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My Baby Girl’s Wedding by obsessive

Format: Novella
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 47,941
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Snape/Lily, OC/OC

First Published: 04/23/2007
Last Chapter: 02/23/2009
Last Updated: 02/23/2009

My name is Edward Evans. About thirty years ago I married my wife Kendra, and we have two daughters. One of them eloped with a man I can’t stand. My youngest is the only one I have left, and there is no way I’m going to let her walk down the aisle. Especially not with James Potter waiting at the alter. Yay! Over 17,000 reads!!!

Chapter 1: Edward Evans
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I was thinking that I was going to make this as a sequel to “Inside my Daughter’s Bathroom” but I got a much better idea. Let me know what you think. Pretty please leave me a review. Also I’ll try to make the other chapters longer than this. Oh and before I forget this is my first Lily/James story. Tell me how I am at it.

My name is Edward Evans. About thirty years ago I married my wife Kendra, and we have two daughters, Petunia and Lily. They don’t get along, and Petunia seemed to have gotten it into her head that Lily has always been my and her mother’s favorite. That caused her to rebel and run off with a man that I can’t stand. Dursley. Some day he’s going to get it. Someday. However right now I have more important things to worry about.

When I say more important things, I mean the other daughter to worry about. When Lily was eleven years old we received a letter telling us that she was a witch. Kendra and I were never more proud. If memory serves Petunia just scoffed and went back to her toast. That was I think the beginning of my eldest daughter’s rebellion. That was probably due to the fact that her mother and I started to focus on Lily a lot more than we did her. Now that I think about it that was probably the reason the Petunia always hated her younger sister after that. She was jealous of the red head.

Like I said before though, Petunia isn’t the main concern right now though. When Lily came home from her first year we listened to her scream about this boy named Potter. Apparently he had bothered her to no end throughout the entire year. She couldn’t stand him. These speeches continued until her fourth year. That summer she came home and told her mother and I that this Potter had asked her out five times. Each time she turned him down. Her mother just smiled and told her that the boy must like her a lot. Lily made a face to those words, so I chose not to respond to that.

These constant ask outs and turn downs kept up until Lily’s seventh year. Then she finally caved. In the letters she sent she talked about how, as she now called him, James had matured so much. She told us that he was sweeping her off her feet. He was apparently being quite the gentleman. They were dating. When Kendra saw the look on my face after Lily’s letters had delivered this news, she just smiled and told me that they were just childhood sweethearts. We were probably never going to have to meet this boy. They would most likely break up before or at Graduation.

Unfortunately though we couldn’t make it to Lily’s Graduation because of Petunia. She was moving out and there was a major fight between her and her mother. Poor Kendra couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone make a journey across the country. Lily was very understanding though. When I told her that, she just smiled and said not to worry about it because we could just meet James later. I was too concerned with my wife to notice that they were still together, and that if she was planning on introducing us to him that would mean they weren’t showing any signs of breaking up anytime soon.

Once she got home though I didn’t hear a word from Lily unless it was about James Potter. Her mother could instantly tell that she was desperately in love with the boy. When I asked her what she was planning on doing with the rest of her life, Lily said that she had an interview with someone in the Departments of Magical Games and Sports. However that wasn’t what her mother was concerned with. They would sit around and talk about her boyfriend. I didn’t have the guts to tell Kendra that she wasn’t helping things, so the two of them sat by the fire and gossiped away most of the summer.

That wasn’t the worst of it though. Earlier this week Lily came back from her interview and told her that she got the job at the Ministry. I couldn’t have been more proud. Then she told us that she started next week. However that wasn’t the only news that she brought back. Her mother and I were also informed that she had bumped into Potter, or James I guess, as she was leaving, and he was there for his auror training. The two of them had a quick conversation. She told us that he was wondering if he could come over for dinner anytime soon. Lily told us that he was really eager to meet us. This time I picked up the signal.

Before I could protest though Lily and Kendra had decided that James was going to be coming over for dinner, at what was then next week, but is right now five minutes. At the moment I am standing in the living room, tapping my fine shoes on the wood floor, and checking my watch every thirty seconds. Kendra is in the kitchen working on the best dinner she’s made since we celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary. Tonight Kendra’s menu consists of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and peas. That is all to be accompanied by appetizers of soup, bread, and salad.

I could hear the click of Lily’s heels on the steps. I turned around to see my youngest baby doll coming down the steps from her room. She looked unusually lovely. Her curly red hair was bouncing off her black dress and her strangely green eyes seemed even more vivid than usual. Once she’d reached the bottom of the steps she looked at me as I checked my watch one last time. Looking back up at her she smiled at me. It was one of her pleading “Please be nice to him Daddy” looks. I just nodded and smiled back. However before either of us could say anything the doorbell rang. Lily went towards the door, and Kendra came out of the kitchen. I looked at my watch. 7:30 on the dot. The boy was right on time.

Chapter 2: James Potter
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I just posted the first chapter two minutes ago, so I don’t know what kind of response I’m going to get yet, but I hope that it’s a good one. However if it’s not I want all of you to do a better job of leaving me a review for this one.

Lily glanced at me one more time before she opened the door. I was vaguely aware of my youngest greeting this boy, who was encroaching on my territory. After Potter had exchanged his greetings with my daughter, she stepped back and let him in. A dark haired boy with hazel eyes, wearing a muggle suit and formal shoes, a lot like mine, walked into my household.

Kendra raised her eyebrows as he entered. I glanced at my wife quickly. She was looking him over with a hint of approval in her eyes. It took me all the effort in the world not to yell at her for even seeming to approve of this boy. I looked back towards the door as Lily closed it. James, if that was his real name, smiled and walked over to me, his hand outstretched. I grasped it; I let go very quickly though. That didn’t escape Kendra’s sharp eyes, even though I tried to make it look very casual.

“Hello James,” my wife offered sweetly. Potter shook her hand too, and she gestured for him to come into the living room. “Would you like something to drink?” James thought about it for a moment as he sat down on the couch next to Lily. I let it slide, for the moment, and sat on the couch opposite them with my wife. “We have everything James. Don’t worry about it.”

“Um…I’ll take whatever you’ve got Mrs. Evans,” he responded politely.

“Please James call me Kendra. You’re making me feel old. Lily? Edward? What would the two of you like to drink?”

“Whatever is fine mum.”

I took a moment before answering my wife. I didn’t take my eyes of Potter. He didn’t look at me. He kept his eyes on Kendra, who was standing next to the drink cart waiting for my answer. James however seemed to know that I was sizing him up, so, just as I had done with Kendra’s father, he didn’t look me square in the eye. If he did that would be a sign of weakness.

“A beer Kendra. I’ll have a beer.” She nodded and brought back a beer and three other glasses of clear liquid. I didn’t ask what was in them. Without waiting for anyone else to grab a bottle, I had mine in my hand and had taken a swig. “So James tell me. An auror? What exactly is that?” However before James could find a way to phrase this in a way that I would understand, Lily chimed in.

“It’s a job. The aurors are like the elite. Their jobs are a lot like the police. It’s their job to catch dark wizards. Only their a little bit more like detectives really. It’s a tough job, but once you get the hang of it pays a lot. Right James?”

The dark haired wizard nodded. “Yeah it does pay a decent amount, but you have to go through about three years of training. Then at the beginning you don’t get paid a lot, but, providing you don’t lose any limbs in a fight, you get promoted really quick.” Kendra nodded slowly. She was clearly impressed that our daughter’s boyfriend had chosen such a difficult career path. I however was thinking about how it sounded like only a fool would take that job.

“Well that does sound…umm…Do you have any hobbies?” I asked before Kendra could but in. James nodded slowly, took a sip of his drink, and set it down on the table before answering.

“I like to play quidditch with my friends. If that’s what you mean Mr. Evans?” I’d heard Lily mention quidditch. She said that it was a very difficult sport to play. However he did like sports. Under normal circumstance anyone who liked sports would be good on my list, but these weren’t normal circumstances. He even was showing me respect by not automatically calling me Edward, just because my wife had commanded him to call her Kendra. However under no circumstances was I going to like this boy. He was dating my youngest daughter.

Before I could think up a response Kendra jumped in. “What sort of friends do you have James?” I shot a look at her. She smiled. Kendra had known what I was doing. Her father had done the exact same thing to me before we got married. I was roughing him up. I was trying to break him down so that he would be so intimidated he would ask my daughter to marry him. This silent conversation between me and my wife remained unspotted to our daughter and her boyfriend.

“Well I have three really good friends. Umm…Remus, Peter and Sirius have been my three best friends since fist year. Sirius and I are the two who love to play quidditch. Remus and Peter are into different hobbies though. Remus like to read, and Peter is into just about anything.”

Lily nodded. “James and Sirius were the two smartest boys in our year at Hogwarts. In fact they’re blowing people away at their auror training.”

“Well isn’t that nice.” I commented a dull unimpressed tone. “So your best friend is in training with you. What about the other two? What do they do?”

“Well Remus will be working with Lily in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. And Peter is just kind of drifting right now. He has never really been able to settle on any one thing. It’s a bit difficult for him. However we’re helping him out as only friends can.” Kendra smiled at these words. I however felt that I would have been impressed by his loyalty to his friend, if he wasn’t dating my daughter.

“If you’ll excuse me I have to go check on dinner. I’ll be right back, James, Lily, Edward.” After Kendra left I sat in silence staring at my daughter sitting comfortably next to her boyfriend on the couch. He was looking too comfy really. I should be being more tough. The harder I am on him the easier it’ll be to break him down in the end.

The silence continued until Kendra came back to tell us that dinner was served. We all stood up and made our way silently into the dinning room. I was familiar with the room. It had been in this room that I nearly punched my eldest daughter’s husband. Maybe I really would punch the younger one’s boyfriend, but only if I was lucky.

I watched closely as James pulled out Lily’s chair. He smiled at her as she looked up at him gratefully. He sat down in the chair across from her, while I took the seat at the head of the table. Kendra came out and started passing the plates around. As everyone dished up there was silence expect for the cinch of knives and forks as they transferred the food from the serving plates and to their own plates. Once everyone had taken a bit of their meal James broke the silence.

“It’s wonderful Kendra. I’ve never tasted roast beef this good. What do you think Lily?” he asked my daughter trying to unease the tension that had filled the room, as I glared at him menacingly. Lily smiled at his effort and finished chewing her food before she answered.

“It’s a delicious as your cooking always is Mum. Dad? You’re awfully quiet. I thought that you liked roast beef.” My daughter’s comment forced me to stop staring threateningly at her boyfriend. It took me an effort to stop myself from answering her while trying to make her boyfriend wet himself.

“I do love roast beef. It’s my favorite. I’m just thinking about other things.” I answered her. This answer seemed to satisfy her and after that she dropped the subject, and I went back to threatening Potter without words. However now Lily went to picking on her mother. “Have we heard from Petunia? How are she and Vernon doing?”

Kendra winced ever so slightly at the mention of our older daughter. However she shook it off with all the grace that had made me fall in love with her. “Oh they’re fine. I’m sure that if anything new had happened she would have called. Why have you heard from her sweet heart?”

“No that’s why I’m asking.” After this silence fell. Kendra glanced at me, and Lily snapped her eyes on James. They both were so perceptive that they seemed to have caught on to the subtle stare down we were having. Lily looked back to her mother and asked her with her eyes to do something. I was sure that my wife of thirty years was thinking very fast. However nothing seemed to come to her, so the four of us spent the rest of our meal on complete silence. Once every scrap of food was cleared from our plates Kendra stood up.

“Lily darling will you come and help me clean up?” Lily nodded and helped her mother clear the plates. After both my daughter and wife left, I found myself alone with Potter. We sat without saying a word for a couple of minutes. Finally James spoke.

“There is a reason that I wanted to come over.” I kept staring at him daring him to go on. He waited a minute for my response, when none came he kept going. “Mr. Evans I wanted to talk to you about Lily and I.” I still didn’t say anything. “As you know we’ve been dating for almost a year now. And I just wanted to say that I’m crazy about your daughter.” He wasn’t even bothering to wait for me to reply, but he just didn’t stop talking. “She’s beautiful, and smart, and kind, and sweet, and the most gorgeous and patient person I’ve ever met.”

“Listen Potter if you could just get to the point I would appreciate it. I’m sure that Lily and Kendra could use our help in the kitchen,” I finally let words spill from my mouth. However I knew what was coming. I’d given a similar speech to my father in law right before I-

“Mr. Evans, with your blessing, I’d like to marry your daughter.” Right before I did that.

Chapter 3: Kendra Evans
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I’m so thrilled with the response I’ve been getting for this story. So far it looks like the most popular thing about this story is how it’s told from Lily’s dad’s point of view. Thank you so much to all of you who have left me a review, keep it up! Read and enjoy.

My name is Edward Evans. About thirty years ago I married my wife Kendra, and we have two daughters. One of them eloped with a man I can’t stand. My youngest is the only one I have left, and there is no way I’m going to let my sweet little Lily flower walk down the aisle. Especially not with James Potter waiting at the alter!

That was the only thing I could think about for the rest of the evening. Which passed in a fog. I remember helping Kendra and Lily clean up, with assistance from James. I remember having a last cup of coffee with my wife, my daughter, and my daughter’s boyfriend. I remember perfectly saying goodbye to James, while still being as threatening as possible. I remember watching as Lily closed the door behind him. It was only the snapping sound of my youngest slamming the door that brought me back to reality.

The fact that my daughter’s boyfriend, who I couldn’t stand, had asked me to give him my blessing so that he could marry my daughter, my precious baby girl, my jewel, my Lily flower, the golden angel in my life. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and her asked me for my blessing on this matter. Nope none of that bothers me. I mean I saw it coming. I gave a similar speech about how much I loved Kendra to her father right before I asked his permission to marry her.

I saw it coming, but I didn’t stop him. That doesn’t bother me either. My father in law didn’t think quickly enough to stop me from asking his permission. No father can think fast enough to stop their daughter’s boyfriend form asking for their blessing. It was common. None of that bothered me. Then what did?

That’s easy. I can’t remember what I told him. I remember him asking for permission to marry Lily. I remember him helping Kendra and Lily and I clean up. However everything in between is a total blank. I can’t recall if I told him that he should shut up and run like his life depended on it. I also can’t remember if I said, “Yes, of course you can marry her James. Nothing would make me happier.” This wouldn’t be bugging me so much if I could just remember what I told him.

For all I know he could have already gotten down on one knee, in front of my baby girl. If he has I will kill him with my bare hands. I don’t care if I wasn’t paying attention and told him the latter. He is dead. He and Dursley are dead. They are both dead, but walking at the moment. Just a technicality. They are both dead men. Anyone boy who even dared look at my daughters in a way that could be thought of as more than a friendly way is dead.

Lily clearing her throat brought me back to this reality. I snapped my head back up to look at my green-eyed red headed daughter. She smiled at me as she came over and sat down next to me on the couch in the living room

“Did you have a nice time tonight Daddy?”

“Lie!” I thought quickly.

“Of course I did sweetie. James seems well…very…umm…I…err…”

“I know Daddy!” she simpered. “He’s great isn’t he! I love him so much! Did you think he was wonderful Daddy.” She never even gave me a chance to answer. Lily just kept on babbling about how much she loved her boyfriend. “The career path that he’s chosen…I was so worried when he told me that he wanted to help with that branch of the ministry, but I’m so proud of him. Also I was never happier to call him my boyfriend than when he and his friends all teamed up to help Peter. They’re all just so selfless. You can’t help but love them. Isn’t that right Daddy? So tell me what did you think of James?”

Before I could answer Kendra walked back into the living room from the kitchen. She smiled when she spotted us sitting on the couch. With a slight bounce in her step she came over and sat down next to me on the couch facing the window. Lily then, thankfully, shifted her attention from me to her mother.

“What about you mum? What did you think of James?”

“He seemed fantastic, better than I ever thought he would be. I approve, but what about you Edward? What did you think of James?”

“Well he was…oh,” I stretched and pretended to yawn. “I’m exhausted. What about you girls? Aren’t you beat? It’s been a long day. Lily flower I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie. Kendra I’ll see you in a bit.” I rushed out of the room quickly and within two seconds flat I was up in the master bedroom. After ten minutes Kendra came up. She walked threw the door staring at me long and hard, as I sat on our bed my hands in my hair, and my elbows on my knees.

“I thought he was very nice Edward, but if you can give me one good reason why you hate him, other than he’s dating our daughter, I’ll respect that.” She sat down next to me as she spoke and stroked my back as she waited patently for my answer. When I didn’t give it to her, she stood up and started to change into her pajamas. Once she’d returned from that she sat down next to me and continued talking about tonight, “So did you and James have a nice talk while Lily and I were in the kitchen?”

“What?” I asked, for the second time tonight being brought back sharply to reality. “I’m sorry honey I’m jus so tired. What did you say?”

“What did you and James talk about while Lily and I were in the kitchen?” she repeated patiently. I looked up at her. She was still gazing at me waiting for my answer. I didn’t know what to say. If I told her the truth it would lead to tricky questions and disappointing answers, but on the other hand I couldn’t lie to her. I sat for a while debating my answer.

“Edward…what did you and James talk about?” My wife repeated for the third time. I looked up at her. She was looking at me worriedly. “What? Oh come on Edward…what ever it is it can’t be that bad.” When I still didn’t answer, she kept on going. “What? Did he ask you if he could marry our Lily?” She didn’t sound surprised or like she was trying to make me laugh.

I looked up at her shocked. She didn’t look like she was joking. It was then I realized that she knew. I didn’t know how she knew, but she knew. Kendra just smiled and kept on talking.

“Now why don’t you just tell me what he said and what you said. That way you and I can just go to sleep.” I couldn’t lie to her, and it was clear that simply not answering wasn’t working. I sighed and grudgingly answered my wife’s prying question.

“I don’t know. I remember him talking about how much he loved Lily and wanted to make her happy. I recall him asking for my blessing. Then the next thing I knew I was helping you and Lily in the kitchen…with…him.” I growled the last word menacingly. Kendra gave me one of her looks.

“I hope you told him yes. I thought that he was perfect for her, a real gentleman. He’s at least polite, unlike Petunia’s husband. We don’t want another Vernon in the family do we?”

“He might as well be like Vernon. I thought that he might actually be even worse than the regular geniuses that she tends to bring home.”

“First Petunia was always the one who brought home the jerks. This is the first time that Lily has brought a boy home. Also, I’m curious, what was it that he did that made you hate him, and I won’t take he’s dating my daughter. It isn’t a good enough reason. However if something about him really did bother you I can respect that.”

I didn’t answer. Instead I just kissed her roughly on the cheek and turned the lights off. As I lay in bed I listened to Kendra’s breathing even out. Once I was sure that she was sound asleep I sat up in our bed and swung my legs over the side. I heard my partner shift in her sleep because of my movement. I froze for a minute just to make sure that she wasn’t going to wake up. Once I was sure that she was still dead asleep, I sat up and left our room silently.

I carefully shut the door, so as not to wake Kendra. I silently traveled down to Lily’s room. She was so tangled up in the bundle of covers that I could hardly even see her face and hair. The little of her I could see looked so peaceful I couldn’t bring myself to wake her. I didn’t have it in me to wake her and tell her the truth. Not that I wanted to. If she found out…

I might not remember what it was that I told the little slim ball that she’d brought home for dinner tonight, but one thing was for certain. I wasn’t, no matter what happened, going to let her get married, not to James Potter, not to anyone. I didn’t care what I told her boyfriend. He wasn’t marrying her, and he most certainly wasn’t going to even get close to asking my daughter if he could have her hand in holy matrimony. I wasn’t going to allow it.

If I were offered a thousand pounds in exchange, he still wouldn’t be allowed to marry my daughter. In fact he was just dead. I was going to kill him. Someone had already robbed me of my eldest daughter, but not Lily. Maybe Petunia had been right to think that Lily was my favorite. I didn’t know. I didn’t know what I told James today either. I wasn’t sure what his plans were. I wasn’t sure of anything, with one exception.

My eldest daughter had escaped and eloped with Vernon Dursley, a man that I couldn’t stand if my life depended on it. This one though, my youngest, my Lily flower, she was getting married when pigs flew. She and James Potter were exchanging rings and vows over my dead body.

Chapter 4: The Possible Soon to be Mrs. James Potter
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I’m so sorry for the wait. Things just got insane. I had to take a trip with my dad. I’m taking one small course over summer and I redid my room. Now I’m all yours. Oh and FYI I don’t know if this chapter is any good. Please let me know.

“Daddy…how do I look in this?” I pulled my eyes off my newspaper and looked up at my youngest daughter dressed up in a short black silk dress. Her red hair was up in a messy bun with a few strands falling elegantly down in front of her face. I looked her up and down. She did look awfully dressed up.

“You look nice…you and James going somewhere sweetie?” I asked. In my mind she was saying “No Daddy I dumped James. Now I’m going out with a muggle doctor.” However when she opened her mouth those weren’t the words that were coming out of my Lily flower’s mouth.

“Yep it’s our first year anniversary. James told me that he wanted tonight to be special. Said it was a surprise, but he promised me that it would be a night I’d never forget. Isn’t that so romantic. He’s that sweetest guy I’ve ever gone out with. Three years. I’m just blown away by that. But how do I look? Good right?’

“Well honey you know…if he’s a good guy he won’t care what you look like. It won’t matter to him that your…umm your…your feet.” My plan was working she was sitting there looking worried. Maybe if I freaked her out enough she would cancel her plans with her unbearable boyfriend. Then he wouldn’t be able to propose.

“What’s wrong with my feet Daddy?” She asked a worried look on her face. In my head I was doing the conga. “I mean do you think that I should paint them…or do you think that the silver shoes would go better with the dress…or maybe the blue ones. Or do you think”

I quickly cut her off. “No sweetie it’s the way they’re shaped.’

“The way there shaped…Daddy are you feeling alright? Should I get Mum and tell her you need your medicine again?”

“No Lilly Lou Daddy’s fine…he’s just worried about the way you’re feet are shaped.” My plan would have kept on working if my wife of thirty years hadn’t chosen that moment to walk in.

“What’s wrong with Lily’s feet?”

“Daddy thinks they’re shaped strangely. Mum do you think they’d look better if I put the silver heels instead?”

“No sweetie…you should know better than to ask a man for style advise. Those shoes look gorgeous on you. They’ll blow James’ mind.”

“Thanks Mum.” Before I could open my mouth to protest there was a knock on the door. “That’s him…bye Mum bye Dad.” Then she was out the door quick as a flash. Without saying a word to Kendra I brought my paper back up to the front of my face. I listened hard for the sound of a car backing out of the driveway. When I didn’t hear anything I figured he must have taken Lily out by using magical means.

“So I hope James has Lily’s correct ring size. Maybe he’ll get down on one knee. Like you did…oh that was the most romantic night of my life. I hope that our baby girl has as magical a night tonight as we did all those years ago.”

“I don’t.”

“Edward!!!!” She shrieked.

“Kendra do you remember what we did after I proposed?”

“Really if memory serves I dragged you back to my parent’s house to tell them the good news. Really sweetie…he seems like a terrific guy for our daughter. There’s no way he could be worse than Vernon.”

“Yes well…didn’t you see the way…the way…how he… didn’t even come in to say hello. Isn’t that rude of him? Maybe I should set him up with Dursley…yeah, yeah, yeah, Dursley and Potter those two are so terrible they’d get along wonderfully.”

“Vernon and James. Vernon is family, and judging by the conversation that that you and James had the when he came over he’s intending to become a part of this family as well. You should stop calling them both by their last names. It’s rude.”

“Potter wants to be family. He’s not family. He wants to be, but not yet. So I can call him any thing I want to. And to be honest I don’t care if it’s rude. So is he.”

“Edward I can’t believe this,” she started laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny? Stop laughing!”

“I’m sorry,” she giggled tears in her eyes. “It’s just so funny! It’s just this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“After thirty years of marriage Kendra you’ve finally lost it. I never thought that I’d say that, but it’s true you’ve finally lost it.”

“No honey I’m sorry. I haven’t lost it. It’s just that…God I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve…you'’ve…I’m sorry. This is the funniest thing that has happened to me.” She told me, still shaking with uncontrollably with laughter.

“What Kendra…I’ve what?”

“You’ve turned into my father,” she informed after finally regaining herself control.

I had never been more insulted in my while life. To be compared to my picky impossible father in law. He so impossible that I bless everyday that I never have to see him, but for her to compare me to that picky impossible man, that’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard. My emotions must have shown on my face because Kendra quickly stood up.

“Listen sweetie. I’m going to bed. Wake me when your sanity returns, or when our recently engaged daughter returns from her date.”

“Very funny Kendra. Very funny.” I called after her as she walked up the stairs.


Three hours later you could find me pacing in the living room. It was half past midnight and my Lily pet still wasn’t home. I knew it. I knew those shoes looked to good on her. I was checking my watch every five seconds and tapping my foot on the rare occasions I would stop pacing. I would stand and listen to my fine shoes hitting the hard wood floor for about one minute. Then I would check my watch and continue pacing. I had been at this ever since Kendra had gone to bed, three hours one minute and thirty seconds.

Finally after another fifteen minutes of my pacing ritual I walked up the stairs and into Kendra’s and my room. She was sound asleep in bed. Which was nice while it lasted. I started gently shaking her awake with care. She moaned as I woke her up. She hit me on the head as she rolled over to look as at me.

“What is wrong?”

“It’s quarter to one and Lily still isn’t home.”

“Sweetie I’m sure that everything’s fine. She’s with James he won’t let anything happen to her. Don’t worry.”

“What if James does something to her?”

“We meet him honey. He’s a great guy. Just go to sleep. And while you’re at let me sleep too.”

“Didn’t we have a rule about this? She had to be home at ten or ten thirty at the latest?”

“Yeah Ed we had that rule, but that was when she was sixteen. She’s almost eighteen now. By the end of the summer she’ll be a legal adult in both worlds. You really want to try and give her a curfew?”

“Well she is living with us.”

“Honey if you want to pull that ‘When you’re living under our roof you live under our rules’ stuff you’re on your own, because if you do she’ll move out. She can you know. I think she’s only living with us because we both think that you’re not ready for an empty nest yet.” My wife mumbled into her pillow.

I was getting ready to yell at her when I heard the front door open. “Oh Lily’s back. I’ll be right back Kendra.” I hoped off our bed and rushed downstairs. I found Lily still in her pretty black dress and the shoes that actually did go perfectly with the dress. She had a goofy look on her face and was leaning up against the door. I couldn’t help but notice that in addition to that, she had her left hand pressed up against face.

“Oh hi Daddy. You’ll never guess”

“What time it is?” I snapped, cutting her off. “No need sweetie it’s one in the morning. See I already know what time it is Lily darling. Do you?”

She kept smiling, started walking away, and the whole time she kept her left hand up to her face. “Oh Daddy if you were so tried you could have gone to sleep. I’m almost eighteen you don’t need to wait up for me.”

“Not the point. You shouldn’t have stayed out that late I was worried sick. Do you have any idea how upset your mother is?”

“Oh Mum’s still up. That’s great because I have got the best news.”

“No your mother is not still up it’s one o’clock. Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?”

“Dad I’m an adult. I can’t be in any trouble. I’m an adult who’s”

For the third time I cut her off before she was finished. “You’re an adult who’s in a lot of trouble. Lily as long as you live under my roof you live under my rules.”

“Dad well what if I don’t live under your roof. What if I move in with James?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would. In fact that’s the big news it’s about James.”

“Lily Fiona Evans you are not moving in with your boyfriend!”

“I know I’m not. I’m marrying him. James asked me to marry him. And I said yes. I’m getting married.” She squealed pulling her hand away from her face and showing me a beautiful diamond ring wrapped around her left hand ring finger.

Chapter 5: The Soon to be Mrs. James Potter
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“Dad I’m an adult. I can’t be in any trouble. I’m an adult who’s”

For the third time I cut her off before she was finished. “You’re an adult who’s in a lot of trouble. Lily as long as you live under my roof you live under my rules.”

“Dad well what if I don’t live under your roof. What if I move in with James?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would. In fact that’s the big news it’s about James.”

“Lily Fiona Evans you are not moving in with your boyfriend!”

“I know I’m not. I’m marrying him. James asked me to marry him. And I said yes. I’m getting married.” She squealed pulling her hand away from her face and showing me a beautiful diamond ring wrapped around her left hand ring finger, and the minute I saw it I felt the color drain from my face. I literally felt as though I couldn’t breathe. Then through the haze of shock and anger I heard a voice.

“Daddy? Dad! Dad! Are you alright? Mum! Mum come down quick!” Suddenly hearing Lily’s voice made me find my own.

“KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” There was a loud thump from the floor above. I could hear the mother of my daughters crashing into objects as she fell off the bed and started rushing towards our youngest and my upset voices. When she finally made it to her bickering family Lily and I were screaming our hearts content at each other. I was yelling about how late it was and how worried we were. She was shrieking about how she was an adult and living here was her choice and if I had a problem with the way she was living her life she would be more than happy to move out so I wouldn’t have to watch.

“Everyone shut up!” My wife’s high pitch voice cut in through the din. “Both of you shut up!” Lily and I both quickly feel silent. “Now will one of you please tell me what’s going on here.” The as quick as a flash we both started talking at once again. “Shut up. No one speaks until I say so. Lily what’s going on?”

“I’m engaged!” Then they both started screaming and jumping up and down. I just stood there and watched as my wife and daughter started celebrating the big news. I didn’t move. My wife was happy about the worst event in my entire life. She was such a traitor. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I’m engaged Mum! I’m engaged! Can you believe it!?!” Lily giggled as she jumped up and down in celebration with her mother. I didn’t give Kendra a chance to respond.

“You know what else you are Lily? Grounded! Curfew is at ten.”

“Yeah Dad you can’t ground me. I’m an adult. I can live my life any way I want. And if you don’t think you can stand the sight of it just let know, cause I was serious about moving in with James. He’d be more than happy to accommodate me.”

“You are not moving in with your boyfriend, and you are grounded. I’m the head of this household and what I say goes, and I say you’re grounded and not moving in with your boyfriend. End of story young lady.” However that phrase didn’t seem to work the way it did when she was younger. Her mother crossed her arms and frowned at me.

“Since when are you the head of this household, and Lily’s right. She’s and adult. We have to treat her like an adult. And if she wants to we’d be more than happy to help her move in with James. He’s a lovely boy Lily sweetheart. I approve.” My little Lily Lou didn’t respond to her mother though she was still looking at me.

“Daddy do you want me to stay because you’re afraid of having an empty nest? Because if you do that’s alright. I understand how it can be to let go of your last little baby bird. Please if that’s it than can we just talk about this. It’ll be easier that way. Now if we talk about this than things won’t get awkward or angry. Also communication is a key component in a relationship between parents and child.”

“No it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that you can’t move in with your boyfriend?”

“Why can’t I move in with James?”

“Because I said so. That’s why.” She crossed her arms now like her mother. Then they both started giving me this angry, upset, you’re being unreasonable look. Like mother like daughter. “Remember when I used to say that and you two would listen to me.” Their expressions didn’t change. After another minute of my wife and daughter ganging up on me I caved.

“Alright you two want to talk. Let’s talk. What do you want to talk about?”

“Why don’t you want me to move out Daddy?”

“Because…I…go to bed!”

“Smooth. Edward. Really smooth.”

“Daddy why don’t you want me to move out?” I was doing some very quick thinking, when Kendra saved me.

“Lily Lou can you do your Mummy and Daddy a favor and let us talk alone for a while. Would you mind doing that for me?” Lily shook her head, uncrossed her arms, and walked away. As soon as our daughter was out of sight she smacked me across the head.

“Edward! If you keep this up she’s going to find out that you can’t stand James to save your life. Do you have any idea how upset she’s going to be if she finds out that you hate her fiancé with a burning passion?”

“Well if it’s up to me he’s not going to be her fiancé for long. I forbid her to marry that sick, sick boy! In fact I think I’m going to go find him and kill him. Then I’m going to come home and lock her up in her room. Do you want to help?”

“Edward! How can you even think such a terrible thing? He’s and incredible boy. Also I think that he’s perfect for Lily. He’s the nicest boy she’s ever dated. I don’t know what your problem is with James. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No that boy is not marrying our daughter period. I don’t care what you say or if Lily loves him. She’s not marrying him. End of story.”

“Edward! What are you going to do? Wreck the wedding?”
“No I’m not going to be one of those fathers. Instead I’m going to be one of the fathers that tries to make the groom wet his pants.”

“Wait hold on this conversation seems familiar. Let me thing were have I heard about a conversation like this before. Oh yeah my mum told me about how she and my Dad had this exact same conversation after we go engaged!”

“Would you stop comparing me to your father. He hated me for no reason at all, and I hate James for some very good reasons.”

“Name one?”

“Off the top of my head I can’t think of any.”

“Alright Dad.”

“No there is no way I’m like your dad. These two situations are completely different.”

“You’re right.”

“Thank you.”

“All you have to do is replace the Edward Evans with James Potter. Then switch the Kendra with Lily. Also let’s pretend that when I yell Edward I’m really saying Samuel. Then every time you say my name you’re really calling me Gabby, but apart from that they’re exactly the same.”

“Would you stop that! There will be no wedding no matter what you say.”


“So Mum can we hire a wedding planner for the wedding?” Lily asked over breakfast. I tensed and shook my head behind Lily’s back. Kendra looked right at me and pretended not to notice.

“Sure sweetie. I’ll call the company that helped with our wedding. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to help out. I’ll set up and appointment for this week. That sound good?”

“That sounds great. I’ll owl James and tell him to come when you get the date and time, so can you call later on today?”

“Not a problem honey.” I was sitting listening in on their conversation, and after hearing Kendra’s response I couldn’t hold my tongue for another second.

“Kendra do you remember that conversation we had last night?” Kendra and Lily looked at me while Kendra nodded. “Well…don’t you remember what I said.” She nodded again. “Well aren’t you going to agree with me and help with that plan I mentioned?” Kendra shook her head.

“Nope. You’re on your own on that one sweetie.” She smiled, stood up, and poured all of us another cup of coffee. “So Lily why don’t you tell me what were you thinking for the wedding dress?”

“Well I kind of wanted a fall or winter wedding. What do you think?”

“That sounds lovely. What does James want?”

“I was thinking that we’d talk about that at the wedding planner’s. What about you guys. I don’t want it to be too expensive. I mean I know we’re not really made of money.” She quickly added with an apologetic look on her face.

“Nope don’t worry about it sweetie. We’ll just spend all the money we had saved for Petunia’s wedding if we have to.”

“Thanks Mum. I’m going to send James and owl really quick. Love you.” With that she rushed upstairs squealing. I looked at Kendra as the sounds of our happy daughter faded as she continued upstairs. My wife of thirty years smiled at me kindly as she sipped her coffee.

“Do the words ‘there will be no wedding no matter what you say’ mean anything to you?” I demanded of the kind woman sitting in front of me.

“I told you. You’re on your own on that one.” With a smile she pecked me on the cheek and stood up. “Have a nice day at work honey.”

Chapter 6: Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Dursley
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         “What about these flowers James?” Lily demanded of her soon to be husband as she showed him a picture of an arrangement of tulips, as they sat in the my family kitchen. James looked up from the his copy of some magical newspaper. 

            “Anything you want is fine darling.” James responded as he took another sip his coffee. Lily shook her head, and waved the picture back in front of his face to get his attention back on her. 

            “Come on James this is our wedding,” she reminded him. Placing emphasize on the word ‘our.’ “Which do you like better? The tulips or the violets?” James looked between the two pictures. He didn’t really seem to be able to see the difference. I remembered being in that position thirty years ago when Kendra and I were getting married. He seemed to know what I was thinking and glanced up at me, as though asking for help. I scowled at him across the table and returned to my paper.

            “I don’t know Lily. Really you can…” he trailed off under the look my youngest daughter was giving him. “Well Lily…I kind of like the violets.” Lily nodded happily, pulled out her wand, and lit the picture of the tulips on fire, as she had been doing with every other rejected idea. As the smoke thinned Kendra entered the kitchen again with the mail. 

            “Was it tulips of violets?” she asked.

            “Violets,” Lily smiled as she put the picture back in the file sitting on the table in front of her.

            “Good, good choice, James,” she mumbled, as she was looking through the mail. “Hey it’s a letter from Petunia,” she informed us, surprised, while she pulled the letter out between a bill and a Chinese take out menu. She opened it as our daughter started showing James pictures of tablecloths. “Well…she found out about the wedding,” Kendra informed the kitchen table looking up from the letter after about five minutes. I looked sharply up at my wife as she gazed around the table. James stretched out a hand and placed it gently on his red headed fiancée’s shoulder. Lily hadn’t looked up from the pictures of the tablecloths, but her hands had frozen on them. “She wants to come over for dinner.” Kendra continued. No one moved. “Lily?”

            “We should have her over for dinner,” prying her eyes off the pictures at last. I put my newspaper down on the table, James dropped his paper on the floor, and Kendra raised her eyebrows at this statement.

            “You sure?” Kendra asked.

            “Positive.” Kendra’s eyebrows traveled higher up her face. “I know Mum. I know, but we might as well get it over with. It’ll be easier to deal with her now rather than at the wedding.”

            I cleared my throat. “Is she going to be bringing her…her…” I found that I wasn’t able to finish my question, but Kendra was already nodding.

            “Yes. Vernon will be coming too. Do you still want her to come Lily?” Lily nodded like her mother. “Alright sweetie if this is what you want.”

            “It is.” Lily repeated firmly. 


            One week later I was in the sitting room with James. Kendra and Lily were in the kitchen working on dinner, leaving me alone with my daughter’s fiancé, sitting in an awkward silence. The minutes ticked by with surprising silence. Finally I decided that I might as well take this opportunity to make him uncomfortable.

            “So James I never got a chance to ask you last time you were over.” James looked up from staring at his feet. “I mean we got to talk about your friends, but I never asked if you have any enemies?”

            “Enemies…” James repeated, confused.

            “Yes enemies. I know that the Wizarding World is on the brink of an open warfare, so I’m curious. Marrying you will cause how many people to target my baby girl?” I demanded of him. He seemed thrown by my wealth of information. He was so shocked in fact that it took him a minute to get over it.

            “Well my family has been involved in the politics behind this war for years.”

            “I wasn’t asking about that Potter. I was asking how many enemies you have.” I reminded him coldly.

            “Old family rivalries, and some newly appointed Death Eaters who weren’t wild about me while your daughter and I were in school.”

            “Any names I might recognize?” I was pushing him for information. Information that was putting him in danger, in the hopes that it would scare him. However his training as an auror and youth in the build up of this war was causing him to remain, as Kendra would put it, cool as a cucumber.

            “Mr. Evans I’m not allowed to release that kind of information,” he politely informed me.

            “I’m just asking if any of these people who weren’t wildly found of you in school, knew my Lily Lou. I’m not asking if they’ve become Death Eaters. I’m asking if they know what my daughter looks like.”

            He sighed. “The only name I can think of off the top of my head,” he began reluctantly. “Would be…Severus Snape.” He spat the name out with malice. I knew the name was familiar, but before I could investigate further, there was a knock on the front door. 

Kendra and Lily came rushing out of the kitchen in their dinner party dresses and heels, as James and I stood up. Kendra patted her hair quickly in the mirror by the front door. With a sigh, and one last look around at all of us the hostess of the evening opened the front door. It sung forward reviling a blond beefy man and a thin, boney woman with brown hair.

            “Petunia,” Kendra cooed with a forced smile plastered across her face. She embraced her eldest daughter, but let go very quickly I noted. Petunia moved past her mother and nodded coldly at Lily who, usually a very kind warm person, barely inclined her head. “Vernon how nice to see you again,” Kendra simpered again, the forced smile still spread wide, as she gestured him inside our home. “Welcome back.” Vernon didn’t look at Lily, but strode right past her.

            “Vernon,” I coldly greeted him. He nodded back at me, with a look on his face informing me that he would like nothing more than to stab me in the gut. Lily cleared her throat. All the men looked up over towards the women, who were still standing my the door.

            “Petunia, Vernon this is my fiancé James Potter,” Lily smiled walking over and inter twining her arm in his. “James this is my sister, Petunia, and her husband, Vernon.” Silence fallowed Lily’s words. “So…” Lily struggled to think of something to talk about. “What’s new with you two?”

            Petunia frowned coldly at her younger sister. “We bought a house,” she told the family coolly. “In Surry.” Kendra nodded and Lily smiled encouragingly. I was still staring at Vernon threateningly; while James just looked between the group of women and the two men. It came as a relief when the bell signaling that dinner was ready rang through the house.


            “So,” Petunia began once everyone was seated and served. “When is the special day?” she demanded of the happy couple. Lily tossed her tomato red hair behind her shoulder as she finished chewing her mother’s cooking.

            “In October. Halloween in fact.” Petunia raised her eyebrows at her sister.

            “That’s quick…exceptionally quick…is there a reason it’s so quick?” I stiffened in my chair at these words, but Lily was shaking her head firmly gazing at her sister with a touch of annoyance. “Oh. Sorry Lily my mistake,” Petunia apologized. “How long have you two been going out?”

            “One year, but we’ve known each other for years before we started dating.” Lily was handling her sister’s interrogation with her usual grace and class. As I listened to her shake away Petunia’s attempt at criticize, I couldn’t help but swell with pride a little bit.

            “Right…right…Lily I thought that you told me that you couldn’t stand James after your fifth year.” The younger of the two raised her eyebrows threateningly. “I think your exact words were ‘He’s a big headed git.’” I grinned from ear to ear at these words. James cleared his throat. 

            “We all out grow our own immaturities Petunia. If that’s not too blunt,” he countered coolly. I unwilling found myself impressed at how he handled himself with her. It took someone with skill to get Petunia to back down. Which she did.

            The rest of the meal was enjoyed with no conversation, except for the occasional request for the salt. The atmosphere was cold, and no one made any eye contact with anyone else until all the food had been cleared from every plate. Silently Kendra and Lily collected the dishes with James’s help and headed into the kitchen to fetch dessert, leaving me alone with Vernon and Petunia. I glared menacingly at Vernon till Petunia sighed.

            “What is it darling?” I asked her, reluctantly looking away from Vernon.

            “I’m relieved Daddy. I was convinced that she was going to marry that awful wizard boy.”

            “What awful wizard boy?”

            “The one who approached us,” Petunia sniffed disapprovingly. “You know when we were kids. He lived up on Spinner’s End by the river, I think. He was the one who told Lily that that stuff she was doing was…magic,” she scoffed disapprovingly again at the last word, “He was the one who told Lily that she was witch. Don’t you remember him Daddy?”

            “No,” I murmured shaking my head from side to side.

            “What was his name…oh god it’s on the tip of my tongue. What was it?”

            “Petunia,” she cut me off though before I could finish.

            “Severus Snape. That was it. Severus Snape.”

Chapter 7: Severus Snape
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“Severus Snape. That was it. Severus Snape.” Petunia declared with a note of finality. I felt my mouth drop open. She took a sip of her wine, without noticing my distress. “Anyway,” she continued. “I was so relieved when I found out she was marrying that Potter fellow because that Snape guy was so atrocious. They were always together, so I was positive that she was going to marry him. Thank God for that. Their children would have been the ugliest things on the phase of the earth.”

“I’m sorry Petunia did you say that Lily was friends with Severus Snape?”

“Yes Daddy, best friends. He and his family lived on Spinner’s End by the river. He used to come talk to Lily at the playground all the time.”

“Severus Snape?”

“Yes, Daddy. Severus Snape.”

“You’re sure you got the name right Petunia Pretty?”

“Yes Daddy. The name was Severus Snape. And please, I’m a married woman now. Don’t call me that anymore,” she snapped. I sat in silence too preoccupied to even stare threateningly at Vernon. Severus Snape, I knew that name sounded familiar. Lily knew a Death Eater. Lily hung around with a dangerous man, and James doesn’t know about it. This is perfect. Suddenly Lily and Kendra reappeared in the dinning room with trays of pudding.

“James will be out in moment with the coffee,” Lily informed the room as she placed a bowl of pudding in front of me. I stood up so quickly that I almost knocked her over. “What’s wrong Daddy?”

“I think I’m going to see if he needs any help,” I told her quietly. Then without another word I rushed past her and into the kitchen as Kendra shot me a “be nice” look. I entered the room to find him examining the coffee pot as though it was a piece of alien technology. He set it down quickly when he realized I was there.

“Hello Mr. Evans.”

“Potter did the Snape fellow become a Death Eater?” He stiffened at the sound of the name and gripped a coffee mug so tight that it cracked. He waved his wand quickly and it repaired itself.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, setting the cup down rapidly. Without answering my question he turned around and returned to attempting to make coffee for the family members waiting the next room. I walked up and started showing him how to properly make the beverage.

“You didn’t answer my question, Potter. Is Severus Snape a Death Eater?” I repeated. He cracked the mug again at the sound of the name.

“Sorry,” he repeated sheepishly. “Mr. Evans I thought that I was clear earlier in the living room. You’re not qualified to have that kind of information. Having that knowledge is dangerous. Even for me. You understand right?”

“Yes of course I understand I was just wondering what happened to” I was cut off suddenly by Lily rushing into the kitchen so fast she tripped over her own feet.

“Hi Daddy, James. How’s that coffee coming?”

“Wonderful Lily Love. You’re Father’s showing me how to make coffee the muggle way,” James smiled happily showing Lily.

“Well isn’t that nice of him. Thank you. Daddy can I talk to you for a moment?” she demanded of me. I smiled at her and jested towards the coffee pot.

“We’re making drinks for everyone Lily. Besides I was just getting to know James better, you know, like you wanted me to. Can it wait until later Little Lou?”

“No Daddy it can’t,” she growled. “Let’s talk in the sitting room.” I didn’t move as I stared at her. What was the matter with her?

“Sure sweetie.” I followed her out into the front room, leaving James alone in the kitchen to fiddle around with the coffee pot. Lily turned to face me once she’d reached the middle of the room and we were out of earshot of everyone else.

“What are you doing?” she demanded poking a finger into my chest. “What are you doing?” she repeated when I didn’t answer. I stared at her blankly. “Why are you asking James about Severus?”

“Severus? I wasn’t aware that you were on a first name basis with the boy. I was under the impression that we were all calling him Snape.”

“I…I…Daddy!” she squealed. “Why does it matter?”

“Lily Flower why don’t you tell your Daddy what going on,” I cooed to her leaning down so that we were on eye level. “How do you know the Snape boy?” I demanded of her.

“Oh, you already know. Thanks to Tuney babbling about it in the dinning room, or maybe she wasn’t blabbing it to you. Maybe you were pestering her for information.” I straightened up at the accusatory stare she was giving me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I denied quickly.

“Oh you don’t, so you weren’t trying to weasel information about Severus out of Petunia.” I started shaking my head quickly. “That way you could use your newly acquired knowledge to mess up James and I.”

“I would never do that Lily Lou!” I lied.

“Oh really so you want me to marry James? And you weren’t about to say that you were just wondering what happened to my old childhood friend Severus Snape?”

I gave a huge fake gasp at these words. “Lily why are you so set against James finding out that you and the kid from Spinner’s End used to be friends?”

“Because,” she said exasperatedly, “James hates Severus, and Severus hates James. They can’t stand each other, and if James finds out he’ll kill Severus.”

“Lily Lou are you sure that’s why you don’t want James to find out?”

“Yes Daddy what other reason could there be?”

“You sure you don’t want James to find out about this boy because you two had a thing going?”

“No Daddy. No. Severus and I were just friends. I don’t want James to find out that we were friends because he’d kill him. Just like I said before.”

“Lily married people don’t get to keep secrets from each other,” I reminded her.

“We’re not married yet, and if you have anything to say about it we never will be,” she snapped back.

“You better watch your mouth young lady. Because if you don’t watch yours than maybe I won’t watch mine, especially in front of James, you never know. I might let it slip that you and this Severus character were friends. Best friends even according to Petunia.”
“You wouldn’t!”

“I would!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me!”

She squinted her eyes staring at me menacingly, “Name your price Daddy.”

“Don’t marry Potter.”


“Then how about I tell him about Snape.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“We’ve been through this before.”

“I’m marrying him, Daddy, and you can’t shock James with something he already knows. I’m going to tell him first.”

“You wouldn’t!

“ What the heck are we doing?”

“Arguing,” I answered simply. “ And I’m going to tell him,” I snapped turning back towards the kitchen.

“No, no, no,” she hollered, rushing in front of me, so she was blocking the door with her body. “You are not going to tell him, not if I have anything to say about it.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m never going to leave you alone with James. Every time he’s around, I’ll be right behind him. You will never get a single chance to talk to him without me being there, and I am willing to die to keep my family from falling apart, so don’t even think of messing with me!” she practically yelled at me, her finger pointing at me threateningly.

“Well Lily that little plan of yours wouldn’t really work all that well.”

“What are you talking about Daddy?”

“I’m talking about the wedding day,” I smiled at her as a confused look crossed her face, while she shepherded me back into the center of the sitting room. “You and James aren’t going to be able to see each other for a whole day. It’s bad luck. What’s to stop me from telling him then?”


“Nothing,” I said as she tilted her head frustrated. “There would be nothing and more importantly no one to stop me from telling him.”

“Will you please just do me a favor and not tell him that Severus and I used to be friends. It would mean the world to me, you know me, your baby girl, who doesn’t want him to find out about this. I would owe you big time Daddy.”

“Don’t marry him, and I won’t tell him.”

“Daddy you’re being unreasonable!”

“No, I’m stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

“This is not a mistake Daddy, and where are you going,” she demanded as she wheeled to face me and saw that I was heading back into the kitchen. As I entered James turned around, his hair and clothes were soaking wet with coffee.

“I think I did something wrong,” he confided in me as Lily walked into the kitchen, and stopped dead when she saw her fiancé. “Is everything alright Lily?” he asked concerned when he saw my daughter’s face. She nodded hard.

“Yeah sweetie everything’s fine. Daddy, how about you go into the dinning room and keep everyone company, while I help James make the coffee?”

“No you already got the pudding for everyone. James and I can get the coffee.”

“Alright. I’ll help,” she smiled walking towards her boyfriend at the same time as me. “So James what do you think you did wrong?”

“Guys!” he said holding up his hands to stop our offers for help. “Kendra came in three minutes ago, and helped me make the coffee. I was just in here trying to clean myself up. So we should all go back into the dinning room, and boy are you two ok?” We both nodded enthusiastically. “Ok then,” he smiled taking a hold of Lily’s elbow and steering her gently and concernedly back into the dinning room.

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Chapter 8: Sirius Black
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It had been two weeks since the dinner with Petunia and her…Vernon, and since then James had been over everyday. Either because he needed to help Lily with the plans, he needed to pick Lily up for a meeting with the wedding planner, or to sneak a snogging section with her. I caught them with their lips glued together behind the garage one day. It was so traumatic seeing that little…that little…all over my precious baby doll.

I wouldn’t have minded his coming over, if Lily would give me thirty seconds alone with him whenever he was over. True to her word she hadn’t left us alone for more than an instant. Nowhere near enough time to tell him about this Snape character. On this particular day James was over to help with the plans for the, quickly approaching, wedding day. As Halloween drew closer Lily grew more giddy and Kendra more tense.

“Oh James I’ve been meaning to ask you,” my wife asked after Lily had finished pelting her fiancé with different options for dinner. “Who’s your best man going to be?” James looked surprised at the question.

“Sirius of course,” Lily said, looking forgivingly at her mother. “Right James?” she demanded turning to the dark haired boy.

“Of course. He might as well be my brother. Don’t even have to think about it,”

“Well then we should have him over for tea this week.” I gagged at her last statement.


Tea. For once in our thirty years of marriage Kendra is settling for serving someone tea, not dinner, but why…why! This will mean that he’ll have backup. Why would she invite his best friend who, according to he and Lily might as well be his brother? That means he’s got people behind him now. It’s harder to tare him down if there’s moral support involved.

I was helping putting the flowers in the vase on the table in the garden, when Lily came out with the basket of biscuits. I looked up at her. She was wearing a flowing light blue dress and open toe white heels. She didn’t look at me as she slammed the appetizers down in the center of the table, on the patio. Ever since the dinner with her sister my youngest had been freezing me out.

“You ever going to talk to me again Lily Lou?”

“Depends, are you not going to tell James about Severus?”

“That depends to. You still going to marry the boy?” She scowled at this question, and didn’t say a word to me until the doorbell rang. Turning her back on me she headed towards the living room, and I followed her wordlessly. When we entered Kendra was taking Potter’s and a boy, who I was assuming was Sirius Black, coats. He was good-looking, classic tall dark and handsome. I extended my hand coldly to him.

“Sirius Black,” he said in a deep mature voice.

“Edward Evans. You’ve met my wife Kendra I see,” I stated coolly, as she returned from storing the boys’ coats in the closet. “And I’m assuming you know Lily,” gestering towards my daughter, who was standing in the door to the dinning room.

“Of course. Who doesn’t know Lily?” he smiled, doing a show off sort of suave bow in front of her. She punched him on the shoulder.

“Shut it,” she laughed, ruffling his black hair affectionately. “The tea is right through her,” she pointed through the dinning room, and led the two boys out into the garden, while Kendra went to fetch the tea. I fallowed the young ones out to the table. Potter and my Little Lou were laughing at something Black had said. As I sat down though the laughing stopped. A mildly uncomfortable silence replaced it. It didn’t matter though. Kendra arrived with the tea after about three minutes.

“I hope you like this Sirius, James. It’s an old secret family recipe. My mother gave it to me after our wedding day nearly thirty years ago,” she told the two friends as the tea was poured into everyone’s cups. Silence fell as we all took our first sips. “Well?”

“It’s delicious Mrs. Evans,” Sirius charmingly informed my wife. “You are giving Lily this recipe after the wedding right?”

“Family tradition,” Kendra smiled, sitting up happily in her white whicker chair. “And please call me Kendra Sirius. Mrs. Evans makes me feel old.” The boy nodded obediently.

“So, Sirius,” I began, and again all attention shifted nervously to me. “How did you and James here meet?” Potter was quick to come to the aid of his friend.

“We met first year on the train to school,” he answered calmly. “That’s actually how we met our other two friends, Remus and Peter. It’s how a lot of friends at Hogwarts meet.”

“That’s interesting. Lily did you meet your friends like that?” she shook her head wordlessly, lips pursed. “Oh did you meet your school friends a little bit before the first train ride to the castle?” She aimed a kick at me from under the table, but missed and wound up kicking Potter in the shin. The scruffy boy to the left of me leaned forward hazel eyes watering, hand covering his mouth to keep from crying out. Black turned his attention to the girl sitting next to him.

“You all right Lils?” he asked glancing across the table at his best friend. “Your lips are thinner than McGonagall’s were the time we tricked Sni,” he corrected whatever hateful name he had been about to call the Severus bloke at the look on Lily’s face. “I mean Snape into trying to touch the base of the Wamping Willow.”

“I’m fine,” she snapped. Not taking her eyes off me. “Never been better now that you mention it.”

“Yeah,” James hysterically choked out, eyes still watering. “You heard the girl Sirius mate. She’s fine. Never been better in fact.” Lily for once smiled a little and targeted me for another kick for under the table. This time her aim was true and a heel made contact with my shin. I was better though at hiding my discomfort than James. My only reaction was a barely noticeable wince. Key words there being barely noticeable. Her grin widened at this when she spotted this.


An hour later I had left Lily, Kendra, Potter, and Black out in the garden while I went to the lavatory. After I had walked into the kitchen briefly I heard footsteps coming in through the dinning room meaning someone was entering the house. For some reason I dove into the pantry. I heard the click of heels on the floor from my hiding place, telling me that it was Lily, probably to get more tea. Another set of footsteps, and then I heard a voice.

“Hey,” it was Potter. “Can I talk to you for a sec Love?”

“Sure, what’s up?” she asked, there was a soft thud. She had set the teapot down.

“Is everything ok with you Lils?” There was a pause. I was assuming she’d nodded her head there. “You sure.” Another nod. “Then what was that?”

“What was what?” she inquired. I heard the rustle of fabric. She’d crossed her arms.

“Out in the garden. You kicked me in the shin, really, really, really, really, hard,” he put an emphasis on the last really. “Are you mad at me or something?”

“No, no. I’m not mad at you. That was an accident.” There was another pause. “Really James I swear. I’m fine. I’m not mad at you. Everything’s peachy.”

“You sure?”

“Yes,” she groaned exasperatedly. “I promise you I’ve never been happier.”

“No cold feet?”

“Nope none. At least not at the moment.”

“If the moment changes,” Lily cut him off before he could finish.

“If the moment changes you’ll be the first to know. I promise,” she assured him for the millionth time. “Now are you going to help me get this tea back out to everyone or what?” She asked, and I heard her pick the teapot again. There was another thump of china on the counter top. James had forced her to put the kettle back on the stone surface.

“One more thing Lily.” There was another pause. “When Petunia was over two weeks ago,” he faltered a little bit. It had been clear that he’d been working up the nerve to ask her about this since that night. I was holding my breath, just like Lily was too. Was he about to ask about what I thought he was about to ask about? “She asked about the wedding date, and commented on how quick that was. I just wanted to check…” he faltered again. “Just to be sure. There isn’t a reason the date is that soon? Is there?” he asked nervously.

“James…” she comforted him patiently. “Think. You helped pick the date. Would there be a reason for the date to be that close? Or is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No. No,” he clarified quickly. “Lily of course not. You’re right. I just…I had to ask because when she said it…it just got me thinking. Sorry.”

“No it’s fine. So long as the reason for the close date doesn’t change soon.”

“No it won’t. Sorry about all this Lils.”

“Forget about it.”

“And if the cold feet thing changes you’ll tell me. Right?”

“Naturally.” Then I heard her pick up the teapot…again. Footsteps fallowed and finally the sound of the back door closing. I waited a minute then came out of the pantry. I smiled to myself. I had him worried. I had him panicking. I was making things difficult for them. Just the way it was supposed to go. There was a bounce in my step as I rejoined my wife, my daughter, my daughter’s fiancé, and my daughter’s fiancé’s best man, in the garden for more of my wife’s famous tea.

Chapter 9: Baby Boy Dursley
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The tea ended in the usual fashion, but with one small difference. Potter and Black left together. Black complimenting Kendra as much as he could, and James kissing Lily goodbye delicately and lovingly, but usually when if finally came time for them to leave each other’s company they would stare deeply into each other’s eyes, until I had no choice, but to grab him by his elbow and steer him out by hand. He kissed her, like he always did, then turned and left with his best friend, without saying a word to her.

This small fact didn’t escape the notice of Kendra, and it especially didn’t go unnoticed by Lily. She stood stalk still as the door closed with a snap. She didn’t move from the point where James had left her. I looked her over, with a small sense of satisfaction, as she stood in shock at his cold departure. Then her eyes started to water. I didn’t move from my place at the door. Finally the tears made their expected appearance, but before anyone could so much as blink Lily was up the steps in a flash of dark red hair.

As fast as Little Lily Lou had moved, her mother was faster. Before I could even inhale again after the disappearance of my daughter Kendra had smacked me across the head again. I turned to look at her in time to see her hand swinging towards me again. It made contact with my skull again, so this time I had to grab a hold of her wrist and move quickly out of the range of fire.

“What did you do!” she hollered stomping on my foot. “What did you do! Edward! Tell me what you did! What did you do! What! What! What! What!” she yelled at the top of her lungs, all the while stomping my feet and whacking every inch of me she could reach, from the distance I was holding her at. Finally after five minutes of this she calmed down and started growling at me, “Edward Evans what did you do?”

“Why do you automatically assume that I did something?” I demanded. She stomped on my foot again. Unlike all the other times she dug her heel deep as deep into my foot as it would go. Without even thinking about it, I reached the same as James did when Lily kicked him in the shin earlier. Eyes watering and crying out in pain I reached over and grabbed my aching foot. While I was down Kendra smacked me across the head again. Then she grabbed my face and forced me to look at her.

“Are you really going to make me answer that question?” she growled menacingly. I quailed under her look. I love my wife, but she is one of the scariest things to graze the phase of the planet when she gets angry. I always snap like a Christmas cracker whenever she gets mad. She squeezed my ear really, really, really hard to speed up my confession.

“I threatened Lily.”


“Information that I weaseled out of Petunia, when she was over two weeks ago.”

“What information.”

Before I could stop myself I was telling her every thing. “Lily used to be friends with a boy named Severus Snape who is now and Death Eater, and James hates Snape with the burning passion of a thousand suns, and he doesn’t know that he and Lily used to be friends, and Little Love doesn’t want him to find out.”

“And you blackmailed Lily by threatening to tell James about Severus,” she was yelling again.

“Yes, and oh OW!” I hollered as she squeezed my ear even harder. “OW! Let go! OW! OW! You mad old bat! OW!” My screams of pain only made her pinch harder.

“I hope for your sake that this is a joke!” I shook my head, eyes watering. Kendra took a deep breath and let go of my ear. I straightened up slowly, testing to see if she was going to freak out again. Once I was fully on my feet she had her eyes closed and was breathing slowly. I put a hand on her shoulder trying to help her calm down even further. Without warning she smacked me clean across the face. “You are an inconsiderate, irrational, dung head, who isn’t even worth the time to wipe off the bottom of my shoe!”

Finally she turned around and stormed up the stair to our room. I left her alone until it was time to go to bed. Once I reached the top of the steps and knocked on out door, she pulled it open with a crash. I opened my mouth to speak, but I didn’t even get a chance to start apologizing. She just shoved an extra pillow and blanket into my arms and slammed the door in my face.


It was three days before Potter came over again, and, considering he usually couldn’t stay away for more than twelve hours, that was bad. In those three days my wife had forced me to sleep on the couch and hadn’t even acknowledged my presence. She hadn’t even spoken to me. She hadn’t poured my coffee, set me a place at dinner, or even looked at me. I hadn’t had any human contact for three days. My Little Lou would emerge from her room every meal. She would only see us and lose control. Crying hysterically, she’d shake her head and return to her room without a word.

When James finally did stop by for the first time in three days, it was early and my day off work. I was still asleep on the couch when there were three sharp raps on the door. “Kendra!” I called not even bothering to open my eyes. However she’d been ignoring me for three days, and I didn’t expect for her to respond. With a groan I pulled myself off the couch and opened the front door. Potter was standing on the threshold. His hair as messily windswept as possible and his hazel eyes ripe with concern.

“Wow,” he mumbled softly. “What happened to you?”

“For your information, Potter,” I spat his name out with hatred. “I just woke up. It’s a tad early to be paying an unannounced visit.”

“All due respect, Mr. Evans, but it’s nearly eleven,” he informed me politely. I gestured him into the house with a glare and a glower. He stopped when he saw the couch with my pillow and blanket still on it. “You’re sleeping on the couch?”

“No,” I snapped at the nosey slim ball. “Not that that’s any of your business.”

“You were just taking a nap on the couch in your pajamas at eleven in the morning?”

“What do you want Potter?” I growled at him.

“Is Lily home? Remus said she’d owled in sick from work for the past three days.” I didn’t answer; I just glared. He kept on babbling, “I just thought she needed a break or something. She’s not really into magical sports or games, but she was supposed to meet my parents and I for lunch yesterday, but Lils never showed, and that’s not like her,” He paused waiting for my answer. When none came he just plunged on. “Is she home? Is everything ok?” he asked quickly.

I glowered. “I’m sorry Potter, I guess that Kendra was too busy making me sleep on the couch to send you an owl. She has barely left her room for the past three days. All I have seen her doing is crying since you left with your mate after that tea party.” James froze at these words. “No thanks to…” I trailed off suddenly realizing that for the first time in seventeen days I was alone with him. Lily was up in her room sobbing uncontrollably, and god only knows where Kendra was. There was no one to stop me from telling him. Telling him about it all, Snape, Lily lying. I opened my mouth again, but no words came out. He looked at me, clearly braced for a lecture. I let my mouth hang open stupidly, but before I could think up a way to deliver my fatal blow to his engagement there was a squeak from the stairs.

“James?” We both turned to see a girl with dark red hair
standing on the step, still in her white flannel pajama pants and white tank top. She had a tissue up to her noise and her eyes were red and puffy, more so than I’d ever seen them, to go with her red blotchy skin. Her hair was a mess, and it was clear that it hadn’t been brushed in days. “James?” she repeated when he didn’t say anything. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to check on you,” he told her quickly bounding up the steps, two at a time, and taking a hold of her shoulders to steady her as she swayed slightly on her feet. “I hadn’t heard from you in a couple of days, and I started to get worried. Everything’s ok right?” Lily nodded her tear stained face. He looked at her skeptically. “Lily? What is it? What’s wrong? What happened? The reason for the date didn’t change did it?” She tried to wave her arms to signal him to stop, but he plunged on. “Because if it did I’m fine with that. In fact I’d be thrilled with.”

“James,” she tried to stop him.

“Well,” he said reluctantly, “Maybe not thrilled, but I would be ok with it. It’s not like I’d run out on you or anything. Really. It’s all alright. Because if that’s it maybe it doesn’t seem like it now, but everything’s going to be ok.”

“James no the reason for the date hasn’t changed.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Lily opened her mouth, but no words came out. “Lils?” I could see her eyes starting to get even more watery. It was hard to tell because of how soaked they were already, but as I focused on her face I could see more tears joining the previously accumulated moisture. Her bottle green eyes wandered over to me. I could tell when I wasn’t wanted, so, standing up, I made my way over to the kitchen where found Kendra sitting looking like she was ready to talk. I sat down next to her slowly.

“You didn’t tell him?” I shook my head. She nodded slowly. “Did you want to?” I nodded. “But you didn’t?” I shook my head again. She smiled. “Lily interrupted you right before didn’t she?” I knew that no matter what I had to be honest. I nodded. She smiled and nodded again. “Tell you what Edward, today is September tenth. The wedding is in a little less than two months. You can sleep on the couch until it happens.”

I felt my mouth drop open, “But what if it never happens?”
“Then the sitting room can just become your new bedroom till death do us part.” I banged my head on the table.

“I hate you.” She smiled again at these words.

“Then I’ve finally achieved the proper role of a wife set down by my predecessors,” she said as she set down a cup of coffee down in front of me. Lily walked in with James standing right behind her. Little Lou was looking better than she had in three days, but still it looked as though she had just been run over by a truck. She was still a little unstable on her feet, and Potter had to keep his hands on her waist to help her stay upright. Slowly he steered her into a seat next to her mother. He stayed standing and rubbed her shoulders to make sure she was still taking deep steadying breaths. Kendra smiled at his show of chivalry. I looked away, not being able to stand the sight of his hands on my precious sweet heart.


An hour later Lily had regained control of herself completely, but Potter was still fussing over her so much that he wouldn’t let her walk. She had remained sitting at the kitchen table having tea being forced down her throat. Finally the boy was confident enough in her mental health to start talking about matters of actual substance. He sat down calmly next to Lily, while I put another cup of tea in front of our youngest daughter, Kendra having gone to get the mail. She pushed it away looking a little green now. James started moving his hands in a circler motion along her back.

“Listen…” he started cautiously. Lily looked up from examining the kitchen table. “Remus was wondering if once you would be up for lunch?” Lily let out a little sniff. Potter tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Lunch with the Marauders?” He nodded. “Doesn’t that sound a little exhausting?” He laughed at this statement. He stopped though when Lily started to look a little green again.

“Listen if you’re not up for it I’m sure they’ll understand. It’s no big deal, but Peter hasn’t seen you in ages, and Remus wants to meet your parents.” I looked up at these words. He turned to look at me. “So all three of you are invited to lunch with the marauders on Diagon Alley tomorrow at noon.” Kendra came in as he stated the last statement. She was looking through the mail and opening a letter, with Petunia’s handwriting on it.

“That sounds wonderful James. Lily will have to show us how to get to the place, where are we having lunch and Oh my god!” she shrieked in happiness while reading Petunia’s letter. I sat up looking hopeful.

“What is Tuney divorcing Vernon?” I asked, my voice dripping with excitement. Kendra shook her head still smiling like a fool. Of course I didn’t understand how she could be so happy. If they weren’t getting divorced what good news could come from the Dursleys.

“Petunia’s expecting!” she squealed jumping up and down. Lily screamed too and jumped up, and before Potter or I could move the two women were bouncing around the room, screaming in jubilation. My daughter’s fiancé was on his feet before I could even blink again.

“Wow, wow, wow, Lils. Slow down. Take it easy,” he fused concernedly, making Lily sit back down in a kitchen chair. She kept on squealing though and clapping her hands from her chair. I looked at them shocked. How could they be celebrating this? James seemed to be thinking a long the same lines and looked at them confused. “I thought you weren’t happy about Petunia marrying Vernon.”

“Thank you!” I called pointing at James. Both girls stopped and looked at us offended. Then without a word the two women stood up and left the room noses in the air. Potter and I were left sitting at the kitchen table in complete silence. I looked at him angrily. He looked back at me. “Just to let you know that was one of the moments where you shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Well your addition probably didn’t help,” he snapped. I could feel myself turning red and my eyes getting wider. He sifted positions uncomfortably. “You know…I think…I’m just…goanna go.” He mumbled looking at me a little scared, “So…if you could just…tell…Lily we’re…meeting at Frank’s…tomorrow…if I’m still alive...that is,” He was getting out of his seat now. “That’d be great,” he stammered quickly, just before making a mad dash for the door.

Chapter 10: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Longbottom
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Tomorrow came. Things had gone back to the way they’d been before. Kendra wasn’t even acknowledging my presence, but there was, again, a small difference. Lily was now around to ignore me along with her mother. They would of course spend hours talking about how excited they were about the baby, and how they were going to be an aunt and a grandmother. Whenever I would come in though they’d fall silent, sulk, and stare menacingly at me.

I never thought I’d say this, but it was a relief when we met Potter outside Frank’s at noon. He shook my hand and Kendra’s, and then he turned to Lily and leaned in to peck her lips. She however didn’t move. When he noticed that she wasn’t going for it, he compromised by kissing Little Lou on the cheek. She kept her arms crossed and glared at him once he was standing up straight again. James looked at me, and I nodded. He took Lily by the hand and led her into the pub.

The place was empty except for three boys. I recognized one of them as Black. Potter introduced another of them, the short chubby one, as Peter Pettigrew, and the last one, who was frail and ragged looking, as Remus Lupin. Kendra smiled warmly at each of them in turn. When they saw Lily though all three of them stood up, and she gave each of them a hug, showing such a level of friendliness that I didn’t think would be possible given her current state of anger and hate for her fiancé and father.

We all sat down, at the table and Peter looked at Lily curiously. “Wow Lils you look pale. And now that I’m looking at you, you seem a tad green too. I’ve never seen you look this bad.” Little Love if possible lost about half of what little color she had regained since her nervous break down a couple days ago. James was as observant as I was, and placed a hand on top of hers and squeezed encouragingly.

“I think she looks gorgeous,” he told Peter. Lily smiled at him for the first time since the tea party. “In fact I always think she looks fantastic.” Then he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips tenderly. I hadn’t seen them kiss since he left after the party, and to be honest I’d forgotten how much it made me want to hit something. Black seemed to be feeling somewhere along those lines as well.

“Oh for goodness sakes,” James gently pulled away from Lily and looked scathingly at his best friend. Sirius back down quickly at the look on Potter’s face. Lily smiled and brought his face back to hers. It took me all the effort in the world not to gag on the spot. If only we all had such an easy way to get out of the dog house, but Kendra and I had long since past the cute new relationship phase. It had been years since all I had to do was compliment her and all would be fine and dandy. Black’s voice brought me crashing back down to reality.

“Seriously mate, pardon the pun, but seriously. In public no less, and in front of her parents too.” I felt my liking for the best man growing. “I mean come on!” he groaned exasperatedly. James untangled his lips from my daughter’s and turned to look at his dog like friend.

“Shut…Up,” he enunciated every word clearly as though Sirius didn’t speak English all that well. Lily smiled and lovingly messed her fiancé’s hair up even more than usual. He grinned at this display of affection.

“Think of it this way James,” she comforted him, “Sirius is being serious. Bet you never thought that would happen? Did ya?” Everyone, but Sirius laughed at this joke. Black just glowered stubbornly at everyone. James had his arm around my Lily’s shoulder, and she was leaning comfortably up against him.
Lupin smiled at the two of them. “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better Lils. Work hasn’t been as much fun without you. What were you sick with?” Lily tensed a little bit in the dark haired boy’s arms, but James came to her defense.

“It was just a little bug. Nothing big, and she’s feeling much healthier now, and even better she’s not contagious anymore,” he smiled holding Lily close. Remus nodded, but he didn’t look convinced. Peter looked confused, and Sirius looked at the supposedly happy couple in concern. Lily had noticed and shifted her attention to us.

“So Mum, Dad. What do you think of Frank’s?” Remus tore his eyes off the engaged in the room and focused instead on us.

“Yes Mr. and Mrs. Evans we tried to think of a place that you two would feel comfortable, plus Frank Longbottom is an old friend of ours.”

“Kendra, Remus. Mrs. Evans makes me sound old,” she grinned I just glowered at all three of Potter’s friends, “And, yes. This place seems nice. So what’s Frank like?”

Lily was quick to jump in for Frank. “Oh he’s great. A real stand up guy. This is just temporary for him. He’s in auror training with Sirius and James. In fact he’s dating another old school friend of ours, Alice. She’s really sweet. One of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Tiny bit clumsy though.” Remus and Sirius cracked identical grins.

“Actually they’re not dating anymore. We were talking to Frank just before you three arrived. They eloped last month. They’re Mr. and Mrs. Frank Longbottom now.” Lily squealed in delight at this, and untangled herself from James in order to clap her hands with glee. Potter just slumped down in his chair looking wistfully into space. Once Little Flower had calmed down she looked over at him.

“What’s with you?” I demanded of him, annoyed at his happiness.

“Ah…eloping,” Lily and Kendra both shot him furious looks. I let out an audible growl. Suddenly he realized that he’d said that out loud, and sat up quickly in his seat. “I didn’t mean that. I love flower arrangements and picking out place settings. Can we get an insane amount of doves that will fly away when we say I do?” Little Lou still didn’t look all that happy with him. I’d have quailed under the look she was giving him; it reminded me of how I always snap when Kendra gets mad. “You’re beautiful, and I love you,” he added quickly, but luckily for him there was a squeal from behind the counter and a tall blond woman, with a round happy face came running towards us. She tripped over her own feet but recovered quickly. Before anyone could blink she and Lily were embracing and yelling out their hearts content. Kendra smiled at the girls, but James looked around at all the men at the table.

“You would have thought they hadn’t seen each other in years.” Lily heard her fiancé and smacked him across the head, a lot like her mother. James rubbed his black hair grumpily as a man with dark brown hair emerged from the back too.

“Come on let me see the ring,” Lily demanded of her school girl friend. Alice blushed at this.

“It isn’t much Lily, you know wedding ring’s don’t have diamonds on like the engagement ones do.” The dark red hair flew back and forth as Lily shook her head.

“Come on now, let me be the judge of that. I want to see it. Let me see! Let me see!” she squealed. Alice showed Lily the ring with an embarrassed kind of smile on her face. Little Lou grabbed her hand and took a closer look at it. “Oh Frank,” she cooed looking at the man, who was still behind the counter. “It looks fantastic!” Alice pulled her hand back and looked at Lily.

“Well cough it up Evans,” she smiled hands on her hips. “Let’s see yours.” Lily held up her hand to show the diamond ring to the blond. “Wow,” she gasped pulling Lu Lu’s hand closer to her. “Brilliant choice James.” The man, who I was assuming was Frank, came out from behind the counter. He took his over excited wife by the shoulder and sat her down at one of the stool a little to the left of the table; all the while she was talking away. “We got the invitation. They were lovely Lils really! And Halloween! Won’t that be fun!” Finally Frank managed to get a word in.

“Let’em breath Alice dear,” the round-faced woman took a deep breath and fell silent. “So Lils, these are your parents?” Frank asked gestering towards Kendra and I. Lily nodded and introduced us. “Well Mr. and Mrs. Evans, it’s nice to met you. What do you all want to eat?” We placed our orders, and Frank went back in the kitchen, leaving his wife sitting at the bar smiling at Lily and James with glowing looks on her face. “Alice!” She hoped off the stool at her husband’s summons, leaving the seven of us alone.

“So, Mr. Evans…” Peter was starting up again. “Lily says that you do insurance. What…is…that...exactly” I glared at the boy, as he spoke so he faltered. Once the awkward silence had begun James and I moved on to your usual stare down. Lupin noticed that Potter and I seemed to wishing each other nothing, but an early death. He cleared his throat loudly.

“You sure you’re feeling better Lils because you’re still looking a little pale.” She nodded with confidence. “You sure? Because I can tell the head of department that you’re still sick. I’m positive he’ll understand.” Lily shook her head. “Oh come on Lils,” Remus pressed looking concerned. “Peter’s right you do look a little green.” My daughter shook her head again. “James,” the young man called, interrupting our whom hates whom more contest. “Back me up. Doesn’t she still seem sick?”

“Well…” James put his hand on Little Lou’s forehead, to take her temperature. I growled a little, and he removed his hand quickly. “She maybe still feel a little feverish, but if she feels that she can go to work, I don’t really think we can stop her.”

I scoffed at this statement. “Actually I think we can stop her from doing anything we want to. You know if we try hard enough.” Lily shot me a furious look, but it was nothing compared to Kendra’s. I didn’t care though. It didn’t matter to me it I never got to sleep in a bed again. I was stopping my daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life. James had tensed in his seat. “Do you know what I’m taking about James?” Kendra and Lily both kicked me underneath the table at the same time. I didn’t even wince this time.

Potter shook his head slowly, trying to stare me down. “No Mr. Evans I don’t really know what you’re talking about,” he said, his tone slow and cold.

“You want to try that again, boy. You know a little bit more respectfully,” I countered coolly.

“Not really,” he was looking at me with malice now. “You know why? I don’t really see that point to it. When it’s obvious that you would love it if I just left, and didn’t marry your daughter. Isn’t that right!” I was on my feet and so was he.

“Dad! James!” Lily tried to call us to order, but we were too busy shouting at each other. She turned to her mother, “Mum!” Kendra shook her head, completely thrown by this sudden argument. Frank and Alice both stuck their heads out of the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about. My baby girl turned to her fiancé’s best man desperately. “Do something!” she commanded. Sirius stood up too.

“Alright now let’s all just calm down,” he said holding up his hands in a jester. It was too late though.

“Lily and Severus Snape hung out all the time when they were little! They were best friends, and to be honest I think that they had a fling once, and she didn’t want you to know about it!” What little color was left in Lily’s face left as quick as a flash. Kendra instantly yelled my name at the top of her lungs. My Little Lou however went completely limp in her seat, her green eyes rolled up in her head, and she slipped sideways right off her seat in a dead faint. Black stooped down and caught her by the shoulders just before she hit the ground. Before I could move to tend to one of the most important things in my life, Potter punched me square in the eye.

Chapter 11: Lily Evans and James Potter
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.


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Well I knew lunch was a bad idea. I just knew it. Now my baby girl…my precious baby girl was in the examining room. Alice had insisted on rushing us all to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. It was clear to me why we were rushed to the hospital. Lily was unconscious, but I didn’t know why all the wizards in the uniforms were fussing of Potter and I. 

            We had beaten each other up a decent amount back in Frank’s pub. Once we’d reached the hospital, an unconscious Lily being carried bridal style by James, despite my objections, the hospital the wizards, healers I guess, had whisked Lily out of Potter’s arms, and the rest of them had started fussing of the spawn of Satan and I. My daughter’s fiancé had refused to be treated until he knew if Lu Lu was alright. He made quite a scene really.     

            Now, an hour later, my wounds and bruises had been magically healed, and Potter, to my knowledge, still hadn’t been treated. I was sitting in the waiting room, and none of the people who had come here with me were talking to me. I wasn’t surprised about his friends. Of course I had already known whose side they were going to take. Kendra…well from all the conversations we’d had about how she felt about the engagement, I knew that she wouldn’t be happy with me. In fact I could never remember her ever being this furious with me. She hadn’t even looked at me or showed any concern for me when I was bleeding.

            I had only been out of the treatment room for about thirty minutes, but the groomsmen were all sitting muttering to themselves and glancing at me menacingly from time to time. All the while Kendra didn’t look up from perusing and out of date magazine called Witch Weekly. She was clutching the paper so tight her knuckles had actually turned white. I was sitting next to her, and from time to time I’d look over at her. She however continued to ignore me with every fiber of her being.

            After another thirty minutes of being frozen out, one of the wizards in the special robes, with a wand and bone crossed on the chest, came out, and gestured for Kendra and I to come talk to him. We walked across the waiting room floor to the Healer as he took a look at his clipboard. Before either of us could open our mouths he’d started filling us in on what was going on. 

            “She’s fine. In fact she’s in perfect physical health, but can either of you tell me, has your daughter been under any pressure lately, from her work or social life?” Kendra nodded while I said of course not our daughter had a very stress free life. We made sure of that. She looked at me coldly, and turned back to the doctor.

            “Yes, Lily has been having some trouble lately. She’s been busy planning a wedding and dealing with some,” she glanced a me before continuing, “family issues. In fact she had a nervous break down a couple of days ago.” The Healer nodded scribbling on his notes as my wife spoke. I glanced behind my shoulder to see Potter’s friends sitting so close I knew they could hear every word. 

            “Alright then,” he said looking up from the clipboard again. “Well we’ll need to locate the main problem and either fix it or cut it out entirely. In the mean time, she’s going to need a sedative, so I’m prescribing this potion, Ms. Evans should take it before she goes to bed every night and anytime she has trouble breathing. However, I’d still say the best thing to do would be to fix whatever it that’s over taxing her,” just as he was about to go though he turned around. “Oh and she’s awake if you want to see her.”

            Once he’d left I moved towards Lily’s room, but Kendra grabbed my elbow and growled in my ear, “We need to talk…right now!” Then she steered me into a corner far away from Potter’s friends. She wheeled around to face me, once she was sure no one could over hear us.

            “Listen if Lily and James are still together, I think she should move out and live with him. It’ll be easier this way. If she moves in with him now there won’t be a huge shuffle of boxes right after the wedding. ” I opened my mouth furious, but she put a finger over it to stop me. “Listen. I want you to think about what the healer just told us Edward. She needs to have the most stressful thing removed from her life, and at the moment I think that’s you!” she hissed angrily, pointing at me with her other hand as she said the last word.

            “No if memory serves she had the nervous breakdown after she and Potter started having some problems.” Kendra bopped me on the back of the head for the thousandth time in a week.

            “Yes but you’re the one who forced those rifts between them, and you’re the one who freaked her out and made her panic so much that she literally lost all of her color and passed out cold. This is honestly the best thing for her. I think that she needs to get away from you. She needs her space, and she needs five seconds alone with James that doesn’t involve worrying about the different ways you can wreck their relationship. This is what she needs right now, and as her parents it is our job to provide her with whatever it is needs. No matter what.”

            “No! She’s not moving in with Potter. There is nothing you can say that’s going to change my mind,” I growled. She put her hands on her hips

            “You know what either she moves out or I do,” I froze as she frowned hard at me. I looked down at her feet. “Why don’t you go to Lily’s room and tell the kids.” I looked sharply up at her. She answered my question before I could ask it. “No I’m not doing it, because while you’re back there you’re going to apologize.” I nodded defeated and headed towards my baby girl’s hospital room. When I reached the door though I paused. The healer was right she was awake, but Potter was still in the room with her.

            “Lils…it’s alright. Everything’s fine. Just calm down,”

            “But you’re leaving aren’t you?” she was gasping for breathe like she’d just been running. There was a creek of bedsprings, as my hopefully never to be son in law sat down next to her.

            “What would make you think that?” This was a moment where, if I knew my daughter, she’d be biting her lip. “Lils?” 

            “Well why wouldn’t you be leaving? My dad told you. I lied to you. I was friends with Severus back when we were little, best friends actually.” Then she burst into tears was the rustle of fabric; Potter was clearly rubbing her back sympathetically. 

            “I already knew about that,” he whispered to her delicately over the sounds of her shaking sobs. She stopped. The door was open a crack so I quickly moved in front of it. They were sitting, side-by-side, on a hospital bed. Potter was still bearing bruises and cuts from our fight, and Lily flower had regained some of her color and was wearing a hospital gown. Her eyes were tear stained, and the dark haired boy was still rubbing her back soothingly. 

            “You…” she stammered a little, “you already knew?” He nodded and she burst into tears again, her body shaking uncontrollably. James had her in his arms quicker than I would have even been able to scoop her up. He made shushing noises to calm her. Finally, after five minutes or so, she sat up again, her face and the front of his shirt both soaking wet. “You knew?” he nodded again. “Well then why didn’t you say anything!” she hollered standing up, and putting her hands on her hips, in a way that I was forcibly reminded of her mother. 

            “Well I didn’t know that was what was bothering you. Did I?” he told her gently, pulling her back down on the bed next to him. She was looking hard at him now, and he answered her unasked question. “Well come on Lils, how could I not know. You two used to hang out a lot in first year. I would even see you together once or twice years later.” She smiled to herself, relieved. “And how could I not know you two were…together for at least a little while,” he winced slightly at this, “I saw him hanging around a lot whenever I would take you out at school.”

            Lily jumped up and shook her head quickly at this last statement. Potter grabbed her elbows quickly to steady her as she was still swaying a little on her feet. “No! James! We were never going out. We were just friends. He never even asked me out or anything like that,” she clarified with gusto. The boy smiled at this pulling her back down on the bed again.

            “Well then Lils,” he stated soothingly, “little Snivellus must have just fancied the pants off you.” Lily shot him a look when he said the name, and he laughed at her expression. “I can’t believe that still bothers you!” he roared, and a small smile spread across my daughter’s face, a genuine amused smile. I hadn’t seen that smile in weeks. It looked good on that perfect face of hers. James stretched out a hand and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She in turn put a hand on his face.

            “What happened?” she asked tenderly moving a finger of the purple bruise beneath his right eye. He grabbed her wrist.

            “Your Dad and I, had…a…bit…” he looking at her carefully trying to gage weather she was up for this kind of news. She looked at him in a way that took all the power of the matter out of his hands. “A…bit…of a brawl…after you’d passed out.” Lily groaned and fell back on her pillows. James moved so that he was lying on the opposite side of the door to her. He kept his head propped up on his elbows, and meanwhile I shifted quickly so as to keep them in sight to them in sight of the crack. They were lying vertically on a bed now after all.

            “It’s ok Lils. He’s in just as bad a shape as I am maybe worse, or at least he was. The healers have probably fixed him up by now. Don’t worry. You know I can hold my own. It wasn’t nearly as hard as the times Padfoot and I get into fist fights.” She groaned even louder at this, lying on her back, hands covering her face. He started playing with a lose strand of her dark red hair. She grabbed his hand quickly and squeezed it desperately. He looked at her curious again.

            “Let’s elope,” she suggested quickly. James smiled at her. He thought she was joking. “Come on James. Let’s just check out, and run off to…to…I don’t know. We can find the minister who does magical weddings and ask him to marry us…then we can…I don’t know.” Potter had suddenly realized she was not joking.

            “Lils calm down. It’s ok. We don’t need to elope. I’ll behave myself from now on. I promise, and you just need some sleep. Who knows how many medical potions they have you on right now. You just need to breath.” But Lily was shaking her head.

            “No. No. I don’t just need to breath or just sleep it off. Listen to me please,” Potter had opened his mouth to argue, but Lily had put a finger over his open mouth to stop him. “James. I want to marry you. I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life. Please!” she nearly screamed when he tried opened his mouth again. He closed it quickly probably, like me, thinking this couldn’t be good for her health. “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I really do, but my father…” she took a deep breath. “My father is never going to let that happen, so let’s just go. Please let’s just elope.” He waited a minute to make sure she was done.

            “Lily we’re not going to become one of those couples.” She looked confused at this. “You know one of those couples that runs off and gets married without any warning. The war is making a lot of people do that you know. They all think they might be dead tomorrow. We’re not going to become one of those couples Lils,” he repeated firmly.

            “Why not? There’s nothing wrong with it. Frank and Alice did it, and it’s not like there isn’t any warning. We’ve been engaged since the end of July.” Potter was shaking his head though. “Why not? You’re the one who was dreaming about eloping.” He smiled, but kept shaking his head.

            “Lily…it’s different for us. Frank and Alice don’t have anyone really. Alice’s parents died two years ago, and Frank just has his mother, and she was actually at the ceremony. Plus do you want to do that to your mum? Petunia eloped. She has never gotten to throw a wedding for one of her little girls. Also Lily…don’t you want a wedding? You’ve been so excited about all the plans and everything. Do you honestly think that you could live with just an I do and nothing else?” Lu Lu was shaking her head now. James smiled and kissed her on the forehead. 

            “That’s my girl,” her murmured against her dark red hair.

            I finally decided that it was time to make my presence known. I cleared my throat loudly and knocked on the door. They both sat up as I walked in. Lily had regained a little more of her color, but Potter looked the same as he always did, disrespectfully sloppy. He stiffened when he saw it was me. Lily glanced nervously between the two of us.

            “Hello,” I offered awkwardly. “How are you feeling sweetie?” Lily shrugged a little. I nodded, and Potter put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed her into him lovingly. “I talked to the healer…” I began, but trailed off. If she did move in with James and the problem did in fact go away that would mean that it was true that I was the reason my precious little girl had been having such a hard time. I was the reason she had to be hospitalized and sedated. It would mean admitting that what I was doing was hurting Lily. It would be like admitting that I’m a bad father. I looked at them both sitting there waiting for me to go on.

            “Your mother and I were talking, and…we were thinking it might…” This was harder than I thought. I didn’t want her to leave. “It might be easier on you…if…if…” I gritted my teeth. “If you…two…moved…in together.” I finally growled out. Lily stared at me, shocked. James however was gazing off into space as though thinking about the idea of living with my daughter. The giddy grin made me want to punch him again.

            “Daddy are you alright with this?” Lily asked concerned. “I mean last time something like this came up.” Potter cut her off before she could finish her thought.

            “This subject has come up before?” he asked quickly. Lily nodded.

            “Just once. We were having a fight,” James snorted a little bit at that. Lily Lou sighed and continued. “And he was being a little unreasonable, and telling me that I had a curfew and I threatened to move out, and that went pretty badly.” Potter nodded looking at Little Lou in a curious way. “What?” she demanded.

            He shrugged. “I just didn’t know you thought about taking that step.” She laughed. They both seemed to have forgotten that I was here.

            “You didn’t know that I was thinking of taking that step? You’re the one who proposed to me that night. I’m sure that everyone in the world agree that’s a bigger step than living together,” they both grinned at the joke and hugged sweetly. I cleared my throat, to remind them I was still in the room. Potter let go of my daughter quickly at the look I was giving him.

            “Well,” I growled, using all my self-restraint not to kill him on the spot. 

            “I don’t know Daddy…are you sure you’re ok with this?” I didn’t answer I just stood their and stared furiously at the two of them. Potter was nodding to himself now.

            “You know what…I think it’s a good idea,” he informed the room at large. We both turned to look at him. He however chose to address Lily. “Think about it. You’re going to have to move in at some point, and now might be better. It’ll be easier on you if you just move in now. We won’t have to make those long trips to see each other and plan the wedding. You’d have your own space, and I’d be able to keep on eye on you. Make sure this,” he gestured around the room as he spoke, “never happens again. It would make me feel a lot better if I could see that you’re all right with my own eyes. That’s why I want to marry you,” he mumbled to us. Lily smiled and kissed him on the lips.

            “Alright. If you think that it’ll work out,” she took a deep breathe, “Then ok…let’s do it…let’s move in together.”

            “You sure?” he asked excitedly.

            “Yeah…I’m sure. It’s not that long before the wedding anyway,” she smiled happily. 

            “Great! So we’re moving in together!”

            “Yeah we’re moving in together!” The engaged couple hugged each other, and I turned around, so as not to see him holding my daughter so delicately in his arms. 

            “Yippee,” I growled heading towards the door.

Chapter 12: Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

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My sweet baby doll is moving out of our house, and she’s moving in with him…a predator. I don’t know how my wife talked me into it, but she did, and now my daughter is moving in with her boyfriend. I don’t know what to do with myself. My whole life has been centered around my girls, and Petunia was stolen from me. Now someone has their paws on Lily, and I’m prepared to maim to keep her here with me.

Hmm maim…. No. No! Last time you tried to break them up Lily had to be rushed to the hospital. Plus Kendra would leave for sure. I was up in Little Lou Lou’s room packing her books up into boxes. Kendra was downstairs making tea for the movers James had promised to send over. He and Sirius had an all day training session, and today was Lily’s last sick day off work. The plan was for Kendra and I to get all Lou’s things into boxes. Then the movers would come, help Little Lily flou all of her possessions over to Potter’s apartment. Then they’d help her move in, and she would then wait for the new man of her new house to get home.

Lily came up with a smile on her face and more empty boxes. She opened her closet and started taking all of her clothes out and packing them. We didn’t speak to one another. Neither of us had really had a conversation since the whole Severus Snape fiasco. I turned to glance at her, but her back was to me. Since we’d gotten home for St. Mungo’s four days ago Lu Lu had been doing a lot better. She’d been sleeping a little more than usual, but that was only because of the sedative that’d been prescribed.

After five minutes only half of her closet had been packed, and she was out of boxes. “Do you want me to get some more for you Little Lily?” she looked up and shook her head. I raised my eyebrows at her.

“I might as well leave some things here,” she sighed straightening up. “Mum wants me to stay here the night before the wedding. That way she can do my makeup and hair in the morning. Plus if you start to get involved again, there wouldn’t been any point to moving everything. If you have your say, I’ll probably wind up back here and single again by the end of the month.” I winced at her criticism, but I can’t say that I didn’t deserve it. She didn’t speak again until Kendra’s voice called us down.

Little Love left the room before I did, due to the fact that the closet was closer to the door, than her bookshelf. I followed her down the steps until we both arrived in the sitting room to find Pettigrew and Lupin drinking the tea my wife had made. I froze when I saw them. Lily however moved forward and greeted them both with a hug. I just came down the last few steps slowly and glared at Potter’s friends with hatred. Lupin let go of my daughter and extended a hand to me.

I took a new tack with this one. I couldn’t be rude to him out right. If I was Lu Lu and Kendra would never let me hear the end of it. I took his hand and squeezed. I began the attempt to crush the boy’s fingers. He winced slightly at my grip. That fact didn’t escape my wife’s sharp eye. She glared at me, just as I realized that Pettigrew had noticed too and seemed reluctant to shake my hand. I let go. Remus was flexing his fingers trying to regain some feeling in them. Lily had spotted it too, maybe it wasn’t as subtle as I thought, and she was now trying to easy the tension that had fallowed.

“Well would you two mind just waiting down here for a little while longer? We aren’t done packing just yet.” Peter shook his head, but Remus turned to her.

“Why don’t we help Lils? It’ll go faster that way,” he suggested. Lily raised her eyebrows at this eagerly.

“Well if you don’t mind?” she inquired looking between Peter and Remus. “We could really use the help.” Peter nodded happily, eager to help, and Lupin just pointed up the steps. Lily smiled and led the two of them upstairs to her room, where more boxes were waiting. I glared at Kendra and she just gestured for me to fallow the kids back up the stairs. When I reached my daughter’s room Lily and her fiancé’s two friends already had half of her items in boxes.

The reason for this sudden up kick in the pace became apparent when the three spotted me. Lupin’s wand quickly dropped to the ground in surprise, and my daughter’s levitating objects fell on the floor with a clatter. I glared at Lily disapprovingly. She lowered her wand slowly, and the box gently landed on the floor. Pettigrew remained the only one who wasn’t using a wand. He threw the box he’d been trying to assemble by hand aside quickly at my entrance. I looked at all three of them, and for some reason I realized that Potter’s friends were looking at me, frightened.

I looked at them all and leaned down, starting to pick up my baby girl’s possessions. Remus leaned down, so I could no longer see the fear in his eyes, and started helping Peter assemble the moving boxes, without magic. I started putting the things spread out across the floor into the cardboard container Little Love had been levitating. Unlike the other two though, Lily Lou wasn’t afraid of me. In fact she’d been raring for a fight with me since we’d gotten out of the hospital.

“Dad we can do this by magic. It’ll make things go a lot faster,” she told me with a fake smile plastered firmly across her face. I shook my head at her and handed her the packing tape. She groaned, but didn’t push the subject for some reason. Instead she put her head down in one swift movement of frustration and took the tape from me, in a way that told me my youngest would like nothing more than to smack me upside the head with it. I couldn’t resist smiling to myself. That was something her mother would have loved to do.

The four of us started to pack up Lily’s things. Little Lou and Lupin were taping the boxes up, and Pettigrew and I were throwing the contents of the room sloppily into the cardboard containers. We worked in silence for about twenty minutes, before Peter finally broke the silence.

“Lily, what’s this?” he asked holding up a pen. She looked up at the black stick he was holding, as she handed me another box.

“It’s a pen Peter,” she said calmly, looking back down at the tape in her hands. The watery-eyed boy looked confused, and she glanced back up at him. Sighing she continued. “It’s like a muggle version of a quill.” A sudden look of compression crossed over his face, as he tossed the small black stick, like thing, into a fresh box. Then he held up a thing of lipstick.

“And what’s this?” I growled and grabbed my daughter’s make up from him. Lily didn’t even look up, from helping her shabby looking college. The silence stretched over for a few minutes, and them Peter spoke again, “What’s this Lily?” he asked. We all looked up this time, and Lily turned a shad of dark red. Her soon to be husband’s friend was holding up a bag of sanitary supplies. Remus looked down quickly, to spare his peer’s dignity. I grabbed the bag and shoved them into the box with the lipstick.

Peter, unaware that he had caused one of his best friends any embarrassment, pulled out a bottle of some kind from the desk in the corner. “What’s this Lils?” We all looked up again, reluctantly due to the last question he’d asked. I froze when I saw the bottle in his hands. Across the glass bottle there was a label that I knew very well. I had bought about a dozen bottle of vitamins with that label for Kendra over the course of two pregnancies. Remus also seemed to have recognized the bottle and was staring at the bride to be in shock and awe. Lily however just glanced at the vitamins and looked back at the box.

“A gift for Petunia,” she said lightly, not noticing the changing the atmosphere. I let my breath out, not even realizing that I’d been holding it. Finally we finished packing and we all started lugging the millions of boxes down to the sitting room where Kendra was waiting with a tray of tea and biscuits. She smiled as the last couple of boxes were set down in front of fireplace.

“Anyone hungry?” The two movers nodded and rushed towards the food. They ate my wife’s cooking hungrily. I looked at them in disapproval. Neither of them noticed though as they complimented Kendra on the food. Lily sat down on the couch across from her feeding friends. I groaned as I joined her on the furniture. I looked at her, and she focused pointedly at the wall in front of her. Kendra had gone to collect more tea, and the two boys were too occupied by their food to notice what we were doing.

“Listen darling,” I muttered to her kindly. She angrily looked at me, her eyes telling me she wished she could stab me with a knife. “I know you’re mad at me, but I’m trying here.” She gazed at me surprised. Then her expression became relieved.

“I’m glad Daddy,” she smiled, calling me Daddy for the first time in weeks. “I happy to hear that you’re excepting the fact that I’m getting married.” I didn’t know where it came from, but there was a sudden pang in my gut. I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. I just couldn’t.

“Back up there darling,” she groaned and let her head fall back up against the cushions so she staring at the ceiling now. “I said,” I continued, ignoring her reaction. “That I was trying. I’m trying to get rid of the cause of all your pain.”

“Daddy. That would be you,” she told me, sitting back up exasperatedly. I ignored her and continued with my main point.

“So don’t you worry about a thing Lily Lou. That boy will be out of your life before you can make a big mistake. It’s all under control baby doll,” I said giving her a one armed hug. Kendra rejoined the room before my youngest could respond. She had another tray of biscuits and a refilled teapot. She smiled, putting platter on the coffee table, and sitting down on Lily’s other side.

The next hour passed in a happy way, for Kendra, Remus, and Peter. Lily and I were staring at each other, much in a way that Potter and I would stare each other down. Our three companions didn’t notice our contest. They discussed everything under the sun. They talked about how Kendra’s piano lessons were going. They threw around ideas about baby names. My wife of thirty years fretted over the fact that she was going to be a grandmother for about fifteen minutes. Then Remus glanced at his watch and looked up at Lily, noticing for the first time her expression.

“Um…Lily…. we should probably get your stuff over to James’ place now. He’s going to be home in a bit, and he’ll be worried if you aren’t there. He has been more concerned about you than usual lately…” he trailed off, confused by how she was still staring at me. “Are you sure everything is alright Lils?”

“Yes it’s fine,” she said, tarring her eyes away from me for the first time. “I’m fine Remus really. You four are just worrying too much…which is strange because usually I’m the one who worries too much…at least according to you four.”

Lupin shook his head slowly at her. “Lily, in James’ head when it comes to you, there isn’t such thing as worrying too much.” Kendra sighed, and Little Love nodded and stood up. The two men started picking up the boxes, while Lou lit a fire with her wand. She then leaned down to grab some cardboard, but Remus, Peter, and I both moved to stop her. I made her straighten back up as she looked at all three of us surprised.

“Don’t strain yourself Lils,” Lupin said. Peter nodded in agreement, and I held her elbow as we watched the two Marauders made three trips each to get my youngest’s possessions to her new place of residence. Once they made the last trip they told Lily they’d meet her at the apartment. After the flames flared up for the last time my baby girl turned to us. Kendra let out a sob, and she embraced her daughter.

“I’m going to miss you baby doll,” she choked squeezing our daughter even tighter. It was a mass of red hair, as Lily had received her dark red hair from her mother. I pushed my graying brown hair back and held the two of them in my wide arms. They were both sobbing and sniffling. Suddenly the smaller of the two bodies started to wriggle out of my embrace. I kissed her on top of the head before she escaped my arms.

Her face was tear stained as she backed toward the fireplace. Then without saying goodbye she sobbed again and pulled some powder out of her pocket. “Maylien Road, Building no. 12 apartment 9,” she called clearly then in a whoosh the flames engulfed her, and she was gone.

Chapter 13: Mrs. and Miss Evans
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I’m tired. School sucks, and I can’t get my head to stop spinning from some major social changes I’ve been going through. Plus I’m trying to keep up with my other stories. I’m really sorry I don’t have as much free time as I used to, but I’m back. Until I fall asleep at least.

Lily’s been gone for three days. Kendra and I know officially have an empty nest. I think I’m going insane in the silence. I can only work for so long, plus the only times I put in extra hours at the office is when Kendra and I are on perfectly good terms, or one of the girls is sick. I’m not on good terms with my wife right now, and more time at the office would send the wrong message. Plus now there’s no vomiting for sick girls to avoid cleaning up, because there are no girls, period. Which is the problem.

It had been three days, and Kendra has been sighing a lot more than usual. We had more time to ourselves true, but I missed hearing squeals from the back yard or thumps for upstairs as the girls jumped around to music from their rooms. I can’t stand the silence for much longer. At this moment it was my day off, and Kendra was in the kitchen making lunch. I was in the living room fidgeting, too uncomfortable with the silence to read. After twenty minutes of hell my wife summoned me for lunch. We sat down, the silence still closing in on us. As we ate though Kendra suddenly broke the cause of my insanity.

“It’s nice that it’s just the two of us.” I grunted in response. She just smiled. “I mean it hasn’t been just the two of us since before Petunia was born, and that was nearly twenty years ago. It’s nice,” she paused, and I still didn’t answer. “It’s so quiet I can actually hear myself think now.” With that I snorted. She looked up at me upset.

“I’m sorry,” I said a little annoyed. “You’re happy that both our daughter ruined their lives, and left us hanging without a word of goodbye or thank you.”

“Darling I miss them too, but you know what. When they were kids we would always dream about the day it would be just the two of us again. How we could do all the things we always dreamed of doing to provide sanity when they wouldn’t stop crying. Come on honey,” she said kindly standing up, walking over to me and staring to rub my shoulders. “It’s just the two of us now. We used to dream about this.” She leaned down and to kiss both sides of my neck. “You know,” she said, standing up and rubbing my shoulders again. “After the wedding, we have nothing to hold us down. We can take a trip. How do you feel about a second honey moon?” I couldn’t resist smiling, especially since if there wasn’t a wedding, and we did get to take a trip it would be like Christmas for me. Kendra however seemed to guess what I was thinking.

“However if there isn’t a wedding. Lily will move back in, and we won’t be able to leave until she picks her life back up or marries another man. And if she’s as much in love with James as I think she is that could take a while,” she said putting emphasis on the last word. I groaned and started to eat my sandwich again. Kendra smiled happily and moved over to her plate of waiting food. Just as she sat down though there was a ringing coming from the phone. I stood up quickly and rushed over to the kitchen, picking up our white-corded phone on the way.

“Hello,” I said hoping dearly that it was one of the girls. Luck was with me today.

“Hi Dad it’s Lily.” I smiled as I heard my red headed daughter’s voice coming from the other end of the line.

“Hi sweetie. How are you settling in?”

“Oh just fine. I went back to work. That’s going great too. Listen I was wondering if I could have dinner with you guys tomorrow night?” My heart skipped a beat at the idea of having he back into the house. I smiled.

“Course Little Lou you’re welcome her anytime.” I heard her let out a sigh of relief. “What time can your mother and I expect you and…and James?”

“Oh James isn’t going to be coming. He has a late training session. It’s just going to be the three of us.” In my head I was dancing around like a maniac now.

“Everything alright baby doll?”

“Yeah,” she said trying to remain calm. “I just need to talk to you guys. That’s all right Daddy? Besides I figured you’d be rejoicing at the idea of your soon to be son in law not being there seeing as how you hate him with the passion that grandpa hated you with,” she snapped, annoyed for no reason now.

“You it would get you around faster if you retracted the claws Lily Love. Plus it would make my day if you and your mother stopped comparing me to my impossible father in law. I’m nothing like Grandpa darling.”

Lily sighed. “Whatever you need to tell yourself Dad. I’ll see you and Mum at seven tomorrow night.” She said a little snappishly hanging up hard. I looked at the phone confused as I hung it back up on its receiver. Kendra had fallowed me into the kitchen and was looking at me.

“Lily wants to come over for dinner tomorrow,” I said looking at my wife happily. She smiled and started to pull her cookbook to decide what make for our daughter. After a minute though she looked up at me.

“What time are they coming over?”

“They’re not. James has to be at training. It’s just going to be Lily.” She looked up confused, her mouth slightly open.

“Really?” she said standing up from leaning over her cookbook. I nodded. “Really,” she repeated looking at me confused. I shrugged as I continued to eat my lunch, which she’d brought in, over the sink. Kendra however remained silent while I ate her food too. I looked up after I’d put the dishes in the sink and started to run the water.

“What?” I demanded of my silent wife of thirty years.

“Nothing…” she hesitated before continuing though. “Why would she be coming over without him?” I turned around from the sink, where I’d been washing the dishes and focused my eyes on her again.

“She said that he had a training session with the Ministry.” Kendra nodded. And pulled out the phone book. I raised my eyebrows at her. “What?” I demanded of my wife. She shook her head as she dialed a number on the phone quickly. I sighed and left the room leaving Kendra standing by the phone waiting for whoever she was calling to answer. Once in the living room I sat down and picked up my newspaper. From here I could hear my wife’s entire conversation.

“Hi Petunia. It’s mum.” There was a pause. “No we’re fine. How are you feeling?” There was another pause. “That’s good…. No Lily moved in with James.” Kendra paused for a longer amount of time. “It’s alright. Actually I recommended it.”

I groaned and Kendra moved a finger across her throat, while staring pointedly at me from the open kitchen door. “Oh no. I actually think he’s handling it quite well,” It was hard not to laugh out load at that. “Anyway I was wondering if you knew if it was common for aurors in training to have session at night?”

I looked up from my newspaper and stared at her shocked. She waved her hand around to tell me to be quiet. I fell silent as she listened to our eldest’s answer. I waited looking at her like she’d lost her mind. After about five minutes Kendra said “Ah. Thanks honey. Tell Vernon I say hello. Call me later, and we’ll go shopping for baby clothes together.” She paused again. “I’ll see honey. I’ll have to talk to her, but if you want her there, I’ll see what I can do.” She waited for a second again. “Love you too. Bye.” With that she hung up and came out to me in the living room, and sat down on the chair opposite. I looked at her demanding an explanation.

“Petunia says that Lily told her a few months back aurors don’t have training sessions at night unless it’s Friday, and even then it’s very rare. They’re pushed hard enough during the day.” I raised my eyebrows at her confused. “Tomorrow is Wednesday. They only have the night sessions on Friday.” I opened my mouth, the truth dawning on me at last.

“She lied. He doesn’t have a session…” I trailed off as a fantastic idea dawned on me, and I allowed a look of complete bliss to cross my face. Kendra looked at me, upset now; she knew what I was going to say before I opened my mouth, but that didn’t stop me. “Maybe they broke up. Oh yes the wedding is off. This is fantastic!” I yelled standing up. Kendra kicked my shins from beneath the coffee table. I groaned and leaned down to grab my aching leg. She was on her feet already.

“You know what…” she laughed, watching me nurse my leg. “I’m going to have to say this one more time. You are more like my father than you would ever like to admit.” I stood up infuriated now. I pointed at my wife in rage.

“I am nothing like your father. He was an impossible man, who would have thrown a party if our wedding had been called off. He was unreasonable and nothing I ever did made him like me. I gave up on him long before he passed. In fact he hated me so much that on the day he left this world, may his god damned heartless soul rest in peace, I let out a sigh of relief along with the rest of the world.”

Kendra shook her head as she looked at me. “So you’re denying that you hate James in exactly that same manner?” she confirmed. I nodded firmly and directly. She shook her head at me exasperated.

“Kendra,” I said annoyed now. “Your father despised me for no reason. I can’t stand James for plenty of reasons.”

“Name one,” she demanded of me again. I looked at her.

“We’ve had this conversation before,” I reminded her thoroughly sick of the topic. She shook her head.

“You didn’t answer that question last time either.”

“He punched me for starters.”

“After you abused Lily’s mental health to the point where she couldn’t even remain conscious. Most fathers would take that as an example of how much their little girls were loved.”

“A father should take a soon to be son in law attacking him as a sign that he really loves his daughter. Yeah that makes a lot of sense Ken.”

“To James, he wasn’t attacking his fiancée’s father. He was attacking a threat to his beloved. No go Edward. Give me another?” She was tapping her foot and shaking her head, a soft smile on her face. I grimaced at her upset now. Her smile widened, as she turned back into the kitchen. “I’m going to make meatloaf. That’s always been Lily’s favorite.” I sat back down annoyed now.


A little over twenty-four hours later I was dressed smartly, waiting in the living room for the youngest daughter. As my wife was in the kitchen perfecting the meal for her, the doorbell rang. I rushed forward and opened the door. Lily was waiting patiently for me on the other side. She smiled at me as she walked forward in a slightly baggy baby blue dress. I embraced her and kissed her on the forehead as she crossed the threshold. Her mother had at this point left the kitchen and the two women hugged briefly before Kendra had to rush back to the food. With that I lead Lily to the couch, and moved to the drink cart as she seated herself on the couch.

“What do you want darling?” She looked up from examining the wood on the coffee table. “Gin, Ale?” I prompted kindly.

“No Dad. Water’s fine,” she said crossing her arms and sitting back. We sat down together and waited in silence for my wife to return and give us dinner. “So,” she began making conversation. “How have things been since I left?”

“Quiet. Your mother can’t get enough of being able to hear her own thoughts again. I personally preferred this place loud,” I told her with a smile and another kiss on the forehead. “What about you? How’s James?”

“He’s good,” Little Love told me without blushing or showing any sings of stress, but her mother and I had learned when she was very young that she was a superb liar. I knew that if I wanted to hear the jolly news I had in mind I would have to push a little bit harder.

“Too bad he had a late night training. Sirius with him?” She nodded without looking at me. “Well that’s nice that they’re together. They have fun at sessions?” She nodded again. “That’s sweet. You like Sirius?” She looked at me, vaguely annoyed now.

“Yeah Sirius is great. He’s sweet as a puppy dog, and ever since I’ve known them Sirius and James have been inseparable. They’re like brothers.”

“That’s sweet. Do they have night time training a lot?” She shook her head. “Well that’s good. I don’t like the idea of you alone at night,” I paused, realizing for the first time how much I didn’t like that idea. “You know whenever he’s out for the night you can feel free to just stay here. It’ll be less lonely.” She nodded gently.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said her tone softening. Just then Kendra called us into the dining room for our food. We both stood up at the same time and made our way out of the sitting room. Kendra was waiting happily with the food on the table. Everyone sat down and we dished up in silence. After a minute or two Kendra broke the cause of my discomfort again.

“Now darling how are you and James doing? I was a little surprised when I heard you were coming without him?” I smiled. I knew that for the first time in a long while Kendra and I had banded together to make an impossible force to fight against our daughters. Little Lily Love swallowed her meat loaf with great difficulty, as if she was going to be sick, before she answered.

“We’re doing fine. I think he feels a lot better having me around constantly. It’s all great.” I drained half of my wine glass as she said this, trying hard not to let my obvious upset be clear to my daughter and her mother.

“That’s nice. I think it’s wonderful sweetie. Can’t wait for the wedding.” I glared at my wife at this statement. She smiled at me, as she swooshed her drink around her glass. I glared back at her. “So how are the plans coming?” she demanded redirecting her attention to Lily Lou. “If things are coming along slowly, I can swing by yours and James’ place to help out if you need it.”

“No, Mrs. Potter has been helping me.” I looked at Kendra a bit surprised myself. We hadn’t heard anything about Potter’s parents. That didn’t seem to be concerning my beloved. She had pursed her lips, just like Petunia. I quickly made a mental note as to where our eldest had picked up that…charming quality. While I made that note though her mother had drained her entire glass of wine. I looked at the empty fine glass container surprised. My red headed wife raised her eyebrows as though challenging me. Which is why I chose not to say anything.

Lily made a gagging noise from my left. I snapped my eyes on her. She had her hand over her mouth, and was slowly pushing her plate of meatloaf across the table. Kendra looked confused and worried now. Little Lou Lou moved her green eyes from me to her mother as we stared at her in concern.

“The healer mentioned that my sedative can cause a slight lose in appetite.” I nodded, having no clue whether that was true or not. I waited for Kendra to say something, but she was busy refilling her glass. I looked back at Lily.

“You sure you’re not hungry?” She nodded looking anywhere but at the table holding the meatloaf, salad, breadsticks, and the other assortment of food her mother had prepared. “Not even for meatloaf?” She shook her head still focusing uncommonly hard on my face. “But it’s your favorite.”

“I know Dad. I’m just not hungry.”

“All right honey.” I said looking at her worried. I glanced at Kendra who was taking another gulp of wine.

“So,” Kendra said speaking suddenly. Everyone’s eyes snapped at her surprised by the harshness in her tone. “Mrs. Potter has been helping you with the wedding?” Lily nodded, looking at her mother in confusion. “Well that’s just fantastic. I mean I always thought that a mother and daughter were supposed to plan that kind of thing together, but the mother in law is a perfect alternative.” We stared at her as she drained the rest of her glass, and reached for the bottle. “You know if an alternative was needed.” She poured the remainder of the bottle into her goblet. “Did I suffer some kind of deathly injury that I wasn’t aware of?” she demanded of everyone sitting at the table. I gaped at her shocked, wondering why she was suddenly acting so much like me.

“Mum,” Little Love said staring at her mother, as if shocked and unaware of what she was supposed to do. Kendra sat her glass back on the table with a thud, spilling its contents over the tablecloth. Lou Love sat father back in her seat, away from the spill, as the strong stench of grapes and alcohol spread through the room. Lily Lou covered her nose with her napkin in distaste.

Kendra pointed at her daughter’s untouched glass of wine. “May I?” Little Lovely Lou nodded in response. Her mother seized her glass and drained it in one gulp. Then she grabbed a bowl of mashed potatoes, without missing a beat she shoved the bowl under Lily’s nose. “Eat!” her mother snapped finally losing patience. “I made these especially for you Lillian Marie Evans, the least you can do is eat them.” Lily had turned green at the sight of the food, and the second her mother was threw speaking she covered her mouth, made a gagging sound, and rushed to the bathroom, where I could hear my youngest daughter empting the contents of her stomach.

Chapter 14: Expecting Parents
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

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Kendra and I stared at the door that Lily had dashed through not thirty seconds before. I stood up and made my way towards the bathroom, where our youngest was losing the contents of her stomach. I knocked on the closed door, but the only response I received was a retching noise. I looked back towards my wife, who was looking for another bottle of wine, but was pulling out a container of whiskey instead. She was pointedly ignoring me.

The bathroom door opening distracted me almost instantly; Lily was emerging shaking and white. I put my arm around her shoulders to steady her, and lead her to the couch. She lay down, breathing heavily, as I reached for the bottle of gin sitting on the drinking cart. My mother had always insisted that gin helped settle one’s stomach. I’d never believed her, but it was worth a shot. Little Love seemed to disagree. She grabbed my wrist as my fingers grasped the neck of the clear glass.

“No,” she said dryly. I wrenched my hand out of her grip. “No!” she repeated more firmly as I looked for a glass.

“Baby doll, we have to get some liquid in you.”

“Then water,” she rasped firmly. I shook my head, wincing at the idea of how far it was to the nearest glass of water. “Daddy I can’t!” she almost yelled now. I turned and looked at her on the couch. She was starting to sweat. I didn’t know what to do. She needed something, but I’d never been good with nausea. After Kendra had been pregnant with Petunia for a while she just made me stop coming after her whenever a particularly bad bought of nausea would come into play. She never even let me near her whenever she would be sick with…morning sickness. I looked at my daughter long and hard. Tears were forming in her eyes, as she looked back.

“Water,” she croaked one last time. I nodded and headed to the kitchen, were I found my wife drinking from a plastic cup. I filled up a glass without looking at her, and returned to our youngest daughter. I ran my fingers over Little Lily Lou’s forehead while she sipped her liquid. After a few minutes she sat up slowly, taking deep steadying breaths. We sat in silence for a couple more minutes before I spoke.

“How far?” I demanded quietly, sitting down on the coffee table by the couch, not being able to take it anymore. She kept staring straight ahead at the wall and didn’t answer until all the water had been emptied from her glass. I waited in silence.

“A little less than a month,” was her soft emotional response. I buried my face in my hands. She bit her lip, looking at me finally, scared of my answer. I couldn’t really think of what to say. This is a disaster. This kind of thing is supposed to happen after the wedding, a really long time after the wedding. Someone must not be very attached to their head. Finally a thought struck me.

“It might not be true,” I whispered hopefully. She looked at me, eyes wide; as if, unable to believe even I was capable of talking myself into something like that. “No listen,” I added quickly. “A women usually has to be a bit over a month before she can know for sure. I’m sure that this is just a false alarm Lovely Lou, no listen.” She was shaking her head.

“Dad,” Little Lovely started gently. “Magic can detect a pregnancy only two weeks after conception,” she informed. I moaned as she continued. “Ever since the incident at Frank and Alice’s the healer thought it would be a good idea for me to come in once every two weeks for a while. The first time they saw me, James and I had conceived only week before. It was too early for the pregnancy to be detected. The last time I went in though….” She trailed off, not needing to finish the sentence. Another thought formed in my head, one that was not in Lou Lou’s favor.

“How far along did you say you were?”

“A little less than a month,” she repeated looking up at me, no trace of tears in her eyes. “Actually I guess about a month at this point. Why?”

“Because about a month ago you were still living here,” I snapped. She froze, and looked back down at the carpet. I looked up at ceiling and back at her, my frustration reaching a peek. “Lily, where was this baby conceived?” Little Lovely Love looked up at me, her mouth open in shock and embarrassment. “Don’t make me repeated the question Lily Flower,” I threatened.

“Dad…” she began, but I never let her finish.

“Under our roof Lillian!” I hollered at her on my feet suddenly. “You let this boy impregnate you under our roof!! Up in your bedroom this whole time!!!” I was getting louder with each
sentence. “You behave this way in our house!! You have…have in our house!!!! Under our roof Lillian!” I screamed at the top of my lungs at her. Tears were finally beginning to appear.

“Well, it’s too late now,” she hollered back as the salty water ran down her cheeks. “What do you want to do about it!!” Her voice was just as loud as mine. I spluttered at her as she stood up. “What,” Lovely Lily said her voice lowering a notch. “It’s true. James and I did make love up in my bedroom while I was still living her, and this,” she gestured at her unchanged stomach. “Is the result. It’s too late to do anything. So what?”

I lost it completely. “You are grounded!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, unable to control my rage. Lily opened her mouth her fury over powering her.

“You. Can. Not. Ground. Me!” she reminded me, speaking slowly and putting emphasis on every word that escaped her lips, as if that would help get her point into my stubborn brain. “I. Don’t. Live. Here. Anymore.”

“That’s a technicality!” I bellowed.

She let out a scream of frustration, anger wracking her voice as she continued. “Don’t you get it Dad! I’m an adult! I can do whatever I want, and you can’t do anything about it! Because I’m not six years old anymore! I’m going to be a mother! I’m going to be a wife!”

“What? You’re not six anymore,” I repeated stupidly. “Well could have fooled me. This baby is the result of a rash unplanned, loss of control over two people’s hormones. Proving that you are under no circumstances ready for this!”

“That’s not true. I’m ready for this! We’re ready for this Daddy! I was scared when I found out, but it was a good scared. It was a wow I can’t believe this is happening to me kind of thing. It’s…it’s great Dad. It’s really fantastic,” she informed me her voice breathy and excited.

“Lily,” I started, trying to keep her calm, knowing that in her condition she couldn’t tale much. “You are not ready for this. Have you thought about how you’re going to support this child? You have one of the lowest paychecks available, due to the fact that you haven’t even had your job for six months. And even if Potter sticks around you can’t rely on him for an income. He’ll be in training for another four years, no money coming in,” I reminded her calmly.

“James isn’t going anywhere!” she yelled. I tenderly grabbed her shoulders. The trimester she was in right now was the most delicate. The baby would be in worse condition now if she went through a high stress level, than if she went through it five months. Little Love had already been through so much stress she’d collapsed, while she was with my grandchild. It was a miracle she hadn’t lost it already.

“Lily,” I started again. But she pushed me away from her, and I accidentally knocked the bottle of gin I’d tried to give her earlier off the table. The glass shattered on the floor, and the liquid spread across the carpet, sending the stench of alcohol around the room. Little Lovely Lily gagged, covered her mouth, and finally pushed past me towards the bathroom. I watched her leave, shaking my head. I was cleaning up the glass, when the doorbell rang. Answering it I saw the one person whose head I wanted to take off the most at the moment.

“Is she here?” Potter demanded stepping over the threshold, and looking around desperately. I growled and cracked my knuckles He stepped on the glass I’d been cleaning, and unconsciously waved his wand, and the mess was gone. I closed the door, so none of the neighbor’s would see. “Is she here?” he repeated desperately. I looked at him angry and confused, gritting my teeth. I’d known he didn’t have a session tonight, but I’d just assumed he was too scared to come face us, after what he’d done. “Please!” he cried desperately. Why was he so panicky? He knew where she was. Didn’t he?

“Wait you didn’t know she was here?” I demanded, for the first time in a long time totally lost as to what was going on.

“No!” he hollered. “I begged her to wait to tell you till after the wedding, but she wouldn’t listen. She didn’t tell me she was going to do it now though. I would have come too! I would have helped her tell you. I would have told you about how we can manage this with little income, how I have been saving all my money for this since I met her when we were kids. How I know we can do this. I wanted to be there for her, because I know she was scared about telling you.” Potter collapsed on the couch and buried his face in his hands. I stood by the door, confused.

“Back up. You wanted to come tonight?” I demanded of my daughter’s fiancé at a total loss as to what was going on.

“Of course. I wouldn’t just leave her to explain all of this to you by herself. It would be unhelpful and abandonment if I left her in this mess. What kind of father would I be then?! I told her that we’d tell you after wedding. Kendra will be more accepting then, and you would be less likely to rip me in half. She doesn’t say anything, so I assume she agrees with me. Then I go out to tell the guys the good news, and of course they’re all over the moon. Sirius is calling dibs on godfather. I come home never happier about this, and Lils isn’t in bed. I can’t find her anywhere. I’m thinking the worst here, death eaters, Voldemort, her and our unborn child taken from me forever.” he screamed at me, clearly upset. “If anything like that ever happens…I…I don’t know what I’d do,” he whispered, calming down. We stayed in silence for a while. “She’s ok right? You didn’t giver her anything to drink?”

I shook my head. “I tried, but she refused. Besides the smell of alcohol makes her nauseas. It wasn’t much of a problem. Kendra drank all her wine before Lovely Little Lily could get sick.” He looked up, clearly thinking I’d lost my mind. “It’s true. If you don’t believe me you can join my wife in the kitchen. She’s drinking out of a paper cup right now. I intend to join her…if there’s any alcohol left in the house.”

“No,” Potter stated firmly. “Where’s Lily?”

“She’s in the bathroom. Broke that bottle of gin earlier by accident.” Potter stood up and rushed to my Lou Lou’s aid. Once left alone, I made my way towards the kitchen to my sad pathetic wife, who was most likely at this point was so drunk she couldn’t see straight. A pon entrance I saw her sitting on the floor two empty bottles around her. I sat down next to her, back up against the counter. She handed me the half full bottle in her hand. I took one swig before reaching up and putting it up on the counter above our heads. She sighed contently.

“How do you feel about two grandkids?” I asked as she leaned her head on my shoulder.

“You know a mother is supposed to help with the wedding. It’s her right.”

“Kendra,” I began.

“You know I’ve already been deprived of that right by Petunia. She ran away for her wedding. I didn’t even get to see it. Now Lily won’t let me help. It’s incredible how our daughters can be so selfish sometimes,” she said giving a little hiccup and pointing towards the wall, concealing the bathroom where Lovely Lily and Potter where tending to her nausea.

“You know what I think is incredible,” I said smiling at her as she turned to me her eyes alive with interest. “I think it’s incredible that you have had nearly four bottles to drink, and still aren’t slurring.”

“Ahhh,” she giggled, pointing me. “You forget how you met me?”

I smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “That day is carved in my mind forever.” I brushed a stray stand of hair behind her ears as I stared into her eyes. She smiled, and sat up a little straighter, before I kissed her gently on the lips. “And no I haven’t forgotten that I found you bartending at your best friends tavern, more drunk than the people you were serving.” She smiled as I said this.

“That was a good summer.” I kissed her one more time.

“Yes that was the best summer ever,” I said kissing her neck lightly. “Your parents were so proud of you.” I kissed the other side of her neck. “You left with intensions of spending the whole summer tipsy and came back with an equally tipsy fiancé. They were never happier.”

“You know my father would have liked James Potter,” she giggled.

“Aw here we go with that again. Haven’t we talked about this before?”

“Not really,” I groaned as she giggled louder. “You can deny it all you want Edward Evans, but my father would have loved James Potter. Liked him a hell of a lot better than he liked you. By this point he’d be going on about how any father would be lucky to have is daughter marrying someone like James Potter.”

“Your father wasn’t capable of liking someone Kendra, anyway at this point,” I said throwing her arm around my neck. “Your father,” I lifted her up off the ground bridal style. “Would have put you to bed.” With that I carried my wasted wife of thirty years up to our bedroom.

Chapter 15: The Father to Be
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Kendra asleep in bed at last, someone has to go yell at Potter, but somehow manage to keep Lily Love calm. Good luck to me. I made my way bitterly down to the bathroom on the first floor. I walked down the hall, and could already hear their voices. Potter must not have even bothered to close the door. I winced as Lily lost the contents of her stomach again.

“It’s all alright now,” Potter was saying. If I positioned myself right at the end of the hallway I could see the couple sitting on the bathroom floor. James had a wet cloth and was dabbing her forehead. Little Lovely Lily had her back resting against his chest as they sat in front of the toilet. Her chest was heaving as the cool water her fiancé was covering her forehead with, trickled down her face. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah…I think so,” she said dryly. As I closely examined her, I spotted her widened hips and swollen ankles, exposing her condition to a well-trained eye. She was pale as well, her eyes closed and trembling, as her insides returned to a peaceful state. Potter started to rub her shoulders to relax her. She smiled and moaned in pleasure. There was a pause before James spoke again.

“You know you didn’t have to tell them alone. I would have come if you told me,” he whispered delicately. Little Lou Lily was shaking her head. “No I would have,” he insisted.

“You would have tried to talk me into waiting till after the wedding. I didn’t want to. I’ve never lied to them, and I would never keep something like this from them. They’re going to be grandparents, and that felt like something they deserve to know,” Lovely Lou Lou explained. Potter sighed as he began to run the wet washcloth over her forehead again.

“If you had explained that to me I would have respected your decision. They’re your parents, so it’s your call. I would have been able to help you explain it to them.”

“I didn’t think you’d understand,” she whimpered, hiccupping as the tears reappeared. He sighed patiently, aware of her heightened emotional state.

“Lily,” he spoke her name with a love and tenderness I’d never heard before. “We’re going to be married,” he reminded her quietly. She sniffed. “That means that we’re going to be making decisions together. If you don’t agree with me, tell me. We’ll talk it all out. I’d rather we compromise, than coming home to find you gone ever again.” He kissed on the top of the head and held her tighter to him.

“I’m sorry I scared you,” she whispered, as she clung to his dark blue T-shirt.

“I was so afraid. I was convinced they’d taken you. I was so sure. I thought they’d…I thought…I was so sure you…you both,” he moved his hand to her flat abdomen. “Were lost to me forever. I couldn’t live through that.” Potter’s voice broke.

“I’m so sorry, James,” Lovely Lu Lu apologized again. “I promise. I’ll never put you through that ever again.” They clung tightly to each other on the bathroom floor. He rocking her back and forth as she lazily closed her eyes and started to breath deeply. Within minutes she was asleep. It was only then did Potter look up and spot me at the end of the hallway. I gestured silently for him to fallow me. He nodded, picked my flower up bridal style, and walked behind me up to her old room. I pulled back the covers and he laid my youngest princess between the sheets. With that we both silently left and returned to the sitting room.

“I just figured you’d need help finding her room from inside the house. I’m guessing you used to climb in from the window.” He didn’t even look ashamed.

“Only once,” was his nonchalant reply. I cracked my knuckles again. Potter took a hurried step back. “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” he added quickly.

“Doesn’t change the fact that it’s happened,” I growled. He stood his ground at my threats.

“Listen Mr. Evans, I love your daughter, and to be quite honest I’m not sorry for her present condition. If I had to do it again we’d still be dealing with this. This baby is a blessing, and if you can’t support that than I don’t care what Lily says, I don’t want you anywhere near our child.” I blinked at his bluntness, but continued anyway.

“This baby is a blessing.” He let out a say of relief at my words, probably from not having to pick a fight with Lovely Lillian. “It’s a blessing for you because I’m not going try and stop the wedding anymore.” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t be disrespectful Potter. You’re going to do the right thing. Under no circumstance are you to do anything but marry my daughter.”

“Under no circumstances have my intentions ever been any different,” he informed me coolly, no laughter in his eyes. I cracked my knuckles for the last time that night and headed to open the front door. “I’m not leaving without Lily,” he called, not yelling, but still loud enough for me to glance at the stairs were my wife and child were dreaming the night away.

“Well than go take her home.” The words were more difficult to get out than I would ever care to admit. It was hard enough letting her leave the first time, but to allow her to leave a second time, with a predator who’d impregnated her…I didn’t even want to think about it.

“I can’t,” he growled, just as annoyed as me. “I don’t have it in me to wake her, and even if I did the healers don’t allow expecting witches to apporate. It’s not healthy for the baby, and traveling by floo powder can be just as dangerous. The only way I can get her from place to place is by the Night bus, and that’s not safe at hour, weather she’s pregnant or not. That’s how she got here, and I don’t like the idea of her taking it at all without me really.” The last sentence was to illustrate that he wasn’t departing for her to take it home the next morning.

“Then,” I muttered, not stupid enough to think I was going to talk him into leaving his fiancée in my care for one night, despite the fact that she’d been in my care for eighteen years without a hair on her head ever being harmed. “You sleep on the couch.” Before the sentence was out of my mouth I’d shoved some spare blankets and pillows into his arms, from when Kendra forced me into this room. He took off his shoes and started to get comfortable as I headed towards the stairs. Before I was out of earshot though.

“Potter,” he twisted his head to look at me. “If you like your face the way it is, stay down here. I hear all, and you’ve had more than enough time in my daughter’s bed under my roof.” He nodded, and laid back down. I continued up the stairs, for once to sleep in my own bed. As I settled into the covers I smiled happily. Kendra couldn’t even be mad at me for this.

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Chapter 16: Expecting Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents
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I woke up to a thump and the sound of running footsteps. I climbed out of bed, walked out of the bedroom door, and nearly crashed into Potter as he rushed after a morning sick Lily. I winced at the sound of my youngest retching, as her fiancé held back her hair. I walked downstairs and started making tea. Just as the kettle started to whistle Kendra entered the kitchen looking like she’d just been trampled.

“Turn it off,” she moaned, covering her ears as the whistling became higher pitched. I smiled as I took the kettle off the stove. She collapsed into a chair and covered her ears. I poured out her tea and set it down in front of her. She shook her head. “Unless you want two sick women in this house.”

“Serves you right,” I said jokingly. “You know I was saving all that wine for a special event.” That wasn’t a joke. She’d finished off my last bottle of our wedding wine. She moaned in response. I have a chance to respond because at the moment Potter came in supporting a slightly green Little Lovely Lou. I stood up to give her my chair. Once she was seated she copied her mother, covered her ears, and laid her head down on the table. I offered Potter and her tea, but both refused me. The dark haired boy sat in a seat next to my youngest and rubbed her back in a circler motion soothingly.

“Kendra,” I began after a few moments silence. She groaned, not moving her head from the tabletop. “Do you want medicine?” She nodded, and James snapped his fingers at this. As I handed my wife two small white pills and a glass of water, he left the room and returned with Little Love’s purse. She sat up as he poured out a thick purple liquid from a strangely shaped bottle. She drank it in one swig and pulled a face.

“What is that?” I demanded covering my nose at the foul smell.

“Healers prescribed it, potion to stop the sedative and stress from harming the baby. She’s supposed to take it once a day. They says it works best in the morning.” I nodded as he jerked his head at the over the counter medicine bottle still on the table. “And what’s that?”

"Medicine to help with common colds, fevers, headaches, soar throats…”

“And hangovers,” he finished for me I smiled as both my youngest and wife moaned to make us stop talking.


About an hour later I was dressed for work; James and Lily were both wearing clothes they’d been storing at the house till they’d moved, but Kendra was still sitting on the couch, her ears covered and staring menacingly after cup of tea. As we were all leaving though she sat up without warning.

“Wait!” Everyone turned to look at her. “We need to go shopping.” I smiled at her.

“Sure dear,” I said, gesturing Lily and Potter towards the door. “Just give me the list and I’ll pick up the groceries on my way home from work.” But she was shaking her head and called out after the happy couple.

“No, no, no,” she snapped shaking her head. “Not that kind of shopping. We need to go baby shopping.” I felt the color drain from my face, as Lily Love stepped back over the threshold at the mention of the word baby. “Yes, baby shopping,” she repeated at the looks on Potter and my faces. “There are so many things we need to get, the cribs, the clothes, the diapers, the changing tables, the carriers, the dressers, the rockers, and that’s just the beginning.” Potter took a gentle hold on Little Lovely Lily Lou, who had gone deathly pale and starting swaying on her feet at the short list, of everything a baby needs.

“Maybe we should do this some other time Kendra,” James said out of concern for his fiancée. “I do have to get to a session in a bit, and I need to drop Lily off at her office with Remus.” I nodded my approval at this motion. Time had taught me to hate shopping, especially with my wife and daughters. They always took forever, and I had to hold their purses and purchases.

“Well if you all have to go,” she sighed, picking up her tea cautiously. “But call me Lily. We’ll make a day of it. You, Petunia, Vernon, his parent, James dear you and your parents must come as well, and Edward and I of course. We’ll all head out to London, one big happy family.” We all nodded, too shocked to protest. I closed the door and made my way down to the car with Lily and James. My baby girl was still shaking and white.

“Cribs…clothes…diapers…changing tables…carries…dressers…rockers…” Little Lovely Lily repeated her voice shaking and uneven. Potter kissed her on her cheek.

“We’ll be fine,” he assured her kindly. His arm still wrapped around her as he extended his right hand out into the street, and with a strange bang a weird bus appeared in front of the street. The three of us were the only ones who seemed to notice it. The other neighbors who were out and about didn’t even look up at the triple Decker purple bus that had popped up out of thin air. A man stepped down, and Potter handed him a collection of strange coins. Before they two bored, Lily distractedly kissed me on the cheek. As she was climbing on Potter extended his hand. I shook it, but only briefly.


A week later the shopping trip was scheduled. Kendra and I were waiting for Lily, James, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, Petunia, Vernon, Mr. Dursley, Mrs. Dursley, and Vernon’s sister Marge. I was waiting in the sitting room as Kendra walked down stairs wearing her shopping clothes. She was skipping merrily. I grinned. Kendra loved children, and had been praying for grandchildren since I told her after Little Love was born that I didn’t want another child. For us now to be having two grandchildren at once was like an early blissfully never ending Christmas.

There was a knock on the door. Kendra already on her feet, danced and pranced merrily over and opened it. Lily, James, and two people, I guessed they were the Potters, walked cautiously over the threshold. Not even Lily seemed completely comfortable in the house again. Kendra smiled and pulled Lovely Little One into a bone-crushing hug. This was the first time they’d been together, after Love’s announcement and my wife of thirty years was completely sober. Once the two had broken apart Potter wrapped his arm around my youngest’s waist.

“Hello,” said a woman with light red hair. “I’m Victoria Potter.” With a happy smile Mrs. Potter bounced forward and shook Kendra’s hand with vigor. It was clear this woman had been praying for a grandchild as much as my wife had been. “This is my husband Thomas,” she added as an after thought. Her husband stepped forward and shook my hand; I glowered.

A few seconds later there was another knock on the door; Lily who was closest answered. With a two fake kisses on her sister’s cheeks Petunia walked into the house. Her husband looked Lily up and down once before he spoke to James.

“Well you certainly don’t waste anytime. Do you.” I cracked my knuckles. James didn’t respond; Lily did.

“Oh there’s nothing like fun with the family,” she said sarcastically, looking out of the front door. “Where is your family Vernon?”

“Oh they’re stuck in America; my uncle passed away, and he lived in Texas. There was a snowstorm, so they won’t be able to get back to England for the next week or so.”

“Well that’s too bad. I hope they’ll be back soon,” Kendra said concernedly. “And I’m sorry to hear about your uncle.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Evans.” I couldn’t help but notice that my wife didn’t insist he call her Kendra.

“It doesn’t snow in Texas,” Little Lily Love said confusedly closing the front door with a snap.

“So,” Petunia said quickly changing the subject. “We are we going? Nowhere abnormal? Correct?” Lily forced a smile, as James’ parents looked awkwardly at my eldest. “Correct?” she repeated when no one answered.

“We’re doing half and half Petunia. Beginning of the day we’ll be going around London, but after lunch we’ll be going to a store in Diagon Alley that Mrs. Potter and Lily want to look around at.” Petunia pulled a face that this. “That is alright sweetie?”

“Well actually-” but her mother cut her off.

“I mean after all we do want Lily and James to feel as comfortable as possible. Especially since their blessing has come as a bit of a shock for all. I mean your sister hasn’t been feeling that entirely well lately, and her life does need to be as stress free as possible. She does have a wedding to plan after all. I’m sure after everything she’s done for you the least you could do would be to go shopping at the little witch and wizard store. Besides you and Vernon might even find something you like. So it’s not a problem right?” Everyone stared, amazed at Kendra for a few minutes before Petunia answered.

“No mum, of course it’s not a problem. What ever would give you that impression?”

“Great,” Little Lou Lou started breaking the tension. “Let’s go.” I nodded and followed Little Love, Potter, and Potter’s parents out the door. My wife, my eldest, and her husband were right behind me. “So Dad,” Little Lotus asked turning to me. “Which car are we taking?”

“Your mother’s driving the van.” A thought occurred to me and I added a detail on in a fit of inspiration. “And you and James will be coming with me in the company car.” James’ arm tensed around my youngest’s waist. “That’s alright with everyone?” Potter didn’t dare protest.

“Well Mr. Evans that’s fine except Petunia and I will be going in my company car,” Vernon bragged gestering at the fine automobile sitting in our driveway. I nodded not caring, as I opened the passenger side of our car to admit Little Lovely. Potter climbed into the back, and so began what was possibly one of the longest and most awkward car rides of my life.

We were following Vernon, with Kendra and the other’s behind us, and the three of us being left alone things got awkward very quickly. After fifteen minutes Lily was already sitting in the front seat, her hand covering her mouth and slightly green. After only a little longer she’d drifted off into a fitful sleep. That left James and I to fill the silence of the hour and a half long ride.

“So,” I growled once I was sure we wouldn’t disturb Little Lily Pad. “Was it hard climbing through a two story window and knocking up my precious little one?”

“Actually getting Lily pregnant wasn’t that hard,” he snapped back at me. My knuckles tightened on the stirring wheel. I glanced at my youngest sleeping uneasily, head propped up against the window.

“Watch it boy.” I growled. “You’re on thin ice with me as it is.” I heard him chuckle from the back.

“Mr. Evans I’ve been on thin ice with you since I walked through your front door, and for no other reason than I’m in love with your daughter. So excuse me if I’m not going to even try anymore.”

“What makes you think that there isn’t the slightest possibility that I could ever approve of you.”

“Mr. Evans, I was trying really hard to make you like me before, because it was important to Lils.” He sighed and continued. “But the second I was called to the hospital because the love of my life was having a nervous break due to a positive pregnancy test, I knew that was out of the question. So pardon me for not holding my breath.”

“Well consider yourself lucky that I’m not going to take your head off for all this.”

“If Lily wasn’t pregnant would you even be talking to me right now?” I didn’t answer, amazed that he had the guts to ask me that kind of question. “Yeah,” he continued sarcastically. “You’re going to be a fantastic grandfather.” We didn’t speak until we’d pulled into the parking lot a baby nursery store behind Vernon and Petunia.


Half way through the day my eldest and her husband had bought almost everything, while my youngest and her fiancé had bought almost nothing. Potter was insisting that he and Black build the crib by scratch and without magic. At this Little Lovely Lou and Victoria would hide their sniggers behind their hands and look quickly away grinning. Thomas on the other hand would nod in agreement, and say that it was family tradition to do it that muggle way. He himself had made James’ crib from scratch. At this Mrs. Potter seemed to be unable to hold it in for another second, and she burst out laughing hysterically.

“Honey,” she giggled behind her hand. “I know that you and your brother cheated when I was napping.” Thomas looked offended. He opened his mouth to contradict his wife, but she placed a finger on his lips. “It’s ok sweetie. I gave you credit for trying besides it was cute.” This conversation was taking place as Victoria led everyone to Little Magic Ones, down Diagon Alley. Her husband was right next to her. Lily and James walking behind them, his arm around her waist, supporting some of her weight, as the pregnancy was taking a harder toll on her than her sister. Kendra and I were right on their heels, and Pretty Petunia was bringing up the rear with her husband.

“Here we are,” Thomas said hurriedly changing the subject. I looked up at the small little shop in front of me. In the window there was a tiny moving manikin of a small boy riding in midair on a tiny toy broomstick, that didn’t allow him to go any higher than his toes brushing lightly against the fake grass. Next to him there was the figure of a small little girl playing with a little kitten, clutching her teddy bear. “Shall we?” Mr. Potter asked his wife. She nodded happily and, grabbing Lily by the hand was the first to enter the store. We all followed suit.

The first thing I saw was a series of strange clothes in varies colors with odd patterns on them. There were some with small golden balls flying in midair on them. Others had strange horse like birds with massive wings and feathers. James instantly went running off, and when he came back Kendra, Lily, Victoria, and Petunia were pursing the little clothes.

“Lils!” All the woman and husbands turned. James was holding up one of the tiny broomsticks. Little Lotus opened her mouth to say something but Potter cut her off. “Do you honestly think you’re going to talk me out of this?” She closed her mouth and instead held up a tiny T-shirt with a silver stag on it. Everyone else stared in confusion as her fiancé put the broom in the cart I’d procured, while staring at my daughter completely enraptured.

“You see,” he announced to our party at large. “This is why I love this woman.” With that he took her face and kissed her lips tenderly. “We can’t forget about the other ones,” he said happily. I started looking around at all the toys lined up behind the clothes, while Potter and Lily found a hat with floppy dog ears on it, a one piece pajama set, with a rat on it and little paws. After that they picked out a tiny pair of shoes with a little wolf on each one, along with socks with a full moon on them. Since none of these selctions seemed to make any sense to anyone else, the others had joined me at the toys. Once the clothes were selected the happy couple joined us.

“Miniature walking Quidditch players,” Mr. Potter said happily. James smiled as they added those to the cart, with he clothes and broomstick. His mother frowned.

“Now who’s to say it’s going to be a boy?” she demanded. Then she turned to Lily for support. My youngest was looking at some bottles that magically clean themselves.

“I hope it’s a boy,” she stated, not looking up for the box she was reading, but absent-mindedly placing a hand on her flat abdomen. Kendra and Victoria looked shocked. Potter and I even raised our eyebrows. He walked over to her, placed his own hand on top of her, pulled her closer to him, and rested his head on hers.

“You don’t want a girl?” he asked, sounding hurt. “Come on can’t you just see it? A bright bubbly little girl, with my eyes, and your…everything else. Isn’t that a pretty picture?” She smiled happily, tilting her head back; the goofy grin on her face now looking like it was permanently plastered there.

“Yeah that does sound like a perfect little family,” my youngest dreamily sighed. Rubbing her hand over the part of her stomach that wasn’t already covered by hers and James’ hands. She looked down, as her fingers massaged it gently. “Till,” and she dropped her dreamy tone now, “Little Lily here starts dating. Then the only question remaining will be who will be more overprotective. Will it be Sirius with his temper? Maybe it’ll Remus with his wonderful ability to make you feel guilty over the littlest thing? Or maybe Peter can sneak up on the poor boy and scare him to death? Then there’s always the possibility that you will take the cake with an uncanny impersonation of my father.”

“No,” James said cheerful, dreamily in a dreamy tone. “She’ll never start dating. Sirius and I will just brainwash her into being Daddy’s little girl till the end of time.” Lovely Lotus grinned happily, as she removed herself from James’ grasp.

“Yeah I hope it’s a boy,” she repeated.


Hours later, after Kendra, Victoria, and Petunia were done obsessing over diapers, clothes, and furniture, we were walking back towards the car, Lily had fallen asleep about ten minutes ago, and Potter’s parents were carrying all of their purchases. James’ arms were full as he carried Lily bridal style out to my car. I was going to drive them back to their apartment. Victoria and Thomas were going to be using flou powder to get home. Petunia, Vernon, and Kendra would be driving home, and I’d be following after dropping the happy pregnant couple off that their place.

The purchase in the trunk, James deposited Lily in the back seat, and was henceforth forced to climb into the front next to me. We sat in silence as we drove towards their apartment. After a few moments I broke the silence.

“So you aren’t going to try to get my special stamp of approval?”

“See Mr. Evans I spent about seven years trying to win your daughter over, and that was enough work for me thank you. Besides you were never going to stop the wedding. So I don’t see why I should waste my time with you when there’s no way you’ll ever like me. Pull over here.” I pulled up to the curb of a nice looking apartment building. Before we climbed out of the car and with a flick of his wand I heard a pop and knew their bags had gone on up to their kitchen. James shook my hand briefly, before he picked up Little Love, and I watched him carry her up the stairs as I held the door open. For the first time in a long time I honestly felt like someone besides me had enough backbone to actually take care of one of my daughters.

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Chapter 17: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Potter
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            Three days later and there still hadn’t been any word from Lily. Kendra seemed to think it was for the best. She kept on reminding me that our youngest was pregnant, getting married, and she had a job to deal with. I couldn’t expect a call every other hour. Despite her best efforts I would still jump up with eager anticipation when the phone rang or there was a knock on the door. To be honest I think it was starting to annoy her.

            I couldn’t help it though. She’s my youngest, and I love her to pieces. To go so long without a word from her was hell. Usually I would tell myself that if she did come around she’d bring Potter with her, but lately I’d been thinking the two of them as a set was better than no Lou Lou at all. He wasn’t even that bad.

            This morning Kendra and I were sitting eating breakfast when there was a tap at the window. I looked up and with a swoop of joy spotted a grey owl hooting bored on the window sill. I practically flew over to it and lifted up the latch. It hopped in, and held out its leg with no real interest in either of us. I ripped the parchment from it and began to read, while Kendra offered it some of my toast.


Dear Mum and Dad,

            I’m sorry that I haven’t called in a while. Things have just been really busy. I’ve been at work mostly for the past few days, and James has been bouncy around the apartment trying to find room for the crib and such. The whole ordeal’s been giving me a headache.

            I’m writing because Victoria and Thomas want to have all of us over for dinner. They’re very excited and were wondering if this coming Sunday worked for you. Just send you’re answer back with Glory (the owl) and if you want James and I will come pick you up around six. Dinner would be at seven.

                                                                                                            Lily Evans

P.S. Give my love to Petunia and Vernon.


            I smiled happily and handed the letter to Kendra. Her eyes scanned it once or twice before she set down the paper and took a sip of her tea. She didn’t look at me, or the letter. After a few minutes she seemed to break from her trance.

            “Well?” she prompted me.

            “I think we should go,” I stated simply, wondering why she was being so snappish and uptight. “We haven’t seen them in ages.”

            “Oh please Edward. It’s just been three days,” she snapped. I started at her. “Would you just get down to it,” she continued, equally annoyed as before. Now I felt my mouth drop.

            “Get on with what?” I demanded, flabbergasted. I hadn’t seen her act like this since thy night Lily had told us she was pregnant.

            “Start your insane babblings about how she might not be happy with James. I can just hear you now.” She pulled a face and imitated gruff giddiness. “Oh Kendra she doesn’t sound happy. Potter’s bugging her, and she’s all cramped up in a tiny apartment. She sounds miserable. Maybe she’s changed her mind. Maybe she’s have second thoughts. She might not marry him you know. Do you think she wants to come home?”

            “Stop it,” I told her with a smile at her mocking of me. She grinned back, sipping more of her tea. “Anyway, she doesn’t sound miserable to me. She just sounds pregnant is all.” I notice my wife raise her eyebrows. “What? You didn’t act much differently, either pregnancy.”

            “You’re not going to turn this into some plot to get her and James to break up?” And she sounded genuinely surprised. I shook my head. Her eyes widened. “Edward…do you feel alright?” I scoffed at her.

            “Yes Kendra I feel perfectly fine.”

            “Then why aren’t you bemoaning our daughters wedding. What’s changed?” I gaped at her. She knew what had changed. She’d been the one who’d organized a shopping trip to celebrate it. Hell she’d been the one to get drunk when the announcement was unofficially made.

            “Kendra…” I started, truly at a loss for her blindness. “She’s pregnant. Those two are getting married if it’s the last thing I do on this earth. No grandchild of mine is going to be raised by anything less than two loving, caring, and attentive parents, not while I’m still breathing.”

            “So the only reason you’ve accepted James as part of the family is because Lils is pregnant?” I hesitated. If it’d hadn’t been for his dating and impregnating my daughter I would have liked him. As things stood now he’d done all those things, along with punching me in the nose. I couldn’t lie to her. If Little Love wasn’t with child I’d kick his sorry arse up and down London.

            “Does it matter?” I compromised. She raised her eyebrows, knowing the real answer. “I mean they’re getting married, which is the responsible thing to do. The wedding isn’t that far away.”

            “The wedding isn’t that far away because they were engaged before she was pregnant. It was probably conceived the night that James proposed.” At this I felt like I was going to vomit.

            “Kendra if you don’t mind, I’d prefer not to think of our daughters’ sexual habits.” I pushed what was left of my toast away from me with a gag.

            “Edward I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but I think that maybe our daughter’s aren’t virgins anymore.” She was grinning as I hurriedly covered my mouth, feeling the contents of my stomach jolt. With a happy jump, she was on her feet. “You can answer her letter then darling. Tell her we’d love to come and can’t wait to see her and James.” She emphasized the last two words. I grumbled my continued displeasure and nausea.


            “Hi Mum, Dad,” Lily said merrily walking over the threshold Sunday night; Potter close at hand. Little Lou was looking better than her letter had lead her mother to believe. Her hair was smooth and shiny, her hips might have widened a tad, and her ankles might be swollen slightly, but all this was forgiven by her rosy cheeks adding to a seemingly angel like pregnant glow. There was no other way to say it. She was dazzling.

            Potter was a different story. There were shadows under his eyes, and his hair was more ruffled than usual. His clothes were wrinkled and askew almost to the point of idiocy, and his hazel eyes were wide and staring. It looked like he hadn’t sleep since I’d dropped the two off at his apartment three days ago. I looked him up and down and decided it was beneath even me to comment. Yes sir my daughter had picked a real winner. Kendra didn’t take his appearance quite as smoothly. She blinked opened her mouth closed it again, and then compromised by nodding in greeting.  

            “Shall we get going then?” Potter asked, stifling a yawn. Lily nodded; she seemed much more chipper than I’d seen her as of late. With a nod James moved forward, and pulled a little silk sack from his pocket. Lovely Little One stealthy closed the curtains, as her fiancé started a fire with his wand. The flames flared up and turned green as Potter threw some kind of powder on it. “Lils you want to go first?”

            “Sure.” With a happy skip, she walked into the green flames, and called out clearly. “Godric’s Hollow, Windmill Lane, 1123.” With a whoosh, the green flames engulfed her; then she was gone. Potter nodded towards the flames, indicating for us to copy her. Kendra tentatively did so, and once she’d whooshed after our youngest I was left alone with Potter. He smiled at me. I glowered back, before following after my wife and daughter.


            The Potter home wasn’t really a home. It was more of a mansion. The floor, the ceiling, and the fireplace were made of a flawless pure white marble. Almost all the furniture was covered in a silk or some sort of scaling material. The room we’d rolled into had three couches, five armchairs, and three of the four walls were covered in expensive looking book shelves, with thick collectable volumes filling up all of them. A maid was even waiting on the other side of the fire place once we’d all arrived, she did a small curtsy.

            James nodded to her, and she lead us out from the library and into a room with just as much numerous and expensive looking furniture, except for the bookshelves. Mr. and Mrs. Potter were sitting on one of the couches. Once we arrived they both stood up. I could see Victoria’s lips almost twitching into a frown as she looked her son up and down. Thomas seemed to have the decency not to comment. He clapped his son on the shoulder and then stepped back for his wife to great her son. She gave him a concerned hug, then after letting go kissed Lily on the cheeks. Finally she and her husband greeted Kendra and I and offered everyone drinks.

            Seated with something called fire whiskey in hand, unless you were Little Lovely who had apple juice, the conversation turned to the average kind of thing. Victoria and Kendra pestered Lily for more details about the wedding. Mr. Potter demanded information from his son about work. Once that subject was exhausted they tried to start up a conversation about Quidditch, but one small cough from Lily and a death glare for Victoria and the subject was dropped. By this point the maid had reappeared to inform us dinner was ready.

                 Sitting at the table we were served some kind of strange pasta dish and meat and wine or in Lily flower’s case apple juice again. However with on pregnant woman and two future grandmothers in the room the subject of the baby couldn’t go unnoticed for long. It was precisely two minutes and forty three seconds before Kendra asked how our youngest was feeling.

            “Oh I actually feel great. I’ve been sleeping like a baby.”

            “Enjoy that while it lasts,” Mrs. Potter advised. “Once the baby actually does come you’ll never sleep again. You won’t even be able to think or even find the time to close your eyes.” At this Potter let out a groan and his sleep deprived face hit the table with a sickening thud. No one moved for a moment as all eyes were on the top of his uncontrollable hair, then Victoria turned back to Lily as though nothing had happened. “So have you asked about your maternity leave yet?”

            “My what?” Little Love asked, fork frozen halfway to her mouth. Her big bottle green eyes locked firmly onto her future mother in law. James had even picked his heavy head off the table to stare blankly at his mother for a few minutes.

            “Your maternity leave,” she repeated. When the whole table, especially Lily Flower and James, remained in total and complete confused silence, she continued. “For when the baby comes, your time off your job. That way you can take care of the baby.” When neither her son nor his fiancée showed any kind of recognition her voice got a little higher, as though she was panicking. “But what are you going to do with the baby when it comes if Lily is still working?”

            “Well…” James started quietly and slowly. “We were down at Frank’s the other day, and it turns out that Alice isn’t pregnant too.” He was cut off her  though by his mother letting out a squeal of delight.

            “Isn’t that fantastic! Oh how wonderful. Did you hear that Thomas, Kendra, Edward our little grandchild will have a playmate.”

            “Yes…it’s fantastic.” Little Love said quietly. “But she’s going to be taking time off the tavern while Frank’s in training and his mother’s running things.”

            “That even better,” Victoria simpered. “You’ll have company while your taking care of the baby. That is so fantastic.”

            “Actually mother,” Potter muttered. “We can’t…afodorlilsopwrg.”  I stared at him as he mumbled something inaudible under his breath, and coughed into his hand. “So yeah,” he finished as if the matter was settled.

            “I’m sorry James,” Thomas began staring flabbergasted at his son. “We didn’t catch that. What were you saying?” Potter looked down again.

            “I was saying that…we were thinking we could…laehebyithaliandlicoldkepwokng.” He covered his hand with his mouth as he spoke the last part. Everyone stared at him again.  

            “He’s trying to say that we can’t afford for me to take too much time off work, and Alice offered to take care of the baby while I’m working and James is in class,” she stated boldly. Her mother in law stared at her, while Kendra smiled on her other side.

            “Actually I’m glad to hear you won’t stop working Lily. I’m proud of you,” my wife of thirty years simpered, patting her expecting daughter on the hand. Love smiled at this show of pride and affection.

            “You’re happy about the prospect of our grandchild being left to fend for himself why your daughter leaves him or her out in the cold.” James gawked at his mother.

            “Mum it won’t be like that. She’s still going to be with the baby during the weekends and after work. Plus we can keep our heads above water without Lils working for a couple of months.”

            “James darling,” his mother stared dangerously. “If you two are having trouble with money why didn’t you say anything? Your father and I would be more than happy to help. How much do you need?”

            “None,” he said finding his voice at last. “We don’t have financial troubles. We’re just two people about to get married and having a baby with a limited income. You and Dad went through this too once I’m sure.”

            “No,” Thomas said, almost ashamed. “Victoria’s parents were kind enough to spot us a lot of money till we got on our feet.”

            “Exactly no parent lets their child struggle to stay afloat early on in life. Right Edward? Kendra?”

            “Actually our parents never gave either of us a cent. Our success was purely our own,” I said with pride. Well what didn’t I have to be proud of? I’d brought my wife from a single bed and bath flat with a kitchen as big as the bath to a massive comfortable home in a safe neighborhood.

            “Well,” Victoria started, almost snobbishly. “No son of mine is going to have to struggle to keep food on the table, and no daughter in law of mine is going to keep working after she has a baby. Just like how no grandson of mine is going to be looked after by some petty tavern owner wife. That would be a disgrace.”

            “Of course because everything’s about you mother,” Potter snapped. His mother started at the harshness of his words. “Now listen. Lils wants to keep working, and I don’t want her to lose that too, and I agree with Mr. Evans. I think that we should have the right to build our own life as we see fit. And if we want to leave our baby with Alice, who is a perfectly capable sweet woman, then you will just have to live with it.”

            “I won’t.” Her voice was like venom.

            “Our child. Our call,” he told he simply. “You will just have to live with it.”

            “I won’t stand by and watch you ruin my grandchild’s life.” Mrs. Potter yelled at the top of her voice, snapping up to her feet.

            “Well then you don’t have to watch!” he hollered back, on his feet as well. With that he grabbed Lou Lou by the wrist and dragged back towards the fireplace. Kendra and I also stood up.

            “Thank you for dinner.  It was lovely.” Kendra smiled at Mrs. Potter on our way out. As we followed the kids back to the library I glanced at her. She just shook her head as  the happy couple vanished in the flames, after shouting out our address.

            “See,” I gloated. “Compared to her I’m a fantastically relaxed parent.”

            “Oh yes Edward. Please I beg of you compare yourself to a lunatic,” she sighed sarcastically.  

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Chapter 18: The Evans Family and James Potter
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        With one last final whoosh we arrived back that the house and the heavy sigh later I was sitting on the couch. Kendra remained by the fire. By the looks of things it had only taken Lily and James five seconds to get from teh living room to the kitchen. I could hear my future son in law's angry voice from here.

       "Did you hear the way she spoke to me Lils!! It was like I was a misbehaving five year old! Like she can really tell me what to do! Is she really that ignorant! Do you have any idea how it feels to have your parents treat you like you're just a stupid little kid!?!!" I winced as these words left hsi mouth. Kendra had frozen too, waiting with baited breath for our daughter's response.

        "It can't be a pain. I know sweetie. The best you can do is just sit out, and wait for them to realize that you're not a kit. It'll all work out eventually." I let out a guilty sigh. Kendra patted me on the shoulder.

        "No," Potter said, determination suddenly in his voice. "No I'm just not going to stand by and wait for her to see sense. I'm going to do something about it. I'll make her see sense. This is the most ridiculous you still working is going to mess this kid up so much. Somebody needs to teach her a lesson!"

        "And what do you intend to do about it?" Little Love asked, a short chuckle in her voice.

        "We're uninviting her to the wedding!" A shocked silence followed this solution. It seemed to me for a second that my youngest was surprised beyond words.

        "We're what?" sje repeated. Then breaking down completely, she burst out into uncontrollable hysterical laughter. I could hear  James defending this position. "James," Lily giggled, controlling herself at last. "This is your mother we're talking about; we can't just not invite her to the wedding. It'd be sour and cold and unforgibable."

        "Have you met my mother? She deserves it! After everything she said to me! It's horrible and I never want to see her again!"

        "James," Lily started, reasonably. "If we uninvited our parents everytime they did something we didn't like, my parents wouldn't be coming to the wedding ten times over, but my dad's still giving me away and mum's still going to be lighting the candels before the ceremony. You're being silly honey."

        "Your parents do what they do because they love you and want you to be happy. My mother is a selfish little prat, who doesn't care about our happiness, and just worries about how our raising a baby while you're will look. She has no intentions other than her own selfish purposes. Everytime she sees the baby all she'll want to talk about is how we're being neglectful parents. She doesn't deserve to come to the wedding."
        "Either way James, she's your mother. Every mother dreams about this moment."

        "How on earth do you know that?" Potter demanded of her harshly. I rose to go to her defense, but Kendra grabbed my elbow, stopping me. "Come on Lily. What makes you think that?" Glancing at her through the open kitchen door, I could see her place a perfect hand on top of her flat abdomen.

        "James if I missed a single moment of this baby's life sad, happy, or in between, it'd break my heart. I don't want to miss a single thing, and if it's up to me I'm not going to. I'd rahter die than see harm come to our child. And every single bone in my body tells me your mother feels the same way. If I didn't get to see our little one's wedding it'd kill me. Don't do that to your mother. She loves you." With that Lils seemed to just break down in tears.

       He sighed heavily and walked over to Lily Flower, who was leaning up against the counter. It might just have been my hopeful imagination, but I could almost see an expansion in her stomach. Like my little grandchild was reaching out to us. Once Potter reached the sink, next to my gorgeous youngest daughter, without seemingly counscious  thought, he kissed her on the lips sweetly and gently began to stroke her supposedly unchanged abdomen.

      "I'm sorry, Lils. Don't cry. It's ok. I'm so sorry honey. Don't cry. It's ok. Don't worry." Lily fell into his arms and started to sob into his shoulder. James wrapped bout arms around her, and started rocking her back and forth. "I just didn't know this meant that much to you. We'll keep her on the guest list. I'm sorry."

        "It's not your fault," she choked out, through sobs. "Would you mind asking Mum and Dad if we can stay here tonight?" She pulled her face back, tear stained and soaked. He nodded, and sat her down in one of the kitchen chairs. He came back out into the living room, and stopped dead when he realized how close we were to the kitchen.

        "Yes you can stay," Kendra blurted out. "And this time you don't have to sleep on the couch." I made a noise of protest, but my wife ignored it. "We've got an extra cot in the closet. Edward can set it up in Lily's room. That way if she needs anything in the night you'll be right there."

        "Kendra..." I growled under my breath. She still ignored me, and just pointed up the steps, signaling me to go set up the cot. With another grumble I did as my directed. She followed me, while James returned to the kitchen to tend to his pregnant emotional fiancee.

        "Kendra, what are you thinking letting him sleep in Lou Lou's room? Do you honestly tink all he's going to do is make sure she's comfortable?"

    "What are you worried about Edward? That they'll wind up having sex, and she'll get pregnant? I hate to be the one to have to tell you this honey, but I think it might be a little late to be concerned about that, now go set up the cot."


       Once the cot was set up and Lovely Little One and Potter were set up in her old room, I returned to my bedroom, to discuss a matter of business and grave importance with my perfect wife. Despite my apprehensions I couldn't help but agree with Mrs. Potter, and I had a brillant idea on how to fix it. The only thing I had to do was check to see if we had the funds and then get Kendra to agree. She was sitting on our bed waiting for my return from setting up the kids.

        "That was a disaster," was all she could manage at my entrance. "Can you believe that women? Just because Lils' isn't going to stop working she thinks our granchild is going to starve to death. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?"

        "I actually think she might have a point." I braced myself for the explosion, but all my red headed lover did was sit on our bed and gawk at me until she could find words to express what was going on in her pretty little head.

        "Of course you do honey," she sighed, looking away from me at last and talking off her earrings. "So I suppose you're going to start insisting that our daughter cease to work and start being a full time mother. She should just stop everything, and give up on her dreams and desires because there's no way she can be successful and mother at the same time," she snapped sarcastically.

        "No," I told her simply. "Have you seen where they're living?"

        "I should have known you'd start picking at something new sooner or later. Oh now what's wrong with where they live?"

        "It's a small apartment building in a shady part of London, Kendra. It's no place for a baby. I don't want my grandchild to be brought up in some run down shack. A baby needs to be able to move and have space to be free. We made sure our kids had that. It's what made them so happy as children."

        "Wait, what does this have to do with Lillian's work?"

        "Nothing in the slightest. I'm just worried about her situation."

        "Well honey that's very sweet of you, but there's nothing we can do about it." I just smiled at her, ambitiously. "Or maybe you have some freaky plan involving us and something we cand do about it," she groaned coming our of the bathroom in her nightgown.

        "Thomas mentioned to me on the shopping trip taht there was this town with wizards and muggles, in England."

        "So?" Kendra demanded totally lost to my brillant plan. "Edward what does any of this have to do with Lily's work?"

        "Nothing in the slightest, so would just let me finish. This town, Godric's Hallow, Thomas said taht it's got plenty of muggles and wizards, so the baby would have other magical friends. There'd be enough muggles, so it wouldn't be a problem for us to come and visit. It's a nice little town in the country, so there'd be plenty of room for the baby to run around and play."

        "Yes that does sounds great, but Edward they can't afford to buy a house like that. At best maybe they can get a larger apartment in a bit more safe part of London. There's no way they can pay for something like that."

        "Maybe they can't Kendra. In fact I know they can't, but we can." I waited for a moment, but all she did was freeze and stare off into space. "Think about it, we could buy them a nice little house in a partial Wizarding neighborhood. Our grandchild would have the perfect little dream childhood."

        "Can we afford to buy them a house?" she asked coming to at last. "We are paying for the wedding and everything."

        "Well we're almost done with the planning and everything, and it's clear that Lovely doesn't want a big wedding. In fact it's pretty small, and we've still got the money we'd saved for Petunia's wedding. To be honest I think ew can afford it. Plus sweetie, it'd be the perfect wedding gift."

        "You're right," she sighed, smiling happily, and placing her hand on her heart.

        "I'm sorry," I said, confused and shocked. It'd been a really long time since I'd heard those words come our of her mouth when they were dicrected at me. "Did you just agree with me?"


        "What? It's been a while."

        "And whose fault is that?" She was still smiling though. "Don't push it sweetie. I love you to peices, and you've just had one of the best ideas you've ever had. Still don't push it." With that she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll call the real-estate agency as soon as the kids get home. Now go to sleep."

        I slipped beneath the covers, as she turned out the lights. I started to drift off to sleep, smiling. All in all my wife was pretty good. I had a gorgeous wife, two grandchildren on the way, I didn't have to see my eldest's husband that often, and my youngest seemed to have picked someone I could maybe possible stand. Thinking about it now, it wasn't really that bad.

Chapter 19: Miss Lydia Kristy Williams
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Two days later Kendra and I could be found in the office building just off Cherry Blossom Ave. The waiting room smelled like lilacs, despite vases full of roses resting on all the tables. My wife was sitting next to me on the overly stuffed pink couch covered in some ridiculous foreign flower; she was flipping through a picture book with all the available houses.

“Kendra…” I grumbled.”Why are we here?”

“Honestly darling this whole thing was your idea. You’re acting as though I dragged you here kicking and screaming.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. Why did we come to this realestate office? When there are plenty less fruity silly looking ones down the street.”

“And I’m sure they’d sell us a very baby friendly and safe house in a gorgeous neighborhood,” she snapped sarcastically.” No. This is a fantastic realestate agency. Their founder sold us our house. I directed Petunia to this agency when she and Vernon were looking to buy.”

“I don’t remember it smelling like lilacs.”

“That was nearly thirty years ago. They’ve made a few changes. I don’t think we’d be here if they’d just stayed the same. The rest of the world has changed with the times darling. You might want to try it sometime.”

“I’ve changed with the times as well Kendra. You make me sound like a caveman.”

“Darling the only think you’ve allowed to change in the past twenty is your tie.” Before I could respond a perky little girl who couldn’t be any older than twenty five came skipping out and called out our names. Kendra stood up with a big smile on her face and followed after the prancing agent’s assistant. However when we reached the office, with a stupid pink carpet, roses on the desk, and a strange smell of lilacs still lingering, the little girl sat down behind the desk, and I did a double take.

“Excuse me, but where’s the realater?” The little blond thing with the bobby little curls and the bright blue eyes smiled sweetly.

“Oh I am the realater. Just got my license last week and was hired yesterday.” Her smiled widen, and I was shocked that she wasn’t exposing all of her perfectly white teeth already. Kendra grinned happily.

“Now then. I’m Lydia Kristy Williams, and you told Claire, the receptionist, that you were looking for a family home in Godric’s Hollow?”

“Yes,” Kendra said happily. “Is there anything available?”

“Well there’s not a lot of demand in Godric’s Hollow. It’s a very small town, so it’s nice and quite, so I’m sure it would make a very nice retirement town for both of you. And may I just say that I think it’s fantastic that you’re both looking for a smaller house, because you know as you get older it gets harder and harder to keep those houses in good condition. If my parents weren’t so nostalgic, I’d have made them sell their house when they reached your age. I’m sure your children are very relieved that their parents won’t break their backs falling down the steps.” I gaped at her, did this little child just tell me that I’m old.

“No,” I sputtered, staring at the disrespectful little blond bobble head. “We’re looking for a house for our daughter and her fiancé. It’s a wedding gift.” Her mouth dropped into a perfect O.

“That’s very sweet. So when’s the big day?”

“Halloween,” Kendra said sweetly. “I know Miss Williams. That’s coming up pretty quick, and it would be very nice if we could have the contracts for them by the wedding. Can you do it?”

“Well there isn’t much in Godric’s Hollow. Just out of curiosity why there? It’s not that close to your home is it?” I blessed Kendra at that moment. She was a very smooth thinker and came up with a beautiful lie right on the spot.

“We took Lily there on holiday when she was younger, and she just fell in love with it. It’d be her dream wedding gift, to get a little cottage with a small garden, and since there have been a few bumps at making her fiancé feel welcome,” she broke off her to kick my chair. “Edward thought it would be a nice way to make it up to her.”

“Well isn’t that sweet. I assume that you would like it near some playgrounds. They’re planning to have children yes?”

“Actually,” Kendra simpered, her voice dripping with excitement. “They’re already expecting.”

“Well isn’t this just a handy dandy little project! This is just going to be so much fun, and I’m so excited!! You’re my fist clients!!” she squealed jumping up and down. I already hated this women and her bobby little blond curls. “Why don’t we start with a price range, and I’ll show you some pictures of your options. Then we’ll schedule a time for some viewings, and you can pick what home Lily and…I’m sorry what was your future son in law’s name?”

“James Potter,” I said the name with much more malice then I’d expected. The little Barbie doll princess was so dense though that she didn’t even flinch.

“Well then James and Lily are so lucky to have such caring parents.” I wanted to take her and choke the annoying peppiness right out of her. “I know that my parents would never be this supportive if I ever decided to get married. What a lucky couple,” she simpered. This was going to be an unbearably long day.


After two sinister hours of pain in Miss Williams office, which consisted of pointless chitchat, looking over of photos of little wooden cottages that all seemed the same, and scheduling another meeting for next week, to see all the properties in person, I finally gained the sweet release of my comfortable car, that didn’t smell like lilacs. Kendra hoped in after me, a grin spreading widely across her face.

“Well I thought she was a real sweetie pie. She was so excited about helping us. What did you think darling? You weren’t talking much. The cottages she showed up looked awfully cute, and I could just see Lily in all of them. I’m sure she’ll love it. What a fantastic idea this was.”

“I don’t like her.” I stated simply. I heard Kendra groan beside me, as I started to drive back home. “Oh don’t do that. Did you hear her go on about how we’re…old? How disrespectful was that?”

“Not very Edward considering we are old.” I spluttered and nearly crashed the car, too busy gawking at her to notice the traffic.

“We are not old. How can you possible think such a thing Kendra!?!?!?!”

“Edward,” she chuckled. “Both of our daughters are out of the house. One’s married, and the other is engaged. Plus they’re both pregnant to boot. We’re about to have two grandchildren. How do we not qualify as old?”

“Because I say so. I can’t believe you Kendra. Our lives are far from over. We don’t have fake teeth or walkers, and I can still hear every word that comes out of your lovely mouth perfectly.”

“I’m sorry darling what did you say?” she asked jokingly. “You know that since young people think we’re old that means that we automatically lose our hearing. I don’t know why you’re freaking out about this. It’s not like we’re dying or anything. Getting older doesn’t really mean much now, with all the medical advancements. It’s not something to be ashamed of darling. These are just facts of life.”

“You know what Kendra,” I sighed, pulling into the driveway. “I don’t think I want to have this conversation with you right now.”

“Whatever you say darling…oh and Petunia called before we left. She was hoping that you, Lily, James and I would all come over to help them fix up the baby’s nursery the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh and afternoon with Potter and Dursley.” I said with mock enthusiasm. “My two favorite people in the whole wide world.”

“You will be nice to them both. Our daughters have enough to worry about without you poking and prodding in their lives.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, wished me good luck at the office, slid out of the car, and gracefully made her way up to the front door, while I muttered annoyed by the incompetent Miss Williams and the prospect of spending a day with my idiotic son in laws. At least the day couldn’t have gotten any worse.

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Chapter 20: Mrs. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley, Miss Evans, and Mr. Potter
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I pulled the car into the driveway of 4 Privet Drive and cut the engine as quickly as I could. Kendra looked up at the house, and smiled. I grumbled as I examined the perfect grass and the sneering neighbors. This was the kind of neighborhood I’d insisted we avoid when the two of us were looking for our house. It was the type of small town where everything was everyone’s business and there was no privacy. I would never raise our daughters in such a prissy snobbish place, and it almost caused me great physical pain to think of one grandchild being brought up in such a smothering environment.

“Well Petunia seems to have done well for herself.” I glared at Kendra. “Oh now don’t be like that darling. Just because you’ve always thought these kinds of streets have negative effects on one’s personal…”

“Pleasantness?” I offered. “Our daughter’s going to become a gossiping little busy body.”

“Look on the bright side darling. She’s got enough neck to be able to look over the fences without too much trouble,” Kendra joked lightly.

“This is not funny darling. We went through so much trouble to make sure she never became that, and now she gone running into the most annoying stereotype with open arms.”

“Don’t be so dramatic Edward. Besides Petunia will do what she will do. Let it be love. Let’s not forget what happened last time you tried to stop something like this.”

“Can we just get this over with?” I grumbled.

“You’re not happy about seeing the girls?” she inquired opening the door.

“Of course I’m thrilled with seeing the girls. I can’t get enough of the girls. You know that they’re my world. It’s those boys of theirs that I’m not wild about. Little slimy gits.”

“Those little slimy gits as you would like to call them, either are or are going to be our son in laws. I’d get used to them darling. They’re not going anywhere.”

“You never know, a flock of wild geese could wind up attacking them tomorrow,” I responded annoyed. “No I was not kidding.”

“Tell me darling where are you getting this flock of wild geese? And how are you going to train them into attacking James and Vernon but not our daughters? More importantly how are you going to get those four in a room together with out them trying to kill each other?” She asked, making her way up to the front door, with me right following dutifully behind.

“I didn’t say that I was going to attack them with a flock of wild geese. Dursley and Potter could just happen to be walking by a pond were a vicious pack of wild geese happens to live. I would have nothing to do with it.” She didn’t respond. Instead she sighed heavily and rang the doorbell. From the other side I could hear the clink of high heels against some expensive sounding tile, and Tuney opened the door, wearing what could only be a strand of pearls, and some fine silk dress. I couldn’t help but do a double take.

“I thought we were decorating the nursery,” I said confused. Kendra looked at me. She was wearing some old pants, that she’d been patching up since the kids were born, and a t-shirt I forgotten she owned. I was wearing a work shirt I’d spilled mead on a few Christmases ago. “Doesn’t that normally involve painting?”

“Of course Daddy, but see I don’t think it’s good for Lily and I to be around all those fumes, plus the heavy lifting wouldn’t be good for the babies. I thought we’d stay down here and make everyone tea.” Like Lily was actually going to let that happen. She’d still come over to the house without James to tell us about the baby. In fact she hadn’t even told him where she was going to be. I doubted that her being pregnant would have changed her regular behavior very much. My little Petunia Pet could be so delusional sometimes.

“Well it’ll be nice for you and your sister to spend sometime together,” Kendra simpered kindly. Tuney nodded, and lead us inside. The moment he back was turned I rolled my eyes at her, and she patted me on the arm, as if to say leave it alone. Which I did. I would never pick a fight with Petunia, especially not a pregnant and hormonal Petunia.

Vernon was waiting in the living room. He was wearing the appropriate clothes. I was surprised he even owned something other than a suit. He stood up and shook Kendra and my hands briefly, before sitting back down. Kendra and I took a seat on the couch opposite him and Petunia, and I looked around at the house. It had the grandest technology money could buy these days, along with the finest furniture available, all of which was enhanced with marble, and some expensive looking rugs and tiles. Leave it to Petunia to be ridiculously shallow, and materialistic.

“So any ideas on names yet?” I was pulled back to earth by Kendra’s question. Looking over at her and Vernon I saw them look at each other.

“Actually we were thinking about naming it Dudley if it’s a boy or Meredith if it’s a girl,” Petunia informed us, taking Vernon’s hand and smiling nervously at us.

“Oh,” Kendra said slowly. “I’m sorry but aren’t those your parents Vernon?”

“Yes we like the idea of naming the baby after someone in the family,” he replied proudly.

“And we’re not part of that family are we?” I grumbled a little peeved.

“Well Daddy we want to pick the people we’re closest with, and frankly Vernon’s parents have been more supportive about the marriage and the pregnancy. Besides Edward and Kendra just seem like silly names to me.”

“Yes because Dudley and Meredith aren’t stupid names at all,” came Lily’s sweet voice from the door.

“And apparently the Potter family doesn‘t know how to knock!” Petunia shrieked as Lovely Lily and James entered the room, him in baggy jeans and a T-shirt, and her in an old grey shirt and overalls, hair tied back. “Lily could you be any ruder? You don’t just barge into people’s homes!”

“Well excuse us Petunia. Have I not mentioned to you how the Wizarding World is in open warfare? It’s not exactly safe for us to be out on the street to long, and due to my condition we have to travel in the open. You’ll have to excuse us for just coming into your house, after risking our lives to spending sometime with you.”

“How about we get started. That nursery isn’t going to fix itself up you know,” James suggested nervously. I stood up and nodded quickly. Vernon hopped up and lead James, Kendra, Lily, and I up the steps, past a cupboard under the stairs, and up to a big bedroom, with no furniture, and tarps covering the expensive looking carpet. “So where’s the paint?” James asked looking around.

“We’re painting it this nice pastel blue color,” Petunia simpered, finally making her way up the steps. She was a little bit farther than Lou Lou, and had started to waddle a bit. “Now Lils why don’t you come down stairs. I talked to my doctor, and he said painting fumes weren’t good for anyone, let alone an expecting mother. Come on. We can make tea.”

“Doctor?” James repeated blankly. “Why would Lily listen to a doctor?”

“For medical advice James,” Vernon said, looking at his future brother-in-law like he was an alien and taking a couple steps back. “Why would she not listen to a doctor?”

“Aren’t doctors those lunatics who cut people up, and poke holes in them?” he asked Lily. She sighed and nodded.

“Muggles don’t have healers James.”

“Then who takes care of them when they get sick?”

“Doctor’s take care of sick people James,” Vernon said, pulling a bit at his mustache, nervously.

“How can doctor’s take care of sick people? I thought they were those maniacs who walk around with knives, and” Lily cut him off.
“I’ll explain later darling.”

“I agree with Lily.” Petunia snipped, insulted. “James you should know better than to talk about maniacs with knives in front of Lily and I. We’re in a delicate state.”

“Yes, Petunia,” Kendra said sarcastically. “Because when you’re pregnant you’re so fragile the slightest little thing can make you drop dead. It was a miracle I survived carrying to two of you with your father’s lack of tact.”

“Hey I have plenty of tact. When you were pregnant with Petunia no once did I mention blood or grapes.” Everyone stopped and stared at me.

“I don’t want to know,” Lily shuddered.

“I don’t think any of us do,” James agreed.

“Anyway,” Pretty Pet said, changing the subject. “Let’s go make so tea Lily. Mum do you want to come. Then we can leave our three strong strapping men to do some manly work,” she joked. You couldn’t get me to use the adjectives strong and strapping to described my son-in-laws, least of all Vernon, maybe James…but only if you paid me. Lily had pursed her lips and was looking at her mother, annoyed. Kendra shook her head kindly and beckoned Lily to the door. The mother and her two daughters left to go make tea, leaving us “three strong strapping men” to do the dirty work.

“So,” James began awkwardly, “Where is the paint?” Vernon pointed to the corner where three paint cans were sitting, expectantly. “Right…that’s going to take a while…” he trailed off and looked around nervously. “I could just polish this off in five seconds.” I looked at him, and saw that he was casually moving his hand to his pocket, which had to contain his wand. Vernon had visibly tensed, and was staring at his future brother in law fearfully.

“Oh come one Vernon,” I sighed, annoyed. “You know as well as I do, that this is all them,” I said jerking my head towards the door. “I’m just stating the obvious here. The three of us hate each other. The sooner we’re done with this the sooner we can all leave, and I think that‘d be best for all involved.” A look of longing crossed his face at the idea of getting out of this.

“But won’t they find it fishy that a job that was supposed to take us a whole day, only took us ten minutes.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Vernon,” Potter said, sticking his head outside the door and looking from side to side. “It’s magic so it’d only take us ten seconds.”

“I don’t know,” he said nervously. “Won’t Lily know what we did? And won’t she be mad?”

“Oh she’ll be livid,” James replied. “But honestly I can deal with her, but the two of you. There’s no way everyone’s getting out alive, and I think the you know that too.” I sighed, and nodded in agreement.

“And Kendra? She’d kill you wouldn’t she?” I nodded, feeling a bit anxious for the first time. “But Petunia would kill me too. They’d all kill us. We wouldn’t live to see the babies being born.”

“Think of it this way though. Who would you rather deal with your angry wife? Or Potter and I?”

“Wave your wand around,” Dursley said. “Just get it over with, but don’t let the neighbors see.”

“Not a problem, it’s what I’m trained for,” Potter said, frowning in concentration. The paint cans behind us started to shake and slowly lifted themselves off the ground. I quickly walked over to the window and closed the blinds, while the paint brushes rose up, and the cans opened. The brushes dipped themselves in the pastle blue paint, and started to cover the walls. The whole thing had risen above our heads, and was slowly circling the room. Dursley, Potter, and I all watched carefully, but not a drop of paint was spilled, when suddenly Lily walked through the door with a tray of tea.

“Hey we finished the tea, so how’s it going on up here?”

The second she walked in room, James panicked, and without thinking dropped his wand. The paint cans came crashing down, and unfortunately for us, Lily was standing right underneath them. The paint splattered everywhere, drenching her from head to foot. Light blue paint covering her, she spat a few drops out of her mouth.
“Hi honey,” James said, smiling guiltily.

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Chapter 21: Livid Lily
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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

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The second she walked in room, James panicked, and without thinking dropped his wand. The paint cans came crashing down, and unfortunately for us, Lily was standing right underneath them. The paint splattered everywhere, drenching her from head to foot. Light blue paint covering her, she spat a few drops out of her mouth.

“Hi honey,” James said, smiling guiltily. “I bet you’re wondering about that paint there. Right?” She nodded slowly, her feet seemingly stuck to the floor. “Ok,” he began choppily. “So we were up here, and we got to thinking that this would take so much work and work always takes such a long time.” He was tripping over himself trying to explain. “And I thought to myself you haven’t seen Alice in a while, and I thought that if we finished early enough we could pop over to the pub and see what she and Frank are up to.”

“And then Sirius, Remus, and Peter would happen to be there when we popped by right?” Little Lovely asked handing Dursley the tea tray and wiping paint out of her eyes. “And then coincidentally they’d have tickets to that quidditch game tonight, and they would just happen to know how long it’s been since I let the three of you hang out. Even though you’re the one who has refused to leave my side for more than five minutes.”

“Who can say what’s a coincidence and what has been premeditated?” Potter asked shrugging his shoulders innocently.

“James,” Lily began, her voice shaking. “What did we talk about when we were fixing up our baby’s nursery?”

“Don’t cut corners,” he recited apologetically.

“That’s right,” she said taking a step forward and pointing at him, her hand literally shaking in rage. “And you thought I would be a good idea to cut corners on my sister nursery too didn’t you!! What is that matter with you!!” she hollered losing her mind, completely. “Do you like me yelling at you?!?! Do you want me to KILL you!!?!” James put up his hands and took a couple steps back from his charging fiancée.

“Of course I don’t want to upset you. You’re my world,” he said delicately.

“Then why do you make me want to smash your head into a wall!! What happens when I give birth? Huh James? How do you expect to raise a baby, whose maturity level is higher than yours!?!”

“I am very mature! I will have you know I checked for muggles, and your dad and brother in law said I could!!”

“Yes because those are two guys who you want to listen to! What is the matter with you three!” Lily hollered, clearly losing what was left of her mind, just as her mother and sister walked in. They took several slow steps till they were level with my youngest, staring at her the whole time.

“What did you do to her? You stupid prats!! She’s pregnant and the second she walks in the door you throw paint on her! Oh! James are you trying to kill your child!?!” Petunia demanded panicking. “Lily you can’t go home with him! You can’t marry him! He’s abusive, and he’ll kill you both! You and the baby can stay here! We have an extra room, and we’ll be pregnant together! We can be belly buddies!!”

“No! Petunia I was not trying to kill the baby! You know what pregnant women are not made of porcelain. I mean just the other night it was late, and we were in bed…” he trailed off as I cracked my knuckles. “But that’s not the point. The point is that this,” he said gestering at his paint soaked girlfriend. “Was an accident. We accidentally dropped all the paint of her head.”

“How?” Kendra demanded, wrapping an arm around our youngest. “You don’t just accidentally dump three paint cans on a person’s head?”

“JAMES WAS USING MAGIC!” Vernon yelled, snapping under the pressure. “We were using magic to paint the room! We thought it’d go faster! And your dad told me to!!”

“What are you six!” shrieked the blue blob. “Have you lost your mind? Your dad told me to? I’m sorry Vernon but how do you expect to raise a baby, whose maturity level is double to yours?”

“Are pregnant ladies always this mean?”

“Yes,” I answered without thinking. Kendra eyes widened, as she focused on me. “I mean…no.” I stammered. “I think you might just be an awful person Dursley. Because pregnant ladies are perfectly sane, and I love them.”

“Edward,” Kendra simpered, “I want to go home!” I smiled nervously. While Lily’s furry was great and a force to fear her anger could never hope to match her mother’s. I would never dare refuse her in front of the girls.


“What were you thinking!?!” she screamed the second the car door was closed. “Have you lost your mind? All I wanted you to do was have you spend one afternoon with them. Just one afternoon!! Is that too hard for you to do!! These boys are our son in laws. They’re the fathers of our grandchildren! Is it impossible for you to spend even five minutes with them?”

“Yes. Besides it wasn’t my idea. James suggested it. And if you remember I didn’t want to come to this in the first place. You made me! What did you expect to happen!!”

“Edward, you are just going to have except the fact that from now on if you want to see the girls, Vernon and James are going to be around. You can either start getting along with it, or you can live through an argument like this every time we see them. Might I suggest the first option because the second option means you’ll only see the girls for less than an hour! Good God Edward! This was supposed to be a bonding experience!” she screamed.

“Mum? Dad?” I looked up and saw Petunia sticking her head out of the front door. “You’ve just been sitting out her for five minutes. Is everything ok? Or do you need a ride?” Kendra quickly rolled down her window.

“No honey we’re fine. We’re just leaving. Go back inside and lie down!” Tuney smiled pulled her head back into house. Kendra closed the window, and rested her head on her hand. “Edward, can we please just leave. If we talk about this for another second I might wind up killing you.”

“Fine!” I snapped. “But I want you to remember the second we stop communicating is the second this marriage fails.”

“Ok! You want to know what I think!! I think that you’re a git! Just leave those two alone!”

“What do you think I was trying to do! We were trying to get the work done quickly so that everyone involved would live to see the baby use the nursery!”

“No! What you were trying to do was get done quickly so James could hang out with his friends!” she shrieked in rage. “I can’t believe you let him talk you into this! First off it’s against wizard law! You can’t do magic in a non-magic area!”

“The blinds were closed! Nobody could see, and Potter is trained to keep muggles from seeing when he uses magic. You worry too much.” I sighed, coaxing the engine into gear. She stared at me as I back slowly out of the driveway. “Oh don’t look at me like that. Think of it this way sweetie we all decided to do it that way because we all hate each other, and since it’s all out in the open now we’ll be able to fall into a rhythm.”

“A rhythm were you all cut corners and dump paint on Lily.”

“You know that was an accident. I adore that girl, and would never cover that pretty little red head of hers in blue paint. I do love her hair. I reminds me of someone,” I said sweetly, wrapping a strand of her dark red hair around my finger. She sighed and took my hand.

“Don’t think it’s that easy though. I’m going to be livid for a while.” Glancing at her I noticed pursed lips and tapping fingers, always a danger sign. I smiled innocently, and tried to look as cute as possible. “No. It’s not that simple.”

“How about I do the laundry for a week.”

“Not good enough.”

“And I’ll cook dinner.”

“Try again.” Looking at her I knew she only wanted me to say one thing. I gritted my teeth and moaned as loud as I could.

“FINE! I’ll cook dinner for Lily and Petunia and I’ll even let them bring James and Dursley along if they like.”

“They’re spending the rest of their lives with those boys. James and Vernon will always be joining them darling.”

“You enjoy torturing me don’t you?”

“Actually you do most of it for me. But I’m sure it’ll be fun.” I groaned as I turned onto the main road of our town.

“Can I at least sleep in our room? My back’s been killing me on the couch.”

“I’ll consider it. We’ll have to see how it goes when we have our daughters and their husbands over for dinner.” I made a face as I pulled into the driveway.

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