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Dancing On Water by ferme2

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,291

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General, Romance
Characters: Seamus, Luna
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 05/25/2007
Last Chapter: 05/27/2007
Last Updated: 05/27/2007

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“What are you doing?” Luna looked up to see a boy who she knew was Dean Thomas’ friend. He spoke in an Irish accent and raised his eyebrows at Luna’s motionless position. “Watching.” Luna stated simply. “Watching what?” He asked perplexed. “Can’t you see them?” Luna pointed out the little beings. “They dance on the water.”

Chapter 1: Dancing On Water
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Dancing On Water

Water splashed against the black rocks. The seagulls squawked diving towards the food littered around the wooden benches. They pecked at the chips lying in the paper packets before being shooed away by an elderly woman carrying an umbrella to protect her pale wrinkly face from the hot sun. She complained at the young children screaming and running between the seats. The town of Lyme Regis was busy and full of holidaymakers. The sun streamed down on the golden sand. Two people arrived at the beachfront, their car borrowed from a muggle friend. The father took a seat on one of the old benches overlooking the glistening blue sea.

His daughter Luna skipped down the stone steps, her feet landing on the soft sand. Her toes wiggled and she hopped towards the water. Her butterbeer cork necklace swung around her neck as she darted amid the other tourists. Before her feet reached the waters edge, Luna turned and waved to her father at the harbour wall. Mr Lovegood looked up from his book and smiled.

A sudden gust of wind threw Luna’s golden hair over her shoulder. She pulled off her white cardigan and let it hang in her hand. It trailed on the ground, leaving a curving pattern. Luna sat down, the grains of sand sticking in the gaps between her toes. Droplets of liquid flickered into the air and Luna recognised the tiny creatures gliding on the water. Footsteps behind her didn’t cause her to avert her gaze and she continued to watch the creatures jump and dance.

“What are you doing?” Luna looked up to see a boy who she knew was Dean Thomas’ friend. He spoke in an Irish accent and raised his eyebrows at Luna’s motionless position.

“Watching.” Luna stated simply.

“Watching what?” He asked perplexed.

“Can’t you see them?” Luna pointed out the little beings. “They dance on the water.”

“No I can’t.” He held back a laugh.

“Not many people can.” Luna admitted. “Neville said he could though.” He nodded with her knowing Neville probably only agreed with Luna to save debate.

“What’s your name again?”

“Seamus Finnigan.” He replied. Luna nodded and stood abruptly. Seamus moved away from the closeness of Luna’s figure. Luna wiped the sand of the back of her skirt and dipped her toes in the cold water. She quickly drew her feet away as something touched her pale skin.

“Isn’t Lyme Regis a bit far for you to come?” Luna made a conversation, waiting for his reply.

Seamus responded smartly “Not as far as London.”

Luna rolled her eyes and gathering more courage cautiously stepped knee length into the sea. The water moved quicker against her slim legs and crashed onto the beach. Several young children shrieked and ran away from the oncoming water. Luna however let it bash higher up her legs and almost reach her waist. Seamus smirked as Luna squealed at the green slimly seaweed wrapped around one of her legs. She shook her leg trying to get the weed off. She stumbled, losing her balance. She toppled over. Luna went under the murky water, her small feet kicking the surface. Seamus called her name but she resurfaced, spluttering. Luna threw her head back and guffawed. Her body shook with laughter and she held onto Seamus to pull herself up.

“Are you alright?” Seamus asked concerned.

Luna grinned and nodded. Her white cardigan was floating on top of the water. She picked it up and held it. Her black skirt clung to her legs and her pink T-shirt was soaked. Seamus took her hand led her out of the water. They sat on a nearby flat rock. Their toes ran through the water in the rock pool.

“So how have you been since Dumbledore, well you know.”

“Alright I guess. Father’s doing a piece on Dumbledore’s life in the Quibbler.” Luna turned to look at Seamus, watching the freckles on his face. “He thinks it will sell well.”

“How’s your summer been?” Seamus enquired, attempting to keep the conversation going.

Luna replied “Okay, I haven’t seen anyone from Hogwarts though; people tend to stay away from me.”

Seamus shifted in his position and cleared his throat; this was one of the awkward, uncomfortable comments Luna always made. This went unaware to Luna who brought out the latest copy of the Quibbler from her bag and settled down to read. Seamus observed with his indigo eyes. Luna relaxed and let her head drop, her dirty blonde hair fell over her shoulders. She poked her tongue out it concentration as she read the runes, something Seamus had no patience for. Her mouth curved into a smile of accomplishment and she turned the page. She chuckled at the article, and then turned her attention to Seamus. Their eyes met for a moment before he avoided her inquisitive gaze. He ran his right hand through his sandy hair and once again cleared his throat.

The sun merged with the grey cloud causing shadow to line the stony seafront. The beach was now fairly empty due to the wind picking up but a group of people were still fossil hunting through the rocks. Thunder rumbled up head but the pair didn’t move. Rain began to spit on their face and hair. Seamus wiped the water dripping on his skin off with the back of his hand. Luna quickly hid her paper and tied her cardigan onto the strap of her bag. The rain fell harder. Mr Lovegood shouted from the concrete wall, ordering his daughter to come in for shelter. When she protested, he shook his head and returned to the car; he knew she would be in soon.

“You’re not going?”

“No, I like the rain,” Luna said simply, “Especially when it thunders; makes it more exciting.” She shrugged and sprang off the rock, almost landing face flat on the now wet sand. Her bag stayed on her shoulder despite her movement.

“Are you going back to school in September?”

“I don’t know yet, maybe.” Luna checked her wand was behind her ear and stumbled over the stones. “Are you?” She stopped in her tracks and faced Seamus. Luna dropped her head to the right and raised her eyebrows in thought as if scrutinising him. Seamus backed away a bit and spoke.

“No my mum won’t let me; says it’s too dangerous. She’s afraid she’ll lose me and never see me again.”

“She’s got nothing to worry about.” Luna said innocently.

“What do you mean?” Seamus said in a small voice.

“Well we all meet again don’t we? I’ll see my mother again; no one ever says goodbye really.” Luna explained as if talking to a child, “So your mother has nothing to worry about.”

The rain continued to fall as the pair made their way across the beach. Luna rested against her father’s friend’s car. Her father unlocked the door but didn’t encourage her daughter to get in.

“I guess I’ll see you around then.” Seamus said awkwardly. Luna nodded. The rain fell harder, pounding on the ground. Not another soul walked the beach or was hunting for fossils. Several cars joined them on the side of the road, the occupiers forced to eat their picnics in their cars.

“Goodbye Seamus.” Luna went to open the car but his hand folded in hers.

“Do you really think everyone sees each other again?” His voice broke in hesitance.

“Of course they do.” Luna stated. Seamus removed his hand from hers and smiled slightly. “I’ll see you at school if it reopens.”

“Goodbye Luna.” Seamus placed his lips on hers for a short while and then walked away.

“Goodbye.” Luna muttered and climbed into the car, shutting the door tight behind her.