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Mother's Blood by fizzywhizbee14

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,873
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+

Genres: General, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lily, James, Molly, Ginny, OC

First Published: 06/04/2007
Last Chapter: 06/26/2007
Last Updated: 06/26/2007


Squeezing his eyes shut tighter and rubbing them for good measure, he turned around. But to his disappointment the blankets were still there and now small arms could be seen waving in the air and soon wailing could be heard from the blanket too.

Chapter 1: In the Blankets
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Chapter 1~In the Blankets

Sneaking quietly down the stairway of Number 4 Privet Drive, Harry waited for his Aunt to leave the kitchen. Just as he predicted, Petunia came through the door at 5 minutes to 1 and sat down in the living room to watch her favorite soap opera. Harry took this chance to slip into the kitchen unnoticed. He quickly grabbed a blueberry muffin from the tray on the countertop. Chewing it slowly, he savored each piece, all the while thinking how much better Hogwarts’ pumpkin pastries were.

As the last of the muffin was swallowed he ascended the stairs. Halfway down the hallway he heard a faint ‘pop’ and immediately assumed that it was one of the Auror members apparating to pick him up. He opened the door fully expecting Tonks or Lupin or another member to be standing in his room. He looked around hopefully, but sighed when he didn’t see anyone. Despairingly he dropped onto his bed, but was up again in no time when he heard a cry from the other side.

On his bed was what looked like pile of pink blankets, but upon closer examination was small baby. The little girl had small wisps of strawberry blond hair and curious green eyes. Harry slowly reached out and gently touched the baby’s small fingers, but he pulled back quickly when they curled up into a tiny fist.

Harry turned around and closed his eyes trying to convince himself it was all a dream; That he had fallen asleep on the bed and that the bundle of blankets had all been his imagination. Squeezing his eyes shut tighter and rubbing them for good measure, he turned around. But to his disappointment the blankets were still there and now small arms could be seen waving in the air and soon wailing could be heard from the blanket too.

Harry screwed up his eyes in frustration, but before he could figure out what to do next his door was swung open and revealed his Aunt Petunia. She looked livid as she stocked into the room. Harry looked up, not knowing what to say as Petunia glanced down at the baby.

"What have you done now?" she said looking at Harry with anger in her eyes, "What is that doing here?"

"I don’t know," Harry said plainly, "I walked into my room and she was on the bed."

"Well you better not think that I’m going to take care of her, because I’ve already- " she said raising her voice as she went. But she was not able to finish her sentence before an owl swooped in and dropped a letter at her feet. The owl left as quickly as it had come, shocking both Harry and Petunia speechless. Harry was the first to recover and quickly reached to get the envelope that was addressed to:

Petunia Dursley
Smallest Bedroom
Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging

Harry’s jaw dropped in surprise when he saw this and gave Petunia time to get her hands on it before he could.

"Since when do you get post by owl?" he asked, determined to figure out what was going on. Petunia’s hand shook as she opened the envelope and read it quickly. Harry stood up to get a look at it, but it was stashed quickly into her apron pocket.

"What did it say," he asked impatiently as Petunia moved awkwardly toward the door. "Who was it from?"  
She seemed unwilling to speak until she was almost out the door when she said quietly, "You better….you better get ready to leave.", and with that she left the room, leaving Harry confused, but happy at the fact that he was leaving the Dursleys.

This is my first actual story (I have one other songfic) so please tell if you liked it and what I can do to make it better.

Chapter 2: To the Burrow
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Chapter 2~To The Burrow

Harry’s eyes wandered as they had many times in the last half hour to the small baby that still lay on his bed. So many questions were going through his mind about the little girl that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere in his room that morning.  

Who was she and where had she come from? Who had sent her? Why had she come? Was he supposed to take care of her or was she some kind of punishment for the Dursleys? And what was the letter that Petunia had received about? If she was for him –wait, who would give a little baby to a sixteen-year-old boy?  

These questions swirled around in his head as he quickly began to pack his trunk.  Harry was latching his loaded trunk when Tonks and Lupin appeared with a ‘crack’. He turned and grabbed his trunk, ready to explode his question on to them. But before he could ask any thing Tonks was telling that they would answer questions later and that they were sorry they couldn’t do more at this point. Harry, now very irritated looked at Lupin for help.  Lupin was picking up the baby and the blankets gave him a look that told Harry he would be getting any answers from him either. 

“We’re not the right people to tell you.” He said softly, before turning to Tonks who held an old pair of sunglasses, which only had one lens. Harry grabbed Hedwig’s cage from the desk and his broom, which lay against it. Harry copied Lupin and Tonks and put his hand on the empty frame. He was pulled by a familiar hook below his naval and was soon standing in front of the Burrow. 

Harry was quickly smothered in Mrs. Weasley’s usual ramblings about how skinny he looked and that he needed to have a good Weasley cooked meal. They were guided into the familiar cluttered kitchen and seated at the long table in mismatched chairs. Molly gingerly took the baby out of Lupin’s arms and sat down next to Tonks, across from Harry. Molly peered down at the blankets and smiled, her eyes glistening. She blinked twice and looked up, her once glossy eyes now, back to their usual cheerful selves.

“Was the trip safe? Did she do okay?”

“She was fine, slept through the whole thing just like-“ Tonks stopped suddenly and looked up at Lupin whole gave the slightest shake of the head. Before Harry could ask the many things going around in his head, Ginny and Ron came bounding down the stairs.

“How you doin’ mate?” Ron asked, totally oblivious to the awkward moment between the four at the table. Ginny nudged him in the ribs and he followed her gaze to the small arms that were now moving within the pink blankets. 

“Oh…good, Ron, Ginny take Harry out to the shed and get some…uh…of the old baby things. They should be near the back.” Mrs. Weasley said, nodding fervently.

Ron stared hard at his mother, as if trying to read her mind.

“What in the bloody-“ He was cut of by Ginny who began to and soon drag him toward the door. Harry looked at Lupin who mouthed the words ‘later’. Grudgingly, Harry stood and followed the two out the door, angry and disappointed that he hadn’t gotten any answers.

Outside, the three trudged across the grass toward the shed. “Did mum have another kid?” Ron asked bewildered as soon as they had moved far enough away from the house. Ginny hit in the ribs the second time that morning and rolled her eyes. 

“Of course not! I think we would have known if our mother was an eighth,” she shuddered visibility at this, “kid.”

“She’s not your mum’s,” Harry said, speaking for the first time since he’d arrived, “at least I don’t think so.”

“How do you know?” Ron exclaimed loudly, “She…it’s a girl, right…she even has red hair.”

“And green eyes.” Harry added, looking at his feet. He launched into his story of his very odd morning starting with the carrot top little baby with startlingly almond-shaped eyes that he had found on his bed.

“So you have no idea where she came from or who she is?” Ron asked as he picked up a rather dusty and dismantled VCR. The three teenagers were in the shed, which they had now deemed the ‘place of the unfinished projects’.  Harry knew that Mr. Weasley was obsessed with muggles, but he did not know and was not warned about the unfinished projects that lived in the Weasley shed. Harry and the two youngest Weasley had already had their fair share of bumps and bruises from the bike with one wheel and no chain, something that Harry guessed was part of a car, and the professional black camera with its covering missing, so that you could see all the small metal parts of all different sizes and shapes and all the other lost projects they could not quite identify.

“No, and Lupin and Tonks won’t tell me anything even though I know they know something. It just drives me crazy when they keep me in the dark about that obviously have to deal with me. I mean she showed up in my room.”

“And since when did your aunt get mail by owl, I mean she hates magic, right?” They heard Ginny say over a pile of whatnots and thinga-mi-gigers.

“Yeah, I have no idea what that’s all about.”

They squinted as their eyes adjusted to the bright light that they had not seen in the ‘place of unfinished projects’. They had successfully finished their task and now stood in front of a wooden crib, changing table and swing. They were all white, but each one of them was covered in small pink bows, much to the amusement of Ron and the irritation of Ginny.

Harry, Ginny and Ron ambled down the last flight of stairs and headed toward the kitchen door. Mrs. Weasley had insisted that they take the furniture on up the stairs and into the ‘empty’ room. She had started speaking Percy’s name as little as she possibly could and so reluctantly, because they couldn’t use magic and because they knew now that she was keeping them busy so that she would not have to answer any of the many question they had, they each grabbed a corner of the crib and began to carry it up the stairs to Percy’s old room.

They had been carry furniture and up stairs it seemed when Dumbledore had come by, because he now sat at the table with Lupin, Tonks, and Mrs. Weasley. They all hand mugs of tea in their hands and were quietly watching the small baby that was squirming on the floor with the blanket spread out under her.

Harry, Ron, and Ginny silently took seats around the table, but they only allowed a few more seconds of silence, before they erupted with questions.

“Who is she?”

“Where did she come from?”

“Why did Harry get her?”

Dumbledore stopped Molly from scolding them with the raise of his hand and looked up at the three anxious faces with a familiar twinkle in his eye.

“Her name is Rose. She is about three months old and in great danger.”