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Dark Memories by Tom_DracosGirl

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 16,906

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Luna, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Luna

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 05/21/2008
Last Updated: 02/15/2009


Full credit & Loads of Thanks to Secret_Soul for the fab banner! Luna Lovegood has always thought of Draco Malfoy as the mean Slytherin whos always causing upset and trouble where ever he goes. But when she accidentally ends up locked in a broom cupboard with him she sees him in a different light. Why is he so scared? He's going mad, all because of his Dark Memories.

Chapter 1: Don't You Ever Say Hello?
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Chapter 1

Don’t You Ever Say Hello?

Luna Lovegood sat in the corner of the library alone as usual quietly doing her potions homework. Professor Snape had set a two foot long essay on the strength potion. Her potion had turned out alright, she had become stronger for five minutes as she was supposed to; but Luna knew could still receive an average mark from Snape if her written work wasn’t up to standard.

Sighing softly she trailed her finger along the ancient page, scribbling notes as she went. The more information she could collect the better. Luna hated homework from Snape, she always felt ill when she handed it in and waited for her results. Snape was a tough marker, any little thing he could use to take marks away from his students Snape would use. It always took Luna twice as long to write out her finished essay to make sure that Snape could read every letter.

The sun spilled though the window across the table; as she wrote she could feel the weak warmth of the September rays on her skin. The library was quiet today, it was a Sunday afternoon and nice weather, most people were out around the grounds making the most of the sun before it disappeared altogether.

She had spotted Hermione Granger in the corner  when she had arrived, but Hermione had left a short time ago, it was now just her and some other people that she didn’t know.

Not that Luna would have any company if she did know the people sitting around her. Not many people spoke to Luna Lovegood; only Hermione, Harry and Ron. Ginny Weasley sat with her in class but she was in a different house to Luna, so she only saw her now and again.

Being alone suited Luna, she didn’t mind very much, she liked her own company. When you were alone there was no reason to worry about leaving the room first for fear of your “friends” gossiping about you, there was no-one to lie to you, deceive you or let you down.

There was only you.

She knew people called her Loony, knew they thought she was odd, the weird girl from Ravenclaw. Other people's remakrs didn’t bother Luna. Why should she worry about what people were saying about her when there was so many other things in the world to worry about? Petty people at school didn’t even come on the top ten list of things to worry about. She wouldn’t see them after her Hogwarts days, what did it matter?

“You’ve got the book I need,”

Luna looked up in surprise at the cold voice that cut into her thoughts. The sunlight danced across his golden hair, flowing across his face picking out the smoky grey of his eyes.

“Oh, I’m still using it. Can you wait?” she asked softly.

“No. I need it,”

“Don’t you ever say please?” Luna wondered.

He frowned. “No, I find the phrase “give it to me now” usually does the trick. So, give it to me now!”

Madam Pince made shushing noises at them.

“But I’m still using it,” Luna pointed out reasonably. “I have to hand homework into Professor Snape,”

Draco Malfoy sighed heavily. “And who do you think I have to hand homework into? A duck?” he demanded sarcastically.

Luna giggled slightly.

“Will you two keep quiet. If you want to use the same book I suggest that you either wait, Mr Malfoy or share it,” Madam Pince told him, before shuffling off back down the aisle.

Draco scowled again before plonking himself down beside Luna and flicking the page of the book.

“Now you’ve lost my page,” she complained, reaching out to flick the page back.

A mad page war ensued between them for a few minutes resulting in both of them losing track of what pages they actually wanted.

“Stop doing that, I need to use the other page. Put a marker in there can’t you?” Draco snapped finally, annoyance filling him that he had to share a book with Luna Lovegood. She was unbelievably irritating and he had only just sat down.

“Let me just finish the paragraph that I was reading and you can go back to your page,” she said, flicking the pages madly before he could interrupt her.

“Go back to the page? I haven’t found the page yet,” Draco muttered, but sat back anyway to let her finish reading. Once he had the book in his possession he would finish his work before allowing Lovegood to continue with hers.

Draco watched Luna silently as she finished reading and making notes; the weak sunlight turning strands of her dirty blonde hair golden, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated.

“There you go,” she said a few minutes later, pushing the book towards him and bending over her parchment.

He didn’t thank her, but dragged the book towards him searching for the page he needed. Lunadidn’t bother him again for a while, but sat quietly beside him scratching away and checking her notes.

Draco glanced across at her, he couldn’t help it; from his position her ridiculous radish earrings kept catching the corner of his eye as they swung back and forth when she moved her head. Detachedly he hoped no-one would come in and see him sat with Loony Lovegood.

Finally, he couldn’t stand them any more and he put his quill down. “Why in Merlin’s name do you wear those idiotic radishes?” his voice held a note of command as he spoke, as though almost daring her to not look at him and answer his question.

Luna looked up at him in surprise. “You don’t like them?” 

Draco rolled his eyes. “No I don’t. They make you look stupid.”

“Well, so does that smirk you always use, but I don’t complain about it do I?” she replied decisively.

Draco stared at her for a few minutes, he was actually lost for words; he didn’t know what to say, she had totally shocked him. He hadn’t expected Luna Lovegood to answer him back. Did he look stupid when he smirked? It was his trade mark! Why was he even concerned over the opinion of a girl who wore radishes in her ears? She was loony wasn’t she, what difference did her opinion make?

None whatsoever.

He decided to ignore her and bent his head back over his homework. Out of the corner of his eye Draco could see her watching him. Luna sat and stared at him for a while making it difficult for him to concentrate properly.

“What?” Draco demanded.

“I just wondered if you thought my handwriting was ok, I mean for Snape’s standard?” she held her parchment out towards him.

Automatically he took it from her scanning it quickly. “Yeah, it’s fine.” Why was he checking her work? Draco shook his head rolling his eyes. She was odd.

“Thank you, Draco,” Luna stood up gathering her things together.

Draco looked up in surprise, it was weird hearing her saying his name like that, as though she always spoke to him and always referred to him as Draco and not Malfoy as most others did. Although, now he came to think about it he hadn’t ever spoken to Luna Lovegood before.

“Bye then,” she said smiling at him.

“Bye,” Draco replied.

Smiling again she walked away from him out of the door to carry on with her day.

                                                                        * * *

It was three days later when Draco was trailing his fingers along the old spines of the books in the charms section of the library, searching for the exact book he needed to complete him homework. He sighed irritably, it wasn’t there.

He stomped to the end of the row fully intending to go and ask Madam Pince if the book had been checked out, when he spotted a head of dirty blonde hair sitting in the corner. Somehow Draco knew that she would have the book he wanted. It was just his luck.

Stalking across the room he sat down beside her depositing his bag on the floor. “You’ve got the book I want again.”

Luna looked up, her forehead creased in a light frown. “Don’t you ever say hello?”

“Don’t waste time, Lovegood. How long are you going to be?”

“I’ve not long started,” she informed him. “I’m willing to share again if you like?”

“Fine. Mark your page,” Draco pulled his books out of his bag, setting his things across the table in a neat row in front of him.

Luna bit her lip scanning what she had written so far. She had told the teeniest of fibs. She was in fact half way through her homework, and probably didn’t need the book for the rest of it; but she wanted Draco to sit with her and talk to her, even if he was short and rude when he did speak.

Only Ginny Weasley ever sat with her and Draco was a nice change. Plus, Luna had discovered that she could while away her time watching him when he was busy concentrating so he didn’t notice her. Draco was nice to look at when he wasn’t sneering or smirking at someone.

“Did your homework with Snape go ok?” she asked after a while.

“Yeah.” Why was she talking to him? Couldn’t she see he was busy?

“Can I check a fact?”

Sighing Draco shoved the book towards her. Maybe she would shut up and go away if he hurried her along a little. Why were all his Professors suddenly giving him homework that forced him to spend time with Luna Lovegood? It was like a conspiracy!

Draco kept his head down refusing to look at her, if he did she might try to engage him in actual conversation. That would be a nightmare. The last thing he wanted to do was sit and listen to her droning on about flying worms, or Sticklegrubs or whatever The Quibbler was suggesting was real this week.

He read over his last paragraph, it seemed ok, but he needed the book again to finish. He chanced a quick glance at Luna out of the corner of his eye.

She was trailing her finger along the page, her eyes darting from her parchment to the book, her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth. Draco had noticed that Luna usually concentrated with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Draco sniggered a little. He didn’t have that much left to do, he could leave soon and let her get on with her own devices. Merlin only knew what they were.

“Thank you,” she handed the book back to him. “I guess I’m nearly none,” she told him, a slight hint of regret in her voice.

Draco looked up cautiously. “You don’t seem to happy about it.”

“Well,” Luna sighed softly, “I don’t have much else to do for the rest of the evening. I get my potions homework back tomorrow, and I always get nervous the night before, so I like to have something to do before I go to sleep.”

Draco stared stupidly at her as her eyes glazed over while she spoke to him. “Uh-huh,” he said slowly, unsure of what else he could say. “Good luck with that,” he added dryly.

Luna smiled happily. “Thank you, Draco.” 

Draco opened his mouth to tell her that was sarcasm, but he didn’t get the chance to speak.

“Are you going to be much longer?” Luna asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

Draco shrugged, “I’ll be as long as it takes. Shouldn’t be that much longer. Why?”

Luna considered for a moment. The real reason she wasn’t happy about finishing her homework was that now she could leave the library and that meant leaving Draco as well. She didn’t want to leave Draco, Luna wanted to keep sitting with him until he had finished. She didn’t feel lonely when Draco was around and Luna was lonely a lot of the time.

Draco hardly spoke to her and when he did he made sure she knew it was because he had no other option, and his voice held that grudging tone which told her he would rather not be speaking to her. Still, Draco Malfoy spoke, and he wasn’t really mean to her either, he was just extremely rude.

Luna sighed inwardly, she had been at Hogwarts for almost six years, and Draco Malfoy was the best friend she had; he was the person she had recently spent most of her time with. Even members of the old DA very rarely spoke to her now except for Harry, and she didn’t see him to often. Neville spoke to her when he saw her, mostly about plants; but that didn’t bother Luna, something’s he told her were interesting.

“Well,” Luna began, unwinding the strand of hair back around her finger. “I thought you might not mind very much if I stayed until you finished. I won’t distract you,” she added hastily.

Draco knew that was a lie, Luna would distract him. She wouldn’t do it intentionally but her presence was enough to distract anyone who was normal. Draco however, couldn’t quite pin point why. She didn’t really do anything, she was just sort of there; and it was annoying the way she looked at him, as if she was examining him and making mental appraisals of him.

“Well I do mind,” Draco informed her coldly. “So you can just go on about your business and leave me to mine. I don’t want you hanging around here when I’m trying to do my work.”

Luna was disappointed with his reaction, she had hoped that he wouldn’t have minded her just sitting there by him. But, well, if he had work to do he would probably need to concentrate. “Ok then. Bye, Draco.”

“Bye,” he replied grudgingly. Draco couldn’t understand the reason he always said good bye to her. He knew there were other people in the school he wouldn’t even acknowledge. There was just something in the innocent way she smiled and looked at him that made him answer her.

He turned his head to watch her as she walked away across the room. She surprised him by suddenly turning around to shoot him one last look, smiling again Luna waved before leaving.

Draco scowled madly when he caught himself actually waving back at her. What was he doing? Angrily he bent his head back over his homework.

What had he been looking for? Draco couldn’t remember, Luna confused him. No, it wasn’t confusion exactly, it was more along the lines of bothering, Luna Lovegood bothered him, and Draco couldn’t for the life of him work out why.


Chapter 2: The Broom Cupboard
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Chapter 2

The Broom Cupboard.

Draco sauntered down the corridor with Blaise Zabini who was busy regaling him with his latest plan to get Sadie Johnston from Hufflepuff to go out with him. He had been trying for over two weeks and so far he hadn’t got anywhere. Sadie was being stubborn Blaise said, playing hard to get. He seemed to refuse to believe that the girl didn’t actually want him. It highly amused Draco to see Blaise executing his well-thought-out plans, so he didn’t mention that fact to his friend, but let him carry on.

He was only half listening to Blaise, the other half of his attention was scanning the hallways for Luna Lovegood. Ever since the day he had been forced to do his potions homework with her, Draco had been seeing her everywhere he went.

He saw her when he was on his way to charms, she would be coming from history of magic. Draco saw her wandering along the grass to herbology when he was going down to Hagrids for care of magical creatures, he saw her on his way to transfiguration when she was coming from charms. Draco even saw her when he was going into or coming out of the toilet between classes. 

Luna Lovegood was everywhere.

The crazy girl had taken to smiling at him when she passed him, which was about ten times a day. Thankfully she hadn’t stopped to try to speak to him yet, Draco however, figured it was only a matter of time before she did. What was worse was the first time she had smiled had surprised him so much that he had ended up smiling backd now she did it all the time.

He had only seen Luna once this morning at breakfast, but that would be set to change, she’d pop up somewhere, Luna always did. 

Draco was right, there she was meandering down the corridor in her own little world her eyes glazed over. Draco knew she would see him though, she always saw him.

Luna smiled when she saw Draco, she saw him a lot lately and he always smiled when he saw her. They hadn’t spoken since the day in the library when they were doing charms homework but it didn’t matter. He smiled at her and wasn’t mean, that was only a good thing.

As she came abreast of him she smiled and said, “My potions homework came back alright. I’ll be doing history of magic homework later, but I should be done by about six o’clock, in case you want the book,” Luna smiled again as she walked off.

Draco stared at her unsure of what to do, she hadn’t given him a chance to reply to her, just carrying on talking to him as she had gone wandering along. He twisted round to stare after her.

“Yeah, well,” Draco muttered.

“Yeah well what?” Blasie said.

“What?” Draco turned back to his friend.

Blaise frowned, “You said “yeah well.” So I said yeah well, what? As in what are you talking about?”

“I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Lovegood,” Draco replied before he could stop himself, and gestured towards Luna’s retreating back.

Blasie followed the line of his friends arm and gave him a quizzical look. “Luna Lovegood is half way up the corridor, Draco. She can’t hear you.”

Draco frowned, how long had he been staring after her? He hadn’t realised that he had just been stood there like an idiot. Oh! The girl was annoying. She made him do stupid things like wave and smile at her and then end up talking to himself in the middle of the corridor.

“Never mind, lets just get to class,” Draco turned and yanked open the door storming through it.

Blaise grinned,  folding his arms and arching his eyebrows slightly he waited. Almost immediately the door flew open and Draco re-entered the corridor.

“Did I just got to potions in the boys toilet?”

“Yep,” Blaise replied, grinning even more.

“Just don’t say anything,” Draco warned, before storming in the right direction to Snape’s room.

Chuckling, Blaise following him. 

                                                                  * * *

It was after school hours, and Draco wandered along the corridor from the Great Hall on his way to the library. He hadn’t seen Luna since his disorientation in the corridor earlier that morning. Blaise had taken great pleasure in teasing him about it for the rest of the day, and kept reminding him where his classrooms were in case he got lost again.

Draco scowled. Luna was annoying. He did have homework to do but it wasn’t history of magic so he felt it safe to go to the library. Besides, he didn’t even need a book only his notes, he could never get any peace in the common room to do any work so he thought the library was his best bet.

As soon as he entered the library Draco knew he had made the wrong decision. Everyone seemed to be there, all the tables were full. Frowning he stalked among them to see if there were any spaces with some Slytherin’s he could sit with.

Rounding the corner he spotted Luna, she was sitting alone but that didn’t surprise him. Draco was just preparing to go in the opposite direction in case she saw him when she looked up.

Luna smiled as soon as she saw Draco, she indicated the empty chair beside her but instead of coming over and sitting with her he scowled, sneered and walked off.

Luna’s face fell. Had she done something wrong? Something to upset him? He usually sat with her.

It was just as well that she had finished her work, she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate after that reaction. Grabbing her book and her notes Luna got up and left the library.

She was hurt, actually hurt by Draco’s sudden change in treatment towards her. He had seemed nice, he smiled at her and he didn’t call her names or pick on her either. He just sat quietly with her keeping her company. Luna very rarely had company, it was nice to know that someone was sat with you even if they hardly spoke.

Luna wasn’t silly enough to think of him as a friend, but he had been there, Draco had been there, that was what was important. In her life not many people were there, and if they were then they disappeared not long after.

Her mother had been there, and then she had died. Harry Potter had been there, but the DA had broken up and he was gone. Draco Malfoy had been there, just sitting with her, she had done something to upset him by the looks of things and he had walked away.

Most other people would have been shocked at the idea that there was something that could be done to upset Draco Malfoy and secretly been pleased about it. He was the one who usually did the upsetting, some people would enjoy seeing him brought down a peg or two.

Luna Lovegood wasn’t like most people. Despite the fact that her fellow students weren’t all that nice to her, she still didn’t judge them. Luna had found that you shouldn’t judge people without knowing them, sometimes people presented a mask to the world and what you saw wasn’t actually the person that they were.

She knew of course that Draco had a mean streak in him, but so far he hadn’t done anything remotely horrible to her. Luna didn't feel she should go around judging Draco because of what others said and what she had seen. It was in the mentality of Luna Lovegood to realise that you never knew why people did the things that they did. She wondered what could have happened to make Draco Malfoy act the way he did. If he acted the way he looked then he would be a lovely person, but for some reason he chose to be the opposite.

Luna shrugged, she’d probably never know the answer to that. Still, she refused to judge him, if others wanted to that was their business. She had learned a long time ago to let people do what they wanted to do, they would anyway.

People judged her didn’t they? No-one took the time to get to know her, preferring instead to make snap decisions about her from what they saw. In a way she was quite like Draco Malfoy, everyone judged the both of them without ever wondering why.

Luna sighed and shook her head slightly. She had made a decision years ago which she still stuck to. It had dragged her through many a lonely day and miserable moment when someone was being particularly cruel in their comments.

Let people think what they want to think. They have to live with their thoughts.

She blinked, speak, well actually, think of the devil and he shall appear. There he was, he was walking towards her. She wondered vaguely where he had been, she hadn’t realised he had left the library.

Oh, there she was, she must have just finished her work when she had spotted him in the library. Draco groaned inwardly, she was looking at him as if he were the worst person in the world. Why did women always manage to perfect the pained expression so well?

“Hello Draco,” Luna said as soon as he was near enough to hear her.

Draco paused, he had been fully intending on walking past her. “What?” he demanded instead.

“Did I do something to upset you?” Luna asked, genuinely looking concerned.

“No. I would have to care what you did for you to upset me, and I don’t really give a dam what you do," Draco replied, his tone cold, his eyes hard.

Luna felt as though he had slapped her in the face. They weren’t friends but he didn’t need to be so horrible all the time did he?

People were always picking on her, but no-one had ever said anything like that to her before. Usually they made fun of her or The Quibbler, but they weren’t really nasty, just mean. Draco was being nasty and she couldn’t work out why.

She had come to rely on him for a smile, and perhaps an hello. Just acknowledgement from him that she existed, that he knew her and didn’t mind her being around. Draco Malfoy was the one person she had spent most of her time with, it was sad and it made her sad, especially now that he was acting all cold.

She could feel the bubble of disappointment rise in her, feel it enter her throat and the stinging tears behind her eyelids.

“You don’t have to be nasty you know….” Luna trailed off, feeling the tears begin to leak from the corners of her eyes. Turning quickly she yanked open the door nearest to her needing to leave his sight immediately,  banging it shut behind her.

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes. The girl couldn’t even storm off properly, she’d gone storming into a broom cupboard!

He waited, but she didn’t come back out. Draco bit his lip, was she crying in there? He hadn’t actually intended to make her cry, just stop her talking to him. He didn’t need her around him, it was coincidence that he had to sit with her in the library that was all. Although Draco had the feeling it was a bit more to Luna. Mainly because he saw her everywhere he went and she was nearly always alone.

He had wondered if she had any friends and he somehow had the feeling that she didn’t. Except for Potter, he had seen her talking to him and Weasley and Granger. But they weren’t in her house or her year for that matter. Draco had the sneaky feeling that he might be the closest thing to a friend she had.

He was sorry now that he had spoken to her like that, what harm did it really do if he said hello to her now and again? And he’d made her cry. Sighing again Draco figured he had better do something about it, he wouldn’t feel right if he walked away and that in itself annoyed him.

He had made people cry before and it had never bothered him then. Other people had their friends to support them though didn't they?Luna didn’t have anyone.

He felt a surge of pity for the little blonde weirdo. Draco decided he woul make amends and then go on his merry way.

Draco pulled open the door. “Luna?” he walked into the dim room, smelling the strong sent of cleaning liquids.

“Draco, don’t….”

The door banged shut behind him.

“…..Shut the door," Luna finished.


Luna indicated the door, “It doesn’t open from the inside, I couldn’t get out.”

“What?” Draco asked again, spinning around quickly and pushing at the door. “It won’t open.”

Luna nodded, “I just told you that.”

“But it won’t open!” he repeated, a tinge of desperation in his voice. Draco shoved the full force of his weight against the door but it didn’t budge.

He spun round to look at Luna who spotted a distinct look of panic in his eyes. “I’ve got to get out of here!” he gasped madly. 

Chapter 3: Inside The Cupboard
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Chapter 3

Inside the Cupboard

Draco gasped, pushing wildly at the tall, oak door that refused to budge. Wand! Where was his wand, he could use that to open the door. He fumbled around in the pockets of his robes.

Where was it? It wasn’t there! Where was his wand?! 

Thump, thump. 
Mother! Mother! 
Thump, Thump

He had changed! He had changed earlier and had forgotten to place his wand in his new robes! He didn’t have a wand!

Draco gasped again, dragging a deep lungful of air inside him. Luna! She was there, she would have a wand, he could use that

“Luna! Wand! Now!” 

Thump, thump. 
Mother! Mother Help Me!

“Luna!” he bellowed.

Luna stood staring at him, a tinge of fright curling up from the pit of her stomach at the wild look in his eyes, the desperation that was evident in every line of him.

She shook her head. “I don’t have it. It’s in my bag and I didn’t take my bag to the library,” she explained quietly, afraid to raise her voice in case Draco started freaking out even more.

Draco stared at her incredulously. “What? What do you mean? I need a wand! I need to get out! Luna!”

“Calm down, Draco.”

“Calm down? I can’t calm down! Luna, I can’t stay in here. I need to get out!” Draco turned and began pounding his fist on the door.

Someone would hear, someone would come. Someone would let him out, he needed to get out, he couldn’t breathe!

Standing back from the door Draco swung his foot out against it. The kick didn’t do any good, the door remained unchanged, tall, bold and strong barring his way to the outside world.

He banged at the door again jiggling the handle so much Luna was afraid he might actually rip it off altogether.

Why was no-one coming? Why didn’t someone let him out? He had to get out!

Frantically Draco ran his hands through his hair, his fingers digging into his scalp with frustration. Angrily he kicked out at the door again.

Luna bit her lip, Draco was scaring her acting like a crazed lunatic. “Draco? Draco, can I help you?” she whispered.

Draco spun around, his smoky grey eyes wild and tempestuous. He was shaking, gasping loudly as though some invisible hands were squeezing his throat and he couldn’t pull enough breath into his body. His arms shot out to his sides pressing his hands against the cool stone of the wall, almost as if he could push them down if he tried hard enough.

“I can’t breathe.”

Thump, thump. 
Mother! Mother where are you?

Luna moved quickly to his side. Gently she began to loosen the knot in his tie, she remembered hearing somewhere that when a person had difficulty breathing you should remove anything constrictive from around the throat. Her fingers were quick once the tie had been un-knotted, and she undid the buttons of his shirt, softly massaging her hand across his bare chest worrying that he continued to gasp in that strangled sounding way.

Draco was dimly aware of Luna's hands on his skin, of her stood quietly beside him watching him anxiously. He couldn’t worry about her now, he had to concentrate on breathing, and he couldn’t breathe. He needed to get out of this tiny, poky little room.

The walls were closing in on him, the darkness was rushing over him, the dirt filled his nostrils clinging to the inside of this throat.

He was choking! He couldn’t breathe!

“Draco. Draco, please calm down. Draco, you're scaring me,” Luna whispered, struggling to keep her voice smooth when what she really wanted to do was scream with the hysteria she could feel coming from him in waves.

The next thing Luna knew Draco's hands had curled around her shoulders. Gripping her tightly he began to shake her roughly. Her head jerked so much from his shaking she thought it was going to snap off. “Draco, stop it. You're hurting me.”

“Scaring you? Scaring you? You don’t even know what scared is!” he hissed viciously. Draco's eyes were opened to their utmost,  showing a fear that looked so real Luna felt as though it seeped from him into her blood, she could feel it pumping round her own body.

Mother! Father let me out!
I’m sorry, I won’t do it again! 
Mother help me!

A blind panic gripped Draco’s heart. He was trapped, he couldn’t get out.

Releasing his hold on Luna he began to hammer on the door again. Where the hell was Filch when you needed him? The old fool was always around when you didn’t want him.

“Someone open the door!” Draco yelled, his voice echoing around the small, cramped room to bounce off the walls, reminding him that there was hardly room for both him and Luna in there.

He felt weak, felt as if all his energy had been drained from him and all he could feel was terror. A terror that was so consuming he momentarily forgot that Luna was there. His balled up fists flattened against the door that imprisoned him, and Draco bowed his head trying to calm his erratic breathing; but his heart refused to slow its mad pulsating in his chest.

Thump, Thump. 
Mother, where are you? Help me! Father, I’m sorry, please, please, I’m sorry!
 Thump, thump.

Luna watched fearfully as the fight left his body and he crumbled before her into a ball on the dirty floor. Draco's entire body shook uncontrollably, she could hear his odd, racking breaths and she wanted to do something, anything to help him. Luna frowned, she didn’t know what to do.

“Draco?” she questioned faintly, frightened he was going to kick off and start shaking her again. Unthinkingly Luna rubbed at her shoulders, Draco had hurt her, she knew that he didn’t actually mean it, he was just scared.

No, Luna corrected herself, Draco wasn’t scared; he was absolutely petrified. She wondered of what, was it the dark? The small space? What caused Draco Malfoy to behave in this manner? What could she do to help him?

When he didn’t reply she squeezed around the boxes and brooms to get next to him and knelt beside him on the floor. His forehead was pressed against the door, his eyes screwed tightly shut, an unmistakable look of dread on his face.

“Draco?” she whispered softly. Luna had the feeling he had forgotten that she was even there.

Draco could barely hear her over the violent beating of his heart roaring in his ears, and the tiny, weak voice that echoed around his memory. He remembered then that she was there, Luna Lovegood was with him. He wasn’t alone this time.

Raising his head he looked at her intently. Draco saw the fear in her eyes, the concern on her face for his, what she would consider, odd actions.

“I need to get out, Luna. Help me,” he croaked.

Luna nodded slowly. “I know you need to get out, but we can’t go anywhere until someone comes for us, and they will come, Draco. We won’t be stuck in here for long I promise.”

It wasn’t good enough, her presence did nothing to appease the aggressive nightmare that had so suddenly rushed back to take over his life again.

“No, I can’t wait. I need to get out now,” Draco shoved her forcefully as he clambered up to his feet and began to pound on the door again.

Luna crashed into the wall hurting her back in the process. “Ouch,” she muttered, gazing up at him from her position on the floor.

He was going mad, like a caged animal.Draco was trapped and there was nothing he could do about it. Luna’s heart went out to him, she knew he was hurting and terrified inside, but she was still at a loss of what to do for him.

“Draco, Draco sit down again, take deep breaths. You’ll be ok. Nothing’s going to happen to you,” Luna tried to sooth him, pulling herself up she tugged a little on his arm, frightened he might break his hand if he kept hammering away like he was doing.

Suddenly he turned back to her, his arms reaching for her. Luna thought he was going to start shaking her again, there was nowhere to go, she would just have to let him carry on. Draco didn’t start to shake her. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her so tightly she thought he might squeeze her to death. Burying his face in her hair Draco whimpered pitifully, “Luna, Luna, help me.”

Luna only managed to produce a strangled sounding squeak from the arms that felt like bands of steel around her slender body. He was leaning on her and he was too heavy for her to support his weight.  Stumbling back into the wall they ended up sliding into a heap on the floor. 

Luna was extremely taken aback at this turn of events. She had no clue how to handle this new Draco, who was curled against her clinging on to her as though his life depended on it. She rubbed his back softly, making calm soothing sounds in his ear.

“It’s ok, Draco,” she promised quietly, glad that he had calmed himself down; even if she did wish he wouldn’t hold her in such a vice like grip.

The sea of calm was limited in his mind, and Draco knew the storm would come crashing back over him at any moment. He was aware of how much more horrendous his situation would be if Luna wasn’t there with him. Unfortunately, at this stage, her gentle presence did not ease his troubled mind as Draco would have liked it to.

Closing his eyes Draco allowed himself to breathe deeply the scent of coconuts that clung to her hair  laying against his cheek in soft waves. No matter how deeply he breathed Draco couldn’t stop the dank smell that assaulted his nostrils and evoked deep, dark fears buried within his heart and mind.


I’m sorry father. I promise I won’t do it again. I’m sorry


Mother! Mother! I want my mother!

Father Please! Please!

Luna felt the change him in instantly. She felt the stillness leave him as his body began to tremble fiercely and his fingers dug even deeper into her skin. Low anguished moans escaped Draco's throat and vibrated in her ear as he buried his face deeper into the silkiness of her hair.

“Make it stop! Make it stop! Let me out!” he cried suddenly, pushing himself away from her, his hands tearing wildly at his hair.

It wasn’t his shouting, it his eyes that terrified Luna to her very soul, the smoky grey eyes that were usually nice to look at were now wide and panic-stricken, mad with a frantic tinge to them. Draco's face was distorted with an inner pain that she could not see, coming from some far distant memory that he must have hidden away in the darkest corners of his mind.

“Draco, it’s ok, I promise it’ll be ok,” Luna reached out her tiny, delicate hands; cupping his face bringing his eyes back from the door to look at her. “Look at me, Draco. Keep clam and take deep breaths,” Luna instructed, allowing her eyes to lock with his, hoping to instil some peace into what was very clearly a tortured soul.

“Luna,” Draco whispered, feeling a little better as his eyes met hers. Soft, blue eyes gazed at him with concern, the usual dreaminess hanging around in their depths slowing the craziness that swept through his veins.

Luna was there, she was real, she was touching him; Draco could feel the warmth of her fingers on his cheeks. He could see the flecks of green in her eyes, the long sweeping lashes, the scattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks and the soft, vulnerable line of her mouth.

She was smiling at him, a tentative smile, a smile that told him she was there even before she spoke the words. “I’m here, Draco. I’m not going to leave you.” It was a stupid thing to say, she couldn’t go anywhere either,  if they could get out they wouldn’t be in this situation, Draco wouldn’t be freaking out like this.

Draco sank back to lean against the wall holding tightly to Luna’s arms and dragging her with him. “Sit with me.”

Luna nodded, squirming uncomfortably. She had planned on sitting next to him not between his legs that wrapped securely around her to stop her moving and keep her there with him. Arms encircled her shoulders, pressing her back into his chest so he could rub his cheek along the side of her hair.

She figured it was some sort of comfort thing for him, so decided to suffer through it. After all, Draco was the one with the problem wasn’t he? He needed her for some unknown reason. If having her close to him kept Draco calm then Luna would stay there.

Besides, it was quite nice to be all wrapped up in Draco Malfoy.

Still, Luna was concerned over the rattling in his chest that was passing itself off as breathing. It sounded stuffy and clogged up. Shifting slightly in his grip, she rubbed at his bare chest again in an effort to try to make his breathing sound more normal, the weird restrictive sound was extremely unsettling.

Closing his eyes Draco titled his head back a little, trying desperately to concentrate on her hand rather than the gloomy, dankness of the room and the sickening memories that he could feel probing at the corners of his mind again. They’d come back and ambush him at some stage, Draco knew that. For now Luna was there, he would concentrate on Luna and try to block out everything else.

“Why don’t you talk to me, Draco? It might help you keep your mind off things?” Luna suggested helpfully, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears.

Draco shook his head, he knew that she would end up trying to get him to talk about his behaviour and he didn’t want Luna Lovegood poking into his past. “You talk to me.” 

Luna sighed softly, “About what?”

“I don’t care, anything. Just talk and don’t move.”

Luna considered him thoughtfully. “I’m afraid of spiders, I’m not overly fond of snakes either. Is it the dark or the small space or both together that you're afraid of?”

If it was possible she felt Draco's body tense even more, his already hardened muscles turning to rocks and his arms flinching, pressing her closer.

“I thought you said that we were trying to keep my mind off it?” he snapped, his breathing starting to become more laboured.

“We are, sorry, I thought it might help to talk about it,” Absently, Luna began to massage his chest again, worried that the rattling noise would come back if he got himself worked up into another lather. “Snape seemed to think my homework was ok, I got a good mark for it,” she said, for want of anything better to say.

“Did you?”

“Yes. Are you sure I didn’t do something to make you mad today?” 

“No. Just forget about it,” Draco replied shortly.

“Alright, if you say so. It’s just that you haven’t been mean to me before, and I thought maybe I’d done something,” Luna explained, wishing Draco would lower his head so that she could look at his face to see his expression.

Draco snorted. “What about the other people who are mean to you? Do you do something to upset them?”

“Not that I’m aware of. They just think I’m loony,” she replied matter of factly.

Thump, thump 
“That doesn’t bother you?” Draco asked quickly, willing her to give him a quick answer, the sounds were rushing back at him.

“No, I let people think what they want to think, it’s no good trying to change people is it? I’m happy the way I am, it’s not my problem if others are far from happy with themselves.”

Draco began to wheeze loudly, making Luna jump. “Talk….keep talking,” he managed to hiss, closing his eyes to try to concentrate on her voice. Luna's voice was there with him, it was real. The other voice was only a memory, he could ignore it, he could move past it if he listened to Luna.

“Um, alright, um....” Luna floundered. She couldn’t think of anything to say to him, but she needed something, anything, any words would do. “....Um, I’m taking divination this year with both Trelawny and Firenez, I’m not so good at reading tea leaves, I’m getting quite good at the stars now though. Perhaps I could read yours sometime? Let you know what’s happening in the future?”

“Yeah, yeah that would be good,” Draco replied absently, pressing his face into her hair surrounding himself with coconuts. The dirt was strong, almost overpowering, it tickled his nose, it heightened his fears. Draco needed to get rid of it.

I’ll be good I promise, I won’t do it again. 
Please let me out. Please, please. 
Please let me out!

“Please let me out, I’ll be good, please let me out.”

Luna blinked in surprise at Draco’s words whispering in her ear, his arms pulling her closer rocking her back and forth with him.

“Draco? Draco, what’s wrong? Please tell me. Maybe I can help,” she begged softly. He was scaring her, something had happened to him to bring this kind of cornered animal fear out in full force. Perhaps his mind would ease a little if he told her?

Still rocking her he replied quietly, “Can’t help me, no-one helped me.”

“No-one helped you when?” Luna prodded carefully.

He didn’t respond to her question, continuing to rock her lightly back and forth, his fingers curling around her arm; trying to pull her even closer to him.

Draco moaned softly, he couldn’t tell Luna, he couldn’t tell anyone, he had never spoken of it then or since and he didn’t want to start now. All Draco wanted was to get out, and keep Luna close to him. So long as he kept hold of Luna perhaps he wouldn’t descend into the black pit of dark memories.

Chapter 4: Still Inside The Cupboard
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Chapter 4

Still Inside the Cupboard

I’ll listen in future I promise. 
Honestly I’ll be good. Please don’t leave me. 
Please let me out. Please. Mother! I want my mother! Help me!

Luna could feel the violent quivering of Draco’s body pressed close to her own. She realised her own body was shaking. It was as if the fear in Draco transferred itself to her, soaking itself through her skin to mingle with her blood and pump itself through her body, oozing into her heart and mind.

She bit her lip nervously, trying to still the urge to scream and batter at the door herself. Whatever Draco was remembering must be horrific for him, but he was scaring her. Luna could feel her nerves jumping around all over the place. She disliked the useless feeling that settled itself over her as she listened to the ragged breathing and the pitiful whimpers that came from the boy she had always imaged to be strong and fearless.

Timidly she tried again. “Draco, what happened? What happened to you for you to be so scared?”

Draco sighed heavily, it had been an unrealistic thought that she would sit quietly and just be there instead of trying to stick her nose into his business. Well, he thought, in all fairness he would probably ask questions as well. The difference was that Luna was asking to try to help him, he would ask to try to exploit someone else.

“Why go into it?”

Luna twisted in his grasp to look at him. His voice was tired sounding and he looked even paler than he usually did. Draco was fighting himself, Luna could see it on his face. Deep lines had suddenly appeared around his mouth, stormy eyes showed an internal battle to keep himself from losing his mind altogether.

“Because I’d like to know,” she replied quietly, flicking a lock of his now un-kept hair out of his eyes. “I can keep secrets you know. I’ll never tell anyone.”

“Just forget it. It doesn’t matter.”

Luna frowned, “Of course it matters. It matters a lot, you should try to get some help to handle it. Perhaps your parents can book you into St Mungo’s or something to talk to someone?”

Draco snorted. “My parents? Yeah, that would happen.”

She looked at him quizzically. “Don’t they know?”

Draco sighed heavily, “Just leave it.”

“But they must know. Draco. They’re your parents,” she persisted.

Draco scowled at her. “Yeah they are, I doubt they know and I doubt they care either. Just leave it, Luna.”

“You can talk to me, Draco, I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me.”

He snorted again. “Trust," he muttered contemptuously.

Luna tilted her head slightly pushing the lock of hair back again, her fingers grazing the smooth skin of his forehead. “You don’t trust anyone do you? You’ll never let anyone close will you?”

“No,” Draco answered sharply. “If no-one is close to you, no-one can hurt you,” he continued when he spotted the questions floating in her eyes.

The muted dreaminess came out in her eyes and her face turned wistful as she gazed at him. Draco had the feeling she wasn’t actually looking at him with that hint of longing in her eyes, she was looking past him at something or someone he couldn’t see. “No-one can love you either.”

“Love,” he replied scornfully. “What’s that?”

Her eyes came to focus back on his face at the sarcastic tone of voice. “It’s like what you feel for your parents, only better, because it’s different. It’s stronger, it’s a connection between two people, the greatest power of all. Love causes miracles, changes everything. Nothing can beat love. It’s what makes us human.”

Draco studied her for a few minutes, she believed it, she believed every word she said. Luna Lovegood believed in love, in trust, in a happiness that lasted beyond time. He knew better than this naive girl sitting curled against his chest trying to help him.

“It must be nice to be you, to actually believe all that nonsense,” Draco said dryly.

Luna considered carefully before answering. “It’s ok being me I guess. It’s not great, but I do ok I suppose. What’s it like being you?”

He blinked with surprise. “What?”

“What’s it like being you?” she repeated.

“Oh, just great,” he muttered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Why aren’t you happy? I’d be happy if my mum was alive and I had both my parents with me.”

Mother! Where are you?

“Well you can bloody have mine if you think they’re so sodding great!” Draco snapped angrily.

“I just meant that….”

Mother help me!

“Luna, you need to stop prattling on about things you know nothing about. Not everyone has the perfect life you seem to think comes from having your parents around. Not all parents are like yours you know.”

He hadn’t meant to start shouting at her, but talking about his parents had started that little voice off in the back of his mind and Draco didn’t want his memories to come washing back over him. He was doing ok at the moment, just talking and listening to Luna. If he changed the topic of conversation perhaps he would be alright until Filch came along and let them out.

“Is that why you're not happy? Are your parents not happy?” she wondered aloud.

“What did I just say?” Draco demanded irritably. “I told you not to prattle about things you know nothing about.”

“If you told me then I’d understand,” Luna pointed out, in what she hoped was a reasonable and comforting tone.

“Oh for the love of Merlin, Luna!” Draco yelled suddenly. “What do you want me to tell you?”

“Just the truth,” she whispered, her eyes soft when she looked at him, silently communicating an understanding for something he hadn’t even told her.

“The truth? You want the truth? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he informed her heatedly.

“Try me.”

“Leave it.”

“Tell me.”

“Luna!” Draco yelled irritably.

“Draco!” she snapped back, “I can help if you tell me. You need to trust someone, you can trust me.”

He moved so suddenly that Luna fell forward to her knees as he climbed to his feet needing to storm around, but there was nowhere to storm to. So he turned back to hammer at the door again. Balling his fist up Draco punched the door. Again and again he hammered repeatedly, a frantic rhythm pounding at the obstruction to his freedom.

Why did Filch not come? Where was everyone? Did no-one in Hogwarts wander the corridors except for him and Luna?

Luna watched his back, the muscles taunt with a ferocious anger. The noise level he managed to produce echoed around the cramped space assaulting her ears. She needed to make him stop doing that. He would break his arm if he carried on trying to knock the door down, which was clearly what Draco hoped would happen somewhere in his disturbed mind.

“Draco, stop doing that! Stop it now!” Luna cried out in alarm when she spotted a clear sighting of blood smearing across the pale skin of his hands. Grabbing at his arm she tried to pull him back round to face her.If he looked at her again perhaps he would calm back down and they could sit together quietly.

Draco heard her, but he chose to ignore her and continue to beat his fists into the door. His hands were hurting, the skin was beginning to peel away and he saw the blood for himself. Draco ignored that as well, if he was doing something, if he was in physical pain maybe, just maybe it would be enough to keep his past at bay.

Luna swallowed anxiously, tugging harder at his arm that didn’t even seem to notice she was hanging onto it, continuing with its hammering as thought the extra weight of her was nothing at all. “Draco, please,” she begged loudly, trying desperately to keep the teary fright out of her voice.

Draco spun round so fast Luna stumbled backwards over a broom in an effort to get away from his swinging arms. Viciously he grabbed at her shoulders, pushing her back, pinning her against the wall his face lowered, mere inches from hers.

Luna could feel his warm breath tickling her cheek, could see the hard line of his sneering, scornful mouth, the strong jaw as hard as rock and the granite looking grey of his eyes without even a speck of any other colour. Just clear, hard grey eyes staring panic stricken out at her.

His lips curled up over his teeth, his face set like stone when he hissed vehemently at her. “Please? Please? You think you can get what you want by begging please? Well you don’t, Luna, I know that for a fact. Please doesn’t get you anywhere. I should know, it was the one word I begged over and over but it didn’t get me anywhere!”

Luna could feel her own breath clogging in her throat, her heart racing madly in her chest as she watched him with terror filled eyes. Now that Draco had come close to telling her why he was so scared Luna wasn’t sure that she wanted to know. There were probably some things about people that you shouldn’t know.

“You want me to trust you do you, Luna? You expect me to trust you just because you say I can? Saying it doesn’t mean anything, just like being parents doesn’t mean anything. You have to earn trust, Luna, except when your parents, then you automatically have it. But, it doesn’t mean that you automatically deserve it does it? I learned that you can’t trust anyone, not even the parents that you seem to think so highly of.”

Luna could feel her body trembling but she wasn’t sure if it came from her or from Draco. She did know that this new feeling of sudden fear that enveloped her senses did come from him. Draco Malfoy was close to some form of breakdown, or maybe a break through? But she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be the one involved in it.

She had pushed him to it, she had nagged at him to tell her. Now Luna wished she hadn’t. She had in all honesty believed she would be helping him if she could get him to talk about it, but now she had the dreaded feeling that what Draco would actually come out with would haunt her mind as it did his.

Even with all her swirling doubts Luna was a good person and she did what she thought to be the right thing for Draco.

“You can trust me, Draco. I’ll help you,” she whispered, her voice quivering slightly. She was in half a mind as to whether he would tell her or whether he would strangle her. Draco looked wild enough at the moment to be capable of anything.

“Help me? You’ll help me will you, Luna?” Draco asked scathingly.

“Yes. I’ll help you, Draco. If you want me to?” No matter what she did, Luna couldn’t seem to compose her voice. Sounding nervous and jumpy was not a good combination if she intended on keeping Draco calm. 

Luna winced slightly. He was leaning all his weight against her shoulders and she felt as though he were about to snap her arms at the sockets.

Draco laughed, a dull, hollow, haunting sound that chilled Luna to her very bones.

“You’ll help me if I want you to? Like my mother helped me when I wanted her to? Is that the kind of help you're offering, Luna?” he asked a harsh, mocking tone to his voice.

“I don’t know,” she replied truthfully. “I don’t know what your mother did.”

“NOTHING!” Draco roared at her, “that’s what she did, Luna, nothing!”

Luna swallowed again, grasping all her courage to her, she raised her eyes to lock with his. “When did she do nothing, Draco?”

Draco was unsure as to why he opened his mouth and allowed the words to rush from him. The secret he had kept hidden inside him for years came spilling out to Luna Lovegood because he felt something from her. Something Draco could not put his finger on, but there was something he saw in her misty blue eyes that he trusted.

His voice was dull and lifeless when he replied. “When my father locked me in a coffin.”

Chapter 5: There's More
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Chapter 5

There’s More

Luna blinked quickly in the sudden deafening silence, staring stupidly at him. Had she just heard him right?

“What?” she breathed, hardly daring to speak and totally unable to drag her eyes from his.

“You heard me,” Draco replied quietly.

No, she hadn’t heard him. Or if she had heard him, she hadn’t heard correctly. She couldn’t have. It was impossible that Draco had said what she thought he had said.

“I…I don’t…. I…. Why?” Luna stuttered helplessly, she didn’t know what to say to him.

What did you say to that except why? Was there even an answer? What could his father possibly have said to justify that?

Releasing the pressure off her shoulders Draco straightened up flinging his arms wide and sneering down at her. “Because I am a Malfoy, a pure blood and I need to act accordingly,” he informed her, his voice a frighteningly good imitation of his fathers.

He watched Luna as she watched him. Her eyes that had never been on the small side had widened to the size of saucers and seemed to fill her face, swirling with horror and an underlying disbelief. Draco knew it wasn’t disbelief at him, Luna believed him, she just found it difficult to accept that a father would do something like that, especially as her father seemed to be the father that he would have liked to have had.

Slowly she raised her hands to rub at the alternate shoulders. She looked to be thinking very carefully about her next move.

“Sorry,” he indicted her shoulders.

“It’s ok,” Biting on her bottom lip she shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t understand. Why? How could someone do that?”

“We’re talking about my father, Luna, not just anyone,” Draco reminded her.

Luna tilted her head and surveyed him closely. He looked ever so slightly calmer at having told her, although she wasn’t sure if he wanted to go into details about it and she certainly didn’t want to hear it. However, Luna was willing to listen to Draco if he felt that he wanted to tell her.

She thought how funny it was that only earlier she had been thinking of how people presented masks to the world, and now Draco Malfoy was stripping his mask away and revealing the real Draco. The real Draco Malfoy was far from the mean, unfeeling, spiteful Slytherin he played on a regular bases. The person he was painted to be didn’t really exist, there was just the frightened boy before her who looked lost and had no faith or trust in anyone other than himself.

Taking deep breaths Luna ventured to speak quietly to him. “Your father locked you in a…..” she trailed off when his eyes rested back on her face, somehow it felt that if she didn’t say it aloud it wasn’t real.

“A coffin. Yes he did, and in…. never mind, it doesn’t matter. I’ve told you enough as it is.”

Draco shook his head, trying to clear away the mental pictures that swam through his mind, if he could call them that, there wasn’t much to picture being shut up in the dark for hours on end. It wasn’t the pictures that haunted him in his dreams, but the sounds.

The sounds rushed upon him, assaulting his memory, forcing themselves into his subconscious and echoing around his head. At first it had happened all the time, with hard work and determination,  Draco had learnt to block it out, push them from him and keep them at arms length until the night. The night was always the worst, and if something particularly bad happened during the day, even now he could wake up in a cold sweat remembering.

He shuddered. If Luna hadn’t been there with him today he’d have ended up having a breakdown. Draco knew he would always be grateful to Luna for trying to help him. She had done what she had thought to be best, she had offered a sympathetic ear for his troubles. Luna had been the one to sooth him when his mind spiralled out of control and his crazy fears erupted within him. 

“If you want to know I’ll tell you,” he offered.

Hesitantly his hands reached for her shoulders. Luna automatically flinched, her shoulders had taken all the rough treatment they were able to take for one day, she couldn’t stand him gripping her again.

“I’m sorry, Luna, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know you didn’t. It’s ok.” Wrapping her arms protectively around her waist she allowed his fingers to tenderly knead the soreness in her shoulders. Luna winced slightly, before glancing up at him through her lashes. “If you can tell me then I’ll listen, Draco.”

Draco nodded but remained silent for a long time, concentrating on massaging her shoulders. Luna was very frail and delicately built he realised. She was actually quite small, tiny in fact, she barely came up to his shoulder.

He could appreciate now the fear she must have felt from him towering over her and acting like a lunatic. Draco wondered at this tiny blonde who everyone referred to as loony. She had been the one who had offered her support to him even when she was afraid of him. Luna Lovegood had been the one he had leant on for comfort, he had held onto her, wrapped himself around her and tried to surround himself with the now extremely familiar sent of her because he had needed her.

Draco hadn’t needed anyone as much as he had needed Luna today since he was little, and unlike others in his life she had been there. Luna hadn‘t walked away or shut him out, but had held on to him, let him touch her and be close to her. She was still there now, watching him apprehensively, chewing on her bottom lip.

“I always knew I was a pureblood, that the Malfoy name was one to be respected, feared even to a certain extent. My father instilled that into me from a very young age, he always wanted a son and he wanted to make sure that I didn’t let him down, let the Malfoy family honour down. If you’re a Malfoy you can’t be weak, you can’t cry. You need to be strong, need to know that you're superior to everyone else; especially muggles, mud-bloods and blood traitors. That’s the way it is, and you have to conduct yourself appropriately even when you're little.”

Luna didn’t respond, she had no answer to give, this wasn’t a subject that she could relate to having never had that kind of teaching forced upon her.

Draco smiled crookedly at her, tilting his head slightly he said, “Would you believe me if I said I once had a friend who was a muggle?”

Luna considered his question carefully before answering, she didn’t want things to come out wrong and hurt his feelings. “Um...well, that depends. Going on what people say about you then no. But, I don’t know you do I? Come to think of it, they don’t know you either, so I don’t really know, but I wouldn’t expect you to have a muggle friend. No.”

Draco shrugged moving to lean against the wall beside her, suddenly needing to be close to her again if he was actually going to do this and tell her the complete truth behind his nightmares.

“I live out in the country,” he began to explain. “There’s not much to do now, but when you're younger it’s like a whole world of adventure is waiting for you. I was out in the woods one day in the summer and happened to bump into another board boy who was my age and we decided to be board together. That’s how it went for weeks, me and Jack would just hang out, do nothing, climb trees, swim in the river just normal stuff. Nothing too exciting when you think about it. Execpt to us it was great, there were no parents or any kind of grown up to tell us what to do and not to get dirty.”

“Boys always get dirty,” Luna agreed, smiling up at him encouragingly.

Draco sniggered a little, “Yeah we do, and I’m not exactly sure how either.” He paused for a few minutes, his eyes glazing over gazing back through the years to the carefree summer of Jack and Draco taking on the world together.

He cleared his throat, “Anyway. One day I asked my mother if we could have Jack round. She didn’t know anything about him and we’d been friends for about three weeks, but that’s just my mother for you, she’s not really interested in the day to day living, it boards her. She likes her excitement, glitz and glamour, so long as she’s out of the house doing whatever it is that she does with her friends then she’s happy and to hell with everyone else.”

Luna frowned at his statement. Her mother had never been like that, her mother was always there when she woke up in the morning, always there to tuck her into bed at night and read a story or sing a song. Her mother would stop whatever she was doing throughout the day if Luna had wanted to play or talk. The difference between her mother and Draco’s was obvious. Her mother had been a mum, Draco’s mother was just that, she was only his mother. Draco had never had a mum, and Luna felt desperately sorry for him for not having had the experience of a mum like she had. Even though it hurt that her mother was no longer with her, the memories she had were priceless and she wouldn’t trade them for anything.

“So what happened when you asked about Jack?”

“Obviously she wanted to know who he was, who his father was mostly, what pureblood family he belonged to. When I told her he wasn’t a wizard she just sort of went quiet and stared at me for a long time before sending me to my room and telling me to stay there when she went to speak to my father.”

At the mention of his father a slight shiver ran down Luna’s spine. Unthinkingly she turned to her side, reaching out for his hand she entwined her fingers through his squeezing his hand lightly. It didn’t surprise her when Draco's fingers tightened their hold on hers. He wasn’t looking at her though, he was far away, remembering.

“I hadn’t been up in my room that long I don’t think, I was practicing my levitation. For some reason I could only hold things up for about ten minutes and then I’d lose concentration and the object would fall.”

Luna just nodded her head, she knew the feeling of not being able to accomplish your spells very well. Even now she could sometimes mess up the simplest spells or charms because she failed to concentrate.

Draco sighed heavily. “I was called down to my fathers study. I don’t know where my mother was, it was just him. He was there alone standing by the fireplace….he was waiting for me of course, just stood there ….calmly waiting for me…. When he knew…..he knew what he was planning to do….but he was just stood there…. Calmly.”

Draco’s words began to stick in his throat, he could feel his breath clogging up again, could feel the clamminess sweeping him and the panic start to rise from the pit of his stomach. He gasped raggedly his fingers holding tighter to Luna’s.

Again Luna’s hand appeared on his chest making slow circular motions to try to ease the restrictive breathing. Draco may not have noticed any difference with her actions, but she had. The muscles in his chest seemed to relax when she touched him, bringing him back to the present where he could concentrate on the fact that he wasn’t alone. She was there.

She was used to the weird breathing now, but the dull, lifeless tone he seemed to insist on using sent chills through her. Draco had taught himself to cut off from emotions when he needed to. That was what he was doing now Luna realised, he was trying to keep all emotion out of the conversation and tell it as a series of facts so that he still would not have to actually deal with it.

“It’s ok Draco, you don’t have to carry on if you’d rather not,” she told him.

Draco looked down at the concerned, worried face of Luna Lovegood. No-one had worried about him before. His father worried over him, worried he would do something ridiculous and bring shame to the Malfoy name. But he hadn’t had anyone to worry about him, how he was feeling, how he was coping. Until now, until Luna.

Unhurriedly, Draco let the fingers of his free hand sift through the glossy waves of her hair. Somehow it brought him a little peace to touch Luna, to let himself get close to someone.

“He was really cold, really hard. He said that….. That I wasn’t to….. To associate with Jack again,” Draco gulped back the emotions that began to trickle into his voice. “He said I was a….. a Malfoy, and I shouldn’t ….. associate with filth.”

He paused trying to will the hot, stinging tears that were burning his throat to go away, to stay from his eyes. He couldn’t cry, he was Draco Malfoy, it wasn’t permitted for a Malfoy to be weak. It wasn’t right that a man should cry either, and that’s what he was supposed to be now, he was supposed to be a man.

Although, at the moment, Draco didn’t feel like a man. Instead he felt like a little boy again, the same little boy who had gone to his fathers study when he had been told to do so, the same little boy who had stood trustingly before his father to hear why he had been summoned, not for one second thinking that day was going to be the worst of his young life. 

“I told him Jack was my friend, that I had to see him again, we were going exploring tomorrow. I had to be there or Jack could get lost without me. That made him lose his temper. I knew I wasn’t supposed to answer back and could get a whack for it; but it was Jack. We’d made plans and I wanted to go exploring.”

“Where were you going?” Luna wondered softly.

“Just in the woods, but it wasn’t the woods to us. We were going to the desert, to ride on camels and battle with bandits. But we never got there,” he told her dryly. Winding a strand of her hair around his finger, he smiled slightly at the fond look she was giving him. He knew Luna was trying to image a mini him running through the woods believing he was in a desert somewhere.

“Well, I think you were very brave to stand up for your friend, Draco,” Luna told him firmly.

“Stupid more like. Then he said it, very clearly aiming his wand at me, Perfidious totalus. The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor stiff as a board….. then….. Then I saw him doing it…..still standing by the fire…. He didn’t move. He just stood there conjuring up…. a….a coffin,” Draco just managed to splutter out his last sentence before he felt the warm flowing of tears from his eyes.

Luna started horrified at Draco. She did not want to see Draco Malfoy cry, it was too much. The mere sight of this boy, who only a few hours ago had seemed to her to be so strong and in control of himself had crumbled before her very eyes. Now he was a shaking, quivering mess; crying, overcome with his emotions, his one hand squeezing hers and his other entangled in her hair.

“Oh, Draco please don’t cry,” she whispered, tip toeing up so that she could wipe the tears from his cheeks.

Draco miss-read her and she somehow found herself pressed tightly to his chest with his face buried in her hair again as he cried brokenly. “It’s ok, Draco,” she soothed him gently, hugging him close to her.

“He….he just….just …. Levitated me over to…to…it and dumped me in it. Then the lid came on, and the darkness came. I could hear the screws…..I was calling for my mother…... Begging him to let me out, but I started moving, I was floating somewhere for what felt like ages, then…then I stopped and I heard it…..” He trailed off, unable to continue with the choking sobs that caught in his throat, and the underlying fear he still felt even from talking about it.

Luna was afraid to ask her question, but she knew it was important that she did. It was important that Draco get through his story. “What did you hear?”

She felt his arms tightening around her, felt his lips grazing her ear when he spoke. “The earth. I heard the earth falling on top of me.”

Luna’s jaw dropped. Instinctively she pressed herself closer to him wishing desperately she could get closer still. She held him while his body racked with violent sobs; it was all she could do to try to comfort him, there were no soothing words to speak. She couldn’t erase Draco's memory or make him feel better with any words she possessed.

“I was begging him to let me out, promising to be good. I was screaming for my mother …..for her to ….to come and….and get me. But no-one came.”

“H….how old were you?” Luna managed to stammer.


Luna screwed her eyes shut, horrified by his answer. She could see it in her minds eye a little seven year old Draco locked away in the dark, terror flowing through him, scared, lonely and wondering what had happened to his world.

“Draco, I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry I made you talk about it. I’m sorry, Draco.”

Draco could feel her body quivering in his arms and he felt the wetness of her tears on his neck. It eased him a little knowing she was upset, knowing she felt for him, that she was sorry for what he’d had to endure as a child and she was doing everything she could think of to comfort and sooth his aching fears away.

Rubbing her back gently he replied carefully, “There’s more.”

Chapter 6: Everyone Has A Past
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Chapter 6

Everyone Has A Past

Luna shook her head against his neck, there couldn’t be more, there couldn’t be anything else left to tell her. She wasn’t sure how she would react to any more horrors from Draco’s past. She was hurting too much inside to listen to anymore. Luna's heart ached unbearably for him, her distraught tears burning behind her eyes and clogging in her throat.

Draco could feel the tips of her fingers digging into his back as she clung on to him, her body shaking with heart wrenching sobs for the little boy he had once been. He winced, he hadn’t even thought that his story would upset her to the point where she wouldn’t release the rigid grasp she had round his neck.

“It’s ok, Luna, don’t cry. I won’t tell you anymore,” Draco promised quietly, running his fingers through the length of her hair.

She tried to gulp back the remaining tears to enable her to speak to him, but she couldn’t bring herself to let Draco go. The strong, disturbed feeling in her mind refused to budge, Luna felt psychically ill when she thought of all the distress and turmoil Draco had had to contend with at seven years old.

Of all the people in the world it had been his own father to inflict the suffering upon him, and the one person who should have been protecting him had left him alone and helpless. What kind of mother did Draco have? Never before had Luna felt such a violent rage and hate for someone as she did towards Lucius Malfoy at this very moment. How could Draco have lived through that with him? How could he look at him and call him father when the man had been anything but?

What had Draco said? He had locked him in a coffin and in… something else, Draco hadn’t finished his sentence.

Did she want to know? Could she actually handle hearing any more? Was there anything that could be worse than having your own father burying you alive to teach you to listen?

What was she doing? She was a trembling, jittering, emotional wreck, and she was supposed to be comforting Draco not the other way around.

Breathing deeply Luna pulled back so that she could look at him. Draco was still crying; crying silent tears that made him scream on the inside but he would refuse to show it. Pressing her forehead to his, closing her eyes she took another shaky breath. “I want you to tell me. You’ve come this far, you can tell me the rest. I’ll listen I promise.”

Draco closed his own eyes briefly, he wasn’t sure if he could talk anymore. There was more to say but he didn’t know if he wanted to talk about it all. Maybe this was enough for today. It had seemed to do the trick anyway, he hadn’t been assaulted by memories when he had been talking, managing  to get through it without losing his mind; even if he had broken down and sobbed to Luna Lovegood.

Luna didn’t seem to mind, she understood him, she had listened and cried with him. Cupping the side of her face he used his thumb to wipe at the steady flow of tears that still ran down her cheeks. Draco knew Luna was sickened at what he had said, knew it disturbed her. Still she was offering to listen to him if he wanted to continue to pour his heart out to her.

Luna was not the person he had thought her to be, she was made of much sterner stuff than the usually flimsy dreaminess that hung around her. As delicate as she was physically, Luna had a strong heart and she was willing to be there for him when he needed her.

Draco wasn’t sure if he liked to admit it to himself at the moment, but he desperately needed Luna.

It was so silent in the cupboard that he could hear her unsteady breathing. Her eyes fluttered open, she was so close to him he could see the tears clinging to her lashes, see the watery blue of her eyes, the disgust, the pity and the pain deep within their depths. He could feel her warm breath against his cheek and the hot patches of skin on the back of his neck where her fingers rested.

Tilting his head slightly Draco closed the small gap between them.

His lips brushed against hers with a feather light touch. When she didn’t pull away Draco applied more pressure to her mouth.

Luna didn’t think, she just acted. Her fingers laced together behind his neck pulling him closer, allowing herself to relax against his chest, sink into his kiss and enjoy the feel of his arms around her. Somehow, no matter how much she pressed herself against him she couldn’t get close enough. Luna needed to be closer to Draco, needed to feel the strength from within him that would give her the strength to be there for him.

She had just learned the awful truth behind the Malfoy family façade and it had disturbed her so much the only way she would receive any comfort would be from the boy who’d had to go through it. Only Draco would know how she was feeling.

She felt herself moving backwards until her back hit the wall and she was suddenly pressed between the coolness of the stone and the warmth of Draco. It was Draco she leant into when he deepened his kiss, until she was unable to move at all due to the weight of him against her.

It had never occurred to Luna that the lips of Draco Malfoy which were usually curled into a smirk, or sneering at someone, could be so soft when paired with her own, that he could give such gentle, tender kisses that made her quiver in delight.

The sharp stabbing of disappointment she felt when he pulled away from her took her by surprise. Luna didn’t want him to stop, didn’t want him to move away from her. She wanted him to stay next to her and keep kissing her.

“Sit with me, Luna?” Draco asked, his voice all raspy.

Luna just nodded and settled herself comfortably against him on the hard dirty floor. Brushing her hair from her face and pulling his arms around her, she looked up at him expectantly.

Draco was glad she had chosen to sit back between his legs. He felt better when he could hold on to her and watch her face when he spoke, it helped him to focus. He was shocked at his actions, he couldn’t believe that he had kissed Luna Lovegood, and more to the point, he wanted to kiss her again. Draco hadn’t wanted to stop kissing her.

He shrugged the thought away. It was most likely due to the fact that both their emotions were running high at the moment and they were both very vulnerable to think of seeing or feeling something that wasn’t actually there.

Clearing his throat he considered for a few minutes wondering where to begin.

“In your own time, Draco,” Luna murmured, resting her head on his shoulder trying to secretly wipe away the tears that had started to pool in her eyes again.

“Do you believe in wishing wells?”

“What?” she frowned up at him.

“Wishing wells, you know what a wishing well is don’t you?”

“Well of course I know what a wishing well is.”

“Do you believe in them?” he asked again.

“Yes I do, and wishing on stars. If you want something badly enough and you truly deserve it then I think you’ll get it eventually. If you wish hard enough,” she told him dreamily.

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled in spite of himself. Wasn’t that just like Luna to believe in that kind of thing? They knew magic existed, they lived with it everyday of their lives, but the muggles didn’t, they made up their own kind of magic such as wishing. For some reason muggles wished on anything, wells, fountains, stars, even a mangled chicken’s carcass. They all believed in that little bit of magic that made them feel better. Even when they were adults they could still believe it, they’d been brought up with it and for some reason it seemed to cling to their lives, wishing was real. If you wished long and hard you’d get what you wanted.

Draco mused it could be nice to be a muggle and have that kind of hope to carry around with you every day.

“Jack taught me about wishing wells, and about making a wish on the brightest star in the sky, but if you saw a shooting or falling star then your wish would be doubly strong and more likely to come true sooner. Once I was forbidden to see Jack any more and I’d been taught my lesson about listening and being a Malfoy I used to wish on the brightest star that I could be friends with Jack again, that my father would never do anything like that again. That was my biggest wish. That my father would leave me alone.”

Draco sighed heavily scowling at himself, at the idiot he had been. When did wishing ever get you anywhere?

Luna’s fingers trailed down his damp cheek, “He didn’t did he?” she whispered fearfully, she didn’t really want to hear the rest of it, Luna was unsure of what exactly Draco could come out with to make matters worse.

“No, he didn’t,” Draco sighed again. “We have a well in the back garden. Well, I say garden, it’s more like a field, but still. Anyway, it was a good three weeks later, I knew Jack would have gone back to school now and I wouldn’t get to see him but I still wished that maybe I could on the weekends, that we could play together again. The wishes on the stars didn’t seem to be working and I wished every night, I looked for a shooting star or a falling star to help my wish along, but I didn’t ever see one. So, I went to the well to make a wish. I was so wrapped up in my wishing that I didn’t realise he was standing there watching me.”

“He heard your wish?”

Draco nodded, “Yes, he heard me wishing for Jack and he heard me wishing for my father to be nice.” He frowned, “I’m not sure which one made him madder.”

“He got mad then?” Luna asked, although she already knew the answer to that question.

“Yeah he got mad alright, said something about how I obviously had a problem with listening, and respect for my parents. I need to learn to respect my father and to listen to what he was telling me.”

Luna glanced up, Draco had gone quiet again, staring moodily at the wall half forgetting that she was there while he probed about in his memories. 

Draco blinked and his eyes came back to focus on her face when he felt her fingers grazing his forehead as she pushed his hair from his face. “What happened?” Luna asked quietly running her hand down his cheek to dab at the still falling tears.

Screwing his eyes tightly shut Draco turned his face into her palm. Controlling the tears was easy compared to controlling the trembling of his voice that came out all choked up with anger, hurt and tears when he spoke.

“He said if I liked to wish so much he would give me something to wish for.”

Luna sucked in her breath, what the hell had Lucius done this time?

Draco began to shake, his voice choking up again. “H….he…he d….drained the well, p….put…..put me in….in it and s….sealed it o….over.”

He heard the strangled sounding gasp that came from Luna but he didn’t look at her. Draco couldn’t bear to see her appalled expression, couldn’t face the grief in her eyes when she looked at him, it would break him down and he might not recover from it for a long time.

“You have no idea what it feels like being trapped in a tiny space where you can’t move at all for hours, in the dark and the dirt. You can’t breathe, the dirt sticks everywhere, on your clothes, in your hair, in your ears, in your eyes, up your nose, down your throat. It’s awful. And there’s nothing to do except beg the person who put you there to let you out, even when you know that they’ve gone about their business and aren’t there to hear you. So, you scream for someone, anyone to come and help you to get you out and take you away. But no-one comes. Not even your mother, but you still call for her, even when your voice has gone all hoarse. You still call for your mother. She’s all you want.”

Rushing on with his story hadn’t helped him, it just got to him even more. The violent sobs that echoed from his throat pierced Luna’s already aching heart, causing her tears to fall quicker and harder than before at the vicious and sadistic way a father could hurt his son who was only a child and unable to fight back alone or with magic.

And what the hell had his mother been doing all this time? When her baby was suffering? Where had she been? Why hadn’t she been there?

Luna realised she probably wasn’t asking herself one question that Draco hadn’t asked himself over and over again, then and now.

“How long were you trapped in those places?” she wondered, fearful of his reply.

“All day and all night,“ Draco told her despondently before he managed to gasp out, “I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to kill me. And she didn’t come, my mother, she didn’t help me.”

“It’s alright now, it won’t ever happen again. He can’t hurt you now, Draco.” Luna’s voice was a lot more stable and firmer than she had thought it would be, although she could still hear the anguish that filled her reflect in her tone.

Luna realised that Draco had kept it all hidden away, he’d had no-one to turn to, no-one to protect him and no-one to talk to. He had been seven years old, alone and petrified. It was only now, all those years later that Draco was daring to speak about it because they had accidentally locked themselves in a broom cupboard where his past had jumped up to attack him, come back to haunt him, as she knew it would now haunt her.

“Oh, Draco,” Her free hand cupped his other cheek and before Luna fully realised what she was doing her lips were against his again.

Draco had kept his eyes closed when he had felt her other hand on his cheek. He still did not want to see the look on her face, he knew she was upset, knew he had actually hurt her with his stories, that she was aching and hurting for him. Draco was grateful for her support, grateful that Luna cared enough to sit through it to try to help him. However, that didn’t mean he wanted to look at her, Draco wasn’t sure if he was emotionally strong enough to deal with Luna's misery as well as his own.

His memories had chilled him right through to the bone, and he had for a brief few moments; become his seven year old self again, petrified that he was going to die alone in the dark. The thought disappeared as soon as he felt her kiss him. Draco felt the same weird feeling as last time when he had kissed her, a slow warmth spreading through him, a strong desire to keep hold of her and keep kissing her.

Draco’s arms snaked around Luna's back, pulling her body closer while he kissed her back, effortlessly sliding his tongue between her lips that parted eagerly for him, almost welcoming him to her. The warmth he was feeling throughout his body slowly began to turn into a sizzling heat in the pit of his stomach, shooting small sparks into his blood to force themselves erratically through his veins.

Everything faded into the background and there was suddenly nothing else for him except Luna. There was only Luna. Luna who cared about him, Luna who had cried for him, Luna who was sending shock waves of pleasure through his body with her tender and caring kisses.

Luna’s hands slid up Draco’s face to entangle in the silken, platinum locks of his hair pressing his lips harder to hers. She moaned softly when his tongue ran smoothly over the roof of her mouth causing her to shiver and tiny goose-bumps to appear on her arms.

Deepening the kiss Draco carefully eased her backwards to the floor, groaning profoundly at the feel of her body beneath him. His hands left her back to run down her side, trailing tiny kisses across her chin.

Luna gasped, startled, when she felt his hand slide beneath her skirt to rest warm and firm on the bare skin of her thigh.

“Draco…I…. I don’t think….” She stuttered weakly.

Draco pressed his forehead against hers locking their eyes. “It’s ok Luna, just don’t think,” he replied huskily.

Luna just sighed softly, her eyes fluttering shut again as Draco leant in to capture her mouth with a hot, searing kiss.

Luna’s body seemed to take on a life of its own, arching up to him as much as his weight above her and the floor below her would allow, her legs wrapping around his waist drawing him closer. She moan faintly as his hand slowly inched its way up her thigh.

“Luna,” Draco murmured, his lips grazing her ear, breathing in the familiar, comforting and now oddly tantalising scent of coconuts.

Luna forgot the dim, dankness of the room, forgot the dirty floor and the horror of the past few hours when his lips found the sensitive spot behind her ear and she moaned again. There was nothing except Draco’s leisurely touch and demanding lips, his comfortable weight on top of her and the sound of raised voices out in the hall way.

Raised voices in the hallway? Someone was coming!

“Draco!” she cried out suddenly.

“Humwhat?” he muttered lazily.

“There’s someone out in the hall, they can let you out,” Luna prodded him in the back, trying to get him to listen.

“Huh?” he dragged his head from her neck as she began to wiggle about.

“Draco, there’s someone outside, they can let you out. You don’t have to stay in here anymore. It’s all overh Draco,” 

Someone outside? He could get out, he could escape the nightmare the evening had dragged him through. Draco was shocked to find that part of him wanted to stay with Luna. It had to be the part of him that was relieved he had finally opened up to someone.

But he didn’t have to be in a broom cupboard to be with Luna did he?

Draco hurriedly scrambled to his feet hauling Luna after him.

“Hey! Who’s out there? Let us out!” Draco yelled through the door.

The handle creaked as the door was pulled open.

“What are you doing in there?” Filch demanded, his tone implying they had gone in there purely to irritate him.

“We were stuck. We’ve been in here all evening. I suggest that you check your cupboard doors to make sure that they open from the inside in future,” Draco snapped haughtily, before storming from the room.

Luna smiled weakly at Filch who was glaring at their bedraggled state suspiciously as she followed Draco out of the room. He waited a few steps ahead of her. They walked down the corridor together in silence. Draco was busy fighting the urge he had to drag her into an empty classroom and Luna was wondering how to bring up his past without upsetting him.

When they reached the crossway where they would go their separate ways to their own common rooms Luna spoke up.

“Look, Draco, I just want to let you know that I won’t say anything, not a word. You can trust me, and not just because I say you can, but because you know you can,” Luna informed him firmly.

Draco nodded, jamming his hands in his pockets. “I know I can. Luna, I, um, well, thanks for today. Thanks for being there. I won’t forget it.”

She knew he meant it, knew he would forever be that Draco to her, nice Draco not smirking Draco. She smiled softly. “You're welcome, Draco. I won’t forget it either.” 

Draco noticed the faint blush that crept into her cheeks and he couldn’t stop the smirk appearing on his face. He had got carried away he would admit that, but there had been something about Luna Lovegood that had somehow managed to take him over and push all the nightmarish fears from him. Draco would forever be grateful to Luna for helping him, holding him and caring about him.

“Thanks for understanding, Luna.” It was new to Draco to feel real sincerity towards someone and he wanted her to know how he felt. Luna knew almost everything about his feelings except the good feelings, and Draco wanted her to know that he could feel them as well.

Smiling again she tiptoed up pressing her lips lightly to his before quickly moving away again before he could touch her.

“You don’t have to feel weird, Draco. I know what it was all about, it’s been a very emotional few hours, things tend to spill out of control when emotions get heightened.”

Draco frowned, “Actually Luna, I….”

She cut him off waving her hand at him, “It’s ok, Draco. Really it is. I’m really glad that it was me there with you. I wouldn’t change it.”

“Neither would I. But I don’t think….”

“That’s right Draco, don’t think.” She smiled again. “I’d better get going, I feel like a warm bath after that cupboard. Night, Draco.” Luna only walked a few steps before she turned quickly back to him. “If you ever want to talk to me, Draco you can. I’ll always be there. Just remember that everyone has a past. ”

Draco stood and stared after her as she made her way down the corridor towards her common room. He felt lost again as he watched her retreating back, her hair glowing in the dim candle light. He wanted Luna to come back, talk to him, touch him and kiss him again.

Had Luna been right? Did he want her so much because he was an emotional wreck? Would he feel different tomorrow? 

Draco waited until she rounded the corner grinning and waving back at her. At least she’d took another look at him. Sighing heavily he headed in the direction of the Slytherin common room.

He frowned what had Luna just said? What did she mean everyone has a past?

TO BE CONTINUED IN- Dark Memories- Luna’s Story