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Hippogriff Fever by iluv2eatcarbs

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 16,593

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/30/2007
Last Chapter: 06/24/2008
Last Updated: 06/24/2008

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A very contagious (and very uncomfortable) fever is sweeping the Wizarding nation, and stops over Hogwarts only long enough to contaminate a bickering pair - Milli Rolfs and Sirius Black. The only known treatment is confinement - imprisonment with the other fever victims. As time passes in the sick room, only one question is left in their minds: Who will catch the fever first?

Chapter 1: You give me fever
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“Have you read this rubbish?”  Lily said as she threw down the Daily Prophet in front of Milli Rolfs.  Milli shook her head so she woke up.  She had not realized until that moment that her spoon had been stuck in her hair, instead of in her cereal bowl.  Lily shot Milli a quizzical look once Milli had removed the spoon from her tangled hair.  “Why are you so tired?”


“I had another argument with Paul last night, I couldn’t fall asleep afterward.”  Milli said, still exhausted from the previous night.  Paul was Milli's younger brother and he unfortunately had been placed in Slytherin.  Milli's pureblood relatives worked in favor for him and he began to think that according to blood, that's where you stood in the wizarding world


“What was the argument about this time?”


“Who knows,” Milli said with a shrug.  “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  So, what’s this rubbish you where talking about?”  Milli was always quick to change the subject when it came to her and Paul, she figured that if she didn’t actually talk about her fights with Paul that they weren’t actually true and that they didn’t actually exist, that Paul's views on life and living hadn't changed.


“It’s this new illness that supposedly derives from Hippogriffs; they’re calling it ‘Hippogriff Fever.’  They haven’t found the cure for it yet.”


“Hippogriff Fever?  How tacky,” Milli stated as she wrinkled her nose in distaste.


“Speaking of tacky,” Lily said as her eyes trailed to the entrance of the Great Hall were the Marauders were making their presence known.


Milli just shook her head and took a sip of her pumpkin juice.  “Anyway, what else does it say about this epidemic.”


“I would hardly call it an epidemic, there’s only been a few reported cases. You can get it by simply touching someone, like catching a simple cold.  Some of the symptoms to look out for are; fever, hives, drastic mood swings, excessive sweating, hot flashes, and cravings.”


“What are the cravings?”  Milli asked with her left eyebrow arched. 


“I don’t think it mentions any specifics, I’ll double check though.”  Lily continued to read and as her eyes scanned the paper Milli noticed that her eyes had stopped moving and her face had turned a deep shade of red.


“What?” Milli asked as she pulled the spoon from her mouth and held it idly to the side.


“There’s another side affect, it’s rare, and only occurs with women.  There have only been four reported cases.”  Lily mumbled as her eyes remained glued to the one spot on the paper.


“What is it?”  Milli asked as she leaned over the table so she could read the paper.


Lily’s blush continued to deepen, “here, you read it.”  She said before she tossed the paper to Milli.


Milli was silent for a few moments as her eyes scanned the newspaper then Lily saw Milli’s eyes widen.  “Continual orgasms?!  Are you kidding me?!  That’s not an illness, that’s a blessing!”


“Sssh, quiet down, people will hear you!”  Lily said as she looked around nervously.


“What, we’re the only ones that read the Daily Prophet?”  Milli said sarcastically.


“How could the publish something like that?”


“Because it’s medical, not sexual.”   


“I just heard the word sex come from the mouth of Milli Rolfs; I must know the cause of this momentous occasion is.”  James Potter said, immediately perking up once the subject of sex had been brought up.


Milli nudged James with her shoulder and smiled at him.  Lily glared at Milli with as much hate as she could muster.  Milli just ignored her, used to her response.  Even though Lily and James weren’t friends that didn’t stop Milli from being friends with him, he’d never done anything to upset or annoy Milli, so she found no reason to not like him. 


“Ah, the Hippogriff Fever, I’ve heard about it.”  Remus said as he glanced over Milli’s shoulder seeing the paper.  “It’s supposed to be horrible, if you get it you’ll be confined in a room and until they find the cure you can’t leave.”


“That would be right boring,” Sirius said as he grabbed an apple from the table and took a large bite from it.


“It would, wouldn’t it Sirius?”  Milli said bitterly, “you wouldn’t have a girl to shag.”  Milli and Sirius locked eyes, and the tension heightened.


“Not necessarily,” Remus said.  He was never one to waver when the tension rose.  “Usually people with the illness are put together.”


“Well you would be screwed either way, Sirius, you shag a girl once and you’re finished with her.  Imagine if you had to stay with a girl for more then one day, I don’t think your ego could take it.”  Milli said vehemently.  Everyone’s eyes moved from Milli to Sirius, wondering who was going to kill whom first.


Sirius stood up loudly from the table and everyone surrounding them turned to look at him.  Sirius bent down and his face came within inches to Milli’s.  It looked like he was going to yell or physically hurt her, but instead he turned sharply and stormed out of the Great Hall.


Milli sat in her seat and she could feel the eyes of the entire Gryffindor table on her.  Milli took a deep breath and stood from the table as she collected her books.  “I’m going to Potions,” she announced to no one in particular as she left without another word.


Milli turned the corner as she made her way to the Potions room when all of a sudden she felt this shock travel through her body and she started hyperventilating.  She started feeling pressure building in her eyes and she leaned against the wall, holding her books to her chest as she gazed at the ceiling willing the tears to not fall.  She didn’t even know why she felt like crying, she had no reason to cry. 


She convinced herself it was because of Paul and how they’ve been fighting lately.  That was the only logical reason, nothing else was wrong in her life.  Seventh year wasn’t nearly as hard as others had led her to believe. 


A group of third years passed her and glanced at her and started giggling.  She could feel her cheeks burning and she didn’t know why she let them get to her.  With a deep breath she closed her eyes and dropped her head against the wall, reminding herself to breathe.


Her breathes had finally steadied and she opened her eyes only to be greeted by Sirius Black.  “What do you want?”  Milli asked vehemently. 


Sirius looked around making sure the hallway was clear before he closed the gap between him and Milli, his eyes glowering.  “What is wrong with you?”


Milli held his eyes, hers equally as vehement.  “You know exactly what’s wrong with me, and I would appreciate it if you would leave me the fuck alone.” 


Sirius ran a hand over his face and kept his other hand on his hip as he backed away.  “Are we still on that?!”


“Oh, it’s easy for you to say, isn’t it Sirius?  I’m not over it; I never will be over it, not as long as you’re in my life.  So the less we have to see each other, the better.”  Milli started walking away but paused and turned around.  “It’s like you want me to keep on suffering, you won’t let me let go.”


Sirius laughed, not in a friendly way but more of a mocking tone.  “I won’t let you go?  That’s a right laugh!  You won’t stay away from me, it’s like you want to keep on reminding me how big of a bastard I am.”


“At least you admit you’re a bastard.”


Sirius stood back and crossed his arms over his chest, giving her a patronizing smile.  “Can you admit you’re a bitch?”


Milli turned around again feeling she had had enough of Sirius, but Sirius had other plans.  He grabbed her left wrist and because of his action the books fell from Mili’s arms.  Sirius held her wrist so it was at eye level.


“Don’t walk away from me, I wasn’t finished.”


“I was.”


Sirius smirked in a condescending way and Milli’s eyes shifted from his to her wrist which he was holding onto tightly.  It was then she noticed something was wrong.  “Sirius, are those-are they, hives?”


“Don’t be stupid,” Sirius said as he withdrew his hand from Milli’s wrist.  He examined his arm and he did indeed have red spots on his arm.  “It’s probably from just yelling, I’m sure this happens.”


“You’re getting hives on your neck.”  Milli paused and panic seemed to form on her face.  “Oh god, Hippogriff Fever, and you touched me!  You asshole!”


“Lets not jump to conclusions; we should visit Madame Piper before anything.”


“Don’t touch me.”


“Trust me babe, that won’t be hard.”


By the time Sirius and Milli had reached the Hospital Wing Milli’s arm had already started breaking out into hives, but she tried to ignore it and tried to convince herself that it was the fingers markings left behind from Sirius’s previous, firm grip. 


“What is it you two?”  Madame Piper said once they had entered the hospital wing.  She was putting away medicines in a cupboard when they had arrived.


“I don’t think it means anything but there are hives up and down my arm, I was just yelling and I think it could be from stress, but I thought I should come and check with you to make sure.”  Sirius said, holding out his arm for Madame Piper to examine.


“Hives?”  Madame Piper said.  She paused and then all of a sudden a panicked expression crossed her face.  “Hives!”


“Yes, and he grabbed my wrist and now I have them, please don’t tell me it’s what I think it is.”


“How fast are the hives multiplying?”


“My whole arm is covered in them and it’s only been five minutes.”  Sirius said.


Madame Piper’s eyes widened and she looked like she was about to run away but she took a deep breath.  “Ok, well, it may not be the Hippogriff fever, but just in case we’ll have to seclude you two in a room.”


“What, you mean together?”  Mili practically shouted.


“Yes, I mean together.”


“I can’t do that, you don’t understand.” 


“Ms. Rolfs, I am not going to argue with you on this matter right now!  Follow me; I’m afraid you have no choice.”


Madame Piper led Sirius and Milli into a room that had ten beds in it all lined up against a wall, with a pillow and blankets.  On the other side of the wall where oak dresser drawers.  At the far end of the room was a window, but one could hardly call it a window, more like a peeping hole.  Madame Piper waved her wand and curtains divided all the beds, ‘for privacy’ she mumbled.  She walked out of the room but moments later Sirius and Milli could hear her voice carrying throughout the small room.


“Don’t be alarmed, this is a muggle contraption called an intercom, this is how we’ll communicate, you use it by pushing the red button on the lower left hand corner.  You two will be in here for a day, if you don’t break into a fever and the hives go away then we’ll know it’s not the Hippogriff Fever, but…”  Madame Piper trailed off for a moment and Milli had thought she’d left.  “Well, let’s not worry about it until we know for sure.  I’ll bring you a change of clothes and food.”


“How are we getting the food and clothes?”  Milli asked as she looked around.


“I will put it in this box and it will be lowered from the ceiling.  Is there anything else you need?”  Madame Piper paused, “oh, and before I forget, I’m going to have to confiscate your wands.  There will be a box lowered soon and if you could put them in there-“


“Forfeit my wand?!”  Milli practically screeched.


“There will be no need for them.”


Milli eyed Sirius with loath and responded, “oh, trust me; they will be necessary.”

Chapter 2: It's official
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Madame Piper had delivered clothes and food to Milli and Sirius later in the day.  Neither had said a word to each other.


Sirius had made it a habit of pacing the length of the room while biting his nails and proceeding to spit his nails onto the ground.  Milli was lying back on her bed, her gaze occasionally settling on Sirius as he paced.  The hives had spread the length of Milli’s body in the short duration of time she had been put into this room, and she assumed the same could be said for Sirius. 


Milli’s boredom had reached an all-time high.  Madame Piper had given them absolutely nothing to do, and she didn’t have any weapons to kill Sirius with (well, nothing that wouldn’t be messy and leave traces). 


“These hives are murder,” Sirius declared as he itched his back and neck.


Milli gave Sirius a fleeting look but said nothing.


“Are they not bothering you?”  Sirius asked bitterly.


“Mind over matter,” said Milli simply.  In truth it felt like she had rolled around naked in itching powder and then rolled down a grassy hill.  Sirius’s obvious discomfort kept her mildly amused and kept her mind distracted.


The speaker rang once more and Madame Piper’s voice could be heard.  “I’ve brought you some dinner.  By tomorrow morning we’ll know if you have Hippogriff Fever.”  Milli hated how calm Madame Piper sounded, if only she could be trapped in a room with Sirius, and then she would know true agony.


Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, salad, and pumpkin juice appeared before them.  Milli wasn’t hungry but Sirius nearly pounced on the food and began inhaling it.


“Fsorry, do you vshant fsome?”  Sirius asked Milli, chicken was half out of his mouth as he looked at her.


Milli turned her nose up in disgust as she shook her head.  She tried to ignore the sounds Sirius made as he obliterated the food.  Within a few minutes she heard a long sigh and a loud belch emit from Sirius.  She looked at him and he had his back on the ground, a satisfied look on his face as he rubbed his stomach and smacked his lips together.


“That was excellent.”  Sirius sighed happily. 


“I think you forgot to lick the floor.”


Sirius turned towards Milli and smirked.  He sat up and his long black hair fell in his eyes.  “This is going to be a lot of fun, spending all this quality time with you.”


“We don’t know for sure if we’ve got Hippogriff fever, we could be released tomorrow and this was all just a weird coincidence.”


Sirius rolled his eyes and stood up, cleaning his hands on his pants as he did so.  “Whatever you want to think, love.  Well, I’m off to bed, see you in the a.m.”  Sirius climbed into a bed as far away from Milli as possible and settled in.


Milli groaned and closed the curtain around her.  She sat awake in bed for what felt like hours, the only sound she heard was Sirius snoring.  After a while she fell asleep only to be awoken a few hours later when the sun had barely peaked over the mountains. 


Milli tried to move but discovered her sheets were stuck to her and that she was drenched in sweat.  She began to pant, she felt dizzy (even though she was lying down) and extremely hot.  She furiously kicked off her sheets and laid still.  Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and she could feel her sweat sliding down her body.  She wanted to rip off her tank top and sweatpants and jump into a bucket of ice.


Every inch of her body screamed in agony, it felt like white hot needles where poking her skin repeatedly.  She threw back her curtains and saw Sirius sitting up in his bed, his face was red and his hair was wet from the sweat as it clung to his forehead.  His shirt was soaked through and he was breathing in short breaths. 


Sirius looked up at Milli and they locked eyes both of them thinking: we’ve got the fever.




Madame Piper was about as helpful as asking Professor Binns to pick up a text book.  She informed them that there was nothing she could do currently, as healers and medi-wizards were still trying to figure out the cure.  All they could do was sit and wait for the symptoms to past, and they –literally- had to sweat it out. 


This was not comforting to either of them as they lay in bed getting hotter by the minute; their clothing now thoroughly soaked through.  Neither Milli nor Sirius moved an inch, the task seemed impossible.


Suddenly Milli heard Sirius grunt, ‘oh sod this.’


She turned her head and saw Sirius removing his shirt.  Her mind was telling her to look away but her eyes had other plans.


She could see the sweat fall down his chest, collecting speed and size as it continued its journey downward.  His shoulders were broad and although his body resembled that of a teenager, it had great promise.  Two defined lines started at his hips and continued until they disappeared under his pants.  The right amount of hair began at the belly button and continued down until it was also hidden underneath his pants. 


If it was at all possible Milli could feel her body temperature rising as she tore her eyes away, resisting the urge to fan her face with her hand.  She looked up and saw a smug expression on Sirius’s face.  He had no doubt caught her looking, but to her surprise he said nothing about it.


Eventually Milli gave into the same ‘sod it’ attitude Sirius had and stripped down to her bra and shorts, tossing her access clothes on the floor that landed with a muffled slapping sound.


She looked up and saw Sirius watching her with an amused expression on his face, when he met her eyes he didn’t look remotely affected, he gave her one last look and then resumed to staring out the small window.


“Don’t get any ideas Black.”


Sirius turned towards Milli and looked her up and down once again before replying, “wouldn’t dream of it.”  Sirius settled back and put his arms behind his head as if the heat was no longer affecting him.  “While you’re at it I was wondering if you could see a cut above my right hip.  Your eyes seemed to be stuck on them and I’m just wondering if you could see anything.”  Sirius looked at Milli and winked.


Milli was grateful that her face was previously red because otherwise her obvious embarrassment would be even more evident, and she couldn’t deny the fact that she wasn’t staring at Sirius.  Luckily her embarrassment was cut short as Madame Piper’s voice filled the room.


“I’ve brought you two breakfasts, are you alright?”  There was silence as both Sirius and Milli didn’t want to move in order to respond to Madame Piper.  “Hello, are you two ok?”


Milli looked at Sirius desperately and was for once in her life grateful towards him as he got up to inform Madame Piper that they were ok.


As Sirius stood to respond to Madame Piper his pants fell lower down his waste, revealing the lines forming from his hips down further.  Milli subconsciously bit her bottom lip as she watched Sirius’s pelvic bones move with each stride he took.  It seemed that with each step his pants slid a little lower revealing the expanse of his stomach, and most importantly his pelvic bone.  She had this urge to trace the lines that ran down him hips with her fingers until suddenly his hips were right in front of her face, it was then she noticed she had been rubbing her collar bone with her middle finger while biting her bottom lip.


Milli tried not to look too embarrassed as she looked up at Sirius who was clearly enjoying her obvious discomfort.


“Orange juice, fruit and yogurt sound good?”  Sirius asked.  Vaguely Milli nodded her head, “figured you wouldn’t want anything hot, it’s clear enough that you’ve got enough body heat.”


When Milli had registered what he had said his back was already facing her, preventing her from being able to glare.


Milli decided to devote her attention to her breakfast.  The fruit and yogurt were cool, that clamed her slightly.  As she was eating a bit of her yogurt slipped off the end of her spoon and landed just below her collar bone.  Without thinking she used her finger to whip off the yogurt and licked it off of her finger.


“You’re doing that on purpose,” Sirius suddenly said.


Milli looked at him quizzically before realizing what she had just done and quickly took her finger out of her mouth, “quit looking at me.”


“Seems only fair considering it seems you posses the inability to take your eyes off of me.”


“I swear Black, I’m going to-to,” Milli faltered.


“Going to what, touch me?  Go ahead, love,” he said as he settled back in his bed, “I’m all yours.”


“What makes you think I want you?”


Sirius smirked, “what doesn’t make me think you don’t want me is the better question.”


“Oh, I don’t know,” Milli said in a patronizing voice.  “It could be the fact that I absolutely loathe you.”


“Loathe is often confused with lust.”


“And stupidity is often confused with coyness.”


“Oh, kitty bites.”


Milli rolled her eyes, “I’m not going to play your mind games, Black.”


“Game, what game?  I thought we were just two people sharing words.”


“Yeah, and I’ve got two for you: fuck off.”


“We’re going to have to do something about that mouth of yours.  I’m sure I could find some way to make it stop going off.”


“I’m sure you could, unfortunately I’m not interested in getting any STD’s today.”


“Didn’t your mum ever teach you how to behave like a lady?”


Milli’s eyes flashed dangerously, “My mum is dead.”


Sirius’s smile had fallen from his face and Milli was surprised to see that he looked genuinely sorry.  “Oh, I didn’t know-”


“You didn’t know?”  Milli let out a cruel cackle, “that’s rich.”




Milli’s face hardened and her voice became void of any emotion, “because it was your dad that killed my mum.”


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Chapter 3: Second Helpings
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The day passed and there were no more words spoken between the two.  It was the early hours of the morning and Milli was still awake.  She lifted her head up slightly from her pillow and could see Sirius staring at the ceiling frowning.  He seemed to have sensed her movement and took a deep breath before opening his mouth.


“I’m not like them, you know.”


Milli assumed that he was referring to his family.  Though his voice sounded different, almost vulnerable and sympathetic, this did not make her think of him differently.


“Just because you don’t kill people doesn’t mean you’re not cruel.”


“I’m nothing like my family,” Sirius said through clenched teeth.


“Of course you are, everyone is, we just don’t like to admit it.  Unfortunately it’s unavoidable.”


“I’m not a murderer, and I don’t think I’m above others because I’m pureblood.”


“Could’ve fooled me with the way you carry yourself around school.  You and your friends ‘the marauders,’ even got a nice little name for your group of arrogant boys.”


Sirius sat up quickly in his bed, “don’t talk about what you don’t know.”


“What’s so hard to understand?  Just because you’re good looking you think that everyone will fall at your feet, hoping you glance their way.”  Milli was now sitting up in her bed, “you hex people because you’re bored, or they’re different.  The only good one in your group is Peter and on occasion Remus, but he does little to stop you guys even though he has the authority.”


“Is that what you think we’re about?”  Sirius asked in a condescending tone.


“This is what you are about.”


Sirius smirked, not in his usual playful way, this smirk was cold and malicious, it could rival with a Slytherin.  “We’re about trust; we back each other up when no one else will.  Yes, we do play –sometimes- cruel jokes but I know I’ve always got someone supporting me.  They are the closest thing I have to family and I’m never letting go.  We’re not friends, we’re brothers.”


Suddenly Milli felt hot, but not the same hot she was before.  This feeling stirred something inside of her; suddenly she looked at Sirius with wanting, not loathing.  “Wow, you really do care for them.”  She was surprised by how light her voice was considering only moments ago she was angry and yelling.  For a moment she dwelled on the fact that her mood had changed so quickly. 


Slowly Milli got up and walked towards Sirius’s bed.  “It’s nice to see a softer side to you,” Milli’s hand was playing with the blanket at the foot of Sirius’s bed.  Her eyes were cast downward, a small smile playing on her face.  “It makes you seem almost,” her eyes snapped up and locked with Sirius, “human.”


Milli’s hand fell back to her side as she slowly moved her body so that she was standing beside Sirius, Sirius’s eyes not once leaving her.


Milli’s eyes lingered on Sirius’s bare chest and once again she felt herself go hot, instead of wanting to rid herself of the heat she wanted to fuel it, let it consume the rest of her body, share it with Sirius.


“I wished the loyalty you show to your friends could be said for everyone else.”


“Oh,” said Sirius as he found himself growing more anxious with every step Milli took towards him, the gap between them seemed to be growing larger rather than shrinking.  “And where else do you want my loyalties to lie?”


Milli’s leg hit Sirius’s bed, “well,” she said as she placed a hand on the bed beside Sirius’s hip.  “You always seem to go from girl to girl.”  Milli placed her other hand beside the opposite hip, her fingers just lightly grazing Sirius’s chest, so light that it was barely noticeable but not lost on Sirius.


Slowly she pulled her legs up onto the bed, never once breaking eye contact with Sirius.  She positioned herself so that her legs were on either side of Sirius.  She moved her hands from beside his hips and positioned them so that they were resting by his head.  Milli moved her face towards Sirius, her hips grazing his for a moment, only for her to draw back, giving him a teasing look.  “Well,” she said in a whisper, “one would think you would eventually be loyal to one girl.”


“Why would I want to do that?”


Milli smirked and leaned down even more, their lips grazing in the process but not lingering long enough to constitute as a kiss.  Sirius placed one hand on Milli’s hip and the other on the small of her back, pulling her body towards his. When they were about to close the small gap left between them suddenly they heard a voice-


“Breakfast you two; hope you have developed a big appetite.”  Madame Piper’s voice seemed to have caused Milli to realize what she was doing for Milli blinked and quickly climbed off of Sirius.


Sirius stood up, a smile on his face.  He brushed past Milli, just barely touching her.  He crossed the room and reached the intercom, pressing the button he said, “Oh, Milli’s developed quite the appetite.” 




Milli kept her distance from Sirius that day.  Luckily Madame Piper had given them the homework that they needed to do.  Milli was grateful for this distraction and immediately dove into her work, determined to keep herself preoccupied. 


She kept repeating to herself that mood swings and hot flashes were symptoms of Hippogriff Fever, and that explained her irrational behavior.  She doubted though that Sirius would buy into her excuse so she said nothing and chose not to bring attention to it, hoping that it would soon be forgotten. 


A voice suddenly filled the room and Milli jumped in surprise.


“Oi, Pads, you there?” 


Milli recognized the voice knowing it belonged to James Potter.  She became slightly hopeful with the prospect of visitors.


“Of course he’s there you nitwit.” 


Milli smiled when she recognized the second voice belonged to Remus.


Sirius jumped from his bed and quickly ran to the other side of the room where the intercom was.  He pressed the button eagerly and Milli was surprised he didn’t break his finger with the intensity he used in pressing the button.


“Hey yeah I’m here, glad you visited, its dead boring.”


Milli scowled at Sirius’s comment and chanced a glance towards him.  Fortunately his back was turned towards her. 


“I’ve brought you cheese,” said Peter.


“More like cheese crumbs,” James commented, laughing slightly.


“There is no such thing as cheese crumbs, just extra cheese bits,” Remus corrected.


“Of course there are cheese crumbs; they are what Wormtail is currently using as decoration on his robes.”


“Fine Prongs,” Remus sighed.  “You can have your cheese crumbs.”


James gave a victory ‘whoop’.


“So, any news?  I’m dying here, I don’t know what’s going on,” Sirius said, breaking off James’ victory ‘whooping.’ 


“Nothing really,” said James in a slightly disappointed voice.  “Well, Lily got me kicked out of Sluggy’s club.”


Sirius chuckled, “and how did she manage to do that.”


“She convinced him that I’m a woman, and I’m too ashamed to embrace my femininity.”


“How the hell would Slughorn believe that?”


“Well, you’ve got to admit it Prongs, you do have feminine features and have a tendency to act like a little girl.”  Remus said in a constrained voice.  “Oh, before I forget; Milli are you there?”


Milli quickly sprang up from her bed and shoved Sirius aside, trying not to dwell on the fact that she just touched his bare chest.  “Yes, I’m here.  Is Lily coming to visit?”


“Afraid not,” said Remus.  Milli felt her hopes drop, “but she gave me a note to give to you.”


“Great,” said Milli, her spirits now slightly higher.  “There should be a crate around you; just put it in there and it should lower into our room.”


There were a few moments of silence before Milli saw the crate lowering into her room.  She told Remus she got it and thanked him before going back to her bed and her letter open. 



Sorry I haven’t had time to visit you, I’ve just been so busy!  Lately the first years have decided that the Giant Squid is like a ride and that there is no harm in grabbing onto its tentacles and letting themselves be flung around.  It’s become the new life-threatening trend amongst our young, dimwitted classmates. I’m sure you’ve heard that I got Potter kicked out of Slughorn’s club (if only you could hear the excitement in my voice).  Potter doesn’t know this but I got a picture of James and waved my wand (well, I did more then wave my wand, but I’ll spare you the details) so that it appeared like James was putting on a bra.  Anyway, sorry to cut this short, I see a little eager first year running towards the lake, I better go.  I’ll try and visit you soon, hope you’re doing ok with Black for company.





Milli quickly wrote a response and when she had finished her letter she was disappointed to find that James, Remus, and Peter had left so she had no way of getting her letter delivered to Lily. 


Milli placed the letter on her beside table and resumed to her homework, but she was finding it difficult to concentrate.  She kept on having hot flashes and as the minutes wore by she was finding it more difficult to ignore.  She looked up at Sirius and was relieved to see that he also looked flushed and was sweating slightly.


Unfortunately Sirius caught Milli’s eye and he smirked. Milli was beginning to wonder if he could make another facial expression besides smirking.  She had to admit though, he had the look down.


“Ready for a second helping, love?”


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Chapter 4: Like Christmas Morning
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Milli awoke the next morning and almost pissed her pants at the sight awaiting her; Sirius was currently hovering over her, a look on his face that reminded Milli vaguely of a kid at Christmas opening their presents.  Sirius didn’t shy away once Milli had woken up, in fact he seemed to move closer, a large smile plastered on his face.  Milli couldn’t possibly imagine what could’ve happened in this room to make Sirius so damn cheerful.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Milli couldn’t say the words with much conviction because she was tired and still trying to recover from the fact that she nearly had a heart attack. 


“Why so negative?”  Sirius said in an unusually cheerful –and creepy- voice.


“Go away,” Milli said roughly, trying to push Sirius.  She was feeling particularly agitated that morning and the last thing she wanted to deal with at that moment was Sirius and his constant annoyance. 


“Aw c’mon Ms. Grumpy Mc. Grumper-face.”


Milli stopped and stared at Sirius incredulously, “you did not just call me that.”


“Why, did you like it?  How about Ms. Lazy Padazey?  That sort of sounds like a flower-”


“What are you on?”


“What am I on…?”  Sirius repeated dreamily, “well, I suppose I’m standing on the ground.”


“Stop acting like such a goon and snap out of it!”  Milli said harshly throwing aside her blankets roughly and moving to stand, but stopped when she saw Sirius’s face.


Sirius’s cheery face had hardened as he stared at Milli contemptuously.  “Don’t call me a goon,” he said in a cold voice.


Milli looked at Sirius like he had finally gone insane.  Suddenly Milli got defensive and crossed her arms over her chest huffily.  “I’ll call you whatever I please.  If I want to call you a toe-sucking, dirt roller, raga muffin I will.”


Sirius gasped in horror, the gesture reminded Milli greatly of a girl who had just broken their nail.  “Fine, you’re a whore.”


“Your nose is crooked; this prevents you from having a symmetrical face.”


Sirius gasped again and grabbed his nose, “its called character!”


“That’s what people say when someone is ugly.”


Sirius raised a finger to say something, the look on his face so intense that Milli was sure he was either about to yell at her or shit his pants.  Instead Sirius suddenly started laughing uncontrollably, confusing Milli when just seconds before he looked ready to kill her.  He grabbed his sides as tears ran down his face and fell to the ground.


“What are you doing?  C’mon, get up.”  Milli said, lightly prodding Sirius with her foot.  Sirius seemed to only laugh harder which infuriated Milli, “stop laughing!”


Sirius looked up at Milli and even though tears were running down his face from laughing, he was pale and looked worried.  “I…can’t…stop.”  Suddenly his laughing turned into gasping, for a moment he laid on the floor and didn’t move then he grabbed his throat and looked at Milli pleadingly, a sense of urgency in his gaze.


Milli immediately ran to the intercom and began shouting for Madame Piper.  Even though it only took a few moments for Madame Pipper to respond, it felt like an eternity as Milli watched Sirius begin to shake uncontrollably on the ground while gasping for air.


Madame Piper quickly cast an invisible suit around her body to prevent her from catching the fever.  She rushed over to Sirius and instructed Milli to put a pillow under Sirius’s head.


Sirius had become ghostly pale and as Milli carefully put the pillow under his head Sirius looked at her, his eyes were wide with a panicked spark in them.


“I’m going to need you to hold Mr. Black still.”  Madame Piper instructed Milli.


Milli looked at Sirius’s body hesitantly, not sure what to do.  Sirius then reached out a shaking hand for Milli to take.  Milli looked at the hand before grabbing it and holding on tight, giving him a reassuring squeeze.  Sirius’s body tightened as he tried to remain still.  The veins in his throat looked as if they were about to burst, and Milli thought he would break her hand as he held onto it. 


Madame Piper wasted no more time and put the tip of her wand on Sirius’s throat.  She mumbled something and a glow emitted from the end of her wand.  Almost immediately Sirius relaxed and his grip on Milli’s hand loosened.  His eyes closed and he fell asleep, his breath steady once again.


Madame Piper let out a sigh of relief.  She stood up and waved her wand over Sirius’s body and said ‘wingardium leviosa.’  She lowered him onto the nearest bed which happened to be right next to Milli’s.


Once she’d lifted the spell from Sirius she turned to Milli.  “When he wakes up I want you to give him this.”  She retrieved a vile from her pocket.  The vile was filled with some sort of black, chunky substance that would –no doubt- taste horrible.  She handed it to Milli and said with a stern look on her face, “he needs to drink all of it.  His throat should be sore until tomorrow.  Tell me when he’s woken up and I’ll send some soup. 


“Do you have any questions?”


Milli started to shake her head to say no but stopped, “why did this happen to Sirius?”


Madame Piper looked at Sirius sleeping a frown on her face before turning back to Milli.  “There are generalized symptoms to this fever but people often react differently.  I’m assuming Mr. Black had mood swings which led to,” she waved her hand around, “this.”


Milli nodded her head to show that she understand and Madame Piper started leaving, before she could exit the room Milli blurted out, “has anyone died?”


Madame Piper froze for a moment at the door, “there has been one reported case.”  She said slowly, choosing her words carefully.  “But you shouldn’t worry; the man was very old and was nearing death anyway.  His immune system couldn’t handle it.  You have nothing to worry about,” Madame Piper added once she saw the panicked expression on Milli’s face.  “Before you know it the fever will have passed and you’ll be back to class wishing that you were still ill.”  Madame Piper gave Milli a small smile before leaving the room.


Milli was a little shaken up knowing that there had been a death because of this fever.  But Madame Piper was right in saying that she shouldn’t be worried because the man had been old, but there was still this upset feeling in the pit of Milli’s stomach as she sank onto the edge of her bed and watched Sirius.


She had actually been worried.  She had been concerned for Sirius in those moments, frightened that something really horrible was going to happen to him.  But that didn’t necessarily mean anything.  Milli was sure that anyone would be worried for their worst enemy if they were put in the same situation as her….right?


Milli continued to sit on the edge of her bed, biting her nails (a bad habit she had broken four years ago).  She couldn’t shake the fact that she had been really worried and that the one thing running in her head as Sirius gasped for breath was the fact that she had called him a ‘goon who didn’t have a symmetrical face.’  She had been so tempted to shout out something as he struggled for breath, something to replace the harsh words she had said.  Milli wanted to think that it would be guilt haunting her but a voice she tried to ignore deep down was saying that for some reason Milli was starting to care what Sirius thought about her.


A groan suddenly came from Sirius, breaking Milli’s thoughts.  Milli immediately stood and walked over to Sirius.  He slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times until his eyes could adjust to the light.  Milli noted that most of the color had returned to his face and she inwardly let out a sigh of relief.


Sirius looked at Milli slightly confused, he opened his mouth to speak but Milli cut him off.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  Madame Pepper said your throat will be sore until tomorrow.  Here, drink this, I’ll tell Madame Pepper you are awake so she can send soup.”


Sirius took the vile from Milli’s outstretched hand and sniffed it.  His nose immediately recoiled in disgust, “I don’t care if it tastes like Snape’s underwear, you’re drinking it!”  Milli said firmly.


Sirius let out a moan and plugged his nose as he drank the potion.  While he did this Milli retrieved two bowls of soup from the crate and placed a bowl on Sirius’s lap.  Sirius was still wrenching from drinking the potion.  It took him a few moments but eventually he started eating the soup.  Every time Sirius would empty the bowl of its contents it would immediately fill up.


Milli took little spoonfuls but wasn’t really hungry.  She tried to avoid Sirius’s eyes not wanting him to say something or ask her what had happened.  She was silently hoping that Sirius wouldn’t remember anything.


Sirius set his bowl on his bedside table and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


“Some day we’ve had ey?”  Sirius’ voice was very hoarse and his voice cracked.  “Admit it, you were worried about me.” 


Milli smiled and set aside her soup bowl.  “No, I just didn’t want you to die in my presence.  It’d be a sticky situation if you bit the big one and I was the only other person with you in the room.”


Sirius rolled his eyes and muttered, “Sure,” but he was smiling as he did so.


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Chapter 5: Twitchy Woman
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“You know what I’m going to do once I get out of here?”  Sirius said.  He had his arms behind his head as he lay on his bed.  One leg was up so that his knee almost reached his chest.  His other leg was off the bed and swinging lazily back and forth.  An indifferent expression was on his face as he stared at the ceiling looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world and that Hippogriff Fever was a virus out of a book.


“You make it sound as if we are in prison.”  Milli said in an indifferent voice.  Ever since yesterday they didn’t say anything but there was a mutual understanding between the two.  They realized they were both going to be stuck together for a long time and even though they didn’t get along they had to find some sort of common ground otherwise someone wouldn’t come out of this alive.


“Aren’t you curious as to what I was going to say?”


“No, not really,” Milli said under her breath, but purposefully saying it loud enough so Sirius could hear.


“Well I’m going to tell you anyway.”  Sirius paused and Milli looked up from her homework, wondering why Sirius had stopped talking.  She realized her mistake as this was Sirius’s desired affect. 


“What?”  Milli asked nervously. 


“Well, isn’t this the part in the conversation where you sit on my bed and giggle like the little school girl that you are?”


Milli couldn’t help but smile at Sirius’s stereotype, even though it was painfully true she would never admit it, nor would any other self-respecting girl.  “I see no point considering your bed is next to mine.”


Sirius sat up and smiled as he patted the bed, inviting her to sit.  Milli rolled her eyes but decided that the only way to make him stop pestering her was to do what he said, to some degree.  She was no house elf. 


Milli sat crossed legged on Sirius’s bed.  She couldn’t believe how ridiculous Sirius was acting as he brought a pillow to his chest, hugging it tightly.  Milli couldn’t believe this was ‘Sirius Black, womanizer extraordinaire.’ 


“So,” said Sirius, enjoying this way more than he should be.  “Once I get out of here I’m starting over.”


Milli gave him a look of disbelief, “oh really?”


Sirius nodded his head enthusiastically.  “Yep, once I’m free I’m throwing away all my old joke shop memorabilia and moving onto bigger and better things.  I think James and I are going to open a joke shop.”


Milli rolled her eyes, she should’ve known better.  “Glad to see you’ve had a life-changing epiphany.”  Milli started getting up to go back to her bed but Sirius stopped her.


“You haven’t shared what your plans are.”


Milli fell back onto the bed and let out a heavy sigh.  “That’s because I have no intention-” Milli stopped; all of a sudden there was a weird tingling sensation in her right arm.  The tingling became more intense and Milli winced.  She grabbed onto her arm and could feel beads of sweat forming on her forehead.


“No intention of what?”  Sirius asked clearly unaware of the fact that she was in pain.


“Um right, no intention-” all of a sudden Milli’s arm twitched, not just twitched but hurtled…right into Sirius’s nose.


Sirius’s head leaned back upon impact.  Milli sat with her eyes wide as Sirius slowly straightened his head, clutching his nose.


“Jesus Christ Milli, what the bloody ‘ell was that for?”


“I-” Milli started but then she felt the tingling in her arm once again, and for the second time her arm twitched and punched Sirius’s nose, only this time there was a sickening crack.


Milli jumped up from Sirius’s bed and went onto her own, sitting on her hands.  Blood was pouring down Sirius and staining his shirt.  “Bwell donch jufst shfit there, ghech shelp!”


After Milli had called Madame Piper Sirius shouted at her in surprising clarity, “you better hope that I come out of this with an a-symmetrical face!”


Madame Piper had no problem fixing Sirius’s nose but unfortunately for Milli her arms had to be handcuffed to her bed.  The cuffs luckily had cushioning so they weren’t cutting into Milli’s wrists, but Milli didn’t like being trapped to her bed.  She also didn’t like the idea that she couldn’t move and Sirius was free to roam around and do as he pleased.


Now you look like you belong in prison.”  Sirius laughed as Milli’s arm continued to twitch.


“You know, I think your nose looked better before I broke it.”


Sirius automatically grabbed his nose but dropped his hand, sneering at Milli.  “You seem used to being handcuffed; do you prefer leopard skin or just a plan color?”


Milli grew frustrated and swung both of her legs in hopes of kicking Sirius’s nose and breaking it again.  Sirius was too fast and easily dogged Milli’s attack.  Unfortunately for Milli she kicked with too much force and her legs went off the bed. 


The effect of her legs falling to the floor caused the rest of her body to roll over and fall off her bed.  Her arms were being pulled behind her as gravity pulled the rest of her body down.  Her legs were on the floor but the rest of her body was hovering over the ground.  Her shoulders screamed in pain.  Milli looked at Sirius who was on the ground laughing hysterically.


“Sirius!”  Milli screamed.


Sirius slowly regained control as he wiped his eyes, “yes, love?”


Milli wanted to scream in frustration, “It feels like my arms are going to be separated from my body.”


Sirius bit his bottom lip attempting not to laugh again.  He bent down beside Milli and scooped her up in his arms, easily positioning Milli back onto her bed.


Milli’s breath hitched in her throat as Sirius deliberately made his actions slow as he pulled his arms from under her.  His head was bent towards Milli, his long black hair separated from his forehead and dangled in front of his eyes.  Sirius licked his lips and it was only then that Milli realized how big and red his lips were.  They looked so inviting as the moisture clung to them.  She then moved to his gray eyes, they held a mischievous spark to them but there was something missing.  She furrowed her eyebrows in concentration as she scrutinized his eyes.  Sirius seemed to have sensed what she was doing and removed his arms completely, blinking as if it could hide the evidence.  He turned away from Milli and silently lay down on his bed.  Milli was confused by his sudden cold attitude towards her.


“Thanks,” Milli whispered.  She didn’t know if Sirius had heard her so she opened her mouth once more but was cut off.


“I didn’t think I would have a problem with you.”  He said in a voice that shown no emotion. 


Milli was now thoroughly confused, “sorry, what do you mean?”


“You, them,” he said gesturing wildly with his hands.  “Trying to figure me out, thinking they can figure me out.”


“You make yourself sound like a game.”


“Its how it is though, isn’t it?  ‘Try to break Sirius Black, the rebel with a cause; but what’s the cause’?”


Milli was hurt, after all they had been through the past few days didn’t seem to mean anything to him now.  “I wasn’t trying to ‘break the code’, Sirius.  I wasn’t even aware that there was a competition is solving your ‘riddle’.”


“Then why when you looked at me you appeared to be analyzing me?”


“I wasn’t analyzing you…”  Milli faltered.


“You weren’t, then what were you doing?”


“I was…I was trying to figure out why your eyes held emptiness to them.”  As soon as the words left Milli’s mouth she realized that Sirius had been right; Milli couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to be under constant scrutiny.  It surprised Milli when she started feeling sympathy for Sirius.  She realized that he was truly different from his family, but that didn’t excuse all of his cruel behavior.


“Now are you starting to see it?  I am loud, cocky, and arrogant-whatever you may think.  I act this way, but I don’t want to be this way.”  Milli was silent, not really knowing how to respond.  Sirius sensing her discomfort continued talking.  “Well, now you know, you are the first girl I’ve ever told.”


Milli wanted to say thank you, but that didn’t feel right, instead she said, “I won’t tell anyone.”


She turned her head and looked at Sirius who smirked.  His eyes went to her handcuffs and then back to her face.  “Hate to be the bearer of bad news love, but it doesn’t really look like you’ll be going anywhere soon.”


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Chapter 6: Now would be the time to shut up
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Four hours had passed since Milli had broken Sirius’s nose and was handcuffed to her bed.  The sun had set and the room was dark.  Sirius –who had been uncannily quiet throughout the period of time- finally said something. 


“I could easily have my way with you right now.”


Typical.  Milli thought.  She was waiting for Sirius to lash out at her, to hurt her while she was unable to move.  But she figured that even Sirius had the decency to know that fighting with someone who couldn’t fight back was cowardly.


“And yet you remain where you are.”  Milli immediately regretted her selection of words because she was positive that Sirius would take this as a challenge.


Milli was right in her assumption because almost instantly Sirius stood from his bed and moved towards Milli slowly.  In the dark room Milli could only see Sirius’s silhouette and his grey eyes shone eerily. 


“I think,” Sirius said as he ran his index finger slowly up Milli’s arm, he heard her breath catch in her throat and smiled to himself.  “Once you are allowed to remove the handcuffs you should keep the around for a bit, never know when you may need them next.”


Milli let out an involuntary shudder at Sirius’s words.  The thought of handcuffs and Sirius was a very appealing idea to Milli and as hard as she tried to discourage the images from coming into her head she found them unavoidable.  She succumbed to the overwhelming power of lust she was feeling and let her mind wonder to handcuffs and Sirius.  Without knowing what she was doing she let out a moan, and only after had it escaped her mouth did she realize her fatal action.


“Either that was the bed creaking or that sound was just produced by you.”


“I-I think it was a ghost,” Milli said in an unconvincing voice.


Milli felt the bed shift as Sirius leaned down.  He stopped once his lips brushed her ear.  “Now we both know that’s not true.”


“I don’t think that’s fair to conclude.”  Milli said in a whisper, hoping that if she spoke softly Sirius wouldn’t detect her shallow breathing and inability to string together a intelligent sentence without fumbling over her words.


“That’s what I like about you…”


“You like me?”  Milli asked in genuine astonishment.  She thought that Sirius had just been tolerating her throughout the past few days, only because he had to considering their circumstances.  She never thought that Sirius would actually like her, though she doubted if he did hold some feelings for her they wouldn’t go any further than friendship, yet the tone in his voice begged to differ.


Sirius chuckled, “didn’t you know?”


“Clearly I didn’t judging from my previous comment.”


What little confidence and self-restraint Milli had managed to scrape was gone as Sirius slowly ran his finger down her side, resting at her naked hip.  The touch of skin on skin made Milli’s body hot and she knew this time the cause of the heat wasn’t because of hot flashes.


“You do know that one of the main symptoms of Hippogriff Fever is mood alterations,” Milli said quickly as Sirius’s thumb moved in slow circles.  “One of the main changes is acting irrationally.” 


“Hmmm,” Sirius growled in a husky voice, “I like being irrational.”


“You say that now but come tomorrow you won’t be singing the same tune.”  Milli couldn’t believe the things that were coming from her mouth.  Sirius Black, one of the most desired boys at school was currently messaging her hip and whisperingin her ear.  Even though she had despised him for most of her years her sudden mood swings and fever symptoms had sort of bonded the two despite their past differences.  And now she could know longer die the lust she held for him and yet she just couldn’t stay quiet and had to make a smart assed remark every two seconds.  God forbid she actually remained quiet so she could see what would happen.


“Do you ever shut up?”


Milli let out a small laugh as she processed Sirius’s words.  It was as if he had read her mind and while her initial reaction was to say ‘no,’ she realized that a different approach was needed to be taken.  So instead of the answer she would originally settle with she replied with, “yes.”


“Now would be the time to do it.”


Milli was not given the opportunity to respond as Sirius’s lips came crashing down onto hers.  The kiss was hungry and lustful.  His lips moved strategically, not skipping a beat and Milli struggled to keep up with the intensity of the kiss.  Milli’s back arched causing her hips to crash into Sirius.  She could feel his lips curving into a smirk as they kissed. 


Milli wanted to run her hands through his hair but was denied the option as they were still handcuffed.  And then, as if on queue her right arm began to tingle once again. 


Not now.  Milli thought panicked, she tried to ignore the waves of pain now shooting through her arm as she tried to keep it hidden under her body.  But her efforts soon became useless and her arm jerked forward, this time hitting Sirius’s unmentionables.  Sirius took a great intake of breath as a whimpering sound escaped his lips.  The sound reminded Milli of a puppy that wasn’t getting its way.


Sirius rolled onto his back, his hands protecting the no-go zone.  As he had rolled onto his back he didn’t notice Milli’s arm and he crushed it, he caused strain on Milli’s wrists as the handcuffs dug into her flesh.  She said nothing and bit on her lower lip to distract herself. 


Sirius then assumed the fetal position and Milli rolled her eyes towards the ceiling muttering in her head, why me?


A few minutes passed and Milli’s arm was starting to hurt and she was sure that her wrists would be rubbed raw.  Finally Sirius stood up and hobbled over to his bed.  He didn’t assume the fetal position again; instead he laid on his back staring as the ceiling as if it would provide a cure to his extreme amount of pain.


Now you lay still.  Milli thought bitterly as she stared down at her right arm which remained limp by her side, as if it hadn’t just deprived a man from reproducing.  A few hours passed until Milli finally fell asleep.






Milli woke with a start; she nearly fell out of bed.  It was then she saw that her handcuffs were no longer around her wrists.  She looked up and saw an elated Sirius sitting on bed with Madame Piper standing over him.


“Don’t be so sure of yourself Mr. Black.”  Madame Piper said as she examined him, a look of deep concentration etched into her face.


“What do you mean you’re cured?”  Milli asked eyeing Black vehemently.  There was no way in hell she was going to let him walk out of here free and leave Milli all by herself to suffer.


“Well, there’s nothing wrong with me.  My temperature is back to normal, there are no hives, twitching, and no obvious mood swings besides being ecstatic!”


“Please tell me he isn’t better,” Milli asked Madame Piper pleadingly.


“Well, I can’t seem to find anything wrong with him.  I’m afraid though Mr. Black that you’re going to have to stay at least another day until we know for sure that the fever has passed.” 


“What?!”  Sirius jumped up from his bed, his eyes widened in shock as his legs crumbled beneath him.  He sank to the ground and tried to pull himself up with great effort.  “I can’t move my legs,” he said, fear rising in his voice.  “I’m dying!  Slowly bits of me are going away to Davy Jones’s locker.  I have so much more to do, so much more to say, so many more people to prank, I’ve still got to teach Snivellus how to take a proper shower!  Oh, I can’t die now!”


“Stop being so dramatic Mr. Black.  I figured you wouldn’t be rid of the fever yet, it was only a matter of what symptom would develop next.  I’m afraid to say that you now have temporary paralysis from the waist down.”


“Waist down?”  Sirius exclaimed, clearly not happy with what he had just heard.  “Does that mean my-” he caught himself, he couldn’t believe he’d almost let it slip him asking Madame Piper if his ‘wigwam’ would still work.  “-my toenails wont grow.”  He recovered quickly once Madame Piper gave him a questioning look.


Madame Piper sighed, clearly not amused.  She waved her wand and Sirius flinched thinking she was going to do him in.  Instead he levitated before settling into bed.  “You kids test my patience,” she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.


Milli smirked as she took in the site of Sirius.  He looked so pathetic as he stared at his legs with such intensity Milli could’ve sworn she saw a toe twitch from the sheer power radiating from Sirius’s eyes.


As Milli watched him she studied the way his lips were mobbing, as if encouraging his legs to move.  His eyes were filled with anger and determination and Milli felt herself grow hot once more and was overcome with lust once again. 


It was her turn to take action.


Milli got up from her bed and strolled over to Sirius.  It took him a few moments until he realized she was there.  He gave her a questioning glance as she stood beside him with a look of determination in her eyes.


“Look who’s unable to move now,” Milli said in a teasing voice.


“I don’t think you have the right to cause me bodily harm right now considering what happened last night.”  Sirius winced at the memory as he recalled the events.


“Or what didn’t happen.”


Sirius seemed confused for a moment before his eyes widened in understanding.  “Why, Ms. Milli, are you coming onto me?”


Milli, taking this as a literal statement climbed on top of Sirius so that she was straddling him.  She was smug to see that Sirius looked slightly panicked for a moment as she climbed onto him.  She could tell this was the last thing he was expecting, but the first thing he had been hoping for.


“Look who’s decided to take charge,” Sirius said in a teasing voice, trying to gain some control over the current situation.  He couldn’t let her do all the work. 


“I think it’s about time you stopped talking.”


Sirius eyed her with what Milli thought was appreciation.  Like Sirius had done earlier, Milli gave him no opportunity to respond as she lowered her lips onto his.  She took a different approach when kissing him and tried to take things slowly so that every movement didn’t go undetected.


After a few moments Milli broke away and pulled back so she could look at Sirius.  “I’m assuming it wasn’t your leg that was moving down there.”


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Chapter 7: Visitations
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Milli smirked as she lay in her bed; she examined her nails with slow delicacy drawing out the time.


Sirius sat in his bed waves of lust choking him as he struggled.  He was still unable to move his legs and there could not have been a worse time for it.


After Milli had kissed him she nipped on his ear and gave him a playful shirt.  Sirius was thinking that she was going to do a striptease (what girl wouldn’t want to give Sirius Black a striptease act?) when she slowly backed up until she was on her own bed.  She crossed her left leg over her right and placed her elbow on her knee, resting her chin in her hand.  Her hair fell into her eyes as she gave him a smoldering look.


“Are you coming back?”  Sirius asked in an attempt at casualness but the desperation in his voice was quite clear and was not lost on Milli. 


Milli stretched her arms behind her head and chose to lay back on her own bed her feet dangling off the bed’s edge as she began to hum.  “Why don’t you come over here?”  She said in a low voice.


Sirius threw his head back onto his pillow and sighed in agitation, he knew Milli was teasing him and she was doing a damn good job at it too.  He almost wished that she hated him once again because her seductive attitude and indifference right now was almost killing him.


“Why won’t you come over here?”  Sirius whined, abandoning his cool stature and going trying for desperate pleas of a horny seventeen year old.


“I won’t come for just anyone.”  Milli smiled once she saw the realization of her comment sink into Sirius.  As if her indifference weren’t enough she had to go and throw in comments like that that sent his pervy mind into spasms. 


“Sirius,” Milli said with her head cocked to the side and a curious look etched into her face.  “Are you shaking a little?”


“I don’t know love, why don’t you come over and give me a physical.” 


Milli sat up in her bed a look of defeat on her face and right as Sirius thought he’d had his way the intercom rang and Madame Pepper announced that Milli had a visitor.


Sirius hit his head against the wall repeatedly as Milli made a beeline for the door.  A girly squeal echoed throughout the small room.


“Lily,” Milli said as she pressed her face against the small window and looked at her friend who was standing only a few inches away from the door.


“Milli, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long I haven’t been able to get a moments rest to myself.  If I’m not doing homework I’m giving detentions or setting Potter up as a drag queen.  It’s all very time consuming work and I hope you understand that making a photo look like Potter is wearing a bra very time consuming.  Also, the Giant Squid was renamed ‘The Tentacle’.  The kids say that the name is more appealing for a ride.”  Lily sighed and shook her head though Milli could see a smile on her lips.


“But now that it’s getting cold they’ve decided to try and get Nearly Headless Nick and The Grey Lady to make ‘ghost babies’.  Honestly don’t they know that the fish don’t swim upstream in death?”


“Unfathomable,” Milli said finally able to get in a word since Lily began her rant.


“Oh, Milli,” Lily exclaimed as if that was the first time she realized she was talking to someone else.  Milli sometimes wondered if Lily would even notice if she were gone. 


“Yeah it’s me,” Milli responded.  “Glad to know that the creatures of Hogwarts are being put to use.”


“They’re not creates,” Lily cried indignantly, “they’re…they’re-”




“No, they’re other living thing-ys.”


“Ah, other living thing-ys, I knew a term had slipped my mind.”


“Whatever,” Lily huffed.  “Where’s Black?”


“He’s over there,” Milli said pointing over her shoulder towards Sirius who was craning his neck trying to get a view of Milli’s bum.  “He’s paralyzed waste down.”


Lily laughed and said something along the lines of ‘I hope his legs aren’t the only things that are paralyzed.’ 


“So what have you been up to?”


“Well besides being trapped in a room I’ve done my homework and come down with absurd syndromes that have caused Black more pain then me.”


“Sounds productive, are you keeping up on your homework?”


Milli rolled her eyes and looked over at Sirius who was also rolling his eyes at Lily’s predictability.  “I have actually it’s about the only thing to do in here.”


“It’s not the only thing to do.”  Sirius muttered from the corner.


Sirius’s comment could not be heard by Lily but it did reach Milli’s ears and she looked over and him and didn’t know whether she should slap him or smile at him and reward him for his behavior. 


When Milli turned back to Lily, Lily was looking at her watch and then looked up at Milli apologetically.  “Don’t hate me but I’ve got to go.  Head patrolling soon I’ll try and visit soon.”  Lily paused and said with a sarcastic tone in her voice, “Send Black all my love.”


“Can you send more then love?”  Sirius yelled. 

Lily heard his comment and wrinkled her nose in dislike.  She said another quick goodbye to Milli and walked away. 


Milli walked back to her bed and sat down.


“Well, know that you’ve had some fun I think it’s my turn.”  Sirius said as he lounged back in his bed as if expecting Milli to saunter up to him.


“Would you like me to get James for you then?”  Milli said. 


This statement caused Sirius to sit up in bed and glare at her.  “Not exactly what I had in mind.”


“I don’t really think you can be picky at this point, Sirius.”


“I’m sorry but if I wanted that I would go to prison, where I would ‘accidentally’ drop a bar of soap in the showers.”


“You know, I was just about to come over to you but I don’t think I will now with a comment like that.  You could be carrying diseases.”


“You are to, love.”




“Hippogriff Fever,” Sirius said in a ‘duh’ tone.


“I think you’re supposed to be winning me over, not making me want to castrate you.”


Instinctively Sirius’s hand flew to his no-go zone.  “You know what, you’ve just put me out of the mood, and I’m going to bed.”  Sirius declared like a child as he turned over to his side and turned off the lights.


Milli chuckled at his immaturity and climbed under her sheets turning off the lights.   Right as she felt herself settling into a sleep she suddenly felt a tingling sensation.  This sensation wasn’t like the one where she twitched, it was something different…it almost felt…good.  In fact, it was damn right pleasing.  As if on cue she could feel her toes curling and her back arching as she experienced a pleasure like never before bubbling inside of her.  A moan escaped her lips and she saw Sirius’s light turn on from his side of the bed as her body trembled. 


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Chapter 8: Twenty two in an hour
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“Make them stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop.”  Milli said as another wave of pleasure hit her.  For the past hour she had had twenty two orgasms.  And for the past forty-five minutes Madame Piper had been there with her trying to find something to give Milli.  If Milli weren’t so preoccupied by the orgasms she was having she would find this situation embarrassing, currently there were bigger things on her mind.


“I’m doing my best dear,” Madame Piper said as she rummaged through potions frantically.  Her face was flushed and she was becoming tired. 


Ten minutes and two orgasms later Madame Piper had to call it quits and feared that if she gave Milli anymore potions Milli would die. 


“What do you mean you can’t do anything about it?”  Milli tried to yell but found herself tried from yet another orgasm.


“I’m sorry dear,” Madame Piper said as she started walking out the door.  “I’ve tried everything I could, if I give you anymore potions your body could react badly, we don’t want you dead do we?  I’m afraid you’re just going to wait this one out.”


“Kill me I don’t care!  Just find a cure, and if it’s death then so be it!”  Milli yelled but Madame Piper was already out of the room.


Milli laid in her bed, sweat dripping down her face, her clothes clinging to her.  She was breathing heavily and had her eyes closed as she tried to battle the orgasms.  At first they had been enjoyable but now they were hurting a little bit and her body was so weak she didn’t know how much longer she could take it.  She hoped she would pass out soon, something, anything to get rid of what was happening to her.  She didn’t care if she ever orgasm again after this.


Ok, that was a complete lie, she would probably kill herself if she never orgasm again.


Three minutes had passed and she was orgasm-free.  Milli’s breathing was slowing down and her heart wasn’t beating as fast.  She opened her eyes and saw Sirius standing above her.  Through all of what was happening she had forgotten about Sirius and now for the first time Milli was embarrassed about her current situation. 


“I don’t get why you’re complaining.”  Sirius said as he smiled down at her.


“Believe me, it’s not as fun as it looks,” Milli said sarcastically.


“Well, if it was me making your orgasm you wouldn’t be complaining.  Believe me.”  Sirius ran a finger down her arm and Milli could feel another wave of pleasure hit her.


She bit down on her index finger as she closed her eyes and her back arched one more time.  Instead of the tingling sensation she had felt the first dozen times she’d orgasm, now it felt like her muscles were tightening and twisting.  Once the pain had passed she looked up at Sirius.  He was smiling to himself clearly he thought she was enjoying this.


“Sirius,” Milli said breathily.


“Yes love?”  Sirius said brightly.


“If this is how girls orgasm after they’ve been with you,” Milli paused as she caught her breath.  “Then no wonder you can’t hold down a girl for more than one day.”




“Sirius stop moping.”  Milli said.


Milli’s orgasms had died down more, she would orgasm every twenty minutes and because there was more time spaced in between each orgasm her muscles were looser and didn’t hurt as much.


“You never blasphemy a man’s sexual capabilities,” Sirius said darkly from his bed.


For the past thirty minutes Sirius had been sitting on his bed staring at a wall with his arms crossed over his chest like a three year old who didn’t get a toy they were begging their mom for.  Milli found his current attitude annoying yet cute all the same time.  And the fact that she put the word cute and Sirius in the same sentence would never leave her head.


“I’m sorry Sirius, it was wrong of me to accuse you of bad performance.  I have no personal experience and it was a guess.”  Milli said semi-sarcastically, she just hated the silence.  Being alone was boring now and she kind of –only kind of- missed talking to Sirius.


“Want to find out for yourself?”  Sirius said suggestively.


“No,” Milli said flatly.


“So you doubt?”


“I like the unknown.  It’s like during Christmas, most kids sneak a peak at their presents.  Me, I would rather not know until the day of.”


“So you’re saying you’re taking your time and waiting until its right to unwrap me.”


“God no, is that what you got from the conversation?” 


“What I got is you’re a tease and I’m a present and you’re waiting for the opportune moment to unwrap me.”

“No that’s not, ah.”  Milli stopped once she felt herself slipping into another orgasm.


“Why is it that whenever I mention sex with me you orgasm?”  Sirius said once Milli had calmed down again.


“Why is it that whenever you speak I want to punch you in the face?”  Milli made a poor counter.  She blamed her bad banter on the fact that she was still recovering.  “And it’s only happened twice.”


“Yes, and those were the only two times I talked to you.”






There was silence once more and Milli was back to breathing normally once again.  She then heard Sirius chanting, “sex…me…sex…me…sex…me.”


“Not working,” Milli said doing her best not to laugh.


“I don’t think I’m doing it with enough conviction.”  Sirius stood up on his bed and pumped his fists in the air as he yelled, “sex…me…sex…me!  Sex…what the hell?!”  He yelled and fell off of his bed as Madame Piper walked in.


“Mr. Black, what in the name of Merlin’s beard do you think you were doing?”  Madame Piper demanded as Sirius stood up from the ground and rubbed the back of his head.


“He was just trying to encourage me,” Milli said.


“Encourage you, how?”  Madame Piper demanded as her gaze switched from Milli to Sirius.


“Oh well it’s all very tiring and painful right now and he’s just trying to make me feel better by singing me my favorite song.”


“Shouting more like,” Madame Piper took a long look at Sirius before sighing and turning to Milli.  “How are you doing dear?”  Her tone was much more soothing now.


“Its getting better.  Every twenty minutes or so now and it doesn’t hurt as much.”


“Seems like Mr. Black’s singing is helping.”


Milli smiled, “I know.  Would it be okay of me to ask that he sing until I’m better?”




“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You’ll never know dear-”


“Ah,” Milli interrupted Sirius.  “Remember, I want to be part of the songs.  It’s helping with the healing process.”


Sirius sighed and leaned into his pillow as he continued to sing, “You’ll never know Milli how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.”  Milli did the mandatory clap when Sirius had finished his song.  “Can I be done now?  You haven’t had an orgasm for almost an hour now.”


Milli sighed and pouted, “fine but if I orgasm again you’re singing straight away.”


“Deal,” Sirius sighed as he settled back into his bed.  “You know I thought a situation like this would be a lot more interesting.  No.  It’s just you, having orgasms, without my help.  It’s rather disappointing actually.”


“Oh, shouldn’t you be used to a girl left unsatisfied?”  Milli joked.


Sirius threw a pillow at her but missed by two feet.  “You know nothing.”


“That’s what you’ve been saying.”


Sirius looked up at Milli and raised a questioning eyebrow.  “It sounds like you’re challenging me.”


Milli rolled her eyes, “why does your mind always jump to the conclusion that I want you?”


“Well, do you deny it?”


“Do you ever think of something else?”


Sirius smiled and moved towards Milli slowly.  “That wasn’t a no, love.”  Sirius said as he sat down next to Milli on her bed.  “I think,” Sirius said moving his body so that his legs were on either side of Milli and his arms were on either side of her head.  “It’s about time,” Sirius continued as he moved his face closer to Milli’s, “you find out why the girls always come back for more.”

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Chapter 9: Is this the end?
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Milli’s toes curled and her heart beat quickened as she let out a heavy moan. The pressure was building, rising, filling her entire body. Her toes and fingers had become numb and her lips stung from pleasure. This was by far the best orgasm Milli had ever had. When the pleasure passed Sirius’s body fell on top of her naked form.

“They always come back for more.” Sirius said panting.

“I don’t doubt it,” Milli said in a high-pitched voice. 

Sirius looked up at Milli, she smiled at his boyish charm. His damp hair stuck to his forehead and his eyes were shinning and alert like a little kid in a toy store. Milli had had sex before but until she had sex with Sirius she had no idea what she had missed out on. 

Milli smiled down on Sirius as the events of what had just happened still ran through her head. Sirius moved up and kissed Milli softly on the lips. The gesture was sweet and simple. Milli never thought she would have received a chaste kiss from Sirius Black.

“So, what does this mean for us?” Sirius asked as he held Milli’s hand in his own, gently caressing her palm.

Milli thought about it for a long time and she could see Sirius’s anticipation rising. “I’m not really looking for a relationship.”

Sirius perked up immediately and kissed Milli again.  “You have to be the most amazing girl I have ever met.”

“Well I’m not looking for a girlfriend boyfriend type of relationship.”

“Go on…”

“I was thinking more along the lines of sex buddies.”

Sirius started kissing her face all over. Milli giggled and tried to push him off but he continued to kiss her until she had to knee him in the stomach. Sirius took the hint and laid back down next to Milli.

“So you just want to use me for my body?” Sirius said in a joking manor.

“Well other parts of your body.”

“You want me for my manhood?”

“Yes, your body and manhood, and lips. Is this going to be a problem?”

“Are you kidding? I have only been wanting this for my whole life.”

“All seventeen years? That’s a long time to have a dream. There’s only one condition.”

“Yes, anything.”

“You can’t go and have sex with other girls. I don’t want to be sharing something like that. Disease free please. Can you handle that? If not, the deal is off.”

“I think I can more than handle that. That was by far the best sex I’ve ever had and if that means remaining loyal to you, so be it.”

“Are you sure you can promise me this?”


“Well we have to shake on it so I know you’re being honest.”

“Ok,” Sirius said and he placed a hand on Milli’s boob. He started shaking her boob.  “Consider yourself shaken.”

Milli rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but smile. “We better get dressed before Madame Pippet comes in.”

“You want me to put on my clothes?” Sirius asked in an shocked voice.

“Just for now,” Milli said suggestively.

“Oh, you’re naughty,” Sirius said with a suggestive eyebrow raise and a wink.

Milli giggled as she searched for her underwear and bra. No sooner had Milli and Sirius gotten dressed when Madame Pippet barged into their room.

“Alright dears we have two more people coming who were exposed to the fever. I want to see if you two are ok and ready to go. Put the thermometers in your mouth. “Madame Pippet said in a rushed voice, “Mr. Black that is not meant for your butt!”

Madame Pippet made them pee into a cup, apparently she could run tests and determine by your pee what state you are in.   Milli was awkward peeing into a cup whereas Sirius said he enjoyed whipping out his dong and filling up the cup. The comment made Madame Pippet awkward and she scolded Sirius, once again, for inappropriate behavior. Sirius was bouncing up and down and biting his nails when Madame Pippet left to determine the results. When she came back Sirius jumped off the bed and hovered over her shoulder.

“You two are good to leave. Any symptoms occurring again immediately come to see me. Besides that you two are discharged.”

“Yipe!” Sirius said pumping his fists into the air.

Milli grabbed him and pulled him out of the room before he did his fanny dance that Milli had witnessed one too many times. Before Milli left she asked, “Who are the other two that got the fever?”

“Oh, Ms. Evans and Mr. Potter.”


3 years later

“Do you Mr. Black take Ms. Rolfs to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do,” Sirius said as he gazed at his now wife. Milli was glowing as she slipped the ring onto his finger. The priest then turned away from Sirius and looked at Milli.

“And do you Ms. Rolfs take Mr. Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Milli smirked and look at Sirius up and down as if contemplating the question. “I guess, since we’re here and all.”

Sirius laughed and there were a few tentative laughs from the people watching the ceremony. Many were confused as to if she was joking around or if she was serious. Most opted for joking but still weren’t sure.

“By the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Sirius pulled Milli in and kissed her. When they broke Milli playfully hit him on the arm, “I thought I told you no tongue.”

Sirius shrugged as they walked down the aisle and James started pelting them with rice. “I couldn’t resist. I’ve got a case of newlywed horny.”

“Is that so?” Milli asked once they had made it down the aisle. Milli started picking out the rice that James had lodged into her hair.

“Yes,” Sirius said grabbing Milli by the waist and pulling her in for a kiss. When they broke Milli said.

“On a scale of one to ten how much do you want to go to the reception?”

“Um, scale of one to ten? Zero.”

Milli smirked, “I was hoping you would say that. How do you feel about a quickie in the bathroom?”


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