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~A Magical World or Not by hpfan429924

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 9,728
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 04/04/2007
Last Chapter: 05/22/2007
Last Updated: 05/22/2007

Emma is a sixteen-year-old witch/elemental/seer that has undescribable power with a twin sister named Ally. When both her parents are murdered by Voldemort she meets the Weasley's, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter for the first time. Strangely enough her parents knew the Weasley's somehow...

Chapter 1: Change
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Yes I know it's short... but they get longer as the story progresses... By the way you=Emma. That's your name just 'cause I said so. 
Disclaimer: I am not trying to steal J.K. Rowling's wonderful world of Harry Potter. It's only fan-fiction and I am one HUGE fan.

"Emma, he's here!" Ally said looking panicked.

"Who's here!? Ally who are you talking about!?"

"Him the person who's been following us all fifteen years of our life trying to kill us!"

"Oh that him. Come on Ally!" you said rushing out of your room and down the stairs into hallway, where you immediately were confronted by a group of people pointing wands at your mother. You stopped Ally telling her using your twin telepathy to stay quiet as you backed up the staircase and watched intently as a cold, harsh male voice talked.

"Where are they Nina?" he asked your mother.

"They're not here." your mother answered, spitting in his face. The man pointed his wand at her and her body started convulsing. You hear her scream and tears started streaming down your checks. Then he started to talk again.

"I'll ask you one more time before I kill you where are they!?!" You and Ally looked at each other in shock as he said the word 'kill'.

"I told you they aren't here." your mother answered very rudely.

"Then how can I sense their power near?" he hissed in her ear, while pointing his wand at her. "Avara Kadavra!" a burst of green light shot from his wand and blinded you and Ally for a moment then you stared down the staircase and saw your mother's lifeless body at the bottom. You heard Ally gasp out behind you as she looked over your shoulder. You gently pulled her back to your bedroom and pulled out a blue crystal necklace that your mother had given you. You knew it doubled as a portkey if your mother ever died. 

Ally gasped behind you whispering,"No Emma we can't leave" 

"We have to or he will find us and kill us just like he killed mom and dad!!" you yelled tears streaming down your face. "Now pack up we're leaving as soon as possible."
You sat in your room sadly packing some extra clothes and all of the magical things your parents and friends had ever given you, which wasn't many beacause you had just found out that you were a witch about 2 years ago. When you were done packing  some extra clothes, some emergency things and a photo of your parents, you pulled your small light blue suitcase and went into the hall and saw Ally standing there waiting for you holding a purple suitcase. You pulled out the blue crystal necklace and she pulled out an identical purple one. "Ready?" you asked her.

"Ready." she said sadly. "See you where ever these things take us." and with that she put on the necklace and disappeared. You took one last look at the house you had known most of your life and followed suit. You felt like you were racing through time and space before your feet finally hit solid ground. You were in a small kitchen of what looked like a wizarding house. A girl that looked like she was about 15 screamed when she saw you and ran out of the room. She looked oddly familiar for some reason...

Chapter 2: Meetings
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A/N This one again is kind of short but the next one will be out as soon as possible.

After the red headed girl screamed her brother a red-headed, freckled face boy that looked about 15 or 16 yelled, "MUM, DAD! You better come see this!"  The two of them looked so familiar you just couldn't put your finger on where you'd seen them though.

You heard people coming down the stairs as you tried to remember where you'd seen this boy. You look at Ally and mouth, "Don't we know him from somewhere." pointing at him. Ally nodded. When you pointed the boy jumped back in surprise. When two red-headed adults, the little girl, and two boys that look like twins came down the stairs you started to get even more confused. Then a frizzy haired girl came down, and a boy with round glasses and a lightening bolt scar on his forehead behind her. You looked over the group, and when your eyes landed on the black-haired boy with the scar you gasped and turned to Ally, "I remember them now Ally! they're from my dreams remember the one of the red-headed family and the boy with the..." before you could finish your eyes glazed over and you collapsed feeling Ally catch you.

You saw the first boy, the frizzy haired girl and the boy with the scar in a large room talking.

"What do you think of them Harry?" the red-head asked the scared boy.

"I dunno Ron. Hermione, what about you?" Harry asked the girl.

"I think you guys are over reacting they're twins that lost their parents to Voldemort just like you Harry." Hermione said.

"How do we know they aren't spies for Voldemort, Hermione?" Ron asked coldly.

"Why would they be here and why would Dumbledore recognize them if they were? Huh?" she asked just as coldly.

"She has a point Ron." Harry said.

You opened your eyes to see Ally looking at you worriedly, "What did you see?"

"The first red headed boy we met, his name is Ron, the frizzy haired girl, Hermione, and the black-haired boy, Harry sitting in a room talking about us." You replied, still weak from your vision. Then you realized everyone was looking at you and the 3 people you named were staring completely shocked with they're jaws hanging open.

"How did you know who we are?" Harry asked you sispiciously.

You swallowed hard. Your throat dry was really dry. "Can I have some water before explaining?"

"Of course, dear." The woman said pulling out a wand and conjuring a glass of water. You were suddenly glad to know they were all wizards and witches and not a bunch of muggles. She handed it to you.

You drank it and then answer Harry's question. "I'm a seer and I had a vision of you three talking about me and Ally and Ron thought we were spies for Voldemort. Now can I ask all of you something?" They nodded. "Who are you and why did my mom set up a port key with our necklaces to send us here?" you dangled your crystal necklace and heard the woman and man gasp. They rushed over to you and Ally.

"Fred, George get a bedroom ready." the man told the twin boys. They nodded and ran up the stairs. "Ginny, Hermione grab their suitcases." he said to the girl and Hermione. "Harry help me with Emma, and Ron show Ally to her room." with that he and Harry helped you hobble up the stairs and into your new room. 

Chapter 3: Harry
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A/N: This one has two different Point of Views- Emma and Ally. This one is longer mainly because I combined two chapters from my notebook together.  Just pretend that  everyone can do magic outside of school because it makes things so much easier. Disclaimer: You all know the deal... I'm not trying to steal J.K. Rowling's world of Harry Potter it's just fan-fiction. OK then... ON WITH THE STORY!!!

You woke up in the room the man, who you learned is Mr. Weasley, and Harry had brought you to the night before. You looked around and saw Ally in the bed next to yours and Mr. Weasley sitting in a chair in between the beds. You got up silently and walked shakily down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Harry is the only one besides you up.

"Morning Harry." you said, startling him out of his thoughts.

"Oh morning Emma." he replied sleepily.

You walked over and collapsed on the chair next to him and felt Harry catch you before you fell off.
"Still shaky eh?" he said, laughing.

Your vision went blurry slightly. He noticed your eyes turn slightly green when you looked at him. "Yea." you said distractedly, still looking into his eyes. You felt slightly light-headed and started to black out. You fell even more off the chair and he still held you up, looking at you worriedly. Mr. Weasley ran down the stairs looking around frantically for you. When he saw you in Harry's arms he relaxed a bit.

You lifted yourself up slightly having come out of your almost-black-out-episode, "Sorry to worry you Mr. Weasley I didn't want to wake you up so I wandered down stairs." You didn't mention how you had collapsed in the chair and Harry had caught you.

"Aw well I see your in good hands now I'll be back to bed." he said, climbing back up the stairs. You felt Harry's gaze on you again. He lifted you up and sat you in the chair upright.

"Thank you Harry."

"Your welcome Emma." he said, smiling and getting up. He pulled out his wand. "What do you want for breakfast?" he asked.

"Um... eggs and bacon and some orange juice." you replied.

He smiled at you and conjured two plates of eggs and bacon and two glasses of orange juice. He sat them down in front of you and sat down again, taking one of the glasses and plates. You both started eating, glancing at each other every now and then. When you finished eating Harry put the dishes in the sink and they started to wash themselves. Harry helped you up and you began to proceed slowly to the living room. When you got there you both sat down on the couch.

You looked at each other for a few minutes. Then Harry asked, "What happened to your parents?"

You froze. "Th-They were killed. Murdered actually." Harry stared at you sympathetically.

"So were mine. But I was only a baby when it happened so I don't remember it much."

"When I was 12 we were in the middle of moving to a new house for the 5th time that year and-and Voldemort just pointed a wand at my dad and-and killed him!" you said tears swimming in your eyes. "My mom managed to get me and Ally away and she raised us alone until last night when he came to the-the house and killed mom too because she wouldn't tell him where we were. I don't know why he wants me and Ally so badly Harry!" you started crying, glad to be in the presence of someone who understood you. Harry wrapped his arms around you and held you letting you cry. 


As you started to regain you composure you pulled away from Harry. "I'm sorry Harry."

"For what? It's OK to cry Emma. You were trying to be strong for your sister but it's still OK to be scared."

"I know but I'm sorry for showing up so suddenly. My mom told us if she were to die then we should use our crystal necklaces and go to where they take us, and apparently thats here where I don't know anyone but the only adults do!" in your exasperation you lost control of your powers and made water from a cup shoot up and hit Harry. "Opps I'm sorry Harry, again."

He wiped water off his face and looked at you curiously, "What was that?"

"My powers loosing control." you said simply.

"What powers?" he asked.

"Well I'm a seer and I can control water and air. Ally is a knower or empath, which means she knows when something is wrong and what your feeling, and she can control earth and water." you answered.

"So that's why he wants you." he mumbled.

"What was that, Harry?"

"I was just thinking that maybe Voldemort wants you for your powers."  He said looking dazed.

"Harry are you OK?" you asked, looking at him.

"Yeah." he said, looking into your eyes. You heard stomping on the stairs. A few seconds later, Hermione came in and looked at you and Harry.

"I'm sorry am I interrupting something?" she asked, turning to go.

"No Hermione. Come on over and sit down we were just talking." you said, breaking eye contact with Harry.

A few seconds later Ally came in looking flustered. She saw you and Harry on the couch and stepped back in surprise, "Whoa lots of emotions in this room." she said, falling to her knees. You got up and tried to walk over to her, only for your knees to buckle and you to fall back onto the couch into Harry's arms. You felt butterflies in your stomach when he caught you. Ally seemed to sense the emotion coming off of you when he caught you and held her head. "Emma keep your emotions to yourself!" she told you.

You scoffed, "Empaths!" ,throwing your arms in the air.

Hermione looked at Ally with wide eyes, "Your an empath?" she squealed.

"Uh... yeah and can you all just please try and contain your emotions, especially you Emma, the love coming off you is giving me a head ache!"

You give her a death glare. Harry looked at you in surprise, "What love is that?" he said. 

You felt yourself turn red with embarrassment and you glared at Ally even more. She smiled sheepishly, "For..."

"For my parents and the loss of them." you finished quickly, glaring at her.

"Oh," Harry said in disappointment, he looked at the ground.

"Harry, can you help me up to my room please?" you asked him, still staring at your twin. 

"Sure." he grumbled, standing up and helping you up the stairs. 

~-Ally's point of view-~

Ally woke up sensing Emma wasn't there and started to get worried. She hopped out of bed and quickly ran down the stairs. She ran into the living room and felt like she was hit on the head with a sledge-hammer. "Whoa lots of emotions in this room." she said, feeling her knees buckle as she fell. She sensed Emma getting up, feeling worry on her. As she fell back Ally looked up, seeing Harry catch Emma. She felt the emotion coming off of her when he caught Emma and held her head, feeling like it was splitting in two. "Emma keep your emotions to yourself!" she told her, still feeling her head ache and the waves of love coming off of Emma, making her feel like she was drowning.

Ally heard Emma scoff, "Empaths!" 

Ally felt Hermione staring at her and the excitement coming off her.

"You and empath?" she squealed.

"Uh... yeah and can you all just please try and contain your emotions," Ally couldn't help it, "especially you Emma, the love coming off you is giving me a head ache!" 

Ally saw Emma give her a death glare and she tried to look innocent. She saw Harry's surprised look as he asked Emma, "What love is that?" 

She thought, her love for you, you love birds!

Ally felt Emma's embarrassment now and saw her glare at her more. She smiled and started, "For..."

She was cut off by Emma suddenly, "For my parents and the loss of them."

She felt the disappointment and love coming off of Harry and winced. "Oh" he said.

Ally heard Emma say, "Harry, can you help me to my room please?"

"Sure." he grumbled, helping her up the stairs.

As soon as they were gone Hermione asked, "So what was it she actually loved for?"

"For Harry." she whispered in reply. "I also felt his love for her." she added to Hermione sadly.

Hermione covered her mouth and squeals, "Wait 'till I tell Harry and Ron."

"Hermione can you please not tell them? I think Emma's already mad enough at me without you telling Harry she loves him."

Hermione nodded, Ally felt the little bit of disappointment coming off her as she sighed and said, "OK I promise not to tell them or anyone."

"Thank you." Ally replied in relief

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Chapter 4: Visions and Birthdays
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When you and Harry reached your room Harry helped you to your bed and turned to leave but stopped. He turned to you with soft emerald green eyes. He looked at you for a while, then asked, "Your love was for something different than your parents wasn't it?"

You nodded. Half of your brain was screaming for you to tell him but the other half was telling you not to because it would ruin your friendship. "What was it for then?" he asked you. The voices became too overwhelming and you started to black out. You collapsed and just before you hit the ground Harry caught you, making butterflies appear in your stomach again, and layed you on the bed. He began to stroke your hair gently. You felt comforted by his presence and soon let yourself fall asleep.

You couldn't see anything, then you heard screams and a cruel laughter, "Emma, what you going to do now? Your dear Harry is dead!!"

You saw a dead body in front of you, it was Harry. Another 3 bodies appeared, Ron, Hermione, and Ally. You saw a man step out of the shadows. He had snake-like features. You knew instantly who he was. He's the person who killed your parents, it's Voldemort. You were enraged now. You heard him speak again, "Now you've seen what happens to those who don't join me. So, will you join me?'"

"Never!" you heard yourself yell, using your control over air to pushed him back and  ran. But everywhere you saw Harry and Ally and all you can smell is their blood.

You woke up, and sat bolt upright, looking around frantically for Harry and Ally. You saw Harry next to you and hugged him tightly. "Harry, where's Ally?"

"Down stairs. Why?"

"I had a vision. Can you go and get Hermione, Ron, and Ally for me, please?"

"Sure." he said, walking away.

You layed there, trying to get the wreak of blood out of your nose. When Harry returned with the others he sat next to you. Ally walked in, immediately sensed your fear and ran over to you, sitting on your other side. You grabbed hers and Harry's hand and leaned on Harry's shoulder.

"Emma what's wrong?" Ally asked very seriously.

You took a shuddering breath and looked from Ally to Ron to Hermione and then to Harry who was looking at you very concerned. "I had a vision." you began, "I heard Voldemort say,'What are you going to do now Emma? Now that Harry is dead!!' I saw Harry's body in front of me and I then I saw Ally's, Hermione's, and Ron's next to Harry's." you were keeping back tears now as everyone looked at you in shock,"I saw Voldemort and and he asked me if I would join him now that I saw what happened if I didn't." tears were now streaming down your face as you continued,"I said, 'Never' and blasted him with air. I ran but everywhere I saw your guys faces and I smelled blood everywhere. Then it ended." You were crying into Harry's shoulder and he just sat there and held you, comforting you. You felt Ally, Hermione, Ron comfort you too. 

* * * * * * * * * *

You woke up realizing it was Harry's birthday. You hadn't gotten him a present yet and were wondering what you should get him. You sat up and started to read, while still thinking about what to get Harry. You heard Ally wake up next to you, "Morning Emma," she said sleepily. 

"Morning Ally. Have you gotten Harry a birthday present yet?"

"OH CRAP!!! That's today!!" she said, sitting straight up.

"Yea. Do you know what your going to get him?" you asked, needing inspiration.

"Well, he loves Quiddich so I was thinking about giving him some quiddich stuff or maybe I could give him a card that tells him he can use my empath powers on one person to see how they feel about him."she said still pondering. What she said got you thinking about the day you had your Death Vision, when Harry had asked you what you really loved for that Ally sensed.

"I know what I'm giving Harry!" you said very suddenly, making your twin jump quickly.

"What?" she asked.

"Just a card and some galleons." you said, trying to look innocent and running out of the room.

She ran out after you, "After all he's done for you that's all your going to give him!?!" she asked, not buying it.

"Yep." you said, running into the kitchen glad there's more people there so she can't talk to you anymore. You saw Harry immediately, "Happy Birthday Harry!" you said cheerfully, sitting next to him. Ally sat on your other side, nudging you all the way through breakfast, which was scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and orange juice.

"So, what did you guys get me for my birthday?" he asked looking at everyone.

Ally, being the know-it-all that she is, piped up,"Emma's giving you a k..." at that you slapped your hand over her mouth and gave her a death glare. She just smiled sheepishly and bit your hand.

"Ow!!! ALLY!!" you yelled at her. She continued eating and when she went to take a drink, you used your powers and make the orange juice jump into her face. Everyone tried to stifle a laugh as Ally poured your juice on your head. 

At this Harry burst out laughing,"This is going to be the best birthday ever!" You gave him a fake death glare and make a sudden gust of air blow through the window and push his head into his plate.

"Yeah and the most fun for me." you said, running out of the kitchen. He got up and ran after you. He caught you finally and pinned you on the floor. He started tickling you and you started laughing.

"You surrender yet Emma?" he asked.

"Never." you said through tears. You thought quickly of a way to get him off you. You pretended to have a vision and just lay there with your eyes closed.

"Emma?" he asked slightly worried, he got off of you. As soon as he did you jumped up and pinned him to the ground. He pushed you off of him easily, just like you were a fly.

"You scared the pants off of me! I thought you were having a vision or something."

"I knew you'd do that." you said, running into your bedroom and closing the door. You locked it and started to make Harry's card. When you were done you sealed some galleons in it and slipped a note in with the galleons that only he can see. The note said:

Meet me in the backyard for your real present at sunset.
PS- only you can read this.

You went downstairs and set the card on his stack of presents and went to sit down next to Harry for dinner. He motioned his head toward the stack and looks at quizzically. His look said 'now I wonder what that could be.' You looked at him and whispered in his ear, "Your just going to have to wait and see." 

* * * * * * * * * *

After dinner Harry opened everyone's gifts. Hermione got him a quiddich handbook. Ron got him his own wizard's chess set. When he came to your card he ripped open the envelope and took out the galleons and the note he read it and smiled at you. "Thanks," he said, winking in only a way you could understand. 

* * * * * * * * * *

At sunset you rushed out into the backyard and saw Harry waiting for you, sitting a bench in the garden. When he saw you he smiled, "So what's my present?" he asked.

You sat down next to him and smiled, "Well, you are impatient aren't you?" you said teasingly. "You remember the night I had the Death Vision?" you asked him.

He stiffened up, "Yeah."

"And before it you asked me what the love was actually for?"

"Yeah" he said.

You suddenly got butterflies in your stomach and thought about not telling him after all, "I think it's time you knew who the love was for," you told him, looking up from your hands into his eyes. "It was and still is for... yo-you."

He looked into your eyes, "This is the best birthday present ever."

"Why?" you asked.

"Because I love you too." He looked at you kindly. He touched your cheek. You moved closer to him. Your face was inches from his.

"Happy Birthday Harry." you whispered as you kissed him softly. You felt all your worries slip away as Harry wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back. You heard someone walk outside,squeal, and run back into the house. By the sound of the squeal you knew it was Hermione. You and Harry ignored her. You wrapped your arms around his neck and continued to kiss him.

Soon Harry pulled away, "Thanks Emma. That was the best birthday present ever."

You kissed him softly again, "Your welcome Harry."

He stood up and with your fingers entwined with his you walked back into the house. You heard Hermione squeal at seeing you, "See I told you!"

"I knew it! I knew it every since the first night here!" you heard Ally exclaim. You turned bright red and bury you face in Harry's shoulder.

Ron walked over to Harry and hit him on the back. "You finally kissed then?"

It was his turn to turn red, so you answered for him, "Actually it was his birthday present." you said, leaning you head on his shoulder and looking up at him. He looked down at you thankfully. You walked into the living room with him and sat down on the couch. 

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Chapter 5: Diagon Alley
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A/N This once again has several chapters combined to make it a good strong length for you all... BE HAPPY FOR THAT!!! You may not like me after this but regardless it happened so deal with it! Two new characters are introduced in this one!

A week after Harry's birthday everyone got they're Hogwarts letters. Yours had a very long list of books including, getting a wand even though you didn't need one. At your previous school you had been taught how to do magic without using a wand so you had never needed one. You and Harry were sitting at the breakfast table reading your letters.

"Great another trip to Diagon Alley," you said sarcastically.

Ally poked her head in the room, "Someone call me?"

"No Ally we were talking about the trip to Diagon Alley."

"WHAT!?! You mean have to go back there AGAIN!?!"

"Is there something I missed?" Harry asked throughly confused.

"We had to go to Diagon Alley..." you started.

"In our first and third years..." Ally continued where you left off.

"Let's just say the shopkeepers went through living hell..." you continued.

"After meeting us and had to go through a year of therapy..."

"At St.Mungo's." you finished.

Harry looked at you both, stunned, "OK two things one: its really creepy when you do that. It's like Fred and George, only creepier. Two: You mean your the ones that made the Zonko's shopkeeper so jumpy whenever one of the kids sets off something?"

"Zonko's? I don't know Ally was that us or Jerusalem?"

"Wait. Who's Jerusalem?" Harry asked still very confused.

"My old boyfriend." you answered, when you saw the look he was giving you, you quickly added, "He's just a friend now Harry. Don't worry about it I'm yours." you kissed him very lightly, and that seemed to convince him. You heard Ally and Hermione giggle and turned a slight shade of pink. "Look Harry!! The know-it-alls are actually laughing for once instead of being serious all the time!" Ally glared and Harry laughed at this.

Mrs. Weasley walked into the kitchen, "Good morning, dears. We will be leaving for Diagon Alley in an hour so I hope you all got your lists."

Harry asked, "So, was it you guys or Jerusalem that did that to the Zonko's guy?"

"I think that was us." you said.

"Bloody Hell! Did I just hear you say you guys are the ones who pranked the Zonko's guy? FRED GEORGE, COME HERE!" Ron yelled.

Fred and George came down the stairs looking at their brother suspiciously, "What Ron?" they said at the same time.

"You two are looking at the twins who pranked the Zonko's guy!" Ron told them.

"Bloody Brilliant! Me and Fred tried to do that for 3 years." George said.

"Yeah. are you two sure you don't want to be our ladies?" they said, coming up behind you and Ally and putting their arms over your shoulders.

Harry looked at you shocked for a moment, thinking you were going to say yes before you and Ally look at each other, and say, "Yeah right!" you both put your hands in their faces and pushed them off. They looked stunned for a moment then shook it off, and sat across from you two.

Ginny walked in and sat next to Fred, "It's really weird having two sets of twins around all the time."

"Get used to it Ginny 'cause we're living here until we decide to move out!" you told her.
"Oh no! Twin converse all over again! Haven't I been tortured enough with having Fred and George as brothers?" she yelled.

"OK dears it's time to go to Diagon Alley!" Mrs. Weasley said, "Everyone gather around the fireplace!" Everyone went over to the fireplace without complaints.

"Uh... Harry?" you asked.

"Yea?" he asked.

"How exactly are we getting there?"

"Floo Network." he saw the uncertain look on your face and added, "Don't worry Emma I'll go with you." You smiled at him and layed your head on his shoulder.

"Fred, George you two first." Mrs. Weasley said, "Then Harry and Emma; Ally and Hermione; and finally Ron and Ginny." she said the order.

Fred and George stepped into the fireplace and grabbed a handful of powder each. They both yelled, "Diagon Alley!" and threw down the powder. They erupted in green flames and disappeared.

It was yours and Harry's turn now. He guided you to the fireplace and you both stepped in, grabbing a handful of powder. Harry put his arm around your waist and held his other arm in the air. He looked at you and you nodded, copying him. You both yelled, "Diagon Alley!" and threw the powder down. You felt the ground below your feet disappear. When your feet hit solid ground, your knees buckled and you fell, Harry caught you and guided you out of the fireplace quickly. A few seconds later Hermione and Ally walked out of the fireplace. You looked up at Harry, "If I never do that again it will be to soon." you told him. He laughed slightly. You looked up at the shop you were flooed into and saw that it's a joke shop and Fred and George are behind the counter.

"Right, now where do you want to go first." he asked you.

"Um... How about the wand shop, so I can get my wand first." you answered.

"Olivander's it is!" he said, steering you out the door, down the street, and into a shop on the right.

"Mr. Olivander!" Harry yelled. You heard wheels on a hard floor and a old man with straggly white hair appeared on a ladder in one of the isles.

"Ah Miss Hue." he said, "I suspect you need a wand."

"Yes, please." you said politely.

He started looking through shelves, "Ah here we are, try this maple unicorn hair 10 inches." he said, handing you the wand. You swished it and a glass of water broke spilling water over a bunch of wands. "No, No." he said, taking the wand back, he began searching again. You tried another 3 wands all of them ending terribly. Finally Mr. Olivander pulled out a wand, "Willow Phoenix Feather 10 1/2 inches." he said, handing it to you. You felt a warm sensation when you took it. "Ah that's it." he said. You payed for the wand and walked out of the shop.

"Hey, Phoenix Feather, just like me." Harry said, pulling you closer.

"Yeah its strange." you said.

He led you into the robe shop and got your measurements. He then led you into the cauldron shop where you bought a cauldron. "Harry can we go to Zonko's next? I want to see if the shopkeeper remembers me." you asked.

"Sure." he replied. He steered you into a shop to the left. You saw a man standing at the front desk.

The man looked up at the couple in the doorway, "Ah hello Mr. Potter." his gaze turned to you and his face paled. "YOU!" he shouted, "OUT BOTH OF YOU!"

"Yea I think he remembers me." you told Harry, laughing, "Time to go."

You and Harry walked into the owlery where you see a familiar dark-brown haired head. "Jerusalem?" The boy turned around and saw you immediately.

"Emma?" he said. At this you saw a girl with blue-gray eyes like yours and red hair. She ran to Jerusalem's side. He wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Katie." you said hotly.

"Half-sister." she said coldly, glaring at you.

"Wait. You know each other?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry we do, in fact we're half-sisters." you said still looking at your sister. "Come on Harry we can come back with Ally later."

As you turned to leave you heard Katie behind you, "Your going to Hogwarts aren't you?"

You turned around quickly, "Shut it Katie!" you said blasting her with air.

She waved it away and blasted a fire stream at you. You winced as it hits you, flinging you against the opposite wall. "Temper, Temper. You never really could control it could you?"

Harry rushed over to you, "Emma are you OK?" he asked worriedly.

"Yea just a little burned." you replied, "Let's go Harry."

He helped you up and you followed him out of the store. You both went straight to Flourish and Blotts and immediately saw Ally. You and Harry quickly walked over to her and Hermione. Ally looked up from her book and saw you all burned up and started to get worried. "Emma, What happened!?!"

You said one word, "Katie."

"What!?!? You mean she's here. Where is she I'm going to give that prat a piece of my mind!"

"Uh... who's Katie?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Our fire control half-sister." you said coldly. Harry touched your arm lightly making you wince.

Your twin saw you wince and brought you into a quiet corner. She spun water from a glass in her hand. She ran the water over your burns and they started to clear up. "Thanks, Ally." you told her, "Have you gotten your owl yet?"

"No, why?"

"I saw twin snowy owls in the owlery. We could get them and they're both boys to go with Hedwig." you said, eying Harry who has a thoughtful look on his face.

"Well that sounds good to me. Lets go!" Ally said, pulling Hermione toward the owlery. When you walked in you instantly spotted Katie again and Katie saw you.

"Aw! Did you wun and tell you twinny siswer I was picking on you." she said in an annoying baby voice.

You clenched your fists feeling your anger rising. Harry wrapped his arm around you whispering, "Easy Emma."

"Oh and you brought your widdle boyfriend too!" she threw a giant air wave at you, sending you across the room and hitting you against the wall. You hit your head and landed on your arm, instantly breaking it. You held your arm as Harry rushed over to you.

"Emma?" he said, "Are you OK?"

You moaned, "Apart from a broken arm and a splitting head ache, I'm just peachy Harry." you said sarcastically. "She shouldn't be that powerful! She has to be getting help from a stronger power source!" you looked up at him suddenly scared. "She might be working with Voldemort. Last time I saw her was a year ago and she could barely conjure a fireball in her hand let alone conjure a air blast big enough to break someone's arm." you winced again. "Harry go help Hermione and Ally." you told him, "I'll be fine." He kissed you and then stood up walking over to Hermione and Ally he started firing spells and curses at Katie. You gathered as much power as you could and put up a one way shield in front of your friends. They noticed the shield and looked back at you. You kept the shield up for 10 minutes before the power overwhelmed you and you blacked out...


"Harry? What happened?" you asked your voice layered in worry after seeing him sitting next to you looking destressed after waking up. You reached out your hand and touched his arm and you saw him wince. This made you even more worried. "Harry, what happened to you, Hermione, and Ally?"

He sighed, knowing you'll never give up until you know, "Are you sure you want to know Emma?" he said rather sadly.

Your heart plummeted when you heard the sadness in his voice. You gulped, now not sure whether you want to know or not, "Yes Harry." your voice said before your brain cpuld think about it to much.

"Alright, we were winning at first because Jerusalem wasn't helping. Then I hit Katie with a particularly nasty leg locking curse and he started helping." Your heart practically stopped beating. You knew what magic Jerusalem was capable of when he was angry, especially when someone hurt his girlfriend. You had watched him use his magic on a boy just for playfully hitting you on the arm.

You gasped, "Harry, you are alright, Aren't you?"

"Its not particularly me I'm worried about. Its Hermione and Ally." once again your heart stopped at the mention of Ally's name and Harry being worried about her. "Ally was battling element against element with Katie and she was--she was hit with a fire blast that knocked her all the way across the room and into the front desk." he seemed reluctant to keep going, and looked at you with pleading eyes to let him stop. You looked at him sternly and he sighed again before continuing. "Her head hit the corner of the desk and knocked senseless immediately. Her head was bleeding, Emma." you gasped and he sat next to you and held you for a few minutes before continuing. "Jerusalem conjured some knives and enchanted them to fly at us. Three were aimed directly at Hermione, but only one hit her. In--in the stomach." He was close to tears now and you knew this must be hard for him to tell you. "Another three were aimed at me. One hit me in the shoulder, as you can see I can't use that arm very well. Another hit me in the chest, but I saw power coming off of you and into me and it healed that one quickly. The third missed completely and almost hit you." there were a few tears streaming down his cheeks and you gently brushed them away. "I thought I was about to loose you. But luckily it missed because Jerusalem enchanted it to miss you. Apparently he still cares about you." he said, a slight bit of anger in his voice.

He was finished so you asked him the question you dreaded getting an answer to, "Harry? Where are Hermione and Ally?"

"Hermione's upstairs sleeping." he replied.

"And Ally?" you asked quietly, dreading what the answer was even though you didn't know what it was.

"Ally," he said his voice faltering. He looked at you with sympathetically, and tears in his eyes. "Is--is in St. Mungo's. She nev--never woke up af--after we came back. The doctors there think shes in a," he paused and looked at you. Sadness was shining in his brilliant green eyes. "a coma." he finished.

You broke down there in Harry's arms. "No," you sobbed in to his chest. "This isn't happening. I can't loose Ally." you sobbed uncontrollably. Harry wrapped his arms tighter around you and stroked your back comfortingly. You were thankful to him for that one moment. He was there for you when you needed him most and he didn't show signs of leaving any time soon. "I want to see Hermione." you said suddenly. Harry didn't say anything. He just helped you up the stairs with his arm around your waist, into Hermione's bedroom.

She was awake and as soon as she saw you her eyes filled with sorrow. "Hermione, glad to see your up." Harry said stiffly. He still had tears in his eyes.

"Hi Harry. Hi Emma." she greeted you both with tears forming in her eyes.

You immediately ran over to her side, leaving Harry to walk up behind you. "I'm sorry." you told her, embracing her tightly. She winced slightly before hugging you back.

Mrs. Weasley came bustling into the room, not looking as cheerful as she usually did. "Who wants to go she Ally?" she asked. You immediatly said yes and were off to your room to change into your clothes.

You were standing in front of the fireplace thinking about how dreadful the floo ride there is going to be. Harry was standing next to you his arm comfortingly around your waist. You stepped into the fireplace with him and took the floo powder from Mrs. Weasley. You closed your eyes and yelled, "St. Mungo's!" before throwing down the powder and being transported to the hospital.

Mrs. Weasley walked to the front desk and talked to the healer there. She told you the directions and you walked down a hallway and into a room that contained two beds, but only one is occupied. Laying on the far bed was you dear twin sister. You felt tears coming to your eyes again and Harry hugged you against him. You walked over to her bed. Taking her hand in yours you quietly pleaded, "Ally if you can hear me please wake up. Please. I don't want to loose you like I lost Mum. Please wake up." As if she could hear you. You got a vision from her. You saw her sitting on a couch in a school you didn't know with you. She was talking to you, comforting you. You hadn't passed out or anything so Harry just saw you staring off into space with glazed over eyes and started to worry. "Emma?" he asked, touching your shoulder. You came out of your trance when he touched you, tears spilling over your cheeks. You knew then that Ally was going to be all right. As you turned to go you saw someone in the doorway that made your anger rise.

There standing in the doorway was Jerusalem. Before you could do anything Harry and Ron both had their wands at his throat. "What are you doing here?!?!" you screamed.

"Emma, please." you saw the pleading look in his eye and you looked away. Harry looked at you completely shocked that you would just turn away after what he did to you.

"What do you want? Haven't you and Katie done enough to me?" you said turning around sharply pulling out your wand in the process.

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Chapter 6: Jerusalem Causes Mayhem!
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A/N: This starts with Jerusalem's POV, changes back to Emma's, then to Hermione's, Harry's and finally back to Emma's so watch for it! You may all hate me after this but IT IS FOR THE BEST!!! I got these lyrics and the overall song from my best friend Alison (AKA: Ally on here). She introduced me to the song and I loved it!

~Jerusalem's POV~

"What do you want? Haven't you and Katie done enough to me?" She asked him. Harry's look was telling him hurt-her-and-your-dead.

"Emma? Can I talk to you for a moment?" he asked her. "Privately." he added after Harry gave him a glare.

She hesitated for a moment before nodding. He looked at her still not believing why he had hurt her. 'Katie made you.' He told himself but he knew it wasn't true. He had hurt her because she had broken his heart.

Harry started to moved to stop her but she only brushed him away saying, "Harry I'll be fine." Harry cupped her face in his hands and kissed her before letting her go. He felt jealousy course through him as he watched them kiss. They loved each other so much he thought his heart might shatter watching it. When they were in the hallway he looked into her blue-gray eyes and saw in them.

"Emma I need to tell you this before I loose all my nerve." He placed her face in his hands just like he used to when they were together and he was about to kiss her. She seemed to notice too and tried to push his hands off her face. Before she could do anything he whispered, "I still love you." and kissed her. She tried to get away from him but he just held on tighter.

Of course that had to be when Harry walked out and saw them. He was shocked and hurt, "HEY!" It was only then that he pulled away from her and before she could do anything he walked quietly away.

~Emma's POV~

You watched angrily as Jerusalem just walked away. You turned around and saw Harry looking at you with disbelief and anger. "What the hell was that?!?" he yelled sounding hurt. "I don't believe what I just saw!!" he yelled furiously pacing. "Why the hell were you kissing him?" he sounded even more hurt now. "I thought you loved me." he choked

"Harry I do love you." You said walking towards him. He backed away. "Harry please let me explain."

"I don't need an explanation! We're through!" he yelled. You felt your heart melt.

"No, Harry." You whispered falling to your knees and crying into your hands.

What you had feared of losing you had lost. Harry was still raging and ranting while you were sitting with your head in your hands. You felt yourself slowing lifting off the floor and before you could do anything a wave of water washed over Harry but not going any further than him. You opened your eyes but couldnt see anything. You floated back down to the ground. When your eyes turned back to normal you looked at the Weasley's, "What happened?" you asked. They were all staring at you in horror and didn't say anything, but Hermione pointed at something behind you. You turned around and saw Harry lying on the ground soaked to the bone and unconcious. You at once realized what had happened and run over to Harry. You knelt down next to him and checked his pulse. It was faint, very faint. "God no." you whispered, tears coming down your cheeks. "Hurry! Someone grab a bucket!" you yelled. Hermione immediately ran into Ally's room and grabbed a bucket.

"What are you going to do?" she asked setting the bucket down next to you.

"I'm going to get the water out of him." you said as if it's the simplest thing in the world.

"Anything I can do?"

"Keep a check on his pulse and keep him breathing." you replied. She nodded and ran to the other side of Harry, grabbing his wrist. You started running your fingers over him with your eyes shut, calling the water on him into your hands and willing it into the bucket. Once he was dry you put a blanket over him and started sensing the extra water thats inside him. You call it through him, out his mouth, and into the bucket. You did this until you couldn't sense extra water. You checked his pulse, seeing it was almost back to normal.

"We better get him home." Hermione told you. You nodded and pick him up with Hermione. You half carry half dragged him over to a fireplace and flooed home.

When you got home you and Hermione layed Harry on the couch and wrapped him in a blanket. You both sat there next to him, before Ron came bursting in yelling, "Did you want to kill him?"

"Ronald calm down. If she wanted to kill him she wouldn't have saved him back there." Hermione defended. You shot her a thankful look, and she smiled in return. You help one of Harry's hands in both of yours and gently stroked it.


Days went by in sadness and depression for you. Harry was still out and it was only 3 days until school started. You spent every second with Harry that you could, begging him silently to wake up. You were sitting with him thinking about when you had met him. You thought of the perfect song about the day you met him. You started singing quietly, I Don't Care by The Rock Angelz.

When we met i knew then
there was something cool about you
Even though some my friends didn't notice it at all
You and me all alone took a walk and started talking
We stayed out all night and counted all the stars

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
Well it's more than a crush
An impossible rush
I don't care what they say when you're there
I don't care

"All my friends think you're weird
But they don't know much about you
Why we just disappear when you're hanging out with us
So your hair is a mess they don't know how good you treat me
I pay no attention cause i know who you are."

Tears started coming to your eyes as you remember the day you and Harry met and continued singing.

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
Well it's more than a crush
an impossible rush
I don't care what they say when you're there

Tell me stories, paint a picture
Hang it in the sky
Tell no lies and keep no secrets
Time stands still as days go by

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
Well it's more than a crush
An impossible rush
I don't care what they say when you're there
I don't care.

Tears started flowing freely and you put your head on Harry's stomach and cried into it. You felt someone touch your shoulder and saw Hermione sitting next to you with tears in her eyes.

"What was that about?" she asked quietly.

"The day I met Harry." you replied softly, stroking his hand.

Hermoine turned to go and you continued to sob quietly. Harry shifted and opened his eyes.

"Hermione! He's awake!" you yelled.

"Ron!" Hermione shouted. Ron came in moments later.

You were so happy you wanted to kiss him but you just sadly stood off to the side, tears streaming down your face. You ran up the stairs, banging on all the doors in the process. Some very sleepy and annoyed looking people amerged from the rooms. "Harry's awake!" you told them and they all raced down stairs. You walked down and into the living room.

When Harry spotted you he lay still and stared at you. "Why did you do that to me?" he asked you, apparently still shocked.

You turned away not wanting to see the hurt in his eyes anymore. "I didn't. My powers did." you said quietly before running up the stairs and into your room crying.

~Hermione's POV~

"Why did you do that?" she listened to Harry completely shocked. Why couldn't he be grateful that she had saved him?

"I didn't. My powers did." Emma said running up the stairs crying.

"Harry!" she said exasperated.


"Why can't you be happy that she saved you when she could have let you die!?" she asked angriely.

"She attacked me in the first place Hermione!"

"You and I both know she was upset and she looses control over her powers when she's like that!" she yelled.

"You also weren't the one who was unconcious for a while because of it!"

"You didn't see how worried she's been about you! You didn't see her crying next to you begging you to wake up! You didn't hear her sing a song about the first day she met you before you woke up! So Harry, don't tell me she attacked you on purpose!" she screamed. She shot Harry another disapproving look before running up the stairs after Emma. She entered Emma's room to see her crying into her pillow. She walked over and hugged her. "It's OK Emma." she said rubbing Emma's back.

"He hates me Hermione!" Emma cried into her shoulder.

"No he doesn't he just doesn't understand that you were upset and lost control. Did you really kiss Jerusalem?" she asked suddenly.

"No he told me he still loved me and kissed me. If Harry had even thought about it he would have noticed me struggling to get away from him! I hate Jerusalem! I would never choose him over Harry. Why can't he see that?" she sobbed quietly.

"I'll go talk to him for you." she said.

"Thank you Hermione." Emma told her.

Hermione walked down stairs and into the living room. "Harry? Emma is upstairs and if you saw how upset she is right now you would understand." Everyone had left after her fight with Harry so she was able to talk to him privately.

"Hermione I know she didn't attack me on pupose, but that doesn't change the fact that she kissed Jerusalem." Harry told her.

"Harry there's something she told me upstairs but I think she should tell you." she said looking at him.

"Well then help me get up there then." he said with a sigh. She smiled and helped him up the stairs and into Emma's room.

~Harry's POV~

He stood in the doorway for a moment not really wanting to talk to Emma yet. Hermione gave him a small push and smiled encouragingly. He coughed slightly to make his presence known. Emma looked up, "What?" she asked rather coldly.

"Er... Hermione said you told her something up here, but she wanted you to tell me." Harry said akwardly.

"Sit down Harry." she said. He sat and looked at her expectantly. "Alright here it goes. The night at the hostpital with Jerusalem. I didn't kiss him, he kissed me." Harry snorted and opened his mouth to retort but you cut him off, "Harry please this is true. I'm sorry that I attacked you. I didn't mean to, I lost control of my powers." she finished.

"But you still saved me." he said quietly.

"Yes." she answered, "Because even though you hurt me I still love you with all my heart."

He couldn't believe what he just heard. She still loved him? Even after everything he'd done to her?

"I still love you too." he said. he could practically feel her heart leap. "But I think we should stay apart for a while." he finished. Her heart sank again. She closed her eyes suddenly glad she wasn't an empath like her twin.

~Emma's POV~

Ginny came running into the room squealing, "Emma! Harry! Wonderful news!"

"What?" you said together smiling. In your heart you already knew what it was. You and Harry glanced at each other.

"Ally's awake!" she said excitedly.

Your heart stopped for a moment and you fell back on your bed your eyes instantly unfocused and you had a vision. Harry immediately knew what was happening and was at your side. You felt him there and were comforted.

You were walking in complete darkness. You saw a bed with a figure on it. You knew who it was as soon as you saw. Ally. And a second later you were her. You woke up and saw a figure standing over you. It was holding knife. It stood there holding the knife over you. Then plunged it into your stomach. You felt a lump in your throat and started having trouble breathing. The figure pulled the knife out and quickly left the room.

You opened you eyes and saw Harry and Ginny looking at you worriedly. "Ally!" you screamed sitting bolt upright and sweating hard. "Harry we have to get to Ally! She's in trouble!" you said, panicked. You stood up and walked quickly out of the room. Just before you reached the stairs you feel a stabbing pain in your stomach. You collapsed holding your stomach. You brought your hands up and saw them covered in blood. Harry ran to your side. You held your hands up to him.


"Ssshhh. I'm here." he replied softly.

"Harry, it's Ally, not me that's hurt. Somebody had to help her or we'll both die."

Harry stared at you in horror for a moment before scooping you up and carrying you down stairs into the kitchen. Hermione dropped her fork after seeing you bleeding.

"It's Ally not her." Harry said hurriedly.

"They both need help then. Hold on let me get Mrs. Weasley." Hermione said quickly. She ran off and returned with Mrs. Weasley in tow.

"Quickly Harry, into the fireplace. She has to go to St. Mungo's." Mrs. Weasley said quickly. Harry stepped into the fireplace, still holding you.

Harry grabbed a handful of floo powder and yelled, "St. Mungo's!"

He quickly ran to the front desk with Mrs. Weasley and Hermione right behind him. "We need a room. Prefferbably the one with Ally Hue in it. This is her twin sister Emma Hue. We believe Ally was stabbed." Mrs. Weasley said hurriedly, motioning to Emma in the process.

The receptionist said "Go ahead a healer will be there in a moment."

Ally looked at everyone coming into the room. She was bleeding in the stomach just like Emma. "Emma?" she said weakly. Mrs. Weasley gasped and ran out of the room and returning with a healer. Harry gingerly placed you on the bed next to Ally. You moaned and Harry sat next to you, holding your hand lightly. You felt conciousness slip away but you were fine. Harry was with you and that was all that mattered.

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