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00 Potter by Brizz333

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 4,674
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 05/02/2007
Last Chapter: 06/02/2007
Last Updated: 06/02/2007


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He's an undercover Auror, she works at St. Mungos. Best friends, Ginny and Harry take what ever life throws at them, but what happens when one of them finally discovers their feelings for the other. Will it tear their solid friendship apart, or will it bring them closer than they thought possible? Mature just to be safe.

Chapter 1: Shot and Shocked
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Chapter 1
Shot and Shocked

Delaram , Afghanistan
Monday, June 29

24 year old Harry Potter slowly crawled in the bushes. Careful to not make a sound, he spoke into the earpiece. “Homebase, this is Bravo. Over.”

“Bravo, this is Homebase. Sitrep (situation report),” came the answer.

“Homebase, situation is just peachy. Permission to move, over.”

“Bravo, permission granted, move into base, over and out.”

Harry resisted the urge to wipe the sweat of his face. His army fatigues were making the 60 degree weather hotter than it really was. Harry had his face painted with green and brown streaks of paint. His combat boots were sinking in the muddy ground. He checked his 203 (M16 rifle with 40mm grenade launcher attached) again and made sure that his magazine was within reaching distance. He took a deep breath and crawled very slowly to the next set of bushes.

He glanced at the makeshift camp just 20ft ahead of him. He counted one on stag (sentry duty) and five in their sleeping bags. The one on stag was sitting on a crate smoking a cigarette 10ft from the camp. His AK-47 was pointing toward the ground, in no position to fire. His head was greasy, greasier than the git, Snape. Harry dubbed him grease ball. They had gotten very lax in their sentry duties.

Harry slowly crept forward. He held his breath when he was just behind grease ball. Harry quickly covered grease ball’s mouth with his hand and took the knife out of his pocket. Grease ball was struggling violently and groaning, but with Harry’s hand in place, his groaning did not go far. He quickly brought his knife up to grease ball’s throat and slit it. Harry waited till he stopped struggling that he laid the man down on the ground. Harry turned and headed to the sleeping bags, intent on killing them all.

Harry got to the first man and quickly slit his throat. He was trying to be as covert as possible. Just as Harry was going for the third guy, his radio crackled, “Bravo, this Homebase, do you copy?”

Harry froze. The man closest to Harry jumped out of his sleeping bag, startled at his sudden waking. As Harry pulled out his short (pistol) the man yelled as he saw what had woken him up, but was quickly silenced by a loud crack from Harry’s short. That was enough noise to wake the other three men in the camp.

Harry instinctively dived as bullets whipped past him. He pulled out his 203 and stood up. Shooting at the first thing that moved, Harry heard a yell of pain and saw one of the men fall to the ground.

Bullets continued to fire at Harry, all missing, but extremely close. Harry ran to dive behind a crate, but was stopped by a blinding pain in the knee. He fell to the ground, while at the same time losing his grip on the 203. The other two men were still firing wildly, but with more accuracy. Two more bullets hit Harry, but they hit his chest guard. Harry gripped the gun and shot at the closet guy who was closing in on him. His aim was true, and the man fell just 10ft from where Harry had fallen.

The shooting ceased and Harry desperately looked for the last man. Then, from behind, he was tackled. The full force of the body pushed Harry face first into the ground. He let out a grunt, trying to get air in his lungs. Despite all the pain, Harry rolled over and pinned the guy to the ground. Quickly taking out a spare knife, he dug it into the others guys neck.

Breathing hard, Harry rolled onto his back.

“Bravo, this is Homebase, do you copy?” came the crackling voice from his radio that miraculously was still in his ear.

Harry took a deep breath and answered, “Homebase, this is Bravo. Objective complete. E&E (escape and evacuation) in motion. Over and Out.”

Harry took another deep breath, winced in pain as his ribs protested. “Great, probably broke some ribs too,” he mumbled to himself. Harry checked his watch, 13:30. He looked at his knee and saw blood was flowing freely from it, staining his fatigues. Harry grabbed his 203 and limped out of the camp. He headed to a great hill north of Herat , Afghanistan to an I09 (helicopter) that would take him home to England . His job was pretty much done, unless you count the debriefing once he got back to England . Exhausted, Harry climbed onto the I09 and motioned for the pilot to take off. The pilot nodded and lifted off, heading towards an airstrip by Mashhad , Iran . From there he would take a plane to England , where he would finally go home to his small flat.


London , England
Monday, June 29

23 year old Ginny Weasley groaned in her pillow as her alarm clock started buzzing. She did not want to get up. As much as she loved her job, being a true Weasley, she hated to get up, and Mondays were the worst.

Groaning even louder, she tumbled out of bed and headed to the shower. As the cold water cascaded down her body, she thought of what she had done that weekend. Her nieces, Brooklyn and Abby, Bill’s kids, were having their birthday party today. Ginny had worked all weekend to set it up, and today was the big day that her little nieces turned 5.

They weren’t just sisters, oh no, they were twins. And just like all the twins born in the Weasley family, they were pranksters at heart. Fred and George had done nothing to help either. Instead, they did the completed opposite, they encouraged them.

Her mind then wandered to Ron and Hermione, who would be having their Wedding day a week from today. Her git of a brother finally plucked enough courage to ask Hermione to marry him.

Ginny stepped out of the shower and pulled on her working clothes. She worked in the St. Mungos for the children’s department. She absolutely loved children. She was even in charge of the kids who had to stay in the permanent ward. Ginny walked into her kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. Her small apartment that she had bought was all she could afford, but it was a pretty nice apartment in her opinion. It had a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and an office room.

Ginny checked her watch, 5:45. She grabbed a handful of floo powder and disappeared into the flames.

Arriving at the hospital, Ginny walked over to the reception area and checked in.

Ginny smiled at Betty, the old lady who was in charge of the reception area. “Hello Betty, any mail for me today.”

Betty smiled back, “Nope, not today.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Ginny walked up the stairs into the spell damage ward and walked into the kid’s room.

They all turned to look at the doctor. “Ginny!” they all screamed with joy. Ginny smiled and began to work.

St. Mungos Tea Room
Monday, June 29

Ginny took her time as she ate her sandwich. It was lunch break and she was glad she could finally rest her feet. As she sipped her tea, Kaleen, he 22 year old coworker, slipped into the chair beside her.

Ginny smiled at her, “Hey Kaleen, how’s it going.”

“Same as always, say, have you heard, Harry Potter was in the building today,” Kaleen said excitedly.

“What! Is he okay, what happened,” Ginny said concerned. Ginny knew Harry was an Auror, but he was in this secret knew group that she knew nothing about. He had been gone for two weeks, and she had no clue where he went.

“I don’t know. I just heard it from Betty.” Kaleen’s beeper buzzed.

“Whoops, got to go, catch ya later.”

Ginny quickly stood and made her way out the door. She headed towards the reception desk, but was stopped when her beeper buzzed. “I’ll ask about it later,” she thought as she turned around and headed back to her post.

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Chapter 2: SAS
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00 Potter
By: Brizz 333
2. SAS

Harry’s Flat
Monday, June 29

The trip back to England had not been enjoyable. Instead of waiting to be debriefed once Harry got to England, they decided to debrief him on the plane. It got to the point to where Harry was yelling at the man in charge at Homebase, Paul Burroughs, for almost getting him killed. Harry had spent a grueling month getting all the Intel and getting in some last minute training exercising, only to be shot in the knee and have five broken ribs.

Once he had gotten back to London, he had to go to the muggle hospital where he was treated for his wounds. Harry then had to go immediately to St. Mungo’s to get some pain killers. He could not get his wounds healed because it would bring some questions that he could not answer. It did not help that every nurse in the building was goggling at him and trying to get a peak at him. Unfortunately, Harry had gotten a women doctor, and she was more concerned with flirting than looking at his leg.

So this is where we find Harry, sitting on his couch, fresh out of the shower, sipping a hot cup of cocoa. Thoughts flashing through his head faster than light. Most of these thoughts were consumed of his job. After defeating Voldemort when he was seventeen, he felt he still needed to do his part, so at eighteen, Harry became an Auror. Being an Auror for a year, Harry became restless. At about that time, the Auror department had opened a new, secret branch.

This new branch was called Firebrand. It consisted of six of the best Aurors in the business. Their job was to join the army, and become a soldier. Not being allowed to use magic while being on the missions. The six men or women did not know who else was in the team, their identities never being discovered.

The operatives were allowed to join any part of the army. The whole point was to really make the President, who knew of wizard’s existence, happy by knowing that the wizards were helping to make his army better. Not that the operatives knew this though.

Instead of choosing the normal Army, at nineteen, Harry decided to become apart of the British SAS. The SAS (Special Air Service) did counter terrorism operations outside of UK territory, such as Iraq, Iran, and all around there. 

Harry was in the unit that did counter terrorism operations outside of UK territory, such as his resent operation, under the name of Corporal Nick Striker. They had fake names for security reasons for the magical community at large. 

Harry’s latest mission took place just outside of Delaram, Afghanistan, where there were Muslims escorting a SCUD launcher to a local terrorist. Harry’s job was to take out the escorts. He did so successfully. 

Whenever one of the Firebrand members was injured, they could not heal it magically, because that would be a little suspicious to the operative’s unit. So after every mission they had to go to the muggle hospital, get all bandaged up, then go to St. Mungos and get some pain killers. Then they would go to the Auror department, check in, talk to the head of Firebrand, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and then finish their report. Only then could they return home and sleep. 

Harry however, was having no such luck sleeping. He always felt like this, sort of depressed and sad. After all, he had killed six men in the time zone of almost thirty minutes. That was when he remembered that he had a birthday party to attend to at 4:00. He smiled; proud that he had remembered it. As was tradition for him, he sat on his couch, exhausted, sipping hot cocoa, staring a hole through the wall. 

The Burrow
Monday, June 29

Ginny smiled as she was hanging the streamers in the living room. The party would be starting in about half an hour and everyone would be there. “Well, not everyone,” she thought sadly. Her father, Percy, and Charlie didn’t make it through the war. Mr. Weasley and Charlie were killed while defending Hogwarts at the last battle. And to the family’s shame, Percy had joined the Death Eater’s ranks, but was killed when he tried to back out. 

The other person she was not to sure about was Harry. When she had looked for him as the hospital, she was told he had already left, with enough pain killers to knock an elephant out. Ginny smiled again as she thought of Harry. They had been steadily growing as friends after Harry defeated Voldemort, and now they had a rock hard friendship. He had been there to hold her when she found out about Charlie and her father. He had been there when she was throwing stuff around the room when she heard about Percy. 

She had been there for Harry after the battle when he felt like a murder for killing Voldemort, and was there when he was being mobbed by all the girls and press. She even cursed most of them. 

As she reached up to put another streamer on, she felt the ladder tilting to side and found herself falling to the floor. Before she could scream though, she felt strong arms around her. She opened her eyes, and found herself staring into blazing green eyes. 

Harry gently put Ginny back onto her feet. He grinned. “I supposed you would call that being in the right place at the right time?” 

Ginny ignored the comment and threw her arms around Harry’s neck. “Harry! I didn’t think you would make it.” 

“And miss Mrs. Weasley’s cooking, I think not.” Harry replied. 

“Oh, you didn’t come to see my pretty face,” Ginny asked, flipping her hair back sarcastically. 

Harry pretended to think real hard. “Nope, it was totally your moms cookin’ that brought me here today,” he said after a minute. 

“Oh, shut up,” Ginny said punching him in the side. 

Harry winced as she hit his broken ribs. “Aw, come on, I didn’t hit you that hard,” she said jokingly. 

“Harry dear, is that you?” Mrs. Weasley asked from the door. 

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, how are you.” 

“Oh just fine, and how many times have I told you, call me mum,” replied Mrs. Weasley after she gave him a huge hug. He could just feel his ribs cracking. Hopefully no one else did. 

She scanned him up and down. “My Harry don’t you look handsome today.” 

“And handsome he did look,” Ginny thought. Harry sported black dress pants, a green long-sleeved, and button up collared shirt, black belt, and black Dockers. Along with contacts, clean shaven face, and wind swept hair, Harry looked pretty darn hot right now. His muscles sure did make it a lot better. 

Suddenly, screams echoed through the Burrow. Harry subconsciously reached to his side where his pistol would have been, but relaxed when a pair of red headed twins came bounding into the living room. 

“Uncle Harry!” they screamed again and jumped into Harry’s arms. 

A grin broke out on Harry’s face. “Hey squirts, what’s going on? Are ya driving your Auntie Ginny mad like I taught you too?” 

“You betcha, Uncle Harry,” Brooklyn said. Both of the twins were Harry’s little quidditch stars, except they wanted to be beaters like Fred and George. 

Mrs. Weasley left the living room and called, “Come on, cakes ready.” 

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Chapter 3: Brotherly Love
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00 Potter
By: Brizz333
3. Brotherly Love

The Burrow
Monday June, 29

Harry sat heavily into the couch in front of the fire. It had been a tiring day for him. First he had bullets flying by him, then he had to deal with two hospitals, and then he had to fake being fine and healthy all afternoon for a birthday party. To make matters worse, his pain killer was wearing off and he was really starting to feel the pain in his ribs and knee. He had started to limp a bit, and so far nobody had noticed, so he sat in a chair as long as he could.

Harry stretched, and then gasped in pain as his ribs moved even more. He brought his hand over to cover the area, in a fruitless attempt to stop the pain.

“Alright there Harry?” came a voice from behind him. Harry jumped, and then winced as his knee collided with the coffee table.

“Uh, yeah Gin, why do you ask?” Harry asked hesitantly.

“Well, you were limping all over the place today, and you wince every time you laugh, sigh, or pretty much move.” Harry had hoped nobody had noticed no such luck.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Harry replied, perhaps a bit took quickly.

Ginny moved slowly toward him. “Gin?” Harry asked questionably.

“You know Harry; you looked very handsome tonight, and who knew you cleaned up so well.” Harry gulped as Ginny closer and closer, and soon she was standing right in front of him.

“And you know Harry, being the youngest Weasley, I know how to handle men,” Ginny jabbed him hard in the ribs and suddenly turned furious, “and I know when someone is lying to me!”

Harry yelped in pain and leaned over in pain, trying not to breathe hard. Ginny’s eyes softened, “Let me look at your ribs Harry.” Harry shook his head no.

“Come on Harry, let me look at your ribs and I’ll give you some pain potion and I promise not to tell mum,” Ginny asked.

Harry thought hard. He really wanted another pain potion, but he didn’t want Ginny to see his chest. That would bring questions he did not have the energy to answer. But his chest hurt so badly, and he knew Ginny wouldn’t relent until Harry let her help him. Plus, if she told Mrs. Weasley, he would be in worse trouble.

“Alright, but ask no question and I give you no lies.”

Ginny smiled smugly, “I knew I could get you to show. Now shirt up Potter, come on don’t be shy, I’ve seen skinnier men than you.”


“What, it’s true. Now take your shirt off.”

Harry stuck his tongue out at her and slowly took his shirt off.

Ginny gasped as she saw the huge blotchy bruise covering the right side of his chest. Harry smiled sheepishly, “Not so skinny as you thought, huh.”

Ginny shook her head and looked more closely at his torso. Indeed, he was not skinny. He was tan and had broad shoulders. His arms were buff, but not gigantic and all veiny. His had a great six pack. He was slim but not skinny. His black hair was messy as usual, but shorter because it was army standards, though she didn’t know that.

“Are you done staring, or are you going to give me my pain potion?” Harry asked after a long moment, amused and a bit uncomfortable with the look in Ginny’s eye.

She shook her head out of a daze, “Right, sorry ‘bout that. Let’s see, looks like broken ribs.” She whipped out her wand. She was about to cast a spell when Harry shook his head frantically.

“Don’t fix it, please. Just give me the potion and well never bring this up again,” Harry said pleadingly, “please.”

Ginny sighed. She saw desperation and pain in his green eyes. “Fine Harry, stay here, I’ll go get the potion.”

As Ginny left, Harry let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “That was close, too close.” Harry thought.

A few minutes later, Ginny came walking back into the living room holding a bottle.

“Here ya go Harry, pain potion. Now drink it all, or I will force you too,” she said with a soft smile and handed him the bottle.

“Thanks Gin,” Harry said as he gratefully grabbed the bottle and drank it in two big gulps. Ginny giggled.

Harry looked at her confused, “What?”

“Well, its just you’re the only one who calls me Gin.”

“Really now, would you rather me call you Ginevra?” Harry asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes, feeling much better already from the potion.

“Call me that Potter and you will regret the day you ever set foot in this house.”

Harry mocked salute, “Yes, ma’am!”

Ginny smiled and slugged him in the arm.

“Hey!” Harry yelled indignantly, “you’re not allowed to hit your patient.”

“Aww, poor baby. Does baby Harry want his ba- ba,” Ginny retaliated in a baby voice.

Harry gave her a puppy dog look, “Can I have chocolate instead?”


Harry lunged forward, grabbing Ginny’s waist and started to tickle her relentlessly. Caught by surprise, Ginny fell backwards, with Harry on top. They landed with a big grunt, and Harry immediately started to tickle Ginny’s ribs.

“Harry, stop,” Ginny managed between laughs.

“Not until you say who’s the handsomest man alive.”


“Ha ha, very funny.”

“What’s going on here?” came a loud voice from the kitchen doorway.

Harry and Ginny looked up to see a furious Ron standing a few feet away.

Harry rolled off of Ginny and stood, helping Ginny up also.

“It’s not what it looks like Ron,” Harry said as he looked again at his furious friend.

“Really, then why were you on top of my sister with her screaming to stop, explain that Potter!”

“Ronald,” Ginny broke in, “Harry was just tickling me. It’s nothing to be worried about. So leave and mind your own stupid business.”

“You are my little sister, and I have every right to butt into your business!”

Harry winced; little sister was not the right word to use with Ginny.

“You know what Ron, this ends tonight. You have scared off every one of my boyfriends and I am sick of it. The only man you haven’t completely scared off is Harry, and you were just yelling at him a moment ago for tickling me.” Ginny raged.

“Well, he’s just Harry. I trust Harry.” Ron turned to Harry, “Sorry mate, got a little too carried away.”

Harry shook his head, “don’t apologize to me Ron, its Ginny you ought to be apologizing too.”

“I will not. I am her older brother and I have every right to choose who she should date.”

“Ron!” Ginny interjected again, “Will you leave us alone. I haven’t seen Harry in almost a month, and when I finally get a moment with him, you burst in here accusing me of something entirely different.”

Ron glared at Ginny, and then stormed out the room.

“Grrrrr,” Ginny growled. Harry yawned.

Harry started to feel very drowsy, “Hey Gin, did you put some kind of sleeping potion in that pain potion.”

“Yeah. Come on Harry, I think its time you went home, you’ve had a very long day from what I have heard.” Ginny said taking Harry’s arm and leading him to the doorway. Harry just grunted in reply.

Ginny apparated both of them to Harry’s flat. Harry was long gone in sleep world, so Ginny had to drag him to the elevator. When they reached the tenth floor, Ginny dragged Harry to his room, number 33.

After she opened his door, she set him gently on his bed and covered him up with blankets. “Goodnight Harry,” she murmured, kissing his forehead lightly. Harry smiled a bit and rolled over on his side. Ginny apparated back to her own flat.

Harry’s Flat
Tuesday June, 30

Harry slowly opened his eyes. Everything was clear. “That’s not right,” he thought. Then he remembered he had forgotten to take his contacts out. In fact, he couldn’t even remember how he got home. Last thing he remembered was Ginny apparating out of the Burrow. Thinking of Ginny, he thought his best friend looked down right hot in those tight blue jeans and red blouse.

With a groan, Harry rolled out of bed, shivering as his feet touched the cold floor. He looked down at himself. He still had on the clothes he had worn from yesterday. Harry stood up and stretched. He yelped as the pain in his ribs came back full force.

He stumbled out of his room and into the kitchen. He opened up the cupboard and found the pain potion that he had left over. After he took a big gulp, he headed to the shower. Taking off his clothes he stepped into the shower and let the water poor down him.

Harry got out of the shower and put on his workout clothes. A pair of black shorts, blue Nikes, and a white t-shirt. He put on his MP3 player, and walked out of his room. As he walked out of the buildings doors, he took off jogging, starting a five mile run.

The Ministry of Magic
Tuesday June, 30

Harry knocked on Kingsley Shacklebolt’s office door. Not waiting for an answer, he walked right in. Kingsley was sitting at his desk reading the Daily Prophet.

He looked up, “Hey Harry, how’s it going’.”

Harry shrugged, “Nothing much, just here to report.”

“All right, you know where the forms are.”

“Thanks,” Harry replied, walking over to the stack of papers. He hated this part of the job, paper work.

Reading his thoughts, Kingsley smiled, “Don’t have too much fun now.”

Harry wadded up a piece of paper and chucked it at his boss. He tried to duck the piece of paper, but ended up falling backwards off his chair. Harry bolted from the room, closing the door just in time to hear Kingsley yell, “POTTER!”

Laughing, Harry walked over to his desk and started to work on his report of the mission. When finished, Harry took the form and dropped it into a folder that stated, “Reports.”

Harry checked his watch, 1200, just in time for lunch. He wandered if Ginny would want to go and grab some lunch. Harry grinned, then apparated to St. Mungos.


St. Mungos
Tuesday June, 30

Ginny sighed. It had been a very long day. A flu virus spread through the ward, forcing Ginny to run back and forth cleaning up puke and giving all the kids potions for it. Now it was finally lunch time and here she was, scolding herself for forgetting her lunch that she always brings.

Ginny growled and slammed her head on the table.

She heard a voice from behind her, “Now that’s not the way you should go about fixing you problems.”

Ginny swung her body around, “Harry!”

He smiled, “Hey Gin.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I thought we could grab some lunch together, that is if you have time.”

“Excellent, lets go.” Ginny grabbed Harry’s arm and dragged him to the elevator.

As they walked outside, Ginny hooked her arm with Harry’s and asked, “So where are we going to eat, I’m starving.”

Harry laughed, “I thought we could go to that park a few blocks down and have a picnic.”

“I would love that.”

“Ok, right this way ma’am.”

Ginny giggled as Harry bowed, and then took his arm in hers again. They apparated to the park. Harry set up the blanket under a tree right by the lake. He took out his wand and the picnic basket he had prepared earlier appeared.

When Harry sat down, Ginny followed suit and sat next to Harry. After they ate their sandwiches and chips, they lay next to each other, just enjoying each others presence. Ginny rested her head on Harry’s chest and put her left arm over his stomach. Harry put both his arms around Ginny and pulled her close. They sat there for a while longer, when Ginny sat up, “Crap, I’m late for work. Sorry Harry but I’ve really got to go.”

Harry stood next to Ginny, “No problem Gin. It was nice to get together with you again, see ya later.” Ginny hugged him quickly and apparated. Harry just shook his head and started to clean up.

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