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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee

Format: Novel
Chapters: 52
Word Count: 42,671
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lupin, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 04/02/2007
Last Chapter: 04/23/2014
Last Updated: 04/23/2014


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When a new student comes to Hogwarts, everyone expects her to be exactly like her cousin Pansy. But when she captures the hearts and eyes of Hogwarts two most eligible bachelors, who will she choose?

Chapter 1: The New Girl on theTrain
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A/N: Chapter One Edited

I'm currently in the process of editing this story from the beginning, so please bear with me if you read beyond what I've gotten a chance to fix.  I started this story years ago and only just recently picked it back up.  As a result my writing has changed and improved immensely.  If you do not see an Edited at the top of the chapter, then it is still one of the originals and will be improved as soon as I can.  Things will change and more detail/length will be added.

Thanks for your patience and onto Chapter One!

“You don’t understand! She’s absolutely horrid.  Mother seemed to think she had to take her in just because she’s her sister’s daughter,” Pansy Parkinson complained to her Slytherin companions aboard the Hogwarts Express on their journey to their final year at Hogwarts.  “I swear she rivals that Mudblood Granger in know-it-all nature and the Golden Boy in self-righteousness.”

“She can’t be that bad Pansy.  She is a pureblood after all,” Draco Malfoy returned in an amused tone.  “She’ll obviously be sorted into Slytherin.  We should go ask her to sit with us.  Decide which one of us will give her a proper welcoming.  I’d hate for her to be sitting alone when there are so many of us that would be more than happy to keep her company,” he added, giving his signature smirk to his male companions in his compartment.  “Come introduce me,” he said with a hard look at Pansy.  It wasn’t up for debate.  She stood slowly with a sigh before taking his arm captive and strolling out into the aisle.

“I have no idea where she could be,” Pansy said after they had searched the Slytherin portion of the train.  They made their way through the rest of the compartments, not bothering to stop as they peered in each window.  Luckily enough for them, they had only just departed King’s Cross and no one had bothered to close the drapes yet.

When they came to the opposite side of the train, Draco stopped Pansy sharply.  “Who in the bloody hell is that sitting with Potter, the Weasel, and the Mudblood?” he asked.

“Oh! That’s my cousin Rosevine alright,” she said bored.

“Are you serious? That’s your cousin?” he asked in surprise.  When Potter tore his eyes from the brunette sitting across from him, Malfoy knew he’d spoken louder than he intended.  Ronald Weasley stood quickly and opened the sliding compartment door with one hard tug.

“What the hell do you want Malfoy? Isn’t it a bit early in the term for this?” he asked angrily.

“Not that it’s any of your business Weasley, but Pansy here was worried that her cousin might be sitting alone,” Malfoy lied quickly.

“Well, as you can see she isn’t alone,” Hermione Granger replied quickly.

“Obviously sitting with you three is far worse than sitting alone,” Pansy snorted.

“Can we stop with the games please?” the brunette Draco now knew to be Rosevine Parkinson said stepping in.  “Pansy was in no way worried about me.  We don’t care for one another. So if you don’t mind, I’d really like to get back to the lovely conversation Harry and I were having about Quidditch,” she finished with a quick flick of her wavy chestnut locks.  She glared at Pansy briefly, before turning to Draco.  When her bright, jade eyes met his stormy grey ones, he couldn’t stop the smirk that crossed his features.

“We can talk about Quidditch in my compartment,” he said slyly.

“I’m not really interested Draco,” she said sincerely.  “I’m sure Pansy would be happy to keep you company.  She talks about you all the time, you see,” she said smiling sweetly.

“Rosevine!” Pansy yelled in horror. 

“What?” she asked innocently.  “I thought you were a couple?”

“No,” Draco said firmly.

“Oh. Well that’s unfortunate.  I think you’d make a lovely couple,” Rosevine said.  “Pug and ferret. A little unorthodox sure, but perfect for each other nonetheless,” she said quietly enough that Draco would have thought he misunderstood her, if it hadn’t been for the Golden Trio’s snickers in the background.

“Anything else we can do for you Malfoy?” Hermione asked, being the first one to recover.

“How dare you?” he asked. “Do you realize who I am?”

“Absolutely.  You’re Draco Lucius Malfoy.  You’re a servant because of your inability to think for yourself,” she laughed. “I’ll tell you what Malfoy, if you can give me one good reason why I should come with you that doesn’t involve status, I will,” she said quickly.

Draco opened his mouth and closed it a couple of times, before Rose laughed in response. 

“Thought so,” she said sliding the compartment door shut and pulling the curtain.  Turning back to the trio, she prepared for the onslaught of questions. 

“You’re Pansy’s cousin?” Ron asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Unfortunately,” Rose sighed sitting down next to Hermione again.  “I grew up in a small town in the U.S.  When my mother died this summer, I had no one.  I’m underage, so I was going to have to go live with a Foster family.  Child Services reached out to my mother’s only remaining relative, her sister Alstroemera Parkinson; Pansy’s mum.”

“How did you end up in the states?” Hermione asked curiously.

“My mum moved there when she found out she was pregnant. She thought it would keep us safe from the war, being so far away.  No one really thinks about the fact that Voldemort has followers there too.  She changed our last name to Deloncre and told everyone we met that we were originally from France, but had moved around for a few years.  And we did, move around I mean.  The first ten years of my life we lived on the road.  Mother was terrified the Dark Lord would find us and kill us for abandoning what he claimed was our obligation as pure bloods,” Rose explained.  “And now look where I’ve ended up. Right back in his clutches.”

“Have you spoken with anyone? Maybe there is someone that could offer you some form of protection?” Harry asked, unsure if he should mention the Order of the Phoenix just yet.

“I’ve spoken with Minerva McGonagall a few times.  I’ve been to Headquarters and met with them.  They’ve said they would offer me the limited protection they have available if I’m willing to join. I of course said yes and now I am waiting for instructions on where to go from here,” Rose replied quietly.

“You’ve been to Headquarters? When?” Harry asked.

“A couple weeks ago.  The Order Members made you go upstairs and insisted I wear my hood until you were all out of sight,” Rosevine explained to the three confused faces looking back at her.

“I knew there was something fishy with that!” Hermione exclaimed.  “They don’t usually go to such effort to hide new recruits from us.  They must have still been debating what to do about you.  They didn’t want us to get invested in your future if they couldn’t help you.”

“Exactly,” Rosevine agreed.  “I wasn’t even sure I was going to be attending Hogwarts until a few days ago.  McGonagall seemed to think the two of you wouldn’t be attending this year either, something about continuing Albus Dumbledore’s work?  She seemed to think I could be helpful in that, but I guess you decided not to go?” Rosevine asked hesitantly.

“McGonagall knows about the Horcuxes?” Harry asked. 

“I don’t know what she knows.  Just that she seemed to think you two could use all the help you could get, and maybe since I’m your age she thought you would be more likely to allow me to tag along than one of the other Order members,” Rose answered.  “Why didn’t you go after these, Horcruxes, is that what you called them?”

“Yes.” Hermione answered briefly.

“We are looking for them, but we aren’t sure where to start.  Harry thought Dumbledore’s office might be a good start.  Maybe he had some clues as to where we can look first anyway,” Ron answered sheepishly.  Hermione looked frustrated.  Rose couldn’t help but think that knowing her reputation it must be infuriating for her to not be able to solve whatever riddle they were stuck on.

“Well, if you ever need an outsiders opinion, I’m happy to try and help however I can,” Rose said shyly. 

“We’ll keep that in mind,” Hermione said firmly, causing Ron to close his mouth awkwardly.  The conversation stopped suddenly following Rosevine’s offer to help.  She felt guilty.  It wasn’t her place to offer to help with something they obviously kept closely guarded.  She had only just met them and it was an invasion of privacy.  Rosevine excused herself when the train began to slow down and made her way to the bathroom across the way.  She quickly changed into her Hogwarts Robes, wondering what color tie she would be wearing tomorrow.  She was to be sorted before the first year’s, and she couldn’t have been more nervous.  Being a transfer student was bad enough and would draw enough attention to her, but announcing it in front of the entire school on her first day seemed like a cruel and unusual punishment.  She returned to the compartment and took her seat quietly with nothing but a smile in greeting.  Harry’s eyes bore into hers, but Ron and Hermione were too busy arguing to even notice Rose’s return. 

“They do that a lot,” Harry whispered switching over to sit next to Rose.

“They fancy each other I take it?” Rose asked with a snicker.

“That obvious?” Harry laughed, causing Rosevine to smile.  His laugh was contagious. 

“Listen, Harry.  I’m really sorry if I intruded before. I didn’t mean anything by it,” she said abruptly.  She couldn’t wait to get the apology off her chest.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughed.  “It’s just not something we go around telling people very often, well, ever really.” The train pulled to a complete stop causing the four to sway with the force of the breaks.

“Best be on our way,” Hermione said in a tone that indicated she was still angry with Ron.  Rose and the trio made their way off the train. As the trio searched for a carriage, Rose was pulled into one from behind.

“Get your filthy hands off me!” Rose ordered struggling to free her arm from a smirking Draco Malfoy sitting underneath her, holding her too tight for her to free herself.

“I’m only rescuing you from the Mudblood and blood traitors darling.  You’re a Pureblood. Surely you can appreciate that,” Draco drawled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that Malfoy,” she hissed.

“And why’s that?” he asked handing her a rose.  “You don’t believe in the Pureblood agenda? That’s ludicrous.  You’re a Parkinson.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” she said as the carriage came to a stop.  He released her suddenly and she stepped down, making her way toward a familiar head of mesy black hair.  She looked down at the Rose in her hands. Rose smiled despite herself, thinking about how interesting the year to come would become.  Dropping the Rose on the ground, she continued on her way to the Golden Trio.

When Rose finally reached the trio after swaying through scores of first years, they brought her to Headmistress McGonagall. She led Rosevine to the other new students and after the sorting hats song about uniting the houses was finished, Rose stepped up and sat on the stool. Professor Flitwick placed the sorting hat on her head and the hat surprised the Great Hall with a sigh as soon as it touched.

“Oh how I’ve missed having one of your kind in these halls, Miss Parkinson,” the hat murmured in her head.  Rosevine gulped, not wanting to discuss her blood with a talking hat.  “You have your father’s courage my dear.  I’m sure he will be pleased to meet you.”

Rosevine perked up at the mention of her father, thinking about how she had never known him. 

“He is sitting at the Head Table,” the hat answered to her obvious interest.  “Better follow in your parent’s footsteps then,” the hat finished in silence. “Gryffindor!”  As Rose made her way to the Gryffindor table, she glanced over her shoulder and scanned the Head Table.  Sitting down, she felt heavier than she had in years knowing she had just seen her father’s face for the first time.  The reality of the prophecy set in as she wondered which of the Professor’s was werewolf.


Chapter 2: The Deal in the Dungeons
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A/N: Edited!!


In the middle of the night, Rose woke up; she had never been much of a sleeper. She crept out of the girl’s dormitory in her black athletic shorts and violet camisole. Taking the risk, she chose to sneak out of the Gryffindor common room and explore the castle a bit in preparation for classes the next day.  She found most of the classrooms with ease, but hesitated a bit as she prepared to go down to the dungeons to find the Potions Room.  Deciding the Slytherins would most likely be tucked away in their own dorm room, she let her curiosity get the better of her.

Tiptoeing through the halls, she shivered slightly from the chill air as she neared the classroom door.  Peering in the window, she found cauldrons sprawled across the room haphazardly.  Satisfied that she had found the proper room, she sighed to herself before deciding it was most likely time she got back to Gryffindor Tower.

“What do we have here?” a deep voice said startling her slightly.

“I was nervous about tomorrow, and I couldn’t sleep.  I thought I would find my classes ahead of time,” Rose said quietly.  She knew very well she was out past curfew and that Malfoy was a Prefect. 

“You can’t be out after hours Parkinson.  Detention,” he said smugly with that pesky smirk that Rosevine wanted so badly to rip off his face.

“Good luck with that,” Rosevine said smirking back.  She had thought he would be more understanding, but that was obviously beyond him.  Of course he wouldn’t care.  Purebloods like Draco Malfoy only cared about power and giving her detention after her earlier rejection was his way of exerting his power over her.

“I’m a Prefect Parkinson.  I do have the power,” he said with a slight hint of amusement in his voice.

“I’m sure you do,” Rose responded with a chuckle.  “I’ll tell you what Malfoy, why don’t we make a deal?” she asked as he stepped closer to her.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked with his face close to hers.

“You let me off the hook with this detention business, and I won’t tell Professor Slughorn you’ve been harassing me,” she answered with her almond shaped green eyes staring into his grey ones.  “I’m sure you would hate for the other Slytherins to discover you were rejected by a Gryffindor, wouldn’t you Malfoy?”

“Who do you think you are?” Malfoy asked.  “I’m a Malfoy!” he whispered harshly.

Rose leaned into him with a smile.  “I’m not like you.  I don’t care who your family is.  I don’t care that you’re a death eater.  I’m not afraid of you.  I will spend every day of the rest of my life fighting against everything you believe in,” Rose finished.  Turning to walk away she couldn’t control the smile that crossed her features.  Malfoy was silent behind her.  When she turned the corner to head up the staircase she could see him still standing where she’d left him.  It was obvious he wasn’t accustomed to getting a taste of his own medicine.  If only he knew that he was in arms reach of touching something Voldemort would love to get his hands on.

Rose went back to the common room silently and sat in front of the fireplace. When she was positive she was absolutely alone, she twirled her hands and watched as the fire mimicked her motions. Her powers reigned free, a feeling she did not experience nearly often enough. It took so much strength to control her abilities that her entire body ached nonstop. For a few blessed minutes, she reveled in the freedom of being free of pain. 

She tensed her body and pulled in her power as she heard footsteps on the staircase behind her. 

“Rose?” she heard Harry ask.

“O hi Harry, what are you doing up so late?” she asked.

“Couldn’t sleep, I could ask you the same thing,” he said laughing. Rose smiled twisting her wrists as she stood from her seat in from of the fire.

“I have poor circulation so my hands get really cold randomly.  I thought I would come warm them up,” she lied quickly.

“That sounds annoying,” he said approaching her slowly.

“You get used to it I guess,” she said smiling at him. After a few minutes of smiling at each other, Rose broke the silence. “I should really get back to bed. First day at Hogwarts is tomorrow. I want to make a good impression,” Rose said with a stretch.

“Don’t worry you will,” he sighed awkwardly. “Do you want me to walk you to classes tomorrow, so you don’t get lost?” he asked slightly nervous.

“Ya, I’d like that. Goodnight Harry.” she said despite the fact that she had already found her way around the castle.

Chapter 3: The Werewolf in the Hall
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A/N: Edited!

The next morning Rose woke up earlier than all the other girls in her dorm from her nervousness.  After taking a long, hot shower to clear her head she got dressed for the day. All the other girls had since woken up and realize they were running late.  To avoid the chaos of the seventh year girls running around, she descended the staircase to meet Harry.  He came down the stairs ten minutes later completely disheveled with his tie undone.

“Come here Harry,” Rose said with a laugh.  She tied his tie and then neatened his robes for him. Before reaching up and flattening his hair slightly, so it looked like he had attempted to make it neat.

“Thanks,” he said smiling.

“I didn’t do it for you.  I can’t be seen with you on my first day if you look like you rolled out of bed now can I?” she said with a laugh.  Rosevine took Harry’s elbow in her hand.  Despite the look of shock that crossed his face, he smiled and bent his arm to make it easier for her to hold. 

“Shall we?” he asked making a grand, sweeping gesture with his free arm. 

“We shall,” Rose chuckled.

Harry and Rose walked down to the Great Hall, laughing about the comparison between Hogwarts and Rose’s old school in the States. “It’s much bigger here,” she said with a sigh of astonishment.  “My old school was fairly small.  There are too many in the States; one for every region.”

“What school did you go to?” Harry questioned.

“Salem School for the Magical.  It’s in Massachusetts, since I grew up in Vermont it was the closest one.”

“Do you miss it?” Harry asked.

“Not yet, but come October I will.  Halloween in Salem is absolutely magical. It lasts all month, and witches, wizards, and muggles flock to it by the hundreds,” she answered longingly. 

“Maybe you’ll get to go back someday,” Harry replied.

“I hope so,” Rose said with a sigh before jerking her head to the left at the sound of the distant hum of the other students.

“That’s the Great Hall, right?” she asked. When Harry nodded, she gave him a quick shove and sprinted towards in the direction of it. Harry laughed and followed suit. Rosevine rushed to her seat at the Gryffindor table, yelling “I win!” as Harry sat down next to her.

“Bloody hell.  Are you always like this?” he asked between breaths. 

“Pretty much,” she said trailing off as someone approached them.

“Mr. Potter, Ms. Parkinson, here are your timetables,” the man said behind them.  “Hello Harry.”

“Hello Professor Lupin. Have you met Rosevine?” he asked not noticing the astounded look on Rosevine’s face.  The hazel eyes staring back at her shone brightly.  She recalled her mother’s stories of her father, and his hazel eyes were some of her most vivid memories.

“I knew your mother very well,” he said smiling.  Rosevine realized for the first time that her father had no idea she existed.  He honestly thought her mother had met someone else after she’d left for the States.

She stood up, “I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t,” she said with a quiet sob as she walked out of the Great Hall.

“What was that?” Harry asked.

“I’m not sure,” he said.

“How did you know her mother?” he asked.

“We were engaged.  Almost eighteen years ago,” Remus answered before following Rose out of the Great Hall. He found her sitting outside under a tree by the Black Lake.

“Rosevine, I’m so sorry. I never knew,” he said. “Why didn’t she tell me she was pregnant?” he asked angrily. “I would have been there for both of you.”

“She wanted to leave England to keep me safe from the war. She must have thought you wouldn’t come with us,” Rose answered.

“Are you…?”

“A werewolf? No.  I guess you could say I took after my mum.”


Chapter 4: The Snake in the Office
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A/N: Edited!!

The next day Rosevine sat under the same tree by herself emerged in a book, but not truly reading it.  She couldn’t take her mind off Remus.  She had lost her mother, but gained the opportunity to get to know her father.  It was a bittersweet realization that left her breathless.

“You know if anyone had told me you were smart, I wouldn’t have believed them,” a deep voice said from behind her.

“And why’s that?” she asked, refusing to look up from her book.

“You’re too beautiful,” he said.

“Beauty and brains?” she asked.  “That’s outrageous!” she added sarcastically, marking her page. “Now if you’ll excuse me I promised I’d meet Harry to help him with his potions homework,” she said starting to walk away. Malfoy grabbed onto her wrist harshly, pulling her to a standstill. 

“No one walks away from a Malfoy,” he whispered dangerously.

“What are you going to do, have daddy dearest buy my affection? All the money in the world wouldn’t be enough,” she said.

“And why’s that?” he asked.

“That mark on your left arm,” Rose murmured.

“What do you know about my arms?” he asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“Please Malfoy.  I am a Pureblood after all.  You think I don’t know exactly who is a death eater and who isn’t?” she asked walking away from Malfoy.  Despite the twinge of pain in her wrist, Rose refused to touch it until she was out of Malfoy’s sight.  She couldn’t let him see that he had hurt her, probably more than he’d really intended to.  She continued on her way until she came to Gryffindor Tower.

“I snagged the warmest seat in the house, you know, for your hands,” Harry murmured sheepishly from his place in front of the fire when Rose entered the Common Room.

“Thank you Harry,” Rose answered with a tint of blush rising to her cheeks.  She took her seat next to him and started talking about the properties of Wolfsbane quickly.  Harry scribbled down notes as fast as he could, and when she finished began formulating his essay.  Rose sat next to him quietly in case he had any other questions.

“Are you alright?” Harry asked watching Rose rub her wrist soothingly out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m fine,” she said with a smile. Harry, however, knew that she was not fine and scooted closer to her so and grabbed her hand gently, staring intently at the fingerprint bruises forming on her swollen wrist.

“What happened?” he asked caressing her wrist carefully.

“It’s nothing,” she said.

“It’s swollen, Rose. Who did this?” Harry asked.

“Malfoy,” she said with a defeated sigh. Harry stood angrily and Rosevine followed, standing in his way.

“Move out of my way Rose,” he said.

“It’s not worth it.  We both know Malfoy won’t fight fair. Just leave it alone,” Rose pleaded.

“I don’t care. I’m going to make sure that he leaves you alone for good,” Harry said.

“Harry,” Rose said stepping closer to him and placing a hand on his cheek, sending his heartbeat wild. “I’m a big girl. I can handle myself. Trust me,” she said.

“He’s a death eater. He’ll resort to anything,” he said.

“Death Eater or not, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“Does this have anything to do with why you and Lupin decided not to tell anyone he’s your father?” Harry asked.

“I guess so. You’re not the only one whose life has been explained in a prophecy Harry. But because people don’t know who my father is, they just always assumed that it wasn’t a werewolf. And there was a prophecy about the child born of the werewolf and what my mother was,” she responded dejectedly.

“Why won’t you tell me? We’re friends and you can trust me,” he said.

“I know I can; I’m just not ready to say it.  I’ve never told anyone my secret, and somehow saying it makes it more real to me.” Harry prepared to respond, but Hermione came rushing into the room frantically.

“Rosevine, Professor McGonagall sent me to tell you to meet her in her office immediately,” she said out of breath.

“What? Why?” Rosevine asked.

“She didn’t say specifically, but it’s got something to do with the Parkinsons.”

“Pansy’s parents are here? This can’t be good,” Rosevine said standing up, saying goodbye to Harry quickly, and leaving. When Rosevine reached the headmistress’ office, McGonagall was waiting at the bottom of the staircase. “Professor, what’s going on?” Rosevine asked.

“Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson are waiting in my office. They wish to speak with you in private. Remember Rosevine, although at times things may seem bleak, there is a positive spin to everything. You came to me not so long ago requesting a job in the order?”


“I will discuss you’re new mission with you tonight after dinner if you’re still interested. Just remember that what they are about to tell you will be their downfall. Do not tell them about Remus. Act upset and pretend that you have no option other than to do what they say.” When Rosevine nodded confused McGonagall said the password and Rose walked to the door before opening it.

She was stunned to see that not only were her Aunt Alstroemeria and Uncle Adder there, but Narcissa, Draco, and Pansy were as well.

“Did you bring me all the way here to tell me that Draco and Pansy are betrothed? That’s great news. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much more important things to do than be stuck in a room with a group of Slytherin snobs,” Rose said turning around.

“Draco and I aren’t betrothed….” Pansy cried. “He’s chosen you! And although I can’t understand why, they’re offering more money than we have for your hand in marriage,” she sobbed more as she stood up in anger. Rosevine turned around and looked at Draco in hate.

“You evil, conniving little snake!” she yelled stepping towards Malfoy.

“I told you I get what I want,” he smirked standing to meet her.

“I swear to merlin if you ever come near me again I’ll kill you with my bare hands!” she yelled starting to leave once again.

“We’ve agreed to it Rosevine,” she heard Alstroemaria say.

She turned around once again. “You what?” she asked softly in disbelief.

“We’ve made the deal; you are officially a betrothed woman. That means no more parading around with Potter,” Adder practically spat.

“You can’t do this! You’re not my parents! Marry off your own daughter!” Rosevine yelled.

“I would be very pleased to give my daughter the honor of marrying someone of such pure blood. But for whatever reason Mr. Malfoy is interested in marrying you. As unfortunate as it is, he has chosen someone other than my own daughter. I will not allow you to disgrace the Parkinson name by rejecting him. We adopted you, therefore we are technically your guardians and have every right to make this decision,” he concluded.

“It wasn’t bad enough that you made me take your name! Now you have to make me take on another name that I despise! My mother hated everything you stand for, including arranged marriages!” Rose yelled at her aunt.

“Do not talk like that!” Alstroemaria said. “Iris and I were very close for the longest time and it wasn’t until she became involved with that filthy werewolf that she turned against her family!”

“You don’t even know her! She always told me how much she prayed one day you would see the light just like she did. She would never forgive you for this if she were still here.”

“Well she isn’t! My sister is gone, and I’m stuck with an unappreciative brat!  I pity Draco for the day you become his problem,” Alstroemeria sighed.

“It is settled! Young Draco has even gone to the trouble of purchasing you an engagement ring, Rosevine. Shut up and put it on,” Adder said as Draco took another step towards her. He grabbed her hand and pushed the ring onto her left ring finger. Rosevine refused to look at any of them, but still knew that Draco was smirking at his triumph. Without looking at the ring, Rosevine felt her hand get heavier from the weight of the ring.

“Now, for Christmas break you will stay with the Malfoy’s. And while at school you and Draco will spend as much time together as he requests. You must keep up appearances. You have already disappointed us by being sorted into Gryffindor, but now you have a chance to redeem yourself by being a proper fiance to Draco,” Adder said as he, Alstroemaria, Narcissa, and Pansy left the room leaving Draco and Rosevine alone. Draco seeing a window of opportunity reached out to touch Rosevine’s arm, receiving a slap across the face in return. Outraged, Draco pushed her against the wall pinning her arms above her head.

“Game over, I win,” he whispered in her ear.

“It’s not over Malfoy, this is just the beginning,” Rosevine said.

“Good, I do like games. Especially when my trophy is you,” he said releasing her arms and exiting the room, leaving Rosevine staring at the ring on her finger. 

Small diamonds covered a white gold band. One large stone stood in the center with diamond studded white gold shaped in rose petals surrounding it. 


Chapter 5: The Fit in the Common Room
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A/N:  Edited

Rosevine stormed up to the common room angrier than she had ever been. If it weren’t for what McGonagall had said she would have killed him right then and there without any hesitation. When she entered the common room she manipulated the air and sent a desk flying across the room, not even caring that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were still sitting there. They just stared at her in shock.


“Happy Harry?! There’s my goddamn secret, I’m an elemental. I control the elements and do wandless magic!” she said starting to go up to her dormitory.


“Rose what’s wrong?” Harry asked gently, making Rose feel guilty for snapping. He had nothing to do with what she was being forced into. Rose turned around feeling a tear fall, knowing she had never let anyone but her mother see her cry before. Not knowing what to say, she merely held up her left hand long enough for them to see the ring on her finger and sobbed quietly.


“They can’t force you to marry him Rosevine,” Hermione said ever quick on her feet. Harry and Ron still looked confused. “Goodness, it’s not that difficult to figure out. Who’s been chasing after her? Malfoy! Her aunt and uncle have given Malfoy her hand in marriage in return for money. It’s called an arranged marriage or betrothal,” Hermione sighed.


“What!?” They both yelled.


“McGonagall said this could help the Order, she wants to talk to me tonight after dinner,” Rose said.


“I guess that complicates things a bit more doesn’t it?” Hermione said.


“No! This is different than just pretending to be a death eater to be a spy!  This is marrying someone!” Harry yelled.


“Harry I doubt it will actually get that far. By the time the wedding came I would have probably found out all the information I could. Apparently I’m going to Malfoy manor over Christmas break.  I’ll probably find out what I need then, do some sneaking around,” Rose said.


“Do you realize the reputation he has Rose? He treats girls like sex toys!  Do you think he’s honestly just going to be okay with you not sleeping with him?” Hermione asked.


“I’m not sleeping with him for the order.  I’ve managed to save myself thus far.  I plan on waiting until my wedding night.  If he has a problem with that then he can break it off,” Rose said.


“But he won’t break it off. He’ll keep trying,” Hermione said.


“I guess he’s going to be wasting quite a bit of energy trying then,” she said.


“Come on then, let’s go down to dinner.  Food fixes everything,” Ron said.


“I’m not hungry, I think I’ll just stay here and meet McGonagall after,” Rose replied.


“Rose, you can’t let him see that he got to you,” Harry said pulling her up from her chair.


“But he did get to me, Harry.  He knows it too.  I’m wearing his bloody engagement ring,”  Rose said reluctantly following the trio out of the common room. The four of them walked down to the Great Hall, where Malfoy was waiting. Rose rolled her eyes slightly.


“What do you want Malfoy?” she asked irritated.


“To request your company at dinner love,” he said. Hermione dragged the boys off as Malfoy slid his arms around Rose’s waist, knowing that Harry had obviously developed feelings for Rose. Rose brought her hand to the back of Malfoy’s head pulling him down to her height so she could whisper in his ear.


“I suggest for the time being, you keep your hands off me and leave me the hell alone. If not, it’s your funeral,” Rose whispered pulling away and walking into the Great hall, taking her usual seat at the Gryffindor table.


When Rosevine, Harry, Hermione, and Ron left the Great Hall after dinner Harry offered to walk Rose to McGonagall’s office and Rosevine accepted, but told him that she would have to meet him around the corner when she noticed Malfoy waiting for her once again.


“What do you want now?” she asked.


“To get to know each other a little better,” he replied smirking.


“I told you earlier, I need you to stay away from me for a little while. Just give me some time before you attempt to force yourself on me ,”  Rose said attempting to be slightly more civil.


“Tomorrow night, they announce the head boy and girl. If I get head boy, I’ll be throwing a party in the head dorms and I must have my fiance there.  Anything else wouldn’t be proper,” he said.


“I still don’t even know how you managed to get back into the school after letting the death eaters in last year Malfoy,” Rose said.


“The order discovered that I was under the imperious curse the entire time so I was cleared of the charges. Will you join me tomorrow night?” he asked.


“If and only if you are announced head boy. You do realize that you’ll be sharing a dorm with Hermione, she’s obviously going to get Head Girl,” Rose announced.


“I wouldn’t be so sure. One of the professors told me that after seeing some changes in Granger this year she may not make such a good head girl. They’re considering someone unexpected,” Malfoy said.


“I better go before the others think you have killed me,” Rose said walking away.


“Goodnight love,” Draco said as he watched her walk away.

Chapter 6: The Spy in the School
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“What was that about?” Harry asked Rosevine when she finally returned.

“Not much. Just him being annoying,” she responded. “Will you show me to the Headmistress’ office Harry?”

“Of course. Let’s go," he said.

“Thanks,” Rosevine said as they once again left the common

“Do you mind if I stay with you?” Harry asked.

“No that’s fine. You know more about him than McGonagall and I do so it would probably be better for me to know what I’m getting myself into,” she responded.

“Ok,” he said as they walked up the stairs and knocked on the door to McGonagall’s office.

“Come in. Hello Ms. Parkinson, Mr. Potter. I take it that you will be joining us,” said Professor McGonagall.

“Yes Professor, if it’s alright I would like Harry to be here. He’s been such a good friend to me,” Rosevine said.

“Yes that’s quite alright. As long as the two of you understand, that if Rosevine decides that she is going to spy for the order, that the two of you can not be so obvious with your flirtations,” Professor McGonagall clarified. “Obviously Rosevine, you will need to remain friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, you’re such a strong willed person that if you gave them up Mr. Malfoy would suspect you are up to something,” she said.

“I’ll do it,” Rosevine said. “I had hoped to be able to play a more upfront role in the war because of my abilities, but if this helps and I’m the only one that can get this close, then so be it,” Rosevine responded.

“You will have the chance to fight. We will need everyone we can get at the final battle. And as you’ve said, you’re abilities will certainly be helpful. I have a feeling you will be one of the key fighters in the battle. But before I can allow you to take on this responsibility the two of you must make me a couple of promises,” she said.

“Yes Professor,” Harry said.

“Rosevine, you must promise not to let anyone else know about your curse. If it gets back to Voldemort you will be in more danger. And Harry, you must not allow him to see that you have feelings for Rose. If you do, she’ll be in more danger than anyone can save her from, possibly just as much danger as you.”

“Yes Professor,” Rosevine and Harry said agreeing.

“If either of you need anything, any advice or even just a place to get away for awhile, come and find me. It won’t be hard,” she said ushering them out the door.

“I don’t like this,” Harry said as they walked down the cooridor.

“Harry, you know I have to do this.”

“Yes, but you’ll be close to Voldemort, and if I let my occlumency slip just once, your life is on the line, because of me. I broke up with Ginny to try and save her and now I’ve put you in even more danger than you already are,” Harry said.

“Harry, I’ll be fine. Just do your occlumency. Besides you can’t exactly break up with me now can you, seeing as we aren’t really a couple, at least not officially. We just flirt a lot. Who knows maybe someday we’ll be able to be more, but while this is going on we are going to have to keep it low key,” Rosevine concluded walking up to the girl’s dormitory.

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Chapter 7: Again...
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The next night Rosevine was regretting her own words of the day before…

Recap: “Tomorrow night, they announce the head boy and girl. If I get head boy, I’ll be throwing a party in the head dorms and I must have my fiancé there.” he said. 

“I still don’t even know how you managed to get back into the school after letting the death eaters in last year Malfoy.” Rose said. 

“The order discovered that I was under the imperious curse the entire time so I was cleared of the charges. Will you join me tomorrow night?” he asked. 

“If and only if you are announced head boy.” 

Moments Ago.. “And this years head boy is Draco Malfoy!”

Now: Of course just my luck! Rosevine thought staring at the Gryffindor table. Shit! I can’t do this! But she was brought out of her thoughts, as Professor McGonagall quieted the Great Hall in order to announce the head girl.

“And it gives me great pleasure to announce that this year’s head girl is..” she said as Hermione flattened her skirt and fixed her hair in preparation. “Rosevine Parkinson.” she finished causing Rosevine to choke on the pumpkin juice she had been attempting to swallow. Everyone in the great hall was staring at her, but in all honesty, Rosevine preferred that to the glare Hermione was giving her. Slowly she stood up and walked over to Professor McGonagall and received her badge and an envelope which she assumed was supposed to contain a congratulations letter, but in this instance, probably held an explanation as well.

What have I done? Rosevine thought to herself as she took the seat next to Harry once more and noticed Hermione’s tear streaked face. She has worked for this, and the only reason I got it was because of stupid Malfoy!

After dinner was over, everyone left the great hall to go to their common rooms, but Rosevine stayed behind waiting for Malfoy to come and wisk her away to her night of torture.. Scratch that.. Year of torture, sharing a dorm room with Malfoy and no one else.

“Come on love, we’ve got a party to attend.” she heard someone whisper in her ear. Reluctantly Rosevine stood up, throwing a meaningful glance at Professor McGonagall.

“Why don’t I go get my things from my dorm and you get yours, and I’ll meet you right back here outside the Great Hall?” Rosevine asked.

“Fine.” Malfoy said after a moment. “But only because I’ll see plenty of you for the rest of my life.” he said releasing her waist that he had been clutching onto.

Rosevine walked up the stairs to Gryffindor tower and when she went into the common room all of her things were being flung down the stairs.

“Hermione!” Harry and Ron were yelling and trying to get up the stairs, unsuccessfully. “Look it’s not Rose’s fault, she doesn’t want to do this but she has to and you know that!”

Finally the last of Rosevine’s things came flying down the stairs. Quickly she bent over and picked them up, shoving them into her trunk, before levitating it and beginning to leave the room.

“We’ll still be friends right Rose?” Harry asked.

“Of course, but I won’t come between you three. She’s every right to be mad at me you know? I came here and it’s almost like I’ve taken everything from her. You’ve been paying more attention to me than her and Ron, and now Head Girl. This is her dream that I just stole, unintentionally or not.” Rosevine said walking out of Gryffindor Tower for what she assumed would be the last time.

Chapter 8: Bitter
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Rosevine walked back down the stairs to meet Malfoy, charming her trunk to follow her. 

What am I going to do? She thought to herself. What have I gotten myself into? How am I supposed to avoid sleeping with Malfoy when I’ll be only with him every night? What was McGonagall thinking? Rosevine remembered the letter she had given her and decided to open it in case Malfoy asked her to open it in front of him.

Dear Rosevine,
I know that this is not what you were expecting to happen, but the order discussed the options we have at this point, and decided that this is the best way for you to get close to Mr. Malfoy before the wedding. As a woman, I know this complicates your situation and makes it much more difficult for you to avoid certain advances from Draco. The order can not ask you to use your body to get information, but we will not discourage it either. As an undercover spy for the Order of the Phoenix Ms. Parkinson, you must decide where your priorities lie. I hope that you understand that I do not want to put you in this position, but I am without options, you are the only one that is capable of infiltrating Voldemort’s higher ranks at this point in time. Do what you feel you must do for the wizarding world.

Professor McGonagall

Rosevine burnt the letter and walked the remaining distance to meet Malfoy outside the Great Hall. 

“Hello Love” he said. “I was beginning to think you were going to run away.” 

“I wouldn’t get very far, Hermione threw my things out of the dorm room.” Rosevine said. 

“I take it miss goodie two shoes isn’t taking the loss very well then?” he asked. 

“Of course not, I came into this school and practically took over her world. I don’t even want to imagine what she thinks of me.” she replied as they walked towards the door to the head dorms. 

“Sorting hat.” Malfoy said to the portrait of a knight, requesting access to their new dorms. 

“I hope you don’t mind, but after you left to get your things, I talked to Professor McGonagall and requested one bed instead of the traditional two, since we are getting married.” he said. 

“Of course I mind Malfoy!” Rosevine shouted. “I guess you’ll just have to sleep on the floor because there is no way that I am sleeping in the same bed as you. I don’t even know You!” Rosevine yelled. 

“Look Rosevine, this is the way the rest of your life is going to be. You are going to be a pureblooded wife. Which means you will stay at home, and give me everything I want. I told you I won, you belong to me….This is a pureblood marriage, and you will ,live up to certain traditions, no matter how that filthy werewolf loving mother of yours raised you…”he said unable to finish because of the slap across the face that he received. Malfoy pushed Rosevine up against the wall and put his hand around her throat….

Chapter 9: Running out of Pain
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“Malfoy, I can’t breathe…” Rosevine whispered harshly.

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

“What?” Rosevine asked her face getting redder by the second.

“Tell me I win. Tell me you give in and you’ll do everything I say. Tell me I own you in return for your life.”


“Say it dammit! I don’t want to have to kill you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!” he yelled in her face.

“You win,” she said causing him to release his grip slightly.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

“Everything you say.”

“And who do you belong to?”

“You.” He dropped his hands from her throat and Rosevine collapsed to the floor, deep in thought, and attempting to regain her breath. I didn’t blow it, I maintained my power surge. Rosevine thought proud of herself. Malfoy knelt in front of her and moved his hands to her throat again. Pretending to be the hopeless and afraid girl he thought she was, Rosevine pushed as far back into the wall as possible. Malfoy raised his wand and concealed the bruises on her throat.

“I can’t have people thinking that I’m abusive. A good slap across the face is a pureblood method, but strangling you is another thing,” he said. “Why don’t you go hop in the shower, and I’ll start to unpack.” Rosevine nodded, grabbed a towel, her bath gel, loufa, shampoo, conditioner, and her robe out of her trunk, and walked into the bathroom.

Hesitantly Rosevine turned on the shower, let it warm up, took off her clothes, and hopped in. As she suspected only moments later, Malfoy came in to the bathroom, still wearing his clothes, and started unpacking his bathroom things. She could see him staring at the reflection of her body through the shower door in the mirror. Instinctively she turned the heat up so the door would fog more. Surprisingly enough, after he finished unpacking his things, he left the bathroom, leaving Rosevine to finish her shower.

That was odd.

After finishing with her shower, Rosevine spell-dried her hair and slipped her robe on, throwing her dirty clothes into the deep purple laundry basket, matching the deep midnight blue and black décor of the bathroom. She walked back into the bedroom, feeling entirely too stupid for not bringing her pajamas into the bathroom with her to change. Noticing that Malfoy wasn’t in the bedroom, Rosevine assumed that he was in the sitting room and decided to grab her clothes quickly and try to sneak back into the bathroom.

Mission failed. she thought when he came strolling back into the bedroom with Pansy.

“Pansy stopped by wanting to see our new room, Rosevine. Wasn’t that thoughtful?” he asked moving over to Rosevine and putting his hand around her waist.

“Why are you wearing a robe?” Pansy asked, her voice laced with jealousy.

“Because I took a shower.”

“Then why is your hair dry”

“Because I, unlike you, actually care what I look like. So to avoid that frizzy, tangled mess you call hair, I dried it.” she said rummaging through her trunk to find her bra.

“You wanted this to happen. You seduced Draco, and so that my parents wouldn’t get mad, you made it look like you hated him, so that he would seem like the one that wanted you. You’re nothing but a lying whore.” Pansy argued.

“I hope you realize that the only reason you’re still alive is because I’m wearing a robe. If you ever accuse me of anything like that again, I swear, I will tear your pug face apart piece by piece, you filthy pureblood trash. I feel bad for the man that realized he’s left marrying you when all the other suitable purebloods are taken. Now get out!” Rosevine yelled pushing Pansy toward the door.

“Draco, are you going to let her talk to me that way?” Pansy asked.

“Bye Pansy.”

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Chapter 10: Risen
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“You have enough anger in you to last a lifetime don’t you? You’ll make such a pretty little death eater. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’ll be a death eater, or the fact that you’ll be marrying me. You know the custom right, wedding, honeymoon, as soon as we get back, you get the dark mark. I‘ve already got mine,” he said whispering in Rose'sear and pulling up his sleeve to reveal it. No matter how much she wanted to punch him, to fight back, she knew she couldn’t. Fear of him was her way in to his world, slowly she could pretend to grow used to the idea of being a death eater, and he’d let her in.

“Under the imperius curse my ass. Who did daddy dearest pay to get you off the hook?” she asked angrily.

“What would Mommy and Daddy think if they knew that you were marrying a death eater and not fighting until you die. What does the Order think?” he asked.

“You give me too much credit Draco, I’m barely a legal adult. Unlike Voldemort, the Order won’t take anyone that they feel is too young or not ready to die for the fight,” she combated walking into the bathroom to put on her pajamas.

After she slipped into her pink tank top and black shorts, she opened the door to find Malfoy standing talking to Blaise Zambini. She tiptoed over to her suitcase and put her robe inside before zipping it shut.

“Rosevine, do you mind stepping into the kitchen and getting Blaise a glass of water?” Malfoy asked.

“Do you mind not treating me like a house elf,” she muttered bitterly walking into the kitchen. She immediately knew that she shouldn’t have said it, but her tongue had always been her downfall. She searched around in the cupboards until she found the glasses and filled one of them with tap water, walked back into the room, and handed it to Blaise. She went back to her trunk and grabbed one of her schoolbooks and some parchment, deciding to go sit in front of the fire and do her homework. As she walked away she could hear them whispering about her legs.

Not even ten minutes later Malfoy walked Blaise to the door and returned to her taking her book away.

“I was studying,” she said.

“Don’t worry, you have no need to do well in school, you won’t be working after this anyway,” he said taking a seat next to Rosevine and placing his head in her lap.

“I can’t allow my grades to drop Draco or they’ll replace me as head girl. How would you feel about sharing a dorm room with Hermione?” she asked sarcastically. “Personally I think the two of you would be cute together,” she added, pushing her luck. Malfoy sat up and stared at her and she turned her head away. He grabbed her jaw and forced her to look at him.

“You will treat me with respect! No jokes about filthy little mud bloods polluting my air!” he said releasing her and standing. “I’m taking a shower, go unpack your things.”

Chapter 11: Black Roses Red
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“I’m going on rounds Draco,” Rosevine said walking out of the head dorm room later that night. 

About half way through her rounds she could sense someone behind me, hear faint footsteps, but since she could not see anyone she thought she was imagining it. After thinking for a while, she knew exactly who was following her. So she walked to the room of requirements and made sure to leave the door open long enough for her stalker to slip in unseen. 

“Why are you following me Harry?” Rosevine asked impatiently. He hesitantly took his invisibility cloak off. 

“How did you know I was there?” he asked. 

“You really ought to be more careful. You’re tall Harry and your slippers show at the bottom sometimes. Now why are you following me?” 

“I wanted to make sure you were okay,” he said blushing slightly. 

“Harry, I’m a big girl,” she began. 

“Then why is your jaw bruised? What’s he doing to you Rose?” he asked with clenched fists. 

“He’s an asshole pureblood Harry. He’s teaching me to be obedient,” Rose said sarcastically. 

“Are you okay?” he asked stepping closer. She wished he hadn’t asked that. The one question always brought her act down, and she could no longer stop a tear from escaping from her eye. 

“Yes,” she said shakily. Harry stepped forward and hugged her, sitting her on the couch as she cried into his shoulder. 

“You don’t have to do this Rosevine,” he said. 

“Yes I do, this is the only way I can help. No one else has this invitation into 
Voldemort’s ranks. What else can I do?” Rose asked still crying. 

“There has to be a way,” he said confidently. 

“If it comes down to it, I may have to get the mark,” Rose said, scared. “I don’t want that hideous thing scarring my skin, Harry,” she cried harder. “What would my mother think? If she knew that she fought so hard to keep me away from this war, and I came right back as soon as she died,” she cried. “I failed her, let her down.” 

“No you didn’t Rose.” 

“How do you know? You never met her.” 

“Because you aren’t capable of letting anyone down,” he said.  Rosevine looked up into his eyes to find his face coming closer to hers. She quickly pulled away. 

“Harry, I can’t.” 

“Why not?” he asked. 

“I can’t get involved with you in secret. It’s not fair to you,” she said kissing him on the cheek and leaving the room of requirements, with tears flowing from her green eyes even harder now. 

She began the walk back to my dorm, stopping on the way. She leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor crying with her head between her knees. She forced myself to stop feeling sorry for herself. There would be a time for her life to be her own, but she had to fight in order to have that. And this was her way of fighting; it was the only way she’d ever be free of Malfoy, even if it meant losing herself and her values for now.

Chapter 12: For the Weak
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Rosevine returned to her dorm where Malfoy was sleeping in the bed. She grabbed an extra blanket and pillow from the closet and curled up on the couch. She was sure She’d hear about it in the morning but didn’t care at this point.

Sure enough, the next morning Rosevine woke to Malfoy screaming at her. 

“It wouldn’t have made a difference. You were passed out so you wouldn’t have even noticed if I slipped into bed next to you or not. Get over it.” she said grabbing her clothes out of a bureau. She walked into the bathroom to take a shower to cool her head. After she turned the water on, she set her clothes on the sink counter and hung a towel up on the railing next to the shower before she climbed in. I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone. she thought when Malfoy came in to the bathroom behind her. She turned her back to the door, hoping he was just brushing his teeth. Unfortunately her hopes disappeared when the shower door opened seconds later. She refused to turn around, not wanting Malfoy to see anymore of her then he already had. “Get out.” she grumbled, grabbing the towel and wrapping herself in it, not caring that it got soaked. “O my god, Malfoy! Put a towel on!” she shrieked turning around to find him naked. Reluctantly he wrapped a towel around his waist, before closing the gap between them and forcing her to back up against the shower wall. “Malfoy I swear if you lay a hand on me….” she began. 

“You’ll what? Tell your precious Potter?” he spat. 

“Get off me!” she yelled slapping his approaching hand away. 

“Look Rosevine, you’re my fiance and there are certain things that I expect you to give me. Now drop the towel and be a good pureblooded slut.” he smirked until she slapped him, never learning to control her temper. 

“I’m a virgin Malfoy. And if I am to be forced to lose that to you, it’s at least going to wait until our wedding night. So you better get used to waiting.” she said pushing him out of her way before opening the shower door. She put my pajamas back on, using her towel as cover and grabbed a different uniform and robe before going to the girls bathroom not far away to get dressed. After she managed to get dressed she returned to her room, and put her makeup on in the bathroom. 

Malfoy came in and put his hands around her waist while she used a spell to dry her hair. 

“You smell amazing.” he said. 

“That’s nice. Now get the hell off me.” she said shrugging out of his grip. 

“Hold still.” he said planting kisses on her neck. Rosevine turned around, putting her hands around his neck. She smirked before bringing her knee to his groin. 

“What the hell Rosevine?” he asked crumbling to the floor. 

“Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating a woman’s wrath Malfoy.” she said squatting down to pat his head. She stood and walked out of the bathroom, grabbing her school bag on the way out, her heels clicking against the hard floor. 

Chapter 13: Undone
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Rosevine made her way to breakfast—both angry with Malfoy and pleased with the knowledge that she had at least managed to cause him pain. Walking through the stone corridors, she thought of what she would say to Harry, or if she should even sit with him. She knew Hermione would still be angry with her, and she did not want to come between the two friends. She decided to sit with Dean and Ginny. They had been friendly and they were more likely to be neutral.

“Rosevine!” a deep, angry voice behind her shouted as she approached the Great Hall. Knowing full well who it was, she quickened her pace as much as she could without blatantly running. She couldn’t allow him to know she was running from him; he would think she was afraid of him. She heard his footsteps quicken to a jog and sighed dejectedly, knowing full well she would not make it through the doors before he caught up to her.

“Didn’t you hear me sweetie?” he asked seemingly lightly grabbing on to her upper arm. She knew the threat was there—as harmless as the act might have seemed to the students bustling around them.

“No, I didn’t. I’m sorry, I must not have been paying attention,” Rosevine said sarcasm dripping from her words.

“Rose bud, I’m sorry for earlier. Do you think you could forgive me love?” he asked.

"First off, call me Rose bud one more time Malfoy, and I swear we will have a more violent repeat of earlier right here in front of your little friends,” she said menacingly. Malfoy looked around quickly, ensuring that all the remaining students had finished making their way into the Great Hall, before harshly pulling Rosevine to the side of the door and backing her up against the wall threateningly. He placed one hand against the wall to both sides of her head and leaned in, whispering dangerously.

“I will call you whatever I want Rose bud,” he mumbled. “You however will stop calling me Malfoy. My name is Draco, especially since you will be a Malfoy come spring,” he said mockingly. “Just give in Rose; you will be doing yourself a favor after all. I think you’ll find that we Malfoy’s have our endearing qualities,” he murmured, removing his right hand from its spot on the wall and caressing her cheek with the back of it.

“And what traits would those be, Malfoy? If you think that you can buy my love as simply as you bought my hand in marriage you have another thing coming,” she practically spat.

“I had more pleasurable things in mind,” he said in an attempt to be seductive. “But everyone has their price; I just have to find yours first.”

“There isn’t enough gold in the world,” she declared.

  “I’m aware that you can’t be bought with gold. If that were the case Potter and I would be in a contest to buy you the best gift. You may however, think differently when offered deals for the safety of your friends,” he sighed. “Or do they not matter to you?”

  “Please Malfoy, we both know that you are in no way powerful enough to make promises like that. After all, you are marrying a mudblood-lover, and that should make you want to kill me, not screw me,” Rosevine muttered, squirming her body tighter into the wall.

“Our master sees the advantages in recruiting you. After all, Potter is infatuated with you. Having such easy access to you gives us the bait we will need to lure Potter into a trap someday,” he sighed.

“Harry would n-never,” Rosevine stuttered. But upon further thought, she knew then that she would need to distance herself from Harry even more than she had anticipated.

“Please,” Draco laughed. “Potter would come to save any of his friends, but for whatever reason, you’re more valuable to him than that Mudblood Granger.”

“That’s a ridiculous statement,” Rosevine exclaimed.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? But this conversation has ceased to amuse me. Shall we?” he asked holding out an arm for her to take while glaring at her violently. She reluctantly entwined her arm in his, knowing she would never eat any breakfast if she refused him. He triumphantly guided her into the Great Hall with his trademark smirk on his face the entire time. He walked her straight ahead to stand in front of the Gryffindor table—a stones-throw away.

Rosevine saw Harry’s eyes glance toward the door worriedly, and he smiled at her before noticing Malfoy next to her, smirking at him. Malfoy turned back to Rosevine and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, whispering promises of walking her to class after breakfast. She noticed Harry’s features harden and knew his hands would be clenched tightly under the table.

Making the most difficult decision she would make all day, she strode towards the Gryffindor table, her eyes at her feet—avoiding eye contact with Harry.

“Rose,” he sighed, motioning for her to take the seat next to him.

She kept walking to the other end of the table—taking a seat between Ginny and Neville, before smiling and striking up a conversation about her upcoming Herbology class with Neville, smiling at his enthusiasm when she asked him to be her partner loudly enough for Harry to hear.

Across the room, Malfoy smirked when she sat down, knowing that his lie had been successful.

Rosevine hurriedly ate a couple pieces of toast, before she said goodbye to Ginny and Neville and left the Great Hall as quickly as she could, hoping to escape Malfoy’s watchful eyes. Glancing behind her as she rounded the corner, she breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Malfoy had not followed her. She leaned into the wall and closed her eyes, taking several deep breaths. She dropped her book bag to the cold, stone floor as a tear slid down her cheek. She could almost feel Harry’s heart breaking—echoing her own—when she had ignored him.

“Rose, what’s wrong?” he asked. She had known he would follow her. She had just hoped to have regained her composure before he did.

“Nothing Harry,” she sighed, mocking an annoyed tone. She picked up her book bag and gave a small smile, before pushing off the wall to begin her walk to herbology, leaving Harry standing there dumbfounded.

She felt his fingers encircle her wrist as she began to take her first step.

“Is there something wrong Harry?” she asked innocently.

“Why are you ignoring me?” he asked, clearly frustrated.

 “I’m not,” she laughed. “I’m just in a hurry to get to herbology. I wouldn’t want to be late to my first class, would I?”

“Can we just stop with the act? We both know there is almost an hour until herbology starts. Can we just go somewhere and talk?” he asked.

“Fine Harry,” Rosevine said clearly annoyed. She had hoped he wouldn’t fight her this hard, at least not this soon. “Where would you like to go?” she asked as he guided her down the hallway.

“The Room of Requirements,” he answered.

“Harry, I really don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be alone with you. I am engaged after all,” she started.

“Stop that,” he hissed angrily. “You are not engaged. It’s not real,” he said. Rosevine stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. She hated seeing him hurt and knowing that she was the one to cause it made it even worse. Harry paced and opened the door to the room of requirements to reveal an empty room with nothing but a couch in the center.

Rosevine sighed before entering and sitting on one side of the couch, setting her bag on the floor next to her. “So what would you like to talk about?” she asked. “The weather looks awefully nice out today; I’m sure it would be a good day for Quidditch,” she started.

“Stop it!” he yelled. “What’s going on?” he asked.

Rosevine sighed and started slowly. “Last night made me realize that you may have gotten the wrong impression from me. I have a tendency to flirt unintentionally, and now that I realize that you were interested in something more than being friendly, I’ve decided to back off,” she lied. “I have no desire to string you along.”

“Don’t lie to me Rosevine! What did I do to make you upset?” he asked. Rosevine felt her heart shatter at his sorrow.

“You didn’t do anything Potter. We are just clearly not going to go anywhere without our relationship, and you need to be loyal to your friends, who have every reason to hate me,” Rosevine stated.

“So now you’re calling me Potter? Blimey Rose, what did Malfoy do to you last night?” he asked sitting down next to her.

“Nothing. He was sweet,” she lied, staring at the couch in a refusal to make eye contact with him.
“Sweet?! Rose, what is wrong with you?!” Harry yelled.

“I’m just being realistic with myself. I’m going to marry him in the spring, so I should start to learn to love him,” she muttered ,toying with her fingernails. Harry placed his own fingers under her chin and tilted her face to meet his own, cupping her cheek softly. He leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh. “Tell me you don’t feel this,” he murmured quietly. Rosevine took a deep breath and forced herself to stare into his eyes.

“Feel what Potter?” she asked coldly, hating the look of sheer agony that crossed his delicate features. Rosevine knew that she had hurt him enough to make him stay away from her when he pulled back from her, grabbed his pack, and left the room. Rosevine curled her knees to her chest and for the second time in the last twenty-four hours, she cried harder than she thought possible.

Chapter 14: A Beautiful Lie
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Rosevine left the room of requirements and strolled down to the herbology greenhouses. She sighed in relief when she realized that she was the first one to arrive. She wouldn’t have to deal with the fact that no one but Malfoy wanted to be near her anymore. By hurting Harry that way she had completely alienated herself from everyone she had considered a friend. She sat down at one of the tables and took out one of her books to avoid talking to Professor Sprout. Minutes later, people started to file into the classroom, all avoiding her like the plague. She knew that Malfoy and his Slytherin friends had probably spread the news of their engagement throughout the school; now she would be the Gryffindor traitor. Hermione, Harry, and Ron’s entrance snapped Rose out of her thoughts. Much as Rose expected, Harry walked to the other side of the room with Ron, but Hermione surprised her.

“I overreacted,” she sighed apologetically sitting in the seat next to Rose. “I know you didn’t want any of this, and I know why you’re pushing Harry away. That makes me like you even more—the fact that you’re looking out for him, but you were smart enough not to tell him that was your reasoning. He never would have allowed it,” she whispered.

Rose smiled despite herself. Hermione saw right through her act.

“Friends?” Hermione asked placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. Rose felt a single tear escape her eye, but wiped it away before anyone but Hermione saw it.

“Friends,” Rose agreed.

“Good, because I’m sick of being the only girl. Plus,” she laughed. “I need a study partner.”

“And I need a place to study where Malfoy can’t find me. He says I don’t need to study, since I’m just going to be a housewife anyway,” Rose laughed clearly annoyed.

Hermione chuckled.

“You? A housewife?” she asked, attempting to control the laughter that threatened to escape loudly.

“My thoughts exactly. I’d rather let a Blast-ended skrewt light me on fire.”

“Okay, Class! Let’s begin!” Professor Sprout yelled. The class quieted instantly. “Today we’re going to tend to the fanged geraniums.”

As Rosevine narrowly avoided being bit while pruning her geranium, she could feel eyes on her. She didn’t dare to look up from her plant; she was in no way ready to see the hurt in Harry’s green eyes again.

“Oi! Bloody!” she heard Harry’s voice start. She looked up finally to see him nursing the bite mark on his thumb.

“Mr. Potter, perhaps if you were paying attention to the geranium instead of staring at Miss Parkinson, your profanities wouldn’t be necessary,” Professor Sprout said laughing. Rosevine blushed, but successfully forced herself to return to tending to her geranium. Hermione picked up their conversation, knowing that Rosevine needed a distraction.

“What are you doing tonight?” she asked.

“Being tortured by Malfoy’s presence in my life. What else?” she asked.

“How about we go to the Gryffindor common room after dinner to study?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know about the common room, Hermione,” she sighed. “I want to give him his space, besides I’m not sure I’m ready to face him yet.”

“You’re going to have to deal with him eventually, and Harry will just have to deal with it. You’re a Gryffindor, which means that you have every right to be in the common room. Head Girl or not.”

“I suppose,” Rose sighed.

“What do you suppose they’re talking about?” Ron muttered to Harry. They watched in disbelief as Hermione and Rose laughed together.

“Hell if I know, yesterday Hermione couldn’t tolerate hearing her name and now they’re best friends,” he said angrily.

“Er, I bet you they’re talking about you, you know.”

“What makes you think that? Rosevine obviously doesn’t care about me, so why would she waste her time talking about me?”

“Harry, sometimes I think you’re dafter than I am,” Ron said standing to leave as Professor Sprout shouted class dismissed.

Chapter 15: Whatever I Can Take
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Rosevine sat with Hermione during all her classes that day, much to Harry and Ron’s dismay. Rose really didn’t understand what the problem was, tables were only meant for two after all. Their last class of the day was double potions with the Slytherins, and as they made their way to the dungeons in silence, Rosevine was dreading seeing Malfoy.

“He can’t make you sit with him Rosevine. I mean, he can’t honestly expect you to just accept your betrothal automatically,” Hermione rationalized.

“You’re right. Just because I’m doing this for the Order doesn’t mean I have to become a good little housewife right away. It would be too obvious,” Rosevine sighed as they walked into the Potions classroom in silence.

“How nice of you to join us Miss Granger, please take your seat next to Mr. Goyle,” Slughorn declared. “Miss Parkinson, how are your potion skills?”

“Fair enough Professor,” Rosevine stated discouragingly.

“Professor, if I may?” Malfoy asked.

“Of course Mr. Malfoy,” Slughorn replied.

“As head boy and head girl, I think it is important that Miss Parkinson and I take advantage of the opportunity to work well together. It would also be beneficial to our pending nuptials this Spring,” he stated loudly enough for the whole class to hear. Rosevine glared at him as the class broke out in whispers.

“Enough!” Slughorn announced. “Fine Mr. Malfoy. Miss Parkinson, take your seat next to your fiancé.” Rosevine muttered to herself in annoyance as she stormed over to her seat and dropped her book bag onto the table with a deafening thud. “Zabini and Potter,” Slughorn said pointing to the desk in front of Rosevine and Malfoy. “Weasley and Greengrass….” He said continuing through the room.

“What do you do to make Slughorn do everything you say?” Zabini asked turning around.

“Slug club, remember?” he smirked. “I guess Potter here just isn’t important enough for Slughorn’s taste. But who could blame him? He isn’t even good enough to get the girl,” he laughed, sliding his arm around Rosevine’s shoulder.

“Get your hands off her Malfoy,” Harry demanded, glancing over his shoulder.

“Now why would I do that Potter? After all, she is MY fiancé,” Malfoy sneered.

“I know where you come from it is considered okay for a guy to buy a woman and abuse her the way you’ve done to Rose these past few days, but it isn’t in the world the rest of us live in,” Harry muttered.

“You seem to be forgetting one key aspect Potter. Rose is a pureblood, unlike you. She lives in my world. Just like she will, for the rest of her life.” Harry turned around in his seat to glare at Malfoy full out. Rose caught Hermione’s eye and followed her gaze to Malfoy’s wand, which was hidden beneath the table and ready to shoot a curse at Harry.

“Draco,” Rose murmured softly. “Can you please drop it? For me?” she asked sweetly. Malfoy smirked at his triumph before grasping her hand within his own and placing a kiss on top of it.

“You see Potter? I win,” Draco said, while Rose shot an apologetic glance at Harry.
“Bloody hell,” Harry muttered before grabbing his books and stomping out of the classroom in a huff.

“Well that was fun,” Zabini laughed. Rosevine pulled her hand away from Malfoy as soon as he had left the room, and slid her chair as far away from Malfoy as possible. Flirting had served its purpose, and now she had no interest in having Malfoy’s hands on her. Hermione gave her a sad smile, before turning to the front of the room, where Slughorn had started his lecture.



“I’ll see you after dinner,” Malfoy mumbled in front of the Great Hall.


“I have plans,” Rosevine sighed.

“With who?” he asked suspiciously.

“Hermione. We are studying in the Gryffindor common room, since you are so insistent on distracting me when I try in our dorm,” Rosevine muttered before turning her back on Malfoy and walking into the Great Hall.

She motioned towards the seat between Seamus and Dean, before Hermione grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the seat next to her.

“He’ Rose!” Ron said through a mouthful of food.

“Hi Ron,” she said happily. Harry continued to glare at his food.

“You know, that food never did a thing to you mate,” Ron said lightly.

“Maybe that’s why I’m so fond of it right now,” Harry stated harshly.

“Harry, I-I’m sorry. I was just trying to dissipate the situation,” Rosevine said softly.

“I don’t need you to protect me Rose!” he yelled angrily. “If anything you’re the one that needs protection!”

“Harry, please,” Rose pleaded. “Sit down. You’re making a scene.”

“I’m making a scene?” he asked pointing his wand at her. “Why are you hiding what he has been doing to you?” he asked. “Specialis Revelio.” From the gasps that emitted from everyone’s mouths at the Gryffindor table, Rose knew that Harry’s spell had been effective. She glanced up into his eyes and knew he hadn’t understood the extent of the bruising he had revealed to everyone. He only knew of the bruise on her wrist and jawline, but was completely unaware by the deep purple contusion in the shape of a hand that rested on her throat. Rosevine stood quickly leaving the Great Hall in embarrassment, unaware of the fact that Harry followed.

“Rose!” he shouted reaching out and grabbing her arm. He pulled her into an empty classroom quickly. His fingers instantly went to caress her throat softly, but Rose pushed them away.

“Don’t touch me,” she said firmly, ignoring the tears threatening to fall.

“Rose, you have to get out,” Harry said pulling her into a hug.

“I can’t Harry; I have to do this.”

“How close did he come to killing you?!” he asked angrily.

“I can take care of myself,” Rose mumbled.

“Did he do this because of me? Is that why you’re pushing me away?” he asked gently.


“Then why?!” he asked frustrated.

“Because Voldemort wants to use me to get to you!” she shouted. Rose’s hands flew to her mouth, and she covered her lips hoping she hadn’t actually spoken those words.

“I don’t need you to protect me Rose! You need to protect yourself.”

“I’m fine Potter.”

“I’m telling Lupin. He won’t let you keep this up,” Harry sighed.

“Lupin has no say in my life Potter,” Rose muttered.

“He’s your father!”

“I lived my entire life without a father, and I certainly don’t need one now,” Rose said walking out of the classroom and leaving a dumbfounded Harry behind.

Chapter 16: Gaga and Salsa
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“You stupid girl!” Malfoy yelled pulling Rose into their common room.

“How was I supposed to know he was going to do that?” Rose argued. “I’m not a seer Malfoy!”

“You were supposed to get him under control and out of your life!”

“I’m trying! He’s just so damn stubborn,” Rose sobbed.

“Well I guess the Dark Lord will enjoy this information,” Draco lied.

“Draco, please,” Rose pleaded, grabbing onto his arm.

“Please?” Malfoy smirked.

“Please don’t tell him.”

“I can’t lie to the Dark Lord Rosevine,” he sighed.

“I know, just, don’t rush off to tell him. Give me some more time. I promise he’ll hate me in a few days,” Rose said crying harder.

“I won’t on one condition,” he said smirking.

“What?” Rose asked suspiciously.

“As a pureblood, you know how important dancing is in our society. The Slytherin guys have all decided that tonight we should have a dance competition in the room of requirements.”

“You want me to go dance with you?” she asked surprised.

“I want you to go dance with me wearing this,” he said pulling a dress out of a bag on the floor.

“No! I’m not wearing that Malfoy!” Rose yelled.

“Then I guess I’ll just go tell the Dark Lord that Potter is in love with you,” he sighed smirking.

“Fine,” she said frustrated--grabbing the dress out of his hands and storming into the bathroom to change. After she slipped the dress on over her head, she looked at her reflection in the mirror unhappily. The black halter dress was far too low-cut, revealing the tops of her ribcage beneath her cleavage in a deep v-neck. A wide gold band of material wrapped around her ribs and met the neckline—cutting it off. Another matching band encircled the very top of her hips, and between the two bands the deep neckline continued revealing her belly-button. The skirt of the dress was loose and flared out slightly, reaching her mid-thigh. There was two slits in the skirt—one leaving each of her upper thighs revealed and allowing her to move easier. Turning around, she glanced at the back of the dress in the mirror. The gold bands continued around the back, as did the skirt of the dress, but other than that it was bareback.

Rosevine opened the door to the bathroom after taking a deep breath, and walked out to find Malfoy gaping at her in dress pants and a blue button up shirt. “What kind of dance are we doing exactly?” she asked incredulously. “Is this really necessary?” she asked motioning towards her body.

“Absolutely,” he sighed. “We’re doing latin ballroom. Pansy said it was your specialty.”



Minutes later Rose and Malfoy entered the Room of Requirements. Rose tried to ignore the stares she was receiving. She wasn’t sure if it was because her presence was unexpected or because of her dress, but she was leaning towards a combination of the two.

Smirking, Draco took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor quickly. He took her hand in his while he placed his other on her waist, and hers went to his back. They began the basic salsa steps, eventually adding in some turns. Dipping her, Malfoy ran his fingers up her thigh caressingly--pulling her back up when she motioned to push his hand away.

“Appearances love,” he murmured in her ear continuing their dance.

“This isn’t much of a competition,” Rose sighed glancing at the other couples on the floor.

“I may have lied about that to get you here. There is no competition. I just wanted to get you to come and dance with me,” he said smirking.  "And even you must admit, we have physical chemistry."

"There's no chemistry Malfoy.  We're just dancing," Rose argued. 


"But we dance well together.  Without any practice.  Imagine how good we could be if we spent more time practicing the more physical aspects of our relationship."

Chapter 17: Courage
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Rosevine took her seat next to Hermione at the Gryffindor table for breakfast the next day.

“I’m sorry I bailed on you last night,” Rosevine sighed softly—attempting to ignore the stares and whispers from the students in the Great Hall.

“It’s fine. Once Harry cast that spell I knew I shouldn’t expect you to come. I wouldn’t have wanted to be near that git either,” Hermione said frustrated.

“Don’t be mad at him. He’s just trying to help me,” Rose mumbled.

“I know.”

“Look, Hermione, I’m not so sure we should be friends. Things with Harry are about to get bad, and I don’t want to come between you two,” Rose stated.

“What do you mean things are about to get bad?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“By casting that spell Malfoy knows that Harry hasn’t let go. He gave me a couple of days to make Harry hate me before he goes to Voldemort. I have to make him think the worst of me,” Rosevine said with a slight sob.

“I’m still going to be your friend Rose. You need someone to talk to through all of this. How are you going to make Harry hate you?” she asked.

“I have no idea. I let it slip last night that I was pushing him away to protect him, so I’m going to have to be cruel—otherwise he’ll see right through it and keep pushing.”

“Embarrass him in public. Nothing makes him angrier than being humiliated, and he’s too proud to back down any time soon,” Hermione mumbled quickly before Harry and Ron took their seats across the table.

“Morning Ron,” Rosevine and Hermione said quickly.

“Morning,” he said back quickly.

“Morning ‘Mione. Good morning Rose,” Harry said pointedly. Rose chose to ignore him. “You’re seriously not talking to me?” he asked noticing Rose’s fascination with her plate. “Rose, talk to me!” he yelled, bringing attention from the rest of the table to his angry face.

“Look Potter,” Rosevine said. “I know you’re used to girls throwing themselves at your feet because you’re the precious chosen one, but I’m not those girls. I’m getting married and not to you so why don’t you just get that through that thick head of yours and leave me alone!” Rose yelled in retort.

Harry stared back at her in shock and Rose forced the most scornful look she could manage onto her features. He quickly gathered his things and stormed out of the Great Hall. Rose quickly cast a glance to Malfoy at the Slytherin table. His eyes met hers and he smirked and nodded approvingly. She turned her eyes back to the plate in front of her and poked her eggs with her fork without any intention of eating them.

“It’s okay Rose. You know he didn’t give you any choice,” Hermione said comfortingly.

“I just wish you didn’t have to be so harsh,” Ron whispered.

“What was I supposed to do Ron? He wasn’t listening to me,” Rose asked equally quietly.

“I know, I know. I’m not saying it was the wrong thing to do. I just wish it didn’t come to this. He really likes you.”

“I really like him too Ron, but it doesn’t change anything,” Rose mumbled. Hermione nudged her with her shoulder, smiling slightly.

“We should get to Runes,” she said.

“At least he neither of them are in that class,” Rose said with a laugh.

Chapter 18: Sacrifice
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A couple months passed by without Harry and Rose speaking to each other. That was fine by Rose; it was much easier to ignore Harry than to be cruel to him. Her life had become mundane. Every day was the same; she woke up, got ready, went to breakfast to meet Hermione, classes, lunch, classes, spent time pretending to be happy with Draco, dinner, and then studied with Hermione before bed.

Lately Hermione had been pushing for Rose to agree to study in the Gryffindor common room. Apparently she just didn’t have the time to study with Rose for hours and then go back and supervise Harry and Ron doing their homework and their grades were dropping because of it. Rosevine had finally agreed to it, because she had already caused enough of a rift between Harry and Hermione and she didn’t want to make the gap in their friendship any larger.

When Rose thought about everything, she realized how ironic the entire situation really was. Hermione had hated her after Rose was announced as Head Girl, and now she was her only friend. Since Rose had started pretending to slowly fall for Malfoy all the other Gryffindor’s had slowly turned their backs on her. Ginny had started telling people that she couldn’t believe she wasn’t sorted into Slytherin. Even sweet Neville and Ravenclaw Luna had started ignoring her—although they hadn’t joined in on the public bashing of Rose. She had quickly become the Gryffindor pariah. Rose was used to it from her previous school. Rose had only recently matured into her looks, and had spent most of her childhood/teen years being mocked. Her last school in California had been filled with tall blonde, blue-eyed girls, and Rosevine at 5’2” and with her dark hair and green eyes stood out tremendously. Most of the girls at her school had taken it upon themselves to humiliate her on a daily basis.

Rose wasn’t sure which school was worse—at Hogwarts at least she knew what her peers were saying about her wasn’t true, but on the other hand the fact that she could do nothing to set the record straight made it almost unbearable. She had to pretend to be an evil person in order to save the lives of some of the very people that hated her. If they only knew. Rosevine thought to herself.

“Are you ready to go?” Hermione asked as she stared at Rosevine playing with her food.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she answered snapping out of her thoughts.

“It will be awkward, but look at it this way. It’s better than playing affectionate with Malfoy isn’t it?” Hermione asked lightly.

“That doesn’t say much ‘Mione. I’d rather chew off my own toe than spend more time with Draco.”

“Since when do you call him Draco?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“It’s just a habit I picked up since I’m not allowed to call him Malfoy to his face or in public when I think anyone but you is listening,” Rosevine said as they began the walk to the Gryffindor tower.


Rosevine and Hermione entered the Gryffindor common room and sat down by the fire. They got started on their Runes homework while they waited for the boys to join them. When they finally entered the room Harry sat down as far away from Rose as possible and Ron took the remaining seat next to Hermione on the couch. Rosevine curled her legs into the chair and got comfortable.

“What should we start on?” Hermione asked.

“Potions. Harry and I are doing dreadful,” Ron answered.

“Okay then,” Hermione said switching out her Runes book for her Potions book as Rose did the same. Rose was determined to only speak when it was necessary for the purposes of studying.

About an hour passed without anyone talking really—with the exception of Ron asking Hermione the occasional question about his essay, but at the end of the night Ron handed Hermione his paper leaving Harry to give his to Rose.

“She can handle it Harry,” Hermione assured him. “I think she may actually be doing better in potions than I am.”

“I don’t need her to look over my paper. I can do just fine on my own,” he muttered irritated.

“Clearly you can’t if you’re doing dreadful,” Rose said stupidly—instantly hating her inability to keep her mouth shut.

“I highly doubt you’re as intelligent as Hermione makes you seem. You’re clearly lacking common sense since its obvious the only reason you’re getting a good grade is because you’re snogging Malfoy,” Harry said angrily. Rose laughed at him as she packed her books for the night.

“I think it’s about time you took a good hard look in the mirror Harry. When you do, you’ll see I’m not the one lacking common sense. As you’ve proven many times before you’re unable to look beyond what’s is right in front of you and actually analyze it to reach the correct conclusion. For your information, Draco was barely passing Slughorn’s class before I came along,” she said as she walked out of the common room. Hermione’s shrieks of annoyance sounded off in the background as she put more and more distance between herself and Harry.

Despite the tears now streaming down her face, Rose couldn’t help but feel pathetic. A few angry words from Harry had made this the best day she’d had in months. The last couple months had passed without Rose feeling anything really, and the anger and hurt she felt was far better than nothing at all.

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Chapter 19: Forsaken
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“Rosevine? What’s wrong?” Malfoy asked as Rose stormed into their dormitory.
“Just leave me alone,” she sobbed as she raced into the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, Rose slid down the door and curled her knees into her chest. She didn’t know why she let Harry affect her like this. It was just one biting comment. How many had she said to him? Somehow she thought that was different. She was protecting Harry. He was intentionally hurting her.

“Rose!” Draco yelled through the door. “Let me in.” In order to avoid any physical pain Malfoy might inflict, Rose crawled away from the door slowly. Malfoy hesitantly opened the door, before walking in and sitting next to Rose on the floor. “What happened?” he asked softly. Rose tried to hide her surprise. She had never heard Malfoy be so gentle—not with her anyway. Rosevine quickly made the decision that something positive should come from her pain. She looked up into Draco’s eyes despite her desire to hide her flushed and tear-streaked cheeks.

“Ha-Harry,” she stuttered. Draco pulled her face into his shoulder quickly and rubbed her back soothingly. His other hand caressed her hair.

“What did he do?” he asked angrily.

“H-he said the only reason,” she paused stopping to sob more. “the only reason I’m passing Potions is because I’m snogging you.”

“That’s ridiculous Rosevine. You know it’s not true,” he sighed gently.

“I know,” she mumbled.

“Then why is it bugging you so much?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s because I’ve been bullied all my life,” she said sobbing harder. “Everyone here shuns me. The Gryffindors hate me because of you, and the Slytherins hate me because I’m a Gryffindor.”

“I’ll make sure they’re nicer to you from now on Rose. I had no idea,” he said squeezing her tighter.

“I don’t want people to be nice to me because they have to be. I just want people to like me. Nobody ever likes me,” Rose cried.

“Hey that’s not true,” Draco said pulling away from her slightly. He cupped Rose’s face in his hands and brushed tears away from her cheeks with his thumbs. “I like you.”

“No you don’t,” Rosevine sighed attempting to turn her head away. “You just want to own me—like I’m a piece of property.”

“If I didn’t like you, do you really think I would go to all this trouble to marry you when so many other girls are lined up?”

“I-I don’t know,” she mumbled in response. She knew he liked the challenge she presented, but Rosevine didn’t want to fight him too much. This was supposed to be about making Malfoy believe she’d had a change of heart because of his kindness.

“I wouldn’t.” Rosevine leaned her head on Draco’s shoulder and closed her eyes slowly.

“Are you tired?” Malfoy asked after a few minutes of silence. Rosevine nodded slightly, pretending to be falling asleep. Draco stood, scooping Rosevine into his arms, and carried her into the bedroom. He set her on the bed gently, and lifted the covers to her shoulders to keep her warm, before returning to the common room to finish his Potions essay.

Chapter 20: She Could Be His Everything
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Draco woke up the next morning and forced himself out of bed—careful not to disturb Rosevine who was still fast asleep. Seeing Rosevine like that last night—that vulnerable had made something inside Draco snap. He was actually nice to her, and she was kind to him in return. But she had always been so strong, so Malfoy-like, but now he had seen her be hurt, be broken. Now he felt the need to protect her, and Malfoy had never felt so possessive over anything in his life. Rosevine stirred behind him and opened her eyes slowly. He sat on the edge of the bed hesitantly.

“How are you feeling?” he asked softly.

“Fine. Thanks,” Rose answered quickly.

“Don’t do that,” he said.

“Do what?”

“Push me away again. Last night was nice. We actually managed to have a conversation. Can we at least try to get along?” he said as gently as he could manage.

“I suppose,” she said sitting up.

“Look I don’t know how you’re used to dealing with being hurt, but as Malfoy’s we get even,” he said after a moment of silence.

“I don’t want to hurt Harry,” Rosevine replied quickly.

“I know that. I don’t mean cursing him or anything, but, well he still has feelings for you—even if he has hid them because you embarrassed him.”

“What are you saying?” Rosevine asked.

“I’m saying we make him jealous,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re kidding! There’s no way he would buy that,” Rose laughed.

“I think he would. Chances are he said what he did last night to get a reaction from you. He wanted to make sure it wasn’t true, and your reaction clearly said it wasn’t. But what if he thought it was?”

“What if he thought we were shagging?” Rose asked with a chuckle.


“I don’t know Draco. What would be the point?” she asked confused.

“You expect me to believe that you would get absolutely no satisfaction out of seeing Harry want you—even if you are still at each other’s throats? You’ll be fighting either way, so you might as well have fun doing it,” he said with a teasing tone. Rosevine smiled slightly.

“What do you get out of it?” she asked.

“Please, I love annoying Potter. Any opportunity I have to complicate his life is one that I must take. Besides, if you want Potter to believe this act, you’ll be more invested in our little game and convincing everyone else in this school that we’re a real couple,” he explained. “Deal?” he asked holding out his hand for her to take.

Rosevine hesitated, staring into his eyes. She knew he was up to something, but couldn’t figure out any other way this would benefit him. “Okay. Deal,” she said quickly placing her hand in his. He brought her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on the top of it.

Rosevine didn’t know that when she turned her back on Malfoy to take a shower he smirked at her. He planned on being the same man he was last night, until Rose couldn’t help but learn to love him—eventually they would stop acting and just be together. ‘It has to work,’ Draco thought to himself. ‘How could a plan as flawless as that not work?’ Little did Draco know that she could be his everything.

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Chapter 21: To Catch a Pureblood
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Rosevine got dressed for the day in silence—ignoring Draco’s stares as she debated how to do her hair and makeup.

“Why the extra concern today?” Draco asked.

“Well if we’re going to make Harry jealous then I should look my best,” she said with a small smirk. Draco couldn’t help but think that he was rubbing off on her. He walked into the bathroom where she stood in front of the mirror and gently turned her around to face him. Cupping her cheek in his hands he leaned forward to kiss her.

“What are you doing?” she asked pulling away slightly with a small laugh.

“Don’t you think we should get the awkward first kiss out of the way when no one is around to watch? We can’t let Potter know that we’ve never kissed before, and I doubt we’ll have natural chemistry since you hate me,” he said even knowing that the last part was a lie. He was positive that he and Rosevine would have plenty of physical chemistry to go around despite her mixed feelings towards him.

“I suppose you’re right,” she breathed softly. Draco placed one hand on her cheek again and leaned in. This time Rosevine met him halfway and their lips touched softly. Rosevine started to pull away slowly, but Draco’s hand moved to the back of her head and pulled her back in gently. Surprisingly enough, she allowed him to continue the kiss. He kissed her in the opposite way he had ever kissed a woman before. Normally his kisses were full of heat, because there was only one thing he hoped to achieve from a kiss. But this kiss with Rosevine was different; it was slow and gentle, and when she pulled away again he fought the urge to touch his lips in surprise. He hadn’t expected the kiss to result in the warm, tingling sensation he felt.

“Draco?” Rosevine asked snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Hmm?” he asked still in shock.

“Everything alright?” she asked clearly confused.

“Of course,” he said as he turned his back on her and walked back into the bedroom. He started packing his bag for his morning classes—ignoring the fact that Rose was staring at him with a curious look on her face.

“Ready to go?” he asked as Rose finished packing her own bag.

“You bet,” she sighed walking to the door and she slung the bag over her shoulder. Draco wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she wrapped her arm around his waist in response as they made their way to the Great Hall.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked before they entered the giant oak doors.

“Absolutely. There’s no harm in having a little fun right?” she asked with a smile.
Draco smiled in return before he realized that it was a genuine smile and not his trademark smirk. ‘What’s happening to me?’ he thought as they entered the hall. Draco walked Rose to her seat next to Hermione at the Gryffindor table. Rose was vaguely aware that every set of eyes in the Great Hall, including the teachers table, were watching her every move closely.

Draco gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, snapping her out of her self-conscious thoughts. “Can I walk you to Potions after breakfast?” he asked in a soft, husky voice.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Rose responded with a gentle smile as she stared into his steel grey eyes. Draco leaned down and pressed his lips against hers softly before retreating to the Slytherin table on the other side of the hall. Rose took her seat smiling quietly to herself. When she cast a glance to the teachers table, Rose saw McGonagall nod approvingly and couldn’t help the feeling of pride that came over her. She ignored Harry’s angry gaze throughout the meal—refusing to allow him to know she was thinking of him. He would not ruin this moment. Draco was falling into her trap.

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Chapter 22: Curious
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After a severely awkward breakfast at the Gryffindor table, Rosevine found herself waiting for Draco to finish eating. Minutes after she finished the last of her toast, Rose felt a masculine hand touch her shoulder softly.

Bending down “Do you mind if I steal you away?” Draco whispered in her ear, being sure to linger there at the sight of Harry’s tense jaw. Watching Harry the entire time, Draco pulled Rose’s brown locks over her shoulder and gently pressed his lips into the sensitive flesh beneath her ear. Rose visibly flinched, but covered it up with a shy smile.

“That tickles,” she said forcing herself to giggle. She stood quickly. “I’ll see you in potions,” she said happily as Draco whisked her away. They left the room and Rose partly wished she could be a fly on the wall to see Harry’s reaction—especially after the Great Hall broke out in whispers as they rounded the corner to the stairs.

Rosevine broke out in silent laughter at the smirk on Malfoy’s face as he pulled her behind one of the numerous statues in the dungeons.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked trying to contain the smile threatening to cross his stern features. Her laughter was contagious.

“You should have seen Pansy’s face when we left the Great Hall!” she practically shouted.

“Really?” Draco asked in disbelief. “I thought Potter’s face was absolutely priceless,” he whispered. Rose leaned her back against the stone wall and attempted to calm her laughter as she heard footsteps approaching.

“Someone’s coming,” she whispered quickly. Draco placed one of his hands on the wall by her head and leaned his weight over her.

“Let them come,” he murmured as he tilted her face up to meet his eyes. Rose placed her hands on his chest and allowed him to kiss her for the third time that day.

“What the hell does she think she’s doing?” Harry whispered furiously to Hermione and Ron as they made their way to Potions.

“She’s doing her job, Harry,” Hermione muttered as quietly as possible. “You didn’t honestly expect her to gather information for the order without showing affection toward Malfoy?” she asked clearly showing how ridiculous the concept seemed.

“She’s letting him touch her Hermione. That’s just wrong!”

“I know Harry, but it’s clearly working. Did you see the way he looked at her?” she asked in amazement.

“Yes, I saw how he looked at her—like she was a piece of meat!” Harry yelled.

“I know this has got to be hard mate, but just try to forget,” Ron started. He stopped talking the instant he saw where Harry’s gaze landed. He quickly closed the gap and roughly forced Draco away from Rose. He landed his first punch square on Malfoy’s nose only seconds later. Holding his nose in shock, Draco fought back hitting Harry in the jaw.

“Stop this!” Rose and Hermione both screamed simultaneously.

“Ron! Do something!” Hermione pleaded. Ron approached the fighting pair looking completely lost.

“This isn’t going to solve anything, Harry,” he begged before both Draco and Harry pushed him away harshly.

“What are we going to do?” Hermione asked. Looking at the two bloodied men, Rose couldn’t control the power she released next.

“STOP RIGHT NOW!” she shouted as loudly as she could. Harry and Draco’s hair billowed slightly in the wind as they looked at her in surprise. Harry realized Rosevine’s hair was still despite the wind affecting everyone else, and he knew what she had done. “I am not some prize to be won in a fist fight!” she shrieked before storming off.

“Bloody hell,” Draco mumbled. “What was that?” he asked no one in particular.

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Chapter 23: Can you hear me now?
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Rose stormed through the dungeons with no intention of going to Potions after the incident. She couldn’t believe she had been so careless. If Malfoy figured out that the power had come from her, he would surely run straight to Voldemort with the information. She was so caught up in her internal battle that she never noticed the short figure trailing behind her with its wand outstretched.

“Crucio!” a woman’s voice yelled. Before Rosevine could react, the curse hit her and she collapsed to the floor in agony. Releasing an ear-splitting scream, she writhed on the floor and attempted to control the powers rising to the surface. Unable to hold it in anymore her next scream was echoed by the sound of her power radiating out from her in a sudden, harsh wave. Rose was vaguely aware of a person’s quick steps running away as she heard her power connect with the stone walls and shatter the statue right next to her. Rose felt rubble raining down on her frail body, before she entered the dark abyss threatening to consume her.


“Did you hear that?” Hermione asked.

“Rose,” Harry said in a frightened voice, sprinting in the direction of the scream.

“I’m coming too Potter,” Malfoy responded following the Trio through the dungeons.

“Rose!” Hermione shrieked when she saw Rose crumpled on the floor. She ran past the stunned boys and hurried to her side. “She’s barely breathing. Ron get over here!” she yelled.

“What can I do ‘Mione?” he asked nervously.

“Can you carry her?” she asked. Ron nodded before scooping Rose’s limp body into his arms. “This is your fault!” she yelled at Harry and Malfoy. “If you two were mature enough to act like adults she wouldn’t have run off like that!” she yelled as she and Ron hurried to the hospital wing. Harry and Draco raced after them after hesitating to absorb Hermione’s words.

When the four arrived at the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey ordered Ron to set Rose on the nearest bed.

“What happened?” she asked quickly.

“I don’t know Madame Pomfrey. We just heard her screams,” she added.

“Run along!” she said hurriedly. “I’ll need to examine her,” she added as she pulled the curtains closed around the bed.

What seemed like hours later, Madame Pomfrey emerged with a grim expression.

“She is stable for now,” she said with a small smile. “Can you think of anyone in the school who would want to harm Miss Parkinson?” she asked.

“Not in particular. Rose was too new to have made any enemies. Did someone do this to her?” Hermione asked in surprise.

“All the signs point to the cruciatus curse,” Madame Pomfrey sighed. “I’ve never seen damage to this extent, except for,” she started but seemed to think it was better to keep quiet.

“Except for who?” Hermione asked in a pleading tone.

“Except for the Longbottoms,” she answered softly. The four students fell silent, as if taking time to absorb that heavy piece of information. “Her body is very weak. I don’t expect that she’ll wake up any time soon. You should all run along to class. Here is a note for Professor Slughorn on your behalf,” she said curtly.

“Would you mind notifying me if she wakes up?” Hermione asked. “I don’t want her to be alone.”

“Sure dear. Now run along.” Hermione nodded with tears glistening in her eyes, as she turned and left the hospital wing with her friends and Draco.

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Chapter 24: Letting Go
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Draco sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands later that night. He had exhausted himself all day trying to figure out who would hurt his Rosevine. She had said that everyone hated her, but did they really hate her enough to try and kill her? He laid his head back on his pillow and glanced at the empty side of the bed. Draco had never felt as alone as he did staring at that blank space where her beautiful hair should be covering the pillow next to him. With an angry sigh, Draco jumped to his feet and ran out of his dormitory.

Draco arrived at the entrance to the Room of Requirement and paced back and forth in front of the wall anxiously.

‘I need to break something,’ he thought repeatedly. When the door finally appeared, Draco threw it open and stormed into the room as quickly as possible. Upon entering, Draco took in his surroundings. On the walls beside the door were shelves of vases and glass objects ripe for the picking and about twenty feet in front of him was another wall. Draco grabbed onto the first vase that caught his eye. It was white with deep purple flowers decorating the glass. He couldn’t help but think that Rosevine would love it since purple was her favorite color. With an agitated scream Draco hurled the vase at the wall opposite him. Hearing the glass shatter helped sooth his anger slightly, but his anger quickly rose to the surface again when he saw that the room had replaced the vase. He grabbed onto the vase again and smashed it over and over again as the room replaced it. Finally feeling satisfied, he slid down the door and sat with his knees curled into his chest. He buried his face in his thighs, feeling completely ashamed of himself. Draco glanced up and noticed the same vase sitting on the shelf next to him.

‘I need flowers,’ Draco thought with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes Draco found the room filled with flowers of every color. Draco picked the purple orchids that matched the vase and filled the vase with water with his wand, before arranging the orchids in it quickly. He left the Room of Requirement in a hurry and made his way to the hospital wing.

He snuck into the hospital wing after making sure that Madame Pomfrey was nowhere to be found. Making his way over to Rose’s bed, he walked slowly, feeling rather unsure if he should have come. When he reached her bed, he set the vase with the flowers on her bedside table and made sure they would be arranged in a pretty manner should she wake up to see them. He sat on the side of her bed and leaned his body over hers. He ran his thumb across her cheek softly—caressingly—without a second thought.

“Wake up soon beautiful,” he murmured before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Any change?” Draco asked Hermione as gently as he could force when he entered the hospital wing the next day. He sat in the chair on the opposite side of Rosevine’s bed and took her hand into his own gently.

“None,” Hermione said sadly.

“Why don’t you go get some dinner, Granger?” Draco asked ignoring the look of shock that crossed Hermione’s features. “You’ve been skipping meals to sit with her. Rose would have wanted you to get some food. I’ll stay with her,” he continued. Hermione nodded hesitantly.

“Thanks, Malfoy,” she said quickly as she left the wing.

“Hey you,” Draco said turning to the unconscious girl in front of him. “I know how you like your sleep and all, but you’ve got to wake up now.” After a few moments of silence Draco continued with a sigh. “I know you aren’t the biggest fan of this whole wedding thing, but my mother is going stir crazy. McGonagall said that we could floo out of her office to go look at wedding dresses,” Draco said with an attempt to make it sound like he would enjoy shopping. My mother is so excited that if you don’t wake up in time I think she’ll go without you and pick something for you. She likes big, poofy things just so you know,” he teased with a chuckle.

“I’m not wearing a poofy dress,” Rose sighed in a rough voice. She slowly opened her eyes to see Draco staring back at her in shock.

“How long have you been awake?” he asked surprised.

“Long enough to hear you rambling on like a buffoon,” Rose laughed lightly.

“Oh aren’t you just hilarious,” Draco said sulking. “I’ll go get Madame Pomfrey,” he added standing up from his chair and approaching her office. Madame Pomfrey and Draco hurried back seconds later before the former began checking all of Rosevine’s vitals.

“How are you feeling dear?” she asked after she seemed to convince herself that Rose would be okay.

“Like I got hit by a hippogriff,” Rose said with an attempt to stand.

“No,no, no!” Madame Pomfrey said sternly. “You need to rest some more.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve been unconscious haven’t I? Judging by Draco’s rambles for a lengthy time at that. I’ve rested plenty. It’s just a couple bruises,” Rose said with a shrug. She put her feet on the cold stone floor and allowed them to bear her weight. “See?” she asked with a slow twirl.

“How is that possible?” Pomfrey asked astonished. “You endured the cruciatus curse for a length of time that should have killed you.”

“Draco sweety, do you mind if I talk to Madame Pomfrey alone for a minute? I’ll meet you in the cooridor when I’m done,” Rose asked. Draco nodded and made his way to the hall, closing the door behind him.

“What is it?” Madame Pomfrey asked.

“I’m only telling you this so that you do not make a big deal out of any miraculous recoveries I make in the future. You are not to repeat this information to anyone. Can I trust you?” Rose questioned.

“Of course dear.”

“My father is a werewolf,” Rose whispered.

“Accelerated healing?” Poppy asked in quiet shock. “Do you phase?”

“No. I’m not a werewolf; I just seem to have acquired some rather handy side effects,” Rose explained.

“I see,” Pomfrey nodded.

“Thanks for everything Madame Pomfrey,” Rose said with a wave before joining Draco in the hall.

When Rose approached Draco, he could feel his smile spread. After he realized what he was doing, he forced his smirk to appear. Somehow this girl had gotten underneath his skin.

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Chapter 25: I'm All In
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Draco and Rosevine walked back to their head dorms in silence. Draco was fighting the urge to hug her and hold her close. He was a Malfoy. Malfoy’s didn’t feel. His father would be ashamed of him if he were here. When they entered the dorm after speaking to the portrait briefly, Rose hurriedly grabbed her robes out of the closet and went into the bathroom to change. When she emerged, Draco handed her the book bag he had packed for her while she was changing. She took it before setting it down and sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“I think we should talk,” she sighed.

“What for?” he asked sitting down next to her.

“We can’t do this anymore. This whole pretending to be a normal couple to make Harry jealous thing. It didn’t turn out very well,” she said with a somber chuckle.

“It worked perfectly. I have the bruise on my nose to prove it,” Draco said with a laugh.

“I never wanted this. I-I don’t know what I wanted. I guess I just thought that if I pretended to be happy for long enough, then, maybe I would be,” Rose said allowing a single tear to fall down her cheek.

“Hey,” Draco murmured scooting closer to her. Using his thumb he wiped the tear from her face. Draco didn’t know what he was doing; this was new territory to him. All he knew was that he couldn’t stand to see her cry. “Were you really that unhappy yesterday?” he asked softly.

“I stormed off. Doesn’t that say enough?” she asked avoiding answering the real question. She couldn’t stand the fact that when she was honest with herself, she couldn’t say yes.

“Before the fight,” Draco sighed. “When we were alone in the hall after breakfast. In that moment, you didn’t feel miserable,” Draco stated.

“How would you know? Maybe I’m just a good actress,” Rose said bitterly.

“What’s the point in acting when you have no audience?” Draco asked. Rose looked away from his intense steel eyes, knowing he was right. She felt the tears fall more steadily. “Rose?” Draco whispered softly.

“I hate you,” she mumbled. “I hate what you did to me. I hate that you reduced me to some death eaters housewife. I hate that you won; I hate that you own me like I’m some piece of property,” Rose asserted standing up. “And I hate that I don’t hate you anymore,” she finished with a sob.

“You’re not alone!” Draco yelled. “I hate that you turned me down and didn’t want me. I hate the way you disrespect me. And I hate that you make me feel this way—that you make me miss you when you’re gone!”

“Shut up! Just shut up! You did this!” Rose shouted in response.

“And I wouldn’t change a thing,” Draco said softly. Rose stared at him in shock.

“What are you saying?” she asked quietly.

“I’m saying that whatever this is, it deserves to be given a chance. You can’t deny that there’s something here. It’s worth exploring. At least give us a chance before you condemn our marriage,” he pleaded. Rose opened her mouth and closed it several times, seemingly unable to find her voice. She finally nodded, not knowing what else to say. Draco quickly closed the gap and pulled her into his arms. “Why does holding you like this make the rest of the world fade away?” he asked, more to himself than Rose. She remained silent, understanding that he hadn’t expected her to answer. He tilted her face up to his slowly and pressed his lips against hers while tangling his hand in her hair. The kiss came to a close after only a few moments, and Rosevine pulled away slowly. Draco noticed that she looked unsure if this was real. “I’m not going anywhere Rosevine. I’m all in this.”

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Chapter 26: Almost Real
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Over the next few weeks Rosevine continued to be with Draco—only really leaving him for her study sessions in Gryffindor tower. Rose and Harry bickered to the point where she missed the silence that had fallen between the two of them in the past.

Rosevine started to see a different side of Draco, and she almost felt guilty for deceiving him the way she was. Almost. The soft, kind person he was when they were alone paled in comparison to the harsh, evil creature he became when he was with his friends, particularly Blaise. Rose hated the fact that he was always on her mind. However torturous the thoughts of him were, Rose knew that they also helped her on her mission. Draco seemed to truly believe that she cared for him.

“Rose?” Hermione asked snapping Rose out of her trance. “You okay?”

“Of course Hermione,” Rose sighed softly. “Just nervous about today.”

“What’s today?” Ron asked with a mouth full of food.

“Ronald! Honestly. Do you ever listen?” Hermione scoffed.

“Today I go wedding dress shopping with Draco and his mum,” Rose answered quietly, hoping that Harry wouldn’t hear her. She really wasn’t in the mood to fight with him. Much to her dismay, Harry turned away from his conversation with Ginny, who he seemed to be spending an awful lot of time with lately.

“Did I hear dress shopping, Malfoy?” Harry asked sarcastically making use of the nickname he had recently forced on her. Rose smiled softly, thoroughly enjoying the flicker of anger in Harry’s eyes when he saw her unfazed by his insult.

“You did Harry,” she said gently. She continued in a dreamy voice as though she was daydreaming about the possibility of her wedding. “We’re planning a Spring wedding here at Hogwarts so all our friends can come. You’ll be invited of course,” she added with a grin.

“And why would I want to go to a Malfoy wedding? I think I’d rather curse myself,” he said angrily.

“Your loss Potter. I should go,” she said happily taking one last sip of her orange juice. “I’ll see you later ‘Mione,” Rose said leaning over the table and placing a soft kiss on Ron’s cheek. Rose and Hermione chuckled in unison as Ron’s cheeks exploded in a deep blush. Rose sauntered over to the Slytherin table with a smirk feeling Harry’s eyes follow her. She approached Draco on the other side of the hall and took the seat next to him placing her lips on his quickly. She gave him a big grin and watched in fascination as his lips curved up in response. It wasn’t quite as magnificent as his genuine smile, but it was the best she would get in public. Her eyes returned to find Harry’s angry gaze watching her from across the hall. She smirked at the effect she still had on him despite their obvious hatred towards one another.

“Are you ready to meet Mrs. Malfoy?” Pansy asked from across the table.

Rose couldn’t help the protesting thoughts screaming no in her head, but she managed to control them with a small nod. “I must admit I’m quite nervous though,” she said with a small giggle.

“Don’t be nervous love. My mother will adore you,” Draco answered. “Just be sure to act like the proper little pureblood we all know you aren’t,” he whispered in her ear with a laugh. “In fact, she’ll love you forever if you let her pick your dress. Mother loves that kind of thing,” he stated louder for everyone to hear.

“Well, from what you’ve told me, that will not be happening. No princess gowns for me thank you,” Rose laughed.

“You’ll never get the opportunity to feel like a princess after this Rose,” Pansy stated. “I’d go all out and make the best of it.”

“I have every intention of feeling like a princess on my wedding day Pans. I just don’t feel like I need to wear a huge ball gown to look like one. Sometimes less is more,” Rose said despite the fact that she knew Pansy didn’t understand the concept. Her makeup and attire was clearly proof of that.

“Just try to have fun Rose,” Daphne Greengrass laughed. “You tend to overthink things,” she chuckled.

“I do not!” Rose shrieked throwing a scone at Daphne playfully. Daphne laughed furiously. Something about Daphne put Rosevine at ease. She could be herself with Daphne, she could be real-well almost real.

“Hey!” Draco yelled. “I was going to eat that,” he said sulking.

“But Draco! She insulted me. Do you expect me to let her get away with that?" Rose asked faking her best puppy dog eyes.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Draco said sternly. “Did you Blaise?” he asked letting out a small chuckle at his friend’s astonished look. Rose smacked Draco gently across the shoulder.

“Fine,” Rose said continuing to pout. She glared at Daphne when the very same scone hit her in the forehead. Rose motioned to stand.

“Good idea love. We better get going since McGonnagall is expecting us,” he said putting his arm around Rose’s waist. Rose allowed Draco to drag her away from the Slytherin table, but glanced back at Daphne over her shoulder. Trying to fight off the smile threatening to cross her lips, she pointed her pointer and middle fingers at her eyes and then at Daphne, feeling like a complete dork for using that symbol out of every possible threatening mannerism she could have used. Daphne only laughed harder in response and Rose couldn’t control the urge to stick out her tongue. So she did just that. Feeling like a child, Rose couldn’t ignore the irony that she felt like a child as she walked toward the fireplace that would take her to a bridal boutique to shop for a wedding dress. Her wedding dress. She gulped noticeably wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into.

Chapter 27: Hate You
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Rosevine allowed Draco to go through the fireplace first knowing it would give her the opportunity to speak to Professor McGonagall alone. As soon as the flames diminished and Rose was positive that Draco was gone she turned to the Professor waiting for any information she may need.

“You’re doing better than any of the Order could have expected of anyone Rosevine,” McGonagall said after a moment of hesitation. “Your mother would have been proud of you.” Rose felt her heart swell with pride at the thought of her mother being proud of her. In the back of her mind something lurked, telling her she didn’t deserve her mother’s pride. She thought she needed to be miserable if she wanted to be guilt-free about being with Malfoy, and she was anything but miserable. Draco made her laugh, no matter how much of a git he was. Rose nodded to the headmistress in thanks before she stepped into the fireplace and joined the Malfoy family in the bridal shop. She found herself stumbling out of the fireplace and was never more grateful for Draco’s waiting arms. She smiled up at him and maneuvered herself to face the stern looking woman standing in front of her. Rosevine knew it was Draco’s mother because she had been present the day she was condemned to her betrothal to Draco.

“Since you’ve never been formally introduced,” Draco began with a smile. “Mum, this is Rosevine,” he added motioning to the Rose as he tightened his hold on her waist. “Rose this is my mum.”

“It’s very nice to meet you Mrs. Malfoy,” Rose said politely. She removed herself from Draco’s grip and approached Narcissa, placing one kiss on each of her cheeks as a proper pureblood would do.

“Please call me Narcissa. After all, you’ll be Mrs. Malfoy soon too,” she said with a small smile. Rose forced a warm smile despite her panic in response to Narcissa’s reference to the wedding.

“Shall we go? We wouldn’t want to be late,” Draco stated as he took Rose’s hand in his and began his walk toward the nearest clerk. Narcissa followed and took the initiative to ask the clerk for help.

“Excuse me?” she asked politely. The clerk turned to face her with a bright smile. “We have an appointment. The Malfoys,” she said proudly.

“Of course,” the clerk said happily. “Follow me.” He guided the trio to a private room with mirrors and a pedestal. Rose noted the door leading to another room that the clerk would help Rose change in. “My name is Emma,” she said motioning for her customers to take a seat in the three chairs. Narcissa perched on the edge of her seat, while Draco slumped back into his chair in the middle. Rose sat next to him, mimicking Narcissa’s position precisely. “I assume you are the bride?” she asked Rose. Rose nodded with a smile. “The groom and mother-of-the-groom?” she asked the others respectively. They merely nodded politely. “What is it you’re looking for in terms of style?” Emma asked Rose.

“I like simple dresses with a little flair,” she said nervously.

“Well, as a Malfoy a wedding in our family needs to be rich and extravagant. Don’t you agree Draco?” Narcissa asked.

“Of course mother. Rose should look elegant not common,” Draco said. “But surely we can find some compromise between simple and extravagant,” he added. “Just make sure she looks elegant,” he added to Emma. Emma nodded and set out to gather some sample gowns in Rose’s size. Rose was astonished by the number of gowns Emma had brought back, having to make numerous trips in order to carry them all.

“Shall we get started?” she asked Rose when she returned. Rose walked into the room and gazed at all the white fabric around the room. This is going to be a long day. She thought.

Hours later Rose and Draco returned to Hogwarts exhausted. Rose was content with the decision they had reached. Draco had actually been the one to choose the dress—once he saw it on Rose there was no convincing him otherwise, a fact that Rose was grateful for since it was her favorite dress as well.

It was a satin material in a slightly off-white color. They had quickly realized that neither pure white nor cream worked very well with Rose’s deep olive skin tone. It had a sweetheart neckline and was skin tight to her hips. There was ruching and pleating alone the tight upper half slanting towards the left side. On the left side the tight part went to her hips, but on the right it was tight to her knees, creating a diagonal like that complimented and lengthened her body. The bottom half of the dress was loose and flowed into a small train. Crystals adorned the left side of her waist and a piece of fabric was draped from the crystals to add some more personality to the dress.

Rose and Draco returned to their dorm, and Rose immediately stated gathering up her things to go and study with the Golden Trio.

“Why don’t you study with me tonight?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“Because whenever I try to study here all you do is distract me,” she answered with a laugh. Draco sat down on the couch with a huff of annoyance and pretended to pout. Rose couldn’t help but chuckle. She placed a soft kiss on his lips and said, “I’ll see you later love,” before she retreated out of their dorms. She made her way to Gryffindor tower in silence, ignoring the glares of her peers—something she had gotten rather good at as of late.

Rose was surprised to see Ginny sitting with the Trio when she entered the common room, and fought back the twinge of jealousy that crept up when she saw her sitting rather close to Harry. He was free to be with whoever he wanted; she had made sure of that. Ron looked rather uncomfortable with the flirting the two were doing.

“Are you two getting back together?” Rose asked with a smile, being fully aware of their history thanks to Hermione.

“That’s not any of your business Rosevine,” Harry muttered dangerously.

“We’re just friends,” Ginny said sternly. “Harry and I are much better that way,” she added ignoring Harry’s glance of annoyance that she had ruined his act.

“That’s too bad. You’re a cute couple,” Rose said pulling out her charms book. Harry obviously wanted to play dirty, and despite the fact that Rose was aware she had initiated it, she felt the need to provoke him tonight. Probably pent up anger from her day spent dress shopping for a wedding she didn’t want.

“How was dress shopping?” Ginny asked politely. “I can’t wait to go wedding dress shopping,” she added. Rosevine couldn’t hide her look of surprise. She hadn’t been civil to Rose for over a month, since the whole Malfoy debacle began.

“It was wonderful,” she answered forcing a dreamy smile. “I found the perfect dress.” She was vaguely aware of Harry grumbling as he dipped his pen in ink and began his essay.

“What was that Harry? I couldn’t hear you,” Rose said with a sly smile.

“Rose,” Hermione said tentatively. “Please not tonight.”

“Alright ‘Mione. I’ll ignore him for your sake.”

“It would be better if you’d just leave!” Harry shouted angrily.

“Harry, mate, Rose is our friend too. We’re not just going to ask her to leave because you two can’t stop bickering,” Ron answered. Rose smiled into her book at the look of shock that crossed Harry’s features.

“Fine,” he said angrily. “Then I’ll leave,” he added storming into the hall. Ginny made to stand but Rose stopped her.

“I’ll go. It should be me. I’m the one he’s mad at,” Rose added. She didn’t have to go far to find him. He was sitting in a windowsill just outside Gryffindor Tower, staring out the window. Rose approached and sat on the opposite side of the sill and stared at her hands.

“What do you want?” he asked dangerously.

“I’m not here to fight Potter,” she said softly. Harry turned his gaze toward her, albeit hesitantly. “I don’t want to fight anymore. It hurts Hermione and Ron. It makes them miserable. Can we just agree to disagree and stop antagonizing each other? At least around them?” she asked. Harry didn’t answer. “Hell, if you want me to sneak out at night so we can bicker in private I’ll do that for them,” she added.

“Oh, so you can sneak out to fight with me, but not spend time with me?” he asked his anger reappearing.

“What do you want me to say Harry?!” she yelled.

“There’s nothing you can say. I can’t play nice with you, because I absolutely hate you.” Rose restrained the tears that threatened to burst from her eyes at any given moment.
“Please Harry,” Rose scoffed. “You don’t hate me. If you hated me, you wouldn’t hate seeing me with Draco. If you hated me, you wouldn’t feel the need to try and make me jealous of you and Ginny. And if you hated me, you wouldn’t be sitting here looking at me the way you do,” she finished with a turn. She started to walk away, but quickly felt Harry’s hand on her wrist pulling her back. He pushed her into the wall roughly, and Rose resisted her instinct to say ow.

“I do hate you,” Harry whispered dangerously his face above her own.

“Sure you do,” Rose teased in a soft murmur looking into his stunning eyes bravely. Harry gripped her jaw in his hand, and for a second she saw something in his eyes that reminded her of Malfoy. “What are you going to do Potter?” she asked. “Hit me?” Without warning Harry’s lips crashed onto hers.

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Chapter 28: Just Say It
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Rose struggled against Harry’s grip and pushed on his chest until he backed away slightly. “Get off me!” she yelled. She turned on her heel and started to briskly storm away from Harry.

“Rose, please, wait!” Harry shouted at her retreating figure. He followed her and grabbed onto her wrist once more. “I’m sorry.”

Rose reached out and cracked her hand against his cheek, enjoying the immediate flush of color that spread as a result. “Who do you think you are?” Harry growled at her in annoyance and Rose started to walk away again. He spun her around to face him and once again forced his lips onto hers, determined to melt her cold, indifferent exterior. Pushing him away, she yelled “Don’t ever touch me again!” Rose returned to her room that night, and after giving Draco a small smile, she slipped into the bathroom to shower. She needed to escape the complications of her life—however temporarily.

A few days passed, with Rosevine avoiding Harry left and right. She didn’t want to risk his attempts to kiss her or blurting out what he had done in anger. Draco would be furious if he found out, especially since she hadn’t told him yet. Rosevine knew Draco was suspicious of her behavior because she didn’t normally avoid Harry. She would have to tell him; she just couldn’t figure out how to do that and protect Harry at the same time.

Rosevine was torn as Thanksgiving approached. Not that anyone would celebrate with her now, but she missed her yearly tradition with her mother. She didn’t want to fight with anyone on that day; she just wanted to mourn her mother in peace, but she knew a confrontation with Draco was coming. Soon.

Rose was almost grateful when the fight came on the day before Thanksgiving. She had returned from the library, where she and Hermione had returned to studying in her attempt to avoid Harry.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Draco asked quietly.

“For who?” Rose asked.

“For Harry?”

“No, of course not Draco,” Rose murmured.

“Then why are you avoiding him all of a sudden?” he asked angrily. Rose grabbed onto Draco’s hand and guided him to sit on the couch.

“Can you promise to stay calm?” she asked.

“We both know I can’t make that kind of promise.”

“Harry kissed me,” she sighed. Draco instantly shot up from his seat and stalked towards the door in anger. Rose followed him through the portrait hole persistently.

“Draco stop. Talk to me,” she pleaded.

“What’s there to talk about?” he asked.

“It didn’t mean anything!” Rose yelled.

“Don’t lie to me! He’s obsessed with you!” Draco yelled turning to face Rose.

“That doesn’t mean it meant anything to me!” she yelled back.

“I know how you felt about him!”

“Exactly! FELT! How can you be so blind?” she asked astonished.

“What are you talking about?”

“How can Harry mean anything to me, when it’s so obvious that you already have my heart!” Rose shrieked. She stared at Draco and forced herself to cry softly. She needed Draco to believe her; she knew her mission depended on it.

“Is that really how you feel?” Draco asked softly now.

“Why would I lie?” Rose whispered. Draco nodded and appeared to be torn. After a few minutes he closed the gap between them and caressed Rose’s tearstained cheek.

“Don’t cry love. It’s okay,” he murmured. Rose nodded and let Draco hug her to his chest. They stood in silence as people passed by them staring. “Are you okay?” Draco asked.

“I’m just scared,” Rose said quietly looking up into Draco’s eyes.

“I am too,” Draco sighed.

“What do you have to be scared of?” Rose asked angrily. “You got what you wanted. I’m yours, and I’m not even fighting anymore.”

“You really think I have nothing to fear?” Draco asked yelling again as they walked back to their dorm. He ushered her in the portrait hole quickly.

“What could you possibly be afraid of?” Rose asked incredulously. “You have everything you could ever want! I’m marrying a damn death eater!” she screamed.

“Because I’m a Malfoy!”

“What the hell does that mean?” Rose asked.

“Malfoys aren’t supposed to fall in love!” Draco shouted. Rose stared at him in shock.
“What-what are you saying?” she asked.

“I’m saying I fell in love!” Draco yelled again. Rose flinched visibly at his hand motions while he yelled. He approached her and touched her cheek softly. “I’m in love with you Rosevine,” he whispered. Rose shook her head and backed away. “What’s wrong?” he asked confused.

“You don’t. You can’t. I’m everything you hate!” she yelled.

“I do. I love you Rose. When you were cursed, I thought I’d lost you. I’ve never felt worse in my life. I’d rather it was me laying in that hospital bed than you,” he said as Rose shook her head more. “I know you feel it too Rosevine. Just say it. I want to hear you say the words,” he sighed as he reached out and cupped her cheek.

“I. I love you too Draco,” Rose stuttered. Immediately after the words left her mouth she felt dirty. She’d never told a guy she loved him before; she’d never even had a guy tell her he loved her. Draco was her first, and it was all a lie.

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Chapter 29: A Mess of Things
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Rose and Draco walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast the following morning. Rose was quiet, thinking about her mother, and Draco seemed to understand as he didn’t push her to talk. Rose had told Draco all about her Thanksgiving tradition with her mother the night before. Not opening up about what she was feeling just seemed strange after their confessions of love. Draco walked her over to the Gryffindor table like always and planted a soft kiss on her lips. “Happy Thanksgiving love,” he said quietly. Rose let a small smile play on her lips. He really did care for her. “I love you,” he added quickly. Rose didn’t bother to hide the shock that crossed her features. She had never imagined he would say it in public.

“I love you too Draco,” Rose said ignoring the furious whispers that broke out through the Great Hall.

“See you after breakfast,” he said with a smile as he backed toward the Slytherin table.

Rose took her seat next to Hermione without bothering to hide her amused expression when she saw Harry’s stunned face. Hermione looked equally stunned, but managed to regain her composure first.

“He really means it doesn’t he?” she asked quietly.

“I think so,” Rose murmured reaching for a piece of toast and for a few moments they ate in silence.

“What did he mean Happy Thanksgiving?” Ron asked.

“You’ve never heard of Thanksgiving?” Rose asked in surprise. Ron shook his head quickly while he chewed on his eggs.

“It’s an American holiday. I think you would like it very much Ron,” Rose said with a laugh. “Essentially families get together for a giant meal.”

“Harry, mate, we’re moving to America,” Ron laughed. Harry gave a small smile but didn’t laugh. Rose suppressed the guilt she felt in response to his melancholy and continued to eat her breakfast until Draco came to walk her to class. She was emotional enough today without thinking about all the thinks she had messed up since coming here. She murmured her goodbyes to the Trio and left the Great Hall with Draco, hand-in-hand.

Rose walked briskly back to her dorm after her final class, thoroughly frustrated that Draco hadn’t been there to walk her back like he usually did. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing, and if it was death eater related. He could have at least told her not to expect him, at least then she wouldn’t have felt like a bloody fool standing in the hall alone for half an hour. Murmuring the password, she stepped through the portrait hole. When she stepped into the dormitory, she dropped her book bag in surprise.

“Bloody hell,” she whispered. She stepped over to the dining room table and took in the scene in front of her, from the lit candles to the beautiful red plates to the turkey adorning the table. “Draco?” she asked. He poked his head out from the bedroom.

“Oh! You’re here,” he said stepping out into the kitchen area.

“What is all this?” she asked.

“Happy Thanksgiving Rose,” he murmured approaching her. “I-I know it’s not the same. I can’t bring your mother back for this, but maybe, we can start our own tradition? Something we can enjoy with our own children someday?” Rose couldn’t help but gulp at the mention of their children. “I’m sorry. This was dumb,” Draco said frustrated.

“No!” Rose shouted. “I just, I don’t know what to say. This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.” Rose was terrified by the fact that she meant that.

“So, you do like it?” Draco asked.

“I love it,” Rose answered. “Thank you.”

“Anytime love. Anytime.”

As Rose took her seat at one end of the table, she couldn’t help but notice the paradox of the situation. She had made a mess with Harry by not being with him, but she’d made an even bigger mess by doing just the opposite with Draco. She had no clue how she could fix either situation, but somehow she knew that things were going to get worse despite her good intentions.

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Chapter 30: Misunderstood
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“How rude did you have to be to get the house elves to prepare all this food for us?” Rose asked in a light joking tone.

“Oh I was absolutely terrible to them,” Draco said and Rose wasn’t particularly sure he was joking. “I’m kidding,” he sighed seeming to read her thoughts. “They were surprisingly excited about making a Thanksgiving meal. Did you know one of the house elves in the kitchens is from the states? When I mentioned Thanksgiving she was all over it.”

“Did you just say all over it?” Rose asked with a chuckle. “I think my American is rubbing off on you!” Draco scoffed silently.

“Kiki, I think we’re all finished here,” he said sternly.

“Yes, Draco Malfoy sir,” said a small voice as a tiny house elf emerged from the bedroom. She snapped her fingers and cleared away all the leftover food and dishes, leaving a spotless table.

“Thank you Kiki. This was wonderful,” Rose said politely. Kiki nodded with a bright smile.

“Anytime, Miss,” she said disappearing. Rose caught Draco’s eye and glanced down to the table with a slight blush.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked.

“I didn’t deserve this,” Rose sighed quietly, knowing she could never explain to Draco just how much she had deceived him.

“Why not?” he asked.

“What have I done for you that is so great?” she answered quickly. “I’ve been difficult and stubborn.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Draco murmured quietly crossing the room to wrap his arms around her. “You were just being yourself, and that is why I fell in love with you. That’s why I’ll keep doing this kind of thing for you.”

Rose shrugged. “Most people don’t love me because of who I am, not the opposite,” she said quietly.

“Hey,” Draco said getting Rose to look him in the eye. “You may be a little abrasive at first, but once you go deeper you’re beautiful and fragile. That depth that you have is perfect.”

“I’m anything but perfect,” Rose laughed.

“You’re perfect for me.” Rose kissed Draco lightly.

“Hermione is probably wondering if you killed me since I missed dinner. I should go let her know I’m okay,” Rose responded desperately needing to change the subject.

“Alright love. Do what you have to do. I’ll be here,” he said pressing his lips against her forehead quickly. Rose retreaded out the portrait hole hastily and made her way to Gryffindor Tower to look for Hermione. She sped through the halls at the fastest pace she could manage.

“Hermione,” she whispered more to herself than anyone when she walked into the Gryffindor common room. She found her sitting with the trio in their usual spot on the sofa. “Hermione,” she pleaded much louder now. “Can we talk?” she asked. Hermione nodded before setting down her book and guiding Rose up to her dormitory.

“What’s wrong Rose?” she asked softly. Rose simply shook her head before the sobs took over her body and she shook violently with the force of it.


Chapter 31: Rage Filled Souls
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“Come on Rose. Talk to me,” Hermione pleaded placing her arm around her sobbing friend. “What did he do to you?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Rose stuttered.

“Well calm down and talk to me then, please,” Hermione said. Rose took a few deep breaths and collected herself to tell Hermione about her night--how Draco Malfoy had been sweet to her. “I don’t understand Rose. This is good news. He cares for you. Wasn’t that the whole point to all this?” she asked.

“What kind of person do I have to be to do this to someone Hermione?” Rose asked in a strangled cry. “I’m manipulating him!”

“He’s a death eater Rose! Have you forgotten that? He would kill me without hesitating. How can you have any compassion for him?” Hermione responded angrily.

“I don’t know!” Rose yelled. “I just do,” she added quietly.

“Oh my word. You, you’re in love with him aren’t you?” Hermione asked in disbelief.

“Don’t be stupid Hermione. Honestly,” Rose said with a huff.

“Can you honestly say that you feel nothing for him?” Hermione asked with her arms crossed over her shoulders.

“I can’t believe you have to ask me this.”

“Answer the question Rose,” Hermione ordered.

“I feel nothing for Malfoy! For God’s sake you know how I feel about Harry!”

“This isn’t junior high Rose. We both know you can have feelings for more than one person.”

“Draco Malfoy is an impertinent pig Hermione. I just wish I didn’t have to sink down to his level to win this war! This isn’t fair!” Rose shrieked. “Why do I have to give up everything while so many people just sit by and do nothing?!”

“Rose, I know it isn’t fair. I know I will never understand what you’ve gone through for all of us, particularly me, Ron, and Harry. No one will ever know what you’ve done and chances are that you won’t live long enough to see the war end,” Hermione said ignoring the tears mirroring Rose’s. “I’m so sorry that what I’m about to say is going to seem cruel and I’m even more sorry that we both know it’s true,” she added guiding Rose to her bed to sit down. “You’re going to die Rose, and you and Harry are never going to be together. Occlumency is the one thing Harry is rubbish at. Voldemort will learn your secret, whether its Harry’s feelings for you or what you are or even both—he will discover it eventually—if he hasn’t already. And when he does, he will have easy access to you because you’re engaged to one of his most precious little followers, unless you find a way to take Draco down first. This is war Rose, and we’ve got to be willing to sacrifice if we want to win—even if those sacrifices mean losing a piece of ourselves.”

“Please stop,” Rose pleaded with her face buried in her knees.

“You need to hear this Rose. That sweet little girl in you needs to die in order for you to survive. We need you in this war for more than your skills spying on Draco. Don’t let that stupid little ferret take you down. You are stronger than this, you are stronger than him,” Hermione said hugging Rose quickly before standing and opening the dormitory door. Rose stared up at her confused. “You need to leave,” Hermione said, answering her silent question.

“But why?” Rose whispered.

“You can’t do this if you’re friends with a mudblood, the chosen one, and a blood traitor. You have to separate yourself from our world Rose, become all that you hate.” Rose crossed over the threshold with a silent nod. Glancing back Hermione gave her a sympathetic smile that showed heaps of regret. Rose knew Hermione was only doing what she needed to do to protect the people she loved. Rose was just the sacrificial lamb. After Hermione closed the door, Rose made her way down the stairs, through the Gryffindor common room, and began her journey toward the head dorms.
Rose couldn’t help but realize how right Hermione was. She had been naïve to think that she could have been in both worlds and still do this mission the proper way. As she accepted the fact that this was her life now, Rose felt the compassion and guilt fall away in the Hogwarts corridors. The only thing that remained was her rage, and there was only one person flooding her mind—only one person she was plotting against.

Draco Lucius Malfoy.


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Chapter 32: Killing Little Girls
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Rose and Daphne strolled through the dungeons—Millicent, Pansy, and Tracy trailing behind them. Ever since Hermione and Rose had “fallen out,” as she had told Malfoy, a week ago, it seemed like she and Daphne were inseparable. Unfortunately, wherever Rosevine and Daphne went, her cousin and her friends seemed to follow. Rose was actually almost grateful she would be spending her time over Christmas break at the Malfoy Manor instead of with the Parkinsons. Almost.

Rose snapped out of her trance to find herself stumbling into Ginny Weasley of all people.

“Watch it Weaselette,” Rose hissed.

“Jealous much Parkinson?” Ginny returned with a motion to walk away.

“Of what? You and Potter?” Rose spat.

“We both know you two had a thing.”

“We didn’t have a thing Weasley. Potter is obsessed with me, and I’ve turned him down on every occasion. How does it feel?” Rose asked with a smirk.

“How does what feel?” Ginny asked, her ears growing redder by the second.

“Knowing that you’ll never be more than a consolation prize?” Rose responded with a brilliant white smile before turning her back to Ginny and approaching her friends. Ginny stood rooted to her spot in a stunned silence. She knew Rose had been forced to change, but normally when she smiled her eyes lit up the room. Now there was nothing, just cold, hollow, and expressionless orbs staring out into the world.

The Slytherin girls continued walking until they reached the common rooms. Rose quickly sat on Draco’s lap quietly, allowing him to finish his conversation with Blaise and Marcus.

“What are you talking about?” Daphne interrupted taking a seat next to Blaise.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” he answered with a smirk. Rose knew what that meant. Death eater stuff. She couldn’t help the thoughts swarming in her head.

‘Does Draco have a new mission?’ she thought to herself. If this was the first she had heard of it, then she must have been neglecting her own duties more than she realized.

“Draco?” she whispered seductively. “What do you say we go back to our room?” she asked with a suggestive smirk. Draco stared back at her in surprise but nodded quickly. Rose stood smoothly and Draco followed suit, murmuring apologies to his friends for bailing on them sooner than they had expected. As soon as they exited the common room Draco grasped Rose’s hand in his and half dragged her, quickening his pace to a slow jog. Rose forced herself to giggle playfully, ignoring the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. There was no turning back.

They stepped through the portrait hole hastily and Draco backed Rose up into the wall. She could see the hunger in his eyes as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, and it made her feel dirty. She barely had time to process her own panic before Draco crashed his lips onto hers.

She returned his kiss feverishly, only pausing to release a squeal in surprise when he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her into the bedroom, his lips never leaving hers. He lowered her onto the bed gingerly and supported his weight above her.

“Are you sure?” he asked pulling away quickly.

“I want this more than anything,” Rose lied quickly before lifting Draco’s shirt over his head. He made quick work of her buttons, and Rose held back a grimace while she killed the little girl inside her.

Chapter 33: In the Shadow of Your Heart
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Rose woke up naked and sore the next morning—Draco’s arm draped over her waist. Closing her eyes and resisting the urge to cry she peeled his toned arm off her and sat up, placing her feet on the floor.
She stood slowly, resisting the nausea she felt at Draco laying in bed with his chest peeking out from under the sheets. She scurried into the shower when he stirred, wanting to avoid him for as long as possible.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked as soon as she emerged from the bathroom ready to go to breakfast.

“Nothing. Why would anything be wrong Draco?” she asked with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Come on Rose. I know you better than that. Please talk to me,” he pleaded, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind while she played with her hair in the mirror.

“I just, it’s an adjustment that’s all,” Rose lied. “I always thought I would lose my virginity on my wedding night.”

“Well we are engaged. That counts for something right?”

“We aren’t engaged Draco. We’re betrothed. You never asked me for my hand in marriage. You bought me,” Rose said—immediately regretting the bitter words. She was supposed to be getting on his good side, not ruining it by being upset.

“Is that what this is about?” he asked spinning her around to face him. He placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. “I love you Rosevine. What difference does it make how this all started? We love each other now. We want to be together.”

“I know. But what do we tell our kids someday? ‘Oh it’s okay sweetie, mommy didn’t love daddy at first, but she learned to with time?’ That just hardly seems like the story you want to tell your kids,” Rose sighed.

“Rose, our kids will be pureblood. They’ll have arranged marriages too,” Draco said ignoring the look of scorn that crossed Rose’s features.

“You would do that to your own daughter? Marry her off for money?” Rose asked in shock.

“Its tradition Rosevine,” Draco sighed in an annoyed tone.

“Well it’s a stupid tradition!” Rose yelled. “I never wanted this life,” she mumbled, placing her head in her hands. She strode to the couch and plopped down into it.

“I know you didn’t, but it’s what you’re going to get,” Draco muttered angrily. Rose couldn’t fight the look of shock that crossed her features at the sound of his voice. That tone was something she had grown accustomed to not hearing lately. Rose forced herself to look slightly scared.

“So what? You got what you wanted out of romancing me and now the claws come back out?” she asked quietly.

Draco sighed before taking a seat next to Rose. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. It’s just second nature for me. But I’m trying—really trying to be gentle with you,” he responded. “It’s just hard. I want you to be mine--more than anything. I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children, and you still doubt me. You still doubt our relationship,” he added.

“I don’t doubt our relationship!” Rose yelled.

“Then what is it you doubt, because obviously there is something.”

“I-I don’t want to be a death eater Draco. That is one thing even you cannot make me want,” Rose answered.

“So you won’t be. Not all wives of death eaters get the mark. You don’t have to be involved love,” he said cupping her cheek.

“Are you sure?” Rose asked.

“Yes. Most of the men in Voldemort’s ranks actually think it’s more appropriate for the wife to stay out of our affairs.”

“But, if I’m not a death eater, how will I know what’s going on with you?” Rose asked. There it was. Draco looked stunned. “I worry about you. I’m not blind. I know you’re a follower, and I know you probably have some mission. I just, I want to know what is going on with you. I don’t want any secrets between us. Just honesty.”

“I don’t know Rose. I’m not supposed to talk about my death eater business,” Draco mumbled softly.

“No one has to know. Just you and me,” Rose pleaded. “Knowing what you’re up to, it will just give me peace of mind. I would never use it against you. I love you Draco.”

Draco hesitated only a moment before replying, “Alright Rosevine. I’ll tell you everything.”

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Chapter 34: Confessions of a Death Eater
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Rosevine stared across the small void between her and Draco impatiently. She stayed quiet, trying not to ruin the moment or cause him to change his mind.

“How much do you know about last year?” he finally asked softly.

“Just the basics,” Rosevine stated with a small shrug. “You were supposed to kill Dumbledore and you couldn’t do it. So Snape did.”

“The Dark Lord wasn’t pleased with me for that. I was sure he would kill me for being a coward, but he didn’t. He said I was the only death eater at Hogwarts with half a brain,” Draco said with a small chuckle. “Crabbe and Goyle don’t exactly have the intelligence to gather much information, and none of the other Slytherins have been marked yet. And after all, even if I didn’t manage to kill Dumbledore, I did still get the death eaters into the school. He decided to let me live because of that one success and how useful it could be again this year if the opportunity presents itself.” Rosevine gulped despite her attempts to stay quiet. Another attack on Hogwarts?

“I’m supposed to keep an eye on Potter while I’m here. See what he is up to, who his weaknesses are….” Malfoy stopped.

“Are you reporting to him about me?” Rose asked with a distraught look on her face.

“No love. I did in the beginning, but he knows that you and Potter aren’t on speaking terms anymore. He actually might hate you more than he hates me,” Draco said softly. Rose nodded with relief. “Now I’ve been reporting to him that he’s back with the Weasley girl. He’s very happy about that. Kill two birds I suppose.”

“Is that all you’re doing now?” Rose asked.

“It was until a few days ago. Blaise asked me to help him out with his task.”

“Which is?” Rose asked after a moment of silence.

“I don’t know Rose,” Draco sighed.

“He asked you to help him, but didn’t tell you with what?”

“He did. I just don’t know if I should tell you this.”

“Please?” Rose pleaded.

“He was actually hoping you’d be able to help. But I told him it was a hopeless cause.”

“Me?” Rose asked in shock.

“He’s supposed to get close to Granger,” Draco said softly.

“Hermione? Why?!”

“So he can get her alone and kill her. She’s too smart. Too useful to Potter.”

“She’ll never fall for any of his tricks,” Rose sighed.

“I know that, but it’s a task from the Dark Lord. He has to try.”

“Is that everything?” Rose asked, placing her hand over his.

“It is for now,” Draco sighed.

“Will you tell me as soon as anything changes?” I asked.

“Yes. I will. I promise I will,” Draco said, seemingly more cheerful than when the conversation began. Rose couldn’t help but think that he had wanted to be able to talk to someone about his Death Eater business all along. She mentally kicked herself for not pushing the issue sooner.

“I should get going. I have to get to Runes,” Rosevine said slowly. “Can we talk more tonight?” she asked softly.

“We can talk whenever you want love. I promise there isn’t anything else for me to tell you, but we can always talk.”

“Okay. See you at dinner,” she said placing a quick kiss on his lips.

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Chapter 35: Just Say Yes
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Rosevine walked into the Ancient Runes classroom and took her seat before being sure to shoot Hermione a dark look.  Daphne chuckled slightly.

“I would never guess that you used to be friends with the Mudblood.  If only looks could kill,” she laughed.

“Daphne, if looks could kill the Mudblood would have been dead long before I came to Hogwarts,” Rosevine joked in return before Professor Babbling ordered the class to turn to page 95 in their Advanced Rune Translation texts.  After reading through the text the Professor assigned the homework. 

“I want 20 inches of speculation about the origin of the runic symbol for the number seven.  I know this will involve some guesswork and creativity, so I will assign pairs. Since we conveniently have two members from each of your houses, I’ll let you work with your housemates for convenience.”

“I told you being in Gryffindor would come back to bite you,” Daphne laughed.

“Shut up Daphne,” Rosevine said with a glare.  She waited at her desk and let Hermione come to her to discuss their project. 

“Gryffindor common room? After dinner?” Hermione asked hesitantly.

“Why not?” Rose answered, frustration in her voice.  “I can’t wait,” she added sarcastically.

After dinner, Hermione and Rosevine came to a conclusion about their speculation relatively easily. 

“I think the origin has got to be the seven tail feathers on a phoenix,” Rose said.

“Alright. We’ll go with that.  I don’t think the Professor is looking for an exact answer, more just hoping to follow our train of thought.  So as long as we can explain it properly, it works for me,” Hermione agreed.  They worked on their perspective portions of the essay in silence until the common room was empty except for Rose and the trio.  

 “Hermione, you have to be very careful of being alone.” Rosevine warned as quietly as she could manage.

“Why?” she muttered back.

“Because Blaise is supposed to kill you. This year. And if he doesn’t, Voldemort will kill him. He’s desperate.” Rose said in a hushed tone.

“And what did you have to do to gather this information?” Harry asked with a smirk that would rival Draco’s.

“What I have or haven’t done with Draco is none of your business Potter!” Rosevine yelled. 

“Bloody hell, you did! I can’t believe you!  So all that stuff you said about telling him you were saving yourself for marriage was a lie?” Harry yelled in return.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen!”

“How do you accidentally lose your virginity to someone?  Oops, sorry, I didn’t see you there?!”

 “Well not all of us can be perfect little angels Potter!” Rosevine shouted.  “Some of us are human and make mistakes!”

“You think I don’t?!” Harry yelled. 


“I think we should leave,” Hermione sighed, guiding Ron out of the otherwise empty common room.  She couldn’t be more disappointed they were still at eachother’s throats like this.


“You’re such a self-righteous prat!” Rosevine screamed crossing her arms over her chest as she leaned against the wall.


“And you’re nothing but a harlot!” Harry yelled in return advancing toward her spot on the wall.

“Sod off Potter!” 


“You’re so bloody infuriating,” he whispered dangerously, as he placed his hands on the wall on both sides of her head.  Rosevine glared at him, refusing to back down. 


“I hate you,” she sighed.


“I hate you too,” he murmured, his breath hot on her cheek.  Rosevine was painfully aware of the way her rapid breathing was perfectly in tune with his.  Every time her chest rose, Harry’s did as well and their chests touched ever so slightly.  She knew that he was aware of the physical contact as well, when he let out a low growl of annoyance.  She tore her eyes away from his chest and their eyes met. 

Neither of them would allow the hatred to escape their eyes—having put months of effort into this little game they played.  Harry removed his hand from the wall and slid it into her chestnut locks, before grasping a handful of hair in his fist.  Rosevine closed her eyes as he pulled harshly, forcing her head to tilt back.  When she opened her eyes once more, Harry’s lips came crashing down on her own.  Rosevine instantly responded by pushing him away effortlessly, but Harry was persistent.  Finally Harry allowed Rosevine to push him away but stayed against the wall with her. 

“How dare you?” she asked.   Hesitating for only seconds, she tangled her own hand in his unruly jet black hair and pulled his face to meet hers again—roughly pressing her lips onto his.

Rosevine pulled away minutes later—both she and Harry taking quick, deep breaths.  She opened her eyes slowly to find his penetrating green orbs staring back at her.  She hesitated for a moment before shaking her head in disbelief at her own stupidity, her hand covering her mouth.  She motioned to move out from between Harry and the wall. 


Knowing full well she intended to leave, Harry replaced his hand against the wall, trapping her once more. 


“Harry, let me go,” she pleaded. 


“We need to talk,” he sighed.


“There’s nothing to talk about,” Rosevine muttered dejectedly. 


“We just kissed!” Harry yelled.


“Exactly Harry. We JUST kissed,” Rosevine mumbled, being sure to stress the word just. 


“You’re not getting away with this again Rose.  I know you felt that, just like you felt it when this happened before!” he shouted, clearly frustrated.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about Harry.  There’s nothing to feel.”


“Don’t lie to me!”


“Potter, I can’t do this,” Rosevine cried.  “Just let me go,” she murmured, with a clear double meaning.


“I’m not going anywhere this time.”


“I can’t do this Harry.  I’m getting married,” she sobbed.


“We both know the Order would never ask you to go through with this.  Don’t use that as an excuse,” Harry pleaded.


“The Order doesn’t ask me to do anything Harry.  But they don’t discourage it either.”


“You can’t be serious!” he yelled. 


“Just let me go,” Rosevine exclaimed ducking underneath his arm and leaving Harry standing, facing the wall dumbfounded.

He didn’t waste any time before he followed Rosevine out into the hall.  Knowing it was after hours and no one would see them, Harry wrapped his arms around Rose’s waist and lifted her up, throwing her over his shoulder.   He quickly began making his way to the seventh floor. 

“What the hell are you doing Potter?! PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” Rosevine shouted as she pounded on Harry’s back.  She struggled the entire way as Harry carried her to the Room of Requirements. Upon entering the room, Harry promptly tossed Rose onto a soft surface that she didn’t care to identify at the time.  She was far too infuriated to concern herself with the current décor of the room.  She stood quickly, raising her hand to slap Harry as she had in the past.  He stopped her by catching her wrist in his hand and Rosevine suddenly felt smaller.  He grabbed her waist with his other hand and pulled her close to him suddenly.  “This cannot happen,” she said softly.

“Stop. Talking,” Harry ordered in a tone that Rosevine was not accustomed to hearing from him.  Even in all the fights, all the wars they’d had over the past few months, he had never made her feel like he owned her.  That was Malfoy’s territory.  But as much as she hated to admit it, there was something feral in his voice that made him more attractive to her than ever. 

Rosevine opened her mouth to speak, without producing any sound.  For the first time since this war with Harry had started, Rose was speechless. Harry gave a dark smile before putting his lips on hers aggressively again.  Rose not only allowed it, but slowly found herself returning the kiss.  And when Harry picked her up, she did not struggle; she wrapped her legs around his waist and melted into him.

Chapter 36: Regrets
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Rosevine returned to the dormitory late that night in a haze.  She couldn’t find an excuse to tell Draco, so she decided to rely on the half-truth of Harry interfering with their assignment whenever possible.  After walking through the porthole, she found Draco sitting awake on the couch.  Seeing Rose’s tear stained face, he jumped up quickly and crossed the distance between them.  He wiped her tears away with his thumb gently.

“What did he do?” he asked.

“Nothing in particular,” Rose mumbled.  “It’s just so hard to think that a few months ago those people were my friends.  And now, now they absolutely despise me.  They’d love to see me dead.”

“I’m sorry Rosevine.  Haven’t the Slytherins started being nicer to you?” Draco inquired.

“Yes, of course they have.  After you spoke to them most of them treat me like royalty, but.  But it’s not real.  None of them actually like me.”

“I love you.  Isn’t that enough?” Draco asked.

“It’s all I need.  It would just be nice to have a friend besides you.  It’s so hard walking through the halls knowing that no one cares.  If I were to die, only you would miss me.  One person.  That’s a lonely feeling,” Rose sobbed, feeling how truly isolated she had become. 

“Let’s go to bed love,” Draco sighed guiding her to the bedroom.  He crawled under the covers behind her and held her close, brushing off the faint musky smell lurking in her hair.


“You can’t avoid him forever you know?” Hermione asked, surprising Rosevine by approaching her in the abandoned corridor a few days later.

“Avoid who?” Rose asked in an attempt to sound innocent.

“Harry,” Hermione said with a sad smile.  “He’s been asking about you nonstop.  What the hell happened between you two?”

“Nothing,” Rose said a little too quickly.

“Rose you know you’re a terrible liar.  Just tell me so I know where to go from here.”

“I’m ashamed of myself,” Rose whispered in response. 

“What could you possibly be-“ Hermione stopped and placed her hand over her mouth.  “You didn’t.”

“We did,” Rose murmured dejectedly.

“How could you have been so stupid?” Hermione asked angrily.

“I don’t know. One second we were fighting, and the next he was carrying me off to the Room of Requirement.  It shouldn’t have happened, and it can’t ever happen again. I feel terrible.  I mean, he’s with Ginny and I’m with Malfoy.”

“Poor Gin.  How do you plan on getting rid of him this time?” Hermione asked.

“Just, tell him I’m sorry.  That it was all a mistake,” Rose sighed.

“Don’t you think you should talk to him, Rose?  This kind of thing is really important to Harry.  I don’t know if he’s ever,” Hermione started.

“Stop.  I don’t want to know.  I don’t want to know what his sexual history has been or if he’s had any.  It doesn’t change anything,” Rosevine said shooting Hermione a dark look before disappearing down the hall.  “Chances are I’ll be dead soon anyway,” she whispered quietly to herself.

Chapter 37: It Begins`
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Christmas vacation came quicker than Rosevine could have imagined.  She surrounded herself with Draco or Daphne at all times to avoid Harry.  His relentless glances were enough to make the guilt she felt unbearable.  Draco and Rosevine met the Malfoy’s in Hogsmeade, where they used the Floo Network to travel back to Malfoy Manor. After exchanging pleasantries, Draco took Rose’s hand with a smile and began the tour. 

“Isn’t it a little bit, much?” Rose asked as they left the great room and started ascending the staircase. 

“That’s kind of the point love,” Draco answered.  They passed by one closed door without a word. 

“What’s in there?” Rose asked.

“My father’s office.  No need to ever go in there love, only bad things can come of it,” he explained.  “This is our room,” he said a few doors later with a smirk.  He pushed the door open, and Rosevine entered with a smile.   The gray marble walls characteristic of the rest of the house continued into the space.  An emerald carpet, bedding, and curtains added a pop of color, and Rose couldn’t help but think it was typical of Draco to have a Slytherin bedroom.  Across the room from the four poster king bed was a fireplace, the only piece that appeared to add any form of warmth to the room.

“It’s lovely,” Rose sighed. 

“What’s wrong Rose?” Draco asked.

“You said our room, but it’s not is it?  After we’re married, we won’t be living here will we?” she asked hesitantly.

“Of course not! Well, not permanently.  We’ll be staying here until we find a house.  My parents have agreed to buy us one of course, as a wedding present.”

“Oh. Good.”

“Anything else bothering you?”

“No.  It’s just a lot to take in.  My mother may have been a Pureblood, but she abandoned her family.  We never really had much growing up, and this is all so, elaborate.  I was impressed by the Parkinson’s when I first came, and this is much grander than their home.”

“You have the rest of your life to get used to it sweetheart.  I will always take care of you; always spoil you.”

“I don’t need to be spoiled.  I just need you,” Rosevine lied, deciding to lay on the sugar strongly.  Maybe Draco trusted her, but it couldn’t hurt since she needed to do some spy work while she was staying at Malfoy Manor.  Any information she could find would help her in her mission.  

Draco cupped her cheek softly, “well luckily you’ll never have to choose between my love and my money. You will always have both, that goes without saying.”  Rose ignored the pang of guilt that rose up in her.  Draco had come a long way in the few short months she had known him, but it wasn’t enough.  Maybe in a different life they could have been happy together, but his prejudice was too deeply engrained in him.  He would never allow Muggle-borns like Hermione to live freely in this world.  His prejudice would kill him in the end, just as it killed any hope they had of being a real couple.

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Chapter 38: Anger and Frustration
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“I’m going to run and take a shower. Want to join me?” Draco asked softly.

“Would it be alright if I took a look around? If I’ll be staying here for a week I might as well get used to the place.”

“I suppose that would be alright. Just don’t open any locked doors,” he warned giving Rose a kiss on the cheek. As he shut the bathroom door behind him, she stepped out into the hallway quietly. She didn’t risk opening any locked doors with the possibility of Draco emerging from the shower anytime soon. Rose simply wandered down the hallway, past bedroom after bedroom. She didn’t even have time to finish the second story before Draco found her.

“What’s the point in having all these bedrooms?” She questioned as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“When we have parties a lot of our guests stay with us. They often go very late in the night and travelling isn’t practical.”

“Why not?” She asked.

“Have you ever Flooed or Apparated when you’re drunk?” he asked with a laugh.

“No,” She replied.

“It’s a disaster. People either end up in the wrong place or get splinched.”

“Oh,” Rosevine giggled. “Mom never drank.”

“Never?” he asked.

“Not that I saw anyway. She was too paranoid. Always thought her sister or parents would come for her—for us,” She said cautiously.

“Why would they go after her?”

“Pansy’s mum always told her she would do whatever it took to find me. She said that a Pureblood baby like me was too valuable to the Dark Lord’s cause to be taken away by my mother’s decision to be a blood traitor.”

“That is true. Children are very valuable to the Dark Lord. We are the next generation. Our sons will follow after us. Even though we are mortal unlike Him, we can still give him the most important gift we have to offer. Our children.”

“You want to give our children to the Dark Lord?”

“Well, raise them to support him. Then when they’re of age, they’ll want the honor of becoming a death eater.”

“Do you consider it an honor to be one?” Rosevine asked.

“He gave me forgiveness when no one else would. I owe him everything. I’d be rotting away in Azkaban if the Order had gotten ahold of me.”

“I don’t believe that for a second!” She shrieked, surprising herself as well as Draco. “The Order of the Phoenix is a symbol of goodness. Those who serve the light will always offer forgiveness and sanctuary to those who want it.”

“You talk as though you’ve got experience with them,” a deep voice returned from behind us.

“Father,” Draco said, quickly coming to my defense.

“Quiet boy. Let the girl speak for herself,” he replied sharply, holding his hand up for emphasis. “She seems to have no issues with her tongue when she’s with you.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, Mr. Malfoy,” Rose said quickly. “Draco and I are honest with each other as two people soon to be married should be. I trust him to understand the differences between the thoughts I voice and those I would speak in the company of anyone else,” she explained.

“Perhaps you should be more certain you are alone in the future, Miss Parkinson. If someone were to discover your sympathies for the Order, the result would most likely be very painful for you. I would report you to the Dark Lord myself if I had not already invested a small fortune into you. As it is, I have, and my son’s future is now tied to yours. A poor choice in a wife reflects poorly on him, and in turn on me. I suggest you be more careful with that mouth of yours from now on,” he concluded, continuing down the hall. She let out a deep breath she hadn’t known she was holding.

“Draco, I,” she started to apologize.

“Save it, Rosevine. I don’t want your apology. Just hold your tongue from now on,” he replied sharply.

“I made a mistake,” she said sternly. “Why can’t you see how far I’ve come? It’s all been for you! A couple months ago I would have told your father to go to Hell! At least I apologized!”

“It isn’t enough! He’s seen you twice. The first time you slapped me and now it seems as you have ties to the Order of the Phoenix! For all I know you could!”

“That’s absurd Draco! I’m underage! The Order doesn’t recruit underage witches, especially not Pureblooded ones no one knew existed until a few months ago!”

“Why are you so bloody beautiful when you’re angry?” he asked, harshly taking her face in his hands and slamming his lips against her. She returned his feverish kiss with as much heat as she could muster. He took her into his arms and carried her back the way they’d come. Several stumbles and impacts with stone walls later, he pushed the bedroom door open, kicking it closed behind him after he shuffled in. Taking Rose to the bed quickly, his hands ripped off their clothes in his haste.

Every other time she’d been with him he’d made great effort to be gentle. This was different. This was all anger and frustration, and heat and passion. This was the most dangerous version of Draco, because it happened to be Rosevine's favorite version of him.

Chapter 39: Gala
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Rosevine lay on her stomach on top of the covers with Draco’s head resting in the small of her back.  “Remember how we were talking about the parties my family has?” he asked her quietly.

“Of course,” she answered with a small laugh.

“We have an annual gala on Christmas Eve.  It doesn’t usually go as late as the others because all our guests want to go home that night so they can spend Christmas morning at home with their family, but it is very formal.”

“Will there be one this year?” she asked hesitantly.

“Yes.  It will,” he paused.  “It will be rather difficult for you, I would imagine.” 

“Why’s that?”

“All the guests will be friends of my mother and father.”

“Death Eaters?” Rosevine asked

“Of course.  Every last one of them.  And, and the Dark Lord has made an appearance every year since his return,” he answered quietly.

Rosevine gasped, choking on the air she’d sucked in.

“The Dark Lord will be there?!”


“Christmas Eve is the day after tomorrow,” Rosevine sighed.

“I know.”

“Must we attend?  I’m not,” she sighed, not knowing how to voice her fear.  “I’m not ready for this.”

“The Dark Lord is expecting us to be there.  I cannot marry you without his approval,” Draco explained.

“He has to approve the marriage of his Death Eaters?  What business is it of his whom you fall in love with?”

“That’s just it Rosevine.  Marriage isn’t about love for us.  It’s about money, social standing, and blood status.  You have nothing to worry about really.  You’re a Pureblood as sure as any of us, the Parkinson’s are followers in his good graces, and the money part of it comes from my side.”

“This is overwhelming.  Why didn’t you warn me sooner?” Rosevine asked.

“I didn’t want to make you anxious for any longer than I really had to.  It won’t do either of us any good to stress out.  Being nervous is appropriate.  He would be offended if you weren’t nervous and afraid of him.  Just remember, when I present you to him, keep your eyes to the floor until he gives you permission to look at him.  Answer all his questions as a proper Pureblood would.  I’ll explain our decision for you to not join his ranks.  I’ll tell him you don’t have the stomach for killing.  You’re much more of a book worm, which he respects.  He may not find he has a use for you, but that does not mean he will dismiss you.  He is unrelenting in his cause, and as long as I serve him we will be useful to him.”

“I don’t know what to say.  What if he asks about me being sorted into Gryffindor?  That house is for the brave at heart, if we’re claiming I don’t have the stomach for killing then how should I explain that?”

“Tell him you asked to be sorted into Gryffindor.  You don’t get along with you cousin Pansy and couldn’t stand the thought of being in the same house as her.  You didn’t realize the serious implications of what you were requesting from the hat at the time, but you would change it if you could.  You wish you were in the same house as me.  You wish you could have made the Parkinson’s and myself proud and been sorted into Slytherin.”

“Okay,” Rosevine replied quietly.

“We should get dressed.  Dinner will be ready soon.  Tomorrow we’ll go shop for a gown for you for the gala.”

Chapter 40: A Mother's Screams
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Two days later, Rosevine stood in front of the full length mirror in Draco’s bedroom. 


“You look beautiful, love,” he sighed pulling her loose, wavy hair over her shoulder to place a kiss at the base of her neck.  Giving him a small smile in return, she glanced at her reflection.  She had kept her hair and makeup simple, because her dress was anything but.  It was a bright emerald green with a low sweetheart neckline.  The bottom nearly touched the floor despite the silver heels adorning her feet, but the left side was split to her upper thigh.  Despite the rouching, the torso was skin tight on her.


“I look like a Slytherin,” Rose mumbled. 

“You’re about to be introduced to the Dark Lord and all his followers.  It can’t hurt,” he said with a humorless laugh as he drew Rose out of the room.  Taking his arm in hers, she allowed Draco Malfoy to lead her through the halls of the manor.


“Draco,” Rosevine pleaded.


“You’ll be fine Rosevine.  Just look to the floor unless he tells you otherwise.”


“Please don’t make me do this, Draco.”  She was good at her Occlumency, but she had no pretenses about being able to keep Voldemort out of her head.  There were so many things he could find that would not end well for her.


“I don’t have a choice in this.  Just let me do as much of the talking as possible.”  Rose nodded silently, unable to help the panic flooding her senses.  As Draco looked down at her, she found herself wondering if she would ever look into his grey eyes again.


“He’s ready for the two of you,” Lucius called from outside his study door.  Draco released Rose’s hand and walked through the door.  Only a moment later, Lucius and a man with shaggy brown hair each grabbed ahold of one of her elbows roughly.  They pulled her into the room and pushed her to her knees beside Draco.  She stared at the floor in front of her, remembering Draco’s advice from moments ago.


“So this is the daughter of a traitor you had to conquer, young Malfoy,” a familiar, hissing voice said in front of Rose.  “Ah yes,  I thought you might recognize my voice, child.  Do you remember hearing your mother’s screams from the closet I locked you in?  Or is my voice promising to spare you the more vivid memory?” Lord Voldemort asked, placing a taloned finger under her chin and tilting her face up to look into his haunting eyes.


Draco turned to look at Rosevine in shock, but Rose’s eyes remained fixed on Voldemort.  Biting back the anger throbbing in her heart, Rose held onto her control.


“You look just like her,” Voldemort sighed.  “I knew her fairly well when she was young, you see.  Just as I did your aunt.  Your mother possessed a gift that made her especially interesting to my cause.  Did you inherit that gift, I wonder?”


“I know what my mother was,” Rose snapped.  “If she was so interesting to you why did you hunt her down and kill her?” Rosevine asked in a small show of defiance.


“She would never have served me.  I could not risk her aiding the Order.”


“Her power died with her.  I never inherited her abilities,” Rosevine said honestly.  Her mother’s magic had been like a card trick compared to what Rose had been born with. 


“You understand I’ll have to test that,” Voldemort said, hissing a “crucio” under his breath afterwards.

Chapter 41: What Makes A Father
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Rosevine threw her hands up to cradle her head as the throbbing pain burst through her skull.  The sharp pain continued through her body, piercing every inch of her flesh.  She knew she was screaming, but all she could think of was the grip she had on her power slowly loosening.   Finally, it slipped through her fingers, exploding into the room around her. 

The pain stopped.  Suddenly.  She staggered to her feet through the aches of her muscles protesting her every move.  She looked around the room momentarily, surveying the damage she had created.  Voldemort, Draco, Lucius, and the other Death Eater lay on their backs, unconscious or dead. She couldn’t be sure which.  Her eyes lingered on Draco’s limp form, a heavy knot forming in her stomach at the sight of him laying so very still.  She had to leave.  Once the Death Eaters outside that door realized that something was wrong they would bust through the door and find their leader lying unconscious beside her.   It was only a matter of time before Voldemort woke up.  His Horcruxes would ensure that.  And when he did, he would realize what she was.  He had wanted her mother’s magic and killed to keep her from fighting against him.  What he would do to gain her power was unthinkable—death would be the best outcome for her if she stayed.  After seeing one small release of her abilities, he would realize she was the one from the prophecy.  The girl of the Elements and wolves will lead Potter to his vengeance.  A knock on the study door brought her out of her trance. 

Sensing movement at the window, she took the chance and made her way to it as quickly as her body would allow.  “Remus?” she asked, throwing the window open.  “What are you doing here?”

“I’m not about to lose my only daughter, working for the Order or not.  Minerva may be willing to gamble with your life, but I am not.  Hop on,” he said motioning to the back of his broom.  Rosevine swung her leg over the broom as she climbed out the window.  “Hold on tight sweetheart,” Remus murmured softly.  They flew all the way to Hogwarts, Rosevine on guard the entire time, waiting for Death Eaters to attack at any time.  But they never did.

Remus landed just outside the entrance to the school.  Rosevine was exhausted, but she let her father take her hand and lead her through the castle toward the Headmistress’ office. 

“Remus, I can’t,” she sighed.  “I can’t go up there.”

“I’ll help you,” Remus replied motioning to carry her up the stairs.

“No! I mean, I can’t go up there and tell her I’ve failed.  I didn’t manage to gather a single piece of useful information.  Everything I did was for nothing,” Rosevine sobbed.

“Don’t cry, Rose,” Remus said guiding her to sit on the floor.  “Hermione survived an attack from Zabini because you warned her it was coming.  You saved your best friend’s life,” he murmured into her hair as she reduced herself to a sniveling mess in his shoulder.

Chapter 42: Always Be Mine
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“Rosevine? What happened?” McGonagall asked striding through the hall to her place against the wall with Remus. 


“I’m sorry, Professor.  I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.


“Are you alright?” she asked in concern.


“No, but I will be.”


“Do you need Madame Pomfrey?”


“I’ll heal soon enough on my own,” Rose sighed.


“Well, then let’s go into my office and speak more privately.   You never know who is listening down here.”


“Her cover is blown, Minerva.  There is no secret left to protect,” Remus sighed.  “She can never go back there.”


“Even still, I would much rather we have this conversation in my office,” she said leading the way up the private staircase.  Rosevine followed the Headmistress hesitantly, Remus never leaving her side as she staggered up the stairs.  “Now, tell me what happened,” she continued as Remus and Rosevine took their seats across from her.


“I met Voldemort.”  Remus’ head snapped to look at her, and she knew in that moment that he hadn’t seen everything that transpired in the Manor.  Like the other Death Eater’s in the house he had probably heard her power crash into the Manor walls.  McGonagall nodded through her surprise, signaling Rosevine to keep going.  “Malfoy said he needed to approve of our union, even though I was not to become a Death Eater.  He had to approve of my heritage for breeding with Malfoy.”  Rosevine paused as both the Professor’s closed their eyes, appalled.   “He knew about my mother.  He knew she was an Elemental.  He-he’s the one who killed her.  I never got to ask why he let me stay free.  He used the Cruciatus Curse on me to see if my power would protect my body, and it did.  By the time I got to my feet, every one of the Death Eaters in the room was out cold.  If Remus hadn’t been keeping an eye on the place, I would probably be dead by now.”


“He would want you alive, Rosevine.  Even if you refused to fight for him.  He had to approve your marriage to Draco Malfoy?  What better heritage is there than someone who can breed elemental children to be raised by his followers?” McGonagall said, voicing the thought Rose had been silencing all night.


Rosevine kept to herself in a private room for the remainder of the Christmas Break.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione had stayed back like they usually did.  Despite the change of circumstances Rose wasn’t ready to see Harry.  She wasn’t completely ready to let go of her mission.  She couldn’t help but feel like maybe she could regain Malfoy’s trust, even though she knew deep down it was futile.  If he didn’t already suspect she was a member of the Order, he would now.  How else would he explain her escape from Malfoy Manor? 


As the students returned to Hogwarts, Rose started to venture out of her room more.  She didn’t know where she belonged at this point, only that she could no longer sit at the Slytherin table.  The rest of the school hated her, especially the Gryffindors.  Rosevine wandered the halls of Hogwarts, not really knowing where she was going.  Students glared as she passed, but she knew it was only a matter of time before the entire school knew of her mission.  And her failure.  Before long, she found herself wandering the seventh floor corridor she had so avidly avoided before the break.  The memory of Harry carrying her through the halls of this place was still so freshly engrained in her that it took her breath away momentarily.  She sat on the floor with her back to the wall, the bottom of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy attempting to teach trolls ballet skimming her neck.


 “Rose?” a familiar voice said coming out of the Room of Requirements. 


“Hi Harry,” Rose sighed sadly, knowing she couldn’t evade him this time.  Sensing her resignation, Harry took a seat next to her on the floor, allowing just enough space so that the two weren’t touching. 


“We have to talk about this,” he said softly.


“No. We don’t. Really Harry.  We can just leave this and forget about it,” Rose answered.


“Is that what you want?” Harry asked sadly.


“It’s not about what I want.”


“It can be.  It is your life now Rose.  Take it back.  Don’t let what happened with him stop you  from being happy,” Harry encouraged, placing his hand on top of hers as Rosevine shook her head sadly.  “Rosevine, what happened between us, it was….” Harry started.


“Please Potter, do continue.” Rose stood quickly and turned her head to face the worst scenario, his white blond hair standing out in the darkness as he emerged from the shadows of the hallway. 


“Draco, it’s not,” she pleaded.


“It was what Potter?”


“Amazing,” Harry responded to Rose’s horror.  Without any hesitation, Malfoy crossed the distance between the two men and punched Harry on the nose. 


“I would have cursed you, but I’d rather kill you with my bare hands.  I want to feel the life leave you.  Do you understand me?” he asked in a calm, detached voice that frightened Rose more than his anger would have.


“Draco, please,” Rose pleaded.


“Quiet Rosevine.  I’ll deal with you later.”  Turning back to Harry, he approached him where he was trying to heal his nose.  “Don’t bother Potter.  A broken nose will be the least of your problems when I’m done with you.”


“Draco,” Rose said grabbing onto his arm.  “Stop this.  I’m not yours to fight over.”


 “You don’t get it do you?  You will always be mine,” he said pushing Rosevine off him.  She slid across the stone floor on her side, Harry hurrying over to her to be sure she was unharmed.


“I’m fine,” Rosevine said shaking him off in defiance.


“I take it Voldemort approved our marriage,” she asked with a mock laugh.


“Of course he did,” he laughed dryly.  “He needs that blood in your veins.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you shagged Potter.  What’s one more lie to you?”


“What was I supposed to do?  Tell you I’m an Elemental?”


“You were supposed to love me, but that was all a lie too.”


“Of course it was,” Rose said, lying to herself.  “How could I ever love someone like you?”


“Love me or not, you belong to me.  Just you wait until the Dark Lord gets his hands on you,” Draco said turning on his heel and leaving Harry and Rosevine alone in the corridor. 


“How dare you tell him?!  Maybe I could have still made this mission work!”


“Rosevine, you’ve got to be kidding.  It’s far too dangerous for you now.  McGonagall will never allow it.”


“It’s not her decision to make Harry.  Like you said, it’s my life.”

Chapter 43: The Condition of Loneliness
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When she wasn’t in class, Rose retreated to her dorm immediately for the next couple days.  McGonagall had explicitly forbidden Rosevine from going anywhere near Draco Malfoy.  She was bitter at Harry for telling her what she was considering.  She knew he was right; it was too dangerous for her now, but that didn’t stop her wounded pride from not wanting to see him.  As the days passed she got lonely.  She missed Harry, Hermione, and Ron.  She’d been so mad at Draco for taking them all away from her and now that she was finally free to be herself she was sulking in her room.  Making up her mind, she bolted from her dorm.


“Remus?” Rosevine asked when she skidded to a halt inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.  He turned to look at her, his eyes voicing the words he didn’t say.  He was terrified for her safety.  It made what she was about to do even easier. “Can we go somewhere and talk?”


“Of course,” he said leading her into his office behind the classroom.  “Take a seat,” he said motioning to the chair in front of his desk.


“I’d rather stand,” she sighed, pacing around the office.


“What’s wrong Rose?” he asked, concern spreading over his aging features. 


“Well, I-erm, I know we don’t know each other very well.  But now that I no longer have to hide who-what I am,” she corrected herself.  “I was wondering,” she stopped.  A moment of silence stretched between them; Remus waiting for Rosevine to find the words to ask him what was on her mind.   “I don’t want to be a Parkinson,” she blurted out.  “So I was hoping I could, maybe be a Lupin?” she asked nervously.


“Rose you already are a Lupin,” he laughed.  “But if you would like to change your name to Lupin that would make me very happy.”


“Really?” Rose asked surprised.


“Of course.  If I had known about you, I would have taken you in after your mother died.  You never should have been forced to become a Parkinson,” he grumbled, clearly angry. 


“How do I go about changing my name?” Rosevine asked.


“Professor McGonagall and I will arrange for the paperwork to be sent here,” he explained.


“Okay.  I suppose I better get going before I miss dinner,” she sighed.


“Rosevine?” Lupin asked.  “Harry and I have private lessons on the weekends.  Would you be interested in joining us?” he asked nervously, wanting to do whatever he could to keep her safe.


“I’d like that,” Rosevine said. 


“Talk to Harry and figure out when a good time would be for the two of you.  We can meet as many times a week as you two would like,” he sighed in relief.


“He and I will discuss it tonight, Professor,” Rosevine smiled, before running out of the room again.  Remus shook his head with a quiet chuckle.  He knew exactly where she was going.


She ran through the hallways, not caring who she passed. 


“Sorry!” she yelled joyfully when she ran into Pansy.  Pansy looked utterly confused at not only the apology, but also the smile plastered on her cousin’s face.  Knowing Rose and Draco had a fight, she had expected Rosevine to be as miserable as Draco seemed to be as of late.


“What are you so happy about?” she asked when Rosevine paused.  Rosevine slipped the ring off her left finger happily.


“Give this to Malfoy?” she asked setting the ring in the pocket of Pansy’s robe.


“Rosevine Parkinson, you can’t just give me your engagement ring!” Pansy shouted after her.


“That’s Miss Lupin to you thanks!” Rose shouted as she continued her run down the hall.  “Fiddlewicks,” she said gleefully to the portrait of the fat lady.  Strolling into the Gryffindor common room, she spotted Harry by the fire with Ron and Hermione.  When he cast a wayward glance her way her eyes met and she held up her now empty ring finger.  Realization dawning in his eyes, Harry stood up and crossed the room.


Harry scooped Rosevine up in his arms, spinning her in a circle through the air.  Her contagious smile spread to his own face before he placed her on the ground, cupped her face in his hands, and collapsed his lips on  hers—ignoring the cheers from their housemates.




Chapter 44: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit
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Rosevine strolled down the corridor happily on her way to meet Harry and Remus for training.  Suddenly she was pushed into an empty classroom next to her, making her squeal slightly in surprise.  She stood up quickly, taking a defensive stance.  Malfoy approached her slowly, and Rosevine fought the surge of anger she felt at seeing him smirk.

“Move out of my way Malfoy,” she said calmly as she backed into the wall.  She didn’t know how much Malfoy or Voldemort knew about her powers, so she put the effort into maintaining her helpless act.  If they thought she was weaker than she was, she wanted to make sure it stayed that way.  For all they knew, she didn’t know how to use them.  The night in the Malfoy Manor could have been a fluke. Malfoy walked up to her taking up his favorite trapping position—placing his hands on the wall to both sides of her head.

“You really shouldn’t have disobeyed me Rose,” he murmured caressing her cheek.

“And why not?” she teased.

“Because you just made things difficult for yourself.  This is war—a war that you won’t win,” he laughed.  “In the end, Potter will be dead, and you’ll be my wife.”

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” Rosevine said glaring up at him.

“I’m not afraid of Potter,” he spat.

“Who said anything about Harry?” she challenged before ducking under his arm and striding to the door. She paused for a moment in the doorway and looked back to Draco momentarily, considering trying to convince him it needn’t be this way.  Seeing his smirking, dangerous face glaring back at her, she knew it was pointless for now.  She settled for releasing a tiny bit of her power, just enough to let her eyes show who she really was underneath her control.  She saw Malfoy’s face falter, even if it was only for a moment, and knew her threat had been clear.  She left the room after that, quickly reigning in her power. 


The rest of her journey to the Room of Requirement was uneventful.  She knew she was stupid to bait Malfoy with her abilities, but she needed him to understand she was stronger than him.  If it came down to it, she would protect herself and her friends at whatever cost it came with to her own life.  Even if it meant revealing just how strong she was.  Maybe if he understood her strength, he wouldn’t be so quick to threaten her. 

“There you are, Rosevine,” Harry said.  “Professor Lupin was starting to get worried,” he added with a chuckle, approaching her immediately after she entered.  He placed a kiss on her cheek softly, causing a blush to spread across her cheeks. 

“Shall we get started?” Remus asked with a knowing smile.

“Absolutely,” Rose answered awkwardly at her father having seen her boyfriend’s display of affection.

“If you two intend on fighting next to one another during the war, which I expect you do, I think it is important for you to show Harry exactly what you are capable of, Rosevine,” Remus replied.

“I’ve seen Rosevine use her powers,” Harry said a bit defiantly.

“I doubt what Rose has shown you compares to what she bottles up,” Remus answered.  “If she is anything like her mother she’s never shown anyone.”

“Is this true?” Harry asked.

“Yes,” Rose answered nonchalantly. “It’s always been far too dangerous to let my walls down completely.  What you’ve seen is nothing, Harry.  I’m an Elemental.  What I showed you was something a witch could achieve.  Lowering my walls enough to release my Elemental Curse changes me.  It changes everything,” she explained.


“You’ll see.  This isn’t really something I can prepare you for.  It isn’t pretty.  It isn’t natural.”

“Show us Rosevine, you’ll be safe here.  It is just Harry and I.  No one to see you.”  Rosevine nodded silently, and took a step back from her father and boyfriend.  She closed her eyes slowly, inhaling a deep breath.  When she released it, she let her power go with it.  She felt the energy around her change, and opened her eyes, preparing for the shock on Harry’s face when she did.  He looked startled but didn’t stop looking at her as she stared back at him.  She knew what he was seeing.  Her green and red eyes were gone, replaced by glowing amber orbs with flecks of jade and crimson scattered through her iris.  For a moment nothing existed but Harry.  She was so afraid he would be appalled by her appearance.  Unwillingly she felt the furniture around her levitate from her anxiety.  She put her face in her hands, prepared to pull her power back in even though she hadn’t really done anything yet.  She felt Harry’s hands pull them away. 

“You’re beautiful,” he said caressingly.  “Even more so like this, because this is you.  This is the real you, without controlling who you are,” he added, stroking Rosevine’s cheek with the back of his hand.  Rose glanced to Remus and saw him grinning back at her. 

“You look so like your mother in this state.  I’m so happy you decided to share this with us,” he said, and Rose caught a gleam of a tear on his face. 

“I can feel your power.  It’s everywhere,” Harry said in awe.

“The elements are everywhere.  Air, water, fire, earth, and spirit.”

“Spirit? Like ghosts?”

“No.  Like the energy in all living things. Life itself,” Rose explained.

“I didn’t know that was an element,” Harry returned.

“It’s not generally considered one.  But elementals have domain over it.  Just like the others, I can manipulate it with nothing more than a thought, but spirit comes with a price.  To give life it must be taken, and to take life it must be given.  It’s unpredictable at best.”



Chapter 45: What it Feels Like
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                “What do you mean it’s unpredictable?” Remus asked hesitantly. 

                “My mother never told you?” Rosevine questioned suspiciously.

                “You know she never really got control over Spirit.  She really only had domain over water.  I suppose she didn’t think it was important to talk about the parts of the Curse she hadn’t been given.”

                She nodded in agreement.  “Spirit is all about life, so naturally it has a mind of its own.  When you bring someone back to life, if it even works properly, it’s likely to kill off someone of equal value to you.  When you use spirit to kill someone, it’s likely to bring back someone else you want dead just as badly.   It has a very cynical sense of humor.”

                “Have you ever used it?” Harry asked.

                “No, and I never will.  Spirit is much better left alone.”

                “What does it feel like?” Harry asked in wonderment.


                “All of them,” he laughed.  I smiled at him.

                “Spirit is like a hum of electricity beneath your skin, like if I were to touch you like this,” Rosevine said, taking his hand in hers.  “I could reach into that power and be surrounded by static.” She finished.  “Fire is heat.  It is pure, smoldering heat just waiting for me to light it,” she said producing a small fire in the palm of her hand and extinguishing it just as quickly.  “Water is the opposite.  It’s cool and refreshing and fluid—always begging to expand,” she added with a flick of her wrist, watching as the water from Remus’ glass swirled through the air.

                “And Earth?”

                “Earth has a little bit of Spirit in it, because it produces life, but it’s more than that.  It’s heavy and solid and warm—a little like being underneath a really heavy, comfortable blanket in the middle of winter,” Rosevine said in an attempt to explain things she’d never put into words, watching one of the flowers in the room grow at her touch.

                “Air?” Remus finished.

                “Air is freedom.  It’s everywhere and the easiest to call up.  It’s the feeling of being in a wide open space, with nothing to restrict you,” she said with a twirl of her finger, creating a light breeze on Harry’s face.

                “Would you change it?  Would you give back your curse?”

                “I would.  It takes so much energy to control and hide this all the time.  I love dropping my walls and being like I am now, but the opportunity to do so comes so rarely.  It calls to me all the time, you know?  When I’m controlling it, I can feel every element around me.   I can feel everything, and I can’t touch it.  Once you know what it feels like, to literally feel the elements on your skin, its addicting.  It takes every bit of strength I have to keep it locked up within me.”

                “It sounds beautiful,” Remus said.

                “It is.  That’s half the problem,” Rosevine said with a light laugh.  “It’s almost time for dinner,” she sighed in disappointment.   Remus gave her a light smile in understanding.  He knew she would have to draw her power back in, and hated that she couldn’t just be herself.  She closed her eyes, summoning her power back beneath the surface of her skin.  She felt her eyes shift, and knew when she opened them they were green once again. 

                “Do you think the day will ever come?  When you won’t have to hide?” Harry asked.

                “I think that day is coming.  The only reason I hide is because of Voldemort.  He already knows what I am, he just doesn’t know that I know how to control it.  As soon as he does, I’ll be free,” Rosevine sighed in relief at the prospect of that time coming.

                “People will judge you.  Just as they do a werewolf,” Remus sighed. 

                “Let them.  This is who I am.  I can’t change that, and I shouldn’t have to.”


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Chapter 46: The Rubbish Witch
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Rosevine still had not grown accustomed to all the people staring at her as she walked into the Great Hall for lunch a few days later with Harry holding her hand.  Even though weeks had passed since she had ended her engagement to Draco Malfoy and her classmates had been given plenty of opportunity to accept Rosevine and Harry as a couple, there were quite obviously those who still hated her.  She had been downright cruel when she was with Draco, so she couldn’t exactly blame them after all.  And as if her change in relationship status hadn’t been gossip-worthy enough, there was the revelation that she was Remus Lupin’s daughter to top it all off.  She went from a Pureblood family and engaged to the Prince of the Dark Lord’s ranks to being the daughter of a werewolf and dating the Chosen One overnight.  She understood why people still stared.  It just didn’t make it any easier for her to deal with. 

                She and Harry sat down across from Ron and Hermione and Harry immediately delved into a plate of sandwiches and crisps.  Rosevine grabbed some fruit and poked at it with her fork tiredly.  “It will get easier Rosevine,” Hermione said with a small sigh. 

                “No. It won’t.  It will never get easier for me.”

                “Wha are you lot talkin’ ‘bout?” Ron asked through his mouthful of food.

                “Rose struggled with today’s Transfiguration lesson,” Harry explained.

                “I struggle with every lesson,” she clarified.  “I’m a rubbish witch, and it just gets worse as I get older and the other thing gets stronger,” she explained, alluding to her Elemental power.  “I won’t be able to fight like this.  I will have no choice but to reveal myself, because I’ll die if I don’t.  I’ve messed everything up.  My mission with Draco was a complete failure.  Now I’ll probably mess up the big reveal McGonagall has planned for the Final Battle,” Rose sighed, placing her head in her hands. 

                “All of this is out of your control Rose,” Hermione said reassuringly.  “Regardless of how He learns that you know how to use your gift, you will still be instrumental in keeping Harry alive.  You know McGonagall wants you to be the last protection for Harry.  She wouldn’t give you that kind of responsibility if she didn’t have faith in you.”

                “I just hate this limbo that I feel like I’m stuck in.  He knows what I am, but not that I know what I can do.  It’s just frustrating.  I want to be who I am and not care what anyone else thinks.” 

                “It’s only a matter of time.  For now, don’t worry about the practical aspect of your studies. We all know that part of school is sort of futile for you.  McGonagall knows why you struggle.  She isn’t going to fail you for it, Rose,” Hermione laughed.  “Besides, the Auror program will be thrilled to have you after the War is over.  You, Harry, and Ron will all have a wonderful career ahead of you.”

                “You should be an Auror to ‘Mione.  You would be incredible,” I said in return.

                “We both know books have always called to me more than war and fighting.  I would much rather be the intelligence behind the scenes that keeps you three alive.”

                “So nothing will change then, eh mate?” Ron asked Harry with a smile.

                “I hope some things change,” he said glancing at me cryptically. “But the four of us working together will never change.”


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Chapter 47: Stolen Moments
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Harry pulled Rosevine behind the statue of the one-eyed witch suddenly, causing a schoolgirl-like giggle to release from her throat.  Leaning against the wall, she allowed Harry to press his own smiling lips against hers.  She had come to yearn for more of these moments—just the two of them, huddled against one another.  It was almost as though for just a few moments, it didn’t matter who—or what—either of them were. 


His kiss was gentle at first, as it had been since the day she truly became his.  Sometimes she missed the ferocity he had shown that night in the Room of Requirement, because most of the time he touched her like he might break her with one touch.  But she was determined to break him of that mindset.  He pulled away slowly, murmuring a quiet “you’re so beautiful” as he stared into her eyes.  She dropped them shyly, tucking a stray hair behind her ear and giving Harry a tiny smile in thanks.  “Especially when you smile like that,” he added.


                “Like what?”


                “Like you have no idea how breathtaking you really are.”  Not knowing how else to respond to his confession, Rose grabbed a fistful of Harry’s robes, wrapping her free hand around his neck.  Pulling him to her, she crashed her lips to his, enjoying the delay of shock before he responded.  He tangled his hand in her hair and succumbed to the intensity of Rose’s kiss.  “Bloody hell, Rose.  I-” he started as he pulled away from Rose with a smile that disappeared as he caught himself from saying whatever it was that was on the tip of his tongue. 


                “You what?” she asked gently.

                “I-I have to go,” he sighed, leaving Rose dumbfounded in the corridor. 



“Harry, what’s wrong mate?” Ron asked as Harry raced into the Common Room.  Quickly glancing around to be sure he was alone with Hermione and Ron, Harry made a beeline for his friends.  

“Promise me you won’t say anything to Rose,” he pleaded.

“Harry, what-?” Hermione started.

“Just promise me!”

“Alright.  I promise,” she said urgently.

“Me too mate.  You know that.”

“I- I almost just. I almost told Rose that I love her,” Harry blurted.

“What?!” Hermione whispered with her tone full of shock.

“What do you mean you almost told her?” Ron asked.

“Well, I caught myself before I said it, but she knew I was about to say something.  I didn’t know what to say, so I- I just left her there.”

“Left her where?” Hermione asked.

“In the corridor.  Behind the one-eyed witch.  We were kissing before I-before I blew it.”

“Harry, how could you do that to her?  I know you were embarrassed, but can you begin to imagine what is going through her head right now?”

“I know, ‘Mione. I know.  I’m going to the dormitory.  I can’t see her right now.  Just tell her I got sick really suddenly and didn’t want her to see.”

“Harry, just tell her the truth!  Making her think kissing her makes you sick is far, far worse than being the first one to say I love you!” Hermione shouted at Harry’s retreating figure as he climbed the staircase. 

Despite her reservations, Hermione kept quiet while Ron told Rosevine exactly what Harry had asked of them.  When Ron went to the dorms to check on Harry, Rosevine turned to Hermione quickly.

“What’s really going on?”

“I don’t know,” Hermione lied, even though she hated herself for it.  “He didn’t really seem sick, but there was definitely something wrong with him when he came racing through here.  He wouldn’t say anything about it.”

“What did I do?  I don’t have any clue what I did to make him so upset with me,” Rose cried softly.

“I’m sure you didn’t do anything, sweetie. Harry’s always been a little moody,” Hermione brushed off with a laugh.  “He’ll be fine tomorrow.  You’ll see.”


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Chapter 48: Meeting Teddy
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Rose hurried into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, eager to spend some quality time with Remus now that Harry had continued to avoid her since the previous night.  She shoved the door open in frustration, mumbling to herself like a lunatic as she did so.  “Remus, I-” she started to say, stopping when she saw that he was not alone.  “Oh gods, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have barged in like this.  I’ll leave you to it,” she said hurriedly, making her way back to the door.

“No, Rose, it’s quite alright,” Remus said with a smile.  “I think it’s time you three met.”  Turning on her heel, Rose glanced at the woman standing there holding her father’s hand.  She knew she had no right to feel the way she did in that moment, but thoughts of her mother swam through her head endlessly.  “This is my wife, Tonks,” he said softly, seeming to notice Rose’s reaction.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Rose sighed, forcing her anger to abate. 

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Rose,” the woman said with a bright smile.  Her eyes twinkled with mischief, but the effect of them was lessened considerably by the strength of her pink hair.

“I wish I could say the same,” Rose laughed, but she casted a glare in Remus’ direction. 

To Rose’s astonishment, Tonks laughed with her.  “Well, in his defense, this is a rather uncomfortable situation for him.  How does one tell his newly discovered daughter about his new wife?”

“I suppose,” Rose said, but she still didn’t feel very forgiving. 

“This is our son Teddy,” Remus sighed, holding the baby in his arms.  “Your brother.”

“I have a brother?” Rose asked in astonishment.  Tonks and Remus both nodded in her direction, as Remus handed his son over to his wife.  “I have a bloody brother and you never told me?!” Rose shrieked at Remus, stomping over to him in disbelieving anger.  She pounded on his chest.  Eventually her force weakened and her anger turned to sobs.  “How could you not tell me?” she asked more softly as Remus wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair while she cried into his shoulder. 

“I’m sorry,” he said, and he let Rose cry herself calm.


An hour later, Rose was walking through the halls of Hogwarts, Teddy laughing in her arms as she made faces at him.  She strolled into the Gryffindor Common Room in a daze, letting Teddy’s tiny hand grasp her index finger.  She knew it was only a matter of time before Remus and Tonks came to collect him for Tonks to take him back home, and she couldn’t help but be surprised by how sad she was that she wouldn’t be able to see him regularly. 

“Rose, is there something we should know?” Hermione joked lightly.

“This is my brother,” Rose laughed.

“Remus and Tonks have a son?” she asked.

“Apparently.  His name is Teddy,” Rose said. 

“He’s adorable,” Hermione said, coming closer to meet the little smiling boy.  “He likes you,” she observed.

“I’m rather fond of him myself,” Rose answered quietly. 

“Bloody hell, you’ve got that look girls get over babies.  Have you gone mad?” Ron asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Ronald.  I’m seventeen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t adore my precious baby brother,” Rose muttered.  “Does it?” she asked in a sing song voice, turning to the bundle in her arms.  He cooed back at her affectionately.  “Is Harry still sulking in his dormitory?” 

“I’ve yet to see him come down,” Hermione answered sadly.

“His loss,” Rose said.  “He’s going to miss out on meeting his godson.  He’s going to miss out on so many things if he doesn’t pull his head out of his arse.”  When the Common Room door opened, Rose didn’t need to look back to know who it was that had entered.  “Is it time already?” Rose asked, running her thumb over Teddy’s cheek. 

Remus nodded solemnly.  Rose knew saying goodbye to his wife and son had to be even harder for him.  “Where’s Harry?” he asked.

“In the dormitories.  He’s been there since before dinner last night.”

“Did you two have a fight?” he asked, cautiously.

“I don’t know what we had.  All I know is he’s avoiding me.”

“Go on,” Tonks said.  “We’ll wait.”

“Thank you,” Remus said, rushing up the stairs to drag Harry down whether he liked it or not.  He took the steps two at a time, eager to see what was so important that Harry was willing to hurt Rose over and over every moment that passed.  He knew how much he had wanted to be with her the entire time they weren’t speaking.

“Get out of bed, Harry.  There’s someone I would like you to meet,” Remus ordered throwing the Seventh Year Boys Dormitory door open. 

“Not now, Professor.”

“Harry James Potter, you get up this instant.  Rose is holding your godson in the common room, and you’re going to go down there and meet him if I have to drag you down by that mop of hair on your head.”

“Teddy is here?” Harry asked.

“Yes, and he and Tonks are about to leave.”  Before Remus could finish his sentence, Harry had leapt up from the bed and started to make his way towards the door.  “That’s more like it,” Remus laughed.


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Chapter 49: The Ambush in the Library
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“Don’t you dare go disappearing back into that dormitory, Harry James Potter,” Rosevine grumbled as soon as Remus had left them to go say a private goodbye to his wife and son.  “It’s about time you pulled your head out of your arse and told me what the bloody hell is going on!”  Harry looked to Ron and Hermione for support, but found no sympathy.  Hermione dragged Ron out of the Common Room, mumbling to herself about how daft Harry could be. 

Left alone with Rosevine, Harry felt true, striking fear as he looked at her.  She was livid, of that he could be certain.  For some reason, the boy who lived was terrified of this woman in front of him in that moment.  “Rose, I don’t think this is a good time for this.  We both need to calm down a bit,” Harry attempted to reason.

“And what exactly do you need to calm down about?  Everything was going bloody brilliant until you mucked it all up and started avoiding me!”

“I’m sorry!” Harry yelled. “I just need a little time to think.”

“About what?  What could possibly be worth making me feel this way?” Rose asked.

“Yesterday in the hallway, I started to tell you something that I wasn’t sure I was ready to say.”

“What, Harry?! Just spit it out already!”

“I’m trying to tell you that I love you, you idiot!” Harry shouted, shocking Rose into silence. 

“You what?”

“I almost told you that I loved you,” Harry said.  “And I knew as soon as I said it that I meant it.  People that I love get hurt.  Saying it somehow makes it real.  It puts you in danger.”

“I’m already in danger,” Rosevine argued.

“Not like this.”

“Voldemort wants me alive.  If he kills me, he loses access to the Elemental bloodline.  My kind stays well hidden, so his chances of ever finding another one of us are so slim he won’t risk that.”

“That doesn’t mean he can’t hurt you,” Harry pleaded.

“Do you really think he isn’t going to hurt me as it is?  Voldemort will use any means necessary to gain my allegiance.  The only way he knows to do that is to make me fear him.  When I don’t comply with him, he will torture me, and it will have nothing to do with you.”

“I know, but-.”

“No buts,” Rose laughed.  “I’m not going anywhere, because I love you too,” she sighed, wrapping her hands around Harry’s and pulling him into her.  She could feel his reluctance, but he let her hug him anyway.  When he knew she couldn’t see him, she could feel him smile into her hair, and her own lips formed a similar grin.




Hermione and Rose walked through the corridors on their way to the library a few days later, desperately in need of some study time without the constant distraction of their boyfriends.  “I need your help with something,” Hermione said cryptically.  “But you can’t tell Harry that I told you.”

“Why not?”

“This is really his secret.  I know he is planning on telling you on his own, I just need help figuring out the way to solve the problem.  I’ve been trying for months now, but two brains are really better than one.”

“Unless one of them is Ron,” Rose laughed.

“True,” Hermione chuckled.  “He just sits there and pesters me about whether I’ve found something or not.”  The girls took their seats at the back of the library where no one would hear them.  Hermione grabbed a few books from the restricted section, placing one in front of Rosevine and opening up to a section as though she had read the book a few to many times. 

“Horcruxes?  What’s a Horcrux?” Rose asked. 

“Read,” Hermione insisted, slamming her own book shut when Malfoy approached them from behind Rosevine. 

“You have to leave,” he said without hesitation.

“We’ve just as much right to be here as you Malfoy,” Hermione said.

“Not the library, Mudblood,” he sneered, turning his attention back to Rose.  “You have to leave the school.”


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Chapter 50: The Sacrifice in the Library
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“Not the library, Mudblood,” he sneered, turning his attention back to Rose.  “You have to leave the school.”

“What in the hell are you going on about, Malfoy?” Rose asked.  “Why would I ever leave Hogwarts?”

“Quiet!” he whispered harshly. “No one can know I’ve spoken to you.”

“Answer the question,” Rose said as Malfoy got comfortable in the seat next to her.  Her eyes searched his, ignoring the tiny pull she felt in her stomach at his proximity.  It didn’t matter, not anymore. 

“The Minister is dead.”

“What? How?” Hermione whispered in shock. 

“How do you bloody well think? Did you really think the Dark Lord has just been sitting idly by all this time letting you all go about your lives?  He’s been orchestrating his takeover.  With the Minister dead-”

“He has the opportunity to insert one of his followers into the position,” Rose sighed. 

“There’s no way a Death Eater will be elected!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Don’t be naïve, Granger.  People are positively petrified of the Dark Lord.  If they can’t be bought off, they can certainly be bribed by the threat of death.”

“I don’t understand why we need to leave Hogwarts,” Rose said.  “The elections haven’t even happened yet.”

“As soon as he has the Ministry, the new Minister’s first job will be to trap you and Harry Potter at Hogwarts.  A new Headmaster will be appointed, new teachers, new rules.  You will be a prisoner here; you will be groomed for him to use as he sees fit,” Draco explained.  “And Potter will be dead as soon as Voldemort takes Hogwarts.”

“Go,” Rose said, turning to Hermione quickly.  “Find them.  We leave tonight.”

“What about you?” Hermione asked, gathering the books she would need to take with her into her arms rapidly. 

“I’m right behind you,” Rose sighed.  Hermione hesitated, but nodded in the end—seeming to understand that she needed a moment with the man she owed her freedom to.

“Are you daft?  Go!” Draco hissed. 

“Come with us,” Rose said, shocking both of them into silence for a moment.  Draco’s confliction was plain on his face—so easy for her to read.

“And watch you and Potter play house?  I think I’ll pass.”

“If he finds out you warned me-” Rose started.

“He won’t.  No one has any reason to think I would warn you.  You leaving here is the exact opposite of what I want,” he admitted.

“So why tell me any of this?”

“Because you deserve better than the life I can give you.”  Rose ignored the tears welling in her eyes and took his hand in hers beneath the table.  “As long as he is alive we can never be together.  I understand that now.”

“Draco, I-” Rose tried to say the words floating in her head, but it was all a jumbled up mess.

“I know,” he said, interrupting her.  “I didn’t when you first chose him, but I do now,” he said, encouraging Rose to go with a gesture towards the door.  Rose placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you,” she said simply, because there was nothing else she could say.

“Rose,” he said when she was a few steps away.  “If he doesn’t keep you safe, I’ll kill him.  Chosen One be damned,” Draco warned with a venom in his voice that was much more familiar to her than the softness she had witnessed moments ago. 

“I know,” she said with one last look at the steel grey eyes she hadn’t realized how much she would miss.  He looked away from her as though he had never noticed her presence, and as the moment had passed, Rose made her way out of the library to find the other man she would have to say goodbye to. 

She had to find her father.


Rose tore into Remus’ office a few minutes later to find him packing.  “Rose, thank goodness,” he said, pulling her into a hug as soon as she was inside.  “You have to go pack.  The Dark Lord is coming for you.  Tonks and Teddy are meeting us at the safe house,” he explained.

“You-you want me to come with you?” Rose stuttered.

“Of course I do, Rosevine.   You are my daughter.  It’s my job to keep you safe.”  Even in his haste to get everything ready and his slight panic at the thought of them not getting out in time, Rose could see he was relieved.  Going on the run meant he could be with his family. 

“Remus, I-I can’t go with you,” Rose said quickly.  “I wish I could.”  And she did.  She wanted nothing more than for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to come with them and live out their lives in seclusion. 

“Of course you can.  Harry and the others are more than welcome to come.”

“No one will look for you.  Your connection to Harry and I is the only reason you have to run in the first place.  We’ll put you in danger.  We’ll put Teddy in danger.”

“Rose-” Remus started to argue.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s no changing your mind is there?”

“No.  We have work to do anyway.  As much as I wish we could go into hiding, Hermione and I had some research we need to keep up on.”  Remus planted a kiss on Rose’s forehead slowly, breathing in a deep sigh.

“You’re every bit as stubborn as your mother, you know that?”

“I know.”

“Be safe. Please, gods, be safe,” Remus sighed.

“You too.”

“I love you Rosevine.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

Chapter 51: Be Safe
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The Gryffindor Common Room was unsurprisingly empty, and Rose didn’t doubt that the majority of the student population was in the Great Hall being updated on the state of the Ministry.  Rose wondered how close Voldemort was to infiltrating the very government that was created to keep all witches and wizards safe.  She sprinted up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time despite how much she had to stretch her short legs to do so.   

“Rose, thank goodness you’re here!”  Hermione shrieked as Rose started to grab her trunk and pack her things in it. 

“Will we even be able to bring trunks? They aren’t portable.  ‘Mione, where are we going to go?” Rose asked, her fear finally setting in now that she was preparing to run. 

“First we have to go see my family, but we can’t stay there.  Pack your trunk.  I put an undetectable extension charm on my handbag.”  Rose tossed the last of her clothes into her trunk and sat on it to force it closed before Hermione somehow gracefully shoved it into her tiny purple handbag. 

“Where are Harry and Ron?  Are they still packing?”

“No.  Ron went to say goodbye to Ginny and gave her a letter for his parents.   Harry is with McGonagall, discussing our options, I suppose.”

“Will they be back soon?” Rose asked.

“Yes, but we need to go raid the Potions Cupboard.  I already grabbed all the books from the library I could find that might help us, but I’ve no idea what we’ll end up needing.  I want to at least grab some Essence of Dittany and the ingredients for a Polyjuice Potion.”

“You go; I’ve got to go find Harry.  Where should we meet?”

“McGonagall’s Office.  It’s the only way for us to Floo out.”


Rose made her way to McGonagall’s office, narrowly avoiding the crowds of panicked students racing about.  She did her best to eavesdrop as she maneuvered the corridors, only catching fragments of conversations.  Unfortunately she couldn’t waste the time on staying to listen in on entire discussions.  The bits of information she did gather swirled around her head in a tangled mess. 

“Muggle borns are being sent away.”

“Hurry up and get to your common rooms!”

She found the Headmistress’ Office in record time despite the students standing in her way.  She murmured the password to the statue guarding the stairway, and hurried past it when her path was clear.   “Harry!” she called at the door.

“Rose!” His voice said from the other side of the door, peeling it open hastily.  Rose ran into Harry’s arms, hugging him to her tightly.  “What happened?” he asked.  “Hermione said Malfoy told you about the Minister.”

“He did,” Rose answered. 

“I don’t understand why.  What does he gain by telling you to run?”

“Absolutely nothing,” she said.

“Then why?”

“Because Mr. Malfoy has recently come to question his allegiance to the Dark Lord,” Minerva interrupted.  “Since the dissolution of your engagement, young Draco has often come to me seeking sanctuary from his family when school is over.”

“Really?” Rose asked.

“Yes.  He is very honest about the fact that he is still a supporter of separation of the classes between Pureblood and Muggle born society, but he no longer agrees with Voldemort’s methods.” 

“Will you help him?” Rose asked her Headmistress.

“When the time comes, yes, I do believe Draco has earned the Order’s assistance.  He gave us an invaluable head start in terms of smuggling our muggle born students to safe houses in other countries.  I’ve arranged for the four of you to go to a house in France together.”

“We can’t,” Harry said.  “We have to finish Dumbledore’s work and to do that we must be close by.”

“Harry, we don’t have a clue what we’re doing yet.  Perhaps a safe house is the right solution for the time being—just until we have a place to start.”

“As long as you’re underage you can’t do magic outside of school.  Not with the trace still on you.”

“They can’t trace my magic, Harry.”

“They can if you apparate.  We have to be close enough to travel by foot.  Side-along can be too dangerous with too many people.  I won’t risk you getting splinched.”

“I’ll never be able to apparate, Harry.  I will always have to use side-along apparition.  My traditional magic is too weak; the elemental overpowers it too much.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but for now I have a house where we’ll be safe in the country,” Harry said.

“Are you sure?” Minerva asked.

“Yes.  We’re staying.”

“Then I’ll arrange for another family to be sent to the house in France.  You two best be on your way.  Hogwarts is no longer safe for you.”  Harry and Rose turned to the door, ready to leave the Headmistress behind.

“Potter?” she called.  Harry turned back to her, Rose hesitating just outside the threshold to wait for him.  “Be safe.”

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Chapter 52: The Death Eaters Outside
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Rose and Harry left McGonagall’s office and waited for Ron and Hermione to join them at the bottom of the stairs to the Headmistress’ Office.  While they waited, Minerva left to go help with the process of smuggling muggle borns out of the school—a task that was proving to be much more difficult than anyone could have anticipated.  No one could apparate directly out of Hogwarts and flooing to a safe house just wasn’t an option unfortunately.  The staff were having to bring the students to Hogsmeade in groups and apparate them to the Ministry of the Country they were to hide in.  Students ran about the halls, muttering about whether their families would be able to meet them in their destinations quickly enough to be placed together.

“’Mione!” Rose yelled, spotting Hermione’s familiar mop of curly hair moving through the crowd.

“Where’s Ron?” she called back.

“He isn’t with you?” Harry asked.

“I haven’t seen him since he went to talk to Gin!”

“Get the map out of the bag! We don’t have time for this.  We have to get out of here, now,” Harry said urgently as Hermione finally pushed her way through the last of the mob of students and stood by her friend’s side.  Harry and Rose’s hands were entwined tightly, and Hermione couldn’t help the spur of jealousy that overcame her.  She so purely wished that Ron were there to comfort her.  Pushing her thoughts aside, she reached into her bag and pulled out the Marauder’s Map like Harry had suggested.  She handed it over to him, and he pulled his hand back from Rose’s hesitantly to open it.  “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good,” he muttered quickly.  His eyes scanned the map that appeared, quickly finding his friend’s footsteps coming back from the owlery.  “He’s on his way,” Harry sighed.

They hadn’t waited for more than a few minutes before came around the corner.  He panted as he skidded to a stop.  “Blimey,  I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast before in my life,” he sighed. 

“Let’s go,” Hermione said, ushering the group back up the stairs to floo out of McGonagall’s office.  Hemione went into the fireplace first, shouting “12 Grimmauld Place!”

“I thought we were going to see Hermione’s parents?” Ron asked.

“Ron, the floo network isn’t connected to muggle homes,” Rose explained.  She was surprised by how much she was tempted to sound exactly like Hermione would say ‘Honestly, Ronald.’  It brought a smile to her face.  Ron shrugged, before stepping into the fireplace himself.  After he was gone, Harry and Rose hesitated a moment. 

“I’m going to miss this place,” Rose said.

“I know.  Hogwarts is my home,” Harry replied.

“You’re my home,” Rose sighed. 

Harry smiled, hugging Rose tightly and kissing her lightly.  “We’re each other’s now,” he echoed.




Harry and Rose stepped out of the fireplace, taking in the familiar surroundings of the cursed home Sirius had left Harry and the Order.    The entire house was in disarray since the Order had abandoned it at the end of the summer, because of Severus’ knowledge of the home.  The group knew they wouldn’t be able to stay there for long, but it would do as a temporary refuge.  Hermione stepped over to the window to peer out at the street.  “They’re out there,” she sighed.

“Who is?” Ron asked.

“Death Eaters,” she confirmed.  “Snape may not have been able to tell them the address of the house, but he certainly pointed them in the right direction.”

“Looks like we’ll be flooing fairly often,” Harry said in disappointment.

“That isn’t going to work,” Rose said.

“Why not?” Harry asked.

“The ministry tracks the floo system.  When Voldemort takes over the Ministry-”

“He’ll be able to see exactly where we are,” Hermione finished.

“Apparating is our only option then mate,” Ron said.

“But Rose can’t apparate,” Harry protested.

“Harry, side-along apparition is the least of our problems right now.  People do it all the time.  For now, we need to get ourselves to Hermione’s parents before it’s too late.”