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Who said Marriages are made in Heaven? by ssb

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 30,907

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Sirius, Regulus, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Blaise (M), OtherCanon
Pairings: Lucius/Narcissa, Other Pairing

First Published: 04/02/2007
Last Chapter: 11/01/2007
Last Updated: 11/01/2007


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Life takes you on journeys that you can't really control, I took this as one of those kind of journeys. The person that you see yourself as and the person that you become are two separate entities... at least in my case. My nae is Amore White, and my life really isn't even mine anymore..

Chapter 1: To Crush A Dream
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           “Get up now, and get dressed.” my mother said, not bothering to glance at me.

   I looked around, great always getting told what to do, but I like the good pureblood daughter I was, nodded my head in polite respect and began my walk up the winding stairs of our mansion. This was my life, getting told what to do and doing it without any exception. I made no decisions myself, either my mom, grandma, father, or house elves would do it for me.

   My name is Amore White, I’m from one of the most feared pure-blooded families in the Wizarding World, people fear my last name they stand stone-faced after introductions. When I was little I had always wanted to get married to someone that wasn’t feared so that every time that I would introduce myself people wouldn’t back away or turn four shades lighter. And well I guess my wish was coming true, half of it at least, I’m getting an arranged marriage…to a Black. I guess that doesn’t help at all, a Black and White uniting, people will be scared out of their knickers. All because of one marriage.

   I stepped on the last step of the marble stair-case, towards the direction of my room ignoring the house-elves cleaning the walls and floor trying to make them immaculately clean. I rolled my blue eyes, our house was too clean. I turned the glass knob on my door and walked inside glancing at my bed where my gown laid, and then to my mirror stand. I walked over to it looking at myself. I had long blonde locks, which were a platinum blonde with a mix of other colors, and brilliant blue eyes. I was one of the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts. Which meant a lot because I was in Slytherin. And well to put it nicely Slytherins girl’s weren’t the prettiest. 
   How I got in Slytherin I don’t know, don’t ask me but every time I wonder if the sorting hat had made a mistake. Placed me in the wrong house, but my parents were thrilled with this news they showered me in presents, so I didn’t say a word. I sighed, now I was being forced to marry a Black, not just any Black. Regulus Black, he taunted me as I walked the halls of Hogwarts. I was just another “Slytherin,” to him. But now I was excepted to MARRY him! For merlins sake I wanted to travel the world, explore a little. But no, this was my so-called destiny as my mother had put it. But I didn’t believe in destiny, I never did and I never will. 

A sharp rap sounded on my door, knocking me out of my thoughts.
I walked over to the door and opened it, revealing my mother.
           “Are you ready yet Amore?” she asked me, standing tall in her finery. 
           “No, not yet mother I will be in a minute though.” I replied. 
           “Ah, yes then dear I must go get my hair done, do look nice today for the family name, the party is being thrown in your honor.”
           “Yes mother.” I said trying to hold back the exasperated sigh.
           “Okay then,” turning on her heel walking down to her chamber, Lonnie her personal house-elf following faithfully behind her. I closed the door behind leaning against it and sliding down it until I reached the cold marble floor of my room. Well I might as well start getting ready now, we were supposed to be leaving in an hour, and my parents liked to be punctual. I walked over to my bed taking off my black robes and discarding them on the floor, along with my shirt and pants. 

    I stood on the cold floor in nothing but my lacy black underwear and matching bra. I was going to look at the dress a little closer but I could feel the goose bumps rising on me arms and legs. I pulled it over my head quickly, feeling warmth engulf me. I zipped it up properly and stood in front of my dressing mirror. The dress was a strapless dark blue almost black if you looked at it from far away. Which made perfect sense, since all the dark-pureblooded families were going to be there, and everyone would be wearing dark hues. 
   As I examined myself in the mirror closer I saw the line of white crystals along the train of the gown and the bust. It hugged my figure perfectly. I walked into my bathroom which was the size of at least three regular sized rooms. In one corner there was a long glass shower, on the other corner was a toilet, and a dressing cabinet, and changing room. Then there was my make-up counter which I headed over to, sitting down on the plush-black seat. I applied some mascara, and gloss, and the house-elves put my hair in an up-do, with curls cascading down the back. I hated it when they did that it pulled my hair to no limits. Oh well I was finally done. I dismissed Zink our house-elf and I got up to put on my shoes. I a final look in the mirror. Oops, you could still see my lacy bra, I laughed and pulled out a corset-like bra and quickly switched it with my other one. I walked down the steps ready to go. 

   My mother and father were waiting for me at the bottom of the steps, my mother looked beautiful wearing a deep burgundy dress, and diamonds, and my father wore his best black dress robes. As we piled into the carriage, my mother sat across from me pulling out a little white box. She gestured me to put out my hand and she placed it delicately in my hand. I opened it and gasped, inside was a thin silver chain, hanging from it a tear dropped shaped diamond with a deep blue crystal embedded inside with the White family emblem engraved on it to the side. I put it on thanking my parents, the carriage came to a halt, and the door opened, a door-step man waiting outside to help me down. 

   After we were all on the ground we were being escorted inside the grand doors opened. Leading into a marvelous ballroom with ladies dancing in (as I suspected) dark hue-colored gowns, with men in black dress robes. As my parents began talking to Mr. and Mrs. Black my eye gazed across the room finally resting on a pair that were looking straight at me, a pair of cold-steel grey eyes belonging to Regulus Black.

   He was surrounded by his little group of Slytherins, Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy, Lestrange, Nott, Avery, and Zabini. They all were watching my movements with lust, and ulterior motives. While Regulus was just watching me with a lazy smirk on his face giving him he expression of someone that had nothing better to do. I tore my gaze away from his and saw my “friends” walking towards me. Sandy Parkinson, Bellatrix Black, and Narcissa Black. 
   Bellatrix also known as Bella had heavily-lidded eyelids she was someone that people didn’t want to mess with. Narcissa or Cissa was a little more nicer then Bella, which wasn’t saying that much really she had platinum blonde hair and cold blue eyes. In my personal opinion I think that she could‘ve been counted as pretty, but their was a look of repulsion on her face that really didn't welcome you. And then there was Sandy, could be either as mean possible or nice it just depended on her mood that day. 

   These were my friends, the people that I had grown up with since I was a baby because all our families were dark and pure-blooded. I put a smile on my face and after saying a polite hello to Mr. and Mrs. Black, and asking to be excused I walked over to them. They all gave me a little stiff hug, and I didn’t really greet them back I mean why do something half-heartedly? Bella led me over to the boys where they were all standing, and they soon started getting in a deep discussion of some sort. I caught words, like “death eater,” “dark lord,” and “filthy mud bloods,” and decided to zone out like I usually did when ever they would come close to talking about these subjects. I didn’t feel that blood was important but of course everyone else sure did in Slytherin. I felt a sharp poke in my head from the stupid diamond-headed pins the house-elves had put in to hold it up. Stupid hair, all this for a couple of hours, then I could go back to normal.
           “What about you Amore?”
A voice belonging to Nott pulled my out of my zone, and I looked at him,
           “What?” I asked confused.
I could see Black’s smirk get even broader and I heard the rest of them laugh, except for Bella who just looked at me shaking her head, smirking.
           “I guess White finds our conversations a bit boring for her taste eh White?” asked Regulus with that stupid smirk still on his face.
I looked at him with silent disdain, I was getting married to the bugger and he still called me by my last name? Annoying twit. I sighed,
           “No, I was thinking about other things Black.” I said putting emphasis on the last word, simply not allowing myself to give in to his toying.
He shrugged in that simply annoying way, and kept staring at me while the others continued there conversation. Finally when I was at the breaking point of him staring at me I burst,
            “What the bloody hell do you want?” I asked furiously.
            “Nothing,” he said, “but I’m sure you should ask Avery.” 

   Everyone laughed except Narcissa, and Sandra who looked at him with a mixture of disgust and disbelieving. I fumed, muttering under my breath words I’m sure my mother would be quite appalled at. 
           “I think that we made ickle little White mad.” said Black roaring with laughter hearing me call him an “arrogant chauvinistic pig.” I stared at him my blue orbs burning with anger.
           “Oh do be quiet Regulus if looks could kill you would be dead and buried ten times over.” said Sandra coming to my defense. Good, I thought breathing in, she was having a `nice’ day. 
           “Yes, Regulus hush or I’ll tell Aunty that your bothering her.” said Narcissa examining her cousin with warning in her eyes. I ignored Narcissa and Regulus bickering behind me and looked for Bella, I then spotted Rodolphous’ spot empty I grinned, of course they’d be gone. I rolled my eyes looking back over to where the argument was going on,
           “Its okay Cissa, lets ignore him now what were you telling me before?” I said trying to steer the conversation away from him, to a letter that I had received from her a few weeks ago.
           “Oh you know, I mentioned it in the letter.” she said knowing that I was trying to steer the situation away. She ignored me and went back to arguing with Nott, who was acting as the representation for Regulus.
           “Honestly I can’t believe your getting married and you two despise each other.” said Narcissa finally sitting down after winning her battle. I smiled at her cheekily, saying
           “Who said I wanted to?” 

   She gave me a look and began to talk to Malfoy about Merlin knows what when Mrs. Black and mother came over and motioned for me and Regulus to stand up. They passed out the doorway of the Ballroom and we followed Regulus trailing behind me slowly taking his time. As soon as we got outside into the darkness of the hall, Mrs. Black spoke,
          “Now I want you, Regulus to take Amore dear here and talk.” she said looking at him pointedly.
          “We think that it is a good idea for you to talk we must go back to dancing now.” my mother said getting ready to leave again. Mrs. Black nodded her head in agreement and they walked towards the door,
          “Oh and Regulus be polite.” said Mrs. Black turning around, resting her cold-grey eyes upon Regulus. 

  Mother and her laughed talking about boys “nowadays” and their behavior. As they left I wished I was little again so I could hold the back of my mothers robes and follow her every where, I wished that she didn’t go. I looked anywhere but Regulus’s face and after about three minutes he said,
           “Come on,” 
   He began walking towards the end of the hall, but I stood there implanted. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, not unless I had my wand. He finally noticed I wasn’t following and grabbed my hand pulling me with him roughly. I yelped in surprise and tried to release myself from his tight grasp.
           “I can walk you know.” I said still trying to pry his hands off.
           “Of course that’s why you stood like a mud blood after they had seen a basilisk.” he said sarcastically still dragging me along. 

   He finally stopped at a door and opened the handle. He let go of my hand and pushed me towards the left of the room. I staggered backwards and landed on a comfy bed with an umpph. He turned on the chandelier and leaned against his dresser opposite of me, while I was still left sitting on his bed. I drew my knees to my chest and wrapped them around me looking out the large window of his room. I could feel his unsettling gaze on me and I turned to look at him. 
           “What?” I asked.
He smirked,
           “Interesting you didn’t ask me what I wanted this time.” he said walking towards me, I started moving back farther into the bed until I hit the wall. Now I had no where to go. He walked up to the bed and leaned until his lips reached my ear,
           “I would have told you what I wanted.” he said huskily. 
   I gasped in surprise trying to push back farther into the wall suddenly wishing I had my wand with me. He saw me doing this and smirked. I got off the bed and walked toward his door and put my hand on the door knob, but only it wouldn’t open. I pulled hard and yet it still wouldn’t open.
           “It only opens if I want it to.” said Regulus he was laying down on his back on the bed twirling his wand around his finger smirking.
           “Then open it.” I yelled I was getting tired of his playing around.
           “Tsk, tsk, tsk, is that anyway to talk to your husband.” he said emphasizing husband.
I inwardly cringed,
           “We aren’t married.” I said stubbornly crossing my hands over my chest, looking like a stubborn two year old. His hand stopped twirling the wand, and he got up looking at me wolfishly, he stepped towards me trapping me in the corner near his door. Pressing his body up close against mine, he whispered, 
           “But we could, right now, and then we could enjoy a little. I‘m positive our parents wouldn‘t object.” he said.
I gasped, my eyes widening with understanding. I squirmed underneath him in discomfort, this only caused him to smirk even more.
           “So you’re a virgin?” he asked his smirk widening until I thought that it would fall off his face. His body pressed closer into mine and I whimpered in discomfort, turning my face away from his. He chuckled bringing his hand up to my face stroking it, I could feel the tears coming from under my eyes. Great I thought, I was married to a rapist.
“Its okay don’t cry, I’d still shag you,” he said watching my discomfort, “but if you want, I’m Avery or Zabini would love to help you get more experience.” 
   My tears seemed to evaporate at that. I looked at him my eyes glaring with hatred I never thought possible,
           “You insolent, chauvinistic, bloody prat.” I yelled, “I hate you.” I pushed my way from out underneath him I could feel my tears falling I opened the door and ran out ignoring the fact that I was in a dress and that I was at a party, and the fact that my makeup was smearing down my face. I just needed fresh air, somewhere to breathe. I didn’t know where I was going but I ran anyway. 
             “Amore?” someone called. 

   I didn’t stop, they just followed, it was Bella. I finally found the door that led out to the gardens. I threw it open and ran outside sitting on the edge of the fountain. Bella followed quietly sitting next to me,
            “I know that you may not like the idea, but if our families join we will be the greatest in the Wizarding World,” she said, pulling out her wand, “Scourgify, I’ll be inside.” 

   I nodded in recognition, hearing her footsteps walk in the grass. That’s all they wanted power. And I had no say in it. I looked at myself in the mirror, my makeup was mostly gone cleaned up by Bella, and my hair was a messier then it had been.
“Eggghh!” I yelled ripping the pins from my hair throwing them on the ground. I shook out my hair freeing it from it’s prison. Too bad I couldn’t free myself I thought crying on the fountain, my tears mixing with it’s water. And as I sat there miserable, a pair of emotionless steel-grey eyes watched me.

Chapter 2: Lounging in Lingerie
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            “Come on wake up now, we have to go inside, Amore!” said a loud male voice pushing me. 

            “Huh, what?” I said yawning, where was I? 
    I looked around oh, I was still outside sleeping on the fountain, great I probably look like a mess. I blinked to clear up my vision and looked at who had so rudely woken me up. My eyes meant with that pair of cold-grey eyes, it was Regulus. My fear of him was still there, but more then that I was angry, no not angry, furious at him. I mean the nerve of him, how dare he talk to me in such a demeaning way. I got up as gracefully as I could, and straightened out my dress pulling the top of it up. Seeing his wand in his pocket I grabbed it and muttered a quick charm on my hair making it look at least presentable throwing it back at his feet. I started walking towards the door of the ballroom and before I reached it a hand pulled me back.
          “Can you let me go?” I snapped pulling my hand from his. 
          “No,” he said that smirk on his face again.
I was getting mad, 
          “Listen you arrogant little pra…” I started.
          “No, you listen to me our families expect this wedding to go as planned, and I don’t want it and neither do you, but for the sake of this bloody party pull you act together, or I’ll see to it that you do. Understand?” he said cutting me off.
I paused and realized how close we were to each other, this is when I got uncomfortable again, 
           “Whatever.” I mumbled.
He sneered, knowing that he once again had an advantage over me, he pushed in closer pressing harder on certain areas of my body,
           “I WILL take care of it don’t mistake me.” he whispered once again putting his lips to my ear.
He grabbed my small hand engulfing it in his big one saying,
            “Come on let’s go inside.”
   I followed him after pulling out of his grip and walked next to him, well only a couple of meters away. We walked in together, and towards the direction of our little group of “friends,” he separated away from me going towards Nott, and Avery. I walked towards Cissa and Sandy, seeing as how Bella and Rodolphous were missing again.
           “Where were you?” asked Narcissa.
           “Um, our parents thought it would be a good idea to talk.” I said.
           “Oh, well at least you survived.” said Sandy bored, examining her fingernails.
           “Hmm.” I said distracted.
    After a while of sitting in silent boredom, a little house-elf came over then telling me that my parents were ready to leave. Finally! I said good-bye to everyone, even the perverted boys and got up in order to leave. As I got up I saw Regulus getting up at the same time. I ignored him thinking that maybe he was going to get butterbeer, but no he followed me to where my parents and the Blacks were standing bidding farewell to each other. As we came up my mother said,
            “Oh Regulus how nice of you to see Amore to the door, do thank you dear for such a nice night.”
I rolled my eyes of course my mother had fun, she didn‘t have to put up with Regulus, I did.
            “No Mrs. White, it was my pleasure.” said Regulus bowing his head.
   After this little act I could almost feel my lunch ready to leave my throat. I swallowed quickly and caught my mother’s reprimanding eye, telling me to thank him. I sighed this would take all the will power in the world. 
           “Thank you Bla...Regulus for a nice night.” I said in a fake tone, smiling at him.
           “No, it was my pleasure.” he said putting extra emphasize on the word `pleasure.’ I looked at him with disgust etched in my features. 
   With a sharp prod from his mom he leaned forward and kissed me on my cheek lingering a little to long for my liking, whilst grabbing my left hand, but then changed quickly to my lips giving them a rough peck that was demanding so much more. My eyes opened in shock I turned around to look at my parents, they were to busy talking to notice. I looked back at Regulus in time to see him catch my eye and wink while licking his lips together. 
   I was going to pummel him, wait till I had my wand I would put the little bugger in his place. When my parents finally came to their senses on how late it was we once again piled into the carriage and went on our way home. My dad gave me a little smile, and my mom was beaming, I was about to ask her what was happening but before I could say anything she said,
            “I’m so proud of you dear, and it is lovely choice on their part, I only hope that they like yours as much.”
What was she talking about?
           “Mother, what are you talking about?” I asked thoroughly confused.
My mother laughed along with my father, whilst my father said,
           “Your engagement ring.”
    This confused me even more I picked up my left hand and sure enough on my ring finger was a gold band with diamonds all around it and a bigger diamond followed by a black gem in the middle. I picked it off my finger surprised at when he put it on. I couldn’t remember, oh, of course when he kissed my good-bye, that stupid annoying twit, he must have slipped the ring on. I took it off and held it in the moonlight engraved in the inside was one word that made shivers run up my body. The realization of his words hitting me, engraved inside was the word,


    A knock sounded on my door and I could hear little footsteps inside my room. I groaned waking my eyes in time to see Zip, another one of our house-elves opening my window curtains. I put my hand up blinking, trying to block out the bright light. I fell back on my bed and pulled my soft blue pillow over my face. I must have fallen asleep during the carriage ride.
         “Miss, oh Zip is sorry miss, but miss must wake up, mistress has an important announcement for misses.”
    I woke up, great what now. I got out bed and put on my thin silk dressing robe, and matching slippers. I checked myself in the mirror, my mother always prided her looks and she made sure I prided mine to. I didn’t care as she did, as long as my hair was decent and I didn’t have drool line on my face I was perfectly fine. Good, I didn’t look half-bad but I’m sure my mom would reprimand me for wearing super short lacy boxers, and a matching bra. I usually slept in this or, a little nightie. I was one of those people that had to feel `airy’ per se when sleeping. I put on a small silk robe.
My mother slept in a full silk night gown, and she expected me to do the same. 
   But all the ones that she bought me in her desire to make me a perfect women, had gone to waste. She finally learned to just buy me more bras and underwear. I walked down the steps wishing that we had a slide instead of steps. We had so many steps in this house! It was so annoying at times when you needed to get somewhere fast. When I was little I would slide down the banisters, it was always so much fun since the house-elves would always clean them every morning they would be slippery and slide able.
    My father didn’t mind, but my mom hated it when I did that she thought it was unladylike. I rolled my eyes in spite, oh well, it’s only me and my mom in the house today, and she needs to see me, and according to Zip it’s urgent so I better get there fast. I put my leg over the banister and pushed off, sliding down. Now that I was older I didn’t yell like I did when I was younger. As I came halting to a stop on the banister. I stepped off, coming face to face with my angry looking mom…and company.
         “Shit.” I muttered.
    My mom stood there looking at me in my super short silk robe barely covering me up. Her genial face changed drastically after looking at me. I was in for it now. I looked at everyone else, there stood the Regulus, and Blaise. I took in a deep breath it was okay, at least Mrs. Zabini and Mrs. Black weren’t there. My mom snapped out of her surprise and pulled me aside real quickly whispering angrily,
        “I asked you to come down here, so you could greet them, but you come in this? And on top of that sliding down the banisters! I excepted better from you, behaving like a child while company is calling, just be glad that Mrs. Black and Zabini are inside the drawing room,” she pushed me back toward the stairs and once again in her genial voice said, “Amore take Regulus and Blaise up to your room, Zip will come with lunch.”
    With that she turned on her expensive heel, and walked towards the doors of the drawing room. I gulped and turned towards Blaise and Regulus. Blaise was slack mouthed, and had a lustful fire burning in his eyes. His eyes were still grazing my body. Regulus was smirking at me looking me up and down and then resting his eyes on mine. I could feel some color come up on my cheeks, I might as well be naked the way they were looking at me.
         “Come on,” I muttered starting my way up the banister.
         “What White, no sliding this time?” asked Regulus smirking even more. 
         “Well, Black I never thought that you were that absolutely dim-witted but seeing as how you are I’ll explain this to you, you cannot bloody slide up a banister.”
         “Ya, but there are so many other things that you can slide up.” said Blaise.
         “You can add Zabini to the list if you want.” Regulus drawled lazily.
I stopped on the step and turned around to glare at him,
         “No thank you.” I said turning around again.
         “What list?” asked Blaise confusion evident in his voice.
         “White’s shag list,” Regulus said laughing, “You see White here is clean.”
Zabini started laughing, 
         “Really?” he said choking with laughter.
   I took in a deep breath of anger, the thought of punching him still fresh in my mind. But then I remembered my mother’s angry face, might not want to get into anymore trouble today.
         “You could have said something Amore, I would have helped you anytime.”      Blaise said finally regaining a cocky smirk on his face. We reached my room and I turned the knob of it open. Inside house-elves were scuttling around cleaning and drying every inch of my room. Zip turned around,
         “Oh misses, I forgot to tell you that you had to get dressed before going downstairs, I’m so sorry miss, I ironed my hands see miss?” he said showing me his bandaged hands. I could hear Regulus and Blaise laughing behind me.
        “It’s okay Zip it’s no…”
        “It was rather enjoyable if I do say so myself.” Blaise said cutting me off.
        “We will be taking our leave miss, since you have mister’s over.” 
Zip bowed down low his nose touching the clean ground and before I could object with a pop they all disappeared. I looked at the spot where Zip just was, praying that with some miracle he would appear back, so I didn’t have to be alone with a perverted hormonal teenager and Regulus, well I had no words to describe him.
        “You have a really nice arse there White.” said Blaise knocking me out of my thoughts, before I could retort I felt a hand slap my butt. That was it I turned around fuming, it was Blaise.
        “Look here, you immature, hormonal, horny, annoying, bloody idiotic, stupid prat it’s not my fault that your families came calling when I was in bed. I had no warning what so ever. So keep you and your bloody hands toward yourself.” I yelled.
       “I’m looking,” he replied his eyes wandering at the opening of my robe.
        “It’s not his fault your giving us a free show,” drawled Regulus sitting on my bed looking absolutely bored, “You’ve been in your room for over five minutes and yet you still haven’t changed.” 
        “I..,” this time I was left speechless.
   I turned on my heel much like my mom did to me earlier and walked into my closet picking out denim shorts, and a plain black t-shirt, throwing my night clothes in a pile near my door. I walked out the closet door tying my long blonde hair into a high ponytail in time to hear Blaise say to Regulus,
         “Mate your lucky, your engaged to a girl that has a damn nice body, and is bloody fine to look at. Did you see her arse?”
         “I know, that’s one thing that’s okay about this damned wedding, I get to shag her at the end of it.” replied Regulus.
I shook my head how mad could one person possibly make you? I walked out trying hard to pretend like I didn’t hear that. I ignored them and sat on my bed pulling out my book.
        “Oh come on White, your supposed to be entertaining us.” said Blaise sitting himself down on my chair.
I looked up from my book saying,
         “Entertain yourself, I’m not your puppet.”
         “Of course your not White, if you were you would be in some room losing more then your stupidity.” smirked Regulus.
That was it I slammed my book down on the nightstand.
        “What is it to you what I do?” I asked getting up walking over to the corner where Regulus, and Blaise were sitting, “Your always so nosy about everything, what is it to you who I have kissed , or who I’ve shagged?” 
         “You mean in your case who you haven’t kissed, or haven’t shagged.” said Regulus his smirk coming back.
        “How do you know who I’ve kissed?” I asked, knowing very well that the first kiss was from Regulus, no matter how unwanted it was.
Regulus got up from the white chair and walked over to me, 
       “Who do you think your kidding White? You and me both know that you’re a virgin, a so-called angel in the Slytherin House.” he said only a hair away from me. I stepped away from his tall overpowering figure not wanting to give him the chance to trap me like he did yesterday. I bet you that you couldn’t kiss Blaise over there, because it would be against your `rules’.” said Regulus sitting back down on the chair fixing me with an almost lazy smirk.
     He stared at me for a moment and turned back to the sandwiches that Zip had left us. I took a step toward Blaise, and sat down on his lap bringing my lips to his. He seemed surprised at first, but immediately responded bringing his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. As soon as his tongue begun trying to seek entrance into my mouth, I knew that I shouldn’t have done this. I pulled away slowly but with definite firmness. I turned to look at Regulus whose smirk was gone from his face, replaced with shock.
          “You were saying?” I asked standing up plopping down on the loveseat.
Blaise was touching his lips,
         “Damn, White for someone that doesn’t have experience you’re a bloody good kisser.”
I looked at Regulus this time I was the one with a smirk on my face. A knock sounded on my door and Spiff, our other house-elf came in bowing,
         “Mistress is calling.”
And as quickly as she came she disappeared with a snap. I walked out Regulus and Blaise followed behind me. But as soon as my foot hit the step, Regulus brushed by hitting my shoulder as he went mumbling,
    I looked at him in surprise. And the smirk that was once on my face was gone, replaced with a look of shock. Regulus smirked, looking at my horrified face
and continued walking down the steps, Blaise following. I unfroze and proceeded to walk down the steps, my mother and Mrs. Black and Zabini, were standing there waiting to leave. As we came down, the house-elves immediately gave Blaise and Regulus their cloaks. Mother hugged Mrs. Black and Zabini, and they walked out the door. Followed by Blaise, and Regulus, who after a nod from his mom came forward and gave me a stiff hug,
         “If Blaise was really right, we’ll have a good time on May twenty-first.” he whispered in my ear, walking past the door after thanking my mother. As he left I wondered what he meant by May twenty-first.
     I looked at the ancient clock that was hanging on top of the door, it had a calendar on it which told the important events. I found May twenty-first and squinted to look at the tiny words scrawled underneath it. I looked in surprise, underneath was written, -Amore’s Wedding-. The shock hit me, it was May 12th now. Funny I didn’t even know my own wedding date. Only 9 more days of freedom, I feeling I didn’t even know hit me in my gut. And I stood there looking at the clock almost paralyzed.

Chapter 3: My Little Niche
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       After the they had left, I knew that I was in trouble. My mother was probably angry at me for the banister incident. But the part that I was dreading the most was the wedding preparations. My mother had already discussed with me the need to get all the minor wedding details taken care of. I bowed my head with silent misery following my mom into her chamber. She sat down on her royal green sofa and looked at me, gesturing me to sit down next to her. I took a deep breath and seated myself down.
“First Amore, I would like to say that I am disappointed that you did not show more manners this morning. I mean coming down in a silk dressing gown that covers naught? I do hope that you will not make this mistake again understood?” she asked me turning her firm gaze on me.
       “Yes mother I’m sorry about this morning, I just, well I wasn’t prepared for company.” I mumbled, failing to meet her eyes.
       “And that is the first mistake, no matter who is there, when someone calls for you because of an important matter you don’t want to look like you don’t have the thought or care.”
       “Yes mother, it won’t happen again.” I replied.
       “Good, now dear about your wedding plans Mrs. Black is saying that it is all up to you, what would you like?”
       I looked up at my mothers excited dark blue eyes. Inside I wished that I could feel like she did, excited. But the more I thought about it, everyone but the people getting married were looking forward to it. Oh well, at least I’m out of school.
       “Well mother, I was wondering if we could make it small, just close family and friends. Other then that I have no concerns.” I replied honestly.
I didn’t want this to be a big thing, I didn’t want everyone to know about this. To me it was frankly more like a death-day, then a wedding.
       “Alright then dear, we’ll get Madame Malkin’s on it right away. I was thinking that we could do black, and green?” she said looking at me for approval.
       “Sure, mum it doesn’t matter.”
       “Your excused, go do what ever.” my mom replied waving her hand at me, puling out her diamond studded quill scribbling away busily on a piece of parchment. I got up and instead of walking to my room, I walked into the kitchen.
       The kitchen was dark and it was old. Our whole house was old, it was a mansion that was passed down through the White generations. Only this time it wouldn’t be passed down to me since I was a female heir. I sighed taking my spot in the little niche. When I was little I would come up to the kitchen and sit in the little niche when ever I was moody or glum.
       The house-elves would always sneak me ginger-snaps, or sugar quills, to keep my appetite until dinner time. This time I sat in here, it wasn’t because I was glum or moody. I was up here because I was sad. Sad that my fairy-tale wedding that I had always dreamed of would be nothing more then a small gathering. But the worst part was that I wasn’t getting married to my prince charming. I was getting married to Regulus Black, the Slytherin girls at school would most likely die for my place. Regulus Black to them was mysteriously sexy. I wasn’t saying he was ugly, because that was far from the truth.
       He had long black hair, that didn’t go to his shoulders but went down past his ears. His eyes were a cold grey, and he supposedly had an excellent body. The girls at school thought that his smirk was `sexy’ and that he was `delicious’ but me, I thought he was a self-centered jerk. I knew that he had shagged so many girls before, but I had not. I mean even Sandy had shagged him! I saved myself till marriage, our values were different. I didn’t approve of the word mud-blood and such, but that was his language.
       I always wished that I was put in Gryffindor with Sirius. You see I was friends with Sirius when I was younger. When I was getting sorted I saw the glimmer of hope in his eyes that I would get into Gryffindor, or even Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. The same hope that was ignited in my eyes. But I hadn’t, I was placed in Slytherin. No one really said anything, it was expected of me to get in Slytherin, it wasn’t an option. Much like this marriage, it wasn’t an option for me to get married to Regulus it was a must.
My parents, were delighted with this marriage. The White family would climb higher up in the pure-blood family rankings. And I would be married, with all of their parental duties taken care of. I knew what I was getting into, I was told when I was in fifth year at Hogwarts that I was to be married to Regulus. I hoped, prayed that it was a mistake. That a blonde haired, blue-eyed prince would come and save me. But that was all a fairytale, a stupid dream. A little flicker of hope that had long been extinguished.
       The abrupt closing of a door snapped me out of my thoughts, telling me my father was home. I crawled out of the niche and walked towards the front door but stopped hearing my parents speaking in hushed tones.
       “He did it, the boy did it Celestia.” my fathers gruff voice said.
       “Well, I am so proud of him, I’m sure his parents are just as,” my mother thrilled voice came, “Should we tell Amore?”
       “No, we’ll let her find out, she was shocked when she heard about me.” my father replied, in his firm tone.
       “Your right, well do follow me into the chamber I have the wedding plans made.” my mother said knowing not to argue.
      I looked in time to see my father following my mother into her chamber, the heavy wood door closing behind him. What did my father have to tell me? Now I was overcome with curiosity. Oh well, my father sounded pretty firm in his decision, and I knew very well what that tone meant.
       I tip-toed from the kitchen hall up to the staircase, beginning my way up. As I reached my room I walked in and shut the door behind me. Nine more days of freedom, nine! I turned away from the mirror and headed over to my closet. I reached into the lower drawer of my wardrobe cabinet and pulled out the box my mom gave me. Opening it I found inside the necklace my mom had given me and the ring from Regulus. I pulled them both out sitting down to examine them closer.
       The necklace had the White family crest engraved onto it. Whilst my engagement ring had the Black family crest engraved on the black gem. Looking at the ring, made me feel scared. That in a couple of days I would be married to Regulus. And then it hit me. Where were we to stay? I was certain that we wouldn’t be staying in my house, that just went against all the rules. But it had only been a month since we had gotten out of Hogwarts, I was sure that he didn’t have a place. So we were probably staying at his parents house. Just great I thought, well Mrs. Black wasn’t that bad. Sure she could be rude, but that was to muggle-borns, and blood-traitors as she had so named Sirius. I sighed, placing them both back in the box and closed them up in my drawer. The clock struck six at night. I stood up abruptly, dusting off the back of my shorts. Grabbing my black robes I put them on over my clothes and walked downstairs for dinner.
       I got to the dining room I sat down to the right of my father, while my mom was seated to left of my father who was planted at the head of the long table. As the house-elves came forward with our food I looked around. I had always hated the dining room because to me it was impersonal. The table was big enough to sit twenty, and the grand chandelier hanging over it made it seem even more impersonal. I always loved how muggles had small eating spaces, where they could talk to their families. But our family didn’t talk at dinner unless we had company. I poked my fork at the chicken, my hunger left me. It was happening more often these days. My mother thought it was because of wedding anxiety. But I knew that it was because of wedding dread. I got up after asking to be excused and walked upwards my room, my mother’s worried eyes staring at my retreating figure.
       As I got to my room I closed the door, throwing off my dress robes, shorts, and shirt and put on a little silk nightie. I looked at the clock it was only six thirty at night, but I didn’t care. I pulled the covers back and tried falling asleep. I lay there with my eyes wide open, waiting for a sudden sleepiness to overcome me. But none did. I sighed and sat up straight. I pulled out my book, the same one that I had slammed down this morning trying to read it. But the words morphed into `wedding,’ and `Regulus,’ I needed something to get my mind of this!
I jumped up looking around in my dark room, wondering who was there.
       “Oh, Lonnie sorry if she scared you misses but mistress told Lonnie to tell miss, that you will be meeting with Mr. Black tomorrow.”
I breathed in, it was only Lonnie, my mother’s house-elf.
       “Okay, thank you Lonnie, is that all?” I asked.
       “No, mistress also want Lonnie to tell you, that you are to dress nicely for tomorrow mistress tells me that you are going to Diagon Alley, for wedding arrangements.”
       “Thank you Lonnie, tell my mother I understand.” I replied falling back into my bed. With a snap of her fingers Lonnie was gone, probably to tell my mother what I said. I groaned, once again getting up from my warm bed and headed over to my closet. I looked around, what should I wear? I picked out a nice pair of jeans and a emerald green shirt. It didn’t matter really, I would be wearing a robe to cover it up. And I also didn’t want it to look like I tried to prepare myself, just to see Regulus. I crawled back into bed and as the clock had struck ten, I fell fast asleep, dreading tomorrow with all my being.


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Chapter 4: Wedding Wars
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       I woke up early the next morning, seeing as how I had to get ready. Looking around my room I realized that the house-elves had already come and left. They had left coffee and bread, there was also a stack of fresh towels and a bar of soap on my chair. I also realized that they had left a new set of dress robes. I groaned, I already had so many of them! I walked over to my sitting area and sat down grabbing a cup of coffee and read the note my mum had left on the dress robes parcel. 

These are for you to wear today. We are going to go to Diagon Alley as Lonnie had already informed you last night. Get ready to leave by eight sharp. We will be flooing over to the Black’s mansion and from there all travel to Diagon Alley. Bella, Narcissa, Sandy and their mothers will be coming with us.
Your Mother. 

        I put the note down, looking at the clock that was seated on my nightstand. It read seven. I let out a content sigh, good I wouldn’t be late. I grabbed the set of fresh towels and soap. Walking into my closet I pulled out the jeans and t-shirt that I had chosen last night and placed them on my dresser. I pulled my hair out of it’s ponytail while I walked into the bathroom and grabbed the towels down. 

        The house-elves already ran warm water for my bath just the way I liked it. I took of my clothes rolling them into a ball and tossing them into the corner of my bathroom where they disappeared in a snap. I climbed into the warm water of the bath tub and sighed. This is what I wanted to do everyday for the rest of my life. But I couldn’t, might as well enjoy it now. 

       I scooped up some bubbles with my hand and thought about the letter mum had left me. She had mentioned that Cissa, Bella, and Sandy would be coming. Well I guess that was one thing that I could be happy about. Then it hit me, they were going to be my bridesmaids. Ha, I forgot all about that. Mum must have just picked them out, seeing as how I didn’t bother. I grabbed the bar of soap and began scrubbing vigorously at my skin wondering who Regulus had chosen for the groomsmen. His mother probably chose for him to, probably Rodolphus, Lucius, and Theodore Nott. I rolled my eyes, everyone knew that Bella and Rodolphus had a thing going on. Lucius, Cissa and Sandy, Theodore were also couples. I looked at my skin it was turning red from how hard I was scrubbing it. I put down the bar of soap and rinsed it all off. 

        When I was done I stepped out wrapping a towel around my body. I looked around, where were my clothes? Oh yeah I left the in my closet. I opened the door walking into my closet when I heard my bedroom door open. I yelled in surprise as Regulus, Lucius, Theodore, Rodolphus, Blaise, Bella, Cissa and Sandy walked in. 
          “What are you doing in here?” I asked shocked tightening my towel across my scantily clad figure.
         “Sorry Amore, we didn’t know you were still changing but your mom told us to come up.” said Narcissa turning away.
         “There was a change in plans, so we came to your place instead.” added Bella holding Rodolphus‘ hand.
         “Oh,” I muttered coloring rising fast in my cheeks. 

        I hurriedly stepped into my closet ignoring the smirk on Regulus’s face and the shocked look on all the other boys. Closing the door behind me, I quickly grabbed my underwear and pulled them on, along with my shirt and jeans. I tossed the towel aside, stepping out into my room once again. They were all sitting in my sitting area discussing something in hushed whispers. I reached for my silver plated brush and worked it through my wet hair. I checked the time it was seven twenty. I looked towards the direction of Sandy,
         “Why are you guys here so early?” I asked.
Sandy looked up at me,
         “Oh, well your mom thought that you would be ready by now so she just told us to come up.”
        “Okay.” I said my mind working to tell my mom not to let people into my room.
         “Well White twice in two days, you really are getting a bad streak aren’t you.” drawled Blaise wearing that stupid smirk on his face.
        I ignored him chucking my brush down on my dresser and grabbing my wand, drying my hair with a quick charm. I could hear them laugh behind me, great I thought rolling my eyes. The prick told everyone about my night dress.
         “You still can’t wear silk nightgowns?” asked Bella laughing.
        I glared at her muttering under my breath. I walked back into my bathroom putting on some make-up. I grabbed my shoes from underneath my bed, putting on my dress robes.
         “Are you ready?” asked Nott.
         “Yes.” I said with a sigh. It was only seven forty, we weren’t supposed to go until eight. I started my way towards the door everyone getting up and following.
         “Oye, White.” said Regulus.
I turned around wondering what he wanted. I raised my eyebrow up, silently asking him what he wanted. He waved his hand at me. I caught the glint of a ring on his hand.  
         “Shit.” I said. 

         I ran back into my closet and pulled out my engagement ring sticking it on my ring finger. I really had to remember to wear that more often. As I got back into my room all the boys had already left. But Cissa, Bella, and Sandy were standing there waiting for me. Bella looked at me, and nodded heading out the door. I quickly grabbed my wand and stuffed it in the pocket of my new black dress robes, walking down the steps followed by Cissa and Sandy.
         “So how do the dresses look?” asked Sandy
         “Huh, oh the dresses I don’t know.” I replied honestly.
        “Oh, well do you know what color they are?” said Cissa pointedly.
That I knew,
         “Yes, either black or green.” 

         My foot hit the floor of the foyer. Mrs. Black, Zabini, and Parkinson were standing waiting for us. My mum held out the bag of floo powder, gesturing towards the fireplace in the drawing room. We all took a handful, Bella going first into the flames after yelling,
         “Diagon Alley.” 

        We all followed her lead and soon enough we were inside Diagon Alley. I stepped aside waiting for all the adults to reach hear. After they had all came, my mother took lead walking us all over to Madame Malkins Robe shop. I sighed, it’s not that I didn’t like shopping I did, but I didn’t want to shop for my wedding. With a tinkling of a bell we were all inside. 

       My mother and Mrs. Black talking to Madame Malkin. They must have reached some sort of agreement because with a nod of Madame Malkins’ head, her assistants all stepped forward ushering each of us to a stool. While the boys had gone to the far section of the store to look at dress robes, the girls were all standing straight on the stools except for me. 

         I sat down on mine, watching Madame Malkins assistants measure them all for their bridesmaids outfits. At the end we had all finally agreed on one gown. It was a dark emerald green, it reached the floor, and had a v-necked beaded halter. With that taken care of it was my turn. I took a deep breath, this was going to take forever. I mean it took four hours to decided on the bridesmaids dresses, so how long would mine take? I walked up to the stool and stood on it, the other girls were still getting their measurements taken and the assistants were pinning the pieces onto them.
         “Well dear are you excited?” mumbled Madam Malkin, her mouth full of pins.
         “Yes,” I said lying though my teeth, “very.”
         “Good, good, good, your mother told me that you had chosen black and emerald green we started working on yours yesterday so don’t fret. It won’t take but a moment dear.” she said scribbling down some numbers on her parchment. 

        I smiled, yes I thought! I would only take a little while. She waved her wand and I looked down to see a gown on me. I gasped in surprise, it was beautiful. The dress was strapless, and hugged my body perfectly. The bust was the same dark emerald green of the bridesmaids dresses, but the fabric at the bottom that flowed down, was a webbed-black overtop the green fabric.
         “Do you like it?” asked my mom smiling.
I nodded my head,
        “Yes mum, it’s pretty.” I said in awe, for once telling the truth.
         “It does look really nice.” said Narcissa from her stool.
         “Yea, I agree with Cissa.” added Sandy.
       Bella nodded her head and gave me a small smile. After the minor adjustments were made I was able to breath again. I sat back down next to my mom watching the bridesmaids still getting ready.
         “Amore, why don’t you go get the boys their over at Quality Quidditch Supplies we‘ll be about ready to leave.” asked my mom looking at me.
         “Sure.” I was happy to be able to leave this store! I got up and walked out the door tightening my robe about me. 

        It was chilly out, I ran over to Quality Quidditch Supplies opening the door, feeling the warmth engulf me once more. I looked around the store, it was jam packed with kids, and parents. I sighed, this was going to take a while. I started walking toward the broom section when I heard a loud voice over near the back of the store. I turned in my direction and walked towards the familiar voice.
         “Oh look it’s the blood traitor.” sneered Lucius‘ voice.
I looked around, there they were, but they weren’t alone. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius were there to.
         “Hey James look it’s the death eater.” replied Sirius glaring at Regulus and his little group.
         “At least our names weren’t erased from the family name,” smirked Nott.
         “You little…” started Sirius.
I saw them all take their wands out, my eyes widened in surprise.
         “Cruc…” began Avery.
         “Protego.” said James with a lazy flick of his wand. 

         An all out duel had started James with Nott and Lucius. Remus was taking on Lestrange, and Sirius was dueling with Blaise Zabini. I ducked as some curses and hexes bounced off the mirror towards my direction. I walked over to Regulus, who was surveying the scene with mild interest. I ducked and using my hand to cover my head trying to reach him.
         “Regulus, stop them!” I yelled over the noise in the store.
        He turned his eyes looking at me in surprise, but regaining the cocky smirk that he always had on his face.
        “No.” he replied turning his gaze back to the duel.
“Regulus, you have to, what if someone gets hurt?” I yelled, mad at him for not stopping it.
         “Then they get hurt, simple.” he drawled not even bothering to glance back at me. 
       “Fine,” I muttered. I grabbed my wand and pointed it straight towards where everyone was fighting, “Accio Wands!” I yelled. Everyone stopped hearing my voice and a second later they were all wandless. Their wands having fell at a neat pile at my feet.
         “We’re leaving,” I declared simply. 

         I turned on my heel walking towards the door. I could feel Sirius’ surprised glance on my retreating figure. James walked over and picked out his wand along with Sirius’s and Remus’s. And soon I could feel everyone follow me. I once again pulled my robe closer to me, trying to keep out the cold air. It was unnatural how cold it was, I mean it was summer. I felt an arm grab my shoulder I turned around sharply my blonde hair whipping after me.
         “What.” I snapped.
         “Why did you stop the duel?” asked Regulus his grey eyes glaring furiously at my ice-cold blue orbs. I looked behind him, everyone else was standing there in a half circle with cuts and bruises over their faces and arms.
         “Look behind you.” I replied simply, turning around again, but his hand still remained there. I glared at his hand, looking up at him my bright blue orbs turning cloudier.
         “Let go.” I said.
         “No, I told you that they could take care of it.” he snapped.
         “Yes, I’m really sure they could take care of it, I mean just look at them.” I muttered rolling my eyes sarcastically.
         “Well if you didn’t interrupt they would’ve taken care of it.” he replied.
         “Ya, I’m sure.” I said sarcastically pulling my arm out of his grasp walking towards the door of Madame Malkins. I opened the door and walked inside. The boys following after. My mom and the other adults were waiting, while Bella, Cissa and Sandy were all holding bags.
         “There you ar…,”my mom started. She stopped looking at the boys in shock.
         “What happened?” asked Mrs. Malfoy putting her money bag back in her purse.
         “Black.” said Lucius.
         “That ungrateful child,” mumbled Mrs. Black her face turning red.
         “It was a mistake on both sides.” I said. 

        Everyone turned to look at me, Mrs. Black stared at me and her face lost the red twinge, she nodded her head at me gratefully. She must have felt bad because her son was going around beating up pure-blood kids. But I didn’t say that to make her feel better, I said that because it really wasn’t Sirius’s fault. I could feel Regulus’s and every other boys’ glare on me but I really didn’t care. My mom just nodded her head and opened the floo powder bag, everyone else once again taking a handful and they were on their way to my house. I reached into my pocket and noticed that my wand wasn’t in there. I looked around,
         “Amore,” my mom looked at me holding out the floo powder.
         “Mum, I forgot my wand in Quality Quidditch Supplies, can I go get it real quick?”
         “Sure dear go ahead I’m going to go now, here keep the bag with you. 

      My mom grabbed a handful and said `White Manor’. She to disappeared into the fire. I put the bag in my pocket and ran out the store, into Quality Quidditch Supplies. I opened the door walking back to the area where the duel had once taken place. I didn’t find my wand, I cursed under my breath I needed to find that wand.
         “Looking for something.” asked a voice.
I looked up, it was Sirius and he was holding my wand out to me. I sighed happily.
         “Thank you Sirius.” I said gratefully holding my left hand out to him.
His smile turned upside down, his eyes looked at mine wondering.
         “What?” I asked confused.
I followed his eyes down to my hand. Oh, he was looking at my ring.
         “Your married?” he asked. 
         “Nope engaged.” I mumbled.
His eyes squinted at the ring,
         “Isn’t that the Black family crest?” he wondered bringing his shocked eyes up to meet mine.
         “Ya.” I muttered, desperately looking around trying not to meet his searing gaze.
         “So your engaged to Regulus.” he replied his grey eyes searching my face for a expression.
I finally looked up to meet his eyes,
         “Ya, look Sirius thanks for my wand I better be going now.” I said taking my wand from his hands, walking towards the door.
         “Arranged?” came his voice. 

        I turned around and looked at him, I nodded my head, walking towards the fireplace in the front of the shop. I pulled out the bag and took a handful throwing it down in the fire I said clearly,
         “White Manor.”
I picked myself out of the fireplace and dusted my clothes off.
        “Found Sirius?”
I turned around surprised that someone was still in the drawing room. I came face to face with Regulus.
        “No,” I stammered surprised, trying to get to the door.
        “Your lying I can tell.”
I glared at him,
        “What’s it to you?” 
        He smirked stepping aside letting me out. I looked at him curiously stepping into the hall, wondering why he just let me go. I walked up to my bedroom pulling off my new dress robes, throwing them on my bed. I walked over to the mirror, looking at myself. A knock came on the door. I walked over to it opening it, it was Lonnie.
         “Miss, everyone is leaving miss, mistress is calling you down.”
         “I’m coming.” I said exasperated. 
         I walked down the steps. Everyone was saying good-bye to each other. I went down and gave Bella, Cissa, and Sandy hugs. Regulus came up to me and gave me a quick peck and walked out the door. Soon everyone had walked out the door leaving me with my mom. I turned to look at my mom, her face was content.
She caught my gaze and said,
         “Well dear I’m glad you like your wedding dress.”
I smiled at her delighted face,
         “Yes mother it’s really nice, thank you.”
         “So have you decided who your maid-of-honor shall be?”
         “No, I haven’t really though about it yet.” 
         “Really?” my mom turned away from her flower plant, “you haven’t even thought about it yet?” 
         “No, but I think that I know who I want it to be.” I replied watching as my mom turned back to examining her flowers 
         “Oh really, who?”
My mother stopped her close examination and looked up at me beaming,
        “Good, that’s who I thought you would choose, so since you choose her I was thinking that we can make her dress black, so it stands out you know?”

         I nodded my head in approval, zoning out remembering the times when I was little, as my mom went on in her happy parade listing off all the things that she till had to do. But all I could hear was the voice in my head saying over and over…
8 more days.

Chapter 5: Shocking Suprises
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        I shook out my wet hair, looking out my window. It had been four hours since I had woken up and gotten dressed. And as my mother had informed me I had nothing to do today, except wedding preparations. I sighed, I couldn’t help but feel exasperated knowing that in a short seven days I would be married. I twirled the ring around on my finger, examining it. All I really wanted to do was rip out the black gemstone, that held the Black family crest upon it. The thought of me getting married to Regulus was unfathomable, and I knew that I would never really get used to it. Even when we were in school, he would make fun of me, make sexist comments, anything he could to get me annoyed. I remembered crying about him, the thought of even being within a close perimeter of him was frightening. 
       Getting up, I walked over to my nightstand and pulled out the bottom drawer. In it was an old album full of pictures. I flipped through it until I found the one that I wanted, it was a picture of Sirius and me. It was taken before a grand party at the Malfoy’s. I smiled wistfully, wishing so hard that I could somehow be deported back to that time. When my greatest worry was about what shoes matched with what dress, not who I was getting married to. 

       I couldn’t seem to get Sirius’ face out of my mind. It wasn’t disappointed, it was more hurt then anything. When we were in Hogwarts, he was always nice to me, and I returned that same behavior. No matter what anyone in Slytherin would say about him, I wouldn’t care. Because I knew better, I knew that he wasn’t a traitor. Slowly, everyday I felt as though I was the real traitor. I guess I was a different kind of traitor. One to my own self, I wouldn’t stand up for me. It was always others, telling me what to do, what to say. I was a puppet. 

        My mother had always said that all proper young ladies need a day of recollection. I guess I was, for once, being a proper young lady truly by myself. 
            “Miss, Mistress is calling you.” 

        I turned just in time to see Lonnie disappear with a snap. I groaned, how many times? She was so much more excited about this wedding then I was. I started my way over to the door, grabbing my wand and tucking it in my jeans. Opening my door I walked down to the steps, carefully on my toe’s trying not to freeze. As I started my way down the staircase, I wished that I had worn something warmer. Right now I had on an old white shirt, and a pair of new pants. The pants were fine, but the shirt was from fifth year, it’s tail only reaching my midriff. I covered my exposed skin, shivering slightly and finally reached the bottom step. 

        I walked into my mother’s room, trying to ready myself for her questions. She always had so many about this forsaken wedding. If it was up to me, there wouldn’t even be a wedding, but then again it wasn’t up to me. I groaned mentally, walking into my mother’s sitting room off her chamber. I settled myself down on a dark emerald couch, tapping my fingers against the arm of it impatiently.
           “Well dear, I hope that you are having a good afternoon.”
        I looked up surprised at my mother’s sudden voice. She stood before, prim as ever, wearing a new pair of black dress robes.
           “Mother.” I said, I couldn’t really explain if I had a good afternoon, seeing as how I spent half of it dreading the wedding.
            “Well, now dear you seemed so down, and I decided to invite someone over for a while to give you some company.” she said her mouth forming a small smile.
           “Who?” I asked. Maybe it was Cissa, that would be some what fun. Or maybe it was my cousin, Aralle, that would be perfect. Aralle was one of the other one in our family that understood me, she was one person that got me. My mother looked at me and stepped aside, revealing…Regulus. 

         My mouth opened in shock, the joy gone from my face. Mother looked at me, her face beaming. She obviously thought that my look of shock, was good. She turned to look at Regulus, and then back at me,
“Well I’m glad that you are surprised! Now I must go see the food preparations, dear.”
Gathering her robes in her hand, ever a lady, she walked out with a polite nod to Regulus. I kept my face on Regulus, shock still evident upon my face.
“I know that you want me White, but no need to stare.” he said bored.
I snapped out of my shock at that,
“First off, I don’t want you. Second what the bloody hell are you doing here?” I snapped, my blue eyes flashing. 

          But all he did was smirk, he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame looking at me, as though he had nothing better to do,
             “White, I didn’t come by choice you of all people should know that.”
I honestly didn’t have a response to that. I always knew that Regulus never wanted to get married either, but him saying it brought it in perspective. But I wasn’t willing to let him get the last word,
            “What Black, your mummy forcing you to come here?” I mocked.
His gaze upon me hardened,
            “Are you saying that you want to get married?”
            “No, I just thought that you were a big bad Slytherin, so why don’t you be rude to your mum, like all the others at school?” I retorted.
He walked over to me barely a millimeter away. I hated it when he did this, it made me feel weak, as though I couldn’t do anything to protect myself from him. He brought his hand up to my cheek stroking it, I turned away.
           “You can’t bloody say a thing White, because you know that you don’t like this wedding at all. And there’s nothing that you can do about it,” he said, his hand roughly turning my face to meet his,
            “And I could stop this, but I chose not to. Because out of all the girls at Hogwarts, I have shagged all of them but you. That’s the only thing I get out of this marriage,” his hand dropped lower to my inner thigh, “And after that, I can just go after anyone else I want.” 

        I squirmed in discomfort as he stroked the inside of my thigh roughly. I didn’t like his touch, no one had dared to touch me there. No one.
           “How do you know that I will let you?” I asked quietly, trying to ignore his venturing hand.
           “Because your family and my family expect two things out of this wedding.” he replied smirking watching me writhe in discomfort. I could feel his hand go further. All of a sudden I snapped, I got up watching his smirk grow wider.
           “You want to know the funny thing White?” he asked not stopping for me to answer, “You think that you can protect yourself, but when someone steps close to you, you crumble,” His eyes watched me, to see if I had a reaction, “I guess all virgins are like that?”
I turned to glare at him backing up,
           “You thi…,”
           “Oh don’t start now White, what regained your backbone?” he asked his eyes searching mine mockingly.
I squirmed slightly,
          “What do our parents expect?” I asked ignoring his last statement.
          “Mister Black, mistress is calling you.” 

       I turned to look at the sudden noise, everything in this house was so unexpected. I sighed, Regulus walked towards the door and followed. We walked quietly down the steps into the drawing room, where our parents were seated, quietly talking about something that seemed important. 

           “Oh, dear I didn’t see you two there, come in.” my mother said regaining her normal tone.
Regulus walked over and sat next to his mom politely, and I followed his lead, sitting next to my mom.
          “Now, we better be leaving thank you Celestia. We will see you later Amore dear.” said Mrs. Black getting up, walking towards the fireplace. My mother held out an intricately designed pot, that held floo powder in it, handing it to Mrs. Black and then Regulus.
          “Regulus.” said Mrs. Black pointedly looking at me.
Regulus dropped his hand from the floo powder and looked at me, giving me a brief hug whilst whispering in my ear,

       But before I could turn around to question him, he was gone with a uproar of flames. It didn’t take me long to comprehend fully, what he had said. Our parents wanted heirs, in other words……children. 

       I bid my mother a quiet goodnight, and walked up the stairs dreading that word. I couldn’t merely stand the sight of him. How was I expected to…well have a child with him? I shook my head trying to clear the horrible image out of my head, I hated this, all of it. Now more then ever I wanted to stop this wedding, but a part of me knew that I would never be able to. I mean the two most powerful pure-blood families in the whole magical world, are making this wedding take place. How could I? A girl that’s only 17, fresh out of Hogwarts, how can I be expected to stop them? Maybe Regulus was right, maybe I didn’t have a backbone, maybe it was all just a show. 

        But so many things were supposed to come out of this marriage, so many. And my mother had her hopes set on it. They thought that maybe I could settle down, and enjoy the rest of my life as they had. But I knew, that I would never have a life like them. Never really understand the true meaning of love. My parents loved each other, well at least it seemed. Regulus and I despised each other, the funny thing was both our parents didn’t seem to notice. And even if they did notice, they didn’t care. 

       I was quite certain there was no way out of this. I opened the door leading to my room angrily, ripping off my clothes and walking into my bathroom. I waved my wand at my face, cleaning it. I threw down my wand and jumped into my bed. But before I went to bed I ripped my engagement ring off my finger and threw it as hard as I could. My head landing on my pillow, tears pouring onto my covers. After tonight, only six more days. Six more days of sanity, six more days of life. 

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Chapter 6: Pureblood through and through...
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         I raised my head from my pillow wearily, feeling a slightly sticky and wet substance on my pillow. I opened my eyes quickly, looking at my pillow, a look of repulsion crossing my face. My pillow was tear stained, alongst with the many other streaks that were on it. I closed my eyes in a silent prayer thank god, that my mother didn’t wash my things, and the house-elves did. If my mother would have sawn my pillow she would have called me down to her chamber and had a talk with me. I rolled my eyes, getting up from my warm bed, and stepped into my bathroom closing the door behind me. I crossed the cold stone floor, walking towards my mirror. I sat down on the plush emerald leather seat and looked at my image. I would have usually gasped in surprise, but I didn’t. I laughed, my mother would have had a heart attack. 

        My face was caked with yesterdays foundation, eyeliner, and mascara that had dripped down my face last night. Seeing my face I remembered exactly why I was crying. Children. I shuddered, the mere thought of that had chills running through my already freezing body. I turned away from the mirror, grabbing my robe and my wand. Throwing the warm white robe on, I used my wand to clean off all the remains from last night upon my face. 

        As I was putting my wand down I could hear the door of my bedroom opening, I tightened my robe about me and peeked out the bathroom door in wonder. It was only my mother, oh it was my mother. I grabbed my wand performing a quick hair spell, and walked out hurriedly. My mother would never come up to my room unless she was really really mad, sad, or happy. I crossed my fingers praying that she was happy today. As I approached her she turned around from the picture she was looking at on my wall, and looked at me. Plastered on her face was a smile, I breathed, thank Merlin, it was a real smile. 
     “Amore, there’s only six more days. Aren’t you excited?” my mother asked beaming. 

        Thoughts ran threw my head, yes mother I was so excited to marry a chauvinistic, arrogant, self-absorbed, man- whore of a guy that didn’t even call me by my first name! But instead I put a fake smile on my face, 
     “Yes mother.” 

She turned back around obviously buying my phony face and line. She held out a big green and black box. 
     “This, my dear is what the Black family has given as a present to you. This box is a tradition of their family, so it seems. They put away valuable things inside of it, and give it away to the bride. Now we need to figure out what to give Regulus.” 
     “You mean like dowry?” I wrinkled my nose in disgust. He was getting paid to marry me.
My mother smiled that tinkling laugh, that I loved, and had. 
     “No, it’s a gift. That’s a tradition that was stopped long ago. And don’t wrinkle your nose like that you’ll look like a dung beetle.” she said pulling out her wand.
I unwrinkled my nose and looked at my mother. She looked very happy for some odd reason. 
      “Your father will be here today for us to go over the items that you can take to the Black’s manor.” she muttered, whilst scribbling away on a piece of parchment that she had summoned. 
      “Father?” I asked swallowing slightly. 
     “Hmm, well I’ll be over there get your things ready to go, I’ll have Lonnie come up and mark them.” she replied, walking out the doorway, head raised up high. 

        I sighed, great, just great my father was going to be here. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my father, of course not. I really did love my father. It was just that he scared me, he could be fine one moment and angry the next. It was because of his job. I paled slightly, ignoring my wandering mind and moving towards my closet. My brain now occupied with the question, of why the men didn’t have to move their stuff, when they got married. 


        I groaned as I lifted what seemed like the twentieth box from my room into the hall. I walked back into my room, finally being able to move on to other areas of room, now that I had finished with my closet. I opened my nightstand my hands once again meeting my picture album. I sighed, debating whether or not I should take it with me. I threw it in another one of the many boxes littered around my room. 

        Four hours later I sat on my bed in pure exhaustion looking around, a small sense of pride welling up inside my chest. I had finally finished all the boxes! I breathed in deeply, trying to calm myself down. My mother’s house-elf informed that I was to be dressed and prepared at six sharp in the morning. Why? I didn’t know, no specific details were given to me, except that I was supposed to look presentable and decent. Much emphasis was put on the word ‘decent.’ I rolled my eyes in silent distain wondering how much more of my life would I have to change to make other’s happy? I groaned mentally, knowing that I would never be able to answer that question myself. 

        I was the perfect example or a pure-blood daughter, and my parents were not ashamed to show me off. Even when I was younger I was dressed up in highly uncomfortable clothes, going from pure-blood family to pure-blood family, being compared to other kids. I laughed to myself as a sudden pop jumped into my head, we were like animals. Shown off, and praised in front others. But silently obeying the commands of our owners. In my case my owners were my parents, and as Regulus had so bluntly put it…his. The mere thought of that made goose bumps run up my already cold body. I shook my head in disgust, drifting off, wishing that some of my worries would leave. But….I knew that was impossible.


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Chapter 7: Nosy Little Bugger
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I cracked my eye open, holding my hand up in front of me to shield my bedridden-eyes from the sunlight pouring into my room. I groaned, why did the bloody house-elves have to come so early in the morning to open the curtains? I turned my head, glancing briefly at the nightstand, it read five-forty. There was another letter. I cursed under my breath, trying my absolute hardest to wake up. Yawning I stretched over to my nightstand to retrieve the piece of parchment. I rubbed my eyes, opening the letter,


I know that you were informed of this meeting yesterday. You must be ready by six.

Shit, I threw off my covers. All concern for freezing pushed to the back of my mind. Mother, was going to bloody kill me. I ran into my bathroom and grabbed my wand. I flicked my wand at my teeth, and while they were being cleaned, I searched for clothes. Mother never told me what I had to wear! I pulled a pair of clean jeans, and a fancy black shirt. I quickly flicked my wand at my hair and face. Make-up appearing, and my hair looking nice,…well in my opinion. My mother would probably have some issues with it. 

I grabbed the nearest pair of shoes I could find, and pulled them on. I ran out the door, taking my robes along with me. I flew down the steps, once again wishing that we had fewer floors in the damn manor! I could hear my father and mother’s voices in the dining room. I cursed under my breath, performing a quick charm so my make-up and hair didn’t get messed up. I walked into the dining room, pulling my robes on hoping that I wasn’t late. 

As I walked into the room, I crossed my fingers, seating myself down at the far end of the table. I looked up at my parents. My mother met my gaze, 

“Your late.” 

I glanced at the clock it read six-o-two. I refrained myself from rolling my eyes, I was two minute late! 

“Sorry mother, father.” I muttered looking down at my hands. 

“It’s alright.” my father replied before my mother could give another ten minute lecture on manners. 

“Well then,” mother said briskly getting up along with my father, “let’s go.” 

I looked up surprised, 


“We’re going to the Black Manor. Your going to be getting used to the customs, and traditions of the Blacks." 

I could’ve glared. How was I expected to get used to the customs of the Blacks? But I said nothing, getting up following my parents in suit. I followed the trailing robes of my parents into the drawing room. Zip held out the box of floo powder, my mother and father each grabbed a handful, shouting Black Manor. I grabbed a handful to, and walked into the flames after shouting the name of my dreaded destination. 

A whirl of flames, and a tugging sensation, that was pulling on my stomach and I finally stepped out onto the cold stone floor of the Black Manor. I brushed back my raven hair and looked in front of me. My gaze meeting the scene, of my parents and Regulus’ parents greeting each other. Turning my gaze around, I saw Regulus and Blaise sitting on the black leather seats. My eyes locked with Blaises’ silver eyes. I turned my head back around quickly, not able to hold his gaze, or more fearing meeting another certain gaze. 

“Amore darling, how are you?” Mrs. Black asked embracing me. 

“Fine, thank you.” I responded politely, ignoring Regulus and Blaises’ snorts. 

“Well that’s good, come now, Regulus, Blaise.” said Mrs. Black pointedly. 

I almost swore that I heard someone groan. But I pushed that thought to the back of my head. Instead I choose to pretend to listen to Mrs. Black, and my mom to whom I was sandwiched in between. 

“Dear, why don’t you go stand with Regulus and Blaise, they’ll show you around the house.” 

I looked up suddenly coming back from my temporary lapse. 

“Sure.” I mumbled, truly dreading this. Falling back, watching my parents and the Blacks walk away talking. 

“Well White I guess it’s just the three of us.” drawled Regulus smirking at me. 

“It could just be the two of us,” said Blaise, raising his eyebrow up, with an identical smirk plastered on his face. 

“Tempting offer, but no thanks.” I replied briskly, I was not in a good mood today. I was rudely woken up at six in the morning! I didn’t even get to eat breakfast! All I wanted to do was fall back asleep. The image of my warm bed floated in my head. 

“Having a wet dream?” smirked Regulus watching my face in amusement. 

I blushed, I must have looked stupid. 

“No, now do what your mother told you to do.” I snapped angrily, I was enjoying that dream. 

“Look’s like someone’s cranky this morning.” 

I glared at Blaise, opening my mouth to say something. 

“Get banged up, that’ll help it.” added Regulus, his smirk becoming intolerable. 

“Well, I’m sure you would be cranky to, if you were woken up at six with nothing to eat.” I yelled. 

Blaise just looked at me, as though getting great pleasure from watching this scene. 

“That’s your problem food? Merlin, I thought you were getting fatter.” muttered Regulus, walking up the steps followed by Blaise. I stood at the bottom of the steps glaring at them, my gaze filled with venom. 

“Now White unless you can actually say something, get your cranky arse up these stairs. We have a lot to show you.” drawled Black, looking back for a split second. 

I opened my mouth and closed it gaping. Finally crossing my arms, muttering 
obscenities under my breath. 

“Yes, White, A LOT to show, you have even more to learn.” said Blasie huskily looking me up and down. 

I ignored him, and brushed by making sure I hit him on his shoulder, as I passed.
I caught up to Regulus, 

“Where are we going?” I asked breathlessly. 

“You sound a little breathless White.” said Blaise wiggling his eyebrows up and down. I ignored him again. 

“I told you White, it’s called overeating.” drawled Regulus smirking at me. 

I steamed, how dare he call me fat? I’ll have him know that I’m perfectly fit, and healthy. Arse. I followed him into the dark hall, that I remembered coming up during the party. I swallowed, remembering the last time I was up here. He opened the knob of his door, walking in. I followed, behind me Blaise. 

“Familiar White?” asked Black smirking at me. “I though you said she was a virgin?” muttered Blaise, pretending to be confused. 

“Stuff it.” I muttered. 

I glanced at his room, taking in some details. As my glance passed over to his bed, I saw a lump in it. I raised my well manicured eyebrow up. Regulus’ gaze caught mine, and he followed my eye’s over to his bed. His face automatically regained that cocky composure. He walked over to the bed and slapped, whatever was in his rumpled bed. A figure got up, I looked, blinking a bit to clear my eyes. Blaise switched on the light mindlessly, from where he was sitting, going through a PlayWizard magazine. Now I could see the figure perfectly, it was a girl. Great, she was half-naked. As I looked closer, I noticed that she was actually somewhat pretty. She had high-cheekbones, clear skin, and long legs. She used her hand to brush out her brunette hair, and readjusted her bra in place, holding out a hand to me. 

“Hi, I’m Nacelle.” 

I looked at her in distaste, nodding my head in silent greeting. Her arm immediately clasped onto Regulus, his arm snaking around her waist. I thanked god mentally for not letting me eat any breakfast. Because I knew I would have thrown it up. 

“Well, White how do you like my room?” asked Regulus. 

I almost glared at him, but then I smiled sweetly, 

“I’m pretty damn sure I’d like Sirius’ better.” I said loud and clear. 

Blaise looked up from his magazine, 

“Oh, you met Nacelle.” he said winking at her. 

I looked between them disgusted. 

“I know my mother told me to show you around, but I have more important things to do.” Regulus said glancing at Nacelle. 

“I can come with you.” stated Blaise smirking at me. 

“No, thanks, I’d rather go by myself. You lot have fun with your three-some.” I murmured sweetly turning to walk out the door. 

“Thanks, it was nice to meet yo-,” said Nacelle, before Regulus brought his hand up to her thigh stroking it, guiding her back to his bed. I cringed inwardly, I hated him! I closed the door behind me in disgust, only to have it reopened by Blaise. I raised an eyebrow up at him, 

“I don’t need a tour guide.” I snapped, my bad mood immediately increasing. 

“You make me sad, White. No, I’m not coming to show you around, I have Selena waiting for me in Regulus’ guest room.” 

I glared at him, muttering assholes. 

“Don’t worry White, he’ll still shag you.” yelled Blaise running down the hall, turning back to look at me. 

I stuck my middle finger up in reply, and decided to head higher upstairs. I didn’t want to walk in on either of them…eww. I ascended the rickety stairs at the end of the hall. Being careful, not to trip and fall. I finally got to the only door, at the end of the stairs. I opened it, cringing slightly at the creaking sound that echoed through the hall. I closed the door behind me taking in the room before me. Then it hit me, this was the attic…in other words Sirius’ old room. 

I glanced at the door behind me, to make sure it was shut. I took in the room. It was pretty airy, I guess you could say. There were cobwebs everywhere, and a fine layer of dust covered everything. How could some one live up here? I ventured further in, I mean who would really notice I was gone? Regulus was to busy shagging Nacelle…eughh. And Blaise, was also… busy, to say the least. I moved over to a large wood cabinet on the far end of the room. So far looking around, it looked like everything up here, was old furniture that didn’t belong anywhere else. 

I covered my nose, dusting off the rusty handle of the cabinet. Opening the door I found, old clothes, empty cologne bottles, and pieces of parchment. I sighed in frustration, there was nothing to do! I shifted through the papers, laughing as I caught miniature drawings along the sides. I pushed the papers to the side, as my hand caught something hard. I shifted through the mess, and picked out a hard-bound black book. 

Opening it I looked through the pages, realizing that this was Sirius’s diary. I flipped to the first page, ready to read it when the sudden sound pulled me out of my reverie. I looked up at the sound, to find Regulus leaning against the door, arms crossed against his chest, staring up at me. 

“Figures, that you would find his room.” he said glancing at the rotting ceiling in distaste. 

I stuffed the diary back in the cabinet, trying to obscure it from Regulus’s wandering eyes. 

“So tell me White, are you always so nosy?” 

I closed the cabinet, turning back to look at his idiotic face, 

“Only if you tell me, if your always such a man-whore.” I responded brushing past him. 

He followed me, not bothering to close the door. 

“Oh, and if my mum asks I showed you the whole manor.” 

I stopped, facing him, 

“But you didn’t you were to busy shagging….what’s her name?” I asked coolly, my blue eyes giving him an icy-cold stare. 

“Nacelle, trust me it’s easier to remember then all the others.” 

I watched open-mouthed as the end of his black robes swept of the stairs and onto the dark corridor, once again getting the final word.


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Chapter 8: Trouble Landing?
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I cut through the corridor, following Regulus’ lead. I fumed, how could he just say that to me? I gradually caught up to him, and instead of saying anything I fell into step alongside him. Though part of me wanted to rip his lungs out, the other part of me wanted to run back up to Sirius’s room and read his diary. I sighed, continuing to follow Regulus down the steps. He opened a large door, and pointed his hand inside. I ignored his hand gesture and walked inside. Inside my parents, and the Blacks were talking in a circle. They stood up as they saw us, Mrs. Black came over asking,

“So did you like the manor?” 

I turned to look at Regulus, who just smirked back at me. I crossed my fingers under my robe lying, 

“It was gorgeous.” 

“Did you enjoy the drawing room?” 

This time I was caught, I didn’t even see the drawing room, 

“Yes, it was lovely, but after seeing all the gorgeous room’s in the manor, it’s hard to remember exactly.” I responded making up a quick lie. 

I looked at Mrs. Black to see if she bought it, and luckily she was nodding her head in approval. I wanted to fall to my knees and thank Merlin! She gestured her hand to the couches were my parents and Mr. Black were seated. I sat down on the uncomfortable looking couch she pointed to, and I could feel Regulus sit next to me. 

“Well then shall we get started?” my mother asked, looking at Mrs. Black who nodded her head. I looked up from my robes, confused as to what they were talking about. 

Mrs. Black stepped forward and handed me a heavy box. I took it with a little sigh, trying hard not to drop it. Settling it down in my lap, I looked at it in wonder. My mother handed Regulus a box to, though he didn’t look confused at all. 

“These are heirloom boxes, they represent the different houses from which the bride and groom come from.” my mom explained. 

A sharp rap on the door, and a grumpy looking house-elf entered the room. I looked up at the creature, pity running through me, it’s head was bent forward, and arms crossed politely across it’s chest. With only a pillow case to cover it, the house-elf looked worn and thin. 

“Master has company.”

I cocked my head, what was he talking about? We’ve only been here for the past nine hours, I thought sarcastically! But it must have been some sort of hidden language because my father and Mr. Black got up, heading out the door talking in hushed tones. Hushed tone….I knew what that meant. I shook the shivering sensation out of my body, trying to act like I didn’t know what happened. Regulus only looked at the now-closed door, before turning back to the box. I followed his lead, while Mrs. Black continued on, 

“Now, these are presents from the houses that you come from. The bride and groom open them together. So we will leave you here, to see, and Kreacher will be bringing in dinner.” 

And with that they to walked out the room, closing the door behind them. I looked next to me, at Regulus. 

“So?” I pondered. 

“So, what? We open the boxes now, come on White how dense are you?”

I decided to ignore him, and his arrogant smirk, and looked down at the box. It was silver plated, and held a black gem in the middle embossed with the black family crescent. The sides were an emerald green, snakes engraved alongst the sides. I crinkled my nose, I hated serpents! I took the cover off, gasping in surprise. Inside were so many things. 

I picked the top most object first, it was a gold necklace that held a serpent on it intertwined with a fancy scroll B. I rolled my eyes, everything with them was about the ‘Black,’ family emblems. But no doubt that it was gorgeous, I laid it aside gently pulling out the next object. This time my hands held a velvet green box. I opened it, inside was a diamond ring, with a black smoke in the middle. I looked at it curiously, I have never seen anything like it! Maybe this wedding did have one upside… 


Looking around, I almost grinned. It had been two hours, and I was finally done unwrapping and opening everything. Boxes, wrappers, jewelry, money, letters, books, pendants, and trinkets surrounded me. I grabbed everything neatly laying it all back in the box, shutting it. I looked at Regulus who was messily shifting through the box. I looked away rolling my eyes about to say something, before the door opened with a bang. I jumped up in my seat, looking for the sudden sound. Blaise strolled in through the doors, 

“Wow, you already got you gifts? You haven’t even been married yet!” he asked in disbelief his eyes bulging at the sight of the empty boxes and wrappers. 

“Here’s another good thing mate.” smirked Regulus looking at Blaise. 

They both started laughing, and I was fuming. Carefully counted to ten in my head, Regulus didn’t think that I heard that comment he made about shagging me, being the only good think coming out of the wedding. I shook my head at him in silent disgust. 

“So White you excited for the big day?” asked Blaise watching my every move. 

“No, Zabini and I think that you would know that by now.” I snapped. 

“Someone’s getting frustrated.” smirked Blaise looking at me amusedly. 

“Bugger off.” I muttered, I was not in the mood right now with my appetite coming back to haunt me.

He merely shrugged and smirked, throwing his arm around me, 

“So tell me White, if you could shag anyone in Hogwarts. Who would it be?”
Regulus smirked, 

“Mate, she won’t answer that question, she’s an angel.” he said. 

I knocked Blaise’s hand off my shoulder in disgust, 

“Not you for sure.” I muttered glaring at him. 

“I’m sure, now if you two are done flirting, I’m hungry let’s go.”
Regulus questioned, looking at Blaise, while he stood up to his feet. I got up not willing myself to be left in this room. The empty portraits on the wall, seemed to be watching me. I shrugged this feeling away, hurriedly following them out of the room. 


I sat there on the bar stool, twirling around my sandwich. I was so tired, we had been at the Black manor from six in the morning now it was nine at night! I groaned subconsciously drawing curious gazes from the house-elves. I smiled weakly reverting my attention back to today. Well this morning wasn’t…productive, but I still really wanted to see more of Sirius’s room. 

“Mister, Mistress is calling you sir.” 

I turned to look at the house-elf that was leaning before Regulus. I turned my nose up in disgust as the poor house-elf kneeled before a big oaf like him. 

“Come on.” 

All of a sudden I felt a tugging sensation in my stomach, and I was suddenly in the front foyer. I could feel myself land with a thud on the floor. I let out a whimper of pain, as my rear collided with the hard stone floor. I heard a smirk, and glared up at me. There standing perfectly were Blaise and Regulus. 

“You know White, I had always wondered if you had two left feet.” said Regulus smirking down upon me. 

I glared at him even more, narrowing my eyes into thin slits. I hoisted myself up off the floor. And rubbed the back of my butt tenderly amidst the laughter from the boys. 

“What?” I snapped, tired of their childish behavior. 

“It’s been over five months since you got your apparition license, and yet you still fall on your arse.” Blaise gasped in between laughter. I raised my eyebrow up at them, opening my mouth ready to say something, but then my mother cut in. 

“Well, dear are you ready to go?” 

I nodded my head yes, trying to keep my face as neutral as possible. But inside I was 
screaming for joy. Finally! My mom grabbed a handful of floo powder, and threw it into the fire place, but not before saying bye to Mrs. Black. I nodded my head in recognition, I honestly didn’t want to touch Regulus at all. I mean eww…Nacelle? I shuddered grabbing a handful and following my mum’s lead.

I landed on the floor in a whirlwind of flames. I groaned, once again I fell flat on my rear end. My mother looked at me, 

“You really should learn how to land dear.” she pointed out snippily. 

I smiled in response, walking up the stairs. For once in my life, I was glad to be back 
home! Running into my room, I jumped on my bed. Not caring to change, I fell asleep dress-robes and all. I would probably wake up in the middle of the night to change anyway. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell deep asleep. The thought that my wedding was only four days away not fazing me the slightest.


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Chapter 9: Bloody Banquet
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I yawned, stretching out in my bed as sunlight hit my face. I got up, I should probably be used to this routine from the past years of my life. Rolling my eyes I hoisted myself out of bed tiredly, slipping on my robe and slippers. I was finally learning something, as my mother said, not just walking out of the room with nothing but my bra and underwear on. I grabbed a sconce off the plates of breakfast that was left on my table.

I sat there for a minute looking outside, but soon I coughed as a horrible taste filled my mouth, reminding me of the time my mother had tried to cook broiled Brussels. I spit out the sconce in disgust, chugging down a glass of water. The door opened, as though right on queue as my mother almost floated in, her house-elves bustling around her tidying up my room.

She wore an unmistakable smile, that closely resembled mine,

“I knew that you would go after the food that has more fat. Now that you are getting married you have to think about other’s not only yourself.” my mother said grabbing a small piece of hard-biscuit from the tray. I almost scowled, but refrained myself at the last minute. The confused look on my face was a dead give a way, as my mother offered me an even smaller piece of hard-biscuit.

“Your children and your husband.”

I swallowed hard, tears forming in my eyes from the way the biscuit went down
in my windpipe. I looked at my mother reverently pretending to listen to her as she went about on her long tirade. I finally sighed, able to get the piece of biscuit out of my windpipe. The only parts of her words catching on were Regulus, Mrs. Black, and others.

“What about Regulus mum?” I asked, quickly changing my wording, “I’m sorry I meant mother.”

My mum nodded,

“Regulus, Mrs. Black, and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are coming over today. We are going to go over the proper dinner technique for the wedding, Merlin know’s that it’s only three days away. So we must be prepared. Remember Amore this is a big impression on our status in the wizarding world. Everything must go perfectly. And of course, all we wish for is your happiness.”

She said taking a small sip of tea.
I smiled, and nodded my head. My happiness? If my happiness was involved this wedding wouldn’t even be happening. 

“Well dear I must go prepare for the arrangements, don’t be late. Oh and I have a dress that is lain out for you, you must wear that for the rehearsal since you cannot wear your wedding gown.” with that she whisked away her house-elves following faithfully behind her. 

I groaned, turning around to reach for the food only to realize that it was gone. I screamed silently, stalking into my bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me. I climbed into the fragrance filled bath-tub, letting my cold skin soak up the warmth of the water. 


“Miss, Mistress sent me here to send Misses a time-call. Misses, guest shall be arriving any moment now.”

I raised my eyebrows up as a signal that I got the message, almost wanting to ignore it. But than I remembered last time that I was taking a shower and how everyone had come in. 

I quickly grabbed my bath towel wrapping it around me tightly. I tiptoed onto the cold stone and headed for my rack where my dress was hanging. It was a emerald-green dress, but this one was halter style, gems’ lined alongside the collarbone tie. I put it on quickly, pulling my wand out of my cupboard to straighten and dry my hair.
Just as I reached for my make-up kit the bathroom door opened, in piling Bella, Sandy and Cissa. I turned around to greet them, doing a simple spell so the make-up got applied on. 

“Are you still not ready?” asked Bella the closest smirk to a smile put on her face. 

“No, I’m ready let’s go.” I said turning around to look at them closely. But before I could, I felt that weird sensation in my stomach again and realized that we were apparating. I closed my eyes shut, trying to ignore the earth-quake that I thought was about to erupt in my belly. 

But I felt hard ground beneath me, so I opened my eyes coming to full view of the banquet room. I sat at the first table, where all the other boys were seated. And to my luck I got seated next to Regulus and Blaise. How comfortable. 

“White, you don’t look that bad, maybe just maybe I’ll let you take Selena’s place.” Blaise drawled looking at me. 

“And maybe just maybe I’ll let you take my dead dog’s.” I said smiling, so my mother didn’t think I was being rude. 

I turned to face Bella who was chatting in whispers with Rodolphus, I almost wished that I was sitting next to her right now instead of Regulus and Blaise. But we all know that isn’t possible. I could hear my mom’s voice tinkle above the whispering, and chatting of the kids, 

“We’ll began now.” 

And with that the plates were revealed before us, my plate revealing….nothing. I looked at my mother, my eyes burning. I was starving! What part of eating food, did they not understand. I ignored the sounds of everyone else eating their food, and the sound of china clinking against one another. I focused my attention on the people at the table and what they were wearing. All the bridesmaids were wearing the dresses that were picked out at Diagon Alley, and the groomsmen were wearing dark black dress robes. 

Bella was wearing a ton of eyeliner, like usual and Cissa was wearing bright red lipstick, while Sandy wore nothing but a tad of eye shadow. I rolled my finger around in my plate, when I heard my stomach grumble. I looked up quickly to see if anyone noticed but the only one that said anything was a smirk from Regulus, 

“Hungry White?” 

How I wanted to punch him, 

“No, I just didn’t eat breakfast, didn’t get lunch, and my stomach didn’t just grumble, so no I am not hungry.” I whisper-yelled my hungriness seeming to take over my body. 

“It’s okay I always thought that you could stand to loose some weight.” he said his mouth holding the same old smirk on it. 

That was it, 

“I weigh less then you, and everyone in this whole room. I’ll have you know that I am at a good weight. Not that it’s any of your business or concern.” I muttered whilst glaring at him. 

“Yes, but seeing as though I’m the one that’ll be shagging you -” 

“No, you will not you little-” 

“We all know that you two love each other, but can we focus on the matter at hand here?” asked Bella her eyes’ lighting up as people laughed around her. I glared at her, although I guess I should thank her for stopping me before my mother figured out what a colorful vocabulary I have. 

“And what is the matter at hand?” I seethed, my voice had a bit of an edge to it. 

“The Dark Lord.” said Avery, his eyes carefully following mine, as though trying to track my reaction. 

“Yes, we all know that is the matter at hand. Avery stop trying to disrobe her with your eyes, she’s engaged.” added Lestrange, his voice holding a matter of an air to it. 

I ignored that snide little comment and focused on the more important things at hand, the Dark Lord. I didn’t want to talk about this at all. I breathed in deeply, wishing that this would all just go away… 


It’s been two hours and yet they were still here, and on what subject other than the Dark Lord’s return, I wanted to Avada Kedavra everyone of them at this point in time.

I sighed bored, tapping my fingers impatiently on the table. I sat up quickly as a bell rang, Mrs. Black and my mother entering.

“Well now, we’ll see you all at the wedding. Shall we?” Mrs. Black said holding an arm out to the exit. I smiled as I watched everyone file out and leave through the doors. As soon as the door to the banquet room closed, I sighed, lying back in my chair tiredly. The door opened again, and in walked my mother,

“Well dear today went remarkably, tomorrow we’ll be going to Diagon Alley to go shopping for dresses, and such.” 

I crinkled my eyebrows wondering aloud,

“Why dresses?”

“When you get married there are a number of events that you will be attending, you need dresses for those. Unless by Merlin’s grace you would want to go parading around in your underwear. And for now we will buy some, and afterwards if you ever need more you are free to go shopping for more. So do be ready we are leaving early tomorrow”

“Oh,” I muttered wondering how many house-elves all my clothes could free… 


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Chapter 10: Party Pains Part 1
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I groaned, tapping my fingers against the glass counter of the store we were in now, Wizard Wonderz. It had been exactly four hours and my mother had already spent around twenty thousand galleons. I sighed in despair, yes, I was one who was usually all up for shopping but when I had to spend four hours getting clothes that I didn’t think I really needed, it was excruciating. 

I watched my mother look down on the counter at various necklaces that were lain out in front of her to examine and choose. Sighing, I examined the scene as my mother picked up a pink diamond necklace in distaste. 

“How do people wear such colors?” she muttered, dropping it back down on the velvet cushion

I almost laughed, imagining myself walking into my wedding with a ridiculously pink, insanely puffy gown with the pink diamond necklace.


I turned my head in shock to meet my mothers, she was holding up a diamond necklace that held a black dark blue gem in the middle.

“So do you like it? I was thinking that we could get a blue dress, it would go along so well with your eyes.”

I nodded my head, bored of this. I looked up as the clerk came by, his eyes leering over the edge of the counter. He tapped the ends of his filthy fingertips together, asking my mother,

“So have you decided ma’am?”

“Yes, we’ll be taking this necklace, the bracelet, and earring to go with it as well. Oh and my daughter is getting married, so I want to give her mother-in-law something. I was thinking that diamond necklace, only could you take out the yellow stone and replace it with a back gem that has the Black Emblem upon it?”

“Yes ma’am, and a Black is it? I’m guessing the youngest son Regulus Black?” his voice asked his voice a mere hiss.

My mother merely nodded,

“Fitting match…very fitting, you see the older one, Sirius, they say that he‘s a blood traitor. Gallivanting off with mudbloods and the sort..” he said leering down at me with an awful smirk plastered on his pasty old face of his.

My mother cleared her throat daintily, collecting her things and rising,

“I hope to be excepting those things next week.” her voice said with a slight command in her tone. 

“Not a day late,” the clerk said his hand positioned in a leaving gesture. I followed my mother out of the shop quickly, wondering how she maintained her posture even now, without even the slightest grimace to her face.

I walked in line with my mother until we reached our next destination, I sighed upon looking at the sign, Witch Wardrobe. The faint tinkling of a bell informed the shopkeeper that someone had come. Because as soon as the bell tinkled, we were escorted quickly to a private showing room.

“We’re searching for formal dresses, and dress robes.”

The shopkeeper walked out quickly to search for some dresses. I waited impatiently anxious to go home. The shopkeeper returned with a rack of dresses behind her, she stopped the rack in front of my mother and bowed her way out. I rolled my eyes at this gesture, I never understood why people felt the need to be this formal. I mean yes I understood that we were a very high-classed, powerful, dark family who had connections. But really, did it matter? I almost rolled my eyes at my own stupidity.

“Come now Amore, try on the dresses.”

I obliged getting up from my seat to try on the rack of dresses that were placed before me. I tried on the dresses, almost like a zombie taking them off the racks and putting them on, then showing them to my mother who either said yes or no. I groaned out loud as I took the last dress of the rack. I walked into the changing room, closing the emerald silk curtain around me. I quickly put it on, so glad that I would finally be able to go home after trying this one on. Without looking in the mirror, I stepped outside to show my mother. She nodded in approval, and I changed back into my normal clothes, adding the midnight blue dress to the stack of dresses that have gone into the ‘yes’ pile.


I smiled in childish delight, loving the fact that I was going home after a long day of shopping. I laughed, Voldemort might scare the Death Eaters, but what they should really fear is my mother with a never-ending supply of money and her strong will to shop until the store closes. 

I looked in wonder as the door opened, hoping that it wasn’t my mother about to surprise me with another shopping trip! I almost laughed at the sight, there came Missy, our house-elf carrying all the bags that my mother had gotten today. Shaking my head, I went over to meet her, a smile rising on my face.

“Thank you Missy.” I said smiling, as she gathered up the bags in my sitting area. 

“Oh, don’t thank Missy miss, it was my job.” she replied her big eyes looking up at me.
“Miss, excuse Missy for asking but aren’t you supposed to be joining Misses downstairs?” 

I looked at her in wonder, what was she talking about? 


“Well miss, I don’t think it’s my place to talk, but if miss will excuse me I will tell you. Misses invited the Lestranges, Blacks, Notts, Goyles, Crabbes and many other dark-wizarding families over.” 

I raised my eyebrows in shock, 

“What for? And why didn’t I know about this.” 

“Ohhh, miss, Missy sorry, wasn’t supposed to tell you- the get together is strictly for adults only. Miss, Missy must go.”

I stuck my hand out to stop her, but all I caught was a air. I sighed, now Missy was going to go iron her hands for telling me. Walking over to my bed, I wondered why my mother would be inviting them all over.



I turned from reading the daily prophet to the door, when I heard my mum’s voice. Getting up, I opened the door, only to see the smiling face of my mother, who was holding a gown and velvet box on her arm. 

“Well, seeing as how we are having tea tonight for all the adults. Your father and I decided that we could invite the kids to come to the upstairs ballroom.”

I closed my mouth and listened, pretending like I had just only found out that we were having all the dark-wizarding families over, for as my mom put it ‘tea’.

“Seeing as how they should be arriving in an hour, here’s your dress, and jewelry. I assumed that you would have the shoes with you. I nodded my head, a question on the tip of my tongue.

“Mother, is Regulus coming?” I asked trying to be as nonchalant as possible.
My mother turned around, her smile widening, 

“I knew that you would take to the boy, he is quite charming. Yes, of course Regulus is coming.”

How lovely I though smiling falsely, as my mum walked out of my room. I groaned in despair, why oh why did he have to come to the party? 


I twirled around once, my nose slightly wrinkled in distaste. I was wearing a completely black dress with an overly huge set of diamond earrings, and a necklace that probably weighed half as much as I did.

Looking at the total effect wasn’t as overbearing, the dress itself was gorgeous. It was strapless, with diamond encrusted chains looped over my shoulders. The front of the dress was fine with the stylish cuts, and tulles. The back I had a problem with however, it was a little to low for my liking. The tip of the V reaching way past my mid-back. It wasn’t the V that bothered me it, was the fact that my tattoo could be exposed if one looked close enough. 

The tattoo, that I had deemed an accident, was really a painfully permanent reminder of the ONE crazy night that I had in 7th year in Hogsmeade. I was in a very, you could say rebellious mood that particular night. So I just had to go get drunk of fire whiskey and somehow ended myself up in Troll Tattoo Tunnel. Of course it wasn’t just me, Bella, Cissa, and Sandy had happened to be there as well. But thank Merlin they hadn’t told anybody. For they personally found it amusing to their own benefit, and enjoyed watching me squirm every time I heard the word tattoo. That along with the fact that they had also gotten one themselves, of course in a less drunken state of mind. 

I shook my head, knowing that I would never hear the end of it tonight. But my mother and father didn’t know about it either. Which I deemed better, if my father were to have found out he would have been proud of me until he found out what the picture actually was. But my mother would either way throw a tantrum, giving me a lecture on how ‘ladies’ aren’t meant to tattoo or pierce certain parts of their ‘fragile’ bodies. The idea of a tattoo itself wasn’t that bad, but when the picture of it came into play I think I would much rather behead myself. 

But I couldn’t really think to much more of that, because my mom was standing at the door wearing a dark-grey dress, standing next to her was a girl that I had never seen before. My mother gestured her forward, 

“Amore this is Daria, Daria, my daughter Amore. Amore take her to the ballroom and introduce yourselves. She’s new around here.” my mother said pointedly. 

I nodded my head in understanding, walking towards the door, but not before discretely snatching up my engagement ring from the dresser. Leading Daria out of my doorway and into the hallway, I put my ring on hiding it in the folds of my dress. 

I lead her to the miniature ballroom, she seated herself down on the chair of a table. Taking this time to actually look at her. I saw that she had lovely brown locks, and her dress was just as lovely. But when it came to her face, lovely really wasn’t what I could use. She didn’t look awful, but she had certain look plastered on her face. Her nose upturned as though something smelled, her eyes were mere slits, her lips barely even there and it didn’t help that she had caked herself with what seemed like layers of make-up. 

Mentally thanking god, that Narcissa only used this look when she saw ‘mud bloods,’ or other people she didn’t quite like. I looked around sitting down on the table top, that was next to her. I opened my mouth to clear the awkward silence that had fallen, 

“So, where are you from?” 

She scoffed before answering, 

“My mother,” she said her voice sneering at me, “I figured most people would know that by now.” 

My eyes widened in surprise, for some odd reason I didn’t like this girl; one bit. 

“I mean before you moved here.” I muttered, trying not to yell in her face. 

“What are you my stalker? If you must know I used to live in France, before I was dragged to this dump.” 

I wanted to rip her throat out, 

“Well I love this so-called ‘dump’.” 

“Of course you do, it suits you very well.” she sneered watching as other kids started to file in. 

I looked around desperately searching for Bella, Cissa, and Sandy. I knew that they along with the boys would come up in a group, but it was my first time ever wishing that Bella would get here.

“Speaking of dump, what are you wearing. It looks like you tore it apart in the back.” came her sneering voice.

I grabbed a flute of champagne from the nearby tray chugging it down in a gulp, well wouldn’t this be just lovely.


“Having fun?” asked a voice. 

I looked up from levitating silverware with my wand, onto the faces of amused faces Bella, Cissa, Sandy. Not to mention Rodolphus, Blaise, Nott, Avery, and Black who were a few steps behind. I jumped up in joy, hugging her as the silverware fell with a clatter to the floor. 

“Thank Merlin you’re here, I was about to pull my hair out,” I murmured.
Bella looked at me with almost a grin on her face, 

“Why?” asked Cissa, looking around at the already filled up ballroom. 

Just as I was about to answer I heard a cool sneer-like voice coming from beside me, I groaned sitting back on the table. I could feel the groups eyes on me, but I ignored that, my attention much more focused on the arrogant bitch in front of me. 

“Daria Cullox, I was wondering when I would meet people of my caliber.” she sneered sticking out a pale, and bony hand. I grimaced as Bella took her hand, Daria’s death-like grip tightening. 

“Pleasure,” Cissa muttered disgusted, not attempting to shake her hand. 

I rolled my eyes as Daria’s eyes closed in on the boys, much like a snake closing in on it’s prey. 

“Daria, and you are?” she questioned fluttering her eyelashes at Regulus. 

I snorted, causing Daria and the rest to look at me. 

“What?” she said, going back to her old sneer. 

“Nothing, just the thought that you would make the perfect couple” I retorted grinning, loud-enough for them all to hear. Bella smirked, as did the other boys. While Cissa and Sandy out-right laughed. Regulus looked at me, his eye’s turning dark black. The smirk on his face faltering, 

“Regulus Black.” smirked Blaise, introducing Regulus to Daria. 

Daria turned to Blaise, who stuck his hands up in the air, 

“Sorry sexy, I’m already taken.” he replied scooting towards me, his hand snaking around my small waist. “I got Blondie over here.” 

I shook his wandering hand off in irritation, while Daria merely shook her light-bulb shaped- head as to say your loss, and finished introducing herself to the rest. Blaise turned to look at me, the smirk on his face only widening, 

“So, what have you been up to lately?” he asked, wagging his eyebrows up and down. I chose to plain out ignore him, taking my fourth flute of champagne that night, from the nearby tray. 

“So how is the new girl?” 

Looking up at Sandy, grateful for the distraction I replied, 

“Annoying bitch, she is, down right called me ‘low-caliber’ and said some delightfully wonderful comments about my dress being to revealing.” I finished adding school-girl pep to the last thought. 

“Oh she’s not to bad, so far.” Bella responded, swallowing a flute of champagne. 

“Oh really?” asked Sandy pointing to Daria. 

Bella turned to look at her, she had her hands on Rodolphus, her face plastered with what I registered to be a ‘sexy’ grin. Bella got up angrily setting her flute down so hard that it cracked. I rolled my eyes as she walked over pulling Rodolphus by his sleeve and Daria by her arm out into the hall. Avery shook his head at poor Rodolphus, him, 

Black, and Nott joining our group around the table. 

Blaise waited till Regulus was back before reopening his big mouth. 

“But love, you have to admit the girl’s got a point-” 

The confused expression on my face stayed until I realized he had picked up where we had left off. I opened my mouth angrily to interrupt him, but he went on. 

“Your dress, isn’t revealing according to my standards, but to girl standards. It is so awfully revealing.” he said, saying this all in an overly-girly voice. 

Glaring at him I opened my mouth, 

“No it’s not,” I muttered angrily. 

He gave me a shove with his hand, as to prove a point. I fell of the edge of the table, stumbling onto the tips of my heels. 

“See, look.” 

Cissa gave him a death-like glare, he held his hands up in defense, 

“So your saying that if she was to shag you, you would complain?” drawled Nott, from Regulus’s side. I turned to look at him, only to see him smirking with Black, and Avery. Both of whom were wearing identical smirks on their faces. But Regulus’s for some reason affected me the most, it was as though he was taunting me, without saying a word. 

“Oh no, I definitely would. Like I said I’m not, and never will be complaining.” Blaise replied. I turned back towards the table pushing him off angrily. Was this going to be a long night or what? 



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Chapter 11: Party Pains Part 2
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I looked around groaning, Bella and Rod were no where to be found. Probably making up; or more so making out. I was pretty sure that Daria was hiding somewhere in fright after Bella had gotten done with her. This oh-so pleasant thought made me smile.

“What are you smiling about, just a moment ago your face was a grimace?” 

I pushed away my thoughts meeting the gaze of Sandy. I smiled even more, opening my mouth to say something back when a voice cut in between,


I could feel my smile disappearing, my eyes narrowing, much like Daria’s. Turning to look at the source of the unbelievably annoying voice, I glared at Regulus,

“What?” I hissed, annoyed at being interrupted. 

“Come here.”

I opened and closed my mouth, much like a fish, until I finally managed to ask, 

“Why would I do that?” 

“Because much more then your virginity is at stake here.” he drawled, smirking amidst the laughter of his friends. 

I could feel my cheeks redden, why was everything a joke about my virginity? I got off the table top quickly, in what my mother would say a very un-lady like manner, walking over to him. I could feel the shadows of Cissa and Sandy walking next to me, so my confidence level soared a bit. Glaring at him, I hope that my eyes were conveying the message that I wanted to know what he wanted, so I wouldn’t have to look at his face any longer. 

“Show us where the ducts are.” 

I crinkled my eyebrows, confused, what was he talking about. 

“The what?” 

“Really Blondie must we explain everything to you? For someone that looks so good, 
you know so little.” 

I turned my glare to Blaise, 

“Don’t call me that, and I’ll have you know tha-” 

“If you two are done with your little love-fest, can we get on with it?” asked Regulus snidely. Looking as though he was annoyed at the time we where wasting. Blaise just shrugged, while I opened my mouth, 

“It’s not a ‘love-fest’ and unless you tell me why you want me to show you… well, whatever you want to see, you better be a less of a prat.” I huffed angrily. 

Regulus took two steps closing in on me, I leaned back subconsciously, my confidence wavering as the smell of his cologne filled my lungs. 

“I strike the deals White, and unless you want me to tell your mum, lies about you that you can never fix, I suggest you show me where the bloody ducts are.” 

“Oh bugger off Reg, your going to get married.” exclaimed Narcissa thoroughly bored, examining her finger nails. 

I shuddered at the word marriage, crossing my arms self-protectively. Choosing to ignore the conversation brewing between Regulus and Cissa, I cleared my throat. 


Cissa and Sandy turned to look at me in surprise, while Regulus smirked as though he had won a great prize. 

“But we get to come along.” I finished satisfied, pointing to myself, Cissa, and Sandy. It was my turn to smirk. 

“No way-” started Nott, his eyes bulging at the thought. 

“It’s not for girls.” added Avery looking at us in shock. 

“I must say that I have to agree with them Blondie, this isn’t a strip-” Blaise said, before Regulus cut him off. 


Regulus ignored the protests from the boys standing behind him, whilst Sandy and Cissa looked at me in excitement. But I ignored this all, looking at Regulus who was smirking about reasons known to only him. There had to be some reason to him agreeing to my condition… 


I looked around quickly making sure that no one was watching as we walked out of the Ballroom. Personally I knew that it wasn’t such a big deal, but if my mother had found out, I would probably get a lecture about not entertaining the guests properly. 

To tell the honest truth, I didn’t trust Regulus a bit. But I also didn’t want to be left in the ballroom watching little kids dancing, while I sat there bored out of my wits.

“We need to be in the ducts near the meeting hall.” said Regulus. I jumped in surprise, much to the amusement of the others, my head darting to meet Regulus’. 

“Will you tell me why?” I muttered, annoyed at not knowing what was going on. I knew that Sandy and Cissa didn’t care the least bit where we were going, as long as Sandy had Nott, and Cissa had Lucius. I grimaced at the thought of them snogging in the air ducts, 

“No.” replied Regulus, once again pulling me out of my thoughts. 

I swore angrily walking ahead of them all, my heels clicking against the ground. Abruptly I stopped remembering that we had marble floors and that all sound echoed, and my mother, as keen as she was, would be sure to pick up on the sound. Slowly I removed my heels, throwing them in a nearby pot of flowers. 

Smiling I walked on, glad that I didn’t have to wear those dreadfully high shoes anymore. I always did wonder why girls went through all the pain of primping, while all boys had to do was change into something decent. I sighed in irritation once again stopping abruptly. 

“What now, do you have to take off your bra?” drawled Regulus’s voice from next to me. Ignoring him, I pulled out my wand waving it in front of the wall, causing an air duct to appear. Regulus moved his hand, causing Avery to come forward and yank of the top cover. He turned to look at me,


I shook my head, what if there were mice or bats,

“No, I insist, ladies first.” I muttered, looking inside the dark vent with a look of repulsion.

At this Sandy and Cissa laughed, causing Regulus to scowl. He pulled out his wand and said Lumos, then proceeded to crawl into the duct on all fours. I felt a sharp nudge in my back, causing me to turn around sharply. There stood Blaise, gesturing stupidly with his wand into the duct. I sighed at the prospect, but finally got down and crawled in as well. 

I swore angrily following the light of Regulus’s wand through the empty ducts. Occasionally there would be a few spider webs, which had me stop crawling in shock. Which only led to the domino effect of Blaise ramming into me, Cissa ramming into him and so on. Within the next five minutes I had stopped, with my occasional roadblocks, thinking of things that only made sense to me. 


This time I groaned aloud, my back was aching from having crawled for so long, but yet Regulus didn’t stop, he continued his little crawl through the tunnel. I cursed at him under my breath, wishing that I hadn’t agreed to his idea. The thought of watching little kids dance was more entertaining then crawling aro- 


I held my head in pain, as I collided into Regulus’s back. 

“Ouch.” I muttered holding my head, that would be sure to leave a bump. I groaned, how would I explain this to my mother? 

“Why did you stop.” I could hear Blaise whisper behind me. 

I turned around to see his confused face, and turned to Regulus drawing out my wand and stabbing him in the back. 

“Why’d we stop?” I asked angrily, my head hurting more. 

“Because I can hear.” he replied somewhat loudly. I heard all the guys shhing- each other in hopes of them becoming quite. I must have looked stupid, sitting there rubbing my head. All of a sudden I could feel myself being pushed towards Regulus, and all I could hear was a loud commotion.

Finally it quieted down, willing myself to think properly. I wondered what I was sitting on, because it didn’t feel like the cold metal before. Only then had I realized that I had been pushed onto Regulus’s lap. I closed my eyes momentarily, thanking Merlin that it was dark inside the ducts, seeing as how my cheeks were a violent shade of red. 

“Everyone comfy?” asked Sandy with an overly sarcastic air to it. 

I scoffed, she probably was pushed up against a wall, or jammed between two people. At least she wasn’t sitting on Regulus sodding Black of all people. I opened my mouth to say something, but was silenced abruptly by a hand that was put over my mouth. I turned my eyes to glare at Regulus, only to see that he was concentrating on listening to what was going down below us. 

I sighed irritably and bit his hand. He eyes seemed to grow in shock, before once again regaining his cocky composure, 

“I prefer you suck, not bite White.” he drawled cockily, looking at me. 

I ignored a weird sensation that had taken over my stomach, looking at him in disgust, 

“And I prefer normal, nice looking guys, but you don’t see me complaining.” I whispered furiously. 

Before he could retort, we were once again silenced by loud shhh-ing from the other side. Regulus seemed to remember why he brought everyone into the annoyingly small duct anyway and immediately shut up, returning to watching the parents through the small slits. 

“Times are changing, our lord is at an uprising. The more they join, the more powerful we get.” 

“I agree with you Orion, the stupid mudbloods think that they can get away with anything. But they don’t realize there is a world outside theirs. And that we are strong enough to destroy them in a blink of an eye.” came a smoothly familiar voice.

I gasped in shock, that was my father’s voice.

“Of course it’s not us at all really, it is more so the Dark Lord.” said Abraxas Malfoy.
“I agree with you Abraxas, the Dark Lord is the beginning, middle, and end.” replied my father gravely, holding up his sleeve to show a skull, with a snake protruding out of it’s mouth.

I shook my head in wonder, choked sounds emitting from my throat. I could once again feel Regulus’s hand resting over my mouth, but this time I made no move to push it away. I was numb almost devoid of feeling. I had always known that my father was very heavily connected with Voldemort but I had never known, or even thought that he would become a death eater. I snapped out of my thoughts, my eyes once again wandering through the slits of the air ducts, to see them all standing around in a circle their forearms bared. And on them were the dark mark. 

“To the Dark Lord.” exclaimed Mr. Nott, holding up a glass of champagne the men all did the same, drinking out of their cups heavily.

I turned to look away finding myself coming eye to eye with Regulus, who looked away from my gaze and back to the meeting place. While little tears of despair released themselves, falling down rapidly. I didn’t really care at this point in time that I was sitting on Regulus’s lap, or that my body was pressed into his at every possible space. I just laid my head down, meeting what I think was his shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. 


I assumed that I had fallen asleep because I remember waking up just as the men were all clearing out of the meeting hall about to go eat or what-not. I turned back toward Regulus for a moment, trying not to directly look at him, 

“Can we go now?” I asked, “Please?” I said, throwing it in for good measure. I really didn’t want to know what my dad and his friends would be doing. I didn’t want to hear him call Voldemort the Dark Lord. I didn’t want to see the Dark Mark again. And I really didn’t want to know whom he had killed. This thought made sickness rise in my stomach, and tears return to my eyes. But I brushed them away quickly, hoping that for once Regulus would listen to me. 


At this I looked him directly in the eye, my personal way of thanking him, and turned to Blaise poking him roughly, 

“Come on now, move!” I exclaimed, joyful at the prospect of getting at out here. 

“But White, you haven’t even given him a lap dance yet.” smirked Blaise, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. I opened my mouth bitterly, to swear him off but he promptly cut in between me, 

“Your tattoo, come on White, we all know that it’s not good to give false statements.” 

I groaned great know everyone was sure to find out, as I heard Cissa and Sandy laugh from in front of me. 

“Wait till you hear the story.” laughed Cissa crawling once again, to get out of here. 

Great I thought, I just couldn’t wait.


I smiled in joy when I saw that we had reached the end of the tunnel, I couldn’t wait to get out of here and clear my mind. I climbed out of the duct, followed by Regulus. I looked up happily, but once I got caught sight of icy-blue eyes I gasped. It was my mother…and her friends. 

What a sight we must have been, all of us climbing out of an air duct. But before either me or my mum could say anything, Blaise opened his mouth, 

“Mrs. White, we were just checking the air ducts, making sure they were looking as lovely as you.” 

I looked at him in disgust, he even flirted with my mom? 

“Why thank you dear, but seeing as how you are all dirty, I can’t say that it’s true. Amore,” my mother said turning to address me, “take them to your room and clean up, dinner is already over, so if you missed that send Missy to get food.” 

With that she and her friends walked off to tour the house, talking about how you could never trust anyone else to clean nowadays. I snorted at the thought of my mom, Mrs. Black, or any of the others actually bending down to clean. 

“Well hurry up, don’t you want to hear Amore’s story.” exclaimed Sandy, clapping her hands together with childish delight. 


I opened the door to my bedroom anxious to get out of this dress, for it had revealed my tattoo, much to my despair. Now I would have to go through and listen to the most embarrassing moment of my life. Looking at myself in the mirror, I sighed in despair, the dress was basically ruined. The dust had stuck to the dress which was black. My hair was ruined, and my eyeliner smudged from cyring. But I wasn’t the only one, everyone else looked exactly the same, excluding the smudgy eyeliner. 

“You can use my bathroom.” I said quickly, causing everyone to go into my bathroom to remove the dust and spider webs from their clothes. I merely walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of comfy shorts, and a t-shirt. I pulled my dress of quickly pulling on my shorts and shirt, walking back out. By the time that I had come out everyone was sitting in my sitting room, 

“Okay, now we can start.” Cissa said. 

I sighed miserably sitting on my bed, flipping through a book sitting on my bed stand. Half of me listening, the other half of me sitting miserably wishing that I had never gone with Regulus. 

“This was during seventh year, okay so one day Amore came in and she was in a horrible mood, and this was of course right before we went to Hogsmeade of course. Well anyways, Bella dragged her down to Hogsmeade even though she said she didn’t want to go, and instead of going to the Leaky Cauldron, like usual we went to Hog’s Head. And well by the time we got there Amore was in this rebellious mood, like wanting to break all the rules or something. Four firewhiskey’s later, we headed out.” 

“Seeing as how drunk Amore was.” added Cissa laughing at the thought. 

“That’s not bad she only had four.” Malfoy sneered, as though challenging me to a 
drinking contest. 

“Yes, but you see our Amore doesn’t take to alcohol to well.” replied Sandy. 

“Oh, let me just finish,” Cissa begged, Sandy nodded her head, moving to sit on Nott’s lap. 

“Okay then somehow we ended up in Knockturn Alley, Amore led herself into this place…what was it, oh yes, Trolls Tattoo Tunnel. We went inside and Amore demanded on getting a tattoo. The man there said he wouldn’t tattoo minors, but then Amore went up to him and practically begged that he give us tattoo’s. It didn’t hurt that Bella had her wand out either. So anyway we all picked out tattoo designs and it was Amore’s turn, she choose the PlayWizard symbol. It was hilarious, but if that’s not bad enough she got words added to it to.” 

“What were they?” asked Blaise, his face in absolute hysterics by this point. 

I glared irritably, they choose to tell the whole story, but what I had actually got written was my business, 

“Oh sod off, I was drunk and it‘s none of your business. And if you were good friends you would‘ve stopped me.” 

“Well what a sight, Angel of the House of Slytherin, got drunk, and got a tattoo,” drawled Regulus, his smirk widening, “But the real horror, what would mummy and daddy say when they found out.” 

Turning to look at him, my mouth hanging wide open in the process. Instead of his usual smirk, he had an almost malicious smile implanted on his face. 

“I figured as much, so now be a good little angel and show us what’s written or you can skip of and join my brother Sirius and his mudblood friends.”
My eyes widened in shock, I couldn’t believe what he just said. He sounded like his dad at this point in time. I got up quietly, and walked over. Snapping out of my daze, I lifted my shirt up briefly pulling it back down. 

“Aw, come on not all of could see.” pouted Blaise. 

“What am I? A bloody ferret?” snapped back sharply, my attitude not at all improving. 

“Come on White, we can tell everyone else downstairs if you want.” added a cocky snide. 

I lifted my shirt up midway, rotating around so everyone could see the worlds in scroll below,

                                                             Naughty Girl 

“Happy?” I asked angrily, my self-respect for myself completely gone, as roars of laughter surrounded me. 

Merlin, it was coming again, the alcohol urge. I chided myself for drinking the fourth flute of champagne in the ballroom. 

“Oh Merlin, this is going to bloody hurt.” I said aloud, much to the confused faces of the boys. But Cissa and Sandy knew what was going on. 

“Oh no, she’s having her alcohol bouts again.” yelled Sandy. 

But this seemed of no bother to the boys who were just watching as I closed my eyes, involuntarily colliding my fist with Regulus’s jaw. I shrieked in shock, from the numbness of my hand and the sickening crunch of his jaw bone. My eye’s grew wide with fear as I clamped my hand over my mouth. And to think that I thought I was in 
trouble before…


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Chapter 12: Aftermath
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WARNING! THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS MATURE MATERIAL. I really enjoyed writing the Party Scenes, this is happening the next day after Amore punched Regulus. 


“I never knew that was how I taught you to behave, really no respect. You are getting married to him, and you punch him? Why? And at our party. But that’s not the end of it you were sneaking out of the Ballroom. Though I do forgive you for that, since you had taken all your friends with you, but Amore…you punched the boy. He is from a very well respected family; as are you, so you should uphold our name,” my mother yelled angrily, half-yelling, half-whispering. 

I rolled my eyes ignoring her. If only she really knew what happened then she wouldn’t say such things. I sighed, most of the things she was saying was going in one year and out the other. At this point I had such a big craving for chocolate, I wouldn’t be surprised if my stomach grumbled so loudly that my mother would have to scold me for that to. I had been starving for the past couple of days, my mother had rationed off my food, so I could ‘get in shape,’ for the wedding. All this was doing was strengthening my resolve to eat like a maniac once the wedding was over.

“You will go and say sorry to him and his mother. I mean what would she think, that her new daughter-”

I snapped out of my trance, interrupting my mother.

“Say sorry?” I asked, disbelief etched on my face. My eyes wide with trepidation, for her answer. 

“Of course, your father and I didn’t raise you to become a barbarian. Even though after last night I’m beginning to doubt it.” 

I went back to ignoring her as she went on with her long speech. How could I possibly apologize to him? I mean after I had punched him I was more concerned about my hand, which was now wrapped up from the pain. I knew that it was as simple as saying sorry, but I didn’t find my fault in the matter at all. I would joyfully put the blame on the alcohol, and his annoying behavior. I muttered to myself, cursing under my breath until my mother finally finished her two-hour long speech and sent me upstairs to change into something decent. 

I ran into my closet, quickly grabbing a pair of jeans and an white shirt. I pulled them on, grabbing my wand, and my trainers. Bounding down the steps, I waited till my mother did an overall observation to make sure that I looked presentable. With a nod of her head we climbed into the carriage, and we were off. I rested my head on the cool glass window. This was going to be interesting… 


I opened my eyes briefly, just long enough to catch a glimpse of the gray manor that was in front of me. Fully waking up, I sat upright in the carriage turning to look at my mother. Who seemed to be thinking of different ways to say sorry to Mrs. Black. 

The carriage came to an abrupt stop, my body being thrown forward into the seat in front of me. I groaned rubbing me head, I managed to hit it in the same spot that I had hit it last night. I rubbed it self-consciously while my mother tapped her foot waiting for me to get out. 

Jumping out of the carriage, I swallowed quickly, knowing that in a few minutes I was about to be pummeled with insults. My mother rapped her small knuckles on the door sharply. I looked up in worry when Mrs. Black stood behind the door. Her face seemed emotionless, but she ushered us in with a gesture of her hand. 

“Walburga, I’m here because my daughter felt so deeply saddened by the events that 
happened last night. She insisted on coming here personally to say sorry to you and Regulus.” my mother said. 

I tried not to scowl at my mother’s completely false statement. I turned to look at Mrs. Black who only gave a smile, 

“No worry, that’s what happens with kids. And I had planned on doing it for a while, your daughter just beat me to it. Even though it was always more Sirius that needed it.” she exclaimed giving a high-pitched laugh. 

I smiled uncertainly, 

“But since you’re here, stay for tea,” she said to my mom, turning back to me she said, 

“Oh and dear you know where Regulus’s room is, or if you need a house-elf to show you.” 

I shook my head no, telling her that I knew where to go. She smiled, my mother and her leaving in the direction of the dining room. I watched their retreating figures, hoping, no more so praying that my mother would have a change of heart and take me home. But of course no such luck. I actually considered for a moment, pretending to have said that I was sorry. I knew that Regulus would probably say something along the lines of “No Amore never came to visit.” 

I walked up the stairs slowly, dreading every step with more and more fear. Finally I found myself in front of his dark brown mahogany door. Much like my mother did early, I let my uninjured fist rap against the door. I waited for a second and with no answer, I quietly turned the glass knob, letting myself in. I looked around for a moment, it looked so different then before. 

The curtains were open, letting light pour in from every possible space. Now that the light was streaming in, I actually got a good look. The room was enormous, quite as big as mine, maybe bigger. He like me had a sitting nook off to the corner. The ceilings were so high, giving the impression of the Hogwarts Great Hall. He had a queen bed in the middle, but his walls were surprisingly bare. They were old and wallpapered with a heavy antique design. I looked at how different his room looked from mine, while mine was a little more modern to suit my taste, Regulus’s was more old-fashioned. 

“I always knew you were nosy.” 

I jumped at the at the new voice, turning around in the direction. And there was King Prat himself leaning against the doorframe, with nothing but a towel covering his waist. 

“What are you doing here, feel the need to punch me somewhere else?” 

“Yes,” I muttered softly, thinking of one area that I wanted to punch him so hard that he could never reproduce again. 

“Well, so what is it what do you want?” he asked almost bored at the prospect of me being here. 

At this I actually turned to look at him in his face. I raised my hand to my mouth, along his jaw bone was a small purple imprint. 

“Sorry.” I murmured, not really meaning it at all. 

“What was that?” he asked his oh-so famous smirk on his face once again. 

This was annoying, 

“I bloody said sorry.” I yelled. 

He smirked even more, 


I glared at him, 

“It’s not as though I think that you actually deserve an apology. My mum is forcing is me to apologize to you, since you’re the son of the Blacks.” I said with fake enthusiasm etched clearly in my voice. 

“Okay, fine I forgive you.” he drawled pulling on a shirt. 

“Thank you O’ Merciful One.” I replied sarcastically. 

He turned around to look at me, 

“I changed my mind, I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.” 

I scoffed, 

“Ya, right I would rather kiss Blaise.” I snorted, talking as though Blaise was a dead cow. 

“That could be arranged.” he said smirking heavily at me. 

“And so could your funeral.” I retorted sweetly. 

“Aw, come on now White how should we tell mummy about your little tattoo.” he drawled, taking steps closer and closer to me. I backed up with each of his steps, only to be pushed up against the wall by Regulus’s body. 

“And if I said no?” I inquired quietly, trying to ignore the dominance of his body over mine. 

“I would have to tell your mother about her Naughty Little Girl.” he said his lips coming dangerously close to mine. I knew that turning to the side was out of the question, because he would take this as a sign of defeat. 

“You do know that my knee is right near you, and I wouldn’t hesitate a moment in making you unable to reproduce. Merlin knows that we don’t need and Regulus Jr.’s running around.” I exclaimed, the thought of it enough to make me barf. 

But to this statement all he did was slide his hand up my leg, I flinched inwardly as it got closer to my thigh. I sighed, praying a way out of this situation, before quickly closing the space in between us. 

I guess I had shocked him, he took a while to respond. But once he realized what I was doing, he was quick to follow. His lips almost pouncing on mine hungrily. Instead of moving his hand down he only went further up, his hand barging into my shirt. At this point in time, I didn’t seem to notice, only wrapping my legs around his body. I knew that if I hadn’t done this I would’ve slid down from the wall onto my arse. My hands found themselves up in his hair, only when I felt my bra unclasp did I realize how far I had actually gone. I removed my hands quickly pushing him away. My legs released themselves automatically, causing me to go sliding down the wall onto the cold stone floor. 

Only I looked around, my face twinged red exhaling deeply, but it wasn’t only me it was Regulus as well. I turned to look at him, our gaze only meeting for a second or two. I got up on wobbly feet still unable to believe what I had just done. I had kissed…no snogged the enemy! And the worst part about it was that I wanted to do it again. 

I finally opened my mouth, 

“So will you tell her?” 

He looked at me, the smirk forming again on his face. 

“Blaise was right White, your not to damn bad. And don’t worry your blonde head off, mummy won’t figure out until you tell her.” 

I nodded my head as a pregnant pause filled the air, luckily at that moment a house-elf showed up announcing that I had to leave. 

I got up quietly exiting the room but not before asking the question that was on my mind, 

“Why did you only ask me to kiss you?” 

I knew that he could have easily asked anything, but he asked for a kiss. 

“Because we’re getting married in two days, in two days it won’t matter.” he declared, getting off his bed to snatch a magazine from under his bed. I merely shook my head in refound disgust at this, and followed the house-elf down the steps.


I sighed when we were in the carriage, trying to make myself believe that I didn’t want to touch Black at all. That I hated him to the next century and beyond, but even with all this futile mental persuasion why did I feel the need to go back and snog him again. I sighed, the girls at Hogwarts knew what they were talking about when they said he was a good kisser. At that thought I groaned aloud, and banged my head against the window until my mother made me stop. I had come down with what they called back at school, Black-Syndrome. And all I could say was that this patient wasn’t about to take her medicine so easily…

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Chapter 13: Apparation Aggravation
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It was as though my head was still spinning from what had happened yesterday afternoon. I sat in the warm bathtub, letting the scented water soak my body in it’s velvety richness. I had woken up at eight this morning, perspiration covering my body and my bed spread. The whole night I had visions of what had transpired at Regulus’s house yesterday, the thought of the kiss fazing me a little more then a bit. It wasn’t that I didn’t admit to what I had done, it was that I was having troubling actually believing what I had done. 

I didn’t understand what I had done, I mean one second I was prepared to make him unable to reproduce, and then the next I had snogged him. I mean a chaste kiss, or a small peck on the lips would’ve probably sufficed. I groaned aloud at the thought that right now Regulus Black was sitting on his bed smirking at the thought that he had actually gotten me. 

After this truly disgusting thought, I decided that I wouldn’t fall for Regulus Black ever again. Or at least, as long as I could manage to… 


I stepped out of the bathtub cautiously , wrapping my pruned skin in a fluffy white towel. Walking into my room , I pulled out a pair of shorts, and a large t-shirt. I grabbed my wand, quickly brushing, and drying my hair in one easy motion. Reminding myself to put make-up on, I waved my wand again, make-up applying itself on my face. I checked in the mirror quickly before heading down the steps to meet my mother. 

My feet barely touched the ground, almost tip-toeing over the cold marble floor. I ran hurriedly to my mother’s room, rapping on the door gently with my knuckles. I watched as the dark mahogany door opened, revealing my mother’s room. I glanced around surprised, everywhere I looked there was clothes, jewelry, trunks, or pieces of parchment laying around my mother’s normally immaculately clean room. I sat myself down on a black leather seat, pushing aside all the paper and dresses lain out. Picking up the list, I read the list my eyes zooming over it quickly before stopping on words like ‘wedding,’ and ‘needs to pack,’ I sighed my mother was writing my moving lists for me. 

Looking up quickly, as my mother bustled into the room, a house-elf dutifully following behind her. 

She glanced up at me, 

“Amore, dear, I was just going through what you will need to take to the Blacks.” she told me, answering the questioning look on my face. 

“What for?” I asked surprised. 

At this she stared at me questionably, 

“Your moving into the Black’s house tomorrow after the wedding, you do remember, do you not?” she asked inquisitively, her blonde eye-brow raised up in disbelief.
I groaned as the thought hit me, after tomorrow I would no longer live in my house, or my room, ever again. 

“Well, go pack now dear, you don’t have all day.” 

With that my mother glided back into her main chamber, her house-elf jotting down things my mother was rambling off. 


I sighed standing up tiredly, my mother was right, I didn’t have all day. And that was the one part of her whole speech that actually clicked in my mind. I trudged upstairs, the cold that was entering my feet not concerning me the slightest. Opening the tall wood door, I shut it behind me angrily. I had to give up my life to be with this prat. 


I looked up and screamed- there right before me, as though vaporizing from my thoughts was Regulus Black, in other words King Prat himself. I sighed miserably, 

“What are you doing here?” I snapped irritably. 

“My mother made me come to help you pack.” he drawled, poking his finger into my sofa. 

I slapped his hand away angrily, 

“I don’t want you to help, and how did you get here?” I asked the thought falling into my mind. 

“Apparated, unlike a few select few I use my ability.” he replied looking at me thoroughly bored. 

“Whatever.” I muttered stalking off to my bedroom, I whipped out my wand muttering a few spells as clothes folded themselves into my ornately decorated trunks. I sat down wearily, 

“Why must you be here though? I mean your not even helping.” I pointed out, watching as he sat down lazily on my ottoman. 

“Because, I need to side-long-apparate with you, since someone is to uncoordinated. Your mother was so afraid of you landing somewhere else.” 

“Trust me I wouldn’t have minded.” 

“Neither would I,” he replied, “I was actually hoping you would land in Timbuktu. Grab your trunks; we have to make the first stop.” 

I obeyed silently not feeling the need to say anything more at this point. I flinched inwardly as I felt his large hand wrap around my small wrist, and once again the tingling sensation erupted in my body. As soon as it had started it stopped, leaving me and my trunks in a tangled lump on the floor of the Blacks. I gazed up only to find myself face-to-face with Regulus’s room. 

“Why are we in here?” I asked, my nose automatically wrinkling itself in distaste. 

“Because this is where you are to stay.” he answered almost automatically, his lips curving into a smirk. I groaned picking myself up from the mess on the ground. I waved my wand, minimizing my trunks and setting them near his sitting room. With the number of clothes I had, I would probably have to make twenty trips back and forth. I groaned at the thought, my poor stomach wouldn’t fair that well. 


I plopped myself down on his chair tiredly. It had been exactly seven hours, and finally everything had been moved to the Black’s mansion. My trunks were standing in a pile, magically minimized until the house-elves could come and arrange them all. The poor things, they would probably break their backs trying to lift them. I kicked off my sandals, letting my tired feet get some well deserved rest. 

“Bloody hell White, how many things do you need?” 

I turned to glance at the worn-out figure of Regulus Black who was sprawled across his bed lazily. 

“Ask my mom.” I muttered quietly. If it had been up to me I would have no trunks, not forty. 

“Do you always do what your mom tells you to do?” he asked, his smirk returning to his face. I swore quietly, even when the boy was tired he still had enough muscles to smirk . 

“Don’t you?” I countered angrily. Was he really trying to tell me that I was the only one that did what my mother told me to do. I immediately regretted saying anything, for he jumped off the bed and walked over to me. I groaned here we go again, 

“White, no matter what you try to say, we all know how naughty you actually are.” he 
drawled his finger reaching up to stroke my cheek. I shuddered involuntarily, turning away from his hand. 

“I mean you even have the tattoo to prove it.” with that his hands found themselves intertwined around me once more, while his lips attacked mine hungrily. I almost began to actually enjoy the kiss, I mean I knew that he had all this bent up frustration in him. He had only said a couple of things to me the whole time anyway, I guess this was how he was taking the rest of it out. I remembered the promise I had made myself, and on the count of three I finally did it- I apparated home. 

I clutched my stomach as I landed on the cold floor of my own manor. I looked around noticing that the only thing that remained in my room was the furniture. Suddenly the coldness and the bareness of the walls brought all the reality back to hit me in the face. Tomorrow was the day of the wedding, and there was nothing that I, Amore Lynette White, the perfect pure-blood daughter, was ever going to do, to possibly even get out of it…


Well it’s finally coming the big day that you all have been waiting forward to….the Wedding! Next chapter: Wedding Woe’s- will come out soon!


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Chapter 14: Doomsday
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Well here it is, the last chapter of the story dedicated to my amazingly amazing readers and reviewers! Without further ado I present to you the last chapter of my story:  DOOMSDAY!

“Miss? Miss, you must wake up.” 

I blinked my eyes wearily looking up from the comfort and warmth of my pillow. 

But instead of usually finding just one house-elf that would usually wake me up I opened my eyes to the surprise lain out before me. My mother and seven other house-elves were bustling about my empty room, transforming it into a big changing room. Complete with make-up tables and all. I opened my mouth wearily, not really wanting to say anything as I looked at the mirrors and stands that were filled to the brim with make-up products. 

“Good, your up dear. Now I need you to get into the shower, and then we have to brush, comb, try on, banquet, wedding…” 

I sighed tiredly as I felt myself being pulled up from my bed. The only words that really clicked were wedding and banquet. I gulped, today was my wedding…. 


I glanced in the mirror, the person that I see can’t really be me, I found out the hard way. 

“Here.” my mother handed me a large clothing package. I looked at her, my freshly-plucked eyebrows raising in question. 

“Your wedding gown.” she told me whilst turning her back on me going through my wardrobe closet. I nodded, more to myself then anyone trying to really believe that this was happening. I watched entranced as the house-elves pulled a gorgeous white dress out of the package. My mouth hung open, 

“But that’s not the dress I choose.” I stammered pointing to it disbelievingly. 

“I know, we decided to change it a bit. You’ll use the black and green dress as your reception dress and the white one as your wedding dress.” 

I didn’t really have a response to that, I wasn’t saying that I hated the dress. It was when I had my black and green dress it didn’t feel like a wedding dress, now the ‘dream’ is reality and so is my wedding dress. I sat on my stool in numbness, only two more hours till the wedding starts. Wincing at the sharp tug of hair, I held my head gently as the hairdresser pulled and combed my blonde hair into curlers. I stared in the mirror, watching the face I once knew turning into someone else. 


I flicked at my curls irritably, I really wasn’t in the greatest of all moods. My hair looked like it had been through billions of curlers, even though it’s really naturally straight. My skin was pale and glittery, unlike the naturally glowing tan that I posses. My body was clad with a white and crème satin wedding gown, even though I didn’t really want to get married. In short I looked a true Slytherin princess, pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and all. 

When I was a little girl I dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. I was like any other little girl. Her prince charming would come and whisk her away and marry her in a beautiful location and they would live happily ever after in a castle atop of a hill. My dream was the same, thought now it’s more screwed up then ever.

My prince is Regulus sodding Black, my beautiful location is a mansion in which all the ‘truly respectable’ pure-blooded families had gotten married. My happily ever after is actually happily never after in a mansion that overlooks the rest of the wizarding world. I guess you could say that dreams don’t always come true. 

“Amore, are you ready yet?” 

I glanced back at the entrance of my bathroom. Narcissa stood there her hand placed on her hip, clad in an emerald green gown that looked gorgeous on her. I smiled, at least someone was getting something out of my wedding. 

“Hmm.” I mumbled gathering up the ends of my dress. 

“You really do look amazing.” she said smiling up at me. I looked at her a fake smile plastered upon my face, I mumbled a quick thank you, bending down to put on my shoes. I watched her smile falter, as she put a small hand upon my shoulder, 

“You still don’t want to do…” 

“Hurry up!” I looked at the door to see Bellatrix and Sandy standing there Bella, tapped 
her foot impatiently. 

“You do know that you should be down there right?” 

I shook my head smiling, always like Bella to remind you of something that you most detest. 

“Yes, we were just waiting for you.” replied Cissa, her mouth once again up in a smile. 

“Well we’re bloody here aren’t we, let’s go!” 

I shook my head as my wrist was snatched impatiently, letting myself be dragged out the door of the dressing room, and into the hallway of the manse. 


Life moves at different paces for everyone, I felt my hand being given to my dad who looked at me proudly. I choked inwardly realizing that this wedding was really happening, that I was really getting married to Regulus Black. I stood in absolute silence walking in pace to the music. My eyes darted around quickly taking in the room. 

The hall had been decorated richly in colors of emerald, silver, and black. I looked at the people in the chairs as they stood up and watched me. My icy orbs picking out few in the crowd. I saw my mother looking at me, her face lighting up in joy, her hand clutched tightly around a handkerchief. Next to her sat Mrs. Black who looked proudly up at me, her face seeming to say that she was happy that at least one Black got a good marriage.

Then my eyes landed on the stage in front of me. I sighed, still ten more steps to go till I reached it. My eyes zoomed from the well-groomed groomsmen to the bridesmaid, finally stopping on Regulus. He looked the same as usual, except dressed in a much more formal suit, his hair actually giving the appearance of proper up keeping. I sighed each step that I took, took me closer the future that I never really wanted. In reality, this was happening… two steps….one step… I took a deep breath, as I felt my father’s hand let go of me, my shield was broken 

                                           “We are gathered here today,” 

I looked anywhere but at Regulus, 

                     “to bind these two in a bond of unbreakable marriage,” 

Gag me, 

                                  “Regulus Black and Amore White,” 

Please, I thought I just wanted to get this over with, 

                  “you shall have each other forever, to have and to hold.” 


“Marriage a bond so close that no one can come between. Regulus Black do you take Amore White as your lawfully wedded wife?” 

“Yes.” he said almost boredly. 

“Amore White do you take Regulus Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?” 

I glanced up at the priest, it wasn’t a question if whether I would take him or not, it was a question of my parents approval. Well he already has that, I opened my mouth but yet no words came out. I gulped, 

“I do.” 

And that was that. 

         “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

At this I saw a devious smirk spread over his chiseled features. I backed my head away a bit as his lips captured mine. I pulled away quickly, much to the clapping, cheering, and occasional sniffing in the crowd. I gulped, I was really married. 

The crowd quieted down as the priest raised his hands ceremoniously, 

                                  “May you live in Holy Matrimony.” 

Life took you on journeys that you can’t really control, I took this as one of those kind of journeys. The person that you see yourself as and the person that you become are two separate people… at least in my case. My name is Amore White Black, and my life really isn’t even mine anymore.

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