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Kadence Jocelyn Petit by Crystaltears

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,691
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Angst
Characters: Snape, OC

First Published: 03/10/2007
Last Chapter: 08/05/2009
Last Updated: 08/05/2009

Severus Snapes only child has resided in France with her mother for most of her life but due to some tragic circumstances that is all about to change.

Chapter 1: Life in Paris
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The sun streamed through the window of a street-facing bedroom in a Parisian apartment. The inhabitant of said bedroom was currently sleeping soundly in her white four-poster bed with cream hangings and blue covers. The room was quite large, bigger than you would expect for a city apartment, and although the room had initially been decorated elegantly mostly in creams and beiges, the floor was now covered with an array of clothes, magazines, canvasses and paintbrushes.
The girl in the bed began to stir from her peaceful slumber. Kadence Jocelyn Petit was quite a small girl for a 16 year old. She had long flowing black hair that glistened whenever light hit it and rippled like water in the wind, creamy pale skin that resembled that of a porcelain doll and bright blue eyes that appeared to stare deep within your very soul. When she was having a particuly girly day, she looked just like a doll. The incredible beauty that she possessed was due to her strange heritage; her mother a beautiful French veela and her father a handsome English wizard. Although she had inherited her father’s magical ability, which ensured her a place at beuxbatons, she looked more like her mother, apart from the black hair which was her fathers.

Kadence yawned and looked over at the clock, which read 11.00am. Kadence groaned. For a Sunday morning, 11 am was far too early to consider moving but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep now that she had woken up. She groaned and sat up whilst stretching. As she climbed out of her bed the extremely large t-shirt that she wore to sleep in nearly fell to her knees. It was a BFMV top that had been her friends until she convinced him that it would look better on her. Kadence carefully made her way through the mess that covered her floor over to her wardrobe. ‘I really should try and tidy up’ she muttered to herself whilst kicking one of her old school books out of the way. From her wardrobe she picked a pair of skinny jeans and an over sized green jumper. She found a pair of shoes from the floor and put them on before walking into her en suite bathroom and brushing her teeth and washing her face. She then brushed her hair and put a headband on to hold her fringe out of the way.

Kadence stuck her wand in the back of her jeans then walked into the large open plan kitchen to find her mother sitting at the round dining table in her fluffy pink pyjamas looking very tired and depressed. Her usually beautiful blonde hair looked lank and dirty. It pained Kadence to see her mothers beautiful face contorted with despair. Her mother’s lover and her younger sisters father Gaston had been killed a few weeks earlier in a horrific car accident, killing both him and the driver of the other vehicle. Her sister, already a quiet girl who took after her wizard father rather than her veela mother, had thrown herself into her studies, not even coming home at the weekends, which beuxbatons allowed if you lived local to the Paris based academy. She had her fathers brunette hair but her mothers blue eyes and she was tall, well taller than Kadence. Her mother on the other hand had moped around the apartment in her pyjamas either crying or getting angry with the nearest person, which was usually Kadence. She hadn’t left the house since the funeral and wouldn’t get dressed. Her mother blamed Kadence because she and Gaston had never got on and were always arguing, one of these arguments occurring just before Gaston went out and crashed his car.

Kadence walked to the fridge and got out a carton of fresh orange juice.

‘Would you like some juice mama?’ she asked whilst getting a glass from the cupboard.

Her mother looked up at her, her eyes red and puffy. ‘No I don’t. I don’t want anything. Not anymore. Especially not off you’

Kadence sighed and got a glass out for her anyway. ‘You have to drink mama. You still need to look after yourself. We need to carry on, get back into a routine.’

'Ha’ her mother barked. ‘Carry on? What if I don’t want to carry on? You, you didn’t even care, not even a day had passed after the funeral and you were out with all of your silly little friends, shopping or whatever it is you do. I mean have you no respect? Your father not even cold in his grave and your off gallivanting around the city’

‘He was NOT my father. I already have a father who currently resides in the UK and whom I can’t see because YOU wont let me go there. And I did care about Gaston’s death mama I just needed to get away for a while, we all handle grief in different ways. I’ll ignore what you said about my friends.’ Kadence placed a glass of orange juice in front of her mother. She glared at the glass for a few moments before grabbing it and throwing it at the wall. Kadence screamed and dodged the flying glass before it smashed against the wall behind her, closely missing her head.

‘Mama what are you doing?’ she sobbed.

‘Oh just go. Go back to school and leave me alone. Go stay with your so called father if you want, he is welcome to you, though I doubt he wants you. Why would any one want you? Your a waste of perfectly good air!’ Her mother snapped with fire in her eyes as she walked to her room and slammed the door.

Kadence stood in shock for a few minutes, tears rolling down her cheeks. She knew her father loved her, they wrote to each other regularly behind her mothers back, but her mothers words hurt. The fact that her mother had tried to replace her father with Gaston had always annoyed her. Kadence walked into her room, grabbed her bag and walked out the door. Before she left the apartment block she wiped her eyes and tried not to resent her mother for what she had said. Her mother was hurting and she didn’t mean what she said. Just because Kadence was telling herself this it didn’t mean that she believed it.

Kadence had only one best friend, a guy named Dante Laurent who was in the year above her at beuxbatons. He had long brown hair with natural blonde highlights, light blue eyes and olive skin. He was a skateboarder and every Sunday they would meet at the local skate park, occasionally Kadence would also attempt to skateboard, but it never ended well.

Kadence walked to her favourite bakery that was around the corner from her apartment block to get a bagel before carrying on to the park. When she walked out the bakery she was about to take a bite out of her bagel when someone barged into her causing her to drop the bagel on the floor where it was then swiftly grabbed up by a passing dog. ‘Oh bloody hell’ she muttered as she watched the greedy dog escape with her bagel. She didn’t have enough money left for another one so she decided to just wait for dinner when she went back to the academy.

When she got to the park it was empty. She sat on the half pipe for a while before stopping to check the time. It had just gone 12. It was unusual that Dante wasn’t there yet as he was an early riser and usually came to the park at about 10 in the morning, before Kadence had even woke up. She slid down on the ramp and phoned him.
The phone rang for a few moments before being answered by Dante’s Mother.

‘Hello Kadence, its Mrs Laurent here, what do you want?’ a stern voice asked.

‘Oh. Hi Mrs L is Dante there, he was supposed to meet me.’

‘I’m afraid you will not be able to see my Dante any more. As you know his fathers work takes him to England quite a lot so we are moving to London this weekend. Did Dante not tell you? We have been planning this for months. He said he had e-mailed you with the details. I believe you have family in he UK? Maybe the next time you visit them you could come see us. Well I am sorry but I must be off. Goodbye.’ Mrs Laurent hung up.

Kadence gave herself a few minutes to absorb the information. Why had Dante not told her? He had been acting weirdly around her lately but she didn’t think that it would be anything like this. She was hurt that he didn’t choose to confide in her like she always confided in him.

‘Oi mongrel!’ Shouted a girl’s voice.

Kadence looked up to see Claudette le Fleur the two girls that followed her everywhere. Claudette was the opposite of Kadence. She had blonde hair, green eyes and wore a really short skirt, a low cut top and high heels. Her followers basically dressed the same as her and it was obvious that they thought they looked nice. Kadence thought they looked like baby prostitutes and she had told them so on numerous occasions.

‘All alone mongrel? Poor little loser has no friends!" Claudette smirked.

Kadence smirked back. ‘I am not a mongrel le Fleur, your just jealous because you know I will always be better than you at everything. Not that it would be hard mind you, your near enough a squib.’

‘Your lucky were in a muggle area Petit’ Claudette spat, ‘otherwise I’d show you what I’m really made of.’

‘Of course you would, but I suppose we will never know now will we? Run along then.’ Kadence smiled sweetly at them as they huffed and walked away.

‘First mama, then my bloody bagel, Dante does a runner then Claudette le bloody Fleur. Anything else going to go wrong today?’ she asked herself quietly.