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DA- Dangerous Animals? by Boots

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,715
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence

Genres: Fluff, General, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fudge, Scrimgeour, Skeeter, Umbridge, OtherCanon

First Published: 05/23/2007
Last Chapter: 05/29/2007
Last Updated: 12/23/2008

The war is over, but the magical creatures who had fought on both sides are treated worse, not better.  Centaurs, Merpeople, Giants, House elves, Hippogriffs, and Ghosts are all formidable foes on their own.  What happens when the opposition of the Ministry forces them onto the same side, along with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Cornelius Fudge, Hagrid, and Rita Skeeter?

Chapter 1: Centaur Negotiations
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All things here portrayed do not belong to me, but rather to the noble owner from whom they originated, though they hold a special place in my heart, and the manner in which they act or are portrayed is in most parts my own.

Against the colorful leaves and dark shadows of the Forbidden Forest, neither centaur showed up much. The soft moss muffled their hoofbeats, and the way it sprang up following them disguised their tracks. The centaurs didn't pay much attention to that. They were woodsmen by nature, and there were more important issues at the forefront of their minds.

"The humans are threatening our lands." Bane said, aggression obvious both in his voice and throughout his tensed body.

"Oh, aye, no arguments on that." Ronan said amiably. "But we threatened theirs first, you see. No centaur can say that he or she would not do the same as they have, to protect their home."

Bane bared his teeth, and his expression that clearly had more in common with the way a horse looked before taking a piece out of someone or something he didn't like than a human smile. "How do you arrive at that? No human lives in the Forest, and that is the only area we are defending!"

Ronan sighed, a bit frustrated. Bane was a strong hunter, and a good leader for the clan, but sometimes, as now, he did not listen to reason.

"Humans may not live in the Forest, but they do live in close proximity. We have threatened their hapless foals who were foolish enough to wander a bit out of their way. People they consider part of themselves, and respected among them, we have attacked for the sole crime of passing through areas we control. We do not even live in those parts of the Forest where we have attacked them. The same arguments you have just used to say why they shouldn't feel protective about the Forest apply as much to us as to them."

Bane roared: "Then they should understand our stance! Instead of attempting to remove us from the Forest, they should be negotiating. If they are so noble-minded, they would try to offer peace, not war!"

"And to whom should they speak to on peace? All evidence we have given them would indicate any delegates they sent would be executed! Firenze is trusted by them, but has been banished on pain of death from the herd. No other centaur will leave. What else can they do, to remove this viper circling the corral of their children?"

Bane bellowed: "Traitor! As Firenze, you have betrayed the noble race of centaur!" Bane lunged at him, then pivoted around and galloped away.

Bane galloped and galloped, pumping the adrenaline out of his body. Though he had initially been heading for the clan, to gather warriors and drive Ronan from their midst if he had not already left on his own, he soon changed his mind, slowing his pace and heading towards his favorite thinking spot. He was unaccustomed to such thoughts as he was now entertaining. How superior to the humans were centaurs? How different, in truth? Had he made a mistake to send Firenze away? And most important, what, oh, what should he do now?

It didn't take too much brain power, but the self-evaluation to which Bane subjected himself was scathing. He had been wrong. Aggressive neutrality. His idea, and now it would probably cost not only himself but his whole clan. Unless he acted soon, the humans would soon come to drive his kind from their ancestral lands. He could not allow it to happen!

Bane was a centaur of action. Now that he had decided upon his course, he wasted no time in implementing it. Pivoting again, he shot off back to Ronan. It was time for the centaurs to begin to interact with the rest of the world. Bane had just the envoy. 

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Chapter 2: Myrtle and the Merfolk
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Moaning Myrtle couldn’t moan so well under water, and the merpeople would ignore her anyway, so she didn’t bother. They were used to her. Her presence anywhere in their city bothered them not a wit. She used to talk to them for Dumbledore, but even though he was gone she still kept watching. There might come a day when what she saw would be useful again, and anyway, watching them passed the time. 

The merpeople acted much like any similarly sized group of humans. There were fights, and births, and deaths, enough action to keep Moaning Myrtle busy even when the humans, especially the boys, had so totally forgotten her. The summer was lonely for Myrtle, with everyone gone, but visiting the merpeople was nice enough. 

What Moaning Myrtle was observing today was more serious than was her usual fare. Today there was a human in the heart of the mercity, the palace. From Myrtle’s point of view, the audience did not seem to be going well. 

Despite the good will generated by Dumbledore, humans and merpeople did not get along. Especially since the merpeople, right or wrong, blamed Dumbledore’s death on the Ministry not listening and preparing for trouble. The small lingering warm fuzzy feeling lingering from Dumbledore was quickly being wiped away by the Ministry spokesperson. 

“You see,” a voice high-pitched even in water said, “it’s simply common sense. We can’t allow your sort to remain so near the school.” 

Myrtle reflected that Dolores Umbridge hadn’t learned a thing. Myrtle could still remember the girl Dolores had been, dressed like a fat little doll in layers of pink lace. Even in the school uniform, she wore a frilly pink bow larger than her head that she was always fiddling with. Some Slytherins thought that was a sign of weakness. They soon found themselves proved wrong. Dolores picked fights with everyone, proving herself as one of the most able (but stupid) insulters the House had ever seen. Anyone not wizarding by birth, or who had a suspicion of nonhuman ancestry was the target of her jokes. She didn’t have much discretion in who she picked on. Slytherin or not, better than her or not, she wouldn’t hesitate to pick them to pieces at the earliest opportunity. She was soon the most hated person in the school. Wherever she went, people would play shoot spells at her. 

She still didn’t think about the consequences of her actions. 

“And where,” the mer-Queen said, eyes flashing dangerously, “do you propose moving us? The Ministry’s limits on population means that we can’t move in with any other gathering of merfolk. And the places that don’t have merfolk don’t have us because they can’t support us, no food or too cold.” 

Umbridge ignored the warning signs. 

“Choose a place. The Ministry is generous- we will move your city for you.” Umbridge said haughtily. 

“You know,” the mer-Queen said pensively, “I don’t think we will. We are rather fond of our lake. I think you’ll find that you’ll have a harder job than you might think if you try to remove us. We will fight to the la-” 

Umbridge interrupted, “Humph, humph!” The Queen stopped, shocked at Umbridge’s disrespect. “Now then. We can’t be having that. Agitating the poor little merpeople,” and they were agitated, no doubt there. The thrashing tails of the watching crowd, which had grown significantly in the last few minutes, was signal enough of that. “who don’t know any better. You should ashamed of yourself. I think it would be entirely reasonable, under the circumstances, to remove you now. Your son is perfectly capable of deciding where the city will move to. No need to leave a potential rebel in place, nor shall we. You can come with me now, and I’ll be back in a month with a team to transport the rest of the city to your final destination.” 

The Queen’s son was only twelve. Though merpeople aged faster than humans, that was still far too young to take command of even a city as small as that under the lake. 

Even assuming the Queen would be forced to leave. It wasn’t going to happen. 

At Umbridge’s words, hundreds of merpeople converged on her. Before she even had a moment to consider her folly, she was underneath the mass, her wand snapped in the fall. 

The mer-Queen let off a whistle that carried well underwater, and the court pulled up. Myrtle had never imagined a being with green skin could flush purple as the Queen had. Her tail was as rigid as a board, as she restrained herself. 

“You…will…leave. Now. Certainly without me. And if you come back, you will find we will not be so merciful. You are protected by agreements we respect, agreements not to attack messengers, even though I suspect you are speaking as much for yourself as any when you insult our loyalty to each other, this city, and the school that was built long after we arrived.” 

Myrtle glided through the water closer to Umbridge. “You know,” Myrtle said, an evil smile creasing her face, “that Bubble Head charm is only going to last about twenty more minutes.” Umbridge didn’t like ghosts anymore than she liked anything else outside of her norm. She had made fun of Myrtle for years. 

Umbridge looked at her broken wand in horror. If her Bubble Head charm failed while she was still underwater, she would die. She shot off towards the surface faster than Myrtle would have thought possible. 

Myrtle watched her leave, and knew that this wasn’t the end of it. Umbridge would be back, better prepared and with back-up. And this time, brute force wouldn’t stop her. 

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