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By Accident by singerhotti24

Format: Novel
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 69,449
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/22/2007
Last Chapter: 04/05/2009
Last Updated: 04/05/2009

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"HA! You have room to talk, Woods! Little-Miss-Phsyco who hugs insane trees- including one that stole my underpants last year! Anyone with an IQ of -900 would know not to go near that thing, besides--”
“Oh! And you should know not to go near it, because you’re IQ is -900? You wouldn't know what an IQ was if it hit you in the face!" -LOVE, Ayra Woods

Chapter 1: The Converses
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, and my OC's :) Everything else is props to JKR and her awesome imagination!


A seven year old Ayra sat in front of a man with a long white beard, he truly looked like a jolly old man, but his face held lines of worry and amusement at the same time. It was his eyes that gave his feelings away. His blue eyes were shining with worry, and a look that said “I have bad news.” He looked at the girl ,”I don’t know how to tell you, I can’t flatter you or make you happy with some candy. I guess I’ll just have to tell you the truth. We believe that they were targeted by an evil group of wizards, and it was impossible to escape them. I’m terribly sorry."
Ayra listened to this without blinking an eyelash. She looked down at her hands and pondered this for a moment. She looked back up at the blue eyes that showed pain and worry, even though it didn’t need to affect him. Dumbledore suppressed a shudder.
How does this girl look at me and it feels like she is looking right through me? he wondered. 

Ayra sighed as she came up to a conclusion. “So, I believe I don’t have a home anymore, correct?” A nod confirmed her answer. “So, do you mind if I stay here, I have no where else to go. I’ll work for you, I can help the elves here cook and clean, they won’t mind, I’m sure.” 

Dumbledore looked at her with shock and amusement. “That’s a brilliant idea. I will pay you, even though your family is really well off, you must be rewarded for your work. Besides, it is really hard to get a job in Hogsmade while you are this young.”

Ayra opened her mouth to speak and was cut off with a wave of Professor Dumbledore’s hand. “Yes, yes, I understand that you need robes and books and everything, but I already have had a elf take care of that, so you don’t need to worry. I took the liberty of getting all the books that you will need when you are here. I will not give them to you now, but you are allowed in the library, where there are hundreds of books. I believe that your mother left you her wand, as Ollivander said that her daughter will never find a wand suitable, but the wand she got that day. Good. Oh, and let me sort you right now!” Dumbledore stood up and picked up a ratty tatty old had form the corner. He motioned for her to sit on the stool that it had been perched on. Ayra stood up from her seat and sat on the stool. She felt the hat being placed on her head. 

“Ahh Dumbledore. You have a tricky one here. Very brave, and cunning already, I see Hogwarts a History is your favorite book? Hmmm. Hufflepuff will not do, and neither will Ravenclaw, even though you have an amazing mind. Hmmmmm…. You are too bright to be a Slytherin I think, So better be:

Ayra smiled as Dumbledore took the hat off of her head. He bowed to her and said, “Congratulations. Now, about your living arrangements. On the 7th floor there is a portrait of a ballerina. All you have to do is twirl 3 times in front of it and she will open up to you. Your living quarters will be there. You must not be seen for the next 4 years, understand? You may stay here as long as you are not seen. Other people have schooling. As for the library, there is a picture of a book also on the 7th floor, tap the book 3 times with your wand and it will open to reveal a key. On the frame, there will be a key hole in the bottom left corner."

" Unlock it, and it will lead you to down a stair case to the library. You may go only at night to get books when the term has begun, while its summer, you may spend as much time there as you want. The house elves know that you are here, and have been listening in on the conversation. You will be helping them cook and clean the castle while you are here during the term. They will teach you all of the secret passageways and what not. Anything else? "

Ayra looked at him, “No Professor Dumbledore, I think I’ll be fine. All my things are in my room, I presume?’ Dumbledore nodded. Ayra stood up. “I’ll be going then. Thanks for being so understanding.” She smiled. 

Dumbledore looked at her and said, “When in doubt, come see me. And by the way, I absolutely love lemon drops.” He snapped his fingers, and a house elf appeared. “Teach her the ropes Squinky.” 

Ayra nodded her thanks and stepped out of the door of his office following the house elf to her new life………

A 16 year old Ayra Woods sat in the common room looking out the window watching the carriages approach the school, fingering her most prized possession: a small silver locket with her mom‘s and dad‘s smiling faces at her.. She had done this for the past 6 years. Stood there for the past six years. Stare out that window for the past six years. Reminiss for the past six years.

But, she lived in this dormitory for the past forever. Suddenly Phineas, a figure who was so famous  that he had his own spiffy portrait hanging in Dumbledore’s office appeared in the portrait above the fireplace. He surveyed the girl who was looking out the window with a wistful expression on her face. He guiltily cleared his throat. He watched her jump from the plush scarlet couch she was sitting on. She looked at him questioningly. “Yes Phineas? You need something?” 

He stared down at him from the portrait, “The Headmaster wants you for a moment in his office.” 

Ayra nodded, “Tell him I’ll be right up.” Before she could say another word, Phineas was gone. She ran to the right side of the fireplace and pulled on the phoenix statue that was on the mantle. A hole appeared in the wall. 

She stepped into it “The Headmaster” she whispered. And suddenly, as if nothing had been there in the first place, the hole, and Ayra were gone. Halfway across the school, a hole appeared and Ayra stepped out. The hole disappeared so fast that it appeared that Ayra had just walked out of the wall. She quickly pivoted to the right and stared at the gargoyles in front of her. 

“Lemon Drops” Ayra stated, rolling her eyes. The Pofessor had offered her one the other day- his way of letting her know that the password had changed. He obviously couldn't tell her the password outright... even the walls have ears.

The gargoyle sprang aside, admitting Ayra to step onto the moving staircase. She opened the wooden door at the top and stepped in. The headmaster was just about to leave. “You wanted me, sir?” 

“Oh Ayra! Yes, I wanted to let you know that Lily is Head Girl this year, Remus is head boy, and I neglected to send their badges to them. I want you to announce it to the school, I’ll make sure you will find an opening.” He tossed her the badges. She barely caught them. 

“My pleasure Headmaster!” She threw her arms around the old man. 

Amusement twinkled in his old blue eyes. He surveyed her blue jeans and tee-shirt that said, 'Bet you Never guessed it was ME! '“You need to get into your robes. The students should be in the Great Hall in about 30 minutes. Got it?” 

Ayra laughed, “Yes, Sir!” as he pushed her out of the room and shut the door. She raced down the stairs and out onto the hallway. She and Dumbledore had gotten pretty close over the years, he was like a dad to her. They played chess when he wasn’t at ministry or when she wasn’t earning her pay. She got to go to Hogsmeade often, and she had learned pretty much about all of the secret passageways in the castle. 

Her favorite one was the one which leaded to the Honey Dukes cellar. She had helped build the secret one under the Whomping Willow, which she became friends with too, that led to the shrieking shack, even though she didn’t know why Dumbledore had built it. The construction was finished in a whole summer, the summer before Ayra started school. 

All he had said was:
“There are reasons why I want things done. In this case, this needs to be done. For the sake of the students. I must ask you not to go through this passageway.” 

Of course she had agreed. She just….went through that passageway anyways. The whomping willow let her-cause they were friends. 

She pulled on the Phoenix that was identical to the one in the Gryffindor common room that was on a little ledge to the right of the gargoyle. A hole just big enough opened in the wall. She stepped into it and repeated her action from before. Suddenly she was in her common room. Ayra ran up to the girls dormitory and noticed that the elves had already gotten all of her friends things up to the room. She quickly tore open her trunk and searched for her robes as she thought about her friends. 

Lily Evans. Her best friend ever who was a beautiful 5’7” with striking red hair and shocking green eyes. She turned heads wherever she went, but everyone knew she was off limits. James Potter, Part of the Marauders/the most famous group of boys in school, fancied her like every girl fancies chocolates. Anyways, back to Lily. She had top grades in almost every class, and was a great help with homework. Lily was Fiery in disposition and as stubborn as a mule. Ayra smirked. She will say yes to Potter this year. If she doesn’t, Merlin help me, I’ll hex her into oblivion.” 

Her next best friend was Kalahan Surry. This girl was a piece of art in and of herself. Her hair was a mousy brown, and her eyes were a striking violet, and a pale complexion that gave her a fragile look. But this girl was anything but fragile. She could hex faster than anyone Ayra had ever known! She could weasel out of everything. Ayra giggled to herself, Remus Remus Remus. That’s all she ever talks about though. If she keeps it up, she is going to go soft on me! 

And lastly, but not leastly, was Marietta Gold. This girl was on the plumper side, with platinum blonde hair and brown eyes. Not the prettiest girl ever, but her personality is what had gotten her into the group that everyone had nicknamed the “Magi’s” which stood for the “Most Attractive Girls In School.” Marietta was sweet and kind, but totally crazy at the same time. Ayra thought about her amazing friends and then dwelled on herself. 

Tall for her age hitting a high of 5’9” she was the tallest in the group. Her dark brown hair, light blue eyes and pale complexion set her apart from the rest of the girls, as were all the girls set apart from each other by their looks even though they were tied together by their looks and looks alone. Ayra was always happy. At least, that’s what everyone thought. She always had a smile on her face. Only the girls in the group knew when she was faking it. 

Ayra was crazy, happy, hyper, and serious all at the same time. She could be stubborn and mean, evil and a great conspirator when she wanted to be. She was the mastermind of all pranks and had become a legend at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her picture was actually in the “Hall of Fame” on the third floor. It was an amazing picture taken when she was brewing a mischief maker potion. She was grinning evilly at the camera with one eyebrow raised. Who would have thought that it would have been hung up somewhere? Right beside her picture was the picture of four boys. 

The Marauders. The name left a sour taste in her mouth. Not that they were bad or anything, but they were the people who Ayra plotted against all of her life at Hogwarts. They were the people who were the middle of her target of her devilish pranks. They were the most attractive boys in the school. Well, 3 of them were. 

Peter Pettigrew. Description? No comment. Well, fine, here's a comment. He wasn’t that bad looking, honestly, but ihe didn’t look like he belonged there. Well, Marietta doesn’t look like she belongs in our group either. Anyways.. He had mousy brown hair and brown eyes, and he was a bit on the chubby side. He was a bit nerdy and ate far too much. Merlin knows why he loves cheese so darn much. 

Remus Lupin was handsome in a rugged, almost wolfish way. He had brown hair, and impeccable hazel eyes. He was tall, about 6 foot, and didn’t play Quidditch. He was more of the studious type, unlike the rest of the group. And he was rather sweet at times. Lets just say he was the goody-goody of the group. 

James Potter. Chaser of the Gryffindor team. He was a 6’2” tall lanky raven haired boy with blue eyes. He was constantly pining after Lily. Asking her out every day of his jolly life. He had his own fan club, and was an absolute prat at times, but he was decent to talk to, when he wasn't  talking to, or about, Lily. He was also the #2 sex god of the school. Sex god #1? 

Sirius Black. My nemesis. 

He was he was, now watch out, this is a tongue twister.:

The “gods gift to women”-biggest-prank-puller-other-than-Ayra-who-loved-to-be-an-arrogant-prat- over-which-the-girls-oooh-and-ah

Literall,y All the girls ooooohd and ahhhed over how handsome he was, how his black hair fell into his sparkling gray eyes, and how his smile made them melt, and how when he whacked at the blunders in a Quidditch game (He was beater….duh.) his muscles would ripple, and his voice…….ect. 

Just hoping that he would date them once. He only dated a girl for a week. No one has gotten over that limit. He was the prime target of Ayra’s pranks, as she was of his. They pretty much hated each other. Nothing else too it. She thought that he was a pompous, arrogant prat, and he thought that she was a vain, cold-hearted arse. So basically,  they were even. 

Ayra laughed and looked at herself in the mirror. She applied some mascara and lip gloss with her wand and glanced at her watch. She still had time. She ran down the stairs to the common room and then quickly ran up the stairs into the boys common room. She squealed with glee when she saw that the boys things were already here. She looked at her watch again and frowned. She didn’t have time to go through their stuff right now. 

Oh well, I’ll make time. Ayra thought to herself as she dived into the boy’s trunks. She quickly pulled out 4 pairs of boxers from 4 different trunks. She laughed at her selection. Peter Pettigrew’s boxers had rats eating cheese all over them, Remus’ had moons, James had Snitches and his name written all over them. And Sirius’ had his name etched in the left corner of his boxers and the words “I do it for England” on the behind.

 I’m still not done. Hmmm…aha! She ran into their bathroom and pulled out a cup from their cabinet and filled it with ice cold water. She tapped her wand on it and transformed it into a bucket filled with freezing water. Ayra quickly personalized this bucket for a special someone and levitated it above the door of the bedroom. She then looked at the room and smiled wickedly to herself. 

She snapped her fingers as the elves had taught her and envisioned what she wanted the room to look like for the next 24 hours. She concentrated really hard and then opened her eyes. And almost died with laughter. All the pillows where the marauders slept had changed into white teddy bears and everything was well...


It pretty much looked like someone had vomited pink ribbons and lace all over the place. This place couldn’t look anything else like Madam Puddifoots. And then the idea hit her. Using an advanced spell from her Wand Writing spell book, she pictured the Madam Puddifoots sign from Hogsmade in her head and shouted “Copyforium.” And then, over the whole room, appeared a sign that said, “Madam Puddifoots.” Ayra laughed till she cried. they are gonna kill me. This is my death wish. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.  

 She quickly stuffed the boxers that she had picked out into her pocket and ran out of the boys dormitory and into the common room and then up into the girl dormitory. She checked her appearance once again, and put the boxers in her trunk. She glanced at her watch. Her eyes widened in horror. Oh Merlin! I am late!!! I cant believe I lost track of time! 

  She quickly ran down the stairs into the common room and pulled on the phoenix for the second time that day. She stepped into the hole in the wall and said, “The Great Hall!” 

She watched the wall close in on her with amazing speed. She held her breath she left her stomach behind. All this took place in about a second. Ayra only used this “PW (Phoenix way )” As she called it when she needed to get somewhere fast. Frankly, she liked the secret passageways better.
She took in a breath of relief when the hole opened in front of her and she stepped out. Then gulped as she saw the last first year walking through the doors of the Great Hall. She quickly crouched down and dove into the group of first years down towards the front of the Hall. She looked at the Gryffindor table to her right and started looking for her friends. Her knees were really starting to hurt. There they are! Merlin's cheesecakes! They are not sitting by him. Oh, Can’t this get any worse? 

She had spotted her friends who were sitting just across from the marauders. Her friends looked worried, Ayra was usually at the feast first, but then again, Ayra had never planned a prank 2 minutes before the feast had started. Just as the group was passing by the spot where her friends were, Ayra dove under the table, right under Kalahan’s legs.
The effect was instantaneous. The first years toppled forward over her legs that were still sticking out from the benches. The domino effect had finally had its justice. Ayra stifled a laugh and quickly pulled her feet under the table so no one would suspect. Then, as a rude awakening, someone kicked her arse, rather hard actually. 

She turned around as best she could and glared at the feet that had kicked her. She grinned when she saw the purple converses. Ayra pulled out her wand and vanished them, She heard a gasp and smirked. She nudged Kalahan’s leg. Kalahan scooted over and put her hand under the table as the whole hall applauded for the appearance of the sorting had. Hooray. Lets all applaud for the hat that can sing. Thought Ayra sarcastically. Her arse really hurt. 


The sorting had begun, and Ayra was still under the table, and she still needed to give Lily her badge, and she still needed to get up to the table unnoticed with time to do everything that she needed to do. Applause broke out again at the Gryffindor table. Kalahan reached down again. 

Ayra took her hand and whispered, “Wait for the next one.” 

A foot kicked her arse again. She turned quickly to see that the offending feet were in a pair of green converses. She repeated her actions and vanished them. Another gasp of outrage made her laugh. She quickly put her free hand over her mouth and waited.
A shout of “Gryffindor!” rang through the hall. The Gryffindor table burst into applause. With a heave, Ayra was up and sitting on her sore arse. She looked up into the laughing faces of her 3 friends, 2 marauders and 2 outraged marauders. 

Several whispers of “Give me my shoes back!” were heard, but Ayra pretended to ignore them as she listened to Dumbledore give his speech. She kicked Remus from under the table. He gasped in pain as her orange converses connected with his shin. 
He scowled at her and grunted, “What do you want? 

Ayra rolled her eyes, and sneered. “Wolfy, If I had wanted to hurt you, I could have really,  really hurt you. Besides, that bruise on your left shin is worth what I have to say.” She ignored the glares that the other marauders were giving her and continued with her speech. “Remus, I know that you have wanted this for forever, and you know I was almost expecting it,” suddenly she realized that the whole school plus the teachers table was looking at her. She laughed, “Remus, would you be my boyfriend?” The whole school started laughing. 

Ayra shot an apologetic glance to a blushing Remus, and looked at Dumbledore. He nodded, blue eyes twnkling. She stood up on her seat. She bowed gracefully and waited for the laughter and mock applause to stop before speaking again. 

“It is my pleasure to announce a great event. I have been given this honor from the gods above” (saying this she pointed at the teachers table, the whole hall burst into giggles. And a couple snorts from the marauders, because they knew that at that moment, they were being royally outclassed by a girl) “ to tell you something shocking about Remus Lupin and Lily Evans.” The two mentioned looked at her in shock, the whole school broke into whispers. 

“SILENCE!”  Ayra shouted over the din. “I am not finished. Wait to spread the rumors. Remus Lupin has new responsibilities now.. So does Lily Evans.“ Gasps could be heard throughout the hall as Ayra paused for a dramatic effect. “It is my great pleasure, honor, and devastating gorgeousness (laughs could be heard) to announce that Remus is going to be the best man at...  James Potter and Lily Evans's wedding!“ 

The teachers started laughing, The students were laughing too, and Lily looked happy and angry at the same time and James looked like he was on cloud 59.

“WAIT A MINUTE! SILENCE. When I’m done, I will sit down. And am I sitting down yet? Didn’t think so. Now, I was just kidding-there wont be any wedding, I’m probably gonna get murdered for that later, but its another great memory to add to my book of memories. Now, I am going to give the real speech that this young couple deserves.“ Ayra continued with true and honest disposition, not something that you see but like once in your lifetime. “Since I’ve known these two individuals, I know that they work hard, try not to break the rules, even though that’s the only reason why their best friends are so popular, but that’s what makes them who they are, these two people kept their friends together.” 

Silence spread throughout the hall. Everyone could tell that Ayra was serious. She continued, “Through the years, I watched these two grow up to be responsible, fun, and amazing people and great friends who want to get to know them. So, without further ado, I would like to, on the behalf of the Student Body and council,---” 

“OH WOULD YOU GET ON WITH IT ALREADY?!?!” Sirius and James shouted in unison, impatience riddled in both of their faces.

Ayra looked at them with distaste them a small teeny sneer that could be barely seen by every one but Sirius and James. That was when Ayra let a tear run down her face, but the marauders knew it was fake, there was that expression in her eyes. She wiped it away and spoke up 

“Alright, since no one obviously doesn’t want to hear what I want to say, I’ll just sit down and not tell you.” As Ayra made a move to sit down, protest broke out through the hall. Pleas of 'NO NO TELL ME!!!' and 'Come on, Woods, you know you want to!!!" filtered throughout the hall. With this provocation, Ayra began her tale again.

“Alright Alright, I’ll tell you. Where was I again, oh yes! I would like to, on the behalf of the Student Body and council, and of myself, to present to you, Remus, and Lily Evans, this years magnificent Head Boy and Head Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!“ 

Never ending applause followed. Hoots and laughter rang from the students. Lily was hugging Remus; James looked really miffed. So did Sirius for that matter. They were both glaring at Ayra, who simply smirked as she bowed and waited for the applause to die down. “And now, I shall turn over the program to Pro Dumbly over there.” The whole crowd laughed and looked at Dumbledore. 

.“Now without further ado, since there was a lot of ado…….even though that speech was amazing Ayra, simply loved it (Ayra rolled her eyes) Let the feast begin! 

Applause scattered through the hall, gasps of the first years could be heard as the food appeared on the table. Ayra grabbed a hot dog and proceeded to shove it down her throat until------ 

“Give us back our SHOES!” the last word was yelled by James and Sirius. The whole hall fell silent when they heard the word “Shoes” being yelled out. When they saw that it was just the Marauders, they went back to their conversations. Shouting out random words was normal to the mischevious group of boys.

Ayra grinned evilly. 

“Now would be nice Woods.” 

“I don’t think that I’ll give them back for a while," she smirked, eating another bite of her hotdog.

“Woods, we are not kidding!” the two boys chorused. 

Ayra held her hand up as she tried to swallow the food in her mouth- almost as if she had all the time in the world. When she was done, she looked into the faces of James Potter and Sirius Black and laughed ,”No.” 

Kalahan asked Lily, “What’s going on.” 

Lily sniggered, “She vanished their shoes.” 

“She WHAT?” chorused Marietta and Kalahan. 

“Vanished their shoes,” stated Lily and Ayra. 


By now, the whole hall was listening in on the conversation. Ayra, being Ayra, saw 
this as an amazing opportunity to make a fool of herself. She batted her eyelashes and stood up. She leaned closer to James and Sirius and patted them on the heads. 

“Oh, happy hello to you to sweetums! Oh Siri-poo and James-y-wamsey, how I missed you both over the summer. You have no idea! And to think, I even broke a nail thinking about both of you and how gorgeous you are!” She gasped and pretended to faint. The boys got madder. The whole hall burst out into laughter- well, almost everyone, the girls who really did act like this were scowling, and sending dark looks to Ayra’s direction. 

The boys stood up and towered over her over the table, “Give-us-our-shoes-now.” 

Ayra swooned, “Of course my loves!” with a flick of her wand and their shoes were on their feet. Ayra quickly grabbed her bags and ran out of the great Hall. The boys looked at their shoes and screamed. “WOODS! GET BACK HERE!”
Ayra stopped at the door flourished a bow, “Let the games begin!“
and twittled her fingers, “Tootles!” 

Then she blew a kiss, and  was gone. All the students applauded on her exit. The whole hall craned their necks to see what she had done to make the hottest boys in school yell. Then they were laughing again. Their converses were pink…..

Chapter 2: Truth or Dare... or Double Dare!
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Disclaimer: alas, I own nothing, for my name is not J. K. Rowling... One can only be so lucky.

Ayra dashed to the phoenix candle by the doors and pulled on it. She was off again, 
“The Kitchens!” she shouted, brown hair floating around her flushed face. Adrenalin was pumping through her veins.

She knew that the Marauders new of the place, but she knew the elves liked her better. They had told her all sorts of funny stories about the Marauders coming to eat. She stepped out of the wall and tickled the pear on the portrait that she had tubed too. The pear giggled, the same giggle as it had since she had been here, and the portrait opened. She stepped in to find that all of the house elves were staring at her. “Another year at Hogwarts!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands open wide.

The elves immediately stopped work and ambushed her. She laughed at the elves as they jumped all over her. 

“Thanks for all your help Miss----” 

“I love this dress! Thankies!--” 

“See you around?” 

Ayra laughed, “You know that I'll visit all the time. You of all the elves in the world know that I have a hole for a stomach.” 

The squeaky laughter of the elves filled the room. Ayra’s bubbled over their laughter. She hugged each of them individually and waited for them to settle down before she asked, “I didn’t get any dinner, so, do you mind----?"

“Oh, no, Miss. Eat all you want!” replied 3 or 4 elves at the same time in their high, squeaky voices. 

Ayra took a seat by the table that anyone who came to the Kitchens for a snack sat at. Ayra  wolfed down the plate that was set in front of her. Once she was done, the houselves proceeded to tell her about the new students that they had fed, and the new recepies that they had made up in the past day. 

 After they were finished, and had to go wash the dishes, she stood up and looked at her watch. Her delicate eyebrows flew up into her hairline. She had been here for over two hours! She gave her thanks and left the Kitchens. She pulled on the phoenix feather and said, "Girls dormitory."
Ayra walked out of the wall just as her friends were walking in laughing. Just in the knick of time!

“Oh Kalahan, I’m so happy for you! You’ve been wanting this for years!” squealed Lily. Marietta just giggled. Ayra rolled her eyes. 

“Could someone please tell me what’s going on?” asked Ayra. 

“Oh! Sorry, didn’t know you were here, your highness, but Kalahan is going with Remus to Hogsmade next weekend.” stated Marietta. “And Lily would have gone with Potter if she would have said yes.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes, “You know Lily, not that I love Potter or anything, but one can only take so much rejection before he moves on.” 

Lily laughed, something Ayra didn’t expect whatsoever. “Potter wouldn’t touch another girl with a ten foot pole when I’m around!"

Ayra looked at her with disgust, “You may be my best friend Lily, but you are pushing the line. You are taking advantage of Potter. He can only wait so long. Besides, this is your last year for crying out loud!!!!!!! He has been asking you out since third year! THIRD BLOODY YEAR!!! And you still say no? Lily, I’m going to have to knock some since into you. I don’t know how I know this, but he loves you. And every time you say no, it just breaks his heart. He just stays positive and ignores the pain that inflict every time. You may think that it’s just a game, but it’s not. I see it in his eyes every time you say no. He just catches up on the rebound and gets the courage to ask you again. You are stomping the light out of him Lily. Honestly.” 

Lily looked at Ayra, shock and comprehension dawning on her face.. Then she looked at the ground. “I------I didn’t know.” 

Ayra looked at Lily feeling guilty. Honestly? I have no idea where that came from! “Lily, I’m sorry, but you needed to know. I wanted to tell you last year, but you need to know.”

Lily smiled “Thanks Ayra, you are a great friend. And hey! When did you grow up?” 

Ayra sighed. “I don’t know. Over this summer I guess. Life changes. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be any less mischievous.” finished Ayra with an evil grin. 

Kalahan and Marietta just shot glances at eachother and didn't say anything to keep the conversation going.. An uncomfortable silence filled the air. I hate these silences. Why do they happen anyways? Hmm… Time to spice up the night! 

Ayra rubbed her hands together and sat down on the floor Indian style and grinned mischievously, “Soooooooo….who wants to play truth or dare? 

All the girls squealed in delight. 

All of the sudden an earsplitting scream interrupted their squeals of laughter. And then the shout of, “WOODS. WE ARE GOING TO MURDER YOU!!!!!! AAAAAGHHHHHH….” 

The splash of water could be heard, and a lone voice, the lone voice of her nemesis called out in a pretty voice, “Woods….oh woods….come here and play with fire. Since you seem to want to play with us so much……” 

Ayra called back, “You asked for it you bastard! Next time you feel like kicking me in the arse, THINK ABOUT IT!” Silence was all that was  heard on the other side of the door. Ayra was not fooled this easy. She quietly got up and pulled her wand out of her pocket. She quickly drew a circle in the air, then x’d it out. Then she send it with blinding force to the door. 

The particles of the spell hit the door with such force that the door became invisible. Gotta love those restricted books that talk to you that no one reads…She looked all around the common room from behind her door. They all waited until the boys, one by one, left the common room and went up to their dorms. 

Lily looked at her aghast, “ Where did you learn advanced magic like that?!? 

Ayra looked at lily with a pleading look in her eyes, “ Just read it over the summer.” 

Lily took a hint and shut her mouth. Lily was the only person who knew that Ayra’s parents were dead, and that she lived at Hogwarts. It was her biggest secret. If the Marauders found out, they would just torment her into oblivion. All of the girls looked from Lily to Ayra, then at the door. 

Ayra moaned mentally I hate silences, I hate silences I HATE SILENCES!!!!! 
As if her mental shout had connected to her friends, they all looked at Ayra. “Ayra, what did you do?” they all said in unison. 

Ayra giggled insanely. Quite a scary sight, really.“So, as a first, I stole some of their boxers, as a second, their whole room looks like Madam Puddifoots, and as a third, I made a personalized cup of water turn into a bucket and personalized it for my nemesis, and here we are now.” She smirked at the girls in front of her. They tried so hard not to laugh. Then They burst out laughing. 

“I…….can’t……..believe…..” Squealed Marietta. 

“That…………you…………..would…..” said Kalahan between laughs 

“Make ….the….boys…rooms….look….like…that….place….” giggled Lily. 

Ayra Smirked. “There’s also a sign in there that says madam Puddifoots. 

The girls laughed and laughed. Lily finally perked up. “So, what about that game of truth or dare?” 

All the girls sat up into a circle on the floor. Ayra pulled out a vile from her robes. She looked at her watch. “It’s 9:00 you guys. Curfew is at 10. This is gonna be major truth or dare, no chickens. Truth potion right here. One drop for each question. Got it? No limits on dares. Lets start?” Ayra put a bottle in the middle to spin on the dare and the darer. She spun the bottle. It landed on Marietta. “Soooo. Marietta. Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?” 

Marietta squirmed and murmured, “Truth.” Ayra handed her the bottle. She put one drop in her mouth. 

Ayra smiled, “Do you like Peter Pettigrew? 

Marietta glared at her and said, “Yes, I do.” 

All the girls laughed. Lily grimaced ina smiling way. "Well He's alright, i gue--"

"Oh shut up Lily!" Marietta grumbled, embarrassed. She spun the bottle, face flushed with an even blush. It landed on Kalahan. “Truth, Dare or Double Dare?” 

Kalahan held her head high and said , “Dare.”  Of course she would say dare.

Marietta thought for a moment then said, “I dare you to kiss Remus on your date at Hogsmade in front of us.” 

Kalahan smiled, “Will do.” Ever the daredevil, that one. Ayra thought. as Kalahan picked up the bottle and spun it. It landed on Lily, “So Lily, truth or dare?” 

Lily smirked. “Truth." When she heard us groan, she smiled a knowing smile. 
I'm not an idiot, know. I know that if I pick dare I have to kiss Potter.” 

"Whoever said that?" Ayra queried, face too innocent.

Lily just smirked as she she upturned the vial and swallowed a drop. 

Kalahan smirked right back, “Do you like Potter?” 

Lily gasped in outrage as her mouth forced her to say “Yes. Very much so.” 

All the girls laughed. “Denial!!!” 

"Like your bloody question wasn't predictable!" Lily fumed.

Ayra simply smiled at her. "Well, perhaps you shouldn't have played in the first place!" 

Lily spun the bottle, and it landed on Ayra. Oops. Spoke too soon! Ayra refused to grimace. The tension built up in the room as the girls looked at each other. Then the words flew through Lily’s lips. “Truth, Dare, Double Dare, or Triple Dare.” 

Ayra looked at Lily and then a smirk settled on her lips. “Triple dare, if you please.”
Kalahan and Marietta gasped as Lily thought.
Then she smiled, “Ok. First Dare: Kiss Sirius Black, when I’m done. 
Dare #2. After you finish kissing him, tell him you are going skinny dipping in  the Lake, and invite him to join you, and don’t say that you were kidding. 
Dare # 3. Go swimming in in the Lake with that ridiculous bikini thing you showed me. You know, the red one? Yeah, that one. You don’t have much time, its 9:30. Get a move on!” 

Ayra smirked. This was just too easy, and so amateur. You could literally see her mind working under her eyes. She said kiss Sirius Black. She didn’t specify where, so on the cheek should do. And she said that I couldn’t tell Black, doesn’t mean Ithat I have to say it…. And the whole bikini thing..... is unavoidable. If only it weren't so cold outside! She glanced at her watch and stood up. 30 minutes to accomplish this. Just 30 minutes. “Alright ladies, you ready for the time of y our life?” She said as she flounced out the door. 

“Oh Sirius, my nemesis! I need to talk to you!” Yelled Ayra in the common room. After 30 seconds of waiting, Ayra rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs to the boys dormitories. She opened the door and laughed. 

All of the guys, minus peter, who had gone to the kitchens- had their shirts off and were reading Quidditch magazines on their fluffy pink beds. They looked up at her, not happy with the interruption. She looked at Sirius, he was looking back. And for the first time she noticed something. He has an incredibly sexy body. No wonder all the girls like him. His hair flips into his eyes so pretty, and his gray eyes, you can just melt in those. WHOOOOOOAAAAH. STOP train of thought. After mentally slapping herself, She looked him up and down and let an amused smirk settle on her face. He kept boring into her eyes. “What do you want Woods?” 

Ayra made her smirk bigger, and laughed, breaking contact with his eyes. She ran and flounced on his bead, making his body jump in the air. She looked at him, and ignoring his gorgeousness, and leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, smirking all the while. “I’m going skinny dipping, want to come?” 

He looked at her like she was crazy. The other marauders looked at her like she was crazy. God, even she thought she was crazy. Sirius glared at her, “No way in hell Woods, no way in HELL!. 

Ayra smirked, “I’m so glad that you settled into your new bedroom. I’ll see you guys around.” Before she got up she picked up his hand and slipped a piece of paper into it so that the girls couldn’t see it in her pensive. As she put the paper in it, she kissed his hand. 

Sirius felt the paper slip into his hand as her soft lips touched his hands. Then he watched a smirk settle on her face one more time. “Love you too! See you around Siri-poo!” With a wave of her fingers she was gone.

His mates looked at him and asked, “What’s going on Padfoot?” 

Sirius frowned and opened the slip of parchment that she had put in his hands and read out loud 

Nemesis of my life,
It’s called truth or dare you idiot. stop wondering. 
~the nemesis of your life. wait. your world....galaxy maybe? universe. ha. i win.

Sirius laughed at the letter, as did his friends. “So, Prongs, how’s the Lily project going?” 

James just frowned. “I know she likes me. Its just the way that it is. She’ll come around one day.” Then he smiled, more liked smirked. “So, all of the marauders have a girl, all we need is Pads over here to get one. What do you say. Moony? 

Remus smiled, “Oh, I know a girl who’s got his eye….” 

James looked at him in surprise,” WHO, WHO, WHO!” 

Remus smiled and looked at Sirius who had a surprised look on his face, “ I was just kidding. So who’s hot this year, I mean Kalahans my life, and Lily is James’s life, but in a general view, if we weren’t attached?” 

James and Sirius pondered this for a minute. Sirius perked up and grinned,” Why don’t we go in a circle, one says a name, and we all add something about that girl. Ok? 

All the guys immediately agreed. “So, Remus, you first.” 

Remus smiled, “Kalahan. I think that she is gorgeous in every way!"

Sirius groaned, punching his friend in the shoulder. "Don't be cheesy, Moony... That's Wormtail's job!" 

Sirius thought for a moment before adding, “Her purple eyes really make her stand out, she’s really shy, but I think that she would look great with all black clothes… 

James grinned before adding to that addition, “She is really drop dead gorgeous, and I would ask her out, if I wasn’t so set on Lily.” Remus punched him in the arm. 

Sirius looked at James and smiled, “Ok, since it was your turn and you said Lily….Lily had a temper, and a stubborn head to match. She is really pretty though. 

Remus smiled, “Lily is really pretty, but also annoyed at James (who punched Remus) and is smart. 

A glaze fell over James eyes,” Lily Evans. that’s all I need to say.” 

All the guys laughed at this. Sirius smirked, “Ayra Woods.” 

James smirked at a first, breaking out of his Lily-trance, “She’s a real firecracker, that one. You have to admit, she’s not the nerd she used to be. She really filled out. She looks almost like an assassin!"

Remus nodded ,”She looks really dangerous and nice at the same time. I’d hate to be on her bad side. Oh wait a minute! I am on her bad side. I wonder why... OH YEAH! Maybe because my best mates cant leave her alone for two blasted seconds..” 

Sirius pondered this for a second then added, “She can be a downright cow sometimes (he gestured his arms around the room) but she’s really crazy and has brains to match. She has a really short temper, and I love messing with it. Prongsy, she doesn’t only look like an assassin, she IS one. I swear she’s out to get me, but not to get in my pants like all the other girls. (Remus and James snort at this. Sirius glared at them and continued) You have to admit, she’s at our league, but------------” 

A loud scream coming from outside stopped their conversation. All the boys jumped up and looked out the window towards the great lake, and saw 3 girls frantically pointing and shouting towards a splashing figure in the water. All three boys reacted on instinct. They ran towards the door toward the trouble. 

Marietta looked around queasily as Ayra took off her robes revealing her bikini , “You guys, I really don’t think this is a good Idea….”

“Oh my goodness Ayra, I love it!” squealed Lily,

“It is definitely hot.” stated Kalahan as she surveyed the bikini.

“Actually, its rather cold.” shivered Ayra as she stepped into the water and gasped.

“Just jump in and swim for like a minute and come out. That’s all you got to do.” said Lily.

Ayra glared at her and jumped into the water. She came back up for air and shivered when she hit the surface. “It is so cold in this water.”

She shivered again, as lily said, “Another 40 seconds, just swim around.”

Ayra swam from her friends started to tread water. 30 seconds.. Suddenly a sharp pain in her ankle made her gasp. She reached down and felt a slimy claw dug into her ankle. Do not panic, Do not panic. Ayra said to herself. She felt another thing get her other ankle. Oh fuck it.” Then she screamed bloody murder. The scream was passed on to the rest of the girls and they started screaming and pointing at her.

 For Goodness sake, stop POINTING AT ME AND SAVE ME! No, I’m not about to be eaten by some sort of spiky thing that’s grabbing my leg, no I’m not about to drown, and no, I am most definitely not going to die. NOT
. She struggled against the force that was pulling her down, but she knew she was loosing. Then she saw was a lone figure running towards her friends, then 2 more behind it….Please save me……That was her last thought as the grips pulled her under. She started thrashing around, holding her breath, cursing herself for not having her wand. Then she realized she had made a big mistake, thrashing around had made her loose energy, and her heart needed more oxygen. Out of instinct, she took a breath, and water filled her lungs. Its over. That was her last thought before darkness closed in on her.

Sirius sprinted to the lake, James and Remus panting behind him. Funny, Why don’t I seem tired? He looked at the splashing going on and ran to the three shocked faces of Lily, Marietta, and Kalahan. He understood immediately. Woods was in the water. He looked at his friends and they nodded, thinking alike. Sirius dove into the water as his friends calmed the girls down. Before his face hit the water, he saw an unnatural calm overtake the water. she had given up. Sirius braced himself for the cold water as he swam toward where the thrashing was. He gasped as he hit the surface, and treaded water. That’s when he saw a pale body being dragged down to the bottom of the lake. He dove back underwater and swam to wards the body. He grasped her waist and then felt an odd resistance. He opened his eyes underwater and saw what was dragging her down. Grindylows. 

Dear God
. He pulled out his wand and yelled, “Impedimenta!” but only a line of bubbles came out, but the grindylows froze anyways. He pulled them off her feet, and swam to wards the surface. He quickly cut through the water holding her waist and put her on shore gently. Remus hurried over and checked her pulse. The other girls were crying and James had them in a group hug, so that they couldn’t see what was going on. Remus quickly checked for a pulse and realized it was faint and could go out any second.

Sirius pulled out his wand again and pointed it at her and whispered ,”Ennaverate”

Ayra opened her eyes for a second before she murmured on word ,”Sirius” then fell back into unconsciousness.
Sirius looked at the girl on the floor in front of him and realized…that that was the first time that she had ever called him by his first name. 

Chapter 3: An Empty Room
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Disclaimer: I really wish.... i wish... that my innitails spelled JKR !!!!! But they dont... so i'm not... a genius writer who made her own world. that I'm borrowing. How sad it is to own nothing the world of Harry Potter.. *sigh*

Ayra slowly drifted back to consciousness and tried to open her eyes. She listened to the noises opening around her. She heard the snoring of people and felt really warm for some reason. She snuggled closer. She slowly opened her eyes and saw……. Nothing.

She shifted and moved her head upward and saw….

Sirius’ face. Merlin's sweaty eyebrow! Black is holding me. Disgusting! She shifted around and felt an arm around her waist and the other was in her hair. Then suddenly she remembered what had happened. It all had rushed to her.

Dare. Bikini Dipping. Rescuer.

Then she realized what must have happened. He SAVED me? Huh? Oh yeah! Figure running to save me…That must have been it. looks like chivalry is still in existence after all...but sometimes is it too much to ask for someone else to enact that existence?someone other than... Oh I dunno... well, Black would be nice.

She grumbled to herself, not happy with her current position. 

Now to get out of here
…Ayra snuggled away from Sirius and moved his arm from her waist and quietly removed her hair from his hand. She sat up and saw where she was: The Gryffindor common room. All the girls were sleeping soundly. Apparently, they were all waiting for her to get up, but fell asleep in the process. Ayra picked herself off the couch and quietly stepped up the stairs to grab her Cloak of Illusion.

This cloak was kind of like an invisibility cloak, but far less expensive. It was made out of a special material that blended in with its surroundings. After a minute of rummaging, Ayra finally found the smooth fabric and draped it over herself. Nodding her approval of its great imitation of her side of the room, she left.

She quietly tip-toed down the girls stairs and into the common room. She watched all of her friends and enemies sleeping in the same room. James was sitting/ laying by lily who had her head on his shoulder, Remus was by Kalahan, and her head was on his lap, and Marietta was snuggled with peter. Ew. And Sirius was sprawled on the couch. Just like I left him. She tip toed to the portrait and swung it open. Now that the tube transportation wasn’t necessary, and she wasn’t in a hurry, she made her way up to her summer room.. She ran to the ballerina portrait and twirled in front of it.

The ballerina looked around the hall, “Who’s there? Show yourself!

Ayra laughed, “Relax Penny, it’s just me.”

Penny smiled, shaking her head.“ Ayra…you and that cloak.” She opened ever so slightly.

Ayra thanked her and stepped in the little room that used to be hers. She cast her cloak quickly off and sat on the little mattress. She looked around the room and noticed that nothing had changed. She quickly pulled out her book on animagus and flipped it open to the last page

: The final stage of an complete animagus is too point your wand, as you have already done, to yourself and say ‘Completus Animagus!” Making an swish in the shape of an infinity sign, all the while thinking about the animal that you want to become. If you are at this stage already, you must be able to change shape into 3 different types of animals. This spell gives you complete power of animagi in your area. Once you complete this spell, you will be able to tell animagi from non-animagi, take any animal form you want- fiction or non-fiction, and you will be able to speak to animals at will in human form. This is also a metamorphous spell. Your power has to be top to attempt this spell . Warning, if you have not completed the other tasks in this book completely, do not attempt this spell.


Best of LUCK! The End.

Ayra stared at the book and raised a confused eyebrow. "That’s it? Nothing else? What’ll happen if I’m not ready? Hmmmmm? Ever thought of that Mr. Author? Oh well, I guess I'll have to try sometime," she muttered to herself in dissatisfaction.

Ayra thought about all the summers she had been working on this. She could turn into an eagle, a cat, and a rabbit. Strangely though, every animal that she turned into had aqua blue eyes. She could take individual parts of any animal and make them her own, and she could turn from animal to animal without having to turn into a human in-between. I’m ready. Yeah. She took her wand and pointed it at herself. She opened her senses to the world around her and breathed in and out and calmed herself down. She took a deep breath and shouted ‘Completus Animagus!’

Ayra felt like she was on a roller coaster. She could smell amazing one second, then plain the next, then she opened her eyes and saw whirls of color. She shut her eyes and waited for the sensation to end. About 5 minutes of shape changing Ayra opened her eyes again and frantically looked for a mirror. After a minute of frantic searching and not finding, Ayra pulled out a knut out of her pocket and transfigured it into a mirror and looked at herself. She gasped. Her eyes had turned a vivid shade of aqua, and had silver flecks running through them, her hair had turned black, and her ears! They were pointed like an elves!! She focused on her eyes and thought hard.

Green. Turn Green! And literally, she watched as her eyes turned into a green color-but still retained the silver flecks.. She squealed in excitement and thought about her hair. Bubble Gum Pink! Her hair turned pink! Now Curl…Anything that she thought, it happened. She looked at her ears, and they rounded. Then she frowned and thought about the way that she used to look, and focused on that image. To her amazement, nothing happened. Then she realized That isn’t the real me anymore. The real me is the aqua black eyed girl now. She sighed and changed into her ‘normal self.’ and laid down on the bed. She drew a circle in the air, then x’d it out, and sent it up. The ceiling went invisible and revealed the stars. She sighed and watched a shooting star cross the sky.

I wish…That every time I saw a shooting star, my wish would actually come true. I’ve wished so much, and my wishes never come true. I wanted a friend, you gave me a couple, but I want love, and that you wont give me? Why? Ayra transformed her clothes into pj’s and closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep, but not before one crystal tear ran down her cheek..…

A light hit her in the face. Ayra groaned and covered her face with a pillow. “Not yet, Lily, Five more minutes.”

When there was no reply, Ayra frowned under the pillow. She pulled off the cover and gasped. The sun was in the middle of the sky, the ceiling was transparent, and she was still in bed. OH Merlin!!!! She looked at her watch. It was after 2, and-- “Merlin, Merlin, MERLIN!  I missed potions. I MISSED POTIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BLOODY YEARS!! Whoa. Wait. Transfiguration starts in 5 minutes! GHAHHHH!!!”

She quickly changed her pj’s and looked at her surroundings and saw the cracked mirror on the floor. She picked it up and looked at her self. She dropped the mirror. So it wasn’t a dream!

Ayra smiled as she rushed out the door. Students were exiting rooms from all directions. She couldn’t use tube transportation for fear of being seen. She smiled to random people in the hallway and noticed that she was turning a lot of heads and receiving some quizzical looks. Then she realized, she hadn’t rounded her ears.

Giving a brief thought to them, they rounded. Seeing that she had 2 minutes left to get to the 2nd floor, she began to run. Two seconds before the bell rang, Ayra entered the classroom and took a seat near the front. One second before the bell rang, two bodies sat beside her.

James Potter and Sirius Black.

Agh! Could my day get any better? Ayra thought to herself frustratingly. Sirius looked at her while Professor McGonagall got her things together

 “So sweetums, we haven’t seen you around…..What’s your name?”
Ayra laughed ,”Why, Mister Black, you don’t recognize me? 

Sirius looked closely at her as did James. They both gasped at the same time. “Ayra?” they whispered. 

Ayra looked at their faces in delight and smirked. “Why, you catch up real quick, don’t’cha?

“NO WAY!!!” James and Sirius shouted at the same time.

“Mr. Potter, and Mr. Black, please refrain from yelling in my room or I will have to give you both detention.” snapped Professor McGonagall.

James and Sirius quickly shut their mouths and “listened to the lesson” but that was all a fluke. Ayra looked from one mischievous face to the other.

It was Hogwarts Rumor that these two could read each others minds and could carry a conversation without speaking at all. Ayra made a face as James looked at her then at Sirius and wiggled his eyebrows. Sirius rolled his eyes, looked at her, then made a barfing face. James laughed at this silently and made some really odd gestures with his face. Sirius nodded solemnly and dug out something from his bag.

He pulled out an odd shaped granite rock with silver flecks and set it on the table in front of him. He took off the pink one that was on his desk (obviously something to transfigure something) and put that in his bag. He pulled out his wand out of his robes and pointed it at the rock. He took a breath and waved his and in a series of twists and turns and whispered, “ Florum Expectatom!”

Ayra watched amazed as the rock began to shimmer. The black morphed into a haunting midnight color and sparkled with dots that looked like stars. The rock suddenly began to whir and twist and turn. By now the whole class was watching in awe, Slytherins and Gryffindors alike. A huge blast came from the whistling rock-a flash of light emitted from it and blinded the class for a moment.

When every ones eyes had adjusted back to the dimly light room, they looked at the table. An amazing rose, black as midnight, with star dots twinkling on the petals, and a stem a dark forest green adorned with leaves tipped with silver shimmered on the desk.

Even Professor McGonagall stared at it with amazement etched all over her face. Slowly she smiled and said, “25 points to Gryffindor!!! This is amazing!! Mr. Black, just where did you learn to do that? That magic is far out of your magical capacity..”

"Not that you have much of that at all," Ayra muttered under her breath.

Sirius brushed off Ayra’s comment, and grinned and put the rose in his bag saying , “Lots of Practice, ill make your flower arrangements when you get married to Professor Dumbledore..”

Minevera frowned sharply and announced, “ Mr. Black. You have now earned yourself detention. All day long." and as an after thought she added " Hmm. Ha! On This Saturday, in fact!" She dished out the detention with vengeance.

"“But that’s Hogsma-” Sirius was quickly cut of by Professor McGonagall “ Anyone else have anything to say?”

Ayra raised her hand ,” But Professor, we really want to know. Are you going to get married to Da, erm, Dumbledore?”

Professor McGonagall’s face turned a vicious shade of pink. “You will be serving detention with Mr. Black on Saturday Mrs. woods. And its Professor Dumbledore to you.”

The Professor stated, eyes shooting hazel sparks. With that being said, she turned and walked out of the room. The bell rang and the students rushed out the doors.

Sirius looked at Ayra with disgust. “I have to serve detention with you? How can this weekend get any worse?” his voice echoed through the empty classroom.

Ayra sneered “You could be serving detention with one of your many ex's and have them coo and cry to you all day long."

"Well at least they would give me what i wanted." He raised his eyebrows suggestively at her. "And we all know that you would die to be in their place..."

Ayra shuddered in disc guest. "In your deepest and darkest dreams, Black."

A flicker of something Ayra didn’t recognize shone in those endless grey eyes.. He smirked. "Why Woods, I didn’t know you were kinky...."

She looked at him, "Why Mr. Black, I didn’t know you liked it like that. Is that what your slave girls to do you?"

"They are not my slave girls!" He said heatedly.

"Sure they aren’t. And class is over. I don’t need or want to be around you more than I need to be. So later Black. If you don’t die before i do. Which would be a shame now wouldn’t it?” She tuned to open the door.

”At least i wouldn’t have to see your face," he sneered at her.

Ayra stopped, her back facing to him. pulled on her school uniform tie, and loosened it a bit. She ruffled her hair and magically shortened her skirt by a few inches at least. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned her shirt a few buttons, just enough to show a hint of cleavage, and turned around to a smirking Black. Three strides later she was an inch from his face.

Ayra pulled on his tie to bring him just half an inch closer. She heard him gasp for air. "Are you so sure about that?” Sirius seemed to be at loss for words. His school nemesis seemed to have turned into a seductress in 1.6 seconds flat! Her lips where pursed, and the silver flecks in her eyes we're asking him to drown in them... " I.....I...." he stuttered. Then with resolve, "Yes. Yes I’m sure. " He shook this image away. It was supposed to be disgusting!

Ayra put both hands on his chest and backed him up into the wall roughly in a “Do you like this?“ manner, and brushed her fingers ever so softly against his lips. "Are you really sure, Black?”

She leaned forward, lips just about to brush his, and he closed his eyes in anticipation of those lovely soft lips coming in contact with his. But somehow he thought, it was all so right on many levels. What kind of passion would their hate spark? He wondered.

Ayra looked at the boy in front of her, eyes closed, lips parted to take her to her wildest dreams. She rolled her eyes and stepped back. "Typical."

Sirius' eyes opened to the sound of a shutting door. He laughed hoarsely. "Merlin. She's bloody good at that." After taking a moment to compose himself, he headed out of the door, making a mental not to never be alone with Ayra Woods in an empty room.

Chapter 4: Detention
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Disclaimer: How many times do I have to tell you? JKR lives in SCOTLAND! And are we in SCOTLAND right now? No. didn't think so. I don't own the Harry Potter world. Even though I really wish I did... :) 

The rest of the week flew by without much attention. Homework was loaded on the students and no one had time for pranks. The time went so fast, that no one noticed that Saturday was here, and Hogsmade weekend was that day!

Ayra sat back in her bed and frowned at her friends. “Honestly, you need to hurry up! The marauders are waiting for you.” she finished in disgust. Their very name leaves a bitter taste on my tongue… 
“Ayra, Ayra, Ayra… will fall in love one day, then you’ll see why we take so long to get ready for things. Merlins left ear!!!! Where in goodness is my black mini skirt!?! It was here a minute ago!” said Kalahan, throwing things out of trunks, leaving a pile of clothes on the floor. 

Ayra rolled her eyes and pulled out her wand. With a flick and a magic word, Kalahan's skirt was in her hands. 

“Thanks.” said Kalahan. 

“You need to move” Ayra stated. 

Lily took Kalahan and Marietta by the hands and led them out the door. Ayra rolled her eyes and got out of bed. She went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, and emerged in a black towel to see none other than…… 


Sirius smiled, “You done shouting yet, spawn of Hitler?” He looked at her dripping body and felt a an odd feeling rush through his body. He gulped as a bead of water trickled down her cleavage. Her hair all wet and in a mess around her face wasn’t helping either. 

Ayra backed off. “I wouldn’t be if I was in something other than a towel.” Sirius smirked at her as she made for her trunk. 

Ayra kept the towel firmly around her as she searched for some muggle clothes. She looked at Sirius quickly too see what he was wearing. hmm…that black t-shirt looks really good on him…and those jeans just make him look almost good…..Merlins warts... WHAT AM I THINKING! LOOK AWAY NOW.” 

“Like something you see Woods?” Sirius smirked. 

Ayra colored a bit, “Not really. Just a stupid guy who looks like a ….a…..beetle.” she snapped. 

“Hey! No need to go buggy on me,” Sirius grinned, holding his hands out in front of him.

Ayra just looked at him with loathing and pulled out a gray t-shirt with a blue tulip on it that said , “God doesn’t make blue tulips.” and a pair of jeans. She looked at Sirius who was looking at her amusedly.

"Um. You think you could turn around, Black? I need to get my clothes on.” 




“Sirius. Seriously.” 


“Agh! Fine!” Ayra cast a non-verbal spell at her clothes. and smirked. She pointed the wand at Sirius and muttered a spell that made him blind for  fifteen seconds. Sirius growled in her direction. “Not fair, Woods. “ 

Ayra laughed and with a swish of her wand, her clothes were on her……and just in time, too, for in the next moment, Sirius toppled on top of her… 



Sirius finally regained his sight and looked at the blue eyes underneath him and smirked. The blue eyes smirked back. He traced her smirking lips with his index finger, a crease appearing in-between his perfectly symmetrical eyebrows…He leaned forward then….

Rolled off of her. Ayra opened her eyes wide. This was the last thing that she expected from Sirius. She too got up, wary of him. She watched as he brushed the dirt off of his clothes. He looked at her again. 

“That’s my smirk. You need to stop using it. Or I'll make you pay for it.. McGonagall wants us to report to her office at 3. That’s about-” he looked at his watch- “in two hours. Just thought I’d let you know.” And he was out of the door faster than you could say Quidditch. 

Ayra sat on her bed confused. He was so weird. I think- Merlin- HE WAS ABOUT TO KISS ME. I wonder what it would have felt-----” Ayra slapped herself in the head. I cant think like that. Cant..cant.. She felt frustration growing inside of her. She HAD to go and fuse it somewhere. She surveyed herself in the mirror and twirled around. She looked at her hair, and with a small thought, her hair turned into a layered cut that framed her face. 

Bloody stupid evil hormones.

She looked at her shirt and jeans that hugged her body. She smiled at her reflection and ran to her closet. She pulled out her favorite black-anything-proof sweatshirt and threw it on. She looked back at her reflection one more time and ran out the door to the common room. She threw an ugly look to Sirius, who cocked an eyebrow to her and continued reading his book, and ran out the portal and slammed into a hard body. A hard snakey Slytherin body. She picked herself up off the ground and looked into cold gray eyes, a sneering mouth, and perfect blonde hair. What a perfect item to vent my frustration out on. Hmmm… 

“What are you looking at you Mudblood freak?” 

“Who , me? Oh, just the fact of how your face would look like an butt if I just drew a line down the middle of it…..WAIT! It already does look like an butt….wait a minute, maybe its cause…you ARE an butt. Haha.” said Ayra innocently, but with a smirk on her face, nonetheless. She surveyed the long dark corridor with a bored gaze. 

“Shut your filthy mouth Woods.” Sneered the fearsome Lucius Malfoy. 

Ayra‘s gaze slipped out of the trance, and she clashed her blue eyes against his icy gray ones. “I don’t want too. But your voice is getting on my nerves. Maybe I’ll shut yours for you.” Faster than the speed of light her wand was out and with a mental thought and a flick of the wrist Lucuis was on the floor and unable to talk.
Ayra smirked at him and walked down the door with him “shouting” after her. She shook her head and headed towards the 7th floor. She looked both ways to make sure that no one was watching, but stopped when her eyes rested on a door, 
She reached out the grab the silver handle of the black door in front of her. Ayra quickly tried to imagine where such a door could be, since the door help just a hint of what was inside. She hesitated, then grabbed the handle and edged it open, eye looking through the crack it created. Her new blue eyes opened wide, like REALLY wide. She just couldn’t believe her eyes! It’s impossible. No effing way. The best question to ask was, what the hell was going on?

Lily. And. James. In the same room. Together. While it was. Hogsmade weekend? It didn’t make any since at all. AND THEY WERE HAVING TEA FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Ayra closed her eyes, and shut the door quietly. She glanced at her watch, her eyes growing wide once more. She was late for detention. With Hitler herself. This is not good. 

Ayra ran towards Professor McGonagall’s office. She was already a minute late. She burst through the doors to Sirius and the devil herself looking at her. She gave a lopsided smile and sat down in the desk by Sirius who smirked at her. McGonagall looked at her disapprovingly and continued her lecture. 

“Kind of you to Join us Ms. Woods.” 

“Glad to grace you with the honor of my presence.” Ayra retorted. Professor McGonagall gave her a look that could kill. She continued on with her lecture. “I do not want to ever hear that question again! Do you both understand me?” She snapped. 

“Yes Professor” the two chorused. They then looked at each other with pure loathing, probably thinking the same thing. I just said the same thing as……that thing sitting by me. Ew.”
“Geez Black, can’t you be a little but more original? Originality is really hot these days. Too bad you don’t have it.” Ayra sneered. 

“Well Woods, trust me, if I had known the same words were going to come out of your mouth, I would have said something completely different.” 

“Well, you need to learn to read minds then, because--” 

“Who says I don’t? 

“Who says you don’t what?” 

“Read minds.” 

“Who says you do?” 

“Who says I do what?” 

“Who says you read minds.” 


“You who?” 

Ayra smirked at him, knowing she had won. She knew that it was completely immature, and sooo first year, but she couldn’t resist. Black just looked at her with the finest pure loathing any hate-factory could produce. 

Professor McGonagall’s lips were getting thinner by the minute. 

“You know Black, your face could get stuck that way.” 

“Well, you know, the ladies love a sinister black.” 

“Who says?” 

“Who says what?” 

“That we love a--” 

“ENOUGH!” bellowed McGonagall with such force that the two teenagers shut up immediately and looked at her with respect. Her lips were gone. 

McGonagall looked at both of them with the strictness of a….well, a professor McGonagall. That was a category all in itself. She reached into her cloak and pulled out a piece of parchment. She handed it to Ayra. “This is a list of chores that you two are to do. “ 

Ayra showed it to Sirius. He looked at the Professor and nodded his head. “We can do this. Thanks.” He gave McGonagall a charming smile who colored a bit. 

God. Even the old women can’t resist him. Ayra thought as she rolled her eyes. She looked at Sirius, he smirked back. McGonagall looked at them both and cleared her throat to get their attention. “You may go.” 

Sirius and Ayra stood and walked out of the stuffy room. Ayra looked at the list and ran the chores mentally in her head. Clean the floor of the girls loo (You too Mr. Black), Scrub the floors of the great halls, and clean the trophies in the trophy room. The both of them headed towards the girls loo in silence. When they reached the door Ayra pushed it open and ushered Black inside.

“This place gives me the creeps,” shivered Sirius. 

Ayra laughed and looked at the dirty floors and the murky walls. “You’ll live Black. This place can’t be any worse than the Forbidden Forest.” 

Sirius cocked an eyebrow. Ayra smirked. “What did I tell you about smirking Woods?” 

“ What did I tell you about cocking the eyebrow?” She bantered. Ayra picked up the rag on the floor and handed one to Sirius who looked at her quizzically. 

“You never said anything about my eyebrow.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes and started to scrub the floor. “I meant to. Never got to it.” 

Sirius laughed, “you know you think it’s sexy.” 

Ayra smirked at this. “Oh you know I do. But the other eyebrow. Its just plain ugly.” 

Sirius mocked rage and continued scrubbing. ‘We better get this done, or McGonagall is gonna give us extra detention. Which I really don’t want.” 

A long silence issued. I hate silences….. I hate silences….I hate silences

A joyful hour of scrubbing later…..

I bloody hate g silences. I hate them. They should go to hell. Stupid, ugly, demented…..agh!…

Ayra looked at Black who was happily scrubbing the floors. Her eyes widened as she saw his shoulder muscles rippling on his back. His arm muscles with every scrub. She quickly looked away. God! If it wasn’t for this stupid silence, I wouldn’t notice these things! Fantastic. CANT HE JUST BLOODY SAY SOMETHING? HONESTLY!!…..
Ayra sighed and scrubbed out her frustration on the floor. She looked at her hands. They were sore, red and raw from scrubbing so hard. She winced as some soap trickled into a blister on her thumb. But she kept scrubbing. Thoughts clouded her mind… Why Sirius saved her….why he wasn’t insulting her right now as he usually does….why is he being so quiet?!?!?!?!? Finally, Ayra broke the silence.

“Oi, Black.”

Sirius stopped scrubbing and looked at her with a smirk on his face. He took in her disheveled appearance…Her black hair falling out of her mess bun, tendrils falling behind her ears, the little make up that she had on was mussed up, her lip gloss was gone.. She looked breathtaking. But I can’t think like that. Its against the law. “What?”

Ayra looked him square in the face. He noticed that her eyes made her alive. She opened her mouth to speak , “ Why did you-----”

“Save you?” Sirius intervened. Ayra looked at him astonished. She nodded her head. 
“So I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of finding another person to aggravate all 
the days of my joyful happy life.” he said. Answering her question. 

“How did you do that?” 

“Do what?” 

“Read my mind.” 

“Well you said that I couldn’t.” 

“Did not.” 

“Did too.” 

“Did not.” 

“Did too.” 

“Did not.” 

“Can you just grow up woods, honestly.” 

“Nope. Did Not. I win.” 

“Did not.” 

“Did too.” 

“So now you say I can read minds, eh woods? That did too was pretty enthusiastic.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes and continued scrubbing the floor. “Only you would do that in order to continue to make someone else’s life a living hell. Obviously you think I owe you.” 

Sirius’ lips curled into a dark smile. “Oh you can pay me back later Woods. I’ll let you know by the time were in the great hall. I think we’re finished here.” 

Ayra’s eyes widened in astonishment. She looked around and noticed that they had finished scrubbing the floors. She jumped up and did a little victory dance. Then stopped when she heard a chuckle. She turned around to see Sirius banging his head on the wall holding his stomach holding in laughter. Ayra narrowed her eyes at him , “What’s so funny, Black?” 

“Never………In…………my…………life…..would…I….think…..that…I….would…ever…see…you……..THAT……of…all….things…….” he wheezed between laughs. He fell to the floor clutching his stomach. 

Ayra crossed her arms and looked at the immature boy on the floor and began tapping her fingers on her arms….

5 excruciating minutes of -listening-to-a-boy-laugh-like-a-hyenna-that-just-choked-on-a-banana later…

Ayra quit tapping her fingers on her arm and stared at the boy who was still laughing on the floor. Rolling her eyes she went up to him and kicked him in the side. He yelped and looked up, “OUCH! What do you do that for?” 

Ayra cleared her face of all emotions and tried the most official business tone that she could muster. “We need to get to the trophy room.” 

Sirius put the buckets and the rags into a cleaning cupboard on their way out. He looked quizzically at Ayra who was muttering to herself. He watched her do this for about 30 seconds and chuckled. Ayra gave him a look that would have murdered him. 
“What.” she hissed as she tried to focus on the stairs in front of her. 

Sirius shrugged and said, “you were muttering to yourself. It was weird.” Ayra rolled her eyes, and somehow lost focus of the stairs and toppled backwards. Sirius heard her gasp in surprise and turned to look at the girl beside him only to discover that she wasn’t there. He looked behind him to see Ayra at the bottom of the stairs, rubbing her head. His lips curled into a smile as he looked at her with a smug expression on his face. , “You just fell down the stairs.” 

“Way to state the obvious Bloody Captain of the Titanic. ‘Oh no! we just hit an ice burg! The ship is filling with water! Its gonna sink!’ geez. You are so…….so……” Ayra threw her hands up into the air in frustration. 

“Sexy?” Sirius offered. He watched her get up and brush the dust off of her clothes. She looked at him with a you-are-a-total-prat-who-knows-nothing look and continued up the stairs. After a few steps, She looked back. Sirius was standing in the same spot that she had left him two seconds ago. Bloody moron. “Black. Are you incapable of walking as well as saying something useful?” 

Sirius broke out of his trance and looked at her and narrowed his eyes. The girls followed HIM. Not the other way around. “I’m coming spawn of Hitler.” he hissed. 

Ayra just rolled her eyes and said. “McGonagall is not my mother.” and kept trudging up the stairs. 2 minutes of silence later, they reached the trophy room…. 

*Ayra opened the door and pushed Sirius in. 

“Hey! I almost tripped! Not nice Woods.” he frowned at her. 

“I was just being courteous” sneered Ayra. “Ladies first you know, and all that. It’s manners.” 

Sirius rolled his eyes in a very Ayra-ish manner and imitated her, “I was just being courteous. Ladies first you know, and all that. It’s called manners. “ 

Ayra glared at him then tore her eyes from his to survey the room. There were at least a hundred trophies on the shelves, not counting the ones on the floor. “McGonagall is a bloody nazi, I swear.” 

Sirius looked at her, “I was thinking more on the lines of bloody-terrorist-born-to-make-our-lives-a-living-hell aka Hitler ….but I can work with nazi. They seem to be somewhat the same thing.” he finished. 

Ayra muttered to herself and picked up a rag that magically appeared on the floor for her and began to dust. She could scarcely hear Sirius in the background, so she completely shut him out. She needed to be alone with her thoughts for a while.

They finished the rest of the dusting in silence. 

Ayra looked at her watch as they walked down the corridors to the Great Hall. It was almost 6, which meant that Hogwarts students would come back from Hogsmade soon. Ayra smiled to herself. Haha. I wonder if Kalahan will have remembered the dare that Marietta gave. she thought to herself. 

“What are you smiling about?”

“Oh. Something. It‘s a girl thing.”

Sirius cocked an eyebrow as they entered the great hall…. 

Ayra looked at the bucket and rags waiting for them on the floor and whimpered. Sirius chuckled.

“Did you just whimper?” 

“No you moron, I was singing opera for the Russian Ballet.” Ayra sneered.
After a few seconds of silence Ayra started to hold her laughter In. Three, two..…one…..? 
“Hey wait a minute…People don’t sing in the Russian--” 

“Nah, duh Einstein.” 
Sirius just rolled his eyes and threw a rag at her. She caught it and glared at him. She got down on her knees and began to scrub the floor. After about 30 minutes, her knees were sore and wet, her hands were even more blistered than before, and she was completely on the verge of losing it. She looked up from her work, a quarter of the great hall done, and looked at Sirius. Her mouth dropped open.
He was already done with half of the hall, and was standing up, rag under foot cleaning! Oh that imbecile! I can’t believe he wouldn’t tell me how to do that!!! Its despicable! She thought to herself as she got up off the floor. Then she smirked as her mind formulated a plan. She put the rag under her foot and began scrubbing like Sirius and pulled out her wand from her jean pocket. She pointed it at his bucket and whispered , “wingardium leviosa!” Slowly, but surely the bucket floated up off the ground, and into the air. She pointed to the area above Sirius’ head and waited for the opportune moment. Just a little closer....

Sirius, completely oblivious to what was going on picked his foot up to dip his rag in his foot, to find that his bucket wasn’t there. He twisted around, confused. 

A strangled giggle came from the other side of the great hall. His eyes flashed towards the sound, and all he saw was a glitter of mischievousness in those aqua eyes right before a bucket of water turned over on him. He sputtered for a second and wiped the soap from his eyes with his hands. He glared at Ayra who was on the floor, laughing as if there was no tomorrow. 

“Oh……my…..word……should….have…seen….the…look…on…..your….FACE!!!” she managed to laugh out before in the blink of an eye, She was soaked from head to toe in suds. Ayra wiped out the soap from her eyes, sputtering, and stood up wand drawn. She looked at the boy in front of her, and looked at the wand. “OMG. Sirius. We did all this work for nothing!!!” 

Sirius looked at her with a confused expression on his face. Ayra kept ranting. 

“OMG. Why didn’t I notice it before?!?! I should have, now I wouldn’t have these blisters on my hands, and my clothes would be fine, and I could have been in Hogsmade and---” 

“Geez woman! Tell me what you’re talking about please, or I may just have to come and strangle you.!”

Ayra smirked and ran at him. Not expecting the movement, Sirius stepped back, and slipped on the wet floor. Ayra’s eyes grew wide and she shrieked! Hands flailing all over the place, both of them trying to regain their footing to no success, they fell down. Ayra on top of Sirius, for the second time that day. Sirius growled in a very doggish manner and Ayra opened her eyes big and innocent. 

“Why Mr. Black, you seem to be in a predicament here.” 

“Get off of me, Woods.” He snarled. 

“My my. Very doggish aren’t we?” She folded her arms on his chest and put her head down and pretended to sleep. Sirius, annoyed at this, grabbed her and rolled over, so that he was on top of her. Ayra smirked out from under him. Their smirks faded as they realized their predicament. Ayra could feel his well sculpted torso pushing her down, one of his knees between her legs, his hands holding her wrists captive over her head. Ayra struggled for air, and blushed a little. 

Sirius was at lost for words. Her blue eyes were drawing him in. He was drowning in them. A faint blush was cast on her cheeks. He watched as Ayra licked her dry lips, and he was totally lust in the moment. He pushed it away. He shouldn't be feeling this! He put it off, almost to late, to his teenage hormones.

“Whatcha gonna do, Black?” she rasped. 

He sneered at her. “Shut up, Woods.“ 

Ayra let the blush fade from her cheeks and she pushed him off her, rolled her eyes and got up. She pulled out her wand and magically cleaned the floor.” 

Sirius eyes opened wide, “HEY! You cant do that!! McGonagall told us no magic!!!” 

Ayra looked at him with an innocent look in her eyes, “ Did she?” 

Comprehension dawned on his face ,”How could we be soo stupid?!?” 

Ayra smiled to herself, “I don’t know Black, I don’t know.” suddenly she grimaced as 
her wand rubbed against one of her blisters. Sirius looked at her in concern and walked over to her. 

“You OK?” he asked simply. 

“These damn blisters hurt like purgatory, and I don’t know any healing spells. That’s next semester, and I don’t have any potions with me.” she frowned. 

Without looking at her, Sirius picked up her hand gently. He inspected her blisters one by one. How did she scrub with soap all day with blisters like these? It looks like she has boils on her hands!” he mused to himself. 

Ayra took in a deep breath as a shivery feeling went down her spine as Sirius held her hand. She watched as he pulled out his wand and muttered a few words and her blisters vanished. Ayra jumped for joy, ruining the moment, and hugged Sirius. She pulled away and smiled. 

“You are good for something!!!!” 

“You don’t know how give sincere compliments do you?” 


Sirius raised an eyebrow at her. “I didn’t think that you could genuinely smile at all.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes with a smirk. “Well, thanks. And don’t expect me to be all nice to you just cause you fixed my hand.” 

Sirius scowled at her, “I wasn’t expecting anything from you anyways.” 

Ayra’s smirk grew bigger, “Good.” she looked at her watch. “Well, its been a while, and i’m heading up to a secret place of mine. I’ll talk to you later..." And with a second thought she added, "Or not.” 

Sirius raised a hand to her retreating figure. “Whatever.”

And so went detention. 

Chapter 5: Silver Blob
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my OC characters... the world is credit of JKR :) The brillaint woman who wrote the Harry Potter books!

BALL! I DON’T WEAR DRESSES!” Ayra shouted. 

All of the girls in the dorm winced as Ayra’s voice cut through the air. All of the portraits in the room had left, save a couple, who were wearing earplugs, and were taking naps. Ayra and Lily had been arguing for about an hour . Lily stood there impassively. 

“I think you just made up a word,” lily stated coldly. “And besides you haven’t heard me out. The ball is not some frivolous frilly and formal ball, it’s a HALLOWEEN ball. Got it? You don’t have to wear a dre--” 

“Lily. For the last time. I am NOT wearing a dress!!!!” screamed Ayra.
“FOR THE LAST TIME AYRA, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS!” the portrait woke up and raised an eyebrow at them, wincing at Lily’s sharp voice, then turned over to sleep some more. 

Ayra closed her mouth and looked at Lily strangely. “I don’t?” 

Lily got down on her knees and threw her hands towards the sky “ Praise Merlin!!!!! SHE GETS IT!” 

Ayra sat down quietly, “OK, then. I'll go.” 

Lily lglared at Ayra with a frustrated look. “You just drop the subject like that? OK, I'LL GO? This is the LAST day to get your stuff! All of us have our outfits already! How are you gonna manage that after hours!?!?!?!?!?! "

Ayra rolled her eyes to herself. No knew about the secret passageways as far as she knew but herself. She would go tonight. “I'll make it somehow Lily.” 

Lily threw up her hands in the air. “Whatever Ayra. I doubt it. You probably won't even show. You know what? I don’t even care!” 

Ayra smirked , “ Then why have you been yelling at me for the past-” she looked at her watch, and her smirk grew wider, “--2 hours?” 

Lily just glared at her and stomped into the bathroom. Ayra looked at the other two girls in the room,” What’s her problem?” 

Marietta and Kalahan just gave her death looks. Ayra shrugged and got up. “Oh yeah. I definitely feel the love in this room. Guess I'll go and get that outfit, shall I? 

The two looked at each other in puzzlement, then looked back the place where Ayra should have been. Neither of them heard the door close quietly….

Ayra sighed in relief. Making sure that her cloak covered her completely, she began her way down the hall. She had been sneaking out for the past 2 months just wandering around, trying to find other secret ways around the school. She had currently been puzzling over a portrait of a dress, that changed everyday. 

The interesting thing about the portrait was its unique frame that was covered in doorknobs of every color, shape and size. And every single one had a keyhole. Ayra had found all the keys (with help of the elves of course, who had most of them..) but one. It would match a black doorknob that had stars engraved in it. 
Ayra glanced suspiciously at a the portrait as she passed by. She continued down the hall the statue of the witch. She tapped her wand on it and muttered a spell, and slipped into the hole that appeared. She quietly walked down the tunnel, not even bothering to “lumos” her wand for light. She hadn’t been scared of the dark ever.
“I wonder what I want to be for the Halloween ball. It shouldn’t be that hard.. Hogsmade shops don’t close till 10:30 tonight.. Hmm. Cat woman is too old, someone will definitely have it…Cinderella. Bet 25 girls are gonna be that. OH!!!!I could be a-----” 

Her thoughts were interrupted by something slamming into her back, making her fall to the floor. Ayra screamed. She twisted quickly, so that her face wouldn’t hit the ground: Her back connected with the floor at full force. She felt a body….Wait..Two bodies?

“Oh, how brilliant. My cover is screwed. This is NOT good.”  she thought.

Ayra pulled the cloak off of her face to discover….Nothing on her body. It just appeared so. The dead weight on her body told her different. “Ok you- whoever you are. Get off of me right now. I cant breath.” 

“Woods?” Two voices said at the same time. 

Ayra rolled her eyes when she heard those voices. Bloody fantastic. Black and Potter. Just what I need right now. “No. I’m the bloody tooth fairy. Now please get off of me?” 

The weight shifted off of her, and She stood up, immediately and pulled out her wand. She quickly said, “Lumos“ and pointed it to the air behind her. “Go ahead and take off the invisibility cloak, Black and Potter. Cause I know its you. Hey, my covers blown, yours might as well be too. "

With a swish of a cloak, the faces of the two boys appeared. They looked at each other, then at her, then at each other, then back at her… 

“Could you please stop doing that?” 

“Doing what?” 

“Looking back and forth like that you morons.” 

“We aren’t morons.” 

“And both of you are creeping me out.” 


“Because you two just answered the questions together.” 

Looks of confusion passed over their faces. 

“In Unison?” 

The looks of confusion grew darker. 


Darker still… 

“Do I need to break it down?” Oh my goodness. You can literally see the question marks written on their foreheads. 

“AT THE SAME TIME?” she practically yelled. '

Comprehension dawned on the boys faces. 

“Finally! A sign from merlin that you speak English!” Ayra exclaimed with and overdose of dramatics. 

“Cut the Crap Woods, what are you doing here?” Sirius asked with a sneer on his face. 

“I think the question is, what are you doing here?” Ayra shot back at him. 

“Why can’t we all just live in peace?” James groaned. 

“You would do well in those Miss USA pageants. Too bad you aren’t a girl.” smirked 
Ayra. She stood up straight and did a pageant wave, “World Peace.” she said with a smirk. 

“What’s a Miss USA pageant?” asked James. 

“Prongs, I’ll tell you about it later. Now, Woods, back to the original question, what are you doing here?” 

Ayra just smiled at this, picked up her cloak, and continued walking down the hall. “I have people to see, stuff to buy….things to do.” 

Sirius and James walked up casually on either side of her. 

“Well, I have people to see.” Stated James. 

“And I have things to buy.” Sirius said lightly. Then he looked at James. 

“And we both have things to do. You wouldn’t mind the company would you?” 

Ayra looked at both of them as if they were crazy. “You’re doing it again. And you’re 
rhyming this time. Not a good sign.” 

The boys looked at her and replied in unison. “Doing what?” 

Ayra rolled her eyes. “I am NOT going through this all over again. Never mind. I don’t care if you two come with me, but there are some things that i’m gonna have to do alone. OK? 

The two boys beside her shrugged and yet another silence entered Ayra’s life…. 

“Sooo. What are you doing here?” Ayra asked them. 

“We won’t tell you till you tell us. We asked first” said Sirius.. 

Ayra looked at him, as if he was an anti-social Popsicle stick. “Did Not.” 

“Did too” Sirius retorted. 

“Did not! 

“Did too! 

“Did not! 

“Did too! 

“Did not!” 

5 minutes later…. 

“Sirius Black! I fucking did not!” 

By now, the conversation, aka, IM-GONNA-FREAKIN-BITE-YOUR-HEAD-OFF- fight had progressed to three word comebacks. The were also yelling at each other. What a life. 

“Could you just shut up?” James moaned, holding his head. 

Sirius and Ayra looked at him with furious expressions. The argument ceased for a second, and James breathed in relief. Sirius and Ayra glared at each other. Ayra just pushed a stray hair behind her ear and started walking away, down the tunnel, leaving the boys far behind. 

Just when she had reached the barrier of earshot, she head James say, “Padfoot, can’t you just give it a rest? You make her life hell as it is.” 

Sirius just glared at the retreating back. “She makes my life worse.” 

James just rolled his eyes and pulled his friend down the tunnel.

Ayra pushed up the trapdoor of the cellar of Honeydukes, Cloak of Illusion wrapped tightly around her body. She climbed to the surface, and, after surveying the area, she climbed up the stairs and entered the late traffic of Honeydukes. She walked out the door to a Halloween covered world. 

Glittery spider webs hung from the trees, animated spiders falling onto the unsuspecting heads of passerby. Orange Jackolanterns glowed from the inside, showing their intricately carved faces. She looked behind her for two invisible boys. After seeing no telltale signs of them, she hurried toward the first costume shop…

3 costume shops later…..

Ayra threw up her hands in frustration. She ran them through her hair. She had looked through racks and racks and racks of costumes, not finding anything she wanted. Not to mention the fact that she would have come up with the greatest idea, if two idiots hadn’t run into her. For her life, she couldn’t remember what it was. She sighed and went into the fourth costume shop. 

She groaned when she saw the racks of costumes in front of her. She rolled her eyes and went straight to the cashier. She approached the cute boy, black hair and green eyes, odd combination, but cute none the less. He looked at her with a dashing smile, “ Can I help you?” 

Ayra looked at him with relief. “Yes you can. Anything that would fit me. Price is not a factor.” 

The boy looked at her, and took her measurements with his wand. He pointed to a silver blob. “Stop into that, would you? There’s nothing in any of our braches that will fit you, shame as it is. Can you afford a 400 galleon costume?” 

The Silver Blob was a godsend, really. It looked like a big telephone booth, but silver, and a blob. If one has ever been to Chigaco, in the US, it looks like the silver blob in Millenium park. Except for the fact that it looks like a big telephone booth, and silver, and a blob.

Ayra smiled, “I can definitely do that.” she said while stepping towards the blob. She felt a hand touch her back, urging her to enter the blob. She turned around and smiled a dashing smile, before falling into the blob. 

Almost instantly, she felt the form wrap around her. She closed her eyes to the substance. After a few seconds of this the blob spit her out. She fell into the arms of the boy. She smiled and looked up at him. His green eyes looked down at her, and widened in amazement. “That blob accentuates your beauty. It fits what it thinks that you will look best in. Looks like you look like…” 

Ayra turned to the mirror. Her hair was swept up in a bun, a black mask covering her eyes, accentuating the blue. Hugging her body was a black suit that looked nothing like the “cat woman outfit.” She looked like an assassin. Her nails were a blood red. She looked into the mirror, and transformed her eyes into a green color, so no one could identify her by her blue eyes. 

She reached into her cloak, and pulled out 4 100 galleon notes. The cute boy rang up her purchase. She tapped her new outfit, and it flew into a bag, her clothes already on her body, before anyone could see anything. She shrunk the bag and put it in her pocket. Ayra left the store with the purchase, and her cloak wrapped securely around her to find two pairs of eyes staring at her. 

‘What took you so long?” Sirius complained. 

“You were in there for forever!” whined James.

Ayra rolled her eyes.  Impossible. Annoying. Stupid. Crazy. Mean. Illogical. Arrogant. Hungry. Savage--

“--Really. So what did you get?” 

“We got all this awesome stuff, from Zonkos, and we got our costumes today.”

Annoying. Ignoramus. Freaky. Gross. Unnatural. But sexy non the less-- 
“AYRA!” both of the boys bellowed at the same time. Passerby gave them strange looks, but after a couple seconds, everything was normal again. 

“Can I help you?” Ayra asked politely.

“Yeah. You’ve been like in LALA land for the past half hour. Honeydukes is closed. This is where we leave you.” 

Ayra raised an eyebrow at them while they were turning to a different direction. “I know about the one through the shrieking shack you guys. Not stupid.” she said to their retreating backs. 

The who boys turned around in astonishment. 

“You do?” they said together. 

Yeah. I only helped build the thing!! “Stop that! it’s getting really annoying.” Ayra said exasperated. 

“Stop what?” 

Ayra groaned and ran her hands though her hair “Just lead the way.” 

Sirius and James shrugged and walked on either side of her. 

“You know, Woods, “ Sirius started, “The shrieking shack is really dangerous. You really shouldn’t go in there.” 

“Yeah Woods. It really is haunted.” 

“And you except me to be naïve and believe that its haunted?” Ayra said skeptically. 

“Um…yeah?” James said expectantly. 

“Well..I don’t. yeah. But I’ll beat you there!” 

Ayra started running, her feet flying under her hair in the wind…James just rolled his eyes and kept walking, Sirius on the other hand… 

“Woods! Wait up!” Sirius panted. 

Ayra looked at him, “What, cant keep up with m----” her words were but short as she stumbled to the ground, hitting her head on the cobble stone streets, loosing all consciousness. The last thing she saw was Sirius' face masked with a look of concernt. her last thought. Oh yay. He gets to play hero agian...super. Then there was blackness, as the ground came up to meet her.

Sirius groaned. “Why do I always find myself in these situations?” he mumbled to himself, shaking his head with a grim smile on his face. He brushed long waves of black hair from Ayra’s face. He tried to look away, but realized that he couldn’t. He reached up a finger and ran it along her jaw with gentleness that no one would have thought that he had. Unconsciously his fingers traced her lips, parted open, as if in invitation. Sirius marveled at their softness. 

That was when he realized. Ayra Woods is beautiful! I wonder why I never saw that before. 
You have noticed it before, you just refused to accept that the little girl that made your life hell might actually be sexy. A voice said inside his head.

Shut up! He answered to his conscience. He picked her up bridal style, and headed for the shortcut at the Shreiking shack, muttering to himself the whole way…

“I do not have a crush on Ayr--Woods. I do not have a crush on Woods. I do not have a crush……..” 

Chapter 6: Of Vanishing Makeup and Questions of Dance
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Ayra opened her eyes to the Gryffindor common room. She sat up from the couch, fire almost burnt out, embers glowing gently. . 

“Your awake!!!” 

Arya rolled her eyes at the voice. “Leave me alone Black.” 

Sirius jumped up with a stupid grin on his face. “I saved you again. You owe me a kiss.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes again. “Do Not, and no I don’t want to play that game with you.”
Sirius rolled his eyes in exact imitation of Ayra and leaned closer to her face. “Come on, you know you want too….” he smirked. 

A mischievous look passed over Ayras features and disappeared as quickly as it came. She leaned forward, her lips almost touching his. Ayra looked into his clear grey eyes. “ I think the question is, do you want to?” 

Sirius stilled, falling into those blue orbs once more…..he leaned down, lips just a space away from ayra’s……


James flew into the room and looked at his friend blushing slightly and his friends enemy walking to the girl dormitories without a word.

“Oi Woods!” he called.

Ayra turned around and smirked at James. “Can I help you?” she asked.

James smirked back. “I was wondering if you could tell me why Sirius over there is blushing like a girl?”

“Because I caught Ellionet Spinnet trying to give him a BJ.”

“That’s not true!” Sirius snapped, and stepped up to her, pushing her into the wall. “You know what happened Woods…You know it.” He shoved her back into the wall, and cried out in pain. Sirius stormed off. James looked at his friend in worry then hurried over to Ayra.

“Are you alright?” he asked, giving her a hand, which she took.

Ayra pulled herself off the floor and winced as her back cracked in several places. “I should be fine.” She stood up straight and dusted off her back. “What’s gotten into him?” she muttered.

James looked concerned. “I really don’t know. But he has been acting odd lately.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “when is he not odd?” then she changed the subject with mischievous eyes. “How is the you and Lily thing coming along.”

She watched as James’s eyes glossed over with his thoughts of Lily and smiled. He sighed wistfully. “we had tea.”

She laughed. “You did what?”

“We had tea. And we talked. Just talked. It was really nice.” he said. Then quited, forgetting that Ayra was there. Ayra smiled and left him to his thoughts.

She entered the girls dorm to a flurry of excitement and the odd smell of…..nail polish, hairspray, and some other substance. It didn’t help that the glimmer of makup and sparkles covered the room. Kalahan, Marietta and Lily were working very hard on their appearances. Ayra rolled her eyes and pulled out her wand. “Scourfigy!” she shouted, the air instantly clearing up, the glimmer of makeup disappearing, and unfortunately for Ayra, her friends’ makeup also disappeared from their faces. The silence that had falled over the room like a spider web was interrupted by the violent shrieks of all 4 girls. Lily, Marietta, and Kalahan running for ayra, and Ayra screaming for her life.

“IM SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Ayra said, cowering behind a pillow.

Lily pounced on top of Ayra, who gasped in pain. “I don’t care. You owe me know. I’m doing your makeup.” she pronounced with a smirk, Marietta and Kalahan standing behind her with mocking upset expressions on their faces.

“Anything Lily. Just please, please get off of me.” she gritted though her teeth in pain.

Lily’s smirk faded as she saw wrinkles of pain of Ayra’s face. She quickly stood up and offered Ayra a hand. “ Are you alright?” she asked.

Ayra smiled a little. “Yeah. Just a little run in with Sirius. “ she said quietly. “So someone said something about makeup?” she said with a hint of repulsiveness in her voice.

Lily smiled…. “Yes. We did…..”

3 hours later….

“You guys, I’m not so sure about this whole makeup and hair deal…” Ayra said, the three girls around her, fiddling with last minute touchups.

“You have-

“got to-


“PERFECT!” Ayra’s three best friends finished in Unison. Ayra simply rolled her eyes. But in the middle of her roll…

“DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES! Its going to ruin the mascara.” Lily pouted.

Bloody fantastic. I cant even roll my eyes. Ayra thought to herself.

After another 15 minutes of fiddling, Lily, who was the mastermind of the whole operation, shouted in triumph. “DONE!”

Ayra sighed. “FINALLY. Now can I see what I look like?” she asked, exhausted., swishing her outfit on, with a spell. Lily frowned.

“No you cant. I need to fiddle with your outfit for a couple minutes…

2 minutes later….

The trio gasped as Ayra’s assassin outfit accentuated their masterpiece. Lily nodded speechless and conjured up a wall length mirror. Ayra’s eyes widened in shock when she saw what she had been made into.

The black assassin outfit had been somewhat manipulated into a Dominatrix/Assassin super sexy outfit. A miniskirt of shiny black leather accentuated her long semi-tanned legs, the skirt scooped up to form somewhat of a halter top that went all the way up her neck (kinda like a sweater, but sleeveless and leather.) a jacket cape that swooped down to the floor was a black background for her knee high, 6 inch black leather boots shimmied up her thighs.. The mask was the same as it was from the store. Plain, black, leather, simple. But it made her newly green eyes pop out unusually. her hair tumbled out behind the mask in curls that danced on her shoulders and she turned around to her friends.

“It’s perfect. Thanks!”

The three girls sighed in relief. Ayra smiled surveying her friends costumes.

Lily was a typical school girl….If it meant a sexy one. With knee high white socks, that led up to a mini plaid skirt, that led up to a buttonup white shirt where her black bra shone through, she looked like brittney spears from the music video “hit me baby one more time” But ten times better of course. This was lily!

Marrietta decided to go as a princess, and was wearing a gownish type Cinderella thing.
Kalahan decided to go the elf route and wore all shades of brown to accentuate her purple eyes. She was going barefoot of course…

The quartet linked arms and went through the door. They walked down the corridors through shortcuts and remained unnoticed. Ayra turned quickly before they reached the doors of the great hall. “You three go first. I’ll be right back.” As she turned and hid in an alcove, she heard the whistles and shouts of approval from half the male population as her friends entered the room. She rolled her eyes and then shut them. She immersed herself in the silence of the alcove and let it hug her body. She focused on her eyes.

Green. I need Green. She thought 3 times. She opened her eyes and turned the wall of the alcove into the mirror. Sure enough, her eyes were green. She turned the mirror back into the wall it had just been moments ago and stepped out into the corridor. She took a deep breath and stepped into the Great Hall. She watched as if in slow motion as the music skipped a beat and stopped, the DJ mouth open staring at her, seemingly unable to perform his duty. People looked around in confusion to see what had caused him to go like that. And in the space of about 7 seconds all eyes were on her. The female ones with malice and jealousy and the males…well, I don’t really have to describe that. They were drooling., That’s all you need to know.

Ayra smirked and swayed her way down the steps into the great hall. She stepped over the DJ and pushed him over. “LET THE PARTY BEGIN!” she yelled melodiously, and mixed up the music. Everyone fell into the song about halfway through.

“Um, miss, do you mind if I go get a drink or something?” the DJ asked Ayra.

“The name’s Ayra, and sure, I think I can keep the booth up for a little bit.

The DJ nodded his thanks and left to get some punch.

After about 15 minutes of waiting for the DJ to get back, Ayra sighed in frustration. He’s not coming back. She thought to herself. She spelled the music to go by itself to join the throbbing crowd that she was watching from above. She stepped into the mob of people and began to dance, losing herself to the music. She crossed her arms over her head and swayed her body to the beat. A pair of hands seductively fingered her ribs and trickled down like a spiders to her hips, the body they belonged to swaying with her to the beat.

“Care to dance Woods?”

Chapter 7: Of Immature Brothers and First Kisses...Of Sorts..
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Ayra resisted the urge to whirl around and face him..If she saw his face, she’d melt into his eyes…and then who knows what would happen, so she smirked when she heard her nemesis’ voice. “I’m not sure enemies are allowed to dance together.” she said as she kept moving to the music. The fingers grabbed her and pulled her backwards against his body.

“Oh but I think they can…” he whispered seductively in her ear.

“That’s why you Black, arent supposed to think…” she said. The fingers pulled her closer and moved her against him to the beat. He blew on her ear and Ayra shivered. A mistake of sorts. Sirius instantly stilled. Ayra did the only thing she could do.

“Im getting cold, I need to go, “ she said and stepped away from him almost succeeding in losing him in the crowd of dancers. He reached out and grabbed her arm and spun her towards him, so that they were facing each other. She looked staright up into his eyes and smirked. “What do you want now Black? I’m cold, and im gonna catch a cold.” she siad, tugging on her arm.

Sirius pulled her towards him, meshing their bodies together. Ayra was scorched….she was burning up..
“This is a slow song, i'll make you warm.” he smirked back. Ayra rolled her eyes and put her head against his chest, lullying away to the liquidity of the music. She stepped closer and tried to get comfortable in his arms….

“Woods….” Sirius rasped. “Stop that.”

Ayra looked up, her eyes half lidded from exhaustion, and partly from other feelings that she couldn't quite name. “Stop what?” she purred.

“Woods…Don’t make me do something that you’ll regret..” he said simply.

Ayra smirked, “and what would that be?” her eyes opened a little wider when she saw the ravenous hunger in his eyes…

Sirius growled and pulled her forward, leaning down to ravish her mouth……

And right before he did…The music stopped. Ayra pulled away. “We cant do this Black. Enemies don’t kiss either, nor do they dance together.” she smirked and turned her heel. Sirius cursed under his breath and turned to follow her, but realized that he lost her in the crowd…

“But it happens, and when they do….Myth says that its like an explosion…” Sirius whispered at her retreating figure-the mentally slapped himself. Great, now I want to prove a myth…..just great. 
A bloody myth.

Ayra sighed in relief. She could still feel the palm of his hand spanning her back. She shuddered and walked over to the punch table. It’s all probably spiked anyways. Ayra grinned. A hand gently grasped her arm. Ayra, puzzled, turned to the owner of the hand, and faced none other than Sirius’ brother- Regulus.

“Well hello there my fair lady, care to join me for a punch?” he asked with a smile.

Ayra smiled back, “I would love too dear Regulus,” and she hooked her arm with his and he steered her over to the punch table.

“It’s probably spiked. My Slytherin friends were talking about it in the common room.”

Ayra laughed, “I was just thinking that….so what do we do? We have spiked punch that could potentially get us drunk…and a room full of people getting there by each sip.”

Regulus smirked at a few drowsy couples- who were in intimate snogging sessions that should have really been held somewhere else. “And we could join them.” He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Ayra rolled her eyes. “In your dreams Regulus.” She grabbed his hand and led him out of the Great Hall. “I know where we can get unspiked punch.”

Regulus looked at her surprised. “Don’t tell me that you know where the legendary kitchens are?” he asked, eyebrows lifted.

Ayra looked at her only Slytherin Friend. “Sure I do, I’ve known where they were for ages now.” He only shook his head, marveling.

Ayra marveled at how much he looked like his brother, but he was so much sweeter than Sirius, honestly. Well, everything except for the whole pureblood thing. However, it was all an act, and Regulus really didn’t have the heart to be as rebellious as Sirius really.

They walked up to the portrait of the fruit, and stopped. Ayra grinned slyly at him and nodded her head to the portrait in a gesture. “Do you want to try and figure it out?” she asked him.

The other Black smirked. “I’d love to figure it out, but why do I get the feeling it’s a whole lot simpler than it looks, and its one of those ‘last thing I would think of’ things?”

Ayra laughed freely. “Maybe that’s because it is.”

She giggled as he looked all over for secret panels and hidden doorknobs. After five minutes of watching Regulus make a fool out of himself, Ayra grasped his arm and pulled him away from the painting.

“It’s too hard.” He mocked a pout and crossed his arms. “Its not fair.” He jutted out his lower lip, and Ayra grinned.

“Wanna see how easy it was?” she said.

Regulus’ eyes twinkled. “Sure, be my guest.”

She reached up and tickled the pear. A glorious laughter filled the corridor and the portrait opened. She grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

The elves stopped and looked Ayra and gasped in delight. All of the sudden they were surrounded by quarries and questions of what they would like, and if there was anything they could do.

“2 of the special Squeakster.” Ayra said, and sat down at one of the makeshift tables that the marauders had brought in a couple years ago. Regulus sat across from her.

Ayra looked at him seriously. “You can’t tell the Slytherins where this is. They’ll kill the house-elves and you know it.”

Regulus smiled gently at her and looked her in the eyes. “I wont tell them, promise. You’re eyes are really pretty, you know?”

Ayra rolled them. “Thanks Regulus.” She said as the elves sat the food on the table.

Their mouths watered as they looked at the cherry tart turnovers in front of them. They smiled. “Whoever eats theirs first wins!” Ayra said.

They drove forkfuls of cherry into their mouths laughing as they went along. Ayra stuffed an abnormously large piece into her mouth, and Regulus mocked frowned. “That’s cheating!”

Ayra laughed. “Life isn’t fair darling!” she said as she shoved another forkful down.

They soon finished, Ayra being the clear winner. Regulus groaned. “Geez Woods, you’re such a man! Where did you learn how to do that?”

Ayra smiled. “I am friends with the marauders you know. And besides, what good is a girl without a hard appetite?”

Regulus smiled back. “You really are pretty. I’m not kidding when I said what I did earlier.”

Ayra sighed. “I know, and thanks a lot. Really, I appreciate it.”

He looked at her intesly and for some reason, Ayra didn’t feel anything from his caressing gaze. He reached up to her mouth and just before brushing it, he said “You have something right there.” And he wiped it off. Ayra smiled her thanks.

“So how is this year coming for you so far?” she asked, skillfully directing the subject to safer waters.

“Its been ok. Lucius is being more obnoxious than ever, acting like the favored Slytherin and all Superiour and crap. It annoys the hell out of me.” He loosened his tie from his “bad boy look” outfit and relaxed into the chair. “ What about you?”

Ayra laughed. “Other than almost getting killed by my friends, getting a makeover done, almost dying in the lake, passing out once….its been quite uneventful…but…” she launched into the story of the transformation of the boys dorms that she had organized, and the other pranks she had pulled. Regulus laughed along with her and told her some of his adventures. They shared a passion for story telling.

“I cant believe that you would actually do that to professor slughorn!” Ayra gasped out between laughs.

“And got away with it.” Regulus added smugly.

She shook her head at him. “You’re just a naughty boy who hasn’t gotten detention yet.”

“And don’t plan to.” He offered.

“Pfft. Even I got detention this year already….” Her mind suddenly wadered to Sirius. And she wondered why. All the memories came back and swamped her. And today…the way that he wanted to kiss her…..

“Earth to Woods?” a voice startled her out of her reverie.

“Sorry Regulus, just tired I guess.” She said, confused.

“Ill escort you up the Gryffindor common room then.” He stood up and offered her a hand.

“You know where it is?” she asked, incredulously.

Regulus rolled his eyes, “Don’t think that you’re the only one with tricks around here.” He laughed as she took his hand, and pulled her up. Ayra linked her hand with his.

“I didn’t think that Reg, I just thought that—“

A body slammed into them, just as they were walking out…

A shadow passed over Regulus’ face, and an annoyed yet happy and confused expression flitted over Ayras.

It was none other than….

Sirius Black.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with Woods in the Kitchens for merlins sake you Slytherin freak?” he hissed at the form in front of him.

“We were eating Blood Traitor. Problems?” Regulus sneered.

Ayra growled. “Could you stop fighting like 2 brothers over some toy? You are BROTHERS remember?!?!? Same blood, who cares? Gosh Black, Get a hold of yourself.” She directed at Sirius. Then to the other Black beside her. “Come on Regulus, lets go.” She said, rehooking her arm with his and they left Sirius to stand in the doorway by himself..

What did I do now? Sirius asked himself....Shaking his head as he said a gloomy hello to the elves...


“Thanks for walking me!” she called after Regulus’ retreating figure.

He waved over his shoulder and disappeared into the darkness. Ayra murrmered the password and stepped into the Gryffindor common room. She surveyed the rooms and found that they were all empty. Ayra sighed. Finally. The common room all to myself.

She got up and headed over to the girls dorm, took a shower, and walked over to her closet, appearance back to normal. She smiled when she saw a silky-red piece of material slyly hanging out from her trunk. Sexy lingerie cant hurt anyone when theres no one around to see you in it. she thought to herself as she slipped it on.

It was beautiful. Floor length and straight cut with 2 strappy sleeves and a slit that went up to high-thigh, the maroon silk clung at her body. She signed in contempt and pulled a book from the shelf- one entitled “Quiditch and Why the World Revolves around it.” and went down and settled into a couch infront of the Gryffindor common room fire.

The crackling of the fire soothed Ayra and soon she was closing her eyes, dozing off to dreamland.

“What the bloody hell are you wearing Woods?!?!” a voice rasped.

So much for sleeping…. Ayra thought, almost comically.

“Its called lingerie Black, but im pretty sure that you must know what it is..” Ayra smirked at him from her laying position. She sat up and looked up at him, he was still towering over her. “And you’re blocking the heat, so if you could move a teensy bit to the left, that’d be great.”

Sirius had been staring when he came in, he knew that. Shoot, he almost fell over his own mouth wich was hanging down to the floor when he saw her- the fire light dancing off her skin, the one leg posed just out of the slit in her night gown…She looked like a goddess, laying there on that Golden couch… And the way her lips had parted to take her first sleeping breath..It nearly killed him.

Sirius scowled, as if he were being treated like an object in an interior decorators store. “I want to know what game you’re playing here Woods.”

“What game?” Ayra asked, all too innocently.

“Don’t act all angelic with me Babe, you can’t fool a master, and someone who’s mind almost works in the same way as yours.”

“I’m really not playing any games. I'm just trying to have fun Black, like every other person. and, don't call me Babe.”

He sat down beside her, and grabbed her roughly. “Well this is what my type of fun is...” he growled, and the last thing she saw was the hunger in his eyes and the feeling that electrocuted her body in that moment….Then he crushed his lips against hers…



Chapter 8: Of Pillow Fights and Flying Pheonixes...
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Forbidden. That’s what it tasted like. Ayra’s mind was screaming at her….

What are you doing? Are you absolutely out of your mind…
Ayra considered not listening to her senses…

Bloody Hell, he is a good kisser…

But she knew it was wrong….

Ayra pushed him away, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand with a disgusted motion. “I told you once Black, I shouldn’t have to say it again, ENEMIES DON’T KISS!” she yelled in his face. Ayra poked her finger into his chest and mocked him, “Or are you a eeeeency weenie toddler who has to have everything said twice to him?”

Sirius smirked at her and grabbed her arms roughly and pushed her against the wall, crushing his mouth to hers again. The Forbidden feeling washed over Ayra again. She wasn’t sure if she could cope with it, she turned her head away.

“You want it just as much as I do, Woods.” He said.

Ayra looked at him angrily. “Let go of me Black. Now.”

Sirius pushed her further against the wall. “Now normally, I’m not violent, but you know its for your own good. Develop your taste darling.” He finished, leaning in for the kill again.

And Ayra did the only thing that a girl in her own situation could do. She kneed him, right where the sun just…well, doesn’t shine.

Sirius gasped in pain, releasing her to protect his goods. “What was that for you witch?!?”

Ayra smirked and turned on her heel. “Next time you want something, just ask!” she called over her shoulder and twittled her fingers. “Tootles!” and disappeared into the shadows.

Sirius growled, and straightened himself against the wall…”But we just did!” he whispered.

“She’s The One Padfoot.” James said adamantly.

Sirius just stared at the wall across from him.

“Like, really. The One.” He added for emphasis.

Sirius kept staring blankly at the wall, trying to ignore his friends comments, eyes empty..

Remus sighed from his bed. “Just leave him be James. I’m sure that he doesn’t want to be bothered right now. Poor tykes frustrated.”

Sirius turned over and put his head on his maroon pillow and sighed. “I just don’t get it. It’s like she’s sending mixed signals or something. It makes no sense to me.”

James smiled sympathetically at his friend. “I know how you feel. Lily was the same way for 6 years…I didn’t understand her, still don’t.”

“Not helping…” Sirius groaned.

Remus shot a glare at James. “Shut up!” he mouthed.

James rolled his eyes. “Why should I?” he mouthed back.

Remus, frustrated, mouthed, “ You’re Not making him feel any better, so just quit!”

James looked at Remus, confused. “What?”

Remus repeated himself.

The look of confusion on James face grew darker. “What?” he mouthed again.

Remus threw his hands up in the air. “Forget it!” he mouthed back, putting exaggerations on the words.

James was utterly confused. “WHAT?” he mouthed…again.

“James, just do what Moony told you and quit, because you aren’t making me feel any better, like Moony said, and forget it, like Moony told you to do in the first place.” Sirius said, his voice muffled in the pillow.

Remus looked astonished. He mouthed to James, “How does he know these things?” James shrugged, a look of astonishment on his face. “I don’t know!”

Sirius laughed and sat up. “ I’m just good like that Moony, and that should answer your reply Prongs.” He threw a pillow at Remus and yelled. “PILLOW FIGHT!”

Remus threw the pillow of his face in mock anger. “Oh no you didn’t!” he yelled at Sirius.

Sirius smirked. “Oh yes I did.” He said picking up another pillow and threw it at James.

James sputtered as the pillow erupted in his face, showering the room with feathers. He put on a face worthy of an Oscar. “You shall die then! And I will get the fair lady in the end!” he said, feathers in his hair, thrusting his hand into the sky, holding an imaginary sword in the other.

“Dude. Prongs. You look like a chicken.” Sirius laughed and ducked behind the bed as James charged at him.

Now these weren’t the normal, pretty, feather flying beautiful pillow fights seen on television. This was a full blown, last man standing type of fight. The feathers were quickly beaten into the ends of the pillows, and they were being slugged around like quiditch clubs.

“Oi Moony! Catch!” Sirius threw the pillow at Remus with all his might, and the pillow burst in his hands, covering Remus too with feathers.

Sirius threw his fist into the air triumphantly with a grin and ran into the common room, pillow in hand. By the time that the other two boys had gotten down to the common room, Sirius had built himself a fort of couch cushions and was surrounded by ready pillows.

“Bring it on you chickens!” he shouted to James and Remus who were looking at him from the stairs. Remus looked at James, and James looked at Remus. The two launched themselves down the stairs. Instantly, countless pillows began beating them mercilessly. Sirius conjured himself a butter beer and reclined on his fort, watching his friends struggle against the pillows, laughing as they could find no escape from the merciless clouds of feathers. Sirius took a sip of his butter beer.

Meanwhile, in the land of flying feathers….

“Oi moony! This is NOT good!” James shouted, trying to find a way out of the mess.

Remus shouted back. “How do we get out of here?”

James pouted. “I don’t know!”

Remus laughed as a feather began tickling him. “I don’t either!” he said between laughs.

James’ face brightened. “Oi moony! You are a wizard you know?”

Remus looked at James with a “duh” look plastered on his face, which James would have found extremely funny, if he could have seen him through the Great Wall of Feathers. “No kidding Prongs.”

James looked around thoughtfully at the attacking feathers. “You do know how to do spells right?”

Remus laughed at his stupidity and pulled out his wand and whispered. “Impedimenta y Hoaxus!” the feathers stopped to let James and Remus out of the storm. They looked back at the swirling cloud and snuck up behind Sirius. Remus, using wordless magic, pointed his wand to the cloud and shouted in his head with all his might. Wingadium Leviosa!
The cloud began moving slowly, almost like a ghost, toward Sirius…..who was not even aware.

James was having a hard time holding in his laughter.

Then it happened. The feathers attacked Sirius, and the only words that they heard from him before he was enveloped was... “Bloody He—“

Remus and James doubled over in laughter. Remus pointed to the cloud and swished it around the room, Sirius struggling inside the cloud. “Not funny Moony!” he yelled. Then maniacal laughter came from the cloud, as the feathers mercilessly tickled him. The cloud passed the common room door and kept on its journey until…

“What the hell is this?” a girls voice said, coming from the cloud, laced with laughter.

Remus’ mouth dropped as he hastily brought the cloud down and defected the feathers.

Ayra, Lily and Sirius tumbled from the pile.

“Oi Padfoot.”

“Yea Prongs?”

“You look like a chicken.” James laughed heartily and laughed as he bounded up the stairs, Sirius chasing after him, completely ignoring the two hen like apparitions in the common room.

Remus looked at them apologetically. “Pillow fight.” He explained.

Lily and Ayra laughed.

“That tells us all we need to know. “ Lily said with an understanding look.

Ayra smiled shaking the feathers out of her hair. “Next time you have one, let me know.” She told Remus, her voice still containing a whisper of laughter.

Remus saluted her. “Will do!” and bounded up the stairs to the surrendering sounds of James’ voice.

Ayra picked up a deserted pillow and smiled at Lily…

“No. NO…. Ayra….. Pillow fights do things to you…like…like…” Lily ran out of words and shrieked as Ayra pounced at her, hitting her with a pillow. Lily ran up the stairs, Ayra running after. “Be prepared to lose you insolent brat!” Lily yelled over her shoulder!

Ayra laughed manically. “I think it is you who should be prepared!” and threw the pillow… 

The eight met at the Gryffindor common room for the trip to go to dinner.

“But I don’t want to go to the Great Hall! I'm sooo Sore!” James whined. Lily glared at him. “Don’t even say that you’re sore. Woods beat me purple with one of those damned pillows!” Lily retorted, wincing as she crossed her arms across her chest. Ayra and Sirius smiled sneakily at each other, looking at all their sore friends- kiss forgotten.

Ayra smiled carefully. “I have a solution.: she said, walking over the a phoenix statue on the mantle.

Remus whimpered. “Unless you know a way to get to the kitchens without having to walk more than 10 steps, I don’t think you have a solution.”

Ayra smiled brighter, “Then I do! Come here Remus.” After several failing attempts to move, Ayra rolled her eyes irritably and grabbed Remus’ arm and Kalahan’s at the same time. They both bit back whimpers of pain. Ayra smiled mercilessly and lined them facing the wall. She pulled on the statuette. Everyone’s mouths fell open as a gaping black hole opened up in the wall. Remus was in awe.

“What is that? How did you do that?” he asked curiously.

Ayra grinned secretively. “That’s for me to know and for you all to never find out!” she said pushing them into the hole. Kalahan turned with a frightened look on her face. Ayra smiled sympathetically. “The Kitchens!” she said, and the hole closed up on her friends.

James pounced on Ayra. “WHERE DID THEY GO!?!?!?!” he asked alarmed. “Are you out of your BLOODY MIND?!?” he shouted in her face. Lily was struck in silence, Sirius looked puzzled.

Ayra smiled again. “Why they went to the kitchens of course!.”

She pulled the statuette again and pushed lily and James into the hole together. “The kitchens.” She said. The hole closed again.

She turned to Sirius, and her smile faded somewhat.

“What is that?” he demanded.

“It’s…well, Its like a floo system, but inside the school. There are little phoenix statuettes all around the school, you just have to look. You pull it to the right and turn in to the left, and a hole will open in the wall. You step in, and say where you want to go, and it will take you to the nearest phoenix to the place where you’re going.” She explained reluctantly.

Sirius looked at her suspiciously. “How did you know this was here?”

“I just looked for it. It hints about it in Hogwarts a History. Listen:

The ability to apparate in the Hogwarts Castle is prohibited and impossible. If one where to try, nothing would happen and they would remain in the same place due to the anti-apparition ward set in and around the castle. Though there are other ways similar to apparation (flying like phoenixes) around the school, apparating is not an option.
She quoted. “See? The flying like phoenixes just gives it away.”

Sirius looked at her and smirked. He grabbed her arm, pulling and twisting the statuette and pushed her into the hole that appeared for the 3rd time. “The Slytherin common room.” He said, with his nemesis face on.

Ayra’s mind scrambled for what to do. Just as the hole was closing, she reached out and jerked Sirius in. She glowered at him.

Sirius smirked. “Well this is cozy now isn’t it?”

Ayra just glared as their bodies were pushed together as the sounds of creaking rocks filled their ears, and they were plunged into zigzagging darkness. 

Chapter 9: And Again
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Ayra and Sirius tumbled out of the wall, Ayra grasping Sirius’ robes, seeing as Sirius didn’t know how to just walk out of walls. James and lily were holding hands and the other 4 were leaning against walls. Sirius’ face was alight with adventure and curiosity.

“How the bloody hell—“

“What the salazar are you lot doing here?” sneered a voice.

Lucius Malfoy grimaced at the two, clutching each others robes.

Sirius quickly replaced his shocked expression with one of a smug one. “Oh I don’t know..Dont you?”

Lucius smirked. “Oh making out with girls far out of your reach Blood-traitor? Why you’re just like your father…”

Sirius snorted. “Yeah, whatever.”

“Great comeback Black.” Ayra whispered into his ear. “But I’ve got a better one.”

“Why Lucius, don’t you know? Black is just a toy to me, and he enjoys “Doing it” with other people in places that he shouldn’t be. Wouldn’t you like to join us. I’m into three somes… Especially when the two joinees are my enemies. “ Ayra said, making a motion to move towards the sniveling blonde boy.

Lucius blanched and stepped back. “I..I..You…!” and with a flourish of a cloak, he was gone.

Sirius looked at her intently. “You like threesomes?”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “No Black. I don’t. Now, If you’ll excuse me.” Ayra made move to leave him, but two arms grabbed her and whirled her around.

Sirius looked straight into her eyes. “How do you know all these things. Corridors I’ve never seen, things like the Pheonix Express or whatever you want to call it. You’re confusing me.”

Ayra smirked. “You were never meant to understand me Black. Now for the second time, would you excuse me?” she said, pushing past him.

If only I could stop her one time… Sirius watched her retreating back, for about the 50th time.

Ayra looked at Lily with an eyebrow cocked. “This is a ball.” I am NOT wearing a dress!” she exclaimed, tossing the maroon fabric onto to floor. Lily’s face blanched.

“That’s an expensive dress!” Lily shouted at her.

“I don’t care!” Ayra shouted, her pretty face twisted into a vicious snarl.

Lily looked in shock at her friend. “What has happened to you?” she asked quietly.

The red in Ayra’s face slowly ebbed away. “I don’t know.” She replied- her face devoid of all colour. “But he has something to do with it.’ Ayra said and sat down in a huff. “I HATE him!” she yelled at anyone in particular.

“I HATE YOU TOO!” a voice shouted back from the common room.

“SHOVE IT BLACK!” Ayra screamed to the closed door.

“WHY DON’T YOU WOODS? APPERENTLY YOU’RE SOOOO GOOD AT IT!” Sirius bellowed through the door.

Ayra stood up, fists clenched. Its time someone taught him a lesson. She thought to herself. She rolled up her sleeves and slammed open the door. A hand caught her from the back, pulling her into the room again.

“He’s not worth it.” Lily said hurriedly.

Ayra smirked in a way that made any color remaining in Lily’s face disappear. “Oh I know that. He just needs to be taught a lesson.” She shook her arm out of Lily’s grasp and walked through the door.

Sirius heard her before he saw her. “What the---?”

The only reply was a fist slamming into his face. “Who the hell do you think you are Black?” Ayra hissed at him.

Sirius got up from the floor and wiped his mouth in a disgusting motion, surveying the room: they were all alone.

“What the hell do you think you’re up too? You’re the one leading me on and all this crap.” Sirius shot back.

Ayra crossed her arms in front of her, putting them between herself and Sirius. She made a sign and rolled her eyes. “ Not this again!” she said, exasperated. Sirius sneered.

“Don’t even try to pull this act on me Woods, I know what its like to be led on. Hell, I do it most of the time. I think you’re just too scared to admit that were more alike than you think…” his voice trailed off, leaving her to her thoughts. But Ayra would have none of it.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ayra laughed manically, for the first time actually loosing her “cool”. “You think we’re alike? HA! That’s a laugh Black! My parents have been dead since I was 6, I’ve lived in Hogwarts castle since then. I have 4 friends, I have NO FAVORITE COLOR! We are nothing alike Black. NOTHING.” She hissed into his face.

Sirius smiled. Ayra’s face fell into one of confusion. How can he smile at that?

“At least you can stay at Hogwarts for home, at least Dumbledore is like your dad, at least your new “family” loves you. At least your friend isn’t a werewolf, at least you know what love is..” he said sadly.

Ayra sneered. “Don’t you even try to…to…make yourself the victim here!” she said, punching each word with a jab to his cheswt.

Sirius grabbed her hands and pulled her finger to his mouth and kissed the tip. And the next one…and the next one…

Ayra looked at him in bewilderment, totally new to this sensation. “What…What are you doing?” she asked hesitantly.

Sirius sneered at her. “Leading you on.”

Ayra’s face turned to one of outrage. “Let me go you bastard!” then she found herself pinned against the wall of the common room.

“You want this as much as I do!” Sirius whispered in her ear. Ayra shivered as his hot breath tickled it.

“No…No….” she gasped as Sirius nibbled at her neck…..

“Yes…” he rose up to meet her lips, crushing them down on hers…

Don’t respond…Don’t respond…

But hes such a good kisser damn it!

Just don’t respond! 
The voices faded as his tongue got more insistant and pleaded entrance to her mouth…

Ayra, tired of fighting for the first time, gave in…and her treasure was plundered……

The kiss was hypnotic. A battle of the tongues. Who would breathe first? Sirius opened his eyes, Ayra’s flew open. She tried to push him away.

“We can’t do---“ Sirius crushed his mouth against hers again.

“Oh yes we can…” he said against her mouth and kissed her…again..and again..and again…..

To be continued….

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Chapter 10: The Bet, The Broom Cupoard, and Poor Baby Lucius Malfoy...
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Ayra pushed him away with a look of defiance in her face, shaky, but yet still defiant enough to make Sirius let out an exasperated sigh.

“You need to figure out what you want.” He hissed at her, eyes glinting with suppressed anger.

“Well you need to figure out that I don’t lust you back Black. You’re just going to have to deal with it.” she sneered back at him.

“You’re confusing me soo much Woods. You have no idea. One minute you’re hot, the next you’re cold. Could you just pick a temperature and go with it?”

“No. I like my unpredictability and the way it makes you want to go to hell.”

Sirius did the last thing she expected him to do. He threw his head back and laughed. “I’ve already been there Woods, and I don’t recommend it for vacationing.”

Ayra rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest. “So what do you propose we do?”

Sirius looked at her maliciously. “I’ll make you a bet.”

Ayra shifted cautiously on her feet. “What kind of bet?”

“Oh, you have to agree to do it before I let you know what you’re betting.” Sirius said, grey eyes twinkling mischievously.

Ayra looked at him confused. “How can I do that without knowing what it is?”

Sirius leaned back onto the common room wall, the fire light glinting off of his hair. “Persuade me to tell you.”

Anger flickered over Ayra’s face, but just for a moment. And once more, she became the dominatrix. She pushed herself away from the table she had been leaning against. “Oh, you’d like me to do that wouldn’t you?” she purred, leaning up to him and whispering in his ear.”

“Yeah, I might.” Sirius said, with casual indifference, pretending to dust ff his clothes. Ayra gritted her teeth, an action that did not go amiss. This is going to be harder than I thought. Ayra said to herself.

Sirius smirked at the tensing of her jaw, making her visibly and mentally relax it. She pulled him from the wall and put herself back against the wall and pulled him backwards to him. She gently massaged his shoulders, kneading the Quiditch knotted muscles into a mass of putty. Sirius bit back a groan of pleasure as her fingers flicked over his shoulders, getting the hardness out of his muscles and making heat rush to his groin. He clenched his hands as he forced his body to relax.

Ayra grinned to herself when she saw his clench his hands and felt him forcibly relax himself to hold up the pretense. Time to step up the game…Ayra leaned forward, pressing herself to him and nipped at his ear.

Sirius hissed in a breath as his nemesis nibbled on his ear. “Perhaps….” He started, trying to push away the pleasure that she was inflicting on him. “Perhaps enemies really shouldn’t do this…”

Ayra rolled her eyes but forced her voice to a husky drawl. “Oh but darling, you’re going to tell me, and I’m just getting started..”

Sirius clenched his hands to his sides, just knowing that he couldn’t control himself much longer. He almost exploded when Ayra bit at the sensitive spot where his neck met his shoulders and molded his body to hers…Ayra taking all his weight and leaning against the wall, the stone leaving imprints in her back..

“So tell me Sirius,” she said seductively in his ear, while her hands traced his navel, just above his jeans, “What is this bet we’re talking about?”

Sirius struggled to get his wits together. Once he finally did.. “The bet... Oh yes…The bet. You have to seduce Lucius Malfoy and make him willingly kiss you. If you can do it, I’ll give you the marauders map….” His voice trailed off into a suppressed groan.

Ayra’s eyebrows raised at his proposition. She fitted him tightly to her body, spanning her hands on his abdomen. “And if I can’t?”

Sirius placed his hands over hers and traced her fingers in a way that made her shiver. “A night in my bed, at my bidding.”

Ayra pushed him away. “What makes you think that I want the Marauders Map that much?”

“Cause it will give you unfathomable power at Hogwarts.” Sirius said contently. “Come on now Woods, surely you’re not a chicken?” he baited, knowing that he had her.

Ayra glared at him from the wall. “You’ve got a bet Black. Better tell you’re precious friends what you’ve given to me single handedly. Cause this is just wayyy to easy.”

Sirius smirked at her glaring face. Why she’s sexy when she’s angry... “Better get your sexiest lingerie dear, cause I’ll be waiting. You’ll know where to find me when you’ve given up. . 7th floor. I’ll know when you’ve given up on the bet. He pulled her and crushed her to his chest, punishing her mouth with a kiss, Ayra resisting as much as she could, trying to deny the fierce warrior butterflies in her stomach. Just as she was caving in to his skill and mastery, Sirius pushed her away, Ayra’s hands forcibly torn from his t-shirt. “Until later darling.” He winked and started up the stairs to the boys corridor.

“Make sure you have the map.” Ayra said.

Sirius grinned, and blew her a kiss. Finally. Things are going my way and she’s playing my game…
Ayra grinned to herself as his door shut quietly and stared at the fire. Merlin, It’s about time. Soon the Marauders Map will be all mine…Black is finally playing my game, a game that I’m bound to win, even if he tries to cheat. 

For who can resist Ayra Woods?

Sirius Black finally slept nicely, muscles relaxed because of a certain someone. His friends puzzled at the smile that graced his face in his sleep, one that hadn’t been there for quite some time. 

A couple weeks passed without much commotion. The regular Hogwarts life went on, and a Ball was soon approaching. Lily kept trying to get Ayra to agree to come, and Ayra kept resisting, though she already know that she was going to go. She couldn’t resist seeing Sirius face when she came in looking drop dead gorgeous. Speaking of Sirius….Ayra and Sirius exchanged malicious smirks in the hallway, and poor Lucius was slowly falling under Ayra’s charm, which was something not known at all to the students of Hogwarts. Their encounters were becoming more frequent, and sad little Lucius was so confused….:

“But Lucius, don’t tell me you haven’t had your first kiss yet?” Ayra purred in his ear.

Lucius into Ayra’s blue eyes and nimbly shook his head for “No.”

Merlin but this jerk is pathetic! Ayra thought to herself, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. “Well, would you like one?”

Lucius’s eyes got bug-sized, then a malice returned to them that replaced the shy little virgin she had just seen. “What game are you playing at Woods?”

Damn. But I had been sooo close! Ayra gave in to the urge to roll her eyes. “How long will it take for you to get the point that I like you and I know you lust me back?”

Lucius glared at her. “Lust is easily satiable by other things.”

Ayra cocked on eyebrow and leaned toward him, her lips a breadth above his. “And you, my little virgin, would know that how?”

Lucius sneered at her, or at least tried to, the nervousness of her being in his personal bubble was unnerving him, and slowly he fell into her blue eyes…

A spark of triumph shone in her eyes as Ayra leaned in for what probably would have been the worst kiss of her life.

And suddenly…

The door slapped open to find…

Sirius Black.

Ayra pushed Lucius into the wall and faced Sirius. “What do you want Black, I’m busy!”

Sirius’ face blanched a little when he saw the way Lucius’ hands we’re resting on Wood’s hips, a surge of jealousy pounding through him. “ So it’s coming along then?” he asked coyly, if not angrily.

Ayra’s face blazed with agitation. She drew closer to Lucius and whispered in his ear. “We’ll continue this later.”

Lucius looked at her with confusion on his face and left the small broom cupboard.

Sirius let himself in and shut the door behind him, his aurora of strength cramping Ayra for room. He pressed her against the wall. “So it is coming along then I assume..”

Ayra put her hands on his chest, trying her best to ignore the rock hardness of his masculinity. But Merlin! Quiditch has done him some good. “I suppose.” She said with feigned indifference.

Sirius smirked and with a single moment, stole a kiss from her mouth. Ayra came up from under gasping for air, when Sirius plundered again. Slowly, he pulled away and gave her another irresistible smirk.

Ayra kept her eyes closed, trying to savor the moment, then realized who the moment was with. Her eyes flew open. “You bastard!” she said, pushing him into his side of the broom cupboard, which was, curiously, empty of brooms. Sirius smirked at her again. “Just cant keep your hands off me, can you Woods? It’s ok, I like them fierce.” Ayra leaned forward just so that her mouth was a hairs breadth away to utter a retort when the door flew open. Ayra squeezed her eyes shut, and with a blast of blue light that blinded Mr. Filch for a second, she turned them both into beetles on the wall.

“Bloody Peeves.” He muttered to himself, putting a couple brooms into the cupboard. “Playing tricks again! Bloody Baron has to do something about this!” he wheezed and closed the door shut. Ayra quickly focused and with a blast of blue light, they were back to normal, Sirius on top of Ayra on the floor.

“Well this is nice, don’t you think?” he said. “You’re an animagus too?”

Ayra nodded, furious with herself.

“So how did you turn me into a beetle?”

Ayra looked at him from under and asked nicely. “Would you please get off of me first?”

“How about I’ll kiss you again? Either I stay here while you tell the story, or I’ll kiss you, and you’ll still have to stay there, and you’ll still have to tell me the story.” He offered.

Ayra growled in her throat. “Fine, I’ll tell you the story. Minus the kiss.”

If Sirius was disappointed at all, it didn’t show in his face.

Ayra tried to make herself comfortable, which was impossible. She began her tale.. “It all started out when I found this book about the Complete Power of the Master Animagi….”

Once she finished her tale, Sirius looked at her in mischievous admiration. “I can see that. It’s all cool, but please, next time you decide to turn me into something, don’t do bug, do something like, lion and lioness and I’ll make love to you on the floor.

Ayra laughed. “And we wouldn’t even need a carpet would we?”

Sirius shook his head and joined in the laughter, burying his face in her throat.

Ayra’s laughter faded. “So, you are going to get off of me now right?”

Sirius picked his face up, the glint of lust in his eyes shining bright, no longer concealed with indifference. He stepped off and roughly picked her up by her arms and savagely stole another kiss. Sirius finally let her up for air, and Ayra pulled him back to her, clearing lusting for more. “No more my pet, when you give up trying to seduce Lucius, let me know. I’ll be waiting.” He trailed a finger from her neck to her naval and smirked at the groan of pleasure that slipped from between two very kissable lips, and left Ayra in a the broom cupboard with the few brooms for comfort.

“What happened to minus the kiss?” she asked, to no one in particular, touching her fingers to her swollen lips. Ayra's eyes flew wide as she realized...Merlins shit! I think i LIKED that!!!! Ayra shook her head in desparation to herself and fixed her appearance. Ayra Woods then gathered herself and stepped out of the broom cupboard.

I'll never ever look at broom cupboards the same again!

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Chapter 11: Going to Plan
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Ayra was fuming once she walked through the door. She wiped off the smile from her face in half of a split second and picked up the closest thing next her and flung it at the wall. She grabbed her wand and with an angry motion, she pointed her wall at the shattered vase on the floor and yelled. “Repairo! Accio!” and threw it again…and again…and agai--

“God Ayra! What is it now?!?” a voice said while Ayra was in mid-thrust.

Ayra turned to look at a sleepy Lily peeking out from the curtains of her bed. Ayra threw the vase onto the floor and it shattered again. She threw Lily a look and opened her mouth to speak, but her friend beat her too it.

“Let me guess. Taller than you, gorgeous eyes and …last name Black?”

Ayra sneered. “More like, trying to be dominating, arrogant, stupid, prat!” she said eyes full of anger as the pointed her wand at the vase again.

Lily spoke again. “Ayra, its time to stop getting mad. Why don’t you just get even for once?” she suggested.

Ayra smiled. She Repaired the vase and levitated it to the nightstand. Lily blanched at the look on Ayra’s face. “Oh my Gosh Ayra! Don’t kill him. Its not worth it.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous Lils, you cant get even with a dead person. It’ll be much more fun to keep him alive…But just barely…”

The best way in the morning…Is not to be ambushed by sticky fruit. Sirius had apparently thought that it was funny to play a prank in the mornings. And everyone knew that Ayra wasn’t a morning person. Ayra glared at the laughing group, and decided to change her tactics. She gripped her hand tightly around her wand then forced herself to release it. She wiped the goop from her face and laughed. She smirked at the marauders, laughing at her from the Gryffindor Table. The Great Hall was laughing at her, so she laughed along.

“If that’s the best you’ve got Black, then that’s just sad. A 1st year could do better than that.” she taunted. 

Ayra walked over to Sirius and stuck her hand in his grits and slopped it on his face and wiped her hands in his hair.

Sirius sneered. “Try to be a bit more original Woods, its so hot these days, too bad you don’t have it.”

Ayra laughed in his face. “Too bad that’s a quote and soo not original.”

The whole Gryffindor table went “ooooooooooooooooh”

Sirius smirked at her. “We’ll see.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “What a great comeback Black. Im sure your mother is proud of you.” and stalked off. Getting the last word. Again- and missing the darkness passing through the grey eyes that watched her with hate. She sat down by Lily at the far end of the table, blending in the the converstaion.

“I wish he would just leave me alone. Potter…God!” Lily whined.

Ayra smiled. “Why don’t you just admit that you like him. He told me all about your date with him..” Ayra said knowingly.

Lily looked at her aghast. “How--wha--; I don’t understand?” she said confused.

Ayra smiled again. “Its ok, no worries. So, what else is new?”

Lily’s face lit up in excitement. “We’re making a list!”

A quizzical expression crossed Ayra’s face. “A list.” she said slowly.

Lily’s green eyes flickered in puzzlement. “Yea, a know on of those things in which there is an entry under each number……1. I want to be a monkey when I grow up, 2. I hate chocolate suckers…3. Mermaids scare me....etcetera?”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “I know what a list is Lils. I‘d like to know what it‘s about.”

Kalahan smiled. “Its just a list, each of us will have one, it could be a list of things you hate or things you want to do…etcetera.”

“And could someone remind me why we are doing this?” Ayra asked.

Marietta looked at Ayra like she was stupid. “Because we feel like doing it. A,being because it’s cool, and 2 being.…it’d be fun.. etcetera..”

“And if someone finds these lists?” Ayra asked inquisitively.

Lily shrugged. “I can put an enchantment on it that it’ll say something to the person that’s trying to read it, like the marauders map.”

Ayra laughed. “Brilliant. But I do have a question.” she said, stuffing her face with some of the eggs on her plate.

“That would be your 3rd question already Ayra.” Kalahan said, amused, holding her fork in the air, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

“It is not!” Ayra said, confused.

“Is so,” Kalahan replied. “There was the one with what else is new, why we were doing the list, and what will we do if someone find s the lists.” Kalahan said matter-of factly.

Marietta smirked at her friend. “Actually, its her 4th question. You forgot the one that she asked lily.” she said.

Ayra rolled her eyes. “And all of this matters because?”

Kalahan looked up over her pumpkin juice. “Is that your question that you were wanting to ask?”

Ayra threw her hands up in the air. “No! geez! Can I ask my bloody question?”

Kalhan smirked. “Is that the one you were wanting to ask then?”

Ayra glared at her and threw her fork down onto her plate. “BLOODY HELL!” her hands flew up to cover her mouth when the whole hall went silent, eyes trying to locate where the sound had come from. Ayra blushed slightly and tried to pretend that she was looking for the sound too. Fortunately, everyone seemed to buy it and no one found out it was her. Ayra smirked in triumph and looked at her friends. “What I wanted to ask was,” she began, daring Kalahan to interrupt her, “ Why don’t we have our own map? Like the Marauders. They may be dim witted, but they have to be smart to come up with something like that.”

Lily frowned slightly. “But that wouldn’t be original at all.”

Ayra shrugged it off. “ So what? Me make adjustments. Make it 3D, voice activated. We could even have a menu. Take your pick.” she rested her elbow on the table, leaning her head against her hand. “There’s plenty of ways to make it original. Just make it better than theirs and it’ll be original. I’ll start on it, but anyway, we were talking about a list?” she finished.

Lily nodded, still pondering the map. “Yeah. We’ve decided that Mines going to be my wishes, like things I’d want to happen to me in this last year. Kalahans is one of things she loves, Marietta’s is of things she’s afraid of, and yours is what you hate about Sirius Black.

Ayra frowned fiercely. “And why would I want a list about that?”

Lily smiled. “There’s more too it. We’re going to make the marauders fall in love with us.”

Ayra’s eyes gaped open. “What?”

Kalahan rolled her eyes. “really Ayra, its not that hard to put together. We plant these lists where they are sure to find them, and they’ll know something about us. “

Ayra wrinkled her nose in disgust. “But you had to put me with Black? There’s no way we’re going to fall in love.” she stated, daring anyone to deny it. No one did. “And what if this plan backfires?” she asked. They could hurt you with it. Or something like that. I think this idea is complete bullocks.”

Lily smiled. “And that’s why its going to work.”

Ayra thought for a minute. “So are we going to make the map?”

Lily shrugged, “Why not? Sounds like a good idea to me, though I ‘don’t think that we’ll need it, after all we aren’t trouble makers.” she said.

Ayra and Kalahan exchanged glances. “Speak for yourself.” Kalahan said, speaking for the both of them.

Marietta, who didn’t talk throughout the whole exchanged, smiled widely. “So on with the mission!” 

Ayra knew what she had to do. She didn’t want to do it. But it was the only way. She went straight to the Slytherin common room and knocked. “ I need to see Lucius Malfoy.”

It was dark in the corridor. And a bit cold, not to mention the musty smell. But no one ever said anything in this corridor, other than the password. So it was a surprise to the stone wall, that someone had spoken to it. And knocked on it for goodness sake. A hand grasped her shoulder. Ayra whirled around.


“Malfoy. I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for humiliating you. Not in front of other people, but to yourself. I just wanted to let you know that it was all on a dare from Black, so I could get his precious treasure map, and I don’t want anything else to do with you.”

Lucius looked at her. “What a coincidence.” he said, his mouth twisting into a smirk.

A mask of confusion flitted into her features. “Excuse me?”

He leaned against the wall. “I was dared by the my fellow friends to make you believe that I was in love with you, or something like that. Like, Malfoy the Weakling. I guess I’ll have to call it off, and say you found me out.”

Ayra nodded. “This doesn’t mean I’m going to be nice to you.” she said fiercely, standing up straight so that she didn’t feel so intimidated by his obvious height.

“Of course not. I just hope you know it’s the same for me.” he held out his hand. “So I guess we are in agreement?”

Ayra eyed the hand warily, then looked in his eyes, daring her not to take his hand. Hell if I’ll show fear to this snake. she thought and grasped his hand roughly. All the sudden she was flying in the air and her back slammed against the stone wall that she had knocked on just a minute earlier. Right before everything went black, as the pain shot through her body, she heard him say…

“Watch your Back Woods. I won’t be as nice next time. "

Ayra opened her eyes groggily. Where am I? She wondered. The white curtains around her weren’t familiar until...

Oh merlin's left.... I’m…I’m……”AAAAAAAH
!” she frantically tried to get up. I can not be in the hospital wing. Oh I’m doomed. I wont see sunlight for a million years! The hospital wing was the most dreaded room in all of Hogwarts. Honestly, kids went out of their way just to send their enemies there- knowing it was the ultimate punishment. No one left until the Promfficer, also known as Madam Promfry, let them out. Rumor says that nick copper didn’t leave for 2 weeks because of a mere scratch on his arm……It was bloody scary!!!

Hence Ayra’s panic attack.

Ayra strained her eyes, chest rising and falling softly. She reached up to her head and felt a bandage there. Damn. I just had to go and try to be nice to a snake. She rolled her eyes and silently tip toed out of bed. She glanced around and saw Madam Promfry, sleeping in a chair. Ayra praised whatever gods were on her side and lightly stepped across the floor. 

Silently, she passed by the sleeping woman, and crept over to the door. She tugged on it, and jerked away when it creaked. She glanced frantically over to the sleeping woman, who grunted and turned over in her sleep. Ayra took her wand from the wand holder by the door and whispered “alohamora.” the door clicked and parted slightly open. Ayra glanced back on time at the chair where madam had been. 

Her heart began to race when she saw that the chair that had been occupied a moment before, was empty. Her heart began to beat wildly in her ears, the blood rushing through her face. 

A hand grasped her shoulder.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Madam Promfry said, a glint in her eye. Ayra’s face went white. She opened her mouth twice, until the glint in Promficer’s eyes grew stronger. Ayra opened her mouth and screamed as she ran through the door, head pounding. She heard heavy footfalls behind her. “Come back here Mrs. Woods!” the scary voice called out from behind her.

Hell no. do you think I’m absolutely crazy?

Ok. Don’t comment on that one.
Ayra ran until she could run no more. All was silent around her. She signed in relief and headed up to the Gryffindor common room through secret passage ways, seeing as phoenix travel was far too loud. She went up to the ridge that had the riddle and came in through above the Gryffindor Fire place. She ignored the body on the couch and began to head up to her dormitories.

“Woods.” Ayra whirled around, the second time that day. “I need to talk to you.”

Ayra narrowed her eyes, for none other was the body on the couch that…Sirius Black.

Oh how bloody brilliant. “Don’t you think this is getting old Black?”

“I take back the dare Woods.” he said calmly.

Ayra did a double take. “What? And Why?”

“Because it just isn’t worth it.” he said plainly, as if it was obvious.

Which it wasn’t. Merlin, he thinks he’s so cool. “ Ok. Good for you.” she said, as she whirled around and headed toward the dormitories.

“Great comeback Woods.” his voice called from behind her.

She threw a rude gesture over her shoulder as she kept climbing the stairs.

“Don’t forget to watch your---”

And that was when Ayra fell on her but and slid to the bottom. She looked up at Sirius, who had the toe of his shoe on the bottom step. He looked down at her with an amused expression. “Step.”

Ayra glared at him. “Just leave me alone Black. We kissed. Great. It meant nothing. Deal with it. I hate you, and you hate me. Can’t you get that through your head?” 

She said as she grabbed a broom from the corner of the common room, not even glancing to look at the name carved into the handle. “I want things to go back to the way they were. And I get what I want.” she said, as she leapt onto the broom and flew up to her dormitory.

Sirius smirked. Finally, it’s all going to plan. 

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Chapter 12: Meow
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Ayra bit her lip as she tried to concentrate on the 3 foot parchment on her desk. She had been working really hard, anyone could just tell by looking at her paper.

 Well, she conceded, I do have my name, date, and subject on there… 

She absent mindedly traced her lips with the feather of her quill as she flipped through yet another book that she had pulled of the library shelf about an hour ago.

The library was deserted, as it was after curfew. Really, the library hadn’t had very many visitors in the past few days with all the ruckus about the ball going on. Ayra rolled her eyes dramatically as she glanced back down at her almost untouched parchment and flipped the pages in the book. She stood up with a little huff and slammed the book shut, which moaned in protest. 

Oh shove it.” Ayra whispered fiercely as she tucked it back into its spot on the shelf, causing some of the other books to complain and protest that their shelf was crowded as it was. Ayra rolled her eyes yet again. “It was here earlier, so it should be fi--”

A door creaked. The candle stub that she had been using for light blew out- smoke eerily rising up from the blackened wick. Ayra whirled around and hid behind a bookcase. The creak was followed by the most horrifying dreadful sound that one could ever heard after hours. It was the omen of a thousand detentions- of a hell that would never freeze over. Ayra cringed in anticipation…


Ayra broke out in a cold sweat.

 It was these jolly and brilliant times that the fabulous voice in her head made its enthusiastic and sarcastic appearances.  Great Job Woods, now you’ve really outdone yourself. It  said accusingly. 

Then you have ego, who also loves to talk and infuriate voice-in-the-head. Shut up voice, you don’t know what you’re talking about. How was she to know that Filch was gonna be here?

Well maybe She should have thought about that before she chose to stay after hours.

Well maybe if you would just shut up for once,  she might  could actually find a way out of this mess.  Ego was always a great friend.

OI TWERPS IN MY HEAD!! SHUT UP!!!! Ayra yelled at the voices in her head, mentally of course. She then proceeded to do what her darling ego had told her to do. 

Find a way out.

Ayra held her breath as she peaked around the bookcase that she was hiding behind- only to duck behind its cover again.

“Who’s here my sweet?” rasped Filch. “Students out of bed? Why they ever let the old punishments die I’ll never know.” Ayra closed her eyes shut. There was no way out. She could hear his footsteps coming closer, and closer, and closer…..

THUD. THUD. THUD.  “I know you’re in here….”

Might as well turn myself in. Or…..Or I could pretend I was sleepwalking! Ayra though enthusiastically. Excellent.

Oh. That’s a brilliant idea Woods, maybe the humiliation will make ego a little less willing to talk.

Shut up Voice.

Great comeback ego. Made you feel a little bigger, didn’t it?

Um…You guys? Could you please maybe, oh well. I don’t know…SHUT UP? 

Ayra cringed. Great. Now you’ve given yourself a headache. Ayra rolled her eyes at voice as she peeked around the corner once more, eyes opening a little bit wider in shock.

She didn’t move. His back was right in front of her- and he was turning around. 

 A hand flew over Ayra’s mouth as she was covered with some sort of slithery material. Ayra knew she should bite, kick or something, but the prospect of getting caught by Filch made her limbs freeze. He was looking right at her. Ayra stood completely still. 

Something’s off here. Something is not right…she thought desperately.

Then she realized. Filch wasn’t looking at her,  he was looking right through her. “Guess not my sweet. We better go.” he said to the cat that was weaving in and out of his legs. He limped back to the front of the library and looked backed at the spot where she was standing. “I could have sworn….” and his voice faded off. He shook his head slightly, picking up the lantern a bit higher as he walked out the door of the library. It swung shut. 

Ayra waited another moment until she struggled from the slippery grasp that had held her. She whirled around. No one was there. “Lily, time to stop the charade, don’t you think?” 

Now you see, she had reasoned this out. 

Black obviously wouldn’t be here, cause. Well, Black and Library? In the same sentence? Obviously not. Potter could be in here, but most likely, no. Remus would never break rules like that…and Lily was in Potters good graces, and Potter had an invisibility cloak, and since he had an invisibility cloak, and the person who had grabbed me had obviously made me invisible, because I was standing right in front of Filch, and he hadn’t ripped my ears off….It was obviously Lily. Therefore her question. 

“I don’t know why you thought I was Lily Flower, but you’re obviously mistaken.” a very familiar voice said.

Too familiar.

Ayra’s eyes narrowed.  

The cloak whipped of to reveal, the one, the only….

Sirius Black.

He has really got to stop with these dramatic entrances.

“Oh sure, you’re welcome.“ He said with an obnoxious look, his arrogance seeping through his smirk. “I mean, I only saved you from one hell of a detention, and probably from azkaban on Hogwarts, or anything else that you deem worthy.”

Ayra crossed her arms and looked at the figure illuminated by the moonlight. “Care to tell me what you’re doing in the library? Last time I checked, you couldn’t read, cause you’re an idiot.” she threw at him.

 The left corner of his lip quirked into a little smile, as if he was indulging himself in a joke that only he was privy to. “Care to tell me why the hell you thought I was Evans?”

Ayra’s eyes narrowed a little more as he leaned against a bookshelf and aimlessly pulled out a book and flipped it open in his hand. He pulled out his wand with the other and flicked it to the candle stub on the table, and it once again began to flicker. She glared at his relaxed silhouette. “Well I sure as hell didn’t think It was you.” she retorted, fast on her feet.

“Whatever Woods.”

 Ayra grimaced. She knew she had to say thank you…but well, she didn’t.

 “Why don’t you just leave me alone Black? Or is stalking one of your many endearing qualities that I need to add to my list?”

 He looked at her blankly. “What list?”

 Ayra rolled her eyes. “Never mind. Now, I would appreciate it if you would just leave me alone.” she picked up her paper that she had been working on and scrolled it up. 

 “Now, now Woods. I think you’re forgetting something.” he said from behind her.

“Oh wait! You’re right!” she said sarcastically, throwing her hands up in the air. “That you’re an obnoxious brat who doesn’t know how to read?” she asked sweetly.

Sirius smirked at her. “Getting a little rusty there woods.”

Ayra glared at him. “Go back to first year your prat. Maybe they’ll teach you how to read!” she finished, smirking at him. She tossed her bag over her shoulder and vanished the candle stub. She bit back her retort when she found him looking at the book she had left on the table- frowning, his eyes clearly scanning the pages.  He leaned heavily on the table then stood up almost rigidly.  the His eyes shot at her with suspicion. “Woods. Why are you looking at books about unbreakable vows?” 

Ayra opened her mouth to speak.

A voice came from the shadows.

“That’s what I was wondering as well.”



Chapter 13: The Whomping Willow Roller Coaster
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Ayra gasped in utter shock. He was the last person that she would have thought would be in the library. Other than Black. she said to herself. But Black is here, so I guess this is the night for surprises said Voice.…..How utterly spiffing.. 

 His lanky silhouette was tense, leaning against a bookshelf, as if he’d been there for forever. 

 “What are you doing here?” she asked hesitantly. 

 “Shut up Woods. No questions. Why were you looking at books about unbreakables?” Regulus asked demandingly, stepping out from the shadows, candlelight flickering from the now reappeared candle stub on the once soft features of his face. The candlelight ran from the hard, tense features, trying to escape their cold demeanor. 

Ayra stepped back, hurt. He had never used her last name in that way before. Nor with that evil merciless glint in his eye. “I thought you just said ‘no questions.’” she shot back, burned.

“No time to sass me Woods- you good for nothing whore,” he said scathingly, his eyes roving over her t-shirt, boxer, and knee-high socks clad body, “ Meeting up with this blood traitor in the stacks.” He took another step to her, Ayra struggled not to take one back. “ Now answer my question.” he demanded, grasping her arm tightly. 

 Ayra bit her lip slightly as his fingers wrapped around her wrist tightly. That hurts. “Why is it any of your business?” she snarled, trying to yank her arm out of his grasp. She looked over at Sirius, only to see that he had been frozen, still leaning on the table, face turned toward the book. 

His eyes were the only things moving. They met hers, seething with an odd anger that she had never seen before. He’s under a spell. Great… She tried to block the slight fear and annoyance out of hers as a rough shake from who she thought was her friend yanked her eyes back to an intense glare from icy grey eyes. 

 “Just tell me Woods, don’t make me curse you.” he hissed, his mouth mere inches from hers. 

 Ayra glared back. “Why are you doing this Reg? We’re friends. You know you can ask me anything without having to use force.” Ayra grasped his left arm with her right hand, and registered the pain in his eyes and let go quickly.

 “I’m serious Woods--”

 “Actually, Sirius is over there,” she indicated, whipping her head in the frozen boy's direction, “Now could you please let me go?” she asked, even pleaded.

 “Just answer the question, or I’ll curse you. I’m not going to say it again.” his eyes flashed at hers, a cool merciless grey…

 “Well you’re just gonna have to hex me now aren’t you?” she bit back, wincing as he grasped her arm tighter.

 Then she saw it, a moment of hesitancy in his eyes- the only escape she could pray for. “You’re hurting me Reg.” she said sadly, squeezing as much pain as she could into her voice, her eyes brimming with dramatic tears as she looked right into his eyes, trying to pry into his soul. 

 “I…I…..” he looked at the skin on his hand, white-stretched out from holding her so tightly, his veins popping out in intricate designs. He slacked his grip on her just so.

Ayra let a tear fall down her cheek, and he completely let go of her arm so that it fell to her side. He reached up to brush the solitary tear when it happened. 

 Ayra grabbed her wand as she threw a nonverbal hex at Regulus, stunning him for only moments, crashing him into a library case that started to topple over- distracting him for only a moment. She quickly turned to Sirius and preformed the counter curse for the one that he was under. His hand quickly dashed into his robes, pulling out his wand, to turn to the man he had once called brother.

 But Regulus was gone. The library shelf that was almost toppling over was still. A single book lay on the floor, its pages open to a certain entry. Ayra spelled it over to herself and book marked the page. She then turned to Sirius when a creak came from the door and the raspy voice of the Hogwarts caretaker came from the corridor. 


 Sirius winked at her then proceeded to vanish under the invisibility cloak. The last thing she saw of him were his twirling seductive long fingers. Ayra gave the space in which he was the moment before the classic middle finger and blew out the stub of a candle that was almost finished burning out. She vanished the smoke just as a sound filled the room.

 “Who’s here my pretty?” Filches rasping voice came from the door way. The cat came first. Ayra didn’t have but a second to compose……

 Filch came into the room, the smell of smoke wafting into his old nostrils, but once again, he had just been smoking a cigar in the 3rd corridor, so it could have just been a relapse from his lungs. Mrs. Norris winded the table legs. His nose twitched. He knew there was a student here.

 That’s when he saw her. A young girl, walking with her hands in front of her-like a zombie- eyes closed, jibber jabbering to herself. He squinted, trying to place the curly black hair, and the ridiculous pajamas. The word ridiculous pointed him the in direction he wanted to go.. Ah. The infamous Ayra Woods. 

He looked closer, to find that she was actually not connected to the world. He realized this when she ran into a bookshelf and didn‘t react. She bounced off and kept on walking, arms outstretched, walking through the aisles. . He walked up to her and poked her twice. “Woods.” he rasped.

 Her only response was , “Kabba joo meeka rimas loonilepin alaka--”
He grasped her shoulder tightly and shook her. “Ms. Woods!” he said loudly in her ear. The girl jerked and opened her eyes in dazed shock.

 “Wh--shwhere am I?” she asked, sleepily, eyes clearly not registering what was going on around her.

 “The question is, what are you doing up after hours, and in the library-not in your dormitory no less.” he asked. “You’re going to get a detention lassie if you don’t tell me what you were up to.” he said, putting his hands on both his hips. 

 Ayra blushed in embarrassment as she yawned. “Sleepwalking.” she said and turned her heel. “ Goodnight sir.” and brushed by him before he could say another word.

 He could have sworn he had heard a snort of disbelief from a bookshelf nearby. He squinted around in the darkness, but saw nothing. He shook his head. Must have been the elf wine. He thought as he picked up his lantern from the table by the burnt out candle stub and left the room.

 Sirius scoffed as he watched Ayra perform a flawless rendition of marauder rule 24; When in doubt, pretend like you’re sleepwalking. 

 Great rule. He smirked to himself as he watched Ayra blush at the caretaker and walk towards the door. He found himself watching the area of bare leg between her knee highs and orange girl boxers  as she flounced out the door, her now curly black hair bouncing behind her. 

He caught a glimpse of a triumphant smile as she walked out the door, wistfully, for a moment, wishing that the smile that lit up the dark and gloomy library was for him. He snorted at himself. Merlin. We’re talking about Woods here. Who care’s how she smiles?

 He almost scoffed out loud when he saw the caretaker glance his direction. Sirius shook his head. These feelings aren’t part of The Plan. So get rid of them! Conscience shouted in his head. Sirius rolled his eyes in a very Ayra-ish manner and grabbed a book out of a library shelf and waited as it slid sideways to reveal a secret passage way. He glanced back to make sure that no one was here anymore. He puzzled over his brother’s problem for a moment, and decided that he would leave it for later. Then he was gone without another thought.

Ayra smiled as she went up the stairs.

 Oh stop smiling Ayra. Ego’s big enough already without you giving it steroids. Voice pronounced ,irritated, in her head.

 You’re just upset that you couldn’t come up with something better. Ego replied cheekily.

 Ayra grinned to herself as she got into bed, the nights episode shelved away till morning.

 Sometimes, egos are good for something.

Ayra stretched her limbs as she got up from bed. She looked around and realized that once, for a change, she was the first one up. Ayra smiled giddily and jumped out of bed, only to wince as her arm screamed in pain.  

The color faded from Ayra’s face as she looked at her wrist, purple and bruised, and a tad bit swollen. Ayra grimaced as she pointed a numbing spell on it, one of the few healing/helping spells that she had learned while helping the staff plant the Whomping Willow. 

The Whomping Willow had taken a while for Ayra to tame. But it had worked, and now they were friends. If it even was possible to be friends with a tree. One with a dominating personality at that. 

Ayra got up out of bed and took a hasty shower, mentally reminding herself that she had to talk to Regulus later as she soaped down her arm, wincing as she cleaned the bruise. She dried herself off and opened the door, to step out to the girls just getting up and Lily trying to wake Kalahan. Ayra smiled. “Good morning, Lily.” 

Lily whirled around at the voice and then her eyes went wide. “Ayra? Awake? Now?! Oh Merlin. It must be the end of the world!” she said dramatically, shouting the last bit. 

Ayra winced as Lily’s dramatic shout reached her ear and Kalahan jumped straight up. “Whas goin ooon?” She asked sleepily. 

Ayra laughed. “Nothing.” she looked at Lily. “I’m going out for a while, I need to take care of some stuff, so don’t worry about me.”

Lily nodded. “Are you sure that you’re ok? Because you haven’t been up this early since….well, never.” 

Ayra smiled. “ I’m ok, really.” she rolled her eyes as she walked to the door. “Later!”

 She ran down the steps of the empty common room and ran through the portrait. Regulus always ate breakfast early, and Ayra knew that if she wanted to catch him, it’d be then. He tended to get evasive during the day, and you’d only catch a glimpse or two of him, and when you’d call his name, he’d already be gone. Ayra walked through the doors of the great hall with determination, seeking out the face of the person she wanted to see. 

And she saw him. Sitting by himself at his usual spot at the Slytherin Table.

Ayra walked over to him and sat down. “Regulus.” 

He barely even acknowledged her presence. If it wasn’t for the tiny halt of his fork on the way down to pierce another piece of sausage, she would have sworn that he hadn’t even heard her. 

“We need to talk Reg. I’m serious. I don’t know what was wrong with you last night, but we’re friends. And you know you can talk to me about anything.”

He kept looking down at his food. “How could I ever be friends with a person like you?” he asked harshly, gripping his fork with such force that Ayra thought that it might actually break. 

She  looked at him, shocked. “You don’t mean that Reg. I know you don’t.” she said, unbelievingly. She grabbed his left arm and he gasped in pain. Ayra’s eyes frowned in puzzlement as she let go, remembering how he had done that in the library. It had seemed so insignificant then. 

“I’m sorry Ayra, but we can’t be friends anymore. If you’re my friend, then trust me. Leave me alone, If you don’t, they’ll figure out that we’re close, and I care for you. Then they’ll use you against me. And I can’t have that.”

Ayra looked at him confused, mentally asking, pleading for him to look her in the eye. “But Reg- I don’t understand.”

He pulled up the arm of his left sleeve. Ayra gasped.

 On it was the Dark Mark. Ayra had only heard about this briefly. She didn't realize that it had infiltrated the school, much less her friends. 

“But Reg, isn’t that the sign of that crazy phsyco that everyone is just starting to worry about?” she asked, in shock. “The one who’s preaching about pure-blood superiority and all that crap?” 

“Yeah- that‘d be the one.. An hour or two before I was in the library, they dragged me to an initiation in the dark forest. He was there. It’s been my parents ambition for the to join him since I was a little kid, telling me that muggles were worthless and deserved to die. That they were worth nothing to me. That there is no such thing as love. Sometimes I wish I had been more like Sirius. Rebelling against all of that, instead of letting them beat their world into mine, and now its become my world, its who I am, and--” 

“No its not who you are.” Ayra interrupted desperately. “You care, you’re different Reg, I know you are.”

 “I know. But its too late now. I’m sworn to the man- and he has no heart. Has no soul. But I cant leave now, he’ll kill me. I’ve seen him do it to someone. It changed my life, watching the life just leave his eyes. Then I remembered you. All the talks we had, all the fun, even the time that you saved my arse when filch slipped on that banana peel. You were always there for me when I needed you. You just didn’t know it. And that’s when I realized, “ 

He finally looked up at her, his grey eyes filled with sorrow, “That I love you, but I know it was never meant to be. I‘ve been bound to him by an unbreakable vow Ayra. And if I defy him, I‘ll die. ” he looked at her sadly then looked at her wrist. “I’m sorry that I hurt you. I thought that you were on to me, and last night, I decided that I’d show you myself, and tell you. I love you Ayra, and I’m not sorry. Just know that you’re the hope that’ll keep me alive.” 

Ayra looked at him aghast, “Reg- you should have said something-”

“No, I didn’t. And now, you have to listen to me very carefully. Someone’s watching us right at this second. You have to look at me and shout “You  fucking bastard, I hate you and I’m never going to talk to you again.” 


“No but's.” he said, cutting of her protest. “After you do that, you have to leave and really never talk to me again.” 

Ayra fought back her tears. “You’re really serious aren’t you?” she asked. 

“Yeah, now promise me you’ll be strong for me.” he asked, sadness and fear that she’d say no in his eyes. And love. The strongest kind of teenage love there was. But Ayra knew she would never feel the same way for him. In a way, it was destiny. In others, it was fate. 

She forced back her tears and grabbed his hand. “I promise.” 

He looked at her. “I won’t hate you. But you have to do what I told you. NOW.” He finished the sentence sharply.  

Ayra shook her head. “I can’t do it Reg.” 

“You  promised.” he said heatedly. 

Ayra stood up and slapped him as hard as she could. “I hate you, you fucking liar!” she said loudly. “I’m never going to speak to you again! I trusted you. And look where that got me. LEAVE ME ALONE BLACK, because I HATE YOU.” She glared at him through tears, her eyes shooting apologies as she stepped through the table. He glared at her, but she saw the sorrow in his eyes.

“Leave me alone you whore. You’re wasting my time, I’d actually like to finish my breakfast but now I lost my appetite. Thanks. You’re dismissed.” 

Ayra blinked back tears that were threatening to fall down her face. She turned from his table and walked stoically down the aisle, ignoring all the eyes that were looking at her.  she got up from the table and left, pushing by the Slytherins who were coming through the doors of the Great Hall, who rushed to congratulate the boy who had just told her he loved her on ‘telling the bitch how it was‘. She pushed past the last of them and ran to the Great Lake to cry.

A week or so passed, but soon Ayra got over the fact that she couldn’t talk to Regulus, she could just trust his judgment. She saw glimpses of him throughout the day, never meeting his eye. Once his eyes met hers and he gave a curt nod, she nodded back. But since then, life had moved on. He was always surrounded by his Slytherin Friends, and she was with hers. And that was that. On the upside, the weather began to become crisp, the trees began to shiver with the cold. 

Autumn was blazing- which means that Quidditch tryouts were coming any day now! a thought that was in most of the minds of most of the students in Hogwarts. 

The trees were turning beautiful shades of red and gold, the trees dancing merrily in the wind. God forbid you fall under a tapping root. Tis no fun. Ayra thought as she sat in the whomping willow, trying to get a start on her charms essay. A branch came over and rubbed against her arm affectionately. Ayra laughed, a sound coming from her mouth in waves. Then the branch cheekily came up and messed up her hair- forming it into an almost birds nest. Ayra blew the hair out of her face dramatically and fixed her tattered orange jumper that had gotten caught onto one of the trouble makers. She pulled out her quill and began to write her essay. 

Anyone walking by most likely wouldn’t have noticed her- not unless they knew that this was her favorite place to be. Right in the center of the whomping willow. It was her refuge and a great place to study. No one came near here and she could hear the water from the great lake just lapping the shore not to far away. Distant voices and laughter filled the air. Ayra smiled as she breathed in the crisp air and grinned when she saw the progress she had made. 

Name. Date. Subject…

And a sentence. Brilliant. 

Ayra opened the book beside her, scanned the paper with her blue eyes, brushed her black hair from her face, and began to form her masterpiece.

Sirius was pulling his hair out. Well, not literally, cause that’d be stupid, but in all sense of the word, he was stressing himself out. “Prongs, what are we going to do about this?” he said, pacing around the small dormitory. Well, more like, trying not to trip over all the articles flung all over the place. This was also known as, the Room with No Floor. Sirius growled as he almost tripped over a pair of Peters lime green socks.

James shrugged with a worried expression. “I’m sorry mate, but Lily gave me detention, and I can’t skip this time. It’s with Slughorn, and I already talked to McGonagall and with Dumbledore at the Weekly Wizards Meet, I can’t do anything. The horrible old geezer wouldn’t change it for the world.” he finished with a grimace, flopping down on his bed in defeat. “It’s hopeless. I even tried offering him those blasted crystalizegalumed….whatever they‘re called…pineapples. He said he had enough from me to last a life time. I really am sorry.” he added in an afterthought.

Peter looked up from his bed. “I’m sorry too. If James-” he shot a nasty  glare at the boy in glasses, “wouldn’t have been such a prat and let me stop doing what he was doing to get in trouble, I wouldn’t be having detention with him.” he said as he finished putting on his orange socks of the day. 

Sirius glared at the two. “You do  know that I can’t handle this situation all by myself.”

James shrugged. “I’m sorry mate. You’re going to have to. I can’t get out of it, neither can Peter. It’s impossible.” he said with a final note. “You’re just going to have to use all the talents you have. I’m sure you can figure something out.”

 “AAAAAAGH!” Sirius exclaimed, throwing his hands up In the air. “You are all no help. Whatever happened to Marauder Rule Number 2?” he asked desperately to no one in particular.

“We lost the rule book?“ Peter said very matter-of-factly. “Sometime in 4th year I think it was?” he said with a thoughtful look on his face and continued, “ About a week after we made it. I think you were actually the only one who had bothered to memorize the whole thing.”

Sirius grimaced. “That’s because I made up most of the rules.”

Peter shrugged. “Whatever.”

Sirius glared at him. “You’re trying to change the subject. Lets get back on task here.”

“What are we talking about again?” James asked non-chalantly.

Sirius growled and picked up a shoe of the floor and took careful aim at him. “My talent is throwing shoes. Rather accurately. So you better shut up. Or you’re through. Both of you.” he said, picking up another shoe and pointing each to a boy. “And then it’s game over.”

James held his hands up, “I surrender, oh thou who has amazing aim with thy shoes. Please, showiest us thy mercy.” James said, in a pleading melodrama.

 “Oh stop being melodramatic.” Sirius rolled his eyes, ignoring Peters slight snigger and dropped the shoes to put his hands on his hips in a very manly manner.

 I cannot, repeat, cannot, do this on my own. There are no other animaguses in this school!” he finished, slowly making his way over to his bed, passing over a can of open sardines, and dodging a pair of biting boxers. 

James frowned. “We really are sorry mate, but you’re going to have to handle this all on your own.”

Sirius had almost reached his bed and opened his mouth to retort when the door swung open and a tired Remus walked through the door.

“Hi guys. Why all the yelling?” 

Sirius looked over to James who looked over at Peter, who looked back over to Sirius who replied. “Nothing.” in an overly bright voice. “Nothing at all.” he glared at the two. “These two prats are being right jerks is all. No help whatsoever!” He shouted and slammed the door. Time to take time out. 

“What was that all about?” Remus asked, his haggard eyes sweeping over his friends. 

“Just another mood swing.” James said, with a knowing look in his eyes.

 “Ah.” Remus replied dramatically, a hint of suspiciousness in the single syllable. “I see.” 

Peter nodded balefully. “Yeah, he’s been on about it for the past half hour. It was getting bloody annoying.”

Remus just rolled his eyes. “Whatever. So,” he began, sitting on his cot, getting out his wand and darkening the light coming out the windows, the sun beginning to swing the west. “Everything’s ready for tonight yeah?” he asked.

James looked away from his friend. “Yeah- everything’s fine.” I’m such a lair..

Ayra smiled as she climbed out of the whomping willow, leaving a beautiful gold maple leaf where she had been. “Happy Autumn!” she exclaimed, screaming in delight when a branch came up and caught her and flung her in the air. Ayra laughed as the tree took her on a branch roller coaster, screeching.

Sirius stalked out the door into the Hogwarts Courtyard, the clock chiming the hour 7 pm. Only a few more to go. He grimace and ran a hand through his hair, ignoring the girls sitting between the columns instead of winking at them and walked towards the great lake. Past the gates he went, and walked up to the lapping surface. He tried to concentrate on tonight’s plan, knowing it was all up to him to save the situation, but something was distracting him, but he wasn’t sure what it was…

Sirius flicked on his dog senses, listening keen to what was going on around him. He pushed back the sound of the beating of his heart and then proceeded to filter out the sounds around him. E heard the singing of the mermaids, but that he didn’t need either. Sirius closed his eyes and listened closer. 

The lapping of the water was of no use to him. Sirius frowned…then he heard it. It was almost sudden, something that he should have noticed before, heck, he could most likely hear it without using his dog senses. Sirius stiffened upon categorizing the sound. It wasn’t a sound that he heard often.
It was a scream. 

The screaming of a young girl. His senses picked up the waves from where they were coming and ran to that direction, pausing for a moment.  Great, I get to play prince charming once again and go save some maiden in distress…….And if it’s Woods again, I’ll have to swear it was fate or destiny…or something like that. The left corner of his lips lifted deviously. Excellent.

Sirius arrived at the scene of the crime…and stood, gob smacked, as he watched Ayra Woods, how surprising, friggin’ laughing , at least, that’s what it sounded like…while the whomping willow swung her around like a yoyo. Yes, life was odd, but then again, this was Hogwarts. 

“Woods, what the hell are you doing up there?” he shouted with a crazed voice. “You could bloody get killed!”

Ayra’s only response was laughter, as she was chucked up into the air, looking like a ball of orange, black, and jean, as she was thrown around by the crazy insane branches of the craziest tree ever alive.  

Sirius gasped as the tree threw her and let her almost fall to the ground, catching her at the last possible moment. Ayra whooped in excitement and rolled to the ground of the branch. She patted the branch affectionately, like it was a horse, and it nuzzled back happily then withdrew. Ayra waved goodbye, the branches responding in kind. 

Sirius breathed in, only to realize that he’d been holding his breath the whole time. He looked at the girl walking towards him. How the heck did she tame the Willow? We’ve been trying to do it for years!!! he thought, puzzled..

“How the heck did you do tame the Willow? We‘ve been trying to do it for years!!!” Sirius had always prided himself on his creativity.

“Lets just say he’s an old friend.” Ayra said mysteriously and sat down on the ground, facing away from the tree and into the sun that was beginning to set. “You do know about the knot at the bottom right?” she asked, leaving nothing too obvious. Sirius raised a brow.

“Yeah, I know that when you press it, the tree goes still, but that’s all.” he said as he sat down beside her. “ I never actually became friends with it. Every time I’m near it, it bloody tries to kill me!” he said dramatically, throwing his hands in the air.

“Well, we all have our talents. You can turn into a dog, and I’m a tree hugger. Gosh, aren’t we super?” she asked sarcastically, her hands resting casually in the grass. She glanced over at him and watched, amazed, as she watched several thoughts blaze in expression over his face. 

He was thinking. Talents, talents. Something James said.. Something about using my talents…Oh wait. James …What about James? Oh yeah! James had…detention. Detention! Wait…why is this a problem again ..he always had detention…oh yes! Problem.. it was a problem because…oh, got it, Remus’s furry little problem, and ….James has detention with Peter…So, this is a problem because there’s no one to help me! So how does talents fit into this….oh bloody hell! ANIMAGUSES! 

“Oi Woods.” he said. I’m so bloody brilliant it amazes me sometimes.

Ayra rolled her eyes. “Right here. No need to use the ‘Oi.’”

“You can turn into any animal you want, right?” 

Ayra looked at him, seeing the slight desperation in his eyes before answering hesitantly, “Yes?”

He looked at her. “Could I ask you a favor?” he clenched the grass below his hands in victory.  I found the perfect solution to my problem! 

Ayra leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest. “What will you give me in return?” she asked, coyly. 

“Right about now, anything you ask of me. This is really important.” he said. 

Her brow furrowed the slightest bit. “What am I supposed to be helping you with?” 

Sirius looked at her, grimfaced. “A serious situation. A Plan.” he added in a stage whisper.

 Ayra nodded her head in understanding. “Oh, one of those.” she said sarcastically. “But of course, I know everything about them.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “You know a condition of a certain friend of mine?” he asked, hesitantly. 

“That Remus is a werewolf, and that’s his furry-little-problem? And everybody seems to think its his rabbit at home? Then yes, I do know about that.” she answered.

“Well, I’m the only one who’s free to keep him off Hogwarts grounds tonight, and I need your help. I can’t handle him in his transformations on my own. Usually, James and Peter help out, but they aren’t here tonight. And with your ability, you could help me…a lot.” he finished.

Ayra smiled just a bit. “You need my help?” she asked incredulously, tilting to him, looking him straight into his eyes, trying not to fall into their inky grey depths, the sunlight glinting out of them just so. 

Sirius huffed. “Don’t make this any harder, because this is very hard for me, asking you for help.” He said with mock venom, wanting to brush the piece of hair that was hanging in her eye. Who is this girl, he thought , that is friends with demented trees, can turn into anything that she wants, and is totally utterly getting under my skin?!?!? For Merlin’s sake!  

Thankfully for him, Ayra pushed the piece of accused hair out from her eyes and brushed it behind her ear. letting Sirius let go of the temptation. “Fine. I’ll help you. But under one condition.” 

“What’s that?” he asked. 

“Never roll your eyes like me again.” 

Sirius began to roll his eyes, then caught on to her point. “Oh fine, so can I roll my eyes in a serious way?”

“You are Sirius.”

“Oh haha and a curse to my mother.” he said darkly, then grinned when he saw her lip twitch in amusement. Not that I was looking at her lips or anything. “This doesn’t change anything, you know.” he said. “I still hate you. I just need your help.”

Ayra nodded. “I know. I hate you too. And you‘re welcome.”

 He looked over at her, the sunlight glinting in her curly black hair, turquoise eyes glinting mysteriously with orange sun. “So, we’re on?”

 Ayra smirked. “It’s a date then.”

Sirius had to grin at her after that. He looked over at the sun that was dipping below the landscape, waving a cheery good-bye to the grounds in its own magical shade of orange. His grin faded darkly as the first star twinkled out at him, dancing in its utmost glory- the picture of perfection.  “Shit.” 

Ayra ,startled from watching the sunset, sat bolt upright at his voice. “What is it?”

Sirius quickly stood up and grasped her hand, pulling her up by her arm harshly. Ayra winced, but he didn’t notice. “We need to leave. NOW.” he finished forcefully.

Ayra rubbed her wrist. “Because of--”

But she never finished her question,  for Sirius had intertwined her fingers with his, dragging her behind him, running towards the castle. He glanced back at her once to see her curls tumbling whilst they broke the wind. “Because of the plan.” he said dramatically, “ And we’re late.” he said dramatically. “Very late.”

Ayra rolled her eyes as she ran faster, to avoid being literally dragged by him. Not punctual. Another thing to add to my list.

And with that thought, the sun disappeared over the horizon.

Night was coming, with all of its adventures and as they say, With night comes all adventures, and with most nighttime escapades, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

One can only hope that whoever “they” were, were wrong…

Chapter 14: Hide and Seek
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Ayra mentally ran her ever increasing list through her mind as Sirius tugged her behind him, running like he had just seen the dead. 

Not punctual, too domineering, runs way to damn fast (mental note, need to work out more--) she thought, panting as her legs began to burn. “Where are we going?” she rasped. 

He turned around, his smirk plastered on his face. “What, getting tired Woods?” he said, quickening his pace.

What a Sadist. Ayra tried to roll her eyes, but figured it was too much energy, so decided not too.  She concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other…conveniently ignoring his hand that held onto hers. She glimpsed up at the castle, her eyes registering a pale face in one of its many windows. 

Her feet tripped over the other, and she looked down for a fraction of a second, then she looked back up, and saw nothing. She shook her head. Great. I’ve exhausted myself to the point that I’m hallucinating. Brilliant.

She was so mused in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed that Sirius had stopped running. She promptly collided into his back, and their hands disconnected.

“Oi! Watch where you’re going Woods!”

Ayra ignored him, putting her hands on her knees, mouth gaping for air. He looked at her oddly. “You look like a goldfish with down-syndrome.” he stated plainly, not showing any sign that he had just sprinted at all.

 I don’t care! she thought exasperated and kept on sucking air into her lungs.         “NEEED….MOOOORE”  she took a huge breath “….OOOXXXYYGGGENNNNN…” she gasped, trying to inhale.

He grinned at her, her mouth open as wide as it would go. She looked ridiculous, he decided, grabbing her hand again. She glared at him, still breathing as if she were air deprived. “Time to go Goldy!” he laughed at her dying expression. She sucked in a crisp breath, beginning to savor it and started to feel normal again when---

Her body was jerked into the air and They were off again. Ayra whimpered, but kept on running. Once her body grew accustomed (and by accustomed, she means not on the verge of dying from oxygen deprivation, but getting there) to the running, she asked, “Where the heck are we going?” 

He didn’t look over his shoulder this time. “To the other side of the school.” he said, a hint of panic in his voice. “And we need to get there NOW.” he added.

Ayra bit her lip and kept running, when she noticed what had been tugging her the whole way. She looked down, her eyes widening when she saw his hand grasping hers firmly. Her focus came to an X shaped scar on the front of his hand. She tried to look at it closer, as it was very faint, she tried to ignore his hand rubbing against hers, the calluses introducing themselves to her. Her browed furrowed as she leaned in---”

“Alright, we’re almost here!” he called over his shoulder. 

Her focus was broken “ Praise Merlin!” she exclaimed.

He stopped abruptly, and let go of Ayra’s hand. She looked up and began to ask a question when someone interrupted her. 

“What’s Woods doing here?” Remus asked from the steps of Hogwarts. He stood up rigidly, looking paler than ever, all color gone from his face as dusk began to fall. “Where’s Prongs and Wormtail?”

Ayra grinned. “Why, don’t I feel wanted today.” she said sarcastically, trying to not so conspicuously open her mouth to gasp air into her oxygen deprived lungs.

Sirius looked at his feet. “James got detention with Peter. And no one will let them skip. So I had to find a replacement.” he said, guilt lacing his words.

Remus shot his friend a look, then his ragged hazel eyes focused on Ayra. “Do you even know what’s going on? How can you help?” he asked tiredly, but as always, all business.

She looked him square in the eye. “I can change into any animal that I want to, and  I kind of know why I’m here.” she finished, uncertainty tainting her voice the slightest bit. 

Remus rolled his eyes. “He didn’t tell you, did he?” he asked, slightly irritated.

 Ah! Another thing to add to my list! Number 362: Non Informative.

 Sirius looked at his friend. “I’m sorry mate, but--”

 Remus shut him off with a glare. He looked back at Ayra. “You’re helping control me, for tonight. I’m turning into an werewolf, so you’re going to have to be in animal form at all times. We’re heading for the shrieking shack.. it was built--” 

Ayra’s lips turned into a hint of a smile. “I know what it was built for. I helped build it.” she said, then she covered her mouth, eyes going wide. She had just slipped. Shit.

 He cocked an eyebrow at her, his eyes brimming with curiosity. “What do you mean you--” 

“Hey Black! Isn’t that where we started  in the first place?” she said, changing the subject, eyes narrowing on her new one.”

“We don’t have time for this!” Sirius said forcefully, avoiding her eyes. 

 “Then why did we bloody run this whole way!” 

  Her question was not answered. Sirius’ eyes went open as he saw what he could see. He pointed to a direction. “Remus.”

Remus looked where his friend pointed, at the trees of the forbidden forest, a whiteness had started to taint the edges, painting the trees black. His eyes widened, and he began to run towards the shack, Sirius and Ayra in hot pursuit.

Ayra ran up next to Sirius, ignoring her legs’ fierce protests of pain. “Next time you want to take me on one of your little adventures, make sure we’re on time.” she said, running after Remus. 

He glared at her back, forcing himself not to retort. The girl was getting on his last nerve. If she could just be a little grateful that I’m letting her in on the biggest marauder secret of all time and get that stick out of her ass maybe she’d be ok. But since that stick obviously has some sort of permanency charm on it…Oh. I forget. Didn‘t I put it there?

Lost in his own wandering and pointless thoughts, his eyes opened wide when he saw what was going on before him. Remus had suddenly stopped running, his whole body had gone ridged. Ayra was standing right beside him.

“WOODS! CHANGE! NOW!” he bellowed, sprinting ever faster to the two figures ahead of him.

Ayra turned to Sirius, eyes wide with panic. “INTO WHAT?”

 Just before transforming himself into a dog he ran up to her, holding her by the shoulders, Remus forgotten for a moment. He looked her in the eyes, for a moment, noticing how beautifully the white of the moon lighted up the slivers of silver in her blue eyes. “Anything. Be careful.” he rasped, chiding himself for his thoughts. Just an observation. he thought, justifying himself and immediately feeling better.

And with that, he animagused, pouncing for Remus and goading him to the direction of the whomping willow. 

 Ayra watched the scene unfold. For once in her life, she was taken by the pressure, the fear, and the horrors of the night. She watched as werewolf and dog became a flurry of grey and black in the light of the full moon. She stood there, a lone bystander, and watched.

A yelp from Sirius finally brought her back to her senses. Her eyes opened a little wider as she saw Remus stalking towards her. And then she knew what she had to do. The mental process that went through her mind was rather astonishing really.

 Werewolves. Page 394. Can be Animaguses. Werewolves have no choice.

The only way to get them where you want to go is to have another one of their kind, but they will only follow the opposite sex….

 The only way to get Remus into the whomping willow easily and efficiently is if I turn myself into a werewolf, lead him towards the tree, quickly animagus back into myself, calm the tree, run through the root hole, animagus back into a werewolf run up to the shrieking shack, and then hit Remus with a sleeping spell as soon as he gallops into the room! she grinned. I‘m absolutely brilliant! 

And right in the face of Remus, she changed into a female werewolf. The sensation was incredible. She felt…larger somehow, and bit on the loony side. But other than that, she was in complete charge of her brain. She yowled at the moon, and without even pausing to look at the black dog that had frozen at her appearance, pranced off towards the whomping willow.

 Sirius's dog eyes went wide as he watched what she had done. It’s absolutely insane! I hope she knows what the hell she’s doing. he thought. Oh wait. Its WOODS we’re talking about here. Of course she doesn’t. He shook his shaggy head and padded off quickly after them.

Ayra kept a safe distance between her and Remus. She had to get to the tree in time to change back. So she made a run by the forbidden forest to play a little hide and seek. She a-oo-d in one direction and promptly changed back into herself when finding a nice spot to hide. Remus crept right by her hiding place. She watched as he walked off into the distance. 

 Her hiding place was rather wicked. There were three trees. Two of the trees had grown what looked like chairs out of their sides, and the chairs faced each other. The third one had grown a table in between them. Ayra sat under the table. Here, there was also room for two. Seemed the trees liked to grow couches as well. 

A twig cracked and the open air in front of Ayra had her full attention. a black dog started creeping by. She reached out and grabbed its muzzle, making sure it didn’t bark. Sirius instantly animagused into a person. 

 “What the hell are you up to? Turning into a werewolf, and back all the time?” he whispered reverently. “You’re insane Woods. Insane.” 

 She grinned. “It’s an absolutely brilliant plan. You have to get to the shrieking shack before me though. I’ll be the first werewolf to come through the door, Remus will be the second. You stun him and hit him with a sleeping spell. And I’ll animagus back. And we can all sleep in the shrieking shack and keep an eye on our lovely friend at the same time.”

He looked at her. “Only you would think of that.” he shook his head.

She smiled, a genuine smile that knocked him off his feet. “Page 394.” she said shrugging. “But alas, I must go. Good luck.” she twittled her fingers and she was gone.

Sirius sat in the hiding spot for sometime.  He was still blown by seeing his first sincere smile from Woods. The girl who rejected him. The girl who he hated. He hated the way the moon bounced in her eyes, the way her lips moved when she spoke, the way she walked with an air of dignity, but her face was all mischievousness. He hated that he noticed that. But her smile. That’s one thing I could get used too. he shook the thought away and  quickly animagused back into a dog.  I can finish thinking later. For now, The Plan. and padded off to the whomping willow. He quickly immobilized the tree and ran through the tunnel and awaited Ayra on the broken bed, wand at the ready.

Ayra bounded toward the whomping willow which was writhing in protest., aooing as she went. She quickly changed back into a human and ran up to the bark of the tree. It instantly calmed down. She whispered what needed to be done and the tree sent down a branch, letting her know that it understood. She was about to change back into an animagus when she felt a claw rake down her back. 

She screamed and turned around, feeling the blood dripping down her back, soaking her shirt. She looked at the Werewolf Remus and then in a horrifying moment, she remembered. A werewolf could even kill his best friend in this state. And not even know that he had done it until he had recovered from his transformation. She opened her mouth to scream, when her senses took over for her. She had changed back into a werewolf. Remus stood there, confused. She ahoood, ignoring the pain in her back, and bounded down the tunnel. Remus followed. 

She went as fast as she possibly could with the pain in her back. The tunnel seemed to go on forever. She finally bounded through the door, Remus hot on her heels. She whirled around from the door to see Sirius hit Remus with the stunning spell, and then the sleeping one. 

She animagused, slowly though, for she didn’t have much strength left. Once she completed her transformation, she fell to the boards of the floor of the Shrieking Shack. Sirius hurried over to her and looked at her back. 

 “What the hell did you do this time Woods?” he asked, inspecting the deep groves on her back that were pouring blood.

“Remus clawed me.”  she replied weakly, her voice laced with pain.

 He instantly levitated her.

“What are you doing?” she said indignantly. “Put me down at once!”

 “I’m putting you on the bed. It’s broken, but it’s serviceable for what I’m going to do.”
“And what is it that you’re going to do?” she asked, voice slightly muffled by the  odd-smelling pillow.

“I’m going to heal it.” he said after a moment. “But you’re going to have to take your shirt off. And your bra is most likely ripped…ok, it is ripped, but yeah- its gonna have to go.” he said, hesitantly. He knew how Woods felt about stuff like that, especially around him.

“I can’t move. You’re going to have to.” she said.

Sirius opened his eyes wide, “Surely, you can’t mean that you’d rather have me--”

 “Surely you have enough expertise in this area to take my shirt and bra off without a whim in 6 seconds flat?” she snapped.

“Not your shirt, no. Anyone else’s wouldn’t be a problem.” he grumbled.


“So You don’t care?” 

“My back is bloody well giving me the worst pain that I’ve ever had in my life! OF COURSE I DON’T BLOODY WELL CARE! Just do it already!” she yelled from the flood, her voice covered in pain. She whimpered. “Please. Just do it.” she was holding her tears back. She was not going to cry.

“You won’t kick me in the balls when all this is over?” he asked, hesitantly.


“You swear?”

“Yes Black. Now could you please do what I asked of you?” Ayra was getting impatient.

“Patience is a virtue.” he stated proudly as he cut the sleeves of her shirt, and then down the sides, so he could take just the back off- the back was the problem.

She had no reply.

Sirius resigned himself. He put his wand in his jeans and began to roll the back of the shirt up, lifting it over her cuts. She gasped in pain several times. The blood had already begun to dry. “I can do this slowly, or I can rip it off. Slow pain verses extreme pain but fast pain.” he stated simply, he had only gotten one quarter of shirt off her back.

She was silent for a moment. Then she spoke. “Rip it off.” she said.

His eyes went wide. “It’ll hurt, really, it wi---”

 “Just do it already Black!” she said quietly, yet forcefully.

 He grasped the edges of her shirt and lifted them up barely. “On the count of three.” he said, putting his fingers and close to her skin as possible. “One.” he felt her whole body relax, heard her deep breathing. “Two.” Then her body tensed up, knowing it was coming. He felt a slight pity for the girl.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” Ayra screamed.-bloody murder. Then let out all sorts of noises. Once she was done with all things un-understandable, she let out all the swear words known to man. In Belgian. 

After about 5 minutes she had quieted down, breathing a tad bit easier. She began to take in the world around her, for it had not been there for the past 5 minutes. No, for 5 minutes, she had been in hell. 

 He was holding her hand. Actually. She was holding his. Not that stating it that way was making any difference.

“Um.. Woods. Do you think maybe you could let go of my wand hand? I need it to fix your back, and I’m not sure if I will be able too. I think you’ve broken my fingers…”

Ayra let go of his hand promptly. “Is my back fixable at all?”

 He shook his head. “You’ll have the scars. I can only make the cuts heal faster.” he said, regretting he couldn’t do more. 

She sighed. “Just do what you can.”

He nodded and got to work. 

About an hour and 47 spells later, Ayra tried to sit up, her back healed with 5 shining lines covering it’s once-flawless expanse, but found that she couldn’t. Her shirt fell into her hands. She quickly brought it back up to cover her body. Sirius turned away and took off his hoodie and threw it to her. She slipped on the black garment and sighed with exhaustion. “Thanks Black. I’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

 He came and joined her on the bed. “You wouldn’t have almost been dead if it weren’t for me.”

“Wrong. If it weren’t for me, I wouldn’t be here.” she answered sleepily and repaired the bed with a Repairo.

“No. I asked you here. James and Peter usually help me, but they were in detention because-”

“I landed them there.” she said matter-of-factly. “Sorry.”

 “Oh.” was all he said.

 “Do we have to do this again tomorrow?” she asked, trying to find a comfortable position on the bed.

“Actually, tomorrow, we have to run around the shack screaming like banshees. It’s a whole load of fun really.” he said, a memory tugging his lips into a small smile.

“Like banshees?” she asked.  “Can’t I scream like anything else?”

 “Nope,” Sirius replied. “Just banshees. It’s a very specific sound. Why do you think we call this place the shrieking shack?” 

“So can I shriek?” Ayra asked, a tad bit of perk coming into her voice.

“No.” he said, amused by her questions.

 A quite silence passed and neither said a word. The moon moved from one window pane to another, and still, neither had said a word.

 Just as Sirius’ eyes began to close, she spoke.

“Thank you Sirius. I really do appreciate all of this.” she said, her voice warm and sincere.

 “I…” he was unsure of what to say. “You’re welcome,” and then for good measure, he hesitantly added. “Ayra.”

 She nodded lightly. “Goodnight.” and fell silent.

 “’Night.”  He processed all of this and felt sleep calling to him. He felt a warmness on his shoulder and found Ayra’s head leaning against his shoulder, her eyes closed and body breathing evenly. He shook his head slightly at the little power house and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, like a friend would, and rested his head against hers. Right before his eyes fell, they were already dropping with weariness, he thought: I could really get used to this.

 And sleep overtook him, and they both entered world of their very own- where neither was troubled by the world that they slept in. The world of their dreams.


Chapter 15: Irresponsible
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A/N Sorry for the late update- I’ve been really busy. (Just turned 16!!!! Yay!) I know this chapter is a bit short, but I hope that you enjoy it anyways! 

The world was still as the sunrise painted the sky in vibrant oranges and reds. The rays reached beyond the trees and beyond the little village of Hogsmade onto a lone building. Well, one couldn’t really call it a building…or a house for that matter, for it had been long out of repair. 

No one had ever lived in it, but as far as legends go, It is said to be haunted by the most notorious monkey men ghosts who were headless and they screamed their heads off every full moon and sunrise and sporadically during the day because they never got the bananas that they wanted from the queen of monkeys. “But have no fear,” the villagers say to any newcomer, in this case a little kid with a brand new Lolli-pop from Honeydukes, “It’s just a rumor.” Then they wink all too innocently and whistle their way away.

Then the lolli fell to the ground as the boy went and screamed to his mommy what the mean man had told him.

The mother of the child shook her head disapprovingly in the mans direction and took her son’s hand. “I’ll just prove to you that this silly rumor isn’t true.” she cooed. 

The son’s eyes opened wide. “But momma, NO! The monkeys will EAT ME!!! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND??!?!?” he exclaimed, slapping his face with both hands and wailing..

The mother scolded him sharply. “Stop! You’re causing a scene!” and rolled her eyes as she trudged him along the pathway towards the shrieking shack. The child shrunk to the side of his mother, and deciding that struggling would sap his strength, and that strength he’d need later to run away from the cannibal monkeys, he decided to stop struggling and walk along with her.

Slowly and deviously the old, run down abode crept into view. The boy whimpered, whilst his mother rolled her eyes. She saw nothing wrong with the shack itself. They walked up to the barbed-wire fence that separated it from the world. She put one hand on it and surveyed the haunting, yet harmless looking residence.

The boy reached out to the fence, touched it, then shrank away. “Momma, if this place isn’t haunted, then why do they have this fence here?”

“To keep naughty little boys away.” she said to him, then muttered, “Stupid rumors about monkeys. Ridiculous.” she said indignantly.

“Momma.. You’re going to make them mad.”

“Oh shush. There is no such thing, I repeat, no such thing, as headless monkey men who got mad because they didn’t get their mangos.

Bananas--” the boy said, his sentence cut off by a slam of a shutter from the house. He tugged on his mother’s coat.. “Momma…I think you made them mad.”

She rolled her eyes once more as opened her mouth to reply when…

A violent chorus of shrieks erupted from the shack and the shutters began slamming violently. The couple looked at the house for a moment, then at each other. Then the chorus of shrieks coming from the house were joined by their own.

They couldn’t get out of there soon enough. The mother refused to stop running until they were back in the village. She huffed for air, her heart beating frantically. 

Her son looked at her with wide eyes. “Told you so.”

Sirius laughed as he watched the couple run away, tripping over their own feet. Ayra rolled her eyes as she rolled out of the bed, her hair disheveled. 

“You sure do set up a great damn wake-up call, Black.” she said sarcastically, rubbing her blue eyes open. “Next time we’re in a hotel together, remind me to set the alarm myself.” 

Sirius ignored her comment and continued on with his rantings. “You should have seen their faces, Woods!” he shot a grin her way.

She threw him a look. “ And you should see yours. There’s a mirror over there on the wall,” she said, gesturing to the silver plaque hanging forlornly, “But it’s already cracked. Sorry.” she finished, still irritated by his brilliant wake-up call.

“Oh right!” he said, a twinge of amusement in his voice, “You looked in it yesterday, didn’t you, little miss I-need-my-beauty-sleep.” he smiled cheekily and walked over to the window, yanking it open, sunshine hitting Ayra square in the eyes. She groaned.

 “Shut them back, Black. Besides, won’t you wake up Remus?” she said, pointing to the sleeping figure in the corner.

“Nope.” He replied, nonchalantly. “He’ll be out for a couple hours yet. Since, he’s transformed back into a human when the sun rose, he went straight to sleep. Being a werewolf isn’t exactly easy, you know.” he said happily.

“No, actually, I don’t know. I’ve always heard that it was a piece of cake.” she said. “If you don’t happen to remember, I was one last night.”

Sirius advanced towards her. “Yeah. I forgot. And it was stupid of you to do that.” he retorted.

“Well, just cause you aren’t genius enough or--”

“Don’t you dare insult my IQ. I’m very proud of it, and--”

“What IQ, Black? Oh!” she said, irritation mounting to the size of mount Everest, “You must be talking about your sub-zero IQ, you know, the one with that’s non-exista--”

“HA! You have room to talk?” he said accusingly, stepping closer to her. “Little-Miss-Phsyco who hugs insane trees- including one that stole my underpants last year! Anyone with an IQ of -900 would know not to go near that thing, besides--”

“Oh! And you should know not to go near it, because you’re IQ is -900? Tell me, Black, do you learn how to be so stupid from your little idiotic friends who wouldn‘t know a pigmy puff if it hit them in the face, or where you just born with--”

“For your information, I do know what a pigmy puff is, and they don’t go around hitting people in the face- in fact, they happen to be very cute.” He said, almost in an absurd way. “Another thing, don’t insult my friends, because they aren’t here to defe--”

“Defend themselves? HA. They sure have a great friend, who can’t even defend them. I wonder what your mother--”

“What about my mother?” Sirius said, his voice cutting her word short, her sentence lost, falling over the edge of a cliff that seemingly had no bottom. His tone became instantly chilled- loosing all the heat that it had just a moment before.

Ayra backtracked quickly. His reaction was not what she had expected. “I’m sorry,” she flustered slightly, “that was a low-blow, just forget that I ever said anyth--”

“Sorry?” he said quietly, stepping towards her. Ayra stepped back. He was getting too close. “You’re…sorry.” It was a statement in which sarcasm dripped from every syllable.

“Yes, Black, now could you please go back to norma-”

“Normal?” His head flew back as he let out a bark of laughter- filled with no warmth at all. “You’re sorry, and you’re asking me to be normal? Since when have I ever been normal? Since when have you ever been sorry?” He asked, incredulous.  Never.” he whispered that last word, taking another step towards her.

And thus began the great War of Thou-shall-not-Blink. Or you shall die. Game over.

Ayra, being the optimist that she was, took another step back to find her back at the wall. Crap. “Well, there’s always a first time for everything!” she said overly brightly, pushing some hope into her voice.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sleepwalking can’t save you now Ayra! You‘re dooooomed. said voice, happily rubbing the fact into Ego’s face.

Shut up Voice, this jealousy just has to stop. said Ego. Jealousy destroys lives.

I’m not jealous--

Yes you are.

Am not.

Are too.

Am. Not.

Are toooooooooo…..


Are NOT!


Ego grinned cheekily. Voice, if it had eyes, would have glared. This isn’t over Ego- Just you wait.

Ego smirked, but feel silent.

Sirius’s eyes probed her hopeful, but slightly challenging ones. He couldn’t go on any further. “How’s your back feeling?” he said softly.

Ayra was taken aback by the change of subject. “It’s fine, thanks to you--”

“And my sub-zero IQ?” he said, slightly amused, pushing back memories of the past. “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” he said, pushing himself away from her and walking over to the window. Now is not the time to tell her. he thought. 

“It’s…fine?” she said, hesitantly, stepping towards him.

“I don’t speak with my mother anymore.” he said with no emotion, as if he was reading text from the dark-arts book for class. “I severed all connections when I turned 15. I’m living with James over the summer.” he said plainly.

Ayra’s brain tripped over this information. “I’m…so sorry.” she said, unsure of what to say.

His neck snapped her direction, and his eyes looked straight through her. “You’re never sorry.” he said, then broke the gaze and stared back out the window. “You’re never sorry, you don’t care about what you say to anyone, and you could give less than a shit about anyone outside of your little posse, and you do things that are unreasonable and irresponsible--”

“Irresponsible?!” Ayra said indignantly, her tone disbelieving of what he was saying. “Are you kidding me?”

“And you still act like you’re perfect.” his gaze flew from the mirror to hers, and once again he was advancing in her direction, but Ayra stood her ground. He continued, “I wonder, Ayra,” he said in a tone that degraded her name to a mere grain of sand from the dune that it really was, “What your mother thinks about you.” 

Ayra’s face blanched, until her cheeks were the only part of her face in which color resided. 

“So you can dish out the heat, but you can’t take it, can you Woods?” he said, taking another step forward.

“I…You…my parents..” Ayra stumbled- stunned that he would attack her family…her non existent family. She opened her mouth to get a word in when she looked at his lips for help…a big mistake on her part.

Sirius looked at her, as she stumbled for an answer, a comeback, but couldn’t think of one. He held her gaze until it dropped slightly…To his lips. Sirius felt a rush of heat course through his body. Her eyes came back to him, slightly dazed. He looked at her lips, tilted his head slightly, and leaned in.

Ayra turned her head quickly, his lips brushed her cheek. Her gaze snapped at him, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away. “You were never normal.” she said, vengeance lacing her words with a sharp edge. “You only cared about your ‘boys’ and the next way you could get Severus into the girls loo and lock him there until some poor helpless girl found him. Then you would throw dung bombs at him when he walked through the door- ruining his homework for the next week. You don’t care about all the girl’s hearts you break- you don’t care about anything. You never did and you never will.” she finished, turning her head from him and leaning against the edge of the broken piano. “I pity you.” 

Sirius said the only thing he could think of. “And I hate you.”

Ayra’s gaze snapped back to him. “Are you telling me that? Or are you trying to convince yourself?” she retorted, pulling out a slip of paper from her jean pocket. It was slightly bloody, but other than that in perfect repair. He looked at it curiously. 

“What’s that?”

Ayra looked at him nonchalantly, and smirked. “It’s a list.”

“A list of what?” he asked, patience growing thin.

“Things that you are, things that you do, that contribute to why I dislike you severely. Happy Idiot day.” she said, handing it to him. “Thought you’d enjoy a present on the day that the globe has dedicated to you.”

Sirius barked a laugh again, and smirked cruelly. “You were just a game to me, Woods.” he said, cause her fierce grin to walk straight off her face. “Don’t you see?” he continued, “You were my little bit of entertainment.” he said, black humor coursing through his voice. “A game. And while I do admit that it was fun, it’s simply boring me now, I think I’ll go get a new one.”

Ayra pushed herself off the piano and stepped towards him until she was nose-to-nose with him. The slap echoed through the house, a sharp, cutting sound. “I hate you Sirius Black.” she said, pushing him into the wall. “Hate you.”

And she promptly walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. He put a hand to his cheek, on which a red mark was blossoming like a rose of summer. A mischievous gleam lit up his eyes….

Time to move to phase two of The Plan.

Ayra fumed as she walked into the Hog’s Head and ordered a butter beer. She drummed her fingers impatiently as she waited for the waiter to bring it in. How could he just go and say that? After he tried to kiss me!?! she thought, infuriated. She let out a frustrated sigh and took a sip of the butter beer that had just appeared on her table. He asked for it. She said, justifying herself, and taking another sip of her delicious drink.

She mused further on their conversation, and found that even though it was productive, she really learned nothing new about him…except for his family life. She finished off her third butter beer, paid the cashier and walked back to the shrieking shack, ducking under the barbed wire fence to enter the grounds.

She walked through to door to….silence. A single piece of paper resting on the paino caught her eye. She walked over to it and picked it up, unfolding it so she could read it. Her black hair fell into her eyes. She pushed it away.

Ayra recognized the messy scrawl immediately as Sirius’.

Gone to the castle. Dumbledore gave him a potion so that he only had to turn once.

He didn’t even bother to sign it. Ayra rolled her eyes as she burned the note with her wand. She left without another glance to the room and trudged through the tunnel leading back to Hogwarts.

After cuddling a little bit with her favorite tree, Ayra trudged through the Hallways of corridors until she reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

 "Password…” she said, a magnificent sight to behold with all the pink lace that someone had vomited all over her. She looked like a true advertisement model for Madam Puddifoots.

“Cannibal Headless Monkeys.” Ayra stated. “Now could you please just let me in?”

“Fine! No need to talk to me!” the Fat Lady replied, irritated. However, due to the charms placed on her she opened, Her grumbling slightly muffled. Ayra walked through the common room, ignoring the familiar figure sitting near the fire and walked up to the common room. She opened the door and threw herself on her bed. Her eyelids began to droop, and she was entering a world of imagination, when a bang erupted on her window.

What in Merlin’s Moles is it now!? she thought, irritated, as she pulled her body out of the bed. She walked over to the window and threw the curtains that she had just closed earlier, open. To find the tear-stained face of James Potter.

Ayra quickly undid the hatches of the window and yanked it open. “What’s wrong?” she asked immediately. Tears on James’s face were a big deal.

James took a deep breath. He composed himself, and his gaze turned cold, his stance rigid. He looked her straight in the eyes.

“I have a problem.” he stated, straining to keep the anger out of his voice.

“What is it, James?” she asked, concerned. She may not have been the best of friends with him, but she did care.

“They’re going out - just announced it in the common room. They snogged.”

“Who?!?” Ayra asked, leaning forward to catch his voice. 

James took another deep breath, before he growled, “Sirius and Lily.”  






Chapter 16: Gottcha
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“You’re joking, right?”

“ ‘Fraid not.” James replied haggardly, running a hand unconsciously through his hair, making it stand up more on end than it usually did.

She looked into his tear-stained eyes. For some reason, it all seemed quite surreal, as if something was off center. “Are you OK?” she asked, tentatively.

James let out a bark of laughter.

So unlike Sirius’s. Ayra threw the thought away immediately.

“If I was OK, would I be talking to you about this?” he asked, looking her into the eyes.


“ No, I suppose not.” Ayra admitted, somewhat reluctantly.

“So, what are you going to do about it?” he asked her, hopefully.

Ayra turned an eye on him, just as it struck 12 o’clock. Time for lunch. “Why are you asking me? No offense to you, I care about you, but why should I care about this situation?” she asked, slightly confused.

“Lily…” James whimpered, his voice trailing off uncertainly, as if there was something else he wanted to add, but was slightly afraid too.

After all, he was talking to an insane girl who took his favorite shoes, turned them pink, and then goes and cuddles with killing trees. Fantastic.
“And?” Ayra said, not being thrown off at all by his tactics.


“Sorry, didn’t catch that?” Ayra said, her brow slightly furrowed.

“And I thought that you cared about Sirius.” James said, slightly slower.

Ayra took a deep breath. Then she laughed. “You thought that I, Ayra Woods, care about Sirius Black? HA! You must be joking.” she said in disbelief.

“I already told you that I wasn’t joking.”

“And you’re sure that this isn’t a plot to make you jealous? Lily could be using Sirius, you know.” she said, quite matter-of-factly.

James looked at her, his eyes brimming with tears, his hand crumpled in a fist in the pocket of his jeans. “Is this the face of someone who’s worried about the love of his life trying to make him jealous? Padfoot was my best mate, and he stabbed me in the back! I came to you because I thought you could help me get retaliation.”

Ayra stepped away from James, her eyes widening. “You, James Potter, would try and get revenge on your best mate?” she said, skepticism soaking her voice. “That’s unbelievable.”

James looked away. “Fine, I thought you could help. But I guess you’re as useless as Padfoot said you were.”

He picked up his broom from the corner of the room, dragged himself onto it, and hovered in the air, uncertainly.

Ayra’s eyes widened in shock. For James Potter to be crying was one thing, for his Quidditch skills to be affected by something like this, that was worse.

“Wait!” she called, not even having time to stop the word from escaping from her lips. He stopped, facing the door, his hand on the handle…almost, excpectingly.

“I…I’ll think of something, James.” she said, tripping over her own words.

He looked at her over his shoulder, his eyes flickering with the slightest bit of hope. “Thanks Ayra, I knew I could count on you!” he grinned sadly at her and flew out the window. Ayra sighed.

Crap. Now I have to think of how to retaliate. Brilliant.

She closed the window and lugged herself to bed.

Just as she was drifting into the world of cotton candy and monkeys, the door to the girls dormitory flew open with a bang. Ayra whimpered slightly to herself. Who could it be now?
“Ayra? Ayra, you in here?”


Ayra sat up in bed and pushed her bed curtains aside, so she could look at the girl who was causing James so much pain.

“Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?” she asked, nonchalantly. I can’t let my emotions get control of me this time. Ayra thought to herself. I’m the best prankster in the whole school for goodness sake!
Lily looked taken aback for a moment, and then her smile flooded back to her face. “It was simply marvelous!” she said, her eyes becoming suddenly dazed. “We looked into each other’s eyes, and then, fireworks.” Lily danced around the room. “It was like Christmas morning!”

She took off her school robes and sat on her bed, positively glowing.

“James must be really happy.” Ayra said with a smile. A fake one of course, but for appearances sake, it looked quite genuine.

Lily stayed quiet for a moment. “Ayra…”


“I’m not talking about James.”

Ayra looked at her, aghast. “What do you mean, ‘you’re not talking about James’? I thought that you were almost about to actually accept him!”

“Yes, I mean, I always thought that James was good-looking, ” Lily said without remorse, and then her eyes shone with mischievousness , “But that was before I really got to know Sirius.”

“Sirius Black?” Ayra asked, incredulously. “The Sirius Black?”

Lily sighed wistfully. “Yes Ayra, The most wonderful, glorious, Sirius Black.”

Ayra tried to suppress her anger. “But what about James?” she asked, her anger peeking out when she mentioned his name.

“Why Ayra,” Lily said, standing up from her bed and picking up her belongings to go to lunch, “You’re not mad, are you? I mean, all you ever talked about was how much you hated Sirius. I didn’t think that you’d mind.”

“Oh, I don’t mind, but I sure as hell hope you know what you’re doing.” Ayra said angrily. “I don’t care if you go with Black, but turning James’s best mate against him makes me furious.”

“Oh, Ayra…” Lily said with wide eyes. “Don’t tell me that you’re jealous. You never liked him!”

Ayra’s eyes narrowed. “It’s not about him, Lily. It’s about James. You’re being a right worthless cow, you know that?”

Lily looked taken aback, “Jealousy does not become you.”

“And whoredom doesn’t become you either, but I’m not saying anything.” Ayra said, irritated. “I can’t believe you would do this.”

“If I had known that you liked Sirius, it might be different.”

“I do not like Sirius Black.” Ayra gritted from between her teeth.

“Are you trying to tell me that, or are you trying to convince yourself?” Lily asked coyly.

Ayra glared at her. “Just you wait Lily, just you wait.” she picked up her bag and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind her.

For a moment, all was still. Lily walked over to the door and opened it quietly. She heard the portrait hole slam with Ayra’s exit. Definitely jealous.

She walked back into the girl’s dormitory and smiled. “You can come out now, Black.”

Sirius came out from Marietta’s closet. He walked over to the windows and opened them. “Prongs?”

James hovered upwards slightly, so that he was now level with the window. He came into the room, and put his broom back to where it was only about six minutes before. “Was I not an amazing actor, or what?” he asked, puffing out his chest proudly, putting his hands on his hips in a very dramatic way.

Sirius laughed, and Lily snorted slightly. “Whatever Potter.” she looked over at Sirius. “You’re plan might just work.”

James looked over at her, skeptically. “That was what he said the last time he had a plan.”

Sirius shot a look at his friend- ordering him to silence. Or he would go to hell. The end!

But apparently, James didn‘t get the message and continued explaining. “You know, the one where you said that if I stole Lily-flower’s underwear--”

Lily raised her eyebrows at Sirius. “What’s this now?”

“Nothing.” Sirius said, his face the utter picture of innocence. “So you were saying that you think it might work?”

Lily nodded. “She was definitely green with jealousy. You heard it yourself!”

“Yeah, I did.” He replied. “You weren’t bad yourself.” he said approvingly to Lily.

“I’ve taken acting classes before. At least I didn’t have to use an Illusion of Sadness charm.” she said pointedly to James’s direction.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” James said indignantly, then his expression changed as a thought crossed his mind. “Wait! Didn’t you say that I was good-looking?” He said, almost incredulous. Then complete and utter joy, the joy of a child who just squashed a bug on the highway then ate it, covered his face. “You did.” he said, drawling just slightly, and leaning against the window pane.

Lily blushed slightly. “You must have heard wrong.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that you said that--”

“You were behind a window and then under it!” she said quickly. “You must have misheard.”

“Oh, are you telling me that, or are you trying to convince yourself?” James said, coyly.

Lily looked slightly flustered at his exact phrasing of what she said to Ayra. Yes. He obviously did not mishear. He knew what he heard. Crap. Think of something quick!

“That’s a great quote. Where’d you hear that?” she said, indifferently.

James looked flustered for just a moment. “That’s what you said to Ayra, in your conversation--”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lily replied, her coolness melting only a little. She walked over to her bed and sat on it. “So what is the next phase of your plan, Black?”

“But I specifically heard you say that--” James said, interrupting her, but then his expression changed from certainty to something else.

An expression that Lily found she didn’t like at all.

It was smirk.

Merlin help her, James Potter was smirking. Smirking smugly, in fact.

This can not be good. Potter, smirking, means trouble. For me. Oh crap.
“Wasn’t there something about ‘you were almost about to actually accept him’? 'Him' being me of course?” he said, slowly, raising an eyebrow in her direction.

“I…I…” Lily stumbled, looking for an answer. She looked over to Sirius, who just grinned ferociously. Her gaze narrowed. She looked back at James and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Like I said earlier, you must have misheard me.”

James shook his head. “Nope. There’s no way that I misheard you.” he said, persistently. He looked over at Sirius. “You were in here Padfoot, you know that I’m telling the truth. Tell her,” he said, inclining his head to Lily’s direction.

“Yes, do tell us Black, what the next phase of your little plan is.” she said, coyly changing the subject.

“Hey- that’s not what I was--”

“Leave it till later Prongs. I’m hungry.” Sirius said, intervening.

“You know Lily-Flower, the last time he made a plan, I almost died, and Remus’s hair turned green.”

Sirius glared at James with a look that clearly said. Not helping!
“And the time before that, when he said that he had this brilliant plan, and we all believed him…It turned out awful! Instead of kidnapping your underwear, we got --”

“Shut up Prongs.” Sirius said desperately, and just in time.

If just in time meant that it was far too late, then yes, he stopped James just in time.

An expression of amusement, and fury crossed Lily’s face.

“What this?” Lily asked suspiciously. “You were going to steal my underwear?”

Color tainted Sirius’s cheeks. “Well, when you put it that way, it sounds quite evil, but it really wasn’t like that. We were only kidnapping them, you see, and that always means that we’re going to return them….”

“For ransom.” Lily finished.

“Well, not exactly, you see--”

“I really don’t have time to talk about how you were going to kidnap my underwear and murder it later--”

“Hey! No one said anything about murdering it--”

“But I’m really hungry, and I’d like to hear the next phase of this plan that we only know the plot about.”

Sirius turned to Lily, “Look Evans, I know that you didn’t like the fact that you had to snog me--”

“It wasn’t all that bad, Sirius, honestly…”

“And I know that it was a little too much to ask for, but do you think, that for public appearances sake, we could be together more often? IT doesn’t’ make me any happier or anything, but could you make it look like we were doing something a little more….explicit…in a week’s time when she comes through the portrait hole? "

“No. Absolutely not.” James answered, in a sure voice.

Lily glared at him. Being the rebellious girl that she was, she looked at Sirius and answered, “Yes. I think I can do that.”

James’s mouth fell open to the floor. “You’ve got to be kidding me? What does Padfoot have that I don’t?”

“An IQ?” Lily said, smugly.

“You know I’m smart. Just because I don’t go to the library all the time, and need I remind you, that neither does Padfoot--”

“But the fact that his hearing skills are impeccable, while yours are slightly…lacking in accuracy…really does set you apart.”

He growled. “I know what I heard.”

“No, you misheard me, and that’s that.” Lily said, agitated.

“Well,” James said coyly, “Whenever you’re up to, what was it again? ‘Accepting me?’ Just let me know, and I’ll make myself available.”

She turned to Sirius. “I’ll see you at lunch,” and without a glance backward at James, she turned heel out of the door, her uniform skirt dancing gaily around her thighs.

“She is a nasty piece of work.” Sirius said, eyes still glued to the door that had slammed shut.

“I know, but honestly, what do you have that I don’t? You even get to kiss her for Merlin’s sake! Explicit things too?” James said, dubiously. “You must have bewitched her or something.”

“Actually, It’s only because of the plan. You’re time will come.” Sirius siad. “Even if it does take her 80 years to get the point.”

“Well spotted Socrates. Any other philosophical sayings you want to throw my direction?”

“In the beginning, there was a plan. And the plan was good.” Sirius said, smiling to himself.

James grinned. “ And in the end, there was a plan, and the plan blew itself up into tiny little pieces because it didn’t work.” he finished, raising his eyebrows and popping out his eyes in a ‘oh-so-inconspicuous’ manner.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Thanks for the support, mate. I really appreciate it.”

“You know, that’s kind of scary.” James said, speculatively, while examining his friend’s face.

“What is?” Sirius asked, curious.

“When you rolled your eyes, you reminded me of Woods.”

Brilliant. Just what I needed to know.

“Thanks Prongs.”


“Oi, Prongs.”


“What if I told you I actually liked Lily?”


Sirius looked over seriously, at least, as seriously as a guy named Sirius could look serious. “I wasn’t being serious.”

“But you are Sirius--”

Sirius gave him a look.

“Oh. I see.” James said. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Oh, the cleverness of you!” And then James Potter, the boy that was crying earlier, laughed his poor little heart out.

Because his friend was Sirius.


Lily walked back in, and giving them the clear signal  (meaning that Ayra was still not back)  quickly tubed out of the room to the library, and James and Black hopped on James’s broom and launched out the window, forgetting to close the panes.

Ayra stepped into the room that was occupied just seconds before.

And she had heard everything.

Her blue eyes narrowed.

Hogwarts was in for it now. Because Ayra Woods, the girl with no feelings, was back.

And the game was just beginning.

After a brief stop to the kitchens, Ayra walked out to the whomping willow, which pulled her up and let her sit in it’s center. She pulled out her wrapped up hamburger from Sirius’ black hoodie pocket and stuffed a bite in her mouth. After summoning a bra, and putting it on, she felt right at home: secure and nourished.

But she was angry, and she didn’t know why. It just boiled through her veins. I don’t even like the guy! she told herself insistently, taking a vicious bite into her un-procrastinating hamburger. She glared at it angrily. “I don’t even understand! Why plan all this stuff, and why did he have to choose one of my best friends, and not some other bimbo from his little adoring fan club?”

The half-eaten hamburger gave no reply. Ayra narrowed her eyes at it and viciously tore at it with her teeth. A tree branch nudged her shoulder to reassure her. Ayra patted at it absently, not even noticing that most the leaves had fallen off the insane branches of the Tree of Death.

It was also known as the Tree of Insanity, but Tree of Death sounded much more intimidating. So, it stuck.

She stared off into space, her violated hamburger almost finished, falling out of her hand, when her eyes focused on something in the distance.

Why, it was none other than James Potter and Sirius Black horsing around in the Quidditch pitch.

Ayra averted her eyes angrily and ate the rest of her hamburger. If they want to fool me, they can’t be obvious. She growled at the piece of hamburger that fell out of her hand and snatched it up angrily. She gulped down the last piece.

“What have I resorted to?” she asked herself. “Talking to hamburgers for Merlin’s sake! I’m going loony.”

“Well obviously.” A voice said from the bottom of the tree.

Ayra stuffed her hamburger wrapper into her pocket and stood up, stretching. “Who’s there?”

Ayra was never taken by surprise. Not ever.

“Albus Dumbledore.”

Well, maybe today was a new day.

She looked out from the tree branches to the man she could almost call father. “What is it?” she asked, slightly alarmed.

His face showed no expression as the tree let down a branch and picked him up. He was conveniently dropped right beside Ayra. She sat back down.

“I’m not around very often, but I have noticed that you’ve been acting strange lately.”

Ayra glanced at him, as he set his legs Indian-style, and pulled out his wand, absentmindedly directing cleaning spells at the tree. Her eye brow quirked slightly. If only he knew how much this darling tree hates being cleaned. Her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline when the tree purred.

Well, as similar to a sound as a tree could make that was equivalent to a purr.

“How do you do that?” she asked, quietly, observing his wand movements.

“This tree knows that I’m a friend.” he began, his voice like the last leaf of autumn, still holding strongly to its home. “It knows that I do not fear it, I only respect it. It also knows that I would never do anything to hurt or harm it. As to how you became friends with it, I have absolutely no idea.” he finished, with a slight wonder in his voice.

Ayra laughed. “Well, it’s a long story…”

“And I’m afraid that I don’t have too much time,” he began, his eyes surveying her out from under his half-moon spectacles, “So I suppose, that for a moment, I will pretend not to know anything that went on, and let you fill me in.”

Ayra stayed quiet for a moment. “It’s not really anything to fill in on about.” she said, as she watched a leaf fall silently to the ground. “I just feel slightly alone. Ostracized, if you will. People are planning things behind my back, and I know all about the plans. It drives me mad!” she said, frustration soaking her words. The headmaster looked at her inquisitively. “Like, them. They plan it, and think I’m oblivious to their plans.” she finished, cryptically.

Dumbledore looked at her, slightly smiling. “You’ve told me all I needed to know.” he said, standing up from his cross-legged position.

“It’s not like you didn’t know it anyways.” Ayra said, murmuring under her breath.

The professor ignored her as he stepped over to a branch, and slightly pinched a golden-red leaf between his fingers. “You are finding out who you are in this life. You must figure out, if you are willing to keep holding on to the tree,” he plucked it off, meeting her eyes, “ or if you are going to fly free.” He released it, letting the leaf fall down in a shimming mass of gold and red. Ayra stared at where the leaf had fallen, blending in with all of the other leaves.

“But doesn’t that mean--” she began, but as she spoke she whirled around, realizing that the headmaster had disappeared.

She looked at the spot where he had just stood and sighed.

Brilliant. “The man leaves me with a metaphor and a bald tree.”

The Whomping Willow shook slightly in offense.

“Sorry.” she mumbled. “I was just wondering what the heck life plans to throw at me next.” Ayra turned and look to the sky. “WHAT NEXT LIFE? WHAT DO YOU WANNA THROW?!”

Turned out life had a very odd sense of humor, and threw a rock.

Ayra promptly passed out.

And they say that she was never surprised. 

They, as they have proven several times, were obviously wrong.

“Prongs!!! What are we going to do? You said that if we played with the bludgers, it wouldn’t hurt anybody!!” Sirius said, desperately as he flew 20 feet above the writhing tree.

James looked over at his friend. “I wasn’t the one who hit the thing!” he said accusingly.

Sirius looked back down to see that the tree now looked like a spade, making a cocoon, with Ayra in the middle. “We have to go save her!”

“Um… Well, if you want to go face the Tree of Death, be my guest!” James said, his eyes wide open. “Cause there is NO WAY that I’m going down there!” he said pointedly.

Sirius didn’t have the time to roll his eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing??!?!” James called out to his friend that had dived towards the tree.

Then he saw something that amazed him. The tree opened for him. James did a double take. He looked again. Nope. Definitely not imagining things.

Sirius knew what he needed. He knew the tree was going to kill him. But for once, he wasn’t there for the tree. He was there for her. And by Merlin, nothing, not even a phsyco-crazy bitch of a fucking tree was going to stop him.

Ok, so maybe he was being a little melo-dramatic.

Ok, so maybe he was being over-the-top dramatic, but really, this was the Tree of Death that we were talking about.

Sirius didn’t even take time to notice the phenomena that was surrounding him. He looked at the trail of blood that was seeping from her head. He jumped off of his broom, which the tree held tightly onto. The branches began to sag, and the tree started to quiver.

If Sirius hadn’t been so distracted at the moment, he might have noticed that the tree was…crying. But he hadn’t. He reached down and carefully picked up the girl that was giving him so much grief by the waist. He gathered her up and took his broom back from the tree, climbed on carefully and flew out.

Once he was away from the tree, James joined him. “Where are we going now?” he asked.

Sirius flicked his head to get the dark strands to move from his cold grey eyes. “Hospital wing.”

“NO!” James said. “We can’t do that! We won’t be able to play Quidditch! Do you know what that means?” James said incredulously.

Sirius looked at his friend, knowing he was right. He turned left and sailed along the windows of Hogwarts castle.

“So, where are we going now?” James asked, the wind trying its hardest to whip his words away.

“To our rooms.” Sirius said, grimly.

“No!” James protested.

“Why not?”

“Because,” he began in the most obvious manner, “The last time that she was in there, she turned everything pink, in case you don’t remember.” James said, his voice trailing away as they reached the window outside of their room. He quickly undid the fastenings as Sirius flew through the window.

James shook his head disapprovingly. Sirius put Ayra on his bed and pulled a cover over her. He stood up after a moment and opened the door to leave.

“Hey! Where are you going?” James called.

“To raid the Hospital wing!” Sirius called out.

James’ mouth opened in shock. No one ever raided the Hospital wing. Not with the nurse in there 24/7.

The door slammed shut, and James was left alone with a physco-tree hugger.

Fantastic. But hey! At least she’s unconscious.

That fact made James feel a bit better.

“A bit” being the key words there. 

Sirius walked back into the room, well after dark. Raiding the hospital wing wasn’t the easiest thing ever. First, you had to know what you were looking for. Second, you had to avoid the nurse at all costs. Thirdly, you can’t get caught, because, if you did, you’d probably get strapped to a bed for a mental disorder.

Because, once again- no one ever raids the hospital wing.

He closed the door quietly behind him, leaving all the teachers that were patrolling the halls looking for the theif behind. He softly approached his bed, where he had left Ayra unconscious. He glanced over at James’s bed, that was occupied by a washed and clean James. Remus was once again in his bed, and peter had completely passed out.

And Sirius had no where to sleep. He sighed as he pulled out the paste that he held in a jar in his hand. He tucked Ayra’s hair behind her ears, surveying her lethal beauty once more.

He shook his head and dipped his fingers in the green paste and gently applied it to her forehead. She didn’t even stir. Sirius closed his eyes in exhaustion. He opened them briefly and set the paste onto his nightstand, and did what any gentleman would do for a lonely, unconscious girl who couldn’t say no.

He climbed into bed and hugged her waist, and he shared his dreams with her.

If it was possible to share dreams with an unconscious person, that is…

His eyes fell closed as he smelt the vanilla scent wafting through the strands of her hair….

The birds where chirping. It was really, a truly annoying sound. Take for example, on random days, you here this buzzing in your ears, and it drives you insane? Yeah- multiply that by about 2917945 and you would get birds chirping in the morning.

Sirius groaned as he fumbled for his wand to cast a silencing charm on the creatures of annoyance. Once he had silenced them with a random shot, he snuggled back into his warm bed and hugged his pillow tightly.

Then it moved.

Sirius tried to process that information, but it just didn’t click.

Pillows don’t move…
He opened his eyes to be looking into a pair of piercing blue ones, dazed from sleep.

She looked at him, her blue eyes confused and dazed as she surveyed his face. She could have sworn that she had known him…But it was all fuzzy. His grey eyes searched hers, perplexed. She had no idea how she got here. And why am I in Black’s bed? She bolted upright.

“Where the hell am I Black? And why the hell am I here with you?”

What a great way to start the morning! Thought Sirius as he jumped off of the bed. “You’re in the boys dormitories, which would explain why I was here. You got hit in the head with a bludger which is the second reason that you are here.”

Ayra narrowed her eyes at him as she fixed her jumper. Sirius barely acknowledged the fact, but his eyes trailed her fingers, and that was when he realized. She’s still wearing my sweatshirt!

“And you couldn’t take me to the hospital wing, why?” she asked skeptically.

“Because Quidditch tryouts are coming soon and neither James or I could afford getting detention.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he wished he had never said them. Shit.

“James? What does James have to do with this? I thought you two were mad at each other.” Ayra stated, a coy expression slipping into her eyes. She stepped, barefoot, on the clothes-strewn floor and advanced on him.

“Well, I…..I….” he stuttered, knowing his plan was blown.

“You what?”


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Chapter 17: Chocolate Frogs
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Sirius stared at the girl in front of him. His brain was sending desperate signals for him to shut his mouth (for it was gaping open), but to no avail.

Ayra glared at him in anger and walked out of the door with whatever dignity she had left.

Sirius followed.

Ayra glared over her shoulder. “Stop following me, Black. Or is this another thing that I need to add to my list?”

Sirius fingered the folded paper in his pocket. “No, you don’t need to. I just know that when you’re in this mood that no one, not even some poor little house elf, could save itself from your anger.” He thought for a moment, and then continued, his voice volume slightly falling and rising due to the fact that he was going down the stairs, “Actually, the only thing that I can think of that could possibly take your fury is the Whomping Willow. Goodness knows you two are alike.”

Ayra glared at him. “Just because you have the emotional range of an empty nutshell doesn’t mean that other people can’t control their emotions!” she said angrily, her eyes narrowed into blue slits. Her footfalls passed the common ground area and stepped onto the girls stairs. She looked over at him and smirked. “Can’t follow me up here, Black. So sorry, but I’m afraid it’s time to bid you adieu.” She didn’t even glance over her shoulder as she walked up the stairs.

Angry thoughts hummed in her brain as she ran up the stairs in fury. She reached the landing all in one piece. Ayra reached for the doorknob that led to the girls dormitories.

A hand grabbed her shoulder in a vise like grip. She turned to Sirius. “Why can’t you leave me alone? You know, the word, alone? Or perhaps this word of importance surpasses your pre-k level of vocabulary?” She snarled, jerking her arm away,

Sirius opened the door for her. “We need to talk about this, now. Surely that word doesn’t surpass your high level of vocabulary, Miss Smarty Pants?”

Ayra didn’t reply to his sarcastic nickname and walked through the door. Luckily, it was empty. Most everyone was at breakfast. And as fate would have it, today was a free day at Hogwarts.

Sirius followed her in, closing the door quietly behind him. He pulled his wand out of his pocket, and locked the door. He also cast a silencing charm, in case things got loud, and around Ayra, it usually does.

“I do believe that you do, in fact, like following me. Can I have my list back?” She asked, her voice over sweet.

Sirius jerked his hand away from his pocket. “No. You can’t.”

Ayra narrowed her eyes. “It is mine.”

Sirius leaned back against the door. “You gave it to me. I’ll consider it as a gift.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “Nothing needs to be talked about, Black. I know everything.”

Everything?” Sirius arched one eyebrow skeptically.

Everything.” Ayra stated, crossing her arms, a knowing look in her eye. “I know what you’ve been doing, who it’s been with, and where it was.”

Ah.” Sirius stated in a very, what seemed like, superior manner. Ayra didn’t like the sound of it. He smirked, “I see. You know Woods, there is a very thin line between being a stalker, and being obsessive. In this case, since you know what I’ve been doing with who where, I’d say you were a stalker.”

Ayra narrowed her eyes. “The Plan going well, Black?”

His eyes widened slightly. He hadn’t expected her to know this. Then he remembered who he was dealing with. She’s changed. He realized suddenly. She’s back to who she used to be, but not in a good way

“What are you talking about?” He asked, trying to make his voice sound innocent.

If Ayra hadn’t seen his eyes open a fraction wider, she would have been almost convinced by his suave lie.


Ayra smirked at him. “You think I didn’t know about your little plan, Black? Your little, stupid, pathetic plan to make me jealous with Lily?” She laughed menacingly, the sound chopping through the silence in the room. She took a step forward, causing him to step back. Sirius felt his back hit the wall.

He glared at her, refusing to shirk in fear. “Well, oh Bright One, it would have worked if you hadn’t have caught on.”

Ayra rolled her magnificent blue eyes in irritation. “You really think I’m stupid, don’t you? Well, oh Dim One, “ she said, pacing around the girls dormitory, “ It wouldn’t have worked solely because of the reason that I. Don’t. Like. You.” she stated, gritting out the last 4 words.

“And did you really think that I was stupid enough not to catch on? Really, it was so obvious.” She stopped pacing and sat down on her bed.

“Well, if it was so obvious, then why did you help me with Moony the other night? Why were you sulking in the Whomping Willow, and why, I ask you, have you not slapped me in the face yet?” He asked, coyly. He walked over to Lily’s bed and leaned against one of the balustrades that rose from the edge of the bed.

He’s too comfortable for someone who’s whole plot has been uncovered. She mused, storing the thought for later. “If you want me to slap you, I will. But really, don’t worry, it won’t be missed in the next couple months. You’re going to wish that I had slapped you by the time I’m through.”

That’s exactly what I was afraid of. Sirius thought to himself, his hand back in his pocket, fingering the list. He had yet to finish reading it. What was strange though, was that he wanted to.

“You’re not who you used to be.” He said. “You haven’t slapped me because you’ve changed. You’re not this heartless person any more. You have feelings.” he finished, his voice softening at the last word.

Ayra looked up at him and smirked. “You couldn’t be more wrong.” Her eyes surveyed the room, once passing over Sirius, a thought hitting her, that he didn’t really mesh in well. He’s still to confident….

The girls dormitory was an odd room. Even though all of the beds were the same, each area had the marking of its occupant amongst it. Whereas, the boys dormitory looked like a dump of dirty clothes and soiled socks.

In the dormitory, all of the odd shaped windows, from the normal square shaped window, to the ever so normal heptagon window. One of the rectangle windows had a pane that was large enough so that one person could sit on it, stare out the window, and reminisce the day, or sort out their thoughts. 

Marietta occupied the bed by the triangle window. The light shed its morning rays on the tidy bed, and the religiously read stack of “Witch Weekly” that Marietta read in all of her spare time.

Next to Marietta’s bed was Lily’s bed, As is the character of Lily, her area of the room was “ship shape.” Nothing was at a wrong angle, and everything was exactly in place. Kalahan’s was a mess. Her clothes were draped on any counter near her bed, and her journal laid open for every eye to see.

Ayra’s was simple. A quilt given to her by Dumbledore, covered her bed, which at the moment, was not made. On her nightstand were a couple books, and a small lantern, so that she could read by night. Atop the bed was the occupant herself, in her furious glory.

Sirius was about to ask a question when Lily stormed in. “Stupid door, who even places locking charms on the girls dormitory do--”

Her voice stopped in mid-sentence, her last word fell flat. She looked at the two occupants in the room. She began to walk back out of the door that she had just walked through, “I was just checking the door, perhaps I should go--”

“No!” Ayra interrupted, her voice sugary sweet. “Stay. This party is just getting started.”

Lily didn’t notice that a piece of crumpled paper had fallen out of her library bag. Her attention was currently snagged by the tone in Ayra’s sugar sweet voice.

It wasn’t just an order. It was demand.

She’s like my grandmother on steroids! Sirius acknowledged, dryly.

Lily shut the door quietly behind her. “We were going to tell you--”

“Tell me?” Ayra said sweetly, “Why Lily, my friend, whatever are you talking about?”

Sirius cut in before Lily could blame herself. “She already knows.” he said, directing the statement to Lily.

“That she does.” Ayra said. She turned to Lily. “How could you?”

Lily looked at Sirius pleadingly.

“Because I asked her to.” he said, matter-of-factly.

“I know that already.” Ayra said, getting up from the bed, a piece of crumpled paper on the floor had captured her attention. She leaned down and picked it up. “What’s this?” She asked Lily, whose eyes had gone open in slight fear. “Surely not library notes, or homework, for you would never treat your precious parchment like that.” Ayra stated. She knew all of her friend‘s habits. “Passing notes, are we?”

Lily made a grab for the parchment, but Ayra held it out of her reach. Lily was powerless as Ayra opened the note, her eyes showing no emotion.

A knock sounded on the door that Lily had walked through minutes ago. Ayra, without even looking up from the paper, said, “Come in James. You’re late.”

James walked in with a confident smile on his face, “Lily flower, I have something--”

Just as Lily had, he stopped talking, his mouth moving up and down, but no words came out. He looked at the group of people in the room. Their expressions weren’t really happy either.

Shit. “So, how about some chocolate frogs?” he said, grabbing some off of Lily’s nightstand. “They’re really good at this time of year.”

Ayra raised an eyebrow at him, and smiled. It was a smile that never reached her eyes.

“I’d love one.” 

Chapter 18: A Kiss
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She was avoiding them.

The rest of the scene in the room doesn’t even need describing. It was like fireworks gone bad, and Ayra was the grand finale. The bed covers in the girl’s dormitory would never be the same. James and Sirius decided to drop the stupid act, and Lily decided not to talk to either. She couldn’t believe what she had done.

Sirius shook the hair out of his grey eyes, and adjusted his position in the hoop that was 400 feet above ground. His broom hovered silently nearby.

Everything was still. Nothing moved. He was the only one in the Quidditch Pitch. The autumn chill was seeping through his t-shirt. He made a mental note to ask Ayra to give him his sweatshirt back. He banged his head on the metal hoop, his hands gripping the blood speckled parchment in front of him. He looked back down at it, the words all swimming in his grey stormy eyes.

1. Egotistical. It’s a wonder all of Hogwarts is still standing! I’m surprised his ego hasn’t crashed through the walls yet!
2. Conceited. He thinks he’s so gorgeous, It drives me mad! Isn’t it enough to have your own fan club?
4. Unreliable. One could ask him to wait for a minute, and you come back. He’s gone!
13. Bloody ANNOYING! Can’t get over himself! And doesn’t get the point when one wants to be left alone!
29. Oblivious. Thinks he’s sooo clever. He’s not.
45. Confusing as hell. When will he stop speaking in rhymes and riddles?
106. Predictable: He thinks everything he does is a surprise….He can never surprise me….

Sirius growled and forced his hands not to rip the paper. I’ll show her unpredictable! He thought angrily, but quickly, that anger turned into cold resentment. He hated that she thought this way of him, and he needed to change it. Desperately.

He was going to find her. It was past time to put the real show on the road.

For once in his life, Sirius knew everything was going to work out after all. Besides, she was supposed to figure out what was going on.

For that was just a plan inside The Plan..

Screw the Plan! He thought forcefully. She hated him. Why did he need to make her fall in love with him? He would be the LAST person on earth that she would fall in love with, and even if they were the last two people left on earth, she would probably kill him. She hated him with every molecule that made her the dynamic woman that she was.

That’s when he realized why he wanted to change the way she thought about him with a desperation of a flying ox.

I love her.

The thought almost made him fall the 400 feet to the ground. He grinned into the night that was falling. “I LOVE HER!” he yelled, an echo following his proclamation.

He couldn’t hop onto his broom any faster. He knew, that at that moment, no matter what stood in his way, that he had to tell her.

He just had to!

Ayra was a loner. Kalahan and Marietta had taken Lily’s side, a fact that drove Ayra up the portrait-covered wall. She had already put her plan into action. Half the halls of Hogwarts were armed with Sirius-humiliation spells. She smirked at the thought of one of them.

She whistled down the hall with a smirk that crawled up into her gentle lips, making them seem cruel. She flicked her wand this way and that, thinking incantations in her head.

I’m so bloody brilliant! She conceded. Her latest prank would be very entertaining. Watching him squirm was about to become her favorite past time. 

But Ayra didn’t want to run into anyone at the moment, so walked all the way up to a portrait whose frame covered with doorknobs: each with a keyhole. She had found each key and unlocked every doorknob, except for one. But now, she had the key.

It was a black doorknob. It wasn’t very unusual, but it had shining stars engraved all around it in a constellation. Ayra pulled the black key out of her robes, and put it into the key-hole.

The door opened. Ayra stepped forward, and gently creaked the door open.

Her eyes flew wide when she saw where she was standing. The door opened up to a room the size of a ballroom over the Great Hall. There seemed to be no floor. All that she could see where the seats below and the sky above. She looked at the transparent ground beneath her feet. She could see several students sitting down and eating snacks, some Ravenclaws studying, and some Slytherins lounging about in a corner of the call. She also found that if she focused on any one person, she could hear clearly and distinctively what they were saying. Her eyes lit up. So this is how Dumbledore figures it all out! She thought excitedly. 

She walked out to the center of the room and lay down on her stomach. She closed her eyes promptly and fell asleep. It had been a long day, and night fit the castle like a glove.

Lily sat quietly in her corner of the Restricted section of the library. She pulled out yet another book from the shelf and began to pour over the words. Her usually brilliant, washed, combed, and perfectly straight red hair hung limp, and slightly tousled. Dark circles surrounded her eyes, and her lips were bleeding on the side where she had bit them constantly over the past few days. 

Her green eyes skimmed over the page tiredly. She pushed her hair out of her face for the hundredth time that day, and then proceeded to cover a yawn. She winced as her lips stretched. She closed her eyes for a moment and rested her head on the wall behind her. A sound to her left caused her to crack an eye open. She closed it again, tiredly. “I thought that the Library was the last place you wanted to go before you died. Thinking of committing suicide are we, Potter?”

James stepped out from behind one of the shelves and put a book back into the gap from which he was spying on her from. His hair was disheveled, and sticking up on end more than usual. His glasses were lopsided, and his hazel eyes were tired. He, too, had dark circles under his eyes. Seems as if it’s the latest trend. He thought dryly, but he didn’t grin. He hadn’t done that in several days. Peter had gone Merlin knows where, and Remus hadn’t been doing too well. And Sirius… Well, enough said.

His eyes flicked over her tired form, her uniform looked a day old, all the creases and wrinkles amplified by the candlelight flickering near where she was sitting. He sat down beside her and rested his head against the same shelf. “I wasn’t planning on it anytime soon, but now that you mention it, it seems like a great alternative.”

Lily didn’t even flinch at his use of the 4 syllable word. James could have been speaking Latin, for all she cared. He had been showing her up in class for a while now. He knew all the answers, and he proved time after time, answer after answer, that he was smart, and capable. He wasn’t slow at all. Lily sighed. She missed his sense of humor, although she would never admit it.

“Care if I join you?” he asked, his voice cracking slightly from exhaustion.

“It’s a bit late to ask now.” Lily said, stating the obvious.

A silence washed over the room as the night reclaimed the sky. James closed his eyes and fell against the shelf. He fought the sleep that was trying to overtake his body and his thoughts. He groaned slightly, and opened his eyes. “I don’t know what to do.” He said, just letting it pour out. “Sirius is becoming a more of a tarantula with every second that passes.”

“You mean, recluse, right?” Lily asked, a slight humor lacing her voice.

“Yeah. That. Remus won’t talk to either of us, because the thinks that we need to sort it all out, but it’s not like I haven’t tried!” James said, exasperated, now standing. He paced the aisle. “He’s being so bloody stubborn that I don’t know what to do!”

“Have you tried saying sorry?”

“Only about a hundred times.” James said, resigned.

“She loves him, you know.” Lily said, quietly. “I can see it. It’s why she’s gone completely off the rails. She can’t stand that fact that she was beginning to trust him, and he betrayed her like that. I can’t live with myself, for what I did.” her voice quivered slightly, as if she were about to cry, but she kept her eyes shut.

James turned to her sitting form, incredulously. “You were just trying to help!” He said, kneeling down in front of her. “You can’t change that. You were really doing it for the best.”

“But that sounds so wrong.” Lily said, her eyes opening, and staring blankly at the spines of the books in front of her. “I was her friend.”

James leaned in closer. “You still are.” he said, reassuring her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and sat down beside her. He didn’t even think about it when she leaned in to him. For once in his life, James was being mature.. Sadly, he didn’t realize it. “Ayra will get over it in time. I’m just scared, because she’s being so quiet. It’s like, she’s changed back to who she used to be, multiplied by two.

“Can I confide in you?” Lily asked, her voice muffled in his robes. She detected a slight woodsy spicey smell that had lodged in his robes. She inhaled it again, and it calmed her.

“Yes, but Evans…”


“Could you stop sniffing me?”

Lily leaned back and grinned, the action making her lip bleed freshly. James noticed. He pulled out his wand and healed her lip with one of the many spells that he had to learn to help Remus. Lily thanked him with a small nod. He tore his glance from her lips and back to her tired eyes. He would have killed himself before taking advantage of her in this position.

“You shouldn’t let yourself get into this state.” He stated, letting her lean into him again. “But you were going to tell me something?”

“Confide, not tell.” Lily said surely.

“Oh.” James said, not getting the difference. “So, I’m your personal priest now?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

Lily sighed. “Ayra doesn’t have parents.” She paused, waiting for James to say something, but he didn’t even move. His eyes opened a bit wider, but that was the only indication that he was listening. “She’s been living here since they died in a car wreck. She was here when they planted the whomping willow, and that’s why she’s great friends with it. She remained invisible until she turned 11, and had a really hard time opening up to anyone. She had watched students come and go, and she knew the drama that erupted between friends. It took me till third year to get her to even speak to me. And now I’ve betrayed her trust.”

“No you haven’t.” James said. “This is her battle, not yours, and you have to understand that. This is her problem, her challenge, her mountain to climb. You can’t do anything but shine her hiking boots that would just get dirty in the next second.

Lily sighed. “ You don’t understand.”

“Yes, I do.” He said, putting a finger to her lips, stopping whatever negativity was about to come forth. “You forget about Sirius.”

“You forget about me.” she said, her moment’s ago lifeless eyes twinkling.

She pulled back, her lips scant inches from his.

“I can’t do this.” James rasped. ‘I can’t take advantage of you when you’re in an emotional crises. Stuff like this makes you think differently, and I would really rather not wake up to you kicking me in the shins when I walk down the hallway tomorrow.”

“I won’t do it.” Lily said, tilting her head ever so slightly.

“I’ll kill myself, Lily, rather than regret it.” he whispered, his hazel eyes boring into her green ones. He watched as humor flared up and filled her face, making her glow like the flower that she was.

“You are in the library, remember?”

He couldn’t stand it any longer. He put his hand behind her neck, and kissed her with a raging need. A single thought struck him before he completely died in her arms.

Well, I guess this must be heaven. 

Chapter 19: Silence
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A/N: Due to a spurt of inspiration, this story will continue on it’s long story, regular course. Sorry about the short chapter, I know you’ve been waiting for it a while… And it’s short. Sorry. The next chapter will be twice as long, at least. I swear!

Ayra awoke to a buzzing noise. She tried bury it with her pillow, but after looking for the blasted feather filled soon-to-be bug killer, she vaguely realized that it wasn’t there. She rolled over, to try to sit up on her bed. As usual, her eyes didn’t open until she was halfway across the room and over to the showers. But less vaguely, she realized, that she wasn’t on a bloody bed, and therefore, could not roll off of it. She moaned, trying to pull her covers up. When she realized..

Well, if there isn’t a pillow.

And if there isn’t a bed.

Well, then..

There must be NO BLOODY COVERS.

Cor. Her morning mood was already kicking in, and she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet! 

Ayra rolled over onto her back, trying to escape the bloody buzzing whatever, and get back to her dreams of daisy’s and pink giraffes. She really wondered if the blue giraffe would finally realize that the pink one was…

Ayra decided to open her eyes at this moment, because she realized that there really were no such things as pink giraffes, and there wasn’t a bloody bed.

She promptly screamed, as she fell from a great height towards the floor of the Great Hall. Without a hint of vagueness, she realized that there were people in the Great Hall. Sirius Black was sitting there, looking up at the ceiling with a complacent, happy look on his face.

Fuck. she thought, as she was spiraling down from wherever she was. He’s really trying to kill me! And look at that smirk on his face….
Ayra rarely had nightmares, and well…This one topped them all. Sirius Black watching her die, and laughing about it… honestly. It was all too cliché.

Just when she was about 30 feet away, she realized…

Well, hell. I haven’t moved a bit.

She had been awake the whole time.

So much for sleeping. She thought, picking herself up, last nights events rushing to her head in shapes of raging river memories. She realized that she was going to be late to class. Again. Because she had once again, forgotten where she had been, and once again, it was because of the damnable Sirius Black.

Her anger started building, one Lego™ at a time. And it was only morning. Her Lego™ tower was at it’s pique when she realized that she didn’t have time to change. And once bloody fucking again it was because of the ever so not charming Sirius Black.

The boy was already thoroughly under her skin, seeping into and churning up her blood, and she hadn’t even seen him.

Oh wait, scratch that. She had seen him. He just didn’t say anything to ignite her fury.

Well, once Ayra was safely out of the oversee room, she was boiling over with unreleased anger like a kettle over a tango-ing fire. And she didn’t care a single bit.

It went to say that Ayra Woods, was definitely not a morning person.

Sirius was scared. He couldn’t find her anywhere. Which could only mean two things.

Ayra Woods was planning something. Or she was dead.

Sirius almost wished that it was the latter, but he knew that wasn’t possible. She was out to get him. He felt a shiver run down him spine. Oh man, oh man. I am SCREWED. 
“Well spotted, Sirius.”

Sirius threw a surprised look at Remus. “What, are you a telekinesis too?”

Remus rolled his eyes. “You should quit thinking aloud Padfoot. Sprouting love about Ayra Woods will do you no good, and will get no mercy from her.”

Sirius narrowed his eyes as he ate his chicken biscuit.

It was morning, and there wasn’t a sign of Ayra anywhere in the Great Hall. That was when Sirius figured out that he was royally screwed.

It didn’t help that Quidditch tryouts were today, too. That thought made him smile. He looked over at James, a grin on his face. “So James, Quidditch tryouts are today.”

James looked haggard, but pleased with himself. “I know mate, I know.” He sat contently, a sleepy Lily sitting by his side.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow while stuffing his face with eggs. “So, Prongs, how did you ever manage that?” Sirius said, eyeing Lily’s present position.

Lily glowered at him. “There’s no where else to sit, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Sirius looked around, his eyes finding plenty of spots, but decided not to say anything after he saw Lily’s furious glare. He smirked slightly, and bit into a piece of bacon. He tried his best not to gasp in shock when James’ hand snuck to Lily’s thigh and stayed there. Lily’s not going to slap him? Oh yes, Sirius knew. Something was definitely going on.

For a moment, he smiled, happy, joyfully. Things were working well for his friend. He laughed, startling James for a moment. But then again, laughing out loud, albeit randomly, was completely normal for the marauders.

So he laughed, and felt all the tension in the world fall away. The only feeling that didn’t shake, was a queer feeling that someone was watching him… 

Double potions, right after breakfast, was never a good thing. People threw up in potions. It didn’t help very much that the class had just finished breakfast. James and Lily, surprisingly, sat together. Remus paired with Kalahan, and Peter with Marietta.

Poor Sirius was all by himself. In a room that was marked with Ayra’s prank spells. He could feel them. Everywhere he went, they were hanging around. They were seeping into his skin. The caster wasn’t there. Sirius noticed the moment he walked into the room. He was also sitting alone, which only meant that…

The doors flew open, a moment right before the bell rang. Naturally, everyone looked that way, taking in the figure that strode into the room.

It was none other than Ayra Woods. She glanced around the room for a seat, after waving to Professor Slughorn. Her eyes narrowed when she realized where the only seat was. A moment later, her eyes were un-narrowed, and she had a joyful smile on her face. The face of a killer.

Oh Merlin. I am finished. Sirius thought, panicked. He didn’t even have time to tell James what he wanted on his obituary! Drat.

Ayra swept to his table and sat down, pulling out her mini-cauldron and setting it out in front of her. She smiled nicely and Sirius, then politely looked to Slughorn for directions.

“You will be making a pore-cleansing potion today. It makes skin feel fresh, and renewed; Good news. It only takes 2 hours to brew, if done properly.” The jolly fat man announced. He smiled, and with a wave of his wand, the directions appeared on the board. “Happy Brewing!”

Ayra looked over at Sirius, a smile planted on her face, “Would you mind getting the sporfa--”

Ayra didn’t get to finish her sentence, because Sirius Black had burst into song.

His baritone voice resonated in the room. “OH, IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN!”

Silence hit the room like a shockwave, once he had finished serenading.

“Thank you, Mr. Black, for your snippet of song there, but if you would please, get back to your potion?” Professor Slughorn said, slightly perturbed.

Sirius had no idea what happened. It was almost, involuntary. Scratch that. It was involuntary. He shot a look at Ayra, who raised her eyebrows innocently. “What is it Black? Cat got your tongue?”

Sirius glared at her. She had something to do with this. Cor! Less than 12 hours ago, he thought that he loved her. 

I must be delusional. He thought, shaking his thoughts away. He read the list, and brought over the ingredients and laid them out on the table. Ayra set out to cutting them. “Black would you mind? My knife isn’t sharp enough to cut the sporfa-”

“I WOULD BE SO MUCH SMARTER!” Sirius sang, his voice going down to bass level. The class once again went silent. Sirius had the decency to blush, but being a prankster had to count for something. “Sorry, today just happens to be my singing day. It makes me feel good.”

Professor Slughorn looked at him over his glasses. “As long as your potion gets brewed correctly, Mr. Black, you may sing all you like. If it doesn’t turn out, you get detention. You wouldn’t like that, now, would you?”

Then Slughorn gave him THE LOOK.

Yes, it was a caps-lockey word. It also meant that you were on his Bad List. Sirius shuddered. He couldn’t get detention. He simply couldn’t! Why couldn’t he bloody stop singing?!?

Ayra smiled sweetly up at him. “As I was saying-”

“No!” Sirius said, pulling his wand out. “Don’t say another bloody word."

Before Ayra could speak, he had cast a silencing charm on her, which resulted in a stream of fury rushing into her eyes.

But, precautions had to be made. Sirius gave her his knife, and they worked in silence. They didn’t want to get into detention with each other again.

You bloody bastard. she thought, glaring at the black haired boy sitting near the front of the room.  Just you wait till I get my hands on you!
Ayra was furious. She had to sit in the back of every class so that the professors wouldn’t see her, and wouldn’t be able to ask her questions. She was, mute, for the moment, and would remain so until Sirius freed her. She didn’t like that thought at all.

What if he forgot? What if he…Oh shit. She knew what he was up to. She knew that he knew that she was out to get him. So he was ‘taking care of the problem at the root.’
Ayra sat furiously in the back of the classroom, waiting for class to end, so that she could get her hands on his pretty little neck… 

Sirius sprinted out of class. A day without Ayra’s talking was killing him. He missed her voice. But if missing it meant not dying, then so be it.

But, logic told him, as did the need for self-preservation himself, that he couldn’t take the charm off her just yet. He was avoiding her at all costs. He couldn’t risk being unmanned before tryouts. That, he decided, would be bad.
He saw her, furiously walking around the corner. He picked up his speed. Today, was just not his day.

But before he could walk any further, he was roughly pushed into an alcove. He looked to see who pushed him--

“BLOODY HELL! Are you superhuman or something?” Sirius said, incredulous. Ayra was mouthing furiously at him. He got the point. She wanted him to take off the spell.

“Nu-uh. No way. That’s not going to happen.” Sirius said, shaking his head. How many ways does it take to say “NEVER!”

Ayra made a sign for the universal question, “Why?” But hers was more embellished, with little birdies on the ends. Ayra always prided herself as a creative person.

“Because, Woods. If I let you go, then you’ll keep saying that ‘T-H-E’ word, and I can’t be having that.” He smirked, enjoying her predicament. Nope. He definitely didn’t love her.

After she kneed him in the crotch, he was pretty sure he’d never think about her in a sexual, or an even nice manner again. “Fuck. What was that for, Woods?”

Ayra smirked at him, knowing she couldn’t give an answer. He wanted to desperately wipe that smirk off of her lips, and he knew just how to do it.

But he didn’t. He couldn’t. It would ruin everything. Let her think she’s in control. That was phase one. At the moment, it wasn’t working out so well.

“After Quidditch tryouts.” Sirius managed, holding his crotch area. Damn. The girl can kick! “I swear.”

Ayra thrust out her hand, so that he could shake it. He did. He barely had time to register how soft it was…

Then she was gone. 

Quidditch Tryouts. Boy. Fun. Ayra thought. She’d never played for the team. She played on her own, during the summers. She’d let the snitch out, and go and catch it. She really didn’t like bludgers, seeing as they were out to kill her, and the quaffle was no good without two people to play with it. So, in conclusion, Ayra was left with the snitch.

The only blessed ball that could move on it’s own, and it didn’t want to kill her, and didn’t take unwanted company to play with. Brilliant.
So she had started playing with it. The first couple months she had started playing with the snitch, it took her almost the whole day to catch it. It was tiny, and damnably fast, almost too fast to see properly.

With time, and with practice, she got the hang of it. She had it narrowed down to half an hour, give or take a few. The thing that people thought about snitches was, that it was unpredictable. After several summers of being with the shiny thing all day, she realized, in fact, that it was like most objects that had intelligence: it was predictable.

It liked certain parts of the field, and every tenth time it was taken out, it would go flying into the sky. That was the end of it.

As it so happened, Gryffindors seeker aged out, and they were in need of a replacement.

Ayra Woods was bloody ready. 


Chapter 20: Breakfast!
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and my OC’s! Because no matter how much I wished that I was JK Rowling… Well, it just never worked out. I don't own anything from the Peter Pan musical either :)

A/N: Sorry for the downtime ladies and gents! I promised a long one, and here it is. 14 pages on word *wiggles eyebrows* impressive, yes? Well, I hope this satisfies your hunger! ~me
                                                         Chapter 20

Sirius frowned as all the hopefuls signed up to try out for the open positions. Needless to say, it was quite pitiful. When Turner Bugget signed up for a position, Sirius’s frown turned into a grimace. He’s like… eleven years old! He shot a look at James. James too, had a pained smile on his face. “Thanks for signing up.”

Once the boy had left the table, James marked his name off the list, with a single broad stroke.

“Are you bloody out of your mind? Why are you holding open tryouts?” Sirius whispered to James. It looked quite normal… if conspiratorial whispering looked normal, then, yes. Normal is the word we’re looking at here.

“Well, I wanted everyone to have an equal chance to be on our team,” James said, pointedly. “Besides, Lily says that-”

“Since when has Evans been a ruling authority?” Sirius asked, incredulous. Lily didn’t even like James.

“Since I became her personal priest,” James answered, cryptically. Without letting Sirius inquire further, he stood up from the table, swiping the scroll with the entrees on it, and spoke to the group assembled by the sidelines. “Alright, everyone. Thanks for coming and signing up to try out for our new Gryffindor team. I’m sure you all have some sort of skill that you’d like to showcase-”

Sirius snorted, eyeing Turner. James dutifully ignored him, “I’m happy that you all took courage-”

“We are Gryffindors,” Sirius interjected, rolling his eyes. He walked up beside James, with a confident air that only he could manage. “Not that we weren’t enjoying that speech of equality, I’m sure that we all would like to get to dinner on time.” Sirius snatched the scroll from James. “Alright! First we’ll try out for that open position for chaser! Since we have our beaters, my amazing self one of them,” the group laughed, “All we need is a chaser and a seeker. So, all of you who’d like to try for chaser, on that side of the field,” he said, indicating one side, “and those for seeker on the opposite. James here will throw the quaffle with you. 

"Seekers, I’ll be watching you. I’ll let out a snitch, and whoever catches it first will get ze first tryout, the second person will get ze second, and so on. Kapish?” Sirius finished in his faux french accent, trying to hurry. His stomach was starting to protest. He knew he sounded ridiculous saying ‘ze’ instead of ‘the’, but really, he didn’t want to burst out in song. Quidditch wasn’t a bloody game. It was war! And Sirius didn’t think that singing would have worked on this particular battlefield.

After the groups split off into teams, Sirius went to his appointed side, and James to his.

Sirius eyed the group of to be seekers with dissatisfaction. These guys wanted to be seekers? Puh-lease. A Hufflepuff could do better than this! Sirius rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. One of them eventually had to be sent to the hospital for flying into the ground. She claimed she almost had the snitch. Sirius couldn’t tell what she was saying due to the fact that four of her teeth had fallen out of her mouth.

It took a full hour for the list to be brought up. By then, Sirius had three contenders for seeker, all pitiful, and James, who had sent his ‘I picked mine’ look to Sirius, had found his chaser. Sirius sighed in relief.

One down. One to go.

He met James in the middle of the field. “So, who’s the new seeker?”

Sirius scoffed, “If an imported hippogriff from Venezuela signed up, I’d takeit, hands down.”

“That bad, huh.” James said, his face going slightly white.

“Worse.” Sirius wasn’t happy. He was brewing in his anger. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. “NO I’M NOT BLOODY READY TO START SEEKER TRYOUTS!” Sirius shouted. He turned around to look at the person.

His hands instantly went to protect his crotch area. “Quidditch tryouts aren’t over yet,” Sirius said, quickly, voice jumping up a whole octave.

Ayra rolled her eyes at his reaction. The git doesn‘t get it. It took him a moment to realize what she was waving in front of his face. It was a broomstick.

“You want…. to.. to try out?” Sirius asked, incredulous. “You’re kidding me. You… you… you’re Ayra Woods.”

She made a face at him. It implied, ‘SO?’

“So…” Sirius paused, trying to think up of a plausible explanation. Ayra Woods. Quidditch? No bloody way! “You don’t play Quidditch.”

“Well, obviously she does,” James said, pushing Sirius out of the way. He flourished a bow. “How might I help you, M’lady?”

Sirius snorted. It was becoming a nasty habit. He made a mental note to stop sometime. Maybe next year… or…well.. Never. Yeah, never sounded good.
Ayra pointed her broom to the seeker’s side.

“Seeker?” James asked, hopeful. “Are you any good?”

Ayra rolled her eyes again, and shrugged.

“I’ll take that as a maybe. Say, why are you being so quiet?” James asked.

Ayra glared at Sirius.

“Oh. Well… Then… I’ll just.. Yeah.” James said, with an unsure face. He didn’t know what to make of it. “You want to try to catch the snitch for me?”

Ayra nodded. It was all she could do. It wasn't like she could bloody well say anything.

James pulled out a snitch that he had nicked from the box several years before. He let it go.

Ayra watched it flitter about, and shoot above her head.

The only thing that was left of her in the next second was a rush of wind that ruffled even James’s unruly hair.

“Whoa,” James breathed, ruffling his hair back to its original position. “Did you know she could do that?”

Sirius didn’t answer. He couldn’t bloody believe it! Ayra Woods. Playing Quidditch. ON HIS TEAM no less. He simply just couldn’t allow it. He looked over at James, who was eyeing Ayra with new found appreciation.

“You know, we can’t let her play,” Sirius said, plainly.

James tore his eyes from Ayra and looked at his friend, a dubious look in his eyes. “Are you kidding me. She’s like a…. SUPERWOMAN! She’s the best one who’s come out here so far! We have to keep her. You could even teach her some of those tricks that you learned from your brother.”

That shut Sirius up. He crossed his arms. He couldn’t bloody believe it. She was going to be on his team. Playing Quidditch. WITH HIM! He had enough of her as it was! Her chances of killing him just got a whole heck of a lot bigger. She could kill him, and say it was an accident. Push him off his broom, push his broom down his throat… choke him with a bludger.

Well. He’d just have to make sure that he’d send all the bludgers he could her way. If anyone was going to die first, it was her...

Ayra felt freer than she had all year. Rolling with the Willow was fun, but this was better. This way, flying didn’t give her splinters, or switch marks.

All she wanted at that moment was to shout out loud. She was free! But she couldn’t shout. She couldn’t say a blasted thing. Sirius Black has seen to that. Just wait till I get my hands on him. Maybe I’ll shove his broom down his throat.. Or up is arse. Not like there isn't something there already, the way he walks around... Anyway, either option would be satisfactory.
Ayra pushed all thoughts of him from her mind. She had a mission to follow. She had a snitch to catch.

She vaguely took in the cloudy, overcast, sky. A couple raindrops splattered on her face. She shook her head to get them away. She twisted and turned with the snitch, getting closer, and closer…..

All of the sudden, it veered downwards. Ayra followed. Little did she know she was headed straight for….

If she could have yelled, she would have. Right when her hand closed over the snitch, she rammed into someone. Someone that had every right to be rammed into. Suddenly, she was flying through the air, the world rushing by her in greens and blues. She fell, face down, into the grass. 

She picked her self up, testing out her bones, to make sure that she didn't break anything. Her eyes narrowed. She spit the grass out of her mouth and smacked the snitch into James’s outstretched palm. She picked up her broom off of the fallen Sirius, who had just enough time to veer out of the way. She narrowed her eyes and him, then turned her attention back to James, and cocked her head, as to say, “So, did I get it, or did I not?”

James nodded, “Welcome to the team." His voice was airy and in awe.

James shook the admiration from his eyes and looked at all the other ex-hopefuls. “The position has been filled, but please, don’t let this bring you down. There’s always next year! She and I and Sirius will be gone, so you’ll be able to try out again. Support us on the field!” James finished, turning to his new seeker. “If it wasn’t for you, we would have died.”

Sirius nodded, hating to agree with the fact that Ayra Woods was bloody good. Not that he’d ever admit it.

“Padfoot, here, will be teaching you some tricks,” James said, nonchalantly, as if he didn’t know that the couple in front of him hated each other with a passion. “You will put aside your differences to learn. I don’t care how much you two hate each other, or want to shove jam down each other’s underwear, you will teach, and you will learn.”

OK. So maybe he did know how much that hated each other.

Ayra knew that there was no way out. She pondered silently to herself, and figured, that this was possibly the best way to get ready, even if it was with him.

Ayra gave a crisp nod. Sirius put out his hand. “You don’t bite me, and I don’t bite you. Yeah?”

She nodded again, still silent. He glared at her. He really couldn’t believe that he had agreed to do this. She glared back, then decided, that he simply wasn’t worth her time, and turned her heel. She didn’t want to be there any longer than necessary.

Only when it was too late, she realized, that she had forgotten to get him to lift the silencing charm.


Sirius had finally figure out what he had to do. He was in like with Ayra. He knew this. He may not have loved her, but he was close. He frowned, picking at his bed linens.

He would just have to replace her. Liking her was not good for his health. His manhood had been threatened, his rib was broken, the Tree of Death went physco anytime he even looked at it, and well… He just felt mentally out of loop.

So, he decided to do the only thing that made sense. He’d go get some other girl, to prove the point that Ayra, wasn’t all that great. Surely there had to be another girl at Hogwarts who kissed fabulously. He wanted fireworks. He was sure that some other female had it.

Remus walked into the dormitory, his eyes slightly tired.

“Where’ve you been?” Sirius asked, still picking at the scarlet sheets.


I shouldn’t have even asked, Sirius mused. “What time is it?”

“Time for dinner.” Remus answered.

The two usually got a long, but today, was a very odd day.

“What’s wrong, Moony?” Sirius asked, suddenly aware of the sad circles under his friend’s eyes.


Sirius grinned. “Liar, liar pants on fire…. Hanging from a telephone wire….”

Remus glared at him, after plopping onto his own neat abode. His bed was the only one that was neat. “You hypocrite. You didn’t even know what a telephone was until you moved in with James.”

“Ah!” Sirius smirked, “But I do know what it is.”

Remus rolled his eyes. “Will you ever grow up?”

“I don’t wanna grow up!” Sirius said, hopping up onto his bed. “No I promise that I won’t! I will stay a boy forever!”

“I sure hope so,” Remus muttered as Sirius kept jumping up and down, singing his poor little lungs out.

“And be banished if I don’t.” Sirius grinned, for the finale. “And Neverland will always be, a place of joy, and hope, and liberteeeeeee--”

“Where’s the dying hyena?” James asked, kicking the door open. Sirius glared at him, mouth still open. All of the sudden, words forced themselves out of his mouth.

“I’VE BEEN DREAMING OF A TRUE LOVES KISSSSSS!” Sirius frowned. This was really starting to get on his nerves. Not to mention the fact that his throat was starting to hurt. “ There’s no need to be jealous of my singing skills, Prongsy. It’s not my fault that Merlin didn’t bless you with a voice of an angel.”

“Well,” James countered, “Looks like he didn’t bless you with one either. You seemed to have been cheated in the angel looks department, too.”

Sirius glared, and resumed to nitpicking his bed covers. “No need to be such a jerk about it.”

James rolled his eyes. “As if.” He resumed to plop down on his bed also.

“Oh! By the way,” Sirius added with a thought, “Please refrain from saying this word. I shall proceed to spell it out for you. It goes ‘T-H-E.”

James looked at Sirius, perplexed. “The?”

“HOW DOES SHE KNOW, YOU LOOOOOVE HER?” Sirius glared. The volume wouldn’t go down either. It was loud, obnoxious, but Ayra, bless her, at least let him sing on-key. Bless her? HA! She wasn’t even being merciful, the wench.
“Hey! Do you guys remember when this room was pink?” James asked, a thoughtful look on his face.

Remus grinned. “In all good taste, it was… horrible.”

James’s eyes shined with mischievousness. “What if we re-decorated the girls dormitories, and--”


James looked at Sirius. “What? You’re backing down from a prank?”

Sirius looked at his friend seriously. “Listen. I got kneed in the balls today-”

“Because of your stupidity-” Remus interjected.

“And now, there’s spells all over everywhere to make me sing when that word is said, and--”

“Which is not our fault,” Remus pointed out.

Always the pointer, that one. “Now I have this phsyco maniac on my Quidditch team-”

“Because she’s brilliant-”

“AND I’m GOING TO BLOODY DIE!” Sirius exclaimed, quite sure of himself. He really couldn’t take the anticipation anymore. Maybe I should just go off and play with the giant squid, Sirius thought. At least it’d be quicker that way.
He sighed. It wasn’t the same any more. They used to be out to get each other. Now she was out to get him, and bless him, he was running. At the speed of light, mind you. And you know what was ironic? She could still catch him.

So much for masculinity coming out on top all of the time. Sirius groaned. He just couldn’t do anything about it. He was a pansy, plain and simple.

“Well, too bad for you. Don’t forget, you have to get up at 6:00, so you can meet her on the pitch at 6:15. I need you to cram as much as you can into that devious mind of hers,” James said, offhandedly, pulling of his shirt and flopping back on his bed.

Sirius watched the movement with half a mind, when he saw something on James’s neck. “James…. Is that a…”

James looked at his friend, incredulous. “Is what a….?”

Sirius walked closer to his friend, to make a closer observation. “JAMES POTTER! Is that a hickey?”
James self-consciously moved his hand over the spot at which Sirius was looking. “Where?” He asked, pretending like he was stretching.

Sirius narrowed his eyes. “Where you just put your hand.”

James shrugged. “You’re seeing things, mate.”

Sirius looked over to Remus. “James has a hickey," he stated diplomatically.

Remus sat in the corner with a bemused look on his face. “And I care because….?”

Sirius’s eyes went wide open. “I don’t think you understand, Mr. Head Boy. James Potter, has a hickey.”

“And I’m supposed to do what about it, exactly?” Remus asked, looking back down at his book. “Just because James can get some action, and you can’t, doesn’t really bother me.”

“But… but…a hickey, Remus. Surely….”

Remus sighed. “You might as well tell him, James.”

James’s eyes went wide open. “Nuh-uh.”

“Then I’ll tell him.”

“No you wont-”

“Oh yes I will-”

“Then you’d be breaking a promise-”

“Which you knew I would break-”

“You’re not supposed to tell him!!!”

“Tell me what?” Sirius asked, tired of the argument. The sun was setting outside.

“That he’s going out with Lily now.” Remus stated, plainly.


“Oh well.” Remus shrugged again. “He was going to find out sometime.”

Sirius raised and eyebrow, suggestively. “Evans gave you a hickey?”

“Can we not talk about this?” James asked, putting a head over his pillow.

Sirius whistled, laying down on his bed. “Evans… Prongs… a hickey.”
Remus rolled his eyes and put up his book. He, too, lay down on his bed, exhausted. “This fascinates you, doesn’t it?”

Sirius laughed. “I never knew Evans was like that.”

James groaned. “It’s Lily.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “It's like Ayra Woods giving me a hickey…” For some reason that Sirius couldn't fathom, his voice had gone all dreamy. He shook it off.

Remus, however, caught on very quickly. He sat up, exasperated. “I thought you didn’t like her anymore.”

Sirius flipped onto his back, his hands behind his head. “Well, we always want what we can’t have.” He was trying to be cryptic. Obviously, it wasn't working.

James, too, mimicked Sirius’s position. “So… why don’t you just stop trying to make her fall in love with you?”

He paused for a moment to let it sink in.

“Really, if you would just stop trying to seduce her, maybe she’d start liking you for who you really are, and not who you’re trying to be.”

“Thanks Socrates, next time I’d like something philosophical, I’ll make sure to check up with you, ok?”

Silence met his words. Sirius knew why his friends didn’t say anything.

It was the simple fact, that they were right. 

Sirius woke up his pillow squirming underneath him. It was his wake-up call. Sirius groaned, and reached for his wand, which was usually on the nightstand, to turn the bloody pillow off. Sadly, he realized that his wand was in his robe pocket, which was on the other side of the room.

He had no choice. He just simply had to get up. He glanced at the bell tower which he could see clearly out his window. Fifteen till six? Why am I up again? 
The he really groaned. Practice. With Woods. Well, this sounds like jolly fun. He jogged to the bathroom, and grabbed his toothbrush, quickly brushing his straight, white teeth. He then proceeded to pull on a pair of grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. He started looking for his hoodie, when he realized that he still hadn’t asked Ayra to get it back. Well maybe, if she wouldn’t be trying to kill me every time I got in a twenty foot radius of her, maybe I would have asked.

This was almost a lame excuse. Because it was true, it barely scraped by. He sighed, realizing there was no way out of this. He laced his purple converses, dimly acknowledging that they were the ones that Ayra had turned pink earlier in the year. Once he was done, he proceeded to grab his broom, which had been standing in the corner. He opened the window that was above his bead, and flew through it, shutting it behind him. It was seven minutes past, which mean that he was early.

Sirius flew at top speed to the pitch, turning loops in the air. He laughed, a bark that started the birds into waking up. He felt alive. This was the one thing that his parents, back at the manor, hadn’t taken away from him, when he had acted irresponsibly or rudely. Everyone in the Black family knew that if you took Sirius’ broom away, the house would be full of death traps, and screaming nargles.

Sirius grinned as the wind whipped at his hair. He flew several laps around the pitch, grinning until he saw another rider come into view.

He halted in the air, instantly; his hair sticking up at odd ends, grin sliding off his face immediately. She flew straight up to him. He already knew what he wanted to say.

“Look Woods, I’ll make a deal with you.”

She tilted her head, hands on her broom.

“You take your little curses, which you think are presents, away, and I’ll let you talk again. I don’t like it that every time someone says that specific word, which you know that I’m talking about, I sing some bloody song that sticks in my head all day. Got that?”

Ayra looked taken aback for a moment, in the next, she had whipped her wand out of her maroon sweatpants pocket, and waved it in the air, nonverbally. All of the sudden, Sirius felt a lot lighter, as if a heavy rain cloud had been lifted off his shoulders. His lips twisted into an uneven grin. He pulled out his wand and un-silenced her.

To his surprise, she didn’t insult him, try to attack him, or anything of the sort. She just tucked her wand into her sock, and looked him dead on. “Can we start now?’ She asked, her voice airy and slightly husky. Whether it was due to the fact that she hadn’t talked for a while, or that it was morning, Sirius didn’t know. It sounded like music to his ears.

He nodded, not trusting himself to say anything. In his head, however, a totally different thought process was going on. I hate her, I really do.

After a moment though, he realized that he didn’t. She could kill him any day, if it made her happy. The thought made him wince.

Ayra had woken up in the morning, angry, irritated, but excited. It was Quidditch practice this morning! Albeit with Black, but she refused to let it darken her sunny day- which wasn’t sunny yet, because it was six in the morning.

Ayra hastily ran some paste through her mouth, scrubbing away with a toothbrush. Heck, maybe she was a morning person. Ayra grinned to herself in the mirror. She ran back out the bathroom door, to change clothes. She pulled off her plain, dark-blue, pajamas, and switched instead for a pair of maroon sweatpants, and a white t-shirt. She donned his hoodie, instantly feeling relaxed. She knew that she should have given it back to him, but she really… well, the fact was, that even if she hated him so much, well, she really liked his hoodie. It reminded her of him.

Ayra shook the thoughts from her head, and grabbed her broomstick from under her bed. She proceeded to unlatch the window, doing her best not to wake anyone up. She flew right out the window. She wasn’t one who was scared of hights. She left the window slightly open, so that she could return later. Besides, it was getting slightly stuffy in the girls room.

She breathed in the fresh air, the cold fog slapping at her face. If I could do this every morning…

Her hair whipped around her, making her head look like an imitation of the whomping willow. Ara grinned as she raved forward, pushing her broom as fast as she could go. She was going to be late, if she didn’t book it. Ayra started, when she heard a peal of laughter spilt the air, like an arrow without a warning. She knew that laugh. It was his. Ayra slowed down, she was almost at the pitch. She hovered for a moment, before entering the oval of green.

He's happy, she realized with a start. She watched him with amazed eyes, as he raced around the pitch. Decided that he would be angry if she was late, she flew into the pitch slowly, assessing his sleek form. One moment, he was racing, then he had stopped. He was staring right at her.

Ayra, to proud to be scared off by his intense grey eyes, flew forward. She paused in front of him, waiting for him to say something, because she couldn’t say a bloody word. 

She took a moment, to let her eyes rove over him. His hair stuck out at all ends, just begging her hands to run through the silky strands, to put them into place. His eyes were grey this morning, like the clouds above. Ayra tucked the fact away that it was going to rain soon. His mouth was set in a stubborn stance, his body radiating confidence. She vaguely noticed the chill bumps on his arms, and almost felt guilty for holding his hoodie hostage.

What he said next didn’t really surprise her. She’d get enough of that later.

“Look Woods, I’ll make a deal with you.”

Well, perhaps it wasn’t exactly what she thought that he was going to say, but it was close. Her voice for his freedom.

“You take your little curses, which you think are presents, away, and I’ll let you talk again. I don’t like it that every time someone says that specific word, which you know that I’m talking about, I sing some bloody song that sticks in my head all day. Got that?”

His icy tone tore through her soul immediately. He made it obviously clear, in those several moments, that he would rather be anywhere else, than there, with her. If she hadn’t have seen him, flying around the pitch laughing, she would have thought that were completely true. She pushed the feeling of odd lonely feeling away. She grabbed her wand and de-activated the spells which were in place.

Later, she would really wish that she hadn’t.

“No, Woods, you’re doing it all wrong!” Sirius exclaimed, exasperated, flying over to fix her hands again. “Your shoulder needs to drop to here,” he said forcefully, moving her shoulder the way that she was supposed to be moving it on her own, “Not here.” He said, moving her shoulder a fraction of and inch to the left.

“Why does it make a difference?” Ayra cried angrily, jerking her arm from his.

His heated gaze instantly cooled. “If you’d like to die, that’s not my problem. I’m only doing this because James asked me too. Now, if you could just get off your high-horse for one minute and just accept the fact that, yes, I will be teaching you how to play this sport correctly, so that we can win games, so that we can beat those bloody Slytherins, I would really appreciate it.”

Once again, his icy voice chilled her to the bone. One moment, he was angry, heat rolling of him in waves, the next he made an excellent impersonation of an iceberg, cold, proud, and unyielding.

“Now, remember, Woods, here,” he said almost softly, moving her shoulder, “not here.

She was shaken. In less than a minute, he had morphed, from angry, do indifferent, to almost caring? She watched as he flew away from her, and back to the bucket of golf-balls. He would enchant them to go where he wanted them to go, and Ayra would fly after them.

She had a lot of speed, and her flying was quite accurate, but basically, that’s all that she had going for her. Yes, she could flip and wheel around, but she didn’t know any of the moves, or any of the plays. She didn’t know anything. Sirius was going to teach her.

Ayra gritted her teeth at the golf ball which flew up, to become idle right before her face. Her eyes flashed incredulously when she saw the leering smiley face that had been drawn on it. She vaguely heard him laughing softly. I will not let him get to me. She told herself, as she waited for the cursed little ball to start moving.

When he had had his fill of entertainment, he let the ball fly, using his wand to direct the ball. He knew that the snitch was unpredictable, but if you knew how to do things, suddenly, it became the most predictable thing in the world. It had it’s favorite haunts on the pitch, and he was going to teach her those too.

Sure, Sirius had never been seeker, but he knew a lot about the position. He also knew that she knew that he knew that. She could have been a lot more difficult, he admitted that to himself earlier in the practice, and she wasn’t doing completely horrible. It was the minor details that got to her. She got the general idea… but that just wasn’t good enough.

He watched her lithe body skim the ground gracefully, as he led the ball on. He twisted his wand one way, making the snitch go where he wanted to. Ayra followed, dropped her shoulder there, and grasped the white sphere. She shouted in victory, and wheeled around to fly up to him. “Wasn’t that brilliant?” She asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Sirius was indifferent. “Again.”

“But Black, I got it right!”

Sirius turned away from her to grab another golf ball, which he quickly enchanted. “Could have been luck, not skill.”

Ayra suppressed a growl of anger. It would do no good to lose her temper here. “I did it right. The way you wanted me to, so can we move on?”

Sirius whirled around, his voice cold, chilling her, “Again.” It was a demand, not a request.

Ayra’s brows furrowed, she was confused. He had never acted this way towards her. She got back into the position, trying her best to remember where he wanted her shoulder to go. She couldn’t mess up this time. She was determined not to.

Ayra refused to look at his indifferent figure, and watched the ball that flew right before her eyes, and then it danced out of sight. Ayra gritted her teeth, and leaned in, repeating her movements from before, even though the ball’s routine was different. She skimmed the side of the stands, and dropped her shoulder, like he had told her too. Her fingers enclosed around the tiny gold ball. She rooted up from position, and flew up to him, smacking the ball in his hand. “Satisfied? Or was that good old luck?” She sneered.

Sirius eye’s instantly warmed, but his cold lips didn’t move. “Again.”

He watched her with amused eyes, as she struggled to keep her temper down. He was in control, he knew that, without a doubt. She needed him. He was her teacher. He didn’t need her. She was replace-able. They could find another seeker if she wasn’t being compatible. “Why are you doing this?” Ayra asked, anger lacing the question. It was the best that she could do. His indifference was really getting on her nerves.

“Do you want to be on this team, or not?” He asked, grey eyes narrowing. “I’m sure that James would appreciate your great behavior.” It was a sarcastic statement.

Ayra narrowed her eyes in return. She didn’t say anything back, there was nothing left to say. She just flew up, and got into position, fury etched into every one of her features. Seemed to her like she had just become his entertainment. Now, she sympathized for Severus Snape. The little ball from hell dangled right out of her reach. Then it was gone. Ayra quickly surveyed the field before her, sighted it, then zoomed to it’s direction.

Sirius watched her, the corner of his lip raising into a crooked smile. She was really trying, he had to give her that. She was determined to learn. He was making it difficult for her. It seemed easier this way, having her doing what he said, not the other way around. He smirked. Finally, this is the way it should be.
His smirk disappeared when she caught the ball, yet again. Yup, looks like she’s got it. She flew over and, before his very eyes, levitated the ball, then sent a bombarder in it’s direction. The small ball shattered into a thousand pieces.

Sirius opened his eyes, which he had closed before the blast. She was right in front of him, fury seeping from her every muscle, from her very glance. If looks could kill.,. Sirius threw the thought away. 

Very good.” He said it in a patronizing voice, as if she were a kindergartener who had just read her first word.

Ayra gripped her broom tightly. But Merlin, he is testing my limits. Her knuckles went white from holding on to her broom so tightly. She knew that if she were to let go, her nails would immedietly go into attack mode and proceed to gouge out his eyes. She couldn’t have that. That would just mean that he had won.

Sirius glanced at his wrist, a wizard watch circling his forearm. “Well, looks like it’s time to go!” He said, nonchalantly. He grabbed his broom and began to fly back to his room. For a moment, he paused, to call over his shoulder. “Make sure you learn faster tomorrow, Woods. We don’t want you falling over yourself at the first match, do we?” He smirked, then he was gone.

Ayra threw herself onto the ground, pulling the grass out in fury. She couldn’t scream, he’d hear her. Besides, she couldn’t give him the satisfaction. She realized that he was somewhere that she really didn’t want him to be; Under her skin. Ayra groaned. I don’t know if I can take much more of this. She whimpered.

The only thing that she could do was to get up, grab her broom, go back to her common room, and take a shower. That’s exactly what she planned to do. She reluctantly picked herself up off the ground, and grabbed her broom. The next moment, she had flown away.

Sirius flew into his room, not bothering to be quiet. It was time for his friends to get up anyway. It was almost 7:30, and he didn’t want to be late for breakfast. Sirius dashed into the shower, grabbing his handy dandy bar of soap, body wash, and jumped into the shower. Several minutes later, he emerged, hair wet, and a relaxed expression on his face. Whoever invented showers was a genius! He conceded, toweling his hair dry.

He quickly changed into his school robes, while James and Remus, who had changed when Sirius was in the shower, were trying to wake Peter up.

“Just forget it. The poor tyke will miss breakfast,” Sirius stated, waiting impatiently at the door.

Remus shot a glance at his friend. “But…”

No buts.” Sirius’s demanding tone was back. “I just had one heck of a morning, and have decided that that lump in the bed is not going to make me miss breakfast.”

James and Remus gave up after a few more moments, and went to join Sirius out the door. No one said a word.

Sirius sighed, his body already slightly tired.

It was going to be a long day… 

Ayra groaned as the hot water of the shower cascaded over her tender skin. She had several new bruises, including the new one on her shoulder, where Sirius had gripped it very tightly to get his message across. She knew he was strong, but she never knew that he was that strong.

She really didn’t know what she was going to do the rest of the mornings. If he’s going to be as difficult the rest of the time as it was this morning, I might as well go and quit. But Ayra knew that this was not an option. She was too proud to quit. She simply wouldn’t let him get to her. She groaned again when the water shut off, telling her that her time was up.

In the girls showers, the time when you entered the cubicle, was timed. It reduced the time needed for the girls to get ready in the mornings. Not that it really mattered, but the founding mothers thought that it would be appropriate. Ayra wanted nothing more than to go back a couple hundred years and to box Rowena’s ears.

She got out of the shower and threw her hair up in messy bun, drying it with a flick of her wand. She rushed out of the shower room, to get dressed. All the others had already headed down to breakfast.

Ayra loosened her tie, finding that if she put it where school rules told her to put it, restricted her air-flow. She felt lactic acid seeping from her muscles. She grabbed her book bag and tossed it over her shoulder, a gasp escaping her mouth, when it cut against the bruise on her arm. I’m going to have to be careful with this one. She thought, mentally making a note to take care with her shoulder. Merlin! It really hurts!
Suck it up, buttercup. Ego snarled into her ear. Ayra winced again, as she transferred her bag to her other shoulder. Even walking down the stairs jostled it a bit, making her wince, for the third time, in pain.

Today was going to be murder, Ayra had no doubt.

As for tomorrow…. Well, I’d rather not think about Sirius’s little boot camp right about now.
Ayra glared at the portrait as it took it’s sweet time opening. She strode through the halls, smelling the mouth watering aroma that was wafting in the air. She breathed it in.

If there was one thing in the world that Ayra didn’t want to give up….

It was breakfast. 

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Chapter 21: The Stacks
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, my OC’s. Everything else is accredited to JK Rowling, the genius behind it all!!! Please read the A/N at the end of the chapter :) Thanks and enjoy!!!

Chapter 21: The Stacks

One week.

It’s been one bloody week and Ayra was already going insane. She groaned as her muscles screamed at her from the brutal practice she had just finished. The wind licked her skin dry- her nose was red as an apple, and her hands were numb. She tried flexing them, but to no avail. They were clenched around her broom stick for life.

Fucking Laps. She growled mentally. I should bloody kill the person who invented laps!

This, she conceded, probably was a really good idea, had it not been that the person was probably already dead. Or maybe I should kill my bloody instructor, she thought angrily, shoving her kit painfully into the locker in the Quidditch changing rooms. She quickly stripped off her clothes and got into the shower.

She sighed a long, grateful sigh as the scalding water cascaded over her body. The grass had been frozen this morning- along with her nose, her hands… and well, all of her. She was numb all over. If this is what it means to be a bloke, I’m bloody well glad I was born a girl! 

The hot water sent tingles down her spine, thawing her body from the top to the bottom. After half an hour of just standing in the shower, Ayra began to scrub the grime from her body. Most of it had washed away, but the bruises… the bruises Ayra had to be careful with.

They spanned her entire body in blotches. Ayra was never one to boast, but she bruised easily. She winced as she ran her loofa over a particular bruise on her rib.

Sirius had put her through gut week: aka, the week in which you run, do obstacle courses, fly through trees and neck-braking speeds, run till you‘re out of breath, do obstacle courses till you feel like vomiting, fly through trees dying, oh! And did she forget to mention: running till you can’t run another bloody inch, doing obstacle courses until you do vomit, and flying through trees dead to the world?

Sirius was being worse than merciless, Ayra knew that. He was being cruel. Scratches adorned her upper arms from the flight that she had taken through the forbidden forest. He wouldn’t let her pass his inspection and quit taking those wretched flights until she dodged every bloody little sodding twig.

The scratches, Ayra was sure he knew about. The bruises, however, were a different story. She winced as her hand ran over the rib area again. With chagrin, she noted that something moved; in fact, something cracked. She winced again, biting her lip- trying not to cry out.

Quickly, she finished showering, taking care not to move her chest too much. I wonder why I didn’t feel it outside, Ayra mused. Almost instantly, the answer came to her: it was too bloody cold outside to feel a sodding elephant step on your toe, much less a cracked rib!

Ayra stepped out of the shower, and quickly dried herself with her fluffy brown towel. She quickly changed, and let her hair dry on its own: it was already drying in waves.

She stood in front of the mirror, bra on, to asses the damage. A gasp escaped her mouth. It can’t be that bad!

She twisted this way and that, eliciting a sharp pain from the bruise. It was a dark, ugly purply-blue that blotched all down the side of her ribs. She could tell that it was swollen. She touched it again, feeling the crunching sound, and gasped aloud.

A rib was broken. Maybe two. Crap. Maybe three? 
She walked slowly over to the lockers, dressed in everything but her shirt and socks. Her skirt was lopsided, but she didn‘t care. She opened the locker and pulled out the gauze and bandaging tape that was provided for each player. As she closed the locker, she heard someone step into the room.

“For Merlin’s sake, put some clothes on, Woods!” Sirius sneered, walking over to his locker. He immaculately put his stuff where it belonged; when it came to Quidditch, order was everything.

Ayra angled her body away from him, “No, I don’t think I will.” She looked back into her locker, as if looking for something. She raised her hand a fraction of an inch too high; she was too late to catch the gasp that escaped her mouth. A sharp pain wracked through her body.

“Woods, look at me.”

Ayra ignored the command, and kept rummaging through her locker, jaw tense.

“Woods, I mean it.”

Silence. He was going to let her get hurt, fine. I’m not about to cry like a baby, for Merlin’s sake! Who does he think I am? A child who lost her lolli-pop? Puh-lease.
“Woods, don’t make me come over there.” The threat was apparent in his voice. Ayra didn’t heed it.

“Shove it, Black. Why don’t you go back from whatever spiffy sodding little that hole you crawled out of this morning and kindly leave me the he--”

A rough, Quidditch calloused hand grasped her arm and whirled her around to face him. Ayra cried out- the sudden movement made it hurt to much. She felt the tears brimming over, but she didn’t care. She was in immense pain.

“Oh, don’t be a bloody baby, Woods, it’s probably just a scratch---BLOODY HELL WOODS!” His eyes grew large as they traveled down her body to the bruise on her rib cage. “Why didn’t you tell me about that?” He instantly let go of her arm.

“Well, if you hadn’t given me the impression that you were sodding Hitler, maybe I would have. But since the only thing I have to go on is your lack of compassion,” Ayra spat, “I guess I had to keep this to myself.”

But Sirius wasn’t listening. He summoned a stool from the corner of the locker room and sat down in front of her. “Do you mind?” he asked.

“Since when did you need permission?” Ayra retorted, throwing her hands on her hips. She winced as the pain shot through her body.

“Shh, be quiet for a minute,” Sirius demanded softly, eyes intent on her bruise.

Ayra looked down at his face, ready to blow her top- but what she saw stopped her. For once that entire week, his face was calm, focused; anything but patronizing. His brows were furrowed in something that looked akin to concern, his lips pursed in a grimace of pain. His grey eyes were roving over her stomach and abdominal area- looking right at the bruises.

Ayra gasped when he lifted his hands up to her waist and probed through the bruise. She arched back in pain as his fingers prodded gently. “It’s alright, Woods, I’m not going to bite you,” he said, calmly. His warm fingers rubbed circles into her skin around the bruise- a pleasurable pain, Ayra conceded through the haze of pain that clouded her mind.

“How did you get this? And when?” he asked, still kneading. His voice was dispassionate from when it was before; like he was a doctor.

Ayra resisted the urge to bristle, “In your little obstacle course from the bad place,” Ayra answered scathingly, biting her lip. The pain was an odd feeling. His fingers traveled up her side.

“Maybe you should have been more careful,” he advised coolly, almost too coolly- as if it was practiced.

Ayra’s eyes instantly flamed. “Maybe I could be careful period if you didn’t want me to do it in fourteen seconds flat--oh!” his fingers had hit a particularly painful spot.

He didn’t answer, eyes still intent on her bruise.

“I’m not bloody superman.” Still no response.

“Bloody hell, Black!” Ayra tried to push his hands away, but found that they instantly melded into iron- gripping her hips gently.

“I‘ll let you go when I want to let you go,” Sirius said, velvet voice ice cold.

“It’s called sexual harassment, Black. Have you heard of that, or is your kindergarten vocabulary missing that one?” Ayra shot at him, shifting her hips, trying to get his iron hands off of her bare skin. It was a distracting feeling, the warmth.

His only response was to grip her tighter. In that moment, her eyes flew up from his hands and into his gaze, that was already probing her face. For a moment, she was disarmed. His hair was still dripping slightly; his wet eyelashes framed his eyes. A flush from the cold outside was still prevalent on his cheeks. A small smile was resting in the corner of his lip.

A crooked smile- the first one the whole week.

Ayra looked into his eyes; shocked for the moment.

In that moment, the smile disappeared, just like that. His grey stormy eyes held her captive. She couldn’t move from her trance as his hands traveled upwards- to rest right on top of her bruise. He squeezed gently- causing Ayra to arch back, and bite her lip in pain. Unbeknownst to her, her chest brushed against his.

His eyes went aflame. “Either you play this my way, or you don’t play at all.” It was an ultimatum. “I say when you leave, I say when you come, you can be like a little dog for all I care, Woods, but lets make this clear, It will hurt a lot more than this,” he emphasized, digging his fingers into her ribs, causing her to arch completely against him “if you dare defy me again.” His fingers released her bruise, and floated back down to her hips.

Ayra sagged in relief when his fingers left her bruise. She collapsed into him, sobbing dryly- the tears wouldn’t come. Just as soon as she felt the hot pricking behind her eyes, he pushed her away roughly. “Save your drama show for someone who cares, Wood.”

He stepped away and grabbed his hoodie that Ayra had left with his shirt on the locker room bench. His eyes roved back over her body, resting on her bruise with a look of disgust. “And wrap that up.”

With those words, he was gone, slamming the door behind him.

Ayra sagged against the locker door that he had pushed her into. The jarring impact was still reverberating through her bones. She slowly slid down to the ground- bare back against the cold lockers.

Too much. It was all too much. His hate, her confused feelings, her desperation to get one shred of approval for all the hard work, and bullocks, the pain.

For the first time in a whole week, Ayra let a salty tear leak from her eye.

Then, she cried.

An hour or so later, Ayra stumbled into the Gryffindor common room, more or less looking like herself. She had to wait and submerse her head in cold water for several minutes to get the puffiness from around her eyes to go down.

She had given herself a royal cry. One, she conceded, that she needed terribly. However, instead of feeling like she had finally gotten it all out, she felt worse. Glad that no one was yet in the common room, she went and sat down by the fire- the clock struck 7:30 in the morning. Classes didn’t start until nine.

She shifted slightly by the fireplace, feeling her make-shift bandage chaff against her blouse. She knew that she was either going to have to go see the Jailer, aka, Madam Promfry, or she was just going to have to go ask Lily, who would end up ranting and raving about it till Ayra went deaf. The headache that was pressing her head right now was colossal, but she knew which option was the one she was going to pick.

Lily could be a right thorn sometimes, but when it came to stuff like this, she was the best. Maybe I can get her to make me some Essence of Murtlap. She sighed again, listening to the beginnings of people waking up. She heard a couple doors slam, and people shouting for others to get up.

Ayra simply closed her eyes, and rested her head on the fluffy arm of the scarlet couch.

Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep; the warmth of the fire lulling her mind into a black void of absent dreams.

“Should we wake her up?” A voice asked, quiet and cautious.

“Dunno. She looks kinda beastly.”

A finger poked the sleeping figure in the arm. Ayra turned over, grumbling, and right before it seemed like she was actually going to wake up, her breathing evened.

“Maybe you should poke her again?” A voice suggested.

A voice who’s owner is about to die.


Then, a torpedo poke drove itself into her rib, causing Ayra to sit up, half gasping, half shouting in pain. “Are you all bloody crazy?” She gasped, trying to get her breathing under control. Her rib was still throbbing.

Ayra looked up into the faces of her three best friends; Lily, Kalahan, and Marietta. “You’re late,” Marietta said plainly, offering Ayra a hand.

Ayra took the hand gratefully, and pulled herself of the couch- slowly. She didn’t want to jostle the wound anymore than she had too. “Breakfast?” Ayra asked, voice groggy. She glanced over at the clock: she had been asleep for almost an hour.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

Ayra looked at their happy faces, but then felt the own pain of her body. “Actually, chickas, would you mind if I slept through breakfast? And then you all can come back and get me later?” she asked with a pleading voice. Her head was still throbbing, and her eyes were threatening to close on her any second. The fact that her muscles were stiff and unyielding didn’t help either.

Lily took in her friend’s appearance: her usually straight hair was in a wave disarray around her face, which was very pale right now. Purplish circles had found homes under her tired blue eyes. Ayra was… exhausted. “In fact, Ayra, why don’t you just skip classes today, and get some rest. You look beat.”

Ayra smiled wistfully. “I wish I could, but Quidditch-”

“Screw Quidditch!” Kalahan threw up her hands into the air. “You’ve been wearing yourself out for a whole week! Every morning with him, then every night by yourself. You need rest! It’s not just something that you can go out and catch up on Besides, you‘ve been so wrapped up into that shite I can bloody bet that you haven’t heard a thing about this crazy maniac whose gone out and has started killing people for not being purebloods! Damn Sirius Black and his sodding broomstick! Pull yourself together, Woods!”

The other three girls looked at Kalahan, open mouthed. She usually never talked even half that long, or even with half that much passion.

“Are you… OK, Kalahan?” Ayra edged out.

“No! No, I’m not bloody OK!” Kalahan wailed suddenly, eyes brimming up with tears.

Ayra immediately scooted over and made room for the poor girl, and helped her sit down. “What’s the matter?” Lily cooed. Marietta sat down and crossed her legs quietly, not wanting to say anything. Being consoling was not her area of expertise.

“Re… Re…” She sobbed, not able to get the words out.

“It’s alright, Hun, take all the time you need,” Lily cooed again.

Ayra sighed. So much for the nap I was going to take. Don’t get her wrong, she didn’t mind helping Kalahan out, but she was just.. .so tired.

It took a minute for Kalahan to compose herself. “Remus said he can’t go out with me anymore.”

“Why?” Ayra asked, incredulous. This was clearly a new development.

“He sa… said that I… hi… it was to dan…ger….rous,” she sobbed, “or something lik-hike that.”

Ayra patted her back, soothingly, and Lily whispered words of encouragement. “I think we should just go and get our breakfast. It’ll all turn out to be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end yet, honey. Just give it some time.”

A few minutes later, the three girls had filed out to breakfast, leaving Ayra alone on the couch to sit and watch the flames bounce merrily. Slowly, Ayra found her eyes dropping again, and she entered the world of dreams via the scarlet couch. 

Sirius Black didn’t know why he had done what he just did, but yet…

Yet he knew.

He didn’t want to like her, he was so angry with himself for being so helpless, that he took it out on her. I am a jerk. A sodding bloody jerk. He stabbed at the kiwi on his plate. Ayra hadn’t been in classes all morning, and now… now he didn’t know what to do.

“Man, calm down. It didn’t do anything to you,” James said, eyes flying wide when he heard the clatter in front of him.

Sirius didn’t answer. I’m such a bloody idiot.

But I need to get over her. I need to know if I can....Right.

It was an odd thought, to be able to get over Ayra Woods. For some reason, his intuition told him that saying it was harder than actually committing the deed.

But he knew, he just knew without a doubt that today was the day. It was now or never. 

It was already lunch time, and he knew he had to act fast. His eyes scanned the tables for his next candidate. His eyes roved over the Hufflepuff table first, but after a moment, he dismissed the whole table in general: they were hopeless. With chagrin, he began scanning the next table…


The word didn’t disorient Sirius. He was on a bloody mission!

“I know that look.”

Sirius looked over at James. “What look?” he asked innocently.

“That look,” James said, imitating Sirius’s face.

“I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about,” Sirius replied, still scanning the tables.

“Does this mean you’re not hooked up on Woods anymore?” Remus asked, too, observing his friend.

“I just need to know if I can do it,” Sirius answered, more to himself than to anyone else. I’m Sirius Black! He thought, trying to reassure himself. I can bloody do anything I want! Isn’t that my legacy? 

Finally, his eyes settled on a pretty Ravenclaw.. What's her name again? Madison.. Marcy… Mandy? 

Matilda?” James croaked, following the eye line of his friend. “You can’t be serious--”

“And if the next word that comes out of your mouth has to do with that dreadful pun, I will steal your Astronomy homework, and happily feed it to the Giant Squid--”

“And you’ll never get it back!” James finished for Remus, who just rolled his eyes.

“So not my ending, but whatever,” Remus said, returning to his paper. My ending was so much more dramatic… 

“But not Matilda Mackinaw! Don’t tell me that you can’t remember her!” James exclaimed.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I remember when she gave you a wedgie for being a brat in First Year, but it’s not like that anymore.” Sirius offered, eyes resting on the tall, curvy brunette. She was wearing her sexy little library glasses, he noted. Despite James’s dislike for the girl, Sirius had already made some moves on the vixen in the stacks of the library. Turned out that not all Ravenclaws were goody-two-shoes. Sirius’s lip lifted in the memory. There had definitely been something there. He just needed to know if he could revive it. Perhaps if he stared at her long enough…

Just as he was about to look away, her brown eyes flew up and bored into his. She flashed him a knowing smile. He smirked her way and winked, feeling triumphant when a small blush tainted her cheeks.

He knew her schedule by heart. After Lunch, she would go to two classes: Ancient Runes, and some other class that he would never dream of taking in his life. Why he would use Messonomi---whatever, in his life, he would never know. SO he didn’t take it. After those classes, she would spend an hour in the library, where he would ambush her today if he was lucky.

He needed to get Ayra out of his system.

After flashing a smile to Matilda, he looked back at his food, oblivious to the odd looks that his friends were sending his way.

He smirked at the announcement that was ringing in his head- that he heard reflected in Matilda’s eyes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirius Black is BACK! 

For now. 

His victory was short-lived. He sneered mentally at the voice, willing it to go away. Once a Black, always a Black, and he had the charm of a snake. Perhaps, just maybe, it would be good for him to go back to the way he was before.

He could only hope. 

Ayra woke groggily, eyes opening to an empty common room. Her eyes shot over to the clock: it was five in the afternoon. Dinner wasn’t for another two hours.

She debated for a moment on whether she should go out and practice, but the fiery pain in her side screamed ‘no!’ whenever she thought about it.

Ayra felt odd. She didn’t want to eat; she wasn’t hungry. She didn’t want to go flying, her body hurt to much. Suddenly, a thought hit her mind, how about a nice good book? She asked herself.

Ayra grinned at the idea. Maybe she could explore the last aisle of the restricted section that she hadn’t looked over yet.

Hastily, she walked out the door- already in her uniform since the morning. She walked carefully down the steps, careful not to jostle the pain near her rib. It was excruciating.

Several minutes later, Ayra wanted to hit herself in the head. Why didn’t I just take the darn Phoenix Tube? She asked herself, incredulous. Several flights of steps later she came upon the library door and stepped in. She gave a smile to the librarian, and walked back to the restricted section.

Excitement flooded her veins as she walked to the last shelf in the very back of the section.

Suddenly, she remembered the last time that she was here… flipping over accidentally to an entry about unbreakable vows… painfully, she remembered Regulus. With a pained sigh, she realized that Quidditch and Sirius had really taken over her life. She was forgetting everything.

Which brought her to the topic of Sirius. She wanted him desperately to say she did good in Quidditch; which he never did. She never got a scrap of approval from him; a fact that hurt her about as much as the fact that he just didn’t care how hard her efforts were.

She sighed, confused. He… held a certain attraction for her, and she knew it. The question was, what would she do about it?

Then fate decided to answer her question.

Ayra turned to the second to last shelf, and pulled out a book that she wasn‘t sure that she had seen. A movement through the gap left by the book captured her attention in seconds.

The sight in front of her made a rush of heat fly through her body, but a moment later, it was filled with dread. She pulled out another two books, to make the gap wider.

Silently, for several moments that passed, she watched Sirius and the brunette girl get at it. Mesmerized against her own will, she watched as he expertly kissed the girl that he had pushed possessively into the library shelf. Instead of wincing in pain, the girl moaned with pleasure and Sirius lowered his head to her neck. Ayra held her breath as she watched his face, which was inches from her own through the gap. He grinned lightly, eyes closed, and bit into her neck, eliciting another moan of pleasure from the girl.

Sirius lifted back up, and all Ayra could do was look at the perfect crescent of his teeth marks in the girl’s flesh. I wish he would do that to me.

The thought stopped her cold. WHAT?!!? Her mind shocked her in that moment. Curious, and unable to help herself, like a small little girl who had never seen her first kiss before, she stepped away from the gap, eager to see more.

She stepped quietly and put the books back. Her feet dragged her, willingly or unwillingly, she would never know, around the corner of that fateful shelf.

In the small time that she wasn’t looking, a lot had progressed. Sirius’s shirt was discarded on the floor, along with the brunette’s. Her glasses had been tossed on the floor, and she was running her hands over his bare chest, moaning as he nibbled at her ear.

Ayra noted that she seemed to be far more desperate than he was- he was in control. Like he always is. She had never seen him do this. She had never even imagined wanting to see him do this. Of course, their two kisses were just play around- but this, Ayra found she couldn’t tear her eyes away… This, was different.

She watched, entranced, as his hands floated up and down her waist, kneading the brunette’s body to his, and in that moment, a monster flared up inside her. Instantly, she recognized and shunned it: Jealousy, green as a grasshopper in the spring.

She was jealous. That rocked her world.

Ayra tore her eyes from the scene, not able to take anymore. Her foot creaked on the wooden floor.

Just as she was walking away, a breathless, raspy almost surprised, and all too male voice stopped her in her tracks. “Woods?”

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Chapter 22: Challenge
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Chapter 22: Challenge 
He shoved her against the shelf, not caring if he got caught. He kept snogging her senseless. Why can’t it feel right? He asked himself, as he kissed the brunette again. He couldn’t remember her name. He simply didn’t care. He kept kissing the girl, hoping, wishing that the tide would turn, and he’d be Sirius the playboy again.

Some moments later, he had given up, and created a fantasy. This nameless girl was her to him. All he had to do was close his eyes and pretend. He could just fabricate the fire, create the passion in his mind. All he wanted was her in his arms. He bit the girl’s neck, smiling at his idiocy. It wasn’t the way it was with her. Regardless, he could still try.

The girl took off his shirt; he didn’t argue. Ayra Woods taking off his shirt.. That was a big step. He kissed the girl hungrily, kneading her to his body, wishing with every molecule that made up his being that she was her.

Confusing, he knew, but still… that’s the way he wanted it. The sense of wrongness took over him all of the sudden. The fact remained that this wasn’t Ayra, that this wasn’t the love of his life, she didn’t have black hair and blue eyes, she wasn’t a daredevil, and didn’t infuriate him till he thought he would explode.

Just as he pulled away, he heard a floorboard creak. His head shot away from the girl’s, expecting the Librarian to be there, berating him.

What he saw chilled his blood cold. He could recognize that hair anywhere. The figure was even more recognizable.

He couldn’t believe his idiocy. He was snogging some random extra in a library, when the real girl had been there.. Quite possibly the whole time. He was an idiot. He could almost see the parade coming around the corner to give him a first place medal. He just screwed himself at every angle. He couldn’t get out of this mess now.

“Ayra?” he rasped, unable to believe it was her. He was so messed up. He could only imagine how this looked to her.

She almost turned around, she really almost did, but something kept her. She didn’t realize it at that moment, but it was something that would try to keep her away forever.
She ran from the library, hearing his muffled excuses to the girl as she bolted through the door, attracting several glances as she ran.

Instantly, she realized that she was being a diversion for him and cursed herself under her breath. She was helping him get to her. She started to sprint, dodging the first and second years that were exploring the castle. Her feet carried her up the Gryffindor tower.


She heard his voice from the stairwell, but still, still she didn’t stop. She couldn’t do it. Her legs were screaming at her in pain, pleading with her, asking her to stop; she didn’t. She gasped the password to the Fat Lady, who opened, taking in her disheveled appearance. She asked Ayra a question, but Ayra just ignored it and ran into the common room, Sirius now close on her heels. The porthole had just closed: she could hear him giving the password on the other side.

Ayra didn’t waste time. She bolted up the stairs, and opened the door. “WOODS!”
She slammed his voice out of her life, sagging against the doorway. She heaved in air, her muscles quivering from her spontaneous sprint. She sobbed once, but she quelled it. Why would she want to cry? Of all things… Cry? She shut her eyes and banged her head on the door, as if the action would knock some sense into her apparently stupid and confused brain.

A responding knock hit the door. Well, he got up here quick. “Woods, let me in.”

Ayra didn’t respond. She took in deep breaths, trying to calm herself for the inevitable storm to come.

“Woods, I know you’re in there.”

Ayra got up from the doorway, and grabbed her broom that was in the corner. She ignored his repeated knocks, and opened the window ever so quietly. She proceeded to get onto her broom, and hovered, waiting for him to say something.

“Woods, stop being stubborn and let me--”

And she shot through the open pane. The cold wind hit her face, freezing any tears before they could fall. Not that there were any tears.

Ayra flew fiercely into the sun. Moving the same speed as her thoughts gave her some sort of balance, a freedom that she couldn’t indulge in all the time.

Everything was closing around her. It was her last year of Hogwarts, after that… it was the world. This was her last chance to be free, without a burden, to throw everything into the wind and take risks!

….So why wasn’t she taking them?

Ayra flew faster, over to the Great Lake. She flew above it, over it long ways, sideways, around it, trailed her fingers on the water, flying until the sun set from the sky and darkness had settled over the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

In all honestly, she didn’t understand what was so different between muggles and wizards, except for the magic stuff. They were still people, they had the same feelings, the same thoughts, the same wants and needs.

The wizards had it easy. With a flick of a wrist, the world was saved, and whala! Here’s your happily ever after in a potion bottle.

So why am I not happy? Ayra mused, flying back to the castle. She realized that all the lights had gone out in the Great Hall. She had missed dinner. Her stomach rumbled at that exact moment. Her organs clearly didn‘t have manners. They spoke their needs loudly, clearly, and bluntly. Nothing=content, Rumble=hungry, pain=feed me, scraping-inside-till-you-think-your-stomach-is-eating-itself= starving, eating itself=feed me NOW, or you will die … and so on.

She just wished that sometimes she could speak out like her stomach did. Instantly, realizing her stupidity, she rolled her eyes. She was comparing herself to her stomach. That was a bright flashing neon sign that she needed mental therapy.

The only lights that were shining in the castle were the ones in the Gryffindor Tower, Dumbledore’s office, and (unsurprisingly) the Ravenclaw tower. The nerds would stay up to ungodly hours of the morning studying their precious books. Ayra hated books right now. In fact, she hated everything to do with books, which included the Library. I’m never going to the Library again, Ayra promised to herself. She’d make Lily get the books she needed or something. Bad things tended to happen in Libraries.

Ayra flew up to the Gryffindor girl’s tower window, which remained open. She flew in slowly, savoring the warmth that radiated on her cheeks. Merlin, she was cold.

“Oh, Merlin. She’s back!” Lily’s voice reached my ears, relieved, anxious, and tired. “I’ll go tell James.”

Ayra simply put her broom back, as if nothing had happened. All she did was go out for a fly. Really, nothing happened. Kalahan stalked up to Ayra, face tear streaked. “Where were you?” She asked, demanding. She ranted on, not letting Ayra reply. “Do you have any idea how worried we were? No note, no word of where you were, you didn’t show up at dinner--”

For some reason, a giddiness took over Ayra, a giggle bubbling up her throat and rippled off her lips. Kalahan stopped talking immediately. “Geez, Kal. It wasn’t such a big deal. I went flying. That’s all. Relax.”

Kalahan shook her head, anger sparking in her eyes. “It’s not funny.”

Ayra smiled, even though it was the last thing she wanted to do. In reality, she wanted to curl up in her bed and die. “I know it’s not. I just… snapped I guess. I needed some alone time,”

Kalahan opened her mouth to say something, when the door burst open, revealing a flaming Lily. “Where were you! You little--”

Ayra held up her hands in a form a surrender. “I was out flying, and didn’t notice the passing of the time--”

“You could have come back--”

“You know what, Lily?” Ayra asked, suddenly wanting to be alone again. Too many people, too many people… She didn’t give Lily chance to respond, “It doesn’t matter. I’m back, so stop stressing about it.” With unexpected anger, she swept by the red-haired girl and swept into the shower: shutting the door firmly behind her.

Tomorrow, she would face tomorrow. Today, she just wanted a shower. 

Beep Beep Beep.

Ayra groaned and put her pillow on her head, trying to muffle the sound.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Ayra reached out with a blind hand and hit the alarm button, silencing it. She pushed back the pillow and sat up in bed. The dawn hadn’t even come yet. There could only be one reason why she was up this early.

Quidditch Practice.

Ayra narrowed her eyes, instantly awake. She didn’t have a choice if she wanted to stay on the team. Her pride didn’t give her a choice. She was going to go. She shoved her covers back with force, and stepped out of the bed, throwing on some trainers. She took a stop at the shower and rinsed off her face, and threw up her black hair.

The drama lately didn’t give her a chance to use her special power. There really wasn’t any reason to do it. She liked it the way it was no. There was no reason to go back to the way she used to be. It wasn’t like everything would just rewind to the way it was way back then.

She grabbed her broom and flew out the window, streaking across the dark grey sky to the Quidditch pitch.

He was there, waiting for her, hovering in the middle of the field. She streaked over and stopped right in front of him, not saying a word. She glared him in the eyes, straight on: blue clashing with grey.

“Listen, Woods-”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” She had already decided that it didn’t matter. He liked someone else, big deal. It wasn’t like Ayra and Sirius were married. Shoot, it wasn’t like they were even friends. She didn’t even know what they were, but now she knew that they would never find out. He had made the first move, and that was final.

“You don’t understand--”

“Really, Black. I don’t care. It’s your business--”

“Shut up.” His tone made her mouth want to shut forever. For a moment, he was a pureblood Black, above all, she was dirt.

She didn’t like the feeling. “No. I don’t care what you and your little whores do in the Library. I’m sorry that I interrupted on your… your… time-”

“Could you just--”

“Can we just play some Quidditch? That’s what I’m here for.” Then she added with an afterthought, “That’s all I’m here for.”

It was almost a challenge. Like she was challenging him to make it something other than that. His grey eyes narrowed, knowing that she was avoiding the subject, trying to forget it. In that moment, he knew that he hurt her, more than he thought. He would talk to her about it later. Right now… he just couldn’t deal with it. It was best to let them both fly off their stress, and then continue this conversation later. “Wronski Feint. Do it.”

He veered off to his usual watch spot, looking cold and distant. His hands pulled out the small Quidditch goggles from his pocked, ones that recorded moves and such. He filmed and watched her do the Feint effortlessly: the sign that she had been practicing out of their morning torture sessions. Still, he couldn’t praise her. His pride wouldn’t let him. So, he did the one thing that he could do: compromise.

He waited until she came back over and held out the goggles, but didn’t let them go. She was on her broom, parallel to him, as he brought the goggles to her eyes, letting her see. “I want you to watch yourself right before you dive. You do this weird thing with your shoulder,” he said, leaning dangerously close to her ear.

Ayra struggled not to move away as his warm breath ticked her ear. It smelled like Christmas cinnamon. She watched herself, noticing that she did twitch her shoulder before she dropped, but it wasn’t anything that would take more than two runs to fix. He told her to watch it one more time. About halfway, she thought she felt something touch her hand. She wanted to look away from her goggles, but she couldn’t. He was holding them to her eyes.

Suddenly, right before the end of her move again, something definitely brushed against her finger, slowly, almost sensually. She looked up from the goggles, but he was already several feet away from her.

He looked over at her, grey eyes dark and unreadable. “Let’s see if you can fix that, shall we?”

It was an undeniable challenge. Ayra narrowed her eyes and sped off, then dived into the maneuver, focusing on her shoulder, making sure it didn’t jerk up. It didn’t. She rose up in the resolution, successfully completing the dive. She flew over to him, holding out her hand for the goggles. He handed them to her, fingers ever so casually brushing against hers. They remained for a second to long. Ayra’s eyes flew up to meet his. He simply raised an eyebrow then looked back at the goggles. “It’s not your shoulder. It’s your waist. Take a look.”

He held up the goggles to her eyes, this time slightly behind her, almost like he was going to cover her eyes with his hands and say “Guess who?” She watched her waist as she went, disconsolately agreeing that he was right. Her waist dipped in too much to the right when she diving, making her veer off a few degrees off course. He whispered into her ear, and rested his hand on her leg, ever so lightly tracing circles on the fabric of her trainers. “Let’s see if you can fix that, shall we?”

By the time Ayra had gotten to her senses, he was off again. That was definitely purposeful. Her gaze flew over to his face, trying to find signs of whatever he was doing: there was nothing. It was like trying to read Braille. She didn’t know how. So, she did the only thing that she could do, and tried to fix it.

This time, he flew over to her, and shook his head. “You didn’t get it right.” He said, ignoring her outstretched hand. He flew up parallel to her and grasped her waist with one hand, and kneaded the muscle there. It almost tickled.

Ayra didn’t know what to do. She was so confused! He continued kneading the muscle, and talked into her ear again. “You have to move it like this,” his voice said into her ear, liquid as chocolate, as he used his hand to gently mold her into position. She craned her neck to look at his hand, to watch what he was doing (other than distracting her).

Just as she was getting used to the position, she felt something inescapably warm on her neck. She froze- so did his hand. She gasped as she felt his nip the nape of her neck. His lips lingered there for a moment. “Fix it.”

His lips left her neck, and he flew off again, releasing her. She felt slightly detached when he left.

She didn’t like this game. In this game, she was bound to loose. She didn’t know what he would do next. Quidditch. Focus. Quidditch. Focus.

It was her mantra: the only thing that could possibly keep her on her broom. She shivered, and pulled the move, this time doing it perfectly. She went to fly for him, but as her eyes darted to his usual spot, but he wasn’t there.

She opened her mouth to call out, but then something bit her ear. Her breath caught in her throat, and heartbeat sped up in an instant. A pair of hands settled on her waist, gripping tightly. “Good job,” he said into her ear, voice professional and detached, as if he wasn’t doing anything to make her blood churn at all.

“Thanks,” Ayra said as coolly as she could, looking straight ahead. Those lips were kissing some brunette less than twenty-four hours ago. But for some reason, his lips didn’t repulse her.

He pulled away from her, blowing on the spot that he just kissed and flew off. They continued this for the better part of thirty minutes, him touching her, she ignoring him. But he knew she was paying attention. He could feel her confusion coming off from her in waves. It was better than hate.

By the end of thirty minutes, Ayra was burning up- and not just from practice. She had a bite marks on her neck. Just a few minutes ago, he had nibbled the tips of her fingers while she was watching a move that she had done perfectly: he had muttered some obscenity about going to low or something that she just couldn’t remember. It hadn’t made sense. His lips had touched her wherever her skin was showing. Everywhere but her lips.

She tried to push the thought of his lush, skilled, pink lips away, and flew forward, out of his grasp, and turned around, pretending that nothing happened. He did the same, face still unreadable. She kept hers void of emotion. “So, what’s next?”

Sirius looked her dead on, letting his mask crumble for just a second. He flew back up to her, so close that his nose was almost touching hers, their breath mingled in puffs of crystallizing air. Their eyes clashed, blue eyes with flecks of silver, grey eyes flecked with the very elements of a lightning storm. He touched his forehead to her, looking her intently in the eyes. She saw a flicker of indecision for a moment, but then it fled, as he opened his mouth to speak. “Fix me,” he said, voice quiet and desperate.

“Fix me.”

Chapter 23: Rain
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Chapter 23: Rain

The sky hung heavy with clouds, threatening to pour on the two figures hovering in the air at any moment. It was only six thirty in the morning, but that wasn’t going to stop nature. Nature didn’t give a damn for anything but it’s own agenda, and if it had to go to the bathroom, well.. It had to go. The end.

Ayra had never seen such intense eyes in her life. Her face was only inches from his, eyes meeting his. The grey was such that could not be fabricated: his eyes were filled with clouds and dreams, storming, raging in a never ending tempest. They drew her in, threatening to envelope her in their chaos. She almost gave in to the temptation. The call to learn his secrets, to lean in and touch her lips to his was overwhelming, but somehow, she refused.

“Fix me.”

At first, she thought she didn’t hear him. Either to repeat, or just out of courtesy, he repeated what he said. “Fix me.”

The two words stilled her heart. He asked for the one thing she could never do. Fix him? How am I supposed to do that? Her brain cried out to her. Immeasurable silence followed his request. She stared into his eyes, breathing harshly from the tension that had been building in her body through his great strategic tactics. A logical side of her brain tried to argue: What if this is just a game to him? He did plan it, all the touching, and kissing. What if he just wants you because he can’t have you. What if you’re just a challenge to him? What will happen if you let him WIN? 

I don’t know
, Ayra answered it. And then, there was the side of her that argued against it: You’ll never know if you don’t try. Then, it went silent. Ayra wanted to scream in frustration when she realized what was holding her back.

Pride. What would happen if she was just a game?

Ayra bit her lip till it bled, but she didn’t feel it. She was loosing herself in his grey eyes when she felt them: tears welling up in the backs of her eyes, prickling, salty tears: the enemy of her pride. She held them back as she choked out, “I don’t know how.”

She looked down, not wanting to see the look in his eyes. Was he hurt? Confused? Angry? Ayra was too much of a coward to look. She didn’t understand the feelings running through herself at the moment, so how was she supposed to understand his?

She felt a finger lift up under her chin, to lift her face up to his. One look in his eyes and she knew what he wanted. He was going to kiss her. She watched in slow motion as his hypnotic grey eyes drew her closer and closer….

Just as his lips were to touch hers in what was sure to be a passionate reunion, Ayra turned away: his lips landed softly on her cheek. Almost as if he knew that she was going to do that, he paused there, letting his lips linger.

“I can’t,” Ayra whispered with a sinking heart.

Sirius closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers. “Why not?” he asked, voice hoarse and raw.

Ayra closed her eyes, forcing the tears back. “I don’t know how.” She said the words that she had been afraid to say, admitted what she couldn’t admit to anyone else. It was her secret. She didn’t know how to be real about this kind of thing.

Sirius gazed deeply into her eyes, and suddenly, a fierce determination and something else that Ayra couldn’t place filled his eyes. The next words that he spoke shocked her soul. “Then, I’ll just have to teach you how.”

Ayra watched as he got even closer, his eyes never leaving hers as he slowered his lips to hers. Ayra breathed in, a sudden anticipation rushing through her veins at the speed of light. She could feel the heat of his lips radiating onto hers, scant inches away.

“You’re going to have to come a bit closer,” he whispered, his breath warm on her face.

Ayra opened her mouth to reply, "Sirius, I--”

Suddenly, A bolt of lightning crashed into the goal posts not even twenty paces away. Their faces flew apart to look at the glowing metal. Before she could say anything, a the thunder crashed through the air, making an earthquake in her blood.

Then the rain came pouring down.

Sirius suddenly laughed out loud, zooming through the air. Ayra screamed after him. “Are you insane?”

He veered around on his broom, a crazy joy on his face. “Come here!” he yelled through the pelting rain. The wind suddenly picked up, almost snatching away his words  away from her.

Ayra wanted to yell at him, to tell him that this was dangerous… but then again, Madam Promfrey probably had some potion for people who had been struck by lightning. The woman has potions for everything!. Gee, well then. With that in mind, what did she have to loose?

She flew over to him through the rain that had soaked her clothes in the first three seconds. “What?” She asked, closer to him. Her wet hair was flying into her mouth, whipping around, wet medusa like strands.

He, however, looked breathtaking, even more so than usual. His grey eyes stood at a contrast, his coal black hair plastered to his forehead. He sent her a white slash of a devasting smile that was laced with madness. He leaned forward, nose almost touching hers. She could see the raindrops like crystals on his black, full lashes. His question was the oddest one that she had heard in her life. But from his eyes, she could tell that he was dead serious. “Wanna go catch some lightning?” 


“Where could they be?” Lily asked James, clearly distraught. She had run her fingers through her red hair so many times that now it fell limp and slightly greasy.

James never thought that anyone could be so beautiful . “What was that again?” he asked, paying more attention to the way that her lips were pursed, upset. He wished slightly that he could kiss away the wrinkle that was forming in the left corner.

She glared at him for a second, but her anger dissolved in seconds and was replaced by an intense worry. “They should be back by now.”

“Love,” James sighed, “Don’t worry. Sirius has been loads more than ‘missing’. He can handle himself. He can take care of Woods, too. It’s not as if they’re going to d--”

“Don’t say that word,” Lily warned, glaring at James who held up his hands in surrender.

“Alright, Alright. Do you want to go look for them?” He asked, not moving up from his seat on the couch in the common room.

Lily bit her lip. “It couldn’t hurt, could it?”

James looked out the window, observing the havoc that the rain was wrecking on the grounds of Hogwarts. He thought he saw a full sized tree get uprooted from the forest and fly across the sky, but it could have just been his eyes playing tricks on him. He looked at Lily with a wicked grin. “Not unless you don’t like getting wet.”

Lily rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm and marched him out the door.

She was going to find those two, and when she did…… 

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Chapter 24: How It's Supposed to Be
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Chapter 24: How it's Supposed to Be.

Lily trudged through the rain, mud splattering all over her clothes. She didn’t think about a water-repelling charm until it was too late. Being around James Potter must have affected her judgment or something of that nature. 

She held on to his hand, and he put his hand over her shoulder, pulling her into his side, trying to keep the wet off of her. It was an epic failure , truly. They were both soaked to the bone. The thunder crashed in the sky, causing them both to jump. 

James squinted, his keeper’s eyes looking in the sky for the couple. Looking on the ground for the couple… “I don’t see them anywhere,” he shouted, so that Lily could hear him. 

She turned to him, worry on her face, rain soaking her hair: it was plastered to her forehead. James had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. “We need to keep looking.” 

Suddenly, the lightning flashed only feet away. James grabbed Lily and launched her to the ground, covering her with his body. His hands flew up to cover her ears. 

Even through his hands, she could hear the loud crack of the thunder that echoed through her very bones. He waited a second, and then snatched her up into his arms and began running back to the school. She looked at him agog, and then tried to get free. “We have to find them, James!”  Her voice cracked with desperation.

James didn’t even look at her; his eyes were looking straight ahead. She beat his shoulder and began to cry, her tears meshing with the rain. “We have to find them…” 

James didn’t stop until he was under shelter. He looked at Lily crying and wiped away what he thought were her tears. “They’re going to be fine.” 

“How do you know?” she asked, sobbing. “How could you possibly know?” 

He smiled at her and lowered his mouth to hers, gently kissing her wet lips. “I’m just lucky, I guess.” 

Ayra’s mouth went open, as she hovered in the air. “You’re serious?” she asked, face inches from his. 

His lips quirked into his famous smirk. “Well, obviously, love. That’s my name.” 

“Do you know how dangerous that is?” Ayra asked him, ignoring the stupid pun, anger suddenly running through her veins. It was boiling so fiercely that it was a wonder that the rain didn’t start to steam and hiss off of her body. “Do you know how dangerous this is?” She said, refusing to look away from his entrancing, grey eyes. 

He simply raised a brow. “Do you know how dangerous you are?” 

Ayra was taken aback. “We’re not talking about me.” 

The lightning flashed, and before she could say anything else, the thunder crashed so loudly, that it knocked them both right out of the air.

And suddenly, Ayra was falling….. 

Sirius snatched his broom as he fell, the sound waves knocking him sideways, and he brought it beneath him as soon as he could. His eyes flew around as if he was the seeker, then he saw her falling to the ground at neck breaking speed. 

Suddenly, something snapped in him. Then, he was racing to the ground for all he was worth, with everything he had and more… 

He was so close to getting her... Merlin pray that he wasn’t too late!

And just as she was inches from the ground, he snagged her with an arm and hauled her onto his broom. He flew straight to the changing rooms. He picked her up and threw his broom to the ground and shoved her into the men’s locker room. “Don’t you ever do that to me again,” he said lowly, looking at Ayra, who trembling on the floor. 

“I thought you were going to let me fall.” 

Sirius felt the desperation leave his body, leaving him soaked and breaking inside. “I would never do that,” he said, still standing. 

Ayra felt a hot tear fall down her rain riveted face, and turned her head to the side so that he couldn’t see. “I know,” she whispered quietly. “I know.” 

He fell to his knees and sat beside her, hugging her to his side. “Why can’t we just get along, Ayra. Can’t we at least be friends?” 

Ayra looked at him, warm with his arm around her back. Her blue eyes met his green ones. She felt her heart break into little pieces. “Because I know you’ll always want more than that.” 

“You could ignore that fact,” he pleaded. 

Ayra looked at him sadly. “You could have denied it.” 

She took her free hand and pried his fingers away from her, letting his arm fall to his side. She stood up and looked down at him, an odd, cold anger filling her soul. “We can’t do this. I can’t fix you. You’re going to have to find someone else. We hate each other, Sirius, you know that,” she said, trying to make him see that this was in fact, impossible. 

She could tell from the look in his eyes that he was never going to see it that way. “What if I don’t want to know it?” 

“You can’t hide from yourself forever!” Ayra said, suddenly going cold. “You can’t. So just leave me alone. Tomorrow, we’ll hate each other how we always have.” 

Sirius looked at her, his blood boiling ice hot. “Do you truly want that?” He walked up to her, standing so close to her but not touching. He noted the goose bumps that rose on her arms and the way that her mouth parted at his close proximity. “Do you really want to walk out of here as enemies, because I swear, Ayra, I’ll play up to my part of that bargain, and you won’t like it one bit.” 

Ayra looked into his angry eyes. This is how it’s supposed to be, that nefarious little voice in her head told her with satisfaction. Then, the other voice inside of her answered. But this isn’t how you want it to be. 

“Yes.” Ayra answered. “I want that.” 

Sirius looked her in the eyes, seeing the hesitation, and then, the cold confidence. His heart tore to pieces inside of him. He was finished, through with this game. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He closed the distance between them and shoved her back into the wall, grabbed her hands, putting them above her head, and meshed his lips to hers. 

He plundered her mouth punishingly, ravishing as if he had been hungry for days. He invaded her mouth, stealing the harshest kiss from her lips. 

Ayra knew it was going to happen right before it did. She almost wanted it to. Hot lava ran through her veins as he kissed her. She kissed back. She had to kiss back. His hands were forcefully keeping hers pinned to the wall. Just as she started to tremble and succumb to his skill and passion, he stopped, stepping back. His eyes were a dangerous, flat grey. “Then I hope you enjoy disappointment, Woods. Because you’re about to get a huge dose of it.” 

He looked at her one more time, refusing to feel sorry. He walked backwards and then forcefully opened the door to the rain, and without looking back, he walked through and slammed it shut with finality. 

Ayra’s hands went up to her lips. They were bruised and swollen from his kiss. A kiss she would never forget. She fell to the floor, hands covering her face, refusing to let the tears out. This is how it’s supposed to be. 
And what I want doesn’t really matter. Ayra stood up, tears burning her eyes. Still, she refused to let them go. She went and closed her hand over the door handle that he had touched just moments before: it was already cold. Just like her heart. 

She opened the door to the rain, and let it wash over her skin. 

So I guess this is what it’s like, to catch lightning. She thought wryly.

The thunder rumbled through the air, and the rain kept pouring as if she and Sirius had never argued, never were. It went on as if nothing ever happened.  

I guess it’s not as spectacular as I made it out to be.

With that thought, she lay down in the middle of the quidditch field and just let the rain fall and wash away the tears that she had finally set free.

This is how it's supposed to be: But what if it isn't how I want it to be? But what if that doesn't really matter?
This is how it's supposed to be.