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A Devil in an Angel's Dress by MalfoyHugger

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 44,327
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC

First Published: 06/22/2007
Last Chapter: 01/16/2008
Last Updated: 01/16/2008

Hermione wakes up one day and her life is flipped upside down. Join her as she makes new friends, new enemies, and a whole new life. Wow... the summary sucks, lol.

P.S. HBP and DH never happened.


Chapter 1: What, How, and Why?!
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Hermione Granger woke up to the smell of her favorite breakfast, chocolate-chip pancakes. She got out of bed, stretched, and procceeded to her bathroom to take a nice shower. 

Wow! I can't believe it's my last year at Hogwarts. Time just flies by so quickly. At least I made Headgirl. I wonder who Headboy is, probably some kid from Ravenclaw. Oh well...
As Hermione made her way back to her room she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Hey, not bad. I like my hair this sleek and smooth. And the color is just so dark, it really brings out my electric blue eyes. Wait... WHAT?! Black hair, blue eyes, taller, and wow... nice curves. I mean... WHAT?!  "Oh My God!!!" 

Suddenly a large bang was heard as her bedroom door flew open, "Hermione are you okay? We heard you scream and rushed up here as soon as- oh..." Her father stopped short as he looked at Hermione. "Ummm... Jane!!! I think it's time we tell her the truth, Hermione come downstairs please, your mother and I have to talk to you," and with that said, he turned around and went downstairs where he locked eyes with a very nervous Jane Granger.

" Well... mom, dad i'm waiting because I would love to hear a good explanation for why I look... different," Hermione said as she slowly became annoyed with these pathetic muggles who were known as her parents. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? I would never call my parents pathetic muggles. That's just like calling myself a mudblood...weird." Ummm... ok honey don't get mad because we didn't tell you before but it was for your own safety... we are not your real parents. Actually we stole you from your family when you were just a baby, but for good reasons. We always knew about the wizarding world and Dumbledore was actually a very good friend of ours. He asked us to steal you from your parents so that you wouldn't end up like them, he knew that you were powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands..." Jane Granger said nervously and obviously very scared of her "daughter's" reaction.

Hermione sat there quietly taking it all in. I'm a pureblood... and a powerful one at that. My parents probably support Voldemort... but I was ripped away from my family and that's just wrong! I don't care what Dumbledore thought but that was so disgusting of him to just rip me away from my family and my real life. Hermione jumped up so quickly that the Grangers squeaked in fright. " I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT THROUGH WITH THAT!!! RIPPING CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES IS SO WRONG!!! I DON'T CARE IF DUMBLEDORE TOLD YOU TO DO IT!!! SCREW DUMBLEDORE!!! " she yelled so loudly that it sounded like a sonic boom. Hermione relaxed a bit and asked, " So who are my parents?" Jane Granger looked up with a heavy heart, " Tom Riddle and Sophia Riddle".

Hermione felt like her eyes were on fire, or more like had electricity running throughout her entire body. Voldemort... is.. my father? Wow... who knew the bastard was capabale of having children? Well I guess I will make the best of being the daughter of the most evil wizard in the world... oh who am I kidding!!! This is awesome!!! What... is going on with me? I sound so evil... and I'm liking it. Looks like a personality change came with the change of looks. Why are those idiot muggles staring at me like that? Stupid filth don't even deserve to look at me, let alone breathe the same air as me. I guess i'll have to make them pay for what they have done...Hermione stood there and her lips curled slightly into a menacing smirk, " You know, I always felt I had immense power, let's see if I was right... you both are going to pay for ruining my life". Hermione had electricity surrounding her body as she thrust her hands forward at the Grangers. They screamed in pain as a wave of electricity hit them. Hermione gasped at this new found power but quickly recovered from her shock. She sent more and more waves of electricty at the couple until they couldn't fight it anymore. She relaxed and walked up to the bodies on the floor, " You muggles disgust me" and with that she turned and packed her stuff and left, but not before she shot her hand up to the sky and smirked as the dark mark appeared.

Chapter 2: Allow Me to Introduce, Adalia Riddle.
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Hermione walked through the streets thiking about everything that she's been through these past years with Harry and Ron. I can't believe i'm the daughter of Voldemort... I mean i've been fighting against him since I learned about magic. This is going to be awkward. I wonder if he knows that his daughter was actually the know-it-all mudblood. Ha, can't wait to see what he's going to say to that. Ok, now I have to figure out where Voldemort is... he's probably not at Riddle Manor since that would be too obvious. What if I floo to Malfoy Manor and ask them to speak to Voldemort... ugh! Malfoys, asking them for help is like Harry surrendering to Voldemort, then again... the Malfoys will be groveling at my feet since i'm Voldemort's daughter. HAHA i'm seeing a lot more advantages to this than disadvantages.Hermione kept walking silently smiling to herself. The muggles were looking at her as if she was crazy. When she saw them staring at her she would just glare at them with a look that said "What the fuck are you looking at?" Hermione kept walking until she saw a dark alley. She entered the alley and cautiously looked around. When she saw iit was completely safe, she apparated and arrived outside a large, black gateway. About a mile farther behind the gateway was a huge manor. She looked at the top of the gateway and read 'Malfoy Manor'. And who else would possibly have a manor like this... oh wait... me. 

Hermione saw no lock on the gate and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. It's probably magically locked... Hermione wanted to test more of her new powers, so with a wave of her hand, the gate opened slowly for her. She smirked as she walked through the gate. Hermione walked for about 20 minutes until she actually reached the manor. She was annoyed at the fact that the manor was so far from the entrance gate. Hermione knocked and waited with an annoyed expresiion on her face.

Draco heard someone at the door and sat in the living room waiting for someone to answer the door. He sat there until he heard the door being knocked on again. He got up angrily, wondering why in the world the houselves were not doing there job and went to answer the door.

Hermione stood outside annoyed at the fact that nobody was answering the door. Suddenly the door was flung open quickly by none other than Draco Malfoy himself.
Hermione smirked and said the first thing that came to mind, "Malfoy, I thought you had a houselves to do that. I never expected a Malfoy to do anything too hard especially you, and judging by the way you opened the door, it is probably your first time doing so. I must say I am truly honored being the first one to see The Draco Malfoy doing anything involving physical labor. Although the only physical labor you have ever done includes pleasure as well..." Draco just stood there, gaping at this magnificient girl who had just insulted him.

Hermione stood there smirking and said, "Well, are you going to let me in?" Draco just kept standing there, so Hermione took the liberty of letting herself in. That's when Draco recovered and quickly spun around to see Hermione taking in her surroundings. " Who in the bloody hell are you and what are you doing in my house?" Draco said curiously. Hermione turned around to Draco and laughed. Draco stood there, dumbfounded. Hermione stopped laughing and explained herself, "Sorry, it's just that you sounded a lot like a Weasley there for a second." Then Hermione burst out laughing as she saw the look of disgust and horror on Draco's face when mentioning that he sounded like a Weasley.

"Laughter, why am I hearing it in my house?" Lucius Malfoy had just came down to the living room when he heard the annoying sound of laughter coming from there. He stopped when he saw Hermione and raised an eyebrow, "And who is this breath taking girl, Draco. Another one of your conquests?" Draco smirked and was about to nod when Hermione spoke up, "No, mister Malfoy, I am not one of your son's conquests and don't ever plan on being one of them. I actually came here to see you. I was wondering if you can tell me where Voldemort is or if you can take me to him. I know something that he might find very interesting."

Lucius eyed Hermione suspiciously and smirked, "What makes you think I will be doing that for you. I don't even know who you are. I cannot trust some girl that waltzes into my house thinking that she can just see the Dark Lord. I will have to earn your trust and see if you are worthy of seeing the Dark Lord" Oh great... I have to prove myself to Malfoy. Well he will be punished for delaying the meeting between Voldemort and his long-lost daughter. What an idiot, he has no idea who he is dealing with. Hermione smiled and politely asked, "Well how am I supposed to prove myself worthy enough to see the Dark Lord?" 

Lucius' smirk remained plastered on his face and said, "Name the worst thing you have ever done, and I don't mean anything sexual, I know how you hormonal teens can be. Tell me something that most teenagers like you would never do." Hermione thought to herself... I guess I have to tell him that I killed the Grangers...ooh I can't wait to see Malfoy's reaction to this one.
Hermione smirked evily, "Actually I have done something bad and good at the same time. It is something bad for the light side and something very good for Voldemort. You see, Lucius, I killed someone. Actually I killed a family, and wait till you hear which one. Malfoy stand next to your father, I want to see both of your faces when I say this. I killed a family very dear to Dumbledore and the light side. A family that was close to Harry Potter himself. Draco and Lucius Malfoy, I murdered the Granger family, and the Dark Mark is above there house as we speak." Both Draco's and Lucius' jaws dropped. Hermione stood there taking it all in. HAHAHA... these faces are to die for. Well this memory is definitely going into my pensieve. 
Hermione quickly spoke before either of them could, "If you don't believe me, you can check for yourselves. I believe you know how to apparate to the Granger's house, Mr. Malfoy. I, myself, just arrived from there." Lucius did what she had suggested because he definitely could not believe what he had just heard. With a small pop, he was gone.
Hermione turned to Draco and smirked, "  I thought you would be happy that the mudblood was gone. Guess I was wrong, but why are you so shocked? We didn't have any feelings for the mudblood now, did we?" Draco snapped his mouth shut and angrily replied, "No, I did not have feelings for that stupid mudblood. The only feelings I had for her were those of hate. Now i'm happy that she's gone. I do believe I owe you for killing that one, but I might owe you my life if you get rid of Weasley. I would've said Potter, but I believe the Dark Lord wants Potter for himself." 

Hermione smiled and said, "Mmm... Draco Malfoy's life in my hands if I kill Weasley. I think you are selling yourself way too easily. Weasley is not worth a quarter of your life, but it's a done deal Malfoy. Soon you will be my personal slave." Draco looked at her in horror and nervously said, "I was kidding about owing you my life. I would never give anyone my life, well except for the Dark Lord, but that's it. Weasley is not worth anything of my life, so why would I sell myself for his?" Oh this is too good... Malfoy is such a wussy. But he's so adorable when he's nervous. AHH... what the hell... no way, Malfoy adorable? Who am I kidding?
"So Malfoy what's taking your father so long to-" The door suddenly burst open and Blaise Zabini came running through the doors with happiest face expression ever. He stopped in front of Draco and yelled, "Draco, dude, did you hear? Your father just came and told my father that the Grangers are dead. Now Potter and Weasley don't stand a chance without their know-it-all. This calls for a celebration, we should throw a party.... babe who are you?" he siad this curiously yet tried to be sexy as he turned to Hermione. Hermione smirked and proudly said, "Nobody important... just the person who made you so happy. And what was that about throwing a party?" Blaise looked at her curiously but then caught on, "Oh you haven't made me happy yet, but I know what you are talking about and i'm all for it." Draco looked disgusted as Hermione burst out laughing. "That is not what she meant mate. Blaise let me introduce you to the girl who just made you almost break my doors. Although I don't know who she is, this girl killed the Grangers and left the Dark Mark above their house."

Blaise gaped at her and dreamily said, "Wow... you are the girl I have been looking for all my life. I'm Blaise by the way, Blaise Zabini. I don't think we have met before but I am happy we did." Draco pulled Blaise away from Hermione, who was trying her best not to burst out laughing again. "Blaise I think we are all happy to have met this beautiful, powerful girl. Now I would like a name. So for the last time, who are you?" Draco asked annoyed at the fact that he still didn't know the name of his guest. Hermione looked away and answered quietly, "I don't know my name. I just know who I was and who I am, but I have no idea what my name is. I'm sorry I can't answer that. That is why I need to see Voldemort. Only he knows what my name is." Draco and Blaise stood there dumbfounded. They were obviously thinking how a girl their age did not know what her name was.

"So, umm.. I guess you won't be offended if I call you babe, since I don't know your name and all." Blaise said hopefully. Hermione chuckled and said, "No, I won't be offended. Actually, I like it coming from you Blaise... it sounds so sexy." It's gonna be fun playing with his head. Oh I am going to surprise this one. He is never gonna forget this. Blaise gulped down his saliva rather loudly, making Hermione smirk. She slowly walked up to him and leaned her body in on him. He felt her hot breath on his ear, and he couldn't control his body anymore. Hermione felt something hard and her smirk became bigger. She quietly whispered in his ear, "I can take care of that for you, you know that right?" Blaise slowly nodded his head. Hermione took her face away from his ear and got closer to his face. Blaise was just about to kiss her when she put both her hands on his chest and pushed him back, with a little bit of a spark. He was so surprised, that he didn't even realize what was happening until he flipped over the couch and fell face first on the floor.

Hermione and Draco, who was watching everything slightly amused, burst into laughter. Hermione was leaning against the couch in order to hold herself up while Draco was already on the floor rolling around. Poor Blaise was stiil lying on the floor, but not because of pain, he was just shocked. After about 5 minutes of laughter and Blaise being in shock, he stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He was no longer horny and was still slightly shocked. Hermione smirked and said, "See, I told you I would take care of that for you. Now it's gone and you are back to normal, although you seem a bit shocked. Sorry about that." Draco started laughing again while Blaise turned away blushing. 

Suddenly, about 20 people popped into the living room scaring the hell out of Blaise and Draco while Hermione watched with an amused expression. Lucius came forth and said, "The Dark Lord has agreed to see you, child. You should be honored, but before he comes, let me tell you that all of us here respect what you have done to the Grangers, we are happy to see such a powerful, young witch on our side." Hermione turned to see the deatheaters all nodding in agreement. Hermione smiled feeling very proud of herself that she has earned the respect of the deatheaters.

A huge gust of wind went through the room as a loud crack was heard. There was smoke in a spot where two people had just arrived. The smoke cleared and Hermione saw Voldemort and a beautiful witch by his side, she thought this was Sophia. Voldemort came forward and Sophia looked curiously at the girl. "Well, child I know that you have helped me a great deal by getting rid of those damn muggles and that filthy little mudblood, but that does not give you an excuse to not bow down before me." Voldemort snarled. Hermione smirked and walked around Voldemort. She walked towards the witch known as Sophia and stopped. Voldemort turned around and looked at the girl who disobeyed him furiously. "Do you not understand me, child? I thought I told you to bow!" He yelled. Hermione turned to Voldemort quickly and politely asked, "May you please shut up for a second?" Hermione turned back to Sophia and smiled. Sophia stood there shocked at this girl's bravery and said, "Why do you smile at me like that, child? You look so familiar, almost like..." Suddenly the woman gasped and took a step back. Voldemort was furious. What was this child doing to his beloved wife. "Step away from her! What did you do to her?!" Voldemort yelled. But he stopped yelling when Sophia flung herself at the girl and cried while embracing her. Hermione hugged her mother and cried as well. Voldemort was confused. "Sophia, care to explain what is going on. I am sure we would all like to know." Sophia let go of her daughter and turned her around so they both faced Voldemort. She smiled a smile that Voldemort had not seen in seventeen years. Sophia took Hermione's hand and both walked up to Voldemort. "Tom, it's her. It's my baby, our baby. Tom, this girl is our beloved Adalia." 

Voldemort stepped back in shock, his voice was hoarse when he spoke, "A-Adalia? Is it really you?" Hermione smiled and said, "Yes it's me, I suppose, although I didn't know it was my name. Hello father." Voldemort did not cry, well he is Voldemort, but he did grab his daughter and embraced her in a huge bear hug. "You have no idea how much I missed you, how much we missed you". Adalia laughed through tears, "No, father, I really don't know, but I can sure see that it was a lot."

Voldemort looked at all the confused deatheaters and stepped back. He cleared his throat and loudly said, "I apologize for leaving you all confused. Now let me introduce someone very important to me. I want you all to treat her like you treat myself and Sophia. My loyal deatheaters and soon to be deatheaters. This girl here, is mine and Sophia's daughter. Let me introduce you to Adalia Riddle, the only Riddle heir." The deatheaters were shocked, but then they began to clap for their Lord has found his daughter. The deatheaters clapped while two very shocked boys, by the names Draco and Blaise, gaped at the girl who they had been having a lot of fun with.

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Chapter 3: Good Night and An Even Better Morning.
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"Draco!!! What has gotten in to you boy?! Do you enjoy looking like a brainless idiot? Escort Ms. Riddle to a guestroom. She will be staying with us for the next 2 days, until you both go back to school," Lucuis said, slightly angered that his own blood can look like a brainless fish. Draco snapped out of his gaping state and excused himself from Blaise, who still had a shocked expression on his face.

"Adalia, I'm glad we were reunited, but I want you to get some rest. Your day must have been exhausting. Your mother and I will see you before you leave for Hogwarts so don't get upset that we can't spend much time together," said Voldemort. Adalia smiled slightly and hugged her mother and father. She bid them good night and watched as they disapparated. She sighed heavily and only then realized how tired she really was.

Draco watched as his Lord and Lady vanished into thin air. He walked up to Adalia and heard her release a heavy sigh. "Are you alright?" Adalia turned to face Draco and smiled, "I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired, that's all. Can you show me where I will be staying?" Draco smirked, "That's exactly what I'm here for, to escort this lovely lady, you, to her sleeping chambers". Adalia snorted and smugly said, "Well that wasn't very flattering, but at least you tried. Where is Blaise?" Draco grinned widely before answering her question. "I'm pretty sure that he's already upstairs sleeping, or at least faking that he's asleep. I don't think he was brave enough to face you after finding out that the Dark Lord's daughter made his member hard as a rock." Adalia burst into a fit of laughter, along with her escort.

They stopped on the third floor of the mansion in front of a black door with silver patterns on it. "My room is two doors down and Blaise is in between us. If you need anything, well you know... just knock or something. Umm... meet me here in the corridor at ten to nine. We'll go down to breakfast together, and I think we're going shopping for our school supplies after." Adalia smiled and nodded her head to show that she understood perfectly well what to do. They bid good night to each other and walked into their seperate rooms. Adalia looked around the room. I guess this will do. I mean it's only for two days and then back to school. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep and dreamed of everyone's reaction to the death of the Grangers. Draco slept like a baby, all the while dreaming about a certain someone.

Adalia and Draco both woke up and took a shower. They got dressed, and when they saw they were ready, they came out of their rooms and met up like planned. "Good morning, Draco. I feel so much better after a good night's rest," Adalia said happily. Draco chuckled lightly, "I take it you slept well. Figures, usually all the girls who sleep over my house are happy and content when they wake up. But since we didn't do anything, I'm assuming you had some nice dreams about me." Adalia snorted, "Don't flatter yourself Malfoy, your ego is big enough. I did have some good dreams, but they were about us torturing Potter and co." Draco smirked, "Well that's definitely something we'll have fun doing this year. What with you around and all, Potter will be scared to death." Adalia smirked as well and thought about how it was all to start.

"Well, it's time to wake Blaise up. I need your help with doing that, he's a bit of a heavy sleeper," Draco said as they walked into the room Blaise slept in. Adalia smirked at this little fact about Blaise and walked up to the bed where Blaise was peacefully sleeping. Then, an idea struck Adalia really hard in the head. "I have an idea. What I want you to do is to jump on him when i show you two thumbs up. OK?" Adalia whispered. Draco nodded with a confused expression. He wanted to know what she was going to do.

Adalia walked up to the sleeping Blaise and gently leaned down so that she nibbled on his ear. Blaise moaned loudly, "That feels sooooo good." Adalia laughed silently and whispered huskily into his ear, "Do you want more, Blaise?" He made a sound that sounded like 'mhmm' and Adalia smirked to herself. "Ok Blaise. You asked for it, but one little thing. I'm on top," Adalia whispered it so seductively that Draco began to get worked up. Blaise smirked in his sleep and loudly replied, "That's cool, I like it when the girls are on top. It shows me if they actually know what they are doing." Adalia turned  around to face Draco, who was biting on his fist to stop from laughing out loud. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Here I come Blaise, you better be ready for this," Adalia said turning back to Blaise. She gave Draco the signal and moved away from the bed, getting ready to see the funniest thing ever.

Draco ran and jumped on Blaise so hard, that right after landing on the bed, he fell on the floor together with a very bewildered Italian boy. Blaise got off the floor first and stood up straight. He was looking down at a pained Draco and was yelling his head off. Adalia laughed at Blaise, who was only in a pair of black boxers that went with his dark hair, which happened to be in a messy, yet very sexy state. Blaise stopped yelling at Draco and turned his attention to the laughing girl. He blushed slightly and ran into his bathroom to take a shower and change for breakfast.

Adalia laughed even harder after that but stopped when she didn't see Draco anywhere. I wonder where he went off to. He's probably outside the door. I'll just go join him while we're waiting for Blaise. Adalia stepped out of the room to find Draco pacing back and forth while rubbing his elbow. He stopped when he saw her and glared, "I'm glad you found that funny, because I, personally, found that to be very painful." Adalia rolled her eyes and snorted, "Awww, you're such a baby. I was only trying to have fun. Remember, I'm the Dark Lord's daughter, I find pain very amusing." Draco laughed bitterly and muttered something that sounded like 'but it hurts'.

Adalia, Draco, and Blaise walked to the kitchen in an awkward silence. Adalia smirked as she was the reason everything was awkward. This wouldn't be so awkward if they didn't glance in my direction every five seconds. I can't blame them though, I will be getting a lot of those from the boys this year. Adalia smiled at that thought and continued walking with the two, extemely hot boys.

They reached the dining room and thought up what they wanted to eat. Instantly, the food was right under their noses. Draco and Blaise dug right in while Adalia watched with a look of disgust. "I swear, you both look like you haven't eaten in days. Sometimes you boys remind me of poor people, especially like the Weasleys," Adalia said smirking. Draco spit out his food while Blaise started choking on his. Draco helped out his friend and they both turned to glare at Adalia. "I told you not to compare me to low-life scum like those idiot Weasleys," Draco said disgustedly. Blaise nodded his head in agreement but decided not to say anything. Adalia found this weird but shrugged it off.

"Good morning children. I trust you slept well, Adalia," Lucuis Malfoy said as he came inside the dining room. The children all nodded as there mouths were full of food. "Well I came down to tell you that Narcissa and I will not be here tonight, so you have the house to yourselves. You should throw a small party so that Adalia can get to know some of her fellow Slytherins. Don't forget that you also have to go to Diagon Alley and get your supplies for school," Lucuis said in a fatherly sort of tone, which completely took Adalia by surprise.

Adalia and Draco stood in front of the fireplace. They decided that Blaise would stay at the manor and send invitations out to their friends, while Draco and Adalia would go get their stuff, including Blaise's things as well. "We'll be back soon Blaise. Don't do anything stupid while we're gone. I wouldn't want to return to find this manor blown to bits," Adalia said smirking. Draco laughed as he saw Blaise glare at Adalia and then stick his tongue out at her.

Draco walked into the fireplace and said his destination as he dropped a handful of floo powder. Adalia walked into the fireplace next and blew Blaise a kiss. She laughed when she saw him glare at her. The fireplace burst into green flames and Adalia disappeared after she said, "Knockturn Alley!"

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Chapter 4: Smirks, Tears, and Invites.
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"Ooof!!!" Draco exclaimed as he landed face down on the floor of Borgin and Burkes. Before he had time to get up, Adalia stepped out of the fireplace and walked on him as if he were a carpet.

Draco groaned when he saw her smirking, "What?"

Adalia laughed, "Nothing. It's just that... well it's just... Did anyone ever tell you that you would've made a lovely rug, especially right in front of a fireplace?"

Draco growled and muttered something that sounded like 'I would've made a lovely anything'.

Adalia giggled and walked out of the store with a slightly annoyed Draco. They walked down the dark streets of Knockturn Alley before stepping out into the bright ones of Diagon Alley.

Draco and Adalia walked around Diagon Alley, buying all their school supplies and Blaise's as well. Draco told Adalia that he wanted to go to the Quidditch Supplies shop and said that he would meet her at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

"Ok, you can go to that little Quidditch shop of yours but you better be quick Malfoy, I don't want to be around a lot of scum by myself, for too long," she added smirking evily. Draco eyed her suspiciously and ran off to the Quidditch shop. Adalia went to the ice cream parlor and settled for a bowl of ice cream called 'Cookie Doughn't You Want Some?' (A/N: This flavor of ice cream is from a favorite ice cream place of mine called Cold Stone Creamery. The best ice cream ever!!! Back to the story.)

Harry, Ron, and Ginny walked down Diagon Alley talking and laughing. Ginny and Harry had started dating over the summer and were now a happy couple, to Ron's dismay. Sure Harry was his best friend, but Ginny was his little sister and nobody will ever be worthy of Ginny in Ron's eyes, not even his best friend. Ron and Harry were talking about going to Hogwarts for their last year while Ginny listened to them jealously.

"It's not fair! I wish it was my last year too. I mean you guys are going to leave and I'll be all alone. Harry, I won't be able to go out with you for a whole year!!!" Ginny whined. Harry chuckled lightly and pulled Ginny into a big bear hug.

"Oh c'mon Gin! You have me now, and we're not leaving until next year. Why are you making such a big deal about it? Ron will probably tell you the same thing, right Ron?" Harry said happily. Ron didn't respond so Harry turned to face his best friend, "Ron? Hey Ron! What's up man? What's gotten into you?" Harry said worriedly. Ron's mouth was hanging open and Ginny could've sworn she saw him drooling.

"He's probably day dreaming about food or something," Ginny said disgustedly.

Ron's head snapped up at this moment and he glared at his sister, "No I wasn't! I saw... I saw someone, that's all. Someone very... very pretty.... no not pretty.... HOTT!!!"

Harry's eyes lit up at the mention of someone hott, "Where? Who? Ron show me!"

Ginny glared at Harry and hit him upside the head, "HARRY JAMES POTTER!!! I AM YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND YOU WILL NOT CALL OTHER GIRLS HOTT WHILE I AM STILL AROUND!!!" Harry cringed at the sound of his full name being yelled out loud in the middle of Diagon Alley.

Adalia was eating her ice cream when she heard a familiar voice yelling in the middle of the street. She turned around in her seat and smirked at the sight of Harry cringing while Ginny was yelling at him. What made her smirk even wider was that Ron was looking around the street, blushing. His eyes locked with hers and his face turned the color of his flaming hair. Ewwww! A dirty Weasel was checking me out, and he's the worst Weasel of them all. Although I think he's better than Percy but still, ewwww! Adalia finished her ice cream and threw the bowl into the garbage can. Actually, this can turn out to be quite fun. She stood up and began walking towards the trio.

Ginny was still yelling at Harry when Adalia came up to them. Ron was staring at Adalia with wide eyes when she stopped right in back of Ginny.

"Excuse me, but if you don't mind me saying, you're causing quite a show," Adalia said quietly. Ginny stopped shouting and looked around to see a crowd of people watching her with amused expressions. She blushed a deep crimson and looked down at her feet.

"Alright, alright. Show's over everyone, you may all go back to what you were doing," Adalia said loudly enough for the crowd to hear. The crowd began to disperse until nobody was left except for the four teens.

Ginny looked up and thanked Adalia. Adalia smiled and then looked up to see Draco coming their way with a huge smirk plastered on his face.

"Aah... Potty, Weasel, and Weaslette. Fancy seeing you here in this part of London, shouldn't you be with the filthy muggles in their filthy part of London. So, Adalia what did the muggle lover and the blood traitors do this time? They didn't touch you, did they? Because I would hate to see any of your sexy clothing have to get burned." The trio glared at Malfoy and Ron was about to say something but was cut off by the hott girl who stood by him.

"Now now, play nicely Malfoy. It's not nice to be rude to Potter and the Weasleys. Don't you know who Potter is, Malfoy? I mean, if he can defeat Voldemort more than four times, what makes you think that he can't wipe you out the first time he tries," Adalia said smirking.

Draco snorted at the way Potter looked at Adalia in awe, "Oh please Potter, don't tell me you fell for that. She was just toying with you three. You are nothing but the dirt underneath her shoes. And speaking of dirt underneath shoes, where is your dear old Mudblood?" Draco smirked at the glares he was getting from the two boys.

"Oi Malfoy! Why don't you just piss off and leave us four alone?" Ron said venemously. Adalia laughed loudly and moved from Ron's side to Draco's.

"Oh c'mon Weasley, you didn't actually think that someone like me would stay with you and Potter, did you? I would gladly stay with your sister but not with you pathetic boys. I mean, seriously. Potter, did it ever occur to you that when you have a girlfriend, you don't say that another girl is hott right in front of her face? You know, if I were your girlfriend and you would say that in front of my face I would cause an uproar like the Weasly girl did. But I wouldn't leave it that, I would dump you in front of everyone, so that they can see what an ass their hero really is," Adalia said smirking evily. Ron and Harry gaped at her while Ginny just stood there not knowing whether to smile or glare.

"So Potter, are you going to stand there like some kind of idiot or are you going to answer my question? Where is your Mudblood?" Draco asked smirking. Harry and Ron stopped gaping and returned to glaring.

"I don't know where Hermione is, Malfoy. She hasn't written to us all summer. Why do you care so much Malfoy?" Harry said menacingly.

Draco was about to answer when Ron's eyes widened and he growled, "What have you done with her Malfoy!? Where is Hermione!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?" Draco's smirk only got bigger in response to Ron's question.

"I haven't done anything with her Weasel, although I must say that I hope something deadly attacked her," Draco drawled emphasizing on the word deadly. 

Ron jumped onto Draco but froze in midair. He was frozen in midair with a look of confusion on his face. Harry, Ginny, and Draco turned to see Adalia looking angrily at the confused Ron.

"So Weasley, you think it's ok to attack people for no reason? I think so too, BUT NOT WHEN IT"S MY PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING ATTACKED!" Adalia viciously thrust her hand forward and a wave of electricity hit Ron, making him fly backwards into Harry, knocking them both to the ground. Everyone in Diagon Alley stopped to watch the scene before them.

Harry got up and helped a shaking Ron get up as well. "As for your Mudblood Weasley, I just want to let you know that she and her family died when their house caught fire," Adalia spat.

Draco smirked at the faces of the crowd and at the horrific faces of Harry and Ron. "You're lying. Dumbledore would've contacted us right away. Somebody would've contacted us right away," Harry said nervously.

Adalia smirked and pointed her finger at the trio. She motioned for them to come closer, so reluctantly, they did. Adalia and Draco stood across from the trio so that only they can hear what was going to be said next. Adalia looked down at the floor. "I swear, I didn't do it on purpose," She said lifting her head with a sinister smirk. Adalia's smirk got bigger when she saw Ron's and Harry's faces.

When she turned to see Ginny's reaction, she was completely thrown off guard to see a smile flicker on her face and then watched as she burst into tears.

"You Bitch!" Ron roared as he brought his head up to look Adalia in the eyes.

Ginny looked up as well, "What is your problem!?" she said through her fake sobs. Adalia smirked at Ginny's wonderful acting. I don't have one but soon I'll find out yours Ginny. What is it that you've been hidind all these years when I thought you were my friend Adalia thought to herself while keeping the smirk on her face.

Harry finally looked up to face Adalia. His face was covered in tears and he suddenly roared outloud for the whole street to hear, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?"

Adalia was about to answer but Draco beat her to it. "Allow me to introduce the only girl who could ever be this beautiful. The only girl who could ever be this powerful. The only girl who could ever make me bow down before her. Allow me to introduce Adalia Riddle, the only heir to Tom Marvolo Riddle. Allow me to introduce, the Dark Lord's only daughter," Draco said while bowing down in front of her.

Adalia smirked wildly at the three shocked faces and winked at Ginny before grabbing Draco's shoulder and apparating them back to Malfoy Manor.

Blaise just finished sending out the last of the invitations when there was an extremely loud pop. Adalia and Draco apparated into the living room of the Malfoy Manor and scared the hell out of Blaise.

"God! You guys scared the hell out of me! So, how was Diagon Alley? I'm sure I missed out on a lot of fun," Blaise said grinning. Adalia and Draco smirked at each other and told Blaise the whole story.

Blaise was shocked at first but then smirked when they finished telling him everything. "Wow! I'm so mad that I missed that! Guys, I'm never letting you go anywhere without me again," Blaise said angrily.

Draco snorted, "So Blaise, are you going to go to bed with me too?"

Blaise raised an eyebrow and replied, "Do you want me too? Although I wouldn't mind if we had a threesome". Adalia laughed at this while Draco looked bewildered that Blaise even answered that question.

"Time to get ready for the party but before I go, Blaise can you do me a favor real quickly?" Adalia asked as nicely as the Dark Lord's daughter can.

Blaise looked at her curiously, "Sure. What's up?"

Adalia smiled mischeiviously and said, "Send one more invitation out. This one is going to Ginny Weasley, I found her behavior a little Slytherinish today".

Blaise smirked and Draco looked curious but did not question Adalia's actions. You want to play games Ginny? Better to play them with us than with Potter and your dumbass brother. I'm going to find out everything about the real Ginny Weasley, and I'm going to use it to my advantage. Adalia smirked inwardly and walked up the stairs to go and get ready for her party tonight, one that would hold many surprising answers.

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Chapter 5: It's Party Time!!!
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With a wave of his wand, Blaise sent the letter to Ginny Weasley and let out a deep sigh. "What's the matter Blaise? You don't sound so great... I'm afraid Doctor Malfoy is giving you strict orders not to attend tonight's party," Draco said smirking.

"Since when have I ever taken orders from you, Draco?" Blaise said, a small smirk creeping on to his face. He walked up to the couch and plopped down on it right next to Draco. Draco shrugged and put his hands behind his head. They sat on the couch in a comfortable silence, just relaxing.

"Hey man, I'm gonna go down to the kitchens and tell the house elves to make this place look like it's ready for the most awesome party ever, and I have to tell them what food we're gonna need for this party so I'll be seeing you later," Blaise said getting up.

Draco nodded his head and watched Blaise descend down the stairs. "I wonder what's going on with Blaise," he muttered to himself. He got up and stretched, "Well I'm bored, might as well go get ready for this party". Draco walked up the stairs and went into his room. He came up to his closet and started to decide on what to wear.


Adalia was sitting in her room with her party clothes on. She was sitting on her bed listening to her ipod, when she saw a small owl outside her window. It was holding a letter in it's beak and was fluttering around impatiently. I wonder who it's from... Adalia got up from the bed and opened the window. The owl flew inside at top speed but Adalia caught it with ease.

"Well would you look at what we have here, Pigwidgeon. I wonder what that stupid Weasley has written to me. Oh well, too bad his owl won't be returning, right pig? What a stupid name for an owl... Pigwidgeon. HA!" Adalia said as the owl looked at her with it's big round eyes.

Adalia snatched the letter out of Pig's beak and put it on the table. She looked at Pig with a sinister smirk and began tightening her grip on the little owl. Electricity was now coursing throughout her veins and surrounding her whole body. Pig was screeching like crazy until he couldn't take it anymore. Adalia laughed evily as she dropped the small, dead owl onto the floor.

Draco heard loud screeching coming fom Adalia's room and ran out of his room at top speed. He burst into her room to find that the screeching stopped and that she was laughing evily. He looked down on the floor and saw a small lump of something that looked like a fur ball. He came closer and saw that it was a small owl, and it was dead.

Adalia turned around to see Draco standing there looking at her, confused. "What?" she asked. Draco looked at her and then at the dead owl.

"What did you do with that stupid little thing that some people think is a proper owl?" Draco asked disgustedly.

Adalia shrugged and smiled innocently, "Me? I don't kow what you are talking about. I had absolutely nothing to do with that poor dead thing. He must've died of exhaustion or something. Poor thing had a long flight and the Weasleys are probably to poor to feed their own owl. So you can only guess what happened to it."

Draco looked at the owl once more, shrugged, and walked out of the room. Adalia smirked as Draco closed the door. Wonder what's gotten into him... oh well. Oh yes, the letter, let's see what that's all about. Probably fan mail from Weasley saying how much he hates my guts.
Adalia opened the letter and was surprised to see that the letter wasn't from Ron, but it was from Ginny...

Dear Adalia Riddle,
           I am very happy that you invited me to your party, but I can't help but feel... well surprised. I mean I'm a Weasley and you're the daughter of the Dark Lord. We don't mix well you know. My family are a bunch of blood traitors and well you are... well you know, practically royalty. Still, I can't help but feel special that you decided to invite me to your party at Malfoy Manor. I accept your invitation and thank you once again for the invite.
  Yours truly,
                Ginny Weasley.
P.S. Ummm... I don't feel comfortable asking this, but... well... is there any way you can pick me up?
Adalia laughed after reading the letter and she threw it into the fire. Well this is definitely going to be an interesting party. I'm glad she accepted my invitation because she can be a very useful ally to father and I have a feeling that she wants to be on our side. As for the whole picking her up thing... she won't have to worry about that.
Adalia walked out of her room and knocked on Draco's door. Nobody answered so she walked in. Adalia walked in to the room to find Draco sleeping on his bed, already dressed for the party. Oh he looks so hott. I don't want to wake him, that would be so mean... OH who am I kidding!? Of course I want to wake him up. Like I said, that would be so mean...
Adalia snickered and walked up to Draco. She was about to jump on him when all of a sudden, Draco pulled her onto the bed and began tickling her. Adalia was laughing so hard that she couldn't breathe. "Dra- Draco st- stop please... I.... can't.... BREATHE!!!!" Adalia shrieked so loudly that Draco instantly stopped tickling her and put his hands to his ears. He rolled off the bed, clutching his ears tightly. Adalia looked over the bed to see a groaning Draco rolling on the floor while clutching at his ears.

"What the hell was that all about!!!" Draco said while getting off the floor. Apparently, if Adalia screamed like that, it was like a sonic boom to the ears of the people around her. Adalia shrugged and got off the bed.

"Anyways, I came in here to tell you that I have to do something, so I'm gonna be gone for like 15 minutes. Which is perfect since the party is in 20 minutes," Adalia said while looking at her watch. She looked up to see Draco looking at her with that confused expression that he was giving her all day. She smirked inwardly. He's awfully confused a lot to be the smartest boy in school. Especially when he's around me. Oh well... I guess I am a bit confusing.
"Right then, I'm off so I'll be seeing you before the party," Adalia said walking out of his room. Draco was about to say something, but she disapparated right before he was about to say it. Draco sighed and went back to the position he was in before Adalia came in.

Adalia apparated right in front of a tall, ugly house. The Burrow. She walked briskly towards the house with an air of superiority around her as she held her head up high.
She came up to the front door and knocked. There was a lot of noise coming from inside the house and she couldn't help but frown in disgust. So many people in such a small house. Disgusting. Absolutely revolt- She was snapped out of her thoughts when the door opened to reveal the Weasley twins. 

"Oh wow... uh.. I mean hi," George stuttered. Fred laughed at his twin and pushed him out of the way to see what was so amazing at the front door. His mouth fell open as he saw the breathtaking girl before his eyes. He quickly regained his composure and flashed a handsome smile at Adalia, who was smirking at their reactions.

"Hello there, is there anything I can do for you? My name is Fred by the way and this is my twin, George," Fred said pointing to George, who was still a bit dazed. Adalia smiled politely at Fred.

"I am here for Ginny. Is she around?" Adalia asked nicely. She hated being nice to those who were lower than her or who weren't her friends and followers. Fred's smile fell slightly, but he nodded anyway. He's probably upset because I'm not here for him. He isn't ugly or anything. He's actually pretty hott. Pity that he's a blood traitor. Adalia waited patiently as Fred called Ginny over to the door.

Ginny came bounding down the stairs and ran to the door. She skidded to a halt right before she can collide with Adalia. "Oh... hi. I wasn't expecting for you to personally come and get me. Thanks," Ginny said as she walked out of the house. Adalia smiled at the younger girl and grabbed her arm. Within seconds, they were standing outside of Malfoy Manor.

Ginny gasped at the sight in front of her while Adalia smirked. Obviously the manor was quite a sight for the poor girl. Adalia pitied that a girl with so much potential had to be raised by poor blood traitors. If Ginny will join us, then she will be living with me after this whole war is over. She will be like the sister I never had. If she doesn't, I will miss her dearly after I kill her.
Adalia led Ginny into the manor and showed her around. Ginny looked around in awe at the huge manor. They came into the living room and were greeted by Draco and Blaise. Blaise looked from Ginny to Adalia and smirked, making Ginny blush. Draco saw this and raised an eyebrow at Blaise, who only shrugged in response. "Well the guests should be arriving in 3... 2... 1!" Blaise said as the doorbell rang.

Draco went to greet all his Slytherin housemates and surely there was a good 20 teenagers in the house, ranging from 6th to 7th years. "Welcome everyone, to the Malfoy Manor. The reason of this party is that I'd like to introduce you to a new fellow Slytherin. This one is special, so treat her with respect. Everyone, this is Adalia Riddle, daughter of the Dark Lord himself. All of your parents have met her already, so I'm pretty sure some of you already know of her existence," Draco said smirking.

Everyone greeted Adalia but stopped when they saw who was standing next to her. Blaise saw the angry glares of the Slytherins being directed at Ginny and cleared his throat so that everyone looked at him, "Ah... well before any of you say something stupid. Ginny Weasley is here because she is Adalia's guest. Apparently, Miss Weasley here, did something very Slytherin-like earlier today. I wasn't there to see it, but Adalia told me everything and I trust her judgement". Ginny looked confused at the mention of her doing something Slytherin-like but decided she would ask about that later. For now she was staring at Blaise with gratitude shiing in her eyes. He just smiled at her and winked.

Adalia couldn't help but smirk at the little show of affection between the two. She looked at Draco who was also smirking at this and her smirk got even wider. "Now that we all know who our two guests of honor are, let the party begin!!!" Draco roared loudly. The large group of teens yelled out in response and the music was turned on.

Within a couple of hours, there were people making out all over the place. Whether it was in the living room, one of the many guest rooms, in the pool, or on the roof of the house, it was being done. There were empty bottles of Firewhiskey strewn all over the house and a few empty packs of what used to be weed as well. It was one crazy party and it was still going strong. Adalia was sitting on the couch with Draco, while Blaise and Ginny were sitting next to them on the floor.

"This was one hell of a party you guys," Ginny said thoughtfully. Adalia, Draco, and Blaise smirked at each other and laughed. They thanked Ginny for the compliment and returned to watching their schoolmates make fools out of themselves. They all burst out in laughter when Allen Krulek, one of the 7th year Slytherin boys, tripped over a bottle of Firewhiskey and fell on the floor face first.

He got up and looked at the laughing quatro and slurred, "Yeah, yeah. Verrrry funnnnnyy youuuu guysssss". They laughed even harder at this which caused Allen to glare at them while walking away.

There was a knock at the door and Draco looked at Adalia confused, "Are you expecting someone?" Adalia shook her head no. They all looked at one another, confused, when someone knocked again. "I'll get it," Draco said as he stood up and went to answer the door. "What do you wa-" Draco stopped mid-sentence and stepped back in horror.

Adalia, Blaise, and Ginny all stood up to see what was going on. Ginny and Blaise stepped back in shock and Adalia's eyes danced with amusement when they saw who was at the door.

There stood Hermione Granger, completely unharmed. She stepped into the house and glared at Adalia, who was still very amused. Draco closed the door slowly and asked, "Mudblood?"

"Surprise," she hissed out venemously at Adalia. Blaise, Draco, and Ginny turned to Adalia, looking for answers. Adalia stood there with an amused expression on her face.

"What is it with all the surprises?" Blaise asked confused. Adalia smirked at his question while Hemione stood there, glaring.

"Yes Adalia, you never mentioned this was a surprise party," Draco said sarcastically. Ginny looked at Adalia and then Hermione. She couldn't register what was going on. She turned to Hermione and glared at her.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Ginny asked, seething. Adalia smirked at the tone of Ginny's voice while Draco and Blaise turned to her, shocked at the tone of voice she was using. Hermione glared at Ginny and was about to answer when she was cut off by Adalia.
"You were so close. I thought you could've done it better. Didn't even have me for a second there," Adalia said smirking. "It was a nice attempt. Although you picked the right time to do it, it was a sad performance. But I'll give you my props.... Bellatrix," Adalia said smugly.

"You really can't be fooled, can you?" Bellatrix said as she waved her wand and turned into her true self. Draco, Blaise, and Ginny stood there dumbfounded while Adalia and Bellatrix lauged at their faces. "You should've seen your faces!!! As if you were looking at the living dead!!!" Bellatrix laughed.

"For a moment there, I was pretty sure that I was looking at the living dead," Draco said. Blaise and Ginny nodded their heads to show that they agreed with Draco. Adalia just laughed while the other three were a little annoyed at the fact that they were scared so easily. "Alright you can stop now! It wasn't that funny," Draco muttered.

"Ok, ok but you wouldn't say that if you were in my position and I in yours," Adalia smirked. Draco glared at her, causing them all to burst out in laughter. "Oh get over it already. Right, so Bella, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at a meeting?" Adalia asked.

Bellatrix smiled at the quatro, "Yes, but Narcissa asked me to check in on you guys. You know, make sure none of you were harmed or dead. Now that I see that everything is ok, except for this house, I'm going to go back to the meeting. It was nice seeing all of you, bye and have fun". With that said, she apparated out of there.

"Well that was amusing," Blaise said simply. They all looked at him before erupting into another fit of laughter. "Alright, and now we get down to business. Gin, what was with the tone of your voice when you saw Bella as the Mudblood?" Blaise asked curiously.

Adalia, Blaise, and Draco all looked at Ginny waiting for her to answer. Ginny looked nervous but calmed down after Adalia motioned for her to go on. "Well, you see, I've never really liked Hermione. Actually, I've always hated her". Blaise and Draco were completely shocked when they heard this and passed out from too much shock and Firewhiskey, while Adalia smirked at Ginny. She walked up to Ginny and hugged her.

"Welcome to our side, Gin. I hope you're still together with Harry because I have a lot in store for him. Tomorrow, I'm expecting a full explanation about everything, but for now, that's all I needed to know". Ginny and Adalia smiled at each other and walked up the stairs so they could get some sleep in a comfortable bed.

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Chapter 6: Hearing Explanations and Ending Their Vacations
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Adalia woke up to the sound of screaming. She squinted and blinked so her eyes can adjust to the light flooding from the window. She slid out of her bed and turned around to find Ginny sleeping, still in her party clothes. Adalia looked down at herself and found herself still in her party clothes as well. She smiled at the sleeping figure of Ginny and was about to walk into the bathroom when she heard sreaming, again. Adalia wore a confused look on her face which quickly changed to a look of horror. SHIT! Oh No SHit! Adalia ran out of the room and down the stairs, where she stopped right in time before colliding with an extremely angry Lucius Malfoy.


Lucius was about to start again but was cut off by a low groan. Adalia and Lucius turned around to see Draco stirring on the floor. He slowly got up and put his hands on his head, groaning in pain. Draco looked down at the sleeping figure of Blaise and sniggered at the way he was passed out on the floor. Draco looked up and his eyes widened in horror at seeing his father standing a few feet away from him. "Umm... ahem... good morning, father?" Draco said nervously.

Lucius sighed angrily and walked towards the door. He stopped and said, "I want this house all cleaned up by the time I come back. If it is not, Draco you know what will happen". And with that being said, he walked out of the house and slammed the door behind him. Draco turned to Adalia with his eyes widened in horror and was practically staring at a mirror when it came to face experssions. They turned around when they heard Blaise groaning.

Blaise stood up and quickly regretted it as his hands flew up to his head. "Owww.... My head is killing me. Draco... do we have any hangover potion? I need it really badly," Blaise said painfully. Draco was still horrified, so he ran for the potion without a word and stumbled on his way down to the kitchens. Blaise turned to Adalia and found her smirking at him. "Oh no, the evil smirk of Adalia. What?" Blaise groaned.

Adalia laughed before smiling innocently, "Nothing. When Draco comes back and you take that hangover potion, make sure you wake everyone up and get them out of here. Also, tell the house elves to clean this place up. We wouldn't want dear old Lucius to come and scream at us again, now would we". Adalia turned around and headed back upstairs to her room.

Blaise watched her retreating figure, confused. "Again?" Blaise whispered to himself. He heard hurried footsteps and turned around to see Draco running towards him with a big flask of hangover potion. Draco took a sip and handed it over to Blaise, who snatched it out of his hand and quickly took a sip. Blaise handed the flask back to Draco and said, "Right. So Adalia said we should wake everyone up and tell the house elves to clean this place up. Let's get to it then". Draco and Blaise walked around waking up their fellow Slytherins and giving them the flask of hangover potion. Everyone muttered their thanks and headed back home.

Adalia walked into her room and found that Ginny was still sleeping. She walked up and stood behind her. "You won't be able to delay your explanation forever, Ginny," she said before grabbing some clothes and going into her bathroom to take a quick shower.

Ten minutes later, Ginny woke up and looked around the room. She remembered the party last night and couldn't help but smile. Then a thought popped into her head and she frowned slightly. Ginny sighed heavily and muttered, "What am I doing here?" A hand was put on Ginny's shoulder, which scared her a bit but relaxed when she turned to see Adalia smiling at her.

"What are you doing here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're having the best time of your life here. Also, I think you want to be here. I think that you believe in what my father believes in and that you don't want to hang with Potter and your brother. I am giving you the chance you never had, and you like the fact that someone is actually doing that for a change. Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm not right," Adalia said softly. Ginny tried but couldn't. She knew Adalia was right, so she turned her head away. Adalia turned Ginny's face back to her's and smiled a knowing smile.

"You know what, you're right. I have the same beliefs as your father, and I am sorry that I have a family who thinks otherwise. I don't want to hang around with my brother because he is stupid as hell and a total asshole. I don't want to hang around Harry because he proved that he would cheat on me when I wouldn't be around him. I want to hang out with you and Draco and... Blaise. I want to be a supporter of your father. I want to fight this war... by your side," Ginny said with a hint of rage in her voice.

Adalia smiled at Ginny who smiled right back. Adalia hugged Ginny and said, "Welcome, Ginny, to our side. Now, let's go see how the boys cleaned the place up. I wouldn't want another run in with Lucius Malfoy like the one I had this morning". Ginny laughed lightly and followed Adalia out the door and down the stairs. They reached the living room and saw the boys grinning at how Lucius praised them on doing a good job with cleaning the house. Lucius turned around smiling at Adalia, but the smile vanished as soon as he spotted Ginny.

"WEASLEY!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!? WHAT IS A FILTHY BLOOD-TRAITOR DOING IN MY HOUSE?! WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY!? FIRST I COME HOME IN THE MORNING TO SEE MY HOUSE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, AND NOW THIS?" Lucis yelled, his eyes filled with rage. He was gripping his cane so hard, it lookled like it was about to snap. Ginny was hiding behind Adalia, who was watching Lucius' fit with amusement.

"Lucius, I suggest you don't grip your cane so tightly. It might break," Adalia said calmly. Lucius' eyes thinned and he was about to start yelling again but Adalia cut him off. "Don't. I let you off earlier today when you yelled at me. Don't expect me to do it again. I am your guest, therefore you should be treating me with respect. Ginny is my guest, therefore I treat her with respect. Do you realize who you have been yelling at?" Adalia said menacingly.

Lucius stepped back as his eyes widened in horror. He had just realized who he was yelling at and was regretting it more and more by the second. He quickly got on his knees and bowed down in front of Adalia, making her smirk. "I'm sorry. I completely forgot who I was talking to. It's just that... I couldn't stop my self from overreacting. I mean... there is a... Weasley in my house. And that Weasley isn't dead, so I don't understand what she can possibly be doing here. Why is she your guest?" Lucius asked, silently praying to god that Adalia wouldn't hurt him too hard.

Adalia smirked, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lucius, I thought you of all people know that you should not question the actions of your superiors. As for your question... it is none of your business. It is only my business what I do and who I associate with. Unless I tell you, you shouldn't ask. Now, we are going to go swim in the pool. You are dismissed, Lucius". Lucius nodded and quickly swept from the room.

Adalia turned around and saw everyone staring at her. "What? Can't a girl speak her mind? Now let's go for a swim, shall we?" Adalia said and walked out the door followed by Ginny. The boys followed Adalia and Ginny, all the while muttering something about Adalia being lucky she can control Lucius. They arrived at the pool and the boys took their shirts off. Adalia and Ginny looked at the boys, smiled, then turned to each other and burst out laughing.

Draco and Blaise wore confused looks and started checking if there was anything funny about the way they looked. Draco was wearing green trunks with silver patterns while Blaise was wearing black trunks with blue flames. Draco couldn't find anything funny about his appearance so he decided to ask, "What is it that you find so funny? Is there something wrong with us?" Adalia and Ginny laughed even harder at this because they knew that there was definitely nothing wrong with Draco or Blaise. Actually, they were perfect when it came to their looks.

The girls stopped laughing and began to take their clothes off. Draco and Blaise stood there, gaping obviously. Adalia was wearing a green bikini with silver trimming and Ginny was wearing a sky blue bikini with black trimming. The girls smiled at the gaping boys and Ginny spoke, "See... we match. That's why we were laughing. It's just funny how we all think the same thing when it comes to colors. It was just to big of a coincidence, and we found it pretty funny". Blaise smiled at how childish Ginny sounded. The boys turned to face each other and smirked. They turned back to the girls and started advancing towards them, smirking.

Adalia and Ginny looked at the boys in horror and slowly backed away. This made the boys smirk even wider. The girls turned around and began to run. Ginny was caught easily by Blaise who ran swiftly and practically jumped on her. Adalia was running extremely fast, which caught Draco by surprise, but he ran after her and eventually caught her. Blaise neared the edge of the pool with Ginny in his hands. He was going to throw her in but she was too feisty for him, so he ended up falling in the pool with her. Blaise laughed at the soaked Ginny who was glering at him for getting her wet.

Draco held Adalia above the water, her face turned to his. He smirked at the glaring girl and asked, "Any last words?"

Adalia's glare disappeared and she smirked wildly. "Actually yes... You are a foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach".

It happened so fast thar Draco didn't even realize what happened. Draco looked like he was just slapped in the face. He looked into the pool and saw  Adalia swimming with Ginny and Blaise. He was so shocked with her words that he must have dropped her into the pool right after she said them. Draco stood at the edge of the pool deep in thought. Why would Adalia use the same exact words as Granger used in their third year? She wasn't there... was she? Maybe she went through Granger's memories before killing her... Draco looked at Adalia and decided to ask her about it later. Right now, he was going to have some fun with his friends, not think about stupid mudbloods.

Draco jumped into the pool and swam up to his friends. They had races in where they had to swim in many different styles. Adalia and Draco won most of them while Ginny and Blaise were too busy looking at each other to try. After all their races they decided to just float lazily. Blaise looked at Ginny and made her blush. He laughed at this and  that caused her to splash him. "Hey! Stop... I like it when you blush when I look at you. It makes me think you like me as much as I like you..." Blaise said while Ginny splashed him.

Blaise backed her up into the corner of the pool and Ginny smiled, "Well maybe I do..."
Blaise couldn't hold himself back, so he dove in for a kiss. Ginny giggled at his enthusiasm and kissed him back. Draco and Adalia smirked at how their friends were snogging uncontrolably.

Adalia looked at Draco who looked back at her. She swam up to him and he grabbed her around the waist. Draco swam up against the edge of the pool and pushed Adalia against it and pressed his body against hers. She raised an eyebrow at him which made him smirk. Oh this is going to be fun. Malfoy thinks he can get what he wants. Boy is he in for a surprise. Adalia put her finger on his chest and began tracing it downwards, leaving a little trail of water running down his chest. She stopped at his waist line and traced her finger around his waist. She tugged on his swimming trunks, which made Draco very hungry for her. She leaned in to kiss him but turned her head at the last second so that her mouth was near his ear. "Sorry Draco, we've run out of time," She whispered into his ear. She pushed him away and climbed out of the pool.

Draco was dumbfounded. He thought he actually had a chance and that was ruined because... they were out of time? He watched Ginny climb out of the pool, Blaise following her. Draco climbed out of the pool angrily. He dried himself and went to put his shirt on. After he got dressed, he went into the house to change into something comfortable, since they planned to play quidditch.

Blaise ran after Draco, but not before he passionately kissed Ginny on the lips. Adalia smirked at Ginny and asked, "Didn't you do enough of that already?" Ginny blushed and muttered something that sounded like 'shut up'. Adalia laughed and followed Ginny into the house.

Adalia sat on the grass watching Draco, Blaise, and Ginny playing quidditch. More like passing the quaffle around but still, it was part of quidditch. Draco got tired of yelling at Blaise and Ginny to pay attention, because they kept flirting with each other. So while they flirted, Draco practiced by himself with the snitch. Adalia smiled to herself at how silly Blaise and Ginny were being. She turned her gaze to Draco and sat on the grass watching his every move.

Draco decided to practice some of his best tricks so he flew after the snitch with top speed. It stopped going in one direction and quickly sped into the opposite one. Draco was ready for this so he pulled up and was now flying in that direction, upside down. The snitch sensed that Draco was gaining speed so it went in for a dive. Draco dove quickly after the snitch and spiraled downwards. He caught the snitch with ease and pulled up so that he was sitting on his broom normally.

Adalia watched as Draco did this without  breaking a sweat. She stood up and yelled to him, "Why do you let Potter win every year? I know you can beat him with those moves. Why don't you show him how it's really done. His moves aren't half as good as yours". Draco looked down at Adalia and then at Blaise and Ginny, who all had looked at him with questioning eyes.

Draco scowled and replied, "Why should I? He'll just steal all my moves and use them to become the most famous quidditch player to exist. Potter isn't worthy enough to see my moves. I don't want to be accused of stealing his moves when it's actually him who stole them from me". Draco looked back at Adalia to see her glaring at him.

Adalia was now seething, "What makes you think Potter will live long enough to become a peofessional quidditch player? Personally, I don't think he will live to see the day". Draco was shocked. How could he have not thought about Potter being dead by that time.

"Ummm... I'm sorry. I didn't even think about that... I should've considered Potter being dead," Draco said honestly. He looked at Adalia, who was still glaring at him, but then she lay down on the grass and closed her eyes. Draco turned to Ginny and Blaise and motioned for them to follow him and join her. Draco, Blaise, and Ginny landed on the ground and put their brooms down. They walked up to where Adalia was laying and lay down next to her.

The four of them were all lying in a comfortable silence when Blaise spoke, "Hey Gin, I know you're friends with us now, especially me, but I still want to know why you hated Granger. I mean... in details, why did you hate her?" Adalia opened her eyes when Blaise asked this. How could I have been so stupid to forget asking her about that? Thank god Blaise picked the perfect time to ask. I will have to thank him later... or I could let it pass... no that's just mean. But I live for mean..... Adalia's thoughts were interrupted by Ginny's voice.

"When I first met Hermione, I really liked her. I thought she was a nice girl and she was extremely smart. She hung out with Ron... and that made me happy for my brother, because he was poor but happy. I had Harry and Hermione to thank for that. When I came to Hogwarts, I thought I would join in the adventures of the 'Golden Trio'. I was obviously very wrong. No matter how much I tried to go with them... Harry and Ron would never let me. They would always say that they needed only one girl with them... and that girl was Hermione. I never understood what they saw in her. Sure she had a brain, but when it came to the looks department... well... you know, she was downright UGLY!!! I became jealous of Hermione... not only did she go on all of these adventures, but she spent time with Harry. I loved Harry, ever since I laid eyes on him. You could say it was love at first sight... Well Harry spent all of his time with Hermione. It was always Hermione this and Hermione that. It was never Ginny... It was always... HERMIONE!!! Obviously, my jealousy beacame something like anger and rage. I wanted her gone... not only from the school or the wizarding world. I hated mudbloods and muggles because of her. I wanted her... dead. So there you have it... That's why I hated Hermione Granger," Ginny said with a menacing tone.

Adalia's facial expressions were changing throughout the whole explanation. From shock to rage to disappointment. Now it was just one full of glee. She was so happy for this girl. I'm so happy that I was able to sway Ginny into our side. I mean it wasn't done willingly since I was Hermione Granger. But now... I'm so excited for Ginny. I know she has potential. I knew she had potential... but now... she's ready to use it. Big time. 

Blaise and Draco listened to the story with a look of shock etched on their handsome faces. Blaise got up from the ground and pulled Ginny up with him. He took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. When he pulled back, he embraced her and just held her in his arms. He let out a deep sigh and said, "You really are the perfect girl for me... you know that?" Ginny giggled into his chest and held him tightly. They pulled stopped hugging each other and smiled. Blaise held Ginny by the waist as Draco and Adalia got up from the ground.

Draco smirked at his friend while Adalia was smiling at Ginny. Draco began walking towards the house with Adalia right next to him. "Just wait until they get married, then we won't even be able to be around them anymore. I can already see it, Blaise and Ginny always snogging each other. That's probably how they're going to die. They didn't pull apart to get some air and well... you know the rest. I'm sure going to miss Blaise, he is my best friend," Draco said smirking. Adalia was laughing histerically while Ginny and Blaise were blushing like crazy.

The quatro went inside the house and changed into some nice clothes for dinner. They had a lot of fun and conversed about everything they can think of while they ate. Adalia and Draco said goodbye to Ginny and Blaise, who were going to their own homes for the night. Ginny was upset that she was leaving but Adalia reassured  her that they would see each other tomorrow. They hugged while Blaise and Draco pounded each other with their fists. Blaise took Ginny by the hand and disapparated with her.

Draco and Adalia were about to head upstairs, when there was a loud crack. Draco turned around and on instinct, pulled Adalia behind him. Adalia looked out from behind Draco to see her parents standing in the living room. "Daddy!!!" She cried out while running towards him and hugging him tightly. He chuckled lightly and kissed her on the head. Adalia looked up at her father and pouted, "And I was beginning to think you wouldn't come and see me before I left".

Voldemort looked down at his daughter and smiled, "Oh princess... you know I would never lie to you. If I said we would see you before you left, it means that we will see you. I'm here aren't I? Of course I am. I wouldn't disappoint you if my life depended on it. So did you have fun during your stay at Malfoy Manor. I'm sure you were treated with a lot of respect from everyone". Voldemort looked up at Draco who nodded his head.

Adalia smiled at her father and enthusiastically replied, "Oh I had loads of fun, father. I made a new friend. She is a very useful ally to our side father, despite the family she comes from. At least one of them didn't turn out to be a blood traitor. Ginny Weasley. She proved that she is on our side and Draco, Blaise, and I trust her completely. She wants to fight for your cause and she will until the day she dies. I already have a plan which involves getting Potter in your hands. That is where Ginny comes in".

Voldemort looked at his daughter with pride shining in his eyes. He chuckled heartily and kissed his daughter once again. "My... don't you work fast? Already has everything figured out. Well what can I say, you have two extremely proud parents. I can see where you get your beauty and intelligence from," He said softly while turning his head to his wife. Sofia smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I am extremely proud of you princess, but I want you to get some rest. You are leaving for school tomorrow and you have to wake up early in the morning. Good night sweetie," He said kissing her on the forehead. Adalia kissed him and her mother on the cheek and watched as they disapparated together.

She sighed and turned back to Draco, "Ahhhh.... yes where were we now? Oh yes we were going to our rooms. Let's go Draco, we have to wake up early tomorrow. But then again, don't we always?" She walked up the stairs and bid Draco good night. He bid her good night as well and they walked into their seperate rooms.

Adalia walked up to her bedside table and took out her Headgirl badge. They won't know what hit them when they see me wearing this. Poor Potter and Weasley, no more Hermione to save them. They are all alone now. Now... Adalia is here, and she is going to make them wish that they were never born. Adalia laughed evily and climbed into bed. She fell asleep with an evil smile on her face.

Draco walked up to his desk and picked up his Headboy badge. He wondered who would be Headgirl now that Granger was dead. He thought it would probably be somebody from Ravenclaw. He put the badge back on the desk and plopped down onto his bed. He put his heaad in his hands and began to think about Adalia. Why did she seem so familiar to him but so unfamiliar at the same time? Draco shook his head trying to get all his thoughts out of his head so he can sleep in peace. Draco wasn't very successful because when he fell asleep, he dreamt of Adalia and....... Granger?

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Chapter 7: The Train Ride and the First Night Back.
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Adalia woke up at 8:00 a.m. sharp. She sat up and smiled. Today is the day I will be introduced to everyone as Adalia Riddle. I can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s faces. Voldemort’s daughter going to school with other kids… oh I can imagine what the parents will say. I will be sorted into Slytherin and everyone will treat me like I deserve to be treated… like a queen.


With those thoughts still fresh in her head, Adalia went to take a shower and get ready. She got out of the shower 20 minutes later and put on a tight black t-shirt and a plaid mini skirt. Adalia saw that it was 8:30 and decided to listen to her I-pod for 30 minutes. She was so into the music that she decided to sing a song called ‘Decoy’. (A/N: It’s by Paramore, just in case anyone wanted to know).

Adalia finished singing the song and smiled to herself. Paramore was one of the many bands she loved, and that song was one of her favorite songs by them. She got off her bed and looked out the window. What a beautiful day… and it’s going to get even better tonight. I’m going to rule the school… together with Draco, Blaise, and Ginny of course. Too bad Ginny’s friendship with us Slytherins will have to stay hidden. Adalia smirked and walked away from the window. She packed all her things and put on a Paramore zip up hoodie. When she was sure that everything was packed, she muttered a quick ‘Reducio’ and put the miniature trunks in her pocket, along with her Headgirl badge.

Adalia walked up to her full-length mirror and looked at her reflection. She smirked at how hot she looked. All the boys are definitely going to try going after her, but she is only planning on playing with their heads, nothing serious. Adalia’s face flickered from her beautiful one to a familiar looking one and then back to the one she had now. Adalia looked confused. “What was that all about…? OW! What the hell is going on?” She yelled to herself as she clutched her heart. She looked at the mirror and gasped when she saw her face flickering back and forth between hers and Hermione Granger’s.

Adalia shook her head and looked into the mirror. She was staring at her own face as if nothing happened. What the hell was that all about? That stupid mudblood isn’t still inside of me… is she? I thought I got rid of her!!! Damn it… her heart is fighting with mine… No matter. As soon as I get what I want, she won’t stand a chance against my heart. I never died inside of her so I’m obviously much stronger.

While Adalia was sitting on the floor, her hand over her heart, the door burst open and Draco ran inside and dropped down in front of Adalia. She looked up at him with a confused expression while he looked at her worriedly. “Are you alright? I heard you scream. Is everything ok?” Draco asked hurriedly. Adalia looked at him and nodded slowly. Draco still didn’t believe that everything was alright, so he stood up and pulled her up with him.

Draco led Adalia downstairs so they can have breakfast, bombarding her with questions the whole time while they walked downstairs. She just shrugged them off and told him that he was getting on her nerves. Draco frowned at that comment while Adalia laughed.


Draco smiled softly as he made her laugh. She was so beautiful, and he desperately wanted to know what made such a beautiful girl scream. He thought about how she looked when he burst into her room. She was sitting in front of the mirror with her hand over her heart. Maybe she walked by the mirror and thought there was another person in the room and got scared. No, that wouldn’t scare her. Draco snapped out of his thoughts and sat down at the table in the dining room.


When Adalia and Draco finished eating, they headed back upstairs to check if they left anything up in their rooms. When they were sure they had everything, they headed back downstairs to say goodbye to Narcissa and Lucius, who were standing in the living room. Narcissa hugged Draco and Adalia and kissed both of them on the cheek. Lucius squeezed his son’s shoulder and nodded to him. Draco understood what this meant and nodded back. Lucius was about to bow down to Adalia but she hugged him and told him to forget about it.


“Tell daddy I said hello and that I love him and mom. Also, tell them I’ll keep in touch as much as possible… It may not be by owl, so you should tell him that too. Bye Narcissa, Lucius. Wish us luck on ruling the school!!!” Adalia said as she disapparated. Draco looked at his parents, who were laughing and smirked as he disapparated as well.


Adalia heard a soft pop and found Draco standing next to her. She walked out of the alley that they apparated into, with Draco close behind her. Adalia walked out into the sunlight and started towards the big train station that held the entryway to the Hogwarts Express. Draco was behind her so he had a fantastic view of her ass in the short plaid skirt. Draco groaned softly and looked away because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.


Adalia stepped into the station and walked towards platform 9. When she reached the gap between platforms 9 and 10, she walked through the brick wall and stepped into a completely different looking platform. Draco appeared next to her and looked at her. Adalia turned her head towards Draco and smiled. Draco smiled back and walked with her towards the enormous, red train.


Adalia and Draco walked around the platform until they finally spotted Blaise. “Blaise! Blaise, we’re over here!” Draco shouted as he waved his hands in the air. There really was no need to do that because Draco was an extremely tall, well-built man. Not to mention, his strikingly blonde hair was only his and nobody else’s.


Blaise walked up to them with a smile plastered on his face. “Hey Draco, what’s up? Oh… hey Adalia, have you seen Ginny?” Blaise asked cheerfully. Draco and Adalia smiled at the love struck Blaise. Draco had never seen Blaise so happy with any girl before as happy as he was with Ginny. Adalia, as Hermione, had never seen Blaise in a normal relationship with any girl. When it came to Draco and Blaise, it was usually lust and games, but Blaise was being really serious about this relationship with Ginny.


“No, I haven’t, sorry. Actually, I’m looking for her too. You can join our search party if you would like,” Adalia said jokingly. Blaise laughed and joined Draco and Adalia on their search for Ginny. The trio walked around the platform and saw a group of red heads. Draco and Blaise kept walking towards the group but were pulled back by their shirts. They turned around to face Adalia with confused looks.


“We can’t just march up to the whole Weasley family. That would look so strange. I need Ginny to stay with Harry so that we have a better chance of delivering him to my father. If they find out that Ginny is our friend, they will dump her and disown her and everything. We cannot let that happen right now,” Adalia said seriously. The boys looked at each other sadly and then nodded understandingly. Adalia sighed and turned back around so that they can get into the train.


Blaise, Draco, and Adalia walked into the Heads compartment and settled down. Draco turned to Adalia, “Ummm… I know you’re like real special and stuff, but this is the Head’s compartment. The only reason Blaise is in here is because we’re having a prefects’ meeting and stuff. Sorry”. Adalia stared at Draco and then burst out in laughter. Draco turned to Blaise who just shrugged in return.


Adalia stopped laughing and said, “I guess I forgot to tell you that I made Headgirl”. Draco’s jaw dropped while Blaise just gaped at her. Adalia smiled at the boys and sat comfortably on her seat. Draco couldn’t take it anymore, he had to know. “How in the world did you get Headgirl? Doesn’t Dumbledore know you murdered Granger!? Sure you might be super smart and intelligent but… You’re evil!!! I know Dumbledore is crazy, but I didn’t know he was a complete psycho!!!” Draco shouted. Blaise nodded in agreement.


“Well you’re evil too!!! Plus… who said Dumbledore knows I am Headgirl? I mean, I did raid Granger’s house and all. I just happened to find this nice shiny badge and claim it as mine. As long as I have it, I’m Headgirl,” Adalia said smartly while she took out the badge and held it up for the boys to see. It was a shiny gold badge with the letters HG written on it.


 Blaise looked at the badge and snickered, “I find it ironic that HG stands for both Headgirl and Hermione Granger, and she got the position. It’s just so ironic”.  Draco and Adalia looked at Blaise and gave him a look that said ‘You are so weird’. Blaise just shrugged and leaned back into his seat. The train blew its final whistle for everyone to get onboard.

The train lurched forward once everyone was on, and the prefects began to come in to the compartment that was occupied by Draco, Blaise, and Adalia. When the last prefect came in, Draco stood up and began to speak. “Alright everyone, let’s get this over with nice and fast. Let’s start with getting to know each other. The Slytherin prefects are Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson, the Ravenclaw prefects are Terry Boot and Luna Lovegood, the Hufflepuff prefects are Zacharias Smith and Susan Bones, and last and definitely least, the Gryffindor prefects are Weasel and Weaselette,” Draco finished with a smirk on his face. Ron glared at Draco while Ginny looked hurt and confused. Draco sneered at Ron and continued speaking. “Your heads are both from Slytherin. Draco Malfoy, that would be me, and the lovely Adalia Riddle, that would be her,” Draco said as he pointed at Adalia.

All the prefects that never met her before gasped at the very sight of her. She was breathtaking in every single way, beauty and name. She stood up and smiled at the group of students in front of her. “All of you will be notified when prefect meetings will be held throughout the year. We will have several things to plan like balls and parties and special events. If any of you have any questions, they will have to wait until we officially get started with the whole meeting business. You may all go… except for Weasley. Not you Weasel, your sister,” She said to the angry Ron. He stormed out without a word and left the quartet alone.

Draco immediately lunged into a full-length apology, "I'm really sorry I called you Weaselette. It's just that I had to keep up the act... we all do. The only way you can hang out with us is in secret. We would have to be the only ones in an area in order to be together. You would have to have a secret affair wth Blaise... Well at least you get something fun out of this whole thing. I always found secret relationships fun". Blaise punched Draco on the arm and hugged Ginny tightly.

Adalia smiled at Ginny and said, "Don't worry though, I know a spell that will let you and I communicate through our minds. Not only will we be able to talk all the time in our classes without getting in trouble, but it also comes in useful when you don't want anyone to hear your conversations". Ginny smiled at Adalia and hugged her. "Ok... I know this might be hard, but I need you to stay with Potter. It's all part of my plan to get him to my father so he can be killed faster. Now come here so I can put this spell on the both of us," Adalia said pulling Ginny towards her. Ginny and Adalia stood face to face and Adalia quietly said, "Comunus Divinus" while circling her wand above both girls' heads.

Ginny stood there wondering if it worked and decided to test it out. Hey Adalia, did it work??? Adalia smiled at Ginny and said, "Do you really doubt my skills that much? Yes it worked". Ginny said goodbye and was about to leave, but Blaise stopped her and turned her around so that he can kiss her one last time before they arrived at Hogwarts. Ginny smiled at Blaise and walked out of the compartment. Blaise sighed and plopped down into his seat.

Draco turned to Blaise. "Everything's gonna be alright, mate. As soon as we get Potter into the Dark Lord's hands, Ginny will be all yours. She's always gonna be yours, even with this plan in action. Remember, you get to have a secret affair. That's so bloody wicked, I wanna have a secret affair. Not like cheating on anyone but just like nobody knowing. That would be so bloody awesome. We would sneak around and meet during the middle of the night. I can already see it. Me and... ummmm... someone," Draco finished timidly. Blaise and Adalia laughed at him while Draco stared at the floor.

The trio had a good time together and changed into their robes while the train was pulling in to Hogsmeade. They gott off the train and went their seperate ways. Blaise went too get into a carriage with his fellow 7th year Slytherins, while Adalia and Draco stayed behind until everyone was off the train. They got into the Head's carriage and rode to Hogwarts in peace.

Adalia stayed in the entrance hall with the first years since she had to get sorted as well, while Draco walked into the Great Hall. He walked towards the Slytherin table and sat down next to Blaise. Draco and Blaise looked towards the Gryffindor table and glared at Potty and Weasel. They turned to Ginny, who they saw glaring at them with her eyes shining with hatred, and looked surprised. She was a really good actress.

The big, oak doors of the Great Hall opened and Professor McGonagall walked in followed by a group of first years and Adalia. Everyone stared at Adalia as she walked through the Great Hall. The boys were drooling while the girls were glaring enviously. McGonagall conjured a stool into the center of the hall and said, "Now when I call your name, come up and sit on the stool". She started calling out names until everyone was sorted off, except for Adalia.

Dumbledore stood up when he saw she was the only one left and began to speak, "This year, we have a very special student. She has been hidden for a very long time and has finally come out as her true self. Allow me to welcome Adalia Riddle to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". The students sat in silence and stared.

The Slytherins went absolutely crazy and were applauding like there was nobody greater in the world. Soon, the entire hall rang with applause, except for a few Gryffindors. Not everyone new that Riddle was Voldemort's real surname, just a select few. When the applause finally died, Adalia came up and sat on the stool.

McGonagall held the sorting hat, and she didn't even come up to Adalia when the hat started screaming, "SLYTHERIN, SLYTHERIN, SLYTHERIN!!!" Once again the Slytherin table erupted with cheers while everyone else just stared at the hat. It had never reacted like that to anyone. Malfoy was put into Slytherin before the hat reached his head but the hat was nowhere close to Adalia when it started yelling out 'Slytherin'. Dumbledore announced that they all dig in and the food appeared in front of their faces.

Adalia smirked and walked towards the Slytherin table. She sat down in between Blaise and Draco and looked at the Gryffindors. Harry and Ron glared at her while Ginny just stared off into space.  Congrats on making it in to Slytherin!!!! Adalia smiled and thought back.  Did you seriously think I would go somewhere else??? I mean c'mon... I have evil written all over me. Ginny laughed out loud, which earned her  some weird looks from  the Gryffindor table. She blushed and looked down at her food. Adalia smirked and thought, You should really be careful when you do stuff like that, people might think you've gone crazy. Ginny continued to eat her food and thought, We are sooo taking this thing off after tonight. Adalia laughed to herself but nobody paid attention.

After about 20 minutes, when everyone was done eating, Dumbledore stood up to give his annual speech. "I hope everyone's stomachs are satisfied. The Forbidden Forest is not to be entered by any students unless they are with a teacher or serving a detention. A list of things that will be confiscated if seen can be found on the bulletin board of every house in the common room. Your Heads this year are Draco Malfoy and Adalia Riddle. If you have any questions about anything, just ask the Heads and they will answer them for you. With that being said, I wish all of you a pleasant nig-" Dumbledore was cut off by the Great Hall doors as they banged open.

All the students turned to see who was standing there and saw Hermione Granger. Ginny turned to Adalia and thought, Please tell me that's Bellatrix again!!!

Adalia glared at the figure and thought back, It's not. I'm not really sure what's going on right now.

Ginny's eyes widened and she thought back, How can she be alive!? You said you killed her!!!

Adalia just sat there thinking, I did kill her!!! That's not her...

Ginny was getting angry now and thought back, Well if it's not her, then who the bloody hell is it??? What makes you so sure that it's not her??? Why are you so confident in thinking that you killed her??? How do you know she didn't escape!?

Adalia's head was throbbing with Ginny's loud and angry thoughts and she couldn't take it anymore. So she thought back with as much anger as she possibly can, BECAUSE I'M HERMIONE GRANGER!!!!

Ginny jumped up from the table, looking at Adalia with wide eyes and shrieked, "WHAT!?" The entire Great Hall turned to Ginny and watched her as she fell to the ground.

A/N: Oh boy... that was immensely fun to write, especially the end. I didn't want to make this chapter too long but if you consider it long, then I will be extremely happy. Ok, so this is where things get a little more interesting. I've had many reviews asking when everyone was going to find out Adalia's true identity and decided to have at least one person knowing the truth for now. In my opinion, it was a great way for Ginny to find out. Did anyone notice how Adalia or Hermione is always with 2 boys. First, she hangs out with Harry and Ron and now, it's Blaise and Draco. Ginny is always in there so that doesn't really change. Anyway... what's up with Hermione Granger appearing all the time if she's supposedly dead??? Read the next chappie to find out who the mysterious figure really is... or should I say... what it is. Love you all and you know it.

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Chapter 8: Waking Up and Seeing Things.
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Harry and Ron jumped from the table and ran to Ginny. Blaise jumped up from the table and started looking at Ginny. Draco pulled Blaise down and gave him a look that reminded him that there were other people around. The Slytherins looked at Blaise strangely to which he just replied, “I wanted to get a better look so that I can laugh at them”. The Slytherins nodded and returned their gaze to the Hermione Granger standing in the doorway.



Harry and Ron seemed to remember why Ginny was on the floor and ran towards Hermione. “Hermione!!! We’re so glad that you’re alive! We thought you were dead!!!” Ron exclaimed as he neared her. Hermione glared right through Ron and Harry at Adalia. Ron noticed and worriedly asked, “Hermione… are you okay?” Hermione growled menacingly and pushed past the two boys who looked at her in shock. She stormed towards Adalia while everyone stared at her.



Hermione stopped in front of Adalia and spoke in a low, menacing tone, “You won’t get rid of me that easily”. Adalia glared at Hermione and tried to punch her, but Adalia’s hand went right through her. Adalia looked up the ghost-like figure in shock. Hermione laughed at Adalia’s attempt and suddenly ran right into her.



Adalia felt something enter her body and her heart began to ache intensely. Adalia screamed and fell to the floor clutching her heart. She felt weak and dizzy, and worst of all, she had no idea what was going on. The last thing she heard was screaming, and the last thing she saw was the concerned look on Draco’s face before she was embraced by darkness.



Adalia was in a blank place. Literally, everything was white. There were no objects and she was in a blank, white place. Adalia kept walking farther into the blankness until she spotted a figure in the distance. Adalia ran towards the figure and stopped when the figure turned around to reveal Hermione Granger.



Adalia glared at the mudblood standing in front of her and snarled, “What do you want from me mudblood?” Adalia was glaring so hard that she could’ve burned holes through Hermione if she were real.



“What do I want!? You’re the one who decided to come and steal my body! All I want is my body back,” Hermione said incredulously.



“I never stole your body, mudblood. It was mine to begin with. It’s not my fault that idiot had to steal me from my family and plant you into my body! This body is rightfully mine. The concealment charm is off and I am back to where I rightfully belong. So why don’t you just fuck off, you filthy, little mudblood!” Adalia said, rage quickly building up.



Hermione blinked at Adalia and frowned slightly. She thought about it and sighed sadly, “I guess you’re right… it is rightfully your body. It’s just hard to accept the fact that I’m not alive anymore. It’s hard to accept you in the body that I lived in for 17 years”.



“Of course I’m right. That’s one thing we have in common, our brain. I’m always right, just like you. I’m glad you finally came to your senses, but I would really love it if you left my body because you are causing me heart problems,” Adalia sneered.



Hermione had tears rolling down her cheeks and shook her head, “I’m sorry… but I can’t do that. I can leave you, but those heart problems won’t leave until you fully finish me off”.



Adalia’s eyes widened in horror for a second, and the next second she was practically seething. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY HEART PROBLEMS WON’T GO AWAY UNTIL I FINISH YOU OFF!? YOU ARE FINISHED! YOU ARE DEAD! WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!? KILL MYSELF!?” Adalia yelled angrily.



Hermione wiped the tears from her face and laughed. “Do you actually think I am going to tell you how to get rid of me? Killing yourself will leave me to live in your body, so by all means, go ahead and kill yourself. I will leave you in the form I am in now, but you have to figure out how to destroy me in your heart. I know you can do it, aren’t you smart?” Hermione asked innocently.



Adalia glared at Hermione and yelled out in rage while Hermione laughed at her. Adalia was about to kill that stupid mudblood when she felt something tugging her back. She tried to pounce on the laughing Hermione but was getting farther and farther away. Adalia stopped struggling when she realized it was useless and was pulled back into darkness.



Draco and Blaise sat in the hospital wing next to their loves. Ginny still hasn’t woken up and Blaise was getting worried. Draco sat next to Adalia watching her as she slept. He knew the Dark Lord would be angry if he were to find out about this. Draco wondered what exactly happened. Granger came, stormed up to Adalia, and entered her body. What was going on? Draco looked at Blaise and saw the worried look on his face as he stared at Ginny. Blaise really did love her, and he couldn’t show it in public. Draco heard footsteps outside the door and pulled Blaise towards him so that they were both by Adalia.



The doors to the hospital wing swung open and Harry and Ron ran in. They sped past the two conscious Slytherins, not even noticing them, and kneeled by Ginny’s bed. “Wake up Gin… please. I need you… I… I love you,” Harry said quietly. He kissed Ginny on the forehead and sat there holding her hand. Draco felt Blaise getting tense and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.



Ron turned around and saw Draco and Blaise sitting near Adalia’s bed. “I hope she dies. I hope she dies and burns in the fiery pits of hell. She deserves that for killing Hermione,” Ron snarled. Draco turned around and was about to punch Ron in the face, when he heard the stirring of sheets behind him. Draco turned back to Adalia, who was moving around on the bed, with a smile on his face. Ron noticed that she was alive and mumbled, “Pity. I hoped she wouldn’t wake up”. Draco ignored that comment and watched intently as Adalia began to wake up.



Adalia slowly sat up and looked around. She was in the hospital wing and Draco and Blaise were sitting beside her. Draco was smiling, but there was still concern etched on his face. Blaise was smiling too, but his eyes were burning with rage. “Hey guys, how long have I been up here for?” Adalia asked hoarsely. She heard someone else in the room and looked past the two boys to see Ron and Harry next to Ginny, who was still out cold from the looks of it. She turned to Blaise and realized why he was so angry.



Draco followed her gaze but turned back to her and quietly said, “You and Ginny have both been up here for a good two hours. We were really worried about the both of you. You just weren’t waking up, and we got scared, Blaise and I”. Adalia smiled at Draco but he was too concerned to return it this time. “What happened? What is going on? I want an explanation,” Draco said anxiously.



Adalia frowned and looked down. How was she to explain something if she didn’t really know what was going on herself? She looked up at Draco and muttered, “All in due time, Draco. I don’t even know what is going on. What I want to know is why Ginny is still unconscious. Didn’t anybody try enervate?” The boys turned to each other and slapped themselves mentally. How could they forget that they are wizards and can do magic?



Adalia turned towards Harry and Ron and said, “Now why do I get the feeling that you two idiots didn’t try and use ‘enervate’ on her?” When she said this, she also glanced at Draco and Blaise who looked down at the floor in shame. Harry and Ron looked up at her angrily and just glared. This made her smirk. She loved it when people who she hated glared at her. It made her feel extremely accomplished.



“Who the hell asked you? Why don’t you just fuck off and die?” Ron snarled. Adalia’s eyes danced with amusement and she said, “Well, I almost did, thanks to that stupid mudblood of yours. She decided to withdraw from our battle. That’s right, she forfeited. She let me keep my body… so you have no right to be angry with me, Weasel!”



Harry’s and Ron’s eyes widened in shock at the mention that Hermione forfeited. Ron sat there thinking about why she would easily give up on them and what exactly Adalia meant by that. Could she be lying? Harry let go of Ginny’s hand angrily and stood up. He walked towards Adalia and was about to give her a good smack across the face until he was stopped by Draco. “What the hell do you think you are doing, Potter?” Draco asked menacingly.



At that moment, Madame Pomfrey walked in to see Harry and Draco face to face, Blaise and Ron shooting daggers at each other, and Adalia watching them all with amusement. “Stop it. Stop it right now, all of you. Boys, you must leave. I will not have any fights breaking out in the hospital wing. I have two patients here who need to be treated, and you four aren’t exactly helping,” Madame Pomfrey said as she scurried across the room to retrieve some medicine for Adalia and Ginny.



Draco and Harry turned away from each other and each went to get their friend and leave. When both pairs came to the door, they were pushing and shoving each other to try and get through first. Adalia smirked at their behavior and said, “Oh my god. Draco, Blaise, just let them through. They are just a pair of immature idiots. There is no point in competing with them”.



Draco and Blaise stopped pushing the two boys and smirked. “Oh that’s right, Blaise. Where are our manners? Ladies first…” Draco said smiling as he pulled the door open and motioned for Harry and Ron to walk through. Harry and Ron glared at them and walked through the doors so that they can go to the Gryffindor common room. Draco and Blaise high-fived with huge grins on their faces. Draco turned to Adalia and spoke quietly, “We’ll be back in ten minutes. You know, give Madame Pomfrey some time to cool off”.



Adalia rolled her eyes at him and said, “Yeah, whatever. Oh, and if you ever insult Potter and Weasley by calling them ladies ever again, I will kill you, because that is an insult to all women. When I say all women, I mean muggles and mudbloods as well”. Draco’s eyes widened and he apologized while walking out of the hospital wing. Blaise smiled at Adalia and gave her two thumbs up, which she smiled back at. Blaise walked out of the hospital wing and closed the door.



Adalia sighed and thought, what is wrong with Ginny? Why isn’t she awake yet? I hope her long state of unconsciousness has nothing to do with the spell I cast on the both of us. I mean I’m awake and I was out for two hours. Oh this isn’t good. She knows I used to be Granger. What am I going to do???



“You could just explain what is going on and why you didn’t tell me sooner…”



Adalia looked up to see Ginny glaring at her. “Oh, you’re awake. Thank god! You have no idea how worried everyone was. Blaise was so angry, especially when Potter came and decided to sit by your side and hold your hand whi-” Adalia didn’t get to finish her statement because she was cut off by a grossed out Ginny.



“Potter held my hand!? Ewwwwww...” Ginny groaned while she furiously wiped her hand against the bed sheets. Adalia giggled at Ginny’s attempt to rid herself of ‘Potter Germs’, which only earned her a glare from the red head. “I’m still angry with you. I will continue to be angry until I hear an explanation,” Ginny said angrily.



Adalia stopped giggling and looked up at the red head with soft eyes. “I’m sorry Gin, I never wanted to lie to you. I never wanted to lie to any of you. You’re the only one who knows, besides Dumbledore that is. I was afraid that if I revealed who I was before that, then… then I wouldn’t be accepted by my parents, especially daddy. You know how he feels about mudbloods and muggles. As for what is going on… To tell you the truth, I have absolutely no idea. Trust me Gin, if I knew what was going on, you would be the first to know,” Adalia finished quietly.



Ginny’s glare softened and she smiled sadly. Adalia got out of her bed and sat down next to Ginny. The girls hugged each other and Adalia knew she was forgiven. “Sorry I got so mad. Weasley temper… afraid that will never go away,” Ginny said with a small smile. Adalia smiled at Ginny and said, “It’s ok, you have every right to be angry with me, but that doesn’t mean you should be… you just have every right to be, that’s all.” Ginny laughed at Adalia, who laughed as well. They both knew that was the stupidest thing that was ever said.



Draco opened the door slightly and saw that Ginny was awake. He swung the door wide open and ran in with an excited yet worried Blaise. “Oh my god, you’re awake. I was so worried. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t wake up. I probably would’ve died…” Blaise said apprehensively. Ginny smiled at Blaise but he glared back. “And that stupid Potter just had to come in and kiss you on the forehead, I was so frustrated. I was about to get up and punch him in the fa-” Blaise was suddenly cut off by Ginny.



“WHAT!? He kissed me??? Adalia, you kind of left that part out,” Ginny said turning to Adalia. Adalia looked equally surprised. “I had no idea that happened. That probably happened while I was unconscious,” Adalia said surprised. Draco stood by them smiling. He had all his friends back, alive, well, and happy.



“What are you smiling about? You were about to have the crap beaten out of you. You should’ve seen it Ginny, Draco and Pothead would’ve been the patients if it weren’t for Pomfrey’s perfect timing,” Blaise said with a hint of laughter in his voice.



“Correction… Potter would have been the patient. You know I’ll kick his ass any day,” Draco said with a smirk on his face. Adalia, Blaise, and Ginny burst out laughing. “What’s so funny? You don’t agree?” Draco asked.



Adalia giggled and replied, “Oh no, we agree. We all know perfectly well that if anyone rips out just one little hair from your head, you’ll kill them”. Ginny clutched her side and Blaise rolled on the floor as another wave of laughter hit them. Adalia smirked at Draco, who just glared back. “You know I’m just joking. Don’t take everything so personally, especially things said about your looks. Then again, you are Draco Malfoy AKA ‘The Slytherin Sex God’. You have to take these things seriously,” Adalia said with a laugh.



“Oh ha ha,” Draco said sarcastically. Ginny, Blaise, and Adalia laughed while Draco rolled his eyes. “You are all so immature. I thought I would be hanging around with people who were on a higher level than Crabbe and Goyle. Obviously I was wrong,” Draco huffed.



“Believe me Draco, you’re not the only one who thought that you would be hanging around with people who had brains,” Adalia said cheerfully. Ginny and Blaise, once again, burst out laughing. Draco couldn’t argue anymore, so he just sighed angrily and said, “Ok… fine. You win”. Adalia punched her fist in the air as a sign of victory while Blaise and Ginny cheered for her.

Madame Pomfrey bustled into the room with a shocked expression on her face. “What in heaven’s name is going on here?” she asked. Blaise and Ginny stopped cheering and blushed. “Oh, you’re awake dear. Well it looks like you girls are doing much better. I wouldn’t want to keep you here on your first night back, I know how lonely it gets when you’re by yourself,” she said sadly. The boys looked at her weirdly while the girls tried to suppress their giggles.



Madame Pomfrey snapped out of her sad state and looked at the boys sternly. “Didn’t I tell you two to leave?” she asked. The boys turned to her and shrugged, “We did, but then we came back. You never said we couldn’t come back. You said not to fight in here, so we left and then we came back”. Madame Pomfrey shook her head and sighed, “Never mind you two. As the heads, I would like for Adalia and Draco to please escort Mr. Zabini and Ms. Weasley back to their common rooms, if it’s not too much trouble that is”.

The quartet all smiled at each other and said at the same time, “Not at all!” They all stared at each other and laughed again. Madame Pomfrey told them to leave because they were the reason she was about to get a migraine, which they of course laughed at, and they all walked out of the hospital wing.



“So… where to? I mean it’s not that late and if you guys want to, we can all hang out somewhere,” Blaise said anxiously, hoping that either Draco or Adalia would say yes so that he can spend some time with Ginny.



“Well, you guys can live with us if you want. Think about it, it’s more convenient for all of us that way,” Draco said logically. Adalia smacked the back of his head, “Ginny can’t live with us, you idiot. Potter and Weasely will be questioning her whereabouts every second of every day. What is she going to say? I’m living with Adalia, the evil bitch who killed Hermione? Or is she going to say… Oh, I’m living with my secret lover, Blaise Zabini. I swear you can be such an idiot sometimes, Draco”. Draco looked down at the floor, blushing and muttering something that sounded like ‘I was only making a suggestion’.

Adalia sighed deeply and said, “Well I guess we can hang out in the Heads dorm for now. I haven’t seen it yet. Have you been there yet, Draco?” Draco shook his head and they all walked towards the Heads dorm.


The quartet stopped in front of a portrait that had a hand print in the middle of it. “Has anyone ever seen a portrait like this before? I mean it’s not even asking for the password,” Draco said in irritation. Adalia rolled her eyes at Draco while Ginny just snorted. He turned to them and asked, “What?”



“Oh, move over!” Adalia said as she pushed him away from the portrait. Adalia put her hand into the handprint and it magically morphed to fit her hand. The portrait scanned her through her hand and asked, “Password?” Adalia smirked when she turned to Draco and Blaise, whose mouths were hanging wide open. “Are you going to say the password or not?” Adalia asked Draco.



Draco regained his composure and said, “Ahem… oh yeah. Ummm… it’s Slyclawfinpuff”. Adalia, Ginny, and Blaise stared at Draco and burst out laughing. “SLYCLAWFINPUFF!? HAHAHAHAHA! Dumbledore must be really desperate in trying to unite the houses,” Adalia said whilst she wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. She said the password and they all entered through the portrait.



When they got in, the girls gasped while the boys just looked around in awe. The Heads’ dorm was huge. They were only seeing the common room so it was already a surprise. The common room was a huge circular room, decorated in sliver, black, and green. The common room was connected to a small kitchen, that wasn’t really that small since it can fit five people in it. There was a hallway further into the room which led to three rooms. On the left, was Adalia’s room; in the middle, was the conjoined bathroom; and on the right, was Draco’s room.



“Wow… looks like Dumbledore managed to do something right,” Draco said as he flipped through the pages of one of the many books that stood on a shelf by the fireplace.



Ginny walked into the kitchen and felt the smooth, black marble under her finger tips. She heard what Draco had said and couldn’t help but agree with him. Dumbledore really had outdone himself this time.



Blaise walked into the bathroom and his jaw dropped to the floor. The bathroom was all black marble and it was huge. The bath tub was the size of a small, but not too small, pool. There were dozens of different knobs that were all a beautiful metallic green color. Blaise remembered what Draco had said and couldn’t help but agree. Dumbledore was one amazing dude when it came to decorations.



Adalia walked into her room and smiled. It’s perfect! She smiled as she looked into her walk-in closet. All of her clothes were already there and hanging neatly. She might’ve been a different person now, but she still had to have things in order. She got out of the closet and felt her king-sized bed. It was so soft, that if she jumped on it, she would’ve sunk right in. She walked up to her window and opened it to see that it was actually a balcony. She stepped out on to the balcony and looked up at the sky. It was so beautiful, but it was too clear. It needed to be darker, and then she would know that everything was in its place.



She walked back into her room and opened another door. It was the bathroom and it was beautiful. She stopped looking around when she noticed Blaise in the doorway, gaping at the bathroom. Adalia smirked and asked, “I take it that you like it?” Blaise snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Adalia. He smiled and said, “Oh yeah, definitely. You don’t mind if Ginny and I come up here to use it, do you?” Adalia laughed and said, “No. It’s cool with me. Just remember, when you go in there together, don’t forget to cast a silencing charm on the bathroom. As much as I would love to hear you screaming each others names, I’d rather not”. Blaise blushed when she said this, which only caused her to laugh.



They all walked back into the common room and agreed that Dumbledore was awesome when it came to decorations. “Well we wasted all of our quality time together. Sorry guys, first day of classes tomorrow and I’m tired. Tomorrow, we’ll hang out for sure,” Adalia promised. Ginny and Blaise hugged her and then went to do the same to Draco, except Blaise and Draco did their manly hug thingy. Ginny and Blaise left with mischievous smiles on their faces. Draco and Adalia both knew what that meant and decided not to say anything.



Draco walked up to Adalia and was about to kiss her, but she stopped him. “I know I said that we ran out of time the last time we tried this, but I’m really tired. I’m sorry, but not tonight. I just got to know you; I don’t want to ruin our friendship by rushing into things. Good night, Draco,” Adalia said as she walked into her room and went to bed.



Draco smacked his forehead and said, “Supid! What was I thinking coming on to her like that?” He sighed angrily and walked into his room. Draco didn’t even look around it as he fell on his bed and fell asleep.



Meanwhile, Blasie and Ginny were running around the school, kissing each other in every dark corner that they saw. They finally reached the seventh floor and shared one long, passionate kiss before Ginny pulled away and walked up to the Gryffindor portrait. She looked back at Blaise and waved to him as the she said the password to the portrait of the fat lady. The portrait swung open and she disappeared through it. Blaise sighed dreamily and stealthily made his way down to the dungeons where his bed was waiting for him.


Little did he know, that two pairs of eyes saw him with the fiery red head.

A/N: Ok... I don't know if you liked it or not but it wasn't really meant to be that important. Well... except for the beginning and the end. If you liked it then I really do appreciate it and will love you forever and ever, lol. Anyway... two pairs of eyes. People, do not assume anything, because when you assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. LOL, just thought I would throw that in there. Ok, I hope you all enjoyed it and if you didn't, well what can I do about that? Love you all, and you sooooo know it.           

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Chapter 9: First Day of Classes... They Just Don't Learn, Do They?
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All was quiet on the seventh floor after Blaise left. All the portraits were fast asleep and no one disturbed the peaceful snores that emitted from them. If someone were to stumble upon the seventh floor, they would have found one window particularly interesting. Outside of one of the windows, on the window sill, sat a big, white eagle and a small, black raven. Now the raven wouldn’t be very interesting, but the white eagle sitting next to it was definitely peculiar.



The white eagle stared intently at the sleeping portrait of the fat lady and suddenly turned to the raven. The raven and the eagle locked eyes. Silver eyes met dark brown ones, and they seemed to understand each other as they both flew off together at the same time.



The eagle and raven landed gracefully onto a small cliff. They both entered a small whole in the rocky wall of the cliff. The eagle and raven suddenly transformed into two people. “My lord,” Lucius said as he bowed down in front of Voldemort. Beside Lucius, Bellatrix was also bowing in front of her lord.



“You may rise, my faithful servants. What have you found out?” Voldemort asked with little interest. He knew that nothing interesting would happen on the first day, or else his princess would have contacted him. What if she forgot? No, she couldn’t have forgotten.



Lucius and Bellatrix stood up as Lucius cleared his throat, which brought Voldemort out of his thoughts. “Nothing interesting except that young Mr. Zabini and young Ms. Weasely are having a secret affair. Other than that, we haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary,” Lucius said coolly.



“Very well, if that is all, you are both dismissed. Have a good night Lucius, and you too Bellatrix,” Voldemort said as he dismissed them. They bowed down before their lord once more and disapparated to their homes. Voldemort sighed heavily, he felt something was wrong but wasn’t sure what. He disapparated to another hiding spot of his, where his wife was waiting anxiously for his return.



“Tom! Tom did you find out anything? How is Adalia?” Sophia asked as Voldemort apparated into his bedroom. He walked up to his wife and kissed her forehead. She smiled slightly, but anyone would be able to see the obvious worry in her eyes. Voldemort sighed and said, “No reports on Adalia, darling. She seems to be fine, but I feel something is wrong. I don’t know whether it’s because I feel empty without her, or if it’s because something really is wrong”.



Sophia looked worriedly at her husband and agreed, “No, there is definitely something wrong Tom. I feel it too. I guess you can say it is motherly instincts”. Voldemort chuckled lightly and hugged his wife tightly. He didn’t know what he would do without her or Adalia. He was capable of love, no matter what anyone said.



Adalia woke up to the sun shining brightly on her. She got out of bed and stretched as she walked to the bathroom. Adalia looked around and smiled. It really is beautiful. She walked up to the shower and turned it on. She stepped into the shower and sighed as the hot water poured over her skin. As she stood under the water, she let her thoughts wander around a bit.



Why do you have to think so much this early in the morning? Adalia heard Ginny’s voice in her head.



Adalia smiled and thought, Sorry. I forgot we were still connected through our thoughts. You understand that I am going to have to take this off, right?



Ginny stood under the shower as well and curiously thought back, why?



Adalia smirked to herself and thought back, well… as much as I would love to hear your thoughts about how hot Blaise is, I’d really rather not. Also, imagine what it would be like for me while you and Blaise are having hot sex. I can already see it… ugh!



Ginny felt her face go hot and it wasn’t because of the hot water. You’re right. We’ll take it off today after classes, she thought embarrassingly.



Adalia laughed to herself and shook her head in amazement. She really knew how to push the right buttons. Adalia got out of the shower and wrapped herself up in a fluffy, green towel. She was brushing her teeth in nothing but the towel when Draco walked in sleepily. He didn’t notice her as he walked up to the toilet and relieved himself.



Adalia rolled her eyes at him and said, “You know, you could knock before you come in. Oh wait, you’re a Malfoy that’s right, you don’t need to knock, or wait for that matter”. Draco jumped when he heard Adalia speak. He hid his member back into his boxers and turned around. Draco’s eyes widened when he saw that she was wrapped in nothing but a towel.



Draco turned around as fast as he can. He groaned inwardly as his member became hard. “Uh… err… sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you, honestly. I didn’t even hear the water running. Um… do you mind if I use the bathroom now?” Draco stuttered. Adalia smiled and said, “Of course”. She walked out of the bathroom and started getting ready.



Draco let out a sigh of relief and turned on the shower. He leaned his head against the wall as the cold water cascaded down his back. He would have been pretty embarrassed if she saw that she got him all worked up and without even trying to. He knew it was going to be hard living with her, but not this hard.



Draco got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He brushed his teeth and when he was done, walked back to his room to get ready for the first day of classes.



Draco put on his white button-down shirt and his black school slacks. He put on a pair of black and white DC shoes and took his messenger bag to the common room.



Adalia put on her white button-down blouse but left the top two buttons undone. She put on her school skirt and a pair of black and green Roxy shoes. Adalia grabbed her Paramore messenger bag and headed down to the common room.



Draco turned around when he heard Adalia coming down. He saw her and gulped. No girl can ever make the uniform look good like Adalia Riddle can. He picked up his robe and swung it over his messenger bag. “Hey, you ready to go?” he asked her with a big smile on his face. Adalia smiled back and nodded. She grabbed her robe and swung it over her messenger bag as well.



Draco and Adalia walked down to the Great Hall while talking. They talked about what classes they would have and what classes they would have together. Adalia said they would probably have all their classes together since they were both in Slytherin, which made Draco look stupid. He completely forgot that she was in Slytherin with him. It all just felt like a dream for him. She looked at him weirdly as he blushed and looked down at the floor.



They reached the doors to the Great Hall and opened them. They walked towards the Slytherin table while all eyes were on them, especially Adalia. The boys all drooled when they looked at her while the girls all sighed dreamily when they looked at Draco. Both genders were very jealous of Adalia and Draco, even though they weren’t dating.



Draco sat down next to Blaise but was moved over as Adalia squeezed in between them. “Hey guys, how was your night in the best room to ever exist in all of Hogwarts?” Blaise asked dramatically. Draco rolled his eyes at his best friend while Adalia giggled. “It was good, and I’m guessing by your mood that you had a very good time with Ginny after you two left,” Adalia said with a smirk on her face. Blaise smiled as he remembered snogging Ginny in every dark corner that they managed to find. “That we did,” Blaise said as he smiled dreamily.



The timetables were given out and like Adalia said, she and Draco had all their classes together. Blaise also had all his classes with Draco and Adalia. They all smiled at each other as they discussed how fun it was going to be ruling every class that they had.



You guys seem to be having a lot fun. I’m jealous, Ginny thought as she moved her food around her plate.




Adalia looked up and saw that Ginny looked extremely bored. I have an idea. Why don’t we start putting our plan into action? I mean, what can be more fun then making your lover jealous? Ok… so what you have to do is come on to Potter. Blaise will definitely notice so you won’t have to do anything too rash, Adalia thought evilly.



Ginny smirked and locked eyes with Adalia. They reached a point of understanding and Ginny turned to Harry.



“Harry, we haven’t done much since our little argument in Diagon Alley. I want to make it up to you, right now,” Ginny said seductively. She pulled Harry towards her and locked her lips with his. Harry was enjoying every minute of it while Ron sat disgusted and Blaise glared furiously.



Draco saw Blaise getting angry. Nobody had ever seen Blaise angry except for Draco, and he knew it wasn’t pretty. Blaise stood up abruptly and his face turned to one of disgust. “Hey, Potter. Why don’t you take your pet Weaslette and get a room? Some people are trying to eat here, and you and your girlfriend are making us sick. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to throw up right now, excuse me,” Blaise sneered as he stormed out of the hall with a look of disgust.



Harry and Ginny broke apart after that little speech and blushed furiously. Adalia smirked and Draco looked at her curiously. “Why do I have the feeling you had something to do with this?” Draco whispered to her. She shrugged innocently and got up from the table. “While you think about that, I’m going to go find Blaise, unless you would like to join me,” Adalia said simply. Draco sighed and got up from the table to join Adalia.



They walked out of the Great Hall and went down to where their first class would be and where they expected to find Blaise, the dungeons. Draco and Adalia made their way down to the potions class room. When they came to the part of the dungeon where the class was, they found Blaise pacing back and forth, absolutely furious.



“Blaise, you know it is part of the plan. You can’t react that way every time she does something to Potter that you expect her to do with you. You can’t stay angry with her either. It’s not her fault she is part of this plan, it’s mine. It was the only way, and you have to learn to accept that,” Adalia said sternly.



Blaise stopped pacing and looked up at Adalia, his eyes filled with sadness. “I know… it’s just that I’ve never felt this way about any girl before. I… I think I’m in love with her. No, I know I’m in love with her. It kills me to see her with another guy, even if it doesn’t mean anything,” Blaise said as he slid down the wall and sat on the floor.



Draco and Adalia sat down on either side of him and tried to comfort him. While they were trying to make him feel better, Harry and Ron showed up. “Aw… what’s wrong Zabini? You still feeling sick, maybe you should go to the hospital wing and figure out how they can fix that for you. Oh wait, I know, the only way to fix that is by getting rid of you, because you are a sick bastard,” Ron said venomously.



Draco looked up and glared at Ron. “Shut up Weasel. Why do you have to go and start things all the time? We weren’t even bothering you and Potty, and you just had to come and start something,” Draco snapped. Ron looked shocked that Draco scolded him instead of insulting him.



“Oh please Malfoy. You and your posse always start something. This is the first time Ron ever started with you. As for you, Riddle, you best watch out. Oh, don’t forget to tell your son-of-a-bitch father that I’m going to kick his ass when the time comes,” Harry finished with a smirk.



Adalia stood up and appeared next to Harry in less than a second. Harry whipped around quickly to face a seething Adalia. Before he knew it, his cheek was stinging immensely with a red handprint on it. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for Adalia as she came up to Harry and kneed him, extremely hard, in the balls. Harry fell on the floor and screamed at the excruciating pain he was feeling.



Adalia stood beside the screaming Harry, smirking. She was about to walk away when she sensed someone behind her. Adalia whipped around, only to find Ron about to punch her in the face. She caught his hand before it came in contact with her face and glared at him. She was getting absolutely furious and electricity began to surround her body. Ron yelled in pain as his hand was being held by the electricity surrounded girl. She twisted his hand, which only resulted in him screaming louder and falling to the floor. Adalia let go of his hand and kicked him in the face. Ron fell onto his back and clutched his nose as the blood poured freely from it.



Adalia spat on both of the boys and was about to say something but she stopped when she heard footsteps. Snape rounded the corner quickly as he heard screams. He walked in the direction of his classroom and saw Harry and Ron lying on the floor, in pain, in between Adalia, who was glaring at the two boys. He looked a bit farther and saw Blaise and Draco, sitting on the floor, with looks of shock on their faces.



“What is going on over here? Ms. Riddle and Mr. Malfoy, as the Heads, I assume there is an entirely perfect explanation for this,” Snape drawled. Adalia and Draco looked up at Snape, but both with different expressions on their faces. Draco looked panicked while Adalia was calm. “I’m waiting,” Snape drawled once again.



Adalia glared at the two boys once again and spoke clearly, “Well, Potter threatened me and insulted my father, and he got what he deserved. As for Weasely, it was an act of self defense on my part. He attacked me, I defended. I guess he’s as strong as he is smart”.



Snape smirked at the last comment but quickly returned to being serious. “Very well Ms. Riddle, you are not in trouble as it was an act of self defense and loyalty to your family. 50 points from Gryffindor… each, Potter for threatening the Head Girl and Weasely for attacking her. Draco, Adalia, please take these insolent fools up to the hospital wing, I don’t want a bloody mess outside of my classroom or inside of it,” Snape sneered as he looked at Harry and Ron with disgust.



Adalia smirked while Draco and Blaise were surprised she got away with everything so easily. Draco and Adalia told Blaise they would see him later and took Harry and Ron up to the hospital wing. Their journey up there wasn’t very pleasant. Harry kept groaning in pain, and Ron was muttering obscenities but they were incomprehensible because of the broken nose that was now on his face.



Draco and Adalia dropped them off at the hospital wing, more like pushed them in and left, and were walking back towards the dungeons. They came to potions five minutes late, but were excused since Snape was the one who sent them to the hospital wing in the first place.



Adalia and Draco took their seats beside Blaise. As always, Adalia was in the middle of the two hot boys, which earned her some envious glares from the girls in the class. The boys in the class glared at Draco and Blaise and wished that Adalia was sitting next to each of them. The trio really did run the place with their looks and power.



After taking an endless amount of notes on how to make Veritaserum, the class finally ended and the students ran out as fast as possible. Draco, Blaise, and Adalia had a free period, so they went outside and sat under a big tree by the lake. Blaise climbed onto the tree and ripped off three apples. He sat down on a branch and threw one apple down to Draco and one apple down to Adalia. Draco sat on the grass eating his apple with Adalia beside him. Blaise stayed on the branch and drifted off into his own thoughts.



Adalia was bored so she decided to check in with Ginny. Hey Gin, what’s up? Adalia waited for a bit and then heard Ginny’s voice in her head, nothing really, have a free period, you?



Adalia took a bite out of her apple and thought, eating an apple under a tree with Draco and Blaise. We have a free period as well, want to join?



Ginny responded faster this time, but not telepathically. Adalia looked towards the castle and saw Ginny running down the stairs. Adalia smiled as Ginny walked towards them. She looked up at Blaise, who didn’t seem to notice that Ginny was standing right under him.



“And I thought my secret lover would’ve at least said hello, but who am I to think such absurdities?” Ginny said with a fake pout on her face. Blaise’s eyes shined with happiness at the sound of her voice. He jumped down from the tree and pulled her into a loving embrace. Blaise kissed Ginny passionately and sat down, pulling her with him.



“I missed you, a lot. I’m sorry for what I said earlier today, it’s just that I love you so much and I can’t stand seeing you in the arms of another man, especially Potter,” Blaise said softly. Ginny smiled lovingly at Blaise and kissed him once more. Adalia and Draco smiled at their best friends; they really were made for each other.



Ginny pulled back and Blaise smiled at her. “So love, did you hear about what happened to Potter and your idiot brother?” Blaise asked with a smirk on his face. Ginny looked confused and looked at Draco, who was smirking and at Adalia, whose face seemed to harden at the mention of Harry and Ron.



“No, I haven’t. What happened to them?” Ginny asked with great interest. Draco chuckled lightly and said, “Let’s just say that Adalia showed them what happens when they threaten her, insult her family, or try to attack her”.



Ginny gaped at Adalia. “What exactly did you do?” she asked cautiously. Adalia smirked and said, “Well… Potter got slapped in the face and kicked in the balls, and your brother has a broken nose and maybe a broken hand”. Ginny stared at Adalia for a while and burst out laughing. “Well, you showed them. I must say, I’m mad I missed out on that. So, I’m guessing that they were taken to the hospital wing?” Ginny asked between fits of laughter.



Adalia smiled and said, “Yeah, Draco and I were forced to take them there. After I was done beating them up and spitting on them, Snape came around and asked what happened. I explained the situation and got away with it; while Potter and Weasley had 50 points taken off, each”.



Ginny smiled and thought, serves them right.



Adalia smiled and thought back, that it does. The girls giggled, which earned them some strange looks from Draco but not from Blaise, he was too caught up in Ginny’s beauty. (A/N: Ok… he really is love struck, isn’t he? LOL).

The quartet had a good time and then went to their next class. Ginny went to herbology; while Draco, Blaise, and Adalia went to transfigurations. They were learning how to turn a bird into a cuckoo clock. Adalia got it from her first try, which earned Slytherin a good 50 points, while Draco and Blaise got it on their third tries, which earned them 10 points apiece. They left the class in happy moods and a total of 70 points.

Draco, Blaise, and Adalia made their way towards the Great Hall for lunch. They sat down at the Slytherin table and immediately looked towards the Gryffindor table. Harry and Ron were sitting with Ginny telling their side of the story. Ginny nodded with every word they said and glared at Adalia, Blaise, and Draco. The three of them glared back at her and then smirked. It was all an act, but it was all played out so well.



Adalia wanted to have some fun so she decided to insult Harry and Ron. “What’s wrong Weasley; I didn’t break your arm as well as your nose, did I?” Adalia asked with a smirk. Ron looked up at her and glared while his face began to glow a shade of red from embarrassment. “I did, didn’t I? Whoops, my bad,” Adalia said innocently.

Ron’s face began to glow a deeper shade of red as the hall laughed at him. Harry stood up and winced in pain. He glared at Adalia and said, “Why don’t you just shut up? You were complaining that Ron always started it, now look who’s starting it”.



Adalia laughed and said, “Now really Potter, you shouldn’t even be standing up. Actually, I’m surprised you’re not icing your balls at the moment. I’m sorry if you won’t be able to have children. I understand that’s the only reason why you’re dating Weaslette, the Weasleys are only good for making children. But I must say, they did something wrong when they made little Ronniekins”.



The Great Hall was full of laughter. Even some of the Gryffindors were laughing. Snape was sitting at the teacher’s table with a wide smirk on his face. Dumbledore sat calmly but had a disappointed look in his eyes. Ron was slowly sinking under the table so he can hide his tomato colored face. Harry’s face flushed a deep crimson as he sat down and looked towards Ginny, who was glaring on the outside but laughing on the inside.

Adalia smiled evilly and said, “That’s right Potter, sit down. Later, you’ll be bowing down to me. After my father wins the war, you’ll be my personal slave. Oh, wait… that won’t be possible. You’ll be dead”.



Harry glared at Adalia as he roughly got up from the table. He ran across the hall towards Adalia and jumped on her. The whole hall gasped as Harry froze in midair. Adalia glared at him and walked up to his frozen figure. Her face was right next to his when she said, “You just don’t learn, do you Potter”.



Adalia stepped away from Harry and smirked at the shocked students. “Now you all get to see what idiots Potter and Weasley are without their beloved Hermione Granger. I pity every one of you who think that Potter is actually a hero. I pity all who think that Potter is worth risking their lives for. If he can’t beat me, what chance does he have against Voldemort? You decide whether Potter’s worth living for, I’m done saying what I think,” Adalia said as she walked out of the Great Hall.



As soon as the doors slammed shut, Harry unfroze and fell to the floor with a loud thump. He got up and saw the entire hall looking at him. Some people looked sad, others angry, but the majority were confused. Harry couldn’t face all of the students at the moment, so he rushed out of the Great Hall.



Harry ran out of the castle. He was furious. How dare that bitch say that to him? Who was she to tell him what to do? Oh yeah, she was Voldemort’s daughter. Harry heard somebody call his name. He turned around and saw a head of blonde hair. Harry sighed furiously and turned around to start walking again but collided with something hard.



Harry fell on the floor and searched for his glasses. He found them and put them back on. Harry stood up and shook the dirt off his robes. He looked up to see what he bumped in to and gasped when he saw himself standing face to face with…




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Chapter 10: Still Not Done With Classes and Kicking Their Asses.
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“Potter… you best watch where you are going next time. You never know who you could bump in to,” Lucius said dangerously as he looked down at Harry. Harry’s state of shock quickly turned to anger.



“What are you doing here? You know you’re on the wanted list at the Ministry, right? I don’t think I have to remind you that you are a bloody death eater,” Harry said venomously. Lucius glared at Harry but then looked past him. Harry turned around and saw Draco briskly walking towards them.



Lucius turned back to Harry and said, “I am here to speak with Draco. I am his father after all, and I care about his well-being. Fathers pay their sons visits, but you wouldn’t know about that, now would you? Now step aside, my son and I need to have a little chat, without your presence”. Lucius pushed Harry aside as Draco took the final steps till he reached his father.



“Father, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here,” Draco said quietly while glancing at Harry. Lucius was about to reply but Draco stopped him. “Shove off Potter. My father and I are trying to converse and you lack the intelligence needed to be around us. Why don’t you run back to Weasley and make sure all the red is gone from his face, it clashes horribly with his hair,” Draco sneered.



Lucius smirked as Harry glared at Draco. He stalked back to the castle, away from the two Malfoys. Draco looked around and made sure nobody else was in the area. He didn’t see anybody but just in case whispered, “Muffliato”.



“Well done Draco. I couldn’t have done better myself. I came here to talk to you. I need to find out how Adalia is doing. The Dark Lord has never looked so worried before. Adalia was supposed to contact him and she never did. I assume everything is alright,” Lucius said with a hint of curiosity.



“Well yes… but not really. Potter and Weasley are getting on her nerves more and more by the minute. She took care of them already; I mean twice in one day… she is truly amazing. Anyway, she was in the hospital wing on the first day back, but she’s fine. Really, she’s never been better,” Draco added quickly when he saw his father’s face.



“Adalia went to the hospital wing on the first day back? Draco, you better make sure nothing happens to her. That is your job, to protect her. If she ends up in the hospital wing, that means you are not doing your job. If you don’t do your job as her protector, you will suffer excruciating pain from the Dark Lord himself. Listen Draco, I’m not telling you this because I am angry. I am warning you because you are my son, and I care for you. I love you, son. Although I may not show it very well, I love you very much. I am proud that you are my son,” Lucius finished in a soft tone.



Draco looked up at his father and smiled, “I know father. I love you too, and that is why you must go before anybody sees you. I will tell Adalia to contact our Lord as soon as possible. Now go, I will keep in touch with you as well. I have to get to class, not to mention, back to Adalia”.



Lucius chuckled and gripped Draco’s shoulder. Draco nodded in understanding and waved as his father walked up the path that led to Hogsmeade. Draco sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He glimpsed at his watch and swore. Draco quickly turned around and ran back to the castle.



Adalia and Blaise were sitting in Defense Against the Dark Arts wondering where in the world Draco had gone off to. Adalia and Blaise rather liked their new DADA teacher. His name was Professor Hottleberg and he was tall with black hair. He was dark and mysterious, and his elegance and intelligence screamed pureblood. He was about to start talking when the door creaked open. All eyes turned to the door where Draco stood.



Draco looked around and sheepishly said, “Sorry I’m late, professor. My… err… my mother… she uh… she paid a visit. Family business, I’m sure you understand”.



Professor Hottleberg smiled at Draco and said, “Of course, Mr. Malfoy is it? Yes… well, take a seat. There really is no need for an explanation. We haven’t done much except for gotten those notes down. You’re just in time, actually. We were just about to start practicing our defensive magic. I want to see what you know when it comes to defending yourselves against the dark arts”.



Draco let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Adalia and Blaise. He sat down on Adalia’s left and smiled. “I like this teacher. He’s cool and he has pureblood written all over him. And I don’t mean blood-traitor type of pureblood, I mean genuine pureblood,” Draco said with a hidden meaning that both Blaise and Adalia picked up right away. They all smirked at each other and then silently agreed that this teacher would be on their side of the war.



“Alright, who knows some advanced defensive spells?” Professor Hottleberg asked. Half of the classroom raised their hands. The professor frowned slightly but smiled when he continued talking, “Ok… who can actually cast these spells?” There were only five hands left in the air. Professor Hottleberg smirked slightly. “That’s it? Five people know how to cast defensive spells? What are you going to do out on the battlefield people? Listen, I’m not one of those teachers who are going to tell you that there is not going to be a war and that everything is going to be alright. No, I am here to prepare you for the battle that is eventually going to take place. The battle that you will all participate in, no matter what side you choose,” he said strictly.



Professor Hottleberg looked at the students who knew how to cast defensive spells and smirked. “Mr. Zabini, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and the lovely Ms. Riddle are the only students, in this classroom, who know how to cast defensive spells. Pity,” he drawled. He walked around the room and stopped in front of Harry and Ron. “Weasley, name one defensive spell you know,” he barked.



Ron jumped slightly at the professor’s booming voice and said, “Expelliarmus, sir.”



The Professor laughed and said, “Yes, of course, the disarming spell. Alright then Weasley, show me how good you are at casting the spell”. The whole class gaped at the professor, except for the three students who sat with satisfied smirks on their faces.



“What? You want me to cast a disarming spell on you?” Ron asked, his face turning a ghastly white. He didn’t want to attack a professor, even if the professor was asking for it, and quite literally. What if he were to hurt him too hard? Surely he would get expelled. If Hermione were there, she wouldn’t allow this.



“Yes, I want you to use Expelliarmus on me. I need to see if you can actually perform the spell, Weasley. I don’t need liars in my classroom. If you can’t perform the spell, then why would you say that you can? I need proof, Weasley. Now show it to me,” Professor Hottleberg said challengingly.



Ron stood up and said, “Um… alright then. Expelliarmus!” Professor Hottleberg’s wand flew into Ron’s hand. The professor beamed at him and clapped. He came up to Ron, who gave him his wand back and roughly pushed him back into his seat.



“That was good. You will all need to use it with more force when the time comes. That way, not only will you get your opponents wand, but your opponent will also be thrown back. Alright, next is… Mr. Potter. Name one defensive spell you know,” Professor Hottleberg said eagerly.



Harry looked up at the professor and said, “The Patronus Charm, sir”. Professor Hottleberg looked at Harry and nodded.



“Hmm… If any of you run in to a couple of dementors, the Patronus Charm is sure to help you. Also known as, Expecto Patronum, this charm allows you to defend yourself against dementors. You must think happy thoughts while casting this charm. The happier the thought, the stronger your charm will be. It can also be used to send messages. Potter, please demonstrate on this boggart. I am sure your biggest fear is still a dementor,” Professor Hottleberg said with amusement.



Harry tried to argue about his biggest fear being a dementor but the boggart was let out before he had the chance to say anything. Harry stood in front of the chest that was opened and closed his eyes. He was waiting for his mind to be full of his mother’s agonizing screams, but they weren’t coming. Harry slowly opened his eyes and stepped back. “What the…?” Harry asked in confusion.



The class erupted with laughter when they saw the brave Harry Potter’s new boggart. Harry was standing face to face with a boggart version of Adalia. Draco and Blaise roared with laughter while Adalia smirked. The boggart version of Adalia smirked and began walking towards Harry. Harry backed up all the way against the wall. The boggart version of Adalia stopped in front of his face and said, “Boo!”



Harry jumped and ran away from the boggart. The class couldn’t stop laughing and laughed harder when Ron decided to play hero and save Harry from the boggart. Ron stood in front of the boggart, but it didn’t change. The class roared with laughter. Ron imagined something that would embarrass Adalia and kept it clear in his mind.



Ron ignored the laughter and pointed his wand at the boggart. The embarrassing image still in his mind, he shouted, “Riddikulus!” The boggart stopped advancing towards Ron and looked at itself. The boggart blushed furiously while the boys in the classroom stared. The laughter ceased and now all the boys were drooling and whistling at the boggart. Adalia’s eyes widened as she saw that the boggart version of her was standing in the middle of the classroom in only a bra and knickers.



Ron stared at the boggart and whispered, “Whoa…” Professor Hottleberg pushed Ron to the side and grabbed the boggart gently. He picked up the embarrassed boggart and put it back in the chest. He locked the chest and turned back to the class. The boys in the classroom were staring at Adalia, hunger in their eyes. Blaise and Draco glared at all the boys. Adalia glared at Ron and stood up. Her body was shaking with rage.



“WEASLEY!!! YOU PERVERTED LITTLE GIT! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU FILTY, PERVERTED, LITTLE BLOOD-TRAITOR!” Adalia yelled. Ron yelped as Adalia advanced towards him. Ron began to run away but he froze after he took one step.

“What makes you think that you could show off my body without my permission, and get away with it? Weasley, you are a bloody idiot, and don’t you ever forget it,” Adalia said. She unfroze Ron and slapped him across the face. She stormed towards the door and stopped. “Oh… and Weasley, fifty points from Gryffindor,” Adalia said as she walked out of the classroom.



The Gryffindors and Slytherins all glared at Ron. The Gryffindors glared at him, because they lost another fifty house points. The Slytherins glared at him, because one of their house mates had been badly embarrassed. Professor Hottleberg cleared his throat and said, “Um… class dismissed for today. We’ll pick up where we left off on Monday. Have a good weekend”.



Draco and Blaise ran out of the classroom and headed to where they thought Adalia would be: the Heads dormitories. Draco and Blaise reached the portrait, trying to catch their breath. Draco put his hand into the handprint and let it scan him. After the scanning was done, Draco said, “Slyclawfinpuff”. The portrait swung open and Draco and Blaise walked inside. Draco didn’t see Adalia anywhere so he came up to her bedroom door and knocked. Nobody answered, so he went to the bathroom and went into Adalia’s room through there. He came in and didn’t see her.




Blaise walked in after him and said, “Well, she’s definitely not in here. Where could she be? Hey, hold on a second”. Blaise walked towards the balcony and went outside. He looked down at the grounds and saw her sitting by the lake. “Draco, she’s sitting by the lake. You know, next to that tree we were sitting under earlier today,” Blaise said quickly. Draco walked over to Blaise and looked down. There she was, sitting by the lake and throwing rocks into it.



Draco needed to get down there and fast. There was only one way to do that and that was exactly what he was going to do. He turned to Blaise and said, “Stay here mate, we won’t be long”. Blaise looked at him curiously and shrugged.



Draco whispered, “Accio Firebolt”. Draco turned to Blaise and winked, “See you later, mate”. He ran towards the rail of the balcony and jumped over it.



“Draco, what the fuck are you doing!?” Blaise yelled as he saw Draco jump over the rail. Blaise ran to the rail and looked over it. He saw Draco falling and then quickly zoom forward. Draco was on his Firebolt. “Bastard,” Blaise said as he let a smile creep on to his face.



Draco flew towards Adalia and landed next to the tree, which stood behind Adalia. Draco placed his broom against the tree trunk and walked towards Adalia. Adalia wasn’t crying she had no reason to. She was mad, enraged actually, but she wouldn’t cry. Draco stopped behind her and quietly said, “Hey”.



Adalia looked back and Draco saw the rage in her eyes. Adalia turned back to the lake and sighed, “Can’t I be alone for at least one second? It’s like I’m not allowed to go anywhere by myself anymore”. She picked up a rock and threw it into the lake. The rock hit a fish tail and about 2 seconds later, an angry mermaid popped out of the water and started screeching at Adalia. Adalia scowled at the mermaid, and the mermaid vanished under the water once again.



Draco sat down by Adalia and said, “Well, no, you can’t go anywhere by yourself anymore. I know you can take care of yourself, I mean I saw how you handled Potter and Weasley, but it’s my job to make sure that everything is alright with you. It’s my job to make you happy when you are sad… you know, turn that frown upside down sort of thing. You want to know the real reason behind my tardiness today?”



Adalia turned to Draco and smiled. Draco melted at the sight and couldn’t help but smile back. “I was going to ask you about that. You are horrible at lying, you know that?” Adalia said with a small smile.



Draco chuckled and said, “Yeah, well… I had to make something up. Anyway, father paid a visit. He wanted to know how you were doing. Something about you not keeping in contact with your father and that your parents are really worried. I think you should contact them, in any way possible. A letter might be intercepted… so you should think of another way to contact them”.



Adalia smiled and said, “Draco, you worry too much, but I like that. It’s nice to know that you care so much about me. Looks like the ‘Slytherin Sex God’ is finally giving up his title for true love, and it’s a pity I don’t feel the same way”.



Draco frowned slightly and turned away from Adalia. She doesn’t feel the same way… she admitted it to his face. Draco was way beyond repair now. How is he going to get over her? He can’t get over her… he… he loves her. He loves her more than all the love in the world. His face was heating up, and he didn’t know whether it was from anger or from embarrassment.



Adalia chuckled lightly as she turned his face back to hers. Adalia looked at Draco’s face and smiled. She pulled his face towards hers and kissed him lightly on the lips. She pulled back and said, “It’s ok Draco, I was only kidding”.



Draco jumped from his spot on the ground and said, “YOU! You really got me going there for a second. I’m going to get you for that”. Adalia didn’t have enough time to get up and run as Draco pounced on her and began tickling her like crazy. Adalia was laughing so hard and Draco was enjoying the sound. He loved her laugh; it made him even crazier for her.



While Draco was lost in his thoughts, Adalia used this to her advantage and flipped him over so that she was straddling him. Adalia kissed him once more and smiled. “You really do know how to turn that frown upside down. Ever considered being a clown?” Adalia asked with a small smirk. Draco laughed heartily and kissed her. It felt so good to have her in his arms.



Draco got up and pulled Adalia up with him. “Can we keep this a secret? Like a secret affair… Please?” Draco asked with puppy dog eyes. Adalia laughed and nodded enthusiastically. Draco went to get his broom and got on it. He slid back so that Adalia can sit in front of him. Draco grasped the broom and pushed off of the ground. He flew back to Adalia’s balcony and gracefully got off the broom. He held his hand for Adalia and she accepted it with a smile. He pulled her off and she screamed while he laughed. She playfully glared at him, and he kept laughing.



“Well someone’s in a better mood,” Blaise said as he walked onto the balcony. Adalia looked up at Blaise and smiled while Draco stopped laughing and a smirk crept onto his face.



“Yes well, she couldn’t resist my devilish charm for too long,” Draco said with a wide smirk on his face. Adalia laughed while Blaise snorted. “Yeah right… more like Draco should consider being a clown,” Adalia said while laughing. Blaise smiled at that comment while Draco pouted at Adalia. Blaise laughed and Draco turned to him and said, “Hey! Whose side are you on? You were my friend first”.



Adalia and Blaise only laughed harder which earned them an honest glare from Draco. “Alright already, seriously guys, stop. We have a half of a free period left and then Arithmancy. After that is dinner and then we get to spend some time together. Cool… looks like our day is all set,” Draco said with a smile.



Adalia looked at Draco and then an idea struck her. “Blaise you really can live with us if you want. I think I found a way for Ginny to stay here too,” Adalia said as a smirk crept onto her face.



“You can really do that? How are you going to get her to stay here without Potter and Weasley finding out?” Blaise asked as curiosity filled his facial features. Draco was confused as to how Adalia was going to do all of this.



“Potter has something called the Marauder’s Map. It allows you to see where every person is in any part of the castle. Only, I think the Room of Requirement doesn’t show up on the map. Anyway, what we have to do, is get that map from Potter. Not only will he not know where Ginny is, but we will know where everyone is at any time,” Adalia finished dramatically.



Blaise and Draco looked at Adalia and then at each other. They looked at Adalia again and yelled out in unison, “ADALIA, YOU’RE A GENIUS!!!” They smiled at her and then grabbed her so that she was in the middle of them.



Draco smiled at her, showing off all his pearly whites, and said, “Let’s go to class now, shall we?” Adalia smiled back and walked to the Arithmancy classroom in between the two happy boys.



Draco, Blaise, and Adalia breezed through Arithmancy. It was quite easy actually. It was just a bunch of math, it wasn’t hard at all. They got homework, which they finished in class of course. Adalia spoke to Ginny about her plan through her thoughts. Ginny thought it was a brilliant idea and thanked Adalia for her genius over and over again until Adalia told her to stop because she felt a headache coming.



Draco, Blaise, and Adalia walked to the Great Hall and stopped when they saw Harry, Ron, and Ginny going to the Great Hall as well. They all locked eyes with each other: Harry with Adalia, Draco with Ron, and Blaise with Ginny. Harry and Ron looked away first, but Ginny won her battle. She smiled at the thought that Blaise just wanted to let her win.



Draco and Blaise walked towards the doors of the Great Hall at the same time as Harry and Ron did. Ginny and Adalia looked at each other and realized that a fight was about to break out. Adalia raised an eyebrow and thought, don’t worry Gin, let it happen.



Ginny smirked to herself and thought back, oh I’m not worried, and I want to see this fight as much as you do. I’m confident that Draco and Blaise will win this one.



Adalia smirked and thought, I couldn’t agree with you more.



Draco, Blaise, Harry, and Ron were all fighting for the door. Each of them tried to get through first, but they wouldn’t let each other. A crowd of annoyed students began to form and were yelling at the four boys to let them through. The boys didn’t hear anything and kept on pushing and shoving each other. Adalia found it really funny so she decided to help them out a bit. With a wave of her hand, the doors swung open and the four boys stumbled into the Great Hall.



Adalia, Ginny, and the annoyed crowd, which wasn’t very annoyed anymore, laughed at the boys who were now lying in a jumbled up pile of bodies. They quickly untangled themselves and glared at each other.



“You better watch where you’re going Potter,” Draco sneered as he glared at Harry. Harry laughed bitterly and said, “Watch it Malfoy, I have a new spell up my sleeve. You wouldn’t want to get hurt”. By now, the whole hall was watching, and many were enjoying this little show. It was like dinner and a movie. (A/N: lol, sorry… I just found that really funny and had to put this in here, and now back to the show).



Draco and Harry lunged at each other and started pounding each others face. Ron went in to help Harry so Blaise went in to help Draco. Some students got up form their sets to have a better look. I mean, what better way to fight then the muggle way? The hall was full of students chanting, “Fight, fight, fight…”



Ginny was already sitting at the Gryffindor table when Adalia strolled into the Great Hall. Adalia looked around the hall and spotted Ginny sitting at her house table. She quickly thought, get up and run to them, you know… pretend you care or something.



Ginny sighed angrily and put on her acting face. She swung her legs over the bench she was sitting on and ran to the four boys. Ginny, her face full of worry, started yelling, “STOP! STOP IT GUYS! YOU’RE GOING TO GET INTO TROUBLE!!!” Nobody was listening to her so she decided to try and pull the boys off of each other… wrong decision. As soon as Ginny started peeling Ron off of Blaise, she was kicked back. Ginny groaned in pain because of Ron’s stupidity. He just had to stick his foot into her stomach. Ginny fell on her knees and began to couch as she clutched her stomach.



Adalia saw what happened and got angry. She pointed her wand to her throat and muttered, “Sonorus”. Adalia stormed up to the boys and yelled out with her magnified voice, “ENOUGH!!!” The boys instantly stopped fighting and all was quiet.



Everyone stared at Adalia as she seemed to be the attention grabber in the school. She looked angry and everyone was able to see it. Adalia examined the boys and allowed a smirk to creep onto her face. Draco sported a black eye and Blaise had a bruise lining his jaw. Ron and Harry were much worse. Ron’s nose was broken again and he had one black eye. Harry had two black eyes, a busted lip, and there was a line of blood dripping from a gash on the side of his head. He is definitely going to have a scar over there.



Adalia was keen on embarrassing Harry and Ron, so she didn’t take of the voice magnifying charm. All eyes were on her as she said, “Potter and Weasley… you really are a bunch of immature idiots. How do you go about the school attacking the Head Boy? Two against one is hardly fair, so Mr. Zabini had no choice but to help his friend. It’s only the first day of classes and you already managed to lose 150 house points. You know that sums up to a negative number? And not to mention, you just lost another hundred house points. Wow… I think that’s a new record on the amount of house points lost in one day. Congrats, you beat the Weasley twins. Before you say it’s unfair, I absolutely agree with you on that. To make it fair, Slytherin loses twenty points, but you Potter, for starting the fight, also have the honor of getting a detention. You will be serving your detention with Professor Snape. What else do I have to say? Oh yes, Weasley, next time, try not to kick your sister when she’s trying to help you out”.



Everyone turned to Ginny, who was still on her knees clutching her stomach. She wasn’t coughing anymore but she was still in pain. Ron ran up to Ginny and apologized to her over and over again. She told him it was ok, but on the inside, she was ready to murder him. Adalia smirked and pointed her wand to her throat once again as she muttered, “Quietus”.



Harry turned back to Adalia and like always, decided not to think before he spoke. He glared at her and muttered under his breath, “Bitch”. Adalia turned around and said, “I’ve lost my appetite thanks to you pathetic Gryffindors, and Potter, make that another ten points from Gryffindor”. Harry glared at her and asked, “For what?!”



Adalia turned to face him and said, “For insulting the Head Girl”. Adalia quickly spun back around and walked out of the Great Hall with an evil smirk on her face.

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Chapter 11: End of the First Day... Look What We Got Our Hands On.
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“Adalia, that was amazing!!! I mean today was amazing. I never knew Potty and Weasel can be embarrassed so much in one day,” Draco said in awe as he ran after Adalia. He was of course followed by Blaise who quickly added, “Absolutely breathtaking performance today. I couldn’t have done any better”.



Adalia smiled and turned around. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she saw the boys’ bruised faces. “Oh boys, I can’t be walking around with you both looking like that,” Adalia said as she examined their faces. Adalia brought her wand to both of their faces and said, “Episkey”. The boys felt their faces go hot and then cold.



Adalia looked at their faces and smiled, “Much better”. The boys shrugged and kept on walking. They were walking up the grand staircase when Draco asked, “Um… where exactly are we going?”



Adalia kept walking and didn’t turn around when she said, “We are going to the seventh floor”. Draco resumed walking but quickly stopped again. He had a confused look on his face and asked, “Why?”



Adalia sighed and this time she stopped and turned around. “We are going to the Gryffindor Tower so that we can retrieve a certain map that we were talking about earlier today,” Adalia said, irritation seizing her tone. She turned back around and continued walking up to the seventh floor.



Draco turned to Blaise who just shrugged in return. Draco and Blaise caught up to Adalia and followed her to the Gryffindor Tower. “How do you know Potter doesn’t have it with him?” Blaise asked curiously.



Adalia smirked and said, “Well… while you were all fighting, I raided his abandoned bag. It wasn’t in there so I decided to check if it was in his robes. That’s when I walked into the Great Hall and observed your struggle. His robes were flailing, but nothing ever fell out. I didn’t stop you after that and tried to enjoy the show, but then Ginny got hurt and that made me stop you guys. I was extremely pissed. I still am pissed; I thought you two would win without a struggle. I guess Ginny and I were wrong”.



“Hey! Potter and Weasley aren’t exactly the easiest of opponents. Sure they look weak, but they really aren’t. Quidditch does wonders to a person’s body. It doesn’t show when you’re looking at Potter and Weasley, but when it comes to fighting, it’s visible. Also, you know Weasley is a great chess player, which means he is a brilliant strategist, as much as it pains me to say it, it’s true. He really is a dolt; I mean if he actually used his strategic skills, nobody would think he is such an idiot. If we were to sway Weasley to our side and use his strategic skills, that would be absolutely amazing, absurd and repulsive, but amazing,” Draco said thoughtfully.



Blaise and Adalia stopped dead in their tracks and turned to Draco. “Are you bloody insane, mate? Why would Weasley join our side, he’s best mates with Potter. Plus, why would we want him on our side?” Blaise said incredulously. Draco was shocked. Did he really compliment Weasley just now? He was definitely losing his mind.



“Uh… sorry, I wasn’t thinking when I said that,” Draco stuttered. Adalia turned back around and continued walking as she said, “When are you ever thinking?” Blaise sniggered as Draco glared at the back of Adalia’s head.



“So… how are a group of Slytherins going to get into the Gryffindor common room?” Blaise asked smartly. Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “Um… hello? I am the Head Girl. I know the password for every house. God… you can both be such idiots at times… cute… but idiots”. Blaise and Draco smirked at each other. Cute definitely beats smart in their world.



Adalia walked ahead of the boys and stopped in front of the portrait of the fat lady. The fat lady looked at the three students and said, “You three are not in Gryffindor. Now go away”. Adalia frowned slightly and said, “We are prefects, and we have some business to take care of in the Gryffindor tower. So let us in”. The fat lady frowned and sneered, “Password?” Adalia smirked and said, “Amin mela lle” (A/N: It’s I love you in Elvish… lol, I got it from Lord of the Rings).



The portrait reluctantly swung open as the trio stood smirking at the fat lady. Adalia walked inside followed by the two Slytherin boys. The common room was empty but they walked quietly just in case. The boys looked around in disgust at the common room. They weren’t exactly used to all the warmth. The Gryffindor common room was the complete opposite of the Slytherin common room. While it was warm and cushiony up here, down in the dungeons, it was miserably cold and stony.



Adalia rolled her eyes at the boys’ faces and walked towards the 7th year boys dormitories. She entered and walked up the stairs. Blaise and Draco watched her with mild interest as she dug through Harry’s trunk. She pulled out a blank, old-looking piece of parchment and smirked, “Alright, I found it. Now let’s get out of here”.



The boys eyed the parchment and chuckled. Adalia looked at them weirdly and Draco said, “You dragged us up here to retrieve a smelly, old parchment. Adalia, you better not be lying about this map. I mean you got us all excited for nothing”. Adalia frowned at Draco and motioned for him to follow her.



“Since you both don’t believe me, I will have to show you right now. Anyway, I want to see who’s heading up here. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Adalia said as she touched the map with the tip of her wand. The parchment was instantly full of ink as a map of Hogwarts drew itself on the piece of parchment. Draco and Blaise were in pure shock. There were names connected to little dots that moved around the map.



Adalia smirked and said, “See, I told you I wasn’t lying. Now we really have to go because Potter and Weasel are heading back here. Stop gawking at the thing and let’s go”. Draco and Blaise snapped back to reality and followed Adalia out of the dormitory. They were half way through the common room when they heard voices outside of the portrait hole.



Adalia cursed under her breath and quickly turned to the boys behind her. They looked at her curiously when she held a finger up to her mouth and told them to be quiet. “I’m going to turn you invisible, so please don’t go and do anything stupid while we are in here. Just follow me,” Adalia whispered hurriedly.



“But how are we supposed to follow you if we can’t see you?” Blaise asked nervously. Adalia quickly thought about it and said, “Draco, take Blaise’s hand.” Draco looked at Adalia and asked, “What?” Adalia rolled her eyes and connected Draco’s and Blaise’s hands. “Don’t you dare let go,” she whispered dangerously. Blaise and Draco nodded and waited for her to cast the spell.



The voices were getting louder now and Adalia grabbed Draco’s free hand with her left hand. She grabbed her wand with her right hand and pointed it at Blaise, Draco, then herself as she whispered the same word three times, “Abeo” (A/N: Means to disappear in Latin). The three of them slowly began to disappear as the portrait hole swung open. Adalia gave Draco’s hand a squeeze, which obviously made him smile when he felt how nervous she was. He squeezed it back reassuringly.



They were now fully invisible and it was a good thing too, because Harry and Ron stepped into the common room at that very moment. They were both beaten up very badly and collapsed on the couch with angry expressions. The three invisible Slytherins stood frozen to the spot. They were probably thinking the same thing: time to eavesdrop.



Ron looked at Harry and groaned, “Harry, my face hurts. Can’t we go to Madame Pomfrey?” Adalia smirked and thought what a baby. Harry turned to Ron and said, “No, we are not going to Pomfrey for the second time in one day. We will not give those slimy Slytherins the satisfaction of seeing us at our weakest. I can fix your face and you can fix mine… hopefully”.



Harry turned to Ron and said, “Now sit still. I know what I’m doing… I think. Um… how does that spell go? Hmm… oh yeah! I remember now, episkey”. Ron felt his face go hot and then cold. He touched his face and everything was healed. Ron’s face lit up with a smile as he said, “Thanks Harry, now I can sleep without any pain. Good night mate”.



Harry frowned and said, “Hey, what about me? You are supposed to heal me, remember?” Ron shrugged and scratched his head as he said, “I dunno Harry… would you really trust me with a wand pointing at your face? Maybe you should just go to Pomfrey”. Harry glared at Ron and said, “Of course I bloody trust you, Ron. You’re my best friend. Just do it, and if you screw up, then I’ll go to Pomfrey. That way, the bitch queen won’t have the satisfaction of seeing me hurt because of her. I’ll be hurt because of you”.



Adalia rolled her eyes as she thought, bitch queen? What’s with the stupid nicknames? Ugh Potter, you are such an idiot. I’ll play along with your little plan to think that Weasel did that to you, but you don’t realize that I will only taunt you more because of it. What an idiot…



Another voice popped into her head as she watched Ron try to heal Harry. What did they do this time to earn themselves the title, idiot? Adalia smirked when she heard Ginny’s voice in her head.



Adalia thought back, nothing really, just being themselves. Adalia heard Ginny’s laughter echoing through her head. She wanted to laugh too but remembered that she was supposed to be invisible right now. Gin, I’m kind of trying to sneak out of the Gryffindor common room with Draco and Blaise at the moment, so I’ll talk to you later… in person.



Adalia waited for a reply from Ginny but there wasn’t one, so she took it that the fiery red head understood the situation. Adalia couldn’t stand watching Harry and Ron anymore so she sent them a dirty look, which they obviously didn’t see, and tugged on Draco’s hand.



Draco felt a tug on his hand and he understood that they had to leave. He was having so much fun watching the idiots. He knew how to spy on them and he was definitely going to do it more often. He tugged on Blaise’s hand as he was lead out of the common room, Blaise right behind him.



The portrait of the fat lady swung open. She looked around for any sign of life around her and closed shut with a look of confusion. Someone decided to push her open for fun, eh? The fat lady grumbled something that sounded like ‘good for nothing kids’. Draco and Blaise sniggered at the fat lady but were quickly pulled from their spots by Adalia.



Adalia dragged the boys up to the corridor where the Heads dorm was located. She stopped and said, “Nobody move, I’m serious”. She pointed her wand at where Draco was and said, “Appareo”. Draco instantly appeared and checked if all of him was visible. Adalia did the same to Blaise and then to herself.



Adalia walked up to the portrait and placed her hand on it. The portrait scanned her and asked her for the password. She said the password and climbed in followed by Blaise and Draco. When they were all safely in the confinements of the room, they burst into a fit of laughter.



Draco gasped for air as he said, “Potter and Weasley are such morons… HAHAHA… I can’t believe anyone can be that stupid!!!” Blaise laughed even harder along with Draco, who was now rolling on the floor laughing.



Adalia stopped laughing and smiled, “Well you better believe it Draco, because you just witnessed it. Potter is the biggest idiot I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I mean he can’t even heal himself. All he had to do was point the wand at is his own face and say the spell, but NOOO… he had to go and ask Weasel to mess up his face even more, not that it can get any uglier…”



Blaise and Draco were now both on the floor laughing hysterically while Adalia smirked at her own joke. She stood there thinking, Ginny, come to the Heads dorm. You are living with us now.



What!? How did you manage to have that done??? Ginny’s voice shrieked in Adalia’s head. Adalia clenched her teeth as her hands flew up to her head. Draco was laughing when he noticed Adalia’s face. He frowned and quickly ran up to her.



“Adalia, what’s wrong?” Draco asked worriedly. Adalia looked up at Draco and smiled. “Nothing, it’s just that Ginny has to learn how to control the volume of her thoughts,” Adalia said while still holding her head. Blaise turned to Adalia when he heard Ginny’s name and couldn’t help but laugh at the reason of Adalia’s sudden migraine.



Adalia rolled her eyes at Blaise and thought, Can you think any louder??? I swear this mind speaking thing with you will be the death of me… Oh my god… we can actually kill someone like this. Ginny!!! Thanks babe, you’re a genius!!!



Adalia’s eyes lit up as her idea struck her, and Draco couldn’t help but notice. Um… sure, I guess… anytime you need me, you know how to contact me. Don’t do anything to exciting just yet, I’m on my way, Ginny thought happily.



Adalia took out a piece of parchment from her pocket and smirked. Blaise and Draco smiled gleefully and ran up to the table where the parchment now laid spread out. They saw the students filing out of the Great Hall, along with the teachers. Blaise’s eyes lit up as he said, “I can’t believe we have something like this… This is bloody amazing!!! The Dark Lord will be happy to know that we have something like this in our hands!” Blaise smiled at Adalia who just smiled back.



Draco studied the map and saw Ginny slowly retract herself from the crowd of students. He smirked as he realized that she was on her way to the Heads dormitories. He turned around and saw Adalia standing a few feet away from him. He once again began to study her beautiful features and couldn’t stop himself from beginning to sweat. He looked back at the map and then back at Adalia. She was talking with Blaise, and Draco really needed to kiss her.



Suddenly, Draco thought of something and a rather large smirk drew itself onto his face. Blaise caught sight of this as did Adalia. Blaise eyed Draco curiously and asked, “What?” Draco chuckled and said, “Looks like your lover is coming to pay us a little visit”. Blaise’s eyes widened as he ran towards the map and pushed Draco aside. He quickly scanned the map and spotted Ginny’s name quickly advancing towards the Heads dormitories.



Draco smirked and turned back to Adalia. She curiously raised one of her eyebrows at him. Draco glanced towards the staircase that led to their bedrooms and then his gaze landed back on Adalia. Realization seemed to strike her at once but she didn’t budge. Draco’s eyes begged for her to go with him, but Adalia stood her ground. Instead of helping Draco, she began to do the exact opposite.



Adalia smirked wildly and said, “It’s getting rather hot in here. Can any of you feel the heat in here? Jeez! It feels like it is 100 degrees in here!!!” Blaise waved his hand dismissively while Draco’s eyes widened in horror. He knew what she was doing, and he couldn’t believe that she was doing this to him. Adalia took her robe off and purposely dropped it on the floor.



“Whoops! I’ll just pick that up from the floor right now,” she said as she began to bend down to retrieve it. Draco tried to look away but he couldn’t. Adalia’s skirt rose up as she bent down and picked up her robe. Draco gulped and quickly turned away from her when she picked up her robe. She spun around and smirked when she saw that Draco wasn’t looking at her.



Adalia walked over to the couch and dropped her robe on the arm rest. She turned back to Draco and said, “It’s still rather hot in here. I think I’ll just… make myself a little more comfortable”. Adalia slowly began to unbutton her button up blouse and Draco emitted a low growl. Blaise was too preoccupied with Ginny’s dot on the map to pay attention, but Adalia heard it and smirked.



Adalia smiled innocently as she buttoned up her blouse and walked towards the portrait hole. She walked past Draco, who was very much glaring at her at the moment, and proceeded towards the portrait hole. Adalia stopped before the portrait hole and glanced back at Blaise. Blaise looked up at Adalia and smiled.



Adalia pulled open the portrait and came face to face with Ginny, whose fist was raised in the air ready to knock. Adalia laughed at Ginny’s face and pulled the confused girl into the common room. “Hey Draco, where is… Blaise, stop covering my eyes, I know it’s you,” Ginny said as Blaise covered her eyes with his palms.



Ginny pulled Blaise’s hands off her face and turned around to face him. Blaise smiled charmingly at her and kissed her softly on the lips. Ginny smiled and kissed him back. Draco rolled his eyes at the loving couple while Adalia grinned cheekily at them. They broke apart and blushed when they saw how Draco and Adalia were looking at them.



“Sorry,” Ginny muttered embarrassingly. Blaise smiled at his lover and said, “No need to be sorry Gin, we live here now and we can do whatever we want. Also, I think it will tempt those two to get together”. Ginny smiled brightly and looked at Adalia who was laughing at Draco’s face.



Apparently, when Blaise mentioned Draco and Adalia getting together, Draco choked on his own saliva and turned beet red. He finally managed to stop coughing and glared at his three friends who laughed at him. “Yeah, yeah… don’t expect me to come running to your rescue when you are all choking,” Draco muttered angrily. This only earned him another round of laughter from his three friends.



Adalia stopped laughing first and said, “Alright… now back to business. Ginny, the reason you are able to stay with us now is because we have… this”. Adalia held up the Marauder’s Map and Ginny gasped in shock. “B- But… how?” Ginny stuttered. Adalia smirked and said, “Oh it was no problem really… We got into the Gryffindor dorms, went through Potter’s stuff, got the map, turned invisible, and ran out of there before we could get caught”. Ginny’s jaw dropped lower with every word Adalia said.



“Close your mouth Gin; you wouldn’t want a fly to go down your throat. I fear Blaise won’t want to kiss you after that happens,” Draco joked. Ginny snapped her mouth shut and sent Draco a piercing glare. Draco took a step back and laughed nervously, “I was only kidding”. Blaise smirked at Ginny’s power over Draco and rolled his eyes at his best friend.



“That’s great!!! This is awesome!!! Now they won’t know where I am and with who. Thanks Adalia, you’re the best!” Ginny said as she hugged her best friend. Adalia smiled at the red head but reluctantly pulled back and said, “You’re right, it’s great and all, and you can live with Draco, Blaise, and I, but you are still going to have to spend a lot of time with Potter and your brother. We wouldn’t want them to get too suspicious, now would we?” Ginny frowned slightly but nodded her head in understanding. This is what had to be done. This was the fastest way for her to be with Blaise.



“Well that’s not fair…” Blaise said unhappily. Ginny gave him a small smile and said, “Don’t worry Blaise; I’ll still spend my nights with you”. Draco smirked while Adalia rolled her eyes at her perverted secret lover. Ginny blushed a deep crimson after seeing Draco’s smirk and Blaise glared at him.



“Ginny don’t mind Draco, he’s just being himself. You’ll spend loads of time with Blaise and not only in bed. When we come back from dinner every day, you can spend your time here with Blaise, and let’s not forget me and Draco. What I do ask, is if you do get busy in bed, please… please don’t forget to put up a silencing charm,” Adalia pleaded.



Draco burst out laughing while Ginny and Blaise blushed. Adalia smirked and walked back to the map. She was about to put it away when she noticed something that made her roar with laughter. Draco, Ginny, and Blaise looked at her as if she was crazy. Adalia noticed this and said, “Don’t look at me as if I’m crazy. Come here, you’ll laugh too”.



Draco, Blaise, and Ginny came up to the map and looked over it. They all noticed what Adalia was laughing at and burst out laughing too. Harry’s and Ron’s dots were running around in circles in the boys’ dormitories.



“I think they found out that they’re missing something of great importance,” Adalia giggled. Ginny nodded in agreement and giggled at the two morons that she used to love. Draco and Blaise shook their heads and continued to laugh at Harry and Ron.






“Where the bloody hell is it?” Harry asked as he rummaged through his trunk. After Ron finally managed to heal Harry’s face they went up to the boys’ dorms to get the Marauder’s map, but they found that it wasn’t there. Harry flipped his trunk over and let everything spill to the floor. He searched in his pile of things, but it wasn’t there.



Ron looked at Harry and said, “Maybe you left it at my place?” Harry sighed angrily and said, “No Ron, I didn’t leave it at your place. I definitely took it with me. Someone stole it… and you’re the only one, other than me, who knows it exists. Ron you didn’t… did you?”



Rom jumped off of his bed angrily and said, “WHAT!? I can’t believe you would even think something like that. Bloody hell Harry, you could be so dense at times. If it was me, do you think I would even be sitting here right now? I’m not cunning enough to think of something like this. If I was, I would be in Slytherin. Ugh… thank god I’m not”.



Harry was looking around the room so he can avoid Ron’s eyes. Ron was right; he would never be able to pull off something like this. Harry sighed heavily and said, “I’m sorry Ron, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just worried about the map being gone. If it got into the wrong hands, who knows what can happen…”



Ron’s facial features softened as he said, “It’s ok mate, I understand. Let’s just go to bed. We can think about what to do over the weekend. I can’t believe the first day of school was on a Friday, what a stupid thing to do”. Harry chuckled lightly and said, “It was probably done so we can get used to the atmosphere and the new teachers. Although, I don’t really see the point of getting used to the atmosphere or the new teachers, I mean it’s our last year”.



Ron nodded in agreement and said, “Yeah well… I’m tired. Let’s just call it a night, what do you say?” Harry shrugged and said, “Yeah, I’m tired too. Tomorrow is Saturday, so we can sleep in. Is this weekend a Hogsmeade weekend? If it is, I want to go”.



Ron turned back to Harry and chuckled, “Every weekend is a Hogsmeade weekend for us mate”. Harry smiled at that statement and said, “True”. The boys bid each other a goodnight and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.






“They finally went to sleep. I thought they would never go. It’s actually a bit early for them, isn’t it? They usually sneak around at night, but I guess since the map is gone, they can’t,” Ginny said. The four Slytherins were sitting in the Heads common room enjoying each others company. They were waiting for Harry and Ron to go to bed, which they finally did, so they can make sure that Ginny wouldn’t have to go back to Gryffindor tower tonight.



“I’m so happy. You’re actually going to live with us. This is so awesome, and you are so amazing,” Blaise said as he kissed Ginny for the tenth time within the past fifteen minutes. Ginny smiled against Blaise’s lips and passionately kissed him back.



Draco rolled his eyes and said, “Can’t you give it a rest already? Seriously, you two just can’t stop sucking face, can you? If you can’t wait until you go to bed, then I’m going to bed. Good night”. Draco got up from the couch and fled from the common room. The remaining three teens watched him go and jumped at the sound of his door slamming.



Ginny turned to Adalia and said, “What’s his problem? I thought he was happy for us”. Adalia merely shrugged and said, “I don’t know why he had to blow up like that, but he is kind of right. You guys don’t stop making out and it gets annoying. I’m happy for you and you can do it as much as you want, but don’t expect us to always stick around and watch. I’m going to get some sleep as well. I hope you don’t mind staying in the living room tonight, tomorrow I’ll conjure another bedroom or two, whichever you prefer”. Adalia got up from the couch and sleepily made her way back to her room.



Ginny looked at Blaise guiltily and said, “Blaise, they’re right. We can’t always snog in front of them. It’s not right and I feel guilty now”. Blaise smiled at Ginny and said, “Alright, we won’t snog in front of them anymore, but nobody’s here now, so we’re good to go”. Ginny giggled as Blaise gave her a suggestive wink and dove in for a kiss.



Adalia put on a tight black spaghetti strap top and green boy shorts. She walked into the bathroom and walked across it so that she was at Draco’s door. She knocked softly on the door but got no answer. Adalia quietly opened the door and walked inside. She saw Draco in his bed, sleeping. Adalia sighed softly and whispered, “Good night, Draco”. She gave him small kiss on the cheek and smiled as she walked out of his room.



Draco lied in his bed, a soft smile now on his face from the kiss that Adalia gave him. He eventually fell asleep and dreamt of nothing except for Adalia.



After a quick shower, Adalia changed back into her sleeping wear and went down to the common room. She saw Blaise sleeping on the couch with Ginny on top of him. They were both fully clothed, except for their robes, but Adalia still thought they would be cold. She conjured a blanket for them and smiled at the sight. She was truly happy for her friends.



Adalia went back into her room and got climbed onto her bed. She got under the covers and decided that she was going to write a letter to her father tomorrow. She also decided that she was going to go to Hogsmeade along with Draco and Blaise. She would arrange for Ginny to meet them somewhere there. Adalia slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamt of crushing Harry and the Order.





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Chapter 12: Rude Awakenings
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Adalia woke up to someone knocking. She groaned and stuck her head under her pillow, ignoring the awfully loud knocks. As soon as she began to fall asleep again, she was startled by a loud caw and fell off the bed. “Ow… that hurt,” Adalia said as she got up from the floor. She looked around for the source of that annoying sound and spotted it on her window sill.


A raven sat outside her window, staring at her. Adalia glared at the bird and said, “Bloody bird… had to wake me up with your annoying caws. Why don’t you just sod off… stupid bird… I said shoo!” The raven sat on the window sill, and Adalia could’ve sworn it looked annoyed.


Adalia opened the window and was about to scare the bird, but it flew in before she had the chance. Adalia quickly whipped around and growled, “Oh no you don’t… come back here, you stupid bird. I’m going to kill you for waking me up.” The raven settled down on the bed, and Adalia quickly made a grab for it. “Gotcha!” Adalia muttered triumphantly.


Adalia turned away from the bird and grabbed her wand while saying, “Now what should I do… torture then kill… or not waste any time and rid the world of annoying little things like… Bellatrix?” Adalia turned back to face the raven but found herself choking Bellatrix instead. “Oh sorry…” Adalia said as she quickly let go of the witch who was rather blue in the face.


Bellatrix rubbed her throat and said, “That’s quite a firm grip you got there, Adalia”. Adalia smiled and said, “Yeah well… I didn’t exactly expect you to come here, especially as a raven. Why did you have to wake me up so early?” Bellatrix laughed and said, “Early? Adalia, it’s already 9:00”. Adalia looked at Bellatrix and said, “Yeah, that’s early, especially on a Saturday. Anyway, what did you come here for?”


Bellatrix shook her head at the girl and sighed, “The Dark Lord, he is worried about you. You haven’t sent him anything… he fears something may have happened. He doesn’t know I’m here, but as one of his most faithful servants, I cannot stand seeing him so upset. A lot of us feel that way, especially Lucius and I”.


Adalia smiled and said, “I’m happy that you all love and respect my father, especially you and Lucius, since you have both been here already. I was planning on sending him a letter today… I mean it’s only the second day back; he has nothing to worry about. Since you are here, I can send word with you”.


“No… actually you can’t. I don’t want him to know I was here; those weren’t exactly his orders you know. He’ll punish me for going against his orders,” Bellatrix said worriedly. Adalia smirked and said, “Oh come on Bella, you’ll be doing him a favor; since when were you afraid of punishment? So what if he ‘Crucios’ you, I know you can take it”.


Bellatrix glared at Adalia for a few seconds but then smirked, “Oh, you’re right. I’m not afraid of punishment, and I will be doing him a favor, won’t I? Alright Adalia, you’ve convinced me to act as your messenger. What do you want me to tell him?”


Adalia smiled and said, “I knew I would be able to convince you. Alright, so tell him that we, especially me, are having a lot of fun embarrassing Potter and Weasley. Also, Ginny and I are making Potter believe that Ginny is still with him when she’s actually with Blaise. Isn’t that just great!? They’re so good together, a bit annoying, but they were made for each other. And finally, tell father that we stole a map from Potter. It’s a map of Hogwarts and it shows where each person is in the castle”.


Bellatrix gaped at Adalia and asked, “How did you manage to get your hands on something like that? Do you realize how big this is?” Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “Of course I do. That’s why I’m telling you to tell father about this. Oh, and before I forget, tell him that all four of us send our love to him and mom. Ok, I’m finished Bella, thanks for stopping by. Now fly away and let me sleep”.


Bellatrix smirked at Adalia and said, “Yeah whatever… Ms. Snores like crazy”. Adalia shot up from the bed and glared at Bellatrix while saying, “I DO NOT!” Bellatrix walked to the open window and snorted, “Yeah… tell that to the other birds out here”. Adalia gasped in mock horror and smirked, “Yeah whatever… get out of here before I decide to ‘Crucio’ your ass”. Bellatrix smirked at Adalia and changed back into her raven form. With one last look at Adalia, she softly cawed at her and flew out the window.


Adalia sighed and watched Bellatrix disappear. She closed the window and plopped down, face first, onto her bed. Adalia smiled as she curled into the silk blankets and began to fall asleep. She was almost at the point where she would start snoring, but quickly sat up when her door burst open.


“Oh good, you’re awake,” Ginny said as she sat down on Adalia’s bed. Adalia put on a fake smile and said, “Yeah… how could I not be… I mean it’s only 9:30!? Oh fuck this shit... I’m going back sleep. Good night, Ginny!” Adalia pulled the blanket over her head and tried going back to sleep, but Ginny wouldn’t leave her alone. “No way Ms. Riddle, you’re getting up now! We have to go to Hogsmeade today, remember?” Ginny said as she violently shook Adalia.


Adalia slowly sat up and glared at Ginny as she said, “Gin, we have the map with the secret passages, we can go whenever we want. You, on the other hand, have to go with Potter and your brother, remember?” Ginny frowned darkly and said, “Yeah, I remember. How long do I have to keep this up? Can’t we give Potter to your father before Halloween?”


Adalia smirked at Ginny and said, “Oh! Anxious to get rid of Potter now, aren’t we? Look Gin, we can’t do it before Halloween. I promise it will be done as soon as father is ready. We need to help him plan this attack, which might I add is the best part about this whole situation, on Hogwarts without anyone suspecting us of doing anything wrong at all. If you’re found out beforehand, then you’re as good as gone. Do you think we want you dead? Do you think Blaise wants you dead?”


Ginny smiled sadly and said, “No, that’s why I love all of you. Because you understood me and took me in like your sister, I feel like I’m finally free. I know you used to be Hermione or whatever it is that connected you with her, but you are so much better than her. I’m loyal to you and your father and will do whatever is needed in order to win what we are fighting for”.


Adalia smiled and hugged Ginny while whispering, “Thanks, Gin. You are the greatest friend and sister anyone can ever ask for”. Ginny laughed and said, “Yeah whatever. Now let go of me, I have some idiots to walk around with before I spend my day with you, remember?” Adalia let go of Ginny and said, “So now you want to go with them? I see how it is…” Ginny laughed and said, “Yeah, see you later.”


Ginny walked out of the room and Adalia sighed. Now where was I? Ahh… yes, sleep, Adalia thought as her head hit the silk pillows on her bed. Adalia lied in bed for a couple of seconds before getting up angrily thinking, Now I can’t even fall asleep… thanks Ginny. Ginny’s voice instantly appeared in Adalia’s head saying, you’re very welcome. Now don’t bother me, I’m listening to Potter tell me how much he loves me… ugh!


Adalia laughed at Ginny’s disgusting situation and proceeded to the bathroom. She walked in to the bathroom to find it very steamy and hot. Adalia smirked and walked up to the steamy shower stall. She heard a deep masculine voice humming a nice tune and smiled at how angelic he sounded. Adalia leaned against the sink and stayed in the bathroom listening to him hum.


After 5 minutes passed, the bathroom only got hotter and steamier. Adalia was getting annoyed and smirked as soon as she heard the water turn off. She got off the sink and crept up to the stall door. The door opened and Adalia jumped in front of him screaming, “Boo!” at the same time as he screamed, “AGH!!!” Adalia laughed and then took a closer look at him and shrieked at the top of her lungs, “BLAISE!?”


Blaise stood stark naked with a terrified look on his face. Adalia quickly turned around and ran out of the bathroom. Blaise’s eyes widened and he quickly grabbed a towel before anyone else decided to come in. Blaise relaxed a bit and dried himself off before putting on a pair of jeans and a button down tee. He made his hair look sexy and exited the bathroom to come face to face with Adalia.


Blaise’s eyes widened and he said, “Um… I’m sorry, but what the bloody hell is wrong with you? You almost gave me a heart attack”. Adalia smiled innocently and said, “Sorry, I thought you were Draco. I love scaring him, and I forgot you lived here”. Blaise raised one eyebrow but shook his head and walked away after seeing her innocent smile wasn’t going anywhere.


Adalia smirked at the Italian boy who was supposed to be smart. She walked into Draco’s room and closed the door behind her. Draco was standing in a pair of khaki cargo pants looking for a shirt to wear. Without turning around, Draco said, “Hey Blaise, I’ll be out in a second. I’m just looking for something to wear”. Adalia smirked and quickly walked up behind Draco.


Draco didn’t get a response from Blaise and turned around to see if he was there, but instead was greeted with someone’s lips on his. Adalia pulled away and raised an eyebrow at Draco before saying, “Blaise, eh? Would you rather it be him than me?” Draco smiled at Adalia and turned back to his drawer as he said, “Good morning to you too, babe”.


Adalia smiled as she hugged him from behind and said, “Good morning, Drakie”. She laughed as she felt him cringe. Draco turned around and groaned, “Why did you have to call me that? Now I’ll be paranoid all day. You know Pansy… she’ll do anything it takes to get me”. Adalia smirked as she traced little circles on Draco’s chest and said, “I want to see her try and go against me”.


Draco smirked and kissed Adalia’s head. He turned back to his drawer and said, “Adalia, you’re distracting me. I’m trying to find something to wear and I can’t when you’re doing that”. Draco was of course referring to Adalia tugging on the waist line of his pants. Adalia laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll stop. I’m going to go get ready”. Draco pouted as he said, “Aw… I didn’t want you to leave. It’s just… well you know”. Adalia smirked and said, “Yeah, I know.” She walked out of his room and before she closed the door said, “The black one on top looks good”.


Draco sighed and shook his head. He turned back to his drawer and took out the black shirt on top. He unfolded it to see that it wasn’t something he had ever seen before. He smiled as he realized that Adalia must have put it there somehow. Draco put it on and looked in the mirror. His reflection smirked and said, “Make the ladies fall today, Draco”. Draco turned away from the mirror and said, “Only one”. He walked out of his room and went down to the common room.


Adalia went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. She went back into her room and got dressed. Adalia wore a pair of skinny jeans and a green and black polo shirt. She then put on a pair of black and green converses that had the word ‘Slytherin’ written on them. She got them as a present from Adrian at her introductory party.

She applied some eyeliner and eye shadow, and then she applied some lip gloss. She looked at her reflection and smirked when it said, “You’ll make them fall fast”. She turned away from the mirror and said, “I sure will”. Adalia then grabbed a leather jacket and walked out of her room.


In the common room, Draco and Blaise were drinking a couple of butterbeers while waiting for Adalia. “Look Draco, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t realize that Gin and I snogging around you and Adalia was bothering you. I just can’t stop myself when I’m with her,” Blaise said after he took a sip of butterbeer. Draco smirked at his friend and said, “Don’t worry mate, I’m over that. You can snog her whenever you want. Just don’t overdo it”.


Blaise smirked at Draco and threw one of the couch pillows at him. Draco ducked and took one of the pillows from the love seat and threw it back at Blaise. The pillow hit Blaise in the face, but Blaise was too distracted to notice. Draco looked at Blaise’s face in confusion, he seemed… entranced. Draco heard a laugh that sounded like music to his ears and turned around. Draco’s jaw instantly dropped open when he saw Adalia standing in front of him. She looked even more breathtaking than usual.


Adalia smirked at the boys’ faces and said, “Hey Blaise, don’t forget you have Ginny. I wouldn’t want anything to happen that you would regret”. Blaise snapped out of his trance-like state and said, “Thanks Adalia, I almost forgot”. Adalia rolled her eyes at Blaise’s stupidity and giggled as she turned to Draco. Adalia walked past him and closed his mouth.


Draco turned around to face Adalia, his eyes full of lust. Adalia’s eyes widened and as she thought, oh… He is so going to blow our cover right now. Adalia looked to Draco and said, “Draco, don’t do it. You know you don’t want to”. Blaise sat on the couch, obviously confused. Draco looked to Blaise and then back to Adalia. He smirked and walked over to Adalia and said, “It’s only Blaise”.


In less than a second, Draco’s lips crashed onto Adalia’s. Adalia kissed him back passionately and pulled away after hearing a quiet ‘I knew it’. Adalia turned back to Blaise as she said, “So much for secret affair, and Draco’s the one who wanted it to be a secret. How did you know?” Blaise smirked and said, “This morning kind of gave it away. You know… the shower incident”.


Draco turned to Adalia as she glared at Blaise. He took in her expression and asked, “What shower incident?” Adalia shook her head at Blaise, but Blaise’s smirk grew wider as he opened his mouth to tell Draco the story. Adalia lunged at Blaise, but Draco caught her by the waist as Blaise began telling Draco what happened. Draco held the struggling Adalia while listening to the story that Blaise was telling him.


At first Draco was finding it funny, but then his eyes widened when he heard about Adalia seeing Blaise naked. “You saw him completely nude?” Draco asked in horror. Adalia blushed in embarrassment and nodded. Draco thought hard for a second and then shrugged, “Hey, it could’ve been worse. You, on the other hand Blaise, should’ve locked the door”. Adalia smirked at Blaise and then stuck her tongue out at him as Draco glared at him.


Blaise looked at Draco in disbelief and turned to Adalia and said, “You always manage to turn him against me somehow, and I strongly dislike you for that”. Adalia smirked and said, “Well too bad for you, because if you’re marrying Ginny, then I will be your sister”. Blaise’s eyes widened as he thought about it and groaned, “Oh great!” Draco and Adalia laughed at Blaise as he complained about Adalia being his sister-in-law.


Adalia stopped laughing and said, “Alright, now we have to go to Hogsmeade. So we can’t go by carriage because they’re all gone, which means that we will go through one of the many secret passages that are show on the map”. Blaise’s and Draco’s eyes lit up at the mention of using the map and simultaneously said, “Wicked”.


Adalia took the map off the table and pointed her wand at it while saying, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”. She looked at the map and said to the boys, “Alright, so practically everyone is in Hogsmeade except for the people who can’t go. We are going to take the secret passage that leads to the cellar of Honeydukes. It’s located under the statue of the one-eyed witch”. Blaise nodded his head eagerly but Draco looked confused. “What’s wrong Draco?” Adalia asked.


Draco looked up at Adalia and curiously asked, “How do you know all of this?” Adalia turned away from Draco and looked at the map while saying, “It says it on the map”. Draco shook his head and said, “No, it doesn’t say where the passage leads. Also, it doesn’t say the words that are used to reveal the map. You’re hiding something, and I… I refuse to go anywhere with you until you tell me the truth”.


Blaise looked up at Draco with wide eyes and said, “You’ve gone bloody mental mate. It’s Adalia we’re talking about… she knows everything, or haven’t you realized that yet?” Draco shook his head and stood his ground. He turned to Blaise and said, “No, Blaise. You’re wrong this time. Can you leave for a few minutes? We’ll meet you outside”. Blaise looked at Draco, then Adalia, and left without a word.


Draco glared at the back of Adalia’s head and said, “I know you’re lying to me. You’re hiding something, and I won’t leave you alone until you tell me what it is”. Adalia looked up at Draco with a stern look and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Will you stop being an idiot? Let’s just go already, Ginny’s waiting for us”.


“NO! I am not an idiot! That’s how I know something is being kept from me, because I’m not Potter or Weasel. I will not go anywhere with you until you tell me the truth. Why don’t you understand that I need to know? Why can’t you tell me? I… I love you. I need you to tell me the truth, because I love you and we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. Don’t you love me?” Draco asked sadly.


Adalia’s eyes began to sting and she couldn’t help blurting out, “I can’t. I can’t tell you, because you’ll all leave me if I do. My father, my mother, Blaise, and… you… you’ll all leave”. Draco embraced Adalia in a hug and said, “I’ll never leave you… I love you too much to leave you. Please… please tell me the truth”. Adalia pulled away from Draco and said, “I can’t… I can’t say it. I feel disgusted even thinking about it”.


Draco found this a little funny so he chuckled quietly and went to get a piece of parchment. Draco handed the piece of parchment to Adalia and said, “Write it… please”. Adalia nodded silently and wrote on the piece of parchment, her hands shaking slightly. Adalia gave the parchment to Draco and turned away from him. Draco looked at Adalia sadly and then looked down at the parchment. Draco’s eyes widened as he reread the parchment at least 10 times.


Adalia turned to look at Draco and came face to face with hard, cold eyes. Draco looked at Adalia, his eyes full of rage as he yelled, “HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME SOMETHING LIKE THIS!? HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM ME!?” Adalia’s eyes stung but no tears came out as she said, “Draco, please… I’m sorry… let me explain”.


Draco looked down at her in disgust and yelled, “NO… I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM ME! I DON’T NEED YOUR APOLOGIES OR YOUR DAMN EXPLANATIONS! AND I ESPECIALLY DON’T NEED YOU, YOU FILTHY MUD-BLOOD!!!” Draco dropped the piece of parchment and angrily stormed out of the room. Adalia heard Blaise’s voice as he tried to find out what happened from Draco.


Blaise ran into the common room to find Adalia shaking. He quickly ran up to her and asked, “Adalia, what happened?” Adalia was shaking uncontrollably, but still no tears came out. “He… He left me,” Adalia said as the thought just hit her, and then she broke down. Blaise looked down at her in shock and then spotted a piece of parchment on the floor. He picked it up and flipped it over. Blaise read it and said, “Oh no…” The parchment fell out of Blaise’s hands as he ran after Draco to try and stop him from doing anything stupid.


Adalia sat on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. The piece of paper fell in front of her face. Adalia took the piece of paper in her hands and blacked out right after thinking, I used to be Hermione Granger.


Ginny heard Adalia’s last thoughts and thought back, I know. You already told me. Ginny waited for a reply, but when she got none, began to feel worried. Adalia, are you there? Hello? Ginny sat in the Three Broomsticks with Harry’s arm around her shoulder as she thought those thoughts. No reply. Ginny suddenly got up and said, “I’m sorry Harry, but I have to go. I just remembered… I have a lot of homework that has to be done. I’ll see you boys later. Bye Harry, bye Ron”. Harry kissed her on the cheek and watched Ginny run out of the pub.


Harry turned to Ron and said, “Do you think she’s lying?” Ron shrugged and said, “I dunno mate. I mean it’s Ginny… she’s too innocent to lie, especially to you.” Harry thought about it for a second and said, “Yeah you’re right… I mean, I am Harry Potter”. Ron smiled at Harry and said, “Yes… you are”. Harry winked at Ron and took a sip of his butterbeer.


Ginny ran to the carriages and quickly jumped into one. The carriage started moving and it was way too slow for Ginny’s liking. As soon as the carriage stopped, Ginny jumped out and ran towards the castle. Little did she know, a pair of eyes watched her as she ran to the castle in a hurry.


Dumbledore turned around to face his fellow teacher and friend. “Something is wrong, Severus,” Dumbledore said sadly. Snape sat in Dumbledore’s office sipping tea and said, “Headmaster, there is always something wrong. I often find myself asking if anything in this world is right. Why else do you think I am the way I am?” Dumbledore smiled sadly at Severus and said, “Yes Severus, you are of course right, but I meant that something is wrong right now”.


Snape looked up at Dumbledore curiously and said, “How do you know? And what is it?” Dumbledore looked back out the window and said, “I’m not sure what has happened, but Ms. Weasley was running towards the castle as if someone died”. Snape got up from his seat and asked, “Shall I go find her?” Dumbledore sighed and said, “No Severus. If it is any of our business, we will find out. For now, just sit down and enjoy your tea”. Snape raised an eyebrow at his old friend and sighed as he sat down and continued sipping his tea.


Ginny ran up the stairs, two at a time. She reached the Heads dormitories and saw the portrait door wide open. “Oh no…” Ginny said as her eyes widened. Ginny ran into the common room and shut the portrait as she came in. Everything looked to be in order until she turned to her right, where Adalia was lying on the floor, unconscious.


“ADALIA!” Ginny screamed as she dropped down at her side. Ginny began to slap Adalia’s face lightly as she muttered over and over again, “Please wake up”. When that didn’t work, Ginny remembered that she was a witch and can do magic. Ginny took out her wand and pointed it at Adalia. “Enervate,” Ginny said as calmly as she could muster.


Ginny waited a couple of seconds to see if it worked or not. Adalia began to stir and Ginny muttered to herself, “Wow… it actually worked”. Ginny turned to Adalia and said, “Hey, are you ok? You scared the hell out of me. Now, what happened?” Adalia looked at Ginny and began to cry as she remembered what happened. Ginny looked at Adalia sadly and softly said, “Hey… why are you crying? What happened Adalia?”


Adalia stopped crying and sniffed, “He... left me, Gin. He left me”. Ginny looked at Adalia with a confused look and asked, “Left you? Who left you? Adalia, what exactly are you talking about?” Adalia got up from the floor slowly and said, “Draco… he left me”. Ginny raised an eyebrow at Adalia and said, “Whoa… rewind… you two were going out? Why didn’t you tell me?” Adalia nodded and said, “He wanted it to be a secret”.


“Oh… Why did he leave you?” Ginny asked slowly. Adalia handed Ginny the piece of parchment and watched as her eyes widened in understanding. “You told him?” Ginny asked incredulously. Adalia nodded sadly and said, “He wouldn’t go to Hogsmeade until I told him. You should’ve seen the way he looked at me after he found out. He said he would never leave me… no matter what, and that’s exactly what he did. Gin, he called me a mud-blood”.


Ginny gasped and said, “Did you at least explain the situation”. Adalia wiped her tears away and said, “He wouldn’t let me. He didn’t want to hear any apologies or explanations. He just… ran out of here, and Blaise ran out after him too”. Ginny’s eyes were wide at first, but then they narrowed dangerously. “Blaise ran out on you too? I’ll kill him… No… I’ll kill them both, Adalia. I’ll become a murderer just for you”.


Adalia laughed lightly and said, “There’s no need for that Gin, I’ll take care of it. Draco might be mad at me for a while, but there’s no way that he’ll stay like that forever. He said he loved me, so there’s no way he can avoid me forever”. Ginny looked at Adalia skeptically and asked, “Are you sure?” Adalia looked back to Ginny and said, “Not helping, Gin”. Ginny muttered a quiet ‘sorry’ and smiled at Adalia.


Adalia smiled at Ginny and decided to change the subject, “So… how was Hogsmeade?” Ginny snorted and said, “I thought you’d never ask. It was horrible. I walked around with the stupidest and most annoying people ever. I swear all they did was talk about how they wanted to kill you”. Adalia smirked and said, “Now I’m flattered”. Ginny laughed and said, “Yes well… I also think that my idiot brother might be gay”.


Adalia burst out laughing and then asked, “Where did you get a crazy idea like that from?” Ginny shrugged and said, “I dunno… I mean he only ever loved Hermione. Now that she’s gone… I don’t think he’ll ever be looking for another girl. Also, he looks at Potter as if he’s in love with him. It’s pretty disgusting actually”. Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “He’s always been in love with Saint Potter. We’ll never know if he’s gay unless we catch him red handed. I doubt he’s gay, but I must admit, it would be extremely funny”.


Ginny shrugged and was about to say something but stopped herself when she heard the portrait creek open. Ginny and Adalia whirled around to see Draco walk in, Blaise right behind him. Draco gave Adalia a cold, yet sad look and stormed up to his room. Blaise sighed heavily and sat down next to Ginny. “Hey babe, when did you get back?” Blaise said as he looked at Ginny. He found her glaring at him and asked, “What?”


Ginny’s face instantly turned red with anger as she said, “How could you run out on Adalia like that? It doesn’t matter who she used to be. What matters is who she is now. I thought you were smarter than that. I came back because I couldn’t communicate with Adalia through our minds and felt that something was wrong. I came back here to find the portrait door wide open and Adalia unconscious. I thought someone killed her. You could have at least closed the portrait door after running out on her”.


Blaise looked shocked and said, “I didn’t run out on her. Well, I ran out while she was here, but I ran after Draco to calm him down. I didn’t want him to do anything stupid… someone had to calm him down. I can care less about who Adalia used to be. It’s who she is now that counts”. Ginny’s features softened instantly as she said, “Oh… sorry. Well… in that case, hi baby”. She placed a soft kiss on his lips as Blaise smiled.


Adalia sat on the couch opposite them and said, “I’m sorry for thinking you ran out on me Blaise. I feel like shit right now. I don’t know what I’ll do if Draco doesn’t forgive me”. Blaise looked at her sadly and said, “I’m sorry Adalia… I tried everything. He won’t even listen to me… his best friend. I really did try”. Adalia smiled at Blaise and said, “I know you did, and I really appreciate it. He’s going to have to come around sometime though, right?”


Blaise and Ginny looked at each other unsurely and then Blaise turned to Adalia and said, “Um… sure… I guess”. Adalia sighed sadly and put her head in her hands as she asked herself, “What am I going to do?” Before Blaise could stop himself, he blurted out, “I really dunno Adalia. I’ve never seen him this upset. I doubt you can do anything”. Adalia looked up at Blaise disbelievingly and ran to her room, crying. Ginny smacked Blaise upside the head and said, “What the hell is wrong with you? How can you say that to her right now?”


Blaise turned to Ginny and said, “Sorry… it slipped out”. Ginny sighed and said, “You boys can be such idiots sometimes. Why do we even put up with you?” Blaise grinned at her and suggestively said, “Because we’re devilishly handsome creatures?” Ginny smirked and said, “Yeah… maybe that’s it. I’m going to go to Potter in that case”. Blaise glared at Ginny and said, “Don’t even joke about that”. Ginny smiled at him and said, “Who said I was joking?” Ginny walked away from him and was on her way to Adalia’s room when Blaise put his hand over his heart and said, “Ouch… I think you just broke my heart”. Ginny rolled her eyes as she left Blaise in the common room and went to cheer Adalia up.


Adalia stared out the window as she heard her door open and close. Adalia turned around and sighed when she saw Ginny. “What? I’m not good enough for you? Fine, I’ll leave,” Ginny said as she turned back to the door. “No! It’s just… I thought you were Draco…” Adalia mumbled the last part quietly. Ginny turned back to Adalia and said, “You know, you really are a strange girl. First, you’re so evil and everything… and now, you’re so sad and like a normal girl… To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to expect from you. What I do know, is that you are very strong. He’s just Draco, and I know he’ll get over it soon, sooner than you think, actually. Adalia, please just forget about it, and you’ll have him back in no time”.


Adalia looked up at Ginny with a small smile and said, “I know, it’s just hard having him mad at me”. Ginny shrugged and said, “You never had a problem with it as Hermione”. Adalia narrowed her eyes at Ginny and said, “Yes well… that was then, and I was a completely different person. I wasn’t even Adalia back then. I think I finally figured everything out”. Ginny looked at Adalia curiously and asked, “What do you mean?”


Adalia let out a heavy sigh and said, “On the first night back, when I was unconscious, the mud-blood came to me in my thoughts. She left me with her body and spirit, but her heart was still here. She said I had to find a way to get rid of it on my own. I think I just did, but I also think she’ll be back”. Ginny sat on Adalia’s bed with wide eyes and asked, “How?”


“I’m not sure how I got rid of her heart, probably this whole fight with Draco, but she’ll probably be back in another body. You see… I didn’t just have a concealment charm on me, but Dumbledore planted a completely different mind and heart into my body. He created a completely different person,” Adalia said as a frown came upon her face. Ginny emitted a gasp and said, “That’s horrible and wrong… but I must say you must be extremely powerful to do that. Dumbledore isn’t going to be easy to beat”.


Adalia turned to Ginny and said, “You think I don’t know that? That’s why we must help father in every way possible”. Ginny nodded in agreement and said, “We must and we will, starting with me. I am going to get as much information as I can out of Potter… even if it means going to extreme measures”. Adalia’s eyes widened as she realized what Ginny was saying. “No… Ginny you can’t… I understand how much you want to help… but I don’t want you to give Potter what he shouldn’t have… what he’s not worthy enough to have,” Adalia said with sad eyes.


Ginny stood up from the bed and said, “No, Adalia… I’ll do whatever it takes to get information from Potter… no matter what anybody says. I’m going to go to the Gryffindor common room… I kind of told Potter and my brother that I had to do homework… see you tonight… or tomorrow”. Before Adalia could say anything else, Ginny ran out of her room and out of the common room.


Adalia heard the bathroom door open and saw Draco looking at her with a sad expression. Adalia was about to say something but was cut off by Draco. “I heard everything,” Draco sad somberly. “You heard… everything?” Adalia croaked out. Draco nodded and looked into her eyes. He walked over to her and hugged her tightly as he said, “I’m sorry Adalia. I shouldn’t have overreacted like that”.


Adalia hugged him back and said, “No, Draco… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you right away… I was scared. I didn’t know anything myself, and I wanted to know everything before I told you or anyone else. Can you forgive me?” Draco pulled away and kissed her on the head. He shook his head and said, “No, the question is whether you can forgive me”. Adalia looked up at Draco happily and pulled him in for a kiss. They kissed passionately for about 5 minutes but had to pull apart for some air. Adalia smiled up at him and said, “Does that answer your question?”