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Gabrielle: The 5th Marauder by smart_ravenclaw

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 19,509
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Lily/OC, Remus/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 04/29/2007
Last Chapter: 05/20/2008
Last Updated: 05/20/2008

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Gabrielle Lupin never fit in to any certain clique. It's not that she mean, or dumb, or ugly, she just never clicked with any social group. Gabby has known the marauders the entire length of Remus' friendship with them (too long if you ask her), and when Gabby transfers to Hogwarts and once again finds herself without friends, will they step in? And what about Sirius Black? Will she ever tell him how she truly feels?

Chapter 1: Summer Before Hogwarts
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"Oi! Black, get yourself of of bed and haul your butt down her, or so help me I will pull you out of bed myself!" My voice rang through the stairway so loudly I was sure that I had awoken the neighbors. But honestly, everyone else was down here, with the exception of James who I was informed was in the shower (why you have to shower before breakfast, I do not know).

When I heard no shuffling or any sounds noting that he was getting up, I hauled myself up the stairs and down the corridor until I stood in front of his and James' room. Without bothering to knock I threw open the doors and saw Sirius sprawled on the bed, a pillow over his head, snoring away. I rolled my eyes and went over.

I kneeled beside the bed and in my sweetest voice possible I cooed in his ear, "Oh Sir-rius. It's time to get uu-up." He muttered something and nestled the pillow farther on his head. I tried again, "Black, darling, your breakfast is getting co-old."

"5 more minutes." he murmured sleepily. Okay, I was going to have to do this the hard way. Getting up I took a step back, and then launched myself on top of him. "ACK!" he yelled as the weight of me landed on him. So I wasn't that heavy, but I guess you would still be startled. He twisted around and looked at me with startled eyes. "Get off me, Lupin!"

"Make me!" I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Fine, but you asked for it." He grabbed me by the waist and began lifting me, but I wouldn't give up so easily I wriggled out of his grip and shoved him off me, sticking out my tongue again. He raised and eyebrow and then rolled over so I fell from my perch on his chest to lying on the floor with a yelp.

"Oh, now you're going to get it." I grabbed a pillow and swatted him over the head with it. Jumping off the bed he grabbed his own drooled-on pillow and hit me back. I laughed as we got into a full-fledged pillowfight.

"Geez, don't hurt each other." I spun around and saw James coming out of the bathroom in a towel. If he wasn't like a brother to me I would be impressed by his muscle, but no, I was disgusted that that was all he was wearing.

"Ew James, put some clothes on!" I said wrinkling my nose exaggerating my disgust.

"I intend to once you scurry along. Next time, tell me when you're coming in." he tried sounding annoyed, but his smile gave him away.

"Well how about next time, you wake Sirius up yourself so I don't have to come in here."

"I did wake him up."

"Didn't look like it."

"Oi! Padfoot, don't tell me you fell asleep."

"Fine, then I won't tell you." Sirius replied.

"Just get ready both of you. Breakfast is getting cold." I turned and left but I heard them chorusing after me:

"Yes, 'Mum'." They were such little kids.

Coming back down the stairs I found Remus and Peter talking amongst themselves and I sat down and drifted off into my thoughts...

My name is Gabrielle Lupin; Remus Lupin's cousin. I've known the Marauders the same amount of time as my cousin has. They're like brothers to me, and annoy me like all brothers annoy their sisters, but that's okay I guess. Maybe there's one Marauder I don't view as my brother... there's one who I like in a different way... one I like more then a friend, and his name is...

"See how quickly I can get ready?" His name is Sirius Black, but shh don't tell, please! We have this thing where we pretend to not like each other, and like we find the other annoying to no end. Well at least I pretend, I hope he does too... I think he does.

"Did you shower?" I asked as Sirius and James sat the the table. We were all staying at the Potter's over the summer. Remus and I are more like siblings then cousins, mainly because we live in the same house. My mum and dad aren't home very often because of their jobs so my aunt and uncle take care of me, but now they're away so I have to stay here... with the Marauders. I don't mind that much though, the Potter's are nice people.

Sirius wrinkled his nose at me. "I didn't just so you could smell my wonderful stench." He said fanning his armpits.

"Eww, gross!" I said throwing a part of my muffin at him... which he caught, stupid Quidditch training.

"Where's Mum and Dad?" James asked looking around.

"They already ate." Remus piped up. "So people wake up on time." he threw a pointed look at Sirius.

"What?" he said spraying bits of the bacon that filled his mouth across the table. No I am not insane for liking him, he's not always this barbaric! Seriously, he's not.

We ate our breakfast and the Marauders talked about the beginning of year prank they were going to pull when they got back to school. I couldn't help but feel discluded - ah! but wait, I could be included! For I, Gabrielle Lupin, am going to Hogwarts this year. My fifth year (the Marauder's sixth) was going to be at Hogwarts. I'm not sure why my parents had transferred me, but they had. I felt a something collide with my head.

I looked up and brushed my fingers through my light brown hair searching for the thing that hit me. I found a piece of bacon and saw Sirius snickering.

"Ha ha, very funny Mr. Black." I threw it back at him, but missed. Wonderful. Boy, do I look dumb now, I can't even hit his big old beautiful head. Sigh. No bad, at like your annoyed, Gabby, come on you can do it. I shot a glare at him as he chuckled at my throw. There we go, a good glare. Honestly, I don't know why I like him, he's actually really annoying sometimes and I don't even have to pretend I'm annoyed, but other times he's really sweet...

I was at the Potter's and I sat on the back porch. I was 13 years old and my first ever boyfriend just broke up with me. He didn't even have the guts to do it in person, he had sent and owl with a letter on it saying:

Gabby, it's over. By the way, could I have my jacket back.

Jerk. That's what he was. I kept telling myself that but it still hurt, and I was crying. It was dark out and I heard footsteps behind me, then they sat on the swing next to me.

A strong arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me against him, hugging me.

"What's wrong, Gabby?" Sirius' voice was so sweet and I could tell he really was concerned. I kept sobbing. I tried answering him but everytime I opened my mouth another sob erupted. "Shh, it's okay." he ran his hand up and down my arm soothingly, and finally I calmed down a bit.

"John... h-he..." I trailed off sniffling.

I felt his arm stiffen. "What did he do to you, Gabrielle?" His voice sounded harsh and I knew he was thinking too much into this.

"He broke up with me." I whispered softly feeling stupid as soon as it came out. Sirius relaxed and pulled me closer.

"He's not good enough for you, Gabs."

"You didn't even know him."

"Anyone who breaks your heart... isn't good enough." I sniffled again and laid my head against his chest my tears soaked his shirt and I felt bad, but he seemed not to mind.

"Everyone says he's not good enough, but it still hurts." His hand kept running up and down my arm comforting me. We sat in silence, and slowly I felt myself falling asleep in his arms.

That was the night I had realized I liked him. He was there for me, and he had known just what to say. Just remembering it brough a smile to my face...

"You're cleaning the dishes." James voice said, and I looked up.

"No I'm not." I said.


"Nope. I made breakfast, one of you can clean up."

"Rock, paper, scissors." James said holding out a fist.

"Fine. One, two, three, go!" I held out paper, he held out rock. Ah, so predictable.

"Arg! Fine! But you're drying."

"What about those three!" I said gesturing to the Marauders who were goofing off and throwing bits of food at eachother.

"They can help too."

"Help with what?" Sirius said looking up.

"The dishes." I replied.

"Oh, no! I do not do dishes."

"Too good for them, are we?" I said laughing.

"No, but why ruin these beautiful hands with half-eaten filthy food." He joked.

"You're helping!" I said pointing a finger at him.

"Well in that case..."

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Chapter 2: Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum
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This is so un-cool. All I asked was for him to help with the dishes. That's it. Not too hard? Right? Right. He's just an idiot. Now I have to go take another stinkin' shower. Stupid dish water. At first he had behaved and diligently worked - I guess he was just make the dishwater dirty - then he took out his stupid wand and made ALL (that's right all) the dish water fly on top off me; soaking me head to toe. Gross. There were wet crumbs in my hair and smelly water clinging to me. Of course the others were no help, they just laughed, and I'm sure if there had been more water they would have contributed. Remus looked a little concerned but did nothing. Stupid Remus. Assert yourself!

It stomped up the stairs angrily. Sure, I could have just used my wand to clean myself remotely, but I have no clue where it is at the moment. And stepping into the guestroom I remembered why I didn't. I'm a sloppy person. Period. Clothes were thrown all over the place. Everywhere. Pieces of parchment were scattered across the room, quills on the floor, and I do not know why there was a half eaten chocolate frog melting on the desk. I don't eat candy... ah, the Marauders... I will have to talk to them later.

I turned into the bathroom, stripped and got in the shower. I was wearing my favorite out fit today too. Arg! Not anymore, now it had to be cleaned, which probably wouldn't happen for a good week, because I can also be a little lazy.

Turning off the water, I stepped out of the shower and pulled a towel around myself, drying off. PUshing open the bathroom door, I almost screamed. Scratch that, I did scream. The Marauders were lazily spread across my bed. All. Four. Of. Them. THEY JUST WOULDN'T GO AWAY! GEEZ!

"GET OUT!" I yelled. And there I stood with but a towel on screaming at them. "NOW!!!" I added when the didn't move. Though I was satisfied to see surprise, and maybe a tad bit of fright, cross their face at my outburst. "DO YOU EVER GO AWAY!"

"But then your life would be boring. Can't have that, can we, Gabs?" James said trying to be charming. Oh do I wish I had my wand!

"OUT!" I pointed a finger at the door. "I'M IN A TOWEL! I NEED TO CHANGE!"

"Why, that's why we're here." Sirius said grinning. I blushed for a second, but it was wiped away with anger.


"Did I see a blush, Ms. Lupin?" Darn it.


"Why, I think I did. what do you think guys?"

"I think I saw one too." Stupid James.

"Me as well." Shut it Remus.

"I did." Peter, I will get you for that.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at me. "Someone have a crush on the wonderful Sirius Black?"

"NO!" Darn, darn, darn, darn! Am I that transparent? He will not find out. Angrily - okay, and embarrassed - I grabbed my clothes from the closet and rushed into the bathroom and quickly got changed into muggle clothes.

Bursting back out of the bathroom, they were still there. Didn't they have anything better to do? I mean honestly.

"So, Gabby, excited?" James asked.

"About...?" I said sitting on the bed beside Remus and James, Sirius and Peter behind me. I will just remain calm unless provoked. My hair was still dripping wet, and I purposefully flicked it over my shoulder showering Sirius with drops of water.

"Going to Hogwarts, duh." He stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh, yeah, sure." I said shrugging.

"You don't sound to exciting."

"It's just school."

"Yes, but it's school with us." he said motioning the four of them.

"Great, more pranks to be pulled on me." I was often one of their targets when I saw them.

James rubbed his hands together. "Ah, yes." There was a pause. "So here's the plan. You have to become really good friends with Lily Evans and - "

"Ugh!" Lily talk, she always talked about her. I flung my hands over my head and fell backwards falling right next to Peter's back, and in front of Sirius' crossed legs.

"AND," he continued, "you're going to tell her how WONDERFUL I am."

"I'm not lying for you, James."

"I'm not asking you too. Just tell her how great I am."

"Again: I'm not lying for you, James." He slapped my leg. It stung. Ow.

"So what are we doing today?" Sirius said changing the subject.

"Well, Mrs. Potter said she'd taking me shopping. So that's what I'm going to be doing."

"Girls and their shopping."

"Yep, it's love."

"You're in love with shopping?"

"No, no, I love shopping."

"You need a boyfriend." Boy, was that out of the blue.

"Are you offering, Mr. Black?" I was only teasing, but did I see him blush? No, Gabby, you're making things up. I lightly punched him in the shoulder, sitting up. "Just kidding. I'm off to find your mother, James."

"She's probably downstairs."

"Duh. Bye."

"See ya'." They chorused.

Mrs. Potter was indeed downstairs reading. We went shopping and I bought a lot of new clothes, and then we stopped by diagon alley and bought me new robes. She was a lot like my mom, she was so nice, and always smiling.

It was evening by the time we got home, and I trudged up to my room to put my new belongings away. I pulled open the door and - Oh. My. Gosh. I was going to hurt them SO MUCH.

Bubble gum. Was. Everywhere. On EVERYTHING. On my clothes. On the desk. On the bed. On the door knob! Oooohhh, were they going to get it (once I found my darn wand).

"POTTER, LUPIN, BLACK, PETTIGREW!!! YOU GET YOU DUMB SELVES UP HERE! NOW!" I heard snickering in  James' room, and I didn't wait for them to come. I ran, no sprinted towards their room. My eyes aren't one set shade of blue, they change with my mood and I bet they are dark DARK blue at the moment.

I flung the door open and leapt at the closest Marauder. "Gabrielle!" Darn, it was Remus, I can't hurt him, he's family. But the others. I released Remus and tried to leap at the others, but Remus grabbed me by the waist and held me back. Okay, okay, so I have a slight temper. But they just get under my skin so easily. I clawed at the air as they laughed at me.

"Whoa, Gabby, you're turning red." Sirius commented. I probably looked so unattractive right now, but WHATEVER, I am ANGRY. 

"Let me go, Remus!"

"Oh no."

"YES! They ruined my room!"

"Remus helped. Punch him." James said smiling.

"Thanks, Prongs." Remus said simply.

"He's family."

"And we're not. I'm hurt, Gabs, I really am." He grabbed his heart pretended to be hurt.


"Gabs, calm down."

"My room is ruined! Where am I suppose to sleep?"

"You can sleep in here." Sirius said wiggling his eyebrows with a charming smile.

"You wish, Black!"

"Ouch, my last name eh, Lupin?"

"Listen you can sleep in my room on the floor." Remus said. I took a deep breath trying to calm down. "Okay?"

"Fine." He slept in the same room as Peter who I could hear snoring all the way in my room, this is going to be a long night.

He released me, and I walked over to Sirius and James, and kicked them both in the shins... hard. They actually grimaced. I was proud of myself.

Chapter 3: Cereal Sharing
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Ugh. I think I will just stick a stupid cork in Peter's mouth. He is so LOUD. He's even louder then I thought he would be. Honestly, he sounds like a pig. How can Remus sleep through this? Geez! I grabbed a pillow and pulled it over my head burrowing futher into my sleeping bag. Nope. The snores still came through. Darn it!

Looking at the clock on the wall, it read 1:00 a.m. I've been awake for an hour now. Forget it. I got up and left the room, walking down the dark hallway to the stairs Peter's snores became quieter. Tip-toeing down the stairs I walked into the kitchen, flicked on the light, and headed for the fridge.

There was nothing in the fridge that I really felt like eating, but my stomach rumbled. I had to find something. I walked over to a cabinet and found bowls and plates. I picked out a pretty blue bowl and set it on the counter. Now what could go IN the bowl. Searching through two more cabinets I found cereal and poured it in. Good enough. Heading back to the fridge I found some milk and added that too. Locating a sppon I leaned against the counter and took a bite. Ahhh, perfect.

"Couldn't sleep?" YIKES! I almost jumped out of my skin, but instead I jump a foot to the side spilling some of my cereal to the floor. Sirius.

"Geez, warn a person when you decide to sneak up on them." I said.

"Why would I warn them if I'm sneaking up on them?" He said with a grin.

"You know what I mean." I said waving a hand to brush away the comment. He walked over to the sink and picked up a rag and cleaned off the floor. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I can be clean when I want to be." He threw the rag back to the sink and looked at me. I tugged at the hem of my light blue tanktop uncomfortably, it exposed the bottom of my stomach, and while I wasn't fat I was quite conservative when it came to what I wear. I mean my pajama pants are two sizes bigger then what I need for goodness sakes.

"Err..." I had to break the silence some how. "Why are you up?"

"I couldn't sleep." He walked over and pulled himself onto the counter sitting beside where I stood. Following suite a sat beside him indian style my knee touching his leg.

"Yes, but why?" I asked taking a bite of my cereal. He shrugged.

"Why couldn't you?"

"Peter's snoring. He's half pig of SOMETHING." he chuckled nodding all the while. He reached across and took the bowl and spoon from my hands and shoveled a bite of cereal into his mouth.

"Ick, don't my spoon." In reality, I really didn't mind. He can use my spoon whenever he feels he wants to eat my cereal. He stuck his tongue out at me. I reached for my bowl but he pulled it out of my reach. "Give me it back!" I said laughing. He pulled it farther away.

I reached over him trying to grab it, it didn't work. I grabbed his arm thinking I would pull that towards me to retrieve my bowl, but it didn't work out so great. Intead it knocked the bowl out of his hand and it went clattering to the floor breaking and spilling cereal and milk everywhere. My hand flew to my mouth in disbelief. Sirius gasped and punched me in the arm.

"Gosh, Gabby, look what you did."

"It's your fault! Oh my gosh, we're going to get into so much trouble!"

"Chill." He pulled out his wand and with a flick the floor cleaned itself the bowl reassembling and came to sit on the counter.

"Neat." I said. He nodded. "Thanks."

"For what? It was 'my fault' anyway." He said laughing. I punched him jokingly in the shoulder and he jumped off the counter and shoved my shoulders lightly play-fighting. That went on for a few minutes then he wrapped his arms around my waist and hoisting me over his shoulder. I let out a small scream as he twirled me around, pounding on his back.

"Let me down! Let me down!" I said laughing.

"Nope," he said heading into the living and spinning around again.

"Please?" I said.

"What do I get if I do?"

"Uh, what do you want?"

"Hmm... let me think. How 'bout... a galleon?"

"No way. I know, how about I won't beat you up for messing up my room?" He pulled me off his shoulder and placed me on the ground.

"Sorry about that." he said looking me in the eye. I was caught totally by surprise, since when did he say sorry?

"Wait. What did you just say?"

"Sorry." He said grinning and tugging at my hair playfully.

"That's a first."

"The spell will where off by tomorrow. It's just fun annoying you sometimes. We're only messing around with you."

I smiled. He smiled back. Then there was silence. His gray eyes were so beautiful. Can a guy have 'beautiful' eyes? Or were they considered handsome? No, no, he's were gorgeous.

Wait, did he just step closer? His face (his wonderful face) looked serious, and he opened and closed his mouth like he was about to say something, but no sound came out. I waited admiring his gorgeous features, the way his hair fell over his forehead and how much I wanted to know if it felt as soft as it looked and... Wait did he just say something?

"What?" I asked feeling stupid.

"I said, that your eyes look really pretty." I blushed and looked away.

"Thanks," I muttered. Silence. Break the silence, anything to break it. "I better get back to bed." He nodded and they headed up the stairs together.

"Well, good night. Good luck sleeping through Peter's snores." He laughed slightly.

"Thanks I'll need it." I opened the door and found my sleeping bag, slipping into it.

Chapter 4: Things You Don't Want To See
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"I love you." I smiled up at him, his dark hair in his face. He looked tired, but I was happy to see him. It was late. To be exact it was 3:17 a.m. (I guess that would be early then?). He tucked some of my hair behind my ear, and adjusted my covers so they kept me warmer. "I have to go now, but I'll see you later okay?" I nodded and he kissed me on the forehead.

"Bye, I love you, Daddy." I called after him as he left my room clicking the door shut. I didn't get to see him that often, he worked a lot so did my mum, but het I saw even less, and I didn't really mind it. My mum and I never had a real bond, she wasn't around much when I was younger, dad was though, but he started working again and now I barely see him.

I sighed and rolled over on my side, finding a comfy position. I had to get my sleep. Tomorrow I was going to Hogwarts. Yep, that's right, I was going to have to be sorted with the little 11 year-olds, fun, fun.

* * *

The train began to move, and I got on just in time. I pulled my trunk along behind me searching for an empty compartment. I had lost Remus in the crowd on the platform so I had no clue where he was, or any other Marauder for that matter.

I glanced in a compartment a bunch of girls that looked to be my age were chatting about where 'Giselle went'. They were literally all blonde, though I could see one girls brown roots growing in. Okay, moving on. I kept walking.

Maybe I was being greedy wanting an empty compartment, but I didn't know anyone and I hate when you're talking to someone you don't know and there are a bunch of awkward silences.

I heard hurried footsteps behind me, and I turned around and immediately smiled brightly. Sirius. I stopped and waited for him to catch up, but he walked right past me like he hadn't seen me.

"Sirius!" I yelled after him. He turned around slowing a bit, but didn't stop.

"Oh, hey, Gabby. The boys are down there in case you want to hang with them." Then he was gone, just like that. What the heck? He just blew me off. Maybe he had to go do something, yeah, that must be it. Something important.

I turned, thinking I would go sit with the Marauders when I heard giggles in the compartment behind me. Curious I turned and peered in. There was a girl with fiery red hair and another with honey-brown hair.

They looked nice... I guess I could hang with them... But then again the Marauders would be a better bet since I knew them. I walked foward in the direction Sirius said they were in and looked in compartment after compartment. Finally I found them. Opening the door and plopped down beside Remus and James.

"Hey, guys." I said cheerfully. They stopped talking abruptly.

"Hi, Gabrielle." Remus said after a momentary silence. I felt as though I wasn't wanted here...

As if on cue... two blonde-haired girls burst in. One deposited herself on the other side of Remus, the other on James' lap. What the?

"Hi, Jamesie." the one on James giggled.

"Teresa." He said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Remmy, it's so nice to see you." said the one next to Remus throwing her arms around his neck. As if it was planned, both girls started snogging them at exactly the same time. GAG!

I hopped up, and glanced at Peter who seemed a little too interested in his book. I looked back to Remus, the girl looked like she was trying to eat his face. I'd say this is right on the top of the list of things you don't want to see you family members doing. I looked at James just as the girl parted for a breath of air.

"What about that Lily girl?" I asked him.

He kissed the girl for a second before answering me. "She doesn't like me yet, so why not snog girls who are willing in the meantime?" Then the girl attacked his face again. Ick! I NEED to get out of here.

Leaving my trunk I ran out of there, and down the corridor finding the compartment I was thinking about going in earlier.

I found the same two girls in there laughing happily. Taking a deep breath (I hated meeting new people) and opened the compartment door slowy. The redhead looked up at me and smiled.

"Hello, there." She said happily standing.

"Hi," I said tentatively. "Sorry, there are no other compartments... If you want me to leave--"

"No, no it's fine." She said smiling again. "You are welcome to stay here."

"Thanks," I said plopping down across from them.

"Okay, so this is Carrie Harper. And I'm Lily Evans." Lily? THE Lily.

"YOU'RE Lily Evans."

She looked slightly surprised. "Yes..."

"Sorry, it's just that, well, my cousin is Remus Lupin so I know James Potter, and he talks about you A LOT." I said happy to find something to talk about.

"Ugh, don't talk about James Potter." Never mind. "He just annoys me SO much."

"She fancies him." Carrie said, and Lily slapped her arm.

"I DO NOT!" She said.

"Sorry, sorry." Carrie said putting her hands up in defense laughing.

"He is such an arrogant, big-headed, t--"

"I'm Gabrielle Lupin." I said sensing a rant coming on. Lily took a deep breath and smiled at me. She stretched out her hand and I shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Gabrielle."

"You two, as well." For a long while we just sat there and talked. Lily and Carrie were really nice, and there wasn't even any awkward silences. One thing I did learn, was to not mention James' name in front of Lily. That is BAD. You can't even say jam.

After a while, I was getting restless and I decided to go for a walk. Alone, I left the compartment and headed down the train's corridor every now and then glancing into compartments to see giggly girls, talking guys, nervous first-years...

I looked up the corridor and saw Sirius slide into a compartment. I smiled, and decided to go say 'hi' to him and ask why he blew me off earlier.

Reaching the compartment he went into, I looked in. My jaw dropped. My heart broke. My eyes filled with tears. Sirius was in there with a girl... The girl was on top of him, her hands were in his hair, his hand under her shirt the other on her bottom.

Without thinking I slammed my fist on the door, hard, and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction tears tumbling from my eyes and streaming down my cheeks.

"Gabrielle!" His voice almost made me stop. But for what? We weren't anything. He wasn't my boyfriend... was he even my friend?

Now I knew why he blew me off.

Chapter 5: Hogwarts Has A Funny Hat
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I had sat in the bathroom for the rest of the train ride. When the train finally stopped my eyes were puffy and red, and tears stained my cheeks. I splashed my face with water, and looked at my reflection. I looked like a wreck. My hair was a mess from me running my hands through it over and over again as I cried and parts of it stuck together from where tears had been absorbed. I sighed, there were no more tears that were going to fall, I was all cried out. Slowly I pulled my hair into a sloppy bun on top of my head not bothering to do anything with it. I splashed my face once more before I headed out.

Darn it! My trunk was in the Marauders' compartment. What am I suppose to do? I don't want to see them. Well I don't mind the others, but not Sirius. I was embarassed, I had never let any of them seen me cry before. I guess there's a first time for everything.

Afraid of what would happen to my trunk if I left it there I headed to the compartment. I grasped the door to it and slid it open.


They were in here.

Atleast their 'girlfriends' weren't with them.

"Gabby!" Sirius jumped to his feet upon seeing me, and I felt sick in my stomach seeing him. Without I word I reached down and grabbed my trunk's handle, and began to leave the room. "Gabby, wait." He grabbed my handle over my hand. Why did his hand have to be so soft?

I tried to pull the trunk out of his grip, but he was too stronger, so I turned and looked at him. He was standing close so I had to look up. He was quite tall. "What do you want, Black?" His brows furrowed. I had just found a new emotion for him. That's right, you guessed it; anger. I'm not exactly sure WHY I was angry with him, it's not like he knew that I liked him, but still...

"Gab... Are you... are you okay?" He's eyes actually looked concerned, but I seriously did not care.

"What do you care?" I questioned. His face was utterly confused as I yanked my trunk away from him and hurried down the corridor and outside tears welling in my eyes. So maybe I wasn't all cried out.

* * *

I am never interacting with first years again. Ever. They are so annoying. If one more asks me why I am so tall I will punch them. Maybe I'm being easily annoyed, but seriously, it's not that hard to figure out that I am older.

I zoned out as a professor talked on and on about the school and what not, but I perked back up when she said we were about to enter the Great Hall. I did NOT know this would be in front of everyone. I hate being stared at by a lot of people. Oh well, she just opened the doors.

The Hall became completely hushed as we walked do a lane between two tables. I looked around and found the Marauders all sitting at a table with scarlet and gold colors. Gryffindor. That's where I wanted to be sorted.

We came to a halt in front of a stool that had a hat sitting on it. It was old looking and had quite a number of patches. What was it for?

All of a sudden it began to sing. What the? It talked about each house and other things like that. What was with this? It did have a nice singing voice though.

"Allen, Cindy." The professor called. A nervous looking girl with glasses and brown braids walked up to the stool and sat down her hands shaking as she placed the hat on her head. Minutes ticked by before the hat finally yelled: "RAVENCLAW!" The girl's face erupted with a grin and skipped of the the Ravenclaw table as cheers echoed throughout the Hall.

"Barto, Julie." Another girl went up and got sorted into Hufflepuff, and that's how it went. kids would get called then sorted.

"Lupin, Gabrielle." I bit my lip, I guess it was my turn. The Hall was quiet as I approached the stool. Taking the hat I placed it on my head and it fell over my eyes making everything dark. I practically jumped when the hat started talking to me.

"Ah... Gabrielle..." Was I suppose to answer? "You're a smart one, aren't you."

"Er, yes?" I said in my mind wondering if it could read thoughts.

"Yes, you are indeed. Ravenclaw would suit you well." So this hat could read minds too? Weird. "Though I do see bravery in you, Gabrielle." There was a pause...

"GRYFFINDOR!!!" The hat's choice echoed in my head. Happiness erupted inside me. Gryffindor. I made my way over to the table.

Remus was waving wildly at me to sit with him, but as I looked to his left side I saw Sirius, and decided not to. I smiled at him, and sat by myself in an opening between two different groups of people talking amongst themselves. One smiled at me and told me 'congratulations' but soon went back to her group. I scanned the table and saw Lily and Carrie talking a little ways down from me, Lily smiled and gave me a thumbs up, but she too went back to talking.

I sighed, another year without a clique.

* * *

I followed a group of people I had seen to the Gryffindor common room and waited as the portrait hole opened and they walked in, me following. Entering it, I was awed. It looked amazing. Scarlet and gold was everywhere and it looked very welcoming.

There were tons of people in the common room talking and laughing and having a good time. I looked around and seeing no one I really wanted to talked too, headed for the dormitories.

"Gabrielle Lupin! Stop!" It was Sirius. Couldn't he tell I just wanted to be left alone. I tried to hurry up the stairs but he grabbed my arm and forced me to stop.

"Let go of me!" I said spinning around.

"I need to talk to you!"

"About what? Please, I just want to go to sleep." So that was a lie, all I wanted was to get away from him.

"About what? About why the heck you were crying, and about how you are giving me the cold shoulder!"

"I am not." I said rolling my eyes.

"Then why wouldn't you sit with us at dinner?"


"Because, why?"

"Because I didn't want to. Ever thought that made I just wanted to be alone. It's not all about you, ya' know!" I tried to pull away from him, but his grip grew stronger.

"Gabby, what's going on with you? Why were you crying?"

"It's none of your business."

"Please tell me what's wrong." He looked so sincerely concerned I opened my mouth to speak but I was interupted.

"Sirius, baby, where have you been? I've been looking for you." Said the blonde girl I had seen him snogging in a seductive voice. He glanced back at her.

"Give me a minute, Giselle."

"But Sirius..." she whined. "I'm so lonely." She stepped in front of him closely and placed her hands on his chest. He sighed.

Taking this opportunity, since he had let go of my arm, I hurried up the stairs and flung myself on my bed.

Chapter 6: Stupid Girl (First Day)
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As I woke up I heard light snores to my left and even breathing of someone else in the room somewhere. Getting up I noticed the sun shining through the window. I wonder who my dorm mates were? I was happy to see Lily and Carrie, not so happy about seeing Giselle. She is one person I do not want to see. I felt like throwing my clock at her. No, no, that would be immature.

Sighing, and stretching I got up and headed into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, I realized I had no clue how to get to any of my classes. I didn't know where anything was in this castle. That was one thing that annoyed me about tranferring.

Getting out of the shower I put on my school robes and brushed my teeth, then brushed through my hair making it straight and pulling a section put into a ponytail leaving the other half down. I brushed my bangs to the side and put on the little make-up I wore.

Leaving the bathroom I was greeted by a glare. "Took you long enough!" Ugh, I do NOT like Giselle.

"Sorry." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes. I don't know what posessed me to be so rude, but she is not my favorite person.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, honey!" She said getting up and heading for the bathroom.

"I can do what I want." Not waiting for a response I left the dormitory and headed down the stairs. Seeing the Marauders I turned to head back up, but I didn't when I noticed Sirius wasn't with them. Good.

Slowly I made my way over and sat beside Remus on the couch. They all became quiet as I sat, and stared at me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Why were you crying?" James was the first to speak.

"I was not." I said with a shrug hoping they would believe me.

"Sirius told us you were... on the train." said Remus. Darn it.

"Well, he was... wrong." That was a weak comeback if I ever heard one.

"Gabrielle." Remus gave me a stern look.

"I wasn't crying about anything important. I'ts not a big deal." Peter was about to say something, but I cut him off. "So, I need help finding my classes, will one of you help me?"

"Sure, I will, Gabby." Remus offered.

"Thank you, Remus. Shoot. I forgot my books, be right back." Hurrying upstairs I entered my dormitory, Giselle was in the shower and Lily and Carrie looked up at me, I smiled, they smiled back.

"See you." I said grabbing my books and leaving, heading back downstairs. I headed right for the Marauders not even noticing who was now with them.

I strong hand grabbed my shoulder, and was leading me out of the portrait hole and into the corridor. "Let go of me!"

"Not until you tell me what's going on with you." Sirius said once we were in the empty corridor.

"It's nothing. Now, I need to go."

"No, you don't. Please, just talk to me."




"Yes. Gabrielle," he gave me a stern look, "What did I do?" Hey, he actually figured out he did something wrong. But did he really? He wasn't my boyfriend, he could snog Giselle as much as he wanted - technically.

"Nothing." I said quietly looking down at my feet, it still hurt. My heart that is.

"Don't lie to me, I know you're upset about something."

"You're pretty stupid." I turned and left, walking the other way through the corridor and turned a corner before letting out a sigh.

* * *

"Sorry, Professor." I said breathing hard. I had been sprinting around the school for a half an hour looking for my class, because I had forgotten to find Remus to show me where to go. I'm stupid.

"Just take a seat." I scanned the room, there was an opened seat directly in front of Peter. Hurrying over I sat down and located my potions book.

"So as I was saying..." I began taking note on a truth potion and tried really hard to ignore someone that sounded a lot like Sirius Black. "Anyway, so please pick a partner to make this potion with, but if you abuse this priveleage I have the right to take it away." The professor gave a pointed look at the Marauders and people set off to find partners.

I glanced back at Remus, he was working with Peter, James with Sirius. No one was approaching me, and I certainly wasn't going to go up to someone I didn't know. I began the potion on my own...

"Excuse me?" I looked up and caught forest green eyes with my own. "Hi, do you want to be partners?" I opened and closed my mouth like the dumb girl I am. Oh. Gosh. He was gorgeous. Maybe not as much as Sirius, not even close, but still... He wanted to be partners with me? "Did you hear me?" he said with a grin. He had shaggy brown hair that fell slightly over his eyes and he flicked it out of his face with a jerk of his head.

"Oh, sorry." I said regaining myself. "Sure, you can be my partner." I said with a small smile.

"Thanks," he said sitting in the seat beside me that the girl who had been sitting there had vacated. He smiled at me. "So, we should start."

"Yeah," I said taking the ingredients and beginning to stir them into the cauldron.

"I'm Adam," he said after a little while. The potion was pink now.


"That's pretty."

Being stupid, I thought he meant the potion, "Yeah, pink's a nice color, I guess." He chuckled and I realized that that was NOT what he was talking about. Stupid.

"I meant your name."

"Oh, right," I said blushing. "Thanks." We talked about basic things, and the potion, and by the end of class we were done and the professor gave us an approving smile and I went to my next class. Adam. I like that name.

* * *

"Hey, wait up!" Arg, Sirius, you stupid person, leave me alone!

Sighing, I quickened my step, but he ran and caught up with me.

"Gabby, tell me now!"

"Tell you what?" I asked innocently, not slowing.

"Tell me why I'm stupid." Had I called him stupid. Oh, right, I had.

"I think you're stupid."

"But, why?" He whined.

"Because I do."

"Gabrielle! Stop it! Stop! Tell me why you were crying and why I'm stupid? Please, tell me NOW!" I stopped and turned to him.

"Will you stop annoying me?"


"Will you still be my friend?" He looked confused and didn't say anything. "Answer!"


"Will you treat me the same?"


Taking a deep breath I couldn't believe I was about to say this, I opened my mouth and said. "It's because I like you Sirius Black."

His eyes widened. "As a friend." he finished for me. I should just leave it at that, but I knew it wasn't right, I had opened this can of worms after all.

"No..." I said slowly. "I LIKE like you." There was silence and I regretted telling him. What had I expected? Him to say that he liked me too? I'm such an idiot! I'm such a stupid person!

He opened and closed his mouth a few times. Then finally, "Oh." That's it, 'oh'. I felt my heartbreak all over, and I quickly walked away, part of me hoping he'd come and chase me, but he didn't. He didn't the whole way to my dormitory where I collasped on my bed and skipped the rest of my classes that day.

What a first day.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath
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"There you are!" Lily's voice rang out through the dormitory causing me to wake up. Darn it. I had been asleep, I had been having a dream about -- oh, it doesn't matter! "Where have you been?" My bed sagged as she sat beside me. Obviously she wasn't going to leave without an explanation. "You know, I could give you detention for skipping." she said matter-of-factly. I turned and sat up brushing my hair out of my face. Gosh, it was tangly.

"I, um, I didn't feel good." I muttered crossing my legs so I was sitting indian style.

"No, you told Sirius something." My eyes widened, how did she know? Who ELSE knew? Oh gosh, what if he told all the Marauders, he was bound to have!

"What do you know? How do you know?" She smiled.

"He came into charms looking quite... I don't know... flustered? And he practically yelled across the room to the Marauders something about you. It was hard to understand though. All I heard was 'Gabrielle said.' That's it. Then he got all muffled." I groaned. Great. "You okay?"

I sighed. "I guess I have to be."

"What did you tell him? You don't have to tell me." She added quickly.

"I told him..." Should I tell her? "I told him I liked him..."

"Oh." There we go again with the 'oh's. Way to go, Gabby, make those people speechless! She smiled sympatheticly at me. "You want to come eat dinner?"

"It's that late?!" Wow. Lily nodded. "Sure, might as well. Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube now." She gave me a funny look, then brushed it away. As I walked by the mirror in the bathroom I noticed how bad I looked. "I'll see you there, okay? I need to clean up at bit."

"Okay, but you better come." she said giving me a fake stern look.

"I will." I went into the bathroom and grabbed my hairbrush pulling it through my hair. I let it fall naturally, and then washed my face, and reapplied my make-up.

In the Great Hall I sat alone. I saw Lily, she had smiled, but I still didn't feel close enough to her to sit with her, she had Carrie. I played with my food unable to eat. I had no appetite. Butterflies were having a stinkin' party in my stomach. Darn them.

The Marauders weren't here yet (thankfully), and that just made me more nervous. Just have them come in, get it over with!

I take that back, I take that back! In the came, and, oh help me, they were walking towards me. Sirius stayed near the back not looking up from his shoes, he was looking at them like if he didn't they might run away.

Ack! James just sat next to me. I focused hard on my food. Maybe if I didn't look at them...

"Hey, Gabby." Darn it! I didn't say anything. He cleared his throat, "HEY, GABBY!" he said so loud in my ear it hurt. I shot him a glare.

"HELLO, JAMES!" I said matching his volume and earning some looks.

He smiled, Remus sat on my other side Peter diagonal from me, and Sirius across from me. Just peachy!

"So, what's up?" Remus said. Why were they sitting with me anyway? They never have before, so what's with this? Now, suddenly they wanted to hand with me. I get it, they probably feel sorry for me, I can just hear them saying: 'Oh, poor Gabby, she was so embarrassed let's take pity on her and be her friend.' "Earth to, Gabby!" I hand flew up at down in front of my face.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"She speaks!" James cried.

"It's a miracle." Remus.

"So... You going to eat that or play with it all day?" Sirius said causing more butterflies to join the party they were having.

"I intend to play with it, thank you very much." I said not looking up.

"Okay, okay."

"So, you trying out for Quidditch?" Remus asked.

"When are the try-outs?" I flicked some of my mashed potatoes onto my chicken.

"Saturday." James piped in. "We need a new Keeper, and you're looking at the team captain!"

"I'm not looking at you..."

"Well, you know what I meant."


"So are you?"

"Am I?"

"Trying out?" Remus clarified.

I shrugged. "I guess so."

"Good!" Said James punching me in the shoulder.

"Well, I got to go." I said getting up.

"Where?" Sirius asked and for the first time I dared to look at him.

"I have homework." I started walking away.

"You don't even know what the homework is!" Sirius called after me.

* * *

Lily gave me the homework, and being a procrastinator I hadn't started until late. And let me tell you, not a good mix when you don't even know what the homework is about. So here I am, staring at a blank sheet of parchment, dozing off in the middle of the night. No one else is even up to ask for help.

"Gabrielle?" I turned quickly startled to see a half asleep Sirius with only pajama pant on. Can you say muscles?

"Sorry, did I wake you?" The butterflies were back and partying.

"No, I... I just couldn't sleep." Looked pretty sleepy to me. He came over and sat down next to me. "Look, are we... are we okay?"

"What do you mean?" I said looking back at me parchment.

"I just... weird thing you told me... earlier." I felt myself blushing.

"Um, yeah, right, that."

"It's just... geez, Gabby, I've known you for like ever-"

"7 years. Not forever."

"-and it was just a surprise, and I have a girlfriend and-"

"You don't need to explain yourself. Look I understand, and I'm sorry I sprang it on you..."

He smiled. "I just wanted you to know that, maybe if I didn't have a girlfriend..." what is he saying? "Just... um..." he cleared his throat. Spit it out! "There's nothing wrong with you... you're pretty, and nice, and smart, and it's just... well... I have a girlfriend, and you have bad timing." I smiled sweetly at him. I'm pretty? He thinks I'm pretty!

"It's okay Sirius. Friends?" I held out my hand for him to shake. And he smiled and took it. My heart sank slightly... the thing was I didn't want to be just friends.

Chapter 8: Quidditch Fights, and Diary Reading
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The rest of the week had gone by in a slight blur and here it was Saturday and I was still behind in homework. Peachy... Just peachy.

My bed sagged, someone was sitting on it... Probably Lily or Carrie or something. Wait, they had left earlier that morning... I had heard them leave they were all giggly about SOMETHING.

Ouch. Someone is pulling my hair. Get off. NOW! I blindly through I slap the hand's way, but I missed. I groaned.

"Sorry, what was that?" Oh my gosh. I flung around and sat bolt upright.

"JAMES?! How did you get in here?!" For, yes, it was James Potter sitting on my bed... in my dormitory... where boys can't come...

He smirked. "I was looking for Lily, but she isn't here."

"How did you get in here?!" I repeated.

"Oh, I figured out a couple years ago how to get up here." He got up and began walking around the room flicking through various books or other items that he found. "This Lily's?" He said pointing at a trunk.

"Yeah." I said, getting up out of my bed. He pulled the lid of the trunk open and began rummaging whatever was inside.

"James!" I said hurrying over and slamming the trunk's lid shut. "That is a violation of privacy!"

He shrugged. "So?"

"So, stop." He stood up his full height above me. I was on the tall side, but he still loomed over me.

"Make me." He said smiling and grabbing the lid of the trunk. I sat on it and crossed my legs like I sat on Lily's trunk everyday. I gave him an innocent smile, and he gave me one to match before he grabbed the lid and with one sure tug I went flying off it and landed on the ground beside it.

"Ow." I groaned.

"You asked for it."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did NOT." He stopped fighting when he found a book that looked much like a diary, and pulled it out with raised eyebrows. He wouldn't. Ah, he would. "James! That is crossing the line."

He didn't pay any attention to me as he got up with the book open and sat on the bed. "Dear Diary," he read. "James Bigheaded Potter is so annoying. Can't he just take a stupid hint. NO! I don't want to go out with, I NEVER do. Oh yeah, I found him not doing his Head Boy duties AGAIN." He closed the diary slowly and put it back in the trunk. He looked actually... sad?

Slowly he headed for the door of the dormitory. "James? You okay?"

He turned around. "Oh yeah, I'm great, I just found out that the love of my life hates my guts!" He said sarcastically.

Was he kidding? I am serious, the week I've been here I've heard Lily shout at him at least 15 times that she hated him. "She's said she's hated you, to your face."

"Whatever." He said, turning and leaving the dormitory. I actually felt bad for him. I had to do somet- no, no I didn't. But I did... Because in the end of the day James feels like a brother.

Sighing I headed for the bathroom and got ready for the day, leaving my hair down and slightly wavy.

Heading down the stairs there were only a few people milling around the common room. Hmm, where were those Marauders.

Out of the portrait hole, I headed for the Entrance hall. They weren't there either. The Great Hall; nope. Where the heck are they!

Oh shoot.

Quidditch try-outs. Those are today... like now! ACK!

I whipped out my wand. "Accio broom!" I waited a minute or two before I saw my broom zooming towards me. It almost hit a young ravenclaw girl who had to jump to the floor to dodge it. Grabbing my broom I sprinted to the Quidditch pitch.

Sure enough, try-outs were going on. They looked like they just started. I ran out on to the field and hopped onto my broom, flying up to where James was calling out instructions.

"You're late." He said without looking at me.

"You didn't remind me." He glanced at me. He still seemed a little upset about the whole Lily thing. "Where should I go?"

"Get in line for the Keeper try-outs, Sirius is monitoring them." Great, Sirius. Why is he always in my life everytime I turn around? As much as I hated it, I was excited that he could watch me 'in my element'. I love Quiddtich, and I was pretty good at it. Not to toot my own horn or anything...

I headed for the small line of Keepers that were trying out, a Gryffindor 6th year was trying out. I waited patiently watching missed balls fly into the hoops.


"Lupin, Gabrielle." Sirius called. I rolled my eyes at the formal way he said it. I hopped on my broom and zoomed up into the position in front of the hoops. Sirius was a Chaser and he flew back a few feet before flying foward and throwing the quaffle towards the hoops. With one fluent motion I made the save. I stuck my tongue out at him playfully and flew back into position.

He began to throw it again and I stayed completely concentrated, made the save. Again, and again. Except I gave up one, but that was unfair, I got distracted with looking at him...

"Okay, Lupin, you're done, good job." I smiled and waved before landing on the ground, and taking a seat beside the other Keepers that already went.

A little while later, James gathered the whole group of try-outees (is that a word? Well, it is now!) in a circle around him.

"You all did wonderful, but we only have a few positions open. First, we need one new Chaser." He paused, proabably for effect. "Hastings, Adam." Adam was here? I glanced around, and sure enough there he was. How could I not have seen him? The rest of the people trying out for Chaser left. James was a Chaser himself. "We need a new Seeker. That would be... Dulan, Julie." A girl with brown braids and freckles, who looked to be in fifth or sixth year, beamed and the rest of the people who had tried out for Seeker left. "Lastly, we need a new Keeper." My heart sped, I was nervous. "Lupin, Gabrielle." He said smiling at me. I smiled back, YES!

"That's no fair!" said some boy. The Gryffindor I had seen trying-out. "You picked her because she's your friend!"

James looked extrememly taken-aback. "No, I picked her because she was the best." The other people who had tried out for Keeper had all left, except this stupid boy.

"No, there's absolutely NOTHING special about her!" Ouch, that kind of hurt.

"There's nothing special about her? There's nothing special about YOU!" Sirius said. Was he coming to my defense?

"I demand I re-tryout!" The boy said standing, his fists clenched.

"I'm the captain, and I demand that you leave!" Said James taking a step towards the boy. The boy was short, and he looked slightly intimidated. The boy spit on the ground in front of James and turned to leave. But James grabbed his shoulder and turned him around and punched him across the face. I jumped up, they were in a full-blown fight within seconds with Sirius cheering James on, and the rest of the team looking worried.

I hurried over to them, and tried to pry them apart. And then- POW! Pain flooded my jaw, and I found I couldn't breathe, the pain HURT! I heard myself yell in pain, and felt myself fall to the ground.

Chapter 9: He Said it was Nothing
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I was in a daze as strong arms carried me to the hospital wing. All I remembered was James repeating the words 'Geez, Gabby, I'm SO sorry," and Sirius whispering words of comfort into my ear.

I was lowered into a bed and the nurse hurried over to me. She shooed the boys away from the bed and her cold hands cradled my jaw. I moaned, it ached horribly.

"Calm down, honey, you'll be fine, just I broken jaw. All I need to done it heal it and re-align it."

"Re-align?!" Ouch, talking is bad.

"Yes, yes. It's a little off track, but you'll be out of here by tomorrow. Don't worry."

"She has to stay overnight?" James asked.

"Yes, Mr. Potter. Now could you and Mr. Black please leave. She needs a bit of rest, come back later if you want to visit her. Let me go get your medicine." She left to go into another room.

"I'm so sorry, Gabs." James said. I nodded in response, I wasn't going to try and talk again. I heard him walk away as I closed my eyes. Then he paused. "Sirius, come on." I heard something shift beside me. A soft, warm hand ran along my cheek and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. I opened my eyes slightly, meeting gray ones. My heart quickened.

"Get better soon, Gabby." Sirius' voice was soft and comforting. He gave me a small smile and left with James just as Madam Pomphrey came back in.

"Here you go Ms. Lupin." She said extending a bottle of potion at me. Holding my nose I quickly drank down the disgusting potion. Then another. "Get some rest, you'll be better before you know it." She hurried off, and I turned on my side and fell asleep to the throbbing of my jaw and the memory of Sirius fingers and hand on my face.

* * *

It was Sunday morning when I was released. There was no one in the dormitories really, mainly because it was a beautiful day out. I hurried up to the Gryffindor common room, and as soon as I stepped in I was enveloped in a great bear hug. For a moment my heart sped, but it slowed when I found it was just Remus hugging me.

Releasing at me he looked at me, "Gabby, are you okay?" Sirius and James got up from the wizards chess game and came over to me smiling.

"She's back!" Proclaimed James. I laughed.

"Your jaw better? Did James the Jerk permanently injure you for life?" James hit Sirius in the arm.

"I told her I was sorry." He looked at me. "And I am."

"It's okay, James, it's not your fault. And, it still aches a little but not near as bad as it did."

"It looks better. We didn't want to freak you out yesterday, but it was really swollen." Sirius said.

"Great, now I'll be known as the swollen-jaw-weirdo."

"Don't worry, Gabs, if anyone calls you that we'll beat them up." James said smiling. I smiled back and looked around at the three of them. My heart warmed, they were so nice, they actually cared.

"Where's Peter?" I asked realizing he was gone.

"Oh, he's by the lake hanging out with Julie Dulan."

"The new Seeker?"

"Yep," James said sitting back down, the others following suit. I sat beside Sirius.

"So what's going on with them?"

"I think Peter likes her. I don't know about her feelings though. She seems not to be totally repulsed by him." I slapped Sirius' arm.

"That's not nice."

"What? I said she seems that she ISN'T." He laughed. I smiled, I liked his laugh.

"So where's your girlfriend? Giselle or whatever." Everyone seemed to get quiet, and they looked at me. I guess they hadn't brought her up since I had confessed my feelings for Sirius.

"Oh, uh, she's somewhere. I think outside with her friends." I nodded silently, regretting I brought it up. My heart ached, why had I asked?

James cleared his throat. "Your turn, Sirius." James said pointing to the game they had been playing before I had come in.

"Right." He made his move which resulted James' knight getting smashed to pieces.

"I think I'm going to go for a walk." I said standing, wanting to get out of the awkwardness.

"Do you want me to come?" Remus said beginning to get up.

"No that's okay, I'm just going to walk around, it's fine."

"Okay..." Remus said sitting down again and picking up his book. I left the common room and heading for the Entrance Hall planning on going outside.

Heading down the corridor, a figure zoomed around the corner and ran straight into me.

"Gabby, hi." It was Adam and he seemed out of breath.

"ADAM HASTINGS!" A voice erupted from around the corner.

"Shh!" He said grabbing me, putting his hand over my mouth, and pushing me into an empty classroom. Pinning me against the wall he kept my mouth covered. My heart skipped a beat. He was pressed up against me, and this could be slightly romantic if it weren't for his hand on my mouth and I liked Sirius Black. But still, he looked nice, handsome even in the dim light of the classroom.

After a few moments, he stepped back and let his hand drop from my mouth. "Sorry about that." He said with a smile.

"Who was chasing you?" I asked looking into his nice eyes.

"Oh, that was my sister."

"Your sister?"

"Yeah, her name's Grace. She got mad at me when I made her hair turn green." I looked at him curiously.

"Why did you turn her hair green?"

"Some jerk was talking to her."

"What does that have to do with green?"

"It's the boy she likes and he's a real jerk, so I thought that if I turned her hair green he wouldn't be attracted to her anymore. I know he's attracted to her because he told his friend who is the younger brother of MY friend."

"Oh... so you're protecting her."

He smiled. "Yeah, and it's fun to mess with her." I laughed, and he joined.

"So is she younger then you?" I said leaving the classroom and walking with him towards the Entrance Hall.

"Yeah, two years... You have any brothers or sisters?"

"Nope, but I consider Remus Lupin a brother."

"Really? I knew you related, but I thought you were only cousins."

"Well, my parents work a lot so they aren't home much so Remus' parents, my aunt and uncle, take care of me, I live with them."

"That's cool."

"Yeah, it is. The Marauders are more like my cousins or brothers then just Remus' friends."

"Ah, the famous Marauders." Adam said spreading his arms out dramatically, making me laugh.

"I guess some think they are."

"How long have you known them?"

"Probably since I was about ten or eleven."

"Huh, that's nice. What do your parents do that make them not be around?"

"I don't know exactly."

"You don't know what your parents do?" We had reached the Entrance Hall, and headed outside. It was warm out, but not too warm, but not too cold either. It was perfect.

"Well, I do, I mean I don't really know how to explain it."


"So do you have any other brothers or sisters."

"I have another sister, but she's only ten so..."

"Quite an age difference. Seven years."

"Yeah, but my parents are pretty young. They got married at a young age."


He stopped abruptly next to the lake and stepped in front of me causing me to run into him, I looked up at him confused.



"I, er..." He paused. "I think you're really nice, and cool and... pretty..." I felt my self blush and I looked away. "Well, I was just wondering... if you..." He seemed... nervous? "If you would go-"

"GABBY!" I turned and saw Lily running up to me, Carrie in tow. Adam sighed.

"Hey, Lily." I said as she came to stand in beside me.

"How's your jaw? I hear Potter broke it. What a jerk!" She said.

"It's fine, better, only aches a little. And James didn't mean to break it, it was only a accident."

"Oh, well, that would be just like him, the bully..."

"He doesn't usually punch people though, Lily." Carrie spoke up. "Only plays pranks on them."

"Whatever." She gave me a cheery smile. "I'm glad that you're doing better."

"Thanks, Lily, it's nice to know people care." I said smiling.

"What are friends for?" Friends? I didn't know we were friends... I mean we've talked, but not that much, still it was nice to know she thought we were, I wouldn't mind getting to know her and Carrie, they seemed really nice. I smiled. "Well, I'll see you later, me and Carrie have some homework to do." Darn it, I forgot about my homework! They hurried off, and I turned back to Adam.

"What were you going to say?" I asked him.

"Oh um..." He opened and closed his mouth as if searched for the right words. Then with a deflating sigh he said, "It's nothing, never mind."

"Okay, you sure?"

"Yeah, I got to go, I'll see you around."

"Sure," I said watching him walk off with his hands in his pockets looking disappointed. But in what? Me? Himself? I shrugged, he said it was nothing.

Chapter 10: Uncle Tom
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How could this happen? How in the world could this happen? No, it couldn't've, it just... couldn't. He was so strong... he was completely healthy, nothing NOTHING was wrong with him. It just wasn't possible.

I sat at the table loud noises of other people surrounding me but I felt like I could hear none of it. I knew that Sirius and Peter were staring at me wondering what was going on. It had all happened about 5 minutes ago. An owl I didn't recongnize had dropped a letter on Remus' plate, he opened it and slowly his face fell and tears welled up in his eyes. He jumped up and ran out of the Great Hall James hurrying after him. I had reached for the letter and read it:

Mr. Remus Lupin and Ms. Gabrielle Lupin,
            I am sorry to inform you that your father/uncle, Mr. Tom Lupin, has passed away last night peacfully in his sleep. He did not suffer so take comfort in that. His funeral is being arranged, and at this time it might be nice to stay with your family and take comfort in your friends.
                                                                                                     My Condolences

I wasn't sure who it was from... by the end of the letter my vision blurred with tears. I didn't want to cry, not here, not in front of everyone. I blinked violently trying to make the them go away. I painful lump developed in my throat. Not now, just not now... I placed the letter down and looked up at the ceiling watching the stars twinkle. Was this a dream? It felt like one.

"Gabby?" I felt a hand come on top of mine. "Gabby, what happened?" Sirius took the letter and I knew he was reading it, because his hand returned atop mine. "Gabby... I'm... I'm so sorry."

I swallowed hard and looked at him. I had to be strong, I had to be, for Remus, even if he wasn't here at this moment he would find out if I cried.

"It's okay." I tried to keep my voice even but it cracked and I knew the tears were about to fall. My uncle was gone, the uncle who had raised me, who had been like my second father, he was gone, just like that. I'd never see him again, never hug him again, never talk to him again...


"I have to go." Quickly I got up and walked slowly away.

* * *

"Where's my Ellie?" Uncle Tom's voice filtered up to my room, and I jumped up excited. He was home!

"Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom!" I ran down the stairs and rocketed into his arms taking in his scent and smiling as he hugged me close. "I missed you Uncle Tom."

"Missed you too, sweetie pie." Releasing him I stepped back.

"Don't you ever go away again!" I said wagging my finger at him. He knelt down so he'd be eye-level with me.

"I'm so sorry, little miss." He said smiling. "I will ask your permission to leave from now on."

"Everyday? When you leave for work? When you go to the store?"

"Of course, my Ellie." He smiled and pulled a wrapped present out of his pocket and held it out to me. "By the way, happy 7th birthday."

A huge smile grew across my face and I grabbed it practically jumping up and down with happiness. Tearing of the paper my eyes widened. There inside sat a beautiful necklace.

"It's just what I wanted!" I said happily. My mum had a necklace a lot like it, and Uncle Tom had caught me trying it on, when he asked why I said because I wanted to be as pretty as my mum someday.

"I know, here." I handed it to him and he clasped it around my neck. I turned and wrapped my small arms around him.

"I love you, Uncle Tom. Never leave again." I whispered.

"I love you too, Ellie. And don't worry, I'll always be here."

I woke up sweating and my face was wet with tears. I wrapped my arms around my knees and hugged them close. I wish he was here, he always knew how to comfort me, always. I heard a bed squeak somewhere in the room, and a part of me wished it was Lily getting up to comfort me.

"Shut up, you freak!" Giselle's voice rang out, "I'm trying to sleep!" Not wanting to be yelled out I stumbled out of the dormitory and into the common room.
I had to get away, I had to find a place where the pain wasn't so unbearable I had to leave. I felt the common room and went out into the halls. Once there I began to sprint hoping somehow I could run this off, and when I returned home Uncle Tom would be there to greet me.

Running as hard as I could I went outside and into the night I ran across the grounds, past the lake... I needed to go faster, I needed to outrun this agony. As fast as I could I went my legs screamed and my lungs felt like they were on fire, my face was drenched with sweat and tears, my vision blurred and something grabbed my foot and I fell to the ground landing hard and painfully. I pounded the ground with my fist curling up into a ball.

I couldn't get up I was to tired I just lay there sobbing memories flooding back to me, with each one came more tears. I heard barking somewhere behind me, and then I felt arms enclose me holding me close.

"Uncle Tom," I whispered. "You said you'd never leave me."

"It's going to be okay, Gabby... it's going to be okay." Sirius whispered in my ear as he lifted me off the ground holding me like a child cradeling me in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck cried into his chest soaking his shirt. "It's okay... it's okay..."

Chapter 11: Going Home
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Remus and I stood in front of the door in a slight drizzle. The way here we hadn't spoken at all, and it had been a long drive.

Dumbledore had given us a break from school to go home and visit with are families, and getting everything in order. He had suggested floo powder but seeing as how my mum's family - who were muggles - would be at the house because they were attending the funeral, we thought it best that we didn't.

I glanced at Remus who was looking at his feet. Sighing I reached out and rang the doorbell listening to it ring beautifully inside. For a moment we couldn't hear anything then there were hurried footsteps and the door slowly opened.

I had never seen my aunt look like this before. Her graying light brown hair was in a tight bun with many strands of hair messily falling from it. Her whole body seemed to sag in sadness, and her eyes were red. She was wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt compared to what she use to wear which were dresses it looked odd. She held a tissue in her hand and her small form seemed to be shaking.

"Remus, Gabrielle!" She said grabbing us into a hug. She began to sob and she shook against us crying. I held her tightly, and when I glanced over at Remus I saw tears on his cheeks. It was the first time I had ever seen him cry. A few tears of my own spilled.

"Mum..." Remus whispered.

"I just miss him so much." Aunt May wept.

"We all do." I said softly. Hearing footsteps we parted and Aunt May turned and wiped her eyes. My dad turned the corner, and smiled weakly at seeing me.

"Gabs." He said. I hurried over into his hug. "How've you been, sweet heart?" His hugs weren't the same as Uncle Tom's had been, they were looser... like he didn't want to commit to holding me fully.

"The same as everyone else." I said stepping back. "Where's Mum?"

"She went out. She'll be back though." I nodded. Just like her.

"I'm going to go unpack." I said pulling my turnk around him and went up the stairs.

"See you later, honey." He called after me. Once in my room, I shut the door and sunk against it, sitting on the ground.

I missed Uncle Tom. I did so much, but part of me didn't want to be here. I didn't want to constantly be reminded that he was gone. I wish I could just forget about it. No, I can't forget about him, that was a horrible thing to think. Sigh.

Jumping up, I remembered his necklace. The one I had dreamt about. Hurrying over to my dresser I pulled the top drawer open, and searched through my underwear finally finding the soap-box that I kept to put my most prized possesions in. Opening it up I poured out the contents. Sifting through a few stamps and coins I found it. Pulling the necklace out I dangled it from my fingers.

It was a chain of diamonds that sparkled in the light. I smiled at the memory of my mum telling Uncle Tom that it was too expensive for a seven year old and that he should take it back, but he had convinced her they weren't real diamond, but later he assured me they are.

Unclasping it, I put it around my neck. I walked into my bathroom and smiled at my reflection. Closing my eyes memories flooded my mind...

"Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom?" nine year old me ran down the stairs. "Uncle Tom?"

"In here, Ellie!" Following his voice I hurried onto the back porch.

"Look at me Uncle Tom. I'm Mummy!" I puckered my lips and struck a pose. I was wearing bright red lip stick, tons of blush, light blue eyes shadow, and random lines of eye liner drawn on my face.

"Whoa, there Ellie." Uncle Tom smiled. "Come here, sweetie pie." He put his book aside and tapped his knee. Going over I crawled into his lap and looked at him.

"You don't like it?"

"It's not that. I just think that it hides your pretty."

"My pretty?"

"Why, of course, honey. This hides your pretty lips." I wiped the lipstick off. "This draws attention away from your pretty eyes." Off with the eyeshadow. "This hides your pretty cheeks." Bye blush. "And these lines hide you pretty skin." the eyeliner came off.

"Then why does Mummy wear it?"

"Between us, she's not as naturally pretty as you are. Don't tell her though." Then he started tickling me, and I began to giggle hysterically."

Another memory entered my brain...

"Shut up!" I was ten now standing on the porch. "Go away, Potter!"

"Ha ha, Lupin's going to cry." I turned away from him and crossed my arms.

"You're such an idiot." I cried over my shoulder. Ten year old James Potter had cut off all my hair upon meeting me. No seriously, with in ten minutes of meeting me my hair was gone.

"Leave her alone!" Sirius said standing up for me. I had just met him as well.

"Aww, Sirius has a crush." James said laughing and playfully punching him in the shoulder. "Got get her!"

"I do not like her!" Sirius said. Then grabbed some nearby snowing, made a snowball and threw it at me. Sitting on the ground I began to cry.

"Hey!" Uncle Tom to the rescue. "What did you two do to my Ellie?" The two boys gasped and looked at him scared.

"N-nothing, sir." Sirius said.

"She just started crying."

"And I'm sure she cut her own hair too?"

"Yes...?" James said.

Uncle Tom began to chuckle and I thought that he was on their side, until he took out his own wand, and within a second both of them were bald.
Coming out of my memories I saw that I was smiling and crying at the same time. There was a soft knock on my door. I quickly wiped my tears away and went to answer it.

"Mum." I said when I saw the tall blonde-haired blue-eyed woman standing in front of me. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched, her full lips were accented with lipstick and she wore a stylish suit that had no wrinkle in sight.

"Hello, Gabrielle. How are you?" She said not really seeming to care.

"I'm... Well, how have you been?"

"Good, thank you." There was a silence. Then suddenly she stiffly wrapped an arm around me for a second before stepping back. "Nice to see you, Gabrielle. Dinner's at eight." Then she turned on her heel and left down the hall her high heels making a clicking sound and her hips swaying like a model's. 

Chapter 12: Not Alone
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Dinner was uncomfortable. My mum's family didn't seem to realize that they were here because of a funeral was about to take place and kept making jokes and throwing their heads back in laughter. At one point it seemed as though their heads might come flying off if they laughed one more time. But, alas, that didn't happen and they continued to laugh. 

Each time they did so, I could see my aunt flinch slightly. Her eyes were puffy and red and I could tell she cried quite often. She didn't sleep in her room anymore, she slept on the couch. I was pretty sure it was because she didn't want to sleep in there alone where she had slept beside Uncle Tom for so long.

After dinner, everyone turned in. It wasn't really late, but no one felt like staying up and sitting around in silence that was sure to be there.

* * *

The next day was hard. It was Uncle Tom's funeral.

The funeral was to be held at a church nearby our house. Most of the witches and wizards that were attending apparated there. Remus and I used the Floo Network, and my mum, and her family drove.

Once everyone was there the service began. People got up and told about how great my uncle had been.

Throughout the whole service I had no one to sit with. Well, I sat beside my parents, but they stared straight a head the whole time showing almost no expression. Though, one time I thought I saw my dad quickly wipe a tear from his eye. I felt alone. My parents weren't the type to hug or comfort, and as I looked up at Remus and Aunt May I wished I was next to them. Aunt May clung to Remus and he handed her tissues and hugged her back, wiping his own eyes every so often.

After the service, people lined up to give their condolences to the family. It was only the imediate family though - Aunt May, Remus, and my father - so once again I felt alone. Didn't anyone realize I was like his daughter, but no one even gave me a second glance as they stood in line.

After the entire funeral, we all headed home, and my mum's family departed (thanfully). Aunt May, Remus, and I all sat in  large arm chairs in front of the crackling fire my aunt had conjured. I had no clue where my dad went.

"It's like I half-expect him to walk through the door." Remus said quietly breaking the silence. "I just can't believe he's gone."

"We all can't." said Aunt May equally as quiet. "It was so sudden."

"I miss him." I added trying not to cry again. Aunt May reached across and held my hand in hers.

"We all do." I smiled weakly at her. The rest of the night consisted of conversations about Uncle Tom, reminicsing, and looking at old photographs. Finally, it got to be late and we all went off to bed, Aunt May sleeping on the couch.

Sitting in my room that night I stared out the window. I couldn't get to sleep. Teying to get my mind off of the day's event; I thought about Hogwarts and everyone there. I was pretty sure the first Quidditch match had been today, and I silently apologized to James for not being able to be there. James; I still had to help him with Lily. I will as soon as I get back, I promised myself. Sirius; I missed him. The night after I found out the Uncle Tom had died and I had ran out of the  castle, he had taken care of me. He was so wonderful. Uncle Tom; I missed him so much that it hurt more then anything. I just wish that I could see him one more time and was able to say good-bye...

Without really thinking I got up and left my room. Crossing the hall, I paused in front of the door. Resting my hand on it's handle I took a deep breath and pushed it open. Inside the room laid I queen-sized bed. It wasn't made and it looked as though someone had just been sleeping in it. There were men's clothing piled on the floor (Uncle Tom wasn't the cleanest man in the world), and on the dresser there was cologne and other things a man usually owned. On the other side of the room was a large wardrobe, that was Aunt May's, and I chest of drawers, Uncle Tom's.

Taking a hesitant step forward I entered the room. It smelled like him, my heart ached slightly. I walked over to where I knew was his side of the bed, and laid down burying my face in the pillow and taking in it's scent. Uncle Tom. Pulling the covers me, though, I somehow didn't feel quite so alone. I felt as though he was there with me...

I was standing in a meadow flowers all around me. I turned quickly. I was alone, no one was there.

"Hello?" I called. No answer, "Anyone out there?" As far as I fould see was meadow, no trees, no buildings, nothing. As I looked I saw I figure in the distance. Squinting I saw it was coming closer. Maybe it could help me.

Taking off at a run, I could make out the shape more clearly. My heart sped and warmth filled me.

"Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom!" The figure waved and held out his arms. I rocketed into him, hugging him tightly.

"My Ellie." He whispered.

"Uncle Tom, what are you doing here?" I said looking up at the face I missed so much.

"I couldn't just leave, could I?"

"I don't understand."

"I'll always be with you, Ellie."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm with you in spirit." His image began to fade.

"No! Uncle Tom! Don't leave!" I desperately tried to hold onto him, but it was like he was made of smoke, and he was slipping between my fingers.

"Never." He whispered, and he was gone.
A bird chirping woke me up. Sitting up a looked out the window. Sun was shining in, and I was surprised to find that I was smiling. Warmth filled the hole that Uncle Tom had once taken up. Though I still missed him, I didn't feel quite as though he was gone forever.

* * *

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Chapter 13: Boys
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"I'm fine!" I insisted to James for the billionth time. "I promise you!" And I was. Ever since the dream I truly felt... happy. Does that sound mean? That I'm happy and my uncle just died? I doesn't feel it's mean... I feel this is how he would have wanted. He wouldn't want the people he loved to be miserable forever.

"What ever you say," said James putting his hands up defensively.

"That's what I say."

"Well, how's Remus?" James asked. I was worried about Remus to be honest... he seemed depressed.

"I'm... not sure." I replied. I hadn't really spoken to Remus. It's not that I hadn't tried, because, trust me, I tried! Oh, have I tried! He just never seemed like he wanted to talk so I didn't press the issue. "I've tried talking to him... but..."

James seemed to know the end of the sentence and nodded. There was a slightly awkward silence. James and I were sitting in the common room alone. It was a beautiful day out, but neither of us felt like getting up. Sirius was somewhere with... do I have to say it?... Giselle, and Remus well... I wasn't quite sure where he was.

"So, how's Lily?" I asked. It was time to keep my promise to myself... to help him.

He looked startled by the question. "Er, I don't know." He responded. "Fine...? You know I don't talk to her. She hates me anyway." He added the last part quietly... apparently he still wasn't over the whole diary-reading fiasco.

"Right, well that's going to change." He looked up at me abruptly, then suspiously.

"How?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"You'll see. Come with me." I stood up, grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the common room. Where did Lily say she was going to be...? Oh, right, by the lake.

"Where are we going?" James cried as I hurried through corridor after corridor pulling him along until we were finally outside.

"There's Lily." I said pointing to the red-headed girl sitting beside the lake laughing with Carrie.

"Yeah, so?"

"So, go talk to her."

"TALK to her?" He said looking at me like I was crazy. "What part of her HATING me do you not get?"

"Feelings can change! Now, go!"

"What am I suppose to say?" He said suddenly looking flustered. Boys, seriously... are we THAT intimidating?

"Hmm... ask her for help on your homework."

"I've tried that," he said with a mischievious smile.

"James, I mean ask her... not try and seduce her!" He rolled his eyes, and I slapped his arm. "Do you want my help or not?"

"I didn't ask." He mumbled. And I turned and began to walk away, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "I was kidding!"

I smiled. "Okay, this is what you are going to say: 'Hey Lily. You know that potions essay? It's giving me a bit of trouble and I was just wondering if you could help me.' here's the catch though. Don't be flirty. AT ALL. No flirting. Zippo. Got it?"

"How is that suppose to win her over?"

"Trust me. Now go!" I said pushing him in her direction, and he started off, glancing back at me now and then. Finally he reached her, and I could tell by her body language she was rolling her eyes. Come on, James, you can do it. I thought, maybe if I thought it hard enough he would get the message. 

His mouth began to move, I was too far away from them to hear what they were saying. Thankfully, I didn't see his usual smirk grace his face, though, he looked sincere. GO, JAMES, GO! I saw her look at him slightly surprised. Then she said something, and James beamed at her, and came running back to me excited and out of breath.

"She... said... she..." he panted.

"Yes? Yes?"

"She said she would help me later!" He practically yelled. "She didn't reject me! This is a first!" He was jumping up and down, and I smiled along with him happy for him.

"That's great, James."

"I know! I got to go find Padfoot! Oh my goodness! I can't believe this!" and off he sprinted in a random direction, leaving me there smiling. He was like a little boy that had just seen piled and piles of presents on Christmas morning.

I turned to go back inside and I rammed into someone.

"Sorry." I muttered and began to walk past, but they grabbed my wrist.

"Hey, Gabby!" Adam said cheerfully with a smile.

"Oh, hey, Adam." Well this is new, his smile made my heart flutter. Granted not as much as Sirius' did, but what ever. "What's going on?"

"Nothing much, you know, just hanging. What about you?"


"Hey, well, did you see that there's a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow?" His vioce seemed to change dramatically, as though he had rehersed saying that.

"Oh, um... Really?"

"Yeah, you going?"

"I guess so."

"I was just curious... that since you're going... and... well, I'm going... if you'd like to go," he mumbled the last part and looked down at his feet.

"Sorry, what?"

He looked up at me his eyes filled with determination. "I was wondering if you'd like to go with me...?"

My eyes widened. Had he just asked me out. I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out. My heart was hammering, and I felt a blush creeping on to my cheeks.

"You don't do you, listen, that's okay I was just-"

"Yes." I said quickly.


"Yes. Yes, I would like to go with you." I don't know why I said it. I liked Sirius... a lot. But I think I like Adam too... either that or I'm about to have a heart attack.

"Really?" He said a huge smile spreading across his face.

"Yes." I said smiling too.

"Okay, then!" He said excitedly. "Okay! Okay. I'll um... yeah, I'll meet you in the common room tomorrow then!"

"Okay." I responded, trying not to laugh at his joy.

"Right! Okay, see you then!" He turned and walked off a couple steps but then hurried back and kissed me on the cheek. This time I blushed full out, and he did too as he pulled away. "Right, then, bye." He said and hurried off.


* * *

The marauders, plus me, sat around a fire that night talking, laughing, having fun. then someone brought up Hogsmeade...

"I'm going with Giselle." Sirius said.

"I'm going to randomly bump into Lily, totally randomly." James said. We laughed.

"I'm going to hang out with James, I guess." Remus said quietly, he still wasn't talking much, as much as we all tried.

"So you hanging with us?" James asked me. I guess I'd have to tell them. They were going to make fun of me, I knew it.

"Well, I sort of... have a date." James dropped the chocolate frog he had been eating, Sirius looked at me wide-eyed, and Remus' jaw dropped.

"You, what?!" Sirius said.

"I have a date."

"With who?!" James asked

"Adam Hastings..."

"Are you serious?!" That was Sirius asking again.


"And when exactly were you planning on telling us that?" James.

"Why him?" Sirius.

"Because I like him." Me.

"I thought you liked Si-" but Remus punched James in the stomach before he could humiliate me.

"Well, I like Adam, and I guess he feels the same way."

"That's great, Gabby." Remus said.

"I can't believe you people are so surprised that I could get a date. Geez. You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself." I muttered.

"It's not that, Gabs. We're just surprised. We all thought you still liked Si-" Remus glared at him - "someone else. I think it's great."

"Well, I don't!" Sirius said loudly. "What do you even know about him?"

"I talk to him during potions all the time." Why did Sirius look mad?

"He's probably just using you!" That sort of hurt. Did he seriously think the only way I could get a date was because a guy wanted to use me?

"Using me? You don't even know him."

"I know he just wants a bit a snogging!"

"Sirius." James said. "Stop."

"Is that what you think?"

"Yeah, that's what I think!"

"So you don't think that a guy can like me? Is that it?" I felt close to tears.

"He's using you, Gabrielle! Just like that jerk a couple years ago!" That was too much, tears rolled down my cheeks. How could he think that?

"Sirius, stop!" James said getting up and wrapping an arm around my shoulder in a brotherly way. Sirius didn't even know Adam. "Come on, Gabby." He said leading me towards the staircase Remus following close behind. "See you in the morning," he said giving me a squezze before I hurried up the stairs. Turning the corner I paused, wiping the tears from my eyes, as new ones formed. I couldn't believe he had brought up Will...

"How could you say that to her?!" Remus said sounding mad.

"A guy can ask her out without wanting to just snog her!" James' voice was loud.

"I'm just calling it how I see it!"

"You're my best friend, Padfoot, but tonight you were a real jerk!"

"How was I being a jerk for being truthful?! I don't want to see her hurt again!"

"See her hurt?! In case you weren't watching, Sirius, she just left CRYING! YOU HURT HER!" Then there was silence and the sound of people coming up the stairs, and I hurried off to my dormitory.

* * *

Will and I stood under a willow tree that grew a little ways away from my house. The branches hide us from the rest of the world as he kissed me.

Today was our one month aniversary. When I first met him he seemed like a jerk, but somehow he didn't as much anymore. One thing about him though that wasn't good was that the Marauders hated him. I don't know why, and they wouldn't tell me, they just did. Especially Remus and Sirius. I shrugged the thought away, deciding they were just jealous that I was in such a wonderful relationship.

Will's kisses became deeper and more passionate and I found his hand sliding onto my bum. Pushing him away slightly I looked at him. "Could you just not?" I said sweetly.

"Sorry, sorry." Then he kissed me again quickly becoming as passionate, if not more, then before. He was a great kisser, but in some ways sort of aggressive, and I wasn't sure if I liked that or not... He hand slid onto my stomach and found the hem of my blouse and wiggled under it his hand on my bare stomach. Pushing him away again he just looked at me and nodded as if he understood. Why was he so touchy-feely today?

He kissed me again, and soon his hands found the buttons on my shirt and one by one he began to unbutton them. This time I didn't just nudge him away, I pushed him fully off of me.

"Will, stop!" I said sternly.

"Oh come on." He said in a whiny voice, "Don't you just want to have some fun?"

"Not that kind." I replied buttoning my shirt back up.

"You're so inexperienced." He muttered.

"Well sorry for not wanting to go all the way at age fifteen."

"Arabelle did." He whispered.

"Ara-who?" I said anger flooding me slightly. He looked at me startled, I obviously wasn't suppose to hear that.

"No one, Arabelle is my, uh, sister, and she told about..."

"You don't have a sister!" Then it hit me. "Oh my goodness. Arabelle PHILLIPS?!"

"Geez, calm down." He said rolling his eyes.

"The girl who was hanging all over you last week at the beach?! OH my gosh I can not believe this!" I said grabbing at my purse and began walking away, but he grabbed my arm.

"I was just having a little fun with her!"


"I was bored, I wasn't getting much from you so I-" I smacked him hard across the face and I as I withdrew my hand I was satisfied that his cheek was already bright red.

"I can't believe you did this. I thought you really liked me." I said feeling tears brimming my eyelids.

"I do like you."

"Then you wouldn't've cheated on me!"

"You're really hot."

"So that's it? You just used me for my body? You just needed a girl to snog until you could find a slut like Arabelle? And then what? You were going to break up with me because I didn't want to go all the way with you? Is that it?" When he didn't answer, I punched him hard in the stomach, turned and sprinted as fast as I could away from him. I can't believe him.

I collasped on the porch and that's where James, and Sirius found me.

* * *

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Chapter 14: Hogsmeade
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I tapped my fingers on the top of the wooden table in the Three Broomsticks waiting for Adam to come back with our drinks. The date had been going wonderfully. Adam had picked me up and we walked here. We talked and laughed and he had even held my hand! Lily had done my hair in pretty curls and Carrie had lent me a nice outfit. I really liked Adam, he was such a sweet guy.

"Did he ditch you already?" A scowl was planted on my face as I was yanked out of my thought and I turned towards the familiar voice.

"No, he's getting us drinks!" I snapped at Sirius. I hadn't talked to him since last night.

"You sure? Because I thought I saw him leave."

"Siri, can we go!" Giselle said. She was clutching his arm and leaning against him so much it looked like at any second she was going to rip off his clothing and do it with him right there. "I want to meet up with Delia and Samantha!" How could Sirius like someone so whiney.

"You're lying." I said turning my back to him and facing the bar scanning it. Now that I thought about it, I hadn't seen Adam for a while, but I refused to admit he had ditched me because that would hurt too much...

"This is what-"

"Sirius! Come ON. They said they were going to head back at noon and it's already eleven thrity."

"Shut up, Giselle!" Sirius burst, and even I jumped slightly. I looked at him to see Giselle look like she was on the verge of tears. Then her expression turned to anger.

"Well," she said stepping away from him and shaking her hair. "You can forget about our plans for tonight, and I am going to go and find Delia." Then she was gone. I turned back to my table, and Sirius slid into the seat across from me looking annoyed.

"I knew this would happen."

"What? That Giselle would refuse to shag you tonight?" I said annoyance in my own voice. I really didn't want to talk to him.

"No. That this guy would ditch you."

"First of all, he did NOT ditch me. Second, you said he only wanted to snog me as I recall." That shut him up and we sat their in silence glaring at each other. "Why are you being shut a freakin' jerk?!" I said before I could stop myself.

His eyes widened at me, like he didn't know that he was being so mean. "I'm trying to protect you."

"Protect me, my ass!" Wow, I never use profanity, but suddenly I was really upset. Maybe it was because Sirius had insulted me because he thought no guy could ever truly like me. Or maybe it was because I had just seen Adam turn a street corner outside the window with his arm around another girl...

"I don't even know this guy, who knows that he's not a jerk?"

"I knew!" I said then embarrassingly enough I felt tears dripping down my cheeks. When would I learn? When would I learn that all guys were jerks? I had never once had a good experience with any guy! I thought Adam had been perfect! Or the closest I could find... "At least I thought I did..." I said quietly.

Then Sirius was next to me, trying to comfort me, but I shoved him off. I hated that he was right, and I was sick of crying over guys. I hurried off and pushed out into the brisk, cool air. I walked quickly wiping the tear away furiously. I thought I heard someone calling my name, but I ignored it. There was a cluster of trees a little bit off and I went over to it and sat on a rock just beyond the line of trees.

I pulled my legs against myself, hugging them. I hated Sirius!

I sat there for a while. I wasn't crying anymore, I had only let a couple tears leaked and those were the ones that Sirus had seen.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but suddenly I heard yelling in the distance. It sounded like arguing.

I sat there listening, but I couldn't make out the words, and eventually curiousity got the best of me and I got up and headed towards the voices. I know it was wrong, but I'm naturally a curious person, and I couldn't help myself.

Reaching the end of the trees I saw Giselle and Sirius standing there, both looking angry. I slid behind a nearby tree to hide myself.

"Admit it, Sirius!"

"Giselle, just calm down!"

"You're in love with her!"

"I am not in love with her!"

"Then you certainly think about a girl you don't love an awful lot!" I suddenly felt guilty; maybe I shouldn't be listening to this. I thought about moving but I couldn't help it. I hate to admit it, but I really liked gossip.

"I care about her, that's all!"

"No, Sirius, that's obviously not all!"

"She's like my sister!"

"Maybe that how it use to be, but not anymore! I'm tired of you talking about her all the time! I'm tired of you pushing me away from you when she's around! And I'm tired of you ignoring me for her!'

"There's nothing going on!"

"Is that all you can say?! You know it's true Sirius! I'm not going to just be here for your physical needs! I'm not just going to be that girl you can call on when ever you want to be pleased!" 

I had to hold back a laugh, because it was pretty obviously that all they did was snog when they were with each other.

They were silent and had a stare down which seemed to last forever.

"So what do we do now?" Sirius said calmly.

"If you want to stay with me, I don't want you to talk to her anymore... Ever."

"I can't do that, Giselle.."

"Then... we're over." Giselle said quietly. She turned to go, but then looked back at him. "A word of advice: You won't get anywhere by making her angry." Then she was gone.

* * *

I sat on a wooden bench in front of Honeydukes clicking my heels together thinking. I didn't want to go back yet, I was hoping I would run into Adam and talk to him about stuff, but I hadn't seen him for a long time.

I just couldn't believe that he would do that to me, but I guess you can get blindsided.

I tucked my hair behind my ears and pulled my cloak a little tighter around me; it was getting cold out.

I wonder what Lily's doing, and whether or not James found her. They really would make a cute couple. I don't know, just something about them seemed so perfect despite her protests. I know that she really did like him, she just didn't know it yet. 

"Gabby?" I looked up into dazzling green eyes. Adam.

"Hey," was all I could think to say, then I found my voice. "Where are the drinks?"

"Oh, Gabby, I'm so sorry." He said looking tired and flopping down on the bench beside me.

"I doesn't matter. If you like another girl I understand." I said looking down at my feet.

"Oh, Gabs, no." He said reaching for my hand. "It's not that."

"It's okay, really." I said smiling weakly and tugging my hand back, but he held it firmly.

"Gabby," He said sternly looking me in the eye. "I was in the Three Broomsticks, and I saw my sister outside crying. I was going to tell you but you were talking to Sirius Black, and she was walking rather quickly away. I'm really sorry. Man, I'm so stupid, I should have told you where I was going. But I had to catch up with my sister, she looked so upset."

I felt my heart tug slightly, and I couldn't help but grin. He hadn't ditched me! And he was really caring.

"I'm really sorry."

"You said that already." I said smiling up at him. He grinned back looking relieved. "So is your sister okay?"

He leaned back against the wooden back of the bench and pulled me a little closer to him. "I don't know, but her friends took over the comforting. You know that jerk I was telling you about? The one who liked her?"

"The one you turned her hair green for. Yep."

"Yeah, well, I was right. He is a jerk, and he really hurt her." When he didn't elaborate I didn't pry.

"I wouldn't like another girl, Gabby.' He said, abruptly going back to the other subject. "Only you." I smiled as a gust of cold wind blew and I bravey snuggled against his side for warmth and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder holding me close.

* * *

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