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How One Summer Changed my Life by Permantently_confused22

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 21,669

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 07/11/2007
Last Chapter: 01/09/2009
Last Updated: 01/09/2009


This was going to be the worst summer of my life! i was going to be stranded on a ship with the two worst people in the world. You got it, James Potter and Sirius Black. This summer was going to be hell. *Absolutely amazing banner done by Alora of the Dark Arts!* look out for the sequel, titled Staying Together.

Chapter 1: Home for the Summer
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"See you next year, Evans!”

“Go to hell, Potter!”

“Ah, now Lily dear, that’s not very nice!” this time it was Sirius’s voice that called to me from across the crowded platform at Kings Cross.

“You can go too for all I care!”

I glanced over the heads of people in the crowd to see Black, an expression of mock surprise on his face. I sighed; they were so not worth it. I shook my long, red, hair out of my face and pushed my luggage trolley though the barrier separating platform 9 3/4 from the muggle world. I instantly spotted my parents and a disgusted look Petunia waiting for me a few yards away. I trotted over to them, beaming.

“How was your 6th year, sweetie?” asked my dad, giving me a kiss on the forehead while my mom suffocated me in a huge hug. “It was excellent, Dad.” I noticed Petunia, who was behind my mother, pretending to gag herself with her finger. “Uh, Honey?” said my mom, who had since released me from her huge bear hug. “Do you know those boys?” I groaned and turned to look where she was pointing, knowing exactly who ‘those boys’ might be. Sure enough, a short distance away I saw Sirius and James standing by Mr. and Mrs. Potter. They were they were jumping up and down and waving at me with both hands. I supposed this was payback for my comments on the platform.

    If my parents and the Potters hadn’t been there I would have flipped them both off, instead I settled for glaring at them as venomously as I could, then turning back to my family. Petunia was eyeing the boys like one might look at a particularly nasty bug. I laughed to my self; perhaps her evaluation was right for once. Then again, I thought, I had seen her look at me that way too.

“Lily?” my father was looking at the boys apprehensively. I realized I hadn’t answered my mom’s question. “No.” I replied “I don’t know them at all.” Both my parents smiled and Petunia looked slightly relieved.

We left the station, my parents carrying my trunk between them, me carrying my owl (Stella), and Petunia trailing behind us, probably making faces at my back. When we got to our car, my parents threw my trunk in the back and Petunia and I settled down in the back seat, I with Stella's cage on my lap. “How about we go out to eat as a celebration of our Lily’s coming home?” suggested my dad. Then, as he glanced in his rearview mirror and spotted Stella, sitting in my lap he quickly rethought his plans. “Er, how about we get some takeout instead?” My mom answered enthusiastically to the statement and Petunia rolled her eyes but agreed. I just smiled, knowing that I was going to enjoy this summer. An entire 3 months without Potter! That is just about as close to heaven as this world gets! I thought to myself.

Later, as we were sitting down at our kitchen table with the remnants of our Chinese takeout spread in front of us, my dad cleared his throat and began an announcement. “Girls? You mother and I have a surprise for you!” 
Fearing the worst, Petunia and I shot worried glances at each other. Upon seeing the way my sister and I looked at each other, my mother nearly choked and said hastily “No! No, no, no. it’s nothing like that.” 
I let out a relieved sigh. Then, as if by some unspoken agreement both my mother and my father spoke at the same time. “We are going on a Cruise to the Caribbean!”

My jaw dropped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Petunia’s had done the same. My father continued “In 3 days we are going to fly down to Miami Beach, Florida where our ship sets sail!” 
I was speechless. 
“Isn’t it exciting?” squealed my mom.
 Finally I managed to pull myself together. “Yeah it sounds really great!” I exclaimed beaming. Next to me Petunia was slowly beginning to smile. I rushed upstairs shouting “ I’ve got to go pack!” over my shoulder.

When I got to my room, I found that a handsome, tawny, owl had flown in through my open window. I wondered who in the world would be writing me so soon after leaving Hogwarts. Hoping it wasn’t an emergency, I approached the owl. As soon as it saw me it stuck out its leg and I untied the letter it carried. The owl immediately flew off so I assumed no reply was necessary. The letter read:

My Dearest Lilykins,

I groaned, knowing exactly who the letter was from.)

I just wanted to let you know that from now on if you want to contact me, (
when do I EVER want to contact him?) do not send your owls to my house. Sirius and I will be on a cruise to the Caribbean. Of course, you are more than welcome to come if you wish.

James Potter

Will you go out with me? 

James Potter; on a cruise, with me?! It had to be a different cruise! I screamed. My parents and Petunia rushed into the room, my parents looking worried Petunia looking eager. “Lily! What is the matter?”
“N-n-nothing.” I managed to stutter. Satisfied, they all left the room. I couldn’t believe it. This was going to be the worst summer of my life. 

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Chapter 2: At the Airport
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“Lily! Come on! We should have left for the airport 5 minutes ago!” My Mom’s agitated voice shouted up the stairs to me where I was in my room doing some last minute packing. This was the 6th time that I had packed and re-packed my suitcase. I kept debating whether I should bring my text books for some studying and my wand; incase of emergencies only, of course. Well, then again, I was technically of age now, so if Black and Potter ever got so much as within five feet of me… No, I couldn’t, to many muggles around. And besides, I had already decided that they were absolutely, positively, NOT going to be on the same cruise as me. Potter must have some how found out what my plans were and decided to play a joke on me. Yeah, right.

“Lily did you hear me?” I rolled my eyes, how could I have NOT heard her? “Yes, mother! I’m coming!” I slipped my toothbrush inside my duffel bag and zipped everything shut. “Lily…” this time it was my father’s voice, apparently my mom had given up. I swung my bag over my shoulder and clomped down stairs, when I met my father at the door I gave him a ‘what-are-you-looking-at?’ glance and brushed past him towards the car. I heard my dad shut and lock the door behind me, then follow me to the car.

Once I had tossed my bag on top of the other suitcases that were piled precariously in the trunk of our SUV, and we had all gotten settled in the car, my mom started the engine and said “Well, let’s get started on our Caribbean cruise!” I merely grimaced in reply and, judging by the expression on my sisters face and the swear words I caught her muttering under her breath, I figured she wasn’t too thrilled to be going either.

On the way over to the airport a comforting thought struck me: I had no idea where the Potters lived. It probably wasn’t any where near here. Meaning, they wouldn’t be near the same airport as me! Either that, or, now that both James and Sirius were of age they could just apperate. Either way it was likely I would have a few more hours of peace.

Because of the comforting knowledge, the rest of the ride to the airport I was in a considerably better mood, going so far as to join in my parents singing along to the reggae music they had blasting from the tape player in our car. Petunia, however, continued to glare out the window at the landscape flying past. I wondered what her problem was. She certainly wasn’t about to be trapped on a boat with her least favorite people. No, you are NOT going to think about them right now. I reminded myself, It will just spoil your good mood. Instead I focused on the suburbs we were passing through. I’m not sure how long I just sat there watching the houses and buildings pass by, willing my mind to think of anything but the weeks ahead and who would be in them. Before I knew it we were parked at the airport.

“Lils? C’mon, get out of the car and grab your suitcase, we’ve got a plane to catch!” I started and looked around to see my dad peering at me from the back of the car where he was busily unloading our luggage. “What? Oh, yeah. Coming.” I hastily unbuckled my seat belt and stepped out of the car. I grabbed my suitcases from my dad and shot a wary look around the parking lot, just in case. There was no sign of them. I breathed a sigh of relief, Petunia was giving me a strange look but I ignored her and followed my parents towards the airport security.

It was as I had just passed through the metal detectors that I heard it. the worst sound I could possibly hear. “LILY!!! LILY!!!” it was male voice, high with excitement. Then another voice joined it, this one was male again but a bit deeper. “OI! EVANS! WAIT UP!!” I cringed. How in the hell could they be here!? No time to ponder that now, my mom and dad were staring at the boys curiously. I had to get them away from here quickly.

“Mum, Dad, why don’t we, uh, go see if there is someplace to eat breakfast down in the terminal, you know, ‘cause we didn’t have much to eat earlier.” I grabbed Petunia by the elbow and proceeded to drag her down the terminal, away from Black and Potter. “LILY!! Where are you going!!” I didn’t look back. The next thing I heard was the cool voice of one f the airport security guards. “Sirs, sirs! You have to wait in line to go through security!” I tried to restrain a laugh as I sped up, still dragging a protesting Petunia. Only black and Potter could get into trouble that fast.

“Lily?” this time it was my father. “Why are you going so fast? And aren’t those the boys from the train station?” I flinched why, oh, why did he have to remember that? “Uhh, I don’t think so I don’t remember every weird person we see on the street.. And I am really hungry. Ooh, let’s stop here.” I ducked inside a small café, hoping it would throw them off my trail. “How about a booth at the back?” I asked the waitress. She gave me a weird look but agreed.

Once we had all gotten seated, I hid behind my menu and thought. How could they be here? Of all the airports, why this one?! And why must they insist of embarrassing me at every possible moment!? And I supposed that since they were here at this time they were probably on the same flight as me. Oh, joy. “Well, I certainly hope those boys aren’t on our flight or cruise! That would be dreadful.” said my mom in a disapproving tone. She had no idea how much I agreed.

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Chapter 3: Setting Sail
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After our breakfast, which had taken a bit longer than expected, we rushed over to the main gate just in time to board our plane. Then, with a wave of terror, I realized something; I hadn’t seen Potter or Black in line to board behind us, meaning that they were probably already seated in first class and we would have to walk past them in order to reach our business class seats. Oh crap. As we began to draw closer to being in the plane, I frantically tried to think of a way to slip past without them noticing. And then we were in the plane and slowly walking through the large leather chairs that made up the first class seats.

Horror washed through me, as I spotted them 2 rows ahead. They were sitting next to each other, across the aisle from who I assumed to be Mr. and Mrs. Potter judging by the man’s unruly black hair. Sirius had taken the window seat and was watching with amazement the carts that were carrying luggage to the plane out side his window. James seemed totally engrossed in playing with the buttons on his arm rest that made his seat go up and down and the TV screen on the back of his chair turn on, a bewildered look upon his face. I couldn’t help it, I smiled.

We were now only a row away from them, and , with any luck they would be too busy trying to figure out the muggle things that surrounded them to notice if I walked quickly by. But just in case, I squeezed my self next to my mother on the opposite side of the aisle from Black and Potter. It worked! I was able to slip by without them being any the wiser.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we sat down in our row. Now that that ordeal was over with, I could just sit and relax and enjoy the 6 hour plane ride ahead of us. I could only hope that Black and Potter would have no need to come through this part of the plane. For four hours I, slept, read, and watched a movie that was playing on the tiny screen embedded in the back of the seat in front of me. About half-way through the flight, we were served lunch, but, I have to say, it wasn’t that good. It had nothing on the food the house elves cooked for us at Hogwarts.

3 ½ hours later, our plane landed at the airport in Miami Beach and about an hour and a half after that, we were boarding our ship. If I had to use one adjective to describe our ship it would be ‘huge’. I mean, seriously, this ship was humongous. It had fifteen decks. Fifteen! And there was a pool, a track, and a rock climbing wall all on the top deck. The below that there were 2 cafes, a theater, and even a jewelry shop. It was exquisite. After we had made our way through the lobby of the ship and checked in, we made our way to our room, or should I say rooms? My parents had splurged and gotten 3 rooms, each with a queen sized bed, attached bathroom, and a beautiful balcony with a view. It was amazing.

I quickly unpacked using magic, making sure my door was shut so no muggles might accidentally see, and then released Stella my owl from her cage on the small dresser in my room. “Stella, do you want to be let out to go hunt?” I asked her in a kind voice. She hooted once in agreement. “Ok, and you’ll know how to find me again?” she hooted once more .So, I opened the sliding door to my balcony so she could fly out.

After I watched Stella fly off into the gathering darkness, I tidied up a bit, then met my family in the hallway outside our rooms for dinner. But, just as we were beginning to make our way down to the main deck, an announcement came over the many intercom speakers along the ship “Would all passengers please come to the top deck for an emergency training. Repeat: would all passengers please come to the top deck for emergency training.” We immediately turned and followed the crowd that had gathered around us back up the stairs to the top deck. As we were caught up in the swarm of people all heading up for the training, I thought I spotted a head of unruly black hair, I but I might have been dreaming.

The emergency training was short and simple. They basically just showed us how to use the life vests stored in our rooms, and taught us what different alarms meant, basic stuff, really. As my family and I once more made our way down to the main deck for dinner, I realized I hadn’t seen or heard Potter or Black the entire afternoon we had been on the ship. Excepting the head of black hair I had seen, but seriously I was probably imagining it, or it was some one else. I mean, there had to be some one else with that kind of hair here. I smiled to myself, perhaps this vacation wouldn’t be so bad after all.

About halfway through dinner though, I saw them, they passed by the café in which we were eating, heads up, gawking at the extravagance surrounding them. “Seriously, I think this place is bigger than Hogwarts!” I heard Black exclaim “Yeah…” Potter answered in a dazed voice. I just groaned, could they be anymore conspicuous? Potter spoke again “Hey, Padfoot, you know we still haven’t found Lily yet, you promised we could go try to find her. “Later, Prongs. Right now I’m starved, why don’t we grab something to eat, then we’ll look.” Potter rolled his eyes but agreed “Fine, fine.” And with that they steeped into the café. 

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Chapter 4: Truce
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My blood ran cold as I saw them. I had to do something. There was no way I could live like this for the next two weeks. I couldn’t live having to constantly worry about running into them and them making a huge scene and embarrassing me every time the saw me. I had to try to make a truce.

“I will be right back.” I muttered to my parents who were studying the dessert menu, oblivious to my dilemma. My mother looked rather perturbed, but made no disagreement and turned her attention back to a chocolate cake she was admiring. My father showed no signs of hearing me at all. I pushed back my chair, and stalked off towards where Potter and Black stood, waiting to be seated. I saw Potters eyes light up as he saw me walking towards him. He nudged Sirius, who was flirting with a girl a few tables away, and pointed to me.
“Haha look we didn’t have to go looking for her after all. She came t-” but before he could finish his sentence, I was upon him and had his arm in a death grip.
“We need to talk.” I growled out of the corner of my mouth as I wheeled James out the door. “Black, you come too.” I added as an afterthought to a bewildered Sirius, who was standing there wondering where I had come from and why I was dragging his friend away.

“Lily, we’ve been through this before. If you want me that badly, all you have to do is ask.” James said in that overly-cocky way of his that almost made me want to punch him. I could hear Sirius roaring with laughter behind me. I didn’t answer; merely shot him the filthiest glare I could muster. By now, we were a considerable distance from the restaurant, and in a place where I was sure my parents could not see me.

I shoved James down onto a bench and paced before him, mapping out what I was going to say. A still-chortling Sirius came and sat down beside him.
“Merlin’s sake Lily! Look what you did to my arm!” I glanced down at a crescent shaped cut on his arm and the few purple bruises around it, then, with a jolt realized the were my finger marks.
“Oh…” I huffed. I hadn’t really meant to hurt him.
“And would it kill you to cut your fingernails every once in a while?”
I flushed. “Oh… Sorry.” I stuttered, as Sirius gaped at my long finger nails in awe.
“How do you get them that long?” Sirius gasped. I ignored him.
James spoke again. “Man, that really hurt, Lils.”
Now he was getting irritating. “I said I was sorry!” I halved snapped at him.
He grinned “I forgive you. But… I’d forgive you even more if you kissed me.” He said hopefully.
“Cut it out!” I swatted at him, and he ducked.

Sirius sighed exasperatedly. “Now, was there a reason you distracted us from what was looking to be a very delicious dinner?”
I rolled my eyes, men and their food. “Actually there was a reason for this meeting.” Sirius nudged James “A meeting, she calls it. I’d say it’s more of a kidnapping.” Apparently, Sirius gets grumpy when not fed. “If you remember, Black, you came of your own free will. And I promise I will try to make this short. I want to be here less than you do.” Sirius grumbled something unintelligible. I ignored him and continued. “Listen, as long as the three of us are trapped on this boat. I want to make it as pain-free for all of us as I can. I propose that we decide not to acknowledge each others presence. Agreed?”

I stopped my furious pacing to glance at James, he looked aghast. “B-B-But Lily, I don’t want to ignore you!” he stammered.
I rolled my eyes. “That’s for sure. Every time you see me you make a huge embarrassing scene!.” I told him. James looked shocked.
“I only do that because other wise you would ignore me.” I looked at him skeptically. “Well… I guess it is kind of fun too.” He finally admitted.
Sirius stopped his glowering enough to grin and say “Haha, yeah, like at Kings Cross.” James chortled “Yeah that was priceless, mate!” they I slapped a high-five, and probably would have gone on reminiscing former pranks, had I not then cleared my throat, causing both of them to remember my presence and be subjected to my glare.

After a few seconds, I sighed “So, do we have a truce? I will acknowledge your existence if we cross paths, and in turn, you will not make a huge scene when ever you see me?” James looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded. “Agreed”
Sirius, who had been flirting with yet another girl, while James and I talked, now sighed loudly. “Can I go eat now?” he whined, obviously irritated.
I scowled “You know this deal includes you too?”
He made a face “Yes.”
I nodded. “Then, yes, you can go.” Sirius stood up to leave.

“Wait!” James cried Sirius turned to stare at him, eyebrows raised. “I think we should shake on it.” I sighed. Sirius sighed. James pleaded. “Come on, it wouldn’t be a deal if we didn’t shake on it, now would it?” Sirius’s stomach grumbled loudly. I stared at James For a long second, then steeped forward, hand extended. James eagerly took my hand and shook it, holding it for a moment longer than necessary, I noticed. I turned towards Black. He grabbed my hand gruffly, shook it once, and then dropped it.
“Can I eat now?”
James rolled his eyes “Yes, Sirius. We’re going.” Sirius took off at a fast walk in the direction of the café.
‘Sorry about him’ James mouthed before taking off after his friend. I just stared at their retreating backs, a contented smile on my face. 

Later that night, as I laid in my extremely comfortable bed staring at the ceiling in my cabin, James’s words echoed in my mind. “I only do that because otherwise you would ignore me.” I had a sort of debate running through my head. One part of me desperately wanted to think that he was just trying to give me a guilt trip, make me feel bad for him. But another part of me could see the truth in his words. Maybe I had been too harsh on him. Sure, he could be an arrogant show off, but underneath it all was he a good person? The part of me supporting the guilt trip theory scoffed at this idea. But side number 2, no matter how I tried to repress it, kept pushing a thought to the front of my head: Did James Potter deserve a second chance? 

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Chapter 5: A Walk On Deck
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By the next morning, the debate in my head still hadn’t resolved itself, so I decided to go clear my head. I left a quick note for my parents outside my door, then headed up the stairwell to the top deck. I leaned against the railing, squinting a bit in the bright sunlight that was reflecting off the water stretched out in front of me as far as the eye could see. It was very windy up on deck, weather it was because of the speed of the ship, the ocean, or a combination of the two I didn’t know, but to any effect, I quickly tied my long hair back before it could get too knotted up. Ah, the downsides of having long hair, sometimes it seemed like boys had it so much easier than girls. Boys. That brought my thoughts back to James Potter.

What was I going to do with him? Should I give him a second chance? Maybe I should, it looks like he isn’t so bad after all…. No! what am I saying! He’s an arrogant git! He is my worst nigh-
“Lily?” a voice coming from behind me interrupted my thoughts.

I slowly turned on the spot, desperately hoping I had mistaken that voice. I hadn’t. “Oh, hey James.” I said hoping I wasn’t blushing or anything stupid like that.
“Hey.” He said coming to stand next to me on the rail. He seemed more subdued at the moment which was strange. Maybe it was the lack of Sirius standing beside him.
“Where’s Sirius?”
He rolled his eyes “Still sleeping I expect. I left the room around 11 to come walk up here.” I glanced at my watch, it was nearly noon.
“Man, that boy can sleep.” I commented.
James shrugged “I usually sleep this late as well, but I was having trouble sleeping last night.” He blushed. I thought about that for a second then groaned inwardly, I could imagine what, or more likely who he had been thinking about.

We stood silence for a few minutes, I watched his hair ruffle in the wind. It looked so soft, you almost wanted to run your fingers through it. Ack! What was wrong with me today? First thinking he’s a good guy and now wanting to run my fingers through his hair! I was glad that my best friend, Hilary, wasn’t here. I knew exactly what she would say if I told her about the thoughts I had been having lately. She’d tell me I liked James, I mean seriously! How impossible is that! We were at a truce, nothing more! He was still an egotistical jerk. But for some reason, standing here with a calm look on his face, and his hair ruffling in the wind, he looked different… sweeter almost. No that was impossible, James Potter was never sweet… ever.

Something of the conflict going on in my head seemed to show on my face, for he now peered at me, concerned.
“Lily, are you ok?”
“Yes.” I lied quickly “Why do you ask?”
He studied my expression for a moment “I don’t know. You seem…” he searched for the right word. He finally settled on “distracted.”
I shrugged off his comment. “I’m fine.” He frowned out at the ocean, lost in thought again. I stared at the ocean too, anything to keep me from thinking about his hair again. But, after a few seconds he broke the silence.
“You know I really like you, Lily.” He murmured quietly. 
Oh, god, not again. “Listen, James.” I said trying to keep my voice even. But he talked over me.
“ I know, I know, you don’t like me. I’m an arrogant toe rag, I’m an egotistical jerk, I’m conceited, and you will never in a million years go out with me. I’ve heard it all about a million times." Here he flashed me a grin, then continued, "And I totally don’t buy your ‘I’m fine’ excuse. So if there’s anything I can do to help you, just say the word ok?”

I just stood there like an idiot, too shocked to speak. Then a shout caused both off us to turn around.
“OY! Prongs!” Sirius was walking towards us. James flashed me a grin that would make just about any girl’s heat melt.
“I guess I have to go. I’ll see you later.” He turned and met Sirius who immediately started talking to him. “ I wake up and you’re gone! Do you know how worrying that is?” From where I was standing I could see James roll his eyes.
“I know, I know. Now let’s go see if they’re still serving breakfast.” At this Sirius nodded enthusiastically, and I watched them walk away in direction of the stairs that would take them down by the food court.

I think I stood there gaping for about 3 minutes, then people started staring at me until I finally remembered to shut my mouth. That was not the James potter I knew. Or was it? Had James really been that nice all along and I hadn’t realized it? Had I been too set in my hatred of him to really notice that he could be a good guy? I didn’t think so. But I mean why this sudden turn about in him? Why was he being so… so…. mature now? Because that was the only word for it, James Potter was acting mature, a word I didn’t even think he knew the meaning to! And then another thought hit me; had I just had whole conversation with James Potter where he hadn’t used any pick-up lines or asked me out? Whoa… things were certainly changing. 

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Chapter 6: Cozumel
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The next day, our ship landed in our first port of call, on the island of Cozumel. The island had a whole host of activities, but my family decided they just wanted to sunbathe on the beach near where our ship was docked. I wanted to do something different though, partly because I don’t really like sand (it’s so itchy and gets everywhere) and partly because I didn’t think I could stand a whole day of just lying around, I prefer to be active. So, whilst my family was gathering their towels, sunscreen, and bathing suits, I was scanning a leaflet describing all the activities the island had to offer.

The activity that sounded the most appealing to me, was a ropes course in a forested part of the island. It had, among other things, a giant zip line high up in the tree tops that looked amazingly fun. I showed the leaflet to my mother, and she agreed that I could go where I wanted as long as I was back by 5 o’clock for diner on the ship. So, I walked off the ship and down the street to where the company who owned the zip line had an office where the leaflet said you could get a car to take you out to the ropes course.

The receptionist at the desk was rather old and severe looking; in fact, she looked scarily like Professor McGonagall except with a computer in front of her, but I pushed those thoughts aside and approached her desk. “Um, hi. Uh, can I get a car to the ropes course?” 

She looked up from her computer and nodded. “Yes, another car leaves in 5 minutes. You can go through those doors there and wait.” 

I nodded “Ok, thanks”. I walked through the doors she had motioned to, and stopped dead.

They were there, James and Sirius sat on a bench, snickering quietly at some of the muggle magazines they were flipping through. “Hehe look at this! They don’t even move!” said Sirius under his breath. 

James glanced up at him “Don’t interrupt me. I’m trying to read this article!” he snapped. 

"And we all know what a challenge reading is for you.” I said from where I stood in the corner. Both gave a start and looked around. James was the first one to spot me. 

“Lily!” he said as I walked over and fluidly sat in a small armchair across the table from his. “Wh- what are you doing here?” 

I rolled my eyes, already resigned to my fate. I had decided that it was just inevitable that wherever I went James Potter would be as well. “I expect I’m doing the same thing as you are, waiting for a car to the ropes course. That is what you’re doing right?” he nodded, still rather agape at me. I sighed, I had entertained that last hope that he wasn’t waiting for the same car… “By the way, you do know that’s a girls magazine right?” he yelped and dropped his issue of Seventeen.

5 minutes and a bumpy car ride later, we were deep with in the forest and standing before a rack full of harnesses and carabineers. Luckily, I had ridden up front next to the driver, while James and Sirius sat in the back. Nevertheless I could still here their muttered complaints of “Rather shaky isn’t it? I think I prefer flying, or even floo” and “Man this thing goes slower than a Cleansweep!” I could only hope the driver couldn’t.

“You step into your harness like this… then pull on these ropes to tighten it.” said our instructor, a handsome young man of about 20. “ Now, you need to get into your own harnesses, I think the three of you will want to pick off that rack.” he pointed to a rack off to his right “When you have adjusted your harness, come to me just so I can check it for you.” 

I eagerly picked out a harness with a blue carabineer at the waist, put it on, and adjusted the straps as best I could. I got mine checked and then picked out a bulky red helmet. Once I had adjusted that to fit my head, I glanced over at Sirius and James who were getting their harnesses checked, I could tell by the way they held them selves that they found the harnesses uncomfortable, I laughed, realizing that, until now they had probably never even heard of a harness. 

Once every one was all set up with the proper safety gear, we gathered at the edge of the deep ravine that the zip line would take us over… bur first we had to get there. “Ok guys… and girl.” Our instructor addressed us “There are two ways to get to the zip line: You can do it with a rope under your feet and two beside you for balance, or you can start here” he indicated behind him “ and jump out backwards with the rope above you and the pull your self over with your hands. as scary as it seems, the backwards way is actually faster and easier. I would recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like heights. Now, who wants to go first? One of you brave gentlemen?” I looked over at the guys, Sirius had gone very white in the face, and James was staring mistrustfully at the ropes and harnesses.

I rolled my eyes “ I think I’ll go first.” I said 

The instructor nodded “Which way do you want to go?” 

“Backwards, definitely.” I said with more strongly than I felt. I was just now realizing how very high the ropes were from the floor of the ravine, but I swallowed and walked to the edge where I was hooked onto the ropes. 

“You’re good to go whenever you’re ready” the instructor told me. I nodded. 

“Lily, wait!” James had finally spoken, his voice seemed rather hoarse. 

I sighed “What is it, James?” 

He was still staring at the ropes “I-I don’t trust those ropes. Let me go first, just to test them.” 

I laughed “James, there is nothing wrong with these they are perfectly safe.” I laughed again and then threw my self off the cliff.

“Oh. My. Gosh. It was so much fun; you guys totally should have come!” We were at dinner, and I was telling my family all about the zip line as we ate. The zip line was totally fun, it was 400 feet of pure adrenaline rush. After I had gone off screaming and laughing the whole way, James had pushed past Sirius and gone next. I was on the ground by him when we got off, laughing his head off. We had ridden the zip line five more times before finally going back to the ship.

By the time dinner was over my family was just about ready to kill me if I ever said the word ‘zip line’ again, so I decided to go look at the stars up on deck to get away from them. it was a clear and breezy night and the stars were beautiful. As I stood there admiring the stars, I heard three voices behind me, two of which was very familiar.

“James, your father and I are going to go back to the room, you and Sirius can stay out as late as you like but just please try not to wake us when you come in ok?” that was an unfamiliar voice, but I assumed it was James’s mother. 

Then a familiar voice spoke “Yes, Mum. We promise we’ll keep it down. Goodnight.” 

His mother spoke again “’Night.” I heard high heeled shoes click down the stairs. 

After his mother had disappeared down the stairs I heard James say to Sirius “So, what trouble shall we get our selves into tonight?” I rolled my eyes, was it possible for them to go a full 24 hours without somehow reeking havoc? 

Sirius answered him “Well actually, mate, I’m still kinda hungry, I want to go back down to the snack bar.” 

James sniggered “And I don’t suppose it’s the food and only the food that’s interesting you now is it?” 

When Sirius spoke again he sounded just a little embarrassed “Well, there was this one hot girl who was checking me out…” 

James laughed again “Ok mate, you go get her. I think I’ll walk around up here for a bit.”

I hoped James would go off in the opposite direction and not see me here; I just wanted to be alone. But, no such luck. “Hey, Lils.” 

I turned around “Hey James.” 

He came and stood next to me on the railing. “Boy that zip wire today was really fun didn’t you think?” 

I smiled and nodded my agreement “Yeah it was great.” 

We were silent for a moment, staring at the stars, then James said “Hey, there are two chairs over there, it would be easier to see the stars.” I nodded and we walked over to the chairs and sat down. We both silently gazed at the heavens for several more minutes, and then I glanced over at him. And I don’t know why but something about him sitting there so quietly just staring at the stars seemed to trigger something in me and, before I knew what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed James Potter. 

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Chapter 7: Freak Out
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The nanosecond after our lips touched I quickly pulled back. What the hell was I doing?! This was James Potter! James Potter! He had become rigid when I kissed him, unable to react fast enough to stop me from pulling away, and he now sat gaping at me. “Lily?” he sounded completely bewildered and maybe even… frightened? I made no reply. What had just happened here? Had I actually just kissed James potter? Me kiss him!? That would imply I had feelings for him which I absolutely did not! James was beginning to regain his old cockiness “So how does it feel to have just kissed Hogwart’s number one Hottie?” he said smirking.

It took me a few seconds but I managed to come up with a somewhat witty reply “Surely, you mean Hogwart’s number one git?” I said trying to take his focus off the kiss.
Hi smirk grew more pronounced “But you will admit that you kissed me?”
Crap. “I did not kiss you I was… I was….there was…just…simply…I didn’t…”

But it was no use, after hearing my feeble objections he was now grinning broadly, and came to sit by me on the chair. “It’s ok, I guess you just finally came to your senses.” He slid his arm around my waist I jabbed him in the sides and he quickly withdrew his arm.

I stood up a looked down my nose at him “I’m going to bed!” I said haughtily, I needed time to think and get my thoughts in order.

To my surprise he shrugged and said “Fine then, just one question,” he stood up beside me “if you had a parrot would you put it on this shoulder;” he tapped the shoulder closest to him “or this shoulder?” he reached around me a put his arm around my shoulders. I heard him cackling with laughter behind me as I stomped off to my cabin. 

That arrogant git! Stupid boy he can’t take anything maturely! He’s so infuriating! “Merlin’s beard!” this last part I said out loud as I stormed about my room, getting ready for bed. How dare he! The presumptuous little prat! But no matter how I trued to blame James I couldn’t keep my mind off the more pressing situation for long. What in the world had possessed me to kiss him? Kiss James Potter? What was I thinking? I refused to believe that I could actually have some feelings for him; it was utterly absurd to even think such things! But still, after nearly an hour of assessing and re-assessing what had happened, I could find no explanation for what I had done.

I went to bed frustrated and confused, my mind filled with ideas that I had never thought possible. That was the first night I dreamed of James Potter.

I woke up the next morning with the answer that had evaded me the previous night in my head. It was pure and simple, and as much as I might hate to admit it, it was true and I knew it. I was in love with him. I was in love with James. I had no idea what to make of it. There was no way I was going to admit it to him; he would just get all cocky and big headed and make a big thing out of it. And the embarrassment, oh the embarrassment! First he would make a scene then he would tell Sirius, and Sirius would make a scene, then he would owl Remus and Peter and they would make scenes the next time they saw me, and of course every one back at school would be shocked. And basically it would just be a bunch of attention I didn’t want or need.

So I was just going to wait it out, I was just going to wait until this fancy for him passed, that seemed like the most reasonable and safest thing to do in this situation. Well, that and avoid James at all costs.

In my quest to avoid James for the reminder of the voyage, I spent most of the day in my room, watching movies on the TV in my room, my favorites to watcher were the fantasy ones that had to do with witches and wizards, they were absolutely hysterical. At one point my mother popped in and inquired after my health, I made up a headache as an excuse for staying inside all day. My parents did however insist that I have dinner with them that evening so, when six o’clock rolled around, I hesitantly poked my head out of my room, ready to withdraw it at the slightest glimpse of untidy black hair or big hazel eyes. But much to my relief, there was no sight of any of the Potters or Black as I sped down to the dining hall to meet my family.

I did not see or hear any of them all through dinner which was good because I had no idea what I was going to do if I did see them. I knew I would probably end up making a fool of my self but it didn’t matter so long as James and Black didn’t find me. As soon as dessert was over, I hurried back to my room.

When I was on the staircase, I thought I saw a mess of black hair a few flights above me, and, after nearly hyperventilating, I quickly ducked out of the stairwell at the next opportunity and used the stairwell on the other side of the ship. It was when I had safely arrived back in my room and had the door firmly shut and locked behind me, that I realized that this was absolutely ridiculous. I couldn’t keep freaking out like this every time there was even a possibility that Black or Potter was near by, it was just absurd. It wasn’t like I could hide from them for the rest of the cruise. At some point I was going to have to confront him, and I might as well get it over with right?

But what was I going to say to him when he did at last catch up with me? I couldn’t tell him the truth, that I loved him… could I? 

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Chapter 8: Chases, Closets, and Confrontations
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The next morning, I woke around nine, ordered breakfast in my room, and ate it while I got dressed. Then I immediately set out to find James Potter; I was on a mission. I decided that since breakfast was still being served, I could probably find him in the dinning hall until the cleaning crew kicked them out so they could do their job. But much to my surprise, they weren’t there. For lack of a better idea I checked up on deck next and after walking almost completely around the deck, I found both him and Sirius in a secluded spot sitting on deck chairs with large piles of parchment and some quills. They were so engrossed in what they were doing, that they didn’t notice when I came up behind them and said tentatively “James?” they jumped about a foot in the air and spilt their parchment all over the place, after furtively glancing around to be sure no open was watching we quickly restacked the papers with our wands. Once everything was cleared up, they both turned to face me. Sirius was wearing a wide smirk, which I took to mean he knew about everything that had transpired between James and I. James actually look a little bit nervous.

It was just then when I caught sight of what was written on their papers. My mouth hung open. “Who are you writing to?”
James glanced down at the letters and laughed “Oh, just our fan club, you know, they keep owling us asking how our summer’s going and what we’re doing.” He rolled his eyes. “They’re actually getting kind of creepy, keep telling me their single and really good kissers.” He grinned at me.
I gave him a disbelieving look “You do not have a fan club.”
James nodded earnestly “Actually I do! It’s not as big as Sirius’s, I’ll admit, but still. Actually I don’t think they fancy you much, which is probably why you were never invited to join them.” 

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. How in the hell could he possibly had a fan club! He didn’t, did he? If he did… well… then that explained who had died my hair green last year, and let crickets loose in my dormitory, and played countless other pranks on me. 

I shook my head and moved on; it wasn’t important. “Potter, can I have a word?”
He and Sirius exchanged a look that I didn’t totally understand, and then Sirius abruptly got up and walked away, humming innocently as he went. I sat down in Black’s abandoned spot and faced James.

“Look, James, The other night I-“
But James cut me off before I could finish “I knew this would come.’ He said sadly, looking down. “You’re going to tell me that you weren’t your self or that you had a fever, or you weren’t thinking clearly, but to any effect, it didn’t mean anything and you still hate me and never ant to see me again.” He finished, staring at his shoes. And I felt a lump in my throat; I was just beginning to understand how this must be for James. He could have any girl he wanted in the whole school, but the one he wanted didn’t want him.

I cleared my throat, causing James to look up at me. “Well, that actually wasn’t what I was going to say. What I was going to say before you so rudely interrupted me” I gave him my best professor McGonagall look, “was that,” but I was cut off, yet again, this time by a shout coming from farther down deck.

“Oy! Prongs!” James’s head snapped up to look at Sirius’s approaching figure, which had continued it’s shout “Ol’ Buzzkill is coming! He knows it was us! I think we might have to lay low for an hour or so.” Sirius was standing with us now and had ceased his shouting. James was grinning mischievously.

I was thoroughly confused. “Who’s Buzzkill? And what does he know you did?” I questioned but Sirius talked over me.
“The funny thing is, is he can’t figure out how we got it shoved way up int- “
But James covered Sirius’s mouth with his hand, hastily, saying “Aww now I’m not sure Lily needs all the gory details…”
Sirius laughed as James removed his hand “Right we’ll save those for later, but he’s probably only about two minutes away so we need to scram.”
“But Lily and I weren’t done talking yet!” James began to protest.
Sirius looked exasperated “James, you know your mother’s going to throw a hissy fit if we get caught one more time. I mean, heck, she might even punish us for once!” Sirius looked appalled at the thought.
“I don’t care.” James muttered, looking very much like a sulky child. 

“James!” Sirius said frustratedly. But then we all saw a hulking figure appear out of the stairwell a ways away.
“Oh, shite, that’s him. Fine James you can take Lily with us, just hurry! And if we get caught because of her I’m blaming you.” Sirius muttered in a rush so that just James and I could hear.
“Fair enough.” James muttered as equally low and fast. And then, before I really knew what was happening, James had taken my hand and we were running. 

We ducked down into the stairway near us and ran for our lives. Sirius was in the very front leading James, who was pulling me by the hand, I nearly lost my footing on several occasions. Once we reached the landing below where there were more people around, we slowed to a fast speed walk. We continued on like this down the hallway, keeping our heads down and not saying a word, listening for running feet or shouting from behind us. I think several people looked at us funnily, but it didn’t matter. We had almost reached the end of the hallway when we did our routine glance behind us and we saw him, the hulking figure from up on deck, just coming out of the stairwell way behind us. James and Sirius had picked up the speed again as we saw him, but James was still leading me by the hand so I kept my eyes fixed on the man behind us. He was huge, probably 5 foot 7 or so, but every one of his limbs bulged with muscle. He was terrifying, even from a distance. I was thinking all this and staring at the man when suddenly I was jerked to the side and everything went black. I fell down, hard, and landed on something rather squishy.

“Oof! Lily! That was my face!” came a disgruntled and muffled voice from below me.
I muttered sorry as I picked my self up, only to trod on something on the floor.
“Ouch! Mate, my feet!” came Sirius’s whispered cry of pain as I heard who I assumed was James pick him self up from the floor where I had pushed him down.

I muttered a sorry again, this time with a little more frustration and then hissed “Where the bloody hell are we?” from somewhere in the darkness surrounding me came quiet snickers, then Sirius answered;
“Storage closet, it’s our favorite one to hide out in ‘cause to all the muggles it’s locked. They never check in here. If you hadn’t been staring at ol’ Buzzy, you might have noticed that we were ducking into a closet and not have caused so much pain.”

I ignored his semi-insult and rolled my eyes. Why did it not surprise me that they already had favorite hiding spots on the ship? By now the inside of the closet was becoming a little clearer. I could make out James’s silhouette on my right, and Sirius’s standing opposite me, leaning against what seemed to be a set of shelves. Now that it looked like we had some time to talk, I decided to ask the few questions I had left.

“So who exactly is Buzzkill?” I hissed into the silence.
Again with the snickers, then Sirius whispered “That’s just our nickname for him. You would know him as the first mate. He kind of has it out for us just because of a few innocent pranks.”
I rolled my eyes again “And what ‘oh-so-innocent’ prank is he out to get you for this time?”
This time it was James who spoke up “You don’t need to know the finer points, the less you know the better actually, but let’s just say that it involves an ‘inappropriate’ picture” 

“A bottle of sleeping pills” Sirius cut in 

“The first mates’ rear” 

“And a good strong sticking charm.” Sirius finished. It was kind of scary the way they finished each other’s sentences with out thinking about it. 

We must’ve sat in the closet for a good fifteen minutes. I thought seemed like an unreasonably long amount of time, but seeing as Sirius and James were the masters of that particular art, I didn’t argue.

When at last we emerged from the closet, blinking form the sudden light, we stood out side the closet awkwardly before Sirius, finally registering what James’s meaningful glances towards me meant, gave an excuse about needing to finish writing fan letters and sauntered off.

James and I turned to face each other rather awkwardly. “How much you bet he goes and finds Melanie?”
I gave him a blank expression. “Who?”
James smiled “You know, the girl he has been steadily flirting with all trip?” 
I nodded “Oh.” And we were at loss for words. I knew that, in a second he would ask me about what I had begun to say earlier, and I dreaded the moment. But, to my surprise, he seemed content to wait, he just stood there, smiling somewhat serenely while I had time to gather my thoughts.

At last I began, for the third time that day “Look, James, about the other night…” his face perked up as I said this, and he stayed silent, anxious to hear more. “The other night I don’t know what happened. I acted very impulsively.”
His face fell “But, I thought you said…?” he asked confused.
“You didn’t let me finish. I acted impulsively, but that impulse showed me something I didn’t know… feelings I didn’t know I had. And I- I- I think I might love you, James.”

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Chapter 9: First (Real) Date
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By the time I had finished talking I was blushing furiously and staring at the ground. Public declarations of love weren’t really my thing. James was silent, and after a few seconds I poked my head up just to make sure he was still there. He was, and he was staring at me with an indescribable expression on his face, but as soon as I looked up, he silently pulled me into a hug. At first I was a little shocked, but then I just gave in and wrapped my arms around him. He was warm and soft, despite his muscular features; what happens after 6 years quidditch I suppose.

 After several seconds, James pulled away slightly to look me in the face. “So does this mean we’re going out now?” I rolled my eyes. Typical male. “Yes, James.”He smiled “Okay good. Just checking.” We were silent for a few seconds then a thought seemed to occur to him “And you haven’t hit your head or something?”I laughed, the sound ringing a slight bit in the empty corridor. “No, I’m perfectly fine.”

James and I spent the remainder of the afternoon together, mostly walking on deck together and talking, until around 4:00 he suddenly pulled me to the side, and faced me.“Lily,” he said looking slightly nervous for some reason I couldn’t fathom. “What is it, James?” I asked truly perplexedHe bit his lip for a second and then his words all came in a rush “Will you have dinner with me tonight? I mean a formal dinner, like in that fancy restaurant on the 5th floor?”

I smiled, surprised that asking me this would make him nervous when he had asked me out on many occasions in the past years; I supposed the suspense of not actually knowing what my answer might be actually worried him.“Of course I will, James.”He grinned, relieved. “Ok, I’m gonna go owl Remus and then get ready. I’ll meet you in... ” he paused for a second “Er, how much time do you need to get ready?”I smiled again, he was so cute when he was trying to think hard “I can be ready by 5:30.”He smiled and nodded. “Ok, great, see you then!” and he dashed off towards his room.

I gazed after him for quite sometime after he had disappeared down the stairwell and out of sight. Then I drifted over to the railing and gazed at the see for a while completely lost in my pleasant thoughts. After a few minuets I somehow managed to pull my self back to reality, and made my way back to my room, smiling serenely at everyone I passed on the way.

When I reached my room, I showered, and picked out one of the only formal outfits I had brought with me, a short black spaghetti strapped number, which I rarely ever had an occasion to wear, although I like it a lot. Once I had done my hair to perfection, slipped into my dress, and done my makeup (just a little mascara and eyeliner, I’m not really the type who likes to look like a Barbie)  it was twenty past five, so I headed down to meet James. 

 He was waiting patiently in front of the restaurant, staring up at the skylight that made up the majority of the ceiling several stories above us. I was delighted to see that Sirius was no where in sight. James was looking adorable, all cleaned up, and in khaki pants and a blue polo.

In a playful mood, I snuck up behind him and put my hands over his eyes “Guess who?” I murmured in his ear. I could feel his face break into a grin “Chelsea? No, not now baby, I told you I’m busy tonight.” He gently pulled my hands away from his face and turned to face me, keeping my hands in his against his chest. It wasn’t an all together uncomfortable position.He was grinning boyishly, I gave him a fake looked of shock, which caused him to laugh “You know I was only joking!”I smiled “Yeah, I know.”“So, shall we?”I nodded “We shall.” He took my hand and we headed into the restaurant. 

Upon entering the restaurant, waiters began scurrying around us and pestering us with drinks and appetizers, and, as a result, we didn’t really get a chance to talk until the main course had been served.

“So,” I said over my ravioli, which happened to be very delicious, “Where is Sirius tonight?”James rolled his eyes “Where do you think?” after catching my blank expression he added “Melanie, where else?” I nodded “Oh, right.”

We sat in an uncomfortable silence for several minutes, staring at our food, awkwardly glancing up at each other between bites. Then suddenly, James smirked.“What?” I asked suspiciously“I was remembering that time in third year when you used the bat boogey hex on me in the hallway after I asked you out. You said you would never go out with me as long as you lived and I was a bumbling, annoying, cocky, idiot.”I laughed, and he joined in with me. After we had caught our breath I said, still smiling “And just look at where I am now…”James grinned “Yeah. Ironic isn’t it?”“It is.” I agreed

After that, the conversation flowed easily. We reminisced some of the more theatrical ways he’d asked me out, and my reactions. We talked and laughed all through dinner, and, as James tripped over paying the check with muggle money (he did surprisingly well, I was proud of him) I realized I was having a great time and did not want the evening to end. 

 I took his hand as we left the restaurant, and we moseyed around the shops surrounding our restaurant, chatting all the way. After about 15 minutes of this, James suddenly glanced at his watch, then looked up at me grinning. “Can I show you something?” he asked, clearly excited.“Uhh… sure?” the words were barely out of my mouth before he was practically running for the stairwell.“James! Where are we going?!”But he just looked back at me, smiling, and ran faster.

We emerged out on the top deck, the cool night air felt refreshing after our mad dash up the stairs. James, who had now slowed to a medium-paced walk, towed me around to a secluded part of the deck where no one was sitting. Once he had come to a complete stop and sat me on a chair next to him, he murmured “Look up.”

I looked up, and gasped. Over our heads the stars shone like diamonds, but that wasn’t the best part, there were several trails of fire shooting through the sky, dazzling and beautiful. “Shooting stars.” I breathed, amazed. I had never seen them as a child, and surprisingly enough I never saw any during astronomy at Hogwarts. They were beautiful, lines of fire lighting up the sky. It was hard to say how long we sat there, just staring at the sky, until a rather gross sound roused us form out thoughts.

From behind us came the sounds of some one heavily snogging someone else. I turned around and saw Sirius and a blonde girl whom I assumed to be Melanie.  He had her pushed up against a wall and it appeared as if their bodies were welded together. I made a face and James rolled his eyes.“C’mon.” he whispered “They probably won’t notice us, but there’s no reason we have to see” he made a face “or hear that.”

We slowly walked down to my room, hand in hand, and then stopped outside the door.“I had a really good time tonight, Lily.” He said looking at his shoes, embarrassed (Who’d have thought, James Potter embarrassed?)“I had a nice time, too.” I paused, then laughed “I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Well, at least not directed at you!” and his laughter joined mine, echoing down the empty hallway.

After the last chuckle had died away, we stood for a few seconds, kind of awkwardly looking around, till finally I let my eyes rest on James and he looked back at me.
“So, er, Good night, James.”  He took a small step towards me and I advanced a bit in return, then, impulsively, I pulled him closer and wrapped my arms around him. he hugged me back, and I press my face into his shoulder. I hadn’t noticed before, but he smelled good, rather like honeysuckle; it was very pleasant.

“Good night, Lily.” He murmured into my hair after few seconds, then, pulling himself away to kiss me on the forehead, he left. I stood and watched his retreating back till it was out of sight around the corner, then retreated into my suite, humming and swaying around as I got ready for bed. It had been a very good night.

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Chapter 10: Grand Cayman
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I slept late the next day, and woke up in a good mood; the buzz from last night still going strong. I ordered breakfast to my room, and ate out on my little balcony, admiring the beautiful blue ocean stretching out below me, and the perfect cloudless sky above me. after I finished my breakfast, I tidied up my room with a few simple charms, because even though the ship did have maid service, I didn’t let them into my room, fearing that they would stumble across my spell books or wand. I left my room soon after straightening up; we were due to arrive in a port of call around noon ( Grand Cayman to be exact) and I wanted to find James before he and Sirius ran off on whatever adventure they had planned.

True to form, I found them in the dining hall, finishing breakfast which appeared to be double orders of everything the ship offered for breakfast. I sighed; they were such pigs. I eyed their…..meals… with disgust as I sat daintily in the chair next to James. He looked over at me in surprise and quickly wiped his moth on his napkin.
“Oh, hey Lils.”
“Hey.” I smiled serenely and just gazed into; I know it sounds corny but whatever. He stared back at me and we sat like that for several until Sirius coughed loudly, breaking the spell.
“Whoops. Sorry guys, don’t mind me, carry on with your love fest.” I laughed and James just rolled his eyes at him best mate.
“Just ‘cause you and Melanie spend all of your time together snogging instead of admiring some the smaller things in life….” Said James, who looked slightly irritated.
Sirius, looking like an extremely over grown five year old, stuck out his tongue at James and looked like he was going to make a smart reply. I decided to stop the petty bickering before things turned nasty. Not that I thought that Sirius and James would really get into a fight anyways, those two were thick as thieves. But, it was still a good precaution. 

“So,” I cut in “What diabolical plans do you have for today?”
Sirius looked a bit uneasy “Well, actually, Melanie and I had kinda planned to spend the day together.” He looked at his watch “In fact I’m supposed to go meet her, like, now.” He dashed off and down the hallway.
James rolled his eyes and stared moodily out the panoramic windows that made up a wall of the dining hall.
“That’s fine.” I said brightly “You and I can hang out, James.”
He seemed slightly cheered by this thought, turning to look at me “Ok.” He seemed more excited than he should be, so I quickly put an end to his fantasies.
“Not that, James.” I gave him a disapproving look and he returned a sheepish grin
“I didn’t really consider it… only for a second.”  I smiled to reassure him that he was forgiven, then Sirius came bounding back into the room and slung a his arms around me and James’s shoulders.
“So, what are we doing today guys?”

“Um… what happened to Melanie?” I asked, confused. James perked up, listening.
Sirius waved my question casually away “Said she didn’t really want to be a couple anymore, something about thinking we were getting to serious.” He seemed amazingly unperturbed for some one who just got dumped. Then again, he was a marauder.
James just smiled and shook his head. “That’s always they way they go.” Both he and Sirius laughed jovially. It seemed all traces of James annoyance had evaporated. I just shook my head in disbelief and then laughed along with them.

We ended up just wandering around the island, especially targeting this awesome outdoor market run by the locals. It had all these cool little shops and stands filled with brightly colored displays of fabric and jewelry and food. James and Sirius spent most of their money on food, but James did buy me this adorable little bracelet. Around noon, we ate lunch at cute little restaurant on the water. And it was there, sitting in the little room and staring out the window at the beautiful bay, the we discovered the paddleboats.

“Look!” James cried, pointing excitedly out the window. Sirius and I whirled about to see where he was pointing, expecting it to be something a little more sinister than paddleboats.
“Goodness James! Don’t do that to me! It isn’t good for my heart.” Said Sirius, giving a very good impression of an old lady. But then he too caught sight of the strange contraptions going by out side the window. They were both awe-struck.
“Lily, what are those things?” I turned around to find the object of all this attention, and laughed “Those are paddleboats, James.”
“Wow! Look at them go! Don’t they look like fun Lily?
Honestly, to me, it didn’t look that great, just another thing to redden my already sunburned cheeks.
“Oh, please Lily? Can we Please do the paddleboats?” 
It wasn’t exactly my ideal way to spend an afternoon, but he looked so hopeful I couldn’t let him down.
I sighed in defeat “Ok, James. We can do the paddle boats.”
“Yes!” he grinned form ear to ear. Then his face fell. “But, they are two person boats, and there are three of us.”
Sirius smiled “Don’t worry about it.  I was planning on just exploring the island by my lonesome anyways. You two have fun.”  He placed his portion of the check for the restaurant on the table then left, leaving James and I to ourselves. 

We finished eating and James paid the bill then we walked along the beach in the direction of the paddleboat stand, holding hands. I was pleased to see that James was completely absorbed in our conversation, not paying any attention to the scantily clad girls sunbathing on the sand around us. When we reached the paddleboat rental hut, we rented out a cute little two seater, and headed out on the water. It was kind of hard to get the hang of at first, and James kept forgetting to paddle while he marveled at the way the paddle boats worked, but we had fun; eventually pulling back on shore about an hour later. We returned the boats, then decided to head back to the ship, when a thought struck me.

“James?” I asked suddenly.
He turned to look at me “Yes?”
“What would you say,” I began cautiously “to meeting my parents tonight? At dinner?”
He looked a bit disgruntled for a moment but then his face smoothed out into a wide grin. “Sure. Parents love me!”
I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Ok then, we’ll be eating dinner around six, so maybe you could meet us in the dining hall around then?” by this time we were at the ship, and standing in the cavernous main plaza.
He smiled vaguely “Sure, Lils. Whatever you say.”
I just laughed and shook my head “Ok, James. See you at six.” And I walked back to my room to get cleaned up.

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Chapter 11: Of Parents, dances, and boys named Chad....
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Around 5:30 I went to go talk to my parents, knocking hesitantly on their door before entering.
“Hey, Mommy.”
She looked up from where she sat on the bed, reading while my father snoozed next to her. “Hey sweetie.” Then she eyed me suspiciously “To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?”
I grinned sheepishly “Well, actually, I was wondering… can one of my friends eat dinner with us tonight?”
My mom smiled “Sure, sweetie. Who is she? Did you meet her on the ship?”
I looked down at my feet. “Well… you see.. it’s actually a boy.. he actually goes to School with me.
At this my father shot up and stared at me “Are you two dating?!”
I continued to stare at my toes “Er, well... yes... I guess you could call it that.”
“Name.” my father demanded
I took a shaky breath and looked up “James Potter. James Potter is… my... boyfriend.”
My father stared off, deep in thought, with a concerned look on his face, but my mom smiled “Well that’s fine, and it’s good he goes to your school. I mean, what are the odds!”
I merely nodded, still marveling at he words that had come out of my mouth for I was just now realizing they were true. James was my boyfriend.

“The odds of what?” inquired Petunia, who had just entered the room. I knew Petunia would not be pleased to hear that I had found a boy, especially not one that was ‘like me’. I smiled, if somewhat evilly and vaguely answered “Oh, nothing.” then drifted back off to my room.  Petunia gave a ‘Humph.’ of contempt before stomping off in the opposite direction towards her room. 

As we approached the restaurant that evening, I was pleased to see that James had arrived early and was dressed nicely in khaki’s and a collared shirt. He was gazing upward at the cavernous ceiling of the main part of the ship, so he didn’t see us coming. He jumped a bit when I tapped him gently on the shoulder. When he turned around and met my eyes, I gave him a tentative smile before stepping to the side to let my parents come closer.
“James, these are my parents. Mom, Dad, this is James.”
My mother smiled warmly at James and said hello, but my dad was giving James a critical look, and I knew he was summing him up in his head, deciding what to make of him. If James felt any discomfort at all, he didn’t show it. He really must be as good with parents as he said. He greeted my mother and smiled back, then stuck out his hand for my father to shake. At this my father looked slightly taken aback, but definitely impressed. I could almost feel his estimation of James sky rocketing. That was good, my parents getting along with my boyfriend was definitely a good thing.

Then a thought hit me; what if they recognized James from his and Sirius’s antics on the platform and in the airport? If they did, I knew the both of them would definitely not approve of him. I could only hope that the lack of Sirius at his side and the way he had cleaned up his looks would be enough to fool them. 

Just then I noticed Petunia standing behind my parents, arms crossed, and looking highly offended at not being introduced. She had James fixed in a loathsome stare. I guessed my parents had told her I knew James from school.

I put my arm around Petunia’s shoulders and dragged her foreword.
“James, this is my darling sister, Petunia.” Petunia gagged and shoved me off her, stalking back from James.
“Hi.” She said coldly after my parents gave her a look that clearly stated ‘Greet him or you’re grounded.’ James greeted Petunia back kindly, and, mostly to end the awkward silence that was quickly settling on our group, but also because I was kind of hungry, I suggested that we go eat before there are no more spots in the restaurant.

Dinner passed fairly well, we made small talk and James was very polite to my parents. All in all I was very proud of him; he went the whole evening with out one crude joke, and he was even polite to Petunia, who in return remained some what civil to him. She mostly sat in silence, grumpily staring out the window into the courtyard out side the café, or staring down at her plate. No matter what, I noticed, she would not make eye contact with James. By the end of my evening my parents were definitely warming up to James, even more so when he insisted on paying a share of the bill.

After dinner, my parents went back upstairs, giving Petunia instructions to be back by eleven, but saying nothing about a curfew for me. This only worsened Petunia’s mood, and, soon after my parents left, she stalked off, muttering something about writing a letter.

Once Petunia was a considerable distance away, James faced me and took both my hands, pulling me closer.
“So,” he said “I think it went all right, what about you?”
I smiled up at him “You were a big hit. I can’t possibly have imagined it going better with my parents.”
He frowned suddenly “Your parents yes, your sister however…”
I laughed, startling him “Oh, don’t worry about her. She has a very…medieval attitude towards...our type.”
A look of understanding crossed his face and he smiled “That would explain it.”

We stood there smiling a minute before he spoke again.
“So I was thinking…”
I looked up at him, quizzically.
“That maybe tonight we could try out that teen club up on the third floor? Sirius went with Melanie and said it was actually pretty cool. And, come to think of it, he might be there now with his new girl… I think her name’s Alejandra?”
I smiled “Wow. Fast rebound rate.”
James laughed again “He is a marauder…”
“Indeed. Not exactly known for his commitment to serious relationships, is he?”
“Not at all.” James replied with a grin, and then continued on, “So do you wanna check it out?  If you don’t, or if it’s boring, we could always go hang up on deck or something.”
I smiled at him again “Sure let’s go.”

We began walking, hand in hand, towards the stairwell, then James stopped me.
“Oh, and Lily, one more thing?” he turned to face me, a torn expression on his face, he looked like he was locked in some mortal battle with him self
“Wh-“ I began, but before I could get the whole word out, he bent down and kissed me softly. It was soft and sweet and quite an improvement compared to the last time we had kissed.

When we pulled apart, we were both grinning from ear to ear.
“Sorry, I just had to try that.” He said breathlessly.
“I’m gad you did.” I replied, equally breathless. We both laughed and James put his arm around my waist as we headed up stairs to the club. 

The club turned out to be pretty cool. It was just like a completely functional club you would find anywhere else. Except of course for the fact that it was on a ship. Upon entering we almost immediately spotted Sirius dancing with who I assumed was Alejandra, and James pulled me out on the floor to dance with him, weaving through dancing couple surrounding us, we finally made it to Sirius.
Sirius grinned when he saw us coming “Prongsie!” he said, shouting to be heard over the music that was blaring from several large speakers surrounding a platform where the DJ stood. 

We hadn’t been dancing long when two giggling girls came up. One was tall, blonde and ditzy looking. The other was a brunette, but just as ditzy looking.
“Hi!” they said, then dissolved into giggles. Once they had redeemed themselves, they pushed themselves between me and James, I was slightly ticked off but tried not to show it.
“We were wondering…”
“If you would like to dance?” they said finishing one another’s sentences before once again breaking into twitters of laughter. I rolled my eyes, could they not see that I was dancing with him?
James glanced over their heads at me, smiling. “Sure guy, we can dance with four people, right?” they turned to see who he was talking to, and eyed me with a level of contempt, but agreed. My mouth hung open. How could he? Ugh I guess old habits die hard but still! The nerve!

“C’mon Lils!” James shouted energetically “Dance!”
But I suddenly didn’t feel so dance-y. “I think I’m going to go get something to drink.” I shouted at James who had partially turned away from me, not really caring if he heard or not.

I somewhat shoved my way off the dance floor and over to the bar (which of course didn’t sell alcohol). It was somewhat quieter away from the large speakers, so I didn’t really have to shout to ask the bartender for a soda. Even from my spot at the counter, I could see James dancing with the two girls from before, he didn’t even notice I had gone. 

I had just begun sipping my soda when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy come up and lean against the bar next to me.
“Hey.” He said coolly.
I turned to face him, and the first thing I noticed was he was HOT. Medium height, sandy blonde hair, and the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen.
“Hey.” I said back, hoping I didn’t look like a complete dolt.
“I’m Chad.” He said smiling “You looked down, so I decided to come over and try to cheer you up. I saw what that guy did to you, what a jerk. Was he your boyfriend?”
I smiled at him “Thanks, and yeah he is. And I’m Lily.”
“Lily.” He repeated “pretty name.”
‘Thanks.” I said. 

Chad turned out to be a really nice guy. We got to talking, and after a while, I forgot why I had been moping around with. On top of being nice, Chad was incredibly funny, we kept going into fits of hysterical laughter, even over little things, and we would end up laughing so hard our eyes would start to tear and our faces turned red. It was during one of these fits that James found us.

Chad and I had been having such a  nice time, I forgot to worry about what it would look like if James caught us. James came up, trying at act casual, and slid his arm around my shoulders. “Lily, where’d you go?”
I looked up, startled “Oh, hi James.” No matter how much Chad had lifted my spirits I was still annoyed with James.
“Who’s your friend?” James asked, still trying to act casual. I didn’t care that he was obviously jealous, served him right. And, since I was feeling bitter towards James, I decided to play it up a little bit.
“This is Chad.” I said, gazing up at Chad through my eye lashes and even going so far as to put my hand on his chest.

Chad smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes “Nice to meet you, James.” He stuck out his hand for James to shake, but James pretended not to see it.
“Hey Lily, I think it’s about time to go.” He said coldly.
“What if I don’t want to go?” I asked, feeling rebellious.
James looked at me in shock. “Have you forgotten? I am your boyfriend. You should not be…Flirting…” he spat the word “with other guys!” 

Now I was really ticked “Oh, but you can flirt with other girls?!”
James looked taken aback. “What are you talking about?” he spluttered.
“Oh, I don’t know...maybe Dumb and Dumber over there?” I said, my voice taking on a viciously sarcastic tone.
“They don’t mean anything to me! I was just dancing!”
 And that was the straw that broke the camels back.”Just Dancing?” I hissed through clenched teeth “Those bimbos could not have been more clear about their intent to do more than just DANCE with you! You of all people should have recognized that!” I took a pause to get more air to fuel my ranting. Both Chad and James were looking rather shocked. I ignored them and continued “ I really don’t know what I was thinking with you. You’re a Marauder, for God’s sake! The words ‘relationship, commitment, GIRLFRIEND’ mean NOTHING to you. There’s nothing different about you at all, you are still an arrogant, pig headed, son-of-a-bitch!”  I finished my little tirade with a little huff, then fell silent. 

Of course, now half the club was staring at me and James. James looked thoroughly shocked, but he was beginning to say something. I wasn’t listening. Instead I turned around to face Chad who was now looking more than a little shocked as well.
“I’m sorry, Chad. I have to go.” I said my voice cracking. With that, I brushed past Chad and headed for the door, fighting tears he whole way. 

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Chapter 12: Letters
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I some how managed to compose myself long enough to practically sprint back to my room, pushing past the few late night stragglers I passed with my head down. I reached my room and threw my self inside, slamming the door shut behind me. I broke down into sobs the second the door was shut, flinging myself onto my bed in a vain attempt to smuggle my uncontrollable wails with my pillows. I cried until I had no more tears, and then, exhausted beyond measure, I fell asleep, not even bothering to change into pajamas or turn the lights off. 

I think I awoke sometime around three in the morning, chilled and shivering, and kicked off my shoes and turned off my light before sinking back into a restless sleep.    

When I awoke for the second time, this time at a more reasonable hour (8:00 to be exact) I didn’t feel much more rested than before but I couldn’t get back to sleep so I shuffled my way into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. While the shower did refresh me a bit, it did nothing to help my sour mood. It was just as I was stepping out of the bathroom, wrapped up in towels, that I heard it; and soft knocking on my door.

“Yes?” I called, with a measure of civility incase it was my parents or some innocent maid. But much to my displeasure, a most hated voice replied to me.
“Lils?” his voice sounded tentative, almost scared.  He had come to beg for forgiveness, I could already tell.
I however, was not ready to forgive him in the slightest. I glared at the door “Go away, James.” 
“Lily, please, just listen. I think last night was all just a big misunderstanding.”
“A misunderstanding?” I said, hoping he couldn’t pick up on the almost hysterical note running underneath the surface of y voice. “A misunderstanding?! What’s there to misunderstand? You are a stupid, hypocritical oaf, and I never should have gone out with you in the first place. This whole relationship was a huge mistake on my part! Seems crystal clear to me!”

There were a few seconds of silence after my little tirade, then James spoke again his voice a little hoarse, almost as if he were holding back tears.
“Please, Lily, please. I worked so hard to get you to even talk to me. I had to ask Remus for advice and everything. I just don’t understand how all this could have happened. Please Lily, give me a second chance.”
He was on the verge of begging now, and for some reason that just made me madder.
“James Potter. If you know what’s best for you ,you will get away form that door right now. I have no problem with hexing you into oblivion and then stashing you off into some forgotten closet, I’ve had the urge to try out my bat boogey hex lately, and there’s always that nice little storage closet you showed me that day we hid from Buzzkill…” I dropped off into a thoughtful silence.

 Of course I was still only dressed in a towel, but James didn’t know that. I’d hexed him enough times before to be fairly confident that he would take my word for it and back off.

James  seemed to have pulled himself together a bit more when he spoke again.
“Well then, Lily, I suppose that there is nothing I can say to you that will make you see things differently?”
“Nothing at all.”  I confirmed coldly.
“Then what the hell am I doing here?” I heard him say softly, almost to himself, then I heard him retreat down the hallway.

I waited till I was sure he was gone, then I took several deep breaths to calm my self. Once I was sufficiently calmed, I dressed then sat down tow rite a letter to my best friend, Alexis. I realized with a jolt that I hadn’t been keeping her up to date with what had been going on at all. I nearly laughed when I thought about how she would to react to the news of me and James as a couple.

Dear Alexis, I wrote, wondering how to break the news to her

So much has happened since I’ve last seen you, and I bet you would never guess it, even in a million years so I’ll just tell you. I am sure you will probably shriek out loud when you read this but; I dated James Potter. That’s right, the James Potter. But let me start at the beginning, it’s a long story so I will just sum it up as best I can.

My parents took me and my sister on a cruise this summer, a cruise which James Potter and Sirius black are also on. I know, I was stunned when I found out too. A few nights into the trip, something overcame me and I kissed James. After going through a brief spell of denial, I found my self dating James Potter. That is, until last night, when I realized that he was the same arrogant, egotistical, and insensitive boy as he always had been. I have no clue what I saw in him. let me finish this letter with these words; men suck.


                                                                               Lily Evans

P.S. How has your summer been?



I sighed and looked down at the letter I had just written. I knew I would be catching hell in her reply, but it didn’t matter. She’d find out eventually right? So I sent off my letter with Stella, then headed down for lunch.

Much to my pleasure, I saw neither hide nor hair of Sirius or James all the while that I was in the dinning hall. After eating, I decided to go for a dip in the pool up on the top deck. I stayed by the pool all after noon, chatting and flirting with just about any good looking guy I saw.  For some reason I had the overwhelming urge to make James jealous. Around three o’clock, I spotted a familiar head of blonde hair weaving its way through the crowded pool side towards me. 

“Chad!” I called, flagging him down. His face broke into a wide grin when he saw me.
“Hey Lily!” he said as he plopped into the chair next to me. “Just who I was hoping to run into.”
I blushed “You were hoping to find me?”
He smiled “Well who doesn’t always hope for a conversation with a beautiful girl?” I blushed again, Chad was so charming.
“But there actually was a reason I wanted to find you.” He said, turning on his chair to face me in full “I was wondering….” He continued
Was he gonna ask me out? I wondered, I wasn’t sure if I would say yes or not. I swallowed hard and looked up at him. Him and those beautiful, blue eyes.
“If you wanted to go out to dinner tonight?” he finished, looking at me hopefully.

I kept my face blank, trying to make a decision. Chad was nice, but, I realized looking at Chad, I still had some definite feelings for James despite my anger. On the other hand, at the moment I was willing to do anything to make James jealous and what could be better than going out with Chad?

While I had been debating in my head, Chad had become increasingly flustered over my lack of response and was now saying “I mean, I’m not trying to be shallow but it’s just I really liked you… and after your fight with that jerk last night.. er, unless he’s still your boyfriend in which case”
“Chad!” I cut him off he looked up at me, resuming the hopeful look, I smiled at him “I would love to go out with you tonight.”

Chad and I sat together and talked for a while after that, then we got into the pool and splashed around for a bit.  It was fun enough, but a little voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I would be having more fun if it were James. When we finished with the pool around four thirty that afternoon, Chad and I made plans to meet in the dining hall 6:00 to start our date, then departed to our separate rooms. 

Six o’ clock rolled around and Chad and I spent a pleasant evening together. Chad’s company was enjoyable, but we didn’t have much to talk about. We chewed through some small talk and then sat in a rather uncomfortable silence until the waiter brought the check.  Chad walked me to my room, and we halted at the door.
“Dinner was nice.” I said
He smiled “I liked it too. Now how about a hug good night?” he held his arms open expectantly. I was a little uncomfortable with that on the first date, but stepped foreword anyways, hugging him briefly then stepping back. He seemed very reluctant to release me form the embrace. I stepped back into my doorway and groped for the handle behind my back.
“Good night.” I said sweetly, then retreated into my room. 

The next day I received a letter form Alexis.

Dear Lily, she wrote

         Well, I can’t say none of us saw this coming. A lot of us had suspected you and Potter from the beginning. It sounds to me like you and him are made for each other and are just going through a rough patch. I think if you talk it out everything will be ok. So go talk it out, Lily. Because I know you, and I could tell from your letter that you definitely still have feelings for him and we all know he will always be in love with you, no matter what. So go talk to him, I order you! Haha not really, but you two really should talk. Lots of love,



I smiled as I read her letter, how did she always seem to know the perfect solution to every problem? I smiled as I stepped out my room, I was going to find Potter and everything would be ok. I wasn’t sure if we would get back together, but at the very least my conscience could be clearer at least knowing I had tried to talk to him. 

But before I was able to find James, or even Black, I ran into Chad.
“Lily!” called a voice from behind me. I winced and turned around.
“Hey Chad.” I said.
“I had a great time last night, did you?”
I didn’t have time for small talk, I desperately wanted to talk to James, so I said quickly “Yeah I did. But I’m kind of in the middle of some”
But he cut me off. “So I was wondering if you wanted to go out again tonight?” he grinned at me sheepishly. I sighed. 

“I’m sorry, Chad but I’m kind of in the middle of something. And I really did have a nice time last night, but I’m not so sure about tonight.”
His face fell with every word I spoke.  “Oh. Okay then.” He said , looking at his toes.
“I have to go.” He said, and promptly left. I regretted having to hurt him, but James was my main priority at the moment. 

A few minutes later I found Sirius in the food court, scarfing down a hamburger.
“Lily!” he said in surprise when he saw me. “What are you doing here?” I sat down across form him.
“I’m looking for James, Sirius. Have you seen him?” Sirius ignored my question.
“Have you tried these?” he asked through a full mouth, waving his half eaten burger in my face.
I pushed it away “Yes Black, I have. Now do you know where James is?”
Sirius swallowed “Maybe” he said smirking.
I sighed, exasperated. “Tell me, black.”
His smirk grew wider. “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you…. If you do something for me first.”
I rolled my eyes. “What?”
“Say ‘Sirius black is the hottest man on earth’ and I just might  tell you where James is.” 

I rolled my eyes, pondering weather the humiliation was really worth it. I decided it was. “Sirius Black is the hottest man on earth.” I said in a dull monotone.
Sirius grinned “No, lily, put some feeling into it!”
“Sirius Black is the hottest man on earth. Now tell me where he is, Black!”
Sirius, who was now cackling with laughter, pointed behind me. I whirled around and found James a few feet behind me doubled over in silent laughter. I fumed, wondering how long he had been there.

“Come on, Potter!” I barked, sounding scarily like Professor McGonagall “We need to have a little chat.”

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Chapter 13: A Bouquet of Roses
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We walked in silence for a while, James at first sniggering quietly to himself but after a bit he began to settle down and even began to look a little apprehensive. As we walked I began to calm down, and finally decided I was ready to start talking. By this time we were out on the top deck overlooking the sparkling blue water. I gazed out at the beautiful scenery before us then took a calming breath and turned towards Potter.

“James,” I stated, searching for the words to frame what I was trying to tell him.
“Lily.” He said, taking on a mock serious expression.
I swatted at his arm “Stop it. I’m actually trying to be serious.”
“Oh…um… ok.” He said, looking slightly confused. I understood why, just the other night I had been yelling my head off at him and telling him I hated him so why would I be here now trying to talk to him? To be honest, I didn’t even know. So, I decided to tell him the truth.

“Look, James, I don’t really even know why I’m here… I just… I don’t know….Alexis said I should talk to you… but I don’t even know about what… yeah I feel stupid so… I’m gonna go…” I mumbled all of this while looking at my feet, positive I was blushing scarlet. I turned to go, still pointedly looking downward, but a gentle hand caught my shoulder and spun me around. I looked up to find James staring at me with soft eyes.

“Lily,” he said quietly, seeming to struggle for words as I just had “I- I’m sorry. I was being stupid. I should have known better than to be dancing with other people. I mean we were dating! How stupid am I?”

“No, James, that’s just it. It wasn’t your fault. I mean you’re James Potter it’s in your nature to flirt with girls. I just way overreacted, that’s all. I mean, I still would have preferred it if you hadn’t been dancing with those two bimbos, but still it’s in your nature and that’s a hard thing to change.”

He smiled, I smiled. For a while we just stood there smiling at each other. We must have looked like idiots to the people passing by, but whatever. Finally he broke the silence.
“So, does this mean were good now?”
“Yes, James were good now.”
“So…. Does that mean you’ll ever consider going out with me again?” he looked at me hopefully
I pretended to ponder that for a moment, then grinned broadly at him “Of course it does.”

“So,” he said hesitantly “Does that mean it’s ok if I do this?” and he slowly bent his head towards mine and pressed his lips gently against my own. Before I really had time to react, he pulled back slightly to check my expression. I smiled at him “Only if you don’t pull away so soon.” Then I kissed him soundly on the lips.

What proceeded was a slight snogging session before we finally broke apart. “I missed you.” I said, staring up at him with my arms linked behind his head. He just grinned down at me, glassy eyed, but I knew the feeling was mutual. I watched his untidy black hair blow in the cool ocean breeze.
“So,” he said after a second “what do you want to do now?
I pondered that for a moment. “Actually, what I really want to do is just…hang out with you. You know? Just talk and watch a movie or something.”
James stared at me doubtfully. “A movie? Isn’t that one of those muggle contraptions?”
I laughed at the look on his face “You’ll love it I promise.” I said , then I took him by the hand and dragged him back to my room.

“Okay. Sit here” I said as I sat him on the edge of my bed in front of the TV “I’ll handle this.”
“You know, Lily,” James began as I searched for the remote for the TV “ I hadn’t realized we were getting this serious.” He said smoothing his hand over the sheets on my bed.
“Shut it, Potter. You know I don’t want anything like that.” I snapped, some of my old hostility entering my voice again.
I paused my searching to glare at James for a second, he was grinning.
“I know.” He said “I just wanted to see what your reaction would be. You turned so red!” then he dissolved into hysterical laughter on the bed. I chose to ignore him.

“Ah, here we go.” I said as I found the remote and clicked on the TV. The little beeping noise the TV made as It started up seemed to pull James out of his laughter. He stared in awe at the screen that had just jumped to life.
“So that’s what all that stuff does.” He said in utter amazement. Then he realized that the little pictures dancing across the screen were people and that they were talking
“Oy!” He exclaimed “those are like our wizard pictures! Can they hear us as well?”
I laughed and shook my head “No, James. They cant hear or see us.” But he was already so caught up in watching the TV that I don’t think he heard me at all.
“So,” I said loudly, trying to get his attention “what should we watch?” I pressed the button to show us what movies were available for us to watch. He made a slight noise of protest when the screen changed away from the show he had been watching, but he was soon caught up in watching previews.

After much debate, we finally settled on my choice, a romantic comedy, as opposed to the movie he wanted to watch, a particularly gory piece where things are getting blown up every ten seconds. We were about 15 minutes into the movie when there came a knock on the door. Giving a slight groan of displeasure I paused the movie and slowly disentangled myself from where I had been settled comfortably on the bed, leaning my head back on James’s chest while he gently wrapped his arms around me. I shuffled to the door, mentally cursing whoever had just ruined my perfect moment.

I opened the door to find a semi-surly looking hotel staff, his had raised as if he were about to knock again the other hand clutching a large bouquet of flowers.Upon seeing me he lowered his hand and announced in a pompous voice,
“A delivery for a Miss Lily Evans from a Mr. Chad Peterson.”
“Wha..” I began, but he cut me off by shoving a clipboard in my face.
“Sign here please.”
I ignored the clipboard. “But, sir, I didn’t order these, and I don’t have the money for them.”
He turned the clipboard around and glanced at it, then he looked back up at me. “Already paid for, miss. Now sign please?”
“But, I really can’t!” I knew that those flowers would just cause trouble with James, and we had just gotten on good terms again.

“Listen lady,” the delivery man said irritably “I cant stand here arguing with you all afternoon. I have 6 more deliveries to make before 3 o' clock, so could you stop bickering with me and just sign the papers?”
I harrumphed and gave the pompous little ass the evil eye, but reluctantly singed the clipboard. Just as the man shoved the flowers into my arms and scurried off, James came up behind me.
“What’s going on?” he asked peering down the hallway at the back of the hotel staffer, whom I was still glaring at. I didn’t answer James for a few seconds; I just clutched the flowers and fumed silently. Then I noticed there was a note attached to the bouquet. Oh, great. I thought to myself as I discreetly bent my head and read the note, trying to make sure James, who was still peering curiously down the hallway trying to figure out what had upset me, didn’t catch on to what I was doing.

Dear Lily, the note read
I was hoping these flowers might help you make up your mind about tonight. When you have an answer for me give my room a call.
Thinking of you,

I groaned inwardly. Had Chad seriously thought I had meant ‘Maybe’ when I had told him I wasn't sure about tonight? I mean seriously, how thick can you get? In my frustration, I tore the note of the bouquet and shoved it into the pocket of my jeans. Then I turned to face James who was standing close behind me. He looked down at me and the flowers held in my hand, I just then realized that they were white roses, Well, I thought he at least gets points for originality. He wouldn’t have been the first person to give me lilies.

“What was all that?” James questioned. I tired to put on an amused face, although I’m not sure how successful I was.
“Oh, nothing.” I said giving a fake laugh. “It’s just, you remember that guy from the bar the other night? Well, he asked me out earlier, and I thought I was clear enough in telling him no, but apparently he’s pretty thick.” I held my breath, hoping James would let the subject drop. He stared at me doubtfully for a moment, and seemed to want to say something more, but he didn’t.

“So,” he said taking me by the hand and turning back into the room “Should we go finish that movie?”

“Sure.” I said, smiling for real this time, and I pulled him around and kissed him softly. Then, both in extremely good moods, we went back to finish our movie.

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Chapter 14: Soda Run
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The movie had just finished up, and James and I were cuddled on the bed, to comfortable and content to move, when the phone rang. I lazily reached over and answered it on the second ring. 


“Hey!” and enthusiastic male voice answered me.
I sat up straight form where I had been reclining on James. Oh crap. It was Chad. Why, oh why did he have to be so stupid and persistent? Didn’t he realize I had no interest in him? well ok, I did kind of flirt with him a little, but, I mean, c’mon he couldn’t really think I was serious could he? 

While all these thoughts had been running through my head, James had propped himself up on one arm, and was staring curiously at me. When I glanced over at him to give him an ‘I don’t know’ sort of look, he almost took my breath away, his hair was tousled and his hazel eyes were exquisite and beautiful. I stared at him for a couple seconds, completely forgetting what I had turned to tell him in the first place. Then Chad’s voice pulled me back to the pressing matter at hand.

“So Lily,” Chad said, breaking the slight awkward silence that had occurred while I was ogling James “Did you get the flowers I sent you?”
The word flowers brought me fully back to earth. 

“Um, yeah I did.’ I said slowly and uncomfortably, wondering how on earth I was going to be able to keep James from finding out who was on the other end of the line. 

“Oh you did? Good.” I could hear relief break into Chad’s voice then he continued “Did you like the roses? Because I mean at first I was like ‘well I should get her lilies seeing as that’s her name’ but then I thought ‘well then again, she probably gets that all the time from other guys’ and I don’t want to be just another guy.” Chad kept talking, but I wasn’t listening, instead I was scheming.

While Chad prattled on about his choice of flowers, I came up with a desperate plan to get James out of the room. Still holding the phone to my ear as Chad talked, I walked over and knelt before the mini refrigerator in my room. I pulled it open and scanned the contents, finally grabbing a can of soda, and turned back to James. Covering the mouth piece of the phone with my hand I half whispered to James 

“Could You run down to the store and get some more of these?” holding up the can.
If James thought the request was weird, he didn’t show it, he merely nodded and heaved himself off the bed and headed down the hall. Watching form my doorway, I sighed in relief as the stairway doors shut behind him. now to take care of Chad before James got back. I began to actually listen to what Chad was saying.

“I almost went with carnations, but then I decided ‘hey, why not go bold? So then I tried to think of the boldest flower –” 

“Chad.” I interrupted. 

“Except then they didn’t have very many red roses so I- ” 

“Chad!” I said slightly louder, this time he noticed. When he spoke he sounded slightly taken aback. 

“Yes Lily?” 

“Was there a particular reason why you called?” 

“Uhhh…’ he said, trying to remember “Oh! Yeah! So I was wondering, since you didn’t call me after you got the flowers, do you wanna, you know, hang out tonight? Watch a movie or get a bite to eat or something?”
He sounded so hopeful, I really did regret what I had to tell him.

I was quiet for a few seconds, to collect my thoughts, and decide the most tactful way to tell him. I finally settled on:
“Chad, I-I couldn’t possibly. I mean, you are a nice guy and all Chad, but…it’s just…. Ok, you know my…er… friend from the club the other night?” I didn’t wait for him to answer, I knew I just had to plow right through my little speech. “ Well, we’re kind of a couple now, so, you know, I don’t think it’d be a good idea for us to go out or anything.” I finished my speech and bit my lip, waiting for him to answer. I really hated hurting people like that. I mean it was one thing with Potter and black who annoyed the hell out of me, but with some one who hadn’t done anything to really offend me, it didn’t feel so great.

There was silence on the end of the line for a second then Chad said, in a slightly tight voice
“Oh… ok…I see. Well, then, um, good-bye.” And he quickly hung up.

I sighed and returned the phone to its holder. I did feel better now that I had gotten all that unpleasantness over with, and without James catching on one bit. I laid back on my bed and rubbed my eyes. I was fairly certain Chad wouldn’t be bugging me anymore, especially with only 3 more days until we were back at the port in Florida, and then I spend a month at home before returning to school. Ah, school. Now there was a happy thought. I couldn’t wait to see my friends again and continue my classes. Then I wondered how every one would react to me and James as a couple. They would be shocked, most likely, but they would get over it. If what Alexis said was true, most of them had been expecting it for a while anyways.

Just then, James walked back in, bearing a pack of sodas.
“Oh, thank you!” I exclaimed, getting up to greet him. he grinned back at me, then bent over to unload the sodas into the fridge. 

“Wow,” I said, pretending to be shocked “You are handy to have around! Unloading my drinks and everything!” 

“You know,” he said, grinning as he straightened up to look at me “I don’t work for free.” 

“Well,” I said, feigning confusion “I don’t exactly have much to pay you with…” 

“That’s ok.” James said softly “This will do.” And then he slowly bent down to kiss me.

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Chapter 15: The. End.
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It was two days after Chad’s call and our last night on the ship. The next morning we would be pulling into port in Florida and from there flying back to England for the rest of the summer. I had just finished packing my suitcases, and now I looked around the room to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. The only things I could see that belonged to me were Stella’s cage (she was out for one last hunt), my toiletries and such, and the dress I panned on wearing to dinner that night. Since it would most likely be our last night together until school started again, James and I were going out to dine at one of the ships fancier restaurants. 

With some difficulty, I zipped up the suitcase, and shoved it beneath the bed…or at least I tried to. The suitcase however, had different plans. I pushed harder, and about a fraction of an inch slipped under the bed before stopping once more. Growling at the suitcase, I contemplated whipping out my wand and just shrinking the darn thing, but I decided that that wouldn’t be wise, since I might forget to un-shrink it and scare some poor bellboy out of his wits. Ugh, sometimes living the muggle way is so inconvenient.

I growled at the suitcase once more, then braced myself against the wall behind me and shoved the suitcase with my legs. It slowly began sliding under the bed, until the bloated front pocket made its way past the bed frame, then the rest slid under easily. With a small ‘Oof’ on my part, my butt hit the ground, my legs splayed out in front of me, half under the bed.  Just then, I heard a small pop, and looked up to see James laying nonchalantly on the edge of the bed. He was peering down at me with a broad grin spreading across his face as he took in my very un-ladylike position on the floor. 

“Suitcase was being difficult. “ I grumbled, trying to attest for the awkward position. 

“You know you could have just used magic for that.” he said as I hobbled to my feet. 

“And a hello to you, too.” I said before whacking him on the arm “And you know you really shouldn’t apperate here! I mean, what if somebody saw you?”
He just grinned at me, still laying on the bed. I realized for the first time that he was wearing a button up shirt and slacks. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table.
“Oh, crap! So sorry, I was packing and I lost track of time!”
James chuckled “It’s fine Lils, don’t rush yourself. Do you want me to leave so you can change?”

“No, its fine. I’ll just change in there.” I said as I motioned to the bathroom “Don’t leave.” With that I grabbed the dress off its hanger and dashed into the bathroom.
I tossed on the dress in a rush, but had to slow down a bit for my hair and makeup. I carefully applied mascara and eyeliner, made sure my hair looked alright, and stepped out to meet James. 

When I emerged form the bathroom, James was messing with his hair in the mirror over the dresser in my room. I think he was trying to get that one part that always stands up in the back to lay flat for once, though I don’t know why, I like it much better sticking up. 

“Ready go to?” I said, coming up and gently touching him on the arm.
“Sure.” She said grinning a bit “But, as you pointed out, I never said a proper hello.” He turned to face me and looped his arms around my back. “Hello.” He said as he bent to kiss me.
“Mmmm. Hello.” I said contentedly as we broke apart. “Well, shall we?”
“Why certainly, my lady.” He said, bending to kiss my hand then offering me his arm while I giggled uncontrollably. Then he hooked my arm in his and walked very primly down to dinner, tipping an imaginary top hat at everyone we passed, me laughing wildly and playfully whacking his arm all the way to the restaurant. 

Dinner was a pleasant affair. James and I just talked and laughed and just had a great time. When I inquired as to where Sirius was James simply looked at me and said,
“Charlotte.”  I chuckled, saying “And how long has he know her?”
James checked his watch “Approximately… 4 hours.” We both laughed. 

After dinner, James and I went to the top deck to watch the final rays of the setting sun. Standing at the rail of the ship, staring peacefully out over the water, James gently wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I rested my head against him. We just stood there, long after the sun had set simply savoring the moment, knowing we wouldn’t be together again until September. It was one of those perfect moments you wish could last forever.


*               *            *



I pressed my forehead against the cool glass of the car window; we were on our way back home. The day before, we had finished packing our things and had left the ship. James and I hadn’t been able to sit next to each other on the plane (His family was first class, we weren’t) but we had hung out in the terminal while Sirius sucked the lips off a pretty black haired girl. James and I had found each other in the airport in England just long enough to kiss good bye and promise to write each other often until we were back at school, then we both had to rush off with our families. I wondered how people at school would react to our relationship. No doubt James’s little fan club would throw a hissy fit, but I hoped they would get over it. 

A peculiar sight outside the cars window roused me from my thoughts. A handsome tawny owl was flying at the window, struggling to keep up with the car. Laughing I opened the window and let James’s owl in. the message he was carrying was short, but made me smile all the same.



             I just wanted to remind you that you are MY girlfriend now, so you cant go running off with other guys over the summer. Miss you already.




Of course, he was only joking, he knew I wouldn’t do that, but it was nice to get a message from him all the same. When my parents asked why I was laughing, I simply said “Because, I already know this summer is going to be great.” And turned back to watch the world fly by on our way home.

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