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Payback's A Witch by bfree90

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 11,929
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 06/06/2007
Last Chapter: 03/17/2008
Last Updated: 03/17/2008


Lily Evans is furious. Enough to take rash actions? Yep. I am sick and tired of Potter parading around the school like he's every girl's Dream Fantasy Boy...Man...Thing. When James Potter makes the grave mistake of dumping Lily's best friend, Jetta, through Sirius (ouch), Lily is all out to finally show the school player exactly how it feels to be played. But what happens when the entire scheme blows up in her face in the form of L-O-V-E? ****ON HIATUS!! SORRY****

Chapter 1: Pierce the Prick: The Original Procedure
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I love taking showers. But then again, who doesn’t? Usually when I get out of the shower, I’m in a pretty good mood. I smell nice all over and I can look forward to the fact that my bed is waiting for me to climb in it. Today, I really enjoyed my shower, because it had been a pretty tiring day. School is not a subject I take lightly, so most of my energy is put into my work. And it shows. I’m top in my year. But, I’m not one to brag or anything.

I wrapped myself up in one of those big plushy pink towels that are always neatly laid by the bathtub, and strolled out of the bathroom and into the room I shared with the other Gryffindor girls. Jetta, who was my amazing best mate, and Jane, who kept to herself most of the time. I know we are an insanely large Year aren’t we?

The first thing I noticed was that Jane was, as usual, absent from the room and that Jetta was sitting on the window seat, crying her eyes out.

“Jetta! What the heck is wrong?” Forgetting my pajamas that I had come out for in the first place, I quickly made my way to her, and would have wrapped her up in a hug if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was dressed in only a towel. I’ll admit, the fact that Jetta was crying scared me a little. I’m the emotional one out of the two of us, not her. And I had only seen her cry twice since I’d known her. And those two times were when her dad died and when her beloved owl Frenchie got sick and died. Neither did she take lightly. So of course, if I see Jetta crying, I know something not too pleasant has happened.

The second thing I noticed was that she wouldn’t look me in the eye, and that she was wiping her tears away with lightning speed. “It’s nothing,” she choked out, grabbing the curtain and burying her face in it.

I put one hand on my hip, since the other was firmly holding the towel in place. “Of course it’s not ‘nothing’, you’re crying Jetta. You never cry. Come on, out with it, who died?” Please note that I said this with as much concern in my voice as possible.

“Want to know what died? My heart died that’s what!” I frowned as she continued to wail, finally resorting to using her sleeve to wipe away all her freefalling tears. Now I understand one of the reasons why she doesn’t cry very much. She isn’t a pretty crier.

I thought over my reply for a moment, because obviously Jetta was having some sort of breakdown. Then I realized what she most be referring too, or rather who. “Is this about…Don’t tell me this all about him??” I glared down at her; my wrath was to not be subdued.

She dared to glance up at me with her shining blue eyes and my expression most have been pretty beastly because she immediately cringed and looked away. “Um…” she squeaked. But there was no need to say anything else. I could easily guess what had transpired.

“What exactly did he do?” I growled. My fists were clenched at my sides, and before I realized it I had grabbed my clothes that were folded neatly on top of my bed and headed back for the bathroom. “Shape up and be prepared to tell me everything that happened, alright?!”

I slammed the door behind me and quickly began to put on my pajamas. I admit I was pretty mad, especially after I tripped whilst trying to stick my legs into my pajama bottoms. This was not cool.

Jetta had been dating James Arse Potter since the end of summer, because apparently she couldn’t keep herself away from him any longer or some nasty crap like that. As if I really needed that mental image. Anyway they had been dating for a good seven months as it was now February, right before Valentine’s Day. I admit I was not supportive at first, my best friend dating the complete jackass we both used to avoid. But after awhile I began to notice that she was a bit more cheery then usual, and that her black hair and pale skin seemed to have a better glow, or whatever happens when you’re in love. So I upgraded them from Disgusting Couple That Redefine the Word Nasty to Ever So Slightly Bearable Couple. This made Jetta even happier, knowing that I now supported her relationship with Potter.

Lately though I’ve noticed Potter flirting with girls more then he usually does. And he’s been hitting on me on a daily basis, instead of a weekly. I’ve taken this as a bad sign, because when he first started dating Jetta he was way friendlier towards me and less flirtatious.

Crap, so I guess he broke up with her. I wonder why, things seemed to have been going so well.

I walked out of the bathroom; this time fully clothed in my pajamas, and went to sit beside Jetta at the window seat. We sat there in silence for a good five minutes. Sometimes you just need to cool off and think things through. I understood that my best friend needed a moment to pull herself together, and to prepare for my reaction. Because we both knew that I wasn’t going to take this lying down. We both knew that I would yell for a good fifteen minutes about what a prick Potter was, and that I’d be buzzing about this the next day as well.

However, I was distracted by my thoughts when a few snowflakes began to plummet from the sky. I glanced over at Jetta, and she gave me a sad smile. “He dumped me,” she muttered. I watched quietly as she opened the window and stuck out her hand, catching a few snowflakes in her palm. I shook my head. How could James break up with such an amazing person?

She frowned at the melting snow in her hand. “He’s just a coward, considering he sent Sirius to do the dirty deed for him. Or at least that’s what I told myself.” She sniffed and quickly thrashed at her eyes, getting rid of fresh tears.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’m not…What do you mean?” I did not like where this was going.

Jetta matched her streaming blue eyes with my steel green ones, and the sadness that was etched in them was overwhelming. “He wasn’t a coward for not breaking up with me, he just didn’t have time. He was too busy snogging that Ravenclaw for the entire world to see.” She let out a sob and buried her face in her hands, weeping hysterically.

I felt my mouth drop. Jetta had been broken up with before, but those breakups had never equaled to this amount of cruelty. It astonished me that someone was that heartless, to have your best friend break up with your serious girlfriend so you could have a snogfest with some other lass. This was one of the lowest things that arsewipe had ever done.

I stood quickly and began to pace around the room, forcing myself not to go beat Potter to a pulp at that very moment. “How horrid,” I seethed. I whirled around and stared in a slight daze out the window as a very evil plan formed in my mind. “And you know what? He is going to pay.”

Jetta raised an eyebrow. “I’m not quite sure I follow.”

My fists were clenched so hard that my nails were beginning to dig into my skin, but I didn’t care. “He can’t just do something that spiteful to you and expect to just get away with it! Answer me one question: Who is the one girl in all of Hogwarts that James Potter would die to have?”

Jetta sighed sadly. “Why that’s easy, he’s always wanted you.”

I crossed my arms smugly. “And finally it is going to come in handy.” I waltzed over to my truck and pulled out a notebook, sat down on my bed and began to write down some clever ideas that would work well for this genius plan of mine. I write stuff down a lot, call me odd. But hey, it helps when I don’t want to forget something. And I definitely didn’t want to forget any aspect of this arrangement.

“Lily? What exactly are you talking about?”

I put the notebook down on my nightstand and gave Jetta my most coveted All Business Expression. “I am going to go out with James Potter and establish a relationship with that dimwit.”

This time it was Jetta’s mouth that fell open. “Have you finally fallen off your rocker?”

“No. I’m going to date Potter, and when he really starts to get attached, I’m going to dump his sorry ass like there is no tomorrow.”

I watched Jetta’s reaction closely, because she would make or break this plan. It took only a moment before a small smile crossed her face. “Oh how it will hurt.” And then she gave me a big hug. “You are seriously amazing. Please know this.”

I laughed as I pulled myself away from her embrace and picked up my notebook. “Now all we have to do is plan this sucker, and give it a name.”

Jetta smiled as she climbed into her own bed. “How about Pierce the Prick: The Original Procedure?”

I smirked, because now I was finally going to let Potter know exactly how it felt to have your heart stabbed into tiny, itty bitty pieces.

Payback is such a bitch, err…witch.

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Chapter 2: Touches That Tingle
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I awoke the next morning to sunlight and Jane. I opened one eye and peaked to my left, where Jane’s bed was. She was bustling about the room, grabbing clothes from her trunk and then picking up her makeup bag before heading into the bathroom. I rolled over and glanced at the bedside clock. It was 9:07 and a Saturday. Jane was alright and all, but I really didn’t understand her.

After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling in dazed thoughts, I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I could still hear Jetta’s heavy breathing. That girl could sleep through a bombing. Just as I felt myself begin to be pulled back into the world of sleep, a gentle hand roused me back awake.

“Lily, I have something rather important to tell you,” the soft voice of my roommate said. Aye, she speaks. I knew that it really was important, since Jane was almost mute. I opened my eyes back open and sat up, not bothering to hide my exasperation. “Yes?” My voice was still thick and crackly from sleep.

Jane’s light brown eyes found mine, and it was obvious that something about me was amusing her. Her short honey blonde hair was choppy and had hot pink streaks all through it. It was pretty awesome and I had secretly wanted a hairstyle like that for ages, too bad hot pink highlights on red hair is pretty vomit worthy. But I could fantasize couldn’t I?

She laughed. “Dumbledore asked me to tell you that he’s holding a Head Girl and Boy meeting at 10 o’clock. I’ve let you sleep, but you really should be waking up now.” She smiled before turning around and calmly walking out of the room. She was so bloody nice, it was too weird.

What on earth does Dumbledore want? This ran through my mind quite a few times as I climbed out of my bed and stretched my arms and shoulders. Meetings with the Headmaster were usually planned at least two days in advance. Ah well.

I took a step towards the bathroom and let out a little screech when I stepped on something cold and metal. I jumped back and looked down at what foreign object had violated my walking space. Oh. It was the notebook that I had been writing in last night. Heh.

Jetta picked that precise moment to breathe a bit more heavily then she normally did, reminding me she was there. With a mischievous smirk I grabbed the notebook and threw it at her head.

“AHH!” Jetta cried as she jumped up about three feet into the air. When she landed her bed gave an obnoxious squeak, and she went back to sleeping peacefully. I’m not going to lie; I thought that was pretty darn impressive. I decided that I would be the kind best friend that I am and allow her to sleep in.

I pulled on a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and a form fitting white t-shirt. Then I grabbed my very trusty pair of beat up hot pink Chuck Taylors and jammed them onto my feet. I wasn’t sure if my outfit could be any more muggle, but cut me some slack, my whole family are muggles. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth and all that jazz. I’m not very big into makeup; I feel that we should never cover up our silly physical imperfections and that we should let our personalities shine. But I also room with Jane, so now I always wear thick black eyeliner to make a little bit of a statement. Black eyeliner + my very emerald eyes = a major shock, but a good major shock.

I cocked my head and observed my hair. My red tresses had naturally loose curls, so I usually just went to bed with my hair wet. I ran my fingers through it this morning to get all the tangles out and gave myself a little ‘thumbs up’ sign in the mirror. I approved of my reflection.


The halls were pretty much empty at this time on a Saturday morning, so I had some fun cleaning up random rubbish on the floor using my wand. With just a twirl small piles of crumbled parchments disappeared, and that inward happy buzz that I get from using magic crept up my spine.

However, my mood soured when I saw the person that was leaning against the wall, waiting for the Headmaster to call us both inside his office. That evil little twit. My hand clenched my wand, and he eyed it warily as a few sparks flew out. 

“Whoa there Evans, I’ve yet to do anything to you today.” I couldn’t help but notice that his voice was at its usual velvety pitch, low and ever so slightly seductive. I was disgusted with the fact that it softened my rage to kill him a tiny bit.

He watched me curiously as I took in a deep breath to steady my anger. The first thing to screw up the plan to get back at him would be to mortally harm him before he’d even had a chance to ask me out. And the last thing I wanted to do was mess up the plan that I had very carefully organized the night before.

He crossed his arms over his untucked button up blue shirt and shifted his stance so he was more comfortable. I looked down at the ground, trying not to make eye contact, when I noticed something.

“You’re barefoot,” I observed, pointing at his uncovered feet. We both looked at his feet for a moment. He then wiggled his toes.

Before I could stop and force myself not to let him know he’d amused me, I giggled sweetly. This, you could probably say, was the beginning of my disaster.

He laughed too, a low rumble coming from his chest. My eyes flicked up for only a moment, and I was taken aback at the intensity at which his eyes held as they locked with mine. We stood there like that for a moment, just staring at each other.

His jaw hardened. “How is Jetta?” Way to go and totally ruin the moment. Sparks flew out of my wand again, but his gaze did not leave mine. The honest concern that I saw in his eyes shocked me to the core.

“Oh she’s just dandy, after being rudely dumped by her long time boyfriend through his bloody best mate.” I made sure that the sarcasm was dripping from my tone. “It’s not everyday that something like this happens. I’m sure she will cherish this forever.” He stared down at the ground, looking ashamed. However, it was what he said next that really threw me for the loop.

“Well, just tell her I’m sorry.” He uncrossed his arms and buried his hands into the pockets of his ripped jeans, looking through his thick black-rimmed glasses at the gargoyle leading to Dumbledore’s office. I felt my mouth fall open for a split second before I hastily closed it right up. Where the hell was the arse hole that I was so used to dealing with? I had never heard James apologize to anyone before; I didn’t think he would choose this moment to start.

I opened my mouth back up to retort when the gargoyle swung forward and to the side, revealing the Headmaster… in his pajamas. He smiled warmly at James and me, oblivious to the obvious tension that had filled the hallway. “Good morning you two,” he greeted genially, beckoning us to follow him up the staircase and into his office.

“Ladies first,” James muttered, gesturing for me to go before him. I quickly scrambled after Dumbledore, making sure not to brush James as I passed him. Something very strange was going on with that boy, I could feel it.

I sat down in one of the cushy chairs in the Headmaster’s office, and listened intently as the older man prattled on about school affairs and how we were both doing such a delightful job at making sure our fellow students were in order. I admit though, I lost him after the first five minutes.

I was in bewilderment. James kept eyeing me from his chair, and I could tell that he was lost in his own thoughts as well. At least he’d nod in the Headmaster’s direction to make it look as if her were paying very close attention. I couldn’t even do that much. I was confused, and I wasn’t even sure why. Something was about to happen, I could feel it in my bones.

“Did you comprehend all of that Ms. Evans?”

My head snapped up, and for an instant I was a deer caught in headlights. “Yes sir, I did,” I lied, clueless to anything that I was supposed to now know.

The twinkle in Dumbledore’s eye was all knowing, but he smiled kindly at me anyway. “Then you agree to make nightly rounds with Mr. Potter two weeks from now?”

My eyes widened a tad. “Yes sir,” I answered politely, not having an inkling to what was going on.

“Wonderful,” Dumbledore beamed. He excused us from his office, and I couldn’t get out of there any sooner. I made sure that the Headmaster was out of earshot when I turned to James. “Why are we supposed to make night rounds again?”

He grinned. “Because Filch is going to be away from the school attending to some of his ‘personal affairs’.” He stopped suddenly, and I was quick to observe that he was beginning to look nervous.

I kept walking; there really wasn’t any reason for me to hang around Potter at the moment. My plan wasn’t meant to be put into action for another couple of days. I didn’t want to seem like a desperate skank who picks up her best friend’s ex the day after they break up. I was about three steps away when I felt him grab my wrist firmly.

I won’t deny the spark that immediately flew up my arm and into my heart. I wish I could, but I can’t. It was one of the first times that a simple touch made me stop dead in my tracks. I wheeled around, the breath had whooshed out of me, and all thought process had stopped.

Then I inwardly smacked myself. There was no way Potty was going to have this type of effect on me, or at least, I would never let him know he did. 

I had a very snappy and clever response on the tip of my tongue, but James beat me to the punch. “Listen, I know right now you probably wouldn’t mind watching me die a very slow and cruel death, but please just hear me out.” The tone of his voice was gentle, almost tender. I gulped. I had never seen this side of James. Ever.

I rolled my eyes and put my remaining hand on my hip, allowing the other one to slack in his grip. “Fine,” I spat, trying to come off as bitchy as possible. I couldn’t stand that he was doing this to me.

He sucked in a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for whatever he was about to tell me. “I know you're mad about me ending it with Jetta, but…well, I had a good reason.” 

I felt my eyes narrow angrily. “Oh yeah, so you could go off and snog with some random Ravenclaw whore. Didn’t want any attachment, oh yes, I understand fully.”

He winced. “You’re right. I shouldn’t have done that.” Okay, so that stunned me. This morning has officially been dubbed Let’s Confuse Lily.

Taking my silence as a sign to continue he went forth with his little speech. “That girl from Ravenclaw, she doesn’t mean anything. I was just frustrated.” I love how he couldn’t remember her name. “I really did care about Jetta, but in all honestly I started seeing her as just a friend. I figured I shouldn’t lead her on. Besides…there’s someone else who won’t leave my mind. I felt like I should be fair to Jetta and finish it before I ended up really hurting her.” His eyes swept over me, and I realized who was always on his mind.

I wrenched my hand out of his grasp, trying not to slap him with my other hand in the process. “How could you just do that to her though? You broke up with her through Sirius!! Just…dammit!” I was yelling now, flinging my hands around wildly to accent my points. “You don’t realize what I had to deal with last night. I honestly didn’t think you had it in you to be such an insensitive jerk!” I whirled around and began to storm away before I did anything really stupid. I even put my wand in my back pocket for good measure.

“Wait!” There was something unmistakable in his voice, something I wasn’t used to. It was fear. It dawned on me that this was one of the most serious fights we had ever had. I don’t know what stopped my feet from moving. Maybe it was because deep down I didn’t really want to walk away. I just told myself it was the fact that if I refused ever to speak to him again then my little plan couldn’t go down.

He rushed in front of me and put both hands on my shoulders, I guess so he could stop me from making a break for it. I shook some hair into my face so that I couldn’t meet his gaze.

“You have to know,” he said in a rush, “I wish I hadn’t added on all the extras, but I couldn’t put up with it anymore. I’m tired of being the guy that plays all these girls. I thought Jetta and I could have been something, but we just never were.” 

“Why didn’t you use her for physicality like you do to all those other stupid girls you date,” I said nastily. He jerked his head back, stung. “I’m not a manwhore you know. I’m not that easy.” He let go of my shoulders and glared furiously at the floor. “If you really want to know…,” he whispered softly. “I had to do it…for you.” The last part was nearly inaudible, but I caught it none the less.

I took a step back. “Why?” I could feel the confusion circling around in my chest, and for once I was totally unsure. He bent down so his head was level with mine. He gently brushed the hair out of by face so he could look me in the eye. I tried not to shiver at his touch. “It’s gotten to the point where you come in between my relationships. So if I can’t have you, then I suppose I won’t have anyone.”

My mouth completely fell open. I haven’t really dated much, school work always being my main priority. But this had to be one of the most heartfelt things that a boy, no, anyone, had ever spoken to me. I couldn’t help but start to tremble.

He closed my mouth gently, trying to hide his smirk and failing miserably. He leaned forward and but his mouth on my ear. And for some reason in hell I didn’t jerk away. “Please…” It was such an adorable plead. I growled inside my head, furious that I was allowing all this romantic gushy stuff to be happening. This was not part of the plan at all.

But before I could even think it over I softly told him yes. He looked as astonished as I felt. I cleared my throat, making one last attempt to gain my composure. He pulled away and stared down at me for but a moment.

I shook the hair into my eyes again and glared at the direction he was in. “Don’t get too pumped up. I mean, I’m not a total bitch you know. I can’t really say no after a speech like that. But you owe Jetta.” And I’m going to make sure you pay up. I put my head down and shoved my way past him before he could say something else that would make me melt into a puddle of emotional goop.

“Alright,” he stated simply. I felt his hand lightly brush my elbow in what I assumed he thought was a romantic gesture. This made me want to hate him even more, because it was.

I walked back toward Gryffindor Tower wondering what the hell had just happened to me. A sense of forbidding came over me, and I was beginning to feel like I had just gotten myself into something rather serious. I didn’t want to think about any of the long term consequences that would come out of this plan of mine. So I didn’t.

However, no matter how many excuses I tried to come up with, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why his touch still left that tingle. It was these thoughts that I was dreading, but at the very same time I welcomed them.

I wasn’t sure how this plan would go over, but I did know one thing. Nothing was going to stop me, not even some silly sweet talking. Too bad that stupid voice in my head, no, in my heart, wouldn’t quit disagreeing with me.

The rest of the school year was going to be very interesting.

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Chapter 3: Bumps And Cuts
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The Gryffindor Common Room had a splatter of students dotted around the fire when I trudged in. My foul mood must have been seeping out of me because two First Year girls squealed with terror and jumped out of my way as I stomped up the staircase leading to the girl’s dormitories. This cheered me up a bit. The First Years were so small and helpless, it was adorable.

The door leading into the Seventh Year dorm room was easy to spot, thanks to Jane, who had insisted on painting it black and drawing red unicorns all over the door frame. Jetta was not amused, but I privately thought it was awesome in that intense indie/artsy way.

I turned the doorknob (red with black dots) and noticed that Jetta was still in bed, snoring gently. I was tempted to not wake her up at all, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her right? Wrong. She needed to know that I had already messed up the plan. On the first day I had already messed up the plan. I suck at life.

“Jetta…” I don’t know why I even bothered. There she sleeps. I wondered for a quick moment whether she had just died, and I was so caught up in my emotional James-ness that I had failed to catch on. It was a tempting thought to believe, however I had known Jetta for far too long.

I pulled out my wand, trying to hush my sniggers with my other hand. Levicorpus. I won't deny that I love waking her up using this method.

“AARRRRGGGHH!!!!” Haha, Jetta was awake now. Her left leg looked as if it was being held on by something, while her right leg dangled about furiously. Her face was turning red because of all the blood rushing to it. Okay, I admit, I laughed. I laughed really hard. It’s not my fault that she sleeps like a dead person and I was forced to take drastic actions to get her to wake up. I had a secret suspicion that she took sleeping pills. It would explain a lot.

I was still chuckling when I muttered the counter curse and she fell back onto her bed in a clamor. She scrambled out of her bed and onto her feet in front of me. “Must you?” she growled though clenched teeth.

“It never gets old,” I didn’t even try to hide the smirk that swept my face as I sat down on the edge of my bed. I had to tell her, she wouldn’t understand, but I still had to tell her.

“You couldn’t let me sleep in for one Saturday?” Jetta must have caught my expression, because she narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Is there something you wish to inform me…?”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times; resembling a goldfish I’m sure. “Um…uh…well…you see…”

Jetta crossed her arms impatiently. “Spit it out.”

It took me about two seconds to decide that I did not want to tell her the real reason why I had said yes so quickly, a reason that I was still sorting out myself. James had said all those weird things, and some of them were kind of nice. And then he asked me out…and I had said yes. FOR NO REASON!! I had had no good reason to tell him yes so quickly. He said so himself he would wait ‘till I came around. Bet he wasn’t expecting me to come around so quickly. I certainly wasn’t expecting it either.

Of course, in the back of my mind—where I rarely went because it always had a sensible and unwanted solution for everything—insisted that I had said yes so quickly because perhaps I in fact had an emotional attachment to James Pot—


No NO NO!!!!!! 

That was something that I refused to believe, there had to be some other explanation for why I had said yes to James on the first day and totally screwed up the plan. There just had to be. But until I figured this out I was going to lie my knickers off.

“You see Jetta,” I began, careful to avoid her eyes, “this morning at the Head Boy and Girl meeting…and you’re going to laugh and find this ever so ironic…Potter asked me out, and I might have told him yes.” I clenched and unclenched my hands, something that was a nervous habit of mine. I also bite my nails, but Jetta spots that too easily, and then for sure knows I’m lying.

Jetta gasped, a reaction that I was waiting for. “Lily,” she cried, “honestly! How could you deviate from the plan on the FIRST BLOODY DAY?!?! You were supposed to wait at least three days before executing Step One. What happened?”

I had to clear my throat twice before beginning again. This was becoming unpleasant. “After the Meeting I was yelling at him for, you know, dumping you, and then he got all mad and said ‘Lily, this is the last time I’m ever asking you out’ and he said it in such a serious manner…” I trailed off when I spotted the look of incredibility smeared on Jetta’s face.

“It’s true!” I shouted, pounding my fist down on my mattress to better my point. Jetta shook her head in disbelief, “He was playing you. You do know he was playing you?” 

I began to grind my teeth in frustration. “Come now Jetta, would I ever say ‘yes’ to Potter if I had no choice? Do you think I would throw off the plan so quickly?” I felt a pang of guilt as I spoke my words. I didn’t particularly enjoy telling my best mate anything that wasn’t the truth. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

The last comment seemed to have swayed her. She sighed in a defeated tone, and went to sit back down on her bed. “Alright,” she said slowly, “I guess I will have to go around doing damage control then.”

I tilted my head to the side, curious. “Damage control? Might I ask why?”

“Because people are going to think you’re a terrible friend now, I should let them know how wrong they are shouldn’t I?” She gave me an amused smile. “Don’t worry; I’ll come up with something good.”

Panic, and then relief seeped over me in one huge rush. I had forgotten what the other students would think of me after they found out that James and I were the new ‘item’ of the school. I certainly didn’t want to be dubbed the new Hogwarts Hooker. Thank goodness for Jetta and her outstanding people skills. She would have everyone believing whatever story she put into their brains.

“You’re just a dream Jetta,” I said, beaming as I stood up and moved quickly to wrap her in a sisterly hug. In one swift movement I realized that I had stepped on something that was causing my right foot to sweep directly out from under me, jolting me forward, directly in the path of the edge of Jetta’s nightstand.

The only thing I really remember is the sharp, wooden edge hitting me directly between the eyes, just above the bridge of my nose. Although my eyes were wide open, I could only see blackness. A pain suddenly exploded in my head, as if someone had taken a hammer and had tried to beat out my brains for their own particular use. And considering my intelligence, I couldn’t blame them.

With a moan I collapsed onto the floor, into oblivion.


My eyelids were heavy, but I was determined to open them. The sheets I was laying in were kind of scratchy and had a very faint musty smell, but the bed itself was exceedingly comfy. With a sickening jolt I realized where I was.

I forced my eyes open, ignoring the pain that went roaring through my skull as the light hit my currently sensitive eyes. Considering that this light was a mere candle coming from another corner of the room, I felt pretty pathetic. Disregarding the ache, I glanced around the room, and sure enough, my little trip had landed me in the Hospital Wing.

“Oh wonderful dear, you’re awake.” Madam Pomfrey, the young new nurse, scurried toward her office, to get me some medicine I assumed. A quick moment went by and she was back with a small vise of some lilac liquid. She gave me an assuring smile. “Drink it dear, it will help.” I sucked in my breath and threw it back, into my mouth. It didn’t taste too bad. Kind of like the after taste you get when you drink too much pumpkin juice.

The pain instantly cleared from my head, making me feel lighter and better. I laid my head back down on the pillow, satisfied.

With a wave of her wand Madam Pomfrey cleared the empty vise and proceeded to fluff my pillow and straighten out my blankets. “Now I’m going to keep you over night to make positively sure you don’t have a concussion, so you are not allowed to leave this Wing, do I make myself clear?” Her face was stern but her eyes were warm. I nodded my head.

With an approving smile she swept into her office for the night. The night. I had been out for nearly an entire day. From hitting my head on the edge of a nightstand. I really do suck at life.

I must have fallen back asleep, or was having an intense daydream, because it was very late when I found myself roused with voices.

“…wonder if she’s still knocked out…”

“…who the hell trips on a notebook and winds up in the Hospital Wing?” That one was Sirius.

“…that big bump on her forehead…”

My hand flew to my forehead. Oh well that’s just peachy keen. I could feel the large angry bump between my eyes, right above the bridge of my nose. I winced when I gently pushed on it. Apparently the draught only stopped the pain coming from my head, not the actual bump.

“Lily! You are awake!” Jetta was by my side in an instant, her worried face glowing in the candlelight. Her eyebrows pulled together as she began to fluff my pillow and straighten my blankets just as Madam Pomfrey had.

“Honestly Jetta,” I mumbled, batting her hands away, “there is no need to fret. I’ll be just fine. Really, there is no reason for you to worry so much.”

She sighed in frustration, but pulled away anyway. She sat on the bed that was stationed next to me, bouncing up and down in a jittery fashion. A moment later, Sirius Black joined her. I narrowed my eyes in dislike, but Jetta didn’t seem too bothered by his presence. However, I did notice, with satisfaction, that she scooted a couple of inches away from him.

A voice of velvet came from my left, right above my ear. “Glad to see you’re still alive Lily.” My heart skipped a beat, and then started again much more rapidly then before. I despised the calm feeling that seemed to seep through my veins. He had only spoken one sentence. I must have that concussion.

“James.” I meant it to come out as a remarkably cool and chic greeting. It was more like a squeak, and my voice cracked a little. Sirius snorted.

I sat up suddenly, and with dread realized that the same confusion that I felt this morning, er, yesterday morning, was returning full force. And I still hadn’t come up with any answers.

As the blood rushed from my head I immediately felt the horrible affects. My head swam, and I let out a little gasp as pain, not from my forehead, but from the nape of my neck, slammed into me. Firm but gentle hands were pushing me back onto the pillow, and Jetta let out a soft cry of concern.

Before she could do anything, James turned toward her and said, “Would you mind if you and Sirius went on back to bed? I think I would like to be left alone with Lily.” Of course, that was the last thing that I wanted to happen. I could only imagine what would occur if I was left alone with him. No…it. Because I swear he was turning into a nonhuman being in front of my very eyes.

For instance, the way he only had to speak and my heart rate went though the roof. Or how his breath on my face made me smile and think pleasant thoughts.

Oh lord, it’s happening. CRAP!

I gestured wildly for Jetta to stay exactly where she was, or else I would beat the living poo out of her the next day. She seemed to get the message. “I’m sorry James, but I feel like I should be here.”

James stood up to his full height and turned to fully face her now. He put his hands on his hips, or lack there of, and gave an impatient huff. “I understand that Jetta, but I would really appreciate it if I could have some time with Lily. There is something I want to talk to her about, something I would like to get out of my system.” His voice was so masculine…I urged Jetta to resist.

His charm worked on her though, and she stepped slowly away, as if in a trance. She nodded and walked past and out the door that Sirius was holding open for her. He shook his head and followed her out, the echoing of the closing door bouncing gently off the walls.

It was quiet for a few moments.

“Lily…” It seemed now all he had to do was say my name, and he had my attention. I fixed him with cold eyes, trying to hide my pleasure from the fact that he wished to be alone with me.

Wait. Alone? With Potter? Gross.

He conjured a chair and pulled it up as close to the bed as he could get it, and sat down. He stared at me for a long moment, and I couldn’t help but notice that the candlelight reflected off his features perfectly. He was wearing a concerned frown on his face, but his eyes were bright. And once again that strange emotion was coming off him. Fear? I think so.

“You scared me,” he finally stated. Once again, he shocked me.

I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. For one terrifying moment I realized that my thick black eyeliner was probably smudged and ruined, but then I realized it would give me an awesome dark look, so I pushed that thought out of my mind. Why should I worry about what I looked like in front of Potter anyway?

“All I did was fall and hit my head. My life wasn’t in danger or anything…” The look on his face quieted me. He looked…pained? Relieved? I couldn’t read him like I could other people, and it was starting to get on my nerves.

“You can’t imagine how it felt to hear Jetta scream into the Common Room that you had fallen and hit your head and was bleeding profusely, and then not being able to do a damn thing until Jetta had dragged you down the staircase.”

I watched him in bewilderment. “What did you do? Wait, I was bleeding?”

He nodded, softly pushing hair out of my eyes. I tried to ignore the icy tremor that went down my spine. I was unsuccessful.

“You cut the back of your neck. Apparently the force of the impact from the night stand sent you backward, so you hit a nail that was coming out of one of the wood panels of your own bed. I’ve been telling Dumbledore he needs to do something about those. Anyway, after Jetta dragged you down from the staircase, I picked you up and carried you here. You stained my white shirt by the way.”

“Well that’s what you get when you pick up someone who’s bleeding…” I trailed off as he had started to run his finger along my jaw line. I gulped, trying to grasp the last thoughts of my hatred towards him.

“You really scared me though.” He bent down, and with a whirl of panic I realized what he was about to do. In one last attempt to reclaim all of my sanity I hurriedly spat, “So? Jetta was pretty scared too. I can’t get her worried look out of my head.” This wasn’t true, of course. There was only one person whose face I couldn’t get out of my mind. 

He blessed me with a small smile. “Lily…I’m just trying to prove how much I care about you. Quit trying to strip me of all my pride.”

I bit my lip and pulled my head away, making sure he didn’t try anything. “It’s your own fault, considering all you did to poor Jetta.” I admit, I was trying to make him mad, trying to make him back away a little.

But he didn’t look the least bit offended. “We’ve already held this discussion Lily.” He leaned down again, and this time there was no escape. His lips were just about to graze mine when…

“MR. POTTER!” Madam Pomfrey’s angry voice reverberated loudly off the bare walls of the Hospital Wing. James jerked away, and the absence of his hand gently resting on my face was enough to bring my high to a crash.

“Mr. Potter I must ask you to leave at once. Are you aware of the hour? Miss Evans needs her rest!” Madam Pomfrey looked absolutely furious in her long white nightshirt, clutching a small lantern.

James gave a quick bow of his head. “My apologies, I just wanted to see how she was.” He looked back down at me, and the disappointment was etched in his handsome features. He leaned down and gave me the lightest kiss on my brow. He pulled an inch away from my face and gave me a good look in the eye. I melted. I was Lily Goop.

Before I could even register what had happened, he was gone, and Madam Pomfrey had closed the door to her office for the second time that evening.

I was floored. My emotions were flying out of control. I’d been kissed on the forehead by other boys. There was no need for my heart to completely stop beating. There was no reason for me to feel so elated. He had only kissed my forehead for crying out loud.

So why did I feel like someone had let lose a bunch of firecrackers within my stomach? Why did I feel like I wanted James to walk right back though that door and kiss me properly this time? 

Why did I suddenly feel like I was in love? 

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Chapter 4: Going Under
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It creeps in like a spider that can't be killed, although I try and try to.
And don't you see I'm falling?
Don't wanna love you, but I do.

--Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) by Paramore--

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I sat on the edge of my bed in the Hospital Wing, twiddling my thumbs. I was fine, no concussion or any other serious injuries that would cause me to have special care. Just an entire Planet Bump in between my eyes and a quickly healing cut on the back of my neck. I had been in here since late Saturday morning. It was now Sunday evening, and I was waiting for Madam Pomfrey to come out of her office and tell me I could leave.

She was taking so long doing whatever she was doing that I could have sworn I would have died right there, on the edge of the bed.

I finally just clamored back onto the bed, leaning my upper torso on some of the pillows that I had propped up. It was unfortunate that I had nothing to read. Or someone to keep me company.

I had been thinking about what had happened the night before so much that my brain seemed to demand that I dwell on something else. I complied happily. Not thinking about James was turning into a rare occasion. Disgusting, I know.

I heard someone open and softly close a door behind them. “Oh!” Madam Pomfrey sounded surprised. “I’m sorry dear, I forgot you where still waiting on me. You are free to return back to your dormitory.” With a wave of her hand she dismissed me, already occupied with a Third Year Hufflepuff who had singed off their eyebrows.

I slowly stood up, not wanting to bring upon a sudden headache explosion of pain. I smoothed out the wrinkles in my crisp black t-shirt that Jetta had brought me to wear. Bless her, always making sure I had some clothes. I picked up a small bag of my belongings and hurriedly exited the Hospital Wing, thankful that that whole ordeal was finally over.

I couldn’t help but smile a little as I climbed up toward the Gryffindor Tower, even though there was so much inner turmoil raging inside me. To hate or love James, that is the question. And unfortunately, it’s the question that I don’t have an answer to. I still gave shivers when I thought of how he had almost kissed me. And I didn’t find the thought of him kissing me repulsive. Maybe there really is something wrong with me. Perhaps I should have stayed in the Hospital Wing.

“Feeling better?” I was so deep in thought that I didn’t realize that I had reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, and was now staring out awkwardly into space. But, of course, she had noticed I was there.

“Yes, thank you.” I cleared my throat and spoke the password clearly, feeling anxious to get into my dorm room so I could perch on the windowsill and really think things through. I scrambled through the portrait hole and into the Common Room, hoping a ton of Gryffindors wouldn’t descend upon me and ask me silly questions. It was a bolt from the blue when it registered that I seemed to be alone in the Common Room.

I grinned, and was just about to rush up the stairs when I heard two voices coming from the top of the boy’s staircase. I wasn’t really thinking, and okay, I had always wanted to purposely listen in on someone else’s conversation. It made me feel kind of like a ninja. So I dived onto a couch that was facing the fire, and if you were careful you couldn’t be seen by people coming in and out of the Common Room. However lame it sounds, I felt pretty awesome, spying on someone like that.

“I don’t think you quite understand everything that I’m feeling at the moment.” It was a gorgeous, smooth voice. My eyes widened when I realized that I was listening in on James. Then I narrowed my eyes toward the fireplace. Figures this kind of thing would happen to me.

“No, I suppose you’re right, I honestly have no idea where the hell your mind has been these last two days.” The next voice was unmistakably that of Sirius Black, and my curiosity peaked when I heard that he was frustrated and angry. I had never really seen or heard James and Sirius hold an argument…

“No, you wouldn’t would you? How can you possibly understand how I feel about this girl when you have never felt that way yourself? What did you expect me to feel? You know that I've liked her since... since... Well, a very long time.” I could only assume that James was referring to me, and it wasn’t really something that I hadn’t already heard before. But nevertheless, I felt a twinge of affection. No matter how confused I was at the moment, or how much of a twerp he could be, he still had his adorable moments.

“I think she’s up to something. And Jetta is acting weird too. Shouldn’t they both be enormously angry with you?” I wanted to smack Sirius, because for once he had actually gotten something correct when it came to me.

“Maybe,” I could picture James shrugging and giving a half-smile, “but I don’t think so. That’s pretty low, even if it is Lily.”

Well then. I crossed my arms and put one hand over my month so they wouldn’t hear my ‘hhmmppf’ of displeasure. Plus, the fact that James was actually wrong and Sirius right (a rare and celebrated occasion), was kind of ironic. It made me feel like low life trash, if only for a moment.

I heard Sirius groan in annoyance, and I would have bet a heck of a lot of money that he was rolling his eyes. “You know what,” he said after a pause, “you can believe whatever the heck you want to about that chick, but I’m warning you to be careful.”

The next thing I heard was the portrait hole open and close, and I assumed James had decided to go wherever he was going without Sirius.

“Stupid lovesick puppy, when will he realize that Lily Evans doesn’t just date anyone?” I listened as he heaved a sigh and then followed James out of the Common Room. Once again, I felt the overwhelming need to beat Sirius profusely on the noggin. I could only hope that he didn’t mention anything more of his suspicions to James. I might be seriously deranged and confused, but I meant business.


It turned out that staring at the fire was just as soothing as sitting on the windowsill watching the moon. The way the flames swirled and flickered about was basically thought inducing. It wasn’t long before once again I was going over everything that had happened over this very eventful weekend over and over again in my mind.

James was certainly an appealing catch. He was downright gorgeous, as much as I hated to admit, and when he wasn’t busy being an ass-wipe he was mildly bearable. But what he had done to Jetta was just mean, no matter how justified he thought his excuses were. He deserved to get his heart broken, and I was just the girl to do it.

But The Plan wouldn’t work if I got sucked in to his heavy appealingness as well. Not to mention that Jetta would be extremely hurt if I didn’t follow through. In fact, she would be furious. It would be like I had stolen her boyfriend. And technically I had, considering he had admitted he dumped her in hopes of dating me.

When had my life become so complicated?

I stiffened when the portrait hole opened and I heard someone’s footsteps against the stone floor. I held my breath as the footsteps paused, and then turned and slowly began to head in the direction of the couch I was still hiding on. I was curled up in the fetal position, facing the fire. If I stayed perfectly still, they probably wouldn’t notice I was there.

And then someone nudged my head.

I jerked in astonishment, and then I fell off the couch altogether. A low rumbling laugh came from behind me, and my heart began to speed up. I was an idiot if I didn’t already know it was James. I stood quickly and wheeled around to face him.

He chuckled at me, and I wondered whether or not I looked presentable. I grimaced inwardly when it hit me that I hadn’t been able to shower since Friday night. I suddenly felt self conscious and gross. I needed a bathe. And I needed a bathe now.

I began to make my way towards the girl’s staircase, ducking my head a little so he wouldn’t notice my repulsive hair.

“Wait.” His voice was firm, even on the brink of a demand. I prickled a little, because I loathe it when people boss me around, but I stopped anyway. I had to remind myself that I was supposed to be his girlfriend.

“How are you feeling?” He approached me with his hands outstretched a little, like he was seriously expecting me to hug him. But he paused just as he reached me, and a look of concern crossed over his face before he reached out and gently touched the Planet Bump.

“That looks to be—“, but he was cut off by my shrill cry of pain. I’m not lying, it hurt like hell. Immediately my head was throbbing, and I could feel my eyes squish up in a reflex to fight back the ache.

“You stupid idiot,” I yelled as I pushed him away, “Why did you randomly just poke the bump on my head when it’s barely begun to heal?!”

The worry and panic on his face was unmistakable, and I felt kind of bad for speaking to him so harshly. But not bad enough to stick around and hear him apologize. I was just about to bolt back towards the stairs when he grabbed my shoulders and bent his head down to where he and I were eye to eye.

“Lily, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have poked it okay? I didn’t really hurt you did I?” He sounded anxious, and he was barely blinking as his hazel eyes searched my expression for any sign of extreme discomfort.

“It’s alright,” I murmured with a huff. “If you don’t mind, I would really like to go take a shower now.” I began to pull away, but he still held be firmly.

“Hold on just one moment…”

I closed my eyes as he came close enough to where I could smell his cologne. It wasn’t overpowering at all, and it smelled kind of sweet, but still irresistibly male. I leaned forward ever so slightly, just so I could fill my nostrils with whatever cologne he was wearing. Great, just another notch to add to the attraction I was supposed to avoid. But I couldn’t help it, he smelled really good.

I let out a shocked squeak when I felt a pair of lips press very lightly on my Planet Bump, so lightly that I could barely tell that they were there. And in just another instant they were gone.

I opened my eyes to find James watching me face intently. I stayed still as his gaze lingered on my lips. If he leaned down and kissed me I would seriously pull away hard. I wasn’t ready for him to kiss me. He better be smart about this!

Oh who was I kidding? If he leaned down to kiss me I would launch myself onto him, and more then likely make some type of embarrassing animal noise.

But by the grace of the Lord above he let go of my shoulders and turned away. Before I could do anything stupid I finally began to make my way up the staircase. I had just reached the top of the stairs, and my hand was reaching towards the doorknob to my dormitory.

“Goodnight Lily. You look beautiful tonight.”

The week passed quickly, and I threw myself into my schoolwork. I couldn’t bear to lose my cool around James when I was hanging around Jetta. The last thing she needed to witness was the fact that there seemed to be nothing I could do to control myself when he was around. No matter how silly or cliché, every adorable thing he did for me only began to suck me in even more.

So I pretty much avoided James the entire week. It was now Friday evening, and I had my Head Girl duties. I had to make rounds around the school with James to make sure no one was out passed curfew. Normally we only caught one or two kids out about twenty minutes past, usually heading towards their respectable Common Rooms. We always let them slide, because sometimes we all just lose track of time.

Tonight I was petrified about being all alone with James, especially since he seemed to have developed some time of power over me. I was beginning to suspect that he had stealthily slipped me some Love Potion. Who knew what could happen?

It was nearing 1:30 in the morning, and we were slowly making our way back towards Gryffindor Tower. We were taking our sweet time, checking every secret passage and what not. We only had thirty minutes let of making rounds, so both of us were beginning to perk up a little bit.

It was a slow night; we hadn’t caught any one out and about. So while James looked behind a hanging tapestry, I stood by a window in the hallway. The moon was shining brightly, and the stars felt so close. I felt the sudden impulse to reach out and touch them.

The glass to the window was cool as I rested my hand over the stars. For some reason my eyes filled up with tears. I always felt hopeful when I gazed upon the stars, like I could wish for anything. I picked a small one that seemed to twinkle more brightly then all the other ones. I closed my eyes in concentration.

“What did you wish for?”

I turned my head to look at him; the smile that began to spread across my face couldn’t be stopped. That was something I could give him credit for. It had taken him merrily a few days to figure out what to say to make me smile.

I shook my head. “If I told you then it won’t come true.”

I was half expecting him to look at me and return the smile, but instead he too looked up at the stars. He closed his eyes, and I couldn’t help but notice how he seemed to gleam in the moonlight, as cheesy as that sounds. Now even the pale shade of his skin was enormously attractive.

He finally turned to look at me, his own smile playing across his face. “Perhaps we wished for the same thing.”

“Perhaps,” I returned.

He reached up and gently closed his hand around mine, which was still resting on the window, stretching towards the sky. He pulled my hand down, and at the same moment managed to pull me very close to him. My breath caught in the back of my throat, my heart racing ahead full force. I knew what was coming.

His hand began to trail up my arm and trace over my shoulder. I looked into his eyes, and the intensity and longing I saw in them made goose bumps rise up in my skin. And then it was just one finger making its way slowly up my neck, heading toward my cheek. My own fingers twitched. I was itching to reach up and touch his face.

Both hands had now reached my cheeks, and simultaneously they cupped my face. He leaned down, his lips just inches from my own. But then he paused. His eyes conveyed his carefulness. He wouldn’t advance if I didn’t want him to.

Now was the time for me to pull away. I shouldn’t want this. I couldn’t want this. I wasn’t supposed to be feeling such intensity for him. I was supposed to hate him. But I wanted to embrace him. The urge to do so was becoming more powerful by the second.

In the end my heart seemed to win over the logical part of my mind.

My hand reached up, and with two fingers I stroked his jaw line. I could just feel the rough pricks of incoming facial hair. I could smell his cologne again, and it was pulling me under. He was pulling me under.

I went back and very slowly stroked his jaw line again, and was pleased to feel him shiver. Knowing I had the very same effect on him was gratifying. He made a quick intake of breath, and I wondered whether or not he knew that I was giving my permission.

His lips were on mine in a moment, so passionate and caring that I could barely contain myself as my hand began to entwine itself in his highly attractive messy hair. One of his hands moved to the back of my neck while the other snaked itself around my waist, pulling me against him. I suddenly felt hungry; the desire to kiss him more intensely was overwhelming.

He must have felt the same way. His lips parted against mine, and he gently forced my own lips to open up. The underlying craving in every movement he made was starting to make both of us go crazy. By now I had pressed every inch of myself against him, and my breathing was becoming erratic.

We both seemed to stop at the same time, the need to come up for air a necessity.

“Whoa there tiger,” he whispered into my ear, his fingers clutching my wrists. I noticed he had taken a tiny step back, so we weren’t quite clinging to each other any more. “If we don’t stop now then I will seriously rip your clothes off.”

I felt the heat rise up in my cheeks at his comment. If he had said it one week earlier I would have smacked him, but now it made me feel…elated? It felt good to know that he was feeling the same extreme attraction to me that I was feeling for him.

“It feels so good to kiss you again,” he said huskily as he began to run his hand up and down my arm, the other one resting dangerously low on the small of my back.

I raised an eyebrow. “Again?” This was the first time I recalled him ever kissing me on the lips unless he was counting kissing my forehead, or my Planet Bump.

He smirked. “You don’t remember? You gave me my first kiss.” I must have looked clueless, because he cleared his throat and continued. “In Third Year I had developed a crush on you, and one day I marched right up to you when you were outside by the Black Lake and planted a big wet one on you. You were so pissed with me you pushed me into the lake. It was so worth it though.”

I instantly recollected the memory. Oh yes, I had been furious with him, mostly because he had in fact given me my first kiss. I laughed. He had left out the part where I sucker punched him in the face then shoved him into the lake. But I let him keep his pride.

He glanced at his watch. “It’s 2:09.” I smiled when I heard the disappointment in his voice. We both needed to be back in out dorms by now, which meant there was no more time to snog.

He took my hand and stepped away, kissing it lightly. “Shall I walk you there?”

It was just so cheesy but so cute. “Sure.”


Needless to say, I found no sleep that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way we had kissed each other. It had felt so right and natural. Something I could do over and over again and still get the same thrill.

This plan had basically screwed me over. If I had just beaten his ass in the first place instead of attempting to break his heart, then none of this would have happened. Because now it seemed my heart was going to break in the process.

Because whether I liked it or not, he had stolen my heart, and was refusing to give it back. I had wanted him to kiss me back there. I shouldn’t have, but I did. I thought about the question that I had been asking myself for days now.

And I had finally come to an answer.

I was in love with James Potter, now matter how badly I wished not to be. 

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