn Ginny?” But right as she finished her question Hermione came running up the corridor.
            “I heard, I heard! Mr.Weasley wrote me and told me about Hedwig and You-Know-Who. Have you told Ginny yet?” Once she had reached them she realized the problem and stumbled to a stop gazing at the supposed to be filled space on the canvas. “Oh, well where is the fat lady?”
            “Well that’s what we’re trying to figure out. Please tell me you know of another a way.” Harry pleaded.
             “What about Hedwig and You-Know-Who? What is going on I have the right to know what’s going on.” They had completely forgotten that McGonagall was in their midst. 
              “Well hold on we’ll explain as soon as we know that Ginny’s safe.—No I’m sorry Harry I only know of the password way.” Hermione said sorrowfully as she had failed.
             “Ugh!” Harry gave a feeble swing at the portrait before slowly sliding down the wall and landing with a muffled thump onto the cold, hard floor. All of a sudden McGonagall turned on her heal and was walking back up the corridor to the staircase.
          “Professor?” Hermione asked.
          “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before--”
          “—Dumbledore!” Hermione finished and took of with McGonagall. Harry didn’t even look up as they left he just sat with his hands over his face and his knees pulled to his chest.
          “Mate, it’s going to be ok we’ll get in there and everything will be ok. She’s probably still in the shower you know how women are they feel that they need to take an hour and half long shower before they feel clean enough to go out in public.” Ron tried to make Harry laugh but Harry merely chuckled once.
           “This can’t happen! We have to do something!” Right as these words escaped Harry’s lips there was a blood-curling scream coming from behind the canvas. 
           “GINNY!” They bellowed in unison as they began to pound on the blank portrait.


            “Dumbledore!” McGonagall and Hermione screamed as they ran up the corridor.
            “Ah, Professor I just saw the headmaster out. He had a meeting at the Ministry that was quite urgent he supposed. Didn’t really want to leave but I told him I’d keep an eye on things while he was gone. Well then he told me he needed me and the rest of the professors to help him cast protective spells around the castle, even more then what was already there. He would have asked you as well, Minevra but he could not find you.” Professor Flitwick squeaked.
          “How can this be that every time you need him he has disappeared somewhere? We don’t have much time Professor. What can we do now?” Hermione was beginning to panic.
          “No worries Miss Granger we will find a way.” McGonagall reassured her although she herself was not.


            Ginny was just grabbing her school bag and getting the rest of her things together when out of nowhere a dark cloaked figure rose before her. Ginny screamed and ran for the door but was confronted by another cloaked figure. She was panicking and had completely forgotten about her wand sitting in her pocket. “GINNY!” She could hear Harry and Ron yelling for her, they must have heard her scream. Then with a flash of light and dark fabric brushing over her, everything was black.


            Hermione and McGonagall were running out the oaken front doors to where the charms and spells stopped. “Were going after him right?” Hermione asked.
          “Concentrate on the Ministry and Apparent,” was all she replied. Hermione and McGonagall turned on their heels and disappeared. They turned up shortly in the Ministry, although as they became aware of their surroundings they were bombarded by masked figures and were tied to one of the many marble pillars in the entrance.


            Harry and Ron continued to pound on the canvas and then all of a sudden the portrait sprang open even without a password or the fat lady. Ron and Harry looked bewildered but that didn’t slow them down. They dashed into the common room, “Ginny!” they yelled. They ran up the stairs to the girls’ dorms and into Ginny’s room. It was a mess, Ginny’s bag had been thrown down and everything from within it had spewed all over the floor, the books from different shelves and tables were now on the floor with Ginny’s things. They were all not in their proper places and neither was Ginny. Ginny was no where to be seen in the destroyed room. Harry ran from the bathroom to the bedroom and back again desperately searching for Ginny. Ron stood looking not for his sister but for things her kidnapper might have left behind some sort of clue or sign to help find out who did this. 
         “Harry,” a soft voice sounded up the stairs. Harry looked at Ron, he knew that voice. Harry pushed past Ron who looked puzzled and confused, but followed. Harry made it to the bottom of the stairs, but then stopped he could go no further. There before him was Ginny and the two cloaked figures that had attacked her. He nervously began to walk toward her again.  “Harry! No stop, please, just listen to me don’t try to protect me!” Ginny’s voice continued to be soft but urgent at the same time. “I’ll be ok just save your self. They promised not to hurt the baby as or me as long as you let me go with them.”
        “How can you say that of course they’ll hurt you that’s just what they do? Why else would they want you?” Harry replied unable to keep his voice calm. Ron had been standing there the whole time unable to speak as he gazed upon his little sister in this predicament. 
        “Harry, please?” Ginny pleaded but that was all the time she was allotted before the cloaked figure disappeared, but just seconds before it totally disappeared Harry reached out for Ginny and was plunged into complete darkness.

Chapter 4: Chapter Four: Love Can Reach You Anywhere
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           Harry groaned and tried to reach up and rub his throbbing head but his hands wouldn’t move from their place at his side. ‘Incarcerous’ Harry thought as he lay on the floor tied with invisible cords. He could already feel them rubbing his wrists and ankles raw, they may be invisible but they were still felt. “Wait where am I?” Harry wondered aloud, but as his words bounced of the tall looming walls around him he remembered Ginny. “Ginny? Ginny are you here? Oh Ginny where are you?” He strained to turn his body over onto his stomach to get a better view of the room. After much trial and error he finally succeeded in flipping over. He looked around the dim room; the only light peered through the windows at the very top of the chamber. He was alone in this strange dark room, ‘they must have taken her with them.’  “Damn it!” he yelled and his words bounced back to him.  He strained against the cords binding him, “if only I could just break their spell I could get out of here and save Ginny.” As he said this not only did the words bounce around the dark room, but the moonlight coming in through the windows shifted to reveal a solid iron door with no doorknob or key hole. If not for the hinges he would think it to be just another part of the wall.
            This room was very strange indeed, for ever time Harry thought of a way he might get out; the room revealed that he was quite wrong in his thinking. The walls too slick to climb, the windows too high, the spell refusing to weaken just enough to bring his hand around to his front pocket for his wand-- wait, where was his wand while laying on his stomach he should be able to feel it, long and round against his leg and lower stomach. He stretched his longest finger to his left front pocket to feel for his wand; maybe it was there he just couldn’t feel it for some reason with his body. He continued to reach and was beginning to panic. “Where is it?!” he yelled switching to reach with his other finger to the other pocket. He scrambled around to his back once more and lifted his head as far up as it would go and gazed at his pockets, surly he would see the slight bulge in either pocket but he didn’t. He dropped his head hard, back against the cold stone floor. He sighed heavily and let his mind escape him; he let it travel to where Ginny might be. He found her locked away in a similar room to his, only she wasn’t bond merely leaning hopelessly against the wall. ‘Oh Ginny I’m here…Well kind of, in a way, in spirit I am here for you.’   “I have to get to her.” He sighed again and began to only think of Ginny and himself, and all the happy times they had spent together then was slowly lulled into an uneasy sleep.

            Ginny leaned up against the cold wall of her dark chamber and wept silently, for she knew they would not be far outside the door and would hear her if she was too loud. She wondered what might have come of Harry since he had so suddenly and unexpectedly showed up with them in this…Well she didn’t know exactly what this place was or where they were. She only knew that the people with her used some other means of travel because no witch or wizard could Disapparent within the school or what ever they had done to get here. Portkey, possibly, but what could have it been, it didn’t seem like they were holding anything. Ginny pondered this awhile and then suddenly she heard a quiet knock on the door and it slowly creak open. Ginny, startled, jumped from her place at the wall and saw a small black haired women enter the shadowy room.
            “Don’t be frightened. I’m here to help. You are pregnant, right?” The women reached out her hand to Ginny in a friendly gesture. Ginny stayed in her corner she still wasn’t convinced of the women’s friendliness.
            “Yes” Ginny quietly replied to the women’s question and slowly crept out of the corner step by step.
             “Well may I take a look?” the small women asked holding up her wand. Ginny nodded slightly and continued to walk to her. The women met Ginny in the middle of the room and reached out her free hand to take Ginny’s to lead her out of the room. 
            “Where are we going?” Ginny asked timidly. Ginny was unsure of this and the women. She didn’t even know if she should even trust her? “What is your name?” Ginny had just realized she knew not even this women’s name.
            “Oh, how rude of me, my name is Caroline. What’s yours?” Although the women already knew Ginny’s she thought it would be polite to ask. They headed down a long dark corridor with large lit torches along the way.
           “Ginny. How did you know I was pregnant?” this question had been pressing her mind ever since Caroline had said that she was without even asking.
           “Oh, well—I’ll tell you once we get you settled.” Caroline seamed uneasy about this question as she ushered Ginny into a brightly lit room, quite the opposite of the room they had just left. There in the middle of the room was a bed with crisp linen sheets and a single pillow. Caroline helped Ginny up onto the bed and then walked over to a tall brown cupboard in the corner. Ginny watched as Caroline opened it and began to rummage through it.
           “May I ask what you are searching for?” Ginny asked after a moment of watching the women.
          “Oh well here it is.” She pulled out a small bottle of shimmering clear liquid.
          “Why must you put me to sleep?” 
          “Well someone knows their potions.” Caroline praised cheerily.
          “Aren’t you just looking at the baby? You still didn’t answer my question.” Ginny persisted. She was getting a little worried as to what this Caroline was planning to do to her and her baby.
          “Well yes but I thought you’d be more comfortable if I gave you a sip of this.” She held up the bottle again. “Or do you wish to be awake?” Caroline asked this as if it were forbidden but still was polite. Caroline seemed to want her every word to be polite whether they needed to be or not and this was starting to annoy Ginny, nobody was this nice as often as Caroline, it was impossible unless it was an order from someone higher ranked then Caroline. Could she be under strict orders to make Ginny’s stay as comfortable as possible? Well that couldn’t be true because Ginny was no where near comfortable in that dark, damp room and not knowing what was happening to Harry.
          “No I want to be awake.” Caroline nodded and put the potion away where she had found it. Ginny sat in the bed watching as the women prepped for what she was about to do. Caroline washed her hands and slipped them into small rubber gloves and then returned to Ginny’s side.
          “Are you ready?” Caroline looked at Ginny with her wand in her left hand and her right hand patting Ginny’s arm.
         “What are you going to do to me?” Ginny was not sure she liked the atmosphere that Caroline was making in the bright room. Ginny shifted uneasily in her bed.
         “Well I’m going to place the tip of my wand on your stomach and move it around until I find the heartbeat and then we go from there. May we begin?” The women brought her wand tip down to the slight bulge that was Ginny’s pregnant stomach.
        “Yes” Ginny replied. Caroline pressed down just a little and the room was filled with a watery-swishy sound. “What is that?” Ginny asked with curiosity. 
        “Well that would be your baby.” She rolled the tip of her long and skinny wand around Ginny’s stomach then stopped suddenly as she heard a very strong lub-dub. “Oh” Caroline perked up a bit and gave Ginny a wide smile.
        “Is that…? That sound, is that?” Ginny couldn’t bring herself to say it she was so filled with relief and excitement.
        “That it is. That is your baby; well its heart beat that is.” Caroline continued to smile as the little heart beat sounded through the room.
        “Oh wow, that’s my baby?” She couldn’t believe it, the strong and steady beat she was hearing was something she had made…something they had made, together. A wave of emotion flooded over her as she thought of Harry sitting alone in a room somewhere not able to hear his baby’s own heart beat, this beautiful sound. “Harry. Where is Harry? He has to be here. I can’t do this on my own?” Ginny was becoming frantic as she scrambled up to a sitting position.
         “Ginny, Ginny calm down everything will be ok I’ll be here with you until that baby is born. Don’t worry.” Caroline gently pushed Ginny back down, but Ginny didn’t want to be lying down she wanted to see Harry.
         “Calm down? Calm down? Are you crazy? Harry. I have to see him. Take me to him.”  Caroline hushed Ginny quietly.
          “In do time, in do time you will see him. There’s is no need to rush things. Think of the baby it doesn’t need all this stress.” Caroline wasn’t seeing the big picture. Ginny had to see Harry. She had to make sure that he was safe and…and…alive.


            “Dumbledore I left them here. They were standing right here. Well of course they couldn’t get in at the time that I had left them, but they were here. Dumbledore?” McGonagall swiftly followed Dumbledore into the Gryffindor common room with Hermione following with a very worried expression on her face.
            “Ron!” Hermione came out from behind McGonagall and saw Dumbledore bent down on the ground cradling Ron’s limp body.
             “Not to worry Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley is quite all right merely knocked out, he should come too soon.” Dumbledore reassured Hermione as she lent beside him brushing Ron’s hair out of his eyes. Tears were slowly glazing Hermione’s cheeks as she stroked Ron’s forehead hoping it would help him come too quicker. Dumbledore looked down over his half-moon spectacles at this loving sight only he knew what was held behind those wet eyes of the girl beside him. Ron suddenly blinked and looked up into Hermione’s eyes. Hermione, startled by his sudden awakening jumped and pulled her hand away placing it on the floor beside her. “Aw, Mr. Weasley glad to see you awake.” Dumbledore greeted cheerily. “Can you walk or do you need some assistance down to the hospital wing?” Dumbledore was slowly lifting Ron into a, somewhat, sitting position.
            “I think I will be fine.” Ron pulled on the old man’s sleeve to help him off the floor but as soon as his feet had to hold his weight he collapsed. Since Dumbledore had so quietly and swiftly stepped out of the way the only person there to catch Ron was Hermione. She jumped out and pushed her hands under his arms. She grunted as she tried to hold him up.
            “Dumbledore, McGonagall, a little help here.” She spoke to the empty room, for Dumbledore and McGonagall had somehow disappeared without Hermione even noticing. 
              “Oh I’m so sorry Hermione” Ron tried to lift himself but failed, ending up exactly where he had started, dangling from Hermione’s struggling grip.
              “It’s-ok” Hermione said trying to bend down to put one of his arms around her shoulder. Ron finally stood up with Hermione’s assistance and they began to walk to the hospital wing. Hermione opened her mouth to talk but closed it again because as she began to say what was worrying her something inside her head was saying something else, “wait, give him time to recuperate. Don’t make him relive what happened in there, just yet.” 
              “Are you ok?” Ron must have noticed the changes in her face as they walked, well Hermione walked while dragging Ron’s limp body, down to Madam Pomfrey. 
             “Yeah, I’m fine” she lied, “Ron, are you able to at least stand on your feet while I bare your weight?” Hermione asked shifting his weight on her shoulder.
             “Oh yeah, sorry” His ears turned slightly pink as he stood on his feet. They finally reached the hospital wing a little while later, upon approaching the doors Madam Pomfrey who had been in her office at the back of the wing cam bustling toward them.
            “Oh dear what happened Mr. Weasley?” she asked as she put his other arm around her neck to walk him to a bed. He was now able to walk but Hermione felt better being near him and helping him. Hermione looked to Ron wondering if he was going to answer.
              “Oh I don’t know I was just heading to breakfast and then I found Hermione here helping me walk along the corridor to you. I must have blacked out or something.” Well it was partial truth; maybe he just wasn’t ready to talk about what had happened to him, to Harry and to Ginny, who no one had found yet.
           “Here we go, nice and easy.”
           “Madam Pomfrey I can walk just fine now.” He informed her as they walked to the nearest bed.
           “Oh well just a precaution dear.” She smiled sweetly as she lifted his arm off her shoulders and helped him onto the bed. 
           Hermione stood and watched Madam Pomfrey try to figure out what might have caused him to black out. After doing so for about 45 minutes she gave up, “I don’t think this needs any worries, possibly just lack of water or something as innocent as that.” She smiled and shuffled out of the wing to her office to do some paper work. Now would be a good time. You’re all alone and maybe he can give important information to help find Harry and Ginny. This string of words flashed across Hermione’s mind as she found a seat and brought it up to the side of Ron’s bed.
          “You don’t have to stay. I’m fine, I’m sure that I’ll be out of here in a few hours.” Ron said when Hermione sat down beside him.
           “Well then I’ll leave in a few hours.” Hermione replied sarcastically. She smiled and he chuckled. “I want to make sure you’re fine. I want to…” she knew now would be a good time but she couldn’t get the words out.
          “’you want to’ what?” he paused and looked at his hands as if he knew exactly what she wanted to ask. “I don’t know where they are or who it was that took them. All I know is that we, Harry and I, were confronted by Ginny and two cloaked figures…” He paused again he was having trouble retelling what had happened,
          “It’s ok, it’s only me…” Hermione reassured him that it was ok and then sat quietly again.
          “Well Ginny was telling us to just let her go that they said she would be safe as long we let her go. Harry wouldn’t tolerate it and then the cloaked figures and Ginny began to fade so Harry reached for Ginny’s hand…” He paused again not wanting to say the rest. Hermione didn’t say anything just reached out and put her hand on top of his and waited for him to begin again. “Well then Harry began to fade just as quickly as the others and couldn’t stop he looked at me with scared eyes. They seemed to say that he wouldn’t let go and he couldn’t let go without Ginny with him. So I reached out for Harry, but I was thrown back and I hit my head against the wall and then I guess that’s when I blacked out.” He brought his free hand to his face and covered it. He wouldn’t cry, he was stronger than that and he definitely wouldn’t cry in front of Hermione.


            “Well Ginny that’s that. Do you want something to eat I don’t think you have eaten yet have you?” Caroline asked as they were leaving the bright room and heading in the opposite room of the little chamber that Ginny had been in that afternoon.
           “Yes I am starved! Hey, aren’t we supposed to be going that way?” Ginny gestured down the other hall.
            “Oh no that room is no place for a pregnant women, you will be staying right here next door to me so if there is anything wrong.” Caroline opened a door and led Ginny into a room no bigger than the dark room she had spent the day in, but this one was furbished and fully lit.
            “Where are we?” Ginny asked out of no where as she walked around the room.
            “You will find out in due time.” Caroline replied. “I will go order your dinner now what would you like?” 
            “Um, soup is fine.” Ginny sat on the small bed on the far wall facing the little window in the wall opposite.
            “Alright dear I’ll be back.” Caroline began to walk out the door.
            “Where is Harry? Is he safe? Has he eaten? Is he…” Ginny looked at Caroline. Deep lines were beginning to etch them selves into Ginny’s face and eyes. She was worried more for Harry and her baby then for her self and it showed.
            “Yes, he is alive but that’s all I can say. You get to see him soon--”
            “Do you promise? Do you promise that I’ll get to see him soon?” Ginny cut in.
            “Well I can’t do that but I can at least try. Now you need some rest I’ll wake you when I return with your soup.” She closed the door. Ginny slid off the bed and over to the window where the moon light shown in and she looked out.
           “Harry, I heard the baby today. It was a beautiful sound. I wish you were there, you would have been so excited, but you’ll hear it someday” She began to choke up at these words. “You will see it someday. We’ll be together again I promise. Please hold on I can’t do this by my self.” Ginny closed the window to the chilly breeze and went back to bed. She climbed in and wept on her pillow. She knew Caroline would be back soon, but she just couldn’t control herself. The tears flowed long and hard until she slowly found her self in a dream-like state with Harry and her baby in her arms. Later on she thought she heard a knock on the door but she was so numb with emotion she couldn’t bring her self to move she just stayed where she was and acted like she was asleep. Caroline came in quietly and placed a steaming bowl of soup on the bedside table and left just as quietly.