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We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down by ladyspirit

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 59,752
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 06/23/2011
Last Updated: 06/23/2011


“STOP THE MADNESS!” James was screaming, his face glowing with mirth. Apparently his groin was recovering. Sirius rolled onto his back,  he had his wand out and it was pointed at Lily.
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Chapter 1: Just Touch It
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Just touch it

When, seven years ago, Lily had stood in the Great Hall staring out at a sea of unfamiliar faces she had felt terribly alone. She had dragged her eyes away from her audience and surveyed the other children who were on stage with her but none had looked as terrified as she felt. Everyone else seemed to be coping much more efficiently than she was. The stern looking teacher with the severe hairstyle and brisk voice had began to read names aloud from a scroll so long that it curled around her booted feet. Lily could remember clearly looking at the twin sisters to her right hand side and envying them. The girls were holding hands and muttering to each other in a secret language that Lily had no hopes of understanding but their hushed tones were reassuring. One of the sisters had noticed Lily watching them but instead of shooting her a dirty look or telling her to mind her own business she had smiled bravely and offered a hand. Lily had taken it, taken comfort from the friendly heat it radiated. Both girls palms were slightly moist with sweat but it didn’t matter. The moments seemed to creep by at an achingly slow pace and Lily was called before the sisters.

“Evans, Lily,” She had removed her hand from the twins and stepped up the rickety stool. She had only one thought as her vibrant hair disappeared beneath the sorting hat and that was that she wished her own sister were here to hold her hand but she doubted Petunia would ever hold her hand again. It was a sad thought.

Now, seven years on, Lily’s thoughts were still on her sister. The first day of school always made her reminiscent. She was sitting with her legs crossed on her bed flicking idly through her new charms textbook but her thoughts were all for Petunia’s empty chair at the special dinner her parents had thrown to see her off before school began again.

“You’ve got to stop dwelling on her Lil’s,” Delilah was standing on the window seat with her head half out into the cold, night air. Lily had agreed not to report her smoking as long as Delilah didn’t stink up the dormitory. Lily had been thrilled when the pretty twin who had taken her hand on the stage had been sorted into Gryffindor too. They had become fast friends especially as Jessica, Delilah’s sister, had ended up in Hufflepuff. Both Lily and Delilah had felt cut adrift without their siblings and quickly formed a makeshift sisterhood to see them through. “If I spent all my time trying to figure out why Jessica does what she does then I’d never get a moments peace,” As time had progressed at Hogwarts the close relationship between the twins had steadily disintegrated. It had now got the point that even over the holidays the girls barely spoke, their secret language was now dead.

“How come I have to sit and listen to you rant about your sister day in day out and you won’t even let me sit quietly and think about mine?”

“Because ranting is productive, dwelling is just pathetic,”

“Ranting is not productive,” Lily closed her textbook and set it on her bedside table.

“Well then the next time Potter does something to annoy you don’t come ranting to me!” Delilah grinned, “Speaking of James…” She continued slyly, “He’s definitely shot up hasn’t he,”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Lily sniffed crawling under her bed covers and turning away from her smirking friend. Delilah flicked her cigarette butt out of the window and closed it. She half skipped to Lily’s bed and jumped onto the end of it.

“I think you have noticed Lily,” She insisted, “I think you noticed that he’s become a six foot tall, broad shouldered, sex god with a cheeky smile and adorably messed up hair-,”

Lily snorted, “I can’t believe you just referred to James Potter as a sex god,” She scoffed and Delilah crawled up the bed to press her face close to her friends.

“Well maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration,” She admitted with an abrupt laugh, “But I’ve said it before Lil’s and I’ll say it again, what I wouldn’t let that boy do to-,”

Lily shrieked with laughter and pushed her friend out of the bed. Delilah landed on the floor with a thump and looked distinctly unimpressed but nevertheless amused, “And if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times!” Lily cried, “You talking about Potter like that makes me want to puke!”

“Jealous vomit?”

“No, Delilah, regular vomit,”

Delilah pulled herself to her feet and straightened her nightdress in a most dignified manor, “Well I think the lady dost protest too much,”

“Well you sure protest enough when I mention your fatal attraction to a certain Mister Black-,”

Delilah rolled her eyes, “I think you’ll find I got over that in fifth year Lily, you really need to catch up with my emotional happenings.”

“I think he likes you,”

“I think if he liked me he wouldn’t have told James he thought I was ‘pretty in a fat way’,” Delilah was suddenly a lot less smiley than she had been a moment before. She had accidentally overheard the marauders talking about her after the Charms OWL in fifth year and had never quite gotten over it. “I think if he liked me he wouldn’t have asked me to hold his broomstick so he could grope Michaela Montgomery with both hands. I think if he liked me he wouldn’t have stolen my songbook and held it ransom-,”

“Okay, I’m sorry I mentioned it!” Lily was quiet for a small moment then continued at a rapid pace, “butjustbecausehesaidyouwerechubbydoesn’tmeanyoushouldreplacefoodwithsmokes,”

“Ok. I didn’t even catch that.” Delilah was in her own bed now, glaring at her friend, “But if it has something to do with my diet then I’d rather you didn’t repeat it.”

“No one can survive on one small meal a day Delilah-,”

“It’s been over a year Lily, I think I’m surviving. Also, since when has dinner been considered a small meal? I’m not being unhealthy-,”

“Cigarettes are not healthy,”

“That’s just a rumour.”

“Don’t be stupid. Just a rumour!” Lily rolled her eyes dramatically.

“Oh I’m sorry little-miss-head-girl if my smoking offends your badge!”

“Excuse me.” One of the other girls who shared the dormitory with them sat up. Angelica had her long brown hair tied neatly into a French braid and had to lift a fuchsia eye mask to fix the arguing pair with an appropriately steely glare, “I know that you, Delilah, aren’t well known for your compassion for others and you, Lily, are probably thinking you’re better than the world for getting that stupid badge, but some of us want some sleep, and if you two don’t mind could you both please shut your big mouths?”

“Oh somebody’s bitter about a letter they didn’t receive over the summer,” Delilah taunted nastily and Lily shot her a careful glare.

“Shush Delilah. Sorry for keeping you up Angelica,” She smiled apologetically but Angelica just sniffed and pulled down her eye mask.

“Well I’m going to go downstairs anyway,” Delilah climbed out of her bed again, “This party is dead.”

“I really think you should consider getting some sleep,”

“I will mother, but for now I’m going somewhere with a bit more life,”

The next day Lily awoke to find Delilah’s bed completely untouched. Slightly perturbed she set about getting ready and ignoring the nasty looks Angelica and her friends were sending her way. Angelica was, for lack of a nicer term, a complete bitch. She was a prissy, narcissist who was so hopped up on her own self-importance that she failed to see how anally retentive she appeared to the outside world. It had been Delilah who first referred to Angelica as ‘anally retentive’ and it was a fitting description. Lily and Delilah had had plenty of run ins with Angelica and her cronies although Delilah was much more likely to turn to violence than Lily who depended more on her fiery wit. Lily had found that when Delilah was hungry she got a lot more aggressive than a normal person and as Delilah was, more often than not, very hungry on her strict diet she had become very prone to violent outbursts. Delilah had once broken Angelica’s nose with a bludger bat. Normally Lily wouldn’t have approved of this behaviour but Angelica had had it coming. The girl had began to date Sirius Black and liked to flaunt it in front of the semi-heartbroken Delilah, then one day she had turned to Delilah, who’s stomach was rumbling violently at the time, and said the fatal words, ‘No one likes a fatty Delilah, maybe that’s why no one likes you?’. She had been stupid enough to say this as Delilah was returning from Quiddich practice. Lily had never seen a bat move so fast before and doubted she would again. Angelica had ended up sprawled on the ground with her face a mess of blood. Delilah said it was almost the happiest moment of her life, but then Angelica had returned from the nurse with not only a healed nose but a straighter, prettier nose than the one she had started off with. Delilah had unknowingly set the wheels in motion to get Angelica a free nose job and had to pay dearly in house points and detention for it.

When she had finished dressing and left the dormitory Lily was only a little surprised to hear Delilah’s raised voice as she hurled abuse at somebody. Lily sometimes missed the days when Delilah had been a little chubby but a whole lot nicer. Now Delilah was thin, toned and verging on becoming a sociopath.

“YEAH AND YOU’RE NEXT ASSHOLE!” Delilah was screaming. Lily hurried down the stairs and became faced with a scene that was so bizarrely comic she doubted she would ever forget it. Delilah was still in her nightdress, having probably fallen asleep on a sofa, and her long, blonde hair was now a startling lime green, she was missing both of her eyebrows and Lily could only thank goodness that she didn’t have her beaters bat at hand. James Potter was doubled over clutching his groin and moaning nearby and Sirius had both of his hands in the air in mock surrender as Delilah advanced on him.

“You shouldn’t have been asleep on the sofa!” Sirius accused her, “You can’t blame us! You were setting us up to do it! You knew the risks-,”

“FIX IT BACK!” Delilah shrieked still advancing until Sirius was against the wall with no where left to go.



It was amazing, Lily thought, that such a tiny girl could inspire such fear. When she’d been heavier Delilah had seemed taller as well but as the weight dropped off it had become very apparent how short she was. Just centimetres over five foot and now without the excess weight she looked almost doll-like, if dolls had green hair and no eyebrows.

Lily marched over to where James was clutching his manhood and clipped him, quite smartly, around the back of the head, “You are such an asshole, Potter,” She snarled before advancing on her friend, “Delilah!” The girl didn’t react, “Delilah, I know the charm to fix your hair,” She placed a hand on the girls shoulder, “Leave those two idiots to their fun,” She shot Sirius her most venomous glare.

“Fine.” Delilah let out a deep breath, her anger seemed to seep out in that breath, “Lets go fix my hair.”

“Yes,” Lily nodded soothingly, “lets go fix your hair.”

“See?” Sirius smiled, “It’s not such a big deal is it?”

Lily flinched, oh dear. Delilah’s fist was like a small, tanned blur and Sirius’ nose exploded in a wash of crimson. Angelica chose that particular moment to arrive from the dormitories and began to scream in one long, high-pitched note. Sirius let out a roar of pain and blindly tried to grabbed Delilah but she had set off at a run. Lily wasn’t quite sure where her friend was going but then Angelica recovered enough to stun her. Delilah froze, mid run, wobbled for a moment on one leg then tipped slowly like a falling tree, someone, it might have been James, yelled, “Timbeeeeeeer!”

Lily watched in horror as her friend crashed to the ground. Sirius began to stumble towards the fallen girl, there was something in his gait that told Lily he was not going to be helping Delilah up, in fact he was probably considering finishing her off. Without really thinking about it Lily rammed her foot into the back of his kneecap, with a yell of pain Sirius stumbled and fell.

“STOP THE MADNESS!” James was screaming, his face glowing with mirth. Apparently his groin was recovering. Sirius rolled onto his back, his wand out, it was pointed at Lily.

“INCENDIO!” Sirius shrieked through a mouth thick with blood and Lily screamed hurtling herself to the ground as a rush of fire shot in her direction. It had been a close call, she could smell where the tips of her hair had been singed.

“Sirius!” James’ voice was shocked.

“LANGLOCK!” Lily screamed pointing her wand at Sirius and his tongue promptly became glued to the roof of his mouth. Unable to breath through his broken nose and now struggling desperately to get air past his tongue Sirius began to gag and choke, clutching his throat and rolling around the floor. Lily found herself crawling on all floors across the floor avoiding Angelica’s curses, she pointed her wand at Delilah’s fallen form and unstunned her. Someone stunned Angelica and her friends began screaming hysterically. Sirius was still choking and now Delilah was on her feet again hurtling herself at him like an enraged, green, bull. She jumped, apparently going to body slam him, and was tackled, mid air by James who had thrown himself at her. The pair crashed to the ground a little west of Sirius who was now on his knees reaching out to the horrified spectators in a silent plea for oxygen.

Remus Lupin came dashing down the stairs from the boys dormitories and quick as a flash unglued Sirius tongue. Sirius’ took a mere second to relearn how to breath then pointed his wand at Delilah as she rolled around the ground with James, “Levicorpus!” James was promptly pulled into the air by his ankle and Sirius yelled again, “LEVICORPUS!” This time his aim was true and Delilah shot into the air, as if a giant hand grabbed her foot and pulled. That’s how Professor McGonagal found them: Lily curled into a ball, her hair smoking slightly, Angelica nearby, frozen in place as her friends cried, Sirius a bloodied mess and James and Delilah upside down and yelling. Delilah was desperately trying to pull her nightdress up to cover her underwear which had been revealed to the whole of Gryffindor tower. Remus was looking shell-shocked, his wand still out and vaguely pointed at nothing.

“EVERYBODY STOP!” McGonagal yelled and the tower became deathly still as if her words had literally frozen time. “Mister Lupin!” McGonagal turned to the only member of the brawl who looked capable of speech, “What is going on?” Her eyes were glittering with rage and the temple in her forehead was throbbing at bursting point.

“I don’t know,” Remus said to his feet, “I just got here-,”

“IT WAS THEM!” Delilah began to shriek from beneath her upturned nightdress, “THEY DYED MY HAIR AND SHAVED MY EYEBROWS! BOOK ‘EM PROFESSOR!”

“Miss Tyler I must insist you be quiet!” Professor McGonagal seemed to have just realised something, “The Head boy and Head girl! I have never been so disappointed!” Lily had uncurled herself and gotten to her feet looking fairly ashamed of herself. James was still upside down and looking indignant. Professor McGonagal yelled for quite a bit then unstunned Angelica. She took the Levicorpus spell off of James and Delilah and allowed them to drop, unceremoniously, to the ground. She gave everyone involved, including Remus, a detention, deducted fifty house points and then sent them all to the hospital wing.

The trooped down through the castle like a motley crew of war survivors. Delilah was still eyebrowless and green haired, Sirius still caked with blood and the damage to Lily’s hair had been worse than she had realised. There was a large chunk of hair singed right off. James was worrying over her and casting Sirius dark looks, “It doesn’t look too bad,” He told her in a voice ringing with sincerity, “I’m sure Pomfrey will be able to sort that right out-,”

“Don’t talk to me,” Lily hissed linking arms with Delilah and storming forwards.

Angelica was wailing dramatically, although no one was sure why as she had only been stunned, and hanging from Sirius’ arm. Sirius did not look impressed, they had broken up shortly after they began and he felt that his injuries were much more substantial than hers, so he had no reason to let her crawl all over him. “Stop it,” He hissed at her trying to shake her off. She stopped crying suddenly and blubbed pathetically at him.

“What?” She simpered, “But I’m hurt,”

“You were stunned you great eegit, you have no reason to even be coming to the hospital wing!” Sirius literally wrenched his arm from her grip.

“I saved you!” She hissed at him.

“No you didn’t,”

“Yes I did! I stunned Delilah!”

"You'd have been better getting Lily before she choked me!”

“Well I didn’t know! I was panicked!” She crossed her arms stubbornly, “James is mad at you for burning Lily’s hair and he stunned me and you don’t care!”

“Why would I care?” Sirius cried, “We’re not going out! We broke up Angie! How many times do I have to tell you-,”

“They’re not going out!”

“Maybe so but he likes her. I don’t like you,”

“Well that’s just hurtful!”

“So was you shacking up Florence behind the greenhouses-,”

“You stood me up!”

“I told you I couldn’t make it! But you didn’t listen! You never listen!”

“Now children,” Lily called from up front, “It’s time to let the past be the past,”

“This doesn’t involve you Evans!” Snarled Angelica in a voice very far from the usual girly squeak she spoke in around Sirius.

“And this hospital trip doesn’t involve you,” Delilah retorted then added, in a very distinct mutter, “Friggen drama queen,”

“Hey Delilah,” Angelica’s smile was as bright as it was false, “How about while we’re down here you ask Madam Pomfrey to do something about your enormous ass?”

“Whoa there Betty!” James had yet again grabbed Delilah out of the air, with his arms around her torso he held her a good few inches off the ground.

“Well how about I put your nose back the way it was before the spell work!” Delilah threatened struggling against James’ grip, her small hands snatching at the air in the direction of Angelica who was peeking out from behind Sirius’ broad shoulder.

“I think you’ve broken enough noses today,” Sirius glared at her and she gave him the finger. “I think I’ll call you my little green pumpkin from now on,” He told her thoughtfully and James stumbled forwards as her struggling became more intense.

“You know Sirius,” Lily said primly, “That’s big talk coming from such a little man,” She smiled indulgently towards his trousers, “Or maybe the bathroom talk is just a rumour?”

“What?” Even beneath all the blood it was clear to see that Sirius was turning a distinctly pink colour, “What bathroom talk?”

“Oh dear, Angelica was I not supposed to say?” Lily smiled and covered her mouth with her palm in a mocking expression that clearly said ‘whoops I said exactly what I wanted to and now you’re in trouble’.

“What have you been saying?” Sirius growled at Angelica and she gasped.

“Nothing! She’s lying! She’s so clearly lying!”

James was having a hard time snickering and holding Delilah in the air so he dropped her. She was too busy giggling at what Lily had said to attack anyway.

They eventually made it to the hospital wing and the subject topic had changed, Sirius was complaining that they would probably miss breakfast and Lily was complaining that they might be late for their first class of the year. Madam Pomfrey was not impressed to see them troop into her ward. It had been a busy morning for her already and she had just been looking forward to sitting down with her morning pot of tea when Sirius stormed in, his speech stuffy from his broken nose, declaring, “Pack me up I don’t want to miss the bacon!”

It took all of five minutes for Pomfrey to sort them all out. Lily was given a cream to smear on her scalp that would speed up her hair growth, Sirius nose was just a case of a wand flick and a face cloth, a quick charm returned Delilah’s hair to normal although her eyebrows would take longer, James got an ice pack for his groin and Angelica got a potion for shock.

“Shock,” Delilah had snorted, “Bullshit.” Which earned her a reprimanding glare from Madam Pomfrey.

“Hey Lily could you hold my ice pack for a minute while I fix my tie?” James asked and Lily actually moved to help him out before she remembered where it was.

“You are such a child,”

“I think if you’ll hold my ice pack you’ll find that I’m not,” He winked at her.

“I think I’d rather die.”

“Get to class, all of you!” Madam Pomfrey ordered and they trooped out again with James insisting that Lily should ‘Go ahead, just touch it, I dare you’.

Chapter 2: The Girl Who Walked Like John Wayne
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The Girl Who walked Like John Wayne

Delilah could not believe she was spending her first Saturday night of term in the trophy room shining up old awards with none other than Sirius Black. Two years ago this situation would have been a dream come true but now, with the way things had panned out, she couldn’t imagine anything worse.

She could hear Lily and Remus polishing suits or armour outside in the corridor, she couldn’t make out what they were saying but there was a lot of laughter. Well good for them, she thought venomously, let them laugh while I suffer! She scrubbed doubly hard on a special award for services to the school. What was making the detention even more excruciating was Sirius’ overbearing need to talk. He had never struck her as the talking type, in fact she’d been very attracted to his mischievous yet strong and silent exterior. Well hadn’t that been a front? Sirius was gabbing like there was no tomorrow.

“So life with my parents was completely unbearable as you can imagine,” Sirius was saying, he paused briefly to spit on a trophy then continued scrubbing… and talking, “So I left. Now I live with James’ family. It’s only temporary you see, just for this year, then I’ll get my own place and a job- that sort of thing,” Delilah considered dropping ‘Gwendolyn Gibney’s’ chess trophy on Sirius’ head and making it seem like an accident. At which point had she given any impression of caring about his personal life? Had she, at any point, said anything that could have been interpreted as a request for his life story? First he steals her song book, stamps all over her love struck heart and calls her fat…then he wants to be all chatty over trophy polish?

“And how are you going to get a place with no money? Your parents cut off your inheritance. You just told me that.” She snapped trying to put him off but Sirius’ smile brightened.

“Ah! Good question dear Delilah,” Oh here it goes, “Well my Uncle Alphard- my mothers brother- has always had a liking for me and, bless his soul, has sorted me out with an inheritance that is more than capable of keeping me very comfortable,” Oh. She was sorry she’d asked.

“The first thing I’m going to do this summer, after school, is buy a bike. A big scrap heap of a thing, fix it up then travel or something. I think I’d enjoy travelling. Get out of this country, see the world-,”

“Oh a bike?”

“Yeah, a bike… What’s wrong with that?” Sirius stopped scrubbing to look at her. Delilah shrugged.

“I don’t know, the world is pretty big, won’t your legs get tired from peddling?”

Sirius let out a bark like laugh, “Not a pedal bike you idiot, a motorbike.”

“Oh,” Delilah frowned, “How was I supposed to know that?”

“Well I was telling you about the motorcycle I used to see the muggle drive by on from my bedroom window and-,”

That was more than enough. “Sirius.” Delilah stopped polishing and raised her rag to shush the boy. He stopped talking and watched her expectantly. When she didn’t talk right away he nodded his head encouragingly. “Stop. Just stop. I don’t care.”

Sirius waited for her to elaborate and when she didn’t asked, “You don’t care about what?”

“Whatever it is you have to say. I don’t care about your inheritance, I don’t care about your stupid bike, I don’t care about the muggle you used to watch! All I care about is getting this all cleaned up so I start enjoying my Saturday night!”

Sirius expression darkened, “Since when have you been such a bitch?” He asked, she glared at him but his eyes were all for the plaque he was polishing.

“Well when you’re ‘pretty in a fat way’ sometimes you have to find ways to look after yourself,” Delilah smiled at him but Sirius didn’t seem to pick up on the jibe. Obviously he wouldn’t, Delilah thought bitterly, his comment hadn’t meant anything to him, he would hardly remember saying it after all this time. The words that had hurt her so much weren’t even worth remembering for Sirius.

“What are you talking about?” Sirius frowned, “You girls are all crazy. Every last one of you thinks your fat,” His expression was brightening up again, he grinned wickedly at Delilah and she remembered describing that smile as ‘knicker loosening’ to Lily once as they gossiped by the lake. It was still an apt description. “Anyway the men love a little something to grab onto Delilah,” He winked at her but she just continued polishing.

“I think that’s just what you say so you don’t sound shallow,”

“No one wants to go to bed with a bag of bones,” Sirius continued. It was as though he had swallowed a teen magazines ‘anti-eating disorder’ special. “In fact I know that I definitely prefer a girl who has a bit of an ass-,”

“Sirius… What did I say about not caring?”

“Fine.” Sirius rolled his eyes, “I’ll stop talking but I bet you ten galleons you’re going to get so bored that you’re begging for conversation by the end of the night,”

“I doubt that,” Delilah replied quietly. They worked on in silence for a good half an hour before they were interrupted by a raised male voice in the corridor beyond.

“If I catch you following me one more time-,”

The voice was cut off by a rather hysterical female one, “If you tell me where you’re going then I won’t have to follow you, will I?”

“Why would I tell you were I am going?” The voice was both angry and sneering, “I do everything in my power to make sure you don’t know where I am,”

“I don’t understand why you have to be so mean-,”

“Because you’re stalking me! That’s illegal Black!”

Delilah and Sirius exchanged glances and reaching a silent understanding both crept towards the door of the trophy room to get a better view of the arguing pair.

“I’m not stalking you!” Narcissa looked indignant. She held her beautiful head high and shook her glossy mane in a most attractive manor, “I’m just making sure you’re safe-,” A quick scan of the hallway deduced that Lily and Remus must have moved their polishing to a different section of the castle.

“Look.” Lucius Malfoy’s usually pale skin was flushed with rage, the angry rouge was creeping up his neck and spreading along his sharp cheeks like rosy fire, “There is no reason for you to make sure I’m safe. I barely know you. I have no idea why you have developed this strange desire to be part of my life-,”

“We are meant to be!” Narcissa hollered at him and Sirius and Delilah shared an awkward glance. Narcissa sounded utterly serious. Didn’t she realise how crazy she sounded?

“Leave me alone! Leave me alone right now or I’m going straight to Slughorn! You’ll be sent to St. Mungo’s quicker than you can say psycho maniac-,”

“Fine!” Narcissa looked in a mind to slap her prey, “But you’ll realise soon enough-,”

“Realise what exactly?” Lucius sneered.

“That you can’t live without me-,”

“Go! Right now!”

Narcissa stormed off like an angry gazelle, all legs and grace and Lucius watched her go with a sour expression before sweeping off in the other direction.

Delilah and Sirius slowly returned to their polishing occasionally shooting the corridor hopeful glances; both wishing for another big scene to watch.

“So…” Delilah said after a moment of peaceful reflection, “Is Narcissa Black a relation of yours?”

“Yeah she’s my cousin.”

“So Andromeda-?” Delilah asked thinking of Andromeda, also, Black from her Charms class.

“Also my cousin being that they're sisters. Before you ask Bellatrix is, sadly, also my cousin.” Sirius looked deeply apologetic, “Thank Merlin she left last year, eh!”

“I never really spoke to her,”

“Oh of course you didn’t, you’re muggleborn, right?”


“Well then Bellatrix would only ever have spoken to you to curse you,” Sirius was frowning, “She’s a nasty piece of work,”

“I heard about some things that she did but I was never actually at the brunt of it,” Delilah said vaguely, “So do you have many relations running about Hogwarts?”

“Well Andromeda, Narcissa and my brother Regulus, he’s in fifth year,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “He’s a bloody idiot,”

“Siblings usually are,” Delilah agreed thinking of Jessica.

“Oh yes and James,” Sirius said as if he had just remembered, “Although that’s all very distant, I can’t actually remember how we’re related… Something to do with his Great Grandmother or mine… It doesn’t really count when it’s that far removed though does it?”

“Probably not,”

“So it’s just you and your sister here?”

“Yes,” Delilah grinned mockingly, “Only witches in the whole family, mother was very proud,”

“I heard something about your family,” Sirius said thoughtfully, his nose scrunched as he tried to remember. Delilah fought to not find the expression adorable. “That you're quite important to muggles or something,”

“I wouldn’t say important,” Delilah snorted, “My mother is thirteenth in line to the throne. Jessica is fourteenth and I’m fifteenth as it happens.” Delilah laughed, “Important. Codswallop. We’d only be important if twelve people kicked the bucket in quick succession.”

“So what does that make you? A princess or something?”

“Unfortunately not,” Delilah stuck her tongue out at him, “If I was a princess do you really think I’d let old Argus Filch boss me around? I barely get a title at all. A lady they say. I’ve never even had a proper conversation with the Queen.”

“But you’ve met her?”

“Well we do get party invites,” Delilah’s voice was suddenly much more refined, “Fifteenth in line does earn one a seat at the annual garden party,”

“Ah to have an invitation to the Queens annual garden party,” Sirius looked wistful, “It sounds like a dream…”

“You’d get arrested if you pulled any of your usual stunts Sirius,”

“It would be worth it,”

Delilah smiled, “I suppose you would think that,”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know you well Sirius Black but I know you well enough to know you are of a reckless nature,” She was still speaking in her posh voice. Sirius gave her a dark smile.

“I’m not so reckless,” He murmured quietly and something in his eyes made things deep inside of Delilah stir.

“I think you are,”

“There are plenty of things I want to do but am not reckless enough to do… at least not right now,”

“Oh?” Delilah’s voice came out in a squeak and she quickly busied herself in scrubbing. After all, she was completely over her fascination with Sirius Black, she’d gotten over that in fifth year! The rest of the night finished in silence. But this was not a silence that either would punctuate, it was a thick, heavy silence that was both enjoyable for Delilah and terrifying. The moment the last plaque was gleaming Delilah rushed from the trophy room. The corridor was vacant of the other Gryffindors who had long ago moved on to other suits of armour. That didn’t matter to Delilah anyway, she wasn’t headed for Gryffindor Tower.

Delilah didn’t like the castle in the early hours, it seemed huge, baron and very lonely with everyone else in bed. There was something desperately eerie about the huge, echoing space that was the castle. She crept along the charms corridor on tiptoes, having removed her shoes for silences sake and listened hard for any sounds of an approaching teacher or Filch on patrol. With a sigh of relief she made it back to Gryffindor Tower undetected.

The Fat Lady surveyed her through sleepy, disapproving eyes, “Your third late night in so many days? Well I don’t plan on waking up every night to let you in!”

“Flitterbloom,” Delilah snapped ignoring the portrait as she tutted, sounding very disgruntled, before swinging forward to admit her. Delilah automatically headed towards the plush sofa in front of the fire it was more appealing to kip there than to go to the dormitory and risk waking Lily, or worse Angelica, and being interrogated but then she stopped; her eyebrows were only just beginning to grow back after their execution the week before... It was the age old conundrum, eyebrows or bed. Eyebrows or bed?

After a brief pause vanity won and, shoes still in hand, Delilah crept up the spiral staircase to the dormitory. The door creaked open with an achingly loud screech but, thankfully, her roommates didn’t stir. Delilah released a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding. She tiptoed to her bed and crawled onto it without changing. Her shoes were placed carefully beneath the bedside table and she breathed a sigh of relief. She was home free.

Feeling quite jubilatory Delilah clambered under her duvet and allowed sleep to wash over her in a heavy, calming wave.

She woke up feeling sleepy yet satisfied. Her belated Saturday night had been well worth a little lost sleep. Lily was still snoring gently in the next bed as Delilah got up, she stretched her arms above her head as she padded groggily towards the dormitories adjoined bathroom. Having not bothered to brush her teeth the night before she now felt as though she had been chewing cotton wool; it was time for operation tooth scrub. She was so tired and preoccupied in her tooth related thoughts that she failed to notice the noises coming from the bathroom to indicate someone else was already in there. Feeling that she was quite alone, bar sleeping beauty whose snoring seemed to be getting steadily louder, Delilah simply pushed the bathroom door open and entered.

She was greeted with a scene that she would later describe as ‘horrific, eye torture.’

“OH MY GOD!” She stumbled out of the bathroom as if she’d been hit in the face with a sledge hammer. “OH MY GOD!”

“OH MY GOD!” Angelica was shrieking, “GET OUT YOU PERVERT! GET OUT!”


Lily grunted and sat up looking confused and sleepy, “Whas-goin on?” She mumbled but Delilah was in no state to reply. She looked positively green.

“WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M DOING- I’M TIDYING UP!” Angelica shrieked sounding hysterical.


“OH LIKE YOU DON’T DO IT!” Angelica came storming out of the bathroom in nothing but her bra and a towel wrapped toga style around her lower half. She looked thunderous. The was a wax strip in her right hand, she was waving it threateningly at Delilah who looked nauseous and ducked away from it.

“I’ll have you know I don’t! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!”

“What’s going on?” Lily repeated looking less tired and more curious, “What were you doing Angelica?”

Angelica’s face burned red and it seemed Delilah was beginning to recover from her shock.

“Well now we know what Angelica shows all the boys behind the greenhouses,” She hooted and Angelica glared at her before storming back into the bathroom and slamming the door.

Lily’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Delilah watched her try and work it out for a moment then made a jerking motion around her lower regions. Lily continued to look confused then her mouth formed a small ’o’ of surprise.

“Angelica?” Lily whispered.

“Yes.” Delilah nodded solemnly.

“Down there…”


“That kinky so and so.” Lily snorted then the girls laughed. They were still laughing ten minutes later when Angelica left the bathroom, fully dressed and with her head held high.

“Hey Angelica,” Delilah called as she was leaving the dormitory. Angelica stilled, her hand on the door handle. She waited for the blow to fall, “I’d rather be fat than bald,”

Lily dissolved into peals of laughter as Angelica left the dormitory. It was only Delilah and Lily’s now attuned eyes that honed in on the slightly John Wayne gait of Angelica’s walk. They laughed until they cried and then they laughed some more. 

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Chapter 3: He Asked Too Many Questions
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He Asked Too Many Questions

Lily couldn’t quite remember how she had ended up roped into spending almost every Sunday morning since fourth year sitting on the Quiddich stands wishing for death. The tradition had been born some time after Delilah made beater on the Gryffindor team and uttered the words ‘Please come down Lil’s, I’m really nervous and need you to support me’. Lily had deduced that she was far too good a friend. She stared blankly towards the practising Gryffindor team and tried to ignore the September chill that was creeping it’s way along her goose pimpled flesh.

This practise was more interesting than most however. James Potter was the new Captain and, much to Lily’s amusement, did not seem to be enjoying his new post. Lily had been sure he would positively thrive on being incharge; he’d have even more people think he was obscenely important than just him and his reflection. All the idiotic kids who treated the Quiddich team like minor celebrities in the corridors would absolutely adore their cheeky chappy leader but… When it came to actually leading… No. James definitely was not having a good time.

The team was definitely not performing as well as it had done the previous term. For one thing two of the chasers had graduated and were replaced with two idiotic looking boys who didn’t seem to know a Quaffle from a Snitch but were willing to argue about it and Sirius had gotten even better at his ‘knock the team of their brooms’ game. Delilah appeared to have lost all her coordination over the summer and had fallen off her broom five times in the past half hour, only twice aided by Sirius. James was trying to simultaneously search out the snitch, plead with Sirius and keep Delilah from plummeting to an untimely death. He was so busy he hadn’t even had a chance to ruffle his hair.

Lily watched on as the snitch fluttered temptingly around James’ left ankle but he didn’t even notice. He was too busy trying to break up a fight between his new Chasers who were trying to snatch at each other through the air. Lily couldn’t hear exactly what was going on from her position below but when James began to bellow things became clear, “I DO NOT CARE IF JEKINS CALLED YOUR FROG MENTALLY INEPT! THAT MEANS NOTHING TO ME! DO I LOOK LIKE A MAN WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR FROG? IT IS A FROG! THE FROG WOULD PROBABLY PLAY BETTER QUIDDICH THAN YOU! WHY ARE YOU ON THIS TEAM? WHY DID I LET YOU ON THIS TEAM? GET OFF MY TEAM! GO! GO!” He was motioning so wildly in the direction of the changing rooms that he almost slid from his broom, luckily he steadied himself in time but then from across the pitch- SPLAT! Delilah was laying face down in the mud. Again. Sirius was about fifteen feet above her gasping for breath with tears of laughter streaming down his face. She promptly- obviously unhurt- jumped to her feet and began flinging whatever stones she could find at him, none of her attempts were successful in anything but making Sirius laugh harder. “THAT IS IT!” James shrieked and for the first time Lily felt stirrings of pity. She was vaguely frustrated just watching the teams antics, she couldn’t imagine trying to control them. “EVERYBODY OFF THE PITCH! PRACTISE IS OVER! IT’S OVER!”

The team, looking surprised, all landed and began to troop into the changing rooms. Lily watched as Delilah took a hefty swing at Sirius with her broomstick, missed and managed to unbalance herself so that she landed on her butt in the mud. Sirius was laughing so hard it seemed he would collapse, he took the Quaffle from the passing Jenkins and dropped it on Delilah’s head. She looked so angry that Sirius actually did collapse from laughter. After two failed attempts Delilah struggled to her feet and stormed into the changing rooms with less clean skin left than muddy. Sirius soon followed still looking intensely amused.

James flew, somewhat dejectedly to the stand where Lily was sitting and landed quite near her. He made his way to her and collapsed into the next seat with a heavy sigh. “I’m not going to ask you out today,” He told her taking off his glasses and massaging his eyelids as he spoke.

Lily smiled sympathetically at him, “Any particular reason?”

“Well for one Sirius thinks that you’ll want ice cream if I don’t… But mostly because I think if anything else goes wrong today I’ll jump off the North Tower,” He shot her a shadow of his usual cheeky grin. Lily felt the sudden strange desire to hug him. He just looked so… tired.

“Why do you care if I want ice cream?” She asked half reaching out to brush some hair from his eyes before she realised what she was doing. Her hand stilled midway and suddenly the tension between them was thick. James’ hazel eyes watched her cautiously, he seemed utterly still as if he didn’t want to do anything to upset what the moment could become.

After what seemed like an eternity Lily began to lower her hand back to her knees but James reached out an grabbed it, his hands felt large and warm around hers, her heart was suddenly pounding in her throat and she didn’t know why. She couldn’t understand how in a moment James had went from being amusing to being heart pounding. He pulled her hand right in so it was against his chest, that newly broadened, Quiddich robe adorned chest… Lily might have mentally cursed Delilah’s casual ‘James Potter is sex’ comments if she’d been able to think beyond the mantra of ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’ that was on repeat in her skull. “You don’t get it do you?” James asked, his glasses were still off and she could see his eyes more clearly than ever before, they were so hazel they were almost brown but a brown that is dashed with honey and warmth.

“Get what?” She asked cursing the frog that seemed to have lodged itself in her throat.

“That I’m not joking around,” She could feel his heart speeding up against her hand. It was thundering against his chest as hers was in her own. “I care about you Lily,” The words hung unfinished yet simultaneously concluded between them and then James swept inwards and captured her mouth with his. It was a brief kiss, nothing more than a hot press of his lips on hers before he pulled back and watched her expression carefully. Lily couldn’t think beyond the tingling in her lips and then James stood up, “Well I’ll see you later,” He began walking away.

“What?” Lily was confused, “What? That’s it?” She watched as he continued to walk and then he turned around, his cheeky, charming smile in place.

“I told you: I’m not asking you out today,” Then he winked, threw his leg over his broom and flew, speedily, away from her and into the changing rooms. Lily’s jaw was still somewhere around her feet when Delilah appeared some ten minutes later.

“What’s up with you?” The girl asked with a patch of mud still on her nose and her broom slung over her shoulder.

“James Potter is an asshole!” They began walking towards the school.

“Maybe so but what I wouldn’t do to his ass-,”

“Delilah!” Lily snapped, “Don’t even say it!”

They were nearing the bottom of the steps in the stands when Delilah missed a step and tumbled to the bottom, hitting the floor with a large ‘oof!’ and the crack of her knee on the hard, stony ground. “Ow!” She cried out looking deeply frustrated. Her blue eyes welled with unshed tears as blood seeped out of the shallow cut on her bare knee.

“Are you OK?” Lily rushed down to help her to her feet but Delilah pushed her off looking angry.

“Yes I’m fine!” She snapped wiping her tears away before letting out a small scream of frustration, “I’m just so tired! I can’t do anything! I keep falling over and I can’t stop it and it’s so annoying and then Sirius Black keeps pushing me around!” And then without adequate warning she began to wail. “Why can’t I do anything right?” Lily watched in horror as Delilah dissolved before her very eyes to a weepy, wailing mass of emotion right there on the Quiddich pitch.

“Shush! It’s OK!” Lily soothed making an unsuccessful snatch for her as she collapsed to the ground again.

“No it’s NOT!” Delilah half screamed, her face was now barely distinguishable it was so swollen and red, “I’m tired! I’m hungry! I can’t play Quiddich! I haven’t done any homework! I saw Angelica’s-” A deafeningly loud wail caused Lily to flinch, “Why does my life suck so much?” She wept into her palms, “WHY DOES EVERYTHING SUCK SO MUCH?”

Then, as he had always had great timing, Sirius chose his moment to appear above them on the stands, the Quaffle in hand. “LOOK OUT BELOW!” He yelled jovially letting it go. Delilah looked up just in time for the red ball to obscure her vision before she was knocked unconscious. Lily peeked out from between her fingers as her friend curled sideways in seemingly slow motion. Sirius came down the steps and looked shocked to see Delilah laying in the foetal position, unconscious and tearstained.

“Is she… dead?” He asked looking somewhat ill and Lily kicked him as hard as she could in the shins.


“Ow!” Sirius rubbed his shin angrily, “Why do you keep hurting me Evans?”

“Why can’t you just leave her alone?” Lily hissed resisting the urge to kick him again. She went to Delilah’s side and knelt down beside her, “Delilah,” She said shaking her friend gently, she didn’t stir. “Help me get her to the hospital wing,” Lily demanded her eyes blazing, “You are such an ignorant git sometimes Sirius!” She let out a little scream of frustration, somewhat similar to the ones Delilah had been issuing moments before. “For pities sake! She was upset! And what do you do? You hit her on the head with a Quaffle! The great Sirius Black! Beater of Gryffindor Quiddich team, beater of crying girls who need all the strength they can get now that they’re living on less than one meal a day! But you don’t care about that do you!” She conjured a stretcher with a complicated wave of her wand and carefully began to move Delilah onto it, being careful not to rattle her head around too much, “Oh no! Sirius Black doesn’t care!” Now that Delilah was safely on the stretcher Lily strode to where Sirius was cowering and dug a finger into his chest, “You don’t care about anyone but yourself!” She shouted prodding him again, “You say whatever you want! Do whatever you want! As long as it suits you then it’s fine! Your best friend was trying to coach a team today and what did you do? You pushed his team off their brooms! You pushed Delilah off HER broom! You have no right Sirius! You’re not her friend! You’re a nobody to her! Why should you push her around?” Lily was positively spitting with rage. Sirius looked somewhat indignant.

“Now that’s all a bit harsh,” He complained, “I was only joking around-,”

“And now Delilah could have a concussion!” Lily yelled, “Or worse-!”

“Excuse me,” A sneering male voice cut in, “I don’t particularly care but if your friend does have a concussion maybe you should worry more about getting her to the hospital wing rather than wasting your time giving Sirius Black a lecture about compassion.”

Lily turned her anger from Sirius to Lucius Malfoy who was kitted out in a very expensive black winter cloak and looking terribly bored. He held up his pale hands as if to surrender before she had a chance to kick off on him, “Fine. Leave her lying on that stretcher while you battle it out,” He sniffed, “I just know that if it was my friend I’d have her on the way to school by now,”

“What are you talking about?” Sirius snorted, “Like you have friends Malfoy-,”

“Well not friends by your standards clearly,” Lucius smiled at them then cast a long look at the still unconscious Delilah, “Most of my friends are conscious and not on stretchers.”

“Most of your friends would see people like Delilah de-,”

“No.” Lily held up her hand to stop Sirius mid snappy retort, “He’s right. Lets get her to school.” She looked appropriately abashed as she and Sirius jointly levitated the stretcher.

“You’re a prat, Malfoy,” Sirius couldn’t help but grunt as he trudged off with Lily. Lucius just smirked infuriatingly before turning and walking in the other direction.

The hospital wing was dull and dark when Delilah woke up. She sat up slowly as her stinging head tried to figure out what had happened. Then she remembered. Sirius’ beaming face and the vision obscuring red ball… That Bastard. The clock above the door told her it was five minutes until three AM. Three AM, awake and alone in the hospital wing. Great. With a groan Delilah flopped back onto her pillow to stare at the ceiling and listen to her grumbling stomach. She supposed that there was on upside to being knocked out by Sirius and that was that she’d missed dinner.

She tried to get back to sleep but the ticking clock on the wall had become unbearably loud. Tick, tock, tick, tock. She buried her sore head under her pillow to drown it out but it was no good; she had been put in a room with the loudest clock in the world. It was as if the world didn’t want her to rest, she could hear animals outside practically forming an orchestra of animal noises. Howls and barks floated up from the grounds to punctuate her pillow silence.

The clock ticked steadily towards the witching hour, and then, as the hour hand met three, as if on que, the door to the hospital wing swung open. Delilah became very still under her pillow, she could hear her breathing excruciatingly loud- even louder than the blasted clock- who was coming to the hospital wing at this time? Was Sirius coming to finish her off? Her heart was thundering and she wasn’t even sure why, she just knew she didn’t want to come out from under her pillow. Ahh the bravery of Gryffindor House.

“I was very right,” Sneered the intruder, “Black does fancy you.”

Oh no. Delilah wished the pillow would swallow her up. She would look an absolute state with no make up and her hair complete untouched. But there was nothing for it. She slowly pulled the pillow of her head and turned to her visitor.

“Are you sure there’s no alarm on that door Lucius?” She asked, ignoring his comment, as she sat up. He shrugged and came to sit on the edge of her bed.

“I don’t think there is, Pomfrey would have been here by now if there was.” Delilah nodded slowly her eyes on the now closed door. “Are you OK?” Lucius asked after a brief silence, “You were out cold.”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Delilah smiled bravely, “Just another bump curtesy of the great Sirius Black,”

“Oh another bump?” Lucius looked shocked, “Is this your way of telling me-,”

“Shut up!” She kicked him so hard that he slid from the bed, “You know I haven’t been.”

“I can’t believe you just kicked me off your bed. I’m Lucius Malfoy,” He called to her from his position on the floor, “I hope you’re regretting your rash decision because it’s very likely I’ll take your first born child as revenge-,” A pillow flew from atop the bed and hit his face, “Oh that’s it.” Lucius grumbled getting to his feet, “I’m not only taking your first child; I’m smothering it in barbeque sauce and having it for tea.”

“Yummy, baby back ribs,” Delilah winked at him, “But next time you eat a new born try chilli sauce- much more pleasing on the palette.”

“Oh yes because you’re very aware of what tastes good,” Lucius rolled his eyes, “There’s barely an inch of flesh on you,”

“Don’t lie,” Delilah frowned at him, “Anyway Narcissa is much thinner than me,” Her voice had a slight bite to it and Lucius’ eyes rolled dramatically once again.

“Not this again. I don’t fancy her. She’s a freak.”

“She’s beautiful-,”

“Yet completely crazy. Although from what I’m hearing you’re totally barmy too so maybe I’m into psychotic?”

“Oh so you’re into me?” Delilah’s expression brightened and became playful again.

“Emotionally yes… physically I give it another four minutes,” Lucius flashed her an almost animalistic grin and her jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe you just said that-,”

“You asked,” He was crawling onto her bed, raised above her by arms that she knew to be strong and commanding.

“I guess I did,” Then he kissed her. The clock on the wall ticked steadily and if Lucius had been paying attention he would have realised that, once again, he was exactly on time. 

Lucius arrived back in the Seventh Year Slytherin boys dormitory mere moments before Severus Snape and Rodolphus
Lestrange. In fact Lucius had only climbed into bed to roll around and make it look slept in when Severus crept in with his outdoor cloak still on.

Upon seeing Lucius awake and fully clothed on his covers the boys went very still. The three watched each other carefully and then Lucius, with a careful look at their sleeping dorm mates, spoke in a lowered voice, “And where were you two?”

Severus shot Rodolphus a silencing glance before replying, “I could ask you the same question Malfoy,”

“Prefect rounds- not that it’s any of your business,” Lucius replied scathingly tapping his prefect badge as proof, “Now with my authority over you two stated, I’ll ask again: Where were you?”

“I am not permitted-,” Severus began but then Rodolphus interrupted.

“We should tell him, Bellatrix was suggesting that he could be trusted- that he should become involved-,”

“It is not your silly girlfriend who gives us our orders! He is not even of age!”

Rodolphus glared at his friend, “You wouldn’t call her my silly girlfriend to her face-,”

“It’s my birthday next week, but never mind that- You two have seen Bellatrix? How? When? Tonight?” Lucius interrupted glancing from one boy to the other as they both became very quiet- feeling they had said too much.

“It is none of your business Malfoy,” Severus sneered with unwarranted venom, his black eyes boring into Lucius with distinct hatred.

Lucius observed the boy coolly then his the iciest voice possible replied, “There is no need to become so hostile Snape, I’m sure if I have a word with Narcissa she might think more highly of your attentions,”

A dull flush crept along Severus’ pallid cheeks and he seemed to almost reach for his wand then thought better of it, “Sod off,” He hissed finally.

“Rodolphus,” Lucius addressed the other boy, “Tell me where you were,”

Ignoring the sharp nudge in the ribs he received from Severus, Rodolphus replied, “This night in two weeks you can come with us. But until then don’t ask any more questions- and tell no one.”

Shooting Severus a smug smile Lucius nodded his head, “Right, OK,”


Chapter 4: She Became Whatever He Wanted
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She Became Whatever He Wanted

“Lil’s you really need to stop stressing about the whole thing, just ask him out. It’s not unheard of. You know he likes you,” Delilah smacked her glossed lips in the dormitory mirror then stood back to examine her whole appearance, “Hey you should invite him to Slughorn’s stupid start of year party tonight instead of me. We both know that man thinks I’m a waste of space anyway, he’d love if you and James hooked up. You’d be his clubs first power couple,”

“Slughorn wouldn’t care if James and I started going out,” Lily snorted and Delilah rolled her heavily shadowed eyes dramatically.

“Oh yeah because he doesn’t care about you two at all. He only postponed his party for an entire week because you were both in detention last Saturday.” She arched her back and examined how her hip bones jutted out sceptically, “Do you think I’m gaining weight?” She asked and Lily ignored her.

“I’m not asking him to the party anyway,” Lily sniffed coming over to join Delilah by the mirror, she ran her hands along her stomach hopelessly, “He probably doesn’t fancy me anymore, why else would he not ask me out?”

“Lily it’s Friday night, right? He kissed you last Sunday.” Delilah ruffled her already humongous hair, “It’s not exactly a dire amount of time,”

“It’s the longest he’s ever gone without asking me out,” Lily sighed, “I bet now that he knows I like him back he’s lost interest,”

“That’s not true. It’s not even possible,” Delilah smiled at her friend, “You’re the only one who doesn’t seem to know but James Potter is real gone on you Lil’s, so far gone it was almost pathetic until you started fancying him back.” She went to her wardrobe, “Here.” She pulled out a silky burgundy dress that glimmered eye-catchingly in the dormitory light, “Wear this. Mother knew I wanted one but she sent a ten, it’ll look great with your hair,”

“You are an extremely bad liar,” Lily gushed rushing forwards and grabbing the dress with wide eyes, “You’re mother has never sent you clothes and you’d never be mistaken for a ten and this is the dress I pointed out in London during the summer- Delilah I told you not to!” But she was already struggling out of her plain black skirt and t-shirt set.

Delilah was grinning, “OK so it’s your birthday present but what’s the point in giving you a dress on your birthday if you have no where to wear it to? At least this way you make James Potter fall madly in love with you- even more madly in love with you I mean,”

Lily took the dress from her and set it oh-so carefully on her bed before flinging her arms around her friends neck, “I love you!” She gasped and Delilah laughed hugging her back. “I wish I’d got you something!”

“You did, you got me that mascara back in April, remember?”

“I can’t believe I got you mascara and you got me this!” Lily looked close to tears, “I’ll get you something else-,”

“Don’t be stupid I love that mascara and anyway I love giving presents, it would take away from it if you paid me back in anyway,”

Lily beamed at her, “I’ll put it on then!”

While she was zipping it up Delilah went back to the mirror and applied yet another layer of dark eye shadow, one more sweep of lip gloss and fluffed her hair up a little more. She tugged on her tight band shirt, fiddled with the belt that held up her skin tight white jeans and looked utterly dissatisfied, “I’m definitely gaining weight,” She hissed pinching at the skin on her hip, she barely got more than a fingertips worth but it was enough to make her blue eyes darken with anger. “I’ll never make it if I’m such a fucking fat mess,”

“You’re not fat,” Lily groaned now fully zipped up. She looked beautiful and suddenly felt a hundred times better about the James situation.

Delilah smiled at her, “It looks great,” With one more hate filled glance at the mirror she turned, all smiles, to Lily, “Now lets go, we mustn’t be late or Slughorn might not fancy you anymore,”

“Eww! He does not! You are so sick!” Lily snickered following Delilah to the door, “So what’s happening with you and Sirius?”

“Nothing.” Delilah sounded horribly grumpy.

“Oh nothing? I could have sworn I heard him asking you to Hogsmeade tomorrow?”

“He was suffering a lapse of sanity.” Delilah huffed speeding up as if trying to outrun Lily’s prying.

“I think he fancies you,”

“Well I think he fancies James,”

“I think you fancy him,”

“No Lily you fancy James not me,”

“No I mean you fancy-,”

“You fancy me Evans?” James was at the bottom of the spiral staircase leaning lethargically on the banister with a small, contented grin forming on his handsome face.

“I-,” Lily felt herself flare puce and nearly cussed out loud, “No- Of course not,”

Delilah rolled her eyes and pushed James out of her way, “Why would she fancy you James?” She asked scathingly, “You’re so desperate, you’re like a hippogriff in heat,”

“Those hippogriffs are animals,” Agreed Sirius who was lounging (if one could lounge whilst standing) just behind James, “Beastly in the sack,” He wiggled his eyebrows and Delilah snorted.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you had forced yourself upon one of the poor creatures,”

“She loved it,”

“Sirius guess what,” James said putting his hand on Delilah’s face and literally pushing her out of his way, “Evans fancies me,”

“No I don’t!” Lily gasped and James rolled his eyes as if to say ‘women!’.

“Don’t you push me Potter!” Delilah growled with clenched fists but she didn’t strike.

“Yeah don’t push her James, just drop something on her head,” Sirius let out a bark like laugh but no one else joined him, “Oh, too soon?”

“Your mother went off her pill too soon,”

“Evans!” Sirius gasped, “I’m shocked,”

“So was she,” Delilah chirped before laughing at her own joke.

James was looking confused, “But if his mother stopped taking her pill why would she be shocked?”

Delilah stopped laughing and looked thoughtful, “I don’t know… But it kind of worked if you don’t think about it too technically,”

“So Evans why do you fancy James? Is it his washboard abs or the fact that he has four adorable eyes?” Sirius asked and Lily scowled.

“I. Don’t. Fancy. James.”

James’ face fell, “Are you so ashamed of our mutual attraction? Is it because I don’t really have washboard abs?”

“It’s because of that weird smell that’s always hanging about you,” Delilah told him, “You should really leave him alone sometimes Sirius,”

“Ooo!” Sirius applauded, “That was almost witty!”

“Ooo!” Delilah mimicked before beginning to walk of, “I’m going to the stupid party now, you coming Lil’s?”

“You weren’t even invited,” Sirius told her back as she walked.

“And yet… I’m going,” Delilah smiled at him, “Funny old world isn’t it?”

Professor Slughorns office was huge in comparison to any other Professors office that Sirius had visited and in his many years of trouble he had made it to a lot of offices. He wondered if it had been magically enhanced then decided he didn’t care enough to think too heavily on the matter. There were lots of banners and posters on the walls tonight, ones that weren’t usually up, they said encouraging pre-school year things like ‘When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail’ and ‘Do not believe the sky is the limit when a Nimbus500 can take you to the moon’. There was also a little notice that allowed older students to volunteer to tutor any younger members of the ‘Slug Club’ in more troublesome areas of their study. Sirius quite cheerfully signed Peters name on the board listing his tutoring to include bum love and belly dancing.

“Ah Mister Black!” Slughorn sauntered towards him with a glass of brandy clutched in one of his chubby paws, the professor looked jovial and kind but there was something in his small, dark eyes that put Sirius off, “So happy you could make it! Young Regulus is around here somewhere if I recall!”

Sirius grinned, “Well if you see him coming this way give me enough warning so that I can hex him before he speaks,”

Slughorn chuckled, “Siblings! When you’re both older you’ll realise how much you care for each other,”

“Somehow I doubt it.” Sirius was still smiling good naturedly but there was a tightness around his eyes that Slughorn didn’t pick up on.

“Family is important Sirius! Why only last week I was speaking to Gwendolyn Gibney- you may have heard of her? She recently won the European round of the best logical wizarding minds?- but that’s neither here nor there,” He chuckled, “Her brother has recently had quite a lot of success in music if you would believe it? Gwendolyn introduced him to her fiancé who happens to produce music, Eric Stanza, and there you go!” He smiled nodding, “In fact Gwen might be coming tonight! Maybe she’ll bring him along?”

“Well that’s all well and good but I doubt Regulus will ever marry someone likely to make me a popstar,” Sirius frowned, “In fact I doubt he’ll ever marry, he’s not exactly a good looking bloke is he?”

Slughorn laughed again, “Oh Sirius you do slay me,” Then he pottered off to talk to Lily who was by the buffet table murmuring with James.

“Can you believe him?” Sirius asked sliding up to where Delilah was standing fiddling with the hem of her white, summer dress. “Me and Regulus caring about each other,” He snorted, “The only thing I care about Regulus doing is falling off something quite high up,”

“Hmm,” Delilah replied shooting him a curious look.

“So, lets put all this silliness to the side,” Sirius grinned wickedly at her, “Why don‘t we accept the sexual tension and just shag already?”

Delilah gaped at him and then in a shocked voice said, “What sexual tension? We’ve barely spoken!”

“Oh, you’re a conversation girl then?” Teased Sirius sliding his arm around her shoulder playfully, “Fine. Then I reopen my offer to Hogsmeade. I’ll take you to the Hogshead, get you liquored up (I’m paying, of course), then seduce you on the way back to the castle. Does that sound like a plan?”

“I… I can’t believe you’re saying this to me. It’s inappropriate!”

“Sometimes you have to be a little inappropriate to get what you want. I’ve wanted you for ages now. Come on, it’ll be fun,” Sirius winked at her.

“Really? For ages?”

“Oh yeah, ages,” Sirius nodded, “You’re cute little butt, those freckles on your nose…”

“Well I don’t know…”

“I’m just playing you know. I won’t try any funny stuff if you don’t want. We can just hang out and talk,”


“Don’t break my heart now,” He warned clutching his shirt over his chest.

She laughed, “OK then, I’ll meet you in the entrance hall tomorrow morning?”

“Well… OK… the entrance hall if you want,” He reached for her hand and kissed it, “Until the morn fair maiden,”

“Yeah…” She watched him walk off feeling utterly wrong footed but undeniably pleased. She was still feeling bemused when Professor Slughorn approached her and handed her a tall glass of pumpkin juice, “Ah, I’m so glad you could make it!” He beamed, “Did you enjoy your summer, Jessica? How are the family?”

Out of the party and further along the corridor in the potions classroom Delilah was perched atop a desk with her legs wrapped around Lucius’ waist, “Happy birthday,” She purred in a faux-sexy voice as he stroked the denim over her thighs, “I’ve got you a present,” She whispered.

“Oh really?” Lucius’ eyebrows rose, “Where is it? Wait is it you? Oh good, can I unwrap it?” He began tugging at her belt buckle and she laughed pushing him away.

“No… well yes but that’s part two of my present,” She winked at him, “This is your real present,” She unwrapped her legs and hopped off the table.

“… I’m not liking this present so far,” Lucius frowned and she stuck her tongue out at him. She reached into the back pocket of her jeans and pulled out a folded picture.

“Here,” She handed it to him. He unfolded the picture and grinned when he saw her face beaming back at him with a cheeky smile and a wink.

“Oh wow a picture of you,” He mocked but his smile was pleased.

“It’s not just one picture of me,” Delilah was grinning too, “It’s a whole album in one photo,”

“Just what I always wanted,”

“No seriously. Put your finger on it and say ‘Delilah in that black, lacy underwear I love’,” She watched as shot her a disbelieving glance.

“It doesn’t do that does it?”

“Oh yes and much more,”

“Oh my.” He touched it, “Delilah in that black, lacy underwear I love,” She appeared in the photo wearing the underwear, giggling and posing for him. He grinned, “Now this is great, but how can I keep this? If anyone finds it our cover is blown,”

“That’s the beauty,” She came forward and wrapped her arms around his neck smiling up at him, “Only you and I can see it,”

“I knew I loved you for your brains,”

She beamed at him, “Well now every time that skanky Narcissa is all over you, you can take out your picture and make me do dirty stuff. You have no excuse for looking at her now,”

He groaned, “It’s my birthday! No talk of Narcissa Black!” He kissed her forehead before holding the photo up and examining it, he touched it, “Delilah starkers,” The photo stayed the same, “Ah you held out!” He complained and she smirked pulling back from him.

“Oh no, let me make it up to you,” Her t-shirt was suddenly lying on the floor, “Starkers did you say?” She undid her belt buckle, “Well you are the birthday boy,” The belt was thrown on top of the shirt, she undid the top button of her jeans, “Now here’s what makes my present the best gift ever,” She shimmied the jeans down her legs and stepped out of them, she flicked them at him with her toes, “When these panties come off all you have to do is look at me, remember what I look like and touch the page. Next time you say you want to see my starkers I’ll be there, exactly like I am now,”

“It’s not the page I’ll be touching when those panties come off,”

“You beast you,”

“I love you, Delilah,”

“I love you too,”

Back at the party Lily was on her second platter of cocktail sausages and feeling like her beautiful dress was being wasted on a man who did not appreciate how utterly stunning it was. James had been talking about Quiddich, non-stop for the past hour. She’d zoned out somewhere after the first thirty seconds but now that she liked him she couldn’t find the words to tell him to shut up, she wanted him to go back to being the guy he’d been on the bleachers! She smiled blankly at him and looked wistfully in the direction of the crowd wondering where Delilah was and if she was having a better time than Lily.

“-You?” James’ mouth had stopped moving.

Panicked Lily nodded, “I agree,”

“You agree?” James looked confused.

“No.” Lily backtracked, “Not really… Well yes but no,” She grinned then her face fell and she rolled her eyes, “Oh sod it, I haven’t been listening. You’ve been talking about Quiddich forever, I don’t care about Quiddich James, truly,”

James looked thunderstruck, “But you go to every practice?”

She shrugged, “I just have nothing better to do. Sorry. I’m not the woman you thought I was,” She began to walk off but James grabbed her wrist to stop her.

“Lily if I had of known you don’t like Quiddich I wouldn’t have talked about it for so long! I was just nervous and thought that was something we have in common! I don’t like you because I thought you liked my sport,” He laughed, “It was just an added bonus,” There was sincerity brimming in his hazel eyes and Lily felt a strange jolt in her stomach, “Come to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow,” He moved his hand from her wrist to her hand, holding it lightly, “On a date, please let me take you on one date Lily Evans,”

“Why’d you kiss me then take so long to ask me out?” Lily asked before she could stop herself and James flushed slightly.


“No it’s Ok,” Lily knew she was bright red, she removed her hand from his and fussed with her hair, pushing it from her face in agitation, “You don’t have to answer-,”

“I didn’t ask you out because I was worried that that was my only kiss with you ever and I didn’t want to ruin the memory by getting rejected again.” James was staring quite solidly at his shoes, “I wanted to have the kiss be something of hope for as long as possible before it became bitter sweet,”

Lily gaped at him, “Oh… I thought it was because you didn’t like me anymore,”

James looked gob smacked, “I could never not like you!”

Lily flushed even darker but her lips were twitching upwards, “So where are you taking me tomorrow?”

James’ face grew into a huge smile, “Wherever you want to go m’lady!”

Back in the potions classroom Delilah and Lucius were sprawled on the cool stone floor whispering to one another. Delilah had her leg flung over Lucius’ and her fingernails playing on his bare chest, he in turn was running his fingers up and down her spine.

“It’ll be somewhere secluded, somewhere rural with acres of land where we keep the horses and the dogs,” Lucius was saying placing a hot, soft kiss on her forehead, “It’ll just be the two of us and the cat in the house. Well do stupid stuff like match the curtains and the rugs and spend all day in bed or watering the flowers,”

“We’ll have a television but never watch it,” Delilah pitched in with her face nestled in the curve between his neck and shoulder, inhaling the scent of him, “We’ll spend hours just wandering around the grounds talking about nothing and everything. People might judge us but we won’t care, we don’t need anyone else,” She snuggled even closer to him, “We’ll have a stupid sign above the door saying ‘cottage sweet cottage’ and another in the hall saying something corny like ‘sometimes I wake up grumpy and sometimes I let him sleep’.”

“You’ll bake scones wearing nothing but an apron and I’ll smoke a pipe and train one of the dogs to bring me my slippers-,”

Delilah laughed out loud, “I’ll always nag you to repaint the fence before the good weather turns and to unblock the fireplace before the days get cold,”

“I’ll do the crossword in the Daily Prophet and call you an old nag and mutter nastily about you to the cat,”

“I’ll get my hair set once a week and always have a pink rinse. I’ll get really fat but give you tiny portions because of your cholesterol,”

“I’ll sneak out to the garden shed to secretly smoke and eat steak sandwiches with the brooms. When the kids visit I’ll look at you and roll my eyes,”

“I’ll knit my own tea cosies and make you jumpers that are horribly itchy but you have to wear them,”

“I’ll never do anything around the house and drive you mad,”

“I’ll always cook dry chicken for dinner then give the dog something that looks more appetising,”

“I’ll wake up early every morning just to watch you sleep, then I’ll wake you with a kiss and let you know I love you unconditionally no matter what I mutter to our pets,”

“And I’ll call you an old fool but secretly wish we were young again so we could do it all over,” Delilah raised her face and pressed her forehead to his, “But I wouldn’t change a single thing,”

They kissed slowly and carefully. Delilah sunk into the feeling of his lips on hers and allowed the emotions she was feeling fill her up. Lucius Malfoy could simultaneously make her deliriously happy and so sad she could weep forever. She felt tears stirring behind her closed eyes and kissed him harder. She imagined them in their country cottage with their pets and photos of the family, she imagined their garden shed and paint chipped fence and knew it was all a beautiful lie. Nothing more than a nice story to tell one another because Lucius would never choose her over his family. He wasn’t willing to sacrifice his reputation, or besmirch his family name but she was. She was willing to sacrifice anything to be with him and that included her pride. So she’d stay quiet and play the game, submerge herself in the dream and then cry herself to sleep.

He rolled onto her and cupped her face in his hands as the classroom door swung open. The couple sprung apart automatically, both trying to cover themselves but it was too late. Andromeda Black stood in the doorway, her eyes were wild and her mouth wide. With a quick apology she closed the door again and left the pair sitting in stunned silence. 

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Chapter 5: She Was Someone Else
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Delilah was sitting against the headboard of her bed; tears streamed helplessly along her paled cheeks as the clock on the wall ticked towards midnight. There was a box of twenty cigarettes laying beside her shaking feet, she’d already burned through ten of them. She’d pulled her drapes closed but she could still hear Angelica and her friends muttering to each other; probably bitching about her, she thought miserably.

It was a horrible feeling, she thought, to have her heart pour out through her eyes. It was a gruesome image but an accurate description of the pain she felt. She couldn’t believe that just a few hours before she had felt so close to happiness wrapped in the scent of Lucius and the heat of his arms. She stubbed cigarette number ten out on her scarred headboard and dumped it into a jewellery box she had brought to school to specifically play the role of an ashtray. She lit number eleven with shaking, polish-chipped fingers and inhaled the smoke even though she was beginning to feel ill. She couldn’t not smoke, she had to do something and she couldn’t eat. She leaned her head back to stare at the canopy of her bed through a veil of tears, her neck and neck of her t-shirt were sopping already but the tears just wouldn’t stop. 

“Shit! Shit!” Lucius jumped to his feet and began struggling into his clothes, “Fuck!”

“Oh no…” Delilah mirrored him although at a much less rapid pace. Her world seemed to be moving in slow motion. They’d done this for almost two years… how could someone find out now…? She buckled her belt then reached a hand out for Lucius and started to tell him things would be OK but he jerked out of her reach. Her hand closed over the empty air in front of him, her face crumpled in confusion.

“Don’t fucking touch me,”

She’d never forget the look on his face; the utter revulsion, the hatred. That looked had ripped her apart. She couldn’t cry, she could speak, she couldn’t rely on anger, she’d went blank, she couldn’t have moved even if she’d wanted to. It was as if someone had pulled the rug from under her feet and she was tottering backwards; in limbo, neither up nor down. She buried her face in her knees, her white jeans were stained with eye shadow and floods of mascara tears.

Every happy memory she had with him was suddenly overshadowed. She grasped desperately through her thoughts trying to remember his face in any expression but that twisted, evil one, but she couldn’t do it. She thought back to their first kiss, the most public of all their kisses, it had been the final Hogsmeade trip before Christmas in their fifth year. They’d already been flirting for weeks, ever since he’d had to save Andromeda Black from being impaled on a unicorn that Delilah had accidentally spooked in Care of Magical Creatures. The snow had fallen thick and soft all over the village, Delilah and Lily had separated to buy each other Christmas presents and Delilah came across Lucius standing outside Honeyduke’s with his pale face practically pressed against the steamy glass.

“What are you doing?” She asked sliding up beside him and trying to peek in the window he seemed so interested in.

“Nothing.” He grinned suspiciously and turned away from the window. He really was beautiful; tall and lean with pale, regal features and platinum hair that curled loosely below his ears. He was so close to looking utterly angelic but there was something in his eyes, in his expression that robbed him of innocence. There was something dark and inviting about Lucius Malfoy.

“You’re obviously doing something- are you spying on someone?” She stared hard at the bustling shop and Lucius shrugged, “Go on tell me,” She urged

He smirked at her, “Fine. I’m watching your friend.”

Delilah frowned and scanned the shop again and sure enough, there was Lily arguing with James Potter by the caramel creams. “Why were you watching Lily?” She asked, “Are you some sort of peeping Tom, chocolate shop pervert?”

“No,” Lucius snorted, “I’m trying to get some clues on what the get you for Christmas.”

Delilah felt herself flush delightedly, “Oh?” She beamed, “Well you can never go wrong with chocolate. I’m particularly fond of caramel.”

Lucius was smiling strangely at her then, without warning he lent in and pressed his cool lips against her soft, warm ones. For a moment Delilah stood stock still with her eyes wide open and shocked then, before she could relax, he had pulled back.

“What was that for?” She croaked and Lucius pointed up.

“Mistletoe,” He began walking away, “I had to do it, those are the rules,” 

Don’t fucking touch me. She dumped number eleven unfinished into her jewellery box and just enjoyed the empty knowledge that it would slowly burn to nothing more than an orange stub. Maybe if she lay still for long enough she would burn up and end. She crawled, fully dressed under her blanket and pulled it over her head making the decision to never again emerge from her covers. They could pry her cold, dead corpse from this bed for all she cared.

“There’s no point trying, she won’t come out of there, she’s been under those rotten covers all day,” Delilah could hear Angelica sneering disgustedly, “Stupid attention seeking idiot,”

“It’s hardly attention seeking to stay in bed,” Came the slightly annoyed response, “Anyway, I need to speak to her,”

“Fine but you’re not even meant to be in this tower,” The sound of the door opening wider reached Delilah’s ears and her sisters footsteps towards her bed. She snuggled further into her blankets and prayed Jessica would go away but alas the drapes were pulled aside.

“Delilah? I need to talk to you,” Jessica’s voice would not be muffled by the blankets. Delilah let out a very unrealistic snore and Jessica grabbed a handful of covers and began to trail them off Delilah who clutched at them desperately but fatigue from too much sleep and not enough food had left her weak and she was soon mercilessly exposed to the fading daylight. She groaned and curled into the foetal position aware that she still fully clothed and smeared in makeup.

“Oh lord,” Jessica groaned, “Are you doing drugs?” Delilah ignored her, she closed her eyes hoping that it would make Jessica disappear. After all she was in Hogwarts; stranger things had happened. “Delilah! Answer me right now! Are you on drugs?”

Delilah sat up and scowled, “No I’m not on drugs,” She snapped, “Jesus. Can’t a girl sleep in nowadays? Does it always have to be sordid?”

“It’s nearly six PM Delilah, that’s hardly a lie in and anyway why are you still in last nights clothes? Have you been drinking?”

“No!” Delilah sat up and made room for her sister on the bed. Jessica climbed on and they watched each other silently, it had been so long since they talked properly that neither was quite sure how it worked.

“Are you alright?” Jessica asked, “Lily said she couldn’t even tempt you to Hogsmeade,”

“I’m just tired.”

“Have you been crying?”


“OK… Well… Can we talk in private?” Jessica glanced over at Angelica who had begun plucking her eyebrows by the mirror.

“I don’t know, ask Angelica,”

“Oh for goodness sake!” Angelica slammed her tweezers down, “I’m going to dinner anyway! You Hufflepuffs are so selfish!”

When Angelica had left Jessica scanned the dormitory thoughtfully, her eyes rested on the bathroom door “In here,” She got up and Delilah followed her into the bathroom where she proceeded to lock the door and press her ear up against it as though making sure Angelica hadn‘t crept back in to eavesdrop. Delilah put down the toilet seat and sat down watching her sisters curious movements with dull, uninterested eyes.

“Well?” She persisted when Jessica seemed satisfied they wouldn’t be overheard, “What’s brought you all the way up here? I’m assuming this is more than a social call? Is it mum?”

“No, no, it’s not mum,” Jessica wrung her hands anxiously then perched herself on the edge of the bath and stared at her feet, “I’ve done something incredibly stupid, Delilah,”

“Well you are the stupid twin.”

“Delilah!” Jessica looked as if she wanted to be annoyed but something was worrying her too much to brood on annoyance, “This is serious! I’ve done something so stupid! So incredibly stupid!” She was still twisting her hands desperately and when she looked up from them to meet her sisters gaze her eyes were brimming with unshed tears, “I slept with Sirius Black,” Her voice was barely more than a whisper and Delilah felt her jaw drop.

“You did what?” She gasped. She would have been less surprised if Jessica had admitted to a clown fetish and that she was now running away with Severus Snape to join the circus. Well maybe the same amount of surprised. “How? How?… Since when-… I don’t-… What?”

“Today,” Jessica bit her lip anxiously, “We went to Hogsmeade together and I don’t know what happened… He was just so charming and nice and you know how good looking he is and then… oh I can’t believe I was so stupid!”

“Well…” Delilah tried to compose herself, “I suppose it’s not too bad. I mean it’s not like you’re the only girl who’s ever fallen for Sirius Black’s charms. I know it sucks now but you’ll get over him,” She tried to sound sympathetic but obviously failed as Jessica burst into tears, “Shit!” Delilah hissed rising from the toilet and going to her sister, she put her arm around her awkwardly and wondered why Jessica had come to her, she had friends she was much closer to, “Don’t cry, it’s not that bad! The old hump and dump is a real asshole thing for him to do but-,”

“No!” Jessica sobbed, “You don’t get it!” She was practically wailing, “He asked me out and I said yes, we’re dating and I really like him!”

Delilah was now officially confused, “Then... What’s your problem?”

Jessica took in a deep, shaky, tear-wracked breath then wailed, “He thinks I’m YOU!”

Delilah was so shocked she lost her balance on the edge of the bath and crashed backwards into it. She stared up at her sister with her feet above her head and began to laugh, “No seriously,” She snorted and Jessica shook her head sadly.

“Last night when he asked me out he thought I was you, then today he thought I was you, then when we slept together he thought I was you and then after that he called me Delilah and I realised.” She took another one of her huge asthmatic style breaths and watched her sisters face twist in a rainbow of emotions ranging from pure amusement to utter horror.

“What did he say when you told him-,”

“I didn’t! I couldn’t! I was so embarrassed! He can’t ever know!” Jessica’s eyes were wide and earnest, “I’d rather die than have him know! Delilah, don’t you get it? I lost my virginity to him! I threw it away to a boy who doesn’t even know my name or that he slept with me! He thinks I’m you! He fancies you! Not me!”

“Sirius Black doesn’t fancy me,” Delilah snorted automatically as she climbed out of the bath, “If he fancied me he wouldn’t have-,”

“Delilah as far as he’s concerned he just made love to you in his dormitory and has asked you out. He fancies you. Get over it.” Fresh tears streamed down Jessica’s cheeks, “I feel so dirty,”

Delilah rolled her eyes and hugged her sister tight, “It’s OK, it’s not your fault, you could have done worse things,”

“I just-,” She sniffled horribly, “I just sensed this awesome connection you know? I thought ‘wow I really like this guy and he really likes me’, I thought I’d be spontaneous for once and just take a chance and I did and then I find out that I’m not even me!”

“Of course you’re you!”

“Sirius doesn’t think so!”

“Oh lord,” Delilah suddenly felt sick, “So now Sirius- and probably all the marauders- think I’ve shagged him?”

Jessica sobbed even louder, “It’s so humiliating!”

“Jessica you have to tell him you’re you. He can’t think he slept with me,”

“But he can’t know!” Jessica gasped clutching her sisters shoulders and shaking her, “Please Delilah! Please pretend! I’ll do anything! Anything you want!”

“Pretend what?” Delilah shrieked, “Pretend I did sleep with him? Pretend after everything he’s done that I was willing to hop in the sack with him?”

“Please!” Jessica wailed, “Please- just for a few days- pretend to date him then you can break up with him and he’ll never know! Please!”

“Jessica I can’t!”

“Please!” She cried sliding from the edge of the bath to the floor and hugging her twins legs, “Please, I’ll do whatever you want! Please, I can’t let him know- No one can find out- I don’t know if I could live with the shame, I don’t think I could do it!”

Delilah stared at her sister pityingly, “Just for a few days,” She sighed already regretting her decision, “Then that’s it. I’m dumping him.”

“Oh thank you, thank you,” Jessica stood up and flung her arms around her sister, “You’re the best sister ever,” She continued hugging her then pulled back, wiping her eyes, “He’s in the common room waiting for you to go to dinner,”

“No,” Delilah pushed her hair back from her eyes, “I’ve plans to spend all night up here, I’ll start operation break up tomorrow,”

“I don’t know if-,”

“Jess, deal with it. I’m staying up here, having a nice shower and going to bed early. That’s the way this is happening. You go, have dinner, be me and maybe start picking fights with our boyfriend. Got it?”

“Ok,” Jessica nodded bravely, “OK, my name’s Delilah Tyler and I’m Sirius Black’s girlfriend.”

“Yuck, it even sounds disgusting,” Delilah scrunched up her nose, “Now wipe your eyes and change out of that summer dress, Lily will see through you in a second.”

“Oh no Lily-,”

“Look don’t worry. She’s loved up with James she’ll barely speak to you at dinner. Just don’t eat much, wear some of my clothes and make fun of Peter a bit.”

When Jessica left the dormitory twenty minutes later with her makeup redone and costume in place Delilah climbed into the shower to ponder the craziness of what had happened. So, technically, she’d shagged Sirius Black and was his girlfriend- without even leaving the dormitory. Sometimes life was incredibly strange. She thought of her sisters tear stained face and tried to forget the surge of jealousy that had occurred in her gut when Jessica admitted to sleeping with Sirius. Because she’d decided she didn’t fancy Sirius. Not one bit. Still, she thought savagely as she rubbed her hair with shampoo, it would be interesting to see how Lucius would react to her new relationship status. 

A tension had been building steadily between Lucius’ shoulder blades as the minutes and hours ticked by and he received no owls of disgust from his family. He’d taken up residence in an armchair in the Slytherin room common room and turned it strategically to face the girls staircase but still he had not seen her, still he did not know what she was planning. He had not slept, he had not ate but he had waited, oh yes he had waited and he would be damned if this Black sister destroyed him.

His eyelids felt heavy but he would not allow them to close for if he slept and missed his chance to hush Andromeda then he could never forgive himself. His long, pale fingers drummed on the arms of his chair; a subconscious outpouring of his nerves.

She had to say she’d stay quiet; she had to. If she told then it was over, he and Delilah would be over and he didn’t know if he could stand it. He wasn’t strong enough for it to happen yet, maybe in a few months time he could grow up but not yet… please not yet.

He thought of never holding her, never sharing a secret smile with her across the Great Hall, of never pretending they would grow up together again and the thought chilled him to the bone.

Maybe it came with being a spoilt child but Lucius had always wanted what he couldn’t have and back in his fifth year there had been something desperately alluring about the chubby, Gryffindor, Mudblood; Delilah. She was so much a muggleborn that she didn’t know enough to respect his blood or his name; she had treated him like an equal because she didn’t know better and it intrigued him. He’d taught her to care about blood and she’d taught him, in the tiniest way, not to.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t considered throwing caution into the wind and turning traitor… It was more that he hoped he wouldn’t have to. He went to bed every night hoping that the next morning he’d wake up and not care about her anymore but each morning he would rise caring more and it became a vicious cycle until he couldn’t bare to be with her or to leave her.

He couldn’t disappoint his family; his mother especially. He was the only heir to one of the greatest wizarding families in the world and he couldn’t do that to his mother; he couldn’t destroy the name she held so dear. He thought of her pale, pretty face that got thinner every time he saw her, of her breathy, wheezing voice and he couldn’t bare the thought of being the final straw; the thing that finally killed her.

He ran a hand through his tousled hair in agitation and considered his options. If Andromeda did tell or had already told what could he do? As far as he could figure there were three options; number one was to deny, call Andromeda a liar and go on the offensive, maybe even claim to have seen her getting it on with a Mudblood. Number two, admit to it but claim it to have been a one time thing, possibly a dare or a bet and maybe even claim to have been horrendously drunk; but even then his mother would be disappointed. Number three was the option that set his heart racing and his palms moistening; he could admit to it and stand by Delilah; he could tell his parents he loved a beautiful, muggleborn, witch and there was nothing anyone could do about it. There was something disgustingly Gryffindor about option three but, for some reason, it was the option he was unwillingly hoping for.

Although the thought of people finding out was terrifying, Lucius couldn’t help but think that the reality would be wonderful. He wouldn’t have to grow up and be his father with a wife like that idiotic Narcissa Black who cared about nothing more than names and parties. He wouldn’t have to take a stupid ministry job and spend all his time pouring over documents and keeping on top of ‘The household affairs’. He and Delilah would find their own norm and break this constricting mould he’d been born into. She’d write her songs and sing for change wearing something white and floating and he wasn’t sure what he’d do but he knew he’d love her. He knew he’d be happy.

Andromeda was suddenly in front of him with a queer expression on her face, “Are you waiting for me?” She asked and for a moment Lucius didn’t want to know. He wanted to go back to his dormitory and not know what way his life was going to go.

He was at a cross roads, he could feel it. This was a fundamental moment to what his life would become and he wasn’t sure which way he hoped it would swing, “You don’t have to worry,” Andromeda told him watching his expression closely, “I’m not going to tell anyone- I swear it,”

Lucius nodded slowly and his face fell to face his lap, “Thank you.”

Chapter 6: Behind the closed door
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“Jessica no! Stop asking me to do things!” Delilah was struggling to escape the broom cupboard she had been dragged into by her sister, “First you want me to date him and now you don’t-,”

“But I feel so stupid when I see you with him! You said you’d break up with him right away!” Her tone was somewhat accusatory as she glared at her sister in the dimness of the cupboard light, “You can’t think you’re actually dating him Di!”

“Look.” Delilah said solemnly as she stopped struggling against her sisters grip, “Things just aren’t going exactly how I planned…”

“It’s been two weeks! I was under the impression you’d break up right away-,”

“Don’t you think that would rouse suspicion?” Delilah tried but Jessica wasn’t falling for her ‘it’s all for your own good approach’.

“No I don’t think it would. He expects you to be a little unhinged. You did break his nose after all-,”

“You’ve put me in a very awkward position Jess!” Delilah hissed and for the first time anger flashed across her freckled face, “James and Lily are dating, James is Sirius’ best friend and Lily is mine. We hang out now. Even if I break up with Sirius I’ll still be around him but things will be so tense, so awkward. It’s easier just to let things fizzle out!”

“But things aren’t fizzling!” Jessica moaned looking as though she were almost in pain, “I’m not blind Delilah! You snogged him at breakfast!”

Delilah felt her cheeks darken and wished that she could tell her sister that that kiss had been for another mans benefit, not Sirius’. “We’re dating Jess, that’s what couples do.”

“But he’s mine!”

“Oh please.”

“I slept with him.”

“So? Sex doesn’t mean anything!” With a newly found burst of strength Delilah shoved her sister away from the exit, “Just because you have sex with someone doesn’t mean they’re yours!” She half shouted throwing herself out of the closet and colliding, quite ironically, with Lucius who was holding Narcissa Black’s hand.

Jessica followed her out of the cupboard scowling, she looked at her sister queerly as Delilah’s wide eyes examined Lucius’ intertwined hand. “Sometimes they even say they love you,” Delilah continued turning away from the tall, blond couple who looked achingly right together and continuing her conversation with her sister, “But it doesn’t mean that they’re yours.” 

There was something tapping on the dormitory window. Lily could hear it; a steady rat-a-tat-tat on the darkened glass. She had a feeling she knew what it was and when she had slid from her bed and padded, as quietly as she could, to the window she found she was right. James was bobbing outside the window on his broomstick, his pale face was split in a wide grin and he waved at her, motioning for her to open the window.

“James!” She gasped half delightedly and half disapprovingly, “What are you doing?”

“Evans have I ever told you that you’re beautiful?” James strategically manoeuvred his broom stick so he could touch down on the windowsill. He climbed from his broom and sat with his legs in the dormitory and his back against the autumn chill.

Lily raised her eyebrows and examined her very plain pyjamas sceptically, “Sure they have, but not at bedtime.”

“Ah but bedtime is always the best time to compliment a lady,” James grinned grabbing her hand and pulling her in for a kiss before she could slap him or call him a pig.

When she withdrew from the kiss Lily was blushing and breathing a little too heavily, “You’re breaking a lot of rules-,”

“Time for a few more,” James stood up again and helped her onto the windowsill with his hand in hers, “Do you trust me Evans?”


“What is going on?” Angelica was out of bed and staring at them accusingly, “What do you think you’re doing!”

“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t- oh of course I do,”

“Then jump!”

“Where do you think you’re going!” Angelica gasped raising her wand as if to stun them but it was too late, James had jumped and taken Lily with him. The pair tumbled towards earth with Lily shrieking and James laughing as if he’d never had so much fun.

“Watch this!” He yelled but Lily’s eyes were shut too tightly to see anything then suddenly she stopped falling, she was hanging, mere feet from the ground, as if suspended by magic. James was floating in front of her, he was still holding her hand and he kicked his feet as if swimming through the air. He kicked his way to her face and kissed her softly. They floated safely back to earth.

“How did you-?” Lily gasped pulling back when she felt the grass on her bare feet but before James could reply her question was answered. Sirius stepped out of the shadows his wand in his hand, fresh from performing an extraordinary hovering charm.

“Where’s Delilah?” He asked looking rather grumpily at the couple.

“Sorry mate, that Angelica one woke up before we could get her.”

“Well that’s useless.” Sirius yawned and ruffled his elegantly mussed hair, “I’ll leave you two to it then, I’ve never been one for playing gooseberry,”

But it did not seem that romance was on the cards, Lily had kicked James’ shins rather violently, “You bastard! You could have killed us!”

“No I couldn’t have!” James was hopping on the spot rubbing his shin and avoiding Lily’s next few kicks with an array of well managed hops.

“Evans!” Sirius reprimanded, “Aim higher!”

“Hey!” James glared and Sirius laughed.

“I can‘t believe you risked our lives like that!” She hissed, she had stopped kicking as her bare toes were throbbing.

“There was no risk! I knew Sirius was down here! He wouldn’t have let us fall.”

“How can you be so sure!” She cast Sirius an apologetic look as she asked but the handsome boy just shrugged.

“Because I trust him. He wouldn’t have let us fall.” James’ face was more serious than she had ever seen it.

“I don’t even know why I came!” Delilah hissed. She was not, as her three friends on the grounds believed, in bed. She was in an empty classroom near Gryffindor Tower arguing with Lucius Malfoy and unaware of how close she had come to being noticed missing.

“For the same reason I did,” Lucius sighed. He perched himself on the edge of a desk and stared at the ground, “You’re not used to spending all night in your dormitory, you’re used to sneaking out and you’re used to coming here.”

“I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Do you think I knew you would be?” He scowled at her and she felt the anger that had been steadily pressing against her gut for over a fortnight rush through her veins.

“What’s that supposed to mean? That if you’d known I was here you wouldn’t have bothered?”

“I would have went anywhere else, never here,” His voice was icy, so cold that for a moment her boiling anger froze and her breath caught in her throat. She stared at him blankly as pain she didn’t know she could feel shot through her chest, she’d often regretted getting involved with Lucius Malfoy but never this much. This was too hard.

“Where would you have gone Lucius?” She asked finally although it was a question for her to answer not him, “To one of those Death Eater meetings? Now that you’re done with me are you going to join you-know-who and kill people like me?”

He looked away from her, looked to the ground and she felt her heart begin to thunder against her chest. She had said it but she hadn’t believed it, not until he looked away.

“No…” She gasped, “You haven’t Lucius, please tell me you haven’t…” She couldn’t look at him, she couldn’t breathe. She turned her back to him and strode across the classroom until the wall stopped her. She placed her forehead against it and tried to think. “You said you didn’t agree with that stuff, you said that it was all about your inheritance… YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A DEATH EATER TO GET YOUR INHERITANCE!” She screamed spinning around and storming towards him. When she reached him she slapped him so hard that his head jerked and his pale cheek burned red.

She stared at his bowed head for a moment and neither spoke until she couldn’t help but whisper, “Why did you even pretend?” He looked up at her and she stared right back, “Why pretend to care? I told you I would meet you and you didn’t have to pretend it meant anything. Do you remember Luke? I was the one who didn’t care… It was emotionless fun for me but then you… you… Was that the point? You wouldn’t have had the same control if I didn’t love you, it wouldn’t have been as fun for you. You pretended and you used me for your own sick mind games and I… I fell for it.”

“I was not playing games.” Lucius growled finally defending himself. He stood up so that instead of being eye level with the girl he was towering over her. He was taking charge.

“You were, you never gave a damn. If you had given a damn you couldn’t possibly have joined those… those people!”

“AND IF YOU HAD EVER GIVEN A DAMN YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE FUCKED SIRIUS BLACK!” He roared down at her and she burned an angry red.


“You didn’t even give me a chance to recover!” He pushed her suddenly, hard enough to make her stumble but not fall, “We get caught and within hours- hours! You thought I wouldn’t find out? Is that it? Of course I know! Do you think he would keep his filthy mouth shut? Everyone knows Delilah! You fucked Black on your first date!”


“That’s right date! That wasn’t spontaneous! That can’t be passed off as a moment of emotional meltdown! We were together and you were arranging dates with Sirius Black!” He looked so ferociously angry that Delilah wanted to backup, wanted to run but she wasn’t built that way. She was built to fight it out. “You were the one playing games! The one pretending!”

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand!” She told him angrily, “Don’t make this my fault! You wanted me gone! You’ve never wanted me and don’t try and say that it was Sirius- Don’t you dare!”

“How can you say I never wanted you? I risked so much to be with you-,”

“Oh yes your precious money?” She let out a bitter laugh, “Lots of people don’t have money Lucius! If you wanted to be with me that much you would have risked your money! Dated me rather than making me feel dirty and unworthy!”

“You didn’t want people to know either.” Lucius said suddenly and Delilah stared at him in surprise.

“Are you crazy? Why would you think that I-,”

“Don’t pretend Delilah. Don’t play the ‘he’s a big, bad, bigoted pureblood’ card.” He advanced on her, causing her to stumble and back up until she was pressed against the far wall and forced to stare at him as he talked, “Two years Delilah. We were together for two years and you told no one, not your sister, not Lily-,”

“But you-,”

“Even if I wanted to keep it private you still could have told Lily! She wouldn’t have told and you know she wouldn’t have. After all she doesn’t think Slytherins are the big and bad, not like the Marauders do.” He smiled coldly at her, “Not like Sirius does.”

“Oh you think that this is all about Sirius? Like I would have kept us secret because of what Sirius Black would think? Don’t be idiotic-,”

“Shut up!” He commanded and he radiated such violence that she couldn’t help but be silenced, “You care so much what Sirius Black thinks. You always have. You even stopped eating for him! Remember? Can you even remember the moment you started killing yourself?”

“I am not killing myself.”

“Some days you have one small meal, others you have nothing at all. You’re clothes are all hanging on you, you’re always tired and angry. Your starving yourself, denying your body nourishment and all because Sirius Black called you fat one day in fifth year.”

“That’s not why-,”

“You stopped writing your music.” Lucius continued, “Sirius Black made fun of your music and suddenly it’s as if you were never passionate about it. You were so passionate, so full of energy and excitement about your music but now, now all you care about is Quiddich. You don’t eat, or sing but you play a hell of a lot of Quiddich, Delilah.”

“I like Quiddich,” Delilah’s voice was quiet, meek and Lucius continued. Striking home with words that felt like daggers to the tiny girl in front of him.

“You said you loved me, you made love to me but you wouldn’t eat for me. You wouldn’t continue your songs. Then you see a chance to end what we have and make it my fault and you seize it. You sleep with Sirius- Fucking- Black but can still delude yourself that it’s because I rejected you.”

Delilah was crying, heavily and emotionally, “That’s not true! That’s not true!” She beat his chest with clenched fists, “Don’t say such horrible, untrue things!” She stared up at him through water filled green eyes, “I never slept with Sirius. I didn’t. That’s not true. I couldn’t possibly have slept with him, I was in my own bed wishing I was dead because you hated me.”

“I’m not stupid-,”

“When Andromeda Black walked in on us I tried to comfort you! You told me not to touch you and you looked at me with such hate! You hated me! You hated me because your housemates wouldn’t approve of me.”

“I could never hate you-,”

“But you could never love me! You can want to but you can’t because you hate who I am. You don’t like Narcissa Black but you’ll hold her hand in public because she’s like you, she’s rich and pureblooded. It doesn’t matter about the personality or the emotions, it’s about blood and money for you.”

“How can you say that? How can you not know that I love you? How can you not know?”

Delilah didn’t reply, she just continued sobbing and Lucius bundled her up in her arms, stroking her hair and making soothing noises all his anger washed away in her angst.

“How can you think I would have slept with Sirius Black?” She sobbed, “How can you think I would do that?”

“You really didn’t sleep with him?”

“Of course not!”

“Then he’s lying?”

Delilah went still for a moment, wondering if it would breach the oath of secrecy she gave Jessica to tell Lucius the truth. He noticed the hesitation. He released her from his embrace, his eyes narrowed as he watched thoughts flutter across Delilah’s face like a twisted movie on fast forward.

“It’s a very simply question Delilah. It’s a yes or no one, really. You shouldn’t have to think this hard.”

She stared at the air above his shoulder, avoiding his eyes, “Can’t you just trust that I didn’t do it? Can’t you take my word?”

“Even if you didn’t sleep with him you’re going out with him now.”

“You’re going out with Narcissa Black.”

“Don’t just assume-,” His voice was once again growing heated; Delilah raised her hand to shush him. An overbearing tiredness had washed over her body, an exhaustion mixed with such sadness that she didn’t think she could bare another fight. Not tonight. Not ever.

“I’m going to bed,” She said softly manoeuvring herself around Lucius and away from the wall. She was holding onto the door handle when she felt that she really ought to say something; something lasting and meaningful as this could well be the last time she ever had a midnight meeting with Lucius Malfoy. It should be a marked moment. She should depart something of interest. Her mind raced through the things she would liked to have said ‘I love you’, ‘Jessica shagged Sirius not me, honest’, ‘Narcissa’s a dirty skank. She’ll probably give you herpes’ and many more but finally the words that slipped from between her lips were, “Please be careful.” She didn’t look back to see if he was rolling his eyes or even acknowledging her, she just opened the door and stepped outside closing it quietly behind her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she tried to collect her thoughts.

“What are you doing here?”

She screamed.

“Shush! Are you crazy! Filch will be here in a second!” Sirius’ eyes were dancing with laughter as he smothered her mouth in his large palm, “You’re a complete loon Delilah, you know that, right?”

Heart pounding from the shock of running into Sirius and the knowledge that just behind the door her dirty secret was perched atop a desk, Delilah laughed nervously.

“You scared me.” She said when he finally removed his palm, “You git.”

“What’s got you creeping about?”

“Looking for you obviously,” She lied easily, she always lied more easily to her friends. She still found it strange to think of Sirius as her boyfriend. It seemed too much of a fib to call him that. “I went to your dormitory but you weren’t there.”

“And you thought I’d be lurking outside the tower?”

“Well I found you here didn’t I?”

A surprised laugh was torn from Sirius’ lips, it sounded quite like a dog bark, “That you did,”

Delilah just smiled at him. She knew she should be dragging him back to the tower, away from where Lucius was lurking just waiting to be discovered but she couldn’t seem to bring herself to suggest it. The longer she stood in the corridor the longer Lucius had to reveal himself. She wondered if she would like him to burst out of the classroom and declare that he was in fact Delilah’s boyfriend, not Sirius. She toyed with the idea, running the scenario over in her head and was surprisingly unsurprised to find that the very thought of such a scene filled her stomach with a cold, hard, dread. She pictured Sirius’ reaction; the disgust, the disbelief, the betrayal. Lucius was right, she cared what Sirius thought. Maybe it wasn’t just Sirius, maybe it was everybody… But then as if making a decision Delilah slid her hand into Sirius’ and he raised it to peck it pleasantly. “Lets get back to the tower before Filch lynches us.”

They sauntered along the corridor and through the portrait hole. On the other side of the classroom door Lucius Malfoy stood, heart pounding with his hand on the door handle. A sense of failure and loss washed through him and he opened the door but he knew they were gone; he knew he was too late. 

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Chapter 7: She was a Thief
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

“It’s not good,” Remus said sadly as he turned slowly through the morning issue of the Daily Prophet, “It’s not good at all,”

“Let me see that,” Sirius snatched the newspaper from his friend with a grim expression on his handsome face, “Damn it,” He hissed, “This is fucking awful,”

“What is it this time?” Lily asked softly. She had found that breakfast was rarely a cheery event nowadays. She couldn’t quite remember the last time someone read the Daily Prophet and was left with anything to smile about.

“Alicia and Bremerton Montgomery were murdered last night,” Sirius answered as he scanned the first few pages of the paper, “Those are Abigail Montgomery’s parents,” As if on que the Marauders, Lily and Delilah, all turned to look at the Hufflepuff table. Abigail was not present but her friends were huddled together at the seats nearest the door looking teary eyed.

“This is bullshit,” Sirius growled and Delilah placed a bracing hand on his shoulder. He turned to her with eyes that were burning with anger and injustice, “This is all stupid, pureblood bullshit!”

“Richard Bibbleton is missing,” James read over Sirius’ arm, “Wasn’t he-,”

“He just left two years ago,” Lily supplied looking terribly upset, “He helped me with my potions homework once,”

“I hate this,” Delilah murmured, “I hate doing this every morning.”

“We shouldn’t have to fucking do this,” Sirius agreed with his eyes flashing dangerously, “I can’t stand it!”

Delilah squeezed his shoulder then laid her head on the table top and tried to let the papers horrible news wash over her.

“I hate being in this school!” Sirius exclaimed to the rest of their friends as Delilah inhaled the tabletop. “I feel so useless locked up here learning how to prune a mandrake! It’s so useless!”

“It’s not useless,” Lily disagreed, “It’s important we get educated-,”

“Why? So we have a more intelligent death? Get real.”

“There’s no need to be like that,” James said reproachfully as Sirius glared and Lily rolled her eyes.

“I think it’s another victory for the Death Eaters if we allow them to take us out of education, if they stop us progressing.” Lily said primly over her cup of tea, “I think by improving ourselves we make ourselves more of a threat to them. Lets have them worrying about a bunch of wizards who’ve been trained to the utmost rather than a hoard of dropouts.”

“Here, here!” Remus clinked mugs with her.

“I’d rather drop out,” Delilah’s face rose from the table with a yawn, “I hate getting up so early for classes with Slughorn. The way his belly jiggles gives me motion sickness in the morning.”

Everyone laughed and voiced their consent only to find themselves half an hour later watching the Professors belly jiggle with even more pronounced vigour.

Delilah was trying to avoid looking at her teachers waistband by talking to Lily but Lily had always been annoyingly astute in classes, especially potions, even now that she sat beside Delilah and not Severus Snape.

“What do you think you’ll wear to the Halloween ball?” Delilah asked but Lily simply continued reading her textbook and underlining things of importance. Delilah especially hated the classes during which Slughorn made them read and not potion make. At least stirring gave her something to do. “I’m thinking of going in the buff. I think there’s a lot to say for doing the robot naked…”

Lily didn’t reply she just continued underlining what Delilah thought must be an entire page of ‘important’ sentences.

“Do you think the Marauders will do a prank this year?” Delilah continued. Her own text book was still unopened. “I mean you’ll be going with James and I’ll be going with Sirius, do you think they’ll abandon us to blow something up?”


“I wouldn’t mind if they did. You know? I mean we went to all the other balls on our own, what’s one more eh? Do you think if you and James got married they’d have a wedding day prank? Blow up the cake or something like that. I can picture them getting arrested on their big day you know.”


“Can you imagine marrying a Marauder? I can barely wrap my head around a normal husband never mind one of those idiots. Can you imagine bearing their children? The kid would probably come out with 666 tattooed on his winky-,”

Lily burst out laughing, “It’s winky?” She gasped and Delilah grinned triumphantly.

“Yes Lily, it’s winky. Boy babies have them, they use them to piddle.”

Lily went as far as snorting, “How do you remember these words?”

“My childhood stretched a long way. My mother has only recently stopped referring to my toilet trips as ‘going for a wee wee’. You wonder why I’m so messed up, but there it is.”

Lily snickered for a little while longer then looked thoughtful, “I don’t know, I could wear the burgundy dress again.”

“Oh you couldn’t possibly.” Delilah slid easily back to her first attempt at conversation. Ball clothes. “You can’t wear the same formal dress to back to back formal outings. It’s preposterous.”

“Well I don’t know what else-,”

“I’m going shopping for something new next Hogsmeade weekend. How about you do that?”

“We can’t all afford-,”

“Don’t play the poor girl Lil’s, I’ve seen you eyeing that caldron catalogue. If you can afford a bronze plated, bottomless caldron (you’ve been circling you minx), you can afford a new dress. Surely.”

Lily nodded her reluctant agreement before something caught her eye, “Delilah…”


“I don’t mean to alarm you but I think Lucius Malfoy is trying to kill you with his eyes.”

“Is he?” Delilah asked without bothering to turn round and check, “It could be worse. Severus Snape could be trying to undress me with his,”

Lily scowled, “He is not!”

“Oh Lily.” Delilah patted her friends hand supportively, “I still don’t understand why-,”

“Leave it Delilah.” Lily’s tone was not joking. Luckily the moment that could have proved awkward between the girls was punctuated by the arrival of some visitors to their desk. Masked by the general chitchat and slacking of the class Sirius and James had snuck over to their girlfriends table.

“So, here’s the thing,” James grinned, his Head boys badge glittering like a joke in the dim dungeon light, “I think we should all go to the Hogshead tonight but Mister goody-two-shoes here doesn’t want to get detention this weekend-,”

“He’s right James! Sneaking out of school grounds is forbidden!” Lily reprimanded.

“I am not being a goody-two-shoes,” Sirius frowned, “I just don’t want to spend this weekend polishing trophies!”

“Why not? We spend all our weekends polishing trophies!”

“Because Sirius and I have plans for this weekend,” Delilah told James who looked dumbfounded.

“So you’re all against my Hogshead idea? Really?” He turned pleadingly to Delilah, “Come on Delilah, you look like a girl who knows a good time! What’s the point in being legal if you don’t get drunk?”

“There’s more to being seventeen than alcohol-,” Lily was cut off once again.

“We don’t have to sneak out to be drunk!” Sirius reminded his friend, “There’s plenty of firewhisky in those loose panels of the wardrobe but that’s not the point, we have plans-,”

“I can’t believe you’re staying sober for a girl. It’s karaoke night-,”

“Not in the Hogshead it’s not!” Lily laughed, “I don’t think that barman has ever heard of karaoke never mind-,”

“In the Three Broomsticks it’s karaoke night!” James declared.

“Oh yes,” Sirius rolled his eyes dramatically, “What are you going to do James? Awe Rosemerta so much with your musical talents that she simply forgets to report us to her good pal Dumbledore?”

“Rosemerta wouldn’t report us,” James grumped, “She’s cool. She’s practically our age. She’d understand.”

“But would her mother?” Lily snorted putting on a deep ‘James’ voice, “Sorry Rosmerta’s mum I just simply couldn’t not come down here and sing Gloria Gainer for you folks! But now that that’s done I’m off to finish my studies!”

“Not even that,” Sirius continued, “Oul Rosy was head girl remember? They’ve always got a pole the size of a comit24 wedged so far up-,”

“Excuse me?” Lily’s voice was icy. Her head girls badge glinted threateningly.

“So it looks like I’m not having my weekend after all,” Delilah said brightly, “Lily’s going to slaughter you and I’ll be going stag.”

Sirius and James shared a look and began to snicker. The girls stared at them questioningly but they didn’t explain.

“Where are you guys headed anyway?” James asked not only changing the subject but looking genuinely interested. Delilah shrugged.

“Sirius has something planned. I have a feeling it’s a bottle of firewhisky and a blanket behind the Quiddich stands but he swears it’s not. It better not be.”

“That sounds like a lovely way to spend a night.” James said sincerely. Lily rolled her eyes.

“Remind me never to go on a date you’ve planned.”

“Oh is that how it is?”

“Looks like they’re on the rocks,” Sirius grinned at Delilah feeling immensely relieved that Lily was distracted from his wayward comment.

They continued they’re playful chatting until Slughorn noticed them shrieking with laughter and sent the boys back to their table five house points lighter.

On the other side of the room Andromeda Black was watching Lucius Malfoy so closely that he began to feel uncomfortable.

“What?” He snapped at her. She didn’t stop her incessant staring. Instead she leant across the desk to talk quietly to him.

“I didn’t know you loved her.”

Lucius just scowled at her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“That twin. I’m talking about that twin.” She actually pointed. Hissing Lucius’ batted at the girls hand and cursed her quietly.

“Are you mad?” He hissed.

“No.” She said simply turning back to her potions book. She didn’t speak to him again, or look up until the lesson ended even though he spent the last hour desperately trying to read her mind.

“Did you know wizards had Karaoke?” Delilah asked Lily as they and the Marauders, bar Peter who didn’t do NEWT level potions, exited the class to enjoy a fifteen minute break before herbology.

“No,” Lily shrugged, “I suppose they wouldn’t use a karaoke machine the way we would… I mean electronics don’t operate properly around magic do they?”

“No, I don‘t think so…”

“Did you know karaoke originated in Japan?” James chirped causing everyone to look at him, “Just something I know.” He explained.

Lucius lay on top of his covers staring at the emerald canvas above his bed and listening to Severus and Rodolphus murmuring to one another. Severus had had relations with a Gryffindor Mudblood and not hidden it. Lucius could remember him talking about Lily Evans, Delilah’s best friend. How Lily was different from the rest of them. How she wasn’t really a Mudblood, she had too much magic for that. Lucius knew Severus was deluding himself, Lily was a Mudblood just the same way that Delilah was a Mudblood but really; how much did it matter?

Her blood didn’t matter to him anymore. She was more than blood. She was a person and he knew that but his parents didn’t, his friends didn’t, the Dark Lord didn’t. Her blood didn’t matter but their opinions did. Cursing himself he rolled onto his stomach and buried his face in his pillow wondering if he might suffocate and die. That would ease the fist that seemed to have gotten a good grip on his heart since his last encounter with Delilah.

He’d written letters. Lots of letters. Letters filled with humbled apologies and emotional pleads but they all lay under his bed unsent. There was no point sending any of them. The only way to fix things now was to openly declare that he loved her and take the onslaught of criticism that would come his way. Anything less would be an insult to her. He wasn’t ready to stop being a Malfoy, to stop being a real Pureblood. He wasn’t ready to stop.

What if he did go public? What if he threw caution into the wind and she rejected him? What if she wanted to be with Sirius Black more than she wanted him and he ended up alone and an outcast. He couldn’t bare it. What if she rejected him full stop? What if she was no longer interested? If she no longer cared? He couldn’t take it. It was better not to know.

“Lucius?” For a moment his heart jumped at the sound of a female voice but almost as soon as excitement gript him he realised it was impossible that Delilah would be standing by his bed.

“What do you want Narcissa?”

He felt the bed move as she sat down beside him. Her fingers stroked his hair and the movement involuntarily soothed him, “I was just wondering…” Her voice sounded different, less sure of itself, “If you would like to go to the Halloween Ball with me?”

Lucius rolled over and sat up feeling that if he was going to tell her to ‘piss off’ he might as well do it with eye contact. The dormitory was empty now, except for Narcissa and she looked different that usual. Her hair was less perfect, her eyes cast low and her hands were shaking ever so slightly. Her alabaster cheeks flushed lightly.

He didn’t speak. She continued. “I know you say you want nothing to do with me.” She said softly still not meeting his eyes, “I’m not quite sure why you don’t but that’s what you say and… I’m just asking, one last time. Will you come to the Halloween ball with me?”

Lucius spoke automatically, surprising himself with his reply, “I would be honoured to,”

Narcissa’s beautiful face spread into a wide, mesmerising smile, “Thank you,” She stood from the bed then lent over to place a kiss on her dates forehead, “I’ll be wearing silver.” She told him and he nodded his acknowledgement.

It was another fundamental moment. Another one of those moments that struck a cord deep within him. Lucius knew something important had happened in that short exchange and he wished he knew what it was.

“What are you doing?” Lily asked as she watched her friend.

Delilah was cross legged on her bed simultaneously scribbling in an oddly familiar notebook and eating a banana. Lily wasn’t sure if it was the food or the concentration on Delilah’s face but something about the scene was unnerving. The fact that rain was thundering against the dark dormitory windows and the firelight was flickering ominously didn’t improve Lily’s strange mood.

“I’m writing,” Delilah told her without looking up.


“No, a song.”

“A song?”

“Yes. I‘ve finished the first verse… Sent it… I‘ve started more.”

Lily scrunched her nose, “OK… Well I’m going to the common room to make sure James doesn’t try to sneak out to sing karaoke with Rosemerta…” Delilah didn’t reply.

Lily closed the dormitory door quietly as she left and couldn’t help but feel slightly perturbed. It was as if the girl she’d left scribbling in the dormitory was someone she’d once known but long ago forgot. A Delilah who wrote songs and ate. It was strange.

Lily nested herself comfortably between James and Sirius on the sofa facing the fire and decided that Sirius was proving a good influence on her friend.

Narcissa sat on her bed in the dungeons with an envelope on her knees. The envelope was addressed to Lucius and she had stolen it. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her. It had been laying on his bed, obviously having arrived whilst he was napping and left there by his roommates. The way his name was written… She could just tell it was a girls handwriting, she could just tell! She had to know!

She had went to his side and taken the envelope. Slid it into her robes. Then she had asked him to the ball. She had been so nervous he would notice she’d stolen it! So nervous she’d been shaking!

She was even more nervous now. She wasn’t sure if she should open the letter. What if it was from his mother? What if it was important and she had to give it back? How would she explain herself?

It was as if someone else was moving, as if someone else was tearing open the carefully sealed envelope.

The letter was very short, if it could be called a letter. The handwriting neat and swirled. Very feminine.

I’ve been walking around all day, thinking
I think I have a problem, I think I think too much
I’ve been taught to hold back my tears and avoid them
but you’ve made pain into something I could touch


What in Merlin’s name? Narcissa read and reread the words trying to make sense of the note. Was it a poem? It didn’t sound like a poem… Maybe it was code. It must be code. But what did it mean? If it was a girl… Then why did Lucius finally say he’d go to the ball with her? Frustrated Narcissa shoved the note into the pocket of her robes. Maybe her sister would know.

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ps Lyrics are not my creation. Sadly. That's the wonderful song 'Free' by Maria Mena.  

Chapter 8: They Played Dirty
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I’ve been walking around all day laughing
Think I’d be better of without you here
I bet you’re sweet and hard to get over
So I’ll cry and people will stop and stare
Now that’s OK, let them stop and stare

Delilah folded up the scrap of paper and tied it to the foot of one of the school owls. She was in the Owlery, dressed in her Quiddich robes and wondering why she felt the need to send Lucius her lyrics. Maybe to prove that she was writing them?

She’d written to her parents and asked them to have her guitar delivered to Hogwarts. She couldn’t remember why she decided to stop bringing it to school… She couldn’t remember when she’d stopped playing it. But she knew she was excited. She couldn’t wait to see how her words sounded to the music she had planned for them. It would be perfect. She knew it would be perfect. He’d see.

She lit a cigarette and watched the owl take off on it’s short journey around the castle. She perched herself on the edge of the battlements, smoking calmly and waiting for the owl to return to let her know Lucius had got her mail.

She wondered if he’d notice the slight jabs in her words. ‘Let them stop and stare’. He never did like people looking. ‘Better of without you here’ was an obvious one. She inhaled deeply and enjoyed the feeling of smoke seeping out between her lips.

She was Gryffindor and Muggleborn, those were things of shame for Lucius. Being Gryffindor was one of the things Sirius was so passionate about and he loved that she was Muggleborn; mostly because it would annoy his mum.

She reclined along the castle edge, allowing a leg to dangle over the fatal drop. When you took the time to think about it Lucius and Sirius had a lot of parallels. Both from important pureblood families, both with inheritances at risk, both fraternising with the ‘enemy’. Sirius had openly went against his family, he’d lost his inheritance- he’d told her so. He’d stood up for what he believed in. His brother barely spoke to him. He’d moved out and was living with the Potter’s. Lucius was hiding. Lucius was a coward.

Sirius had done what Lucius could not and Sirius had done it for himself, he hadn’t even had a girl’s heart to act for. The thought filled her with a certain rage. It was as though she always had a certain amount of anger twisting in her gut and Lucius brought it into sharp relief. She lay on the battlements with her blood beginning to simmer; getting ready to boil. It was less than an hour before the first Quiddich match of the year began. Gryffindor versus Slytherin. It could prove interesting.

Delilah finished her cigarette and flicked it off the castle. It tumbled to the grass below, blown out long before it hit the ground.

“The Halloween Ball has never stressed me so much before,” Lily told Remus and Peter as they settled into three seats high on the Quiddich stands. “I mean Delilah and I went shopping yesterday and I got a dress, but now she won’t show me hers and I’m panicking in case what I’ve got is too fancy. I never worried before… does James like fancy?”

“He likes you,” Remus said kindly, “He’ll like whatever you wear.”

“But this is our first real date,” Lily agonised, “It’s hard to date at school and this will be our first official ‘he asked me to the ball’ date!”

“You’ll be fine!” Remus patted her back awkwardly but reassuringly nonetheless.

“Yeah,” Pete nodded, “Don’t worry Lil’s, James is nervous too.”

Below them in the Gryffindor changing rooms James was indeed, extremely, nervous. He paced in front of his team, eyeing them beadily and sweating quite a bit. “We’ve got to pull it together people! We can not perform like we’ve been doing in practice! We can not lose to Slytherin? Do you hear me?” He turned on Jenkins’ who, rather than paying attention, was trying to set his fellow chaser Patterson’s robes on fire, “JENKIN’S DO YOU HEAR ME?” James shrieked and the boy jumped.

“Yes!” He yelped in response and Sirius snorted.

“Sirius! Please!” James turned pleading eyes on his friend, “There are seven people on that pitch who you can knock of their brooms. By all means, knock away! They are the ones in the green! Do not knock any of our team to the ground or I will suspend you! Do you hear me?”

“YES SIR!” Sirius barked laughing.

Back outside on the Slytherin side of the stands Narcissa Black was wrapped up from the late October chill in a huge, emerald scarf. “I love watching him play,” She told Andromeda who was looking unnecessarily anxious about the upcoming match, “He’s such an amazing seeker, far better than Potter.”

“Are you two dating now?” Andromeda asked but her eyes weren’t on her sister, rather they were squinted towards the changing rooms as she waited impatiently for the players to emerge.

“Well not quite yet,” Narcissa didn’t sound pleased, “He invited me to the ball but he hasn’t officially asked me out. It’s should only be a matter of time though… Are you sure you don’t know what that note means? Is it something you’ve been learning in NEWT level?” Narcissa had been disappointed when her sister had been unable to make sense of the strange note that never made it to Lucius. Andromeda had reprimanded her for taking it and then said that she quite simply had no idea what it might mean.

“I’ve been walking around all day thinking/ I think I have a problem I think I think too much/ I’ve been taught to hold back my tears and avoid them/ But you make pain into something I can touch,” Andromeda recited, “Yes actually, now that I think about it Narcissa, that does sound like something McGonagal was saying last Thursday!” Andromeda rolled her eyes, “It sounds like nothing more than a bad poem to me. Maybe it’s from home? Maybe it’s something he read as a child?” Andromeda was still staring steadily at the changing rooms. She actually had a pretty good idea of who might be sending Lucius such notes but she wasn’t about to tell Narcissa. After all Andromeda knew what it was like to like someone you shouldn’t… “Oh look, there’s Slytherin!” The end of Andromeda’s exclamation was drowned out by a deafening roar; the crowds surrounding the sisters exploded into a torrential avalanche of screaming and cheering. The boo’s from the other side of the pitch were barely audible, all Andromeda could hear was wild support and then Gryffindor flew out of their changing rooms and suddenly she was in the centre of an angry, yelling mob. She and Narcissa joined in, screaming and shouting abuse. Then, sometime amongst the noise, the captains shook hands and the game began.

Fourteen players shot into the air, a blur of crimson and emerald.

“Isn’t he fabulous?” Narcissa squealed pointing at Lucius as he automatically shot high above the rest of the players and began scouring the air for the Golden Snitch. James Potter was doing the same but on the other side of the pitch. The real game was high above the Quaffle and Bludger.

“AND THEY’RE OFF!” The commentators voice boomed throughout the stands causing Andromeda to jump. “SLYTHERIN IN IMMEDIATE POSSESSION!” The Slytherin crowd roared their approval as their chasers passed the Quaffle back and forth, back and forth with practised precision. The argumentative Gryffindor chaser’s weren’t getting a look in. “OH AND A CLOSE CALL FOR GRYFFINDOR! TROTSKY MISSES BUT BARELY! GOOD SAVE BY ABBOT!” The Slytherin crowd groaned and jeered in distaste but that was nothing compared to what was coming, “TROTSKY IS OFF HIS BROOM! TROTSKY HAS BEEN KNOCKED OFF HIS BROOM CURTESY OF BLACK! WHAT A BEATER HE IS!” Trotsky tumbled to the ground like a broken doll, the bludger had winded and unseated him, it was the hard ground bellow that knocked him unconscious. “SLYTHERIN ARE ONE PLAYER DOWN! THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD FOR THE BOYS IN GREEN!”

Sirius was doing a victory lap past the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw stands as they chanted his name. A bludger from Thornton, a burly looking Slytherin beater, missed the handsome boys head by mere inches. Sirius face was a picture of menace as he turned towards the boy. He swept forward, seeking revenge, but Delilah had him covered. She flew past Thornton, lent so low on her broom that she was barely more than a blur then, with perfected precision, smashed his face with her bat. The Slytherin crowd disapproved.

Up in the Gryffindor stands Lily screamed, “She‘ll get disqualified!”

“Naw she won’t!” Pete shrieked as he applauded, “Hooch didn’t see a thing!”

The beginning of the game really set the tone for what was to come. It was one of the most violent games Hogwarts had ever seen. Delilah Tyler, especially, seemed to have taken personal offence to the Slytherin team and was doing her very best to not only dislodge them from their brooms but to cause them some permanent damage.

“OH THAT HAS GOT TO HURT!” Screamed the commentator as Delilah used both arms to smack a bludger at the, until then, only uninjured chaser of the Slytherin team. The bludger smashed into Richwood’s left arm and from the way it was now sitting it was clear it had broken.

Lily was peeking out at the game through her fingers, “It’s so horrible!” She whispered but the rest of the crimson stand disagreed.

There were Gryffindor casualties too, one chaser was now in the hospital wing and Sirius had a nasty cut above his eye, blood was oozing along his cheek as he pulled up next to Delilah. “They’ve gone after James.” He pointed and sure enough James was now completely distracted from his snitch quest as he now had more important things to worry about, like avoiding a full on Slytherin offensive. “I’m going to help him out, you make sure Malfoy doesn’t get near the snitch,”

Delilah’s eyes widened a touch but she nodded, slapped Sirius’ hand then flew off wondering how it would feel to hit Lucius with a bludger.


But Delilah didn’t make it that far. Richwood had abandoned any dreams of scoring a goal and was now shooting towards Delilah, murder in his tiny eyes.

The commentator was screaming in excitement, “RICHWOOD IS GAINING ON TYLER! HE DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY! AND SHE DUCKS A VERY BADLY AIMED PUNCH- OH RICHWOOD THAT’S GOT TO HURT!” Delilah’s beaters bat was lunged into Richwood’s gut and he doubled over, he’d used his good arm to swing the punch and now dislodged himself. He slipped from his broom. “IS HE OUT?” Cried the commentator and the crowd watched on as Richwood was loaded onto a stretcher, “TWO SLYTHERIN CHASERS DOWN! THE GAME IS ON MALFOY’S SHOULDERS NOW!” Barely a second passed then, “AND HE’S SPOTTED THE SNITCH! LUCIUS MALFOY HAS SPOTTED THE SNITCH!”

Delilah turned to chase but realised she didn’t have to. Lucius was hurtling towards her, his eyes narrowed in concentration, his arm outstretched. A brief flick of her eyes showed the snitch floating just to the right of her face.


There wasn’t enough time. She didn’t want to hit him. She didn’t want him to win. So much she didn‘t want to do. Oh well, there wasn’t any time. Without really thinking Delilah simply moved her broom, she moved in front of the snitch. Lucius hand snatched at her face rather than around the golden ball, there was a slight second during which she had time to feel his nails slice her cheek and then they collided.

“DELILAH!” Lily’s scream was lost amongst the crowd. She watched in horror as blood flew from Delilah’s sliced cheek in a graceful arc and then she and the Slytherin seeker plummeted towards the ground in a grotesque, gravitational embrace.

Sirius hurtled towards the falling pair knowing that he’d never make it. He lent lower on his broom, his wand dug against his chest.

Delilah’s bones jarred. Her entire body screamed in protest and she knew she, they, were falling. She could feel him against her, she would hit the ground and he would hit… her. Falling from that height, then being crushed by a large male; even with magical aftercare her chances didn’t look so good. She had the fleeting thought that maybe she should have just let him win the game… She could hear the crowd screaming, smell the comforting tang of Lucius, feel her body seizing up… Then she heard the commentator yell, “POTTER’S GOT THE SNI-,”

Lyrics taken from Maria Mena 'Free'

Chapter 9: He Had To Argue
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Despite having won the first Quiddich match of the season dinner that night was a very sombre affair at the Gryffindor table. Sirius was barely touching his food- a very bad sign- and Lily looked green at the mere thought of eating. The only person who seemed to have been more affected by the “accident” than the pair was Jessica who had refused to leave her sisters side even when heavily cajoled by the matron. As far as the frowning marauders and Lily knew Jessica was still sitting beside her twin, pale as a sheet and clutching her hand.

Sirius and Lily were on an even plateau of despair; Lily because Delilah was her best friend of six and a bit years and Sirius because he blamed himself.

“I can’t believe I saved Malfoy,” He snarled for what had to be the hundredth time and James patted his friends shoulder sympathetically.

“It was a miracle that you did, that was an amazing hover charm,” Remus’ voice was soft and soothing, “You saved her life Sirius, Madam Pomfrey even said so. If you hadn’t cast that hover charm on Malfoy then the impact of him landing on her-,”

“Don’t!” Lily gasped looking ashen.

“But that’s not the point is it!” Sirius pushed his entirely full plate of dinner away angrily, “I should have hovered them both! I can do it! You know I can hover two people at once,” He turned almost pleadingly to Lily and James who nodded there assent, “I missed! I failed! I let her fall-,”

“You saved her life.” Remus said sternly, “You’re the reason she’s in the hospital wing and not some god forsaken hole in the ground-,”

“Remus!” It was James who hushed his friend this time as Lily hid her face in her boyfriends shoulder and tried to swallow the terrified bile that had risen in her throat.

“I’m sorry,” Remus shrugged looking genuinely apologetic but nevertheless determined, “But it’s true. Sirius did an amazing thing today! He saved her! None of the teachers managed! Madam Hooch didn’t even realise what was happening until it was too late! Sirius saved her and now-,”

“Why did she do it?” Peter’s voice was squeaky and anxious as though the question had been on the tip of his tongue all day and he had only just mounted the courage to ask it. The friends sat quietly for a moment staring at the tabletop, unable to think of a reason plausible enough to justify Delilah’s actions. “She should have just hit him with her bat the way she did Richwood.” Peter continued and Sirius eyes darkened.

“Oh brilliant observation Wormtail. Maybe Moony should move over, you‘re clearly the brains of this operation.” He snarled sarcastically causing Pete to blush violently and murmur an apology.

“Stop it Sirius,” Lily hissed in a pale version of her usual scold. “It’s not his fault and he’s right! It was a stupid, stupid thing to do!”

Instantly defiant, although only moments before he had been thinking the same thing, Sirius argued, “She just understands what it means to win! It wasn’t stupid at all. It was necessary!”

“Throwing yourself fifty feet from a broomstick is never necessary,” Lily retorted and Sirius’ cheeks burned an angry red.

Only James could sympathise with his friends arguments; when Sirius felt stressed he lashed out and it seemed his only way of lashing out at this point in time was to argue with his friends. James gave his friend a playful nudge on the arm, “I’d have thrown myself in front of that snitch too,” He said as way of cooling the situation. Sirius half smiled at him, gratitude easing from his pores like cool water.

“No you wouldn’t have.” Lily told him with narrowed emerald eyes and in that moment James wanted to gag his beautiful girlfriend, “You’d have just caught it. That’s your job, you catch the snitch. Lucius Malfoy catches the snitch. Delilah had no need to throw herself in front of-,”

“Are you saying this is my fault?” James couldn’t help his jaw dropping.

“No,” Lily said automatically but the look in her eyes told a different story. James removed his arm from around her waist looking wounded.

“Yes you are! You’re saying that if I’d caught the snitch or as you put it ‘done my job’,” He made air quotes, “Then she wouldn’t have had to stop Malfoy getting it!”

“Well I’m not blaming you James but you do make a valid point,” Lily’s eyes flashed darkly and suddenly they didn’t look as pretty to James who felt as though she had punched him in the gut.

“Now see here,” Sirius sounded just about as outraged as James was hurt, “Delilah getting hurt does not have anything to do with anything Prongs has done!” His dark eyes regarded Lily with dislike, a dislike that didn’t look completely sudden. It was as if under the surface Sirius had been harbouring some level of ill feelings for the girl and now they were getting a chance to rise, “You may be scared Evans but I don’t give a crap. I’m not letting you belittle James so you can feel better anymore-,”

“I do not belittle James to-,”

“Yes you do,” Sirius’ voice was dangerously low. Remus looked nervous, Pete looked downright terrified and James was just staring at Lily as though he had never seen her before. “For years you’ve done it. All James has ever done is try to make you happy, even when you called him selfish and a bully and a toe rag. He always tried to cheer you up, he always defended you to anyone who said anything untoward. Just because your best friend is in the hospital wing does not give you the right to make him feel guilty about it!”

“I was not!” Lily gasped, “Sirius you are unbelievable!” She turned appealing to James, his sad eyes met hers for a moment before moving to stare determinedly at the tabletop. “So!” Lily concluded definitely, “What you all seem to be saying is that I effectively bully my boyfriend! Well fine!” She stood up, “If I’m such a horrible person then I’ll just get out of your way!” The stress of having her closest friend comatose in the hospital wing and her boyfriend thinking her a tyrant was too much and tears sprung up in Lily’s eyes. She held them back long enough to cast Sirius a final glowering stare then stormed from the Great Hall.

“AND GOOD RIDDANCE!” She heard Sirius yell after her. It was too much. She made it as far as the one-eyed witch on the second floor then collapsed against the wall sobbing.

Back in the Great Hall James was looking deeply upset, “That was all a bit rough,” He said glaring ever so slightly at Sirius, “She didn’t deserve that. She’s upset that’s all.”

“So what? We’re all upset! You don’t hear me blaming my friends for things they couldn’t possibly have prevented!” Sirius snapped, “You let her push you around too much Prongs, she’d do well to be told she’s not always right.”

“Still,” James was staring at the exit through which Lily had stalked, “I think I should go after her, she might be upset.”

“So what?” Sirius repeated. The table had changed from dinner to desert and he helped himself to a large bowl of treacle tart, “We’re all fucking upset.”

“No you were out of order Padfoot,” James seemed to be coming to a decision, “You’re doing exactly what you’re accusing her off! You’re venting your anger and frustrations in the wrong direction-,”

“Well at least I’m not venting them at the person I’m supposed to be dating!”

“Well maybe you should be!” James snapped, “It’s no ones fault but Delilah’s that she’s in that bed upstairs. She was an idiot!”

Sirius slammed his spoon down, “She is not an idiot!”

“Well I don’t consider throwing yourself off a fifty foot height as an exactly genius idea!”

“I can’t believe you’re turning on me,” Sirius looked deeply offended, “After I defended you to Evans!”

“After you made my girlfriend cry you mean!”

“WELL YOU JUST CALLED MY GIRLFRIEND AN IDIOT AND SHE’S LYING COMATOSE IN A HOSPITAL BED WITH A SHATTERED SPINE!” Sirius roared getting to his feet and leaning aggressively across the table. James was on his feet too.


“Guys come on! Calm down,” Remus stood up, trying to sooth the situation but it was no use.


“I don’t see why you’re getting so touchy!” James’ voice was quieter but so vicious that it was barely recognisable, “You said it yourself, you’re only with Delilah because she was an easy lay!”

Sirius pale face burned red, “Leave.” He snarled and James looked instantly regretful.

“Sirius-,” He began but Sirius just shook his head.

“You’ve made yourself very clear, James, now leave before I do something we’ll both regret.”

James looked ready to argue then seemed to change his mind. He turned and left the hall, his footsteps echoing in the sudden silence as every other student watched him pass wondering what the famous marauders had been arguing about although, due to the shouting, there wasn’t really much left to wonder about.

There was another argument taking place in the dinner hall although this one was much more hushed and a lot less public. Andromeda was staring incredulously at her younger sister, “So let me get this straight, you stole that out of an unconscious mans pocket as he lay bleeding in a hospital bed?” She gasped staring at the small piece of parchment in Narcissa’s hand.

“Well yes but he wasn’t bleeding-,”

“Have you no idea how morally corrupt that is? Have you no respect for privacy?”

“But it was her writing!”

Narcissa had spent most of her day keeping vigil at Lucius’ side. She had never felt fear quite like what she had felt watching him plummet to earth. Her entire future had flashed before her eyes; her Nordic children, her wealth, her status, Malfoy manor. It had all seemed to be slipping through her fingers as fast as gravity had been pulling Lucius towards earth and an early death. For a moment she’d watched him, squealing his name but then a miracle! She felt as though by her own will she had stopped him hitting the ground. He’d stopped, a mere foot from that blasted Gryffindor who lay broken on the ground and simply hovered. He had been spared. He was unconscious and beaten but very much alive. Eligible. It was while she was stroking his sleeping face and pondering ways to guarantee her future that she had noticed the little roll of parchment poking, ever so slightly, from his Quiddich robes. She’d checked that no one was watching her and then taken the note; this time she didn’t feel guilty, now she felt like she had a right to know what was going on. It was her right to take his notes and analyse them.

“It’s like the next stage of the poem,” She told Andromeda, “And it’s signed D, just like the other note.”

Andromeda looked disgusted, “I would never have believed it of you-,”

“Andy I have a right to know what’s going on!”

“No you don’t, Narcissa! Why assume this is a scandal? They’re probably notes from his mother! Perhaps a poem he read as a child? I also think you’ll find that her name is Drusilla, or did you choose to forget? These notes are Lucius’ private property and you are violating his rights!”

“Bellatrix doesn’t think so.” Narcissa retorted huffily and Andromeda’s face paled somewhat. Luckily Narcissa didn’t notice.

“You contacted Bellatrix?”

“Yes.” Narcissa replied primly. “Seeing as you are being so unhelpful, I thought perhaps she could help me figure out what the note means. She thinks I need to gather as much information as possible-,”

“Narcissa I’m begging you. Do not involve Bellatrix any further- she means little harm but harm always befalls those involved with her-,”

“Why would these notes cause harm? If they’re from his mother then there is nothing to worry about,” Her eyes flashed triumphantly upon her sisters obviously rising anxiety, “You know something Andy-,”

“I do not. We are not having this conversation again.”

“Bellatrix said you’d say that.” Narcissa let out a long, infuriating yawn, “You just don’t understand Andy. I’ve always been more ambitious than you. Lucius Malfoy is my ambition now. You may find my investigations immoral but I see them for what they are; necessary in order to get what I deserve.” She gave her sister a simpering smile, “Now I’m going to visit Lucius and see if he’s any closer to waking up. Madam Pomfrey seems to think he’ll be conscious before curfew.”

Jessica’s day had thus far been a rollercoaster of emotion. She’d went from excited (at the Quiddich match), to terrified her sister was dead (Delilah falling), to relief that she was only comatose, to distraught that she was comatose, to utterly confused by the reaction of the very recently conscious Slytherin seeker.

Lucius Malfoy had came into consciousness for around thirty seconds, had a brief argument with Madam Pomfrey about his need to stay in bed, came to Delilah’s bedside and had done nothing since but stare at her sister and clutch her hand whilst asking rapid, quick fire questions to the flustered Matron.

Jessica could only conclude that he blamed himself for her sisters state. He seemed to be hit very hard by the fact that the damage to her spine could not be accurately gauged until she regained consciousness which was not entirely guaranteed to happen anytime soon. He’d demanded to know why she hadn’t already been transported to St Mungo’s but Madam Pomfrey had explained that it would be unwise for a student of Delilah’s blood type to leave the school grounds at this time. The Slytherin seeker had went very pale at this point and made an empty, mirthless joke; something along the lines of “I don’t suppose you mean all A negatives are under siege?”

Jessica had almost laughed, not because the joke was particularly funny but because the seeker had gotten her sisters blood type right. The strangest thing had been when Madam Pomfrey asked, looking keenly fascinated, how Lucius Malfoy had come to know about Muggle blood types and he had went from deathly pale to bright red and muttered, “Just something I picked up,”

The Matron had said that it was amazing what young people picked up about Muggle life even whilst living in the confines of a Magic castle, especially those like Lucius’ Malfoy whom she supposed didn’t take Muggle studies? Lucius, who’s skin tone had returned to it’s normal icy pallor, had simply sneered and replied, “It is amazing what useless junk students pick up when exposed to those of inferior lifestyle isn’t it?” But he had not let go of Delilah’s still hand. The Matron had made a strange, disapproving noise and left the ward.

“Different does not mean inferior,” Jessica said unable to help herself. She glared straight into Lucius’ icy grey eyes with her own cornflower blue ones and she saw a flicker of something that wasn’t entirely hostile in his gaze. “In fact I’d say that because muggleborns understand both the magical and non-magical ways of life they actually have an advantage over the more…stringent magical folk.”

“You are both startlingly similar,” Lucius said after a moments pause, he was clearly avoiding replying to Jessica‘s statement.

“That’s what happens when you have the same parents.” Jessica replied waspishly. She was normally the more pleasant and polite twin but as far as she was concerned Lucius Malfoy was nothing but a pureblood bigot with too much self-importance to earn any of her respect. She somewhat hoped he would argue with her so she could demand he leave her twins bedside; his hand on her sisters was an eerie, almost macabre, sight which she wasn’t enjoying. To her it seemed he was almost mocking Delilah by pretending to care that someone of her blood was hurt.

The Slytherin merely smiled infuriatingly, “Yes, I suppose it is.”

There was a strange silence hanging between them. It was an uncomfortable thing that Jessica did not enjoy and so she broke it; she had never been plagued by a need to please other people, after all, she had grown up being told that she was important- royalty- the wants of a stuffy, pureblood, fool were not of any real importance to the girl. Although many thought the louder spoken Delilah was the more confident, domineering twin they were mistaken. Delilah’s brash comments and raised voice were merely a defence mechanism (so Jessica assumed anyway), it was truly Jessica with her calm projection of her beliefs who held supreme confidence in what she had to say and who she was. “You lost the Quiddich match,” She said vaguely but with biting precision, her hand was on her sisters but her eyes were on Lucius Malfoy’s stoic expression.

“I though I might have,” There was no expression in his voice nor on his face.

“Does that bother you?”

“Some things are more important than winning,” Nothing changed but there was a twitch at the corner of his full lip as though he was fighting not to smirk, “Don’t you agree?”

“Like you being alive?” She ignored him.

“Like your sister being alive.” Now he was smirking. Infuriatingly.

“Oh please,” Jessica rolled her eyes. He found them frighteningly similar to Delilah’s even though they were not coated in horrible shades of black and brown. “As if my sisters death would play on your mind Mister Malfoy,” Her voice was entirely different from Delilah’s, Jessica spoke the way Delilah would when she pretended to be royal. Jessica reminded Lucius that Delilah actually was someone in a world he considered below him.

“You are a horrible bigot, Miss Tyler,” He said simply making sure that her name was marred by a vaguely insulting tone. He reached up to remove a stray hair from Delilah’s pale, sleeping face.

“Excuse me?” Jessica sounded both affronted and amused, “Are you calling me a bigot?” She said it as though it was the most ludicrous thing she had ever heard.

“Yes, I am.”

“And why would you accuse me of that?”

“Well Miss Tyler,” Again with the mocking, ‘Inside I’m nearly dead from laughing at you’, tone of voice and irritatingly stoic expression “You have judged me horribly based on my wealth, status and blood. It is tragic that you have such a narrow minded view on those of purely, wizarding blood but alas some in this world are not made to be accepting,”

“I did not judge you-,”

“Oh but you did. You assumed I would not care whether your sister lived or died merely because I am in Slytherin house and from a well known pureblood family, did you not?”

“Oh please,” She scoffed, “You, yourself, have made it perfectly clear you consider Muggles and Muggleborns below you,”

“I said nothing on Muggleborns during our interaction or any interaction you may have witnessed me in.” Lucius removed his hand from Delilah’s and leaned back in his chair, yawning, “In fact I think you’ll find I referred to the Muggle way of life as inferior.”


“Do you disagree with me, Jessica?” It was the use of her name that through her off course, she had been unaware she had introduced herself. Lucius Malfoy was a name that all knew throughout the school but Jessica had thought she kept a lower profile. She had, possibly naively, assumed she would have flown beneath Lucius Malfoy’s radar. “Do you consider the Muggle way of life superior to ours or even on an even plateau? Would you, Jessica, choose to travel the Muggle way; in aircraft and cars as opposed to apparation or floo? Do you use glue as opposed to a repairing charm?” He smiled when she didn’t respond, “No I didn’t think so. It is not bigoted to say our lifestyle is superior because it is. The same way the Western Worlds’ way of life by far outstrips that of the poverty stricken in the Third World. We may be ‘equals’,” He made air quotations and gave her a face that insisted he was humouring her, “But I don’t see many with working taps in their kitchens travelling to the village well.”

Jessica wasn’t sure how Lucius Malfoy had both managed to make a lot of sense and simultaneously sound even more bigoted than she‘d originally thought. She opened her mouth then closed it as she tried to think of a reply but she was saved the effort when the wards main door opened.

Both she and Lucius turned towards the door and watched as Narcissa Black swept elegantly into the ward with her long, blonde hair trailing around her shoulders like yellow water. She headed straight for Lucius’ bed then let out a little squeal of horror when she realised he wasn’t there, she spun around looking desperately for Madam Pomfrey before her eyes found Lucius by the bed of the Gryffindor Mudblood who had nearly killed him.

“Oh Lucius!” She cried in a high voice as she cantered across the ward and towards the boy who’s eyebrows raised, “I was so worried!” She had obviously expected him to stand up so they could embrace but upon getting to his side and finding him still seated she was forced to awkwardly hug him then stand uncomfortably at his side. “What are you doing out of bed?” She asked, then rephrased, “What are you doing here?”

Lucius stood up, brushing down the pyjamas the Matron had dressed him in. “I was merely enquiring as to the health of Delilah,” He said crisply and Jessica noted how his voice had changed. A moment before he had been pompous, yes, but now he seemed positively Godlike in his mannerisms. Narcissa had appeared and now Lucius stood and spoke as though he owned the earth and the fifth year watched him as if she heartily agreed.

“Delilah?” Narcissa’s voice was sharp and questioning, “You mean Sirius’ silly, little, girlfriend who nearly killed you?” She sounded incredulous.

“Oh she hardly caused any harm,” Lucius smirked. He nodded at Jessica before sauntering back towards his own bed and climbing on to sit, propped elegantly, against the headboard, “I think Delilah merely had a stronger desire to win.”

“She had a strong desire for death! That’s what she had!” Narcissa gasped, “The silly little bitch-,”

Lucius’ expression darkened considerably, “I would prefer if you didn’t speak that way around me Narcissa.”

Narcissa looked close to arguing before collecting herself and smiling serenely, “Of course, I’m upset that’s all,” She even looked at the ground, appropriately abashed, waiting for forgiveness.

Jessica watched the exchange and tried to hide the disgust from her face. She found it to be an impossible task and decided that staring at her sister was a much safer option than risking either of the couple seeing how grossed out they made her. If Jessica hated anything, it was domineering men and submissive women. They were her pet peeve.

Just then she felt a little squeeze on her hand. “Lucius?” Delilah was awake. 

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Chapter 10: She Wrote In Red
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Narcissa was scribbling furiously. She was hunched over the desk in her dormitory; ink was splattering messily along her rushed letter, she’d already broken two quills in her haste. She’d had to cast an extra strength spell on this Quill, after all, it was her last one and her letter needed to be sent immediately. She needed to know what Bellatrix would do.

The tiny, weak voice had carried. It had echoed around the hospital ward, so close to being nothing more than a strange sounding sigh and yet it was as if it was being bellowed in Narcissa’s ear. She was surprised that the other snoozing patients in the ward hadn’t been wakened by the blasphemous racket.

Lucius? What had that Mudblood bitch meant by saying his name? His name with her unworthy tongue?

She scribbled down these thoughts in the blood red ink; the only colour she could find.

In the millisecond after the Gryffindor seekers’ whisper Narcissa had looked not in her direction but at Lucius. It was the strangest thing. His face did not look confused, nor ashamed, but rather alert, he had moved ever so slightly as if to go to her and then the screaming started.

Delilah Tyler was shrieking as though she was consumed in a scalding fire and Narcissa could not continue watching Lucius’, the sheer calamity of the Gryffindors cries forced her to stare. Her fists were clenched, her face red, her eyes closed tight and her mouth open in a painful, hair raising howl.

Madam Pomfrey came dashing from her office, her wand raised. The rest of the patients in the ward woke up, some exclaiming in shock, but all turned towards the girls bed in morbid curiosity. The girls sister was screaming too, screaming at her sister to tell her what was wrong, to calm down, to hold still. Lucius had gotten out of bed and dashed to the bedside shouting for Madam Pomfrey to do something; there was an expression close to blind terror on his face and suddenly Narcissa knew. She knew who D was.

She scrawled the name on the parchment of her letter with blind hate ruling her penmanship, ‘Delilah Tyler, a Gryffindor, a Mudblood and a whore’.

Madam Pomfrey had came to Delilah’s aid using a complicated little spell that cast her convulsing body in a haze of gold and calmed her. Lucius had seemed to come back into himself and retreated from the Mudblood’s bedside. Neither he nor Narcissa spoke for a long time. Narcissa had sat at his bedside and simply frowned at her knees wondering what she should do, how she should use this information, what was the best plan of action? She came to the decision that Bellatrix should know however Andromeda should not. Andromeda was not to be trusted any further in this matter. She also came to the decision that Lucius’ connection to the Mudblood should be kept as low key as possible, only Bellatrix would be told because discretion was the key to success. Lucius Malfoy was heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world and she would not let him slip away over one silly misdemeanour. She would not let him lose his inheritance and therefore her inheritance. She would both hide his secret and end it. She would quash any feelings he had ever possessed for that skinny little tramp.

One of the things that really stung Narcissa about the whole situation was that Delilah Tyler was the Mudblood who was dating Sirius Black. Sirius had always been the black sheep of the family but nevertheless he was of good wizarding stock and Lucius was a prime cut. How dare Delilah Tyler wield the hearts of both these men and leave a legitimate, pureblood like Narcissa to struggle?

Narcissa also had another small plan but a most complicated one. How could she end the relationship between her cousin and the girl without destroying her future husbands reputation? She was sure Bellatrix would have a solution.

She finished her letter,

All my heart, filled with the purest of bloods, your sister,


She rolled up her letter and watched as her owl disappeared into the night clutching it between it’s talons. She could practically feel the weight of an engagement ring, tingly pleasantly on her left hand. The feeling sent shots of happiness through her body. Because after all, how could Lucius refuse her now? She knew too much.

Delilah had been awake for three days. She’d relocated to a bed by the window so she could stare out at the grounds while her friends were in class. Autumn had well and truly washed over Hogwart’s in a haze of bronze and gold leaving the grounds a wonderland of riches, the wind raced fallen leaves in pretty swirls of colour around the grass. Of course the scenery was only visible during the day, nights were a different matter.

Luckily when the sun went down her number of visitors increased. Lily was almost her constant companion and Jessica
had visited every day for at least an hour. Sirius had flitted in and out always bringing some horrendously sugary gift which she would thank him for before practically forcing it upon her other visitors. James had showed up once but spent most of his visit pleading with Lily to forgive him, he’d even brought roast beef sandwiches, but Lily’s anger proved unyielding.

Lily was refusing to attend the Halloween Ball (due the following Sunday) with James lest she ‘intimidate him or ruin his night with her thoughtless bullying’. She was also refusing to go to the ball alone so her final Halloween at Hogwarts hinged on Delilah being allowed to leave the hospital wing and join the festivities. Apparently Delilah’s bad reaction to the Skele-gro had had something to do with the malnutrition of her bones so her stay in the ward looked extended and the idea of missing the ball had cast a gloomy shadow over the girls.

Lily was perched on a stool reading through her Transfiguration text and underlining important sentences. Delilah was staring resolutely at the window although all she could see now was her own frowning face in the darkened glass.

“This is stupid.” Delilah scowled turning to her friend and artfully snatching the text book from her hands.

“HEY!” Lily tried to snatch it back but Delilah flung it off the other side of the bed, “What did you do that for?” Lily huffed although she made no great efforts to retrieve her homework.

“Because! There is no reason for you to not go to the ball!” Delilah didn’t look very much like Delilah with her face free from make up and her hair tied back but the determined look in her eye was signature. “You don’t have signs of early osteoporosis! Put on your dancing shoes Lil’s!”

“No!” Lily tucked a dignified strand of hair behind her ear, “I’m not going alone. Anyway I don’t want to go to the ball. It’s idiotic and… stupid!”

“Fine!” Delilah snapped sending a furtive glance at Madam Pomfrey, “Then you take my place and I’ll take yours. You drink this,” She picked up and waved her goblet of medicine laced water at Lily, “And I’ll smooch James!”

Lily snatched Delilah’s goblet and set it carefully back on the bedside table, “You’re medicine would do me no good and neither of us is ‘smooching’ James Potter anytime soon. Anyway there’s no way we could switch anyway, it’s not as if we even look alike.”

Looking decidedly depressed Delilah sunk into her pillows, “This is so crap. Jazz Gibney is going to be there and everything! You know how much I love him.” Jazz Gibney was rumoured to be the performer at this years ball. Professor Slughorn’s connection to Gwendolyn Gibney had paid off after all.

“You’d be with Sirius anyway if you did go,”

“I know but Jazz Gibney is a rockstar. There’s a free pass with the famous. I’m sure Sirius would understand.”

Lily raised her eyebrows, “So… do you like him?”

“Jazz Gibney? I worship him!”

“No! I mean Sirius,” Lily lowered her voice, “I mean you changed your mind about him pretty quickly! One minute you’re telling me there isn’t a chance in hell and the next-,” Lily cut off as the ward door opened.

“Hi!” Jessica came equipped with a strange material bundle in her arms and a huge smile, “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’m being forced to drink urine,” Delilah replied loudly casting Madam Pomfrey a dark glare and talking about her goblet again. The matron ignored her patient with an air of practised obliviousness.

“Oh well! Buck up eh? At least you’re in a nice comfy bed while some are forced out into the autumn to play with Hippogriffs!” Jessica laughed loudly, she was at the bed now and forcing the bundle she’d been carrying into Delilah’s arms, “Here’s that scarf you asked for! You know because you were feeling cold!” She said in a loud carrying voice. The matron ignored them.

“Play it cool Jess,” Delilah hissed rolling her eyes and shoving the scarf (which was concealing a pack of cigarettes and a lighter) under her bed.

Lily, having cottoned on, was wide eyed, “You’ll both get in terrible trouble- Jessica!” She turned to the blushing twin, “You are a prefect!” She accused and Jessica’s blush deepened.

“Oh lay off her,” Delilah grinned, happier now that she knew she was mere hours from her first cigarette since the morning of the Quiddich match, “She didn’t want to bring them but she owes me.” The words seemed to strike a cord in the bed-ridden girl and she turned scheming eyes on her, very much identical, twin, “She owes me,” She repeated and suddenly meeting Jazz Gibney was on the cards again.

“Cheer up,” Sirius scolded his best friend. He’d always believed that actions spoke louder than words but slapping James about with a pillow had not had the desired effect i.e. a smile.

“I am cheered,” James mumbled ripping another page from his Transfiguration text book, balling it up and throwing it in the common room fire. He was on a chair, Sirius however was sprawled along the mat in front of the flames basking in their heat like a dog. All the books said that the traits of an animagi’s animal shouldn’t affect human behaviour but Sirius was beginning to think he was susceptible to doglike habits. He stretched his arms above his head knowing that Mary McGwiggan was watching the inches of stomach this movement revealed like a hawk. He also knew that the girls crush on him was driving her best friend, Angelica, crazy.

“You’re sorrow was interesting for about the first five minutes James,” Sirius groaned rolling on to his stomach and abandoning his flirtations with Mary, “Now it’s boring and I’m bored. Remus is over there doing some self-assigned homework and Pete’s still refusing to come out of the dormitory.” In his boredom Sirius had ‘done’ Peter’s hair. No one but Sirius and Pete knew exactly what had happened to the boys head but he hadn’t been seen for a full day. “I’ve never been a wallow in self pity kind of guy and I didn’t think you were either.”

“I’m not wallowing,” James grumbled as an entire chapter went up in flames, “I’m thinking.”

“About the roast beef sandwiches idea? Yeah, so she didn’t go for that. So what? There’re plenty of girls out there James,”

“I don’t want any other girls!” James hissed and Sirius sat up.

“That’s just because you’ve been so wrapped up in Evans for so long you’ve forgotten what’s out there!”

“I know what’s out there! Evans is just better than the rest-,”

“Better than Mary?” Sirius asked nodding towards the girl who swiftly looked away tucking a strand of cropped, copper laced, black hair behind her ear. “Mary’s pretty hot.”

“What do you care if Mary’s hot? You’re going out with Delilah anyway.”

“Yeah but it’s not like we’re married. This is your problem.” Sirius lay down again and closed his eyes deciding to rest, “You’re taking things too seriously. So Lily Evans isn’t talking to you? So what? You’re not going to marry her. You’re probably not going to remember who she was in ten years. We’re teenagers James, we sow wild oats, and have lots of girlfriend. Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be.”

“So you’re sowing wild oats with Delilah?” James looked sceptical and Sirius grinned.

“Well not anymore; she’s keeping her oats pretty unsown recently.”

“Lily’s right about you,” James said with a smile tweaking his lips, “You’re unbelievable.”

“That’s what all the oats say.”

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Chapter 11: Preparations and Palpitations
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James was not having a good day. He’d thought that being Head Boy would mean privileges, for example: the ability to roam the corridors after hours, the use of special quarters and a lot of time spent with Lily, the Head Girl. What he hadn’t expected was responsibility and a Head Girl who was quickly reverting back to a girl who couldn’t stand the sight him.

It was the day of the Halloween Ball and both James and Lily were leading their team of prefects in the decoration of the hall. James, however, was having a hard time concentrating on organising centre pieces as all he could think about was Lily. She was polishing Crystal bracket covers with Jessica Tyler on the other side of the hall and showing him absolutely no interest whatsoever; she was talking so darkly to her new friend that James feared they might be plotting to kill him.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” James asked the nearest prefect. Lucius’ face was blank and sneering; he didn’t reply. The blonde boy was hovering candles out of a huge box to float dramatically over the hundreds of small, intimate tables. “I wonder if she’ll still go to the ball with me…” Although it might seem like he was James wasn’t really talking to Lucius, in fact it could be debated if he even realised Lucius was there. James’ mind was somewhere else. Namely on Lily.

Lucius glanced over at the two girls as they scrubbed at the Crystal, “Well if she’s stupid enough to manually polish those things then she might be stupid enough to date you.” He said it in his most sneering of tones before promptly walking off in the direction of the murmuring girls.

If James had been in the right state of mind he might have felt the urge to deck the Slytherin right in the nose but, as it was, all he now felt was hope that Lily WAS stupid enough to go to the ball with him.

“Definitely curls,” Delilah told Lily. She had escaped the Hospital Wing that morning as Lily caused a distraction and Jessica crawled into the hospital bed to replace her. Lily had- in a moment of inspiration- told the Matron that it burned when she peed and caused a big enough commotion that Delilah had slid, easily, out of the ward.. The girls had decided to keep the switch to themselves fearing that the marauders might not be adequately discrete if they knew. Lily also sensed that Delilah didn’t want to go to the ball lumbered with a boyfriend who might interrupt her seduction of Jazz Gibney. “I’m thinking of straightening mine so you should go curly. We’ll compliment each other.”

“No! Keep your hair wavy. You really suit it wavy,” Lily said it in her regular voice but her face was stoic and harsh. Delilah was talking with the same moody expression. They were playing a new ‘Annoy James’ game. They spoke about normal things but with extreme expressions on their faces to make him think that whatever was happening was important. He’d been twitching nervously for the past hour.

“I don’t know… Jessica always straightens hers, what if someone realises it’s me?” Delilah murmured darkly with a swift glance in James’ direction.

“Well earlier you had an entire conversation with Sirius and he didn’t have a clue. If your boyfriend doesn‘t recognise you then I doubt anyone else will.” Lily lowered her voice to a whisper as Lucius Malfoy was laying out table cloths only a few tables away.

“Yeah but Sirius isn’t exactly the fastest pixie in the tree…”

“De-Jessica! He’s your boyfriend!”

“James is your boyfriend!”

“Yeah well.” Lily’s expression darkened and she cast James a long, cold glare. His left eye twitched and he ruffled his hair meekly before busying himself with his centre pieces again. “Maybe not for much longer…”

“Oh please. You’re not going to break up with him because Sirius was an asshole to you Lily.” Delilah rolled her eyes, “Sirius is always an asshole. It’s part of his charm. Poor James was just caught up in the drama and, after all, I was incapacitated. It must have been a traumatic time for all of you.” Her blue eyes twinkled good naturedly and Lily frowned.

“It was De-Jessica. Don’t nearly die ever again or I’ll kill you.” They both laughed although Lily’s eyes remained serious. A few moments passed in comfortable silences as they polished more crystal and then Lily asked, in a very careful voice, “So, what’s happening with you and Sirius?”

Delilah shrugged, avoiding Lily’s eyes, “Oh you know… we’re just going with the flow.”

“Do you fancy him?”

“No!” Delilah gasped automatically before remembering that she was already dating him so there was no reason for denial, “Yes.”

Lily looked thoughtful, with a careful glance around the hall to make sure they couldn’t be overheard (even by the nearby Lucius Malfoy) she whispered, “It’s just…” Then she tailed of and shook her head resembling a horse bothered by flies.

“It’s just what?” Delilah asked curiously but Lily continued shaking her head.

“It’s not important.”

“No tell me,”

With another check for an unwanted audience Lily continued although she looked quite unsure of whether she should be saying anything at all, “It’s just that when I used to tease you for fancying him- before you started dating- it was because it genuinely seemed like you were into him. You were always smiling to yourself or day dreaming and you never told me what it was about… I assumed it was Sirius… But now… You don’t do any of that. In fact you smile less. It’s like you should be acting differently now that you’re dating him but not differently in the way that you are- do you get me?” Lily was looking flustered as if Delilah might get mad but instead her friend just looked perturbed.

“I used to smile to myself?”

“Yeah.” Lily polished her shade furiously. She glanced up to see Delilah staring cautiously in the direction of the Slytherin prefect who was loitering nearby in the pretence of straightening a table cloth. Lily frowned at him; how rude.

Unbeknownst to Lily, Delilah’s mind was racing. Now was the perfect opportunity to tell her friend everything. Should she tell her? Should she let slip? She wanted to but at the same time there was something holding her back; something that felt very much like shame. Lucius had claimed that she was just as ashamed of their relationship as he was but she hadn’t believed him; not until that moment. She watched him as he tugged aimlessly at the black tablecloth, obviously bored senseless by the decorating task. She watched how his pale hands shone like alabaster against the ebony cloth, how his hair was so bright it seemed he almost had a natural halo, his downcast eyes were carefully disinterested but she knew he was standing nearby because he missed her. The way she missed him. She imagined how Lily would react to the news that Delilah used to daydream and smile about Lucius Malfoy; she imagined how Lily would comprehend that there had once been a time when Delilah permanently wore a silver chain with a ruby encrusted, snake, pendant hidden beneath her school shirt. That necklace was now hidden under her mattress and had been for weeks. She wondered what it would be like to tell Lily that she hadn’t bought a new dress for the ball when they were in Hogsmeade… She was going to wear a gift from the previous Christmas.

The silence between the two girls stretched uncomfortably. Eventually Delilah took a deep breath, this was it. She was going to tell Lily, “Lily the truth is I wasn’t daydreaming about Sirius, actually… this is pretty funny… you’re going to laugh-,”

But she was cut off, “Oh my God!” Lily gasped staring over her friends shoulder, “Oh my God Delilah, don’t turn around! You’ll simply die if you turn around.” Delilah turned around.

“Jazz Gibney!” She shrieked..

“It was horrible!” James exclaimed his chin in the air as Remus adjusted his bowtie, “As if things weren’t bad enough then a bunch of over rated pop stars came in!”

Remus clucked his tongue sympathetically as he finished the tie and gave his friend an encouraging pat on the shoulder, “Well it could be worse,” He suggested and James shook his head.

“No it got worse! It got awful!”

“What happened?” Pete asked, his mouth already agape from the drama.

“You’ll not believe it,” Sirius grinned. He was by the dormitory’s other mirror gelling his hair into an achingly fashionable style.

“What?” Pete gasped excitedly and James threw himself onto his bed in distress.

“So Slughorn the big, fat-,” He cursed explicitly, “Shouts over for me and Lily to meet the band- I mean why! Why! That-,” More explicit swear words caused Remus to flinch and Sirius to grin, “And that Jack Gibney is a complete-,” Sirius actually whooped in support of these words, “He kisses Lily’s hand!” He got off his bed and began to pace the dormitory, “And of course I say ‘stop kissing my girlfriends hand’ and Lily tells me to shut up! How! Why! I don’t-! Argh!”

“It could be-,” Remus began but James held a threateningly finger up to hush his friend.

“I am not finished. So she tells me to shut up and I say ‘don’t tell me to shut up! That sleaze is kissing your hand!’ and Jack-,”

“Jazz,” Corrected Pete.

James glared, “-Jack,” He continued, “Says ‘Lily is this your boyfriend?’ and do you know what she says? DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAYS?”

“WHAT DOES SHE SAY?” Sirius shouted back as if he was an enthusiastic pantomime audience.

“’It’s debatable’. That’s what she said,” He flung himself onto his bed again, got up and continued pacing. He was beyond agitated, he was quickly advancing into a stage that might resemble an epileptic fit. “That’s debatable? What’s debatable about it? I ask her out-,”

“A billion times,” Quipped Sirius.

“- She says yes. We’re a couple. It’s NOT debatable.” James was going rather red in the face, “Then he,” He was spat out like a curse word, “gives this whole bullshit spiel about Lily reminding him of a song he wrote and how he’s going to dedicate it to her tonight and maybe they could hang out after the show. And do you know what she says?”


“Sure! That’s what she said. Sure.” He ripped of his bow tie causing Remus to flinch, “I’m not going to the ball.” He flung himself onto his bed for the final time, “There’s no point. I’m going to be humiliated. Everyone knows about Lily and I and now she’s going to run off with the band.”

“James.” Sirius abandoned his pot of gel, “We’ve had this conversation before. You take things too seriously! So Lily’s ditching you for a bloke with a guitar, so what?”

“And the voice of a God.” Supplied Pete causing the other boys to make faces of disgust at him.

“Anyway, ignoring the homo,” Continued Sirius, “You need to see this as an opportunity. Now you’re not tied down into doing what Lily wants to do at the ball. You’re a free agent. She made the rules with the pop star. Tonight my friend-,” He had went to the wardrobe and was rustling around, removing the loose panel from the back, he emerged holding a large bottle of vodka, “- neither of our girlfriends is going to be paying us any attention. Mine is locked up for the evening and yours is drooling over some tight trouser wearing idiot.” He shook the bottle, “We’re going to have the best Halloween Ball ever, aren’t we Remus?”


“No!” James snapped at him, “That is officially a banned word.” He turned to Sirius, “Pour me a large one.”

“Tonight’s going to be amazing.” Sirius grinned filling four tumblers with intimidating measures of vodka.

Jessica was sitting cross legged on her hospital bed prison feeling thoroughly depressed. The only upside was that her friend Ted had fallen down some stairs and was now laying in the bed opposite her. The downside of this was that he didn’t know she was her… if that made sense. Ted was being very nice to her even though she was Delilah whom he didn’t know.

The sandy haired boy tucked his hands behind his head, his broken leg was elevated while Madam Pomfrey concocted the relevant potions to fix it. He, unlike Jessica, would be making it to the ball.

“This place is tragically dull,” Ted sighed, “Thank goodness I have the pain in my leg to distract me or I might go crazy.”

“I don’t even have a entertaining broken bone to keep me going.” Jessica complained, “It’s just me and the ceiling cracks.”

“Well I’m sure you get some interesting visits,” He was smiling strangely at her. Jessica was confused.

“Well Sirius and Lily…” She shrugged, “They visit me but I don’t see how that’s interesting.”

Ted laughed, “Andromeda told me about you and,” He raised his eyebrows instead of saying a name, “It’s OK. You and me are kind of in the same boat.”

“And what boat is that?” Jessica was dumbfounded. Her and who? What?

“We’re the dirty secrets.” He flinched at a shooting pain in his knee, “Damn that’s sore! So how long-,” But he was cut short by Madam Pomfrey entering the ward again armed with enough potions to rebuild an entire skeleton. Jessica was left gaping at him up until the moment he left the ward, bouncing on his newly mended leg. Dirty secret? Delilah was a dirty secret? What? Maybe the fall had meddled with his mind. Feeling confused, bored and frustrated Jessica collapsed against her pillows and amused herself by trying to set the matron on fire with her eyes. Ah, life.

“I can’t go,” Delilah and Lily were getting dressed in the prefects bathroom on the second floor. Lily had covertly snuck Delilah’s dress, shoes and makeup out of their dormitory whilst Angelica’s watchful eyes were covered in cucumber slices. They were both shimming into their dresses and sliding on their shoes when she made the announcement.

“Why?” Lily asked turning around so that Delilah could zip her up, “Are your legs about to fall off or something?”

“No.” Delilah grumbled pulling the sip up with rather unnecessary force. Lily yelped as her back was caught in the zipper. “Oh sorry.” Delilah grumbled unenthusiastically.

“What’s up with you?” Lily gasped reaching awkwardly over her shoulder to rub her pinched back.

“Nothing.” Delilah grumbled, “But how come I faint in front of Jazz Gibney and you flirt? You know I love him Lily… I can’t believe you did that to me.”

“Delilah!” Lily giggled, “You’re not serious!”

“I love him. Dearly.” But her lips were twitching, “I planned to seduce him and then you go and be all gorgeous and-,”

“Oh do shut up!” Lily rolled her eyes and went to the large mirror on the far wall. She lent forwards and applied her mascara with her mouth hanging open.

“Well you have to have sex with him. You know that right?”

Lily snorted causing mascara to streak through the strands of hair that were falling about her face, “Aw no!” She gasped picking at them with her finger nails “I hate when this happens!”

“Here,” Delilah went to the tap and moistened her fingers, she then tended to her friends black strands, “But I’m serious Lily, Jazz Gibney has sex every hour on the hour… you have to be hour eleven. You have to be. Or I’ll never forgive you.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“James Potter? Oh Please! He hardly even counts in a situation like this.”

“Delilah I like James a lot,” Lily’s expression was little more than grim, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t but I do… I think I always have… on a level… deep down… or something.”

“By deep down do you mean China deep? Because really, with Jazz here we should just start filling that hole with dirt again.” Delilah grinned wickedly, “Remember the way James used to always make fun on Sevvy?”

Lily frowned at her, “Stop trying to turn me against my boyfriend just so I’ll whore myself out to a rockstar.”

“But he was so mean. Like that time he showed everyone Sev’s underwear…”

“Delilah!” Lily said warning and Delilah rolled her eyes.

“But you have to! Then you can tell me everything blow by blow- pun intended- and it’ll be like I had sex with him on a level, deep down, or something.”

“Blow by blow,” Lily was giggling, “You are disgusting!”

“Shagging Jazz Gibney is on the same level as taking a bullet for the Queen Lil’s. It’s your duty as a woman.”

“Why don’t you just sleep with him!”

“Because Lily. I’m the girl who fainted.” Delilah shook her head, distraught by the horror of it all, “You said ‘don’t look behind you’, I looked, I screamed, I fainted. I’m that crazy girl who fainted when Jazz Gibney walked in. You’re the cool, collected, smart girl. The rockstars sleep with that girl. Not the fanatical fan.”

“You’re exaggerating. He didn’t even notice!”

“Everyone noticed. I smashed like four lamp covers and damn near took you down with me.”

“Well that’s neither here nor there. I’m not going to sleep with Jazz Gibney. It’s not like I’d have the opportunity anyway.” Lily, now completely ready, sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched Delilah as she applied liberal amounts of gold eye shimmer to her eye lids.

“Of course you’ll have the opportunity!” Delilah sounded unnervingly excited, “He said he’s going to dedicate a song to you! He said ‘we should hang out after the show’… Jazz Gibney wants to shag you,” She sang gleefully, “He wants to put his,” She blinked dramatically, “In your,” Blink.

“Oh my God!” Lily howled, “That’s horrible!”

“No Lil’s it’s not horrible. It’s your duty as a woman, remember?” Delilah stepped back from the mirror and smiled, “Damn, we’re both too hot for this school. So this is the plan: you sleep with Jazz, fake a pregnancy, get married to him and we tour the world.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Drink up tonight Lil’s, after you’re preggers it’ll be all apple juice and protein shakes for you.”

“Drink up what Delilah?” Lily smiled, “We’re at school, not the pub,”

“Ah that’s where you’re wrong,” Delilah went to her bag and produced a large bottle of amber liquid, “The last of the whisky from Sirius’ romantic date. I knew it would come in handy some time.”

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Chapter 12: The Truth Came Out
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Lily and Delilah were merely two feet into the Great Hall when James appeared in front of them with his old cocky grin on his face and a ruffle in his hair.

“What now Potter?” Lily snapped tersely, but instead of quailing James’ smile grew, “Don’t you have someone else to bother?” She continued hoping to phase him.

“No actually I don’t. Lily I’ve been bothering you for years now. You and only you. If you think that because we’re going out I’m going to stop bothering you, you’re sadly mistaken.” James ruffled his hair one more time and cocked his head to the side, “Sirius told me that tonight I should flirt with other girls and make you jealous. He thinks if I do that then you’ll want me again but I know you better than that. I flirted with other girls for years and you still hated me. I didn’t get you because I made you jealous, I got you because I pissed you off so much that at some point I broke your spirit. I broke your spirit and you had no more energy to reject me. So it looks like you’ve got a fresh burst of hate? So what? I’m going to keep bothering you Evans, I’m never going to stop bothering you because you’re the only person I want to bother.” He grinned cheekily at her, “I’m going back to my friends now, you’re welcome to join us at our table if you want. You look beautiful by the way- just thought you should know.” He turned on his heel and began to walk away, he took a few steps before stopping and turning back to her, “Oh and Evans? Don’t give it up to the popstar. He only wants you for your body. I want you forever.”

“What was that all about?” Delilah asked staring at James‘ retreating back in horror, “He’s going to annoy you forever? Is that what he just said?” She turned imploring to her friend waiting for the insults to start but flowing but found that, rather than sneering, Lily was smiling queerly.

After a long moment a small sigh escaped Lily‘s lips, “That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me,” She smiled.

“… Does this mean you won’t be shagging Jazz?”

Lily just continued smiling. Then like a bird ruffling it’s feathers she straightened up, “The place turned out well didn’t it?” She grinned motioning at the hall.

The girls turned to stare across the magnificence of Lily’s decorating prowess. Sheets of black and red chiffon hung from the ceiling making it seem as thought the party-goers were inside a macabre Big Top. The crystal brackets sent multitudes of multicoloured lights dancing from behind the sheer sheets and the swirling clouds of the ceiling could not be entirely hidden. The floors were polished to a dull shine and hundreds of small, intimate tables filled half of the hall whilst the other side was dedicated to a marketplace of Halloween stalls and a huge, black draped stage; for the band.

The stalls provided the students with fortune tellers, mediums, face painters and the chance to win Halloween games. Pete could be seen blindfolded and dipping his hands into a bowl of eyes (grapes).

“It’s beautiful.” Delilah grinned, “Couldn’t half tell your muggleborn.”

“Ah shush you big elitist. Lets go get pumpkins painted on our foreheads.”

“Lets. That’s just what my outfit is missing.”

Across the hall Sirius was already having his face painted, “How does it look?” He asked James as a woman dressed in a paint splattered overall painted his mane.

“Like you’re eighteen years old and getting your face painted like a lion.”

“Perfect. So how did your stupid plan go?”

“Brilliantly. She didn’t punch me like she would have done if I’d cheated on her… in other words if I’d followed your plan.”

“You would have had more fun with my plan,” Sirius wiggled his nose as the paint brush tickled it.

“I don’t think so,” James’ voice was thoughtful, “I mean I’ve fancied Lily Evans for years… What could be more fun that being with her? You know?”


“No really, so I could snog another girl tonight? Where does that get me, eh? Back to where I was last year with the girl of my dreams detesting me.”

“The girl of your dreams?” Sirius snorted, “She’s hardly the girl of your dreams.”

“Yes she is,” James rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, glad that his friends eyes were closed and unable to witness his blushing, “She’s everything I could ever want Sirius. I never really realised until tonight when I considered looking for someone else. There’s no point looking, I’ve found her and so what if I have to work a little harder to hold on to her? If we really care about something we work for it.”

“James…” Lily’s voice was soft and James’ felt his whole back stiffen. His prepared speech was one thing but for her to hear all that? He felt his face turn scarlet as he slowly turned to face his girlfriend. Lily was staring at him with her beautiful eyes wide, “Did you really mean that?”

He considered denying it, he considered blaming Sirius‘ special vodka, he even played over the idea of simply legging it but then he decided he might as well stick this out. This was something he was willing to work at. “…Course,”

“Oh James,” Without warning Lily flung her arms around his neck, “You’re such a fricken idiot!”

“Hey!” He laughed hugging her back as relief flooded his body. “Don’t be such a bully.”

Sirius and Delilah watched on as Lily burst into sobs of laughter. “Crazy.” Sirius said and Delilah raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah whatever Azlan.”

“What are you thinking?”

Lucius shot Narcissa a long, sideways glance before returning to his menu, “That I’m going to order the crab.”

“No but what are you really thinking?” She lent across the small table, closing the distance between them and resting her hand on is.

“That’s what I’m really thinking.” He replied smoothly sliding his hand from under hers and resting it out of her reach.

Narcissa sighed and pouted, “I thought being your date would be more exciting.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” He didn’t sound it.

“Do you want to dance?” Narcissa motioned at the small area cordoned off for dancing, a few couples and a large group of second year girls were jiving to an up-tempo beat that seemed to be coming from thin air.


“Do you want some more punch?”


“Do you want anything?”

“Not right now.”

Narcissa sighed again and took a delicate sip of punch from her glass, “Oh no,” She tinkled, “My dear cousin does like to make a show of himself doesn’t he?” She motioned at the dance floor again; Sirius, still painted like a lion, was moon walking onto it holding the hand of Delilah Tyler’s sister who also had her face painted; she was a butterfly. “Every family has to have their black sheep, don’t you agree?” She was trying to make him laugh but Lucius’ lips didn’t even twitch. He stared out at Sirius as he spun the gold clad girl around the dance floor and, if anything, he frowned more.


“Do you want to go talk to a fortune teller?”


“Face painting?”


“Play a game?”

“Narcissa do be quiet.”

“Oh look! Lucius look! It’s Severus and Rodolphus! Rodolphus is dating my sister Bellatrix, I think they’re due to be engaged. Did you know?” She frowned as he ignored her and reached right across the table to grab his hand. Short of wrenching himself from her grip Lucius had little choice but to allow her to hold him. “We should invite them over, they’re both wonderful people.”

“I’d rather not-,”

“Rodolphus! Rodolphus! Over here! Do join us!” Narcissa waved her free hand rather frantically and, with a brief nod at Severus, Rodolphus began making his way towards their table with Severus at his heel. They sat down and Narcissa was quick to pass both the boys a menu, “Lucius and I were just discussing you and my sister,” She smiled warmly at Rodolphus and he smirked back, “It has been so long since I’ve spoken to her, do tell me how she is Dolphy,”

It was funny how it had happened. How she had ended up on another date with Sirius Black by accident. Delilah couldn’t help but laugh as Sirius picked her clean of the ground in a dramatic twirl. He was a wonderful dancer in a crazed, slightly manic, way. He was like a ballroom dancer on speed; grace in fast forward.

“You make a wonderful butterfly,” Sirius told her pulling her flush against his body before forcing her backwards in something reminiscent of a foxtrot “Have you heard the story about the butterfly and the lion?”


“Well to cut a long story short they do it,”

A surprised laugh was torn from her throat, “Oh do they? I thought you were dating my sister Mr Black?”

“Oh that’s just a rumour.” He spun her again then lowered her into a squeal inducing dip, “I’m really dating you Delilah.”

She really smiled this time, “How’d you know it was me?”

“The Azlan jibe? That’s all you baby.” He slid a hand down her back to rest on her lower back, dangerously close to her bum, “So how about it? Can I butter your fly?”

“That sounds surprisingly obscene,”

“Doesn’t it?” He winked at her, “In a good way though?”

“Sirius,” Their dancing slowed now as Sirius made his move, even though the music surrounding them was racing they simply swayed to the thumping bass; her arms were around his neck, his hands resting on her waist, “Have you heard the one about the guy who shagged everyone?”

“No,” He grinned.

“Herpes.” She patted his neck, “That’s how that one ends.”

“Do you have herpes?”


“Then I don’t see the risk.” He lent in, nuzzling his nose against her hair until he found her ear, he kissed it softly.

“I’m just saying you lead a very promiscuous lifestyle.” She said sternly although her voice was slightly breathy, “That can get you into trouble.”

“I’m a one woman man now,”

“Yeah right, pull the other one,”

“With pleasure.”

“That made no sense,”

“Come to the dorms and I’ll make it make sense,” He’d pulled back from her ear and they grinned at each other.

“You’re disgusting,”

“So are you.

“I was going to cheat on you tonight,” He said suddenly and Delilah took her hands from his neck frowning.


He held on steadily to her waist even though she began to try and move away, “I was going to cheat on you tonight,” He repeated.

“Oh that’s nice. Really smooth Sirius.” She wrenched himself from his grip, “I won’t sleep with you so you threaten to cheat on me? Like I give a shit. Dump me for all I care.” She turned on her heel and began pushing her way through the people who had steadily filled up the dance floor. Sirius followed and grabbed her arm.

“Exactly.” He held her wrist and slid his body against her back, murmuring in her ear, “You don’t care.” Delilah went very still, her face a picture of rage, as she tried to figure out a way to kick him in the family jewels from that angle. “You didn’t care and that made me go for you,” He continued, “And I got you,” She began struggling to get away again but he held fast and continued talking, “And normally that’s the point when I lose interest again, but after we’d had sex it was like you went back to not giving a shit. Even when we kissed I felt like you were thinking of other things; isn’t it fucked up how that turns me on?” His breath was hot on her ear and she felt shivers running along her body, “It’s like even when I have you I haven’t really got you; you’re like an on going challenge- do you get that?”

“So what? You want to have sex with me to get over me?” Her voice managed to be sneering and contemptuous but she was glad he couldn’t see her face which probably displayed a very different emotion. “Yeah that’s tempting. You know Sirius I don’t think there are many girls out there who will have sex with you once you explain that the next morning you’ll dump their asses.”

“Don’t act stupid, you know what I mean.” He slowly began turning her body to his and she let him. “And anyway,” He lowered his mouth so that it hovered over hers, “We’ve already had sex and I didn’t dump you,” He moved to close the distance between their lips but she moved ever so slightly back and his lips closed over thin air.

“Have you heard the one about the twins, Sirius?” She whispered, her eyes glittering with something between anger and lust.

“No…” His voice was soft, hoarse, barely audible over the thumping music.

“Well to cut a long story short… We’ve never had sex,” The words were little more than breath on his lips and Sirius seemed to freeze. Delilah took the opportunity to remove herself from his grip, “How’s that for a kicker?” She snarled before storming off.

The dormitory was lit by nothing but moonlight, there was a chair pushed up underneath the door handle, and two glasses of butterbeer sat, abandoned, on James’ bedside table.

James kissed Lily’s neck gently, one of his arms was bent and rested on the mattress, the other was trailing along the silky material of her dress. Lily had her glowingly pale hands buried in the ebony mess of his hair and the sound of her stammered breathing was driving him crazy.

“My God you’re beautiful,” He gasped pulling back from the intoxicating scent of her body to stare disbelievingly at her face, “You’re perfect,”

Lily smiled and blushed, she let one hand roam from his hair to his cheek and brushed it tenderly with her thumb, “I can’t believe I wasted so much time…” She rose up to kiss him softly. It was she who began tugging at her dress but James stopped her, taking her hand in his and stilling it.

“Didn’t you hear me Lil’s?” He asked softly, “You’re perfect and this isn’t perfect. I want you to have more that a messy dormitory and two glasses of butterbeer.”

“I really don’t mind,” The words were rushed and she began trying to tug off his clothing, making him laugh.

“I’m serious! I meant what I said earlier, about wanting you forever… if you’ll have me…” He brushed his lips along her forehead, “We have all the time in the world to take it slow,”

“And I meant what I said about wasted time, James,” She gazed firmly into his eyes, “We could wait until there’s expensive champagne and candlelight and sheets made from Egyptian cotton but that would be pointless because no matter what the surroundings all that matters to me is that you’re there. If it’s you and me then it’s perfect, I see that now,”

“You know Lil’s, I think our problem recently was that you weren’t quite sure how to stop hating me and actually like me,” His words seemed almost too intimate in the darkness, the contours and shadows of his face intrigued her. “But that’s OK because I don’t like you either,”

“What?” Her voice was confused, almost hurt, but too perplexed to actually be that. He’d finally got her in bed and willing and now he was telling her he didn’t like her?

“The thing is Lil’s, I reckon I kind of love you.”

“So how are things in Wales Lucius?” Rodolphus asked reclining in his chair and expertly tearing the shell from his shrimp, “The horses are still thriving I suppose?”

“Yes.” Lucius gazed over Rodolphus’ shoulder as watched Delilah storm from the hall, Sirius Black not far behind. He wondered what was going on. He hoped they were fighting. He hoped she pushed him down a steep staircase…

It was in that moment the hall was plunged into darkness. Screams of shock erupted throughout the chamber and then spotlights exploded onto the stage. The stalls had disappeared and now, floating ten feet above the stage, turning slowly, instruments and all, was the band. It was like mayhem. With the first few beats of the drum every female (and a few boys) in the vicinity, seemed to have lost their senses and surged towards the stage screaming.

Lucius wondered if he could use the uproar as a camouflage to sneak off but it seemed someone else had already decided to use the noise to their advantage. Rodolphus leant forwards, “For you,” He pressed an envelope made of fat, expensive parchment into Lucius’ hands. The envelope was sealed thickly with ink.

Lucius considered tucking the letter away but he couldn’t. There was just something so ominous about it, something so dark, that it was too tempting to open right away. Ignored by everyone but Rodolphus, who’s eyes were searching, Lucius slid his finger beneath the opening of the envelope and broke the seal. The parchment of the letter was just as thick as the envelope before it, the words were written in swirling, emerald letters. 


Under the Dark Lords orders I write this. To disregard this letter is to insult the Dark Lord himself.
You have shown great promise throughout our sparse meetings and are now invited to join the innermost of our ranks.
Congratulations Lucius, you may receive your mark, the mark of our Great Lord.
There is, however, one condition. You, like those before you, must prove your loyalty before you can truly be welcomed.
The Dark Lord has chosen a test which must be completed on the next full moon. On this night you will join us, in the place where he resides, and be welcomed into our flock.
This is a great honour and what is asked of you is not much in comparison.
You, like those before you, must spill the blood of the unworthy in the name of our Great Lord and his cause.
A little task, I feel you will agree.
On the next full moon, dear Lucius, the blood of the Mudblood Delilah Tyler must be spilled by your wand in the place where he resides.
We shall see you in a fortnight Lucius, I, myself, anticipate your induction joyfully.
Please destroy this letter immediately.
Congratulations again,

Bellatrix Black

“What do you mean we’ve never had sex?” Sirius shouted, causing some first years who had strayed from the Great Hall to startle, “Delilah come back!” He began following her up the main staircase, taking the steps two at a time. “Are you saying that wasn’t you? Are you honestly saying that was Jessica?”

She spun around at the top of the staircase, her tiny face made frightful by a mixture of purple paint and rage, “Are you honestly saying that you are so THICK Sirius that you could sleep with a girl and not even know who she really was?”

“You’re identical twins!” He roared back, “You tricked me!”

“Oh don’t flatter yourself! Your lured poor Jessica in! I’m only going out with you to save her the embarrassment of confrontation!”

For a moment Sirius looked as though he had been punched in the gut then his face burned an angry red, “Oh well that’s just fantastic isn’t it! You’re dating me as a favour to your sister? It must have been awful for you! You deserve a fucking medal for what you must have put up with being my girlfriend-,”

“Oh yeah because that was great. I just love it when the guy I’m dating says he planned to cheat on me but won’t now if I fuck him!”




“AND THAT’S THE ONLY REASON YOU STILL LIKE ME! REMEMBER? I’M THE ON-GOING CHALLENGE?” She looked in a right mind to break his nose again but, luckily, he seemed to be in the same mindset. The first years they had startled had now gathered around the foot of the staircase, preferring to watch the seventh years fight it out rather than Jazz Gibney’s performance.


“Oh yeah I’m so FLATTERED!” She then caught sight of the younger pupils, “OH PISS OFF YOU NOSEY LITTLE BRATS!” She yelled before turning on her heel and making as swift an exit as her heels would allow. Unfortunately, for her dramatic departure, Sirius was much faster than her and had no trouble keeping up.

“So tell me everything Delilah!” He demanded moving in front of her so she had to stop. She tried to dodge around him but he was too quick. “When did you guys do the swap? Or do you swap in and out like a tag team? Every time one of you gets sick of me the other takes a shift?”

“Don’t be a git!” Delilah growled, the butterfly on her face was scrunched up in anger. “You went to Hogsmeade with Jessica and slept with her. She was so broken up when she found out you thought she was me that he asked me to pretend it had been! She really liked you Sirius and you didn’t even know who she was. That was just lovely!”

“How was I supposed to have known? I THOUGHT SHE WAS YOU! It’s not like she was some random girl I picked up who’s name I never learned! I THOUGHT I KNEW HER NAME! WHY DIDN’T SHE SAY SOMETHING?”

“I don’t know!” Delilah cried putting on a faux-stupid face, “Maybe she was embarrassed? Did that ever cross your mind?”

“So why did you pretend to like me for so long then? It’s been over a month Delilah!”

“I wasn’t pretending to like you,” Delilah’s skin burned patchily red through her face paint, “Look I don’t want to talk about this,” She tried to dodge him again but he was having none of it.

“Well I do! I think you owe me an explanation!”

“I owe you nothing.”

“You do and you know it.”

Delilah looked at him then. Really looked at him. His handsome face was covered in brown and tan paint but his eyes shone past that, looking intelligent and hurt. She did like him, she’d liked him for a long time but she loved Lucius… Lucius. Lucius who didn’t really want her, Lucius who was ashamed of her, Lucius who made her feel so bad about herself that sometimes she spent all day in bed crying. She looked at Sirius, so big, so handsome, so different… He’d brought her sweets every day that week when she’d been in the hospital wing, he had only just finished swing dancing with her in full view of everyone. He didn’t care what anyone thought. He liked her and he was willing to let the world know. That had to be worth something.

Right then it was like something inside of her shifted. The torch that she had, until that moment, been carrying so resolutely for Lucius flickered ever so slightly. So what if Sirius had called her fat in fifth year? So what if he’d made fun of her songs? So what if he’d made her hold his broomstick so he could grope Michaela Montgomery with both hands?

“I do like you,” She said eventually. With a sigh her gaze dropped to the floor and she shrugged helplessly. “I like you a lot. I like being your girlfriend. It’s just… while you didn’t know about Jessica I just kind of felt like the whole thing was pretend… Even though it wasn’t for you; at least I don’t think it was. And even though I started feeling stuff I didn’t pay attention to it because… it had to end. But now that you know, well it’s different some how… you know?”


She scowled up at him, “Well whatever. You were going to cheat on me anyway.”

“Yeah because you wouldn’t care!”

“But I would!”


“Because- God damn it Sirius!” She was frowning so hard that she couldn’t help but smile, “Isn’t this just the stupidest argument you’ve ever heard in your life?”

“Almost,” He grinned back, “You’re mad because I was thinking about cheating on you even though I really asked out your identical twin and you’re only dating me as a favour. You couldn’t make this shit up.”

“Throw in some face paint, a bit of liquor and my favourite band playing in the background and we’ve got ourselves a real shindig.” She scratched her head distractedly, “So I’ve got a question.”


“That whole speech about me not caring so you caring… did that equal you like me? Yeah or no?”


“So you like me.”

“And you like me.”

“Gosh what a conclusion.” Delilah shook her head and rolled her eyes, “Hormones, eh?”

“Yeah…” Sirius smiled, his eyes averted to the wall, “So Delilah, I was wondering,”


“Will you go to the ball with me? I hear your favourite band is playing…”

“You mean on a date,”


“Yeah OK.” 

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Chapter 13: Of Balls and Parties
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Jazz Gibney was a winner. It was in his nature to be the best. If Jazz Gibney wanted to climb Everest in a day he could do it, he knew he could. People might think him conceited to consider himself, not only adequate, but exceptional at everything he attempted. But Jazz Gibney knew that he was not conceited, he was simply being honest. Hell, if there was a prize for humility he’d probably win that too!

Jazz had spoken his first word when he was just over a year old. He took his first steps a few weeks later. By the time he was three he had taught himself to read. His parents were amazed. Their first child, Gwen, had been gifted but Jazz (or Jack, as he was then known) was awe inspiring.

At the age of eight Jazz had already amazed the local priest with his ability to belt out gospel better than any other singer to pass through the churches huge, arched doors. Jazz, barely tall enough to reach the rest of the choirs waists, led them, a huge voice from a tiny boy. He was also an accomplished striker for Wickham’s under-18s football team. When he had tried out for the team he had played so beautifully that the Coach, a huge brute of a man who had been twice imprisoned for GBH, had to turn away to hide the tears that streamed down his face.

To top everything off Jazz was exceptionally good looking from a very young age. Skin like alabaster, piercing dark eyes, hair so brown it could have been black and a naturally lean physique. Jazz was never a skinny child and had always been taller than the other boys. He never went through that awkward stage of being shorter than his female classmates. Women who would have called the police on other young boys for throwing eggs at their houses would just laugh and roll their eyes when Jazz did it, ‘his mother must be feeding the poor boy too many additives!’ they would tisk to one another, chances were the next time they saw Jazz they would invite him inside for a healthy, additive free, meal.

By eleven he was well over five foot tall and not only noticeably good looking, but strikingly attractive. His girlfriend was sixteen. She went to every church service and football match to cheer her man on and was proud of it. Her friends would tut and throw words like ‘pervert’ and ‘sick’ around but in moments of weakness, even they, would admit that given half the chance they would date him too. After all, he would look great in pictures.

But it was also at age eleven that Jazz suffered his first knock back. June went by, then July, and soon he was wiling away August without a Hogwarts letter. Gwen went to Diagon alley to buy her schoolbooks and Jazz was left behind, utterly confused. Could owls get lost? He asked her. After all, if his sister was magic, of course he would be too? But Gwen wasn’t sure, after all, their parents were muggles.

When, that September, Jazz found himself at a prestigious Muggle grammar school, he was devastated. Every letter he received from Gwen felt like a kick in the teeth. He couldn’t understand this. People had always told him he was special, he was different, he was unique! But how could he be any of these things if he was just like them? He found himself resenting his classmates as if they, in all their normality, were dragging him down with them.

But even with defeat staring him in the face Jazz didn’t know how to acknowledge it. He’d never before had to accept that he couldn’t achieve something, so Jazz decided that he would be magic, even if he wasn’t. It hadn’t been until his third year of High School that Jazz realised how he could become part of Gwen’s special world without need for wands, broomsticks or potions. Gwen was home for Christmas and was reading a newspaper, on the front page was a group of people with tambourines and tin whistles, they were waving and smiling wearing Christmas hats. ‘The Dainty Cockroach do Christmas’ the headline read and as Jazz watched the pop band wink cheerily at him over the breakfast table he felt an idea blossom in his mind. After all, who needed to be magical to be musical?

It had taken cunning. It had taken hard work. But now it had all paid off and here he was, Gwen may have attended Hogwarts but Jazz had conquered it. He watched as it’s pupils squealed his name, the huge banner above the stage read ’Jazz Gibney and the London Porn Stars’, he had just floated from the ceiling… Not bad for a muggle.

“HELLO HOGWARTS!” He boomed, amazed at how loud his voice could be without a microphone. Magic. It really was fascinating. “THANKS FOR HAVING US HERE!”

They went mad. They loved him. One particularly frisky young girl managed to get on stage, she ran at him and Jazz watched in bemusement as she was body slammed by Hank. Good old Hank. The crowed screamed helplessly and Jazz shrugged while pulling a face that made them laugh.

“So you guys might know this first one!” He turned to Alaric, the bassist, and winked. His comrade was grinning. He may not have been the star but Alaric sure did love being in the spot light anyway. “But tonight it has new meaning,” He grinned at the crowed and they surged closer, “I met a girl today,” They screamed, all of them wishing he was speaking of them, “She was gorgeous… stunning… this one’s going out to her,” He looked around the sea of upturned faces, searching for her. He’d met a lot of girls in the past year but none who looked quite as beautiful as her. Her hair had been so red it could have been made of flames, her flawless skin was even whiter than his own, her eyes were like huge jewels cased in ivory. She’d been of medium height, curved just right and obviously very smart… Something about her captivated him. But he couldn’t find her. He knew he had paused too long, he laughed good-naturedly, “Sing along if you know the words…”

- - - -

“That was the best Halloween ball ever, EVER!” Angelica was grinning from ear to ear. Delilah had never liked her, but tonight she was Jessica and had found that, given half the chance, Angelica wasn’t that bad. Although she did keep trying to hit on Sirius which was a bit annoying.

“Yeah it was amazing,” Delilah agreed letting her hand lightly brush Sirius’ before bringing it up to stroke her neck temptingly. She knew he was watching and it thrilled her. She was beginning to think that maybe she just had a sick fascination with secret relationships.

She, Angelica, Sirius, Remus, Pete and Mary were making their way through the corridors. They had been some of the last pupils to be ushered from the Great Hall by McGonagal, many of the Seventh years had been reluctant to leave, fearing that this might be their last school ball before they faced the outside world.

“Slughorn’s having an after party you know,” Mary said in a hushed tone, “Didn’t you all hear? The band are going to be there…”

Angelica grinned, “Do you think we could go?”

“I don’t see why not,” Sirius cried, he had one arm wrapped around Remus’ neck and the other clutching a goblet, “Most of us are in the Slug Club anyway, and I’m sure the Porn Stars won’t object to some more pretty girls,” He winked at Angelica and Mary who rolled their eyes but looked pleased.

“What about me?” Pete asked indignantly and Sirius snorted.

“Well I said pretty girls Pete, you’re certainly bordering on average,”

The group laughed and despite Pete’s weak protests took the next staircase leading towards the dungeons.

“You know, Lily and James have been gone forever,” Remus commented as they descended deeper and deeper into the castle.

“What are you suggesting sir?” Sirius barked and Remus made a face.

“Just that maybe someone should go remind them that they’re missing an opportunity to attend a star studded party? I mean you can shag any night in fairness,”

“Oh Remus!” Shrieked Delilah, “I didn’t know you had it in you! Shagged you say?”

“You suit being a little intoxicated Lupin,” Mary agreed, “It’s rather compelling,”

“Indeed.” Remus smiled at the dark haired girl and was amazed to see her blush.

“Do you think Jazz is just as tall in person?” Pete asked and Delilah turned to him with raised eyebrows.

“We just saw him in person Peter.”

“I know,” Pete rolled his eyes dramatically, “But I mean when he’s not on stage.”

Delilah stared at him for a moment, opened mouthed in her astonishment, then Sirius let a hand drop to pat her bum and she completely forgot the retort that had been on her tongue.

“Even if he is as tall in person, he certainly sha’nt be the handsomest man in the room,” Angelica said in a sultry tone moving between Sirius and Delilah so that her arm was pressing against the length of his.

Delilah turned to Sirius with a grin on her face and watched as he cleared his throat gruffly, his eyes flickered to her and back to Angelica before he replied, as smoothly as he could muster, “Uh well certainly Slughorn has his charms but handsomer than Jazz Gibney? If you’re into that sort of thing I suppose,” He laughed somewhat mechanically but Angelica laughed as though told to at gunpoint.

“Oh Sirius! You do slay me,” She slid her arm through his and Delilah threw him a covert little wink before falling back to admire his backside as he walked.

- - -

The note burned in his pocket as though the pure evil of it was going to sear through the cloth and etch itself into his skin. Slughorn’s office, although enlarged, seemed smaller than usual, he felt torn between passing out and fleeing.

Narcissa stood at his side, pretending not to notice the brash celebrities who were busy drinking and shouting on the other side of the room. Everyone else had flocked to them but Lucius hadn’t. Lucius had been hoping that Narcissa would be so distracted he could sneak off and throw up somewhere but his plan hadn’t worked.

He didn’t know what to do. Well he knew what he had to do but he didn’t know if he could do it. That letter had been Delilah’s death sentence, whether it was by his hands or someone else’s. The only remaining question was whether he would die over the head of the situation too? If he killed her, she died and he lived. If he didn’t kill her, she died and so did he. Neither outcome was entirely desirable.

Even if he tried to kill her he wasn’t sure he could do it. Could he truly look at her past the tip of his wand and say the words? Could he mean them? Would he hesitate?

It didn’t bare thinking about. He lowered his head to stare at his shoes and felt the utter weight of the situation rest, crushingly, on his shoulders. He had been so stupid to think he would get away with this. He had been so stupid to think that he could live any life apart from the one that was expected of him.

Hadn’t he thought that somehow it would all work out? Of course he had never actually said this… But somewhere in the back of his mind there had always been the assurance that, indeed, things would work out for the best. He and Delilah would be together somehow. Whether it was by changing her name and fooling the world or simply waiting until his parents died so they could disappear… But now, now there wasn’t time. There simply wasn’t time.

The last drop of sand had fallen and the buzzer was ringing. Time to act. Time to move. Time to freeze.

Sweat beaded on his forehead and slowly slid along his nose, his cheeks, his eyelashes. His hands shook so fiercely that he could barely hide the shuddering. Thankfully the band had distracted Narcissa enough that she didn’t seem to notice his ill health but she still wasn’t leaving… She wasn’t going anywhere. He felt trapped, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think. Even his clothes felt too tight, too constricting. He longed to rip them off, he longed to scream and run. To be free.

The door opened and before he even heard her laugh he could feel her presence. Feel it as though it was washing through him like a calming wave. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m going to the lavatory, do excuse me,” Lucius started forward but Narcissa stopped him with a delicate hand on his chest. Her eyes were on the door and suddenly Lucius knew. Narcissa had known all along what was happening.

The realisation chilled his blood.

She lent close to him, her lips hovering above his, “Don’t do anything stupid, Lucius,” She whispered before pressing her lips to his. The kiss was cold, empty, worthless. He stared at her, feeling utterly horrified by what was happening. She pulled back with a small smile of satisfaction on her face, “Do hurry back,”

Hand over his mouth, eyes creased and unfocused, he stumbled towards the exit. He had never felt so distorted, so out of control. The only feeling he could attribute this too was being so filled with liquor that controlled movement is a distant concept. He needed to talk to her but he knew it was impossible. After all, how could he attract her attention with out anyone else noticing? This had all been so simple before, they’d known everything, they could do anything and now they were dead. Dead but too stupid to lay down.

He burst into the corridor and yet he didn’t feel any less trapped. He doubted their was anywhere he could go that would make him feel less trapped. His cage was not physical, it was not a wall he could climb or a door he could ram, he was trapped inside his own skull and it was frightful.

He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know where to go. Sweat soaked through his robes, his shaking increased, he felt he might collapse. He must have truly gone mad… Then an idea occurred to him. He hurried along the corridor, using the wall for support and could have sworn, in his delusions, that he heard her calling after him.

He reached the gargoyle that led to the Slytherin common room and gasped the password. It slid out of his way and he hurried inside. The gargoyle slid back into place just as Delilah reached it, she slammed her hands against the creature in frustration.


“Trouble in paradise?”

Delilah spun around and felt the wind knocked out of her, “Alaric! Alaric Duncluse!” She gasped and the bassist grinned at her.

“Yeah that’s me,” He nodded, “And you are?”

“Delilah Tyler,”

“You smoke?” He asked holding out a packet of muggle cigarettes and Delilah gratefully took one. “I’m always surprised when someone remembers my name actually,”

“Oh yeah right!” Delilah gasped leaning forward so he could light her smoke. She inhaled and immediately started choking, something she hadn’t done in years. She blushed furiously as her second favourite band member smacked her back.

“I’m serious!”



“She means me,” Sirius was suddenly there with a huge smile on his face but a tightness in his eyes, “You coming back to the party Delilah?” He asked in such a possessive voice that Delilah’s eyebrows shot up.

“Yeah sure,” She threw Alaric a confused look and a shrug, “Thanks for the smoke,” She said somewhat apologetically as Sirius took her hand and began to lead her back down the corridor.

“Yeah anytime, it was nice meeting you Delilah,” Alaric bit his lower lip as he smiled at her and she found it hard to turn away from him but Sirius’ quick pace insisted.

- - - -

“And I love your legs,” James kissed her shins tenderly, “And I love your thighs,” He moved up to kiss her thighs causing Lily to laugh and squirm, “And I love you belly, and your neck, and your nose, and your smile,”

Lily wriggled joyously as he kissed her softly and moved back to simply smile at her, “Congratulations on missing out the dirty parts,” She told his with a naughty glint in her eyes, “You really are learning.”

“Anything for you m’lady,” He kissed her once more then moved to lay down, she curled her body around his, running her fingers along the soft hairs of his arms.

“I love you too James,” She said tenderly, her lips pressed against his shoulder and James felt a rush of happiness so true that he couldn’t help but grin stupidly.

“I love that you love me,”

She laughed, “Well I love that you love that I love you,”

“Well then I love that you love that I love that you love me,”

“Well then I love that you love that I love that you love that I love you,”

“Well then I love that you love that I love that you love that I love you that you love- aw damn I lost it!”

“Thank Merlin, that could have gone on all night,”

“And we certainly have better things to do all night…,”

“Indeed!” She cried rolling on top of him causing him to burst into laughter.

- - - -

“ANDROMEDA! ANDROMEDA!” Lucius yelled up the girls staircase feeling quite unhinged, “ANDROMEDA! ANDROMEDA!”

“What?” She was suddenly there, racing down the stairs and tying a robe tight around her waist, “What on earth! Lucius- Oh Merlin, what’s happened to you? Sit down!”

“No!” He advanced on her so suddenly she almost started back up the stairs, “You said you wouldn’t tell! You told me you wouldn’t! Why did you lie?”

“I didn’t! I didn’t tell a soul,” She glanced around the common room, there were some second years by the fire staring at them and she lowered her voice considerably, “Lucius I don’t think this is the time nor the place-,”

“Oh it doesn’t matter now! Everyone can know!” He cried dramatically, “They know already thanks to you,” He pulled the note from his pocket and thrust it at her, “Well done Black, you can keep that, it’s your doing after all.”

Andromeda read the note quickly and with each word became paler and paler, “Oh Lucius,” She whispered clutching it fiercely, “I swear to you that this is not my doing, I would have taken your secret to the grave,”

“Well now I take it to mine,” He closed his eyes and moved backwards until he found a chair. He lowered into it uneasily, “You swear you have nothing to do with this?”

“Nothing.” She whispered, so pale she might have been a ghost. She moved to sit next to them and they both simply stared at the letter. “What are you going to do?” She asked softly.

“The only thing I can do,”

“And what’s that?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged then let out a mirthless laugh, “Maybe I should simply jump from the North Tower? At least then I’m back in control.”

“Don’t talk like that, this can be controlled. There are always options.”

“Not against the Dark Lord! He is the only option here Andromeda! No wizard can defy him!”

“Many are,”

“Would you?”

They stared at each other silently and finally Andromeda sighed, in a voice barely above a murmur, her eyes fixed on the eavesdropping second years she breathed, “In ways I already am,”


Andromeda rested her hand on her stomach and raised her eyebrows at him. Confused Lucius shrugged then his mouth formed a small ‘o’ of surprise.


“I’ll be gone by Christmas,”

“Well we have that in common,”

- - - -

Chapter 14: Her Words Were Venom
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Twelve days to go.

Lucius’ nerves were razor sharp as he entered the Great Hall for breakfast on Monday morning. Ever since he’d read ‘that’ letter he’d been living like two people; on the outside he was cold and collected, his icy exterior robotically following daily routine whilst on the inside he was nothing but a screaming wreck of confusion and terror.

He’d had fleeting hopes that Delilah would be held in the hospital wing for the rest of her life thus depriving him of any opportunity to end her but, as was life, she was released the morning after the ball.

The only good thing that seemed to have happened in his life recently was that Delilah and Sirius Black had broken up, rather publicly, at the after party. Not that he’d been there to revel in the relationships demise, he’d been too busy making a scene in the Slytherin Common Room. Even thinking about his squealing, childish behaviour made him cringe; that had not been the behaviour of a man. Luckily there were only children and Andromeda there to witness his failings.

He seated himself at his usual place at the Slytherin table, one that almost always put him at a perfect vantage point for watching the Gryffindor table on the other side of the hall- well it would be if that Hufflepuff would move his fat head. He stretched casually for a slice of toast and a boiled egg ignoring Narcissa as she slid onto the bench and immediately rested her hand on his thigh. After a moment of being ignored she began rubbing his thigh with the pretence of absentmindedness but then as time progressed she slid her fingers so high up that they were almost on his crotch and began massaging rather insistently. Lucius simply continued, unaffectedly, eating his toast before eventually plucking her hand off his leg and setting it on the table, “You may be able to blackmail me into continuing this charade,” He told her coolly, quietly and with the air of someone quite embarrassed by her antics, “But no amount of blackmail could make you attractive to me,”

She didn’t reply but he could practically hear her mind buzzing as she searched for an adequate retort. He didn’t speak again, instead leaving her to fluster in her mind about what she should have said, could have said etc.

So his life had went all to shit, so what? It didn’t mean Narcissa’s had to work out. He watched her from the corner of his eye as she poured herself a glass of water and felt hate boil in him; her scheming and childish actions were what led to this whole situation, he could see that now.

Voice so low that he knew she would have to fight to hear it never mind anyone around them he spoke again, “And even when I do kill the little Mudblood bitch to prove something to your sister and our Lord it won’t mean I’ll have you. I’ll make it so that no respectable pureblood man will touch you. You think you’re beautiful Narcissa but you’re not, you’re pointy faced and hard nosed. No man will ever want you, especially not me.” He slid his hand under the table and groped her thigh the way she had been touching his but his grip was cruel and hard, he felt her whole body stiffen. He lent in to breathe his words against her ear, rubbing his nose against her frozen cheek he continued, “But then again maybe I will have you. I’ll make you my wife and I’ll make you wish that you were dead.” He squeezed her thigh until a gasp of pain escaped her and he knew she would bruise, “You should have left me to my life Narcissa because now I am part of yours and it will be nothing like what you planned; you stupid, childish, little girl.” He released her leg and stood up. Brushing down his robes he evaluated her with pitiless eyes, “Yes… Meet me tonight and we shall see if I will have you. You had better hope that you are worthy Narcissa because once I have rejected you then your odds for a respectable marriage are not high.” He smirked at the pale, terrified expression on her face then turned and walked away with burning hate poisoning his stomach and the new sense of control that it gave him.

Narcissa Black had been very wrong to think she could control him.

- - -

“Come, lets sit with them,” Lily pleaded staring longingly along the table to were James was seated smiling hopefully at her.

“No. He’s an asshole.” Delilah grumbled stabbing her egg and wishing it was Sirius.

“But you guys have to make up sometime!” Lily pressed on as she shrugged helplessly at James who mimed throwing something at Delilah’s head. Lily fought down a smile, glad the Delilah wasn’t watching James’ playful antics.

“No we don’t! He destroyed my chance to talk with Alaric Duncluse!” She glared down the long breakfast table to where the marauders were sitting eating toast like they were gods or something, and they clearly weren’t. “If you get him to go away then I’ll go down.”

“But Lila they’re his friends!”

“You’re my friend! Why doesn’t James come down here?”

“You know James comes out in hives if he’s separated from Sirius too long-,”

“Oh God what a dream boat.” Delilah threw her fork across the table were it landed with an unceremonious splat in Lily‘s scrambled eggs, “However do you control yourself around that stud?”

Lily frowned deeply, setting down her knife and fork she leant forward and spoke in lowered tones, “Delilah I really think you’re being very childish about this whole situation,”

“Well Lily I think that you and your stupid boyfriend can go fu-,” But the rest of her words were drowned out by the arrival of the morning post. Just as well, Lily thought grimly, for she wouldn’t much have liked having to curse Delilah’s tongue out of her mouth. Both girls grasped at the excuse the owls gave them to ignore each other. Delilah buried herself in Lily’s copy of the Daily Prophet even though she wouldn’t usually be caught dead reading a paper and Lily poked curiously through her letters. One from her mother (who had included a letter from her muggle friend Melanie; the girl would occasionally give Mrs Evans a letter to pass along to her friend whom she believed to be at private school) and another in curious black parchment.

Lily unfurled the black letter with fascination. The penmanship was sharp and slanted, the letters written in silver, a lovely contrast against their background. The letter was signed by Jazz Gibney. Lily felt her heart begin to pound. Why was Jazz Gibney writing to her? Of course she’d heard about the dedication he’d made… but she hadn’t honestly thought that he was really interested… after all her had to know that James was her boyfriend! Didn’t he?

The letter was brief but not too brief, short enough that it showed he had other things to be doing and long enough to show that he had put effort in. The basic gist was that he had been disappointed at not getting to spend more time with her, that he would like to in the future, that he knew she sometimes got to spend days in a village nearby the school and would she perhaps like to meet him on her next day off? Her stomach scrunched unpleasantly. She glanced down the table to where James was digging in to a large box of sweets from home and knew that he would not be happy if he knew about this letter, even if she didn’t reply.

“Who’s that from?” Delilah asked, obviously bored by the newspaper, “Bet it’s a stupid love letter from Pothead.”

“Yeah.” Lily agreed absently, “It’s from James.” She tucked the letter into her robe pocket, “Did you get anything?”

Staring at her friend queerly Delilah shook her head, “Do I ever? My mother better hurry up with my guitar, I asked for it ages ago.”

“Hmm yes,” Lily bit her lip and removed Delilah’s fork from her scrambled eggs, she then proceeded in pushing them idly around her plate, “I do love him.” She said finally and Delilah made a face.

“Are you trying to get me to gain weight or make me vomit up my breakfast Lily because you really must make up your mind.”

Lily opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by James’ arrival. He slid onto the bench next to her and buried his face in her hair to kiss her ear affectionately, she squirmed pleasantly and batted him away with a blush of pleasure, “Good morning gorgeous,” He murmured and she decided to never tell anyone about the black letter.

“Good morning.”

“Hey Pothead.” Delilah sneered before disappearing bitterly behind the newspaper again.

“Morning Delilah, I’ve got something for you.”

Without looking up from the paper Delilah replied, “If you’re giving me the finger right now it’s not funny.”

“I’m not, it’s a note,”

She looked up and sure enough he was holding out a folded piece of parchment. Both she and Lily stared at it curiously, if a little suspiciously.

“Will it make my hand fall off it I touch it?”

“Don’t be silly, that’s the rice paper. It’s from Padfoot, I haven’t read it but I’m pretty sure it’s an apology,”

“Yeah right.”

“Seriously,” He shook his outstretched hand and she reluctantly took the note from him. Lily and James watched with interest as Delilah unfolded the note and read it aloud.

“I don’t care if you’re a slutty groupie,” She read and Lily winced, “After all I shagged your sister.” What escaped her mouth next was a guttural noise very close to a growl. “I hate you guys!” She balled up the note and chucked it at James were it bounced rather spectacularly off his noise. “Well you can tell Sirius that I know he shagged my sister,” She raised her voice so that she was practically yelling and Sirius was sure to hear, “AND SHE SAYS HIS PENIS IS SMALL AND BENT AT THE TOP!” She then struggled out from the benches and stormed towards the exit. Laughter was ringing in her ears and she couldn’t decide whether they were laughing at her or her comment, she also couldn’t decide whether or not she cared.

- - - -

That girl was such an idiot! Narcissa watched the little Mudblood causing her scene and storming about like an underfed elephant and felt jealousy explode in her gut. The heat of her hate spilled over the iciness in her stomach, the rock of cold hard fear that been put in place by Lucius. She felt her blood boil with the injustice of her life.

She found herself leaving the Slytherin table and following the Mudblood’s shaggy, untamed mane of hair along the entrance hall and up the main stairway.

How was it that the Mudblood, that little runt of a girl with her bandy legs and thin lips could get Lucius in a way that Narcissa couldn’t? How could she earn his passion and Narcissa earned nothing but hate? How could he want her and not want she? It didn’t make sense! It just didn’t make sense!

How could it be that Lucius had manhandled her yet he would be tender with that filth, so tender in fact that the girl felt comfortable writing him poetry? POETRY?! How could he not appreciate the beauty of Narcissa but he could revel in the plainness of that… that…

She almost couldn’t see she felt so blinded by her grievances. The only thing that stood out to her was the head of that disgusting creature as it turned into the girls bathrooms. Unsure of what she was doing or why Narcissa marched straight into the bathrooms after her unsuspecting enemy.

The girl had already disappeared into a cubicle and locked the door. It was the cubicle at the very end of the row and Narcissa slipped into the one next to it. Unclear of what she was waiting for she put down the toilet lid and perched herself upon it. The Mudblood was talking to herself in a hot heated mutter, she had obviously made her way to the (usually) deserted second floor bathrooms in order to cool down.

After what seemed like an eternity the toilet in the next cubicle flushed and Narcissa heard the bolt be unlocked and the door open, by then she knew what she was going to do. She didn’t bother with the pretence of flushing her chain and instead simply emerged from her cubicle to see Tyler bent over the sink washing her hands. The girl looked up when she heard Narcissa’s footsteps and watched the other girl approach in the mirror above the sink, her eyes were curious and hesitant. For a second Narcissa considered walking right passed the Gryffindor and letting everything go but then she realised she couldn’t, it was the only way.

“Stay away from him.” She said coldly and Tyler stopped washing her hands and turned around.


“You heard me. Stay away from him.”

“From who?” The girl looked so ridiculously incredulous that Narcissa suffered a moment of terrifying doubt. What if she wasn’t D? What if she’d been wrong?

“From Lucius.” She persisted sounding far more sure of herself than she actually was, “He told me everything.” She lied. She watched Tyler’s face for reaction but there wasn’t one, the girl looked utterly dumbfounded. There was nothing for it but to continue. Narcissa wondered fleetingly if she wanted to have been wrong or not, would it not be better if Lucius had never tarred himself with the Mudblood? “It’s so pathetic that you think you are something,” She continued savagely staring at Tyler’s eyes, waiting for a flicker of something more than idle stupidity, “Thinking he cared about you, sending him those little letters-,” There it was. A stabbing rush of fear in the girls eyes and Narcissa knew she had been right. The revelation both crushed and rejuvenated her, she let out a cruel laugh, “You’re just a joke to him Tyler. It’s me he loves! We laugh about you and your little fantasies you know. How could you ever believe that someone like Lucius would ever want someone like you? It’s been nothing but a laugh from the beginning. I’m only telling you now because it was getting embarrassing. I think if he had received one more of your little poems Lucius might simply have died laughing, and I can’t have my fiancé dying over a worthless piece of dung like you.” She walked to the sink beside the stunned girl and admired her reflection in the mirror, she really was radiant. She puckered her lips and blew Tyler a little kiss, “I just thought you should know darling.” Then she left, feeling that maybe, just maybe, she was back in control.

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Chapter 15: On the Quiddich Stands
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For a moment Delilah stood stunned, shocked into utter paralyses at the brutality of Narcissa Black’s attack on her and then, there it was, that familiar, almost pleasant, heat of anger surging through her heart, melting her shock away. Fury seemed to lick the insides of her stomach and she began to shake, she physically shook which rage, with indignance, that Narcissa Black would have the audacity to speak to her in that way. For who was Narcissa Black? Nothing but some hopped up little “pure blood”, all drunk with power at being born into a family of stuffy nobodies! Narcissa Black was no one! Delilah, however, got invites to the royal garden party. Delilah was a Lady. A Lady where Muggles were concerned anyway and Muggles weren’t lesser as Narcissa, in all her ignorance, imagined them to be. For who was in hiding? Who hid from who? If being a pureblood was so great and made Narcissa Black so mighty then she wouldn’t mind if Delilah shoved an A-Bomb up her ass would she? She could just abracadabra is away! Delilah was more important than Narcissa Black ever would be and the fact that that prissy little fifth year could even DARE speak to her that way. Oh this was it! She could feel it. Blood roared in her ears as she took her trembling first step, then her next, until she was striding out of the bathroom with an awesome sense of purpose.

When she made it to the hallway she could still see Narcissa, almost at the staircase. Aside from the girls the hallway was empty, everyone else was still at breakfast, so when Delilah called out her voice echoed along the corridor, “OI! BLACK!”

Narcissa’s back stiffened at her shout. For a wild moment Delilah thought she would run for it and she prepared herself to make chase but the girl didn’t run, instead she turned regally towards her aggressor, her face thin, pale and ready.

“Yes?” She asked in faux-serenity flicking her long hair over her shoulder.

“If I’m a worthless piece of dung what does that make you?” Delilah called, the hot fury in her voice bounced of the corridor walls but Narcissa didn‘t appear worried. “Apart from a wannabe, desperate, slut from nowhere and nothing?”

For a moment it appeared as though Narcissa had been hit with a fierce stunning spell but then the girl let out a tinkling laugh, “Oh please, who’re you to speak to me like that? I’m a Black!”

“That means fuck all to me! To me you’re a wannabe, desperate, slut from nowhere and nothing.” Delilah repeated and Narcissa’s cheeks darkened with an angry rouge.

“Shut you’re filthy mouth!”

“You think I’m embarrassing myself?” Delilah hissed striding towards the girl who reached swiftly for her wand, “You think what I do is humiliating? He. Loves. Me.” She punctuated each word with biting precision, “Nothing you can say will take that knowledge from me. Now you, on the other hand, are nothing but a desperate, stalking mongrel. Because without him you’re nothing and you know you’re nothing. You’re disgusting and ugly and weak! You’re family is disgusting and ugly and weak! You’re name is a joke and- OH YOU DID NOT!” A jet of silver light streaked past Delilah, barely missing her cheek and she turned furious eyes upon Narcissa.

The girl frantically tried to remember another spell but her mind had went blank and then suddenly the Mudblood was hurtling towards her.

Delilah took Narcissa out at the waist, reminiscent of a rugby tackle and they crashed to the stone floor. Narcissa’s wand clattered out of reach and Delilah raised up, lifting her fist and quickly burying it in Narcissa’s face. Narcissa let out a howl and grabbed at Delilah’s head with both hands, she got clumps of the girls hair and began viciously pulling at it, ripping huge chunks out of her head. Delilah, however, was not deterred and let out a battle cry continuing to scratch at Narcissa’s face until blood was streaming from the girls cheeks and nose. They struggled frantically, Narcissa biting at Delilah’s fingers as she trailed chunks out of her head and Delilah slapping and punching mercilessly at Narcissa’s face.

Their squeals echoed along the corridor and soon attracted attention. Screams and shouts erupted around them but neither noticed, so intent that they were to destroy each other and then, suddenly, Delilah felt strong arms trailing her off the flailing girl on the floor. She kicked out desperately trying to get back to her attack but whoever was holding her wouldn’t let go.

A girl Delilah recognised as Narcissa’s sister was suddenly on her knees trying to help Narcissa stand; although she ended up holding the girl back as Narcissa struggled to launch herself at Delilah again.

“Lucius! For Merlin’s sake!” Andromeda yelped and Lucius, who’d been standing on the sidelines, hurried to help her gain control of her sister who was squealing obscenities.

“MUDBLOOD! STUPID WHORE! I’LL KILL YOU!” Narcissa was shrieking and Delilah laughed derisively.


“No! Come on! Before the teachers get here,” Sirius was awkwardly trying to drag her away, “She’s not worth it. Come on Delilah, deep breaths,”

Narcissa was shrieking with laughter, “YOU’RE PATHETIC!” She yelled and Delilah’s struggles became more intense, “A JOKE! JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU!”

“NO!” Delilah screamed, “LET ME GO SIRIUS OR I SWEAR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!” But Sirius ignored her and, with great effort, continued to drag her away from the Slytherins. When she was near the end of the corridor Delilah stopped struggling and simply allowed herself to be drawn away, her eyes were on the scene before her and how, in the panic, Lucius had ended up at Narcissa’s back and not her own. The sight of his hand on her shoulder seemed to burn itself into her skull and filled her with cold, hard realisation; he may love her but he certainly wasn’t hers. Never was. Never would be.

She wrenched herself from Sirius, who sensing her knew calmness, let her go. “Come on.” She said bitterly turning on her heel and fleeing the scene.

“McGonagal is going to kill you.” Lily said simply as she collapsed on the Quiddich stands next to Delilah. The girl was staring moodily at the pitch, ignoring the rain as it splattered down on her.

“Not if she doesn’t find me.” Delilah’s voice was darker than the thick bruise on her cheek and Lily shrugged.

“You can’t stay here forever.”

Delilah didn’t answer her and Lily sighed.

“I’ve brought you a sandwich.” She held out the ham sandwich wrapped in a napkin and Delilah took it but didn’t eat any. “I hope pounding that girls face was worth it because she’s completely spilled the beans, as have many witnesses. You’ll be lucky if you’re not expelled.”

“I don’t care.” Delilah grumbled and Lily rolled her eyes.

“You should go turn yourself in to Dumbledore now, tell him what happened… What did happen?”


“Obviously it wasn’t nothing.”

“She was running her mouth.”

“Delilah!” Lily cried reproachfully, “That is no excuse! You can’t just pound on everyone who-,”

“I don’t need a lecture Lily!” Delilah snapped, “I did what I did and that’s that. Anyway she tried to curse me.”

“So it was defence? Tell Dumbledore! Now!”

“No!” Delilah folded her arms and kicked her foot against the stand in front of her, “Look, I just want to be alone.”

“I hear Sirius pulled you guys apart-,”

“Oh yeah, he was a fricken hero.”

Lily glared at her, “Why are you snapping at me? I’m on your side here!”

“Yeah? Well it doesn’t much sound like it!”

An angry silence fell upon them with Lily sending reproachful glances Delilah’s way as Delilah ignored her and stared straight ahead. The rain began to fall more heavily on their heads.

“Eat your sandwich.” Lily said finally and Delilah glared.

“I don’t want the fucking sandwich.” She growled hurling the sandwich down onto the pitch below.

“Oh for Gods sakes!” Lily snapped jumping to her feet, “I’m so sick of your melodrama! I am out of here! Call me when you grow up!”

Delilah ignored her and continued staring in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. She could hear Lily stomping away and fought the urge to shout out an apology; she wanted Lily gone, she wanted to be alone. She needed time to think.

But Lily was her friend! She shouldn’t take this out on her. Delilah turned to call after her friend but before she could she spotted something on the ground, something that must have dropped out of Lily’s pocket. She got up from her seat and made her way along the stands to pick up the roll of black parchment. For a moment she considered simply tucking it into her robes but the temptation to read Potter’s childish love note was too much and she unfurled it.

“What do you think they were fighting about?” Pete asked, broaching on the topic that was being widely discussed across the school, “Reckon it was you Padfoot?”

“Naw,” Sirius laughed as he attempted to hover James. The charms class was meant to be practising advanced hover charms but most seemed to be more interested in discussing current events; in other words the cat fight that had happened earlier that day.

“It might have been, you know.” James told him as he rose shakily two inches above the ground, “I mean Narcissa is your cousin and Delilah is your girlfriend.”


“Same thing.” James yelped as he dropped back to earth.

“She’s still on the Quiddich stands.” Remus mused, his eyes on the marauders map, “Lily’s coming our way though.”


“You should probably talk to her,” Remus told him, “Convince her to go to McGonagal before McGonagal finds her and… you know… kills her.”

“Me?” Sirius stared incredulously, “Why me?”

“Because you were there!” Pete insisted, “And you’re her boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend.” Sirius said grumpily shoving his wand in his pocket as James prepared to hover him.

“Plus if you go then we can find out what happened.” James grinned before flourishing his wand, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Sirius began to rise shakily off the ground, at about two feet above base he looked thoughtful, “Reckon they’ll expel her?”

“Naw,” James lowered his friend carefully back to the floor, “We’ve done far worse to old Snivellus and we’re still here.”

“Just about.” Remus commented grimly but James grinned.

“He deserves it though Moony!”

“Reckon she’ll turn herself in?” Pete asked and Sirius let out a bark like laugh.

“Not a chance! It would take all the courage in Gryffindor House to hand yourself over to McGonagal after a fiasco like that! If I was her I’d be on the run by now.”

“Oh yeah?” James looked animated at the thought, “Where would you go?”

“To your house Jim.” Sirius told him, “That’s where I go when I runaway.”

“Oh yeah.” James laughed, “I guess you do.”

Just then the classroom door opened and Lily entered looking wet and miserable, “Sorry I’m later Professor, I had to stop by the Hospital wing,”

But Professor Flitwick barely noticed her late arrival as he was trying to revive Angelica, whom Mary had shot to the ceiling with such uncontrolled haste that she’d been knocked unconscious on the stone ceiling.

“Hi,” Lily said as she joined them at their table, “Can I sit with you guys? I don’t think my dear friend will be making it to class.” Her tone was so bitter that the boys eyebrows all shot up.

“So why were they fighting?” James asked and Lily scowled at him darkly.

“I don’t know. I’m only her best friend. She doesn’t tell me anything.”

“I bet it was Sirius.” Pete nodded decisively, “Ten galleons.”

“Well if you aren’t the worlds biggest idiot then I don’t know who is.” Angelica shook her head sadly as she and Narcissa exited the hospital wing, “Detentions every Monday until Christmas! Mother will not be pleased. What happened anyway? What did you do?”

“What did I do?” Narcissa gasped, “Absolutely nothing Andy! She’s crazy! Silly little Mudblood-,”

“Oh so she just jumped on you?”


Andromeda did not look entirely impressed with her sisters response, “Well I’m going to class and you best hurry too, you’ve still got your OWL’s to think about.” She started off down the corridor before turning round again, “Oh yes and Lucius told me to tell you that tonight is still on… what does that mean? What are you guys doing?”

But Narcissa simply turned and stalked in the other direction; her heart pounding and palms wet wondering what she’d got herself into. 

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Chapter 16: He was a monster
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Narcissa strode into the dormitory and Lucius felt his temple pulse in warning; he was going to get a migraine and she hadn’t even started talking yet. He hated her. He truly hated her.

“You wanted to see me?” She asked. She’d tried to sound sexy, she’d tried to sound seductive and all she’d done was deaden him. She was such a stupid, dangerous, waste of space. She was wearing her uniform differently he noticed, her skirt had been hiked up a couple of inches and instead of tights she was wearing socks pulled up to her knees. Was she honestly trying to arouse him? He almost cringed. He eyed the undone buttons on her shirt with disdain and then shrugged discourteously.

“I never want to see you.” He replied pulling himself from his armchair by the window and locking the door with a flick of his wand. Shock, hurt and confusion rushed across her face and he saw her eyes flicker towards the locked door; so the brazen harlot wasn’t quite so brazen after all.

“Then why did you tell me to come here tonight?”

“I think you know.”

Her fingers twitched as though she longed to rearrange her clothing but didn’t know how to do it subtly. Lucius felt a grim smile twitch at his lips and knew that something evil in him was leaking out. Some hate he’d always carried, a festering anger and resentment was spilling out of his skin and it was going to scald the girl in front of him.

“I don’t understand.”

“I don’t care. Sit on the bed.”

Trembling slightly Narcissa made her way to the bed and sat on the edge of it obediently. She smoothed at her shortened skirt but it was no use, her underwear was flashing the room and her face burned.

“Why are you wearing your clothes like that?”

Her skin reddened even move, even her revealed cleavage turned pink with discomfort, “I don’t know.”

“Did you plan on us having sex?”

“That’s absurd!” She looked on the verge of standing up indignantly before she thought better of it and continued sitting, “That’s a horrible thing to suggest.”

“Really? So you came here dressed like a slut to tempt me then deny me?”

“I am not dressed-,”

“Yes you are. You look ridiculous. You’re an embarrassment, you’re disgusting and it shames me that you even thought flashing those bony, horrible little legs would please me.” He watched her eyes glitter with anger and embarrassment and then he continued icily, “Admit it. You came here to have sex.”

She stayed silent and he nodded as though she’d complied.

“Do you know how much you disgust me?” Lucius asked but not as though he wanted an answer, “You disgust me so much that sometimes I can’t stand it. There are times when I’d rather have my eyes pecked out my birds than have to look at you again. The way you look repulses me, the way you think makes me want to dash your brains out. You’re an idiot. You’re a selfish, stupid little girl who doesn’t understand anything at all. You think you deserve everything you want because your mother tells you you’re pretty and you have good blood but you don’t want the right things. You want me. You want me and you don’t give a damn whether I want you. You tried to ruin my life to get what you wanted. Because of you I’m going to have to murder someone, do you get that Narcissa? Murder. In a couple of weeks because of you I’ll be a monster inside or I’ll be dead. So you’ll never have me. Oh sure, if I decide to kill an innocent girl to satisfy the Dark Lords whims then I’ll survive and I’ll definitely marry you, you don’t have to worry about that. But it won’t be the me from right now. You’ll be married to a murderer, someone who killed to save themselves and who hates you so much that they want nothing more than to destroy you. I hate you so much Narcissa that I hate you more than I want to be happy. I’m going to marry you, I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to make every day of your life so miserable that you wish you were dead and I’m going to hate myself, but I’ll still hate you more.”

Silence echoed throughout the dormitory as Lucius heaved with anger and tears spilled along Narcissa pale cheeks.


“I don’t care.” Lucius snarled, “Now lay down.”

She did.

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Chapter 17: Control
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It was almost midnight when Delilah finally decided to leave the Quiddich stands. The rain had stopped a few hours before but she was beyond hopes of drying naturally, she was slick with water, heavy with her soaked robes and yet she didn’t care. She was oblivious to her constant shivers and her chattering teeth and despite everything, despite the fact that she’d probably be in a whole world of trouble when she finally handed herself over to McGonagal, she was vaguely happy. She now knew what she was going to do to get her life back. She’d spent so long sitting thinking about all the awful things in her life that she’d finally figured out the root cause and she was going to simply fix it and then... well then she’d feel fine, wouldn’t she? 

She got to her feet and felt relief flood down her legs, they’d been idle too long and had become stressed and sore. Yes, she now had her plan and she would put it into practise immediately. 

So what were her problems? Well her weight, obviously. But there was nothing she could really do about that apart from what she was doing and she had barely eaten all day so, that was an upside really. Then there was Lucius; oh Lucius. He was an awful problem, the kind that made her insides feel funny almost constantly. Everything reminded her of him and recently even the good memories weren’t so good. So there was nothing she could do about Lucius except for what she was doing; moving on. Then there was Lily. The Lily problem; she and Lily had definitely been clashing more than usual lately and it didn’t bode well, she shouldn’t have snapped at her friend like she had but now, now she had the black letter and... Well Lily certainly would stop being mad at her when she handed that over and swore not to tell. So what was left? Well Jessica, Jessica and her family in general, but you can’t choose who you’re related to and heck, that’s something that everyone has to deal with. 

A feeling of utter control swept through her as she glided into the entrance hall. She hadn’t felt like this before, it was almost as if she was watching herself do exactly what she wanted to do and consequence no longer mattered. No point worrying now, no point thinking things through or worrying about what would happen later. She was sick of reigning herself in for the sake of others, other people didn’t do it for her! Narcissa Black certainly didn’t, little Narcissa Black did whatever the fuck she felt like and why shouldn’t Delilah? 

The corridors seemed to melt away around her and soon she was where she wanted to be. The prefect’s bathroom she and Lily had changed in for the ball. Although this was only a stop on the road; a lot more had to be done. 

Inside the bathroom she quickly shed her soaked clothes and threw them haphazardly on the huge iron heaters along the walls (magically enhanced for speedy drying, of course). The bath took a mere moment to fill and then she dove in. Her goose pimpled flesh welcomed the hot water like an old friend and she felt suddenly, impossibly, more invigorated. She didn’t dilly dally though, she just needed to spend enough time to wash away the drowned rat look that had recently become almost her trademark. 

Soon she left the bathroom and continued through the hallways. She hadn’t bothered completely drying her hair; just enough so that it wasn’t dripping everywhere but perfection wasn’t what mattered right now. What she wanted was all that mattered tonight. 

Gryffindor tower was sleeping, just as she’d suspected it would be, when Delilah crawled through the portrait hole. Perfect. 

She practically strutted up the boy’s staircase and without even a moment of hesitation she quickly slipped into the Marauders dormitory. 

Sirius wasn’t hard to spot snoring in the bed nearest the window with his drapes undrawn. He looked almost beautiful in the darkened room with nothing but the moonlight spilling over his chest turning it grey. She surveyed him for a moment, he looked so peaceful. Oh well. 

Careful not to wake the other boys Delilah slipped through the room and with more grace than she knew she possessed slid onto Sirius’ bed. He didn’t wake until she was straddling him with a finger on his lips. Then he stared at her for a long moment, shock evident and then a bizarre look crossed his face. She smiled at him, a smile that promised she wasn’t there to break his neck. Then, very slowly, she lent forwards and replaced her finger with her lips. 

Her damp hair fell around his face and the scent of lavender from her bath engulfed them. Seconds passed and Sirius remained dormant, disorientated and then, as if a switch had been flicked, he began kissing her back. That was it; exactly what she needed. 

Complicated, but not in an awful way. Complicated the way teen affairs should be, not the way tragic plays should be, tender yet hormonal. A rush of emotion that time could definitely fade. She didn’t want Sirius forever and he didn’t want her but for right now, right now this was what she wanted. Too long she’d been trapped by Lucius and her feelings for him but now they were over and so were her days of pretending she didn’t want this man who was grabbing her just the way she needed to be grabbed.
Sirius’ strong arms wrapped around her and he rolled them so that he lay on top. The kiss broke and they stared at each other both searching the others face although neither sure what they were looking for. 

Suddenly a huge grin broke out on Sirius’ face, “You are Delilah this time, right?” He whispered and she had to stifle a snort. 


“Well thank Merlin for that.” 

And without worrying about tomorrow, or the fact that the drapes were open, or that three boys dozed only feet from them, Delilah kissed him again. 

Lily stirred her potion and watched Delilah out of the corner of her eye. Something was definitely afoot. The all but suicidal girl from the day before had been replaced with this (dare she say it?) bubbly creature who couldn’t seem to stop smiling despite the fact that she’d very nearly been suspended. Delilah was even making her potion with what could be, if you didn’t know her well enough to dispute it, enthusiasm. 

“Are you contemplating suicide?” Lily asked finally and Delilah snorted. 


“Well it’s just that I’ve read when people finally make the decision to you know... kill themselves... they can get really cheery because they’ve made the decision... so are you?” She was only half joking. 

Delilah looked thoughtful, “Maybe I already have.” She grinned again then a funny looked crossed her face, “Oh here, you dropped this.” She dug a hand into pocket and passed Lily the, now slightly crumpled, black letter. Lily stared at it in horror, she hadn’t even realised it was missing. “Don’t worry,” The scarily happy Delilah told her with, dear god, a wink, “Our secret.” 

“Delilah I-,” 

“Honestly. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. But I also want to point out that Jazz Gibney wants you and it is your duty as a woman-,” 

“You’ve given me that speech before.” 

“Yeah well I’m just saying sometimes doing something that you never realised you wanted to do feels good.” She looked all flushed and pleased again. 

“OK, what is up with you? What have you done?” 

Mischievous pleasure pulled Delilah’s lips up, “Try who.” 

“Who?” Lily cocked an eyebrow then realisation dawned, “Who you’ve done?” She whispered in awe, “Who?” But before Delilah could say anything Lily’s jaw dropped along with the penny, “Sirius? Really? How? I don’t- What?” She began giggling, “Oh my God! Tell me everything!” 

Delilah stuck her tongue out as she threw a handful of frogs’ eyes into her bubbling potion, “Well I won’t bore you with the gory details but my goodness Lily I’m surprised we didn’t wake the whole tower.” 

“You slapper!” 

“Uh huh!” 

“I love it!” 

“Me too!” 

“Out of ten?” 




“James is a solid nine.” 

Delilah burst into giggles, “A solid nine?” 

“Yeah,” Lily looked jokingly solemn, “Which I was pleased with up until now, now I’m wondering if I got the wrong Marauder.” 

“Well if all you want is mind blowing pleasure then yep, yep you did.” 

Lily’s cheeks flushed despite herself, “Mind blowing?” 

“You best believe it. Best thing ever. Well almost.” 


“Well then there was the shower this morning while everyone was at breakfast...” 




“Oh yes.” Sirius was suddenly there wiggling his eyebrows like an old time Casanova. Both girls flushed scarlet, “Do keep your voices down ladies, I have my virtue to protect.” 

“Oh you were just eavesdropping.” Delilah retorted stirring her potion a little too vigorously to combat her blushes. 

“Of course I was.” 

“Mister Black back to your own desk if you don’t mind!” Professor Slughorn shouted from his desk and Sirius gave the girls a devilish smile. 

“On my way sir!” He called back before swiftly kissing Delilah’s cheek and whispering something in her ear. 

When Sirius was safely back in his desk and she had managed to control her giggling Lily couldn’t help but ask, “What did he say?” 


“You’ll tell me later?” 

“No that’s what he said!” 

“Oh. My. God.” And that was it. The giggles would never stop, of that she was sure. 

Across the room Andromeda was finding it hard to cover her smile, “That was hard to watch, wasn’t it?” She whispered to Lucius who scowled at her. “Oh go on, punch him. I’d die laughing.” 

“Be careful, you have a mudblood baby to think of.” His words had the right affect, Andromeda stopped smiling. 

“Shut up Lucius.” 

“Likewise Black.”

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Chapter 18: On the Chair
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"Hurry!" Delilah gasped trying to hold back her giggles, "Hurry up! She'll be back soon!"

"Don't rush me woman!"

"Take them off!"

"I am! The zipper's stuck!"

"Sirius I'm waiting!"

"I know! Oh for the love of all the is magic!" He struggled at his trousers desperately.

"Here let me help-," She reached forward but he shimmied away.

"No! I got it! I got it!" His trousers dropped down to sit in a puddle at his feet, pleased with himself Sirius spread his arms wide, "Ta da!"

Delilah stared at him for a long moment, a grin evident on her freckled face, "Did you just display your penis and say... Ta da?"

Sirius raised a wan eyebrow, "Ta da woman, Ta da, now ta da yourself!"

With a delighted laugh Delilah began undoing her shirt buttons, "Da, da, da, da,da, da, da, da!" She sang kicking her feet to the side reminiscent of a can-can girl, "Da, da, da, da!" She shimmed out of her shirt then swung it around her head before letting it go. It landed a little left of Sirius who snorted, "Da, da, da, da, da!" She pushed her skirt down, "Da! Da! Da! TA DA!"

"Take your time why don't you!" Sirius launched at her and she squealed girlishly, "Da! Da! Da!" He sang teasingly tickling her as she shrieked and tried to bat him off, "Da! Da! Da!"

"Da!" She joined in then pecked his cheek, "Da, da, da!" She pecked his nose, "Da, da, da!"

"Tra la la!"

"La la laaa!"

"Neh neh neh!"

Delilah prepared herself to launch into a beat box masterpiece but Sirius grabbed her wrists, "Really. What are we doing?"

"Not a freaking clue."

"Shall we get down to business?"

"Yes please."

"On the desk?"

"Ooo! The CHAIR!"


"Good call."

The scurried over to the items of furniture in question and examined them skeptically, "How about you sit and I sort of, you know, straddle?" Delilah suggested motioning at the chair.

"Will the handles get in the way?"


"Lets try anyway."


Sirius sat down, "Mount me,"

"Jesus Christ... mount you?"

"I said mount me!"

A moment of scuffling.

"The arms?" Sirius groaned.


"Ok, sit on the desk."

Delilah complied, "Mount me!" She squealed and Sirius let out a bark of laughter.

"As my lady wishes!"

Ten minutes later.

"High five!"

They left the room. Some first years stood outside waiting for their teacher to arrive, "Jeez," Laura Morrison whispered to her friend, "They must really like transfiguration."

"It's not fair." Jessica Tyler groaned stabbing at her roast beef without much desire to eat it, "It's just not fair Ted."

Ted Tonks rolled his eyes and bit into his fifth roast potato, "It's probably best not to dwell Jess."

"How can I not dwell?" Jessica hissed with uncharacteristic venom, "She's over there with him and I'm stuck here... the sister he accidentally shagged. I'm an accident Ted! A laughing stock. Everyone knows about it now. It's like 'oh Delilah and Sirius went through this weird patch where he had confused her with her twin but that's all sorted now'. How gimpy is that?"

"No one is saying that."

"Whatever. I know they are." Jessica scowled so darkly towards the Gryffindor table that Ted was slightly unnerved, "She is such a bitch. She pretended she didn't fancy him and then at the first opportunity... I bet she only likes him because she knows I do. I bet that's it. She's such a bitch! She's always been like this you know."

"Like what?"

"Like a bitch!"

"Maybe you should cut her some slack?"

"Ted!" Jessica gaped at her friend, "Why are you even taking her side? You're meant to be my friend! You don't even know her!"

"Jess I just think that you shouldn't let this upset you too much."

"How can I not be upset? She's over there sucking on the love of my lifes ear!"

Ted stared at her for a long moment then began to laugh, "The love of your life?" He choked, "Sirius Black? The love of your life?"

Jessica's lips twitched, she fought them desperately but was unable to stop the smile that spread slowly across her face, "Ok, well maybe not the love of my life..."

"Was it even a decent shag?"

"I don't know, it was my only one!"

"You still know."

"What do you know about shagging anyway, Ted?"

Ted pulled an imaginary zip across his lips and Jessica punched his arm, "As if you've been shagging anyway. You're such a bad liar."

"You'd be surprised." Ted stuck his tongue out at her and returned to his meal. Jessica, still chuckling, missed the wink he shot at the Slytherin table.

Across the hall Narcissa Black was sitting beside Lucius Malfoy. The Slytherin benches were crowded with students yet the pair sat with enough space for another bum between them. The space was unnatural as was their silence.

Narcissa held a knife and fork in her hands but didn't use them, instead she simply stared at the table top and concentrated on breathing.  Lucius, on the other hand, was eating his dinner with steady, focused determination. Each mouthful was like a calculated decision and he swallowed as though his meat was too dry for ingesting comfortably.

After failing to rouse an appetite Narcissa set down her cutlery and folded her hands on her lap to keep from tugging at the scarf she was wearing. Sweat trickled down her spine from the heat of her many layers of clothing but she loathed the thought of rolling up her sleeves or taking off her tights incase someone saw the vicious bruises that littered her skin.

With a deep breath she stole a glance at Lucius and found him staring, as he almost always was, at the Gryffindor table. She followed his gaze and flinched as she saw her cousins hand making circles on Delilah Tyler's back. The girl, as if one cue, turned her head and placed a disgustingly sweet kiss on his cheek. Lucius' hands were so tight on his cutlery that she could see the silverware trembling and she felt a fresh wave of fear surge through her.

"How is your beef?" She asked as a sudden urge to sooth Lucius' temper took hold of her, "It looks delicious."

Lucius' icy gaze slid from Delilah Tyler's back to her face and it was as if she had been doused in freezing water. His lip twitched into a sneer and without replying he set down his knife and fork and stood up.

For a fleeting moment she thought he would simply leave but then he leant down and spoke quietly, viciously, into her ear, "My dormitory. Tonight."

"Do you realise we've become boring?"

It was nearing bedtime in the Gryffindor common room. Lily glanced up from her homework to find James smirking down at her.

"We have?" She asked.

"Yep. I haven't heard a single person gossip about us today. It's Delilah and Sirius now. No one cares what we do."

"I didn't realise people cared to begin with."

"Of course they care Lily, I'm practically a celebrity in these halls."

"In your oversized head you mean."

"No I really am. A few third years have even made a fan club."

Lily's lips twitched, "Stop embarassing yourself. You do not have a fan club."

"I do!" James sat on the chair beside her, "They even have t-shirts and a treasurer." He tried to put his arm around her but she shrugged him off and motioned at her incomplete homework, "Did you just reject me?" James gasped, "You did! You rejected my tender caress!"

Lily laughed, "I'm trying to get this work done! I'm behind! You're keeping me behind with all your tender caressing!"

"But you said you loved me!"

"Does that mean I have to spend all my evenings in detention playing catch up? Because if it does I take it back."

James face was a picture of shock, "You can't take that back!"

"I can. In fact I do. No love for you. Now go away."

"No! Say you love me!"

"I respect you too much to lie to you."

"Lily Evans! This is shocking behaviour. I'm appalled."

"Appalled enough to leave me in peace?"

James rose dramatically to his feet, "Fine. I'm going. But when I have made Mary my bride you will be sorry."

"Uh huh, off you go."

"You will!"

"Okay, well good luck with that Potter." Lily murmered dipping her quill in her ink pot and pointedly not looking at him.

"I don't need luck."

"Go away!"

"Fine!" James was almost out of hearing distance when Lily looked up.

"James?" She called and he spun around automatically, "I do love you a bit."

"I knew it!" He was back at the table within nanoseconds, "Shall we snog?"

"Oh sweet lord. I'm going to my dormitory to get some peace!" She got up and gathered her bag and papers, "You are going to be the reason I fail my NEWT's James!" She declared but before she left she lent down to kiss him softly, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight!" James sunk into his chair half content and half disapointed watching his girlfriends bum as she climbed the girls staircase and disapeared to bed. It was only when she was gone he noticed her cloak thrown over her chair. He got up, deciding he'd bring it to his dormitory and return it to her in the morning. He picked it up and was about to leave when he noticed a piece of black parchment laying half unfurled on the seat of the chair.

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Chapter 19: He Knew Hate
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One week.

Lucius lay in his bed staring at the emerald canvas above it. He couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t slept in days now. Every time he felt a promising drowsiness wash over him he would remember what was coming and his body would run so cold he was surprised he didn’t bring the temperature of the room around him down.

One week. That was a laughable amount of time. One week was a trip to France, or the time it took to get over a bad cold. One week was so miniscule it wasn’t even a real timeframe. How was anyone meant to do anything in a week? Come to any sort of decision?

With a groan he hauled his achingly tired body from its bed and put on his robes. Maybe a walk would help clear his head.

What to do?

He slid quietly through the dimly lit corridors. Morning was almost here, the sky outside was a pale shade of navy; its peaceful nothingness was threatened by the oncoming sun and there was nothing it could do. It was losing hope, losing colour, dying. Or maybe the sun was just coming up. Feeling frustrated with his own thoughts Lucius picked up his pace.

His feet led him and he followed submissively, too busy thinking to concentrate on direction until he found himself heading for the Quiddich stands. He almost laughed; he’d heard this is where Delilah had spent her day after beating up Narcissa. They were two peas in a pod it would seem.

He’d been so angry when he’d stumbled upon them, drawn to the scene by shouts and screams for help. Narcissa had had her hands deep in Delilah’s hair pulling it mercilessly and he’d very nearly strode forward and hit her himself, not that Delilah needed help, she’d been howling whilst her tiny fists battered Narcissa’s face into a bloody mess.

He still didn’t know what had caused the fight but he had a fair idea and it made him ache that he was the reason for any pain Delilah suffered. There was no way he could kill her. How could he kill her if he couldn’t even bear her having her hair pulled? It was ludicrous. He couldn’t hurt her, he couldn’t love her; what could he do? Nothing. He never did anything.

The fight flashed through his mind again and how he’d stood on the sidelines staring in horror unable to make a decision on how to react. He was almost sure he’d stepped forward to break it up when Sirius Black had hurled himself into the thick of it and pulled Delilah out of harm’s way. Sirius fucking Black. How he loathed him, how he envied him.

He had climbed into the bleachers and was highly considering throwing himself from them when he realised he wasn’t alone. A few stands above him James Potter looking despondent. Great. Apparently the Quiddich stands were where sad teens went to cry.

Feeling rather doomed Lucius collapsed onto the stands and stared bleakly at the ground far below fighting another horrific Delilah flashback. Why had he done this? Why had he let himself become so involved with someone so wrong for him? Someone so crazy? Someone so utterly infatuating?

God he loved her. Everything about her. He loved her untameable hair, her wild cackle of a laugh, her quick temper and the tiny little creases by her eyes when she smiled. He loved when she jumped right into his arms, he loved when she breathed on his ears in a way she knew drove him crazy. He just loved her. Everything about her. The good, the bad, the ugly.

She wasn’t wrong for him at all. She was perfect for him. It was he who was wrong for her. He could see it now.

In fact, he was wrong for everybody. He was just wrong. He wanted things he shouldn’t have, he destroyed everything he touched. He was to women what a cruel child is to butterflies pulling off their wings. Narcissa was a bruised reflection of his soul. Battered, sore, terrified. He was a monster.

It would be better for everyone if he just flung himself from the battlements but he knew he’d never do that. Suicide was his only chance of redemption and yet he knew he would never go that far to be redeemed. He was too selfish.

Selfish. The key term to describe him.

Here lies Lucius Malfoy, the most selfish boy who ever lived; he caused pain wherever he went.

“Lucius, right?”

Oh sweet Merlin. Lucius turned slowly like a character in a scary movie that has just realised the monster is right beside them and found James Potter perched on the next seat.


“You’re up early.”

Oh no. Was the Gryffindor expecting to bond over their pathetic morning antics?

“Yes.” He said again.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

“Yes.” The next question would probably be in regards to his mental ability if he didn’t deviate from this automatic answer soon.

“Me neither.” Potter sighed ruffling his hair, “Let me guess, women troubles?”

Lucius just stared at him. Was this happening again? He thought back to how Potter had rambled on about his problems on the day of the Ball and wondered if it was actually James who was mentally incapable.

“Me too,” James continued ignoring Lucius’ silence, “I mean how can I compete with a rock star?” Without leaving Lucius time to answer James ploughed on, “It’s just Lily is so great, you know? So great. She’s so pretty and smart and great. She’s great. I know I’m lucky to have her. I had to basically harass her for six years. Six years of battering at her spirit until she’d go out with me and now I’ve got a rock star to compete with? It’s not even fair. It’s like my life is a cruel cosmic joke.” He was suddenly brandishing a black piece of parchment, “I’m mean look at this! What is this?” He waved it in Lucius’ stunned face, “Lily,” Read James with an expression that would not be out of place if he’d been sniffing dung, “I was disappointed that we didn’t get to hang out after the gig- uh, school ball Jazz you twat- but was hoping you’d meet me in Hogsmeade blah, blah, blah. You’re beautiful blah, blah, blah. I’m so intrigued, blah, blah, inspired, blah, blah, I’m an utter twat, blah, blah.” Looking furious James crushed the letter into a ball and flung it off the Quiddich stands, “I could kill him!”

Lucius said nothing wondering if he could just get up and leave without too much bother. So much for somewhere quiet to wallow in self pity.

“Here Lucius mate you look tired.” James said suddenly and Lucius turned to stare at him blankly. Since when did James Potter even talk to Slytherins? Maybe James Potter just talked to anyone who would listen. “You should probably try to get more sleep. Your eyes look like you’ve just spent some time on the wrong end of a trolls club.”

Lucius blinked very slowly wishing his sluggish brain could come up with something snide and insulting to sneer but came up with nothing.

“Well I best get going; I need to sort this mess out. Thanks for the chat,” James clapped him on the shoulder and sauntered off like a man with a weight off his shoulders. Lucius watched him go, then turn back and hunt around the Quiddich pitch for the scrunched up letter. It took him a while but Potter eventually found it and left again whilst trying to smooth the crumpled letter with his hands.

Fucking Gryffindors.

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Chapter 20: She Became A Cheat
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Saturday morning dawned and offered nothing to the pupils of Hogwarts beyond grey skies and sleeting rain. Their desire to sneak away to Hogsmeade dashed by unseemly weather conditions Delilah and Sirius had decided to stay in bed, drawing the curtains of Sirius’ four-poster around them and casting every silencing charm they could think of in order to gain a sense of privacy.

They sat opposite each other Sirius cross-legged and Delilah with her knees pulled to her chest guarding the playing cards she had been dealt jealously.

“You know if I’m going to teach you how to play you will have to show me your cards,” Sirius reminded her as she pressed them firmly to her chest.

“Then why are you making us bet?”

Because it makes things more realistic!”

“So what you’re saying is I should bet you gold then let you see my cards so you can tell me what ones to use?” Delilah snorted, “How dumb do you think I am?”

“Well you’ve already bet me a galleon and you don’t know how to play...”

“This is a more than fair point that you’re making.”

Sirius face broke into a smile and he dropped his own cards to swing his pillow at her face. Hair eschew and expression shocked Delilah burst out laughing, “Unnecessary violence! I call disqualification!”

“I contest your decision!”

“We’ll see about that...” Delilah stuck her head out of the drapes, “James!” James bleary eyed and exhausted despite it nearly being noon blinked at her wearily.


“Violence during cards: grounds for disqualification?”

“Who was violent?”

“Your boyfriend,”

“Then it’s perfectly fine. Go back to your card game... if that’s what you crazy kids are calling it nowadays,” He found enough energy to snicker at his own joke then flopped back against his pillow. Delilah pulled her head back into the silenced cocoon she and Sirius had created with a sombre look on her face.

“It was a tough ruling,” She told him seriously, “But the referee says it is in fact grounds for disqualification so...” She made to take back her galleon but Sirius was too quick and grabbing her by the wrist pulled her up the bed to lie on top of him.

“That is not what he said at all. I can’t believe my girlfriend is such a cheating scoundrel,” Their faces were so close together that to focus on her he’d become nearly cross-eyed, Delilah grinned and kissed the tip of his nose.

“Wow, I’m Sirius Black’s girlfriend,” She said rolling off him so they lay side my side staring at the canopy.

“Yes you are you lucky thing,” Sirius agreed and she shot him a sideways glance, “Quite the turn up for the books isn’t it?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well,” He rolled onto his side to watch her face, his hand trailing carelessly along her bare thigh to the edge of the shirt she had borrowed from him and back down to her knee, "It took us almost seven years to realise we liked each other. It’s a bit crazy.”

Delilah gave him a funny little smile and shrugged, “I guess,”

“I mean... it’s always strange don’t you think? How when you meet someone you never know who they’ll end up being in your life?” Smiling at her nonplussed expression he continued, “I’m serious! When you first saw Lily did you think you’d be best friends? Or when I first met James I had no idea that in a few years I’d be living in his house. It’s weird. It’s like, I met you in first year and it took me seven years to realise how awesome you are-,” He gave her cheek a squeeze much like you would an adorable child causing her to bat him away, “- but  no, joking aside you are. I mean one day- and I’m not committing to anything here- we could be married and have kids and grow old together and we really have no idea about any of that. You could be my future wife, or maybe you’ll be my first wife who takes all my money-,”

“You have no money,”

“- all the money I’ll make after we graduate you cheeky mare. Or maybe you’ll be this girl whose name I remember in forty years time but whose face I can’t quite get a grasp on. You never know who people are going to be in your life,”

“Are you high?”

“No but I’d like to be. Shall we brave the rain and go get something by the way of recreational entertainment for this afternoon?”

“Hypothetical pot smoking won’t be very good for our hypothetical babies,”

“Hypothetically how much do you care?”

“Very little,”  



Andromeda felt the weight of the world on her shoulders, slowly crushing her, weighing her down and overall exhausting her. The Slytherin dungeons had never seemed so damp and dismal before, it was as though being pregnant had opened her eyes to horrible and unhealthy these conditions really were. It was awful that Salazar Slytherin had expected children as young as eleven to live this way (she decided that he really could have had no idea that seventh years would be stupid enough to get pregnant and so did not blame him for not predicting the need for a good environment for a foetus). Still, was it too much to ask for a nice view? Or perhaps just not to have the whole place smell of damp? It was making her nauseous.  

Still, maybe she was just being melancholy and why not? She was almost sixth months pregnant now and it was becoming damn near impossible to hide. There were only so many concealment charms a girl could cast and not only that but then there were the swollen ankles, the thickening of her fingers, the fact that every time her stomach cramped she thought she might have a heart attack. Time was moving much too fast and she really had no idea what she was going to do or where she was going to go. This baby was coming without any regards for blood feuds or underage parents or the fact its mother was poorer than a church mouse in her own right.  

Although she recognised that things could be worse; she had the love of a good man mudblood or no. That had to count for something. Andromeda may have been a Black but she was wise enough to know that love was the most important thing and she had it; it transcended everything else. Blood, money, power; it was all useless and chasing it only served to make you miserable. The thought brought her eyes to her younger sister who was sitting primly at a desk by the wall, her eyes on her textbook but her pupils stoic.

Andromeda couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen Narcissa smile and it was because Narcissa chased an idea of happiness rather than what would actually make her happy. A small flutter brought Andromeda’s hand to rest on her belly; she could feel the size of it- ripe and full- beneath her robes despite the charms to trick the eye. It was strange; having this baby should terrify her but amongst the madness the baby itself was the only thing keeping her sane. She wished, in an odd way, the Narcissa could have her own baby; her own little reminder that there were much more important things in this world than becoming a Malfoy. For what was so great about being a Malfoy anyway? Even Lucius didn’t seem to want to be a Malfoy anymore.  

As if her thoughts had conjured him Lucius appeared from the seventh year boy’s passageway and upon spotting her by the fire made his way over. He flopped- as much as Lucius could flop- onto the sofa next to her and closed his bloodshot eyes before speaking, “Is it wrong to say you’re glowing Andromeda?” He asked in such a way that it didn’t beckon a smile from her.

 Andromeda saw his blackened eyes, his pallid skin, the tremor in his hands and knew that her family had done this; little Narcissa in her naive selfish way and furthermore Bellatrix who with every action was becoming harder and harder to defend, even in Andromeda’s own head.

Her mind flashed to the letter Lucius had shown her, scrawled unmistakably in Bellatrix’s hand and it chilled her so much so that she could barely imagine how Lucius would be feeling although, from the looks of him, it wasn’t hard to ascertain that he was not handling the situation well.  

“I’ve been thinking Andromeda,” He turned his red laced eyes on her, a sad smile pulling at his colourless lips, “You seem nice enough, you’re not unattractive and you’re... in a certain condition. We could solve each other’s problems; I’ll claim your condition is also mine and we get married. Pure blood, above board, no one upset but your snivelling sister and maybe then this all goes away.”

Andromeda’s eyebrows lifted as she tried to decide whether he was serious or not. Glancing around to ensure no one was paying them any attention Andromeda took his hand, “Feel this,” She set it on her stomach; to the naked eye his hand landed on a flat plane but she knew that underneath his touch he’d feel the heavy thickness of her belly, feel the baby moving underneath, the wonder of it, “That’s my baby,” She said quietly aware suddenly that the words had made her smile.

Lucius mouth opened and closed as he searched for words but none seemed to come to him.

“I love this little person more than I could have imagined I’d love anything ever. I don’t even know them yet and I know that they are the most important thing in my world.” She let go of his hand but it still didn’t move from her stomach which he was staring at in wonderment, “Bringing him or her into the world has got me thinking about things, really thinking about what’s important. Six months ago if you’d told this would be happening and you’d offered me what you’re offering I’d have said yes, I’d have seen no other reasonable option but not now. There are more important things than what my family think or whether I get any money left to me in someone’s will. There are more important things than even what some nutcases in masks are threatening muggleborns and the people who support them with. I want my baby to come into the world surrounded by a family who love it no matter what blood runs through its veins or what name it answers to.” She smiled at him and felt a little bit of the weight she’d been carrying with her lift as she realised what she was saying as perfectly true, “So thank you Lucius but I’m going to chase happiness I think, not hide in fear,”

Removing his hand from her stomach Lucius let out a little groan, “I thought you’d say that. Well not all of that, but no. I thought you’d say no.”

“I’m going to make a run for it soon; go somewhere safe where I can see out my pregnancy in peace. Maybe you should go get your girl and runaway too?”  

“It’s not that simple,”

“It could be,”



James sat on the edge of his bed in the empty dormitory with the dirty and crumpled black letter spread out on his knees. He’d read it over and over until the words no longer made him angry; until he felt that he could just let them go.

It was simple really: he loved Lily and she loved him. Whether or not a million rock stars wrote her love letters made no difference really, he was lucky enough to have the love of a woman so enchanting that of course other men would notice it but the point was she loved James. There was no room for jealousy in amongst all that.

That being said he couldn’t quite bring himself to put the letter back into the pocket of her cloak and so, spurred on by the thoughts that she’d probably never notice he pointed his wand at the black parchment, “Incendio,” And watched as it burned and crumbled into nothing but ashes.

He was returning his want to his pocket when Sirius and Delilah stumbled back into the dormitory laughing and holding onto each other.

“We have had a successful venture Jimmy!” Sirius announced, “But before I divulge the nature of our trip I have to know: are you Head Boy or a marauder right now?”

“Oh a marauder definitely,”

“Fabulous!” Delilah cried, “Get Lily and the others, we’re all about to get so stoned we forget how to walk,” It was strange that becoming incapacitated could seem so appealing when promoted with such enthusiasm.   

There was a sudden rapping on the window and the trio turned to see a large barn owl worrying at the glass with its beak.

“Who’s sending a letter at this time?” Sirius asked but Delilah, having recognised the owl was already at the window.

“It’s for me,” She said allowing the owl in and quickly accepting the furled scroll from its talons.

“Why’d it come here?”

“It goes to wherever I am... it stops letters being left lying around.” Her voice was soft as she unfurled the note and read it her face becoming paler by the moment, “It’s from my mum,” She said her voice strange and unnaturally hushed, “I’m going to go and reply to her...”

“Are you OK?” Sirius asked concerned, the little bag of Marijuana he’d been waving excitedly moments before was now hanging limply by his side.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,”

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Chapter 21: They Choked on Tears
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The classroom had been empty as had the entire corridor. The beauty of asking her to meet him on a Saturday was that no students would have any need to come to this particular section of the castle; aside from lessons it led nowhere, not to the kitchens, not to the owlery... They would have a perfect, private space.

Lucius sat very still on a straight backed wooden chair trying to dispel the itchiness behind his eyes. He was so very tired and yet he knew the moment he lay down to sleep his mind would become plagued with terror and deny him slumber’s embrace. Insomnia was not long in becoming a tedious experience. Still, it was time to be proactive. He had to make a decision as time was swiftly running out.  

He glanced at his watch, she should be here any moment and then they could talk; he could try to figure things out. It was madness to consider this; he hadn’t spoken to her properly in so long and after all that had happened... Nevertheless he had to try.

Sighing he stood up and cracked his neck back and forth trying to rejuvenate himself, trying to stay as sharp as he would need to be.

The classroom door creaked open and he arranged his face into what he hoped was a strong, sure expression. Still at the sight of her blonde hair and wide eyes it was all he could do not to lose his nerve completely.


 “What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Delilah bundled her sobbing sister into her arms feeling completely terrified, “Jess, stop crying you have to speak to me!”

“It’s not fair,” Jessica gasped, her face was red and tear tracked, her hair mussed and her eyes wild, “It’s just not fair,” She was curled on the Owlery floor amongst the sawdust and owl dung looking all but distracted. Nearby Ted Tonk’s sat on the edge of the battlements his expression miserable.

“What’s happened?” Delilah asked him desperately as her sister continued to rock back and forth crying so hard there was a very real danger she might choke.

“I didn’t know what to do... I found her here standing on the edge...” He looked helpless, “I didn’t want to get the teachers, and you were the only person I could think to owl,”

 “Yes, yes I’m glad you did but Tonk’s- it is Tonk’s?” She asked and he nodded, “Do you know what’s happened to her? Has someone hurt her? I-,” She looked despairingly at her sobbing sister with real rage flashing in her eyes, “I’ll kill them if they’ve hurt her.”

“I really don’t know if it’s my place to say-,”

“Well you’ve got to,” Delilah definitely looked mad now, “Tell me Tonk’s or I swear to god-,”

“Seriously Delilah, it’s not my place.” He got up from the wall to crouch down before Jessica, “Jess,” He urged pushing her hair, wet from her tears, away from her face, “Jess you’ve got to tell her what’s going on, she won’t be angry, she’s your sister,”

“Why would I be angry?” Delilah asked feeling very wrong-footed, “What have you done Jess?”

“I-I-I,” But a fresh onslaught of tears left Jessica unable to finish. Frustrated Delilah had to resist the urge to shake her weeping twin.

“You already know what she’s done,” Ted said quietly when it became clear that Jessica wouldn’t be speaking any time soon. Delilah shrugged her shoulders at him and he closed his eyes to think, “Delilah you already know what she’s done... it’s what... it’s what has happened as a consequence.”

Delilah’s expression was flummoxed, she looked from Ted’s serious eyes to her howling sister and back again feeling as though she was missing something huge and then, with shock that was enough to send her sliding down the castle wall, she knew.

Narcissa was silent when Lucius had finished speaking; her pale hands were trembling as she lifted the small velvet box he had set in front of her “So this is it?” She asked surprised at the heaviness of the box and how despite how thrilling his proposition was she felt nothing but ill as she pushed back the boxes lid and admired the large diamond nestled amongst black velvet within.

“That’s it,” He told her his face as hard as it always was when he spoke with her, “You call your sister off and I’ll marry you,” His back was stiff and his expression stoic, “That’s my grandmother’s ring, you’ll get your extravagant wedding and I’ll be a good husband. I am sorry I hurt you before and promise never to do it again if you just write to Bellatrix and do what you can to stop what is happening.”

Narcissa plucked the ring from its casing and held it up, admiring how even in the dim light of the classroom it managed to glitter and shine, as beautiful as any gem could be. Fingers still shaking she slid the ring onto her wedding finger which it hugged snugly; a perfect fit. She held her hand out and examined it, the fruit of her labour; her reward for everything she had had to go through.

“So we are engaged?” Narcissa asked gazing up at him, her eyes so bright that he wanted to scream at her but he didn’t, he simply nodded and removed a quill and sheet of parchment from the inside pocket of his robes.

“Write to your sister,” He set the quill and parchment before her, his eyes empty of any emotion she could decipher.

She took the quill into her hand, her eyes still dancing on the diamond that shone like a trophy on her left hand.

“Write to her,” Lucius said again, turning his back on his fiancé to hide his devastation, “And tell her the good news,”


The day was fading when Ted made it to the library, he found Andromeda amongst the furthest shelves cross-legged amongst a stack of Healer’s Digests and medical books. She smiled at him when he arrived and, without much care that someone might stumble upon them, Ted sat down next to her and kissed her cheek.

“I feel very fortunate to have you in my life,” He told and she beamed at him, looking more beautiful than he had ever known her to be, “You know we’ll work this all out right? My mum says you can stay at our house after the birth and... Well I’ve been thinking. Let’s not hide, eh? We’re safe at Hogwarts as much as anywhere else, finish your education Andy become a Healer and a mother, be everything you want to be,” He smiled as she took his hand in hers and squeezed it.

“I don’t know if that’ll be possible,”

“Why not? We’ll speak to Dumbledore see if you can study for your NEWT’s at home; maybe even see if we can get you an extension to sit your exams in August with the repeaters.” His eyes were very intense, very hard to ignore, “If needs be I’ll home school too, we can take turns looking after our son or daughter whilst the other studies. It’ll be hard but it’s not impossible,”  

“Ted this baby is coming! A new person in our lives, there’s no way-,”

“It’s different for us,” He told her adamantly, “I want to be with you, I want to be with our child and I have every belief that we can do everything we’ve always wanted as a family. Trust me Andy, give this a try,”

She smiled at him, “What’s brought all this on?”

“I got a little perspective today that’s all,”


“Yeah; perspective. Don’t you ever think that all this crap we worry about is actually so small and pointless? Your parents, your sisters, my blood? What is it all really? It’s nothing, it’s small and what we have, this,” He motioned between them, “This is so much bigger,”

“You know I was just saying the same thing earlier today,” Andromeda laughed, “This baby is making us very wise it would seem,” She sighed, “I was thinking that Cissy should have her own baby, she is in desperate need of a little wisdom.”

“A lot of people are,”

“True. Anyway there must be other ways to inspire wisdom. I don’t know how the Black family are going to handle one illegitimate love child never mind if there were two,” She laughed but Ted didn’t join her.

“Andy I’m about to tell you something, but don’t tell anyone, OK?”


She was perched on the edge of the battlements, her legs spread along the wall and her back pressed against a stone column. Her face was pale and her eyes troubled as she inhaled deeply on a cigarette, her hair was unkempt, her t-shirt stained with black yet still he had never seen anything so wondrous.

Lucius stood at the Owlery entrance the letter from Narcissa clutched in his hand and tried to figure out what cruel twist of fate had brought her here. Was it a sign? And even if it was what was it supposed to mean.

Cowardice told him to turn around, to leave and return later when she would be gone but greed urged him to move forward. It wasn’t fair of him to see her, it wasn’t fair of him to push himself into her life anymore and he knew it but still he wanted nothing more than to touch her one more time.

It had been dawn on the Quiddich pitch when Lucius had realised what he needed to do and that was to marry respectfully. What he wanted was a perfect solution but all he had were flawed options. To ask Delilah to forgive him was appealing, dangerous and risky. Whether or not she had ever loved him was debatable now, or even if she had loved him perhaps she didn’t anymore; she was with Black loving him now. Still, that didn’t deter from the fact that he loved her, deeply, irrevocably and so he knew he couldn’t harm her no matter how much simpler life could be if he did.

He stared at her as she took a final drag from her cigarette before flicking it off the battlements and knew that if anything ever happened to her he would be beyond devastated, it would be better to live miserably in a world where she existed rather than in one she did not.

So his plan was hatched; marry Narcissa. It’d been the girls plan in the first place and so, he assumed, once he had given in things could return to normal. After all, that letter had come from her sister not from the Dark Lord; perhaps he was unaware of it even being sent. Maybe, and the thought made his stomach twist in hope, maybe it was all a Black sisters’ scheme and if he just let them win Delilah would be left alone. Even if he couldn’t betray his family for her, he could do this. He could be selfless even if it was just once.

“Maybe you should go get your girl and runaway too?”

Andromeda’s words ran through his head and he tried to push them back, they were useless. This wasn’t like what she had with her mudblood, this was more complicated. Maybe if he was braver he could risk it, maybe if he wasn’t so damned terrified he could decide what to do. But surely there was only one option and that was to leave? He’d promised to marry Narcissa Black; it was the only way out...

“You could never love me! You can want to but you can’t because you hate who I am. You don’t like Narcissa Black but you’ll hold her hand in public because she’s like you, she’s rich and pure blooded. It doesn’t matter about the personality or the emotions; it’s about blood and money for you.”

“How can you say that? How can you not know that I love you? How can you not know?”

How could she know? He wouldn’t even come out of the shadows and greet her. She deserved more than him, more than a coward who would bring her nothing but danger and ridicule.

His head ached, his chest constricted and he worried momentarily that he might collapse. Whether from exhaustion, stress or simply love he couldn’t stop memories of Delilah flooding through his mind; the softness of her skin, the cackle of her laugh, the way she felt so small under his hands, their first kiss outside Honeydukes, their last kiss in the potions corridor, the night he’d hidden in a classroom while another man led her away...

His feet began to move and for a moment he was outside his body, no longer thinking just responding to what he needed, what every fibre of his being was screaming out for.  

She looked shocked to see him, jumping from the battlements as though they had scalded her, her mouth open in surprise. She looked ready to speak but he didn’t give her time, there was no more time for talking or arguing or explaining; that could be done later, right now he just needed to have her.  

He bundled her into his arms, engulfed by her fragrance, set on fire by their proximity; his mouth found hers hungrily, his hands losing themselves in her hair and he kissed her hard aware that it might be the very last time.

After a moment’s hesitation she kissed him back, her body melting against his and for the first time in weeks he found solace. The world seemed to fade into insubstantial nonsense, his cruelty to Narcissa, the tangled web with Bellatrix, his family, his status; it all leaked into the background as the softness of her lips consumed him.

She was shuddering under his touch and he realised she was crying, that her tears were soaking his cheeks and he began to cry too pulling her tighter, trying to fight back the misery with kisses.

“I love you,” The words poured out of him in a hot rush, barely more than a whisper against her lips and she nodded kissing him harder, her tiny hands pushing his robes from his shoulders to the ground, “I really fucking love you,”

Her hands fumbled with his belt buckle undoing it with a quick, shaking haste. He grabbed her t-shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head vaguely aware that someone could walk in at any moment and yet he couldn’t find it within himself to care.  She returned the favour, frantically unbuttoning his shirt as she pressed her warm lips to his neck, the wetness of her mouth and tears nearly driving him to his knees.

His hands unsnapped her bra and once she’d finished with his shirt she allowed it to fall down her arms and to the floor. Their torso’s brushed against each other and she stared up at him with wide, almost frightened eyes. He reached for her lips, brushing his thumb along their smoothness before replacing them with his lips, once more feeding with something close to desperation

He could feel her hands again, pushing down his trousers and underwear, he moved forward and realised she’d already removed hers. Stumbling he pushed her against the battlements then using his hands on her waist he set her on the castles edge and pressed himself between her legs.  

With something close to a sob Delilah dug her nails into his back and buried her face in his neck as he moved over her.

 “I love you,” She told him clutching so tightly to his shoulders that he was sure he would bleed, “I love you so much,”

With a cry that was almost animalistic Lucius pulled her flush against before his mind flashed white and lightning bolts shot through his veins.

“I love you,” He was murmuring it over and over as she hugged him close and once more started to cry heavily, “I love you, I love you,”

Neither of them noticed the person standing by the owlery door.  

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