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Unrequited by LaurenT

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 11,874
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Harry/OC

First Published: 04/13/2007
Last Chapter: 11/01/2007
Last Updated: 11/18/2007


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Violet has been relocated to England where she must live in a new country, go to a new school and deal with her new family. The only problem is that a certain step-brother is immensely attractive, but he has an ego the size of mount everest. Can you guess who it is?

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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I have the motivation i need to write this one.... not like all my others where i got bored, this one comes purely from my heart, some of it happened in real life so i don't need to get many creative juices flowing to write it. 
Dedicated to Hemsworth

I still remember the day that my dad moved out. It wasn’t that long ago but to me it feels like an age away.

I had just come home from school for the summer, to find my mum crying. Naturally, I asked her what the matter was, and that was when she dropped the bombshell.

‘Your father has been seeing another woman,’ she managed to say through her sobs. 

I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut, I momentarily stopped breathing. I had never expected anything like this to happen to me. Divorce was a far off thing that happened, but not to me. What would everyone think? What would my family or friends think?

After the initial shock had settled in, I began to feel anger, towards my asshole of a dad and most of all a burning loathing for this woman, this slut, who took my father away. She was filth, her name was never to be mentioned in our house, and on top of that, she was a muggle.

Even though I felt so much hate towards this woman, not knowing her name, or who she was, made it hard for me to keep the anger. That was until I finally met her…

I moved through the stages of grieving fairly quickly… well until depression came along, in depression I fell hard. My feelings of self-worth and the very point of existence became lower than the temperature of Antarctica. Worst of all, the summer was soon over and reluctantly I had to go back to school.

Each day, I didn’t leave my room, let alone my house for an entire year. I begged my mother to let me stay home but she was against it, not for my sixth year. I was due to sit the biggest examinations of my schooling life. She even made me choose ‘good, strong’ subjects (as she’d call them) to get me somewhere after school.

But of course, when a bomb is dropped, there is always the aftershock, like when people start to realize just how many have died. In my case, it came in the form of my mother’s new boyfriend, Lucius.

He was a wizard of pure-blood lineage, and worked at the Ministry of Magic in Britain. My mother met him whilst doing her weekly shopping in the nearby shopping mall and he invited her and me to of course, to come and live with him in London. That meant for me, a new country, new house, new school, new friends and most perplexing, a new daddy. 

Although, I’d never really fitted in at Beauxbatons. The girls there were all small and pretty creatures, most of them half-veela and I, well… I’m definitely not advantaged in the looks department. They were all smart and enjoyed their classes…I didn’t. They thought I was strange, I thought they were nasty. The boys looked at me with distaste, or (more preferably in my opinion) didn’t look at me at all. A new school would be great, a chance for me to find friends, to start over, in a place where no one knew me.

The day that we moved out was stressful, but at the same time I was glad to be rid of the memories that I had when I was in my old house. My mother and I apparated to London, and for the first time, I met Lucius.

He was a tall, skinny man, possibly in his early forties with long, white-blonde hair, which was neatly combed and tied in a pony down his back, he had startling grey eyes, his hands were covered in white leathered gloves and a long black cloak draped around his body. He had an unpleasant smile on his face and overall, he looked like a horrid man.

As I approached him, he held out one of his gloved hands for me to shake,

‘Welcome to London, Violet,’ he said. I could easily tell the fake ‘nice’ tone of his voice and when I looked into his eyes, I could see a deep disgust; I was afraid. 

We finally arrived at his house, well… if you could call it a house; it was enormous, mansion was a more fitting word. He led us into the main foyer, and there he called upon his house elf, Goncalo, to take our things away and put them in our rooms. Then he called once again;

‘Draco, come down here,’ 

I heard footsteps and a boy emerged in the doorway… and boy was he good-looking. He had the same white-blonde hair and grey eyes as his father, but he looked much less menacing.

‘This is Isla, and her daughter Violet. They will be living with us. Please escort Violet to her room,’ Lucius said calmly.

‘Yes father,’ Draco said, but there was a hint of displeasure in his reply. He turned to me, and pointed in the direction of a grand set of stairs. I obediently followed Draco up the stairs, but inside my mind was going crazy.

I was feeling a rush, the same kind of rush that you only get when you have a new crush. He was so amazingly good looking, and when he looked at me, I melted. I couldn’t wait to become friends with him; if only he would talk to me, wait… maybe I should talk first, but what if he feels awkward and does not answer me… What if he does not like me?

In all my excitement, I had not noticed that we had arrived at the room and Draco was looking at me with an annoyed expression on his face.

‘Hello? Are you deaf? I said this is your room,’ he snapped rudely.

Inside I was mildly crushed that his first impression of me, was that I was hearing-impaired. I shook my head, he smiled slyly.

‘You were checking me out, weren’t you?’ 

‘No!’ I answered straight away. This made him smile even more shrewdly.

‘I mean, of course not…,’ I answered again. Draco just nodded slightly and walked away looking pleased with himself.

Oh no, now I’d really stuffed things up. The first meeting with Draco and he already knew I liked him. Oh but he’s so gorgeous and when he smiles, it makes me just want to faint.

The room I was standing in was large and lavishly decorated. On one side there was a large four-poster bed and on the other, an enormous window looking out onto a grassy back garden. Through the window I could see another smaller house which was just as grand looking as the mansion that I was observing from.

As I was watching the house, several black figures appeared out of nowhere and ran swiftly towards the door, then disappeared inside. Another two cloaked figures ran from the mansion towards the house, and also disappeared inside. It then occurred to me, that all these figures wore the same black cloak as Lucius, my new dad.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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Okay, well here's chapter 2... hope you enjoy it : )

I stood staring out of the window for quite some time, the sky began to gradually get darker. I started to notice other things in the back garden. Mostly the magnificent trees, but at the very bottom of the garden, stood several gnarled white trees with a ghostly mist about them. They looked as though they were from a different place but they were eerie and goose-bumps sprouted up all over my body.

Just as the last ray of light from the sun disappeared into the horizon, the cloaked figures emerged from the smaller house. I could barely see them as they ran across the garden towards the peculiar trees and disappeared. In the darkness, I didn’t notice two of the figures running back towards the house nor did I realise, that this congregation of cloaked figures and what was going to happen to my mother and I over the next year, had an undeniable association.

A noise from the doorway jolted me out of my thoughts. I spun around with my heart beating furiously.

‘Sorry, did I scare you miss?’ asked the house elf ‘I didn’t mean to. I just came to tell you that dinner is served,’ squeaked the little creature, whose torso was wrapped up in what resembled a net-type garment. 

‘Oh, thank you,’ I said.

Half an hour later, I found myself sitting in an enormous dining room, at a colossal dining table, eating the third course of my dinner. Lucius was seated at the head of the table, opposite him (which was at least two metres away) was Draco and on either side, sat my mother and I. 

The dinner was slightly awkward, it was obvious that Draco and Lucius were used to sitting in silence at dinner, and as I was still recovering from embarrassment as a result of Draco and mine prior conversation, I wasn’t going to offer anything for discussion. My mother however, is a chipper sort of person, who enjoys her daily dinner conversations and was desperately trying to start one. She would ask someone a question and in return, she would get a one word answer.

When she reached Draco she asked,
‘So Draco, are you looking forward to returning to Hogwarts?’

Draco looked up from the food he had been pushing around his plate.

‘Sure,’ he said sarcastically.

‘Draco, don’t be so rude,’ Lucius said harshly. Draco went back to staring at his plate, but my mother wasn’t put off.

‘I’ve heard that Dumbledore is the best headmaster you can get in the wizarding world,’ she said positively. Nobody answered but I could swear I saw a look of incredible loathing come over Lucius’ face.

‘and Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts. He’s in the same year as Violet and Draco,’

Don’t ever mention that name in my house,’ Lucius spat out maliciously. A look of hunger swept across his eyes. 

He stood up quickly and strode out of the room. My mother hastily excused herself and scurried out after him. I almost stood up and barred her way. After meeting the man only twice, I could tell that he definitely wasn’t safe to be around when he was in a rage.

This left Draco and I sitting in the gigantic room all by ourselves. I had just witnessed what happened when people tried to make conversation in this family’s dining room but I couldn’t help it. I needed to talk to Draco again; I needed to convince him that I was not the complete nutter, he thought I was.

‘What’s it like at Hogwarts?’ I asked slowly. Draco looked up at me, I felt short of breath and I got the strangest tingling sensation in my lower stomach. My heart was once again beating at one-hundred miles an hour.

He didn’t say anything for some time; it was like he was pondering his answer. The question was not a difficult one and I couldn’t imagine anyone at Hogwarts not liking it there. Fleur Delacour came back with wonderful stories of her time there when the Triwizird Tournament was on.

At last Draco answered,

‘It’s… thrilling, especially with people like Potter around,’ 

‘It’s Violet, right?’ he asked. I nodded ‘Can I ask you a question?’

‘Yes,’ I answered, getting curious.

‘Which Hogwarts house would you most like to be in?’ he asked, with a strange look on his face.

I didn’t know that Hogwarts had school houses, Beauxbatons certainly had none. I shook my head and in return I received an inquisitive look.

‘You don’t know any?’ he said disbelievingly. I shook my head again.

He shook his head in amazement.

‘Okay, firstly there’s Slytherin, its where all the pureblood, attractive and smart wizards and witches go,’ He paused for a second ‘Okay, scratch that, most of the attractive and smart wizards and witches,’

He went on to explain Ravenclaw as ‘the-know-it-all, goody-two-shoes group’, Hufflepuff as ‘bunch of dim-witted idiots’ and lastly Gryffindor as ‘full of Dumbledore ass-kissing blood traitors and mudbloods’. I was taken aback at his use of language but even as he said it, his face showed slight resentment.

At that moment, there was a loud tap at the window and a light brown barn owl sat on the windowsill. It was mine, and two letters were attached to its leg. One was addressed to me, and the other, strangely, was addressed to Draco.

‘Our school letters,’ he replied to my quizzical look.

I opened the letter and read,

Dear Miss Beaumont

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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Draco and I pushed our way through the crowded Diagon Alley and into a shop on which the sign read ‘Madame Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions’. A stocky woman met us in the doorway and she began to take my measurements, Draco stood to the side of the room. After five minutes of standing still, while a roll of measuring tape took all the measurements it could possibly take, Madame Malkin ran off and came back with a set of school robes. As I was paying for them, two large boulder like boys walked into the shop.

‘Malfoy!’ one said in a rather loud voice.

‘Crabbe, Goyle,’ Draco said calmly, as if he wanted no further discussion with the two.

‘Where have you been all summer?’ asked the one called Crabbe.

‘I've been busy,’ Draco replied. He turned and looked at me with almost pleading eyes.

‘Have you met Violet?’ he said, gesturing towards me. They looked confused.

‘I thought you were with Parkinson?’ said Crabbe.

Draco shook his head. ‘It’s only meant to look that way,’

Crabbe and Goyle smiled stupidly in my direction. They strongly reminded me of a pair of dim witted trolls.

After the discussion ended, we left the two daft boulders (as I dubbed them) in the robe shop and continued along the alley. We purchased our school books from a shop called Flourish and Blotts, collected potions ingredients from The Apothecary, a cauldron from the cauldron shop and at last we reached Ollivander’s wand shop. I desperately needed a new wand and the kindly old man inside the shop found me one.

Draco refused to go in and instead stood outside waiting impatiently. As I walked out of the shop, three people approached him; or rather, he approached them. One was a bushy brown haired girl, the other two were boys, one with flaming red and the other with pitch black hair.

‘Well, well, well, if it isn't Pothead, Weaselby and the Mudblood,’ Draco spat out maliciously.

Quite a few people stopped in their tracks and turned angrily towards him. Several other boys and girls joined him in the middle of the alley. All of them had the same menacing sneer or scowl on their faces.

‘Ooh look, it’s the death eater wannabes,’ said the red haired boy.

‘Ron!’ said the bushy brown haired girl. ‘Don’t cause a scene,’

‘At least the Mudblood has some sense,’ said one of the menacing girls.

Ron and the black haired boy lunged at the group.

‘Oh dear Potter, better learn to control your temper. Why… We all knew you had issues but this was right here out in the open for everyone to see,’ said Draco sneering.

Was this the Harry Potter? I looked at his hairline and could just see the tip of his lightning shaped scar. Yes! This was the real Harry Potter.

I was appalled by Draco’s behaviour. Was this the way that Hogwarts students behaved towards each other? And was I expected to act in the same way?
I decided to do what was right by my own instincts; Harry and his friends had not really done anything wrong and Draco was deliberately winding them up. He was the one at fault.

So I marched right up to Draco, grabbed his arm (my stomach doing somersaults at the feel of his skin) and dragged him as far away as I could. When we stopped, we were outside a place called ‘The Leaky Cauldron’. I pulled him inside and forced him to sit down on a chair.

‘What the hell was that?’ he practically shouted in my face.

‘I could ask you the same question,’ I said equally as angrily. ‘You deliberately caused that scene,’ I snapped, before he could say anything.

He looked down at the table as if suddenly it became very interesting.
‘It’s just the way people like me are meant to behave to people like them. I can’t help it; it’s been drummed into me since I was a kid,’

‘People like them?’ I asked.

‘Gryffindors… so called ‘blood traitors’ and muggle-borns,’ Draco stated plainly. ‘I have been taught that they are... unworthy of my presence, put nicely,’

He looked downright ashamed with himself so I didn’t harass him any further. Instead, I turned the conversation to school, which started the very next day. I was a little apprehensive but excited at the same time. Knowing one person would really help me to fit in.

‘What if I get put in Gryffindor? Would you treat me like that?’ I asked.

Draco looked at me with a glint in his eyes, I pretended to be offended and he raised his eyebrows.
‘I doubt it,’ I was not sure whether he meant him teasing me or me being in Gryffindor. He looked me straight in the eyes and I couldn’t look away, I was hypnotized by those two piercing grey orbs.

It was a moment, for the first time I felt that Draco liked me the same way I liked him. I leaned forward, putting my face closer to his, our lips were just inches from each other. I almost gasped as I felt his lips against mine…..

‘Violet?’ Draco said, snapping me out of my daydream. ‘Are you okay?’

I nodded, embarrassed that I had drifted away like that. He must have noticed a pink tinge in my cheeks because he smiled; It was only a small one, but it was a real sincere smile.

I stepped off the Hogwarts Express and onto the station at Hogsmeade. I followed the crowd of people who were heading towards a mass of carriages that looked as though they were pulled by nothing at all; just empty space. I searched for an empty carriage and sat inside. A minute later the door opened and Harry, Ron, the bushy haired girl from Diagon Alley, and another red haired girl sat down in the carriage.

‘Hey, you’re that girl from Diagon Alley,’ said Harry ‘the one with Malfoy,’

I nodded and looked away, ashamed to have been a part of the situation. The carriage lurched forward as we began to move towards Hogwarts.

‘Thanks for that,’ Harry said gratefully. I looked up in disbelief; did he just thank me?

I couldn’t help but notice that Ron kept his eyes on me ever since he entered the carriage. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

‘You’re welcome,’ I said. We sat in silence for the rest of the trip; I was too anxious to speak and the rest of them awkwardly trying to think of something to say. At last we stopped. I exited the carriage first and walked briskly up the stairs to the castle, gasping in amazement at its size and sheer beauty.

The letter had said I was to meet Professor Dumbledore at the Entrance Hall. The only problem was that, I didn’t know where the Entrance Hall was. I looked frantically for Draco amongst the students around me, and when I found him and asked where the hall was, he told me with the smallest of smiles, that I was standing in it. I felt like a complete idiot.

A pleasant looking man was smiling at me from the corner of the room. He was tall and thin, with long silver hair and a long beard. He had blue eyes, a very long and crooked nose and long bony fingers, on his crooked nose sat half-moon spectacles. He looked ancient. I guessed he must be Professor Dumbledore.

I walked over to him and listened as he welcomed me and explained my agenda for the night. When he had finished, he led me to a large door where a group of small children were nervously gathered. I was to wait with these children and be sorted into a house.

Part of me wanted to be in Slytherin so that I would be accepted by Draco and his friends, but inside I knew that I didn’t have the personality that the Slytherin’s had so graciously demonstrated in Diagon Alley.

Maybe Ravenclaw, they weren’t too bad, I would only be perceived as smart. But I was totally not, so I ruled them out. Only Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were left. If I was placed in Hufflepuff, I’d never hear the end of it from Draco but if I was placed in Gryffindor, all hell would break loose.

We were summoned into the Great Hall. My stomach felt as if a group of butterflies were flying inside of it, as I walked down the small space between two of the four long tables. The hall was amazing; the roof was spelled so it resembled the night sky outside and was very large.

The tables, full of students were staring at me because I was at least two heads higher than the rest of the first years so consequently, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I waited at the back of the group and when the old woman called my name, I walked nervously onto the platform and placed the old hat onto my head, praying that none of these children that wore it before me had head-lice.

I could hear a voice whisper into my ear.

Hmmm, what do we have here? You aren't a first year…. Unsure of yourself, so you cannot be a Slytherin, but full of stubbornness and courage, a worthy trait of Slytherin’s, and you are quite bright. But there is an underlying kindness that is not present in any Slytherin. I’d say… GRYFFINDOR!!… 

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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 My eyes scanned the tables, they met Draco’s and the world stopped. It was as if all time was frozen for that moment, and the only two beings on earth were me and Draco. He shook his head and looked away, and in that moment, I knew what a horrible mistake it’d been moving to England.

The rest of the dinner went by in a blur. People tried to talk to me but I ignored them or gave one word answers. Not exactly the best first impression of me.
All of a sudden I found myself lying awake in my bed in the 6th year Gryffindor girl’s dormitories, listening to the peaceful breathing of the other girls.
My head was swimming with thoughts; that hat could read my head so it must have placed me in the right house, but how was it possible for me and Draco to be so different.
He must hate me now. After all, I’m in the enemy house.

After unsuccessfully trying to sleep, I got up and walked downstairs to the common room. There, I sat on the couch and my head transported me into another place. In this place, Draco and I were together. We went to Hogwarts together and were both in Slytherin. Every guy in the school wanted to be with me and every girl wanted to be me.

A noise from the stairs startled me and I shook out of my daydream. A plump, round faced boy appeared at the bottom of the stairs. He jumped when he realised that I was in the room.

‘Hi,’ he said nervously. I smiled at him. ‘You’re the new girl. Right?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘I’m Neville.’ I nodded again and he looked at me expectantly.

I sighed. ‘Violet,’ I said extending my hand. Gingerly, he took it; I could feel his palm sweating. I took my hand back and wiped it on my pyjama pants, his cheeks tinged pink. We stood awkwardly, until he turned around, muttered something that sounded like ‘bye’ and went back upstairs.

I paced the grand common room for a while, calmly pondering my circumstances and whether there was a resolution. When my eyes began to droop so that I could no longer see where I was going, I trudged wearily up to my bed and fell immediately asleep.

Trying to find my way around on the first day of school, was like looking for a needle in a haystack and to make matters worse, whenever I tried to ask anyone for directions, they hurriedly walked off in the opposite direction. The school was huge, and at times, when I found myself in the wrong corridor, I came back out, to find either; the stairs led to a completely different place or that there were no stairs at all and when I finally reached class, everyone was already settled and they all stared at me as I found a seat.

Coincidently, in the first subject I had, Transfiguration, the only free seat was beside Draco. I sat down as the stern looking woman began to explain the day’s task. We were to use the incantation ‘incohare unda’ to transfigure objects on our desks to water. It was quite difficult and halfway through the lesson, the only person who had managed to do it, was the bushy haired girl, who I now knew was called Hermione.

I tried copying her exactly,

‘incohare unda,’ I said, flicking my wand the same way Hermione did, and big surprise, it worked; the quill I’d been trying to transfigure was now dripping onto the floor.

‘Incarhere yoonda,’ I heard Draco say. I turned to him.

‘Draco, do you want some help?’ I asked.
He didn't reply.
Still no reply…

He was flicking his wand all over the place, desperately trying to make it work but with each flick he was getting more and more annoyed.
‘Stupid spell,’ he said angrily, throwing down his wand. He crossed his arms and sat with a pout on his face that could rival that of a three year old girl. I took one look at him and burst into laughter. I couldn't help it, he just looked so stupid.
He turned to look at me.
‘What’s so funny?’ he asked

‘You!’ I laughed. He looked embarrassed. Now that he was actually speaking to me, I took the chance to say something about my little sorting incident.

‘Draco, are you okay about me?’ I asked ‘me being in Gryffindor that is,’
He looked if anything, taken aback by my question.

‘I always knew you were a goody-two-shoes…,’ he said casually, trying to sound cool ‘…It didn't really come as a surprise,’

‘Although,’ he said after a small pause ‘I am going to have to find a way for you to make it up to me.’

The bell rang and he ran off with a rather seedy grin on his face.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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‘Oh it was simple’ drawled Draco to his fellow Slytherin, Blaise Zabini. Blaise stared at him in admiration.

‘and… how was it?’ he asked excitedly.

I knew what they were talking about, and didn’t stay around for Draco’s reply. Instead, I left for Hogsmeade. Inside, I was crushed that he’d even considered another girl, let alone telling me the details of their conduct. My only comfort, was in the thought that he didn’t know about my little obsession with him.

It was the first visit for the year and everyone above the second year was hurriedly walking down to the all magical town.

As I passed a rather merry looking pub called The Three Broomsticks, I saw Harry, Ron and Hermione waving at me to come and join them. I didn’t know my way around at all, so I decided to go along. We went into nearly every shop and I was astounded at the many different things this town had to offer. That afternoon when we arrived back at the castle, my purse was significantly lighter.

I had a cheerful dinner along with everyone else in the Great Hall, and left with a sense of belonging. For the first time, school was a place I wanted to be, not a place to dread. As I left for Gryffindor tower with my friends, I heard Draco call to me from The Entrance Hall.

‘What does he want?’ said Ron spitefully.

I told them that I’d meet them in the common room and went back down the stairs.

‘So, you’re in with the dream team, huh?’ he said. I nodded, hoping that he wouldn’t cause a scene.

‘mmm… I’ve thought of a way for you to make it up to me, and to prove to the rest of the Slytherin’s that you’re worthy’ he said with that glint in his eyes.

I followed him down towards the dungeons and began to feel anxious as we entered a room at the end of the corridor and I saw the Slytherin’s standing in a ring.

‘This is Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, Zabini, Parkinson, Greengrass and Bulstrode’ Draco said pointing at the individual as he said their name.

‘What is she doing down here?’ whined Pansy Parkinson.

She, Parkinson is my step-sister’ Draco drawled. I felt a rush of gratitude towards him, and of course the tingling sensation in my lower stomach which was now, all too familiar. Pansy looked reproachful at Draco’s response, however any other objections she may have held about my presence, remained unstated.

‘Okay, we all know why we’re here. Let’s just try and get this over and done with as quickly as possible’ Draco stated plainly.

‘Ahem, would you like to enlighten me as to why I am here…’ I said trying not to sound obnoxious.

‘Shh!’ Draco said, his keen ears picking up a noise that nobody else had heard. ‘I smell vermin’

The three girls squealed as a rather unsightly looking rat scampered into the room. It was missing a small gnarled toe and right before my eyes, it transformed into a man. Well… if you could call it a man. He had the shrunken look of someone who’d lost a great deal of weight over a short period of time and his face still showed hints of the rodent he’d just been.

‘Nice of you to join us, Peter’ Draco said without a hint of emotion for this man. Peter’s beady eyes darted from face to face in the room until they rested on me.

‘What a pretty little girl, I’ve not seen her face here before’ Peter squeaked.

‘You’ll not talk about her!’ Draco said harshly ‘After all, you are here to serve me and only me’

‘Oh yes, the young master has all his fathers charm’ Peter said almost gloatingly.

‘I am NOTHING like my father’ Draco yelled. The room went eerily silent, more so than before.

Zabini was the first to recover from the shock.
‘So, we’ll get on with it shall we?’ he said. Draco nodded and turned to the girls.

‘You go first, they won’t suspect it of you’
The girls left the room and disappeared off up the corridor.

‘Nott, Zabini, you help with the sweet talking. Crabbe, Goyle you’re the look outs’ Draco said hurriedly ‘Now go! You can’t be too far behind the girls or it won’t work’

‘Pettigrew! You are to stay-with-me!’ Draco said to Peter, who looked like he were going to run off.

‘And you,’ he said rounding on me ‘are going to go up and distract Dumbledore’

‘Distract Dumbledore from what?’ I asked suspiciously.

‘Does it matter?’ Draco said ‘Look, ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies. Can you please just do it?’

‘How?’ I asked pointedly. Not previously being involved in dodgy dealings, I had absolutely no idea about how to stall people.

‘I don’t know. You Gryfindorks seem to all know how to do it… Just tell him that you need help with something and he’ll fall for it right away. Just keep him up there for a good 10 minutes’ I nodded, feeling inside that this was probably against my better judgement but wanting to be accepted by Draco and his friends more, I left and proceeded to Dumbledore’s office.

‘Password’s “Honeydukes” by the way’ Draco yelled down the corridor after me.

‘Honeydukes’ I said to the stone gargoyle. It jumped aside and I climbed the stairs to Dumbledore’s office. I could hear voices coming from inside.

But Professor, is learning about Voldemort’s past going to help me defeat him in the future?

Yes Harry, Its going to make the world of difference.

But how? I mean its history now… isn’t it?

Harry my dear boy, you must learn to trust me more. After all, I have lived a great deal longer than you have and have found myself in situations that you can only dream about. Voldemort’s past may very well be what finally destroys him. But we must stop now, for I sense the presence of another outside the door

I panicked, the door swung open of its own accord and from inside the room, Harry Potter and Dumbledore stared at me.

‘Come in, come in Miss Beaumont. Harry and I are just having a little discussion.’ Dumbledore said, fully knowing that I had heard everything they’d been saying.
‘After all, Voldemort must be very present in your life now too’ Dumbledore smiled knowingly but his kindness just washed over me in my nervousness to keep him stalled.

‘Wh-what do you mean?’ I stuttered. Even if I thought hard about it, He Who Must Not Be Named played a very little role in my life.

‘My dear, you live with one of the most notorious Death Eaters that the world has seen, perhaps aside from that little coward of a man, Peter Pettigrew’ Dumbledore said in a way that did not compliment his kind ways at all.

‘Peter Pettigrew? I just saw him, he’s in the school right now’ I said, completely forgetting my job in fear of Voldemort and shock that Lucius was a Death Eater.

Harry looked bewildered and jumped to his feet, I expected Dumbledore to do the same thing (except much slower, he was an old man of course) but he just remained seated.

‘Harry, do calm yourself. I assure you, that as we speak, Professor Snape is attending to Mr Pettigrew, as well as our very own Mr Malfoy. He told me this just a moment ago’ Dumbledore said calmly.

Harry made noises of protest but became silent and the raise of Dumbledore’s hand.

‘Yes Harry, I do trust Professor Snape with this. As I would with anything else’

Then it dawned on me, at this current moment, my mother was home alone with a notorious Death Eater, at his mercy. I didn’t even know if she was still alive. Draco received regular owls from his father but I had not received one letter from my mother, which was peculiar since she owled me almost every day at Beauxbatons.

‘Sir, what about my mother? I need to see her now! She’s home alone with Lucius. He’s probably done all sorts of things to her,’ I began to panic.

‘Your mother is working undercover for the Ministry. I assure you, she is fine. A fine auror too’ said Dumbledore in a tone that made me want to slap him.

‘Auror? My mum’s not an Auror, she’s an accountant!’ I said, my voice getting higher with each word ‘Isn’t she?’ Dumbledore just smiled at me. Months later, I still didn’t understand why he was so calm.

As Harry and I walked back to Gryffindor Tower, neither of us could voice our opinions on what had just happened. I went to bed, an unnatural silence about me.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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Here we go... i think that this chapter has more direction than all the others and btw... those people that are wondering how this is a Hermione/Ron fic will hopefully be pleasantly suprised in the next chapter.
Oh yeah, and I had a lot of fun writing this chapter :)

It was Christmas and I was back at the Malfoy’s mansion… my mansion… I had to get used to saying that. Surprisingly, my mother was still 100% healthy but she wouldn’t tell me anything about her undercover Auror job or that Lucius was a Death Eater, she still insisted that she was an accountant; I knew she was lying to me. She did however, advise that I stop making wild accusations about the man who gave us a home to live in.

Draco believed that I’d had nothing to do with Professor Snape’s discovery of his plan and so therefore I was accepted amongst the Slytherin’s. Except, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to be accepted with them anymore; I had my own group of friends that I didn’t have to prove myself to. I was accepted by them without even trying, they’d even invited me to stay with them in the last week of the holidays. Ever since my little meeting with Dumbledore, Harry and I had been getting along particularly well, if you know what I mean.

Christmas Day was never really special for me. I usually spent the day at Beauxbatons watching the other girls in my dormitories and their lavish gifts while I sat with one gift from each of my parents, but this year was different. I received money and sweets from my mother, a wizards chess set from Ron and Harry, Hogwarts: A History from Hermione, a very pretty (and expensive) pendant from Draco and Lucius, and a muggle CD from my father that I promptly threw out.

‘Thanks mum,’ I said after opening her gift

‘You’re welcome!’ she said enthusiastically. I turned to Lucius, who was sitting with Draco, engaged in a hushed conversation.

‘Thankyou Lucius, I really like this pendant’ I said feeling awkward.

‘My pleasure’ he said with a slight sneer. I nodded my head at Draco, knowing that he knew what I meant. Draco got up and left the room and I had an almost irresistible urge to follow. Listening to my heart and not my head, I got up and followed his retreating back up the stairs and into his bedroom.

‘So,’ Draco said. ‘You really expect me to wear this?’

I gasped in shock, realising that I’d left the buying of Draco’s Christmas present to my mother. He smirked and held up a watch covered in little silver hearts, I nearly fainted with embarrassment.

‘My mum bought it, I’m really sorry’ I gushed ‘You really don’t have to wear it!’

‘Its okay’ he said, smirking ‘It’s cute.’ He put it on. I felt like screaming, I couldn’t believe he’d just done that. It was one of those defining moments where you realise exactly why you like someone… he was so nice… he was so gorgeous! Over the next few days I was in a kind of euphoria where anything Draco did or said made him look even more perfect in my eyes.

Five days after Christmas, Pansy Parkinson held a party at her house. Draco and I were both invited but I really had no idea why Pansy would invite me, she didn’t even like me. It was only because of Draco that she was halfway decent towards me.

On the night, I just wore casual clothes, not expecting it to be anything special. I floo-ed over to her house to find Draco and everyone already there. I walked over to a chair on the side of the room, sat, and watched Draco for a while.

Pansy was really very clingy. As I watched Draco talking with Blaise, she sidled over and grabbed on to Draco’s arm. He tried to pull it out of her grasp but she just clung on tighter. After failing many times to release himself, he excused himself to the bathroom.

Watching the other Slytherin’s in the room, I realised that they were actually quite boring. Zabini had now moved over to Crabbe, Goyle and Nott who were deep in conversation with Daphne Greengrass. Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy Parkinson were half heartedly attempting to dance to the peculiar music that was currently playing throughout the room.

‘Thank god, I finally got away from her’ Draco said in my ear.
‘Want a drink?’ he said, handing me a cup with a frothy substance in it.

‘Yeah, I’ve noticed that she’s rather… er… dependant’ I said taking a sip of the drink.
‘mmm, what is this?’ I asked.

‘Butterbeer’ Draco replied. ‘Having fun?’

‘Not really. To tell you the truth, I think I’d rather be at home, doing schoolwork’ I said sighing.

‘Wow, you must really be bored’ he said laughing. ‘Do you want to go? I’m just about ready to leave too, I think’

‘I don’t want you to leave just because I’m bored’ I said.

‘No, It’s okay, just give me two seconds and I’ll be ready’ he strut off towards the other side of the room.

‘Draco! You aren’t going to leave before we play spin the bottle are you?’ Pansy whined. Draco looked at me desperately from across the room. If we left, there would still be enough people to play.

‘Okay, then that’s settled. Everybody come over here and sit down’ she said steering Draco away.

Once everyone was seated in a circle, she placed a bottle in the centre. I’d never played spin the bottle before but I’d heard how it was done and had a sneaking suspicion that Pansy may have bewitched the bottle so that it would choose her and Draco.

Sure enough, the first spins landed Draco and Pansy together. My heart ached as I watched Pansy slobber all over Draco’s face. Afterwards, he left the room. I assumed that it was to wash his mouth out.

The next round forced myself and Blaise into a rather awkward lip lock war. I had to admit though, he was a pretty good kisser. By the time Draco returned, everybody in the room had kissed somebody.

‘We should be going’ Draco announced ‘Father insists on a 10pm curfew’

‘Oh come on Draco, just one more game!’ Pansy whined, Draco sighed.
‘Everybody change seats’ she said.

Three snogging sessions later, I found myself in a very embarrassing situation. The bottle had paired Draco and I together.

He caught my eye and shrugged. I was in a kind of trance, incapable of speech or movement.

‘You wanted to play. You have to do it!’ said Millicent. Pansy had a sour look on her face.

Draco got up and walked over to sit next to me. I could feel my heart pumping in my ears and my whole body was shaking with excitement and anxiety. Everyone else in the room just froze. Draco leaned in; he was now so close that I could feel his breath on my face. My lower stomach tingled in anticipation. In slow motion, I watched as Draco’s face came towards mine.

I felt the touch of his soft lips against mine that were so readily awaiting. I felt his hands slide up to my face. His tongue begged entry to my mouth and I willingly obliged. His hands caressed my face while his tongue, furiously in battle with mine, explored my mouth. I was in heaven; I never wanted the moment to end.

‘Ew! Get a room!’ screeched Pansy. Draco pulled back quickly. Pansy looked furious,

Draco cleared his throat.
‘We… er… should be going’ he said, a smile playing at the sides of his mouth. I was still in shock and unable to move.

‘Vi?’ he said more loudly. I could hear him, but I couldn’t organise myself enough to reply.

I felt his warm hand grab mine as I was pulled to my feet; I was now eye to eye with Draco. I looked down at the hand which he still had a hold of, then back at him. He rolled his eyes impatiently. I let myself be dragged towards the fireplace and the last thing I saw before disappearing back to the mansion was Blaise smiling creepily at me from across the room. I was mortally horrified that he’d thought that our kiss was something more than a dare.
I coughed and spluttered my way out of the fireplace. Draco appeared right behind me and strode away to his room without saying a word. 

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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Hello again... I've just completed 2 weeks of yr11 final exams and overcome a rather long series of writer's block and am now ready to update a little quicker since I have a better idea of the direction this story is going to take.

This is the chapter that should satisfy the ron/hermione people at least a little and I can tell you that ron/hermione, draco/hermione and harry/ginny are all going to be a big part of life for poor violet in the next few chapters. We may also meet Violets dad and quite possibly find out what Draco and his dad are up to.

I began to worry that the spin the bottle incident would make things different and awkward between me and Draco but I soon forgot it, as I left to stay with my Gryffindor friends the next day. Although, I found myself silently wishing that Draco would come with me.

Strangely, Dumbledore came to collect me from the mansion. Lucius, although not openly, was less than welcoming but Dumbledore didn’t even seem to notice. I collected all my belongings, bid my mother and Lucius farewell and followed Dumbledore down the street. We must have looked very strange to muggles, for aside from being very old, Dumbledore was dressed in the most unusual attire, that I was sure that no muggle had ever seen before.

I side-along apparated with him to another dimly lit, deserted street. He gave me a piece of paper which read;
“The headquarters of The Order of The Phoenix is at number 12 Grimmauld place”

The two houses that stood in front of us began to move sideways and moments later, a third house stood in between. Yet the muggles in the houses on either side didn’t seem to have noticed the peculiar event at all.

We stepped forward to the doorway and Dumbledore knocked sharply on the door 3 times. I heard quick, shuffling footsteps and a voice called.

‘State your name’ I recognised the voice to be that of the Hogwarts potions master, Professor Snape.

‘Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, accompanied by Violet Claire Beaumont’
I didn’t ask how he knew my middle name.

‘What animal form does Aberforth Dumbledore’s patronus take?’ Snape asked.

‘A goat’ he said matter-of-factly. The door opened and Dumbledore gestured for me to go in. I followed Snape down a long, dark hallway with portraits along either sides of the walls. I assumed that this house belonged to a very old wizarding family. Doors also branched off on either side but we did not turn, instead opening the very last door at the end of the corridor.

Inside was a merry kitchen with an assortment of people sitting around a table.

‘Violet!’ Harry said happily ‘Have a good Christmas?’

I nodded

‘Anyway, welcome to my house!’ he said.

‘Your house?’ I asked in astonishment. I knew Harry’s parents were dead but I didn’t expect him to still actually live in their house.

‘Technically, I inherited it from my godfather’ he said sheepishly. His tone was friendly but his eyes told me not to ask anything more about the topic.

‘So!’ he said, almost too cheerfully ‘This is Tonks, Remus, Mr & Mrs Weasley, Ginny, Fred, George, Bill, Fleur – you’d remember her from Beauxbatons- Kingsley, Charlie, Mundungus and of course you know Professor Snape’ he said with particular emphasis on Snape’s name. I recognised the telltale Weasley red hair in quite a few of the people sitting around the table but their names I could not remember.

‘Violet! Eet eez so good to see you!’ Fleur said. ‘You remember me from Beauxbatons, no?’ I nodded again.

‘Everyone, this is Violet. She goes to Hogwarts now too.’

‘Welcome Violet,’ said Mrs Weasley. ‘Would you like some lunch’

‘Oh, yes please!’ I said, only just realising how hungry I was. She sat me down at the table and placed a mountain of sandwiches on the table. I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore, by which time, all of the people in the room, except Harry, had left.

‘Where are Ron and Hermione?’ I asked, just remembering that I hadn’t seen them at all.

‘They…er…’ Harry said blushing. He cleared his throat. ‘They’re having some…alone time’
I couldn’t help noticing many similarities between Harry and Draco. If they weren’t sworn enemies, then they’d be best friends.

Harry showed me to my room. It wasn’t fantastic, but I was still so grateful they’d invited me to stay, that I didn’t notice. Harry left as I began to make myself at home in the small room.

Strange noises started from the room next door. I could hear a girl giggling and it sounded like someone was knocking things onto the floor. I walked to the door and out into the hallway to find out what was going on in there. I had a sneaking suspicion as to who it was. Suddenly, the door flew open, and Ron and Hermione emerged with their hair and clothes askew.
Hermione’s face turned red as she darted off in the other direction. Ron’s ears turned pink but he remained standing in front of me.

‘Oh, hi Violet. I didn’t know you were here yet’ he said.

‘I just arrived. Had a good Christmas?’ I asked.

‘Brilliant!’ he said smiling. ‘The best ever!’ He laughed and I joined in.

I enjoyed having these people as my friends. They were so down-to-earth compared to the uptight Slytherin’s. Draco was the only reason I made an effort with them.

The next day, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and I went into Diagon Alley. We sat in the Leaky Cauldron  for a while and leisurely drank butterbeer. There was only a day before we were to return to school, so we took the opportunity to enjoy the last of our freedom.

‘Harry, will you come somewhere with me?’ Ginny asked. Harry nodded and followed her out the door into the muggle street. Ron and Hermione exchanged knowing smiles. I sat there confused.

‘So!’ Ron said. ‘I need to go to the Menagerie, lets go.’ He and Hermione got up to leave.
‘What about Harry and Ginny?’ I asked.

‘Oh they’ll be fine’ Hermione said. Reluctantly, I got up and followed the two back down Diagon Alley. Strangely enough, when we got to the shop, Draco was standing out the front.

‘What’s he doing here?’ asked Ron angrily.

‘I’m allowed to be wherever I want’ Draco said. This was unusual behaviour for him. He was almost being civil towards them.
‘I was just er… admiring the view’ he said. Ron growled a little, shook his head, grabbed Hermione’s arm and dragged her away.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked after they were out of sight.

‘Am I no longer allowed to be in Diagon Alley?’ he said, a little annoyed.

‘Isn’t he just so cute!’ I exclaimed as I saw a tiny little kitten run out from underneath the counter. Draco bent down and picked it up.
‘Yeah, I guess he is’ he said. The kitten scratched at Draco’s pocket, pulled out a liquorice wand and started to chew on it.
‘You know what? I’m gonna call him Fafnir’ he said, a broad smile appearing on his face.

I laughed as he went to the counter and paid for his new pet. The two of them together was almost too much for me to handle. Now I had a problem, I couldn’t decide whether I liked Harry or Draco more. I guess I could say that I liked them both the same... I had issues to sort out.

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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Woot! Chapter 8!!! Yes I do realise it took me ages but I have been so busy! and I have been diagnosed with GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) and as a result of the depression I had last year (For more on that, read my other fics!!) i'm just finding everything stressful when there's nothing to stress about.. I have episodes but i'm learning to control them and writing is one of my releases!!!

Okay, enough about me. Moving right along... Chapter 8... yes... here it is!

Harry sat on the grass across from me. This was it, the moment where I was going to kiss Harry Potter.

It’d been four weeks since school resumed and I’d finally managed to figure out how to split my time between the Gryffindor and Slytherins, and make everyone happy, including myself. However I did feel, if not a lot, then a little guilty for wanting to kiss Harry just weeks after Draco and I had a full make-out session, but the two boys were so similar that I could just pretend that Harry was both of them.

I was really into Harry and it seemed that because of the circumstances, I had a much better chance of being with Harry than Draco. I leaned in for the kiss, my body radiating with desire, but Harry’s facial expression was not that of a person who was about to kiss someone.

‘Violet? I’m sorry… I’m er… seeing someone’ he said, clearly astonished. ‘Sorry if I’ve been sending out the wrong messages, but I’d never cheat on Ginny.’

Waves of shock crashed over my body. I felt emotionally sick… no, physically sick. I got up and ran as fast as I could, not even looking where I was going. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I was violently ill at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

‘oo’s there?’ a male voice called.

I couldn’t even gather myself enough to speak. I looked up and an extraordinarily large man appeared out of the trees. Another wave of emotion overtook me, this time it was tears, and when they started, they wouldn’t stop. The man looked bewildered but was kindly so he came over to comfort me.
‘s’okay, s’okay’ he said, gently patting me on the back with his enormous hands. ‘Come in and ‘ave a cup o’ tea’ he said gesturing towards a hut that I hadn’t noticed before.

‘So what’s yeh name?’ he said after I’d calmed down.

‘V-Violet’ I said, my voice hoarse. The look in his eyes seemed to tell me that he understood my pain, but how could he? He didn’t even know why I was so upset.

‘So, yeh gonna tell me wha’s ‘appened?’ he asked kindly. I wondered why a man who lived on the school grounds had nothing better to do than ask me about my problems.

‘It’s nothing…’ I said feeling utterly embarrassed at my completely insane outburst of heightened emotions.

‘Well summin that makes yeh this upset obviously isn’t nothing’ he said knowledgably.

‘Its stupid, you don’t want to hear it’ I said really wanting to get up and leave but feeling like I owed the man for his kindness.

‘Try me’ he said. He had a look of stubborn determination on his face and I caved.

‘okay...’ I said as I began to tell him. 

‘Okay Violet, I’ve decided that we’re going out!’ Hermione said after dumping all of her relationship stress onto me. I’d discovered that I wasn’t the only 6th year Gryffindor girl with boy issues. Neither of us cared that it was past 1 am on a school night.

We both dressed up, but I had to admit, Hermione looked stunning, any guy would be mad not to want her. She wore a knee length red dress, and her bushy hair was transformed onto brilliant waves that cascaded down her back. I decided on simple, plain and black, and my less than honey brown hair was messily tied up in a bun with the fringe brushed to the side.

At the large oak front doors of the school, we ran into someone that I’d really hoped I wouldn’t see tonight; Draco.

‘Well hello there, ladies’ he said smirking.

‘You can get that look off your face, Malfoy’ Hermione retorted.

‘Careful Granger, or I might not let you out’ he said playfully. ‘I’d be happy to do so, if say, you took me with you.’

‘Why would we –’ Hermione began.

‘–Hermione, he’s okay, I promise’ I interrupted. ‘Now let’s go before we get caught!’ Draco nodded at me in gratitude. Luckily Hermione trusted my instinct enough to believe me, because if we had waited a minute longer, Professor Snape would have caught us.

Walking across the vast expanse of lawn to exit the grounds, a small black shape ran out in front of us and made a beeline for Draco.

‘Faffy?! I haven’t seen you in days!’ Draco exclaimed as he picked up the small kitten. Hermione looked at me curiously and then noticed that her cat, Crookshanks was close by also.
‘Hermione, meet Fafnir, Draco’s cat’ I said ‘Draco, meet Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks’

‘What sort of a name is Fafnir?’
‘What sort of a name is Crookshanks?’ Draco and Hermione said simultaneously. Draco laughed nervously, I’d never seen him act this way but my stomach began to do somersaults as he ran his hand through his hair.

There was an awkward silence, none of us knew what to say. We began to walk as quickly as we could out of the school grounds and towards Hogsmeade. For once, the Three Broomsticks was well lit up and loud music could be heard from the Hogwarts grounds. We entered through the door and a pudgy man stopped us.

‘Hello Mr Malfoy, how nice to see you again. Its 3 sickles to enter tonight, if you’re of age’ he said looking pointedly at Hermione and I.

‘I’ll get it’ Draco said, handing the man a collection of silver coins.

‘The ladies?’ the man said suspiciously.

‘They’re with me,’ Draco replied.

‘Go wild!’ He said, laughing, as we entered the pub.

Almost immediately we lost Draco but it didn’t bother us because we were too embarrassed to dance anyway. A stranger offered Hermione a drink but she refused and several others came up to ask us to dance. I accepted the offer of one good looking guy but decided after a minute of dancing, that he was definitely one to stay away from, he was way too forward.

About half an hour later, Draco came over with three butterbeers.

‘Hermione, you haven’t danced once tonight!’ he said.

‘Since when are we on a first name basis, Draco? Buying my entry ticket doesn’t automatically make us buddies’ Hermione retorted.

‘Oh come on, lighten up! You’re at a party’ Draco said laughing. These two were behaving very stangely. 

Within 15 minutes, Hermione had accepted an offer to dance and was out there displaying some very un-Hermione-ish behaviours.

‘What did you give her?’ I joked to Draco.

‘Some firewhisky’ he said, without humour. He was serious! It took a minute for it to sink in.

‘What? I can’t believe you did that!’ I said, shocked by his behaviour. ‘That could be seriously dangerous!’

He smiled slyly and walked away. I was furious, I was so angry. I felt like punching his incredibly good looking face, make bruises on his soft, gorgeous skin. Oh what the heck! I couldn’t stay angry at him. Besides, it did look like Hermione was having more fun now.

btw the look I was going for with Hermione and Violet was – J-Lo sort of hair for Hermione and a kind of Mischa Barton look for Violet. 

Oh yeah and what happened between Ron and Hermione in the room isn’t what you think… just two 16 yr olds having fun :P no really, nothing sexual! 

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Chapter 9: Chapter 9
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Finally i know, i've updated... you'll probably be disappointed. I went to camp as a volunteer leader. The kids there come from disadvantaged backgrounds and to me now fanfiction has little meaning. I'm sorry!!!

‘if you don’t be quiet we’ll get caught!’ I said exasperated. Draco and Hermione just laughed in my face. We reached the large oak doors of Hogwarts.

‘Yeh know wart? Arm gonna break urp with thaat Ronid fella. Ah dun ned ‘im’ Hermione slurred.

‘Relly? Arnd then we cood bee togeva’ Draco said, equally as intoxicated.


‘Shhh!’ Draco sniggered, ‘dis one sez we haff do be qwiat.’

“I should just leave them” was a recurring thought in my head but my feelings for Draco and the faithfulness I still held towards Hermione got the better of me.

With great difficulty I managed to get the two of them up the stairs. I paused to rest but was interrupted by the sound of brisk footsteps. I panicked, “I need somewhere to hide,” I thought to myself. Then, by chance, a door appeared where I was sure there wasn’t one before.

Somehow, I managed to get both Draco and Hermione through the doorway and into a room. As I shut the door behind me, I got a chance to look around. It was large and even more lavishly decorated than the Malfoy manor. I glanced at the ceiling where chandeliers hung with candles burning brilliantly inside. The room had a large bed and next to it, an enormous lounge. I walked towards the window. I’d always had a fascination with looking out the windows at Hogwarts because the view that met my eyes was the most spectacular I’d ever seen.

The full moon shone down on the grounds and the Great Lake shimmered radiantly. I sighed; I really did like it here, especially with people like Draco and Hermione. The thought jogged my memory, I turned to find them locked in a furious battle to get each others clothes off. My stomach churned as I saw a half naked Draco with his hands trying to unclasp Hermione’s bra. If I stopped them, then we’d all be incredibly embarrassed but if I didn’t then Hermione would end up doing something she’d regret forever, and Draco… well, I wouldn’t be able to respect him anymore.

My mind screamed at me to stop them but my body wouldn’t move. I just stood there as Draco began to unzip his pants. Hermione jumped onto the bed and Draco followed. I couldn’t help it; I just stood and stared. I’d never seen two beings so close before. Then reality hit me, like a big truck and was besieged by what I saw. I moved, threw the door open and bolted, tears streaming down my face.

Hermione knew what I felt for Draco, and had allowed him to come tonight in the hopes of myself and him getting closer, but with the help of a little firewhisky the opposite had occurred. I hated Hermione for betraying me but I hated Draco more. I hated him for being so goddamn sexy and making me fall for him, I hated him for how he had taken over my mind and body, and most of all I hated him for the fact that even after what I’d just witnessed, I still loved him.

Two boys… two boys had broken my heart, and I’d lost 3 friends. Life at Hogwarts began to steeply get worse.

Draco and Hermione were the new “it” couple, after a rather messy falling out with Ron and Harry on Hermione’s side, and a whole school argument over the issue. Whenever I saw either of them I refused to even look at them and I was also ignoring Harry. Ron became my only friend but I didn’t really connect with him the way I had with the others. He was still cut up about his break-up and I tried my best to support him but quickly grew tired of babysitting.

About a month after the “incident”, I was sitting in Defence Against the Dark Arts listening attentively (for once) to the professor when there was a knock at the door. The whole class turned their heads towards a first year boy looking absolutely petrified.

‘The h-h-headmaster w-w-wishes to s-s-see Violet b-b-Beaumont,’ the boy only just managed to get out before he dashed off.

‘Very well’ Professor Snape said, obviously irritated that a student had to leave his class, and more, a Gryffindor.
‘Miss Beaumont’ he pointed at the door. ‘-and I shall expect 3 rolls of parchment on the importance of non-verbal spells on top of the other work you have been set… To catch up.’ He sneered slightly.

I gathered my ink, quills, parchment and bag and scurried off, almost as scared as the first year. As I walked towards the headmaster’s office, I wondered what on earth he could want me for.

For only the second time since starting at the school, I proceeded up the stairs behind the stone gargoyle which, conveniently had jumped aside as I approached. This time I heard no voices from within. The door opened once again of its own accord and I walked in, most surprised to find my mother standing next to Professor Dumbledore.

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